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File 125045365568.jpg - (77.28KB , 300x300 , title.jpg )
30357 No. 30357 ID: 1f5d37

Spikesby Biteface has set out to do his master's bidding.
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No. 30358 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045373680.jpg - (235.80KB , 1080x675 , 1.jpg )

His master, the great warlock Zorsuz Blacksoul, has tasked him with crossing the Desert of Ruin to bring an item to his fellow warlock, Xix Ryxix.

Spikesby is a Snikt, created through magic, and doesn't need to eat or drink.
No. 30359 ID: 1f5d37
File 12504538532.jpg - (237.06KB , 1080x675 , 2.jpg )

He smells many strange smells on the hot desert wind, and thinks he hears a woman's scream!

Should he investigate, continue on his business, or do something else entirely?
No. 30365 ID: aba59b


Also what is item we are delivering?
No. 30366 ID: 9e9b47


Might as well. But those towers in the background do look neat
No. 30367 ID: 7fc792

Are you even free willed? Being created and everything.
If yes, yeah sure take a look. But better don't take any risks.
No. 30369 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045420926.jpg - (67.08KB , 300x300 , reaction.jpg )

Spikesby decides to head toward the screams.

He's delivering a Skullbox, but he doesn't know what's in it. He can store one item in his gullet, and has to reguritate whatever he's carrying before he can swallow something else.
No. 30370 ID: 7fc792

Maybe give us some back ground info on your master. What kinda warlock are we talking about here?
No. 30371 ID: aba59b

Dear lord, why do you look so sad? Is your master cruel or something?
No. 30374 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045467260.jpg - (67.08KB , 300x300 , reaction2.jpg )


Spikesby has free will, although his will is limited by his master's commands. As long as he's generally delivering the box, he can do whatever else he wants.

Zorsus Blacksoul is one of the 10 magicians in the known world. They each live in separate towers spread across the countryside. A long time ago, they warred with one another and almost destroyed the world, so now they agree to live and let live.

Zorsus is a hunched, cloaked figure that very rarely deals with mortals. Some come to trade away something of value for spells or power. He often asks for their ability to feel kindness or love in exchange for his gifts.
No. 30377 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045478260.jpg - (382.31KB , 1440x900 , 3.jpg )

Spikesby's never been out on his own before, so he's worried about doing a good job.

He approaches the screams, and sees a poor Ophian being prodded and jeered at by a couple of rock goblins. The goblins haven't noticed him just yet.
No. 30378 ID: f4963f

Well... alright, Spikesby. How good can you defend yourself? Physical prowess, if any? Magical gifts? Those rock goblins could be trouble.
No. 30379 ID: 1689ab

Sounds evil. We'll have to do a bunch of good to make up for it. Lets go see about that woman screaming.
No. 30381 ID: 1689ab

Take no shit! Punch those goblins out!
No. 30383 ID: 1f5d37
File 12504552983.jpg - (48.86KB , 333x322 , wepon.jpg )

Spikesby's hide is magically tough and difficult to injure. He's got a bitey beak of a mouth and huge, sharp swords instead of hands. He's also go a vicious spike on the end of his tail. He's never been trained to fight, per-se, but being a snikt, he's got some instinctual combat prowess.
No. 30384 ID: 7fc792

Attack only if you're sure you can take them.

And Blacksoul likes kindness and love, eh? Sounds like a swell guy.
No. 30388 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045548036.jpg - (437.26KB , 1440x900 , 4.jpg )

Spikes gets closer, and the goblins notice him. One hangs back, unsure, but the other seems intent on violence.

Spikesby isn't sure exactly how to handle the situation.
No. 30389 ID: 9e9b47


He takes people's ability to love in exchange for power.


Kill those goblins! Tail snap!
No. 30390 ID: f4963f

Yes, take those gobbos out! We have Ophians to rescue!
No. 30392 ID: f4963f

Are your blade-arms sharp enough to cleave the shaft of that polearm? We don't want him having the advantage of reach.
No. 30394 ID: 5eea01

No, he just doesn't want others to have it. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Also, Spikesby x Ophian chick. First perverted suggestion GO!
No. 30395 ID: f44349

There a damsel in distress and you've got SWORDS FOR HANDS. It's not that hard to see what happens next.

No. 30396 ID: 7fc792

The tail looks like it got some reach.
Swing at the goblin with it.
No. 30398 ID: 1689ab

No. 30399 ID: 5ba271

Sniktchu! Use tail whip!
No. 30404 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045650481.jpg - (435.37KB , 1440x900 , 5.jpg )

Spikesby AGRESSES.

Apparently, he's a pretty decent fighter.

The goblin's spear snaps like a twig and both of Spikesby's swords punch easily through its meat and bones. His tail isn't quite long enough to reach though. The other goblin looks kinda jumpy. What should he do now?
No. 30406 ID: 7fc792

Attack second goblin, don't let him go away. He'll alert his tribe and you can't deal with to many at once.
No. 30407 ID: 9a71e2

Leap onto his face.
Stab away.
No. 30408 ID: 9e9b47


Bite his face off.
No. 30410 ID: f4963f

Slowly approach the gobbo in an intimidating manner. Charging straight-out might get us a gut full of spear.

If he turns tail, though, hunt his ass down.
No. 30412 ID: 1f5d37
File 12504576141.jpg - (282.52KB , 1080x675 , 6.jpg )

Spikesby'd better get that other gobbo!

He leaps onto it and begins to savage it with his swords and beak. It never stood a chance!
No. 30414 ID: f4963f

Check up on that poor... Ophian, was it? Check up on it! ... try to wipe blood off beak first.
No. 30415 ID: 9a71e2

Shit, we can't really pick her up with our SWORDARMS.
Grab her collar with mouth and start dragging her away?
Or is she concious?
No. 30417 ID: 5eea01

Inspect snake lady for damage. And clean off some of that blood. Preferably not on the snake lady. She'll freak out bad enough already.
No. 30418 ID: 9e9b47


Can you talk? Ask her if she needs help getting home.
No. 30429 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045832532.jpg - (312.15KB , 1080x675 , 7.jpg )

The ophian seems to be coming to. She slowly stands as Spikesby rubs as much of the blood as he can manage off onto the sand.

He asks her if she is ok..

>>"wak wak wak wak!"

...but she doesn't seem to understand him.

She says her name is Ria, and she slept in with a group that was camping. They left her behind, the jackasses, and now she is stuck out here.

The rock goblins hadn't managed to do anything just yet, but she was desperately worried about what they were going to do!
No. 30434 ID: 9a71e2

Dice one of the goblins and give it to her as a peace offering.

Or keep going.
No. 30435 ID: 9e9b47


Motion for her to come with you. We can keep her safe while we deliver the box.
No. 30436 ID: 7fc792

Can we write in the sand or something?
How do you normally communicate? "wak wak wak" doesn't sound like a real language.
No. 30440 ID: f44349

Tell her she can come wi- er... gesture that she should follow you.
No. 30442 ID: f4963f

Yes, the literacy question is a big one. If we can write, we should try writing a message in the sand. If not, use body language in a 'come with me' sense.
No. 30447 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045964229.jpg - (217.30KB , 800x500 , Peace offering.jpg )

Spikesby makes a peace offering, but Ria doesn't seem to interested in it. Maybe ophians dont' eat that...

Ria doesn't seem to understand him though. Its funny, Lord Blacksoul understands him, and so do most of the smarter animals he's encountered.

Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to read or write, but several gestures later, he gets Ria to come along.
No. 30448 ID: 1f5d37
File 125045986425.jpg - (313.89KB , 941x896 , 8.jpg )

Ria and Spikesby set off through the desert. They have now reached an Understanding. Ria can translate Spikesby's gestures and "wak waks" for other people they may encounter.

Where is Spikesby taking her, by the way?
No. 30449 ID: 448a65


Ermm, lets just bring the worm lady along with us until we reach a settlement of some sort. We can go from there.
No. 30450 ID: 7fc792

I'm all for being trusting to complete strangers, but we have an important mission and we really should have an eye on her.
We don't want to disappoint our kindly master, right?
No. 30451 ID: 1f5d37
File 125046027043.jpg - (113.33KB , 612x582 , 9.jpg )

((Oh, sorry guys! I missed all of the 'take her to deliver the box' parts of those suggestions))

Spikesby decides to continue on his way toward Xix Ryxix's tower.

He travels tirelessly, and the Ophian likewise seems unperturbed by the heat.

Eventually, day turns into night, and Spikesby decides he should probably rest. He should reach Ryxix's tower around noon the next day.
No. 30452 ID: 1f5d37

Any special preparations for making camp/further suggestions?
No. 30456 ID: 448a65


Try and make a gesture for fire and/or take turns keeping watch? Scout out the surrounding area for any potential danger/food?
No. 30465 ID: bffa2a


Burrow in sand for the night.
No. 30467 ID: 7fc792

You say you don't need to eat or drink. Do you need anything else to keep you going or really nothing at all.
Try to find out if the snake chick needs anything.
No. 30468 ID: 1f5d37
File 125046139931.jpg - (41.41KB , 300x300 , reaction3.jpg )

Ria says she eats dainty finger sandwiches mostly, canned beans in a fix, but Spikesby doesn't see any of that stuff.

He doesn't see any firewood, either, but the night isn't very cold to him, and Ria says it isn't too much of a problem for her, either. She asks where Spikesby is taking her, anyway?
No. 30470 ID: 1f5d37


Spikesby is fueled by magical energy that he abosorbs from the air around him. He has to sleep, but doesn't need to eat or drink. He is also fairly resistant to discomfort in general. He doesn't feel particularly hot or cold.


Burrowing in the sand sounds like an awesome idea. He'll do that and turn in for the night if there isn't anything else.
No. 30471 ID: bffa2a


Draw a tower and an arrow to it.
No. 30472 ID: 9e9b47


Tell her we're gonna make a delivery. Unless there's anywhere she wants to go.
No. 30473 ID: 7fc792

Since you can't talk, point in the direction you're taking her.
And yeah I don't know what else to do this night.
No. 30475 ID: 1f5d37

Now that you and Ria have reached an Understanding, she can easily make sense of your gestures and noises, so you can communicate directly with her.

She seems rather upset when you point out where you are going.

