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File 131103708108.png - (12.40KB , 834x546 , 1.png )
327791 No. 327791 ID: 2ae337

"As you know, the tenth year will be your most harrowing time of your lives. Half of you will probably die. And the surviving half will be put through the hardest test of their lives. There will be no more supervision, no more of your peers protecting you or saving you from a mistake. No more practice, no more lessons. If you feel you need to train more, do it on your own time. Because when the final test comes, you only get one chance at success. One chance at life. "

-Varius Makag, Patriarchal Guard and Tenth Year Instructor
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No. 327803 ID: 2ae337
File 131103834128.png - (38.23KB , 868x673 , 2.png )

"Ach-ka...we couldn't have picked a worse time to come home...damn market quarters were damned near blocked today."

"Well the ranchers are here selling their stock, what do you expect? Gorod needs space or they start getting hungry."

"Yeah I know...it's just...Ach ka, too much. What you gonna do now Veni?"

"Not sure, there's a lot I want to do but I'm not sure what to do first."

"Well I'm gonna go see Minujia. I still don't know what she's saying but from what I understand, she wants me to act 'more like a husband' whatever she means by that."
No. 327804 ID: 252e1b


Tell your brother we wish him well in his new marriage, please.
No. 327805 ID: 2ae337
File 131103861772.png - (38.34KB , 834x546 , 3.png )

Well there you have it. I can go to the family estate, where Gyoji, and my father are, I can check on my friend Gavez who...apparently is standing over there...or somewhere else. You got me home alive you can decide.
No. 327807 ID: 252e1b


Gavez is right there, it'd be rude to not say hello and catch up a little.
No. 327809 ID: 07416a

The convenient one first. Gavez.
No. 327816 ID: 2ae337
File 131104094501.png - (23.94KB , 760x662 , 4.png )

True enough...though talking with him feels a bit like a chore...

"Oh. H-h-h-h-i Ven-n-n-ni-nnnnn-niiian. I-i-it-sssss beennnnnnnNNUH a wh-wh-while. You c-c-c-could-d-d n-n-no-na-not-t-t-t-t have-vuh choo-choo-chosen a w-w-wo-worse t-t-t-t-t-TIME to c-c-c-come h-h-h-home."

See what I mean?

"Oh really Gav? Why is that?"

"It-t-tsss b-b-b-bu-been thu-th-thr-three cent-t-t-t-t-urrrrr-ies. That-t-t-t-t-t m-mum-means it-t-ts th-that-t-t t-t-t-time-mmmmmmmMMM AGAIN!"

"Oh yeah. I forgot."


"Well the last one only happened like ten years before I was born, how do you expect me to keep track of it?"

"Um I-i-i-i-i-i d-ddddunno. Muh-maybe a l-l-l-litt-t-t-t-le l-l-less time with Yv-v-v-vvvviel..."

Don't bring her into this Gav..."

"W-well y-y-you n-n-n-n-know it-t-t-ssss t-t-t-tah-tr-true. I-i-n f-f-fffact sh-she h-ha-ha-has a ssssssssurp-p-p-prise w-wait-t-ting fro ya-you."

No. 327819 ID: 07416a

"Oh. Hi Venian. It's been a while. You could not have chosen a worse time to come home."

"It's been about three centuries. That means it's time AGAIN."


"Um. I dunno. Maybe less time with Yviel?"

"Well you know it's true. In fact she has a surprise waiting for you."

Good surprise or bad surprise? Time again for what?

Also get this guy a translator slave or something goddamn.
No. 327840 ID: 35e1a0

ask if it will be potentially horribly fatal.
No. 327841 ID: 40cb26

Ask him what it is. It can't be all that bad it isn't like you knocked this person up or anything, right?

No. 327894 ID: 00d3d5

What is he talking about?
Also, go check on Yviel and introduce her to Gyoji.
No. 327899 ID: 2ae337
File 131105630823.png - (28.58KB , 760x662 , 5.png )

It's not entirely his fault. Rezan magic and human magic doesn't mix well. And being the child of a human mage and a Rezan mage makes him...well you see.

"What surprise?"

"Oh...y-y-y-yo-you'llllllllll ss-s-ss-s-s-e-see. Why sp-p-p-poil it-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t? She'lllll b-b-b-beeee w-wwuh-wait-t-t-ting-g-g fffffffffffFOR you in th-th-that-t-t-t place. 'you-ooo-o-o wuh-wuh-would-d-d-d-d nnnnnnnn-know' sssssh-sh-sh-she said-d-d-d-d-d. I-i-i-i St-stu-still d-d-d-d-unno why she isssssss s-s-s-so interest-t-t-t-ed-d-d-d-d innnnnn-NAH you."

"I was persistent. And the idea of a grandmother and grandson together must be very enticing for her."

"Oh and before I forget, I have an Eastaland mage I need karved."

"Is it-t-t-t-t-t ffff-f-fresh-sh-sh?"


"C-c-c-c-ome bb-b-b-by aft-t-t-tter your ss-s-s-sssss-ceremm-mu-muh-mony. I'll g-g-gg-get t-t-ttt-to work onnnnnnnnnnnnNUH that-t-t-t. Annn-ythii-i-ing else-sssss?"

Oh I hope not to do that yet. It would be very awkward.
No. 327915 ID: 35e1a0

not at the moment i suppose.
No. 327969 ID: c71597

You're probably already a daddy or something. Anyway, sounds like you should check out that Yviel thing. Could be important to know of it now rather than have the surprise blindside you later.
No. 327974 ID: b6ca92

So where is this location you supposedly know?

Also, what's with the burned/exploded building?
No. 328038 ID: 2ae337
File 131109347638.png - (22.25KB , 738x714 , 6.png )

What? No. That was the off site academy for the Makag magic users...before Gavez blew it up during one of his fits. He does that sometimes. Even though he's a damn genius it pays to stay away from him. No, he's referring to the spot where Yviel and I became more than just student and teacher.
No. 328039 ID: 2ae337
File 131109352244.png - (16.40KB , 672x418 , 7.png )


"Yviel! You have no idea how happy I am to see yo-"
No. 328042 ID: 2ae337
File 131109371171.png - (27.60KB , 738x714 , 8.png )

"Something wrong?"


"Never change Veni. You're so cute when you're surprised."

"But then that time before I left. I-I mean we-the. Bluh."

I-i-i-i-i. You were right. I'm a father. I think I-need a second.
No. 328045 ID: c71597

Damn, I can see why you went for her, she's hot. Also, this is sort of messed up. In several ways.

Anyway, take your time and gather your wits, then ask what happens now.
No. 328048 ID: 00d3d5

Hand her off to us while you think. We'll get the answers you need.
Also, what was that he said about "grandmother and grandson together"? How are you related to this person?
No. 328051 ID: 35e1a0

didn't you pay attention? that is his grandma. now apparently has a kid by him from that one time. and i don't think we should spread to her. don't see much reason for it.
No. 328055 ID: c71597

Nope on passing us onto her. Secrets tend to be spilled then and I don't see much value in it. Veni can get the answers himself.
No. 328063 ID: 2ae337
File 131109783878.png - (21.94KB , 630x522 , 9.png )

Yes it's not that difficult. She was part of my grandfather's harem before he passed away. No relation except through her only grandson Iagn.

"Veni are you alright?"

"Yes I-I just need a moment to accept this."

"Still so young..."
No. 328077 ID: 35e1a0

think you should spring that a sibling for it may be on the way? anyway, relax.
No. 328102 ID: 252e1b

Knowing your luck you sired twins or something.
No. 328111 ID: 00d3d5

Once again the lack of information on Rezan politics and social mores makes it impossible to give advice.
Politically, would it be wiser to marry her, keep her as a mistress, cover it up, or something else?
How would those options compare to each other and why?

She appears to have no Rezan blood, and from her lack of apparent age I would guess she's an Elf. Is that correct?

Of course, if you would like some time alone to work this out we do have other things to work on.
[If he wants us to leave him alone then switch to Chang.]
No. 328113 ID: 07416a

Harem. That's a good sign, sounds like this won't be too limiting, though surprising. How are your personal resources?
No. 328116 ID: c71597

Well, if you're collected enough then I would suggest that you ask her what she wants here. If you're lucky it could be as simple as her wanting you to know and then that's pretty much it. But before we can really give any advice we need to know what she wants in this, which means you need to ask her.
No. 328117 ID: 2ae337
File 131110586038.png - (21.06KB , 633x546 , 10.png )

There's nothing wrong with what I did. She was a widow, she's not related by blood. It was just irregular for me to be with someone so much older than me.

And yes, she's an Exile Elf. My grandfather found her group in the Eastaland mountains, and well I'm sure you can piece together the rest.

Given what's happened to me, I wouldn't be surprised.

"All joking aside, you couldn't have picked a worse time to come home."

"Gav told me that. It's about the-"

"Yes, and the family is strained to the limit pulling its affairs together. Your father wants to get your ceremony over with. I', sorry that your day can't be celebrated the way it should be."

Ach ka...Yviel was around for the last one. If she's so depressed it must be a big event.
No. 328120 ID: 35e1a0

well this helps. get it over with quickly and you can get that slave test thing over with so that Gyoji can have that kid without it being some horrible honor breaking thing. just a little odd.
No. 328123 ID: 00d3d5

I'd give her a reassuring hug and say "Ah, well that's good at least. I was hoping for something less... complicating, but I did need a way to get the ceremony over quickly."

Let me check my math... The last ceremony was 300 years ago, and was 10 years before you were born. That puts you at about 290 years old, correct? What are the key ages of your people; walking, talking, onset of puberty, coming of age, live expectancy, etc?
No. 328125 ID: 40cb26

There is a saying, and I think in adapting it for your situation it still holds true: "It isn't too old if it's an elf." What manner of responsibilities are expected of you over this?

Oh and your four armed pet masochist probably isn't going to be too happy about this either. Not that she has a right to complain, but that never stopped her before.
No. 328127 ID: c71597

Ask her a bit about what happens next, what she wants out of the deal and expects from you.
No. 328191 ID: 2ae337
File 131111463060.png - (23.92KB , 633x546 , 11.png )

Well the oldest of us lived to about seven hundred, if that's what you mean.

"Well that's good at least. I was hoping for something less... complicating, but I did need a way to get the ceremony over quickly. I should go see my father."

"Fine. But please be careful, it tore me apart when your grandfather died. I don't want to lose another."

I wi-"

Well this is a nice enough send off.

I know what happens next, I just don't understand why my father is so stressed about it.

Certainly not, but as you said she lost her right to complain.
No. 328197 ID: c71597

Well lets get on with the ceremony then. It's what you have been doing all of this for after all.
No. 328201 ID: 35e1a0

unless it's not RIGHT NOW.. in which case i guess see how things are at your family estate
No. 328214 ID: 252e1b


Your father may be stressed less about the ceremony itself than the issues that will come to a head as a result of you reaching your majority. He may have political commitments he made on your behalf that will need to be repaid, or he could be planning on using you to help put out political fires. Or it could be something else, it's impossible for us to know without having met him and with only a vague idea of the current political landscape.
No. 328240 ID: 00d3d5

Alright. While you're on your way there we'll take care of a few other things.

[Switch to Chang]
Hello, Chang.
Might I ask why you threw Gyoji out of the family and had Li Jue sell her to slavers?
Or why you ordered High General Kuta Minaga to slaughter a town of innocent civilians and sentenced him to death for refusing?
These events are troubling to us; are you unwell?
No. 328243 ID: c71597

[Nope, no switching to Chang.]
No. 328245 ID: 35e1a0

[ i agree]
No. 328468 ID: 2ae337
File 131113550511.png - (21.13KB , 633x546 , 12.png )

Well luckily for me he is at the estate. Seems a bit bigger than when I left...

"Veni?! Oh you couldn't have picked a worse ti-"

"I know I know, my father wants to see me."

"Yes but before that, please see to that Tsang Naji you bought home, she's causing a real fuss. The Marker is at his wits end trying to hold her."


"I'm guessing Ju Gwah is you?"
No. 328469 ID: 35e1a0

sigh and go see what it is. and what is The Marker?
No. 328501 ID: 40cb26

Ugh can't we just send an order to bind and gag her? It's not like she'd really mind. Well where here so may as well see to her yourself. Then bind and gag her.
No. 328512 ID: 07416a

Go explain things to her. Culture shock.
No. 328552 ID: c71597

Go help the marker, maybe you can even do it do something kinky for her.
No. 328557 ID: 701a19

Might as well go help Gyoji. Explain what's going on to her so that we know what's going on.
No. 328622 ID: 2ae337
File 131119434955.png - (29.44KB , 633x546 , 13.png )

The Marker is in charge placing the Mark of Submission on all new slaves. Though why he'd make a personal visit to my room is...oh that's why.

"Veni! Finally, can you help me with your slave? She's being very disruptive. Even the soldiers you bought back can't hold her down long enough for me to karve it. And if I mess up her Mark, who knows how it will affect her personality."


Ach ka...
No. 328626 ID: 35e1a0

tell her to calm down and sit still. wait.. personality changes? what exactly does it do? any other marks that would work?
No. 328628 ID: 2ae337
File 131119497283.png - (7.90KB , 633x546 , pause.png )

Proper description in /questdis/
No. 328635 ID: 35e1a0

i dunno if that is a good idea. it could be MANDITORY. and not having your slaves get it could cause trouble. i say pull him aside and explain that she LIKE LIKES being submissive so if he could just fake it it would be for the best.
No. 328637 ID: c71597

Tell her to calm down and sit still. It's a necessary part for her acceptance into your society and that it's not permanent. Knock her out if necessary.
No. 328671 ID: b1f0e2

before voting we should really learn whether or not it is absolutely required.
Considering what we have planned for her and the dragon general I am not sure this is a good idea.
No. 328716 ID: 00d3d5

Sigh and give him a dismissive wave.
"Gyoji, calm yourself.
Let her go.
My apologizes, Marker, but it is neither necessary nor desirable for her to be marked; her loyalty is such that she was defending her master's property.
I regret that I failed to send word to you, but my homecoming has been... less than ideal."
No. 329529 ID: 2ae337
File 131136024215.png - (15.76KB , 435x461 , 14.png )

"Gyoji, calm yourself."

"But Lord Ju-"

"My name is Venian. And I said calm down. Let her go. My apologizes, Marker, but it is neither necessary nor desirable for her to be marked; her loyalty is such that she was defending her master's property.
I regret that I failed to send word to you, but my homecoming has been... less than ideal."

"Ah-of course lord Venian. But are you certain she does not need the Mark. Her attitude seems a bit erratic. And granted she seems to be a tad on the frail side but when frenzied..."
No. 329553 ID: 35e1a0

she may not listen to others but she WILL listen to me.
No. 329569 ID: 40cb26

"She is completely dependent on me, you see. Betrayed by her kin and has no where to go, in her slavery she owes me her very life. She is willful and irrational without my presence, but that's what rope is good for."
No. 329921 ID: 2ae337
File 131139905220.png - (12.90KB , 518x442 , 15.png )

"She may not listen to others but she listens to me. Betrayed by her kin and has no where to go, in her slavery she owes me her very life. She is willful and irrational without my presence, but that's what rope is good for."

