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File 130073988076.png - (47.32KB , 512x512 , title8.png )
289838 No. 289838 ID: 9b6c31

[ Wiki ] http://tgchan.org/wiki/Tory's_tower
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No. 289839 ID: 9b6c31
File 130074005345.png - (39.58KB , 512x512 , 532.png )

Ha ha ha!
Factory built!
Gnolls cyborged!
Teleportation technology... studied bit more!
No. 289841 ID: 9b6c31
File 130074037093.png - (36.37KB , 512x512 , 533.png )

As for the factory, I just got it ready. I haven't used it to build anything.
Hm. I managed to improve teleportation-tech a little, but it is still bothersome and difficult.
Now... I think it is the time to make some contact with Ragno or Asuan. Or not! Or maybe yes! Or maybe not! Damn it!
Any ideas?
No. 289856 ID: c71597

How is Helena coming in her studies? And yes, if you can now churn out weapons then it's probably time to start selling them to people. Lets go with the Asuans first, because their name sounds slightly cooler.
No. 289857 ID: 8c73c8

make sure you stay anonymous when you sell them. then have them start a war with someone else. then sell slightly better weapons to the side that was attacked. keep going back and forth supplying weapons to both sides of the war.
No. 290110 ID: 9b6c31
File 130082585791.png - (76.15KB , 512x512 , 534.png )

Helena's studies are going fine. She is still practising basic things like algebra, chemistry and physics.

Yeah, I gotta visit Asuan capital and sell them some awesome weapons! Maybe I should meet the emperor. That might be difficult and dangerous tho. And those disguises... elf-costumes or dwarf-costumes ( Mr. Tallbeard and Ms. Beardtall )? Should I take Jan with me? Or any of MECHAGNOLLS?
No. 290111 ID: c71597

Take Jan, and disguise as an elf. And don't go to the emperor directly. Find some lower level army flunky to use to sell them the weapons.
No. 290130 ID: 867af1

OK here's a plan: Go speak to an Asuan military representative or war-happy noble and offer to sell them some situational, easy to make, but effective weapon. Like pump-action shotguns or something. Take no training to use, super easy to make, useless against your modern armor, but probably capable of piercing platemail with slug rounds.

Once the sale is confirmed send a few cyborg gnolls (with self-destruct units installed) to attack the Ragno border and have one of your flat-face companions spread rumors in Ragno about a new devastating weapon Asuan have started training their most faithful elite soldiers in. The intention here is that Ragno will strike back to show that they're not afraid of some new weapon. Hopefully things will then escalate into a war where you can drop a few nukes in to really stir things up.

As for the Factory: Maybe you could design and mass-produce a kind of "Locust" model warbot? Imagine a well-armored simple 4 or 6-legged beetle-like machine with a central monowheel and a steam/furnace power generator. It eats everything it can find to fuel itself and even if it loses several legs it could still pull itself along the ground on the monowheel. Easy to mass produce and if they work as intended then they'll move across the land in swarms, destroying and eating everything in their path, firing lasers, mortars or whatever else you can pack onto them.
No. 290149 ID: 180ec2

Ha, it almost sounds like a macro-scale grey goo type of thing. I like it.
No. 290153 ID: 28e94e

Simplify the robot a bit - the wheel is pretty pointless and makes it more complicated to produce, and instead of designing a whole new type of engine we might as well just install the standard fusion reactor (which lasts longer and is immune to scorched-earth tactics).

I'd also suggest that instead of shotguns we sell them submachine guns. A submachine gun has most of the same characteristics, but is harder to reverse-engineer and it uses up ammo more quickly (which means they're more dependent on us).
No. 290192 ID: cf244d

A shotgun is not likely to pierce plate. A rifle would be much more likely to do that, and would still be unable to pierce heavier modern armor. I'd recommend the AK pattern, which is very robust, so should be ideal for these technologically backwards folks. An SMG of some sort would be fine too, I suppose.

That robot design is flawed. That manner of powering is not likely to provide nearly enough energy. Furthermore, the locomotion system is overcomplicated. Just go with four wheels and we'll be good.
No. 290536 ID: 9b6c31
File 130099959772.png - (62.77KB , 512x512 , 535.png )

Yeah, I'll look into that robot-stuff!

Anyway, I took Helena and Jan with me and flew to the capital of Asuan. It is quite large and is surrounded by few walls. It is kinda pretty. I can't wait to nuke it!

Okay, approaching them is different matter. I could probably get through gates without a problem, but getting to the area of rich folk in the centre ( that's what I am assuming. It looks kinda divided. )
I could fly there, but I am not sure how will they receive me. Faggots even might try to shoot me down in worst case ( it would be useless though! )

And what are those chains about.
No. 290540 ID: 180ec2

Is... Is there something chained in the sky? I'd approach on land, just to be safe...
No. 290564 ID: 1854db

Don't you have some fancy scanner or binoculars or something? INVESTIGATE!
No. 290790 ID: 9b6c31
File 130109526424.png - (47.78KB , 512x512 , 536.png )

Yeah, let's check that shit out. There's pretty thick sea of clouds obscuring the view, so I just ascend a little and woah.

Nice palace.
No. 290865 ID: 1854db


Could be a good target for a missile strike at some point but for now we should proceed with the original plan. The ruling class is definitely up there. Think you can go up without seeming to be hostile?

Also note, giant fucking eye. I think it saw your ship.
No. 290871 ID: 8c73c8

should go back down and make shady deals with officers in military not with rulers. most likely snub your stuff simply to not seem weak in front of peers. the military guys will take all they can get.
No. 290899 ID: cf244d

See the thing hanging down from it? That looks like it might be the tether keeping the city to fly away. If that is indeed what it is, we want to have the capacity to cut that.
No. 290905 ID: c71597

Got to be some cool magics that are keeping that place floating.

Lets go find a military officer outside of the city instead. Should be easier to get access to.
No. 291292 ID: 9b6c31
File 130125829684.png - (83.42KB , 512x512 , 537.png )

Okay okay. No fancy skypalaces. Let's see.
According to people, there is military headquarters in the heart of the city. Penetrating the city was not too hard, just throw money here and there and BANG! Here we are!
No. 291298 ID: 9b6c31
File 130126049653.png - (82.74KB , 512x512 , 538.png )

>"Sorry, no entry for civilians."
"But this is important matter!"
>"Nope. Shorty, I can't let just anyone in."
"But I am the TECHNOWIZARD!"
>"Sorry, haven't heard of such."
No. 291301 ID: c71597

Well screw those bastards in there then. Lets go find a lower ranking commander that we can give a sales pitch to.
No. 291303 ID: 1854db

Ask him who we can talk to to make a business offer then.
No. 291375 ID: 6a9fdc

See, THIS is why you bring a sample of your work WITH you.
No. 291376 ID: 252e1b

Don't you have a stun gun or something non-lethal that you can use to force the issue and not upset too many important people more than you need to?
No. 291377 ID: 8c73c8

ask about making an appointment then.
No. 291488 ID: 7bf73d

Just summarize the deal. You've come from far away to sell your new devastating weapons to thex glorious Asuan army, but if you can't find anyone even willing to look at it then you could just sell it to Ragno instead.

Did you bring any guns? You could buy a leg of meat on the bone at a market and shoot it to bits in front of this guy to show him what your weapons are all about.
No. 291528 ID: 9b6c31
File 130134630536.png - (59.15KB , 512x512 , 539.png )

Okay okay! Of course I brought some guns! I will demonstrate! Or well... I'll allow Jan and Helena demonstrate!
Bam! Like that!
>"Woa. You are planning to give us weapons like that?"
"Sell! So, can I have that appointment with someone important now?"
>"Well, come back tomorrow at middday, then you might be able to meet someone."
"Bah. Tomorrow?!"
>"Yes. The most important officers are currently in an important meeting with the emperor. I am sure you can wait."
No. 291529 ID: c71597

Tell Helena to either put that thing on rapid fire or get out something that can do rapid fire and demonstrate that. I'm sure atleast one high officer could be excused from the meeting to see you after that.
No. 291530 ID: 8c73c8

it's not a matter of excusing. if they are meeting with the lord guy then they must be in the floating island. if they are there then it's probably a big deal to move them all up and down.
No. 291557 ID: 40cb26

Well then, why not invite ourselves up there? With utmost ease.
No. 291558 ID: 8c73c8

because interrupting a meeting would probably get heroes all over tory's ass.
No. 291559 ID: 07416a

PS important meeting is about FLYING DEATHBOTS SLAUGHTERING PEOPLE. I betcha ten bucks.
No. 291658 ID: 7bf73d

If possible leave a letter addressed to the military acquisitions officer or whatever. Officers love to have things in writing. Make it neat writing too.

How about you just have fun with Jan and Helena until the next day? Like spend a little money and get a feel for how the Asuan capital city works. I mean what's the deal with the flying castle?
No. 291687 ID: cf244d

In the meanwhile, you've got some time to hang around town and enjoy the amenities, I suppose.

