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File 131296423686.png - (10.28KB , 600x600 , TQ802.png )
338579 No. 338579 ID: 8bdb6a

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/79880.html
Thread 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/94645.html
Thread 3: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/103192.html
Thread 4: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/120515.html
Thread 5: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/141320.html
Thread 6: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/160101.html
Thread 7: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/202825.html
Thread 8: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/233992.html
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No. 338580 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131296433199.gif - (25.01KB , 744x618 , TQ803.gif )

Welcome to level two, voices and gentleminds.
No. 338582 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131296441621.png - (17.97KB , 500x500 , TQ804.png )

Mitzi and I made it to the armory. We walked right past two inactive gun turrets on the way in. One was pointed right at the lift. (I already disconnected the ammo feeds)

I don't know how he did it, but we're in. Through trickery, hacking, brute rewiring, or sheerest fucking magic, it looks like Marcus managed to shut this area down under the nose of what we think is a no-shit AI.
No. 338586 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131296482434.png - (18.73KB , 500x500 , TQ805.png )

The armory looks approximately fifty meters square, surrounded by main hallways we'd like to steer clear of until we're good and ready. Weapons and ammunition, crates and crates of them, are stored in separate rooms.

Doing an inventory might take some time, but I can tell you right now that there's probably more guns here than these guys were ever going be able to use. Even mobilizing to fight the jabberwocks has left the racks packed with goodies. Maybe the place was built for a larger garrison than it has?

Nine tenths of the guns look like toys next to my HMG, but there's lots to search. Question is, what are we after?
No. 338587 ID: ce4a4d

Find that other 10%. All the displacers. High explosives. Novelty rocket launchers. You're already well supplied for hings that put holes in other things at bulk discount rates, now find a backup with a bit more punch.

See if Mitzi can't dig up a computerized inventory instead of rooting around in crates.
No. 338589 ID: f755f6

Guns and ammo are super neat and everything, but don't you think you should replace some of that armor you got rid of some minutes ago? I mean, no offense, but you're a bullet away from flopping in half like a wet noodle.

Either way, instead of listing everything, just find some things that aren't crap and tell us about them.
No. 338590 ID: aa66a4

A weapon that uses a compact sort of ammo? A heavy duty melee weapon? A more fitting weapon for Mitzi?

Oh, and explosives. Lots and lots of explosives.
No. 338591 ID: 00d3d5

See if you can find your Tozol beam rifle, or a close approximation.
Find something that will let you put holes in walls many times, since there's no solution to a maze quite like bashing a line straight through it.
No. 338592 ID: 1854db

Either their garrison is depleted due to them not finding enough people to replace those that died/deserted, or the rest of the garrison is currently dead or deserted. I guess they could all just be somewhere else in the facility but there'd be less guns here if that were true.

Anyway, we're after Counter-Suppress. That was promised to us "in large quantities". We're gonna get it, dammit. A TUB OF COUNTER-SUPPRESS.

Also if I were you I would pile up all the weapons most dangerous to you and not so dangerous to them, and set them on fire as we leave. Deny your enemy the proper tools to defeat you.
No. 338596 ID: cd63e9

but mix a bunch of random crap into the pile. don't let them figure out what can hurt you.

also now that we have a moment, I have a theory about what we are. I think you might have had something like a tactical computer in your head before you got shot, a part of your mind cut off from the rest and dedicated to out-thinking the enemy. when you regrew your brain you got it slightly wrong, so what should have been an emotionless logical part of you degraded into, well us. This theory is mostly guess work but it would explain how you seem to naturally differ allot of decisions to us, and despite being a bunch of crazy head voices we have for the most part been fairly good at tactics.
No. 338597 ID: 2563d4

Delicious counter-suppress; blasting charges that look like they might be able to make person-sized holes in the walls around here, unlike our improvised attempts so far; armour that isn't all burnt and piecemeal.
No. 338611 ID: 1854db

We can also access certain functions she isn't consciously aware of yet. Like, we could look at things she wasn't looking at via her echolocation, before she could use it.
No. 338614 ID: 063c28

All of the counter-suppress. ALL OF IT. (hm, if there's that much, I wonder if there'd be a way to get it to the spacewhale—would hate to go backwards, though.)

Once that's sorted, ammo for the HMG. That weapon should be effective against anything short of a tank, so let's not see it go to waste, unless you can find something that is both more powerful and has comparable ammo capacity. Grab some armor too, and perhaps a few satchel charges for those "oh shit" moments we all know and love.
No. 338631 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131297847891.png - (17.49KB , 500x500 , TQ806.png )

From my scrounging, I've gotten a feel for the layout of the place.

But that's not what I'm here for.
No. 338632 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131297858733.png - (10.67KB , 500x500 , TQ807 low whistle.png )

No. 338633 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131297860602.png - (7.18KB , 500x500 , TQ808.png )

This is.
No. 338634 ID: 2563d4

No. 338635 ID: f755f6


Share some syringes with Mitzi. It's gonna be so romantic.
No. 338636 ID: 221021

Those are tiny locks, Penji. But take them off carefully enough to not break anything. We are getting ALL the upgrades! We're going to be literally radiating tozol energy. Or not, because we'll get that upgrade too! Ahahahaha!
No. 338637 ID: 55c4cf

Time to finally become a real man.
No. 338638 ID: 0ef56a

"Hey Mitzi, you ready to feel good?"

Rip those shitty little dime-store padlocks off and tank up.

As much as you need.
No. 338640 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131298027406.png - (3.96KB , 500x500 , 809.png )

No. 338642 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131298083275.png - (4.35KB , 500x500 , 810.png )

No. 338643 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131298089941.png - (4.57KB , 500x500 , 811.png )

No. 338644 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131298092238.png - (5.57KB , 500x500 , 812.png )

No. 338646 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131298118142.png - (8.59KB , 500x500 , TQ813.png )

No. 338647 ID: 55c4cf

victory hulk pose
No. 338648 ID: 2563d4

Flexing not optional.

Then explosives. Would be nice to break down an obstacle quickly for once.
No. 338649 ID: a1de30

Boxes of Counter-Suppress: Don't be mislabeled.
Though presumably you would have figured that out after the first few.
Crush something unimportant to revel.
No. 338650 ID: 3fd4fb


Did Mitzi get any? She was pumped full of Suppress too.

Now, while we wait for that to work, see if you can find any of those displacer rockets. It might be possible to just repeatedly blast the roof and then climb the fuck out of here, depending upon how thick it is- did you get a decent sense for how far there was between levels while on the lift?
No. 338651 ID: f755f6

So what did all that fix, anyway?
No. 338653 ID: 221021

No. 338654 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131298305215.png - (6.58KB , 500x500 , TQ814.png )

I feel normal. Relatively normal, for the first time in memory. It's indescribable. I feel relief, but only for a moment as a sense of dread bubbles up inside me like clogged plumbing.

There's a wave of nausea as I finally look inwards with freshly uncovered eyes and see with full resolution the terrible shredded mess that's me. Gross structural damage, burns, torn flesh, microfractures, chemical imbalances, degraded connections, the sickeningly jury-rigged patchwork of crass neural matter built by repair systems led by a deranged, lobotomized hindbrain too stupid to give up for thirty nine blind, fumbling years, basting in poison, spasming core functionality healing, healing the gaping hole, brain more than fifty percent destroyed and that's me! That living scar! That's Penji Vocta, insane inbred cripple daughter of dead Saon.

But that's not all. Sitting in a lump in my chest is another end product. A whole stagnant mass of gray cells, the mobile instruments of my repair network. My body kept spawning them, more and more that it could not control. Could not understand it could not control. Too many to use efficiently even now.
No. 338656 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131298355241.png - (11.11KB , 500x500 , TQ815.png )

But I can still use them, however poorly. I can spend them. Throw them at a task and burn them like cordwood to get the job done. Get it fixed. Unfuck myself.

No, no. Too wounded even for that. If I wasn't so hurt, this might let me fix a broken system in minutes.

Hell, I still can do that, if you think I should.

Should I spend them on my critical wounds, or fixing a broken ability?
No. 338657 ID: 221021

Nah, injuries are most important right now.
No. 338658 ID: 2563d4

Wounds. Being a glass cannon is not a great survival strategy.
No. 338659 ID: 55c4cf

Both of them, how much do you need to eat ffs?!
No. 338660 ID: 8e18cd

I hope all that counter-suppress didn't go into your hips. You have a lot of weight there already.
No. 338661 ID: c891d3

Uh wounds I guess.
No. 338662 ID: 3fd4fb

You said you can't use them efficiently- can you use them to fix the systems that would let you use them efficiently? If your body is really that fucked up, fixing the things that will help you fix the rest of you seems like it should be a very high priority.
No. 338663 ID: f755f6

No. 338665 ID: 00d3d5

Fix your ABILITY to fix yourself. THEN fix your wounds.
No. 338670 ID: 1854db

Good idea. Though mainly we want to not die so basically only put as much into that goal as we get 'profit'. As in, if we can get 2x as efficient by spending half our charge then do it.

First priority is fixing your ABOUT TO DIE status. This little trick should only be done if we can do it without giving up our ability to NOT BE ABOUT TO DIE.
No. 338675 ID: 366cad

Sadly, I doubt we are going to create a healing singularity here. If we can, let's do it.

Otherwise is it possible to do normal repair mode and keep the excess in reserve for the next time you get critically wounded, flood some hypothetical future sucking chest wound with grey goo?
No. 338678 ID: 00d3d5

I'm pretty sure when she said she can't use them effectively she meant she is having trouble keeping them under control. Now that they aren't steeping in poison if she doesn't make them do something they'll probably wreak havoc all over the place like cracked-out cancer.
No. 338682 ID: 6f1d54

Heal critical wounds. What point is it to fix the parts of a computer when the wiring of your house is fucked?
No. 338683 ID: 54af1f

Abilities aren't so good if you keel over, so do what you need to do to stop that and then start fixing your abilities.
No. 338698 ID: d91a3a

If you're not going to die right away, fix your ability to fix yourself, then fix your injuries once it's improved. What's Mitzi doing? Maybe she can repurpose those turrets for a while to keep people from following. Give us a break.

... Or is she gorging herself on CS too, and in which case is she ok?
No. 338704 ID: 4d43b9

heal up.
No. 338721 ID: 9cb4b3

Fix the broken abilities, Saon Vocta. You can fix the wounds with enough time and energy already, even if it's slow, and the abilities can greatly help out right now.
No. 338731 ID: cd63e9

heal the wounds. new ability are nice but healing is the more immediate need.
No. 338752 ID: 73eb25

Half-n-Half. Spread everything out evenly.

Gather up a pile of HE, and CS (for sharky). Get some of the heaviest armor you can find. Ditch the rifle, pistol, and smoothbore. Get more belts of HMG ammo. Get a missile launcher. Get as many displacer shots as you and Mitzi combined can carry. See if they have a big dog robot or some other infantry transport bot.

Lets go murder security. See if you can hop through to experimental assembly then head north to sec.
No. 338829 ID: f27b6b

Critical wounds? Make those go away. Let that heart beat STRONG again! Knit your ruined flesh, defy entropy's insidious kiss, and rise, protean and living, Alive, ~Alive~
No. 338860 ID: 1e3433

If we fix our wounds we're just going to get fucked up again when the time comes because of our shitty abilities, It's risky but I think in the long run it would be better to fix our abilities and just let our regular healing factor take care of our wounds.
No. 338862 ID: 6f1d54

It's not wounds like scrapes and bulletholes, it's shit like damaged nerves and muscle, malfunctioning organs and the like.

Yeah, we could fix her abilities, but if we don't fix the framework that is supporting those abilities, we're liable to royally screw her over by injuring her even further.
No. 338871 ID: 44766a

fix the wounds.
No. 338881 ID: 063c28

Fix the wounds. None of those abilities will guarantee that we won't encounter another situation like that where you just have to soak up the damage, and your total rate of ability regeneration once the wounds are taken care of should be much higher than it was while under the effect of Suppress regardless.
No. 338883 ID: 3416ec

Tozol, repair thyself.
No. 338887 ID: 9c538a

I honestly don't know. Repairing your abilities could let you stealthmode long enough to recover slowly, but sneaking around with so many systems in critical condition is just asking for something to go wrong at just the wrong moment. I just hope the voices in your head have the right idea, whatever we decide to do.
No. 338889 ID: 1cb927

Get working on repairing all those wounds.

Then, find some new toys.
No. 338911 ID: 6e44d2

Heal heal heal.
No. 338979 ID: 1e3433

She had her head blown off and then was dipped in a vat of antiheal and came out of it still able to kick Mitzi's ass, she was shot and set on fire to the point she could barely walk and within minutes she was walking around with little difficulty, you need to stop babying her like shes a Human and start respecting her like shes a Tozol.
Even if we were the terminator it would still be a bad idea to run blockaids, we need to try to get around them when we can and when we can't use every big weapon we can get our hands on to snipe them from afar(good thing we have a armory amirite?), neither of those ideas require damage soak.
No. 339080 ID: cd63e9

it sounds like when she says heal, she doesn't mean fix the wounds she took rushing the blockade. I think what she means is up until now her body was basically one giant patch job. healing will give her a tune up, which would probably increase her overall permanence significantly.
No. 339224 ID: ce4a4d

...one other thing.

Go ahead and munch on the used CS injectors if you're going to stick around. You could probably use the minerals, and you might have missed a few tiny drops.
No. 339303 ID: 1e3433

If thats the case then healings a no brainer.
No. 339590 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131323840262.png - (43.79KB , 750x1000 , TQ816.png )

>Fix your ABILITY to fix yourself.
That's what the Counter-Suppress was for. I can now heal about as fast as I ever will. Unfortunately, there's still so much work to do.

>I think what she means is up until now her body was basically one giant patch job.
Well, yes, but that's everything. Every 'system' I mention is a part of me that was broken when I woke up. It's just that I also have nearly catastrophic levels of recently sustained damage. Before I took that, I was repairing my nervous system enough to upgrade my reaction speeds.

But that's not as important as incinerated tissue, shredded muscles, or having enough ligaments to not worry about falling in half. I may have closed up the skin, but the wounds are still underneath.

I cannibalize the spare cells to help heal my wounds, like a fresh coat of paint on a debris field.

I return to Mitzi...
No. 339591 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131323857571.png - (19.16KB , 500x500 , TQ817.png )

"Any luck?" I ask.

"Nonvital systems down," she says. "What, like the inventory computer isn't vital? Whatever. I'll have it up in minutes."

"I found a ton of Counter-Suppress," I say. "I think I'm clean now."

"I should fucking hope so after all those doses you took," she says. "So. Uh. Feeling better? You were kinda zonked out, there."
No. 339592 ID: 7d72aa

offer her some of that shit.
No. 339601 ID: 3f3b9c

Give her a hug and say that you are.
No. 339616 ID: 3fd4fb

"Feeling worse, if anything. With the suppress out of my system I can feel just how screwed up I am. But it's better than not knowing. You want some C-S? You were pumped full of that poison, too."
No. 339621 ID: 55c4cf

"I'm hungry."
No. 339625 ID: cd63e9

she only had a small amount of suppress in her. I think she's already cleared what she had out of her system.
No. 339631 ID: 73eb25

"We got enough CS leftover to wake up Sharky. You said you were clean, right? Just tell me where the missiles are. After seeing what Radko did to a fucking Tozol I think they'd work quite well against humans."

You might want to put that spare mass on your chest into fixing your back and legs. You can add it back after you and Mitzi get out of here. May as well eat the tozol rations too. Oh, you fixed that front skull plate, right?
No. 339656 ID: f27b6b

"Honey, I have more subcutaneous fuck-ups than a cosmetic surgeon on a heroin bender, but I'll be back together in a bit. You want the rest of this stuff or what?"

Also, yes, consider cannibalizing your breasts for mass to repair more vital systems.
No. 339660 ID: 9c538a

Nooooooo save the breasts yeah never mind it's a good idea.

You might mention to Mitzi that you do need some down time (zonked out) to rearrange your body's healie...things now and again. Should be fine for now, but she ought to be aware if you're ever in a state of not being able to react fast enough to catch bullets coming at her with your torso.
No. 339678 ID: 1854db

DO we have enough counter to wake up the big guy? I thought we needed like, a vat of it.

Let's nose around for some gadgets.
No. 339694 ID: ce4a4d


You know, last time we woke up something in that lab it tried to kill Penji and came pretty close. I'm a little bit concerned about
>He is concerned that a Tozol is here. Tozols are dangerous.
>He's furious, now. He wants to fight something.

Moving forward seems better than retracing steps, hoping that a flying space whale recovers quickly enough to do... something? Burst through the walls and fly out of the facility with these two riding it like a (mechanical) bull?

Offer Mitzi a few CS tubes and make it clear that neither of you can afford to be less than at your peak if you want to stay alive. Stock up on things that go boom.
No. 339711 ID: 6f1d54

Take a few syringes with you in the event Mitzi might require them later on in the mission. Never hurts to be prepared.

And spend those healie-things like you're binging on rations, Sergeant. Wounds, damaged systems, hell even just tuning up and maintaining useless crap like non-vital organs and cleaning 40 years of plaque build-up from your cardiovascular system. Anything to burn through them.

And last, you're in a damn armory. Start acting like a Tozol and go drool over all the shiny weaponry that's within arms reach. Explosives are always a bonus, find some more grenades or mines. Ask Mitzi if there may be any weapons here that you should look for so she can cannibalize it for parts to improve her fancy-pants laser cannon.
No. 339805 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131331545191.png - (19.17KB , 500x500 , TQ818.png )

"I'm kinda, putting myself back together. Mentally and physically," I say. "Mostly physically."

"But you are feeling better. Right?"

"Yeah, sort of. Finally able to feel how fucked up I am. But that's better. More... sober?"

"Good," she says. "Because I'm guessing Plan B is for you to shoot everyone and everything between here and an exit and hope there aren't too many guards left. You'd better not lose your edge because you're hung over."

"What's Plan A?"

"My brother didn't tell me."
No. 339806 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131331551183.png - (10.00KB , 500x500 , TQ819.png )

"Actually, I did have one plan," I say. "I found a great deal of counter suppress."

"I think I'm clean," she says.

"Make sure. But I was thinking about our sharky friend back in Biology."

"N-Niraem?" she asks.

"The last guy we woke up didn't turn out too well, but you can talk to him, right? You can make him understand who did this to him. If that doesn't work, we run away and climb out the hole he makes."

"Gods above," she whispers.

"That's the idea."
No. 339808 ID: 1854db

It's the best plan we've got right now... but Marcus is probably NOT planning on us doing this, and we've already seen the results of doing something he wasn't expecting. He expected us to use the distraction to get through Security with less trouble, not get caught by the things that were doing the distraction then wait too long to take advantage of it. Maybe we should try to figure out where Marcus is? Mitzi probably wants to get him out too, right?

Maybe we should just find more people to kill. Marcus would expect that, and it'd feel real nice. Speaking of killing dudes, maybe we can sneak into the barracks next door and shank a few sleeping dumbasses.
No. 339812 ID: e16f8e

Okay, princess, instead of running headlong into more bullets, let's sneak around and see what we're dealing with.

Just peak around corners with your extrasensory butt or something. Can you do that, like, without being spotted? That'd be grand.
No. 339814 ID: 2563d4

If she's going to take a while fixing that, go sneak about trying to find a lift up and out that looks unimportant enough to not have all the remaining defenders pointing their guns at it.
No. 339816 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131332256789.png - (13.28KB , 500x500 , TA820.png )

You're right. I can be getting stuff done. Scope out the area. Just hope I don't give away our position before we're ready.

>Just peek around corners with your extrasensory butt or something.
No can do. They're healing enough that I'm getting flashes of my surroundings, but they're too damaged for that.

I get ready for a little excursion.

>Start acting like a Tozol and go drool over all the shiny weaponry that's within arms reach.
Hells yes!

I sorta maxed out my grenades earlier, but there's varying degrees of maxing out. I grab a bag and start filling it up. In addition to the 8x Frag and 2x Flashbangs we brought in here, I've now got 2x directional mines, another 4x Frags, 2x Flashbangs, 4x Smoke rounds, 4x Proximity grenades (How hard can they be to set?) and a satchel charge. I can definitely carry more, but it's already getting unwieldy.

"Alright!" Mitzi calls. "'Puter's cycling on."
No. 339817 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131332266250.png - (16.02KB , 500x500 , TQ821.png )

"-ing be there. Testing one... Aha!" says Marcus Tibur. "Tozol! Prepare to defend yourself. You must hold as long as possible."
No. 339820 ID: 253a7f

oh noes



No. 339821 ID: 2563d4

Start planting anything with a proximity fuse anywhere it looks like people might enter while he talks, then. I assume Mitzi's in hearing range.
No. 339822 ID: bd2a40

Call Mitzi over.

Since you probably have to fight off hordes of guards, grab all the directional mines that are stored here and start setting them up near exits, tight corners and other, suitable locations.
No. 339827 ID: e16f8e

PANIC PANIC! Emergency break room! I mean blast room! Don't forget Mitzi!

More rationally, instead of trying to defend the whole damn armory, barricade yourself inside the blast room. Proximity mines? Only if you know where they are; Marcus there seemed pretty urgent! Also leave the feed running. Marcus may have more to say as you prepare.
No. 339828 ID: 1854db

Ask which direction they're coming from. We don't have a detailed map of which exits lead to places that forces can arrive from, and the first thing to know when fortifying is to know what direction to put your fortifications. I'm thinking the blast room would be a good place to bunker up, but then we'd be allowing the enemy access to all the COOL STUFF outside of it.

Also yell to Mitzi that her brother's on.

Not in that order, I guess.
No. 339829 ID: bd2a40

Putting yourself in such a position where there are no escape routes might not be the best idea.

I do think if you place directional charges all over, and know where they are, you can proceed with a mobile defense, the enemies into mine clusters. If there is time, you might even want to rig a grenade on the blast room door, since the guards would most likely think you would hole up there to defend.
No. 339833 ID: 063c28

If this is live, take this opportunity to tell him your plans for Niraem—and mine the FUCK out of this place ASAP beyond that. In fact, just load up exclusively on mines and distribute them around, if you think you can get back to your gear before the shit hits the fan. Ask if Marcus knows which direction they're coming from so you know where to concentrate mines, but be sure to cover the other approaches too, if there's time; get Mitzi's help to get this done faster, if she can set them up safely. Don't cluster the mines all in one spot; spread them widely so that they encounter them unexpectedly and not a single detonation is wasted. Hopefully this will force them to slow way down and be an effective form of psychological warfare, as well as paring down their numbers a great deal.

Luring them into the blast room with the satchel charge set there would be neat if you could come up with a way to get them to commit enough personnel to justify the use of the big-ass charge.
No. 339837 ID: 3d7a30

Let's hear what he has to say first. But for the record, I'm not inclined to base our strategy on the word of someone appearing out of nowhere and telling us what to do
No. 339840 ID: 18c6d7

Discuss Niraem with Marcus, and concentrate on any remote-fire weapons, directional mines, etc. Boxing yourself in may not be the wisest thing to do...

If, and I mean IF we can retreat back to Niraem, I say bobby-trap this place after taking as much firepower as we can carry.
No. 339843 ID: 73eb25

Oh that fucker. I predict all hell will break loose in a few seconds.

Ask Mitzi where the HMG ammo is. Get over there. Jump/climb as high up as you can go. Tell Mizti to follow you. Rain grenades and bullets into everything.

Mitzi loads ammo and throws grenades while you shoot.
No. 339856 ID: cd63e9

see if this is a recording or if its live. if its live ask him whats going on. getting in touch with him would be a good idea.
No. 339857 ID: 3fd4fb

Agreed. Marcus has been helpful so far, but we cannot afford to become an unthinking tool here.

>If, and I mean IF we can retreat back to Niraem
We should not be reaching him by retreating. There's a crane on this level- they must have gotten him in here with it. That implies that there's some kind of hatch which can open above the bio holding cells; we can make our way to it and open it on this level, after ensuring one way or another that we'd have a clear path all the way to the surface. We'll need control of the relevant systems and probably a lot of shooting to make that work, though.

While barricading oneself into a small and defensible location is sometimes an effective tactic, I don't think it's the best one here. The enemy has vastly superior force and we should not give them the opportunity to concentrate it more than they already can. Also, as long as we're defending the whole armory we have ready access to a massive supply of weapons, giving us the ability to respond with overwhelming force to any attempted incursion. If at all possible, we should defend the whole thing using all means at our disposal, with enough power to make them cautious.

Anyway. We need information- ask for numbers, time, and direction of the enemy, right now. Then if there's not much time rush to shoot them. If there's time to spare, mine their approach.
No. 339895 ID: ec0bf5

See if you can contact him. Ask for something specific, and also tell him that Mitzi is with you.
No. 339899 ID: 6f1d54

This first, then if it is indeed a Live broadcast, tell Mitzi to get the fuck over here. Family Reunion time, bitches.

Also while your giant HMG is awesome and all, it would probably be wise to loot a decent backup weapon in the event you run out of ammo for that monstrosity.
No. 339923 ID: 55c4cf

Locate butter.
No. 339956 ID: 1065da

Talk, Mitzi, plans, etc. Quickly.

For fighting times: mine things, turrets, bullets and bombs everywhere. Ask him what exactly is coming your way, or hope he explains himself if this isn't two-way. They can't have much in the way of numbers left, so either they'd be coming in with all the heavy armour and tankbots they can muster, or they're channeling experiments in your direction somehow.

Maybe you'd better just take an automatic in one hand and an antitank in the other. I'm sure you can handle it.
No. 339995 ID: 063c28


He's been nothing but massively helpful so far (except for the microwave tunnel, but that may have been something he was relying on Mitzi to fix if she trusted you, and not if she didn't). I think we can at least trust his motives, if not his tactical ability—but his tactics have been working out pretty well too.

