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File 128613273446.jpg - (79.76KB , 960x600 , titel-2.jpg )
237799 No. 237799 ID: 4ba7ca

We climb through the narrow passage. The screams of the creature vanish behind us, but I still don't have the heart to turn around or to utter a peep.

In this darkness I cannot make out a single feature of the tunnel and only because of the creaking of its metal plates, I know , that the girl is still in front of me.
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No. 237800 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128613286115.jpg - (64.68KB , 960x600 , titel-2-2.jpg )

A ripping sound catches my attention, shortly before I feel the floor slowly sinking.
No. 237801 ID: 0b2a05

Say "Um the floor is sinking!"

Something is trying to break the tear tear ducts apart. MOVE FUCKING FASTER.
No. 237802 ID: 64b70e

yeah, move off the plate you are on is a good idea. we need to find an exit.
No. 237814 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128613710117.jpg - (119.19KB , 960x600 , durchbruch.jpg )

I try crawling faster to catch up with the girl. She winces, when I tap her back.
"We have to move faster. The floor is sinking." I whisper, when suddenly something rips through the steel.
Something was trying to break apart the ducts and now after it has heared me, it's putting forth a lot more effort.

As I try to move away, the passage begins to fall apart. I can't keep my balance, when the wall I am leaning against breaks and together we begin a long fall into the darkness.
No. 237815 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128613713465.jpg - (117.96KB , 960x600 , sturz.jpg )

No. 237817 ID: 2563d4

Thank you conveniently-positioned mattress!
No. 237820 ID: 64b70e

oh nice, your back in your room. haha. ask if she is thirsty, since you have a faucet right there. then show her how you get out.
No. 237822 ID: 0b2a05

Okay, crawl up the pipe again, bring the dog with you, you need to hide up there in case it tries to go through the mirror!

what the hell did I write here
No. 237827 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128613811879.jpg - (107.47KB , 960x600 , sturz-2.jpg )

I look around, trying to calm my spinning head.

You're right friend, this is my room.
Although the attacker seems to have lost our trace, I guess we better get going again immediately. I rise with difficulty.
No. 237832 ID: 2563d4

Anything on the other side of the once-mirror, or just broken tubing?

Grab pole. Between the two of you you might be able to manhandle it up the dumbwaiter.
No. 237835 ID: a594b9

Hmm. It looks like the dog was carrying the pole. Let her keep it.

Ask what her name is.
No. 237851 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128614027453.jpg - (150.09KB , 960x600 , hallo.jpg )

"Hello. What's your name? I'm Herbert. I have some food if you're hungry, but we better hurry because..."
No. 237854 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128614050141.jpg - (137.58KB , 960x600 , hallo2.jpg )

She suddenly jumps up screaming.

No. 237861 ID: d677cc

"Please don't hit me with the pole!"
No. 237863 ID: 0b2a05

You don't look like you can kick her in the legs, so roll to the side, off the mattress!

Say "OH PLEASE DON'T KILL ME" and run to the corner and cower in it!
No. 237868 ID: fd6d7e

No, no I'm the crown prince! You don't understand!
No. 237872 ID: 644ca1

Show her us, we are less intimidating than a warrior like you.
No. 237886 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128614323039.jpg - (146.16KB , 960x600 , fall.jpg )


I stumble back and throw you over, so you can talk some sense into her.
No. 237887 ID: 2563d4

Arrest her fall to avoid injury.
No. 237895 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128614382572.jpg - (116.24KB , 960x600 , fall2.jpg )

With my lightning-fast reflexes I will catch her without any problem and .. . umpf
No. 237896 ID: fd6d7e


You can't possibly be a monster. You don't even have any sharp parts.
No. 237897 ID: a594b9

Let her fall on top of you. Gently hold her.

I wonder if any of the keys we pilfered can unlock your collar? Would be nice to get that suit off you.
No. 237899 ID: 0b2a05

Hey, please don't kill Herbert! Or us! Um what's your name?
No. 237913 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128614560696.jpg - (92.79KB , 960x600 , fall3.jpg )

I bump my head lightly. Luckily my warrior instincts immediately suppress the incredible pain, that would probably have taken the consciousness of any lesser man.
I guess i managed to soften her fall, so that she won't have any injuries.
No. 237916 ID: 660aa0

okay, tell her to calm down, you are just a person in a monstrous looking suit.
No. 237932 ID: 0b2a05

Hey, we don't know anything!

Ask her if she's okay!
No. 237952 ID: 19dce0

Do not make any sudden movements, she seems very easily startled.
No. 237956 ID: 2563d4

>>237932 and >>237952
No. 237957 ID: 9618e3

Scratch her behind the ear.
No. 237964 ID: 4ba7ca
File 128615071835.gif - (36.06KB , 960x600 , halt.gif )

Avoiding sudden movemetns, I stand up, holding her gently.
I speak softly, trying to soothe her nerves.

"Calm down! I'm a harmless prisoner just like you. I'm only trapped in this scary outfit. Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?

No. 237971 ID: 0b7814

D'aaaaaw~ :3
No. 237973 ID: 0b2a05

Aww... pet the dog.
No. 237976 ID: a594b9

Hug doggie.
No. 237980 ID: 19dce0

while you hug her, check if anything's changed here.

...Other than the broken window.
No. 237982 ID: 2563d4

Be careful not to appear distracted, though. Nobility must be the very model of a gentleman at all times.
No. 238065 ID: 1da45d

Hug her back
No. 238234 ID: 2627dd
File 128621364288.jpg - (96.86KB , 960x600 , hug.jpg )

As I hold the sobbing girl in my arms, I glance around. Nothing appears to have changed since our departure a few hours ago. I think i can see some kind of electrical device in the darkness behind the smashed window. It appears to be broken. Maybe we hit it when we fell down here.
I can't hear our pursuer. Maybe it has lost our tracks or cannot find a way down here.
No. 238237 ID: 2563d4

Well, I guess you've got a moment to take stock of things.

Consult inventory once hugging complete.
No. 238251 ID: 17beed

I was waiting for this to continue, I thought you left us Herbert!
Dont ever leave us again ;_;

Anyhow, offer us to her for comfort.
Sign of friendship
No. 238265 ID: 2627dd
File 128621992295.jpg - (104.13KB , 960x600 , übergabe.jpg )

I comfort her until she starts to calm down and we sit back down at the mattress.

"Here you can have friend for a while." I hand you over and she hugs you tightly. "So what is your name?" I ask, while taking off my bag.

She hesitates for a moment before she answers. "M- my friends call... c- called me Isabel"
No. 238266 ID: 2627dd
File 128622003075.gif - (39.96KB , 960x600 , tüte.gif )

"Don't worry. I think we're save now." I say, inspecting my inventory.
No. 238268 ID: 2563d4

Say hello to the nice rat.

If you freak out you'll set Isabel off again.
No. 238269 ID: a9bea6

stay clam, you may have been reacting to the rat the same way she reacted to you. it looks frighting and so you accused it of being a monster.
No. 238272 ID: d677cc

Stay calm.

Isabel is kind of a bundle of nerves right now.
No. 238273 ID: a594b9

Just freeze up in pure fright I mean stoic fortitude in the face of danger
No. 238300 ID: 2627dd
File 128622327785.jpg - (132.16KB , 960x600 , ruhe.jpg )

Normally I would engage the monster in a fierce fight, but this might disturb Isabel.

Slowly I stand up, to avoid startling her again. As I walk backwards I manage to say in a confident voice:
"Ok, listen. If we just stay calm nobody will be eaten alive by the GIANT DEMON RAT OR FED TO HER HELLISH SPAWN!!!"
No. 238303 ID: e31d52

That is exactly the opposite of what we meant!
No. 238304 ID: a9bea6

it hasn't actually tried attack all the times we seen it, just seems to like hiding in dark places.
No. 238305 ID: 0b2a05

Say something along the lines of "um there is a rat next to you you should probably come over here and don't freak out it could be a nice rat"
No. 238316 ID: 17beed

Ask for her assistance for this upcoming battle.
No. 238368 ID: 2627dd
File 128622641087.jpg - (129.71KB , 960x600 , ruhe2.jpg )

"Maybe I didn't phrase that right. All I wanted to say is that there is a tiny maybe harmless rat. It only likes to hide in dark places, where no good man can dare to step without fearing for his live. Maybe it's a nice rat, doing nice things in those impenetrable shadows, or maybe it hides there to feast on the souls of the innocents. Just don't panic. If we work together we might overcome this enemy."
No. 238373 ID: a9bea6

looks like her part dog nature grants her mad bonuses against rats. or something.
No. 238376 ID: d677cc

Calm down, Herbert. I think Isabel's got you covered.
No. 238377 ID: 0b2a05

Yhuh I think you can put your hands down now.
No. 238378 ID: e31d52

Man why you hate rats so much
No. 238379 ID: 2563d4

You have made a powerful ally this day. No more shall rats stand against your combined force.
No. 238380 ID: fd6d7e

It's because he's filled with bugs and rats eat bugs.
No. 238420 ID: 2627dd
File 128622957197.jpg - (184.30KB , 960x600 , Backflash.jpg )

She seems to have the situation under control, but we just can't trust the demon. Don't you remember when it attacked us in the kitchen? We barely survived thanks to my manly physique.

Now it'll try again and again until it finally overpowers us.
No. 238421 ID: a9bea6

our memory is flawless, you sir are an exaggerator.
No. 238425 ID: a594b9

You poked the pot until it ran away.
No. 238431 ID: a9bea6

you may think we are being mean but part of being a friend is letting you know when you mess up, you don't need to be perfect.
No. 238437 ID: 644ca1

Everything in that memory is exaggerated... except of the moustache, where did that thing go anyway?
No. 238439 ID: 17beed

Im his true friend, dont lie to him, everyone knows that he fought valiantly.
You know nothing of being a true friend!
You must finish that demon while he still wakes!
No. 238445 ID: 2627dd
File 128623362293.jpg - (116.48KB , 960x600 , rettung.jpg )

We shouldn't argue about the details of my great deeds. What matters now is our victory over and the banishment of the rat and also the reclamation of my possessions.
No. 238446 ID: 2563d4

Well, it looks like Isabel is banishing it out the window for you.
No. 238447 ID: 2627dd
File 128623405548.jpg - (105.11KB , 960x600 , inventory.jpg )

The rat gone I can finally inspect my bag.

I currently have two keys, both of which don't fit the locker around my neck. I also have a couple of paperclips, a name tag, a big kitchen knife, a needle, a reel of thread, two coins and two packs of liquid foods, one of which has been bitten open and emptied. I can only suspect that this is the start of a war of attrition. The demon, unable to attack us directly, decided to disrupt our supply line.
No. 238449 ID: 2563d4

You ate recently. She's been locked in a cage. Offer her the full food pouch.
No. 238451 ID: a594b9

I wonder if she can even eat that food?

...hey, can you use the knife to cut away the thing you're wearing?
No. 238467 ID: 17beed

How is your knitting ability?
Knit her some new clothes.
Also give her food.
She's the strongest of your group members, alas, even stronger than us!
No. 238469 ID: 2ebda1

Be a gentleman and offer her the food pack either way. Dont pick up the knife just yet, we don't want her to turn around and see you about to stab yourself with it. Warn her before you do anything at all with the knife. Maybe you should offer it to her as well? To show you aren't dangerous, and that she has protection? Your manly strength should be enough for you, anyway.

That is a pretty damn good idea. Let's just hope you really aren't full of bugs or snakes or rats or aren't disfigured or something.

