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File 130565741511.png - (46.13KB , 512x512 , title9.png )
304819 No. 304819 ID: 9b6c31

[ Wiki ] http://tgchan.org/wiki/Tory's_tower
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No. 304820 ID: 9b6c31
File 130565764608.png - (64.42KB , 512x512 , 584.png )

Hm ~♫
Fixing up reactor a bit. Checking condition and such.
Everything is going quite well. Not much has happened. I recently got message from Helena. She found some crazies! Cool!
I also finished that second robot. And studied some teleportation and void.

Okay, let's do this shit! Let's do something!
Fuck, I probably should meet those crazies.
No. 304822 ID: f7aa74

crazy people make good slaves, have any use for extra manpower?
No. 304825 ID: 07416a

Avoid crazies, we're going for deniability, remember?
No. 304827 ID: 35e1a0

yeah probably. bring a hidden a hidden weapon though.
also got crazy idea to build a giant tank around the base of the tower. it would clamp on and lift tower out of the ground and you can drive around and stuff. then when it is to it leave you come back here and it puts tower down. then if you come back here it is waiting for your tower. it is powered by void generator so only your tower can turn it on.
No. 304831 ID: f7aa74

did anyone ever suggest a transforming tower mecha? instead of a robot to lift and move the tower, it moves itself
No. 304844 ID: ff2e92

You could check up on those cybergnolls. What exactly ARE they doing? Just stirring up international relations?

Anyway ask Helena to gather up some of the best and most loyal fanatics (no spies allowed!) and meet them at a secure location to teach them how to set up and aim your city and mansion-seeking artillery missiles. They can teach their underlings later on if needed. Then give them a rousing speech on the glory of bringing hellfire down upon those you hate and have them smuggle the missiles out to good firing positions that aren't near your tower and start the nightly barrages against Ragno.
No. 305056 ID: 9b6c31
File 130575029816.png - (10.79KB , 512x512 , 585.png )

Hm. Transforming tower? It might be bitch to position the tower over a gateway. But I like giant tanks, so I might build one anyway!

Yeah, let's meet the crazies, under a brilliant guise! Should I use that elf-disguise or what? I could make Ezekiel represent me.
And regarding Cyborgnolls...
No. 305058 ID: 9b6c31
File 130575041940.png - (17.81KB , 512x512 , 586.png )

When I received video-feed, my brain filled with fuck! Seriously, they managed to bust skulls of few pitiful villagers living outside the crap-town, but shortly after that, this happened.
All of my gnolls got themselves killed so fucking fast! Like, fuck.
No. 305060 ID: 35e1a0

okay yeah, THAT is a hero. a powerful one. later have another group of gnolls attack somewhere else. should throw them off.
No. 305230 ID: a41aaf

But send some sort of tiny flying spy robots along with them. That way, whenever a hero turns up you can follow them. You could eventually have all the heros in the area tracked so they don't show up and surprise you.
No. 305237 ID: c71597

God damn fucking busybody heroes, can't they let a brother get his pillaging on?

Going to need more cyborg stuff that is even more cyborgy than the rest to get these fuckers down.

And screw elf disguise. Just wear what you're currently wearing. Nobody should be able to recognise that. Make sure you got some back up for the crazies meeting though.
No. 305799 ID: 9b6c31
File 130602127943.png - (9.51KB , 512x512 , 587.png )

A supersmall cool flyspy! Oh boy how I like that name! I'll be able to follow extra-ordinarily powerful enemies! But who...?

>H: "There you are! I have to ask, where my crazies meet up?"
"How many did you exactly find?"
>H: "Heh, I managed to round us 86 of them!"

We probably should meet during night. Somewhere remote. I don't know where. They are from this area. Making them to travel a lotmight be bad idea. And I should instruct them, yes?
No. 305826 ID: cf65c1

Do so by untraceable proxy. These heroes have a tendency of pulling abilities out of their asses which ruin our plans. With our ability to retreat severely limited we need to be very careful.
No. 305876 ID: 1854db

You're asking us where they should meet, right? I'm afraid we don't know the area very well, could we get a map of terrain features?
No. 305950 ID: 07416a

Oh come on, a single hero just wiped out all those gnolls and you're STILL going on with this? For once in your life take a vacation from evil. This time you can't escape.
No. 305952 ID: 35e1a0

stick a note on it that says "this is a watcher bot, i think you are awesome so i sent this to watch you be awesome" hero never attack something that says they are cool.
No. 305963 ID: 9b6c31
File 130608868526.png - (91.62KB , 512x512 , 588.png )

No, I can't simply just quit right here! No fucking way!
Oh, you need a map? Good thing there is a quite of a view from this tower! I drew a map!
"Computer, show me the map of the area!"
>C: "Okey dude, whatever you say dude!"
No. 305964 ID: 9b6c31
File 130608874834.png - (29.61KB , 512x512 , 589.png )

Here! Beautiful isn't it! Helena probably got fanatics from other towns as well, but they are quite close. Behind those hills and across the lake!
No. 305999 ID: 0bd0b0

Rape face.
No. 306001 ID: c71597

Ok lets go meet the crazies. Not near the tower though, and remove the tower location from any maps you give them. Guess they might need some RPGs and various guns. Maybe some C4 as well.
No. 306003 ID: cf65c1

Waiting at a crossroads for them when they arrive is traditional, so that people can find you but also don't know where you came from. As the employer you are the one with the greater need for secrecy, otherwise they can go fuck right off.
No. 306235 ID: fb78cc

Or meet them by the coast and arrive by a boat that is seemingly capable of traveling long distances so it seems like you've come from far away. Also makes for a good escape route.

If I remember correctly there's a huge religion about sun worshipping around these parts. You could drop some little hints that you will call upon the true power of the sun if things go well (that is you will start dropping nukes). You could also recolor your suit to make it more neutral and less sinister. No actual radiation hazard symbols though, I think you had those on your previous suit.
No. 306275 ID: 9b6c31
File 130618625480.png - (6.72KB , 512x512 , 590.png )

Okay, there they are. Oh man, there are so many of them.
Anyways, I recolored the suit to be reddish and I removed all signs from my clothing, such as TS-logo. Such an awesome logo, what a shame...
No. 306278 ID: 9b6c31
File 130618642914.png - (8.81KB , 512x512 , 591.png )

I bought this boat off pretty damn cheap. Almost free.
Now, I brought some products with me that I might show them. I need a plan how to entice this crowd to fucking worship me and my very being! An awesome entrance, a charming speech, a brilliant show and an unforgettable farewell!!
No. 306290 ID: cf65c1

I'm sure these people have fireworks, but do they have lightning-works? Tesla coils are perfect for impressing the rubes, especially if you use them as speakers/amplifiers to address the crowd like that old Tesla Orchestra thing. You as a ...creative scientist know what I'm talking about right?
For extra cool points, make them think you really are the lightning and hide yourself so that they don't even know there's a person involved.
No. 306304 ID: fb78cc

Oh you brought Teddy and the other robot didn't you? Teddy's millimetre-wave radar will be able to spot concealed weapons and other hidden items!

I suggest you just walk up flanked by your robots. Tell these men that you ask for their aid in bringing ruin to the nation of Ragno and query them individually on what their reasons are and show off the knowledge Teddy's sensors can give you by saying things like "That blade hidden in your boot, will you challenge a nation with that?" "That locket you wear, is it something dear to you?". Then ask them if they're willing to carry weapons far and wide to unleash a storm of fire. You would ideally like them to take up desolate positions near the Ragno border where they can fire missiles from and relocate without being found. See if they have any good ideas for the smuggling and evasion like forming false trading caravans or something similar? Maybe pretend the missiles are some kind of works of art? Once they fire they should lie low and listen for news from Ragno before meeting up with Helena again in a secure location.

Patiently explain the lethality of your missiles and if they ask for a demonstration tell them that the effect will be visible for miles. If they pressure you get Teddy to fire a micromissile right next to them and tell them that the ones you'll be giving them are a hundred times stronger and you will at some time be ready to unleash the power of the sun on your enemies.

For your exit have Teddy breathe a ring of napalm fire around you. Stay in the ring for a few seconds and have Teddy fly you back to the boat.
No. 306308 ID: 0bd0b0

Public speeches really are not Tory's thing. I am surprised the meeting with that general went so well. Feed them bullshit about you being a messenger from some god and then show them "His" power by blowing some shit up. Effect would be maximized by such a dark night. If they weren't insane enough to do what you say in the first place, they will now.
No. 306926 ID: 9b6c31
File 130644785524.png - (4.92KB , 512x512 , 591.png )

"I am science!"
No. 306929 ID: 9b6c31
File 130644829336.png - (7.15KB , 512x512 , 592.png )

Man, they were kinda impressed by that one.
There are some weapons according to Teddy. He will ready incase someone tries to stir up trouble!
They seem very, VERY willing to fight Ragno. I tell them what I want them to do and promise them great things ( such as fall of oh-so-great Ragno ). I explain our plan involving missiles and rich Ragno dipshits. To make an impression, Teddy launches few micromissiles which seem to make a big impression on people. Haha!
That caused a huge noise tho. I am pretty someone heard that. Fuck.
No. 306931 ID: cf65c1

Resist the temptation to run like a thief in the night. You haven't done anything someone should chase you for right? Move at a decent but not-suspicious pace away.
No. 307083 ID: 3416ec


Do you have a radar you could turn on to see if anyone is investigating?
No. 307084 ID: 9b6c31
File 130648219018.png - (11.31KB , 512x512 , 593.png )

No, Teddy cannot really see any uninvited party pooper killjoys.
Let's end it now. I tell them to return to their homes, shacks, caves and such peacefully. For my grande departure, Teddy sprays a circle of S-Napalm on the ground. S-Napalm is fun, it is fierce, sticks like motherfucker and very difficult to extinguish.

Hm, now I'll just wait two days and then give them the missiles.
No. 307086 ID: 3416ec


Back to base, prepare your favorite beverage of choice, drink while reading classical literature.

Like a boss.
No. 307152 ID: 460ce9

Oh this boat stuff is inspiring. Do you think you could find out how shipping by sea works out in this world? Are they just using wooden ships with sails? Are horrible underwater horrors common? Are there any water-specialized races or creatures?

If things look favorable then you could use your factory to create some hunter-killer submarines that attack trading ships, saboutage ports, lay mines at important river outlets and wreck the Asuan and Ragno economies alike. I can't really foresee any good way for these people to track down and destroy submarines. Sure heroes can kill your cyborg troops on land, but they can't really guard all the boats that are out at sea and even if they do what are they going to accomplish against something that can hide several hundred metres underwater and move away at speed after attacking or even WHILE attacking if it uses small torpedoes.
No. 307230 ID: cf65c1

Oh my yes. Unless they get their hands on magic items that let them breathe water they can't do jack against submarines.
Am I the only one thinking ICBM subs here? I sure hope not, we have a great fan of the almighty nuclear weapon on hand. Nuke 'em 'till they glow and then set the radioactive zombies against the survivors in the dark!
No. 307234 ID: 28e94e

Excellent ideas.
No. 307261 ID: 0bd0b0

Manufacture those bros some flamethrowers with your fancy napalm stuff and give them some flame-retardant suits. And make sure they know how not to set everyone on their side on fire. Also get the doc to make some drugs to make them even more insane. Berserker style. Plus make them zombies? Should be fun to watch.
No. 307345 ID: 9b6c31
File 130660105362.png - (15.27KB , 512x512 , 594.png )

Hey, I haven't really thought about all this naval warfare stuff! Gotta check that out. I am pretty sure they are probably using sails. But about monsters, I don't know. If there are any, there is a chance that those fuckers have weaponized some!

Well, back at the tower. Regarding the progress, I want to bring up that I have made up some theories and plans regarding void-based weapon!
Behold, the (plans of) VFYS! It is basically a weaponized void-generator. There will be a small void-rift stuffed in the weapon, constricted by Heizen-Tory Restriction Field. At the moment of detonation, the field will be reversed, which will cause void-rift to expand rapidly! After second or two, the rift will collapse, probably emitting some gamma-radiation. I calculated some stuff. I could create a bomb that would generate a rift with diameter of pathetic 50 meters. Of course, that is very rough estimate.

Hehe... Flamethrowers. Napalm is always fun!
I have plenty of zombies tho! I have to ask Doc how many are there tho...

Also, how long should I wait until selling weapons to Ragno? Maybe day or two after the attack?
No. 307347 ID: cf65c1

Long enough that you could reasonably be responding to hearing about the demand instead of obviously being someone who knew what was going to happen before it did. Figure out how long that is before the attack, we need to know more about speed of communication and decision-making in this world.
No. 307370 ID: aa973d

Oh wow that's some sweet annihilation right there. Maybe you should make one and test it with plenty of sensors to determine the precise effect of your creation. I say try it on a ship far out at sea where there will be no significant evidence left. Make sure you analyze the radiation output, who knows what kind of hidden signals and exotic particles could emerge from the void?

Then maybe you could make some Mark II and IIb models. Like a modify it into cannon firing precision timed airburst void grenades. If the rift moves at 1000 metres per second and stays open for 1-2 seconds you could potentially annihilate a 1500 metre stretch in one shot. Alternatively if you can propel the void-rift and use Heizen-Tory field principles to split it while it destabilizes could you make a sort of void shotgun for killing heroes at short range by sending 1000+ blooming mini rifts in their general direction?
No. 307376 ID: 28e94e

Good. Work on a way to keep the Organist and SOP from detecting the bombs (i.e. activating the void generator only when it's about to detonate), then place a few void mines outside the tower near the entrances. Make sure you're protected from the blast and radiation. Also try testing it somewhere far from your base so you know all the dangerous effects.
No. 307378 ID: 35e1a0

yes yes. it is the void afterall. and bring a void closing device just in case the rift doesn't want to close.
No. 308076 ID: 9b6c31
File 130687504992.png - (17.39KB , 800x800 , 595.png )

This is an experimental weapon. I have no fucking way to know exact effects or mass-produce them! Not to mention, making a void-reactor is a HUGE bitch! And no, shotgunning rifts or something like that probably won't work. That would require some MAJOR advanced super-Heizen-Tory field shenanigans, and fuck, the mathematics behind it would be absolutely ludicrous! Fuck that.
And yes, sea sounds fine! I will test them right after war begins.

Also, I suddenly feel old. Did my birthday pass by? Fuck. I don't even remember it anymore.

ANYWAY, let me think now. I will try to create that weapon and do some shit!
No. 308229 ID: 0bd0b0

You said the doc could probably keep you alive forever right? What if you got really old or something and died?
No. 308230 ID: 35e1a0

fine fine. but be sure to bring whatever gear you use when you need to open your void reactor.
No. 308324 ID: 9b6c31
File 130696425257.png - (15.87KB , 800x800 , 596.png )

Okay! This whole missile-deal went great.
No. 308325 ID: 9b6c31
File 130696442233.png - (27.74KB , 800x800 , 597.png )

The missiles hit mansions/houses/shacks/whatevers of important people. Some of them died, some of them narrowly avoided the fucking death!
Most of batshit fanatics managed to escape from authority, but some got caught. They got tortured and all, but I haven't been bothered by anyone for a while, so I guess they did not reveal anything. Helena is safe, don't worry!
No. 308331 ID: 9b6c31
File 130696484426.png - (28.42KB , 800x800 , 598.png )

As result, the relations between both lands got really, REALLY, R E A L L Y heated. Ragno accused Asuan of attacking them.
Well, since Asuans had guns, they had upper hand in battles. They still used stupid tactics, but hey, it's nothing I should worry about!
No. 308332 ID: 9b6c31
File 130696486028.png - (13.51KB , 800x800 , 599.png )

I also sent a gift to a certain politician. Hehehe.
No. 308335 ID: 9b6c31
File 130696539233.png - (7.10KB , 400x400 , 600.png )

And now, gentlemen...
No. 308343 ID: 9b6c31
File 130696612607.png - (12.12KB , 800x800 , 601.png )

No. 308348 ID: 9b6c31
File 130696695752.png - (16.36KB , 800x800 , 602.png )

Well uh. It is kinda small. But well worth of it! Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can move into more serious matters, building my own army!
As you know, I have been trading weapons with Ragno and Asuan. I have been hoarding some materials and now I can produce some weapons of my own!
No. 308354 ID: 07416a

Weren't you supposed to be working on escape? Also, isn't a void bomb stupid dangerous? Like, you were specifically warned DON'T DO THAT stupid dangerous?

