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File 130187591501.jpg - (145.66KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure1.jpg )
293704 No. 293704 ID: 6a9958

Hey, how's everyone doing? I'd like you all to meet one of my good friends. He's trying to find someone to rent out one of the nearby apartments. Would any of you be interested in buying a place? He can show you around, if you like.
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No. 293705 ID: 82479f

No. 293706 ID: 1854db

Uh... What? This is /questdis/, not /quest/

If this is a quest you're in the wrong place.
No. 293707 ID: 6a9958
File 130188600624.jpg - (172.43KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure2.jpg )

"Aaahh maaan! A quest? That sounds pretty intense, but I wouldn't expect something like that around here. Things are usually pretty boring, I kinda wish something would, y'know, happen. Was I gonna sell you something? I forgot. Sorry, man. Where do you wanna go first? Someone's staying at my place right now, and sometimes guys like hanging out at the gas station. People are pretty chill here. Some come from all over, it's awesome."
No. 293708 ID: 8c73c8

uhhh... i think you are on the wrong board is what the other guy is talking about. this board is for talking ABOUT quests/adventures.
No. 293709 ID: 82479f

I'm pretty sure the author is implying this is more of a interest-generator than an actual quest, as questing implies directing. This implies introducing.
No. 293711 ID: 383006

We should go break bottles behind the gas station.
No. 293726 ID: 6a9958
File 130189083359.jpg - (204.66KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure3.jpg )

(Spoiler: yes that is exactly what this was intended as at first but I guess it counts as a quest /anyway/ so jus kiddin)
"Hahahahaha uh, okay."
No. 293733 ID: ffd999

Your face gives me nightmares.
No. 293736 ID: 6a9958
File 130189272724.jpg - (190.32KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure4.jpg )

(Last one today, need sleep)
"Uhhh...there are some guys here, but I only recognize the guy on the left.
"...Though I don't remember his name. Crap, I gotta get better at names. He does kinda keep to himself a lot, though. Like, too much. It's pretty creepy, if you ask me."
No. 293740 ID: 07416a

He appears to be made of dirt, this is understandable.
No. 293765 ID: 383006

Ask them if they want to throw bottles at the dumpster.
No. 293804 ID: fb92f7
File 130194288864.jpg - (152.09KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure5.jpg )

"I dunno, dude. Looks more like Jello or somethin' to me. I mean, he wasn't always like that, y'know. Always kinda creepy and quiet and all that, but I think he took some bad meds or shot up something he wasn't supposed to or I've been hearing stuff about how there's all kindsa crap in the water and it's making freaky acid rain or somethin' like th--oh, he's putting his sandwich down. Can he hear me?"
No. 293806 ID: fb92f7
File 130194359249.jpg - (227.16KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure6.jpg )


"Uhh...do any of you wanna go throw bottles at the dumpster?"


"Oh, uh...okay.
"...I get the sense that guy's only gonna be here a little while."


"Uhh...should we go back, d'ya think?"
No. 293970 ID: 313ae6

Sure, let's go meet that person at your place.
No. 293976 ID: 07416a

Break a bottle. Shank them. Made them bleed whatever horrific abomination blood they possess.
No. 294095 ID: 55bd47

Hey, yeah. You could show us more of that apartment you need to rent out.
No. 294121 ID: 91c9a8

Throw a bottle at something so they know how awesome it is to throw bottles at stuff.
No. 294962 ID: f4223a
File 130224464815.jpg - (261.63KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure7.jpg )

"Whoa, whoa! Whoa, hey--I'm not gonna go around killing people, you gotta be real messed in the head to do that! Or a part of one of the gangs, whatevs."
"Here's one on the ground. But, uhh...no dumpsters in sight, so I'll just try throwin' it wherever."
No. 294963 ID: f4223a
File 130224468244.jpg - (211.62KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure8.jpg )

"Aahg, sorry, I'm sorry!"