Most likely you're an amazingly hansom dog-thing with a fancy mustache, and you and your new girlfriend can run off into the sunset. ;D
No. 238472 ID: 17beed


No, then he'll be completely bare!
Plus that would ruin the suspense, he looks more badass like this
No. 238486 ID: 2627dd
File 128623994982.jpg - (110.17KB , 960x600 , sitzen.jpg )

I can't cut through all my cloths. I would be naked. But removing the mask would be great. I'll try that.
I offer Isabel the last food pouch. After a moment of consideration she whips it out of my hand and starts gulping it down. I guess she can eat it. The package didn't write anything about dogs.

"Hey, I'll try to get rid of my mask. If it's ok with you I'll try cutting it with my knife. Just don't be scared."

She looks up from her meal and nods. It seems as if she doesn't fear me that much any more.

I stab the mask lightly with the blade but the knife is too stumb to penetrate the fabric around it. I stab harder and acute pain runs through my face. The fabric still isn't damaged. I'm afraid this tool isn't good enough with the mask fitting so tightly.
No. 238491 ID: 40cb26

What about the collar? I bet if you can get that off the rest should get loose enough to free your face. Does that lock hold it closed? You or puppy girl can try to pick it or break it with the knife.
No. 238492 ID: a9bea6

dang, was worth a shot though. hmm, maybe ask her to try paper clip lock picking the lock.
No. 238505 ID: 2ebda1

Pain? What do you mean by that? Do you mean that by stabbing the fabric you felt pain, or that you stabbed so hard it hit your skin? Dont want to hurt yourself.
No. 238508 ID: a594b9

The fabric isn't damaged, but you hurt yourself anyway? Hmm. Strange...

Alright let's not worry about that. Let's just get moving. Up the dumbwaiter again!
No. 238510 ID: 2627dd
File 128624252046.jpg - (90.29KB , 960x600 , schlossknacker.jpg )

I stabbed so hard I hit something beneath the fabric. The material itself doesn't convey any pain.

The collar is made out of metal so i can't cut through it. It is also somehow embedded into the suits fabric.
I try breaking the lock that is holding the collar closed, but the material is to hard and sadly lockpicking isn't one of my many abilities. I ask the girl whether she is able to do it, but she shakes her head.

Looks like I have to find the key if I want to get rid of the mask.
No. 238511 ID: 17beed

You look like one of those fetish dolls.
Quite badass, Im glad your helm doesnt come off.

No. 238514 ID: a594b9

Let's go. Up the dumbwaiter again.
No. 238515 ID: 07fbf1

oh well, let' go back up the dumb waiter.
No. 238528 ID: 2ebda1

Is that a hole in your hood? Ah well, as the others said. Stop worrying about your mask until it gets to be a real problem. At least we know it can break, thanks to the last guy we wearing one's untimely end (if Im remembering correctly). If Izzy's done with her meal and is feeling ok, I suggest you get moving.
No. 238545 ID: 2627dd
File 128624727772.jpg - (118.17KB , 960x600 , aufbruch.jpg )

There is a little black stain, where I stabbed the mask. I rub it away.

I guess we're ready to climb up.
No. 238546 ID: 2627dd
File 128624733342.jpg - (144.92KB , 960x600 , ankunft.jpg )

Together we manage to transport everything up to the kitchen. It appears nothing has changed here, too.
No. 238559 ID: a594b9

Try your keys on the door.
No. 238569 ID: 95d0e3

combo move, have her use the stick to push the button while you open the door.
No. 238724 ID: bd47a5
File 128627326753.jpg - (105.16KB , 960x600 , öffnen.jpg )

The button now permanently lights green. I guess I opened all doors down in the control room.

One of the two keys fits and the door opens.
No. 238725 ID: bd47a5
File 128627338283.jpg - (220.45KB , 960x600 , gang2.jpg )

We enter another hallway. This one isn't barricaded and leads after a few steps around a corner.
No. 238728 ID: f57857

Watch out dude, something is here.
No. 238737 ID: 2563d4

...didn't want any more provisions from the kitchen?

Well, take a peek into those chambers.
No. 238780 ID: 0b2a05

Uh oh. What can you see looking into those rooms?
No. 238791 ID: 08d7de
File 128630599613.jpg - (120.64KB , 960x600 , raum1.jpg )

I've taken all the provisions from the kitchen the first time. There have been only few, but I think somwhere here must be a storage room containing more food. I should keep an eye out for it.

Carefully I sneak to the first door and peek inside.
No. 238796 ID: fd6d7e


That poster is your sworn enemy. You must attack it without mercy!
No. 238797 ID: e31d52

Box or a pair of books, nearest to you.
No. 238803 ID: 08d7de
File 128630996914.jpg - (102.55KB , 960x600 , nachricht.jpg )

The Picture is the same as in my room. It's protected by a thick layer of glas and sounds hollow when I hit it.

I open the box and find nothing but a message.
No. 238811 ID: 24e930

Can you see who it is in the bed? Greet them if it's safe.
No. 238818 ID: 08d7de
File 128631327223.jpg - (134.94KB , 960x600 , schläfer.jpg )

I approach the mattress.

"Hello? Are you awake? I look a bit spooky, but don't be afraid. My name is Herbert."

The person stays wrapped into the blanket and doesn't answer or move.
No. 238829 ID: 5f0943

Poke carefully with a stick.
See if it is alive or whatever.
See if you can get the blanket off from a distance (using a stick).
No. 238851 ID: 08d7de
File 128631599337.jpg - (149.28KB , 960x600 , stoß.jpg )

I poke it and after it doesn't react to that lift the blanket.
No. 238853 ID: 08d7de
File 128631600568.jpg - (132.42KB , 960x600 , schlaf.jpg )

No. 238859 ID: 5f0943

Yeah... totally saw that one coming.
I bet he was killed by that monster thing that chased you back then.
I bet that it is also it that keeps making creepy paintings and messages with blood on the walls.

Anyway, you should keep moving, there is nothing more to see here.
No. 238860 ID: 2563d4


So, uh, next room?
No. 238866 ID: 08d7de
File 128631698349.jpg - (377.99KB , 960x600 , raum2.jpg )

Isabel panics a bit at the sight of the body, but I manage to calm her down after we left the room. I go to inspect the second door.
No. 238867 ID: 127c1a

don't let her see that room. any other doors around?
No. 238875 ID: 0b2a05

Block the window. Say something like "Um you probably don't want to look in there"

What's at the other end of the hall? Solid wall?
No. 238894 ID: 08d7de
File 128631898720.jpg - (376.33KB , 960x600 , stoß2.jpg )

"Ok. Nothing in here. We should just go on and.... umpf..."
No. 238896 ID: 127c1a

o think she saw something, get against the wall near the door.
No. 238897 ID: e31d52

She wants to okay not making that joke here just hide
No. 238900 ID: 2563d4

Does that door close and open from the inside?
No. 238929 ID: a594b9

No. 238933 ID: 08d7de
File 128632123156.jpg - (388.65KB , 960x600 , ecke.jpg )

I can't close the door manually, so we just press ourselves into a corner and hold our breath, while something passes by outside. We stay there, not daring to move long after the sound of its steps has vanished in the distance.
No. 238935 ID: fd6d7e

Well hey, there goes Happiness. You'll... let him go this time, just because you're so magnanimous.
No. 238937 ID: a594b9

Peek out.
No. 238950 ID: e31d52

Try not to realize how close you two are for now and just focus on staying alive.
No. 238963 ID: 08d7de
File 128632323386.jpg - (223.23KB , 960x600 , peek.jpg )

My heart still pounds, when we let go of eachother and I crawl to the door.

I peek out. Something peeks back.
No. 238966 ID: 19dce0


...Okay, uh, uh, I don't know if you can get away from this one... So let's try something. This one looks different than claws. It's righting something. Shrink back a bit, but keep watching what it does.
No. 238967 ID: a594b9

Shit, it sees you. ...this guy's been leaving helpful messages though. Step out of the room so that you can run if you need to, and ask who it is.

Try to keep Isabel from rushing and attacking it, or running away.
No. 238972 ID: 06681f

(This adventure is mad awesome)

It has a blank face. Maybe it's a new friend who can help? Wave or take a royal bow, if you like.
No. 238974 ID: 0b2a05

Oh god I see the words "just run"

But there's nowhere to run so say hi and pray it's not psychopathic!
No. 238998 ID: 24e930

I think he's saying the real monster is downstairs? I cant really make out all the words.

Either make a friendly gesture, or run like hell. Whichever seems best to you and Izzy.
No. 239242 ID: 17beed

Tell this guy he's a sick man and needs help.
People who writes on walls are delinquents!
Tell him his wrong doing.
No. 239341 ID: fd6d7e

It's already seen you, but it hasn't seen Isabel yet. If worst comes to worst maybe it will think you were the only one here, chasing you and leaving Isabel alone. Make sure she stays hidden until you're assured this guy is okay.
No. 239882 ID: 17912a
File 128647670863.jpg - (220.75KB , 960x600 , peek2.jpg )

Maybe I should try the diplomatic way.

I signalize Isabel to stay in the shadows before stepping out. "Hello." I make a little bow. "I am Herbert. Who are you?"

It stays silent and taps its face, then without making a sound begins to walk towards me.
No. 239913 ID: a594b9

He's mute... Ask him to write on the floor or something to talk to you. Ask him what this place is, and how to get out. Maybe... ask where the key to your mask is.

I still can't decide to run or not. Be ready to take out your knife if he attacks you.
No. 239925 ID: 17912a
File 128648404231.jpg - (205.52KB , 960x600 , einzigerfreund.jpg )

"Who are you and where are we?" I ask again, "If you can't talk just write it down."

I wait for its reaction, before I start flooding it with my other questions. It stops and scribbles something at the wall, then turns to me, stretches its arms out and steps closer again.
No. 239928 ID: 4d8414

"That's not true! I have at least one other friend!"

Show us to him! Show us to him!

... and keep a bit of distance.
No. 239929 ID: a594b9

...I think maybe we should run away now. Don't leave Isabel behind though.
No. 239931 ID: 2563d4

...maybe it just wants a hug.
No. 239944 ID: e674ff

Tell him he's scaring you.

I mean, he needs to keep his distance. A hardened warrior like you who has gone through so much lately might just snap and hurt him. Yeah, that's it. He has to stay away for his own safety.
No. 239987 ID: 17912a
File 128649437521.jpg - (177.57KB , 960x600 , konfrontation.jpg )

I take you out of your bag.

"T- that's a lie. I a- already have a friend. Don't come closer I- I'm warning you. Y- y- you wouldn't be t- the first creature I've k- killed today. I- if you come a- any closer, I might lose c- control of my w- w- warrior instinct again."

It must have seen the truth in my words, because it suddenly freezes, its claws just centimeters from my neck.
No. 239996 ID: 2563d4

Don't move.
No. 239997 ID: c59f60

don't move but be ready to react if it does.
No. 240001 ID: a594b9

Ask what it's doing. You don't really want to be strangled, but he might be about to unlock our mask or something.

...we haven't actually killed anything, though. Maybe you should admit that.
No. 240022 ID: 17912a
File 128649728281.jpg - (212.55KB , 960x600 , reaktion.jpg )

I try to stand perfectly still.

Suddenly it jumps back, its whole body shivering.

"No, wait. I didn't really kill anybody. You don't have to be afraid."

