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File 125108320214.jpg - (30.80KB , 816x595 , 1.jpg )
33534 No. 33534 ID: 9e9b47

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No. 33535 ID: 9e9b47
File 125108324265.jpg - (43.90KB , 816x595 , 2.jpg )

No. 33536 ID: 9e9b47
File 125108327278.jpg - (56.52KB , 816x595 , 3.jpg )

No. 33537 ID: 9e9b47
File 12510833058.jpg - (52.71KB , 816x595 , 4.jpg )

No. 33547 ID: 9dc092

all of them.
No. 33548 ID: 64f8ae

No. 33549 ID: f4963f

Charmander. For great pyromania.
No. 33553 ID: 64f8ae

Squirtle has the Kamina glasses though.
No. 33555 ID: 2af4d3

No you fools! We should punch professor Oak until he gives us a better Pokemon!
No. 33556 ID: f44349

Bulbasaur is totally the awesomest.
No. 33559 ID: 7d4ae3

if there are only gonna be first gen pokemons, then charmander
No. 33565 ID: 1f5d37

Bubasaur is the best. Fuck charmander especially.
No. 33568 ID: 9e9b47
File 125108548067.jpg - (41.10KB , 816x595 , 5.jpg )


Steve can't take all the Pokemon! Professor Oak is watching and Steve's pretty sure that Oak could at least give him a run for his money in a fight. Plus, there's the other two that want Pokemon. The girl seems agitated that Steve is taking so long.


Squirtle is pretty cool...


But so is Charmander! Ah, so many tough choices!
No. 33569 ID: 9e9b47


Ah, even Bulbasaur has its' pointers!
No. 33570 ID: 7d4ae3

i repeat, charmander, always...
No. 33574 ID: 2af4d3

Fine then. I vote Bulbasaur.
No. 33576 ID: ed8d8a

But but.. first gym is ROCK type! they will own you if you start with fire.
No. 33578 ID: 1f5d37

Bulbasaur or bust motherfucker! Charmander is a punk bitch.
No. 33579 ID: e15da3

Bulbasaur? Squirtle? Sure, if you like easy mode.

Charmander is the real man's choice!
No. 33582 ID: 6164e0

Choose whichever of the animals looks most aggressive, irrelevant of type.
No. 33583 ID: f4963f

>Charmander: REAL MAN'S CHOICE


Plus, imagine how sweet having a freakin' dragon will be in the endgame. FREAKIN' DRAGON.
No. 33595 ID: 7d4ae3

this, fat turtle and walking giant flower < dragon
No. 33596 ID: 2af4d3

Steve, you wouldn't happen to have a rival, would you?
No. 33599 ID: 9e9b47
File 125108698375.jpg - (27.18KB , 816x595 , 6.jpg )


Hell yeah! Let's choose Charmander! Steve grabs Charmander's pokeball, and the girl behind him lets out a huge sigh. Steve's sure the little bitch's name is Judy.

"It's about time! Geez grandpa, I thought you were gonna take forever. I choose Squirtle!"

The guy, who Steve knows vaguely as Cory, just shrugs. "Yeah, whatever, Bulasaur's cool."


Wait, wha-

"Ah, great! I'm glad everyone's chosen!" Professor Oak cries. Today you children begin a wonderful journey through the world of Pokemon! I've already given you your pokedexes, so off you go! I've got a lot of projects going on that need attending."

Well, we got our first pokemon! What now?
No. 33601 ID: 576388

Clearly it's time to fill in Charmander's entry in the pokedex with some 'facts' off the top of our head. Also estimated size and weight.
No. 33603 ID: 7d4ae3

capture a plant or a water pokemon, or this will be a very short pokemon adventure...
No. 33604 ID: 2af4d3

God damn it.

Let's catch a wild Pokemon, Charmander isn't going to get us that Rock badge.
No. 33606 ID: f4963f

Challenge Steve. Ignore Judy.

Judy does not deserve our attentions. Type disadvantage totally notwithstanding.
No. 33609 ID: e15da3

Don't let those little punks beat you to the punch, challenge Cory to a battle before Judy can get to you.
No. 33610 ID: f4963f

Also, this. We're supposed to be recording data, right? Let's take our job VERY SERIOUSLY here. :awesomeface:
No. 33617 ID: 9e9b47
File 125108876850.jpg - (30.34KB , 816x595 , 7.jpg )


Alrighty, Steve opens up the old blue pokedex after releasing his Charmander. The other two trainers are doing the same, and there's a few minutes where you get time to make out the damn thing.

For one, it looks like there are MANY BUTTONS. This make's Steve's head hurt and ache for a drink. After a while however, it looks like Charmander's info is already in there! Wow, what a waste of time! Well, let's see if it tells us anything useful about Charmander.

>Obviously prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail.

Wut. That's it? Dammit. Screw this thing.


Steve thinks you mean Cory! It would be very difficult for Steve to challenge himself.


"Hey, grandpa..." Judy begins to say, once she puts away her own pokedex. "Wanna..."

"HEY KID" You yell at Cody, speaking over Judy and jabbing a finger at him. "Let's do this. I challenge you to a battle. A Pokemon battle."

Cody shrugs. "Um, sure?" Let's go outside I guess.

Judy lets out a huge harrumph, and follows behind to watch the match without a word.

Ok, how should Steve approach this?
No. 33618 ID: 476456

No. 33619 ID: f4963f

We have to get this thing hacked as soon as possible. For REAL note-taking purposes.

For now, let's just press our elemental advantage in battle, if our Charmander's able to use it. Otherwise, just open with a growl and then keep tackling it.
No. 33626 ID: 6164e0

Show them you mean business. Have charmander set bulbasaur's flower on fire with his tail.

Then get your level up, and get ready to tackle judy.

No. 33632 ID: 2af4d3

Aw man, it's been forever since I played Pokemon.

Right use Scratch on it, then since you're up close turn your tail on Bulbasaur and light it on fire.
No. 33643 ID: 9e9b47
File 125109088216.jpg - (35.69KB , 816x595 , 8.jpg )


Wow! The battle was FULL of exciting battle footage! Too bad it all got lost.

Looks like the tactic of "light the grass pokemon on fire with your tail" worked pretty well! Cory's Bulbasaur pretty much just ran in a circle after that, and after it falls over Cory returns it with a shrug of the shoulders. Charmander didn't even take damage.

"Oh well. Good match, Steve. Looks like I gotta train a bit more if I wanna beat you."

"He didn't even use a real attack, Cory! He cheated!" Judy says, scowling at the boy. "Geez, you're never even going to get a badge if you don't even know that.

>Get ready to tackle Judy.

"Well you think you'll do better?" Steve asks cockily as he and Charmander bask in the glow of victory.

"Char!" Charmander agrees, imitating Steve. He looks a little more sure of himself than before.

"Fine, I'll show you a REAL battle!" Judy says, and Squirtle measures up with Charmander.

Ok, Steve doesn't think he can use... "interesting" methods this time, but he's willing to try anything once. What to do against the water pokemon?
No. 33648 ID: fdc826


Tell Charmander to throw dirt in its eyes then beat it into unconsciousness.
No. 33651 ID: 2af4d3

Wow. Look at those things. They are so... tiny.

Well Steve, I suggest the Mario method. Jump on the bastard. Or get Charmander to jump on him.

If memory serves, Squirtle can't even use any water based attack yes. So just have Charmander scratch and bite, being that lizards are better for that sort of thing that turtles.
No. 33687 ID: 6164e0

Okay, most pokemon fighters are dumb as stumps.

Your pokemon is carnivorous and has fangs, and your opponent is too new to be able to use water attacks.

Have Charmander go straight for squirtle's throat. Failing that, push squirtle over, onto his shell.

No. 33693 ID: 9e9b47
File 125109344965.jpg - (43.87KB , 816x595 , 9.jpg )


Once the battle begins, Steven tells Charmander to throw a hadful of dirt into his opponent's eyes! Steve... doesn't actually know his pokemon's moves. Squirtle is blinded only for a moment, but that's all it takes.


Charmander, at Steve's commanding, jumps on the back of the turtle, and after latching on chomps heavily on the water pokemon's head. Squirtle goes berserk, but can't shake Charmander off, forcing a VERY frustrated Judy to return her Squirtle. Steve is victorious again!

"You cheated AGAIN! You're a huge jerk grandpa! My mom says you're a big loser who never had a girlfriend because you smell like beer anyhow! So NYEAH!" Judy sticks out her tongue in anger before running off. Steve is too wrapped up in his own personal dance of victory that he doesn't notice.

"Uh... yeah... I'm gonna leave." Cory says, and starts off as well without a second glance, leaving Steve by himself.

Steve is still doing VICTORY JIG. What should he do now?
No. 33699 ID: 476456

Go see if charmanders and alcohol mix.
No. 33702 ID: f4963f

I second this. Drinking age is 18 in Kanto, right? Of course it is.

No. 33721 ID: 9e9b47
File 125109549823.jpg - (38.25KB , 816x595 , 10.jpg )


Fuck yeeeeeah! Let's get wasted! Steve goes back to his HOUSE, the only place yet that has a discernible difference between the wall and floor! Wow! Steve has a bottle of Beany Jim's whiskey, and he prefers it straight from the bottle! Charmander needs the help of a cup to drink, but after one glass he's pretty hammered too.

This would be an ok time to go over Steve's INVENTORY. He has 1 bottle of WHISKEY. 2 POKEBALLS. 1 POTION and of course the POKEDEX. Steve keeps all these items in his POCKETS.

Steve's already pretty DRUNK by this point. It's hard for DRUNK STEVE to keep both eyes open. What should Steve and Charmander get up to now?

Charmander has a lot of difficulty standing up straight.
No. 33725 ID: e53f80

No. 33727 ID: f4963f

On to the next town! Take down any wild pokémon en route with DRUNKEN TEAMWORK.
No. 33775 ID: 448a65


This, if a wild pokemon appears, have Charmander distract it and you clonk it on the head with your bottle.

No. 33784 ID: f4963f

Name Charmander Spikesby Biteface. Just call him Spike for short. <3
No. 33795 ID: 6164e0

Fist, have something with caffeine in it. Being drunk is fine, but we need enough caffeine to not have to worry about accidentally passing out.

Now, charmander just beat two pokemon its own level at level 5, it has to have leveled at least once.

Now, use your drunk abilities to do the following.

1: head outside of town now, rather than waiting for tomorrow.

2: wander around fighting pokemon near the town. just beat up rattata and pidgeys, but if you run into anything else, let us know.

Hopefully as a career drinker the booze and the caffeine together (plus some more whickey and coffee as outdoor rations) should let you get charmander to practice all night, and since both other potential rivals are little kids, they will have trouble staying up that late (this is first generation, and back then the main character trainers (all little kids) could only go about doing stuff during the day. Whenever charmander gets too wounded, just head back into town and get him treated.

If you do this, by tommorow you charmander will be much more capable at fighting, you will have learned more about what charmander can do, and you will be ready for whichever of these little brats decides to challenge you west of Viridian city.
No. 33798 ID: 6164e0

Wait a minute....

Higher proof liquors are flammable.

Can booze act as a boosting agent for fire pokemon?

THIS DESERVES TESTING another time, when we aren't likely to make a stupid decision about our brand new follower because we are smashed.
No. 34317 ID: 9e9b47
File 12511816508.jpg - (44.85KB , 816x595 , 11.jpg )


Hell yeah time to head out on a pokemon adventure! You're feeling good and Charmander looks like he's feelin' good, so you guys head out to Viridian City. Steve bring with him two more bottles of WHISKEY and a thermos of COFFEE even though he doesn't feel like taking it right now.

On the way there you encounter a Rattata! This is it, a time for Charmander to hone his skills in battle! You boldly send him in with... whatever and the lizard drunkenly stumbles forward into combat.
No. 34318 ID: 9e9b47
File 125118169768.jpg - (35.19KB , 816x595 , 12.jpg )


Hey that's a good point... maybe Steve will check the pokedex soon to see...
No. 34319 ID: 9e9b47
File 125118177736.jpg - (33.09KB , 816x595 , 13.jpg )


After needing both hands to sip from the bottle Steve gets a great idea! Since Rattata is busy, why not help out Charmander?

Steve boldly swings the bottle around at the rat!
No. 34320 ID: 9e9b47
File 125118182759.jpg - (35.57KB , 816x595 , 14.jpg )


Oh.... um. Oh my.

Well, Charmander certainly won the fight.
No. 34352 ID: ed8d8a

Tie its tail to the end of a stick and make a rat flail?
No. 34358 ID: 1689ab

Pike it. It'll serve as a warning for others.
No. 34362 ID: 476456

Throw it through the window of a pokemon center

or put it in a pokeball.
No. 34405 ID: 6164e0


Okay then, lets keep heading to Viridian city, trying to give charmander as many animals to fight as possible (since rats and pigeons aren't really a threat to charmander, he can practice against them with impunity.

Only step in if it looks like he is going to get hurt.

If you get the chance to test the alcohol+fire pokemon theory a time or two on the way, that would be perfect.

Anyway, use the powers of booze and being a fully grown adult to train ALL NIGHT with charmander, and use the coffee to make sure you stay awake through the next day.

By the time you get to viridian city, your goal is to have charmander learn at least one fire based move (not counting pressing his tail against someone).

Remember, those two kids will likely challenge you again soon, so you want to stay a step ahead.
No. 34406 ID: 448a65



P.S Name Charmander already!!! I dunno, something like Burninator or something stupid.
No. 34407 ID: 493518


We're talking millions of pigeons and rats. Charmander will level up to level 30 at least!
No. 34408 ID: 6164e0


...holy crap.

That would work PERFECTLY.

Would mean we wouldn't need to spend a bunch of time traininng either.

But lets use a little safety. Drunk or no, I am reasonably sure that Steve does not want to burn to death.

So try and spot a field of tall grass that has a decent gap between itself and the treeline, with little to no vegetation connecting the two. THEN douse it with a healthy portion of booze, and have charmander light it, and both of you will keep the pokemon inside the blaze until they are dead.
No. 34409 ID: 448a65
File 125121839675.jpg - (58.94KB , 490x335 , 8678678678678.jpg )


All of it must burn to the ground!
No. 34413 ID: 493518
File 125121989479.jpg - (112.35KB , 576x304 , FIREFORTHEFIREGOD.jpg )

This will be the best exploit of the environment/pokemon game mechanics EVAR!
No. 34415 ID: 6164e0

Not if we kill ourselves or our only pokemon in the process.

Although Charmander is a fire pokemon, and has a reasonable chance to survive the flames.

Steve however, does not. Burning things is fun, just not when one of those things is you.

Even Pyro would back me up that burning yourself can take the fun out of things.
No. 34417 ID: 448a65


We live right by the coast, if need be we can leg it back there and jump in the water, maybe even hope a water pokemon would save us out of the kindness of its heart.

And we'll be careful, Steve and Charmander will survive...I wonder if we'll catch any trainers in the fire, they could drop some nice loot.
No. 34420 ID: 493518

The player character can't get hurt in pokemon... only pass out and mysteriously wake up in a pokecenter if all of his pokemon are beaten.

The rape is implied.
No. 34423 ID: 6164e0

But we will also automatically get half of their money too. Which can be spent on more booze to make an EVEN BIGGER FIRE.
No. 34443 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125122645544.jpg - (33.01KB , 800x450 , 15.jpg )

Steve decides to just... let it recover. Yeah. Time to go find some other stuff to fight! Boy, Steve wishes there was some easier way to do all of this training nonsense.


Steve tries one of his pokeballs, but it appears they don't work on... uh... sleeping pokemon.


That's when Steve gets the greatest idea EVER. One that couldn't possibly go wrong.

Finding a big patch of tall grass that's conveniently away from trees, Steve walks around the edges and douses it with the remainder of this bottle. Steve steps far away, not wanting to die as he cracks open another bottle of alcohol.

"Charmander... use... um..." Steve takes out his pokedex. Charmander's listing says that Charmander has the moves Scratch, Growl and Ember. Steve calls bullshit already because he knows he told Charmander to chomp that Squirtle's head, but whatever. "Ember I guess!"

Charmander spews a small stream of fire that catches on the damp grass.
No. 34444 ID: 2cbe3e
File 12512265061.jpg - (45.16KB , 800x450 , 16.jpg )

Ahh Steve enjoys a good long drink as he watches the grass burn. Soon, the experience will just come rolling in.
No. 34447 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125122669025.jpg - (52.54KB , 800x450 , 17.jpg )

Before long, the first of the screams fill the air. Shrieking little cries from unseen voices pierce the dusk air as the fire turns nasty. Steve is uncomfortably aware of the smell of cooking animals.

Uh... Charmander doesn't look all that much stronger. Charmander shrugs, giving Steve a "What do you want from me" expression.

Hmm. Well, that flame looked pretty big for a small guy! Steve thinks that the Whiskey might have helped! That's good right?
No. 34449 ID: 7eda8b

That fire's still small, looks like. Whatever's been killed so far was too weak to run. So they clearly weren't worth much XP.

Be patient. I have a good feeling about this plan.
No. 34450 ID: 448a65



Hmm, well, no experience? Huh, guess we'll just have to get Charmander to fight the good old fashion way.

Anyway, wait for the fire to die down and start searching for bodies or any live pokemon we can capture.
No. 34452 ID: 195c68

ha ha ha killing is fun

But apparently it's not very worthwhile. Damn you pokemon and your family friendly values.
No. 34468 ID: 6164e0


Have charmander edge closer to the fire, some fire pokemon don't seem to mind being surrounded by fire (his tail is constantly on fire, after all).

Maybe if this isn't giving him experience, he can go into the blaze to fight burning foes?

Hey, if he can stand the fire, it would work.

No. 34469 ID: 6164e0

And just to clarify, I propose this as a means of giving him experience while still trying to use our booze and pokemon fueled fire.
No. 34471 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125122951866.jpg - (79.66KB , 800x450 , 18.jpg )


Steve tells Charmander to go and head in once the fire starts to burn itself down. Charmander wanders in happily, and knocks out the various weakly struggling rats and birds.

Steve goes in too, looking around for any pokemon that's not some stupid bird or something. He finds a pink thing, and it actually doesn't look too hurt by the fire. The thing looks really dumb, and is obviously confused out of its mind as it tries to make sense of the destruction. Steve decides what the hell, he's the only pokemon who's NOT charred black and frankly scary-looking.

