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File 128785884776.png - (12.34KB , 600x450 , Title 2.png )
247108 No. 247108 ID: 6547ec

Previous thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/233213.html
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No. 247109 ID: 6547ec
File 128785886369.png - (12.22KB , 600x450 , 167.png )

I managed to find some medical supplies while exploring a bit further on my own. Amazingly, one of them contained a shot that caused most of Titzi's wounds to heal. I helped her wash the blood off, and then my fatigue overcame me.

I awaken to some familiar voices.

"...So that's why I changed my mind and you can totally join us when we get it on~"

"You're such a charming creature. It's a wonder she hasn't jumped your fins yet."

"I know, right~?"

"Not very good at detecting sarcasm, are you?"
No. 247110 ID: 6547ec
File 12878588731.png - (11.61KB , 600x450 , 168.png )

"Morning." Titzi says as I look up.

"How long was I out?"

"About three days~"


"Nah I'm just messin'. You've been asleep for a few hours, dreaming of me no doubt~"

"I see. Sorry I made you both wait," I reply, growing ever more adept at ignoring Roz's attempts to flirt with me.

"If you're up to it," Titzi says, "we should probably get moving. I really don't want to be here longer than I have to. Plus, I'm starving and becoming very tempted to eat your friend here."

"I wouldn't object to that~ Wait are you being literal I think I'd object to that a little."

"Why don't we find out?" Titzi asks, grinning widely.
No. 247112 ID: 6547ec
File 128785890897.png - (10.72KB , 600x450 , 169.png )

I managed to find a retcon more up-to-date map of the area. There's still no sign of this 'secret passage'. The only obvious exit from this place leads to the cave I came from.

Looks like the only option is to explore. Where to?
No. 247114 ID: 135871

No. 247115 ID: a09a03

Go to the hallway with storage/bunker.
No. 247116 ID: 2563d4

No. 247118 ID: 1854db

Break room for food!
No. 247122 ID: c16ebe

Break room probably does have some kinds of food! ... on the way check to see if the door back to Deep the cave exists again.
No. 247406 ID: f1df52

Go to the break room, after that the control room might have a better map or something.
No. 247426 ID: 6547ec

You look hungry. So does Roz. I'm sure Roz would be happy to see you eat all the copper-frosted cookies in the break room.
No. 247474 ID: c71597

Go towards Dennis and see what we might find there. Could be something that would help us annoy the shit out of Roz.
No. 247554 ID: 6547ec
File 128794566945.png - (11.72KB , 600x450 , 170.png )

>check to see if the door back to Deep the cave exists again.
The door's right there.

"What are you looking at?" Titzi asks.

"Oh, that door's the way I got here. I came from the cave inside there. Or...outside, I guess."

"I assume you didn't find a way out that way."

"I think we missed a passage, but I'm pretty sure it's a dead end."

"And the reflections there are trippy as hell~"

"Tell me about it," I remark.
No. 247556 ID: 6547ec
File 128794569910.png - (25.54KB , 600x450 , 171.png )

We decide to head to the break room to see if there's anything Titzi can eat.

Wow. There's a lot of vending machines in here, including that crane game nobody ever wins.

"Think that candy machine has meat?" Titzi asks.

No. 247557 ID: 93e8e3

Feed Titzi the Sanya doll.
No. 247560 ID: 4c7b39


Attempt to EAT LOVE.
No. 247562 ID: 2563d4

Smash open the crane game machine. Hug entire contents.
No. 247563 ID: 1854db

...what's in the LOVE vending machine? Quickly check to see if the Candy vending machine sells jerky... or if the crane game has anything useful in it. Also check in the bathroom and in the cabinets.
No. 247564 ID: c71597

Fucking smash them all and see what falls out.
No. 247576 ID: c33592

Watch out for weird shadow thing in the vending machine with the red eyes and blue forehead gem?
No. 247577 ID: c33592

Also note that the sink has a face and is looking at you.
No. 247578 ID: b4db7f

are those... eyes in the crane machine?
No. 247588 ID: dad664

Utilize the facilities. You woke up in a giant lake full of water, and have been eating everything in sight.

The last thing you want is to have to go use the bathroom right in the middle of a firefight.
No. 247590 ID: a09a03

Drink coffee. Play with toys.
No. 247621 ID: 80bb9a

I always win those crane games. Play it.
No. 247710 ID: f57857

This please, try to find a Titzi plushie in it if you can.
No. 247712 ID: f52552

...What's in the love machine?

*obligatory bow-chik bow-wow sound effect*
No. 247749 ID: 6547ec
File 128796873765.png - (23.32KB , 600x450 , 172.png )

I smash the machines! Oh my gosh I'm surrounded by plushies this is officially the best day ever even if I got my memories back I doubt I'd remember anything better than this.

"Oh hey, some of this candy has meat in it," Titzi says. "Come help me open these."

I resist the urge to hug everything and help Titzi eat some meat candy(??). She should be less hungry now.
No. 247751 ID: 6547ec
File 128796874826.png - (9.26KB , 600x450 , 173.png )

There doesn't seem to be anything in the love machine, and yet...

I feel a stronger bond with Roz than I did before. I can't shake the feeling that we may become, like, really close. I could see myself spending the rest of my life with the little guy.

"Maybe you'll find some 'toys' in there~ I won't stop you if you want to try them out~"

And now the moment's gone.
No. 247752 ID: 6547ec
File 128796878377.png - (5.61KB , 600x450 , 174.png )

Huh. I thought I saw a mouth on this thing, but it looks like someone's been kicking it really hard in that specific area. Weird!

There's no coffee in the machine.
No. 247753 ID: 6547ec
File 128796880996.png - (6.50KB , 600x450 , 175.png )

I head to the female restroom and--

Um. There're no doors.
No. 247755 ID: 93e8e3

Rip one of the walls off of a different toilet and prop it up as a door.
No. 247756 ID: 476456


so? its an abandoned facility

also roz will be watching you pee for the rest of your life apparently
No. 247757 ID: 2563d4

Resist the temptation to make all the dolls make out in bizarre and unnatural pairings.

There's a door on the bathroom in general and you can always have Titzi stand guard outside it just in case anyone comes along in this nearly-abandoned facility.

I mean, it's not like she can keep Roz out, but given you've been walking around naked until recently I doubt he's missed much.
No. 247760 ID: dad664

It's not like Roz would be able to vacate your body anyways. And Titzi is a woman.
No. 247813 ID: fd6d7e

Because it's perfectly okay for a woman to watch you poop.
No. 247839 ID: 4c7b39

"Roz, honey, You do know that I care for you. As much as I rib on you, and I'm sure you like to make fun of me, I know we couldn't have made it out this far without each other. I think that's as close as saying 'I love you' as I can say right now.

That being said, if you peep in while I 'do business', I will castrate you with a rusty corkscrew.'
No. 247845 ID: 135871

No. 247856 ID: c16ebe

There's a door to the bathroom, and Titzi is probably going to stay outside and eat, so it's not really a problem.
Really, what concerns me is that I can't think of any reason why there would be missing doors in the bathroom. I guess someone might have salvaged the doors for plate metal... but who and for what? Guess we might as well worry about whoever kicked in the counter too. Neither of those seems like something an employee would normally do.
No. 247861 ID: f57857

Is there anyway you can make Roz possess one of the plushies so you can get some privacy? otherwise just do >>247839

Also you should completely give in to your desires to romantically pair up the plushies, it must be done.
The God of daww demands it. You will not resist.
No. 247951 ID: 2563d4

Use the Scalene plushie to tie all the others into a bundle. Put them in Roz's inventory slot.
No. 247970 ID: 24a9bd

Oh god yes pair them up
No. 247983 ID: f4963f

Raid the cabinet for coffee supplies. Make yourself a fierce batch of it.
No. 247985 ID: 365adf

Don't forget, Venji, it won't just be Roz watching. We will all be watching you as well. From all angles 83c
No. 247987 ID: d677cc

No. 248000 ID: fba40f

On a completely unrelated note, are there any Tozol plushies? If so take that one.
No. 248445 ID: 6547ec
File 128810604981.png - (21.67KB , 600x450 , 177.png )

"'Why hello there, miss birdie. You're looking really pretty today!'

'Gee, thanks! You're looking pretty good yourself. Let's go out way earlier than the author intended!'

'That sounds swell! Mwah~'

'Don't kiss me yet~ I'm too shy~'


"Um," Titzi interrupts, "I appreciate that you're having fun, I really do, but I think we have more important things to do. Like getting out of here."
No. 248446 ID: 6547ec
File 128810606253.png - (33.41KB , 600x450 , 178.png )


"Now, now. Be a dear and hold those for me, okay?"

"I think I feel my spine breaking!"

"No whining~"

I'll have him whipped yet.
No. 248449 ID: 6547ec
File 128810621172.png - (27.17KB , 600x450 , 179.png )

I manage to find some coffee beans in the cabinet and create a TASTY CUP OF COFFEE. I could drink it myself, or try to give it to Titzi.

Titzi looks at me desperately. "Okay, I guess this is slightly more productive, but can we get moving? Please?"
No. 248450 ID: 5c4201

hmmm, yeah sure all items accounted for.
No. 248453 ID: 365adf

No we can't get going!

Titzi tell Venji about yourself! We need to know your story~
No. 248455 ID: c71597

Give it to Titzi. Then go explore that Dennis door.
No. 248458 ID: 1854db

Or you could share the coffee. But yes let's stop futzing around. Check out the control room.
No. 248460 ID: 2563d4

Just the one cup between you two girls?
No. 248461 ID: 9c59c9

This is a bad direction to take this.
Son, I am dissapoint.
No. 248464 ID: d677cc


Also, make another cup of coffee and each of you have one, eh?
No. 248801 ID: 6547ec

Let Titzi have the weaksauce runoff. You shall devour the grounds themselves, like a true warrior.
No. 248805 ID: 2563d4

No. 248920 ID: 6547ec
File 128821425299.png - (24.79KB , 600x450 , 180.png )

The "Dennis" door leads to the hallway leading to the SCIENCE rooms. I went through it to get Titzi's belt.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" I ask. "There's nobody else around. I'm pretty sure we're safe."

"You don't know that. They could come back at any time. I'd rather die than go back to that room."

"You won't. Even if 'they' do show up, I've got a level in all my attributes. I can out strength, speed, and...boob? anyone that shows up!"

Titzi glances around the room, then at me, finally looking at the cup of coffee.

"...All right, But I don't know what you'd want to know about me."
No. 248921 ID: 6547ec
File 12882142634.png - (25.79KB , 600x450 , 181.png )


"You have a metal arm!?"

"It comes standard with the belt. How else would I pick things up?"

"I thought you used your mouth for that!"

"That'd be extremely impractical. Now, what did you want to know?"

"I dunno... How'd you get here?"

"That's kind of a hard story for me to tell."

"Oh, I see. We can talk about something else if you want."

"No, it's okay. I owe you at least this much."
No. 248922 ID: 6547ec
File 128821427721.png - (105.75KB , 600x450 , 182.png )

Titzi takes a sip of coffee-- a very impressive task all things considered.

"I used to swim in a huge ocean, far from this place. I didn't know much back then, but I was happy. My best friend and I would play around and race each other. We were inseparable...well, until I was caught in a net.

I was instantly taken from everything I knew, and I found myself alone and frightened. I cried for help, but the only response was me being thrown in a tube by creatures I now know to be called 'humans'.

They...changed me. Filled me with all kinds of chemicals. Made me self-aware. When I was finally let out, I wasn't the same creature anymore. I could breathe air, and my senses were greatly enhanced.

They gave me this belt, and conducted various logic experiments on me. I learned to speak, count, and solve basic puzzles. Eventually they threw me into that room, either as another experiment or because they were tired of me. That's when I first saw your race. They looked less...lively than yourself, and would beat me to near-death several times a month.

Eventually, they stopped coming and I stopped getting fed. I was happy, thinking I would finally die of starvation. And then you showed up. I thought about all I had been through and decided my only chance was to threaten you and hope you'd kill me."
No. 248923 ID: 6547ec
File 128821429321.png - (21.34KB , 600x450 , 183.png )

I pat Titzi, not quite sure what to say. I feel so bad for her. I wish there was something I could do.

"And that's more or less it, I guess. Even if I went back to the ocean, I'm... I'm not like the others anymore. I don't know if my friend would even recognize me now. Anyway, thanks for listen-- are you eating coffee beans."


No. 248924 ID: 6547ec
File 128821430279.png - (21.38KB , 600x450 , 184.png )


"You're really weird."


...But yeah, we'll head there after I cheer Titzi up.
No. 248935 ID: 93e8e3

Give Titzi a piggy back ride to our next destination.
No. 248938 ID: c71597

Chow down all of the beans in one go. Become hyper as hell. Go to control room and do stuff.
No. 248959 ID: 2563d4

You must bounce all the way there.

(You owe me one, Roz.)
No. 248963 ID: 066059

At least tell her how awesome she is being a rocket shark.
No. 248984 ID: f57857

See, wasn't that a great chat? Do you know why that was great? It probably has something to do with the distinct lack of the perverse input of a certain teal individual.

Ask Tizi if she would like to be back to her old normal sharky self. Ask her if she regrets the sentience forced on her and would rather be just a shark again. Then promise her that you'll get out of here, that you'll find away to make her normal again if she wants, and you'll bring her back to the ocean she came from, and her friends will be there and she will be FREE TIZI and she can swim and eat helpless baby seals and everything will be great :)
No. 248995 ID: 1854db

>cheer Titzi up.

Hmm. Well there's an easy way to do that! Give her some COUNTER-DEPRESS! Kidding, kidding. Don't drug her up that's probably a bad idea.

How about instead you tell her that she can do all sorts of stuff now that she couldn't do before! Like drink coffee!
No. 249353 ID: 6547ec

It's not so much a DRUG as it is a CURE. Had we been thinking, we would probably have slipped it into her coffee. In fact, that might not be a bad idea to do right now.
No. 249358 ID: 6547ec
File 128830004890.png - (14.88KB , 600x450 , 185.png )

"But hey, you're a robot shark now! Sort of. That's really awesome!"

"I guess."

"You can do a lot of cool stuff now, like drinking coffee and flying around. I'm kind of jealous, actually!"

I continue. "But if you really want to go back to how you were, I'll help you! Once we get out of here I'll find a way to return you to your old form, and then you can swim with the other sharks!

There will be sharks-- sharks everywhere!"

"I don't think it's possible to turn me back into a normal shark, but...thanks."

"Hey! Hey Titzi! Want a piggy-back ride?"

Titzi raises a shark-brow. "I can fly. I think I'm good."

No. 249359 ID: 6547ec
File 128830007335.png - (10.93KB , 600x450 , 186.png )


I bounce my way to the door! "Well come on let's go to the CONTROL ROOM and see if we can find something there that will tell us where the secret passage is so we can get out of here and you can be free and happy and maybe I can make a new life for myself or even remember my past because I kind of want to know how the heck I got into a tube in the first place!"

>See, wasn't that a great chat? Do you know why that was great? It probably has something to do with the distinct lack of the perverse input of a certain teal individual.
Roz has been silent lately! I wonder if he's mad because I threatened him and then made him hold all my plushies! I kind of want to play with them some more!
No. 249360 ID: 6547ec
File 128830009647.png - (16.56KB , 600x450 , 187.png )

Oh man I have enough energy for another upgrade! I don't even care what gets picked let's freaking upgrade!

There is so much coffee in me right now!
No. 249361 ID: 6547ec
File 128830010762.png - (19.16KB , 600x450 , 188.png )

I make my way to the CONTROL ROOM!

Oh my gosh there's so many cool gadgets I want to play with all of them.

I think eating so much coffee was a bad idea!

I see a bunch of computers, some clothing on the floor, a huge screen, and yet another camera! And other stuff! Oh man!!
No. 249363 ID: d4f784

No. 249364 ID: dad664

Bounce in place while repeatedly muttering "coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee"
No. 249366 ID: e3f578


you said you don't care YOU SAID YOU DON'T CARE
No. 249368 ID: 701a19

Upgrade HEAD GLOW!
No. 249369 ID: 6547ec

Upgrade... agility/speed. We need to strike while the iron is vibrating.

Oh hey and you might want to say something to Roz or at least if he's okay because you don't know how delicious coffee beans might be effecting his metabolism does he even have a metabolism I think that maybe he has some kind of dream metabolism or maybe a dreamtabolism or something instead but maybe you should poke him a few times and ask.
No. 249370 ID: 5d158a


Anyway is that a camera? Flash your tits and then slap it silly and by slap it silly I mean break it utterly.

What's on the computers? Anything interesting? Also is there clothes on the floor? Is there any indication whatsoever?
No. 249371 ID: f4963f

No. 249379 ID: fd6d7e

Roz is currently busy holding up a mountain of plushies. Anyway pick whatever! All this coffee will go straight to your hiiiiiiiiiips!
No. 249382 ID: e0c719

No. 249383 ID: 2563d4


No. 249384 ID: 1df6e8

No. 249385 ID: 73fd7e

No. 249388 ID: c71597


Well shit, so much to do. Push the buttons, all of them. And make Titzi wear the the clothes. Then push more buttons. Have to push them all!
No. 249394 ID: 7c0203

mod the game to allow HIP upgrade... or just use it in speed.

That camera is a Vital Testing Apparatus, DO NOT destroy Vital Testing Apparatus... and by DO NOT i mean DO.
No. 249419 ID: 1854db

Check out the clothing! Maybe we can get another spiffy outfit out of it.

Also upgrade speed and check on Roz to see that he hasn't actually broken his spine. It's not like we really need all those plushies anyway.
No. 249424 ID: fba40f

No. 249431 ID: f52552


...In the form of increased muscular mass and fat storage in the gluteal area.
No. 249435 ID: e9f6d1

No. 249437 ID: 05d350

Speed, no ... hips....

No. 249472 ID: 7470bb

No. 249478 ID: f57857

Go nuts dear.
No. 249510 ID: 620bfb

I give my vote to cancel out the possibility of a 'nuts' upgrade.
No. 249511 ID: b0ef4c

No. 249526 ID: 80bb9a

Aaaa why do you make us choose. Tits.
No. 249582 ID: a1591c

Faster than them all!
No. 249583 ID: 066059

No. 249591 ID: fd6d7e

Try on the clothing! Then try it on Titzi! Then pose for the cameras!
No. 249592 ID: 24a9bd

No. 249616 ID: 4531bc

speed looks good.
No. 249631 ID: f57857

I didn't mean it that way dude D:

no, just... no
No. 249643 ID: a41aaf

Speed! Because more powerful leg musculature required a larger pelvis for more leverage. Thus speed = Dem Hips.
No. 249687 ID: 192c6d

I think the "Menji" upgrade costs a lot more quad-shot espressos than we have right now....
No. 249770 ID: fba40f

The final upgrade?
No. 249886 ID: 93c708

No. 249887 ID: 6547ec
File 128840021258.png - (16.79KB , 600x450 , 189.png )


I decide not to think that fast because it's obnoxious!

That's never happening! Being a girl is more fun I mean I think it is I don't really know what it's like to be a guy but even so I just got over some body issues and I don't think it'd be very healthy to give myself even more of them!

Besides the viewership of this quest would be cut in half if I did that!
No. 249888 ID: 6547ec
File 128840022562.gif - (41.91KB , 570x435 , 190.gif )


"Yeah, no more coffee beans for you," Titzi says!