>>"Lord Ryxix's tower? Wh... why would you want to go there? He eats entire caravans whole if they go too close! We should go anywhere else instead!"
No. 30476 ID: bffa2a


No blabbing about deliveries. Bringing the box to destination means protecting it also. No trusting strange Ophian's whose story might not add up. Helping is ok, cutting our belly open is not.
No. 30477 ID: 1f5d37
File 12504620218.jpg - (95.72KB , 800x500 , Sand1.jpg )

No. 30484 ID: bffa2a


Draw a box over the destination tower and arrow back to your tower. Were a courier on our way to pick up a package... not deliver. Draw all points of intrest you can remember between your destination and you that don't deviate much from the path. Offer to take her relatively close to one of these.
No. 30485 ID: 9e9b47


Let's go to one of the other towers in the background. Maybe one of the other wizards will give us something neat for the skullbox.
No. 30486 ID: 1f5d37


((These two things go together, sorry))

He just points out the destination, and doesn't make mention of the skullbox.
No. 30488 ID: 1f5d37
File 125046319354.jpg - (104.44KB , 800x500 , sand2.jpg )

To the best of your ability, you draw what you saw on the way. Other than abandoned towers, there wasn't anything of note besides your encounter with her.

She draws her own map. She was traveling from Llewn to Corfair when her group left her. The maps aren't to scale. She was only traveling a day, and Spikesby has been in the desert for almost a week now.

>>Is it safe to be going that way? Even if you are a courier, how do you know that Ryxix isn't just going to eat you?
No. 30490 ID: 1f5d37

The towers that litter the landscape are from long ago. This land used to be fertile and populated, but now it is a blasted desert. It happened during the wizards' war.

The towers are either abandoned, or home to some creatures that have subsequently moved in. He can still investigate, but there won't be any wizards inside.
No. 30491 ID: 9a71e2

No. 30493 ID: 7fc792

It's our duty. We don't want, or even can, question that.
No. 30496 ID: bffa2a


Oh, such is the life of the magical familiar. Indicate acceptance of harsh facts of life and that's why you never smile. If her destination is too far off the path point for her to go on her own. If she fears for her life and insists on following you to her doom reassure you will protect her as far as you can with TOOTHY smile.
No. 30497 ID: 0d5afc

>Oh, such is the life of the magical familiar.

Such is life for Gypsy in Mother Russia.
And no amount of running can save you.
No. 30501 ID: 1f5d37
File 125046471960.jpg - (67.48KB , 800x500 , Talkingnight.jpg )


Spikesby indicates that he does what he must do.

He points out that she is free not to follow him, but he is going to Xix's tower, and she can come along if she wants to go there. He'll try to protect her!

He attempts a tooth smile, but he doesn't have any teeth, really.

Ria says that she doesn't really know how to get back home, or anywhere else for that matter. She guesses she'll stick around and just try and be extra cautious.
No. 30509 ID: bffa2a


Okay, burrow in sand close to her for the night.

Any chance on happening on an oasis or something where we can leave her to relative safety while we make our delivery to caravan eating monster? Hopefully we can show her to city on our return trip... if there is one.
No. 30512 ID: 1f5d37

Spikesby hasn't seen any on the way here, but maybe there are some farther in. He'll keep an eye out for a safe place to put her.

He burrows in the sand, listening as Ria nervously settles into sleep, before drifting off himself.
No. 30514 ID: 1f5d37
File 125046606699.jpg - (90.22KB , 641x503 , 1 end.jpg )

((I'm gonna go ahead and end here. Next session should be next Sunday! This is my first quest, and I have a few things to figure out, obviously. Thanks a lot for playing, and I hope you had fun.))
No. 30518 ID: 7fc792

I enjoyed it so far, good compromise between art quality and update speed and promising story.
Spikesby is the most adorable abomination.
No. 30544 ID: 01383e

I just saw this thread as it finished.

I regret that
No. 33433 ID: 1f5d37
File 12510691943.jpg - (138.60KB , 400x400 , Title.jpg )

Spikesby Biteface wriggles out of the sand as dawn breaks over the Desert of Ruin. He's got a lot to think about as he gets ready to continue his quest to the tower of the feared warlock, Xix Ryxix.
No. 33435 ID: d2ea61


Is Ria anywhere? If yes, try to wake up and set out for ADVENTURE!

Or delivering the box, at least.
No. 33436 ID: 1f5d37
File 125106978352.jpg - (89.14KB , 355x491 , Ria.jpg )

((oops, forgot my trip!))

After Ria wakes up, they begin to make their way across the vast desert in the direction of Ryxix's tower.

After walking for a while, Ria begins talking to Spikesby.

>>"I don't know how long you can go for, but this heat is really starting to get to me. I'm feeling kinda thirsty too. If we see someplace to rest, could we stop for a while?"

Spikesby feels neither heat nor thirst, so he really isn't sure how to respond.
No. 33438 ID: b49723

Onwards to the mage tower.
No. 33439 ID: d2ea61


Well, we can probably manage a little detour. See if there's a cactus or few around, those have water. Or, you know, if there's any actual water.
No. 33440 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107020884.jpg - (115.04KB , 700x450 , 1.jpg )

Spikesby scans the horizon. He thinks he spots something there... hidden in the dunes. It isn't too far off. Of course there are also some abandoned towers, but they look much further away.

The worst thing about the Desert of Ruin is that it isn't a naturally occuring desert; it was created through magic that blighted the land. Almost nothing grows here that Spikesby knows of. Just long expanses of dunes and ruins, with the occasional oasis.

The goblins have to eat something though, its a mystery beyond Spikesby's knowledge.
No. 33441 ID: d2ea61


Those look like trees. Trees stronly suggest there might be water because they kind of die without. Examine treelike discovery closer.
No. 33443 ID: bffa2a


Set course for nearest shade you can see. While she rests we can do a quick scout for possible water.
No. 33444 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107083759.jpg - (236.27KB , 700x450 , 2.jpg )

The trees seem to be the closest shade, so Spikesby heads that way. After a couple of hours of walking, they reach the oasis.

High dunes eclipse it on all sides, and the trees rapidly become very dense. As they approach the edge, they hear voices from deep within the foliage.

They are speaking quietly, but Spikesby and Ria can clearly hear them.

>>Voice 1 "It looks like a damn snake with a monster."

>>Voice 2 "Get the Gaur. If there is a monster with her, she's probably an adept."

>>Voice 1, speaking to the party: "Who goes there? We don't want any trouble."

((because Spikesby has an Understanding with Ria, he can communicate with her normally, but she'll be the one speaking to the mysterious voices.))
No. 33445 ID: d2ea61


"We just want to rest a bit and have a drink. We'll be gone after that."
No. 33447 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107147334.jpg - (273.12KB , 700x450 , 3.jpg )

>>"We just want to rest a bit and have a drink. We'll be gone after that," Ria says.

Three figures emerge from the treeline. There are two Ravians and a Gour. The Ravians look uneasily back and fourth, splitting their time between Ria and Spikesby.

The Gour appears to only have one arm, and no weapons. He wears a leather mask over his face with a single, enormous blue lens on the right side. He grins at Spikesby.

>>The male Ravian speaks. "Are you an adept? We don't want trouble."

>>The female Ravian turns to her companion, "Of course she's an adept, that is obviously some kind of wizard's monster with her. I don't see anything missing though, so there's no telling what she's lost. Compassion? Love? I say we shoot them."

The male waves at her, but doesn't take his hand off his gun.

>>"We don't know anything yet. You," here he points at Ria, "Explain your situation."
No. 33448 ID: d2ea61


Let's act like Ria is a high and mighty adept. And let's tell them we just want to rest for a bit before carrying on. Our matters need not concern them, and we wouldn't even want that. And neither would they.
No. 33449 ID: c80cec

Well being honest can't hurt. Have her tell the truth.
No. 33450 ID: bffa2a


Tell you were lost in desert and a familiar happened upon you and kindly helped. The snikt is currently traveling to a very dangerous location and since you are not a adept could you please be allowed to wait here. At least until the snikt returns and escorts you back to civilization, if it returns. Food and water wouldn't hurt either.
No. 33451 ID: 1f5d37


Well, I've got one suggestion for each (at exactly the same time too!), so we need a tiebreaker. Pretend to be an Adept, or tell them what's going on?

The adepts are people who have traded something to one of the Wizards in exchange for arcane power. They can do magic and some can command magical creatures like Snikts. What the wizards ask for varies wildly.

Spikesby presumes that the Gour with the missing arm is likely to be an adept. That makes him a particularly dangerous opponent for Spikesby.
No. 33453 ID: bffa2a

How fast are you by the way when you are not dragging Ophian's around? I take it you have never been hurt so you don't know how you would deal with that?
No. 33454 ID: 64f8ae

We can't fight somebody with a gun. Just tell 'em what we're up to and they'll most likely let us pass.
No. 33456 ID: 9e9b47


I dunno, Spikesby does have magical armor. He doesn't seem too intimidated by the guns.

I think he's more worried about the big guy hitting him with a spell.
No. 33459 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107296740.jpg - (80.22KB , 480x300 , 4.jpg )

Ria tells the Ravians the basics of what happened, and asks for some food and water.

The male seems to be in charge, and answers her.

>>"So, he's on wizard's business. Well, I guess that makes you harmless enough. There is a well back there with our wagon that I suppose we could let you use. As for food, we have our rations, so unless you've got something to trade or some money, I think we'll be keeping them."

Spikesby is extremely dexterous and fast. He could probably leap onto one of the Ravians before they had time to fire. Never having been shot, he doesn't know if bullets are strong enough to penetrate his magically-strengthened skin.

The Gour keeps grinning at him.

The other Ravian speaks up.

>>"Hey, you can come, but tell that monster to go on. Wizards are nothing but trouble."

Ria turns to look at Spikseby.
No. 33461 ID: d2ea61


That... doesn't seem like a good idea. At all. Let's wait here and be ready if something happens.
No. 33462 ID: bffa2a


Indicate you'll wait right here if she wants you to.

Battleplan just in case: Fast as you can straight for the blue lense as hard as you can. You'll eat a few bullets but let's risk that instead of mister grin.
No. 33463 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107360882.jpg - (250.86KB , 700x450 , 5.jpg )

Ria tells the male Ravian that she'll go to the well. He escorts her back into the trees. Spikesby waits in the sand.

He considers his situation. It could be dangerous to bring her to the tower. On the other hand, these folks don't seem all that nice.

The Gour keeps staring at him (he guesses, the creature's eyes are covered by the mask, and he can't really see through the lens).

The female Ravian turns to the Gour.

>>"What is it anyway? Can we kill it?

His voice is rough and deep.

>>"Its a snikt. They're fast and tough, but I think if you shoot it enough, it'll die. Depending on whose controlling it, I might be able to do something for you."

>>"So shoot it? What the fuck are we paying you for, anyway?"

The female ravian looks nervous. She starts to sweat.
No. 33466 ID: 9e9b47


Just keep your attention on the Ravian. Don't attack, she's just worked up. If either one of them make a wrong move, gut them though.
No. 33467 ID: bffa2a


Battleplan might become neccessary, I hope you're in good stance to execute it because we are not provoking anything.
No. 33468 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107475788.jpg - (101.51KB , 361x330 , 6.jpg )

Spikesby waits for several minutes and doesn't hear anything. He could definitely tell if there was a gunshot. Maybe Ria is just resting?

