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File 129084375033.png - (10.07KB , 472x616 , 1.png )
260024 No. 260024 ID: 38e619

"Do not compare us with the Fey or the Humans. We are Rezan! We are separate as we are superior.

The Fey of the Westerlands beseech magic and use it to shape their world.

Those of the Eastalands merge with magic, and uses it as a beast uses its limbs.

The Humans scorn magic and use science to bend the world to their will

We bind magic, and force it to serve our every whim. With it, we have achieved levels of science humans have only dreamt of! Do not compare us with the other race It is an insult to even consider us with the same standards."
-Efer Kanis Chazo, patriarch of the 4th ruling family of Rezan
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No. 260025 ID: 38e619
File 129084376958.png - (68.25KB , 759x456 , 2.png )

No. 260026 ID: 38e619
File 129084377964.png - (68.81KB , 759x456 , 3.png )

No. 260028 ID: 38e619
File 129084396094.png - (27.23KB , 629x639 , 4.png )

"Look I don't care how she came along! I want to know WHY?!"

"I dunno Veni. You're the one that understands the Mo Sala folk. I can;t tell what she's sayin."

"You say I made marriage proposal? Yes, no? I responsibility have now. I make marriage, I stay marriage."

"I was making that u- jrk.... Kamagan! Don't you have a problem with this?!"
No. 260029 ID: 38e619
File 129084409296.png - (38.45KB , 898x714 , 5.png )

"I no care."
"Well you should! Your sister thinks she's my brother's wife!"

"He at least not full human. No problem for me."

"ACH KArrrrrr! Someone bind the princess tighter, get the slaves to the cliff edge!"

"Are all Rezan this loud?"
No. 260030 ID: 38e619
File 129084425356.png - (41.16KB , 898x714 , 6.png )

Dammit where's that ship?! You promised it'd be here!"

"Sorry Veni, but like I said, waters around Eastaland are real rough this time a' year. We're trying to get up but the damn place is rocky as hell, we can't set up a proper dock without crashin' into somethin' right now. Rest assured Veni, we're right under the water now. Just waitin for the right moment to surface."

"Great, and if I'm dead before then, I'll make sure everyone knows who to blame!"

"...yourself for startin' that mess?"
No. 260046 ID: 701a19

You can ask her if he accepted. Whatever her response is, you can then tell her if he hasn't had sex with her then he hasn't accepted her proposal.
Might want to also tell him that she thinks she proposed marriage, and he should probably just go for it.

You've got carts, right?
Consider coating one of them with resin or something so it's watertight and use it to float out past the rocks with a rope so you can use that as a guide line, then start ferrying what you can across until they can find some place to dock.
It's too bad the ship isn't equipped with a multi-point anchor system; a triangle of anchors would hold it away from the rocks no matter how the current shifted.
No. 260054 ID: 252e1b


Alright boss, cool it. You've got to look and act confident, even if there's a monkey wrench or two in the works.

That all said, tell your brother what's going on. He probably won't like it, so remind him to not throw a fit before you actually tell him. It'd be easier to keep him in the dark, but a man deserves to know when a woman wants to jump his bones. And, hell, if she's got half the skill her brother has she'll be an invaluable addition to the family. Remind him of that, too. The language issue will be a problem, but it's not a big one. Newlyweds understand that there's a lot to be said for not saying much, if you know what I mean. The downside is that after the honeymoon they've got to learn each other's languages, and then get to know each other in a way that's not biblical. Takes time for personalities to mesh, if they can, and she'll be suffering culture shock when you get home. And the whole way there, too.

Consider asking the Mo Sala if they have magic appropriate for calming the seas. It would be one more favor you owe, but if your brother doesn't outright refuse the betrothal then Kamagan could consider it a going away present to his sister.
No. 260055 ID: c71597

Hmm, since they can't surface near the beach then you need to build a pier. Doens't have to be one that will last a long time or something like that. It just needs to last long enough for you to get everyone on the ship and then get out of there.

Get shadeleaf out to keep an eye out for anyone coming your way. See if anyone either among the slaves or among your people have any experiance in building stuff from wood. If anyone have then they can lead the work.

You can worry about the marriage crazy Mo-Sala later. If her brother doesn't really care then I guess there's no real harm in it.
No. 260238 ID: 3b8a9d
File 129089990378.png - (36.53KB , 898x714 , 7.png )

AND YOU! Where the hells are you?! I've been trying to contact you for a damned age,m and nothing! I really could have used some help getting past those damn blockades, but no! You weren't there! What is wrong with you anyway? Why do you suddenly go out for days at a time?! Thanks to you I-

Wha? Two?! Try hundreds of those whatever the hells a monkey wrench is!"

Beach?! There is no beach on this patch of the islands. I can't build a boat or a dock!
No. 260239 ID: 38e619
File 129090001433.png - (79.49KB , 900x702 , 8.png )

No. 260244 ID: c71597

Connection comes and goes. And you're right, that looks pretty fucking bad.

Any way to get down to it? Or are we going to have to build a crane on top of everything else?

Hmm, you could send out someone to search for a better landing spot as well.
No. 260249 ID: 701a19

Our resources are finite; we sorta blacked out after that fight and only now returned.
Did our plan to use the princess to secure easy passage work?

You can use a cart axle as a pully to lower a waterproofed cart down on a rope, then have somebody climb down and secure the 'boat'. After that you can then start moving the rest of your carts down and having people down there craft them into a sort of pontoon pier. Save one as a basket to lower goods.
Yes, it will be a pain in the ass, but how many options do you have at this point?

Speaking of 'how many', how much time do we have left before the princess is 'officially missing'?
No. 260255 ID: 252e1b


A monkey wrench is a general tool for fitting pipes together. It's large, heavy, usually made of cheap metal, and should it end up in moving parts of a mechanism it tends to gum things up badly.

You've done wonders getting this far. Think of the praise you will receive for your adventure, the tales that will be told of your grand circle, how you snatched a general right from under the nose of an entire army, how you captured a princess and fought a one-man assault against an entire battalion of enemies.

Your name will be legendary. You just need to remain calm enough to surmount this final obstacle.
No. 260301 ID: 38e619
File 129092122752.png - (27.45KB , 841x719 , 9.png )

We put nothing down. We wait. And no the blockade was not a success. It was working out well for a while, everyone believed the princess was masquerading as some blind, and deaf beggar. That is until he dear older brother, who I didn't even know was there at the time, recognized his dead sister. I still don't know how, we had her covered in rags. In any case now we're being pursued by Chang Yangsen. THAT is why I'm so tense. We're backed into a corner, waiting to see who reaches us first. Thankfully Gyoji still thinks her brother is out to kill her so that's kept her compliant. That's the only good thing that's happened to me today.

In the amount of time it will take to do that either we'll be long gone with Mangalo or overrun by Yangsen.
No. 260308 ID: 38e619
File 129092262468.png - (32.70KB , 841x719 , 10.png )

"Lord Venian! Yangsen. He-"

"Found us. Figures he would be first..."
No. 260318 ID: 701a19

Nothing for it, then.
You still have that seal that proves she was disowned? Take that and ride out with her to meet him, without weapons. We're going to have to convince him that he doesn't want to stop you, and the method for doing that is simple.

First we need to tell her that communication is slow and prone to espionage, and so as a result her brother probably doesn't know that her death was social instead of physical. Reassure her that we're not going to let her come to any harm.
Second, we're going to start the discussion by showing him - and only him - that symbol, and tell him that this is a matter that troops should not hear.
Third, we're going to tell him that both she and that symbol were both given to you by Li Jue; further state that if he is obedient to his father then he will honor the agreement and let you take her, while if he cares for her then she'll clearly be safest with you and you'll see to it that she's happy.
Let her speak freely with him, if either wishes. You have little to hide.
All he needs to tell his troops is that in his grief he mistook a peasant for his sister.

So, that's the rough draft of my plan. Any questions or criticism?
Tough; we're doing it anyway.
No. 260355 ID: c71597

Ok, ask how long you got, if nothing else you can put down some field fortifications in preparation. Ask Kamagan if he can do the illusion thing again if it's necessary, and if he can do it to more than one people, the general you got should be awake and up by now.

Keep the princess away from the whole deal. Tie her up and stuff her ears with wool or something and keep her away from it all.

Get Shadeleaf and whatever other archers you have into some nice positions so they're ready to take down Yangsen if the need arises. Make all the preparation you have time to do before a fight.

Try to bluff your way through though. But if that doesn't work then you will atleast not be caught unprepared if he decides to attack.
No. 260610 ID: 38e619
File 129102896850.png - (22.59KB , 662x502 , 11.png )

I hope such a thing will happen. But there's a good chance Yangsen's so up his own arse about his nobility he won't listen to a damn thing I say.

"What time will he arrive?

"Scouts say he's less than about ten minutes away. He's driving his men ragged."

"I see...fortify what you can. Have Shadeleaf and the archers behind the barricades. Is Kuta well enough to fight?"

"Just barely."

"It will have to do. Keep the slaves and princess as far from the battle as possible. Leave only two to guard them. Can Kamagan use his magic?"

"I'm sorry I do not know lord I-"

Then bring him to me. Every second counts."

Ach ka...I better pass my rite for all this...
No. 260620 ID: 252e1b


Hey I just had a neat idea. How about you hide the cliff? What I mean is, how about you ask Kamagan to make the cliff edge look like normal ground, and place an illusion of something they'll rush in to secure over the empty space? Something like the princess, right?

It'll be hilarious, if it works. "Oh I am Yangsen and I have more balls than brains, I will rescue you sister myself!" and then he falls off the cliff.
No. 260631 ID: c71597

You know I actually hadn't considered that. Could be a very good idea if it works.
No. 260640 ID: 701a19

I still think diplomacy is the best plan; your primary goal is to buy time, and they aren't going to attack while you're talking.
Besides, if he keeps his nobility deep in his ass then there are very effective manipulation methods we can use.
However, using magic to make it look as if your forces have made camp and are doing nothing important - off a cliff and a hundred or so feet away from where they really are - then you're prepared in case things don't work out so well.
No. 260821 ID: 3b8a9d
File 129110976719.png - (18.34KB , 662x502 , 12.png )

"What you want human? Aren't you ready to fight annoying Tsang Naji man?"

"I need to know, can you work your illusions again?"

"You crazy? You forget how long it takes to do that?"

"Not the same, I mean to extend the cliff. Make it look longer than it really is."

"Possibly. But even that take long time."

"How long?"

"More than you have."

"A mist? What about that?"

No. 260825 ID: 701a19

Ok, he can do that.
Since you're ardently opposed to trying the diplomatic route you might as well have people start preparing to suffer heavy losses. They've been run ragged and you're better trained, but the sheer numbers they have and indefensible terrain you have make holding this ground in combat a very costly proposition.
No. 260858 ID: c71597

Ask him to set up the mist then. Prepare for negotiations. If you got some people you trust and who are very good at sneaking past sentries and stuff and there is terrain that can hide them who are also quite fearless bastards, quite a list that, anyway if you got any that fit that description then it might be a good idea to send them out to try and get past the enemy flanks. An attack from an unexpected direction at the right moment can break a force.

Also, try to drag shit out as much as you can with negotiations. The mist will hide how many people you have or where they are. Claim that you have more forces than you do, that your men are all ready to give their lives to the cause and that if he attacks you will kill every single person you have taken from them.

Basically, do anything you can to drag this out for as long as you can. Ask Kamagan to work on the extension thing and possibly the fighting illusions while you try to stall for as much time as you possibly can.

If all else fails in stalling for time then give us to him. We have something we might be able to use in a situation like this. It's not a certain thing though, so can't promise it would work.
No. 260863 ID: 701a19

Close, but not quite.
We're traveling in the guise of refugees, so the best bet is to make them feel safe and grow overconfident. If they think we're just a handful of mercenaries traveling along with a bunch of harmless civilians then the bulk of their forces will relax and unready themselves, even moreso after a forced march like the one they're ending.

As far as dragging out the negotiations goes, that's not something you want to try. If he suspects you're dragging things out then he'll assume you have a reason to use delaying tactics and immediately order an attack.

Actually, if you want to get out of this without bloodshed then your best choice is to give us to the princess and let us do the talking through her, since if she's taking up the arguments and responding 'on her own' then he'll have little reason to think she's been coached or coerced. We would open things up by feeling out how his loyalties lie, and from there we can tailor our words to get the best result.
No. 261118 ID: 38e619
File 129118937257.png - (17.82KB , 662x502 , 13.png )

"Well make it so Kamagan."

I'd rather not send anyone out as that would make a retreat more difficult when the ship does arrive...if it arrives.

The princess? She still thinks I'm the only thing standing between her and getting murdered by her own family. Now that the threat is closer than ever she's hysterical.

"Lord?! Lord Ju Gwah!"

Speaking of which.
No. 261119 ID: 38e619
File 129118955183.png - (23.38KB , 662x502 , 14.png )

"I have a name you know."

"Lord! What is happening? There is talk among your soldiers, that men approach! It's my brother isn't it?!"

"Hello Gyoji, good to see you are completely ignoring me."

"Don't you understand?! My brother is a cold calculating man! He will listen to nothing any of us have to say! We must flee!"

Well there, now she's clinging to me. I bet that makes you very happy. Well it annoys me. Gods above she smells horrible.
No. 261123 ID: 701a19

"Have you considered that he likely does not know? Your father would lose face if people knew of your expulsion, and informing your siblings would risk exposing the secret.
Officially, you are dead."
Then offer us to her, since you have preparations to do.
"Go clean yourself up. Here, this should help you calm yourself."
No. 261141 ID: 81ce59

Tell her that you can't run. But assure her that you're going to do everything you possibly can to keep him from getting to her. Ask her if she has any tips on how to deal with him, if he's arrogant or cowardly or anything like that, something that will give you insight into his nature.

Then tell her to hide somehwere unless you specifically call on her.

Things may seem a bit grim right now, but you can deal with it. You have gotten this far, you will make it through this and then you will go further than anyone could have ever imagined.

Oh, and keep Kuta close. He may have had to deal with the prince himself at various times and might have information that will be crucial in dealing with them. He might also be able to offer some tips on your defenses.
No. 261349 ID: 252e1b


Tell her you're dealing with it. You get paid the big bucks, you get to handle the big problems. She just needs to calm down, you know her brother's a bad news bear, but you're going to be setting a big old snap trap to keep him busy while you make off with the honey.
No. 261841 ID: 112e59
File 129151984192.png - (27.45KB , 662x502 , 15.png )

"Have you considered that he likely does not know? Your father would lose face if people knew of your expulsion, and informing your siblings would risk exposing the secret.
Officially, you are dead."

"You do not know! Our family stays in communication with each other all the time! By now he must know! He must know the shame I would bring! He has to kill me to keep the family honor!"

"Lord Venian."

"I'm a little busy with a hysterical Tsang Naji, can this wait?"
No. 261843 ID: 112e59
File 129152013867.png - (29.73KB , 743x478 , 16.png )

"I'm afriad not lord. Yangsen...he's here."



"He wishes to speak with you. I believe he said he wanted to 'meet the leader of our rabble before slaughtering us'."

"Very well."

It seems I have no time at all. Well what should I do? I'm not sure I should give you to Gyoji...who seems to be breathing a lot deeper now that my hand's in her face...I-you're influencing her too much. You come with me.

"Bring the princess to a safe place. I will go."
No. 261959 ID: c71597

Good choice, we have a little trick that we might be able to use on him.

Oh and try to stall for time. And ask if the preparations you ordered have been taken care of on the way to the meeting.
No. 261963 ID: 701a19

Very well, take the symbol of her expulsion and go.
I think there's a fairly good chance that Li Jue, not Chang Narobu, is the one who made the decision.
Regardless, talking this out shouldn't be very troublesome:
If he wants to 'rescue' his sister, we can point out that she'll die if she stays here after her dismissal. Further, if Chang Narobu was not behind her dismissal and it is thus invalid, then her being out of the country would keep her from being targeted by a coup. Then further inform him that you've made her happiness a priority, and she's been enjoying your treatment.

