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File 130099781375.png - (312.15KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
290529 No. 290529 ID: f5e4b4

Some people say that the best stories are the ones with a good ending. Others say that it doesn't matter what's written in the last page, it's what you've read to get there.

But for me, the best stories are the ones that are still being written, dancing from mouth to mouth like a licentious maid. So let's begin a new story, one not even I know how it ends.

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No. 290530 ID: f5e4b4
File 130099784970.png - (107.78KB , 1000x750 , 2.png )

Most great stories are made by the combination of smaller ones, weaving into each other to form a large tapestry that can only be appreciated when observed from the mists of time itself.

So, with whose tale should we start? The pirate? The wizard? Or The monster?

No. 290531 ID: c71597

No. 290532 ID: 55c4cf

No. 290533 ID: 3416ec

No. 290534 ID: 6ba8d7

I wanna eat people.

No. 290535 ID: 644ca1

No. 290538 ID: 46c430

Pirate or Wizard.
No. 290539 ID: cc04a7

No. 290542 ID: 9b6c31
File 130100027550.jpg - (22.16KB , 355x353 , shit_lets_be_pirate.jpg )

No. 290543 ID: 5f0943

The Monster!
No. 290544 ID: 2563d4

No. 290545 ID: 70d9eb

The wizaaaaAAaaaAaaaaard.
No. 290555 ID: 1854db

Let's start with a Wizard because then we can be like, ZAP MOTHAFUCKA!
No. 290557 ID: 28e94e
File 130100242163.jpg - (57.76KB , 750x600 , gandalf_multiclass.jpg )

No. 290670 ID: dc8793

the wizratester
No. 290672 ID: 3f1b5c

Do what you want because a pirate is free
No. 290673 ID: 07416a

No. 290680 ID: 20fc85

I concur

A pirate-wizard. Using his magics to reap delicious booty.
No. 290683 ID: d70df4

No. 290714 ID: d677cc


No. 290718 ID: b6c6fc

No. 290721 ID: cf244d

A monstrous wizard who works on a pirate ship.
No. 290757 ID: a9ba96

No. 290777 ID: f5e4b4
File 130109404026.png - (205.26KB , 1000x750 , 3.png )

Pirates. In the land of Meigara, Pirates are usually army deserters, brigands, vagrants and thieves with enough organization and means to find themselves a ship and sail away, pillaging unsuspecting villages, plundering lonely ships, crossing the skies with a thunder of gunfire as they flee away from larger enemies.

Sky pirates are free spirits, enemies to every nation, unable to bound themselves to anything or anyone, always on the move, in the search of booty, adventure and a glorious, blazing death.

No. 290778 ID: f5e4b4
File 130109407589.png - (390.11KB , 1000x750 , 4.png )

But being in jail sucked, as Kanela discovered.

Yeah, now I've done it. I guess next time I hear one of my crew yell "Time to go, now!" I won't try to get that one last gem at the bottom of the chest.

*Sigh* And now my ship and crew are out there in the middle of an open battle while I've been thrown into a cell in the Watch Tower, waiting to be hanged.
No. 290779 ID: f5e4b4
File 130109410124.png - (201.66KB , 1000x750 , 5.png )

But of course that's not going to happen. Getting out of this cell shouldn't be too hard. Just gotta be careful, the guard is in the next room.
No. 290784 ID: cc04a7

How much control do you have over your tail? Can you reach the nearest table leg and pull it over with your tail? Or maybe with your leg?
No. 290785 ID: 370692

might it be possible for you to reach that knife with your tail
the guard will probably hear it clatter to the floor, but if you're quick enough you can drag it to you and hide it before they arrive
or if it's too far try picking that lock with your tail
No. 290786 ID: 2563d4

Climb the horizontal bars to your left, then the one over the door, then over the top and back down.

That table has a weak leg and stuff piled over it. It's nothing but one big noisemaker.
No. 290805 ID: 4c7b39


Agreed with this fellow, granted that we can get a better look at the right side of said place.
No. 290812 ID: 28e94e

Climb over the bars, grab the knife, don't touch the leg of the table.
No. 290835 ID: 07416a

...That is a ridiculously easy to climb jail door.
No. 290837 ID: 2563d4

(If you want ridiculously easy, she looks narrower than the near-side bar spacing to me.)
No. 290885 ID: 55c4cf

guessing the spacing is a perspective error. Use tail to get knife.

Break out of lock with knife, read note.
No. 290894 ID: f5e4b4
File 130112493875.png - (228.80KB , 1000x750 , 6.png )

Us catfolk have long and flexible tails, with a sharp bone at the end that can be used as a sort of sting. But the tail isn't muscular enough to actually grab something.

I climb onto the bars and jump down the other side of the door cell. Hah, what is this, a cell for crippled old ladies? I recognize my surroundings, on the old table there's a rusty knife, a plate with a bone on it, and a note.
At the other side of the room there's only the door to the next chamber, where the guard is. I can probably peek out without being caught.

Now I need to find my equipment (they take it all away from me when they got me, but I know they keep it somewhere in the tower) and find a way to escape and get back to my ship.
No. 290896 ID: 55c4cf

become an architect because i think we can do a way better job
No. 290897 ID: cc04a7

Hug- I mean READ Note, take knife as temporary weapon, and... that thing in the wall that's like a torch, is that some magic gimmick you can take with you for later, just in case?
No. 290900 ID: 07416a

Hug note strap knife to stump to evolve to DOCTOR SWORDS FOR HANDS
No. 290901 ID: d70df4

So how'd you lose the hand anyways?
No. 290925 ID: f5e4b4
File 130115243188.png - (210.66KB , 1000x750 , 7.png )


Cut off in my very first day as a pirate, during a raid. Talk about starting with the wrong foot, eh? Or hand. But don't be fooled, my left arm isn't useless, as long as I get my equipment back.


That's a lumis crystal. If you know the right word or have the triggering amulet with you, it'll shine brighter than a regular torch, and last almost forever. Useless to me right now.

I take the knife and the note. It orders whoever is watching the cells to keep an eye on me... blah blah blah... hanged at the sunset...yadda yadda... Ok, this is interesting. They're keeping my stuff two levels above this one, in the Second Armory. Also at the end there's a hurried note, someone scribbled "Don't lose the red one!" down there. I have no idea what's that supposed to mean.
No. 290944 ID: e6032b

well then, try to sneak the door open. your guard should be trying to get some sleep or playing cards.
No. 290985 ID: f5e4b4
File 130117878104.png - (263.65KB , 1000x750 , 8.png )

I discreetly peer into the next room, there's a few barrels in front of the door, stairs going up and down... and then the stench of embalming fluid slaps me across the face. Yep, the cheap bastards have a zombie guarding the cells.

An undead ogre, about as smart as the barrels, but devoted to his tasks until the control gem on his forehead is removed or destroyed.
The undead monster doesn't have legs, but it doesn't seem to need them anyways, they've probably charged the gem with a levitation glyph. I need to get past this thing or get rid of it.
No. 290999 ID: b46135

How much force would it take to dislodge the control gem?

On a related note how handy are you with that knife? Can you throw it accurately?
No. 291026 ID: b6c6fc

use the plate as a frisby to knock the gem off!
No. 291088 ID: 4e6eaf

this, unless you're REALLY good at throwing knifes
No. 291236 ID: f5e4b4
File 130124163089.png - (306.70KB , 1000x750 , 9.png )

I'm not a professional knife thrower but I think I'm not a bad shot.

But anyways, I grab the plate and throw it at the head of the creature. It actually hits it, producing a loud hollow noise, although it doesn't damage the gem. But the ogre tilts his head, making the headband slip slightly out. It's almost about to fall.

The bad news is that the creature has detected me and is coming towards me!
No. 291237 ID: 8c73c8

finish it with a knife throw. knock it the rest of the way off.
No. 291277 ID: 07416a

Run in a circle around it, getting it to spin.
No. 291288 ID: 1854db

Lure it towards the cell. Then get on up top of the bars and do some crazy acrobatic shit to either jump over and behind him before knocking off the gem, or knock off the gem in midair.
No. 291310 ID: 28e94e

Throw the light at it.
No. 291321 ID: f5e4b4
File 130126733967.png - (62.64KB , 1000x750 , 10.png )

I step back into the room with the cell, and the undead ogre follows me unsuspecting. I wait for the exact moment when it's extending his arms to grab me. Then I do a back flip, jumping against the cell bars and BAM! I knock the gem off his face.
No. 291322 ID: f5e4b4
File 130126737357.png - (349.52KB , 1000x750 , 11.png )

Without the power of the gem, the creature collapses, his mouth roaring silent screams of agony as it's consumed in a bright, yet unnervingly cold fire. In a matter of second all that is left of the zombie is a bunch of dust and bones. And the control gem.

Well, that takes care of that.
No. 291325 ID: cc04a7

Take gem
No. 291326 ID: 07416a

Lick the gem.
No. 291327 ID: 8c73c8

take gem. use or sell depends on what we got.
No. 291336 ID: f5e4b4
File 130126961417.png - (164.45KB , 1000x750 , 12.png )

Licking gems that were attached to pestilent corpses just a moment ago doesn't sound too appetizing, so I simply pocket it. It could be useful, if I can find a wizard to tell me how to use it. If not, I can always sell it for a nice price in the black market.

Now I gotta decide where to go, up or down. According to the note, my stuff is two levels above this one, I could try to go up and find it. Or I could forget about it for now and go down, try to reach street level, escape now and return for my stuff later. I would hate to do that, but I guess it would be safer.
No. 291337 ID: 07416a

I enjoy stuff. Let's go stuffwards.
No. 291338 ID: cc04a7

What exactly is in the stuff they took from you? Anything particularly useful or valuable? If it's not something you'd miss terribly, we might as well just leave it
No. 291342 ID: 8c73c8

go up. but assume each floor has an armed guard on it and move as cautiously as that would warrant.
No. 291463 ID: b6c6fc

yeah what kind of stuff did you lose, and how important to you was it?
No. 291494 ID: 55c4cf

You should get used to going down.

If you follow.
No. 291554 ID: f5e4b4
File 130135016632.png - (266.30KB , 1000x750 , 13.png )

They took all my money, for starters! Almost 10 gold pieces. They also have my coat and scarf, and I like those. But most important, they have my bag of tools for my left "hand" and my sword. Those are custom-made, they'd cost me a small fortune and months of waiting to replace them.

I sneak up the stairs and peek through the hole onto the next floor. It's mostly empty, just some garbage, a door with a sign I can't read from here and two guards. They're wearing light leather armor, and they're armed with knives and a blunderbuss each. They also look pretty bored. I overhear part of their conversation.

"...think I'm gonna fall asleep. This is the most boring place to guard ever." --Was saying the one sitting on the box.
"What, would you prefer to be dodging bullets and cannonballs out there?" --Asked the other one, with the same monotone voice as the first one.
"Nah, I guess not... But I hear less and less shots from here, the Duke must be getting tired already."
"Yeah, it's a matter of minutes before he retreats until next week or whatever. Soon the battle will be over and the boys will come and replace us."

I need to climb up that ladder to get to my stuff. So I have to either find a way to distract these guys and sneak past them, or somehow get rid of them.
No. 291556 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm... think you could throw the knife cut the cord holding the bucket?
No. 291563 ID: 28e94e

Ignore the bucket for now. Instead, take a closer look at the guards. What kind of weapons do they have? If it's just melee weapons we can rush them, if they have guns we'll have to come up with an alternate tactic (such as knocking the bucket over to get their powder all wet).
No. 291591 ID: 1854db

...read more better.
>They're wearing light leather armor, and they're armed with knives and a blunderbuss each. They also look pretty bored. I overhear part of their conversation.

What's that black thing on the ground?
No. 291592 ID: 07416a

Blunderbusses are not fast-loading weapons. You have to pour powder and ammo in, tamp it down, then fire. You can't just walk around with them loaded.

No. 291595 ID: 28e94e

Whoops, missed that. In that case yeah just run up and kill them until they're dead.
No. 291609 ID: b6c6fc

this sounds like the best plan
No. 291679 ID: f5e4b4
File 130142335694.png - (252.94KB , 1000x750 , 14.png )

I lunge before they have time to react, and bury the knife deep in the first guard's back. It's an old, rusty kitchen knife, but it stills does the work.


"Holy shit! The prisoner!" yells the other guard, startled, yet wise enough to pull his dagger out of the sheath. I better be careful.
No. 291680 ID: 8c73c8

shove the guard into the other one. while he is distracted by the body attack.
No. 291681 ID: 07416a

Rip the knife out and reinsert it a few times. Then shove the first guard at the second and go for some cheap easy shots while he's distracted.
No. 291682 ID: 28e94e

Seconding shoving the guard at him.
No. 291684 ID: b6c6fc

do this
No. 291706 ID: 0a6f51

pirate, i am disapoint. you didnt hit his lungs and he screamed.

stab his spine and use him as a body shield to fight the other guard.
No. 291710 ID: 1854db

Take the stabbed guard's knife and shove him into the second one. Then take advantage of the distraction.
No. 291733 ID: f5e4b4
File 130144926154.png - (232.90KB , 1000x750 , 15.png )

I push the agonizing guard against the other one, and in the same movement I pull the knife out of his back. The other guard is caught by surprise, and stumbles down, trying to get the dead body of his partner off his chest,screaming on top of his lungs at the same time: " Help! Somebody help! The prisoner has escaped!"

Before the guard can get out from under the dead body or make any more noise, I leap on and silence him. Permanently.

Well, this has ended up going way messier than I intended, but at least now I have a moment to examine my surroundings. I leave the old knife and replace it with one of the quality daggers from one the corpses. They don't have much else on them, just the uniforms, the weapons, some powder, bullets and some cash.

I look around with more attention. The black thing on the ground seem to be a metal bar. It looks heavy. Also the sign on the door to my left says "Supplies" on it.