After a while, the Gour begins talking.

>>"So, snikt, how does it feel to be the dogsbody of the most evil powers in existance? It must be pretty rough knowing that everything you do brings untold pain to untold numbers."

>>"That Ophian is as good as dead if she stays with you. You're going to Lord Xix, aren't you? Why else would you be this far in? Well, I know Lord Xix. I gave him my arm, after all... Unless, oh yeah, that's got to be it. She's the present, isn't she? A snack for him, eh? Happy circumstance to sweeten whatever deal your boss has made? He'll love her. He was real close with Lady Kzaara. Real close."

The ravian looks extremely nervous at this point. She whispers to the Gour.

>>"Wha.. what the fuck are you doing? Are you taunting it?"

The Gour just laughs.
No. 33470 ID: bffa2a


Battleplan went to hell in a handbasket. Ravian first, then the Gour.

Will this one understand us, let's see if he cares. "Do you want to protect her then against me?"
>wak wak wak wak
No. 33473 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107600445.jpg - (101.51KB , 361x330 , 7a.jpg )

"Wak wak wak wak wak!" Spikesby interjects! He keeps the battle plan firmly in mind.

>>"W... What the fuck is it doing?!" shouts the Ravian.

She looks like she's on the verge of freaking out. The Gour ignores her and continues talking to Spikesby.

>>"I don't understand you, snikt, because I'm not a monster. Couldn't have creatures with actual souls hearing how they're about to be abused or devoured. It's meaningless. You serve evil, but here I let you go on about your business. Wouldn't it be better, wouldn't I be doing good if I killed you here?"

>>"Seriously!" Shouts the Ravian, sweat dripping down her neck, "What the fuck are you doing?!"

>>"Don't worry," says the Gour, "against the wizards, there is nothing mortals like me or you can do. I'm just having some fun before I die."

He beings to laugh uproariously.

Spikesby has no idea what he should do. all is quiet from the woods behind the Gour.
No. 33474 ID: 64f8ae

Keep wak waking at him, try to make is sound calm
No. 33475 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107645175.jpg - (257.90KB , 700x450 , 7b.jpg )

The other Ravian approaches. He looks around with consternation.

>>"What, exactly is going on here?"

>>"That fucking adept is crazy!" the female shouts, "He's trying to get that monster to kill us!"

The Gour just laughs.

>>"You need to learn to control your woman, Ravian, she almost just got herself killed."

His laughter slows down. Now, he just grins.

>>The male speaks again, "That snake is fine. She's sleeping over by the well. I don't know what happened here, but I don't trust you. I don't want you to come any close. Wait there as long as you want, or go about your business, but you aren't coming any closer."
No. 33478 ID: 1f5d37

The last statement was addressed to Spikesby. What does he want to do?
No. 33479 ID: 276781

The gun-toting Ravian is freaking out because she doesn't know those noises are the only verbal communication Spikesby can make.

Are you sure making more noises will calm her down? It would probably be more prudent to just ignore the Gour, he's obviously trolling.
No. 33482 ID: bffa2a


Setting camp here until Ria wakes up, let's see if these ones will move on with their wagon or if they are stable enough to leave Ria alone. If so we'll say our goodbyes to Ria when so wakes, if not... well, we can decide to make room or not.
No. 33485 ID: 1f5d37

Spikesby decides to be quiet. He has a nice stare-off until Ria approaches.

She addresses him.

>>"So, are we off to see Ryxix now, or did you change your mind about bringing me? Llewin said they are staying here until after dark, then they'll start traveling to Suri."
No. 33486 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107729979.jpg - (684.10KB , 1400x900 , 7.jpg )

((fergot mah pic))
No. 33490 ID: 9e9b47


Let her stay. This warlock sounds bad.
No. 33491 ID: bffa2a


Tell the Ravians seem ok but the Gor is has been baking in the sun too long. If she thinks she trust the likes of them she can ask for a ride. Otherwise we'll wait for them to leave and consider this a waiting point for her. Gone for two days at most, if not back then, dead.
No. 33492 ID: 1029ae

I say we take her to another oasis. These people seem unstable.
No. 33496 ID: bffa2a


Then we wait for them to leave. Also, this seems Mad Maxi's setting. Everyone's a little kooky.
No. 33497 ID: c73b9f

She is probably safer with them than at Xix Ryxix's tower.
No. 33502 ID: 1f5d37
File 125107911385.jpg - (99.56KB , 339x322 , 8.jpg )

Ria and Spikesby confer.

>>"I heard what was happening out here," she says.

>>"It's probably because he's an adept, anybody who deals closely with a Wizard seems kinda..."

She pauses, laying an appendage across Spikesby's head,

>>"er... no offense or anything. I know you're a stand-up guy."

Spikesby indicates that they should wait until the Ravians leave and then she should wait at the oasis for him. If he's gone for more than a couple of days, she should probaby assume he isn't coming back.

Ria seems really worried for Spikesby.

"Okay, I'll wait here. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine."

The Ravians take their wagon and head off when night falls. Now its time for Spikesby to face the wizard...
No. 33504 ID: bffa2a


Now that you can travel at full speed it shouldn't take but a day to reach destination. Uh, assuming I paid attention...
No. 33509 ID: 9e9b47


Head out to see the warlock under cover of darkness.
No. 33512 ID: 1f5d37

Spikesby begins his long journey across the desert. He can't see the tower, but he knows he's going the right way. It should only be a few hours until he gets to meet Xix Ryxix in person, and complete master Blacksoul's mission.
No. 33513 ID: 1f5d37
File 125108022552.jpg - (60.67KB , 387x349 , 9.jpg )

((Hurr forgot my picture!))

This is it for this session. Thanks for playing. I think midday may have been a better time to play. It certainly seems like fewer people participated. Anyway, I had fun. Feedback is more than welcome, and I'll be back next Sunday.
No. 33518 ID: bffa2a


Update more often... wait feedback is not the same as demanding? Well, damn.
No. 33520 ID: 1f5d37

Unfortunately, that isn't something I'm capable of. My life is such that only Sundays allow me the requisite time to run quests. I can dream of updating more often, but those sad dreams are as ashes in my mouth. ;_;
No. 33542 ID: f4963f

Well, I'm enjoying Bite Quest. Good to know that it can run about once every week, at least. ^^
No. 33774 ID: 448a65

You have a captivating story, cute characters, violence and awesome drawing, I'm sold.
No. 35748 ID: 1f5d37
File 125156447424.jpg - (126.95KB , 537x522 , Title.jpg )

Spikesby trudges through the dunes, carrying his master's item through the Desert of Ruin.

He can see it outlined against the rising moon: The tower of Xix Ryxix. It shouldn't be more than a few hours away.

The silent stillness of the blowing sand is interrupted by a piercing scream from up ahead!

What should Spikesby do?
No. 35749 ID: 64f8ae

Investigate, of course.
No. 35750 ID: 43d730

Raptor-run towards it, and check out the situation.
No. 35754 ID: 1f5d37
File 12515653637.jpg - (181.04KB , 840x540 , 1.jpg )

Spikesby quickly approaches the source of the noise. He is rather shocked by what he finds.

Two snikts seem to be escorting a familiar Ravian. He looks... wounded. One of the snikts has several bullet holes in his torso. Thick black blood drips onto the sand. They looks like they've been busy.

>>"Hello brother!
The first one says.
>>"I'm Heartsblood Stabtail, and this is Slasherly Stabtail. Have you come to see Father?"

The Ravian doesn't seem entirely aware of the situation yet. He moans in pain.
No. 35755 ID: f98e0b

Oh man
Oh man they are not as cute as you
No. 35757 ID: e4a18f

"Yes, I'm bringing him an item. What happened with the Ravian?"
No. 35759 ID: bffa2a


Are these adult snikts compared to you or is appearance determined by purpose?
No. 35760 ID: 1f5d37
File 125156591571.jpg - (180.99KB , 840x540 , 2.jpg )

>>Yes. I'm bringing him an item. What happened to the Ravian?

>>Sounds cool.
Says Heartsblood
>>Oh, his caravan got too close to Father. We were hiding in the sand waiting for someone to come by. When they did, we jumped out and chopped them. This one didn't die, so we're bringing him to Father like we're supposed to. One of the other ones got away.

You realise that the Ravian can't understand a thing you're saying. It seems like he's focused on you a little, though.

>>Its... its. you! You've got to help me. You've got to help Gwen. Please. Please don't let them kill me!

He's fairly panicked.

These are Stabtails and Spikesby is a Biteface. They are bigger and stronger, but Spikesby is faster.
No. 35762 ID: bffa2a


Nothing you can do here. Attacking another wizards pets is a big no on the familiar manual. At least until we get rid of our geas. We can try to escort Gwen away if we happen on her after delivery.

"I see. Will you take the package to master or am I invited?"
No. 35763 ID: e4a18f

Try to make him understand that you're sorry. Nod a bit but there isn't much you can do.
No. 35764 ID: 1f5d37
File 125156728296.jpg - (67.69KB , 611x278 , 4.jpg )

>>We don't know anything about packages. If you are supposed to deliver it to Father, then you'd better do it in person.
Says Heartsblood
>>We just slice up whoever gets to close to Father. I guess we can all go there together though, but this thing is pretty slow. It just kinda craws some.

The Ravian doesn't seem to understand your nod.
>>You.. You did this didn't you? You and that witch set us up from the beginning! Why didn't I listen to Gwen? They're dead, aren't they?! You went behind and cut their throats!

He starts to sob.

You can easily see where they came from, so it should be pretty easy to find the site of the attack.
No. 35765 ID: 43d730

Right, see you.

Head in the direction of the tower, circle back around to the attack.
They should keep him alive until he sees Xix Ryxix, right?
No. 35766 ID: bffa2a


"Talkative. This looks like it will die before it reaches the tower. Lucky one."

Continue to the tower, nothing we can do here. Orrrrr is there. If you kill the healthy one in one shot you should be able to handle the wounded one. We can try that on return trip or now if everyone else wants to. Otherwise we ignore the quite likely already dead one.
No. 35767 ID: 1f5d37
File 125156835690.jpg - (48.84KB , 501x419 , 5.jpg )

Spikesby indicates he's going forward, then circles around. What, exactly, is his plan at this point? He needs a really specific plan of action if he wants to fight these other Snikts.

