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File 131044800054.png - (8.52KB , 900x900 , 051.png )
325221 No. 325221 ID: e8cd4a


Turn 1.
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No. 325222 ID: e8cd4a
File 131044817181.png - (28.00KB , 900x900 , 052.png )

You wake up sprawled on the floor.

A dream ?

"Looks like you slept through that shake." Sterling tosses a field uniform in your lap.

"Get up, Deseret is getting you new equipment. Go see him down in storage."

You dress and head down ..
No. 325223 ID: e8cd4a
File 131044822582.png - (26.80KB , 900x900 , 053.png )

You're inside storage but there's nobody here. There is an array of combat equipment, a computer console and safe vault behind the counter. You don't think anybody is coming. Your interface picks up a supplies identifier signal, good to have around so much that can go wrong.

Your new pack can hold 5C, but costs an action to retrieve from. You can hold a maximum of 10C offhand, with an extra one item at the cost of combat ability.

In plain sight is a Baton, Ammo Crate, Mixed Air Respirator, Arrestor Snake, and Mechanized GEAR Device.

There is probably a Trauma Kit, Medical Soda, Welder / Cutter and E-Ration inside the utility container.

Immediately you can think of replacing your welder and refilling weapons, but first should you inspect the console, safe or any other equipment ?
No. 325224 ID: 453e62

check dat safe.
No. 325225 ID: 55c4cf

tell people to knock so nobody walks in on you masturbating in the future
No. 325228 ID: 476456

check out that arrestor snake doohicky

also that safe
No. 325298 ID: c0e7f3

Examine arrestor snake and GEAR device.

If you can't carry both welder-cutter and baton, then keep the welder. It's probably just as good at inflicting pain in melee.

Reload, refill on food and medicine, then check the safe.
No. 325301 ID: c3c9c0

Refill everything, check safe.
No. 325317 ID: cabe8d

replace welder, reload weapons, take extra ammo with you. loot everything else except baton. use tech abilities to unlock that computer thing's secrets.
No. 325318 ID: 0d095c

If you can't find anything useful or interesting on the console, cannibalize it to make a SHOCK BATON.
No. 325486 ID: e8cd4a
File 131051094331.png - (28.54KB , 900x900 , 054.png )

You plant 10u Standard Ammunition and refill weapons. Your rifle gets a magazine of 22 rounds per 3u; your revolver gets only a drum of 7 rounds per 3u. You decide to pull two magazines for your rifle and only one drum-worth for your revolver.

You know how to make a shock Baton, but you need a high-power battery. Your welder has and requires one to function; you can cannibalize a battery from the utility container, but you will need to swap equipment regardless. Batteries are considered special ammunition but can also be found, handled and purchased as a normal commodity. (An ammunition crate can be planted to provide 1u Special Ammunition or 10u Standard; the plant is permanent.)

You take out the contents of the utility container and replace your welder.

The Snake is a Trickster implement, an impressive high-speed grappling device that can be used to quickly pull yourself to a location 5m away. It can also bind a target or pull smaller objects to you. It takes considerable effort to reset, though.

The GEAR is a Mechanized implement, a suite of more advanced components that a simple welder cannot substitute. When equipped, it acts as a Mech upgrade. The Tech equivalent is the ULTRA device.

With careful work, the safe door comes off nicely. Inside is a Sinae Cannon and Lever Bow. The Sinae Cannon is an improvised gun that is hatch-loaded and fires a dense slug. This would have been nice before refilling your weapons. Neither the cannon nor bow will fit in your pack.

The console displays an inventory and exchanges history. When you inspect the volume, you can detect it has been tampered with; listed are two high explosive items with incongruous writes; they are missing from storage and it would seem nobody is aware of this yet.

Decide what to keep in your pack and offhand.

Grand 5C, Silla 5C, Sinae 6C, Lbow 6C, Baton 4c, Medkit 3C, Medsoda 2C, Eration 1C, Snake 1C

Pack (5C) :
Offhand (10C) :
No. 325489 ID: c3c9c0

Keep the AR, the Silla, the welder and the GEAR offhand.

Put the Medkit and the Arrestor Snake in your pack if the Snake fits. Because fuck yeah grappling hooks!

Also get out of that room ASAP and go talk with your superior about those explosives that shouldn't be there.
No. 325514 ID: a7efde

...offhand is for immediate use, right? that's where the Grand, the GEAR, and the arrestor snake go. also a medical soda if it'll fit. I guess the revolver won't fit, though I find it strange for it to be as heavy/bulky as the assault rifle.

you have a used welder you can cannibalize to make a shock baton. the other welder you found here willl be a replacement.

make a note to report the theft, but use the console before that.
No. 325517 ID: 476456

Missing explosives seems like a good thing to inform people about, do you have any sort of ...comms like a phone or w/e.

Alternatively could you get ahold of someone using that console.
No. 325524 ID: e3f514

Put the Arrestor Snake, Trauma Kit, and Eration in your pack.

Keep the Baton, and Silla offhand.
Though take the battery pack form the Welder to make a Shock Baton when you get the chance.

Also, report the theft of the explosives. If they ask about the items you took then just say it's for official business.
No. 325662 ID: e8cd4a
File 131052550079.png - (23.91KB , 900x900 , 055.png )

Pack : Trauma Kit, Arrestor Snake
Offhand : Grand Rifle, Silla Scattergun, (Welder / Cutter, Interface, GEAR)

You send a packet through the network line pointing out the falsified data and likely theft.

Outside of storage, Sterling is dragging the body of a Con.

"It's Deseret, he's unconscious."

A soldier rushes in. "Comrades, bomb threat from the square. Foxtits is suiting up for HazEn, we need everyone on this."

>"There are explosives missing from storage. The records were tampered with."

Sterling looks down at Deseret. "This is no accident."

The soldier presses on. "Comrades, let's move !"

"Deseret needs help. Someone is staying behind .."

Will you go to the threat site or remain here ?
No. 325666 ID: 476456

tell the canine to lock himself in a room with deseret and not to come out until either deseret is awake or more than one person knocks on the door, if someone comes to get you alone do not open the door someone may want to finish the job, if des wakes up go rejoin us at the bomb site.

go see about that bomb threat.
No. 325668 ID: 476456

oh wait thats sterling, take sterling leave the other dude.
No. 325671 ID: 947c6c

I'm guessing most people here will want you to go, but I think of you as a mech/tech with no elements as a mediocre combatant at most. stay.
No. 325674 ID: 453e62

mech/tech means if the bomb is un-exploded we may be able to hack it and shut it down. i say go and dude stays.
No. 325676 ID: 947c6c


that's an excellent point. fine, go.
No. 325804 ID: e3f514

You should go, though we don't know enough about the party to know who should stay. That is, of course, going on the assumption that you want us to select who stays.
No. 325920 ID: c3c9c0


She's also proven to be able to survive things that would kill everyone else.

You must go, someone else stay with Deseret.


Nice code name.
No. 326047 ID: 1444d5

Stay. Something stinks of 'distraction', and a bomb threat calling everyone out of the base seems awfully convenient. What else is on the base that might be harder to move than a few bombs?
No. 326216 ID: e8cd4a
File 131062391052.png - (27.15KB , 900x900 , 056.png )

>"This is awfully convenient; I'm thinking it's to distract us from the station. What would be harder to move than a few bombs ?"

"Servers, evidence safes and the armored cars is my guess. Go to the threat site, I'll have the station checked out."

You acknowledge and head out.

At the square, you can see soldiers beginning a pass of the perimeter and directing civilians. The security presence is causing concern. One of the soldiers confronts you.

"HazEn went to the center but we've just lost contact. Two of ours disappeared heading up the catwalk to get a vantage. Something's not right."

Down : Interior
Left : Exterior
Right : Catwalk
No. 326225 ID: 6561ac

whip our your gun and proceed to walk into the obvious trap. onto the catwalk.
No. 326234 ID: 1854db

I agree, we should investigate the catwalk first. Keep an eye out in all directions. Up, down, to the sides... they were probably ambushed.
No. 326237 ID: c3c9c0

That's an obvious trap, is there a way to access the center other than the catwalk? If there is, go there instead. If not be careful and use the catwalk.
No. 326251 ID: 476456

proceed to the catwalk w/ backup.
No. 326362 ID: e8cd4a
File 131067677193.png - (27.65KB , 900x900 , 057.png )

You head up the catwalk with caution, aware it might be a trap.

Near the top you spot a charred body. This is no ordinary flame; it's similar to the glowing you've seen several times before. Your backup is making pained sounds and slowing down.

"H-Hot ! AAA !!"
No. 326364 ID: c3c9c0

Fuck, is that energy that carbonizes everybody but you again. Scream to your partner to get the fuck out of the catwalk.

He probably is too busy with PAIN EVERYWHERE to hear you, so just run over there, grab him and take him back out of the catwalk. Inform whoever is nearby of the situation and told them to not send anybody else to cross the catwalk.
No. 326365 ID: 35e1a0

tell them to back off, quickly. some kind of energy field that you are immune to. will try to find the source. try that plant thing to the bottom left it seems to be on fire too.
No. 326366 ID: ad2505

get your backup to retreat a bit, though if they can keep you within sights while staying out of this whatever's range, have them do so.

there seems to be several points of interest here. the thing on the floor, is that a rifle? I guess you can ignore it for now if it is. tinker with that other thing among the flowers.
No. 326367 ID: 476456

hip check him out of the danger zone
No. 326368 ID: 07416a

Also, check out that box. Could be a clue.
No. 326371 ID: 1854db

See if you can drag the downed person out of the zone of paaaaaain. Also there may be another person behind the plants that you should rescue.
No. 326388 ID: e8cd4a
File 131068366316.png - (29.35KB , 900x900 , 058.png )

The container and Baton will have to wait. You race down to help when the soldier suddenly whips around, revealing a creature attached and emitting the strange fire.

You hear buzzing all around you, they're on the attack !
No. 326389 ID: 476456

Golf swing it off him with your rifle
No. 326390 ID: c3c9c0


Smash it with your rifle and throw it off him, then shoot it. Then turn around quickly because there are more coming for you.
No. 326391 ID: 35e1a0

smack it hard. then whip around and smack the one to your right. then turn around and shoot the one behind you.
No. 326396 ID: 2bcdd1
File 131068583919.jpg - (26.24KB , 468x315 , Tiger-Woods.jpg )


I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite suggestion on Beyond.
No. 326402 ID: 1854db

Melee mode activate!
No. 326409 ID: e8cd4a
File 131069198504.png - (31.37KB , 900x900 , 059.png )

You swing hard at the attached creature, killing it. A bolt of energy connects with you as it dies and your body boils. There is suddenly an incredible scent of ozone.

One of the creatures misses its attack; the other closes in.
No. 326411 ID: c3c9c0

Jump back if you can to get some range and shoot the one that is about to attack you. If you have time to also shoot another burst to the other one, that would be sweet.
No. 326412 ID: 35e1a0

it seems it over-charged you. yeah shoot one then the other.
No. 326416 ID: 07416a

That is not good. Shoot them with bullets.
No. 326419 ID: 2bcdd1

quick, press the T button. you gotta shoot their hive with your pepper grinder.
No. 326422 ID: 28e94e

Your sidearm would be far better suited to this...

Oh well. Shoot them both until they are dead.
No. 326429 ID: 1854db

Use Focus to regain that huge chunk of Shape you just lost. I mean goddamn.

Also build off your earlier experiences with how these things act and shoot the aggressive one first.
No. 326431 ID: 476456

get back and shoot the one closer to him
No. 326433 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, i think the Shape is what made it act as a buff instead of doing damage.
No. 326580 ID: 9f54d0

No. 326599 ID: e8cd4a
File 131076640056.png - (30.16KB , 900x900 , 060.png )

Both creatures appear to falter in place, allowing you to deliver some well placed bursts. The first round seems to be energized; it lights up the catwalk and obliterates the creature in a spectacular discharge of energy. The second dies with far less style.

Your backup has stopped moving. Kevlar layers are burning away and you can see the spine blackening under the heat.
No. 326600 ID: 35e1a0

grab hold of him and start smothering the flames. maybe take off your gloves, this stuff seems to not effect you, m,ay snuff out on contact.
No. 326601 ID: 476456

Ergh looks like whatever that is seems to last a while.
No. 326604 ID: c3c9c0

Well fuck. These things don't screw around.

Use Focus2 to recover your Shape, then examine the container to your right between the flowers, then the rifle next to the other corpse. Also try to identify the corpse in case it's someone you know.
No. 326627 ID: ef6c89

try to help your backup if he's still alive. if you can't smother the flames, carry him back. then inspect that second guy.
No. 326663 ID: 476456

ap rifle round, also dual wield batons.
No. 326664 ID: 476456

err ap rifle grenade
No. 326665 ID: 35e1a0

let's go with explosive rifle rounds. and try PULLING the energy out of the flames or something.
No. 326666 ID: e8cd4a
File 131078089444.png - (29.16KB , 900x900 , 061.png )

You Focus, recovering your Shape completely. Your attempt to smother the flames fails and the damage continues.

Giving up, you process the surroundings. You find 1u Special Ammunition and White Goggles inside the container. There are Batons next to both bodies.

The charred body appears to be a horned Phenotypic of some kind but is too disfigured to identify. There is a key on the body.

Your interface receives a com signal.
Header prints, 'Perimeter to Catwalk. Report'.

Select one upgrade.

Incendiary rifle rounds, Explosive rifle rounds, Incendiary revolver rounds, Explosive revolver rounds, Flechette revolver rounds, Close-Quarters Punch revolver rounds, Anti-Personnel Rifle Grenade
No. 326669 ID: 35e1a0

return com as "similar energy type as one at the ceremony but weaker and more localized, caused by bug like creatures. backup down, possibly dead, area clear."

and explosive rifle rounds. hold on to them for the bug queen.
No. 326674 ID: 9f54d0


don't forget to grab some pills.
No. 326686 ID: 28e94e

"Ambushed. Some kind of animal, not sure what exactly. Man down. See for yourself." Let's stick to hard facts rather than making wild assumptions and assuming connections where there are none.

As for the ammo to take: Get the rifle grenade. The explosive and incendiary ammo is almost certainly useless, flechettes aren't really appropriate for the situation, and the "CQC" ammo is pretty redundant when the gun in question is a 12-gauge shotgun.
No. 326790 ID: 682610

If we had a Fire specialty, taking incendiary ammo would make sense, but as is it's way too uncontrollable.
Voting for AP grenade. We could use some punch.

Report about the charred creature, your downed backup, the insects and warn them to not send anyone here, at least until you figure out where these bugs come from.
No. 326791 ID: 35e1a0

... do any of you even know what an incendiary rifle round IS? we have them in real life. it just means it superheats when fired so it goes through armored targets easier. it doesn't turn the gun into a slapdash flamethrower.
No. 326792 ID: b14128

What do 'Close-Quarters Punch revolver rounds' do?

