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File 130185927864.png - (287.50KB , 800x600 , CH3-1.png )
293532 No. 293532 ID: 10c20a

Previous thread: http://www1.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/134929.html
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No. 293534 ID: 10c20a
File 130185931741.png - (283.69KB , 800x600 , CH3-2.png )

"Goz! Hey Goz! I found something!"
No. 293535 ID: 10c20a
File 130185951771.png - (296.03KB , 800x600 , CH3-3.png )

"What'd you find?"

"Its some kind of message carved into this tree. It's in Vataruk! Might have been left by Chord."

"What's it say?"

"It just says 'west'. Do you think that means Chord went west?"

"That's weird. The scent I've been tracking keeps leading us east though."

Hmm... looks like we're at a cross road of sorts...
No. 293536 ID: 1854db

Simple. He left that message for us and somehow made a false scent trail to the east to throw off his pursuer.

Go west.
No. 293542 ID: 8c0848

She probably went west and did something to throw off her scent to lose those weird monsters.
No. 293564 ID: 10c20a
File 130186336978.png - (299.33KB , 800x600 , CH3-4.png )

"I think we should head west, like the note says."

"We have no idea who actually wrote that. Anyone can learn a simple word in our language, even that idiotic hugavid you've been dragging along with us! My nose doesn't lie."

"Chord's a an excellent tracker isn't she? If she was fleeing from those things, it'd make sense that she'd lead her scent somewhere else then double back another direction or something, wouldn't it? That's how counter-tracking works right?"

"Leading somethin' hunting her the wrong way's all fine and good, but it's not her scent I've been tracking, I couldn't pick that up through the overwhelming smell of those damn things, and they've been heading east from the cave."

"If the message WAS left by Chord, then she's obviously leaving the message as directions. If she's in trouble, and to the west, following the creatures would be leaving her to fend for herself!"

"And if they've GOT her, and that message was left by someone else, then headin' west dooms her to the same fate as your buddy Vol'qel! But I guess that sort of thing doesn't bother you to much, apparently, does it?"

Zurkan, how did Chord put up with this and not kill this man or something... Heading west may lead to where Chord is, assuming she's the one who left the message. Goz seems bent on following the scent he's been tracking. Should I go west, which is probably the way Chord went, splitting up with Goz, or back down and follow him east?
No. 293565 ID: 1854db

Ugh, splitting up is a bad idea. Stick with him if he's gonna be stubborn about it.
No. 293567 ID: 8c0848

Go west. You'll cover all your bases. Just be on guard.
No. 293581 ID: 8092e6

go west.
No. 293632 ID: 29fbe3

No. 293675 ID: 10c20a
File 130188409912.png - (340.84KB , 800x600 , CH3-5.png )

"Tch. You really have the nerve to say something like that!? RAGH, you know what? FINE! You head east following your damn smell. I'm heading west to see what these markings are about!"

"FINE! When you get you get yourself killed I'm sure Chord will be happy I didn't listen to the likes of you, since it sure did her a fat lot of good!"

Sigh... Miyerine help me... I really hope Goz is actually going to be ok on his own with those things out there... I know what he's going through, more than he seems to realize. But... he crossed the damn line with that crack about Vol'qel. He was my partner and a close friend, and i know he wouldn't have wanted me to let my emotions get the best of me, by Apudis' will. I know that I need to be strong, now that Vol'qel's no longer there to be my "rock." I don't want to see what happened to him happen to anyone else, so I WILL find Chord, and hopefully we'll all be able to go back to the kingdom in one piece.

