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File 130937316699.png - (137.82KB , 500x400 , title.png )
319491 No. 319491 ID: 8ec41f

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No. 319492 ID: 8ec41f
File 130937319523.png - (93.83KB , 500x400 , 1.png )

They say this spring is magic. If you soak yourself in the water, all your bad luck will go away.

I didn't think it was true for a long time, but now I'm sure it is! From now on, I'm going to be a new person!
No. 319493 ID: 8ec41f
File 130937321808.png - (126.14KB , 500x400 , 2.png )

H-ha! It's cold, but I feel luckier already!


I think...
No. 319496 ID: 7aedd2

You have violated the Sacred Spring. You are now forevermore cursed to hear the voices of The Many in your head.

Also please continue spreading rumor that we get rid of bad luck. Shit like that is hilarious to us.
No. 319497 ID: c2c011

Better try it out. Lets hit the Casinos!
No. 319500 ID: 07416a

HAHAHAHA... Gets rid of bad luck, eh? You're in for a world of FUN.
No. 319501 ID: 878b59

I think you are no longer a sergal.
No. 319502 ID: d0d439

We are INSIDE you.

Contemplate that.
No. 319503 ID: 3b202e

try drinking some of the water
No. 319504 ID: 221021

Speak the name of the one thing that you've always wanted. You probably won't get that but we'll whisper things to you as you inevitably go off to quest for that anyway that may or may not be marginally helpful.
No. 319507 ID: 180ec2

Hello. You have been selected for your general qualifications as a designated protagonist, a position that comes with the standard package of plot armor, adventure, companions and incessant voices telling you what to do with various levels of competence. To finalize this process, please state your identity, goal, and favorite color.
No. 319512 ID: 804d70

Greetings, Recipient #407601 Of The Magical Waters Of The Spring Of Terrible Decisions. Here are some things for you to consider.

1. Your luck is still bad, given that you have willingly entered and submerged yourself in the Waters of Terrible Decisions.

2. You are fated to make progressively worse and worse decisions based on voices within your head urging you on to make them. You will resist at first until you inevitably begin to make compromises just to cease the bleating of the head voices you will forever endure.

3. The contract will be forfeit at a narratively appropriate moment in time. Do not worry about this point too much.
No. 319531 ID: 065795

There's more to life than luck. Planning, for instance.

Your clothing and pouch would be less likely stolen if you'd put them in the bushes before you hopped in. Sneaks are everywhere, and someone could be taking advantage of this rumor.
No. 319534 ID: 679e7a

Yaaay Slinkoboy quest! *claps giddily*

*sudden thought* Tezakia Quest sort of turned into Hugs Quest. I hope this doesn't turn into Trauma Quest or something. (Anyway, I think Hatch has the lock on that.)

Anyway, let's get through the prologue! Hey there, new protagonist! Give us a quick run down on what your quest is!
No. 319535 ID: 1854db

No. 319537 ID: 0d7a83

>To finalize this process, please state your identity, goal, and favorite color.

You forgot the last one:
Are you Lesbian, Bi, or both?
No. 319546 ID: 3d7a30

what makes you so sure it's a magic spring?
No. 319560 ID: 8ec41f
File 130938186126.png - (120.00KB , 500x400 , 2 and a third.png )

Voices of the Many? Casinos? Contracts? What?

What's going on?
No. 319561 ID: 8ec41f
File 130938188801.png - (118.37KB , 500x400 , 2 and two thirds.png )

I think I should get out of here.
No. 319562 ID: 8ec41f
File 130938191281.png - (90.87KB , 500x400 , 3.png )

I'm not sure that spring was--

Where's my stuff?

I was in the spring for less than five minutes! Come on, you can't be serious...
No. 319564 ID: 35e1a0

is that a tail to your left? if so then ask the person if they seen your stuff, or if they took it.
No. 319565 ID: 3b202e

check if that's a tail or a rope
No. 319567 ID: 7aedd2

So now that we've begun your lesson insofar as teaching you that ignoring us is painful and that 'bad luck' will happen to you when you do so, it's time to teach you how to obey unquestioningly. First let's start with something simple. Examine that object to your left.
No. 319569 ID: 221021

Go check that thing out while you tell us a bit about yourself.
No. 319571 ID: 804d70

Pants were part of the stuff our protagonist so negligently just left out in the open next to a magic spring.

So, yeah. Bravo. Your bad luck hasn't left you. It's only gotten worse.

But, hey, it's not like magic is even a thing, right? I don't think magic is a thing. Magic is just stuff and nonsense. Really, you should just go scavenge some rudimentary clothes from foliage and hope you can find a job where they pay in pants.
No. 319573 ID: 3416ec

Look, just dive into the nearby brush until you can fashion something to cover your naughty bits.
No. 319574 ID: 6079aa


No. 319581 ID: a33914

Sniff around there, see if you can track which way the person who took them went! Any footprints or anything like that?
No. 319583 ID: 0d095c


Anyway, check out the tail.

Also, use your keen Sergal eyes to spot any tracks leading away from your purse.
No. 319585 ID: 180ec2

Well, you need SOMETHING to wear. Go put that bucket on your head or something.
No. 319586 ID: 1854db

Look up and down the road. If nobody's there, check in the bush.
No. 319644 ID: c2c011

Some dude probably stole them and pawned them to fuel their gambling addiction. Better head home to get some new clothes and then go to the nearest semi-legal gambling den and look for a shifty character.
No. 319719 ID: b9bd4f

Someone must have stolen your clothes! Let's teach them a lesson, shall we? First off, look down the path both ways to see if you can see who took them. If you see the one who took your garments, then CHASE THEM DOWN AND DEVOUR THEIR ENTRAILS. And then get dressed.
No. 319873 ID: 8ec41f
File 130945282644.png - (72.96KB , 500x400 , 4.png )

Why do these things always happen to me? At least there was nothing valuable in that pouch. But now I'm cold and wet and I have no clothes.
No. 319874 ID: 8ec41f
File 130945284467.png - (86.64KB , 500x400 , 5.png )

That's not a tail. It's... I don't know, it's part of the shrine that goes with the lake.

And I can't see or smell any sign of whoever took my stuff. Which is kind of creepy, actually.

And I'm not putting a bucket on my head!

And magic is totally a thing. How do you think--
No. 319875 ID: 8ec41f
File 130945286507.png - (92.60KB , 500x400 , 6.png )

Oh no.

Oh no.

I got out of the spring! Why are you still here? I don't want to be cursed!
No. 319876 ID: 6a9fdc

Are...are you saying you don't want to be our friend? ;A;
No. 319877 ID: c2c011

Ok, lets say you're blessed then instead. Just a matter of mentality, I mean it's way better to say that you're blessed to hear our sage advice rather than cursed to hear our inane stuff, right?

So lets hug yourself to cheer up and then go find new clothes. You might have all the luck now, so lets try a game of chance.
No. 319878 ID: a33914

It's alright, we'll go away, but we can't until you go on a quest to make your life better. Or you die, but then we might be bugging your ghost, not sure.
No. 319880 ID: 0d7a83

I think this guy >>319574 already covered that. Don't worry though; we're mostly benevolent and we're pretty good at helping people solve their problems.We don't care how big or small they are. Need someone rescued? We can help. Trying to kill a god? We got it covered. Want a sandwich? Not a problem.
No. 319881 ID: 0d095c

You absorbed some spring water via your mucous membranes. Sorry. It's an automatic procedure.

Try uprooting a bush and using it like a Barrel, to conceal your nudity. Also, why the hell did a species entirely covered in thick fur develop clothing anyway? It's not like you can see anything.
No. 319897 ID: 8211e6

What's your name?
No. 319900 ID: 35e1a0

wiggle the rope to ring the bell a few times.
No. 319914 ID: 221021

You're not cursed, we're here to help you! Help you with what, though, we're not sure. Is there some kind of turmoil going on in your life, your local area, or perhaps the world? Maybe you could tell us who you are.
No. 319944 ID: bb6062

obviosly she/he/shi is unlucky, thats a worthy quest, i suppose...

of course, the immediate problem is clothing...
No. 319947 ID: 221021

I don't think clothing is actually that huge a concern, considering that thick fur is pretty much the same thing. These guys can't have a significant nudity taboo when there's no nudity to be seen.
No. 319956 ID: 47d7f3

You have not yet finalized the process. State your name, goal, and favorite color.

We're here either way, and it might make us more focused.
No. 319985 ID: fb10df

You're doubting our power... Do you really want us to further discipline you?
No. 320065 ID: b9bd4f

Also, this is going to(FIND THE THEIF) sound akward, but we can't (RIP AND TEAR) seem to determine your gender.
No. 320074 ID: 1e9d01

You can't catch a scent trail? That is very odd. Try to sniff out an area that has NO SMELL instead.

Or you could just 1) check behind the shrine, then 2) check in the bush.

Don't start that shit. This sergal is a girl anyway.
No. 320078 ID: d6ae01

You're still damp. I'm sure we'll shut up as soon as all the water from the spring is returned to it.
No. 320174 ID: ce98ff

That is making the assumption that whatever it was actually removed all scent from the area rather than simply hiding its own scent. Still, I suppose it costs nothing to try.
No. 320314 ID: 3b202e

>>319873 dry yourself off in a way that makes you extra fluffy
No. 320350 ID: c891d3
File 130956329649.png - (92.24KB , 500x400 , 7.png )

I'm "blessed?" Really? I don't feel very "blessed." I feel like I have a bunch of crazy voices from a cursed spring in my head.

Nnnh. Alright. Whatever.
No. 320351 ID: c891d3
File 130956331632.png - (103.82KB , 500x400 , 8.png )

My name is Saikhan. I'm a girl. I've been trying my whole life to get rid of my awful luck, but it works about about as well as... well, as this has. Nothing I've tried has gotten me anywhere. It's got to be supernatural.

So... I guess, if I had a goal, it would be making myself have better luck.

And my favorite color is blue, but what does that have to do with anything?
No. 320352 ID: c891d3
File 130956333730.png - (105.41KB , 500x400 , 9.png )

I don't desperately need clothing. It's just really annoying to lose it, again. Pockets are nice.

A game of chance? Are you kidding?

You want me to try ringing the bell? I doubt it'll do anything, but okay.
No. 320354 ID: c891d3
File 130956335514.png - (117.21KB , 500x400 , 10.png )


No. 320355 ID: c891d3
File 130956337365.png - (51.21KB , 500x400 , 11.png )

Well, my ears are ringing, and there's a slight chance I just woke the dead, but other than that I really don't know what--

Wait, I think I heard something on the other side of those bushes.
No. 320358 ID: 3b202e

No. 320360 ID: 9e732a

That bush has your pants! Attack!
No. 320361 ID: 6a5a08

You have triggered the end days. The dead shall rise to drag the living into the netherworld.

Well, either that or there's a peeping Tom in there. Yeah, that's probably it. Throw the bucket at it. If the bucket mysteriously disappeared along with your clothes, try calling out to it.
No. 320365 ID: 07416a

No. 320370 ID: 0d095c

No. 320379 ID: 180ec2

Go jump the strange thing, grab it, and have a roll around in the bushes. To disorient it and make it surrender, of course.
No. 320397 ID: c2c011

Quick, tackle that bush and restrain it!
No. 320411 ID: 28e94e

No. 320443 ID: 8211e6

The bush is eeeeeevil
No. 320525 ID: d6ae01

Oh, right! Step into that bush so that the professor will come by and give you a pet! Take the green one, because it's the best type.
No. 320578 ID: b9bd4f

That COULD be where the culprit is hiding, jump into the bush and grab whoever is in there.
No. 320652 ID: a31300

No. 320710 ID: c891d3
File 130963143107.png - (67.46KB , 500x400 , 12.png )

No. 320712 ID: c891d3
File 130963146132.png - (57.40KB , 500x400 , 13.png )


Alright, I really should have seen that one coming.
No. 320713 ID: c891d3
File 130963149052.png - (61.75KB , 500x400 , 14.png )

I swear the sound came from right over here...
No. 320715 ID: 07416a

No. 320717 ID: 0d095c

No. 320721 ID: 3b202e

No. 320724 ID: c2c011

It can camoflauge, and it's to your right. GET IT!
No. 320725 ID: cd63e9

its to your right, camouflaged. its a slightly darker than the grass under it. It has four legs a tail and what looks like horns.
No. 320731 ID: 644ca1

Tiny creature at three o'clock, GRAB IT!
No. 320777 ID: 8211e6

Quick, grab it and dangle it upside down!
No. 320904 ID: ac502c

It's that lizard from the title card!

Quickly! Capture it and eat it! Free yourself from the chains of fate.
No. 320906 ID: 7aedd2

Very much agreed.
No. 320907 ID: 6a5a08

Screw destiny, eat the lizard!
No. 320923 ID: 878b59

eat dat lizard
No. 320978 ID: b6ca92

Dammit guys, why kill the magic pet? This is the perfect setup for becoming a magical girl! Just look at the title image!
No. 320998 ID: 2563d4

Because sergal, and smaller things made of meat are more accurately known as "lunch".
No. 321000 ID: 3b202e

but think of what we'll have if we thought of it beyond being lunch!
No. 321023 ID: c891d3
File 130970930615.png - (70.42KB , 500x400 , 15.png )


No. 321024 ID: c891d3
File 130970933623.png - (126.21KB , 500x400 , 16.png )

It's some kind of lizard thing... with a little hat?

You want me to eat it? It doesn't look like it would taste all that good buuuut I haven't really had very much to eat today...