"Titzi I think I might be a little hyper right now!"

"Yeah. Just a bit."
No. 249889 ID: 6547ec
File 128840023460.png - (30.31KB , 600x450 , 191.png )

It's just another coat so I put it on Titzi and pose for the camera! HELL YES.

"Get this thing off of me! I'm not cold. What are you doing. Stop that. I know we're starting to become friends and all but I'm going to bite you so hard."

I flash the camera and cup my boobs together suggestively! I hope we're using this action for the image!

"And stop breaking the fourth wall."
No. 249890 ID: 6547ec
File 128840024919.png - (31.57KB , 600x450 , 192.png )

I break the camera and press EVERYTHING!

All of the computers light up and show a login screen! I discover a huge button behind the plate on the wall but pushing it does nothing! The other plates can't be moved unless I feel like smashing them but I don't know if level 1 strength is enough to do that or not!

I think my tails are wagging a little! It feels kind of strange!

"So I still have this coat on me."

"Oops sorry! But you look so cute!"

"Hmph. There's nothing 'cute' about me."
No. 249891 ID: 6547ec
File 128840026545.png - (17.98KB , 600x450 , 193.png )

"Hey Roz I haven't heard from you in a while now are you okay the coffee isn't affecting you is it? I don't know much about your metabolism or dramtabolism or anything like that you're not dead are you that'd make me a little sad I think!"

There's no response and I don't see Roz anywhere!

"Hmm," Titzi says, "I think he might be mad at you."

"Really!? what makes you think that?"

"Call it sharkwoman's intuition."
No. 249895 ID: 27e02d

Serves the clammy perv right. ... THERE'S A SPARKLY THING ON THE FLOOR GETITGETIT!
No. 249898 ID: 1854db

Is there anything in the pockets of this second lab coat? Also it looks like there's a satchel or something on the floor over there.

Hmm, too bad we don't have any login information. Let's go... uh, check out STORAGE.
No. 249903 ID: f57857

Ask Roz what is wrong ):
No. 249904 ID: dad664

Turn to Roz.

"lol y u mad tho?"
No. 249992 ID: 6547ec

Maybe TITZI is mad at you, and won't tell you what's wrong. She did seem awful angry about the lab coat.

Oh no, what if Roz is choking behind your back, and you can't see? What if he's DEAD!?
No. 249997 ID: f52552

Keep turning around until you can see Roz.
No. 250007 ID: 70e5c6

He's obviously mad you didn't choose MILK upgrades, duh. ;D

Also, ask Roz if he's mad at you for making him into a makeshift carrying device or if it's something else and how you can "satisfy his needs" so he'll feel better. :>
No. 250013 ID: 701a19

Go login to the computers!
You don't know the password, so TRY ALL OF THEM!
No. 250018 ID: e3f578

But you're so damn hyper that with your Lvl 2 SPD can support your level 1 STR. Just keep punching the plates until they break off. Remember F=MV^2 so the velocity is the most important
So like you probably have a force of like (STR 1)*(SPD 2)^2 = 4 so you might have like 4 POWER. Upgrade your STR and you'd get like an 8 PWR if the system works like that
No. 250023 ID: f57857

Dude, I don't know where you are getting your physics D:
Kinetic energy is 1/2(mv^2) not force. Force is mass times acceleration, unless you mean momentum, but even then that's just mass times velocity.
No. 250028 ID: e3f578

Okay so we might just have a power of two if the system runs on the kinetic energy equation, if its runs on the real force equation than its... still 2

Then again it depends on how the stats affect the variables if 0 is truly a 1 and lvl 1 is like 2 and lvl 2 is 3 pts or something
No. 250029 ID: e3f578

also if it runs on the force equation that SPD stat will take the place of acceleration. I figure that the speed stat would both improve both variables of acceleration and velocity, despite speed being velocity with no direction... or is speed velocity with direction?
No. 250034 ID: 27e02d

Wait. So mass + speed = force. More mass + speed = more force.
Venji's head has more mass than Venji's hands COMBINED.

No. 250036 ID: e3f578

No I'm talking about the STR stat in regards to mass since it's the most similar. Venji can just go ATATATATATATATATATATATAT the panels to death
No. 250041 ID: 27e02d

Yea, I know. But HEADBUTT seems funnier :3
No. 250044 ID: 066059

D'awwww, ask Roz what's wrong.
No. 250753 ID: 6547ec
File 128856684270.png - (12.83KB , 600x450 , 194.png )

The pockets are empty! The 'satchel' is actually a water container!

"Roz are you mad?" I turn around but there's nobody there!

"Roz? what's wrong? I'm sorry if I upset you! Roz? Please answer me!"

He doesn't say anything. I'm starting to worry!
No. 250754 ID: 6547ec
File 12885668544.png - (15.68KB , 600x450 , 195.png )

What!? No! I didn't mean to!

"Roz you're not dead are you I'm so sorry I didn't mean to be a jerk to you! You were my first friend and I don't want you to be gone and please answer me I beg you!" My voice cracks a little.

"Don't get upset, he's right here," Titzi says.

"What where!" I turn around trying to find him, but he ends up popping out of my chest!

"I'm fine. I was just--"
No. 250755 ID: 6547ec
File 128856686315.png - (14.21KB , 600x450 , 196.png )

I hug Roz really tightly! "Don't scare me like that! I was really worried!"

"I, um..."

Titzi scolds Roz. "Way to go, shrimp. You made her cry."

"I won't block the boob upgrade anymore and you don't have to hold the plushies if you don't want to and we can make out if it'll make you feel better!"


Titzi glares at Roz.

"I mean-- Don't worry about it. It's okay, I forgive you~"

I try to calm myself down, a difficult task at present!
No. 250756 ID: 6547ec
File 128856687381.png - (19.60KB , 600x450 , 197.png )

That didn't work out so well! I think the plates are made of steel! Trying to punch these things with my current stamina might break my hand!

"Ouch-- are you okay?" Roz asks, sounding concerned.

"I just realized that 'tozzle' is a fun word to say tozzle tozzle tozzle"

"Taking that as a no. What's a 'tozzle'?"

I rub my head a while trying to recover. "I don't know, it just sounded familiar--"

I'm cut off by a loud voice coming from the wall!
No. 250757 ID: 6547ec
File 128856688212.png - (32.41KB , 600x450 , 198.png )

Someone's on the screen! "Is this on? Okay. Can you hear me? We're picking up signs of life, but I can't get a visual from the camera. If you can hear me, please respond. "

Titzi growls. She speaks to me in a harsh whisper. "He's one of them! Don't say anything."

I whisper back. "Maybe he can tell us where the exit is!"

"Yes, assuming he isn't bluffing. He could have seen us before you broke the camera. It's too risky!"

The voice speaks up again. "I repeat, please respond if you can hear me. I mean you no harm. That facility has been abandoned, and you may be in danger."
No. 250763 ID: c71597

Assure Titzi that you're going to protect her if they come for her. Then respond to the guy and ask him who the fuck he is and what the fuck he wants.
No. 250766 ID: 0d1fe9

You need to not talk, make out with Roz to achieve this.
No. 250770 ID: 05d350

Yeah, listen to the shark.
Also, contemplate making out with Roz to achieve silence.
No. 250774 ID: 2563d4

Examine the gentleman's tie.
No. 250793 ID: d4f784

make rude noises into the mic
No. 250832 ID: f57857

It's best that you don't respond- the conversation will turn out like this:

Venji: What happen?
Operator: Someone inside facility.
Venji: We get signal!
Titzi: What!
Venji: Main screen turn on!
Titzi: It's you!!
Operator: How are you gentlemen!! All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.
Venji: What you say!!
Operator: You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha....
Titzi: Venji!!
Venji: Ready get fight!! You know what you doing. For great justice.
No. 250845 ID: fd6d7e

No. 250951 ID: 6547ec

Even if it's a trap, you might as well find out where the trap is. Answer.
No. 251013 ID: a90665

Maybe you should just leave and not talk to him. Try and make your way out as soon as you can.
No. 251046 ID: f4963f

Along the lines of very unhelpful but potentially amusing suggestions, have Roz answer the call. You know you want to.
No. 251073 ID: fba40f

Mind = blown
No. 251853 ID: 6547ec
File 128881582257.png - (7.95KB , 600x450 , 199.png )

It has some small animals on it!

"Not responding, hmm? Are you having trouble trusting me? Come now, just because I'm a mysterious scientist appearing on the screen at precisely the right moment doesn't mean that I'm some kind of plot-related bad guy, you know."

He adjusts his tie!

"Here, the password to log into those computers is 'Chimera32'. Would a bad guy be so helpful?"
No. 251854 ID: 6547ec
File 128881583328.png - (10.80KB , 600x450 , 200.png )

I consider making out with Roz when suddenly he blows raspberries at the screen!

"For all we know you could be helping us walk right into your trap. That's like, the exact opposite of sexy."

I whisper, "You don't have to remind us about your perversion every time you talk, you know!"
No. 251855 ID: 6547ec
File 128881585911.png - (7.80KB , 600x450 , 201.png )

"Hmm, you sound strange," The snazzily-dressed fellow says. "I don't remember any of our experiments sounding quite like you do."

"Experiments!" Titzi yells.

The man sips from his coffee cup. "I apologize. You're that shark, aren't you? It's really unfortunate what my colleagues did to you."

"I'll show you 'unfortunate' you slimy son of a--"

"Calmness. I assure you I had nothing to do with those experiments. You've nothing to worry about. You're not the one we're interested in."
No. 251856 ID: 6547ec
File 128881586958.png - (47.66KB , 600x450 , 202.png )

"Now. Why don't you tell me how you survived...


He knows my name?

He chuckles. "Surprised? Active Tozols control their heat signature, but you never learned how. I'm afraid you stick out like a sore thumb."

He lowers his head into his hands.

"I must admit, your survival makes things very interesting..."
No. 251858 ID: e3f578

oh she's actually a tozol. I thought she was a hybrid-like thing with Deep's Indahl. WHAT IS UP WITH THESE SHENANIGANS. An Inzol or Todahl. He is not mixing up the two quests at all. Scold him for his dumbfoundedness and making you break the forth wall again!
No. 251860 ID: 29c08e

Is he... in a Gendo Ikari pose? Screw him. Flip him the bird, then realise he can`t actually see you flipping him the bird, so tell him you are flipping him the bird...
No. 251873 ID: 5f0943

Ask him why there's a diploma on his wall saying: "#1 evil laugh"
No. 251888 ID: fd6d7e


Better idea, ask him for a demonstration of his prestigious evil laugh.


You were in a tube. It wasn't that dangerous. What's he so surprised about?
No. 251957 ID: a09a03

Try logging onto the computers using the password he gave.
No. 251977 ID: 6547ec
File 128883803812.png - (48.68KB , 600x450 , 203.png )

"I'm a Tozol?" I ask.

"Eh, yes and no. You're certainly part Tozol, but there's so much more to you than that."


"Tozols are hard to control. They're fully aware of their power, and have a tendency to break free of our control and start revolts. But there is another creature that is all too willing to obey commands. In fact, some of us have jokingly called them robots."

He sips from his mug. "I'm talking of course about the Indahl."

That word sends a slight shiver down my spine, but I don't know why. Everything about this feels wrong.
No. 251978 ID: 6547ec
File 128883806260.png - (12.78KB , 600x450 , 204.png )

He continues. "My dear, you were our greatest endeavor. All the power of a Tozol combined with the obedience of an Indahl. It was the perfect combination. We even gave you the ability to change your body to fit whatever we needed you for. We even gave you an upgrade that would allow you you to 'entertain' our Tozols and keep them in line."
No. 251979 ID: 6547ec
File 128883807292.png - (9.14KB , 600x450 , 205.png )

"Okay you're being really suspicious right now," I say. "And doesn't that diploma behind you say 'number one evil laugh'?"

"Oh, that. That's...um..."
No. 251980 ID: 6547ec
File 128883808445.png - (9.15KB , 600x450 , 206.png )

"I'm not evil."

>You were in a tube. It wasn't that dangerous. What's he so surprised about?
"Why were you surprised to see me alive, anyway? The tube seemed pretty safe."

"Huh? Oh, you don't want to know the answer to that, trust me."
No. 251981 ID: 6547ec
File 128883809767.png - (33.05KB , 600x450 , 207.png )

I flip him off so hard. Titzi smiles at me.

"...Oh, you can't see me. I'm flipping you off right now."

"Oh, I see..." He says, sounding hurt. "Don't be like that. If you cooperate, I can get you out of there."
No. 251990 ID: a09a03

So, let me get this straight...

1) They have some tozols around
2) The tozols don't do what the humans tell them
3) You're engineered to make them do what you want them to do

Try the password. If it triggers an alarm or is otherwise unhelpful, we'll know right away that we can't trust him. If it lets you into the system, try looking up where more subjects are kept.

Also, what's that picture on the wall next to him?
No. 251992 ID: 80bb9a

His evil family.
No. 251993 ID: dad664

Come to the sudden realization that you were designed to basically be a submissive customizable sex slave for Tozols/Tozol-Indahl hybrids.

Proceed to freak the fuck out.
No. 251994 ID: 04d8a4


No. 251995 ID: 93e8e3

For an evil scientist, he is kind of adorable.

Proceed to look around for another way out of this room/panic. Whichever is easier.
No. 251996 ID: 0d5620

That's unfair. More of a manipulative slut than a sex slave...
No. 251997 ID: e3f578

"You gave me the ability to control the size of my breasts for the sake of controlling overactive, rebellious, horny tozols? Wat? Are tozol's even into breasts? Man, what if they have like an eyelash or ear fetish thing, then your research is all wrong! I think you scientists had other intentions than SCIENCE and EVIL MEGALOMANISM when you made me. Whatsa matter, can't talk to girls because you spend all your time on some internet site telling made-up women to take their tops off in a suggestion story game?"

No. 252011 ID: 69bee4

No. 252108 ID: f57857

Apologize, but you already belong to Roz.
No. 252132 ID: 2563d4

No. 252145 ID: c71597

Smash something in a ragelike way and shout a bit. Fucker try to make a sexy robotic sexslave out of you do they? Fuck that shit, see if you can't make the boobupgrade regress and put it into something else, you won't do what they wanted you to do!

Oh, and try the password on a computer. See what you get up, if you're lucky they might have personal files, then you could look after this guy and see what it was he was working on.
No. 252180 ID: 75ee2e

Well really, all you have to do is ignore whatever they tell you to do, which surely can't be that hard. And then you'll be a super-powerful tozol or whatever free to do whatever you want. Even in a worse-case scenario, you can just shut off the video and make sure they can't tell you anything. It's not like they're in your head, watching everything you do and secretly influencing your every action or something.
No. 252276 ID: 8f365b

>Fuck that shit, see if you can't make the boobupgrade regress and put it into something else, you won't do what they wanted you to do!

Implying half of them wouldn't be into DFC anyway.
No. 252525 ID: 6547ec
File 128893119348.png - (49.58KB , 600x450 , 208.png )

>What's that picture on the wall next to him?
Looks like his family.

"You mean I'm nothing more than a sex toy for these... these 'Tozols'?"

"Erm, you have multiple functions that was meant to be helpful to our cause."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"We were simply trying to make things go more smoothly--"

"Yes or no."

"Um... That was one of your potential uses, I guess."
No. 252527 ID: 6547ec
File 128893120423.png - (105.51KB , 600x450 , 209.png )

"Do Tozols even like breasts."

"I assume so. Researching that was not my job."

"So you gave me control of my breast size without knowing if the Tozols would even care."

"I didn't--"

I shake the screen. "You had other intentions for me, didn't you!?"

"Please calm down--"

"Didn't you!?"

"I didn't mean to imply--"

"Fuck you! I'm not a plaything!"
No. 252528 ID: 6547ec
File 128893121214.png - (13.68KB , 600x450 , 210.png )

I mentally rip out the milk upgrade. I'm not somebody's toy!
No. 252529 ID: 6547ec
File 128893122649.png - (23.21KB , 600x450 , 211.png )

I will control my own life!
No. 252530 ID: 6547ec
File 128893124029.png - (50.25KB , 600x450 , 212.png )

"Look," he says, "It's not my fault. I wasn't even in charge of your upgrades."

"Bullshit! You were there! You could have stopped them!"

"I don't know what to tell you."

"Are you alright?"


"Don't worry! As long as you have me around, they won't be able to control you~"

"That's right! Even if you wanted to control me, you can't! Besides..."
No. 252531 ID: 6547ec
File 128893125823.png - (45.59KB , 600x450 , 213.png )

"...I already belong to Roz."

He makes a surprised yelp.
No. 252532 ID: 6547ec
File 128893126827.png - (32.19KB , 600x450 , 214.png )

The password works, and I'm able to log in. A quick glance shows me that I can get any information I want about this place and its test subjects, and I might be able to control some of the systems as well.

Weird, this room has a "cleansing" function.

"I'm going to bite that guy extra hard just for you," Titzi says.

"I appreciate that," I reply.

"Were you serious just now? Um, about us..."

"I don't know. I might be a little emotional right now."
No. 252533 ID: 31e5bb

Roz is on trial stage, he may be a pervert but at least he is honest about it.
No. 252534 ID: 2563d4

Yes, damnit.

Do you want to end up like Rynh, eh? Forty and living in a house full of cats?
No. 252540 ID: d677cc

Hey, Roz is nice despite his flaws, and does mean well. So, why not?
No. 252570 ID: f57857

Rip that flat screen out; you don't need to see that loser's face.
No. 252573 ID: 6c4937

Obtain new upgrade path: Internal Robotics. Put your old points from Milk into it.
No. 252602 ID: fd6d7e
File 128893738495.jpg - (75.36KB , 600x800 , Cat Frightened.jpg )


You... you ripped out your... D8
No. 252609 ID: a09a03

New upgrade path: Roztacles

Because you don't have enough weird things sticking out of you yet.
No. 252610 ID: a09a03

Also, what's that open panel thing to the left of the big screen?

Also, do not activate the cleansing function. It probably involves fire or acid or something. In fact, if you can turn that off, that'd be great.

Try looking up if there's more critters you can find.
No. 252614 ID: f52552

This is a serious situation; I will weep for what can no longer be another time.
That said, search up the location of anything like an ARMORY, an EXIT, and possibly the specifics on these TOZOLS and INDAHL.
No. 252634 ID: 6547ec

I was going to suggest just leaving the upgrade path as "Roz", but that sounds even more useful. Jam him in your butt or something.

...Y'know, where all the tentacles are.
No. 252652 ID: 0d5620

>I'm not somebody's toy!
>kisses spectral dreamworm living in her body who tells her what to do

I don't think you thought your plan through all the way
No. 252656 ID: 2563d4

>Fuck that shit, see if you can't make the boobupgrade regress
Ok, everyone kill this guy to death.

No. 252663 ID: c71597

Ok, let see what information we can find about this facility and what experiments they have been conducting here. Obviously some kind of genetical freaky stuff, but finding out exactly what could be useful as well as any pointers to what might have happened here.

By the way, it should be the other way around, you don't belong to Roz, he belongs to you. You're your own boss, your own freaky little Venji. And you don't belong to any god damn fucking person.

You're welcome to try.
No. 252881 ID: 9fe769


>Venji canceled Quest: interrupted by murderous voices

Just a random note: He probably has no idea who/what Roz is. Hopefully. Maybe. Let's try to keep that secret as an emergency trump on the off-chance it's needed.
Though as he already talked and was heard, there's no real harm in him continuing to talk for this conversation.

