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File 128241503520.jpg - (238.46KB , 870x740 , Title.jpg )
220497 No. 220497 ID: 117dce

Previous Books: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Bite_Quest
A lot had happened to Spikesby since he'd left Blacksoul's tower so long ago. He had made lots of friends, and saved people's lives. Now, he stood on the edge of the Sea of Oblivion, finally ready to be free of the influence of the Wizards forever.

Isenore, Llewyn, Ria and Spikesby had gathered supplies and made their way to the wall of the Sea. Lights seemed to wink dimly in the depths of the black mass - vague shapes and indistinct forms barely visible through the gellid mass.

Isenore and Llewyn would stay outside in a vehicle they'd found, and Ria took a radio so they could stay in touch. If Spikesby needed them, they could qickly respond, but Isenore made it clear that she had no desire to go in unless she absolutely had to.

Well... this is it. Any last thoughts?
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No. 220500 ID: c2c011

Ponder a bit over life and all its miseries and mysteries. Briefly think over your faith as a magical construct created by an insane immortal being with more power than sanity to use it well.

Then take the plunge ahead and prepare for new deeply unsettling and disturbing sensations. Like feeling hunger but not being able to eat, and thirst without the ability to drink. And how very uncomfortable it is to have swords instead of hands.
No. 220504 ID: 117dce
File 128241685425.jpg - (96.38KB , 870x740 , 1.jpg )

Spikesby thinks about how horrible and dangerous his life has been up to this point. It sort of makes the horror and danger he's about to encounter a little more bearable. He doesn't know what the antimagic will do to him. Will he be hungry or thirst? It doesn't matter. He waves once before he and Ria dive in.

The heavy, suffocating jelly immediately swallows him. He cannot breathe! The blackness seems to permeate his body like a cold, slick film, reaching, grasping at some essential quality of his body. He cannot breathe! Ria chokes and struggles next to him.
No. 220508 ID: c2c011

Probably just the magic being stripped from both of you. You should be sort of fine. Unless the Lord of Marvels was full of shit, which actually doesn't seem all that unlikely.
No. 220509 ID: 5a2e05

That's generally a bad thing. Take it slow. If you find you can't actually survive in it for more than a few minutes then get out and think of a new plan.
No. 220514 ID: 117dce
File 12824185066.jpg - (111.81KB , 870x740 , 2.jpg )

Spikesby struggles forward. The slime becomes thicker, a horrid, sucking mass that slithers and pulls. He feels soft, weak, malleable inside the suffocating darkness. Should he turn around? Which way is back? Bright points of light wink in the darkness and his vision narrows before he finally breaks free, gasping for air. The black gell smokes and sizzles as it evaporates from his body. Ria lies sputtering on the ground near him. The air is hazy and he finds it hard to breath. Everything is wrong. He feels a hole inside him, a watchful presence that has always been with him is gone.
No. 220515 ID: c2c011

Well now you should have more free will or something like that. Anyway, lets get up and see what this place is like.
No. 220518 ID: 3234dd
File 128241909087.jpg - (34.44KB , 457x225 , awkward.jpg )

You're free of the wizards' influence!
No. 220520 ID: 8bdb6a

What's that thing up ahead? Ask Isadore to look through her scope. If there's too much shit in the way, walk up and take a look.
No. 220533 ID: a594b9

Help Ria up with a not-sharp part of you.
No. 220540 ID: c6fa0a


Assist Ria without RIP AND TEARing her. Also ask her to check and see if the radio works. We need to know how technology fares inside this place in case we need that jeep for backup.

Also, is there something like a GPS unit or some other compass / directional rangefinding tool that RIA, in her intelligence (or perhaps suggested by Isenore or Llewyn) brought with her?
No. 220547 ID: 117dce
File 128242122965.jpg - (96.03KB , 870x740 , 3.jpg )

Spikeby helps Ria up. She pulls out the field phone and tries to contact Isenore and Llewyn.

They both hear static and strange, warbling voices almost too quiet to hear. After several long seconds, Llewyn comes over the radio.

>Ria? Is that you? Are you alive in there?

"Yeah," Ria answers, "Can you see anything in here?"

>"No, It's totally dark. Reception is kind of weak, but we're still hearing you fine."

"Okay, we'll keep in touch," says Ria, putting away the phone. They have a limited battery, so she should only use it when she has to.

They head forward toward the hill? Structure? They aren't sure. The blackness is much thicker behind them. The Sea apparently forms a giant bubble with a dense membrane. Should they head toward the structure? There are a few more 'trees' to the left, but nothing much to the right.
No. 220549 ID: a594b9

Head towards the structure.
No. 220550 ID: 701a19

Sure, check it out. There might be people there.
No. 220552 ID: c2c011

Try carving some stuff into the trees so you can find your way back.
No. 220563 ID: c6fa0a


Agreed on checking out house-thing and attemptive to carve a little "x" or something in a tree. But be careful; this is a good test of how sharp our claws are now.

Also, I figured I would repost the info given to us the The Lord of Marvels back in chapter 3:

From http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/92605.html#i121441

"Journey into the Sea of Oblivion and speak to one of the creatures that lives there if you wish to be free of the Wizards' power forever."

"Simply travel into the Sea of Oblivion until you meet with one of the Progenitors, the creatures that rule there. They will assist you."
No. 220566 ID: 117dce
File 128242307228.jpg - (67.35KB , 870x740 , 4.jpg )

Spikesby tries to carve a blaze into one of the 'trees.' It's soft body is more like flesh than wood, and it splits easily in a wide gash. A translucent gel begins to seep out. His blades are sharp, but not supernaturally hard anymore.

Some creatures are peering at them from the inside of the structure.

He remembers what the Lord of Marvels said. He has no idea how to find these "progenitors," though.
No. 220576 ID: 1578e2

So the trees are sorta fake? Or created by the antimagic?

Can you dig normally?

Is there anything left of the world to save?
No. 220577 ID: 8c0848

Go talk to those things in the house. Try not to stab them unless you have to.
No. 220578 ID: 8bdb6a

Wak unintelligibly at them, then have Ria say hello unintelligibly at them.
No. 220579 ID: a594b9

Ask those guys in the house about this place.
No. 220604 ID: 117dce
File 128242656160.jpg - (143.04KB , 870x740 , 5.jpg )

The trees seem more or less to be made of the same substance as the wall. They have a harder, thicker skin. The winking lights are even visible inside.

Spikesby feels ground with the tip of his sword. The dirt is gray.

He goes up to the structure. The ... Ravians? have long, fluid necks that swivel to inspect Spikesby and Ria as they approach. Ria asks them about this place.

"We live at Sea Edge" whispers one of them.

"No one comes here" whispered another.

"Mostly only corpses fall out of the big wall. We go to check sometimes." whispers the third.
No. 220606 ID: e3f578

Are people happy here? In general in the Sea of Oblivion not the Edge.
No. 220608 ID: c6fa0a


Try (nicely!) to get them to give you the following info:
- They say "Mostly only corpses fall out of the big wall". Well, what ELSE falls out of the big wall? Anything like us (magical creatures), or just other anti-magic creatures like that creepy dude wrapped up in a bajillion souls?
- Speaking of that dude, have they seen any around here recently? We don't exactly want to get soul-vored here.
- Do they know anything about these "progenitors"? Possibly by a different name. If they don't recognize the word immediately, ask them about powerful creatures/rulers; probably roughly the anti-magic equivalent of the wizards.

Also, do they have any other neato info they could give you? Things to watch out for, etc.
No. 220609 ID: a594b9

What types of corpses? It would be nice to know if magical creatures are the only ones that can survive the transition.

Ask where we can find more people. Or someone in charge, maybe? Also, ask them if they like it here. Or if they've ever been outside of the sea.
No. 220612 ID: 55c4cf

Info and directions for the progenitors is a priority. This place is fairly bleak, some direction would be very beneficial.
No. 220621 ID: 117dce
File 128242838723.jpg - (142.22KB , 870x740 , 6.jpg )

Ria asks what kinds of stuff comes out of the wall, and if they've ever been outside of the sea.

"Outside there is nothing. it is a poisoned dream and anyone who travels through the wall will surely die. Dream things like you sometimes are born from the wall. Strange-looking creatures. The ones who have enough reality to survive wander off and some stand and starve in confusion." Spikesby figures that magical creatures probably stand and starve. They wouldn't have any orders anymore once they breached the wall.

Ria asks if they're happy, and if people in general are happy.

"We are scavengers here near the wall, where things are less substantial," the second one says, "If you travel into the woods, you will find many of the Wind Born. They are the Progenitor's creatures. If you travel toward the plains, there is the town of Bleached Head where the Wind Born do not go. Directly away from the wall after many days is the realm of the Progenitor Ul Kerull of the Sinking Sign. His lands are mostly devoid of people"

Ria asks for more information about the Wind Born, and asks for information about the Progenitors.

The third one responds, "We moved to Sea Edge because we wish to avoid the Progenitors. Kallikissa wanders here sometimes, and we hide from her. The Progenitors created the world from their flesh, and all life and change flow from them. The Wind Born are often large and difficult to understand. They are like the Progenitors and can be commanded by them. The Progenitors do their own work, and wander the world as they please. They do not ofter speak with mortal creatures."
No. 220625 ID: a594b9

Ask them why they avoid the Progenitors. Do they do bad things? Ask specifically about Kallikissa and Ul Kerull. What are they like?

Also tell them that the other side of the wall is similar to this place. There are people there, and creatures of supreme power like they seem to describe the Progenitors being.
No. 220629 ID: 55c4cf

info on Kallikissa and Ul Kerull, and then we probably should pick one of them and do our best to search them out. Ul Kerull's location has been pretty much laid out but will take time. Kallikissa may be the best option but we'll have to work for it.
No. 220630 ID: 283fa9

So... new boss, same as the old boss?
No. 220645 ID: c2c011

A bit more information on the progenitors doings and what these windborns do would probably be useful.
No. 220663 ID: 117dce
File 128243151061.jpg - (120.39KB , 870x740 , 7.jpg )

Ria explains that the other side of the wall is a world a lot like this one, with powerful creatures similar to the Progenitors.
"You only think so because you are a dream. You think that you were real before the wall gave birth to you, but that is not so. Your memories are false. If you become real, then in time you will forget those false memories."

Ria asks for more info on the Wind Born, Kallikissa and Ul Kerull.

"The Wind Born can be dangerous, but are usually just difficult to understand. I When they are not following the orders of the Progenators, their behaviors are confusing, inscrutable. We ignore them, mostly. I do not know how they treat dreamthings such as yourself."

The second one chimes in, "Ul Kerull of the Sunken Sign does not travel like most of the Progenitors. He wishes to destroy the Wall and let the world be whole again. He does work. Many of the mortal creatures in the towns around his realm have disappeared. Whole towns made empty."

The third one says its piece, "Kallikissa travels more than most, but always stays near the wall. the Sea of Dreams beyond it attracts her, but she is hard to understand. She wanders often in the woods south of here, but there is no telling if she is there now, or somewhere else. There are other Progenitors, but we do not know much of them because they live much further away."

Spikesby and Ria have an idea as to what both of the Progenators look like. The shapes seem to drift into their consciousness as the Progenitors are discussed.

"Progenitors create the world through their flesh, but this is not a thing they do consciously. They do very little for the most part. Some try to chart the future through their wanderings and words, but they are often unsuccessful. They have no great power, other than controlling the Wind Born."
No. 220668 ID: a594b9

Ask them why they avoid Kallikissa.

If she doesn't seem to be dangerous, we should approach her.
No. 220673 ID: 55c4cf

Let's travel to Ul Kerull. He will be much more reliable to find, and hopefully easier to communicate with based on the information. It could be more dangerous but for the sound of it, the only reason would be that he might despise helping us, so we'll need to be careful when communicating with him if we manage to find him.

Kallikissa sounds like a wild goose chase and if she is difficult to understand, and find, it could be far more time than it is worth to do what is needed.
No. 220677 ID: c6fa0a


I have to suggest the opposite of >>220673. Ul Kerull sounds like the anti-magic version of Blacksoul; consumed with a desire to defeat the other side. The fact that whole towns of mortal beings have disappeared around him suggests that he's the one behind the soul-armored anti-magic creatures which have been sent into the magic world.

Ul Kerull would likely study us or suck up our souls, as we already know that magical creature souls are apparently worth far more than normal critter souls. Or try to use us as pawns to bring about the destruction of the magical realm. All such outcomes are... undesirable.

If Kallikissa doesn't sound too bad, we may want to start with her. She probably has her own motivations which don't consist of CONSUME THE WORLD AT ALL COSTS. We could probably at least get some info out of her without risk of soul-sucking.
No. 220681 ID: 3234dd

I hate to waste your resources, but you should radio back that you may lose your memories if you persist too long in this realm. That way if you don't return at least they know... and can perhaps prepare better in future expeditions. Keep it short though. No time for good-byes now.
No. 220689 ID: c2c011

Lets go into the forest and look for those windborn things and Kallikissa. She seems like someone who would be interested in creatures from beyond the sea as well as less likely to treat you as experiments.
No. 220748 ID: 117dce
File 128243759025.jpg - (178.03KB , 870x740 , 8.jpg )

Spikesby and Ria decide to seek out Kallikissa in the forest. Ria radios back to the truck and very briefly describes what has happened, informing Isenore that they might lose their memories if they stay too long.

They walk for the better part of a day, the trees growing less sparse. Spikesby begins to feel a discomfort in his abdomen. it is a sensation he has never experienced before.

They don't see any windborn or Progenators, and the sky begins to darken.
No. 220750 ID: 476456

Test their "you're a dream" theory with the radio if you're still in range.
No. 220752 ID: a594b9

Spikesby, normally things have to eat, and since you're no longer magically enhanced you're getting hungry. You're going to have to find something to munch on. Ask if Ria has food.

Let's not use the radio just to talk about dream theories.
No. 220762 ID: c6fa0a

Spikesby is normally sustained by magic and doesn't have the necessary biological facilities to consume food or dispose of the waste involved. He could probably chew on something, but wouldn't be able to extract any sustenance from it.

Call out and see if anyone's around, Windborn or otherwise. And make sure we know how to get back to the wall if we need to.

Does the sky darkening appear to be coincide with the end of the day and the approach of night? If we're hitting nightfall, it'll be harder for us to get help if we need it. We should call up our friends and see if they can pick us up before too long; Spikesby shouldn't go too long without recharging or he'll become weak and starve to death. A vehicle might also help attract the Progenitor we're looking for.
No. 220765 ID: 4ae7b5

Assuming he has at least exposed mucus membranes inside he could gain some energetic benefit by absorption from swilling around something high in sugar, water and a few salts and amino acids.

Like some kind of broth, alcoholic beverage (beer has a shitload of simple sugars and carbs), tea, or high quality energy drink; he would want to vomit out any he didn't absorb a bit later on though (prevent infectious cultures from brewing in his body cavity.)
No. 220781 ID: dad664

Or maybe he's turned completely organic and has fully functional organs now.
No. 220782 ID: 117dce
File 128244122847.jpg - (79.36KB , 870x740 , 9.jpg )

Ria thinks the darkness is probably coinciding with nightfall. She gives Spikesby some food, but it doesn't seem to help at all. She gives him some water and he feels marginally better, though.

Ria thinks about calling Isenore again, but there's no way they'd be able to navigate through these dense trees. They'd have to get somewhere more open to be able to use the vehicle. Besides, being hungry isn't an emergency (yet).

The earth becomes more substantial the further they get from the wall. They can both see the ground. As they wander, they come upon a clearing. Some large creature has collapsed on the gloomy earth. Ria calls out and it shifts slightly.

>come close... come close. Can't see...
No. 220785 ID: a594b9

We can talk from here. No reason to come closer.
No. 220788 ID: 8bdb6a

>come close... come close.
Yeah you probably shouldn't do that.

Ask it who/what it is.
No. 220810 ID: 117dce
File 128244357241.jpg - (61.55KB , 870x740 , 10.jpg )

Ria asks it what it is.

>please, come close
it snarls
>food... so hungry. Please. can't see...
No. 220813 ID: a594b9

Toss a ration into its maw.

...from a good distance away. Do not get close to the blind predatory creature.
No. 220814 ID: 117dce
File 128244399036.jpg - (64.07KB , 870x740 , 11.jpg )

Spikesby feels sympathetic to the creature. After all, he is experiencing hunger as well. Ria tosses a ration to it without getting closer. It strikes the creature on the nose.

The sky grows darker. They'll have to find somewhere to camp soon. This would be a good area if not for...

The creature sniffs at the ration, barely moving.

>this... is not food. Need meat. come closer. help me... please help me...
No. 220815 ID: 55c4cf

it's a trap. any creature who does not accept free food and instead makes demands is not begging or homeless enough. You might want to kill it and get your ration back.
No. 220820 ID: d677cc

You guys don't have any meat, do you.

Well, sucks to be him, then!
No. 220821 ID: a594b9

We don't have any meat. Unless he wants us to cut off one of its limbs so it can eat itself.
No. 220822 ID: 8bdb6a

Admit you don't have any meat.

Say you're sorry. Shoot it.
No. 220828 ID: 5a2e05

The only meat around here is you guys, so I think you should keep a safe distance.
No. 220830 ID: 117dce
File 128244575288.jpg - (140.75KB , 870x740 , 12.jpg )

Ria hesitates, looking at the pitiful creature, but there is nothing they can do. it's a mercy, really. The gun barks briefly, a spark of illumination, before quiet and darkness descend again. Blood glistens in the glade.

Spikesby's discomfort makes sleep difficult. He watches Ria mutter quietly in her sleep. He sees dampness on her cheek.
No. 220831 ID: 55c4cf

at least you didn't waste a ration
No. 220832 ID: 701a19

Spikesby: Chop up corpse. Eat.
No. 220834 ID: 4ea75e

give her a hug.
No. 220837 ID: 3234dd

Oh my god Spikesby is that a dinosaur don't you know that dinosaur burgers are the best food in the galaxy go eat that dinosaur Spikesby
No. 220849 ID: a594b9

That's ridiculous. Meat isn't any easier to digest.
No. 220851 ID: 8bdb6a

Spikesby doesn't have a digestive system.
No. 220888 ID: 3234dd


Yeah I... I know. *sniffles*
No. 220897 ID: e3f578

Spikesby goal was to get a soul, right? Now we just need to get a digestive system! It can't be as hard to earn. Let's just go around looking for a creature who has a spare and defeat it in glorious anti-magical battle, trust me, I'm an aspiring biologist/anti-magic fighter lvl 16. I've got 13 digestive tracks, 4 hearts, and a senior citizen's bladder. Also 4 testicles but I got those from a Krogan and they're really more of a mantle piece.
No. 220938 ID: 8e18cd


We can borrow it from this guy then! He's not using it!
No. 222979 ID: 3e8d47
File 128302121458.jpg - (181.80KB , 870x740 , Title.jpg )

Eventually, the gradual lightening of the sky marked the beginning of a new 'day.' Spikesby and Ria left the horribly emaciated corpse behind and began to wander through the misty forest. It did not take long for them to lose their bearings, although Ria felt they were probably moving in the right direction. She noticed the trees sway and bend slightly, although there was no wind.

For Spikesby, the discomfort he felt only increased, a gnawing sensation he'd never felt before in the core of his being. He felt empty.

They wandered aimlessly, another night following another day, until they spotted a huge shape stalking among the trees. Was this one of the Windborn? It's wobbling, liquid form reminded Spikesby of Ovriur, the creature he'd encountered so long ago in Radia's territory. It was hard for him to think past the gnawing, empty feeling burning inside of him.
No. 222984 ID: 8c0848

Go see what it is. Discretely.
No. 222988 ID: f82d85


Go up to it boldly and announce your presence.
No. 222991 ID: 3e8d47
File 128302397180.jpg - (118.75KB , 870x740 , 1.jpg )

Spikesby and Ria decide to go up and see what it is. The thing heaves its gelatinous bulk forward with three quivering legs, moving fluidly among the trees. It doesn't seem to notice them until Spikesby announces his presence. It seems to be able to understand him.

>"Dreaaaaaam thiiiiing... what you are doing?

it asks.
No. 222993 ID: 8bdb6a

Tell it you want to talk to the windborn, and that you mean no harm.
No. 222996 ID: 3e8d47
File 128302626766.jpg - (85.47KB , 870x740 , 2.jpg )

Spikesby tells it he wants to talk to a Wind Born.

>"Talk? Dream things want to talk? What to talk about?"

it asks.
No. 222998 ID: 0d5620

Important things from dreamland.
No. 223001 ID: 8bdb6a

Insist that you're real. Say you want freedom.
No. 223006 ID: 3e8d47
File 128302793228.jpg - (89.62KB , 870x740 , 3.jpg )

Spikesby says he needs to talk about important things. He realizes this things probably is what they call a Wind Born. He tells it that he wants freedom. Ria seems utterly confused by the whole exchange. She probably can't understand either of them.

>"Freedom? Is it to wander?"
it asks.
No. 223007 ID: 8bdb6a

Oh god oh god what does that mean.

Say yes. Say you aren't able to wander freely.
No. 223011 ID: 3e8d47
File 128302983588.jpg - (120.63KB , 870x740 , 4.jpg )

Spikesby says that he isn't able to wander freely.

>"Is some wrong thing? Is good to wander. Drift and find the sought thing. Dream things is some wrong to make it keep to wander."

It leans down and wobbles, its eyes drifting lower on its head. It seems to be inspecting him in some way. Ria looks moderately concerned.
No. 223015 ID: c6fa0a


Tell it that we seek Kallikissa. We're drifting, and we seek to find her, to help us gain freedom. Does it know where she is? Can it bring us to her, or her to us?
No. 223016 ID: 3234dd


"Is something wrong? Wandering is good. When you wander, you can find what you seek. There must be something wrong with you, dream thing, to keep you from wandering."

I don't know how helpful that is. Seems strange that you would be suffering such a gnawing emptiness; I thought your new soul was supposed to take care of that problem? I still think Ria should radio back. It's valuable to know that this place can cause amnesia. You do remember about the radio, right?

No. 223018 ID: 97cb33

tell it that in the dream land greater dream beings enslave the lesser dreams. you wish to cast off the control of the greater.
No. 223019 ID: 8bdb6a


Say that you need to talk to someone to make you more real to be free of the dream. Like, a Progenitor?

Also mention that you don't want to be eaten. Just in case there was some confusion.
No. 223038 ID: 3e8d47
File 128303240134.jpg - (112.40KB , 870x740 , 5.jpg )

Spikesby mentions that he is trying to be free of the control so he can wander. He was enslaved by a greater dream being. He's looking to be freed, and he's heard the Progenitors help him. He wonders if the creature can tell him where Kallikissa is.

>"Kallikissa is here. She is to wander to the border and away. You go to her? Follow to take you there. Is easy to feel the wind move. Always is easy to find her. Follow."

Spikesby indicates that he would also like to not be eaten, but the creature doesn't seem to understand.

Ria radios back to Isenore, telling her what is happening. There is a burst of static.

".. not ... filthy ... smoke ... fifteen" Ria tries a few more times, repeating the important bits, but only gets another burst of static. The huge creature begins to move slowly through the forest, further away from where Ria suspects they came from.
No. 223048 ID: 8bdb6a

Hurry in the direction Kallikissa went. If they've crossed over to the real world, follow them.