Interesting idea with the crane. It'd get an awful lot of attention, though, and probably doesn't move all that fast; might actually end up with more shit trying to kill us. Not to mention, they simply won't expect us to be heading backwards, especially once we've registered as being on level 2, so it seems unlikely that we'll hit a concentration of forces.
No. 340050 ID: 3fd4fb

>Interesting idea with the crane. It'd get an awful lot of attention, though, and probably doesn't move all that fast
I was thinking more that the existence of a crane implies a hole somewhere roughly above him which we would be able to open than that we would actually need to use the crane itself; I don't think something the size of Niraem would have been able to get through a lot of those doorways and I doubt they're guarding that access downward with anything like the same amount of effort they'd spend on the personnel lifts. We shouldn't need to mess around with the actual crane except as a location reference and hacking the computers near it; once we pump him pull of counter-suppress he'll hopefully be able to move himself up without its help. Although I'm not actually sure what method Valcien use to fly, if his is working, or if he can use it for that kind of precision movement, come to think of it.

In any case, it's a plan with some holes currently filled by assumptions. Hopefully we'll be able to get more information while dealing with our immediate set of problems.

>They can't have much in the way of numbers left
They totally can have much in the way of numbers left. This whole facility was in lockdown/panic mode since before we woke up, remember? Possibly because Marcus threw them into confusion. And this armory is equipped for far more troops than we encountered here- meaning that possibly those troops were diverted away from the base by some kind of deception on his part, or otherwise was dispatched to do things that did not involve dying. There might very well be a sizable military unit planning on coming right back here as soon as they've gotten their shit together elsewhere.
No. 340189 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131339706566.png - (12.43KB , 500x500 , TQ822.png )

"How many? Coming from where?" I ask.

"Murphy's balls. You are real," he says. "Estimate one hundred infantry mobilized. Force moving in from the rail line to your northwest in unknown but significant numbers. Command structure doesn't know what caused the blackout, but it has fears. Accurate fears."

"How did they have that many in reserve!?" I snap.

"Not security. The fucking Army's here," he says. "A quick reaction company of Aldon regulars, if that means anything to you."

"Keep the lift active," I say. "I have a plan for the valcien."

"I can't," he says. "The whole section will be locked down by now. I shouldn't even be talking to you. You will hold your ground, tozol."
No. 340190 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131339713130.png - (8.88KB , 500x500 , TQ823.png )

No. 340191 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131339718140.png - (13.53KB , 500x500 , TQ824.png )

"Mitzi!? But. Oh, no. NO!" shouts Marcus. "This is not happening!"

"Marcus..." she almost whispers. "Marcus what's the plan? What are we doing here?"

"We?!" he says. "Why is there a we? It's too late, Mitzi! I can't stop this!"
No. 340194 ID: e3f578

Be frank with Mitzi, the plan is we fight. We fight until we win. Also looks like he's freaking out and didn't want Mitzi fighting in this mess. Whoops. She's here.

Rail line from northwest? Is that the tram? Can we shut off the trams or destroy the rails? Is there time for the action?
No. 340195 ID: 2222da

He was trying to get Penji there to eliminate the threat of her or something equally stupid.

Or he hoped Penji would keep them busy, so he could bust Mitzi out?

No. 340196 ID: e16f8e

Repeat Mitzi's question. What'll happen if you hold your ground for long enough? How long is long enough?
No. 340198 ID: 1854db

Tell him to calm down. There are options.
First, we need to know what her escape route was supposed to be.
Second, note that we have a LOT of explosives here. We could collapse a few tunnels and block off routes for the army to get here, or use them to otherwise distract and disable the enemy.
Third, we can just go back down the dumbwaiter and bring all that CS with us to wake up Niraem.
No. 340201 ID: 063c28

Get Marcus to stop freaking out and tell us what's going on.


It sounds like he might indeed have planned a major confluence of hostile forces here deliberately, to keep them distracted with the greater threat (us) while his sister escapes. Bit of a dick move, that, considering the lengths we're going to to help her. We should, as before, mine the fuck out of it, but then leave back the way we came. The mines may make them think we're holed up and allow us to surprise them by coming back up the main lift with the alert and able Valcien as heavy support.


It's not clear that Valcien can fly under planetary gravity at all—but this is a young one, so his body should still be pretty flexible; hopefully he can simply form feet, or at least slither along.

...do we have any reason to expect the Valcien will be any good in a fight/at escaping, come to think of it? Other than being able to soak up a ton of damage?
No. 340203 ID: 73eb25

"Marcus, stick to your plan. I'm going to kill as many of these fuckers as I can. PS you are a brilliant scheming bastard."

Warehouse inventory listing, stat.
No. 340210 ID: 2563d4

>...do we have any reason to expect the Valcien will be any good in a fight/at escaping
No; it's a terrible plan.

Standing and fighting an army company sounds like pushing the odds rather, even with good equipment and tozzleness. Since you're both faster, it might be better to booby-trap the armoury to blow up nicely and leg it east-ish.
No. 340225 ID: 00d3d5

"Once again, the magic of friendship fucks up a magnificent bastard plan. Can't fault you for trying, but now I'd like a plan to get us out of here."
Have Marcus try to contact the space shark's family, and possibly sending a message to other Tozols in the hopes of an extraction team. Or an assault force to wipe this place off the planet. Whichever.
Check the hornbook to see how well Tozols handle prolonged exposure to deep space.

Use those rockets that failed to send you to another dimension to put holes where walls used to be.
No. 340233 ID: bd2a40

Tell Mitzi you are sorry if it turns out helping her might just have gotten her killed. Also, hug her.

Anyways, you are probably a distraction or a lure to some big trap involving gas or explosives, might be best to mine the fuck out of the room and run for it. Staying here is most assuredly not a good idea anymore.
No. 340247 ID: 3fd4fb

Sounds to me like he was using us to buy time and probably die while he... did something else. If we start a fight against the enemy army with an overall objective of "buying time", then we'll just end up eventually overrun. Even if we beat this fast reaction company, how long will it be before tons more troops arrive? A few hours? Forting up without some kind of escape plan is a route to death, and it sounds to me like Marcus isn't planning on getting us out.

It might be worth gambling that the rail line will only be able to carry a limited number of troops at a time, so if we take it out we'll at least delay their reinforcements and give us time to deal with the ones already down here and/or execute whatever other plans we want. The rail line must be coming down from the surface, presumably at the up-marked lift near the disposal section, so if we booby trap the barracks approach with a large bomb and leg it northeast direction as fast as we can move, then blast the rail with a couple missiles, we'll be able to hugely delay their reinforcements if nothing else.

It would also help if we could get the sentry guns on our side. That couldn't possibly hurt.

>...do we have any reason to expect the Valcien will be any good in a fight/at escaping
It's a gamble, but he does come from a race known for its ability to internally manufacture interstellar drives, force fields, and starship-grade weapons lasers. Mitzi did the mind-meld thing with him and could probably tell us what is a reasonable expectation of his capabilities, if we ask. She could probably tell us if he could fly, too.
No. 340259 ID: cd63e9

they are moving on the rail line, we might be able to buy time if we blow that up. we can deal with the whole, using us as a sacrificial distraction thing latter. the sooner we shut down the rail line the more time we buy.
No. 340261 ID: 6f1d54

Tell Marcus to quit flipping out like he's forgotten his homework for school. He's a valcien-splice too, right? Ask him if giving Mitzi a bunch of CS would clear her system out enough for her to be combat viable. She's shown snippets of what she can do, maybe if she was at full capacity she could be some kind of space-shark-splice-MacGuyver and build us an Anti-Proton Cannon out of some M16s, a couple paper clips, and some burned out wiring.
No. 340262 ID: cc70c4

Even better would be if we could booby-trap the rail line before they get here.
No. 340268 ID: 18c6d7

Booby-trap the rail line, if possible. You want a long line of death between you and the army, if possible. Maybe more CS would help Mitzi, but she's not a soldier, as Marcus is all too aware.

What you need most of all is a time window. Enough time to evac.

Still, discuss the valcien with both of them... maybe get on the same radio channel and talk this out as you set up some booby traps? Or maybe the Army is smart and has jamming up. Either way, time is short.
No. 340285 ID: 30e0da

Ok, so his plan didn't involve Mitzi being there. Plus side, his plan didn't involve Mitzi being there! Use this. Any wrench in a plan where (it seems) you were going to die is a good thing. May be able to squeeze some extra help out of Marcus, now, as well - divert remaining dangerous experiments towards the oncoming troops, interfere with their lines of access, give you good maps and so on. Ask him if there's some sort of facility-wide self-destruct or purging system, besides people with guns; maybe you can use it against them, and you certainly don't want it used against you.

Rail line sounds vulnerable; any appreciable speed and cargo capacity means it'll have long, exposed tunnels with some nicely vulnerable stuff. If you can use your big guns to collapse some of the walls or ceiling (unlikely) or to chew up the track, it'll help slow them down. If you can get there before they do, and preferably back here where you're nicely fortified.

Oh! While he's flustered and more likely to be honest, see if you can get info about Hyperion out of him! Maybe go get him! He looked like he could at least hold a gun, especially if you load him with CS. You can't leave him out there while those soldiers are running about being indiscriminate. You two could be the only tozols left!
No. 340322 ID: 9c538a

Haha could he possibly be any more transparent. His plan was to enact his revenge by trapping the tozol between a wall and their entire army (my bet is on the wall), and the ensuing mayhem would both eliminate the tozol and decimate the forces of those who did this to him. Eliminate the tozol. Eliminate you. And now he's having second thoughts just because Mitzi is in the way. Just great.

What you have to do is fake an offensive while slipping behind enemy lines. Leave traps, but don't hold the fort. There's nothing in that can for you but death.

I still say the waste removal ducts are the best boss fight way out. Even if they are small or impassable they will be close to the edge of this complex, and have to penetrate outside somehow. Now they're going to be guarding it don't get me wrong, but there's no way they'll press their offensive through the outtake. This is just how humans work. What you can do is stall or sabatoge them (proximity mines can blow up the entire armory if placed right!) coming in along the rail, long enough to get out through another means. You haven't even looked at the garbage chute though, so no telling if it's another hour and a half sweat job, or if it goes out above ground at all. (Even if it doesn't though, digging through dirt is much more feasible than digging through reinforced steel walls.)

The valcien is a long shot... he's (literally) just a baby after all, and you don't know what his physical capabilities are, much less how much CS it would take to wake him up. I think it'd be better to make tracks out of here and just tell his parents about the situation. I'm sure they will have much more effective ways of getting in than he would getting out.
No. 340354 ID: cd63e9

don't they have a second tozol in the facility? busting him out might be worth while.
No. 340360 ID: 063c28

Hyperion was moved to another facility some time ago; I don't think we have any idea where. Something to worry about after we escape.
No. 340363 ID: 6f1d54

And even if he were, he was just a head, torso, and half an arm.
No. 340415 ID: 3fd4fb

It might be worth asking Marcus what the incoming forces are armed with. Similar to the security forces, or something heavier? Have they got heavy vehicles that we'll need to worry about and destroy somehow? "The army" is ominous but also frustratingly vague in what kind of threat it poses.

>His plan was to enact his revenge by trapping the tozol between a wall and their entire army (my bet is on the wall), and the ensuing mayhem would both eliminate the tozol and decimate the forces of those who did this to him.
That's idiotic. Marcus is intelligent enough to be aware that we wouldn't be able to do more than kill a lot of grunts before being overcome ourselves. He wouldn't have planned that.

I'm not arguing that he wasn't planning to sacrifice us here, but no way was that the entirety of his plan. He was plotting something else, too- some action on his part for which our attracting attention and creating a conflict is a critical step.

>see if you can get info about Hyperion out of him! Maybe go get him!
>don't they have a second tozol in the facility? busting him out might be worth while.
Hyperion is in a completely different facility, most of his body is missing, and he's also completely catatonic and quite possibly crazy after his body kept him awake continuously for forty years as an automatic defensive measure. He is something that we can deal with only after successfully escaping from here.

>The valcien is a long shot... he's (literally) just a baby after all, and you don't know what his physical capabilities are, much less how much CS it would take to wake him up. I think it'd be better to make tracks out of here and just tell his parents about the situation. I'm sure they will have much more effective ways of getting in than he would getting out.
We know that he can fly around in space, shoot things, and disguise himself. We know that he's got massive armor plates. We know that he was raised learning to use purely self-generated weaponry and equipment due to his people's impoverished status, meaning that he either currently contains almost all components he knows how to use or can create it if given access to the relevant resources.

Even Niraem himself doesn't have any idea how to get home or contact his people, and somehow contacting his parents to come get him- that's a laugh; there's no way he'll be in this facility by the time we could locate and communicate with an unknown Valcien fleet at an unknown location in space and convince them that one of their children lost for years is being experimented on in an underground facility on a human world. The only way he's ever getting out of here is if we do it now.

Personally, I don't see a better use for our spare C-S, aside from maybe keeping a tube or two on us just in case. I know time is precious and it's a modest risk for no guaranteed reward, since we might not have enough C-S and it might turn out that he's not worth much on the ground- but if we can find the time somewhere it's a gamble I'm willing to take.
No. 340495 ID: 54af1f

Well, he obviously didn't intend for Mitzi to be there, so he obviously doesn't think you can survive Penji... my suggestion, go back to the Valc, if possible, follow them down, because it's likely they'll run into the Jabberwock and clear the way a bit
No. 340759 ID: 1444d5

The army might even be preferable to the security forces. The security forces are trained and equipped to fight the 'residents' of the facility, the army are trained and equipped for a land war. They're not going to be able to bring heavy armour along with them, so everything they carry will be man-portable.
No. 340834 ID: c7b6c2

Son of a BITCH. That asshole set us up.
No. 340846 ID: 685240

Tell Mitzi to check the laptop to see how much suppress is in the Valcien. Then ask Marcus if they know we are in the Armory, how much time does he need us to give him, and if the room we are in is of importants to him.

The plan is derived for Code Geass in a since. We will lure them in into the armory then blow it up.

The Tasks that must be cleared for the plan to work are Displacers, incendiaries, bag of counter suppress, access to emergency blast door room, and the successful drawing in of the enemy.

We will knock down the shelves on both sides to make a maze of sorts to draw in as many enemies as possible, and then we retreat into the emergency room and blow up the room. The displacers will be used to punch a whole down into the room below. After sealing the inner door and trapping the little hallway door with the explosive charge. Then grab our pack of c-s and jump down the hole.

The down side is we will drop into security but there will be a hell of a lot less people.

We buy Marcus time for whatever, kill a bunch of pucks, and make are get away on the Valcien express.
No. 340926 ID: cd63e9

I think i have a basic plan, if we stick to a single strong point we will eventually be overrun. what we should do is prepare multiple strong points each with some final surprise set up to cover our retreat to the next one. if we can we should wake up the Valcien, best case secnrio it can blasts its way out and fly us out of here (keeping low because they almost certainly have AA cover). worse case secnro he's a strong point with much heavy weapons and armor than the hostile forces were expecting.
No. 340947 ID: c7b6c2

Seconding this. Lure them in, set charges, escape, activate charges.
No. 341030 ID: 73eb25

Thirded motherfucker
No. 341039 ID: 3fd4fb

>>340846 >>340947 >>341030
While this is a decent tactic, I don't think that it should be our first tactic. With a hundred enemies, there's no way that all of them- or even half- will be likely to enter the armory all at once when engaging us, so this would only take out a fraction of their force while robbing us of both our only secured route to the lower level and the vast majority of our available armaments.

Further, it's an inherently reactive plan- it depends upon their choosing to enter the armory in force to be effective. Any plan where we hold position in the armory is, really; if they decide to pin us in here while they secure the rest of the facility or bring up heavier weaponry, we won't be able to do much about it.

Better to go on the offensive initially. That buys us more ground which we can retreat into if necessary, forces them to treat all locations as potentially hostile since they won't be able to identify our position and thereby slows their advance, lets us strike when we choose and just as importantly not strike at any given point if they look to strong to engage, and leaves us with the option to retreat and blow up the armory in the future when we're hard pressed- at which point they'll be that much more likely to pursue with more forces anyway, so the tactic will be that much more effective.

Solid in concept. If we have a decent amount of time to work with, we could take a bunch of mines and rig up numerous traps that we'll know how to flee through but they won't, all over the level- not just the armory. Then we use those in support of our strikes at their oncoming force so that we have someplace to fall back to, and we'll be able to make ourselves a real bitch to hunt down.

And while we're doing that, Mitzi can either get the sentry turrets onto our side somehow (would make this whole fight a hell of a lot easier) or grab the C-S and go wake up Niraem. I'm reluctant to split up, but it might be the best option here.
No. 341042 ID: 28e94e

No. 341304 ID: c7b6c2

Good idea. Boobytrap the whole place and meet them halfway. We should have Niraem as our final stop and see if we can't get him to get us out of there.
No. 341489 ID: 1444d5

Collect ALL THE DISPLACERS, create new tunnel to wherever necessary.
No. 341521 ID: 8ece3c

For now let's just stick with something like "You son of a bitch, you set me up! Now you've gotten your sister killed unless you start working on how to un-fuck this situation PDQ." Don't forget to glare.
No. 341537 ID: 4912c2

We're getting ahead of ourselves. Focus on this Marcus guy. It looks like he set us up for a fall here, but whatever - it's not like we'd be likely to behave that differently in his position. He has no reason to have any loyalty or affection towards us. But we can change that, we're cute and cuddly and we can murder anything that bleeds.

Establish a rapport with him and get him collaborating with you on a win-win result.
No. 341550 ID: 2222da

He's human. Or at least partly. And from what we've seen with Mitzi, humans tend to have somewhat time-consuming emotional responses to things. If he has set you up, he's likely to be severely regretting it now, not only because Mitzi is there, but because you were helping her all along. So we might want to be prepared to verbally kick his ass into gear.

For now, ask for more information on exactly what he has done here.
No. 342184 ID: 1e3433

To be fair would you feel bad about setting up a Xenomorph or a Ork?
No. 342515 ID: d9aa21

First of all, ask Marcus what it is he can't stop. What *was* his plan before monstrous killing machine tozol was revealed to be a fairly nice person who teamed up with his sister? Once you know what's going on, the three of you need to modify the plan or create a new one. Marcus wants his sister out of there. You want yourself and his sister out of there. Cooperation is the only way to achieve this, and don't let him weasel his way out of it.
Keep in mind that your primary mission objective is to achieve breakout with no casualties. Preferably this includes bringing the valcien with us, in the role of escape vehicle. Achieve mission objective at all costs.
As to the infantry themselves, recall the gun-camera footage. If you have time to heal up, you will be able to personally *Reap The Field*. My advice on a plan is a combination of holding for as long as possible to give yourself the chance to heal, but take any reasonable opportunity for a breakout that comes. Your personal survival is priority number one. Mitzi's is number two, and the Valencian's third. Marcus can go to six different hells for being a manipulative bastard.
No. 342644 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131418364891.png - (20.07KB , 500x500 , TQ825.png )

Mitzi seems stunned. I interject, all business.

"Is there time to intercept the rail line?"
"Unknown," says Marcus, regaining his composure. "Unlikely, but I can't accurately say."
"But I can sally out and engage them before we're surrounded. Or break out and move elsewhere on this level."
"The security doors will be sealed by now," Marcus says. "That will slow you significantly."
How significantly? I think, but don't waste time asking. His plan was for me to defend myself here. Presumably, until I die. Can I trust him to be honest about this, even now that Mitzi's entered the equation?
"What am I facing?" I ask. "How heavily equipped?"
"Mostly rifle-wielding infantry, however, antivehicle weaponry present. Supported by powered armor of two sizes. The heavier may require sustained fire from even your thirteen millimeter."
I make a displeased sound. "What's your big plan?" I ask.
"Operator is catching on," he says. "This line may be tapped."

Should I press him for details, ask other questions, or get to work? Whether we're making a run for it, advancing to contact, or bunkering up here, we'd better start soon. Still, this could be the last we talk to him.
No. 342645 ID: 2563d4

Get on with it. I'm still in favor of plan "rig the armoury to blow up on them and leg it".
No. 342647 ID: 2222da

Are they likely to have tapped both visual and audio? If so, then just get to work. If we got one channel left, quick question about any other chances we may have (area we can move to, possibly leaving mines or somesuch behind us to fool them; routes/tactics they might use (armour in first, infantry in back, or other way around)); etc).

Don't spare more than twenty seconds.
No. 342651 ID: 3d7a30


What a bunch of bollocks.

I say to hell with Marcus. Go with plan V.
No. 342655 ID: 1854db

Multitask. Tell Mitzi to look up displacer missiles on the computer.

Don't ask him to tell you more about the plan. Maybe you could ask him how fucked up the plan is though, or an estimate on your chances to get Mitzi out alive. (this would be a good time to tell him you promised to help her) Also maybe you could ask if he knows where any more Tozol artifacts are.
No. 342658 ID: 3fd4fb

"Send a complete facility map- with all the rest of the floors and anything important marked, if you can- to this console. Then Mitzi and I have things to do."

Enough of this conversation. Marcus is only good for intel at the moment and he's not even being very helpful with that. Mitzi will probably be a little dazed and/or emotionally distraught after this little interlude, so remind her that regardless of whatever the hell her brother is doing the pair of you need to focus like nobody's business, because apparently you're facing 50:1 odds on a time limit.

First priorities, we need:
-To get a weapon capable of one-shotting heavy power armor (displacers? Anti-armor weapons?)
-To get some way of blasting through numerous security doors quickly (displacers? Breaching charges? Mitzi hacking?)
-To see if we can get the cameras, security doors, and/or turrets under our control (Mitzi hacking)

So get us and Mitzi devoted to accomplishing those tasks. Once they're done, we can try an aggressive move toward the rail line while Mitzi continues hacking, sets bombs in the armory, and/or plays operator, depending upon how much success she's had in the computer system. If we're lucky we'll get to the rail line before the army does; if we're not lucky at least we'll be able to get in a first strike and have a sense of how they're armed and how they act. Then we can play it by ear from there.
No. 342713 ID: 255c0e

Wait why are you guy going with Marcus plan? and not our plan to wake up the void shark thing with the Counter-Suppress.

what we should do is plant a bomb in the explosive area of the armory. So when the guard all rush to the armory they will get blow up with a lot of their heavy weapons, just leave us a time to blow the lift door open and get out of there. And head for the void shark to give him the Counter-Suppress.

p.s. did Mitzi ever get the last of the Suppress out of her? If not now is a good time to do it.
No. 342715 ID: 73eb25

Tell Marcus, "We will stay here and do what we can. Small numbers we can handle but all at once would be a problem. We are not in the best shape at the moment. If they surround us and push in we most likely done for."

Then cut communications and get to work setting the armory to explode and preparing our escape.

If they are listening then they must feel certain of there victory giving us and advantage. With the number of men at there command they will go brute force or area control. If they did hear us then the odds that they use force will go up.

Ether way we end up in a better position or the same so it would be worth a try.
No. 342740 ID: 73eb25

I'm the other guy at this IP.

Get a spare HMG barrel and several belts of ammunition. Have Mitzi round up all the displacers she can find. Fire one at each doorway to make a nice grenade catching pit. Get the blast room door open and ready to close and lock. After Penji grabs a crate of grenades chop down the storage racks domino style. scatter incindiaries everywhere and ready some incindiary rockets to set it all ablaze.
No. 342811 ID: 73eb25

Question to Marcus. "How many powered armor and what does the bigger one look like? I need to be able to ID it."
No. 342874 ID: 685240

That is a good move. Incendiaries placed among explosives, gun racks, and ammo boxes would set everything off including the bullets in the boxes/guns. Knock down the Storage racks towards the blast door to make the maze that will draw them in. Have Mitzi open the blast door first while you grab displacers and HMG barrel/bullets. This should help make the most out of the time we have.

If we have a lot of displacers then I’m for the holes behind the doors. We could also lay a smoke grenades in each door way then put a prox grenade/mine in each crater so we know when and where they are coming.
No. 342954 ID: c7b6c2

Get to work, girl.
No. 343007 ID: 73eb25

After Mitzi opens the blast door. Have her look on the laptop to see how much suppress is in Niraem. When we are ready to leave after we draw them into our explosive maze. We will have enough C-S to clean its system out.

You don't need it combat ready just woken up enough to fly us out of here. Pop the top hatch and ride him down the crane track and out the vehicle bay and into space... or where ever.

Penji, you should also grab a high velocity anti armor sniper. You'll be glad you did later.
No. 343139 ID: 063c28

Do not prompt for more info; it's not worth the risk. Be CERTAIN he knows that you and Mitzi are in this together.

Spare HMG barrel, anti-materiel rifle, and displacer rockets/charges are all good things to get before making this place a death trap and heading back to rescue Niraem. Consider engaging the attackers in here until they've worked through most of the traps you will have set, then GTFOing downwards (maybe via displacer? get lots of these, as they're going to be extremely useful for getting around obstacles like those security doors) if you can do this safely and without tipping them off.
No. 343341 ID: 1cb927

Check for Displacers. Rig the armory to blow and leg it, if you find Displacers. Assumed the soldiers coming have at least one. If you find none, get ready and bunker up. Or... if you can funnel them in one entrance to the armory, consider booby-trapping it and evacuating. No use in letting guns you can't use fall into enemy hands. How much CS is left?
No. 344541 ID: b79855
File 131487393295.png - (14.51KB , 500x500 , TQ826.png )

"Fine," I snap. "Forget it. Wasting time."

"Very well," he says, voice wavering. "Goodbye, Mitzi. Goodbye, tozol."

"Penji," I say, putting on my helmet. "Calling myself Penji. My name was Saon Vocta. I'll... figure it out later."
No. 344542 ID: b79855
File 131487403548.png - (14.53KB , 500x500 , TQ827.png )

"I'm not sure that you will," says Marcus. "But for what it's worth, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of this. For what's happened. For what's about to happen. Maybe, if I had more time... But, I don't. And I think you deserve to know this. If I could stop this now, just teleport the three of us out of here instead of this... I don't think that I would."
No. 344543 ID: b79855
File 131487424430.png - (10.93KB , 500x500 , TQ828.png )

The screen darkens, and goes quiet.

"Mitzi," I say.

Silence. I think I might hear footsteps.

"Pull up the inventory," I say. "We need an antimateriel weapon, and every displacer."

"Penji, we're going to die," says Mitzi.
No. 344544 ID: 73eb25

"Yep. Get to work, we're taking as many of these fuckers down with us as we can."