Another random note: We have no idea what this person's name is. That makes it a bit harder to find info/directions to him if we want to get revenge(?) later.
Honestly though, I don't think they've really done anything to you so far - they had some plans but haven't done anything to force you into those plans. Do keep an eye out for any such traps/threats though.

Titzi, on the other hand, probably wants to kill a few people. Look up who was in charge of her experiments, if you can.
No. 252888 ID: dad664

>Cleansing Function

No. 252907 ID: 9fe769

They're probably much more interested in Venji alive than dead. As a discarded experiment Titzi might be in danger I guess, but if they think it would kill Venji too they probably won't use it.
Just be careful to NOT trigger it yourself, Venji.
No. 252908 ID: f4e0e7

New upgrade path: Eye lasers.

I'm just saying.

Think about it.
No. 253021 ID: 6547ec
File 128903729919.png - (29.25KB , 600x450 , 215.png )

"You WERE serious, weren't you~?"

"Why are you making that face. How are you making that face."

"The power of love~"

I sigh.

Titzi and I aren't the only hybrids. They have been combining various species for various reasons, but most of their experiments met with failure. A lot of the subj-- creatures died minutes after being created.

Titzi is listed as a work in progress. They were trying to make her aggressive towards Tozols.

If any of the other experiments survived, they might be in the SPECIES LAB area. I could look into the actual species in more detail if I wanted.
No. 253022 ID: 6547ec
File 12890373113.png - (15.68KB , 600x450 , 216.png )

>By the way, it should be the other way around, you don't belong to Roz, he belongs to you. You're your own boss, your own freaky little Venji. And you don't belong to any god damn fucking person.
Damn right. I don't know why I said that, actually. I'm sure it'll be edited out of the flash version.

"So when do we consummate our relationship~"

"I'm kind of busy."

Maybe. I don't--

"So like, in an hour?"

"Roz, I--"


I know, but I'm not--


"Argh. I wasn't thinking, okay? I need time to think and you're not helping!"

He doesn't tell me what to do! Although I can't shake the feeling that someone is. Strange.
No. 253023 ID: 6547ec
File 128903732059.png - (8.95KB , 600x450 , 217.png )

This button looks like the solution to a puzzle that was probably skipped!

I manage to find and disable the Cleansing function. Thankfully this system is very user-friendly!

The douche-bag speaks up. "Ah, I see you're rooting through the systems now. As you can see, you have total control of the place. Now you believe I'm not evil, right? ...Right?"

I don't respond.
No. 253024 ID: 6547ec
File 128903733032.png - (13.60KB , 600x450 , 218.png )

Looks like the coffee has finally worn off. I was kind of growing fond of exclamation points.

Don't need 'em.

I don't think I have the ability to do that. I probably should have taken the point out of Milk before tearing the upgrade off. Looks like I'm stuck with my current body.

Unless Roz has an ability he hasn't told me about.

Well, okay. I'm not exactly sure what will happen if I put points into this upgrade, but I'm starting to feel hungry so I might find out soon enough.
No. 253028 ID: 6547ec
File 128903779253.png - (8.25KB , 600x450 , 219.png )

I discover the hidden way out. There's a secret passage in the BUNKER ROOM that leads to a cave. It looks like the cave reaches the outside area at three points.

Jerkface is heard behind me. "Have you found the way out yet? Listen closely. If you meet us at the leftmost exit we will pick you up. I know my dramatic reveal earlier hasn't given you much reason to trust me, but you have to believe that we have no intention of making you a sex slave. You're worth so much more to us."
No. 253029 ID: 6547ec

Well, leftmost is obviously right out. He could, of course, by outright lying to us, but I'm not sure if I believe this guy is capable of such shenanigans, and honestly expects us to go left to meet with him.

Go through the middle path. Just in case he expects us to go the opposite of what he tells us. ...Of course, if you feel you can burrow through these caves with just Roz and your insatiable bloodlust, by all means carve out a new path further to the left.
No. 253031 ID: a09a03

Point out that he still hasn't given you any motive to cooperate, then leave.

Go for the, let's say, middle route.
No. 253032 ID: f57857

the right way is the right way. Think about that for a moment.
No. 253039 ID: 0d1fe9

Go the left route we can get roz to boost us and completly fuck shit up, for the new upgrade grow an extra head, you can never have enough voices.
No. 253041 ID: f0b4bc

Wait, Her "Milk Jugs" are gone?
I blame each and everyone of you other voices.
Sons, I am dissapoint.

I'm thinking we should take the middle route.
No. 253044 ID: c71597

Go check out the species lab before busting out of here. Might be someone else trapped in there.
No. 253051 ID: 2563d4

Probably worthwhile, if only to gawp at the decaying abominations.
No. 253061 ID: 192c6d


Begin a search for whoever he may have addressed himself as! Since he's obviously watching you, let's see how much control he has over the systems!

(I bet the bastard has all the coffee, too!)
No. 253063 ID: 4c7b39

I leave you for one week and you convinced her to rip out her 'milk jugs'?. I knew you liked your girls flat-chested, but damn it all I liked her with the 'milk jugs', damnit!

You should go left to confront this guy. Preferably to punch him in the face. Even if it is a trap, he probably doesn't expect you to be in any state of mind to recognize it as such.
No. 253131 ID: fba40f

Blame the author not us
No. 253348 ID: e3f578

She has milk jugs, it's stuck at like B or c since she didn't rip out what she did upgrade just the entire concept of the upgrade so it can't go further.

Tell spikeyhair he's evil in his own way as are you, Roz, and Titzi, evil is subjective. Just because he probably graduated from an evil school doesn't mean he's evil beyond generic evil that he puts in a punchclock to get paid accordingly. Just tell him this so he'll shut up about it.
No. 253890 ID: 6547ec
File 128919455634.png - (15.96KB , 600x450 , 220.png )

I didn't rip them out completely! Look! Still here! There's just no point in making them bigger! They're noticable without getting in the way! I could grab them to prove they're a handful, but you'd like that, wouldn't you!?

...Odd, I was expecting Roz to comment just then. Anyway, I'm not making any more changes to my upgrade image. How it looks now is final!
No. 253897 ID: 6547ec
File 128919469691.png - (18.58KB , 600x450 , 221.png )


"Wha~t? You accidentally tore out the best upgrade so I brought it back for you~ Also, I noticed you only need to eat one more thing to get another point~"

"Don't tell them that! And I tore it out for a reason. Now I have to do it again!"

"Nuh-uh, you said this was final and I'm holding you to that~"

"You--! You're such a perv! I'm taking back the kiss I gave you!"

"No take-sie back-sies~"

Damn. Got me with a technicality.
No. 253898 ID: 6547ec
File 128919471599.png - (21.56KB , 600x450 , 222.png )

I download the information from the computer onto the laptop and go to to flip off--

"I don't care what you were created for," Titzi says, "You're free to make your own decisions. To hell with what they want. If those scientists try to capture either of us..."
No. 253899 ID: 6547ec
File 128919472672.png - (10.28KB , 600x450 , 223.png )

"...I'll bite them and spill their blood."

Titzi grins toothily at me. I can't help but smile back at her.

"We'll bite them together," I say.

"Hell yeah we will."

I feel a little better. I don't exactly feel like my old self yet, but it's nice knowing I'm not alone down here.
No. 253900 ID: 6547ec
File 128919473634.png - (11.51KB , 600x450 , 224.png )

>Point out that he still hasn't given you any motive to cooperate, then leave.
He starts to respond but I don't give him the time of day.

There's a lot of someone elses trapped here!

I see a gigantic cage in front of me with the word "Betsy" written on it. Further ahead is the shower.

Inside the capsules are many creatures I don't recognize, though one of them looks a little like Roz. There's no saying if any of them are alive or if it'd be safe to release them if they are.

I search the laptop for names, but don't manage to find any. Were they trying to be anonymous?
No. 253901 ID: 27fe93

see if the local terminal has more info on the creatures in the tubes.
No. 253902 ID: f52552

Must resist urge to tell you to shower...
Also, yeah, check around the compys here.
No. 253904 ID: 2a9450

Can we get a close-up of the creatures? are they alive? If they are, try to save them by using that console in the middle, don't brake the glass, may be bad.

My takes:
Top: ??, ??, -
Bottom: Tezakian?, Nedinvor?, ??
No. 253905 ID: d677cc

Check dat computer.
No. 253906 ID: a09a03

Examine Betsy
No. 253945 ID: f1df52

Resist the urge to smash open one of the tanks and fighting the creature inside.

Do any of them look like your plushies?
No. 253946 ID: fd6d7e

Open podium. Acquire delicious weasel bar.
No. 253947 ID: f57857

Betsy seems like a name for such a friendly soul. perhaps you should look in there?
No. 253951 ID: c71597

Fire up that terminal and see what you can find out. Hopefully some information about the stuff in the containers, and possibly something abour Betsy.

Oh, and Roz changes to the upgrade tree are perfectly fine. You said there would be no changes to it, so when he changed it it's perfectly acceptable to take out his changes. Because then there hasn't been any changes. Only if you let his changes remain will it have been changed from the time where you said no changes.
No. 253960 ID: 6547ec

Did Titzi finish that monitor? If not, you shouldn't let good electronics go to waste.
No. 253983 ID: 2563d4

Open all of the tubes.
Be completely surprised when someone gouges an eye out.
No. 253995 ID: 5a2e05

Release all the new friends!
No. 254105 ID: 1854db

Oh god let's not release anyone until we know they won't kill us! Inspect the terminal and peek into the cage.
No. 254781 ID: 6547ec
File 128937353134.png - (9.48KB , 600x450 , 225.png )

I check out the computer-looking thing in the middle of the room. There's a console!

This thing contains a lot of science. Even with my awesome scientific coat, I can't quite understand most of it.

The monitor is several rooms back now! I'm sure I'll find something tasty around here, what with my diet apparently being everything.

It takes a few tries, but I manage to get some information on the creatures in the tubes.

Hoo. This is a lot of text.
No. 254782 ID: 6547ec
File 128937354895.png - (15.41KB , 600x450 , 226.png )

Tank 1: Indahl/Dreamworm hybrid, female
Notes: Could be very useful for underwater tasks. Arms and legs are vestigial and don't seem to function well at all. Still somewhat hostile.

Tank 2: Tozol/Vertai hybrid, male
Notes: The Vertai might not appreciate it if they find out about this experiment. Ensure this is classified at the highest level. Still very stubborn and hard to control.

Tank 3: Data has been erased.

Tank 4: Cenesu/Seltwil hybrid, male
Notes: A little hard to understand at times and is kind of hyper. Often goes on long tangents, sometimes forgetting what its point is midway through sentences. Is fairly obedient and has not caused much trouble.

Tank 5: Cyral/Enial hybrid, female
Notes: Subject is slow to act, and is kind of lazy. Does not react strongly to emotional stimuli. Insists on licking everyone. Pretty docile.

Tank 6: Lazuhrek/Tesau hybrid, female
Notes: Has four eyes like a Tesau, but main two eyes don't function, vastly limiting its ability to see. It has learned to sense its surroundings through other means, using its front two tentacles as 'feelers'. Hostile to humans, but fairly friendly towards subject "Venji".
No. 254783 ID: 6547ec
File 128937356898.png - (29.24KB , 600x450 , 227.png )

Apparently one of them knows me, but I don't recognize it at all. I wonder if they could tell me more about who I used to be. Hearing it might help me remember.

I try to tell the computer to release all of them, but a warning appears saying there are only enough chemicals left to revive one. I'd have to choose.

>Oh, and Roz changes to the upgrade tree are perfectly fine. You said there would be no changes to it, so when he changed it it's perfectly acceptable to take out his changes. Because then there hasn't been any changes. Only if you let his changes remain will it have been changed from the time where you said no changes.
I have more important things to worry about right now, I think. Maybe the mysterious new upgrade will be enticing enough for it not to be an issue.
No. 254784 ID: 6547ec
File 128937358968.png - (14.23KB , 600x450 , 228.png )

I look inside and see the strangest creature of all. It looks to be suspended in a red liquid. I decide not to ask how there's liquid in an unsealed cage because that's rude.

I check the computer.

'Betsy, a Valcien/Salazzarine hybrid.' It talks about the struggles they had just containing this thing. It's extremely powerful, and extremely dangerous.

My senses aren't much, but I don't think it's asleep like the others are. It must be bored out of its mind in there.
No. 254785 ID: d677cc

So I'm assuming that 'Betsy' doesn't count as one of the five creatures you can only pick one of, since it's already awake?

I'm gonna have to go with the one you already know, for reasons you yourself enumerated there. (Although we'd better figure out how to let the rest of them out. :<)

Also, see if you can't get Betsy's attention, I guess? Might be worth it to talk to it before/if you let it out.
No. 254787 ID: a09a03

Unironically shout "WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE!?"
No. 254789 ID: 27fe93

tank 6, regain faithful hound.
No. 254797 ID: f57857

Tap on Betsy's tank annoyingly, also, ask if Tizi can speak with it.
No. 254798 ID: c71597

Open tank 6. Let out BFF, have a snack on delicious something and talk over your lives as abominations against the natural order.
No. 254804 ID: dd9877


Definitely tank 6 - any kind of assistance or explanation we can get is a positive - we want to be well prepared with known allies in case things take a nasty turn.
No. 254807 ID: 6547ec

Ask Titzi if she recognizes any of them before we do something stupid like reviving the one that wants to eat us.

Also, the five that are not revived? Probably delicious.
No. 254809 ID: 8555c2

I vote Tank 2: Tozol/Vertai hybrid, male
It had me at "Tozol".
No. 254821 ID: 2563d4

You cannot turn down mountain Lazuhrek hugz.

Hmm. Tank #1 is a dash of Tozizzle short of being your future offspring.
No. 254825 ID: 4c7b39

Well. Does it say what chemical it is? Maybe we can find more of that stuff.

Oh and I guess 5.
No. 254840 ID: 435f1e

First part of this.

My vote goes to tank 2, or if that one would seem unreasonable, go for tank 6.
No. 254841 ID: 9618e3

Open Tank 6.
No. 254845 ID: 5a2e05

Don't worry. If we want to change later all we gotta do is find other people playing this game and get them to trade us the one they picked. We still have a chance at a full Tozoldex.

Tank 6.
No. 254903 ID: 4531bc

5, 6, and 3, in order of preference.
No. 254910 ID: bf1e7e

Spoilers: Subject 6 is friendly to Venji for 'sexy' reasons that will make Venji upset
No. 254983 ID: 966218

oh no! D:
No. 254984 ID: ff0a7c

Meh, gonna go with Subject 2 cause Roz needs some competition.
No. 255015 ID: 7dbf04

2 Looks cute. I'll base my vote on that fact alone...
No. 255119 ID: d98f27

4 sounds pretty adorable.
No. 255122 ID: f1df52

Talk to Betsy first, she(?) might have more insight on the situation.
No. 255123 ID: fd6d7e



Uh, tank 2 I guess... 2 or 6.
No. 255143 ID: f57857

Number 2 looks cute, also we need more sausages, this could turn into another harem for Roz otherwise.
No. 255150 ID: 6547ec
File 128947989460.png - (6.84KB , 600x450 , 229.png )

"So many cute characters to choose from! WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE!?"

"Science has caused nothing but pain and misery," Titzi says, serious as always. "...But it also created you, so maybe there's some good to it."

"Titzi, do you recognize any of these?"

"Sort of. Not really. They kept us separate from each other for the most part."

"I hope they don't eat us."

"You're better off hoping I don't eat them."

>Also, the five that are not revived? Probably delicious.
I couldn't! They're too cute!
No. 255151 ID: 6547ec
File 128947990723.png - (12.31KB , 600x450 , 230.png )

I very nearly choose the second tank because of how cute the creature looks, but remembering my past is more important to me. I have to know whether or not the scientist was telling the truth.

I enter the commands and go stand next to tank six, adjusting the lapels on my SCIENCE COAT. I want to make a good impression for my old 'friend'!

"So you're choosing this one?" Roz asks.


"Is it female?"


"Then you've made the right choice." Roz nods sagely.

My heart races. I'm finally going to learn about my past. She'll tell me the scientist was lying-- that I wasn't made to be someone's toy. Just one or two more images and I'll have all my questions answered.

I hear an electronic voice behind me. "Creature in tank six will revive."

This is it!
No. 255152 ID: 6547ec
File 128947992496.png - (12.67KB , 600x450 , 231.png )

"In thirty minutes."


"Wow. That really spoiled the moment."

"Yes. Yes it did."
No. 255153 ID: 6547ec
File 128947996757.png - (13.62KB , 600x450 , 232.png )

"You can speak with this thing, right?" I ask Titzi.

"Why would I be able to speak with it."

"Well, you're a shark, and it kind of looks like a space shark."

"What? No. It doesn't work that way."

"It might!"

"Not really. Even if that thing was a space shark, which doesn't make any sense because nothing can live in space, I can't speak 'shark' anymore. I can only talk in our nonspecific conveniently-translated alien language."

Well so much for that oddly familiar plan. I tap on the cage annoyingly. "Hello? Can you hear me? Here fishy fishy space fishy."
No. 255154 ID: 6547ec
File 128947998050.png - (44.86KB , 600x450 , 233.png )

Guh! It suddenly attaches several tentacles to me!
No. 255155 ID: 6547ec
File 128947999069.png - (28.22KB , 600x450 , 234.png )

A moment later, I find myself in a very weird place.

I head a booming voice coming from all around me. "Why do you disturb me?"

"Um... I want to help free you from these squiggly lines?"

"Nobody wants to help me. Tell me what you really want."

I feel a strange empathy, as if a part of its mind is synced with my own. I think it's...depressed.
No. 255157 ID: dda667

"I want to escape this lab, with as many others as I can. I hope you can be one of the 'others'."
No. 255163 ID: 2563d4

Well, once you're doing being tentaclemindraped, dump the anti-depression PEELS into the cage. Tank. Tankcage.
No. 255168 ID: fba40f

We're going to need a lot more antidepressants
No. 255178 ID: f57857

Play therapist, you've got a coat after all.

Tap into the talents of your other self for once and sing Betsy a small song.

"You're a little over the sixteenth foot,
but I'm just barley over five~
I'm head over heals boy,
and I'm not gonna lie~
Darling my heart is cryin and dyin,
and squeelin and fawnin,
just so I could hold your hand~"
No. 255187 ID: 192c6d


>"Nobody wants to help me. Tell me what you really want."

Venji: "... Hugs."
No. 255194 ID: c71597

Tell it that you want to find out about your past and find out where you are and shit. Stuff has been really confusing since you woke up in a tube some hours ago.
No. 255227 ID: 2795f1


Hugs. Fix. Everything.
No. 255228 ID: a09a03

Say you're trying to break everybody out to have crazy mutant adventures in space. Ask if it wants to help you.
Ask how its tank is bigger on the inside. Maybe you can cart it around?
No. 255230 ID: d677cc

Point out that you literally just had to deal with someone else also insisting that no one wanted to help them, and that you're trying to go two-for-two on dispelling depression today. |V
No. 255244 ID: 4c7b39

"Company. I'm stuck in this facility as much as you are, and I'm trying to get as many folks to leave with me.