"Oh, geez, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm..."
No. 294964 ID: f4223a
File 130224473810.jpg - (119.44KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure9 copy.jpg )

"Ergh, that guy's giving me that real creepy look again!"
"That's an idea, I gotta get outta here...!"
No. 294965 ID: f4223a
File 130224479920.jpg - (249.80KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure10.jpg )

"Oh geez oh geez oh geez I hope nobody saw that oh geez..."
No. 294966 ID: f4223a
File 130224486679.jpg - (240.61KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure11.jpg )

"Lemme...catch my br...eath for a sec...
"...Hey, isn't that...the salam...ander girl?"
[end cutscene]
No. 294967 ID: c4cc66

Tell it to quit filling that car with water.
No. 294971 ID: 1854db

Cute girl. Introduce yourself, ask what she's doing.
No. 294974 ID: 313ae6

Ask her if she would be interested in renting an apartment.
No. 294994 ID: 07416a

That is not the part of the car which needs to be watered.
No. 294997 ID: 6868bc

Compliment her attractive and shapely head frills.
No. 294998 ID: 07416a

If you lick her back will you get high?
No. 297043 ID: 94cecc

masturbate into her car
No. 297811 ID: b86f1a
File 130325709932.jpg - (242.74KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure12.jpg )

"N-Not /now/, man..."
"Hey, Rag, what're ya doin'?"

"...What? My name isn't Rag, stop calling me that."

"But every time I see you outside, you've got that rag and you're cleaning your car, I dunno..."

"Then go outside more! Just stop calling me Rag, okay?"

"Hey, would you wanna start renting an apartment? I got some openings an--"

"...I can't tell if this is a joke or not."


"Listen, I'm perfectly fine with living where I am right now. But I'll keep it in mind, okay?"

"Uh huh."
"Yuh, your head...things are really pretty. They're really swooshy and stuff."

"Umn. Thank you."
"Can I lick your back?"

"Wait, what?! No!"
No. 297812 ID: b86f1a
File 130325713451.jpg - (400.32KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure13.jpg )

"...So, uh, is that...how you usually wash your car?"

"Wha? ...Aagh, oh no! No, no--I got distracted, and now everything's all wet...ugh."
No. 297816 ID: 4c7b39

Help her out, man. Ask where you can get some towels or something to make sure it does minimal lasting damage to the inside of her car.
No. 297858 ID: 1be5f2

Yeah, it's not like you got anything better to do, you beetle killer.
No. 297881 ID: abb30a

Yeah. Offer your assistance!
No. 297896 ID: b6c6fc

ask her name
then offer to help her dry it off
No. 298123 ID: 951401

do it now
right into the car
it wants it man
No. 298263 ID: 6868bc

Look at those head frills, man. If you're going to lick anything, lick those. Damn those are some fine frills.
No. 298266 ID: 1854db

Restrain yourself. Be polite. Also for gods' sakes don't talk out loud about restraining yourself.

Anyway, if she doesn't need an apartment, maybe she knows someone who does?
No. 304652 ID: da696f

ask her if she has any spare change. offer cheeseburgers or a blow job in exchange.
No. 310922 ID: 0ae009
File 130764282338.jpg - (419.67KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure14.jpg )

(Erk, I didn't intend to be absent that long. Next time I'll warn you guys, I promise. Which reminds me, starting next sunday I'll be gone for 6 weeks, but I'll try and get as much done as possible in the meantime.)
"You--you want some help with cleaning that up?"

"Oh, uh, sure. There are some towels in the trunk, I'll open it up for you."
No. 310924 ID: 0ae009
File 130764289709.jpg - (316.17KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure15.jpg )

(Wait--I mean this Sunday, oops.)
"...Nnh, those frills..."


"Nuh, nothing..."
No. 310925 ID: 0ae009
File 130764292726.jpg - (329.35KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure16.jpg )


"That's a lot better. Thanks for the help!"

"Yeah. Uh...do you have any spare change?"

"...Well, I...I guess I do, yeah. Here you go."