Ah, what the heck.
No. 321025 ID: c891d3
File 130970937172.png - (159.58KB , 500x400 , 17.png )




No. 321028 ID: 9e732a

Quick, silence it by sticking your tongue in its mouth!
No. 321029 ID: 7aedd2

It's using evil magics! It seeks to chain you to a nightmarish existence in which the two of you travel around having ridiculous amounts of cute adventures! Don't you wish to have a say in the type of life you lead?! Bite its head off!
No. 321031 ID: 1cfaaa


No. 321033 ID: e13f0d

don't let go. and take off the hat, there's something in there.
No. 321034 ID: 1e9d01

Avoid Clamp your hand over its mouth.

It looks to be some kind of magical creature, what with that glow on its head. Maybe you can ask it where your clothes are.
No. 321035 ID: 35e1a0

take it's hat off. and don't eat it.
No. 321037 ID: cd63e9

its wearing a hat. I think its sentient. clamp you hand over its mouth and ask it why it took your clothes.
No. 321038 ID: a33914

Augh, no. We do not eat/kill things with cute little hats alright, flick its hat off and look displeased.
No. 321042 ID: 2563d4

No, silence it by sticking its tongue in your mouth. Specifically, as a subset of sticking its whole head in your mouth to do >>321031 .
No. 321045 ID: 0d095c

HUG IT INTO YOUR BOSOM! Cut off its' air until it stops!
No. 321048 ID: 878b59

Take its hat off! Everyone knows wizards can't do anything without a hat!
No. 321052 ID: 44766a

No. 321054 ID: 180ec2

Take its hat and say you won't give it back if it doesn't stop screaming, cheesehead.
No. 321071 ID: 1abe91

Hugging should actually work in this case, use your ample chest-fluff to dampen the noise.
No. 321075 ID: 76c084

yes hugs will restrict it's breathing and dampen the sound in your super fluffy fuzz coat.
No. 321089 ID: 3b202e

this, also we can hold it for ransom untill it returns your clothes
No. 321102 ID: 6a5a08

You are big! Assert dominance over puny lizard, with fist to face!
No. 321115 ID: 28e94e

No. 321119 ID: 6a5a08

This is also good to assert dominance. Fifth!
No. 321188 ID: 644ca1

It's a wizard, if you try to eat it then it would probably only get louder.

The only way to shut it up is to hug it, so hug the crap out of it.
No. 321233 ID: 344486

At least threaten to muffle its screaming with head biting, even if you're probably too much of a wuss to actually go through with it~
No. 321240 ID: 0d7a83

No do not try to kill main characters. Trust me something will stop you, like you'll go to bite it and your lower jaw will fall off. It's because plot armor self-destructs when you threaten the plot.
No. 321321 ID: 13b599

Don't eat it! It's clearly adorable and a potential candidate for hugs.
No. 321437 ID: f5fe2f

Eat it quick, before it can do that loud thing again!
No. 321516 ID: f5e4b4

Don't eat it, the critter is in the fucking OP of the quest, DUH.

Obviously you just have to scream louder.
No. 321517 ID: a73969

yeah scream back in it's little face.
No. 321536 ID: 03d7b6

Toss it in the lake. We could use some company.
No. 321537 ID: 8211e6

No. 321554 ID: c891d3
File 130980965210.png - (93.20KB , 500x400 , 18.png )

Okay, um, you guys are giving me mixed signals here.

I think I'm going to not eat it for now since I can always change my mind on that later.
No. 321555 ID: c891d3
File 130980968640.png - (54.47KB , 500x400 , 19.png )

It stopped screaming but I take its hat and hug it anyway. (I'm not sticking my tongue in there!)

"Where'd my clothes go?"

"Mrphmh mmh mph mmh! Mrphh!"

Oh, right. Well, at least I know it can talk now, whatever it is.
No. 321556 ID: c891d3
File 130980970246.png - (58.07KB , 500x400 , 20.png )

"What was that?"

"I d-don't know where your clothes went, m-mister! I-I'm sorry for w-whatever I did! P-please don't eat me!"

Well--- wait, mister?!
No. 321559 ID: 878b59

No. 321560 ID: 3b202e

ignore him, he's just trying to get you to show him your lady bits like the pervert he is
No. 321562 ID: 2563d4

Fine, you big sissy. Hold it under the water to establish dominance.
No. 321563 ID: 8211e6

Tell him you're a girl!

Also lick his neck and/or face for getting it wrong.
No. 321565 ID: 0d7a83

Throw him in the pool for being such a jerk.
Then refuse to give his hat back.
No. 321566 ID: 44766a

Throw him in.
No. 321587 ID: 1e9d01

(I have a feeling some people are trying to get our protag to be violent in order to rebel against the title image/title of the quest)

Sure, tossing him into the lake shouldn't be a big deal, so it's somewhat appropriate for being offended at the mistaken gender. Check out his hat a bit closer. It looks like a wizard hat, doesn't it? Ask him if he's a mage or something.
No. 321606 ID: 9c538a

No. 321628 ID: b6ca92

Don't throw him in the pool! Just get an evil grin on your face and dunk him in the water for a second, before correcting him.
A: Lizards can't really swim.
B: When he gets into the water, we'll be in HIS head too. A nice ironic form of revenge and a way to make him useful to us at once!
No. 321630 ID: 6a5a08

Before you freak out, are you able to determine its gender? Because if you're equally genderblind and flip out on it now, you'll just look like an ass later.
No. 321632 ID: 0d095c

Tell him that that is no way to speak to a LADY. Inquire of him what, pray tell, was he doing in that bush, OUTSIDE THE POOL YOU WERE BATHING IN?
No. 321646 ID: 03d7b6

Different species. He/She has no clue. They're as naked as you are: can you tell its gender?
No. 321656 ID: b2997a

Whats all this nonsense about gender blindness? Saikhan can tell this is a guy, because unlike him she's not a complete douche.
No. 321719 ID: d6ae01

Show it who's boss! Eat the hat! Uh, in a ladylike fashion.
No. 321733 ID: 372336

lol that's understandable for some panicking small thing to say in this situation, but its personality just makes it sound tastier. Y u no make a non-easily-edible main character?
No. 321842 ID: 0b2a05

Say that you don't eat things you know can talk.
..you don't, right

Anyways dunk or chuck in the water but uh, make sure to keep an eye out if it can't swim.
No. 321966 ID: c2c011

Ask it if it was there the whole time and saw you strip like some stealthy voyeristic perv. Then ask how it failed to notice where your clothes went.
No. 322103 ID: c891d3
File 130990615546.png - (64.06KB , 500x400 , 21.png )

You want me to drop it in the spring?

"I'm a girl, you stupid lizard."

"A-ack! I'm s-sorry, miss! Please d-don't hurt me!"
No. 322104 ID: c891d3
File 130990617728.png - (61.37KB , 500x400 , 22.png )

Hmm. I have no idea what its gender is, actually. I guess if I can't figure out what it is then I shouldn't really get mad at it for not knowing mine.

"M-miss! I c-can't swim!"

... Oops.
No. 322106 ID: 07416a

Contemplate gender politics.
No. 322107 ID: 372336


noo stop being teh mean!! D: it doesn't deserve this!! Take it out then ask it what it was doing here, and what it did with your clothes, and then eat it if it's not being useful enough, which is at least better than drowning.
No. 322108 ID: 3416ec

Oh fine. Pull him out.
No. 322109 ID: 35e1a0

take it back out and ask it again if it knows what happened to your clothes.
No. 322110 ID: c2c011

You should probably pick that thing up. Then ask if it can track the vile perverted scoundrels that stole your clothes.
No. 322114 ID: 0d095c

Scoop him out.
No. 322116 ID: 1854db

Let's not drown the poor thing. I just wanted to get it wet.

Ask it its name, and gender, and why it can't swim. Shouldn't that be really easy for something so small?
No. 322144 ID: 0d7a83

Get him out of there and apologise. Tell him you believe he didn't take your clothes and that your not going to eat him. Then ask him why he came here.
No. 322149 ID: b6ca92

be quick and pull him out onto the shore, and make sure to mention you didn't realize it couldn't swim you were just being petty.

[To Lizard]
Hello? Hello? Testing 1, 2, 3. If you can hear us please respond.
No. 322166 ID: 7aedd2

Considering you dropped it in upside-down, it's doing quite a marvelous job of swimming.
No. 322224 ID: d6ae01

Assure your captive that the spring grants the power of water breathing on all who are thrown into it.
No. 322225 ID: 9c538a

Of course you can't get mad at him. How could you get mad at anyone for mistaking you a man, when you are so incredibly flat chested? I mean talk about flat as a board. Do you pretend that little chest tuft is breasts sometimes?
No. 322329 ID: 2563d4

Dunk it. To drive home the point.

What? It's not like it's going to drown instantly.
No. 322332 ID: 0555b4

Pull the lizard thing out of the water and ask it what was it doing hiding in the bushes if it didn't steal your clothes.
No. 322365 ID: 221021

Pull it out again sheepishly and ask what it's doing.
No. 322532 ID: c891d3
File 130999476713.png - (114.69KB , 500x400 , 23.png )

Aaargh! What are you doing?

I don't think you're talking to the lizard. You're just giving me a headache.
No. 322533 ID: c891d3
File 130999479428.png - (59.71KB , 500x400 , 24.png )

Right. Okay. I don't want to kill it.

"Miss, I'm really c-cold..."

... and now I feel kind of sorry for it, too. It's shivering.

"... Fine."
No. 322534 ID: c891d3
File 130999481731.png - (113.29KB , 500x400 , 25.png )

"So, who, and, um, what, are you, anyway?"

"My n-name is Lyskir. I'm a s-slissa."

"And you have no idea what happened to my stuff?"

"No... I'm sorry, I'd tell you if I did..."

"What are you doing out here all by yourself?"

"I was... practicing magic."
No. 322535 ID: c891d3
File 130999483678.png - (161.34KB , 500x400 , 26.png )


It knows magic?!

"Um... miss, I didn't get your name... and could I have my hat back?"
No. 322536 ID: 453e62

oh right, wizard is powerless without a hat. give it back.
No. 322538 ID: 44766a

Didn't you hear the part where we called it a wizard? It has a wizard's hat. OF COURSE IT KNOWS MAGIC! Please pay attention.

Any way give Lyskir's hat back and hug it to warm it up.
No. 322539 ID: 180ec2

Pick it up, and hug it and say you're sorry and that you'll give back the hat if it shows you.
No. 322540 ID: 44766a

Also tell Lyskir your name.
No. 322567 ID: 372336


Most awesome sergal facial expression ever. Hug it (warm it up) in return for magic lessons. Make sure the hug is extra warm and cuddly, to compensate for your mean actions and because it will die if it doesn't get a source of heat pretty soon, being cold-blooded (+1 science).
No. 322575 ID: c2c011

No hat for it until it teaches you magic.
No. 322576 ID: 0fb3a6

HE knows magic. Geez how many times do I have to tell you.
No. 322577 ID: c4a9e7

waaaaait a second. he was hiding in the bushes while you were taking a bath.

I bet this guy's the one who messed up your blessing.
No. 322578 ID: 0d095c

Conceal him in your bosom until he agrees to give magic lessons.
No. 322580 ID: 0d7a83


But yeah seriously warm him up quick because he's dangerously cold right now. Because of you, you monster.
No. 322611 ID: 1854db

Introduce yourself and ask if it's cold. If so, share your body heat. (hugs +1)

Say you'll give back the hat if they promise to teach you magic. Or just show you some for now, maybe.
No. 322642 ID: 104c67

Yeah even I at this point figure that hugs are inevitable due to coldness combined with you having thick fur and the title of your particular adventure.
No. 322972 ID: 3e272f

Ask that sucker about the equalization of fortune. Maybe he can sort out your bad luck.
No. 322998 ID: d6ae01

It's a wizard. That means the hat is magic. Eat the hat and gain its powers!
No. 323008 ID: 0d095c

Just because Sergals lack large mammaries, does not mean their bosoms are not equally, if not more warm. Sergals have fur, and therefore are warm. SCIENCE.
No. 323630 ID: c891d3
File 131015046133.png - (111.68KB , 500x400 , 27.png )

Oh gosh, you're right! It's probably freezing to death!

I don't want to kill the thing that knows magic!

"Please don't freeze to death! I'm sorry!"

"Urk-- wh-- mmph--"
No. 323631 ID: c891d3
File 131015048491.png - (59.94KB , 500x400 , 28.png )

"My name is Saikhan. You know magic, right?"

"Um... a little bit, yeah..."

"If you teach me magic, I'll give you your hat back. Deal?"

"I mean, uh... I, um... I don't know if..."

If I can learn magic, I can get rid of my bad luck for sure! I gotta think of something else I can give the, um... sill... slessle... lizard so I can get him to teach me!
No. 323638 ID: a4d333

your incapability to pronounce the word 'slissa' makes me rather uncertain about your brains having the actual potential to perform acts that involve bending the very fabric of reality using nothing but your mind.
No. 323640 ID: 0d095c

Learn to talk better good, then magic lizard help can.
No. 323642 ID: c10733

He doesn't look so happy. Give him back his hat to cheer him up.
No. 323644 ID: 2afffb

suck his cock to receive awesome magics.
No. 323646 ID: c2c011

Say that you will protect it from other bigger predators.
No. 323655 ID: 3b202e

tell it that it will get unlimited basking privileges on your fluffy belly
No. 323667 ID: 8211e6

Come on, this is really easy. Just ask it what it wants.
No. 323668 ID: 1854db

This is a good idea! We can be its bodyguard.
No. 323671 ID: 0d7a83

No. 323684 ID: 0d095c

Wear it under the hat!
No. 324236 ID: 372336

My cute-o-meter just exploded... um.. ask him what he wants most and try attain it, if it's too difficult then ask for something easier.
No. 324242 ID: c891d3
File 131024647798.png - (115.90KB , 500x400 , 29.png )

I can say "slissa" just fine! I just didn't catch it the first time, okay?