He figures that the Ravian might make it to Xix Ryxix's tower, but he has no way of knowing for sure. He isn't exactly a doctor.
No. 35768 ID: bffa2a


Voting for tower. If you wanted to attack you should have stayed next to them. Burying in sand and surprising from there would rely on them passing right next to you. There would be no guarantees it was the healthy one you would take down first.
No. 35770 ID: 1f5d37
File 125156964538.gif - (86.81KB , 700x700 , xix.gif )

Spikesby decides to try and do something about the situation later, after he's dropped off the item. He goes on through the desert.

After a while, he reaches an enormous pit with steep, sloping sides. The tower looms massively in the night. How will Spikesby get to it? There doesn't seem to be any easy acce...

The ground! Its rumbling! Wha.. What's going on?!

No. 35772 ID: 1f5d37
File 125156974555.jpg - (231.65KB , 900x700 , Xix close.jpg )

The front of the creature descends until it faces Spikesby directly. It speaks.

>>"Ksss... Hello, Child. I am, hss.... the Wizard, Xix Ryxix. ksss.... What can I do for you?

Spikesby isn't sure how to respond. He's rather taken aback!
No. 35775 ID: 43d730

I am here on behalf of the warlock Zorsuz Blacksoul, making a delivery.

(Waiting for a joke about 'Cough it up'.)
No. 35776 ID: bffa2a


FFFFFFFFFFFF- special delivery to Cthulhu, roll for sanity.

"Oh great wizard I bring an item for you from Zorsuz Blacksoul as I was commanded." *HORK HORK BLAAAARGH*
No. 35777 ID: 9e9b47


"Here father, I brought you a gift from Blacksoul."
No. 35783 ID: 1f5d37
File 12515714711.jpg - (82.39KB , 450x350 , 6.jpg )

Spikesby politely indicates to "Father" that he is here in the service of Zorsuz Blacksoul.

Spikesby "Delivers" the Skullbox, and Ryxix takes it. He puts it into his mouth and swallows.

>>"A letter... kss... Blacksoul, you old scoundrel... hss..."

He looks down at Spikesby again.

>>"While you're here, you should do something for me. I have three things I need delivered. Pick the one you'd like to carry for me.

>>I have a ... kss.. cask for Moriga the Ice Queen

>>I have a book for the hsss... Lord of Marvels

>>and I have something... special for Lady Radia the Glorious. Kss...

He looks down at Spikesby expectantly.
No. 35784 ID: 9e9b47


I say Radia the Glorious.
No. 35786 ID: 789c25

Which one is closes to home? We need to return to our master at some point.
No. 35787 ID: c80cec

Something special? Sounds interesting, let's go with that one.
No. 35788 ID: bffa2a


"I already have another delivery to Corfair but if you allow the detour I can take a new one." What's the closest to Corfair, pick that one.
No. 35789 ID: 2af4d3

The book doesn't sound too hard.
No. 35790 ID: 64f8ae

I vote for the book, then let's try to go save that Sectoid.
No. 35792 ID: 1f5d37
File 125157236894.jpg - (156.14KB , 900x700 , MAP.jpg )

Spikesby is having some trouble deciding, so he thinks about what he knows of local geography.

All of the people Ryxix mentioned are either Wizards or Sorceresses, but he doesn't know anything about them specifically.

Lord of Marvels is the closest, but its still several weeks away.

Moriga is the furthest, but the closest to Corfair.

Ryxix indicates that Spikesby is free to finish up his local business before he undetakes his new journey.
No. 35794 ID: 9e9b47


Well after we're done at Corfair we can bring the special item to Radia then. I still vote her. The item sounds more interesting, and we get to see her open it.
No. 35796 ID: bffa2a


Moriga it is then. Are we going to save the Ravian who wasen't that nice to begin with and is likely to die in a day anyway? I'm not for it but if everybody else wants to we should ask Ryxix if it was okay to kill a couple stabtails because they're dicks. It might appreciate a biteface taking on stronger things, better than having a wizard shoggoth angry with us.
No. 35797 ID: 1f5d37

(Unless someone wants to change their vote, I have 2 for Radia, 1 for Moriga, 2 for Lord of Marvels). Also, go ahead and tell me the next course of action: Go back to the Ravian, go investigate the site of the attack, or just ignore all of it?
No. 35799 ID: 9e9b47


Investigate the attack site.
No. 35800 ID: 7eda8b

I vote Radia.
No. 35801 ID: bffa2a


If we investigate we better bring the Ravian dead or alive unless we too want to eat bullets. Fine, let's do the crazy rescue plan.
No. 35802 ID: 276781

Voting Radia and checking out attack site/trying to help the Ravian if possible.

Also, try to find some way to communicate with him, so he knows we're not trying to hurt him.
No. 35803 ID: 1f5d37
File 12515743734.jpg - (110.45KB , 822x687 , 7.jpg )

Spikesby swallows a thick metal tube. It's uncomfortable and kinda creeps him out.

When he asks if it is OK to kill other snikts, Ryxyx just says

>>"You are free... ksss... to do as you like... hsss... as long as you do exactly what I ksss.. say...

Spikesby heads toward the attack site.
No. 35807 ID: 1f5d37
File 125157461416.jpg - (220.44KB , 840x540 , 8.jpg )

((He chose Radia. Ryxix seemed well pleased by this))

Spikesby cautiously approaches the attack site. He isn't too worried about being shot, but he doesn't think Gwyn is going to make it, seeing as how she is in two pieces.

He doesn't see the Gour, but there are tracks and blood going deeper into the desert, and they don't belong to the Stabtails.

What should he do?
No. 35809 ID: 1f5d37

((fff. I misunderstood one of the suggestions, and thought the consensus was for the attack site, not the surprise attack. Sorry. Anyway since Spikesby is already here, is there anything he should do?))
No. 35810 ID: bffa2a


The Ravian will die anyway, his girl is dead and not savable. The Gour is baked in the brain and would just try to kill us. Take rations and water bags if there are any. Let's try to save at least one life.
No. 35814 ID: bffa2a


Ack, having a bad conscious attack. Did the Ravian seem savable? Mayby try to get the gour and see if he can help with the attack, or heal him afterwards. Somebody tell me this is a bad idea.
No. 35817 ID: 1f5d37
File 125157569553.jpg - (212.67KB , 840x540 , 9.jpg )

Spikesby gets a sachel with some stuff in it, hopefully food. He manages awkwardly to get it over his head and arm. He can't really manipulate things very well.

Judging by the tracks, the gour doesn't seem to be wounded, at least not seriously, but he probably won't last too long in the desert without supplies.

Spikesby is no doctor, once again. The ravian could apparently only crawl. He doesn't know whether or not he is still alive, but also guesses that Xix Ryxix isn't going to do anything particularly nice to him.

The dead snikt here definitely wasn't shot. There is a huge, gaping hole in his chest, like he exploded from the inside.

He's really torn and isn't at all sure what he should do.
No. 35819 ID: 9e9b47


Let's go and assist the Gour. I guess we can only save one. Killing our brothers for just doing their job doesn't sound particularly pleasing.
No. 35820 ID: bffa2a


Get the gour, woo him with water and rations. Lets see if he's serious about sacrificing his life to do some good. Whats the worst that could happen? Besides exploding from inside out.
No. 35822 ID: 9e9b47


This is a cool idea.
No. 35829 ID: 1f5d37
File 125157713271.jpg - (110.93KB , 700x450 , 10.jpg )

Spikesby follows the gour's footprints. It takes him a while to track him down though - the gour had been traveling for a long time.

Apparently, he didn't escape unscathed though, that wound looks like it could be serious, and he's holding something in his... no. No way.

It looks like... the snikt's heart? He pulled the snikt's heart out?

The gour doesn't seem happy to see spikesby.

>>"Ksh. I told you. This is what monsters like you do. They kill. They bring pain. They destroy and lay waste. We would have been glad to avoid the monster that made you, but he moves, you see. Moves around. Has his "children" murder for him. I got this one though. He won't be murdering anyone anymore."

He begins to laugh.
No. 35831 ID: 64f8ae

wakwak at him and gesture in the direction of the Ravian, try to get help attacking the stab tails.
No. 35832 ID: bffa2a


Yes, this fellow seems very stable. Very stable indeed. Drop some food and water for it. Scribble a strategic map with the Ravian, Ryxyx and snikts. Draw an arrow from your location to Ravians and cross out the snikts. Make a throat slash motion and point in turn to you and the gour. If it dosen't come along for the plan cross the Ravian and kick sand on map. Leave, get more food & water and go to Ophian.
No. 35833 ID: 9e9b47


Draw a little ravian best you can. Wak a bunch of times, and draw some bigger snikt. Point to the snikt that has the bullet holes, then to the gour. Then motion for him to follow.
No. 35834 ID: 7eda8b

>The gour doesn't seem happy to see spikesby.
But he's laughing!

Anyway. Kill him.
No. 35839 ID: 1f5d37
File 125157908776.jpg - (200.40KB , 900x700 , 11.jpg )

((this is not really an expected course of action, so its taking me a minute to draw things. Please excuse))

Spikesby draws out the plan as best he is able and waks a lot. He gives the gour some food and water. The gour seems very surprised that Spikesby didn't immediately attack, and studies the drawings.

He smiles, then grins, then laughs uproariously!

>>"Wizards, fate, they are just words! Words! Fight against your destiny, you horrible creature! Your arms are meant to kill, not save! We will die together, gloriously violating fate! Our deaths, they will be a spectacular affront to the heavens!"

He continues to laugh, but you think he's down with the plan! Its go time!
No. 35840 ID: 9e9b47


Alright, let's ride off into battle!
No. 35841 ID: f98e0b

What about the female Ravian? We should look for her, or at least ask the gour about her.
No. 35842 ID: bffa2a


Let's use our speed. Run as fast as you can to the pair from behind and slash the one you can suprise. If you can kill it that's good, if not it will be weak from bleeding. Run back towards the Gour with the Snikts in tow and begin a hit & run routine. Hopefully he will catch up before we bite it.
No. 35844 ID: 9e9b47


The female ravian is hella dead. Look in the background of the caravan.
No. 35846 ID: f4963f

Haha, he's a little unhinged there, isn't he?

Stick with the plan~
No. 35855 ID: f98e0b

oh hey yeah
No. 35856 ID: 1f5d37
File 125158132085.jpg - (207.83KB , 840x540 , 13.jpg )

Spikesby leaps, and the gour begins to use his Adept magic.

The snikts are taken by surprise and the fight is almost over before it begins!

Spikesby is stabbed viciously during the tussle, and his mouth fills with bitter black blood, but his foe is killed.

The other snickt unleashes a horrible squealing scream before its heart is torn out. The sounds disturb Spikesby greatly. He hears bones crack and meat tear as the organ is pulled through the living creature's back.

Everyone is hurt and exhausted, but this seems like an extremely unsafe place to stay. They could try to hole up in the wagon, or get back to the oasis.