Things are working out hella good though.
No. 308357 ID: 07416a

Oh, and GREAT JOB! on the bomb. It may be totally crazy to try to do, but you managed to do it!
No. 308403 ID: 40cb26

What... exactly... is the yield on that thing? How far away do you have to be when you set it off? Or do we need to be some degree of dimensions away? This is good to know.
No. 308482 ID: c7ab29

So we are now trading with both nations, does that mean that Ragno has guns as well? Because you said that Asuan had the upper hand due to them having guns. The war will not be as long or good if they are the only ones who have guns at the moment.

Now that a war is going on, it might be a good idea to contact a few Ragno fanatics. Equip them with something equally destructive as those missiles (but still something different you don't want people to make a connection) and send them off to attack Asuan. This will cement the hostility of both nations against each other and prevent or seriously hamper any effort from reasonable elements in their governments to solve this peacefully.

Also, how did the politician react to the gift? Did the bomb kill him? Did they interrogate the courier?

As for your army, I'd recommend you concentrate on air power. Nobody in this realm can fly (and hopefully they don't know that you can), so by having a good portion of your army airborne will seriously hamper anything that might be done against it. Also, unless those pesky heroes grow wings, they cannot do much against it either (although I wouldn't rule out anything magical). I'd recommend some sort of robotic VTOL with full-auto grenade launchers, (napalm) missiles and auto-cannons/lasers. Bonus points if you can make them in such a way that they can fit in your tower (foldable / small enough \ easy to assemble + disassemble), that way we might be able to use them on other worlds. And to supplement this some sort of robotic high-altitude bomber armed with a load of heavy cluster bombs (this for if the heroes do find something against those VTOLs, heroes move against your VTOLs, bomber blows up the entire battlefield hopefully ensuring no survivors). You could of course arm the bomber with one or two of your nukes, but let's call the nukes plan B, in case plan A (heavy cluster bombs) doesn't work. As for ground forces, you can either go for a few superior (I mean really, really good) robots/warriors, or a horde (quantity is a quality of its own) of weaker troops. Anything in between will most likely be cannon fodder when the heroes show up (then again, might not be such a bad idea to use your ground forces to goad the heroes into reacting, you'll be able to pick the place and time where they'll show up and die).

Finally, how are things going with the construction of the extra spatial array calculator? We do want to be able to leave this world again, if only to pick up those metals in world 0005. As for sister pain and organist, it might not be wise to go to war with an armipotent being. Not while you know almost nothing about him. I'd recommend you fix the calculator, fuck this world up so badly that annihilation would seem the better thing and finally leave them both on this fucked up world for eternity.
No. 308500 ID: f9092d

That's a good idea, like a combined robot forces approach. You could set up a few production lines in the factory and make multiple models.

*The HELEN-A aircraft drones that do recon, artillery marking and reporting of all enemy target movements before showering them with death from above and providing general air to ground capability.

*The EZEKI-L attack and defense minitank drones with antipersonnel weapons like machineguns, cannons and lasers, providing mobile ground response. Also fireproof for napalm firestorm resistance. These need to be numerous rather than individually overwhelming as they will take losses, but each time one is destroyed you can just bomb the area, taking out whatever killed it.

*The TOR-Y artillery drones that stay far behind the line and win the war by continously shelling the fuck out of anything spotted from either the air and ground.

Your previous mistake has been making single superweapons that have been taken out by surprising heroes or saboteurs. If you make a networked swarm that works together then you can afford some losses as you modify and adapt your remaining forces to counter any threats.

As for Ragno maybe you could just sell them fragmentation handgrenades? They're not really a threat against your armored creations, but pretty effective against people. You could even make up some story that you invented them after being inspired by the explosive weapons that Asuan (you) used against Ragno! I'm sure they'd love the idea of an explosive revenge...
No. 308667 ID: 0bd0b0

You went on a 7 page streak and didn't wear your gentlemanly attire? SHAME ON YOU, TORY. You need to remember to wear it more often. As always, keep it classy Rand.
No. 308726 ID: 9b6c31
File 130711038316.png - (18.51KB , 800x800 , 603.png )

Thanks guys.
Extra spatial array calculator-project is bit slow. Man, I realized how hard my notes are to read. So damn messy.
Anyway, I am selling weapons to Ragno already. Different design etc.
Oh, there's my other robot, TD-03, "Archibald". I haven't come up with cool nickname for it yet.
>A: "LORd EmpeROR Master TORy, Helena wishes to infORm you that the empeROR of Asuan wishes to attend a meeting."
Eh. Okay.

ANYWAY, regarding the void-bomb, should I test it soon or save it later?
No. 308738 ID: f9092d

Whoa wait, HELENA was contacted by the emperor, not Teddy, who is your Asuan contact? Check with Helena and see what she thinks he wants.

Maybe you can send Teddy with a TV screen or projector and hold a sort of videoconference instead of going yourself? I bet the emprah is suspecting you're behind the missiles or something. You don't want them to be arrested.

I think the void bomb MUST be tested. You don't know exactly how it's going to manifest and the Tory voidtech can only progress if you see it in action, inspiring you to develop it further. Can the void bomb be teleported by the way, or will that have bad side effects?
No. 308759 ID: 0d095c

Yes, test it. Preferably very far away from anything. Also, make sure you wear protective gear. We don't want a repeat of the Void Pool incident.

Speaking of that, have you noticed anything different after you fell in there? Have you had Doc check you up?
No. 308760 ID: 35e1a0

also you got anything that can make a void close? would be a good idea to have something that does that in case the void in the bomb wont close by itself.
No. 308778 ID: 07416a

Noooooo. Don't test the void bomb on this planet. You want to be as far away from that thing as possible. Once you have an idea of the yield- if that concept even applies- THEN you can watch it from the same planet.
No. 308782 ID: c7ab29

I'm not a big fan of testing, you still don't know exactly what is does and how big the consequences may be. Having said that, the only way to make any progress with weaponizing the void is to test that bomb. Make sure it is very, very far away (somewhere in the middle of the ocean perhaps?) and set it to the lowest setting (minimize potential harmful side-effects).

I like the idea of video-conferencing. Should they ask why tell them that you don't feel very safe to go to the capital in person due to the attack. However if he suspects anything, doing the video-conference will only make him more suspicious.
No. 308938 ID: 0bd0b0

You didn't make a void bomb to just have it collect dust. Test it. A few ideal situations would be at the bottom of the ocean, another planet(implausible at the moment), or in the heart of a thriving city. I favor the last one, but raping Ragno or Asuan could tip the balance uncontrollably. Plus they are already pissed at each other. And dwarves are cool guys so don't hurt them. If you are too unsure of the consequences of the void bomb, do as others suggest and make void closer. But hopefully with a much better name than 'Void Closer'.
No. 309079 ID: 9b6c31
File 130721653533.png - (18.22KB , 800x800 , 604.png )

Okay, I chose a proper place. A nice little rock, somewhat far from the shore.
Okay, I cannot really make sure it stops expanding, but according to my rough calculations, it should stop expansion at some point and collapse.

Okay, all is set. I will be watching this from afar from safety with my awesome equipment.
No. 309080 ID: 9b6c31
File 130721664635.png - (49.16KB , 800x800 , 605.png )


No. 309084 ID: 9b6c31
File 130721675785.png - (48.24KB , 800x800 , 606.png )


The rift expands like angry motherfucker! It completely stops after about 0.5 seconds. I guess it is around 70 meters in diameter. It did not produce any sound. Hm.
No. 309088 ID: 9b6c31
File 130721722664.png - (50.84KB , 800x800 , 607.png )

The rift collapses. Whoa, that was cool. I am getting a headache from all this!

My sensors detected quite intense wave of gamma-radiation. Haha!
Hohohohoo! Hahaha! HAHAHA!

Oh god that hurt. It was terrible.
Man... Good thing I am not deaf.
No. 309090 ID: 35e1a0

kay then, next time we watch this we need some ear protectors. so is that sphere gonna just sit there now or what?
No. 309095 ID: f9092d

IT WORKS! And it's even a bit more powerful than your initial estimate as it reaches a 70m radius in 0.5 seconds with some collapse time after that!

Even the sound and visual damage is impressive. Maybe you can make a void projector that just opens and maintains a mini rift, destroying peoples sanity.
No. 309096 ID: f5fe2f

That's far less destruction than a nuke.

What was the perceived advantage of this again?
No. 309097 ID: 35e1a0

it was a sphere of pure destruction, a nuke would of just caused surface damage to the island, this made the island VANISH.
No. 309098 ID: f9092d

It should in theory be able to utterly and irrevocably obliterate things that may be nuke-proof like abstract armipotent beings, magical defenses, demons, gods and the like.
No. 309099 ID: 07416a

That is a thing which happened.
No. 309122 ID: c71597

Wow, that's pretty fucking cool. But a bit limited in destructive radious. And it totally ruins real estate values. Probably better to downsize it or only use a bigger version in universes that we don't intend to stay in. It would make for one hell of a fuck you weapon to use if we're ever driven out of a universe, could probably take out an entire planet with one of those if it was big enough.

But now it's time to meet that emperor dude. Maybe we could convince him to hand over the dead enemies to us. And then convince the other side to do the same thing. Get more bodies for zombiefication and then cyborgification. We're probably also going to have to create a few more Jan-type über zombies to deal with heroes.
No. 309326 ID: a41aaf

I wonder if it's effective radius is affected by the amount of matter it effects/absorbs/obliterates/etc. That would mean air-dropping one would be rather ineffective, but burying one under a city could take out the whole place no matter how armoured it is. Good for getting rid of inconvenient mountain ranges too.
Little Doctor?
No. 309390 ID: f0e3ae

Mmm.. the goal is to acquire power. This means conquest. Random killings are fun but too risky.

You are selling weapons to both sides, time to up the ante... sell one of the sides "tech golems". Those kill-bots should be ultimately loyal to you first and foremost so if needed you could just flip a switch and take over... but its best if people (and heroes) never even become aware of that fact. That would really be plan B.

Plan A would be:
First you need to beef up your defenses by making a bunch of cut-u-bots and slave them to your base's AI. As well as a dozen more androids with AI who are loyal and well armed.
You need to get appointed as a court (tech)mage of one of the countries. Get details about the rulership, invite important people (generals, etc) to visit your workshop where you make those weapons... then you just have to sedate them (sleep gas) and install a mind control chip with the doc's aid. Eventually you will have enough that you could do the same to the emperor. then have him/her as a puppet and have him/her shower you with awards, rewards, power, wealth, authority... slowly, step by step, you take over. You get declared the successor of the emperor who has an "accident".
Start an industrial revolution in your newly acquired country, then use your superior weapons to conquer other nations. Eventually you will rule this world and can spread to other worlds.
No. 309408 ID: 0bd0b0

Ender's Game reference fuck yeaahh. I agree with anything this anon says.
No. 309620 ID: 9b6c31
File 130739615638.png - (30.70KB , 800x800 , 608.png )

Hm, let's see.
The diameter most likely depends on intensity of the Heizen-Tory field. The field I used was actually pretty powerful, so making a rift with diamater larger than 400 meters is gonna be a huge fucking pain.
It absorbs everything and is hindered by nothing. Hohoho! Well, almost nothing. Theoretically you could use another Heizen-Tory field to defend from it, but it would be extremely, absolutely, ridiculously impractical.
Anyway, the gamma-radiation resulting from collapse is not too intense. Not lethal, just unhealthy. Might be related to inverted field.

So, video conferencing? Sure, sounds interesting! I can reduce all risks to almost none. No one will realize my disguise either! Or should I be using disguise at all? Maybe a voice-modulator...

And yeah, more zombies. I need meat shields.
No. 309682 ID: c71597

Hmm, have to find a way to improve on those fields, better knowledge about the toryfields could make for awesomer stuff. Shit, we need more brains to work on awesome stuff, you're not enough by yourself. If only there was some quick way to cram knowledge into Helena and companions heads so that we can use them for more research.

Go for a static image and a voice modulator for the video conferance.
No. 310218 ID: 4a9d1e

Well could a void rift be manipulated to create a gamma death ray cannon? Like fluctuating the rift quickly within a tiny space?

I take it the Emperor is trying to reach the person that's been selling him guns? I think you should use your previous elf disguise since that's who they saw before and throw in something to distort the sound a bit. If they ask any questions about it just say that transmitting sound over long distances using your techniques isn't easy. It's entirely possible that they have captives and they're trying to match your voice and likeness with the person who distributed the missiles.
No. 310294 ID: f363c9

I think you should give the void bomb the code name 'NOM-BOMB'
No. 310303 ID: 980ade


inb4 one of the heroes will have the power to make a field like that with his magic/psionics/Sword techs/garness.
No. 310318 ID: 0d7a83

Yes this is a good point. Tory is there any way to detect a Heizen-Tory field? Because I'd bet money on a hero randomly pulling the ability to generate one straight out their ass.

Also do this:
because lolyes.
No. 310345 ID: c7ab29

If you can't make the field bigger, use more bombs. Like a MIRV rocket design. Although there might be problems with multiple fields interacting with each other.

Half a second is probably too quick for heroes to react. I imagine the following scenario happening: Zombies guard chest, in the chest is the void weapon. The zombies stay within 200 metres of the chest at all times. Heroes move in and slay zombies. They check out the chest and open it. The moment the chest is opened the bomb detonates (you could do something with a contact switch). Those pesky heroes won't have the time to even see the bomb let alone do something about it. Having the zombies stay within 200 metres makes sure that if one of the heroes goes wandering around and checking out the zombies, he/she will stay within the range of the weapon.

On a side note. You do have fissionable material and fission bombs, nuclear bombs. Why haven't you build thermonuclear bombs (fission induced fusion bomb)? You would get at the very least a couple of hundred times the amount of destruction for the same amount of fissionable material. Also we wouldn't have to use that much fissionable material for large amounts of destruction. Just wondering.
No. 310352 ID: f0e3ae

void bombs are neato... we should try to make them smaller. We need it to be just large enough to kill a hero. I'd like to see them use a magic sheild to block the void itself.

Getting it to rival nukes in power is a bit redundant, we already have nukes. Developing other exotic weapons is unnecessary at the moment, we are much more technologically advanced then most worlds. Once we conquer a few we could have a multi world empire developing weapons under our command to eventually take over your home and all other dimensions.

Rather then researching void weapons at the moment I'd rather stabilize the generator to get more power more safely.