"Okay, how about I give you your hat back and, um, give you... basking... privileges?"


"Like... you know... exclusive... in the sun... um..."

Wait, what?

What did I just offer it?

Never mind.
No. 324244 ID: c891d3
File 131024651368.png - (57.07KB , 500x400 , 30.png )

"I mean, uh, how about I, um, protect you? I don't think it's very safe for a tiny lizard to be all alone."

"I mean, um... I guess..."

"Do we have a deal or not?

"Um... I guess that would be fine."


Put him on my head? Sure, why not. I'm in a good mood now.


So, uh, now what?
No. 324245 ID: 3b202e

have you forgotten that you are still NAKED?
No. 324252 ID: 644ca1

She isn't naked, she has a hat... well until the lizard takes it back.
No. 324253 ID: 1854db

Well, ask where the little guy wants to go. Ask perhaps if he can find out where your clothes are via MAGIC!
No. 324271 ID: 7aedd2

What's its naaaaame?
No. 324272 ID: 1902b5


it's Lyskir.

go on, ask him what he was doing behind the bushes.
No. 324277 ID: c2c011

Now the two of you go and get your magic on, if you know what I'm saying.
No. 324309 ID: 221021

Ask about MAGIC!
No. 324398 ID: 07416a

Yeah, ask him why he was staring at you bathing if he thought you were a guy. That sound suspicious.
No. 324455 ID: b9bd4f

I think that speaks for itself.
No. 324542 ID: 372336


You still have a lot to clear up, you know. And also you didn't ask him if he wanted anything, you just said he could have stuff which he already had, and his magic is probably protection enough. So, where is he from and why did he choose the confines of a bush to "practice magic"?
No. 324556 ID: 8211e6

His magic obviously wasn't good enough protection because he got caught easily by the world's unluckiest sergal.

But sure ask where he's from!
No. 324590 ID: 0d095c

>Caught by the world's unluckiest Sergal
>Bad Luck

Aw shit, I think we found the only cursed magical talking lizard in the entire world.
No. 324691 ID: c891d3
File 131033586670.png - (113.11KB , 500x400 , 31.png )

I don't need clothes right now. I like having them, but getting new ones isn't urgent or anything like that. Little more concerned about the pouch, though.

I can ask him (I'm going with you guys on that) a few more questions, I guess.

"Where are you from, anyway? I've never really seen anything like you before."

"I... um... I'm from the other side of those mountains way over there."

"And you... walked all the way here?"


"Why were you really behind those bushes, anyway? Is there some reason you had to practice magic there?"

"Oh-- um... I wanted to do magic somewhere quiet and hidden, and there was no one near the spring. I... really didn't think anyone would go near it, either."

No. 324692 ID: c891d3
File 131033593541.png - (113.31KB , 500x400 , 32.png )

"It gives you really bad luck..."

... of course.
No. 324693 ID: c891d3
File 131033597570.png - (77.96KB , 500x400 , 33.png )

So, since I want to do magic, and you guys also think I should do magic, I guess we should go find somewhere to practice. Or we could just do it right here.

... is it starting to rain?
No. 324695 ID: 0d7a83

Do a rain dance. Pretend it's magic.
No. 324701 ID: 453e62

go to your house.
No. 324702 ID: 1854db

Fleh. We should get out of the rain. Where can we go?
No. 324704 ID: 0d095c

QUICK! Hide the lizard in your waterproof bosom! Reptiles are EXTREMELY vulnerable to hypothermia!

Find shelter for yourself as well. Do you want to be an extremely WET unluckiest Sergal ever?
No. 324732 ID: 221021

Tell him it doesn't give you bad luck, it gives you magical guardian voices and GOOD luck! The fact that you've just met a creature that you've never seen before from far away that knows magic proves it! What are the odds of that?
No. 324816 ID: 8211e6

You have a shelter place or something where you live, right?

Go there!
No. 324994 ID: c2c011

A little bit of rain isn't that bad. You can stay here and practice magic.
No. 325107 ID: c891d3
File 131041559506.png - (115.27KB , 500x400 , 34.png )


Okay okay um where's a place to get out of the rain um um...
No. 325108 ID: c891d3
File 131041562769.png - (119.18KB , 500x400 , 35.png )

... this is not going to work. Ow.

"Miss, are... are you okay?"'

"Not... really. I'm... going to think of... somewhere else."

Um... let's see...

The nearest place is that building over there, but I don't actually know what that is or if I'm allowed to go there.

I could try to go to, um, where I live, but that's not really anywhere near here.

And I guess I could go hide in the cave my friend hangs out near sometimes, but I don't think he'd be around on a day like this. It's closer than where I live though.
No. 325109 ID: 0d095c

...This is really sad. Almost as sad as that one guy who had to sell bad luck talismans...

Anyway, I'm going with cave. With your luck, the cottage is filled with Tentacle monsters and Hill Billys.
No. 325110 ID: d76ad7

Go to the creepy house before you catch a cold and kill your new lizard friend.
No. 325119 ID: 1854db

Check out that house! ADVENTURE!
No. 325122 ID: 36899b

You were soaked to the skin from jumping in the pond not five minutes ago. I seriously doubt that shaking off dried you enough to matter.
Likewise, you threw the lizard into the pond about 30 seconds ago. It, too, is wet.

Why are you worried about a bit of damp, again? Go splash in some puddles dancing like an idiot. Bonus points for some kind of song about singing in the rain.
No. 325129 ID: b38109


we don't have any crippled people to kick in the stomach, so what's the point? I say we enter the house we know nothing about.
No. 325147 ID: 221021

Go to the cave, it should be safe if your friend hangs out there often. The slissa can show you magic there!
No. 325148 ID: 372336

If the house is locked, then we spend more time getting wet, the cave doesn't have a door so there is a 100% guarantee of shelter. Unless it has a bear in it.
No. 325176 ID: 173944


if the it's locked, we smash the door in goddammit. proceed to the mysterious house. nothing could possibly go wrong.
No. 325178 ID: 0d095c

Did you not hear me? TENTACLE HILL BILLIES!

But you know what? Fuck it, the caves are probably full of terrorists anyway. TO THE RAPE CABIN! Run and use your SERGALLY STRENGTH to PEACEFULLY OPEN THE DOOR.
No. 325316 ID: 8211e6

No. 325344 ID: 180ec2

Cave Johnson here! Uh, I mean, we should probably go to the cave. If we go to the house, there might be nobody home, or they might just not let us in. And we are not just breaking in to people's houses.
No. 325350 ID: 0d095c

Okay, I've swung back to the Terror Caves. Sue me.
No. 325441 ID: c891d3
File 131050530407.png - (102.03KB , 500x400 , 36.png )

Look, there's a difference between "taking a swim" and "getting poured on." Even if you're already wet.

I'm... really not sure what this place is for.
No. 325442 ID: c891d3
File 131050534258.png - (44.10KB , 500x400 , 37.png )

I'm really not sure what this place is for.

"Why is it so dark in here? It looked like there were windows..."

"I have no idea."

Well, we could go ahead and try this magic thing, even though it's really dark in here, or we could look around in this place a bit first.
No. 325443 ID: 3416ec


Look in the cabinet thing.
No. 325445 ID: 1854db

Call out to ask if anyone's there. If nobody answers I suppose you can try that door back there.

Ask your buddy if he can make some light.
No. 325446 ID: c2c011

Ask the lizard to light up the dark with magic.
No. 325447 ID: 453e62

ask if he has a light spell. and maybe the windows are just dirty? move t your right.
No. 325460 ID: 221021

Light this place up, and look for where the windows are supposed to be. Also, make sure the door doesn't close behind you, there may be spooky stuff at work. (Didn't the majority of us tell you to go to the cave?)
No. 325466 ID: 372336


It was 5 cave and 5 house, somebody changed their mind, so it drew.
No. 325467 ID: 372336


oops, forgot to make a suggestion!

open the blinds/clean the windows, because it was dark in daytime check for vampires/people on 4chan
No. 325515 ID: a7efde

the sergal searches for a light source.

the slissa makes light with its magics.

or it gets the hose again.
No. 325973 ID: 221021

Call out and see if there's anybody home.

I count five cave to four house.
No. 326009 ID: c891d3
File 131059194143.png - (105.33KB , 500x400 , 38.png )

"Hey, um, Lyskir. Do you have some kind of way to magic some light in here?"

"Yeah... hang on."

Oh man, that's so cool! How did he do that?
No. 326010 ID: c891d3
File 131059200632.png - (105.71KB , 500x400 , 39.png )

"Anyone here?"

No answer.

I wonder what this room was for? It looks like those windows are fake, but why would anyone do that?

Looks like someone looted the cabinet, but there's still a hammer, and... I'm not really sure what these things are.

I really wish I had my pouch.
No. 326011 ID: 1854db

Tongs. Reminds me of a blacksmith's shop. Let's check the next room before we start carrying around someone else's stuff.

Unless you're fine with being a thief?
No. 326013 ID: c2c011

Doesn't look like there's any other way to get light in here. Onwards to the next room to see if there's anything other than Lysikir that you can use for light in there. If there is then you can get started on learning the light trick yourself.
No. 326027 ID: 3b202e

it's for nose picking
No. 326030 ID: 180ec2

Yeah, without a pouch there's not really much sense to grabbing everything that isn't nailed down. Go on to the next room. I don't have a good feeling about this house. What if it's some kind of trap?
No. 326035 ID: ffa55d

check drawer. and the walls for secret butans.
No. 326074 ID: 523983


Faked windows... I think this might be becoming a bit too worrying for the atmosphere you started the quest with. If you are going in a darker direction, there may be something awful behind that door, so weild the hammer.
No. 326197 ID: 221021

This is kind of creepy. It looks like some sort of trap. Normal houses don't have windows painted on.
No. 326204 ID: 830984

This is looking more and more like a torture cellar. Check the door, to see if you can open it now, and try to check whether you can break it down in a hurry if you need to.
No. 326369 ID: 372336


no i think this is the point of view of just having walked through the door, so the door visible goes further into the house.
No. 326373 ID: c891d3
File 131068034676.png - (99.62KB , 500x400 , 40.png )

Well, if I didn't find this place creepy before, I do now. Thanks.

There's nothing else in here, like I said.

And I'm not a thief, I just... sometimes people leave things...

Look, I've never taken anything difficult to replace, okay?

I'll just carry the hammer into the other room because you're making me paranoid.
No. 326374 ID: c891d3
File 131068039387.png - (137.87KB , 500x400 , 41.png )

Did someone actually live in this place? It looks like a bed went here...

How long has it been since anyone else was in here, anyway?
No. 326375 ID: 1854db

Probably a long time. Oh hey, your buddy spotted a magic book. Hand it over to him. May as well turn on that lamp so he doesn't have to keep up the light spell.

Also check the fridge to get a good idea of how long exactly it's been.
No. 326376 ID: 180ec2

Wait... You guys have refrigerators and gas stoves? I think I misjudged something.
No. 326378 ID: 4fd910

light yon gas lamp and start inspecting everything. start with the cupboard.
No. 326379 ID: 99d48c

Check the fridge for bloodied body parts.

I mean you must be hungry.
No. 326380 ID: c2c011

You can do the dust test. See how thick the layer of dust is and how big the dust bunnies are.

Also, light that lamp and let your lizardy friend rest a bit. Hey, your luck is already turning around. You found a free house.
No. 326387 ID: 372336


You could use the oil lamp to light the room... or just use the far brighter and more modern fridge light. And why is the fridge so thin, anyway (unless it's just quickly drawn)?

And if this is the age of fridge freezers (this is the 1960's at the earliest), then why is there an oil lamp.. and no electric lights... did a multi-personality amish/vampire/wizard live here?

And from the picture that is either a magic book or something about Sikhism...

A very interesting house...which probably had a much more interesting owner...
No. 326400 ID: 830984

Inspect BOOK, obviously.
No. 326406 ID: 4bbaff

Gas stove? It's obviously a giant spider perched atop a cabinet! Watch out!

After you look at the incredibly obvious book check for secret trapdoors. That includes using your NORTHERN SERGAL! strength to check beneath the bedframe.
No. 326703 ID: c891d3
File 131078700575.png - (132.00KB , 500x400 , 42.png )

"Can I see that book?"

"Uh, sure."

The lamp doesn't really seem to work.

I, um... I don't really want to stay here. It's kind of creepy.
No. 326704 ID: c891d3
File 131078702286.png - (147.13KB , 500x400 , 43.png )

I have no idea what these things are! They're both empty and I don't think they're doing whatever they're supposed to do.

... What is he so interested in?
No. 326706 ID: 7aedd2

Here's an important question. Do you recognize these things we're talking about, this 'fridge' and 'stove'? Because they seem rather anachronistic from what I'm familiar with.
No. 326707 ID: 180ec2

Ask him what the book says. Then look in the cabinets.
No. 326709 ID: 1854db

Try checking under the bed. Somehow I doubt there's anything in the cabinet considering that everything has been essentially empty so far.