Get some HMG ammo belts and a spare barrel while Mitzi looks shit up.
No. 344549 ID: 54af1f

Your objective should be to bloody them and prevent them moving forward, basically psychologically make them want to move slowly and cautiously so you and Mitzi can pull back to the Valc. Inform Mitzi of this, and reassure her that we are not going to die.
No. 344559 ID: 70245c

"Possibly. But before then we are going to put the fear in them. If they get out of this, they will have a horror story to tell. About a Tozol and a Human that killed all their allies. How the bodies were stacked chest-high, and how they stared into the faces of death."
No. 344560 ID: 063c28

Hug Mitzi, she's hitting her stress limit again and needs some reassurance. Don't be long about it, though, and keep alert for those footsteps; can you judge their distance? We must get set up before they get here.

If you're going to use displacers to blow the place, be sure to save a few (several, if there's spare) for use getting through armored blast doors and stuff in the future; they may be extremely useful.

I wonder why Marcus wants this to happen so badly; his apology seems contradictory with that, and if we're recaptured (and Mitzi dies) after accomplishing little more than killing a bunch of soldiers and maybe the odd researcher, we won't have accomplished much at all, even towards the goal of hurting (in any meaningful, long term sense) the operators of the facility.
No. 344563 ID: 2563d4

>Your objective should be to bloody them and prevent them moving forward, basically psychologically make them want to move slowly and cautiously so you and Mitzi can [run away]
Uh-huh. Slap Mitzi out of it and get on with it.
No. 344565 ID: 18c6d7

Pretty much this, but save most of the displacers for making our escape route, whatever that ends up being.

Bloody them with mines and autoguns, if the armory HAS autoguns (Hey, gotta have some good luck, right?). Maybe set up the Emergency Blast Room as a trap: draw them into it, then cut them to ribbons through the one avenue of entrance/exit.

In the distant past many human soldiers would scream war-cries as they entered battle in order to terrify their enemies. You need to reacquaint these approaching human soldiers with this sadly lost art, methinks.
No. 344574 ID: 3fd4fb

"That's always been a risk, but the situation is no more dangerous than it was a few minutes ago. We just know more about it. Now hurry up- we've got incoming and this won't be easy."

If you hear footsteps, find the direction they're in and move that way- quickly. You'll need to hit the incoming troops hard enough and far enough out that they pull back to regroup and give you a little bit of time to prepare defenses and locate the appropriate weapons. And what's more, you'll need to do it without being injured yourself- we can't afford to keep taking tons of injuries with this level of opposition on the table.
No. 344582 ID: f70e5e

tell her your not going to die, you've both come too far and dealt with too much crap to die now. but you are going to need her help.
No. 344585 ID: 26eb87

No, we WOULD die if we stood here and fought them. Which is why we aren't just going to do that. What was that the hornbook said? Linear, force-on-force thinking represents a failure of the tactical and strategic problem solving method. Lets think real careful about what our goal here is, because I don't think "kill as many manz as possible" should be it. Are we escaping? Buying time for Marcus's potential master plan? Surviving at any cost? Exacting revenge? Each of these options could play out very differently.

In any event, despite the lots of guns, getting surrounded here is not gonna be a good plan, and we need to buy time if we are going to do anything else. We need to control their movements somehow. You know from personal experience, a displacer leaves a giant, perfectly smooth hole in the floor that turns out to be pretty damn hard to get out of. I can think of few things better suited to slowing the advance of troops on foot in narrow hallways.
No. 344596 ID: 1854db

"We'll only die if we fight all of them. The displacers are to get an escape route, so hurry! Even one would help."

Begin engaging the enemy.
No. 344598 ID: 1854db

...wait a second. If they're all coming down one hallway, can we put the tozol grenade on the door to kill them all? It will destroy everything in one direction, right?
No. 344599 ID: 6f1d54

Slap her shit.
No. 344708 ID: c6afc6

We're invisible to scanners. Is there anything keeping us from hiding in a vent or something, waiting for the soldiers to spread out through the complex, and then escaping down the train tunnel? Maybe dropping a few traps around to try to make them think we're farther in?

And I would save most of the displacers for the security doors. Why are we trying to blow the armory? It's not like the soldiers aren't already equipped. I guess we could see if we could rig it up with conventional explosives, but that might take time we don't have.

Actually, do we know how far underground we are? Enough displacers might be enough to tunnel out of here, which would change everything.
No. 344709 ID: 73eb25

Also give her a good slap across the face to get her mind back to the present. Don't break her neck.
No. 344732 ID: 0d7a83

"Nah already tried that, ain't much fun".
No. 344751 ID: f70e5e

down-voting slapping her. shes on the verge of panic not hysterical.
No. 344793 ID: c52389

First, you are not going to die. Second, these guys are bastards. They hurt you both, they hurt a lot of other people, and they're sure intending to hurt more people after this. Every bit of damage you do, they have to pay for. Every hired goon you kill will set them back and jack up the price for anyone else they want to clean their messes for them. And if you do die, you're going to get them for it, for everything they put you through, and teach them a lesson to remember the next time they think of doing the same.

But you're not going to die.

Tell her that. Not much gets humans going like good, cold hate.
No. 344813 ID: 9c538a

We're not going to die. Not here. Not like this.

But in the garbage chute instead!
No. 344837 ID: f27b6b

"Hell no we aren't. Not here, not today. Too many outs left for us to give up. Keep it together, Mitzi. Now get the displacers. I'm sick of these fucking walls."
No. 344889 ID: 07416a

No. We are not.
No. 345008 ID: c6afc6

Another vote against slapping her. It's the last thing she needs right now.
No. 345027 ID: 9c538a

Plus if you slapped her it'd probably knock her through the nearest bulkhead or something.
No. 345119 ID: e4003e

Too bad! You're gonna live. Deal with it.
No. 348829 ID: 7b3e82

What Mitzi needs right now is hope. Pull her into an embrace and tell her as confidently as possible that you and her are indeed going to live, because you have a plan. Even if you have to make it up on the fly, outline a plan to her. Let her help with it! It gives her something to think about rather than being afraid. Be prepared to give her some bright future idea of herself as a broker for mercenary space sharks and humans, making a shitload of money. Maybe even tozols, too. Keep her thinking of other things besides her fear, and she will get around it. She can get *over* it later.
No. 350704 ID: 55c4cf

"Nah, that ain't me."
No. 350707 ID: e3f578

"Well, if you're gonna think like that." and roll your eyes.
No. 351003 ID: a40801

"No, I already did that once. Won't let it happen again." Hug her, then: "I can't get this equipment on my own. If you want to even ATTEMPT to live I need those weapons."
No. 358081 ID: 3fb836

Um... is that it? I started reading this quest in early 2010 and I finally caught up. Based on the ending of Chapter 11 it looked like this quest was nearly over. It's been 44 days since an update.

When does the xbox live version come out? I'd seriously pay to play through this multiple times if all the paths were fleshed out and it wasn't an FPS. :V

I really like how there's very clearly multiple solutions to each puzzle, and each puzzle doesn't need to be done in a certain order, and some solutions are better than others.

I'm kind of curious why the counter-suppress is working so fast this time.

Anyway, we're now at a Resident Evil ending. We have Penji and three "allies" we can make it out alive with: Marcus, Mitzi, and the Valcien.

In order of priority, Mitzi is number one, and it's hard to determine if the Valcien or Marcus is number two. The Valcien is risky, but Marcus is kind of a jerk.

All three are expendable, however. Above all of the allies, priority one is escaping alive, ourself. The other three just give us a better ending, and given how low our stats are at this point, I don't think we can successfully kill the army, rescue Marcus, then return back and escape via the Valcien (which could take hours given its size).

Marcus appears to be escaping in the lift anyway. I may be wrong though.

Exits, challenge, and their likelihood of success:

Rail: Defeat over 100 soldiers. Success minimal.
Lift: Locked down. Likely impossible?
Valcien: Load it full of counter-suppress then wait a long while, hope the army doesn't get to you by then, and hope the Valcien will even take you with it. Success minimal.

No matter what happens, I don't think we're going to get the best ending. Fighting and commandeering the rail car seems like the best option. Go for it.
No. 358100 ID: b79855
File 131859065255.png - (18.41KB , 500x500 , TQ829.png )

"Mitzi," I repeat. "Pull up the inventory."

"You gone stupid again?" Mitzi asks. "Did you not hear any of-"

"Mitzi. Pull. Up. The. Inventory."

"I... But... What are you even going to do with it?" she asks, sounding dejected but cooperative.

It's a fair question. I've sorted most of my thoughts into four basic options...
No. 358101 ID: b79855
File 131859078055.png - (19.90KB , 500x500 , TQ830.png )

a) Hold the Line

Sort of a default plan. Set up mines, dig holes, and set up fields of fire in the hopes of facing the enemy head on and defeating it. We can focus on securing only a portion of the armory, and maybe set fire to other parts. If things get untenable, we can try to fall back to the blast shelter, but unless Marcus does something fast and decisive, that would only delay the inevitable.
No. 358102 ID: b79855
File 131859085236.png - (7.51KB , 500x500 , TQ831.png )

b) Sally Fort

Here, I tear open one of the doors out of here and rush the enemy, bloodying them before they expect to fight me at all. Then I do a fighting retreat back here, assuming I'm not pinned down and killed, and think of a new plan. Hopefully Mitzi will be able to set up some defenses in the meantime. Seizes the initiative and will hopefully discourage the enemy from aggressively assaulting us.
No. 358103 ID: b79855
File 131859094343.png - (5.84KB , 500x500 , TQ832.png )

c) Strike the Earth

The lift shaft is locked down and sealed with security doors, but we've got friggin' displacer rockets and high explosives and thermite. Here, we focus on trying to get the fuck out of here, back down to the level we came from, and backtrack to Niraem or something. This unfortunately won't be too subtle. Realizing we're running, the enemy will likely rush in to stop us. I can try to do a fighting retreat, but that's often unfeasible without a rearguard. Be aware that the lift room itself isn't very defensible against troops that can knock down or shoot through interior walls.
No. 358104 ID: b79855
File 131859099856.png - (6.33KB , 500x500 , TQ833.png )

d) Rearguard

Here, I stay behind, hopefully temporarily, while Mitzi focuses on escape. She starts blasting her way out, the enemy rushes in, and I try to hold them off from a good defensive position. If they're focused on the lift, I might even be able to fall back to the blast room, or escape through one of the doors.

This is probably the best chance of getting Mitzi out of the armory alive. Maybe out of the whole facility, if she can wake up Niraem. I'm the priority target.

You've been wondering if Valcien can fight? My cell had an electrical kill-switch and a pistol in a box. Niraem had a harness containing enough explosives to blast a hole several meters wide through a security wall rated against jabberwocks. Which specimen sounds more dangerous to you?
No. 358105 ID: b79855
File 131859132153.png - (18.18KB , 500x500 , TQ834.png )

Mitzi's got the inventory. Items of interest include:

-Rocket launchers, like Radko's, with plenty of incendiary, high explosive, anti-tank, cluster, and DPICM rockets
--3x Displacer Rockets for the above
-A minigun. Fires much faster than my HMG, and with more shots per pound of ammo, but with far inferior armor penetration. Probably not the best option.
-A 14mm Antimateriel Rifle, hybrid chemical-propellant and magnetic acceleration. Five round magazine/battery packs, but plenty of spares. Probably made for killing power-suits.
-An automatic grenade launcher with cans of 48x HEAT and fragmentation munitions.
-Belts and belts of ammunition for my HMG, both Sabot and Armor-Piercing-Incendiary.
-Frag grenades, thermite grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades, flares, sonic screamers, teargas, sticky goo bombs,
-Directional mines and traditional mines
-High explosives, satchel charges, detcord
-Several large powerpacks like the one Mitzi's wired to her laser
-A single EMP bomb, about the size of a satchel charge
-A bunch of other random shit and many dozens of guns vastly worse than my HMG

Hard to say how much of this garbage I can use at once. Use your judgement.
No. 358106 ID: 2563d4

>Probably made for killing power-suits.
>The army are coming

And plan D.
No. 358107 ID: e83f6a

plan D. ditch the minigun, sonic screamers, and random shit guns. are you able to economically destroy them / render them unusable ?
No. 358108 ID: 54af1f


D. Take everything, place it at points along your line of retreat, as you advance so as you run out of ammo or want to change weapons you can grab it up. Lead off with the minigun because while it's not exactly that useful, it'll be psychologically intimidating as hell.
No. 358113 ID: 54af1f

If we're doing D though, we should combine it with the counter attack plan. We've got to keep the initiative here, if they pin us down it's over.
No. 358116 ID: 3d7a30


I agree with this - a combination of plans b and d. Penji takes the fight to the enemy, Mitzi goes and tries to wake the Valcien up.
No. 358122 ID: c7b6c2

Also agreeing.

Flamethrowers should be placed at choke points. The minigun would be useful until they send armor. At the very least, we should have it somewhere that the armor can't get through. Mines are a given. Place those in little hidden areas, like just inside doors.

The EMP is a must-have! If there's too much armor we can disable them and then deal with them.

Carry the HMG and the grenade launcher and as much ammo as you can carry for both. Leave ammo dumps in strategic locations.
No. 358123 ID: 3fd4fb

D seems like the only option with a potentially beneficial endgame, so we've got to take it. Make sure that Mitzi knows we are not going to die here; we are depending on her to get us out. Give her as much C-S as we can and a spare power pack or two for her laser; then send her off after Niraem.

Of the other options, B looks like the defensive strategy most likely to successfully buy us time. If we can tear up the enemy advance and force them to regroup, or at least a cautious approach, we will hopefully be able to buy a lot of time.

Weapons-wise, if there's time set caches along your route of attack. Carefully set high explosives would be excellent for covering your retreat back to the armory, and mines could be used to warn you of any enemies approaching from the rear. The HMG and anti-materiel rifle seem like your best bets as far as weaponry goes; add a few grenades to the pair of them and check your weight. If it's too heavy to be reasonable in combat, it might be feasible to bring the rifle to near the front, then pull back slightly and switch weapons if you encounter something too heavy to pop with the HMG.
No. 358125 ID: bd2a40

I think D is the best bet, though it does not prevent you from rigging the room like plan A dictates.

Rig the flamethrower tanks to go off with the detcord or mines. Firebombs set to go off near the ammunition storage might be handy.
No. 358133 ID: 1444d5

Is there sufficient explosives/displacers to dig down from the safe room, rather than the lift shaft?
No. 358135 ID: 35e1a0

strap a displacer to your back and jump into the middle of the group and set it off. would completely destroy everyone in the blast except you and would DESTROY morale. you just used their most powerful weapon and killed a bunch of them and walk out of the blast unharmed.
No. 358157 ID: 1854db

Sticky goo bombs? Fantastic. Use those on every entrance. Put directional mines ABOVE entrances, and the regular mines all up in the corridors. When the enemy arrives, use smoke grenades liberally. You can see better through the smoke than they can, I imagine.

That AM Rifle looks fantastic. Can you lug it around as easily as the HMG? Is it feasible to carry both? No, probably not. I'd say just take the AM Rifle. Maybe get a second heavy pistol so you can fire two at once. Keep a good amount of ammo for both.

Oh yeah and I don't think I have to tell you to set up a shitload of explosives in the main room, and extend the detcord to the lift. Blow it up when it's time to leave.
No. 358158 ID: 1854db

Oh and we need some rope or something to get down the lift!
No. 358172 ID: b57715

I think a hybrid plan is in order.

Have mitzi ready your flight to niream while you make a perfunctory atack on the army.
make it a hit and run, dont stick around too long, just long enough to do some damage and slow them down, make them catious.
Then you seal everything exept your escape rout down to niream, having set mines and traps all down the way.
thats when the fun begins.
No. 358176 ID: e79d6a

Booby traps.

Lots and lots of booby traps.
No. 358192 ID: 78b9fc

Hey, I just got an idea. Place two of your displacer bombs at the two entry halls. Announce nobody come any closer or so help you you'll set these things off with your teeth. You might be able to stall them with psychology instead of just getting right into a fire fight. That could make option D actually viable. Even if it fails you can charge them head-on with a displacer strapped to your back and unleash the fury at no cost to yourself.

Can you trust Mitzi? She seems a bit unstable still. You have to be able to trust her absolutely for the rearguard strategy to work, otherwise when your defenses fail and you have no choice but to run all you'll find is a sealed shaft and her curled up in the dead end corner.
No. 358251 ID: 063c28

D. Sally out and harass them first if you can, but be certain that you've got Mitzi's back. Start out with the minigun like
suggested, but have the AM rifle ready nearby behind cover and be prepared to abandon the minigun and fall back to it the moment you hit something armored.

Falling back by exploding the blast room sounds neat for its unexpectedness, but bear in mind that it's expressly built to be explosionproof, and we don't expect them to be expecting us to retreat regardless. Ideally they won't even realize Mitzi is gone for some time.

Booby-trapping the flamethrower tanks is a great idea, and of course be sure to scatter mines and traps far and wide. It's psychological warfare: if stuff can explode at any time, they'll go *far* slower. Bonus points for multiple types of fuses (some AT mines that will only go off under walkers, for example, or simple remotely activated satchels or charges) so that whenever they think they've cleared an area for good, you can prove them wrong with firey death.

By the time we're gone from here, there should be nothing left but rubble. They should not be able to recover any useful resources; be sure that what we don't use directly or take with us gets knocked out as collateral.

Setting this up takes priority over sallying, but it might be worth making one or two initial probes to keep them on their toes an advancing slowly and get a good idea of how far away they are. It seems unlikely that we can fuck up their transport system at this point, but a satchel on those lines would certainly impair them and put us at greater advantage.

Don't forget to hug Mitzi, too. She needs it.
No. 358264 ID: 09ae70

Go with option D. We're a motherfuckin' super-heroic soldier of the godkings of the world, let's act like it.

Mitzi gets the ROCKET LAUNCHER and the DISPLACER ROCKETS, plus a spare POWER PACK for her laser. That should be more than enough for her to smash through the lift and clear the way, and it's probable that she's going to be loaded down with as much counter suppress as she can carry, so she can't really play ammo-caddy.

If she CAN carry more, she should carry the HIGH EXPLOSIVES, SATCHEL CHARGES, and DETCORD and use it to set up traps on the way to the shaft, leaving them for you to trigger. She's a better engineer than you and I'm willing to bet that applies to blowing shit up as well as building it.

That MINIGUN is flash, but your aim is so preternaturally good that spraying that much ammo is an immense waste of your time and energy. Ditch it.

I recommend you carry the AUTOMATIC GRENADE LAUNCHER for killing infantry and impairing armor. Your superhuman reflexes make the fact that it's 'automatic' fairly moot, but still - 48 grenades? With your skill I bet you can turn that in to about 48 kills.

If I were them, I'd open up with heavy weapons - their power suits. Use up the ANTIMATERIAL RIFLE early and fast against their first wave, then ditch it. If possible, deploy the EMP BOMB at the same time to disable this initial wave of power suited soldiers and make them hilariously easy prey. Man, they'll hate that.

And remember: Have fun! Killing the enemy is your right and privilege as a Tozol.
No. 358289 ID: 18c6d7

I vote plan D. Also, displacer rockets and anti-power suit weaponry are your friends!
No. 358295 ID: 1854db

I'd like to underscore the fact that we should disable, detonate, or destroy any weapons here that can be used against us that we do not take with us.

Especially the thermite. Augh.
No. 358339 ID: d6ae01

D, D, and D. We promised Mitzi we'd get here out of here, and dammit, that's what we're going to do. Plenty of other people can figure out the how, just chiming in with the why.
No. 358358 ID: 73eb25

Mizti C
Penji A then D then C

Penji throw prox mines and smoke and grenades/satchesl/incindiaries (unarmed) fucking everywhere It will slow them down that they don't want to walk over explosive devices.

Penji when they break in start throwing frags/incindiaries/smoke fucking everywhere. They don't want to walk into explosive devices. Grab grenades and throw them by the armful. Aim incindiaries at the ammo stock mostly.

Penji when they send in the mechs throw your Tozol AP grenade then hit them with the rifle

Penji when situation in untenable fall back and repeat until final retreat takin with you the HMG and AP rifle.

Mitzi go wake up the valcien. Exit via roof door of stasis and attack the tramway
No. 358527 ID: b79855
File 131874957653.png - (13.30KB , 500x500 , TQ835.png )

I explain the plan. I'm staying behind, at least until she drills to the bottom. With three displacers, it shouldn't take her very long, I hope. Once she figures out how to use them.

"Penji..." Mitzi says, like a whisper. Maybe like a plea.

"It's your best chance," I say. "Try to work fast. Please."

"Penji," she says. "Thank you."
No. 358528 ID: b79855
File 131874980784.png - (14.96KB , 500x500 , TQ836.png )

"Yeah," I say. "I promised I'd get you out. And who says I'm dying?"

Mitzi doesn't reply. About a hundred rifles do, I think.

"Hey. Keep a hold on those hard drives we picked up," I say. "If they're damaged, redownload what you can from Bio. I don't know what the world's like out there, but it should know. It should know what happened here."

She hesitates, then nods.

"Get to work," I tell her.
No. 358530 ID: b79855
File 131875002548.png - (12.16KB , 500x500 , TQ837.png )

We separate. We're still in earshot, but only if we shout. We don't.

I spend several minutes ripping up floor plates to dig a pair of shallow fighting positions and laying mines. Think the 'plan a' map. I don't dare spend more time, since we decided I'm sallying forth.

I load a rocket launcher, but only to blast my way out. I need something more... cyclic to fight with.
No. 358531 ID: b79855
File 131875012414.png - (8.23KB , 500x500 , TQ838.png )

For starters, I'm taking my Pistol, and the Weasel Bar. Obviously. Need to pick a main weapon, too:

A) Heavy Machine Gun: Still haven't had a real chance to try this baby out, but I've seen it in action, and it hurts like a motherfucker. Should penetrate anything short of heavy power armor, and offers the most ammunition and best rate of fire of the three choices.
B) Automatic Grenade Launcher: Found some cans of mixed ammunition, alternating HEAT and fragmentation. That is good. Each HEAT round should be as good or better at penetrating armor as an HMG round, but I'll be firing fewer of them. It'll also be making explosions and throwing out lots of fragments.
C) Antimateriel Rifle + Assault Rifle (w/ Sabot rounds): The AMR is my best bet for taking out powered armor or minitanks. It's also the lightest of the three choices, so I can carry a standard rifle as well, which is good because I am not going out there without an automatic weapon.

I should be able to lug some explosives, as well. I can go with:

a) An EMP bomb, two smoke grenades, two flashbangs
b) A Satchel Charge, three smoke, three flash, four fragmentation.
c) A big bag of smoke/flash/frag grenades.
d) ...or maybe I shouldn't load myself down so much after all. I'll move a little faster without as much weight and bulk. Just two smoke and two flashbangs.
No. 358532 ID: f70e5e

a solider without a heavy weapon isn't much of a threat to us, however power armor and mini tanks are. i say take the anti martial rifle and the assault riffle. also whatever you don't take leave in a pile near the elvator shaft. that way if you fall back you can grab a new weapon on the fly. we also might want to set some booby traps. give the enemy a target to attack and they will charge ahead, but if they are dealing with random booby traps and no clear hostile contact they will become over catuius and slow down.
No. 358533 ID: 35bcde

Antimaterial and big bag. Not ideal for anything, but you have options for everything. We don't know what you're up against.

And say goodbye. Just in case.
No. 358535 ID: 78b9fc

Unless you can shrug off bullets now, every soldier is a threat to you. So check your biological status. Use the explosives to keep ground forces disorganized and blind (and dead, but w/ev). Use the AMR to down any powered armor or robots. You have enough ammo so don't hold fire; make sure anything you shoot down stays down. This is a very small choke point that you do not need clear to escape, so enough broken machinery in the way and even rubble should slow down their advancement.

Prepare for unexpected resistence waiting for you when Minci gets the lift shaft open. Hope you can climb hella fast.

One day we'll look back on this and say it was a piece of cake. That day will be when you meet the Diplomats.
No. 358539 ID: 3fd4fb

A and b; we want to be able to reliably take down power armor, ten grenades should be more than enough for a sortie of the scope we're planning here, and the satchel charge can serve as a wildcard to eliminate anything that just demands a big boom. Depending upon how much ammo you're planning to carry, it might be worth dropping a grenade or two for more so that you can really burn through bullets.

Leave a bit of extra ammo and grenades in your prepared fallback positions. Might also want to put the heavy machine gun somewhere that you'll be able to grab it if running back to the lift, just in case.
No. 358541 ID: e83f6a

C and C. i imagine its best to mirror the wide range of threats. the AGL is tempting because despite the decreased firing, it can achieve the same adapability and has indirect advantage-- in case anyone is on the AGL and AMR fence and wants some perspective.
No. 358554 ID: aa7d51

C and b, you should assume that by this point they'll be throwing everything they have at you, so you'll need the extra power. Perhaps set off a few of the extra smoke grenades before the party gets started so you have a little more time, if your tails are healed enough to be able to sense through the smoke.
No. 358557 ID: bd2a40

Go with the AMR/AR combo and the big bag of goodies. You are going to be chucking frags and flash frequently, I expect, so it will come in handy to have a lot of them.
No. 358565 ID: 2563d4

C and d, but perhaps with a frag instead of a flash. Let's play hide and snipe tankrobots.

(Man, I so wanted to say B and c. See if they dare advance through a WALL OF EXPLOSIONS.)
No. 358613 ID: 73eb25

I am against leaving this area. More prep is better plus they are probably ready for someone coming out one of those doors.

B ) AGL don't worry about using up ammo. Spray like mad. Stalling is what we need.
No. 358617 ID: 6242d2

A and B. The heavy machine-gun will let us suppress the shit out of enemy infantry. They thought we had a heavy machine-gun when we had a rifle? When we come at them with a heavy machine-gun, they'll think we're an orbital strike. It's not strong enough to instantly kill mini-tanks and powered armor, but it's strong enough to get them to sit the fuck down and stay out of its way. If we really, absolutely positively have to kill every last motherfucker in the room, we have the satchel charge. And also the tozol Anti-Tank weapon, in case shit really goes cyclic.
No. 358884 ID: 54af1f

AGL and a big bag of grenades.
No. 358890 ID: b79855
File 131885490969.png - (7.80KB , 500x500 , TQ839.png )

Antimaterial Rifle, Automatic Rifle, Pistol, Weasel Bar, and a bag of grenades, including the tozol-built Antitank grenade.

