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File 129204711018.jpg - (107.98KB , 912x547 , CQ2title1.jpg )
263558 No. 263558 ID: b6c6fc

the prequel


>and so we rejoin our heroes, as it appears in the maws of danger once again. will they find hope on this strange new world, or simply new horrors beyond the scope of imagination . . . only time will tell.
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No. 263559 ID: d0d015

Use earring.
No. 263560 ID: d28b2f

Oken, check if everyone is okay...
No. 263561 ID: 3416ec

Does everyone still have most of their blood?
No. 263567 ID: b6c6fc
File 129204770698.jpg - (94.83KB , 912x547 , CQ2page1.jpg )

I am AcePilot Asnia Oken

I am leader to a small band of soldiers, of those who remain they are

Geragine Mint, my pudgy engineer
Belial Fuze, our wimpy doctor

and Hoft, our gunner

it has been three days since the SpacePirates captured us on the DesertWorld: Jucha-19

now it appears they have crash, this is the perfect chance to escape, I wouldn't dare to waste it

(you may control all four characters)
No. 263569 ID: d28b2f

Well, "Loot" the cell is going to be a little useless, where does that tube go? What can you see of the exterior trough that hole? Has the lock of the door broken with the crash? What are those books about?
No. 263570 ID: d677cc

Is there anything that could be useful in here? You guys didn't have any gear last we saw you.

Also, any obvious exits to this room?
No. 263575 ID: bf9641

So, what happened in the space pirate ship? You guys still have most of your blood?
No. 263577 ID: a09a03

Gather everything that isn't nailed down.

Look through rent in wall.
No. 263580 ID: 701a19

Fuze: Check everybody to make sure there are no crash-related injuries.
Hoft: Scavange for improvised weaponry.
Mint: See if you can get the door open.
Oken: Investigate the holes in the room to see where they go and if those places are viable escape routes.
No. 263589 ID: b6c6fc
File 129205456867.jpg - (95.39KB , 912x547 , CQ2page2.jpg )

>Blood status
Mint managed to sabotage the drainer on the first day without the pirates noticing, they still haven't got it working again

Fuze managed to convince the Pirates that we'd live longer if we had our own rations, so we're all healthy and strong, and have about 2 days food and water left. Fuze also got us some slave rags, and a couple books (they're fiction novels) as it turns out he's rather good at talking to people.

>Oken looks out the hole

looks like it leads outside . . . at least we know the atmospheres breathable. we could probably squeeze through this hole, except for Mint, she might get stuck.

all I can see are a ton of giant mushrooms growing out of some sticky liquid, why do I get the strange feeling we aren't going to like this planet much . . .

>Fuze, doesn't find any injuries on anyone, Hoft can't find anything to make suitable weapons out of

>the door
the Pirates left the door unlocked, they told us they'd do horrible things to us if we tried to escape, they seemed pretty disappointed that we made no attempt

>the pipe
I have no idea where this could lead, but with the slant of the ship, we could probably slide down without killing ourselves, the broken edges look rusty and sharp though.
No. 263590 ID: d28b2f

Use the door, we can risk injuries with the tube (or injuring mint with the hole)...
No. 263591 ID: 283fa9

Hoft: Can you lift one of your crewmates by one of their limbs? Congrats, you now have a weapon. :3c

Everyone else: The best exit seems to be the opening outside, but I think we can wait to see if we can squeeze it open a little for Mint. Though maybe someone can listen to the door, then peek out if they don't hear a lot of commotion?
No. 263596 ID: 701a19

Go through the door, start searching for your stuff.
No. 263612 ID: c71597

The door seems like a pretty obvious choice. Maybe too obvious. Have Hoft take the outside path. Should be another break somewhere else on the ship and he can squeeze through.
No. 263620 ID: 87f985

if your planning your escape through the pipes you can use the books as a crude hammer or just lay them on some of the edges. your clothes can also do it.

if mint can't get through the hole, you can probably put some of those mushrooms back into the ship so she can do what is mention above with the shrooms instead.
No. 263631 ID: 771ab3

Hoft + Oken: Hoft, Lift Oken up and over those sharp, possibly-rusty pipe edges and hold her steady until she can start climbing down on her own. Oken, scout ahead.
No. 263635 ID: 2563d4

>sticky liquid
Yeah, I think I can see the problem there.

Open door, look out. Don't step out yet. It'd be nice to avoid getting slashed up and even better reclaim our weaponry on the way out.
No. 263636 ID: 1854db

Go through the door, in a ship full of pirates? That's crazy.

Cover the sharp edges of the pipe with the books so you don't cut yourself while going down it.
No. 263640 ID: 197650

The best options would be to get out and make as much distance between them and you by taking the obvious hole in the hull.
Alternatively you could try climbing through the tube, leave a bit of torn cloth on the whole, and send them on a wild goose chase.
No. 263673 ID: b6c6fc
File 129209169391.jpg - (67.83KB , 912x547 , CQ2page3.jpg )

>Oken takes a peek outside the door

crap there's a pirate right there!, luckily he hasn't seen me yet
No. 263674 ID: 7b904f

His gun's smoking, dude's been shooting people, that is 'not' encouraging. Although I have to wonder, 'who' he was shooting at.
No. 263675 ID: d28b2f

Close the door fast (but try to make it silently)

Where you missing the bugs? then I have great news for ya!
No. 263676 ID: 383006

let's close the door and try the crack, then. You go first and then have Mint go, that way we will be able to determine pretty easily whether or not it is a reasonable egress point.
No. 263677 ID: c71597

He appears to have been shooting bugs. Wait for him to leave and then get out and follow him. Find a place where you can ambush him and kill his fucking ass.
No. 263679 ID: 2563d4

Great. Bugs.

So unless you reckon Fuze got you lot pally enough with these guys that they're going to drop the whole prisoner bit to repel bugs together, you'd best shut and that go for the hole/pipe.
No. 263683 ID: 701a19

Oken: Pull your head back inside, but keep the door propped open a bit.
"Looks like you need all the help you can get. If you help us get our gear back we'll try to get you out of this alive, and unlike your captain we aren't bastards."
No. 263695 ID: dad664

Is that the same pirate we first met back at the Mercenary Town?
No. 263707 ID: d8cbe7

>the Pirates left the door unlocked, they told us they'd do horrible things to us if we tried to escape, they seemed pretty disappointed that we made no attempt

... have they made any mention of staying in your room, or any other reason NOT to be walking around the ship?
Talking to the guy seems like the best idea, just be ready to duck back inside if he points the gun at you.
The bugs probably weren't on the ship to begin with, so that means they're on the planet. We don't want to go out there unarmed or without a plan. Honestly it's probably in our best interest to stick with the pirates for at least a little bit.
No. 263717 ID: b6c6fc
File 129209688442.jpg - (63.24KB , 912x547 , CQ2page4.jpg )

>Oken notices the dead crawler
>Oken quickly closes the door

Fuze: "what's the matter Oken? you're not looking so well."

Oken: " . . . bugs . . . they're here"

Hoft: What! NO! we left those things back on Jucha-19!"
>Hoft hits the wall in anger
>Fuze starts to sob

That pirate was the same jackass we met in smuggler town,

>before Oken can decide if she wants to talk to the pirate, she hears gunshots and the sound of boots clanging away down the metal hall, it sounds like the pirate's moved on
No. 263721 ID: f1df52

Can you escape through the hole?
No. 263722 ID: e3f578

We're helpless without our raytech! Get that fucker back here, he doesn't really give a damn about you and more about staying alive. Get Raytech and his chances just skyrocketed.