If he wants to kill his sister, we can point out that she was given to us by the same royal decree that revoked her name, and that to take action against us would be in defiance of his father's orders. Also that he rode his troops ragged so they're not in shape to be fighting, and that even if he managed to win it would be a costly victory that would weaken their army in the middle of a war while at the same time ruining morale, making it a tactically unsound decision.

Worst case scenario, you hand us over and we use our position as a deeply respected family artifact to convince him that we've been manipulating you for the good of the family, and that we need him to play along.
No. 263539 ID: b91438
File 129204023854.png - (48.40KB , 900x702 , 17.png )

"Ju Gwah, you have avoided me for days, but now you've nowhere to run. There will be no chance for your life to be spared for it was forfeit when you touched a member of nobility. However I will give you a chance to explain yourselves and I may make your passing quick. Speak."
No. 263588 ID: 701a19

Show him the symbol, but keep the soldiers from being able to see it.
"I have never touched your nation's nobility; I would think this is proof enough that you are mistaken, and at least merits hearing my words."
Move a little closer so you can speak in hushed tones.
"Li Jue claimed that was from Chang Naroubu. If that's true then you're honorbound to abide by my ownership of her, but if not then Li Jue is plotting against your family and she is safest with me. Beyond that, she has been extraordinarily happy with her new station, as expected from one of her proclivities - no, I have not sullied her honor.
Go, speak with your father, ask him what course to take. We will wait for you to reach your decision."
No. 263609 ID: c71597

Just show him the symbol that shows that she was cast out. See how he reacts to that.
No. 265026 ID: d9022c
File 129265186620.png - (31.22KB , 784x605 , 18.png )

"I have never touched your nation's nobility; I would think this is proof enough that you are mistaken, and at least merits hearing my words. Li Jue claimed that was from Chang Naroubu. If that's true then you're honorbound to abide by my ownership of her, but if not then Li Jue is plotting against your family and she is safest with me. Beyond that, she has been extraordinarily happy with her new station, as expected from one of her proclivities - no, I have not sullied her honor.
Go, speak with your father, ask him what course to take. We will wait for you to reach your decision."

"I need see nothing of yours Ju Gwah. Merely acknowledging you hold my sister is crime enough.
No. 265027 ID: d9022c
File 129265197971.png - (29.19KB , 782x603 , 19.png )

"This...scribble verifies only that you are versed in our ways and culture. How do I know this is from my father's mistress and not simply a fabrication. The tattered cloth makes me dubious already."
No. 265032 ID: c71597

Well you don't really have any other solid proof. Mostly just your word on it. Which could be somewhat tricky.

Lets try a logical and reasoning argument. If it wasn't true then what reason would you have to take his sister as a slave? She's nobility, which means she's going to be a pain in the ass to train since she expects to be obeyed, not the other way around. Your whole trip got interupted and hurried because of her. You have run the risk of detection and getting killed because you took her with you. If that mark wasn't true then you would just have knocked her out and left her in some ditch.
No. 265036 ID: 701a19

Ok, he's my proposal:
Shrug, then say "Li Jue said Naroubu likes it when she steps on his back. I'd assume that's a state secret of some sort.
On a related note, did your father really order that Kuta be executed for refusing to slaughter a town unprovoked? If not then I can send for him to tell you his story directly."

If he remains unconvinced, then say "Ah, I suppose there's one sure way to convince you I'm telling the truth." and show us to him.
"[We speak through him. He's telling the truth as we know it. The threat against Gyoji's life, and by extension the Chang line, is quite real. We have worked hard to spirit her out of danger, and your presence here puts everything at risk. Go, speak with your father about what has been said. When you return tell your soldiers that you were chasing ghosts in your grief, and that Gyoji's body is now secure in your family's care. She will be happy and safe; you know we would not allow otherwise.]"
No. 265038 ID: bc9415

ask for a test then, something you can do that proves you honerable. perhaps he has a mage with he that makes it impossible to lie. we are pros at weasel-wording.
No. 265040 ID: 701a19

"Tell me, who was it who told you your sister was dead? Why did they not simply say she was missing?
They clearly did not recover her body, and doctoring a body to match hers is simply impossible; so who was it who made such a bold claim with no proof? Was it your father? Or was it Li Jue?"
No. 265046 ID: d9022c
File 129266212129.png - (39.42KB , 784x605 , 20.png )

Do you know the fetishes of your parents? Of course not. Wait do you even have parents? Nevermind. I certainly don't, and I'm sure he does neither. Well I know my great grandmother is into young men my age but that's an exception.

That's the thing he knows she isn't dead. He spotted her even in her disguise. That's why he's here now!


"Perhaps you can scry the truth? Do you have a mage who can read my thoughts?"

"No. My magicians specialize in destroying those that try my patience."
No. 265047 ID: 1854db

Maybe you could give us to him.
No. 265061 ID: 701a19

>That is until he dear older brother, who I didn't even know was there at the time, recognized his dead sister.

I took that to mean that her death was announced. My intent was to point out that such a declaration must have come from his father or somebody acting in his stead.
My intent was to show that somebody important is lying to him.
Bah, no matter; the time for that has passed. Show us to him, and speak these words.
"[We speak through him. He's telling the truth as we know it. The threat against Gyoji's life, and by extension the Chang line, is quite real. We have worked hard to spirit her out of danger, and your presence here puts everything at risk. Go, speak with your father about what has been said. When you return tell your soldiers you were chasing ghosts in your grief, and that Gyoji's body is now secure in your family's care. She will be happy and safe; you know we would not allow otherwise.]"
No. 265086 ID: 20fc85


Give us to him
we can flood him with images and transcripts of what happened that day you entered city walls...
and received the symbol
No. 265101 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you have something else that belongs to his family and you're going to hand it over in good consience. We got a trick we might be able to use on him, should work if he accepts us.
No. 265712 ID: d9022c
File 129299434778.png - (34.50KB , 665x709 , 21.png )

"Perhaps then this will let you know the truth."

"...? Where did you get this?"

"It does not matter, hold it and you shall hear them."

"Hear who?"

"It's difficult to explain. Just listen."
No. 265752 ID: 701a19

I assume we don't need to tell you who or what we are.
He's telling the truth as we know it. Here, perhaps we can show you the one who told us Gyoji was dead to her father and gave us that emblem.
Recognize her?

Regardless of who decided or claimed she is dead to her father the simple truth is that somebody is intent on ending Gyoji's life, and by extension is a threat to the Chang line.
Beyond that, somebody ordered that Kuta be executed for refusing to slaughter a town of civilians, then sent assassins after him when he escaped. That is not an order the Naroubu we know would give, and it bears all the hallmarks of somebody attempting to cut Naroubu off from his support as a prelude to a coup.

We have worked hard to spirit her out of danger, and your presence here puts everything at risk.
Go, speak with your father about what has been said. When you return tell your soldiers that you were chasing ghosts in your grief, and that Gyoji's body is now secure in your family's care. Maintain the illusion that the enemy's plots are working while you hunt down those responsible.
Gyoji will be happy and safe; you know we would not allow otherwise, but it would be a great comfort to her if, when you return from speaking with your father, you told the man before you that he and his fiancee have your blessing; it's a subtle way to tell her that you are still acting in her bet interests.

Now return us to the ju gwah; we have done all we can to give you an edge over the traitors, and Gyoji is going to be needing our help; she must thrive so that the Chang line will continue if the worst should come to pass here.
No. 265783 ID: c2c011

[Use whatever willpower eroding power we got that was mentioned in the last chapter]

Hey, why don't you just let him leave? He's going to treat your sister quite nice, and she's not safe here anymore. Besides, if you try to attack to save her it's only going to lead to a whole lot of deaths, probably with her being among the dead.
No. 265819 ID: 8555c2

*uploads goatse.png into neural net*
No. 265873 ID: 20fc85

Lets leave it at we're spirits who help people... whoever the holder, we help them.

And right now, we're protecting your flesh and blood from what may be a coup... out of reach of those who may harm her. Under the guise of the same person who told us to kill her.

Either way, we're within our rights. Even if it's not a coup, your sister is gonna be kept safe, and you can rely on us to keep anything from harming or abusing her.
No. 265900 ID: 701a19

Err... No.
We're the Zui-hu of the Chang line. We were entrusted to Chang Gyoji by Chang Naroubu, and it is becoming increasingly likely that he knew he was going to be betrayed and intended for us to save Gyoji from being caught in this.
Gyoji, in turn, has entrusted us to our current holder, Lord Venian, because out of all the available people in her entourage he is the one where our aid is most effectively applied.
No. 266153 ID: d9022c
File 129313819370.png - (30.48KB , 575x709 , 22.png )

"I hear nothing Ju Gwah."

"Wha-? Are you sure?"

"If this is some trick for time, I am not amused."

It seems some people are naturally dense...

"I wanted to see who it was that took my sister, and it seems he was just a moron who got lucky. Prepare to-"

"Stop! Lord Yangsen."

"Kuta...you are part of this?!"
No. 266218 ID: 20fc85


... this is where we make the claim that only the pure of heart can hear us...

That'd be a great proclamation to make.
No. 266220 ID: 701a19

No. 266223 ID: c2c011

[Stop fucking around and tell your men to turn back because this shit is fucking stupid and you feel like a stupid asshole for harassing honest tavellers.]
No. 266504 ID: d9022c
File 129326123351.png - (27.62KB , 575x709 , 23.png )

"ACK! What happened?"

"You hold the Zui-hu lord. They want themselves to be acknowledged."

"You mean that old bauble my father claimed helped his campaigns in his youth?"
No. 266505 ID: d9022c
File 129326134730.png - (32.97KB , 858x748 , 24.png )

"Yes. And you should listen to this man. Outsider he may be but he saved my life when your father hunted me."

"Hunted. What?"

"For disobeying an order to slaughter a village. There are many things happening that you don't seem to be aware of."

"...Is my sister one of them?"
No. 266507 ID: 701a19

[HEAR OUR WORDS] >>265752
No. 266699 ID: 267000

[Write everything that the guy I linked linked on paper... and if illiterate start writing the symbols on the ground and have someone read it for you]
No. 267089 ID: d9022c
File 12934295221.png - (39.31KB , 1058x556 , 25.png )

Seeing as how he threw you back at me, he heard nothing

"Yes. I was given this by a woman. Human like me. Had a gold band holding her hair over one shoulder... does that describe Li Jue?"


"It does not matter. What does matter is that she gave me this. Regardless of who decided or claimed she is dead to her father the simple truth is that somebody is intent on ending Gyoji's life, and by extension is a threat to the Chang line. Beyond that, somebody ordered that Kuta be executed for refusing to slaughter a town of civilians, then sent assassins after him when he escaped. That is not an order your father would give, and it bears all the hallmarks of somebody attempting to cut Naroubu off from his support as a prelude to a coup."

Wait what's this about fiancee and such?
No. 267124 ID: 701a19

Without weapons we wield words with wanton wrath.

When making a case based on the continuation of a line it helps to assert that the line will continue. Implying that you intend to do just that - properly - would have helped on that count.
Doesn't matter; this should work just fine.

Lets see what he has to say now.
No. 267131 ID: c2c011

Some bullshit that you don't need to worry about right now. Focus on the task at hand and get it done. For now you should probably wait and see what he does.
No. 267275 ID: d9022c
File 129351074851.png - (43.67KB , 854x687 , 26.png )

"I must return. I will see if what you say is true... but if this is a farce, I will hunt you down. i do not care how far I must travel to do so..."

"I assure you lord Yangsen, that i-what is this?!"

"Oh now he shows up. Probably to be dramatic, the show-off."

No. 267276 ID: d9022c
File 129351087311.png - (20.79KB , 1058x687 , 27.png )

"Oh you'll see."
No. 267283 ID: d9022c
File 12935124774.png - (72.93KB , 1058x687 , 28.png )

"Alright. No one moves or they die first!"

"It's about time Mangalo. What took you so long?"

"Well like I said Venian, I was having some trouble finding a place to ascend...but hey! I'm here, you're alive, everyone's happy!"

"Well Yangsen, now it's now your choice..."
No. 267300 ID: 701a19

"Now that the balance of power has shifted in my favor I hope you'll be more inclined to believe me when I say that I've told the truth.
You and your men are free to leave; I'll let Gyoji know you came here to help her, not kill her."

Signal for your people to let him and his men leave safely, then for them to start loading the ship.

If there's no more to resolve, then lets talk about fast-tracking Gyoji to citizenship. She played her part in your deception attempt perfectly, correct? You said it was working for awhile, which suggests she got you past several encounters. If that is so, then she has certainly saved the lives of many of your people. Are we agreed on this?
No. 267323 ID: c2c011

Well then. Time to leave. And Gyoji doesn't need to know what you and her brother talked about. She will be easier to handle without knowing.

So, what can you expect when you get back home?
No. 267443 ID: 20fc85

I'd suggest you tell him to be cautious in his investigation...
cause if there IS a coup, he is likely to be killed off first if the opposers figure out he knows...

Also show you're merciful by telling your forces to stand down for now.
No. 267457 ID: 252e1b

Be respectful, but do pass along the warning that he should be cautious and prepared to defend himself from a coup attempt. Assure him that you'll not abuse his sister, and that she will be as safe with you and the general as she can be. Certainly safer with you than here, for now.
No. 267750 ID: d9022c
File 129368769459.png - (32.88KB , 854x571 , 29.png )

"Now that the balance of power has shifted in my favor I hope you'll be more inclined to believe me when I say that I've told the truth.
You and your men are free to leave. However before you leave. I advise caution. If there is a conspiracy, it would be safer to be discreet in your investigations.

"I will...we will meet again. In what manner depends on what I find."

"Anyway, Mangalo, what took you so long, the man was ready to charge before you came up."

"Hey sorry Venian, but like I said, I was waiting for the right time to surface. The hulls may be thick but the rocks here can still give a beating. Anyway, load up your slaves, and I'll mark ya once we're divin.'"
No. 267752 ID: d9022c
File 129368778935.png - (42.46KB , 922x687 , 30.png )

"And I gotta say, all the loot your bringin' aboard is gonna make things tough for me."

"Yes, speaking on the terms of slaves I have a few exceptions..."

"What'ya mean?"
No. 267775 ID: 701a19

Lets see... The general's just some paperwork and ceremony away from citizenship, the same might go for Gyoji (although you'll keep her either way; whatever makes her happy, 'eh?), you've got a dead mage that needs to be resurrected, and Kamagan and his sister are citizens because they joined by choice.

Am I forgetting any other oddities?
No. 267800 ID: c2c011

Lets see, general earned his freedom. We need to lie about the same with Goyji, because you need legitimate kids if you're going to come back here later and claim the throne for them.

Throw away the mage's head. He was a useless fucker and it would be a waste of resources to bring him back. Or I guess you could try to just bring back his head and have him on a stick and shoot fire and shit on your enemies or he gets even more pain. That would be fun.

Kamagan and his sister are honoured visitors. And you should treat them as such. An invasion with the aim of conquest of these lands will be a whole lot easier if they can bring you the Mo Sala support.

And I think that's most of it. Now just build up your position of power, keep up with news from here and in a few years you can return with an army to subjugate the whole fucking lot of them.
No. 268158 ID: d9022c
File 129386391127.png - (43.59KB , 922x687 , 31.png )

"I have a number of special cases...The Eastaland there, he is Kuta Minaga, saved my life. He has earned his Rite through protecting a Rezan noble. The two loitering by Iagn are Mo Sala. Not slaves but rather guests. The tall one is Kamagan, the female is Minujia, who also apparently thinks she's Iagn's wife."

"Er...and how did tha-"

"A long story that's better left unsaid."

"Okay but when you present yourself to your father you'd best explain that...and the Tsang Naji? From her clothes it doesn't look like she came willingly."

"Yes. Her.