We need to:
1. Mass produce guns to get political position to take over via mind controlling emperor and generals and slow (over years) granting ourselves more and more power.
2. Mass produce combat androids, give them a basic AI with self programming and self replication abilities. They are your new people, their basic programming is to venerate and obey you as their father/creator/god. Have them build a city, their capital, around your tower.
3. Research teleportation. - main research priority
4. Research void with a focus on power generation and safety. - secondary research priority.
5. Research void bombs to be smaller, cheaper, and easier to build. We want to easily deploy those against heroes. - tertiary research priority.
No. 310366 ID: 0d7a83

You have to remember that most of these fuckers have abilities beyond normal people. Half a second could be enough time for them to do something. We've got to remember that heros seem to have the ability to break the rules of SCIENCE. That plus if one of them constantly generated a H-T Field, even if that's seamingly impossible, it would be a good idea to know that before you tried to void bomb them.
No. 310446 ID: c7ab29

I would consider that to be unlikely, but not impossible. Anyway it is probably a good idea to make sure that they can't do that, better safe than sorry.
No. 310640 ID: 9b6c31
File 130756573370.png - (4.11KB , 800x800 , 609.png )

Uh, heroes using H-T fields? That would be shitty, but extremely, hopelessly unlikely. Such field would require obscene amounts of energy and correct setup!

Yeah, yeah. Nukes. Haven't been thinking too much about them. I did make some of those subkt-nukes, but I haven't touched the leftovers. I'll try to up them a bit. Should not be TOO hard.

Off to meet the Emperor!
No. 310652 ID: 9b6c31
File 130756686651.png - (92.71KB , 800x800 , 610.png )

Okay, here we are. Teddy and well, me.
At the flying palace. Whatnot. So this is the throne room. Or whatever. I am not sure. The table has a map on it. Pretty cool!
The dudes in yellow robes begin to speak.
>"Meeting is about to begin. Take your assigned seats please. Aldon is assigned to seat 1. Dien is assigned to seat 2. Zozin is assigned to seat 3..."
AAAA boring. I hate meeting like this.
>"Tek is assigned to seat 7."
Oh, that's me. And my fake name. Teddy will put the TV on the table.
>"Associates, please leave the room."
Teddy leaves. There seem to be people missing.
>"Your highness, honorable hero Zozin seems to be missing. Associate of Tek brought us a device."
"It's me, Tek."
>"Oh, my apologies."

Other yellow robed dude begins to speak.
>"We are here to discuss several matters to dusk of third day if required."
Awwww shit.

>"The matters to be discussed are:"
>"Aloi's presumed death in an explosion."
>"Shady meeting at lake of Junl."
>"Weapons of Ragno."
>"blah blah blah blah boring text."

No. 310655 ID: 40cb26

Pay attention! There may be something important hiding in all that prattle, and anyway you don't want to be caught daydreaming when they finally get to you.
No. 310657 ID: 692cff

Tell them you assume a rival Technomancer has sided with your enemies? Also, pay attention when you're being accused of shit.
No. 310660 ID: eba49f

Try to pay attention, but if you can't you should at least record what they are saying in case you want to listen through it later.
No. 310662 ID: 0d7a83

Indeed >>310655 is correct.
You should also try to give them some false intel, as they will probably ask if you know anything of the weapon maker selling to the other side. You both sell powerful weaponry, after all (haha).
No. 310668 ID: f0e3ae

don't start volunteering info that might implicate you.
If they ask, feign ignorance. Why suggest a fellow technomancer? It could be magical golems for all you know... if you had evidence to examine...
And you haven't been accused, they are just discussing the concerns. Deciding on what to say depends on what they actually say. Listen carefully, stop to think (aka, consult the readers) if they ask you something directly or if it seems important.
No. 310700 ID: 4a9d1e

Wow good thing you're not actually there.

Try not to get too involved. Don't speak unless spoken to and make sure you don't reveal any knowledge you shouldn't have.

*Aloi - Remember that you shouldn't know anything about this and that both the death and explosion are both presumed. If questioned you can confidently state that you've never had any dealings with Aloi, in fact you barely know who she is or what she does other than that she is (emphasis on IS) some important hero who moved on to become a politician. You also haven't traded or sold any explosives to anyone either apart from the small quantities of powder present in gun ammo. This is all the truth.

*Shady meeting - Again you shouldn't know anything about this. Ask them to point out the meeting location on the map if they have any questions.

* Weapons of Ragno - The enemy technomancer idea is good, but make it even more vague, like perhaps 'admit' that you didn't invent the gun idea, but you stole it from an existing design that was created before you were born. Also a half truth that implicates that many others may have access to similar things.
No. 311097 ID: 9b6c31
File 130765963705.png - (97.88KB , 800x800 , 611.png )

>"Tek, could you please explain that thing?"
"This IS mby representative. It is me talking. I have problems with the image and sound. I am a BUSY MAn and I cannot TRaVEL that MUCH."


>"Regarding death of Aloi. She is presumed to be killed in an explosion, correct?"
>"Yes. Quite powerful one too. Body was not found."
>"Hmm, I heard dwarves have more powerful explosives now. Maybe we should question them?"
>"Yes, maybe."


>"Now, there was this shady meeting on shore of Junl. Our spy managed to participate in the "
We hear him. What a faggot, I was him there. Fucking spies. Luckily he did not tell anything too important. I avoid suspicions, yay!
>"Tek, could you please answer why Ragno has powerful weapons too?"
"Truth is that I did not invent my weapons. So SOMEone else is making weaPONS FOR Ragno."
>"Hmmm. We might want to assassinate this person."

Fuck. I should prepare for that one.
Okay, I managed to dodge all of the blame. Yay, go me! Maybe I should use this situation as my advantage. Hehe! Any ideas?
No. 311099 ID: 692cff

You ould ask for any remnants of the parts of the weapons used to further identify who made them. Makes sure others can't do that checking and might get you some small scraps back. It'll also make you more involved in any efforts to combat the supposed supplier, and let you more easily set-up the target.
No. 311104 ID: 07416a

Yes. Also! Sell them anti-missile systems.
No. 311216 ID: 1854db

This would require information on what the explosion was caused by. That would be something nobody would know except who did it. So don't do that.

Just wait until they ask you where you got the plans for the recipe. Then put up resistance on telling them your 'business partners' until they try to pressure you, and then cave in. Tell them you were working with uhhh... well, frame someone basically.
No. 311374 ID: c7ab29

There is a difference in the assassination of that politician (with a bomb) and the attack that sparked the war (those missiles). Still, you might not want to give them anti-missile systems, they can be used against us and that is a big no-no.

Right now you're doing great. A few tips:
- Try not to lie. It is difficult to keep track of lies and getting cougt in a lie can undo everything we have been working for. Note that there is a difference between telling the truth and telling the full truth. Just keep things vague and let them work out an assumption. Should those assumptions get in our way, eliminate them using logic and proof.
- If they go asking the dwarves about stuff, they might find you. Recommend you volunteer to go talk to them yourself (due to circumstances you are very close by). Either tell them that they use the same supplier as Ragno, or tell them that you are their supplier.
- As for the assasination. That is pretty good. There is a difference between a succesfull assasination and just an assasination. Offer to do the assasination yourself and set something nice up.
No. 311452 ID: 4e2b45

A couple of ideas:

Carefully bring up the point of the remaining heroes that Aloi used to work with. Someone will probably try to suggest that the other heroes are either sent to the Asuan/Ragno frontline or otherwise located and observed. Now if you can find out where they are then you can kill them.

Regarding the dwarves... How good is your on-the-fly video manipulation technology? You could suggest that another one of your new video-conference boxes can be sent to the dwarves so that everyone can question them directly and get the information quicker with no need for a messenger to return. Then you simply use a mixture of actors dressed up as dwarves with your Tory computer generating realistic real-time footage. Then you can use your dwarf simulation to give them any information you want and blame everything on the dwarves. You might also want to send TD-03 to intercept any messengers.

For the assassination - now that you know it's coming you can set up a fake target.
No. 311599 ID: afeca2

we might want to be careful we don't take on too many things at ounce, least they get suspicious about why we are doing all this for them for nothing.
No. 312296 ID: 9b6c31
File 130787053846.png - (31.17KB , 800x800 , 612.png )

"So, what will heROEs will be doing in this war?"
>E: "They will participate in it. I am not sure what Dien is planning. Zozin in other hand... No idea. Last time he was seen in the north. Saving a village from some creatures."
"Aha. About that assassination. I think I have few people who might be capable of pulling it of. Cool people, frankly quite awesome."
>E: "Hm. No. I want it to be done my assassins."
"Well. Uh. Ok."

After a while, yellow robed guy pipes in again.
>"Meeting is now over."
>"Please exit the palace."
No. 312297 ID: 9b6c31
File 130787060948.png - (15.18KB , 800x800 , 613.png )

And that I do! Teddy will bring the equipment back later.
Anyway, back to the BIG ISSUES. Big, huge, enormous!
No. 312298 ID: 9b6c31
File 130787075226.png - (61.99KB , 800x800 , 614.png )

Here's some units. Cool huh? What do you think? Should I begin to mass-produce them? And what next?
Ragno is weakened. Even with the new weapons, they are still having some heavy losses. I gotta balance things.
No. 312323 ID: 0bd0b0

Flying tri-turret gunship, cannon shooting land vehicle, and stationary cannon thing? Also that face in the corner with a 3 for an ear.. Not awesome enough for us, but for them okay.

Maybe you could sell them some infiltrator robot that your tower could easily detect so they could not harm you. But then it would be very easy to assume that they are dealing weapons with fake humanoids. Not that it would change anything.
No. 312333 ID: 39beab

Oh yeah start building that drone army! Maybe you'll be able to play a world wide game of command & conquer at some point :)

As for Ragno keep providing simple inventions that won't hinder you. If you sell Ragno things like barbed wire, balloons and cameras then they can set up WW1 style defensive lines with observation balloons over their defenses to let them see what Asuan is doing. Barbed wire is cheapto make, easy to deploy and relatively hard to destroy or get through while people are trying to kill you.

If they're really struggling you could even sell them radios. The radio changed warfare a lot by letting armies respond in real-time and send instructions to teams behind enemy lines. Also you could plant tiny self-destruct devices so you can make the radios explode by (shock!) sending them a preset radio code. Then when your robot army invades, nukes start dropping and all their radio explode they'll really be in the shit.
No. 313156 ID: 9b6c31
File 130807261741.png - (24.75KB , 800x800 , 615.png )

Man. All these small units sound bit boring. I want to make at least one big unit. Maybe SPIDER-MECH of some sort!

Yeah yeah! Radio, barbed wire, all that fun. Disabling radios and weapons when I attack will be fun! They will be in total disarray!
Barbed wire.
Security drones.
Anti-personnel defender-turrets.
Oh fuckfuckfuckfucketyfuck.

I totally forgot my defense! Creating large army might not provide all security I need. And fuck, I have TWO places I have to protect, the factory and the Tower. Shit.
If factory goes down, I lose all fun shit. I might be forced to retreat! And if I lose the tower, I am totally screwed, absolutely screwed. But still, I cannot just build MEGA-FORTRESSES around them. I wouldn't be able to build proper army! Doc can provide me with some zombies, but I don't have too many. They can be cannon-fodder. Or spear-fodder. Or whatever-fodder. And Sis- oh.
I might be able to hire some mercenaries or something. Helena and Ezekiel can probably lead them. Jan..
Wait, I haven't actually seen Jan in week. Where the hell did he disappear! Argh!

And man, there are two heroes left. Hm.... was it Zozin and that... Dien?
No. 313160 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm.... make a fake factory a lot closer to them, and inside is a button that says "factory self destruct, DO NOT PUSH without a VERY good reason!" and they will push it and it will be hooked to a void bomb which does destroy the fake factory but also the hero.
No. 313163 ID: f7aa74

time to get your hands dirty, grab some big arse guns and defend yourself. Send someone with equally big arse guns to the factory, then bada-bing, life is smoother
No. 313178 ID: 0d095c
File 130807663678.jpg - (12.23KB , 300x274 , monkeylord.jpg )

No. 313193 ID: 5f0943

> MonkeyLord

Nothing beats a 40m tall spider bot armed with a fuck-off huge microwave laser.
At least in this scenario.
No. 313207 ID: 5f0943

Also, on defending the tower and the factory, I suggest the folowing:

A series of turreted 20-30mm auto cannons, with a range of 1-2 miles or more.
The large caliber, high rate of fire, and long range means that it will be able to mow down any approaching force with abandon.

Another suggestion is to also erect some laser cannons, to deal with potential air-based hostiles. You can dodge a bullet (maybe), but you sure as hell aren't dodging a laser.
No. 313845 ID: 9b6c31
File 130823155820.png - (19.10KB , 800x800 , 616.png )

Okay okay! I sketched up something, I think it will be great! Amazing! Etc. Etc.!
But now I gotta run! I have so much to do!
So much to do!
No. 313849 ID: 0d095c

Nice work. Needs more magnets.
No. 313871 ID: 9b6c31
File 130825128896.png - (23.05KB , 800x800 , 617.png )

Days pass.
No. 313873 ID: 9b6c31
File 130825135704.png - (15.78KB , 800x800 , 618.png )

Weeks pass.

Units are being produced, but the limitations on materials cause trouble.
No. 313875 ID: 9b6c31
File 130825168940.png - (13.96KB , 800x800 , 619.png )

Spider mech ( Tory's super-amazing, stunning and jaw-dropping emperor ultra-spiderlord ) is almost complete. Well, almost. There are still problems with software and the particle-cannon is untested. Actually, the whole thing is untested.

The assassination-attempts went badly for Asuan. My precious TD-03 managed to dispatch most of the assassins, and stronger assassins were killed with help of Ragno.
TD-03 reported some sort of strange things happening there anyway. I don't know what.
No. 313876 ID: 9b6c31
File 130825189553.png - (17.50KB , 800x800 , 620.png )

I also managed to fix the device! Fuck yeaaah!
It is not ready for jumps yet. I have to tune it a bit. Argh.

I also managed to hire some mercenaries. They have no idea what they are getting involved in. Helena can lead them.

I haven't had much sleep. I have mostly spent my time in the factory rather than the Tower.
So tired.

No. 313878 ID: 9b6c31
File 130825205764.png - (9.75KB , 800x800 , 621.png )



U..? A horn. Fucking noisy pieces of shit. Why did I insta-

Wait, I did not install that one.
What the hell.
No. 313881 ID: 35e1a0

fuck, could be an army!
No. 313882 ID: c2c011

Could be someone calling you out for a fight or an army about to invade. Better investigate that shit.
No. 313912 ID: 0bd0b0

Unwanted entities are apparently in the range of a horn near your base. You sure ready your infinitely more awesome forces ASAP. Even if it is just nothing you shouldn't risk getting fucked over by magic fags. If you are being attacked by either nation, I suggest you make an exception in your plan for them to destroy each other slowly and dominate the opposition. If you have full control of a civilization, resources should be of no issue.

Whatever this actually is, probably not good. Maybe a messenger or scout who does not understand the stealth concept.
No. 313915 ID: 0d095c

Oh shit, it's an army!

Take manual control of the Spider Lord! We are so screwed right now if they found everything. Or worse, if a HERO found out everything.

Also, PREPARE A VOID BOMB. If we have any lying around. In a state ready to be armed. And dropped. In the next five minutes. Nevermind...

Or, we could look out a window. Or ask the Computer.
No. 314196 ID: a41aaf

Well damn. Jan's back, he's very drunk, and somebody gave him a Vuvuzela.
No. 314261 ID: 9b6c31
File 130834810754.png - (10.66KB , 400x400 , 623.png )

Fucking awful racket... Army...?
Better not be!
No. 314264 ID: 9b6c31
File 130834847977.png - (9.41KB , 400x400 , 624.png )

Awwwwww shit!
Shit! Shit shit shit!
Spiderlord is not ready yet! Yet! I might be able to make it functional in no time, but I am not too sure how well it would perform! Graa!