Steve throws a pokeball, and captures his first pokemon!

Incredibly lost SLOWPOKE added to the team!
No. 34472 ID: 448a65



No. 34476 ID: 2cbe3e
File 12512301508.jpg - (23.14KB , 800x450 , 19.jpg )


Steve doesn't know about names. He's never considered naming his pokemon, because the only people who have either name their pokemon human names (Like Chris or something) or something corny. (Like phoenix or darkheart)

Should Steve name his pokemon anything? He's pretty happy calling Charmander and Slowpoke by their species name.
No. 34479 ID: 448a65

Need some names here guys, how about a vote?
No. 34485 ID: 2cbe3e


Steve remember thinking briefly that maybe Spike would be a good name for Charmander.
No. 34487 ID: 448a65

How about we call them all MAGIKARP?
No. 34491 ID: a3b36a

What if you get more than one of a pokemon, Steve? What then? It could only cause confusion.

Names are important, Steve. What if we just started calling you PkmnTrainer?
No. 34496 ID: 64f8ae

Teach Charmander to cuss.
No. 34498 ID: 50d140
File 125123179822.png - (1.33KB , 64x64 , Cooltrainer.png )

What? Steve isn't a standard Pkmn Trainer... he's a Cool Trainer (pic related).

As for names, go for something ironic and vaguely connected, like an inside joke for just you. For instance: Charmander could be Souffle, and Slowpoke could be Million Get.
No. 34499 ID: 6164e0

Call Charmander 'Burninator,' 'Lighter,' 'Butane,' or something like that.

Or call him Slappy the Salamander

Slowpoke should be called Einstein
No. 34502 ID: 6164e0

Spike sounds fine, but if you choose that name, you better raise the little guy to be a scrappy as all hell fighter.
No. 34521 ID: 448a65


That's easy, get him drunk and send him off, he'll be a natural brawler.
No. 34560 ID: 1689ab

Name him "CHARMANDER!" if you ever get another, call it "CHARMANDER2!"
No. 34561 ID: 59f836

Name him "SPIKE" if you ever get another, call it "LAMECOMPAREDTOSPIKE"
No. 34567 ID: 448a65

I think that's 3 votes for the name Spike now...
No. 34585 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125123748729.jpg - (32.29KB , 800x450 , 20.jpg )


Eventually Steve decides to go with "Spike" for Charmander. One name's as good as another for Steve. Not being able to think of a good name for Slowpoke, Steve decides to think more about that later as he lights a cigar on Charmander's tail.

Oh right Steve smokes. He's only got two more cigars though, and they're small enough that they don't take up real inventory space.

Well anyhow, Charmander actually got some experience from that! Probably from the ones he knocked out that were wishing for death. According to Steve's pokedex, Charmander now also knows the move smokescreen! Score! Of course Steve is wary about setting more patches of grass aflame, because it sent up a LOT of smoke, he's pretty sure it's illegal, and of course when it comes right down to it Steve doesn't want to KILL anyone. He's just not that kind of guy. (Accidental skull-to-bottle damages notwithstanding) Getting arrested is NOT on Steve's top 10 things to do.

So, what now? As Steve passes Charmander the whiskey and the little lizard takes a grateful swig, he contemplates his next move.
No. 34594 ID: 448a65


Doesn't matter, the whole police force only consists of one woman and she can't be everywhere at once.

Anyway, lets head for the next town and see if any of our pokeymans need healing. If you spot someone staring blankly at the same spot for no reason, STAY OUT OF THEIR SIGHT!
No. 34599 ID: 6faa8c


Try to train the slowpoke as well.
No. 34621 ID: 86dd76

Train it for toughness by having Spike beat the shit out of it.
No. 34671 ID: 6164e0

You said you don't want to get arrested, right?


Now, head to another suitable patch of grass, there is a different method to earn xp quick that might not get you arrested.

1: have charmander stay on on side of the grass field, and start using smokescreen to flood the grass with smoke.

2: when pokemon try to flee in any direction that is NOT charmander, make loud noises, charge them and wave your bottle at them.

3: keep an eye on charmander while he fights the creatures forced to try and pass him to make sure he isn't overwhelmed.

The smoke will severely irritate their eyes, noses and lungs, giving them breathing problems, blurred sight and a lack of a sense of smell. For pokemon like these, that is pretty much defenseless.

Plus, since you aren't burning down the forest, you shouldn't have to worry about going to jail.

Your little fire pokemon should be strong enough to laugh at the rock gym in no time!
No. 34677 ID: 6164e0

No. 34678 ID: 448a65


That sounds good, but could Steve help by holding pokemon and having Spike smash their faces in? As a different course of action?

Would the exp still count for Spikes?
No. 34689 ID: 6164e0

I get the feeling that the more of the actual fighting Spike does, the more xp he earns.

And besides, Spike is at least level 10 now, he doesn't need our help for rattata or pidgeys in the 2-4 level range.

So lets get our buddy evolved into a Charmeleon before we get to Viridian city, then start down the path towards the Elite four to run into whichever of our rivals is there, stomp them and laugh before actually bothering with anything in Viridian city proper (other than a pit stop to get Spike healed up)
No. 34743 ID: 9e9b47
File 125124855992.jpg - (41.50KB , 816x595 , 21.jpg )


Steve uses Spike's new Smokescreen attack to great effect! It drives pokemon out of hiding, and into Spike's claws and flame. After beating a few of the locals up, Steve even brings out Slowpoke, who mostly just sprays water at the pokemon he fights.


For just this moment Steve thinks it wouldn't be such a good thing to help out. His intervention had only lead to mass pokemon death. If he keeps this up people will think he's some kind of psycho.


Then Steve gets an idea that makes him forget about wasting time on stupid rats and birds. He can make his two monsters fight! He pits the two against each other, and gives them both commands.

"Oh, Spike use Ember! Slowpoke, just attack I guess!"

Spike cockily rears back and hits slowpoke in the face with a stream of fire, but it doesn't seem to faze the slow-moving thing much.

Slowpoke is looking at Spike with a slowly dawning look of recognition. Steve has a gut feeling it's something about setting that grass ablaze. Slowpoke rears back on its' hind legs for a moment, catches another quick blast of fire to the face that he shrugs off, and then head butts Spike with a glowing yellow skull. Spike's out cold.

Steve is impressed as he looks on! Checking his Pokedex, he reads off that Slowpoke has the moves Zen Headbutt, Water Gun, Curse and Yawn.

Steve returns Spike, sad that he'll have to stop training him for the day but glad he has another good pokemon. Well, now that Charmander's out should Steve head to Viridian City?
No. 34748 ID: 6faa8c

Yeah, pokemon center time.
No. 34749 ID: 448a65


Can we get Charmander healed at our house beforehand? Much as I like Slowpoke I don't fancy his chances much if we get challenged.
No. 34754 ID: 6164e0

We have a potion AND booze.

With the two of those, no fire pokemon will stay out.
No. 34788 ID: 9e9b47
File 125125073394.jpg - (38.67KB , 816x595 , 22.jpg )


Let's head on to Viridian City then. Much closer to there than we are to the house in any case.

As Steve nears the city, he can barely make out the lights of the town in the dusk. Not far now.

"Hey buddy!" Comes a voice from off the beaten trail. Steve turns to see a man dressed in black motioning him over. "Hey I got a question for ya. I need a light. C'mere."

Steve has no idea who this gentleman is or why he'd like to talk with him! Steve's a bit perplexed. The man doesn't even look like he NEEDS a light.
No. 34792 ID: 448a65


Seems legit, go over and say hi, keep a hand firmly on your balls though.
No. 34797 ID: 6164e0

Demonstrate that you are in the know.

'Oh hey, you did get the memo from Mr. Giovanni, right? The one that was sent out earlier today?'

Lets try and confuse him
No. 34804 ID: 1689ab

Tackle him and steal his pokemon. He's clearly friendless and we'll never see any sort of revenge for it.
No. 34811 ID: 6164e0

I assume you mean both sets of balls, which would require two hands, unless you want your pokeballs touching your balls.
No. 34818 ID: f4963f

Ask him if you'll be as cool as him if you join his awesome team. Ask if there are applications. Also ask where he got his fetching shirt. <3
No. 34883 ID: 9e9b47
File 125125816342.jpg - (37.09KB , 816x595 , 23.jpg )


Sensing a bit of danger, Steve covers his genitals. Who knows what this guy's capable of.


"Oh hey, you did get the memo from Mr. Giovanni, right? The one that was sent out earlier today?" Steve asks, not knowing what he's saying as the words tumble out of his mouth. He's trying real hard to be casual now.

The Rocket goes from being smug to looking... confused. Finally, he settles on angry. "Is this some kind of joke, kid? Giovanni hasn't been heard from in over six years! Ever since that bastard kid beat him in the Gym!"

Um... Steve wasn't expecting that.


Steve's keeping a cautious look on the guy. He thinks this guy might be part of Team Rocket, even though they were last seen three years ago. Maybe it's just some punk trying to steal pokemon.
No. 34887 ID: 5ba271

"That's a no, then?"
No. 34892 ID: f4963f

Ask to join Team Rocket! Think about it. Free swag, all the pyromania we want~

But if you're dead set against it, then just run for the Pokécenter like a motherfucker. We need to get Spikesby back to speed.
No. 34905 ID: 6164e0

'Alright, look, I just wanted to make sure you actually were part of Team Rocket.

Look, I ain't some boyscout, in fact I like the idea of using pokemon, money and connections to gain power and control things. Maybe I would like to be part of that, and help expand it.

What would you say to that?'
No. 34908 ID: 6164e0

Or put out the Cigar in his eye, break the empty bottle of whisky over his head, and stab him with the broken end in the throat.

That is, of course, if we don't go with Team Rocket.
No. 34925 ID: 9e9b47
File 125126166993.jpg - (36.35KB , 816x595 , 24.jpg )


"Look, I just wanted to make sure you were really part of Team Rocket. I'm no saint myself. If I can use my pokemon to get ahead or get some extra money then good. It sounds like we're after the same goals."

Steve isn't really sure he means that. For one, Steve REALLY needs to get all the badges and challenge the Pokemon League. It's hard to do that as a registered felon.


Officer Jenny? Yeah, there's one in Pallet Town. Steve knows there's more police than that though.

The Rocket seems suspicious, but also calms down notably. "Hmm... well, if you want to join the first thing is to hand over your pokemon and pokedex. I'll bring you to the nearest Rocket Coordinator and we'll see about getting you outfitted. Of course you'll have to undergo some... aptitude tests."


Steve scratches his chin, making it seem as if he's thinking the statement over heavily. His fingers are right near his cigar should this turn nasty. the other hand slides from the genitals to Steve's pocket.
No. 34927 ID: f4963f

>Hmm... well, if you want to join the first thing is to hand over your pokemon and pokedex.

Okay, screw this guy.


( We need to name Slowpoke guys. D: )
No. 34928 ID: 448a65


Party Animal.
No. 34930 ID: 1689ab

Screw summoning a pokemon at him. Tackle his ass. He can't sick his death monsters on you if he's incapacitated.

Maybe theres good money out on his head.
No. 34933 ID: 9e9b47
File 125126245735.jpg - (36.57KB , 816x595 , bitchplease.jpg )


...Hey wait, what's wrong with STEVE'S shirt? Maybe he's just drunk but he just got that. This is his OFFICIAL POKEMON LEAGUE T-SHIRT. He had to win a contest to get it! Plus, Steve bets the Team Rocket shirts are secondhand. It's pretty fetching. Geez.
No. 34934 ID: f4963f

Oh don't worry Steve. Your shirt is fetching too. It's just that you'd look just as good in any shirt. You're just that cool.

But seriously. Both the prior suggestions. Sic a Pokémon on him /and/ tackle his ass.

In a non-homoerotic way.

Unless you swing that way. Then we totally don't mind.
No. 34937 ID: 1689ab

Yeah Steve. You should totally pounce that ass. Ram him good and hard! Show him what you keep in those giant balls of yours!
No. 34938 ID: 6164e0

'What, hand over my pokemon and get handed some zubat and geodude back? Isn't that why your organization got messed up before? I mean, all that kid who beat Giovanni before needed was to abuse the fact that pretty much everyone in team rocket used like three different pokemon types. And you are telling me you still follow the guidelines that led to your defeat by a prepubescent?

I mean, is it any wonder you still don't have the clout you had when Giovanni was still around? He kept Team Rocket strong through his own capabilities. Without him, the only way for you to become strong is for all members to start diversifying, getting more varied types and practicing on their own outside of work for the Team. Heck, I could probably show you how to improve your own method of mayhem with pokemon if you show me what pokemon you have. I figure it is the least I can do for a likeminded individual.'

When he pulls out his pokemon, either steal them from him or actually give him some pointers, either or.
No. 34939 ID: 6164e0

...Maybe get some pants (cargo pants, camo (urban or forest, either or)

Keep extra booze, cigars and whatnot in pockets.

Also, get steel toed boots with good traction, so that you can do better at trailblazing and nutdestroying.
No. 34940 ID: 9e9b47
File 12512636267.jpg - (26.29KB , 816x595 , 25.jpg )

Steve steps forward as if to hand over his pokemon. He makes no move for his pokeballs as he speaks though. "What, and be given a zubat and a geodude in return? You know... this is why.. why... fuck it."


While Steve doesn't see why he should tackle the guy, hitting him with a weapon more at hand seems to be a bit more prudent.

The guy goes for a pokeball. A bit too slow. "Kid, I'm gonna make yo- HURK" He's interrupted as the whiskey bottle catches him alongside the head, dropping him like a log. He's still breathing, but certainly down the the count

Alright. Well that worked out good. Now what?
No. 34941 ID: f78140

claim his pokemans.
No. 34942 ID: f4963f

Hey, one turn deserves another. Take his sucky Pokémon. They could be of use to us.
No. 34944 ID: 1689ab

Take his mans. Go find A cop. Turn him in for a reward.
No. 34946 ID: 6164e0

Take his pokemon, his wallet, his phone, any items (berries, potions, whatev), his pants and his shoes.

Then drag him into the forest and leave the empty booze bottle next to him, with some poured into and around his mouth.

Hopefully he will wake up and think he just passed out.
No. 34949 ID: 9e9b47
File 125126529295.jpg - (46.72KB , 816x595 , 26.jpg )


The guy's only got one pokemon, but that's fine with Steve. Turns out to be a Grimer. Neat! The guy also has money and a gold ring, so Steve takes it for the lulz.

He begins to drag the Rocket into town, happy with the turnout of this little exchange as he finds the Viridian City Police Station, not far from the gates of the town. Turns out that this guy did have a bounty on his head! Score!

Steve doesn't bother with exactly how much cash he's got, he just knows he has ENOUGH CASH. So, now that we're in the big city (you can tell we're in the big city thanks to the CONVENIENT HOME in the background) what does Steve want to do now?
No. 34952 ID: bde1b8

Well first off we need to find OLD MAN WEEDLE to teach us how to catch pokemon properly!

Because honestly we suck balls. No pun intended.
No. 34957 ID: f4963f

Awright. Might want to buy a few potions.

Do we have any capture balls? If not, buy a few of those as well.

And most important, WHISKEY and CIGARS. We must keep ourselves freshly stocked at all times.
No. 34959 ID: 9e9b47
File 125126586770.jpg - (30.41KB , 816x595 , old man weedle.jpg )


Truly, Steve missed a great man in his prime.
No. 34960 ID: f4963f


Mourn for Old Man Weedle.

Pour a drink in his honor.
No. 34961 ID: bde1b8
File 125126598126.jpg - (32.76KB , 369x344 , disappointment.jpg )

No. 34963 ID: 6164e0


Lets get our pokemon healed up, and then head west until we run into one of our rivals, Kick their ass, and move on.

Use money to buy GUN.
No. 34964 ID: 277ca6
File 125126625395.gif - (578.32KB , 150x136 , oh god what.gif )

No. 34965 ID: 5ba271


Looks like we aren't getting a level 170 Snorlax and infinite rare candies.
No. 34972 ID: 9e9b47
File 125126766847.jpg - (25.45KB , 816x595 , 27.jpg )


Yeah, time to take a drink for the old man Steve's never met and then... and then...

Steve sees something that completely derails his train of thought.
No. 34973 ID: 9e9b47
File 125126783136.jpg - (35.56KB , 816x595 , 28.jpg )

'Viridian City Gym. Leader: Blue Oak.'


God damn Steve hates Blue. All of those three little bastards really. While Steve is tempted to go inside right now, he also knows that Blue is supposed to be the most powerful Gym Leader.

The fact that Blue is years younger than Steve makes him want to drink more than ever. He indulges.
No. 34977 ID: 6164e0

Ok, pokecenter to heal up our mons, try and get Slowpoke to not hate Spike, and then have them three way battle royal train until all three are near passed out, then heal them again.

No. 35038 ID: 62ec90

Tin foil armor and a switchblade.

You know your Charmander needs these things.
No. 35039 ID: 448a65


Give him bottles of alcohol and rags for Molotovs as well.
No. 35044 ID: 6164e0


If we gave charmander a really high proof liquor (everclear or something similar, I imagine), couldn't he take a swig, hold it in his mouth, breath out ember, and end up performing the equivalent of flamethrower?

Seems like it would be an easy way to boost Spik's performance. Plus, grain alcohol is usually fairly cheap.
No. 35047 ID: 6164e0


If we gave charmander a really high proof liquor (everclear or something similar, I imagine), couldn't he take a swig, hold it in his mouth, breath out ember, and end up performing the equivalent of flamethrower?

Seems like it would be an easy way to boost Spike's performance. Plus, grain alcohol is usually fairly cheap.
No. 35051 ID: 4902ae

How does ember work?
Shitty firebreath?
Spitting coals?
Producing charcoal poop, lighting it on fire and throwing it?
No. 35054 ID: e9bd6a

>The foe is attacked with small flames.

It looks like it's shitty firebreath.
No. 35056 ID: 6164e0

Which could then be used to ignite the booze being spit, so now there is more fire going towards the opponent. Hence, upgrade to dirty flamethrower.
No. 35057 ID: 4902ae

Or douse them in it and then use SHITTY FIREBREATH.
No. 35058 ID: 6164e0


Actually, that sounds like a great idea. I mean, if we set it up right Spike could take out opponents way out of his league.