The gour laughs the entire time. He picks up the Ravian, to carry him, but the whole time he just laughs. The poor ravian has lapsed into probably pleasant unconsciousness.
No. 35858 ID: 9e9b47


Motion that you will carry the Ravian over a shoulder if the gour wants. Head back to the oasis. It's gonna be the best thing to do right now.
No. 35859 ID: bffa2a


Pass by the wagon and pick more supplies since there are more mouths to feed. Then continue to oasis since the wagon really isin't far enough.
No. 35860 ID: eb175d

Good going Spikesby.
We should go somewhere safe where the wounds of the Ravian can be treated.
Did I miss something, or where did the snake chick go?
No. 35862 ID: 64f8ae

Holy fuck this guy is awesome.
We better go back to the oasis, maybe we need to grab some supplies by the wagon first. We don't know how to save this guy anyway, and the Gour (doubtfully) might.
No. 35863 ID: 1f5d37
File 12515822755.jpg - (175.69KB , 700x700 , 14.jpg )

The small party makes its way back to the wagon.

On the way, the gour talks.

"I gave my arm to Lord Ryxix, you know. I am his adept. I've used his own power to murder his minions. This, this is truly a great offense against the starts. Fate bears down on us like a tidal wave, ready to sweep us to oblivion. How long can we struggle against it before we finally die our pitiful, worthless deaths? My name is Heartsbane, by the way, and this is Llewin."

The ravian doesn't say anything, because he's unconsious.

They get to the wagon and pick up supplies, including a Ravian Assault Rifle, and then head back to the Oasis. Everyone is exhausted and wounded, and he can explain what happened to Ria later. Now, he just needs to sleep.

He's also got a lot to think about. So far, Spikesby, rather than being a monster, has rescued three people. He's saved their lives. They wouldn't be around without him. He... he doesn't really know how to feel about that.

((I certainly didn't intend that everyone survive, so good job on being clever!))

In the cold night, before the sun rises, a tower turns, and a wizard smiles.
No. 35866 ID: 1f5d37

I can answer some general questions if you guys have any, but I've been going for six hours now, so no more adventure for tonight.

Thanks a lot for playing! I had a lot of fun. As always, I'd love advice/criticism/whatever. Also, thanks to whoever drew that awesome, adorable fanart.

Is sunday or saturday better? Noon or night?
No. 35869 ID: 43d730

What's Zorsuz like?
No. 35870 ID: 789c25

Timing will be better for some people and worse for others no matter when it is, so just go with when you have time. So far it's looking really good.

I also notice a slight but perceptible improvement in art, and a rather drastic improvement in writing, so I imagine it's only going to get better.
No. 35874 ID: bffa2a


This was a very good time for me but I'm from europe so I can't speak for the majority? Anyways, if it was later or on other day than saturday/friday it would be very hard to participate if I was not on vacation.

Does Spikey know anything about Ophians, Ravians or other races besides their names?
No. 35875 ID: 64f8ae

Hop on over to /questdis/ then, or in the IRC. Don't wanna fill up the thread with discussion when we have a whole separate board just for that. I'm not sure that there's a thread for this one yet, feel free to make one.
No. 35886 ID: 1f5d37

I made a thread here, and answered the plot/setting questions in it. >>1631

Thanks! Yeah, the writing was pretty shaky at first. Hopefully I'll get *faster* at drawing too.

I'll probably keep with saturday.
No. 35887 ID: 64f8ae

This time's fine for me as well but I just sit around on the internet all day anyway.
No. 38537 ID: 1980dc
File 125218783019.jpg - (369.22KB , 900x700 , Title.jpg )

Spikesby and his companions make it back to the oasis, wounded and exhausted.

Ria is overjoyed that Spikesby is safe, and finds some bandages in the supplies that were salvaged from the caravan.

Ria doesn't pause when she sees the serious wounds, but digs through the salvaged materials for anything she can use.

She doesn't really know first aid, but she's the only one who can really do anything about the wounds at all. Gauze and antiseptic is better than sand and nothing.

Heartsbane stands at the edge of the light, contemplating his new companions.

"So, snikt, what exactly happened with you and the wizard?"

Ria looks at Spikesby curiously.
(Keep in mind that Spikesby has an Understanding with Ria. She can translate for him.)
No. 38546 ID: 4280b9

Tell him you made the delivery from your master and were tasked with a new delivery to Lady Radia. And that you asked about killing Snikts and Ryxix didn't object.
No. 38547 ID: bffa2a


Item delivery. Got permission to deliver Ria to safety, then back to wizard business. Will take you to Corfair too if you want.
No. 38559 ID: c6e844

Might be a little early. but maybe we should inquire if it's possible to get free will for Spikesby.
No. 38562 ID: 1980dc
File 125218998116.jpg - (107.79KB , 500x500 , 1.jpg )

Ria informs Hearsbane about Spikesby's conversation. He seems to think something is particularly hilarious about this.

"You asked him if you could kill his children? No question about it, snikt, you're dead!

A wizard knows as soon as his bound servants die, but nothing else. You've just put a huge target on your back.

You need to get out of this desert as soon as you can. Corfair is in the opposite direction you want to go. I'd say head for Suri. You might make it.

Ryxix is exceptionally cruel. He won't kill you outright. He'll have something more.. devious in mind."

Ria asks Heartsbane about free will and magical creatures.

"Snikts don't have a soul. They do whatever their masters tell them without remorse or guilt. You Ophians started to get souls left and right before the thing happened with Kshaara." He laughs quietly to himself.

"It might be possible. You'd have to get a soul first. I'll look into it for you, if I get out of this desert alive."

Spikesby is feeling pretty tired, unless he has anything else to talk with Heartsbane about.
No. 38569 ID: 276781

Ryxix said we could do whatever we want, as long as we took care of his delivery.

...Even though he said "as long as you do exactly what I say"; it might be wise to leave that bit out until later, unless anyone has any objections.
No. 38571 ID: bffa2a


Kshaara? What's the closest safe civilization? Taking Ria to safety before they become targets themselves. Ryxyx will get us if it wants no matter what we do.
No. 38586 ID: 1980dc
File 125219187824.jpg - (105.91KB , 500x500 , 2.jpg )

Ria tells Heartsbane that Ryxix said it was cool. He finds this particularly hilarious.

"Asking him that was a huge mistake. It doesn't matter what he told you, you still killed his children, and he knows you did it. Not just that, but he'll see that some of his prey got away. Anything he said is just him fucking with you. Like I said, Suri is the closest safe place. Its a huge Ophian city. You can find out about Kshaara in Suri, and Lord Ryxix can't do anything to you there. He's insidious though. I'd be careful."

Heartsbane pauses for a second.

"I'm surprised you don't know about Kshaara, Ria, being an Ophian and all."

Ria just shrugs. "I never paid attention in history class. I never paid intention in any of my classes, really."

((If there aren't any more questions, Spikesby will sleep for the night. Even if you do have a question, decide if you want to follow Heartsbane's advice and go to Suri, or if you want to try to go somewhere else.))
No. 38587 ID: 1980dc

((Its going to be a while between new frames, I have to run to town))
No. 38588 ID: bffa2a

Suri it is then.
No. 38660 ID: 1980dc
File 125219712456.jpg - (240.40KB , 700x450 , 3.jpg )

Spikesby sleeps...

In his sleep, he hears Heartsbane's laugh, and remembers the horrid wet sound of tearing flesh.

In the morning, Heartsbane is gone. Ria loads Spikesby down with the supplies they scavenged and they head toward Suri.

Llewin is unconscious, so Ria has to carry him, but it looks like they have plenty of food and water.

If Spikesby wants to talk to Ria privately, he should do it now. If he's just ready to get to Suri, suggest he continue. Of course, there could be something else important that Spikesby needs to do.
No. 38661 ID: 67c611

>>In his sleep, he hears Heartsbane's laugh, and remembers the horrid wet sound of tearing flesh

Don't tell me you..........
No. 38666 ID: 64f8ae


He didn't wake up covered in blood, I'm pretty sure it was a dream.
No. 38676 ID: bffa2a


No tracks leading away? On to Suri then... except we don't know where the heck that is. Let's hope it's easily spottable.
No. 38680 ID: 64f8ae


I'm pretty sure he knows where it is seeing as how he drew the map in >>35792
No. 38686 ID: 1980dc
File 12521990791.jpg - (386.25KB , 1440x900 , 4.jpg )

They begin traveling through the desert. After an hour or so, Llewin starts talking to Ria.

>>"I've got to warn you, Heartsbane is totally untrustworthy. I'm not gonna beat around the bush. I don't trust wizards, adepts, or magical creatures. I know that this snikt saved both of us at one time or another, and I'm surely grateful, but it sure doesn't change my opinion of magical creatures in general.

>>Heartsbane is an Adept of Xix Ryxix. Ryxix is the one that took his arm. I... was listening last night, and I don't trust him at all. I do think we're doing the right thing by going to Suri, though, I never want to travel through this desert again."

Ria isn't really sure how to respond.
No. 38691 ID: bffa2a


We will file that in the same file as him being a wee bit unstable. Unlikely he wants anything to do with us anymore unless he trades his life for us. Let's get them to Suri quickly so we don't have to worry no more.
No. 38704 ID: 1980dc
File 125220129864.jpg - (134.93KB , 720x450 , 5.jpg )

After three days of travel the land levels out and greenery is visible ahead. Llewin hasn't been talking or anything for the past day or so, but Ria thinks he's alive.

Eventually, the gleaming walls of Suri are visible. Spikesby feels slightly uncomfortable as they approach.

The archway is open, and leads through a short tunnel into the city. Spikesby can't really see anything from here, though.
No. 38705 ID: bffa2a


Blood writing. Ask if Ria can read it for us. We're going in anyways because of Llewin so lead the way in and be on your guard. If you can jump high try scaling the wall instead.
No. 38716 ID: 1980dc
File 125220251364.jpg - (138.25KB , 720x450 , 6.jpg )

Ria goes over to look at the wall.

It looks like blood, and its still wet. There are more of them all up and down the wall, evenly spaced.

Ria looks closely.

>>"It isn't writing. They look like some kind of designs or runes. I never payed any attention to stuff like that, so I have no idea what they mean."

Even if Spikesby left all the stuff behind, he really doesn't think he could clear the wall or get on top. He can jump fairly well, but not nearly that well.
No. 38732 ID: bffa2a


Okay, you're the guinea pig again. Tell Ria you're going in and if you die she should make for a different city. Leave backpack to her.
No. 38742 ID: ab91ae

Ria is kind of dumb, huh? Well, I second the "Go in yourself, leave her out here with Lewin and the supplies" plan.
No. 38748 ID: 01fabd
File 125220363530.jpg - (152.38KB , 900x700 , 7.jpg )

Spikesby steps through the gate. As he passes the threshold, a tingling sensation runs across his skin. He enters the city and feels ... lonely. Its almost like something he'd always carried with him is gone.

