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File 130565741511.png - (46.13KB , 512x512 , title9.png )
304819 No. 304819 ID: 9b6c31

[ Wiki ] http://tgchan.org/wiki/Tory's_tower
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No. 323560 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah blast it's shit at MAX POWER.
No. 323564 ID: 0bd0b0

See if you can get a feed on site 2 and maybe 3. Let us not be hasty with a weapon that leaves us vulnerable for any significant amount of time. Jan is worth turning into toast though. I doubt he can regenerate after that.

Jan's threat > strange radiation
No. 323569 ID: a4d333

I agree that the particle cannon should be directed at Jan. I feel sorry for Teddy, but in the end, he's replacable, especially considering the mining operations Tory established at the previous world.
No. 323570 ID: 0d095c

NOOOOOO! TEDDY! Quick, download his mind! THEN annihilate that bastard Jan. Traitor scum, if it weren't for us, he'd still be in a zombie filled radioactive wasteland. Well, now he'll DEAD in the middle of a zombie filled radioactive wasteland.
No. 323576 ID: 0bd0b0

Oh no, I did not even consider the death of Teddy.. If Jan is to be toasted let Teddy escape first if that is possible. Teddy is a badass and a superweapon. He won't be easy to replace and is still a valuable asset in this situation. Archibald is another story though. If Teddy and Archibald can kill Jan, Tory can save the use of laser and more important Teddy. In any case Jan must die. Sacrifices will have to be made, regrettable though they are.
No. 323597 ID: 1854db

Get a fix on the hero. He could be climbing on the spider. Do you have cameras mounted all over your spider mech so you don't have any blind spots? You should.

Blast the hero with the particle cannon. Let Teddy keep Jan busy for now, although if Jan beats Teddy you should just have all the tanks focus fire on him.
No. 323600 ID: c7ab29

Prepare a sub-nuke for 2, but before you launch it get a view of what it is. Overhastenly attacking it is a BAD idea. As far as you know nobody can produce röntgen rays exept you, so whatever it is, it is both powerfull and dangerous. I'd bet 50 bucks that firing the particle cannon at it will cause something bad to happen.

Have Teddy retreat and then fire the particle cannon at Jan at a rather low setting. I think it's impossible for him to survive being hit with that in the face, even at low power settings. Also, it will cause less collatoral damage and thereby improve Teddy's chances of surviving.

Definitively get a look at three, we need to know if the hero survived or not.

Finally if you really want to fire something at 2, use the last artillery piece. Losing it would be kind of bad, but it isn't that powerfull and should there be a response proportionally to the attack it would be manageble. Also 2 looks big enough that the loss in aim really doesn't matter that much.
No. 323632 ID: 1be251

2 is likely some long range weapon of some kind. Nuke the fuck out of it, but stagger the firing of them to keep it from just throwing up some shield to block them all at once. Keep some cameras near spider bot to make sure no-one sneaks under or onto it. Have most of the tanks move along your right flank, keeping distance from Jan who seems to prefer melee. Also means he can't use the tanks as cover against Teddy.
No. 324763 ID: 178c80
File 131034153382.png - (13.93KB , 680x680 , 648.png )

Fucking Jan fucking with my plans with his fucking zombie-powers. Fuck him! Fuck him with an intense beam of protons.

Hahaha! Haha- ha.
Systems went down again.

Anyway, Jan has been dealt with. I think Teddy suffered some damage. I don't know how severe.

Systems recovered. Bit slower this time, despite using less power for cannon. Shit, might be some serious flaws there.

Now, let's see- Teddy has been damaged! I cannot establish any connection!

Fuck that, let's see what (2) has for us.
No. 324765 ID: 178c80
File 131034162599.png - (44.00KB , 680x680 , 649.png )

Taking some video-feed from one of the scout-aircrafts.

Well, shit. This does not look good at all. In both ways.