"Thanks. Heheheh...
"You guys wanna see my apartment now, or keep walking around a bit?"

"Hey, just who are you talking to? I don't see anyone else around here..."

"The people who say stuff. I don't really know who they are, but whatever, man."

If you say so."
No. 310933 ID: ed9087

Her name! Get her name!

Oh, and since your the only one who can hear us, it kind of confuses people when you talk to us.
No. 310935 ID: 0d095c

DAMMIT MAN. You are creepy, antisocial, and aggravating! It's a miracle those guys in the museum didn't MURDER YOU!

You're gonna need ALL OUR HELP to get you UNCRAZY ENOUGH to interact in 'normal' society!

First things first, you offered to help her, so help her polish the car. Also, ask her her REAL name.
No. 310977 ID: 0d7a83

STOP TALKING TO US OUT LOUD... we can hear your thoughts dude. Get her real name, and try not to be weird about it. Just say something like: "sorry for calling you Rags, what's your real name?"
No. 311042 ID: 383006

Yeah, get her Name, and then wander a little more aimlessly before you show us your place. I'm sure it's kickin rad.
No. 311061 ID: 6868bc

Introduce yourself, first. Only polite.
No. 311222 ID: 1854db

Tell her you don't normally hear voices, you just met us today. You don't usually hear voices from nowhere, correct? Say that we're probably ghosts or something.

I'm not sure we can actually hear his thoughts. We've only heard what people say out loud so far.
No. 311308 ID: 313ae6

Walking around and talking to people hasn't worked out too well so far, might as well head back and check out that apartment.
No. 313380 ID: 94d1f2
File 130811548786.jpg - (300.23KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure17.jpg )

(Oh hey they have WiFi here, looks like I'll be around)
"Oh, yeah? Then what am I thinking about /right now/?"

"...Uhm, I...don't know."

"Wait, no, I was--ah...uh. Uhh...what's your name, again? I'm sorry for calling you 'Rag'."

"Thank you. I'm Leila, by the way.
It was nice talking with you, but I need to run an errand before it gets dark. Maybe I'll see you around some other time, okay?"

"Oh...alright. Bye..."
No. 313381 ID: 94d1f2
File 130811555446.jpg - (401.00KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure18.jpg )

"The walk shouldn't be too far. It's nice how everything here is pretty tight-knit so you can just walk anywhere, more or less, y'know? Most people don't even really have cars anymore. Which is good, because there was this recent thing that says because of a health concern there were...uh, concerns, or something--and you can't park on the streets anymore. People like Rag gotta buy a house which comes with a driveway and all that.
"...Hmn. I wonder why she wears baggy clothes all the time. She should get clothes which...uh...complement her figure better. And it's not even that cold out, no reason to be wearing a sweater and a scarf and stuff. It's not like I'm a fashion expert or anything, but...uh...I, I think I forgot where I was going...
No. 313384 ID: 35e1a0

you weren't really going anywhere. and the loose clothing is probably because she can't find any pants that have a tailhole so she just wears a big shirt.
No. 313392 ID: 1854db

Yeah, we can't hear your thoughts. Guess you're gonna have to keep talking aloud to the invisible people.

We were going back to your apartment. What's that sign to your left though? 15,000 already joined?
No. 313412 ID: ed9087

Psst, now that you know her name is Leila, it's rude to keep referring to her as 'Rag' now.
No. 313416 ID: 0d7a83

Dude you were totes thinking about those frills, yo.
No. 313638 ID: 2dae9e

You were totally going to go buy Leila some tight leather.