Gh, they had to choose such a dicky moment! I only have 80 tanks, 10 flying units, 6 artillery-units, 50 zombies, 62 mercenaries, 1 fuckhuge spiderlord, 4 thermonuclear missiles ( ~300 kt ), three dozens of sub-kt nukes and one void-bomb ( slightly less powerful than the first test, but I improved mobility! It is not as hard to move around or detonate ).

FF, I think those are Ragno troops. Why the fuck are they here anyway? Pft.
No. 314266 ID: 35e1a0

okay be ready to launch void bomb into whoever is the leader but get a megaphone and ask them what the fuck they want.
No. 314270 ID: 0d095c

This is a good plan. But have Jan do it instead.

We need to get the Spider Lord online. That laser could wipe out the Army in one shot! We are uncertain if the Void Weapon won't kill the whole.... Well, it'll obviously kill the whole army, but it might summon Cthulhu as well. Stick with having Jan ask them what they want, and activating the Spider Lord.

Also, I think that Political Hero you killed? You didn't.
No. 314271 ID: 1854db

Send something out to communicate with them. Another monitor thingy like you used for the meeting, but with legs. Just to buy a couple minutes. Prepare to work on the spiderbot (or do some quiet work on it) while you talk through it. Also install a bomb on the talking device and blow it up when things go bad.

After the spiderbot's ready, immediately start tuning the warp device so you can escape if things go horribly wrong. Or maybe you can tune the warp device while you talk through the talking device? Whatever will get the most work done.
No. 314274 ID: 0bd0b0

Yeah, have Jan go out and ask what they want. Make it seem like you want peace or something, whatever to stall for time. Spiderlord is risky business. You are dealing with your first real opposition here. Launch an active void bomb in the center of them and cover your ears. Then launch one nuke, ready your forces, and work on getting the spiderlord running. If they are fucked up and retreating, work on the spiderlord some more. Make sure it is good to go. Follow them home and destroy everything that opposes you. Make sure you know you are their new leader.

If they aren't totally messed up after you do that stuff, then just send everything you have slowly until you have obviously won. They are fucking with us, so everything they have now belongs to us.
No. 314279 ID: c2c011

Ask them what the fuck is up first. Then launch a nuke or two against them. They should not be that up to date on modern troop level tactics so they should be fairly bunched up. A few large scale killers should make their morale plummet like a rock and make them run for their lives, any survivors that are left that is.
No. 314359 ID: 9380b9

Have the mercenaries sold you out perhaps? Has Ragno been tipped off? Perhaps this is simply a strike force heading for the Asuan capital? I think your tower is roughly between the border and the capital. Try to parley ASAP before they get any closer.

Nukes might make the factory completely unliveable for the foreseeable future, but if you think the side effects will be negligible then ready a sub-kt nuke to launch if things go bad.

For battle tactics get maybe 2 air units up in the air ASAP as Wyvern/dragon bait. If you can take down their flying lizards with your base turrets and gain air superiority then your airborn gunplanes (and Maximum Fuck?) can lay down a world of fire from the safety of the sky.

If it comes down to actual fighting have the mercenaries and zombies watch mainly the sides and back for saboteurs. When deploying the tank units and artillery try to get a lot of of the tanks out of the base and to the side so they can cautiously flank and harass the enemy army from the outside while the artillery fires barrages to cover them from the courtyard. If you can put flanking pressure on them with highly mobile tanks then they might be forced away from a frontal assault.
No. 314407 ID: c7ab29

Let's first check out who they are and what they want. Keep outward appearances peacefull, but make sure that you are ready to crush them.

Sending out Jan seems to be the good idea, you can work on the spider while he is out.

Now remember they don't know who you are. In emergency case you can claim to be their weapon supplier. I'm sure that you can prove that TD-03 works for you.

Should things really go down, deploy your void bomb first. You actually have the resources to build another one, Uranium right now is at a premium. So, deploy void bomb, maybe a handfull of sub-nukes after that. But I think with the noise and destruction of the void bomb, they'll rout instantly and the battle will be over before it has even begon.
No. 314515 ID: 2556ae

Oh balls. Also are they using your radios? You can listen in on their radio chatter perhaps.

Is your tower OK as well? There better not be another army at the tower.
No. 314692 ID: 94d1f2

You guys, I don't think we should use the void bomb yet. We should save it for when there are mole-people or water-people or something that requires eradication of stuff underground /as well as/ aboveground. For armies and whatnot, nukes should work just fine.
No. 314714 ID: 0bd0b0

I somewhat agree with this. The void bomb stops at nothing to destroy a certain area, making it useful against underground/water types. But the extreme noise it makes will send the opposing army in disarray. Even if most of them are standing, they will probably retreat. More can be made, it just takes a while. Same can be said for nukes. But nukes may affect the quality of the life inside of Tory's tower from radiation. Void bomb just makes a big crater that is probably an inconvenience to the enemy.
No. 314741 ID: 0d095c

But if we use nukes, the Ragnoans will trace them back to- we sold them the nukes they already know nevermind.

No. 314761 ID: 28e94e

Ask what they're doing. If they're here to start shit, warn that you can wipe out their entire army in minutes. If they persist:

1. Launch the void bomb directly at their leaders. Remember to shield yourself from the side effects.
2. Before they can recover, use your sniper-bots (you do still have those, right) to pick off their air support and any ground based anti-air you can see.
3. Send out the air units while the artillery and tanks fire on them from long range.
4. Have a tactical nuke ready, just in case they have any surprises. Try to aim it so that the fallout blows away from the tower if at all possible.
5. While all of this is happening, you should be rushing down to get the spider-bot's weapons online.
6. Try not to get your ass kicked by a hero again.
No. 315111 ID: 9b6c31
File 130851430050.png - (23.23KB , 800x800 , 625.png )

Good plans, but let me finish dressing first! They have not attacked yet. Nukes seem bit bad idea. Big nukes are big no, I would have to detonate them from pretty damn far to avoid the electromagnetic pulse! My factory doesn't have any major protection against electromagnetic pulses! Important equipment might get fried!

Shit, Jan is still missing! He did know the location of the factory! Good thing they marched here first rather than the factory!

There are lots of them and they have guns. There might be more in the forests and behind the hills. I haven't checked.

Yeah, the radio!

>"BZZZ. Emperor, Earthen one and his cohort have arrived to assist us."

Emperor, 'the earthen one'? Fuck, this is some DEEEEEEP SHIT.

>"Hm, great. Sinclair hasn't fired a single shot yet, yes?"
>"No sir."
>"Heh, blow the horn again. That should wake him up."
>"Regarding the earthen one, he is one of Asuan, how can you trust him?"
>"He is not very loyal to Asuan to begin with. He is a traveller. He is eager to help to stop the war."

Well uh.


Wait, Sinclair? No one here should know my last name! So it's Jan!

Or the Orga... oh fuck.
No. 315113 ID: 07416a

I warned ya, but you didn't want to stop meddling...
No. 315114 ID: 35e1a0

use all those self destruct devices we told you to plant in their stuff.
No. 315117 ID: 0d095c

And after you self destruct their equipment, and drop their army into the Void, tell us precisely who the Organization is, and how they followed you through time and space?
No. 315119 ID: 07416a

No. 315121 ID: c2c011

Probably Jan that is backstabbing you. Untrustworthy fuck, he's going back to Doc for some extremly painful modifications.

This could be a hard fight, might have to use up a lot of hardware, even among the nukes. Can't let these bastards win.
No. 315127 ID: 0bd0b0

DUN DUN, DUUUUNN! Organist sure was a dick, but damn that is a twist. Maybe it is just Jan. Jan is probably the 'earthen one'. They may have converted him. Or maybe he's still loyal to you, just playing spy. But who is his cohort? Is it Sister, or Helena?

Looks like they want to stop the war, and they know you want to keep the war and why. I also guess that politician isn't really dead. I think he/she was anti-war. This will not be resolved peacefully. There is no reason for negotiation, use the element of surprise to your advantage.

The electromagnetic property of the nukes came to my surprise. Radiation and fallout was a concern, but now they pose a severe tactical disadvantage to you. The void bomb thrown at leaders is still a valid option. If Organist is really behind all this you may take him out as well. That would be awesome. You cannot afford to keep things in reserve here. Besides the nukes, you need to go all out. Follow >>314761 strategy excluding instruction #4. Also send everything you have from the factories if they are still standing, a flank would be good here if that is possible.

As a regrettable last ditch effort, try to use the tower's teleporter if it has any chance of working. And fire the nukes just before you escape. Or just fire the nukes and fix the broken stuff. When you come back, eventually, Ragno will have probably suffered such a loss that they will be taken over by Asuan or still ripe for domination. A lot of effort has been spent getting here and it would be a damn shame to have it wasted. But dying/losing the tower sort of ruins everything.
No. 315145 ID: 28e94e

See if it's Jan and Helena or Organist and SOP. If the latter, void bomb them and mow down Ragno's army with heavy weapons while they're recovering from the side effects.
No. 315521 ID: 9b6c31
File 130860403277.png - (30.03KB , 800x800 , 626.png )

Helena is with me here. I told her to lead the mercenaries.

Hm, let's void those motherfuckers! Man, I should come up with some witty remark about seals.

My spycams have brought some footage for me! There are troops even behind the hills. Fuck. I did not check the forest tho.

Okay, I think I found the emperor. He is surrounded by some blackish flatface and important-looking soldiers who are carrying guns and some melee-weaponry. Fuck, they brought some melee-weaponry. Won't change much tho! Haha!

And who's that douchebag?!
No. 315522 ID: 35e1a0

use loudspeaker to say "jan get your zombie ass back in here now or i'll have the doc take you apart and put you back together again in some horrible fashion!"
then void the emperor.
No. 315523 ID: c2c011

Probably some hero who talked Jan out of his evil ways. You probably want to target him with some heavy weaponry as well.

Well lets hit the fuckers. If they're still standing and willing to fight even after the initial strike then go with the nukes. Loosing unhardened materials will be a bitch, but less of a bitch than losing everything.
No. 315525 ID: 1854db

I don't think Jan was ever really evil. He was just trying to survive when we found him. I think he switched sides just to stay as far away from Doc as possible.

I agree that we should take out the emperor and give Jan one last chance to get back on our side before we destroy him.
No. 315526 ID: 35e1a0

also have all radios break when the emperor goes down. just decapitate the command structure.
No. 315550 ID: 0d095c


Then Void Bomb the army. That'll show them. P.S. That guy looks like the hero who trashed your lackies. He's probably got Jan hostage, judging from their expressions. If he tries to follow Jan inside, Void them both. He took out an army already, you're gonna need to everything you got to kill the Remnants once the bomb strikes, and we cannot afford the losses a Hero would cause.
No. 315552 ID: 07416a

Do NOT let Jan come back or offer or anything. He made his choice. Into the void with him.

He was never really into the whole kill everyone ever always thing anyways.
No. 315600 ID: 0bd0b0

These people are here to stop the war, and they are not going to settle with words.. Probably. It wouldn't hurt to make quick contact with the emperor just before you void him. Make sure the bomb is ready to launch first. Don't say anything else, just void those fuckers.
Jan is expendable. It is unclear where his loyalties lie. He may just be really stupid. But again, it doesn't matter what happens to him. Element of surprise is too important. The horrible sound from the void bomb will give you some precious time to do other shit. If you keep surprising them they will have a harder time fighting back. I guess one subkt nuke wouldn't hurt if it wasn't close to the tower. It would do shit tons of damage. Send those forest fags some napalm too, share the love.
No. 315612 ID: a41aaf

Hang on, while they have said they intend to 'stop the war', they haven't explicitly mentioned their intention to attack. There's a small chance Jan has made some misguided attempt to promise you will aid them in decisively destroying Asuan. Which would still be a big problem anyway.
No. 315911 ID: f1fc5a

Negotiate. See what they want and if it can be achieved peacefully. Buy time.

Is Helena any good with a sniper rifle? She could get in position to take that hero guy with the black diamond marks on his clothes or the emperor.

You might also be able to strike a deal with the Ragno emperor. You can end wars with nukes. That's why we held them back after all. Countries that have their capital reduced to a radiactive wasteland in the blink of an eye tend to surrender.

While negotiating over the radio get your artillery into protected sites with lined up targets and try to get the SpiderLord into a manageable state.

Alternatively try to put some metal shielding onto the vulnerable factory parts. Then you, Helena and the mercenaries can hide in the underground bunker (you have one right?) and cleanse the surface through nuclear means with minimum loss.
No. 316163 ID: b6ca92

<i>interesting point.</1>
I mean, we have the upper hand already, and no amount of plot armor can protect against a <i>void bomb</i>, so lets talk. Heroes and Kings love to talk.
No. 316180 ID: 1854db

>"Hm, great. Sinclair hasn't fired a single shot yet, yes?"

They're expecting Tory to attack.
No. 316383 ID: 9b6c31
File 130878261383.png - (16.04KB , 800x800 , 627.png )

No, Helena is not a good sniper.

>J: "Tory..? No! I have found my freedom! This world offers the things that I could only dream of as a child, you are not taking it away from me, or destroying it! Dude, it is NOT COOL! I will fight machines, I will fight NSU, I will fight YOU!"

What a faggot.

>E?: "Hehe, I do believe you are bluffing. We have already seen your best hand, and you are not fooling us with empty promises. Now that you are awake, we can finally take over your factory, end supply of weapons to Asuan and take the land that is ours! Asuan's beloved sun will disappear as we triumph!"

What a humongous faggot.

No. 316384 ID: 9b6c31
File 130878269404.png - (12.66KB , 800x800 , 628.png )

No. 316386 ID: 9b6c31
File 130878301164.png - (30.94KB , 800x800 , 629.png )

HEHEHEHEHE! Hohohohoho! Bwhahahahahahaa!


Augh my ears. That sound was less powerful, and the amount of gamma radiation was not much. It increased their chance of cancer at least. The sound knocked Jan down. The hero... did not react at all. Almost. What the.


Emperor is history! What an idiot. Now the forces are in disarra-
Is that.

>"Now now my beloved soldiers, I am not gone. He did use a horrifying weapon, but he won't be able to use it again. I make sure of it. Now, ATTACK!"

Some of them begin to charge toward, fuck.
No. 316388 ID: cbc115

No. 316389 ID: 0d7a83

Oh dear, I think the Organist is inside the emperor dude.
No. 316391 ID: 180ec2

You set up the weapons to be remotely deactivatable, right? Do that and shut them off from what you supplied them with. Prepare your defenses for maximum power, and start firing upon them.
You said your jump device only needs tuning to work now, correct? If you can get your automated defenses working, and get everybody else on high alert, do you think you would have time to get it working?
No. 316400 ID: 0bd0b0

How did that guy survive the void? He must have gotten out of the way somehow. I can't clearly tell what is going on in the last image but he is a little fucked up. Maybe ripped in half. If that is even him in the picture. Reminds me of SOP.

That part about you not being able to use the 'horrifying weapon' is partly correct. They don't know shit. Nuke those bitches ASAP, claim you have plenty more where that came from. Don't forget to napalm the forest. Then haul ass to the spiderlord.

I think we can all agree that Jan should not be alive anymore. Not that he needs to be targeted specifically. His friend is certainly going to be a problem if not taken care of.
No. 316424 ID: 0d095c

Huh. That looks like SOP. Hrm. This is bad. Unfortunately, our only options now are to A) Set off a nuke as close as possible to kill all the forces at the cost of our tower, B) Deploy our mechs and incur horrible damage at the hands of the hero and the army, yet potentially kill them all or C) Activate the tower and run away like a little bitch.