Dammit. She hasn't done anything for me yet has she...
No. 268159 ID: c2c011

Well then it's time to lie like a motherfucker. Better be belivable. Like she saved your life in some indirect way or some shit like that. Or you could say that you got married to her before taking her and the whole shitty outfit deal is a part of smuggling her out of the country from her family that is trying to murder her.
No. 268184 ID: 701a19

She faithfully played her part in bluffing her way past the guards. That it eventually failed is immaterial, as it's intended as a show of loyalty.

If you want to be outright devious then tell him that her family entrusted her to your protection due to an impending coup, and arranged for you to 'capture her'.
It's the precise truth, and we don't need to give them silly things like details that could muddy the issue with things like context.

The ship has something along the lines of a spa, right? A heated pool designed for at least two but no more than eight people? If so, then have them set it up so she can finally clean herself up. I doubt a normal tub is large enough, and you should drop by after she's washed so you can have a private talk while working out the stress of the road.
No. 268777 ID: d9022c
File 129403633045.png - (30.22KB , 786x520 , 32.png )

"Well, she was in a bit of trouble, and her family had her leave the island for her safety. Needless to say it has been a difficult journey rife with many of her enemies."

"So she's important then?"

"ACH KA! Bad direction...

"Not so much as she has made many enemies of important people."

"Mmmmm. Still, being that she left, the laws still apply, she did not undergo the Rite. Her freedom is forfeit."

"Even so I'd rather she stay under my care."

"So she's a personal servant then?"

"For now yes."

"Oooooh! A Tsang Naji servant? Now that's a story I need to hear!"

"AK! Nietch? When did you get here?"

"Nieth and and master Rokof actually finished their Rite before you did. I was about to bring them home when you called for that rescue."

"You should have seen how furious Rokof was..."
No. 268781 ID: c2c011

Seems like things are under control. Ok then, time to head on home. You can tell us about the place as we travel there.
No. 268787 ID: 701a19

See? You should have said that she was entrusted to your care, and you were paid for the task. That would have classified her as a guest.

Ah, well. You still need to arrange things so that it wouldn't be taboo for you to sleep with her.
Oh, I don't mean to suggest you will, but politics are politics no matter where they are, and all it takes is one disgruntled servant or opposing noble to say a few words in order for your relationship to be called into question and your reputation crippled.

By legitimizing such actions on your part you can prevent such drama and anger from coming to pass. This is an ancient tactic known as "covering your ass".

Hrm... Maybe you could talk with him privately later? Tell him you needed to keep a few details quiet, and then claim you were hired to safeguard her?

Moving right along, who are Nietch and Rokof?

When we're done here, how about you go ahead with the bath or spa like I suggested before? >>268184

You've earned a long, hot soak after all this, after all.
No. 268870 ID: 252e1b


If the lie was completely convincing, and if all the slaves who witnessed the trip were dead, and if all the people who were not slaves and were in a position to betray our man were magically compelled to be loyal and never speak of the lie, your idea to lie would be "ok."

But none of that was in place, so a lie would have just gotten him killed in the long run. Her being a personal servant is fine, she'll at least be safe there.
No. 269303 ID: d9022c
File 129421111513.png - (26.49KB , 786x520 , 33.png )

Exactly, there would be too many loose ends in such a story and too great a risk if one of them came back and bit me.

In any case as my servant she will be redirected to my quarters, most lkely being given a bath and made to look presentable. Oh yes. Nietch is part of the Gamin family who worked closely with mine to build this ship. Nietch is to become the new head and is also nauseatingly happy whenever I'm around. It's a pain to talk with Nietch because I can't tell if Nietch is a man or woman...and he...she...it never tells me when I ask. So I do not even know what honorific to address Nietch under. As for Rokof, he's part of the...Rokof family. He of course is heir to their family and our relations with them are, aversive I think is the friendliest word. No doubt the bastard is waiting to gloat about some triumph of his when we're evaluated.

"So? How did you get the Tsang Naji? Tell me Veni, I need to know!"
No. 269308 ID: 252e1b


Nietch's quirk of flaunting eir indeterminate gender is irritating, but your language's lack of gender-neutral honorifics is far more interesting. I'll bother you for details on gender roles in your society later, but given the level of sophistication of the artifacts from your home land, I am very surprised that your language does not follow the normal pattern for human languages of using the male pronouns and honorifics for genderless persons (and persons of indeterminate gender), and also fails to have a dedicated gender neutral set of pronouns and honorifics.

Anyway Boss, if Nietch's family and yours are allies, I see no harm in indulging eir curiosity. It was a matter of good luck, good advice, skillful diplomacy, and the careful application of force.

It was luck that you raided the caravan she decided to hide in, unless Li Jue manipulated caravan schedules and had scouts track your raiding party's progress (while I would not put it past her, she may have thought you were simply raiders and not slavers, and thus banked on you killing Gyoji outright). Gyoji herself had us because she had orders to deliver us. That's neither here nor there, but again, luck was in your favor that day.

Li Jue saw a chance to make an embarrassment to her liege's family line disappear while she was positioning her children to be in a better position to take power. Standard Byzantine political bullshit, sure, but when she realized she could use you to get rid of Gyoji for good, she went for it. Lucky for you.

She also gave you good advice. You were able hear it because you had the diplomatic skill and savvy to treat with her when she arranged for your audience. You were able to get out, before the war closed its jaws on you, because she warned you. Shadeleaf's route for getting to the rescue point was more good advice.

You had good luck to stumble on Kuta. You had good sense to listen to us when we advised that you bring him into your fold. When you met the Mo Sala, you had the diplomatic (and linguistic) skill to arrange an alliance.

Nietch saw at least part of the last piece of diplomacy you pulled off. Nice work, by the way, talking down Yangsen, you got him ready to believe Kuta when he showed up at your side.

And every time in that whole messy flight that you needed to fight, you and your retainers fought spectacularly.

Good luck, good advice, skillful diplomacy, and the careful application of force. That sums up your success at this whole adventure nicely, right Boss?
No. 269318 ID: 701a19

"I hit her caravan, and found a message addressed to me demanding I take her prisoner. Turns out there's a coup brewing and both sides wanted her out of the country for different reasons. Chang Narobu's mistress demanded she vanish and never return, while some of Chang Narobu's advisers demanded I spirit her away for the safety of the Chang line.
It's been a huge headache."

So, you left-out the most important answer; will her new status remove any taboo on relations with her, and thus prevent accusations of impropriety?
No. 269327 ID: c2c011

Well there is one way to get clarity. Seduction. Or you know a uni-sex bath. But whatever, just use both honorifics.

So, story time then. Tell Nietch that you attacked Goyji's caravan. Because she was royalty you were a bit unsure on how to best deal with her, but your postponed the decision until you could get some supplies. In town you met the local lords bitch of a mistress, who seemed to want Goyji taken out of the way so her own bastard brood could eventually claim the throne. You decided to make Goyji your servant since you can get all sorts of nice benefits out of her if she's not a slave. Namely a casus belli against her people. Which means expansion and new slaves, yay, everyone is happy!
No. 269341 ID: 252e1b


Cultures that use slaves almost universally use them as house servants as well as for physical labor. Gyoji's still going to be a slave, she'll just be a favored one for now.
No. 269629 ID: 957cd9
File 129437647731.png - (30.16KB , 827x540 , 34.png )

No she will still be a slave it's not uncommon to have a personal favorite.

"I hit her caravan, and found a message addressed to me demanding I take her prisoner. Turns out there's a coup brewing and both sides wanted her out of the country for different reasons. Chang Narobu's mistress demanded she vanish and never return, most likely because she wants her own bastard to claim power as the new lords of the islands, while some of Chang Narobu's advisers demanded I spirit her away for the safety of the Chang line."

"Don't they know she becomes your slve?"

"If they do, they don't care. It is still a a pain however."

"Speaking of pain..."

"Oh, lord Venian. How good of you to join us. I'm sure the resources we wasted were put to good use."

"Seeing as how my family owns this vessel, no expenditure is too large lord Rokof."

"I certainly hope you can uphold the family traditions properly then. I can proudly say I have enslaved no fewer than one hundred slaves in the Far Westerland Continent."

Stupid bastard.
No. 269630 ID: c71597

How many did you get?

Could be a good time to also mention that they're high quality goods, that you found gold, got a powerful illusionist as a "servant" as well as a highly decorated general to serve under you and drove off a large force of enemies almost on your own.

I mean your accomplishments are quite a bit impressive. Probably something someone will turn into a song eventually if you're succesful.
No. 269642 ID: 701a19

Lets see... You've brought a powerful illusionist and a general back as citizens (plus your brother has a wife now), a powerful mage, a decent pile of gold, and this entire debacle gave you advance notice of a war that you needed to escape anyway. They probably aren't impressed with Gyoji, but her loyalty will be a feather in your cap soon enough.

What family traditions is he talking about?

Also, please tell us some ways that the taboo could be removed; this is important, since rumors are going to spring up quickly.
No. 269797 ID: 20fc85

hmm... you have royalty as a slave...
A highly trained and decorated general..
a good number of standard value slaves

oh, did I mention the fact our illusionist can make it seem there are many more slaves than there really are?
No. 270836 ID: 588a87
File 129481552335.png - (29.33KB , 791x565 , 35.png )

The Makag family has been renowned for bringing back the most extravagant every rite. It's not a tradition, but the damn Rokof make a competition out of everything with my family so they call it a tradition.

"Well I unfotunately cannot match your number Rokof. Mine number only a paltry fifty two, an Eastaland general, a High general for that matter. Who has declared fealty to me, a skilled illusionist, a potentially powerful wizard once I have his corpse karved, and a Tsang Naji servant as Nietch knows."

"Oh now I'm jealous, the Westerlands had close to nothing where I was."

"Even so I still have more it seems."

"Though most of it is compromised of a goblin tribe..."

"A slave is a slave. It matters not what they are."

"Let's see what mangalo has to say."
No. 270842 ID: 701a19

Well, if that's all for now then you might want to consider bathing. We don't need a nose to know you reek of sweat and the road, and you deserve some relaxation time.
No. 270864 ID: c71597

Lets go see what Mangalo says right away, so we can shut him up and see the smugness leave him. Damn bastard.

Then you can go relax in your cabin and see if there is any hot water on this place.
No. 271145 ID: b5a477
File 129490399926.png - (46.00KB , 1128x862 , 36.png )


"Yes Mangalo, why should you ca-"

"Because they now have a reason to fight you moron! Now the slave pens are a riot! Already three of your damn team is dead!"


Oh perfect...I suppose that bath will have to wait.
No. 271147 ID: c71597

Well now you can go in there and slash faces without restraint. It's not like you're harming your own merchandise. So lets go and have some fun.
No. 271150 ID: 99e816

sounds like a plan.
No. 271610 ID: b5a477
File 129507296170.png - (64.75KB , 1126x860 , 37.png )

"If Rokof cannot handle his own cargo, then I'll suppress this insurrection."

"Now wait there Makag! Those are my slaves, I will discipline them!"

"Then you are free to try."


"...You captured an entire village or something didn't you? No other group would fight with that sort of cohesion."

"They will still break. I'll make sure of it."
No. 271644 ID: 701a19

Hrm... I'd say beat down the one that's shouting and throw him at his own people, keeping a bored look on your face the entire time.
No. 271648 ID: c71597

Rokof's mess, he can deal with it. Although you should probably call up your guys with full armour and weapons, they also deserve to get a chance to see the show. Should be a rather good show, wait and see how he deals with it. You might even end up having more slaves left than he has.

If it becomes clear that he can't contain the situation, or if it stops being funny and a threat to the ship, then move in, take out leaders first and then fuck up everyone else. Crucify most of them as an example to the rest.
No. 271676 ID: 20fc85

I believe masterful use of illusion could possibly make crushing this rebellion non-violent...

We still got that fog illusion?
No. 271705 ID: c71597

Why would we want to crush it nonviolently? We only stand to gain from using violence.
No. 271946 ID: b5a477
File 129517005046.png - (58.76KB , 942x566 , 38.png )

As much as I'd love to see Rokof fail, it would be very inconvenient to have it happen on a ship beneath the sea. With me in it.

"Stay back Makag! These are my prey and I will break them!"

"You're struggling with a woman while more charge! You're in no position to talk!"


I suppose that's the leader. If I can reach him I may nip this in the bud.
No. 271948 ID: 252e1b


"The only thing we fear is that you'll force us to make an abattoir of this room with the innards of of all your deluded followers. Submit now and you'll live; force us to fight to you and I'll have your scrotum tanned and made into a coin pouch after I kill you."
No. 271953 ID: c71597

Anyone around who is an archer or can throw shit reliably? That would probably make this a lot easier. Otherwise you can try your own hand at thrown weaponry against him.

If there's nothing to throw then I guess you're going to have to get close enough to kill him, good news is that they seem to be seriously lacking in armour, so your blades should have a pretty easy time of cutting them down.
No. 274264 ID: ecc951
File 129584740741.png - (50.30KB , 895x687 , 39.png )

No, no weaponry. Not in such confined quarters so deep beneath the sea. They fall easy enough anyway
No. 274268 ID: ecc951
File 129584751084.png - (37.45KB , 895x687 , 40.png )

"Enough of this! Submit now and you'll live; force us to fight to you and I'll have your scrotum tanned and made into a coin pouch after I kill you.""

"I will never submit!"
No. 274270 ID: ecc951
File 129584763271.png - (29.94KB , 895x687 , 41.png )

"Nor will you kill me!"

"ACK! You little!"
No. 274272 ID: ecc951
File 129584777894.png - (29.45KB , 895x687 , 42.png )

"I will skin you alive for this affront!"

No. 274275 ID: ecc951
File 129584798017.png - (33.65KB , 895x687 , 43.png )

Ach ka...that's deep. Luckily I doubt nothing critical was cut...but when I find him I'm going to gouge his eyes with his own knife! How dare a slave injures his better!

"Venian! Good to see you survived. But now we have more trouble. That man, the leader of this revolt, has fled back. Unfortunately I do not know where. He could be on any level of the quarters..."
No. 274285 ID: 701a19

Now that the battle is over it should be easy enough.
I'd ask your illusionist buddy if he could fill the area they're in with a bunch of shambling corpses. Ideally, he would do so by making them all look like shambling corpses instead of just having hollow tricks.
They'll panic and turn on each other, and once that happens their morale will tank and they'll be easy to rout.
No. 274307 ID: 252e1b

You can put this little rebellion out like you put out any other fire on a submarine: seal the watertight compartments between you and rebel slaves, and then turn off the air. You'll need to pull back all of your men, of course, but it shouldn't take long to pump out enough air from the rooms the rebels are in to make them all pass out.

The downside to this plan is that they'll likely trash the rooms when they realize what you're doing, and some of them may die or be brain damaged from anoxia.
No. 274325 ID: c71597

Is there anything vital in there? If not then just seal of the quarters, get yourself patched up and call up reinforcements with proper gear. Then go down there like the wrath of a diety and fucking nail every single god damn fucking rebelious slav to the wall. Make sure it takes atleast hours for them to die. In death they shall be an example to the rest of what happens if you do not submit.

If there is vital shit down there then you need to move after them faster. The goal is still the same though, people nailed to walls and dying slowly.
No. 274781 ID: 20fc85

I'd say use this guy as a bodyguard...
but it seems better to starve em.

It'll kill some of them off (you get more than him) and it'll also make a point to all slaves.

They can live without foodstuffs for only so long
No. 274861 ID: ecc951
File 129602125610.png - (20.26KB , 895x687 , 44.png )

That slave is Rokof's. Its his property regardless.
If by vital you mean my OWN slaves then yes...And if he has convinced them to rebel as well...

"What of Kamagsan? Is he prepared to create an illusion?"

"Your Mo Sala friend? He's on the otherside of the damn ship! We don't have the time to get him back. If all those slaves die, I'm afraid all of you fail the Rite."

"...well what DO we have?"