"True...true enough...very well. No mark shall be placed. Oh and you are going to see your father?"

"Yes. I am needed now yes?"

"But are you going to see him wearing that?"
No. 329924 ID: 35e1a0

hmm, yes, while your outfit is okay it doesn't say "i'm important!"
No. 329938 ID: 40cb26

Would father be more impressed by taking time for finery or by showing up when he bloody asks? I mean I don't know your dad but I'd say clean up later unless it is some kind of special social appearance.
No. 329982 ID: 2ae337
File 131140583651.png - (12.95KB , 532x439 , 16.png )


"No time, need to go! He must be getting angry!"

"Oh well Venia-"

"Sorry no time need to go!"

"What about your slave?"

"Just...give her a job to do, clean my clothes or something, I need to go!"
No. 329983 ID: 2ae337
File 131140592190.png - (16.85KB , 532x439 , 17.png )

"Ah son...I was wondering when you would arrive. What took so long?"

"Father...I. Needed.To. One moment while I catch my breath."
No. 329989 ID: 07416a

You know your father better than we...
No. 330008 ID: c71597

Ask what's up. Must be some important reason why he wanted to meet you right away and all that.
No. 330501 ID: 2ae337
File 131149104149.png - (24.43KB , 628x424 , 18.png )

"I...was...having trouble with my slave. Anyway. What was it that was so urgent?"

"What is it? Heh. You hear that Varius? My boy not only quells a slave riot, but he humbled Rokof by several leagues, and he still has no idea what's happening?"

"Am I in trouble?"

"Of course not my son, you are far from me being able to punish you anymore. You passed your Rite, but you've proven more than qualified to help me. As you know it is time for the families to gather once again and scale a massive raid again."

"It's been three hundred years. Of course I know."

"Yes, and before we can commit, we need to resolve all family matters. Especially this time as we are raiding a city in a nation just south of the Nation of the Holy. I was inclined to let you rest during your time back. But now I'm convinced you can participate in the Family Concord."

No. 330513 ID: 252e1b


Oh man this is gonna be fun.
No. 330517 ID: 44766a

Am going to take a wild guess here and say that this is a generally good thing, but things are going to get more complicated at the same time.
No. 330543 ID: c71597

I'm going to guess that you're now expected to help plan the whole deal a lot more. Probably a good idea to get your general dude in here as well, he might have some useful skills for this endeavor.
No. 330731 ID: 07416a

Oooh. Yeah, get your general dude in on this. Now that you know it's not pressing, go get Gyoji to wash your back or something.
No. 331348 ID: 2ae337
File 131164686852.png - (14.56KB , 628x424 , 19.png )

That's generally what happens. Any conflicts the family has needs to be resolved before all the families commit. And even then, given the scale of the raid, regardless of planning, will always have a high body count.

"Thank you for this honor father, but I do not see how this is urgent..."

"It is urgent because recently a crisis has arisen in two of our Westerland outposts. To the Northern outpost, the Chouhoku nation is threatened. Normally they would be able to handle a rival tribe but this time, it seems to be an alliance of several tribes, no more than at least twelve. This was expected but what was NOT expected was how tribes as far east as Central Westerland are in this alliance. Something is driving them westward, though we do not know what."

"To the south the Xuec people are flooding to our colony for protection. Normally we had that agreement remember? Twenty of their strongest in return for a year of protection from their mythological monsters. Which worked fine until their 'monsters' started existing. Patrols are disappearing and the Xuec are getting restless about our presence."

"The objectives to the north are to repel the allied tribes, maybe take in some extra slaves from the process, and find out exactly what the hells is so threatening that can bring so many tribes against us."

"The southward objectives are to quell the rebellion and find out why these imaginary beasts suddenly aren't imaginary."

"The plan is I take one you take the other."
No. 331533 ID: b6ca92

Fight a small army, interrogate for information, figure out whether to shore up defenses and call for reinforcements or set up an evacuation.
Lots of risk for loss of personnel and goods/slaves, but also chance of gaining the same.

Investigation and subterfuge abounds. Expect sabotage and general unhelpfulness from the natives, and hope you can get the elders to talk before SHTF. Lots of risk to your personal self since you'll eventually have to explore personally. Possible chance of gains in reputations for slaying mythical creatures and warning the empire and possible gains in wealth from exotic parts and hoarded treasures.

Hard to decide.

North is a more immediate threat, but this alliance of tribes cannot stand against a real military force, though whatever they are running from is an unknown, and thus a danger.
South is a less immediate, but longer ranging threat should these mythical creatures begin to expand in numbers once again.

Consider and mention to father that the presence of two equally strange and unknown threats may be related. Perhaps some strange ancient power has been released or awoken? Perhaps by our enemies?
I hope you have some long-distance communications, because you'll need to get some servants to start scouring the archives here for anything recording or prophesying similar events.
No. 331557 ID: 2ae337
File 131165930073.png - (15.10KB , 628x424 , 20.png )

"This is...this is alot for me to consider. Maybe I should bring Kuta into thi-"

"Kuta Minaga? Of course of course. He is your vassal now, it is only fitting. Besides that was what I was going to ask next: who you want accompanying you."
No. 331576 ID: 35e1a0

hmm... Kamagan would be a good choice for the mythological things. as a wise man once said "magic must defeat magic". but could also help with the interrogation of a member of the norther problem.
No. 331580 ID: 00d3d5

Kuta is a magic killer. If they DO have beasts then he would be invaluable to the south.
No. 331586 ID: 2ae337
File 131166104559.png - (12.87KB , 628x424 , 21.png )

That is something I haven't considered.

"Father...perhaps the unknown force and the arising 'beasts' are related?"

"That may be possible. But given what few reports I've seen, I'm not very inclined to agree. The Northern outpost had mentioned seeing bipedal creatures never seen before, wearing a lot of metal armor, which is odd since most races in Westerland have only basic knowledge of metallurgy."

"And the south?"

"Only one report, seeing things that looked like humans but had an ethereal glow to them. They we're solid enough, as it killed a scout but it vanished before the survivors could get a proper glimpse of it."

"We may want to have someone search the family archives. This sounds too coincidental to be some random accidents"

"True. Varius, have the elders go through the archives, find anything that may have to do with odd creatures arising where there were none before during previous excursions."

"Yes lord."
No. 331591 ID: 07416a

Well, you've got several vassals who specialize in weird shit and one who is a brilliant general. Clearly, we need a round of introductions so that whichever one you don't choose will be comfortable with your father.
No. 331681 ID: c2c011

This sounds like some mythological beings are going to fight it out and your people are going to be in the middle. Like legions of angels and hordes of demons duking it out across your plane. Which sucks.

Anyway, lets get our vassals and slaves who might be useful for this in here.
No. 331782 ID: 2ae337
File 131171104172.png - (10.26KB , 531x391 , 22.png )

Yes I know, and I have sent for them, but aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourselves? We still haven't decided who goes where yet? it would be a problem to assemble a team without considering where they are going first.
No. 331784 ID: c2c011

Well first we need to know where shit is going down and what is going down, so we can figure out where to use peoples talents the best.
No. 332146 ID: 2ae337
File 131174188442.png - (24.27KB , 911x544 , 23.png )

"Well what can I expect in the North father?"

"The Chouhoku have a stronghold carved into a canyon thanks to our help, either you or me are expected to lead the outpost's soldiers and whatever reinforcements we bring to shore up defenses. Having been there myself, I recommend artillery and someone who can counter the damn shamans. Their magic can tear through a stone wall like it was paper. Oh and don't stay out in the sun too long, it's damn hot this year, I still don't know how the natives can stand it."

"And the South?"

"I honestly don't know. It was established by your great grandmother when she was matriarch. All I know it will be a wet heat, which is the worst kind...and a large armies will do no good as the dense rainforests will bog them down. Keep the natives sated and if possible, get their help in navigating through the place. Oh and a bit of advice that was passed down to me: 'The men wear skulls as loin covers, don't stare. That's the fastest way to get into a fight.' "
No. 332219 ID: 40cb26

So your father knows the terrain of the north, that is a definite advantage. And a larger force of men could be led there than the south. No offense but that seems like something he'd be better at than you. Sounds like you are going to be dealing with the mystical beasts, sweltering heat and cranium codpieces. Let's build a team that can deal with those difficulties.
No. 332235 ID: 07416a

Yeah. Introduce him to your general and go south.
No. 332277 ID: c2c011

Sounds like your Dad should get Kuta the anti-magical general and go north while you take the illusion dude and your retainers and go south.

You should also check in on Gavez to see if he's making progress on the decapitated mage. Since you can't have many people with you to the south you need people who are highly skilled.
No. 332339 ID: 2ae337
File 131178823672.png - (38.62KB , 911x544 , 24.png )

Like I said I called them all. But I don't know when they will arri-

"Out of way human."

"Oh sorry."

"Yes, you sorry. Stupid human."

"V-v-v-veniiiiii. I Gg-g-g-g-g-gggOT that m-muh-mmmmmmMAGE rr-r-r-readd-d-d-d-d-dy. P-p-p-puh-probllllllllllem wasssssssssssss hi-hi-he-his sssssssssssssoulll wass l-l-luh-lllllllllong gonnnnnne ssssso all I ccc-c-could man-nuh-age wass-s-sss this."

Ooh I hate that tingling feeling. He's influencing the husk.

"Sa-say ssssssomth-iiiii-ng-g-g-guh ya-you iddd-d-d-d-iot-t-t-t-t!"

"Master...your command is my life."
No. 332418 ID: 2ae337
File 131180405616.png - (28.34KB , 911x544 , 25.png )

"So this is Kuta. You're responsible for saving my son's hide. Forgive me for being a bit suspicious, I thought High Generals had unwavering loyalty to their lords."

"The lord I served no longer exists, I serve your son."

Well you wanted me to introduce him, there you go.

"Since you will be facing shamans, I thought it may be prudent to have him alongside you father."

"True, true. That axe you generals get will be very helpful indeed."

I just had a thought, should I introduce you to him as well? Maybe your insight will help him.
No. 332424 ID: 2ae337
File 131180524185.png - (35.65KB , 841x553 , 26.png )

"And Gavez, I thought you said his soul was gone, why is he standing here now?"

"Yy-y-y-es. It-t-t-t-t-t-tah w-w-w-as g-g-g-g-guh-gone...but allllllllll that-t-t-t-t-t muh-muh-meant wasssssss tha-that I ha-ha-jha-had to-to-to rrrrrrrrRIP IT b-a-back. He mu-mu-must have-vvvvvv gone t-to-to hisss rel-relij-j-j-j-religion'sssssss parad-d-d-dise, as heeeeee-e-e-e-eeee was re-rel-reluctannnnnnnnnnt t-ta-ta-to c-c-c-c-c-c-come ba-ba-back."
No. 332426 ID: c2c011

Nah, no need to introduce us to him. Might be useful for him to know about it later, but for now it's not necessary.

Anyway, we should probably ask about what our new corpse mage thingy can do so we know what to expect from it.
No. 332440 ID: 2ae337
File 131180727915.png - (31.81KB , 841x553 , 27.png )

"Well Gavez, what can I expect from this?"

"E-everyth-thing tha-that he posssssessed in l-l-l-la-life. B-b-b-but hisssss eyeyeyesss had-d-d-d-d rrrrrrrrotted out-t-t-t-t-t, sssssssso heeeeee nu-needs th-th-the sss-Sight Mark-k-k-k to seeeeeeeee. And-d-d-duh as hisssss soul g-g-g-ets adjussssted-d-d-d-du t-t-t-o the b-b-body, exp-p-p-pect hissss personallllllllity tto rrrr-re-rrrrrrretur-NAH! He isssss a b-b-bit useless n-now, but he'll be r-rrrr-ready by the t-t-t-t-TIME you sh-sh-sh-ship out."
No. 332442 ID: c2c011

Cool, I guess we can use him to blast some fools or something. He seemed to be a blasty type in the past.

Should be useful if we're going south. Illusion dude should also be good to bolster our ranks, then a small force can suddenly become a larger force. We should probably also bring along stuff for giving to the natives to make them happy as well as bring along a couple of extra scouts if the natives don't feel like helping out.
No. 332444 ID: 2ae337
File 131180774974.png - (20.29KB , 841x553 , 28.png )

"Good, Eastaland magic will aid you well. Since it's obvious to me you want to go south, I think this might work very well, Eastaland magic seems very effective at warping nature, a plus when fighting in the forests. And I'll send Varius along with you."

"Father no, he's the Patriarchal Guard. He needs to protect you."

"And you are the Patriarch heir. I can't have you dying before me. Besides I will have an army between me and whatever the North throws at me. You, not so much."
No. 332452 ID: 2ae337
File 131180912950.png - (50.85KB , 888x1180 , 29.png )

Well that much is no established. Now I need to decide who goes with who. I already have a small team, and I'd feel more comfortable having some reliable people behind my father...though some extra help for me is always appreciated.
No. 332457 ID: 00d3d5

Make Gyoji do something humiliating and/or terrifying to prove her loyalty as her test so she can be a citizen. Take her with you.

For the ones that aren't already allocated:
Take Gavez and crossbow woman with yourself.
Send Iagn and his new wife with your father, along with everybody else.

4 go with your father, 5 go with you. We'll go back and forth as needed to advise people, but you'll still need to use your communications equipment to relay information since we should be kept a secret.

[Can we go to Chang already?]
No. 332467 ID: 252e1b


Gyoji's a non-combatant, she's worse than useless in a battlefield situation. She'll be an active distraction. She did well enough in her part in the bluff, but when it turned into a potential fight she panicked.

Don't bring Gyoji.
No. 332472 ID: c2c011

Send Swordy dude as well as green magicky dude to your father. Take the rest with yourself. Gyoji stays far away from combat and doesn't follow either team, she can spend time with your grandmother or something.

[No, we're not going to Chang.]
No. 332744 ID: 2ae337
File 131182900041.png - (36.35KB , 888x604 , 30.png )

Gyoji will come with me to the South but unless something serious happens I'd rather she stay as far away from any combat area as possible.

"Do these plans seem prudent father?"

"Yes...these seem quite well thought out. Unless you want some additional protection."

"I am the heir father, I earned that title for a reason."
No. 332795 ID: 9202a9

Right. I assume that we now start preparing for the trip.

Before we leave we should:
-Find some people to school us in the edict of the culture we are getting into (particularly how not offend people in negotiations)
-If we are not taking Gyoji with us we should set her up at your house (or something) and explain so she does not freak out again. (I say we should take her as she grew us in a court so she should have a head for intrigue)
- Get a refresher on the ability of our crew.