He doesn't have too much time to reflect, though. A huge tower dominates the skyline, probably Kshaara's tower, but... this can't be right.

The huge creature impaled with many spears must be Kshaara. There is a literal pile of dead Ophians, covered in blood all around her. Her own wounds ooze with fresh blood, but she seems very dead.

The city streets are empty, but this could possibly be because it is noon, and very hot.
No. 38762 ID: 01fabd
File 125220418467.jpg - (144.01KB , 720x450 , 8.jpg )

Ria calls to Spikesby, asking if it's safe.
No. 38763 ID: 64f8ae


>The huge creature impaled with many spears must be Kshaara. There is a literal pile of dead Ophians, covered in blood all around her. Her own wounds ooze with fresh blood, but she seems very dead.
No. 38764 ID: 64f8ae

investigate further I suppose. There's gotta be a clue as to what the hell happened here.
No. 38766 ID: 64f8ae

Tell Ria it's safe to come in. No immediate danger.
No. 38767 ID: 4280b9

Have Ria come in. She should not spend a second out of your sight in this place.
No. 38768 ID: bffa2a


If the horrible thing is still in our gullet it's either our magical protection or our connection to our master.


It most definately isin't, stay where you are. Ksharra is dead and so is a lot of Ophians. Check all the buildings near you and continue on down.
No. 38769 ID: bffa2a

Guys, I think the markings on the wall might affect Ophians badly.
No. 38788 ID: 01fabd
File 12522053676.jpg - (168.48KB , 864x540 , 9.jpg )

Ria moves just inside the archway, and says she doesn't feel anything strange.

Spikesby looks around some. The streets are clean and the shops are well-kept.

He's making some noise outside the one he's looking at, and he hears someone inside shout.

>>We're closed at noon. Come back later.
No. 38789 ID: bffa2a


Well thats anticlimactic. Tell Ria to ask for a doctor.
No. 38794 ID: 64f8ae

Maybe Ria will have better luck... Have her interact with the locals instead of you, they'er probably afraid.
No. 38800 ID: 01fabd
File 125220615814.jpg - (249.91KB , 864x540 , 10.jpg )

Ria comes in and shouts for a medic. Eventually, someone comes out. He looks tired and worried.

>>"What happened to that Ravian? What's going on with that Snikt? What're you doing here? Why are you shouting? Who needs medical attention?!"

He's talking way too fast. Ria isn't sure what she should say.
No. 38804 ID: bffa2a


Ravian needs a medic, several blade wounds on him. Snikt is just escorting and will be going away as soon as it's sure I'm safe.
No. 38812 ID: 64f8ae


Is that wizard dead? Did that happen recently?
No. 38830 ID: 01fabd
File 125220822078.jpg - (316.71KB , 950x594 , 11.jpg )

Ria relates the information. The green Ophian says he can take care of the Ravian, but while they are talking, another Ophian approaches.

She addresses Ria.

>>"I hope you aren't trying to hide magic. Best be sending that Snikt on its way, although you and the Ravian are free to stay."

Ria asks about the broken tower.

>>"I... don't know how you haven't heard about this, but I suppose anything could happen. Fifty years ago, we rose up against Kshaara's tyranny and slew her. Even though her body is dead, she continues to bleed, and this blood has magical properties. The sigils on the outer wall block the influence of all wizards, and the blood itself also keeps anything it is smeared on from rotting. The corpses of those who fought bravely so that all Ophians could be free still remain as they were when they fell against the tyrant."

>>"Although we haven't heard from any of the other wizards, Ryxix is constantly trying to harass us in any way he can, so we are naturally wary of his children."
No. 38834 ID: 64f8ae

This one isn't Ryxixseses's I don't think.
No. 38839 ID: 01fabd
File 125220880315.jpg - (174.94KB , 400x682 , end.jpg )

Spikesby has a lot to think about, and he can do that thinking while his friends get rest and medical care. Suri is an interesting place, but the strange emptiness he feels haunts him. That something that was always there, that awareness in the back of his head that had been a part of him for so long, some part of him wants it back, although another part seems to flex for the first time in its absence.

((I know this session was boring and not a lot happened. I will try to make up for it next time.

Feel free to continue to make suggestions for things Spikesby and/or Ria should do in Suri, before Spikesby continues his journey. They will be addressed next time.))
No. 38840 ID: 01fabd
File 125220895132.jpg - (83.21KB , 400x682 , PaperDoll.jpg )

No. 38844 ID: 64f8ae
File 125220949787.jpg - (40.37KB , 400x682 , spikesbytemplate.jpg )

No. 38848 ID: 1689ab
File 125220991390.jpg - (40.04KB , 400x682 , howdothesekeepgettinginhere.jpg )

No. 38852 ID: c80cec
File 125221019968.jpg - (35.21KB , 400x682 , 125220895132.jpg )

Wak wak wak wak!
No. 38856 ID: 64f8ae
File 125221060319.jpg - (69.62KB , 400x682 , spikesby gimpsuit.jpg )

Oh wait, wrong quest.
No. 38865 ID: 33bb8b
File 125221192312.jpg - (71.20KB , 400x725 , elegantspikesby.jpg )

That is all, gentlemen.
No. 38966 ID: 8e18cd


I support this.
No. 39230 ID: e98c4f


No. 39318 ID: 4e0411

No. 39338 ID: ab91ae

Oh Xom dammit.
No. 39416 ID: 520fde

No. 39518 ID: 9891a9

Sixth for the incessant humor that will occur.
No. 39527 ID: f4963f

... I actually rather like this one. It's cute!
No. 39588 ID: 15f6d6

Me too.
No. 39639 ID: 6292a8
File 125237671650.jpg - (147.10KB , 400x682 , Spikesby.jpg )

Hurfendurf, Steve's Pokemanz
No. 42995 ID: 15f6d6
File 125276904660.gif - (406.24KB , 900x700 , BadIdea.gif )

Spikesby decides that clothes are silly.

No. 42996 ID: 4e49f2


You silly! Those clothes are not for fighting! ;3
No. 43820 ID: 15f6d6
File 12528588849.jpg - (197.17KB , 675x525 , title.jpg )

Spikesby Biteface is on a mission to bring an awkward object to Radia the Glorious. Currently, he's in the town of Suri while a Ravian he mets gets medical treatment.

Inside the building is dark and cool. The Ophian doctors treated Llewin's wounds, but said he lost a lot of blood and it would take some time to recover.

Ria is with him, making sure he is Ok. Another Ophian is also with them, watching warily.

She speaks: "Handle your business and be on your way, snikt. If there is anywhere you want to go in Suri, I'll accompany you so I can make sure you don't cause trouble."

What does Spikesby do?
No. 43821 ID: d216b5

We should check out the wonders of civilization.
What's there to see in this city?
Is Spikesby to magical to get wasted or is it possible?
We should also find some scholars, or whatever they have around, to find out about the whole soul businesses. But some fun comes first.
No. 43823 ID: 15f6d6
File 125286011270.jpg - (65.13KB , 680x297 , 1.jpg )

Spikesby can think of approximately three places he might want to go.

1) Kshaara's tower. It kinda creeps him out, but who knows?

2) A school where sages work. He can't really communicate though, so he doesn't know how useful it would be.

3) The Market. Spikesby has no money, though, and no need for goods of any sort.

Spikesby is pretty sure he can eat and drink, but he never has in his whole life.
No. 43826 ID: d216b5

So tower then.
I doubt they want money for looking at the tower.
No. 43828 ID: 15f6d6
File 125286076446.jpg - (61.38KB , 680x297 , 2.jpg )

The Ophian swipes Spikesby across the snout with her paintbrush!

She speaks. "There. Now I should be able to understand your squalking.

Kshaara's tower? Follow me. I will remind you again not to cause trouble."
No. 43829 ID: d216b5

Yeah, follow her.
Maybe we should cause a little bit trouble, just to be rebellious.
No. 43839 ID: 15f6d6
File 125286171863.jpg - (404.07KB , 1440x900 , 3.jpg )

Spikesby follows the Ophian through the city. The closer they get to Kshaara's tower, the more empty the city becomes. The hot, dusty streets are clear of all signs of life by the time they reach the tower's base.

"My name is Hreshka," says the Ophian, "I am an adept of Kshaara, from before the rebellion. My lady's body still bleeds from the wounds inflicted on her, and that blood leaks down the tower constantly. We collect it in urns and use it for various purposes.

Adepts can use the blood to perform various magical feats, such as allowing me to understand you and warding away other Wizard's spells and powers.

Any further questions?"

Spikesby is glad he can't see the enormous wizard from this angle, impaled on a multitude of spears and surrounded by a sea of corpses.
No. 43845 ID: d216b5

So apparently she has lots of knowledge about magic and understands us.
We should ask her about becoming free willed and getting a soul.
Should be save right? They don't really like magicians that much.
No. 43853 ID: 15f6d6
File 125286315017.jpg - (112.99KB , 680x297 , 4.jpg )

Hreshka addresses Spikesby's queries.

"A soul isn't something you 'get,' Snikt. It is something you cultivate inside yourself. We Ophians were created by my Lady to produce art, philosophy and poetry, to entertain and engage our Lady. These pursuits lead many of us to begin acquiring souls. The lady was unaware or unconcerned, I'm not sure which. Because I was an Adept, I fought on the side of My Lady when the people rebelled. I have given up my compassion for power, however, so when my Lady fell, my loyalty fell also.

You were created by my Lady's close companion, Lord Ryxix. He made you to fight and kill, to make it difficult for you to cultivate a soul. I'm sure it is possible.

Your 'free will,' however, is a separate matter. Because you are magical and tied to a wizard, you cannot disobey them. Other than their orders, however, you are as free as anyone else.

Any further questions?"
No. 43856 ID: d216b5

Can we use our fighting ability to gain a soul.
Fighting for good things I mean. Like we did when we helped those people against the other snikts.
No. 43857 ID: 01383e

no, we don't need to fight for -good-

we just need to turn our fighting into an art. a technique. a form. with mastery and beauty come souls, so say the snakes.
No. 43859 ID: 15f6d6
File 125286430224.jpg - (112.30KB , 680x297 , 5.jpg )

Hreska continues:

"As you begin to form intentions and reasoning outside of your master's orders, you will begin to form a soul. Nothing can coalesce unless you act on those intentions and that reasoning.

You have begun to do so now. Saving people because you see them hurt, because you fear for them or worry over them, is a first step. Alternately, killing out of hate or jealousy would be just as effective. They must be consistent, though.