"Sixty one soldiers available, against, if that slave has freed them all, a little less than two hundred slaves. A blood bath regardless of what we do."
No. 274868 ID: 252e1b


Oxygen consumption is a tricky thing, it varies based on activity, size, age, sex, and species, but if you can turn off the air and then introduce your own men with portable air sources (a submarine should have some), you'll be able to significantly impair the rebelling slaves while risking less damage to your men and to slaves that are not fighting back. Have the captain reverse the CO2 scrubbers (they need some way of being reversed so that they can be recharged when the sub has surfaced, after all) and vent extra CO2 into the slave chambers. If the ship has significant stores of non-reactive gases, like helium, use that instead. CO2 poisoning will knock out the slaves quickly, but you will still rick hurting them permanently if your men don't get the ones who are rebelling sorted out quickly.

Make sure the ones who don't want to fight understand that you've turned off the air, and that their best bet for surviving is to remain still. People who are up to fighting will run out of air faster.
No. 274875 ID: 701a19

Easy enough; offer freedom to whoever brings you the head of that troublemaker.
Unless there's nothing important in that part of the ship; in that case just lock it up and wait for hunger to dampen their resolve.
No. 274914 ID: c71597

He got your own slaves to rebell? Smack Rokof on the head and call him a dumb fuck. He deserves it.

Ok, so 61 soldiers to work with. Get out clubs and shields. Form up in formation with with the shields and tell them to try to avoid to cave in too many skulls, a few are acceptable but you want some of them to live. There should be stuff like that around for situations like these.
No. 278547 ID: ecc951
File 129671173960.png - (24.30KB , 702x586 , 45.png )

"Perhaps if we reversed the air...filter scrub thing that makes the...breathed out air go into the slave chambers?"

"...I'm impressed Lord Venian. More so that you are even aware this vessel has something like that."

"What is it what is he talking about?"

"I like it. But to venture in there you will need some filters yes...LOCK THE SLAVE QUARTERS BEGIN REVERSE PUMPING INTO THEIR CHAMBERS! Lord Venian, You got a good glimpse at their leader, would you mind leading the force. Perhaps you'll have a better chance at finding him."

What just happened did I say the right thing?
No. 278582 ID: 701a19

Yes, you did!
You can't keep breathing the same air over and over again for the same reason why you can't hold your breath for hours.
You need something to clean the air, and if you stop doing that then everybody will eventually pass out and die.

The plan is to take all the crap you clean out of the air and dump it in with the prisoners, which will knock them out.
No. 278584 ID: 252e1b


You said exactly the right thing, though you said it like a layman would (which is fine).

Here's a quick overview so that you can understand the basic principle behind keeping air breathable.

Everything that lives and breathes takes in good air made mostly of oxygen and nitrogen (both invisible gas). The oxygen is used to keep them alive; it reacts with chemicals in their bodies to produce energy. The nitrogen doesn't do anything but take up space, and is breathed right back out. When the chemical reactions are done, there is a waste product left over, carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide isn't dangerous in small amounts, but in large amounts it is toxic. In low doses it causes tiredness and headaches. As dosage increases, it then causes impaired hearing, then impaired sight and tremors, and finally death.

Normally carbon dioxide you breathe out is just mixed into the air and recycled by plants back into oxygen, but in an enclosed environment like a submarine or a cave, it needs to collected and "scrubbed" out of the air to keep the people in the environment safe. Since your submarine doesn't have a very short endurance, it must have a scrubber system.

Scrubber systems can be designed to be portable; when you breathe directly into the scrubber and inhale air that was just cleaned, the system is called a rebreather.

Another way around the problem of bad air in enclosed spaces is to just carry air in a pressurized tank. You need a regulator to allow a person to breath in the pressurized air, but it works well enough and is usually cheaper than a rebreather.

Anyway, it sounds the captain is going to give you and some of your men rebreathers. Make sure they're securely seated on your faces when you go in.
No. 279880 ID: 9dcfe6
File 129711925785.png - (22.20KB , 717x597 , 46.png )

Still not sure what that all means. I just hope you aren't sending me into a death trap. Now thanks to you sage advice, I was chosen to lead the defense. I have no idea where the little brat ran off to, so I don't know where to start looking.
No. 279957 ID: 252e1b


Make sure you share this information with your team. You are going into danger, do not let your mask be damaged, do not let it fall from your face. If you DO lose it somehow keep track of your condition. If you get a headache, or start to feel sleepy, evacuate. In a pinch you and a friend can take turns using a single mask while you evacuate.

If you don't have a mask and no friends are nearby, do NOT lie down. The bad air will be worse near the floor.

You will need to perform the search quickly, as the longer this part of the boat has poisoned air, the more likely it is that permanent damage will be done to slaves. Any slaves still moving around will have headaches, impaired hearing, and will be feeling sick.

If a slave steals your mask, kill him quickly, before he gets a chance to start feeling better.

Oh, and Venian? When you find him, don't forget about the coin pouch. When you make a public threat like that, you need to follow up on it. Maybe once you have it made you can give it to Rokof. He'd hate that.
No. 280583 ID: 9dcfe6
File 129729639894.png - (16.44KB , 607x422 , 47.png )

That's all well and good but WHERE THE HELLS AM I SUPPOSED TO GO? There's three places he could be and I have no idea where to begin.
No. 280588 ID: 252e1b


Let us have a look at that map then. I'm only generally familiar with these sorts of vessels, the particulars of your boat will dictate how we perform this search.
No. 282330 ID: 252e1b

Your submarine, if it was well designed, should have each internal section of the pressure compartment divided up by strong bulkheads. By systematically clearing areas and sealing bulkheads behind you, you can use a standard grid pattern search to find the rebel leader.
No. 282625 ID: 1a693f

This has many advantages. If you get the leader early then nobody gets permanently damaged. If you get the leader last then the least people get permanently damaged.
No. 283150 ID: 874a62
File 129832363247.png - (12.01KB , 754x648 , 48.png )

I have no idea what your talking about. All I know is the layout is so. The far left is sealed off. A flight up goes to my family's slave quarters, the flight down to the right goes to Gamin's, and is linked by another staircase to Rokof's.
No. 283160 ID: 701a19

Start by going to the right. Check that first room, then continue to the right. Check the room on the left last.

Of course, since they should all be weak and/or unconscious now you could probably just have somebody take a look in the room on the left and come tell you if they see him. You weren't the only one who got a good look at him, after all.
No. 284372 ID: 874a62
File 129870102158.png - (34.95KB , 754x646 , 49.png )

True but that would look bad for my character. Though I must say it was a good idea to flood the rooms with the...whatever it was you called it. The slaves here barely put up a fight. Which is good seeing as I recognize a few as my own...seems the little upstart opened my quarters after all. However there is no sign of him.
No. 284388 ID: 1a693f

Just tag em and tie em up. Unless they have a mage or something this resistance is already broken. I hope that asshole hasn't caught a mage...
No. 284421 ID: c71597

Manacle them to a wall or something in a place where they won't suffocate to death. Then it's time to move on, and tell your men to be watchful for booby traps, bastard might have left a few surprises for you.

Lets go take care of Gamin's next.
No. 284856 ID: 874a62
File 129885692664.png - (50.76KB , 1028x1010 , 50.png )

Oh he better not. Ugh what a mess. In such a cramped environment it will take days for the crew to bring this place back to proper conditions.
No. 284874 ID: c71597

Dead bodies everywhere?
No. 284882 ID: 874a62
File 129886054614.png - (29.55KB , 834x570 , 51.png )

No, the debris. It's horrible. If anything it could all collapse even more and

...trap me inside. Perfect.

"Lord Venian are you hurt?"

"No, but start clearing this all away. I have a feeling this was deliberate."
No. 284893 ID: c71597

Very likely. Don't go too far from the place. See if you can't set up some stuff to seek cover behind.
No. 286273 ID: 874a62
File 129930057828.jpg - (35.14KB , 834x632 , 52.jpg )

"Like us rats, you are now trapped. Now I have a proposition for you. Let us leave, and I spare you. Refuse and I'll make an example of your body."

The nerve of that boy! One problem with his plan is he gave himself away. I just need to keep him talking to find where he's hiding.
No. 286276 ID: 07416a

Yell to them that they can start clearing the other side now. You've already personally discovered the interloper, your ass is covered in glory if you don't lose, so now be smart and make sure the merchandise isn't brain damaged.
No. 286294 ID: 701a19

Hmm... What if, instead of trying to intimidate them, you instead express mild irritation? Ooohhh... Wait! I know how to handle this! Tell me how this sounds:

Sigh "Boy, do you have any idea how much harder it is to capture somebody unharmed than kill them? I'm not trying to kill you, I'm trying to not kill you.
Since you're obviously new at this, here's how things stand.
The exit is blocked so nobody can leave. That was a mistake; it doesn't mean I'm trapped in here with you, it means you're trapped in here with me.
The most amusing mistake, though, is trusting your back to the other prisoners. You're trapped, most of the prisoners are passed out, your 'control' doesn't extend past these walls, and if it looked like you had any chance of making a serious push we can just flood this entire section and drown you all. Your so-called friends know this, and have started thinking less about winning and more about themselves. Right about now they're wondering if they could get a reward for handing you over. Obviously, the answer is yes.

Another mistake? You're sitting there with an ambush ready, while I'm sitting here waiting for you to pass out."
No. 287535 ID: 252e1b

Don't forget you made a promise.
No. 287996 ID: 874a62
File 129999314129.png - (29.96KB , 834x632 , 53.png )

"Boy, do you have any idea how much harder it is to capture somebody unharmed than kill them? I'm not trying to kill you, I'm trying to not kill you.
Since you're obviously new at this, here's how things stand.
The exit is blocked so nobody can leave. That was a mistake; it doesn't mean I'm trapped in here with you, it means you're trapped in here with me.
The most amusing mistake, though, is trusting your back to the other prisoners. You're trapped, most of the prisoners are passed out, your 'control' doesn't extend past these walls, and if it looked like you had any chance of making a serious push we can just flood this entire section and drown you all. Your so-called friends know this, and have started thinking less about winning and more about themselves. Right about now they're wondering if they could get a reward for handing you over. Obviously, the answer is yes.
Another mistake? You're sitting there with an ambush ready, while I'm sitting here waiting for you to pass out."

"And your ignorance shall be your downfall."
No. 287997 ID: 8c73c8

hes right behind you, spin to your left and you can slap the sword aside with your gauntlet.
No. 287999 ID: 00d3d5

Backstab! Lookout!

You can either subdue and humiliate this guy, or you can make a messy example of him with as little visible effort as possible.

Oh! You could wrap him in your weapon, and then ask who wants to watch him die! Seeing somebody die in combat is unpleasant, but a cold blooded execution is a good way to scare some people into compliance and enrage the rest into attacking.
No. 288004 ID: 20fc85

you evidently see him. Thrash him silly, while giving him a lecture on the dishonor of backstabbing and how he shall be an example for the other prisoners.
No. 288007 ID: 874a62
File 129999690432.png - (39.59KB , 1116x632 , 54.png )

A good idea. I find pain sets a good example to others.

"How simple."
No. 288008 ID: 874a62
File 129999697566.png - (27.81KB , 772x632 , 55.png )

"Did you honestly expect to kill me with this? Show yourself or your friend dies."

"...You lie."
No. 288009 ID: 8c73c8

crush as slow as you can. slow is usually more painfully then quick.
No. 288010 ID: 1854db

Welp, better hold up to your end of the bargain. Do it slowly.
No. 288014 ID: 00d3d5

I'd laugh like he said something absurd, because he did.
"Oh, no."
Maybe slice his arm off to prove the point? That might be enough to get them to surrender, and reattaching the limb might be doable... Would it be possible to rip off the limb in one piece?
"I'm quite serious."
Tearing him to pieces leading up to the kill could work, but giving any more warnings would probably be taken as hesitation.
No. 288056 ID: 2a799d

Is this one of yours or the incompetent douchebags one?

If he's yours then just start breaking fingers. Laugh a bit while doing it and say that you're going to keep breaking bones until they either surrender or he dies.

If he's not yours then just start carving out some pieces. Doesn't matter if he lives or dies, but as long as he's alive you have some leverage.
No. 288066 ID: 07416a

Tell him the simple truth: This isn't YOUR slave. You don't even have a stake in this, you're just getting a bit of glory cleaning up someone else's mistake.
No. 306975 ID: f0e3ae

Just knock him out. Killing him would be fun but unprofessional. This is a TEST of your skills as a slaver. Knock him out, finish sorting this mess, get the accolades... and make sure your cute four handed personal royal slave hasn't been harmed by those ruffians.
No. 307042 ID: 252e1b

Grip the loose skin on the slave's throat, and pull it forward. Then cut just the skin. Leave the trachea alone, and be careful to not hit the major blood vessels.

The idea is to make his neck bleed like a bitch. It's messy and ugly looking, and makes a very convincing show of slitting a throat to anyone observing, but it won't kill him. At least not right away.

You should be able to bluff them into thinking you actually killed him that way.
No. 308606 ID: 2ae337
File 130706274583.png - (54.63KB , 1597x979 , 56.png )

He isn't one of mine...I suppose then he's expendable. Oh I hope it belongs to Rokof...

"You're choice."

Well child? What now? How many more need to die?

"You beast...fine you wish to kill us?"
No. 308609 ID: 2ae337
File 130706296411.png - (43.34KB , 928x904 , 57.png )

"...Then kill us all."

"You're asking me something I was going to do anyway."

"And how? You are just one, we are many."
No. 308610 ID: 2ae337
File 130706298671.png - (33.99KB , 928x904 , 58.png )

"And now you're one too."
No. 308611 ID: 2ae337
File 130706305117.png - (11.19KB , 708x533 , 59.png )

"...the....hell...what...was that?"

"Judging by the way it destroyed your barricades and mauled your friends I'd say that was my little brother.
No. 308615 ID: 2ae337
File 130706396413.png - (55.22KB , 1194x1182 , 60.png )

"Now come along you wasted enough of my time."
No. 308620 ID: 701a19

He might keep fighting out of spite, so you might want to take that away from him.
Something like:
"Even alone it would be pathetically easy to kill you all, but breaking the merchandise is bad for business.
Fortunately you're not mine, so all killing you costs me is irritating one of my subordinates.

So what will it be? mildly inconveniencing me with a slaughter, or saving your strength for less futile and pointless things?"
No. 308675 ID: 252e1b


"Either way you've caused enough trouble you're not getting out of here intact. But if you cooperate here on out, you get to keep your life."

And don't forget your promise, Boss.
No. 308780 ID: 07416a

Drag him back and turn the air back on. Done good.
No. 309553 ID: 2ae337
File 130738184283.png - (26.75KB , 956x648 , 61.png )

Oh I haven't forgotten. And I'll make good on my promise.

"Ugh brother, spit that out, you don't know who it belonged to."
No. 309555 ID: 2ae337
File 130738196517.png - (39.96KB , 1066x954 , 62.png )

"The hero of the hour comes back! I assume that's the leader of this insurrection?"

"Yes, I recognize that one, real trouble maker all the way home...I'll be taking him now Venian."

"No. I'm going to make an example out of this one before someone else tries this again."

No. 309556 ID: 2ae337
File 130738200664.png - (72.18KB , 1898x1228 , 63.png )

"He is MY charge! MY property!. I will not allow you to do this to me! HAND HIM OVER NOW!"
No. 309920 ID: f0e3ae

"fuck it, fine! You deal with this."
And go inspect your men and your property
No. 309942 ID: 35e1a0

"fine then, if he starts shit again i wont bail you out."
No. 309945 ID: 1854db

Explain your intent and reasoning. He does have a good point, that slave is his property. Perhaps he can do something to sate your thirst for revenge?
No. 310026 ID: 252e1b


"I don't intend to kill him. Castrating him would be enough of a wound to his pride to make sure he doesn't try anything like this again. Or were you planning on breeding this one? He'll make poor stock, he's got funny ideas and he's a shrimp."
No. 310156 ID: c71597

Ask him how he intends to punish him. If it's not severe enough then I have an idea or two.
No. 310278 ID: 2ae337
File 130747585888.png - (61.29KB , 1182x928 , 64.png )

True but he damaged more than my pride. that enough is reason enough to punish him.

"Well what do you intend Rokof?"

"He shall be flogged for every slave he freed."