Oh, the forest seems to be letting out into more open fields.
No. 293678 ID: 1854db

More markings on the trees. Read them, what do they say?
No. 293694 ID: 383006

Yeah, it looks like something is scribbled on that tree. Also, those other trees look like they've been cut down, any insight on that?
No. 293714 ID: 10c20a
File 130188836882.png - (336.69KB , 800x600 , CH3-6.png )

Hmm... This one looks to have the mark of Apudis carved into it, but it's upside down for some reason. The tree over by the hugavid says "Vatakuran Jogan" or "Dragon's Claw." Odd, these don't really seem like directions... The trees look like they were knocked down. Not really cut, given the broken and splintered trunks, but obviously not just pushed over like the other ones I saw earlier. There are deep gashes in them near the breaking points, almost like some large blade was slammed into them but failed to cut all the way through... but didn't stop anyway...
No. 293715 ID: 383006

So, it's mostly open terrain to the west? I guess check for tracks. Something slamming giant weapons into shit should probably leave tracks.
No. 293716 ID: cb45f0

You are adorable. <3

Uhhh I don't really know what to do here. Proceed with caution?
No. 293721 ID: 1854db

Apudis upside down? Shouldn't that mean something... evil? Blasphemous? Against the gods? The dragon's claw... Some kind of huge thing knocked down the tree.

No, these marks weren't left by our buddy, and there could be something very dangerous ahead. Go back east.
No. 301064 ID: 10c20a
File 130439091973.png - (233.00KB , 800x600 , CH3-7.png )

>So, it's mostly open terrain to the west? I guess check for tracks.

The plains are dotted with rolling hills, bushes, trees, and rocks. The trees and rocky outcroppings get thicker the closer to the base of the mountains you get. There is a large swath of grass that's trampled near flat leading from the forest's edge off into the foot hills. It looks like a group of something came running through here. The Sun appears to be setting, I didn't realize it had gotten so late with the forest canopy blocking much of the light.

A rune being scrawled upside down doesn't necessarily denote blasphemy, though it does possibly suggest something out of order, or against the god's wishes. Something going against the Apudis' wishes?

Ok, should I continue following the path trampled into the grass, return to try and find Goz, or set up camp? I am somewhat hungry, not having eaten since this morning, before setting out.
No. 301068 ID: 5f073c


Maybe we should get ready to set camp for the day. Although eating sounds like something we should do right now. Do you have any food left? or should you start gathering berries and stuff?
No. 301078 ID: 940ab2

Let's go find Goz then get something to eat.
No. 301100 ID: 383006

This sounds good. The monsters are mainly active at night,and getting caught out in the open seems like a bad idea.
No. 306747 ID: 6fa7ce

Ok i think setting up camp would be the best idea.

No. 306823 ID: 1854db

A *group* of something came running through here? This is not where our quarry went. We should go back to find Goz. Also, if they were running... maybe they ran away from something. Something that Goz is going towards now.

...yes that makes the most sense. The marks on the trees are warnings to people going INTO the forest. How about we go warn Goz?
No. 360784 ID: 049dfa
File 131950460234.png - (256.02KB , 800x600 , CH3-8.png )

I suddenly realize a flaw in my plan to go find Goz... He was the tracker...

With the fading light, it's difficult to make out any markings on the trees I had been following. Where the hell am I?

The rope has pulled taught.
No. 360787 ID: 049dfa
File 131950520291.png - (238.81KB , 800x600 , CH3-9.png )

The hugavid has slumped down in the dirt. He looks somewhat exhausted. We have been walking nearly the whole day and haven't actually stopped to eat once, now that I think about it.

It doesn't really bother me so much, but I guess the hugavids aren't as hearty as us. I swear, if it weren't for their constructs this war would already be over. Though my stomach is starting to bug me... is that... meat I smell?
No. 360790 ID: 383006

Sling him over your shoulder and investigate meats.
No. 360924 ID: 1854db

Follow your nose. Point to your nose and rub your stomach or something, to inform him you smell food.
No. 360931 ID: 3bd8ec

Seems about right.
No. 361085 ID: 049dfa
File 131959411605.png - (287.74KB , 800x600 , CH3-10.png )

He drops back on his haunches and attempts to scoot away from me as I approach to try and sling him over my shoulder. I don't think he quite trusts me to carry him. That or he thinks I'm going to murder him or something.

I tap the side of my snout, then point to my mouth, then rub my stomach while pointing in the direction I think the smell is coming from. I'm not sure, but I think he might get it. He struggles back to his feet and we continue trudging through the woods.