Gotta plan my next move, I don't know if anyone has heard the screams of the guard. Should I do something else with the bodies or just leave them here? Investigate the Supplies closet or keep going up?
No. 291734 ID: 07416a

Check the supplies, why not? Maybe they'll have some delicious black powder.
No. 291735 ID: cc04a7

Him yelling like that suggests that he knows that there's someone else that might hear his cry and come for help. So prepare yourself. But preferably you'll get your business done here and get out as soon as possible, and no longer have to murder poor guards who were just doing their jobs and wanted to get back to their loving family's so they could be there to see the birth of their first child, who will now grow up never knowing the love of a father all because a catfolk criminal decided to callously murder them.
No. 291737 ID: e02378

psshhh, PIRATE. dude. caring about guards and shit is stupid. anyway a quick peek into the supply room and then up the ladder. make sure you move slow when near the top.
No. 291740 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Open the supplies door, then hang out the window. When guards come rushing down that ladder and burst into the supplies room, grab the heavy metal bar and wedge it against the door, trapping them.
No. 291753 ID: b6c6fc

I'm gonna vote to keep going up
No. 291825 ID: 28e94e

Take and load one of the guns, then continue upward.
No. 291857 ID: f5e4b4
File 130150532631.png - (206.96KB , 1000x750 , 16.png )


Woah, woah, wait a moment. I'm not specially proud of what I just did (well, maybe just a bit). But I'm pretty sure this goes into a "it was them or me" situation. They would've killed me or worse if I'd given them the chance.

I listen for a moment, it doesn't sound like anybody is coming to help the fallen guards, no steps coming up the stairwell.

I open the supplies closet, which turns out to be mostly empty, what a disappointment. But there's something inside. A keg of black powder, and a large fireworks rocket. It seems to be in mint condition, with its fuse and all. These make a lot of light and noise when they bang.

I consider my options before taking the ladder up. Should I take anything from the closet? And should I take one of the guns? They're pretty heavy and not really suitable for close combat.
No. 291858 ID: 1854db

...oh. It's a closet. So much for my clever plan I guess.

Leave the guns. Grab the firecracker and black powder though. Do you have anything that can light that stuff? Might want to search the guards for matches.
No. 291860 ID: 07416a

Take the fuse from the rocket and attach it to the black powder barrel. The blunderbusses will have their own supplies of black powder, bring those. Bring the rocket too, more the merrier. When we leave this building we're leaving through the wall.
No. 291864 ID: 2563d4

Carrying around a powder keg is no way to be stealthy. We can grab that later if we want to blow holes in walls since that will be lower.

Rocket sounds like a half-decent improvised flashbang, though. Nab it, take a gander up that ladder.
No. 291889 ID: cc04a7

Take the Web items. If my RPG knowledge is correct, it should be a one-use item that causes a Slow effect one a single opponent.
No. 291953 ID: f5e4b4
File 130153190473.png - (235.97KB , 1000x750 , 17.png )

Alright, I grab the rocket and the powder keg. It's pretty heavy and hinders my movements, and it's a pain to climb the ladder with it. But I guess I can just drop it if I need to. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to light it up, and none of the guards had any matches with them.

I climb up the ladder and peek through the trapdoor, just to see a pistol looking at me in the eyes. Seems like the screams of the guard alerted someone, after all. Behind the pistol I can see another Antay army uniform, but this guy doesn't seem to be a guard, but a captain, or something. He hasn't seen me yet, but he's noticed the trapdoor moving, he knows that I'm here.

"Who's there!?" --He yells. "Get up, keep your hands where I can see them and don't do anything stupid, or I'll blow your brains out!"

Ok, gotta do something. Should I comply and try something up there, or not? I'm still carrying the powder keg, in addition to the dagger, the rocket and the little gem.
No. 291954 ID: e02378

roll the powder keg at him and duck down.
No. 291957 ID: 28e94e

Duck down. With any luck he'll fire and miss, at which point you can kill him at your leisure (as long as he doesn't close the distance and draw his sword).
No. 291958 ID: 913e33

Yes, lets place a powder keg between a gun and us. That is smart.
No. 291963 ID: 5c87e0

how good are you at faking voices?

try to copy a guard, say that we had a accident with a knife and we will have to get help.

IF he comes down, ambush him.
No. 291969 ID: 07416a

Climb down. Can you make sparks by striking the knife against your stump?
No. 292161 ID: f5e4b4
File 130158849044.png - (303.85KB , 1000x750 , 18.png )


I doubt I can mimic a manly voice convincingly enough to fool anyone, even less in this situation.


Maybe, but it would take me some time just trying, and I don't know if I have that time.

I duck down, just in time to hear the loud bang from the pistol. I feel the bullet whistling over my head, piercing a wide hole through the trapdoor. That was close! At least his pistol is unloaded, for now. "Damn!" I can hear him from here. Alright, this might be my chance, what do I do?
No. 292169 ID: 081e71

He looks fat and stupid, but has a sword... Go back up, but be careful. Oh, and drop the gunpowder for now.
No. 292173 ID: 5c87e0

knifetrhowing on him, but watch out, if he isnt reloading he is ready to stab you.
No. 292223 ID: cc04a7

I imagine it'd be somewhat difficult to execute a knife throw whilst on a ladder and only having one hand. Still, it's about as good a plan as we've got. Can you hook your stumpy stump around a rung to keep yourself from falling off?
No. 292233 ID: 1854db

I don't think we should try a frontal assault on this one. He's got a big sword. Knife vs sword is not really a good idea.

Of course you could throw the powder barrel at his head to stun him and take him out like that.
No. 292234 ID: e02378

yes. peek back in and throw a less lethal object to take him off his guard.
No. 292238 ID: 2563d4

Fuck the pacifist nonsense. If you're going to attack, attack properly. Stab stab stab.
No. 292252 ID: 7eac96

You'd better not linger. there's a rope up there. It could be the pull to a warning bell.
No. 292268 ID: 676156

It's hard to show your stabs to a swordsman. The "throwing stuff" plan is for taking him off guard.

Can you puncture the barrel and then throw it at him? Try to get the powder in his eyes, then stab him.
No. 292270 ID: f5e4b4
File 130161182456.png - (269.68KB , 1000x750 , 19.png )

I climb up again, this time hastily throwing the keg to the captain's head. But throwing a heavy barrel from a ladder and with just one hand is kind of awkward, and the man seems to have good reflexes, so he's able to catch the keg before it hits him.

"Ahahah! Is this your cunning plan, pirate scum!?" --He yells.

Ok, time to react, quickly.
No. 292272 ID: 1854db

He's wide open. Get in there inside his reach. Maybe kick him in the nads for starters.
No. 292276 ID: 28e94e

Fire the rocket at him. Duck down to avoid the explosion.
No. 292278 ID: e02378

hop up and throw the rocket too. then charge and show him your stabs.
No. 292279 ID: 2563d4

Great, this means he's not ready with his sword.
Get up there and stab him in the everything.
No. 292359 ID: 081e71

Idiot doesn't even have his sword out. Show him your stabs.
No. 292557 ID: f5e4b4
File 130168043870.png - (256.41KB , 1000x750 , 20.png )


I can't fire the rocket, I have nothing to light it on with!

I jump out of the trapdoor and draw the dagger, lunging forward to stab him.

"It seems that now it's my turn! Catch!" --The captain of the guard roars.


Damn... He threw the powder keg back at me, hitting me square in the stomach and sending me back across the room. At least I've managed not to fall on my back or drop the dagger. That's something, I think, trying to catch my breath again.
No. 292564 ID: 28e94e

Throw it back while he's drawing the sword :V
No. 292573 ID: 55c4cf

Get him to laugh and throw a fireball, then stab him and back off.
No. 292579 ID: e02378

god dammit. i said throw the rocket first THEN stab! you are fucked now.
No. 292580 ID: e02378

she would need to put her sword away or drop it to throw. she has only one hand.
No. 292587 ID: 1854db

Fuck. Get onto the barrel then jump up onto the ladder to get a head start on him so you can run.

We can't fight this guy.
No. 292683 ID: f5e4b4
File 130169768926.png - (191.19KB , 1000x750 , 21.png )

Even in my momentary stupor I realize that I don't have much tower left and that above must be the very roof of the tower. Also I'm convinced that my gear is behind that door in front of me. I don't want to run away now, I know there's a way I can get rid of this guy.

I recover myself quickly enough to notice that even when he's already drawn his sword, he isn't immediately coming after me, but has retreated to the opposite corner, and is yanking energetically the rope hanging from the ceiling. A loud bell can be heard all around the place, almost deafening.

"Bahahahah! Everybody knows you're up here now! The entire garrison will be here soon, your minutes are numbered pirate!"

He's distracted enough so I can put the knife away for a moment and throw the keg back at him again. It successfully impacts on his face, producing an avalanche of curses and groans of pain. Well, this is one sturdy barrel, you gotta give it that.

He's temporarily dazed. This is my chance, and I better make it count, I don't have much time before the guards arrive!
No. 292687 ID: 07416a

SHOW HIM YOUR STABS! GET INSIDE HIS GUARD QUICKQUICKQUICK! Then use his fat bulk to hold the trap door closed.
No. 292694 ID: 1854db

Slip around behind him and jump up on his shoulders then slit his throat.
No. 292698 ID: cc04a7

After all this, you should go to the roof of the tower and see if there are some pigeons conveniently hanging around one particular area; they'd signify that it's a leap of faith point and that you could jump down into a pile of hay for no damage regardless of the height.
No. 292702 ID: 28e94e

Kill him quick before he recovers.
No. 293076 ID: 676156

Oh you!
No. 293180 ID: f5e4b4
File 130177034455.png - (248.94KB , 1000x750 , 22.png )

I leap onto his back and with a swift wrist movement I slit his throat. He collapses almost silently, like a chopped off tree. Well, that was one lucky shot, but it did work.

I quickly search the corpse. He's carrying, besides the gun and the sword, some powder, bullets, a small pipe, a bag of cheap tobacco and some matches. I should decide what I want to grab.

Also I can hear a worrying noise down the hatch. Voices, and hurried footsteps coming upstairs. The reinforcements are on their way, after all.

Damn, I need to to think of a way to stop them, buy some time!
No. 293181 ID: e3f578

Either move corpse onto trapdoor or the barrel. Whatever weighs the most that you can move. I hope you can move that barrel. Once you have your stuff we'll go upstairs and cut the bell, crashing it through the trapdoor, killing all reinforcements.
No. 293186 ID: f157b7

Reload the gun, Then drop the powder barrel down the hatch and shoot it, hopefully setting it off.
No. 293211 ID: cc04a7

Stop looking so pleased with yourself, you murderous criminal. WHEN WILL YOUR THIRST FOR BLOOD BE SATED?!
No. 293225 ID: 1854db

Move the corpse and/or barrel onto the trap door.
No. 293226 ID: 1854db

...heeyyyy. Matches. HEHEHEHEH
No. 293338 ID: a480d0

Put metal barrel over the hatch at the minimum this will buy you a few minutes at best it'll get you an hour.
No. 293356 ID: 2563d4


And check that door for delicious inventory.
No. 293402 ID: 07416a

Barrel and corpse on hatch. Stick the fuse from the fireworks in the gunpowder barrel, loot, then check out the roof. Once the gunpowder has a fuse we can light the fuse then retreat to the safety of the roof so that the reinforcement get a nice surprise. Plus, you need to get an eye on the general situation.
No. 293506 ID: 28e94e

Drag the body over the trapdoor.
No. 293749 ID: ce15d1

Stop door with body, fuse and light the barrel on top of the body and gtfo of there.
No. 293784 ID: f5e4b4
File 130193528989.png - (235.81KB , 1000x750 , 23.png )

I decide to move the barrel onto the trap door, it's way less messy than dragging the corpse around. And I don't know what's inside the barrel, but it's incredibly heavy.

There, this should keep them busy for some time. Next step: I detach the fuse from the rocket and use it with the powder keg, then I leave it on the trapdoor. I still need to recover my stuff, so I might not want to blow up this place yet. But I can light it up and chuck it down the hatch pretty quickly if I need to, so I'll leave it just here.
No. 293786 ID: f5e4b4
File 130193537416.png - (260.72KB , 1000x750 , 24.png )

I open the door to the right: there's a small study here. Hey, there's my coat, and my stuff is probably in that bag. There's also a small bureau, some books and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

There's some kind of strange artifact in the middle of the room and it looks like some kind of shiny disk, floating in mid-air. Like a mirror, but made of smoke and lights. And for some reason, the rest of the room, behind it, is in complete darkness.
No. 293787 ID: 8c73c8

throw rocket at light.
No. 293789 ID: 1c1f1a

i see 2 red things on the room.

looooooot theeeeeeeem
No. 293795 ID: 1854db

Is that... is that a fucking ruby the size of your fist? STEAL IT. Also grab your stuff too I guess.

Read the book! Maybe it'll say what the hell this thing is.
No. 293796 ID: c10fee

First and foremost grab whats yours. Then grab everything shiny and give the book a quick skim over to try and figure out what the portal is.
No. 293872 ID: f5e4b4
File 130195699914.png - (78.48KB , 1000x750 , 25.png )

I open the sack and retrieve what is mine, but the damn bastards took almost all my gold, only two mere pieces left!

At least they didn't take my special tools. I can attach these to my left "hand" (or lack of) so it's not completely useless. Papa Borso made these, a pretty basic set. Hook, sword and a lockpick (pretty useful). I'm sure I can convince him to make new, different ones once I get out of here.

My eyes scan the room and stop in place at the sight of a shiny jewel, the size of a chicken egg on the bureau. It might be a ruby but doesn't exactly look like one. It's perfectly polished, with a smooth surface. I take it with me, it's gotta cost a small fortune itself.

I also take a look at the open book on the desk, but it's written on a language I've never seen in my life.
No. 293875 ID: f5e4b4
File 130195721710.png - (275.09KB , 1000x750 , 26.png )

Alright, that's more like it. And now I can even fit all this crap I've been collecting around inside my coat, instead of having to carry them on my arms at all times.
No. 293876 ID: 07416a

Read notes, steal book, throw something into the glowy shit.
No. 293888 ID: 1854db

Check the papers on the ground and the discarded book. Don't really read them, just take a glance at the contents. We can't waste too much time.

Also search the desk.
No. 293890 ID: f157b7

inb4 it's a teleporter.
No. 293899 ID: 2563d4

There seems to be a bottle of wine in the previous room for throwing purposes.

(Take a swig first. Pirate, after all.)
No. 293901 ID: 8c73c8

if you haven't put a 'hand' on, switch to hook mode.
No. 294082 ID: f5e4b4
File 130202426248.png - (184.55KB , 1000x750 , 27.png )

I retrieve the bottle in the previous room and take a swig at it. The flavor is easily recognizable, Orfenwoods redcurrant wine. Not bad, but kind of too sweet for my tastes.

I throw it into the shiny disc, and it goes through it, disappearing without a sound. After a minute, it doesn't look like it's coming back.
No. 294083 ID: f5e4b4
File 130202431636.png - (269.71KB , 1000x750 , 28.png )

I take a look to the papers laying on the ground. They seem to be discarded letters, and most of them are pretty unreadable, ink spilled everywhere. Like someone tried to write a letter several times, getting really frustrated by it.