Isenore may be saying that she's being attacked by antimagic creatures, but that's jumping to conclusions...
No. 223050 ID: a594b9

No. 223053 ID: c6fa0a


How much energy does Spikesby feel he has left? And can we get any info from this Windborn critter on how long it will take to get to Kallikissa? We don't want Spikesby running out of energy and collapsing halfway there. Spikesby dying of starvation = BAD END. :(

Even if we have enough energy to reach Kallikissa, there's no guarantee that she can grant us any energy to sustain us and calm our hunger. Depending on how big this forest is, and how long it would take us to get to Kallikissa, we might want to ask the Windborn to wait while we return to the "dream world" to recharge...
No. 223074 ID: 3e8d47
File 128303670238.jpg - (141.93KB , 870x740 , 6.jpg )

They decide to follow the thing. They don't know exactly where they are, and would have certainly lost sight of it if they went to look for the wall instead of keeping pace with it. The gnawing emptiness is bad, but Spikesby doesn't really feel weak. When they ask the Wind Born to stop or slow down, it doesn't answer. They hurry to catch up.

So they follow... and follow. Darkness descends, light rises. Darkness descends, light rises, the gnawing emptiness first becomes unbearable, then dissappears. Spikesby feels dizzy most of the time, and Ria often has to help him walk. At first it is difficult, but soon he becomes so light that it's no burden at all. She cries and tries to feed him to no avail. His tongueless, lipless mouth takes water. Ria doesn't know how much good any of it really does. After traveling for almost two weeks, the Windborn stops. It indicates a glade of huge, gnarled trees. When Ria tries to enter, it pushes her away. Spikesby staggers unsteadily to his feet and makes his way slowly inside.

She is waiting for him there.

"Oh, one of the Wizard's things." She cocks her head to the side, her red glass eyes glinting in the fog, "You look to not live much longer, I think."
No. 223075 ID: 97cb33

ask if she could help you. perhaps let you eat the energy in the air like you did with magic.
No. 223077 ID: 8bdb6a

We didn't mean go that way until you died.

Ask for help, I guess.
No. 223084 ID: c6fa0a


With all due respect (i.e. address her with actual respect), say that she is wise and that you surely have not long to live without her help. You came to this land in search of the aid of a progenitor, and after hearing of some, you chose her (flattery won't hurt, I hope). You have many questions, and can perhaps answer some of hers about the outside world, if she can help you survive inside this one.
No. 223088 ID: 0b2a05

Ask her for help, if she says something like "why would I help a wizard thing" tell her you don't want to be a wizard thing, if she still doesn't want to help you mention your soul (though that's probably a bad thing to mention unless nothing else will get you help)
No. 223116 ID: b9bd4f

Oh man, Spikesby you are not looking so good. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Hold on Spikesby, hold on. Remember what you came here for. To be free of the Wizard's influence. But remember to not throw your soul away in the process.

Remember, we believe in you.
No. 223121 ID: 55c4cf

Yes, be respectful and inquire about your freedom from the wizard/magic. You traveled quite a ways to see her just to die, so let's not do that.
No. 223135 ID: f82d85

Spikesby don't give up! I-I love you!
No. 223142 ID: 3e8d47
File 128304409999.jpg - (199.46KB , 870x740 , 7.jpg )

Spikesby staggers forward weakly and collapses at her dainty feet. He tells her that he came to her for help, that he wishes to be free of the Wizards.

Her movements are sharp and stiff, twitches and tics. She reaches down and cradles him in one arm. He feels something inside of him burning, smoking, bubbling out of him. Thick, blue smoke rises from his mouth as he feels some integral part of his nature burning away. His body burns all over.

"You have some kind of space inside of you. When the magic burns away I can maybe fix it into a stomach for you to not die.

You come from the red Wizard, yes? I burn out all the Wizard power from you, then give you a little jar for murdering all the Wizards, yes? He always said that is what we do when we find one of you."

No. 223145 ID: 476456


Well there are quite a few wizards i would happily murder.
No. 223146 ID: 55c4cf

Say thank you, or wak wak wak.

or both.

Also if she helps you not starve to death, that would be nice. Unless it's breastfeeding.
No. 223149 ID: 2ecb93
File 128304501839.png - (151.85KB , 501x344 , STARSCREAAAAAAM.png )

No. 223151 ID: 8bdb6a

Mention that you need magic to do things. Say you don't want to murder anyone, but that a stomach would be very nice.

>Unless it's breastfeeding.
Hey, whatever it takes.
No. 223152 ID: a594b9

Yes, get her to give you a real stomach!

The red wizard must be Lord of Marvels? Yes, he sent us. Can we just kill MOST of the wizards? Some of them seem to be tolerable.
No. 223155 ID: bf1e7e


>especially if it's breastfeeding
No. 223157 ID: c6fa0a


Hahahah... hah... ah... oh fuck. :C

Just take the scary medicine from the scary lady, Spikesby. Not much else we can do at this point. You'll probably end up being a mortal, with no more superfine claws and such... but it's probably better than dying.

So technically the Lord of Marvels wasn't lying... we COULD remove the influence of the Wizards forever. But that would mean killing all of them, which also means that the progenitors win and the world is swallowed by the sea of anti-magic. So on one level, we have to wonder if the LoM is suicidal or if he has some kind of sinister plan to survive this whole thing? Like getting turned into a progenitor or something.

Getting rid of the Wizards *might* end up being good - but we don't really know shit about this world. What would happen? Are the mortals in this realm happy? Would we just be trading one set of controlling wizards for another set of controlling progenitors? And what about all the magical beasts without souls? Would they just fall down and die when the darkness rolls over the world?

Not to mention that fact that this world is *ugly*. And Moriga was pretty nice (and hot), so her dying would kinda suck. The rest of the wizards are pretty much douches, though. And it's likely that the Progenitors are probably mostly douches, too.

Just play along for now. We'll have to figure out what to do *after* we survive and reunite with some of our buddies.
No. 223165 ID: 3e8d47
File 128304657999.jpg - (102.60KB , 870x740 , 8.jpg )

The burning stops, the smoke wafts away.

"Magic is gone away from you now. I change you a little while the magic burns away, so now you can eat food. Wizards can't make you do things no more, and any magic things you have all gone now."

Spikesby feels different. His gut sack is now a stomach and his body is no longer magically strong and tough. His blades are no longer magically sharp, although they are still sharp.

Kallikissa pulls a little jar out from her hood and sets in on the ground next to Spikesby. She pokes one of her claws into the opposing wrist, and black blood pours into the container.

"This is what Red Wizard says to give you now. It is pure what you call 'antithesis,' and will kill a Wizard if it touch them. You take this. You go kill all the Wizards now, right?"

Spikesby is extremely hungry. Why would Lord of Marvels want the other Wizards dead? This has to be who the 'Red Wizard' is... It doesn't make sense.
No. 223166 ID: a594b9

First thing: Get something to eat.

Second thing: Lord of Marvels wants the other wizards dead because he's nice. He believes that so long as Wizards exist, there will be no truly safe place for anyone.

We've seen what's inside here. It is desolate, but... peaceful. Ask Kallikissa more about this part of the world. Are there cities? Do people live on their own, without interference from people like her? The answer to that question is hugely important.

Also ask what would happen to everyone outside the Sea if it were to take over the world.
No. 223172 ID: 626898

Get something to eat

Like Ria's vagina.
No. 223178 ID: a594b9

Uh, let's stick with the rations she has instead of eating HER. (remember Spikesby has no tongue so Rai wouldn't enjoy whatever you're implying)
No. 223182 ID: 3e8d47
File 128304933735.jpg - (180.48KB , 870x740 , End.jpg )

Kallikissa brings Spikesby out of the clearing. Ria is there. "I think he needs food" Kallikissa says. Food. He is given some food to eat, although he is still very weak. He asks Kallikissa what it is like in the Sea and what would happen if it overtakes the rest of the world.

"You should rest, but Ok. I talk some. I don't care what the mortals do. They stay here, their bodies change by the Wind. All of them different now than before the Wind was here. Everything that need magic will die or starve like you. Dunno what mortals do. I stay near the Wall, don't care what mortals do."

Spikesby has a very serious decision to make. He needs to figure out what he wants to do with the Pure Antithesis, and how he wants to go about doing it. Please suggest Spikesby's long term and short term plans below.
No. 223190 ID: e3f578

I don't wanna kill Moriga :(
He's the guy she was going to reveal isn't he? Bastard. Freedom for a price, like always. Goddamn, when is freedom free?
No. 223191 ID: a594b9

Spikesby should attempt to kill at least one Wizard. As it stands, losing just one Wizard will likely result in the Sea of Oblivion advancing and swallowing another. It might be nice to just talk to Lord of Marvels again.

I think Radia would be worth killing, but she is unreachable on her glass mountain... and difficult to approach even if she were not. Other possibilities are Goldlust, Flails Breaker, Ryxix or Kshaara.

There's one problem though. How do we GET to them? Spikesby is quite vulnerable now. He will not regenerate, and has no armor. He is a squishy mortal. We will need to be careful, and possibly aim for a Wizard close by.
No. 223192 ID: 0b2a05

Need to find out about Blacksoul's lover. Need to experiment with the antithesis and try to find a way for it to coexist with magic. Need to figure out a way to force magic creatures into antimagic creatures. Need to find out why antimagic creatures don't suffer like magic creatures do when they're out of their element. Need to find out more about the oblivion world and if it sucks. Need to make friends nonmagical and adjust their biology. NEED TO DO A LOT OF THINGS.

...maybe morriga or someone can be taken hostage. The wizards know that if one of them dies, oblivion covers everything. So maybe by threatening them with an end of the world scenario, it'll force them to find a solution that will somehow allow both sides to coexist?
No. 223196 ID: a594b9

Oh, I have an idea of how to kill Radia. If just exposing her to a little bit of the antithesis works, we can rig up that big gun Isenore has to fire a anithesis grenade at her.
No. 223197 ID: 3234dd

How about give the antithesis to Blacksoul? He would be interested to hear that it's a tool of the Lord of Marvels, and in studying it I'm sure it would totally distract him from that silly soul gathering experiment he was working on. Or... maybe not, but what can you do the guy is a wreck.

This Wind she speaks of must be what's messing up magic. I wonder who would know more about that...

Oh, the good news is that as a mortal you can actually heal naturally instead of needing special Gold junk to repair your body. Bad news is it's a very slow and uncertain process.
No. 223199 ID: 0b2a05

Need to find out about Blacksoul's lover. Need to experiment with the antithesis and try to find a way for it to coexist with magic. Need to figure out a way to force magic creatures into antimagic creatures. Need to find out why antimagic creatures don't suffer like magic creatures do when they're out of their element. Need to find out more about the oblivion world and if it sucks. Need to make friends nonmagical and adjust their biology. NEED TO DO A LOT OF THINGS.

...maybe morriga or someone can be taken hostage. The wizards know that if one of them dies, oblivion covers everything. So maybe by threatening them with an end of the world scenario, it'll force them to find a solution that will somehow allow both sides to coexist?
No. 223202 ID: b9bd4f

We cant go and kill a wizard, because that would cause the Sea of Oblivion to swallow everything, which from what we know would be harmful. Spikesby is free from the Wizard's influence though, so thats one thing off the list. We dont know how the Sea would affect regular living beings, so killing wizards is right out. Perhaps we can find a way to equalize/harmonize/balance the magic and antimagic so nobody has to worry about the sea of oblivion advancing. What worries me though is the fact that this Kallikissa seems like a antimagic version of a wizard. An "Anti-Wizard", if you will. If the world is swallowed by the Sea of Oblivion, then what's to say that the "Anti-Wizards" wont do some of the same horrible things that some of the Wizards have done? I think this stuff she gave us may be useful, but I dont think we can do anything with it ourselves besides killing a wizard. Not to mention this talk of a "Red Wizard" is quite disturbing....
No. 223207 ID: a594b9

No, from what we know it's NOT harmful. The Sea of Oblivion changes mortals, it does not kill them. The only thing that happens to magical creatures is they lose all their magical support spells. So, those that are entirely magic (like Blacksoul's spirit servants) will die, while those like Spikesby will simply starve unless fixed.

This choice is merely Wizards + Magical Soulless Slaves vs EVERYONE ELSE. If we kill a Wizard and the Sea swallows everything, the world will be different... but safer for mortals. Remember that the "anti-wizards" have no real power of their own! They can control Wind Walkers but that's it. They have powerful servants but no real strength of their own.

Mortals will be safer in the Sea. This is obvious. The drawback is that they will CHANGE... and that any magical creatures with souls, like those with Morriga, will need to be fixed somehow in order to avoid starving/dying.
No. 223208 ID: b9bd4f

Yes, but you remember that worm thing? How it survived being out side the Sea of Oblivion? Didnt it use SOULS to keep it protected? What worries me is what anti-magic does to a soul. Does the changing take away the soul? Does spikesby still have a soul? Will Spikesby end up just another Wind Walker under the control of another being? Just being cautious is all.
No. 223209 ID: f52552

God damn that Lord of Marvels.
Can't kill him or he gets what he wants.
Can't not kill him for wanting to kill the other wizards.
The bastard.
No. 223219 ID: a594b9

The Souls act as a shield. It's a shell. Antithesis doesn't devour souls. Besides, Spikesby has a soul and he's not getting affected by being here negatively aside from the hunger.

You guys aren't being cautious. You're scared shitless of the strange alien world we're in. If you really think we need more information then GO FIND IT instead of just assuming shit is bad here.
No. 223221 ID: 3234dd

How about give the antithesis to Blacksoul? He would be interested to hear that it's a tool of the Lord of Marvels, and in studying it I'm sure it would totally distract him from that silly soul gathering experiment he was working on. Or... maybe not, but what can you do the guy is a wreck.

This Wind she speaks of must be what's messing up magic. I wonder who would know more about that...
No. 223230 ID: e3f578

The whole concept of the magic portion of the world being considered as a dream world irks me, like that is also not normal. This anti-magic stuff is also not good at all. It kinda reminds me of magic... but just black and can fuck up normal magic shit something fierce. I harbor a theory that both this antimagic world and dream world is not the world as it should be and that maybe both should be wiped out for the sake of mortals. A non-magic side. Just fucking pure-life and shit. Kill a wizard and some Anti-wizards then watch as everything caves in on itself for non-magic... if it would work that way.

Man, how high do you have to be to kill anti-magic AND magic wizards.
No. 223264 ID: 9bd27f


Screw the wizards. You know the wizards are pretty much dangerously bratty psychopaths with too much power. The world you knew was pretty much a series of hells. So you're choosing between the unknown, and the evil that you know. Choose the unknown. At worst, you'll end up with something pretty much similar to what you had before.

Yeah, The Lord of Marvels and Moriga are nice. I'm sure plenty of nice people have been cut up on Radia's mountain, or had their souls sucked by Blacksoul, or been raped and killed by Flails Breaker, and so on.

So for the short term goal, I'd say getting back, and using the element of surprise to kill the worst of the wizards you've encountered. (I'd say Blacksoul, but only because of information Spikesby doesn't have).

For long term goals, getting rid of the evil wizards, or spreading that weapon around to give people a way to defend themselves against them. Then see if there's a way to spare or protect the nice wizards.
No. 223283 ID: c6fa0a

Warning: tl;dr incoming. ;D

OK, there's a lot of things that we *could* do, but some of our actions are necessarily going to rely on information that Spikesby doesn't have yet.

If you really wanted to go nuts, here's one way it could go down:
1) Let Blacksoul enact his plan to nuke the Sea of Oblivion and all the antithesis shit.
2) Assuming the antithesis we have left in our jar survives... we could kill off the more annoying wizards with it. The only “good” purpose the wizards serve at the moment is preventing the sea of oblivion from swallowing the rest of the “normal” world. We could, however, choose to leave any cool wizards untouched. Moriga is pretty much the only one we've encountered so far that seems worth saving, in my opinion, though
3) ???
4) Profit.

However, this plan results in a few nasty things, such as sacrificing the souls of untold thousands of mortals, including the Ophians we just recently saved from being enslaved/destroyed, in order to enact phase 1. And phase 2 requires that the antithesis we posses survive, and *then* we have to figure out how to kill some shitty wizards on top of that. And *all* of this relies on the guess that the antithesis won't magically multiply and start trying to devour the world again with no real wizards left to counterbalance it. And, of course, we have to wonder if we really want Spikesby to become a wizard assassin. And since all magic flows from wizards (at least that's how I think I remember it), all magical creatures would be forced to live near whatever wizard(s) survived, or become mortal, to avoid death by magic starvation.

As far as Spikesby's long term goals go... I think the only real “good” solution would be to figure out a way to remove the sea of oblivion while also removing as much magic from the world as possible. Just wipe the slate clean. Let the yin and yang sides of magic neutralize each other. No one should have the kind of godlike power that the wizards and progenitors currently wield, because in almost all cases their near-absolute power has corrupted them into selfish beings who manipulate mortals in callous ways.

But then again, it may not really matter much in the long run. Good and bad civilizations will arise whether or not a wizard is at the helm. The wizards are really just a consolidation of a dictatorship into a single entity. Even Moriga might turn into a evil bitch if we left her as the only living wizard.

The only thing I'm pretty certain of is... we need to end this war in one way or another. Because right now, mortals are becoming collateral damage left and right. And it's only going to get worse.

I think Spikesby's short term goals should be to try to gather more info. Try to figure out what the wizards and progenitors think will happen if the wizards die off. Get the antithesis out of the Sea of Oblivion but have someone you trust hide it somewhere and not tell you where it is (so the location can't be tortured out of you). Talk to your buddies and get some advice from them. After that, consider talking to Moriga for advice – she seemed the most honest and level-headed of any of the wizards, and she might enjoy getting a warning if shit's going down. Then consider either doing more research inside the sea of oblivion (to see if life's OK in there) or travel to the Lord of Marvels and ask hit WTF he's playing at.
No. 223394 ID: 476456

If we start killing wizards at random the resulting power gap might start up a war, and weaken the magic side of the world for invasion.

And we know of at least one wizard that we like so there's that.
No. 223485 ID: bf1e7e

>Spikesby should attempt to kill at least one Wizard.

You realize that, in theory, if we kill a single wizard it starts a domino effect that kills ALL of the wizards.

If you want to pick and choose which wizards die, you have to do something about the sea of Oblivion FIRST. Otherwise, it's all or nothing.

>or travel to the Lord of Marvels and ask hit WTF he's playing at.

In what universe is this a good plan? More likely than not he'll just strike Spikesby down if he starts to make trouble.
No. 223511 ID: c6fa0a


>In what universe is this a good plan? More likely than not he'll just strike Spikesby down if he starts to make trouble.

It's last on my list, really. It's entirely possible that the Lord of Marvels is simply trying to use Spikesby as a courier to smuggle antithesis out of the Sea of Oblivion and couldn't give a shit what happens to him after that goal has been completed. For all we know, if he got his hands on it, he'd use it to kill all the other wizards directly.

The plot that we're involved with now is a danger to *every* wizard, and every magical creature. If we're not careful, we could end up dead just from talking about it - to *any* of the wizards.

Our first matter of business should probably be to ask Kallikissa more about "the plan". Ask her what she knows of the Red Wizard and why he's helping to get all the wizards killed. Ask her what she knows about the war; the difference between Progenitors and Wizards; the reason why all this Antithesis exists, etc. See if she is willing to give us any info. Ask her how one would go about "murdering" wizards without being detected or killed by them. See if there are any other progenitors she thinks we should talk to, or any other preparations we should make.

After that, we need to hook up with the rest of our party and make sure they're okay. After what we've seen happens to mortals inside the Sea, I don't advise bringing in a Ravian and a Gour - they could get warped into strange beings with f'd up memories. Ria might be immune to being changed because she's a magical creature with a soul, like Spikesby. Or it's also possible that none of them are immune, and could eventually change with enough time here.

After that... our course is uncertain. I don't think Spikesby knows what Blacksoul is planning; only Sky knows the true intent of what he's doing. If Sky doesn't find us and warn us, we're pretty screwed on that front.

Moriga might be the best option again. She knows a lot and can give us a wizard's perspective on what's happening.

Outside of Spikesby's knowledge, he probably shouldn't return to Blacksoul. But then again, he might already feel this way without know what Blacksoul is planning - We wanted freedom, and going anywhere near Blacksoul could bring re-enslavement or punishment for escaping. We also already know that wizards can track their minions to a certain extent, so Blacksoul probably knows we entered the Sea of Oblivion. But he won't feel us come back out again.

Flails and Radia are scary, so we have no reason to visit them. Arcus is kind-of dumb and silly. Spikesby doesn't really know anything about the other wizards.

The only reason why we might visit the Lord of Marvels again is for info if we exhaust other sources and don't learn enough.

Depending on what we want to do, we could probably hide the antithesis jar somewhere inside the Sea of Oblivion before we leave. This will (hopefully) help make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, and we could use its retrieval as a bargaining tool in case we decide to talk to the Lord of Marvels about things.

One question that's left unanswered is: should we try to explore more of the Sea of Oblivion to learn more about it and the progenitors? There's still one more progenitor we know about in the area, and we know exactly where to find him. He sounds like the scary blacksoul-like sciencey type, using souls and such, so he might either try to suck us up or he might not. The fact the we could be the key to overthrowing the wizards might be enough of a bargaining chip that he wouldn't touch us after all.
No. 223550 ID: a594b9

I believe that if the Sea engulfs a Wizard, they do not die. They are turned into the same thing Kallikissa is. We would kill one Wizard and... CHANGE the rest into things that are less dangerous/oppressive. Radia, Kshaara, and Ryxix are I think the only Wizards that are actively cruel to mortals, as far as we know.

It's really the most logical explanation. After all, Kallikissa used to be Blacksoul's sweety. How else would you explain her being alive, other than the fact that the Sea itself doesn't kill them?
No. 223572 ID: ac4f0e

Okay, seeing as nobody has brought this up, I will. With Spikesby no longer magical, he is much less powerful than before. However now his strength comes from himself, and not somebody else. I suggest that Spikesby train his body to become strong and lean in his free time if possible, to prepare for the trails and tribulations ahead.
No. 223579 ID: ea2a3c


You have a point there, although I don't think it's as simple as simply diving into the sea. But I'm sure Blacksoul would be keenly interested (for scientific purposes at least) that Kalikissa survived in some form or another. That her blood is capable of killing a wizard lends one to wonder how...

As for Spikesby's concerns, I suggest that someone else deliver the antithesis to Blacksoul. He has friends after all, including a moth who actually got a hug from the grumpy old guy. Maybe he should try to find her?

Frankly I won't throw in my lot saying that the sea of oblivion is preferable until I find out exactly what it is. Something that can put a leash on wizards is not necessarily friendly to mortals. Why does it block the sunlight?
No. 223605 ID: c71597

The sea of oblivion hardly seems preferable to the wizards.

Spikesby should wait for his chance. The sea might be brought down and that would be the moment to act. Then he could use the antithesis to kill all the wizards and make everyone free from both them and the anti wizard things. Then people could be truly free to live their lives.
No. 223664 ID: f6346a

A sound if rather unpleasant plan.

However, Blacksoul's plan to bring down the sea will require a soul-ocaust of such proportions that there will be 'no' sapient life left to enjoy the resulting peace after we kill the wizards.
No. 223995 ID: c71597

He said himself that it would be some left. And if there isn't anything left then the wizards can create new life.