A short way and I think even the hugavid can smell the meat now. There's no mistaking it. What's more, a light can be seen through the foliage. I motion for the hugavid to stay back as far as the rope will allow, and I sneak up behind a downed log. I peer over it and see what appears to be some manner of camp site.
No. 361086 ID: 3bd8ec

That's a pretty damn impressive campsite.

Can you tell if anyone is around?
No. 361087 ID: 8c0848

Watch for the camp owners to see if any one is here, then ninja that meat if it's clear.
Eat it while watching for someone to come back and be like, "WHERE'S MY MEAT?"
No. 361121 ID: c703db

This is a hell of a lot too convenient, look around for traps.
No. 361149 ID: 1854db

Figure out what kind of people are staying here first. Scout around while trying to remain unseen.
No. 361150 ID: bde240

check the tarps for traps.
No. 361198 ID: 383006

Go around the perimeter of the camp. It looks liek the first two tents are empty, but we can't clearly see the third one. They probably wouldn't leave all those supplies unguarded unless something terrible has happened, though
No. 361642 ID: 049dfa
File 131981171715.png - (291.08KB , 800x600 , CH3-11.png )

No. 361645 ID: 049dfa
File 131981202203.png - (78.18KB , 800x600 , Mental Map.png )

I slink around the perimeter, sticking to the shadows of the forest and avoiding getting close to the light of the fires. I make a mental map of key features.

The camp is pretty large. There only appears to be three of the things standing around (marked with "X's"). There are multiple tents, boxes, barrels, and sacks strewn about and what I assume is some manner of supply horde. The things almost look like they're standing guard or something, but are poorly spaced apart, and the surrounding woods are thick.
No. 361649 ID: 1854db

We should endeavor to ambush the one by the supplies and kill it with a single, precise attack. It's out of view of the other two and we might be able to get something from that pile of stuff.
No. 361650 ID: 1854db

...but y'know, first let's look closer at that pile of supplies, and see if there's anything interesting lying around near the tents.
No. 361667 ID: 7c6697

Ambushing the one off on his own sounds like a pretty solid idea. Roqan is supposed to be all sneaky and agile, and the woods are right there to retreat into if things get dicey.
No. 361676 ID: 4b5689

Sneak over to the supplies and see if there are any foodstuffs that won't spoil during your travel there. Take a few if there are.

Don't attack any of the creatures in the camp and try to not attract any attention. You still have a long way to go and you need to drag the hugavid along with you, that gets much more difficult if you also have to avoid pursuit. Something you can avoid by simply not attacking anyone in this camp, which really wouldn't give you much.

Try to remember where the camp is though. You could lead others back here later to properly attack it.
No. 361681 ID: 13ed99

you're a stealth dude. do your stealth thing.
No. 361693 ID: 7cbc54

If you take anything, take only what you need, and what can easily be taken with you. Also, keep an eye out for anything primitive warning devices, such as cans tied to a string rigged to jingle when disturbed. If necessary, you may need to toss a small rock to distract someone. Not AT them, but away from you so they hear the noise of it landing and go to investigate it. When they find nothing, they will simply assume it was wildlife. Remember, this is a sneaking mission.
No. 361713 ID: 383006

Don't attack anything. Also, they can smell, so taking the meat is a really really dumb idea. Sneak over to the northern supply cache where it blocks you from the guard. See if you nab something small that looks like food and then sneak away. Pick something easy to carry and remove, but hopefully at least enough for both of you to eat. You hcan't have him starving to death.
No. 361840 ID: 049dfa
File 131984376928.png - (183.39KB , 800x600 , CH3-12.png )

I skulk through the woods, coming up on the what I assume is the supply hoard. Ugh, there's a thick smell of blood in the air and warm meat. There are many large sacks dropped around everywhere among some stacks of crates and a few barrels. The guard doesn't seem to have noticed me yet, so if I want to grab something, I'll probably need to either pick one thing to route through, or try to take the guard out, quiet-like, and I'll need to make up my mind quick.
No. 361842 ID: 383006

Rifle through the closest sack that smells like food and then slip quietly away.
No. 361850 ID: 1854db

Take him out.
No. 361855 ID: 1444d5

>fresh blood on cleaver
>smell of blood in the air and warm meat
>sacks strewn around
The question is, why after slaughtering the camp's original inhabitants would they hang around?
No. 361858 ID: d49627

I think these tall-elves are people who set up the camp, and they are bringing in their kills from elsewhere.
No. 361900 ID: 049dfa

Kill him. There are thick woods all around, including between him and any help. He doesn't know you are there. This whole 'sneaky assassination' thing is exactly what you were character-created to do.