It points at the door that leads to the dark room I just came from, then turns and runs.
No. 240024 ID: 5f0943

Isn't that the room where Isabel is?
No. 240026 ID: a594b9

Check on Isabel.
No. 240028 ID: 17912a
File 12864985982.jpg - (377.85KB , 960x600 , shesok.jpg )

I check on Isabel. She seems to be still here and ok. I guess the monster just tried to divert me, so that it could escape.
No. 240030 ID: 5f0943

ASK her if she is ok, all I can see is a silhouette of her.
No. 240055 ID: 328b9e

Agreed, ask her if she's ok. She's probably scared shitless from hearing your "conversation" with that thing. At least we know it wont kill us, for now, and seems friendly enough.
No. 240056 ID: a594b9

Check on her more closely.
No. 240067 ID: 17912a
File 128650179285.gif - (126.33KB , 960x600 , schatten.gif )

"Isabel? Are you o -argh."

No. 240072 ID: 2563d4

Push her up into the light to make sure she's not [been replaced with] some black and monsterous abomination.
No. 240083 ID: 17912a
File 128650331843.jpg - (369.54KB , 960x600 , kampf.jpg )

I try to push her away, but she holds me down with all her strength. My free arm helplessly presses against her body, while I can feel the force of her grip increasing.
No. 240087 ID: 0b2a05

Smack her head as hard as you can! If that doesn't work, use us to smack her! Save your oxygen!
No. 240088 ID: c59f60

head but!
No. 240091 ID: fd6d7e

You're... not very strong, are you.
No. 240120 ID: 2563d4

Plan B: go limp?
No. 240124 ID: 328b9e

Your mask is metal! Try to knock her out with that! Also, kick with your legs! Dont kill her, if that is still Isabel we don't want to hurt her too badly, even if she's gone evil.
No. 240262 ID: 7b0cac
File 128653154398.jpg - (372.80KB , 960x600 , kampf2.jpg )

I manage to get my head free and strike her with my metal mask. She whimpers when the impact knocks her back and I manage to free my other arm as well as to get a clear look on her face.

She tries to press me back down again.
No. 240264 ID: 0b2a05

Kick the side of the wall next to you and shove her over to your left! Get on top of HER, and pin her down and ask what the heck!
No. 240270 ID: e674ff

Hit her wherever the darkness is. It's making her attack you.
No. 240272 ID: c59f60

grab hold of the door frame and drag her into the hallway.
No. 240277 ID: 2563d4

Your left hand appears to be on the doorframe. Pull you both into the hallway.
No. 240289 ID: e31d52

No. 240310 ID: e90e7c

If you can, ask her wtf now. Dont wait until you've subdued her.
No. 240333 ID: fd6d7e




Drag the two of you into the light. That way maybe it will attract the attention of something nasty and she'll have to let off.
No. 240348 ID: cda909
File 128657428868.jpg - (376.37KB , 960x600 , kampf3.jpg )

I gather up my strength and push us both into the hallway. She screams and struggles harder but after we land on the floor outside, she suddenly stops and lies there sobbing.
No. 240349 ID: cda909
File 128657434717.jpg - (177.49KB , 960x600 , fin.jpg )

"Isabel! What are you doing? Why are you doing this?"
No. 240351 ID: c59f60

she wasn't attacking you. she was being controlled by that darkness. also, the monster is back. pick her up and haul ass.
No. 240353 ID: a594b9

Don't fight. Just run.
No. 240354 ID: a594b9

(psst she wanted to hide, there was no controlling going on, thus the fearful face. You guys, seriously.)
No. 240356 ID: 19dce0

Fuck fuck FUCK grab her and RUN.
No. 240358 ID: 5f0943

Yeah that makes sense...
No. 240393 ID: cda909
File 128658116978.jpg - (215.82KB , 960x600 , schlag.jpg )

I try to pull Isabel to her feet and feel a heavy blow to my head. For a second The pain robs my view. Blindly I stumble forward and feel Isabel supporting my staggering body.
No. 240394 ID: fd6d7e

Happiness just laid a low blow! You have to keep moving our it will strike again!
No. 240397 ID: 0b2a05

No. 240399 ID: c59f60

keep moving!
No. 240400 ID: 56dc25

Tell Isabel you're sorry, and that she should run.
No. 240401 ID: e90e7c

Get on your feet and get the fuck out of there! Dont let go of Isabel!
No. 240402 ID: cda909
File 128658271680.jpg - (264.40KB , 960x600 , flucht.jpg )

"I'm sorry." I mumble as I lean against Isabels shoulder. We stumble forward, but I don't think I can keep this up. My head hurts so much I cannot think or even move straight without help and I can't feel my right arm anymore.
No. 240403 ID: a594b9

The door. It's open a crack. Get in there and lock it behind you.
No. 240411 ID: c59f60

agree, hide and hope the door is strong enough.
No. 240420 ID: 0b2a05

Get behind the door, you just need some cover so you can rest for a moment, they you can run away again!
No. 240436 ID: e90e7c

Hide, assess injuries, wait out Happiness. When you're hiding, dont talk unless you have to.
No. 240609 ID: f62a63
File 128662092717.jpg - (131.34KB , 960x600 , raum.jpg )

We run into the room and Isabel slams the door while I search my bag for the last key, hoping that it'll fit. I bash it into the keyhole and a little click can be heared. Shortly thereafter something starts banging against the metal with an incredible force, but the door doesn't budge.

We have bought us some time.
No. 240612 ID: c59f60

quickly survey room. and look at your arm,.
No. 240621 ID: 19dce0

No. 240628 ID: f62a63
File 128662630577.jpg - (71.33KB , 960x600 , verletzung.jpg )

I try to examine the room, but fall to the ground when I try to turn. The strokes against the door increase in power.
No. 240630 ID: 5f0943

What's that stuff coming out of your arm?
It doesn't really look like blood...
No. 240632 ID: c59f60

okay, rest. let isabl fix your wounds/
No. 240642 ID: f62a63
File 128663308637.jpg - (116.17KB , 960x600 , verwundet.jpg )

The black fluid streaming out of my arm definitively doesn't look like blood, but I don't know what it is.
Isabel wraps some sraps of cloth around my arm until the liquid stops flowing. I still feel miserable, but I am able to stand up again.
No. 240724 ID: d16736
File 128665201460.jpg - (112.84KB , 960x600 , verwundet2.jpg )

Loud cracking noises can be heared from the door. I don't think it'll hold much longer. We are seperated from the only other exit by a huge gap. The rests of a bridge indicate, where it once could have been crossed. A big empty shelf stands at one side at the room, some barrels at the other. The only other thing in the room is a small cupboard at the side of the door.
No. 240726 ID: e31d52

If only there was a way to make it look like you'd fallen into the pit...
No. 240730 ID: e674ff

Now that's just shoddy craftsmanship.

Are the barrels filled with anything? Do you think you could hide in or behind them?
No. 240736 ID: a594b9

Hmm. Could we use part of the shelf to fix the bridge?
No. 240739 ID: fd6d7e

Track blood to the fallen bridge then carefully wipe off your feet and step away.
No. 240740 ID: fd6d7e

Or oil, or ink or whatever the hell that stuff is.
No. 240741 ID: d16736
File 128665529437.jpg - (125.55KB , 960x600 , fass.jpg )

I open a barrel. It's big enough to hide but it's currently filled with a fetid fluid. I guess both of us could tip and thereby empty it.
No. 240745 ID: 2563d4

Too obvious. Topple a shelf over the gap?
No. 240752 ID: 0b2a05

Is the shelf long enough to get across the gap?
No. 240754 ID: d16736
File 12866565598.jpg - (125.22KB , 960x600 , abdrücke.jpg )

We use the fluid make footprints up to the broken bridge.

I guess if I somehow could disassemble the shelf I could use one of the boards to cross over, but it would be risky.
No. 240755 ID: a594b9

Hmm... No, this is good. Footprints leading to the broken bridge should be enough to make it give up. Hide behind the barrels now.
No. 240777 ID: 0b2a05

Smear the footsteps a little so it looks like you're dragging your feet to the pit.
No. 240781 ID: 6dec9a

"Real mosters dont die"
"Never fight, just run"

Just bringing up the message on the wall back there. Hid in the barrels, try to fit into the same one for now. If he throws it, we dont want to get separated. And dont empty the one you hide in, if she checks in them you could hide under the surface of the liquid.
No. 240798 ID: e674ff

Looks like the barrels are filled to the brim. If either one of them goes in it'll spill all over the sides.

Placing on of the boards over the bridge sounds like a good idea. Smear it with fluid so it looks like you went over, then go and hide somewhere.
No. 240809 ID: 2563d4

No. 240856 ID: 8d34f4
File 128666801528.jpg - (132.99KB , 960x600 , bruch.jpg )

I smear my footprints a bit, and try to walk over to the shelf, when Isabel suddenly grabs me and drags me behind the barrels.

With a loud crack the door breaks.
No. 240857 ID: 0b2a05

Okay you're going to have to edge a bit when it comes closer so it won't see you. Be wary, and don't make any noise! Be careful where you step!
No. 240865 ID: 8d34f4
File 128666916222.jpg - (123.88KB , 960x600 , untersuchung.jpg )

We circle the barrel as it approaches the edge and kneels to investigate the prints.
No. 240872 ID: c59f60

stay calm. stay as calm as you can.
No. 240893 ID: cf809a
File 128667271320.jpg - (208.33KB , 960x600 , untersuchung2.jpg )

We stay in our hiding place, trying not to move or make a sound. The creature starts growling. With a fast move it rips out the metal bars surrounding it and knocks over the barrel which falls in our direction spilling its content.
No. 240896 ID: c59f60

i think it worked. if taht barral get's mostly empty then both of your crawl inside before it turns around so it wont notice you.
No. 240904 ID: 6dec9a

If you can, get inside the barrel and do that fast. We dont want to get caught by an angry Happiness.
No. 240911 ID: 0b2a05

If you can't, QUIETLY step back behind the other barrels!
No. 240934 ID: cdff36
File 128667887973.jpg - (156.10KB , 960x600 , innenseite.jpg )

We wade through the gust of fluid and climb into the barrel unnoticed. Fearing to be thrown over the gap along with our hiding place we wait in the reeking puddles until the noises die down outside.

I can't hear anything anymore. I think it went away.
No. 240937 ID: c59f60

okay, slowly back out and peek over.
No. 240938 ID: 56dc25

Wait a while longer, to be safe. It might just have gotten quiet.
No. 240944 ID: 6bd089
File 128667999963.jpg - (103.65KB , 960x600 , brücke.jpg )

I wait a while longer. I can hear silent steps after some moments. When I finally peek out the room is empty again.
No. 240946 ID: 2563d4

...it made a bridge?

We should probably backtrack instead then.
No. 240978 ID: a594b9

...wow, it chasing us actually gave us an advantage. Sweet.

Let's not go that way though. Backtrack and see if you can find that other dude. We should hug him this time instead of getting scared.
No. 240982 ID: 6dec9a

Hey, if he's on the other side of that would it work if we knocked the shelf into the chasm? Or would it be too much of a risk?
No. 240984 ID: c59f60

no real point to taking out the bridge. probably another way around somewhere.
No. 240985 ID: fd6d7e



I wonder why it used the shelves to cross the bridge. Did Happiness think you made it across? Anyway, best not... not to follow for now. You should eat your last liquid food ration, as you lost a lot of... liquid in that attack.
No. 241119 ID: 02395b

But I thought he gave his last one to Isabel? Maybe we should make finding more food a priority, and maybe checking our suit for rips.
No. 241217 ID: 051d40
File 128671432633.jpg - (172.14KB , 960x600 , keinekeineantwort.jpg )

Going back and searching for more food is a good idea.