All I can see it's that all of them start with "Dear V." And sometimes the words "stone", "portal" and "shrine" are visible.

The other book... Is a cook book! "100 easy recipes by Victor Billieberd". Lame.
No. 294093 ID: 2563d4

So I guess you ought to decide if you fancy trying to blast down and out through the guards and maybe dying or portaling to who-knows-where and maybe dying a thousand times in the dimension of unrelenting pain.
No. 294097 ID: 8c73c8

okay, check up the ladder. if nothing is there then ignite the keg then jump through the portal
No. 294098 ID: 28e94e

The ladder leads to the roof, and the guards are coming.

Enter the portal, they're probably going to kick the door down any second.
No. 294156 ID: 1854db

No you guys, you're thinking small.

If we want BIG ADVENTURE, set the powder keg in front of the portal and light it before you jump through, so it blows up and they can't follow us.

No. 294191 ID: f5e4b4
File 130204743637.png - (266.34KB , 1000x750 , 29.png )

Escape through the portal? Hmm... Yeah, I suppose I could do it. But... I don't know, I'm not so sure about this.

I'm usually not the one to turn down a dare, but... there's something about this thing that makes me feel pretty uneasy.
No. 294192 ID: 07416a

Well, stick your hook through and see if you can pull it back. If you can, stick your head through. Also, check out the roof.
No. 294193 ID: 8c73c8

okay yeah, if a badass pirate says it freaks them out then it is probably full of demons or something, go back out and see what is waiting you down stairs.
No. 294194 ID: 8c73c8

why use the hook? use that glass beaker right over there.
No. 294195 ID: e3f578

what's that red light?
No. 294196 ID: 1854db

If you want to be *really* sure, stick the coatrack through it.

Also, what's that black rock on the table by the portal?
No. 294213 ID: 46c430

...The portal is moving to the left. And everything it passes goes dark. And there's an image in the portal forming. DON'T GO IN, GET OUT OF THERE.
No. 294216 ID: 2563d4

...hunh, so it is. Well spotted.

Ok, let's go with plan "blow up the guards and blow this joint".
No. 294217 ID: 8c73c8

yeah... and it looks like when the bottle went in it jumped forward some. so yeah ditch this place.
No. 294220 ID: 46c430

No, it's been moving forward since the moment she entered the room.
No. 294222 ID: 07416a

Oh god evil portal is going to try and eat you run away. Sacrifice the fat man to it.
No. 294337 ID: 28e94e

We should stick something in, see if it comes out all right. If it does, we stick our head through.
No. 294370 ID: f5e4b4
File 130210761815.png - (269.66KB , 1000x750 , 30.png )

Uh... yeah, this thing seems to be closer to me than it was when I entered the room, and its colors are changing. It's actually giving me the creeps, I'm just going to get out of here.

...That's odd, I clearly remember leaving the door open.

Fuck, it's jammed! It doesn't even have a lock, it just doesn't budge when I push it.
No. 294373 ID: 8c73c8

use gun on door. piercing it should dispel the enchantment. or maybe try pulling the door
No. 294374 ID: 8c73c8

oh and knock the coat rack over into the path of the legs on the portal things to slow it down or something.
No. 294380 ID: 4e6eaf

that's what you get for pissing it off by throwing a bottle at it
No. 294389 ID: a41aaf

The desk appears to be unaffected/out of range, try crawling under it to get past the Horrible Doom Portal.
No. 294393 ID: 28e94e

Kick down that fucker. Run like hell.
No. 294395 ID: 07416a

No. 294405 ID: 1854db

Try pushing the legs of the portal using the coatrack.
No. 294416 ID: a3fdb3

Adding to the coat rack plan: see if you could fit the rack between the door and the monster's legs.
No. 294466 ID: f5e4b4
File 130213180680.png - (254.24KB , 1000x750 , 31.png )

Ok, I kick the coatrack and put the way of that portal thing and SHIT! How did it get so close? It's like it moves whenever I'm not looking. And where did those tentacle things come from? I'm out of here!

I shot off the door handle and kick the door, that seems to do the trick. I only have time to stumble out of the room, dazzled and almost deaf from the pistol detonation.

But I have no time to recover, the soldiers are knocking on the trapdoor! Gotta do something, or get out of here before they find a way to open it. And I'm really hoping that that... thing doesn't fit through the door.
No. 294469 ID: cc04a7

No. 294474 ID: 07416a

Steal his sword, light the fuse, then climb!
No. 294475 ID: 8c73c8

look out the window, do you see any hay-bales or something down there? if so then light the fuse and jump out window.
No. 294477 ID: 1854db

Light the powder, then get yer butt up that ladder. I think we should cut the rope off of the bell at the top of the tower, and use it to climb down the side.
No. 294484 ID: 28e94e

Take the powder keg. Climb the ladder. Wait for the guards to look in the side room. Let your two problems take care of themselves.
No. 294670 ID: a41aaf

The approach of the portal appears to set things on fire. Just leave the powder keg as it is and climb the ladder, the approaching portal should blow itself up when it approaches the trapdoor.
No. 294706 ID: f5e4b4
File 130219352629.png - (343.73KB , 1000x750 , 32.png )

Ok... it looks like that tentacle-portal thing isn't coming after me, in the end.

I look outside the window. I don't see any hay under the tower and I'm sure I would die falling from here, no matter how much hay I fall onto.

Hmm, it seems that the battle outside is dying out, only a bunch of ships skirmishing in the skies... Hey, talking about ships... There's mine, the green one! And it isn't too far away from the tower. If only I could draw the attention of my crew and make them know that I'm here...

Alright, they're starting to shoot the trapdoor, the soldiers are coming anytime now. What do I do? Take the keg and climb the ladder to the roof? Or light up the keg and leave it here? Or something else?
No. 294708 ID: 2563d4

Light keg, climb ladder, hammer the bell with whatever blunt object you have. Between that, the explosion, and waving about like a lunatic in a bright red coat, hopefully they'll spot you.
No. 294720 ID: 1854db

To get their attention you could launch the rocket instead of exploding the barrel. Note that the bell has already been rung.
No. 294722 ID: 8c73c8

could also cut some fuse off so the barrel explodes quicker but also have some for the rocket.
No. 294741 ID: 28e94e

Climb up to the top of the tower, then do this:
Do not detonate the keg just yet. We'll drop it on them once they've all climbed up.
No. 295043 ID: f5e4b4
File 130228654612.png - (200.72KB , 1000x750 , 33.png )

I cut a bit of the fuse, now both the barrel and the rocket have shorter ones. I climb up carrying both and, shortly after, the soldiers break in. I can hear them barking orders and curses at the sight of their former captain. They're pointing at the ladder and coming this way. Ok, time for the powder keg or what?
No. 295046 ID: 2563d4

Yes, already.
No. 295047 ID: 8c73c8

yes, light it and drop it on top of the guy on the ladder's head.
No. 295062 ID: 1854db

Yes, also light the rocket to alert your buddies.
No. 295084 ID: 28e94e

Light the fuse on the keg and throw it down. Get away from the ladder, and stick to the walls (they're less likely to collapse). Fire the rocket.
No. 295086 ID: f5e4b4
File 130229913635.png - (676.28KB , 1000x750 , 34.png )

Ok, I light up the keg... I think the fuse is a bit shorter tha...

No. 295089 ID: 28e94e

Oh shit, are you alright? Do you still have your gear?
No. 295090 ID: f5e4b4
File 130230065552.png - (236.75KB , 1000x750 , 35.png )

...Fffffffuck. That was some strong powder. But hey, that attracted the attention of my men. I mean, it possibly attracted the attention of the entire city and part of the next one.
No. 295091 ID: f5e4b4
File 130230071235.png - (255.37KB , 1000x750 , 36.png )

B-but hey. All according to p-plan, isn't it?
No. 296384 ID: f5e4b4
File 130273382575.png - (602.82KB , 1000x750 , 37.png )

Captain Kanela's ship pierced the skies while the city of New Foria, of the Antay Kindom became just a blurry mass behind the clouds at its back. After her successful but not really subtle escape from the Watch Tower, Kanela thought that she could forget this incident and go back to her usual pirate routine, but she was going to realize her mistake soon enough.

"What do you mean we have to go back?"
No. 296385 ID: f5e4b4
File 130273388128.png - (262.50KB , 1000x750 , 38.png )

"I almost died, blew up half the Watch Tower and killed the gods know how many guards down there! Like, half the country must be looking for me right now to skin me alive, and you want to turn around and go back?"

"I acknowledge the gravity of the situation and the misfortunes the captain has been through to accomplice such withdrawal." --Answers Maestre, the Quartermaster. "But I wouldn't request such a dangerous course of action if the situation wasn't severe enough. Part of our crew has been captured."

"Captured? How many? What happened?"

"During your imprisonment, there was feeble attempt by part of the crew to assault the front doors of the tower, taking advantage of the regnant chaos of the siege." --He replies. " But the attack failed miserably, and now they're being held in the city prison, probably waiting to be hanged in the morning. Oh, and Mr. Borso, our carpenter and tinkerer, was among the captives."

"Papa Borso? Damn..." Borso is a talented man, and the one that made my left tools.
No. 296386 ID: f5e4b4
File 130273394979.png - (154.91KB , 1000x750 , 39.png )

I groan, trying to digest the bad news. This is Maestre, by the way. He doesn't look like a pirate, does he? Well, to my knowledge, he wasn't until two months ago, when we were nothing but a band of brigands that assaulted his mansion in Emporia. When he confronted us, he wasn't upset, but glad that we were there to "save him from the monotony that was going end his existence". He even gave us his ship -THIS ship-,in exchange of letting him come aboard.
So we did it, and so our career as sky pirates started.

We wanted to ditch him in the first port we could find, but he proved to be useful beyond anyone's expectations. He knows almost every city in the globe, trade routes, and merchant ships. He's pretty good administrating our income and a great help planning raids. So I wasn't surprised when shortly after we picked him up, the crew started calling him the Quartermaster.

"Of course, captain, the decision is up to you. The mission would be extremely perilous, and we could always abandon them to their fate and hire some new blood in the next port. But that would have a negative impact in the morale of the crew, and their trust in their captain."


"So, your decision, captain? Shall we start planning the rescue, or should we establish a new route away from New Foria and our mates?"
No. 296389 ID: 07416a

Yeah, sure. Plus, maybe the evil portalmonster is still around. If you can tame it a portal would be a useful thing.
No. 296390 ID: e3f578

We are going to do eiiit. Come on, this will be fun! Imagine the adrenaline rush! Plus, you know, the fact they got imprisoned trying to save you will weigh on your fucking mind.

There's got to be plenty of loot in the prison. All part of a day's work as a pirate.
No. 296392 ID: 8c73c8

hell yeah you are gonna rescue your dudes. but you can't just charge in. you got some maps?
No. 296393 ID: cf12e5

Silly question. Whats their situation? Where are they being held? What can we work with?
No. 296687 ID: f5e4b4
File 130280176403.png - (366.40KB , 1000x750 , 40.png )

"Yes. We'll get them out of there. So, what's their situation?"

"I knew you wouldn't leave them behind, captain. I was counting on that, so I prepared this brief visual representation of the prison and its vicinities." --Cheerily responds Maestre, extending a piece of paper with a poorly drawn map on it. Well, I guess cartography isn't his forte.

"I implore you to observe the large building here, in the middle, that's the prison. Our lads are being held in the second floor, in a common cell. They will be hanged by dawn, so we need to act tonight. A frontal attack would be suicidal as you understand, but we could easily fly over the place, pretending to be a merchant ship, while you and and some of our crew descend and sneak inside."

"Now, as you can see..." --He continues. "The north side of the prison is dominated by the tower, which is heavily guarded, I don't recommend trying to get inside through there. This here, on the west side, is the front door. Heavily guarded, as you can imagine. And here, to the east, the back door. This might be a better way, it shouldn't be as guarded as the front, but there still be opposition. That door is also used frequently to bring in and out the food, laundry and supplies for the prison."

"Now, on the roof, see, they have their own platform for ships to dock, but it would be stupid to try and land there, they would catch us in no time. But there must be an entrance there too, if you can sneak past the guards patrolling the roof."

"And finally, this one is kind of a long shot, but you never know. The locals tell the story of some bandits confined in prison that accidentally found a secret entrance to a net of catacombs under the building, and used it to escape. If the stories are true, the tunnels connect with the candle factory at the other side of the road, through where the convicts escaped."

"So, these are some ideas, but the responsibility rests on your shoulders, captain. What's our plan?"
No. 296689 ID: e3f578

You know, for how often back doors get used, you'd think it'd eventually switch to guarding the back door the most and pretending to be mostly guarding the front.

I like catacombs, that sounds the most fun.
No. 296740 ID: cc04a7

You're a cat, so the catacombs are for you
No. 296742 ID: 28e94e

Option 5: under cover of night, climb in through an unsecured window.
No. 296744 ID: 8c73c8

should look into the catacombs, but have backdoor enterance as a back up plan.
No. 296774 ID: f5e4b4
File 130282942899.png - (226.26KB , 1000x750 , 41.png )

"Alright, we'll try to find the catacomb entrance in the candle factory. I guess I should get ready to - whoa!"

Just as I get up and about to exit the cabin, the door swings open and Mara almost bumps into me.

"Capt'n! I'm glad to see ya in one piece, and am even mor' glad t'hear that we're gonna go back to save those poor ol' bastards that got caught! An honor to be at yer orders, capt'n!

"Mara... drop the act, you know I hate it when you call me that."

"And why do ya think I'm doin' it, pussyface?"

Well... This is Mara. We grew together, been best friends since forever, and we've done everything together since I can remember, even become thieves and eventually pirates, hence the familiarity. She's also the Master Gunner of the ship, mostly because she likes to blow up stuff, and she actually has a good hand with cannons, artillery and powder.

"Are you going to rescue them now? Take me with you! Come on, do it!"

"Ahem..."---Interrupts Maestre. "Miss Mara brings up an important matter, who is going to accompany you in the mission? I'd recommend you to take no more than two crew members with you, otherwise the stealth factor would be hard to maintain. Now, you could specify what kind of party members would you want and I could choose among the crew the ones who fit such requirements. You already know Mara, she would be an appropriate choice if pyrotechnics and demolitions are part of your plan. Taking the Doctor with you might be wise if any of you results injured during the escape. Or you could also ask for a capable sword fighter, ranged specialist, sneaky thief, or any other skill you might have in mind, we could find a man like that in the crew.