I mean, gout of burning liquid and fire hits them, which then ignites them, and they continue burning despite efforts to douse themself because some of the alcohol has seeped into their hide/feathers/fur.

Sounds like a fairly powerful move.
No. 35059 ID: e9bd6a

I see a couple problems though. I think using alcohol (whether it's giving it to Spike or dousing a foe in it) would count as using an ITEM. That takes up a turn and gives the other pokemon time to act. In the game, the one hit kill is really the only way to go, otherwise they'll wear you down slowly (forcing you to stay near a pokecenter), or give you a lame ass status effect like poison, stun, or sleep.

Additionally, we'll have to keep buying booze, which means burning through our money (pun intended). Not to mention... where do they sell more alcohol? At the pokemart?
No. 35061 ID: 4902ae

I was thinking of this as mostly a SESSION POWER anyway.
No. 35062 ID: 448a65


No. 35063 ID: 6164e0

Well, if Spike brings a bottle of booze with him into the fight, it counts as a held item, and activation is instantaneous then. And unless we find some way cooler thing for him to hold/use, I don't see why we wouldn't give Spike a bottle of high proof grain alcohol.

As to the booze question, remember we do actually have MONIES now, and can get more bottles without concern for a time.

As to who sells them, no idea, but I would imagine Steve knows.
No. 35064 ID: 4902ae

The real question is whether or not Spike can hold a bottle of booze AND a cigar.
Because he needs a cigar.
No. 35065 ID: e9bd6a

I fucking hate Zubats...

I totally forgot about the held items! That's perfect. But would it act like one of the berries and go away with every use? Or like the sunglasses and just augment his attacks?
No. 35067 ID: 6164e0

Well, we could just get a flask, and put in enough for one use to give to him as an item. Plus, it is smaller, lighter, and more easily secured to Spike.

Seems perfect really, it gives Spike a one-time-per-fight super attack.
No. 35070 ID: 64d98f

Or we could say 'fuck it' and bend the pokemon rules you god damned nerds.
No. 35071 ID: 57a67a

Do you really have to troll everywhere you post?
No. 35072 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125131351787.jpg - (35.38KB , 800x450 , 29.jpg )


Steve decides to head off to the PokeMart first! Battling is all well and good but he may as well put some of this money to good use. Thoughts of Blue, Red and Green will have to wait.

As Steve enters the pokemon center, he sees only one other customer in the store, a man who has most of his face taken up by a gray beard. The man is reading through a rack of magazines, and doesn't even look in Steve's direction.

The woman behind the counter waves happily. "Hello there! What can I help you with?"

Steve knows that they usually sell alcohol behind the counter in these places. They're like all-purpose stores. "Any whiskey? And cigars? Oh, I guess some pokeballs. And some potions."

"Right away sir, I'll gather your order then." The woman says pleasantly as she bustles about.

Anything else Steve should worry about or deal with as long as he's here?
No. 35073 ID: 795b36

see if they have some repel or something, it'll be useful sooner or later.
No. 35079 ID: 6164e0

Grain alcohol and a flask, so that you can arm charmander.

Maybe full length pants? You really don't want some adventurous pokemon crawling up your leg and investigating your genitals with its teeth/claws, do you?
No. 35080 ID: 448a65


No way man, we like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear!
No. 35081 ID: 6164e0

But pokemon biting your balls.

No. 35082 ID: 448a65


I am now imagining Geodudes molesting Steve in the Dark Cave, goddamn.

Alright alright, whatever protects us, goodness knows how the kids with shorts coped.
No. 35103 ID: 64d98f

It's so easy with you, I barely even have to try.

Besides, that was more affectionate trolling. I played the shit out of the Pokemon games.
No. 35104 ID: 64d98f

That's why we spray the repel on our shorts.
No. 35105 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125131874019.jpg - (38.38KB , 800x450 , 29.jpg )

"Here you are sir!" The girl behind the counter puts of another bottle of BEANY JIM'S WHISKEY, 2 CIGARS, a POTION and a couple of POKEBALLS. "Is there anything else I can get for you?"


"Um, a repel? And some pants? And a flask too."

As the woman bustles off, Steve gets a good look at the message on the front of the counter. He inquires about it when the woman comes back. "Um, what sort of special offer do you have?"

"Well, with a sufficiently large enough purchase you receive a raffle ticket. It adds you into our lottery to receive a special prize! In fact, it seems you qualify. Would you be interested in joining our raffle?"
No. 35108 ID: bde1b8

Possibly free stuff, eh? WHAT COULD GO WRONG!

No. 35110 ID: 6164e0

What is that on the top of the right shelf?

Is it a person peeking over it?

Oh, and when you get Spike patched up, when you first take him out of the ball, give him a speech (while chewing a cigar and downing whiskey) that goes something like:

'So, you lost against that Slowpoke. Doesn't feel, good, losing, does it? You want to taste victory again, don't you? And you don't want to lose again, right? Then never underestimate an opponent, and always be ready to improve yourself.'

Then that would be the time to give him the flask and start teaching him how to use it to improve flame attacks, and how dousing an opponent with some of the stuff before burning them leads to wildly more devestating attacks.
No. 35113 ID: 2cc273

Eh, I'm not upset or anything. Just perplexed.

I used to play pokemon all the time too... until my parents decided that Satan uses pokemon to trick kids into liking Dungeons and Dragons so they would go to hell.

... yeah

Find out how much the raffle ticket costs. If it's reasonably priced, you probably won't win. If it's ridiculously expensive, you'll probably find it later or have it given to you for free.
No. 35129 ID: bde1b8

>Find out how much the raffle ticket costs.
>With a large enough purchase you receive a raffle ticket
Its a free bonus for being a good customer, dude.
No. 35132 ID: 7fd47d

Oh right. Hmm... I must've been thinking of the bike ticket. Ah well.
No. 35172 ID: 62ec90

Buy Condoms and Porn.

Show your Charmander how to be a MAN.
No. 35173 ID: 4c4f28

Do we have the money for hookers?

Do they even have Pokehookers?
No. 35184 ID: 1afd58

>trick kids into D&D and hell

Yet you are on tgchan, a board spawned from a board about D&D and related things, on 4chan of all damn places.
No. 35186 ID: 9e9b47
File 125133957527.jpg - (37.18KB , 816x595 , 30.jpg )


"Sure, why the hell not." Steve takes and fills out his name and number from his pokedex on the card. "How will you contact me anyhow? I'm only here for the night probably."

"Oh we'll send a deliveryman to find you if you win." The woman behind the counter puts Steve's ticket in a bucket with a couple of others, and he heads out.



That's just the bearded guy from earlier perusing Pokemon Magazines. Steve does think this is a good time to get his pokemon healed up and then have a quick talk with Charmander. Steve stops by the pokemon center before finding a bench in a quiet part of town. Steve fills the flask up and summons his pokemon.

Wordlessly, Steve lights two cigars, passes one to Charmander and smokes his slowly. He hands the little lizard the flask as well, and Charmander takes a grateful pull.

The FLASK works as a held item in combat with 3 "CHARGES" of alcohol. It increases the power of FIRE moves.

"That's yours to keep." Steve tells Spike. The Charmander looks surprised at the news. "So, you lost against that Slowpoke. Doesn't feel good, losing, does it? You want to taste victory again, don't you? And you don't want to lose again, right? Then never underestimate an opponent, and always be ready to improve yourself."

Spike looks inspired by his master's words! Steve thinks he can really talk some bullshit when he's hammered!


Yeah, if Steve knew where to find women then he's probably be... not so adamant about this whole pokemon thing.


Steve guesses he's got some time before complete nightfall. Should he go out to the path west of town? Steve knows he can't get further than Indigo Plateau anyhow.
No. 35188 ID: 9e9b47


By the way, Steve's new PANTS come with MORE POCKETS, giving him 9 inventory instead of 6! Yay!
No. 35189 ID: f4963f

Hells yeah we go east! We've got some rivals to teach a lesson!

Namely, that cheating, stealing and getting our loved ones piss-drunk is the assured path to victory.
No. 35190 ID: f4963f

Or west, as it were. We're only a little tipsy, we swear!
No. 35196 ID: 9e9b47
File 125134172894.jpg - (51.70KB , 816x595 , 31.jpg )


We are tipsy indeed! Heading west out of town, Steve comes across a few random wild ratattas and pidgeys. He uses Slowpoke against them, wanting to train up his new pokemon. He tries using Grimer, but it's a little asshole and won't listen to Steve's commands. He returns it after a bit.

A little ways out of town, Steve hears voices, one familiar, off in the grass. Heading through the brush to check it out, he comes across Judy and... well, Steve's never seen her before but she looks around 16 or 17 to him. She has a passing resemblance to Judy, and is blushing wildly as the smaller girl talks over her. "Well Judy... it's not that easy... mom and dad want me to make sure that you're safe! I don't see why you're..."

"I'm NOT gonna go on my Pokemon adventure with my sister! That's final! I don't care what you think, I'm going to be a pokemon master by myself! Cory gets to go out on his own!" Judy yells back, and the blonde girl blushes deeper.

It appears the two girls don't notice Steve at all. What should he do now?
No. 35201 ID: 448a65



Also, confidently stride up to the ladies, not close enough that they can smell your booze breath though, bad first impression.

Ask them what the problem seems to be, since you heard their shouting.
No. 35211 ID: 6164e0

Why not offer a compromise.

If she still can't beat us, then she should adventure with her sister.

And for the fight against Squirtle, have Spike first use smoke screen, circle about and charge in close to knock over squirtle onto its back. He's a turtle, knock him on his back and he can't do shit.

And advise Spike to not use the flask this time, to keep it secret for the moment.
No. 35232 ID: 9e9b47
File 125134942279.jpg - (35.63KB , 816x595 , 32.jpg )


Steve walks up to the pair, though he keeps a respectable distance. He waves jovially at the pair of them. "Hey there ladies! What seems to be the problem? Anything I can do to help?"

The girl who Steve assumes is Judy's sister blushes again and pokes Judy in the back. "Sis? Who's-"

"He's nobody important!" Jusy barks, silencing her sister with a glare before she turns to Steve and points an accusing finger at him. "What do you want? Go away if it's nothing!"

Steve tries to keep up a dialogue. "Uh.. you want to inrotuce me to your sister?"

The girl with the glasses speaks up before Judy can say anything. "M-my name's Amber. Who's this, Judy?"

"He's a beginning trainer, like me. Mom says he's big and dumb and he smells. His name's Steve." Judy seems to revel in making fun of Steve to his face.

"So... your parents want you to travel together then? Amber, how come I've never seen you before?" Steve asks, intrigued. Amber's got a decent rack.

"I l-live in Johto. I came over w-when my father heard Judy was leaving." Amber supplies, and seeing Steve's confused expression elaborates. "Our p-parents are divorced. I live w-with dad and his new wife and Judy lives with mom."

"I told you I'm NOT going with you though!" Judy looks livid.


Steve decides to help Amber out, who looks a bit distressed at her sister's attitude. "Hey Judy why don't we have a pokemon match? If I win you have to go wi-"

"How about NO?!" Judy barks back, catching Steve offguard. "I'm tired and I don't want to battle you right now. I'll battle you next time though you big dumb ox!"
No. 35234 ID: 9e9b47
File 125134951872.jpg - (22.37KB , 816x595 , 33.jpg )

Steve tries to recover. "Well... I thought Pokemon Trainers couldn't refuse battles!"

Judy crosses her arms across her chest, unfazed. "I thought it was illegal to let your pokemon drink."

Steve glances around to see Charmander sipping at his flask. Damn.

Steve wants to yell WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST WAIT 5 MINUTES but there's people around. Amber looks a bit concerned, and Judy looks smug.

Hmm. Steve's drawing a blank right now.
No. 35235 ID: f4963f

Insinuate that she doesn't want to battle you because she knows she'll lose again. And that she doesn't want to lose again because if she did, then we'd all know she needs her big sis to look out for her. Hopefully we can provoke her into a fight anyway?

Completely let the alcohol topic drop, though. Inebriation rights for all living creatures!
No. 35238 ID: 6164e0

Also, there are no rules on pokemon drinking, at least not in the official pokemon setting.

Then try and encourage her to fight you as a way to improve. After all, if we are 'just some dumb trainer,' then the fact she lost to us doesn't bode well for her future. Try and look mature and manly doing so, so her sister likes you more.

Lightly admonish Spike for drinking from the flask right now, and remind him to think on why he has the flask before just drinking it (whisper to him that you will give him drinks from your own stuff outside of battle, the flask is battle-only).

You know you want to troll judy by acting nice, courteous and mature in front her sister so she won't believe Judy when she rails on us.
No. 35240 ID: bde1b8

No. 35241 ID: ed8d8a

a reasonable set of points, and two appealing goals to pursue. I approve.
No. 35245 ID: 9e9b47
File 125135242019.jpg - (36.89KB , 816x595 , 34.jpg )


"Oh Spike don't be drinking that... lemonade right now you little rascal." Steve says jovially.

As Judy turns away from Steve in a huff, Steve lays his hand on Judy's shoulder. "Hey now are you angry because you think you'll lose again? It's ok, for some the path of the Pokemon Master is a difficult one." Steve turns his attention to Amber, who puts her hands behind her back and looks embaressed. "Your pretty sister here just wants to go on a pokemon journey with you. Nothing wrong with that."

"I am tired." Judy sounds very hollow. "Take your hand off my shoulder."

"P-pretty?" Amber asks.

Judy looks kind of serious. What should Steve do?
No. 35247 ID: 6164e0

Hrm. She stopped insulting you.

You may not know much about little kids, but you know that when they go from being angry and calling people names to being quiet and distant, you should probably let them be.

Ask Judy if she has seen Cory as a change of subject, and flirt some more with Amber.

Once you run out of suave things to do to impress her, you should head on out to leave a good impression.

Maybe ask for her number (after all, responsible adults should stay in contact when trying to keep a kid out of trouble, right?), then head on to some tall grass.

No. 35253 ID: bde1b8

>Ask Judy if she has seen Cory as a change of subject.
>Maybe ask for her number (after all, responsible adults should stay in contact when trying to keep a kid out of trouble, right?), then head on to some tall grass.

I agree with the quoted bits, but suggest going after Weedles instead of Nidorans.
No. 35332 ID: 6164e0

...Why not try and catch both? Try and catch a Weedle and a Nidoran.

I mean, we don't need to wait until we are halfway accross Kanto before having five-six pokemon on our active team.
No. 35334 ID: 448a65


On a related note, what do we want our ULTIMATE team to consist of? Obviously Spike has gotta stay. I want a Cubone/Marrowak because they can brain the enemy, with extreme prejudice (and cause I had one for my Pokemon Blue).
No. 35339 ID: 6164e0

Depends. If this is exclusively first gen, there are several pokemon that are somewhat easy to get that end up becoming strong.

probably our first concern would be to catch a Magikarp and find some way for the bugger to get experience as soon as possible, a giant flying water dragon would be hand.

Spike (as Charizard)

sounds alright to me, and the only one that is rare-ish is getting Dratini.

All are great pokemon, and only Dragonite's starter is rare.
No. 35354 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125140023496.jpg - (26.91KB , 800x450 , 35.jpg )


Steve takes his hand away. He guesses starting a scene isn't worth a pokemon battle. He rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment. "Didn't mean anything by it... um, have you seen Cory today?"

Judy still looks angry, but she responds civilly enough. "I only saw him heading for Pewter City. If you wanna go beat him again in a pokemon battle you better catch up."

Steve realizes he might be looking like a giant douchebag in front of Amber. He decides to try making a HEARTFELT SPEECH. "Look, I'll just say one more thing. You're pretty lucky, Judy. You've got your sister you haven't seen in a while wanting to come with you on your pokemon journey. I wish I had someone who wanted to come with me. I don't even have any brothers. So, I can understand why you're resisting it, but maybe just let your sister tag along for a while. Until you get on your feet. Plus, I'm sure she wants to catch up on things, don't you Amber?"

Amber nods (her glasses stop wrapping around her whole head mysteriously), and blushes again as Steve shoots her a SMIRK. "Y-Yes I'd like that."

Judy turns around to look at Steve, as if measuring how much he means his words. Steve's surprised to see Judy not angry-looking. Finally, she gives a 'why not' shrug. "Oh, I guess so. Fine, let's go Amber. Bye Steve." Judy walks off towards town without a second glance back.

Amber smiles at Steve in gratitude as she walks up to him. "T-thank you for helping me with that. She can be very stubborn sometimes. I just want to make sure she can take care of herself."

"Hey no problem. Say, uh, maybe I could get your pokedex number? You could give me a call if you need anymore help, or I could give you a call sometime. I'd like to hear from you again."

Amber blushes deeply this time as the two exchange pokedex numbers. "A-alright. I-I'll give you a call sometime."

Steve waves after her, admiring her ass for a moment before turning back to the task at hand. Well, that went well. Steve begins to wander around for Pokemon in the immediate area, unless there's something else Steve wants to accomplish?
No. 35357 ID: 6164e0


Other than catching Nidoran and/or Weedle, I don't think there is any reason to not head up to Viridian Forest.

We should probably come up with some other ways to tilt matches in our favor.

...maybe find some weed, and keep it for later to use against water pokemon, have Spike hold it in his mouth and use ember (thereby smoking out the water pokemon and hopefully giving them dry mouth so they can't use water attacks?
No. 35376 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125141060696.jpg - (30.00KB , 800x450 , 36.jpg )


Steve goes out looking for pokemon to capture. Unfortunately, he's confused when he finds two different kinds of Nidoran! Steve just captures both so he doesn't have to think too hard.

The only other pokemon around are pidgeys and rattatas, so Steve just says screw this place and heads off towards Viridian Forest. He's gotta stop by Viridian City on the way there, should he stop and do anything or continue on to Viridian Forest?
No. 35377 ID: 448a65


Heal up yer pokemon again just in case and head on into the Forest.
No. 35379 ID: bc0af2

Time to ruin some bug catchers' days.
No. 35382 ID: 6164e0

Oh, train the nidoran against eachother, and have Spike fight without using his fire/smoke abilities. This is just to give them some exercise and get them more used to fighting, not for them to beat eachother to unconciousness. Tell Spike that if you see improvement in all three by the end of the day, he gets extra whiskey and a cigar!