"A fitting punishment yes but will it extinguish the fire in him? He had the determination to free himself when there was no hope of escape, what is to stop him from doing it again?"

"DON'T question me Makag, I will tend to my own and you should yours! This is no longer your business!"
No. 310337 ID: 1854db

Tell him what he did to you, and what you said you would do to him.
No. 310343 ID: c71597

See now flogging is not good enough. He must atleast die, in a manner fitting for a slave that dares to raise their hand against the masters and incite rebellion. Can't be a quick death either. I would suggest cutting his dick off and then nailing him to the wall in full sight of the other slaves. As a leason of the cost of rebellion. And a decimation of the slaves of this incompetent moron, also done in full view and by nailing them to the walls.

The slaves have to learn that the price of rebellion is so horrible that they won't be willing to pay it. And this incompetent fucker has to learn that he is responsible for the actions of his slaves, if they act in a way that is befiting of punishment then that is because he is not a good slavemaster, so he must take a share of the punishment.
No. 310348 ID: 35e1a0

most slaves only react if someone calls for a rising. no matter the punishment some will come to the call. and once they forget that punishment it will happen again. no, harsh punishment does not keep a slave in line. a tempting lure will. the idea that if they work extra hard then some day they could rise above the others. this guy must be branded, a mark that he can NEVER become more then a slave.
No. 310353 ID: f0e3ae

oh just let him be... at most say "well your property put mine at risk. make sure he doesn't get loose again"
No. 310424 ID: 252e1b

Rokof is weak, and you're weak if you let him dictate terms to you.

Pose it to him like this: How much would it cost him if people learned of his stupidity in taking so many slaves from the same place? How much would it cost him if they learned that he wasn't even able to help clean up his own mess?

Now, how much is that slave worth on the market?

If Rokof won't let you punish the slave, you'll be more than happy to tell the tale to anyone who will listen. If he does though, you'll be more than happy to modify the truth a bit. You won't be sure why the slaves were able to cooperate so well. You'll point out that they certainly weren't from the same village, since Rokof's not green or stupid enough to make that error. You'll be willing to claim that Rokof conducted himself well in the containment effort, and that he did the right thing in letting you, the leader of the containment action, determine the ringleader's punishment.
No. 310426 ID: f0e3ae

but why would you even make such a deal? yes you hate this clown... besides which the owners of this ship:
1. DO know why they cooperated.
2. WILL report this.
3. WILL make sure the slaves don't get loose again.

All you are doing now is wasting time in a pissing contest. Just walk away and make sure to tell everyone who is important how much of a moron he was.
This is a pointless pissing contest that is just a waste of your time.
No. 310429 ID: 252e1b


Rokof's stupid enough that he might not think of that. A modified deal with no lies, just omissions, might be be better.
No. 310463 ID: f0e3ae

Capital idea! this I can get behind and it is actually something USEFUL instead of a pointless pissing match...
You get to blackmail him AND the pleasure of seeing him still get nailed since you only promised YOU wouldn't tell. but the captain of the ship is not under your command. :P
No. 310499 ID: c71597

That is the carrot part. The whip part is that an uprising carries with it a terrible price in blood. And everyone involved who doesn't get killed gets the worst assignments until they're worked to death.
No. 311289 ID: 2ae337
File 130767182076.png - (47.58KB , 1182x928 , 65.png )

"Think for a second Rokof, you bought so many slaves from one place. Not only would you attract local attention, but you would also risk an open rebellion like this. Now imagine what would happen if certain people in power we're to hear this."

"It will take us weeks to fix the damages to the holds. Nietch's father will not be pleased when he hears about it..."

"...enough with the word dancing just tell me what you want Venian."
No. 312650 ID: 2ae337
File 130794516278.png - (66.27KB , 1182x928 , 66.png )

"Simply put Rokof, I'll punish the lad, MY way, and your reputation will remain intact."
No. 312652 ID: f0e3ae

Quick and to the point.
Can't wait for his answer... or to see the look on his face when he realizes that while bought your silence the ships captain is bound to report him.
No. 312653 ID: 2ae337
File 130794548936.png - (30.80KB , 798x805 , 67.png )

"...fine. But I will remember this Makag."


Of course Rokof will remember this. They remember every slight and insult. The bastard will no doubt try to find retribution on the political arena.
No. 312654 ID: 2ae337
File 130794569949.png - (40.90KB , 909x826 , 68.png )

Oh yes a nice little buffer between him and me, but I think he already knows...He's trying to murder me with his eyes now. I can feel it.

"Well tyrant...what will you do with me?"

"I'm going to make your existence unbearable. And then I will kill you."
No. 312659 ID: 35e1a0

let's see how much he likes to play bleed and scream.
No. 312697 ID: 252e1b

I still think you should give the coin purse to Rokof when it's ready. Or maybe you could have it made into a tobacco bag! Oh man, that'd be cool.
No. 312699 ID: 00d3d5

Don't take his balls. Instead, put him in an iron chastity belt with a tube that is only accommodating when flaccid.
Then have him work in a women's bath. Or at a brothel.

For now, though? Just toss him in a dog cage and go take your bath. Perhaps see if Gyoji can give a decent massage.
No. 312700 ID: 252e1b


The rebel must die, Venian made a promise. Plus it's bad to leave troublemakers around. On the bright side, the body can be used to cow the rest of Rokof's slaves. That should help make sure they don't do this again.

Have your fun Venian. Maybe we can swap torture techniques and pointers later.
No. 312733 ID: f0e3ae

torture him a little then execute him in front of the slaves that rebelled.

We can't take too long, else Rokof might figure things out... besides its a waste of our time and effort to engage in pointless sadism.
No. 312763 ID: c2c011

Chop his dick off and crucify in him full view of the other slaves. Or parade them through the place if there is no spot where they can all see him. The lesson needs to be public.
No. 312764 ID: 35e1a0

this is of course stress relief, you have had a long week and this will let off some steam.
No. 312771 ID: 07416a

Don't torture him. Just kill him.
No. 312987 ID: f0e3ae

changing my vote to support this.
You don't have the time and it serves no useful purpose. You need to finish him off and go check on your slaves and your men.
No. 313029 ID: 252e1b


He's got plenty of time. His men are extremely competent, and should have the slaves in hand now.

Boss, how's that thigh wound? You should get it tended to before you make a mess.
No. 313591 ID: 2ae337
File 130817439680.png - (43.86KB , 909x826 , 69.png )

Oh very well, but I still made a promise...

"Is this all of Rokof's slaves?"

"Yes lord...is all this quite necessary? He is only a young man.:

"Ah Mangalo, sometimes I forget you we're once a slave yourself...no an example must be made. And it shall be made here. And now."
No. 313604 ID: b39da2

I believe a short and poignant speech about how they are now slaves, but its not the end... But some behavior will get them killed, demonstrate.
No. 313609 ID: 35e1a0

yes use Mangalo as an example of what they COULD be.
No. 313618 ID: c2c011

Yes it's necessary, a public demonstration of the cost must be made so that they are aware of it. But you also need to point out that there is a future, a chance for freedom and even great riches.
No. 313659 ID: 2ae337
File 130818457399.png - (46.33KB , 909x611 , 70.png )

Provided they all speak the same language...Hopefully it's the one I'll use.

"Slaves! Listen now! You followed a fool! You attempted to escape when there was no hope of escape! Let me make it very clear. You will probably never see home again. You belong to us. Serve well and you will earn your freedom, even ascend to great heights in our society. Fail, and you will meet a quick end. As this boy will learn."

"Don't listen to him! There's still hope! WE can still escape from this plaAAAAAAAAUGH! AAAAHAAUUGH! GAAAAAAAAH!"

"You should have surrendered. Such fire could have served you well in my country."
No. 313660 ID: 2ae337
File 130818467076.png - (17.49KB , 909x611 , 71.png )

"A shame."

"Gah! Hah! I wi-"
No. 313685 ID: 00d3d5

Congrads! You just made him a martyr! He will be the figure around which the slaves shall rally! Before they were just a loose mixture, but now they have a group identity!
Exclamation point!

Oh well, too late now. Why don't you go to your hot bath with Gyoji? You could certainly use the relaxation at this point.
No. 313688 ID: 46feaf

Bah relex. They're not going to be doing much rallying after having their asses handed to them. Twice. Plus the looming threat of having your genitalia torn off generally has a negative effect on rebellious actions.
No. 313691 ID: 35e1a0

anyone who understood what we said would rather take idea of getting a promotion then death. they would need a VERY big spark to set them off again. which would be MORE people from the exact same town.
No. 313697 ID: e3f578

ugh you ripped his balls off
the fuck man
you save that for men who are monsters
No. 313816 ID: 252e1b


Martyrs only form if there's someone to sing their praises. An ignoble and humiliating death for being a visible ringleader will help. If you want to be sure, a disinformation campaign will help. Bribe some of the slaves that did not cooperate with this pest to lie about him and what he did.

Molested children, hid behind women, had his genitals removed for being a rapist. That kind of thing.
No. 313837 ID: c2c011

Good job, now lets hope that the rest of the trip is calm, relaxing and doesn't have any more crisis. It will be good to finally get back home and start working for a brighter future and an expanded empire.
No. 314228 ID: 2ae337
File 130833567521.png - (34.36KB , 909x611 , 72.png )

That's something to consider. Though once we get to Rezo, it's out of my hands.

I'm already relaxing, Mangalo always has a private stock of some Solven liquor. I swear it's the only good thing to come out of that city.

She's nobility I doubt she's ever bathed someone in her life.

"...I was thinking Veni, earlier you recommended an astunding strategy. To be honest not many outside the crew even know how half of this vessel works. Not to be offensive but you spent more time with Yviel than anything else so I must know...what gave you such insight?"

"Ah well that's...uh/

I'm not sure. I trust Mangalo and I know he has a real grasp on magic artifacts and how to identify them. Should I tell him about you? I can't think straight anymore. Maybe too much spirits...nah.
No. 314230 ID: 35e1a0

tell him "this is one of those sercets where if i found out you told someone i would kill you them and anyone they COULD of told. only reason i'm not killing you preemptively is because you are my friend and i think you deserve to know" then pull us out and just hold us up.
No. 314272 ID: 00d3d5

Yea, you're trashed, but you need to tell him something.
Here, you can say this: "Well, I'll prolly need your help, s'ok.
Iz some kinda magic binding with the princess. Dead ancestors or some shit like that give me advice s'long as I help 'em keep her line going.
It'll be a political nightmare workin' it out, but we'd all be dead without 'em and I'mma man of my word. 'sides, ya saw how useful they are and backstabbin ghosts don work so good."

She needs to learn how to bathe people, and as a princess she probably DOES know a lot about massages. A massage and a hot bath - could you honestly resist that right now?
No. 314275 ID: 252e1b


Sounds to me like you've already got your answer boss. You trust him, and you know he knows a thing or two about magic items. Even if you didn't tell him, he might identify us on his own. And then he'd know you dodged the question.

Actually, he might be an interesting fellow to talk to. Maybe you could hand us over to him sometime when you're both more sober. Submarines are very interesting, and we know a lot about them.
No. 314282 ID: c2c011

Recieving a massage and giving one is not the same thing. She's a princess, not a bathing house attendant.

Well you could either hint at simply being good at deduction, or you could tell him that you came across a somewhat useful magical artifact that sometimes comes with good advice.
No. 314292 ID: 00d3d5

I am aware of this. I am also aware that princesses are trained in their duties, which generally consist of pleasing their future husbands.
Massage would be something on the list; it's easy to pick up but yields great returns.
No. 314297 ID: 252e1b


You're just talking bullshit again.

Why would a princes be trained in that when she can hire help? Her future husband would be from a political marriage, and she'd be expected to perform the traditional roles of an active noblewoman: diplomatic and political functions, and baby-bearing.
No. 314358 ID: 00d3d5

No, her future husband was to be her brother, and he would have had a say in her training.
Even if it were a political marriage, it's far from unheard of for a ruler to kill his wife for failing to please him. A place where a father can nonexist his kids seems to be the sort of environment where you would find these things.
No. 314503 ID: 2ae337
File 130838340057.png - (35.79KB , 988x665 , 73.png )

"Well, sincsh I am gonna need yer help widdiz, I-I-Immergonnersay yes.
Ish some kinda magic binding...thing the princess had. Shome kinda dead ank-ansh-ass-dead people or somethen along those likes...I mean lines and they. They we're tellin me wut I had ta do when everything was gettin all bad...an' I wuz gonna help them out with uh...sumthin. Uh. I uh.-"

"Enough Venian I have enough to gather a good picture. And I suppose only as long as you hold it you can hear them?"

"Yeah heh, funny thing that...sumetimes it also makesh me say sum stuff."

"I'd like to take a closer look at that. Why not leave it with me? If it works the way I think it does I may be able to replicate its effects onto another bauble."


"Make two people hear them at the same time with another jewel."

Sounds good to me...wee I'm feeling dizzy. Oh I miss her...I could use a good time right about now. Oh wait that's not wat I was talking about, wuz that?
No. 314505 ID: 35e1a0

actually it was. give us to your friend and go have a good time with the princess.
No. 314512 ID: 00d3d5

Agreed. You go ahead and have fun with the princess.
No. 314523 ID: c2c011

You can hand us over and then go sleep. You're not really in a state where you should do anything else or you might really regret it tomorrow.
No. 315949 ID: 2ae337
File 130868579132.png - (27.79KB , 988x665 , 74.png )

Princess? Yviel's not a princess! Least I think she isn

"You just bring that back to my quarters whem yer done 'kay?"

"Don't worry lord, I will."

Imagine something so small with so much power...and now I finally found one.
No. 315950 ID: c2c011

Hope you're not thinking of keeping us. We can be rather annoying if we want to.
No. 315951 ID: 35e1a0

yeah man. we got a deal. and yes we can control you like a puppet if you push us. course that has some side-effects like your mind shattering.

so let's play nice, k?
No. 315954 ID: 00d3d5

You didn't find us, you are borrowing us from the person who has sworn to insure the continuation of the Chang line.
Rest assured we are not property to be owned, but we are willing to help you if you will help us.

Tell us what it is you want from us, Mangalo, and we shall see what we may do for you.
No. 315957 ID: 2ae337
File 130868817965.png - (40.68KB , 1009x665 , 75.png )

Ah I can tell whatever lurks within is trying to communicate. I know you hear me but I can't hear you. Though I intend to change that.

"Wake up I found one!"

"Are you sure you found a real one this time?"

"Yes lord Venian explained its actions quite clearly. I have no doubt-"

"You what?! Mangalo, are you sure we should perform this on a noble's property?!"

"If it's fake Venian will thank us for destroying it. If it's real nothing will happen other than that we can hear the voices like the magically attuned Rezans. Enough dawdling! Start the machines, let us begin the output adjustment!"
No. 315959 ID: 2ae337
File 130868829858.png - (33.16KB , 1009x665 , 76.png )

"Now this is the first time so be prepared for anything. We have no idea what may happen once we start tampering with it's Oali Field."
No. 315961 ID: 35e1a0

No. 315963 ID: 2ae337
File 130868877062.png - (52.51KB , 1009x665 , 77.png )

"Ooooooh~ Li Jue, never leave my side again..."

"Honestly lord, you act as if I'm the only one to please you."

"Yes but you're the best."
No. 315966 ID: 2ae337
File 130868916587.png - (43.21KB , 1009x665 , 78.png )

"What's going on? The readings are fluctuating all over the place!"

"Well stabilize them then!"

"We're trying Mangalo sir, but the magic is too intense, we need to start at a lower level."
No. 315969 ID: 2ae337
File 130868934242.png - (53.09KB , 1182x928 , 79.png )

"The lower levels are more manageable but I'm still having difficulty trying to pinpoint the magic attunement."

"Then increase the drain, we're close I can feel it!"
No. 315971 ID: 2ae337
File 130868962096.png - (48.53KB , 1182x928 , 80.png )

"Levels are reaching a stable point sir!"

"Good now attach the resonance drive and start increasing flow."

"Gods...it's...it's the real thing!"