"So what will it be?"
No. 296777 ID: cc04a7

You're going to need someone to pick any locks you find in the way (you might be able to handle it if you know how to use that lockpick-attachment), someone to kill people and perhaps blow the place up afterwards (what kind of pirate DOESN'T blow the place up afterwards? Seems like a good spot for your girlfriend there), and perhaps the doctor just in case. We certainly don't need a ranged specialist in some catacombs. DO WE HAVE A WIZARD/
No. 296897 ID: 2563d4

I would say doc and swordfighter. Leave the canon-girl with the canons so she can blow stuff up during out escape if it all goes a bit pear-shaped. And we may need to the doc to get the captured guys mobile.
No. 296902 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm, yeah. good idea. have all cannons ready and when we escape we shoot a bunch so they are too bust with the building to chase us.
No. 296914 ID: a41aaf

Make sure whoever we bring can carry a sack full of swords & pistols. We're breaking a bunch of pirates out, no reason to to arm them too.
No. 296921 ID: 55c4cf

Question choice of words, "pussyface."
No. 296966 ID: f5e4b4
File 130289003778.png - (236.44KB , 1000x750 , 42.png )

"Pussyface? Seriously?"

"Oh, shut up. I could give you worse names, and you know it." --She giggles.

"*Sigh* whatever. Anyways, I'm gonna ask you to stay here. And before you start pouting and making faces: I need you to stay here in case we need to cover our escape with the artillery."

"Aww... Alright, I can do that. Have fun!"

Now, Mr. Bartholomew would do well as swordmaster. He's not the sharpest pencil in the box, but he's the most skilled swordfighter I know, despise what you could think looking at him. He should also be able to carry a big bag of weapons without problems. He's not very sneaky, unfortunately.

Now, Doctor... We just call him Doctor, he's never given us his real name; but he can do his job and that's all we need. He won't be of much help in a fight, but at least he's pretty quiet and stealthy. He says that it's something you had to be if you wanted to survive in his old line of job. But he always replies that we don't want to know what job was that.

And no, we don't have a wizard, they're so fucking expensive... We have a Snikze, though, and he's a psychic. That is, when he's not completely drunk.

So, should I bring Mr. Bartholomew and Doctor with me? I could bring three or more people if I wanted, but the more people we are down there, the less chances we have of sneaking in unnoticed.
No. 296967 ID: 2563d4

Seems OK. I mean the other things to add/replace the swordfighter are:
>ranged specialist, sneaky thief, or any other skill you might have in mind
Kanela's faaairly sneaky theif herself, range doesn't seem so useful in catacombs, and I can't think of anything else.
No. 296986 ID: 55c4cf

Bring the psychic that sounds fun and impractical.
No. 296997 ID: a41aaf

Don't bring the psychic along, just check in with him before leaving.
No. 297000 ID: 3b2d3e

What can the psychic do?
No. 297013 ID: 07416a

Yeah, we really need to know exactly what the psychic can do.
No. 297031 ID: f5e4b4
File 130291488884.png - (177.90KB , 1000x750 , 43.png )

Snikzes all have latent psychic powers, and some of them can be tremendously powerful. Pikzul is... not so powerful. Or maybe he is, but he's too busy being shitfaced all the time to do anything competent. He can throw predictions and he can also see visions of the future. And in very special occasions (when he's almost sober), he can hypnotize and even mind control people. Unfortunately, that's incredibly unlikely to happen, and most of the times he just describes vague visions and such.
I find him in the kitchen, kissing the bottle, as usual.

"H-heey Capt'n. How's it going'?"

Apparently, Snikzes can't show their face in public unless they've found their purpose in life first. Pikzul seems to be always looking for it in the bottom of a bottle of brandy.

"We have a dangerous task ahead of us. Can you see something interesting, Pik?"

"Etrgggh... lemme see...Uuuurh... my head. I see a... I see bones... and something' like ... something red? A red light... I don't know.

"Thank you Pikzul you've been of great help."

So yeah, should I bring him with me? Or leave him, and get this party started?
No. 297033 ID: c10fee

Take him if you can get him to put down the booze long enough to do the mission.
No. 297035 ID: 07416a

Pay a wizard to enchant his throat so that it turns all alcohol into water.
No. 297049 ID: 28e94e

Oh my god this would be hilarious and awesome. Do it.
No. 297056 ID: 1854db

How does he drink through that mask?

Anyway if we're going to take the doctor I think we should pick a third party member who is more sneaky than the swordfighter but is still decent in a fight.
No. 297087 ID: a5dbe5

No. 297104 ID: 676156

Hey hey hey, we're pirates, don't we have a dagger specialist, who's sneaky and quick with a blade? Screw the swordsman, we need someone who can slip a knife right into some poor fool's carotid artery without making a sound. Do we have anyone like that?
No. 297126 ID: 2563d4

This is a good point, if the answer isn't "us".
No. 297132 ID: ce15d1


We certainly need a hand in that department.
No. 297188 ID: f5e4b4
File 130298786913.png - (120.19KB , 1000x750 , 44.png )

Hey, I don't need anyone else to do the sneaky job, I'm a pretty skilled thief, modesty aside. I also know how to use the lockpick, locked doors aren't a problem for this girl. And I might not be the best skirmisher in the land, but I can defend myself decently with a dagger or a sword.

Alright, time to deal with the psychic drunkard.

"Ok, Pik, I need your help, could you just leave the bottle for a night and be useful?"

"Bhl... Can't I be useful and keep the bbothleee?"

"No. Damn it, I'll rip it off your broken fingers if I have to!"

He reacts like a sacredly mouse, jumping off the chair and holding the bottle of liquor like it were his child.

"Nnoooo...! I n-need mah medicine. I can't handle... it without it! Memories... they hurt so much!"

I sigh, this isn't gonna work out.


This sounds deliciously tempting, I should find a wizard and ask him about that, and about the blue gem.

But for now, I should decide. If I want to bring Pikzul with me, I'm going to have to risk it and bring him as drunk as he is. Or I could just go with Doctor and the Swordmaster.
No. 297191 ID: cc04a7

I still say you're good enough for all the sneaky bits and picking locks and whatnot, bring the doctor in case we need such skills, and someone to do our killing for us. So yeah, no need for this guy at all.
No. 297214 ID: ce15d1

Have psychic bless every bullet or no happy juice.
No. 297228 ID: f50f53

Let's just take the doctor and swordsmaster.
No. 297386 ID: f5e4b4
File 130305838379.png - (83.29KB , 1000x750 , 45.png )

I leave Pikzul with his ghosts and set sail back to the city. We wait for the night to slowly drift towards the port, successfully pretending to be a merchant ship. Some people might find a bit unusual that we're flying so low, but they'll think that we're low on fire stone.

The swordmaster, Doctor and I descend down the ladder once we're on top of the candle factory. The silence of the night is complete, nobody is noticing us.
No. 297387 ID: f5e4b4
File 130305842569.png - (319.92KB , 1000x750 , 46.png )

Second floor of the factory, all the windows seem to be locked... except one, leading to a small study. A single candle is dimly illuminating the room, sign that there's at least one person in the factory. Maybe a lonely underpaid guard, maybe the paranoid owner. But this room in particular seems to be empty.

I could sneak through this open window, or I could try one of the dark ones, but I would have to break those.
No. 297394 ID: a41aaf

Do you have a small mirror with which to peek round the corner?
No. 297402 ID: e3f578

Blow the candle out, Garret-style
No. 297431 ID: cc04a7

You're standing near a lit window, in the light, meaning that anyone who happens to be looking your way can see you. And if you blow out the candle, well then whoever knows it's lit knows that something blew it out. Plus, looking at the thing, if you open that window enough to sneak in, you'll knock the candle off of the desk, creating noise and potentially fire. Go through another window. Use some cloth or something to muffle the break and then reach in to unlock it.
No. 297442 ID: 28e94e

No. 297449 ID: 1854db

If you open the window much further the candle's going to get knocked off the table.

If you can reach around to grab the candle and blow it out, do so.
No. 297458 ID: 55c4cf

Show us your ability to blow.
No. 297459 ID: 8c73c8

just open it a little and slip through sideways. move candle and open rest of way for allies.
No. 297460 ID: 2563d4

No. 297616 ID: f5e4b4
File 130316565001.png - (142.36KB , 1000x750 , 47.png )

Alright, I'll use my coat to muffle the noise and try to break a hole open in the next one.


...Damnit it, lousy cheap windows, the entire thing fell apart with a single hit. Well, at least I'm inside now.

"Did ya mean to do that, boss?" --Sounds the voice of the swordmaster behind me.

"O-of course! Strategy, Mr. Bartholomew."

"Ah, ok. I guess that's why yer the boss."

"Sure, just come on in, presto!"

Alright, I can't hear a single sound here, other than my own breathing, and my crew's. It seems that my lousy entrance is still a secret. Now, if I want to find a secret entrance to the catacombs, my safest bet is to look in the basement. Just gotta find it without getting caught.

There's an open door behind me, dim candle light coming from inside. It leads to the small study I saw through the open window. I can also see more light downstairs ; it must be another open door in the lower floor. What to do now?
No. 297617 ID: 2563d4

Get the swordmaster to understand that he's only to speak if it's important, 'cause this is sneaking.

Then go downstairs. We're not here to loot a candle factory.
No. 297618 ID: e3f578

Toss Candle at the top of stairway to the ground, if it doesn't break, break it. Misplace candles near doors and stairways, either by breaking them, putting them someplace else, or in your pocket. Look around downstairs. Have someone investigate the door on the left while you look down the hallway.
No. 297635 ID: cc04a7

I'd say that we first need to check out the rooms that have lights on them before we head on down. We don't want to risk being discovered, so if you can peek through cracks in the doors or keyholes to see if there's anyone around, let's do that.
No. 297747 ID: a41aaf

If rumours of a secret entrance are common, there's a good chance it's not in the obvious place (the basement) or it would already have been sealed off.
No. 297749 ID: b4e2bb

You may want to stick to the shadows here, just in case anyone comes to check out the window,assuming there is anyone here. Either way, stick to the shadows so you are less visible. Anyone patrolling is likely to be carrying a torch/lantern/other light source, so their eyes will only be acclimated to the light they have with them. This means that as long as you stay out of the light, it will be much harder for them to see you. Also, let your eyes acclimate to the dark so you can see around better.
No. 297753 ID: f5e4b4
File 130323231981.png - (147.61KB , 1000x750 , 48.png )

"Alright, you two. From now on, only speak when strictly necessary. Now you check that open room, I'll go downstairs."

The swordmaster nods and, as silently as he's able to, (which isn't much)moves towards the door, while Doctor climbs through the window.

I take the candle next to the staircase and snap it in half, leaving in on the ground. I can hear Mr. Bartholomew whispering that the room is empty, just a few cabinets and a desk.

I stay in the shadows, as my eyes are well adapted to see in the dark, and carefully I walk down the stairs, just to freeze in place at the very end. Someone is coming.
No. 297765 ID: e3f578

He's going to check out the crash at the top. Stay at the bottom of the stairs and don't move until you think you can sneak up behind him, then grab his neck and squeeze tight for a while to knock him unconscious... I think. Then put his body in that empty room and find something to barricade it in because he won't be asleep for long. I don't want to kill him because he's just some dumb employee for a candle company, unlike the city guard who were going to fucking hang you tomorrow morning.

I don't really know if that will knock him unconscious thanks to knowing jackshit about anatomy, but I see it in the movies enough to safety assume it'll work here.
No. 297903 ID: 676156

Pirates are known for their cunning and stealth, but not so much for their compassion. The man has a point, though. Either knock him out with a swift bop on the top of the head with something heavy and metal, or slit his throat or stab his lungs. Don't let him make any noise, for the love of god.

Body hiding is a good idea.
No. 297905 ID: 1854db

Tell the doc to move, he's casting a shadow. Also tell the swordsman to get behind the door or something.
No. 297938 ID: f5e4b4
File 130332636176.png - (317.12KB , 1000x750 , 49.png )

I have no time to warn my men, but I should be able to handle this by myself. I hide behind the staircase and peek around the corner. An old man, probably a worker here. I can hear him muttering to himself "I could've sworn I heard something."

He starts climbing up the stairs, but before he can get up to the next floor, I dash behind him and knock him in the head. He only lets out a soft "Augh!", falling unconscious and dropping his candle. This heavy metal ball sometimes comes in handy, eh?"

Now what to do with him?
No. 297939 ID: e3f578

The empty room upstairs. Try to find a box to try and block it. He won't be out for long or else that motherfucker went into a coma. Just blow out the candle or light in there.
No. 298035 ID: 1854db

Bring him up to the lit room and stuff him in a cabinet then block the door. Um, assuming these are cabinets he'd fit in? You could try to tie him up if not.
No. 298054 ID: f5e4b4
File 130340341985.png - (197.18KB , 1000x750 , 50.png )

I drag him all the way upstairs and into the lit room. Looks a place as good as any other to hide him.

"Wanna help with that, boss?"

"No, just keep an eye downstairs, I don't want any more surprises."

"Can I keep one of his fingers? Just one of the little ones."

"...No, Doctor."

The room itself looks pretty uninteresting, a desk and a cabinet seems to be all the furniture in here.
No. 298056 ID: 1854db

Holy shit that bug is pushing over the cookie jar. Catch that jar!
No. 298057 ID: 28e94e

There's a giant praying mantis over at the other end of the room trying to knock over the cookie jar.
No. 298083 ID: f5e4b4
File 130342557363.png - (155.04KB , 1000x750 , 51.png )

Is that...? Yes it is, there's some kind of big bug pushing a cookie jar on the cabinet.

Before the jar can fall down and make a damn lot of noise, I catch it. The bug stares at me.
This is pretty weird. Bugs don't eat cookies, do they? I'm pretty sure I've never heard of a cookie-eating bug.
No. 298084 ID: cc04a7

Gun down the bug out of spite; invalidate own attempts at stealth. Seriously though, you should capture and/or kill the bug because i don't trust it.
No. 298085 ID: 868a23

feed a cookie to the bug to befriend it and name it Tiak
No. 298086 ID: 28e94e

No. 298092 ID: 2563d4

Bug is clearly trying to sabotage rescue attempt. Stab bug.
No. 298104 ID: abb30a

Give a cookie to bugfriend!
No. 298108 ID: 1854db

This seems like a reasonable action.
No. 298124 ID: 55c4cf

Do not name it Tiak, but do everything else.