And I seriously don't trust that shiteating bastard who is the Lord of Marvels. If he has something planned for us I think the best thing is to not do it.
No. 224001 ID: a594b9

>shiteating bastard

We've been told he is unusually kind for a Wizard. Plus go back and read what he said to us.
No. 224002 ID: c71597

I know, that's why I don't trust a word he says. Fucker is cooking up something and unless he comes clean with all of his information I don't think we should do a single fucking thing he wants us to.
No. 224114 ID: bf1e7e


What is the source on Kallikissa being Blacksoul's sweety? Did I miss something?
No. 224126 ID: a594b9

You don't trust him because people think he's nice?
my face: ಠ_ಠ

In ITQ, I figured out that Blacksoul was trying to destroy the Sea of Oblivion to get revenge for someone being taken from him. He reacted as predicted but said that if she was still alive she'd be corrupted or something. It seems like that is true for the most part, but something within her still longs to be with Blacksoul, so she stays by the edge of the sea.
No. 224131 ID: bf1e7e


But he made absolutely no mention of it being Kallikissa, which makes it foolhardy (at best) to stake any sort of plan on it.

Furthermore, given that she seems complicit in killing all of the wizards, and given the plan that Blacksoul had (and that he would rather destroy the world than let the progenitors win), her existence isn't really leverage for anything. He would almost assuredly rather destroy her than have her exist in this state.
No. 224135 ID: c71597

I don't trust him because he clearly had all of this planned from the beginning and I don't know why he is nice, or even if he is generally nice. He could just be very good at covering it up. As it stands I would probably trust Radia or Flailsbreaker before I trusted the Lord of Marvels.
No. 224204 ID: bf1e7e


Morriga also doesn't trust him.

Just in case people forgot.
No. 224262 ID: ea2a3c

As Rainbow Randolph taught me, the most horrible people in the world can be your greatest allies, and just because someone's a really nice guy doesn't mean he isn't your worst enemy.
No. 224549 ID: d560d6

Take jar back to Blacksoul for SCIENCE! Be sure to tell him it's dangerous. It doesn't really seem to be in his character to arbitrarily screw with Spikesby so we should be as safe doing this as we relatively can be while still achieving something.

Trying to actually kill a wizard is a terrible idea unless you want everything to be fuzzy and grey forever more.
No. 224564 ID: a594b9

>Moriga, the most paranoid wizard doesn't trust Lord of Marvels, so we shouldn't trust him either
>He's a nice guy and some nice guys are evil, therefore he must be evil

Wat. Do you guys have any rational reason to distrust him? Like, what exactly has he done to indicate that he's untrustworthy? When he sent us to a Progenitor in order to free ourselves from the Wizards' influence, that's exactly what happened. He's been pretty much completely straight with us so far.

You want to go right back to Spikesby's master after freeing him from his control? And show him the shit that's designed to murder all the wizards, when he himself is trying to murder all the Progenitors?

Are you guys TRYING to get a bad end? Is that it? You want Spikesby to die, and for Blacksoul to kill everyone in order to get rid of the Sea of Oblivion which has yet to be shown to be inherently bad? GODDAMN IT THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING
No. 224566 ID: a594b9

Oh come on, I just explained the very concrete evidence we have supporting my theory.

I'm not saying we can use her existence against Blacksoul anyway. I'm saying that if we give Blacksoul the Oblivion Treatment (by not killing him with the antithesis) he'll change too, and they'll be reunited.

We don't have to murder all the Wizards. Kalikissa was told to do that, but she doesn't really understand who they are I think, and her orders are probably to tell creatures to kill all the Wizards, just to ensure at least one of them dies.

It's pretty obvious at this point that Kashaara was 'killed' with some imperfect application of Pure Antithesis. I'm sure if she were given a higher dose or something the death would have been more permanent.

Come to think of it, Kashaara is probably the most vulnerable Wizard right now. Attacking her with the Pure Antithesis would be a safe bet if we wanted to make sure one Wizard died. Plus, she's pretty fucking evil.
No. 224590 ID: d560d6

Oh, learn to use /dis/ already if you're going to spend paragraphs upon paragraphs ranting at others.
No. 226878 ID: 4ef491

Alright, just so everyone is aware of it, this is my first (well, third now) post on this board, so expect my initial posts to be somewhat unrefined. Feel free to provide feedback. Hopefully I actually posted in the right thread this time.

1. Given that Spikesby just got his biology radically altered, we know Kallikissa is capable of altering bodies. I would suggest we ask to get the blade-hands shortened or removed, and have regular hands added, as they may have become a liability now that they're no longer magically sharp. I mean, depending on whether or not we have blood flowing through those (now brittle) things, having one snapped or broken would not be pretty, and may or may not be fatal. This would also have the obvious advantage of being able to manipulate objects, something that we've been handicapped on until now.

Also, some better vocal cords would be nice too. As far as I know, (tried to confirm, couldn't) we've just lost the ability to communicate with other magical creatures, so being able to speak normal language probably be fairly important.

Also, it would be good to see whether or not he can still carry things in his gut now that he has a digestive tract. If it is possible, depending on the material the container is made of, I would suggest carrying the antithesis there until we figure out what to do with it.

2. As for what we should do from here, I would suggest NOT killing any wizards until we actually know what the Sea of Oblivion is. I mean, we know almost nothing about what sort of effects it has on inhabitants or the environment. I mean, we already (or at least suspect) know it causes memory loss, and we've only been in a small part of the Sea of Oblivion for a couple weeks. God knows what else it does. I would suggest finding out more about both the Wizards and the Sea of Oblivion before doing anything too world-altering/genocide-causing.

3. As for what I think we should do in the short term, before we do anything else, we should probably just get the hell out of here and check up on Isenore. We have no idea what's happening outside the Sea right now. The region could have already been overrun by antimagic creatures for all we know. We can figure out what to do from there.

tl;dr version: Ask for hands and vocal cords in exchange for shorter or no blades, carry the antithesis in gut if possible. DON'T kill any wizards until we actually know what sort of effect it would have. Meet Isenore, figure out what to do from there.
No. 226971 ID: bf1e7e


>Like, what exactly has he done to indicate that he's untrustworthy?

Attempted to use Spikesby in a plan to murder the other wizards? Not exactly 'trust' material there, genius.


You have absolutely no fucking clue what 'concrete' evidence is. At all.

>I'm saying that if we give Blacksoul the Oblivion Treatment (by not killing him with the antithesis) he'll change too, and they'll be reunited.

Except that she said that it would kill wizards.

You know, as in 'not not kill.'

>Plus, she's pretty fucking evil.

What exactly has she done that is so evil? Eat the people who tried to murder her, and when that failed kept her suspended in a near-death state and leeched off of her like parasites?

For someone who is quick to assume that the lord of marvels (Being the ONLY wizard in Red we've seen thus far) isn't up to something shady, and make rash assumptions about Kalissa's identity and stake a plan that will engulf the entire world in the sea of oblivion if it fails (or even if it succeeds), you seem awfully quick to dismiss Kshaara's actions as 'evil.'
No. 227821 ID: 383006
File 128391663434.jpg - (106.42KB , 740x740 , i1.jpg )

I am doing some little updates to clarify tru fax that Kallikissa might know until next update session.

The next day was more or less a blur. Spikesby was reunited with Ria, who didn't seem entirely comfortable leaving him in Kallikissa's care but didn't have much of a choice. He was extremely weak and needed time to recover, although he knew he couldn't waste too much time. He had the antithesis now, but he had no idea what he should do with it. The main thing was to get information. He asked her a million questions and had no clear goal of what he should do with the antithesis. He decided he would hold on to it for now. He also decided that he would stay in the Sea of Oblivion a little longer - he needed to know if it was really better than the Peninsula.

Cradled in Kallikissa's somewhat disturbing embrace, he listens to her exposition.

We existed, and it was peaceful before we were here. It is hard to remember what things were like before we were here. The Wind preceded us, and many Wind Born were here when we arrived. More progenitors also later. I was not with the first.

The Wizards fought us, and we fought them, because each of us is death to the other. The Wind drives away magic and poisons Wizards, and magic likewise does the same to the Wind. I feel the wind, all do, as it blows and changes. We are a part of it.

We fought the Wizards for long. As they died, the Wind expanded. More Wind Born, more Progenitors, appeared. Eventually, the Wizards hide away in the last of the Sea of Dreams. They congeal the border into the wall with their magic.

Before the wall is congealed, the Red Wizard came to us. He cannot touch the Wind or use what he calls the "antithesis," so he teaches Ul Kerull of the Sinking Sign how to infuse it into things for him to take. He tells us that he has always been for us, to help us make everything OK. He tells us the wall will happen, and if things come from the Sea of Dreams side we should take magic away. He shows us to change the bodies a little as the magic leaves them, to give them blood to kill the Wizards.

It is too late for me to change you now. Only when the magic is leaving you. Now it is gone, you cannot be change. Ul Kerull of the Sinking Sign always changes the body to make it most best to kill the Wizards. I do not care so much.

Spikesby's shape now seems to be fixed. He cannot speak. He cannot tase things. His blades don't seem to have feeling in them, he thinks they are solid and harder than bone. He is no longer supernaturally strong or tough. His gut sac has been transformed into a stomach and he can no longer store items in it. He coughs up a disgusting slime several hours after he eats.

The Antithesis is a thick slime. Any Wizard with a carpace or armor will probably have to ingest or be injected with the Antithesis for it to take effect but it is a contact poison for any wizard that essentially has skin. Even a tiny drop will work. It can be put on a weapon, but the laws of physics make a bullet an impossible delivery device.

Still, he isn't sure what he should do with it. He asks her more about the Sea of Oblivion, what happens to the mortal creatures inside, and if there is anything more to see besides vague fog and creepy trees.

"The Wind moves through all things here. It soaks into stones and flesh and the Wind changes them as it moves. They build things, or live in the things that were here when all was Dreams. I can bend the Wind for you and bring you to any place. Kiss a bird and I find you again. Ul Kerull of the Sunken Sign lives in his tower. Also, Bleached Head is where many mortal things live.

Thulmoraxdeon lives in Seven mountains and is many friends with the Wind Born.

Driss Seaborn gazes at the stars in from far away as they drift in the Wind.

Steeples is another town close to here.

Spikesby could go to any of those places. He's pretty sure he could ask her to bring him back to the Wall, but he is so weak now he might suffocate. he remembers barely forcing himself through it the first time and he should probably regain at least some strength before he makes the attempt.
No. 227946 ID: c71597

Lets go check out Bleached Head and then visit Thulmoraxdeon as well as Driss Seaborn.
No. 227962 ID: a594b9

Let's go to Bleached Head. Many things live there, so we can see how they live.
No. 228062 ID: 2372b3

I say Spikesby should explore the Sea of Oblivion and see what the world here is like. We need to know as much as possible. Also before we go, ask if the description of the "Red Wizard" matches that of the Lord of Marvels.

Also, can we get a picture of what Spikesby looks like now? Or has he not changed visibly?
No. 228488 ID: 754124

Seems to me, if we can get the progenitors to war with each other, the wind will go away and new wizards will be born, maybe.

Also, I think we should get a better idea of what life is like here in greyscale land before making any farther reaching decisions. Though my personal inclination is to attempt to bring magic and wind into balance.
No. 228528 ID: 26d96e

Yeah, we REALLY need more info before we can make any real decisions.
No. 228542 ID: d8aa80

I'm not trying to be a dick, but please actually suggest a location to explore or something to ask Kallikissa about. These generic responses don't really help me much :p
No. 228549 ID: 0b6446

Ask about the Red Wizard, specifically what he looks like. We need to know if he is the Lord of Marvels or not. Also, I suggest going to Thulmoraxdeon, as he seems to be rather amicable from what Kallikissa has said.
No. 228563 ID: e3f578

I want to kill all the wizards and progenitors. What would the world do without magic AND the wind?
No. 228627 ID: c6fa0a


Okay, fine, I'll make another TL;DR post for you, Bitey. :D

Let's start by asking a few more general knowledge questions.

> We existed, and it was peaceful before we were here. It is hard to remember what things were like before we were here.

Well, what *can* you remember? Where did you come from before you appeared in the area created by The Wind in this world? And by peaceful, do you mean it was peaceful here (before the war) or peaceful wherever you came from? Is there anyone who would know more about where you came from and what you're doing here?

And, if everything was peaceful before you came, why not just leave? What compells them to continue fighting the wizards? Why not just leave and go back where they came from?

What happens when a Wizard is killed by Antithesis? Do they become something else (Wind Born, Progenitor), or just die?

Why do you keep calling the magic realm the "Sea of Dreams", and why do mortals keeps calling us dream creatures? Why is the word "dream" used? And what is their term for the Sea of Oblivion?

>I can bend the Wind for you and bring you to any place.
When you say you can bend the wind for us (to essentially teleport us anywhere?), can you do this wherever we are (as long as we make out with a bird)? I sense awesome plot accelerating device.

>Kiss a bird and I find you again.
Can she give us a pet bird which will hang out with us and make out with us whenever we need it to, or do we need to find new birds wherever we pop up? Spikesby could end up with a lot of broken-hearted birdie ex-girl/boyfriends this way.

>He cannot touch the Wind or use what he calls the "antithesis," so he teaches Ul Kerull of the Sinking Sign how to infuse it into things for him to take.
Did these things happen to include a bunch of spears? ;)

>Ul Kerull of the Sinking Sign always changes the body to make it most best to kill the Wizards.
From what she's said about Ul Kerull, it sounds like more magical creatures have come here in the past, and been changed. Is this true? If so, what happened to them? Did they all go back and try to kill wizards? Did any of them succeed?

>He's pretty sure he could ask her to bring him back to the Wall, but he is so weak now he might suffocate.
Since Spikesby is too weak to cross through the wall right now, let's go check out more of the Sea of Oblivion. Let's ask what Ria thinks, assuming she can still understand us - but considering she learned to talk to us when we could only communicate with her using waks and such, it hopefully won't be a problem.

If Kallikissa gives us info about another Progenitor that knows more the past than she does, we should probably visit them first, assuming they don't sound incredibly dangerous. Another top priority is to visit Bleached Head or Steeples and talk to more mortals - hopefully there are some that remember the wizard war and what life was like before The Wind came. I'm guessing Bigger = Better in this case, so Bleached Head might be best.

Also, it's likely that Isenore and Llewyn have given us up for dead at this point, but IF we can use Kallikissa's help to teleport quickly almost anywhere, and these "birds" are easy to find / we take one with us, we could at least pop back close to the wall and try to use the communicator again.

- Are we low on rations? May need to acquire more somehow. Ask about food.
- Ask WTF the dying dinosaur thing was.
- If you know what tits are, tell her she's got nice ones. And the whole hooded look with red eyes is pretty cool. And you mourn your lack of sex drive and organs. ;D
No. 229310 ID: 9bd27f


Adding a vote for Bleached Head. No sense planning much beyond that though, since we could learn about new destinations there and all.
No. 231696 ID: 383006
File 128484074116.jpg - (230.81KB , 870x740 , Title.jpg )

Spikesby decides to go to Bleached Head. He has some important questions for Kallikissa first, though. He asks her if she remembers anything from before she came here, but she doesn't really. The 'peacefulness' seemed to be in reference to wherever she was before she came here. It seems like the Wizards were fighting with her people already when she arrived.

He asks about what happens when a Wizard is killed with antithesis, and she says that he will find out in Bleached Head.

She has to be physically present to teleport Spikesby, and won't provide him with a bird.

Spikesby figures the Red Wizard has to be Lord of Marvels. Kallikissa says she gave him a lump of rock (possibly ore).

Spikesby can still communicate with anyone he had an understanding with, but he guesses he probably won't be able to talk to magical creatures anymore.

Ria still has some food, but they will need to get more very soon. Spikesby asks if she can't pop him close to the wall first, and then send him to Bleached Head. The trip is quick, but pointless. It doesn't seem the other radio is in range at the moment.

Soon, black tendrils of mist form a sort of hole in space, lashing out and enveloping Spikesby and Ria. There is a brief moment of terror before they lapse into unconsciousness.
No. 231697 ID: 383006
File 128484105128.jpg - (205.69KB , 870x740 , 1.jpg )

They appear on an open, gray plain. A massive pile of bones is heaped before them, the gaping mouth of some enormous creature transformed into some sort of cavernous entryway. Dim torches are visible from within.

Ria seems concerned.

>"While you were resting, I asked Kallikissa about this place. It's apparently the corpse of one of the Wizards that was killed during the war. The "wind" creatures avoid it because it was a wizard, even though it's not dangerous to them anymore. I guess they're just afraid of it. A bunch of mortals supposedly live inside too, like a big city. They have a big market and shops and things apparently. I'm not sure if I can bring my gun in, but I don't want to leave it out here either. I'm also not sure what we should be trying to accomplish when we go inside. Any ideas?"
No. 231703 ID: c71597

God damn, that guy was big.

Ok lets head inside. Stuff you should look for is how people act on the streets, if there are big slum areas, if they look prosperous and generally content, to fid out that last one it might be a good idea to hang out in a couple of bars and listen in to what people are talking about.

You should also see if you can secure some more food. And maybe see if you can't find some crazy adventurous dude willing to follow you to the other side of the wall. If you made it through then so might they.
No. 231704 ID: a594b9

Well, first off we need food. Take the gun inside but try to hold it in a non-threatening manner. Someone will stop us if it's not allowed, and tell us where to put it.

Second, we need information. Find out more about the world. How do they live? What do they eat? Are they happy? Are they afraid?
No. 231705 ID: ea2a3c


Go exploring! I mean, you wanted to know what happens to a wizard you use anthithesis on, and there's your answer right there. Big old pile of bones. So you don't really have any reason to be here anymore. But if there are a lot of mortals in there you can go in and see how they're doing, learn more about how they fare in this new world, and possibly more about the antithesis.
No. 231707 ID: dad664



No. 231711 ID: 383006
File 128484410642.jpg - (240.02KB , 870x740 , 2.jpg )

Ria keeps the gun, but slings it over her back where it won't be as threatening. There are no guards or watchmen waiting at the entrance, so they just wander inside. The interior, at least close to the entrance, is a mass of small tunnels made of bones. Light comes from spaces in the roof overhead, and the support columns scattered at random. It certainly isn't sunlight, but Spikesby doesn't know if it's electric or not.

They see several strange creatures as they walk, and the area is mostly silent. No one approaches them or even takes notice of their presence.

Eventually, they come to a wider intersection and see some creatures moving around. A susurus of whispers comes from the doorway to the left, where the ... cluster of Ravians is going. Two eyeless gour approach from the rightmost 'street.'
No. 231714 ID: a594b9

Let's go into the doorway to see what's up.
No. 231715 ID: c71597

Follow the Ravians. Conversation is good. Means that you might be able to get some insights into how people here think and feel. Would be nice to know if they ever set up any plays or dramas as well. This place would be really sucky if there exists nothing in terms of literature, art, music or storytelling.
No. 231720 ID: c6fa0a


Since Spikesby can only effectively communicate with Ria in this area, we should make sure she knows what our goals are before we go too much farther. I think we should try to talk to some of these passer-bys and figure out (from them) if there is someone or some group of people that are known to be experts in history or general knowledge of what's happened to mortals since the war.

If the Ravians are unhelpful, try the Gour. Also might want to ask them if any of their kind here have eyes, or if all of them don't have them. And ask if they see by other means.
No. 231722 ID: 383006
File 128484887032.jpg - (241.83KB , 870x740 , 3.jpg )

Spikesby decides to follow the Ravians into the doorway. It is some kind of shop, bar or maybe restaurant. There is a large counter that runs all along one wall with a variety of strange objects on them.

There are several large tables spread across the area with a few figures seated or standing near them speaking quietly to one another.

They approach the individual behind the counter. He hair shifts and ripples as if she were submerged in water - as if it was independently alive.

Ria approaches. They do need supplies, after all, and she figures this person might have information. The barkeeps area always knowledgeable.

It seems, however, that Ria has no money that they'll accept. She has 2 extra magazines for her weapon, the weapon itself, and her radio. That's about it. They're going to have to figure something out if they want to eat.

She also asks if all of the gour are blind, and what kind of things go on here generally. If they have any dramas or plays. The barkeep replies.

"Things are good in Bleached Head," whispers the barkeep, "The Windborn do not go near our community, and we make what we need. The middle of the city is open. Where the farms is. Rest is closed, safe. Have many houses on south side of town, many shops in both wings of towns. We take raw materials, make them into good things. No Wind things bother us here. I think it keep us more whole to live inside of Wizard. Keeps us more like it was before the world changed. Sometimes they have poems. You want to buy? Don't get paid to talk, but knows a lot from before the war."[/i]
No. 231724 ID: c71597

Tell her that you would love to buy some stuff, and listen to her talk about history as well as maybe hear some poems. In exchange maybe you could work there for a few nights or something. Ria should be fairly exotic and might attract some new customers and Spkesby could perform or something, maybe work as a doorman or something else, who knows.

Anyway, it seems like they feel that living inside of the corpse of a wizard and being exposed to whatever leftover magic there is, is better than living on the outside of it. That's rather interesting, might be better for mortals to live in areas with a magic presence.

Also seems like they don't really have a any cultural life of their own, atleast that's my interpretation of what they said about poems. They just produce stuff, which is a kinda boring existance.
No. 231726 ID: ea2a3c

Also ask her how people get money around here. As long as you're going to be all mortal and hungry and stuff, you better start looking for work.

Sounds like the Windborn are not pleasant to encounter. The one you saw seemed nice enough though...
No. 231728 ID: 86b8dc

Yeah, it seems that while it is technically 'safer' without magic... it's a somewhat hollow existence.
No. 231729 ID: c6fa0a


See if you can get by with just exchanging information for now. She seems to have information we want (about the war?), and we may be able to provide information that would interest her regarding the outside world.

If she's unwilling to make that kind of exchange, would should probably try to barter, and throw in some food on top of the info. We might consider trading away the radio or a magazine of ammo - I don't think we should get rid of the gun entirely yet, and the radio may be our only way to easily contact Isenore and Llewyn once we make it back again (even if they're currently out of range).

Some specific questions to ask might be:
- Why do they seem to be afraid of the Windborn?
- What happened to the mortals when "the wind" came?
- Can she remember how the progenitors appeared and the wizards died?
- Does she know any scholars or others who would know more and be willing to give us this information?
- What is life like here now?
- What's the difference between mortals here and mortals outside bleached head?
- Who WAS this dead wizard?
- She didn't answer our question about the Gour yet.
No. 231737 ID: a594b9

Ask if she likes it better like this, with the Wizards out of the way but having to deal with the Windborn and the inherent... changes that come with being in the Sea.
No. 231738 ID: a594b9

Oh by the way, try trading an extra magazine for some food.
No. 231744 ID: 383006
File 128485431260.jpg - (156.01KB , 870x740 , 4.jpg )

Ria asks how people get money around here.

"Everyone works. We work and have things to trade. You are strangers. Not from here, don't work. You need to give something for food."

Ria asks why they are afraid of the Windborn, and what happened to the people when the wind first came.

"Dangerous. Unpredictable. All things with the wind are that way. The wind makes everything change. Makes you forget what came before. We all were born in this world though. Only stories about from before."

She asks about the dead wizard and what things are like here, why the mortals are different.

"We stay away more from the wind here. The Wizard was dead long before settlement existed. Outside of Bleached Head, more changes, more different way of thinking. Many Gour here are have no eyes, but some do. Don't know how they see - prolly feel the wind."

Ria asks about scholars and about how the progenitors appeared.

[i]"Before, people could walk out of mist. Wizards outside, when only a few left, congeal edge of mist into the Wall. Wall will keep mist out, even if something happens maybe. Friend looks hungry. You got things to trade? You need place to sleep as well?"