Exception being that one scientist guy. He can go directly to hell in a frayed hand basket."
No. 255266 ID: dda667

Changing my vote to this.
Hugs fix everything.
No. 255281 ID: fd6d7e

Trust me, you do not want a Salazzarine to hug you.
No. 255282 ID: dda667

A whatsit?
No. 255291 ID: fba40f

This is a good idea.
No. 255292 ID: e3f578

"Man, what are talking about we are springing from this popsicle stand and freeing as many experiments as possible. Everyone stop being so melodramatic, all people you meet or overly selfish jeeez"
No. 255316 ID: 679e7a

Be sure to tell it your name! It may remember it, and if not, well, introductions are friendly.
No. 255447 ID: 96f818

That's a cute song :3, sing this for Mr.Longface please.
No. 255471 ID: f1df52

"Nobody wants to help me. Tell me what you really want."

Oh good grief, is everyone in here like that?
Tell Betsy you want to bring sunshine to her life. And possibly sparkles.
No. 255477 ID: 6547ec

"I am on a mission of Vengince to destroy all grumpiness in the universe."
No. 255478 ID: 6547ec
File 128955206771.png - (27.87KB , 600x450 , 235.png )

"...Hugs." I float over and hug it. It jumps a bit but doesn't otherwise react.

I continue. "I've already gotten an angry shark to feel better, and I'm going to do the same for you."

"You're wasting your time. There's no hope for me. This is my fate."

"You can fight me all you want, but I'm cheering you up, damn it."
No. 255479 ID: 6547ec
File 128955207882.png - (30.12KB , 600x450 , 236.png )

I don't know how well I sing, but I decide to give it a shot.

>"You're a little over the sixteenth foot,
>but I'm just barley over five~
>I'm head over heals boy,
>and I'm not gonna lie~
No. 255480 ID: 6547ec
File 128955209154.png - (139.18KB , 600x450 , 237.png )

>Darling my heart is cryin and dyin,
>and squeelin and fawnin,
>just so I could hold your hand~"

I feel warm, comforted. There's a familiarity about this, a distant memory I can't quite grasp.

I feel like I've lost something very important to me.
No. 255481 ID: 6547ec
File 128955210422.png - (28.11KB , 600x450 , 238.png )

I pull away after finishing my song. The feeling of warmth quickly fades and I find myself back in this weird mind-dimension.

"I'm Venji, by the way. What's your name?"


I think it's making sounds, but I'm not sure All I know is I'm never going to be able to pronounce what it said.

"...Can I call you Betsy."


"I've been stuck in this facility just like you, but I want to help us both get out of here! I have friends on the outside! Well, one on the outside and one on the inside, I guess. I know they'll be willing to help you too!"

"I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't want to get out of here. I don't want to do anything anymore."
No. 255482 ID: 6547ec
File 128955211690.png - (29.68KB , 600x450 , 239.png )

Okay this is clearly not working. I shoot it full of COUNTER-DEPRESS.

It roars and shoves me back!
No. 255483 ID: 6547ec
File 128955213470.png - (82.21KB , 600x450 , 240.png )

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME. I feel... I feel so...hopeful!"


"Yes, maybe I can get out of here! I feel like my life has meaning now! I could start over!"

Wow. That stuff really works. I reconsider giving some of it to Titzi.

"Um, yes! Exactly! I'll help you in any way I can!"

"You're so kind to me, even though you don't know me. I hope we can become friends~"

The question is... how do I get it out of here? It's too large to fit through any of the doors I saw, unless...
No. 255485 ID: d677cc

Unless what?

Unless what?

No. 255486 ID: 8f17f0

>Get to the end, read cliffhanger

No. 255494 ID: a41aaf

No. 255510 ID: ea628e

... unless we open this shit on the topside! Its obvious!

This thing's too big to have gone in by the little door! As soon as those annoying thirty minutes pass, it might be able to crack this thing open! :D
No. 255552 ID: c71597

Unless we let loose some motherfucking rip and tear. You need more upgrades Venji, more upgrades in being STRONG! Then we can just punch those motherfucking doors until Betsy fits.
No. 255555 ID: 6547ec
File 128956054121.png - (12.01KB , 600x450 , 241.png )

...unless there was some other way it got in here!

I find myself sitting outside Betsy's cave, back in the real world.

"Are you okay?" Titzi asks. "I bit as hard as I could, but that thing would not let go of you. I was...a little worried."

"I'm okay. How long has it been?"

"About five minutes."

They got Besty in here somehow. There's either another way out, or they used a device to make the cage even smaller. I don't know much about science, but maybe the thing that shrunk the cage can be used to make Betsy smaller, too! Then I'd have two adorable floating sharks!

I could go check out a nearby room and try not to take too long, or I can hang out for 25 minutes figuring out how the heck I feel about Roz. I've been kind of putting it off.

RIPPING AND TEARING A WAY OUT IS ALSO A GREAT IDEA. But I'll need max strength plus Roz boosting it to pull that off, I think!
No. 255556 ID: a09a03

Sigh wistfully at 2.

He's so dreamy.

You will never know him.
No. 255557 ID: c71597

Well Roz is rather simple. You got a scratch in the nethers and he can scratch it, just need to get him to be a bit less egotistical and he would probably be quite decent at it. No need to make it any more complex than that.

You should probably go looking for an electrical socket. Or anything not vital with power running through it, you need some more delicious electricity.
No. 255568 ID: 4c7b39

Eh. Roz's a nice enough guy. I figure the reason he's a bit... Off is because he's probably been alone most of his life and doesn't quite know how to express himself any other way.

Or maybe he has and he's a bit of a dick. But if he hasn't started walking you around like a meat puppet, odds are he likes what's attached up on your shoulders.
No. 255569 ID: ea628e

Hey hey lets move we need to find out how Betsy got in there lah?
No. 255574 ID: 2563d4

What's behind that tiny door at the north?
No. 255632 ID: dad664

Obviously you need to channel your inner Timelord in order to fully understand how dimensional transcendence works, then apply that knowledge in order to convert Betsy's cell into a handy-dandy pocket size.

Feel free to browse the Timey-Wimey Wibbley-Wobbley section while you're at it.
No. 255635 ID: d677cc

Roz is trying.

Uh, Iunno. What's through that tiny door back there?
No. 255714 ID: f57857

Is the mean scientist jerk still there? Maybe you can ask him if he has any pokeballs. Also, can you show us a map of the complex with the areas we've been through marked?

And this too, he would have been a good shponstuka, but now you will never have.
No. 255717 ID: 70e5c6

Betsy's cage is looking *mighty* tasty right now. ;3

Initiate OM NOM NOMMING for great justice.

Multitask and chat with Roz with your mouth full.

No. 255795 ID: e973f4

No. 255806 ID: 24a9bd

okay I can't possibly come up with something better than this
No. 255861 ID: f1df52


"They got Besty in here somehow."

Yeah, either that or Betsy was born inside the tank.
No. 255864 ID: 2563d4

Yes. Put your insatiable appitite to good use.
No. 255883 ID: 192c6d


I smell superconductors (and maybe chocolate!)
No. 255892 ID: fba40f

This... is actually a fairly decent solution. Do it.
No. 255921 ID: dda667

This is pretty definitely the best solution, yeah.
No. 256209 ID: 6547ec
File 128974073788.png - (14.98KB , 600x450 , 242.png )

There's some places I'd rather he not be scratching!

I'm still a little hesitant to shock myself. It felt good, but it also gave me this weird scar.

Yeah, he's a giant perv, but he at least knows when to be considerate, I guess. Sigh, maybe I'm over-thinking this.

"Roz, about earlier--"

"Hey, hey. There's no need to commit, babe~ We can still be friends if you want. Friends with benefits, maybe~"

"I can't believe you," Titzi says. "I should slap you with my fin."

I continue. "I don't know why I kissed you or why I said what I did. I mean, it didn't even make sense, you know? Maybe the stress is getting to me."

"I know one way to relax you~"

Titzi raises her fin threateningly.

"I mean, don't worry about it. Commitment is overrated~"
No. 256210 ID: 6547ec
File 128974074852.png - (15.09KB , 600x450 , 243.png )

"Gubbeh fubbeh!"

"But maybe it wouldn't be so bad..."


"Er, you should have told me you were hungry~ I could have filled you up~"

...Why was I starting to like this guy, again?
No. 256211 ID: 6547ec
File 128974076296.png - (11.32KB , 600x450 , 244.png )

I manage to get most of the cage (and Betsy's restraints) down. Betsy dances happily for a bit, then floats in place looking at me intently.

Ah... So good... I think my stomach's going to explode.

"You ate the entire thing!?" Titzi asks, sounding completely shocked. "You've let that thing out!"

Titzi suddenly grins. "Then again, I was starting to get pretty hungry..."
No. 256212 ID: 6547ec
File 128974078779.png - (14.85KB , 600x450 , 245.png )

That did it, and then some!

I have enough energy to upgrade! I can improve SPEED AND STAMINA, SENSES, STRENGTH, (boobsiguess), and MYSTERIOUS UPGRADE NUMBER FIVE WHICH HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT DREAMWORM INSIDE ME which I'll call ROZ for short.
No. 256213 ID: 6547ec
File 128974080194.png - (7.88KB , 600x450 , 246.png )

A shower room. Huh, I kind of expected a dead body or something. I mean, a certain someone loves throwing shocking things in bathrooms and showers, but this place is completely empty!
No. 256214 ID: 6547ec
File 128974085642.png - (12.98KB , 600x450 , 247.png )

I've been just about everywhere. There were a couple of unexplored things in the second science room that could contain what I'm looking for, and there's a couple more rooms I've not been to at all.
No. 256216 ID: 2563d4

It can only be Roz.

Check the stalls for decayed corpses.
No. 256217 ID: 1578e2

Upgrade Roz!

He loves you in a certain way Venji so be nice to him.

Also stop ignoring Betsy. If you hug her physical body, does she respond?
No. 256218 ID: 5f2683

100% more boobsiguess.
No. 256220 ID: 8d7dd2


Upgrade ROZ.


Ignore disapproving stare from SINK.

Consider PERSONAL HYGIENE and act accordingly.
No. 256221 ID: fba40f

Upgrade Roz, ponder the lack of even normal bathroom nastiness
No. 256231 ID: c71597

Upgrade Strength, so we can rip and tear apart the doorways so Betsy can get through.

Take a nice and relaxing shower while you wait for your old friend to wake up. Then we can go check out the other sciency room thingies.
No. 256244 ID: 383006

Roz is the best of all possible upgrades. Also, did we fool with the box that said "uh oh" in front of it in the species lab? If not, let's do that.

I say go back to More Science and fool with things yet un-fooled-with after that. We have time till our new friend wakes up.
No. 256245 ID: e973f4

Upgrade Roz.

Hahahaa, Titzi is terrified of Betsy. That's kind of adorable.
No. 256252 ID: 22f59b

Roz. Turn all the faucets on! These jerks deserve a high water bill!
No. 256256 ID: 0310e1


Upgrade Roz!

Also, make sure there isn't anything in the stalls.
No. 256262 ID: 5fe4a8

Upgrading Roz ftw! To see what it does, if nothing else.

Also, better make sure Titzi understands that Betsy is a friend.
No. 256264 ID: e973f4

Actually, in regard to these...

Betsy: Independently decide to give Titzi a hug as part of your desire to show the world your newfound hope (because you're not a direct player character and we obviously can't tell you to do this).
No. 256270 ID: a09a03

Upgrade Str
No. 256274 ID: dda667

Upgrade hugs.
No. 256277 ID: d4f784

No. 256278 ID: 1854db

Let's see what upgrading Roz does.
No. 256285 ID: 80bb9a

Ah, well. Can't hurt to update Roz.
No. 256342 ID: 192c6d

No. 256366 ID: a09a03

>Can't hurt to update Roz.
Actually, I can think of a potential downside to giving tentacles or other additional body parts to a horny creature that lives inside Venji's body.
No. 256378 ID: f52552

Move the upgrade screen over a little, so we can see if there's anything else to upgrade.
No. 256393 ID: fba40f

>potential downside
You mean upside.
No. 256556 ID: 6547ec

Upgrade Roz so hard he branches out into a whole new tree.
No. 256756 ID: f14b91

Upgrade Roz's boobs.
No. 256766 ID: bcf7a7

No. 256774 ID: fba40f

No. 256806 ID: 8092e6

No. 256816 ID: 20fc85


wonder why he has a sex interest in Venji when he clearly has NO MALE GENITALS. We don't even know he's a he...

we need proof. Venji, acquire proof of male gender.
No. 256855 ID: 2563d4

Not this.

He is the last bastion of masculinity in this Y-chromosone-forsaken place.
No. 256868 ID: 5a2e05

Upgrade Roz's pecs then. Manly boobs.
No. 257300 ID: 6547ec
File 128997322233.png - (12.72KB , 600x450 , 248.png )

Oh! "Hi Roz!"

"Hu-what oh I was just um nothing haha hi there~"


"I was napping."


What? That's really silly! That'd just turn him into an object for people to gawk at!

No. 257302 ID: 6547ec
File 128997323439.png - (9.93KB , 600x450 , 249.png )

"Huh!? What are you doing!?"

"Mwahaha! You're so obsessed with me getting breasts, well let's see how you like them!"


"I dunno~, I kind of like you like this~"


"Haha, okay, okay."
No. 257303 ID: 6547ec
File 12899732452.png - (14.84KB , 600x450 , 250.png )

I decide to try out the ROZ upgrade instead of removing the last bit of masculinity from this adventure.
No. 257304 ID: 6547ec
File 128997326852.png - (10.46KB , 600x450 , 251.png )

Hmm. Nothing's different. Maybe I need to put more levels into it before I can transform into some kind of awesome fishwoman?

Could it have affected my mind? I hope it doesn't make me into a pervert like Roz. If both of us think like him we'll never get out of here.
No. 257305 ID: 6547ec
File 128997329977.png - (10.67KB , 600x450 , 252.png )

>Betsy: Independently decide to give Titzi a hug as part of your desire to show the world your newfound hope
Titzi lets out a terrified squeak as Betsy hugs her! She floats there motionless, mouth agape.

"venji please get this thing off me please pretty please" She says quietly.

I giggle a bit to myself, then ask Betsy to give Titzi some space until she gets used to her.
No. 257306 ID: 6547ec
File 128997331236.png - (8.94KB , 600x450 , 253.png )

I decide not to travel too far for now. I want to be around when my friend wakes up! I head to the shower room. Titzi quickly follows behind me.

"You shouldn't be afraid of Betsy," I say, "She's friendly. And call it a hunch but I think she's in a good mood."

"A friend? It attacked you!"

I explain to Titzi my experiences inside Betsy's mind. After I finish, Titzi says she's not willing to trust her yet, but she'll let her live...for now.

Titzi's bravado is kind of cute.

The shower stalls are empty. Inside the drawers I see some cleaning chemicals, and a bunch of towels.
No. 257307 ID: 6547ec
File 128997332494.png - (42.84KB , 600x450 , 254.png )

>Take a nice and relaxing shower while you wait for your old friend to wake up. Then we can go check out the other sciency room thingies.
Ah, this is so relaxing. I stand under the shower-head and let the water wash away the past few hours.

I really needed this. If Roz and Titzi hadn't cheered me up with their respective silliness, I might not have been able to handle that scientist's words. I'm really glad to have them around.

"Hey, um, Venji..." I hear Roz say from behind me. "I guess you sure showed me with that boob thing, huh."

"Aw, you're not mad at me again, are you?"

"No, it's just...um, I guess I see how you feel now. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable and stuff. I'll stop if you want me to. I was only being playful with you 'cause I like you and stuff."

"Roz, I--"
No. 257308 ID: 6547ec
File 128997333744.png - (56.94KB , 600x450 , 255.png )


Wow, he looks a little different. Would further upgrades change him more? I can't help but wonder what a Roz-boost would do now.
No. 257310 ID: 6547ec

We must do science. Apply the Roz boost to your Roz stat.
No. 257318 ID: d677cc


No. 257320 ID: e3f578

It probably makes him into more of a gentlemen
No. 257329 ID: d34c1d

Test what a new roz boost would do to your chest~
No. 257332 ID: 247444

Bah, we had that boosted earlier.

No. 257333 ID: 669e52

he has three head doodles now.
No. 257341 ID: 8555c2
File 12899755413.jpg - (106.11KB , 1280x854 , SCIENCE.jpg )

>>We must do science. Apply the Roz boost to your Roz stat.
do it
No. 257347 ID: 4c7b39

"Hey Roz. I guess I should apologize for that. It's just, well, I wanted to let you know how I feel for once. It's just that you weren't helping me get over that whole 'being bred to, well, breed' thing. I guess it was wrong, and it was hypocritical for me to put that on you.

Now. Uh. You're glowing. What's with that?"
No. 257349 ID: c71597

Maybe the Roz boost makes Roz more sensitive to the emotional states of his host. This requires further study. The Roz boost must be applied for great SCIENCE!
No. 257352 ID: 1854db

He looks handsome. Well, more mature anyway.

For all his flirting, I wonder if the two of you could actually do anything physical together? At any rate... it's not that bad so long as he keeps it somewhat low-key.
No. 257391 ID: 70e5c6

Yo dawg, I heard you like Roz, so I put a Roz in your Roz...

Do it (if possible). ;D
No. 257393 ID: a41aaf


I guess the slot upgrades Roz' charm stat.
No. 257399 ID: 5f2683

Hot shower scene is GO!
No. 257400 ID: 2563d4

Everyone must do science.
No. 257513 ID: 20fc85


or at the very least ask if he feels different...
and if he has man parts... cause we keep calling him a he when he so far appears to be an it...

How do we know dreamworms are not asexual or something... or have 20 different sexes?
No. 257715 ID: 6547ec
File 12900920168.png - (76.75KB , 600x450 , 256.png )

Oh geez! I really don't think that was a good idea!
No. 257716 ID: 6547ec
File 129009203130.png - (131.36KB , 600x450 , 257.png )

Roz pops out of me and begins to transform!

"Venji what did you do what did you do!?"

"I--I don't know! I'm sorry!"
No. 257717 ID: 6547ec
File 129009205036.png - (87.24KB , 600x450 , 258.png )

He turns into...me? What's going on!?

"Roz, are you okay!?"

"I don't know. I think so. I feel really hot all of a sudden."

"Why did you turn into me? ...Why am I skinny and busty."
No. 257718 ID: 6547ec
File 129009206564.png - (83.58KB , 600x450 , 259.png )

"Oh, I guess it was the first thing I thought of~"

"This was the first thing that popped into your head!?"

"Aha, I knew it~ These DO look great~ You should totally get them~"

Argh! And here I was thinking he had matured a little.

Nope. But it means what he said earlier was honest...

>For all his flirting, I wonder if the two of you could actually do anything physical together? At any rate... it's not that bad so long as he keeps it somewhat low-key.

And I don't see how we could do anything physical with him like this, anyway.
No. 257719 ID: 6547ec
File 129009208196.png - (49.67KB , 600x450 , 260.png )

Roz grows larger! He looks a little more like his old self. Except huge.

"I can't control it! I can't make it stop!"

"Don't worry! I'll... I'll think of something!"

This isn't what I had in mind when I said I'd think of something!
...Wow. He's male, all right.
No. 257722 ID: 6547ec
File 129009220688.png - (56.36KB , 600x450 , 261.png )

Roz changes form again! If he gets much bigger, he won't be able to fit in this room.

"Geez! Is this what adult dreamworms look like?"

"No, I don't think so. Having arms and legs is really weird. I don't think I like this."