"I told you! Now focus! The readings, the readings!"

"Magic output spiking dramatically!"

No. 315972 ID: 2ae337
File 130868964552.png - (10.07KB , 1009x665 , 81.png )

No. 315973 ID: 00d3d5

[Punch yourself in the face for being an idiot about this.]
No. 315976 ID: 2ae337
File 130868988255.png - (11.74KB , 951x954 , 82.png )

"The hell was that?"

"Not sure sir...but readings are dropping to operable levels again."

"Keep a copy of that, I want to study it later."

"Sir the frequency is off again."

"...dammit, try opening flow again, but slower this time!"
No. 315979 ID: 2ae337
File 130868995846.png - (44.11KB , 802x906 , 83.png )

"No good, the frequency isn't changing."

"Than adjust the resonance drive, remember?"
No. 315982 ID: 2ae337
File 130868998827.png - (29.27KB , 802x709 , 84.png )

"It's not changing sir."

"Give it time, it always needs time."
No. 315983 ID: 2ae337
File 130869008586.png - (12.50KB , 802x709 , 85.png )

"Alright it's moving back sir."

"See I told you. Just a bit more and we should have it. A little more. STOP! STOP THE DRIVE NOW!"

"Is it done?"

"Well only one way to see."
No. 315984 ID: 2ae337
File 130869014644.png - (23.81KB , 1009x665 , 86.png )

"Aich ya! That's hot!"

If you have anything to say, say it now.
No. 315985 ID: 35e1a0

AHHHHHHH, ouch, gaH!
how would you feel if your mind was stretched in two? god damn. just give us moment to get our thoughts in order.
No. 315986 ID: 07416a

Sorry, what? We were watching porn.
No. 315989 ID: 00d3d5

Your hair is on fire.
This is acceptable, since you just conducted an experiment on us without our permission. And screwed it up.

For future reference, we are not property. We work with people to achieve our own goals, and advance their own in return.

Now that you've put us through something traumatic and unpleasant, it's time for you to repay us - don't worry, it's easy.
We need you to make it so that it's socially acceptable for Venian and Gyoji to mate without harming Venian's reputation or position. This is your nation's politics so you assuredly have some idea how this may be accomplished, but we will offer what aid we can for this task.
No. 316021 ID: 252e1b


Ha ha, hey, yeah, your hair is on fire.

Well, I'm full of questions. Venian, god love his soul, isn't an intellectual. He's great at what he does, but you were right when you implied he wouldn't pursue knowledge for its own sake. We might turn him around on that, this last fight was a good example for him of how esoteric knowledge can have direct practical application.

So! First question! What're you using to power your submarine? Your ship obviously has some sort of contra-gravity capability in addition to its abilities as a U-Boat, which is an energy expensive but highly useful capability. What's your operational depth? Got good maps of your operating area? You guys have sonar capability?

Next! Why are you using slave labor when you're an industrial state? Have you not yet developed robots, or is the personal servant industry really that large?

Next! Currency! Has your nation moved to fiat money yet, or is the economy still shackled to a commodity?

Next! The big picture! Who are the movers and shakers in the world? Do you have a globe we can look at?

Lastly for now! Aerospace! Has anyone achieved orbital flights yet?
No. 316028 ID: 2ae337
File 130869524587.png - (29.42KB , 1009x665 , 87.png )

I heard that

And I heard that.

I heard that too...wait you want Venian to what with who?

Now this I can answer.

First answer: It's magic, I can barely explain it. Just magic seems to work differently around Rezans. They crystallize the stuff, and use it as a power source for most things. This vessel is the only one of it's kind, and was of course, expensive to build. It set the Gamin family back quite a bit. The rest of that question I'm not allowed to know, it's privvy to the captain and those who need to operate this thing. I dealt with the science aspect of the boat, not the magic.

Second, I don't know what robots are so I can't really answer that part. Slaves are a cheap replaceable, and reproductive labor force that also potentially serves as additional power between family politics.

If by that word fyat you mean government regulated money then yes, but the Kushle is only as strong as the ruling family is. And among the nobles slaves serve as a secondary currency...in some odd...ancient...traditional way, I'm still not clear how the families work.

Next; Rezo, if it expanded further than it has would probably be the driving force of the world. But since it isn't the ruling powers are the Ming Zhuo Empire in Eastaland, the Nation of the Holy in Far Westerland, and the Chouhoku Nation in Westerland, though that last one is because it is supplied by the Makag family.

Last question. What?
No. 316042 ID: 35e1a0

to rephrase the last question. how high has anyone ever flown? current record we know of for a person is the moon. as in, they used a flying machine to touch it and put a flag on it.
No. 316043 ID: 00d3d5

Orbital flights. Going far up into the sky and making it so gravity can't seem to manage to pull you back down. This is a precursor to landing on a moon or other planet.
This is also something I would expect to be far outside your capabilities.

Oh, and yes, we do need you help to make it so Veni won't suffer if his relationship with Gyoji is exposed. Our first attempt failed when it was decided she hadn't earned her citizenship on the journey, and now we need your help to protect them.
Unless I am mistaken, helping him IS in your best interests as well, correct?
No. 316075 ID: 2ae337
File 130869942232.png - (14.88KB , 641x499 , 88.png )

Well I don't know when that happened but I know no human, Rezan, or other ground animal has achieved flight by artificial means.

"Sir, did it work?"

"Yes I can hear them quite clearly and we are having a bit of a conversation, excuse me."

Gyoji...you mean the Tsang Naji Venian dragged aboard? He has a relation with that? Well given Rezans that's not too surprising. But still from what I do understand all he needs to do is wait for his ascendancy to be recognized by the families then he can decide when and what her slave rite is, and that should be it. Just so long as he does nothing stupid until then he should be fine. And while I know Venian had the wandering eye when he was growing up I trust he is smart enough to keep his urges in check.

He gets drunk all the time and hasn't done anything stupid yet.
No. 316084 ID: 28e94e

God damn it, we could have been watching porn right now!
[Punch self in face]
No. 316086 ID: c2c011

Well some of us sometimes have a very low amount of patience and can be a bad influence. But we will hopefully solve that.

Now I hope you didn't destroy us completly or intend to keep us. Because we're not very inclined to stay with you. Wait, you didn't take away our command ability did you? Better check to be sure.

[Punch yourself in the face for experimentation purposes]
No. 316130 ID: 00d3d5

We have been spending much of our time convincing him of the wisdom of laying with her, and tempting him into it.
She is willing and eager, and our efforts have left the both of them rather frustrated. Intoxicated he's quite likely to indulge his base desires without considering the consequences.

I believe I mentioned that the continuation of the Chang line is our primary goal, yes? Maintaining Veni's position is currently as important to that goal as producing an heir, and we ask your help to see that these are not in conflict.

[Suppress these - we don't want him to know any of this!]

We are supposed to have the ability to provoke people to act if they aren't resisting it.
We need to make sure this still works... [Punch yourself in the face]
... and to teach you not to cause harm to sentient artifacts.
No. 316133 ID: 252e1b
File 130870650132.png - (43.58KB , 800x375 , 800px-Airfoil_svg.png )


No whammy no whammy no whammy!
[GENTLY tap yourself on the nose with a closed fist]


Oh man are you in for a treat! You wanna come fly with me? I've got the answers. I've got alllll the answers.

In broad strokes, it is possible to create a low pressure area over a wing and let the higher pressure under it generate enough lifting force to achieve controllable powered flight. By arranging a set of forward wings all around a spinning drive shaft you can drag a bigger wing into the air and create apparent wind flow over it. This is enough to let you get lift, and to fly.

By changing the shape of the wing in flight you can adjust your pitch and yaw; you have control of the craft.

If you combine this with your contra-gravity magic you can loft far larger loads for the same energy cost. Pretty cool huh?

Oh and robots are machines that can be programmed to perform repetitive tasks. They're ultimately much cheaper than slaves, once you take into account all the expenses of maintaining a stable of slaves.

Tell me this: is this vessel a single-hull body, or a double hull? And does it use torpedoes? Man those are hella cool.


It's much easier to achieve orbit with contra-gravity. You could do it with a fairly cheap chemical rocket. Heck, even a steam rocket could do it with contra-gravity helping. It'd just take awhile.
No. 316164 ID: b6ca92
File 130871276808.jpg - (22.93KB , 575x383 , img038.jpg )

Good plan, but for robots and rockets, what about electricity to help the development of magitech? We'll leave circuit boards for later, but once you get conversion systems set up to realiably transform natural energies into magical energies, then thats when the fires of industry can really get going.

So, first lesson on generating electricity: A magnet in rotating motion within a cylinder of copper wire to produce electric current. Hook the magnet up to a steam turbine, and with a steady coal mine you have some cheap, easily produced electrical power for artificial lights and other awesome things.

Oh this is so exciting! It's been so long since we last established a socio-economic-industrial empire; if I had hands they'd be shaking with excitement right now!
No. 316169 ID: 00d3d5

Contra-gravity would naturally make that part easy enough; I'm more concerned with the other aspects of high-altitude craft.
Low/null pressure environments are orders of magnitude harder to engineer for than high pressure environments.
Heck, for high pressure environments you can sometimes just bump up the craft's internal pressure to match the external pressure, change the air mix, and call it a day. It's not like pressure does people any harm. It helps that water has high surface tension, density, and viscosity, since that all works against tiny imperfections leaking.

Null pressure, though? If there's a hole the size of a pin in your hull then even if it doesn't rupture you'll probably all be dead before you can get back to a safe pressure. Air flows fast.
No. 316171 ID: 00d3d5

Say, how about we stick to period technology for once? Wouldn't that be fun?

Just imagine! No robots, no miniguns, no lasers, no nuclear rockets, just simple magic and technology! Doesn't that sound a lot more fun than ruining a perfectly good world?
No. 316175 ID: 07416a

(Silence this post, he doesn't need to know.)
No. 316177 ID: 07416a

They already have massive superiority, no harm in increasing it.
No. 316284 ID: 252e1b


You are talking out of your butt again.

The engineering challenges at 20 meters depth with a cabin pressure of 1 atmosphere (achievable at expensive but not prohibitive costs with access to even mild steel construction techniques) are completely comparable to the challenges faced in operating in zero pressure environments. Furthermore, the margins of error in zero pressure environments are greater. Pinhole leaks will only leak as fast as the internal pressure will feed them. If the integrity of the hull is compromised enough that the pinhole rapidly expands then you're in an explosive decompression scenario. That's unpleasant, but with the right equipment (pressure suits) it is survivable.

Surviving an implosion from exceeding your test depth in a submarine is not likely, because the forces involved tend to form a nasty feedback loop. Losing air means losing buoyancy, which means sinking further, which means an increase in external pressure due to depth, which means the chances of the breech getting bigger increase...

And, an unmanned orbital attempt is very possible. They've demonstrated telecommunication abilities already.
No. 316329 ID: 00d3d5

What? No, it's easier to design resistance to 1atm of crushing than it is to design for 1atm of expansion due to the way materials work. Small imperfections matter less in +1atm since the hull is being pressed against itself. In 0atm the hull has tension pulling it apart in addition to the internal pressure pushing outwards.

Again, bumping up the internal pressure to 2atm makes the stress on the hull vanish. You obviously can't keep doing that forever since oxygen toxicity and decompression sickness and the like become problems, but decreasing the pressure difference is an option that doesn't exist for 0atm situations.

Even a pinhole leak is less of a problem at high pressure, since hull compression naturally works to close small gaps.

Yes, I was using hyperbole.

That's completely irrelevant to what I said, and you know it.
No. 316349 ID: 252e1b


Right, but if you're got contra-gravity then weight is not nearly as big an issue as it is with just conventional rocket engines (or airfoils in hybrid type craft). You don't need to use rockets because you don't need obscene specific-impulse values to achieve escape. You can build up to escape velocity slowly, using a higher-efficiency engine, because you're using contra-gravity to help you cheat. If you do it that way, you don't need to scrabble for every ounce of fuel, which means you can build big and heavy pressure vessels for your crew/payload. You don't need expensive metallurgy techniques if your mass ratio is not the limiting factor. In fact, at that point, your limiting factor is how well your contra-grav generator can scale to larger amounts of mass.

Contra-gravity is a game changer for achieving orbit.
No. 316354 ID: 00d3d5

I ignored the energy costs of achieving orbit for that very reason. You failed to make that correction when you mentioned loss of buoyancy from taking on water creating a 'feedback loop'.

This is all entirely off topic though. That topic being why are you people trying to advance their technology before their society is ready for it? We don't do that for the Chang line in spite of them being at a technological disadvantage, so why are you doing it now?
No. 316355 ID: 35e1a0

because this is the side we want to win?
No. 316411 ID: b1f0e2

Goddammit every time we are handed off to someone total disaster strikes by people who can't keep their trap shut

No. 316414 ID: 252e1b


I didn't say anything about it because it's self-evident that if they have contra-gravity they would use it in an application that could benefit greatly from it.

They've displayed industrial revolution era technologies already. The problem with their current situation is likely sociopolitical, in that many of their potential innovators are being worked to death as slaves and the few potential innovators left in the pool are being focused on directed research by their patrons instead of general research on first principles. They are right on the cusp of greatness here, and it's entirely possible for them to screw it up badly and end up in a Fall of Rome situation. We don't want that.

Before we get them off slaves, or get them to use less of them anyway, we have to get them onto multiple fiat currencies so they can easily adjust their economies as the innovations are introduced.

And Mangalo, I'm not talking about getting them off slaves because I like the slaves or anything. It's just that civilizations follow patterns, and when a civilization gets to a certain size and still using slaves, things start to fall apart. The Rezans, if they're s big as you and Venian have said (and I have no real reason to doubt you two) are in my opinion, nearing that point.
No. 316506 ID: 2ae337
File 130879847530.png - (14.67KB , 641x499 , 88.png )

That's...that is...well I expected you to be talkative but this is...I need to write all this down. Here. Why don't you pester Venian for a bit?
No. 316507 ID: 2ae337
File 130879875174.png - (23.77KB , 672x587 , 89.png )

Ach...ka. My head. The hells am I doing here?
No. 316509 ID: 44766a

Look to your left. Don't freak out.
No. 316510 ID: 35e1a0

having a good time.
No. 316512 ID: 00d3d5

You consummated your relationship with Gyoji while drunk.
Wouldn't you say [this feels right]?

You'll need to keep this hidden until you can legally set her rites, but that shouldn't be too difficult.
No. 316514 ID: 252e1b


Mangalo's experiment worked. We talked shop with him for awhile, got the lay of the economic landscape in the very broadest of strokes, and gave him some new ideas to think about.

Your family was wise to take on Mangalo. He's got a good head on his shoulders. Between him, your family, and us, we should be able to unify the world and set your people on the route to a golden age. You Rezans are advanced enough that we can effectively springboard into the really interesting technologies without too much trouble. The Ming Zhuo Empire would have required a couple more generations of technical development, and that's prior to the war. Who knows how far the war will set things back?

You look like you had a fun evening. Better plan on making an honest woman of her though.
No. 316515 ID: 2ae337
File 130879997251.png - (23.74KB , 672x587 , 90.png )

Why what's to my...oh no. So last night was not-it. She did...aaaauggh. Where's her fourth arm, I only count thre-
No. 316516 ID: 2ae337
File 130880000017.png - (23.66KB , 672x587 , 91.png )

Ah...there it is...
No. 316521 ID: 2ae337
File 130880078263.png - (36.50KB , 895x889 , 92.png )

Granted it feels right, but it always does. It doesn't change the fact I feel terrible about this. Not only did I allow her to RAPE ME, but I let her do it before she even before she even passed her damn rite.