Ria could try to work here for a few days to make some money, or trade some of her items. Her current magazine is mostly full, and she has two others. She also has the gun, and her radio. She feels inclined to keep the radio, just in case.
No. 231746 ID: a594b9

Resuggesting >>231737 and >>231738
No. 231749 ID: c71597

Try working there for a few days. It will both be a way to earn spending money and to learn more about life in this settlement and how people act here. It will give something to compare with when visiting another settlement.

Also, if you get work there see if you can get the benefits of being allowed to eat whatever leftovers there are as well as sleep by the fireplace or a similar place. Those two are quite often benefits you can get from working at an inn or a resturant.
No. 231760 ID: c6fa0a


Sure, we could use a room and some food for at LEAST one night. And probably some cheap but nutritious rations for the future, too.

Also, Ria, teach Spikesby how to use a toilet. Even if all he's doing is horking up slime, it's important to be polite when doing so. :C

Before we start offering to work, we need to find out what kind of work people do around here, and what we're good at. Spikesby is probably good at chopping things, so maybe a butcher's assistant or crop reaper. Ria comes from a society which highly prized artistic endeavors, so if she has any talents with art or production of goods, that might help. Alternatively, you could just go around being *very* unique mascots.

Oh, and don't forget to keep your eyes out for each other. The "wind" may change those who live within it, not just those who are born here. If you spend TOO long sitting around in here, you might start turning into scary peeps, too, and I don't want Ria or Spikesby turning ugly. :<

... and she didn't answer our question about scholars. >:C
No. 231766 ID: 383006
File 128485778055.jpg - (141.46KB , 870x740 , pause.jpg )

Paused 4 Now
No. 233795 ID: a09a03


Go directly to Blacksoul without even passing go. Tell him about Lord of Marvels. Spill the beans about everything.

If you hurry, you can get there before he kills the Ophions. (Probably not, though)
No. 233797 ID: bf1e7e


This is the only plan that is not a bad plan.
No. 233798 ID: 8c0848

We need to tell one of the wizards, probably Blacksoul about the Red Wizard and the antithesis. Information is more valuable than souls. He may even keep Spikesby alive.
No. 233799 ID: 2563d4

It was considered a bad plan when I suggested it earlier. :c
But, yes, for Pete's sake let's please tell the one Wizard whose dickishness is at least of the ruthless-and-unfettered-world-saving variety.
No. 233800 ID: 383006
File 128544862561.jpg - (231.79KB , 850x700 , 5.jpg )

Spikesby and Ria trade away one of the spare magazines for some food and a night in the inn. They decide to spend a few days in Bleached Head to learn more about what life is like.

Spikesby gets a job harvesting crops in the large, open-air area at the center of the city. Ria seemed to be pretty good at dealing with people, even the weird people who lived there, so they made a decent wage.

They learned that everyone in Bleached Head had been born inside the sea. There were probably no survivors still living who remember the Wizard's War or even the formation of the wall.

They also learned that people inside the sea think fundamentally differently. There are no concerns about scholarly pursuits, and even the supposedly more "normal" citizens of Bleached Head still spoke confusingly or did things erratically or nonsensically. The changed forms of the creatures were inconsistent and the creatures from outside were different as well, although there did appear to be certain groups or clans of different sorts of the normal world's species.

Things were generally calm and quiet, and Spikesby grew healthy (and learned to use the bathroom).
No. 233804 ID: 9cb4b3

Gather supplies and head back to the real world. Find a way to summon Sky to you (Possibly by holding a stereo up on your little sword arms and playing "Moth to a Flame") and have her tell Blacksoul everything you know.

Wait. Have Ria write down everything you know to make sure you don't forget anything more than you might have already. Then do all that.
No. 233805 ID: a09a03

Get back to the real world ASAP so you can do something about Lord of Marvels. (But don't kill him because that might backfire)
No. 233808 ID: a594b9

...so basically people are kindof happy but there's no real academic progress? It's like everyone's lobotomized... Yeah, the sea's not so great a place to be. Life continues, but... hampered, barely worth living.

I still don't like going straight to Blacksoul and giving him the antithesis. I'd rather we go straight to Lord of Marvels and ask him wtf. Also leave the antithesis with someone we can trust, so that if LoM kills spikesby or something we can just wait for Blacksoul to kill the Sea, upon which point we...

Dammit. I want both the Wizards AND the sea gone. WHY CAN'T LIFE JUST BE NORMAL?!
No. 233811 ID: e3f578

>Dammit. I want both the Wizards AND the sea gone. WHY CAN'T LIFE JUST BE NORMAL?!

Well that's what I want. I said kill everything. Keep the antithesis for safe keeping as Blacksoul does more research and figures out what could kill The Proginators (I forgot what he's using souls for. A shield or something, but he's probably going to do some research in the meantime it takes to get enough souls to do shit) then we get that. Kill enough Progs so killing a few wizards won't do shit. Then kill them. Slowly work our way around the world, make enough friends and agents to gather antithesis and I suppose MAGIC to every super-powerful being around the world easily.

But, in the meantime, yeah man we should bolt this place as soon as possible so we don't mutate and get lobotomized ourselves
No. 233813 ID: c6fa0a


... I'm not sure you guys understand the depths of Blacksoul's ruthlessness, here.

Blacksoul hates the Sea of Oblivion. It took everything from him. He will stop at nothing to see it destroyed.

Telling him about the antithesis won't really do much, since he already knows what it is and probably has a good grasp of how it works. I'm going to check over the previous quest threads... it's POSSIBLE giving him a small sample of pure antithesis to experiment on would be good, but he might come looking for the rest. Telling him we have a huge supply of antithesis for killing wizards will just end up getting it all confiscated.

Telling him that there's a traitor (Red Wizard / Lord of Marvels) would probably make him go super-ragey and delay his attack on the Sea at least long enough for him to beat the shit out of Marvels. But I'm against this on the principal that if Blacksoul kills off Marvels too soon in a fit of rage, we'll never uncover what the hell is really going on.

Telling him that the Progenitors are plotting to kill all the wizards will just reinforce what he already knows, and won't exactly change his mind about nuking them. And our soul is extra-useful as fuel. :/

Since Marvels was around BEFORE the war, and appears to be siding WITH the Progenitors - Which will PROBABLY result in his own death, mind you - makes me think that he might have a hand in bringing them here in the first place. There is a deeper mystery afoot.


I agree that we've seen enough inside the Sea. I suggest we exit the sea (using Kallikissa's teleportation to get us to the wall near where we came in) and hide the antithesis somewhere near the edge of the wall. With it so close to the wall, hopefully it will be camouflaged against anyone who can detect anti-magic.

If we can't find our pals on the other side of the wall using the radio, I suggest our next stop be Moriga, simply because she's a neutral party and one of the few *sane* wizards. She's been nothing but nice to us, and I suggest we return the favor by keeping her in the loop. Her advice might be very valuable AND she might have some knowledge on where our friends are (if we can't find them) and what's been going on in our absence.
No. 233817 ID: c6fa0a


Alternatively, we could attempt to make a quick stop by Ul Kerull of the Sinking Sign first if we want more information from the Progenitors. Kallikissa could probably make this trip go pretty quick if we can find a bird to summon her with. I doubt Ul Kerull would be hostile towards us, since we're in on the whole "kill all the wizards" plan now.

I'm actually going to change my vote to this, assuming we can do it quickly. Kallikissa seemed like she didn't know much / care much about what was going on, so talking to a more scholarly Progenitor would give us some more background (and give Bite the ability to draw more of his cool-looking character design). ;3
No. 233834 ID: 9cb4b3

Morriga already knows what's going on, the best thing to do is going to blacksoul as he will be the only one who knows what to do about this antithesis mess and then go from there. Spikesby's soul might not be worth as much now that he is mortal, and if the process can't be reversed, there's not really much point in living like this anyways. You'll be useless for the rest of your life, and will eventually die of old age anyways, so it's either die doing something useful or die in thirty years having never done anything significant again, doubly so because nobody can understand you anymore.
No. 233837 ID: 383006
File 128545688269.jpg - (276.59KB , 850x700 , 6.jpg )

Spikesby decides it's time to go. After purchasing a bird, he gives it a kiss and sure enough, Kallikissa appears. Those in the area flee in terror, and she doesn't seem hampered at all by the presence of the Wizard's corpse.

Soon enough, space is folded again and they are against the wall. After a brief struggle, they pass through the slimy barrier and out into the fresh air of the "World of Dreams."

There are Rock Goblins waiting and they look hostile. They probably can't tell he's a magical creature at all... well, it looks like he isn't one anymore.

Ria claims to have picked up staticky voices nearby - it looks like Isenore might be close.

(The current plan subsequent is to hide the majority of the Antithesis and then go talk to Blacksoul. This plan can be changed, and it must be determine who will go and who will stay.)
No. 233838 ID: 8e18cd


Yeah, that is a good idea - go to Blacksoul and tell him that LoM is a goddamn traitor. Just make sure you're cautious. You're goddamn fragile right now.
No. 233840 ID: 2563d4

You're wearing pants.

Why are you wearing pants?

What other biological features did Kallikissa grant you? :3c
No. 233845 ID: c6fa0a


SPIKESBY: Act scary, but don't attack. Be prepared to parry and counter-slice if one of them attacks.

RIA: Toss them a ration and tell them you just want to travel in peace. They might just be hungry; if nothing else, this will probably distract them. If they get distracted, attempt to call for backup. If they still seem hostile, be prepared to use COMBAT OPERENDI: DAKKA if the Goblins start AGGRESSing.
No. 233847 ID: e3f578

I think it's just fashionable, which it is. He looks fucking adorable.

What the hell do these goblins want? This is annoying, tell Ria to lock and load. They only have spears. You're still handy with your blades I think so you could probably work a good defense/offense for Ria if her gun doesn't scare 'em off.
No. 233879 ID: c71597

Their weapons can harm you now, and you got no magical ability to heal anymore. Ask Ria to call over Isenore and try to play for time by acting intimidating and keeping them at bay. Once Isenore gets there a few shots will probably drive them off.

Talking with Blacksoul should probably be done through an intermediary. He might want to examine your changes a bit too closely if you meet him face to face.
No. 233882 ID: a594b9

Note: Spikesby is not magically tough anymore. All other fights we've been in he's gotten hit. Spikesby is not good at dodging!

If Spikesby does get attacked, he should fight as defensively as possible to minimize the injuries he gets (because they won't heal easily)
No. 234504 ID: 6071d3

I realize that perhaps it's a little late and I'm a new player here and all, but these ideas just came to me and seemed good enough to share, so here goes.

Kallikissa said "So [the Red Wizard] teaches Ul Kerull of the Stinking Sign how to infuse [antithesis] into things for him to take."

Then shortly thereafter remarks "Ul Kerull of the Stinking Sign changes the body to make it most best to kill the wizards."

This would seem to indicate that this Kerull person not only knows how to infuse objects with antithesis, but is a talented transmuter of living things.

Kallikissa also said "It is too late for me to change you now. Only when magic is leaving you."
This would imply that Kerullt may no longer be able to twist Spikesby into whatever walking death machine he might have... dunno if that's good or bad... but also leaves open the possibility that he could at least make "antithesis spears" out of Spikesby's scything talons.

Having the jar is fine and dandy, but it's a limited resource and, being contained in a JAR, is quite vulnerable. We can't go using it every time Spikesby comes across something nasty or we might run out or have an accident with it.

I propose that, on our return trip, we investigate the possibility of getting some antithesis imbued scythes for little Spikesby. He's mortal now; gonna need all the advantage he can against them bigger, nastier magical whatsits that are always gunning for him.

Something else to consider: Kallikissa seems to be our friend. Or at least willing to help us in little ways. The Wall is vast and it may be possible to travel across the entire Peninsula in minutes if we can use her portals to our advantage.

Wars are decided by three things: superior arms, access to information, and mobility.

Our advantage in the first two areas is debatable, but with Kallikissa's help we could have mobility in spades. No wizard on the Dreaming side has demonstrated a similar ability yet. We would actually have a tangible advantage over ALL of them.

Wall of text over. Back to fighting rock goblins. Should probably look into getting him some formal combat training at some point.
Homer do good?
No. 234724 ID: 9bd27f


"This would imply that Kerullt may no longer be able to twist Spikesby into whatever walking death machine he might have... dunno if that's good or bad... but also leaves open the possibility that he could at least make "antithesis spears" out of Spikesby's scything talons. "

Hey come on now, if we're going to go transmuter hunting, I think being turned into a proper organism should trump death machine upgrades. A proper digestive system for one. Shitting out of his mouth can't be too fun.

And if we do go for combat type stuff, clearly regeneration is what's necessary for Spikesby. We get the poor dude torn up so often...

Anyhow, the Rock Goblins are probably guarding the wall. Just tell them you're back from exploring, and aren't a native from the sea of oblivion. And if their orders are to kill everything that comes through the wall, get Ria to shoot them. No need to be fancy here.
No. 237215 ID: 383006
File 128605004216.jpg - (152.49KB , 700x700 , 7.jpg )

Spikesby tells the rock goblins to back off, but they couldn't understand him. One of them let fly with a spear and it slammed into Ria's abdomen as she opened fire, spraying bullets wildly but failing to connect.

Spikeby stayed defensive, weaving out of the way of the goblin's spear. He saw an opening and took it - slicing the goblin's arm off in a glistening spray of blood as it howled in agony and collapsed.
No. 237216 ID: d677cc

Uh oh.

Hopefully Ria will be more or less okay? :<
No. 237217 ID: 1578e2

Now you can eat Ria when she dies, and she will be part of you forever.

If it doesn't come to that though, maybe go kill that remaining thinger.
No. 237224 ID: c6fa0a


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Not snaketits!!! D:


Although if you want to be nice and have a soul and everything you might be able to show mercy to the one that's disarmed and stuff. I mean, the one without a weapon, not the one without an arm. That guy's pretty fucked.
No. 237239 ID: 9bd27f


Damnit! Okay, time to see if your face biting skills are still up to par!

Then... jeez, blades for arms is cool and all, right up until you need to remove a spear and stop the bleeding.
No. 237240 ID: 2563d4

>remove a spear and stop the bleeding
Hell no. Removing the spear would make the bleeding /worse/. If anything you want to bind it into place so it doesn't wiggle about.

(It's been a while; where's our Golden friend got to?)
No. 237256 ID: c71597

Shitfuck! Kill that last one and then go see how Ria feels. If you're lucky the goblin missed anything immediatly vital and she can hang on until Isenore gets here. Then you can use the car to get to some place where there's a chance of treatment.
No. 237290 ID: 0b2a05

Immediately cut his other arm off and rush at the remaining one.
No. 237349 ID: 383006
File 128605621384.jpg - (180.06KB , 700x700 , 8.jpg )

Spikesby rapidly dispatches the remaining goblin and soon the Jeep arrives. Isenore scans the surroundings from the back while Llewyn jumps out and quickly inspects Ria's wound. The bleeding is severe and Llewyn sweats as he works, Ria rapidly lapses into unconsciousness.

Spikesby can only watch, unable to help.

Finally, Llewyn wraps her stitched torso and looks up.

"I've stopped the bleeding and I don't think there's any organ damage. She's hurt bad and she lost a lot of blood. It might be a few days before she can move on her own. We need to decide what to do with her. Isenore, I guess you'll have to talk with the Snikt and figure out what we should do next."
No. 237359 ID: 2563d4

>the Snikt
Wak irritably that we have a name.

Well, better load Ria up into the truck if she's not going anywhere under her own power. We're not exactly built for carrying things in our arms.
No. 237385 ID: 8c0848

Go find a wizard who might help us and is somewhat reasonable. I think Flare is the best choice.
No. 237392 ID: 6071d3

I think you are mistaken.

Try to fashion a stretcher out of anything you have and lift her *carefully* into the back of the truck.
If we're gonna go for a wizard's help then go for Blacksoul. He should be the closest and weren't we going to pay him a visit anyway?
No. 237394 ID: bf1e7e


I don't see any problem with this. Sure, we don't know anything about Flare, but if worse comes to worse we have a trump card in the antithesis.
No. 237398 ID: a594b9

...flare is really fucking far away. And also very selfish and vain. Let's not go there for help.
No. 237400 ID: 788856

No. 237401 ID: 8e18cd

Flarey's or bust. She's radiant and understanding.
No. 237402 ID: 10c20a

I think this is a pretty good idea actually, votan Flare
No. 237405 ID: 064f59

Surely one of the wizards is going to be helpful and a good idea. Process of elimination says to Flare, because this is spikesby's lucky day! and we are totally not fucked!
No. 237410 ID: 6071d3

Perhaps it would be helpful to see our location on a map before we make any rash decisions?

Can we at least do that?
No. 237411 ID: d677cc

Seriously, this many of you are posting just to make a Flare joke? I recognize some of your IDs, y'know.

Anyway, getting Ria onto the truck and then heading for Blacksoul is probably the best shot we've got, I guess.
No. 237412 ID: 2563d4

Today is "make bad decisions" day.

No. 237416 ID: 383006
File 128605987513.jpg - (125.26KB , 700x700 , 9.jpg )

Spikesby and Isenore manage to load Ria up on the truck and decide to head to the territory of Flare Goldlust. None of them have ever traveled anywhere near there before.

They travel for six days before reaching the craggy, mountainous terrain that Flare calls home. Ria is conscious, but very weak. As they begin to slowly make their way through the mountains, a huge, red creature looms into view.

"WHAT YOU WANT IN MASTER'S LAND?" shouts one head

"YOU COME TO WORSHIP AND TO PRAISE?" intones the other
No. 237427 ID: a09a03

Yeah, that's us.
No. 237429 ID: 6071d3

This can only end in disaster.

Spending another two weeks getting to Blacksoul, or Childless Meg, or the Queen of Sorrows, Flails or anyone is still a better idea than trying to fake our way past a Wizard with creatures like THAT.

Especially when it's first question pertains to worship and praise.

Seriously. Turn around guys.
No. 237431 ID: 2563d4

Nope. Had the map upside-down. Bye!
No. 237435 ID: 8e18cd


We want to worship and praise and seek guidance from the most magnificent Flarey.
No. 237437 ID: 8c0848

Yes. Flare will help us with dragon power.
No. 237438 ID: a4b4e3

go see flare but first u may want to bring some chees i hear she likes that
No. 237445 ID: d677cc

Well, I guess we're going to see Flare, then. Whatever.
No. 237454 ID: 6071d3

With your vote and one other's we could turn this around.
Vote no on the FLARE initiative. It takes money away from schools and much needed social services.
No. 237463 ID: 383006
File 128606407981.jpg - (150.32KB , 700x700 , 10.jpg )

"Yeah, whatever, I guess we're doing that," says Isenore, leaving her weapon aimed at the creature's head.

It stood, stalking off thought the mountains.



No. 237467 ID: a594b9

Let's go to the springs village.
No. 237470 ID: 8e18cd


No. 237471 ID: 8c0848

No. 237472 ID: a4b4e3

lets go to the village hidden in the spring maybe they havce a ninja we can take with us in case flare tries somethng
No. 237507 ID: 383006
File 128606628697.jpg - (250.53KB , 700x700 , 11.jpg )

Spikesby wondered what they were doing here. Maybe Flare could help them. He had heard that Flare was greedy, but that was about it.

They traveled for several more days. Spikesby noticed a few rugged villages and keeps dotting the mountains and lush valleys they passed. He saw several more Giants stalking through the terrain.

Eventually, it was indicated that they should travel up a small mountain road that ascended in a series of dangerous switchbacks to a high aerie.

Steam and waterfalls poured from various underground caves and fissures in the terrain around them, and they could hear bubbling cauldrons of mud and a few plumes of noxious smoke.

When they reached the top, there was a flat area where a few animals were hitched. Leaving the truck, they ascended unsteadily to the huge wooden gate, mist rising mysteriously behind it.

Spikesby wondered again what they were doing there.
No. 237517 ID: 6071d3

The rest of us are wondering too, Spikesby.
No. 238200 ID: 4c91d5

that mountain sure has a toothy grin.
No. 238209 ID: f57857

Can't unsee
No. 247162 ID: 383006
File 128786895359.jpg - (316.59KB , 1000x700 , Intro.jpg )

I had been successful. The southern group of Ophains were already in Blacksoul's domain, and I'd recruited from Queen of Sorrows and Radia as well. This is something I had avoided, but I couldn't avoid it forever. I'd told Blacksoul about this group specifically, after all.

As I fly closer, I see Majestic Thunderstrike waving a hoof excitedly and shouting up to me

>Sky! I haven't seen you since the attack on Suri! Things have been so exciting here! I'm so happy to see you again!
No. 247165 ID: 6071d3

Well, land and say hello. See how everyone is settling in.

And what, who, and how many did you recruit from the Queen of sorrows and Radia?
No. 247173 ID: f82d85

Hug it out, bitch.
No. 247218 ID: 383006
File 128787390757.jpg - (262.26KB , 1000x700 , 1.jpg )

I fly down and hug her as her mane cascades around me.

>I've missed you so much, Sky! We sent some people to Lord of Marvels's tower. They came back saying that not only could we stay here, but he might could help us get back to Suri somehow! What happened when you went to Blacksoul? Are you staying here with us? Have you heard anything from Spikesby or Ria?
No. 247223 ID: bf1e7e


Tell her that you aren't going to be staying for long, you have a new home in Blacksoul's land, and that you were coming to let them know that there was a place that there was a place they could stay. But it looks like they might be doing okay here after all. That way, you don't have to bring them back to die in the wave and you can tell blacksoul that they had already settled in a new place.

Also let Majestic Thunderstrike put her tongue in your mouth.
No. 247228 ID: f82d85


No. 247237 ID: 70e5c6

Alternatively: have a mental breakdown, confess everything, and seek sexual healing. :3

(Going with >>247223 if Sky doesn't feel like breaking)
No. 247239 ID: 6071d3

Returning to Suri smells like a trap.
Blacksoul may be planning on sucking out everyone's souls, but he will also protect them. For a time at least, they will be safe. Going back to Suri sounds like a huge risk and it is doubtful the refugees would want to return to their broken, bloody, body strewn city anyway. Making the suggestion might even cause their confidence in you to waver.

"Go back there? Are you kidding? We barely made it out alive! Now you want us to go back?"

Stick with Blacksoul's plan for now. There may still be time to convince him of a different solution and, if worst comes to worst, the people can be warned of their impending doom.

The Lord of Marvels should be a backup plan, but we should also know more about his offer. Ask about it. See what he is suggesting and how he plans on returning the Ophians to Suri.
No. 247247 ID: 1854db

Go talk to Lord of Marvels and find out what he's trying to do.

SERIOUSLY. We need to talk to the guy, instead of just assuming he's evil despite being REALLY NICE to everyone.
No. 247301 ID: 383006
File 128787953916.jpg - (161.68KB , 668x656 , 2.jpg )

As much as I'd love to let them all stay here, I made a promise to Blacksoul. It's the only way to put the world back the way it should be, anyway.

"Well, I don't know about going to Suri again. We barely made it out alive the first time."

>"Lord of Marvels said he could give us weapons that will put Kshaara back the way she was. He's been teaching the Adepts how to use Kshaara's blood more effectively too."

I move to her side as she lays down, leaning back against me. I press my cheek to her neck and - oh no. I ... a soul. She smells like soul.

"Y- you really can't trust Lord of Marvels, no matter what he says, but Blacksoul 's changed. His domain is free of monsters and danger now. It's peaceful. I'm sure the ophians will be much happier there. Y-you don't need to go, though."