Is that Emperor-?
What the shit is going on.
No. 324771 ID: f5fe2f

He's looking kind of armipotent there. Hit him with nukes if he's far off enough, use the big gun if not.
No. 324772 ID: 453e62

aw fuck, that is some SERIOUS magic being cast. you tower may resist it for a while due to the void but i dunno if it can be stopped. have that artillery start shooting at it. need to disrupt the lines.
No. 324777 ID: 0d095c

NUKE IT. NOW. Fire EVERYTHING at that spot.

Seriously, if he opens a portal to The Void, or escapes to another universe, YOU ARE FUCKED.
No. 324782 ID: f8be40

nuke him. and I'm not talking sub-kt.
No. 324804 ID: c5b608

Hmm...a circle of some sorts...I'm not sure if killing YOU is their objective here...Otherwise they would have done it when they were alone with you.
No. 324830 ID: b6ca92

It looks almost like the diagram of some sort of engine or reactor, if it could be spherical.
No. 324831 ID: 0d095c
File 131034608462.jpg - (216.75KB , 972x432 , alpha_omega.jpg )

Whatever it is, it is Evil! NUKE IT!
No. 324919 ID: 28e94e

God damn it why did we only make one void bomb

Fuck fuck fuck

Nuke it and prepare to run like hell
No. 324975 ID: 0bd0b0

No. 324976 ID: 07416a

IF the emperor is the organist, which I think he is, probably knows of your nuke-happiness. That circle, in that case, is probably to redirect nuke-power.

Or it's just an unrelated thing which you should nuke to kingdom come.
No. 325021 ID: c7ab29

How about we disturb the drawing first, fire some grenades at it or have a tank drive over it. Alternatively have the artillery unit fire at it.

Finally, keep the use of that main particle cannon to a minimum, the power down when firing it has a good chance in ending the spider lord.
No. 325024 ID: c2c011

That shit looks seriously bad. Like the kind of bad that might be made worse by spinal nuke launching reflexes. Put all your sensors on that shit to see what they find out, something freaky is going on there but we need a bit more intel before launching every weapon we have at it.
No. 325979 ID: 178c80
File 131058285205.png - (26.39KB , 680x680 , 650.png )

Let's not be too hasty, nukes cost money and time!
And regarding void-bombs, technically I could fix up one by using reactor of the Spiderlord, but uh, that is well- kinda stupid.

Yeah, this awesome thing has one.

Okay, I'll try to check it with one of those Supersmall Cool Flyspies I constructed! Good thing this thing supports view from those! I am such a genius!

It is Organist but uh-

>O: "Oh-. I thought you------ would be----- busy!
>O: "Grah, it is bit difficult to telepathically to speak to you, sorry! As you can see, I am in bit of a hurry. Resurrecting my old body and such. I should thank you."
>O: "Because making this all possible. Without proper sacrifice, this would take forever. You have sped things forward quite a bit. This shape you witness is merely a fragment, a remnant of being I WAS."
What the shit Organist? You were fu-
>O: "Well, that would be correct. Using you. A bit. See, resurrecting person is not a big deal. Usually takes a sacrifice of two or three persons. It is difficult, but can be done. However- I am such a being, that I require sacrifice of at least of millions, which you have so conveniently arranged me."
>O: "That nuclear missile you sent at capital of Ragno. It should be arriving in an ho-"
>O: "Oh, you are trying to kill me like that? Too bad. I have already set a circle that should protect me and this ritual adequately until the sacrifice is ready. It took much of my dying power, but it should be enough to withstand most of things you throw at me. You wouldn't dare to use nuclear bomb upon me, your factory is too close. Too bad you managed to kill Sister like that- If you are feeling that bored, I can stir up you entertainment."

Ghhhhh, it is too close!
No. 325980 ID: c2c011

Well then fuck the factory. You can fucking rebuild after he's dead. And it's his circle that is the key. You need either a way to get inside of it or a way to disrupt the circle.

If that's not possible then all nukes against the fuck. Or I guess you can try the particle cannon first. Either way we need to beat the fucker.
No. 325981 ID: 221021

Hmm, is it really that big of a deal if he does get rebuilt? Ask him what he plans to do when he's at full power, because if it's not an active threat to you you could probably make due with coexisting in the multiverse.
No. 325982 ID: ffa55d

particle cannon go.
No. 325983 ID: 1854db

He used you. If he had just ASKED then we would've gone ahead with it.