Also, grab the white goggles and see if you look cooler with them on.
No. 326803 ID: c3c9c0

Put on your white googles, report the creatures attacking you and tell that there's at least two of your comrades down here in the catwalk. Tell them to have extreme caution around these creatures if they find more.

Also Explosive rifle rounds, just because.
No. 326811 ID: 5aac32

It'd be good to have a rundown of the purposes of those different ammo types.
No. 326829 ID: 1444d5

Go for the rifle grenade, it's the most practical option. Leave the goggles, not wearing aviators is not an option.
>just means it superheats when fired so it goes through armored targets easier.
Nope. They're not magic, they're no more effective at penetrating hard targets than regular FMJ rounds (slightly less, due to their lower mass), they just ignite flammable substances. Small calibre incendiary rounds aren't particularly useful unless you intend to be shooting at hydrogen-filled blimps.
No. 326840 ID: 5aac32

I think there might be misunderstandings about what exactly those ammo types do, that's why I asked for a listing of their purposes/functions.

For example, the explosive rounds might add offensive punch we appear to lack, by piercing into targets and then exploding inside them to increase damage done (at least against soft targets). This would help us to kill those critters faster with fewer bullets.

And there's some disagreement over what exactly the incendiary rounds do. Plus questions about the CQC rounds.

In lieu of other information, I'm voting for the rifle grenade, however.
No. 326850 ID: d527cb

wait, does the flechette upgrade mean you can fire poisoned darts?
No. 326862 ID: 28e94e

AHAHAHAHAHA no that's totally stupid

It shoots little tungsten needles that penetrate body armor a lot better than buckshot. Unfortunately, They also make smaller wounds on soft targets, i.e. everything we've fought thus far.
No. 326878 ID: 644f88



explosive rifle rounds, then.
No. 326879 ID: 11841d

"Reporting casualties and further traces of a nest. Creatures are utilizing energy not unlike those encountered earlier. Do not send back-up until further notice. Over."

Get close-quarters rounds for your revolver. Explosive rounds are likely a poor idea in these cramped spaces and you've seen enough burning of any kind for one day.
No. 326953 ID: 55c4cf

Explosive rounds, we must unlock the author's personal achievement.
No. 326981 ID: e8cd4a
File 131086104911.png - (24.21KB , 900x900 , 062.png )

As you pull from the container, you briefly recall the different ammo types ..

Explosive rounds sacrifice penetration for increased stopping power. Risk of self damage is increased.
Incendiary rounds have less impact but can ignite targets and quickly reduce armor.
Flechette rounds preserve impact force over extreme distances but have less impact than normal buckshot at close range. Normal revolver rounds otherwise have sharp damage reduction with range, but devastating point-blank damage.
Punch rounds deliver a brisant cloud of frag with a wide spread. Punch rounds have similar impact but much higher range than than most melee implements.

***** Rifle Grenade
****** Explosive Rounds (Rifle)
* Punch rounds (Revolver)

Result : Mech upgrade bonus. +33 explosive rifle rounds.

You obtain explosive ammunition for your rifle and respond to the signal.

>'Catwalk to Perimeter. Reporting casualties and trace of aggressive flyer nest. Caustic energies present like that of Edison incident, do not send backup. Over.'

Reply prints 'Perimeter to Catwalk; copy Catwalk. Discretion advised; assault suspects in center wearing white goggles and masks, you are our eyes and ears. Out.'.

Nearby is the tower with several ways inside. One fence has two gates leading to a heavy door, the other is broken down and leads to external supports.

A creature zips past and you can see something like a nest growing out from a vent.
No. 326983 ID: 476456

maybe come back for that nest later there seems to be more pressing matters at hand, or if we deal with it we gotta deal with it fast.
No. 326984 ID: c3c9c0


Hmm, put on the white goggles, maybe the assaliants will recognize you as one of their own or at least confuse them for a moment.

Also, can you use your Tech/Mech to lock the heavy gates and crush the flyer nest?

If not, shot your explosive bullets at the nest.
No. 326987 ID: 07416a

Pack a clip with maybe 3 explosive rounds and then normal rounds. Explodo the nest and then shoot out the fliers without wasting valuable ammo.
No. 326995 ID: 35e1a0

hrmmm.. they seem to be ignoring you. suggest you put on the white goggles and use the southern gate so as to sneak in.
No. 327034 ID: 11841d

With insufficient flame, you have no way of smoking these things out effectively without seriously damaging the vent system.

Using the explosive rounds on the vent opening would be a poor idea. We don't know how much of the vent system contains nests, and using any sort of explosive in one is sure to get the attention of other flyers in there. Avoid the vent if you can, but if confrontation with these creatures is unavoidable, use standard ammunition.
No. 327047 ID: 28e94e

Call it in.
No. 327058 ID: 52102d

New mission: Collect 100 different types of eyewear.
No. 327064 ID: e8cd4a
File 131087925930.png - (26.85KB , 900x900 , 063.png )

You arrange rounds and give yourself firing options; explosive magazines, regulars and the last with 6 explosive followed by 16 regular, which you load.

Your partial magazine now has 20 rounds.

You engage the nest, firing two bursts. It fails to neutralize the group, killing two, injuring two, and summoning the fury of all. You hear intense buzzing from the vent; one is closing in, more are on the way.

Bring on the pain ..
No. 327067 ID: 35e1a0

whelp. pull out your pistol and shoot them as they come.
No. 327069 ID: 07416a

This is a good shotgun moment.
No. 327073 ID: 11841d


Neutralize the energized one rushing towards you, and seal the vent if possible. I doesn't seem like you have anything to cover the vent within the area, nor does your welder seem like it would be powerful enough.

Unless it's one of those vents that you can just close with a switch or something.

Otherwise you're entering a world of pain, bucko.
No. 327099 ID: 252e1b


Maybe she can stuff something in the vent to block it up. Like her shirt.
No. 327102 ID: a2819e

silly you, you should have started off by using explosive rounds on the nest. better do that now. count your shots.


if there are two ways out for the assailants, locking one of them is a good idea, as you'll be blocking the other one escape route yourself. votan for this. after the fight, of course.
No. 327111 ID: c3c9c0

Shoot the one that is coming towards you.

I guess there's no time to weld the conducts, but can't you use your Tech/Mech or use the GEAR to shut the doors or jam the tube?
No. 327116 ID: 55c4cf

If you can take advantage, use the explosive rounds vs. either the environment or multiple targets to do the most damage with as little effort.
No. 327122 ID: 476456

that rifle grenade would have been great oh god.
No. 327183 ID: e8cd4a
File 131093613385.png - (26.71KB , 900x900 , 064.png )

You fire at the attacking creature but fail to stop it. The body clips yours as it dies and there is a bright discharge like before. These were regular rounds, and had you used explosives at this range, you would have hurt yourself.

You make your way to the vent so that you might seal it. Your GEAR has collapsible panes for this job but you junk a light fixture as redundancy.

You are interrupted when one of the creatures slips through the gate and attaches to you. More creatures appear.
No. 327185 ID: c3c9c0

Yay, we're fucked! :D

Kick the one atatched to your leg against the wall until it comes off if you can, but it's less of a priority. Shoot the ones coming towards you before they stick to you as well.
Then try to seal the vent before more of those things come out.
No. 327186 ID: a456b1

does focus2 mean Ayu can use focus1 and attack simultaneously? if she can, she should, because her shape needs to be raised.
No. 327213 ID: 35e1a0

drop the fifle, pull out pistol, fire at eh swarm coming from the vent and kick the one off you leg.
No. 327221 ID: 476456

miiight be time to run
No. 327317 ID: 11841d

Since you don't have a proper melee weapon, just smack the flyer grappling to you with the butt of your rifle.

Now matter how you get it off, flee as soon as you do. Even if you've packed enough ammo for these things, you'll want as much spare ammunition as you can have for what's to come.
No. 327353 ID: 07416a

No. 327354 ID: 35e1a0

focus and roll away.
No. 327355 ID: e8cd4a
File 131096190380.png - (35.30KB , 900x900 , 065.png )

You retreat, firing at the creatures. The first shot is energized like before and destroys one, but you only manage to injure the second. As you strike the attached flyer with your rifle, it dies and bursts into spark and flame. Suddenly you've lost all willpower to stand.

You have collapsed.

Panic sets in and your breathing becomes shorter; at least two creatures are inbound and your options are running out ..

Will you continue fighting, focus, or find and use your Psychoactives injector ?
No. 327358 ID: 476456

winners use drugs
No. 327360 ID: 383006

Use drugs.
No. 327361 ID: 07416a

No. 327399 ID: e3f514

Drugs seem to be the best bet right now.
No. 327400 ID: 35e1a0

focus and roll.
No. 327435 ID: 11841d

No. 327442 ID: c3c9c0

Use the Psychoactives.
No. 327465 ID: 51853c

the quickest one.
No. 327482 ID: 252e1b

Time to trip some balls.
No. 327501 ID: 28e94e

Focus. Near as I can tell we're not actually taking physical damage from these things (this is one of those attacks that only damages SHAPE apparently) so we should be fine as long as we keep our cool and don't do anything stupid.
No. 327506 ID: 51853c


actually we took damage when our shape ran out
No. 327682 ID: e8cd4a
File 131102306681.png - (33.42KB , 900x900 , 066.png )

As you search for your Psychoactives, the flyer is having trouble landing on you. You manage to find and use it, giving yourself a performance boost.

You stand, alert, energized, and revolver raised, just in time for some inbound creatures flying past ..

.. where are they heading ?
No. 327686 ID: 476456

They're headed for the square shoot them down

or send an advisory.
No. 327692 ID: c3c9c0

This is an opportunity to seal the goddamn nest before more of them come out.

Go and do it, but first call Perimeter, tell that a bunch of flyers are crossing the catwalk, tell them to be careful and land some heavy fire on them before they get close.
No. 327694 ID: 55c4cf

throw rice
No. 327695 ID: 950529

try to make contact with the things, yell/talk to them as you perform other actions
No. 327700 ID: 35e1a0

"bogeys inbound."
No. 327751 ID: e8cd4a
File 131103266282.png - (33.09KB , 900x900 , 067.png )

You send a message.

>'Catwalk to Perimeter. Bogeys leaving catwalk, avoid contact.'

There is a message. 'Break-break; This is Center. Advise; assault party outside. Out.'

Perimeter does not reply.

You throw some rice. The individual grains careen about and burst with energy. Where did you get rice ? What -is- rice ? Whatever it is, it's gone now.

You try communicating with the creatures.

>"Can you understand me ? Let's talk about this-"

A flyer attaches to your arm and bites hard. It buzzes menacingly but doesn't seem to energize. From the looks, you imagine it should feel like a molten skewer but your altered state is preventing such sensations.
No. 327752 ID: 476456

Rip it off your arm and squish it in your hand, make sure you scream while doing this.
No. 327756 ID: 950529

alright it is making contact with you.
lets try some diplomacy. PUNCHDIPLOMACY!

actually try to peel it off and see if you can hold it in a way that disorientates/stuns it.
No. 327759 ID: c3c9c0

Rip it off your arm, throw it to the ground, stomp on it. Shoot any other around you, and if you're alone, focus2
No. 327762 ID: 1de4c6

"Sorry, but I can't feel shit right now."

Then grab it by the head, squish it hard, and throw the corpse at the other one flying towards you, hopefully it'll explode once in the air and not in your hand
No. 327764 ID: 5d03c8

pfft, punching.

No. 327767 ID: 3b9af0

you have a rice super power, focus through your shades really hard and stuff the flyer full of rice and then kick it like a football
No. 327961 ID: e8cd4a
File 131106256866.png - (31.01KB , 711x711 , 068.png )

You focus, and try some diplomacy ..

There is a commotion at the bottom of the catwalk. A rodent comes sprinting in and ducks under a flyer, barely missing it. Nearing the top, e throws out a feathery projection that loops back into the creature, tearing its body apart. E notices you and freezes in place.

".. Shit .."
No. 327970 ID: 476456

Thrust the bug out to him and scream "YOU SEE THIS? THIS IS YOU"
No. 327982 ID: c3c9c0

I think that's a lady. Throw the squished bug in a dramatic manner and demand to know who is she and what is she doing here.
No. 327986 ID: ce15d1

grab e's ass and nod reassuringly
No. 328002 ID: 1854db

Check out that mask. This is one of the 'assault suspects'.

Too bad we have to deal with the fliers and this guy at the same time.
No. 328005 ID: 0d095c

Scream, "YOU DID THIS TO MEEEEE!" And throw the rice in his face. Then get out your guitar and shoot the purple stuffed wooly worm with it.

ERROR. What was IN that injector?
No. 328013 ID: 83968b

grab es crotch to confirm gender.
No. 328024 ID: 0d7a83

No. 328182 ID: e8cd4a
File 131111365718.png - (18.58KB , 690x690 , 069.png )

You throw the guitar down and confront the rodent. You are fairly certain of her gender.

>"Who are you, what are you doing here-"

She starts sprinting away, fast.

You remember the white goggles and quickly remove them. It might be too late.

>"Stop !"
No. 328183 ID: c3c9c0

Chase after her. That's what we do best, after all, chase after girls.
No. 328185 ID: 476456

get ready to bust so many caps in her ass.
No. 328207 ID: 35e1a0

chase after her and yell that the goggles were a disguise.
No. 328238 ID: 0d095c

Demand that she stop spinning like that and demand she SURRENDER THE TRIFORCE so you can save the galaxy.
No. 328256 ID: 900685

terrorists? in my Overmars?

chase 'er.
No. 328273 ID: 28e94e

Wait, guitar? Where the hell did that come from?

Oh shit, we're hallucinating.
No. 328489 ID: ce15d1

play some sweet music on the guitar to allure the rat back to you.

pied piper this up.
No. 328571 ID: 0d7a83

You should tell your guns your very proud of them for the grades they got last term.
No. 328709 ID: e8cd4a
File 131120725121.png - (26.40KB , 760x760 , 070.png )

You serenade after the rodent. Suddenly, she is brought to the ground by a masked individual.

This is one of the persons who attacked the threat responders. You put the goggles back on.

"You're just in time. I am Adrastea; you must be Thebe .. Amalthea didn't make it .."

He turns to the rodent and begins twisting her arm. ".. and -you- are going to be sorry-"

The rodent makes a pained buck and screams. The three of you are alone; outside is only charred heaps and small fires.