"Hey, Isabel. It's gone. You can come out now."

She doesn't answer or even move. I can hear her breathing heavy at the back of the barrel.
No. 241224 ID: e31d52

Gently pull her out of the darkness.
No. 241225 ID: 19dce0

Tug at her a bit, and ask if she is okay.
No. 241226 ID: 2563d4

Apologise for smacking her in the face and wrestling her out in front of the hideous and violent monstrosity.
No. 241268 ID: 8fa42f

Maybe she goes evil while in the shadows. Dump her out of her barrel.
No. 241271 ID: e674ff

Don't go in. stay out of leaping range and ask her if she's okay.
No. 241291 ID: 9618e3

Grab her by the legs and pull her out of the shadows.
No. 241337 ID: fd6d7e

I wonder... maybe she was not supposed to touch that fetid substance.
No. 241388 ID: 6ab386
File 128674126712.jpg - (133.14KB , 960x600 , hinaus.jpg )

I tug her leg carefully staying out of the shadows. "Are you ok? I'm sorry I smacked you earlier."

She still doesn't move. I grab her and start pulling her out of the barrel.
No. 241389 ID: c7e280

There's red dribbling down what seems like her face. Is she bleeding?
No. 241394 ID: c59f60

shit, that goop was toxic. you are wearing a suit s you were protected she touched the stuff with her bare skin.
No. 241421 ID: e674ff

Crap, that stuff looks dangerous.

Okay, first thing is to get her out off the goop as fast as possible. Drag her if you need to.
After that, check the label on the side. It might say something about its contents. When we know what it is we can decide what to do.
No. 241422 ID: 6ab386
File 128674496656.jpg - (134.57KB , 960x600 , blut.jpg )

She is indeed bleeding and seems to have lost her consciousness.
No. 241423 ID: fd6d7e

No. 241426 ID: c59f60

just get her away from the muck. as long as she keeps breathing she will be okay. maybe get some food and feed her some.
No. 241427 ID: 701a19

Find some water and wash her off.
Do NOT feed her while she's unconscious.
No. 241435 ID: c37cd8

Internal bleeding is bad. You need to wash the liquid off her and get her somewhere safe... Might have to hide her somewhere and bring water if you can't carry her. You should also inspect the liquid.
No. 241442 ID: 6ab386
File 128674710878.jpg - (147.36KB , 960x600 , fort.jpg )

Her body is heavy, but with all my strenght I'm able to drag her over the floor. I don't know where I could get fresh water. I have a tap down in my room, but it stopped working some time ago.

I lay her down to check the label on the barrel, but the dirt made it unreadable and I can only barely make out the old warning symbols. I inspect the liquid itself, but without any chemical knowledge it doesn't yield any information.
No. 241463 ID: 701a19

Her clothes are holding the liquid. Strip them off and use the clean bits to wipe off any residue that remains on her.
No. 241464 ID: e31d52

I hate to admit it, but that seems right.
No. 241468 ID: 9406d6

In a completely chaste, non-sexy way.
No. 241579 ID: fd6d7e

Realize that if you get a boner, you are trapped in a tiny doll costume and you don't have the key.

No. 241642 ID: 6ab386
File 128675335260.jpg - (123.72KB , 960x600 , sauber.jpg )

My mind is only filled with concern for Isabel as I undress her and rub off the remaining liquid. This will at least prevent her condition to worsen. She still hasn't regained consciousness, but breathes regular.

Her body starts to shiver on the cold floor.
No. 241645 ID: c59f60

if your outfir could come off you would gladly give it to her to keep warm. but alas it is not so. we must find some cloth for her.
No. 241649 ID: 9406d6

Put cloth between her and floor. Also she has fur.
No. 241659 ID: a594b9

I know where you can get a blanket! Bring her back to your room!

...uh, wait, we can't get her down the dumbwaiter. Maybe you can quickly go down and grab the blanket, after hiding her in that dark side room with the writing in it?
No. 241688 ID: 0b2a05

Okay try rubbing her sides, warm her up! Also start muttering something like "are you okay?!" so she doesn't think you're uh. eyah.
No. 241788 ID: 67c611

Lay down. Put her on top of you and cover her with your arms to keep her warm. Waiting is all you can do.
No. 241920 ID: cc5de5

Do something like this, maybe get her someplace where you guys can hide and huddle up with her. Laying donw one on the other may not be a good idea, since we dont know when she'll wake up and if she'll understand why she's naked and in such a position...

The blanket that was wrapped around the headless body! How far away is that? Do you think you could either get her there, or go and get that, in a good amount of time?
No. 242129 ID: 73b626
File 128682458929.jpg - (225.35KB , 960x600 , trag.jpg )

I try to rub her warm while calmly talking to her, but despite her fur she still shivers.

Carrying her on my back I return to the hallway. The bloody blanket should still be in the room with the corpse, and a clean one is down in my room, but it would take some time to get it.
No. 242133 ID: 0b2a05

Wait... don't disturb his rest?

Ah crap. You could either ignore the writing and use the bloody one, or get the clean one... though leaving her alone still strikes me as a bad idea.
No. 242136 ID: 5f0943

I think you maybe should get back to the room and get the clean one.

It seems like a good idea to heed the 'don't disturb his rest' message on the wall.
No. 242159 ID: c37cd8

There's a vent or box in the dead guy's room, right? That's the closest place we could hide her, if she'll fit.
No. 242224 ID: 6ca0bd
File 128684103081.jpg - (107.57KB , 960x600 , versteck.jpg )

I try to hide her in the metal box, but her body is too big. Maybe this will be enough nonetheless. I'm coming back in a few minutes anyway.
No. 242226 ID: dc80ab

run to get it anyway. you could also leave us here with her, be a lookout.
No. 242267 ID: 6ca0bd
File 128684654043.jpg - (107.68KB , 960x600 , versteck2.jpg )

Ok. Take good care of her. I should be back soon.
No. 242269 ID: 6ca0bd
File 128684658377.gif - (56.36KB , 960x600 , wache.gif )


No. 242270 ID: dc80ab

HALT! who goes there!?
No. 242271 ID: e31d52

Wake up, woman! WAKE UP!

oh god we are a tiny doll we can't fight him aaaaaaa
No. 242280 ID: 2563d4

Well then.

Uh. Pick up the nice ragdoll, Mr Scalpel-Weilding-Maniac?
No. 242304 ID: c1eec4
File 128685050923.jpg - (105.92KB , 960x600 , abschied.jpg )

No. 242305 ID: dc80ab

No. 242311 ID: e31d52



give us back our cute doggy girl ;-;
No. 242320 ID: fd6d7e

No. 242328 ID: b920bc

Herbert's going to be pissed. Or incredibly upset. A mixture. Either way, let's put on our comforting voice and trudge through this sad mess.

No. 242365 ID: 1854db

[get up and follow]
No. 242367 ID: 0b2a05

Damnit!! Herbeeeert!!
No. 242377 ID: b920bc

I suggest we apply our collective consciousness to contacting Herbert telepathically! We must overcome our fluffy prison, make a good example for him!
No. 242395 ID: 644ca1

This would be the perfect time to surpass our limits and WALK!
No. 242399 ID: e31d52

This will not stand.

He has made his move against us, we must respond.

We cannot let him simply walk away!
No. 242583 ID: 0e0f0e
File 128691604896.gif - (45.27KB , 960x600 , verfolgung.gif )


No. 242591 ID: 413b11

Er... is that you, Herbert? Funny thing happened while you were out, uh... well, before we get to that, we made our first steps. Great, yeah?
No. 242592 ID: 40cdbe

herbert! is was horrible. a huge man with a knife came and took Isabel. we tried to stop him but he overpowered us.
No. 242593 ID: e31d52

We can move! We can do it!

No. 242595 ID: 0e0f0e
File 128691969855.jpg - (127.17KB , 960x600 , decke.jpg )

Oh god! Friend, are you ok? What exactly happened? Why didn't you stop him? We have to do something... but what?
No. 242599 ID: 40cdbe

we were sitting here being all look-outful when a large man with a knife appeared, we tried to stop him but we lack the warrior skills you have Herbert, and he was armed. he managed to get away with Isabel.
No. 242609 ID: fd6d7e


We tried to fight him off but there were 5 of him. It was a terrible bloody battle. That is why you see us in such a compromising position. But do not worry we will stand strong and together we can hunt down this dog of a man, and save our man of a dog!
No. 242634 ID: 0e0f0e
File 128692942025.jpg - (141.48KB , 960x600 , schicksal.jpg )

Oh no. I shouldn't have let you two alone. Now we have to act fast to stop the attacker. Who knows what kind of unspeakable things he is currently doing to her.
No. 242635 ID: 40cdbe

yes, full speed ahead!
No. 242636 ID: 1854db

Yes, hurry! Maybe we can track him.
No. 242637 ID: f4963f

So pick us up! Let's go!

He went out the door.

Unfortunately, that's all we can conjure from our battle-scarred memories right now. We're going to need to rely on your amazing tracking skills, Herbert!
No. 242642 ID: fd6d7e


Yes he's--wait, your head's blocking the thought bubble.
No. 242643 ID: 0e0f0e
File 128693159448.jpg - (153.97KB , 960x600 , hai.jpg )

Ok, but you'll have to be on the lookout this time. Because as far as I understand the minds of those evidoers, those terrible things he's doing to her will probably involve sharks and lasers.
No. 242656 ID: 0e0f0e
File 128693363460.jpg - (240.66KB , 960x600 , suche.jpg )

I step out into the hallway, but I can't see any traces of the attacker.
No. 242658 ID: 1854db

Peek around the corner! There's something lying on the ground.
No. 242676 ID: 1854db

...wait, Herbert how do you know what he looked like?

Those images are hilarious. I just wanted you to know that.
No. 242712 ID: fb36d0

He doesnt, that is just an imagined version. The real evil doer's mustache is far longer.
No. 242737 ID: 0b2a05

Go to the far corner, it'll be easier to run if it jumps out at you!
No. 242897 ID: cda491
File 128697990397.jpg - (213.99KB , 960x600 , vorsicht.jpg )

My back against the wall, I carefully step around the corner.
No. 242902 ID: 2563d4

...check corpse for scalpel?
No. 242907 ID: 2eac65

That corpse wasn't there before, was it?

Is that her collar on the floor by its foot?
No. 242909 ID: 2044df


Check the pockets for useful shit
No. 242968 ID: 6c3dec
File 128700034534.jpg - (187.63KB , 960x600 , leiche.jpg )

I think I saw the corpse here right after the monster injured me, but we didn't have any time to inspect the body.

There is indeed Isabels ripped collar in front of the dead man. I search the pockets for something usefull, but all I can find is another name tag and a ballpen.
No. 242971 ID: e31d52

Take the pen. It might come in handy, you never know.
No. 242980 ID: 2563d4

...read the nametag?
No. 243001 ID: c2aa2b

Guys, maybe this was the body we weren't supposed to disturb? Should we really risk this? We need to find Isabel fast, we're running out of time.

Watch out for the hole behind him.
No. 243020 ID: 21ec35
File 128700791426.jpg - (229.54KB , 960x600 , gang3.jpg )

I take the pen and read the name tag, always carefully eyeing the hole behind the corpse. The tag identifies this person as Dr. Nicolas Parter.