He said the factory was too close. Did he mean the tower was too close? Would the EMP from the nuke fry your tower, or just the factory? The factory is expendable.

If the tower is too close, I think you should quickly fine-tune the dimensional leap device, and activate it just as you launch a nuke at him. You will be gone when it hits. We kill him and remain safe. That's what you'd want, right?
No. 325985 ID: 0d095c

>"You wouldn't dare use a nuke on me, your factory is too close!"

No. 325991 ID: f5fe2f

Um. He might be baiting us into using a nuke.

Honestly, we've always been on good terms. What if we just don't fuck with him? It's not like Jan where he actively betrayed us, the Organist just needed a favor. He may have obtained it in a rather underhanded way, and certainly we don't appreciate this dickery, but it doesn't really merit death. I doubt he intends to do anything directly hindering to us after he succeeds, though we should ask.

Of course, we should point out that we don't appreciate this, and we totally would have killed millions for him if he'd just asked instead of going through this bullshit.
No. 325993 ID: 6e87fe

Shoot his organ at him strapped to a missile, if you can.
No. 326007 ID: 0bd0b0

Uh, didn't the nuke which was sent at Ragno get disabled? There should be no nuke being sent at Ragno atm. And is Organist really against us here? We don't really now of any plan to actually harm us. Ask him what he is going to do after his power returns. He did take some of our stuff though, and is using us to spawn his full form. Whatever. If you launch a nuke on the side of the field facing away from the factory it should not do too much for the factory and it is really worth losing the factory for this anyway. It is probably enough to kill Organist and the field may block enough damage to keep the factory standing.

Hahaha I approve of this.
No. 326033 ID: ffa55d


>You wouldn't dare to use nuclear bomb upon me, your factory is too close

he just slipped. now you know that a nuke is strong enough to kill him.

be unpredictable, Tory. you know you can replace the factory.
No. 326075 ID: 517631

Factories can always be rebuilt.

I would threaten him with the most powerful weapon of all. FEAR. If he resurrects your as good as dead anyway.

[On a technical note, wouldn't detonating the void reactor pretty much kill everything]

Tell him the truth, if your going to go down take everything with you. I would allow the void reactor to power up beyond what you would normally have it, maybe he will detect the energy. All the while the talking and rambling will buy you time.
No. 326143 ID: 28e94e

Note to self: Make a fuckload of void bombs when this is over. This fucker is not living through our next encounter.

Anyway, don't nuke him, don't fire the cannon. It's a trap. If I had to guess, he's probably going to use the energy from the blast for his own ends. He's too much of a slippery bastard to give away his own weakness; it's more like him to try to use us in whatever plots he has going. So yeah, don't nuke, don't particle cannon. Leave him, and only fire on him if he looks like he might actually be making a move against you.
No. 326144 ID: 0d095c

It is, indeed a trap. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT FIRE ANYTHING! Deploy CONVENTIONAL FORCES to eliminate him. Redirect them from the slaughter to Organist. Also, burn a gigantic number 8 into the battlefield with your particle cannon, to dedicate the fallen to the Chaos god Khorne. This will prevent the Organist from utilizing their souls to power his nightmarish device.

And remember: NO NUKES. Organist KNOWS YOU. He's trying to TRICK YOU. DON'T LET HIM.
No. 326145 ID: 28e94e

>Also, burn a gigantic number 8 into the battlefield with your particle cannon, to dedicate the fallen to the Chaos god Khorne. This will prevent the Organist from utilizing their souls to power his nightmarish device.
I support this plan.
No. 326163 ID: e8d425

Screw the number eight, dedicate the ground to Tory Industries. These are YOUR souls. You expended the effort in releasing them, not him.
No. 326165 ID: 0d095c