I activate the mines I hurriedly set, except at the entrance I'm charging through. I leave the HMG next to the last arming switch, set up at a hole in the floor I'm optimistically calling a fighting position.

I tip over a rack of equipment so it'll be less useful as cover. In the process, I finally find a set of bracers that fit me. I realize I'm stalling. Am I afraid? I am afraid.
No. 358891 ID: b79855
File 131885497733.png - (32.21KB , 500x500 , TQ840.png )

>say goodbye to Mitzi
I don't know what to say to her. Instead, I say "Breaching."

I detonate a charge at the north exit. Concussion rolls down the hallway and smoke fills the air. I fire a rocket through the smoke, in case the blast wasn't enough, and because fuck it.
No. 358892 ID: b79855
File 131885527923.png - (31.26KB , 500x500 , TQ841.png )

I leap out, hoping to see some casualties from the rocket, but nobody's here yet. That's good, I think.

I hear voices from two directions.
No. 358893 ID: b79855
File 131885538371.png - (5.82KB , 500x500 , TQ842.png )

My blindsight still isn't working, so we're just going on maps and conjecture.

I hear footsteps, though. Lots of footsteps down both corridors. I hear surprised humans reacting to the blast.

"Union, this is Union-Two-One," I make out. "We just heard an explosion... two explosions from the armory. Please advise."
No. 358894 ID: 54af1f

Go left, identify targets in the left corridor and engage them, then run right and do the same before they flank you.
No. 358896 ID: 210977

go left.
No. 358897 ID: 2563d4

Go left.
No. 358908 ID: 3fd4fb

Go left quickly, lead with a flash grenade around the corner (I wish we could have led with a satchel charge) and then attempt to blast everything in the corridor until it's dead. You'll only have a matter of seconds, but it is vital that you eliminate the threats in that direction before the group on the right can move up to flank you; fighting enemies in two directions simultaneously would be extremely difficult.

Once they're down or at least suppressed, prepare to shoot off the first elements of the right team to round the corner. If you can't keep the right team out of the corridor you're in, even retreating back into the armory will become dangerous- a potentially lethal problem.
No. 358913 ID: 73eb25

Go left. Take a peek around the corner using the weasel bar as a mirror. Tell us what you see.
No. 358927 ID: 1444d5
File 131888033571.jpg - (47.18KB , 557x500 , cover.jpg )

If you have to move, go right. The green shaded area is the closest thing you'll have to cover from both avenues of attack.
No. 358938 ID: 56cd15

Going right seems like asking to get pinned down from both angles with a lot of fire over our planned fall-back route. I think we can afford to sally forth far enough to harass the leftmost group but will have to fall back once right side starts to get close.

I'd say go left and do as >>358913 says. We can decide how to engage from there.
No. 358984 ID: 73eb25

Correction, go to the corner and listen to identify targets and approximate range. We won't reveal our presence that way.

P.S. We have to pull back quickly or right will have firing line down the hallway to our escape point. Generally speaking going out like this is a bad tactical move and just asking to get flanked or pinned down. I highly highly advise we stay in the doorway and bank grenades off the left wall into the left hallway when they are in range, and throw right once they fire from there to stall for more time. Time is what Marcus needs.

You know what? Fuck all that. Head to left hallway and lean out, fire a whole 5 shot mag with the AM rifle down the hallway aiming for mass hits. Then throw some grenades. 5-10 dead at first enemy contact will shake them up a bit.
No. 359125 ID: b79855
File 131892807238.png - (15.59KB , 500x500 , TQ843.png )

I approach the left corner, that's at the northwest corner of the hallway surrounding the Armory.

"Move up," I hear. "Two-one, secure the north entrance."

Staying out of sight, I shift the weasel bar into a mirror and peek around.
No. 359126 ID: b79855
File 131892814154.png - (15.07KB , 500x500 , TQ844.png )

There's a squad of infantry closing fast. At least six unpowered light infantry, two in heavier power-assist suits, and some great big fucker stomping in behind them.

They can't be more than twenty meters away!
No. 359127 ID: 1854db

Take out the big one and retreat. Toss a frag behind you as you run.
No. 359128 ID: 35bcde

Two frags at medium and far range, then back down and prepare the anti-material rifle.
No. 359129 ID: 35bcde

Oh, and dive into the other corridor as you throw. Don't want to get hit in the back.
No. 359130 ID: 210977


let that frag cook for a second before you throw it.
No. 359131 ID: bd2a40

Cook a frag, toss it, shoot the closest power-assist suit and then toss a smoke in the mess before opening up with the AR for a few bursts.
No. 359133 ID: 54af1f

Toss in two frags and hit the suit with an AMR, then drop smoke and move right.
No. 359134 ID: 063c28

That right there is a perfect field of fire. They're all bunched up; anti-materiel shots will probably treat through multiple targets, and a few frags will shred everything not in full armor. Lead with a cooked frag or two and a smoke, empty your AM magazine while the smoke spreads, then lob another frag and a flashbang and GTFO back to the armory as soon as they won't be able to say for sure whether you're gone. You'll thus have slowed down any survivors quite well, and halved your initial problems. Prioritize cover over careful aim, because again, hard to miss in this situation.

Once you're back, see about giving the people at or soon to get to the north entrance a nasty surprise. Preferably one that explodes.
No. 359135 ID: bd2a40

Hmm, I think I like this idea, though I think you should lob a flash towards the area the other group is coming from to keep them on their toes, slowing them down a bit. Follow it up with a smoke to make advancing more difficult and then get the fuck back to the armory.
No. 359138 ID: 73eb25

Throw a frag, then pull out before it detonates and shoot the big stompy one 5 times in the chest, aiming for generally the same spot each time.

Then throw another handful of frags, retreat to the blasted doorway and drop a few smoke behind you to blind the left side.
No. 359154 ID: 8385cc

Reach around the corner with the AM rifle. Shoot powered armor assholes 1 and 2, center of mass. Then empty the clip down the hallway as fast as you can through as many targets as you can.

Then throw as many grenades down that hallway as you can in three seconds.

Then immediately retreat.
No. 359158 ID: 3fd4fb

They're in a hallway with no cover and don't expect an attack. You'll never have a better opportunity to slaughter them all.

Lead with a cooked frag into the infantry and a non-cooked smoke to give you cover. Before the smoke goes off, use your antimateriel rifle to hit each of the power armor infantry somewhere hopefully fatal, the big bastard twice if possible, and try for a penetrating shot that hits more than one of the other infantry. Ideally by the time the smoke grenade goes off the bulk of the squad will be dead, and their advance will be utterly broken.

Once the smoke grenade goes off and your antimateriel rifle's initial ammo is out, switch to your assault rifle behind cover and empty it into the survivors, which will hopefully only be the light infantry since you directed the bulk of your fire into the heavier units initially.

Hopefully you'll be able to eliminate the entire squad with minimal injury to yourself this way. Once that's done, chuck a smoke down the hallway towards where the right squad will be coming out- that should block them from hitting you with long-range fire and give you the opportunity to blast their forward elements as they move up to try and see what's going on.
No. 359208 ID: 1444d5

They're entering a facility they know is stuffed with heavily armed hostiles, and they're bunched up with the only armour behind them, one big juicy target.
This smells, something is definitely up here.
No. 359210 ID: 1854db

Actually they only suspect that one Tozol has escaped.
No. 359242 ID: 54af1f


I like this but don't hang around to empty your clip into them. You need to run immediately right and engage the other squad as soon as you've stunned this one. You can't get flanked here.
No. 359244 ID: 3fd4fb

The desire to not get flanked is precisely why I believe she has to push this attack until she annihilates this entire squad, rather than just stunning them. If she hurts them but doesn't finish them off, there is the possibility of surviving members regrouping and shooting her in the back while she deals with the next bunch.

We chose the "assault" plan; shock and awe are our weapons here and they won't last forever. Make the most of them. If we can give their commanders the impression that when we hit a squad it is gone, they will be forced to be much more cautious in their advance lest we smash into the next bunch. That buys us more of the precious time that we need here. If we do this right, with enough luck we might be able to do a total wipe of both squads before they ever reach the armory- which would free us up to charge forward even further and put the army on the defensive. That's somewhat optimistic, I know, but it's what we should be aiming for.
No. 359386 ID: 54af1f


I really doubt we can take out what could be an entire platoon before the other group can run up the corridor at us.
No. 359455 ID: 2d6d07

You are not human. Use this to your advantage. Your speed and accuracy mean you should be able to drop one or two (I wouldn't know which weapon to pick) and slow the charge simply by sowing the seeds of "Man Down" and be behind cover fast because you have enhanced Speed and Reflexes, and don't suffer battle jitters.

A grenade or two to add to the chaos would help too, as others suggest. The problem with this corner is that it makes banking a grenade either direction comparatively easy (aim for the opposite wall), so be aware of that.
What does 'cooked grenade' mean? Oh, holding after fuse. Yes, do that, however long you judge most advantageous.
No. 359579 ID: b79855
File 131910262507.png - (12.49KB , 500x500 , TQ845.png )

>cook grenade
>throw grenade
>throw smoke
>five rounds rapid
Here I go!
No. 359580 ID: b79855
File 131910269302.png - (18.93KB , 500x500 , TQ846magnetismisblue.png )

Detonation. I lean out.

The weapon thunders against my shoulder. The magnetic component sends saboted darts whipping out of the muzzle flash at fantastic speeds. Smells of cordite and ozone. I empty the mag as fast as I can handle the recoil.
No. 359581 ID: b79855
File 131910333787.png - (28.35KB , 500x472 , TQ847drawingwaytoomanyguysperpanel.png )

Troops are scattered and shocked. Shoot the big fucker first, but it's knelt behind a huge shield covered in cameras and explosive charges. No immediate result.

Shoot the two lighter suits instead. Gonna call those heavy infantry. Not heavy enough. Dead and dead.

Return to the heavy suit. First round penetrated the shield but didn't appear to harm the target. Fire again, straight through a camera and where I think the helmet is. It moves to return fire. I put a round through the knee and hear a roar of pain amplified through a speaker.
No. 359582 ID: b79855
File 131910366486.png - (17.95KB , 500x500 , TQ848.png )

The big snivel suit returns fire. Its shots go wide. Pussy. Troops are shooting too. Rifles appear to have silencers. They score a few hits but fail to penetrate my security armor.


I definitely saw a second squad moving up behind this one. If Marcus's estimate is accurate, we're looking at upwards of twelve squads. Probably organized into three platoons of four squads each, or four platoons of three each. Depends on total numbers and how they've slotted the heavy suits. I can't guarantee there aren't more advancing along other vectors. Remember the map I saw earlier.

I can reposition to the other corridor as we discussed, or continue engaging here, or do something else.

Moving back and forth might dissuade them from advancing and keep them on their toes, but means fewer kills in these critical opening moments of the firefight.
No. 359583 ID: 73eb25

Drop prone and put 5 more rounds into the mech.
No. 359584 ID: 78b9fc

Go with the plan. Switch to the right and let them taste death. It could buy you needed seconds if both fronts have to crawl over their own corpses to flank you. Do not lose control of your entry point; that is the choke point you need to keep control of.
No. 359585 ID: 1854db

Spend 10 more seconds fighting here, then reposition. LOB a grenade into the second squad. I know you can do it.
No. 359589 ID: 210977


dolphin dive and aim for the heavy.

also, if youre going to run to a different corridor, make sure to hop all the way there. it will make you impossible to hit.
No. 359596 ID: 3cbcc8

Reposition. We're kicking ass right now, as expected, and if we stay here, we'll probably leave nothing but corpses. However, that'll change in a heartbeat if we get outflanked - we don't have any cover down the other hallway.

Look, even if those other infantry move up, you killed the two light-armor and greatly slowed the movements of the heavy-armor - they're not gonna be a serious problem for a little while.

REPOSITION to the other hallway. On your way there, POP SMOKE and fill this hallway with opaque, as someone else suggested. Eventually they're going to get in to this hallway.
No. 359602 ID: 3fd4fb
File 131912143287.png - (13.40KB , 500x500 , tozolaction.png )

With another squad (labeled 3) approaching behind this one, repositioning to the other corridor will only result in our getting flanked from this direction- and that would be fatal, since the entrance to the armory is near here. But we need to handle 2 somehow. I would suggest throwing a smoke grenade down the corridor as shown to ensure that even after they round the corner they won't be able to get a decent shot at you; that should buy you some time, and your hearing will be able to determine when they're entering the smoke- at which point it'll be time to start killing them to maximize the confusion of their advance.

With that problem delayed by the smoke grenade, focus on maximizing casualties here before they can get those doors open and thus get decent cover. Reload your rifle and blast 1 again- the big suit if he shows any points of potential vulnerability other than the shield, and if not easier targets. Consider attempting to take down the infantry in 3 if possible, particularly the heavy infantry. Do not leave cover here or impede your mobility, and if it seems like 3 or the remnants of 1 are managing to focus their fire on you effectively, clear out. It's more important to avoid significant injury than to kill a few more guys since there's a lot of fighting yet ahead.

Once the smoke grenade you're already thrown begins to effectively obscure this corridor, chuck a couple more frags down it, aiming for the bulk of 3. Hopefully you'll be able to take out most of their infantry with those.
No. 359621 ID: 54af1f

Throw another grenade, this one uncooked, and then move immediately right and engage the other passage. Your whole objective here is to buy time and demoralize them. Kills are completely secondary to that.

Yell loudly as if to give orders to someone else, make them think there's more than one of you.
No. 359626 ID: 2563d4

Since the point is to bloody and delay them then run away with all ten tails between your legs but more importantly still attached, reposition.
No. 359635 ID: 78b9fc

Ah! Fill the hallway with smoke, then when 2 and 3 both get into it and start shooting for you, they'll hit each other!
No. 359726 ID: 063c28


Oh my god this is GENIUS. DO THIS. Fill the hallway in front of your entrance with smoke so they can't check their targets, then lead them into eachother and start a crossfire. If only there was some way to disrupt their communications so you could make it last longer; it'd be worth falling back early if there was a jammer or something you could set up.

So, yeah. Crossfire. Piss off group 2 (the flanking group) while the smoke builds, if you can. Can you breathe okay in smoke? If so, you should do as much vision-obscuring as you can; it'll put them at a huge disadvantage, as they have to check their targets, while you can kill anything that moves, and if you get smoke up in the armory too it'll make it much harder for them to check for mines. And that's not even accounting for if your blindsight comes back. You did rig a few flamethrower fuel tanks to explode, right? That'll put you at an even greater advantage in smoke.

Relocate (after throwing an un-cooked grenade to delay them) as soon as the smoke blocks their vision and repeat the scenario with the other squad, then kite them into eachother so they meet around your (by then thoroughly smoke-obscured) exit hole, at which point you bail out and let them deal with the result, perhaps flinging a few spare explosives into the mix if you can safely.

Once you fall back, be sure to start setting up smoke cover throughout the armory; it should be full of smoke by the time they get themselves untangled, so you can be a ninja and harass them and freak them out to the point that they'll shoot at anything that moves, hopefully incurring yet more friendly fire incidents. If anyone but you survives this, ensure that it's with the worst kind of PTSD. Psychological warfare.
No. 359731 ID: 1854db

Any well-commanded force would never fall for such a trick. Though it would probably make it difficult for them to get you in a pincer attack.
No. 359756 ID: d39aca

Chances are, they've got alternative ways of detection on the armored units and ways to identify their own. Don't try the friendly fire thing. You'd only wind up with two fronts to worry about.

Also, you don't have any more repair tumors to burn for a quick fix of injuries.
No. 359763 ID: 5bf190

Yes, the foolish humans depend on sight as their main sense! Even without your blindsight, your other senses are still superior to theirs, and your melee ability as well; an inability to make direct hits with any reliability also suits your armour. Well-trained as they may be, they're also going to suffer some fear, and if these are mercenaries their hearts aren't going to be so much into this. And if they're going to pack the corridors, you can sacrifice a bit of your own accuracy. Maybe leave it a bit longer if you can, if you can squeeze off some more shooting before any of them get close, but plan smokeninja definitely looks like a good way to go.

They may well be using vision augmentations, though, most likely infrared night vision devices, so try to look cool.
No. 359764 ID: b79855
File 131919617585.png - (19.06KB , 500x500 , TQ849.png )

"Fire! Suppressive fire!" I hear behind me. "What was that?"

"It's a fucking Athelhom demon!" someone screams.

I hear panic, but I don't think I'll be able to induce a friendly fire incident. Not one big enough to matter.

I drop a smoke grenade anyway, because every second helps, and dash for the other corridor.

>Yell loudly as if to give orders to someone else, make them think there's more than one of you.
I hiss security padding at no one in the battle language.
No. 359765 ID: b79855
File 131919620597.png - (17.58KB , 500x500 , TQ850.png )

I arrive with only moments to spare. There's no time to cook this grenade, but it sends them scrambling away. Same squad layout as the other group.

"Contact! Cont-"

The heavy power-suit doesn't bring its sheild up in time. My first round glances off the thick canopy, but the next hits obliquely, and penetrates.

I spend the rest of the magazine taking out two heavy infantry.
No. 359766 ID: b79855
File 131919640837.png - (9.78KB , 500x500 , TQ851.png )

I toss a smoke round as my grenade detonates. The humans are shouting at each other and firing. They seem uncertain if they're facing multiple targets.

I saw a squad advancing behind the one I just engaged. Above the gunfire, I hear sounds coming from the hallway to the east. Lead elements of a third platoon, perhaps.

I've still got plenty of ammo. I can keep feinting back and forth, or brave the suppressive fire to try to rack up kills, or retreat to the armory, or do something else.
No. 359767 ID: b57910

I say back and forth, if you can manage it.
No. 359768 ID: 1854db

We need to last as long as possible. Switch to the rifle and take out the light infantry, then move to assault that squad down the hallway to the east. Use the same tactics as before; they work wonderfully.
No. 359771 ID: bd2a40

Try to rack up some kills by emptying your AR into the current corridor. Once done, toss a frag down it, a smoke into the eastern corridor and quickly head to the western one where you probably have enough time for one more engagement before you need to fall back to the armory door.
No. 359773 ID: 35e1a0

if you have any more bombs stick it to the corner so that when someone turns the corner it goes off.
No. 359776 ID: 5d184e

Feint a bit more, hopefully to get them a bit more backed up and packed together, then kills, then fall back; they'll likely toss some grenades of their own as they move in, so you'll want some cover. Climbing over their mates' bodies should slow 'em a bit and set some fear in them. Once they enter the smoke, ninja time.
No. 359778 ID: 3fd4fb

It is very important that you not get injured here, or at least not significantly. There's still a long engagement ahead and any serious impairment could mean death. That said, the more you kill here the less you'll have to deal with later. So kill them as fast as you can until the suppressive fire gets bad, then chuck some grenades and swap to the other side.

Drop smoke grenades all down this corridor that you're feinting back and forth in. You'll be able to use hearing to locate the enemy, but you don't want them to get clear shots at you if they ever do manage to advance. With the power- and therefore any serious ventilation- in here turned off, it should take a very long time for the smoke to dissipate, giving you plenty of cover. If it comes down to it, you can almost certainly tear up entire squads in melee, since they'd be panicked and worried about not hitting one another with gunfire.

Were there any weapons in the armory that would likely be able to reliably kill the enemy heavy power suits through or around their shields? I'm thinking a satchel charge might be able to get them- the concussive blast alone would probably be able to kill them from shock if it landed close enough, even if their suit remained mostly intact. Or maybe a rocket launcher with anti-tank rockets? The rocket launcher also had DPICM rockets; if any of those are the minelaying kind they could be great for use here, if we can get ourselves a little time to modify our arsenal. Nothing like a minefield for blocking off an infantry advance.
No. 359821 ID: 1e3433

When shooting behind smoke I suggest lying flat and rolling behind cover when you have to stand up. Just because they don't see you doesn't mean they can't get a lucky shot.
No. 359822 ID: 56cd15

Smoke towards noises, keep feinting. We need to keep buying time for as long as possible. Three directions of guys moving in isn't the best situation for moving up and trying to get more kills in.

Get kills where you can but focus on keeping up the confusion.
No. 359831 ID: 2563d4

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and side to side.
No. 359837 ID: 73eb25

frags & smoke
frags & smoke everywhere
throw all of them down the three hallways
get back into the armory from that hole you blew
No. 359839 ID: ce4a4d

It seems that, being a Tozol, Penji could kip up to the ceiling instead. Seems like hanging from a pipe or something would be safer than the floor if the enemy had no visuals. (Hey, it worked in Léon.) I'd prefer to wipe this squad, but feint seems to be the majority opinion.

Give these guys grenades, reload heading to the east corridor, cook a frag for the infantry and take out the next armor, then smoke them and break the next squad from the west.
No. 359842 ID: 2d6d07

Downvoting attacking right squad 2 (or, if you meant attacking the "noises" presumed squad.)
This local map tells us the armory has two entrances. This is pretty bad for us, as will our present position soon- 3 directions of hostile forces.

I say try to finish off the squad you're presently engaging, at least making casualties of them. IF you get a good sense of how close the "noises" squad is, try to get a smoke then a frag a little later off at the mouth of that corridor to give them serious pause.

Then go back left to try to finish off "Union 2-1"- they are the next closest squad. We are a delaying action.

How's ammo/'nade count going? If we're lucky we can resupply once we fall back into the armory. We may not be.
No. 359845 ID: 2d6d07
File 131923169078.gif - (29.38KB , 744x618 , 131296433199.gif )

oh, and some mild extrapolation (see crudely altered map) suggests that the "noises" squad (corridor C) should be at about the data analysis/data-processing/security corner. The tram moves much faster than on foot, based on squad spacing in corridors A and B. I expect corridor D to have hostiles very shortly, now that one of the squads has contacted us- if they were widely-deployed to find us, they are now converging. (And, the direction D seems a strategically useful angle to approach us from, and fastest from-the-tram.)
No. 359890 ID: 54af1f

Feint back and forth. Toss a grenade towards the noises.
No. 360013 ID: f27b6b

We can afford to push forward here for a moment because there is a very large source of cover just ahead of us. His name is Heavy Power Armor, he is both bullet-proof and grenade-proof, and we just shot him in the face.

Dash forward, use his corpse and shield for cover, and bombard that squad with grenades and cyclic fire from cover.
No. 360089 ID: 1444d5

>heavy armour shield
The looting! We forgot about the looting!
No. 360104 ID: b5ea9a

Oh shit, take that thing.
No. 360109 ID: f27b6b

I'm not prepared to propose picking up until we've gotten a closer look at it. If we can take it and wield it effectively, though... that would change the whole shape of this fight.
No. 360145 ID: 063c28


Our ninja-like mobility and stealth is our biggest asset now (especially as things get smokier, which they better keep doing), and most weapons don't seriously damage us already. Not to mention that I'm sure they have weapons capable of penetrating it. It would be a liability.
No. 360185 ID: b79855
File 131936437842.png - (24.76KB , 500x500 , TQ852.png )

>back and forth
>charge and loot
I compromise by banking a grenade down the left hallway to make them think I'm still camping the corner. I throw another one down the hall to my right. I don't think targets are there yet, but it'll hopefully make them slow down.

My tails are still hurt and numb, but bullets that pass produce shockwaves with crystal clarity, letting me track rounds back to the source with mediocre precision. At least I'll know right away when I've been flanked!
No. 360187 ID: b79855
File 131936493680.png - (22.28KB , 500x500 , TQ853.png )

I dash into the hallway where I was standing a moment ago. The enemy got those doors open, at least the ones into the barracks proper. Using them for cover and laying down fire with guns and underslung mini-rockets. They score hits on me as I advance, one of which penetrates my body armor and stops against my sternum plate.

I return fire with my pistol. Smoke's everywhere. I've got no depth perception in infrared due to how cooked my visor is.
No. 360188 ID: b79855
File 131936496612.png - (47.92KB , 500x500 , TQ854.png )

What's left of the forward squad retreats further into the Barracks. The squad further down the hallway is intact, but didn't have a lot of time to shoot me before I find cover. I toss several grenades into the open barrack doors, churning up the smoke and spattering my armor with bouncing fragments. With the weasel bar, I relieve the dead suit of its shield. It's really big, but I can carry it.

I'm going through grenades like crazy but I've still got a bunch left, plus most of my bullets. If the enemy's smart and aggressive, they're in a position to quickly surround me.

Thunder makes the walls shake. Mitzi's breaking out the heavy demolitions. I can stay here and keep fighting, fall back a ways and keep feinting, retreat to the Armory proper, dive into the barracks and hope they follow me and not Mitzi, or get really aggressive by charging down the hallway with the shield... or something.
No. 360189 ID: 2563d4

Keep feinting. Mitzi just drew attention to herself and you need to stick close enough to stop them doing anything about that.
No. 360190 ID: 73eb25

Fall back and keep throwing grenades like mad. If you see any people well enough, shoot them with the gun. Otherwise just keep throwing indirect grenades.
No. 360196 ID: 56cd15

They're not bloodied enough to dissuade them enough I think. That makes any plan where they can surround and murder the shit out of us a bad one as it relies on them being stupid.

Keep Feinting. We need to bloody them without overextending ourselves and keep them focused on the Tozol, not on Mitzi. She won't be able to handle even a fraction of this heat.
No. 360198 ID: 73eb25

You mean armory, not barracks. Mitzi is in the armory. If we go into the barracks they go around us and get to her.
No. 360200 ID: 1854db

Whoops reposting:

Retreat into the armory or at least near the entrance. If you can hear Mitzi's explosive work then THEY can too. We gotta make sure nobody goes around us and gets at her, fucking up our escape plan.
No. 360203 ID: 54af1f

Keep feinting but prepare to fall back. They're likely to try to flank around from the South/West, so you need to get ready to assault back into the armory if they breach in from the South or West side.
No. 360226 ID: bd2a40

Fall back to your first position, deal some damage and prepare to pull back to the armory.
We simply do not have the time to do much else, anymore.
No. 360275 ID: d6ae01

If you do anything that involves leaving the offensive, they're going to go after Mitzi. Take that shield and go to town.
No. 360307 ID: 3fd4fb

Fall back and keep feinting. The first squad that we shot is almost certainly recovering and preparing to move forward by now; if they get behind us and take the Armory entrance we're in deep shit. And if we take any kind of significant leg injury we're probably dead.