I'm going with B. Deploy EVERYTHING, all your robotanks, normal tanks, spider tanks, and SPIDER LORD. HAMMER THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE. Dump a lot of Arty on em as well, keep them on their toes.

Oh, yeah, and if that hero manages to defeat us? Crank the Void Power Plant up to max. THAT'LL TEACH THEM TO UNDERESTIMATE TORY THE MAGNIFICENT. But yeah. Only do that if you are about to die. OH. And tell Doc to dump a ZOMBIE VIRUS outside, and make sure you and Helena put on Hazard Suits.
No. 316434 ID: 5f0943


You have defensive weapons in place right?
Have them open fire, talks over. Send out any bots you might have ready too. At worst all they have to do is delay until you finish the Spider Mech.

Heroes are priority targets, due to their consistent track record of fucking shit up.
No. 316438 ID: c2c011

Oh what the fuck. He had a demon body double or something. Nukes a-fucking-way, you can't shit around here, have to hit them with everything you got and wipe them the fuck out.

The factory can be rebuilt later if necessary, but that demands that there is a later on this world, which means that you have to win here. So get all weapons systems out there and kick some fucking ass.
No. 316451 ID: 517631

Fighting them heads on will be a battle of attrition.

Governments and leaders are only as strong as the will of their supporters. Its time to show the "supporters" they picked the wrong person to fight. Tell the soldiers that Ragno signed their friends, families, etc. death warrant. If able launch 1 or 2 missiles towards Ragnos capital, otherwise nearest Ragno settlements. Offer them to walk away, for the third will guarantee their own deaths.

Worst comes to worse, detonate a missle just past 7km behind them. Most soldiers will suffer 1st and 2nd degree burns, and reinforced structures should be mostly unaffected. Plus beyond the initial explosion radiation should be low at that distance. Also make a witty comment about showing them the ability to make the sun rise twice(To blind the stupid ones).
No. 316455 ID: 180ec2

>Asuan's beloved sun will disappear as we triumph!
This is a good plan. Tell them to withdraw or you'll drop the sun on their capitol city.
No. 316475 ID: 0d7a83

haha yes make their beloved capital burn like their beloved sun. NUKES HOOOOOOOO!
No. 316476 ID: 35e1a0

yes, they have already lost the battle. even if they beat you then they will of gained nothing.
No. 316479 ID: 0d095c

In fact, you know what? Who gives a shit about ultimatums? NUKE RAGNO OFF THE PLANET. No threats, no warnings, just ERADICATE THEIR CIVILIZATION. Or at least their Capitol and major metropolitan-... Don't nuclear weapons aim based on GPS? Unless they use an inertial beacon, can we actually aim the things without satellites?

Oh well, who cares. Launch missiles at their homeland, then deploy the ARMY OF TANKBOTS.
No. 316499 ID: 0bd0b0

Destroying the Ragno civilization does not benefit Tory in the way of resources. And Tory apparently is in need of them. If Ragno army is defeated, Tory could seize control of it pretty easily I bet. It would help A LOT. The people would basically be slaves. Need to focus on the actual army first, unless in a 'if im dying ill take you all with me' kind of situation.

Threatening to kill all of Ragno unless they fuck off is still a good idea, Tory just needs to prove he can do it. Can't really tell what the chances of defeating Ragno head on without losing much important are, but they are probably reasonable. Still would not hurt to have their backs turned. Seconding that army of tankbots though.
No. 316644 ID: 07416a

Charge? Machineguns.
No. 316660 ID: 6a9fdc

Tory, it's been mentioned, but you may not have noticed: Mr. Scaleface had a patch of eyes and darkness on the side of his neck there. Do you know anyone made of eyes and darkness? Someone with a fondness for instruments and stealing things that aren't his. And then running off and claiming his actions would be to your benefit and then showing up with an army for some reason. On the bright side it looks like SoP got injured. It's about time you hurt her back.
No. 316714 ID: a41aaf

Launch an ICBM towards the capitol. It doesn't necessarily have to hit, or even have a warhead. Suggest that if they leave now, you will disarm the missile in flight. If they ignore you, remotely disable their radios so they will not know it is a bluff (or alternatively, ACTUALLY nuke their capitol, and blame it Asuan when you take over).

Also, lob some unarmed nukes into their forces around the area, primed for remote detonation. In the case they some how manage to overrun the conventional defences and the factory is essentially lost (making any EMP moot), you can still take out their army so it doesn't bother you in the future.
No. 316732 ID: 180ec2

Remember, we can't actually nuke the army. It's WAY too close to the tower. Even if we didn't take heavy damage in the actual explosion, Tory said the tower isn't hardened against electromagnetic pulse. I REALLY don't want to find out what happens to the void reactor if all of the electronics spontaneously malfunction.
No. 316734 ID: 0d095c

Wow, that makes it sound even worse than I'd imagined. I'd hate to see the Void Reactor's governor circuit pinwheel out of control and collapse the entirety of existence into what is basically SUPER HELL. Let's just deploy the Army and nuke Ragno off the map. Or threaten to, while killing them and attempting to leave. Also, BUILD MORE VOID BOMBS. Make a note, THOSE THINGS ROCK.
No. 316739 ID: c2c011

It's the factory that isn't hardened. And we need these bastards dead before they're even closer. Nukes is still an option right now, it won't be if they're on top of the tower. We got sub-kiloton range nukes, those should be ok to use.
No. 316772 ID: c7ab29

Well, for all we know the guy we void bombed was a body double. Anyway the point is moot. The only thing that will keep the army going at you is the fact that they think we can't do massive destruction again. So, we should hit them with something big & bad, but not too big or we're screwed too. I'd recommend dropping a subkt-nuke on them or on their rear-guard. After that follow up with an attack. With any luck they'll break into a complete rout.
No. 316773 ID: 2afc9c

Well maybe you should fire a salvo of sub-kt nukes at the Asuan and Ragno capitals and major cities (Maybe 10-12 nukes in total?) to turn them into casualty zones. That might prevent future military action against you as both nations are crippled. Remote detonate their radios while the missiles are on the way so lines of communication are cut.


Also prepare TD-03 for taking out that hero guy by strapping him with C4 and ordering him to engage the hero with maximum force as a ultra-high danger target. Order TD-03 to self-destruct if necessary to accomplish the goal. Also make sure the explosives go off instantly if TD-03 is destroyed.

With all out warfare try to use your artillery and aerial weapons to their fullest.
No. 316831 ID: 55c4cf

believe in your hat tory
No. 316835 ID: 476456

rip your pants off to draw their attention back to you
No. 317507 ID: 9b6c31
File 130901806376.png - (50.58KB , 800x800 , 630.png )

I am pretty sure it is Sister! Ahaha, good riddance! I think she is dead! Hahahahaha!
Man, that is some great shit right there.
... Organist is inside Emperor? I mean, he did sound kinda like Organist. He somehow managed to sidestep the rift... Because fuck, I am pretty darn sure that Organist cannot survive void. No chance, not fair, void wins googol-0.

Okay, destroy weapons and radio, check!
Roll out tanks and other weapons, check!

Man, I did not realize that there are so many of them. Well, they are too busy getting killed by mines, tanks, lasers and machine gun fire.

And yeah, I can deliver nukes to the capitals. I dropped beacons there, which allowed me to calculate some trajectories.
I could nuke Ragno capital off the planet...

Okay, let's use subkt-nuke behind them. It will be fun!
No. 317508 ID: 9b6c31
File 130901837186.png - (42.84KB , 800x800 , 631.png )


Yes, even subkt nukes are powerful! Equal to goddamn 900 tons of trinitrotoluene!
My bigger nukes are equal to 300 000 tons that stuff. BIG NUKES MAN.
But seriously, it feels like Emperor is actually trying me to do it. Strange. BUT HAHA, oh man it will be great.

I am going to work with that spiderlord now! Will take a while!

...So, should I send Teddy or Archibald to fight Jan? I need one bodyguard here, in case someone manages to slip inside.
No. 317510 ID: c2c011

Teddy can go do it. Just make sure he has a carrier for a ridioucsly oversized gun that he uses for big game hunting, or atleast zombiekilling.
No. 317516 ID: 0bd0b0

You forgot to napalm the forest. Damn that would have been cool. I do not think we ever got an idea what Archibald's weapons were. You said you would come up with those later. If you implemented what I suggested during the development process, Archibald would be better suited as long as Jan isn't surrounded. Smoke bombs and poison. Archibald = shady assassin, correct me if I am wrong. Teddy is a massive powerhouse of rape destroyings so I would prefer to have him next to me. Make sure you are near a table so he can flip it to intimidate the enemy.. yeah. Make sure they also know Jan's weakness, whoever you send out. Also use the fucking napalm if it is not too late.
No. 317520 ID: c7ab29

Considering Jan can rapidly grow back his limbs and such, I'd recommend sending someone with a big flame thrower, bonus points if it fires super napalm. I'd like to see him grow back himself when he's been reduced to ashes.

Also, what was the effect of the nuke? Are they still comming at you, how is their morale?

Also may I recommend that you use another subkt-nuke on the forest. If they have any other nasty surprises for you they would probably be hidden there. Taking those out in another spectacular fashion of destruction would also cement your reputation as a master of massive destruction. You could even follow up on that by using the loudspeakers for a small speech to get them to run.
No. 317550 ID: 221021

Yeah, after that nuke it's time for a speech threatening to do that but bigger to their capitol city if they don't withdraw.
No. 317555 ID: 4e7d9a

In fact do nuke both Asuan and Ragno. If someone infiltrates your silo and saboutages it the nukes could just go to waste. You're cover i pretty much fire blown now so you might want to buy time by setting some cities on fire.

Send Archibald to hunt the hero and Jan. Can you send some zombies strapped with C4 to go with him so they can suicide bomb any eventual enemies?
No. 317563 ID: 9b6c31
File 130903821564.png - (29.25KB , 800x800 , 633.png )

Well, it did lessen their morale, but they are still attacking. Some tried to abscond.

Okay, I'll send Archibald in a minute! And prepare nukes for launch. Fuckers. And I'll try that zombie-trick!


Holy shit, the factory shook a bit. Not from the nuke tho!
>H: "..Tory, hey, we are in bit of problem here. Dragon managed to breathe flame on us and drop some sort of bomb on us. Some of the roof broke. I am wounded..."
Oh, it's Helena.
"Well, that's shitty. I need to repair that roof someday. How's the fighting overall?"
>H: "Uh, fine I guess. Most of enemies never reach the tanks. But dragons are a big problem. They managed to break one of the AA-lasers with a catapult. And.... shiit. Uh, they have some long-ranged weaponry. They also recently moved out lots of troops from the forest. I did not see well. And that big explosion... Oh shit, it blinded me for a while. There are still people charging. They have established paths through minefields now. So tanks have hard time killing them all.
And tal- talking about ta-nks. Jan's friend managed to wreck five of them and Jan disabled two. I think he jammed some of his bone th- uuuh. Overall we have lost um, 10 tanks. Dragons managed to rid of one flying thingy. There also seems to be some sort of enemy forces behind the hi-hi-hill...-- Uuuuugh. Sorry, kinda dizzy. "

I am doing progress with Spiderlord. Should be ready soon.

How should I threaten them with nukes? The Emperor seems to be well alive, I am just not sure where he is.
No. 317591 ID: 41b4e5
File 130904150653.jpg - (109.60KB , 500x334 , allcaps.jpg )


use a megaphone.
No. 317599 ID: 0bd0b0

You should threaten them with nukes by dropping napalm on the forest, yeah?

You still have a large amount of sub-kt nukes, and as someone else said that will not be so if they manage to overtake the factory. Throw two more sub-kt nukes at them. "Do you still believe the emperor's words? I have so much more of these left. I could take out your entire army, and I am very tempted to do so at the moment, but I will not. Instead I will target the thing you wish to protect; the city which houses all of your families. Unless they are homeless.. But that is beside the point, if you do not retreat immediately, your precious city and all within will be reduced to ash and radioactive ruin. The entire area will become a poisonous wasteland. In case you forgot what I am able to do, here is couple more examples, free of charge." Then of course launch two more at the army. If they do not show signs of retreating soon, "You thought I was joking? You think I couldn't do it? I gave you a choice, now suffer." Launch one big nuke right at the main city. You don't want everyone to die there, then you will have nothing to conquer. "Looks like I didn't kill ALL of them yet. 70% isn't bad. Oh well. I'll give yet another chance to retreat since I am such a nice guy. Save what you have left. I wasn't kidding about the poisonous thing, you will get sick if you are anywhere near the massive crater in the center of your city. Maybe Asuan will help you? *insert evil laughter that they can still hear*" Put out a large display thing that shows the aftermath if you can. If they retreat, come up with plans to control the city ASAP. That is kind the whole point as to why you have not teleported the fuck out of here yet. If they don't retreat they are pretty fucking stupid and probably won't stop until almost all of them are dead.
No. 317655 ID: c2c011

Most of those guys are probably from the countryside. The city will have its local militia that is unlikely to be involved in much more than defending the city. For proper war there will be levies on people from the countryside, they're also the most likely to make up the professional military. Large scale urbanisation is probably still some time away, most of those guys aren't going to give a shit if some cesspool of a city gets blown up.

But what the fuck, lets nuke their city anyway, serves as an example for later.

Well this shit is bad, you need to get shit airborne to take out those dragons or focus your AA fire against them. Oh, and forest full of douchebags has to go, napalm and nuke that shit. In fact nuke shit liberally. Time to bring out the sub-kiloton nukes and celebrate new years eve, because you can't play around with these fuckers, it's all out or lose here. Oh, and ask the Doctor if he can do anything to help and buy you some time.

Also, guess you can tell Helena that she did good and that she should get that wound seen too. Then she can pop out of cover whenever she feels like it and fire off a shoot or two against the enemy.
No. 317660 ID: 0d095c

This plan is good. Spray sub-kt warheads liberally over the area. In fact, drop one into the forest, and have it go off at ground level. That way, everyone in the forest will die when the blast creates a Plasma Wave, setting the whole damn forest alight as it blasts the vaporized embers of trees outward. As a plus, detonation at Ground Level will create a huge fallout cloud. This will render the area uninhabitable for years. Great for the Doom Fortress look, sitting in the middle of a gray wasteland. Also, have Helena withdraw. She needs to see Doctor, no need to have any MORE zombie henchmen. And try Airbursting one of those nukes, so that the blast will knock the dragons out of the sky.
No. 317665 ID: a76809

Megaphones are always a good idea
No. 317839 ID: c7ab29

Well, if most of them are from the countryside, nuking the capital won't have much effect on them right now. However it would throw Ragno into complete chaos and should we win this battle, there probably isn't going to be a second battle. I'd caution against nuking Asuan, they haven't done anything against us. And besides wiping out the capitals of both sides might galvanize them into cooperating at least temporarely against you.

Now as for the speech. I'd recommend to threaten them to kill them, turn them into zombies and have them kill and eat their own families. If you are going to play the fear/terror card, might as well go all the way. Show them the zombies you already have to prove that you can do that. Also, should they run, let them go. We need to spread the word about the horrors that you can do. Fear is usefull tool to keep people away.
No. 317910 ID: 9b6c31
File 130908386734.png - (18.31KB , 800x800 , 634.png )

Helena returned. According to her, about 16 mercenaries are dead. Fuck.