Okay calm down, it will be alright, it's not like He'll notice, I'm sure he won't even care. OH WHO AM I KIDDING HE LOVES TO SEE THE WOMAN ON TOP! The Birther will bless us for sure, this is terrible! I don't see how this can get any worse...
No. 316525 ID: 44766a

Umm... We are pretty sure you were on top last night. Also, didn't look like you were being raped.
No. 316527 ID: 252e1b


How long is the gestation period for hybrid children?
No. 316539 ID: 2cee53

>I allow her to RAPE ME

Er, no thats not how rape works. also tell us more about this Birther guy, and what do you mean WOMAN ON TOP?
No. 316549 ID: 252e1b


Given the context I am fairly certain Birther is a god of fertility, and an advocate for woman's empowerment. The folio of fertility is designated to a goddess in most pantheons, but if Birther has other folios (revelry or role-reversals for instance) then His management of fertility rites makes sense. It's also possible that all gods are automatically male, since the Rezan languages don't have proper gender-neutral pronouns, and we already know their society is a patriarchy.
No. 316555 ID: b1f0e2

Morning after pill/herb/spell/whatever would be appropriate now.
No. 316575 ID: 2ae337
File 130880391245.png - (37.23KB , 895x889 , 93.png )

I'll cover the Birther thing in discussion.
No. 316580 ID: 2ae337
File 130880431739.png - (47.28KB , 1066x954 , 94.png )

SHE was on top of ME! I didn't even approve of what happened, dammit I shouldn't have consumed so many bottles last night! I can't let anyone know of this-

"Mrmm mama is it time for sword practice?"

No. 316585 ID: d4f98d

Fuck me, what kinda night did you have?
No. 316586 ID: b1f0e2

we are pretty sure you were on top... and yes you should ALWAYS drink in moderation or bad things happen...

Now... who the fuck is that guy behind you?
No. 316587 ID: 35e1a0

uh oh, looks like you didn't just fuck her, you had a three way.
No. 316591 ID: 252e1b


Boss! Boos! What gender is Nietch!? I can't tell from here! Boss I gotta know!
No. 316595 ID: 00d3d5

Your memories must be fuzzy, so let me walk you through the start of your fun last night.
You were drunk.
You walked in to find her on her back and pleasing herself.
You forced yourself on her, much to her enjoyment.
You were on top for the first round of sex.
Past that point we lost track of you two, so the part you remember is likely past that point.

Your accusation of rape is baseless.

Moving right along, your quaint beliefs are so cute! She was in heat early in the trip, which means she's currently off-cycle. She's not going to get pregnant.
Right now you need to figure out a way to get her to pass her rite, and there may be a way to do that.
You said that nobility and soldiers are granted citizenship if they should save your life, right?
She didn't stop a blade, but without the advice we provided you would all be dead. We provided this advice because it was in her best interests.
Simply misattributing our advice to her would be a valid reason to claim she saved your life and thus earned her citizenship.
No. 316596 ID: b1f0e2

whoa now, that's not exactly how it happens. We are quite unsure about some things. We didn't see the guy, we don't know she was masturbation or not, and we don't know that he was forceful... We need to find out what happened first before panicking or leaping to conclusions. We only saw some, flashes.
No. 316598 ID: b1f0e2

that is a very important question... this could be way aawesome (got two women, woo!) or very bad (you shared her with someone? she isn't a sex slave, certainly not one to pass around).
No. 316604 ID: 252e1b


That's not why it's important, Nietch's a bro even if he's a she, it's important because Nietch's been making a point of keeping his or her gender a secret! I gotta know, it's driving me crazy!
No. 316606 ID: 35e1a0

also it upped it to a three way. meaning the odds of the birther blessing them went up AGAIN.
No. 316607 ID: b1f0e2

not necessarily, but it does mean that if she is pregnant you couldn't tell the father right away, which could reveal that more then one guy slept with her. which further digs in that hole.

That being said, lets not panic here. You need to confirm gender, and speak with each of them in length. We need to explain some things, specifically the repercussions of having your way with slaves. Also explain that you intended to get her citizenship beforehand, but you mustn't have sexual relationships again until such a day actually occurs.

BTW, the idea of her raping you is laughable, she is very much the sub (submissive) and you are the dom (dominant) of this relationship.
No. 316695 ID: c2c011

Looks like you had a very good time. And as for kids and so on, you can always claim that she was pregnant when you found her. Unless day after contraceptives/abortives aren't around, in which case you could just use that.

It was a rather stupid move though, you really should have had some more patience, lots of people should have had more patience. Rushing into stuff can lead to all sorts of bad stuff happening.
No. 316783 ID: 2ae337
File 130886195687.png - (27.30KB , 943x523 , 95.png )


"Mwuh? Veni? What'r'you doing in my room?"

"Wash your face and come back out when you start remembering!"
No. 316784 ID: 2ae337
File 130886204612.png - (20.76KB , 943x523 , 96.png )

...Nietch is a girl.
No. 316786 ID: b1f0e2

>is a girl
>what do?
Get dressed, ASAP.
No. 316788 ID: 00d3d5

Ok. Further questions:
Did you have sex with her as well?
Is she your sister? I mean having the same parents, not being a woman from the same family tree.

If her gender is a secret that few know, then she can cover for you by becoming involved with Gyoji. The truth will out eventually, of course, but as long as that happens after you've ascended to power and Gyoji is a citizen none of this will matter.

Of course, you could always claim that you cut a deal with her family's advisers to cover up your presence and get you out of the country alive in exchange for being sire and father to Gyoji's children. Mangalo and Gyoji will both assert this is true, and with careful diplomacy you can spin this into sacrificing yourself for the good of your people.
No. 316795 ID: d4f98d

Obviously the answer here is to go another round, Venian.

Don't disappoint.
No. 316800 ID: 35e1a0

okay. yes get dressed. also notice you aren't touching us and still hear us, thank mangalo for that.
No. 316803 ID: b1f0e2

Took me a moment but i just realized how cute she looks here.
Is this the first time you two got intimate?
No. 316804 ID: c2c011

It doesn't seem like this is the first time this has happened. Lets get dressed and put on your best gameface. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.
No. 316838 ID: 252e1b


They're from two different noble houses, so it's a fair bet they're not close blood relations.


Of course it's the first time. If it wasn't, Venian would have known Nietch's gender.
No. 316859 ID: 44766a

...Wait a second.

[Try switching to Gyoji, then switch back to Venian.]
No. 316908 ID: 2ae337
File 130888282730.png - (17.86KB , 685x523 , 97.png )

Switch? What do you mean by swi

No. 316910 ID: 2ae337
File 130888289306.png - (20.08KB , 685x523 , 98.png )

Would it be too hard in the future to warn me next time? It feels like someone spun my mind around.

"Hi Veni."
No. 316912 ID: 35e1a0

aw great, who is that?
No. 316946 ID: 252e1b


This is all new to us too, boss. Before Mangalo tampered with us we were strictly limited to talking to just whoever was physically holding us.

Now it looks like we can talk to, and watch, anyone we've been handled by before. We'll try to warn you in the future before we swap our focus. Mangalo didn't seem to find the focus disconcerting but that may be because he's a human. Your heritage probably makes you more sensitive to this kind of thing. Whatever this thing is.
No. 316966 ID: 2ae337
File 130889005284.png - (19.28KB , 685x523 , 99.png )

It's Nietch, remember?

"I guess it's all out now then?"

"It is. Care to start explaining?"

"Which part, the one where I learned Gyoji's story or the one where we- you know..."
No. 316978 ID: 00d3d5

"Actually, last night is a blur. How about you fill me in on what happened then so I know how much to panic, then I'll fill you in on the rest after I wake up from the resulting stress coma."
No. 316979 ID: b1f0e2

Who is saying what? I am guessing Nietch is the one speaking in italics and you are the one in bold?
You should first try to remember exactly what happened. Last night must have been way too awesome for you to just forget it.
[focus very hard on helping him remember last night]
No. 317000 ID: b1f0e2

PS. I am nearly certain last night was Gyoji's first time... and I am suspecting Nietch's too.

Anyways, Nietch is obviously in a playful mood and seems to be happy with your relationship upgrade as well as sharing you with Gyoji.
Which is a really good thing so don't go ruining it by saying something stupid or being an ass to her.

1. Lose the frown.
2. Don't cross your arms.

OK, yes, last night was awesome but we really should have waited a bit for it not to be taboo.
Not saying I regret anything but this could mean trouble... Did you drink last night?
No. 317010 ID: 2ae337
File 130889363234.png - (12.84KB , 570x449 , 100.png )

"Actually, last night is a blur."

"Ah, then I guess I should start from the beginning...I was acting a bit stupid, because, you know, the Tsang Naji usually act so high and might I wanted to see for myself what sort of personality your had. Then Gyoji told me her whole story, and how lonely she was. And surprisingly how attracted she was to you. I thought I'd play matchmaker and try to...set you two up?"


"Did you drink last night?"

"Yeah, a lot. That's probably why I thought it was such a good idea...and why I kinda, jumped on you about halfway through. I guess I didn't want to be left out... what are you gonna do now Veni?"

"First I'm going to find a shirt. Then..."
No. 317013 ID: 35e1a0

pray to all the other gods to prevent a child cause a three way with a Tsang Naji is right up the birther's ally?
No. 317014 ID: 00d3d5

This is a bit of a problem, but you can go with something like this:
"... I suppose you'll both have to be my fiancees. A three way where a Tsang Naji rode on top? The Birther has assuredly blessed us, and I'll not sire any bastards.
The circumstances are... less than ideal, but we could each have done far worse than each other.
Is that agreeable for you?"
No. 317016 ID: b1f0e2

0. Put the moves on Nietch, she is awesome and you should pursue this relationship too.
1. get gyoji awake and dressed.
2. talk with gyoji, the fact you did it before her ceremony must be secret.
3. See if you can acquire morning after herbs that prevent pregnancy for gyoji... Nietch, well that depends on her if she wants to take them too. Does ANYONE know Nietch is a woman? because if so she can get them under the pretense that they are for herself.
4. Discreetly clean the bedsheets.

As for potential cover stories... I have a few but they are best tailored for who is asking and what they know... speaking of, who knows that Nietch is a woman? Does Nietch actively hide her gender or were we just confused by her DFC? and does your society view sexual relationship between two men as taboo?
No. 317063 ID: d4f98d

Get drunk again. That is clearly the answer.
No. 317101 ID: c2c011

Find some magical abortatives that work right after the deed has been done. If they're not around then prayer and lies.
No. 317105 ID: 00d3d5

Gyoji was in heat a few weeks ago, meaning she's not fertile.
While I don't oppose your suggestion, I don't know if abortives would defeat a deity that can proverbially grow rice in a desert.
No. 317144 ID: b1f0e2

you assume it exists beyond the imagination of people
No. 317151 ID: 2ae337
File 130894594159.png - (16.25KB , 613x393 , 101.png )

Ah no. Her marrying me would mean relinquishing her position as matriarch of the Gamin family to be my wife...that or making Gamin a servant family to Makag, both are something the Gamin don't want happening.

"...and I suppose I'll have to live with having a bastard child."

"Oh shut up, you're acting like a tenth year."

"I think we all did last night."

With what?

"Does she know about her...situation?"

"Well we did sort of talk about it, but given the fact she still had you anyway, I guess it didn't sink in..."

There's only one drug in the whole country that does that and it all goes to Gorod ranchers. A noble buying that would cause a lot of rumors, and rumors lead to investigation...
No. 317155 ID: b1f0e2

You know what, you don't need to get married, you can still have a relationship and "bastards"...

Does she have to get married to someone to be the matriarch?
Do you have to get married to someone to be the patriarch?
Can a bastard inherit her position?

Cause if things work right then in 20 or so years the leader of the Makag and the leader of the Gamin could be half siblings. Unless being a bastard is a huge social problem then there is no reason the two of you can't have a non secret relationship that simply doesn't involve marriage.

>Become a servant house
Really? houses can't be unified by political marriage? the family of the bride has to become servants to the family of the husband? This is worrying, this means that there might actually be some huge social problems for being a bastard.
No. 317156 ID: b1f0e2

Where is the fun in that...
Have lots of sex sober so you can actually fully enjoy it and remember it the next day.
No. 317158 ID: 35e1a0

hrmmm. tell her that if she IS pregnant then you two are gonna need to work it out.
Gyoji is easy enough to fix. figure out her rite as soon as you can so you can add her to your family legally and then if anything pops out of her it's perfectly okay.
No. 317160 ID: b1f0e2

Good point.

If you do it fast enough... "oh she was a week early, those things happen". Its not like pregnancy is immediately noticeable OR that it takes an EXACT number of days from inception to birth.

Actually that is the best plan.
No. 317170 ID: 00d3d5

What, is Makag dominant over Gamin? Or is your society so patriarchal that it couldn't accept co-leadership?
These sorts of situations happen, and in other places you would either merge the families equally or both keep your roles with your respective families and make arrangements for what children are heir to what families - with this case having the most likely outcome be that daughters would be in line for Gamin and sons would be in line for Makag.
How much to people care about nobility sleeping around? Can you and Nietch be openly involved? Would it be enough for it to officially be denounced as false even if it were public knowledge? Or would this need to actually be secret?
Beyond that, the damage is already done. I don't know if you have any contraceptives that can be used before or during sex, but at this point you, Nietch, and Gyoji might as well enjoy that social barrier being broken, so to speak.
Perhaps you could find out if she has intimate intentions towards Gyoji? That would make this much simpler.

Also, there's only one known drug in the entire country that can do that. We might be able to help you with that, but don't get your hopes up.

We've got another edge here, too. People don't know the gestational period for Tsang Naji, so as long as nobody can tell until after her rite is complete, you're golden.
No. 317177 ID: 2ae337
File 130895261502.png - (12.43KB , 613x393 , fukken pauz.png )


Family Political Bullshit in discussion now.
No. 317179 ID: 2ae337
File 130895327046.png - (17.54KB , 591x474 , 102.png )

Gamin is equal to Makag, and they pride themselves in it. If I marry Nietch, then she has to abandon her name and take mine. Which being future matriarch of the Gamin, would also apply to them.



"Oooh I'm pretty sure you don't want him seeing this, don't worry I'll stall him. You might want to get her looking decent."

"Yes. Thanks Nietch."

"Well you'll owe me a quickie for this~"
No. 317182 ID: b1f0e2

Make sure it is much more then just a quickie. Prepare something romantic tonight and have a really good night with her.

... later! right now get gyoji decent ASAP.
Actually, get clothes to gyoji and tell her to dress herself quickly then go help Nietch with the stalling. Depending on who it is do so by hugging nietch.
No. 317189 ID: 35e1a0

it's mangalo. he just said it is!
suggest she say you two were talking politics. and yes get he clothes over to her and get it accross to her that it is VERY urgent.
then go stall. hmm, we could also switch to her too, so we can make her hurry, if you say yes then brace for another headspin feeling.
[switch to gyoji if venian agrees.]
No. 317196 ID: 07416a

Bastards are the way to go then. I mean, political coup and all, but civil war.
No. 317200 ID: b1f0e2

Oh god, I just noticed her finger gestures! she is awesome!

We are moving that discussion into questdis
starting here >>/questdis/348332
No. 317205 ID: c2c011

Oh she's a fun one. You might have a future political ally there, depending on how strong of a matriach she becomes you could find that a friendship with her is very profitable. Anyway, time to look presentable and stuff, better get going on that.

Also, you don't have to personally buy that stuff from the Gorod ranchers. You could get a servant to do it or pay someone halway trustworthy to get it for you.
No. 317249 ID: 00d3d5

She's a fun one! My advice? Kiss her and say "You'll get more than that anyway."

Right now the name of the game is damage control. There is no way you can make him think you had no sex last night, so your goal is to reduce Gyoji's role in it. She likes being tied up, so your best bet is to make it look like you made her watch you and Nietch having sex.
Get Gyoji's clothes back on, comb her hair, tie her up in a corner facing the bed, gag her, then rip the sheets off the bed and toss them in the laundry bin.
Your pants have a zipper, right? If so, then a few moments after she walks out the door let out a string of pained cursing. If they ask what happened then simply say zipper trouble.
No. 317278 ID: 252e1b


They don't have time for that, they can just hustle Gyoji into the bathroom and get her cleaned up and dressed there. Actually she could probably take care of that herself once she's awake.
No. 317305 ID: b1f0e2

good idea... OR just send her to the bathroom to shower. And toss all her clothes in a pile at the entrance to the shower. That would justify her nakedness. She hops in the shower. You straighten your clothes and go out and deal with things.