Then, keep all three out of their pokeballs so that they can do this while you hike to viridian forest.
No. 35479 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125147380929.jpg - (24.61KB , 800x450 , 37.jpg )


You first heal up your pokemon before heading on. Steve's pretty impressed with his pokemon so far. He's got a Charmander, Slowpoke, Grimer, and two Nidorans. Almost a full team already. As he heads off to Viridian Forest, he releases Charmander, the two Nidorans and Grimer.

"Alright, I want the three of you to duke it out. Also, keep up. Spike, don't use your fire and stuff."

The three pokemon Steve has captured start to square themselves, while Grimer stays stubbornly in place. "Oh, and beat the shit out of Grimer first. He's pissing me off." The sounds of Grimer getting beat on follow Steve for a while, until he returns ir absentmindedly.

Steve has a pleasant and uneventful trip to Viridian Forest.
No. 35480 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125147394558.jpg - (34.53KB , 800x450 , 38.jpg )


After entering the forest, Steve thinks he spots a trainer off to his right! Of course, he also thinks he spots something to his left as well. Hmm. What should Steve do?
No. 35481 ID: 7eda8b

Left looks shinier.
No. 35482 ID: f78140

go left brah. you can find trainers anywhere
No. 35483 ID: 3711e7

yes, left is a good idea
No. 35484 ID: 6164e0


lets go left.

After all, those douchebag trainers always wait for you.
No. 35485 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125147568622.jpg - (33.54KB , 800x450 , 39.jpg )


Going through the tall grass and ignoring the trainer for now, Steve pushes him way into a clearing and finds...

Um... some stupid-looking thing. Steve's never seen anything like it. What the fuck.
No. 35486 ID: 3711e7

catch it, you never have too many pokemons
No. 35487 ID: 6164e0

It is a sheep that shits lightning.

Can you possibly pass up something like that?

Also, huh, guess this isn't just first generation.

Try and soften it up with Spike (smokescreen, stay low, circle around, set fur on fire, pokeball it.
No. 35489 ID: 007a2e


That pokemon must be helluva lost, it's in the wrong area completely.

Catch it I guess but be wary of it.
No. 35516 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125148363434.jpg - (27.08KB , 800x450 , 40.jpg )


Ever since that magnet train was built a couple of years ago and it became easier to move from Kanto to Johto, Steve's been hearing that weird pokemon were wandering about. He's never seen one until today.

Steve captures it without too much problem, snagging the thing while it's still eating. Huzzah! Steve has a complete team now! Including Grimer, who's a stupid lump. So, what should Steve get up to now?
No. 35519 ID: 6faa8c

Get to the pokemon center, store Grimer, and get a pokemon that does what you tell it to do.
No. 35533 ID: 007a2e


Man don't these people know what happens when creatures spread beyond their natural habitat and into others? It's like Cane toads in Australia!
No. 35536 ID: 43d730

That can shit lightning and spit fire.
No. 35537 ID: 007a2e


That should've made them even MORE cautious about mixing pokemon!


Lets go kick some trainers asses.
No. 35556 ID: f4963f

Find wild trainers
Kick their asses
Steal their lunch money
No. 35557 ID: 6164e0

We want spike to at least be a charmeleon by the time we hit pewter, and if possible lets get the nidorans enough fights they become Nidorino and Nidorina.

And since we already know some great ways to grind at high speed (the smoke trick, the fire trick) and have a way for Spike to pretty much one hit KO any foe we could reasonably expect to run into in the forest (YE FLASK), we should be able to beat up the entire forest, every single pokemon in it.
No. 35648 ID: 9e9b47
File 125151447279.jpg - (30.72KB , 800x450 , 41.jpg )


Hell yeah Steve heads off to kick some trainer ass! The first kid he runs into is looking through the bushes with his STUPID NET. "Hey faggot! Wanna battle!" Steve yells, taking a long drink of his whiskey before refocusing his attention.

"No, my name's Johnny!" The kid says eagerly, and pulls out a pokeball. "I'll battle you though! Metapod, go!"

Steve stares at the unmoving green pokemon for a moment. "Uh... what can that thing do?"

"Well, mostly just protect itself from being hit better." The kid concedes after a moment.

"So... there's nothing it can do if Spike here just sets it on fire." Steve is dumbfounded it's hard to beat other pokemon trainers.

"Um, I guess?" The kid looks unhappy.

"Ok, blow it up Spike." Steve says, puffing at his cigar as Spike takes a swig from the flask, and uses the shot to blow out an extra-potent fireball.

Steve walks off, waving casually over his shoulder. "Good battle, now get back home ya little jerkoff."

"Screw you." The kid says as he walks sulkily back towards Viridian.

Hell yeah! Being a pokemon trainer rules! Steve thinks he should've done this years ago!

>Steal their lunch money

Any money Steve wins on official matches will be be put into his bank account. Funds are transferred using ELECTRONIC GOBBLEDEGOOK through use of the POKEDEXES. Steve will have to take his money out of Team Rocket members himself, but Steve doesn't have a problem with this concept.
No. 35650 ID: 6164e0


How about we just use Spike's smokescreen and collective efforts to herd a bunch of distressed pokemon at Spike and both nidoran.

The cool thing is we can do this while wandering through the forest looking for more trainers to beat up.
No. 35651 ID: 43d730

No. 35653 ID: 6164e0

Oh hey, does

'spotted some unusual pokemon for the area in Viridian Forest (mention the sheep), maybe Judy would like to check it out?'

Sound like a legitimate reason to call Amber, and possibly flirt a bit?

Use friendly trainer advice as a segway to flirt with Amber more. Not too much, but enough to put just a bit more positive spin on the image she makes of you today.
No. 35658 ID: 9e9b47
File 125152064561.jpg - (33.30KB , 816x595 , 42.jpg )


Steve starts getting Charmander to battle trainers as he continues deeper into the forest. He gets the Nidorans to fight a little ways behind. The two seem eager to out battle the other, so for the moment there's no clear winner.


Steve decides this may be a decent time to give Amber a call. After all, he just found a pretty unusual pokemon. He uses the pokedex to give Amber a call (Because the pokedexes can totally do that apparently, new feature or something) and there's a few rings before she answers.

"Hello? Steve?" calls Amber's voice. She sounds nervous, but cheerful.

"Hey Amber. I just caught a pokemon normally found around Johto here in Viridian Forest. When you guys come through you may want to be on the lookout."

"Oh, thank you for telling us! You're so considerate! We're staying in Viridian for the night, so we'll probably search the place tomorrow morning."

"Maybe we could... compare pokemon in Pewter City or something?" Steve hazards. "Get something to eat together?

Steve can practically hear the blush in Amber's voice. "I-I'd like that. L-let me give you a calltomorrowbye!" Amber says the last part in a breathless rush, and the pokedex stops the call. Steve replaces his pokedex as Charmander finishes up another Trainer.
No. 35659 ID: 9e9b47
File 125152072189.jpg - (20.24KB , 816x595 , 43.jpg )

Hey after that Trainer battle Charmander started acting weird! Like, all glowing and shit! Steve wonders if Charmander is about to explode! Steve readies his bottle to bash it.
No. 35660 ID: 9e9b47
File 125152077893.jpg - (23.09KB , 816x595 , 44.jpg )

Just kidding! Steve knows that Charmander was just evolving. He puts his bottle away slowly.

Spike evolved into Charmeleon!
No. 35661 ID: 1f5d37

No. 35662 ID: 43d730

Right, time to find him some hookers.
How to reconcile this with the date, though...

No. 35665 ID: 789c25

If the date goes well, we may not need hookers...
No. 35666 ID: f78140

if it goes well enough, we might need 3+ hookers.
No. 35671 ID: 6164e0

First and foremost, give Spike a Brofist, and purposefully make a big deal of congratulating him in front of the Nidoran. Should really get them pumped to catch up.

Oh, and offer to name the nidoran only when they evolve too.

Well, lets keep going.

Hrm, maybe have the sheep(I still can't remember which pokemon that is) and Slowpoke spar? After all, the sheep is resistant to water, whereas Slowpoke is the opposite. Plus, Slowpoke really needs the exercise and training, just in case we need him at Pewter.

Remember, we got a chance to impress a girl with big tits, and the better the pokemon we have when we get there, the more impressive we look.
No. 35677 ID: 9e9b47
File 125152819829.jpg - (31.30KB , 816x595 , 45.jpg )


Hell yeah! Steve gives Spike a pound. He's pretty proud of himself as he congratulates the new Charmeleon, his two new Nidoran watching quietly from the sideline. When Steve observes them sparring again, both pokemon look determined to be the first to evolve. Steve leaves them to it.


Steve doesn't really know how to get hookers. He also doesn't know if Spike would be weirded out by a human female. Of course, Steve's down for a hooker if one can be found.


That's right, there might not even be a need for masturbation! Steve's got a date with Amber tomorrow, hopeflly! Steve doesn't know... well, anything at all about Amber, but he's willing to learn. Steve heads off towards Pewter City. He's getting pretty tired, and figures he'll probably continue training more after some sleep. He'd like to see that new stupid-looking thing in battle after all.
No. 35693 ID: 33bb8b

Isn't your pokedex supposed to tell you the names of these things when you find them? I sort of assumed the things were psychic computers or something. Anyway, MY psychic computer tells me sheep pokeman are called mareeps, and they create static electricity when you rub them against carpets or something.
No. 35723 ID: 6164e0

Well, you DO still have that thermos of coffee.

And this forest still probably has shit to beat up in it, wild or otherwise.

Why not use the coffee (both for yourself, and when your pokemon get too fatigued to fight effectively), and continue fighting everything you see in the forest while you finish travelling through it.

You will get to Pewter only a few hours later than you would have if you had traveled there without delay, and you will have more battle savvy pokemon as a result of the extra time, as well as more money from those stupid bug trainer pokemon. I mean, Metapods? Seriously?

OH WAIT. Other than Slowpoke, we don't have any pokemon with moves effective against Rock.

Hrm. Lets give Slowpoke a hefty dose of coffee, both to find out what it does for such a lazy creature, and to get Slowpoke more energized, so we can get him used to using watergun in a match situation.
No. 35731 ID: f4963f

Hey yeah, what's your POKÉDEX say about the FREAKY SHEEP THING?

If it says nothing, then there is only one obvious answer.

IT'S A NEW SPECIES! Run to Professor Oak raving about how you discovered a totally new species of Pokémon and how he needs to give you, like, a fuckton of money if he wants to perform experiments on it.
No. 35793 ID: 33bb8b

>slowpoke + coffee

That sounds like SCIENCE! It involves large doses of powerful stimulants and mildly addictive chemicals on a small creature with an unfamiliar physiology. It is an irresponsible and unethical abuse of authority with only a hint of a theory and unpredictable results. With a live test subject. the best KIND of SCIENCE!

Do it! For SCIENCE!
No. 35795 ID: 6164e0

I know, right?

And if it works well enough, we can call Slowpoke Jitters.
No. 35804 ID: 9e9b47
File 125157440461.jpg - (49.98KB , 816x595 , 46.jpg )


Steve's PSYCHIC COMPUTER seems to already know about the stupid-looking creature already. Steve just doesn't check in his pokedex as often as he should, probably. It's called a Mareep. "If static electricity builds in its body, its fleece doubles in volume. Touching it will shock you." Steve reads from the pokedex. God damned useless info. It knows Thundershock, tackle, growl and thunder wave.


Steve remembers his thermos of coffee! Downing half of it, he feels a lot more perked and energetic, at least for the time being. Getting a great idea Steve brings out Slowpoke, and "gives" the pokemon a nice big helping!

Success! Slowpoke is practically twitching he's so ready to go! Steve and slowpoke head off to look for more trainers as Steve returns Spike for the time being.
No. 35811 ID: f78140

perfect. let's go take care of that rock gym.
No. 35826 ID: 9e9b47
File 125157681544.jpg - (41.65KB , 816x595 , 47.jpg )


After only a little while of training, Slowpoke goes from being awake and alert to slow and dull. No matter how much yelling and threats Steve hurls at the pokemon, it won't get back up. With a sigh, Steve gets the idea he might be done as he reaches the forest's edge. He's still pretty awake, but it's really late, and it looks like he's near Pewter City.

Anything Steve should do before finding a place to sleep for the night? The Pokemon Center will let trainers sleep on the couches found in their lobby, so Steve doesn't have to pay for a room.
No. 35835 ID: 6164e0

Well, we could ask at the Pokecenter if they saw Cory, and what pokemon he had (nice to get to know a rival better)

I see no reason to not just save our money and sleep in the pokecenter while everyone gets patched up, but lets get some more coffee for the next day so that we can re-energize Slowpoke when it is Gym battle time.

And in the Pokemon center, lets give our pokes a little speech about resting up, tomorrow we get to challenge talented trainers (imply to the Nidoran that if they try hard enough tomorrow, they might get a little closer to catching Spike)

When spending the night at the pokecenter, ask them to wake you relatively early (and have a solid whiskey nightcap outside the building to help with early rising), so that we can head towards the entrance to Viridian Forest and engage in training for Spike, the Nidoran and Mareep until Amber and Judy show up (thus further improving Amber and Judy's opinions of our sincerity as a trainer) That way we can also spend time chatting while we all head to the pokecenter to get our pokemon restored, and then also head to the gym together. More time to hit on Amber and act mature in front of Judy so she isn't such a little ass to us.

Also, how do the names Killer Queen for the female nidoran and Purple Haze for the male sound?
No. 35850 ID: f4963f

... that sign's existence is a cardinal sin.

Burn it to the ground.

Not the sign. The whole city.

It must burn.
No. 35853 ID: 43d730

I concur.
It is an offense against wit.
At least deface it on the way out.
No. 35857 ID: 5ba271

>Killer Queen for the female nidoran and Purple Haze for the male

Only if we get a machoke and name it Crazy Diamond.
No. 35908 ID: 6164e0

I can completely get behind that.
No. 36104 ID: 9e9b47
File 12516137528.jpg - (49.83KB , 816x595 , 48.jpg )


Steve lets Charmeleon out of his pokeball and lets him lose on the sign. Ah, Pewter City! Steve's gonna ask around at the Pokemon Center in the morning for Cory but for now he's exhausted. A little nightcap down the road assures good dreams as Steve concludes the first day of his Pokemon Journey.
No. 36312 ID: bde1b8
File 125169285513.jpg - (126.20KB , 364x1000 , Ivysaur.jpg )

You know what you need, Steve? You need THESE kinds of pokemon.
No. 37164 ID: 9e9b47
File 125187065394.jpg - (34.67KB , 816x595 , 49.jpg )


Steve has some wonderful dreams that night, drunkenly sprawled out on a PokeCenter couch. He begins to slowly wake up in the morning light, wondering how long he was out for. Laying his head back, Steve takes a moment to rest his eyes in the face of this pounding headache.
No. 37166 ID: 789c25

See how your pokemon are holding up. They trained a fair bit yesterday.
No. 37169 ID: ed8d8a


Acquire PEPPER
Acquire EGG
No. 37173 ID: 6c80cf


Okay. Move to the bathroom. Brush teeth-you didn't bring your toothbrush? Fuck. Uh, well, get a drink of water and stuff. Remember you should get cleaned up.
No. 37191 ID: 9e9b47
File 125187382486.jpg - (30.02KB , 816x595 , 50.jpg )


Steve heads right for the bathroom. First for a quick flushing of the ol' pipes and then off to brush the teeth! Of course Steve brought his toothbrush! Have you ever NOT brushed your teeth the day after drinking copiously? Steve is surprisingly on top of dental health.


Oh right, the pokemon. Steve's memory of yesterday is a bit fuzzy. Looks like they're coming along fine. Spike and Slowpoke and the male and female thingy and the stupid looking thing and so on. Yup, all looking good.


A quick nip of the whiskey right now will have to do. Steve'll have to stop by a pokemon market for anything else. What should Steve do now?
No. 37211 ID: f4963f

go to the gym
beat leader
get shinies
No. 37218 ID: 6164e0

Why not take a peek inside the gym, and then decide whether you should beat the leader now or wait for Amber and Judy to arrive and beat the leader then to further impress Amber and her glorious breasts?
No. 37252 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125190143325.jpg - (16.80KB , 800x450 , 51.jpg )


Steve gets the urge to go and check out the Gym as long as he's up at the crack of noon. It looks like Amber hasn't called yet, so there's still time to do stuff Steve figures.

There's a bit of food laid out on the table, and so Steve gets a jelly doughnut while he heads out the door. In his absentminded amble through the town to get to the Gym, Steve steps down an alleyway, and gets about halfway down when a voice calls down to him.

"H-hey kid. Y-you the guy that c-captured that Team Rocket m-member?"

Steve looks up to see a black robed figure, sporting a strange red mask over its face. Steve points a finger to it. "So what if I did?"

"I s-see. My name is Z-Zealot. I'm a General in the new Team R-Rocket. I think we should t-talk."
No. 37255 ID: 789c25

Well, find out what the hell he wants
No. 37257 ID: f4963f

Ahaha, he's stuttering.

Take a swig of whiskey, release Charmeleon preemptively, and ask him what he wants. If he reaches for his balls, roast him.
No. 37273 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125190811477.jpg - (15.04KB , 800x450 , 52.jpg )


Steve lets out Charmeleon, but the guy's on top of a roof. He couldn't immediately toast him if he wanted to. Zealot doesn't seem concerned, and lazily draws out a pokeball as Steve takes a swig from the bottle. "Well? Talk then."

"I s-saw you yesterday. You were quite the r-rude boy. It's amazing that w-we're the ones wanted by the law and yet y-you manage to cause so much death and m-misery."

"Fuck you! I don't care what you think!" Steve yells, getting annoyed at this fruit.

Zealot doesn't seem to notice, and rolls the pokeball in his gloved hand as he speaks further "I also s-saw those girls you spoke with. C-creamy skin. That one with the g-glasses is nice and perky isn't she? I w-want to lick all up and down those pretty t-thighs. Her sister is young but f-feisty. Of c-course that would only sweeten the p-pot. Sisters..." the Rocket dissolves into giggles.