"Do you still believe the emperor's words? I have so much more of these left. I could take out your entire army, and I am very tempted to do so at the moment, but I will not. Instead I will target the thing you wish to protect; the city which houses all of your families. Unless they are homeless.. But that is beside the point, if you do not retreat immediately, your precious city and all within will be reduced to ash and radioactive ruin. The entire area will become a poisonous wasteland. In case you forgot what I am able to do, here is couple more examples, free of charge."

BOOM, there go the subkt nukes.

"See? That's how cool they are and the nukes I have prepared for your cities are over 300 times more powerful! You really should flee before I get FULLMAD."
No. 317911 ID: 9b6c31
File 130908395157.png - (13.41KB , 800x800 , 635.png )

"Not retreating huh? Well, here's one for Ragno!"
No. 317912 ID: 9b6c31
File 130908402502.png - (17.32KB , 800x800 , 636.png )

I am sure the troops in the forest are dead. Well, I guess.

"Let's throw another one as a bo-"
No. 317914 ID: 1854db

Are you out of the blast radius? If so, DETONATE IT NOW!

You can do that right?

If not, well, finish repairing the giant spider bot, and send Teddy to distract the hero.
No. 317918 ID: 41b4e5

I thought one of your Rapebots were off to cap this punk.
No. 317921 ID: 0d095c


I don't suppose the Universe teleporter is operational at this point? It would be SO SATISFYING if you could send the detonation signal as you warp out...

No. 317924 ID: 41b4e5


just dropping by to make sure people remember how well it worked out for us the last time we went up against a small, fast-moving hero with super strength using a large, slow-moving machine.
No. 317925 ID: 2afc9c

Nuclear warheads are pretty safe. They are usually set up to airburst at an altitude for max effect so just falling to the ground shouldn't trigger it. I imagine the remaining and now lit rocket fuel might do something crazy though.

Well I think we suspected that might happen eventually. Have you got any missiles with just lesser high explosive loads? If you could fire one of them and just remote-detonate it when hero boy kicks it then you might be able to take him out.

Try calling out for Organist. See if you can convince him to drop this charade.

I don't like this idea of unknown enemy forces behind the hill. Can you get a fly-spy to take a look.
No. 318015 ID: 0bd0b0

Ahh what a fag. Archibald was supposed to take care of Jan, and hopefully that particular hero as well. He may have failed. Either way this sucks and hopefully that missile will not explode on the factory because if it does, bye bye factory. Check up on Archibald? Also tell Organist he likes men in a sexual fashion or something.

That hero and probably others are top priority until you can safely launch the nukes again. I am sure you can retrieve the big nuke you just wasted if it doesn't explode and you survive this ordeal. Or maybe it is not wasted? You may be able to correct its path if it does not crash immediately. Would take a bit of time though.

How will the spiderlord do against the heroes? Herofags may just fuck it up and that is bad. Do all you can to stop herofags first.
No. 318539 ID: 55c4cf

have helena drink more, that will solve everything
No. 318549 ID: c7ab29

Launch another missile, just make sure its armed with a lot explosives and napalm. When the hero attacks it, inmediately detonate it. That will teach him not to fuck around with our ICBMs.
No. 319094 ID: 9b6c31
File 130930502425.png - (39.43KB , 800x800 , 637b.png )

Good idea! That should keep him away or outright kill him!

Pow! I knew he couldn't resist punching that missile! Hahaha!
Man, he fell down and is still burning. He is not moving hehehe.
Man, that was great. Now I got him out of the picture! For time being at least!
No. 319099 ID: 55c4cf

Don't let your guard down, Tory. Make sure he's dead.
No. 319101 ID: 9b6c31
File 130930542328.png - (28.27KB , 800x800 , 638.png )

Hm, Archibald is having trouble with Jan. And Jan is too busy with Archibald. Good thing that I got rid of that hero, otherwise he might have dealt with Archibald or breached my factory.
Man, I did not Jan was this scary. Archibald is reporting successful poison-injections, but Jan keeps going. Jan is also using corpses on the field to regenerate himself, which is REALLY scary. Man, why must he be such a faggot?

FUCK, I guess they got rid of mercenaries! I sealed the doors, but they might use explosives or something to blow through the roof! I need to come up with something!

The Spiderlord is almost finished. ALMOST!
No. 319102 ID: 55c4cf

Burn everything.
No. 319103 ID: 0d095c

Do you have any nerve gas? And have Doctor throw all his experiments at em. Just to slow em down. Also, evacuate all essential personnel to safe zones, like the command center. Note to self: Build more internal gun turrets to stop this happening again.
No. 319108 ID: 35e1a0

switch out. it seems Archibald isn't doing too good.
No. 319114 ID: 221021

Use one of your robots with fire on him. I think Teddy does fire, right? Everybody knows you're supposed to use fire on regenerating zombies! Man, I thought you were supposed to be genre savvy! Also, is that one hero down?
No. 319125 ID: c2c011

Send out Teddy to fuck up their day presidentially.

Then get your Spiderlord up and kill the shit out of that army.
No. 319126 ID: 0d7a83

Archibald just doen't have the hitting power to take Jan down. You need something that can rip him into bits and then set those bits on fire. Send in Teddy.
No. 319197 ID: 517631

The easiest way to dispose of Jan is to burn him. While gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. are good and all, but a better way is to hit him with a phosphorus or thermite mixture that will stick to him. Extreme heat will override most if not all of his healing abilities.

On a side note, one can't ignore the Organist and Sisters involvement. In a church choir the organist leads. Everything you do he is probably expecting. But for what reason is the question. Sometimes the best way to handle a foe that knows all you have, is deviate from your Modus operandi. He expects you to be unorthodox, care little of collateral damage, and all the while keeping yourself out of harms way for the most part.
Maybe its time to show him that when need be, you can be serious and throw all caution to to the wind. If he continues to interfere with the situation, it may be time to literally just wipe him and his "allies" from the face of the earth. You may have to take what precautions you can and detonate one the small or even the bigger bombs as close as safely possible. Because if he is involved now, whats to say if you run him off he won't try again.
No. 319240 ID: c7ab29

Hmm, Archibald is keeping Jan out of the battle and makes sure that he can't do anything to us right now, which is good enought for now.

Those guys on the roof may or may not be problematic. I think those dragons actually put them there, so they might not have that much with them due to weight constraints. Keep Teddy in reserve behind the doors and have him deal with them only when they breach the doors.

Also, the hero is kentucky fried extra crispy, so he won't stop our ICBMs. As far as I know nobody right now can stop them, so launch one at Rago, time for those bastards to burn.
No. 319320 ID: 3cf049

aye, launch a nuke towards Ragno now that the nosy bastard can't interfere.
No. 319964 ID: 9b6c31
File 130947004356.png - (39.97KB , 800x800 , 639.png )

Okay okay, I'll send Teddy too. He is capable of killing everything on the roof, I know it.
Their forces have chipped mine quite much. 31 tanks lost, mainly thanks to dragons, Jan and that other faggot. Two were accidentally caught in my own artillery. Three fliers were downed, and one artillery-unit shut down due malfunction. Grr.

I don't need that much protection anymore anyway.

It doesn't matter anymore.
No. 319966 ID: 9b6c31
File 130947011646.png - (7.29KB , 800x800 , 640.png )

As from this day I shall carpet these lands in fire and explosions.
No. 319969 ID: 9b6c31
File 130947037824.png - (29.28KB , 800x800 , spiderlord.png )

Gentlemen! Behold!


Well, almost complete. Some parts have not been shielded too well. Drivers for some functions are not completely programmed. Grenade launchers lack sophisticated aiming for example ( cannot hit flying moving targets etc. ). It hasn't been painted either. Man, what a sloppy job.
I loaded 20 subkt nukes on the spider. Man, I am ready to go. Anything I should take care about before I enter the Spiderlord?
No. 319970 ID: 55c4cf

make a crazy composure pose with your dream hat on. and do all of this in front of your glorious explosion tory. it is how it should be
No. 319971 ID: c2c011

Launch nukes at major cities. Almost all of the ones you got. It's time to fuck things up properly, make sure nobody ever forgets you have been here, no matter what, they will never forget the impact you made.
No. 319972 ID: 0d095c

Stomp right on out there and start lasering the crap out of the enemy airforce. Then proceed to bomb the rest of the army off the map. Congrats, you've built your firstsecondthird FOURTH superweapon. Try not to get this one blown apart as fast as the others...
No. 319977 ID: 8d6842


those incomplete parts and bits just may be the difference between winning and losing. is it possible for you to stall them a bit further until you finish up on everything?
No. 319981 ID: 28e94e

The drivers for the weapons probably won't be too big of a deal, but the shielding is probably going to bite you in the ass. Fix that first if possible.
No. 319982 ID: 2afc9c

Bring Helena with you so she's safe.

Ask Archibald to lure Jan to somewhere near the exit doorway for the Spiderlord. Then you can annihilate Jan with your initial shot. It's sad to see him go, but there's no way he'll ever join you again I think. Try not to hit Archibald.

Then while you still have the element of surprise try to quickly wipe out all the dragons and start looking for that hero guy. He's priority #1. Him and the Organist. Biggest threats to you.

Move to the high ground on the mountains where you can see all incoming enemies and use the particle cannon to sweep the enemy ground forces away.

Once you have the hill call both Teddy and Archibald back so they can cover your flanks with their keen senses.

Do this defensively. They have no choice but to try to take down the Spiderlord.
No. 319983 ID: 0bd0b0

If you think you have done enough to stop hero fags, go ahead on your rampage. Regular soldiers stand no fucking chance against spiderlord. Heroes are another story. They are the only reason you could fail really.

Oh, maybe you should try and configure the portal device thing as a last measure. If all else fails, you will want to get the fuck out of there ASAP. Defeat is better than dying.
No. 320324 ID: 9b6c31
File 130955737336.png - (34.69KB , 800x800 , 641.png )

Sorry, I can't just do that, I am out of materials!
Oh yeah, Helena has to get inside too! She has bandaged herself, but she is not in condition to fight.

WOOOOAH!! This is damn great! Almost all weapon-systems are fully functional ( as I said, particle cannon is largely untested )!
It moves fine too. Hahahahahahaa!
Man, everyone looks like an insect from up here. Haha!
Some of them seem to be INTIMATED by this beautiful beast! Many are fleeing!

Okay, should I seek for Jan? I think Teddy can handle him... But then again, I want him to see the Spiderlord.

Or maybe I should test that particle cannon. I have plenty of test-subjects!
No. 320325 ID: c2c011

Well lets test that fucker out then. Target the largest group of people that don't seem to be running in terror yet.
No. 320328 ID: 180ec2

Don't look for Jan, remember what heroes have done to your big machines before, and he's at the same level. Teddy is probably your best bet against him still.
No. 320332 ID: 0d095c

Fuck me, that thing's enormous. Welp. You know what to do. Set all the guns to automatic and highlight the enemy army as a target. Also, stomp on the fleeing soldiers.

Note for the future: Equip feet with napalm-sprayers later. Good for attacking infantry.
No. 320334 ID: 35e1a0

yes, test super weapon on nearest large group.
No. 320335 ID: 35e1a0

or if you can see jan from here then have teddy leap away and shoot him.
No. 320340 ID: 97e5c0

disagreeing with the majority on this one. I say we start out with out smaller weaponry and keep the big fuck-off cannon as a trump card for its shock value. also in case it gets busted up again after one shot.

and I also fail to see the point of charging towards the biggest crowd and gathering maximum attention while we could just be trying to scout out the emperor or the sister as discreetly as possible so we can rape them before spending up significant amounts of our reserves on a bunch of mooks.
No. 320341 ID: 28e94e

No. 320342 ID: 07416a

>giant fuck-off spider mech
No. 320368 ID: 35e1a0

we havea RANGED weapon. just shoot it WITHOUT running towards the enemy.
No. 320472 ID: 0bd0b0

I agree with putting priority towards heroes and powerful enemies, but being discreet? It is a giant fucking killing machine. If you can put your hand in front of your face and still see it a distance away there is no point in discretion. Spiderlord could do for a mustache though. The more time Tory spends not killing everything, the more time for a hero to come up and fuck it up.

If there is no hero in sight kill everything until there is.
No. 320698 ID: c7ab29

If that particle cannon is largely untested, we should test it first. If we don't there is a good chance it will cause massive problems when we do use it when we really need to. Just to be safe.

After that, start destroying and routing the enemy army, we can deal with the heroes when they don't have any support left anymore. Also priority should be the survival of the factory and the tower (so shooting down dragons would be nice too).
No. 320746 ID: 28e94e

Guys. Use your god damn brains. The particle cannon is untested, so there's a chance that the particle cannon might suffer a critical failure when fired and leave us vulnerable. Let's save our main gun for things that actually warrant the use of the main gun.
No. 320891 ID: 180ec2

If the only hero left is Jan, though, we probably want to keep his attention on Teddy, because we want as few heroes attacking us as we can. Last time we assaulted heroes with a mech, and the time before, it ended badly. I think we should keep an eye on all of the important targets and take out as many of the regular soldiers as we can, because if the spiderlord gets broken from the inevitable encounter with somebody strong then the less mass army left over the better.
No. 320920 ID: f5fe2f

Do you reckon you can you test the Particle Cannon on Jan without unduly harming Teddy? I think it's worth a shot. If not just use it on whatever the biggest target around is. Perhaps dragons?
No. 321104 ID: 9b6c31
File 130972642840.png - (11.97KB , 680x680 , 642.png )

Okay, let's test it!
Everything seems to be working. Cyclotron is happy and everything is going well. Now I just have to press this one button to fire this angry
No. 321105 ID: 9b6c31
File 130972647056.png - (17.60KB , 680x680 , 643.png )


No. 321113 ID: 9b6c31
File 130972702283.png - (12.03KB , 680x680 , 644.png )

IT WORKS! Ahaahahahaha! Working beautifully! Ahahahahahaha-
FUCK. The Spiderlord powered down! Shit! Fuck fuck fu-
Oh, I got it working again.
Hehe. Okay, the particle cannon has been now fired once, not at full potential and systems shut down for few seconds after firing. Damn it.

Large amount of enemy forces seem to be retreating. There are some left who probably are just stupid or insane. Maybe both.

Okay, let's see Teddy's and Archibald's statuses...
Hm, Teddy is fine, Archibald is melting and Jan is still kinda alive.
No. 321123 ID: 28e94e

Why is Archibald melting

You shot him didn't you

God damn it
No. 321131 ID: e13f0d


meh. we can make a new one later. one with a better name. no need to get riled up.

consider assisting Teddy with more precise weaponry, if you've got anything like that on this monster at all. otherwise, just fuck up some punk-ass... uhh, Ragnans? Ragnoans? Ragnites? whatever, some enemy remnant bitchlings.
No. 321147 ID: c7ab29

Great, so now we KNOW that firing the particle cannon will leave us vulnerable for a short while. Something we MUST keep in mind.

As for Archibald, we can make a new one, a better one, and one with a much better name.

Now, concentrate all your firepower except the particle cannon on the dragons that are still in range. We cannot have those eliminate the spider mech with death from above. If there are no more dragons left, switch to those enemies who are left. Leave Jan and the heroes for last.

Also have Teddy set Jan on fire and any and all corpses in the vicinity, that should either kill him or keep him busy and prevent him from regenerating. Meanwhile we deal with the remainder of the enemy forces.