Depending who is there you could imply that you and Nietch hooked up by hugging Nietch.
No. 319120 ID: b6ca92

Why are we worrying about Mangalo? He's here because either something went wrong, or he wants to talk about us. If it's the first, it will be easy to distract him, if its the second, it'll be easy enough to keep him silent about last night. If nothing else, we can silence him ourselves.
No. 319147 ID: 252e1b


Because this is very much a society that values the concept of face. It saves face for Venian to not have to explain anything.
No. 319328 ID: b1f0e2

Because its a social taboo
would you be ok with a loved one catching you in bed with an animal? I am not saying she is an animal, far from it. I am saying that its a huge social taboo
No. 319655 ID: 517631

Usually those who shun others for Taboos are either doing it themselves or wish they did. What has happened has happened. Damaged control while good and all, can sometimes lead to even worse results.
The easiest thing to do now is to act naturally. Accept the consequences if or when they happen otherwise don't worry.

As for the possibility of offspring. Here is the thing, if a coup does indeed happen in her homeland , her and any potential offspring have rights to the throne over "any" mistresses' children due to the usual line of succession.
No. 320475 ID: 2ae337
File 130957960992.png - (24.01KB , 668x446 , 103.png )

An inspiring conversation but right now, I'd like to focus on the current situation.

"Up woman, wash and get dressed."

"Urf? Lord Ju Gw-AII!"

"Wonderful, another girl I've bedded that can't remember my name. Come on, we're wasting time."
No. 320480 ID: b1f0e2

Aww, she is blushing. How cute.
No. 320556 ID: 00d3d5

You seem to have this well in hand, so just let us know if you need advice.
No. 320590 ID: c2c011

This seems like a familiar situation for you. You should be able to fix it yourself, especially considering we don't know a lot about your social customs.
No. 322413 ID: 2ae337
File 130997742379.png - (15.60KB , 668x446 , 104.png )

Yes because I know EXACTLY what to do when I have sex with a slave. I've done it HUNDREDS of times. OF COURSE I DON'T I'M TRYING TO STAY CALM! AND IT ISN'T WORKING!
No. 322430 ID: b1f0e2

relax, deep breaths. Her ceremony is in a week.
At worst she gets pregnant and you just lie about the date and say it was the night after her ceremony.
At best she doesn't get pregnant and no one is the wiser. Take a deep breath, go outside.
No. 322450 ID: 252e1b

We've got active links to everyone we've ever been handled by. That includes Gyoji. If you want, we can join her and explain that she must remain quiet.

Or we could go join Mangalo and see what he wants.

Or we could stick with you and provide interesting advice.
No. 322486 ID: 00d3d5

This is not complicated.
The official story is that you forced Gyoji to watch, but did not have sex with her.
Gyoji will support this claim after we've brought her up to speed.

Now, go out there and wrap your arms around the one you 'really' had sex with.
If he's curious what took you so long in here then simply explain that you couldn't find your pants.
No. 322488 ID: c2c011

Deep breaths and think of something calming and nice. You haven't been totally fucked yet, or well you have. But you know what I'm saying.

Things will end up going acceptably, just take one step at a time. The step right now is to go out there and look like nothing big is going on.
No. 322505 ID: 517631


Remember, the people who tend to work the hardest to hide something tend to get caught. At least you didn't kill anyone important or soemthing along the lines, just broke a taboo.
No. 322508 ID: 453e62

also mangalo MAY be willing to keep quiet about it.
No. 323347 ID: 2ae337
File 131010387978.png - (12.84KB , 668x446 , 105.png )

Yes...yes, that's right. I'm not in trouble yet...I just will be unless I think of someway around this mess.

Fine fine I will...just give me a moment alone while I put my life back into order...talk to someone else. Mangalo, Gyoji, whoever...please. I need to be alone for this.
No. 323354 ID: 252e1b


Cheer up boss, this isn't an unmitigated disaster. Just keep your cool, act large and in charge, and we'll distract Mangalo with more shiny stuff. If he asks what took you so long, you can halfway lie and claim that our ability to shift around made you feel ill. But don't do that until you're sure about what bullshit line Nietch fed him. If whatever she fed him is incompatible, follow her lead. Otherwise, follow her lead and complain about us.

Mangalo seemed to like the whole idea of mechanically assisted flight. I guess we'll chat him up some more about that.

Brace yourself boss, we're swapping.

[Swap to Mangalo]

How's it going, fella?
No. 323357 ID: 453e62

[switch to mangalo] you find that pen and paper?
No. 323363 ID: 00d3d5

We need to get Gyoji to understand that there will be a ruse so she doesn't blow your cover 'correcting' your claims.

[Switch to Gyoji]
Gyoji, Veni needs to keep your tryst a secret because for someone of his stature having sex with a slave is a capital offense.
We'll walk you through this as best we can, but the basic rule is that whatever he says happened is what you say happened.

Now that we have that established, how did you enjoy last night?
No. 323371 ID: 252e1b


Nevermind her, she doesn't even like us. Your bullshit is just as likely to have her flip out and bust out of the bathroom as it is to achieve whatever perverted goal you've got in mind now. Remember what happened last time?

Just pass along the information, and then [Switch to Mangalo]
No. 323419 ID: b6ca92

Supporting combined idea.
[Temporary Switch to Gyoji]
Gyoji, if anyone knows about what happened last night besides the two people in this room, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, so keep your mouth shut and do whatever he says, for your sake!
no she probably won't, but she doesn't need to know that.

[switch to Mangalo]
Hi, we're back. What's this emergency you're all in a huff about?
No. 323788 ID: 2ae337
File 131016896290.png - (21.81KB , 796x607 , 106.png )

Oh it's you again...wha-I-OH! Oh, I-alright...
No. 323793 ID: 2ae337
File 131016915691.png - (18.42KB , 690x467 , 107.png )

Oh yes...I'll be very busy thanks to you when I get back to Rezo.

There's no emergency, I wanted to pass his little artifact back to him, and to tell him we'll be arriving in Rezo soon. Nietch is currently boring me with some story of how she got overzealous and slept with Venian. I really don't care about that, Venian slept around with everyone during his tenth year, though I am surprised he'd be attracted to Nietch. Given his relationship with Yviel I thought he went for a woman of more...mature endowment.
No. 323799 ID: 453e62

ah, but he was drunk and she wanted him, not much prodding was needed. anyway, it seems we can switch to anyone who touches our physical manifestation. we haven't tried it yet but that may mean we can go pay Gyoji's father a visit.
No. 323867 ID: 252e1b


Hey, Venian's got his own mind, you know? Besides, there's nothing wrong with Nietch.

Can you let Nietch handle our artifact, please?
No. 323899 ID: 00d3d5

Go ahead and have Nietch give it to Veni.

[Switch to Chang]
No. 323971 ID: b6ca92

[before we switch]
Hey Mangalo, fun fact:
Venian had no idea what gender Nietch was until this morning.
At all.
You can spread that rumor around as much as you like.
It will amuse us.
No. 323988 ID: 2ae337
File 131018867666.png - (20.14KB , 782x467 , 108.png )

Yes but while the rest of his classmates were well...laying with each other during tenth year, Venian went straight for Yviel, his grandmother of all people...just when I think I know the boy...

"What's this?"

"A bauble I wanted to see. It belongs to Venian can you be sure to give it back to him?"
No. 323989 ID: 453e62

see ya dude.
[switch to Nietch]
No. 323995 ID: 2ae337
File 131018903522.png - (24.07KB , 625x584 , 109.png )

That feeling...you?! What are you doing here! I'm busy! RETURN TO YOUR SOURCE!
No. 323999 ID: 2ae337
File 131018909744.png - (16.82KB , 543x565 , 110.png )

...hy does Mangalo have to come personally to deliver something so insignificant to Veni? It's not that big, nor valuable from the looks of things.
No. 324000 ID: 252e1b


Yeah, sorry for the intrusion. Another time. There's things to talk about but nothing that can't wait for a day or two.

[Switch to Nietch]
No. 324002 ID: 453e62

yo. it's cause we magic. super magic.
No. 324004 ID: 252e1b


Well, 'cause it's a valuable ancient magic artifact for one. And for another because contact with it lets us contact you at will, and you're much more interesting than some errand-runner.

So, yeah, you're holding the Zui-hu, and we're supposed to provide good advice. We can also do music! And if you're at all a scholar we can discuss whatever you want.
No. 324011 ID: 00d3d5

Hello, Nietch. We're the reason Veni managed to get everybody out of that clusterfuck alive.

Mangalo delivered our crystal personally because we can communicate with everybody who has ever touched it. Naturally, it's best to be selective about who that includes. Following last night we can be reasonably confident that you have friendly intents towards Veni and Gyoji, so we have elected to offer you our aid.

I have a few needlessly invasive questions for you:
How long have you been wanting to bed Veni?
How well did you enjoy it?
Do you intend to make this a regular thing?

More importantly, if this 'Breeder' god of yours is real then you're assuredly pregnant. Was this something you considered beforehand, or was it forgotten in the heat of the moment? How much of a problem will this pose? How common are bastards among high nobility? How much of a taboo will it be?
Would intimate relations with Veni need to be a closely guarded secret? How lax could you be about hiding it without risking political fallout?
What are your feelings towards Gyoji? Not sexually, just in terms of how well you get along and if you would like to have her as a friend.
No. 324015 ID: 0d7a83

Hello there, o bearer of the DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST.
No. 324029 ID: b6ca92

I still want to mention this to Mangalo, so if we can afford another [temporary switch]...
No. 324740 ID: 2ae337
File 131034018760.png - (16.72KB , 604x565 , 111.png )

Ah? Aren't you a perverted little...whatever you are.

Do I really have to answer all that?
No. 324757 ID: 453e62

not really, that one likes asking 20 questions a second. and some in here are also a bit perverted but we mean well. let you in on a secret, all those crazy plans that got us out of trouble? us.
No. 324799 ID: 2eac65

It would be nice if you did. We'll be able to be a lot more helpful if we have more information.
No. 324904 ID: 252e1b


We will not force you to answer anything. We ask for a multiplicity of reasons, from attempting to gain insight into the culture we've thrown in with, to attempting to better understand you and your friends and allies, to gathering necessary information for generational-scale planning.

Here's my first question, a two-parter: Your society seems to stress martial prowess in its leaders and harsh lessons for everyone. What is your weapon of choice, and what was the harshest use you've put your martial skill toward?

Answer if you wish. Ask your own, if you wish.
No. 324931 ID: 00d3d5

If you answer my questions I'll tell you some really interesting things that Veni hasn't shared with you.
No. 324944 ID: 252e1b


Man don't alienate Venian.
No. 324945 ID: 2ae337
File 131036264773.png - (17.92KB , 692x478 , 112.png )

Oh is that all? Mine is a maul my father gave me for my fourth birthday. A nice little Westerland pick my father gave me for my fourth birthday, I'm quite good with it. The worst I've done was...well I haven't told anyone that and I'm not starting with you.

As for Veni...well Rokof's sister said he was real good back during our tenth years, so I've been dying to know how good. It lived up to my expectations. Preg-wha? Oh no silly, he left nothing with me, it was all with that other girl. The Tsang Naji. Poor Veni may not remember anything but it's all still crystal clear for me.

What secret? Alienate?

Anyway Veni looks real depressed. You've been around him for the last couple months, can you tell if he wants to talk right now?
No. 324952 ID: 00d3d5

Walk up and tell him why you couldn't be pregnant. That would at least give him some comfort.

Do you plan to lay with him again in the future?
Would you like to be friend to Gyoji?

Since we promised secrets, here are a few that should get you to laugh.
Gyoji is very, very submissive, and she's loved almost every minute of being Veni's slave. One time Veni decided to use that to reward her for her help, and somebody wound up walking in on him around the time she orgasmed from it.
Veni didn't know what gender you were until this morning.
No. 324954 ID: 453e62

just tell him mangalo has left and suspects nothing. i mean, he knows about you two but that isn't the part that worries him.
No. 325075 ID: 2ae337
File 131040672622.png - (18.79KB , 692x478 , 113.png )

Oh I know that. I liked teasing him about it. Most of us Gamin are hard to tell until you actually get 'with' us.

"Hey Veni...Veni. Mangalo left. He just wanted to give back your thing."

"My thing?"

"The jewel that puts weird stuff in your head."

"Oh...that. Is that all?"

"No we're gonna be reaching Rezo soon. Wanna come up top to see?"

"I suppose. Did he..ask about last night?"

"Honestly it never came up, I just mentioned you and me, and he accepted that."

Aiihhh. That's one problem averted.
No. 325082 ID: 453e62

indeed. so figure anything out?
No. 325114 ID: c2c011

Watching from the deck sounds pretty sweet, lets do that.
No. 325165 ID: 00d3d5

>Oh no silly, he left nothing with me, it was all with that other girl. The Tsang Naji. Poor Veni may not remember anything but it's all still crystal clear for me.

Two problems averted. She rather enjoyed it, and I believe she has an interest in repeating this under better circumstances. Rather fun way to secure an alliance, isn't it?

Get Gyoji cleaned up and dressed, then have her come with you. You don't want people walking into a room with her and the smell of sex.
No. 325629 ID: 2ae337
File 131052346493.png - (27.12KB , 856x448 , 114.png )

Yes I think I'd like that. It's been some time since I've seen home.

"Come Gyoji, it's time to see your new home."

"Oh, of course...lord."
No. 325637 ID: 2ae337
File 131052401557.png - (30.50KB , 856x448 , 115.png )

is unaware of it's true capabilities. And lord Venian seems as equally ignorant.
No. 325639 ID: 453e62

[focus on new talker without them detecting us]
No. 325644 ID: 2ae337
File 131052445729.png - (29.20KB , 788x610 , 116.png )


Perhaps some time in the future it may become obvious. I'd rather much he'd learn on his own, but I may teach him myself if it comes to that. And afterward I will gauge his reaction. If it is as my peers predict, and I desperately hope they are not, I may have to kill him. But that is a bridge that will be crossed at the appropriate time...
No. 325646 ID: 453e62

[maintain silence... make him want to keep talking]
No. 325683 ID: 2ae337
File 131052687677.png - (20.39KB , 788x610 , 117.png )

But then again they don't know Rezans as I do. That have not raised Venian since he was a child like I have. They only see a bunch of evil creatures that are bent on destroying humanity. And given what Rezans do they may not be far off. But I doubt they'd do THAT...
No. 325687 ID: 2ae337
File 131052698227.png - (14.48KB , 640x610 , 118.png )

Hmhmhm...I think I've said enough. Yes I know you're listening. And I'm afraid I can't let you out of the dark just yet. Return to Venian.
No. 325691 ID: 2ae337
File 131052708726.png - (32.70KB , 909x611 , 119.png )

"That's where I live. Right there."

"Where WE live Veni. I have a home here too you know."

"Yes lord...but what of me?"

"I told you. You are my personal slave. That means you are to stay near me at all times."
No. 325718 ID: 2ae337
File 131052876632.png - (150.03KB , 1886x1280 , 120.png )

"And that means you live on the third level just as I do."
No. 325727 ID: 453e62

woah, your city is pretty boss. need to tell us about those crazy looking pillars with the red blobs in them and stuff.
No. 325742 ID: 1854db

Whoa. Dude. Your city is awesome. Are the floors each restricted to a certain class of citizen?
No. 325746 ID: 830984

Does each layer levitate, or are they actually each held up by a single hollow pillar that is off-center? (And is that an explosion on the top of the 1-2 floors pillar?)
No. 325796 ID: 2ae337
File 131053314660.png - (9.03KB , 479x364 , end.png )

Since it would be a bit anticlimactic to answer them here, I'll just post the answers in /questdis/
No. 325939 ID: c2c011

That's a pretty cool place, but a bit unpractical in some ways. If whatever keeps those higher levels up fails then things would get rather nasty.
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