Um... Steve's a bit weirded out. He kind of doesn't know what to say. Zealot is keeping his eyes fixed directly on Steve, as if drinking in the discomfort.
No. 37276 ID: f4963f

beat the crap out of him.

Oh, and release, like, all your Pokémon. No need to play by the rules, especially not for someone this creepy.

Damnit, why don't we have something that can fly yet? We could totally have dive-bombed his ass.
No. 37278 ID: a02fcd

Don't let him challenge you to a proper battle because he's too busy getting pummeled, problem solved. Can you manage to release any pokémon directly onto the roof with him?
No. 37285 ID: 789c25

See if you can't get your pokemon to steal his balls.
No. 37288 ID: 6164e0


We need to get him off the roof.

'Look, maybe if your organization didn't follow the same rules that led to its destruction before, I would have joined instead of doing what I did. But come on, who would trade a fire pokemon capable of becoming a powerful Charizard, as well as all their other pokemon, for a Zubat? It just doesn't make sense.

Look, I'm sorry that your guy ended up where he did (mentally: NO YOU AREN'T), but I am fairly attached to my critters. If you want to talk about what happened, could you at get off that building? My neck is very stiff from sleeping at an odd angle, and I would prefer to not have to look upwards so.'

Do not attack him before he comes off the roof. None of your pokemon have and long range abilities yet, and his pokeball looks fairly choice, so he could well have a bruiser inside of it. So you need him on ground level so that when you abruptly release all your pokemon, have them attack him and try to brain him with the whisker bottle.

Alternatively, find some way to idle closer to him, and then dump your whisker all over him, call out charmander and have him light the fucker up.
No. 37349 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125192302771.jpg - (35.58KB , 800x450 , 53.jpg )


Steve decides to try getting this guy talking while he reaches around for another pokeball. He's watching Steve very intently. "Look, maybe if your organization didn't follow the same rules that led to its destruction before, I would have joined instead of doing what I did. But come on, who would trade a fire pokemon capable of becoming a powerful Charizard, as well as all their other pokemon, for a Zubat? It just doesn't make sense.I'm sorry that your guy ended up where he did, but I'm fairly attached to my critters. If you want to talk about what happened, could you at get off that building? My neck is very stiff from sleeping at an odd angle, and I would prefer to not have to look upwa-"

Zealot moves almost too fast to see. Steve is shocked to see a quivering knife planted directly into Slowpoke's pokeball. Steve tries to press the button a few times, but nothing doing. Zealot puts his hands back in his robe and looks down at Steve. Steve gets the impression the man is smiling. "N-no, that'd be cheating, S-Steve. Remember, it's one P-Pokemon per battle at a time, right? Plus I'm not here to b-battle you just yet. I never said I d-dislike you. In fact you're quite f-fascinating. I ask this n-next question not out of spite but out of g-genuine curiosity. Are you slow or something? M-most kids leave at 11, and you're much older than that. So t-tell me, what drives you? Tell me or I'll t-take it out on your little f-friend with the beautiful long b-blonde hair... I'll bet her p-panties smell like a s-spring day... I wonder what she t-tastes like..."
No. 37359 ID: f4963f

Freakin' ninja Rockets cockblocking us.

Tell him that you got a late start becuase you're just that /awesome/. Everyone /else/ needed a head start because otherwise they'd have no chance in hell.

That's just how awesome you are. Sporting, too.

And you have impeccably classy taste in t-shirts.
No. 37363 ID: 6164e0

'If I had set out when I was younger, I would never have had the chance to challenge Blue and Red now that they have become powerful. Several trainers have beaten the Elite Four, but how many can claim to have bested Red? And Blue has also bested the Elite Four before. Imagine that, I can fight someone stronger than the Elite Four before I even get there!

Besides, if I had set out when I was younger, I couldn't drink whiskey on the journey.

I answered your question, so maybe you will answer mine: Do you think Team Rocket can ever fully recover without changing radically?'
No. 37564 ID: 9e9b47
File 125194602060.jpg - (21.01KB , 816x595 , 54.jpg )


"Hey I'm not dumb! I left later because I just didn't give a crap! Now I can drink and swear and I'm bigger than everyone else! I'm a classy man with a classy dress sense, not like you and your all black getup and stupid mask. Plus, now that I'm leaving later than Red, Green and Blue I get a chance to beat their asses in their prime!" Steve takes a moment to let the words sink in before continuing. "Do you think Team Rocket can ever fully recover without changing radically anyhow? I mean, didn't you guys get disbanded twice?"

Zealot turns his head nearly 90 degrees to the side. Steve gets the feeling that the person behind the mask is smiling wildly. "No, w-we could not have recovered without reform, you're quite right. We g-gave it the reform it needed. The R-Rockets were a silly organization with n-no real sense of how the world w-worked. We have come and r-revitalized the place with new th-thinking."

"New thinking like what?" Steve asks, not liking where this is headed.

"K-Killing people who get in the way of our organization. S-Some of the old grunts we have w-working for us don't seem so comfortable about it. They'll l-learn."

Steve is feeling distinctly uncomfortable. "So... you're going to kill me then?"

"N-no. I'm m-much too interested in y-you to be ending this game now. Go and get your little b-badges. I'll be watching you. And those l-lovely little girls too. I s-saw it in your eyes too, you know. The lust. You can just imagine c=cupping their soft flesh and hearing the moans escape from b-breathless lungs..." Zealot shivers and lets out a soft moan that makes Steve break out in goosebumps.

Spike is snarling at Zealot, who is casually holding a knife in his free hand as he stares back. Steve... doesn't know what to do here at all. It's obvious this guy wants to talk, but for what purpose but to taunt him he doesn't know. Steve thinks this guy is basically 100% crazy.
No. 37566 ID: ab91ae

Zealot seems to be a pervert and a psychopath. I suggest simply walking away, slowly and carefully. Keep your eyes on him at all times, and when you get out of the alley, turn and RUN. ALL THE WAY TO THE GYM.
No. 37574 ID: 6164e0

'Well, being more pragmatic about how you approach threats is fine and all, but doesn't that mean you attract a great deal more police attention, what with all the killing? How is such reform beneficial to the team?'

He wants to talk, let him talk. Maybe we can learn something useful. Besides, the more a psychopath likes you, the less likely they are to kill you without warning (most of the time).

'Oh, and by the way, why do you have a different outfit from the Team Rocket norm? Don't get me wrong, its a decent outfit, but it doesn't really seem associated with Team Rocket.'
No. 37582 ID: 6c80cf


How do you change the facial expressions on your mask?
No. 37588 ID: fdc826

Start saying something, then chunk your bottle at his head. Possibly have Charmander light it first, if it has sufficient alcohol content.

Steve doesn't have to take this shit.
No. 37591 ID: 6164e0

You want to try and surprise the guy who threw a knife through your pokeball before you could react? The guy who still has at least one more knife?
No. 37715 ID: 2cbe3e
File 12519925266.jpg - (17.08KB , 800x450 , 55.jpg )


"Um... how do you change the facial expression on your mask?" Steve asks slowly, noticing that a smile has appeared on Zealot's face.


"Plus, Well, being more pragmatic about how you approach threats is fine and all, but doesn't that mean you attract a great deal more police attention, what with all the killing? How is killing people a good idea? Oh, and by the way, why do you have a different outfit from the Team Rocket norm?" Steve asks, trying to keep the guy talking in hopes that he'll learn something useful.

Zealot's head, at a 90 degree angle, suddenly turns completely upside-down. There's a loud and sickening cracking grind of bone as the mask splits into a huge grin. "W-what mask? And you w-want to know what I th-think of the authorities? Well I l-left you a present in the f-forest. When you get in there take a R-right and head for the l-largest tree you see with w-white bark. The k-killing shows people that I am s-serious, Steve. With p-pokemon I do what I l-like. Murder... arson... r-rape... how much did you like little Amber anyhow?"

Zealot's mask tilts a bit, giving his grotesquely upside-down head a look at his black robe. "And I dress how I like because the peasant does not tell the King how to dress."


Steve thinks any kind of outright violence here would be a bad idea. Honestly Steve is wavering between running in terror, an urge to punch the guy for the comments he's making and a strange compulsion to ask more questions. He feels a bit like a Stantler in some headlights.

How did his head do that?
No. 37716 ID: ab91ae

Just... just run. This guy is a freak. Report his presence to Officer Jenny ASAP.
No. 37719 ID: 6164e0


'I thought you said you were a general, now you say you are a king. Which is it, or are you both?

And here is a question for you, one tjat jas been bugging me for a while now. Why is it any time some sort of organisation, be it Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic or anyone else, the moment they start getting close to acheiving their goals, a trainer, usually prepubescent, shows up, finds out about their plans, and manages to stop them becuase they never run into a threat so far out of their league that they can't win? Always, the kid is faced with the weakest mooks and officers first, and just manages to scrape by. I mean, even Giovanni used weaker pokemon the first few times he fought Red, whereas if he used his strongest from the beggining, it is unlikely the kid would have won. And there are several legendary pokemon that people try to use to conquer/destroy the world, but everytime they get close, the same thing happens: A prepubescent kid shows up and stops them right in the nick of time. Something is wrong if stuff like that keeps happening.'

Look confused for a moment.

'Why do I know Giovanni took it easy on Red the first time he met him?'

Hopefully, all of a sudden laying out all this relatively heavy will somewhat unsettle Zealot. He isn't killing you right now because you are interesting, and someone who knows things they have no way to know is certainly interesting.

Shake your head and then finish with,

'Well, how about this question: If you keep such a close eye on things, what is Cory up to?'
No. 37722 ID: fdc826

Honestly, I don't think there's much that could unsettle this son of a bitch. Though I agree that any sort of violence would be stupid now, and I can't think of anything to say, so I'll second your suggestion.

And, by the way...

>...how much did you like little Amber anyhow?
>how much did you like

...I really, really don't like the sound of this.
No. 37726 ID: 6164e0

I wasn't going to say anything in case it was something else and I inadvertent gave GREEN an idea, but yes, that is a particularly ominous set or words, particularly since today is the day Amber and Judy were going through the woods. The same woods that this proof of disregard for authorities is.

...Uh oh.
No. 37736 ID: fdc826

In fact, call Amber. Right fucking now.

I need to know if this "p-present" is what I think it is.
No. 37776 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125200554754.jpg - (29.29KB , 800x450 , 55.jpg )


Steve's feeling a bit weak at the knees, and isn't sure he's up too a full speech. He does think to ask one thing, however. "If you keep such a close eye on things, what is Cory up to?"

"a-alive and well for n-now. I'm n-not into boys as a r-rule but I could make an e-exception for you Steve. W-would you like me to?"


Steve decides to just run. Turning on his heels, Steve bolts away as fast as his legs can carry him. He hears Zealot's mocking laughter the whole way, but the man doesn't try and follow. Steve guesses that's probably a relief.


After reviewing the speech Zealot gave, Steve has a terrible sinking feeling in his stomach. He quickly calls Amber. The line rings a couple times on the other end before picking up. "Steve?" Asks the VERY welcome sound of Amber's voice. "Hello?"

"Amber! Thank god.. look, where are you and Judy?"

"Steve? Is everything ok? We're in Viridian Forest, heading to Pewter. We stopped for lunch. Steve, what's wrong? You sound out of breath and terrified!"

"Um, nothing is going on. I'm... heading to Viridian Forest. Watch out for strange people in the area. Call me if anything happens bad at all." teve says quickly, and hangs up before Amber can ask anything else.

What should Steve do now? Head to Viridian Forest to see Amber and the... the... "present"... or go to the police station?
No. 37782 ID: fdc826

Go to the forest. Check out this "present", then make it to Amber as quickly as possible.
No. 37786 ID: 6c80cf


Put the police on speed dial.
No. 37790 ID: 6164e0

Turn around and look at Zealot. Then recall Spike.

'It seems we will part for the time being. But I imagine we will see each other again, whether I want to or not. I wonder what will happen next time...'

Don't try and make it threatening, just state it. You know this guy is dangerous, has taken an interest in you, and is pretty good at stalking. Communicate to him you are aware that he intends to bump into you in the future.

Then leave the area.

On the way to Viridian Forest, call out Spike, and the Nidoran (since they also seem competitive) and get them up to date on what happened. Give them a speech, something like.

'Originally, I wanted you all to get stronger just so that we could eventually challenge the Elite Four and make ourselves known.

Now.... this Zealot guy has taken an interest in us, and has no real issue with murder. And he threatens harm for anyone we know. We don't just need to get stronger for ourselves, we need to get stronger to protect those around us.'

Keep both Nidoran and Spike out of their pokeballs, and from now on keep them outside their pokeballs. You don't know when this guy will show up again, but you won't be caught unawares again.

Have the three fight every wild pokemon they see (no Flask use for Spike) as they follow you into Viridian Forest to meet with Amber and Judy. Every bit of experience is precious when a madman is stalking you.

When you catch up to them, have Slowpoke's knifed pokeball ready to back up your story about how much bad news this guy is.

And DEFINITELY put police on speed dial. Should probably call them and let them know you saw someone calling himself Zealot in Pewter with a rough description, and that he seemed very suspicious while you make your way to Viridian Forest.

Shit just got real.
No. 37793 ID: 6164e0

I second checking this before meeting up with Amber and Judy.
No. 37799 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125200924546.jpg - (29.22KB , 800x450 , 56.jpg )


Steve turns around to look at Zealot, maybe say something else, but he's gone like smoke.


Steve decides to head right for the present in the forest before calling the police, though he does set them up on speed dial. After all, Steve's pretty sure he's going to have to contact someone soon. Steve releases the nidorans, and the four run the whole way to Viridian Forest.

For a moment Steve doesn't think he'll be able to find the present.. but then he spots a white-barked tree. Coming closer, Steve sees a truly horrific sight. He recognizes the woman stuck to the tree as an Officer Jenny, but she's dead. Really dead. There's 8 knives all over her body, two in the eyes, that are keeping her pinned off the ground. Blood is still flowing from the wounds, and Steve gets the impression this was recent.
No. 37800 ID: 007a2e


Aww man, shit just got real...
No. 37801 ID: 6164e0

Now would be the time to use that speed dial.
No. 37803 ID: fdc826

...oh. Wow.

Call... the, uh, cops. I guess.
No. 37828 ID: 954933

Jesus. In before the phone in the Jenny's pocket rings or some shit.
No. 37829 ID: 7eda8b

Call MORE cops.
No. 37863 ID: 6c80cf


...Why was she out here in the woods by herself, anyway?
No. 37868 ID: ab91ae

Either patrolling, or she chased Zealot here.

In any case, seconding the calling of more cops. This is well beyond you, Steve. You're just a humble kid with a firebreathing monster.
No. 37939 ID: 9e9b47
File 125203879226.jpg - (44.77KB , 816x595 , 57.jpg )


Yeah, Steve thinks it's just time to call the police. He calls at once, and a male voice picks up. "Pewter Police Department."

"Yes, um, I'm... I found someone, but it's really bad. I... uh..." Steve stammers, not really knowing what to say.

"Calm down son. Who did you find?" The voice is serious, yet suddenly more alert.

"Officer Jenny. She..."

"Jenny! Thank god. She disappeared without a trace this morning! Never signed out of her shift or anything."

"She's dead." Steve says, feeling a weight on his heart as the man's relief turns bitter and cold.

"I... I see. Are you sure? Where are you?"

"I'm sure. The white tree outside of town, take a right. Does the name Zealot mean anything?"

The voice on the line draws in a sharp breath. "We'll be right there. Don't move. If you see someone who is not a police officer, run." The line goes dead after a frantic moment of movement on the phone, and the beginning of a raised voice.

Steve puts the phone away, and looks back at the grotesque gift he has been left. A flash of yellow catches his eye next to the corpse. Gingerly, Steve removes it and reads. "Steve. Only one thing is true. You and I have realized the truth of rules in this world. They are there to keep the others happy. To put a sense of law and order into everyone's life without needing to really do anything at all. People like you and I, we see the world differently. We shape the rules, or break them in order to win. I see myself in you. When you are not violent you are lusty, and when out of lust you seem to rely on anger. I call you bloodbrother. I would never hurt my brother, don't worry. You aren't naughty, you are just bad and dumb. This girl was naughty. NaughtyNaughtyNaughty. Don't worry about her, brother. -Zealot"


Steve... sits down and takes a drink as he rubs the bridge of his nose. This certainly got real, all right. The nidorans are still fighting in the background, and only Spike seems to notice that something has happened. Either those nidoran just love fighting each other or they just don't care. Steve doesn't know if he should wait for the police or not.
No. 37941 ID: 43d730

Hide the shit out of that note.
If possible, have Spike eat or burn it.
No. 37946 ID: 6164e0

Wait for the police, but call the two nidoran and Spike over.

Explain to them that shit got real, and that they need to get strong for far more dire reasons now.

Call Amber, and ask her and Judy to wait for him at the border between Pewter city and Viridian Forest. Don't tell them any specifics, but say that something bad has happened, and they need to be careful.
No. 37948 ID: 6164e0

And do this. Completely erase all evidence the note ever existed.
No. 38126 ID: 935aae

Fighting or 'fighting'? >:3c
No. 38136 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125207621269.jpg - (31.88KB , 800x450 , 58.jpg )


Steve quickly feeds the note to Spike. No need for the police to be asking questions too awkward.


Steve calls his pokemon over for a quick word. "Look, do you guys see that dead girl? She's the reason you guys need to train a lot harder now. Spike, I think you know who I'm talking about. There's a guy who's a psycho who's apparently taken an interest in me. You guys need to really kick it up a notch."

Steve calls Amber, and tells her that he'll be waiting near the Pewter/Viridian Forest border. He also tells her to NOT stop for any suspicious trainers at all. Amber doesn't ask questions, but instead agrees and accepts Steve's promises that he'll explain everything once they're here.

The two policemen show up after only a minute or two longer. The younger policeman, a guy around Steve's age wearing shorts, just vomits at the scene. The older man takes off his hat, and stares at the sight with horror on his face. "Dear God." Says the man with the pants, as his partner wipes his mouth clean. "We... we better... dear God..." he says, seeming lost for words.