These thoughts and ideas, as long as they are consistent with one another, are the raw materials that will make up a soul, but only action can gather them together, coalesce them into something real."
No. 43866 ID: d216b5

We should go to the market and think about what we heard.
"good" seems like the more logical choice for Spikesby though, considering we already started doing good things.
No. 43876 ID: 15f6d6
File 125286644140.jpg - (205.44KB , 720x450 , 6.jpg )

Hreska brings Spikesby to the market.

Spikesby doesn't have any money, so he isn't too sure what he's supposed to do here.

The Ophians in the stand address Hreska.

"My lady! Please, what can we help you with? Silks, jewelry?"
No. 43879 ID: 9e9b47


I think we should just leave. Maybe go and see the tower.
No. 43882 ID: f4963f

Skills? They sell skills here? Are those like services, or something else entirely?

Also, seconding getting a good soul. Fight for those who cannot protect themselves. Spikesby Biteface the noble!
No. 43883 ID: 9e9b47


Silks? Like, as in cloth from the behind of a silkworm?
No. 43890 ID: 9e9b47

No. 43891 ID: 15f6d6
File 12528676659.jpg - (247.80KB , 864x540 , 7.jpg )

>>"Wak wak wak!"
Spikesby says some stuff.

One of the Ophians replies:

>>"What's that, little guy? Did somebody fall down the well?"

Hreska doesn't seem amused.

>>"He just wanted to see. We're going now."

Spikesby may as well go back to the hospital, unless you have some clever plan. What does he want to do about Ria anyway? Is she staying here with Llewin, or coming with him to Radia's tower?
No. 43893 ID: 43d730

Let her choose.
No. 43896 ID: d216b5

It would be safer for Ria to stay here, but we could use someone to translate for us.
Can Hreska improve her spell, this way we could normally talk to others.
We could also try to find out if someone got a "mission" for us, going straight to the magician to deliver our package seems like a bad idea.
No. 43898 ID: 9e9b47


I say let her choose. Let's just head and drop this package off. We can head back home after that.
No. 43901 ID: 15f6d6
File 125286929654.jpg - (146.42KB , 438x627 , 8.jpg )

Spikesby asks Hreska about making her spell permanent or if it would allow other people to understand him.

>>"No. The blood loses its latent magic over time as well. I won't be able to understand you in a few hours."

Spikesby eventually reaches the hospital and asks Ria what she wants to do.

>>"I'm worried about Llewin," she says, "The doctor said it will take him weeks to recover, and even though some people are familiar with him here, Ophians and Ravians don't exactly get along most of the time. Ravians can be sort of racist. Once he can get around some, we are going to sell the stuff we recovered and try to find something to do here." They said they'll take care of him, but he doesn't trust any of them. Maybe it'd be better if I stay.

>>"Thanks, though, Spikesby, you saved my life."

How does Spikesby want to respond?
No. 43906 ID: f4963f

Ask if there's anything we can do to help.
No. 43907 ID: b94893

Say "Wak wak wak wak wak"
No. 43909 ID: bffa2a

You're welcome. Sorry for dragging you in dangers way first. Have to go now and most likely will never see you again. Don't venture outside the city, not safe anymore. Goodbye.

Tell the adept about the Gour and Ryxix before leaving. If it's after us is it likely to come after Ria and can they protect her? Them giving over her to Ryxix at first sign of genuine trouble would be a real pain.
No. 43920 ID: 15f6d6
File 125287092424.jpg - (206.78KB , 643x544 , 9.jpg )

Ria says that she can't really think of anything. While he was gone, people were talking about how they were worried about him attacking someone, or having some secret mission for Ryxix. They really, really don't trust Ryxix around here.

Spikesby mentions Heartsbane and Ryxix, and generally fills Hreska in on what happened before. She gets rather... emotional.

>>"Ryxix has no power here, and his minions cannot hear him if they were to breach these walls. Their supernatural strength and resilience have no meaning. Let them come! We will slaughter them with guns and magic! Ever since My Lady's death, Ryxix has been mad with grief, constantly seeking to destroy us! His own love's blood protects us and wards us from his magic. He is powerless within these walls!"


well now. Spikesby guesses Ria will be pretty safe.
No. 43925 ID: d216b5

So it's just you and your blades again?
You should probably really go towards the magician to deliver the package, maybe something interesting happens on your way.
No. 43927 ID: bffa2a


Whoa, teeth. Well, take care now and don't die or we will be very sad. With Ryxix after us and we having a delivery from him it's likely we will not survive. Since there is nothing else to do we're saying goodbye. It was nice while it lasted.
No. 43929 ID: 01383e


before we go

deliver the package to the wizard that we got from the worm wizard. it was large, and dildo-shaped, and damnit we must complete our duty even if she's dead.
No. 43931 ID: 15f6d6
File 125287199134.jpg - (149.78KB , 686x540 , 10.jpg )

Spikesby guesses he should go ahead and leave.

As he walks through the gateway, that infinitesimal missing thing returns. He feels complete, comfortable, but somehow muted. He almost feels like someone is watching him...


Spikesby recognizes that voice.

>>"I want to pose a philosophical question to you. What state is something in if it's still bleeding? Dead, or wounded, and if something is wounded, it must be alive. The dead don't bleed, snikt, especially not for fifty years.

Also, I've found something out for you. Wizards and magical creatures can smell the soul on you. Once you start to stink, they won't view you as one of them anymore.

Be cautious, little snikt, in your struggle against destiny."
No. 43934 ID: 15f6d6

His package from Ryxix isn't for Kshaara. Its for another wizard called Radia the Glorious. Spikesby is theoretically headed that way now.
No. 43935 ID: 01383e

oh, okay.

then we're good to go then.

also, that is a good question about dead and wounded things. maybe she's being continuously killed or something, and is already immortal?
No. 43936 ID: 9e9b47


Well Heartsbane can't even understand us. Look at him for a moment, and just continue on. If he has more to tell us, we can do it while walking.
No. 43938 ID: 43d730

Bow to show understanding, keep going.
No. 43941 ID: bffa2a

Well, you're always a real cheer. Thanks for reminding us that we are dead if we do and dead if we don't. Blisfull unawareness starts to look very nice again. Besides what do we do with a soul anyway, alone forever and shunned by all.
>wak wak wak wak wak wak wak wak wak wak wak

... Oh, right. We are heading for the tower, if you want to cheer us more you have to follow us.
No. 43946 ID: 15f6d6
File 12528735932.jpg - (101.68KB , 864x540 , 11.jpg )

Spikesby goes south and west, out of the desert and away from Ryxix's land. Heartsbane can't understand his replies, and heads back into the desert.

Spikesby has been traveling across the plains for a couple of days.

He thinks about Kshaara. Before he saw her, he never knew a wizard could be killed. They heal from any wound, are immune to poisons, sicknesses and disease, and never age. Maybe with enough severe wounds, maybe because the spears are driven into the wall behind her, her body constantly attempts to heal itself, but the wounds are prevented from closing.

Wizards can kill one another, like they did during the war, but those that remain have alliances that keep further hostilities from breaking out.

His reverie is interrupted by a high-pitched keening scream!
No. 43948 ID: 9e9b47


Let's check it out!
No. 43955 ID: bffa2a


Spikesby! The lone ranger of Apocolypsia.
No. 43956 ID: 15f6d6
File 125287463494.jpg - (226.96KB , 864x540 , 12.jpg )

Spikesby has a lot to think about, but there isn't time to think right now! He hurries toward the scream.
No. 43959 ID: 64d98f

Don't run into those big letters!
No. 43961 ID: 15f6d6

As always, thanks for playing with me, I had fun. Questions/comments/suggestions/criticism welcome.
No. 47154 ID: 15f6d6
File 125338413735.jpg - (368.19KB , 1080x675 , Title.jpg )

Spikesby Biteface travels across the open plains.

He is delivering a special item from Xix Rxyix to Radia the Glorious. Shortly after crossing the border into Radia's territory, he hears a piercing shriek!

He runs to the sound and comes upon a shocking scene. A Golden has been nailed to a scarred, wooden frame and some sort of creature is perched behind her, slowly squeezing her chest for some reason.

It turns to Spikesby as he approaches and screeches, the Golden's blood glistening on its face and hands.

>>KAA! Go away, snikt. Find your own!"

The Golden turns slightly toward him, looking weak.

>>"p.. please... help me..."

What should Spikesby do?!
No. 47157 ID: f4963f

What kind of question is that? Save her, of course!

Preferrably stabbing creepy winged demon torturer guy while he's busy feeling her up.
No. 47159 ID: efa41b

That blood looks delicious.
No. 47161 ID: 64f8ae

Like sweet flowing beer. >>47159

Let's jump on him and lop off his head. don't let him get away.
No. 47162 ID: 7eda8b

Hiss threateningly and approach with your weapons raised (not that you can really lower them) in hopes of scaring him away.
No. 47163 ID: 15f6d6
File 125338490030.jpg - (307.35KB , 1080x675 , 1.jpg )

Spikesby gets ready for violence and begins to approach, but before he can act, the creature flies down quick as a wink.

>>"KAA! I told you to find your own! If you want to play with me though, by all means let's play!"

This opponent seems more skilled than the rock goblins and Spikesby doesn't have the element of surprise. How should he go about attacking?
No. 47166 ID: 64f8ae

Go on the defensive, try to slash out at his wing to keep him from flying away when hurt, then go on the offense.
No. 47167 ID: f4963f

Is your tail sharp? I forget.

Either way, this guy's using a manufactured weapon. See if you can disarm him.
No. 47170 ID: bffa2a


Play defensive until you get the chance to slash a wing to limit it's mobility. Then you can pick up the tempo.

Btw, that's a golden. The ones with the bad reputation that everyone seems to want to kill on sight. All adepts. Who's going to rescue us?
No. 47171 ID: 7eda8b

Catch his sword with one scythe while attacking with the other, then blindside him with the tail.
No. 47177 ID: 64f8ae

Yes but she has a boob out and she's tied up. She will no doubt be grateful for us letter her free and be willing to help us out.
No. 47182 ID: bffa2a


Probably by local villagers for killing their children and the bird thing is this places version of scavenger. Well, still helping, no point in acting prejudiced.
No. 47191 ID: 15f6d6
File 125338719264.jpg - (134.85KB , 462x285 , 2.jpg )

Spikesby has no shot at the creature's wings, it keeps them well behind it.

The creature slashes Spikesby's arm before he manages to block the sword with his other claw.

He gets a solid slash across the monster's chest, but his tail catches air.