Name it Katy or Steve.
No. 298223 ID: a41aaf

It's just trying to get your attention. Try holding up one arm, see if it mimics you.
No. 298253 ID: f5e4b4
File 130348844992.png - (138.89KB , 1000x750 , 52.png )

Tiak? I don't know, sounds kinda silly, doesn't it? I like Katy more, but I have no idea if this is a boy bug or a lady bug.

I give the little fella a cookie and... look at it, nibbling on it. I guess I stand corrected, then, it eats cookies after all. It just stands there, looking happy and munching on it.

Well, I think I've wasted enough time with the local fauna, I should get going.
No. 298255 ID: 1854db

Maybe we can take the little guy with us when we leave. Put down the cookie jar so he can't break the thing, stuff the dude in the cabinet (block the door with something so he can't get out) and let's move down.
No. 298265 ID: 55c4cf

if you give a mantis a cookie it will want a glass of blood
No. 298272 ID: dad664

Obviously you must use the power of COMPROMISE.

No. 298577 ID: f5e4b4
File 130358572924.png - (193.04KB , 1000x750 , 53.png )

I put the sleeping guy locked inside the cabinet, and leave the open jar of cookies on the floor for the bug. Maybe I can bring it on my way out, who knows? For the moment I continue downstairs. The open door connects with a short corridor that ends in a small room.

There isn't much in this room, except for a pair of candles, a weird painting on the wall, and a hatch on the floor that seems to connect with the working part of the factory.
No. 298578 ID: 8c73c8

remove painting, hug SECRETS.
No. 298579 ID: 3416ec

One of these candles is not like the other...
No. 298581 ID: 8c73c8

that too. the tan one seems to ether be VERY fresh or magic.
No. 298635 ID: f5e4b4
File 130359902428.png - (206.02KB , 1000x750 , 54.png )

I remove the painting from the wall, revealing a hidden niche with a strange skull engraved on it. Just as I do it, I notice Doctor silently moving to my side. Mr. Bartholomew must be keeping an eye on the corridor.

"Ah, excellent craftsmanship, and I like the theme."

"Do you recognize it?" --I ask.

"No, but it looks considerably older than the rest of the room. Something that was here before the factory was built. And with much better taste in decoration, if I may say."
No. 298637 ID: 8c73c8

sounds like a place for a secret passage to me. try turning the post the weird candle is on.
No. 298639 ID: 28e94e

Now check out that candlestick.
No. 298660 ID: cc04a7

You know, maybe we should be looking as to what's down the ladder there.
No. 298676 ID: f5e4b4
File 130360305179.png - (397.92KB , 1000x750 , 55.png )

Yeah, the candlestick to the right looks different from the other one. It feels different to the touch, too, because in fact, it's not a real candlestick. I pull it to the side and with the loud sound of ancient gears and stone moving, the panel in the niche is lifted up, revealing a secret entrance to a dark tunnel.

The air smells rancid, and the ladder looks pretty old, yet sturdy. The dust and cobwebs down there seem to point out that nobody has used this entrance for many years. There's no doubt, this must be the entrance to the catacombs!
No. 298679 ID: 8c73c8

can you perhaps take the fake candle? the fact that it is burning still points to it being MAGIC. everburning candle sounds like a cool magic thing.
No. 298707 ID: 1854db

Get Bartholomew and let's go down. Him first since he's our bruiser and I wouldn't expect any guards down there, only monsters.
No. 298850 ID: f5e4b4
File 130366676702.png - (232.89KB , 1000x750 , 56.png )

The fake candlestick is impossible to budge out, it's attached to its support. And I don't think it's magic. It's actually made of metal, so I guess it's just filled up with oil.

"Ok, Mr. Bartholomew, you going in fir-..."


As soon as I release the candlestick, it returns to its original position, and the panel gets shut tight.
No. 298852 ID: 2563d4

You're in a factory. Got to be something you can either hang on the candlestick or jam the passage with.

Someone will inevitably dislodge this and trap you but at least all three people will get in. The alternative would be leaving swordguy to stand around and protect your escape route but have to crack the prison with just you and the doc.
No. 298981 ID: 28e94e

Have either the doc or Bartholomew stay behind to secure the factory.
No. 299015 ID: 7a5ae4

Is the painting heavy enough to keep the candlestick in the open position? If not, find more stuff to hang from it.

Securing your escape is unnecessary. You're about to get a whole bunch of crew members back, and they'll be hard to sneak out silently. You'll probably have to escape the loud way. Fortunately, you'll have some pissed off pirates to help you.
No. 299064 ID: 1854db

Yeah... Yeah! Jam the painting between the wall and the candle to hold the passage open. Also note that the candle tilted over leaving a space underneath it- putting something under that to jam it would work too.
No. 299388 ID: f5e4b4
File 130384988320.png - (254.00KB , 1000x750 , 57.png )

Alright, I jam the painting between the candlestick and the wall, and it's heavy enough to stay there. The path is open.

Mr. Bartholomew is the first one to descend, and when he's sure that it's all safe, we follow him. After climbing down the ladder for a while, we find ourselves into a deep corridor carved in the stone, with a few niches on the walls. Pale bones rest on the niches, staring with empty eyes.

Other than that, the place isn't very interesting, and there's only one way to go: forward. Yet something is really making me uneasy. I can't point my finger, but something isn't right down here.
No. 299389 ID: 46c430

Uh... Shouldn't there, like, be complete bodies and stuff, not just random bones?
No. 299390 ID: 1854db

Why is there a dagger stuck in the wall? Tell Bartholemew to stop for a moment, and be very quiet. Try to listen and hear if there's any movement around.
No. 299432 ID: 6e44d2

Don't try to take the dagger. This is probably one of those cursed treasure things.
No. 299638 ID: f5e4b4
File 130393070773.png - (94.29KB , 1000x750 , 58.png )

We remain in the most absolute silence while they continue further into the passage, ignoring the dagger in the wall. Our steps are the only sounds that can be heard down here.

As we keep going on we find another bunch of bones lying around, and a dusty lever on the ground. The corridor keeps going on after the lever. And I still feel like something is wrong down here.
No. 299639 ID: 2563d4

This thing >>293872 is glowing.

That's probably bad but I don't know what to do about it short of moving it away from any vital organs.
No. 299643 ID: 1854db

Yeah pull out the red gem. Also... uh, that darkness doesn't look exactly natural. Shouldn't the lantern dimly light a little past the immediate area?
No. 299661 ID: eba49f

Is the prison you are trying to break into the same prison you were kept in earlier? I suspect that this tunnel contains the 'shrine' mentioned in the letters in the portal room. (We really should have taken the mysterious book that was in there when we had the chance...) The large circular red gem looks suspiciously like the large circular eye socket in the skull in the picture.

Also, even apart from the nasty things that almost certainly lurk down here, if this is the 'shrine', that is worrying because that means that the guards found it at some point (and presumably know about the entrance from the guardhouse).
No. 299667 ID: c501a5

Stay alert and watch for movement in the dark. It's likely that this hidden passage that everybody knows of has stayed hidden due to security measures left in this crypt.
Security measures like zombie ghosts.
No. 299689 ID: f5e4b4
File 130394213231.png - (218.51KB , 1000x750 , 59.png )


No, they put me in the Watch Tower cell because they didn't have time to take me to prison with the battle going on. Now I'm trying to sneak into the real prison.

Uhmm... Bad news. Yes, the red jewel is actually glowing. But I just can't get rid of it. I can take it and put it back in my pockets, but as soon as I try to throw it off or drop it on the ground, it sticks to my hand and it's impossible to pull off.

It also feels pretty weird, warm and pulsating, kind of like a living being.
No. 299692 ID: 07416a

Go back and stick it in the eye socket?
No. 299702 ID: 1854db

I guess it's worth a shot. If not that, try jamming it into a skeleton's eyesocket.
No. 299704 ID: 8c73c8

the fact that it started glowing after we got here and not when we got near the large skull face tells me it isn't reacting to that. how well does it move if you don't try to pull it off, can you just roll it across your hand?
No. 299716 ID: a41aaf

I'd recommend not putting a glowing artefact last associated with a malicious mobile portal into a corpse. A positive outcome seems unlikely.
No. 299737 ID: eba49f

The skull on the door was just a painting.
The question of whether to give the gem to the actual spook when we meet it is a trickier one. On one hand, it might calm down if it gets its eye back, but on the other hand giving it the eye might unlock the full powers on a malicious creature.
No. 299885 ID: f5e4b4
File 130401681855.png - (213.57KB , 1000x750 , 60.png )

"Ok, I have to check out something, it'll be only a minute!"

Before they can complain about getting locked down here, I climb up the stairs and remove the painting to see the weird skull engraving. It turns out it's just an engraving, it doesn't have a real cavity to put anything in it. And even if it did, the eye socket is way bigger than the red stone.

Talking about it, as soon as I stepped outside the catacombs, the orb stopped glowing and acting weird. It's still impossible to remove from my hand, though. And yeah, I can roll it on my hand and move it all around it. But as long as I try to get rid of it, it sticks to my skin like it was covered with glue. Really weird.
No. 299886 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Well, so much for the engraving. Get back in there, and try putting the gem inside a skull.

If that doesn't work I guess we're fucking stuck with it. Also, the bug is right there. Heh, cute.
No. 299911 ID: 00d3d5

Balance the orb on the back of your hand, then make a fist and try to let it roll off. Then it will be stuck to the back of your hand and you'll have both hands free.
No. 299917 ID: 1854db

She can just put it back in her pocket you know.
No. 299941 ID: 28e94e

The bug is back.
No. 299942 ID: cc04a7

Kill the bug or bring it with you. Left alone, it'll probably manage to shut the candle-door behind you and lock y'all inside.
No. 299959 ID: eba49f

We should quickly re-open the door. When mysterious shadowy things show up, you DO NOT want to split up your group.
No. 300149 ID: f5e4b4
File 130409381902.png - (91.18KB , 1000x750 , 61.png )

I descend into the catacombs and the red stone starts glowing and getting warm and icky again. I try to put its inside one of the eye sockets of this skull, but it does nothing, the stone is still attached to my hand.

"Eh, I dun' like this place much boss, we should get goin'."
No. 300152 ID: 1854db

...guess we're stuck with the orb. Move on with caution. Tell bart not to go past the lever- there's something odd about the floor there. Also, where's the doc? Lurking in the shadows behind you?
No. 300228 ID: eba49f

There is something on the right of the skeleton that looks like it is a different color from the rest of the skeletons. Is it just a bone, or is the skeleton holding something?
No. 300232 ID: 7aedd2

Are you even AWARE that the Mantis is riding you and in all likelihood controlling your very mind?
No. 300234 ID: 8c73c8

what? no, it is friend bug. tap spot past lever with sword, then throw lever.
No. 300505 ID: f5e4b4
File 130420357140.png - (124.83KB , 1000x750 , 62.png )

The doctor is just behind me, yeah, he likes to lurk in the shadows. But nah, only bare bones there, nothing of interest.

"Watch out, there's a hole on the ground just in front of you."

"Damn, that was a close one."

The opening is almost hidden in the unnatural dark area. Not even with the glowing crystal we can see the bottom of the pit.

Apart from that, the tunnel keeps going on. But just a few steps away, there seems to be some rudimentary ladder chiseled on the wall, going up.
No. 300511 ID: 1854db

What the heck is that thing he's using to light the place?

Follow the tunnel a little bit further before we take the ladder.
No. 300512 ID: 7aedd2

No. 300522 ID: abcbff

Couldn't hurt to at least take a look at what's further down the tunnel, yeah.
No. 300536 ID: 8c73c8

go up the ladder and see if you can find an opening to look through without getting spotted.
No. 301005 ID: f5e4b4
File 130437297915.png - (200.90KB , 1000x750 , 63.png )


That's just a lumis crystal, lasts longer and is brighter than a torch.

I keep walking a bit further down the tunnel, just to find a discouraging scene on my way.

Well, the good news is that we're going the right direction, these skeletons are more recent than the bones I found at the entrance, and are dressed in old, tattered prison clothes.

The bad news is that I guess the stories weren't entirely true. Not all the prisoners managed to escape through these catacombs.
No. 301007 ID: 2563d4

Make sure sworddude does not blunder in front of the series of little holes that probably fire darts or spikes or spikes that fire darts.
No. 301008 ID: 1854db

Oh great. Traps. Tap the floor with something long- maybe borrow a sword from Bart.

Tap on the left, right, and center.
No. 301009 ID: 7d8cf7

Would tapping the X on the right of those three squares do anything? If not try to look for the trigger to this trap.
No. 301014 ID: 104c67

If I had to guess, and I do, it's a simple trap. Death on the left, Death on the right, Safe in the center. Avoid stepping where the skeletons are, as that's clearly where one would get killed.
No. 301041 ID: eba49f

Looks like a mechanical trap. Try the classic trick of standing back and throwing something into it.
No. 301232 ID: f5e4b4
File 130445413686.png - (143.42KB , 1000x750 , 64.png )

With a bit of effort I use my sword to tap on the little squares on the wall, avoiding to step further into the corridor. They aren't buttons, they actually feel like little tumblers, but I can't move them.

I examine carefully the place. The stone floor looks different here, kind of artificial. I can't see any strings, or pressure plates, but that doesn't make me feel any more safe. I can detect a very faint sound of clogs and gears moving around me.

I think this is a pretty big trap, maybe I should see if there's any way to disable it before trying to avoid it.
No. 301233 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Maybe we should check the ladder then.

Go up and listen at the top of it.
No. 301247 ID: 2563d4

No. 301348 ID: b6ca92

The Doctor is behind you. Ask him if he sees an insect on you, because little Tiak is on your shoulder for no reason.

'feel like tumblers'? Sounds like they roll around to show whats active and whats not. Don't know why it be obvious though.

Here's a plan. Get buff sword guy and yourself to bring a crate down here. In their infinite usefulness, the crate will be used to test for pressure plates, and stop you from getting skewered.
No. 301367 ID: 1854db

On the other hand we could try poking a sword in the holes.
No. 301710 ID: f5e4b4
File 130463623308.png - (177.31KB , 1000x750 , 65.png )

I ask Mr. Bartholomew to go look for a box or something to test out the trap, but I climb on the rudimentary ladder meanwhile.

Just a few steps ahead there's a little chamber caved in the stone, with some kind of shrine. It has two empty candle holders and some kind of plate in the center, with an old skull in it.