Likely some of this can be done on the boat.
No. 332820 ID: 2ae337
File 131183381722.png - (19.05KB , 669x604 , 31.png )

Good idea...er ideas. But Gyoji is now my personal salve so she must accompany me.

"If we are finished father, then-"

"Ah one last thing, your ceremony, remember? Remove those rags, and step forward."
No. 332822 ID: 2ae337
File 131183405383.png - (30.68KB , 888x604 , 32.png )

"Come my son. As the patriarch before me and the matriarch before him, I invoke the Rite of Passing. We recognize you no longer as Kekhar Venian Makag. We no longer see you as heir apparent."
No. 332825 ID: 2ae337
File 131183407504.png - (27.37KB , 869x709 , 33.png )

"You are now Venian Makag. You are now Patriarch."
No. 332840 ID: cd63e9

my god that helmet looks ridiculous.
No. 332855 ID: 07416a

I uh. I'm surprised. Are you surprised? Did you just assume control over the entire family?
No. 332881 ID: b1f0e2

yes, as we were told earlier would happen.

Good job vanian!
No. 332897 ID: b6ca92

Please tell me that the helmet is special somehow in some magical or physical way aside from sentimental value, because it looks like a piece of what we would call 'post-modern art'.
That is to say, hipster-made bits of metal made into random shapes and called 'art' for no good reason.
Fucking hipsters.
No. 332905 ID: 07416a

Notice the very intricate rune on the forehead, in the place a slave mark is placed. I'm betting there is a bit of inheritance that comes mentally with being the patriarch.
No. 332923 ID: 252e1b


That's the Makag family crest with minor variations.

The helmet itself looks like it has the theme of an ouroboros, the tail-eater, the symbol for eternal self-sufficient reinvention and rebirth. That's actually pretty neat. The patriarch's role is a self-fulfilling one.
No. 332936 ID: c2c011

Well that was somewhat unexpected. Ask your dad why he's landing this on you right now.
No. 332974 ID: 252e1b


It was completely expected unless you weren't paying attention. This was the whole point of the rite.
No. 333312 ID: b1f0e2

its a crown. For a ruler. Stylized helmet is far better then a lump of gold shaped into a circlet with triangles.
Now this is a big day for him so let him have his moment.
No. 333360 ID: 2ae337
File 131191299383.png - (22.76KB , 564x709 , 34.png )

I was wondering when you would come back. All of a sudden you went quiet again and wouldn't respond. Ah well I sense you again, that is all that matters. To answer what was left unanswered:

We have already left. My father took the Splendor and a sizeable army and is headed north while I take one of the smaller vessels southward. And we should be docking very soon.

Makag had several members that we're raised in the Westerland colony and they are more familiar with customs than anyone else.
Gyoji is here with me as a personal assistant. As you can see she is taking to her role surprisingly well, though she can never stop blushing and giggling when washing me. I had another send off with Yviel, though I am still to tell either one about the other...probably a stupid idea on my part...

The crown? Oh yes, it is a symbol as much as anything else, and other than that, useless, it's why my father did not wear it, it's why I don't wear it. In fact it's very uncomfortable to wear, ever since the metal was warped by Gozra Makag several generations ago. He was a powerful mage but had no control. And in the end he exploded. While wearing the crown. Now the damn thing can't be reforged no matter how hot the metal gets.

Anything else I neglected to add?
No. 333364 ID: 35e1a0

well, it seems that has made it into a insanely powerful anti-magic hat. IT is probably what cut us off. so if you are fighting an army of mages it may be a good idea to put it on.
No. 333386 ID: 00d3d5

Is Gyoji a citizen yet? What did/will you make her do?
Does she know she's probably pregnant?
No. 333406 ID: 2ae337
File 131191760804.png - (19.45KB , 659x517 , 35.png )

Not yet, she is still my slave. I haven't thought much of what I can do. The only two things that can elevate her status are saving my life or completing the Rite, both are hazardous to one's health.

"...and that is why you never stare at a Xuec man's groin piece."

This here is my guide, he was born in the colony and only recently came back to Rezo to complete some trade deals. He's helping me understand the land and it's people. Also he still has a lot of surplus Rotfish, which I can't get enough of.
No. 333409 ID: 00d3d5

What? I thought the patriarch, AKA you, got to determine what her rite would be.
No. 333420 ID: 35e1a0

yes, and it has to be one of the several very horrible tests. or save his life.
he gets to pick which horrible test she does.
No. 333449 ID: 2ae337
File 131191940889.png - (28.95KB , 791x522 , 36.png )

Well I could make it safer, but still it would attract too much attention. I mean think about it. I just become Patriarch. And right afterward I initiate a Rite for a female slave I just acquired. That will bring eyes on me from all over the damn Empire.

Oooooh these rotfish are good! Especially the big ones, the way they flail about as you bite their head off. Just enhances the flavor!

"Ah! Venian-Jomo, please give me a warning!"

"Yes I didn't need to see that Lord."

"Careful boy...I'll let that slide because you have so much rotfish."
No. 333451 ID: 35e1a0

sounds both disgusting and delicious at the same time...
No. 333476 ID: 00d3d5

So make a rite that is humiliating enough to make up for the lack of danger and put her through that. Then make it an option for everybody.
No. 333534 ID: c2c011

Well first talk to her a bit about what skills she has, then make a rite that appears very dangerous but in reality has quite a low danger factor, so people think she was in deadly danger the whole time but in reality she was just in moderate danger of mutilation or something.
No. 333642 ID: 2ae337
File 131197260301.png - (26.09KB , 792x607 , 37.png )

I understand that, but the problem is if I seem too eager to get her citizenship, someone will notice. Someone who may want to put me in a bad position. And if they find out, they may start digging and accuse me of...you know. And I'm sure that someone will be Rokof.

"Anything else you want to know about the Xuec sir, or are you going to keep eating all my rotfish stock?"

He has a real mouth, that boy, but he raises a point. Is there anything you may need to know? I LOVE these things! Hang on, lemme chew this one, it's still alive.
No. 333692 ID: 00d3d5

Then make absolute humiliation and removal of respect an option first.
Actually, what's the normal rite? We could just put her through that.
No. 333693 ID: 35e1a0

OR, just forget about it for now. unless we can somehow make a showing of her DEMANDING to do the rite as soon as possible. then it's HER who wants to do it not you.

anyway, what else do we need to know... what about fast track method of earning their trust?
No. 333773 ID: 07416a

Just wait. You can do without boinking her for a bit. Ask about their codpieces again or something.
No. 333786 ID: 2ae337
File 131198750497.png - (33.45KB , 792x607 , 38.png )

"Well when I get there I will need to earn their trust and fast. The longer the situation drags out, the more danger I will put Makag family assets in. By the way you got anymore rotfish?"

"Well there are several things you could do. One make friends with the women. Help them, make their lives generally easier. If they like you, they will pressure their spouses to like you."

"Second, when talking to a man, be sure to take some food. Any kind. Take a bite and offer the rest to him, as a sign of trust, and that you aren't out to kill him. Oh and since rotfish have become a real delicacy over there as well, I suggest you keep some around for them. And try not to give them a female rotfish."

"Why's that?"

"Well you have been eating nothing but males so you wouldn't know, but females when they're ovulating do something odd with their bodies. I do not know what, but basically it builds up in your body and then all at once it makes you...well not drunk, but the effects are similar. You act oddly, you do things you normally wouldn't do, enhanced-sexdrive-. And most people don't remember what they did after the effects wear off."

"And try to remember they are not all Xuec. You mainlanders group them together, but they are separated into even smaller tribes, which they make sure us colonists are aware of. Very aware of."

"That's general information. Anything else?"
No. 333802 ID: 35e1a0

well that explains what happened on the boat. you ate a female rotfish. and you got SUPER horny.
No. 333965 ID: c2c011

All good to know I guess. But be sure to know about any general taboo's, like not looking at people's crotch skulls.
No. 335553 ID: 2ae337
File 131231643126.png - (18.53KB , 498x606 , 39.png )

No I didn't have any when I was there...just too much spirits.

"Good to know but is there anything else? Anything specific?"

"Yes, I'm pretty sure you've been eating a bucket of female rotfish."

"...say again?"
No. 335555 ID: 2ae337
File 131231659378.png - (5.61KB , 498x140 , 40.png )

"I think you'll know once you come to. Hope you don't do anything regretful sir."
No. 335558 ID: 2ae337
File 131231676618.png - (21.12KB , 645x508 , 41.png )

"Hold the damn line! Don't follow the Opaho, that's the ploy! And get that artillery set up!"

"Mangalo sir, the Opaho are trying to break through the west side!"

"Then bring the line breakers round there and meet the charge!"
No. 335559 ID: 35e1a0

what's going on?
No. 335565 ID: 2ae337
File 131231708132.png - (34.29KB , 742x513 , 42.png )

You?! Aren't you with-oh never mind! Kekhar is off with a majority of our forces trying to break the siege on the Chohouku's stronghold, and of course while, they're away, the rear lines, meaning me, are hit by the Opaho in the worst possible place: open fields. They excel at this sort of warfare.
No. 335571 ID: 00d3d5

Veni accidentally ate a bucket of female rotfish, which seems to have forced us from his body.

If they excel at this kind of warfare then why didn't you arrange their forces so they would be flanking into a meat grinder?
No. 335619 ID: 2ae337
File 131231968832.png - (44.03KB , 803x568 , 43.png )

This is the best we can manage out here. We set up a defensive line across a river and try to repel anyone that comes across. The problem is they only send small detatchments to hit our lines. They stay just out of range of our guns and even if we they did, we don't have enough to seriously hamper their numbers. They are waiting for us to be too weak to properly hold the line against their calvary. Which is why I need that damn artillery!
No. 335659 ID: c2c011

Ouch, that's a bad situation. I would suggest sturdy fences alongside with trenches to make a frontline attack on the gunners into a bad idea.

To get that set up you need to buy some time though, which means you need to send a team out to intercept their raiding parties before they can reach you and disrupt the work.
No. 335878 ID: 2ae337
File 131235296242.png - (33.81KB , 803x568 , 44.png )

"Get the slaves digging a trench! And place stakes in front. If they want to charge, they'll have to get through that first. move gunners up, make sure every shot finds its mark!"

"Yes Mangalo."

"And where is the damn artillery?!"

"The teams are setting up now sir, they will be ready in approximately 2 hours"

[5 turns until artillery is ready]

"Well then hold them until we can get the gun set!"

"Mangalo, the Opaho, they are changing tactics. To large attacks from either side of the line!"
No. 335954 ID: c2c011

Well the defensive line appears to be most ready on the northern side, so you can probably send less men there to deal with that raid, since they will have some defenses to use and stuff.

The southern one is more tricky though, but you could try to make them pissed and attack you piecemeal instead of as a big collected force by fiegning retreat or insulting them enough to get them worked up enough to forget about discipline.
No. 335972 ID: 07416a

Concentrate on simply holding the line in the north, get your linebreakers south to try and inflict maximum casualties.
No. 336350 ID: 2ae337
File 131244102487.png - (10.45KB , 756x266 , 46.png )

That sounds a bit risky...provoke them and they might just attack us en masse.

This seems a little easier to do with my limited resources. Though my linebreakers will have a hell of a time getting to the south with the enemy harassing them all the way over.

"Gunners focus on the north point, Linebreakers focus on defending the south line until the trenches are dug!"

"Yes Mangalo!"

"Magalo, the Opaho are bring their archers to the front, they are harassing the linebreakers!"
No. 336353 ID: 2ae337
File 131244118001.png - (52.26KB , 783x547 , 47.png )

Holy's Balls! It never gets any easier!

[4 turns until artillery is ready]
No. 336356 ID: 1854db

The archers are exposed, so nail them with your ranged weapons.
No. 336440 ID: c2c011

Get your riflemen behind cover and tell them to nail the archers. They should avoid shooting into the melee to not hit their own guys, and unless they brought along siege shields or something like that their archers will be exposed when firing.
No. 336879 ID: 2ae337
File 131257869321.jpg - (98.39KB , 789x541 , 48.jpg )

"Target the archers. Defenders, protect the south line!"

We might pull this off

"Mangalo! Mangalo!"

"What now?"
No. 336880 ID: 2ae337
File 131257883575.png - (55.64KB , 783x547 , 49.png )

"Their reserve is breaking apart, they are charging!"


[3 turns until artillery is available]
No. 336902 ID: c2c011

Well fuck, that's hardly ideal. But the good news is that you current configuration still works, atleast a bit. But you're going to have to take some of your melee reserves and send them north to cover that flank and make sure nobody breaks through there and try to flank your riflemen.
No. 337459 ID: 2ae337
File 131269577799.png - (62.09KB , 783x547 , 51.png )

"Keep the riflemen covered! We can't allow them to fall! Form a perimeter int he trench, let them fall on the stakes!"

[2 turns until artillery is ready]
No. 337599 ID: c2c011

Looks like you should be able to hold the line now unless something unexpected happens. Fire volleys at their biggest concentrations of troops to get them to break up.
No. 338297 ID: 2ae337
File 131292241996.png - (29.75KB , 730x457 , 52.png )

"Break apart the larger groups, anyone that gets over hack them down!"

"Mangalo, the calvary has organized in the back!"

"Are the cannons ready yet?"
No. 338298 ID: 2ae337
File 131292244014.png - (59.08KB , 783x547 , 53.png )

"Erm...not quite sir."
No. 338299 ID: c2c011

Tell them to work faster or their hacked off dicks will be adornments for barbarians. Tell your riflemen to aim for the horses to try to break up the cavalry charge. Not that much else you can do right now really.
No. 338359 ID: 28e94e

>trench spanning our entire line
The entire purpose of that trench is to block charges. Just get your guys on the other side and cut them down as they're trying to get across.
No. 338367 ID: 2ae337
File 131293586382.png - (19.19KB , 730x457 , 54.png )

"Keep sights aimed on calvary. I do not want them breaking the line!"

"Mangalo sir. the artillery is ready!"

"Finally! Aim for the center of the charge, the damage should force them into a retreat."
No. 338368 ID: 2ae337
File 131293602368.png - (59.84KB , 783x547 , 55.png )

"It worked sir! The calvary is breaking apart, they are in retreat!"

Thank the Holy, I thought I was about to die there...thanks for the help, I barely know anything about tactics, I have no idea why Kekhar left me in charge...
No. 338372 ID: 1854db

Really? It may be that he wanted you to lose this battle, then.
No. 338373 ID: 35e1a0

simple, he wanted you to lose! Kekhar is now under SUPER SUSPICION.
No. 338395 ID: 2ae337
File 131293797950.png - (21.00KB , 555x478 , 56.png )

I...I hope not. I see no reason why he would want me to lose unless he knows...no I doubt he does.

Speaking of the Demon, here he comes now...