Have Fuze do it though.
No. 263725 ID: 197650

if the bugs aren't native to this planet, getting out of here seems like a good choice. In the airducts or pipes of the ship its likely we'll encounter more bugs.

If the pirate is currently engaged he'll be dead soon, when he's left as dead or to bleed to death, loot his weapon.
No. 263726 ID: c71597

After him. He's got guns, and knows where they're keeping your raytech stuff. Can't let him get away, capture, interogate and then kill his ass.
No. 263730 ID: 7b904f

He has a gun, a big nasty revolver, and he's heug, running him down in a hallway and beating the shit out of him while he is alert and ready for just such an occurrence is 'not' a survival choice.

instead it would be smarter to take the pipe, or go the opposite direction he is.
No. 263731 ID: 2563d4

This. And don't threaten the man with guns or you'll remind him why it might be a bad idea to give you yours.
No. 263734 ID: fba40f

No. 263738 ID: c71597

Don't have to go at him directly from the front. Follow and wait for a moment when he's vulnerable.
No. 263751 ID: a41aaf

Totally Not Bean Bandit was at least not overtly hostile to your before. Maybe he stowed away on the ship?
No. 263802 ID: 9618e3

What do we know about the layout of this ship? Is there a supply room we could raid?
No. 263825 ID: b6c6fc
File 129213067067.jpg - (84.42KB , 912x547 , CQ2page5.jpg )

>Fuze enters hallway, he can see the pirate, and the body of a another pirate

this pinkskin has no augments, and he is too skilled to be a recruit, this man is not a Pirate

Fuze: "Sir! could you wait a moment!"

>the man stops and turns his head

Fuze: "Sir if you help us, it will greatly improve your chances of survival, with RayTech on your side these insects will not be able to trouble you"

Man: "hah. hah. hah, you think I'M the one that needs help? maybe you should rethink your situation a little. "

he's right, just looking at him, his sense of confidence, he's fought these creatures before. he probably will survive this . . . we need his help, he doesn't need ours

Fuze: "perhaps we could-"

Man: "make a deal? you had nothing to offer me back in Port Subturn, you've got even less now"

what IS it this pinkskin wants, not money, not power, not glory or courage, I have a hunch he may not even know what he wants!

Man: "tell you what, if you think you can keep, up feel free to follow me out of this scrap heap"

he must know we won't accept, we've slim to no chance of surviving in the wilderness out there with out our supplies

>the man walks quickly towards the stairs
No. 263828 ID: 8d8786

Well he might not be heading in the most direct route out of the ship. Alternatively, whatever route he DOES take has some chance to lead you towards your equipment or other supplies, and in any case he's clearly not going to kill you all and his presence provides some form of protection.
No. 263832 ID: 6436df

I have no idea what your feelings are towards this planet, but we know we don't want to be anywhere near these bugs, and I imagine you feel the same way. If you have any heart you would find it in yourself to help us, help you the best we can. Which is to help us get our Raytech back. We would be forever indebted to you.
No. 263835 ID: 463991

Enough with the jibber-jabber - get the others and follow this guy. He's not antagonistic, and without him, you furres don't stand a ghost of a chance, supplies or no.
No. 263851 ID: 45be60

If you don't know which direction you should be going, following the guy clearing a path has little down side.
No. 263856 ID: e43bfe

Wait... isn't that the guy you met outside the bar? He was actually pretty cool about you guys. Might be a good idea to follow him.
No. 263867 ID: c71597

Ask him if he could tell you where your supplies are.
No. 263870 ID: 2563d4

Pretty much.
No. 263894 ID: 1854db

If he knows where our stuff is we can quickly grab them on the way.
No. 263899 ID: 192c6d

Strangely, something tells me to wait. He will attract their attention. The bugs have yet to go after us.

If we follow from a distance, he should clear the way and we can easily follow...
No. 263930 ID: b6c6fc
File 129218286310.jpg - (82.59KB , 912x547 , CQ2page6.jpg )

Fuze: "wait, by any chance will you be passing by the room where they're keeping our gear?"

>the man stops again

Man: "sorry foxy, opposite direction. all the loot is usually stored lower aft storage bay. last I checked the place is swarming with bugs"

Fuze: " . . . Sir, you know this world, if we follow you can you tell me if we could survive? please sir be honest with me, with only what we could gather on the way out, could we at least survive long enough to get to a town . . . an outpost even, do we even have a chance?

the man doesn't say anything, but the sad look in his eyes tells me all I need to know

Fuze: "I-I see, well then I g-guess that's just how it is"

Man: "tell you what, if you can some how make it to bottom deck, you should be able to use your raytech to blast your way out. If you make it I'll be waiting outside, I can help you survive the swamp."

>the man throws Fuze a package, It contains a cutter blade, and 2 throwing knives
(a CutterBlade is a laser bladed RayTech device, for cutting through solid metal)

Man: "good luck"

>the man leaves up the stairs
No. 263931 ID: d0d015

I'm going to assume that you guys have no idea of the layout of the ship. So that means we just have to start heading the opposite way that he's going, assuming that the lower aft bay has not been crushed in the crash. We don't want to risk damaging the structure any further, so we can't really just use the cutter to slice through all the floors straight down to the place where all your equipment is.
No. 263935 ID: 2bc775


so tsundere...
No. 263938 ID: 463991

Get the others; go opposite direction of the man.

The layout to this ship doesn't seem too complex. Give Oken and Mint the knives, and give Hoft the cutter blade. Hoft should take point since he's the most experienced fighter you have.
No. 263939 ID: c71597

Well then, lets go get the others and be on your way. You need to get your supplies or you're not going to last long.
No. 263949 ID: 8d8786

This is the scene where we wait a few moments before Fuze, looking longingly towards the stairs the man vanished up into, quietly murmurs "B-But I don't even know your name..."
No. 263968 ID: 192c6d

Fuze: Quietly thank him while feeling strange sensations of attraction and comraderie towards him, then inform the group.
No. 264021 ID: a3ac0a

search every room of this level, they shouldn't be packed with bugs
No. 264086 ID: b6c6fc
File 129221973172.jpg - (76.24KB , 912x547 , CQ2page7.jpg )

>Fuze explains about the pinkskin to the others, and then distributes the weapons

>the team heads down the hall
>Hoft tries to open the door, but he's not strong enough

Hoft: "now what?"
No. 264088 ID: 3416ec

Investigate adjacent door.
No. 264089 ID: c71597

Tell Mint to figure out where the bolt/bolts is that keeps the door locked. Use the cutter blade to cut it away. Open the door and proceed to loot.
No. 264090 ID: 8d8786

Pretty damn sure you were just given a device to cut through solid metal, and now we're complaining about a metal door being stuck? 2 + 2, fellows
No. 264091 ID: ee40a6

Hi: CutterBlade? Use it on the door.
But first figure out who can use it better - Hoft or Mint. If Mint's more proficient, being an engineer and all, have her and Hoft switch tools and let her do it.
No. 264096 ID: 701a19

You're supposed to TURN that thing on the front. That'll pull back the bolts holding the door in place and let it swing freely.
No. 264134 ID: 2563d4

>not strong enough
It's got multiple handholds. Get Oken and/or Mint to pull on it too, assuming its unlocked/you cut the lock.
No. 264256 ID: a41aaf

There appear to be windows set in the top. Someone give Oken a boost to make sure you're not going to suddenly release a tide of bug.
No. 264269 ID: 192c6d

They're probably powered doors. You may have to look for a manual override. This also means that it'll slow the bugs down, since they'll have to chew through stuff.