I step back. You're right. I can't waste my time. Ihave to find Isabel.
No. 243047 ID: fd6d7e

The fiend who took Isabel was far too large to squeeze around that corpse. He must have gone another direction.
No. 243066 ID: c2aa2b

Can you hear anything through the doors?
No. 243073 ID: a9b1cb
File 128701813324.jpg - (230.26KB , 960x600 , lauschen.jpg )

I press my head against the door. Somebody or something is on the other side. I can hear steps and some other noises.
No. 243079 ID: 4643fd

open it slowly. be ready to close it again if something bad.
No. 243080 ID: fd6d7e


Lift us up so we can see through the broken window next to the door there.
No. 243100 ID: a9b1cb
File 128702011078.jpg - (231.53KB , 960x600 , drücken.jpg )

The broken thing at the side of the door seems to be a broken door panel. Unfortunatly it doesn't allow us to look into the room.

I try to push the door open. It stays closed despite all my efforts.
No. 243101 ID: 4643fd

dang, then i guess we need to cross that bridge/bookcase
No. 243106 ID: 1854db

Did you try pulling it? Uh, anyway we should probably go through the open door instead.
No. 243120 ID: 30c27f
File 128702153549.jpg - (101.22KB , 960x600 , brücke2.jpg )

Neither pushing nor pulling do open the door.

I enter the open room. Nothing appears to have changed since I left.

Maybe it's just my imagination, but I think I can hear cries of pain from somewhere on the other side of the shelf-bridge.
No. 243123 ID: 4643fd

let us investigate!
No. 243131 ID: e31d52


No. 243275 ID: 24a9bd

OH GOD GET ACROSS, FAST! But don't fall, either!
No. 243331 ID: cb7f8d

Whoever that is, so long as it's not a trap, it's our duty as warrior saviors to check it out!

Just make sure nothing reaches up out of that steep, deep, dark, bottomless pit and pulls you into it's endless dank depths.
And did I mention the perpetual darkness?

No. 243363 ID: 1854db

Don't rush into an ambush.
No. 243425 ID: 5ff2cf
File 128706280941.jpg - (78.59KB , 960x600 , schrei.jpg )

As fast as I can, I cross the bridge. Now I definitely can hear screams. The only way further leads into a dark sideway.
No. 243426 ID: 5ff2cf
File 128706301637.jpg - (135.62KB , 960x600 , schatten.jpg )

I hurry to save whoever is in trouble. Glas crushes under my feet, as I venture deeper into the shadows, a distant light the only guide in the dark corridor.

As I reach the lightsource, the cries already stopped.
No. 243427 ID: 2563d4

Well, steel yourself and take a look.
No. 243430 ID: c37cd8

Get your knife out.
No. 243438 ID: 1854db

Oh god please let that not be Isabel getting her head chopped off
No. 243492 ID: d86401

Did the screams sound like a man or woman? If it was a man we might be better off getting out of there, now that we know there's something big in there.

If you dont think you'll be seen, take the tiniest, quickest peek in you can.
No. 243499 ID: e31d52

No. 243500 ID: fdb267
File 128708595469.jpg - (115.92KB , 960x600 , schatten2.jpg )

I couldn't really hear whether it was a man or a woman, because the screams stopped while I was still a some distance away, but it didn't sound like Isabel.

I take out the knife. Should I risk a peek or should I get away while I haven't been spotted.
No. 243503 ID: 2563d4

Peek. If you have to flee, you might be able to cut its path at the abyss by pushing the shelf in after you cross.
No. 243517 ID: f4963f

Peek, little ragdoll man!
No. 243519 ID: fdb267
File 128709435643.jpg - (155.95KB , 960x600 , schau.jpg )

As I step closer to the door, the shadows at the wall shift and I can hear steps and rushling from inside. I peek through the door trying to adjust my eyes to the bright light.
No. 243523 ID: e31d52

Okay, here's the plan.

Take the keys, throw them further down the hall. When he goes to get them, leap on his back and stab the everloving fuck out of him.
No. 243525 ID: 56dc25

That flashlight is shining right at you, lighting you up and leaving him difficult to see. Whatever you do, you'd damn well better move very fast, because he's not going to be stunned by the light and he just tore someone's head off. Would not want to bet that you aren't the next obvious target of opportunity.
No. 243532 ID: fd6d7e

OK here's the plan. Grab the keys and run.
No. 243567 ID: fdb267
File 128709964156.jpg - (124.72KB , 960x600 , schlüssel.jpg )

I jump forwards as fast as I can, bend down, grab the keys and...

>drip drip
No. 243569 ID: e31d52

No. 243571 ID: 4643fd

shit! it's on the ceiling!
No. 243599 ID: d86401


But look up first. THEN RUN.
No. 243600 ID: 1854db

Dodge sideways then run!
No. 243603 ID: fdb267
File 128710393792.jpg - (226.67KB , 960x600 , happy.jpg )

I jump up and turn around to run out of the room.

No. 243607 ID: 4643fd


No. 243610 ID: 1854db

Fuck. Grab the flashlight with your free hand and evade him, attempting to find another exit.
No. 243613 ID: 2563d4

Dive between his legs while he's still using his arms to balance the landing.
No. 243616 ID: 24a9bd

Grab the flashlight, try to run while shining it at his face!
No. 243628 ID: d86401

Dont do anything stupid, ignore the flashlight! No distractions! We need to draw him away from the door and once he's away we can leave, run in zigzags!

Evasive actions, commence! We believe in you!
No. 243807 ID: ba8f00
File 128716603558.jpg - (77.10KB , 960x600 , lichtaus.jpg )

It moves fast. It's impossible to dive between its legs and stay unharmed. I decide to ignore the flashlight in order to get out of the creatures reach. I run into the shadows not knowing what kind of room this is or whether there's another exit, but maybe I'll be able to lure it away from the door.

Suddenly the light vanishes as I hear a cracking sound behind me.
No. 243827 ID: 1854db

Great, now we can't see, but our enemy can.

Try to find a door, I guess. I don't see how we can do much aside from blindly grope around now. I guess you could... keep an eye on his face. You should be able to read when he's about to swing at you by the movements it makes.
No. 243839 ID: ba8f00
File 128717116599.jpg - (39.95KB , 960x600 , dunkel.jpg )

For a moment its evil grin hangs in the enclosing shadows, giving me a faint hint in which direction to flee, before it is slowly swallowed by the darkness. I can't hear it coming closer or moving or even breathing. All I hear is something dripping as I stagger around trying to find the door or a wall.
No. 243840 ID: 2563d4

Hold knife above head to discourage it dropping on you.
No. 243841 ID: 0ca778

make like a unicorn and have a sharp thing on your head.
No. 243846 ID: 24a9bd

Hold the knife above your head, and use your other senses, especially hearing. Is the drip getting closer?
No. 243849 ID: 1854db

I think you're close to the body. Focus on the dripping though... the monster's claws are the cause of that sound.

...actually you should probably run straight for the exit right now.
No. 243863 ID: ba8f00
File 128717531245.jpg - (71.88KB , 960x600 , abgrund.jpg )

I hold up the knife. The dripping sound moves after me towards the center of the room. I try to circle it to get to the door...

No. 243865 ID: 1854db

Oh god! Grab onto the bars so you don't fall down.
No. 243888 ID: 4218b2

Shit! Get your balance! Grab the bars!
No. 243896 ID: d9ca51

Back up, simultaneously slash behind you and to your sides! If it knows the room better than you, it'll probably try to use that gap to pres an advantage. While you're distracted and trying to keep yourself from falling it'll go for the kill! So slash man, slash behind you to keep it at bay and use the momentum to spin around so your facing away from the gap!
No. 243904 ID: aacea3
File 12871847881.jpg - (65.34KB , 960x600 , abgrund2.jpg )

Feeling the floor vanish beneath my feet, I swirl around slashing the knife through the air to keep the monster from abusing my momentary weakness to attack.

I'm able to grab one of the broken bars and lift myself back up.

No. 243975 ID: 4da15c

Ffff- should we risk the drop? I really dont think we can handle this guy.
No. 243977 ID: 1b42c5

can you climb down? they wouldn't have a pit lead to nowhere.
No. 243997 ID: 1854db

Shit, it's right in front of you! Move! Move in whatever direction is easiest that isn't down!
No. 244148 ID: 19dce0

Drop down, Herbert! It is the only way!
No. 244181 ID: 3184e3
File 128724024726.jpg - (82.50KB , 960x600 , kopf.jpg )

I don't know how deep the pit is or whether I could survive the fall. Maybe there is a way to climb down somewhere hidden in the darkness. Do I have the time to search it, should I risk jumping or is there anything else I can do now?

No. 244258 ID: 1bad88

I think that's a severed head. I say we throw that at Happiness and jump for our lives. Maybe we'll get lucky?

Anyone got a better idea? We really need one right now!
No. 244298 ID: d6d962
File 128727033338.jpg - (93.38KB , 960x600 , sprung.jpg )

I guess I have no other choice. I can see it moving in the shadows, ready to strike. I jump back into the abyss, and a claw rips open the floor where I stood just a second ago.

I can feel the air tugging at my suit as I fall but and hear the screams of the monster above me but I'm unable see the platform I fell from or the walls passing by or even the ground coming closer.
No. 244303 ID: 1854db

Sheath your knife. You don't to accidentally stab yourself when you hit... whatever's there to hit.
No. 244306 ID: d6d962
File 128727087884.jpg - (163.36KB , 960x600 , aufprall.jpg )

I'm able to throw away the knife just in time, so that I won't hurt myself. Wood shatters and cardboards are crashed as I hit the ground.

The pain makes me black out.

I wake up again, not knowing how much time has passed. The bandage on my right arm is damaged and as I try to stand up, my left leg cracks loudly and I fall back down again. It's still dark, but slowly my eyes accustom to the gloomy condition.
No. 244333 ID: 1b42c5

dang, herbert, you may not be the fastest but i am starting to see how you could do all that, you are tough as hell. you need to get solid though, or you wont last.
No. 244339 ID: 1854db

Get a plank and use it as a crutch.
No. 244428 ID: 1bad88

Your leg is probably broken. If your arm isn't bleeding, and you think it's OK for now, use it to tie a piece of wood to your leg as a splint. Use another piece as a crutch.
No. 244434 ID: a0fe7b
File 128728041842.jpg - (156.51KB , 960x600 , krücke.jpg )

I have no idea how I was able to survive this fall but I did. But i guess my leg really is broken. Also my arm started bleeding again through the damaged bandage Using one of the shattered planks I lift myself up and look around.

The whole room is cluttered with garbage. I can make out old rusty pipes, pressboards, ripped cardboard boxes, rolls of plastiy strings, tape, wires and cable. I don't think I'll be able to retrieve the knife in this mess, but at least there is enough stuff to improvise a splint.

A faint light shines in the distance. I think somebody or something is there.
No. 244436 ID: 1b42c5

go carefully to the light. you don't want whatever is using the light to see you.
No. 244439 ID: 1bad88

Act like you don't notice it for now, but keep an eye on it. Our main focus should be on fixing your leg before we draw anything else's attention.

God, Herbet, if I could Id give you a hug right now. ;_;
No. 244442 ID: 1bad88

And while youre at it, tighten the bandage on your arm. Use it as a tourniquet.
No. 244445 ID: 1854db

Tourniquets cut off blood flow entirely and should not be used unless it is a dire emergency.

Before we go anywhere we need to get that splint made. Seriously, we can't walk around like this.
No. 244473 ID: 1bad88

But you have to admit, that's a lot of blood right there. If only we could get through the suit to stitch him up, it'd be better than this.
No. 244805 ID: 0f8b2f
File 128731923581.jpg - (147.22KB , 960x600 , schiene.jpg )

With only one arm really working I am not able to fix the bandage myself. I tighten it a bit to stop the blood flowing too much but.