Nidoran Female: "N-nido, nido, nidoran!" *I-it's not like I like you or anything!*

Nidoran Male: "N-nidoran!" *G-good! You're a tomboy anyways!*
No. 38138 ID: ab91ae

Tsundere nidorans = <3
No. 38140 ID: 6164e0

'I...I saw that guy with the red mask and knives in Pewter, muttering something about having fun in the forest and the name Zealot over and over.

...It sounded weird, you know? and walking around with a mask and knives like that, that...that made me worried. So I came back to the forest, and I.....I found...well, you know what I found.

.....What kind of a monster is this guy?'

Get the police to establish you as just some kid who got a little too curious about something weird happening. Do your best to answer any questions to corroborate your story that you just saw Zealot wandering around (don't call him Zealot until the police do), so that you can get out of here as fast as possible. Even comment on how waiting here for the police has really made you uncomfortable, what with the officer staked to the tree, and you would really like to get far away from here.

Once they dismiss you, make you way to meeting with Amber and Judy, keeping the three pokemon out and battling any wild pokemon they see. Do your best to calm yourself and put this at least partly out of your mind as you go to meet the two girls.
No. 38146 ID: 43d730

We're waving around a bottle of whiskey, last I checked.
I doubt 'Innocent kid' is going to cut it.
Maybe 'Horrified bystander'...
No. 38147 ID: 6164e0

True enough.
No. 38151 ID: 2cbe3e
File 12520888507.jpg - (35.50KB , 800x450 , 59.jpg )


"'I...I saw that guy with the red mask and knives in Pewter, muttering something about having fun in the forest." Steve begins. "I was worried, what with the knives and mask and all, so I came out here to make sure that everything was alright... what kind of monster is this guy?"

"Can I have a swig of that bottle there?" Asks the older policeman, completely ignoring the question for the moment. Steve wordlessly passes the bottle over and the guy takes a long pull. "You're probably one of the luckiest trainers alive. Most people who see Zealot never... well, most people only HEAR that he exists is I guess what I'm getting at. this is terrible. The worst murder we've had since... hell before I joined the force... look kid we'e got your pokedex number from when you called earlier. Why not head back to town. I'll make sure you get a hotel room for the night. We may have to ask you a few more questions, but for the time being we don't need you here to see more of this."

Steve leaves with hardly another word. He can see the older policeman putting on a white rubber glove as he VERY gingerly begins to check around the body.

After trudging through the woods in silence for a few minutes, watching his pokemon beat up random wild pokemon, he comes across Amber and Judy. The girls have not noticed him yet.

"WHY are we even waiting for this loser?" Judy asks, sounding exasperated as she looks towards Pewter, obviously eager to get going.

"Steve sounded really worried earlier. I think we should just wait a few more minutes for him. There could be some dangerous pokemon running around!"

"Hmmph. Or he just wants to grope you, Amber. I don't see what you see in him."
No. 38152 ID: 43d730

See how deep she gets in it.
If possible, sneak up behind her while she's demeaning you, and make a shush gesture at Amber.
Then cough politely to introduce yourself.
Also hide the whiskey.
No. 38154 ID: ed8d8a

Hey, we are being serious now. The time for trying to produce awkward moments is not today. We want the girls (or Amber at least) to take us seriously.
No. 38156 ID: 43d730

This should get her off balance so we can get a word in edgewise.
The problem is convincing them of our sincerity...
No. 38160 ID: 6164e0

Not the time to mess with Judy.

Tell them that a criminal was in the forest, and you didn't want to panic them before. Phrase it as he attacked someone, but don't explicitely say someone was murdered. It should be sufficient to make them understand that you had a legitimate concern for their safety without scaring them too much.

Walk with them to the pokecenter, and show them Slowpoke's pokeball on the way, saying you ran into the criminal and are lucky to be unscathed.
No. 38274 ID: 789c25

Not really the time to mess with her, but come up behind her anyway. Don't bother with anything more elaborate than that.
No. 38359 ID: 9e9b47
File 125212397566.jpg - (39.76KB , 816x595 , 60.jpg )


Steve decides to walk up behind Judy, but not try to mask his presence. He puts the alcohol away.

"Look, I don't know what you expect to get out of him!" Judy continues as Steve gets closer. "This story of his is probably just bull! I'm telling you it's like mom says, the boy's only after you for..."

"Hello, Steve!" Amber says loudly and awkwardly, waving to Steve once she notices him. She blushes heavily, half from embarrassment it seems.

Judy whirls around, face red as she glares up at Steve. "H-hey! Well looks like you finally showed up!"


Steve decides to pretend like he missed the conversation. "Good afternoon, Judy! Amber, it's great to see you too. I was concerned for your safety, I'm glad I got here in time. there's been a criminal in the area it seems."

"Criminal?" both girls ask at once, Judy skeptical and Amber worried.

Steve holds up Slowpoke's pokeball. "There's been a man in the area who has no problem using weapons against trainers. I barely made it out myself. Someone apparently got injured nearby. I guess I was lucky not to have gotten hurt."

Judy keeps her face screwed up in a tight show of annoyance, but Steve can see her eyes widen as she sees the knife driven into the pokeball. Amber looks positively horrified. "Oh Steve that's so awful! I'm so glad you were thinking of us. Imagine what would have happened if he's found us! I'm just glad you didn't get hurt yourself."

Judy snorts and turns away from Steve. "Well, let's get to a pokemon center. We've got to heal up. Maybe we can still take the Gym Challenge before it closes tonight." Judy marches a bit ahead of the group as the three of them set off.

Amber drops back a bit to walk next to Steve. "Are you sure you're not hurt? And did the police catch that man yet? Oh, I'm sorry I'm fussing over you. I don't mean to do that."
No. 38373 ID: 6164e0

'Its alright. It makes me happy that you care enough to worry about me.'

Pause for just a second, giving Amber a knowing look.

'After all, I'm just a trainer your sister happens to know. You must be a really kind person.

But really, I'm just relieved that neither of you were hurt. Apparently the criminal has attacked people before, so of course I was worried for you and your sister.'

Then, before Judy can fuck things up by interjecting some bit of assholery,

'So, did you guys find any unusual pokemon in the forest?'
No. 38478 ID: 1980dc

"Hey babe, I don't mind when hot chicks with nice tits fuss over me. I wanted to warn you guys about the criminal so you wouldn't get hurt, but now that you're with me, you couldn't be in better hands."
No. 38483 ID: 6164e0

It looks like Amber's mom has already cautioned her about men being after her for her assets, and Judy seems to wholeheartedly believe this to be true of you. And since Judy is a little bitch, lets not prove her right.
No. 38484 ID: 1980dc

On the other hand, Judy is a stupid bitch. Amber already likes us. No need to be total faggots when we talk to her.
No. 39847 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125242204447.jpg - (36.45KB , 800x450 , 61.jpg )


"'Its alright. It makes me happy that you care enough to worry about me. After all, I'm just a trainer your sister happens to know. You must be a really kind person. I just wanted to warn you guys about the criminal so you wouldn't get hurt, but now that you're with me, you couldn't be in better hands." Steve says, and feels proud of himself when Amber blushes and doesn't seem to know what to say. "After all, I don't mind when hot chicks with nice tits fuss over me."

There's a moment where Steve has a chance to reflect on how unwise the statement he just uttered was before Amber processes it. She flushes red and looks upset, though Steve can't help notice that she looks just a bit happy at the compliment. "W-what?! I... um... you're a jerk!" Amber picks up her pace to catch up to Judy, while Steve is left walking behind the two as they whisper to each other and very pointedly do not look back.


Well, Steve is nearing Pewter City. Amber turns to face Steve once they're in sight of the Pokemon Center, and stiffly thanks him for his help. The two girls begin to walk off.
No. 39848 ID: f4963f

Smooth move there, Steve.

Well, we better see if we can get our ball repaired. Slowpoke might be, y'know, just a bit useful to have in the gym battle.
No. 39852 ID: d249a4

Thanks for nothing.

I concur!
No. 39858 ID: 6164e0

Steve, note to self, 'tact' should be applied when interacting with Amber from now on, or we're never getting to actually do anything with those tits.

We can still recover this if the next time we talk we apologize first thing for objectifying her, and say we were still shaken up from the guy who attacked us, and weren't thinking as clearly as we would like. LOOK REALLY FUCKING SAD RIGHT HERE.

Anyway, I say go to the Pokemon center (which is probably where they are going.) so follow along. When you hand in your pokeball to get it fixed, that could be a good time to try and apologize.

If Judy is a little ass to you when you apologize, TAKE IT, don't retort or get pissed off, say you deserve it, you said something really stupid.

This can still be salvaged.
No. 39859 ID: ea6472

You should also apologize and confess that you were just trying to give her a compliment and that you get tongue tied when talking with beautiful girls. The combination apology/compliment is a surefire strategy!
No. 40050 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125244769239.jpg - (33.50KB , 800x450 , 62.jpg )


Steve goes to get his pokeball repaired, not relishing the meeting with the girls inside.

Sure enough, they're both glaring at him with crossed arms as Steve hands over his pokemon.


"Look I'm sorry... I was kind of a jerk back there..."

"You're darn right you were!" Judy pipes up. "It's like I said the whole time, you're only after one thing!"

Steve takes a breath. "I deserve that. I did something pretty damn stupid. I really am sorry. This whole attack has left me with no sleep... plus sometimes when I'm around pretty women my mouth runs away with itself." Steve notices that Amber blushes pink, and she tries to look extra surly to cover it up. "I'll just... go then" Steve says, as the Nurse puts Steve's pokeballs on the counter.

"You do that!" Judy yells nastily, enjoying the expression on Steve's face.

Steve gathers his pokeballs as the two girls whisper, and he silently begins to leave when Amber finally speaks up. "H-hey, good luck." There's another whispered phrase. "O-or whatever!" Amber adds without much rancor. When Steve looks back Amber is blushing heavily and not looking in Steve's direction.
No. 40065 ID: 6164e0

Don't say anything, just smile back while still looking a bit apologetic. Even if it doesn't look like she's looking at you, she might catch it. Then walk out the door.

Okay, put your game face back on, go get some coffee from the pokemart, and head to the gym. Lets kick some ass.
No. 40292 ID: 9e9b47
File 125246580442.jpg - (47.07KB , 816x595 , 63.jpg )


Steve looks back, but only catches Amber's eye for a second as he walks off. Steve gets another dose of coffee from the pokemart and goes to the Pewter City Gym!

Steve boldly flings open the door! "Alright motherfucker, are you ready?" Steve has already been drinking a bit in preparation.

There is a guy in the middle of the gym who stands up. "My name is Brock, and I accept your challenge!" He says other stuff too about teaching new trainers about the path and wisdom and love of pokemon, but Steve can blow that garbage out of his ass.

"Whatever! How's this going down?!" Steve asks.

"2 on 2!" Brock responds. "Go, Kabuto!"

Alright! His first Gym Battle! Who should Steve use first?
No. 40318 ID: f4963f

Kabuto is NOT something we want against our fire-type. The elements double-screw us.

Other than them, we have a disobedient Grimer, two Nidorans who seem to be competetive with one another, a slowpoke, and a Mareep.

Kabuto's water element makes it weak to electricity, and rock is neutral to electricity. As counter-intuitive as it would normally be in a rock gym, let's send out Mareep. Er, weird sheep thing. You know. The THING.
No. 40333 ID: 6164e0

Yeah, Mareep, AKA That fucking fuzzy thing, is going to be at an advantage SO LONG AS YOU ATTACK IMMEDIATELY. Check the pokedex before pulling it out to double check what electric moves it knows, and as soon as it is out of the pokeball use anything electrical that is NOT thunder wave.
No. 40445 ID: 2cbe3e
File 12525098541.jpg - (30.48KB , 800x450 , 64.jpg )


Steve decides to send out the stupid looking thing. According to the pokedex, it has the moves Screech, Tackle, Thunder Wave and Thundershock.

"Thundershock!" Steve commands, right as Brock commands, "Harden!"

"That... didn't work for the kid in the forest either." Steve comments as Kabuto gets a serious shock treatment. Brock ends up returning his pokemon with an annoyed look on his face.

"Well, let's see if your Mareep can stand up to by best pokemon! Onix!" Brock says, releasing the huge rock snake.

Steve doesn't know what this "Mareep" is, but he'll be damned if he loses to some big rocky penis! What should Steve do now?!
No. 40461 ID: ab91ae

Recall Mareep! Let's go Slowpoke!
No. 40489 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125252222359.jpg - (11.48KB , 800x450 , 65.jpg )


Steve brings back the stupid looking thing, and sends out Slowpoke!

"Onix, Bind!" Brock commands, and the rock snake reaches out and scoops up Slowpoke into a grinding embrace. Steve looks at his pokedex. Slowpoke knows: Water Gun, Zen Headbutt, Yawn, confusion and tackle. Steve doesn't know what attack he should tell his semi-retarded pokemon to use!
No. 40490 ID: a0d05d

Onix is super weak to grass so have Bulbasaur use-


Anyway, use water gun. Water beats rock.
No. 40492 ID: f4963f

Say Steve. We got any of that coffee left~?

If so, distract Brock with some clever diversion and slip Slowpoke some performance-enhancing CAFFEINE. I'm sure there's nothing illegal about this.
No. 40493 ID: f4963f

Otherwise, water gun his ass for massive damage.
No. 40497 ID: 6194e1

Using an item on your pokemon such as a potion is established practice, should be fine.
No. 40526 ID: 6164e0

Use the Coffee like a potion. Brock has to let you do that for your turn, and as you give it to slowpoke, order him (quietly) to use watergun on the big rock snake over and over as fast as he can. With the coffee accelerating his response time to not suck so bad, this should be over shortly.
No. 40546 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125252951341.jpg - (34.43KB , 800x450 , 65.jpg )


Steve throws Slowpoke the coffee! Slowpoke barely catches it in his mouth and rinks it down as the rock snake crushes harder!

"Water gun!" Steve commands, and Slowpoke shoots out... a dinky little stream of water. Well how the fuck is that supposed...

"GRAAAAH" Onix yells as it crashes to the ground. Steve... is amazed. HE also thinks Pokemon are just a little bit stupider than just a moment ago.

"Well, I am impressed! It's clear that you are a..." Steve tunes Brock out as he considers stealing the gym leader's pokemon for a moment too. Nah, probably video cameras. "...and so I award you with this Boulder Badge!"

"Thanks blindy. Look this is gonna sound mean but your pokemon fucking suck. Maybe you need to man up or something."

Brock looks offended. "What? Hey... get the hell out of my Gym!"

Steve leaves without another word. Well that was sort of exciting. Now what?
No. 40567 ID: f4963f

Onwards, baby. Towards the next badge.

We should consider adding a thermos of coffee to our regular inventory. You have enough money for that?
No. 40580 ID: 6164e0

Send Amber a message that if she challenges the Gym right now the leader's pokemon are weakened, and what his pokemon are. A purely business message.

To show you care about her little sister, so as to earn BROWNIE POINTS.

IF Amber responds, then we can see about trying to get firmly back on her good side. BUT NO TITS COMMENTS. THAT SHIT WILL NOT FLY WITH HER. Even if they are awesome.
No. 40614 ID: 6164e0

....also, get a spray can and fill it with water. spend some time each day spraying Spike a bit, telling him that if he can learn to endure it and keep functioning, he can become truly strong.
No. 40919 ID: 9e9b47
File 125256135731.jpg - (21.54KB , 816x595 , 66.jpg )


Steve is pretty drunk and he's still sure that's not how Pokemon work.


Steve does decide to give Amber a call. Surprisingly, she answers. "Hello Steve." She is awfully formal.

"Hello Amber." Steve can't help but mock Amber's serious tone just a bit. "I have just finished my Gym battle with Brock. Judy should have no problems what with Squirtle. He used a Kabuto, so you may want to tell her to watch out."

Steve can swear he hears Amber stifle a giggle on the line, but when she speaks she sounds serious and aloof. "Yes. I'll let Judy know. Thank you Steve."

"I'll give a call later to let you know I'm alive!" Steve promises. "Good luck with the gym!"

"Oh..." Amber starts, and the hard edge to her voice fades from her voice for a moment. "Be careful Steve." There's a whispering on the phone, then Amber curtly says "Good night!" and the phone hangs up.


Alright! On to the next town! Steve has the nagging feeling he left something behind, but he's sure it'll come to him tomorrow.

Going East of town, Steve finds, blocking his path, what a sign calls Mt. Moon. Steve takes a drink as he considers. There's a path around the mountain, or he could go through. It IS late... what should Steve do?
No. 40925 ID: ab91ae

There should be a pokemon center at the base of the mountain. Lets head there and call it a night. Tomorrow you can tackle mount moon proper.
No. 40937 ID: 6164e0


The museum.

They have fossilized pokemon DNA and shit!

You can get your own prehistoric killing machine!

You know that sounds awesome, especially with all the booze in you!
No. 41140 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125259735773.jpg - (17.11KB , 800x450 , 67.jpg )


The MUSEUM? Psssh. Steve had to go there once as a kid with his parents, and it was boring as fuck. There weren't even any pokemon there. Screw the museum.


There IS a pokemon center, but Steve's really not that tired right now. He DID wake up around noon, one o'clock after all. He decides to get his pokemon healed before doing something however.

Now, the big question is which way should Steve take? shortcut around the mountain or cave right through?
No. 41141 ID: 97d3d3


Steve, what a stupid question is that? Since when do you go around problems?
No. 41142 ID: 6194e1

Just think to yourself: What would Ron Paul do? Follow Ron Paul.
No. 41143 ID: f4963f

Through the mountain is a man's way! Besides, you might find some new mon, or at least train up your existing ones.

Some rock-types exist in the mountain. That should be a good opportunity to level up Slowpoke. Spike can take out anything else easy enough.
No. 41157 ID: 6164e0

You know what must be done.

Through the mountain, like only the manliest do.

On the way through the mountain, have spike and the two nidoran out at all times. Have them beat the shit out of any pokemon you encounter with two exceptions.

Geodude: Have all three gang up on it, or if absolutely necessary, call out Slowpoke, have the other three back off, and hit it with watergun.

Clefairy (stupid pink thing): catch that shit, give as present to Amber.