In other news, it looks like following may soon become our only choice.
No. 264290 ID: b6c6fc
File 129230027970.jpg - (102.51KB , 912x547 , CQ2page8.jpg )

>Oken feels that even if their combined strength isn't enough, they can always just cut the door open

I better check the window first though
Oken: "Hoft, give me a boost"

. . .
>Oken peers through the window

crap, it's the first mate Arclite, a Guilder who's made it his soul purpose to make our lives a living hell,

pirate1: " . . . ya sure the gun'll still fire? maybe you shou-"

Arclite: " Yaarrr, it be fine! just be a couple dents nothin ta be worried about."

I don't think we can go-

Pirate2 " look out, in the window a spy!"


uh oh
No. 264291 ID: e973f4

No. 264293 ID: 0405f3

"Avast yeaselves and go choke on a bugger."

looks like we 'arn't' taking that door.
No. 264296 ID: c71597

All of you, move out of the way now!

Open the door to the right and go in there. Wait for them to either go past or you can prepare an ambush. There's 3 of them though, which means you would probably be in trouble if you tried that and it didn't work without a hitch.
No. 264298 ID: 192c6d

Yup. That was a bad idea.

Run time is the now.
No. 264323 ID: 2563d4

Well, at least we didn't just barge in and get shot. :V
No. 264326 ID: 701a19

Please note that they have no cutting tools.
Seal the door, then taunt them from where they can't see you through the glass.
"Spies? No, we're survivors.
Oh, and one bad turn deserves another. Hope you have another way outside."
No. 264327 ID: 2563d4

Oh god no don't stop to taunt the armed people while we're trying to hurry.
No. 264335 ID: c71597

Yes, they only have big fucking guns. I'm sure it's a great idea to stop and taunt them where they can clearly hear us.
No. 264336 ID: 701a19

There aren't any holes in the walls where they were shooting; their weapons aren't going to get through this door if we seal it.
No. 264337 ID: c71597

Looks very much like it could get through the door to me. And we don't really know if it can be reliably sealed against the first mate. He can probably open up pretty much any door on this ship. Or they could just shoot open the window and lob a grenade through it. Taunting the armed and bloodthirsty pirates seem like a really bad idea.
No. 264488 ID: b6c6fc
File 12923871769.jpg - (65.94KB , 912x547 , CQ2page9.jpg )

>Oken and company quickly duck into the nearby room, which fortunately wasn't locked


Arclite: "YAAAR, were is they be?!"

Pirate1: the must've run off

Arclite: "AARRR, hurry crew, they went up the stairs!"

Pirate2: "are you sure boss? maybe the just went into one of the rooms?"

>the pirate takes a quick look into the window

Arclite: "don't be silly! those rooms be all dead ends, t'be fool hardy to hide in one of those! now let's not waiting round here!"

>the pirates can be heard trudging down the hallway
No. 264507 ID: 1854db

Saved by poor choice in hiding places!

Go to the room they just came from and investigate the stairs.
No. 264508 ID: 0405f3

Well, what's in this room, might as well take a look while we tremulously wait for their echoing ironshod bootsteps to fade into the distance.
No. 264512 ID: 302708

While for them to go up the stairs, and then haul ass into the room they just left.

I'd say bar the door, but you need to find some way to get back to your human pal.
No. 264520 ID: 2563d4

This. Just don't take all day about it.
No. 264528 ID: 515953

count the footsteps to make sure its all three of them and them not just trying to lure us out.
No. 264529 ID: c71597

Just wait until you can't hear them anymore, then open the door a small crack and peek through. If they're nowhere in sight then continue on your way to the stash of supplies.
No. 264534 ID: f1df52

Well, so much for waiting around until all the pirates are dead and looting their stuff.
No. 264706 ID: 192c6d

More like poor stature!
No. 264733 ID: b6c6fc
File 129247898933.jpg - (100.87KB , 912x547 , CQ2page10.jpg )

>the team decides to take a quick look around, while they wait for the pirates to leave

Fuze: "what a horrid mess, these pirates really need to learn how to tidy up!"

Mint: "looks like the scrappers were trying to fix their blood drainer with all these spare parts . . . hey! that's MY spanner!"
No. 264734 ID: ceacd2

Oken: Use ADORABLE DOE EYES to peek around the corner at the trail of blood.

Make sure to maintain as much cover bonus as possible and only have part of your head exposed.
No. 264738 ID: bc9415

search junk for missing equipment.
No. 264739 ID: f4134b

quietly of course
No. 264744 ID: c71597

Loot everything. Then check around that corner and see if the coast is clear.
No. 264747 ID: d0d015

Mint: Build something dangerous with your newly reclaimed spanner.
No. 264756 ID: 2563d4

Check for Prince's head.
No. 264773 ID: b6c6fc
File 129252974050.jpg - (78.29KB , 912x547 , CQ2page11.jpg )

>Oken looks around the corner and sees a short hallway a bloody staircase leading up

>Mint recovers her [MultiTool] and [MagnaSpanner]. Mint locates Prince! but is unable to find any other gear, or RayTech

wow Prince you've definitely seen better days,

looks like they cracked open his entire casing, it's useless right now, luckily his RoboBrain, and Interfacer are still intact

(the slave rags have no pockets they can store nothing in them. Items can currently only be carried in hands. when carrying 2 items, characters will not be able to climb, or fight properly. characters can still fight if both items are weapons, and they are trained in dualwield. no characters are currently trained in melee dualwield.)
No. 264774 ID: e3f578

Reveal mouth inventory slot, up shit we can carry to three. Or just shove shit down your pants or underwear if it ain't too pointy or big. You Astranians should stop being dumb pieces of shit and improvise your inventory. Hell I bet with some of the junk here and a sting or cloth of decent strength we can make a makeshift backpack. Just look for a boxlike object you can shove into for the pack part. You guys are horrible Macguyvers, damn. I bet our culture never even developed a similar concept, for shame.

Alright Oken are you on the aft side of the ship? Which direction is the aft if not? I'd suggest not going down there without weapons. Can you figure out what level we're on?
No. 264785 ID: 8adfc0

Fuze and Hoft should give up their rags to make a makeshift backpack - assuming they have something covering their nether regions.

Make Fuze the inventory bitch, he's useless in a fight anyway.
No. 264787 ID: bc9415

yea, hoft is a male, he has to give up his shirt for the greater good.
No. 264789 ID: 6360b2

Fuze: A Doctor useless in a fight? Huh I dunno, I think he might have the lowest hit of the bunch, but he definitely knows where to hit to do the most damage... +critical, -hit, -str, -toughness sa: increase recovery, and medical knowledge.

Mint our engineer, that clearly doesn't take the best care of herself. -evasion, +armor(against bludgeoning anyways...). sa: tech-use, repair(or rather "improve") mechanics.

and we know prince is the strongest of them and can or rather once could have carry the most. now he is literally an object that my guess is currently offline and for the most part useless atm.

hoft is the gunner; +hit, +versatility to arms/armor.

oken is a pilot; +evasion, +movement
No. 264821 ID: 70d9eb

Off with the shirts and then back to rummaging for some string or something to make a backpack with.
No. 264864 ID: 2563d4

This. We must rescue Prince's brain.
No. 264875 ID: b6c6fc
File 129256333366.jpg - (95.16KB , 912x547 , CQ2page12.jpg )

>Oken figures, they're probably on mid deck, near the aft of the ship, the stairs lead up, away from bottom deck, which is were their stuff is supposed to be.

Mint: "alright puppies time to fork over some clothe I need to make us a bag!"

>Hoft reluctantly hands Mint his slave rags, Fuze does not, Mint does not have enough clothe to make a backpack.

Fuze: "if you need clothe so bad you should use your own!"