I construct a splint out of the things scattered around on the floor. It'll allow me to stand with the help of a staff or something to rest my weight on, but I guess I wont be able to run anymore. I can only hope that I'll be able to find Isabel and escape from this place without limping into any more troubles.
No. 244811 ID: 1854db


Go check out the light. Cautiously.
No. 244838 ID: 52a325
File 128732561373.jpg - (156.97KB , 960x600 , licht.jpg )

Carefully I approach the light. A figure staggers through the trash waving around a flashlight, apparently searching for something. I drop to the ground as the lightbeam suddenly flashes in my direction.

No. 244844 ID: 1b42c5

"don't attack, i mean no harm"
No. 244846 ID: 1854db

Nobody! Absolutely nobody that might be wearing a scary iron mask that's locked up and has a broken leg and cut up arm!
No. 244929 ID: 8c8502
File 128733625332.jpg - (133.26KB , 960x600 , aufstehen.jpg )

I stand up.

"Don't attack. I'm harmless and wounded."

There is a moment of silence, while the light beam travels over my body.

"Oh, it's just one of you. What are you doing here? How did you get out of your room?"
No. 244930 ID: 93e8e3

"I went up, and then I fell down."
No. 244932 ID: 1b42c5

i'm trying to find my friend, she is a dog person.
and someone left the door open is all.
No. 244937 ID: c37cd8

"Somebody left my hatch open and a monster has been attacking me. I fell down here in escape of it. My friend Isabel was taken by someone."
No. 244941 ID: 1854db

Ask him what he means by 'one of you'. You've seen others with the same outfit on... what does it mean?
No. 244956 ID: 8c8502
File 128733934617.jpg - (76.67KB , 960x600 , umriss.jpg )

"Someone left my hatch open and then I was attacked by a monster."
The figure begins to mumble. "... great. ...I guess the security system is now totally down..."

"I'm 'one of them'? What does that mean?" I ask and get an absent-minded reply. "Oh, you know, one of the failed experiments..."

"My friend and I got seperated and now I'm searching her. She's some kind of dog person. Have you seen her." The figure stares at me for a moment. "No. No, I haven't seen anybody. And if what you told me is true, you can probably stop looking."
No. 244959 ID: 1b42c5

show him us and say that we saw her get taken by a man with a knife not one of the monsters.
No. 244965 ID: e674ff

Okay, so ask him who the hell he is. If he's a guard or a scientist or whatever, he can probably tell us a bit about this place and who you are.
No. 244997 ID: d755b8

Experiments? "Why should I quit looking? What the hell is that monster, can I kill it?
No. 245001 ID: 1854db

Show him us. Tell him we saw someone drag her off... it wasn't the monster. He had a knife.

Also ask what the big cloaked figure in the weird mask was.
No. 245046 ID: 24a9bd

It wasn't the monster, it was something else, probably another 'failed experiment'. There's still a chance.
No. 245055 ID: fd6d7e

You can stop looking? He must know where she is! Ask this man where Isabel is, and if he knows of your royal heritage.
No. 245063 ID: 8c8502
File 128734793989.jpg - (65.02KB , 960x600 , doktor.jpg )

"Who are you? What are those creatures? And what am I?"

The shade lowers the flashlight and comes closer.
>"... I'm just a lab assistant. I stayed after >the shutdown to save some of our patients, but >now I am trapped myself.
>You... I've no idea. You're probably a >creation of the old project Alpha. They send >you all down here with all the other garbage >after it was shut down."

"And what about the monster. The one with the cloak and the mask? Or the one that's always smiling?"

>"The one in the cloak went mad after something >went wrong up in the testing area. I guess >they decided it was too dangerous for them to >keep him up there. They didn't want to lose >anyone important so they send him down here. >We used to call him Labyrinth because he >managed to get out of his cell somwhow and >started scribbling the word everywhere...
>The other thing is the reason why they shut >the facility down until they find a way to >destroy it and also the reason why you can >forget your friend. If it wants you, it'll get >you in the end. The professor created it in >an attempt to finally finish project Alpha. I >guess in a way he succeded."

"I'm no experiment, I'm of royal blood. You can ask friend. He's in my bag. As far as I remember, he was there when my evil brother entrapped me. He can also asure you, that it wasn't the smiling monster that got Isabel. It was a man with a scalpel, friend saw him."

>"... eh ... maybe some other staff member got >her. Was probably hungry. Just stop searching, >there are more important things to do."
No. 245065 ID: e31d52

"No. She was my friend and she trusted me. I'll as soon stop looking as drop dead, which I nearly have, several times. So either help me, or leave me alone. I've had enough of all this bullshit."
No. 245066 ID: 56dc25

What could possibly be more important than the life of a friend?
No. 245073 ID: e674ff

Let's ask about project Alpha. That seems to be the center of this mess.
No. 245115 ID: 24a9bd

Not a chance, we're going to look for her. Ask him about this alpha thing, and why there isn't food for the staff to eat, and why the staff is wanting to eat people!
No. 245127 ID: 8c8502
File 12873543486.jpg - (66.83KB , 960x600 , doktor2.jpg )

"No. She was my friend and she trusted me. What could be more important than a friend? Either help me, or leave me alone. I've had enough of all this."

>"... Ok. Maybe there is a way I could help you. But you have to do something for me first."

"Can you tell me more about project Alpha, so that I'll be prepared when I run into another monster."

>"Well, it was before my time. As far as i understand it all, they started farely simple. They studied AIs and tried to create genuin artificial emotions. They were succesfull at first. Simple emotions like fear, pain, hunger could be easily generated. But they never were able to produce the more complex ones, like love or happiness, so they started to make their computers more complex. They started to insert organic materials, brain parts from corpses or geneticaly designed neurological parts. They created new live in tubes and found things they never intended to study. I dont know what exactly but it was more profitable than their first project. So in the end they kind of cancelled Alpha. They send down all the useless experiments and creatures they considered death ends. Professor Schwarz used them one last time in his ambition to finish Alpha. The company gave him the trash they didn't need anymore and the personal they thought would be expenable. The things he did where terrible, but we stayed. He said as soon as he'd succeed, we would all be rewarded."

"What happened? Why isn't there any food?"

>"Professor had a breakthrough last week. A breakthrough that killed him and will kill everybody in here. The people on the higher level sealed the exits to stop it from escaping. They didn't wait for the staff to evacuate. Now the rations are running out, and it's impossible to contact the outside world."
No. 245200 ID: d755b8

"Is there any possible way for escape? Why am I in this suit? What do you want me to do for you so you'll help me?"
No. 245356 ID: 1854db

Let's talk while moving. Ask what he wants you to do.
No. 245599 ID: 554ac2
File 12874200979.jpg - (74.11KB , 960x600 , treppe.jpg )

You're right. We can't waste any more time down here. "We should get going as long as there's any chance to find my friend."

I can barely follow the figure with my wounded knee, as we march through the darkness. A winding staircase leads out of the chasm.

"So why did they put me into this suit?" I break the silence.

>"I've no idea. Some of you arrived in those. Maybe your body is an abomination so terrible the scientists didn't want to look at it all the time."

That doesn't sound right. My original theory must be closer to the truth in the end.

"And what do you want me to do?"

>"Oh it's easy. There is an old escape hatch down in the machine areas, but nobody down here has the authorizy level to open it. Nobody but Professor Schwarz. You're small enough to fit through the ventilation shafts, so just climb to the experimantation lab and search his body for the keys. With those we'll also be able to get to the main security room to search for your friend."
No. 245600 ID: 93e8e3

This sounds legit. Ask if there is anything dangerous in that room you need to go to. You are not in the best condition to be running around.
No. 245641 ID: 554ac2
File 128743449765.jpg - (149.43KB , 960x600 , lüftung.jpg )

"Ok, I can do that."

We reach a brighter area. Up here some lights are still intact.

>"Ok, all you have to do is to crawl through and just turn right at the second junction."

"Will this be dangerous?"

>"No, no. It's absolutely safe. Just get the keys and come directly back. If you don't have any more questions take the flashlight and hurry. I don't want to stay out in the open an longer than necessary"
No. 245650 ID: 2563d4

I'm sure she'll split open into a nightmarish monstrosity of teeth the moment our back is turned, but it's not like we have any more plausible plans right now for finding Isabel. Go for it.
No. 245663 ID: 1854db

I suspect that the keys are in the area where we just fell down.
No. 245664 ID: 24a9bd

Well, you don't really have a choice, though it's probably going to be more dangerous than she says it will.

Wait before you go, ask her why she trusts YOU
No. 245688 ID: 471207

Well, we havent tried killing or eating her. And we can hold an intelligent conversation.

I say go for it.
No. 245699 ID: 182063
File 12874407457.gif - (24.56KB , 960x600 , labor.gif )

You're making me nervous. As I crawl into the tunnel I turn my head, expecting some kind of new monstrosity, but it's just her staring at my back. "Why are you trusting me?" I ask.

> "What could something like you possibly do to make my situation even worse? I couldn't get the key without trusting some stranger anyway. And what could you gain from stabbing my back? The key alone won't do you any good as long as you don't know where the hatch and the main security room are. You'll have to come back."

I guess I have no other choice. I climb through the seemingly endless tunnel. Maybe it's just because my broken leg is making me stop every few steps, but it seems to take forever until I finally reach the second junction. Fearing to drain the batterie of the flashlight I decide to turn it off until I reach my destination. In the darkness I crawl slower, but at least I'll have light when I arrive.

Finally the passage ends, leading into a dark room. Two entrances open to well lit areas, yet this room is absolutely dark. I flip on the flashlight.

No. 245700 ID: 1854db

Oh fuck

Just find the keys so we can get the hell out of here!
No. 245701 ID: 1b42c5

south door!
No. 245703 ID: c37cd8

Don't mind the mess.
No. 245742 ID: 471207

Er, go to the well lit area. Dont freak out, dont run, be careful. Make sure to check the room before you do anything.
No. 245748 ID: fd6d7e

Perfectly safe my ass. She's not telling us something. Attempting to create a mind capable of experiencing happiness does not require you attach huge death claws of ripping to it. Besides, she didn't even refer to you as your majesty!
No. 245765 ID: 182063
File 128745023182.jpg - (182.27KB , 960x600 , zurück.jpg )

This really doesn't seem very safe. Before we start to search the keys here, we better go to the bright rooms. Lately I have had a few bad experiences in gloomy areas.

I go to the south door, carefully avoiding the rotting skulls.
No. 245791 ID: 471207

I think we've been here before, haven't we?
No. 245897 ID: 1854db

Right at the second junction... looks like the blood trail leads to where we're supposed to go.

Be very careful. Listen at the door before entering.
No. 246346 ID: 0883be
File 128760772425.jpg - (185.10KB , 960x600 , zurück2.jpg )

I've already passed two junctions while passing through the vents, so the labaratory should be the dark room, although it doesn't look like one.

We've indeed been here before I think. Some things changed since we've last been here, but do I really have the time to investigate? I was explicitly told to just search the key and then to return directly. Maybe I should do that. What do you think?
No. 246348 ID: 1854db

I am curious, but we should at least get the key first.
No. 246349 ID: 2563d4

>8721 right next to keypad
Hunh. That seems almost too simple.
Key first.
No. 246370 ID: 0883be
File 128761606152.jpg - (198.06KB , 960x600 , köpfe.jpg )

I return to search the key. It is supposed to be somewhere near professor Schwarz' body, but all I can see are piles of seperated rotting heads. Most of them stacked at the west side of the room.
No. 246501 ID: 24a9bd

Oh god please say Isabel isn't among them
No. 246559 ID: fd6d7e

Welp, that explains where all those people all over this facility's heads got off to. I guess this is Happiness's...bedroom?
No. 246564 ID: 1854db

If this is where Happiness keeps returning to...