Aye, but we haven't gotten any dedicated soul eating technologies yet. Much better to have Khorne be a bro and owe us a favor than try dedicating them to ourselves, fail, and then Organist regenerates and rapes us to death with his spiky tentacles.
No. 326166 ID: dbcc9c

fuck 8, carve a 6 instead.
No. 326167 ID: 0d095c

Burn in hell, Slaaneshi dog!
Anyway, the number we will be carving is 8. 8 is great. And filled with HATE
No. 326175 ID: 6f7a5b


screw you. 6 is filled with fun. lots and lots of it. Tory deserves him some fun.
No. 326196 ID: f5fe2f

Let's not get gods involved. It never ends well.
No. 326198 ID: b6ca92
File 131061972762.jpg - (15.30KB , 231x264 , 1310224059730.jpg )

The only god I'm interested in getting involved is the Omnissiah.

Or alternatively, Zarus, Lawful Evil God of HFY.
No. 326239 ID: a337cd

This. (except the 8 stuff) Don't fall for the blatant reverse psychology.
No. 326900 ID: 178c80
File 131084758911.png - (35.76KB , 680x680 , 651.png )

Okay okay, I will be ready to stream some protons and lay some nukes!

And after that I'll carve glorious logo of Tory Industries! Or ToryTek! Or T-Systems! Or Torian Empire! That TS-symbol!
Because fuck gods, what have they done for me! I stand by myself!

Let's question a bit more.
What will then?
>O: "When I am complete? Ha, I shall spread the joy of my power. Of course I will seek some sort of payback from the ancients. They are the ones who brought me into this state."
>O: "I was once a magnificent and remarkable armipotent being. Intelligent. For each intelligent armipotent being, there was tens of thousands non-intelligent armipotent beings. The ancients and I were a rare exception. The ancients- managed to vanquish me. I simply seek retribution. I will hunt them and their work to extinction. This mission is massive. Part from your machine allows me to lure them and open their gates for me."

>O: "I am not sure if I should let you live. Just turn around from all of this, and you will be excluded from all this. Or be extinguished."

Wait a second-
Doesn't their work also mean the gates? Maybe some races since the ancients supposedly did ferry some races- Oh, I get it.
No. 326903 ID: 35e1a0

any more dudes that could pose a threat? doesn't matter, fire particle beam at FULL POWER at him.
No. 326905 ID: ccd4eb

evacuate factory now. we're gonna nuke AND particle beam him. and if that doesn't work, we'll dismantle the Spiderlord's reactor and use a void bomb. this motherfucker is threatening you.
No. 326906 ID: 28e94e

No. 326919 ID: c71597

Fucker is going down.

Suggests a good plan for doing so, but adding that you shouldn't bother with the evacuation. Organist might be able to snap up your plans of attack and take some sort of countermeasures.
No. 326926 ID: 1854db

Sounds like he wants to hog all the fun.

We can't have that. Destroy him!
No. 326956 ID: c04c0d

You really cant trust anything he says. The second he is reborn your life is in danger.
No. 326957 ID: 517631

"I will hunt them and their work to extinction"

These probably includes you as well as every possible sentient life. Excluding you is only a temporary thing. He will eventually come for you. Survival at this point comes down to are you ready to risk everything for a single reward.
No. 327031 ID: c7ab29

Guys, guys, think about this. Let's take a step back and take a good look at things.

>Too bad you managed to kill Sister like that
Ok, sister is out of the equation, and good riddance at that.

>That nuclear missile you sent at capital of Ragno. It should be arriving in an ho-
Hmm, didn't that hero take care of that missile here: >>317912
So, do we have a missile heading for Ragno or not? Because all of our actions are determined right now by that fact.

> You wouldn't dare to use nuclear bomb upon me, your factory is too close.
Well, considering he's using magic to resurrect his body, using a nuke wouldn't backfire on us due to tech =/= magic and I'm pretty sure he can't use the energy of the nuke to power his resurrection. Using people or rather their lifeforce to power his resurrection would be far more logical.