"Well, it seems I wasn't needed after all. I never would have expected such an attack from Opaho, but you managed to hold them back. There's indeed more to you than meets the eye Mangalo."

"Erm thank you lord. We're you coming to reinforce us?"

"Yes but there was another reason. I was hoping you could help me with a little problem."
No. 338396 ID: 35e1a0

for now, play the fool. let him think he controls you.
No. 338412 ID: 2ae337
File 131294006853.png - (16.97KB , 554x460 , 57.png )

Um...very well...

"Yes lord?"

"When retaking Chouhoku's fortress I noticed how the alliance seemed to be fighting back with barely half their strength. Either the alliance was smaller than Chouhoku claimed, or they we're being drawn away. We reclaimed the fortress easily, and then I noticed some odd creatures I've never seen in Westerland before. They we're tall, and covered in fur, almost wolf-like. Very odd to have such a race in such a hot region. More so, they had armor covering them, much like us, very unlike the natives I've seen. Perhaps you know what they are? Some force from Far Westerland?"
No. 338418 ID: 961e23

"wolf like"

Aww snap dawg! Sergals up in this shit!
No. 338445 ID: b6ca92

Or werewolves

...Shit. I can't decide which are worse.

Werewolves spread lycanthropy by clawing and biting, and are almost as bad as necromancers like that.
Sergals are pure predators that are inherently skilled in tactics and have some of the best reflexes and hand-eye coordination around. They also pack an extremely mean bite, and are very good at finding your weak points.

Or, it could be something else entirely. This is a new world after all, and everything's been new so far.
No. 338456 ID: 252e1b


Don't let paranoia drag you down. Stay sharp, but most likely this was just him preparing you for later field assignments. He probably didn't expect such a nasty attack. Just having you leading, even if there was no real fight, would be valuable experience for you. This kind of thing is what eventually builds generals.

While we're in contact with you do not think about your plot. The less we know about it, the better. It is sufficient to your purposes that we can provide technology that will render slavery obsolete.
No. 338463 ID: 00d3d5

There are several species with which we are familiar that fit that description.
From least concern to most, it goes Southern Sergals, Gnolls, Werewolves, Northern Sergals, and Tozols.
I'm reasonably certain it's none of those things, but let us see what they look like.
No. 338493 ID: 2ae337
File 131295057146.png - (29.69KB , 604x565 , 58.png )

Um...werewolves? Sergals? Is this one of those things?"

"Honestly lord I do not know what that is...but I think they're humoring us."
No. 338495 ID: 00d3d5

Ok, our vision is poor so we can't be certain, but that could certainly be a Northern Sergal.

Do you have any weapons that could turn this entire landmass into a glass crater?
Or at least a fleet of armored flying boats you can use to do bombing and strafing runs?
No. 338500 ID: 1854db

Could be a Sergal, alright. Is he giving a signal or just waving at you? Are there more nearby? I suppose it could be just one dude watching the battle. I'd consider going out and having a chat in that case.
No. 338501 ID: 1854db

Oh c'mon they aren't *that* dangerous.
No. 338513 ID: 252e1b


They're plenty dangerous. They have a warrior culture, they have keen senses, a mind that's a match for any man's, they're fast, and on average as strong as the upper percentile of humans. They have low levels of sexual dimorphism, mainly because their young mature very quickly, so the females are just as dangerous and capable warriors as the males.

They overheat though. They are good for maybe five or six minutes of fighting in warmer temperatures. In tropical climates with high humidity that gets cut down to about two minutes.

Some sort of warming charm on the area will help greatly against them.
No. 338514 ID: 28e94e

That would appear to be a sergal. Can't really tell which type... can you tell us about how large it is, and if you can see any blue or brown fur?
No. 338517 ID: 2ae337
File 131295372438.png - (18.29KB , 588x488 , 59.png )

All that is available is twenty cannons and the long cannons on the Splendor.
Well we're in a very hot region as it is. Which makes this such a mystery. Why would such a race not adapted to the heat
be in one of the hottest places in this country.

I couldn't really tell. The only parts I could see were white. It may be another color under all that armor but I do not know.

"Lord these are dangerous beasts. I can tell just by the fact they have a grasp of metallurgy, we need to talk with the Chouhoku if we cannot gain some sort of truce with the other Westerlanders to combat this threat."

"Surely you exaggerate. From just a glimpse you can tell so much?"
No. 338530 ID: 28e94e

Could you tell about how tall it was, at least? It's not the most reliable test but it's better than nothing.
No. 338532 ID: 35e1a0

explain how the armor isn't just plates but segmented, meaning it isn't just metalworking but ADVANCED metalworking. they will likely also have actual siege equipment catapults and such. BUT they have not attacked us yet, perhaps we can parlay?
No. 338533 ID: 252e1b


The southern sergal sub-species is better adapted to the heat, at the cost of their outrageous strength. Southern sergals have a much lighter coat, and stand a half-head or so shorter than a man. They are about equal to men in strength, and tend to be even more clever than their northern brothers. The sub-species are cross fertile, or were the last we heard of them. Time may have seen them become two distinct species.

They still have the keen senses and speed. They're at least as dangerous as men.
No. 338541 ID: 2ae337
File 131295631785.png - (16.91KB , 507x390 , 60.png )

"They are using more than just plating, they are very advanced with it."

"Then we should prepare immediately for war."

"But first we should try to parlay with them. I'd rather at least know a little more about what these are before we fight."

"As you say...I'll deploy an emissary from Chouhoku. Good planning Mangalo."

Well we'll learn soon enough how tall they are though I do not see how-

-well now I've added someone else to my to-kill list.
No. 338543 ID: 2ae337
File 131295638922.png - (23.12KB , 650x525 , 61.png )

As soon as this job in the south is over that guide of mine is dying. Painfully.
No. 338547 ID: 00d3d5

Meh, it's not like Gyoji can get any more pregnant.
... I think.

Anyway, what's the normal rite for citizenship? How soon can you put her through it? Now?
No. 338570 ID: cd63e9

huh, I think you getting high messed with us somehow. it could have just been an unusually coherent hallucination, or it could have been something more.
No. 338574 ID: 35e1a0

see, this is the problem with new voices showing up and not scanning our collective memory.

anyway, northern problem is Sergals. vicious things. but if you can put something tastier then yourself in front of them they should leave you alone.
No. 338621 ID: b6ca92
File 131297476357.png - (244.60KB , 800x600 , NORTHERNSERGAL.png )

>northern problem is Sergals
I feel stupid for not realizing this earlier.
No. 338627 ID: c2c011

You look like you have had an interesting time, so, are you there yet?
No. 338748 ID: 2ae337
File 131300878286.png - (12.55KB , 492x298 , 62.png )

Do you have to ask that first thing I wake up? Ach ka, the world is spinning too fast and it hurts...I can't invoke the Rite YET! I will look too eager. The normal one is simply accompanying me and keeping me alive, usually at the expense of their own health and safety. Now please talk about something else, I'm sore all over.

Great. What's a sergal?

We must be, the damn crew is chanting to Bach-Do, and they only do that when they reach port safely.

"Venian-Jomo, are you well?"

"Shut up. Clean up. Dress up. Shut up. I need to find my clothes."
No. 338755 ID: c2c011

You're the patriarch now, order someone to find your clothes.

Oh, and a sergal is an approxomately 7 feet tall fluffy murdermachine. They love polearms and they fight as scary fast heavy infantry, they also have some pretty decently heavy armour on and they're aggressive as hell.

But they're probably not your problem. So lets get some servants to get you dressed and then lets get up on deck and see if anyone is there to greet us.
No. 338763 ID: 2ae337
File 131301004507.png - (16.80KB , 470x372 , 63.png )

Interesting. They would certainly make a good addition to the Empire if subverted. But it's not my problem as you said. Anyway, I can find my own clothes. The servants are still chanting their thanks to Bach-Do-ah and there's my guide in with the rest. Besides I'm not stupid, this colony is far from Imperial rule, in a state of unrest, proclaiming a patriarch is onboard is the fast way to getting an assassin waiting for me at the docks.
No. 338767 ID: c2c011

Ok, lets wait for them to stop chanting and then get this show on the road. We got negotiations to do and lands to defend and stuff.
No. 338801 ID: 2ae337
File 131301763381.png - (32.31KB , 833x588 , 64.png )

"So who should I see to get things organized?"

"You'd want the governor's estate. Knowing how territorial the natives are, they are still arguing over which parts of the town to place their people in. You can never get them to agree."
No. 338803 ID: c2c011

Well lets go meet with that guy then, once we're there we can also see about accomodations for our dudes.
No. 338844 ID: 2ae337
File 131302606347.png - (21.21KB , 603x488 , 65.png )

"This is...unsettling."

"Well natives normally keep their distances from each other. Now living so close to each other, many are just waiting for an excuse to go crazy on each other. And they won't hesitate to do the same respect to a Rezan."
No. 338859 ID: 35e1a0

ask what you can do to decrease the odds of an attempted shanking.
No. 338894 ID: 2ae337
File 131304118911.png - (32.65KB , 946x616 , 66.png )

"Any advice how to avoid this?"

"Help the governor solve his dilemma. The guy bows to anyone that yells, and with everyone yelling at him, he's at his wit's end."

"Xuec get's the west while we only have the slums of the northwest corner?! Preposterous! After their crimes against us, we Nusu should get their land!"

"After all the food you've stolen from us!? Don't insult me!"

"Both of you are unworthy of the west's safety. The Qolupa have suffered enough under the shadows of you two for long enough. Let you feel the sting we have felt for so long!"

"We Nahut have had it easy compared to you! Suffered? HAH! You Qolupa have had such an easy time in the mountains your brains must have dried out from all the winds!"

"Please sirs! PLEASE! Make peace with each other. One at a time!"

"I see. He is a pushover isn't he. "

"Doesn't even begin to describe him."
No. 338896 ID: 35e1a0

put what you were told on the ship into practice and introduce yourself in a way that wont piss them off. and say you are here to solve the problem by getting rid of the creatures.
No. 338899 ID: cd63e9

your probably going to need to put together at least a temporary solutions to what those guys are arguing about. we need more background info on them before we can do that though.
No. 338909 ID: b6ca92

See if you can't get the governor to tell them to give you two a moment once you've introduced yourself. Then pull him off to the side and make it very clear that you are in charge now. Then get him to explain the domestic and military situation; we need to know how soon we can expect gangwars and from who, as well as an idea of how many men or natives are available for gathering an investigation and hunting team.
No. 338954 ID: c2c011

Hmm, this will probably take some time to get solved, why don't you invite them over for dinner at a later time, during which you can all discuss your grievances in a civilised fashion. It will also give you some time to get some information on what they're all after.
No. 339019 ID: 083fc2

Offer employment in getting them to build tenements. Then tell them you're here to solve the problem.
No. 339118 ID: 2ae337
File 131310992960.png - (34.91KB , 946x616 , 67.png )

Oh as if it wasn't bad enough all these people are arguing, they are doing it in a slaughtered version of Rezan Low. I have no idea what they're saying.

"Tell them the real problem is the beasts outside, not each other."

"You guys are focusing on the wrong problem!"

"And who are you supposed to be tavar?"

"This here is the leader of your benefactor boss."

"And what problem does the tavar boss propose we focus on."

"The one outside the walls of course."

"Hmph! The problem outside the walls refuses to stay outside! That's why I want the west side where they do not reach!"

"You aren't getting it! I AM!"

"...They aren't focusing on you sir. They are dead set on staying here."

"Then why don't we have them stay here permanently, have them build new homes here."

"You that's the best way to get nomads to like you, tell them to live under your thumb real nice. Most of them think its bad enough they send away their strongest to you."

"I see your point."

"Could you tell them to come back later, I need to get me and my people settled in, then we can properly discuss what to do."

"The tavar boss says get out. We can talk about this later once he gets a better idea about all this stuff."

The various chiefs nod. Grudgingly and start to file out. Though one or two look at me suspiciously.

"Oh I must thank you great benefactor lord of the patriarchy! Another moment and my time upon this patch of dirt would have been miserably short."

The governor is no better than them. Difference is he is using Rezan High. And terribly.
No. 339120 ID: 35e1a0

tell him to calm down. and to take you to the person who is supposedly an eyewitness, or if he has a drawing the witness made that would work.
No. 339141 ID: 07416a

Not PERMANENT homes. Temporary defensible homes. Also payment, which you may consider a bribe to make them shut the fuck up.
No. 339173 ID: 2ae337
File 131312407841.png - (21.80KB , 539x616 , 68.png )

"Yes...um. I need to know what we are threatened by. Do you have the witness?"

"Yes. Um. About that. I. Er. That is-we-or he- is no longer here."


"He's...well gone. Several days ago."



"We don't know. I think he may have been taken. Or killed. Or. I don't know."
No. 339177 ID: 35e1a0

face, meet palm. ask him what information he DOES have.

dammit, this was a chance to see if we knew it. the northern thing with the sergals may of ment this southern thing was something we know about as well.
No. 339204 ID: 2ae337
File 131312777137.png - (15.52KB , 603x488 , 69.png )

"Well is there ANYTHING you have that can help?"

"There is his quarters, it is still the same as when he disappeared and perhaps you may be able to glean something from it?"

Again with the big words. Well this looks like a mess.
No. 339205 ID: b6ca92

If we are lucky, it just means Southern Sergals (i.e, Dustbacks), assuming we are on the continent of Vilious, as unlikely as that is.

>face, meet palm.
This, but to the other guy's face. Unless it would be a major breach in protocol, we can't allow him to believe his incompetence has gone unnoticed.
No. 339207 ID: 35e1a0

STUFF! check those papers and stuff on the desk as well as the debris on the bed.
No. 339217 ID: 3afcc0

Isn't that symbol just like the one back in>>338844?

What's it mean?
No. 339218 ID: 35e1a0

POINT! it may be ether the symbol of the witness's clan or the clan that killed him.
No. 339222 ID: b6ca92

I see papers on the desk and a box of stuff. Investigate! Read notes, break open box.
No. 339230 ID: b6ca92

Is your guide or whoever still with you? Ask them which clan symbol it would be, and the meaning behind it. Then ask the governor fellow where said clan is located in the city.
No. 339243 ID: c2c011

Ask about the symbol, read whatever notes there are and check the lower parts of the window glass for blood.
No. 339353 ID: 2ae337
File 131317704741.png - (27.02KB , 804x589 , 70.png )

Uhh it's hard to tell with all this ink spilled on it. The witness claims to have nightmares about what he, or she saw. Things that...uh glowed like ghosts, stealing the fat from their bodies. It's hard to tell exactly what is written. So much is crossed out, and sections are covered by ink. The person may have been heavily traumatized by whatever it was.
No. 339357 ID: 2ae337
File 131317748147.png - (20.46KB , 804x589 , 71.png )

There's only a little dried blood on the window shards...And there's surprisingly little of it. In fact there isn't enough shards here to rebuild the window. Some of it is outside. It may seem odd, but it looks like the window was broken from inside.
No. 339362 ID: 2ae337
File 131317846248.png - (17.04KB , 616x515 , 72.png )


"Zagayo lord. Sir. Patrairch."