>"Well, I should lead them there! I've been a great leader!"
No. 247311 ID: bf1e7e


Tell her that it's probably best that she not go. A lot of the people there are refugees who have been terrorized by magical creatures, and there is a lot of tension there right now. Maybe you could find some place nearby where MT could stay that isn't in his territory where you could come visit, and you could let her know when things calm down enough that she wouldn't cause a riot.

Also rub her shoulders a little. And let her put her tongue in your mouth.
No. 247314 ID: 6071d3

Okay, hold the phone.
Lord of Marvels. If he can get ahold of more antithesis weapons then we should go there. This changes everything.

I propose a daring plan: firstly, spill the beans to Majestic, but make sure she listens to everything before freaking out.

Make it clear that you do not intend to go through with Blacksoul's plan (even if you do, lying to reinforce her confidence in you wouldn't hurt either).

Take some of the refugees to Blacksoul, to make it look like you're doing your job (and really, you sort of are), but take some to the Lord of Marvels as well. Procure an antithesis weapon and bring one to Blacksoul.

Try to get him to abandon the Great Culling plan in favor of reverse engineering these weapons. If he refuses to abandon the original plan, then at least get him to try reverse engineering while he waits for more souls to enter his domain. If we're lucky he'll figure it out and go with the weapons plan. If we're not, then you can still warn the people before it's too late, maybe even take his research and finish it with the Lord of Marvels or someone else.
No. 247319 ID: 6071d3

Addendum: Refugees have the highest chance of survival if split into two groups anyway.
No. 247326 ID: 10c20a

I think this is probably the best course of action. Try to convince MT that she not go. As great a leader as she surely is, it's time for her "babies" to spread their weird tentacle arms and go out on their own or something.
No. 247357 ID: 1854db

We need to talk to LoM dammit.
No. 247374 ID: c71597

Tell her that you have another task for her. Something that is much more important that only she can take care of. She needs to be your and Blacksoul's liason with Morriga.

She is to stay at Morriga's place and report on what's going on there to you when you come to visit and hear those reports. It is a task only she can perform and one that is alot more vital than guising the ophians to Blacksoul's domain, because once there they won't need a leader anymore and you can make sure they get there by yourself.
No. 247380 ID: 52c44b

Sky: Finally realize that what you're doing is absolutely terrible and that you've only been able to justify it because the souls involved so far have all been statistics for you.

Would you sacrifice Majestic Thunderstrike for this? ... Would you sacrifice Spikesby?

What are you really fighting *for*, Sky? What point is there in having a "safe" world if none of your friends are alive to see it?

If *you* got a soul some day... do you think BlackSoul would just let you keep it?

You're working for a madman, here. He's willing to take shortcuts and do anything he wants to reach HIS goal. But are his goals really your goals?

Even if you sacrifice the souls of people you don't care about, but somehow manage to preserve your friends, what does that make you?
No. 247386 ID: bf1e7e

Guys, you don't seem to be in the IRC so I am going to explain this to you in no uncertain terms.

The players already made up sky's mind about the souls thing. You can't pussy out and change it now. That isn't how things work. sky already knows the gravity of what she is doing, and that it makes her a monster. But because of the actions of you, the players, She has accepted that it is necessary.

Further, she can't disobey the wizard anyway. she's still a magical creature.
No. 247387 ID: 6071d3


Spikesby has managed to be obedient while pursuing his own agenda several times in the past. I fail to see why Sky would be incapable of doing the same.

Sending some refugees Blacksoul's way while sending others to the Lord of Marvels is not being disobedient. Souls will still be headed in the right direction and this should satisfy the geas placed over her. Besides, allowing some to travel elsewhere and spread word of Blackoul's sudden change of heart and apparent paradise may in the end produce greater returns. This should also satisfy the geas. Hopefully.

Although debating is moot, I suppose. Tha Bawss will have final say.
No. 247390 ID: 52c44b

That's silly. You're silly.

If there's no point in injecting our own suggestions, we might as well sit back and let the quest railroad itself into the soulpocalypse.

If enough players make a suggestion, and the author wants to do it, it happens. If they don't want to do it, it won't happen. Unless Bite comes in here and lays down some ground rules for the non-IRC crowd, I'm going to assume that any suggestions are valid within reason. If my suggestions don't make it into the quest, so be it, but I won't get butthurt over it.

I could understand your concerns if people were trolling the thread, but they're not (yet).

And as far as I know, Sky doesn't "belong" to BlackSoul. She's a volunteer. She could probably disobey him if she wanted to, though would have to face the prospect of his wrath. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
No. 247407 ID: 383006
File 128790287510.jpg - (240.99KB , 1000x700 , 3.jpg )

I've already made the decision to sacrifice these people. We need as many as we can get, as soon as we can get them. I was a monster when I left Blacksoul's tower. At least the remainder of their life will be pleasant... peaceful. But... I... not Majestic Thunderstrike. I lead her through the camp. This information about Lord of Marvels is interesting. Why is he helping the Ophians so directly? Weapons to fight Kshaara with?

Majestic Thunderstrike wraps her tongue around my hand as we walk.

"The exiles traveling to Blacksoul's domain have been cruelly treated by magical creatures for most of their lives. I don't think you would be welcome there. Besides, I need your help. I want you to go to Moriga's domain and wait for me there. Don't tell her what is happening, and keep your eyes open. It's very important and only you can do it. I'll take care of your ophians for you."

>"If you think it's best, Sky, I'll do it for you. Our little community here is growing, but it might be safer if Blacksoul really has made his domain a refuge for mortals. My Queen was on very good terms with Blacksoul, although I don't seem to recall him caring much for mortals. Just -Just promise me it won't be too long before you visit."

Now I just have to decide if I'm going to investigate Lord of Marvels or not. How should I approach? Should I take Majestic Thunderstrike with me? Should I even fool with it at all?
No. 247408 ID: 383006

I had some issues and it took me six hours to update, but I will continue tomorrow
No. 247415 ID: 6071d3


Even if you have already made your decision to sacrifice these people, it is foolish not to pursue contingencies. Definitely procure one of these weapons the Lord of Marvels is making. Blacksoul would certainly want to analyze one of these, if for no other reason than his own safety.

The Lord of Marvels should be on the way to Moriga's, so take Majestic with you, if only because there are safety in numbers... and Majestic is a little naive. Going it alone means there is that much more time she could potentially be taken advantage of or deceived in some way that could cause further delays. Besides, the Lord of Marvels may already be familiar with Majestic by way of her messengers, he may not be familiar with you. Having a liaison would be handy.
No. 247417 ID: 476456

man she is going to hate you.
No. 247418 ID: 24a9bd

Decisions can be overturned. You hate the decision you made, but there was no other alternative. This is a potential alternative. If you don't face up and try, you'll regret it.
No. 247432 ID: bf1e7e

Finding information about the lord of marvels would be nice, but if he's the one who was fomenting rebellion against the other wizards and he CAN read minds like he told spikesby, you will probably ruin everything forever if you go yourself.
No. 247448 ID: 1854db

Investigate Lord of Marvels... with Thunderstrike. Ask if he knows of a way to get rid of the Sea of Oblivion.
No. 247477 ID: c71597

Go visit the Lord of Marvels along with some Ophians. With them there you might be able to make him assume that you come as a suporter and leader of them. He's bound to have noticed that Majestic is a bit naive and not really that much of a planner, so you're there to see what's really up. Just make sure that you can get away from him and that you have one of those weapons on you at the meeting.

Don't press him too deeply for answers and don't go in any deeper in what you're doing or why or for who. He might try to make you think that he has a better way. But he doesn't, he simply represents the devil you don't know, while Blacksoul is the devil you do know. And despite the fact that what Blacksoul is trying to do is monstrous, it's also something that will make everything better, for everyone. It won't be any greater change for those that remain, except that they would have alot more land to live on, places that are livable where they can truly get away from the wizards.

And there is a bit of self intrest in this for you. Do you think magical creatures would have a good time in a world ruled by antithesis, where the very stuff that make you possible doesn't exist anymore, where you can't fly and would never be able to fly again.
No. 247584 ID: 6071d3


Committing to a decision is fine, but choosing to ignore alternatives that were not available before purely on the basis that you have already made a decision (and not even a very informed one, either) is beyond foolish. It's mad.

You're not a monster yet, Sky. If Blacksoul really has the only viable solution then that's tragic, but it's not something you can help. But if there are other ways and you chose to ignore them simply because you had "already made your decision" then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

It is the mean that justifies the end.
No. 247595 ID: bf1e7e


In other words, you think that you should be able to skip out on the consequences of decisions that were suggested on the character by saying 'on second thought, no.' That is absolutely super.

The fact is, We already know that Lord of Marvels foments revolt against the other wizards by virtue of having been behind K'Shaara's attempted assassination. He is trying to use these ophians to repeat his goal, but this time she knows to expect it so he would just be sending him to die.

He is dangerous, and (potentially) ABLE TO READ MINDS. While you do stand to gain from securing a sample of the weapons for Blacksoul's perusal, or from gaining information on his goals and movements, there is far too much at risk from simply going and chatting him up ourselves. MT may be naive, but as a proxy she at least gives us the potential for success at obtaining something with far, far less risk.

And the risk is significant even if he can't read minds, (meta again)because you jackasses have some sort of fetish for expositing entirely too much information to every NPC you encounter regardless of whether or not there is anything to be gained from doing so.(/meta)
No. 247619 ID: 383006
File 128795512047.jpg - (305.26KB , 1000x700 , 4.jpg )

I have to find out what Lord of Marvels is up to. Did he have something to do with Kshaara's 'death' the first time? It doesn't make any sense. Why would he do that? I get Majestic Thunderstrike and ask her to lead me to Lord of Marvels's tower. We briefly inform the Ophians about traveling to Blacksoul's domain. If there are a few too close to Lord of Marvels, then I guess I can leave them, but I promised as many as I could get to Blacksoul, and it is a promise I cannot break. Besides, there is no reason at all for me to believe that anything other than Blacksoul's plan can save the world. The Sea is awful, and if it covered the land, it would kill me and Majestic Thunderstrike. I can't even imagine never flying through the clear, blue sky again. It's an awful price, but I don't have a choice. Maybe if I find out something, some other way, I can tell Blacksoul and possibly change his mind. Hiding a few ophians from him won't accomplish anything though. At least I've convinced Majestic Thunderstrike to go to Morriga instead.

We get to the tower. There's a big camp full of ophian adepts in colorful tents everywhere, and some magical creatures, Majestic Thunderstrike tells me they're called 'Golems' helping them haul the remaining pitchers of Kshaara's blood.

As we approach, one of the ophians comes up to us with a Golem in tow.

"How can I assist you, most glorious Mistress Thunderstrike? Who is this with you? I think I remember her from the escape"

"Yes," I say, "I assisted in the fight for Suri, although I was injured early on. I've come to find out what is happening here. Majestic Thunderstrike told me that Lord of Marvels has offered direct aid in the fight against Kshaara. I find that hard to believe."

She grins

"We did at first, also, but it's true. A few of us came here to make sure we wouldn't be attacked, and he extended the hand to friendship to us. He is teaching us how to manipulate Kshaara's blood to protect ourselves more efficiently from control, and has weapons for us, more spears like the ones she was impaled with originally. Apparently, he assisted us in the beginning. He says that he sees the future, and Kshaara must be put back to sleep for the good of the world. We are more than willing to help him."
No. 247622 ID: bf1e7e


That doesn't make much sense. If he sees the future and knew that K'Shaara needed to stay asleep, why didn't he provide any assistance to keep her asleep?

Trying to convince this ophian would probably waste energy and make us stand out, and standing out while in Lord of Marvels' territory looks like it might be a bad thing. Lord of Marvels is clearly up to something, and Blacksoul will probably be able to deduce more of it than we can. Additionally, this might buy the people in his land just a bit more time to enjoy life, which is an additional plus.

Attempting to force the ophians to leave will probably only make things worse, it's probably best for now to take what we can and alert Blacksoul to the Lord of Marvels' treachery.

Also, see if Majestic Thunderstrike's tongue can tickle your stomach.
No. 247629 ID: 1854db

Have Majestic Thunderstrike as Lord of Marvels what he's going to do about the Sea of Oblivion. The people in there have sent out creatures that kill people to make soul armor so they can survive here; surely he would not approve of that. Surely he would want to do something about it. Ask what can be done.
No. 247644 ID: 6071d3

If the Lord of Marvels can see the future then he is probably already tangentially aware of your intentions and allegiance. Paying him a personal visit probably won't do much harm, so go for it.

And do your best to grab hold of one those weapons. Blacksoul will definitely want a look at one, again if for no other reason than his personal safety. Who knows, maybe he can learn to make more, or even better ones? Even after the Sea of Oblivion is gone there will still be a bunch of childish, tyrannical wizards that need slaying for the good of the people... assuming you even care about that.

The Lord of Marvels also appears to be genuinely concerned with the fate of mortals. If anyone has even the slightest inkling of an alternate solution, he probably would.

This also does not jive. Why didn't he help when Suri was under attack? Surely he could have at least provided some form of indirect assistance. Ask about it.
No. 247649 ID: bf1e7e






Just answer me this question. Have you actually read the entire quest up to this point? Are you aware of how all of this wizard stuff actually works? Because it really doesn't seem like you haven't.
No. 247651 ID: 8c0848

The Lord of Marvels can not see the future and he's definitely not interested in helping mortals.
He obviously has ulterior motives and is in direct contact with the Progenitors in the Sea of Oblivion.
Avoid the wizards, especially Lord of Marvels. He could order you to do something that will royally fuck the entire planet and you can't do anything about it. Try to find out from the Adepts what he is up to, but try to avoid direct contact.
No. 247653 ID: bf1e7e


This is probably the best idea.

Hell, we can probably even get a spear from one of them since they trust MT. Without needing to expose ourselves to possible wizardfuckery. The very capacity for the wizards to absolutely command you is more than enough reason to stay away from LoM.
No. 247660 ID: 6071d3

We don't know he is lying. We actually know very little about the Lord of Marvels. Thus far he's actually been a good guy.

He is also in cahoots with the Progenitors to make the world a better place for mortals, even if that means allowing the Sea of Oblivion to expand. We have no reason to believe he is lying about that either.

Yes, I have read the entire quest. No, I don't know how all this "wizard stuff" works and neither do you.

We have no reason to believe he can't see the future.

He obviously does have ulterior motives, but thus far they appear to be good.

Sky is under Blacksoul's control at the moment. Even assuming Marvels could undo this and maker her his thrall, he doesn't seem like a bad guy anyway. Besides, word is already out about his new paradise. Blacksoul's plan will eventually come to fruition without Sky's help.
No. 247666 ID: bf1e7e

goddammit my whole fucking post got eaten.

>he doesn't seem like a bad guy anyway.

He sided with the progenitors, who by Kalikissa's admission came after the wizards and destroyed the world.

The progenitors have been seen to create soul-consuming monstrosities and send them rampaging across the boundary. SOUL CONSUMING MONSTERS. And you think they are better for mortals than the wizards? They would be, at best, a lateral move, and we have no evidence of that. By all appearances, it would be worse.

What is even a single piece of evidence that the sea of oblivion is an improvement over the wizards' lands in any way. The windborn and progenitors are explicitly dangerous, and the sea itself alters everything in it without consent. EVERYTHING. It consumes memories as well, preventing people from establishing meaningful relationships. It takes everything that makes life more than a series of motions away without actually providing any sort of actual safety in exchange.

If you have any evidence that the sea of oblivion is an improvement, and that you aren't just railing against the status quo BECAUSE it is the status quo, by all means state your piece.

Let's not forget that LoM totally tried to turn spikesby into an assassin under, at best, questionable pretenses. Yet he's somehow supposed to be a stand-up guy despite all the treachery.
No. 247669 ID: 1854db

Sky doesn't even know all the shit Spikesby knows. Can we stop metagaming here and try to come up with reasons that SKY would agree with?
No. 247670 ID: 6071d3

All this stuff sounds more like material for the discussion thread. If you want to debate this further, we should move over there. This place is for storytelling. We've probably clogged it up enough with our disagreements.
No. 247671 ID: bf1e7e


>and try to come up with reasons that SKY would agree with?

She has no reason not to trust blacksoul, and now knows that LoM was behind the previous attempt (and future attempts) to assassinate K'Shaara. She knows that LoM has sided with oblivion, and for all she knows the only things that come from the sea are giant soul-consuming monsters (after all, she doesn't know what Spikesby knows. She doesn't even know that mortals live there).

We can metagame, in which case the only reason for her to go inside is if you want to throw away the world to gamble on the sea of oblivion despite its obvious failings.

Or, we DON'T metagame, and we just go with 'Sky has no reason to do anything BUT distrust LoM at this point, and for all she knows he could just tell her to do whatever he wants and there's nothing she can do about it. And if he tells her 'tell me exactly why you came here,' she's going to alienate the FUCK out of Majestic Thunderstrike, which she clearly doesn't want to do. And probably also get murdered by adepts. Let's not forget that.
No. 247673 ID: 6071d3

Actually I don't think she knows that Marvels has sided with the Oblivion. I believe she is familiar with the Antithesis stuff, but so far only Spikesby knows that the weapons used to kill Kshaara use the Antithesis.

Sky should be totally unaware of any direct links between Marvels and Oblivion.
No. 247674 ID: 2563d4

Stop wasting time and lead horseface to the glue factory Blacksoul's tower. If you're really dedicated to sacrificing people to save the world, how close they are to you should be irrelevant; why devalue those snakepeople just because you don't know them, monster?
No. 247680 ID: 1854db

That was addressing everyone, but I'll respond anyway.

>sided with the Sea of Oblivion
What evidence does Sky have to support this? Those odd weapons could be anything, you know. Speaking of which, he may have purposefully put her in stasis, not tried to assassinate her.

Otherwise I suppose I agree with you that things in the Sea are not so great. Ultimately the best thing we can hope for is that LoM plans to negate the sea after all the other Wizards are dead. Perhaps he has a protective seal on his tower, just like the edge of the Sea?

But yes, Sky shouldn't go in there. It's WAY too risky. LoM will not allow his plans to be endangered by a single magical creature, and will destroy her. We can attempt to ask questions via MT though... so long as they're not suspicious ones, and we can come up with a reason she believes for Sky to stay outside... you know actually even that may be too risky. If LoM finds out that Sky is here at all he's likely to investigate somehow.

I think Sky would want to LET K'shaara get speared again. She would not grab a weapon and give it to Blacksoul or rat LoM out because she knows that K'shaara being disabled again is a good thing. I think the best thing Sky can do right now is to offer to help with that effort informally.
No. 247682 ID: bf1e7e


>I don't think she knows that Marvels has sided with the Oblivion.

She knows that he is actively fomenting rebellion and attacks against other wizards, and knows from Blacksoul that the wizards are the only thing keeping the sea of oblivion at bay.

She also knows that, for a magical creature, to speak with a wizard is to submit to a wizard. This compromises her mission to gather people for Blacksoul's plan.

And let's not forget sending spikesby into the sea of oblivion.

>Ultimately the best thing we can hope for is that LoM plans to negate the sea after all the other Wizards are

That is a pretty fucking big 'hope.' Especially since if it's not the case it only makes things worse.

>because she knows that K'shaara being disabled again is a good thing.

Does she? The only thing that she knows about K'Shaara, actually KNOWS, is that she took some vengeance on the people who stabbed the fuck out of her with spears and then used her blood for their own ends for a significant period of time. That doesn't necessarily sound that unreasonable to me.
No. 247691 ID: 6071d3

I think all our yelling has scared off BiteQuest.
No. 247696 ID: 1854db

>Does she?
K'shaara is well-known to be a rather nasty person who eats her subjects for fun. She's called K'shaara the Devourer for a reason.

>That is a pretty fucking big 'hope.' Especially since if it's not the case it only makes things worse.
Is it really that unlikely that one Wizard would want to be the last man standing? He'd basically be in control of the whole world. This whole thing of being 'nice' could be an act and he could be the worst person ever but STILL want to kill all the other wizards and destroy the Sea. Actually it doesn't make much sense for him to want to KILL any of the other wizards unless he was immune to the sea somehow! If he wasn't, it would kill him too!

I'm starting to get tired of this shit, Seal. You get worked up about something and if someone doesn't blindly agree with everything you say you assume all sorts of shit they say is meant to oppose your point of view, and come up with half-baked arguments against them. I wasn't trying to argue with you. You've dragged me into this against my will.

If you want to say ANYTHING ELSE, do it here:
No. 247700 ID: bf1e7e


>You've dragged me into this against my will.

Don't pull that passive-agressive bullshit with me. You chose to respond and you damn well know it. If you didn't want to respond you wouldn't respond. And if you want to take the moral high ground you really shouldn't be the one to try to make it personal.

you're also wrong, I don't care if people disagree with me. I care if people are stupid and/or actively working towards an obviously bad end that I don't want to happen. There is a difference!

>If you want to say ANYTHING ELSE, do it here:

If Bitequest asks me to take it to /dis/ I will.
No. 247701 ID: 1854db

>passive-agressive bullshit
I don't think that term means what you think it means.
No. 247706 ID: 383006
File 128796507418.jpg - (217.61KB , 1000x700 , 5.jpg )

Can we make sure and keep the discussion civil? Also, some of this stuff probably needs to be in the disused, dusty, abandoned discussion thread. I love it when people explain the reasoning behind their suggestions because it lets me know what the players know, but lets not berate other suggesters. Thanks.

I am not entirely sure about going to see Lord of Marvels in person - it could be dangerous. I also know that Blacksoul doesn't trust him. I'd better not go in person, anyway. What he's doing might be a good thing for the world, but I don't have any evidence either way anymore. I'd better find out as much as I can, but I'll play it safe for now, because I'm not too sure what to do.

"So, why didn't Lord of Marvels help keep Kshaara from waking up if he can see the future? Can you give me more details on his plan? Maybe I can help."

The Adept seems more than willing to talk.

"Many of us wondered the same thing. He can't act against any of the other Wizards directly, of course. He uses his prophecies to send mortals out into the world who can change the future. He said that he spoke to a snikt and warned him of the danger in Suri, that he was responsible for you all coming to assist us in the first place. He says the future isn't fixed, and can be changed." She pauses. "He secretly allowed the group of brave Ophians who originally attacked Kshaara to acquire the weapons they used. He used his powerful mentalism long ago to help us all acquire souls and become truly free."

>"Lord of Marvels is a very powerful mentalist. He has helped us all so much,"
Majestic Thunderstrike chimes in.

The Adept continues, "He hasn't told us exactly what will occur, but he is very wise. We have no love for our former mistress. If you would wish to learn more, perhaps you should speak with him directly. He is extremely approachable."

If Mentalism is his specialty, then he would probably immediately discover my affiliation with Blacksoul. I could send in Majestic Thunderstrike, although even that could give me away depending on what I asked her to ask him, or if he had a reason to sift through her recent memories.

I.. I know I shouldn't treat Majestic Thunderstrike any differently than anyone else, but I can't let her be sacrificed. I can't ...
I'd already decided to keep Morriga's place a secret. All free Magical Creatures have already suffered enough.

I also need to decide what to do with this new information. It seems stupid to try to convince these adepts to leave. What about the rest of the ophians? Tell Blacksoul first? Do I tell Blacksoul about any of this at all?
No. 247708 ID: bf1e7e


Well you need to take as many of the ophians with you as you can to fulfill your promise, but you don't need to strong-arm them. If he is a powerful mentalist, going anywhere nearer him than you are is right out.