>should be enough to withstand most of things you throw at me
So not everything. I'd say "most" stands for anything conventional we have. So I'd recommend we use the particle cannon first, nuke second and a jury-rigged void bomb last. However do know:

>It should be arriving in an ho-
Hour? That would mean we have some time to think things over no? Or at the very least eliminate any remaining potential threat, like the remains of Ragno's army. If we don't do that before we dismantle the spider lord.....

> The ancients and I were a rare exception
So, both him and the ancients were armipotent beings? Sounds more like he was part of a group of armipotent beings (the ancients) and they cast him out for some reason. Find out that reason, it might be very important.

Right now I'd say the factory has served its purpose and is expendable. You could always build a new one. Be prepared, but try to get some more answers fist. Also, please do tell if there really is a nuke on the way to Ragno's capital and if there is any possibility to change its course or disable it.
No. 327038 ID: c04c0d

Yeah unless there is a bomb we forgot about this feels like a lure to get us to nuke/void him. The "Oh no you can't stop me because I am close to the factory" speech is suspicious. He knows Tory's first reaction is to shoot first ask questions later.
No. 327043 ID: 0bd0b0

I also made the point about the nuke we tried to send being disabled, I am glad somebody else caught that. Is this a flaw in the quest, or is Tory being baited? my bet is on the bait. Organist says he is having difficulty using telepathy with Tory, so I somewhat doubt he has the power to redirect a nuke at Ragno. But we don't know what else the ritual can do. I would hate to have the spider lord shut down permanently but no chances can be taken.

FIRE THE PARTICLE CANNON, FULL POWER. No nukes unless there is already a confirmed nuke headed at Ragno. Don't be a fool, Tory.
No. 327119 ID: 178c80

Two nukes were sent. First one went uninterrupted, second one got kicked as implied by the text. 'Let's throw another one as a bonus- '.
No. 327130 ID: 1444d5

That second symbol is new, might want to take a look at that.
No. 327137 ID: c7ab29

You're right. Here we launch the first one: >>317911 and here the second one (that got disabled): >>317912

And as was said in >>317912 :
>Let's throw another one as a bo-
Another one, so we launched 2.

So yes we do have a nuke on the way to Ragno, leaves us still an hour to deal with Organist or longer if we can disable/divert the nuke.

Also, indeed second symbol is new, who is making that? Check it out.
No. 327139 ID: 0bd0b0

How accurate is the particle cannon? Maybe we could try hitting the nuke with it before it reaches lethal progress. At lowest power the spiderlord should still be standing and then we can hit Organist with whatever we want. Ragno should be easy to control then.
No. 327737 ID: 1be251

I get the feeling the first circle is a decoy. Second circle should be what we attack if we go after the organist.
No. 327975 ID: b6ca92

From this angle, wouldn't it be easier to just line up the gun to hit both?
Keep in mind that our previous blasts took out mountain ranges.
No. 328133 ID: 178c80
File 131111075316.png - (11.12KB , 640x640 , 652.png )

FULL POWER MOTHERFUCKER! The beam is stopped by the circle. Fuck!
No. 328136 ID: 178c80
File 131111105437.png - (58.06KB , 640x640 , 653.png )

>O: You really shouldn't have done that.

Agh, that was close one. Power is gone, and I am not sure what happened with that blast-

>O: "I told you not to interfere."
Fuck you too.

Okay, power is back on. Some sensors got completely fried and I can barely move this thing. So much for 'marvelous agility'. At least void-reactor is whirring nicely, but if I weaponize it, I don't know how to deliver it...
No. 328137 ID: 35e1a0

take some of the rockets out, have them ejected but disarmed. strap them together and replace the warheads with the reactor.
No. 328141 ID: c71597

Walk up right next to the fucker, rig the reactor to blow in 20 seconds, use emergency escape measures to get out of the blast radius before it goes off. Celebrate your victory with booze alongside Helena.
No. 328147 ID: 8d6842

what a silly question.