"Zagayo, do you know what this is?"

"I believe it's on of the Xuec symbols but I-"

"It's Nusu. The Xuec symbol doesn't use this sort of skull."

Well there. The notes denote my witness as a person with a serious post-combat trouble, the window may have actually been broken from the inside and there is very little blood. And it was Nusu, not Xuec that made the symbol on the wall. Not entirely clear what to make of all that though.
No. 339371 ID: cd63e9

a small amount of blood on the glass, and a window broken from the inside suggests that someone (probably the witness) jumped out the window. if he's dead he probably wasn't killed here. do you have any means of tracking someone with a blood sample?
No. 339372 ID: 07416a

Get some tracking dogs and follow the blood. Retards should've done this a week ago.
No. 339373 ID: 2ae337
File 131318549422.png - (18.15KB , 508x497 , 73.png )

"What about the tracking hounds? Did you follow the trail?"

"An excellent idea sir, if we had any left..."


"Most of the animals were-ah-erm-eaten."

How did this man become governor?

"Fine Little Brother will sniff him out. Provided the trail hasn't gone cold."

"Erm...the witness is a woman sir. Patriarch. Great Venian!"

"Please shut up."

"Yes sir."
No. 339374 ID: cd63e9

ask what clan she belonged to. with the clans at each others throat decent odds clan affiliation was a factor in whatever happened to her.
No. 339410 ID: c2c011

Tell him to get the fucking dogs that haven't been eaten, and to get right fucking on it! Then consider how he knows you're the patriach without you introducing yourself as such.

Oh, and also get the witness and interogate her yourself.
No. 339757 ID: 2ae337
File 131329851232.png - (27.25KB , 640x537 , 74.png )

Damn should've asked him that...

I already have little brother sniffing her out...wait a minute.

"This isn't Nusu, little brother where are you taking me?"

"The hell is that?!"
No. 339758 ID: 35e1a0

simple, it was painted to throw us off. to try and make us accuse someone else.
No. 339761 ID: 07416a

Investigate the fuck out of him and the place. Only lead we've got.
No. 339767 ID: 2ae337
File 131330615656.png - (18.11KB , 640x537 , 75.png )

"Oh? Weren't you the loud one back at the settlement boss's home? The boss-boss? you said we would talk later. Is this the time?"

"He wants to know if you want to speak with him about earlier."
No. 339768 ID: 07416a

Yeeep. Keep an eye on him and open that fucking crate.
No. 339769 ID: 35e1a0

sure why not, walk around the room looking at things while you do. he will inevitably ask what you are looking for, and you then casually inform him that your tracker followed the witness here. the one who saw the mythical creature. but open up with you are here to kill the thing and let them get back to their lands.
No. 339775 ID: 2ae337
File 131330739399.png - (16.77KB , 599x536 , 76.png )

"Are you going to tell me why you are here or will you keep sniffing in my belongings?"

"Mrmm you may want to answer his question"

"Oh my tracker was searching for the survivor from those attacks. The one that saw those things outside. He was traced back to here. I'm here to learn what it is. And kill it."

"The boss is here to find the person that saw the beast and then find and then kill the beast."

"Oh? Pipe. I was wondering when you tavar would figure out she came here."

"He says she came here. Willingly."
No. 339782 ID: 35e1a0

oh? well then, ask if he knows which way she went. if he plays hardball then explain that since you are the boss's boss you are VERY influential with the decision of who gets what area.
No. 339786 ID: cd63e9

ask if you can talk to the witness. also ask what relation to her he has.
No. 339790 ID: 2ae337
File 131330929515.png - (14.39KB , 467x457 , 77.png )

"Well then ask him where she is. And remind him I influence where his people can be."

"The boss wants to know where you can be. If you can, he will be able to give your people a good place in the city."

"...Make it the west and you shall have a deal."

"He wants the west."


"He'll do it."

"Good! But you can't talk to her right now. The healers are still tending to her. She was in bad shape when she came."

"Erm, she's still in bad shape sir. We may not be able to talk with her right now."

Always a problem...always a problem.
No. 339791 ID: 35e1a0

want us to try dream diving? may work even better then talking, can see the creature first hand. if it isn't taboo then say you can look into her dreams and perhaps see the creature as she saw it.
No. 339792 ID: 118d9b

Use this opportunity to switch to Mangalo. Hopefully he hasn't been eaten yet.
No. 339825 ID: c2c011

Go in there and inspect for yourself in what shape she is in. Examining the nature of the wounds while they're still somewhat fresh is an important part in figuring out what you might face.
No. 340089 ID: 2ae337
File 131337462350.png - (24.19KB , 490x472 , 78.png )

"She's not well enough to speak yet. She still needs rest."

"What did this to her?"

"The beast scaled the walls to your city again. She fought it as it attacked us again. Maybe to help us, maybe to dispel her own demons. I do not know. But the beast cut deep into her. And it's poison bought her to death's door once already."

"The beast has poisonous claws. She's still hallucinating and not in any fit state to talk."

You can do that?
No. 340091 ID: 35e1a0

think so, have before. even stalled Death itself for a bit by distracting it.
No. 340100 ID: 2ae337
File 131337610135.png - (22.49KB , 591x475 , 79.png )

Oh. Alright. I'll see what I can do. Do I just put in on her head or


No. 340116 ID: 1854db

Calm down, calm down! This is just a dream. Control yourself, and remember its true shape.
No. 340118 ID: 35e1a0

we are the guardian spirits of a mighty warrior, we have come into your mind to inform you that you are safe. but we need to know the beast's true form so we may learn where best to strike it.
No. 340129 ID: 07416a

We are the guardians. This creature cannot stand against us.
No. 340138 ID: 2ae337
File 131338367561.png - (39.49KB , 900x900 , 80.png )

Creature?! There is no creature...there isn't the one...only the many...the hateful glowing many!



No. 340141 ID: 35e1a0

calm yourself, you are in a dream. you are the master. notice they attack you yet you suffer no wounds.
No. 340148 ID: 07416a

Oh look, some cute kittens! Dawww, they're drinking milk... Can't you see them?
No. 340149 ID: 2ae337
File 131338590009.png - (32.46KB , 900x900 , 81.png )

Then why does everything hurt?
No. 340150 ID: 2ae337
File 131338693989.png - (20.99KB , 712x598 , 82.png )

Oooh! Kitties? I love kitties!
No. 340156 ID: 35e1a0

okay then, seems distraction is what works. pet the kitty for a bit to calm down. once you gain full control of the dream we will continue.
No. 340186 ID: 1854db

There's a lot of kitties. They are cute and cuddly and calming. Can you remember the last thing you saw when you were awake? Project the image of it, in harmless light.
No. 340221 ID: c2c011

Good, because now you can get as many kittens as you like.

By the way, once you have cuddled with the kittens enough, do you think you could tell us about what happened earlier?
No. 340289 ID: b6ca92
File 131343203866.gif - (32.68KB , 600x450 , story651.gif )

Did someone say 'kitties'?!
No. 340291 ID: a65485


Yum! Dremora Heart!
No. 340348 ID: 2ae337
File 131344040793.png - (30.94KB , 712x598 , 83.png )

I get the kitty! come here kitty! Come here! That's a good kitty.

Thing I saw? You mean the thing? Like the one over there?

No. 340353 ID: c2c011

Yeah that looks like it, lets ignore that for now and make that floaty island thing stop being floaty and let it drown instead.

So, where you doing anything special when it showed up?
No. 340355 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm.... don't recognize it, but it looks a lot less intimidating then the blob form you were thinking of before.
No. 340375 ID: 2ae337
File 131344469132.png - (19.28KB , 712x598 , 84.png )

Yes but there's always more than one. Outside they never go alone.

They get curious. One sometimes climbs in. Sometime they see food. Sometimes they die. Sometimes we die.
No. 340377 ID: 35e1a0

huh, interesting, climbs in what? do they come from elsewhere?
No. 340381 ID: c2c011

Sounds like annoying twats. You know that river looks a bit boring, lets make it be on fire as well, that should spice things up a bit. It should also look awesome and possibly be romantic.

So you're saying they just pop up then? How do they appear?
No. 340383 ID: cd63e9

you say sometimes they die, does it take anything special to kill them? or does just stabbing them work?
No. 340385 ID: 2ae337
File 131344642767.png - (32.36KB , 1054x770 , 85.png )

They come from outside. They wonder where the food gone. They smell and sniff, and find the food. Then they find more food. More food with swords. More food that does not like getting eaten.
No. 340386 ID: c2c011

Sounds like an annoying bunch of wankers deserving of a sword or 15 through the face. How common is it that they come around?
No. 340390 ID: 2ae337
File 131344761758.png - (42.02KB , 1054x770 , 86.png )

Too many times. I remember...that's right! I remember! That night, I saw one coming over. It was attacking some Xuec family. I couldn't let that happen. But if I tried to climb down the stairs, I'd be too late! If I tried to call the rest of the militia the thing would just carry away another one over the wall! I had to do something then and there! That's when I-
No. 340396 ID: c2c011

Did something awesome that you shall be greatly rewarded for.

But these things, are they drawn to anything in specific or do they just pop up wherever they want?
No. 340423 ID: 2ae337
File 131345175851.png - (27.66KB , 760x672 , 87.png )

I...I don't know. I only do what I must do. I need to protect the colony. I am the militia. I swore to protect all those who live in the colony and those allied with it. I don't know why these things are here other than to hunt. They are like predators. And they know how dangerous their prey can be.
No. 340424 ID: 35e1a0

then the only real way to stop them is to find where they are coming from and destroy the nest.
No. 340428 ID: c2c011

Sounds like annoying fucks, is there any particular area that they seem to strike more at? Any patterns that you have noticed or so?
No. 340438 ID: cd63e9

did it have any special tricks? magic, unnaturally hard hide, that sort of thing.
No. 340455 ID: 2ae337
File 131345531737.png - (46.55KB , 1054x770 , 88.png )

Nest? Do they have a hive? That's something else I don't know.

Yes. The colony. They strike near the colony. Anywhere else I do not hear about.

Poison. Poison teeth, poison claws. Any scratch and you start hallucinating. And everything hurts afterward. Like now. Can I stop dreaming now?
No. 340469 ID: 1854db

If you like. We have learned what we needed, thank you.
No. 340470 ID: 35e1a0

indeed. you have told us all we needed to know of them.
No. 340472 ID: c2c011

Yeah sure, just remember that you're the boss of these fucking things and this is your realm. Here they're nothing but vermin that you can incinerate it if you but wish it. We shall do the same to the rest of them.
No. 340530 ID: 07416a

Sleep a dreamless sleep.
No. 340576 ID: 00d3d5

In truth you'd be better off here. You're in no shape to help people, and being stuck in a bed like that would just aggravate you.

Perhaps a different setting would help? An idyllic scene by a creek in springtime, perhaps?

What is your name?
No. 340577 ID: 2ae337
File 131347558768.png - (22.25KB , 554x520 , 89.png )

My name? It's Ria. What's yours? I think. I think I'm done sleeping now.

"Mrrmmm...the hell am I? Who the hell you supposed to be?"

"You surprise me tavar. I thought she would sleep for another day at least."

"Well when I want something I usually get it."

"You didn't try to feel me up did you? Who are you anyway?"

Well did you learn anything?
No. 340579 ID: 07416a

We did. They want food and they only really attack the colony. They're poisonous and make you hallucinate. Also, they can climb all over walls and shit. They track by smell.

Best case would be to make a big pile of meat or something before night and have a buncha snipers with scent blockers hidden.

Let fatty get a big whiff of her clothes or whatever.

Also, recruit her if possible. She's a better outlet for your urges than the slave.
No. 340581 ID: 35e1a0

a bunch, the creatures seem to always appear in groups of two. they climb over the walls and just try to eat whatever they run into. odd that they appear to leave no corpses though. they have only claws and teeth, but are indeed poisonous. also tell her that you helped her get past the nightmare. and maybe remark that kittens are cute. if she remembers anything she will understand.
No. 340583 ID: 07416a

Oh, and clothes whiffing is for potential tracking. He found the girl, now we gotta find the baddies if possible. Hmm... Think you could manufacture large quantities of crossbows? If this colony is a willing one it might be worthwhile to arm the populace for self-defense. Long-term this is very iffy though.

And get a governor who isn't incompetent. Best find out who he's related to.
No. 340589 ID: cd63e9

the primary danger the beasts pose is poison. we should try and get a few bodies and see if we can get an antidote made before we head out to exterminate the monsters.
No. 340639 ID: c2c011

Lots of things, the beasts want to eat people, they seem to be able to pop up from almost nowhere and the biggest danger they pose is the claws with poison. Very sharp claws and poison that give you funky ass hallucinations. It seems like they also only attack the colony, at least no other attacks seems to have been recorded. They also die if you sword them hard enough, so stuff like bullets and crossbow bolts should also work, not sure about magic though.

Oh yeah, and we sort of promised her a reward for bravery, so it would be nice if you could give her one. Doesn't have to be something grand, but something that shows that she is appreciated and stuff.
No. 340697 ID: 2ae337
File 131352008182.png - (24.29KB , 708x512 , 90.png )

Good, good, now that I actually have some information on my enemies. I-hey! That's my brother you're calling fat! Be more mindful will you?!

Priorities please. I cannot be jumping into bed with every female you come across.

Yes but defense of the colony is only a temporary solution at best. Did you find out where they are? Or what's causing them to appear? Anything, even an estimation?

Reward? Oh damn I can't think of anything.

"I am Venian Makag, Patriarch of the Makag family. I helped rise you from your nightmares."

"Yeah yeah. Look I need to submit my report to the commander, I'm guessing he sent you to find me."
No. 340698 ID: 2ae337
File 131352011350.png - (22.04KB , 708x512 , 91.png )

"Wait did you say Venian?"
No. 340699 ID: 2ae337
File 131352025707.png - (15.71KB , 530x512 , 92.png )

"Oh! Oh my! I'm sorry Lord Venian! Please forgive my rudeness!"

Oh she knows High Rezan. It certainly sounds better.

"No offense at all. Now about your reward..."
No. 340700 ID: c2c011

Ask her why it matters.

Also, it's possible these creatures use some sort of dimensional magic trick or something to pop up. Find a way to shut down their ability to travel or find a way to deliver explosives to their home and you should be able to call it a win.
No. 340704 ID: 35e1a0

for that we will need some way of following them after they die. cause they apparently vanish.
No. 340787 ID: b6ca92

or are dragged off/eaten by the rest of their kind after death.
No. 340817 ID: 2ae337
File 131355902176.png - (27.97KB , 754x542 , 93.png )

It's obvious why. My name's been flying around the empire since I was chosen as heir.