Straight-up murder this dude and then you don't have to worry about making noise rifling through the supplies. The other guys will never even know, you could do it with bells on and they'd be none the wiser.
No. 361959 ID: 4b5689

Go through one of the sacks. Don't attack or kill him, you don't know anything about them really, they could bleed acid or explode on death or something insane like that. That and you would have all of them following you if you kill one.
No. 362068 ID: 13ed99

slit his fucking throat and stash his body away somewhere. afterwards, before examining the supplies, take care of the other two.
No. 362115 ID: 383006

Hey guys, I would like to remind you that these guys have murdered pretty much everybody they've run into. I really don't think we can win, especially not without making noise.
No. 362117 ID: 3bd8ec

Yeah I would, uh. Not try to fight this dude.
No. 362127 ID: 857d4b

Don't fight him. Stealth mode activate.
No. 363402 ID: b12a32

How frightening! Stay low, I'd advise simple stealth, not assasination.
No. 363404 ID: 210977

no no no. time to go all assassin's creed on his ass.

it's pokin' time.
No. 363516 ID: 67bd53

Are their trolls in Assansins creed? -.V.-
No. 363519 ID: 67bd53

Knife it in the back
No. 363521 ID: 1854db

Please avoid needless discussion in the suggestion thread.
No. 363522 ID: 67bd53

My bad. Anyway, hope things go smooth.
No. 371910 ID: 049dfa
File 132374575876.png - (88.87KB , 800x600 , CH3-13.png )

I decide to rifle through the closest sack. It smells very strongly of blood and fresh meat. I tear a hole in the burlap with my claw, slowly, so as not to make very little sound.

No. 371911 ID: 1854db


So, wanna ambush and kill this guy? Or run like a little sissy coward?
No. 371912 ID: 049dfa

Look, that is totes a dead Vataruk. You gonna let them get away with this? Fuck no.

Gank the lanky fucker.
No. 371914 ID: b6edd6

Aren't we here to find and possibly rescue Chord? Attacking one of the guards could draw attention, which would be counterproductive.
No. 371915 ID: 049dfa
File 132374898754.png - (186.36KB , 800x600 , CH3-14.png )

I already thought about that. I decided it'd be best to avoid confrontation with any of the things at this moment and decided to inspect the contents of the sacks.

I... don't think this is a Vataruk. The eye looks wrong and the bone structure is off. I think it's one of the Beast-kin from that village. I suppose this would explain what happened to the people from that vil-

A muffled voice breaks the silence, yelling something in the human language.


"Oh, a Vataruk?" The voice is coming from the barrel below me. "I seem to be in a bit of a pickle, as it were."

"Hnnnn" Zurkan, it's turning this way!
No. 371916 ID: 1854db

Body parts and live prisoners...?

Hide. Ambush from a hidden state and good angle, never on impulse unless there is no other option. If you can anticipate his investigation and keep out of sight then get him as he tells the noisy barrel to be quiet, do so.
No. 371917 ID: 3b77a8

tell it to shut up and then prepare for a fight.
No. 372086 ID: 049dfa
File 132380930334.png - (205.31KB , 800x600 , CH3-15.png )

"Ah! Shut up!" I whisper at the voice, shaking the barrel a bit.

"Huh?" it replies.

No time left, I slink back into the forest as the creature turns and slowly lurches over to the talking barrel. It smacks the side of it with it's weapon and says something in a language I've never even heard before. The voice says something back in the same language.

Who, or whatever is in that barrel knows how to speak my language, and what ever it is these things speak. If I'm going to try and take down the creature, should I strike the moment it's back is turned, while it's still closest to the forest edge, or observe it and see where it goes before striking?
No. 372090 ID: 1854db

These things can't possibly be that slow all the time. How would they be able to fight?