That or check on one of your tenants. If you have any that its...
No. 313668 ID: 0d095c

Maybe you can buy her some jeans with a tail hole later. But for now, check out your apartment complex.
No. 314896 ID: e4d78d

damnit why didnt you go aftger the car
it was so warm for your form man
it was all over you like a fat kid on donuts

go to your apartment and get a haircut you giant person
No. 316096 ID: 94d1f2

(tl;dr I just found out my hard drive is hanging onto life by a thread and needs to be backed up as soon as I get home, until then (5? weeks from now) I'm going to have to postpone this, I'm really sorry!)
No. 340361 ID: 2b5dcf

(ALRIGHT, WE GON BE BACK IN T-MINUS ONE WEEK FOR SURE THIS TIME, sorry for the technical difficulties folks. I managed to get all my files back, new tablet, etc etc

Sorry for the updateless bump, just lettin yall know what's goin on)
No. 340395 ID: 0472f1


Be looking forward to updates :]
No. 342401 ID: 591e03
File 131407183920.png - (1.00MB , 1080x864 , mannyventure_panelwhoknowsACTUALFIRST1.png )

"But, this /is/ my haircut, man."
"...Huh. I never thought of that, but...yeah, probably."
"Ah, sorry...I'm sorry."
"Oh! Yeah, okay. My apartment's actually right around here...
"Uh, I think it's some weird cult thing. People who think the world's ending 'cause of technology or something? They don't even like medicine or anything, think it's like...poisoning the earth and stuff."
"Yeah! Uh, alright.
"Here's the building, but I gotta...find my keys, first..."
No. 342402 ID: 591e03
File 131407209624.png - (954.34KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure_panel2.png )

No. 342403 ID: 591e03
File 131407211804.png - (0.98MB , 1080x864 , mannyventure_panelwhoknowsSECONDpanel.png )


"It's here! Check it out! Is it important? Don't leave me hanging, here!"

"Actually...can you just put it in the mailbox? I gotta show these people around first."

"What people?"

"Y'know, the people I'm talking to."

"Ohh. Hiiiii! I'm sorry, is it rude I can't see you? You're probably nice so I don't want to offend you or anything, but you're pretty much invisible."

"Yeah, they do that. I don't think anyone can see them, they're just kinda there."

"No, I understand. But can you check your mail, please? I mean, really, I don't want to pry but I'm really curious, okay?"

"...Well, uh...what do you guys think? Could just stow it away to look at later and show you my apartment now, or check the mail before we go in, or, uh...whatever else."
No. 342404 ID: 35e1a0

well he makes it sound so exciting, check it.
No. 342408 ID: 2ab266

No. 342434 ID: 1854db

Wow, he sure is blue. Yeah, check it.
No. 342440 ID: ba67b9

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, those apartments can wait. Let's check what's inside that letter.
No. 342478 ID: 6a5a08

What could possibly go wrong?
No. 342482 ID: 0d7a83

rip that shit open IT COULD BE MONEY.
No. 343224 ID: 4989e9
File 131443804460.jpg - (206.92KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure_whatpanelisthis1.jpg )

"Yeah, well, I think there's some requirements you gotta have for being a postal service…person…thing. They all stick out, usually have bright colors and stuff… Also, I guess you gotta go places fast, which is why most of them fly, right?"

"…Huh-wha? I thought you were still talking to the people."

"I was, but I wanna know if I was right. It's stuff I noticed but…uhh…yeah."

"Oh. I wasn't really listening, sorry!"


"So are you gonna open your mail or what? What if there's money inside?!"
"I think you and this guy got the right idea. Hmmn…"
No. 343226 ID: 4989e9
File 131443808733.jpg - (183.30KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure_imlosingtrackhelp.jpg )

"So? What is that?"

"Uhhh…junk mail, and…hang on, this isn't--a free hotel stay, really? I dunno, they don't just give that stuff out, man…"

"But they just did, it's in your hands! We were right, kinda!"

"It says I gotta fill out a survey, first. Then they're gonna give me the free thing. I, uh…guess it won't hurt."

"Yeah! Go for it! Let me know how it is, okay?"

"Sure, if they give it to me at all…
"Rest of this is just more junk mail."
No. 343249 ID: 35e1a0

are you SURE? i never seen junk in a black envelope. check em.
No. 343250 ID: 1854db

What's the survey about?
No. 343256 ID: 9c538a


Holy crap that is so cool. I have got to send someone a letter in a black envelope now. I wonder if it'd make it through. Have to get the address legible and all...
No. 343258 ID: be1879

But it claims to be FABULOUS!
No. 343271 ID: 8a7e69

Use a white gel-pen or marker to write on it.