Well that's just perfect. Something else I must worry about.

"Boy come here."

"What? What is it?"

"Gather the tribe leaders at the govenor's house. I want to learn all I can about these creatures, and they probably have more experience. Their location, their attack patterns, anything. Bring them all to the govenor before nightfall."



"Yes sir!"

"Again I apologize Patriarch Venian sir...are you patriarch now? I mean, you are. Maybe. I mean definitely will be if you are not now! I sullied you with low speak and will not make the same mistake again."
No. 340829 ID: 252e1b


Ha ha Ria is all being deferential and totally intimidated.

Well you speak more than one language for a reason. Tell her, "Yes, I am the Patriarch now. At ease soldier, you didn't say anything out of line considering the circumstances. The language used is less important than the words said. You're a dutiful militia member, but you need to rest up for now. You're still injured.

"The information from your coma-hallucinations is valuable. Being forewarned about the poison alone will save lives."

If you can't think of a suitable award there's always a medal or commendation.
No. 340843 ID: 00d3d5

"Don't worry about it. I'm trying to keep a low profile, so I'll take it as a compliment."

You could offer her a position on your guard. Leaping out of a second story window to protect her charges suggests a level of duty and tenacity that would make her a fine addition to your honor guard.
Also, as a member of the militia she would know the lay of the land better than anyone - both geographically and in criminal presence.
No. 340850 ID: c2c011

Tell her it's no problem, you're new to the whole deal as well and you're not exactly in full ceremonial dress and all that.

Oh, and ask her if there is anything she would like to get.
No. 340908 ID: 2ae337
File 131360400309.png - (24.60KB , 754x542 , 94.png )


""Don't worry about it. I'm trying to keep a low profile, so I'll take it as a compliment."

"Yes sir. I mean of course! I mean yes of course. Uhh-uh sir!"

"I must thank you for the information.

"But I didn't say anything. I mean I would have but you didn't ask. I mean you didn't ask yet, and I would have-"

"I heard you during your coma-hallucination. Being forewarned about the poison alone will save lives."

"Oh thank you. Sir! Thank you sir."

"When this is over you will be well commended for this. Perhaps even a bonus."

"It is enough to speak with you sir. I'm not trying to flirt though sir! I only mean that I am honored sir. Because I am not high born. It's not like I like you. I MEAN I DO LIKE YOU! I mean I respect you-"

"Calm down befor eyou pass out again. And see the medicine lady about your clothes. I don't think it would be respectable to have the leader of the milita wearing a blanket and bandages back to the governor's estate."

"Oh! OH! Yes sir! I will change immediately sir!"

Poor thing. Barely understands High, no wonder she's so flustered. Anyway gathering the leaders will take some time. Can you tell me how my father is doing, like you did before. How did you do that? It was 'switch to Mangalo' or something?
No. 340920 ID: 00d3d5

I think she understands it better than you think, but she's swept up in the fluster of meeting somebody important.
I'm still in favor of having her join your entourage for this mission and seeing if she would be suitable for a position in your honor guard.

Oh, and it was [Switch to Mangalo].
No. 340925 ID: 2ae337
File 131360735917.png - (24.69KB , 754x542 , 95.png )

So it's justSwitch to Mangalo and that's it? Seems a bit sim

Holy Kingdom! Now you show up? Well it's not like you would have helped much. Other than getting the other tribes to stop fighting with us and face these..."Sirgulls" as you call them. We received an envoy from them...alongside the remains of our envoy, to meet at a specific place. That being here. And of course everyone is on edge,facing an unknown force. Well I know what to expect but it does not set me at ease.
No. 340928 ID: c2c011

Expect a test of strength and possibly an ambush. They're a people that don't respect you unless you're strong, their entire culture is pretty much built around their view of strength and exerting this strength against their enemies. They're a ruthless bunch and don't easily back down. But that also means that they can be a bit singleminded and impetous.
No. 340932 ID: 975d8c

Also watch out for a female one with yellow eyes and a bit of blood right under her eyes. Thats rain the leader of the northen sergals and the most feared sergal of all time.
No. 340933 ID: 975d8c

Also watch out for a female one with yellow eyes and a bit of blood right under her eyes. Thats rain the leader of the northen sergals and the most feared sergal of all time.
No. 340963 ID: b6ca92

Double post, delete one please.

Also you shouldn't have to worry about Her, I hope. General Raine Silves is a legend among the Northern Sergals. She was the one who united them all under a banner of bloodlust and conquest.
She was a poor ruler who eventually turned to elder magicks out of boredom and curiosity, and one day disappeared from existence without a trace.
To this day Sergals fear the name of Raine Silves and maintain the empire in her memory, lest when She returns She will decide to devour and destroy them all out of disappointment.

By the way, I said "When" She returns for a reason. Her forays into dark and twisted magics and self mutilation granted her immortality and the ability of fleshwarping among other dark skills, matched only by the Sidhe, fae creatures of old.

All in all, I wouldn't mention her if I were you. Just keep in mind that She is their legend, their god, and their guideline for their way of life. I just really, really hope that we didn't pop into existence during her reign, or we may have trouble.
No. 340967 ID: 2ae337
File 131361988688.png - (55.60KB , 833x588 , 96.png )

Well luckily I do not see one of those. Though they are all certainly tall enough. Given by the fact the gray colored one is currently seated on a chair one of them dragged out here, I'm guessing they do not expect much of us.

Sounds like...well most nonhuman races in Arestop.

"So you are the little things helping the brown things but fight other brown things. I am underwhelmed but curious."

"Wha? It speaks Chouhoku! Or some scratchy version at least."

"I can talk yes. It was easy to learn. But more to the point. What are you? And why should I listen?"
No. 340977 ID: 00d3d5

Ask if the blue one can talk.

If he can then shoot the grey one through their open mouth.

If not, then shoot the blue one in the neck.

In either case, follow it up by saying "Now? I'm even."

Sergals love battle almost as much as they love subjugating and tormenting the weak. I'm not going to lie to you, there is no way to avoid a war with them at this point, and your best bet right now is to gain their respect by showing huge balls.
Under no circumstances should you attempt to negotiate peace. The closest you should come is telling them to keep off your turf or else you'll slaughter their people and take the stragglers as slaves.
No. 340985 ID: 35e1a0

pretty much, they think you are going to try for peace and then they will laugh at you then eat you. then when it comes to explaining what you are, the brown things are your slaves, the other brown things are the ones who don't like that, simple really.
No. 340997 ID: 2ae337
File 131362609319.png - (51.66KB , 936x574 , 97.png )

"Now? I'm even."

"Sorry lord Kekhar, but I seem to have made a mistake."

"Indeed, you never should have arranged this meeting. Better to just kill them then suffer such insults."

"I said that from the beginning Mangalo. Take note of that."

The gray one looks shocked but recovers surprisingly quick despite the loss of a soldier.

"Oh ho ho! You are interesting little things! I am Aekudar Mokk, and I command this army. And I will enjoy pitting myself against you, and see how long before you are torn apart~."

Raine was their commander right? Any mention of someone called Aekudar?
No. 340998 ID: b6edd6

You might as well ask out of curiosity why they are on this continent in particular, as it seems ill suited for them.
No. 340999 ID: 35e1a0

"and what is stopping me from killing you right here and sending your army into disarry?"
No. 341007 ID: 2ae337
File 131362868105.png - (14.19KB , 454x542 , 98.png )

"And what is stopping me from killing you right here and sending your army into disarray?"

"I bought my finest with me. Even now they surround you, waiting to kill you in a moment."

"Bepsed. It says we are surrounded. Is this true? Are there more of their kind?"

"Hard to tell over the smell of the dead one. But yes, I smell five, no four of them. The shadow stalkers found one, I can smell the blood."

I already have a hunch what it might be.
No. 341048 ID: 2ae337
File 131363561246.png - (11.40KB , 421x473 , 99.png )

"Hah! We know how many you have! You're threats are empty on us! Leave now before I put a shot between your eyes!"

"Fine little things...I will leave. But I will return with an army. But I must say you interest me. When I've toppled your walls, I will search for you personally. I hope you make an even more interesting toy..."
No. 341049 ID: 2ae337
File 131363563641.png - (8.93KB , 450x333 , 100.png )

...that was a woman?
No. 341077 ID: b6edd6

>...that was a woman?
Of sorts.

Fortunately, it seems that your shadow-stalkers can successfully avoid detection from these sergals at least some of the time.
It is quite important when setting up defenses to know things like what kind of siege weaponry they have (especially mages), and whether they have any kind of air support.

Also, what kind of shielding does the Splendor have? As well as scouting, there is all sorts of fun to be had with an airship and enemies with insufficient air defenses.
No. 341088 ID: b6ca92

Sortof yes, sort of no. They are also a pseudo-hermaphroditic species, and their woman are as strong as their men, with little sexual dimorphism.
Also, do the words "prehensile clitoris" mean anything to you? Their women are just as capable of perversity and violation as their males.
No. 341091 ID: b6ca92

>siege weaponry
Sergals have some, but I don't have much in the way of details. They normally don't prefer sieges, but when they have to they can be quite good at it. I think they use explosive charges? I'll have to check the archives.

>air support
None whatsoever.

Overall, the Sergals are outmatched except in melee combat, but our forces are few in number.

>Raine was their commander right?
Not anymore, obviously. If Raine was still in charge she would have led the charge herself and not bothered with niceties. Still, better to prepare for the worst.

>Any mention of someone called Aekudar?
Checking the archives...
Nope, we're clear. Aekkudar must just be a general, or at least a sub-commander of their empire. Nothing special, aside from some likely magical skill and tactical cleverness. Wouldn't survive the position without a lot of one or some of both.
No. 341114 ID: 2ae337
File 131364591230.png - (17.58KB , 651x462 , 101.png )

Too much info. Way too much.

In terms of defense well. We have the ship firing from shore. And well. That outpost I told you about? The one we hollowed out a mountain for? We're fighting to defend that. Roughly five hundred Chouhoku warriors, fifty or so of them which are flyers. AS for how we'll counter the enemy force? I don't know, I'll have to wait and see what the Shadow Stalkers say.
No. 341121 ID: 35e1a0

that SHOULD hold up unless they surprise us. and surprising us is something we should discount.
No. 341125 ID: 07416a

Shoulda shot her. Welp. Maximize your tech advantage. I don't suppose you have machineguns?
No. 341137 ID: cd63e9

we should'nt make to many assumptions about the how the sergals are set up. we know the specis but we don't know for sure that we've seen thies particular sergal civilization befor.
No. 341163 ID: c2c011

The thing you need to remember about them is that they're heavy infantry who can move almost as fast as cavalry, they also favour polearms, so cavalry is not very good against them and they know how to fight in formation even if they're not overly fond of it. But they're low on ranged weapons, in fact they barely use them.

Your artillery and rifles should be able to penetrate their armour, the trouble is to keep them from closing the distance. Trenches and something called barbed wire should be able to keep them off you though. But remember, despite the fact that they're big bastards they can be sneaky, and they're still dangerous even if they're unarmed and unarmored. It's also possible that they have southern auxiliaries with them, those would be better adapted to the desert and while less dangerous in combat they're more cunning and sneaky.

These sergals might be different though. But in general they're rather fond of fighting and their forces can take some pretty substantial losses without breaking.
No. 341283 ID: 2ae337
File 131370750109.png - (46.15KB , 1306x1038 , 102.png )

This is the first time I've heard of such a thing. No. I do not know.

That's all well and good but the real problem is that we do NOT know when they will attack. And to top that, the alliance also plans to attack us from the Northwest. My guess if both sides will wait for the other to attack and hope we will focus on repelling the opposing force so they can sweep in.

Sergals from the south, Westerlanders from the West, this will be a long siege.
No. 341284 ID: c2c011

Do you have any cavalry? Because the current situation seems like one where it would be very useful to raid them a bit with light cavalry and then get one side to chase you while you run to the other side. Try to force them both to fight each other.
No. 341286 ID: 2ae337
File 131370787523.png - (32.36KB , 636x938 , 103.png )

As for actual defense, well aside from the ship, that is not the most accurate let me tell you, we have twenty cannons
three hundred basic infantry
one hundred linebreakers
fifty calvary
two hundred gunners
and five hundred slave warriors attending for their Rite. And alongside the Chouhoku's two hundred, but we can't command them, once the battle starts, they stop listening to what we say and do whatever. Even the shamans, after they go into their war trance thing, you can only hope they direct their attention on the part of the battle you want them to be.

We have Kuta who will be excellent in stopping any sort of magic weaponry both sides will bring. Iagn, as immature as he can be, he's very good at coordinating the infantry. The Old Eastalander, who I am not aware of, but he seems to have a level head to have lived that long in military service, me, and lord Kekhar.
No. 341305 ID: c2c011

Do any of your artillery reach the enemy positions? If they do then you can probably entice them to attack or at least retreat by hitting them with some artillery.
No. 341324 ID: 2ae337
File 131371520447.png - (23.33KB , 656x474 , 104.png )

That's a possibility, but the opportunity to take this fort will be too enticing. The Sergals because of what you tell me, will probably kill for a place for them to stay cool during the day and raid during the night. And the other Westerlanders because it will grant them safety from the Sergals.

"So Rezo-chek, what of this new enemy? What happened to my messenger boy?"

No. 341325 ID: 35e1a0

tell him the foe is an honorless coward. they slew the poor boy for no reason at all. say if you find the one that did it you will try to capture it alive so he may have the honor of repaying it.
No. 341332 ID: 00d3d5

"Murdered in cold blood. After I realized they would agree to peace in good faith I slew one of their so-called diplomats to repay them in blood.
I am sorry."
No. 341339 ID: cd63e9

assuming you mean wouldn't agree to peace in good faith.
No. 341355 ID: 2ae337
File 131371933314.png - (29.37KB , 656x474 , 105.png )

"He's dead. Honorless cowards killed him. And ate him...which is why you cannot have his body. There isn't much left."

Uh oh, his slits are disappearing. He's real mad now.

"And what of the murderer?"

"I do not know who did kill him. But after I realized they would agree to peace in good faith I slew one of their so-called diplomats to repay them in blood. I am sorry."

"Not good enough. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! ONE OF OUR OWN WAS TARNISHED! His spirit can never join the Tribe now! They must pay a much greater price in blood! If you cannot find the one who killed him, then kill them all! Why didn't you kill them all?!"

I'm not liking where this is going. He's getting real mad, and so is everyone else around us.
No. 341385 ID: 35e1a0

because they were all not there, kill the leader and they would of fled and we would never be able to find them all. let them think they are superior and then their entire force will come thinking we are easy, then they will all die as one.
No. 341388 ID: 35e1a0

and raise your arms and yell to the sky at the end, should make them all angry at the sergals instead of you.
No. 341399 ID: cd63e9

they had many solders along with them for the meeting, mutual decpatation of our command structure's did not seem like a good way to start a fight. the kind of chaos that starts would probably have let some of the beasts get away. I plan on being alive to see the them all dead.
No. 341433 ID: b6edd6

Lets not say that. It makes it sound like we didn't fight them then and there out of concern for our own safety. (Whether or not that is true, it is silly to say it.)