>Mint chooses to instead to make a simple sack
>Mint chooses to store her MultiTool in her bra
No. 264880 ID: 3416ec

Mint, stop staring at Hoft's pouch.
No. 264883 ID: 6b5971

Mint: Call Fuze a total pussmaster, and stop staring at Hoft's bulge.
You're a cat.
He's a canine.
Nothing good can come of it.

Hoft: help Oken see if there's anything of note up the stairs she discovered, be ready for a fight.

Someone might want to check and see if the pirates have cleared the hall yet or not too.
No. 264884 ID: 1854db

Mint: Stealthily continue to admire man-meat.

Fuze: Peek out the window again, before
Everyone: Advance towards the staircase.
No. 264887 ID: 0405f3

I suspect some little technically minded lass wouldn't mind taking that chassis out for a test drive ehh?
No. 264898 ID: c71597

Tell Fuze to stop being such a little pussy and hand over his god damn fucking rags.

Then lets move on, still got swag to find.
No. 264911 ID: 197650

all of you; this is a matter of survival, Fuze stop being a pussy, Mint, act your god damn age.
Hoft, you have nothing to be emberrased about, now follow Oken's lead. God damn.
No. 264956 ID: b6c6fc
File 129263220535.jpg - (65.98KB , 912x547 , CQ2page13.jpg )

>Mint turns her attention to Fuze

Mint: "what's the matter dandy? afraid you're not going to measure up to a fine specimen like snowy?"

Hoft: " . . . "

Fuze: "I out rank you engineer Mint! you have to show me respect!"

Mint: "oooh I'm so scared, what's baby gonna do? go cry to momma Oken?"

Oken: "both of you be quite! if you keep making noise the pirates might hear us."

Mint: "awww look sweety, mommy did make it better!"

. . .

>Fuze, checks the hall, it looks like the pirates are gone
>Mint gathers all the pieces she'll need to fix Prince and then hands the sack to Fuze
>Oken and Hoft check the stairs
No. 264958 ID: 197650

Mint you spend the first half of this mission sleeping on the fucking job and the other half hiding in a pillow fort, shape the fuck up or we're having you court marshal'd. That's right, we ARE going to make it out of this.

Is there any way of telling what direction the flow of blood came from, Oken? Was someone dragged up or did the blood flow down?
Put your ear to the door to hear if there's anything on the other side.
No. 264965 ID: 1854db

Don't show your face through the door. Just listen.
No. 264978 ID: 49cb26

The blood's location on the doorframe - plus the fact that it's red - indicates that it was a humanoid that opened and went through.
It's either:
1) Someone wounded and currently dying,
2) Someone dragging a wounded comrade, or
3) Someone being mind controlled by a bug and currently in a homicidal rage.

In any case, none of the above are considered friendly to our group. Keep your distance from the door and listen close to see what it is, but it may be better to amscray.
No. 265005 ID: b6c6fc
File 129264838137.jpg - (56.11KB , 912x547 , CQ2page14.jpg )

it looks like a body was dragged up these stairs

>Oken listens at the door for a little while
>Oken hears nothing but silence
No. 265009 ID: 0405f3

Note porthole, they seem to be useful so far in detecting threats. Also note that lasers and heavy caliber weapons likely have a fairly easy time of passing through glass or crystal, so be careful.

hmmm, If we had a mirror of sorts we could use it on a stick or rod to look through portholes or around corners with more ease and safety.
No. 265025 ID: 1854db

...no, let's not go in there. Go elsewhere.
No. 265033 ID: c71597

Get a boost up to check through the window.
No. 265037 ID: 49cb26

Use Fuze's glasses to construct a makeshift mirror and see inside the porthole without putting your head in harm's way.

If he protests, just remind him that you outrank him, and that he needs to stop being a whiny bitch.
No. 265041 ID: 701a19

Technically Fuze outranks them all, but he sucks at command so Oken's telling his rank to go fuck itself.
Fuze: Fondly regard Tiny Deer butt.
Mint: Hand Oken a shiny piece of metal plate she can use like a mirror.
No. 265066 ID: b6c6fc
File 129268330390.jpg - (56.85KB , 912x547 , CQ2page15.jpg )

>Oken uses a shiny piece of metal to look through the porthole

hmmmm, I can't see much, looks like another hall way, but it takes a sharp turn, I can't see any bugs or pirates
No. 265068 ID: 701a19

No visible threats? Then look through the window directly. If it still looks clear, then proceed.
No. 265077 ID: 6360b2

Why are we going up, when we should be going down for our items? There probably a hole near the bottom of the ship outside, why not go out the hole in this room and see if you can find one that everyone can fit through. could save time but it'll be more dangerous.
No. 265078 ID: 8bbd68


Fuze, Mint obviously just wanted to see more of you and got disappointed that you wouldn't allow it. She hasn't helped as much as she should have been and didn't deserve it anyway.


It's silent, you can't see anything in there. Continue!
No. 265092 ID: a41aaf

>Prince [...] luckily his RoboBrain, and Interfacer are still intact
Need to see round a corner? Prince on a Stick.
No. 265272 ID: b6c6fc
File 129278207370.jpg - (99.13KB , 912x547 , CQ2page16.jpg )

Oken: "OK guys, the coast is clear, let's go"

Fuze: "No Wait! that's not the right way, the Pinkskin man told us to go down, not up!"

Oken: "oh yeah, I must have-

Mint: "wow, I guess we can add gullible to dandy's long list of assests. since I'm pretty sure "stupid" is also one your list, I'm going to be a nice girl and spell it out HE WAS LYING TO YOU, maybe peabrain here didn't get the memo but his ADVICE led us right into the waiting hands of three of his Pirate buddies"

Fuze: "n-no! . . . he was telling truth! I'm sure of it, I'm quite good reading people-

Mint: "princess, the only things you've ever been GOOD at were crying and whining. and surprise surprise, guess what puppy's doing now"

Hoft: "what should we do Oken?"
No. 265273 ID: 8bbd68

Oken, control Mint! She's only been causing problems this entire time, and Fuze has had a harder time than the lot of you! You can't lead the group with conflicts like this happening.

She's only causing problems for you Fuze. Are you going to let her continue insulting you? Stick to your plan whether she likes it or not. If you want to go down, go down. With or without the rest of them.

Hoft. I don't know why you're not stopping Mint either, you're just standing there like a lemon.
No. 265276 ID: dad664

Oken: Punch Mint.
No. 265278 ID: bdf739

We don't have any particular reason to believe he was lying to us; that pinkie remained standoffish and neutral, though kindof a dick. In fact that makes me trust him a little more than if he'd been nice and overly helpful.
Still, we should be careful. We don't know what's going on. It's possible the pinkie doesn't know what's going on, either. And either way we don't know him well enough to put complete faith in him, even if he was truthful.

It's not the end of the world if we take a slight detour. Probably. We already found some of our things in this room, we might find some more further up. We just have to be really careful, and we can always come back.

So tell both of them to calm down. We have to work as a unit, guyyys! Also, stop yelling, you're attracting pirates.
No. 265289 ID: f32ea3

Since this is a PIRATE SHIP, you can expect to find pirates regardless of where you go - the pinkskin was very blunt about "if" you make it out or not, not when. He could have just shot you all or captured you and waited for his supposed pirate buddies for back up. Something's definitely off about that guy, but in this case, I think it's working in your favor.

If you're still feeling curious, crack the door and look around to make yourself feel better, but getting below is still our best option, so start back that way as soon as you can.