The ladder keeps going up.
And yeah, seems like the bug keeps following me around, so I might as well take it with me. It likes to be on my shoulder, it seems, just stays in there and nibbles on my ear sometimes. It's cute.
No. 301711 ID: 2563d4

Carry on up. It might be time for a rousing game of spot the difference.
No. 301712 ID: 7aedd2

Considering the check mark means this is clearly related to the tumblers from earlier, don't do anything here yet until you've checked further up the ladder.
No. 301736 ID: 1854db

Next landing.
No. 301946 ID: eba49f

Red glow increasing (and possibly changing shape). Can you get down the ladder in a hurry if you need to?
No. 302275 ID: f5e4b4
File 130479768182.png - (76.41KB , 1000x750 , 66.png )

I keep climbing the stone ladder and after a bit I reach the end. It's an even smaller chamber carved in the stone. It would be completely uninteresting, but there's another of those X signs up there, just on top of a hole on the wall.


Well, I can't jump all the way down, but I guess I can climb it down relatively fast.
No. 302277 ID: 2563d4

Stick red ball thing in hole?
No. 302278 ID: 7aedd2

Hmm... so maybe the first X is the first floor, then Check on the second landing, then X on the third floor? Maybe we SHOULD check out that altar with the Check. But I'm not SURE and I don't want to be the one to fuck things up. And yes, indeed, your orb is glowing ever more hotly
No. 302337 ID: 1854db

Stick the red ball in there.
No. 302345 ID: eba49f

If we do approach the hole, we should approach it from the side, so if something shoots out we will be out of its line of fire.
No. 302449 ID: f0e3ae

it makes absolutely no sense for the red gem found in the tower on a desk near a portal would have anything to do with catacombs under a candle factory.

The gem itself seems to warn of danger and to bind to its host... maybe it is an egg of some magical creature that is gestating...

I would think that what we have here is a puzzle. I have a few ideas but would like to see what is even further up first. And don't pass by that hole in the wall, it might be a trap as well.
No. 302592 ID: eba49f

@ MrTT
WE found the orb in the tower, but the letter pieces we found along with it suggested that the 'stone' and 'portal' were related to a 'shrine', which may well be what we are seeing here. Also, the gem does not shine in response to just ANY danger because it was completely inactive when the portal tried to eat us.
No. 302799 ID: f5e4b4
File 130496386986.png - (98.79KB , 1000x750 , 67.png )

I approach the hole in the wall from the side and try to stick the gem in it, but the hole is too wide. I could stick my entire arm in there if I wanted, and I'm still unable to drop this thing.

Also, with the light of the stone I can see that there's something shining inside the hole. I could reach it if I tried, but it's too dark inside to see what it is.
No. 302801 ID: 8c73c8

stick sword in hole.
No. 302804 ID: 7aedd2

I'm seriously hesitant about reaching into a hole with this much indication of KILL TRAPS
No. 302805 ID: 2563d4

Can you sort of hook the whatever with either the sword or sword attachment on your stump?
No. 302806 ID: 1854db

I don't think this is a trap. I think this is a switch to turn off the trap. But if we're nervous about it, stick something in that isn't your arm first. ...actually look up before we do anything to make sure there isn't a spike ceiling or something.
No. 302831 ID: f5e4b4
File 130498014879.png - (84.23KB , 1000x750 , 68.png )

I use the sword to poke into the breach. I find what was the shiny thing: It feels like a small ring, attached to the wall, and it feels like it can be pulled, but I can't do that with the sword.

It's not too deep in, I could reach the ring easily with my hand.
No. 302832 ID: 8c73c8

think you could reach if you switched to hook hand? if so then use hook on it. if not then i guess you can use your hand.
No. 302843 ID: eba49f

As we approach the hole, the gem did not noticeably increase. This suggests the glow increases as we go nearer to whatever is up the ladder.
No. 302852 ID: 1854db

Pull it.
No. 302858 ID: 2563d4

I am strongly opposed to sticking anything you don't want to be separated from or grasped by in any mysterious holes with a red 'X' over them in a place apparently full of deathtraps.
No. 302860 ID: eba49f

When we get our blacksmith back and get back to out base, we should have him make us a collapsible lightweight rod with a hook on the end. Such a thing would be quite useful for things like this.
No. 302893 ID: f0e3ae

I like that idea.
No. 302928 ID: 6e44d2

Yeah. If you lose part of your hook arm, it won't be that huge a loss, 'cause you won't lose any more joints, just forearm flesh and bone. Do it.
No. 303007 ID: f5e4b4
File 130505649474.png - (213.84KB , 1000x750 , 69.png )

Alright, I reach with the hook inside, pull the ring and...


...S-shit. Well, that wasn't completely unexpected, I lost my hook, a clean cut. But on the bright side, that could've been my hand.
Also the square on the wall rotates and changes to the green sign with a faint sound of clockwork.
No. 303009 ID: 7aedd2

First to say I Told You So
No. 303011 ID: 8c73c8

so the checkmarks appear from sacrifice. other had a skull. this one wanted a hand. screw the lockpick in for now. hrmm... one more should be around. hold the gem above you near the ladder, see if that makes it brighter. maybe the last thing is in the pit. get real close to it with a light and see if you can see anything.
No. 303017 ID: eba49f

I vote we equip the sword if we can climb with that equipped. It is quite likely SOMETHING is waiting for us up there.
No. 303018 ID: 28e94e

You'll have to get a replacement once you're back. In the mean time, equip something more useful.
No. 303047 ID: 6e44d2

Wow, I'm amazed that the trap was powerful enough to sever your hook. That's crazy.
No. 303082 ID: e3f578

It's gotta be strong enough to cut through bone, muscle, and skin. A flimsy hook made of steel is child's play for this trap.
No. 303112 ID: 28e94e

Back in medieval times, it was a regular occurrence for swords much thicker than our hook to get broken clean in half by another blade. It doesn't take as much force as you'd think.
No. 303120 ID: 2563d4

Should've sent expendable little Tiak to do it rather than our valuable hook. :3c

Back down the ladder, I guess, since we're at the top.
No. 303182 ID: f0e3ae

now that is just mean...

Boy am I glad we used the hook hand for this and not normal hand.
No. 303341 ID: f5e4b4
File 130513469319.png - (102.63KB , 1000x750 , 70.png )

I descend the ladder to the bottom level, nothing seems to have changed here. Oh, Mr. Bartholomew is back.

"Here, boss, I found this big ol' box full o' candles at the factory. I think nobody saw me."
No. 303343 ID: 2563d4

That's some real intense glowing going on. "Gonna blow up" type glowing.

Get Bartholomew lighting candles and see if the doc can take the gem thing off you. Without taking the good hand with it.
No. 303351 ID: 1854db

Um, maybe we should step out of the catacombs again to reset the crystal.
No. 303448 ID: eba49f

Yes... the gem seems to be glow more with time in the catacombs rather than with approach of a location. Unless whatever is causing the glow is approaching you...

And yes, more light sources will probably help prepare for whatever it is that is approaching. Also, you might want to stay away from the MYSTERIOUS HOLE in the floor.
No. 303460 ID: f0e3ae

are those "candles" sticks of dynamite?
No. 303719 ID: f5e4b4
File 130523999511.png - (249.79KB , 1000x750 , 71.png )


No, I'm pretty sure they're just regular candles. This is a candle factory, not a TNT stick factory.

Yeah, the stone is so bright, it's almost painful to look at it, and it's so warm it feels like a living creature. I show it to the doc and tell everything I know about it, and he just stares at it, pondering for a moment.

"Well, I'm afraid this isn't my field of investigation, dear. This shows all the symptoms for a cursed item. You should find a priest or a wizard to solve your little problem. It's obviously reacting to something in this catacombs, but I don't think it's going to blow up, at least not literally. Cursed gems tend to be more... subtle than that."

"Well, great" -I puff. "And you can't think anyway I can get rid of it without losing the hand."

He gives me one of his creepy smiles.

"Well, I could cut off the skin under the stone. It wouldn't be pleasant, but it beats cutting off the entire hand, doesn't it?"

"I... think I'm going to pass. Maybe I should go back and get out of the crypt until the gem "calms down."

Mr. Bartholomew intervenes.

"Whatever you do boss, we should hurry up. Somebody is gonna end up noticing the tunnel sooner or later and call the guards."
No. 303724 ID: 1854db

...meh. Let's not waste any time. Light a candle and drop it into the hole.
No. 303725 ID: 8c73c8

okay, drop a candle in the hole and push the box into the trapped area to see what happens.
No. 303811 ID: f0e3ae

I don't think the stone is harmful... it seems more like a danger detector...

I would check the path onwards now that we solved one puzzle, see if there are still 2Xs and one V or now 2V and 1X. if so then we need to find the last puzzle (I am guessing further up from where we lost the hook) and solve it and then proceed with this plan already.
No. 304003 ID: eba49f

> I don't think the stone is harmful... it seems more like a danger detector...
I seriously doubt the stone is a danger detector, as it failed to react to either the exploding tower or the portal that tried to eat us.
No. 304012 ID: f5e4b4
File 130533106216.png - (120.52KB , 1000x750 , 72.png )

I light up a candle and throw it down the hole. It goes down, down and down... until it vanishes in the abyss. Pretty deep. Yep.

But not too deep into the hole, as the falling candle passes by, it illuminates a small hook on the wall, pretty similar to the ring I found where I lost *my* hook.
No. 304014 ID: 8c73c8

see if you can send tiak down to get it. if not then we get some string, put a loop on one end and hook it to the hook and the pull.
No. 304015 ID: 2563d4

Since you forgot your standard adventurer's loadout of rope and ten foot poles, use someone's belt to pull it.

Bartholomew seems pretty gifted in diameter, and you've got a slack-anime one yourself.
No. 304016 ID: f0e3ae

considering what the last one did when pulled, he would probably die if we did that... this one looks like a hook rather then a loop... so a thin rope with a loop in the end should be able to snag it if you dangle it from up here
No. 304051 ID: 1854db

Make sure everyone's hanging onto whoever pulls the hook. I imagine the trap will attempt to dump whoever pulls it into the pit.
No. 304242 ID: f5e4b4
File 130541180990.png - (124.95KB , 1000x750 , 73.png )

I tell Mr. Batholomew my idea and he nods, taking his belt and fishing the hook down the hole. He rejects any kind of help or being grabbed while he does so, though, he says he's a grown up and doesn't need to be held by anyone. Also he's so heavy that, if he falls, we'll plummet after if we're holding him. I can't argue with that.

He pulls the hook, and a loud CLICK noise can be heard along with that known sound of clockwork and... stones moving? There's a slight tremble under our feet.

"I don't like this, boss."
No. 304243 ID: e41ad5

Get the hell away.
No. 304244 ID: 1854db

...run a ways back towards the entrance.
No. 304246 ID: 35e1a0

back up to past the bones. after it stops rumbling come back and see if the thing has three check marks now.
No. 304519 ID: f5e4b4
File 130556841143.png - (106.98KB , 1000x750 , 74.png )


We jump towards the entrance as fast as we can, given the short notice, just in time to avoid getting impaled by some enormous spikes made of bone that erupt from under the stone.

"Ok, is everyone alright? Where is Doctor?"

"Eh, I saw 'im movin' into the other room, I think he's alright."
No. 304521 ID: 35e1a0

okay, if the rumbling stopped then let's see about check marks.
No. 304834 ID: f5e4b4
File 130566081395.png - (196.49KB , 1000x750 , 75.png )

Ok, I come back to the far left corridor. Yeah, looks like all the signs are green now.
No. 304836 ID: 28e94e

Walk across. You will either pass unharmed or be instantly killed.
No. 304837 ID: 07416a

Welp. That's cheerful. Do you feel like going first or having Bart go first?
No. 304842 ID: 2563d4

Be Captainly. Venture forward boldly.
No. 304847 ID: eba49f

We still have that crate... I can't think of a reason why not to still push it across first.
No. 304856 ID: 35e1a0

i agree, crate first, then your soft fleshy self.
No. 305046 ID: f5e4b4
File 130574742280.png - (99.41KB , 1000x750 , 76.png )

I fumble with the box for a moment before Mr. Bart points out that the doctor is already at the other side of the tunnel, so it should be safe to cross. I mutter "of course" and keep going forward until we reach a dead end with a rudimentary ladder carved in the stone. I bet this leads to the prison.

After ascending for a bit, I reach the ceiling. There's a circular stone blocking a hole that must be the exit. I try to push it, but it wont budge. I moves a bit, it doesn't feel like it's sealed or stuck, more like there's something on it, too heavy for me to push it.
No. 305047 ID: 35e1a0

back down and have bart try his luck.
No. 305123 ID: 1854db

Knock on it.
No. 305126 ID: 2563d4

This is probably the better idea given we're trying to not get people's attention.
No. 305179 ID: 77c458

bart is here for one reason, muscle... let muscles try
No. 305274 ID: f5e4b4
File 130583638651.png - (288.95KB , 1000x750 , 77.png )

I knock softly on it a few times, but there's no response from the other side.

I tell Mr. Bartholomew to try and push it up. It takes him a bit, but after a powerful push, he manages to push the lid of the improvised escape route up. We can hear a voice coming from up there.

"Wha--What the...!?
No. 305280 ID: 35e1a0

have part dump the person then use bart as a platform and kill the guard.
No. 305284 ID: b8e86f

Use the red orb's glowing light and some spooky voices to make the guard believe your group is the vengeful dead. If it doesn't scare him off it may confuse him.
No. 305305 ID: 1854db

I don't care who gets up there after Bart tips the guard over but we need to KILL HIM QUICK before he alerts anyone else!
No. 305337 ID: 2563d4

Alright, get Bart up there and killing that guy fast-like.
No. 305350 ID: eba49f

Hmm, our orb-glow is shrinking again. Maybe it was the altar ("shrine?") with the skull on it that the stone was reacting to...
No. 305545 ID: f5e4b4
File 130592938196.png - (243.88KB , 1000x750 , 78.png )

I don't waste any second. Mr. Bartholomew drops the dead weight on the floor and I jump on his back, propelling myself out of the hole and silencing the guard permanently before he can alert anybody. A clean strike, but a messy job.

"It's safe now."

I look around me, it's a simple room with almost no furniture, except for a single table and a few stools. On the table there's a jar of beer, a knife and a bunch of nails. And apart from the dead body, there's nothing else here.

A door opens to an empty corridor. I can hear faint footsteps and voices echoing out there, but they don't seem to be coming in this direction. We better not screw up now.
No. 305547 ID: 2563d4

Dump the body down the hole.