I think the "because they were not all there" puts a better spin on it.
No. 341461 ID: 2ae337
File 131373163262.png - (22.17KB , 754x523 , 106.png )

"Because they were not all there! Kill the leader and they would have fled and we would never be able to find them all. Let them think they are superior and then their entire force will come thinking we are easy, then they will all die as one!"

"Why are you angry with us? We defended you! We aided you! We protected you! This rage should directed to those damn sergals! Not us!"

"Hrm...your wisdom is seen well."

"Of course it is! We cannot be at each others throats before the enemy even arrives!"
No. 341480 ID: c2c011

Well if the other westerlanders want this place for saftey, then it sounds like they could possibly be negotiated with. In this new situation they might be willing to form a temoprary alliance. Together you should be strong enough and safe enough.
No. 341566 ID: 2ae337
File 131377786095.png - (23.56KB , 728x543 , 107.png )

I really do not know about that. Most of the tribes have some grudge or another against Chouhoku, and are using them to justify their attack. All we can hope for is the two forces to exhaust themselves on each other and we can sweep over the remainder.

"Mangalo sir, reporting."

"Well what do you have Shadow Stalker?"

"The southern creatures are mobilizing to attack. Estimation places them a day's march away judging by their speed."

"How many?"

"More than a thousand. Though it seems that entire families are down there, so it is difficult to estimate how many warriors they have."

"And the other Westertlanders?"

"About a thousand warriors as well sir."

"...that's all. Now get out of here Stalker."


Well there you have it. At least two thousand against us. We are barely half that number.
No. 341569 ID: c2c011

Try to open negotiations before starting to fight them. One part or maybe a tribe or two might be willing to switch side for a chance at survival. Otherwise you could try to concentrate artillery fire at one force and try to get them to attack by themselves so you can defeat them separately.
No. 341609 ID: 2ae337
File 131379599829.png - (31.94KB , 728x543 , 108.png )

Oh...oh...I was hoping you would not refer to them. They are aversive as it is...and to reach them I have to ride...gorods. It just does not feel right riding these things. But if it is possible I will try. Kekhar granted me twelve of his fastest riders, which makes the ride even worse, to negotiate, but also gave me four hours to do so. Then I need to return with whoever I convince.

"Outsiders! Stop there or you die!"

Ah. We found them.

"Explain yourselves outsiders, and make sure it's good, or we'll run you through!"
No. 341611 ID: 252e1b
File 131379689117.gif - (45.38KB , 1306x1038 , Map.gif )


Twenty cannons, the ship's guns, two hundred gunmen, three hundred basic infantry, one hundred linebreakers, and fifty calvary, plus your rite slaves and the two hundred Chouhoku (whom we will consider irregulars for this action), against a thousand more traditional soldiers, and about as many members of a sergal exploratory action (with camp followers).

You've got this in the bag, the guns and artillery are a huge force multiplier. We just need to shape the field.

I need clarification on what the different elements on the map are.

The red markers are what? The gray zone I assume represents some difficult to pass region? Brown must be the outer walls, and black the inner walls, right?
No. 341613 ID: 2ae337
File 131379754711.png - (8.54KB , 446x336 , 109.png )

I'll answer as soon as you can help me get out of this alive.

"We are here to negotiate with your chiefs. WE wish to propose a truce at least until a mutual foe is defeated."

"We do not need your help outsider!"

I think this is personal I recognize some of these men as Opaho survivors...
No. 341616 ID: c2c011

Explain to them that you're here to negotiate a truce and a temporary alliance to deal with the sergals. Stress the fact that they will take heavy casualtis even if they can take the fortress, and then they will be sitting in a fortress that negates any advantage their cavalry has and they won't be able to use your cannons, the ship will certainly not support them either.

And ouside of the walls they will have an utterly ruthless foe who has taken many fortresses in the past and shows no mercy to their enemy. They will die to the last, the lucky ones won't survive the battle. After that the monsters will be free to go after their families without them being there to protect them, and these things consider almost everything to be prey. Their wives and children will be raped and then eaten.

You're offering them an alternative though, fight the Sergals with you and crush them here. Once that threat has been dealt with they're free to leave or attack you again if they feel suicidal.
No. 341618 ID: 252e1b


Right on, I was kinda off in my own little world messing with the map.

The Opaho survivors are going to be sore as shit, licking their wounds and feeling pretty pissed that they got shot. No one likes getting shot.

But every soldier is ultimately a pragmatist. So here's your argument.

"You could win against them, but how many men would you lose? These creatures, the Sergals, they are strong fighters, and disciplined enough to make an organized retreat once you start to overcome them. They will kidnap people; they like to take prisoners and they are strong enough to be able to manhandle an unconscious man.

"They do horrible things to their prisoners. Their woman are as strong as their men, and do the words "prehensile clitoris" mean anything to you? Their women are just as capable of perversity and violation as their males.

"Take a truce with us now, and help us destroy these perverted invaders before they kill and rape us all."
No. 341675 ID: 28e94e

This is a really really good idea.

This is a terrible terrible idea. Do not say any of this. They will not take you seriously.
No. 341679 ID: cd63e9

work the angle that while they don't need help, not having to fight you and the sergals at the same time would make things easier.
No. 341719 ID: 2ae337
File 131381492576.png - (20.92KB , 523x408 , 110.png )

"You could win against them, but how many men would you lose? These creatures, the Sergals, they are strong fighters, and disciplined enough to make an organized retreat once you start to overcome them. They will kidnap people; they will take prisoners and they are strong enough to be able to manhandle an unconscious man. Your people will suffer a fate worse than death. At the very least a truce will ensure the safety of your people and their spirits!"

I don't even know the word for "clitoris" in their language, it means nothing to me.

"How do we know this is not a trick? How do we know once we let you in that you will use you magic to bring your people and kill us all?"

Ah there's the real reason. Fear. Apparently we've become some sort of mystic demon things because of our tech.
No. 341722 ID: 35e1a0

they are big on spirits. swear on the spirits of your forefathers that it is not a trick. unless that is taboo. then swear upon your own spirit.
No. 341787 ID: c2c011

Tell them that you don't really need all of them inside of the fortress, just some archers and infantry. The cavalry works better outside where they can harry the Sergals flanks and take out their supply train. You could also offer hostages if you have any noncombatants that you won't need during the fight. That together with swearing on whatever gods you have alongside with your honour and inviting all sorts of curses if you break your oath should do it.
No. 341910 ID: b6ca92

Convincing them this isn't a trick?
Perhaps a contract, of sorts? Something they would consider binding?

Otherwise a gift of wealth, in the form of some small riches to the leaders, or slaves, or giving some of our own men as a sort of 'we risk our blood in your hands, we ask that you risk your blood for us both.'.
No. 342302 ID: 2ae337
File 131403982889.png - (22.08KB , 641x497 , 111.png )

"I swear upon my very spirit that I will not attempt anything against your chieftains. Is there anyway to convince you? Gold? We-"

"Do not attempt to bribe me outsider! Leave your escort at the gates. If you are to see them. you see them alone."

"...very well."
No. 342303 ID: 2ae337
File 131403991066.png - (21.25KB , 664x508 , 112.png )

Something tells me that thousand was just an estimate, it looks like they may have more.

"The Chiefs of the Four Tribes will see you."

"I thought there were eight."

"The other four refuse to see you."
No. 342306 ID: 35e1a0

well, get half of them on our side and the other half should ether join us or stay out of the way.
No. 342308 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you have a suggestion that will allow you both to survive. A temporary alliance to take care of the Sergals, after that's done you can go back to being hostile again. Stress the fact that the Sergals are a much worse threat than you are, they are without mercy and will kill, eat and rape everyone they can get their hands on.
No. 342356 ID: 2ae337
File 131406318866.gif - (60.70KB , 1306x1038 , map.gif )

As promised...The fort is surrounded by numerous bridges, but there are three, the ones circled that were carved from the stone. They are the largest and will be key to defending the fort.

The bridges are in place because there is a river that runs through the caves beneath the fort. Too violent to cross and thus serves as a natural moat. The red outcroppings around the fort are the villages the natives use to house visitor when they are trading. Odds are they will be garrisoned to shield themselves from the artillery. Not like it will last long though...

And the two armies are separated by the mountain the Chouhoku call the Heavenstring. Both would be funneled by the narrow passage between the two, making on easy to pick off, but not an effective means of exhausting both forces.
No. 342360 ID: 2ae337
File 131406368702.png - (54.61KB , 1502x510 , 113.png )

"Well outsider, we have heard you wish to propose a truce?"

"Yes, that is correct."

"And explain why we would ever consider joining you? You took away countless of our own, gave the Chouhoku means of stealing our hunting lands, killing out people with impunity, and let them control this entire area, including grounds that are sacred to us! Why would we join the ones responsible for this upset in the balance?!"

"What my friend wants to know is after all you have done to us, what makes you any different from the 'Sergals'?"

"Different? I suppose when you look at us like that we do look indistinguishable."

"So why-"

"BUT! But we still value the lives of those in these lands. We established ourselves and did not move a step further. You have seen what we can do, we could have drawn you into a war you would lose if we wanted to but we didn't. WE regret the loss of you lands, BUT we do not leave a trail of blood behind us like the Sergals. WE make take slaves from you BUT we treat them well! They rise through the ranks, and we treat them as equals! The Sergals will not. They will torture you, they will play with you like a predator plays with its food. And they won't even grant you the mercy of dying before they devour you. I ask you, all of you, do you to fight us in a war that will doom you? Or will you join us and live to fight another day?"

I can see that some are being stirred by my little speech, namely the ones on the right. But the other two look unconvinced. Anything to add that might help?
No. 342373 ID: 35e1a0

they also cannot be reasoned with at all. we sent a messenger boy and after he gave the message they ate him, for no reason at all. they will kill the children, they will never have a chance to gain any honor for the tribe. who knows, if you are are lucky some of you may get to live as breeders to make more meat for them.
No. 342395 ID: cd63e9

if you have the authority to make diplomatic concessions now would be the time to make them.

tell them that if they try and fight you and sergals at the same time they will die. either at the walls of the outpost or after losing many warriors smashing its defenses.
No. 342413 ID: 2ae337
File 131407346452.png - (27.86KB , 747x505 , 114.png )

"I will say this. Either you can put your grudges to rest, if only for now, and stand with us. You may be able to live long enough to see those debts paid. Continue to fight us, and they will slaughter you. And the survivors will envy the dead."

"...and you expect us to join you over this?!"

"Now wait there...there seems to be some sense in this."

"What?! You cannot be serious!"

"WE both are. A grudge cannot be fulfilled while dead."

"We can best both them and the new invaders!"

"Just as we have bested them all the way out of our homes? We the Cheeoq shall accept the truce."

"And we the Nukache shall do so as well."

"By joining him you make enemies of all of us!"

"If that is what must happen then so it shall be. We must make preparations to leave. May the spirits guide you."

"...and you..."

Well that was better than I feared, worse than I...actually it's even better than I hoped. I thought they were just going to kill me.
No. 342418 ID: 35e1a0

okay 2 more tribes in the place should at least make the others pause for a moment, perhaps long enough that the sergals hit them first and they soften each other up a bunch.
No. 342425 ID: c2c011

Hmm, no ideal. But you could try to ask the remaining ones to hold off, at least until you have dealt with the new threat. Their force seems to rely quite a bit on cavalry, and that's not really useful for taking a fortress, especially not one defended by riflemen and cannons.
No. 342430 ID: 2ae337
File 131407968547.png - (162.09KB , 1306x1038 , 115.png )

Hopefully. But still we should prepare for the chance that they still hit us at the same time.

No our real problem will be their shamans. Enough build up and their magic can tear down any wall.

This is the basic plan, with one of the bridges destroyed to prevent enemies from behind. And the remaining bridges will be covered by our infantry complimented by slave warriors while the range attack from the walls. Not sure how well that will hold up against these sergals...
No. 342438 ID: cd63e9

would it be possible to booby trap the bridges? either landmines or some sort of remote detonated bomb to collapse them if they get overrun.
No. 342447 ID: c2c011

Well the Shamns should be easy enough to handle, you have a great fighter and general with an antimagic axe with you. Give him some light and mobile troops and tell him that you want him to make sure that any shamans that try anything gets their shit ruined. Or if he can use that axe to block their spells on a wider ranger than just personally then that works as well.

You should also ask the two tribes that go over to you if they can help you keep the walls intact against the shamans.
No. 342461 ID: 28e94e

Demolish the remaining secondary bridges, just to be safe. Otherwise, that's pretty much the best we can manage at the moment.
No. 342590 ID: 2ae337
File 131416111932.png - (33.00KB , 940x650 , 116.png )


Oh...well I can see the benefits of that. Yes, if we were overrun it would make a nice way of blocking off invading enemies, at least for a while.

Now this may not work seeing as how neither tribe had any real shamans. Just medicine men. Their works involve more healing than destruction...

Look this battle may require some larger amount of coordination than just talking to me. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by all this.
No. 342594 ID: 35e1a0

understandable, but our crystal isn't here so you are the only one in this area TO talk to. unless you want us to leave you alone for a while.
No. 342605 ID: cd63e9

do you guns use gunpowder or magic? if they use powder you could attach some gunpowder kegs to the bridge and have a long hidden fuse. if they use magic just have some of your artillery pr aimed at the bridge so they can bring it down in a hurry if they have to.
No. 342606 ID: 2ae337
File 131416790734.png - (11.93KB , 455x485 , 117.png )

Gunpowder? Rezans prefer magic, so we may have to go with that second option.

Yes...I. I will think of something. I have a day to do it. Hopefully that's enough time...please Return to your source
No. 342607 ID: 2ae337
File 131416792625.png - (30.84KB , 791x612 , 118.png )

No. 342608 ID: 35e1a0

[switch to venian]
No. 342612 ID: a37077

Hold up now. Who's this?
No. 342621 ID: 252e1b

Nice mask, fella.
No. 342627 ID: c2c011

Yo dude, what's up?
No. 342698 ID: 2ae337
File 131421521611.png - (31.16KB , 791x612 , 119.png )

It better be, this shit was fuckin' expensive. Lemme tell ya, even if I'm a bodyguard for a patriarch, the prices out there just don't match the scratch. How the hell those noble types afford all their crap I still have no 'dea.

Nah much, but Veni over there is lissnen to all them monkeys bitch about who stays and who goes to kill some ugly scroes.