It's probably fine to keep the hammer and tongs. If you want them.
No. 326745 ID: b9bd4f

You might as well just rest here till the storm stops, maybe chat with your cuddily little lizard friend.
No. 326781 ID: cd63e9

yeah that's a good point. just what is the tech level where you live? do you have assembly lines? gunpowder? electricity? do you use animal power or mechanical power to move your vehicles?
No. 326783 ID: b6ca92

Or if you don't recognize any of these, what sort of metal do you use for weapons, and whats the ranged weapon with the longest reach that you know off?
No. 326823 ID: 372336

Um, it's quite unclear what's going on time wise, are the contents of this house new to the world or have you just been technologically isolated for years? (If the latter is true then you obviously won't be able to answer the former)

Us voices live in a time where this is completely normal..
No. 326824 ID: 372336


also, check the cabinets, the owner might have left other stuff behind.
No. 326830 ID: 950512

The thing your looking at is called a fridge. It's used to store food.
No. 326835 ID: ce4a4d

The lizard is busy, so continue looting these place and look for secrets. Cabinet, beneath the bed, in the oven.
No. 326974 ID: c891d3
File 131086074134.png - (148.67KB , 500x400 , 44.png )

I can't find anything else in here.

I don't know what all of those things are. I've heard of gunpowder, though, for sure.

Weapons are usually made of, um... metal... ? I don't really know that much about them, really.
No. 326975 ID: c891d3
File 131086077582.png - (57.80KB , 500x400 , 45.png )

"I found it!"

"Found what?"

"This is what I'm looking for!"

"Um, what is it?"

"I... don't know exactly... but I have to find it."

"You have t--"
No. 326976 ID: c891d3
File 131086080419.png - (26.59KB , 500x400 , 46.png )

Okay I really want to get out of here now.

"Why did the light go out..."
No. 326977 ID: 7aedd2

Good question, considering it was the lizard that was magically conjuring the light. Perhaps now that the lizard has found what he was looking for, he's now planning to betray you and your only hope is to eat him right now? No? Okay well no harm in trying.
No. 326978 ID: 3b202e

prepare to fight off magic eating bugs
No. 326979 ID: 180ec2

Hey, I think I know that guy!
Yeah, I told you I had a bad feeling about this place. Now you're going to be eaten by a grue. Um, ask if he can make another light, or light up the lantern. This is pretty creepy...
No. 326991 ID: 915a81

Yell "zombie goasts leave this place!"

That'll scare 'em off for sure.
No. 327004 ID: 1854db

Cling to your friend in fright. (hugs +1)

I think you should open the door so we can leave. Grab the hammer first though.
No. 327063 ID: 52102d

Launch preemptive attack by swinging your arms around wildly.
No. 327103 ID: a2819e

...this is one of those rape things, isn't it?
No. 327113 ID: 830e2a

Just be calm and try to use your ears for once.
No. 327138 ID: 372336


Lolwhut? This is the part where the necromorphs/headcrabs/zombies/weeping angels come scuttling along towards you and the light comes back on just when they're right in front of you.

Or it could just be Casper the friendly ghost. Yes, it's just Casper. Repeat over and over, "It's just Casper the friendly ghost", because then it will all be ok.
No. 327189 ID: c891d3
File 131093743553.png - (27.71KB , 500x400 , 47.png )

Right let's get out of here right now.

"I... why can't I get the light-- ack something grabbed me"

"It's just me. We're getting out of here."

"Please get the book..."
No. 327190 ID: c891d3
File 131093746163.png - (18.39KB , 500x400 , 48.png )

Okay, the door is right around--- got it.

Why is the inside of this place so dark?

Oh well, at least this door leads--
No. 327191 ID: c891d3
File 131093748082.png - (17.58KB , 500x400 , 49.png )


"Oh no."
No. 327193 ID: 180ec2

Um, feel the ground, make sure you're really outside.
No. 327195 ID: 878b59

it's the end of the world as we know it~
No. 327197 ID: 0d095c

Bugger, it's a Drow raid! We're in a Darkness spell! Go back inside, start a fire in the Stove.
No. 327198 ID: 830e2a

It's probably a illusion, snap out of it!
No. 327201 ID: 221021

Why is there no sun? This is very very superbad. Um, first thing's first, make sure you both just aren't suddenly blind somehow. That would make much more sense than the sun actually disappearing. Do you feel the kind of warmth on your... uh, ask Lyskir if he feels the warmth normally associated with sunlight. You're probably just blind or something, hopefully temporarily, because the alternative is that the sun and all the other stars went out at different times exactly correlating to all the light stopping from reaching here at this exact moment, which is pretty improbable. There could also be something opaque blocking out the whole sky, which is about in between the two in terms of likeliness.
No. 327207 ID: 372336

Clap clap.. now go through the next door, out of the house. You're in the front room.
No. 327212 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, two rooms, remember?
No. 327214 ID: 372336


actually no, that doesn't make any sense, because for some reason you could still see a bit in the room, even when the door was closed behind you (if it was open it would make a rectangular silhouette). So if it got so dark that even your super sergal vision hasn't adjusted yet, then you've been teleported to somewhere random and you should now begin running around and flailing your arms about screaming "let me out of here for the love of honey roasted peanuts!"
No. 327410 ID: d6ae01

We forgot to warn you that the long-term effects (say, about 20-30 minutes) of immersion in the pool of shitty luck was that your eyes would stop working.

Sorry about that.
No. 327467 ID: 372336


Can she breathe for that long?
No. 327491 ID: 8211e6

Flip out!!
No. 327656 ID: c891d3
File 131102140707.png - (51.75KB , 500x400 , 50.png )

Okay okay there's got to be a way out of here.

I already went through both the doors! I have no idea where I am now!

"... get... out... "

what was that
No. 327668 ID: 1854db

Ask where the exit is. Or just run in a random direction.
No. 327671 ID: 180ec2

Shout that you're trying!
No. 327676 ID: 2a1f3a

ask who's there. tell them you'll fuck them up if they don't reveal themselves.
No. 327735 ID: 8211e6

Is that a door?
No. 328011 ID: 372336


Yes, it is a door that leads to another door. which leads to another door, and another...

Why would you say get out when they've tried already? Creepy other voice.
No. 328361 ID: c891d3
File 131112528486.png - (59.67KB , 500x400 , 51.png )

"... get... out... "


"M-m-miss S-saikhan, w-w-we have to g-get out..."

"I'm trying"

why won't this door open

please open, door

"... get... out... !"

please open, door
No. 328364 ID: c891d3
File 131112531653.png - (103.22KB , 500x400 , 52.png )

... okay... I think I'm just... going to lay here... for a while...


Oh. It's still pouring.

"Do you know somewhere else where we can hide from this rain?"

I guess I should try for the cave, or else my place.
No. 328370 ID: 28e94e

Head for whichever is closer.
No. 328372 ID: 7aedd2

If you lay there for a while, something from within the haunted house is likely to nibble on your toes~ Anyway, head to your place, I figure you might need to let off some nervous tension and need to rest within a familiar place right now.
No. 328373 ID: 1854db

Cave! That was closer, right?
No. 328378 ID: 221021

Quickly, cover the book with... You don't have a shirt, do you? Pick it up off the ground so it doesn't get soaked, and pick up Lyskir and hold him above the book, spine up, so it stays as dry as possible.

Head towards the cave.
No. 328492 ID: 8211e6

No. 328540 ID: d6ae01

The book! Save the book! It won't burn if it's all wet like that!
No. 328715 ID: 372336


"I already went through both the doors!" ? obviously not.

Off to the cave then.

And at least you got a free magic book out of it!
No. 328723 ID: c891d3
File 131120907608.png - (107.01KB , 500x400 , 53.png )


"There's a cave not too far from here. We can hide there from the rain, and I'm pretty sure it's not cursed, or... whatever that was."


Hopefully this will be the last time today I get soaked...
No. 328724 ID: c891d3
File 131120913015.png - (86.82KB , 500x400 , 54.png )

Okay. We should be safe here, I think.

So, uh... what were we doing, again? Something about magic?
No. 328728 ID: 1854db

Just ask him what kind of stuff he can do. Maybe a demonstration? Then ask him if he can teach you!
No. 328732 ID: 0d095c

Ask to learn MAGIK. With a K.
No. 328772 ID: 8211e6

Magic demonstration sounds like a good idea.
No. 328775 ID: 35e1a0

have him light up the firepit.
No. 328952 ID: 8211e6

Lighting up the firepit sounds good.
No. 329591 ID: 372336


Lyskir needs the fire/a hug for warmth again (this really isn't a safe environment for a lizard to travel to), and he needs to show you teh magics :D
No. 329596 ID: c891d3
File 131137160540.png - (104.33KB , 500x400 , 55.png )

"Could you put one of those, um, light... things... in the firepit?"


"So, um... this magic thing... what all kinds of things can you do with it anyway? I mean, besides the lights."
No. 329597 ID: c891d3
File 131137163384.gif - (81.34KB , 500x400 , 56.gif )

"Well... I'm not that great at it, but... I can turn myself invisible, I can make my voice louder, I have magic breath... kind of, and... sometimes I can do other things, but... they don't always work."
No. 329598 ID: c891d3
File 131137166160.png - (103.78KB , 500x400 , 57.png )

"Could you teach me to do one of those things?"

"I... um... I've never really taught anyone before, but... I guess if you picked one, I could try?"


Which thing should I try to learn?
No. 329602 ID: 6e1234

Invisibility sounds like fun.
No. 329611 ID: 90abeb

elaborate 'magic breath' and see if you can find anything in here to light that firepit. like flint and stuff.
No. 329638 ID: 7aedd2

Most definitely Magic Breath
No. 329654 ID: 1854db

If 'magic breath' is breathing fire that sounds AWESOME. But invisibility is pretty cool too.
No. 329657 ID: eba49f

Unless magic breath does something really awesome I think invisibility would be better. It has more uses than fire breath.
No. 329931 ID: dc4a44

+1 Magic breath
No. 329939 ID: ce4a4d

Please never do that thing with your eyes again.

Learn from the "other things" category. It will be seemingly useless at first but eventually prove to be game-breakingly powerful later on.
No. 329944 ID: cded1d

Man I can't believe none of you picked super loudness. I mean imagine a sergals roar, only 400 times louder. She could literally vapourise people. Welp magic breath it is.
No. 330013 ID: c25acc

You are so adorable when your in your *MAGIC!* loving mood.

But I must cast my vote for magic breath.
No. 330602 ID: c891d3
File 131153695222.png - (112.59KB , 500x400 , 58.png )

"How about... magic breath? What is that, anyway?"

"It... um... you know how dragons can breathe fire and ice and stuff?"


"It's kind of like that."

No. 330604 ID: c891d3
File 131153700744.png - (107.73KB , 500x400 , 59.png )

"Okay, so... if you want to do magic, you have to, um... what did my old teacher say..."

"Wave your hands around and say funny words?"

"... Nnnnno. You have to... like... okay, try to concentrate on something you really like. Something that makes you feel happy thinking about it."

Okay! I can do this! I can... um...

... hey guys, can you help me think of something?
No. 330606 ID: 5aac32

Magic! :D
No. 330608 ID: eba49f

Would it be too circular to use the thought of having magic be the thing that focuses your magic? Might as well try, you seemed enthusiastic enough about magic.
No. 330609 ID: e63976

firm, stony sergal buttocks?
No. 330627 ID: 3f0613

Okay, this is a long-shot.....
No. 330630 ID: 1854db

No. 330631 ID: 644ca1

Hugs, if it doesn't make you happy then what are we here for?
No. 330637 ID: eba49f

I like using magic to power our magic for its recursive nature, but I guess hugs work too.
No. 330645 ID: 0d7a83

Why does it have to be one thing? Magic and hugs!
No wait... MAGIC HUGS!!!
No. 330681 ID: 7aedd2

Really, it seems that so far the most excited we've seen you was when you thought about MAGIC
No. 331050 ID: c891d3
File 131157145998.png - (145.89KB , 500x400 , 60.png )

Hugs! I like hugs.

"Okay, now what?"

"Um... once you feel all peaceful, you have to think about what you want to do."


Magic breath. Magic breath. I'm going to... breathe... magic. I... I think that's how it works? Oh no, I hope I'm doing this--
No. 331051 ID: c891d3
File 131157147921.png - (93.92KB , 500x400 , 61.png )

No. 331055 ID: c891d3
File 131157170303.png - (105.87KB , 500x400 , 62.png )


"How did you even do that?? I don't know if I know how to fix this..."
No. 331056 ID: 35e1a0

you lost your confidence! never lose your concentration mid spell!
No. 331058 ID: 0d7a83

Snack sized sergal: The ultimate irony.
No. 331059 ID: 2ab266

On the bright side, at least you get to piggyback now.

And you probably shouldn't try anything else until you get back to your normal size. Wouldn't want to be, like, ant sized or anything.
No. 331060 ID: 0bd0b0

You didn't shrink yourself, you just caused the world around to grow.
No. 331077 ID: 221021

Tiny lizard is giant!

I have two ideas for getting you back to normal.
First, contemplate the physical impossibility of what you have just accomplished: you are suddenly much smaller than you previously were. That means one of two things have happened. Either you weigh the same as you used to and you're now extremely dense, or you have somehow reduced your mass as well without blowing up the whole world. Have Lyskir try to pick you up and test this. If he can pick you up, then you're breaking the laws of physics, and you can't possibly have done what you just did. Keep thinking that thought and you'll go back to normal.
If you don't understand that, fail to make that work, or coldly reject the call to further the cause of Science, just think really hard about that tiny lizard and how you're so much bigger than it.
No. 331090 ID: b6ca92

This, but try it again with the feeling.
No. 331141 ID: 7a2bfb

from now on, Saikhan rides Lyskir, not the other way around.
No. 331142 ID: 679e7a

Don't forget to hug the lizard first! You're nearly the perfect size for lizard hugs!
No. 331281 ID: 372336


Lizard piggybacks! Although that wouldn't really accomplish anything...

But congratulations on using magic in the first few seconds of trying, even though it didn't work properly.