Did we get sent right into a trap? Push the heads around and try to find the keys anyway.
No. 246588 ID: 2563d4

The worrying thing is if it is also Schwarz' bedroom.
No. 246677 ID: ef636d
File 128769870714.gif - (67.03KB , 960x600 , kopfsturz.gif )

As my eyes wander over the rows of heads, my hope is raised. I can't see Isabels face. Maybe she is still alive. All the more important to find the key then.

I overcome my disgust and grab one of the skulls and start searching in the bloody pile for the professor. I can hear the heads shifting under my hands. It's nearly as if they were moving and bending forward to get a good look at the person disturbing their rest.

No. 246678 ID: 5c4201

move try to play dead.
No. 246683 ID: ef636d
File 128770150712.jpg - (185.74KB , 960x600 , begraben.jpg )

The avalanche of disembodied heads stops and I can barely move. I lie on the floor unmoving, not knowing what caused this. Is something here with me? Did the dead come back to live? Or was this just the consequence of me carelessly pushing away the skulls?

I can't hear or see anything moving now anymore.
No. 246684 ID: 2563d4

Try to wriggle free, then.
No. 246692 ID: e3d850

Be very quit and listen before you try to get lose. If you hear nothing, go for it.
No. 246845 ID: 13d364
File 128774818112.jpg - (221.97KB , 960x600 , labor2.jpg )

I push away the heads and struggle free. As I pull myself out of the rotting heap of flesh, I become aware, that this looks nothing like the room I just inspected.
No. 246853 ID: 0854ad

Inspect body, papers, and shelves. Look in the trash can and try the safe. See if there's a tape in the camera.
No. 246855 ID: 1854db

I don't see the keys... try opening that safe. Maybe it's unlocked!
No. 246856 ID: 2563d4

See if the computer will turn on. If nothing else the monitor will be another light source.
No. 246895 ID: fd6d7e


I hate to tell you this but, I think the heads were stacked in front of a passageway, which is now to your east. To get back you'd have to try going through the heads again... probably best to put that on the back burner for now.
No. 246896 ID: 24a9bd

How fresh is that body?
No. 246906 ID: c37cd8

The keys we saw before we fell down might be the ones we're looking for.
No. 246913 ID: 5e1f2b
File 12877827022.jpg - (109.05KB , 960x600 , kamera.jpg )

Maybe the keys we saw when we searched for Isabel were the ones we're looking for, but I hope not, because I lost them there when we were attacked and I don't want to go back.

I take a closer look at the camera. It's broken but still opens when I push a little knob on its side. I obtain a small black disc.
No. 246914 ID: 5e1f2b
File 128778274623.jpg - (169.03KB , 960x600 , notiz.jpg )

I turn on the computer and hear the machine responding. The monitor stays black though and upon closer inspection I that the upper part of the screen is shattered. The trashcan contains a single crumbled note.
No. 246915 ID: 5e1f2b
File 128778288376.jpg - (185.83KB , 960x600 , dokument.jpg )

The body strapped to the table looks like another dog-person. I don't know how long it is lying here. It could be some days or just some hours. I can't stand to look at it and start searching through the documents on the shelf. They are titled "PROJECT ALPHA" and are full of strange long latin names, statistics and long rows of numbers. I don't understand anything.

I've looked everywhere and haven't found the keys. The only uninspected thing remaining is the safe.
No. 246917 ID: 1854db

Let's try the safe, then.
No. 246927 ID: 669ef7

There are signs that the shadow creature tore though here, be careful.
No. 246930 ID: b7a06f
File 128778751861.jpg - (214.93KB , 960x600 , safe.jpg )

The safe's lock clicks as I turn the wheel. With a creak the door swings open on itself and a body hits the blood-stained floor.

Suddenly I hear loud footsteps from the other side of the wall of heads. Somebody seems to be approaching this room.
No. 246931 ID: e31d52

I see a key on the body!
No. 246967 ID: d6483a

God, what the hell happened to that poor fellow?

Snatch the keys and, as much as I hate to suggest this, dive into the heads to hide. Even if it's a friendly coming our way we don't want to surprise them in the dark (is case they have a weapon). Best to just hide.
No. 247073 ID: 6550ad

Get the key and dive into the pile of heads, yes.
No. 247075 ID: 1854db

Put the body back in the safe, then hide.
No. 247127 ID: 6d1860
File 128786218632.jpg - (97.01KB , 960x600 , versteck3.jpg )

I can't cram the body into the safe in this short time, so I just grab the key and crawl back between the heads. The steps are louder now. They seem to come from the other side of the wall of skulls.
Some wet heavy objects are dropped on the floor and the visitor leaves, loudly scratching the doorframe during the process. I can hear some of the heads shifting above me, before it is quiet again.
No. 247137 ID: 6d1860
File 12878660225.jpg - (181.92KB , 960x600 , klettern.jpg )

When I'm sure to be alone again, I climb back out. Somehow I have to get to the other side of the heads. I probably have to climb, although this won't be easy with my broken leg.
No. 247140 ID: 1854db

Stack stuff to aid in climbing.
No. 247153 ID: 6550ad

See if you can find stuff around you that can be used to help you with the climbing. Like, see if you can move the table the body is strapped at.

I guess that that fails, you could release the body from the table and pile it up, along with the corpse that was in the safe on top of the heads, to make a DISGUSTING CORPSE PILE aid you climbing up.
No. 247254 ID: fd6d7e

eat your way through
No. 247519 ID: 3fef4a
File 128793816245.jpg - (208.67KB , 960x600 , schieben.jpg )

Although I must have great talent in standing on the corpse piles of my slain foes, I am glad to see, that I am able to move the tables. You just can't stack every corpse you find along your way and then stand on top of the disgusting corpse pile. They have to be your sworn enemies or else you're just impolite.

There are two tables only one occupied. I'm going to use the empty one for my cunning escape plan. Climbing over the heads should now be managable.
No. 247527 ID: 93e8e3

Excellent. Dragging this table probably made a lot of sound, though - pause for a moment and listen to see if anyone is coming before climbing over.
No. 247528 ID: 1854db

Awesome. Let's continue on... unless there's something we haven't inspected? I think we've pretty thoroughly combed over the place.

Oh, a good thing to do would be to wait for a second before climbing over the heads. Don't want to run into Tall Dark and Monstrous.
No. 247532 ID: 0695c9


Now that you mention it, we havent had a look at those test tubes. Im not sure if they'd be any help to us, though. Unless one was a strong acid, or food.
No. 247552 ID: 3fef4a
File 128794530841.jpg - (163.40KB , 960x600 , gläser.jpg )

The test tubes are all clean and empty. They must be storing the chemicals somewhere else.

I guess if there's nothing else to do here, I'll climb back now.
No. 247555 ID: 1854db

Erm. If the thing next to the trash can is the computer, what's the thing to the right of the monitor? For that matter, what's that thing in the upper-left? There's a triangle symbol and a box on top of the shelves.
No. 247558 ID: 93e8e3

No. 247565 ID: 2563d4

Let's skedaddle. Isabel is in mortal peril!
No. 247822 ID: 01247d
File 128797668886.jpg - (156.05KB , 960x600 , rückweg.jpg )

There are some machines standing on the table, but we don't have the time to examine them. We have to save Isabel.

I climb back to the room I came from. Should I head straight back? Or is there something you think I should investigate prior to my return?
No. 247865 ID: 93e8e3

Straight back up.
No. 247878 ID: 7daa45

We could try the number pad, if our friend thought to write that passcode down we might as well see what's in there while we can. We could look inside rather than going in, if possible, so we would be close to the vent.

It could lead to Isabel, and if Happiness is waiting in there it's not like it could fit in the vent.

We might not be able to come back here to try it again, since the passage is blocked and Happiness is hanging around.
No. 247880 ID: 1854db

Check the blood trail in the other room real quick. The monster just deposited a head so that corpse is old now.
No. 247910 ID: c37cd8

I'd like to see that room, but... Are you capable of running back to the vent in your current condition, Herbert?
No. 247988 ID: d090ad
File 128803135562.jpg - (185.86KB , 960x600 , code.jpg )

I don't think I really am able run anywhere, but I should be able to get back to the vent before anything happens as long as I just peek through into the rooms. Carefully I sneak through the hallway.

I stretch myself to reach the number pad.
No. 247989 ID: d090ad
File 128803145586.jpg - (138.12KB , 960x600 , kältekammer.jpg )

The door slides open. It's even colder in here than in the other rooms.
No. 247992 ID: 1854db

How the hell did that head get in here? First, look up to make sure nothing's about to ambush you. Second, get some food packs. Third, check the other room real quick.
No. 248052 ID: 3c9435

Yes, make sure there isnt anything in there to kill you and stuff as many food packs as possible into your bag. Dont take your eyes off that head or the door. Check the cupboards afterward, and get the hell out of there.
No. 248366 ID: 011b60
File 128808552640.jpg - (138.94KB , 960x600 , kältekammer2.jpg )

I take as many food packs as my bag can carry, while cautiously watching the single severe head.

The cupboard is closed, but with the help of the keys we just found I am able to open it. It's filled with vials containing various chemicals.
No. 248409 ID: 011b60
File 128809595682.jpg - (184.35KB , 960x600 , spur.jpg )

I walk back to investigate the other room.
No. 248410 ID: 011b60
File 128809601013.jpg - (174.23KB , 960x600 , überwachungsraum.jpg )

The blood-trail vanishes in the darkness behind the broken glass.
No. 248412 ID: 5c4201

think we are done here, let's head back.
No. 248415 ID: c1dba4

Can to get a closer look at the cmputer mointor and the broken glass. See if there is any residue runnig off of it.
No. 248435 ID: 011b60
File 12880992994.jpg - (178.90KB , 960x600 , nichts.jpg )

I don't want to go into this room any further than necessary. If something would surprise me in here, I wouldn't be able to return to the vents fast enough. Also nothing appears to have changed since we've last been here, except for the blood trail.

I glance to the monitors, that still show he same rooms. For a short moment there seems to be a movment on the one, showing the hall behind me. I whirl around but nothing is here.

Maybe my nerves were playing a trick on me and all I saw was my own movement caught by the surveillance camera. Maybe it would be best to head straight back before somehing bad happens.
No. 248437 ID: 2563d4

Yes. You have the keys, you also have food. Return. Maybe close the keypad door first if it will so that anything on a mindless rampage won't trash the place.
No. 248452 ID: 93e8e3

Let's get out of here.
No. 248478 ID: 011b60
File 128811542083.jpg - (131.42KB , 960x600 , zurück3.jpg )

I crawl back through the vents as fast as I can. The flashlight dies after the first half, but the way is simple enough to find it in the dark.

I arrive at the corridor. The once closed door is now slightly ajar and the assistants voice wispers to me from gloomy room behind it "Finally. Hurry up and come in here."
No. 248479 ID: 1854db

Enter yon door.
No. 248483 ID: e38e27

Tell her you found the keys and give them to her, and offer her a food pack. Dont give more than one or two for now, though.
No. 248513 ID: 011b60
File 128812457671.jpg - (165.22KB , 960x600 , schlüssel2.jpg )

I enter the room and the door slams behind me.

>"Do you have the keys?"