"Hmm. Think you could rip and tear us a way out of this place like that?"

"Um...maybe? I don't think I could keep this up long enough to do that."

I don't think the ROZ BOOST will turn off on its own. I better be careful not to wear him out too much. I'd hate to imagine what would happen if I over-exerted him.
No. 257727 ID: f52552

In that case, hug and apologise for trying it without clearing it with him first.
No. 257730 ID: 698a22

Awesome, we can use him like some kind of perverted summon.
No. 257737 ID: 2563d4

>I better be careful not to wear him out too much.

How long until TESAUHREK HUGZ?
No. 257741 ID: b94610

It seems like the more panicked he gets the huger he's getting. We need to calm him down somehow. I think you should start singing to him.
No. 257743 ID: 7d4c36

First of all, is he still growing? If so, something needs be done.

He should still be sort-of connected to you, right? Ask him if he can funnel all this excess energy out over your other upgrades. If we keep it even between all of them, there shouldn't be enough energy in one place to do any damage.

No. 257751 ID: a41aaf

He's still connected via a sort of string-thing.

Roz = ROV
No. 257756 ID: 0d5620

You need to give him some kind of relief from all this magika pressure he's building up. Like a handjob or something. (Arm-job?)

Hey, if we put enough normal upgrades into Roz, he'll turn into a huge dragon all the time and be able to smash his way out of this place!

It'll be really weird if he's a huge dragon who lives inside you. You'd be like a walking Bag of Holding. That'd be cool actually.

Can you move upgrade points around?
No. 257763 ID: d677cc

Oh man, if we can put all of our current upgrade points into Roz somehow, that'd be hilarious.

Obviously, we need to get him to go one level beyond the one he's at, where, based on the pattern we've seen so far, he'll look like a dreamworm that happens to be comparable in size to a train. |3
No. 257768 ID: 20fc85

nah... he just needs to calm down...

And I'm guessing he's too big now for any sexual or physical method of doing this...

Best we can do is get his mind off self power...
You know, kinda like thinking of something else to get your mind off a song that's stuck in your head

I say ask him why he likes you or something. He really does like you, and its near guaranteed to get his mind off his action.
No. 257771 ID: 968a44

Clearly you must RIDE HIM.
No. 257776 ID: 2563d4


Like a mechanical bull.
No. 257777 ID: 2abeac

ride through all the walls!

No. 257782 ID: 954cda

Compliment him on his assets ~
No. 257786 ID: e3f578
File 129011793451.jpg - (8.02KB , 219x230 , bpitt.jpg )

Tell him to think of Brad Pitt. I don't care if you don't canonically know about him now you do because I posted this picture of him and you all can see the forth wall.

Then tell him to see through the forth wall with you and think of being him. Trust me Veni you wont regret seeing a glowing blue Brad Pitt. It is time for YOU to be a pervert
No. 257787 ID: 20fc85

... WUT!?

I'm sorry, this action because of the quads...
No. 257805 ID: 6547ec

Obvious solution: Hugs. Huge hugs.
...Huge hugs while on his back.
No. 257808 ID: c71597

Eh, he would probably just fall asleep and not bother you with perverted stuff. But now we know we can get out. By riding him as a mechanical bull as he rips and tears his way out. Go and check how much longer it will be until your friend wakes up.
No. 257832 ID: 954cda
File 129012313026.jpg - (33.25KB , 400x400 , dr-manhattan_l.jpg )

Glowing... blue...
No. 257884 ID: 1578e2

You know, He might not get that many chances to have you actually touch his more... male parts.

Might be a good way of calming him down. Once he's done, I mean. :9
No. 258009 ID: 9618e3

Try to transfer the Roz boost back into one of your stats. We should get outside (or at least find a much larger room) before we start experimenting with this.
No. 258078 ID: 20fc85

Have Roz use boost on your breast skill
He'll probably loose his boost in his ecstasy or something...
No. 258100 ID: 4784be

Roz should stay as he is. He's .. kind of awesome right now.
No. 258209 ID: 8555c2
File 129022837859.jpg - (125.97KB , 1280x854 , 1220529723329.jpg )

Divert runaway Roz boost power into breasts.
No. 258252 ID: 3dc99a

Do this.
No. 258388 ID: fba40f

Divert boost into Hips upgrade
No. 258397 ID: d4f784

put boost into strength; punch your way out of the lab
No. 258581 ID: 6547ec
File 129031857520.png - (12.47KB , 600x450 , 262.png )



"...I still don't trust you."
No. 258582 ID: 6547ec
File 129031859611.png - (47.04KB , 600x450 , 263.png )


"What the hell!?"
No. 258583 ID: 6547ec
File 12903186123.gif - (23.73KB , 600x403 , 264.gif )


No. 258584 ID: 6547ec
File 129031862532.png - (8.22KB , 600x450 , 264.png )

Oh right I was trying to help him. I hug Roz!


What? Hugs aren't the answer? Did we switch authors?
No. 258586 ID: 6547ec
File 129031865337.png - (61.88KB , 600x450 , 265.png )

Roz transforms again and I fall to the ground!

"Ow! That really--"


"....Nice," I say.

Yes. Oh, you meant-- right.

>It is time for YOU to be a pervert
"Now this is more like it," I say as I get up and walk to Roz. We stand there looking at each other for a moment in silence. I begin to smile.
No. 258587 ID: 6547ec
File 129031867050.png - (37.72KB , 600x450 , 266.png )

"You know, you've been flirting with me since we met, and I wasn't sure how to react. It felt weird, and I think I realized why."

"Um, why is that?" He asks, looking a little uncomfortable.

"I don't want to be anyone's 'toy'. I think..."

I place one hand on his shoulder and carress his back with the other.

"...I think I prefer to be the one in charge."

"Um, Aw yeah, g-girl~" He says, his voice shaking slightly.

I begin rubbing his chest gently.

"W-wait what are you--?

"I changed my mind. From now on, you belong to me~"

W-w-wait I-I-I don't think I-uh-"

"Are you nervous~? Don't tell me you're all talk~"


I slowly move my hands downward...
No. 258588 ID: 6547ec
File 129031868564.png - (48.76KB , 600x450 , 267.png )


"Oh--! Titzi! Hi!"

"I can't believe you! You spend all this time ignoring his advances and all of a sudden you're acting like a horny teenager? Get a hold of yourself!"

"I can't help it! I mean... Look at him!"

"He looks like a human. Since when do dreamworms transform, anyway? Change back and stop manipulating her, worm!"

"But she's the one--"

"Don't talk back to me! I'm THIS close to biting you both."
No. 258589 ID: 6547ec
File 129031870110.png - (34.51KB , 600x450 , 268.png )

I don't know what came over me. Does... Does this mean I officially like him?

Argh, concentrate. Let's fix the Rozonance Cascade. I'll just divert his boost to--


They vanish within moments. I guess he used up most of his energy being a hot dragon-thing.

Suddenly, I hear a hissing noise and the sound of wires snapping.
No. 258590 ID: 6547ec
File 129031872311.png - (10.92KB , 600x450 , 269.png )

My 'old friend' has awoken.

She moves her head as if looking around, sniffs the air a bit, and begins to growl.
No. 258597 ID: e3f578

Damn Titzi ruined your fun. Man, you should get on her ass about not letting you enjoy yourself once in a while, saying that you mainly did that to show Roz what it's like to be obnoxiously flirted with.

Besides, HOW DARE SHE MAKE THAT TONE WITH YOU! She's not the boss of you, what a bitch, gawd. Next time we make a Rozanance Cascade we are making him transform into such a manly shark you wouldn't believe.
No. 258608 ID: 1854db

She's smelling Titzi and Betsy. Tell her to calm down, we're all friends here. It's Venji. You remember us, right? We brought you back!
No. 258616 ID: 7bfbae

just approach slowly and calmly and let it smell you.
No. 258618 ID: 9bd27f


Throw caution to the wind. Tackle hug, and squeal shrilly, then start chatting like a couple of teenage gossips. Titzi will probably bite you, so it's a good thing you regenerate.
No. 258620 ID: d4f784

Fondle her feelers
No. 258621 ID: 6547ec

Despite previous failure, I still believe that hugs solve everything.

Tackle-hug your old friend before it has a chance to come to its senses and mistake you for something not adorable.
No. 258630 ID: 6547ec
File 129034114055.png - (8.31KB , 600x450 , 270.png )

Hey, that's right! It's not her business what I do and who I do it with! I really want to get onto her, but I shouldn't show hostility in front of my friend. It'll have to wait.

...Hmph. Next time I'm totally making Roz into a sexy shark and we'll see how much willpower miss high-and-mighty has!

Wait. I don't think I want her making out with my Roz! I mean. Roz.

I'm really tired.
No. 258631 ID: 6547ec
File 129034115273.png - (13.07KB , 600x450 , 271.png )

"Hey, don't worry. We're all friends here."

"Grr, a familiar smell? ...It can't be."

"It's me, Venji. You remember me, right? Please tell me you remember me."

No. 258632 ID: 6547ec
File 129034116591.png - (12.92KB , 600x450 , 272.png )

"Venji!" She exclaims as she raises up.

"Eee!" I react without thinking and run to her!
No. 258633 ID: 6547ec
File 129034117893.png - (60.56KB , 600x450 , 273.png )

We embrace. Her feelers rub all over me, taking me in. My tails move on their own, the first time they've done so since I woke up. They wrap around her tails, and I feel her warmth through them. It's so familiar, so comforting.

"Awr, I never thought I'd see you again. I'm so glad you're here. I'm so glad."

"I'm glad to see you, too," I say. "I just wish I could remember you."

She responds with a questioning purr.

I explain to her my situation. How I woke up in the tube, how I remember nothing before then, and everything I went through up until now. After I finish my story, she smiles sweetly and offers to answer any questions I might have. Maybe it'll help me remember who I was.

I have so many questions for her. What I should ask first?
No. 258634 ID: 9618e3

How long has she known you (Venji) for? What's the earliest thing she knows about you?
No. 258635 ID: 1578e2

Were you guys friends, or more than that?

What did you (Venji) used to do around the place? Apparently you had enough freedom to meet and interact with people.

How does she feel about getting the heck out of here?
No. 258636 ID: 2563d4

Ugh. What a disgusting flat face.

Which one of you topped?
No. 258638 ID: c71597

Ask her what the hell has been going on and if she knows what kind of life would await you if you could get out of here.
No. 258656 ID: f1df52

Ask her about the other creatures in the room. Ask her about your past, and hers, and stuff like that.
No. 258686 ID: 9618e3

Also what's her name, why was she put in a tube and what's the last thing she remembers before now.
No. 258723 ID: 701a19

What's her name?
Also, does she know where we could scrounge up more chemicals to wake up the rest of these specimens?
No. 258883 ID: 6547ec
File 129040101195.png - (53.27KB , 251x138 , 250px-Zero_Iris.png )

Who are you? Who am I? What are we doing here?
What am I fighting fooooor?
No. 259167 ID: 6547ec
File 129051261646.png - (267.19KB , 600x450 , 274.png )

"We've known each other since we were young," she says. "You were really shy back then. I remember asking if you'd lead me around so I wouldn't bump into things. You agreed, but would just lead me around silently. It took some time, but you eventually warmed up to me."

"I was shy? I don't feel shy..."

"That's because I got you to come out of your shell! Rrr, I was so happy when you started talking to me. We would hang around the lantern and speak for hours after they turned off the lights. It was a nice break from all the experiments and tests they put us through."

"What exactly did I do around here? Was I free to move about?"

"Yes, for the most part. I think they gave you a lot of freedom to test your loyalty. You mostly solved puzzles at first, and as you got older they began teaching you about combat and diplomacy."
No. 259169 ID: 6547ec
File 129051269169.png - (10.17KB , 600x450 , 275.png )

"Um, were we just friends or um, more than friends?" I ask.

She suddenly moves really close to me.

"Awr~ What do you think, dearie? I'll always remember our nights together..."

"Um. Er. I didn't know I was into--"

"You were into a lot of things~"
No. 259170 ID: 6547ec
File 129051270318.png - (9.80KB , 600x450 , 276.png )

"Hehehe, just kidding. Of course we were just friends."

"Oh. h-haha, of course."

Hmm. Maybe I should apologize to Roz. He's said a lot of perverted stuff, but he hasn't really done anything 'forward' since the first couple of times I met him. He even offered to stop, and I responded by molesting him. I hope I haven't scared him off...

Argh-- Focus, Venji!

"Um, what's your name, anyway?"

No. 259171 ID: 6547ec
File 129051272539.png - (291.48KB , 600x450 , 277.png )

"Was it just you and me, then?"

"Rrr, not quite. Most of the scientists only worried about their precious data, but one of them was different. He really seemed to care about us. The three of us would often play together when we finished our tests, and he'd even reward us with cookies if we were really good. He was the only good human among the lot of them."

"What about the other creatures? Were we all friends?"

"They didn't interact very much with us. I don't know much about them."

"Could we find more chemicals to wake them up?"

"Rrr, Maybe. I couldn't tell you where those would be located, though."

"We're working on getting out of here," I say." You should come with us! Do you know what awaits us on the outside?"

"Of course I'll come with you, Venji. I don't know what's out there, but I think I'll be okay now that you're here."
No. 259172 ID: 6547ec
File 12905127382.png - (106.02KB , 600x450 , 278.png )

"Why were we separated, anyway?" I ask, "I woke up alone in a cave."

Ashela gets a sad look in her eyes. "Awr, are you sure you want to know?"

I nod, ignoring the brief glimpse of a train in the corner of my vision. I'll punch it later.

"One day, you started acting...different. You became more and more aggressive and secluded. You wouldn't talk to me at all. They did something to you, I just know it!

After a particularly violent episode, the scientists tranquilized you and carried you off. Jacob came back a couple hours later in tears. He was angry, shouting about how he just needed more time."

"Time for what?"

"I don't know-- he was ranting pretty incoherently. He said he was making real progress, but they wouldn't listen. You were out of control and he couldn't stop them from euthanizing you."

No. 259174 ID: 6547ec
File 12905128325.png - (3.87KB , 600x450 , 279.png )

"They killed you, Venji."


I don't know how to react.
No. 259175 ID: 476456

you'll get over it
No. 259176 ID: 1578e2

So you are a zombie. That doesn't mean you can't love! ;_;
No. 259178 ID: 1854db

...uh, so how come we're alive now? And, that guy in the monitor before, was that Jacob? Maybe he really *isn't* evil?
No. 259179 ID: 9b7e5c

Correction. They tried to kill you.
Afterall, you kind of are here, standing, breathing, eating (and how!), having tingly feelings whenever Roz flatters you, drekecetera.

Apparently you're just made of sterner stuff.

Next step: finding out what they did that turned you aggressive / recluse.
No. 259181 ID: f4e0e7

Oh. Huh. Maybe we should try and figure out how to go apologize to Jacob now.
No. 259190 ID: c71597

Joke with her that they obviously didn't do a good enough job to keep you down.

Ask her if she knows about what happened here. Like what's with all the old bloodstains and stuff.
No. 259191 ID: 10f195

Walk it off.
No. 259192 ID: feb4a2

"Well, they didn't do a very good job of it"
No. 259213 ID: 6547ec

Don't write Jacob off as not evil just yet; it's entirely possible, and somewhat probable, that he caused whatever made you flip out in the first place.

Also, you can worry about being dead the next time you're actually dead. Might want to find out what flavor of goo was in that tube you found yourself in a thread ago, though; it's apparently the really good stuff.
No. 259219 ID: 620bfb

Well, think of it this way.

You got better!
No. 259222 ID: 20fc85

well, consider you woke up inside a tube...

You were revived. For what purpose: WE don't know. The tube was definitely made to assist in this revival.

You aren't a zombie. You're still you. Your heart may have stopped, but your brain was all still there.
But this is your life to decide. Make the most of it.

Now, then. You react by enjoying life to its fullest.
And getting new determination to make the most of your new life... by putting your energy into getting out.
No. 259224 ID: ea5ab0

Dude, remember when we said how awesome Titzi was for being an awesome flying shark?

You came back to life! That is totally sweet. Now you have an awesome flying shark and zombie (using that term loosely) combo team!
No. 259232 ID: e3f578

They should fucking know how hard it is to kill a tozol. They must have expected for your biology to un-euthanize you. Come on this shit happens all the fucking time. People sorta die, then they sorta come back to life! Get with the program you stupid scientists. Not that I want you dead, it's just that these villains are just sooooo stupid I can't but help to complain.

Oh when you get to see them you're gonna give them such a pinch, then pinch PittRoz on the buttocks, or Will Smith Roz if we want to also got there.

You know that gets me curious, what WERE you into... and this diplomacy... are we talking Problem Sleuth diplomacy, Diplomat diplomacy, politician diplomacy, or "diplomacy"
No. 259262 ID: 20fc85

oh right... you're a tozol.

Tozol's don't die by usual euthenization
you all just regrow what died and even when your consciousness is out, your body still fixes yourself.
No. 259516 ID: 1854db

Venji, I think your brain is damaged. Your emotions are all over the place. Just jumping from extreme to extreme... plus there's the voices in your head and the fact that you lost your memory. Maybe that scar on your head is from a bullet hole? Ask your old friend about your scars.
No. 259537 ID: 6547ec
File 129063837822.png - (21.08KB , 600x450 , 280.png )

I can't help but sit down.

I don't know.

I don't think that's possible.

I don't think that was him.

I'm alive.

I'm still here.

I'm alive.

Maybe I'm invincible.

Maybe I'll be okay.

"You didn't have to tell her so bluntly."

"Awr. I guess I did get a little overdramatic..."
No. 259538 ID: 6547ec
File 129063839429.png - (12.39KB , 600x450 , 281.png )

"Are you okay?" Ashela asks, gesturing with her paw. I take her paw instinctively.

"Well, they obviously didn't do a very good job of killing me if I'm still here, hmm?" I chuckle weakly.

"I'm sorry," Titzi says. "I've been thinking of myself this whole time. I didn't know what you've been through."

"Neither did I," I reply. "But hey, I'm still here, right? Heheh."

I need to take my mind off of this.

"Ashela, what kind of 'diplomacy' was I being taught?"

"I'm not sure. They mentioned something about you helping calm...um...Tozzles...Toziles...Topples?"

Tozols. Of course it's that kind of diplomacy. That's not even surprising anymore! Hah. Hahah! Hahahahah!

Man I need some coffee.
No. 259539 ID: 6547ec
File 12906384386.png - (14.54KB , 600x450 , 282.png )

Maybe that that capsule saved me. Maybe the scientists underestimated me. I don't know, but I do know I've been given a second chance at life. I'm not going to waste it.

>Ask her if she knows about what happened here. Like what's with all the old bloodstains and stuff.
"This place is kind of a mess. Do you know anything about why there's blood everywhere?"

"Rrr, I've no idea. One day they rushed us to the pods, saying it was for our protection. This room is designed to be almost completely impenetrable, or so they claimed."

Maybe it's anger, maybe it's stress, but I feel like just escaping isn't good enough anymore.

It might be the 'Tozol' inside me, but I want to make them pay for everyone they experimented on, and I want revenge for what they did to me.

If I'm to stand any chance against them, I'll need strength. I'll need power. I need to upgrade as often as possible.
No. 259540 ID: 6547ec
File 129063845116.png - (14.97KB , 600x450 , 283.png )

...I need to eat EVERYTHING.