You should definitely talk to blacksoul. Everyone who has spoken in his favor has been 'helped' by him in some way, including using his mentalism to make them 'truly free.' If he is powerful enough in mentalism to see and alter the future, he is certainly powerful enough to alter their perceptions. And if he's willing to go behind the backs of other wizards, he's probably not above manipulating ordinary mortals for whatever games he is playing.
No. 247719 ID: 1854db

Oh, mind control, of course. Everyone who ever spoke to him is obviously mind controlled, that's why they think he's nice. Yeah, that's totally reasonable. On the other hand we KNOW that Blacksoul is willing to kill a shitload of people- a large fraction of the world's population in fact- to solve a problem that might have another solution. Like perhaps sending in someone to kill the one dude that's responsible for the 'scouts' that are eating souls. We don't have all the information yet you are totally sure that it's Blacksoul or nothing, even so far as to expose LoM's plan to re-cripple K'shaara.

Just have Thunderstrike say she's curious about the Sea of Oblivion. Does he know anything about it? What's past the border? Say that we heard about some kind of weird black creature that ate people.
No. 247724 ID: bf1e7e


>We don't have all the information yet you are totally sure that it's Blacksoul or nothing, even so far as to expose LoM's plan to re-cripple K'shaara.

Given that, from a meta perspective, we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that LoM is working with the progenitors, yes I fucking oppose him. He's a shady motherfucker with powerful mentalism whom we (the players) also happen to already have confirmation is working with the worse side.

I am not sure that it is blacksoul or nothing, but I am sure that Lord of Marvels is oblivion. I am all for procuring one of the weapons and bringing it to blacksoul so that he can research it, if it leads him to a method that doesn't involve killing off a huge number of people it is definitely better. At the very least it would probably push his plan back a bit and give the people a little bit more of the good life.
No. 247726 ID: 6071d3

Tell Blacksoul everything. Everything. Blacksoul may not trust the Lord of Marvels, but his intentions still seem good. Perhaps it's time they met to discuss the course of the future? Both of them seem to be the real power players at the moment (though we know nothing of Kshaara's machinations. That is still a concern.) If we could get them to work together (unlikely, but worth a shot) almost nothing could stop them.

Have Majestic go into see the wizard. See if a meeting might be in order. If Marv can really see the future he must know of Blacksoul's plan, both the possibility of it succeeding and failing. Perhaps he can convey something to Blacksoul through Majestic and you that may change things for the better?

Going in to see him may be a little frightening, but you should still be fine. Remember that you are tethered to Blacksoul now. If he kills you then the big guy will know it. Normally he wouldn't give a damn about a single servant, but you're more important than that. You're his herald, his confidant. He even seems to have some kind of emotional attachment to you. Killing you would definitely make an enemy of Blacksoul and that would be very, very bad for Marv's plans.

Still, if you're really unsure, send in Majestic. Just know that probably won't get as much information that way.

And don't forget to nab one of those weapons! Who knows, if Blacksoul doesn't want it, maybe you can keep it to defend yourself?

Although we don't have an official time frame for most of the Peninsula's history, I believe it's implied that at least one generation has gone by or been born since the Ophians claimed independence.

Altering the perceptions of an entire race and future generations and making the illusion powerful enough to fool other wizards seems a bit out of Marv's leauge.
No. 247736 ID: bf1e7e


>Killing you would definitely make an enemy of Blacksoul and that would be very, very bad for Marv's plans.

You are severely underestimating the risks inherent in simply giving the wizard an opportunity to command you.

>Altering the perceptions of an entire race and future generations

Given that the history is passed down by the ones who are around, he wouldn't need to alter the future generations. And if he was able to alter them enough to sever their connection to their wizard and give them souls on a mass scale, as we were told, then he definitely has the power to influence things in a more subtle way.

I'm not saying that K'Shaara wasn't a monster, but would you really say that the world would be better off with a rampaging Ryxix than with K'Shaara snacking on the occasional ophian? Hell, she doesn't even appear to be pursuing revenge against them now that she's conscious. No pursuit of the refugees at all.
No. 247775 ID: 383006
File 128797203212.jpg - (178.66KB , 1000x700 , 6.jpg )

I realize it would be pretty dangerous to go to Lord of Marvels directly, so I need to get Majestic Thunderstrike to go ask instead.

I ask the Adept if I can see one of the spears, and ask Majestic Thunderstrike if she can ask Lord of Marvels about the Sea of Oblivion and tell him about the creature that could supposedly eat souls. I say that I would go do it myself, but I really want to have a look at one of the spears if I can. The Adept says she'll show me, and leads me inside one of the tents.

She hands the thing to me and then leaves me. She says that she'll send Majestic Thunderstrike in here when she gets back.

Just touching the thing makes me feel awful. It radiates with some terrible, sickly energy that makes me want to vomit. It is wrong in some fundamental way. Soon enough, Majestic Thunderstrike comes back.

>"Lord of Marvels told me some things about the Sea of Oblivion. He said that the whole rest of the world is inside the Sea of Oblivion, but we can't get to it. He said that the Wizards congealed the edge into the wall to keep it from spreading. Even if wizards die, the magic holding the wall in place will keep it from doing anything, and he wants their tyranny to end so people can be free."

she looks away

>"He also, uh, said that you are here to betray me. That I should get you to come talk to him without telling you why. I told him I would, but, Sky, I would never betray you. I know you would never do anything to hurt me. I'd rather you accidentally cause the horrible things he said you would in my future than have something bad happen to you, even though I...

>"He's helped us so much, and I think he is trying to help everyone, but I'll still go to Moriga and spy for you if you want. I'll... it doesn't matter what he says, but I think... I don't know..."
No. 247778 ID: f82d85

Do not go meet with Lord of Marvels, he's gonna fucking kill your ass
No. 247779 ID: d677cc

We are not going to go talk to Marvels. Jesus.
No. 247782 ID: a4b4e3

Whatever you do, don't go see Lord of Marvels. Get Thunderstrike to go to Morriga, and continue with your mission. Have her tell Morriga that Marvels is just handing out the fucking spears now, and to be extra careful.

Take the spear to Blacksoul, but tell a minion at the tower that you have the spear rather than just bringing it straight to him unannounced, and have that minion ask him what to do with it. Bringing it straight to him might warrant an unnecessary act of self defense on his part.
No. 247784 ID: f82d85

Also hug Majestic Thunderstrike before you leave and tell her that she's your best friend.
No. 247785 ID: 6071d3

Seriously. He knows what Sky is doing. He seems to know a lot of stuff. If he was going to kill sky he'd have done it without sending Majestic out to warn her.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Take the spear if it makes you feel better, but really if Marv meant any harm, if he was even willing to resort that, Sky would either be dead just now or he wouldn't have revealed a thing to Majestic and Sky would've departed without knowing a thing.

If you want insurance, tell someone to deliver a message to Blacksoul. "I met him face to face," or something. He should be able to noodle out anything that implies.

From a metagame perspective, come on guys. Tha Bawss might be trying to throw us a bone here. Take it.
No. 247789 ID: 6071d3

If you're all still too paranoid to send Sky in, then don't let her go alone, or at least have Majestic go back and ask a couple more questions. See if he's willing to work with Blacksoul in some way, maybe even have a meeting. That way Sky is out of the picture and we still have the possibility of information exchange.
No. 247796 ID: 8c0848

Leave the Lord of Marvels, take the spear to Blacksoul and tell him that Lord of Marvels is planning to murder all the wizards. Maybe take the ophians somewhere safe on the way, perhaps Flare Goldlust's territory. Take Majestic Thunderstrike with you.
No. 247799 ID: 6071d3

And ask Majestic what Marv said Sky would do. It would be nice to know how much he knows. Or at least how much he revealed.
No. 247803 ID: fd6d7e

Tell Majestic Thunderstrike that Blacksoul is planning to sacrifice countless souls in an attempt to destroy the sea of oblivion. Everything about the sea and this spear feels so wrong to you, but you can't let so many innocent people be sacrificed. No matter what you do it feels wrong, but you can't live with betraying your friends. Tell Majestic Thunderstrike that anyone in Blacksoul's domain is in grave danger, and once enough people are there with enough souls he could do something drastic and terrible.
No. 247807 ID: bf1e7e


We are not going to talk to him. He wanted to lure Sky in blind to the fact that he knew what she is up to. He is going to fucking murder her, and probably try to rip whatever he can out of her head while doing so. We are going to leave.


You need to leave as soon as possible, before the Lord of Marvels comes looking for you. Everyone here is in the palm of his hand, it won't be safe for you for long.

You should leave now, take with you any Ophians that you can and Majestic Thunderstrike. On the way, explain to her that you don't want her to spy for you, You want her to be somewhere safe, and you don't think that she'll be safe here.

Try to send her to Moriga's, say that she doesn't need to spy or anything. Just try to stay safe. Explain that there's something that you need to do, but you're hoping that now you hope you can find a better way.

Make sure that Majestic Thunderstrike doesn't come in to Blacksoul's territory, it's better for her to wait outside the border, preferably somewhere hidden, until you return. Assure her when you part that you are going to try to do what is best for everyone. If the Ophians would rather follow Majestic Thunderstrike than follow you, allow them.

Make sure to give her that vest you brought for her.

Once it is all sorted, head on in to Blacksoul's land. When you go to report to him, tell him about the spear and the Lord of Marvels' involvement in K'Shaara's assassination. Explain that you left when it became apparent that Lord of Marvels was suspicious of your presence, and you also brought the Ophians who would follow. See if the presence of the spears and the sample of one alters his plan.

Unless he requests your continued presence, return to Majestic Thunderstrike shortly to reassure her, and to plot your next move.
No. 247808 ID: a09a03

The only things we really know for sure are that the Sea of Oblivion is terrible and that Blacksoul wants to destroy it.

Therefore, we should avoid talking to LoM and continue promoting Blacksoul's horrific plan.

Bring Blacksoul a spear.

Tell Majestic Thunderstrike that she's your best friend and you'd never hurt her, but that you're willing to do whatever it takes to help push back the Sea of Oblivion that's strangling the entire world. Say she should do what she feels is right, but that you don't trust Lord of Marvels.
No. 247810 ID: 10c20a

Tell Majestic Thunderstrike to head to Moriga's with any of the Ophians that wish to accompany her. Reassure her that you would never betray her, and only have her and everyone's best interests in mind. Do not go to Lord of Marvels. Take the spear and any ophians that do not go with MT and return to Blacksoul's territory and inform him of the spear you've been given, and the Ophians you've brought. Make mention of Lord of Marvel's plot regarding Ksharra and the other wizards.
No. 247818 ID: 70e5c6

Ask MT what LoM said we would do in the future.

I'm leaning towards >>247785 ; if he already knows what we're planning and hasn't done anything to us directly yet, he might just want to talk to us.

However, there IS the chance that he could attempt to control Sky using Mentalism. It might be safer to just use MT as a go-between and try to get more info out of LoM before we depart. We should ask him if there's an alternate way to get rid of the Sea and de-power the wizards at the same time.
No. 247823 ID: 251a14

These. Really.
No. 247824 ID: 1854db

>Given that, from a meta perspective, we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that LoM is working with the progenitors, yes I fucking oppose him.
We only KNOW he's working with the one we talked to. You know, the one that seemed to be fairly nice. I find it fairly unlikely he's working with the asshole that's sending out soul-devouring monsters, since all the information they're collecting could be easily provided by him!
Also how is he shady? We know next to nothing about him. He might even be LYING to the progenitors or otherwise manipulating them to get the antithesis. We still need more information before we can conclude if he's evil or not! ...like this. Like what just happened. If he could use mind control, Thunderstrike would not be unsure. She would be convincing.

So no, LoM is not evil. We have absolutely no reason to believe he is.

Welp, you've been exposed. Yet you aren't being forced to go see him. He could easily attack you with golems if he wanted you dead, at this point... or restrain you in some way.

If he knows of another way to get rid of the threat of the Sea expanding like Blacksoul is worried about, then we need to find out. Hmm. It sounds like Thunderstrike is trying to warn you that LoM would do something bad to you if we went to talk. All I can think of at this point is that he's going to do something to your head. Maybe there is some kind of specific way he needs to kill you, in order to get more information? No, that doesn't make any sense, he already KNOWS why you're here. He knows everything. The only reasons he'd need you to come to him personally are 1) he wants to carefully break your geas with Blacksoul and convince you to help him through words or 2) he wants to wipe your mind completely to break your geas and make it so you don't need to be convinced.

I don't think you should try to get Thunderstrike to talk to him some more for us. That might piss him off.

You know what, just go talk to him.
No. 247826 ID: 383006
File 128797710074.jpg - (240.74KB , 1000x700 , 7.jpg )

I don't know what Lord of Marvels is planning, maybe he really is trying to help everyone. I don't trust him, though, especially since he just tried to trick me into going to talk to him.

"I'm going to leave, Majestic Thunderstrike. Please go to Moriga and wait for me. Take some of your friends from the town down below. What did Marvels say anyway? What would I do?"

>"He didn't say specifically."

One of the ophians hisses from outside, "Lord of Marvels wishes to speak with you, Sky. Please return the spear to me."

Shit. Shit shit shit. I hug Majestic Thunderstrike tight. "I'd never betray you. I've got something to tell you, but I don't have time. I'll -"

>"Just go."
She says.

I flee, tearing through the back of the tent, and I feel Blacksoul's Gentlemen sliding out of my body.

>"We'll protect you, my dear, don't worry.

>"We do live to serve, after all.

As I cross the top of the tents, I feel Adept magic reaching out for me and hear one of the Gentlemen cackle madly before the magic suddenly disappears. Fly! I have to fly!

I hear Majestic Thunderstrike shout from down below

>"She fled with the spear! Hurry! We have to catch her! I'll go rally the troops from the town."

I hope one of the Adepts can understand what she's saying.

I'll quickly stop by the town to tell the Ophians about moving to Blacksoul again, then I'll head there directly myself. I hope Majestic Thunderstrike doesn't waste time before she runs. If only she could fly! Soon, the tower is far behind me, and I hear screams and the sounds of fighting carried on the wind.

The Gentlemen won't do much good once Lord of Marvels takes the field. Just three more deaths I've caused. I hope I've made the right choice.
No. 247828 ID: bf1e7e


Except that Kalikissa said that he was actually working with the one who was making soul-consuming monstrosities and sending them out into the world.

I thought you said that you read the quest? Are you sure that you did?
No. 247835 ID: 383006

The bickering this chapter was a little extreme. I told people to chill out. Please, people, chill out. I don't care if a suggester points out something factually inaccurate in another suggestion, and I LIKE some discussion in the thread because it really helps me to know what people think is going on, which is very important, but PLEASE try not to argue with people, especially about their opinions or what they think is a better outcome in the actual thread. That is what the discussion thread is for!

Please do not post just to disagree with another suggester without suggesting anything else. Please try not to repeatedly respond to other people. Posting more than once if you forgot to address a certain point or if you have a better idea is fine, and so is changing your mind, but there is no need for insulting language or calling someone else out.
No. 247836 ID: 1854db

Actually I just went back to reread it and LoM only contacted them once, before the wall went up. Ul Kerull is doing that soul-eating monster shit on his own.
No. 250284 ID: 383006
File 128846763095.jpg - (307.47KB , 1000x700 , Title.jpg )

Spikesby sits in the hot, bubbling water as steam drifts lazily upward. His friends had been ushered down various different hallways for their own relaxing soaks, while he had been sent into the springs for magical creatures near his size. Neither one was very conversational, and he wondered if he should do anything. There weren't any attendants, and he hadn't been told not to wander around.
No. 250286 ID: 2563d4

Lament your inability to ever honk massive bird tits.

See if the bits of you that have been in the water have had the colour come back.
No. 250287 ID: e3f578

Fours eyes is eying you funny. She's probably going to follow you if you get out. Try and remember notable places and things around here, similarly, look around right now for anything notable
No. 250291 ID: f82d85

Wander around.
No. 250292 ID: 6071d3

Try to strike up a conversation about... anything, really. What's life like here? What is Flare like? Has Flare had any special visitors in the past few weeks?
Spikesby isn't magical anymore. Really just want to test if they can understand him at all.
No. 250302 ID: dad664

"Wak wak...wak wakka wa-wak."

(So hey...I've got a penis.)
No. 250316 ID: 383006
File 128847285421.jpg - (256.19KB , 1000x700 , 2.jpg )

Spikesby feels pretty relaxed because of the soak, but he is the same color he has been since he came out of the Sea of Oblivion.

He doesn't know if the Nemesis is giving him a look, or if that's just her creepy face. He looks around, stepping out of the water. The area is surrounded by stones and cut into the mountain's face, with a steep drop past the edge of the pool. the door is simple bamboo.

He asks what life is like, and some questions about Flare

>Wak Wak wakwak, wak wak wak!

But they don't understand him.

"Hey, isn't that a snikt?" the Nemesis asks, "It smells like a mortal and I can't understand what it's saying.

"Geruglup glup. Gereru glup" says the ... thing with the eye. Spikesby can't understand what it's saying at all! Even after he got a soul, he could still understand and speak with magical creatures!

"Well, I don't like it," the Nemesis says. She settles lower into the steam.

Spikesby wonders if he should hang around or leave. He moves toward the door.
No. 250317 ID: 39f7b9

No don't go away, go back to the girl and touch her on the shoulder and maybe she will hug you.
No. 250322 ID: 6071d3

Leave those squares behind and looking and take a look around. Step around cautiously, trying to emulate "curious" or "lost" mannerisms even when you don't think anyone is looking.
If someone is spying on you in here we don't want to give them the wrong idea.
No. 250324 ID: e3f578

Leave, you possibly aggravated a nemesis and we don't need any more trouble. We'll find a way to help you communicate better eventually since your "voice" isn't magic anymore. You're practically an animal with a soul and thoughts right now since you're without practical grabby things or capable of communication.
Ugh we need a translator, try and fetch someone who you have an understanding with. If you get on Flare's goodside he might rig up something for you, it probably won't be lips and vocal cords but it will be something. We need to know where his strengths are first.
No. 250335 ID: 383006
File 128847747438.jpg - (242.35KB , 1000x700 , 4.jpg )

Spikesby decides to leave. Hopefully he can find someone who he can understand, or someone who can translate for him. All of his friends were seperated when they came in, so he isn't sure where anybody is.

He peeks through the door, leaving the other magical creatures behind. There are two doors in front of him, but he can't read so he doesn't know where they lead. The other direction leads back to the lobby area.
No. 250337 ID: 8e18cd

Go into the right one. Hmmm... we should get back to Isinore and have her help us translate those.
No. 250338 ID: e7259b

Right door
No. 250343 ID: 6071d3

Lobby or door on the right, whichever gets more vote. In the event of a tie breaker, door on the right.
Look as nonchalant as possible if you open the door, no matter what you see. And open it slowly, eh? Don't surprise anyone.
No. 250345 ID: 6071d3

Also it's quiet... TOO quiet. This will either be a campy hotsprings chapter, or serious stuff is about go down.
Please be campy.
No. 250348 ID: 383006
File 128847948520.jpg - (207.26KB , 1000x700 , 5.jpg )

Spikesby nonchalantly opens the door on the right. There are six bamboo doors along the curved right wall, and a shadowy open area at the end with some writing above a different door. Spikesby still can't read any of the doors ["1" will be the the door closest to Spikesby, and "6" the one farthest away, not counting the shadowy area].

The area is fairly quiet, although Spikesby can hear soft moaning coming from the fourth door, and quiet talking from the second door.
No. 250349 ID: f82d85


Fourth door
No. 250350 ID: 8c0848

Check out that 4th door
No. 250351 ID: 55c4cf


Go left.
No. 250353 ID: d677cc

What's behind door number four?
No. 250354 ID: 6071d3

Listen to door 2 for a little bit before you pass it. Then go for door 4, once again open it somewhat slowly, and look as nonchalant as possible. Do NOT make a scene, whatever you do. And get ready to book if you're yelled at.
No. 250355 ID: 6071d3

Oh and get ready to dodge if someone throws something.
No. 250356 ID: b0ef4c

door #4 go go
No. 250359 ID: 197650

4th doo
No. 250361 ID: 27e02d

No. 250365 ID: 383006
File 128848307741.jpg - (276.35KB , 1000x700 , 6.jpg )

S- Spikesby has no idea what those two Alerals are doing to each other!

One is moaning and panting and whispering "wriiiiwrwrwriiii" to the other one.

It doesn't look like they've noticed him, but whatever they're doing looks sort of ... private.
No. 250367 ID: 1854db

Better leave them be, then.

I think these are private baths!
No. 250368 ID: 6071d3

GAH! I knew this was the wrong door.

Back to door 2. Listen on the outside for bit. See if you can't make out what they're saying, or at least what could be inside.
No. 250369 ID: 27e02d

... Oh. Let's move on, yes. To the different door with the writing.
No. 250370 ID: 383006

Spikesby can't make anything out through the door, he'll have to open it. I forgot to put that in the previous update.
No. 250373 ID: f82d85

Stay and watch
No. 250375 ID: 8c0848

No. 250377 ID: 6071d3

Casually open door 2 then, as if you couldn't hear them from outside.
No. 250378 ID: bf1e7e

Let's leave these two alone, and head back to that second door and just open it a crack to see if you can hear what they're saying.
No. 250379 ID: b0ef4c

stay and enjoy the show.
No. 250380 ID: a4b4e3

You should definitely stay and watch, for future reference.
No. 250388 ID: 383006
File 128848525538.jpg - (309.57KB , 1000x700 , 7.jpg )

Spikesby is too stunned to do anything, so he watches them. Eventually, the big one starts to shudder and "Wriiiiwriwri" loudly, and ... stuff comes out of it. A huge blast of lightning shoots into the sky as the little one shudders too. Spikesby feels a mildly uncomfortable tingling sensation dance across his skin.
No. 250392 ID: 27e02d

Ah... let's move on. Peek into door number two.
No. 250393 ID: 6071d3

Okay this could actually get dangerous. Spikesby should really go somewhere else. Like door #2!
No. 250395 ID: d677cc

Right, door number two then.
No. 250396 ID: 24a9bd


Return and put your...ear next to the second door, see if you can recognize what they're saying. If you can, they might be able to translate for you. If not... well, you don't need to make it look like you're eavesdropping.
No. 250400 ID: 2563d4

And now you know where sudden storms come from! Learning is fun!

Go see if another door will teach you a lesson.
No. 250407 ID: dad664

That's called sex, Spikesby.

Maybe if you didn't have GIANT SCYTHES FOR ARMS you could take part in it.
No. 250408 ID: dad664

Well okay ORAL sex but whatever.
No. 250412 ID: 283fa9

Okay, Spiksby, you might be a little stunned, but that's going to be peanuts to what happens next. Mainly, what they are doing is known to cause reflexive muscle contractions in... well, all animals. But apparently, said reflexive contractions cause BOLTS OF LIGHTNING to appear for these two.

So, unless you want to be ELECTROCUTED, get out of there. NOW.
No. 250423 ID: 383006
File 128848879712.jpg - (221.67KB , 1000x700 , 8.jpg )

Spikesby has no idea what they're doing, but it seems dangerous so he ducks out of the door. Almost immediately, part of the door is shattered by a blast of lightning, and he hears several explosions outside.

He cracks the second door where the talking is coming from. He sees two.. things, and hears a third that is blocked from view.