Take a look at the wound, fool. It was a rapid fire burst.
No. 291711 ID: 1854db

Agree to wait.
No. 291718 ID: 55c4cf

Wait but invent something terrible and distracting as revenge for doing so. Unlease it during the meeting.
No. 291970 ID: e787f7

Just tell the dude that these items require you to personally make them, and as such your time is very valuable, meaning the price goes up the longer you have to wait, so it'd be smart for him to at least send a messenger to see if the higher ups want a meeting now in order to save a fortune on new weapons.
No. 291971 ID: e787f7

Just tell the dude that these items require you to personally make them, and as such your time is very valuable, meaning the price goes up the longer you have to wait, so it'd be smart for him to at least send a messenger to see if the higher ups want a meeting now in order to save a fortune on new weapons.
No. 291975 ID: 6a9fdc

No. 292567 ID: 9b6c31
File 130168428424.png - (71.34KB , 512x512 , 540.png )

Okay, I got a room from inn, we'll be staying here for the night. Jan is wandering around. He better not get lost!

Now, I am going to write a LETTER! I'll deliver it today, so I WILL get that meeting tomorrow. Now... formal shit... something short... hmm. Bah!

And yeah, after this letter, what should we do? What kind of entertainment were you thinking about?
No. 292588 ID: f44e9c

Re there any gladiatorial fights or something going on? Maybe you could get some quality food and drink for once and discuss your plans of destruction with Helena.
No. 292593 ID: 1854db

Go see a play. Or listen to a concert. Or whatever kind of artistic stuff they've got going.

...or you could see if you can find their library and read.
No. 293477 ID: 55c4cf

No. 293537 ID: 9b6c31
File 130185969976.png - (42.21KB , 512x512 , 541.png )

Letter delivered.
We went to eat. And drink. I hope Helena doesn't get herself smashed. Ugh, this food is not very good. It is edible and consumeable, but... bleh.
I gotta think about things. Develop mobile teleportation-tech... I could have extra-fast missiles capable of warping through armors. And build robots. Huge robots! Maybe moving fortresses! Oh yes! Mobile fortresses that launch nukes!

Ugh. I should do more important things than eating. Helena doesn't seem to have problem with the food.
Urgh, all these nobles chattering around...
No. 293539 ID: 1854db

Eavesdrop that shit.
No. 293541 ID: 07416a

Is Helena's disguise dripping? But yeah, nobles might have important info.
No. 293547 ID: 1a1116

I guess you were given some elf food. Was the dwarf food more to your liking?

Ask Helena what kind of giant battle robot she'd like to pilot.

What's the biggest teleportation issue? size? distance? Perhaps you could set up satellites by just teleporting them into orbit?

What about some kind of teleportation weapon/defense like a field that just disperses things into the surrounding area? I mean if they have some kind of magic shield then it doesn't matter if their organs go from being connected to being spread randomly over a 10 metre area. Similarly if they throw a armor-piercing spear then it won't do much if you turn it into splinters or just mirror-teleport it right back at them. Also if you combine the nanotech with teleportation then you could destroy armies from the inside.

Cheer up. Really you may feel like you're wasting your time, but you're getting a lot of thoughts and ideas. Tomorrow you will start your plans to push this whole continent towards a boiling self-destructive war and after that... Nukes.
No. 293821 ID: 55c4cf

Eavesdrop, drink Helena.
No. 294134 ID: 9b6c31
File 130203632901.png - (55.56KB , 512x512 , 542.png )

There is no limit to distance really. Or size. I could theoretically move a planet into different solar system. Well, theorically. Power costs would become utterly ridiculous. The problem is that even moving small things in small distances is unreliable, inaccurate and expensive. Sure, I can improve it, but it will take time.
That field-thingy sounds good, let's try that someday!

"Hey, what kind of awesome, huge, FANTASTIC battle robot would you like to pilot?"
>H: "Hmm, wha?"
"Like, mechas, metal warmachines with ARMS and LEGS! Or maybe not arms and legs."
>H: "Eh, I don't know... Something powerful? With those flying exploding weapons and maybe those burning light-things?"
"Missiles and lasers?"
>H: "Yeah, those."
"Okay! Thanks."

Okay, okay now! Let's focus! Focus on all this idle chatter around me!

>"...Hmph, I visited the poor ring today. Disgusting I say. Filth...."
>"...wonder what skypalace is like. Emperor herself spends all her time there, so it must be a beautiful place..."
>"...stupid elves. I hate them. There's one there. Looks stupid. And that female elf looks idiotic. Urgh..."
>"...I saw a mudcrab another day. Dreadful creatures..."
>"...supposedly ageless heroes are buncha of bums these days. Spending days around doing nothing while they could use their god-killing powers to help world..."
Uh. Bad!
>"...Konin makes wonderful bread..."
>"...Absolutely horrible I say! I had a close friend there. He wrote me back recently, so I can assume he is alright..."
Hey, it's me! They might be talking about things I did! Cool!
>"...I think Ragno was behind it all. I can feel it in my bones..."
>"So, how's Elilie...?"
No. 294138 ID: 0d095c

Uhhhh, God-Killing powers?

No. 294151 ID: 1854db


Hey, the lower classes seem to be despised here. Maybe you can check them out, see how pissed off they are. Maybe you could supply guns and incite a riot at some point... Maybe we can leave evidence that Ragno hired you to do it.
No. 294174 ID: 0f34a0

No. 294175 ID: cf244d

>God-killing powers
Don't put anything too important on this world. We want our shit to be on another world and ferried here when that's at all viable.
No. 294201 ID: 221021

Well, we just need to not do anything overtly evil for a while until we have a better idea of what these heroes can do. Heroes won't attack a random merchant, will they?
No. 294346 ID: 9b6c31
File 130209475172.png - (61.94KB , 512x512 , 543.png )

Bleh, I'm not scared! Not scared at all! Surely they are exaggrating! Maybe they just killed a god ( a pussy god to boot! ) and they have that kind of fame. They implied that they are 'ageless'. Immortal? I am sure I can kill them!

>"Hm, who were they again. Aloi, Dien, and that funny creature... Zozan?"
>"Zozin. And there was fourth one, but I think he died decades ago. But anyway, I am disappointed in their attitude. Supposedly they haven't flicked a finger at issues in past century."
>"Yes yes. But they are not together anymore and I am pretty sure they just want to rest now. Aloi became a politician, Dien and Zozin supposedly is indulging themselves. They are probably weak now."
>"The threat of Ragno will surely get them moving."
No. 294347 ID: c71597

Sounds like you can take it easy. They can be killed, they're probably just quite strong and would be annoying. But with the right methods I'm sure you can take care of them without that many problems.
No. 294352 ID: 9da1d2

Well why don't you test that theory?

Sounds like Aloi is the most public one, being a politician. Just send him/her a present. And by present I mean a nuke in a box with a quality courier who is paid to deliver it personally to Aloi (try to wear some kind of Ragno-like disguise when paying the courier, just in case). Then have tiny cameras and microphones on the box and a remote trigger so you can trigger the nuke to go off as soon as it's confirmed that you've got the right person next to it.

This will also cause a lot of collateral damage, but it's not like anyone you know or care about will get hurt, right?
No. 294392 ID: 28e94e

No need for a nuke. A simple brick of C4 or similar should suffice.
No. 294400 ID: 0f34a0

Apparently you forgot the pesky individual who destroyed a certain drill with their bare hand. Destroying their arm in the process, but still. They should not be taken lightly, even if we can kill them. At least make sure the messenger dies, so he can't be interrogated. If the blame is on another nation, all the better. The death of one of these heroes will probably interest the others, so you should have a plan for them too. And soon. You should learn more of how these heroes think of each other, maybe they won't give a shit if one dies. Wouldn't want to have to switch worlds AGAIN this shit is getting old. If you learn their specific weaknesses you may not have to blow anyone up, but thats no fun!

I am thinking you should choose the two supposedly weakened ones, see just how powerful they are. Then annihilate the politician with confidence.

Also where you gonna get dem nukes/bombs? Spent the last ones we need some more. Trade some more with dwarves or even start/take over your own mine. Mind control would be useful for this, get lots of workers. You can use robots too I guess.

You should also consider the dishonesty of the people you are doing business with. They might capture you and force you to make wepons for them. No doubt you can escape, but should have backup just in case. Also don't give them anything you can't easily defend against. Like high explosives or energy weapons.

Might I also suggest, biological weapons? Doesn't have to be a super virus, just something that can wipe a city real fast, like mass tear gas. If they can survive that, they will still be in chaos. Will be useful if you really need to make a nation fuck off. I would study all of the nations a bit to see what would be more effective against each.
No. 294407 ID: b50003

Right. There's no real need to be particularly worried. It's just a good sign that this place isn't totally safe. The only change this should make to our plans is that we should avoid storing things here when possible. I'd recommend storing things on our world where the mine is, it seems to be our safest location.
No. 294760 ID: 9b6c31
File 130220958702.png - (60.25KB , 512x512 , 544.png )

Nuke in a box you say? Hehe, that would be pretty damn RAD! In both meanings!
But nuking a politician seems like an overkill. Not to mention that there is that HUGE collateral damage! Brick of C4 will suffice. If it doesn't kill him/her/it, it will cripple him/her/it.