...don't hit the doc with it if he's on the way up.
No. 305549 ID: 35e1a0

naw, too much blood to be worth it. grab the nails, and peak out the door. go whatever way is quieter or has no sounds.
No. 305634 ID: 1854db

Shit, this is going to be trickier than I thought. Knocking the guard out and throwing him down the pit would've worked out better for us, since then the room would've been clean. Oh well, it's not like we're going to be away from the room for a long time and the hole in the floor's suspicious enough. I guess you can dispose of the body but that blood puddle can't be hidden that easily...

Wait until the voices die down then peek out the corridor and look around. Or, if the doctor has a hand mirror we could use that to look in the corridor without being obvious about it.

...you know I kinda wonder what the lever did? Maybe the direction it's in is already the 'on' position and the skeleton near it was from someone dying to the trap.
No. 305726 ID: f5e4b4
File 130600763565.png - (211.19KB , 1000x888 , 79.png )

Doctor happens to have a mirror with him. I use it to peek discreetly around the corner: it's empty.

There are two more doors in this corridor. The closest one is open and the voices seem to come from inside. The other one is in the furthest wall, and seems to open to the proper prison and the cells.
No. 305729 ID: 35e1a0

okay sneak over to near the open door and use mirror to peek in again.
No. 305730 ID: 1854db

Yea, that's a good idea. Hey, does this guard we killed have any keys on him?
No. 305846 ID: eba49f

That blood IS on the mirror rather than on the floor/walls, right?
No. 306297 ID: f5e4b4
File 130618943589.png - (212.73KB , 1000x750 , 80.png )


Yeah, the blood is on the mirror. I wish Doctor kept the equipment clean.

I sneak up to the next door and use the mirror to take a peek inside. There's a couple of guards, drinking and chatting in there. One of them is facing the door, I can probably sneak easily, and Doctor too... but I'm afraid Mr. Bart will be easily spotted if he rushes in front of the door. I should think a way to solve this.
No. 306300 ID: 35e1a0

roll a coin into the room, try to make it roll into the man's boot. if you don't think you can with a coin then use a musket ball. the moment he looks down at it you all need to dash across.
No. 306522 ID: f5e4b4
File 130627615113.png - (158.43KB , 1000x750 , 81.png )

I pick up the nails from the table in the previous room and search the pockets of the dead guard, but I find nothing of value, no keys either, just petty cash in his pockets. But with one of the silver coins I catch the attention of the guard in the other room, and we rush past the door without problems.

After a short corridor we arrive where the actual cells are. Most of the prisoners seem to be sleeping, but I can hear some commotion going on somewhere below this floor. My crew, maybe? They aren't what you would call a discreet bunch.

There's a hatch going down at the other side of the corridor, but there's a guard next to it, snoring peacefully.
No. 306538 ID: 35e1a0

sneak over to the guard and slit his throat.if a prisoner sees you then shush him and point at the guard and make a throat slitting motion. after the guard is down have them wake the rest of the prisoners but to be quiet about it, and you will be getting the ones downstairs and have them come up then you can all jailbreak together. let the common prisoners be the cannon fodder for your crew. any of them make it out alive then offer then a chance to join you.
No. 306544 ID: 28e94e

I don't like this. Be careful that the prisoners don't rat you out.
No. 306663 ID: eba49f

You should have a gun out (or have one of your henchmen with a gun) ready to shoot the guard if the prisoners wake him up.
No. 306674 ID: f5e4b4
File 130635941707.png - (222.17KB , 1000x750 , 82.png )

Alright, I tell Mr. Bartholomew to get the gun loaded and ready in case the guard wakes up, and I quietly sneak up t-

-Ohohoho, what do we have here? *cough* Such a pretty lady in thisshs miserable place... *cough*... I bet ssshe would be in trouble if the guard wakes up. *gurgle* Maybe sssshe will be nice and make old Slimes happy, if she doesn't want him to scream for the guard*cough and long gurgle*
No. 306675 ID: 35e1a0

poke him with the orb!
No. 306678 ID: eba49f

"The guards will be aware sooner or later. What isn't decided is whether I free you or have you shot. I suggest you cooperate."
No. 306690 ID: 2563d4

Looks like you've got a pretty good angle to swing your sharp implement back into his nethers, really.
No. 306714 ID: f0e3ae

say: "giggle, alright big boy, take off your pants and put it between the bars so I can reach it"
Then stab him through the throat when he does (so he cannot scream for help)
No. 306721 ID: e3f578

Jesus, just tell him to wait until he can buy a hooker with his freedom, goddamn idiot.
No. 306727 ID: f0e3ae

that works too... if you refine it. "How about i get you out of here too and you can get as many hookers as you want?"
No. 306826 ID: 1854db

Remember that we're not alone. Motion for the doctor to come over. He is sneaky and this prisoner is focused on you.
No. 306842 ID: 0d7a83

Show him your STABS, or if that doesnt work tell him you'll let him out.
No. 306914 ID: f5e4b4
File 130644009293.png - (230.65KB , 1000x750 , 83.png )

"Ok, listen up, you slime ball. I'm goin' to open up the cells, so if you have half a brain in that rotten carcass that pretends to be your head, you'll stay in your cell, quiet like a good boy, and get a hooker or a dead dog or whatever you can afford once you're free. But if you try to cross me, I'm going to slice your eyeballs and make you eat 'em for dinner. Is that clear!?"

I can sound pretty intimidating while whispering. Mom made sure to teach me that.

Ehehehehe, I was just kiddin' cap'n *cough*. Just games, ya' know. Please, let ol' Slimes go, he's harmless as a puppy. *cough*. No need to get all violent.
No. 306915 ID: f0e3ae

let him go... wash hand ASAP.
No. 306920 ID: 1854db

Sure. Give him a good glare as you sneak off (this time staying away from the bars)

Hey, think we could just knock out the guard? It feels wrong just straight up murdering someone who's sleeping, even if he is a guard.
No. 306921 ID: 0d7a83

uh I think slimes may have done something to our glowy red curse orb.
No. 306923 ID: eba49f

The orb of suspiciousness reacts to spooky dark tunnels... and to sleaze? Are we about to be ambushed by a pastamancer?
No. 306925 ID: 07416a

Stab him in the throat. I don't trust this fucker at all and he needs to die. Throat makes sure it's... Relatively quiet. Then, quick as you can, slit the throat of the guard.
No. 306927 ID: 2563d4

Disregard sleazeball, focus on guard.

We can leave him here or whatever later.
No. 306933 ID: 35e1a0

drop him, dash to guard and stab him in the neck.
No. 306939 ID: 44b73c

Maybe the ball reacts to your emotions? ...no, then it probably would've started acting up as soon as you grabbed it.

I don't know why, but it appears to be immolating itself. Here's a stupid theory, maybe it's a pheonix egg!
Yeah, but I honestly have no idea. We probably just have to work with the theory that it's reacting to something... that is probably in this very hall. That, or it was on a timer from when you entered that secret passage.
No. 307004 ID: eba49f

The timer bit seems the most likely at this stage. It seems a bit hard for some eldrich thing to be in a building full guards (who don't seem to be cultists).
No. 307010 ID: a01cf8

It might react to the amount of death associated with the closest place or thing.
No. 307146 ID: f5e4b4
File 130651861139.png - (173.35KB , 1000x750 , 84.png )

I let him go and resist the urge to burn my hand off to get rid of the disgusting stench that bastard left on it. Then I sneak up to the guard and take care of him, quietly. For a moment, I consider the idea of just knocking him out, but I don't want to take any risks. Besides it must've been the encounter with that scumbag, but I feel pretty violent. I needed that. It was either that or punch a wall until I bleed.

Anyways, I can hear voices coming from down the trapdoor, and now I'm pretty sure I can recognize some of my crew among them.
No. 307147 ID: 35e1a0

search the guard for a key and then open the hatch and peek into the lower room.
No. 307149 ID: d96bc4

Tell Bartholomew to point his gun elsewhere.
No. 307151 ID: 441b13

That mortared-over spot looks interesting. Perhaps a hole from a former breakout? If you can't find the keys, perhaps that place is weaker than the others.

I sincerely doubt that the guard that's right next to the cell has the keys.. unprofessional sounding. Dont bother looking for them, get your pick on.
No. 307173 ID: 1854db

Get down that trapdoor.

...wait don't we have lockpicks or something?
No. 307174 ID: 35e1a0

we have a lockpick yes, but we don't know how to use it.
No. 307190 ID: f5e4b4
File 130652845992.png - (148.09KB , 1000x750 , 85.png )

The dead guy doesn't have any keys on him, but that doesn't matter. I have a lockpick AND I know how to use it. That prison lock is pretty cheap, wouldn't take me more than a few seconds to open it. And the trapdoor isn't even locked.

And yeah, this spot on the wall looks suspicious, the mortar feels recent. The wall sounds hollow and it's easy to scratch, we could break a hole open just applying a bit of muscle to it.

So, should I try to open a breach in the wall, or just sneak down the trapdoor?
No. 307191 ID: 35e1a0

check below first. then if it has a cell but no guards then have bart attack the wall. let those prisoners riot around and be a distraction while your crew uses the secret passage.
No. 307207 ID: eba49f

In any case we want our crew out and armed before we let the other prisoners out. We don't want a riot while we are still vulnerable to getting mobbed.
No. 307210 ID: f0e3ae

while bart is breaking it down, you work on the lock.

A VERY important point... crew comes first. Releasing the other prisoners will give us a cover to escape under.
No. 307217 ID: 1854db

Trapdoor first.

Also I'm beginning to think that the orb is some sort of situational sensor. In here, it's showing danger- a red glow (because of the guards) and malicious intent- a black glow (because of the prisoners).
No. 307218 ID: 2563d4

No. 307219 ID: 07416a

Useful objects are not cursed.
No. 307257 ID: eba49f

Again, the orb failed to react to the portal that tried to eat us. Unless advancing machinery heralding darkness with sinister glowing spots and tentacles is harmless, it is either a unreliable danger sensor or not one.
The portal also freaked us out {strong emotion}, but the orb still did not react, so the orb did not react to emotions then either.
No. 307260 ID: 35e1a0

could be it responds to sentient thoughts. in which case it would ignore portals but react to people.
No. 307262 ID: 1854db

Or it could be a sort of spiritual detection thing. Maybe there are ghosts around?

Anyway we should bring it out to look at it more closely.
No. 307405 ID: f5e4b4
File 130662299171.png - (181.41KB , 1000x750 , 86.png )

I open the trapdoor and peek through it. The lower level is pretty similar to this one, but it seems to be better guarded. And there, in the closest cell, I can see my crew locked inside. The corridor keeps going and going, with more guards and cells, but the one that interests me is right here.

Unfortunately, it seems that I'm not the only person interested in that cell. A robed figure stands in front of it, talking with a feminine voice. I can hear part of the conversation. There's some musicality in the voice of the robed lady.

"...just a name, nothing else. It's not like you're betraying anyone. It's a simple question, with an even simpler answer."

I can hear ol' Sam replying.

"Nah, forget it miss. We don't know nothin' about whatever yer talkin' bout. And even if we did, we ain't no rats, we ain't gonna speak a word."

"Such a pity. Only a couple of hours until dawn, and then you will all be hanged. But it could be avoided by just pronouncing a name. One of your crew members, one of your comrades escaped from the Watch Tower this morning, during the attack. I just want to know who is that person."

"No luck lady. Our lips are sedated. Or salted. Or whatever, we ain't talkin'."

Many people change their minds when they feel the rough caress of the noose around their necks, gentleman. But I have time, I'll wait here until you have a positive answer or I see the last one of you and your friends hanging from the gallows. Nothing personal.

Ok, seems like the guards and the robed woman are not leaving. Time to improvise a plan.
No. 307408 ID: 44b73c

'Kay, I'm making my guess that it's reacting to that robed chick.

So let's see. We could try sniping them from up here, we'd only be able to get one by surprise though. We could chuck down an explosive if we still have any, I forget. Or we could try and get down there and take them on hand-to-hand.

I'd say shoot the robe-chick first. She's an unknown quantity, and you can handle the guards.
No. 307419 ID: 35e1a0

if we start shooting we need a distraction. also the way robes wants just a little name makes me think name magic. knows a name and can find or control a person. also mark down your crew for bonus points for loyalty. try whispering to the orb "what must i do?" that don't work then tell all these prisoners that your men are downstairs and anyone who helps free them will get a chance to join. if they don't want to take it then finally play crazy. shoot gun guy and jump down. get orb out onto your hand, may offer anti-magic power. and charge over and kill the two people.
No. 307432 ID: 07416a

Have the dude start breaking down the false wall. Also, release the prisoners- after stabbing Mr. Grabby- and have doc waiting at the ladder to slit the throat of anyone who pops up.
No. 307435 ID: ed9087

I think you should keep the orb hidden from the robed woman, she seems to be looking for it,
and we have no idea who she is.
For all we know, she could be some powerful wizard.

Also, trying to fight with your only hand full is a bad idea, if the orb's going to do anything it can do it from your pocket
No. 307464 ID: 1854db

If we want a distraction, releasing the prisoners upstairs would do it. Have them make as much noise as they like. We'll want to hide somewhere as they take the heat off us, and then we release our dudes and escape unscathed.
No. 307492 ID: 099797

After a breakout, they will search the place thoroughly for hiding stragglers. We can use them as a distraction, but if we do we need to escape during the breakout.

@Kanela What do you know of magical defenses? Is it common practice around here for wizards to have anti-projectile wards or such? Robes is almost certainly some kind of spellcaster, so the sooner we can get rid of her the better. Also keep in mind whether here is close enough to the other guards in the building for gunfire to be heard.
No. 307690 ID: f5e4b4
File 130671252316.png - (163.85KB , 1000x750 , 87.png )

Alright, first of all I use my lockpick to open the nearest cells. The inmates break out, roaring and causing quite the ruckus. Some guards come from the other side of the corridor and try to contain them, without success, but the noise will bring every last guard of the prison to this zone soon. And the prisoners are already running down the corridors, forcing the other cells open, releasing more inmates. This is going to get pretty chaotic really soon.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bartholomew breaks a hole in the fake wall, revealing an old passage down to the lower level, with an old, dusty ladder and everything. And yeah, the orb is vibrating hot in my pocket, like asking to be held, but I have no idea to what is it reacting.


Well, I'm a Ninoth (commonly referred as Catfolk). We have a natural affinity with magic and mysticism. But personally I don't know squat about magic, and I wouldn't bet my hide on any kind of "natural resistance."