Wait. Am I picturing myself eating random things, or Roz? Why am I thinking about eating Roz? I'm just going to keep making this face and pretend I'm not thinking about this at all.

No. 259541 ID: 6547ec
File 129063852139.png - (13.06KB , 600x450 , 284.png )

There's a lot of areas that contain things I could eat. Alternately, I could head to storage to find chemicals to free the others, or visit a new area to find something for Betsy. Where to?
No. 259565 ID: 9bd27f


Consider eating brains... you know, just in case you're a zombie or something. Or even if you're not. Tozols eat brains right?
No. 259567 ID: 2563d4

I bet all that science is delicious. You'd better work out how to take Roz back inside you, though.

For the boosts, of course, so you can smash things.
No. 259568 ID: 7f2572

first thing is first- can betsy even leave the room she's in? it would suck to be trapped, we need to widen them doorways. eat the doors.
No. 259569 ID: c71597

Eat the SCIENCE!
No. 259576 ID: e3f578

You eat Roz you will never get to sample PittRoz or WillSmithRoz, or you won't get to screw with Titzi's head. We eat Roz when he betrays us. That'll do, dreamworm. That'll do.

Now then you've got some science to eat. Don't eat the syringes! That'll hurt like a bitch.
No. 259585 ID: 20820e

Alright girl, he's what we do.
You know all the rubble from when Roz crashed through that wall? Eat it.

You know the toilet paper holders in the bathroom? Eat them.

Eat everything that isnt poisonous under the sinks. Eat the sinks, eat the doors to those things under the sinks and the stall walls.

Eat ALL the doors.
Eat your jacket, eat all the jackets. Eat all the clothes you dont want to wear, even eat the plumbing if you must.

We could get Roz to smash everything into smaller portions for us, like the walls. We could eat those.

Not if she blunts the tips! Go at it, girl! Just dont get poisoned.
No. 259600 ID: 192c6d


Oh Venji... eating Roz? But you two haven't even gone on your first date yet! It's far too early for such 'games'~
No. 259604 ID: 6547ec

Hoo boy, I hope everyone's ready to go all katamari on this place.

Head to the barracks. That should have plenty of large, easy-to-digest things in it.
No. 259608 ID: 20fc85

Well... I'm sure there's something you can eat FROM Roz...

I'm kidding.

But arming up your group is a priority. If there's a lot of unarmed, they're just gonna get beaten.
So check out that new place
No. 259618 ID: 1854db

Did we explore the Showers *at all*? Let's check it out.
No. 259647 ID: 6071d3

If possible, avoid eating the toilets.
No. 259676 ID: 0d1fe9

No. 259678 ID: 192c6d


It will make us smart.
No. 259690 ID: f1df52

Go Venji, go and become a culinary katamari.
No. 260150 ID: 6547ec
File 129088980976.png - (7.48KB , 600x450 , 285.png )

I think I'm still alive, unless I'm some kind of robot or something but that'd be a really dumb plot-twist.

I...don't think Tozols eat brains.

Yes. There's nothing of note in them.

Roz is already inside me, resting. I won't be able to use another Roz-boost until he recovers.
No. 260151 ID: 6547ec
File 129088982648.png - (7.41KB , 600x450 , 286.png )

Hmm, yes. As long as he behaves like a good little boy, he'll be fine...

That's true, isn't it? Maybe we should slow down a little. I think stress has been getting to us both. ...Besides, he hasn't earned it yet.

Yes. If I eat all the science, I'll get a lot smarter and then I'll get my revenge by beating them in a science-off!

I'm pretty sure it works that way.
No. 260152 ID: 6547ec
File 129088985149.png - (11.96KB , 600x450 , 287.png )

The wall tastes terrible! Ptheh!

The toilet paper's not half bad, but isn't very filling.

"What are you doing." Titzi asks.


"I...see. Look, I know you just heard some shocking news, but you can't just gorge yourself on everything and fight the scientists without so much as a plan."

I spit out the horrible tasting wall. "I need to eat and get stronger. I have to make them pay."

"You're not thinking rationally right now. You'd only get yourself killed."

"I'll be fine! I can take care of myself! And I can make out with Roz if I want!" I say that last part without really thinking.

Titzi sighs. "I'm sorry for snapping earlier. I just think that worm is manipulating you, and I don't want to see you get hurt. Now, please take some time to calm down and then we can figure out what we're doing."
No. 260153 ID: 6547ec
File 129088987141.png - (9.41KB , 600x450 , 288.png )

Ugh this tastes so terrible! I think I'd get full long before I got Betsy out of here.

I feel something attach to my head, and thoughts flow into my mind. It's Betsy.

"I'm happy that you want to help me, but don't hurt yourself! I'm really patient and I know you'll think up a really good plan because you're smart and nice and awesome!"

I like Betsy.

Ashela giggles. "You're only supposed to eat metals and biological foods, silly. The rest won't do anything for you."
No. 260154 ID: 6547ec
File 129088989420.png - (8.78KB , 600x450 , 289.png )

I head to the S1-3 room. Ah, I see. It's three backgrounds in one.

I see a couple of dead creatures, but no real sign of a struggle. There's no blood.

The first room has a shelf, a box, and a weird computer-looking device.

The middle room has a bed, a desk, a capsule similar to the one I was in, and a locker.

The third room has a dead creature and a somewhat small box. I think I see something else, too.

Nearby there's a bunch of papers and a robot that's been broken apart.
No. 260155 ID: 6547ec
File 129088991559.png - (9.03KB , 600x450 , 290.png )

Forget that last part.

Ah, that hit the spot! I'm completely full.

"Awr, isn't that much better~?" Ashela asks.

"At least one of us is full. I wish these bodies were more recent," Titzi says.
No. 260156 ID: 6547ec
File 129088994123.png - (14.82KB , 600x450 , 291.png )

It's time to enhance my power. Looks like we've finally run out of new things to get.

I think improving Roz will allow him to boost a stat (or cause a Rozonance Cascade) longer, change his form further, and may give him other abilities.

What should I improve?
No. 260159 ID: b971a3

No. 260160 ID: 5f0943

No. 260161 ID: c04700

Gotta be STRONG! Like BEAR!
No. 260162 ID: f70163

Strength! We cant let Roz be the only strong one in this relationship, eh?
No. 260163 ID: 701a19

Strength or Roz.
Strength so you can PUNCH INTO WALLS and rip out the delicious metals inside.
Roz so you can eventually get him to PERMANENT ROZONENCE CASCADE.
No. 260164 ID: 70d9eb

Upgrade Roz, he deserves it after your horrible molestation of him.
No. 260165 ID: 71afaa

Speed, specialization ftw.

BTW, bury those poor guys. All that fluffiness couldn't help that Mok after all...
No. 260170 ID: c71597

More strength!

Oh yeah, and burry those guys. IN YOUR STOMACH!

Come on, you're a badass tozzle and a half robot. Your stomach should be able to handle some week old corpses or whatever without any greater problems. Titzi is just being a fuzzy eater, and they won't do anyone any good rotting in the ground or something silly like that. Better to use their bodies for a higher purpose.
No. 260171 ID: a695ae

strength. Its possible you may need to resort to pure muscle to break Betsy free.
No. 260175 ID: 5f2683

Get them mooscles, girl.
No. 260177 ID: fba40f

Strength. Specialization is for insects.

Also eat the robot.
No. 260181 ID: 620bfb

Moar powah!
No. 260187 ID: 2563d4

Roz. Tactical flexibility is incredibly powerful. Wear that dreamworm out!
No. 260252 ID: 6071d3

Get pumped. There is no end to the practical applications of physical strength. Like punching faces, lifting heavy stuff, and looking awesome in photographs.

Don't forget about those bodies either. Yes they're icky, no they probably don't taste good, but they're big heaping helpings of organic mass. Maybe hold your nose?

And eat anything metal in the room, too. Check any cabinets and drawers.
No. 260254 ID: 1854db

Investigate EVERYTHING.

First thing, investigate corpses. Second thing, investigate gun-like object. Third, investigate computer. Fourth, tuuuuuuuuube.
No. 260274 ID: 8bdb6a

Investigate that tube thing in the middle room.
No. 260297 ID: 6547ec

A stronger Venji can break things down into bite-sized pieces faster. After all, a lot of this facility is probably made out of metal, or can be construed as metal after a sound thrashing.

Once we max out raw power, though, we should look into boosting Roz so that we can apply the boost to our strength, for pretty much the same reason. Specialization is fun!
No. 260314 ID: f1df52

Go with strength, you need it to rip and tear.
No. 260446 ID: 0d1fe9

Boost Roz! We can uber max whichever abilty we need most for whichever situation we end up in.
No. 260469 ID: 8666c0

Boost strength, then proclaim how much you LOVE BEING STRONG!
No. 260525 ID: 6547ec
File 129100004819.png - (15.44KB , 600x450 , 292.png )

I improve my strength. Ooh, I feel like I could lift like, a bajillion kilograms!

Well, maybe not quite that much.

No. 260526 ID: 6547ec
File 129100006515.png - (7.85KB , 600x450 , 293.png )

I really don't want to eat them! Besides, there should be more than enough metallic things around that I'll be set for the next while. However...

"Titzi, I think you should eat these. They can't be all that old."

"You're kidding, right? I need fresh meat. Something that bleeds as I bite into it. Mmm..."

"Now isn't the time to be picky. I don't want you getting weak from hunger, especially if it comes at a bad time."

Titzi floats silently for a moment. "I guess you've got a point there. All right, fine."

She begins to eat the creature.
No. 260527 ID: 6547ec
File 129100009027.png - (4.81KB , 600x450 , 294.png )


That's really gross.
No. 260528 ID: 6547ec
File 129100012644.png - (5.32KB , 600x450 , 295.png )

This looks like quite the deadly weapon. I wonder if I should eat it.

Try as I might, I can't get the computer-like-thing to turn on. I pressed the power button and everything!

No. 260529 ID: 6547ec
File 129100015287.png - (8.39KB , 600x450 , 296.png )

Aww. It's sleeping peacefully...whatever it is.

I wonder what random combination of creatures this is? It looks far too goofy to be a purebred.
No. 260530 ID: 6547ec
File 129100018385.png - (9.57KB , 600x450 , 297.png )


I think I have enough strength now to force these open, but I might damage any sensitive objects inside.

"Rrr, I smell something in one of these drawers. It smells like plot."

Oh good-- We've been running low on that.
No. 260534 ID: 1854db

Hey, what's that power cord connect to? The computer?

Maybe you should plug the computer in.
No. 260537 ID: b971a3

No. 260545 ID: d0d015

Plug in the power cord and nibble on it.
No. 260549 ID: 701a19

Don't FORCE them, just EAT THE LOCKS OFF and open them!
No. 260557 ID: 20fc85

locked cabinets = wood/metal
wood is cellulose
cellulose is sugar
metal is metal

Eat locks
become fed
Get plot
No. 260567 ID: 2563d4

Ask Roz to pick the locks with his tongue. I bet this is totally a thing he could do if we had upgraded him.
No. 260570 ID: 6547ec

Pfft, he'll figure something out. Dreamworms can fit through any opening they can stick their tongue into, right?
No. 260582 ID: c71597

Nom your way into the cabinet, starting from the top.

Then plug in that chord and see if that fires up the computer. If not then eat the computer as well.
No. 260586 ID: a09a03

Use a chunk of debris as a lever to pry open a drawer. Slowly peel the metal away so as not to jostle the contents.

Or just look everywhere for a key.
No. 260700 ID: 6071d3

Examine the papers on the floor if you didn't eat them with the robot. Also apologize to the robot for eating it or thank it for the metal contribution. Or... something. Look, you just ate a robot, you MUST do something silly.

Room 1:
Look for anything close by that might help turn on the computer. A battery, a power cord, whatever. If you can turn it on, then look for any interesting information, especially anything about that thing floating in the tank. If nothing works, munch it.
Check the box for anything interesting.
Check the shelf for anything interesting.

Room 2:
Check the desk for information or anything interesting, especially info on that thing in the tank.
If the bed has a metal or wooden frame then eat it. Don't eat the mattress or padding or whatever. Might want to sleep on that later.
Nibble the locks off the cabinets. If that's not possible for some reason, then just eat the top off the cabinets and work your way down after setting aside the contents of each drawer.
Leave the tank alone for now. Get back to it when you know more.

Room 3:
Take the gun. If it looks broken eat it. If it looks functional, even if it doesn't have any ammo, then keep it.
Check the small box for anything interesting. Nibble the lock if it has one.

Eat everything in the room made of metal, wood, or cardboard once it is no longer useful.
No. 260873 ID: 6547ec
File 129114249264.png - (8.09KB , 600x450 , 298.png )

I don't think my mouth is shaped properly for this task!

Maybe! My tongue sure as heck isn't working. I'll have to ask him once he recovers. Tastes pretty good, though.
No. 260874 ID: 6547ec
File 129114251061.png - (9.43KB , 600x450 , 299.png )

Ooh, maybe that's why it won't turn on. I plug it in and press a button and the machine begins to power up. I'm good at computers!

Maybe just a little nibble...

"Rrr, what are you doing?" Ashela asks.


"You're not chewing on a power cord again, are you?"




"Don't you remember what happened last time? Oh-- right."
No. 260875 ID: 6547ec
File 12911425267.png - (66.11KB , 600x450 , 300.png )

Whoa! Bit too hard!

Ashela yelps in surprise. "Yikes! Yeah, that's pretty much what happened last time."

Once the initial shock wears off, I realize it doesn't actually hurt. Feels...kind of nice.
No. 260876 ID: 6547ec
File 12911425425.png - (71.50KB , 600x450 , 301.png )

The lights dim as I become more aware of my surroundings. It's similar in a way to when I enhanced my senses before, but it's also completely alien.

Inside the chest is...a document, and a round disk. In the cabinet I feel a lot of papers, and an object I don't recognize.

I become aware of my own body. Something feels off. Something's in me. What's in me
No. 260877 ID: 6547ec
File 12911425568.png - (53.42KB , 600x450 , 302.png )

What is it

it's all over me

it's wrong

it doesn't belong

get it out

get it out
No. 260878 ID: 6547ec
File 129114257260.png - (47.64KB , 600x450 , 303.png )

The lights go out completely as the electricity fails. It's completely dark in there.

I feel the others nearby.

"Holy shit, are you okay?" Titzi asks.

"Okay, that didn't happen last time," Ashela says.

My chest hurts.

>Examine the papers on the floor if you didn't eat them with the robot.
I look at Titzi...'s weird glowiness silently.

"Well, you seem okay," she says. "This is exactly what I meant when I said you'd end up hurting yourself! Anyway, I read the one note you didn't eat. It seems these guys were working on a device to shrink some of us for easier transport. We came to the right place if you insist on helping that...thing."
No. 260879 ID: 6547ec
File 129114261554.png - (81.49KB , 600x450 , 304.png )

I eat the cabinet. As full as I was earlier, I hardly feel anything now. I have no trouble freeing the strange device. I think there's a belt attached to it. Maybe this is what we were looking for?

The other drawers just contain documents. It's too dark in here to read any of them.

I move to eat through the lockers, but something else catches my attention.
No. 260880 ID: 6547ec
File 129114264517.png - (44.11KB , 600x450 , 305.png )

The box in the third room feels very strange, like it's smaller than it should be. I open it, and am not quite sure what I see before me.

It's like there's so much here, and yet there's nothing.
No. 260884 ID: 609d77

Great, so the scientists not only fetishized you, but also intended on keeping you in a Pokeball equivalent.

Congratulations, Venji, you are now Gardevoir.
No. 260889 ID: 2563d4

You and your electrostimulation fetish. Better go find the damn breaker box. Try Lab Control.

On the upside, we decanted the person who is least affected by your voltaic gluttony wrecking the lights.
No. 260892 ID: 71d466

Get the others, and dive right in!
No. 260898 ID: c71597

So, scientists dicover a way to minituarise and store creatures. You have something new and alien in your body that doesn't belong, possibly Roz but maybe not. Lets hope the two things aren't connected.

Find something to poke the interior of the box with.
No. 260900 ID: fba40f

Roz: Stop fucking with Venji
No. 260944 ID: 6071d3

Before you do anything else, inspect that thing inside you. Is this why your chest is hurting? Don't try pulling it out yet either, that could be dangerous or it could be Roz. Look at it, feel it. Can you tell what it might be? Why does it feel wrong? What is it doing? And does it mean you harm?

Examine the box a little more then try dropping something into it if you don't think it's dangerous. Bite off a piece of wall or something for that, though. Don't want to waste and item or food.

Oh and get a look at that thing in the tank. See if you can glean anything new about it now that you can see things differently.
No. 260984 ID: 2563d4

Roz: begin fucking with Venji. :3c
No. 260985 ID: a09a03

Stick something into the box and then try to pull it out. If you can do that and the stick isn't mangled or anything, stick your head in to see what's up.
No. 261070 ID: 6547ec

I hope that by 'something' you mean 'your tails'. Because that's totally what you should do with that box.
No. 261210 ID: 6547ec
File 129124228336.png - (112.47KB , 600x450 , 306.png )

I don't know what it is. If I could just-- argh, my SENSES aren't good enough to fully identify it! It makes me uneasy. I want to rip it out!

...But that might kill me a little.

It hurts, but not in a way I would expect something to hurt. It's almost like it's numbing me, preventing me from feeling completely alive.

I don't think it's Roz. I can't feel Roz. Why can't I feel Roz? Where is he? Roz? Roz!

I demand Roz either stop or start fucking with me, but there's no response.
No. 261211 ID: 6547ec
File 129124229888.png - (46.38KB , 600x450 , 307.png )

I examine the CAPSULE. The creature inside is still alive. I might be able to revive it without needing any chemicals.

It looks kind of vicious, but knowing this quest it probably just needs a hug.

Seriously. I could probably point the gun at my head and pull the trigger, and the bullet would stop just outside my skin, grow arms, and hug me before running off to live a happy bullet life making happy bullet children.

...By the precursors, what is wrong with me?
No. 261212 ID: 6547ec
File 129124231320.png - (44.08KB , 600x450 , 308.png )

I stick a tail into the box.

OH GOD THE AGONY IS UNBEARABLE oh it doesn't hurt at all. The inside feels cool and comfortable.

No reason not to.
No. 261213 ID: 6547ec
File 129124233626.png - (70.07KB , 600x450 , 309.png )

Wow, the inside's a lot bigger than the outside! I see a large scary face and some screens with a bunch of words on them. It speaks, ruining the lack of dialog we had going for a minute there.

"ID Card found. Greetings, Doctor Fightmaster. You have 432 hours of Vacation time available. Would you like to use them now?"

"What? What is this?"

"This is the prototype Portable Vacation Device (PVD), designed to simulate a relaxing environment for your pleasure."

"Really? This place isn't a huge infodump? Are you sure?"

"I'm afraid I do not have access to classified information. However, I am equipped to simulate multiple types of vacation areas and activities. Would you be interested in a massage?"

"I... Um..."

"If you would like to use your vacation hours, simply state your desire. Otherwise, you may say 'exit' and I will escort you out of here."

I don't have time for this...do I?
No. 261215 ID: e3f578

You want to go to a firing range or hunting grounds and learn some shootin' and lootin'

But before that let's also pop up a list of popular activities and co-worker's suggestions for curiosities sake
No. 261226 ID: 620bfb

Check if time flows at a different rate in here.
No. 261227 ID: d677cc

This doesn't seem like the most productive thing to be doing right about now.