As for honesty of the Asuan? Haha, I gotta be careful then.
Chemical weapons? Nerve gases? Mustard gas? Tear gas?

But yes! I have to find more information on the matter of ageless faggots!
No. 294761 ID: 28e94e

The makeup on Helena's hand seems to have come off. You should fix that quick.
No. 294999 ID: a41aaf

Protip: no spicy food while wearing facepaint.
No. 295092 ID: 9b6c31
File 130230112418.png - (63.09KB , 512x512 , 545.png )

Huh. Oh shit.
"Helena, let's go outside."

Well, the colour was really wearing off! That is bad, but luckily I brought some for situations like this! It is in our room tho.

>H: "So, this is why you brought us outside."
"Yeah yeah, this is serious. What if someone saw your hand? What would we do then?"
>H: "You are just being jumpy."
"No, I am not! I am completely rational! Really! Really!"
>H: "Hm. Are we going back in?"
"Nope. We are going back to the inn. Just hide your hand. I don't want to my plans to be foiled just because of you."
>H: "Okay..."
No. 295094 ID: 9b6c31
File 130230160187.png - (194.58KB , 512x512 , 546.png )

Can't sleep. I am little nervous about tomorrow. Helena is constantly shifting. Disguise is kinda itchy.
Getting funded by this nation would be so damn sweet. I could build robots.
Robot soldiers. Robots with magic. Huge robots. Small robots. Robots operated by Helena. Robots operated by me. Awesome death-kill robots. Huge mobile fortress-robots.
Too bad I have to keep their powers in delicate, perfect balance. I don't want Asuan to obliterate Ragno.
I also could test particle weapons and all that jazz.

Uh. I could just stay awake and prepare for that meeting.

Jan hasn't returned.
No. 295100 ID: c71597

He's probably just out for a snack or two. No need to worry unless you hear talk about some zombie abomination tomorrow.
No. 295119 ID: 1854db

Take a late-night stroll.
No. 295147 ID: 0f34a0

Jan probably does not need rest, unlike you(i guess). I doubt he is hungry enough to run around eating people, but it wouldn't hurt making sure. You really don't want that kind of attention. As for preparation just make sure you find Jan before the meeting and think of what you are going to sell. You will need Jan if they betray you.

You should slowly introduce the tiers of weaponry. Pistols, shotguns, smgs, rifles, lmgs, snipers, grenades, vehicles, tanks, robots! Make sure they eat lots of ammo and are cheaply made so they break easy and need a lot of maintenance. But sell them high. Take turns giving one side an advantage through price and upgrades, so the other must buy better weapons to keep up. This will maximize your profits and allow you to control the flow of battle while still being weak to you. Eventually one or both will be weakened greatly. That is when you should strike. Destroy them, or dominate their government. With your own empire things will go so much smoother.

What is everything you currently have in possession? Just that smg in the demonstration? That should be enough to generate a profitable interest. When they start wondering why the enemy has similar weapons, just tell them you have a rival that steals from you or something.

Do not forget about those ageless faggots either. I doubt they will be a burden until things start getting fun, so just keep it on your to do list while area of the planet is still standing.
No. 295150 ID: cf244d

Jan's a big boy, he can take care of himself. Sleep soundly now, knowing absolutely nothing can go wrong.
No. 295222 ID: 9b6c31
File 130236633907.png - (9.23KB , 512x512 , 547.png )

Okay okay. Nothing wrong. Nothing wrong, everything will go absolutely fucking fine.

No. 295223 ID: 9b6c31
File 130236670149.png - (62.07KB , 512x512 , 548.png )

Okay, here we are.

>"Good day, mr. 'Technowizard'"
"Good day to you too."
>"I received word from one of the guards that you have weapons that interest us, correct?"
>"Now, let us discuss. What kind of weapons are you offering? Guard hinted that you have weapons that fire some sort of magic. And what do you want for exchange?"
No. 295237 ID: 5f0943

Tell them that you are offering (for the moment) a type of weapon known as a firearm, a weapon that uses a small, contained explosive discharge to propel a small metal projectile at very high speeds, and is powerful enough to not be hindered by most mundane forms of armour.
No. 295239 ID: 8c73c8

tell him to think of it like a super fast high-powered repeating crossbow.
No. 295250 ID: 0f34a0

Give a brief explanation, say it doesn't require any magic, and offer a demonstration. Be sure to impress him as much as you can. Then ask a ridiculous price but say you are very willing to negotiate. Price is not so important now, once they become dependent, you can charge all you want. If they refuse or you can't get an acceptable deal just tell them to imagine this devastating weaponry in the hands of every enemy soldier. You are interested in business and you have no specific allegiance. They can't refuse.
No. 295279 ID: cf244d

I'm selling firearms. As effective as magic, but nothing that blocks magic works on them.
Don't explain too much. Let them think of it as far beyond normal things.
Certainly don't portray it as a minor advantage over existing tech.
No. 295281 ID: 9b6c31
File 130238330863.png - (65.57KB , 512x512 , 549.png )

>"Repeating crossbows..? Without magic?"
"Yeah, that's awesome, isn't it?"
>Hm, interesting. It is unlike any crossbow I have seen. But your price... seems quite high."
"General Boori, don't forget that I need stuff to make these beauties."
>"Yes, yes."
"I can show you its awesome killing-power!"

We go outside and Helena demonstrates it. He is impressed, like he should be!

>"Hm. Make us two tens of these. We will give you materials you request. You will be rewarded after we receive said items."
>"Can you create them within 10 days?"
"Sure, why not?"
>"Capital! Just give us the list of needed materials, Technomancer."

We can leave this boring place after this boring discussion is over. Yay! What then? Should I just return to my tower? What about Jan?
No. 295286 ID: 28e94e

The initial shipment should probably be rifles or full-length SMGs, maybe with a machinegun or two thrown in. Machine pistols, while great choices for close-range fighting, are terrible for an open battlefield.

Attempt to locate Jan, then let's get back to base.
No. 295297 ID: 0f34a0

>'two tens'
What is that, 20 or 100? Or did he mean tons? And him giving you the reward after the delivery is a bit fishy. But understandable. Establish a contract next time.

You should really find Jan before you leave, and make sure to have him with you the next time you meet with this general.

When you get back to the tower, come up with more awesome weapon stuff for the nations to fuck each other over with.
No. 295298 ID: 0f34a0

Almost forgot, you don't want to give either nation an advantage yet! Sell your weapons to that other nation soon.
No. 295313 ID: 252e1b


Don't request the chemicals you need for the propellant, that's the important part. The rest is steel and grease and lead, but the propellant should remain a secret.

Request uranium too. Even if you don't need pitchblende to build the weapons, you can use it for your own purposes.
No. 295316 ID: c71597

Jan will show up when Jan shows up. Let him have some fun or something.

And you should probably head back to the tower. Might be time to try out the cybergnolls and get more material for you to convert to your zombie cyborg army.
No. 295341 ID: 180ec2

Check to see that he hasn't gotten himself arrested for something.
No. 295342 ID: cf244d

two tens = 2x10 = 20
No. 295427 ID: 6a9fdc

Make sure to bring protection when you deliver the goods. Don't want him taking them and then shooting you instead of paying you. Maybe that lovely mech from last time. And your dropship.
No. 295441 ID: 180ec2

He would be a total idiot to do that. You are the only source of these weapons, and if they kill you they will never get any more weapons or bullets ever again.
No. 295448 ID: a41aaf

How is your mass-production capability for small electronics? You could have some fun and give yourself a secret weapon:
Construct the guns as normal with a firing pin + primer in the cartridge. However, use a shock-inert primer (will not detonate when struck by the firing pin). Instead, the hammer will conceal a piezo crystal and a small, sort-range RF transmitter. The base of the primer cap conceals an RF receiver and an electroigniter for the primer.
Under normal operation, the pin hits the primer cap, the piezo in the hammer sends a pulse to the RF transmitter, which is received by the RF receiver, which ignites the propellant. However, to any mechanic disassembling the gun to replicate it, he will see the hammer hit the pin, which hits the primer cap, which ignites the primer, which fires the round. HOWEVER: any attempt to replicate the gun will not work with the ammunition! And if they replicate the ammunition, it won't work with the guns (unless they develop and substitute another suitable primer)! Being unable to successfully replicate the guns will discourage attempts to replace you as supplier, and you can easily undercut them with the price of ammo if they ever figure out how to make working primer, easily discouraging them from ever having all but a tiny stockpile of home-produced rounds.