Final point, where is the hero? Last I knew he was kind of dead, but better to be sure. Can't you stick one of those little flyspys on him, we didn't build them for nothing. Also stick one on sister and one on oranist/emperor. Hopefully that will keep surprises to a minimum.
No. 321154 ID: 0bd0b0

Send Teddy to finish off Jan and retrieve Archibald. Defeat remaining Ragno army without the use of the particle cannon. Target the heroes who are still alive with particle cannon. Try to find the Emperor, see if he is escaping. If you find him interrogate him about things like how he knows your name instead of just killing him. Organist may be inside of him somehow, so maybe throw him into the void when you are done.
No. 321239 ID: f5fe2f

Fire additional shots on Jan. Try a subkt nuke if an additional plasma blast doesn't do the trick.
No. 321557 ID: c2c011

Tac nukes at Jan and whatever forces are still holding in the field. Lets show these fuckers the full fury of SCIENCE! and make them regret their choice of coming here against you.
No. 321647 ID: 178c80
File 130981979994.png - (22.01KB , 680x680 , 645.png )

Nukes are out of the question when dealing with Jan. Jan is way too close to the factory.

It seems that Archibald is melting because Teddy set him on fucking fire! S-Napalm burns like a crazy motherfucker, burns through steel and shit!
Man, Archibald is in no condition to fight. I'll have him retreat. Maybe I can salvage some parts later on!

I'll tell Teddy to burn some corpses too! That should limit his regeneration quite a bit!

Hero, uh? I cannot see him anywhere.

Hmm, dragons. Particle cannon might be a good idea, but I am not sure if I can kill many dragons with beam. I mean, it can fucking destroy targets on outer orbital ( when fully powered ), but using it to deal with flying, kinda small targets? Missiles should suffice.

There are five left. They are trying to deal with my- MY ARTILLERY! ONLY ONE LEFT!
No. 321653 ID: 751acc

fffffFFF missile swarm now

No. 321655 ID: 0d095c

Fire the MAIN GUN. And by that I mean the secondary machine guns. Much more effective on Air Targets.
No. 321676 ID: 00451b

Wait, the hero dissappeared? As in, his corpse is not where you left it?


Make sure to shoot him a bit after he goes down to make sure he's dead this time.
No. 322100 ID: c7ab29

Shoot a lot a missiles at those dragons, that should solve that problem. Use secondary weapons on the remaining survivors. Meanwhile look for the hero, he's probably alive and will become a major headache if we don't deal with him first.
No. 322179 ID: 28e94e

Hero is about to pop up out of nowhere and try to wreck your shit. Watch for people trying to get into your blind spots, and have a personal weapon ready in case he somehow gets in.
No. 323551 ID: 178c80
File 131013116836.png - (27.14KB , 680x680 , 646.png )

All missiles hit the targets, dragons have been eliminated! Ha ha ha!

Hero is still alive? Shit, let's see the scanners+cameras quickly!
No. 323557 ID: 178c80
File 131013168990.png - (14.17KB , 680x680 , 647.png )

Okay, let's see!
Oh, and because you probably don't know what markings mean;

Red masses are well, enemy concentrations. There are more of them scattered around. Most of forces are fleeing anyway, so I don't think they matter too much.

Yellow blips are um, tanks! Yeah! As you can see, I have lost quite a few!

Cyan dot is the last remaining artillery-unit. It took some damage, so its aim might be bit off.

Uh, the small green dots are remaining flying units. They are gunning down fleeing enemy units and providing me with information!

(x) Jan marks where Jan currently is.Teddy should be there right now!
(1) is the mark left by the particle-cannon. Such a beautiful weapon!
(2) is something my scanner just caught. Something is emitting röntgen rays. It is not because of the subkt-nukes, that's for sure.
(3) This is where the hero was last seen.

I don't see hero at the moment, but damn, I am prepared. This mech took me time and effort!
No. 323559 ID: c2c011

Fire particle cannon at number 2. Something freaky is going on there and freaky is not good.
No. 323560 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah blast it's shit at MAX POWER.
No. 323564 ID: 0bd0b0

See if you can get a feed on site 2 and maybe 3. Let us not be hasty with a weapon that leaves us vulnerable for any significant amount of time. Jan is worth turning into toast though. I doubt he can regenerate after that.

Jan's threat > strange radiation
No. 323569 ID: a4d333

I agree that the particle cannon should be directed at Jan. I feel sorry for Teddy, but in the end, he's replacable, especially considering the mining operations Tory established at the previous world.
No. 323570 ID: 0d095c

NOOOOOO! TEDDY! Quick, download his mind! THEN annihilate that bastard Jan. Traitor scum, if it weren't for us, he'd still be in a zombie filled radioactive wasteland. Well, now he'll DEAD in the middle of a zombie filled radioactive wasteland.
No. 323576 ID: 0bd0b0

Oh no, I did not even consider the death of Teddy.. If Jan is to be toasted let Teddy escape first if that is possible. Teddy is a badass and a superweapon. He won't be easy to replace and is still a valuable asset in this situation. Archibald is another story though. If Teddy and Archibald can kill Jan, Tory can save the use of laser and more important Teddy. In any case Jan must die. Sacrifices will have to be made, regrettable though they are.
No. 323597 ID: 1854db

Get a fix on the hero. He could be climbing on the spider. Do you have cameras mounted all over your spider mech so you don't have any blind spots? You should.

Blast the hero with the particle cannon. Let Teddy keep Jan busy for now, although if Jan beats Teddy you should just have all the tanks focus fire on him.
No. 323600 ID: c7ab29

Prepare a sub-nuke for 2, but before you launch it get a view of what it is. Overhastenly attacking it is a BAD idea. As far as you know nobody can produce röntgen rays exept you, so whatever it is, it is both powerfull and dangerous. I'd bet 50 bucks that firing the particle cannon at it will cause something bad to happen.

Have Teddy retreat and then fire the particle cannon at Jan at a rather low setting. I think it's impossible for him to survive being hit with that in the face, even at low power settings. Also, it will cause less collatoral damage and thereby improve Teddy's chances of surviving.

Definitively get a look at three, we need to know if the hero survived or not.

Finally if you really want to fire something at 2, use the last artillery piece. Losing it would be kind of bad, but it isn't that powerfull and should there be a response proportionally to the attack it would be manageble. Also 2 looks big enough that the loss in aim really doesn't matter that much.
No. 323632 ID: 1be251

2 is likely some long range weapon of some kind. Nuke the fuck out of it, but stagger the firing of them to keep it from just throwing up some shield to block them all at once. Keep some cameras near spider bot to make sure no-one sneaks under or onto it. Have most of the tanks move along your right flank, keeping distance from Jan who seems to prefer melee. Also means he can't use the tanks as cover against Teddy.
No. 324763 ID: 178c80
File 131034153382.png - (13.93KB , 680x680 , 648.png )

Fucking Jan fucking with my plans with his fucking zombie-powers. Fuck him! Fuck him with an intense beam of protons.

Hahaha! Haha- ha.
Systems went down again.

Anyway, Jan has been dealt with. I think Teddy suffered some damage. I don't know how severe.

Systems recovered. Bit slower this time, despite using less power for cannon. Shit, might be some serious flaws there.

Now, let's see- Teddy has been damaged! I cannot establish any connection!

Fuck that, let's see what (2) has for us.
No. 324765 ID: 178c80
File 131034162599.png - (44.00KB , 680x680 , 649.png )

Taking some video-feed from one of the scout-aircrafts.

Well, shit. This does not look good at all. In both ways.

Is that Emperor-?
What the shit is going on.
No. 324771 ID: f5fe2f

He's looking kind of armipotent there. Hit him with nukes if he's far off enough, use the big gun if not.
No. 324772 ID: 453e62

aw fuck, that is some SERIOUS magic being cast. you tower may resist it for a while due to the void but i dunno if it can be stopped. have that artillery start shooting at it. need to disrupt the lines.
No. 324777 ID: 0d095c

NUKE IT. NOW. Fire EVERYTHING at that spot.

Seriously, if he opens a portal to The Void, or escapes to another universe, YOU ARE FUCKED.
No. 324782 ID: f8be40

nuke him. and I'm not talking sub-kt.
No. 324804 ID: c5b608

Hmm...a circle of some sorts...I'm not sure if killing YOU is their objective here...Otherwise they would have done it when they were alone with you.
No. 324830 ID: b6ca92

It looks almost like the diagram of some sort of engine or reactor, if it could be spherical.
No. 324831 ID: 0d095c
File 131034608462.jpg - (216.75KB , 972x432 , alpha_omega.jpg )

Whatever it is, it is Evil! NUKE IT!
No. 324919 ID: 28e94e

God damn it why did we only make one void bomb

Fuck fuck fuck

Nuke it and prepare to run like hell
No. 324975 ID: 0bd0b0

No. 324976 ID: 07416a

IF the emperor is the organist, which I think he is, probably knows of your nuke-happiness. That circle, in that case, is probably to redirect nuke-power.

Or it's just an unrelated thing which you should nuke to kingdom come.
No. 325021 ID: c7ab29

How about we disturb the drawing first, fire some grenades at it or have a tank drive over it. Alternatively have the artillery unit fire at it.

Finally, keep the use of that main particle cannon to a minimum, the power down when firing it has a good chance in ending the spider lord.
No. 325024 ID: c2c011

That shit looks seriously bad. Like the kind of bad that might be made worse by spinal nuke launching reflexes. Put all your sensors on that shit to see what they find out, something freaky is going on there but we need a bit more intel before launching every weapon we have at it.
No. 325979 ID: 178c80
File 131058285205.png - (26.39KB , 680x680 , 650.png )

Let's not be too hasty, nukes cost money and time!
And regarding void-bombs, technically I could fix up one by using reactor of the Spiderlord, but uh, that is well- kinda stupid.

Yeah, this awesome thing has one.

Okay, I'll try to check it with one of those Supersmall Cool Flyspies I constructed! Good thing this thing supports view from those! I am such a genius!

It is Organist but uh-

>O: "Oh-. I thought you------ would be----- busy!
>O: "Grah, it is bit difficult to telepathically to speak to you, sorry! As you can see, I am in bit of a hurry. Resurrecting my old body and such. I should thank you."
>O: "Because making this all possible. Without proper sacrifice, this would take forever. You have sped things forward quite a bit. This shape you witness is merely a fragment, a remnant of being I WAS."
What the shit Organist? You were fu-
>O: "Well, that would be correct. Using you. A bit. See, resurrecting person is not a big deal. Usually takes a sacrifice of two or three persons. It is difficult, but can be done. However- I am such a being, that I require sacrifice of at least of millions, which you have so conveniently arranged me."
>O: "That nuclear missile you sent at capital of Ragno. It should be arriving in an ho-"
>O: "Oh, you are trying to kill me like that? Too bad. I have already set a circle that should protect me and this ritual adequately until the sacrifice is ready. It took much of my dying power, but it should be enough to withstand most of things you throw at me. You wouldn't dare to use nuclear bomb upon me, your factory is too close. Too bad you managed to kill Sister like that- If you are feeling that bored, I can stir up you entertainment."

Ghhhhh, it is too close!
No. 325980 ID: c2c011

Well then fuck the factory. You can fucking rebuild after he's dead. And it's his circle that is the key. You need either a way to get inside of it or a way to disrupt the circle.

If that's not possible then all nukes against the fuck. Or I guess you can try the particle cannon first. Either way we need to beat the fucker.
No. 325981 ID: 221021

Hmm, is it really that big of a deal if he does get rebuilt? Ask him what he plans to do when he's at full power, because if it's not an active threat to you you could probably make due with coexisting in the multiverse.
No. 325982 ID: ffa55d

particle cannon go.
No. 325983 ID: 1854db

He used you. If he had just ASKED then we would've gone ahead with it.

He said the factory was too close. Did he mean the tower was too close? Would the EMP from the nuke fry your tower, or just the factory? The factory is expendable.

If the tower is too close, I think you should quickly fine-tune the dimensional leap device, and activate it just as you launch a nuke at him. You will be gone when it hits. We kill him and remain safe. That's what you'd want, right?
No. 325985 ID: 0d095c

>"You wouldn't dare use a nuke on me, your factory is too close!"

No. 325991 ID: f5fe2f

Um. He might be baiting us into using a nuke.

Honestly, we've always been on good terms. What if we just don't fuck with him? It's not like Jan where he actively betrayed us, the Organist just needed a favor. He may have obtained it in a rather underhanded way, and certainly we don't appreciate this dickery, but it doesn't really merit death. I doubt he intends to do anything directly hindering to us after he succeeds, though we should ask.

Of course, we should point out that we don't appreciate this, and we totally would have killed millions for him if he'd just asked instead of going through this bullshit.
No. 325993 ID: 6e87fe

Shoot his organ at him strapped to a missile, if you can.
No. 326007 ID: 0bd0b0

Uh, didn't the nuke which was sent at Ragno get disabled? There should be no nuke being sent at Ragno atm. And is Organist really against us here? We don't really now of any plan to actually harm us. Ask him what he is going to do after his power returns. He did take some of our stuff though, and is using us to spawn his full form. Whatever. If you launch a nuke on the side of the field facing away from the factory it should not do too much for the factory and it is really worth losing the factory for this anyway. It is probably enough to kill Organist and the field may block enough damage to keep the factory standing.

Hahaha I approve of this.
No. 326033 ID: ffa55d


>You wouldn't dare to use nuclear bomb upon me, your factory is too close

he just slipped. now you know that a nuke is strong enough to kill him.

be unpredictable, Tory. you know you can replace the factory.
No. 326075 ID: 517631

Factories can always be rebuilt.

I would threaten him with the most powerful weapon of all. FEAR. If he resurrects your as good as dead anyway.

[On a technical note, wouldn't detonating the void reactor pretty much kill everything]

Tell him the truth, if your going to go down take everything with you. I would allow the void reactor to power up beyond what you would normally have it, maybe he will detect the energy. All the while the talking and rambling will buy you time.
No. 326143 ID: 28e94e

Note to self: Make a fuckload of void bombs when this is over. This fucker is not living through our next encounter.

Anyway, don't nuke him, don't fire the cannon. It's a trap. If I had to guess, he's probably going to use the energy from the blast for his own ends. He's too much of a slippery bastard to give away his own weakness; it's more like him to try to use us in whatever plots he has going. So yeah, don't nuke, don't particle cannon. Leave him, and only fire on him if he looks like he might actually be making a move against you.
No. 326144 ID: 0d095c

It is, indeed a trap. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT FIRE ANYTHING! Deploy CONVENTIONAL FORCES to eliminate him. Redirect them from the slaughter to Organist. Also, burn a gigantic number 8 into the battlefield with your particle cannon, to dedicate the fallen to the Chaos god Khorne. This will prevent the Organist from utilizing their souls to power his nightmarish device.

And remember: NO NUKES. Organist KNOWS YOU. He's trying to TRICK YOU. DON'T LET HIM.
No. 326145 ID: 28e94e

>Also, burn a gigantic number 8 into the battlefield with your particle cannon, to dedicate the fallen to the Chaos god Khorne. This will prevent the Organist from utilizing their souls to power his nightmarish device.
I support this plan.
No. 326163 ID: e8d425

Screw the number eight, dedicate the ground to Tory Industries. These are YOUR souls. You expended the effort in releasing them, not him.
No. 326165 ID: 0d095c

Aye, but we haven't gotten any dedicated soul eating technologies yet. Much better to have Khorne be a bro and owe us a favor than try dedicating them to ourselves, fail, and then Organist regenerates and rapes us to death with his spiky tentacles.
No. 326166 ID: dbcc9c

fuck 8, carve a 6 instead.
No. 326167 ID: 0d095c

Burn in hell, Slaaneshi dog!
Anyway, the number we will be carving is 8. 8 is great. And filled with HATE
No. 326175 ID: 6f7a5b


screw you. 6 is filled with fun. lots and lots of it. Tory deserves him some fun.
No. 326196 ID: f5fe2f

Let's not get gods involved. It never ends well.
No. 326198 ID: b6ca92
File 131061972762.jpg - (15.30KB , 231x264 , 1310224059730.jpg )

The only god I'm interested in getting involved is the Omnissiah.