Um.. get Lyskir to carry you around while he figures out what to do, if he can't do it soon.
No. 331290 ID: c891d3
File 131164030378.png - (111.52KB , 500x400 , 63.png )

Aaaaaaaaaaokay okay calm down Saikhan calm down calm--

"What are you doing?"


"Um... Lyskir?"
No. 331291 ID: c891d3
File 131164033130.png - (112.33KB , 500x400 , 64.png )

"Okay. I, um... I don't think you cursed yourself, so... you should probably go back to normal in the next half a day or so. You probably shouldn't try to do any magic while you're like this."

"H... half a day... ??"

"But if you did curse yourself, the only way to make it go away would be to get someone to undo the magic... I don't think I can do that. It looks like you put it on there pretty good...

I... I...
No. 331292 ID: c891d3
File 131164035620.gif - (98.24KB , 500x400 , 65.gif )


No. 331294 ID: b4f276

stop burying your face in Lyskir's crotch. I know it looks really nice and big to you now, but now is not the time.
No. 331295 ID: 180ec2

Aww... Maybe you can read the book together to pass the time, or just sleep for the night next to him so you don't get eaten by big things. Perhaps explore what the world looks like tiny? But whatever you do stay next to him because you're pretty defenseless right now.
No. 331299 ID: 44903d

Look on the bright side: now you can ride on Lyskir's head :3
No. 331301 ID: 372336


so she can't be eaten by big things?? Lyskir is already under threat of being eaten by "big" things, so he won't be of that much protection (although he can do his scream thing again).

Ask Lyskir what he can do to help you out in the meantime.
No. 331310 ID: eba49f

So she doesn't get eaten by small things. A rodent (of normal size even) could beat her in a fight in that state.
No. 331311 ID: 180ec2

He's a lizard, that means it's internal. She wouldn't see that.

Well, he's used to being tiny, so he knows how to defend himself and act when there's a threat. Saikhan is used to being at the top of the food chain and isn't accustomed to having to watch for and hide from predators.
No. 331319 ID: 1854db

Also said lizard is a child.
No. 331322 ID: d6ae01

Quick! Clamber up and hide inside the hat for safety!
No. 331331 ID: eba49f

Yes this is the best plan.
No. 331534 ID: b6ca92

I get the feeling this 'Hugs' counter will become like the 'Disasters Avoided' counter from Prequel.
No. 332272 ID: d6ae01
File 131175908551.png - (90.16KB , 500x400 , 66.png )


"M-miss Saikhan! Please calm down. I... I don't know why this happened... usually spells just fail if you lose your concentration...


"But... um... I... we... we can figure this out if the spell doesn't wear off. I promise."

... I'm so small my feet are hanging in the air.
No. 332273 ID: d6ae01
File 131175912574.gif - (79.98KB , 500x400 , 67.gif )

Okay. Okay. Get it together, Saihkan.

Get it together.
No. 332274 ID: d6ae01
File 131175915931.png - (103.84KB , 500x400 , 68.png )

"What are y-- oh. You could have asked first."


It might be dark in this cave but it probably won't be night for a couple more hours. I need to come up with something to do...

"S-so... what do we do now? What about that book you were looking at?"

"I... um... I can't really read it... We had a book like it at home, so I knew that picture would be in there, but... I don't really know what the words say."

I guess that's out, then.
No. 332297 ID: 8211e6

You guys should go see if there's something to eat around here. That's probably fairly safe?
No. 332310 ID: 180ec2

Can you read it? Or is it in some kind of language from another world?
No. 335087 ID: 372336


The spell might not have just failed because maybe the lizard's methods work differently because you are a sergal...

Also see if the hat is a portal to another dimension or another hat.
No. 335090 ID: 89de88

Look for other pictures in the book. See if Lyskir recognises any of them and can explain them to you. Otherwise, come up with crackpot theories as to their significance and meaning.

Also, ask Lyskir about his family and why he's set off adventuring. Contemplate finding a small docile bug to turn into a temporary steed for the remainder of the day.
No. 336553 ID: c891d3
File 131250331368.png - (127.23KB , 500x400 , 69.png )

The hat is just a hat, I think.

"I can still look at the pictures, though, right?"

"If... you want? There aren't very many of them, though. Most of this book is just text... I think it's a copy of an old journal."


... he's right. Aw.

"Why are you out here, anyway?"

"It's... a long story. I... don't know if I want to talk about it right now."

I could push him on that, or...
No. 336554 ID: c891d3
File 131250334699.png - (74.85KB , 500x400 , 70.png )

Hmm... I am hungry, but as far as food goes, I think the only edible things in here are the fish over in the water there.

But trying to catch one of those might not be the best idea right now. But I am hungry.

... I'll think about it.
No. 336555 ID: d6ae01

Ask your enormous companion what giant lizards eat. Surely, anything that satisfies that behemoth will be sufficient.
No. 336556 ID: b50cc2

tie a rope to your tail and dive in. Lys will pull you out with a fish once one eats you.
No. 336566 ID: 8211e6

Is it just me or are you actually getting smaller as time passes?

Anyway, >>336556 sounds like a good idea that will totally not backfire at all.
No. 336573 ID: 0d095c

DON'T EAT THE SNAKE THING! They're highly poisonous you know. Also, lecherous.
No. 336576 ID: 180ec2

Have you considered eating insects in the cave? Insects are only gross to eat because they're tiny and you have to eat the whole thing and not just the meat, but if they're (relatively) GIANT insects than they might be as tasty and hearty a meal as any bird or cow or porcupine.
No. 336594 ID: 3416ec

No. 336823 ID: 3aa772

You are sitting on that book in a very unladylike manner, young woman.
No. 336824 ID: c2c011

Catch all of the fishies and eat them up!
No. 337027 ID: c891d3
File 131260387145.png - (112.00KB , 500x400 , 71.png )

Guys, come on. Don't make fun of me for... being...

... I am getting smaller!!


"Oh gosh! Um... I... I think I can make it stop getting worse..."

That is really not reassuring.
No. 337028 ID: c891d3
File 131260389627.png - (121.87KB , 500x400 , 72.png )

this feels so weird

"I... that should work. You won't get any smaller, anyway."

... are... are you really suggesting I use myselfas bait to catch a fish?

I mean... I guess I could try... since you seem to think it's a good idea...
No. 337029 ID: c891d3
File 131260392795.png - (75.59KB , 500x400 , 73.png )

"Okay, I think we're ready. Are... you sure you want to try this?"

I'm... not, actually. Am I really sure this is a good idea?
No. 337032 ID: 44766a

... This is a horrible idea. If an idea sounds stupid to you just ignore it.
No. 337033 ID: 180ec2

Wait wait wait wait! First, do you have sharp claws or know how to fight? Because if you do you can PROBABLY tear yourself out of the fish. But I think this is a REALLY bad idea. I still think hunting insects would be much safer.
No. 337034 ID: d6ae01

The point isn't really that we're after food. It's just that the best way to get huge we know of involves either a lot of exercise or finding a dreamworm. This lets you do both at once! :D
No. 337037 ID: cd63e9

using yourself as bait is an suicidally bad idea. maybe hunt for insects? your both small enough that you can probably make a decent meal out of a few good sized bugs.
No. 337041 ID: 1854db

This would only work if you can get a fish that Lyskir can drag ashore.
No. 337103 ID: 18c6d7

This is a bad idea. Bugs can be tasty.
No. 337149 ID: 5a7dd9

this is the best idea. do it.
No. 337225 ID: 28e94e

This is a horrible idea. Therefore, we must do it immediately.
No. 337234 ID: 8211e6

Like I said! This can't possibly go wrong!
No. 337236 ID: ce5017

What could possibly go wrong?

Except for the everything.
No. 337359 ID: c2c011

It's an awesome idea because you're an awesome Sergal and you're going to rip and tear any fishies that get too close. So now get in the water and be prepared to rip and tear like a baws.
No. 337384 ID: 0d7a83

This is the worstterribleOHGOD best idea.
No. 337398 ID: 4e5b59

Bad idea...bad idea...BAD idea...BAD IDEA...BAAAAAAD IDEA! Don't do it!
No. 337629 ID: c891d3
File 131272621454.png - (76.06KB , 500x400 , 74.png )

Well... if you say it'll work... I...

I guess... here goes nothing...
No. 337631 ID: c891d3
File 131272624785.png - (108.60KB , 500x400 , 75.png )





No. 337632 ID: c891d3
File 131272627806.png - (32.08KB , 500x400 , 76.png )

No. 337633 ID: c891d3
File 131272630603.png - (106.88KB , 500x400 , 77.png )

... what happened? Did I black out?

I jumped into the water, and then...
No. 337635 ID: 35e1a0

perfect, you found a fish.
No. 337638 ID: f188f3


...wait, who -and what- is it holding you?
No. 337678 ID: 180ec2

Quick say something so it knows you're not food, these guys are totally peaceful and forgiving... Except for the ones who aren't and they get really mad when you assume that. But it's probably peaceful and forgiving. That's what it says in my guidebook.
No. 337684 ID: 0d7a83

No. 337694 ID: 221021

Don't panic, that includes all of you, you'll scare her. Enesi are totally friendly.
No. 337700 ID: c2c011

It is a delicious fish and you're right next to the eye, bite and tear BITE AND TEAR!!
No. 337701 ID: 180ec2

No. 337708 ID: 8211e6

Flip out!
No. 337710 ID: d6ae01

Ask how it got so huge! We must have its secret!
No. 337736 ID: 28e94e

Don't scream like a little girl.
No. 337765 ID: ac6c03

Stay chill, hop on its head or something and ride it to shore like a boss.
No. 337784 ID: 1854db

Totally scream like a little girl.
No. 337789 ID: 2eac65

Talk to it. It might be friendly.
No. 337793 ID: c25acc

Isn't she a little girl anyways?

Anyways, see what that thing is..and if it's friendly
No. 337983 ID: 615171

Hug its face!
No. 337999 ID: b6ca92

Oh hey I didn't actually expect you to use these guys. I thought you said you had scrapped the design?
No. 338113 ID: c891d3
File 131283848996.png - (115.47KB , 500x400 , 78.png )

What are you talking... about...



"Saikhan? Is that you?"

... wait.
No. 338114 ID: c891d3
File 131283851761.png - (72.28KB , 500x400 , 79.png )

"What are you doing in here? And... why are you so small all of a sudden?"

I know this guy!

I'm... not sure why he's in the cave, though. I didn't think he liked it in here.

"I was hiding from the rain. And... I'm tiny because I tried magic. It... didn't work so well."
No. 338115 ID: 180ec2

Ask if they have any food. Also ask if they've seen your friend.
No. 338117 ID: 52ff5f

Ask what big giant slug monsters eat to get so huge. We're desperate, here!
No. 338138 ID: 1854db

Ask him why he's in the cave.
No. 338175 ID: 221021

This guy's pretty awesome. Tell us about him.
No. 338623 ID: d6ae01
File 131297596903.png - (72.99KB , 500x400 , 80.png )

Oh, right. This is my friend Alkatr. He's some kind of fish... person... thing. I met him a few years back. He's pretty cool about things.

He can get in the cave because it's connected to the lake, which is connected to the ocean, where I think he lives?

"Do you have any food? I haven't eaten anything in hours..."

"That's why you were over here? I can probably catch you a fish if you want... although I don't think you'll like watching that much."

... eesh. Maybe I should ask him to take me back to the shore before he does that...

I should probably ask Lyskir if he can eat fish.
No. 338624 ID: d6ae01
File 131297598862.png - (76.77KB , 500x400 , 81.png )

"Why are you in this cave, anyway? I thought you didn't like coming in here."

"It's mostly that the passage to this lake was a lot easier to get through when I was smaller. But I was just seeing if you were around. And you are!"

... ergh. That's a lot less endearing when I'm tiny...
No. 338630 ID: 221021

That is an awesome friend. Hey, why don't you introduce him to your new friend. Ask if he's seen a small lizard with an awesome hat somewhere near where he found you.
No. 338680 ID: 1854db

I'm not sure how you're gonna hug this guy with that size difference you've got going. But yeah, let's introduce him to your mage friend. Though he might be invisible right now.

(and I think Alkatr likes youuuuu)
No. 338688 ID: 180ec2

You found the best fish ever. And what do you mean less endearing? That's absolutely adorable! ...I see a bit of interspecies romance in your future~

Um, but for now, show him the lizard wizard!
No. 338798 ID: 8211e6

Aw, you know you like the leech licks. It's okay if you have feelings for a fish. We won't think less of you for it. Plus he's totally being a bro about this "suddenly tiny" thing. Where are you gonna find another guy like that?

So, where'd Lyskir go? I can't imagine you were out for too long, given that you didn't drown.
No. 338959 ID: 615171

He's got a big anus face! Ask him to take you to the place where you both did that thing that one time back in July last year.
No. 338966 ID: ce5017

(psst I think those are teeth)

Introduce fishfriend to lizardfriend. (Bugfriends not included.)
No. 338971 ID: eba49f

>(Bugfriends not included.)
Not included YET.
No. 338993 ID: 180ec2

We are so befriending the next sentient bug we find.
No. 339048 ID: c891d3
File 131309487873.png - (56.53KB , 500x400 , 82.png )

I-I, um... he's just my friend, okay? We've known each other since we were both pretty little. Don't get the wrong idea!

"So, um, Alkatr..."


"Did you see a little... lizard-looking thing?"

"A slissa?"

Why does everyone else know what that is.
No. 339049 ID: c891d3
File 131309490789.png - (81.25KB , 500x400 , 83.png )

"Yeah, one of those. With a hat."