Add even more smoke to these hallways as you move. Smoke is your friend; even with no depth perception in infrared you can still perceive things much better in it than they can.
No. 360452 ID: de42d9

I think it might be a good idea to take steps ensuring that the enemy is not smart or aggressive.

Do they know about Mitzi? They phoned for advice on the explosions before, and one of them asked what you were. These guys are not being well informed. That explosion will have made them nervous. Try some terror tactics. Do you think it'd be at all possible for you to do some trick shooting and hit the guys in cover?
No. 360454 ID: 063c28

>I think it might be a good idea to take steps ensuring that the enemy is not smart or aggressive.

Very much this. Keep moving, keep popping up unexpectedly, keep lobbing grenades into unprepared groups, be as many places at once as you can—but don't push too far forward. Make sure you always have your avenue of retreat back towards Mitzi open. The shield should help you fall back without taking too many hits if you do get flanked.
No. 360832 ID: f27b6b

This guy has the right idea. Keep feinting, don't let them get used to you being in any one location. Scatter smoke and flash.

Try the 'kill heavy power armor, use for cover' trick on the other side. If you're going to carry this outrageously specialized Heavy Armor Killing Weapon, you might as well exploit the hell out of it.
No. 361275 ID: f76433

Mitsi hast had enough time yet, we need to hold them down. turn these tunnels into a maze and fire from everywhere. the less they know about where YOU are the less they will think about where SHE is.
No. 362247 ID: b79855
File 131996952798.png - (11.40KB , 500x500 , TQ855.png )

>Keep feinting
I take my new shield and fall back. Smallarms fire bounces pleasantly off.

>Do you think it'd be at all possible for you to do some trick shooting and hit the guys in cover?
No. The angles would make my rounds penetrate when they'd need to ricochet, and vice versa.

There is no way I can run back and forth fast enough while carrying the shield, so I stand it up facing the hallways to my right.

The enemy must think there's more than one of me, because every time I reposition, I have to run a good sixty meters, and there's enemies twenty or thirty meters from each corner. Even with the rushed healing, I'm not moving much faster than a human. They're just not risking it.
No. 362249 ID: b79855
File 131996957731.png - (28.28KB , 500x500 , TQ856.png )

They are, however, laying down lots of fire, scoring hits every time I expose myself, and narrowly missing with underslung mini-rockets.

I'm hearing more and more footsteps. Troops definitely approaching from the east, from the northwest to reinforce those in the hallways I'm suppressing, and maybe elsewhere. Hard to localize between the echoing halls, Mitzi's enthusiastic demolition work, and now a familiar voice.

"Miss Alton," says Operator. "Penji. Please consider your options objectively. It is not yet too late to surrender."
No. 362252 ID: 35e1a0

take shield and retreat into armory, they finally getting enough to just bull rush.
No. 362255 ID: 73eb25

Time to fall back. Throw every single grenade you have on you as fast as you can in all directions where there are people or may be people. Get in the hole you blew and shoot the first motherfucker you see. Keep shooting from there until you feel you should pull back more to avoid the fire they are flinging at you. When you do finally go back into the armory load up with more grenades.
No. 362257 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, it looks like staying here is asking to get overpowered from all directions now.
No. 362258 ID: b909e7

Penji, I'm q new voice to this mess, but I'm glad I didn't get here to late! Do not charge down the hallway, they are likely to be bringing heavy weaponry to bare in the rear, and the other squad may very well attack you from behind! Please! Fall back and feint!
No. 362260 ID: b909e7

Is anybody here a Strategist?! Save Penji! I can't stand to see her hurt! I'm afraid I'm no good at Military strategy Penji, all I can do is pray for your safety.......
No. 362261 ID: 3fd4fb

Operator's con is a transparent one. But if she's talking over the speakers then they might be bringing all the systems back online, potentially including things like cameras, turrets, and fans. That would suck, but I'm not sure what you can do about it at this point except be wary.

>scoring hits every time I expose myself
Shit. Nothing significant, I hope. Can't afford accumulated injury in a protracted battle like this.

This position sucks, but I'm not sure how pulling back into the armory will actually help. We'll still be vulnerable to being surrounded, flanked, and rushed by large numbers of opponents; it will just take an extra few seconds for that to happen. We'll have more ability to get alternate armament, but will we have the time to, when the enemy will be able to keep us tied to defending the entrance? I think not. Going back into the armory is just giving up ground to no advantage.

So I'm inclined to say that we need to keep holding this hallway, although we might not need to be as aggressive about it as we're being now. Hopefully we'll be able to provoke them into charging or overextending at some point and enabling you to blast off their forward elements during the advance, or by getting into melee during the chaos with cover from the smoke. Moving the shield back towards the armory entrance would probably be taken as a sign of retreat, but it could at least cover you against small arms from one side of the hall while you fire on the other.
No. 362262 ID: 35e1a0

you raise some good points.
No. 362269 ID: 1e3433

If we keep screwing around in the hallway they're going to either hit us with something powerful or out maneuver us and take the armory, time for tactical retreat is now.
No. 362270 ID: 54af1f

Pull back into the armoury now. Ignore the Operator.
No. 362290 ID: 1854db

Yep, get back into the armory. Bring the shield.
No. 362324 ID: 6e44d2

Eh... If we fall back, we lose the advantage in terms of breaking enemy morale. They'll see that, yes, tozols can be pushed back. This, combined with >>362261, implies that perhaps we ought not to. I would only approve of falling back if we can somehow set up some nasty explosives for the enemy to deal with while rushing our position. Ideally, the kind that they wouldn't notice until it had cooked whole squads.
No. 362335 ID: 3d7a30

I agree with this. We should rush the squad that's doing the least firing. That way, we can create panic and hopefully double back and attack the other squads from the rear
No. 362358 ID: e79d6a

Fall back to the armory.
No. 362383 ID: 54af1f


This might not be a bad idea but I don't think we've got time. Mitzi needs us before they breach.
No. 362408 ID: 063c28

But we *can* get pushed back. We're tough, but we're not invulnerable, and trying to pretend otherwise will just get us outflanked along the remaining hallways; these guys aren't going to break and run before that happens. We need to fall back to cover Mitzi's effort (and slow down their realization of what she's up to).

We should fall back to our hole in the armory wall and bounce grenades off walls/shoot anything that sticks its head out of cover for as long as we can safely manage before retreating to our prepared fighting positions.

Our medium-term plan should probably be to use explosives to obstruct the hallway with rubble behind us as we follow the path Mitzi made and meet up with her and the soon-to-awake Valcien. By the time they break through that, we should be able to show up with it somewhere well away from the main concentration of forces, and hopefully circumvent them entirely, and proceed to make haste upwards/outwards. We don't need to kill anything that's not between us and the exit, after all, and trying to do so puts us at undue risk. Remember, we can (and will almost certainly have to) come back later with friends for the true reckoning; right now we should be concerned exclusively with our, Mitzi's, and the Valcien's survival and escape.
No. 362426 ID: 01381b

I agree with dropping explosives and falling back, possibly creating a temporary bottleneck by collapsing a hallway. If we get back to the Armory, we could grab a different weapon to cause assorted havoc and make them think the sniper is repositioning.
No. 362449 ID: 063c28

I was talking about for the final retreat down the elevator shaft after Mitzi, actually, but doing it here too might not be a bad idea either.
No. 362468 ID: d6ae01

You know what? Let him talk. Don't pay it any mind, we'll tell you how many metric fuckloads of shit he's full of later.
No. 362567 ID: fa6ad7

I'm sure glad Penji has minds like yours to help her out. My specialty Is diplomacy, not warfar.
No. 363211 ID: e169f8

You could try to set explosives down a corridors on one end and then advance in another. You could push towards their lines, and when squads attempt to pincer from behind/to the sides, they will hit your traps. The shock and removed flanks of troops would give you the freedom to advance and strategically push through their guard, giving Mitzi’s explosive firepower a potent opportunity.
No. 363213 ID: 4020c9

Penji, I am not very good at these kinds of things, but I can recommend for you to not die. The easiest way to do this would likely be to hide behind the shield while shooting off rounds from the rifle, behind you(Your back towards the side hallway you're in, you facing the main.) While having your pistol out to take out standard soldiers that AREN'T heavily armored.
No. 363248 ID: 78b9fc

It was too late to surrender the moment you found out what they did to Hyperion. Hell what they did to Mitzi was bad enough. To surrender to these guys is a fate worse than death.
No. 363264 ID: 399bda

Fall back to armory.
Also, stall for time with Operator; if they think they can talk you down, it might give you a better chance.
No. 363392 ID: 1444d5

"stalling for time" is what Operator is attempting to do. Which means things are going well (i.e. bad for them).
No. 363518 ID: 2d6d07

notably the Operator might be stalling for time in order to reactivate its systems in the Armory and vicinity.

That we hadn't heard it before, and now do, suggests that it might be making headway in this area. [Alternately, the soldiers brought along some loudspeakers, but that seems unlikely...]
No. 364344 ID: b83cef

We will need to fall back soon, maybe not right now, but soon. When the team from the east reaches you that means the team from the west (that I am positive will be there) will just then be reaching the armory from the other side. At that time backup for the teams we are fighting now will arrive to bolster their numbers and to start the endgame. Three of the teams will trap, flank, and kill us. The other team will take the armory to cut off an escape route. They will probably find Mitzi and kill her. Or if we pull back then they will surround the armory and push in with a large force to kill us. Inside we have a decent position to fight back and can sum what defend the escape route.

Falling back now does look like the best option (is the best) but Mitzi has not finished the escape route. I am tempted to keep the concentration of battle out of the armory until she is done. However, if we are too late to get back then we will lose a piece and time for all this trouble.

Oh and the operator ai on the speaker is just being a dick. He likes his position very much and would like to keep his experiment alive instead of killing you. Don’t talk to him.
No. 364720 ID: 99f447

I believe out strategy here should be to let them advance, inflicting as much damage as possible as they go. Once they are getting to close for it to be feasible to keep hitting them in this fashion, we need to break through, and then round about and start hitting the other groups from behind.

I doubt it'll be easy. We've killed what, a dozen troops? There are more than a hundred remember.
No. 365017 ID: b79855
File 132100674361.png - (20.76KB , 500x500 , TQ857.png )

>Don't fall back quite yet
I brave the suppressive fire one more time.

I set up at the left corner. As I lay the gun, I see a target peek out.

For an instant, I feel like a tozol.
No. 365018 ID: b79855
File 132100680939.png - (25.29KB , 500x500 , TQ858.png )

>Ignore Operator
In the Utility Tongue, I tell it I will leave one last camera working so it can watch while I eat its thinking components. I can't tell whether it understands.

>Grab the shield and get out
I go for the shield.
No. 365019 ID: b79855
File 132100686010.png - (20.43KB , 500x500 , TQ859.png )

The shield explodes.
No. 365020 ID: b79855
File 132100689839.png - (16.25KB , 500x500 , TQ860.png )

A big chunk of metal clocks me in the head. For a few seconds, I'm too disoriented to think, but my body doesn't stop. Something like instinct and something like programming carries me to the north entrance of the Armory.

When the humans move up, I can either fight them through this hole I blew in the door, or fall back at once to a fighting position I dug and arm the last mines.
No. 365021 ID: 35bcde

Falling back may be wise. You need time to recover.
No. 365023 ID: e55966

keep the pressure up. they havent swung around your position yet have they ?
No. 365026 ID: 063c28

Fall back and arm the mines. Take a (very) short breather, check your armaments, grab any reloads or replacement grenades you need, and keep spreading that smoke cover.
No. 365028 ID: bd2a40

If there are any more smoke grenades left, drop one on this side of the entrance to the armory, maybe another deeper in. It would help conceal the explosives scattered all over.
No. 365030 ID: 73eb25

drop a smoke and frag then pull back. Drop another smoke in the doorway. Drop another smoke just inside of the doorway. Drop another smoke into your "fighting position". Use your thermal vision to see.

if you think you have time, refill your grenades.
No. 365046 ID: 3fd4fb

They'll probably be moving around to the other armory entrances shortly. You won't have very long after you choose to use the fighting position. You've filled the hallway here with smoke to prevent them from seeing your location, so it might be worth firing off at least a few shots as though you're defending the door before falling back, just to slow them down.

Drop some smoke grenades inside the entrance to make it harder for them to target you, regardless. Get a satchel charge- if they end up packed into that hallway around the door, it will likely prove a perfect opportunity to use it and blast a lot of them to hell. It might also be worth checking if any of those rocket launcher DPICM rounds are the minelaying type; that could help out a hell of a lot in this situation. So could anything capable of blasting through those heavy shields and the armored suit behind them, for that matter.
No. 365059 ID: 2563d4

Stay to fire from the hole at least once, then fall back. Every advance they make has to slap them in the face to keep them slow and cautious.
No. 365061 ID: b738b4

Pop the "cooked" visor out of your helmet, if you can do it quickly. Having your depth perception in infra-vision to aim with will help, what with all the smoke we're going to drop.
No. 365077 ID: 55c4cf

Push forward more. Turn the heat up as much as possible before you double back and activate the mines.
No. 365111 ID: b57715

drop 3 smokes in and around the hole, and then toss a frag. we make them want to wait.

then back the fuck up, and arm the mines.
we have pushed fate too much already, and thew will have had time to get the big stuf in by now.

from now on, its a running fight.
No. 365112 ID: 01381b

Definitely drop a smoke, possibly a mine. Retreat if the way is clear while dropping assorted explosives. Use the smoke to clear your head first, then move out.
No. 365113 ID: e75a2f

What you may want to consider doing is luring as many squads into the armory as possible, and then blowing up the entire armory. It's full of things that go boom, taking out a huge swath of troops will even your numbers considerably, and it will cause total panic and disarray among the rest of the platoon.

The armory is also centrally located in the compound, meaning if you can explode it and the surrounding area you stick a big immovable barrier right in the middle of the flow of traffic.

You can then use the state of disarray and the blockade to escape south or west and hop on the tram rails, or better yet possibly flee east if you're fast enough and get to one of the lifts.
No. 365120 ID: 1854db


Also yeah I don't see any reason not to fight them through the hole in the door. Although you should double check the status of the other doors really quick. Shouldn't the other squads be attempting to breach by now?
No. 365200 ID: f27b6b

No. 365223 ID: 371e0e

Squeeze off a few aimless shots before you go; you don't want them thinking they can advance just because they blew up the shield. Let them hear some fire still coming from your direction, then fall back and mine the place up.
No. 365939 ID: 01381b

Smoke so hard that they won't notice the mines through their lung cancer.
No. 395898 ID: ce4a4d
File 133271745665.png - (35.55KB , 500x500 , TQ861.png )

I decide to stay a little longer. Make them fight for every meter. I don't have a lot of them to spare.

When they poke around the corners, I spray automatic gunfire. I score a few hits, but mostly just scare them off. When they concentrate, I throw a grenade.

They're willing to absorb casualties, but not rushing me. I can hear more footsteps through the din. More must be flanking. I haven't heard any mines detonate yet, unless I missed them between the grenades and Mitzi's blasting charges. I don't think I have.
No. 395900 ID: ce4a4d
File 133271749163.png - (35.32KB , 500x500 , TQ862.png )

Heavy infantry set up positions at the corners and lay down a curtain of suppressive fire. I hurl more grenades their way, but I'm nearly blind unless I want to charge into fire. I think I do.

I can rush them, to help keep them away from Mitzi. Suicidal, maybe, but I'm running low on non-suicidal options, and I need to buy her more time. I can withdraw to my prepared positions and hope to halt them, but then my back's truly against the wall. I can keep fighting here, just chuck munitions and hope for the best, or I can do something else: try to start an ammunition fire, hide in a corner to leap out at them, devise a trick. Something.
No. 395903 ID: b85f8c

Them flanking means we can't stay at this door or rush into their ranks, for they will merely flow around us like a blob and get to Mitzi. We don't have a choke point, and barely any firing angles in this location. Setting up shop in the armory is our best option at the moment... but yeah, start an ammo fire at this entrance, it should hold them off for a while longer so we can cover the other two entrances better.
No. 395906 ID: ed57e8

hmm... make them think you withdrew and hide above the door. they come in you become a center to a maelstrom of death. then retreat for reals.
No. 395907 ID: 063c28

There's no need for a suicidal rush. Remember, our medium-term plan is to follow after Mitzi, once we've fucked up the attacking force to the greatest possible extent. Similarly, setting an ammo fire is premature: we should do that, but only once they've fully committed to the armoury, and we're about to leave. Finally, staying here will get us flanked. There are other entrances, and we're not the only ones who can blow holes in walls.

That leaves withdrawing to the prepared position. Wouldn't want that effort to have gone to waste, after all. Give ground now so you can kill more of them later. Don't forget to arm the last mines.

And continue to do everything conceivable to reduce visibility for them, of course. Smoke for the smoke god!
No. 395915 ID: 2563d4

No. 395934 ID: 44d0de

Yeah, this is a good plan. I love it when someone else is clever so all I have to do is quote them!
No. 395939 ID: 61e7f9

smoke and frags smoke and frags

whatever you do add in lots of grenades.
No. 395953 ID: 369d34

This, pretty much. Chuck a couple parting 'nades, then fall back.

I do worry about starting an ammo fire on our way out. Not that Penji couldn't do it, but that it would get snuffed out by the fire suppression system. If there's any place in the base that would have a strong fire suppression system, it'd be the Armory. If there is such a system, hopefully it's halon gas based, and it'll suffocate some of the enemy troops.
No. 395956 ID: 44d0de

Yeah, this is a good plan. I love it when someone else is clever so all I have to do is quote them!
No. 395986 ID: ce4a4d
File 133272422310.png - (18.79KB , 500x500 , TQ863.png )

>Give ground now so you can kill more of them later.
>add in lots of grenades.

I chuck fragmentation as I leave, and start filling the place with white smoke. Good thing I packed all these things. Got more at each shitty crater I've optimistically designated a fighting position.

Feeling pretty vulnerable. There's more than one angle on me right here, and ways for them to sneak up behind. If there were two of me, we might be able to hold the enemy indefinitely, but there aren't.

I really wish Mitzi would hurry the hell up.
No. 395987 ID: ce4a4d
File 133272432218.png - (29.69KB , 500x500 , TQ864.png )

>Don't forget to arm the last mines.

It isn't long before I hear the distinctive blam-crackle of a directional mine from the southeast half of the armory.

Humans are shouting now. They were keeping quiet, but no longer. I can't easily make much out

"The whole place is mined! We need EOD bots!"
"Fuck your radio silence! We've lost two squads already!"
"Need time to bring up enough Battlesuits."
"Say again?! No, I do NOT copy!"
No. 395988 ID: 61e7f9

Go engage those poor fuckers.
No. 395989 ID: ed57e8

don't get jumpy, sounds like they are going to send in something to take the brunt of the mines, disarm them when you see it so the EODs don't set them off. then turn them back on.
No. 395990 ID: 886a4d

Be the Ghost in the Smoke. Take out a couple move on and take a couple more. Keep moving and don't let them see you.
No. 396000 ID: 2563d4

Go snipe one then fall back again.
No. 396006 ID: 063c28

It sounds like they're trying to work out a solution to your preparations. Go make sure they're too frantic and/or dead to have much success with the whole communication and planning thing, and the survivors are too scared to try again.

Don't overcommit, and come back to your prepared position afterwards. This way if they try to flank your last known position they'll get it wrong. In fact, let's try some second-order strategy: make a few rapid hit-and-run attacks that all appear to originate from roughly the same center, such that if they try to flank that center they'll be in the field of fire of that nice big gun you've got set up. Move again not too long after that so a corrected flanking maneuver still won't find you. Bonus points for baiting them through minefields.

Remember, guerilla tactics: maneuvrability and stealth are your biggest advantages, especially as visibility continues to drop. Use emplacements, but don't depend on them. Some enemies may survive, but you'll make damn well certain that not a single one walks away without a serious case of PTSD.

Above all, remember, you have an escape route. This is not your last stand. Your purpose is to terrify and whittle them down. I bet some scary loud alien noises wouldn't go amiss in the interests of terror, come to think of it, especially if your kitchen-sink biology can get harmonics going such that it sounds like there are lots of you.
No. 396051 ID: 44d0de

As per these suggestions, give them some quick harrying to add further delay, then fall back to your positions.
No. 396097 ID: ce4a4d
File 133273969774.png - (28.03KB , 500x500 , TQ865.png )

I move southeast to disrupt the enemy in the ammunition store.

"Miss Alton," thunders Operator, still calm and even, but with enough raw volume to make the walls shake. "We have every reason to accept your surrender, even now. We have more to learn from a living Tozol than from a corpse. We had forty years to study your corpse. We shall have decades more, beginning very shortly, unless you cease hostilities IMMEDIATELY."

I find some sappers at the east entrance, trying to disarm my mines.

"What more can you offer your dead masters? Your dead species? Our mercy is your only remaining resource, and it diminishes with each passing instant."
No. 396098 ID: ce4a4d
File 133273979999.png - (18.20KB , 500x500 , TQ866.png )

This is only an estimate...

Red: Enemy
Blue: Mitzi and I
Turquoise: Mines
Purple: Fighting Holes

So far, they aren't swarming in, but that could change any second. If I'm going to start an ammunition fire, I'd better start now. It'll only affect the southeast half, though three of the four entrances lead here. It might not be very large, depending on what failsafes are in place.

"Please consider your options objectively," says Operator.
No. 396100 ID: 61e7f9

Set fire to the ammo stores. Take shots at anyone you can see as you move about setting it off.
No. 396101 ID: 12c19f

I think the operator is off his nugget. What kind of goddamn offer is this?! Being a lab rat, or being an autopsy? They must find egging this at you amusing by now.
No. 396102 ID: e3f578

"I'm no damn test subject for you to own, and neither are the creatures and people here you immoral, kidnapping fucks! Freedom is a right! FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM"
No. 396109 ID: 431fa8

No. Say nothing. Operator doesn't deserve your words. We are considering our options objectively, and we saw what they did to each of the tozols they captured. Their mercy is no coin at all.

If they're sending in sappers at this entrance, they'll be sending them into the other entrances, too- best get over there to check them quick. Start the ammo fire once anyone already moving inside has been taken down.
No. 396113 ID: a76cbb

No. 396117 ID: bb0c2f

Also don't worry, your species is not dead, he's lying his ass off. Psychological warfare and all that.
No. 396132 ID: 063c28

Sweep for sappers (if we're lucky, they will have few EOD techs left after this, drastically slowing their advance), start the ammo fire, and fall back to the fighting hole near Mitzi so that you can retreat after her on immediate notice. If there are any remotely activated explosives on hand, set one in the middle of the explosives stores to cause some real chaos once you've drawn them in and departed down the elevator shaft. If this would take too long to set up, don't stress it; the ammo fire should stand a good chance of touching them off. Relatedly, when you see the ammo fire reach the explosives racks, book it downstairs again ASAP.

The operator is implying that they're about to do something different (and, in their opinion, more effective) to attack you, so stay alert for surprises and be prepared to GTFO if something you aren't prepared to handle shows up.

We're not anywhere near up against a wall, so don't even think about sacrificing yourself. We've still got plenty of time and distance left to kite them across in the floor below; even if Mitzi is absurdly slow, by the time you retreat all the way to the Valcien she'll surely have woken it up at the very least, which should in the worst-case still cause enough chaos and draw enough attention that you can slip away again.

Don't respond to the operator. There's nothing to be gained from melodrama.
No. 396134 ID: 369d34

This sounds like a good plan. Knocking out their EOD techs and bots will hopefully keep the lighter armored troops out until the heavy Battlesuits show up and soak the damage from the AP mines.

Once the ammo fire is going, will the sprinklers going off knock the smoke down?
No. 396140 ID: 210977

the operator must be desperate to make such an offer even now.
No. 396144 ID: 2563d4

The sentry guns are dead. The cameras are dead. I'm willing to take a gamble that fire suppression is dead too. Light it up, and fall back to the hole by Mitzi, taking pot-shots as you go.
No. 396161 ID: 54af1f

Stall for time. Ask for guarantees while you set the fire.
No. 396162 ID: 2563d4

Oh, and don't bother with chit-chat. Unless you want to hiss more tozol noises at supposed allies.
No. 396165 ID: b85f8c

Lighting up the place will both cover Mitzi and limit the firing angles the enemy has on you. Top notch tactic, do it.

Also ask the Operator who the fuck Alton is. That's not your name. Hmm. Stay in position for a bit to limit the amount of time you spend exposed. We're actually doing fairly well so far.
No. 396170 ID: 5bf190

Do not answer. For those soldiers right now, you want them to think of you only as an unknowable force. There's no guarantee they wouldn't hear your answer somehow or have it relayed to them, perhaps to assure them that you are a mere individual.

On that note, how good at you are changing your voice? Or projecting it? A little more nonsense padding in various tones as you move around might help things.
No. 396321 ID: 00451b

WAIT. Who IS Alton? Is that Mitzi's brother? Maybe Mitzi's last name? Do they think that one of them is controlling you directly or something?
No. 396325 ID: 369d34

Penji told Operator her name was Penji Alton, way back here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/120515.html#131850
Operator took to calling her Miss Alton ever since, as far as I remember.
No. 396341 ID: 059994

The noose is tightening, Penji. Time is almost up. The ideal situation, would be to break through their lines where they are weakest, and then hit them from the flanks until they figure out you aren't in the middle.

That's probably a luxury we can't manage though. We haven't had a whole lot of good luck breaking through them when they are entrenched. It still might be worth a shot, if you can determine where they are weak enough for it to work.
No. 396567 ID: ce4a4d
File 133291908331.png - (31.24KB , 500x500 , TQ867.png )

I'll feel pretty stupid if I die with all this ammo just sitting here. I start tearing open boxes and dropping flares inside. I grab a few satchel charges, too, just in case. I hope Mitzi doesn't need more explosives. I haven't heard a peep from her, apart from the odd blasting charge.

The humans have quieted down, too. They still aren't rushing in. I wonder how much materiel they hope to mass before making their move.
No. 396569 ID: ce4a4d
File 133291925671.png - (12.10KB , 500x500 , TQ868.png )

There's some fire detectors here. They haven't gone off, yet.