Or alternatively, Zarus, Lawful Evil God of HFY.
No. 326239 ID: a337cd

This. (except the 8 stuff) Don't fall for the blatant reverse psychology.
No. 326900 ID: 178c80
File 131084758911.png - (35.76KB , 680x680 , 651.png )

Okay okay, I will be ready to stream some protons and lay some nukes!

And after that I'll carve glorious logo of Tory Industries! Or ToryTek! Or T-Systems! Or Torian Empire! That TS-symbol!
Because fuck gods, what have they done for me! I stand by myself!

Let's question a bit more.
What will then?
>O: "When I am complete? Ha, I shall spread the joy of my power. Of course I will seek some sort of payback from the ancients. They are the ones who brought me into this state."
>O: "I was once a magnificent and remarkable armipotent being. Intelligent. For each intelligent armipotent being, there was tens of thousands non-intelligent armipotent beings. The ancients and I were a rare exception. The ancients- managed to vanquish me. I simply seek retribution. I will hunt them and their work to extinction. This mission is massive. Part from your machine allows me to lure them and open their gates for me."

>O: "I am not sure if I should let you live. Just turn around from all of this, and you will be excluded from all this. Or be extinguished."

Wait a second-
Doesn't their work also mean the gates? Maybe some races since the ancients supposedly did ferry some races- Oh, I get it.
No. 326903 ID: 35e1a0

any more dudes that could pose a threat? doesn't matter, fire particle beam at FULL POWER at him.
No. 326905 ID: ccd4eb

evacuate factory now. we're gonna nuke AND particle beam him. and if that doesn't work, we'll dismantle the Spiderlord's reactor and use a void bomb. this motherfucker is threatening you.
No. 326906 ID: 28e94e

No. 326919 ID: c71597

Fucker is going down.

Suggests a good plan for doing so, but adding that you shouldn't bother with the evacuation. Organist might be able to snap up your plans of attack and take some sort of countermeasures.
No. 326926 ID: 1854db

Sounds like he wants to hog all the fun.

We can't have that. Destroy him!
No. 326956 ID: c04c0d

You really cant trust anything he says. The second he is reborn your life is in danger.
No. 326957 ID: 517631

"I will hunt them and their work to extinction"

These probably includes you as well as every possible sentient life. Excluding you is only a temporary thing. He will eventually come for you. Survival at this point comes down to are you ready to risk everything for a single reward.
No. 327031 ID: c7ab29

Guys, guys, think about this. Let's take a step back and take a good look at things.

>Too bad you managed to kill Sister like that
Ok, sister is out of the equation, and good riddance at that.

>That nuclear missile you sent at capital of Ragno. It should be arriving in an ho-
Hmm, didn't that hero take care of that missile here: >>317912
So, do we have a missile heading for Ragno or not? Because all of our actions are determined right now by that fact.

> You wouldn't dare to use nuclear bomb upon me, your factory is too close.
Well, considering he's using magic to resurrect his body, using a nuke wouldn't backfire on us due to tech =/= magic and I'm pretty sure he can't use the energy of the nuke to power his resurrection. Using people or rather their lifeforce to power his resurrection would be far more logical.

>should be enough to withstand most of things you throw at me
So not everything. I'd say "most" stands for anything conventional we have. So I'd recommend we use the particle cannon first, nuke second and a jury-rigged void bomb last. However do know:

>It should be arriving in an ho-
Hour? That would mean we have some time to think things over no? Or at the very least eliminate any remaining potential threat, like the remains of Ragno's army. If we don't do that before we dismantle the spider lord.....

> The ancients and I were a rare exception
So, both him and the ancients were armipotent beings? Sounds more like he was part of a group of armipotent beings (the ancients) and they cast him out for some reason. Find out that reason, it might be very important.

Right now I'd say the factory has served its purpose and is expendable. You could always build a new one. Be prepared, but try to get some more answers fist. Also, please do tell if there really is a nuke on the way to Ragno's capital and if there is any possibility to change its course or disable it.
No. 327038 ID: c04c0d

Yeah unless there is a bomb we forgot about this feels like a lure to get us to nuke/void him. The "Oh no you can't stop me because I am close to the factory" speech is suspicious. He knows Tory's first reaction is to shoot first ask questions later.
No. 327043 ID: 0bd0b0

I also made the point about the nuke we tried to send being disabled, I am glad somebody else caught that. Is this a flaw in the quest, or is Tory being baited? my bet is on the bait. Organist says he is having difficulty using telepathy with Tory, so I somewhat doubt he has the power to redirect a nuke at Ragno. But we don't know what else the ritual can do. I would hate to have the spider lord shut down permanently but no chances can be taken.

FIRE THE PARTICLE CANNON, FULL POWER. No nukes unless there is already a confirmed nuke headed at Ragno. Don't be a fool, Tory.
No. 327119 ID: 178c80

Two nukes were sent. First one went uninterrupted, second one got kicked as implied by the text. 'Let's throw another one as a bonus- '.
No. 327130 ID: 1444d5

That second symbol is new, might want to take a look at that.
No. 327137 ID: c7ab29

You're right. Here we launch the first one: >>317911 and here the second one (that got disabled): >>317912

And as was said in >>317912 :
>Let's throw another one as a bo-
Another one, so we launched 2.

So yes we do have a nuke on the way to Ragno, leaves us still an hour to deal with Organist or longer if we can disable/divert the nuke.

Also, indeed second symbol is new, who is making that? Check it out.
No. 327139 ID: 0bd0b0

How accurate is the particle cannon? Maybe we could try hitting the nuke with it before it reaches lethal progress. At lowest power the spiderlord should still be standing and then we can hit Organist with whatever we want. Ragno should be easy to control then.
No. 327737 ID: 1be251

I get the feeling the first circle is a decoy. Second circle should be what we attack if we go after the organist.
No. 327975 ID: b6ca92

From this angle, wouldn't it be easier to just line up the gun to hit both?
Keep in mind that our previous blasts took out mountain ranges.
No. 328133 ID: 178c80
File 131111075316.png - (11.12KB , 640x640 , 652.png )

FULL POWER MOTHERFUCKER! The beam is stopped by the circle. Fuck!
No. 328136 ID: 178c80
File 131111105437.png - (58.06KB , 640x640 , 653.png )

>O: You really shouldn't have done that.

Agh, that was close one. Power is gone, and I am not sure what happened with that blast-

>O: "I told you not to interfere."
Fuck you too.

Okay, power is back on. Some sensors got completely fried and I can barely move this thing. So much for 'marvelous agility'. At least void-reactor is whirring nicely, but if I weaponize it, I don't know how to deliver it...
No. 328137 ID: 35e1a0

take some of the rockets out, have them ejected but disarmed. strap them together and replace the warheads with the reactor.
No. 328141 ID: c71597

Walk up right next to the fucker, rig the reactor to blow in 20 seconds, use emergency escape measures to get out of the blast radius before it goes off. Celebrate your victory with booze alongside Helena.
No. 328147 ID: 8d6842

what a silly question.


No. 328169 ID: 0d095c

Then you leisurely spend the next three weeks examining the chaos you've caused and rebuilding the damn thing. Good plan. I hope you put in an Ejector seat.
No. 328170 ID: 1854db

We could set the walker to automatically walk to him and set off the bomb on a timer. Then get yer ass back to the tower and get it ready to warp out. Just in case.
No. 328266 ID: 28e94e

Charge at him while firing all weapons. Eject at the last second, then detonate the void reactor. With luck, the small-arms fire will distract him from the fact that we're about to detonate the reactor, so he won't have his own defenses up.
No. 329133 ID: 178c80
File 131129086844.png - (35.80KB , 640x640 , 654.png )

>O: "What is that you are trying?"
>O: "No, you couldn't-"
>O: "Grh, and only 20 minutes remaining."
>O: "It was such a promising plan."
No. 329150 ID: 178c80
File 131129136048.png - (5.84KB , 640x640 , 655.png )

>O: "This body of mine is only a branch of a great fallen tree."
>O: "The other branches shall hunt you down."
>O: "Remember my words Tory Matheus Sinclair."
No. 329151 ID: 178c80
File 131129138712.png - (5.74KB , 640x640 , 656.png )

No. 329153 ID: c71597

Time to rebuild and conqueor this pitiful world. You're also going to have to build a few more void bombs. Organist is probably goin gto be pissed at you, but now we know how to deal with the fucker.

Also try to find a way to downsize void weaponry so you got something on your person if he comes and tries to fuck with you up close.
No. 329156 ID: 35e1a0

yes and you have plenty of time to rebuild. no other army would dare attack knowing you repelled this one.
No. 329157 ID: 178c80
File 131129160823.png - (9.13KB , 640x640 , 657.png )


There went one of my greatest creations. Into the void.

That son of a bitch.

I am safe. Helena is with me. Heading back to Tower.

..So, what now?



Oh, I never get used that sound, goddamnit! Deaf again!
No. 329159 ID: 07416a

...Tory. There is an entire country almost defenseless. You still have an army and the means of producing more.

Take over. Rule. Bring them into the age of Science and be the greatest emperor ever know.
No. 329164 ID: 0d095c

No. 329165 ID: 1854db

He said that his other 'branches' would hunt you down. From now on you can't trust strangers. Also, make a bunch of void bombs.

Also get the tower ready to teleport again.
No. 329166 ID: a24eca

and make sure you conquer every single concentration of valuable resources in this world. well, you may have to start on a somewhat smaller scale than that, but you see where I'm coming from.
No. 329175 ID: 0d7a83

If there are other Organists coming after you then void tech has to be your main concern. You need to work on getting them smaller, and maybe decreasing the AOE of some of them, so that you can use one at close range if one of them manages to get near you. Having one that could fit in your hat would be cool.
No. 329200 ID: b6ca92

>Discover method to identify armipotent energies and lifeforms.
>preferably from a distance.

We're not going to be able to get anything done if we get paranoid without reason. I think Tory has a while anyways before another Organist finds him.
No. 329269 ID: 517631

Well now is the time to reflect on what we have learned.

1. Void Bomb Defeats all, if survived 2nd will do it.
2. Void > Everything
3 Nukes still rock.
4. There may very well be more people like the organist.

So we need to develop ways of detecting armipotent beings but without a steady supply of armaments capable of destroying them. All is naught. Also since this world will know of your deeds, use it as leverage. Get the warping ability back online, and give the people an incentive for you to leave. All and any information of armipotent beings. All the while you are rebuilding your losses.
No. 329372 ID: c7ab29

Also, building big powerfull defences from the start is a must. Next time make them bigger and more bad ass, augment them with void bombs if need be. As a matter in fact, see if you can find a way to mass produce those fuckers.

Now we are safe for the moment. I highly doubt that there is another branch of organist here on this planet and one country has been destroyed and its army defeated. I recommend we drop the disguise and blackmail the survivors of Ragno and threaten Asuan with the same if they don't do what you tell them to do. I'd say we get massive amounts of raw resources from them plus every bit of information they have on magic and armipotent beings (if they complain of having to give away rare/priceless books, offer to scan them in and let them keep the books, incidentally computer scanned books are easely searchable and should prove a more accessible way of gaining information on magic) and then move on. We should have some time before a branch of Organist shows up, but I wouldn't take the chance of assuming one isn't going to show up on this particular world, where we already killed one branch of him.

So, therefore I'd say fix the tower's teleport device, get the goodies and move on to either a new world or an old one (say 5 or 0468), establish a very good defence and do some research in magic and armipotent beings.
No. 329446 ID: 1444d5

>So we need to develop ways of detecting armipotent beings
>(2) is something my scanner just caught. Something is emitting röntgen rays. It is not because of the subkt-nukes, that's for sure.
No. 329494 ID: c7ab29

That radiation might as well be from the ritual he set up, so I wouldn't bet on it. I find it hard to believe that low level röntgen radiation could go unnoticed right under Tory's nose.

But that gives me an idea. Install full body scanners at all the entrances to your tower and force any stranger to be scanned before entering or dealing with him. If they are primitive they don't even need to know exactly what it is. Trusted persons can of course bypass it. I'm going to assume that the image of an armipotent being will rather stand out. Also make it so that when you detect a branch of organist, you can easely completely destroy it (detecting it alone won't protect you).
No. 329559 ID: 180ec2

...röntgen radiation? Isn't that the old-timey 1900s term for what is now called X-rays?
No. 329605 ID: 178c80
File 131137207633.png - (8.98KB , 640x640 , 658.png )

Yes, let's kick them while they are down! I am their new fucking Emperor. I will make them bow me, burn them and lead them to burn!
No. 329607 ID: 178c80
File 131137214735.png - (5.83KB , 640x640 , 660.png )

Year passes.
No. 329610 ID: 178c80
File 131137223391.png - (9.22KB , 640x640 , 661.png )

Tory did manage to gain control of some regions of Ragno by brute force of his remaining forces. Since Ragno's army was broken, it proved him no big challenge. He even managed to establish an doom fortress in heart of Ragno.
No. 329612 ID: 178c80
File 131137241662.png - (9.60KB , 640x640 , 662.png )

However, Asuan proved to be a too big challenge for him. He did take on Asuan army, but his low resources and strong army of Asuan. Dien, one of the remaining ageless heroes proved himself very useful in fighting Tory's army. Finally, region by region, Ragno became part of Asuan.
Tory's empire crumbled and he was forced to retreat into hidden fortress built around his tower.
No. 329613 ID: 178c80
File 131137263973.png - (8.74KB , 640x640 , 663.png )

Tory's fortress does not exist on Asuan anymore.
New knowledge about teleportation, the void and gates of the ancients proved very useful.
Before he left with large portition of his army and remaining warheads, he sent a 300 kiloton farewell to the Emperor of Asuan. Accompanied with few void-bombs of course, which were still very hard to manufacture, but had destructive power increased a bit. Both capitals of Asuan and Ragno are now in ruins.
No. 329616 ID: 178c80
File 131137273289.png - (7.45KB , 640x640 , 664.png )

Organist could not reach Tory. His branches are numerous but all are scattered around. If he is ever resurrected, Tory will have some major problems.
No. 329619 ID: 178c80
File 131137289474.png - (2.78KB , 640x640 , 665.png )

Now Tory is continuing his life despite his health and mental health degrading. He still tries to ruin and conquer more worlds, failing and sometimes even succeeding ( partly ).

Thank you for playing.
The End.
No. 329621 ID: 90abeb




oh HELL no.


No. 329623 ID: 178c80
File 131137360548.png - (5.24KB , 640x640 , 666.png )

Oh, by the way guys.
Asuan's religion now considers me some sort of demon. Isn't that cool?

Oh yeah, thanks for help! I'll try my best!
No. 329625 ID: 0d7a83

...and then Tory was the Organist.
No. 329627 ID: 9c538a
File 131137408496.gif - (2.02MB , 320x240 , angry video nerd what.gif )

No. 329629 ID: eba49f

I see what you did there.
How droll.
No. 329633 ID: 0bd0b0

No more of Tory's exploits? A sad day indeed.
No. 329653 ID: c71597

Stay awesome dude. It's been a blast to guide you.
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