The second benefit is: you can send out a signal and disable all the primer changes, rendering everyone's ammo useless in an instant! Or detonate every round at once, causing all ammo dumps to explode and all weapons to discharge indiscriminately at once!
And you could add a different key to each sides weapons to prevent ammo from one side being used in a gun from the other! Just to mess with them!
No. 295472 ID: 28e94e

No, that's stupid. They're already completely incapable of reproducing the ammunition, and this would just make it more expensive for us to produce.
No. 295485 ID: 6a9fdc

The problem here is that you are assuming people aren't idiots. If the guy is smart, oh well you brought some shiny toys that may impress him further. If the guy is an idiot (entirely possible) and you DON'T have protection, you're screwed.

Basically it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
No. 295487 ID: 8c73c8

if you do bring the robot paint it rock colors and say it's your guard golem. if he asks why you didn't bring it before tell him you didn't have enough things that bandits would rob you before.
No. 295517 ID: 595d54

I guess this guy might be planning to see if he can replicate the weapons himself if he's only buying 20 of them. Which is kind of OK with regards to your plans, but you'd miss out on some profit. I guess he could also just be cautious and unwilling to use loads of money on a weapon from an unknown source that's not battlefield tested...

Actually it occurs to me that Blue was taken down and it was equipped with projectile weapons. It would also have left bullets all over the place. Parallels could be drawn. Maybe you could mention something in passing about there being trouble in your technomantic order?

Why don't you try to find some independent broker in the city who could be your middle man from now on? He could sell more weapons on your behalf, handle the weapons deliveries and do this kind of boring stuff for you so you can spend more time inventing killing machines. Jan has probably gotten in trouble or he's hanging out with girls. Ask the city guards if they've seen him maybe.
No. 295522 ID: 28e94e

Actually, your cover story would also keep them from getting suspicious when the other side shows up with identical weapons. We are definitely using it.
No. 295692 ID: 9b6c31
File 130255628139.png - (31.11KB , 512x512 , 550.png )

Okay! Let's have some fun! Without killing people. It is less fun, but still fun.

Yes, 20 guns. That's nothing. I can make them easily one or two.

And sure, protection is needed. More reasons to build an awesome super-robot that protects me from assassination-attempts!
Maybe I should get a middle man. Maybe I should get BOTH.

I guess Jan is hanging out somewhere with the girls. I don't know. He seems like a person who loves women. But there are no human women here.

Anyhoo, Helena wishes to visit a bar. Sure, but I won't allow her to get drunk. That might be very dangerous now! Maybe a drink. Or two. No more than that.
We find a bar. Helena rushes in.

>"Okay okay, so, I was like, WOAH that is HUGE LIZARD! You remember, yeah? Big as a car! So, this is the awesome part, we just took the bag and put it over lizard's head. 'He was like WOOAH where did the lights go'. That was not enough, it trashed around. Then I got that axe and BLAM, right in the kisser!"

Oh goddamnit.
No. 295700 ID: 28e94e

Wait, who's talking?
No. 295708 ID: c71597

They might not have a sense aura power. As long as you're careful you might be able to learn quite a bit in there.
No. 296045 ID: ce15d1

Have you considered a middle man who is a robot?
No. 296053 ID: 980ade

This is...

I have no words.

Beyond awesome would be the best :D
No. 296098 ID: 9b6c31
File 130264164923.png - (92.02KB , 512x512 , 551.png )

Fuck yeah! That sounds pretty damn awesome! Robotic broker, magnificent protector, capital killer and simply superior decoy!


>J: "Oh hey! Tory! Good to see you!"
"Hello Jan. What are you doing."
>J: "Drinking with my new friends!"
>J: "Doum, Dosi and Manx!"
"Uh. Hello."
>"Good morning!"
>J: "While you were doing. Uh, whatever were you doing, we went on some monster hunting!"
"Anyway, we gotta go now."
>J: "Oh. I guess. Hey, guys. I gotta take my leave now! See you!"
No. 296099 ID: c71597

Ask him how it went and if they seemed like average power levels for heroes in these parts.
No. 296101 ID: 9b6c31
File 130264190976.png - (24.68KB , 512x512 , 552.png )

Urgh. Jan says that he did not leak information. According to him, he sometimes slipped some words unknown to them. Pft.

Anyway, we are finally going back home! Wonderful!
Producing those weapons is not going to take much time. I will have plenty of free time.
Let's plan! Maybe I should build that awesome robot that you suggested! I still have blueprints of my previous magnificent robot, TD-01! Recreating it will take some time and I gotta make some changes!

Hm, hmm..?
No. 296122 ID: 28e94e

No. 296214 ID: 0f34a0

"Lets plan" Fuck yeah! But first I think you should ask about how that monster hunting thing went. Are they actually capable of comfortable fighting powerful monsters? "huge lizards"? Or were they just wild animals? If the first then we simply cannot afford to take chances. Hey, what if one of them was a hero? I doubt Jan would not tell you though. Or does he not know about them?

As for awesome ideas you should make a computer that auto analyzes stuff about and around your base and offers tactical support. And tells jokes. And spams vulgarity at anyone who isn't you. This is necessary.

The badass robot/middle man should have the shape of a humanoid like an elf or something, and always have heavy clothing in case somebody gets a little curious about why he is made of metal. He could say it is a curse or something if they find out. These people are stupid about tech so they will believe it easily. How the hell can something made out of metal have a personality, anyway? You're awesome thats how. Make sure it has at least a bland personality and a background story. The whole middle man robot idea is great for spying on the city. You gonna buy him a house and shit? You could also use it to sleep in. +protection while you sleep.

Oh, and sell to those other faggots too! 20 of your weapons is still a major advantage, and they are on the brink of battle so you have heard. Can't have them fighting just yet.
No. 296279 ID: a41aaf

>huge lizards
Robots. Riding. DINOSAURS.
No. 296308 ID: 9b6c31
File 130271992019.png - (45.25KB , 512x512 , 554.png )

Hm. Jan says that they were kinda strong. It went well and yeah, he says that it was just a big, roaming animal.

Anyway, home sweet home!
No. 296313 ID: 9b6c31
File 130272133866.png - (62.47KB , 512x512 , 555.png )

Okay! I can do weapons little later! I might want to build very different weapons for the other side. Like lasers! It might be kinda cool!

Okay, now! I am going to fix the shield-generator. I've been slacking too long, now that I got the right tools from NSU, I might be able to fix it.
I do have a computer, but it does not automatically analyze stuff or tell jokes. Maybe I should program that part. I think I had a book about forming jokes.

Also, let's plan that robot, shall we?
No. 296314 ID: 9b6c31
File 130272136770.png - (7.46KB , 512x512 , 556.png )

Here is the original TD-01. Kinda simple eh? No weapons in pic, etc. It can fly short distances quickly, acrobatic ( thanks Yasui for programming that ) and is kinda resilient. It doesn't have personality, but that won't be too hard to program. It won't be a true personality tho.

So, what kind of disguise? Elf was suggested. What kind of weapons, personality and any other stuff I should add?
No. 296318 ID: 6a9fdc

Needs chainsaw blades along the shins and forearms. Magnums in the hands, flamethrower nozzle in the mouth, maybe pistols-caliber slug throwers or small lasers in the "eyes", micromissile pods in the upper arms and upper legs. 360 degree vision so it can't be hit from behind. Joints that rotate freely so facing can be reversed suddenly and weapons can be brought to bear on rear targets easily.

Basically just make it awesome and killy.
No. 296319 ID: 28e94e

Nothing fancy for weapons. A flamethrower, maybe a submachine gun will suffice. As for personality, keep it very formal and professional. For disguise, put him in heavy, concealing clothing - several layers of shirts and jackets, heavy work pants and boots, thick gloves, a hood or large hat, a scarf, and some goggles. Look for old, dirty clothing, stuff that looks like it's been through a warzone. We're going for the traditional "shady black market dealer" look.

Also, make sure you can watch the transfer. We need to see how they react and adjust the designs accordingly.
No. 296321 ID: 0f34a0

Making it look believable like a certain race sounds hard. Heavy clothing should take care of most of the concealment, but he should look somewhat real on the inside. Elf sounds good since you yourself disguise as an elf. But it doesn't matter as long as it fits the profile of the robot. He should have a very boring personality, and always try to avoid pointless conversation. We need him to look real and sell our shit, not gab with the locals.

As for weapons, go for the more silenced approach. Attach retractable blade things to his arms and give him some places to store magazines and his own silenced gun. He could double as your assassin which is great. Install a self destruct feature in case he gets caught and disabled, to be safe.
No. 296323 ID: cf244d

Give him a pot belly. The belly contains a gun of some kind, whatever's the biggest you can fit in that space. Any additional space should be storage compartments loaded up with explosives. You never know when that might come in handy.

If you haven't already, add the ability for us to wirelessly see through its eyes, and assume direct control if needed.
No. 296366 ID: 7903c0

Just model the robot to look a lot like your elf disguise.