"Yeah, I'm going to Lord Flare in the morning with the news about the invaders. It was just a bunch of Ravian fucks who haven't gotten their tithe together for the month," the big one says.

"Sucks. A lot of them have been acting up," says the little one. "I heard there's all kinds of trouble coming from Raida. A big shitload of Ophians or something," said the little one.

"I heard there has been a lot of trouble, sort of everywhere," whispers the third that he cannot see, "Trouble everywhere"

"Well, Lord Flare's got our back," Says the big one.
No. 250431 ID: 27e02d

Ah, gossiping. We should let them be, they can't understand us anyway. Let's look at that different door at the end of the hall.
No. 250435 ID: f82d85

Go into door #1
No. 250437 ID: 6071d3

This doesn't look like a place where fighting is probably allowed. Should be able to peek in further for just a glimpse of the third person before ducking away. Even if you're caught you can just honestly say that you are lost and looking for your friends.
If you aren't caught, head over to door #1 I guess.
No. 250450 ID: 6071d3

...wait a second... is it just me or does the one on the left look like a Ravian? And the one on the right looks sort of like a Gour.
No. 250453 ID: 383006
File 128849237342.jpg - (222.43KB , 1000x700 , 9.jpg )

As he starts to open the door wider, the two he can see glance up and notice him.

"Adepts only, Snikt," the big one says.

He checks door 1, but the room is empty. Spikesby decides to take a soak for a bit before he checks anything else out.

[I will continue tomorrow go ahead and suggest the next thing.]
No. 250456 ID: 6071d3

>"Adepts only, Snikt,"
Yup. I guess that's what Flare does to people who become adepts.

This probably isn't very wise, but I guess go check out that shadowy area. Take GOOD look at the door and writing above it before opening, though.
Might be prudent to knock or just turn around if it looks too fancy.
No. 250457 ID: fd6d7e

Spikesby, you can't change your pitch or inflection, but you can change the rate at which you wak. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Morse code!

Or more practically, one wak for yes, two waks for no.

Just keep in mind for now that asking for help is wakwakwak waak waak waak wakwakwak. Saying I can use morse code is wakwak (breathe) waakwakwaakwak wakwaak waakwak (breathe) wakwakwaak wakwakwak wak (breathe) waakwaak waakwaakwaak wakwaakwak wakwakwak wak (breathe) waakwakwaakwak waakwaakwaak waakwakwak wak
No. 250466 ID: 1854db

Let's try the other door with the / symbol on top of it.
No. 250469 ID: f82d85

Go in door 3
No. 250617 ID: c71597

Hmm, guess that was a gour adept and a ravian adept. Doesn't seem like a too horrible thing to do.

Anyway, shit seems to have gotten alot more difficult with losing magic. Have to find your way back to those who have a understanding with you. Need to find some attendts or something and see if they can point us in the right way.
No. 250649 ID: 6071d3

After thinking on it further, we should indeed backtrack and explore the other door.
Assuming it has another set of hotsprings in it, we may learn something else or find someone we know.
No. 250659 ID: 383006
File 128855422158.jpg - (154.48KB , 1000x700 , 10.jpg )

Spikesby isn't sure which door he should go in. He listens at door 3 - it sounds like there's a volume of exited conversation coming from there.

He listens at door 5 - he recognizes Isenore! "Well, I know he's kinda... off, but I like him. I'd never met somebody that determined before..." He can't make out the other voice she's talking with.

He approaches the shadowy door. As he stands outside, a husky voice calls "Come in"
No. 250662 ID: 6071d3

"Just a second. I need to have an awkward moment with someone to build up my courage. Be right back."
Chicken out and barge in on Isenore, then return here.
No. 250663 ID: c71597

Hmm, you can check out Isenore later. Go see who it is that's calling you first.
No. 250674 ID: 1854db

Go in!
No. 250679 ID: bf1e7e

Might as well go on in.
No. 250694 ID: 70e5c6

Hahah. Well, this could get awkward pretty fast.

Continue VoyeurQuest. :3

(Odds of us getting raped = moderate)
No. 250706 ID: 6071d3

Ha! Let them try! Spikesby has no plumbing to clog with strange instruments or various bodypar... oh wait... he does have a mouth.
This could be bad.
No. 250735 ID: 2563d4

Spikesby's mouth is made for biting, not sucking, licking, kissing, or anything that doesn't involve pain and blood loss.
No. 250744 ID: 383006
File 128856580575.jpg - (288.38KB , 1000x700 , 11.jpg )

Spikesby cautiously slides open the door. A haze of smoke drifts lazily through the air as Some strange thing glances sleepily up at him. "Oh, you smell very strange... Very very lovely." Spikesby hears the voice, but also feels it echoing inside of him, reverberating in his head. "Please, come and sit with Last Hraru, share your discomfort. I can feel heavy burden weighing on your mind. If you would like to talk, have some fruit, perhaps a glass of brandy?" her voice is low and thick, and she exhales a plume of smoke into the air, her awkward, thumbless hand manipulating the mouthpiece of her pipe with some difficulty.
No. 250745 ID: d677cc

Hell, why not?
No. 250747 ID: bf1e7e


Is its name last Hraru, or is it the last Hraru?
No. 250748 ID: f82d85


Accept her offer. Ask if/why she can hear you.
No. 250749 ID: 8c0848

Is it the last Hraru or is it's name Last Hraru?
This is confusing.
No. 250750 ID: a4b4e3

Don't go anywhere near that thing. Keep your distance, ask what it means by "Last."
No. 250758 ID: 6071d3

I'm betting that Spikesby smells "strange" and "lovely" because he has a soul. We should be cautious.
This Hraru character seems to be able to sense emotions, or something about the subconcious. Or she's just totally baked and wants some company.

But... eh, sit down, have some fruit. Don't do anything that could compromise your judgement, like drinking or smoking, though. You have secrets. You need to keep them.

Maybe ask some questions. Stuff like, "Who are you, what are you doing here (other than enjoying yourself), why do I smell good, and I came in with a wounded Ophian woman, do you know where I might find her? She's important."
No. 250760 ID: f82d85

Have just a little brandy. You know, just so you're not an ass
No. 250761 ID: c71597

Sounds like a great moment to unload some problems. Take her up on her offer. Use that new ability to eat stuff to enjoy some fruit. Take a load of your heart and stuff.
No. 250862 ID: 383006
File 128858039737.jpg - (291.86KB , 1000x700 , 12.jpg )

Spikesby asks if that's her name or... what. He isn't too confident that she'll be able to understand him. No one else has.

"Before the wizard's war, we were animals that preyed on the citizens of Dreon Hexis domain. He travels down to the dense forest to solve problem and all of the citizens come down. They want to see a storm of arcane power, and Dreon extends up his hands to the sky. Everyone tenses - will the forest be destroy along with the Hraru? and then... Oh, come, sit."

Spikesby has no way to manipulate the cups or the decanter. He lays down on the floor and grabs a fruit from the dish, the juice dribbling down his chin. The creature wriggles across her pile of cushions leaning close and exhaling cool smoke over his face. It tickles. He can barely detect the faintest hint of sugary fruit.

"Everyone waits, then the Hraru wander out. The people are scared! Why has Dreon Wizard not killed them? They begin to reach for weapons, when he stops them. 'I have given them the gift of speech, and a mind that can comprehend and reason. Now, we can all speak as equals and come to a solution that benefits everyone.' It was not at all what the people expected, but now the Hraru, as they called themselves, talks with the people and everyone agrees that the violence is not an answer. The Hraru become people, like the Ravians and the Gour. All thank Dreon Hexis."

She pauses, closing her eyes and breathing out another thin stream of smoke. Spikesby helps himself to another little fruit.

"But then the war comes. Dreon Hexis is killed long before the Sea even begins to appear, along with many Wizards who attempted peace early on. The Hraru, also, are destroyed. I am only a facsimile. A magical creature made in the image of a Hraru by Flare, maybe to remember them, maybe to remember something about himself before he Ascended..." She trails off, leaning close to Spikesby.

"It is such a sad story, but I feel you have a sad story to share as well. Do you want to tell me what it is that bothers you? Maybe I can have a use. Give you comfort..."
No. 250866 ID: a4b4e3

No. Spikesby's burden is his alone. Thank her for the story, but we should be going.
No. 250879 ID: 6071d3

Try not to inhale the smoke. It could affect your mind. Politely keep a little distance between her and you.

Spikesby might express that while he does carry a burden, he cannot share it yet, though someday he would like to tell Hraru. Like Dreon Hexis, he wants there to be peace, but more than that he can't say.

Express some condolences or pity that Dreon Hexis didn't make it. Sounds like a swell guy. To bad there aren't more... actually ANY like him left in the world.

Ask about Flare too. What's he like? What sort of power does he have? Has he had any special visitors recently? What does Hraru think of him? And where might he find his wounded Ophian friend Ria?
No. 250880 ID: 6071d3

Oh and ask if Hraru knows anything specific about how Dreon Hexis died. Who did it? How?
No. 250883 ID: fd6d7e

Tell her wak wak wak wak wak. That should give her a good idea of the sort of thing that's bothering you.
No. 250884 ID: f82d85

Yes, tell her. It's good to get things off your chest.
No. 250894 ID: a09a03

Tell her. Let's make this trip plot relevant.
No. 250935 ID: 1854db

Hmm. What can we say safely? We can say that we've been told to kill Wizards by the things in the Sea of Oblivion, but we're not sure if we should. We've been told that Lord of Marvels is unusually kind, but he is acting with the creatures in the Sea. We don't know who to trust.
No. 250938 ID: b6abca

Wak wak out your story, even though she may not understand. I'm sure your heartfelt attempts to convey the tale will at least get the emotion across.
No. 250957 ID: 24a9bd

Okay I don't think that telling her is a good idea at all. At least if you must tell her, tell her in metaphor, don't directly say anything relating to actually killing the wizards and stuff. Just tell her that you're trying to make a decision, and you don't think you know enough to make it well.

Huh.. ascended? That sounds interested, could we hear about that?
No. 250958 ID: c71597

That actually is quite a sad story. And it sounds like not all wizards have to be complete assholes all the time. Also, it sounds like Flare might have been the last of the Hraru, probably made him a bit crazy.

Well then, you got some sad stories to tell yourself, wakwakwak her the story of your people. Or more like yourself in particular. Just leave out those things about potentially killing wizards with a specially made weapon for that.

Oh, and ask a bit more about Flare.
No. 251043 ID: bf1e7e

Might as well tell her. If she's reading spikesby's mind anyway, she's going to know if we lie. And if we freely volunteer the information and make it clear that spikesby has no intention of actually honoring the deal, we might be able to get helpful information about the wizards' war and, particularly, the war between the wizards and the progenitors. Perhaps some more explicit insight into the nature of the war might shed some light on marv's actions.

If we really want to avoid mentioning the whole 'changed by the progenitors and sent back to kill the wizards' thing we can, but I think the rest bears mentioning.
No. 251262 ID: 383006
File 128866188484.jpg - (283.71KB , 1000x700 , 13.jpg )

Spikesby decides to unburden himself. He stands and begins his story and the last Hraru rolls onto her back, looking up at him sleepily as he tells his tale. She gazes up at him, listening in silence as he gestures and "waks" his little black heart out. When he finally finishes, he sighs, feeling relieved.

"Let me see if I understand," she says,

"You are a Snikt, a magical creature created by Xix Ryxix and originally bound to Zorsuz Blacksoul. He sent you to Ryxix to deliver a letter. I suspect he sent you out so that you would acquire a soul so he could harvest it later. I've heard that Blacksoul does that with the minions sent to him by other Wizards. While in the Desert of Ruin, you rescued an Ophian named Ria, and you and a mad gour adept named Heartsbane rescued the sole survivor of a caravan that had been ambushed by Ryxix's other snikts. You told Ryxix about the attack and he seemed fine with it. I wonder what that letter Blacksoul sent him said?

You stopped in Suri, the town where K'shaara ruled. There, you learned that her own creations, the ophians, had rebelled and peirced her with a mass of spears. She was not dead, but bled eternally. The ophian adepts used K'shaara's blood to create wards on the outer walls that disconnect a magical creature from their wizard, and thus their wizard's commands, while they are inside.

Leaving Ria and the ravian that had also been rescued, you left to carry Ryxix's gift to Radia atop her glass mountain. There, you rescued Glory, a Golden who had been crucified for wearing a mask while in Radia's territory. Glory was very shy and seemingly useless, even though she possesses the potential for powerful magic. You discovered a town where everyone had vanished, except for a room where many gour had committed suicide. You met Ovriur, a creature from the Sea of Oblivion who did nothing to you because of your magical nature. He could disintegrate living nonmagical creatures to maintain armor that protected him from the latent magic here.

You finally went to Radia and learned about her cruelty - she infects the dreams of random males and they become hopelessly obsessed with her, slashing themselves to ribbons climbing her glass mountain, where she either kills them herself, or their corpses are eaten by her scavenger Nemesis.

Radia gouged your eye out and sent you to Flails Breaker with an item probably intended to get you killed by him. Along the way, you ran into Glory's brother Ashleigh, and fell unconscious fighting his minion, but were rescued by Heartsbane. Heartsbane and Glory went off on their own, while you continued to Flails Breaker's territory.

You checked his castle, full of the corpses of his magical creatures that he's killed after having intercourse with. You heard one of them calling, chained to the wall in a lone cell. She was a mothlike creature who named herself Sky and had always deemed of flying. It was around then that you acquired a soul, always helping, trying to rescue everyone. Flails Breaker hadn't sent you on any particular mission.

You and Sky decided to travel through Arcus Soulfire's territory, and along the way, you saw another town that had been decimated by Ovriur. You reached the capital city and spoke with Soulfire, who sent Sky to tell Blacksoul while you continued North to tell the Lord of Marvels. Along the way, you went through a city that was under siege by a rogue Golden. You rescued a gour sniper named Isenore. Together, you killed the Golden and made it to the Lord of Marvels horribly injured and near death. Lord of Marvels healed you, fixed the shitty eye that Soulfire had given you, and told you that horrible things would happen to you if you didn't go into the Sea of Oblivion to free yourself from the control of the Wizards for good. He also warned you that some of your friends were in danger.

You made your way to Moriga's territory, and met up with Heartsbane and Glory. You talked with Moriga as well, learning that she had a sanctuary for magical creatures with souls, but that she is by far the weakest wizard. She was jaded but honest, and didn't trust Lord of Marvels.

Heartsbane said that he felt something was going to happen to Suri, and you agreed to go with him, postponing your trip to the Sea of Oblivion. You helped to defend Suri against a giant monster that had apparently been created from Ashleigh. Although you rescued most of the inhabitants, the city was destroyed and K'shaara was freed.

You split up again, taking the ravian, Ria, and Isenore with you into the Sea of Oblivion. Ria went with you through the Barrier and into the Sea. Once inside, you noticed that everything was strange and you began to be hungry and thirsty. The world was shrouded in a black mist. You learned that there are creatures called Progenitors that live there, and that the strange, twisted mortals inhabiting the Sea fear them. There are also the animalistic Windborn like Ovriur that wander the landscape. You met with Kallikissa, a progenitor that removed the magic from you and made you into a mortal creature. She also told you that before the Wizards had congealed the wall of the Sea of Oblivion, the Lord of Marvels had come to them and told them that if creatures came through the wall, they should remove any magic and give them their blood, pure Antithesis, and send them back to kill Wizards. You took the Antithesis which will kill a wizard on contact if it touched their skin, although heavy scales, armor, or carapace will protect them. You then went to a city called Bleached Head where many of the strange Oblivion mortals lived. It was made from the corpse of a Wizard killed during the war. You learned that creatures who stay too long in the Sea lose their memories and have their body shaped by the Wind that permeates the atmosphere there.

You left and were attacked by Rock Goblins and Ria was injured, and now you've come here, not sure of what to do with the Antithesis. It seems foolish to me to hope that some Wizard is going to tell you what to do and solve your problems. You have to realize that you can't just hand your problems off and hope that things turn out OK. What you have is a powerful tool, as well as an immunity from the Wizards' commanding voice, and I can feel a resistance to Mentalism as well, even Mentalism from a Wizard.

As for Flare, he is a young Wizard, Ascending instantaneously to enormous power after the war had already started, along with Flails Breaker and Arcus Soulfire. Although both of the other two have a distinct specialty, Flare has no particular specialty. Alone among the Wizards, he also remembers his life before Ascending. Normally, a Wizard loses touch with his mortal life, and Arcus and Flails remember nothing before their sudden, explosive Ascensions. Flare, however, remembers everything. I think Hraru had never ascended before, and were not meant to Ascend. He speaks to me sometimes, sharing with me things from before, and this is how I know, but my knowledge is limited to what he tells me and what I have discovered on my own. I do not know what happened to Dreon Hexis other than that he was killed during the fighting.

Your friend is probably in one of the springs. I've heard that they are good for the wounded to heal quickly."

She pushes a mass of pillows up to elevate her shoulders and settles into her bed of cushions.

"Bring me the Brandy, if you don't mind. I'd like to share a little with you. Do you want me to go over this with you again?"

No. 251263 ID: d677cc

No. 251265 ID: f82d85

No. 251266 ID: a4b4e3

No. 251269 ID: bf1e7e

No. 251270 ID: 8c0848

No. 251271 ID: bf1e7e


to clarify, the 'y' is to sharing some brandy.
No. 251272 ID: d677cc

Also, bring over the brandy.
No. 251273 ID: f82d85

Also drink brandy
No. 251277 ID: 7ba30d

not enough y

so y
No. 251278 ID: 1854db

Oh god, don't make her repeat all that! But do get the brandy for her.
No. 251279 ID: 5018f7

Actually that is quite in depth and sums up what has happened nicely, besides what Sky has done but Spikesby wouldn't know that.
No. 251285 ID: 620bfb

y to the brandy, n to the re-recap
No. 251372 ID: 6071d3

N on the recap.

Spikesby, do be a dear and hand Last Hraru some brandy. And do ask her to go on. Be sure to use "please" and "thank you" whenever possible. She's obviously a lady of some refinement and should be treated as such.
No. 251376 ID: fd6d7e

Wow... she's really proficient at wak.
No. 251390 ID: c71597

Bring her some brandy and ask her how she can understand you so well.
No. 251429 ID: 383006
File 128870206834.jpg - (283.94KB , 1000x700 , 14.jpg )

Her long, expository dialogue was way too confusing for Spikesby to comprehend. He asks her to explain again. She sighs, settling into her cushions, as he very delicately brings the decanter of brandy over.

“We can’t have any brandy yet if I have to explain again,” she says, “pay attention this time.”

"You are a Snikt, a magical creature created by Xix Ryxix and originally bound to Zorsuz Blacksoul. He sent you to Ryxix to deliver a letter. I suspect he sent you out so that you would acquire a soul so he could harvest it later. I've heard that Blacksoul does that with the minions sent to him by other Wizards. While in the Desert of Ruin, you rescued an Ophian named Ria, and you and a mad gour adept named Heartsbane rescued the sole survivor of a caravan that had been ambushed by Ryxix's other snikts. You told Ryxix about the attack and he seemed fine with it. I wonder what that letter Blacksoul sent him said?

You stopped in Suri, the town where K'shaara ruled. There, you learned that her own creations, the Ophians, had rebelled and pierced her with a mass of spears. She was not dead, but bled eternally. The ophian adepts used K'shaara's blood to create wards on the outer walls that disconnect a magical creature from their wizard, and thus their wizard's commands, while they are inside.

Leaving Ria and the ravian that had also been rescued, you left to carry Ryxix's gift to Radia atop her glass mountain. There, you rescued Glory, a Golden who had been crucified for wearing a mask while in Radia's territory. Glory was very shy and seemingly useless, even though she posesses the potential for powerful magic. You discovered a town where everyone had vanished, except for a room where many gour had committed suicide. You met Ovriur, a creature from the Sea of Oblivion who did nothing to you because of your magical nature. He could disintegrate living nonmagical creatures to maintain armor that protected him from the latent magic here.

You finally went to Radia and learned about her cruelty - she infects the dreams of random males and they become hopelessly obsessed with her, slashing themselves to ribbons climbing her glass mountain, where she either kills them herself, or their corpses are eaten by her scavenger Nemesis.

Radia gouged your eye out and sent you to Flails Breaker with an item probably intended to get you killed by him. Along the way, you ran into Glory's brother Ashleigh, and fell unconscious fighting his minion, but were rescued by Heartsbane. Heartsbane and Glory went off on their own, while you continued to Flails Breaker's territory.

You checked his castle, full of the corpses of his magical creatures that he's killed after having intercourse with. You heard one of them calling, chained to the wall in a lone cell. She was a mothlike creature who named herself Sky and had always deamed of flying. It was around then that you acquired a soul, always helping, trying to rescue everyone. Flails Breaker hadn't sent you on any particular mission.

You and Sky decided to travel through Arcus Soulfire's territory, and along the way, you saw another town that had been decimated by Ovriur. You reached the capital city and spoke with Soulfire, who sent Sky to tell Blacksoul while you continued North to tell the Lord of Marvels. Along the way, you went through a city that was under siege by a rogue Golden. You rescued a gour sniper named Isenore. Together, you killed the Golden and made it to the Lord of Marvels horribly injured and near death. Lord of Marvels healed you, fixed the shitty eye that Soulfire had given you, and told you that horrible things would happen to you if you didn't go into the Sea of Obvlivion to free yourself from the control of the Wizards for good. He also warned you that some of your friends were in danger.

You made your way to Moriga's territory, and met up with Heartsbane and Glory. You talked with Moriga as well, learning that she had a sanctuary for magical creatures with souls, but that she is by far the weakest wizard. She was jaded but honest, and didn't trust Lord of Marvels.

Heartsbane said that he felt something was going to happen to Suri, and you agreed to go with him, postponing your trip to the Sea of Oblivion. You helped to defend Suri against a giant monster that had apparently been created from Ashleigh. Although you rescued most of the inhabitants, the city was destroyed and K'shaara was freed.

You split up again, taking the ravian, Ria, and Isenore with you into the Sea of Oblivion. Ria went with you through the Barrier and into the Sea. Once inside, you noticed that everything was strange and you began to be hungry and thirsty. The world was shrouded in a black mist. You learned that there are creatures called Progenitors that live there, and that the strange, twisted mortals inhabiting the Sea fear them. There are also the animalistic Windborn like Ovriur that wander the landscape. You met with Kallikissa, a progenitor that removed the magic from you and made you into a mortal creature. She also told you that before the Wizards had congealed the wall of the Sea of Oblivion, the Lord of Marvels had come to them and told them that if creatures came through the wall, they should remove any magic and give them their blood, pure Antithesis, and send them back to kill Wizards. You took the Antithesis which will kill a wizard on contact if it touched their skin, although heavy scales, armor, or carapace will protect them. You then went to a city called Bleached Head where many of the strange Oblivion mortals lived. It was made from the corpse of a Wizard killed during the war. You learned that creatures who stay too long in the Sea lose their memories and have their body shaped by the Wind that permeates the atmosphere there.
You left and were attacked by Rock Goblins and Ria was injured, and now you've come here, not sure of what to do with the Antithesis. It seems foolish to me to hope that some Wizard is going to tell you what to do and solve your problems. You have to realize that you can't just hand your problems off and hope that things turn out OK. What you have is a powerful tool, as well as an immunity from the Wizards' commanding voice, and I can feel a resistance to Mentalism as well, even Mentalism from a Wizard.