No. 343280 ID: 6a5a08

Open obvious chain letter
Fill out survey
No. 343851 ID: 1854db

Fill it out inside your apartment.
No. 343852 ID: 383006

Go INSIDE YOUR APARTMENT to fill out the survey. It's very important.
No. 345801 ID: 05523c
File 131527519810.jpg - (750.39KB , 1080x864 , mannyventureHAHAITS24.jpg )

"I'll check the junk mail anyway, if you really want to...
"...Man, these are all, like, offers for credit cards and stuff. Really dumb. I was telling you guys."
No. 345803 ID: 05523c
File 131527546207.jpg - (231.77KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure_25.jpg )

"...What do you mean? Letters are usually in shades of gray and black, though people or advertisers can pay more to send colored ones. You gotta get special stamps to send those through. Bills and important or official stuff comes in white envelopes. Do you guys never get mail or something? Anyway, I like collecting the colored ones. Not the white ones, those give me some bad vibes, man."
"Uhhh...it asks you stuff like, what you like about hotels, and what you wanna see in hotels...and if I've visited this one before, what I liked about it...uhhgh, boring. This hotel better be the coolest hotel ever, but I dunno if an awesome hotel would be giving out stays like this. It does say some famous people have stayed there, like writers and stuff, and that it's been there since the sixties.
"Hey, man, can you help me out with this?"

"Nuh uh, that looks boring. You do it."

"...Fine, fine...I'll fill it out when I get inside. Geez..."
No. 345805 ID: 05523c
File 131527556962.jpg - (915.55KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure26.jpg )

"Hey, thanks for getting my mail and stuff. I'll see you later, man."

"Yuh huh! I'm gonna go deliver more mail now! Byyyyyeeeeee!"
No. 345806 ID: 05523c
File 131527561534.jpg - (660.93KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure27.jpg )

"There it goes. So weird. Anyway, my apartment, uhh..."
No. 345807 ID: 05523c
File 131527566463.jpg - (199.39KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure28.jpg )

"...It's...one of these, I think...oh, here we go."
No. 345808 ID: 05523c
File 131527571263.jpg - (213.88KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure29.jpg )

"This is my place. Wha'do you guys wanna do?"
No. 345812 ID: 35e1a0

what's that note by the door? and is that a sticky stretchy hand on the wall?
also, nice picture.
No. 345818 ID: 383006

No. 345822 ID: 1854db

I think the hand is a really cool security measure. Like, you rotate it down so it pushes against the door and won't let it open.

No. 345824 ID: c7b6c2

Man, what kind of price are you looking for on this? Oh, yeah, and what's the view like from one of the windows?

I could see myself living here, and that's not just because I've lived in a poorhouse for all of my life.
No. 345828 ID: 05523c
File 131527818384.jpg - (711.29KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure30.jpg )

Uhh...looks like it's from my roommate.
"Thanks man, my friend gave it to me. He was all, 'Maaaan, I got no room for this thing! You have it.' It's so huge, it's like, the best thing ever. I just wish I knew who the guy is, y'know? He's gotta be famous if he's on a poster, or at least a model."
"Dude, it's a sticky hand. I don't think that's gonna prevent anyone from openin' any doors.
"I'm gonna do it eventually, okay? Just not right now, sheesh."
"Anyway, I feel pretty grimy. I'm gonna go take a shower, just as long as you guys promise not to follow me. I'm, like, serious about this, but I guess I just gotta trust all of you 'cause I can't see you or anythin'."
No. 345831 ID: 383006

I don't know if we can choose not to follow you or not. We don't really decide where to go or anything. What's up with your roomate?
No. 345838 ID: 35e1a0

we can try to look at someone else. HRRRRRRRRRRNGH
No. 345855 ID: 6a5a08

No. 345957 ID: 05523c
File 131529159312.jpg - (532.25KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure31.jpg )