What next?
No. 47197 ID: 6faa8c

Fight defensively. He has one blade, you have two.
No. 47200 ID: bffa2a


Close the distance up. It has a reach advantage with the sword but you've got the natural close combat weaponry. Keep it's weapon and arm at bay with the blades then beak it in the face while stabbing it with tail. If you suffer a hit while closing up try to ignore it and just execute plan. You can bleed out later.
No. 47204 ID: 64f8ae

This is probably the best idea, I'd say get in close if he's being dodgy, then we can rip off his face with our face.
No. 47208 ID: f4963f

Seconding the Fight Defensively route. If you can keep his sword-arm tied up, you've got a second blade and a tail that can still hurt him.
No. 47210 ID: bffa2a


The tail is short, you have to be face to face for it to reach it's target. Target is faster than us. Trying to out dodge a dodger seems pretty counterintuitive.
No. 47221 ID: 7eda8b

Try to push his sword aside and then close in with teeth and tail and claw.
No. 47232 ID: 15f6d6
File 125338924899.jpg - (225.88KB , 692x428 , 3.jpg )

Spikesby decides to eliminate the opponent's height and reach advantage by getting in close!

He pushes forward and leaps on his opponent, burying his scythes into the creature's chest, but in the process he is impaled on his opponent's sword.

The monster keeps smiling, blood spraying from between it's needlelike teeth and grabs on to Spikeby's claws, keeping him from drawing them out.

Then, then he begins to flap his huge wings. Spikesby feels the wind rushing past him!
No. 47237 ID: 9e9b47


Tail strikes to the face. He can't stop your tail now.
No. 47239 ID: 64f8ae

bite off his face
No. 47241 ID: 7eda8b

Get real close so he can't maneuver his sword to hurt you more. Clamp your jaws on his neck. Slash one wing off with a scythe.
No. 47242 ID: f4963f

We're flying, aren't we? Ack. D:

Um... keep stabbing?

Nono. Spieksby Biteface? Bite his face.
No. 47243 ID: bffa2a


Bite his face, Tail stab his ballsack. Twist and turn your scythes. When fall comes try to land on it.
No. 47260 ID: 01383e

bite his head off!

go for the alien kill!
No. 47287 ID: 15f6d6
File 125339102280.jpg - (211.42KB , 646x399 , 4.jpg )

This asshole shouldn't have gotten into a facebiting contest with SPIKESBY BITEFACE!

It's pushed it's claws into his throat, though, and it's getting hard to breathe.

A horrid gurgling sound is coming out of its ruined face...

No. 47294 ID: 64f8ae

slash him to bits now that your arms are free.
No. 47295 ID: bffa2a


Hey, it released your blades, lop his arms off and finsih him. Try to land on him.
No. 47296 ID: 9e9b47


Tail strikes! Tail strikes! Your whole body is a terrible weapon spikesby!
No. 47298 ID: f4963f

Whackin' and hackin'? I'd say start with an arm, since we like being able to /breathe/.
No. 47324 ID: 7eda8b

Go for a wing!
No. 47335 ID: 15f6d6
File 125339273744.jpg - (285.12KB , 1080x675 , 5.jpg )

Spikesby slashes at a wing. He RIPS and TEARS as his opponent gurgles and squirms, digging its claws into Spikesby's throat and trying to tear it free.

They plummet to the ground, but not before long, and Spikesby lands on top. He staggers to his feet, his opponent still and silent.

The Golden groans, wheezing.

>>"help me. Please. I can help you."

What does Spikesby do?
No. 47340 ID: f4963f

"Wak wak wak! Wak wak wak wak wak."

Help her down.
No. 47341 ID: 6faa8c

Help her.
No. 47344 ID: 7eda8b

Well, we didn't go through all that trouble to NOT rescue her. Lop off the heads of the nails pinning her.
No. 47345 ID: 42b14f

Help her down of course!

alternatively, pass out from blood loss
No. 47348 ID: bffa2a


Look lady, what did you think we were doing? We don't actually enjoy getting teared to pieces. So you go your way and we go die in a hole now, deal?

Pull the nails off with your beak and crawl in a hole somewhere. Hopefully the golden dosen't decide we make a good sacrifice or something.
No. 47376 ID: 15f6d6
File 125339461980.jpg - (262.35KB , 857x570 , 6.jpg )

Spikesby pulls the nails out of her wrists. Blood goes kinda everywhere a little bit. Spikesby feels really weak and tired. He's having trouble focusing...

He tells the Golden that he's going to let her down, and then they can each go their own way, but she doesn't seem to understand him. After he gets the last nail pulled out, he collapses, everything goes black...
No. 47383 ID: 15f6d6
File 125339496443.jpg - (265.78KB , 1008x630 , 7.jpg )

Spikesby wakes up, surprisingly not dead.

He feels... warm? Strange, certainly. The Golden is standing behind him, and the blood is gone. The other creature looks quite dead.

The Golden speaks to him.

>>"Y, you're a Snikt, aren't you? From Ryxix? My name is Glory. Thank you so much for saving me! I... My brother Ashleigh told me it was time I went off on my own, and I ended up here. I... Lady Radia's Nemesis found me almost instantly, and nailed me to that thing. Radia hates anyone who covers their face. I, I didn't realize I'd wandered into her territory. I healed you. Thank you! Thank you so much! Please, please let me come with you, just, I..."

She kind of trails off. What should Spikesby do?
No. 47384 ID: 64f8ae

nooo drink her bloods for health
No. 47390 ID: 43d730

Add her to your hare- I mean see where she came from and if it is on the way.
No. 47398 ID: bffa2a


Draw that your going to go to lady Radia's place to get your soul sucked. She probably shouldn't follow because we're going to die. Thanks for saving our life by the way. Draw a helpful map of near surroundings as you know it with civilizations and danger marked for her. Leave her to study it and continue onward.
No. 47408 ID: 64f8ae

indicate that she should uncover her face, for one.
No. 47416 ID: 15f6d6
File 12533960271.gif - (55.61KB , 720x450 , 8.gif )

Spikesby asks her where she came from...
>>"Wak wak wak wak."
But she doesn't understand him.

Spikesby then draws in the dirt what he plans to do. The grass and dirt are pretty difficult to draw in, but Spikesby manages somehow. While she's trying to decipher his scrawl, he heads off toward Radia's tower.

A couple of hours later, hears something behind him.
No. 47417 ID: 7eda8b

Spin around.
No. 47419 ID: 15f6d6

Animooted, btw.
No. 47431 ID: bffa2a


Turn around, give a long siiiiiiigh and stare at her with your head sideways. Continue staring until she get uncomfortable and continue staring more.

Is there a safe haven for goldies around here that Spikesby knows about or any civilization that might be dumb enough to take her? We might have to make a detour yet again.
No. 47458 ID: 15f6d6
File 125339808795.jpg - (215.05KB , 900x900 , 9.jpg )

Spikesby stares at Glory, trying to make her uncomfortable...

the sun is starting to get low...

Unfortunately, Spikesby doesn't know anything at all about Radia's territory, so he has no idea what sorts of towns there are around here.

He hasn't seen the slightest sign of civilization since he's come here though. He can tell which way Radia's tower is, but other than that he's in the dark.

What now? Should he just keep going, knowing she's going to follow him? Keep an eye out for a town? Turn around?
No. 47460 ID: 43d730

Attempt to communicate that she return home.
Continue walking.
No. 47464 ID: 476456

whatever, just keep going.
No. 47466 ID: bffa2a


Indicate again that your going to Lady Radia's place. If she shows no inclination to stop following don't follow a straight path anymore. Walk in a long pattern of a closing circle @ trying to find any safe place to dump her. Hopefully you'll find one before reaching destination.
No. 47467 ID: 7eda8b

If that's how it's going to be, shrug and continue on to your destination. Maybe she can help.
No. 47480 ID: 15f6d6
File 125339938284.jpg - (249.00KB , 1440x900 , 10.jpg )

Spikesby makes sure she understands that he is going toward Radia's tower, and then keeps going.

He continues forward, taking a somewhat circuitous route.

Several days later, Spikesby can see a small village on the horizon. He can also make out Radia's glass mountain, but it is at least a week away.

Spikesby and Glory have reached an Understanding. She can interpret his gestures and sounds for other people they meet.

Glory also explains that she can't remove her mask. Golden are given as infants to a random Wizard, who is told to take what they please. The Golden's parents then bind a mask to their body. It amplifies their Adept abilities and allows them to gain access to a variety of powerful magical abilities. Unfortunately, it's impossible to remove.

Glory doesn't know what the Wizard she was given to took from her. She just knows she's scared and feels safe around Spikesby. She says that she knows he'll keep her safe.

Does Spikesby have anything he wants to talk with her about? Where is he heading anyway? The Village or Radia's Tower.
No. 47489 ID: bffa2a


The village.

Say that you think the wizard removed her COMMON SENSE. Indicate again that the Radia can probably smell our soul and we are not welcome in the treehouse club anymore. We are going to die and anything within a days walk of us is going with us.

There's a nice ophian city back there that probably won't nail her up on first contact. A town near Radia with her covering her face is probably not the best place to be in. You doubt they'll even let her stay for a minute without trying to kill her but it's the only option if she insists on following. We might have to kill people to keep her safe and that kind of defeats the point on rescuing her in the first place.

Above all else please don't walk into Radia's tower like this. In fact you wonder how you've avoided the flying things this long. She really should leave this area.
No. 47498 ID: e14717

She may be perfectly fine if she doesn't get too close. Let her follow, and at this point it's doubtful you've developed a strong soul, that info might even be wrong.

But go to the village first.
No. 47499 ID: f4963f

Ask her where she'd rather go. Gesture to the town, then the tower, and then make an inqusitive gesture. See what she prefers.
No. 47503 ID: 15f6d6
File 125340208151.jpg - (184.91KB , 545x457 , 11.jpg )

Spikesby indicates again that he's going to Radia's tower, but he begins heading toward the village. He indicates as well that maybe Glory lost her Common Sense. She doesn't seem too upset by his suggestion, but politely disagrees.

When he indicates his soul theory, she starts laughing out loud.

>>"Don't be silly Spikesby! If youd've had a soul, that Nemesis would have attacked you right away. Besides, I'd be able to smell it on you, and you smell like a monster to me, no offense."

Well, it seems like Spikesby hasn't gotten a soul yet. It will probably just take time. He wonders if other magical creatures will be able to understand him once he gets one. He has a lot to think about as he walks closer to the village.
No. 47508 ID: 7eda8b

No more sidequests. Let's go to the tower.
No. 47510 ID: 15f6d6

She says she'd much rather go to the village. She's pretty sure Radia will just kill her.

Thanks for playing, everybody! I had a lot of fun and hope you did too.

If you have any questions/comments/critique or anything else, please do tell. There is a discussion thread and I'm sometimes on IRC.

See you next week!
No. 47511 ID: d75180

No soul? Monster? That's harsh man.
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