Personally I think that the more planning and observation you do while stalking a target, the more likely you will succeed in killing it.
No. 372151 ID: 8c0848

We need to get the dude out of the barrel. Shank that troll thing when you get the chance.
No. 372160 ID: 049dfa

Shank the dude immediately. If they're keeping someone in the barrel you can find out what's going on from him after you kill this guy.

Seriously, if he goes anywhere it's just going to be right back to his post.
No. 372302 ID: 0e2986

I agree with this, also, don't under any circumstances attack! We don't know anything about these guys except that 1 of them succeeded in killing your behemoth of a partner. Observe and study.
No. 376244 ID: 049dfa
File 132528548943.png - (207.42KB , 800x600 , I AM THE NIGHT.png )

The creature returns to its post. Someone is in that barrel, I have to act, and act now!
No. 376245 ID: 049dfa
File 132528559410.png - (195.66KB , 800x600 , CH3-17.png )


I dig my STABBING BLADES into the creature's neck. If it's vitals are in the same places as other creatures with its body type, this should work.
No. 376247 ID: 049dfa
File 132528573820.png - (157.37KB , 800x600 , CH3-18.png )

It opens its mouth as if to attempt to scream, but only a gurgling hiss escapes its lips.

I twist around to its front, raking the blades through its throat as I go. Once in front, I drag it down till my feet lightly touch ground, lowering the body to the dirt silently. The others don't seem to have heard anything or noticed my presence yet.
No. 376251 ID: 1854db

Good work. Speak quietly with the guy in the barrel to see if you can inform him of the situation, and see if you can get the barrel open without making any suspicious noises.

Maybe we can move the corpse and put like, a sack over any bloodstains to prevent them from *immediately* sounding the alarm if one of the other guards comes over here.
No. 376253 ID: 9a49f4

Tell the person in the barrel to be silent and try to pry it open with those big claws of yours.
No. 376255 ID: c2c011

Time to move, get the sacks off the barrel with the dude in, tell him to keep quiet. Then try to pry the lid off as quietly as possible, get him out, grab some supplies and then get out of there. Ask questions once you're at a decently safe distance.
No. 376298 ID: 049dfa
File 132529183926.png - (159.07KB , 800x600 , CH3-19.png )

I crawl back over the supply pile to the barrel that was talking. I carefully slide the CORPSE BAG off of the barrel, then begin working my claws under the sealed lid.

"Who ever you are, be quiet. I'm getting you out of there." I informed the prisoner.

"Oh, wonderful! It seems they were trying to wait until I was weak from dehydration and able to be eaten or something."

Miyerine's Judgement! This guy just doesn't shut up! At least he's whispering. I get the lid loose and pry it open. What the...

"Whew, it feels moister out here already! Thank you miss!"
No. 376314 ID: 9a49f4

Awesome, we got a slime friend that might or might not be Joshua!

Get our new slime friend to safety and ask him what happened in a whisper.
No. 376318 ID: c2c011

He probably has some valuable intel and stuff. But before we can get out of here and start interogating him we need to take a few supplies. After that it's time to get back to our prisoner and ask this guy what he knows, slime guy might know human talk as well, so then we could interogate that guy as well.
No. 376783 ID: af997f

Yeah I'm all for escaping with the prisoner as well. This camp isn't huge, they'll find the body sooner or later, and trying to stealth kill all of them might be pushing our luck some.
No. 376785 ID: 6d546b

not yet. there's still killing to be done.
No. 376796 ID: 453e62

ask how vulnerable he is to the giant swords, if not very then he can distract them while you attack from the shadows.
No. 377025 ID: bf6893

Hide the body if you haven't already, preferably getting your new ally to help. Then search it for anything and everything. Don't stop to figure out what's valuable and what isn't, just take it all and go, as stealthfully as possible. Consider a gag on your new ally for this purposes.
No. 377956 ID: 1c7e54

Get him out, grab some food and get back to the human; once you're a safe distance away, find out what you can about the camp and enemy placement, then see if you can't secure the area with a three-pronged attack.
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