Give the robot really good sensors, like lie detector-ish with a millimetre-wave radar and/or echolocation so the robot can detect falsehoods, hidden enemies and concealed weapons.

I think the idea will be to go for an alpha strike firepower approach. This isn't a battle robot, this is the kind of robot that can respond to threats with instant overkill destruction to make sure that all enemies die or that you and the robot can get a window in the chaos to escape to safety. Think you can fit a rapid-fire grenade launcher in one of the arms or legs?
No. 297005 ID: 9b6c31
File 130290516345.png - (9.96KB , 512x512 , 557.png )

Okay, done.

So, flamethrower in the mouth? Can do, but I can do better than that. BURNING LIQUID S-NAPALM THROWER! Oh boy!

SMG? Done!
Chainsaws and concealed blades? Done!
Self-destruction device!
Wide-spread shotgun for bonus!
No. 297006 ID: 9b6c31
File 130290522808.png - (7.61KB , 512x512 , 558.png )

Freely rotating joints, hm, great!

Okay! I am going to make it look like one of those dragons. Easy, and I think it kinda fits. He is a motherfucking dragon, not a pussy elf. Facial features seem to be easier too. Firing napalm like motherfucker.

And yeah, near 360 degree vision. I will add other fun sensors, millimeter wave radar for example!

Boring personality? Okay, I guess it's fine. Avoiding chats is reasonable.

And here's the clothing.
You are okay with this?
No. 297009 ID: 28e94e

No. 297010 ID: 9b6c31
File 130290593648.png - (28.98KB , 512x512 , 559.png )

Okay, I did not fix the shield-generator yet, but I programmed that thing you requested.


>"Dude, this shit is powering up!"
>"Everything is fine, no SECURITY BREACHES detected!"
>"Dude, you gotta hear this JOKE!!"
>"Okay, hear this!"
>"Your MOTHER is so OBESE, a LORENTZ CONTRACTION wouldn't have any EFFECT on HER EVER!"
No. 297011 ID: 9b6c31
File 130290599872.png - (37.04KB , 512x512 , 560.png )

I feel so bad right now.
No. 297012 ID: 07416a

Well, okay. Slightly error in the humor module. Does it learn? If so, kidnap a couple of bards and lock them in a room with a console until it turns funny.
No. 297014 ID: 1854db

OUCH. That was a sick burn. Get it to stop insulting you.
No. 297017 ID: 221021

Wait, do you feel bad because it made a bad joke or because it implied that your mother had an infinite girth?
No. 297023 ID: 0f34a0

It would probably be best to make the jokes friendly. Good to know it can defend itself with just words. WE MUST HARNESS THIS POWER.

No. 297196 ID: 9b6c31
File 130299100556.png - (45.81KB , 512x512 , 561.png )

Bad joke? More like on of the WORST jokes I have ever heard! Grrh!
Yes, it does learn. It's pretty common trait.

Anyway, I fixed the shield now. I better not break it again! I am unable to manufacture components required by this beauty!
Well, now I don't have to worry about things like bombs, projectiles or lasers or shit. Nice. It takes horrifying amount of energy to function, but it is kinda worth of it!

I will now be working on that robot and guns! See you later!
No. 297201 ID: 07416a

Go kidnap those bards or jesters or something. That humor module is criminal.
No. 297355 ID: 9b6c31
File 130304599220.png - (32.42KB , 512x512 , 5_days_later.png )

No. 297357 ID: 9b6c31
File 130304639859.png - (115.25KB , 512x512 , 562.png )

Gentlemen, behold! TD-02! Now I need a rad name for it! I haven't slept much in past days so my head is kinda empty right now! I finished those guns too!

"Hey, test test test, are you online?"
"Great. Is everything okay?"
>EVErything is fiNE, master.

Hohoho! It works! It works! Yeeaaaah! This is great! Awesome! Magnificent! Uh. Great!

Uh, I still have 30 hours to spend. Nice.

Ps. I didn't have to time to kidnap any bards. Sorry.
No. 297358 ID: 8e18cd


His name should be Veremarr
No. 297362 ID: 1854db


It is simply TD-02. Giving it a real name imply certain things that are best left... not implied.

30 hours... Hmm. How are you on food supplies? Feel like going hunting?
No. 297367 ID: c71597

It already has a callsign. And you could probably use some sleep. Let out the gnollcyborgzombies to kill a village or something, then check the recordings afterward to see how good they are. But you can sleep while they're out having fun.
No. 297374 ID: 28e94e

I'm going with this just because.
No. 297375 ID: 55c4cf

Dream hat needs to make a glorious return soon.

TD-02 looks extra great. It needs a solo adventure.
No. 297385 ID: a41aaf

In Asimovian tradition: TD-02 > 'Teddy'.
No. 297389 ID: 28e94e

Changing my vote to this.
No. 297392 ID: cf244d

This is the best/worst idea. Let's do it.
No. 297405 ID: 0bd0b0

Why not follow a trend, and name it MAXIMUM RAPE?
No. 297451 ID: 1854db

Okay I'm voting for Teddy.
No. 297461 ID: b6ca92

Expand on this. Have it be informally be referred to as "Mr. 2" and for an informal name, answer to "Teddy".
No. 297492 ID: 4531bc

I like it!
No. 297493 ID: 4531bc

I like it!
No. 297760 ID: 9b6c31
File 130323735384.png - (59.50KB , 512x512 , 563.png )

"Your name will be now Teddy!"
>T: "TedDY?"
"Yeeaaah! Isn't it great?"
>T: "If YOu saY So."
No. 297761 ID: 9b6c31
File 130323760826.png - (63.40KB , 512x512 , 564.png )

Okay, I sent my CYBORGNOLLS to raze a city far away! I am not going to babysit them tho.
Also, I shall build a new hat! It shall be great, awesome, magnificent and well-made!
We have enough food, no worries. Doc knows his stuff.

Anything else I should do?
No. 297762 ID: 980ade

Maybe program the OS to remind you every day of how awesome eveything you do is? This might sound silly but hearing something like this is always a nice thing.
No. 297764 ID: c71597

You're probably good to get some sleep now. Just remember to note where you sent the gnolls so that you can pick up the useable bodies there later when they're done. So you can add to your ever expanding army of cyborg zombies.
No. 297766 ID: 9a91b9

Can you get Doc to help you give No.2's face and hands a perfect flesh-like coating or something? Like a Terminator. If it can convince Helena and her friends that it is alive then you've done an excellent job.

I think the new hat should have a wide brim to hide your face if necessary and with a folding visor and ear flaps to give you techno-senses.

Make sure you set your alarm so you get those guns delivered on time.
No. 297797 ID: 0bd0b0

A classic gentleman's top hat with a monocle? Simple, but awesome. The monocle could be really powerful with nightvision/thermal. And the gentleman's hat could be.. well, it is just badass any way.
No. 297944 ID: 9b6c31
File 130332978561.png - (68.16KB , 512x512 , 565.png )

"Hello Helena!"
>H: "Oh, hello Tory. How are you today? You have been awfully busy for 6 days."
"That is because I was manufacturing guns and fabricating this AWESOME head wear!"
>H: "Quite!"
>H: "Uh, Tory, who the hell is that?"
"He's my new broker. Magnificent broker to boot!"
>H: "Oh. Hello."
>TD-02 "HEllO. How DO yoU dO?"
>H: "So, what's your name? They call me Helena."
>TD-02 "My NAme is TEddY."
"A-HA! I knew you would fall for it!"
>H: "Fall for what?"
"Hehehe! He is a robot. A rooobot!"
"You thought he was one of those leatherbags. Well, you were WRONG!"
>H: "Oh. He looks very life-like. His speech is still little funny. It's like he has some sort of strange accent."

Anyway, I'm off to sleep now.
Oh, by the way. I was thinking... When I am going to sell weapons to Ragno, I am totally going to need some sort of new disguise. And regarding weapons, should I sell them laser-weapons or projectile-weapons?
No. 297947 ID: 0bd0b0

I must say, excellent work on the hat. Does the monocle have those certain suggested optical enhancements? Those could actually be quite useful. Also it is very good that our bot is believable. If we could do something about the 'strange accent' that would be good but I doubt it will cause problems. He obviously isn't from the city.

Regarding weapons for Ragno, you should stick to projectile weaponry. If you don't care about letting them both know about your indifferent business relationships, sell them the exact same weapons. Then if you waited until the word of these new weapons travels to them it would give extra incentive to buy them too. But you could just hurry up and change the design and sell it to them now. Claim there is some competition as a cover-up.

As for the new disguise, Ragno was the dwarf empire right? They didn't care about you being a human so why not just stroll in with your new gentlemanly attire? I doubt people will find any connections but if they do so what. What are they going to do, stop buying from you? They'll just get fucked by the other nation. Kill/capture you? Teddy would like to object.
No. 297957 ID: c71597

Lets sell these guys projectile weapons. Then we can sell lasers to the other side and they might not figure out that it's the same guy supplying both sides.