Oken: Tell Mint to keep her fish-smelling trap shut.
No. 265290 ID: 8bbd68

Besides, those pirates went upstairs. Best not to run into them.
No. 265299 ID: 197650

Give Mint 1 last warning, if she speaks out of line again you will discipline here yourself in the middle of this horribly fucking mess if you have to.
She has been next to useless with a massive ego, if she continues we will feed her to the fucking bugs to buy us some time if we have to.
You are god damn soldiers, if she can't act like a soldier, and you can't act like a commanding officer, you are all already dead.

shape the FUCK UP.

Oken, you're in charge, act like it. You decide where to go next. Personally I say check the secure chamber for anything usefull, spending half a minute in a different room to obtain a propper weapon will be well worth it.
No. 265411 ID: b6c6fc
File 12928281342.jpg - (108.23KB , 912x547 , CQ2page17.jpg )

Oken: "Mint! we're all on the same team here! we have to work together if we want to make it out of here."

Mint: "pffft whatever"

Oken: "Fuze is right, our stuff has got to be on the bottom decks, I can't think of any reason for the Pinkskin to lie to us."

. . .

>the team encounter nothing on the way so far

the other side of them room parallels this side, I guess the ship is symmetrical.
No. 265429 ID: 70e5c6

Have Mint and Fuze watch the stairs and halls for enemies.

Get a quick boost from Hoft and take a look inside the room that is opposite the one you just came out of (assuming that's a window). Maybe it's another storage room and contains something useful?
No. 265447 ID: 197650

you call THAT shaping up your team? Cut off her fucking finger next time she talks out of line, let her know YOU ARE FUCKING SERIOUS. Any serious commander would've executed her by now. We can not tollerate this sort of behaviour in a survival situation.
Act like a god damn squad leader already, you sound like a mom kindly scolding her kid for not turning off the lights in the bathroom for crying out loud.

Inspect the room, keep 2 people watching the entry ways. look for weapons or other supplies. Loot all you can and move on downstairs. Be sure to check before you do go down.
You have superiour hearing compaired to humans, use this to your advantage. If you can hear them on the other side of a door that doesnt mean they can hear you.
No. 265533 ID: b6c6fc
File 129291863599.jpg - (112.46KB , 912x547 , CQ2page18.jpg )

>Oken and Hoft head towards the far door-


Pirate: "HAH, I KNEW you little freaks did didn't go up those stairs"

>the Pirate's gun begins to charge
No. 265534 ID: 8d8786

You know the drill, Hoft. Thrust through the back and out the front of the ribcage, straight thru the heart.
No. 265535 ID: 8bbd68

Looks like Hoft is in prime position to sneak attack its weak point for massive damage!

The weak point being say, the head!

Fuze better uh, move.
No. 265536 ID: 9a5057

Oken! Distract with "What? That sentence structure was AWFUL. I have no idea what you tried to say just now."
No. 265537 ID: e3f578

lady why you killin' us there are bigger, badder threats in this ship where ammo would be better spent geeeze
No. 265543 ID: 4784be

Hoft: Stab her. Stab her so hard it makes your shipmates nervous about you in the future.

Fuze, you should probably move or duck or something. Roll sideward.
No. 265556 ID: 8f247f

Oken: Kick her peg-leg out from under her.
Hoft: Make with the stabbing.
No. 265559 ID: 701a19

Oken: Kick out her pegleg then grab her gun and force it down. Since that's a metal arm you won't be able to exploit mechanical flaws in pinky limb structure, so just keep her from being able to aim in anybody's direction.
Hoft: Destroy her meat-based arm. Even if you manage to inflict fatal damage on her she can still remain active long enough to pose a credible threat.
Mint: Stand there like a dumb fat fatty McFatfat. Or prove you're not a worthless piece of shit by grabbing Fuze at a run and diving down the stairs with him.
No. 265560 ID: 2563d4

But he doesn't have a neat hat to taunt with afterwards!
No. 265562 ID: 197650

Fuze: evasive actions
Hoft: stab her in the side, it'll probbably kill her, or at least throw off her arm horribly. Stabs are faster than hacks, remember that.

Everyone else, try to restrain her and keep her weapon from pointing at anyone.
No. 265568 ID: 12213c

fuze dive to your right, oken kick out her peg leg. hoft put your sword to her neck. oken kick her gun away towards fuze and mint, or pick it up yourself after u dislodge it from her surprised hands.
No. 265570 ID: c2c011

Mint, throw the wrench as a distraction.

Hoft, cut her fucking leg off.
No. 265585 ID: b6c6fc
File 129296277237.jpg - (107.14KB , 912x547 , CQ2page19.jpg )

Oken: "leave him alone!"
>Oken kicks the pirates peg leg out from under her,

>as the pirate turns to face Oken, the ship's harsh angle causes her to stumble

>Hoft activates the cutter blade, but doesn't have time to swing . . .

Pirate: "AAARgrk"

>the pirate is dead before she has a chance to hit the ground
No. 265586 ID: c2c011

Fuck yeah. You're not a bunch of useless bitches after all. Ok, looting time. Check what she has on her and take anything that's even remotely useful. Then get a move on.
No. 265597 ID: 8bbd68

Loot the body and carry on I guess.

Can anyone use her gun? I guess Hoft would be the most experienced, but it's best to ask first.
No. 265601 ID: dad664

Hoft: Act like that was TOTALLY your plan all along and not a fortunate mistake.
No. 265602 ID: 2563d4

Whichever of you can shoot straightest gets the gun. Unless it's Hoft and he's the only one with the heft to make good use of the blade.
No. 265603 ID: d97018

Alright! Oken, Hoft, way to go!
No. 265604 ID: 9cb4b3

Guns are better than blades, Hoft has training so he gets the gun, whoever is next strongets gets the blade.
No. 265605 ID: c2c011

The cybernetically grafted gunarm might be a bit hard to use if detached though.
No. 265609 ID: 0405f3

Well, that's why we put up with Mint, Sassycat, rig us up a trigger mechanism for this device.
No. 265616 ID: 197650

loot all of her equipment, that includes clothing, you never know when you need a spare piece of cloth. Other than that you can use it to hold more items like with the rag sack.

Assign the firearm to the one in your party with the best shot, which I assume is Hoft or you, Oken.
attempt to proceed downstairs. Remember, keep your ears open, you can hear them before they can hear you.
No. 265638 ID: b6c6fc
File 129298430063.jpg - (75.02KB , 912x547 , CQ2page20.jpg )

>from the pirate, Oken collects: an arm mount BlastGun, a short blade, 6 garbloons (money), a combat drug injector, a skeleton key and a Pirate bandanna.
I don't want to take the pirate's clothes, they're drenched with blood and bug guts.

>Mint adjusts the BlastGun, making it usable, it has 13/20 shots left

hmmm how should I distribute the weapons, as a gunner Hoft is the best shot, though Fuze mentioned he's got pretty good aim too
>Oken is proficient with: throwing knife, CutterBlade, short blade.
>Mint is proficient with: throwing knife, BlastGun.
>Fuze is proficient with: throwing knife.
>Hoft is proficient with: throwing knife, CutterBlade, short blade, BlastGun.
No. 265639 ID: 8bbd68

Hoft can use melee weapons a lot better. And Fuze needs to show Mint how useful he really is!

Give the gun to Fuze. Combat injector to Hoft. Then continue heading down.
No. 265640 ID: e3f578

Oken gets dibs on pirate bandanna to replace her goggles and the shortblade. Hoft gets the blaster and keeps his blade. Mint and Fuze handle the throwing knives.

Then Oken goes "arrrrrrrr" while keeping one eye closed
No. 265641 ID: 8d8786

I second keeping Hoft with the Cutterblade. Fuze can take the Blast Gun (and the bandana). Oken with the Short blade. Keep Mint with the tools and maybe a knife if she doesn't look too shifty at you.