"Hey, are those loaded ? Want to do the honors ?"
No. 328712 ID: 35e1a0

"sure" walk up with your pistol out. stop in front and take a good aim, then switch and use attack2 on other white-goggles face.
No. 328713 ID: bcdff4

is he asking Ayu to shoot the rodent? wouldn't it be better to interrogate her or something?
No. 328717 ID: 950529

say you are unable to live in a world filled with so much uncertainty, and put your gun to your own head
No. 328721 ID: 476456

"We need her for questioning, THEN we can do terrible things to her."
No. 328722 ID: 7896f5


Reply "It will be my pleasure.". Then calmly walk towards them and shoot the white-masked guy in the head.
No. 328725 ID: 476456

Oh and keep your weapon trained on the mouse, if the masked figure draws pop him instead.
No. 328730 ID: 0d095c

No. 328735 ID: 0d7a83

That dudes totally grabbin' her ass. Anyway now would be a good time to boot him in the face, pin him down and interrogate him for juicy secrets.
No. 328747 ID: 55c4cf

They are wearing the same fucking uniforms and recognize you as a fellow officer. Don't shoot your ally just because you like the rat. We're going to just have to say goodbye to the rat you furries.

And by goodbye I mean bullets.
No. 328749 ID: 0d7a83

>'Perimeter to Catwalk; copy Catwalk. Discretion advised; assault suspects in center wearing white goggles and masks, you are our eyes and ears. Out.'

Fellow officer, huh?
No. 328751 ID: 28e94e

Guys, we are tripping balls right now. Let's not shoot anybody.
No. 328752 ID: 55c4cf

oops, ok whatever. i guess the furry can live
No. 328754 ID: 1854db

>same uniforms
Maybe, but... You know what, this is just confusing. I give up.
No. 328757 ID: 47f42b

>Same uniform

Uh, no it's not; different gloves, jacket, boots and hat. Ayu might be hallucinating, but enough of what she's seeing is real and confirms this guy as a suspect.
No. 328759 ID: 35e1a0

white goggles are confirmed enemies. we have white goggles on as a disguise.
No. 328785 ID: 5aac32

Make as if to shoot the rodent, but shoot the suspect in the white mask and goggles instead.
No. 328880 ID: e8cd4a
File 131123371840.png - (20.42KB , 740x740 , 071.png )

>"It will be my pleasure .."

"If we hurry, we can help Metis hit the station-"

You hesitate as you switch to fire at Adrastea; in this split second, he picks up on your intent and takes desperate evasion.

The first shot misses, but one of three more to follow land right below his core. He drops over the rodent and begins slipping into unconsciousness.

".. You piece of SHIT- Who- Hh .."

If no action is taken, he has a few moments left to live.

You address the rodent.

>"The goggles are a disguise. Now once again, who are you and what are you doing here ?"

"I don't know you. You're out of your mind pointing that thing."

How should you respond ?
No. 328882 ID: 07416a

Point out that you could have killed her. Also radio in that they also want to hit the station and that you've captured a prisoner, while restraining and also ensuring his survival.

And watch out for bugs.
No. 328883 ID: 476456

"You're damn right i'm out of my mind i just shot a man i'm not even sure was an enemy so you better start talking"
No. 328884 ID: 7896f5


Nudge her with your boot and demand some respect, tell her that you just saved her life, for crying out loud. Demand answers.
No. 328885 ID: 55c4cf

throw rice on her.
No. 328901 ID: 7896f5

Also if you could apply your medkit to him and keep him alive, we could have an unconcious prisoner to interrogate later.
No. 328915 ID: 11841d

Lower your weapon, but not your guard. She doesn't fully trust to yet, so be ready to duck out of the way if she tries anything.

As for the man you just shot, bandage and tie him up best you can, and radio in that you have a hostage, if possible. Hopefully center hasn't been wiped out by flyers or something to that effect.
No. 328937 ID: 1ae77f

ugh. shoot the guy in the head to make sure he's dead. and to scare the rodent shitless.
No. 329210 ID: e8cd4a
File 131129906230.png - (30.46KB , 900x900 , 072.png )

>"I just saved your life. I'm out of my mind ? You're absolutely right; I just shot a man I'm not even sure is my enemy. Why don't -you- talk me straight .."

As you lower your revolver to prepare the trauma kit, the rodent remains in place.

"They call themselves Sectalis and they've been following me for a while; out to kill me just a turn ago. It cant be their only goal, though I'd be flattered .."

"Call me Sarah. You're not planning to work on him with me like this, are you ?"

You move the body and begin stabilizing the wound. Sarah gets up slowly and tends to her arm.

Your interface picks up the threat responders making a headcount. Perimeter is wiped out, but it looks like Center and HazEn didn't lose anyone; you buzz in yourself, your new arrest, and warning about the station.

'This is Center. Inferno on far end, otherwise all clear except Catwalk. Advise; lost contact with station. Out.'

[i]"Things don't look good for Overmars. The creatures are getting more dangerous. I'm getting out the moment I can and I suggest you do the same."

Foxtits arrives at the scene. "Comrade, may I assist you ? We're pulling out of here, it's full evacuation with the fires."

>"Get this man to the medical center with armed detail; there may be attempts to rescue him as he recovers."

Sarah grins. "Well, look at that. Orders are orders .. I'm not going with you."

You can ask Sarah more questions, take some action to arrest her, or head to the station.
No. 329212 ID: 476456

Well you have people trying to kill you, we could put you in protective custody or something.

if she declines give her your..phone number? and tell her to call you so she can give you some info or...stuff idk.
No. 329214 ID: 476456

also be real smooth about it.
No. 329221 ID: 68b379

Asking her about the flamethrower thing she did back there might be a good idea. It could be related to your own unusual abilities.
No. 329266 ID: 55c4cf

Put on your aviators. Say something to Foxtits.

I don't care what you say. I just want you to look at her tits.

Real good.
No. 329298 ID: 10d022

Remember her tits. They are important.
No. 329428 ID: 7896f5

Thank Foxtits for her assistance with a boob grope. Then tell Sarah that she's obviously going to be safer with you than running away on her own, as it seems that she's a target for them.

Point out that we could've arrested her too but we haven't. How about a bit of trust?
No. 329447 ID: 15b51b

As I see it, orders to evacuate supersede your previous orders. Follow Foxtits out of here. Help her escort the prisoner. He may have valuable information.

Tell Sarah: "Forget that! You're at the end of your grope, and there's nipples else to go. It'd be breast to come on us to safety. Tit's clear that this place has gone to hell in a handjob. I mean boob job. I mean handbasket."

If that doesn't work, find a shoulder cam (foxtits is in some kind of hazard suit, right?) and yell "WE ARE LEAVING" into it like Hicks in Aliens.
No. 329639 ID: e8cd4a
File 131137565331.png - (24.88KB , 871x871 , 073.png )

>"What do you know about that feathery energy you attacked with ? This isn't an isolated phenomenon .."

Sarah lowers her voice. "Can't remember anything before three turns ago, been attacking and attacked by creatures with similar energy since; I've been retracing my steps to some researchers and a private military group that's disappeared about the same time."

>"It would be breast if you come with us for safety. If you refuse, I'll be listening on common frequency for you; pavi3 and any protocol, actually."

"If custody is your idea of safe, you should look more closely at your own. Don't underestimate them."

Foxtits removes and collapses her hazard suit. She has no problem carrying Adrastea but you move in to help, possibly getting a feel or two, or three in.

The suit recorder might be off but you yell into it anyway.


When you turn around, Sarah is nowhere to be found.

Will you see Foxtits to the medical center to process Adrastea, or leave him before that for the station ?
No. 329643 ID: c891d3

Stick with Foxtits.
No. 329644 ID: 55c4cf

stay with foxtits
No. 329645 ID: 476456

foxtits seems trustworthy being at ground zero bomb threat. Mayhap let her in on the be suspicious of everyone game.
No. 329647 ID: a35261


Follow Foxtits.
No. 329658 ID: 28e94e

Head down to the medical station, we are still high as a kite and are in no real condition to do anything.
No. 329659 ID: 07416a

Also, when you get to the station you should talk to someone about the "I don't remember anything at all from since slightly before the murder." Because that is a thing which should be addressed.
No. 329662 ID: 10d022

Follow Foxtits and fill her in. VIP needs protecting!
No. 329664 ID: 476456

Radio to check on the team with deseret btw.
No. 329665 ID: 0d7a83

>fill her in

No. 329667 ID: 15b51b

This guy seems to know what the fuck, so he's a high value prisoner. Escort Foxtits to the medical center. If there's time after we get there, we can go back to the station, preferably with an actual squad at our back. Also after we heal up ourselves.
No. 329679 ID: 15b51b

Also: What is your rank? Does Foxtits outrank you?
No. 329948 ID: e8cd4a
File 131140087144.png - (31.84KB , 900x900 , 074.png )

>"Foxtits, I think the station's in a bad spot because of someone on the inside. I trust you can help me get to the bottom of this."

"Of course, Comrade."

There is still no response from the station.

You arrive at the medical center without problem. In moments, Adrastea is rushed to a room. An unusual medic asks for details about the injury before getting to work.

You inspect various articles as the medic removes them. Adrastea was carrying a Technopath ULTRA device, Illuminating Throw Flares, a high-power battery and 14.01 Rise. It is also apparent his arms are robotic; he did not carry any form of identification. If you intend to take the ULTRA, you will need to remove your GEAR or pack.

In plain sight is a Trauma Kit and Medical Soda.

You address the nurse managing patient records and visitation.

>"Nobody can visit or know this man is here, will you arrange that effort ? It's very important for everyone's safety."

"What ? I will not .. What are you going to give me for this ?"

You are taken aback by the notion of bribing, but you do have Rise to give. You can offer a bribe using Rise and various goods, try something else to convince him, or forget about it.

Decide what to keep in your pack and offhand. You may discard your pack to equip both GEAR and ULTRA.

Grand 5C, Silla 5C, Medkit 3C, Medsoda 2C, Flare 2C, Snake 1C, Eration 1C

Offhand (10C) :
GEAR / ULTRA (0C) or Pack (5C) :
No. 329954 ID: 476456

"let me rephrase that, people are dead and if you dont want people dead you wont say a word about him"
No. 329956 ID: 0d7a83

Say this. Take off your shades and stare into his soul while you do.
No. 329957 ID: eba49f

Wait, isn't the medical center part of the military base? Military medics shouldn't need bribes to do their jobs.

>unusual medic
sounds suspicious. Ideally you should have at least three people watching the prisoner at all times to make it harder to assassinate or rescue him.
No. 329987 ID: 55c4cf

Use Rice on Wounded.
No. 330011 ID: 252e1b

"This troublemaker is personally responsible for several deaths. He's part of a cult that's very fond of causing collateral damage using an area-effect weapon that breaks down flesh rapidly. If the cult he's a part of learns he survived, they will attempt to recover him, and they will not care how many people here die. It's for your own good."
No. 330030 ID: a35261

Intimidate him. Also I think we should keep the GEAR.
No. 330033 ID: 2563d4

Given past actions you may as well grab his crotch at the same time.
No. 330047 ID: 65c63c

combine GEAR and ULTRA to make ULTRAGEAR.
No. 330048 ID: a35261


Nah, he's a jerk. He doesn't deserve the Ayu Touch.
No. 330101 ID: 54af1f


Yeah this.
No. 330127 ID: 11841d

Inform him there's likely a double-agent, if not several, in our ranks, so the spread of this information could back-fire horribly. If someone MUST know, it must be the highest ranking officials, on a need-to-know basis.

Grab that trauma kit DO IT
No. 330138 ID: 54af1f

Actually, we don't have time for this. Just bribe him and let's be going, the station needs our help.
No. 330280 ID: 15b51b

Give him a smallish bribe and also threaten him with the world exploding and so on if he doesn't do as he's told.

Can you, like, touch a medical thingy and heal up your Integrity bar while it plays a chime? Do that.

See if you can get a team together to help the Station. Foxtits or whatever other soldiers are present. I don't know if you can order people around.

In any case, hurry up to assist them.
No. 330492 ID: e8cd4a
File 131148838416.png - (35.38KB , 900x900 , 075.png )

Offhand : Grand Rifle, Trauma Kit, Arrestor Snake, E-Ration, (Welder / Cutter, Interface, GEAR, ULTRA)

You remove your revolver and pack to equip the ULTRA and trauma kit.

>"Let me rephrase that; you -will- make this effort. People are dead and if you don't want people dead you wont say a word about him. If his accomplices attempt a rescue, they will not hesitate to kill."

The nurse is silent. After a few moments, he walks away with the written records but you don't see what he does with it.

The medical center is not part of a military base. The medics here are civilians with special training; the security station is the command center for security soldiers, but is not a true base and does not have equipment for surgery.

A Gunny arrives to treat your wounds. He seems confused by something after some tests.

"You seem to be unresponsive to the type 1 antibiotic. Have you noticed any unintended effects of drugs ? At any case, take careful note of the effects, it might reveal serious reactions to other substances."

Integrity restored.

Something finally comes through from the station.

'This is Station. Armed party inside cutting around garage lockdown.'
'Sniper's keeping us from getting in. Requesting assistance. Out.'

Foxtits guards the doorway. She keeps her hand on your revolver.

>"What's the time figure for a team to insert at the station ? I'm going to help."

"Minutes if it's just us. We left everyone behind to get here; they should be regrouped and heading to the station. Are you going to call some here ?"

Will you assign soldiers to the medical center and will you bring Foxtits with you ?
No. 330493 ID: 476456

Nobody knows he's here, the two of you can probably go back.
No. 330494 ID: 10d022

First rub that rabbit's ears.
No. 330495 ID: 3b9af0

No. Fox tits is our one true love. We have gone through so much together think of all the times we have had.
No. 330498 ID: 476456

oh and instruct the doctors to keep the man restrained, he's very dangerous.
No. 330499 ID: 07416a

He has robot arms. Robots don't bleed. Take his arms off. You can totally do that without risking his life or ability to speak.
No. 330500 ID: 55c4cf

I support useless Jax emulator enemy simulator.

It will be like mortal kombat only entertaining.
No. 330502 ID: 07416a

Yes, assign mooks to center, remove his arms, then go beat people up.
No. 330503 ID: 15b51b

Remove his robot arms and attach to yourself for quad groping action. In fact, then it will be like you grabbed Sarah's butt.

Reload your ammunition stock, if possible. Ask if Foxtits can put on a spare suit of combat kevlar. Then when she unicode stares at you because nothing fucking fits, head to the Station ASAP.

Unironically say "We're Oscar Mike. Stay frosty."
No. 330504 ID: 0d7a83

No your doing it wrong this not how you make a harem. Also while I really hope it isn't the case we still have to be cautious of Foxtits; she could be the mole.
No. 330521 ID: a35261

Team up with Foxtits to defend the station and solve crimes.
No. 330565 ID: 54af1f

Assign a fire team to the medical center, have the rest mass up and follow you and Foxtits.
No. 330566 ID: eba49f

If you can't remove the arms, use your MECH/TECH skills to disable them (something like disconnecting them from their power source so they will be useless until reconnected.)
No. 330721 ID: e8cd4a
File 131154736908.png - (21.61KB , 601x601 , 076.png )

Using your improved Mechanized and Technopath skills, the arms are easily removed and internally disabled.