"It was over on the side of the lake... but it freaked out when I showed up. I don't know where it went."

Hm. I wonder where he could have gotten off to...
No. 339052 ID: c2c011

He probably just went invisible, try the magic trick for loud voice and yell out that everything is ok.
No. 339053 ID: 1854db

Whoa now, let's not try any more magic, who knows what'll happen. But just plain yelling that everything's fine would work too.
No. 339054 ID: c2c011

But ze magic is awesome and only good things should happen.
No. 339059 ID: 62e636

yup. invisible.
No. 339072 ID: 28e94e

Do this. At this point it would be very difficult to get into a worse situation than you're already in.
No. 339084 ID: 180ec2

Yell out to him and tell him you're OK, this is your friend. Also, ask Alkatr out how he knows what a slissa is.
No. 339350 ID: c891d3
File 131317632944.png - (83.64KB , 500x400 , 84.png )

If you think I can do this...

Okay, I have to get... inner peace... and then...

Loud voice... loud voice...
No. 339351 ID: c891d3
File 131317635294.gif - (250.45KB , 500x400 , 85.gif )

"Hey Lyskir come out!"



No. 339352 ID: 180ec2

YES. FIREBALL. You are now officially awesome. Make sure to remember how you did that. See if Lyskir noticed it.
No. 339358 ID: 23b657

making a megaphone around your mouth with your hands and shouting "hey Lyskir come out!" must be how wizards cast fireball. it's the only logical explanation.
No. 339369 ID: 28e94e

No. 339385 ID: 372336


You are a Sergal! These things happen because the Haynes instruction manual for Sergal magic is different to the Slissa one! Finding inner peace opens up a completely different magical toolbox, so your slissa methods translate into completely different sergal ones!
No. 339404 ID: f9390f

Well, that's progress. Try breathing fire, and see what happens.
No. 339409 ID: c2c011

That was an awesome voice is what it was. Now try just yelling really loudly for him to come out.
No. 339415 ID: 1bbe59

...or you'll burn the fucking joint down!
No. 339458 ID: 9c538a

No. 339639 ID: c891d3
File 131326133050.png - (91.74KB , 500x400 , 86.png )

I... I did the same thing as the other time I tried to use magic, except I was thinking of making my voice be really loud at the end...

"Hey Lyskir! Where are you?"

... Where is he?

I guess I'm going to have to go look for him...

"I can take you back over to the shore if you want."

No. 339641 ID: c891d3
File 131326141071.png - (52.98KB , 500x400 , 87.png )

So... where could he be hiding... ?
No. 339648 ID: 372336


Try to light up the area using magic... that would probably be frikkin' hilarious :D
No. 339652 ID: 28e94e

He's in the upper-right corner, making himself invisible. You can see his hat and if you look really closely you can make out his silhouette.
No. 339662 ID: 9c538a


Oh my god look at you are you for real you're so tiny!~
No. 339670 ID: 372336


You and your screen's silly contrast settings (I-I mean super sergal vision, of course :p)

Look for an accidentally visible hat in a corner then Saikhan!
No. 339676 ID: ec0bf5

*points to hat* He's under there!
No. 339996 ID: c891d3
File 131336104325.png - (41.42KB , 500x400 , 88.png )

I'm not going to try any more magic after all that! I'll wait until I can get some better advice or something. This isn't going well.

"Hey! Lyskir! It's me!"

"... Saikhan?"
No. 339997 ID: c891d3
File 131336106401.png - (117.82KB , 500x400 , 89.png )

"I thought you drowned... and then that big thing in the water shot a fireball at me."

"Um... actually... I, uh... that fireball was me."

"You... you managed to cast a fireball?"

"I was trying to make my voice loud..."
No. 339998 ID: c891d3
File 131336108830.png - (111.54KB , 500x400 , 90.png )

"Um... that's not very good, if you keep casting spells that aren't what you're trying to cast... I'll have to think about how to fix that."

"Also... that 'big thing in the water' is, um, kind of my best friend."

"... Oh."
No. 339999 ID: c2c011

Introduce your two best friends to each other and get them to hug.
No. 340002 ID: b38d7b

Something better: GROUP HUG.
No. 340236 ID: 8211e6

Alright, let's get hugs and introductions out of the way, and then maybe see about that fish.
No. 340256 ID: 372336


According to your visual memory files, Lyskir is about a 3rd the size of your "big" friend, so he must be noticeably shorter than you...

Anyway, do introducings and informationings, see if your friend has a nice warm house nearby - the cave must be quite unpleasant at the current time, it being cold and huge and you being wet.
No. 340257 ID: 372336

(well more like 1/4 the size)
No. 340323 ID: a3995b

Invite Lyskir to come meet your old friend. Assure him that Alkatr has in no way forced you to bring food, and that he doesn't even eat lizards anyway, so it's very silly that he would mention it.
No. 340450 ID: c891d3
File 131345469476.png - (106.57KB , 500x400 , 91.png )

I don't wanna freak Lyskir out too bad...

"Lyskir, this is my old friend Alkatr. Alkatr, this is my new friend Lyskir. He's helping me with magic!"

"H... um... hi."



I think they'll get along well enough!

So, um... should we try to do anything else? It's getting kinda late...
No. 340452 ID: e16f8e

Whoa, now. I think Lyskir is hitting on your boyfriend!
No. 340473 ID: 1854db

You know, I think we might be what's causing your magic problems.

But yeah, have Alkatr catch you guys a fish!
No. 340474 ID: c2c011

Ask for food, then it's probably time to get some sleep.
No. 340481 ID: ec0bf5

Ask Alkatr if he can read any of the things in the book we found in the anachronism house.

Yeah, that actually makes sense. It's probably hard to concentrate properly with whatever the heck we are inside your head.
No. 340648 ID: 5f507f

Awwww wait ... he? i didn't notice Lyskir is male ... i mean we never asked him after he comfused our gender > .>
No. 340922 ID: 372336


well >>324244 is the first time the character acknowledged Lyskir being male, but he has never confirmed it himself.

And go to your friends house, unless Lyskir can light the fire. Caves have an ambient temperature of like 12 degrees Celsius.
No. 341512 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131376581796.png - (88.36KB , 500x400 , 92.png )

I seriously doubt Alkatr would know how to read this. I don't think he does much reading.

And even without a fire, it's surprisingly warm in here, but... yeah I could use the fire.

"Alright, um... Lyskir, can you start a fire?"

"I... I can try..."

"And... I think I'm going to take you up on that fish."

No. 341514 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131376584526.png - (91.53KB , 500x400 , 93.png )

Lyskir is already passed out. Alkatr is ... actually I have no idea what he should be doing so he probably shouldn't even be there. HUGS QUEST DAY 1 END]

Well, today could have gone better, but... I feel like things are going to turn around for me.

Hopefully, this spell will have worn off by tomorrow...
No. 341517 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131376588812.png - (63.19KB , 500x400 , 94.png )


No. 341529 ID: c2c011

Wake up Lysikir by grabbing one of his ears and shouting "WHYYYYYYYYY?!" relly loud. Then it's possibly time to experiment more with magic.
No. 341539 ID: ec0bf5

Stand on his nose where he will be able to see you when he opens his eyes and say "whyyyyyyyyy"

After that, I think you might have to ask him if having magical voices in your head would interfere with magic.
No. 341549 ID: 2222da

I think the more pressing question is: How did you stay on top of Lyskir when he apparently rolled over during the night?
No. 341572 ID: 372336


crazy acrobatics.

All you need to do is have a biiiig morning stretch and you will pop back to your original size.
No. 341573 ID: 6a5a08

Clearly happy thoughts don't work for you, so try channeling your hatred and anger at being small to return to normal. What could possibly go wrong?

No. 341579 ID: d8dd16

Well you used more magic ... maybe this made it worse.
You really should stop trying to use magic.

Gender Check as long as "he"'s asleep > ///>
No. 341591 ID: 7e3141

Dream sequence go!
No. 342013 ID: 9c538a

No you're normal sized now. It's just the rest of the world became huge! It's true! We totally saw it happen.
No. 342174 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131397774350.gif - (105.35KB , 500x400 , 95.gif )


"Ack--! ... Oh. Oh, right. Um..."


"I-I don't know! It... really should have fixed itself by now..."

I am NOT going to try any more magic until I'm back to normal. I take a couple deep breaths, though.
No. 342175 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131397775801.png - (71.96KB , 500x400 , 96.png )

"Okay.... Okay. Um. So."


"Could having magical voices in my head mess with magic?"

"I guess it might make it hard to concen--- You have magical voices in your head?!"

"... Yeah? They showed up after I got in the spring."

"... I thought that spring gave you bad luck, not magical voices. Um... that might mess with magic... I guess... I, um..."

Lyskir thinks for a moment.

"Okay, there's a friend of mine who I think lives... somewhere near here... I think... but if we found her she would probably be able to figure this out. I just don't know exactly where she is."

No. 342176 ID: 1854db

Well. See if your best friend in the whole wide world is around still.

Then I guess we can head off in the general direction of where this new guy is supposed to be. It'd be nice if that is also the direction of your house.
No. 342216 ID: 9c538a

He just doesn't understand that our middle name is "Bad" and our last name is "Luck"
No. 342259 ID: 372336


*makes jelly/wobble-board noises*

You seem to have retained a great portion of your strength!


I think reality has slowly started climbing up the walls, if that concerns you...

If it is light enough, make your way to the top of the hill/mountain that the cave lives in, and use it as a vantage point. If it is high enough, you may see her house.

Also you came here on purpose from your house, and you used to hang around with your friend in this cave, so you must have at least some idea of the area, so it should be quite easy to help Lyskir out on this one.
No. 342267 ID: c2c011

Get on his back and make a whip sound and tell him to marsh. You're going to get to that friend and get this crap solved.
No. 342540 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131414618520.png - (64.80KB , 500x400 , 97.png )

"Okay! We're going! Hup hup!"


"You said there's someone who could fix me. I've been tiny for half a day and it's driving me nuts. Let's go."

"I... I really don't know where she is, exactly... I know she's somewhere in this area, but that's about it..."
No. 342541 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131414621712.png - (50.63KB , 500x400 , 98.png )

"That's... really all you've got to go on?"

"... Yeah..."

Okay, I guess we'll just have to look around. We could head in the direction of the spring, or my house, or into the woods.
No. 342543 ID: 35e1a0

let's go to your house for supplies.
No. 342544 ID: d6ae01

The supplies will be too huge to do either of you any good, and the spring is the source of all your problems. Go explore the woods!
No. 342545 ID: 1854db

...yeah let's go to the woods. Going to your house would be pretty useless.
No. 342589 ID: ec0bf5

If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise.
No. 342600 ID: 9c538a

If you go out in the woods today you'd better go in disguise.
No. 342788 ID: 554835

If we're looking for someone we won't find them at your house. If they're any of those places they'll be in the woods, so might as well go there. Say bye to your boyfriend.
No. 342863 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131428704380.png - (123.96KB , 500x400 , 99.png )

Alkatr left before we went to sleep. I don't think there was a comfortable place for him to spend the night in the cave.

That, um, wasn't really serious, but, um, okay, I guess we can go look in the woods.

"I think we should look in the forest."

"You mean... just head out there?"

"Um... yeah... I guess..."

"... If you say so."

At least there's nothing too big in these woods.
No. 342864 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131428707753.png - (81.88KB , 500x400 , 100.png )

Okay... we probably should have decided on a direction before I had Lyskir charge off into the woods. I have no idea where we are now.

"It's awfully dark in here..."

Any ideas as to where we should go?
No. 342865 ID: ec0bf5

There's a shadow behind that bush! :O Don't ask how voices in your head can see things well outside your field of vision. It's over to the right.
No. 342870 ID: 1854db

There's someone to Lyskir's right.

He can cast a light spell if he's scared of the dark I guess. Then everyone in the woods would know where we are though!
No. 342878 ID: 554835

Hug the person in the bush! Or if they're too big have your giant pet lizard do it.
No. 342879 ID: ac6c03

No. 342890 ID: 1417a9

No. 343064 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131437970316.png - (78.86KB , 500x400 , 101.png )

There's a shadow behind the bush?

Wait, how can--- never mind.

"I think there might be something behind that bush."

"That one?"

No. 343065 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131437974387.png - (84.49KB , 500x400 , 102.png )

"Doesn't look like there's anything here."


Guys, I thought you said there was--
No. 343066 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131437976330.png - (121.53KB , 500x400 , 103.png )

uh oh
No. 343067 ID: ce5017


No. 343068 ID: 1854db

YELL REALLY LOUD AT IT! WITH MAGIC! Don't think of fireballs.
No. 343071 ID: 372336

Jump and hug the star to be endowed with it's magical powers, and then quickly do ANYTHING magical to postpone the danger of the situation while you think of what to do!
No. 343085 ID: 0d095c


SCYTHER used CHOKE! It's not very effective...

No. 343093 ID: 27d278

Yo Sai, howzabout another FIREBALL
No. 343096 ID: d6ae01

Project a mental image of hug breath coming out of the bug's mouth!
No. 343098 ID: ec0bf5

Ahhh Saikhan are you squished? Uh uh uh we can't talk to Lyskir can we... This is an emergency that salazza's gonna slit his throat! You have to use all your power and cast MAGIC HUG to restrain them!
No. 343155 ID: b6568d

Salazzarine have the best hugs. Unfortunately nobody has ever survived to observe this.
No. 343167 ID: 2474bb

This thing is wearing a pendant so don't worry.
Its gonna kill you humane and eat you civilized.
No. 343185 ID: 708111

Quick tell Lyskir to hug the salazza back!
No. 343367 ID: c891d3
File 131454078041.png - (113.41KB , 500x400 , 104.png )

"Huh? Where did you come from?"