I'm pretty sure that the skeleton key is just a miniature kickass guitar, but on the offchance it IS a key keep ahold of it. And give Fuze the injector, he's got the best chance of all of you to identify what it's currently got in it.
No. 265648 ID: c7e280

While I'm not confident in Fuze's melee combat ability, unless he can prove he won't hesitate to open fire, giving him the gun isn't a good idea. The last thing this situation needs is a weapon made useless by someone's unwillingness to use it. However he wasn't particularly shaken by all the dismembered pinkies encountered in the bunker, so he may have a stronger stomach for violence than I thought. Similarly, we don't want someone with an itchy trigger finger using the gun, so I'd consider Mint a no-no (lest she consider even helpful pinkies free pickings). Hoft seems more physically capable than the rest so he should keep the blade as a back up, but avoiding hand-to-hand combat is the most logical course of action since your opponents aren't always going to be caught off guard. Since he's the most comfortable with Raytech combat, I'd say leave the gun with him.

Distribute like this:
Hoft - BlastGun, CutterBlade.
Oken - Short blade
Mint - Throwing knife, Tools
Fuze - Throwing knife, Combat injector

By the way, I'm guessing the injector is some sort of adrenaline stimulant. Is that okay for Astranians to use? Based on size alone I'd think a regular dose for a Solar would probably kill one of them.
No. 265771 ID: 423100

>Fuze mentioned he's got pretty good aim too
>not proficient with guns
Yeah, right, give the gun to the guy that has to wear glasses to see properly, what could go wrong?

Hoft: BlasterGun. He can shoot straight and is strong enough to clobber someone with the gun in melee.
Oken: CutterBlade for versatility.
Fuze: stim pack, throwing knives
Mint: short blade, throwing knives (generic weapons for misbehavior).
No. 265779 ID: 644ca1

Hoft gets the pirate banana, he gave up his shirt so he deserves something cool.
No. 265800 ID: 2563d4

I disagree with giving Hoft any more druuugs after his questionable wisdom on their use earlier. The doc gets the drugs.

Mint gets the BlastGun on the basis that she's she only person proficient with it who's not Hoft, and between the Oken and Hoft need to make use of the short blade and CutterBlade.
No. 265804 ID: 8f247f

Hoft: BlastGun. If we have limited ammo we need to make every shot count. Give it to the trained gunner.
Oken: CutterBlade if she can wield if effectively, otherwise short blade.
Mint and Fuze: knives.
No. 265904 ID: fba40f

This, basically
No. 265991 ID: b6c6fc
File 129308408997.jpg - (117.54KB , 912x547 , CQ2page21.jpg )

Me and Hoft are now armed and dangerous

Fuze informs me that the injector would almost definitely prove lethal.

now what?
No. 265998 ID: 26d391

Head down below, Hoft take point.

If the injector is lethal to furres but not pinkskins, then smash it - it's of no use to you, and could be used against you if a pinkie gets a hold of it. Unless you want to save it for Fuze's pinkskin friend later.
No. 266002 ID: 9cb4b3

Berate Hoft for having extremely poor trigger discipline.
No. 266004 ID: 8555c2

I would have loaded them out. ordered lead to tail.
Hoft: cutter
Mint: blast
Fuze: knives & pack
Oken: short blade

Oken, point. She's not going to do any good behind Hoft. Neither is Mint or Fuze. Lineup is a bit fudged.

No. 266016 ID: 1854db

It's designed to be used on humans, and they're bigger than us. So much bigger that it'd be an instant overdose for Astranians right? Well let's save it and give it to the friendly pinkskin if we run into him again. DO NOT EVER USE IT.

Also let's go down the stairs.
No. 266102 ID: 2563d4

Haha, yeah, way to point it at Oken's head with his finger in the trigger guard while looking the other way!

Down the stairs, Hoft leads, Oken should probably stay at the back in case we get someone coming up behind us again.
No. 266370 ID: d6aefc
File 129316761765.jpg - (192.41KB , 912x547 , CQ2page22.jpg )

Oken: "Hey! watch where you point that thing!"

Hoft: "oh, sorry. Can you tell Mint to stop staring at me like that, it's kinda creeping me out"

Mint: "Snowy, I'm a foot away, grow some balls and tell me yourself."

Hoft: " . . . "

>the team heads downstairs

* * *


Pirate: "you MURDERED my beautiful Anita! I will have vengence! I WILL KEELL YOU ALL!"

hmmm, how will we get past this?
No. 266372 ID: fba40f

Poke the gun around the corner and fire once. Don't even stick your head out, at this range there's no way you can miss.
No. 266380 ID: 8d8786

Uh I think he might have a grenade...
No. 266386 ID: 701a19

"Ain't murder! She hit first!"

Blindfire at him. If that gun has a corner-sight then shoot his left arm so he drops that probable grenade.
No. 266387 ID: 0405f3

Either shoot his right arm or get back quick like becasue it looks like he's ready to toss an explosive!
No. 266397 ID: 8c1304

Ok, 3 options:

1st: (My vote) GTFO of that room 'till the grenade goes of, the assault him again.

2nd: >>266387

3rd: Do you know about baseball oken? try to home bat the grenade to him with your sword!
No. 266404 ID: 92c327

Lets be dark and assholes for once, throw his "beloved" into the room while he's shooting at you and watch as he mutilates the corpse by accident.

Take advantage of his devastation.
No. 266424 ID: 2563d4

...is that a grenade?

That's a grenade.

Everyone out of the stairwell. You'll never dive for cover with a huge lump of Hoft behind you.
No. 266427 ID: 192c6d


Inform him that it was his horribly disfigured body that killed her. It is merely the toxins of the bugs that are warping his feeble pinkskin mind.
No. 266435 ID: c7e280

I'd agree with this but I'm more inclined to get them out of that stairwell since he appears to have a grenade. Big problem is that running up the stairs isn't going to dampen the explosion, especially not if its some energy explosive. They'll need to get out of that room and shut the door, and they don't have time for that.

So this makes more sense. If anything, laying down some suppression fire should force him back before he lobs the grenade. Unless he's suicidal. Hmm.
No. 266438 ID: 8bbd68

Even if it is a grenade. Stairs+slope=grenade rolls back.

Wait until he runs out of ammo, if he closes in, blindfire around the corner.
No. 266443 ID: c7e280

That depends on a lot of factors. For one thing that doesn't look like a typical frag. We have no indication of the timer on the fuse, whether or not it has an adhesive applied, or if its triggered like a plastic explosive. Given the scenario shooting him before he tosses it makes more sense. Plus why let him burn through ammo? Mint can convert that into another weapon.
No. 266444 ID: 192c6d

You could just... you know... SHOOT him.
No. 266445 ID: 771ab3

Easy: Human shield of horror. Send the boy's girlfriend tumbling down the stairs and shoot him while he's distracted. If she's too heavy, settle for the head. You certainly have the right tools to make her lighter.
No. 266464 ID: 701a19

Hey, how advanced is medical science for both Astarans and Humans?
For example, science keeps pushing the line between living and dead back, and a person can be dead but not irreversibly so.
Would it be possible to, for example, cold-pack that pirate corpse, get it to a hospital, and have her recovered as long as it's less than a week?
Not that we would actually be able to do that in this situation even if it was possible and we wanted to; I just want to know if it's possible enough that this guy might believe it.
No. 266472 ID: d6aefc
File 129324130424.jpg - (97.47KB , 912x547 , CQ2page23.jpg )

>Fuze is pretty sure the pirates are to stupid to fully grasp the awesome potential of Astranian medical science

* * *

>Hoft blindly fires 5 shots before he is certain the pirate is dead
No. 266483 ID: 8d8786

No. 266490 ID: 8c1304

K, wait 10 seconds or as much as one of your shiny grenades takes to blow up before going into the room.