"...They look like mine. Probably 'cause they /are/ mine. I sometimes forget to take my shoes off and I was walking around after it had been raining, so I got mud and stuff on my shoes.
"...I should clean it up eventually. ...Probably. Maybe."
"Actually, the ones in this building aren't available. There's a space or two in the next one if you don't mind sharing a room with someone. Space has been really tight lately, I dunno what's been doing it. I don't see a whole lot more people running around...actually, more people are staying inside nowadays. It's freaking me out a little, feels like everyone's hiding from something. Maybe there ARE more people, I just don't see 'em. What I wanna know is why people would wanna come here, it isn't the best city. Either way, things are like, SO EXPENSIVE right now.
"Maybe I'll show you a window view later, but I gotta say, it really sucks. It's right next to an alley."
"My roommate? When I said prices were really bad, I wasn't kidding. But I get a sorta-discount from being a sorta-landlord, and my roommate and I split the cost. It's not bad that way.
"Okay, if you /prrroooomise/. I'll be back in a sec."
No. 345958 ID: 05523c
File 131529162238.jpg - (711.29KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure32.jpg )

No. 345959 ID: 05523c
File 131529164966.jpg - (743.98KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure33.jpg )

No. 345960 ID: 313ae6

We saw everything. Everythiiiiiing~
Nah, I'm just messing with ya. That was a pretty fast shower though, what crazy kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use that even rinses out that quickly? Hell, give us a whole inventory of your bathroom since we're here so that we can plan shenanigans with random chemicals and objects.
No. 345963 ID: 1854db

We didn't see anything until you started yelling, doofus and HOLY CRAP WHAT'S UP WITH THE MIRROR
No. 345967 ID: 2ab266

? its you, but its not you.
you should inspect the mirror.
No. 345977 ID: 9c538a

Yeah that mirror is pretty fucked up. You might want to get one that doesn't make you look all weird.
No. 345990 ID: 8b7eb6

Guys, he's Schitzophrenic.

We're seeing his self image, and we're seeing people how he imagines them conceptually.

Do try to keep up, Bond
No. 346003 ID: d82dd6

Woah, lets not go throwing around accusations of Schizophrenia just because he sees the world a little funny.
No. 346016 ID: b6edd6

Your reflection in the mirror is facing the wrong way and is also Severus Snape.
Are you aware of this?
No. 346017 ID: 3a7bbf

No. 346033 ID: 05523c
File 131533486898.jpg - (610.15KB , 1080x864 , mannyventureREAL34.jpg )

"Mmnn, dunno, guys, looks like me to me. I don't see anybody else in here. Can you guys see ghosts? ...Are YOU guys ghosts? Maybe you guys are seeing yourselves and you're freaked out 'cause you've never seen yourselves as ghosts."
"Hey, man, you ain't my doctor. Don't try to diagnose me with stuff. That just isn't cool."
"Yeah, seriously; just 'cause I hear invisible people doesn't mean nothin'. How would you guys feel if I said you didn't exist? It would suck, right? That's why I think you guys exist, I don't wanna give anyone a bad day."
No. 346034 ID: 05523c
File 131533496518.jpg - (491.64KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure35.jpg )

"...Don't play with me like that, man.
"Oh my god, don't--dude, I have like, everything in here. Or a lot of stuff. Just, yeah, I'm not gonna go through it all. You guys doing shenanigans in here is even worse, this is like, the only clean part of my place. But here's my shampoo, 'cause you wanted to see it so badly. I know it looks funny, but it actually works really good for long hair.
"So, you guys wanna watch TV or something? We could also say 'Hi' to my roomie. Or whatever else, I dunno what you guys are thinking. You saw my living room, right? I could get you guys something to eat, if you guys...uh...eat. That would be kind of freaky cool, seeing the fork lift itself up and the food disappear into thin air. Heheh heh...
"...Uhh, but yeah, if you guys aren't starving we could go check on my pal real quick."
No. 346037 ID: 35e1a0

well, we were being weirded out because what you look like here and what you look like in the mirror are different. in real world you have a sorta REALLY wide face and stick arms and fingers. while in mirror you look normal.
No. 346040 ID: 1149f3