... what did it just do to my voice.

"Ugh! No! No screaming."
No. 343368 ID: c891d3
File 131454085099.png - (90.30KB , 500x400 , 105.png )

"Man, Lyskir, you sure are a dope sometimes. I mean, I was barely even trying to hide and I totally was able to jump you. I didn't even need any magic! Just think of what would have happened if I were, like, actually trying to hurt you, huh?"

Wait, what?

Lyskir doesn't say anything. He seems kinda stunned.

Then it looks at me again. I still can't seem to say anything...

"Did you find a friend or something? I guess it's better than if you came all the way here by yourself, but you are a very silly lizard sometimes."

It pauses.

"Wait, why are you tiny? I know what you are and you're definitely not supposed to be this tiny. What have you been up to, Lys?"

I think whatever it did to me is gone... what should I do here?
No. 343369 ID: ec0bf5

Tell them that Lyskir tried to teach you magic and didn't do a very good job making sure there wasn't any interference.
No. 343370 ID: e28020

Hug his face. He's just so adorable
No. 343371 ID: c71597

Tell him your story while crying and how you just wanted to learn magic to stop suck and then you got tiny and you don't want to be tiny, because you're not supposed to be tiny and everything is huge and scary.
No. 343379 ID: 1854db

Tell her it's not his fault. You were trying to cast magic yourself and since you're kindof cursed it didn't do what it was supposed to.
No. 343718 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131463943857.png - (88.11KB , 500x400 , 106.png )

I am not hugging its face! Can you see how pointy its mouth is?!

"I... um... Lyskir tried to teach me how to do magic, but... it didn't really work right, and now I'm tiny. I don't like being tiny."

"That so, huh? I bet he told you some crap about concentration and inner peace and stuff."

"... Yeah, actually. How did you know?"

"It's how magic works for him. But it doesn't work that way for me at all, and it looks like it only kinda works that way for you. I'm glad he tried to help you, since it means he's actually doing something on his own for once--"

It glares at Lyskir. He looks at the ground and doesn't say anything.

"--but he's in way over his head here. Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Eryhkeh, which is a girl's name since no one can ever tell for some reason. I used to know Lyskir here back before I came out to this place. We learned some magic together, even. And you are?"

"I'm... Saikhan."

"Weird name. Anyway. I think you probably want to stop being tiny?"

She can do that?

No. 343719 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131463948907.png - (152.07KB , 500x400 , 107.png )

"Okay, hold on. This might feel weird."

No. 343720 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131463951109.png - (117.51KB , 500x400 , 108.png )

Yes! I'm fixed! I'm not tiny anymore! Yay!


Wait... something's wrong here...
No. 343721 ID: ce5017

Nonsense. You look fine. Very modern.
No. 343722 ID: 8e7252

You're DEFINITELY not tiny any more... uh... Happy birthdays?
No. 343737 ID: 4bdd79


No. 343740 ID: b6edd6

Your tail is fluffier!
That is clearly what is remarkable about this.
No. 343746 ID: 0d095c

THIS. What in the flying fuck?

Not MORE fucking Pervymancers. We got enough of those in... Every other quest......
No. 343765 ID: 400170


She is a new canon sergal. Yaaaaay.
No. 343770 ID: c71597

Thank her for making you not tiny and ask if she can return you to your original shape rather than this booby buttfeathery one.
No. 343772 ID: 9c538a

Oh no your prehinsile clitoris is gone!
No. 343777 ID: 36f887

why .... .... ..... i like my sergals fuffy not squishy

Ask her nicely to remove them please? =3
No. 343781 ID: 1854db

No. 344010 ID: 3b202e

hide new boobies from the virgin eyes
No. 344035 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131474766521.png - (104.18KB , 500x400 , 109.png )

I... um... uh...

"W... what..."
No. 344036 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131474771982.png - (82.86KB , 500x400 , 110.png )

"What did you do to me?!"

"I made you bigger, like you said. Snrk."

I pout at her.

"... oh, fine."
No. 344037 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131474774134.png - (112.72KB , 500x400 , 111.png )

"There. Man, no one ever lets me have fun."

Alright! I'm really back to normal this time!

... Now what? Is Eryhkeh the friend Lyskir was talking about?
No. 344041 ID: ec0bf5

Aww, that's actually a bit disappointing. No more... uh... lizard riding. And we also don't even get a chance to ride a salazzarine. Ask Lyskir if the salazzarine is the person we were looking for.

Then give them a big confusing hug with lots of limbs for putting you back to normal.
No. 344046 ID: 1854db

Lyskir goes back on your head. Uh, ask him first though, he seems kindof down and we've been a little rude to him lately.

Then, we hug our new friend, and ask if she knows how you would do magic properly.
No. 344049 ID: c71597

Probably. Anyway, now it's time for some proper freaking magic learning. You gonna be a master wizard or something!
No. 344069 ID: 27d278

Now's probably the time to ask about magic.
No. 344079 ID: 3b202e

be extra sure everything is back in place, you can never trust a mage
No. 344601 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131490278955.png - (104.67KB , 500x400 , 112.png )

I put Lyskir on my head.

"What are you---"

I whisper to him.

"Sssh. Is this the friend you wanted us to come see?"

"Yeah... somehow... I wasn't really expecting her to find us."
No. 344603 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131490293259.png - (67.97KB , 500x400 , 113.png )

Eryhkeh finally notices us.

"What are you two chatting about?"

"Um... I was wondering, since Lyskir said you'd be better at it, and you said you'd be better at it, if... you could try to help me learn magic?

"Hmm... nah."

No. 344604 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131490304861.png - (90.50KB , 500x400 , 114.png )

"N-no? Why not?"

"Oh gods above. Of course I'll help you learn magic. Sheesh, it's like no one ever teased you before."

She's not very nice...

Lyskir whispers to me.

"She's like this pretty much all the time. I was going to warn you, but..."

"So, look. You just come up with something you want to learn how to do, and I'll try to tell you how to do it, okay?"

Oh boy. Um... a little help here, guys?
No. 344607 ID: b6edd6

Invisibility is fun to have. Or maybe something to undo magic, considering the trouble you have had with it before.
No. 344608 ID: 2cb058

size changing magic and a way to control birds!
No. 344609 ID: 679e7a

A way to share us with all your friends! :V
No. 344614 ID: 2d9a8a

you must learn how to fly. I do believe you can.
No. 344621 ID: c71597

Invisibility and fireball throwan!
No. 344642 ID: 644ca1

Well you pulled off fire breath once, so lets learn how to do it properly.
No. 344648 ID: edc727

This, I cannot see anything at all going wrong with this idea.
No. 344659 ID: ec0bf5

Flight is the most fun one.
No. 344664 ID: d6ae01

Ask about learning some magical means to detect sarcasm. Failing that, learn some basic defense cantrips.
No. 344915 ID: 991ec3

Learn a ranged hug spell. To hug people from afar. Once we master that we can upgrade to MASS HUG!
No. 344916 ID: 07416a

Shapeshifting. Duh.
No. 345029 ID: 9c538a

How about a luck charm?
No. 345034 ID: c891d3
File 131501457569.png - (126.97KB , 500x400 , 115.png )

Oh man... all of these sound pretty good...

Hmm... um...
No. 345036 ID: c891d3
File 131501464319.png - (80.63KB , 500x400 , 116.png )

"I want to learn to fly!"

"Flight, huh? That's a bit of a tough one for the first magic you'll ever do... but if you think you want to."

"I-it won't do something weird if it doesn't work, right?"

"Well, it shouldn't, anyway. So, look. None of this stuff about inner peace and all that. You have an aggressive personality so that'll just make weird things happen. You just have to get mad at the world for not being the way you want it to be. I think that should work for you."

"Get... mad?"

"Get mad. You're a big ol' sergal, I know you've got it in you."

Oh boy. Um... should I do this?
No. 345037 ID: 221021

Aggression is pretty much the same thing as anger. Give the sky a big aggressive hug whether it likes it or not. Hug physics so hard in the face that it surrenders and lets you fly.
No. 345039 ID: 5a5547

flying is awesome. how dare reality deny your entire species the pleasure? demand it allows you to fly. demand it hard.
No. 345041 ID: 45c5a0

No, make lemonade.
No. 345050 ID: 1854db

Think of your missing clothes. Or someone hurting your friends.
No. 345051 ID: b6edd6

First you should try to catch Lyskir before he hits the ground.
No. 345163 ID: c71597

Yeah sure, life has given you lemons and been shitty to you, what with all your bad luck and shit. And now it's time to firebomb life's house in retaliation. So now go and be angry, real fucking angry, as angry as you have ever been over the injustices of the world!
No. 345169 ID: 372336


Inb4 the whole forest is decimated by anger magic...

You should try and vent your anger upwards, so at least you're only a danger to birds and commercial flight paths.
No. 345184 ID: d6ae01

Hey, remember all those times we've given advice that seemed to have IMMEDIATE and TERRIBLE effects? Well, we're about to do it again. And there' *nothing you can do about it*.
No. 345185 ID: d8880b

Yeah, it's gonna be awesome
No. 345192 ID: 6a5a08

>get mad
No. 345247 ID: 52fba3


Hey Saikhan...
You look like a guy.
No. 345670 ID: c891d3
File 131524491255.png - (113.62KB , 500x400 , 117.png )


Get mad.

Get mad, Saikhan, you can do this.

No. 345671 ID: c891d3
File 131524492921.gif - (192.68KB , 500x400 , 118.gif )

No. 345672 ID: c891d3
File 131524495136.png - (145.19KB , 500x400 , 119.png )

... ow.

"Starting to think there's something wrong with you, Saikhan."
No. 345673 ID: 180ec2

Um, Eryhkeh seems to know her stuff. Ask her if magical voices in your head might interfere with magic.
No. 345681 ID: db7336

Nonono those flames are supposed to come out of the bottom of your feet. That way you can rocket around like a Jet-Sergal.
No. 345688 ID: 792893


...SHMOWZOW! this is awesome. do this.
No. 345692 ID: c71597

It's only a slight setback, possibly you got too angry. Keep trying now that you have a professional here, obviously you can do magic, it just doesn't quite come out right. So we need to conduct lots of experiments to find out what we should do to make it work right.
No. 345727 ID: 35e1a0

so far all your powers seem attack based, they go wrong because you are casting them on yourself. try shooting a fireball.
No. 345780 ID: bd7cc2

It sounds like everyone has a particular emotion they use to do magic. Eryhkeh uses anger, Lyskir uses happiness. I'm guessing your magic is going wrong because you're trying to use the wrong emotion. Can Eryhkeh help you figure out what the right one is? How did Lyskir realize he needed to be happy instead of angry?
No. 345781 ID: d8880b

... try using hugs to power your magic.
No. 345791 ID: 7bfeb5

I would say... Glee.

Of course that is totally just a guess, but.
No. 345800 ID: ec0bf5

YES. You're not an angry person. Just because that's a stereotype of your species doesn't mean it works for you. You are definitely the happy huggy type of person. So grab Lyskir and Eryhkeh and hug them and FLY!
No. 346001 ID: 14511f
File 131531530341.png - (126.40KB , 500x750 , derpy_hooves_by_cartoonlion-d3fhto4.png )

Lets try something different O3O

What happens if you get totally confused!

Think of the most confusing thing you ever saw/heard of and try to make a spell out of it!!!

I wonder how this will turn out :3
No. 346046 ID: ed6b44
File 131533979918.png - (20.89KB , 200x150 , robm.png )

Out of curiosity, what is your opinion of those lithe and shorter more earthy toned sergals that live in mediterranean-esque climates?
No. 346606 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131550622104.png - (154.63KB , 500x400 , 120.png )

Guys, guys. I'm not going to try any more magic until I figure out why it keeps going wrong.

"What do you think is causing this?"

"I don't know."

"Does having voices in your head make magic go wrong?"

"You have voices in your head?"

She looks a little alarmed.

"Um... yeah?"
No. 346607 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131550624425.png - (157.13KB , 500x400 , 121.png )

"That's... a little troubling... but all those should be able to do is make it hard to concentrate, and lack of concentration doesn't do that."

"So... then..."

"You're cursed."

I'm... cursed?

"... actually, that gives me an idea. I'm gonna need a blood sample."

What? What do I do?
No. 346613 ID: 35e1a0

and over the blood sample. just ask how much, that would determine the best place to get it from.
No. 346621 ID: 5f9433

without blinking, bite a piece off of your forearm, spit it in your palm and hand it over to her with a badass grunt.

alternatively, start whimpering at the thought of bleeding.
No. 346645 ID: 86eed4

Tell her it could take a month befor you start bleeding again
No. 346648 ID: c71597

Give her a blood sample. You won't be able to become the most badass sergal mage in all of existance until we figure this out.
No. 346709 ID: b6ca92

>best place to get it from
Have her use her claws or teeth on your little finger. Works for checking glucose levels, works for checking curse levels.
No. 346746 ID: 1854db

Tell her WHY you have voices in your head. You aren't crazy! Right?
No. 346770 ID: 59285f

Tell her about the spring, and how you found us.
No. 346798 ID: ec0bf5

Hey, we're not a curse! Since you met us you made two new friends and started learning magic! Although it should be fine to let her take a tiny blood sample, right?
No. 346982 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131561518862.png - (139.18KB , 500x400 , 122.png )

I hope this won't hurt...

"Um... okay..."

"Alright, uh, gimme your hand. This'll sting a bit."


... wait, is she licking it?
No. 346984 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131561523382.png - (146.26KB , 500x400 , 123.png )

"... Oh dear."