The medic agrees to restrain and sedate Adrastea until he is ready to be questioned.

Foxtits gets ready as you call the soldiers over.

>"We're Oscar Mike. Stay frosty."
No. 330729 ID: 07416a

Use a second vest to jury-rig foxtits some chest protection on the way there.
No. 330730 ID: a35261


Protect Foxtit's chest with your hands.
No. 330745 ID: 476456

Keep the arms maybe you can use them for something.
No. 330762 ID: fbd140

looks like he patched you up too. nice.
No. 330764 ID: 15b51b

Replenish your ammunition and head to the station to help.

En route, attempt to figure out how the hell this woman is not slowed down by her chest.

Say "So, how did you get such fantastic, uh, warrior skills?"
No. 330773 ID: 1a218c

Get Foxtits a second vest for her assets, and then replenish your ammunition. After that, head out.
No. 330801 ID: 55c4cf

try not to get everyone disintegrated.
No. 330829 ID: 1a218c

This too.
No. 330928 ID: e8cd4a
File 131156088376.png - (22.03KB , 900x900 , 077.png )

Foxtits keeps the robot arms and gives you her partial magazine of 11 rifle rounds. Your partial magazine now has 13 rounds after consolidating.

"Keep the vest; it .. doesn't fit."

>"How did you get such fantastic .. skills ?"

"You're too nice. I guess I'm supposed to say something smart like 'I was born with them'."

You arrive behind the station, ahead of your reduced backup.

>"Some of ours are incapacitated inside, and the enemy sniper is around the front. Station said the attacker is trying to get into the garage."

"What's the plan ?"
No. 330948 ID: 55c4cf

Go left.
No. 330949 ID: 35e1a0

check that hatch.
No. 330979 ID: 6ef141

Stick to the walls. Go RIGHT side. Use robo arms to hold the rifle, and Foxtits to hold your helmet above. Poke a bit of the rifle outside the corner, the helmet too, move one of the hands into a "forward" motion, and blind fire with robo arm.

If done correctly, and sniper's actually there, he'll see a dude peek out, prepare to advance, and use suppressive fire. He'll fire at the helmet, hoping to kill the guy. And you'll take advantage of that moment to fire back.
No. 330990 ID: 1a218c

Check the console/hatch(?) thing against the wall then make your way t the left. Taking care to stick close to the wall or wherever there are shadows. Keep your ears peeled for any approaching persons.
No. 330991 ID: 0d7a83

This is an insane plan and almost certainly won't work.
Do it.
No. 331046 ID: 15b51b

Go right. Use the ENTRANCE block as cover (I hope it's walled!) and then gun down the two tangos that should hopefully be in view. Your guns aren't really long ranged, and going right should let you get closer without being spotted.

IF you already know the entrance block is not sturdy enough to be used as cover, go left instead, and attempt using the STORAGE block as cover while you gun those guys down.

Either way, stick with Foxtits. You could benefit from flanking the enemy if you split up, but that might allow them to isolate one of you from the other.
No. 331048 ID: 476456

make sure you're clear on both sides then check that hatch
No. 331104 ID: a35261

Check the hatch before anything else, but if it's an entrance don't get in yet. I think we should get rid of that sniper before going in.
No. 331139 ID: 7a2bfb

enter the storage and try to find an alternate way to the sniper.
No. 331149 ID: 28e94e

I approve.
No. 331182 ID: 54af1f

Check out the hatch straight ahead of you before doing anything.
No. 331223 ID: e8cd4a
File 131162871121.png - (20.00KB , 900x900 , 078.png )

>"We're going to find and stop the sniper. Our weapons aren't the best match for this, but I have an idea .."

The hatch leads to a storage room you have seen before. The last time you were there, you saw a Lever Bow and other items; you might take it or its optical sight to even the fight. However, you don't actually know what's below and getting back up might be a problem.

You also have the tools and skills to upgrade your rifle on the spot; one of these upgrades powers and enables a round superposition module below the main barrel. The 'stacked fire' gives your rifle high penetration capability, although it still requires a sight or imaging attachment for accuracy and precision. Upgrading equipment will consume a Super Bit.

>".. Otherwise, we're going to engage."
No. 331224 ID: a35261


Nah, don't go into storage for the sight, we might end up engaging the entire enemy group by accident. Let's try the distraction with the robotic arms idea, I guess we have no better idea.
No. 331298 ID: d65135

Drop into the hatch with Foxtits waiting to pull you back out once you get a hold of the Lever bow, salvage the scope and preform upgrade and go through with >>330979's plan
No. 331302 ID: 54af1f

I think we need an optic. Drop down with fox tits holding you as suggested
No. 331321 ID: b4f276

grab the sight even if you don't upgrade it. shouldn't cost you anything if you use Foxtits' CLVG inventory space.
No. 331326 ID: 11841d

grab the sight, just in case. Store it in Foxtits' inventory if necessary.
No. 331332 ID: 476456

Get that bow, ask how good a shot foxtits is.
No. 331363 ID: e8cd4a
File 131164845035.png - (22.63KB , 900x900 , 079.png )

You power the hatch and the bay door opens. There are two loud bangs, like metal warping under pressure.

>"How good of a shot are you ?"

"Terrible. I'll need to get pretty close to do anything; you ?"

>"I'll shoot. There should be a sight I can use down here; give me a hand."

As Foxtits lowers you down, there is a another bang.

"Creatures, inbound-"

Suddenly she lets go.
No. 331373 ID: 476456

aw shizzle.
No. 331437 ID: e8cd4a
File 131165322174.png - (19.18KB , 900x900 , 080.png )

You are inside storage; all bones accounted for. With some light from above it's not completely dark.

As your eyes adjust, you think you can see the bow. You'll have to use your snake to exit through where you came in unless you brave the station interior.

You hear revolver shots above. Dare you shine your gunlight or call out ?
No. 331502 ID: 10d022

Snake that bitch. Make sure Foxtits is okay.
No. 331554 ID: 7fab26

did you just say Technopath Indiana Jones? because I think you said that. which means why are you even asking fucking DO IT
No. 331562 ID: 15b51b

Fuck fuck what happened to your grapple thingy? You had a grapple thingy!

Stack a bunch of shit ASAP and get up there to help her.
No. 331584 ID: 1854db

Grab the bow and get out fast.
No. 331657 ID: a35261

Grab the bow and use the fuck out of the snake to grapple your way out. Come out with your revolver at hand.
No. 331689 ID: 54af1f

You came for the bow. Use your light to find it, and call out to foxtits, grab the bow, then snake out.
No. 331693 ID: 55c4cf

No. 331699 ID: 54af1f

If she yells or even more, if she doesn't, snake back out immediately and save her.
No. 331713 ID: 28e94e

Snake up and help Foxtits, then head back down and grab the sight. Might also want to grab that AT gun while you're there, I've got a feeling that it might come in handy.
No. 331789 ID: e8cd4a
File 131171563292.png - (20.25KB , 900x900 , 081.png )

>"Sound off !"

"Hurting, but I'm up ! .. Do you smell that ? .."

Your interface picks up the utility container. There should be a Medical Soda inside.

You rush over to the bow and decide to remove the sight, having weighed the alternative of swapping your rifle and ration to bring it up.

As you are working, a creature strikes from the shadows.

You have the sight; will you fight or run ?
No. 331790 ID: 476456

Kick and shoot.
No. 331791 ID: a35261


Run! Foxtits is under enemy fire and hit, don't waste time down here. Snake your way up and shut the hatch behind you.
No. 331806 ID: 07416a

Kill it. She'll need that medical soda.
No. 331807 ID: 54af1f

kick it up and shoot it out the air, then grab the medical soda and go go go
No. 331810 ID: 35e1a0

get the soda.
No. 331814 ID: 15b51b

Kick it away, shoot it, get the soda, bring it to Foxtits. Stick together from now on.
No. 331834 ID: 1a218c

Kick it away then shoot it. Don't bother making sure you hit it, just grab the soda and snake your butt out of there.
Foxtits needs your backup, bros before foes man.
No. 331857 ID: c8ceae

fight, and then go up and fight some more.
No. 331990 ID: e8cd4a
File 131173373992.png - (21.69KB , 900x900 , 082.png )

Your kick is rather weakened, serving only to phase the creature. There's no time for this; you secure the medical soda and fire the snake ..
No. 332007 ID: e8cd4a
File 131173458305.png - (26.04KB , 900x900 , 083.png )

Above, you are greeted by Foxtits. You pull out a CURE-F soda.

>"Drink this."

"Great fists that tastes awful .. I think it did the trick."

>"Let's try to stick together."

The robot arms are difficult to control, but you manage to have it grasp your rifle; you don't know if it will reliably fire when commanded or hold in place against the recoil.

>"This is an insane plan and almost certainly won't work .."
No. 332010 ID: 476456

well you could send out a rice/guitar golem to distract them i guess.
No. 332013 ID: 07416a

Well sure, but all we're risking is someone elses arms.
No. 332249 ID: bcdce8


perhaps try to think of a better plan and scan the area for anything useful??
No. 332263 ID: 11841d

Regardless, it'll still grab their attention. Roll with it.
No. 332264 ID: a35261

Attach the sight to your rifle if you haven't done it already. Also seal the hatch, you don't want those buggers suddenly flying out and biting your ass.

The only other plan I can think about now is give the rifle to foxtits, then you go left, take cover and a few shots with your revolver at the sniper to catch his attention. Meanwhile Foxtits goes right and snipes the sniper out while he's distracted.

It's a pretty dangerous plan but I have no better idea.
No. 332292 ID: 54af1f

Is Foxtits a good shot? If so give her the scope, you're using your rifle in the insane plan.
No. 332304 ID: 15b51b

Abandon awful plan.

Set up firing position targeting the blips you saw earlier, using an available corner as cover, and engage them before you're spotted.
No. 332404 ID: 55c4cf

get the soda even if you don't need it for her you can do a body shot off of foxtits.
No. 332425 ID: 6fe91c

This plan could work, but it would be best to reverse Ayu and Foxtits' roles, since Foxtits already said she wasn't a good shot. Even if it was implied she's bad with a bow she also probably sucks with a gun as well.
No. 332427 ID: e8cd4a
File 131180586952.png - (34.07KB , 900x900 , 084.png )

You seal the hatch and set up around the corner. You stick the robot arms out and fire six rounds blind. It draws out the sniper who returns fire with a single round, clipping your cover.

Across the clear is a Jade and avian soldier. The Jade looks badly wounded and the avian very focused on stabilizing her. In the next area is rows of trees to the right, trees and rock faces to the left; the enemy is likely roosted in one of these locations.

Will you advance, stay behind cover, or take aim ?

"Orders, Comrade-"
No. 332428 ID: bcdce8


Take aim and try to pinpoint his exact location
No. 332429 ID: 476456

Have foxtits keep working the arms, snake out into the mid center of the plaza and take a shot then dive behind the cover with the other two soldiers if you miss.
No. 332431 ID: bcdce8


Use your snake to zip across and help the soldiers!
No. 332432 ID: c0b2b8


second. dunno if the arms are necessary, but having Miss Tails McShittyaim distract the sniper while you approach him from a second angle is clever. she doesn't need to fire until you get in position though.
No. 332468 ID: 54af1f

Have Foxtits run forward to the small entrance ahead of you while you cover her. That should draw out the sniper and let you shoot him.
No. 332473 ID: 6fe91c

It may be a good idea to meet up with the Jade and Avian, but that may also put them in even more danger.
Ask how good at running and dodging Foxtits is. If the answer is favorable then it may work in out favor to have her run toward the other two and draw fire while you snipe from the sidelines. Should you fail to to hit and she still be alive then she can question the others about the snippers position.

That is of course, provided they are friends and not foes.

Long story shot.
Foxtits: move/dodge (if capable enough)
Ayu: attack 2 (if Fox tits can run better then she can aim)
No. 332791 ID: 55c4cf

Go left.
No. 332817 ID: 476456

Watch for traps leading up to the sniper
No. 332858 ID: e8cd4a
File 131183611666.png - (14.96KB , 602x602 , 085.png )

Your snake is currently unusable, so you instruct Foxtits to head for the soldiers and draw fire.

By some miracle, you catch the sniper's movement as Foxtits makes a hook. It takes three careful shots, but the last is a hit. The sight provides good feedback but you could not confirm a kill.

>"That's a hit !"

The sniper is to the left. A moment passes and you lose visual.

Will you look for the sniper, look for soldiers, head to the garage or enter the station ?
No. 332876 ID: bcdce8


look for the sniper
No. 332896 ID: 0d7a83

Try to find the sniper and take his position. If he isn't down you need to use this window to get close.
No. 332958 ID: a35261

Look for the sniper, we have to confirm the kill. Tell Foxtits to stay with the wounded soldiers and cover your back.
No. 332968 ID: e12711

oh fuck help Foxtits
No. 332977 ID: 54af1f

Have foxtits put cover fire onto the sniper's position while you move up and confirm the kill.
No. 332988 ID: 10d022

Fairly sure that's just her and the soldier that was pinned down. She's not in danger.
No. 333050 ID: e8cd4a
File 131189198397.png - (46.82KB , 900x900 , 086.png )

"The soldiers are busy using the window to transport injured. Heavy casualties; we're on our own."

>"Lets find the Sniper."

At the roost is a used injector, a Forte Manual Rifle, and a container, but the Sniper is nowhere to be found. The rifle is an old model and less capable than yours. There is a note on the rifle that reads 'Gates Vista -Ganymede'

The bridge from Wolfram Square leads to Gates Vista, a large woods.

Inside the container is an energy disruptor / Plasma Director Gun; it can be fired at electrical devices to disrupt them, but the gun cannot cause injury unless modified.

>"What do they want that's in the garage ?"

"Whatever it is, they're probably inside by now. What should we do ?"
No. 333051 ID: f5e4b4


Well, the sniper ran away, wounded and leaving his weapons here, so he shouldn't be threat anymore.

Give the Energy Disruptor to Foxtits, it looks like the kind of weapon you don't need to be a crackshot to use.

Then head back to the garage and go in with extreme caution.
No. 333052 ID: 476456

deliberate setting the woods on fire.
No. 333053 ID: 55c4cf

turn around to face foxtits, go left from there.
No. 333062 ID: 1444d5

Unless there's another exit to the Garage, camp out at the entrance with the PDG.
No. 333071 ID: 33bd97

you're a mechtech, you can modify it. later. take it.

approach garage from the most discreet angle.
No. 333144 ID: 54af1f

Let's move in and clear the station
No. 333304 ID: e8cd4a
File 131190832404.png - (27.68KB , 900x900 , 087.png )

Foxtits takes the plasma gun and the two of you discreetly approach the garage.

There are two heavy doors, one at ground level and another below. Your ULTRA detects two unidentified signals inside; they are not on set frequencies.

You can hear robotic movements and an electrical engine.