Say hi to roomie
No. 346045 ID: bf3acd

I wanna see if we can eat, that'd be freaky cool.
No. 346074 ID: 126c09

Let's go see your roomate. Maybe they can hear us too or something?
No. 346079 ID: 30e391


I'd buy the shit out of that shampoo.
No. 346103 ID: 0d7a83

Dude try putting some Dorito's in a bowl and we'll see if we can eat them. Mmmmm yeah gonna get our snack on.
No. 346121 ID: 313ae6

Let's go do all of that in succession. Grab snacks, grab roommate, enjoy TV time!
No. 346236 ID: 9c538a

Making fun of people with wide mouths isn't cool. :(

So, not to be a downer or anything but how are we going to pay for this apartment? I mean, any cash we've got is going to be invisible, so how is the land lord gonna know it's legit?
No. 346241 ID: 5f3831

Uh... shit. Maybe we can, like, write a check or something. Either way, I CALL FIRST DIBS ON ROOMS
No. 346453 ID: 2ec2cd
File 131544961192.jpg - (607.59KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure36.jpg )

"Yeah, that's gonna be a problem if you guys can't actually cough up some actual money, or like, a card or a check or something. Are you sure you guys actually need a room, though? 'Cause far as I know you guys aren't actually physical...uhh, things. You don't leave footprints or need to use doors, as far as I've seen. I bet you're ghosts but you don't wanna admit it."
"Sometimes I hear 'Hey, Manny, why the long face?'--like, y'know, as a joke--but I haven't really heard 'wide'. I know my arms are kinda wimpy, but my legs are just as bad. Maybe it's you guys' eyes that need to be checked? Just sayin'."
"...So, like, you guys don't /know/ if you can eat? Does that mean you guys actually aren't hungry? I'm sorry, I just don't wanna waste food, mostly 'cause I gotta go grocery shopping soon. What are Doritos?"
"Whatevs, I guess I'll introduce you guys to my bud first. Then later you guys can eat something if you reeeaaallly want."
No. 346454 ID: 2ec2cd
File 131544963923.jpg - (483.96KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure37.jpg )

"Heyyyyy...heyyyy, man, how're y--"
No. 346455 ID: 2ec2cd
File 131544969634.jpg - (599.47KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure38.jpg )

"--Oh. ...Whoops. Asleep already. It /is/ gettin' kinda late, I guess..."
No. 346470 ID: 1854db

It would've been kindof awkward to stand there in nothing but a towel talking to them anyway.

Put on some cloooothes!
No. 346473 ID: 35e1a0

and for the food thing. just make a snack, like a poptart or something. if we can't eat it then you can.
No. 346483 ID: 0d7a83

>What are Doritos?

Your world is a dark place, Manny. On the other hand I think we could probably pay rent by telling you how to make a snack that everyone will kill their own uncle to get to.
No. 346514 ID: 3e481a


Doritos are awesomely healthy, visually appealing and useful for many things. Have a bath in them, and you will smell amazing.

No, I am actually suggesting that you follow up your shower with a bath in Doritos, Manny. That is what would be a perfect course of action right now.
No. 346529 ID: 9c538a

Let's just see what they have at the store.