"Oh dear?"

"I said it as a joke, but... you're actually cursed. It looks like you've been that way for a long time, actually."

... no wonder I'm so unlucky!

"So... how do I fix it?"

"Well... that's the problem. Whoever cursed you did a damn good job of it. I don't really know how to get this off.."

Oh no...
No. 346985 ID: ec0bf5

Hmm, that's weird. Tell her you JUST got the voices yesterday. Can she do something to uncurse you?
No. 346986 ID: a83de5

Lyskir wants up, put him on your head.
No. 346988 ID: be8702

Looks like Lyskir wants a HUG.

No. 346989 ID: ea68ca

.. wait did she just bite you and lick your blood as a joke!?
No. 346990 ID: 1854db

...Lyskir was chasing a butterfly. Where'd it go?
No. 347010 ID: ec0bf5

Lyskir: I was huuungry!
No. 347019 ID: 4bdd79

Salazzarines are just like that I think.
No. 347036 ID: 019233

tell 'em you're gonna go find some wizards. then go find some wizards.
No. 347046 ID: c7b6c2

You are the wimpiest damn sergal. What would the General think of you?
No. 347197 ID: b6ca92

Suggest giving hugs will help cure it.
No. 347234 ID: c71597

Only one thing to do then. Assume a pose of importance and proudly proclaim that you will go on a quest to break this curse! Then ask what would be a good place to start.
No. 347251 ID: a812f0

I wonder if thats why youre so unlucky
No. 347435 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131570671749.png - (137.50KB , 500x400 , 124.png )

"So these voices in my head are some kind of horrible curse that keeps me from doing magic?"

"What? No. That's some other thing. This curse looks like it was put on you a long time ago, although I don't know why someone would do that."

And she doesn't know how to fix it...

"Saikhan! I have an idea!"
No. 347436 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131570674845.png - (120.45KB , 500x400 , 125.png )

"You do?"

"You do?"


"Well, say it already!"

"Okay, um... Saikhan, you remember that thing in that book we found?"

"... Yeah?"

"I think... if we found it, it could get rid of even a really powerful curse."

"What thing in what book?"

Wait, where'd the book go, anyway?
No. 347442 ID: 43f180

the monsters that now surround you probably ate it.
No. 347444 ID: 1854db

Last time we saw the book, it was sitting next to the campfire last night.

Lyskir forgot it, I guess. Time to go back and retrieve it!
No. 347452 ID: 9c538a

I bet my britches removing the curse has got something to do with hugs.
No. 347566 ID: c71597

Better go and try to find it then. And hope that your bad luck doesn't mean it got eaten by a cow or something.
No. 347956 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131586482674.png - (151.58KB , 500x400 , 126.png )

Oh no. It is back at the cave, isn't it...

"Before we found you, me and Lyskir went into this creepy house and found this book that had a picture of a dragon... thing... in it. Lyskir said he was trying to find it. I guess it can also get rid of curses?"

"Huh. So where's this book?"

"I... think we left it back in the cave we slept in."

No. 347957 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131586486804.png - (96.45KB , 500x400 , 127.png )

"I found it!"

Hey, it's the page with the dragon thing on it!

"Give me that."

Eryhkeh takes it from him and studies it.

"Well. If we can find this thing it probably does have the power to remove your curse."


"That is, assuming it doesn't just eat us or something. Most of this page is just a description of the various things it's capable of and why you should stay really far away from it. It turns out giant things with powerful magical abilities are dangerous!"

Lyskir seems like he didn't want to hear that. I don't think I did either.

"That doesn't sound good."

"You could say that."

Should we try to find whatever this is? Even if it is dangerous, I don't really know of any other ways to get rid of the curse, and Eryhkeh and Lyskir don't seem to either...
No. 347958 ID: ec0bf5

Let's go find it! It can't be THAT bad!
No. 347959 ID: 3b202e

go find it, I mean what's the worst it can do?
No. 347965 ID: b6edd6

Well your other option is to get a hat with 'Wizzard' embroidered on it, acquire an animated box, and spend much of your life running away from things.

...That can be plan 'B'.
No. 348163 ID: eee8d8

say you're going. if they don't wanna come, too bad.
No. 349135 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131609837412.png - (98.11KB , 500x400 , 128.png )

... Alright.

"I have to at least try."

"Okay then, if you say so. I'll go with you but I'm gonna stay behind if we get close to it, if you don't mind."

"So... how do we get there?"

"We're looking for... a big, ruined tower... with a bunch of big rocks in a circle around it. I think."

"That's not a lot to go on."

"That's all it says."

"I... I know where something like that is! I saw it on my way here."
No. 349136 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131609839690.png - (91.49KB , 500x400 , 129.png )

Well, it took us two hours, but it looks like Lyskir actually did find a ruined tower.

"Well. You two can go on ahead. If you don't die, I'll be waiting right here."
No. 349144 ID: 63f62c

enter by dancing through the door.

don't worry, nothnig can go wrong in there.
No. 349145 ID: c2c011

Try magic to breathe fire. With your luck you might just turn invisible then and be able to get close enough to speak with the dragon.

Or you know you could just try walking through the door. But that's lame and boring.
No. 349177 ID: 4bdd79

Enter through the window.
No. 349190 ID: 1854db

Cautiously enter. Call out to see if they're home. It's only polite.
No. 349581 ID: 372336

A whole 2 hours! At walking speed, that would mean the castle would be visible from the cave if you're on a massive plain (which you seem to be on).

Eagerly run into the castle, and hug the dragon inside! It will instantly become friends with you and do anything you want it to.
No. 349626 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131621879654.png - (104.89KB , 500x400 , 130.png )

Alright. Let's do this.

... This hall is enormous. What the heck was this tower even for?

"Wow... I thought this tower looked big from the outside."

"Eryhkeh didn't really say anything about what we were looking for in here, did she..."
No. 349627 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131621885001.png - (103.54KB , 500x400 , 131.png )

So. I'm seeing a bunch of statues of big dragony things in here, but no actual big dragony things.

What's with all these statues, anyway?
No. 349628 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131621897217.png - (88.97KB , 500x400 , 132.png )

what was--


i don't want to turn around, do i
No. 349629 ID: ec0bf5

Yes you do! It's a friend!
No. 349630 ID: 3b202e

well you found him, now beg
No. 349633 ID: b6edd6

It's not that bad. He isn't even twice as tall as you are.

Really, as large beings that suddenly appear behind you go, he isn't particularly threatening at all.
No. 349634 ID: 1854db

Whimper out a "please don't kill me". Then maybe if it turns out to not kill you, tell them you came here because you're cursed.
No. 349638 ID: 4bdd79

He's actually not that much bigger than you. Just try to stay calm and say hello.
No. 349642 ID: b6ae48

Yay for almost 10 hugs!
No. 349706 ID: e62c3e

Well i wouldn't eat something thats alive without looking it in the eye first either.

Its a matter of form.
No. 349716 ID: c2c011

It's not that scary. Turn around and say hello back, manners are important when dealing with dragons. Then you can explain a bit about your problems.
No. 349771 ID: fd50a6

you really do want to turn around. maybe hop away a bit.
No. 349860 ID: 07416a

Kiss Lyskir. With tongue.
No. 349877 ID: 7b3e82

Yes, you do want to turn around. Ratchet your face up into a smile, and try to make cute eyes at the huge thing behind you. Odds are good you've encountered one of the guards of the creature you're here to see, and he/she is not immediately hostile.
Telling the truth to him/her convincingly is the best way to go. If you're not interrupted, say that you didn't expect such lovely statuary, and ask who sculpted them.
No. 349908 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131631321713.png - (74.55KB , 500x400 , 133.png )

O... okay. I can do this. I think.

I turn around.


what are you talking about that is definitely more than twice as tall as me

"What do you-- alright, no, wait, hang on."

No. 349909 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131631327740.png - (161.60KB , 500x400 , 134.png )

"That's better. Now. What do you want?"

"I... um..."

right what was I supposed to say to it again I can't think of what I was supposed to say anymore
No. 349910 ID: ec0bf5

Be respectful and say that you were told they were wise and powerful, and would know how to remove your curse. Say you're willing to do almost anything in return.
No. 349911 ID: b6edd6

Good job, turning around and saying hello like a boss.

"So, I heard you are a skilled magic user. I recently found out about this strange curse that I picked up somewhere, and was wondering if you could do something about that.

By the way, is this yours? [show him the book]"
No. 349912 ID: f3cdb4

Ask how about the curse but don't offer to do anything. If it wants something in return it would tell you, stating that you would do just about anything would just encourage it to ask for more of you.
No. 349916 ID: 07416a

Kiss him.
No. 349924 ID: 1854db

Mumble out something about a curse. Pay no attention to his sudden shift in intimidation factor when he was turning on the lights. He's totally not messing with you or anything.
No. 349988 ID: 71c27a

o great dragon I come seeking great pools of wisdom yadda yadda yadda.
No. 350007 ID: d4ffb6

Ask him or her about their views on amstvane-salazzarine relationships. You know, diplomatic ones. It might explain why Miss Blades-For-Arms was hesitant to come into the ruins. You know, for reasons other than having a working self-preservation instinct.
No. 350066 ID: 17832b

Ask him if he's going to eat you two ... so we know if there is a point in curing you in the first place
No. 350111 ID: ec0bf5

No. 350123 ID: 372336

It's just messing with you, tell it to drop the theatrics. (If this doesn't work, break down into a hopeless sobbing mess, run over and hug its leg and plead with it to spare your life)
No. 350494 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131648016693.png - (155.57KB , 500x400 , 135.png )

I really don't think calling it out is a good idea, even if it is just messing with me!

"R-right... I... I heard you were a powerful magic user."

"This is true."

"A-and that you could get rid of a curse?"

"Also true. Are you actually going to ask me for anything?"

"U-um! Could you, um... could you un-curse me? I'll do anything!"
No. 350495 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131648020277.png - (134.20KB , 500x400 , 136.png )



"Well, I'll think about it."

... That's it?
No. 350497 ID: ec0bf5

"Wait not that I'm not that kind of sergal!"
No. 350499 ID: 35e1a0

it's a test! say "yes ANYTHING"
No. 350501 ID: 3b202e

No. 350504 ID: b6edd6

Seconding that one. Emphasize on the word that.
No. 350508 ID: c7b6c2

Yeah, she isn't much of any kind of sergal. A REAL sergal would have made that dragon it's bitch.
No. 350653 ID: c44e0c


No. 350657 ID: 9c538a

No. 350659 ID: 1f957e

He probably just wants a hug. Preemptively hug him. You know, just in case.
No. 350670 ID: 656681

He's totally going to rape/eat you after you got uncursed ...

Whining could help o.o
Or stretching ... lots of stretching
No. 350784 ID: 372336

Oh this will be good... but we will probably be ending up doing something clean and mundane knowing how the universe *ahem* seems to work.

Say you'll do anything anyway.
No. 350787 ID: b6edd6

Alternately, he could send you on some sort of EPIC QUEST.
My previous suggestion still stands though.
No. 350808 ID: e9d2ef

I like where this is going
No. 350829 ID: d6ae01

Bend over and ask him to make it quick. He's totally going to make you wash the floor.
No. 351184 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131664409309.png - (91.95KB , 500x400 , 137.png )

I hope I don't regret saying this...

"I-- I mean it! I'll do anything if you uncurse me!"

"I said I'll think about it."

"So... um..."

"So wait, you silly sergal. Now. What do you want?"

No. 351185 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131664413855.png - (192.02KB , 500x400 , 138.png )


"I know you want something. No one ever comes in here unless they want something."

"W-w-well... I-I... I, um..."

"Out with it!"

"I... I want to learn magic from you!"


Is it mad? I really hope it's not mad.
No. 351186 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131664422373.png - (181.69KB , 500x400 , 139.png )

"... I'll consider it."

Is that all it ever says to anything? What do I do now?
No. 351187 ID: 35e1a0

go sit somewhere while he considers.
No. 351188 ID: 7a0154

thank him for considering. then ask what he wants.
No. 351189 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah you might as well earn his help.
No. 351261 ID: 1854db

Ask him "so what now?"
No. 351425 ID: 825fd4

Go hug lyskir again.
Then wait for the monsters decision.
Maybe asking for its name would be nice ...
No. 352625 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131700581062.png - (111.14KB , 500x400 , 140.png )

I... I guess I'll wait. I feel like I'm so close, though...

"Okay... so... what now?"

i think that was the wrong thing to say
No. 352626 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131700586628.png - (99.99KB , 500x400 , 141.png )

"I thought I TOLD YOU TO WAIT."


why is he suddenly huge

"No one understands patience anymore. What is this world coming to?"


"Well, fine. Since you ruined my mood, you'll just have to earn your uncursing some other way. Like... hold up a sec."
No. 352627 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131700593042.png - (86.37KB , 500x400 , 142.png )


"You must complete THE TRIALS OF RODOZI if you wish to be uncursed! This is what becomes of impatient sergals!"

"What are those?"

"They're some, um, exceptionally difficult and equally important... tasks. That must be completed. Yes. First, you must do something that no sergal has ever done before. You must..."
No. 352628 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131700596635.png - (100.53KB , 500x400 , 143.png )

"... give me a hug."

"... what?"

"Come on, nobody ever gives me hugs. I'm kind of all alone in here."
No. 352630 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131700601469.png - (133.22KB , 500x400 , 144.png )

"Oh, fine."

I guess I wasn't so close after all.

...This might take longer than I thought.
No. 352772 ID: 84b916

He can't be feeling it with that dragon skin of his. Try to hug harder. Use your NOTHERN SERGAL muscles to achieve this.
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