Good thing Veni tol' me bout ya guys 'th'wise I'd be thinkin' I finally lost me mind.
No. 342699 ID: c2c011

Sounds like the natives are being uncooperative assholes. Would it be possible to split up their clans and shit?
No. 342704 ID: 2ae337
File 131421931526.png - (26.70KB , 791x566 , 120.png )

They've been like that since I known em. And y'know, normally we couldn't give two shits and half and ass what these scroes do, but with those ugly things outside we gotta deal with their crap.


Op, Veni's up on ens again. Heh.
No. 342706 ID: c2c011

You know throwing them all out seems more attractive by the second. Maybe you should weigh in on how much easier it would be to just throw the lot of them outside and let the freaky things have their fill on them instead.
No. 342812 ID: 2ae337
File 131424837889.png - (29.38KB , 1039x523 , 121.png )

Yeah as much as I'd wanna kick their hairy asses, we kinda need em if we wanna keep a colony out here. Dun ask me why we need a colony though. Stuff like that's fer the smart pony folk.

"Lord Venian, your...um jewel did as it said it would.

"Good good, because it looks like we're doing this alone. None are willing to agree to anything other than they don't want to go looking for the monsters. I'm going to need better coordination between my forces."

"As you say lord."

One thing I notice bout High talk is that they like to use big words. It'zaz'if they wanna show off how brainy they are. Never did like that crap.

"As you say lord."
No. 342821 ID: 2ae337
File 131425216853.png - (30.15KB , 858x1100 , 122.png )

I forgot to give him some actual armor. Any suggestions? If nothing I'll just try and scrap something together.
No. 343204 ID: 2ae337

Nothing? Ah well.
No. 343206 ID: 2ae337
File 131442284209.png - (84.66KB , 1048x1090 , 123.png )

"Are you sure this is where they were first encountered."

"Y-yes Patriarch sir-lord. My first squad was lost close to here."

"Were you able to get a good look in which direction they went? Anything you may remember can help."

"Uh, I think it may have been south. Or was it east? I-Im'm sorry, I'm not trying to mislead you I cannot remember very well. The battle was a bit of a blur, NOT THAT I'm saying I'm incompetent, not that I'm implying you think I am. You don't think I am do you?"

Ugh...this is going well. We have a group of thirty including me, my bodyguards, Ria here, and, against my better judgment, Gyoji. Gav is clearing some forest to set up a base camp, and hopefully Ria will be able to gather her wits enough to help us find these things.
No. 343209 ID: 35e1a0

groups need to stay in sets of 10. one group recons east, the other south, and the last stays here to backup whichever group finds trouble.
No. 343214 ID: b6edd6

I am shocked by the lack of Steve-ing in this thread.
No. 343216 ID: 07416a

Get your brother to start sniffing around.
No. 343233 ID: c71597

You could ask illusion dude if he could make illusions that are lifelike enough to fool the beasts. Then you would have some bait that you could use to lure them out.
No. 343294 ID: 2ae337
File 131449473276.png - (59.76KB , 1163x760 , 124.png )

That is a good idea. I've sent Varius to the South and Kamagan to the East. If either one finds the source, they will come back. I'm hoping to use use as communication between those two.

Ack! I wish I thought of that earlier. Get to Kamagan and relay that plan. Reinforce that if he finds them I don't want engagement, just come back.

He will have his time. When I'm sniffing out their queen, or portal, or whatever is making so damn many of them.
No. 343315 ID: 2ae337
File 131450815369.png - (41.87KB , 842x728 , 125.png )

I hate this place. I hate the heat, the moisture, the little bugs, and the stupid monkey people. They are just monkeys that dress up and don't throw poop. I hate this place.
No. 343326 ID: 484a82

Vein says to make with the illusions things. Like with what you did way back when. Remember?
No. 343344 ID: 35e1a0

not like way back, just something that LOOKS like a person enough to make them attack it would give early warning without risk to you or the others.
No. 343358 ID: c71597

Well the quicker you can get some illusions going to lure out the beasts we're after the quicker you can get away from here. So lets work some fucking magic!
No. 343510 ID: 2ae337
File 131457148194.png - (40.41KB , 842x728 , 126.png )

I like that. But these won't do anything. Just walk around and look stupid.

"What is he doing?"

"Speeding stupid search up."

Does that mean you know where the monster things are?
No. 343530 ID: c71597

No not exactly, we're hoping to find out more by getting our hands on a few corpses. We do know that they seem capable of simply appearing out of nowhere at will. Which means there is probably something mystical. Hopefully we can figure out what if we can see them in action and examine a couple of bodies, maybe even get a live one.
No. 343903 ID: 2ae337
File 131467739852.png - (41.35KB , 842x728 , 127.png )

Oh well I was hoping you would tell me if this meant I was close to them or not. They are bodies of those whatever-the-hell-they-are's, or at least what's left when you remove all bones and body fat. Smells nasty.

"Hey other not-human things! These you friends?"

"Ach ka..."

"I'm going to hurl a lik."
No. 343915 ID: c71597

Yeah that's probably the work of those things we're after. Hmm, weird to just eat the bones and the fat, definately something supernatural about this. Any luck with the illusions yet?
No. 343922 ID: 64a827

Well then I guess that means you are going the right way. Try to find where the corpse become more frequent that should lead you to em.
No. 343984 ID: 2ae337
File 131473969980.png - (72.63KB , 1513x920 , 128.png )

Fine, very fine. Got plenty out, enough you think? Wow.

"How did you idiots manage to not see THIS?!"

"Er...it is a large forest sir."

Idiots. All these people are idiots.
No. 343987 ID: 35e1a0

order everyone to start securing the area, we'll get the others.
[switch to venian]
No. 343998 ID: f70e5e

hey, you know whats a good idea? not going in there. how about we just whip up a few tons of some flammable liquid(napalm would be ideal) and pour that down the death cave before dropping a match instead of going in ourselves.
No. 344032 ID: c71597

Grovy, lets report this and get more people here. For exploration of places like this you want people to know where you are and have a base of operations set up at the entrance if clearing the place out takes several days.
No. 344064 ID: 2ae337
File 131475165726.png - (68.39KB , 1108x922 , 129.png )

Good, maybe now I'll get to strike BACK! At these bastards.

"Camp secure Venian."

"Good. Prepare to move it. We've found their lair."


"Yes. Get ready to move out."

This will be a bit new for me. So um...Relay the message to Varius. Have him come back.
No. 344065 ID: 2ae337
File 131475178058.png - (136.37KB , 1552x1626 , 130.png )

Relay what now?


Oh! Well that's fan-fucking tastic. Er...but only I'm comin back seein as everyone else kinda kicked it.

To carry that much shit out Veni'd need a...uh...something huge. We don't got something huge. I think.

Shit. It's that big? Fuck.
No. 344092 ID: 1854db

Damn, you got attacked? These things really are everywhere. Get back with the others so we can get our extermination on.
No. 344190 ID: c71597

Well it might not be. But it could be, and it's better to err a bit on the side of caution in cases like this. And the search is probably going to be a slow affair and might take a bit of manpower, would be a good thing if you can set up checkpoints and stuff behind you to make sure none of the beasts crawl up behind and surround the leading party.
No. 344724 ID: 2ae337
File 131492366284.png - (25.05KB , 924x451 , 131.png )

Well you were right about that. Veni done got some base camp set up at the mouth of the cave. Seriously. The fuck does someone miss somethin this big? So Veni's thinkin cuz I kicked ass on my own I should probably take like 5 guys and he'll take the rest. Only problem is deciding which way to go. Already there's a split.
No. 344726 ID: 35e1a0

clear the upper path first. if they are below then no big tactical loss, but if they are in the upper area and you go down they would have the high ground.
No. 344753 ID: f70e5e

clearing the top level first would be a good idea. they might have other exits, you don't want them escaping while you clear the nest.
No. 344825 ID: 2ae337
File 131493780849.png - (40.34KB , 961x702 , 132.png )

Well what'ya know...there was some other exit up here. Good thing you had me com up here first then. Right, should I block this off or send someone for reinforcements?
No. 344826 ID: 2ae337
File 131493785224.png - (30.09KB , 1156x449 , 133.png )

Oh yeah and I have no idea what Veni's doin. I dun even know if he left yet.
No. 344828 ID: 35e1a0

how quickly do you think you could block it? just a few swings to the wall or a while? if a while then get some backup, if real fast then take it down.
No. 344850 ID: c71597

Well you might want to use that one yourself later. Send a guy to get reinforcements and tell them to bring a big sturdy net. Then they can use the net to block it off and kill anyone of the creatures trying to escape using this route.
No. 344886 ID: 07416a

Collapse it. Methodical prevents mistakes.
No. 344887 ID: 28e0ce

Net. Send us to veni, if you have a magical communication device fucking use it
No. 344918 ID: 2ae337
File 131498629648.png - (37.41KB , 1021x689 , 134.png )

This quickly. There done.

'Kay...how do I-ah fuck it I'll let you deal with
No. 344919 ID: 2ae337
File 131498651569.png - (39.33KB , 1021x689 , 135.png )

Okay I think I figured out how to pull you back myself...so what did Varius find?

"Lord Venian the cavern splits into three. Where do we go?"
No. 344922 ID: c71597

Nowhere yet, this is an excellent spot for calling in reinforcements and setting up a checkpoint.
No. 344926 ID: 35e1a0

found a upper cave and blocked it, will keep you from being pincered.
No. 344937 ID: f70e5e

that's a good idea. we don't know how smart these things are but they might be smart enough to try and encircle you. but do you have enough men to make check points? if not you might want to consider collapsing some passages. if you can confirm that they don't have any other tunnels leading to the surface we can either seal them in or do the trick where you start a fire at the mouth of a cave to asphyxiate everything inside of it.
No. 345610 ID: 2ae337
File 131519796619.png - (34.62KB , 1157x544 , 136.png )

We have reinforcements. 20 militia, though I don't have high hopes for them. Varius says he's exploring the other tunnel but I've yet to hear anything. Now where do we go?

A good idea but I'd like to know what is down those tunnels before blocking them.
No. 345640 ID: c71597

Well if they're an untrustworthy bunch then I suggest you wait here for Varius. Then he can set up a checkpoint here, he should be able to do so. Then you can safely explore one of the tunnels with the knowledge that nothing will flank you and come up from behind.
No. 345682 ID: a2fa74

>A good idea but I'd like to know what is down those tunnels before blocking them.

This is wrong.

No you shouldn't collapse the tunnels, but blocking passages is vital to a proper clearing.
You have magic users. Just put a giant rock over each tunnel until you explore it.
No. 346634 ID: 2ae337
File 131551085517.gif - (103.72KB , 400x270 , 137.gif )

A bit busy!

No. 346646 ID: c71597

Wow, they really didn't fucking like that. How are the rest of your guys doing?
No. 346647 ID: 35e1a0

okay, strategic retreat. need to get back to higher concentrations of troops.
No. 347166 ID: 2ae337
File 131563330215.png - (39.45KB , 863x688 , 138.png )

Yeah they're fine. Cept that one guy who got carried off. Dunno where he's goin, not sure I wanna know.

Yeah yeah I know, fuck I stirred up a damned nest of em!

No. 347192 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, need to back off some and then seal this tunnel for a bit and check the others to make sure you can't get pincered.
No. 347232 ID: c71597

Probably to some place deeper into the lair. Might be enough time to save him still, although I wouldn't count on it. Oh, and Veni could use you back where he's at, the cave split again.
No. 347465 ID: 2ae337
File 131571337007.png - (73.09KB , 1102x756 , 139.png )

Holy hell you were right about him needing help. Fuck, those things are crawling outta the woodwork!

"Varius, it seems my decision is made for me, I fight down the right tunnel. But will you take the far right or the left?"

"My lord, I'm not sure it would be best for me to leave right now."

"No I have this under control."
No. 347483 ID: 35e1a0

go left.
No. 347508 ID: 1854db

Go left!
No. 347567 ID: c71597

Wow, that is quite a bit of monsters to tear through. But if he says he's ok then he's probably ok. Lets see what's down the left one.
No. 347764 ID: 2ae337
File 131580235126.png - (69.99KB , 1594x1009 , 140.png )

So I went left...and um...I think I found a nest.

And uh....
No. 347767 ID: 2ae337
File 131580238079.png - (49.14KB , 864x725 , 141.png )

I think I'm gonna need more than two dudes...
No. 347791 ID: 35e1a0

maybe. let's see how it reacts to damage. throw a knife or something at it.
No. 347815 ID: 07416a

yeaaahhhh, we gun need magic or explosives for this one.
No. 347822 ID: 1854db

We should report back about the GODDAMN HUGE THING to your boss.
No. 347869 ID: f70e5e

we gonna need a bigger group. sealing what tunnels you can find and gathering more troops might be the best plan right now.
No. 347894 ID: c71597

Umm, yeah that seems fair. Go back to your boss and ask if you can borrow his corpse mage. That dude was good with the blasty spells in life and should still be decent with them, then we unleash hell on that big thing.
No. 348524 ID: 2ae337
File 131596206227.png - (38.39KB , 843x617 , 142.png )

"Lord Venian! Lord Venian! I found a-this-huge thing!"

"What? Then I suppose you need a larger force. Very well go back with the mages and twenty others and deal with the-"

"Veni-Jono! My arm!"

"Ach-ka...one minute. I told you, these rocks are sharp, don't be so damn clumsy or you're going to do this. Let me see if anything got in the wound."

"It hurts! Don't touch it!"

"It's just a scratch Gyoji, stop acting so dramatic."

"Scratch?! Look how much I'm bleeding, this could kill me! I could be poisoned by those things!"

"You're barely bleeding at all, and you need to actually get scratched by them to get the poison. This is why I said stay back at the base camp. See? The bleeding is stopping already."

"But the poison-"

"There is no poison! What do I have to do to convince you? Suck the wound?!"

Uh...what am I looking at?
No. 348526 ID: 35e1a0

hahaha, levity in the face of doom. you can't tell anyone about this until she passes her trial to not be a slave anymore. maybe you can help her train for that? anyway, get ready to kill a monster thing.
No. 348537 ID: 1854db

There's... something in there, something black? Wash it out with water to get a better look.
No. 348555 ID: 35e1a0

wait... oh god that voice it right. something is in there.
No. 349178 ID: 4bdd79

That's just loose skin/fur. If there was actually something in the wound Venian would have noticed.
No. 349965 ID: 2ae337
File 131632401636.png - (35.99KB , 843x617 , 143.png )

"Uh lord... I don't know but I think something is in her arm."

"Oh? Well I'm sure it's just a rock or...oh wonderful a claw. How exactly did you get a claw lodged in your arm?"

"I.......feeeel...I...not so gurf"
No. 349966 ID: 2ae337
File 131632407980.png - (24.42KB , 843x617 , 144.png )

No. 349967 ID: 2ae337
File 131632410291.png - (9.24KB , 479x364 , end.png )

No. 349975 ID: 35e1a0

we can spin this. an enemy came at you from behind and she leapt in it's way. BAM, she saved your life. and has a wound to prove it.
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