No. 346720 ID: 4415dd
File 131553360516.jpg - (1.04MB , 1080x864 , mannyventure39.jpg )

"It's okay if you're a ghost, I'm not judging or anything."
"...You sure? You never told me what they are, though. How about I just...give you guys a box of cereal? Cereal's the most awesome snack."
"Yeah, yeah...I will in a bit. My hair's gonna get everything soaked otherwise. Plus I wanna see what's on TV first, 'cause if I find out I missed a good show, that would really suck. If there isn't anything good on I'll get some clothes, for real."
No. 346721 ID: 4415dd
File 131553363965.jpg - (642.79KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure40.jpg )

"Whuf. Okay, here's the cereal. Go for it.
"...Uhh...by the way, you guys wouldn't happen to know where the remote is, would you? I think I lost it."
No. 346722 ID: 35e1a0

under the couch cushion.
okay let's see if we can do this.
No. 346723 ID: 9c538a
File 131553483810.jpg - (616.24KB , 1080x864 , maybe.jpg )

No. 346724 ID: 9c538a
File 131553485863.jpg - (598.72KB , 1080x864 , icouldjust.jpg )

I could just...
No. 346725 ID: 9c538a
File 131553488523.jpg - (625.69KB , 1080x864 , OGODWHAT.jpg )

No. 346726 ID: 383006

What's under the couch cushion? get that for us it's important.
No. 346727 ID: 1854db

[grabban cereal]
No. 346728 ID: 383006

Also I must compliment your choice of apparel. It is quite fetching.
No. 346730 ID: 1b448c

Have a bath in cereal.
No. 346735 ID: a83de5

The remote is the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. You have to eat all the cereal first though or it's cheating.
No. 346742 ID: 0d7a83

Holy shit that is the coolest looking cereal I have ever seen. That would definitely get me out of bed in the morning.
What's it say on the box? I bet it's something like: "COMMANDER GODDAMN LIGHTNING. GET YOUR MUNCH ON ASSHOLE".
That might just make up for your lack of Doritos.
No. 346749 ID: 5b0012

Whatever you do, don't pick your nose, Manny!
No. 346750 ID: 1b448c

Buy twenty boxes of commander lighting and bathe in it while you pick your nose! Do it!
No. 347175 ID: afde7a
File 131563503820.jpg - (635.72KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure41.jpg )

No. 347176 ID: afde7a
File 131563508614.jpg - (771.55KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure42.jpg )

"...Whoa. I just felt REALLY weird, you guys. What're you doing?!"
No. 347178 ID: afde7a
File 131563529510.jpg - (497.31KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure43.jpg )

"...Oh! Whooaa, that's great! You guys are awesome, thanks!"
"But...this kind of cereal usually doesn't give a prize... How do you know? Are you sure?"
"It's my favorite cereal! Sometimes I write the company letters telling them how rad their cereal is and they send me free stuff, like more cereal. Isn't that awesome?"
"Dude…the other guy's saying I should. I'm way confused.
"...Gonna be safe and not do it.
"Anyway, lessee what's on."
No. 347179 ID: afde7a
File 131563535634.jpg - (388.88KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure44.jpg )

--are strongly advised to stay inside. If there are young children or elderly individuals present, please take special care. Persons are to not proceed outside until your building's evacuation leader initiates the alarm in your place of residence and direc--
No. 347181 ID: afde7a
File 131563542297.jpg - (625.99KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure45.jpg )

"...Man, what? This isn't the news station! …I think. What's goin' on?
"Well, whatever, I bet it'll be back to normal in the morning. You guys don't mind, right? It would be pretty cool if you were still here when I wake up, though. You don't have to, but...uh...my house is your house, so...go ahead...if you want anything......"
No. 347182 ID: afde7a
File 131563547327.jpg - (337.65KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure46.jpg )

No. 347184 ID: afde7a
File 131563553030.jpg - (520.51KB , 1080x864 , mannyventure47.jpg )

ALL of my thanks to Ashe, who helped an unimaginable amount and was always very nice and is awesome and coolio in general.
No. 347194 ID: 383006

GOOD SHOW OLD BEAN. I look forward to the next thing.
No. 347196 ID: 1854db

Hahah he fell asleep on the couch wearing nothing but a towel. Classy, Manny. Classy.
No. 347198 ID: 0bd0b0

[burn down house]
No. 347199 ID: 0d7a83

[rebuild house]
No. 347202 ID: 6a5a08

[Put Steve Shirt on him while he sleeps]
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