No. 328169 ID: 0d095c

Then you leisurely spend the next three weeks examining the chaos you've caused and rebuilding the damn thing. Good plan. I hope you put in an Ejector seat.
No. 328170 ID: 1854db

We could set the walker to automatically walk to him and set off the bomb on a timer. Then get yer ass back to the tower and get it ready to warp out. Just in case.
No. 328266 ID: 28e94e

Charge at him while firing all weapons. Eject at the last second, then detonate the void reactor. With luck, the small-arms fire will distract him from the fact that we're about to detonate the reactor, so he won't have his own defenses up.
No. 329133 ID: 178c80
File 131129086844.png - (35.80KB , 640x640 , 654.png )

>O: "What is that you are trying?"
>O: "No, you couldn't-"
>O: "Grh, and only 20 minutes remaining."
>O: "It was such a promising plan."
No. 329150 ID: 178c80
File 131129136048.png - (5.84KB , 640x640 , 655.png )

>O: "This body of mine is only a branch of a great fallen tree."
>O: "The other branches shall hunt you down."
>O: "Remember my words Tory Matheus Sinclair."
No. 329151 ID: 178c80
File 131129138712.png - (5.74KB , 640x640 , 656.png )

No. 329153 ID: c71597

Time to rebuild and conqueor this pitiful world. You're also going to have to build a few more void bombs. Organist is probably goin gto be pissed at you, but now we know how to deal with the fucker.

Also try to find a way to downsize void weaponry so you got something on your person if he comes and tries to fuck with you up close.
No. 329156 ID: 35e1a0

yes and you have plenty of time to rebuild. no other army would dare attack knowing you repelled this one.
No. 329157 ID: 178c80
File 131129160823.png - (9.13KB , 640x640 , 657.png )


There went one of my greatest creations. Into the void.

That son of a bitch.

I am safe. Helena is with me. Heading back to Tower.

..So, what now?



Oh, I never get used that sound, goddamnit! Deaf again!
No. 329159 ID: 07416a

...Tory. There is an entire country almost defenseless. You still have an army and the means of producing more.

Take over. Rule. Bring them into the age of Science and be the greatest emperor ever know.
No. 329164 ID: 0d095c

No. 329165 ID: 1854db

He said that his other 'branches' would hunt you down. From now on you can't trust strangers. Also, make a bunch of void bombs.

Also get the tower ready to teleport again.
No. 329166 ID: a24eca

and make sure you conquer every single concentration of valuable resources in this world. well, you may have to start on a somewhat smaller scale than that, but you see where I'm coming from.
No. 329175 ID: 0d7a83

If there are other Organists coming after you then void tech has to be your main concern. You need to work on getting them smaller, and maybe decreasing the AOE of some of them, so that you can use one at close range if one of them manages to get near you. Having one that could fit in your hat would be cool.
No. 329200 ID: b6ca92

>Discover method to identify armipotent energies and lifeforms.
>preferably from a distance.

We're not going to be able to get anything done if we get paranoid without reason. I think Tory has a while anyways before another Organist finds him.
No. 329269 ID: 517631

Well now is the time to reflect on what we have learned.

1. Void Bomb Defeats all, if survived 2nd will do it.
2. Void > Everything
3 Nukes still rock.
4. There may very well be more people like the organist.

So we need to develop ways of detecting armipotent beings but without a steady supply of armaments capable of destroying them. All is naught. Also since this world will know of your deeds, use it as leverage. Get the warping ability back online, and give the people an incentive for you to leave. All and any information of armipotent beings. All the while you are rebuilding your losses.
No. 329372 ID: c7ab29

Also, building big powerfull defences from the start is a must. Next time make them bigger and more bad ass, augment them with void bombs if need be. As a matter in fact, see if you can find a way to mass produce those fuckers.

Now we are safe for the moment. I highly doubt that there is another branch of organist here on this planet and one country has been destroyed and its army defeated. I recommend we drop the disguise and blackmail the survivors of Ragno and threaten Asuan with the same if they don't do what you tell them to do. I'd say we get massive amounts of raw resources from them plus every bit of information they have on magic and armipotent beings (if they complain of having to give away rare/priceless books, offer to scan them in and let them keep the books, incidentally computer scanned books are easely searchable and should prove a more accessible way of gaining information on magic) and then move on. We should have some time before a branch of Organist shows up, but I wouldn't take the chance of assuming one isn't going to show up on this particular world, where we already killed one branch of him.