I can shoot them and hope they don't failsafe, try blinding them somehow (ideas?), ignore them and hope for the best, for all I know they're already disabled, or incapable of stopping a large fire. (Entirely possible, since chemical propellants don't require oxygen) Or, I could get Mitzi. I'm sure she can disable them, but every minute she has to work on digging us out is a jewel beyond price.
No. 396577 ID: ed57e8

gel like something over them. if they can't detect they can't activate.
No. 396578 ID: f2355a

What would be the point of installing them if they couldn't stop a fire here in the first place?

Finding some elaborate way of blinding them would probably take too long. Same with getting Mitzi. Apply bullets to it, I guess.
No. 396580 ID: 12c19f

They clearly haven't triggered the moment you're contemplating this but they could also be silent alarms. Either way it doesn't look like anything is happening.
No. 396591 ID: 369d34

Since there aren't alarms blaring left and right, what with all the smoke and the fires you just started, you can reasonably assume that Marcus did a thorough job and disabled these as well. Don't shoot them, though; That could trigger a hard failsafe activation, since their destruction would usually indicate an explosion.

Still, if you pass near enough to Mitzi, run in and ask what kind of fire suppression system they would use here, so you'd have some idea of what to expect if it goes off. Here's hoping it isn't something absurd, like infraspace displacer charges embedded in the floor and ceiling.
No. 396614 ID: b85f8c

Don't shoot them. There is likely a mechanical failsafe. In order to blind them we'd need to completely clog them with some sort of paste, or cover them up with something. If there are any goo-guns here that'd work, but we don't have time to look for them. If there's any way to quickly cover the things so that whatever they spray can't get TO the fire, that would work too.

Otherwise just leave them be.
No. 396618 ID: 7864e7

*glances at wiki and inventory* You've got tape, right? Lots of tape? You can probably tape over the fire detectors you want to blind.
No. 396655 ID: 2563d4

Don't waste time and concentration you don't have on fire detectors that have so far ignored all the fire. You have stray dudes to shoot and a hole to fall back to.
No. 396665 ID: 1444d5

>What would be the point of installing them if they couldn't stop a fire here in the first place?
They;re detectors, they detect fire for the purposes of "oh shit, the ammo dump is on fire, GTFO". Suppressing a blaze of self-oxidising materials is a non-trivial task, and the solution is usually to just design the storage area firewalled so you can let the blaze burn itself out.
Oxygen suppressants would be ineffective, and heat-suppressants would be almost certainly so (you'd need something that can sink the same amount of energy as the store of explosives could produce, and if they had access to that they would already have used it to freeze you solid). Chemical reaction suppressants are specific to a single reaction or a small subgroup of reactions, e.g. what would suppress oxidation of one type of explosive may have no effect on, or even accelerate, oxidation of one type of incendiary.

tl;dr: Any fire suppression system (if one is even installed) that would cause you inconvenience would already have been activated to inconvenience you, so pay it no attention.
No. 396697 ID: 61e7f9

I retract my previous suggestion to shoot one and see what happens.

I'm with this guy >>396665
No. 396829 ID: ce4a4d
File 133300314325.png - (25.12KB , 500x500 , TQ869.png )

I ignore the devices and focus on setting this fire.

Nozzles project from the ceiling and start spraying foam, but it can't extinguish the fire, only stop it from spreading. That doesn't stop me from spreading it!
No. 396830 ID: ce4a4d
File 133300318241.png - (34.44KB , 500x500 , TQ870.png )

"Penji?" asks Mitzi. "What was that? Penji? What's going on?"

"Uh. I set all the ammo on fire."

"What? Why?!"


No. 396832 ID: ed57e8

okay since the side with the fire is probably covered now, watch the other doors.
No. 396833 ID: b85f8c

Tell her not to worry, it's mainly a hazard for the enemy.

Then start shooting the enemy again.
No. 396841 ID: 61e7f9

Keep moving around and harassing any entering troop and stalling any that haven't entered. Throwing frags and smoke and prox grenades into the hallways occasionally is a great deterrent.
No. 396845 ID: 2563d4

Pretty much that.
No. 396846 ID: 369d34

Now that's a sight to behold. You gotta admit that, just a little bit deep down, you wanted to set an ammo dump on fire for the sheer spectacle of it. Doesn't hurt that it's the enemy's ammo and it impedes their progress.

The southeast entrance is pretty well blocked up with the fire, but that leaves the north and southwest ones only mined. The enemy in the northeast entrance might bypass the fire by heading through the emergency blast room and explosives storage.

Continue cycling around the entrances, shooting anything that comes in. Start by checking that they aren't trying to break in through the explosives storage area.

...There is one other thing: Is Mitzi going to need a respirator and O2 tank? The air in here is going to be pretty thick soon.
No. 396847 ID: 063c28

Practice your long-range grenade lobbing through the entrances. Bonus points for bouncing it off walls so they guess wrong about where you threw from.
No. 396848 ID: ed57e8

let's hope she learns how spess sharks can live without air, quick.
No. 396875 ID: 61e7f9


>>The southeast entrance is pretty well blocked up with the fire, but that leaves the north and southwest ones only mined. The enemy in the northeast entrance might bypass the fire by heading through the emergency blast room and explosives storage.

>>Continue cycling around the entrances, shooting anything that comes in. Start by checking that they aren't trying to break in through the explosives storage area.

These too
No. 398360 ID: ce4a4d
File 133343206155.png - (10.31KB , 500x500 , TQ871.png )

>The enemy in the northeast entrance might bypass the fire by heading through the emergency blast room and explosives storage.

Good point.

A solution presents itself.

I'm not sure which explosives (if any) will detonate sympathetically, so I slap proximity mines on everything as fast as I can and hope for the best. Maybe it will scare them off.
No. 398361 ID: ce4a4d
File 133343216593.png - (37.61KB , 500x500 , TQ872.png )

"Mitzi!" I shout. "Why am I not hearing displacer rockets?"

"I- I'm not sure if I've cleared far enough," she says. "And... and I'm not sure if I know how to arm them safely. And... and I think I need to turn off the range arming so it'll detonate this close, but if it's too close then-"

"Mitzi, inside of five minutes, giant fuck-off suits of powered armor are going to crash in and mow us down with rotary cannons. Adjust your concept of safety accordingly."
No. 398362 ID: ce4a4d
File 133343247875.gif - (29.75KB , 500x500 , TQ873.gif )

>cycle from entrance to entrance
I'm not sure how meaningfully I can do that. I'm not THAT fast. Not with my legs this fucked up. And what if they rush in all at once? That is, if they can maneuver past the increasingly intense ammo fires.

Oh, and these mines. The interior mines (flashing) aren't armed, because I had to shut them off to fuck around out here.

Should I cycle from entrance to entrance, find an ambush spot in the smoke, or rearm the mines and hunker down in a prepared position? (The northwest one, presumably)
No. 398368 ID: b85f8c

Rearm the ones in that big line. Hide in the smoke, ambush the first group to come through then relocate to the northwest through the space you are now. Instead of rearming those mines, see if you can arm them ahead of time in places that you can avoid tripping them while moving fairly quickly, but would be somewhat difficult for the humans to avoid.
No. 398380 ID: 2563d4

Unless the fire has become too intense, loop round southeast anti-clockwise then up to the northwest position, arming mines.
No. 398388 ID: affb00


Mitzi needs to scale the wall. That will put her close enough for the ranged arming mechanism to activate, without putting her inside the

Wait you can swallow these displacer missiles safely. Grap one and climb up there. They'll carve the tunnel and you'll go into your little pocket dimension instead of getting annihilated.

Oh god I forget if we were tunneling up or down. Please let it be up.
No. 398391 ID: b85f8c

It's down because we don't know where up leads.
No. 398392 ID: affb00


Why the hell are we tunnelling down? Aren't the stars up? Oh god we decided to bank on the baby space whale didn't we.
No. 398393 ID: b85f8c

Yes, there is also that.

It's not like we know of any other possible way to get off this rock.
No. 398409 ID: 5bf190

You're immune to the displacers, right? If it wouldn't take too long, shout for Mitzi to arm one best she can, then you go fire it, and if it's too close it won't do you any harm and Mitzi can adjust better.

How many of those things do you have, anyway? They might be nice for those power suits.
No. 398420 ID: 61e7f9

You only need to seriously check the north and southwest entrances visually. Check between those two and shoot the first fuckheads you see.
No. 398423 ID: 431fa8

Check the north and southwest entrances visually. Chuck a grenade or two into them on principle, if you bank it off the walls so that it's likely to make it outside where they are- might as well keep the enemy on their toes and we've no lack of grenades.

Stash our heavy machine gun near Mitzi for the retreat and switch to a different primary weapon- there were DPICM rockets, right? If any of them are the submunition/mine-laying type, we can use those to rapidly cover this whole damn area with mines even more than we already have. Aside from that, anti-tank rockets would probably be even better than the antimateriel rifle for taking out powered armor, even if they're somewhat more cumbersome. If there's anything even better on hand for fighting powered armor, grab that instead. Got to rearm to suit the expected type of engagement... at least, if we haven't already torched all our options.

We've only got three displacer rockets. Apparently they're not too common. Anyway, when it comes to taking out heavy suits other types of rocket will probably suffice, if we grab one.
No. 398430 ID: 7864e7

Tozol are murderous space weasels, get murderous weasel style. Find an ambush point in the smoke. After that, follow this guy:
No. 398489 ID: 369d34

The problem with hiding in the smoke is that the heavy power armor is almost certainly going to have some form of advanced sensors and optics, including thermal. The smoke will interfere with their vision at best, and at worst it won't do jack shit. So don't count on being as obscured as you'd like.

This is a good idea, with a couple changes. First, make sure everything you want to keep is away from the shaft top. Second, jump back as soon as the displacer missile leaves the launcher; You don't want to end up falling down a hole, or standing there if the floor falls in.

...Dammit. I just realized that we could have cleared the shaft with two or three displacer missiles in short order. One for the shaft head, one for the blast doors halfway down, and possibly one to clear the bottom. Ah, well. We'll do what we can now.
No. 399399 ID: 18c6d7

Hmmm, yeah I say hunker down and prepared for those suits, but maybe start a few more fires/prepare a few more explosives if possible.
No. 399453 ID: affb00


Yeah it's not like Mitzi ever mentioned a Spaceport or anything.

The good news is the waste chute is again an option for escape, if we can get past all those jabberwocks.


This might be a good time to point out that you have a thermal camouflage ability just waiting to be unlocked.
No. 399456 ID: b85f8c

Refresh my memory.
No. 399469 ID: d08387

Rearm those mines and hunker down. The humans in general seem to not want to die and the mines will probably slow them down a lot as they mince in like bloody cowards.

Unless that heavy armor you mentioned makes them immune to mines...
No. 399874 ID: 54af1f

Penji's legs are hurt, so cycling isn't going to work all that well I think.

I seriously doubt the battlesuits are going to see through the hot smoke in this room with thermals. Further we're behind at least two layers of insulator. First fur, and then the armour, so we should be okay for an ambush.

I vote for that. Let them come in and kill as many of them as possible in the fatal funnel as they silhouette themselves in the doorway during the breach. Try to disable any battlesuits where they block the doorways and impede any second wave assaulters.
No. 400168 ID: ce4a4d
File 133410509604.png - (23.61KB , 500x500 , TQ874.png )

>Find an ambush point in the smoke

Almost as soon as I do, I hear explosions from all four entrances.

"Bots are down," I hear. "All of them."
"Go go go!"
"We're out of time! Let's GO, rifles!"

More explosions.
No. 400170 ID: ce4a4d
File 133410531497.png - (34.48KB , 500x500 , TQ875.png )

They're not backing off this time. I hear smallarms fire in between explosions. They're shooting whatever mines they can see, but there's dozens, many of them able to kill at a distance, in a choking soup of smoke and heat.

"Aah! Aaahh shit!"
"Man down!"
"Northwest is intact. Wait, there's more mines. Look directi-"
"I say again, route is still mined! Find us another way!"
"-still breathing, get him out of here."
"Oh God oh no..."
"Sergeant Braden!"
"Entire place is on fire. Southeast route totally impassable."

Two battered snivel-suits advance from the northeast entrance.
No. 400171 ID: ce4a4d
File 133410536048.png - (37.60KB , 500x500 , TQ876.png )

"Munitions are cooking off!"
"We can't stay here! We need to fall back!"
"What was-"
"Alonzo! Contact contact!"
No. 400172 ID: ce4a4d
File 133410537944.png - (23.55KB , 500x500 , TQ877.png )

No. 400175 ID: 61e7f9

Get your tozol on.
No. 400180 ID: b85f8c

Watch for the explosives on their shields, don't wanna get hit by those.

Getting another shield would be nice, even though as we've seen they have stuff that can destroy it. Just take that into account with how we use it- don't leave it unattended as it will get blown up again.

Aim for the joints, or maybe switch your axe into a pickaxe for maximum armor piercing capability and aim for the head then.
No. 400182 ID: affb00

No. 400184 ID: 44d0de

Aww, look. They even have handles on their shoulders for you to grab on to while you drive an icepick penetrator through their brain.

Grab on to their shoulder handles with your feet for leverage, and smash in their skulls.
No. 400186 ID: 369d34

Land full force into the face of the one suit that got its head shot, knocking it back into its buddy. Then switch your weaselbar ax into a warpick, or something similar, jump on top of the second battlesuit and hold on tight while smashing out its visor. Insert LIVE HAND GRENADE through BROKEN VISOR and make CHUNKY SALSA IN A CAN.

Once these two chumps are dead, slap a proximity mine or two on each of their suits as a booby trap for anyone who investigates. Take one of their shields, after removing any explosives on it.
No. 400188 ID: 61e7f9

If you do take a shield, stash it in the final hallway by mitzi.
No. 400260 ID: 063c28

Leave one of them injured, unable to operate his armor, but alive. Be sure his radio is operational. This will lower morale even more and disrupt their comms.

Then booby-trap him and relocate.

While doing so, observe that they seem to be in a big hurry for a group that supposedly has you cornered, and from whom they insist you cannot escape. Wonder what they're worried is about to happen.
No. 400274 ID: 56b008

Plant your axe in the face of the suit that was shot. Then ride him to the ground or swing down behind his partner and take out his legs. Don’t leave them alive. A guy screaming over the speaker is a moral drop, but losing two suits in 30 seconds is more of one.
No. 400275 ID: a40801

I like this. Be careful, though, those shields might be command-detonated. Avoid their cone of fire until you're behind them, lest they shotgun horrible EFPs in your face.
No. 400301 ID: 2563d4

Stab, stab.

But don't forget you're here to hit and run, not carve Sunday roast. Cripple them and relocate.
No. 400313 ID: fadabb

Sergeant Me: if you're still alive, compliment the tozol on her hot ass.
No. 400314 ID: bb0c2f

Is that a gatling gun on his arm? And that thing to the left of his head, is it a camera or does it shoot shuff?
No. 400363 ID: 1444d5

Space-axe! It's Valerian time!

Remember, axe to the back of the helmet, where there will be less armour to pull it back out of. Or, if those are false-helmets, go for the back of the leg and arm joints (which can't be reasonably armoured and maintain mobility). Immobilisation is a mission-kill.

>Aww, look. They even have handles on their shoulders for you to grab on to
I can see little patches on the bars. If I were designing a suit of armour that required permanently attached handholds, I'd electrify them just in case.
No. 400587 ID: ce4a4d
File 133425966855.png - (32.14KB , 500x500 , TQ878.png )

It's too late to choose where to land. The target's minigun blazes a sweeping arc of bullets that narrowly miss me. I drive my weasel bar into the armored canopy, but don't hit anything vital.

>if those are false-helmets...
It's secured to the chest, very thick and durable. Even my antimaterial rifle (left on top of the shelving!) needs an oblique hit or it glances off.
>that thing to the left of his head, is it a camera or does it shoot shuff?
Camera. Probably IR.

I'm slow. Maddeningly slow! My nervous system's working adequately, but my body's close to its breaking point. Do I focus on a killing blow to the armored head/torso, try to cripple it with strikes to the limbs, trash its weapon and run, or something else?
No. 400589 ID: 54af1f

Go for the joints, try to cripple the limbs. Do NOT try to kill the pilot. If you kill the pilot he/she's no longer something the enemy have to worry about.
No. 400590 ID: 4912c2

>trash its weapon and run
You can't risk going for a kill-shot; if you fail, it might be the last thing you ever do. Destroy the minigun feed and disengage!
No. 400591 ID: ed57e8

trsh the gun. without it, it will need to go to melee to do anything. making it basically useless.
No. 400592 ID: b85f8c

We need a quick and easy solution. Fuck up the gun, then strike a joint in a leg once, that'll be enough to screw him over. After that disengage and grab your rifle again, moving back out to defend the nonsmoked doors.
No. 400594 ID: 210977

trash the gun. better to neuter his offensive capabilities now than wait for it later.
No. 400596 ID: 2563d4

Cripple and relocate. Back to the hole, probably.
No. 400607 ID: 4bdd79

Apply axe to gun.
No. 400615 ID: 0a3290

Trash the gun and run, hopefully the fire will hold back anything else in this direction for now.
No. 400617 ID: 369d34

Get behind him, break the ammo feed on the gun, and land a good hit on the inside of one of his knee joints, hard enough to hobble at least. Then run for it.
No. 400635 ID: 61e7f9

Get onto its back, avoid grapples or crushes. Strike the left arm and the right arm then go for a kill. If it's too tough to kill the pilot easily then hack the limbs and cut the ammo feed to the gun. Do you have the mercy giver with you? This is exactly what it is designed to kill. Use it if you have it.
No. 400658 ID: ce4a4d
File 133428115902.png - (21.73KB , 500x500 , TQ879.png )

>Equal disarm and cripple
I shove the weasel bar into the spinning barrels and twist in the other direction. Hard.

>Watch for the explosives on their shields
Oh right! Shit!
I don't actually know how it triggers them.

While it's distracted with the minigun, I chop at the inside of its right elbow and hope for the best.
No. 400659 ID: ce4a4d
File 133428117522.png - (26.69KB , 500x500 , TQ880.png )

The target knocks me away. I was just leaving anyway. It babbles into its radio, but not in very great detail, most likely trusting in its electronics to provide context.

>Do you have the mercy giver with you? This is exactly what it is designed to kill.
Mitzi has it.

The armored human manages to detonate its charges, but I'm gone by then. It makes a terrible beehive racket of ricochets sending burning cinders everywhere.

I'm off to a good start. I feel lighter on my feet.

No. 400661 ID: a43a6c

Solid cover, now!
No. 400662 ID: 54af1f

Plug the hole in your pack and get away from the grenades you just dropped!
No. 400663 ID: a2fa74

The pins are still in them.
We DO want to get away from the flying bullets, though.
No. 400664 ID: 431fa8

You're leaking grenades. Hole in the backpack. Get to cover and check inventory- are we missing any other critical items? We'll need to keep up the pressure here, so if we could fling a satchel charge or two behind one of the oncoming groups that would be great.
No. 400666 ID: f730a1


Cover your pack! Use your tail to recover as many grenades as you can!
No. 400678 ID: 369d34

Dammit! Your pack was clipped by the minigun.

If you can, lasso any items falling out with your tails, then use them to feel inside the pack to judge how much you lost. If it's empty or nearly so, don't even bother to stop. Pocket or clip what's left to your suit. Otherwise, find cover to take inventory, and flip the pack over if the top flap can take the weight.

Is there another supply of grenades nearby, or are they all back in Explosives Storage or burning in the fire?
No. 400679 ID: 44d0de

Goddammit, you're leaking grenades. Oh well. Smoke em' if you got em', because you don't have a place to keep em' anymore.

No. 400681 ID: b15c4f

Dammit Penji, that is not what we meant when we said you'd better not have any grenades when you came back.

If you can, hand some out like party favors while you move. Otherwise, get to a fallback position and ditch the pack for the satchel charges you had in reserve if they're on the way. Prioritize: 1) get to prepared position 2) arm any remaining mines 3) fetch satchels 4) grenades
No. 400730 ID: 7ea3a9

Keep as many in the pack as you can. Check next entrance for more suits.

Get back that AT rifle if you can. Or a smoothbore. Something bigger than a standard rifle.
No. 400752 ID: 2563d4

No. 400753 ID: 252e1b


Unfortunate, but splitting your attentions may get you killed. Focus on getting under cover.
No. 400810 ID: 7ea3a9

>>Prioritize: 1) get to prepared position 2) arm any remaining mines
No. 401395 ID: ce4a4d
File 133447722513.png - (24.75KB , 500x500 , TQ881.png )

I flip my backpack upside down and hope the lid stays closed. I've only got a few grenades left, including the tozol antitank weapon. Rifle's gone, too, though there's crates of the things around here. I manage to retrieve the antimateriel rifle in a hurry and run that way, back to my forward prepared positions.

Checking an aisle corner with my mirror, I see the humans have gotten there first. It's hard to tell from here (even in IR) but there's at least four at my foxhole. I can hear battlesuits but can't see any. My tails still don't work.

I can't arm my mines now. Maybe I can if I retake that position by surprise, or maybe the wires are already cut.

There's a terrible thunderclap, and a whirlwind of smoke blowing past me. A Displacer. Mitzi must have fired it correctly. I know this because if she just killed herself, I'm already dead. Therefore, she did it correctly.

Fuck do I do now? There's still a heavy machine gun at my second position (that's the southern yellow square), but then there's nowhere left to run, except to Mitzi. If I try to retake my first position, I could be cut down from all sides. Or maybe you have something clever in mind.
No. 401396 ID: 61e7f9

Straight up charge them and cut down the four guys to get to the hole. See if it is feasable to retake the position long enough to arm the mines.
No. 401398 ID: 063c28

You have an anti-materiel rifle, and three of the four known hostiles are standing in almost a perfect straight line from your position. Take a second to line up a perfect shot, make it, then flank around (or over) the gun racks to drop down among the survivors from the opposite direction that your shot came from.

Let's see how much of a Tozol you are. Wreak havok.
No. 401399 ID: 431fa8

You grabbed satchel charges earlier- if you've still got them or there are any nearby, use them on the humans at your first position. If you can actually land one inside the foxhole it should devastate the people inside it, and a second one outside it should take out or at least disorient anyone left. At that point charging the position and eliminating any survivors should be much more feasible- and if there's any way to get the rest of those mines activated you'll be able to do it.
No. 401401 ID: 138a64

That Displacer explosion was pretty damn loud, right? That probably drew at least some of the humans' attention. Arm the interior mines, since you won't be fucking around there any longer. Don't draw attention to yourself from the dudes up north. There's absolutely no way those guys don't have power armors along, so you'd just lose the element of surprise in an inferior position.

In short, arm mines and fall back to the southwest hole.
No. 401405 ID: b85f8c

Could we use the tozol grenade here?
No. 401409 ID: 61e7f9

do not throw the god grenade at 4 people.
No. 401412 ID: ed57e8

throw a bunch of bombs
No. 401413 ID: 2563d4

It's an antitank weapon. It punches small holes in heavily armoured things and sprays hot death on everyone inside. Using it "in the open" is not what it's good at.

Get up on the gun rack where the smoke is hopefully thick and obscuring and lob handfulls of grenades their way. Start sniping the moment they begin exploding, and hopefully they'll have difficulty concentrating entirely on shooting back.
No. 401430 ID: 4bdd79

No. 401447 ID: f730a1

Fall back to second position.

Be prepared to hold your ground.
No. 401515 ID: 369d34

Don't waste your AM ammo on light targets; Pull a rifle out of one of these crates and use that.

Get on top of the shelves to check the next aisle over for battlesuits. If you've got a good shot on one, take it. Otherwise fall back to your second position and be ready to take on battlesuits.
No. 401597 ID: 784dcc

>>401398 or

Heck, even a (normal frag) grenade in a foxhole should be great damage. Cook properly.
No. 403920 ID: 739622

I am leaning towards falling back as well. There's gonna be incoming towards Mitzi after that displacer shot, so I say do what he says: scout the situation if possible, grab an extra rifle, and fall back, in any case.
No. 404169 ID: c74bfa

it is vastly preferable to arm the mines and reduce the nuber and rate of attackers, than to just piss of to Mitzi and be overwhelmed. even if you get there just barely in time to save her, it is still preferrable.
No. 404731 ID: ce4a4d
File 133541607688.png - (24.81KB , 500x500 , TQ882.png )

>Arm the interior mines
I can't from here!

>get a new rifle
>Let's see how much of a Tozol you are.
Not much of one, right now. I'm still suffering extensive burns, bullet wounds, a penetrating shot to my lungs. I'm utterly exhausted, and I really need something to drink. My arms are pretty intact, but most of my body feels like it's held together with tape and wire.

It feels... unreasonable. My instincts tell me I need to retreat or die. Not, I must stress, that I need to retreat. My body tells me to choose: back down now, or unlock all safeties for one final effort, burn the tape and unravel the wire, to accomplish a goal worth my life.

I try to push it away. I have to do both.
No. 404734 ID: ce4a4d
File 133541629575.png - (21.12KB , 500x500 , TQ883.png )


I dive out and open fire. The two nearest, I write off the instant I pull the trigger. The others, quick on their feet, dive for cover, clearing the way for the foxhole.
No. 404736 ID: ce4a4d
File 133541644309.png - (22.42KB , 500x500 , TQ884.png )

I land inside and clutch the detonator, arming the mines, unless the wires are already cut, unless the mines are disabled, unless I just didn't arm them correctly in the first place.

And then the world erupts with the sound of ripping cloth a hundred decibels too loud. Bullets strike all around me at a fantastic rate of fire, pelting me with stinging fragments.

I'm suppressed. I'm fucked!
No. 404738 ID: 61e7f9

Time for the football of death. It's our only way out of this. Good luck.
No. 404739 ID: 6e44d2

Got any grenades? Think you can lob one without losing an arm to the incoming fire?
No. 404745 ID: b85f8c

You just need a couple seconds to get out.

The AM Rifle would get broken if you exposed it to fire, so it's useless here. The regular rifle isn't strong enough to strike the greatest threats-the armored dudes with miniguns. Grenades are our only option for buying the time we need to relocate. Tozol or regular.
No. 404754 ID: 44d0de

This is what the bucket of grenades is for. Start deploying them, and if that doesn't thin them out enough for you to escape, use the anti-tank weapon to penetrate in to the ceiling and detonate there-in, collapsing it on your opponents.