And maybe you should give Teddy a different testrun. Tell it to go to a bar and listen to how the leatherbags speak. Try to get the AI to pick up proper mannerisms and speechpatterns.
No. 297964 ID: 7bb4f0

Maybe you could sell Ragno some kind of variation, like gyrojet guns. You could also just sell them light mortars or fragmentation handgrenades. Guns vs. grenades anyone?

However before you get to that stage you really want these countries to be at war. Maybe you should nuke something. You've got a few sub-kiloton bombs right? If you vape or irradiate a border village/town in a contested area then accusations will probably start flying about who did it.

Can you put some kind of fake scar or injury on No.2 to 'explain' his speech? So it looks like his throat was badly cut or burned or something.
No. 297965 ID: c71597

Nukes will probably not be necessary. And might make them both stand down in shock of what has been unleashed. Once one side has a very clear advantage they will probably start fighting quite soon after that.

And if they're not feeling up to it then we can get some cyborg zombies to do the job.
No. 297975 ID: 28e94e

Sell them projectile weapons. Just select different enough designs that they won't catch on immediately.
No. 297990 ID: cf244d

I'd say go with lasers. Keep things a bit different.

The dwarves are the dwarves. Ragno isn't them.
Ragno is, in fact, the other side. We've already got our contract with the first side established.
No. 298307 ID: 9b6c31
File 130351208701.png - (39.47KB , 512x512 , after_a_while.png )

No. 298308 ID: 9b6c31
File 130351239645.png - (88.12KB , 512x512 , 566.png )

Hello again!
Like you suggested, I am in a bar. There are few leatherbags, and Teddy is intently listening to them.

"Hey, any progress?"
>"Yess, Master. Progresss has been made."
"Awesome dude."

So, no lasers, just different design? Hm, why not?
Helena is drinking quite heavily. I don't think she'll be able to teach any gun-use or gun-safety. ( I promised to teach them how to use them. Gun-safety is optional ).
I left Jan home tho. He'll hang around with Doc and Sis.
I will meet that military-dude in few hours. Bleh.
No. 298515 ID: 0bd0b0

Teddy's progress is excellent. Laser weapons would have been the better choice imo if it weren't for the increased production cost and the fact that the people we are dealing with already don't know shit about the weapons.

Our 'allies' don't need to know anything about gun safety. Keeping them safe is not our concern. If they aren't stupid they should know what not to do with the weapon anyway. You should be wary about Helena using guns while drunk though.

I hope things go smoothly with the general. Keep Teddy on alert? He does need you for continued production but he may decide to capture or attack you. To keep you away from the enemy maybe. Should not be a problem as long as Teddy is there. Teddy is a damn beast.
No. 298520 ID: 1854db

I think we *should* give them laser weapons. If both groups are using weapons that have similar ammo types they would suspect something.
No. 298535 ID: 43d730

Ooooon that note, there's no specific symbol or serial code pattern on both sets, is there?
Good old no-trace manufactory?
No. 298545 ID: c2c011

Hmm, might be time to have a talk with Helena about her drinking habits soon. One or two would be fine, but getting shitfaced while important stuff is going down is not good. She needs to learn some moderation.
No. 298919 ID: 9b6c31
File 130368321862.png - (50.12KB , 512x512 , 567.png )

I will tell her on way home!
And yes, I did NOT engrave or print my signature on components. This time.

>B: "Greetings again. Have you brought the weapons you promised?"
"Yes, I have! You won't be disappointed. And dude, you gotta meet my friend, Teddy."
>T: "He llo."
>B: "Good day Mr. Teddy. My name is Julan Boori. It is pleasure to make acquaintance with you."
>T: "I agree."
"Anyway, he'll be providing stuff for you from now on."
>B: "Oh, and why don't you?"
"Busy, you know, making these weapons take time and effort."
No. 298925 ID: 9b6c31
File 130368468372.png - (79.62KB , 512x512 , 568.png )

"Okay, now hey, this is a gun! EAKG-2 to be exact!"
"Now, it might look awfully complicated and strange, but we swear it's not! We at Torian promise that you can use the weapon after you get it in your hands!"
"Grip it like this, point at person or thing you want dead, pull the trigger and BAM! Corpses! Full of holes! You can hold the trigger to fire continuously. More corpses! Filled with holes too!"
"It's that easy! Of course, you have to reload it with ammunition from time to time, but that is not a problem."
"Technomancer out, have fun!"

Hoho! Now Teddy will bring them weapons and ammunition every week. He'll be flown with Maximum Fuck ( autopilot ). Helena will accompany him.

Now I'll just to sell weapons to Ragno or spark the war.
No. 298937 ID: 0bd0b0

It is a good thing that you no longer need to visit them in person to sell the weapons. No risk for you, no precious time consumed. Same ol' money. Did Teddy's accent change back or did he just not use it?

I recommend you sell to Ragno BEFORE sparking the war between them. If they don't have your weapons they will be at a significant disadvantage. They may surrender early, or do some peace agreement bullshit. Even if the Asuan destroy Ragno, the Asuan will still be in good shape, which makes them harder to destroy in return. If the war lasts long enough those heroes will supposedly take interest. Maybe they'll even die on the field. So yeah go sell them some wepon. Also think more about what you are going to sell to them. Laser/projectile weapons both have advantages and disadvantages for selling. But they both seem acceptable choices.

And about the heroes, specifically the politician.. You may be able to sway him, help fuel the war. Make a 'friend' of him. Or at least know more about your enemy. Like where and when he sleeps, and how easy it would be to cut his throat.

recap: teddy is cool, sell to ragno before starting war, think again about type of weapon, don't forget about politician fag
No. 298946 ID: 07416a

Oh, hey, program Teddy to explode if he gets in range of the emperor. A nice succession battle causes massive chaos. Or just smuggle a nuke into the palace.
No. 299156 ID: 9b6c31
File 130373992890.png - (65.81KB , 512x512 , 569.png )

Back at the tower. Soon I'll be visiting factory to check everything is okay.

Anyway, Helena rushes inside, probably for WC.
Huh. Sister of Pain and Organist are having some sort of... tea party.

"Uh, hi."
>O: "Oh, how do you do Tory. It is truly lovely weather."
>S: "Hi Tory."
"What's this all about?"
>O: "Just drinking tea."
>O: "Sinclair, I have some important announcements to make."
"Sure, what?"
>O: "First of all, I won't be staying in your tower anymore. It is fine place to live, but there are things I have to do elsewhere."
>O: "I also broke your world-hopping device. Well, broke is such a harsh word. I just removed one, quite important part."
No. 299167 ID: 1854db

What. Why.
No. 299168 ID: 0bd0b0

Ask him why he would do such a thing. When, if he will, return it? Could you hope to replace it? This really sucks, but at least you now about your new great weakness. Try not to fuck up this time. Oh and don't attack him. Ever.

Please don't spend too much time on that other quest you were doing. At least give us a pause screen. It is cool too though.
No. 299198 ID: 180ec2

WHY? This is very very very notgood. You'll have to do a lot of reconsidering right now because if things go to pieces you have nowhere to run. You may want to reconsider causing a world war lest you get dragged into it. The big thing that you should focus on is your reactor and world device. Is the reactor still functional without it? If not, you invented it, so hopefully you should be able to rebuild it. Also, do you remember enough about how the device works that you could reconstruct one? Without it you have no way to escape, no way to acquire higher-technology resources, and no access to your mines. Try to make a plea to them.
No. 299203 ID: c2c011

He probably needs it for something then. Remember what he and sister is like, fucking with them means loss of limbs, so play nice.

Tell him that if he needed you to wait around for his return then he should just have said so, then assure him that it's no problem at all that he broke your stuff.

You're going to have to add something to your research list by the way, occult shit. Need to know how to contain and deal with demons and demonic entities. To avoid stuff like this in the future.
No. 299295 ID: b84932

"What?! But I have a mine in a different world I need to tend to and everything!"
No. 299406 ID: 9b6c31
File 130385470767.png - (40.72KB , 512x512 , 570.png )

>O: "Think it as... encouragement of some sort. Or as punishment. I also happen to need it for one particular event."
>O: "Extra spatial array calculator."
>S: "Stop screaming you vermin!"
>O: "Sister is right. You should tone your voice down a little."
"Grah. That part extremely hard to reproduce. If I worked at full speed, it would take me several weeks!"
>O: "Hm, correct. Don't worry. Void-reactor is okay."
"Pffft. Pieces of s"
>S: "Hush!"
>O: "Tory, I have only lied to you once. As armipotent being, I just want to make sure everything goes well. This will benefit us both, I promise."
No. 299410 ID: 0bd0b0

"Okay, I trust you, but I really don't appreciate this turn of events."
Say something like that.

Organist is being a total dick here but he is creepy as shit so keep your mouth shut. I wonder what he would need that part for.. hopefully not to fuck with you some more. It is good though that you can replace that part. Once this world is yours you can start rebuilding. I guess O just wants you focused. You need to use your new handicap as motivation. If you fail here now you will have pretty much no chance of success or survival. So get moving, make sure nothing can stop you.