So, therefore I'd say fix the tower's teleport device, get the goodies and move on to either a new world or an old one (say 5 or 0468), establish a very good defence and do some research in magic and armipotent beings.
No. 329446 ID: 1444d5

>So we need to develop ways of detecting armipotent beings
>(2) is something my scanner just caught. Something is emitting röntgen rays. It is not because of the subkt-nukes, that's for sure.
No. 329494 ID: c7ab29

That radiation might as well be from the ritual he set up, so I wouldn't bet on it. I find it hard to believe that low level röntgen radiation could go unnoticed right under Tory's nose.

But that gives me an idea. Install full body scanners at all the entrances to your tower and force any stranger to be scanned before entering or dealing with him. If they are primitive they don't even need to know exactly what it is. Trusted persons can of course bypass it. I'm going to assume that the image of an armipotent being will rather stand out. Also make it so that when you detect a branch of organist, you can easely completely destroy it (detecting it alone won't protect you).
No. 329559 ID: 180ec2

...röntgen radiation? Isn't that the old-timey 1900s term for what is now called X-rays?
No. 329605 ID: 178c80
File 131137207633.png - (8.98KB , 640x640 , 658.png )

Yes, let's kick them while they are down! I am their new fucking Emperor. I will make them bow me, burn them and lead them to burn!
No. 329607 ID: 178c80
File 131137214735.png - (5.83KB , 640x640 , 660.png )

Year passes.
No. 329610 ID: 178c80
File 131137223391.png - (9.22KB , 640x640 , 661.png )

Tory did manage to gain control of some regions of Ragno by brute force of his remaining forces. Since Ragno's army was broken, it proved him no big challenge. He even managed to establish an doom fortress in heart of Ragno.
No. 329612 ID: 178c80
File 131137241662.png - (9.60KB , 640x640 , 662.png )

However, Asuan proved to be a too big challenge for him. He did take on Asuan army, but his low resources and strong army of Asuan. Dien, one of the remaining ageless heroes proved himself very useful in fighting Tory's army. Finally, region by region, Ragno became part of Asuan.
Tory's empire crumbled and he was forced to retreat into hidden fortress built around his tower.
No. 329613 ID: 178c80
File 131137263973.png - (8.74KB , 640x640 , 663.png )

Tory's fortress does not exist on Asuan anymore.
New knowledge about teleportation, the void and gates of the ancients proved very useful.
Before he left with large portition of his army and remaining warheads, he sent a 300 kiloton farewell to the Emperor of Asuan. Accompanied with few void-bombs of course, which were still very hard to manufacture, but had destructive power increased a bit. Both capitals of Asuan and Ragno are now in ruins.
No. 329616 ID: 178c80
File 131137273289.png - (7.45KB , 640x640 , 664.png )

Organist could not reach Tory. His branches are numerous but all are scattered around. If he is ever resurrected, Tory will have some major problems.
No. 329619 ID: 178c80
File 131137289474.png - (2.78KB , 640x640 , 665.png )

Now Tory is continuing his life despite his health and mental health degrading. He still tries to ruin and conquer more worlds, failing and sometimes even succeeding ( partly ).

Thank you for playing.
The End.
No. 329621 ID: 90abeb




oh HELL no.


No. 329623 ID: 178c80
File 131137360548.png - (5.24KB , 640x640 , 666.png )

Oh, by the way guys.
Asuan's religion now considers me some sort of demon. Isn't that cool?

Oh yeah, thanks for help! I'll try my best!
No. 329625 ID: 0d7a83

...and then Tory was the Organist.
No. 329627 ID: 9c538a
File 131137408496.gif - (2.02MB , 320x240 , angry video nerd what.gif )

No. 329629 ID: eba49f

I see what you did there.
How droll.
No. 329633 ID: 0bd0b0

No more of Tory's exploits? A sad day indeed.
No. 329653 ID: c71597

Stay awesome dude. It's been a blast to guide you.
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