Anyway, what are the tactical advantages of shiny grenades?
No. 266493 ID: 701a19

Wait, you can do that? o.0
I was thinking it might be close enough for you to bluff, but if you can actually do that then we can change tactics a bit. Have mint scrounge together parts to construct a cryokit; if somebody goes down from a wound that doesn't crack their braincase, then you can freeze 'em and take 'em with you for treatment.

Wait 30 seconds, then examine the probable-grenade to find out what it is, if it's live, and how to disarm it if needed.
No. 266497 ID: f1df52

Keep quiet for a bit, listen to find out if anyone is responding to this noise.
No. 266499 ID: 8555c2

Quiet and listen.
Does "purple glowy grenade crystal" mean anything to you?
Wait ten seconds anyway to let it go off if it was a timed weapon.
No. 266711 ID: d6aefc
File 129333138718.jpg - (195.60KB , 912x547 , CQ2page24.jpg )

>after waiting 30 seconds, Oken feels sure the grenade isn't going to explode

Mint: "careful Twiggy, that's an armed PressureBomb the slightest touch to one of those panels and BOOM! this whole room's toast."

Oken: " . . . "

Mint: " I should be able to disarm it, but one small mistake will be all it takes."
No. 266714 ID: 2563d4

...can you leave it alone and just pass through?
No. 266715 ID: e973f4

Okay, Mint, you can disarm it yourself while the rest of the party waits in a location separated from your own by some sort of wall.
No. 266717 ID: 8d8786

Mint: Defuse bomb to show that you are a team player and have your usefulness.

Fuze & Oken: Evacuate to upstairs (and maybe cautiously check down the other set of stairs while you're there)

Hoft: Stand around corner of stairwell, wait for Mint to start disarming the bomb, count to five, then yell 'BOOM!'
No. 266719 ID: fba40f

No. 266722 ID: 2563d4

Unfortunately they are.

Do that but with Hoft actually standing guard should it seem likely to go off as you pass by.
No. 266726 ID: 1e9d01

Do not attempt to disarm the highly unstable bomb that has dubious usefulness.
No. 266729 ID: 701a19

Gently move the body out of the room. Since it's not touching anything that's touching the bomb (besides the floor) you don't need to worry about setting it off.

After that, take some thread and tie it to that bug's leg. Walk away with plenty of slack, and give the string a jerk when you're a safe distance away.
Remember: Pulleys work, and you don't want an explosive moving TOWARDS you.
No. 266730 ID: 192c6d


Leave it be. If anything, we should head back and try to leave, now that we have some usable gear. The bugs or pirates might set it off ... and that means a few less things to deal with.
No. 266757 ID: 2b7df1

After a certain shuttle incident, I feel that I would be remiss in my duties if I did not point out the obvious after the frantic combat and go "Hey, what's in the cabinets?"
No. 266759 ID: 8555c2

Mint, if you are confidant you can disarm it, then go ahead and try. Otherwise loot the cabinets and see about dragging the body away and looting it too.
No. 266770 ID: 771ab3

unfortunately disarming it is the best option. If its left alone, it will very likely detonate on its own, or when someone goes through the door the pirate's slumped against. Besides the risk of being harmed when the explosion rattles the ship, its going to alert the remainder of the pirate crew, and possibly things outside, that something ELSE bad is happening.
No. 266779 ID: 192c6d

Actually, I'm fairly convinced we should be fine to leave it be. It seems to be stable for now.

The issue with disarming it is simple: Mint says that this whole room is toast if it detonates. In the off chance we screw up, it means not only our Engineer dies, but possibly everyone else (discounting any possible durability of pirate vessels).

I'd feel much safer leaving it behind as a "gift" to anything that's coming after us. Not to mention that if it does go off and attract things to the ship, that'll hopefully serve as a larger distraction than ourselves (i.e.: not get eaten)
No. 266784 ID: fba40f

Disarm the damned thing already
No. 266790 ID: 701a19

You know we're heading AWAY from the exit, right? We're probably going to have to come back this way.
No. 266791 ID: 540013

Just leave it be, why risk our lives? If you're careful enough you can loot the room without triggerting the grenade.
No. 266798 ID: 8f247f

Still not seeing any compelling reason to risk disarming the bomb, unless the door behind it is where our stuff is being kept or something contrived like that. Unless we NEED to use that door just leave it.
No. 266853 ID: d6aefc
File 129339525596.jpg - (233.57KB , 912x547 , CQ2page25.jpg )

I can't ask Mint to risk her life like that!, but what if I have no other choice?

>Oken can't decide, she chooses to search the cabinet while she makes up her mind

>Oken finds: long coat, clothing(x4), book, battery, GravBoots(x4), MedKit, knife, blast jacket, RayGun (7/10), CarboSteel crowbar, gloves (x2), 87 vapins (money), StunPistol (8/20), hat, HandLaser (14/20), HandLaser (16/20), flight goggles, NanoStitcher (40/50), Tazer (45/50), AntimaterCannon (5/5)/(0/100), ShieldBattery (x4)(47,48,48,49/50), SpaceCompass! (36/50).
No. 266855 ID: dad664

Wooo, jackpot!

Also ask Mint if she's being serious or just pulling your leg with a really inappropriate joke.
No. 266857 ID: 701a19

Is that everything that they took from you?
If not, what are you missing?
No. 266872 ID: 5541c7

Its like you were late for christmas! Anyway, I say we detonate that thing from a distance, its to dangerous like that, the ship might be uneatable or someone can have an accident...
No. 266911 ID: 8f247f

Get dressed. After getting out of the room with the bomb obviously. And have everyone grab their weapon of choice. Also if it works that way give everyone a ShieldBattery to use.
No. 267110 ID: ca7c4e

the pressurebomb's panels need to be depressed to trigger, right? what if the bomb was shorted out by electrical current or exposure to some other energy source that wouldn't apply force?
No. 267288 ID: d6aefc
File 129351389285.jpg - (121.13KB , 912x547 , CQ2page26.jpg )

Mint assures me she isn't joking about the pressure bomb

>Oken carefully brings all the equipment upstairs
>Characters are fully combat ready!

Mint: "Snowy pass me that shield belt, I can divide the batteries amongst each of us"

>Hoft ignores Mint

Mint: "using that AntimatterCannon indoors is quite possibly the stupidest thing you-"

Hoft: "shove fatty, today we're gonna have some fun!"

last time I saw Hoft this exited he was trying to blast my head off, I should probably be careful about what I say around him

we have most of our gear back, we're missing a few things, but nothing essential.
what should we do now?
No. 267291 ID: b7798b

We need to meet up with spess pirat bitchnuts. He's outside the ship, right? Are we currently below murk level or above murk level? If above, can we cut through the hull with the cutter?
No. 267293 ID: 5541c7

Pose as a team because... oh, sorry, I appear to be late...
No. 267297 ID: 8bdb6a

Turn your shield generators on now unless there is a pressing reason not to do so, in which case you should turn them on at the soonest possible opportunity or at least when you smell trouble.
No. 267298 ID: 701a19

Define "nonessential".
No. 267299 ID: dbe1d7

Question: Will you guys be able to find anything to EAT on this planet? Your pinkskin pal will be just fine, most likely, but you guys have the worst digestive systems ever.
No. 267340 ID: 192c6d


Fuze: Pants are a waste and should be worn to keep your dainty ears warm. Besides, your Undies of +3 Fabulousness are all you need.