Blow something up to make you feel better? :D
Oh and check on those cybergnolls.
No. 299412 ID: 1854db

Benefit us both...? Hmm. Alright. I hope it's worth it.

He said he only lied to you once, though. Was that about him being human?

At any rate, hold off on starting the war. Just deal weapons for now, and say that you ran into a snag and you can't produce as quickly as you could at first. Slow down production so that you don't run out of metal, and work on that replacement part full tilt. We need that world-hopper back online.
No. 299414 ID: 28e94e

>armipotent being
That explains so much.

Ask if we're getting the part back.
No. 299419 ID: 221021

It's not so terrible if you can reproduce it, and if they really are doing something important with it, it's not that bad, and if the void reactor is still functioning you should be fine for a few weeks. Just be careful not to get dragged into anything that would get you attacked; you said yourself you can't handle a siege.
No. 299429 ID: f4cd8c

Ask them if they need anything else for whatever it is they are doing. Also find out if you need to make a new array or if you can have that one back later. Also find out where he will be staying if not in the tower.
No. 299438 ID: f5fe2f

We already knew he was armipotent. It explains nothing in particular. In fact, his usage of it raises a question: Why did he bring it up? What relevance does his combat prowess have to his desire for everything to "go well"?
No. 299442 ID: 221021

No, Armipotent in the sense defined in >>/questarch/256061 and specific to the quest.
No. 299445 ID: c71597

... oh. Well I guess there's not much you can do about that. Just be happy that he finds you amusing enough to not destroy in unimaginable agonies.

Ask him if you can get it back once he's done with it.

Oh, and start plotting ways to get both him and sister firmly under your thumb. They're the strong ones right now, but that can change, and there might come a time when you're the one holding the best hand.
No. 299597 ID: a41aaf

Ask him how long he needs it for, and whether it's likely to get broken. If it's more than a few weeks, then make a new one, otherwise don't worry about it.
No. 299862 ID: 9b6c31
File 130401152714.png - (53.45KB , 512x512 , 571.png )

"Can I ever get it back!?"
>O: "No."
"Damn it!"
>O: "We are leaving now. Good luck with your genocide Tory."
>S: "Farewell, I hope I will never meet you again."
>O: "Haha, we will."
No. 299863 ID: 9b6c31
File 130401181360.png - (75.81KB , 512x512 , 572.png )

"Fucking flying shitwaffles in particle accelerator!"
>T: "Roger."

Aaaargh. I need to think! Think!
Okay, okay. I need to rebuild that particular part. It will be hard and take lots of time, but it can be done. I might also need to hire someone with experience in magic and shit. Pf.
I will kill them both when I get a chance.
No. 299865 ID: c71597

Motherfuckers! Ok, this changes things a bit. Can't get out of here if things go to shit. Fucknuts.

The plan can still go forward, with some slight alterations. Send out Helena and her crew with Jan along to gather information. Anything and everything about dark magicians and shit like that. Teddy keeps delivering weapons while you work of a replacement part.

We'll get out of here eventually, gather up more information and learn how to deal with the likes of Sister and that backstabbing Organist. Then we're going to fuck them up. But that's for later, more immediate problems need to be solved first.
No. 299866 ID: 1854db

Kill them both? That would be... very difficult. I don't think it would even be worth it. Some advance warning would've been MUCH appreciated but he said that it would benefit you in the long run. So let's just deal with it.

Why do you want someone with magic? I guess it could be neat to make some magitech stuff, but that isn't always worth the effort. It really depends on how well the magic meshes with your tech.

Maybe you can do a little research on armipotent beings if you're *really* set on getting revenge, but it should wait until after you're done replacing that part.
No. 299869 ID: 0bd0b0

I realize your anger, and it is quite justified, but fucking with these guys is a big fucking NO. They are being total assholes but at least they are gone now. It appeared as though they had some justification for fucking with you. Organist acts like this is for the betterment of you and them. Despite the total dick move by Organist, they have been more helpful than harmful. If Organist is really on your side this should turn out for the better. I see nothing wrong with having some magical defense against them, however. There may be some other magical threat as well.

The rebuilding of that important part must happen eventually. Nobody wants to kill you right now, so it seems, so if you wanted I guess you can go to work immediately. But I don't think you should. Focus on this world and make sure it is yours before those faggots come back. This world should have just as many resources as that other one you had a mining thing on. Start a mining operation near your tower. You shouldn't have to worry about resources after that unless you need something really big fast. Then comes the planning of annihilation and world domination and general mayhem.

Don't forget to blow something up! Make it big. That always seems to put you in a good mood.
No. 299880 ID: 28e94e

That bastard. We are going to kick his ass so hard... but before we can do that we should take care of some of our shorter-term objectives, like reproducing the part that treacherous, manipulative, backstabbing little leech stole from us.
No. 299890 ID: 6efa8f

On the upside their rooms in the tower are now yours. More space for your work! Maybe Doc needs a bit of extra room as well. You should go check what he thinks. Maybe he was told something else.

Perhaps you should make an ultimate all-slaying weapon. A Void Annihilator Cannon perhaps. That dragon Ceisyoli had an abnormal respect for the power of the void. Armipotent beings be damned if you can just suck them into the void.

In the meantime you'll have to slow down your plans since you don't have an interdimensional escape route. Maybe fortify the tower a bit more. Keep trading with the dwarves. Focus more on arming Asuan and aggravating the two countries into a war instead of dealing weapons to Ragno. You can sell them stuff later if the war starts. It'll be easier to get away with it when Ragno are desperate and losing.
No. 300031 ID: 6a9fdc

Guys come on, Organist isn't so bad. He did say that what he is doing will benefit Tory. It'd be nice if he'd asked first, but it's not THAT bad.

Sister of Condescention, on the other hand...
No. 300092 ID: f4cd8c

Just make sure that you don't let any of your schemes follow you back to the tower until you get the part replaced.
No. 300095 ID: 07416a

Fuck. Damage control. We have to live here now. Shit WILL hit the fan before you get that finished. Take the Maximum Fuck and Red out. Send Red to attack a village near the one you attacked before, then come in and "rescue" everyone by blowing Red up with the Maximum Fuck. Land and get treated like a Big Damn Hero and hand out candy bars and rocket launchers or whatever it doesn't matter just blame it on some other technodude.

Then construct the other technodude. Program him to build rockets and crap then send him into the mountains over there and have him blow shit up until you transport some heroes in to dispose of him.
No. 300098 ID: 8c73c8

no no. put blast bolt releases so that it LOOKS like it blows up but instead the parts just come apart.

i think he needs a magic person cause the part is partially magical. sister probably helpped build the first one.
No. 300150 ID: 9b6c31
File 130409415551.png - (45.55KB , 512x512 , 573.png )

Okay, the cyborgnolls are still travelling. I sent them far away. They are all fine and approaching destination.

And no, I don't need a magician to operate the device. It's just that it would be great to have someone to get information from. And yes, Sister did help me build the device by providing information about gates.
Also, combining magic with technology? Might work.

>Void Annihilator Cannon
I like your style. I'll see what I can do!

Hm, I even have more space. That's def. big plus. Maybe I should give Organist's room to Helena.
Anyway, replacing that component will be difficult and take time. Sure, I can devote time, but I still have to have my plans in motion. Tower already has kinda strong defense anyway ( those sniper-turrets for example ).
By the way, Ezekiel is healed. I'll send him spread some rumors and gather info like you suggested.

Damn this hair-gel.

Okay, okay. What now? Pretend to be hero or build other robot to deal with Ragno?
No. 300151 ID: f7aa74


hero time, if you wan't something done do it yourself
No. 300156 ID: 0bd0b0

Let us hope the gnolls fuck shit up. Must have been really far away for them to take this long.

Magitech is a good idea but we got more important stuff right now. Do you still remember about the 'gates'?

I believe we have already ruled about fucking with the void. Something about a void bomb swallowing us. But if you think you can make it work, much devastation will come from it. Hopefully on what is targeted, and not us.

I see no problem with taking up the faggots rooms. What would Helena do with the space though? Ask her if she wants the room, see if you could put it to better use. There is still Sister's room. Oh hey, did they leave anything? I doubt they would, Sister visibly had a pack on her, but couldn't hurt to check.

Wash your hair, put your gentlemanly attire back on!

Pretend to be a hero first. Should also take care of the blowing something up plan, to make you feel better. The.. reputation.. may also help with the Ragno deal.
No. 300176 ID: c71597

Pretending to be a hero will only attract attention, and then there might show up people demanding that you aid them with their shit at all times and crap. Will only be an annoying and potentially dangerous distraction. Just lie low and keep working.