"Your guess is as good as mine-"
No. 333308 ID: 07416a

Robots are probably bad. Pop out and zap em. What's the ammo situation on the plasma gun?
No. 333313 ID: 476456

Man this day just keeps getting worse.
No. 333392 ID: 55c4cf

good thing foxtits has that anti-brobot gun or whatevs. heat up rice. Scatter the rice everywhere away from yourself, have foxtits attack when they react to the rice. then shoot any opposition that you have the opportunity to.
No. 333497 ID: f5e4b4

Open the door in ground level, go ahead with Foxtits behind you. At first sight of the robots, tell her to fire the plasma gun.
No. 333545 ID: 54af1f

This sounds good.
No. 333722 ID: e8cd4a
File 131198328333.png - (41.44KB , 900x900 , 088.png )

>"What's the count on that plasma gun ?"

"It's battery ammunition; 41s, about full."

>"Follow me. Fire at any machine you see."

You switch to an explosive magazine and head towards the ground level door when you are suddenly rocked by a massive explosion. Foxtits fails to defend herself from a stream of Regal Machine Turret bullets.

"I'm hit I'm hit-"

You can hear the engine throttle up. Foxtits is badly injured and likely bleeding out.

Will you return fire, reposition, or take cover ?
No. 333727 ID: f5e4b4


Fuck. Return fire, see if you can destroy the sentry before it shoots at you. Yell at Foxtits to take cover.
No. 333730 ID: 07416a

FUCK. Take cover, switch to explosive clip, shred this motherfucker and SAVE FOXTITS.
No. 333739 ID: 55c4cf

told ya to throw rice see what happens.

take cover with fox tits, tend to her. tend real good
No. 333823 ID: 54af1f

Use explosive rounds on the thing while you rush over to stop Foxtits from bleeding out.
No. 334164 ID: 15b51b

Return fire and try to get Foxtits into cover.
No. 334304 ID: e8cd4a
File 131206676950.png - (36.15KB , 900x900 , 089.png )

"Freezing it- Incoming !"

Foxtits freezes the turret and you fire two bursts. Only a few rounds hit, but the explosives ravage various mechanisms and ignites it.

As you rush over to Foxtits, an armored car plows through the bomb smoke and slows, climbing up the ramp. You can see small windows with body armor propped up from the inside.

"Look out- the turret's back up .." Her voice grows weaker.

For the injury, you can give Foxtits your trauma kit, apply the trauma kit yourself, or throw her a psychoactives injector.

For threats, you need to decide what Foxtits will freeze if at all; the currently obscured turret or the car.

With no line of sight for the plasma gun and the turret back up, you must plan and approach carefully.

What will you do ?
No. 334311 ID: f5e4b4

The both of you be sure to be out the turret's range, carry Foxtits if it's necessary. Use the trauma kit on her and tell her to zap the incoming car. THen be ready to unleash a rain of bullets over it.
No. 334314 ID: 476456

See if she can cover you while you move her/ kit her.
No. 334341 ID: 07416a

You've got cover. Freeze the vehicle and wait for the turret's bullets to cook off while kitting foxtits.
No. 334353 ID: 7889cb

Foxtits stays put under cover and keeps an eye out for incoming hostiles while you tend to her wounds.
No. 334418 ID: 55c4cf

"tend" her "wounds"
No. 334451 ID: e8cd4a
File 131208659359.png - (35.59KB , 900x900 , 090.png )

>"Freeze the car- !"

"On it. The beam will break; don't get shot or run over while it builds charge-"

You apply the trauma kit to Foxtits and stop the bleeding. Just as you finish, the plasma gun gives off a break indicator and the car climbs.

The turret searches for targets; it is functional but will steadily break down in its flames.

You can fire at the car, try to enter it from above, or retreat to cover.

Foxtits remains injured but able; will she prioritize freezing the turret, the car, or do something else ?
No. 334452 ID: 07416a

Freeze the car, wait to shoot anyone who pops out.
No. 334461 ID: c08c8b

it's a tough call. entering the car and disabling it from the inside would be the most efficient, but the turret prevents you from doing so safely. you can freeze the turret, but that'd unfreeze the car and make it mobile. consider trying to enter the car or kill its occupants without exposing yourself to the turret's line of sight.
No. 334465 ID: 07416a

Orrr, if it's not too armored, just blow the engine up.
No. 334466 ID: 476456

well make sure the car has no turrets.
No. 334475 ID: f5e4b4

No. 334478 ID: f5e4b4

Let's play it safe, we're not in a position to be reckless. Freeze the car, be ready to shoot anyone who comes out (and it's an enemy), stay out of the turret's sight.
No. 334531 ID: 1444d5

Freeze the car, and take cover/use it as cover while the turret burns out.
No. 334546 ID: 55c4cf

Freeze the car, back her up and take cover if possible.
No. 334562 ID: 54af1f

Ok I'm guessing that what we're facing here is something that's subverted the robotics in the base. Keep the car frozen and check the occupant, stay out of the turrets line of fire.

Assuming the occupant isn't a threat, use the car as cover to take down the turret and then see about disabling the car.
No. 334655 ID: e8cd4a
File 131215264043.png - (35.44KB , 900x900 , 091.png )

>"Keep freezing the car; the turret will cook off-"

Sure enough it does, but not before the beam breaks a second time. The car gains speed and makes it to the top of the ramp.

A volley of explosive rounds might damage the engine block or windows enough to do something. You might also use your GEAR to disable or gain access to the vehicle.

>"How is the driver seeing anything .."

"It's running out; make this one count-"
No. 334657 ID: 07416a

No. 334661 ID: 28e94e

Can't you just destroy the wheels/treads? If not, just disable it with the GEAR.
No. 334662 ID: cacb83


GEAR up this motherfucker and stop the car!
No. 334732 ID: 9cedfd

open it and riddle everyone inside full of holes.
No. 334746 ID: 55c4cf

Gain access to the vehicle. Make it crash. Surf on it through a wall or barrier.
No. 334890 ID: 252e1b

GEAR the car to a halt, then open the door, get on the floor, everybody kill the dinosaur!
No. 334992 ID: 54af1f

Use GEAR to disable it. It's almost certainly not under the driver's control.
No. 335095 ID: e8cd4a
File 131223488722.png - (23.18KB , 808x808 , 092.png )

You remove a panel and the entire battery block using your GEAR. The engine is silenced, but you are baffled when it picks up again, dragging you off your feet.

>"I don't understand-"

The armored car speeds and, most strangely, steers away from the station.

Foxtits is stable but needs medical attention. There may be unfinished business at the station, and only you two are aware of the rogue vehicle; what will you relay in an alert if anything ?

"Where is it heading ?"
No. 335103 ID: cacb83

Welp. Call HQ, inform of a vehicle with unidentified occupants leaving the station.

Now, Foxtits isn't in shape to go in with you in there, but there's no time to take her to the hospital, and it wouldn't be responsible to leave her or make her go alone.

So, once you're sure the turret is completely fried, go in carefully. Foxtits follows you from behind, taking cover and staying always out of sight.
No. 335109 ID: 54af1f

Take Foxtits back to that soldier you saw earlier after you've finished telling HQ about the van then move inside.
No. 335113 ID: e1c562

Foxtits must live, you need to find her medical aid!
No. 335174 ID: 28e94e

"Hostiles leaving in an APC from [exit they used]. Be advised, the APC apparently has extensive internal modifications of an unknown nature."
Then get Foxtits medical aid ASAP.
No. 335186 ID: 07416a

Shit, can foxtits freeze it again? This time long enough to fire a burst of explosives into the hatch you opened? From a range, of course.
No. 335189 ID: 35e1a0

TAKE THE SHOT! send a few explosive rounds at it. hope you hit something important.
No. 335316 ID: e8cd4a
File 131226802876.png - (9.96KB , 411x411 , 093.png )

You grow quite angry as once more things have turned bad to worse. The chaos and loss of life is a devastating blow to your efforts and in such bewildering events, you are overcome by a sense of futility and frustration.

You vent your anger at the car. Two well-placed bursts leave dents and some holes on the engine block, but to no further effect.

>".. Lets get you to a soldier. This isn't over .."
No. 335359 ID: e8cd4a
File 131227362055.png - (33.29KB , 900x900 , 094.png )

The Sakau root is -really- strong, but this is what your sugar stick is for ! The sweetness takes over the bitter, waxy taste, but is probably destroying your teeth. You'll be sure to brush right after.

Now that the craving is gone; your only concern is if the voices come back .. They do seem to be proportional to the bitterness.

The voices don't interfere with your duty at checkpoint .. usually. If your mental health came into the slightest question or anyone caught you chewing Root on such a sensitive job, you would be sacked for sure.

Where are your things anyway ? Everything seems to have been opened and rearranged. It's a relief you keep the Sakau on you and in arms reach at all times so you can chuck it if needed. You want to find your weapon, at the very least ..
No. 335370 ID: bc30ea

It looks like there's one of those batons on the floor just there, a bit ahead of you. Take it, it's better than nothing.

And by the way, what's your name and what are you doing here?
No. 335395 ID: 07416a

Peep. Peepeeepeep peep peeeep peeepeepeep.

No. 335434 ID: 476456

show us yo teef
No. 335439 ID: 62b2f5

hurr retrieve hands from closet durr
No. 335466 ID: 28e94e

Weapon on the ground at the opposite end of the room, and there's probably something in that lockbox.
No. 335567 ID: e8cd4a
File 131231723766.png - (35.05KB , 900x900 , 095.png )

.. Here they come. You feel like entertaining the voices this time. Ignoring them is usually no better.

>Take the Baton, it's better than nothing.

You find and equip the baton. It'll have to do for now.

>What's your name and what are you doing here ?

This is what you like about the voices; it's like meeting new people ! They're often at least a little interested in who you are and what you do when most everyone won't bother.

Your name is Carl. You are an Overmars ranger stationed at the bridge in Gates Vista; your shift watching the traffic between Wolfram Square, Mariner and its Prison is resuming. You need good reason for passage into Mariner; it's a vast private compound with its own military group and only persons with the credentials may pass. All others, for even the soundest reasons, are suspect.

For the moment you are trying to find your things, at the very least a peep from the previous shift or an explanation for this mess, should that fail.


Peep. Peepeep peeep peepeep.

>Show us your teef.

You bear your teeth. It gets a little awkward so you stop. People get this weird idea that avian phenotypics don't have teeth; they're all just minor morphological variants of a single species, avians included.

>There's something in that lockbox.

The safe and gun locker both require keys, but you could wreck the locker door with the baton if need be. The only key you have was to get inside, where all the other keys are for some reason, not.

Why were there hands in the closet ?
No. 335569 ID: 476456

like robot hands or hands hands?
No. 335572 ID: bc30ea


Look around the desks, see if you can find the key. Also look at what's showing up in the monitors.

If you can't find the key, break open the gun box and the locker with your baton.

No. 335610 ID: c5fc25

look around for the keys before causing property damage, and check the monitor. Also, see if you notice anything else out of place other then the keys and your stuff.
No. 335662 ID: 2ad8b0

play around with the computer. look for any info you might need. avoid surfing for porn.

wreck the locker, because who cares it's just a fucking locker. it's not like they have any other purpose beyond looting.

I'm guessing you won't be able to bypass the safe's security measures? what are your skills and objectives, anyway?
No. 335685 ID: 28e94e

You seem to have lost your connection to HQ, might want to correct that immediately. Until then, grab the biggest gun you can find from the locker and manually verify any vehicles that come your way.
No. 335732 ID: e8cd4a
File 131232846127.png - (32.49KB , 900x900 , 096.png )

>Robot hands or hands hands ?

They felt like cork or wood prop hands.

>Look around for the keys and what's on the monitors.

You find the safe key. Inside the safe is a reference sheet for the network and radio encryption. It looks like the signal on the network monitor was dropped and didn't synchronize; using the sheet, you bring it back online. It'll be harder to access systems like power, cable car or vehicle barrier and alarm without an interface, but you're familiar enough with the levers in the electrical room below to manage the systems without. The other monitor shows various camera feeds; nothing unusual happening.


Peepeepeep. Peepeepeep.

>See if anything else is out of place.

You wonder what -is- in place. The periscope and camera feed are there as well as the intercom, rations and battery blocks. You do realize this looks like someone broke in and searched for something, but nothing was taken to your knowledge.

>Wreck the locker.

After considerable effort, you get it half open. The locker door was already so warped that had you used a key it probably wouldn't open anyway.

>What are your skills and objectives ?

Being a ranger, you have outdoors survival and navigation skills, excellent stamina, patience, and experience with wildlife, but being an aves, you don't have the best strength as evidenced by your wrecking effort. Also, you can't fly. You're just starting border duty and still getting the hang of being stuck on a bridge. You have far more experience with backwoods raids, mapping and reconnaissance.

Your job is to stop any vehicles or persons, inspect, and pass credentials. You will also need to keep an eye on the surrounding woods for trespassing by foot; you have the authority to engage trespassers with deadly force at this particular checkpoint.

>Grab the biggest gun you can find.

You can see a Lever Bow inside the locker, but you'll need to bend the door a little more to get it out.

You spot a vehicle approaching below. At the same time, the intercom and network monitor light up.

"Ranger, what the shit are you doing in the cable room ?"


.. You're not in the cable room ..

You haven't gotten the bow yet. What will you do ?
No. 335739 ID: bc30ea

Keep forcing the door and get the lever bow, the baton alone isn't going to be of much help if that vehicle has hostiles inside, specially if you aren't particularly strong.

Stay low and don't let them see you until you get that weapon. If you can report the incoming vehicle, do it.
No. 335750 ID: 87c8e0

please tell me your name isn't actually Ranger.

tell 'em you're trying to grab a weapon to take with you as you intercept an incoming vehicle while trying to grab aforementioned weapon.
No. 335775 ID: 28e94e

Bust open the locker, grab the bow and run outside. Also put on your awesome hat.
No. 335782 ID: 476456

grab dat bow
No. 335804 ID: c5fc25

Report the car if you can and do your best to get the bow. Duty comes first though, so if you must, then leave the bow to check the car.

I believe the previous post stated his name was Carl.
No. 335832 ID: e8cd4a
File 131234313713.png - (23.47KB , 864x864 , 097.png )

You force the door open and obtain the bow. It has ten bolts. There are Throw Flames and a single explosive bolt in confiscation. You don't trust it; looks improvised.

You can see the vehicle very clearly now. It's one of the security armored cars.

As you begin to report the vehicle, it seems HQ just broadcast a rogue vehicle alert for .. an armored car-

You need to re-engage the barrier -now-. Your memory fails you as you fumble with two codes that return errors. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of the intruder in the cable room across the checkpoint .. An anteater ? There might have been a soldier anteater-

>'Checkpoint GV to WS Actual. Copy. Contact with hostile vehicle; will engage and deny. Out.'