Smoke em' if you got em'...
No. 404762 ID: 369d34

...Welp. Can't say you didn't see this one coming.

Muster the last of your strength, fight through the pain, and throw every frag grenade you have left. Top it off by sticking the Tozol AT charge to a floor support facing the enemy, or the underside of a tipped up floor panel, pulling the pin, and leaping away. Use your legs, your arms, your freakin' tails, just get the hell away from there!
No. 404766 ID: b85f8c

Do not expose yourself to the gunfire; you will die. Make the gunfire stop before getting out.
No. 404783 ID: 369d34

Last ditch option: Fire the Tozol AT 'nade into the ceiling above the battlesuits.
Get as low as you can, stick the Tozol 'nade to the bottom of a floor panel, pull the pin, and angle it as best you can to aim for the ceiling behind them.
No. 404790 ID: 210977


cook those grenades and start tossing them. we need to fall back now now now NOW.
No. 404890 ID: 369d34

The backpack's shredded, so you may as well cook and throw all those frag grenades, since you have no way to carry them now. Immediately after the grenades go off, bail out of the hole and get the hell away from there. Use whatever limbs are still working, just get the fuck out of the line of fire.

Do not use the Tozol AT grenade/charge! The only way it'd work is if the AT penetrator managed to hit a battlesuit perfectly. That'd take outrageously good luck, which you do not have, and failure would result in, at best, the charge being wasted, or, at worst, the AT penetrator going off too close. The risks are way too high. Don't do it!
No. 405320 ID: 54af1f


This sounds the best option. At the very least the flash might blind them. Then get back to Mitzi. You can't stay here.
No. 405362 ID: 2563d4

Do not use the armour-penetrating anti-tank weapon in the open where it will be useless. You're not half the tozol you'd need to be to actually land it on one of the powersuits blind.

You want smoke, smoke, and more smoke. When stuff starts exploding, you need to take advantage of any momentary distraction to leg it with them having the least certainty of where to fire possible.
No. 405595 ID: 56b008

Throw everything or almost everything (but the tozol grenade) at the enemy. Then get back to Mitzi.
No. 405638 ID: ce4a4d
File 133569815214.png - (24.95KB , 500x500 , TQ885.png )

Fuck fuck get it together...

>AM Rifle would get broken...
It didn't actually fit in the hole. It's dead weight now.

>throw tank-killer grenade
Remember, the other one created a large electromagnetic pulse! That might shut down these battlesuits, or it might damage the displacer warheads Mitzi's working on.

>throw smoke
All gone.

>throw frag
I pull the pins on all five human grenades, and throw six.

They begin detonating in quick succession. The battlesuits are probably unharmed, but seem momentarily distracted. I have an instant to decide whether to use the tank-killer or just run for it.
No. 405639 ID: 6a4b78

Too many targets and too little time to shoot them all. RUN LIKE THE MOTHERFUCKING WIND
No. 405640 ID: 2563d4

Leg it
No. 405647 ID: 8a3061

run like a bastard

if possible circle around and attack from behind
No. 405649 ID: 61e7f9

Make like a tree and get the fuck out of there.
No. 405676 ID: 18c6d7

Retreat. Hopefully those frags will help.

On a semi-related note, would more counter-suppress help you heal faster?
No. 405698 ID: 369d34

Run! Retreat! Use your legs, your arms, your freakin' tails, just get out of this hole! Drop the broken AM rifle as you run for it, if possible.

At this point all the Suppress in Penji has been countered. What she needs to heal now is water, proper food, and time.

Test Pattern clarified the capabilities and deployment of the Tozol tank-killer grenade in >>/questdis/361741 and below. Hopefully this'll clear up misconceptions about its use.
No. 405701 ID: 44d0de

No. 405717 ID: 784dcc

>I pull the pins on all five human grenades, and throw six.
No. 405791 ID: 54af1f


Throw the tank killer. There's too much fire to move otherwise, you'll get cut up. As soon as it detonates, run.
No. 405935 ID: ce4a4d
File 133577819119.png - (27.66KB , 500x500 , TQ886.png )

Hoping the blast and noise will distract them for a few seconds, I leap out and run!

It doesn't work very well. Rounds impact all over. My armor stops some but not others. Pain everywhere, my blood splatters against the wall. I think I lose a tail.

One suit was flanking, but I manage to stumble out of its field of fire. Nothing penetrates the bone plates protecting my vitals, but my musculature feels... shredded.

Where am I running? Scratch that. Where am I heading? My second position, where I can maybe hold them off with the HMG? Or to Mitzi, to hide and try to kill anyone who comes through the door?
No. 405944 ID: 61e7f9

Head to Mitzi. Only go to snag the HMG and bring it along with you, if you won't getting shot again while doing that.
No. 405978 ID: 431fa8

I want to say your second position... but your physical condition just isn't good enough to support that. If you try to use that as your next fighting position, it'll probably end up as your grave.

So back to Mitzi. Ditch any weapons that no longer work and consider grabbing that undamaged HMG if it's on the way.

I really hope you have all the counter-suppress right by Mitzi and ready to take with you downstairs, because if you can't get the valcien enough of it to really wake up you won't be getting out of here.
No. 405982 ID: 7780e9

Run to the HMG. Use the tankbuster. Pray to what gods there be that the heavies are insufficiently EMP-hard.
No. 406008 ID: 2563d4

The second position. They must never be allowed to build up momentum in their advance.
No. 406059 ID: 4912c2

Retreat to the second position. Every route to Mitzi, save the one through the second position, is now blocked by mines - mines that, I remind you, you just worked very hard to arm. Sunk cost fallacy aside, you now KNOW that you can set yourself at the second fighting position without risking being flanked by surprise, because the secondary approaches are secured by mines, so there's no reason not to go there.

Besides... If we are about to die, we might as well get to enjoy firing that great big gun first.

Fight, Tozol! Teach them the meaning of the word!
No. 406137 ID: 369d34

Except that the second position is open to being flanked. Look at the map here >>398362. The battlesuits could easily split up, one going down an aisle, one following the wall, bypassing the mines entirely, and jump on Penji simultaneously. She has only one HMG, and wouldn't be able to reposition it if she took down one of the battlesuits to get the other one. She'd have to throw the Tozol tank-killer to possibly get out of there.

Right now, Penji should use the tank-killer to destroy these two battlesuits. They're roughly in line with each other, perpendicular to the shelves. If she sticks the AT grenade to the crates on the third shelf row, facing towards the battlesuits, it'll blast everything that isn't vaporized across the room.

Once that's done, drop everything that's broken, pick up a replacement rifle if yours is busted, and collect the HMG from the second position. Set up a new firing position in front of the doorway from Equipment Processing to where Mitzi is. If you have any bottled water in the junk you collected downstairs, drink it.
No. 406198 ID: d6d6cb

Head to Mitzi. While it'd be nice to use that second position, you're far too fucked up to guarantee that you'll be able to fall back from it once things get too hot.

Do something similar to what >>406137 suggests instead.
No. 406911 ID: ce4a4d
File 133595206506.png - (20.13KB , 500x500 , TQ887.png )

>Go to the HMG
>Go to Mitzi but get the HMG first
I stumble to the HMG.

Work, body. Please.

I thank the gods for not giving me a pain threshold.

>use the tank killer
I'd be throwing it blind. And climbing up on a cabinet doesn't actually make me invisible.
No. 406912 ID: ce4a4d
File 133595208696.png - (19.55KB , 500x500 , TQ888.png )

The mines at the entrances are probably destroyed or depleted, but the interior mines in and around the two crosswise hallways are now active. Probably. Even if they aren't, the ammunition storage must be a blast furnace by now. That means Mitzi should be protected except via the doorway my gun's pointed at.

It would be nice if those shelves weren't so close to me, but I bet this weapon can shoot through them. Meanwhile, I have cover. Still, I'm fairly vulnerable to flanking.

I can fight here (or not) and then withdraw to the doorway (green square here). If I'm under fire when that happens, I'll have to suppress the guys ahead of me and hope the ones to the side are lousy shots. From there, I'm at the entrance to where Mitzi is, and we're looking at a last stand.

How do you want it?
No. 406933 ID: 61e7f9

No. 406935 ID: 61e7f9

Take everything left and retreat to the entrance of the final hallway (where the room turns into the hallway).

Those mechs give not a single fuck about HMG fire. They will walk into it without hesitation. Then we will be in the same situation we just were and having to run into the bullets to get out instead of away from them.

Right now Penji probably has more time left than life left. Stalling has become less important than avoiding damage.
No. 406949 ID: 431fa8

Grab the HMG and pull back to Mitzi. You won't be able to escape this position if you're caught in it. You can't afford to die yet.
No. 406990 ID: bdb3f8

Move to Mitzi. You also can't rely too long on a fire you can't see to cover her other flank.
No. 407008 ID: 77c98d

go to mitzi. she will need you.
No. 407009 ID: ce4a4d

>(green square here)
Yellow square. My bad.
No. 407016 ID: 2563d4

>Having to retreat forwards while being flanked
Ok, to hell with that, this is a terrible place for a hole. Fall back to Mitzi with the BIG GUN.
No. 407091 ID: 369d34

Can't count on the mines being active, but if they are, then lucky you. There's no way you can face the enemy from this quarter-ass firing position. Drag that HMG and your sorry carcass to the doorway to Equipment Processing. Set up facing down the hall, away from the raging inferno.

Check with Mitzi if she's still working with the displacer missiles or anything else EMP sensitive. You'll want to know if you can freely throw the tank-killer football when a battlesuit inevitably shows up.
No. 407103 ID: 32e092

Now may be a good time to do your displacer trick to finish the escape tunnel, if Mitzi hasn't finished carving her way down yet. Might be a good idea to have her man the HMG while you do that, but ideally we should do this when we know we'll have a few seconds of quiet, and grab her and jump straight down immediately afterwards.
No. 407170 ID: ce4a4d
File 133600080566.png - (10.21KB , 500x500 , TQ889.png )

>don't get flanked
>Drag that HMG and your sorry carcass to the doorway to Equipment Processing. Set up facing down the hall, away from the raging inferno.
Okay, good idea, I think. Actually, this might be a bad idea. I am out of places to run. Part of me's happy to be finished running.

On the bright side, this should funnel them into one doorway. On the down side, explosives.

>Those mechs give not a single fuck about HMG fire.
I bet you're wrong, especially at this range.
No. 407172 ID: ce4a4d
File 133600085572.png - (11.76KB , 500x500 , TQ890.png )

I pound on the door. It's locked from the inside. That's smart but damned inconvenient.

"It's Penji. Open up!"

"One second! Almost got this!"

I've heard a total of one displacer so far. There's no way I could have missed one given the big rush of air.

I hear a whump-crack of a directional mine, and anxious human radio chatter. Damnit, I need to get this door open so I have some cover.

>Now may be a good time to do your displacer trick...
Which trick is that, precisely?
No. 407183 ID: 61e7f9

Stand at the entrance you just came through. Fire a burst at anything you even suspect is a target. Only do this till Mitzi opens the door. Then start using that opened doorway for cover.
No. 407202 ID: 32e092

You know how you're immune to displacement? Grab displacer. Jump to bottom of shaft. Detonate. Escape.

Of course, if Mitzi's now firing them off without any trouble on her own, and since you'll need to help her down anyway (probably) there's not much point anymore. This is going to be close, but it sounds like she might just be done in time.

If she gets through and you have a few moments, consider rigging the equipment processing room to explode/collapse with the leftover explosives as soon as you're out.
No. 407233 ID: 431fa8

You desperately need cover, but you don't have it yet. There's nothing to do but wait out here in as defensive a posture as you can manage, ready to blast any enemies that approach from the most likely direction (that is, the one not on fire) until she gets the door open.

When she does, move into the best defensive position you can to buy just a little more time. Mitzi needs to handle getting the necessary supplies down the shaft- that means all the counter-suppress (vital) and preferably enough weapons to punch through the opposition you're likely to encounter down there (secondary, but at least several power packs for her laser and whatever the hell is left for you). You cover her back until she's descended, then chase after her... and then it's just a question of if you can safely make it to Niraem, and if your earlier gamble will pay off.
No. 407249 ID: 369d34

Drop and set up the HMG, and go prone where you will be able to roll over into the doorway. If you have a length of something you could use to tie the HMG to yourself, do so. That way you can pull it in after you without exposing yourself when things get too hairy out here.

Expect that they'll try breaching charges on the wall of Equipment Processing if you hold them here too long.
No. 407358 ID: 66a8b3

You look too fucked up to do anything but fall into the hole after it's dug.

The first displacer destroyed at least radius, so the second two are safe to fire one after the other from the edge of the pit. Get close, cover the door with the hmg, and get that hole dug in the next 30 seconds. Try not to break your everything on the way down.
No. 407372 ID: a2853b


>"Mitzi, unless you are literally in the middle of firing another displacer right this instant, you need to get this door open now or we are both going to die!"
No. 407476 ID: 2563d4

No. 407478 ID: ce4a4d
File 133602801393.png - (29.40KB , 500x500 , TQ891.png )

>Shoot displacer(s). Jump in. Try not to break your everything on the way down.
Sure it's probably only a hundred feet or so. I'll probably only break one, two legs tops.

"Mitzi, unless you are firing a displacer right this second, open this fucking door!"

I drop down, assuming the worst. Assuming she's got tunnel vision and ten minutes of work ahead of her, anything but the noise of gunfire growing louder around her.

The door opens. I slide into partial cover.

"Penji, y-"

"Fire that displacer. Or I will. Can I just hand detonate a warhead?"

"Yeah but-"

Time's up.
No. 407480 ID: ce4a4d
File 133602807491.png - (18.60KB , 500x500 , TQ892.png )

My weapon renders verbal communication impossible.

Can hardly think over the racket blasting through the narrow confines like a horn.
No. 407481 ID: ce4a4d
File 133602816221.png - (18.36KB , 500x500 , TQ893.png )

Two bounced, cooked grenades pepper me with shrapnel. Bullets ring against my plates. My armor's getting fucked up, and so am I, but I am turning humans inside out every time they show me a silhouette.
No. 407482 ID: ce4a4d
File 133602826374.png - (30.60KB , 500x500 , TQ894.png )



I feel a sudden rush of air as the ground shakes. The second Displacer shot.
No. 407483 ID: 2563d4

Get in the doorway first break in the fire you get. And just shout "dig". If she doesn't see that the fight (involving one very bloodied tozol) has fallen back to this room as an impetus to get a move on then no fancy verbiage is going to convey it. :V
No. 407506 ID: 369d34

Can't say that wasn't oh so satisfying on a base level, can you?

Keep count on how many and what type of kills you rack up, and what they're throwing in. Once they stop throwing soldiers in, you shoot down one or more battlesuits, or there's a strangely long lull, pull back, lock the door, and set up as best you can near Mitzi; That means they're going to try something big. Either throwing a heap of high explosives in your direction or breaching the Strongbox Storage wall right next to you. They could still breach the wall, but this way you aren't in the blast zone.
No. 407507 ID: 431fa8

I really hope the shaft is clear. If it's not, we're in so much shit it's not even funny. Either way, this position is rapidly becoming less viable- it won't be long at all before they throw something heavier than a grenade at you. Pull back into the room, close and lock the door. It won't buy much time, but seconds count.

Hopefully there's a rope or something which you can use to descend; if not, you'll have to go down manually. Don't forget to bring the counter-suppress; getting as much of that to the valcien as possible is your only even remotely feasible ticket out of here. If the shaft is clear, Mitzi goes first with the counter-suppress and some ammo while you rig up an extra explosive to go off in this room above you when you're gone and hopefully buy a little more time- there should be plenty of explosives left, right?

If part of the shaft isn't clear, you take the last displacer and hand-detonate it at the bottom of the shaft; hopefully that will be enough to clear it. Mitzi be with the counter-suppress safely above you if you do that, far enough to not get warped away. Hopefully she won't be up there long enough to get shot.
No. 407533 ID: 61e7f9

>>Keep count on how many and what type of kills you rack up, and what they're throwing in. Once they stop throwing soldiers in, you shoot down one or more battlesuits, or there's a strangely long lull, pull back, lock the door, and set up as best you can near Mitzi; That means they're going to try something big. Either throwing a heap of high explosives in your direction or breaching the Strongbox Storage wall right next to you. They could still breach the wall, but this way you aren't in the blast zone.

Mitzi is smart enough to let us know when we can leave.
No. 407590 ID: 2563d4

>Get in the doorway first break in the fire you get.
By which I mean
>slide into partial cover.
because apparently I derped and missed that that had already happened.
No. 407607 ID: 4912c2

How sweet it tasted.

Wait for Mitzi to tap your shoulder, then bug out. Take the gun.
No. 407920 ID: ce4a4d
File 133612717866.png - (19.15KB , 500x500 , TQ895.png )

>This position is rapidly becoming less viable- it won't be long at all before they throw something heavier than a grenade at you. Pull back.
That... makes sense. They're not stupid. And yet...
>Can't say that wasn't oh so satisfying on a base level, can you?
No, I can't.
>How sweet it tasted.
It did. I can't believe it took me this long to actually try using these heavy guns I fucking deployed.
>Wait for Mitzi to tap your shoulder
Alright. I'll stay for longer. But I might have to leave in a hurry, so I bring myself up to a crouch.

I keep holding them off. They're getting cagey, with good reason, no longer trying to overwhelm with troops.
No. 407921 ID: ce4a4d
File 133612725084.png - (18.29KB , 500x500 , TQ896.png )

Suddenly, a crouched battlesuit swings into view, going defensive behind its shield. A pair of grenades sail overhead, but I must focus on the suit or it'll be on me. I traverse and open fire.
No. 407922 ID: ce4a4d
File 133612727715.png - (20.90KB , 500x500 , TQ897.png )

A moment later, two heavy infantry deploy from the other corner. One has an LMG; the other, an automatic grenade launcher. While I'm shooting the big suit, they light me up. I traverse, but slowly. The HMG's too heavy, and my body too injured. Machine gun rounds walk across me. A grenade detonates ahead, sending a HEAT lance into the wall, and-
No. 407923 ID: ce4a4d
File 133612734790.png - (19.24KB , 500x500 , TQ898.png )



I don't understand. I can't...

Hit to the neck. Entire body reads red. My main spinal bus is down. Secondaries are broken or still waking up.

No no no.

I slump into the room. The HMG keeps firing. Hopefully it will scare them away, because I'm not.
No. 407932 ID: 2e6fa0

Close the fucking door.

If you can't, call Mitzi to close the fucking door.
No. 407934 ID: 30b91a

Go into the light.
No. 407936 ID: 8e8b4b

The light is full of pacifists, you wouldn't fit in.
Descend into the darkness. It has space whales.
No. 407937 ID: 42c1c6

You did good Penji. You made them fear you. You didn't win, but that was never really likely. I guess you can rest now. They'll piece you back together and test you some more. Maybe if your lucky you'll forget about Mitzi and us.

You were a better Tozol than any of them, and you may have bought Mitzi enough time. Good work soldier.
No. 407938 ID: 68f2f2

Unless your body gets something patched up really really quick, you'll just have to depend on Mitzi and a good bit of luck now. She relied on you so much, now you have to rely on her. You did good.
No. 407940 ID: 431fa8

Alert Mitzi, if you can. She's a slim chance- she was never meant for this- but she's the only one we have, now.

If the two of you can at least get down the shaft, they'll probably take a long while to follow. If you can get down the shaft with the counter-suppress, there's even still the ghost of a chance you can get out of this. Or at least die in some fashion that will eliminate the possibility of your body being reclaimed, instead of this.
No. 407941 ID: 61e7f9

Nothing to do but wait and pray. Focus everything on getting some form of communication going with the rest of your body. Call for Mitzi if you can but I don't think you'd be able to and the noise is way too loud.
No. 407943 ID: 882cf5

You've been shot worse and have been able to survive better. It's not over. Keep a hand on that machine gun and demand that Mitzi come here right now.
No. 407949 ID: a2853b

>You've been shot worse and have been able to survive better.
After having a long time to recover, sure.
Right now they have just a few seconds, and her body is already out of spare resources to work with.
No. 407955 ID: b85f8c

I thought we told you to get out of there as soon as something suspicious happened? Well, half of us did anyway. Kindof a TIE, wasn't it?

Why is your healing not stopping the bleeding? Something as simple as sealing off the broken pipes should be near-instant. Once you get control over yourself again, give us a better readout of current injuries and status of how much prior injuries have healed, okay? Just like, saying how badly damaged each limb is, and each section of the torso, should do fine. My impression is that your legs are shot up, you got shot in the side, and your arms are pretty much fine. Give us a percentage readout or something like that. Some sort of quantifiable description.

The first thing you should do upon recovering your movement is to move the HMG into a better angle, as I think currently it is shooting the wall. After that, as soon as you are recovered enough to be able to lift the HMG, take it into the room and get the door closed and locked.

Then break the HMG, leave it here, and go down into the hole personally with the rest of the displacer missiles to dig the rest of the way down, quickly detonating each warhead in turn. This should take less time than it takes for the humans to break down the door, and then we'll have escaped.

After we're down there and away from combat, first priority is getting some manner of medical attention so you can heal faster. Second priority is finding a place to hide so you have a chance TO heal. Third priority is getting to the valcien, pumping it full of C-S, and using it to escape the facility.
No. 407956 ID: f70e5e

can you move at all?
No. 407958 ID: 4912c2

Shit, that didn't work out at all!

Well, it's not like we're overflowing with options. Call for help from Mitzi - you're out of the fight until your secondaries are up, and probably even then.
No. 407978 ID: 369d34

No... No. NononononoNO! Hell fuckin' NO!
You are not going to give up! They won't give you the release of death; They will capture you! They will bind you up, stick you in a tank, and shoot you up with so much Suppress, it'll be coming out your ears! They'll test on you until you beg for death, and then until your mind breaks. And when they're finished, you'll be put in storage alongside Hyperion, and forgotten. So do something! Do anything!

Focus on regaining control over your trigger finger, then on your voice. Keep that trigger down until you can make a noise greater than a weak gurgle. Once you can, let up on the trigger long enough to call out to Mitzi. Even letting up might get her to look over your way. If you can't get your voice to work, try varying the fire on the HMG in an odd way to get her attention.

All you can hope for now is Mitzi. If you're captured, it'll be worse than death, for the both of you.
No. 407979 ID: 1f8505


No. 407994 ID: f70e5e

do not call for help, if you yell for help the enemy might hear you, and if they realize your wounded they will charge in and finish you off.
No. 407997 ID: 369d34

They're going to know Penji is disabled when the HMG tracks into the wall. Then that big suit with the shield moves up, knocks the HMG over, and that's that. Game over, man.
Best Penji can hope for now is Marcus showing up and pulling something to save Mitzi that saves her as well.
No. 408082 ID: 3eba16

If you can get your body to do anything, then try to buy Mitzi some more time; I don't think you're gonna be able to make it out of here now...
No. 408116 ID: 369d34

If Penji had enough motor function left, she might be able to arm the tank-killer, and stick the "this side towards enemy" end against the top of her head. That would blast those fuckers to hell, and guarantee what's left of her wouldn't even fill a soup can. It's just that for the foreseeable future, Penji is going to be a near total quadriplegic, and unable to do hardly more than breathe, if even that.

Penji, once the enemy advances enough to see you, you're going to have to play dead; Really dead. That massive neck wound is looking pretty damn fatal, and these grunts don't know how much it takes to kill a Tozol. Don't move, don't respond, don't blink, don't breathe, keep staring straight ahead. If you can put your body into a metabolic near-stasis, stop your heart, or slow it until it's damn hard to detect, do that. And hope against hope they don't put an AP round through your head, 'cause whoever rises from the ashes of your corpse isn't going to get the chance you had.
No. 408236 ID: 8991e1

Don't worry Penji, just have someone sever you head and take it with them in a plastic bag. They can stick your head into a vat of minerals and nutrients and hook it up to oxygen and it'll eventually rebuild itself.
No. 408257 ID: 12c19f

You can't let them recover you! Let this be a critical loss for them! You can't be a test subject no longer! Mitzi needs this chance! Is this it? Are all options exerted? Can you at least move an arm?

No. 408279 ID: a1e314

Don't give up!, try to keep that gun firing until your secondaries kick in and you can drag yourself to relative safety
No. 408411 ID: 1444d5

Whatever autonomous responses your body has it'll already be doing (including apparently some sort of rigor response, hence the trigger being held down), so don't worry about that. You're still conscious, so you've still got oxygen flowing to your brain, and thus your lungs are functioning. As long as your neck wound didn't destroy your vocal cords, then you can still talk.
So, assets: Consciousness, vision and hearing, verbal communication, body taking care of itself. You've still got until the ammunition belt runs out for your body to reconnect some neurons and/or Mitzi to break through the bottom of the shaft and/or notice something is up and bring up her laser.
No. 408422 ID: c74bfa

secondaries still waking up? call mitz, set the gun to just fire, and get yo ass out.
No. 408428 ID: 369d34

Verbal communication would require conscious control over Penji's breathing. Right now, with her respiration on fail-safe automatic, assuming her vocal cords aren't wrecked, Penji'd only be able to speak in a whisper, and only when she exhales. It's moot anyway; If Penji can't stop firing the HMG, Mitzi wouldn't be able to hear her, even with her vocal cords and respiratory system at full capability.
No. 408506 ID: 54af1f

Try to restore secondary or do anything.
No. 409897 ID: 739622

Don't give up. Keep breathing. Focus on your secondaries. Talking is a low-level priority: Keep your blood moving, your lungs breathing. And keep your finger holding that trigger down.
No. 410078 ID: da02ff

No. 410134 ID: 4bdd79

No. 410136 ID: 886a4d

And then Penji caused a time paradox.
No. 410164 ID: dcd48d

Fuck. Call for Mitzi and also try and get that door closed. Maybe if you are not too fucked up she can prop you up on somthing and you can hold them off while she works next to you. Beyond that I'm not sure there is much you can do. God's speed Pengi, best of luck to you. You're far too bad ass to let these pussy foot soldiers snuff you out, I hope.
No. 410181 ID: 369d34

Penji has zero motor control below the neck after that hit. She's not going to be moving on her own for the foreseeable future.
Pretty much the only way I see that Penji isn't going to be killed or captured in the next minute is if Mitzi is holding a loaded displacer laucher, happens to look in Penji's direction right as that battlesuit comes into view, and shoots that displacer at it. Frankly, it's long odds that'll happen, and it'll screw their chances of getting down the shaft, but that's the only chance Penji has left.
No. 410204 ID: 160b88

Kind of feel like we are just waiting for the update to see what will happen as our suggestions have a limited influence on somebody who is paralyzed.
No. 410229 ID: 68f2f2

Limited yes, but still something. Yes we're pretty much relying on Mitzi at this point, but Penji can still direct her repairs, or she can give up if we make things sound too hopeless.
No. 410232 ID: c26d6c

Mitzi: put those shapeshifting tentacle arms of yours to good use. Hookshot Penji to you, shut the door, and zap the last two charges of your wand of digging > already!