I don't have much time to think about the matter, though. The trapdoor is opening, I think at least one of the guards in the lower level is coming up. What should I do? Deal with him? Ask Mr. Bart to deal with him while I descend down the hole in the wall? Or something else?
No. 307694 ID: 2563d4

Unless you think you can OH YEAH out of the patch-job on the lower level with enough speed to actually catch them off-guard, the trapdoor's probably a better route.
No. 307751 ID: 099797

You should kill the guard coming through the trapdoor. Your enemies will then expect an attack through the trapdoor, so you should send Mr. Bartholomew to break through the fake wall on their level to attack them with a gun (using the remains of the passage for cover rather than rushing out). Open the trapdoor and attack them yourself once they are distracted by his attack.
No. 307752 ID: 35e1a0

and if the orb gets even more persistent when the robed figure gets closer to you then take it out.
No. 307755 ID: 07416a

Stab him in the neck. Then >>307751
No. 307897 ID: f5e4b4
File 130678801987.png - (104.81KB , 1000x750 , 88.png )

I lunge towards the ascending guard before he can even realize what's going on, and I put a clean end to his life. Easy job.

Then I tell Mr. Bart to jump down the wall hole and break through the wall of the lower level while I descend through the trapdoor.
No. 307898 ID: f5e4b4
File 130678808856.png - (245.25KB , 1000x750 , 89.png )

Of course, down here they were waiting for me... What the hell is wrong with her eyes!?

Well, how convenient. All this pointless interrogation and it turns out the kitty comes to me by herself. I really appreciate the gesture, dear, and I recommend you to surrender. Guard, seize her.

I can hear faint bumps coming from the wall. It looks like the mortared wall down here is stronger than the one in the upper level. I'm gonna have to hold them by myself until Mr. Bart manages to break through the stone.
No. 307900 ID: e3f578

Probably another psychic guy. fffffuuuuck.
Get all defensive and ask a question or get into a snark duel. We have a decent chance at winnign one of those.
"You fight like a cow."
No. 307909 ID: 2563d4

Shoot her. Also, where's the Doc got to?
No. 307911 ID: 1a3b5c

no no. she probably has a magic shield for bullets. shoot guard and then take out orb.
No. 307919 ID: 07416a

Agh, you were supposed to wait for Bart to start his kool-aid man impression before you dropped down.
No. 307921 ID: ed9087

Aim for the guard, wait till he tries to dodge, then shoot him at the end of the dodge.
After that, yeah, take out the orb, it might distract her while Mr. Bart breaks the wall.
No. 307924 ID: eba49f

Shoot the guard then demand to know what is going on with the orb (don't take it out just yet though). As long as Robes is not casting a spell, the small delay from talking works in our favor as gives Mr. Bartholomew time to break through the wall to properly flank her.
That, and she just might actually say something worth knowing about the orb.
No. 307951 ID: f5e4b4
File 130680251483.png - (179.29KB , 1000x750 , 90.png )

I quickly pull out my gun and shoot at the guard, the loud thunder of the gunfire reverberating over the roar of the riot taking place over us. But it's all noise and no results. The robed figure raises a hand just as I pull the trigger, evoking a barrier in front of her and the soldier, stopping the bullet in place.

"Ehehehe, I don't think so!"

"Shut up! You fight like a cow!"


Mr. Bartholomew hasn't been able to break down the wall yet, and I don't have time to reload, the guard is already charging, lining up the halberd towards me. I have to do something, and fast!
No. 307954 ID: 1a3b5c

just need to wait until the last moment then side step and push the blade to the other side with your blade. then after he runs past you stab him in the back.
No. 307955 ID: e3f578

Lambaste her for not properly following snark duel etiquette and that her comeback defense laugh is not a good comeback at all. It doesn't even have any class!

Just, don't take this tough fight too seriously or get pissed off. You need your A game here woman and pirates fight there best when they're witty rather than when they get mad at psychics/wizards. Surly as a renowned Captain and Thief you know this but even pros need reminders in dire situations.

That's right, don't take the tough fights seriously. Feel free to take the guard seriously and prepare to block and counter. CQC is the only way you're gonna get past their shields.
No. 307956 ID: 07416a

With a halberd he'll be telegraphing his moves all over the place. Just wait, get inside his guard, then show him your stabs.
No. 307970 ID: 1854db

Use your acrobatics.
No. 307978 ID: 441b13

Draw the orb. Aim it menacingly at them.
No. 307980 ID: eba49f

No. Robes here seems to be looking for the orb, and can use magic. Taking the orb out where she can tele-grab it is exactly what we shouldn't do (at least not until we know what she would do with it, or until we have a loaded gun so we can shoot her while she is distracted snatching it)
No. 307981 ID: 35e1a0

the orb is bonded to us. it is most likely a ruby slipper. this is the wicked witch after it, just because she wants it doesn't mean she can just take it.
No. 308122 ID: f5e4b4
File 130688655316.png - (327.13KB , 1000x750 , 91.png )

The guard is clumsy and tells away his movements years before doing them. He charges with the halberd like a bull, so I dodge and kill him like one.

"Ehehehe, that was fun! But enough playing around, I have a lot of work to do, and I need that orb. Time to die, sweetie!"

The wall is starting to crack down, Mr. Bart will be here in a matter of seconds. But I might not have that much time left...
No. 308126 ID: 35e1a0

use orb to deflect lightning bolt.
No. 308128 ID: abb743

Yeah do this. As massively retarded as it is as a plan the orb is the only thing you have on you that might have some magical properties. Of course you should also try dodge the attack if you can, but that corridor is kinda small for diving about.
No. 308129 ID: 46c430

Throw your knife at her? Him? It?
No. 308132 ID: eba49f

She looks like she is summoning lightning. You have a metal sword. If you can quickly detach the sword, you can stick it in the body and then crouch behind it, providing the lightning with a better path to the ground.
In any case, you should be ready to throw your knife at her at the same time Mr. Bartholomew breaks through and shoots at her. That shield looks like it only blocks in one direction.
No. 308134 ID: 1854db

Go "Wait wait wait, I can give you the orb, here, let me toss it over."
and pull it out then make a tossing motion with it. It will of course not leave your hand. Act confused and shake it.

Another idea I have is to throw your dagger at her to force her to cast a shield spell again instead of that death lightning.
No. 308141 ID: e3f578

I almost like this plan but it feels complicated and I kinda think that the metal sword won't be enough to attract the lightning thanks to being thrown by a mage.

Now you could try and use the body as a shield or insulator but... no wait no the first plan was better. Just get as far as fuck away from the bolt as possible with a matrix backwards dodge and leave your sword in the corpse.

Then say "It's seems your clock is off, hun."
No. 308145 ID: 2563d4

Magic laughs at your silly notions of lightning that follows low resistance rather than where the wizard wants it to go.

Put the sword in her body while she's busy doing a different thing with the hand that she raised her shield with and generally being a poncy show-off.
No. 308146 ID: e3f578

Okay, another plan. "Want the stupid orb bitch? TAKE IT!" and shove the damn thing on her face or somewhere else if you can't get a good shot.
Curse yourselves together, go on crazy shenanigans as you learn the meaning of friendship or gut one another in your sleep.

But no seriously your gonna make lose focus if you take out the orb and offer it for a second, get closer, then BAM motherfucker. Even if she knows it's cursed and will kill skin it off your corpse, she's cocky enough or worried about its to let you close.

She will be fucked when you're both end up attached to it because she can't zap you with lighting without it being a conduit.
No. 308166 ID: 330059

I say use the dead body as a shield. Doesn't rely on stupid shenanigans involving the orb somehow saving you or psyching out an insane mage who probably knows everything about the orb and won't be fooled by tricks for even a second. Also, for those worrying about the lightning conduction through you, it's a magic attack, which probably won't act like real lightning. Besides, it's probably a one hit kill spell, and dodging's not likely to work unless you can cling to the ceiling......DOH!

On second though, jump up and hit the ceiling! It works for Batman, right? I'm serious, in a closed corridor most people don't just jump UP. It's almost certain that miss witch will miss! :P
No. 308182 ID: 07416a

Yes what this dude says he is a plangooder
No. 308187 ID: f0e3ae

use the corpse as a shield, be ready to dodge, and try to buy time by talking...

Specifically say "all you want is the orb? if we fight there is a chance I could escape with it. Let me live and I will give it to you". Hopefully she says yes and you can keep drawing it out. Say "alright, uh, how do i make it detach from my body? it started glowing red in the catacombs and was stuck to my skin since" and/or "ok, no funny business... what guarantee do I have that you wont just kill me after i hand it over?, would it be harmed if I just tossed it past you and ran away in the other direction?"
No. 308539 ID: f5e4b4
File 130704665805.png - (412.13KB , 1000x750 , 92.png )

I slowly pull the gem out of my pocket, holding it on my open hand in front of me.

"You want this thing, fine, take it then!"

Any plan I could have in mind, any intention of using the gem as a ruse to get some time is suddenly erased from my mind when a surge of energy invades my body.

No. 308540 ID: f5e4b4
File 130704674089.png - (465.85KB , 1000x750 , 93.png )


"Eheheh... such... a pity. I was going to do you a favor and give you a quick end. I hope you think about this moment when you'll be begging for death. We'll meet again."
No. 308541 ID: f5e4b4
File 130704679029.png - (162.65KB , 1000x750 , 94.png )

I feel like I've been hit by an entire airship. Slowly I start recovering my vision and breathe normally, but I still feel pretty shaken. I hear the sound of the wall breaking down next to me.

"Wha...Who... Did I miss something?"
No. 308542 ID: 35e1a0

it's a magic eater and re-director. eats the magic from any source nearby and then blasts it. perfect anti-mage weapon. well now let's see about letting the crew out.
No. 308545 ID: 28e94e

No. 308552 ID: ed9087

Make a note to get that orb looked at by a wizard ASAP.

Lets finish what we came here for!
No. 308554 ID: 2563d4

Hey, a clear shot at her back.
No. 308556 ID: f9092d

Get Bart to throw you a gun and chase after the fleeing lady! You don't stay in this business by leaving enemies alive, she'll just come back with an even bigger hook than yours.
No. 308571 ID: 1854db

Tell him to shoot her!
No. 308576 ID: a41aaf

Another vote for freeing your crew and following her. You'd essentially be clearing your escape route as you go, so you can always fall back to the tunnel.
No. 308586 ID: eba49f

It definitely acted like that here, but there is one minor thing that doesn't fit with that. When we stepped out of the catacombs, the orb immediately extinguished, and when we stepped back it in immediately relight significantly faster than when we first entered the catacombs.
No. 308590 ID: 35e1a0

first time we entered it activated due to mage presence, second time it was already activated so it could charge better.
No. 308604 ID: e3f578

Shoot the bitch in the back. Don't give a fuck about honor or wit she isn't playing the game fairly.
A villain with decent challenge and BAM she doesn't even have fun with it so screw her.
No. 308696 ID: d8d42e

Who cares how it charges. You now have a ball that fires FRICKIN LAZER BEAMS. What's not to like? We can figure out how it works later.

For now.. I don't expect shooting her to work, but do it anyway. Also free your crew and get out of here.
No. 308858 ID: f5e4b4
File 130713989811.png - (279.59KB , 1000x750 , 95.png )

"Shoot her before she can get away!"

"Shoot her? Who is her?" Asks Mr. Bart, with a confused look in his face.

The corridor is empty. Of course, wizards and witches, if there's something they can do well is disappear.

But hey, that went better than expected. I free my crew, who burst out of the cell in clamors while Mr. Bartholomew gives them weapons. Now I have all my people back, and turns out this red sphere is actually pretty useful. I sure showed that bitch.

Alright, enough of self-congratulations, we're still inside of the prison with a riot going on. We could try to climb back to the superior level and get back to the secret passage, or try to fight our way down to the back exit. Or maybe try some other idea.
No. 308861 ID: 7aedd2

Grab the hottest guy or gal nearby (whatever suits your fancy) and give him/her a passionate kiss, then shout to everyone "THIS IS MY CREW. I TAKE CARE OF MY OWN!"
No. 308862 ID: 1854db

Did you reload your gun?

Anyway let's get back through the secret passage while the other prisoners keep the guards busy.
No. 308875 ID: 35e1a0

yeah with the other guys taking the guards attention you want to be sneaky so to the passage!
No. 308877 ID: 2563d4

Let's call this plan A.
No. 308881 ID: e3f578

Pfft, no. That isn't classy. Shit like that should be saved for something to be all happy about.

Too much crew to go through the catacombs. Back entrance is the best idea, then head to the ship. It'd take a good army to stop your crew and the guards should eventually stop giving a fuck and retreat.

I'm starting to wish we had Miss Redhead along for Demolitions. Could just make a door then.
No. 309075 ID: 099797

Keep in mind that this is the same city watch that captured the crew during a frontal assault the first time.
No. 309705 ID: f5e4b4
File 130740195599.png - (220.84KB , 1000x750 , 96.png )

Yeah, the back entrance should be easier to reach than backing up to the secret passage.

"Alright, men! Getting in was the hard part, getting out of this shit hole is a piece of cake! Because they can't stop us! Let's see them try! "e'll bring the whole place down if we have to!"
No. 309706 ID: f5e4b4
File 130740205812.png - (298.67KB , 1000x750 , 97.png )


...And this is what happens when I leave her alone for too long.
No. 309710 ID: f5e4b4
File 130740210494.png - (205.07KB , 1000x750 , 98.png )

Yeaaah! Another hit, keep firing, this is getting fun! Hey, there's someone peeking through the hole... It's Kanela! Get closer, let's pick them up. All according to plan, of course!
No. 309711 ID: f5e4b4
File 130740216248.png - (199.25KB , 1000x750 , 99.png )

We managed to get everybody on board before the guards reacted to the attack and started to shoot us. And we can fly out of here before they get their ships ready to tail us...

But I think we shouldn't come around this city for some time.
No. 309715 ID: 35e1a0

drop ballast rapid rise, full speed ahead.
No. 309717 ID: 1854db

No. 309793 ID: e3f578

Celebratory lesbian sex with your Master Gunner is totally called for.
No. 310129 ID: f0e3ae

more like celebratory orgy with everyone and everything on board!
No. 310131 ID: 7aedd2

No orgy.
No. 310141 ID: 55c4cf

three orgies in fact bring in snaketits i miss her
No. 310153 ID: ed9087

Celebrations aside, you should convene with your crew and figure what you're going to do next,
and talk about the mysterious undroppable orb that shoots energy beams, seeing how everyone you just rescued witnessed it.
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