Where the heck did Roz go, anyway? You'd figure he'd have to still be around here somewhere, because though you haven't heard from him in several updates a while, him being totally gone would probably result in you dying of dreamworm poisoning again, as was happening before you guys set up your weird symbiotic relationship thinger.
No. 261231 ID: a695ae

Ask for as much room as possible. in every direction. Maybe Betsy can fit comfortably in it.
No. 261232 ID: 6071d3

>I demand Roz either stop or start fucking with me
>start fucking with me
Roz did not respond to this. That is very, very worrisome. Do not freak out... yet. You took a pretty big jolt from that socket. Maybe Roz was just tazed?

>Wow, the inside's a lot bigger than the outside!
Awesome. Portable item storage and a portable inconspicuous hiding spot! Better hold on to it.
Although I bet if you eat the box you will be bigger on the inside.
Or violently explode. Probably shouldn't test that.

Yeah. Don't waste time right now. This change in your vision is definitely temporary. Put it to use while it lasts.
And find Roz. Your life may depend on it, but more importantly: he's the comic relief and magical day-saving maguffin!
No. 261238 ID: a09a03

There's insufficient information to deal with this Roz situation.

Try and figure out if time passes at a different speed inside vs outside the box. If it's slower inside, then pick some kind of comedically decadent and/or suggestive holodeck program to chill out in for several hours.
No. 261239 ID: 192c6d

Hmm... is it possible that you and Roz are now sharing a state of consciousness?

Like, you're seeing the world in Roz-o-Vision or something...
No. 261314 ID: c71597

An hour or two probably can't hurt. Invite in the others as well. They could probably do with some nice relaxation and stuff.
No. 261334 ID: 6547ec

If space is warped inside the box, time may, as well. Ask the interface about any difference between time flowing between the inside and outside. A vacation that employees can take without actually losing hours on the clock sounds like the sort of weird thing they'd use here.
No. 261342 ID: 383006

This is actually a Faffing About Device. We should take it with us just in case the plot starts moving forward. We were sort of faffing about anyway, so I don't think we need it at the moment.
No. 261343 ID: 2563d4

By which we mean an orgy.

If that doesn't wake Roz up, he's a goner.
No. 261371 ID: 6547ec
File 129132361968.png - (33.06KB , 600x450 , 310.png )

I poke my head out of the box and ask the others if they want in on this, but there's no response. I guess they're working on getting the power back on.

"Hey um, scary computer head, does time flow differently in the box?"

I hear a voice from below me.
"Time Kompression-- error-- Time compression is set at 0. Time is flowing normally."

"Okay. What's the max?"

"Time can be set as high as 50%, meaning every two minutes in here is equal to one minute of real time. Improved compression is currently in development for the final version of the PVD."

Yeah. It'd be kind of hard getting her in here, though.

Only one way to find out.
No. 261372 ID: 6547ec
File 129132363595.png - (13.83KB , 600x450 , 311.png )

"Show me a naked chick with large breasts!"

Within moments, I see a creature appear in front of me and assume a strange and uncomfortable pose. I stare intently at her curves, picturing myself running my hands up and down her body.

...Nope. Not being turned on. All I'm feeling is a little jealousy. I guess this means Roz and I aren't sharing our consciousness.


A moment passes, but nothing happens. Oh, Roz...
No. 261373 ID: 6547ec
File 129132365141.png - (31.14KB , 600x450 , 312.png )


Roz looks at me, then at the girl, then at me again, and then at the girl again. I stare at him, stunned.

"Well? Go on~ Don't let me stop you~"
No. 261374 ID: 6547ec
File 129132366443.png - (14.15KB , 600x450 , 313.png )

I immediately hug Roz.

"I'm so glad you're okay. I was really worried."

"Aww, does this mean you're not going to...?" Roz asks, sounding really disappointed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know a better way to get your attention."

"I was resting. Boosting your stats always tires me out."

"Well, yes, but you were gone a really long time. I was worried I hurt you or scared you off!"

"You kinda did."
No. 261376 ID: 6547ec
File 129132372055.png - (10.24KB , 600x450 , 314.png )

"I did?"

"You kept going back and forth between affectionate and annoyed, and then you turned me into a flat-faced human and molested me. You've been sending all kinds of mixed signals and I just didn't want to deal with it for a while."

"But I thought you wanted me to come on to you."

"Not like that. That was too fast. Too strong."

"I didn't realize-- I'm sorry."

Roz sighs. "When we merged, I saw your mind like you saw mine. You've always had issues with your body, and I kept flirting with you to help you realize how sexy you are. I mean, I was attracted to you the moment I saw you dive into my pond. I thought you'd leave so I stole a kiss or two to remember you by. That's how hot you are. Heh, I guess we're even now, huh?"

"Roz, I..."

"I'm not mad, I don't think, but I can't keep dealing with these mixed signals you're sending. The thought of commitment scares me, but I think I'd be willing to try if I didn't think you'd change your mind in five minutes. I'll be...fine if you're not interested in me, but I need to know for sure. What do you want, Venji?"

I guess I can't put this off anymore...
No. 261377 ID: 0d1fe9

No. 261378 ID: d677cc


No. 261379 ID: c71597

Sure you can put it off. It's really easy. You simply tell him that you can't really say right now, you're still pretty much undecided, after all you have only known him for a couple of hours, and your continued survival beyond a few hours is actually a bit uncertain. To put relationship crap into that volatile mix right now is shit you don't need to deal with. You will tell him once you have made up your mind.

Anyway, set time compression to 50% and get a nice relaxing short massage. Once you have gottee it you can pop out and see if your friends are in sight yet. The big morphic thing can probably find a way to flow into this place as well.
No. 261382 ID: 4531bc

No. 261386 ID: e3f578

Tell him your interested. Then explain that the simple fact that in his Brad Pitt mode he was more anatomically comparable with you so your interest shot up 11 times. Also its Brad fucking Pitt, if Roz looked into a mirror he'd have a mancrush on himself. Then remind him that you were genetically engineered for mostly kinky diplomacy so your affection and your engineered instincts probably kicked in a bit for such an... exceptional specimen.
No. 261391 ID: be5e0f

Don't you want Roz? I mean, even past the you attacking him when he turned into a hunk, you seemed to like him anyway. I see no problems.
No. 261395 ID: 1578e2

Venji you had better not lie. Spray love all over that tiny dreamworm.

Seriously you like him. Stop being so iffy about it and commit to at least dating for a while. It's not marriage, Venji, it's just a relationship.
No. 261402 ID: 20fc85

I'd say explaining that you're under a lot of stress...
I'm also assuming you do love this dreamworm, but are too stressed at times.

And so, say yes, but expect moments of extreme stress...

And he possibly will come back with some sort of "Let me relieve that" witticism...
No. 261416 ID: 6547ec

This looks like one of those rare cases where you have to stop listening to the voices in your head (including Roz, if he counts), and figure out what you want.

Which is almost certainly to stick with Roz, but hey. It's the independent thought that counts.
No. 261425 ID: 6071d3

-Gave up his old fishy life in the puddle to save your life without a moment's hesitation. That wasn't planned, he just did it.
-Just immature enough to fun be fun and spontaneous, but capable of being serious when it counts. He's totally ignoring the naked chick and focusing exclusively on you. What does that say?
-Willing to demean himself by acting like a pervert so you can feel better about yourself. (Maybe not the best solution, but it's the thought, right? Plus it was good for some laughs.)
-Wants to be with you, but willing to let you go if you don't want to be with him. In other words: puts your happiness first.
-Is super cute and a shape shifter. Awesome.


I'd say this is a perfect time to have a deep, meaningful romantic moment, wouldn't you? Give him a kiss already! Also turn off the naked chick. She'll just ruin the moment.
No. 261428 ID: 2563d4

That's surprisingly well-reasoned.
No. 261439 ID: 70d9eb

You want Roz, duh.
No. 261455 ID: a09a03

My vote is that five minutes from now you don't change your mind again.
No. 261462 ID: 192c6d


Venji, hon? If you're going to go for it, now's the time. If you really do want to be with him, you should probably give him a kiss...
No. 261468 ID: 620bfb

Kees de girl!

No. 261483 ID: ab7aa9

Tell him you want him to be happy. It always works.

Or kiss him, either way is fine.
No. 261492 ID: 701a19

You are CLEARLY interested in him, and it's obvious to everybody here that you honestly DO want him to stay with you.

Set time compression to 50, then tell him you're not sure either but you want to try.
Then kiss him~
No. 261516 ID: 70e5c6

THIS: >>261425

I mean, Roz is pretty much the only person that's believed in you, helped you every step of the way, and he's willing to throw away everything he knows just to be with you.

I mean, if male dreamworms are this kinky, imagine what the females are like! And Roz is willing to give that potential future up just to be your pet with benefits. :3

Just tell him you're confused, you're all under a lot of stress, and you don't know what's going to happen... but you want him to be there for you. And you want to be there for him, too. THEN FRENCH LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. ;D
No. 261543 ID: 1854db

Go ahead and tell him your brain's all fucked up. I mean, look at that scar on your head. Check the BACK of your head, maybe there's another scar from an exit wound. You have brain damage maybe? Also when he got turned into a human... maybe, that had to do with your 'training' before. There's one thing that's for certain though, you do like him and there is some possibility that maybe you could do stuff with him later, once we're out of here. No commitment yet though!

Also tell the computer to get rid of the girl simulation thing.
No. 261544 ID: 5310ec

Do you really know?

I mean, face it. Your memory is shot, you were stuck in a hole for the entirety of your days, and you are only recently learning about people. The one thing you would know for sure is that you want out of here.

But if it's going to be with anyone, it might as well be with someone that you know gives two damns about you. And you might as well go after daylight and see it for the first time with him.
No. 261565 ID: dad664

Yer gonna have to REALLY pump up the Roz stat if you want to be able to have any sort of intimacy with him y'know.

Otherwise it'll just be weird making it with a fish...eel..thing...eelfish.
No. 261590 ID: 6547ec
File 129142227693.png - (12.65KB , 600x450 , 315.png )

"...Where are we, anyway? Why is there a naked lady over there? What's with the big scary head?"

"Um, we're inside a vacation box thingy. This is kind of a, um, big science computer simulation thingy."

I'm not hungry.

What I want? I want to go back to when everything was light-hearted and the jokes were hilarious. All this plot is making me tired.

The lack of sleep isn't helping.
No. 261591 ID: 6547ec
File 129142229017.png - (14.16KB , 600x450 , 316.png )

A scar? How long has that been there? I search the back of my head, but don't feel anything. I dismiss the naked chick, not really needing her anymore.

"I do like you, but... I guess I'm as afraid of commitment as you are. For all I know these feelings are part of my 'design', and I hate that."

"But what if they aren't?"

"We're not even the same species."

"That shouldn't matter. I can turn into whatever you want with a boost."

"Even if I turned you into that human again?"

"I guess, if you promise to go easy on me next time."

"Maybe. But we've only known each other for a day, and I don't know if we'll survive the next. Adding emotions into the mix would distract us when we need to focus."

"But we've seen into each others' minds. We know more about each other than most people learn in a lifetime. And I think we'd focus more because we'd be more driven to survive."
No. 261592 ID: 6547ec
File 129142231788.png - (55.66KB , 600x450 , 317.png )

"...I'm really stressed and need to think. Mind if I get a massage?"

"Um, be my guest~?"

I ask the computer to set up a relaxing massage at...the beach or something. Roz looks around excitedly as the entire world around us begins to change.

"That's so cool~ I wish I had one of these in my pond!"

He's really cute, which isn't helping. I disrobe, thankful that he's taken this moment to look around behind me.

He's been trying to make me feel better about myself. I guess he didn't realize I was already feeling better since seeing myself in the mirror.
No. 261593 ID: 6547ec
File 129142233136.png - (72.30KB , 600x450 , 318.png )

Feels weird being rubbed up and down by a stranger-- a digital one, at that. Roz and I gaze at each other silently.

We've been with each other this far, it only makes sense...

"...Roz, today's been really hard, you know."

"I know."

"But you were there for me the entire time, cheering me up with your silly lines."

"They weren't ALL silly~"

"I know they weren't. I appreciate you, Roz. I'm really glad to have you around."

"Me to. It's a dream come true being around someone so sexy~"

"Come to think of it, I'm surprised you didn't react more to the naked girl."

"She's not as hot as you~"
No. 261594 ID: 6547ec
File 129142235183.png - (31.37KB , 600x450 , 319.png )

"That's...really cheesy. Seriously."


"You realize things are probably going to continue being stressful for me-- for us."

"I wouldn't mind helping 'relieve' your stress~"

So predictable.

"I'm serious. Things will probably get worse before they get better. I'm struggling with a lot, and I can't promise I'll continue being as...cheerful as I've been in the past. I might scare you off again."

"Even if you do so, I'll always come back. I can't stay mad at someone so hot~"

"If you're sure, then... We can try it and see how it goes. I need to focus on escaping, but I do want you there with me."

"Really? Promise you won't change your mind in 2 updates?"
No. 261595 ID: 6547ec
File 129142236853.png - (10.99KB , 600x450 , 320.png )

"I promise."

We kiss. It's not the first time we've done so, but this time feels...different. It feels nice.

We continue to talk for several minutes. I joke about how Titzi will react to us, and Roz states his intent to get her in on a three-some. I respond by poking his nose, saying he'll have to behave from now on. Besides, Titzi is one person I really don't want biting me 'playfully'.

I tell him about what I went through, the weird vision I had and the entity I felt in my chest. He say they're called 'boobs' and they're his favorite place to sleep. I give him a noogie. He snuggles up to me and promises to stop it from causing me any harm.

I feel all my troubles melt away. Whatever happens next, I'm ready for it.
No. 261597 ID: 6547ec
File 12914223826.png - (13.98KB , 600x450 , 321.png )

I climb out of the box in a far better mood than before.

"Oh, there you are," Titzi says, leading Ashela towards me. "We finally got the power back on, as you can see."

Roz appears, causing Ashela to give out a slight purr. "Awr, who is that little guy? He's so cute~"

"Oh," I say, "This is Roz. He kind of saved my life earlier and now he's more or less a part of me until we figure out how to free him."

"Well, thanks for saving my friend, mister Roz!"

"Helping lovely ladies is my job~ and my hobby~"

Ashela giggles. "I wouldn't mind having a cute little thing like you attached to me. All I get are these little antennae."

"Sorry, but I'm taken~"
No. 261598 ID: 6547ec
File 129142240617.png - (14.60KB , 600x450 , 322.png )

"Oh?" Ashela asks. "You have a little lady?"

"A sexy lady. Venji and I are totally a thing now~" Roz says gleefully.

"You're shitting me," Titzi says. "Venji, I warned you about him! Don't tell me you've ignored my advice! People who ignore my advice get bitten!"

"You know this guy?" Ashela asks.

"I know his type. He's a dirty liar and a huge pervert."

"Oh my," Ashela says. "How would you two even-- I mean, did you think this through, dear?"

I decide to distract myself from this awkward moment by pondering how I'd take the PVD with me. Yep! I sure don't have room for that! I better focus on this and nothing else!
No. 261604 ID: dad664

Put all other items in PVD.

Add PVD into now empty item slot.
No. 261605 ID: 2563d4

Dangle the huge tangle of plushies off of Titzi's hoverpack so that she can't reach around to bite them loose. Her killjoy nature has earned her the role of party packmule.
No. 261606 ID: 0d1fe9

Eat PVD gain bullet time
No. 261607 ID: d677cc

Obviously, you need to put the huge pile of plushies in the PVD and have Roz carry that instead. I imagine it's probably a good bit easier on him. (Somehow. We're dealing with a rules-of-space-time violator; it only makes sense that it'd weigh less than all those things even when you put them inside it. |3)
No. 261620 ID: e3f578

Tell Titzi she barely knows Roz. He's a member of team "Bad-ass Misanthropes" too dammit. Tell Ash he's pretty cool and has been with you since the beginning. At least he's not some pussy too afraid to ask a lady out.

...And being a pervert is a totally normal, healthy characteristic, Titzi. Damn woman, you ain't the boss of Venji. It's your damn personal life. Don't threaten friends simply because they don't take your advice. That's mean.
No. 261627 ID: 70e5c6

Don't ignore Titzi. She's your friend too, and she deserves some kind of response. :C

Tell her you know that Roz is a perv, but his actions speak louder than his raunchy words. He could have taken advantage of you at any time, and he never has. Tell her that no matter what happens in the end, you trust each other and want to be together *right now*. And that's what counts.

Oh, and promise her she can bite both of you if she's right and you turn into tards later. Just... ask her to let you make you own choice for now and make her promise not to pre-emptively bite you. D:

And let Ashela know that he's a shape-shifter, and you can probably figure *something* out if/when you decide to explore your relationship more... physically...

Oh, and just stuff all your excess crap in the box. Don't EAT it... yet. You might need it to store more crap in it first. Heck, if the shrinky device doesn't work, you might be able to tote Betsy around in it. If nothing else, it could be used to store stupid crazy amounts of food and supplies for when you leave this place.
No. 261643 ID: 192c6d


Ooooh... ask the big floating head if it has like, a "flat-pack" or "mobile" setting! Tell it you need to take it somewhere?
No. 261660 ID: a09a03

Tell Titzi you'll take your chances.

She hates everything anyway.

Point out that he can't possibly be trying to get in your pants because you don't have any pants, and if you did he'd already be inside them.

Skim those documents you couldn't read earlier. Anything that we'd care about?
No. 261679 ID: 6071d3

First cram all your junk into the PVD. DO NOT EAT IT.

Do this once your stuff is inside. The PVD as it is now is hardly portable. Though if you have to you could tie it your back. Would be a good workout for those new muscles.

Then do this... if you feel like it. At least remind Titzi that you are your own person. Roz has been living inside your body and hasn't yet taken advantage of you. Roz is certainly a pervert, but he's also a gentleman.
No. 261689 ID: 4c7b39

"Do not pass judgment towards people you don't know, Titzi. If you have reservations against mine, then at least try to talk to the guy before doing so."

Then nudge Roz to be polite.
No. 261696 ID: 6547ec

Don't. You. Dare. That backfired SO HARD last time.

Look for something you can use to lash the box to Ashela's back.
No. 261697 ID: 701a19

"I came to the realization that he's been constantly inside me, and it's only proper to call it a relationship."
No. 261708 ID: 45be60

Hey, should have asked if the vacation box can make food for people on vacation. That fuzzy shark might like a fresh steak.
No. 261734 ID: 620bfb

Put everything in the PVD to make things easier.

Even the PVD.
No. 261772 ID: 20fc85

PVD can alter time stream, give more time, and hold all sorts of things.

If anything, it is a valuable asset to many scenarios. Plus a place to be if you want to be alone at any point.

You will use the PVD as a backpack... or at least fashion some sort of makeshift sling for it.
No. 262756 ID: 6547ec
File 12917702585.png - (8.10KB , 600x450 , 323.png )

No. 262757 ID: 6547ec
File 129177027471.png - (16.11KB , 600x450 , 324.png )

>And let Ashela know that he's a shape-shifter, and you can probably figure *something* out if/when you decide to explore your relationship more... physically...
"He can turn into things," I say. "Anything I want."

"Really!" Ashela chuckles. "Now I want one for myself~"


I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to regret this later, but maybe that's just paranoia talking.

"You didn't use this so-called ability, did you?" Titzi asks.