Alternate crazy desperate plans-

Time traveling penji from the future: appear, save the day.

Head voices: decide we're real, external entities and not just tozol hallucinations. Psychically attack humans, buy time for escape.
No. 410290 ID: fb950a

Well, at this point we seem to be thoroughly fucked. It looks like all we can really do is hope Mitzi makes it through before they get her, or that Marcus comes riding to the rescue. Penji, concentrate on the backups or any other method of restoring body control. I have a theory that if we could use your sense before you could, that we might be able to do more.
*Reaches to keep the trigger depressed.
No. 410298 ID: b9e291

Drag yourself to safety with your eyelids!
No. 410391 ID: ce4a4d
File 133670984345.png - (17.39KB , 500x500 , TQ899.png )

>Close the fucking door.
Secondary lines are unresponsive. I feel something like panic. Nerves firing at nothing.
>can you move at all?
Secondary lines are unresponsive. I've heard that many species have bodies that can survive for months or even years with a broken spine, but my metabolism is too energetic for that. It needs constant oversight. And this blood...
>You are not going to give up!
Secondary lines are unresponsive. I can feel my body temperature rising. I probably have only minutes, but the humans will be on me before then anyway.
No. 410392 ID: ce4a4d
File 133670984949.png - (20.30KB , 500x500 , TQ900.png )

I don't even feel myself being dragged inside. Mitzi pries my hand off of the HMG and closes the door. It's thick and heavy, but it won't delay them long. I move my lips but she doesn't hear.

"Penji? Penji, please be alive. Pleeease," she says. "Fuck, fuck, they're here. I don't..."

She pauses, waiting for me to say something. I can't.

"The tunnel's longer than I thought," she says, talking faster than normal. "I need to use the rocket's guidance. There's a procedure and I'm untrained and- It'll hit the sides if I fire it unguided- I can't aim that straight. And- I'd just drop the thing but the warhead wouldn't arm. I can hotwire it but then it'll go off with no delay and I'd-I'd make some kind of timer but they're right here Penji pleeease wake up..."
No. 410394 ID: ce4a4d
File 133670987001.png - (12.71KB , 500x500 , TQ901.png )

A secondary line goes active, providing my brain a tenuous link to the rest of me. Body temperature's gone way up. My hindbrain works to get it under control.

I can move, poorly; work my body like a puppet, but even that's risky. My hindbrain needs this bandwidth. It's been less than a minute, but it feels like trying to drag an avalanche back up a mountain.

If I'm to do anything, it had better be important. And it'd better be now.
No. 410396 ID: 5029d1

"need to morph, set it to a deadman switch and start stretching, you will lose some arm."
No. 410397 ID: 67e8b2

"i'm alive. give me the bomb. drop me down. i'll trigger it manually at the bottom. don't follow too closely."
No. 410398 ID: 431fa8

Mitzi gives you the bomb and shoves you off the edge. You manually trigger it at the bottom since you're immune to displacers. She follows. She MUST NOT forget the counter-suppress or you're only buying time before you get hunted down and slaughtered.
No. 410400 ID: b85f8c

Are we trained for firing the displacer? Probably not.

Plan A: Get down in the hole and hotwire them yourself.

Let's call that plan B, in case we can't get down there fast enough. At this point I'm not worrying too much about being damaged by going into the hole, because we have to go down there anyway and if we'd die by trying to get down there we're already dead.

Plan Z: Destroy your brain utterly, to make sure they can't do to you what they did to Hyperion.
No. 410401 ID: 6926ff

This may be a terrible idea still but it's starting to look not-so-bad relatively.
Mind meld?
No. 410418 ID: a2fa74

Worth a shot. If Mitzi can patch the nerves you can get up and running well enough to fire the displacer.
No. 410425 ID: f70e5e

might be worth a shot. have her act as a temporary bridge between your brain and your body. if that gives us enough finesse we could take the rocket shot, failing that we jump down and hand detonate the warhead. we won't be good for much after that, but hopefully Mitzi will be able to carry us.
No. 410437 ID: ce4a4d

Mitzi has no idea how to do this, and Tozols are certainly engineered to be hard to brain-hack like that.

Just have Mitzi hand you the warhead and kick you into the hole to hand-detonate. You're going to take damage, but you'll take less damage and spend less time doing half the fall at a time than you would getting carried down the shaft under fire.
No. 410442 ID: 5c94e7

Mitzi does know how to do it, and already experienced it when she spoke with the babby valcien.
Tozols are hard to hand, but there's a hole in her neck that Mitzi coult fill in with her morphed hand.
>puppet show
No. 410448 ID: 5c94e7

After we somehow miraculously manage locomotion and speech again, set up your Tozol anti-tank mine to go off in howver long you think it will take for them to get inside the room and approach the hole you guys are digging.
It releases a massive EMP at the same time, so whatever dmage it might do to the warheads, I want it to happen right after the temporal point of no survival.
No. 410450 ID: 5c94e7

>Just have Mitzi hand you the warhead and kick you into the hole to hand-detonate.
Better idea, have mitzi jump down carrying you, her valcien bits will keep her in good condition, and Penji will not be damaged further, then Mitzi can just put Penji down wherever the displacer needs to go off and run and jump the fuck away.
No. 410463 ID: 369d34

Even putting aside the near certainty tozols have strong resistance to brain-hacking at a neural level, Mitzi's only done the "mind meld" thing with a non-valicen once. That was in a reflexive instinctual manner, and quite a bit less than perfect. Now she's expected to master control of her valcien abilities to such a degree as to act as a neural bridge on a tozol's primary spinal bus? And all of that inside of less than a few minutes? No! Do. Not. Do. That! It will go bad!

Don't risk Mitzi getting knocked out by a tozol brain-jack countermeasure; Please pick another plan!
No. 410480 ID: 369d34

There's a rather big question mark over if Penji could counter the effect of a displacer if it goes off within her anti-displacer bubble. If she does hand-detonate it, it should be at arm's length. Even then, there's a good chance she'll lose that hand, and maybe some of her forearm.
Considering this, if Penji does go down the shaft, it would be relatively safer for her to fire the displacer from the launcher as she approaches the bottom, so that it goes off ahead of her.
No. 410485 ID: 2563d4

...given it's quite a way down, that seems like a good way to just end up with an unconcious Penji at the bottom of the hole.

Get her to fire with guidance. Lie there so you can actually afford to scarper once she's done.
No. 410486 ID: b9e291

Mitzi, jump down carrying Penji. Penji, set off displacer when Mitzi climbs out of range. Tell her you'll be fine. Die with honor.
No. 410499 ID: 61e7f9

"Arm it to detonate manually. Get me to the bottom of the hole. Put it in my hand. Climb back up out of range. I'll do it. I'll be fine."
No. 410503 ID: c26d6c

I have to say, the safest and most reasonable thing to do seems like having Mitzi drag us to the hole and prop Penji up. Then Penji uses her forgotten military training / magic affinity for all things weapon to fire the disapater down using the guidance procedure and aiming not to hit the walls. With Mitzi moving us, holding us up, and steadying us we only need to steal spinal backup bandwidth for eyes and finger control (and enough vocal temporary to tell Mitzi the plan). Hopefully that's little enough to prevent permanent damage / burning out the line and killing ourselves. If successful, we can shut down for healing while Mitzi flees down the shaft carrying us (...she is capable of that, right?)

The mind meld is an interesting option, but even if it is workable (which we don't know one way or the other!) I'm worried we might not be able to get it set up fast enough. Plus we're almost certainly going to helpless during the setup.

Jumping down the hole and manually detonating is a bad idea. The fall could kill or incapaicate us further, especially since we don't have the motor control to land well. We don't know how our immunity works, or at what range, or even if it's still online. And jump-fall-get-up-setup-detonate-repeat requires a lot more motor control / commands than just aiming and pulling a trigger. Remember- bandwidth is at a premium. Overspend and die.
No. 410504 ID: 6fe4ee

I second this unless Penji thinks she can't do it.
Dig deep girl.
No. 410505 ID: 41a931

No. 410510 ID: bdb3f8

Assuming Penji knows the guidance procedure instinctually, she is still not going to be quick about it, because she lacks fine motor control. Probably it would be fastest at that point to just tell Mitzi what she would press if she had full control of her limbs.

Honestly, >>410396 seems the most likely to work, though I wonder if to could not be modified to Mitzi stretching down the hole and firing from there, at a position which would be physically closer to the target. I guess it sort of depends on the definition of a long tunnel compared to Mitzi's ability to change shape though.
No. 410529 ID: 369d34

Test Pattern confirms they have rope, in the form of a spool of cable, here >>/questdis/362416. Adjust plans accordingly.
No. 410535 ID: 369d34

I second that Mitzi should show Penji the displacer launcher controls before trying anything else. If Penji's knowledge of weaponry contains how to operate the guidance system on this thing, then she can talk Mitzi through it.

I'm preemptively down-voting any plan that requires Mitzi to master control over her valcien powers in no time flat. The girl's so far only expressed her valcien abilities instinctively or under stress, not on demand. She's not going to suddenly be able to stretch a hundred feet like Elastigirl, so please stop suggesting she does that.
No. 410541 ID: b85f8c

In that case can't we rig up a pull-detonator, drop the warhead down and then yank on the thing to detonate it?
No. 410552 ID: 369d34

Additional info from Test Pattern >>/questdis/364277

That's what I thought. Tie the cable around so it makes a harness around the launcher so the cable attaches at the end, loop another length of cable around the trigger so it can be pulled from the top, and lower the whole thing down. The problem is that the launcher doesn't use a pull trigger, like on a pistol; It uses a push button on the flip-out targeting device, which is attached to the side of the launcher. I imagine something could be rigged up to press the button with the cable, but it'd be tricky to lower down. It'd likely trigger the launcher if it bumped the shaft wall, and there's no time to lower it safely.
No. 410565 ID: 369d34

If Penji can't figure out how the displacer launcher guidance system is operated, it looks like she'll have to go down the hole and fire it herself. This means Mitzi is going to have to tie the end of the cable to Penji in a crude harness, then secure the launcher to Penji's front such that her hand won't get away from the trigger, she can see downwards, and the launcher won't get away from her when she bumps against the walls. Penji's going to pretty much be a rag doll in this, so copious amounts of rope should be used to keep her limbs in position.

Once all that's done, then she has to be lowered down. A smooth, sturdy pipe at the top, wider than the opening, with the cable looped around it will keep it from fraying or catching on the edge. Now, the actual lowering depends on how strong Mitzi is, and what she has available for mechanical leverage. I'm guessing "not that strong," so the best she can do is slow the decent enough that Penji can fire the launcher without hitting the wall, and won't break her everything on impact. Best case, Penji fires a direct hit into the bottom of the shaft, from high up enough it doesn't sever the cable, and her decent is slow enough she can take the impact with minor damage. Worse case, she fires too late, the displacer goes off inside her anti-displacer bubble, and she's half-smeared across infraspace.
No. 410573 ID: 369d34

This plan can be altered to leave out the lowering by cable, if there's no time for that, and just drop Penji tied to the launcher down the shaft. The rather big downside to this is Penji will hit the ground, hard. If she survives, Mitzi is going to be spending a while getting Penji's bits pointed back in the right direction, after peeling her off the shaft floor.
No. 410647 ID: 18c6d7

Perhaps Penji can tell Mitzi to use the cable to belay herself down the tunnel and fire at the next spot.

But Penji needs medical attention first, and it might be necessary for Mitzi to carry her. But can Mitzi even carry Penji? She might have to set up a system to belay Penji down, and that'll take time. And we might not have a lot of time.

However, Mitzi could lower Penji down with one of the dis placers. Are we SURE she's totally immune in her injured state, though?
No. 410660 ID: 369d34

Penji's displacer immunity is questionable in her current state. She could have burned whatever resources that create a counter-displacer bubble back with the first one. The displacer defenses might also require strong neural control, which she doesn't have now. We just don't know, so restraint should be used in choosing options that stick Penji inside the displacer's area of effect.
No. 410765 ID: 252e1b


Penji's got few options. This one (the modification to the displacer plan, and the caveat to not force Mitzi to suddenly implausibly master her powers) seems like the best option on the table.
No. 410807 ID: b85f8c

The displacer immunity worked even when we were completely ignorant of its existence. I don't think it can be disabled.
No. 410812 ID: 369d34

While it likely can't be disabled, it could be depleted, or broken. It could run on some exotic resource Penji hasn't replenished, or require extensive neural bandwidth. Even if it does work, it might not extend far enough, and Penji's limbs could end up half displaced. Really, we just don't know its limitations, so putting Penji in a situation where she needs it to survive should be avoided, if at all possible.
No. 410837 ID: c26d6c

I'd just like to reiterate any plan relying on our disintegration immunity is a bad idea.

I'm going to make two assumptions. (1) Our protection is biological in nature (if it were technological we'd know- Penji's crazy aware biology would have noticed an implanted shield generator). (2) This protection takes the form of a field or shield projected around us (that's why our gear was protected, and our gun cut in half, last time).

Now, how does our biology generate this field? We either have an organ that generates it, or a network of smaller nodes spread out through Penji's body. Either way- this system will require some kind of control and regulation. But right now our automatic nervous system can barely control our internal temperature. We can't expect secondary / tertiary / whatever passive biological defenses to be a priority right now. There's a very good chance our brain is *not* currently keeping our shield projectors in fighting form.

Also, any plan that requires Mitzi getting bits of her blown off is a bad idea. She's not a trained soldier, she's afraid, and already has trust issues. This won't help, and there's a good chance she won't go along with it.

I'm not sure why so many people seem to want to jury rig something complicated and time consuming instead of just firing the dang missile. Penji's shown a remarkable aptitude to understand and work ever other piece of weapons tech she's encountered so far. A gun that may be too complicated for Mitzi to use confidently won't necessarily present Penji with problems.
No. 410854 ID: 369d34

Yes. Before heading to any other plan, Penji should use her weapon affinity and knowledge to try to determine how to operate the launcher guidance system. Then Mitzi can fire it with her instructions.
No. 410857 ID: 1444d5

First things first:
>I need to use the rocket's guidance. There's a procedure and I'm untrained and-
Take a look at the launcher. If you can give Mitzi enough of a brief to set up the guidance, then do that. If not, then start considering crazy plans to jump down a narrow shaft with a severed spinal column.
No. 410893 ID: 813ab7

You should ask her to mind link. Worst case scenario she cant help us and we get thrown down a hole to blow the displacer. That aside we would be able to communicate with her better and faster if we joined minds. I feel if we told here to throw us down the hole with the displacer there would be a lot of questions. We don’t have time to have a big discussion right now.
No. 410905 ID: 813ab7

Mitzi could ask Penji how to activate the rocket's guidance while she mind links.

(unrealistic suggestion) ; She could use one arm to latch onto Penji’s mind and the other to work the rocket launcher. She would send all of her scenery data like sight to Penji. Then Penji could see what she is doing and help walk her though the process.
No. 410927 ID: 369d34

Don't you two remember how the last, and only, guy Mitzi mind linked with turned out? Even if she did manage to pull it off, disentangling from Penji's mind and body has a very good chance of going bad, causing neurological and mental damage to both of them. So categorize it as a last-ditch, ultra-long-shot option; The last thing to try before strapping the tank-killer to Penji's noggin and pulling the pin.
No. 411367 ID: 56b008

there only waiting for a power suit to show up and kick open the door. that will take like a min maybe two for them to get here. Then the door will open and we will be filled with holes. (well more holes) Mind link might be our only option. Penji needs to tell mitzi how to work the launcher correctly. In Penji's condition im not sure she can verbally communicate the necessary instructions to her.
If it doesn't work then they will probably die.

You guys are saying we need a plan that does not involve mitzi using her powers, and i understand the risk. However, They are standing on dead ground right now. That is more motivation then you can imagine.
No. 413443 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah, also, if Mitzi can cool down your body any that would probably help. I kinda doubt there are any quick methods of doing that around here though... but you should at least tell her you're overheating.
No. 427202 ID: 61e7f9

Penji, can you tell if your teleportation defenses are working? If they aren't, don't be in a displacer blast.
No. 428833 ID: a40801

I hate you, Penji. I hate you for dying.
No. 430290 ID: 977b20

Maybe this wouldn't have happened if: One she wasn't so fat, and two we didn't keep going "GO GO GO GOOOOOO!!!"
No. 430294 ID: a2fa74

Penji has an 'aura' around her that's protected from displacers.
If Mitzi can englove Penji then they can both go down the hole and set off the displacer at the bottom.

It's not ideal, but if Mitzi is capable then it's survivable and doesn't rely on nervous system linking.
The hard part is communicating it to her.
No. 434970 ID: 5c94e7

I actually blame all of this on the time wasted when we were trying to tear through that bulkhead door with our bare hands way back when the jabberwocks were released.
No. 436031 ID: 67e8b2
File 134319100202.png - (21.10KB , 500x500 , TQ902.png )

"Penji!" Mitzi whispers. "Penji."

"Give me the warhead," I croak.

"Are you- But you can't-"

"Give me a button. Put it in my hand."

"There isn't-" she chokes back something. "Okay."


"Penji, I'm sorry,"

No. 436032 ID: 67e8b2
File 134319100761.png - (28.29KB , 500x500 , TQ903.png )

Although I can't remember my prior life, I can only hope that 'push the quadriplegic into the pit' is the worst plan I've ever had.

As I fall, I try to determine where everything went so wrong. Why it went wrong. It's a list too long for the drop. Most immediately, the humans who built this lift with redundant blast doors. The ones who shot me. The ones who ordered them to advance in spite of brutal losses. The ones who put me here. The Diplomats. My old self. Marcus Tibur.

Marcus fucking Tibur.

Why'd he do it? Dead alien comes back to life. The most dangerous thing in this facility, awake, willing to cooperate. Impossible luck. An obvious ally too perfect to hope for, and he lures it into a trap, rings the alarm, and runs. Why?
No. 436033 ID: 67e8b2
File 134319101628.png - (9.78KB , 500x500 , TQ904.png )

As soon as the question forms in my head, it's answered.

I am an obvious ally. The humans know this. I am the most dangerous thing here. The humans know this.

The displacer goes off like a lightbulb. Flash and thunder rip my surroundings out from existence. My cells dig their heels and cling to this world.

The base's leadership sees me in the armory. It's their worst case scenario. They pull out all the stops to halt Marcus's plan.

But they don't know his plan. I don't even know his fucking plan.
No. 436034 ID: 67e8b2
File 134319102146.png - (21.92KB , 500x500 , TQ905.png )

Maybe his plan is to leave.

That sounds like a good plan.
No. 436036 ID: e7e90d

Penji's back!


Fucking welcome back, girl. Bout damn time.
No. 436037 ID: 886a4d

Nothing to do but wait. Lets hope its Mitzi who reaches you.
No. 436038 ID: 61e7f9

Wait for Mitzi to come down. After that, figure out where you are and head towards the fishtank.
No. 436041 ID: bf54a8

try to bleed off tat heat and establish more secondary connections so you can keep going. just need to get to the space shark. wake. would make the humans have to fight what is essentially a small starship.
No. 436042 ID: b85f8c

Please tell me that made it through the floor. Is there an escape route? Say yes dammit.
No. 436043 ID: 431fa8

All that's left is to trust in Mitzi. We've hauled her along this far; now that investment, those choices, will make or break us. The Niraem plan isn't totally out of the question even now. If she remembers the counter-suppress. If she makes it down. If she can fight past anyone left down here, if she brings us, if she can move fast enough while carrying both us and the counter-suppress. If all that can happen before Marcus blows up the base or whatever the fuck he's doing. If everything that's gone horribly wrong starts going horribly right instead.

Hail Mary.
No. 436061 ID: b33427

Nothing to do now but wait, and hope the odds of the universe finally tip in your favor.

Focus on keeping your metabolism under control, and if you can, check how much more damage that fall did.

Whatever Marcus planned, it almost certainly would have included either getting Mitzi out, or keeping her safe so he could come back later to save her. That part went up in smoke when she showed up in the Armory next to you. Now the question is whether or not he's going to scrap the rest of the plan to risk attempting to get Mitzi out, or keep going, do whatever he was going to do, and save himself. Here's hoping he loves his sister very much, and suddenly gets a huge reckless streak, 'cause the both of you could use his assistance right about now.
No. 436064 ID: 973715

Oh God. Don't die. Please don't die.
No. 436094 ID: b26bd8

just concentrate on controlling your metabolism and healing the secondary line damage. no time for repairing the primaries.

dont talk to mitzi. don't fucking move anything. if she threatens to leave, just look at her, maybe even only with one eye. this should be minimally restrictive to your control ratio, considering direct optic nerve and all that.
No. 436148 ID: 4a20fa

Well in that case you've got as long as it takes Mitzi to abseil down that hole to make your legs work, 'cause I doubt she's really up to dragging your two-ton carcass the rest of the way.
No. 436179 ID: 6a1ec2

Displacer doesn't make heat. However infection does. Penji right now has a severed spine (currently partially reconnected), severe tissue damage, and worse, a general lack of nutrients and fuel. Between the blood loss and the muscular degeneration and the sheer energy output of the past few minutes of activity...

No. 436182 ID: b26bd8

its her metabolism that is generating the dangerous levels of heat. this is not to say that after she has regained control of basic bodily functions, that she wont need to eat, because she will need fuel. just probably not the best idea right now.

and how would she swallow?
No. 436184 ID: 6a1ec2


No. 436185 ID: 49eb02

You know, I don't see how it could help, but it's not like Penji has anything better to do than think happy thoughts while she's paralyzed and waiting around.

So let's go with happy thoughts. Delicious chocolate and superconductor chip cookies.
No. 436192 ID: 6a1ec2


Because milk helps you swallow cookies.
No. 436221 ID: 507f4b

Here's a pleasant thought. You haven't been overrun yet! There's a good reason for it. Either you've put the fear of tozol into them, or something good is happening.
Rest for the moment, Penji. Rest and try to get at least one of your other secondary spinal connections back on line. You might just survive this.
No. 436303 ID: 42c1c6

Where did it go so wrong. It's simple.

You listened to us. You listened to a plethora of voices who while they have your best interests in mind, are clearly not capable of tactical combat. And furthermore of many opposing minds.

Whatever we are... sorry to have led you to this place. Consequently Penji, I think you gained something from us beyond a dead end. You gained a keen insight into thinking in a manner that is not tactical. I hope it serves you well in not being a killing machine, should you escape this place.
No. 436352 ID: 58396a


Nah, it's a plot-twist. According to the rules of head-voices and deep introspection, we're in for either some kind of existential spirit quest, or a double-twist.

Or things could get really weird and it turns out that this was all some kind of bizarre thing inside of our heads the entire time.

Silly Penji. You're surrounded by enough materials to largely reconstruct yourself a number of times over. Sure it'll hurt like hell and you might lose a thing or two along the way, but you know what?

You already did that.

You died and came back. So how's about another round while we wait for Mitzi to get down here? The happy ending will be much better if you share it with someone.
No. 441690 ID: 67e8b2
File 134467005210.png - (18.24KB , 500x500 , TQ906.png )

I lay there for some time. I feel that it should be peaceful, my responsibilities absolved, but it isn't. I can hear ammunition popping and exploding upstairs. I whisper for Mitzi to hurry. I realize this is a lot for her, securing a cable in a hurry with gunfire streaming in, rappelling down in darkness, carrying all our shit, in armor. Lucky she isn't human anymore.

I feel a rush of relief when she drops from the ceiling before a demolition charge does.

"Penji," she says breathlessly. "Penji, you're okay?"
"Get me out."
"Oh thank every fucking god," she exhales. "Should I... should I shoot up at them?"
"No," I say. Grenades aren't falling, so they aren't there yet. "Get me out."
No. 441691 ID: 67e8b2
File 134467007794.png - (21.57KB , 500x500 , TQ907.png )

She talks at me in hushed tones, and hauls me up the side.

"I- I'm trying not to hurt you," she says.
"Pull. Hurry up."
"Okay, okay. What do we do now?"
"Run or hide," I say. 'Or fight,' I don't add. Even I know when I'm beat.
"Where?" she asks.

Why the fuck is she asking me? She's the one with the intact nervous system.

Tired. I've lost a lot of blood.

Let me just... let me just think.
No. 441692 ID: 67e8b2
File 134467010309.png - (9.85KB , 600x600 , TQ908.png )

From here, I can see the crater reaches into another room. I remember setting a security checkpoint on fire on the way in here. This looks like another one. It probably leads to an exit.

We could probably find a hiding spot in here. Hunker down til I feel better. That might take hours. Those soldiers can't be ready to follow us, but we don't have hours. But, what the hell else are we going to do?
No. 441693 ID: 67e8b2
File 134467014858.png - (13.03KB , 774x518 , TQ909.png )

We can just leave. Find the Valcien. Maybe we can still get out of this alive. If Mitzi can just drag my lifeless ass to Niraem, if we brought enough Counter Suppress for him, if he doesn't eat me, maybe...
No. 441694 ID: 67e8b2
File 134467018326.png - (20.01KB , 774x518 , TQ910.png )

Wait, hang on. Let me fix that map.
No. 441699 ID: 6a1ec2


Keep in mind voices, that this map is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise according to the compass. Considering Penji mental state at the moment it's understandable.

What we're going to do is go through the barracks and head north (left) which will land you in the Offices. We will find cookies there. Hopefully there is a way from there into Chemistry 1, where we will find exotic materials to nom on. A final trip through Life Support can patch us up the rest of the way, and then south to fight through the Jabberwocks in Biology Research, to reach Niraem.