You tweet back on the intercom-

>"Trooper, get the fack out here ! Intruder in cable room, that is -not- me-"

There's no time for this; the rogue vehicle takes precedence. You race downstairs, bow in hand.

You take a look at the cable room from below. Are those explosives ? Those are explosives-

The armored car approaches. You could use another root or three right now ..
No. 335833 ID: 476456

hows a lever bow work anyhow
No. 335847 ID: 28e94e

QUICKLY call in the bombs ("Bombs in the cable room" will suffice) then use a firebomb and the explosive bolt on the armored car.
No. 335918 ID: a372a7

Uh, doesn't sound like you have much of a chance against an armored vehicle, but try to shoot at the wheels I guess and hope you have good aim and luck.
No. 335931 ID: 3b9af0

Hit it with a stick.
No. 335978 ID: 252e1b

Use that confiscated bolt against the car. Aim just under it, you want to hit the underside (the least heavily armored part, likely).
No. 335992 ID: 63c45f

explosive bolt to the car. can you even do anything to prevent the explosives from going off?
No. 336189 ID: e8cd4a
File 131242008368.png - (27.24KB , 900x900 , 098.png )

You see the trooper make his way up and stop past the room. You quickly call in the explosives.

>"Explosives on the cable room !"

At your highest panic in a good while, you take out the bolt cartridge but slow to place the explosive round in carefully. A premature detonation would end things really fast.

>How's a lever bow work anyhow ?

Like this. You take aim and your bolt sails off. The explosion blasts a hole just in front of a wheel. Although the bolt may have disintegrated an armor panel with a direct hit, it would not have been enough to stop the vehicle. The car's speed lends to instability as it jumps violently passing the crater.

The car slows, fixing its steering when suddenly there is a massive explosion from above. The blast throws you off balance, and you watch in awe as parts of the structure collapse in front of the vehicle, causing it to swerve into a wall and stop.

Your fellow trooper is buried in rubble; you aren't confident you can help him, especially with the additional threats.
No. 336193 ID: 476456

Whoa awesome, check if he made it.
No. 336200 ID: 5d1dd5

advance towards the trooper, but do so while aiming towards the hostiles (and firing at them if they're in sight). seek cover in the rubble, and pull your comrade behind it as well. if you're both still alive, treat him.
No. 336213 ID: c5fc25

See if you can locate and help your comrade. Follow that up with making your way to the vehicle, doing your best to not be noticed of course.
No. 336268 ID: 28e94e

Firebomb the armored car, the fuel will get in the engine and disable it while you get your man out of there.
No. 336307 ID: 55c4cf

can you throw your voice? PEEP PEEP PEEP all over then rambo out.
No. 336404 ID: fdfbe6

Reload the bow and head towards the rubble, pointing your weapon towards the vehicle. Only shoot if hostiles come out of it.

Try to save your comrade in trouble.
No. 336539 ID: e8cd4a
File 131250180440.png - (18.84KB , 496x496 , 099.png )

>"Trooper, sound off !"

There is no reply. You hurl some flame at the vehicle.

As the fire spreads, a hatch opens. A masked individual hurls a bolt of energy your way.

You fail to avoid the attack and you burst in flames. You dive behind some rubble in the likely direction of the trooper and fight the pain.

You hear revolver shots; someone else is engaging the vehicle from above. Will you return fire, search for the trooper, or run ?
No. 336540 ID: 55c4cf

visualize not being fried chicken, get up rocky!
No. 336541 ID: 476456

return fire.
No. 336559 ID: b50cc2

stop, drop and roll towards the trooper.
No. 336560 ID: fdfbe6

Return fire, masked enemy is being distracted by your unknown ally.
No. 336563 ID: 07416a

Check to see if he's facing your way, if no then sprint towards the thing. Get too close for him to hit you.
No. 336621 ID: 875f9c

Wait. I must ask you something very, very, very important.
Are you still on fire?
No. 336628 ID: 11841d

Reload your bow, see what you can do to assist your ally.
No. 336813 ID: c5fc25

If still on fire then put that shit out, if not, then reload and wait until the enemy is distracted. Then fire.
No. 336877 ID: e8cd4a
File 131257812578.png - (34.41KB , 900x900 , 100.png )

You fail to douse the flames and the damage continues. Summoning all your willpower, you take aim and return fire. It's not a kill shot, but e twists violently at what is certainly a deep injury and rolls over, out of sight.

This sucks.
No. 336878 ID: 476456

Be less on fire D:
No. 336883 ID: e73d25


Just drop on the ground and roll the fuck around until you're not on fire anymore
No. 336888 ID: c5fc25

Stop, drop, and roll, preferably in the dust.
If you have any items that we don't know about, then now would be a good time to mention it, since they maybe able to fix this firey situation.
No. 336892 ID: 35e1a0

like yourself on orange fire to negate the green fire then roll it out.
No. 337063 ID: 55c4cf

find some red ground for contrast
No. 337142 ID: 5a7dd9

No. 337332 ID: e8cd4a
File 131267137483.png - (32.47KB , 706x706 , 101.png )

No. 337340 ID: e8cd4a
File 131267394694.png - (21.88KB , 585x585 , 102.png )

No. 337380 ID: 0d7a83

Carl, you are the baddest ass.
No. 337397 ID: e8cd4a
File 131268329788.png - (22.31KB , 900x900 , 103.png )

>"It's too late for him .."

"This is the worst in a long while .. Can you make sense of this ? Immolated, Drowned, Crushed, Suffocated .. -Disintegrated- .. it's a circus-

Hey ! What do you think you're doing here-"

"I am Anne, the Overmars affairs manager. I will speak to Ayu, the sole survivor of the Edison incident-"

"Your Honor, I can assure you that despite these setbacks we are investigating the incident-"

"While I show patience for this security department, I cannot ignore the increasing magnitude of disasters in such short time. I've just received word that the Gates Vista bridge is destroyed and what doubtful support from Mariner is further delayed. I am prepared to order curfews or an evacuation; I suggest you share with me your most important perspective on this. These developments are a mystery to me most; you can help me do my job and keep this humble nation standing, but we must level our understandings."

You detect an insincerity from her claim of confoundment.

You can think of several points to push for.
Sectalis Ring / Why Sarah ?
Creature Empowering ?
Mariner forces ?
Populace Security ?
Other phenomena users / Why researchers and Mariner ?

Will you oppose a curfew or evacuation ?

Anne is of a position to provide invaluable information to your investigation. You want to ask why she couldn't meet Satalice and how you might be able to find him; is there anything else you want to discuss ?
No. 337400 ID: 950529

Bodyslam her against the ground and jam your pistol into her mouth, then tell her she has three seconds to tell you the truth or join her fellow terrorists in eternal silence.
No. 337401 ID: 35e1a0

let's talk about the creatures.
No. 337403 ID: 476456

the sectalis ring, then overreact.
No. 337407 ID: c5fc25

Ask for:
1. A death toll; Citizen, ally, and enemy.
2. If there has been any update on Kari/Melissa's whereabouts.
3. If there have been any other strange happening going on that you have not heard about yet.
Along with the other things you've mentioned before, if possible, and don't oppose a curfew or evacuation. The fewer civilians in your way the better.
No. 337408 ID: 28e94e

No. 337468 ID: 7ef948

No. 337547 ID: 759c84

Press about the Sectalis Ring, and give her the sternest look so she knows you know she's not being sincere.

Also yeah, the way shit is going dow they should impose a curfew and start evacuating people.

PS: Carl, the saddest peep ; _;
No. 337561 ID: 68051e

Man, what's even up with those things coming out of her head like that?

Ask about the dealiebobs. By ask I mean yank on them questionably.
No. 337592 ID: 55c4cf

Break into song and sing, "I want to touch you right now."
No. 337628 ID: 10d022

:D It's Sterling!

Give him a hug.
No. 337791 ID: e8cd4a
File 131275686472.png - (11.53KB , 497x497 , 104.png )

>"Resident creatures are becoming very dangerous. Many have gained the ability to project caustic energies. I support a curfew and evacuations if it will serve as protection from this."

"Dozens of creature attacks have been reported since the last Turn. There are three which stick out involving persons who fought back and neutralized threats in 'spectacular display'; a rodent who was wanted for trespassing, and two unusuals nearby the home of a Yakona person who claims e saw the wanted Melissa before a quake leveled the place."

>"Do you have an update on the whereabouts of Kari / Melissa ?"

Sterling speaks. "She's connected to some thefts at the square. A hardware shopkeep tried to fight her off and got a good look; of the items taken is a camping bed, burner, trenching shovel, rope stakes, and optics, but she dropped a water filter escaping. The other theft, an artists office, is in similar style but is not clear what items were taken. Strangely, there's been no reports since."

>"There is a ring called Sectalis that is responsible for some recent crimes; their signature is white goggles. They have attempted to murder the rodent you mention. Any idea what they're planning ?"

"I've been following the white goggles around some arms dealing; if we can take this right to the heart and hit hard or at least get answers, we should. I know they're connected to some dozen decapitations and are virtually invisible to regular patrol. As much as they are a menace, their motives are unclear."

Anne grows nervous at your mention of the rodent. She covers her mouth with her hand briefly before returning to attention.

>"Is there a death toll ? Citizen, ally, or enemy ?"

Anne speaks. "Of the confirmed dead, 7 soldiers from Edison, 15 today at the square and 16 civilians, with about 3 soldiers and 80 civilians missing. The missing numbers are still coming in, mostly from the coast and woods' shantytowns."

You reach out and tug on Anne's ear.

>"Are there any strange occurrences I might not be aware of ?"

"What are you doing-

There's rumor of a riot being planned within the Mariner prison. It would also seem a good portion of the Mariner military has packed up and left. Closer to home, there's been reports of ghouls and corpses showing up in the woods, the rangers cant make sense of it. Will you please let go-"

>"Try to keep it down so nobody hears-"

"Where would you like to take the investigation ?"
No. 337795 ID: 476456

tug on her ear a little bit.
No. 337796 ID: 10d022

That is not a Sterling hug but acceptable I guess. Make sure you hug him before he gets away.
No. 337813 ID: 759c84

Let's investigate the woods, ghouls and shit showing up sounds hella suspicious. Ask her if she knows anything about the rodent, she seems to be hiding something about her.
No. 337816 ID: 07416a

Stick a dongly in your mouth and tongue it for a bit.
No. 337866 ID: c5fc25

Inquire more into the rodent, she's definitely not saying something important.
While all that other stuff sounds important, we should probably head after Melissa. The items she took lead one to believe she plans to be camping out. If that woods is near where she was last heard from then we should check there, if not then go where she was last spotted and question the folks yourself.
No. 337902 ID: 55c4cf

Ignore all the impulses to do weird things to dongles.

Investigate things.
No. 337981 ID: 3b9af0

Compromise. Check for breast cancer. We've done that to everyone else so far.
No. 338125 ID: e8cd4a
File 131284287301.png - (9.37KB , 434x434 , 105.png )

As you let go of Anne's ear, there is a slight scent of ozone.

"I will arrange an evacuation immediately. I suggest you speak to the theft victims soon; civilians may become difficult to find once it picks up."

>"What do you know about the rodent ? Answer truthfully."

"Nothing that wasn't in the reports .. You should do something about Sectalis before they make their next move."

There is truth in her answer, but she is hiding a concern.

>"Why couldn't you meet Satalice ? Do you know where I could find him ?"

"He's running from an incriminating practice, though it was not discovered until after the failed meeting. Many of his prescriptions to and treatments of patients are gratuitous; among the worst are some cybernetic / mechanical implants and neurochemical drugs no medic has seen or heard of in their life. No doubt many of his patients will develop problems in time; most have disappeared from help and Melissa is one such victim."

>"A group of researchers and the Mariner military disappeared at about the same time; I think Satalice is connected to Mariner somehow. I'm taking this investigation to the woods; Melissa is on a trek to find him."

You hug Sterling. He resists.

"You'll need to show something to any Mariners you run into. Do some sleuthing and we'll meet later for your credentials, I'm getting a drink before everything closes. Please arrange something or find me at the soda fountain."

What will you arrange and where or who will you visit ?
No. 338127 ID: 9d4673

Visit Foxtits, arrange threesome: Foxtits + Sterling + you.

Before that you could visit the hospital and ask how's the prisoner going, maybe he's up and you can interrogate him.
No. 338128 ID: e1c562

yes let's check on Foxtits
No. 338162 ID: c5fc25

Go check on the prisoner and Foxtits, and perhaps get in order any items you might need to venture into the woods?
No. 338177 ID: 476456

say "So fuzzy~"
No. 338178 ID: 10d022

Foxtits's soulmate is Ratass. Besides, Sterling is all ours. :colbert:

That said, we should check on Foxtits and make sure she's healing up alright. Then I say we talk to the theft victims. What are our current leads on Sectalis?
No. 338187 ID: 07416a

Touch her donglies as you leave, visit Foxtits.
No. 338226 ID: 55c4cf

Visit foxtits, double up on aviators.
No. 338448 ID: e8cd4a
File 131294370672.png - (24.72KB , 900x900 , 106.png )

Foxtits is at the medical center guarding Adrastea's room.

>"How are you healing; think you'll join my investigation ?"

"Modern medicine's amazing, but I really can't; maybe next turn. What's the situation ?"

>"It's all bad; there will be an evacuation soon. I'm moving this forward, starting with him. Before I start, do you know any arms dealers ?"

Foxtits grins. "Trader Baph does weapons. I think she's set up at the coast or outside the square heading to the woods. Good hunting, Comrade .. He's awake but very weak; you shouldn't have a problem questioning him."

Sectalis is connected to arms dealing and is likely funded by smuggling from within the security department. Sarah is involved as one of their targets and you might ask Baph about the snipers' manual rifle later.

What questions will you ask Adrastea and how will you bend the interrogation ?
No. 338451 ID: 476456

bend him over your knee.
No. 338459 ID: 07416a

Compliment Foxtits on finding something capable of covering her assets and your regret that those assets have been covered. As for questioning, ask about Melissa and Sarah.
No. 338524 ID: 55c4cf

Give foxtits a lap dance to test her condition to support you later.
No. 338548 ID: 476456

or maybe make him think you have multiple personalities and all of them are crazy
No. 338588 ID: 75bb1d

See what's his disposition first, and ask why is Sarah a target, first of all. Ask about their intentions too.
No. 338813 ID: e8cd4a
File 131301973044.png - (10.66KB , 550x550 , 107.png )

As you enter the room, Adrastea shows a weak displeasure.

"Why did you shoot me .. who are you ?"

>"I'm asking the questions here-"

"That Con woman has my arms. I wan't them back."

>"Why are you after that rodent ?"

Adrastea doesn't answer for a while. You presume he's had enough, but actually appears to be weighing a thought and eventually speaks.

"She's empowering the creatures, all of them are-"

>"Who are ?"

".. The Magi." Adrastea seems curious and somewhat relieved by your lead. "We want the same thing, but I don't envision soldiers executing what are at public glance, innocent civilians. That's something you hire for .."