Otherwise, leave a trail of unconscious pokemon and bested trainers in your wake as you journey through the mountain. Keep an eye out for Moon Stones, those things are useful as hell.
No. 41160 ID: f4963f

It'd be nice to level up Slowpoke until it learns at least Confusion. Having a psychic attack in our arsenal would be quite nice.
No. 41162 ID: 2cbe3e


From the gym battle with Brock...

>Slowpoke knows: Water Gun, Zen Headbutt, Yawn, confusion and tackle

Zen Headbutt is a higher power move, but Slowpoke's special attack is higher.
No. 41172 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125260324215.jpg - (25.09KB , 800x450 , 68.jpg )


Steve decides fuck it, he's heading inside! Steve watches out for the Geodudes, and has Spike and the Nidorans team up on them. Steve comes across some kinds stupid looking bat! After burning it severely, Steve wonders if he should even bother catching it. There's been no pink pokemon around here at all, and Steve has two pokeballs left. Should he waste one on this thing?
No. 41174 ID: 6164e0


No. 41178 ID: f36655

Do you care about filling your pokedex? If so, get one and then never, ever use it. Otherwise don't even bother.
No. 41188 ID: f4963f


That said, rationing our pokéballs for cute pink things and/or particularly interesting specimens sounds like a better deal now. If we want to go for 100% completion, we can always backtrack when we have more balls.

When our ball storage is bigger.

When we've really got balls.

Okay, that's all I have, really.
No. 41231 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125260997295.jpg - (24.79KB , 800x450 , 69.jpg )


Steve decides to certainly not capture the stupid-looking bat. Turns out there's a fuckton of stupid-looking bats, so while Steve battles his way through Slowpoke's getting REAL good at using confusion.

There's trainers along the way too of course. After one particularly tough one with two Hikers, each using Geodudes, both Nidoran evolve! At the same time! How convenient!

Walking down the hallway and congratulating the two newly evolved pokemon, Steve can see a crack in the wall, opening up onto a side path that looks to go deeper into the mountain. Stay on the path with more trainers, or head deeper into the mountain... hmm...
No. 41235 ID: 6164e0

If you find Moon Stones, you can immediately evolve the Nidorina and Nidorino into Nidoqueen and Nidoking here and now.

Those are some pretty powerful pokemon. I say go deeper, since it is deep in the mountain you have the best chance to find some Moon Stones.

Also tell spike that they are starting to catch up. Better work even harder if he doesn't want them to surpass him.
No. 41249 ID: f4963f

But doesn't evolving them prematurely stunt their attack list growth? There's a ton of moves that Nidorino and Nidorina learn that their highest tiers don't learn.

No, if you find a Moonstone, do this - tell the two of them that you'll evolve whichever of them proceeds to learn its new attacks the fastest. Watch their competition escalate.

As for the actual choice? DEEPER, BABY. Who knows what we'll find in the mountain? I bet it'll be cool, though.
No. 41266 ID: 6164e0

And besides, we could later retrace our steps and come back to beat the shit out of trainers for their DELICIOUS MONIES
No. 41277 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125261475534.jpg - (24.03KB , 800x450 , 70.jpg )


Hell yeah! Steve's down for going deeper in this place and find some shit. Plus, he can just come back in a few minutes, right?

Steve walks deeper and deeper into the black depths of the cracked path. He can hardly see anything by the light of the cigar. "Hey Charmeleon! Get up heeeeeeeeeeeere!" he yells, falling down a hole even as Charmeleon gets his drunk ass up there.
No. 41280 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125261489832.jpg - (27.76KB , 800x450 , 71.jpg )


Steve comes to a moment later. His head is KILLING him. He can hear the faint noises of something sliding behind him, and he's sure it's the nidorans and Spike. Steve reaches for his bottle, but it's smashed on the floor from somewhere during the drop. Steve guesses he's lucky to be alive. In hindsight, going off the beaten trail in a mountain may not be such a good idea.
No. 41281 ID: 6164e0

Call up to Spike to jump down.

From now on, keep him close so you can actually see.

Keep an eye out for those Moon Stones, and as >>41249
suggested, once you find at least one, tell Nidorino and Nidorina that whoever can learn the most awesome moves gets the first Moon Stone.
No. 41288 ID: 6164e0

Whatever. This just means you're more likely to run into less common pokemon, find undiscovered Moon Stones, and maybe stumble on a secret base.

Once all your pokemon are here, stay close together, and start exploring.
No. 41289 ID: 43d730

You do have an escape rope, right?
No. 41440 ID: 9e9b47
File 125263373842.jpg - (22.45KB , 816x595 , 72.jpg )




Whatever. Steve hopes he'll find some more pokemon or something. Seems there's only one path out of here, so Steve follows along it for a while. This path seems like it hasn't been walked on by humans in a while.

Far ahead, Steve is sure he can hear a noise. Rounding a corner, Steve sees three pink things! Alright! They seem to be bunched around a blue crystal. What should Steve do next?
No. 41441 ID: 6164e0


That is a moonstone. They touch it, they evolve.

Call out Spike, Nidorino and Nidorina.

3 VS. 3

No. 41443 ID: 43d730

In fact, while the fights are going on, run by and snag it.
No. 41444 ID: efa41b

Catch the big one if possible, but top priority is to get that rock.
No. 41446 ID: f4963f

I agree with the prior poster. Send out some mon to fight, run forward and snatch the crystal for yourself.

Don't let any of the mon touch it! Except maybe Spike.

In fact, I'd avoid sending out the Nidos unless necessary just in case; train up Mareep and Slowpoke a bit, eh?

And in the end, if you can, capture one of the pink things. <3
No. 41543 ID: 9e9b47
File 125264255121.jpg - (39.55KB , 816x595 , 73.jpg )


Steve decides to do a quick 3 on 3 pokemon battle. He send out Slowpoke and Mareep, and commands them after the smaller ones as Charmeleon goes for the large one.

The small ones start running as soon as they see the other pokemon coming. Mareep shocks one with thunder wave, stopping it cold. Slowpoke... is stupid and can't catch up to the other. Oh well.

The big pink thing shakes its' fingers, and as Spike sprays a gout of fire, so does the big thing! It seems like a contest of who's gonna give up first, and spike seems to have the advantage.


Steve saunters up and plucks up the rock. Nice move. So, there's two pokemon left, the big pink thing and one small pink thing. Should he capture one or both?
No. 41545 ID: 6164e0

Well, they are both valuable and rare.
No. 41633 ID: 9e9b47
File 125264534411.jpg - (35.24KB , 816x595 , 74.jpg )


Steve just decides to capture both. Why the fuck not. Steve is surprised that he captured a Clefairy and a Clefable! Who knew. Anyhow, Steve continutes on, spurred by the sound of running water.

Eventually he find it. A thick, running stream of water roaring along. Steve has the option here of going left or right. To the right, Steve believes there is a slight incline leading up. To the left, Steve can see the river flow off into the murky depths of the cave. Steve's pretty confused where he should go.
No. 41650 ID: f4963f

Well... you know, we kinda fumbled last time we went deeper, and we got a moonstone like we hoped to. Also I don't want Spike to get hurt by the nasty mean river. I say we go upwards.
No. 41660 ID: 6164e0

We came this far, and look what going deeper into the cave got us! Two rare pokemon, and a Moon Stone!

I vote we at least check out the river first.
No. 41668 ID: ab91ae

To the right. Even if something good is deeper in, we lack the balls to proceed.
No. 41697 ID: 6164e0

THE HELL WE DO-oh, pokeballs, right.
No. 41734 ID: 9e9b47
File 12526479617.jpg - (24.81KB , 816x595 , 75.jpg )


Steve ends up going right. No point going deeper without more pokeballs.

Ahhh, Steve finds an opening to fresh air! Water bubbles in here, and the night sky cheers Steve up enough that he thinks he'll have...

Wait, Steve thinks he hears a voice! There's a crack in the opposite wall. Steve hesitates. He's sure he can see the lights of a city from here, so he must be out of Mt. Moon. Should Steve just ignore the voices or investigate further?
No. 41738 ID: ab91ae

No. 41739 ID: 9891a9

Come on, you KNOW that you want to listen in. It could be people talking about where they buried their secret stash of moonshine!
No. 41742 ID: fdc826

Woah, shit, are those italics?


But, uh, yeah, investigate.
No. 41754 ID: 9e9b47
File 125264901654.jpg - (15.78KB , 816x595 , 76.jpg )


Steve decides why the fuck not, let's go check out what's being talked about down in a deep crack in the earth.

Steve enters a completely dark room. He can barely see a blue glow and a faint figure down below. He can hear muttering, though he can't make out any words even when he lies down on his stomach and holds his head over the edge.

Well, Steve can see rocks to climb down on. Should he continue down?
No. 41758 ID: f4963f

How easy to climb are we talking? We could be passing a point of no return if they turn out to be dangerous.
No. 41885 ID: fc832e

Drunk status to mind too. Coordinated, delicate efforts while intoxicated, that's not a combination of things that tends to turn out well.
No. 41886 ID: 8ed23b

Whoa, how'd you do that?

Perhaps even more important than 'can you get down' is 'will you be able to get back up afterward'? Gravity can only help you one way.
No. 41889 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125267838970.jpg - (18.92KB , 800x450 , 77.jpg )


Steve decides to put the bottle away. No need for extra drunk when he may need to do strenuous activity.


Steve gingerly tries out the footholds below, while keeping a firm grip on the edge. The whole thing is at a pretty good angle for climbing. Yup, Steve's pretty sure if he takes his time he's not going to bust his head open.

So, head further down then?
No. 41945 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125268390345.jpg - (15.02KB , 800x450 , 78.jpg )


Steve decides to head slowly down the rock wall.

He can finally make the voice out, if only in short snippets. "...what they did... even the purpose of it all?... Here I sit.. triumph of man's ambition... do no more than rot..."

Steve thinks the glow is coming from the voice. He keeps quietly climbing down. It seems the figure hasn't noticed him yet.
No. 41951 ID: 6164e0

Oh shit, Steve!

That's Mewtwo, a one of a kind, crazy strong psychic pokemon.

...You know what, just give it booze and say you'll listen to whatever it has to say.
No. 41953 ID: 6164e0

And let it have as much from your cigar as it wants. Really, be nice to it, no one else has.
No. 41974 ID: 8b14a1

Share drinks with it, be grateful you aren't going to be tempted by pokeballs to try and catch it. This thing would honestly kill you, so play nice.
No. 41984 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125268583028.jpg - (44.26KB , 800x450 , 79.jpg )


Steve doesn't know what this thing is, but it probably just needs a drinking buddy!

"Hey there buddy!" Steve says loudly. The thing stops mumbling and turns swiftly to face Steve. The eyes are suddenly tinged with red. "You look a bit down! Want a drink?"

"Human?!" the thing says, and Steve can tell by the voice it isn't happy. Steve is suddenly thrown backwards as a huge blast of blue energy lifts him off his feet and slams him into the far rock wall. The bottle in his hand shatters under the assault, and Steve can feel his hand bleeding even as he realizes his cigar is gone. While Steve tries to recover from the blow, and also tries to stop seeing stars, he can hear the thing speak again.

"Filthy humans! Never a moment of rest! Never respite! Today you will realize your folly FILTH!"

Oh fuck.
No. 41987 ID: 8b14a1

Hands over face, crouch into fetal position, cry for mercy.
No. 41988 ID: 6164e0


"I-I just.... wanted to hear what made you upset. If you want me to leave, I'll leave. But if you want someone to talk to, I can be that too. I couldn't do anything to you even if I wanted to. So please, calm down, I don't want to upset you. Tell me what you want."
No. 42001 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125268670421.jpg - (16.05KB , 800x450 , 80.jpg )



Steve isn't some gigantic faggot! He's not going to bow down to some goddamn creepy glowing bastard!

"Hey tube-head, I'm gonna make you fucking pay for that." Steve promises as he pulls out a pokeball. It hurts a lot to move, but Steve can still stand up. "I don't know what crawled up your ass but I'm gonna beat it back out of you."

The thing seems amused. "Oh are you? Fine. I am the world's strongest pokemon. I suppose I should give you a SPORTING chance. Send out your slaves, slavemaster."
No. 42004 ID: 8b14a1
File 12526868419.jpg - (77.12KB , 680x466 , take cover.jpg )

We are going to die.

...Send out slowpoke.
No. 42005 ID: 6164e0

"SLAVES!? Fuck you, they're my bros! Well, slowpoke is a bit slow, but still! Fuck you for assuming I think of them as slaves!"

Call out Spike.

"Spike. Looks like this pokemon has a beef with me. So I ask you: Do you want to fight him, or do you want to do something else?"

Make a big deal out of giving Spike a choice. And if Spike says no, THAT'S ALRIGHT. Accept it, prove you care about his opinion. Ask Spike if he needs more whiskey for his flask or anything.

Fuck you for making assumptions, Mewtwo, fuck you. Not all trainers are mindless douches, and I am motherfucking Steve!
No. 42022 ID: 1be83d

Fact: Mewtwo is a psychic pokemon. Using the powers of MIND to fight.
Fact: Slowpoke has a very slow MIND.
Conclusion: Slowpoke will largely be immune to these attacks.
No. 42029 ID: f4963f


Screw this guy.

Yeah, send out Spike, Slowpoke, and Mareep.
No. 42037 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125269034582.jpg - (30.86KB , 800x450 , 81.jpg )


"Fuck you, they're not my slaves!" Steve yells, even though they kinda are.

Steve sends out Slowpoke and the stupid-looking-thing first! Psychic pokemon are resistant to psychic or something, Steve remembers. Mewtwo picks up the pokemon with his mind almost at once. Slowpoke struggles, then starts moaning a faint "pooooke" noise of pain. Mewtwo grins as he slowly milks his superiority. The stupid-looking things shoots electricity at it, but it doesn't seem to be hurting it much.

Steve releases Spike. "Look buddy... this is a big deal... I think this pokemon wants to kill me." Spike perks up, and his eyes narrow at Mewtwo. "You don't have to help me though. I don't think he wants to hurt all of you guys, he's just doing this to fuck with me."

Spike doesn't seem to care. He snarls as he takes a pull from his flask...
No. 42038 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125269038164.jpg - (23.13KB , 800x450 , 82.jpg )


...and Spike leaps right into the fray.
No. 42040 ID: 6164e0

No. 42091 ID: 8b14a1

Cheer Spike on!
No. 43277 ID: 6164e0

...and release the smaller pink thing from the pokeball, permanent style. You got the pokemon's data and have captured it's evolved form, you don't need it.

Then have the now empty pokeball ready for Mewtwo, when the time is right. Because TEAM STEVE IS GONNA KICK SOME ASS.
No. 44093 ID: 9e9b47
File 125289304940.png - (28.51KB , 816x595 , 83.png )


Um, both of those balls disappeared after Steve caught those pokemon. All he has are Stupid-looking thing, Grimer, Spike, Slowpoke, Nidorino and Nidorina.


Steve send in all his remaining pokemon! Slowpoke isn't moving at all, so Steve figures it's passed out. He returns it.

Mewtwo simply snatches Spike out of the air! As the lizard flails in pain, it still manages to launch a streak of fire at Mewtwo. Unfortunately, the big guy doesn't even seem too fazed. Mewtwo also grabs Grimer off the ground with a strange blue force, and begins eyeing stupid-looking thing as he summons a ball of energy. Steve... thinks he's pretty fucked.


All Steve can do now is cheer. If that thing gets a hold of him, Steve's sure he's going to die.
No. 44095 ID: 8b14a1

Continue your suicidal assault! If all of your pokemon faint, then you'll also faint and then wake up in the last pokemon center you went to, good as new!
No. 44131 ID: 9e9b47
File 125289630541.jpg - (37.60KB , 816x595 , 84.jpg )


Steve's pretty sure he's actually just going to die. That's usually what happens.

Steve finds one last bottle, with only a little whiskey left. He starts to drain it, even as Grimer is dropped in a fainted heap and Nidorina is picked up. Spike looks almost down for the count. Yup, Steve's pretty much boned.
No. 44141 ID: 58416d

Prepare to meet your maker.

Alternatively, get as drunk as possible so your reaction times are so slowed that by the time you realize you're dead you'll... already... be dead. Hmm, my plan-making skills have been slipping as of late.
No. 44144 ID: f4963f

You know what? Call back Spike and the Nidos and RUN LIKE HELL.

Actually, better check that weird glowy portal out behind you before / as you do that. And RUN LIKE HELL through it.

Yes, we don't know where it leads, but even if it leads to inevitable death, it's an unknown inevitable death! Which is somewhat more interesting than an obvious inevitable death.
No. 44147 ID: 9e9b47
File 125289807039.jpg - (34.33KB , 816x595 , 85.jpg )


Portal? Steve doesn't... oh.

There's a guy behind him.

"You Steve Steveson?" The guy asks.

"Um, yup." Steve says.

"Here's your package." The guy says bluntly, handing it over. Steve gets the feeling the guy just woke up.

"Um... thank you. Want... some whiskey?" Offers Steve

"No thanks. I don't drink on the job." the guy says, already digging something out of his pocket.
No. 44150 ID: 9e9b47
File 125289821459.jpg - (37.22KB , 816x595 , 86.jpg )


The guy pulls out a little weird-looking device and clicks one end. A weird black circle appears in the ground. "Good luck with that creature that's causing the terrible destruction to your pokemon!" he yells as he hops in the circle.

"Thank you! Good luck with your stuff too, mysterious delivery person!" Steve calls back as the portal shuts. What a nice and weird guy.
No. 44152 ID: aaa7d7

Ooh what is it is it a masterball or something awesome what is it ooh?
No. 44153 ID: f4963f


And chide yourself for not complementing the serviceman's rugged, handsome looks.
No. 44158 ID: 9e9b47
File 125289888531.jpg - (24.74KB , 816x595 , 87.jpg )


Oh, right! Steve opens the box hurriedly even as he hears the increasing cries of pain from his team. There's a note on top!

"Thank you for participating in the Viridian Pokemon Center raffle. You are our grand prize winner! Please enjoy this gift."

Hell yeah! Steve reaches in the box and pulls out...