As for Flare, he is a young Wizard, Ascending instantaneously to enormous power after the war had already started, along with Flails Breaker and Arcus Soulfire. Although both of the other two have a distinct specialty, Flare has no particular specialty. Alone among the Wizards, he also remembers his life before Ascending. Normally, a Wizard loses touch with his mortal life, and Arcus and Flails remember nothing before their sudden, explosive Ascensions. Flare, however, remembers everything. I think Hraru had never ascended before, and were not meant to Ascend. He speaks to me sometimes, sharing with me things from before, and this is how I know, but my knowledge is limited to what he tells me and what I have discovered on my own. I do not know what happened to Dreon Hexis other than that he was killed during the fighting.

Your friend is probably in one of the springs. I've heard that they are good for the wounded to heal quickly."

Spikesby asks how she can understand him so well.

She squirms into her mass of cushions. “Now my mouth is very dry, but I guess I can explain a little more. I am not a Hraru, I am simply a magical creature meant to look like one. Flare gave me the power to understand anyone even common animals, so that I can give comfort to any poor creature that makes it way here.”
She looks up at him. “Set the decanter down just here, and lay down next to me. We can talk some more, if you’d like, while we have a drink.”
No. 251430 ID: 476456

Apologize to the nice lady for making her say all that twice~
No. 251431 ID: 2563d4

Stare blankly. Maybe let your eyes drift in different directions.
No. 251434 ID: 4c91d5

lay down, relax, talk. this is first time at this place you've really been able to anyway, and you're at a spa!
No. 251435 ID: c71597

Sit down and have a drink. Talk with her a bit about how very confusing and strange it is to suddenly not be able to understand or make yourself understood. The sudden and very huge burdens you have to carry simply by the fact that you wanted to do some good on your travels and how the web of events you're caught up in seems almost too big to handle for one poor little snikt who is all of a sudden very mortal.
No. 251465 ID: 620bfb

Mash the A button and hope the default isn't to hear it all again.
No. 251503 ID: f82d85


Go ahead and lay down next to her. Make sure your blades don't cut 'er
No. 251515 ID: 1854db

Give brandy, sit down, talk about other things.
No. 251530 ID: 6071d3

Apologize for having her explain again then politely ask her to continue with what she was going to say before. She said she wanted to share a little.
And don't forget your "pleases" and "thank yous."
No. 251538 ID: fd6d7e


Actually Spikesby only has one eye. It moves to the side of his head that is facing the camera.
No. 251626 ID: 383006
File 12887448548.jpg - (231.00KB , 1000x700 , 15.jpg )

Spikesby politely accepts her offer. He lays down on the pillows after depositing the decanter.

"Shh," she says, "I'll help you drink. It looks like you are more awkward than I am."

Awkwardly, she removes the stopper and upends it into her mouth. Moving over him, she gently opens his mouth with a claw as a shimmering stream of brandy flows across her tongue and into his mouth. He feels the alcohol burning in his mouth and down into his gullet.

She lays against him, one paw on his shoulder as he explains about how very confusing and strange it is to suddenly not be able to understand or make himself understood. The sudden and very huge burdens he has to ... do because ... he wanted to do good and there is a web of stuff. His head feels heavy and fuzzy, she snuggles against him, nodding, saying something he doesn't quite catch, and then he's talking about how it seems almost too big to handle for one poor little snikt who is all of a sudden very mortal.

The room spins overhead, and she seems so soft and big and warm.

She laughs, it is a deep, slurred sound, husky and feminine.

"You must not drink much," she says. "Yes, it is all very hard for you, but you musn't give up. You have friends, and the power to change the world. Don't give that away."

So soft, and warm. The smoke is spicy. He can feel himself breathe, feel his heart, feel her heart against his chest. He is so small, so small as she lays her head alongside his, his awkward sword hands lost somewhere in the pillows.

She makes a deep, rumbling sound in her chest, something he's never heard before, and she talks to him, but he can't focus on the words. He tries! He wants to pay attention! But she is so soft, so warm, her heartbeat and breathing so steady and rythmic, and he's so very, very tired...
No. 251627 ID: c71597

God damn it. It's hard to know if paranoia is the right response here or not. Hmm, probably not. Wak to her that you would love to talk more with her, but you're terribly tired and sleepy right now. Drift away and leave all your worries behind for a few hours, poor brave snikt. You have earned some rest in a safe place.
No. 251643 ID: 197650

If she is the kind Wizards tell secrets too, sometimes tells me she has a certain "charm" to convince them. This might be it, and you are mortal, you might not even survive whatever magic is at work here. Don't kill her, but get up and resist.
No. 251652 ID: c99f30

I think she's... seducing you... kinda. I would actually say just lay back an enjoy a bit of rest.
No. 251654 ID: 2563d4

Enh, relax. It's either a chance for some genuine down-time, or it's a trap that can't possibly make things worse and if you're lucky will just kill you painlessly in your sleep, which is pretty much win-win around here.
No. 251657 ID: a09a03

Just relax. She can't seduce you. You don't have genitals.
No. 251661 ID: 6071d3

Say you're sorry that you're not a better listener. The world is a blur and you're going to pass out.

Let your life flash before your eyes. Reminisce about the good times. Go to sleep and hope you wake up again.
No. 251754 ID: 24a9bd

Oh god I don't know.

I don't know. Try to relax but remain alert, if that's even possible?
No. 251803 ID: 4c91d5

this does not mean you can't repay her sage advice and counsel. She doesn't need/want money either.

I'm sure there remains at least some part of your body that won't slice, cut, maim, or stab her with contact. Just because you have no genitals doesn't mean you can't improvise something.
No. 251805 ID: 620bfb

Prepare your anus.
No. 251810 ID: 2044df

Go to sleep then.
No. 251897 ID: f16b80

No. 251898 ID: 0a290e

Wak that she's a nice lady.

Express remorse that there aren't more nice people like her in the world.

Also, I'm sure she knows about snikts and other magical creatures. She probably knows ways around the lack of naughty bits, else she wouldn't be starting anything.

Have a moment. You've been through a lot.
No. 251901 ID: a09a03

His tail, mouth, and all four limbs are made for hurting things.
No. 251959 ID: 383006
File 128883623114.jpg - (262.46KB , 1000x700 , End.jpg )

Spikesby tries to explain that he's sorry he can't listen better and that she's super nice. Like, really a nice lady. He says that he wants to talk more but he's just so sleepy. He thinks for a brief moment that he should try to resist or wake up, but it's just too hard, and it's so much easier to just relax for once in his life. Let everything drift away.

He hears her talking as she pulls him close and wraps her body around his. He feels her rumbling purr thrumming in his chest.

"Don't let any of them change you," she whispered as he began to drift off to sleep, wrapped in the comfort of her warmth, "Your power to resist them is worth more than any magic they could work on you, and if they change you, you lose that."

He felt so small and helpless as she held him tight against her, but it was OK to be small, and OK to be helpless. Warmth. Heartbeat. Breathing....

No. 252090 ID: fd6d7e

I want to be that snikt ;_;
No. 252098 ID: 6071d3

Note to Spikesby: Tempting as a pair of hands and a full set of plumbing might be, resistance or possible immunity to mind control is far, far more likely to save your life in a pinch.
No. 252457 ID: 80bb9a

It's... it's... so adorable.
No. 252628 ID: 8e18cd


Dook dook
No. 253018 ID: 95747a

Best chapter end. :3
No. 253118 ID: 383006
File 128907058196.jpg - (270.99KB , 1000x700 , Intro.jpg )

Cold wind blows across the frozen peaks as Spikesby and his companions journey to the cave of Flare Goldlust. They approach the gloomy mouth of the cavern with some trepidation before the ground shakes as some massive... chainsaws slam into the rocky earth.

A massive, booming voice echoes across the volcanic mountains


Spikesby doesn't know that he exactly wants to do either of those things.
No. 253123 ID: c71597

Well you did kind of go here to get help. So I guess that would be supplication. Still, you don't want to tell him everything, or end up like his servant or something.

Hmm, I guess maybe you could warn him about those things coming out from the beyond the wall and ask if he's heard anything about them.
No. 253129 ID: 6071d3

Aw nuts. This is where it all goes horribly wrong.
Hm... don't think we have anything worthy of tribute.
Supplication I guess. Mebbe if we pray good enough we get something?

Does Spikesby have the antithesis on him?
No. 253137 ID: 8d7dd2


Woah woah woah, calm down there. We have a good deal of other wizards with better reasons to burn that stuff on. Let's save the antithesis for an emergency and not immediately jump in and start shanking this partially-revealed-possibly-cybernetic-dragon-thing with antithesis.

Begging for answers is what we're here for, so "supplication" is the truth. We don't exactly have anything valuable to tribute that we don't need or that isn't us ourselves, so supplication is the only answer.
No. 253139 ID: 70e5c6

"Oh great Flare, I came to talk to the one wizard who I have heard remembers what it was like before the war. What their life was like before ascension.

Events are in motion which will bring the remaining wizards of our land into conflict with the progenitors of the Sea of Oblivion, and we wanted to know your counsel.

We also came here to heal our friend, who was injured during our mission to explore what is happening. And on a more personal note, you can surely tell that I am a magical creature who has become mortal. I wish to learn from you... the story of your ascension, and the hraru. It may be inspiring."
No. 253148 ID: 754124

"Naw, bro. We just figured what we'd do was we'd come and say hi! Seein' as we never met you before and all that. I'm Spikesby, and these are some buddies of mine."
No. 253157 ID: 383006
File 128907341752.jpg - (316.92KB , 1000x700 , 1.jpg )

Being as polite as possible, Spikesby says that he is here for a different reason. He has valuable information concerning events which threaten to embroil the world in a new conflict with the Progenitors from the Sea of Oblivion, and that he has questions for Flare as well.

He also explains that he once was a magical creature but now has become mortal, and wishes to ask Flare about his Ascension.

Ria currently has the jar of Antithesis in her belt pouch.

No. 253163 ID: 754124


You should probably tell him that the war is sort of over.

And, you know, answer the questions.
No. 253176 ID: 6071d3

Wait, foes? The war between the wizards ended a long time ago. Or does Flare just hate the ones that are left, too?

In any case, Kshaara was killed, stayed dead for 50 years, then got better.

Arcus Soulfire also blew up his people and made new ones: the Blockheads.

Moriga came back, too.

There are also these weird anti-magic slime creatures. He should probably look out for those.

You were originally sent out by Blacksoul as a simple courier, but your task has since changed to finding a solution for the Sea of Oblivion, something both he and Blacksoul take very seriously.
Let Flare assume you are still in his "employ." Don't want him trying something funny.

And yeah, anything Flare remembers about ascending could be handy. Much as he might be loath to have more wizards to contend with, more wizards means more resistance against the Sea of Oblivion and the Progenitors, which threaten everyone.
No. 253185 ID: 70e5c6

Hmmm, to tell the truth, or to not tell the truth?

I worry that if we tell him there is a traitor, he will likely seek to wage war against the lord of marvels. And if we tell him about our history with the progenitors, he may not trust us.

Perhaps half-truths, then? It is unlikely that Flare is powerful in mentalism, or he would have more insight. I would rather not outright *lie* to him if possible. We still don't know much about him, other than his past, and from someone he trusts. We can't predict exactly how he'll handle Spikesby.

I suggest we tell him something along these lines:

We were not freed by a wizard. We went into the sea to seek our freedom, and to find out more about it. What we found were the Progenitors. One of them assumed that we were sent by a traitor Wizard in order to help destroy all the other wizards, and they removed the magic from us so we would not die, freeing us. We returned through the wall. We do not desire to destroy Flare or any of the wizards, but having seen what life is like inside the sea, we wish to help destroy it.

If he has been secluded for decades... we should probably tell him about the ophians and Kshaara.
No. 253222 ID: bf1e7e


I think that this is a good starting point. Definitely so. Naming Names at this point will probably make bad things happen.
No. 253237 ID: fd6d7e

Wow this guy's so augmented it's not funny. Fission bomb on each wrist? Clearly compensating for something.
No. 253239 ID: 6071d3

Let's not say that out loud, though.
No. 253245 ID: a09a03

I don't see how anything we can say will result in positive, constructive, useful, or even non-disastrous behavior.

Babble about how the Progenitors exist and are totally kicking our ass in the long-term.
No. 253247 ID: 754124

He must be compensating for how he is one of the most powerful creatures in existence.
No. 253249 ID: dad664

"Hey, how about we tone the volume down a bit there, ey?"
No. 253285 ID: bf1e7e


Let's do exactly not this. Backtalking a wizard with chainsaws for hands doesn't seem like the best of ideas.
No. 253289 ID: e973f4

This is reasonable!
No. 253292 ID: 383006
File 128908202310.jpg - (366.98KB , 1000x700 , 3.jpg )

Spikesby claims that he comes from Blacksoul originally and has been working on destroying the sea of oblivion. Spikesby tells him about K'shaara's attack and subsequent resurrection, and that no Wizard freed him. He says that he went into the Sea and one of the Progenitors freed him, assuming he was working for a traitor Wizard, but he lived in the Sea for a while and only seeks to destroy it now.

He beings to ask questions about Ascension, but Flare steps out of the cavern and blasts a stream of ... rockets from his mouth as he unleashes a furious roar

No. 253295 ID: f82d85


"Oh, that Radia chick."
No. 253297 ID: bf1e7e


Probably best not to piss him off any more than we need to at this point, but it's probably best to try to reign him in and convince him to act as prudently as possible.

Tell him about Marv's deal with the progenitors, but warn him that marv has also been gathering antithesis from the progenitors and anti-wizard weapons and you don't know what he might be trying to do with them, beyond the obvious 'kill wizards.' Which Flare happens to be.
No. 253299 ID: a4b4e3

Lord of Marvels is the traitor, but this issue will require some planning before an attack is made. Blacksoul, Kshaara and Morriga we can confirm as allies against this traitor, while Flails Breaker is still ignorant of everything. Recommend that he send a messenger to Blacksoul and Kshaara immediately to arrange a meeting.
No. 253301 ID: e973f4

Adding weight to this again.
No. 253302 ID: c71597

This is probably the best course of action. And tell him to keep watch against those strange village emptying creatures and possibly agents from the LoM.
No. 253311 ID: 6071d3

Say you don't know who the traitor is. Judging by his temper and offensive capabilities, unleashing him on the Peninsula might do more harm than good at this point. Lotta innocent people will probably die and I'm guessing Spikesby won't want that on his conscience

If we ever do need to bring down some serious heat on someone in short order, though, Flare is definitely our drag... er... weapon of mass destruction.

See if he might have a device we could use to contact him if we ever "find out." We could use Flare as a trump card, setting him loose at the most opportune moment.

Also try to calm him down long enough to ask about ascension again. More wizards may be needed to fight the Oblivion off and if the traitor is found the Peninsula will need a new wizard to maintain the wall anyway.
No. 253315 ID: f82d85

To alter my answer, say "Radia and her accomplice, Lord of Marvels."
No. 253318 ID: c71597

This could probably work as well. Anything that keeps him from blasting off right away and drop some nukes somewhere.
No. 253345 ID: 383006
File 12890875919.jpg - (294.86KB , 1000x700 , 4.jpg )

Spikesby tells Flare that Lord of Marvels was working with the Progenitors and gathering antithesis weapons. Before he can try to explain more, Flare lunges from the cave entrance, the engines on his wings begging to roar.

No. 253347 ID: f82d85


Nobody yet, go tell 'em!
No. 253351 ID: bf1e7e


Well, given the whole spears fiasco and eating the Ophians K'Shaara may know, and Moriga at least seemed not to trust Marv but didn't seem to actually know of his betrayal.

Let him know that it is possible that his friends are not traitors, if he's killing wizards for the progenitors it is definitely relevant that his companions are also wizards.

It may be best to meet with the power players that could reasonably be assumed to stand against Marv before launching an attack, if his companions ARE on his side it may be too dangerous to attack directly.
No. 253353 ID: c71597

Tell him that he can't act immediatly. Get this point clearly across. More information is needed before proper actions can be taken. Like maybe he should send a messanger to Blacksoul (preferably one not mentioning Spikesby) as well as one to Kshaara and whoever else he feels like he can trust. Message shouldn't say right out what he just learnt, but maybe hint that it would be possible that they need to talk a bit with each other and exchange a bit of information.

You could also say that you don't know who else knows about it. But that you have seen some strange thing that eats people tthat came out from the sea, and it has been in Radia's lands as well as Arcus lands.
No. 253354 ID: a4b4e3

"We think that he is working alone. Flails Breaker is too involved in his own matters to likely be a traitor, and the other two appear to be neutral parties. The ones we know we can trust in this are Blacksoul, Morriga and Kshaara, and Kshaara can control Ryxix, in a way."
No. 253356 ID: 8e18cd

No. 253358 ID: 6071d3

Well... crap... uh....

Getting Flare to not head out right away is of great importance. Make very effort to prevent him from immediately going on the attack. Failing that, though...

It could be dangerous, but maybe we should go with Flare to Marv's place, if only to see what happens. Witnessing the events about to transpire may could be very important.

Although unlikely, we may even be able to sway Flare's actions a little to prevent some collateral damage... or something. I'm sure if we aren't there things will inevitably go worse.

Plus we can maybe talk to Flare along the way. He could have information that may shed light on some things. This whole thing started a long time ago, so even his outdated information may hold something useful.
No. 253366 ID: a09a03

Try to go along with him. On the way, tell him to make a stop at Blacksoul's to get some soul-armor so he can nuke the Progenitors.

Which is to say, go "WAK WAK WAK" over jet engines while he soars away going "WOOOOO!"
No. 253369 ID: f82d85

Oh, and tell him that if he drops us off we'll kill Flails Breaker
No. 253371 ID: a09a03

Fuck it. Go with this.
No. 253374 ID: 383006
File 128909116693.jpg - (237.42KB , 1000x700 , 5.jpg )

>"Wait! Wait! The other wizards don't know we should regroup and plan a-

Flare takes to the skies with a gout of flame and a thick plume of smoke. All around him the volcanoes erupt in unison, spreading magma and black smoke across the skies.

"I WILL LEAVE IT TO YOU TO INFORM THE OTHER WIZARDS." Flare shouts as he disappears from view.

An adept waves him off then turns to Spikesby and his friends.

"I am Holizen," says the Adept, "I will airplane you to where you wish to go. Flails Breaker is closest, but Lord Flare trusts you, and you may select any destination you choose. Time is of the essence, however, because I feel that events will be occurring rather rapidly once Lord Flare reaches the territory of the Lord of Marvels."
No. 253380 ID: f82d85


To Flails Breaker!

Let's fucking kill us a wizard.
No. 253381 ID: c71597

Oh shit. Shit... fuckshit. Ok, guess we will have to work with this as well. Lets see, guess we can send Isenore or Llewyn to speak with Blacksoul and inform him on what's going on, send Ria to Morriga to inform her and take Spikesby to Kshaara to tell her. Somebody should probably go to Queen of Sorrows as well and tell her what's up. That adept is going to have to summon up several airplanes.
No. 253384 ID: 8c0848

Lord of Marvels is an asshole and Flails Breaker is the biggest dick we know. We need a big dick to fuck that asshole before he shits all over everything.
No. 253386 ID: a4b4e3

Let's not kill flails breaker. That's all I'm saying.
No. 253388 ID: 8e18cd


I'm gonna draw fanart of that

Now on a serious note:

We need to go to the wizards and rally them together against Marvels.

We need tits to distract Flails, so Spikesby and Ria should go to Flails and scout if he's a part of Marvel's plan to fuck shit up.

Isindore should go to Queen of Sorrows.
No. 253389 ID: bf1e7e


I'd say send Llewyn and Isenore to Queen of Sorrows and/or Blacksoul and Take Ria to Flails.

Blacksoul should definitely be informed of all of this stuff, and QoS is one of his main allies. She can send him a message without risking their souls.

If we DO end up needing to assassinate flails because he ends up in cahoots with marv we can just have Ria oil up her tits and rub him to death.
No. 253393 ID: a09a03

Let's go visit Flails Breaker, but send Isenore and Lewyn can go visit Queen of Sorrows to tell her that shit is going down. Tell them to pack a lunch.
No. 253397 ID: 6071d3

I'm still going for the follow Flare to make sure shit doesn't go terribly wrong... or if it does we'll at least know angle. Someone should definitely inform Blacksoul of what's going on, but it shouldn't be spikesby.

If the party can only go to one place, though, then Blacksoul. We'll just let Spikesby stay out of sight while the other tell Zorsus that Flare is about to start Wizard War II.
No. 253401 ID: a09a03

>I'm still going for the follow Flare to make sure shit doesn't go terribly wrong.
Like how.
No. 253402 ID: bf1e7e


It might be best to lest QoS do that, since everyone here has a soul so it might not be the greatest plan to send them to Blacksoul's Territory right now. We don't know if Sky is going to be able to get Blacksoul to change tack just yet.
No. 253408 ID: 6071d3

Cross that bridge when we come to?

I already admitted it would be unlikely to influence Flare. Seeing what happens is my primary concern.
No. 253409 ID: 383006
File 128909446348.jpg - (202.42KB , 1000x700 , 6.jpg )

Spikesby splits the group in two. He and Ria take the antithesis and take a plane to Flails Breaker's castle while Isenore and Llewin go to Queen of Sorrows.

It is storming somewhat severely when they land... Spikesby gets an awful sense of de ja vu.
No. 253410 ID: 8e18cd


There's a big centaur on the bridge. We're weak... didn't we TALK our way out the LAST TIME?
No. 253412 ID: a09a03

Put a hat on so he can't recognize you.

Approach the guard and gesture to Ria. Say you have some high-quality snake tits to deliver to his master, along with a secret message which must be delivered only to him.

If he pauses to consider, point out that the snake tits are so good that you used an airplane to deliver them extra quickly.
No. 253415 ID: 6071d3

Just tell the guard to inform Flails that another wizard war may be about to start in the next few hours. That should get Flails' attention.
No. 253418 ID: c71597

Hmm, this is going to be a bit troublesome. We're weaker than last time and now we can't talk with him. Hmm, have Ria ask where you can find Flails.
No. 253419 ID: 8c0848

Have Ria tell the guard she's come to see Flails. Her tits should grant her instant access.
No. 253421 ID: e973f4

I kind of like this plan.
No. 253434 ID: 52c44b

Sigh. We're all nuts.

At this point, it's probably best to just say "Hey, we know Flails loves big fights. Let him know there's going to be a huge wizard fight down at the Lord of Marvel's place. Marvel is a traitor to all wizards, and there's going to be a big fight. He won't want to miss it."
No. 253471 ID: 383006
File 128909872337.jpg - (206.45KB , 1000x700 , 7.jpg )

Spikesby, Ria, and the Adept Holizen approach the bridge. They attempt to explain a variety of things the the centaur, but it cannot understand Spikesby at all.

Ria attempt to explain that there is a wizard war about to start, and that she has a secret message just for Flails Breaker.

"You all smell like mortals," it says as lightning flashes and the rain hammers down, "Mortals cannot cross this bridge."
No. 253473 ID: 2563d4


Yes. Tell Flails there's a fight on. Then he'll charge off before anyone can waste the antithesis, and maybe even stop Flare killing half the wizards and turning the world grey via the sea. >:/
No. 253714 ID: fd6d7e

Explain to this creature that you are clearly mortal, and you clearly crossed the bridge before. Thus it is impossible to say that mortals cannot cross the bridge. Hopefully your sound logic will cause it to jump off the side of the bridge in shame.
No. 256272 ID: 8c0848

Have the adept breath fire on it. She's a dragon, right?
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