>"What do you know about Melissa ?"

"She's dangerous; that's all there -is- to know."

Will you ask more questions, find Baph, or visit the hardware depot ?
No. 338815 ID: 9f54d0

Ask a few more questions and THEN find Baph. Sweet, sweet Baph.
No. 338816 ID: 35e1a0

press him. he claims to be fighting the same thing, but his group seemed to be the heart of the incident today. and are the ones that seem to be using the green fire. how does he explain that?
No. 338819 ID: 476456

"everyone has an agenda today, who is melissa working for."
No. 338853 ID: 1444d5

>She's empowering the creatures
Then why were they attacking her?
No. 338857 ID: 07416a

Oh, damn. Did we ever put out a APB for the sniper? We got a good look at him and he got away.
No. 338865 ID: b48c03

Finish questioning him then heard to the hard ware depot, we have to hurry so we can talk to the two stores Melissa was seen at before the workers are forced to evacuate.

Press Adrastea to try and learn more about Sarah, and Melissa. Ask how your goals are the same and what makes him so sure of it seeing as his group seemed to be the problem. Also inquire more into how she was empowering them.
No. 338872 ID: e8cd4a
File 131303408204.png - (6.94KB , 310x310 , 108.png )

You did make a bulletin for the sniper, but there are almost no leads and only a basic description. Someone who knows about the manual rifle can point you in the right direction, however.

>"Why is she so dangerous ? Everyone has an agenda today, who is she working for ?"

"She has a rare energy unlike the others. I have no idea; it's all loose talk and I've never seen her, but I'm not taking any chances."

>"If she's empowering the creatures, then why were they attacking her ?"

"The creatures will attack anything. Just the presence of Magi summons them and the projections invite more yet they ignore this-"

>"You're lying. Our goals can't be the same; your group is at the heart of the incidents this turn and seem to be using the caustic energies, how do you explain that ?"

"That's impossible. You're mistaken; the Magi are responsible for the carnage and you know it, your department knows it-"

>"Tell me who the inside soldiers are or so help me-"

"I'm done talking. You'll doom us all to their magic."

How should you respond ? Will you leave ?
No. 338874 ID: 476456

"I've seen both sides doing the same shit,there's something you're after."

Then lick his eyeball if he's uncooperative.
No. 338875 ID: 35e1a0

"maybe i'm not the only one who doesn't know the truth"
then leave. he probably THINKS he is telling the truth. but has been lied to.
No. 338906 ID: b6ca92

"You really aren't bluffing are you?
Fine, then you might as well cut me in on what you believe is going on. You have this one chance to convince me you aren't just covering your own ass. I want detail, all of them. If I decide what you know is enough to act on, I'll get you your arms back so you can be useful again."
No. 338930 ID: 69f5d2

Waggle the controller harder.

Scare him a bit but don't hurt him. If he doesn't talk anymore just leave but promise that you'll be back.
No. 338964 ID: 55c4cf

you didn't waggle hard enough
No. 339012 ID: b48c03

My vote lies here.
No. 339103 ID: e8cd4a
File 131310615366.png - (7.91KB , 501x501 , 109.png )

>"You're after something or being -lied to-. You have this one chance to convince me you aren't just covering your ass. If what you know is enough to act on, I'll get your arms back so you can be useful."

"I just want to serve in my order. I'm not letting you at anyone-"

You think about digging your thumb in Adrastea's neck but ditch the idea, understanding he might really be misguided. You let go.

>"I'll be back."

The interrogation offered absolutely nothing to bring you closer to Sectalis, and only scant speculation on the rings' motives as what he thinks he knows might be completely false. You have no choice but to find out about the Magi, unless he's counting on you to as some sort of trap or diversion.

Or do you ?

Here, you begin to doubt your stand; with Overmars seemingly up against increasingly phenomenal trials, is it really in your interest to get to the bottom of these developments with risks at every step closer ? What if Kari is like Sarah and simply hiding from the hunt, from Sectalis and their agents within the security force ? Would you be better off doing similar ? These are troubling thoughts.

It's not too late to change your game ..
No. 339119 ID: e8cd4a
File 131311038724.png - (28.95KB , 900x900 , 110.png )

You arrive at the hardware depot, Alvarez Workshop. Looks like business as usual.

"What can I do for you officer ? Are you here about the theft ?"

>"Correct. Can you recall any additional details of the crime?"

"I did just remember some flares on her and thought she took those too, but an inventory check confirms none taken. About my intervention; she doesn't run very fast. I actually caught up with her in chase, but mercy she has moves. Floored me in a breath. Otherwise, same as the report; dark, dull, tight-fitting clothes, straps and belts, dark goggles. I took her headscarf in the scuffle, if you're interested."

>"I'll have a look."

"Any items i can get you ? I won't haggle, but I'm flexible with choice of payment and always looking for valuables to resell."

You realize he might refuse partial payment if he learns about the evacuation, but it's your duty to inform businesses of the impending situation. Will you knowingly withhold this for a better deal ?

Name any items you are interested in and items of yours you wish to trade away / sell.
No. 339129 ID: b48c03

Tell him about the evacuation, and look into getting another trauma kit as well as some rations, you might be outside for a little bit if you go to the woods.
No. 339138 ID: 476456

well if he wont haggle..hmm
No. 339227 ID: a7a4e0

well what does he have?
No. 339232 ID: da443b

Don't be a dick and tell him about the evacuation. Get some rations and a couple of trauma kits. Otherwise I think we're set.
No. 339290 ID: e8cd4a
File 131315761228.png - (30.21KB , 900x900 , 111.png )

>"I'm actually not sure what you have to offer. I could use a trauma kit and a days' ration."

"Let me show you around. The tour's free-"

>"Before I purchase, I must inform you of an evacuation before the end of this turn. Please prepare your business accordingly. For spending, I only have twenty-four Rise, an energy ration and some odd implements .."

"That's very nice of you to relay in advance. This closes split payments but I will ensure your coinage is more than adequate."

There are many items, but some relevant to you include :

10.0 Electrical generator SLOT
5.5 Mixed Air (+ Respirator) SLOT
5.1 Extinguisher Drum
8.9 Entrenching / Cutting Arm SLOT
3.1 Throw Flare
11.4 Balance Gyro (Trickster Implement)
3.6 Burner
5.89 Long Cables / Rope Stakes
4.89 Mess Tins and Water Filter
3.6 Bulk Pack SLOT
13.5 Trauma Kit SLOT
1.4 Ration
13.98 Air Sample / Radiological Reader

Buy or sell :
1.68 Energy Ration
7.5 Super Bit
2.4 Battery Cell

Sell :
9.43 Arrestor Snake
6.75 Psychoactives Injector
2.5 Modular Light
7.75 Modular Optics

3 Slots (-1):
10 Bulk (-7):

You realize these are extremely discounted prices, about 1/5 what they should be worth.

"That was something bad at the square today, wasn't it ? The inferno's under control but I wonder if it's the return of that arsonist from way back. If you're still feeling charitable, will you part with -something- of yours ?"
No. 339291 ID: 476456

I suppose a trauma kit never hurt anyone though its a bit pricy
No. 339295 ID: 55c4cf

Use seduction for free items.

Fill every slot.
No. 339300 ID: 1e3433

Trauma Kit, Bulk Pack, Respirator and a Ration.
No. 339301 ID: da443b

Get a trauma kit and a ration.
No. 339329 ID: cc527e

Generator and entrencher
No. 339331 ID: cc527e

Also offer yer body. Valid negotiation tactic! Could save lives!
No. 339341 ID: e8cd4a
File 131317473067.png - (9.29KB , 386x386 , 112.png )

Obtained Trauma Kit (+ Psychoactives Injector), Bulk Pack (Collapsed), Mixed Air (+ Respirator), Ration, spending 24.0 Rise of your 24.01.

You use seduction.

It's not very effective ..
No. 339342 ID: e8cd4a
File 131317481257.png - (16.87KB , 645x645 , 113.png )

With the transaction complete, you head over to the artists office. On your way in, a nervous aves passes by.

"Excuse me-"

She stands against the wall and you have a moment to scan the room. There are an assortment of workbenches with wire, measures, shears and more. You can also see sinks, rolls of fabric, vials of dye; it goes on. There is nothing unusual about the office at all; why would Kari want to break into here ?

You hold Kari's headscarf up to inspect it once more. This time, you detect an unusual scent. Ammonia.

A humanoid enters the room.

"Can I help you ?"
No. 339343 ID: da443b

Ask about the incident with Kari. Did they see her? What did she steal? Did she say anything? Anything unusual? Etc.
No. 339346 ID: 55c4cf

Offer to play PS3 analogue with the bird.
No. 339359 ID: 23b657

ammonia? must be pee.
No. 339366 ID: 0d095c

Attempt to engage the newcomer in intercourse.
Wait, shit. I meant discourse! No I didn't...
No. 339379 ID: 07416a

Determine whether robots possess genitals.
No. 339539 ID: e8cd4a
File 131321757056.png - (7.70KB , 446x446 , 114.png )

>"I'm here about the break-in. Are you the main resident of this office ?"

"That is correct. I only got a good look as she left and it doesn't seem like any items were taken. Though this office is disorganized, the drawers and such were not taken out of place and there is no mess more than what it already was."

>"How long was she inside and did she speak at all ? Can you recall anything unusual happening ?"

"I don't doubt she could have been inside for a while; two or more hours, even. I heard something like a jar-lid squeak and didn't think of it; next thing, the wanted Melissa slips around this property corner and out of sight."

You address the avian.

>"What's your name ? This thing can emulate the Super Highlando system, would you like to play something ?"

"It's Hen .. Thanks, but I'll pass-"

Somehow you really doubt that is her name. You want to ask why she is lying, but focus on the headscarf instead. The ammonia could be from urine, but the scent is very clinical; you can detect a peroxide bleach, like a cleaner or treatment of some kind.

>"If you don't mind me asking, what kind of humanoid are you ? Do you have accurate anatomy ?"

"Not at all. I'm synthetic and 'undefined'. It was suggested I obtain a definition and celebrate it in works, but my interests in human form are the nonsexual and less extravagant aesthetics. Which reminds me; are you here for hairstyling ? It looks like I'm short on some colors and chemicals .. orange mostly, and red. Though, I have the blue -you- wanted .."

Chemicals ?

If you have no more questions, you are ready to obtain your credentials. Will you find Baph before or after meeting Anne ?
No. 339567 ID: fbc18c

Peep at Hen, then go see Baph.
No. 339576 ID: 1444d5

>ammonia odour
>missing hair dye
Well that solves that mystery. Be on the lookout for those with orange/red hair, I guess.
No. 339623 ID: 55c4cf

Greet Baph with hands on titties. I will not accept anything less.
No. 339661 ID: c8e9cd

Thank the automaton for the information and take your leave. Make sure to meet Baph before Anne, and do make sure to comment on her lovely rack of accessories.
No. 339704 ID: e8cd4a
File 131327877245.png - (35.59KB , 900x900 , 115.png )

You give your thanks and leave for Baph. She relocates from time to time, but should be at the coast.

Things are unusual as you approach. The shantytown is in sight some distance away, but there is nobody around. You see two people outside of the gunstore. One of them is a soldier working on a radio.

"It's fried .. Tell the volunteers to squad up-" There are gunshots from the town and flying creatures bounding over some roofs. "Hurry !"

A goat-like, probably a clone, walks outside and scans the town after you; this must be Baph. "Looks bad, but it's nothing the right weapon can't handle."

"What's your pleasure ?"
No. 339705 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 339707 ID: b6908e

drool at her chest and grope
No. 339712 ID: 476456

There must have been some sort of contest between genetecists
No. 339715 ID: 6f1d54

Glance down at her chest, then back up at her.

"Baph. What's with the stonking great tits?"

"No seriously, Foxtits has huge knockers, and now you. I really don't understand how having massive mammaries is conducive to being a soldier. Unless you have some kind of personal shield generator implants in those things."
No. 339718 ID: 55c4cf

your hands are not on her tits, you have failed me.
No. 339726 ID: 950529

dont make any comment about her tits
dont even look at them

instead openly fondle your butt
No. 339731 ID: bdf35e

Tell her she has a great personality.
No. 339739 ID: e1c562

ignore the tits, they are too big

Foxtits clearly has the perfect size
No. 339744 ID: 10d022

Ask her how she stands. Those hands should be helping support, not being all sassy on her hips.

Then help her with your own hands.
No. 339753 ID: c8e9cd

Ask to see her rack, of guns.
No. 339801 ID: 253a7f

are those real..?
No. 340004 ID: e8cd4a
File 131336240772.png - (15.10KB , 900x900 , 116.png )

You wipe some drool from your mouth and speak.

>"I'd like to handle your massive rack, of guns. What's with the big ones ? Was there some sort of contest between geneticists ?"

"That's entirely accurate in a way. I'd like to see that sweet piece of yours as well .."

Baph returns inside where you follow and let her inspect your Grand Rifle.

"Your Neo-Grand is a robust, elite model. The compactness lends a weakness to round capacity, but excels in most areas otherwise. I'll give you something nice for it."

Weapon Classification :
Features :

(Generate a weapon or refuse. Submit a drawing and / or provide a text description.)
No. 340010 ID: 178c80
File 131336340603.png - (22.65KB , 900x900 , fndn.png )

No. 340015 ID: 2563d4

Given all the little creatures running around making elemental attacks, this. :V
(Also, best Steve joke in months.)
No. 340084 ID: c114a4
File 131337419242.png - (25.54KB , 900x900 , gun.png )

Weapon Classification : SMG
Features : 50 round clip
Grenade launcher
No. 340090 ID: 2ae337

not enuff dakka
No. 340094 ID: c8e9cd
File 131337572149.png - (25.26KB , 900x900 , VBAR2000.png )

I suck at weapons, so this thing probably has a thousand an one flaws.
No. 340113 ID: 2ae337
File 131337760224.png - (45.21KB , 900x900 , omnomgun.png )

My addition. The mary-sue-iest gun that'll be posted I bet you.
No. 340136 ID: bdf35e
File 131338275542.jpg - (76.47KB , 900x900 , pursegun.jpg )

"Damn this guy has a huge penis."
No. 340212 ID: 8aca02
File 131340355485.png - (131.52KB , 900x900 , MAUL.png )

Works like a grenade launcher, but it's able to launch more than simple grenades.

From incendiary grenades, to proximity mines and even automated sentry guns that will hover and shoot any target within perimeter.
No. 340398 ID: e8cd4a
File 131344913560.png - (31.06KB , 900x900 , 117.png )

*** Launcher
* Sub-Machinegun
** Rifle
* Handgun

36 round automatic rifle with advanced launcher module. Titan Grenadiers Rifle.
Programmable Anti-Personnel Rifle Grenade, Incendiary Rifle Grenade, Catcher, Shot Shell

How the Steve Catcher works : Fire or arm and throw when empty at a weakened target to capture it's energy properties; you must find and retrieve the catcher. Fire or throw a loaded catcher to release the energy at landing or 1.8s in-flight; you must find and retrieve the catcher. Golf ball size when chambered and expands to Apricorn size after leaving barrel.