Hoft: Way to pose in a totally non-suggestive manner. No wonder Fuze is standing over there.

Mint & Oken: Okay, let's carefully retrace our steps and follow Don Pirate out of the ship. It should be easy since he's likely to have blasted a way out already.
No. 267341 ID: 8f247f

If I'm reading >>266853 right the AntimaterCannon only has five shots in it. Let's keep it in reserve for when we need it instead of wasting it on the first bugs we come across.
No. 267342 ID: 197650

Is it possible to blow a hole in one of the walls with that great big cannon, without blowing yourselves up?
No. 267343 ID: 2563d4


Backtrack to find the pinkskin Fuze used diplomacy on.
No. 267387 ID: 5c9b39

>AntimatterCannon... indoors...

Doesn't that reaction spit out hard radiation, like the kind that shreds your cellular DNA? Sounds more like mobile artillery than room clearer.
No. 267388 ID: 9b6c31

Yes. When matter and antimatter collide, they will annihilate eachother and procude ohgodsomuchenergy and gamma-radiation.
No. 267473 ID: b6c6fc
File 129360094230.jpg - (121.24KB , 912x547 , CQ2page27.jpg )

>Fuze prefers to keep his pants on his legs

I think we're missing my keys, a coat, some machine parts and some other stuff, it's not really that important I don't think

we have enough food and water to last us 2 days, we probably can't eat or drink anything from the planet, but I think we have enough resources to figure something out

Oken: "Ok people, I think we can use the CutterBlade to-"

Hoft: "I've got a better plan!"

>Hoft activates the shield belt, everyone else ducks for cover

>Hoft charges the AntimatterCannon
No. 267476 ID: 3297aa

We should probably do something about Hoft's batshit craziness before he gets everyone killed.
No. 267477 ID: b6c6fc
File 129360130432.jpg - (123.05KB , 912x547 , CQ2page28.jpg )

(AntimatterCannon is now fully charged, 4/5, 100/100)
(AntimatterCannon has 2 forms of fire, laser barrage or destructor beam)

Hoftt: "hey guys I found us a door!"
No. 267483 ID: 8d8786

Door leading where? And by the way we don't exactly want to just head in the direction that other not-quite-pirate dude went, as that'll for sure put us in Arclite's path as well.
No. 267487 ID: 0b5a64

Can we posit where on the outside of the ship we will be absconding to, in relation to where we are to meet pirate mc. piratepants?
No. 267503 ID: 9cb4b3

Did that go straight through the other side of the ship? Can you see outside?
No. 267547 ID: 2563d4

Stop wasting ammo, Hoft. Given the size of the flora, I dread to think what the fauna on this planet are like.
No. 267549 ID: c2c011

Yay, an exit. Onwards to adventure and shit. Go cautiously though. No pirate in the area could have missed that.
No. 267557 ID: fe688c


He's not wasting ammo, he was charging it.

Though I'm curious as to why it's saying 4/5 when it's fully charged.
No. 267559 ID: 192c6d


Mint, it's time to smack Hoft upside the head and tell him if he does that again, he could get us ALL killed!

We understand that yes, it's nice to have a big shiny toy, but if he's not going to be responsible about them, he won't be able to play with them.
No. 267584 ID: b6c6fc
File 129365554339.jpg - (109.19KB , 912x547 , CQ2page29.jpg )

>Mint smacks Hoft upside the head

Mint: "your new toy is going to get us all killed if you keep waving it around like that!"

Hoft: "Hey! I didn't risk the death penalty stealing this thing from the armoury, just so I could never get a chance to use it!"

it looks like Hoft's "door" does in fact lead outside
No. 267586 ID: c2c011

Excellent. Tie up some rope so you don't fall to your deaths when getting out. Oh, and check to make sure there's no pirates waiting at the bottom before you go out.
No. 267597 ID: a41aaf

>Though I'm curious as to why it's saying 4/5 when it's fully charged.
The x/5 is the charge that allows it to chew ammo out of the scenery. The x/100 is the ammo it fires. Think of x/5 as magazines and x/100 as rounds. Unless there is an additional alt-fire mode that uses x/5 to do something excessive and nifty (which I guess could be thought of as "use up an entire magazine at once").
No. 267749 ID: 8555c2

Wait wait wait. The rest of the ship. The other pirates. More loot!

Go to the starting level and take a peek in each room. Don't open the doors.
No. 267777 ID: b6c6fc
File 129369407958.jpg - (98.92KB , 912x547 , CQ2page30.jpg )

hmmmm we don't seem to have any rope, I guess we'll just have to be careful

>Oken scouts out the tunnel

Pinkskin: "hey you guys need a lift?"
No. 267779 ID: 66f84d

Oh man, Pinkie from earlier.

I say why not; he's been pretty cool so far.
No. 267780 ID: 344432

Jump in, it's not like you guys have a better alternative.
No. 267785 ID: 70e5c6

He knows we have weapons, including one which could probably pop his ship like a zit.

He's still offering us a ride.

Why not? :D
No. 267790 ID: a41aaf

Your options are wonder around a wasteland full of bugs, with no food, or hop in the only ticket out of here with the only guy who hasn't shot at you yet (and which you could probably hijack anyway).
No. 267802 ID: c2c011

Get in, get information about where you can find stuff that will allow you to survive or get off planet. See if Oken can fly the thing. Consider stabbing the pinkie and dumping the corpse overboard while you take all his shit.
No. 267811 ID: 2563d4

And he told us where to find our weapons.

Let Fuze do any talking, though.
No. 267822 ID: a41aaf

>Let Fuze do any talking, though.
No. 267835 ID: 1854db

Sure, why not... just don't leave anything behind.
No. 267840 ID: 42dfa5

>Consider stabbing the pinkie and dumping the corpse overboard while you take all his shit.

Do not do this. Unless you like the idea of being stranded on a world you know nothing about with nothing but a sub-orbital vehicle and no intel.
No. 267873 ID: c2c011

That's why I said that we should find out all of those things before the stabbing. Like where there's a space port, if they're semi friendly and shit like that.
No. 267944 ID: b6c6fc
File 129376649813.jpg - (115.04KB , 912x547 , CQ2page31.jpg )

>Oken, Fuze, Mint and Hoft board the skimmer

Fuze: "thank you good sir, we are indebted to you"

Pinkskin: "don't mention it."

can we truly trust this man? I'm not sure

Pinkskin: "now strap in tight folks, we're gonna have to jet, I don't wanna be withen a 1000 kilometers when they get that ship back online!"
No. 267945 ID: 4d2d2e

Yes I think you can trust him. Strap in, and remember you owe him, and there's probably something he wants that you do have.
No. 267947 ID: 2563d4

He's getting you away from the people who want to drain your precious bodily fluids. If the destination turns out to be somehow a worse place, you're not exactly helpless this time.

Strap in.
No. 267950 ID: cc240c

You don't necessarily have to trust him - nothing wrong with a healthy dose of suspicion - but right now, he's your best option. Strap in.
No. 267961 ID: b6c6fc
File 12937726553.jpg - (117.24KB , 912x547 , CQ2page32.jpg )

>Oken, Mint and Fuze strap themselves in

>Hoft uses destructor beam
No. 267962 ID: b6c6fc
File 129377278484.jpg - (144.55KB , 912x547 , CQ2page33.jpg )

Hoft: " I don't think we'll have to worry much about the pirates . . . "

chapter 1: END
No. 267968 ID: 8555c2

Fuck yeah.
No. 268002 ID: 8d8786

Surely whilst firing, he must've yelled "Destructooooo Beeeeeaaaam!"
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