Get another robot built and then get working on that device. Just try to lie low and let things progress while you stay at the tower and get work done. Don't go out in the Maximum Fuck or do anything that would attract attention to this place.
No. 300178 ID: 0bd0b0

I've changed my opinion about playing hero, this poster makes a good point. We should also do what we can to disguise the tower. Though the nature of a tower sort of defeats it. How about a weather machine?
No. 300576 ID: a9d7f5

It would be cool if you could use Helena's outlaw-tracking senses to have her set up a crazy extremist group in Asuan. Then give her underlings some simple rocket artillery and task them to fire rockets across the border at night from random locations where they won't get caught. Preferably hitting the estates of some rich, important people in Ragno.

I say rocket artillery since it is so obvious. If deadly balls of fire are coming directly from an enemy country, leaving incriminating trails of smoke then someone in Ragno will get very angry very fast.
No. 300588 ID: 28e94e

This is a great idea.
No. 300597 ID: 9b6c31
File 130426918241.png - (64.81KB , 512x512 , 574.png )

Much better.

Okay, a new robot? Oh, oh. Do I have to make it similar to TD-02? Or should I make a new model? It will take much more time.

Regarding void, I've studied to old texts and it gave me some hints about nature of void. So, it might be safer than I thought.

Anyway, I'll ask Helena.
>H: "What is it?"
"Are you interested in leading a group?"
>H: "Yes."
"Extremist group?"
>H: "Uh, yes."
"Crazy extremist group."
>H: "Yeah."
"Ookay, I want you to gather a crazy bunch of Asuans!"
>H: "Why?"
"Fire rockets at Ragno. Maybe some other stuff too."
>H: "Hm, why not? I'll see what I can do."
No. 300600 ID: 8c73c8

i must say, this is a good look for you.
No. 300603 ID: 1854db

Are you sure you want to attract attention without the ability to escape? I guess our defenses are pretty good, but... remember the team that bombed your mountain before.
No. 300608 ID: 0bd0b0

Just remake TD-01, inventing a new model would be time consuming without real benefit, unless we can come up with something good. You should give him a different race appearance since we already have a leatherbag selling our guns. Leatherbags seem the most convincing as robots though. You could make up your own race kinda, make him a dark humanoid figure in heavy clothing.
No. 300681 ID: 4be44e

You could use your handy factory to simplify the rocket mass production and hide them somewhere like forests or caves where Helena can send her potential future subordinates to retrieve them a few days later. Very little trace. Especially if Helena comes up with a good disguise and backstory.

Get ready to sit back and chill with a drink on your tower roof as you watch rockets streak across the sky, delivering destruction.

For the next robot base it on TD-02 frame, but vary the weapon loadout a bit. Maybe a different race? If you also make it look like an older person then the artificial robot clues can be hidden under a facade of wrinkles, fake cramps and pretend illnesses.
No. 301214 ID: 9b6c31
File 130444825455.png - (8.94KB , 512x512 , 575.png )

I have some missiles ready. Of course, I probably want to make more. Or bigger. Or both!
Maybe they should launch one of those sub-kiloton nuclear missiles?

Hm. Another robot. Hehe, yes, making them look like leatherbags is easy.
Anyway, what kind of weapon load-out?
Make up my own race...? Haha! Maybe, maybe! I am a god after all! Maybe not a god, but I think I am getting somewhere! What kind of race?
No. 301255 ID: 0bd0b0

Thinking of yourself as a god? Hard to deny with that suave attire. If you wanted to be magically powerful, you should look to sell your anti-magic field. Your genius may speed up the learning process. Your anti-magic field may also be useful though.

On the subject of a new race, let us not make a silly crazy creature thing. It is just to help disguise its true identity. A dark, bald, humanoid figure will do. Give him an assassin's look, and specialize his weapons and abilities in silence and darkness. Silenced guns, blades, poison. Let him be charismatic. Might help him fit in the crime rings of Ragno for extra selling, and kill small groups of people people without suspicion. Give him some bombs and shit though. He needs to protect us too.
No. 301677 ID: 9b6c31
File 130462637047.png - (50.66KB , 512x512 , 576.png )

Yes, brilliant! Let's decide the exact arsenal later.
No. 301679 ID: 9b6c31
File 130462682548.png - (79.24KB , 512x512 , 577.png )

Well, maybe I am not a god. Yet.
I am going to show her new room to motivate her!

"Hey, Helena, how's your new room?"
>H: "It actually has a door. Finally, the more healthy Ezekiel is the more annoying he seems to become."
"Hey, hey. That's great. Okay, I am not going to clean this room. That's your job. It's your room now. If you find any belongings of the Organist, bring them to me."
>H: "Like these papers?"
"Yes. Also, let's talk about that awesome plan involving missiles, Asuan fanatics and rich Ragno snobs."

This plan is awesome. Have Helena gather crazies, send Ezekiel spread rumours, haul missiles to safe place, launch, laugh at Ragno. Great! Anything you want to add?
No. 301680 ID: 28e94e

Go through the papers. The Organist probably wanted you to find them.
No. 301681 ID: c71597

Nah, it's a pretty solid plan. Just try to make sure that it can't be traced back to you. And lets get an update on our cyborg zombies. We might have need of expanded security forces in the future, so getting some more bodies to work with could be nice.
No. 301698 ID: cf65c1

Look at the papers for warnings or commands not to read them, maybe he wanted you to find them but maybe they're something sanity-destroying or some sort of test. Need I remind you that The Organist is not to be fucked with?
No. 301707 ID: d17cf9

Make sure to make a hero-killing weapon for Helena in case some do-gooders somehow manage to track her down. I'm thinking some kind of nanite mini-cannon. Even if it's blocked the resulting nanite cloud should kill most things. And she tends to wear that scarf. You could make a high-voltage tesla scarf! If anyone tries to get in close combat then Helena can use the scarf as a whip and electrocute anyone it hits.

Get her involved in the process as well. Maybe she has something to add and it would be good for her to have a bit of a clue regarding how the devices work.

Once you've got the ball rolling maybe you should take it easy and work on your void and teleportation theories while waiting to see if a war will happen.
No. 301908 ID: 9b6c31
File 130472129025.png - (54.46KB , 512x512 , 578.png )

Papers. Oh boy, Organist left a few.
No. 301911 ID: 9b6c31
File 130472132595.png - (79.14KB , 512x512 , 580.png )

What the hell.
No. 301915 ID: 9b6c31
File 130472141349.png - (52.82KB , 512x512 , 579.png )

Okay, this is just creepy.
Rest of the papers are just sheet music. Nothing interesting.
No. 301918 ID: 0bd0b0

What are you talking about? I don't see anything out of the ordinary.. oh.. wait.

I sense he has left some hidden message you must find out. May have to do with the sheet music. If he left that shit here it is because it was a waste of time to bring or he wanted you to see it for some reason.
No. 301923 ID: 180ec2

Can you play organ at all? If not, can you build a robot that can? Maybe playing the music does something. And if not, you've still got a replacement organist.
No. 301933 ID: 1854db

Those are names of other Armipotent beings, I think. Try to restore the writing.
No. 301963 ID: c71597

Looks like it might be some self-portaits or something.

Lets try to put those notes to music then, might be something interesting.
No. 301972 ID: cf65c1

Dude, he likes Bach. Play Bach.
No. 302323 ID: 9b6c31
File 130480604461.png - (94.07KB , 512x512 , 581.png )

Sheo... Kenel?
I have no idea.

Anyway, I quickly built a robot to play organs, and the sheets left behind that fucker do not provide anything new. Really. Toccata and Fugue, Passacaglia and Fugue etc. There is one thing composed by organist ( no name. Strange. )

Hm, this robot is kinda good. He misses few notes and fucks up from time to time, but does good enough.

ANYWAY! Weapon for Helena! Good idea! Gun, that scarf-thingy? Okay, can do.
I'll send her on her way after I finish it. Anything else? If not, I am going to get working on device, studying void and researching teleportation.
No. 302411 ID: 8e3bbc

Seems ok. Just make sure that Helena and Teddy's activities will be nigh impossible to trace back to you.

Ask Helena to keep an eye out for possible long-term associates. Like people you actually want to have hanging around in your tower. A magic expert/advisor would be nice.
No. 303020 ID: 9b6c31
File 130505797789.png - (47.31KB , 512x512 , 582.png )

Very well! I have no room for carelessness! And yes, magical advisor would be nice!
No. 303021 ID: 9b6c31
File 130505805407.png - (28.97KB , 512x512 , 583.png )

And Organist... I will make sure he suffers a horrible death! A extra-horrible death! Mega-bad, extraordinarily horrible death!
No. 303022 ID: 9b6c31
File 130505812409.png - (44.92KB , 640x400 , Stage6_clear2.png )

Everything is going... So well!
It is kinda eerie!

[ Thanks for playing. Starting next thread soon! Stay tuned! ]
No. 303058 ID: f5fe2f

That's not very nice. And potentially it's unwise. We don't know how powerful he is, he could fuck us over if we initiate hostility.

Losing the capacity to teleport is not "going well". Inasmuch as things are going well, they'd damn well better keep going well, or you're fucked with no escape.
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