"This is a Titan rifle, selectable fire and magazined. Typical, but with a larger, more manageable round capacity. It just so happens to take the same pointed ammunition as your Grand; I've consolidated the magazines for you. Below is an advanced launcher used by the inner special forces. You won't see this type of launcher anywhere unless you're fighting with or against the best. The Grenadiers make some wild implements; you should take a look at the catcher, it's some kind of programmable energy weapon. Lots of fun."

In your excitement feeling up the new weapon, you just barely remember wanting to ask about Sectalis.

>"I'd like to ask some questions involving a Forte rifle you might have dealt with."

"Mm .. The old Forte is a big relic. A small, snow white lago-like arranged the purchase. He carried traps; only those from the woods shanty have business with the things .. You should know how this works before I continue; I'll share what I know, then you have to do something extra for me."

You're not sure how to respond ..

"His name is Gun. He meets at a bunker in the woods to talk to Andrew, the affairs manager's secretary. The something extra is a severed, humanoid head. Think you can do that, hon ?"

She's insane. You agree reluctantly, unsure if you ever will keep your end of the deal.

There is a wireless communication signed Sarah.

'sarah : public locker 664 my gift to you. pizza'

More gunfire from the coast. Baph smiles.

Will you go to the public lockers, the coast shanty, the soda fountain, or elsewhere ?

The AP rifle grenade will be chambered by default and set to contact-detonation unless a change in grenade or program is suggested.
No. 340403 ID: 950529

Those aren't tits, those are severed heads.
No. 340404 ID: b4862d

Go to the public locker, it's intriguing.
No. 340407 ID: 2563d4

Worst of all, I do believe our zero-personal-space protagonist has completely failed to uphold her personal code of conduct. Rectify this immediately. (Honk.)
No. 340409 ID: b38d7b

Set grenade setting to: Detonate .5s after contact. Sometimes leaving it to bounce back is better. The pizza's okay in that locker, ain't gonna cool out so fast. I guess that means we head to the soda fountain. We need a fucking drink right now. Oh, and:

"Thanks for the rifle again. Honk honk."
No. 340489 ID: 28e94e

Oh god, it all makes sense now
No. 340573 ID: e8cd4a
File 131347370733.png - (33.40KB , 900x900 , 118.png )

You set the AP grenade to contact-delay 0.5s. The grenade can be programmed in all kinds of ways, one example gives it proximity mine behavior; you'll be sure to experiment with it.

Split between going to the lockers or fountain, you make an attempt to rectify the gross neglect of your code of conduct, but fail. Trader Baph has moved.

You claw at the reinforced doors and shed a single tear. Next time ..
No. 340580 ID: 476456

No. 340582 ID: 476456

in fact, say groovy.
No. 340584 ID: 07416a

No. 340587 ID: 35e1a0

get your stress out by murdering the critters extra hard.
No. 340598 ID: 478b29

Go to the locker and see what sweet present has Sarah left for you.
No. 340724 ID: e8cd4a
File 131352509089.png - (47.61KB , 900x900 , 119.png )

You arrive at the public lockers and look for lot 664. Adjacent is a pizza bakery with a private security guard standing at attention.

As you inspect the locker, the guard walks closer and raises a baton. E is suspicious, and probably for good reason; locker 666 is busted in.

The locker asks for a ten-digit code. You can try to bypass the mechanism, circuitry, or computer security at risk of setting off alarms, or piece together at least some digits to reduce hack time.

The message said something about pizza ? You can see a young man at a table littered with pizza sleeves. How strange ..
No. 340725 ID: 400170

Well, go talk to him!
No. 340727 ID: 55c4cf

Steal a box they have a million uses.
No. 340730 ID: b6908e

Cardboard boxes? Let's go metal gear solid on that guard. For no reason. Nevermind let's just get some pizza
No. 340731 ID: 478b29


Get the pizza box, maybe there a clue in it
No. 340750 ID: 400170

By the way Ayu someone is topless in the bottom left. You know what to do.
No. 340751 ID: e8cd4a
File 131353309173.png - (47.37KB , 900x900 , 120.png )

You confront the young man and grab a corrugated pizza sleeve.

>"That's a lot of pizza sleeves. What are you up to ?"

"Funny. I'm wondering the same, but to you. Get lost."

You suspect he might be searching for clues to the locker code as well.

There is a number written on the box with an angle shape below it. 255255.

Will you enter a code or try something else ?
No. 340752 ID: 35e1a0

is that a girl with her shirt open in the bottom left?
No. 340784 ID: 07416a

"Accidentally" trip and break the dudes glasses. Then hit on the girl with her tits out.
No. 340797 ID: e8cd4a
File 131355436074.png - (7.67KB , 372x372 , 121.png )

You 'trip' and break his glasses. Clumsy you !
No. 340803 ID: e8cd4a
File 131355601077.png - (42.32KB , 900x900 , 122.png )

The person at the lockers is indeed top-free. Both hands verify this. It is a very smooth and uninteresting chest.

E is puzzled, and says something in a language unknown to you before pulling away.

Not a single thought about the code passes you. If you don't want to try some codes, your options are to break into the locker using your Mechanized / Technopath skills or forget about it.
No. 340804 ID: 476456

break into it~
No. 340807 ID: 400170

Codes are for pussies. Plus, maybe it's the code to blow up the locker. Did you ever think of that???

Break into that shit.
No. 340810 ID: bc1e6f

The code could be a trap, so we may as well bypass it.
No. 340823 ID: 07416a

Just hack it.
No. 340828 ID: 476456

Try 1073741824
No. 340835 ID: d72bc3

Try the one you found in the pizza box
No. 340934 ID: e8cd4a
File 131361137097.png - (7.42KB , 407x407 , 123.png )

You enter some codes into the locker.

1073741824 DENY
2552550000 DENY

You won't stand for this. You are a competent Technopath; it's cracking time !

You successfully bypass the computerized security and access the locker.

You find 85 Rise and a small trinket inside an envelope. There is a chart of some sort with symbols; it seems familiar somehow, and important. You open the envelope and feel an energy resonate in hand ..

Color :
Material :
No. 340945 ID: 095f52

Solid Dragon Dildo Double-pack
No. 340950 ID: 0d095c

What? No...
Go with what worked for us.
Color: Black
Material: Molybdenum
Spoilers say: You can't alter the outcome using spoiler tags. Unless the author is genuinely amused by your comment.
No. 340955 ID: 55c4cf

Color: Transparent
Material: Nothing
No. 340956 ID: 35e1a0

No. 340960 ID: 6f1d54

Color: Pearlescent
Material: Dilithium
No. 340976 ID: bc1e6f

This right here.
No. 340981 ID: d72bc3

Color: black
Material: Wood
No. 341010 ID: e75a2f

Color : One Green, one Blue
Material : Eyeballs, belonging to David Bowie
No. 341012 ID: 6a5a08

No. 341032 ID: 07416a

No. 341040 ID: 476456


No. 341076 ID: e8cd4a
File 131363793373.png - (37.01KB , 900x900 , 124.png )

The trinket is very hard and dense. It is a dark color, almost black, and metal-like. The energy is strong but it isn't a presence; more like an absence, and it disappears from sight at certain angles. Most unusual. Your closest guess is an exotic Hornet Carbide. You feel a change in your abilities as you pin it; it's difficult to tell what exactly.

You arrive at the fountain, but cannot find Anne.

An orca bartender greets you.

"Greetings, soldier. What can I get you ?"
No. 341079 ID: 476456

is that bartender bandaged up?
No. 341130 ID: 07416a

Ask for milk from the tap.
No. 341140 ID: e8cd4a
File 131365302931.png - (36.73KB , 900x900 , 125.png )

The orca is indeed bandaged. You vaguely remember her at the square before the creature attacks.

You approach the counter, as you are actually quite hungry and thirsty.

>"I'll have milk, from the tap."

"Milk ? I guess it -is- pretty late."

She makes you a glass, which you finish in seconds.

"Long turn, officer ? You're packing something fierce, there. I imagine it's because of those creatures ? Nasty .."

"The classics are 1.18 today, still thirsty ?"
No. 341141 ID: 07416a

Not the tap you meant, but it turned out great. Get just another glass of milk and ask about the attack.
No. 341147 ID: 13c25b

Sure, why not. While you drink ask the orca if she's seen Anne around.
No. 341153 ID: 9f54d0

Drink more milk. it's fucking good for you.
No. 341155 ID: 476456

"you doing anything later or is the rest of your night all wrapped up"
No. 341238 ID: 55c4cf

Chocolate malk.
No. 341251 ID: bc1e6f

Ask about how she ended up like that and inquire about Anne. Also, order some chocolate milk, you've had a long day and deserve a treat.
No. 341256 ID: e8cd4a
File 131370224967.png - (41.27KB , 900x900 , 126.png )

You have a few more glasses of milk.

>"Are you doing anything later or is the rest of your turn wrapped up ? How did you get those injuries anyway ?"

She laughs. "I got caught in that inferno at the square. The medics told me to rest but I have a business to run ! I would be burned alive sooner than deprive Overmars of liquid fun-"

>"I should inform you there will be an evacuation very soon. Please arrange your business accordingly. Have you seen Anne around ? The affairs manager-"

"Oh, yes she was here for a bit. She looked real bothered by something and left for a bit. That's her, actually. What timing !"

Anne arrives and speaks to you. She seems alarmed.

"If I give you the credentials, I want you to help me with something. I'm looking for my siblings but I'm being followed-"

An unusual enters the fountain and a patron opposite the counter rises from es seat, drawing a revolver.

"Get down !"
No. 341259 ID: 476456

Dare him with your grenade launcher.
No. 341261 ID: 55c4cf

Get down but arm yourself as you get down, fire if it's an assailant. E may be defending us from something unseen.
No. 341262 ID: 9f54d0

get on the floor and walk the dinosaur. Actually, get observe the individual and see if there is an instance that you can use to overturn the situation in your favor.
No. 341263 ID: 13c25b

GRAB Anne and THROW her behind the counter, telling her to get down. If she's been followed, she might be the target.

Then draw your weapon and get down yourself, see what happens next.
No. 341264 ID: 476456

Actually if the grenades have a minimum distance to explode you can probably use that thing like a slug shotgun.
No. 341357 ID: 3b9af0

Do some sweet dance moves for the ladies.
No. 341370 ID: e8cd4a
File 131372152748.png - (45.08KB , 900x900 , 127.png )

You swing in front of Anne and throw her over the counter. Your Hornet pin shines brightly like the caustic energy from before.

Your quizzical state is interrupted as metal shot slices down your wrist. E fires only a single round and stops, seemingly frozen by the unusual's presence.

The unusual ducks behind a trash bin and hurls it with a kick.

Who are these people, why is the trinket reacting ?
No. 341373 ID: 476456

Oooh does that thing have smoke rounds? try and peg him with one.
No. 341466 ID: 55c4cf

Request everyone calm down and undress.
No. 341470 ID: 35e1a0

get rid of the pin, it looks like it's draining your shape!
No. 341473 ID: d3d184

Shoot a few warning shots (with the rifle, not the grenade launcher jeez) and demand the unusual to freeze and explain what the fuck is he doing.
He looks unarmed. So, if after your question he pulls a weapon, shoot him.
No. 341578 ID: e8cd4a
File 131378514561.png - (47.57KB , 900x900 , 128.png )

You get rid of the pin and fire two warning shots. The unusual peels back with hands raised, but the attacker fires at you immediately and lunges for the counter.

You are clipped hard in the lung. You return fire, and although waves of frag ravage the attacker's torso, pieces slice through your arms and face as well in self-damage.

Anne jumps out from behind the counter with the killing move, throwing a bolt of energy at the attacker. A massive electronic signal erupts from es position before e falls motionless.

You have collapsed.

>"Explain yourselves, all of you-"

The unusual speaks. He has a masculine voice with an extremely thick inner accent. "Soon, but first your injuries. I may have put many in danger by coming here .. Did you detect that signal ? That's for a sleeve-"

If no action is taken, only moments of consciousness remain.
No. 341580 ID: 28e0ce

Show them yer trauma kit.
No. 341581 ID: 28e94e

Trauma kit trauma kit do not pass out oh god
No. 341582 ID: d3d184

Use a delicious trauma kit.
No. 341601 ID: bc1e6f

Trauma kits are a cool invention right about now.
No. 341614 ID: 07416a

Also try to recover shape. Whatever the fuck that means.
No. 341615 ID: 252e1b

Say, "Oh god he shot me! This isn't even the first date, but you've got to take my top off. Seal up the chest wound, my lung got hit, it'll collapse without being sealed. The trauma kit should have what you need."
No. 341623 ID: 55c4cf

use the welder
No. 341624 ID: e8cd4a
File 131379999289.png - (19.45KB , 516x516 , 129.png )

You focus, recovering your shape. You take out your Trauma Kit and show it to the unusual. Your words are interrupted by spasms in breathing. He dumps the contents and begins work.

>"I've been shot-*hc* Use the sealer or my lung will collapse .. I know this isn't even the first .. date; how aboutaname-"

An energy rushes along the fountain floor like fluid. It is rather forceful and painfully cold. You seem to handle being washed over better than the others, who make pained noises and scramble to dry ground.

"It's Casper. I want to ask you so many questions, Ayu."

Answers will have to wait. You seem to be semi-conscious, unable to do much of anything but watch and listen while the cold surrounds you.

Casper moves you to the counter and runs outside. There is a thunderous sound of rushing water.
No. 341625 ID: e8cd4a
File 131380003543.png - (33.32KB , 900x900 , 130.png )

No. 341628 ID: 0d095c
File 131380049305.jpg - (21.29KB , 450x338 , 67933-bigthumbnail.jpg )

My god... It cannot BE!
No. 341630 ID: e8cd4a
File 131380092671.png - (42.58KB , 900x900 , 131.png )

Select one.

Ayu / Casper
No. 341632 ID: e75a2f

It is still Ayu's turn.
No. 341635 ID: 28e94e

No. 341652 ID: 0d095c

Ayu. As it has been, it MUST BE.
No. 341654 ID: 07416a

Both. A short Casper segment then more Ayu. All the Ayu.
No. 341655 ID: 2563d4

No. 341672 ID: 0d7a83

Guys c'mon lets be Casper we'll get to see what someone without extreme-european-lack-of-powers can do. He has ice power so we must snap-freeze some bad guys for great justice.
No. 341708 ID: bc1e6f

Casper please.
No. 341728 ID: 476456

No. 341756 ID: 55c4cf

No. 341770 ID: 92188b

Let's give Ayu a break we almost killed her.

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