A handful of multicolored, decorative, shell-shaped hand soaps?
No. 44160 ID: 40dc56

No. 44161 ID: aaa7d7

I don't suppose they put an escape rope in the bottom?

Back to imminent death. Try to punch Mewtwo in the face.
No. 44162 ID: f4963f


Oh god, this is great. Okay, throw a few soaps at the Mewtwo.

BUT NOT THE PURPLE ONE. We like the purple one. <3

... then regather your mons and run like hell.
No. 44166 ID: 9e9b47
File 12528994795.jpg - (15.28KB , 816x595 , jklol.jpg )


...Oh there's also this.
No. 44168 ID: f4963f

... yeah, use that.
No. 44171 ID: 007a2e



No. 44175 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290024577.jpg - (41.65KB , 816x595 , 88.jpg )


Steve hurls the weird-looking pokeball! He decides to make a cool quip as long as he's about it.

"Hey big guy, I'll be- HUUUURG" Steve is blown off his feet by a huge blast of psychic energy. Seems Mewtwo has finished with all Steve's pokemon.
No. 44177 ID: f4963f

Ack! Check if it hit? If not, get your mon and RUN LIKE HELL.
No. 44190 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290097324.jpg - (25.77KB , 816x595 , 89.jpg )


The ball thrown by Steve speeds along.
No. 44192 ID: 9e9b47
File 12529011105.jpg - (35.03KB , 816x595 , 90.jpg )

"Well human. I suppose you understand..." Mewtwo begins to say, but the ball cuts him off. The pokemon screams in rage. He obviously didn't see that coming. "You... what?! Damn you, human! I'll... AUUUGH!"

The huge amount of red light pulls Mewtwo in. the ball fights for a long time, but doesn't open back up. It disappears after a moment,
No. 44196 ID: 43d730

Remember the rules about levels and don't open that ball except as a last resort.
He's likely to be more pissed than someone drowning in an ocean of piss.
No. 44198 ID: f4963f


Seriously. He may be captured, but he's not going to get along with us.

Besides, sweeping through the gyms with Mewtwo doesn't prove anything. Steve and Spike are MEN. In the most gender-neutral way possible. :V

... let's get out of this cave.
No. 44199 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290159242.jpg - (20.68KB , 816x595 , 91.jpg )


Steve... is pretty unconscious. He can't do anything right now.
No. 44202 ID: 8b14a1

NEVER USE THIS POKEMON. It is far smarter and stronger than you, and will probably not listen all that well.
No. 44205 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290231515.jpg - (13.93KB , 816x595 , 92.jpg )


No. 44206 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290235834.jpg - (14.63KB , 816x595 , 93.jpg )


It appears my Soul Brother may need a bit of help.
No. 44209 ID: f4963f

... not from you. D:
No. 44213 ID: 6164e0

Well HELLO, Zealot.

So, we meet.
No. 44223 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290311344.jpg - (14.73KB , 816x595 , 94.jpg )


Come now. Don't be like that. I can't imagine what I've even done to earn your ire.



Mt. Moon. I know that Brother has fallen somewhere inside. He's in a state where he can't get himself back out again. I suppose I've got to enter the place and find him. He could die and that would be badbadbad.
No. 44228 ID: f4963f

no!!! bad is bad!
find stevey person! in mountain!
DEEP in mountain! is good!
No. 44243 ID: 6164e0

Well, he is deep underground, and was rendered unconscious by a genetically engineered and freakishly powerful psychic pokemon. He managed to neutralize the beast, but is trapped, his pokemon unconscious as well, deep in the mountain, near a stream, after having fallen through a hole in the ground due to lack of light.

So, how did you know of our existence? Usually those who can hear us are rather freaked out at first.
No. 44254 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290456591.jpg - (18.50KB , 816x595 , 95.jpg )


I agree. I begin heading into the mountain.


I know all of that.
You are the voices in my head. Sometimes you're interfering but that's just when I ignore you.


On the way I cross a young trainer. The little fool is blundering around for his glasses right now. I can hear his pathetic sniveling as he crawls about. He aparrently lost a match and his glasses. I take out a knife and grip it eagerly in one hand...

One quick diversion... is alright? Brother should be fine... Brother has a thick skull...
No. 44258 ID: 6faa8c

For fuck's sake, no need to kill anyone. In, get bro, out.
No. 44260 ID: f4963f

Feh. The boy is pathetic, isn't he?

But isn't his miserable failure of a life, the crushed hopes and dreams as he fails horribly to become a Pokémon champion, and the nights he will spend sobbing himself to sleep so much more pleasantly miserable than the simple act of ending his life?

Also, Brother needs you. Find Brother, Zealot.
No. 44261 ID: 8b14a1

A diversion is not fine too. No killing people right now, Brother is in danger.

...Just kick him while he's down. Maybe laugh a bit. Then be on your way.
No. 44278 ID: 01383e

hey, you know what you should REALLY do?

steal the lenses from his glasses.
No. 44286 ID: f4963f

Steal the lenses from his glasses. Then give them to him.

Smile a little, and twist your head a little creepy.

Then be on your way.
No. 44289 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290616285.jpg - (19.61KB , 816x595 , 96.jpg )


You're right, you're right... Brother could be bleeding or something. I can't tell that exactly. I will let him live for the present moment.


I DO however deliver a swift kick to his stomach and steal his glasses. Fool. Bloody fool. Nearly all the people in this world don't even deserve the power they wield. The urge to plunge the knife into his heart is strong. Like with all people I can hear his blood singing in his veins. The song is strongest around the heart. It would be so easy to... stop that song...

I must continue on. Badbadbad. Mother only touched the nicest of boys. I reach a crack in the wall. I can hear the faint song of his blood down below. The ringing melody of his life. Oooooooh brother..... brotherbrotherbrotherbrother if you are dead I will end a symphony.

There is a hole in the room beyond the crack. I slide down, and catch the edge at the bottom. Now, the only question in my mind is where to bring Brother when I reach him.
No. 44293 ID: f4963f

The other side of the mountain, Zealot. He must proceed to Cerulean. To the next gym. To feed his lust for power. His lust for battle.

But let's not make this too convenient for him. Let's put him up on a cliff facing Cerulean~
No. 44299 ID: 6164e0

Perhaps to the entrance of Mt. Moon, where someone will stumble on him and rouse him? He might think this all a dream, and not question his safety.
No. 44330 ID: 9e9b47
File 125290804242.png - (14.33KB , 816x595 , 97.png )


Leave him there? I could do sosososososo much with Brother if I brought him with me though... I could teach him.... mold him... we would connect and we would become the same.

Those others. Those girls. They drive him mad. He is concerned for them, tries to save them from me and they SPURN? Brother is too good for those two. WHORE. SLUT. BADBADGIRLSBAD. Soft skin and soft breasts and soft thighs and soft hair but with nasty black souls. I bring a hand up to my mouth, and bite down on the fleshy part until I can control my temper. The nonexistant orgy of blood only my eyes can see fades back into the cave walls. The river. I see the river.

Brother's song is closer.
No. 44333 ID: f4963f

No, Zealot. When he is ready, he will come to you.

Deliver him outdoors. Leave a little memento. Perhaps a, mmm, photo of one of those girls. Yes.

Pinned with a knife.
No. 44392 ID: 9e9b47
File 125291189191.jpg - (16.85KB , 816x595 , 98.jpg )


I suppose he's not QUITE ready yet. I will leave him for now.

The song is strong in this cave. I can hear the faint noises of something making a snarling noise down below. I ready a knife. Nothing down there is worse than me.

Death... death is what I had planned for the other new one from Pallet. Cory. He has potential. Not in the way brother does. I can feel his melancholy is a mask he wears. A lie for others. He has nearly as much ambition as Brother. If directed well he could be useful.

Brother too must be molded. As I must mold to him. I will sculpt my flesh in the epitome of that which I see within him.

Wandering thoughts. Errant dreams. Faded memories, burnt hard into the mind like a scar. Unanswered questions. How should I get down from here, voices?
No. 44394 ID: f4963f

Are those rocks climbable? Could you make it down and then up?

Though it might be hard to carry Brother up. Do we have rope? Perhaps a strong or large Pokémon of our own to relocate Brother? Do we know of an alternate route through the caves?

Any of these will work.
No. 44441 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125294222182.png - (11.22KB , 800x450 , 99.png )


Yes, I have pokemon who could ring Brother up. I'll do that. The slope for now is even enough to take on foot. I do so.

When I get to the bottom I see Brother. His pokemon are scattered around him, none moving. Things are very quiet around here. This place makes me edgy. Brother's song is not waning. I can hear the singing of his blood right now. The crescendo that is his heart thunders out a tune to me, an orchestra that drowns out everything else.

What now? Any Questions? Anything else I should check? Go right to Brother?
No. 44445 ID: 6164e0

The pokemon are part of his strength. Check them, see how they fare. If he loses them, his lust for power might lessen, so preserving their existence is as important as keeping brother alive. If necessary, use potions or other restoratives to insure their survival, then return them to their pokeballs, and place the pokeballs back on brother's person.

After all, when he wakes up, having them will put his mind at ease, and only reassure brother that his thoughts are right, that his lust for power will not steer him wrong.

And we WANT brother to lust for as much power as possible, right?
No. 44452 ID: f4963f

... is there a purple Pokéball in the area, Zealot? We are, mm, very curious to know~
No. 44522 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125295815385.png - (13.88KB , 800x450 , 100.png )


I do not see any sort of unusual-looking pokeball around here.


I check Brother's fallen pokemon. Seems his Charmeleon, Mareep and Nidorino will do just fine, they've just taken quite a beating. I'll go and return them...

Hmm. As I approach Brother's body, his Nidorina gets slowly to her feet and glares at me, placing herself between Brother and I.

Little cheeky bastard. I can hear the song of her heart, and though she is frightened she is also determined. I believe she can smell what I am but does not concern herself.

I am positive I can reach my knife faster than it can attack.
No. 44531 ID: f4963f

Now now. What would Brother think of us doing that to his tools? There will be plenty of deserving upstarts to kill later.

Return the insolent thing to its ball.
No. 44532 ID: 6164e0

The creatures are good at detecting intent.

Tell the creature you do not wish brother any harm, you want him safe, then slowly return it to it's pokeball.
No. 44535 ID: bffa2a


I'm sure you can curbstomp it even faster. Kick it a few times to establish superiority. Steve might still need his little toys, don't break them. When Steve is ready you can repay this slight on you by this dirty thing. Mayby Steve will do it for you as a test to see if he's ready?
No. 44551 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125296075638.png - (15.60KB , 800x450 , 101.png )


I'll... not kill this thing. Brother does need a team to rely upon.


I do deliver it a swift boot to the face, however. It's obviously not expecting the attack, and cries out in pain as blood gushes from her snout. I find Brother's pokeballs and return the stupid thing. I find all the rest of his pokeballs and return the rest as well.

Just me and Brother... I feel, for the first time in a while, a bit more whole.

I know I am not sane. That's the only thing that keeps me completely together. I cannot help but end the songs of the others, for they are just fingernails digging into my spine, but brother's song is different. He is not pure like so many of the others. His heart harbors dark feelings, violent acts and sexual perversions. I drink in the song of his blood with my ear as I lay my head against his heart. For a contented moment, the song is all I comprehend.
No. 44555 ID: 6164e0


Well, this has been a nice moment, but you cannot risk him waking now, can you?

So let's bring him to the Pewter side entrance to mount moon, and leave him to be found by some trainer. He will wake, and wonder if this was a dream.

And in this dream, his savior could have been you.
No. 44558 ID: 43d730

Leave him a souvenir. A knife, perhaps.
Not anywhere important, just sitting nearby, or in his belt.
He might suspect, but this is the best way to confirm.
No. 44569 ID: f4963f

This is very important. You must steal his hand soaps.

Especially the purple one. That is the best. <3
No. 44865 ID: 43d730

Wait, I've got it.
Refill any empty whiskey bottles he has with urine.
Depending on his grogginess, it should be hilarious and inspire more hatred and perversion.
No. 47001 ID: 9e9b47
File 125335328925.png - (18.08KB , 816x595 , 102.png )


His... hmm. Brother has multicolored, decorative, shell-shaped hand soaps on his person. I don't have much use for them but I'll take the purple one I suppose.


That is childish. A schoolyard prank.


His savior was myself in his dreams? I doubt it. Brother doesn't think we're as connected as I do.


Well, I find a pair of shorts in his pocket. I take those, and replace them with a knife. I also summon Tyranitar to help carry Brother out of here.

We reach the path leading out of the cave. This pokemon Brother has caught... will it make Brother strong? Or will it make him complacent? I have great hopes that Brother will treat it correctly.

Anything else I should do with brother? Anything else I should do before I drop him off, along with you voices of sanity?
No. 47012 ID: bffa2a

>with you voices of sanity?

Kiss brother, kiss him with tongue. Soon he'll be with you, forever.
No. 47079 ID: 01383e

give his shorts back.

if I understand you correctly, you're jacking his only change in underwear.
No. 47093 ID: f4963f

Keep the shorts. :D

Drop him off on a cliff overlooking Cerulean. Let him man his way there.
No. 47653 ID: 9e9b47
File 125342071819.png - (20.33KB , 816x595 , 103.png )


...Yes I suppose it's positive I'm leaving you behind for blessed madness soon. To clarify, I have no romantic or sexual feelings for Brother. It just feels good to be with a kindred soul.


He can buy another pair of pants. Plus, if I do not have these, how can I truly learn to be more like the man?


Yes I'll keep them. I leave brother on a clif overlooking the city. I can see the glow from the buildings even up here. I return Tyranitar and get ready to...

Ohhh... look at that. Looking below, I spot a familiar shape. The boy Cory... the one who Brother fought at the beginning of his journey. Interesting. What should I do about this curious happenstance?
No. 47658 ID: f4963f

Let us foster competition and wrath between him and Brother. Brother needs a good... rival. Someone to antagonise him.

Let us greet this fool and tell him some delicious falsehoods. Let him know that 'Steve' has been mocking his progress and spreading lies about him. Give him reason to hate Brother, so that he will seek out Brother in the future.

Fostering antagonism between Brother and this man will harden Brother and bring him closer to Us.
No. 47660 ID: 06e0b1

i agree with this, also, scare him if you like but dont hurt him
No. 47735 ID: 15f6d6

Didn't you say something about wanting to get Cory to join Team Rocket?
No. 48850 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125356749164.png - (13.08KB , 800x450 , 104.png )


Yes, I'll go and stir up a bit of antagonism! Perfect. I summon Crobat, and have him bring me down to the ground swiftly. The boy looks up when I land, but he doesn't say anything as I approach. "G-Greetings! You must b-be this C-Cory I've heard s-so much about."

He nods. "Yeah, I'm Cory."

He doesn't seem too concerned at my presence. This doesn't happen often. "I heard your n-name from that t-trainer back in Pewter City, Steve... he's b-been talking quite a lot about y-you, you know. I h-heard him talking to those g-girls about h-how he defeated your B-bulbasaur."

Cory looks completely unfazed. In fact, he looks a little bit bored. "Yeah, I'm not a great trainer. I know that. Also, I don't really care what Steve or those girls think about me. I actually feel bad for Steve. He doesn't have any friends, and he's kind of a drunk. Can I go now? I'd like to get to bed soon."

...damn. I've never met such indifference.


I was considering it, but I didn't think I'd run into the problem of the kid just not caring about anything. What should I do or say to Cory now?
No. 48862 ID: 01383e

honestly, this kind of indifference usually stems from extreme depression, or boredom. you'll probably have to fix one of those.

or he could just be high on something.
No. 48900 ID: d1210a

This.... indifference. It is troubling. Does his blood sing as others do, or is it also different?
No. 48905 ID: f4963f

This man is a lame rival. Clearly there's only one thing to do.

End his song.
No. 49217 ID: 9e9b47
File 125360248850.png - (16.85KB , 816x595 , 104.png )


Blood singing differently is very rare. No, this one's blood is normal. He is just... very confident in himself. Not necessarily in his abilities.


All possibilities. I'm intrigued.

"T-tell me my b-boy, nothing seems to s-surprise you much. How a-are you such the unf-flappable lad?"

Cory shrugs. I'm interested that he doesn't seem more alarmed. Most people find unease in the mask. I can smell his mind though. Naive. He doesn't think there are people like me. "I mean, if I let things annoy me I'd be annoyed a lot. I just ignore stuff that bothers me, and that's a lot of stuff. I like this pokemon journey so far because it's what I want to do and there's hardly anyone around."


This one might not deserve to die. I guess it wouldn't be easy driving this one to hate Brother. I am honestly at a loss for what to do.
No. 49233 ID: 4553b2

It seems this one is beyond your reach then. Give him up, he is a lost cause. Not everyone need be part of the grander tale. Cory is content to sit on the side lines - let him sit aside.
No. 49237 ID: f4963f

Hrm. This one is tough, boss. It is hard to stir antagonism in one who does not feel frustration or pain.

Perhaps we are looking at this situation wrong. If we cannot fluster Cory into hating Steve, perhaps we can trick Brother into hating Cory. For his own benefit, of course.

Anybody have ideas? How could we do this?
No. 49247 ID: bffa2a


Naive, eh? Tell him he's a pretty cool guy and would he like to hang out with us for a while. We have such sights to show him. Best places to find pokemon, where to train them and how to carve dirty whores. After we are through with him he'll be a changed man. Will anybody be able to regonize him then?
No. 49529 ID: 64d98f

man fuck you hatas Cory is coo

focus on killing that bitch Judy
No. 52841 ID: 9e9b47
File 125411177890.png - (16.68KB , 816x595 , 105.png )


Yes of course! I'll bring him along with me... hehehe... I'll teach him all sorts of things! "Y-young man, w-would you mind if I a-accompanied you to the t-town? I'm quite the p-pokemon trainer and c-could give you some t-tips."

Cory shrugs. "Sure thing. It'll be nice to have someone else along I suppose."


Both those badbadbad girls may need to be punished... we can't have some stupid bimbos, some AIRHEADS, some SLUTS to corrupt brother...
No. 52842 ID: 9e9b47
File 12541118279.png - (19.42KB , 816x596 , 106.png )


Soon we'll be a family. I'll have Brother and we can be a family.
No. 52844 ID: 9e9b47


Topic to be continued in new thread.
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