"I'll have you know I've been a complete gentleman~"

"I bet."
No. 262758 ID: 6547ec
File 129177029446.png - (10.32KB , 600x450 , 325.png )

>"Do not pass judgment towards people you don't know, Titzi. If you have reservations against mine, then at least try to talk to the guy before doing so."
"I already know him," Titzi responds. "He's done nothing but make perverted comments at your expense."

"He did that to make me feel better about myself," I say, remembering something that happened an update ago for a change.

"There's better ways to do that," she mumbles.

"He has an odd way of showing it, but he's really fond of me and in his own way he's been really sweet. Besides, there were many times he could have taken advantage of me, but he never has."

I feel something on the back of my head. "I'm even dealing with my fear of commitment for her~"

"Touching," Titzi says sarcastically.

"She's just that awesome~"
No. 262760 ID: 6547ec
File 129177031411.png - (12.23KB , 600x450 , 326.png )

"For once he's right," Titzi says with a sigh. "You deserve better, Venji."

"Well, at least he wasn't afraid to ask a lady out," I say.


"I... Okay, I don't know where I was going with that."

Titzi stutters a bit. "I'm not-- That's not it at all. I want what's best for you. You're a good person, and I don't want to see you get hurt."

"Don't worry~ I'll take care of her, I promise~"

"Rrr, um, if you change your mind, can I have him?" Ashela asks. "Just asking for no reason."

"I like her~ Er-- not as much as I like you, of course~"

"We'll see," I say to Ashela.

>Being a pervert is a totally normal, healthy characteristic, Titzi. Damn woman, you ain't the boss of Venji. It's your damn personal life. Don't threaten friends simply because they don't take your advice. That's mean.
I turn to Titzi. "I know you have good intentions, but I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. Just because I'm not taking your advice doesn't mean you can go around threatining me."

Titzi hovers there for a moment. "I wasn't-- I was just... Okay, you win. I don't like this, but I'll try not to bite you very hard on purpose."

"At least try to get to know Roz, okay?"

No. 262761 ID: 6547ec
File 12917703295.png - (15.24KB , 600x450 , 327.png )

I search through the various papers I uncovered. They detail what this device is and how it works. It seems that by putting it on, someone can choose to enlarge or shrink themselves. It takes care of the 'law of conservation of matter' by... huh. For some reason the rest of that page is whited out and replaced with large letters saying "SCIENCE DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY."


I head back to Betsy...but I don't think the device is big enough to fit around her. Hmm.

"Are you okay?" Ashela asks Titzi, who's hiding behind her.

"I'm fine. You have nice fur."

"Thanks. So do you~"
No. 262764 ID: 383006

Put it around the bottom of her tail, as high up as you can get it.
No. 262767 ID: e3f578

Try making the belt bigger, fit it over then shrink. Or fit it around her tail if you can't make it big to fit any size.
No. 262772 ID: 2563d4

Screw that. Make yourself HUGE.

And once you've finished upgrading your breasts I guess you can try using the belt on someone or something.
No. 262776 ID: d677cc

Why not use the belt on... yourself? |3

No. 262778 ID: fba40f

Let's not make ourselves huge.
No. 262779 ID: 2563d4


Fine. Make Titzi as huge as Betsy.
No. 262781 ID: 0d1fe9

Wear the belt Venji, for great justice.
No. 262784 ID: 1854db

Just put it on her arm.

Also apparently Ashela is going to pick up whoever we don't get into a relationship with (which I suppose means we don't need to worry too much about their happiness. That's nice.)
No. 262785 ID: 40cb26

Maybe it doesn't need to go around her whole body. It looks like it can go on her tail around where her backmost legs are.
No. 262788 ID: 9618e3

Again, see if it works if you fit it on her tail. If it still doesn't work for her you can keep it.

Do the papers mention if this thing has size limits? That would be useful to know so we don't have to test it in enclosed rooms.
No. 262789 ID: d677cc

I mean, you can put the belt on Betsy after you try it out on yourself. But why not have a little bit of fun with it first?
No. 262792 ID: 6071d3

Poke your head into into the PVD and ask what would happens to its contents if it is destroyed. Does the compressed space explode or something? Ask it to perform a thought experiment as well: what if the PVD were destroyed inside something else? (Could be useful as a highly localized bomb, if worse comes to worst.)

Go through a mental checklist of everything in your inventory. Keep anything small, light, and important on your person. They're no hassle to carry and you might need immediate access to them anyway. Like the gun any key cards or whatever.

Run a pair of experiments with the belt. Put it on, make your self huge, remove an article of clothing and place it on the floor, then consume something that would make you almost full at your normal size, then reduce your size to a little below normal.

This test will determine if objects retain their changed dimensions after losing contact with the belt and, if they don't, how long it takes for them to revert to normal.
The second test determines whether the belt is "always on," and if the shrinking and enlarging process is controlled by an absolute or relative scale. Whether or not the consumed mass changes in size will give us the answer.

When this is done, see if the belt can fit on one of Betsy's arms before sliding up her tail.
No. 262812 ID: d677cc

Also, man. Ashela just needs to express feelings for Betsy and then she'll have officially shown interest in every party member! |3

(Obviously we have to subconsciously influence this somehow, like how we got Roz to rescue you from poison! It'll totally work!)
No. 262853 ID: 70e5c6

It's a device made for shrinking/enlarging things with brainz. It wouldn't make sense to give it a static size in and of itself. See if you can increase the size of the belt just by fiddling with it on a table, but CAREFULLY so you don't, you know, shrink it to oblivion or crush yourselves or something.

If that doesn't work, try putting it around her tail/fin/whatever - something non-vital in case shit goes wrong, so fin is probably best.

If that doesn't work, use it to make yourself larger. Normal Venji can eat pretty much anything. In theory, big Venji = big jaws, big stomach. Eat Betsy a way out of here.

Oh, and if it looks like Titzi could handle it... give her a hug and apologize for having to sound nasty. You know she's just trying to look out for you, but sometimes that means trusting you even when you make decisions that she doesn't agree with.
No. 262855 ID: d677cc

Oh snap, this isn't a bad idea either!
No. 262881 ID: c71597

Put it around huge flying thing. Shrink down so everyone can get into PVD. Have awesome 2 hours in there with nice relaxing massages and stuff.
No. 262882 ID: a41aaf

Why not just make the PVD bigger?
No. 262973 ID: 70e5c6

I was going on the assumption that it only works on biological things. If it works on inanimate objects, that's not a bad idea. We just need the "mouth" of the PVD large enough to fit Betsy inside.
No. 263185 ID: 6547ec
File 129193661019.png - (13.58KB , 600x450 , 328.png )

Heehee! I fight the urge to put Ashela on my shoulder.

"HOLY SHIT!" Titzi understandably exclaims.

I'm really lucky the ceiling's higher in this area even though there was no prior indication that it would be! Perspective's funny that way.
No. 263186 ID: 6547ec
File 129193662643.png - (11.33KB , 600x450 , 329.png )

"Rawr," I say. "I'll eat you!"

"Oh my~" Ashela sings.

Titzi grins. "I'd like to see you try!"

"This is more fun the other way around~" Roz says excitedly.

"Awwr, he looks so cute up there!"
No. 263187 ID: 6547ec
File 129193664089.png - (9.17KB , 600x450 , 330.png )

Titzi laughs menacingly. "I could eat you in one bite."

It...it's not as funny when she does it.

This suddenly seems like a great time to apologize!

"Um, I-I'm sorry for b-being nasty at you earlier. I know you're looking out for me, b-but I just want you to trust me a bit more ohprecursersdon'teatme"

"I do trust you," She says, her giant teeth making me feel less at ease. "If you insist the dreamworm isn't all bad, I'll give him a chance. But if he hurts you...well, I'll have me a little snack~"

I don't see Roz's reaction, but I feel something shiver on my back.
No. 263188 ID: 6547ec
File 129193667069.png - (13.38KB , 600x450 , 331.png )

I finally convince Titzi to return to normal and slip the belt onto Betsy's tail. She shrinks down to being roughly the same size as Titzi.

Now I have two cute flying fishies!

Betsy communicates with me. "Everything's so big! Now I can fit through doors, right? I knew you'd think of something! You're so smart!"

"Awr, she's adorable!" Ashela says. "It...is a she, right?"

"Yeah," I nod.

"She's just my size~"

"For what?"


Ashela was always big on snuggling. I'm not sure how I know this, but it sounds right somehow.

"Aww, she's really cute," Titzi says.
No. 263189 ID: 6547ec
File 129193668235.png - (13.25KB , 600x450 , 332.png )

"Uh. I mean. Good, it's small now. We can work on getting out of here," she hastily adds.
No. 263190 ID: 6547ec
File 129193669391.png - (55.82KB , 600x450 , 333.png )

I poke my head into the PVD.

"This stuff's not going to be randomly deleted or anything is it?"

"Why would it be?" The huge head asks.

"I dunno. Some kind of bug or something."

"Why would that even be a thing that happens?"

I guess it is silly of me to worry. To be safe, I grab the ID CARD and the GUN and put them back in my inventory.

It has a few settings, ranging from HUGE to TINY. I had it set to max, and Betsy is on the second lowest setting right now. I felt just as full big as I did small, so I don't think I can cheat the system (more) to get free upgrades.

With Betsy able to move about, there's not much else keeping us here, is there?
No. 263192 ID: 2563d4

Proceed valiantly onwards to wherever the hell it was that we were going.
No. 263194 ID: 383006

Journey onward! Forward to the caves area that we haven't explored.
No. 263196 ID: d677cc

Yes, that.
No. 263198 ID: c71597

There is the fact that you didn't share in sweet relaxation with your friends. But I guess you could tell them to get in there, speed up the time and enjoy some sweet relaxing while you carry it around and explore a bit.
No. 263201 ID: d677cc

True, it does have that time manipulation thing.

I mean, it's not like we have something causing time-based pressure or anything.
No. 263205 ID: 9618e3

>I felt just as full big as I did small, so I don't think I can cheat the system (more) to get free upgrades.
But Roz, who was in your body too, stayed the same size.
(disappointing, since it means we can't stack the growbelt with his new transformation to create ROZILLA)
No. 263209 ID: fba40f

Unless he wears it.
No. 263226 ID: 6071d3

Refresh our memory. Where haven't we been yet? I vote for breaking into the Bunker or Storage (preferably Storage) if we haven't been there.
No. 263331 ID: f1df52

Remember, at least one nasty person knows we are here. We can't stay and play too long. Get a move on.
No. 263367 ID: 0d1fe9

Explore the rest of the base for cool stuff. And give Roz a hug.
No. 263374 ID: d677cc

Sure, Rozhugs. Why not.
No. 263382 ID: 6547ec

>can't cheat the system

Pfft, thinking too small, or not small enough. Get tiny, feast on a couple of screws, get upgrade, return to normal.
No. 263392 ID: 1854db

We didn't check the computer, now that it's working. GET ON IT!
No. 263396 ID: 2563d4

It's not like we're short on things to eat.
No. 263398 ID: 192c6d


If we consider energy requirements to be proportional to size, then we'll downgrade proportionally to the size difference afterwards~
No. 263400 ID: 0d1fe9

Don't forget to get stuff to free the others! Do the other stuff in my post as well~ Rozhugs are a must!
No. 263410 ID: 192c6d


Hey, hey Venji! Next time we Rozenance Cascade, try using the size-change belt on him! I have a feeling there's "certain things" that might be able to be made even BIGGER.

And there will be so many hugs~
No. 263426 ID: fba40f

1. Put the belt around a bunch of supplies
2. Set it to the biggest size
3. ???
4. PROFIT!!!
No. 263439 ID: 45be60

Oh yeah! you used your awesome powers of science to fix the computer and never looked at it, didn't you?
No. 263571 ID: 6547ec
File 129204822871.png - (27.06KB , 600x450 , 334.png )

"A lot bigger on the inside, isn't it?" Titzi asks.

"Yep," I respond. "This place can simulate anything you want, and it can slow time down by half!"

"That's amazing," Ashela says. "You don't think I could get a massage, do you? My muscles are kind of sore from that tube."

"Funny, that's the first thing I thought of too," I say, ignoring that the first thing I actually summoned was a well-endowed female.

"I don't know if I'm comfortable being touched," Titzi says. "It brings back bad memories."

"You could ask for a lot of things to bite!" I suggest.

"Hmm... Maybe I'll try it out just for a little bit."
No. 263572 ID: 6547ec
File 129204824187.png - (6.31KB , 600x450 , 335.png )

I guess I underestimated its potential usefulness! Although I'm limited more by fullness than by a lack of things to recklessly put in my mouth, the belt could still come in very handy. I get the feeling a belt-boosted Rozonance Cascade is going to be the high point of this quest.

I pick up the PVD and grin. "Just as planned. Now we can be alone for a while."

"Now there's no giant bitchy sharks to get in our way~"

I hope they have a good time in there. It'd be nice if Ashela and Betsy got Titzi to lighten up a bit.
No. 263573 ID: 6547ec
File 129204825515.png - (61.30KB , 600x450 , 336.png )

I hug Roz!

"Aww~ What's that for?"

"For being you. I was getting really depressed and angry, but you made me put everything into perspective."

I hug him tighter. "You've been a really good friend. No matter what happens, I'll be okay as long as you're with me."

"Hee~ But we're more than friends now~"

"Oh-- You're right~"

Roz suddenly lights up. "That means I get to see you without your coat~!"

"But you've already seen me without it! Several times!"

"It's not enough~"

His perversion is a bit less obnoxious now, more endearing. I think it helps knowing what he's trying to do.
No. 263574 ID: 6547ec
File 129204827086.png - (27.62KB , 600x450 , 337.png )

I head to the STORAGE ROOM. It's kind of dark in here.

I see a gigantic safe, a "mega" safe, perhaps. The metal looks too hard for my teeth to bite through, as if it's been reinforced.

I see several boxes of supplies and... 'Tozite'?

There's multiple shelves and cupboards. In the corner of the room, I see...something. I can't quite make it out.
No. 263576 ID: d677cc

That looks like some sort of... robothinger.

Lessee, if we want to release the other poor splices stuck in tubes, I seem to remember us needing CHEMICALS.

... We probably should have looked up what we actually needed to do that at some point, huh? :B
No. 263578 ID: 0d1fe9

Check all the chemicals, hug labels, read Roz.
No. 263579 ID: d0d015

Eat the Tozite! It has part of what you are in the name, so it can't be bad for you!
No. 263581 ID: 701a19

Go free the others from their tubes! It can be done without chemicals, right?
No. 263585 ID: 40cb26

Eat some Tozite. It is either the best or worst thing for you eat, but it's probably somehow important in other ways too so we want to leave most of it for now.
Investigate robot thingy in the back for potential murderous insane claptrap behavior, you don't want to be surprised by that later. Then try and open up that safe. By eating it of course.

Oh and since you're more comfortable with Roz teasing you, why not tease him a bit now and then? Trust me, removing your coat just enough can have a much better effect then you just not wearing it. It'll make you both happier, promise~

Betsy was the only one who was already awake, yanking out the others during their suspended animation might be bad. Like, fatal bad.
No. 263599 ID: 45be60

greet robut!
No. 263613 ID: c71597

Eat dat ROBOT!

Oh, and then try some of the tozite. Then you can try a Roz boost to see if you can get through the safe.
No. 263622 ID: 6071d3

"DO NOT EAT PVD" would've been soooo much funnier right here. Blast. Just as a reminder, though: don't.
Also, should you feel need to sneeze, resist the urge to do it into the PVD while everyone is inside. Feel free to burp into it, though.

Recommend against gromming the robot for the moment. This one looks relatively intact. Cautiously investigate it to see if it is dangerous. If it isn't then see if it is still functional. If it has any semblance of AI and the ability to communicate it might be able to tell you something. Or you could try something smarmy like hugging and it incorporating it into the party.

Whatever you decide to do with the robot, do that first, then try some Tozite. You don't want it to suddenly turn on and go nuts behind you while you're stuffing you're face.

Investigate the cabinets at the back. Looks like something is leaking out of them. Unless it's an old stain that implies relatively recent activity.
No. 263629 ID: 2563d4

Apply Tozite to mega safe. Rip some wiring from any one of the many broken things around here. Apply current to wiring from safe distance.

Even if it's actually a leading brand of Tozzle snack food, I bet it still works as an improvised plastic explosive.
No. 263694 ID: 9618e3

Eat robot, inspect Tozite.
No. 263697 ID: dad664

Poke head into PVD, ask Ashela what Tozite is.

Try not to be freaked out of Titzi is acting all super-cute.
No. 263714 ID: 0d1fe9

Head aging at half the speed of her body seems *BAD IDEA*, although Slinko is easy mode so~
No. 263719 ID: 6547ec

>Slinko is easy mode

Stick your head into the box while running along the wall of the safe and dueling with the robot.
No. 263748 ID: a41aaf

>The metal looks too hard for my teeth to bite
No. 263761 ID: dad664

She already poked her head in with no ill effects here: >>263571
No. 263881 ID: 6547ec

Amendment: Replace 'running' with 'turning Roz into a skateboard and riding him'. He's gotta work at this, too.
No. 263903 ID: 383006

That cabinet is making a goofy face at you.
No. 263996 ID: 6547ec
File 129219968876.png - (31.07KB , 600x450 , 338.png )

It looks like a cute bug! I inspect it and find an "On" button, but flipping it doesn't do anything. I try hugging the robot because that's solved every other problem I've had, but nothing happens. This little guy probably needs a battery.

Maybe exploding the one I started with wasn't such a good idea.

Then again, I doubt it'd fit into him. Or her? Hmm.

But it's so cute!
No. 263997 ID: 6547ec
File 129219971487.png - (76.83KB , 600x450 , 339.png )

I tear a hole in the box and pull out a strange block. It... Why is it glowing? I hope it's not emitting radio waves or whatever it is glowing things emit!

I...don't want to lower the coat's zipper right now.

I'm not sure how safe this 'Tozite' is, but maybe a small bite won't hurt.
No. 263998 ID: 6547ec
File 129219973078.png - (6.11KB , 600x450 , 340.png )

Oh my god, it's...
No. 263999 ID: 6547ec
File 129219974878.png - (5.92KB , 600x450 , 341.png )

...Kind of bland. Half of me doesn't like it, and the other half wants to go on a murderous rampage. Weird, huh? I don't feel any different otherwise.

Aww, I was hoping for some super powers or something. This is kind of a disappointment.
No. 264002 ID: 6547ec
File 129219976640.png - (28.92KB , 600x450 , 342.png )

It looks like this place was emptied during the evacuation or whatever it was that caused everyone to leave.

However, in the final cupboard I find a bottle labled "REVIVAL CHEMICALS"! It's always in the last place you look! I add it to my Inventory.

Feels a bit lighter than expected. Must be all the science.
No. 264003 ID: 6547ec
File 129219978311.png - (29.49KB , 600x450 , 343.png )

I don't see any wires, so I try licking it and placing it on the safe.

...I don't know why I expected that to do anything.

I might as well try it. My 'plot armor' is so thick that not even the fourth wall can contain it. There's really no way I'm not surviving another 330 images--
No. 264005 ID: 6547ec
File 129219980034.png - (80.42KB , 600x450 , 344.png )

Whoa! Why did that work!?
No. 264017 ID: 2563d4

Loot and pillage.
No. 264058 ID: 0d1fe9

Because it did, Make sure to sample some chemicals for yourself.