"Yes, and I also have something to eat if you want."

>"No. Just give me the keys and we'll be out here in a few minutes."
No. 248514 ID: 5c4201

awwwwwww fuck nuggets. she isn't herself anymore. there is a ... chunk in front of the book case behind you. calm reach into the back pack and instead of the keys grab a food and then swiftly throw it into it's face.
No. 248515 ID: 1854db

Out of here? Like, out of the facility? But we need to find Isabel!

What's that thing on the floor over there? Also ask how she knew where the corpse was.
No. 248533 ID: fd409f

Protest that Isabel is still in there, but dont do anything too violent or drastic. Ask her why she's in this room.
No. 248538 ID: 011b60
File 128812847298.jpg - (163.18KB , 960x600 , schlüssel3.jpg )

"Out of here? But we have to find Isabel first."

>"Yes that's what I meant. Give me the key and we'll find your friend in no time."

"Why are you in this room?" I ask.

>"You took a long time. It's not safe to just wait in the gangway."

Slowly I take my bag and pretend to search for the key, while tightly grabbing one of the food rations, ready to throw it, in case she tries to attack me.

"I was wondering," I say, as I slowly take off my bag and pretend to search for the key, while tightly grabbing one of the food rations, ready to throw it, in case she tries to attack me,"how did you know where exactly the corpse was anyway?"

>"... well... that's because... I just assumed it would be where the accident had taken place."

In the corner of my eyes I see a crumbled piece of paper lying on the floor in front of the bookcase.
No. 248539 ID: 1854db

Eh, hand over the keys. Then check out the paper.
No. 248542 ID: 1854db

Oh, and tell her that there was a pile of severed heads you had to work your way past to get to where the body was, so the monster was apparently using it as a nest or something.

Also say it was not perfectly safe and we're not happy that she told us it was.
No. 248544 ID: 5c4201

tell her to stand aside and let a gentleman unlock the door.
No. 248547 ID: fd409f

That's a good idea, suggest you unlock the door so the kind lady wont get jumped by anything.
And ask why the corpse was in a safe.
No. 248554 ID: 5c4201

also, when she talks again watch her mouth. if it doesn't move then she it absolutely evil now.
No. 248564 ID: 011b60
File 128813243255.jpg - (159.70KB , 960x600 , schlüssel4.jpg )

I watch her closely as she slowly approaches me, but I can't find anything strange about her. "This was dangerous. You send me right into the monsters nest. I had to climb over severed heads and retrieve the corpse from inside a safe. Why did you tell me this was harmless?"

>"How should I know all that? I'm just a simple lab assistant. I thought you just had to get inside and grab the key."

"Well, maybe I should open the door instead of you. Just in case there's any danger behind it. It is my duty as a gentleman to protect a young lady such as you." I say, while taking a step back.

>"You're currently not in the condition to face any danger."
She holds her hand towards me.
>"Just give me the key and everything will be ok."
No. 248567 ID: 5c4201

get that table between you two.
No. 248572 ID: 1854db

...why is everyone being so paranoid? Remember last time you did something like this? You thought Isabel was 'being controlled by darkness' and it turned out she was just scared of the MONSTER.

Right now I would suggest just handing over the key and inspecting the piece of paper. What's she gonna do, stab you with the key? It's not like we're giving her our knife!
No. 248610 ID: d4cdb7

It could be because of the dim lighting, the ominous bloody table, the paper in the corner and the face she was making when we first entered.

Either way, might as well give her the key.
No. 248615 ID: 1854db


See if any of the keys fit your mask before you give them to her.
No. 248625 ID: d4cdb7

No, hand her the keys and ask if she thinks any fit your mask. We dont want to seem any more suspicious around her or she might freak out.
No. 248933 ID: d07dc3
File 128821474560.jpg - (162.08KB , 960x600 , schlüssel5.jpg )

I take out the key and before I'm even able to have a closer look on it, she grabs it out of my hands. She turns around and starts walking to a table in one of the room's dark corners.

"Hey, do you think one of the keys might open my mask?" I ask.

>"What? ... No, no. I don't think so."
She doesn't even look up as she answers me.
>"We can't be bothered with trivialities now anyway. I'm going to make some final preparations. Be ready for departure in a few moments."
No. 248936 ID: d07dc3
File 128821480666.jpg - (145.44KB , 960x600 , notiz2.jpg )

She starts working something in the back of the room. I unfold the crumbled piece of paper. It's some kind of list.
>'Test 2.33 - failure - both subjects eliminated; Test 2.34 - failure - both subjects eliminated;...'
It goes on like. The only variations are the two last entries.
>'Test 6.35 - success - subject and avatar stable, increase of mental responses ; Test 6.36 - due to the stolen data, selftest will be preponed to tomorrow.'
No. 248949 ID: 1854db

I wonder if test 6.35 is you? It sounds like 6.36 created the Monster due to someone doing the... whatever on THEMSELVES. Crazy fucker.

Inspect the trash can then see if you can find out what the lady's doing with those keys.
No. 248962 ID: 629808

We've got eyes dont we? We can watch her while you check the place out.
No. 248988 ID: d07dc3
File 12882243546.jpg - (145.15KB , 960x600 , wache.jpg )

I can't see exactly what she's doing. It seems as if she's gathering some stuff she's stored back there.

Just in case something strange happens you should have an eye on her.

I examine the trashcan. It's filled with a lot of other documents. All of them have been torn to shreds, but I doubt I would have understood what was written on them anyway.
No. 249001 ID: 9c59c9

Wait, why the fuck is that poster bleeding?
No. 249025 ID: c4f34d

shit, yeah look at that.
No. 249047 ID: d07dc3
File 128822958162.jpg - (128.85KB , 960x600 , nachricht2.jpg )

The old cellotape breaks away from the wall almost instantly as I touch the poster, revealing what's behind it.
No. 249052 ID: 9c59c9

I think I speak for all of us when I say FFFFFFUUUUUCK.
Also, not to be an alarmist, but we ain't watching her right now. Replace poster, turn around.
No. 249062 ID: 7b475b

Turn around, be ready for anything. And I mean ANYTHING.
No. 249063 ID: 8851fd

god dammit, i TOLD you that something was wrong, but the rest of you thought everything was all a-okay!
No. 249099 ID: 1854db

Get the knife out, turn around and find out what she's doing.

I think this is more a case of her being inherently bad, not being taken over by something! Sheesh. If you had just said not to trust her I might've been a little more cooperative.
No. 249131 ID: 7b475b

Dont let her see the knife, though.
No. 249189 ID: fd6d7e

Can't be helped. You were always a sucker for a pretty face!
No. 249350 ID: 675305
File 128829495170.jpg - (137.59KB , 960x600 , unbewaffnet.jpg )

I spin around grabbing my knife. But my hands stay empty. Damned, now I remember. I've lost the knife when I fell and broke my leg. Now my manliness is the only reliable defense left.

>"Could you come over here for a moment. There's something I have to do before we depart."
she says, her back still turned towards me.
No. 249354 ID: 7232f7

This is a horror fakeout if I ever saw one.

Tell her "sure thing friend" and head right on over.
No. 249356 ID: cc851c

Say "Just a moment!" and sneak out through the door.
No. 249357 ID: 1854db

I support sneaking away. Let's see if we can get that knife back.
No. 249372 ID: 675305
File 128830137886.jpg - (137.53KB , 960x600 , flucht2.jpg )

"Just a moment."

I grab you and sneak to the door. I press against it as hard as I can, but it doesn't move.

>"Where are you going? I've closed the door. We don't want any monster to come in here, do we. Now come here. Your bandage needs to be fixed or you'll bleed to death before we can reach the exit. I can help you. I'm a doctor after all."
No. 249373 ID: 701a19

Grab your leg
"Sorry, my broken leg is having muscle spasms so I can't walk right now. What do you need, though?"
No. 249375 ID: cc851c

Suggest flipping on the lights, as the dark has you understandably on edge.
No. 249376 ID: 1854db

Examine the bookcase. Maybe we can get the door behind it to open.
No. 249425 ID: 675305
File 12883054969.jpg - (142.96KB , 960x600 , flucht3.jpg )

"Sorry, my broken leg won't let me walk at the moment. What do you want me to help you with?" I ask and try to move silently to the door behind the bookcase.

>"All I want to do is to treat your wounds. I have the proper materials right here. Also your leg appears to be working fine. You can't really sneak if your splint clicks with every step. Is there something wrong?"

"Well I'm just a little nervous in this dark room. Can't we turn on a brighter light?"

>"I'm sorry."
she says
>"I'm afraid I damaged the cables when I broke open the doors electric lock. But there's no reason to be nervous. I trusted you earlier, can't you trust me now? We don't have time for mutual mistrust, we have to treat your wounds and then head straight for the exit."
No. 249430 ID: 701a19

"Sorry, dark places make me paranoid. I'm not one to fear the dark, but I've met some violently malicious shadows. Also, if you want the truth, some of them are shape-shifters, so I can't tell if you are you or an impostor wearing your skin."
No. 249445 ID: 1854db

Ask her where all the blood came from.
No. 249449 ID: 675305
File 12883079787.jpg - (139.77KB , 960x600 , flucht4.jpg )

"Sorry, dark places make me paranoid. I'm not one to fear the dark, but I've met some violently malicious shadows. Also, if you want the truth, some of them are shape-shifters, so I can't tell if you are you or an impostor wearing your skin. There are other things that turn me suspicious. Where did the blood come from for example?"

>"Listen! The blood was already here when I entered this room. I worked down here and I know that there are no such things as shapeshifters. That's something they didn't invent yet. But I can understand that you don't want to believe me. I can understand that this place drives you mad and paranoid."
She stocks for a moment and I can see her shivering.
>"This whole place makes you see monster everywhere you look, but you can't give in to this fear. The monster down here don't have to betray you. They're faster and stronger. If they want to kill you they'll just do it. You can't face them alone. Currently I am your only friend down here. I only want to help you because I might need your help to escape again. PLEASE! TRUST ME!"
No. 249454 ID: 1854db

Grab us and try the door behind the bookcase.

Ask her to come into the light if all she wants to do is fix the bandage. She doesn't need us to come to her.
No. 249459 ID: 5018f7

Just trust her.
No. 249505 ID: bf88fc

She's the only one who can help you.
No. 249506 ID: 24a9bd

Tell her if your leg needs bandaging, her legs work fine, can't she come to you so you don't lose more blood?
No. 249529 ID: fd6d7e

OK you're considering distrusting her while trapped in a room by her design and otherwise helpless to her devilish machinations. There was a dire warning left not to trust her, but the one who left it has given you no more reason to trust him than this lab assistant has given you to trust her. Notice they both said they're your only friend. I say trust her, with your knife out. You can't take much more betrayal since you're nearly as un-ambulatory as we are. Tell her we're all scared right now and the best thing to do is just calm down and take things carefully.
No. 249624 ID: 2563d4

The last time you thought someone helpful was turning against you you dragged them out in front of our grinning friend and ended up poisoning them hiding in a barrel.

Hobble forth already.
No. 249632 ID: e04dc8
File 128835137747.jpg - (143.99KB , 960x600 , komme.jpg )

"Well, we're all a bit scared. Why don't you come over to me. It's brighter here and you don't have trouble walking."

She stands there a moment before she answers.

>"Ok... I was just a bit grossed out by the blood there. I'll come to you, just wait a moment while I gather the things I've prepared."

There's a moment of silnce before she carries on.

" There's one thing I'm wondering about though. Why are you asking me all this stuff the whole time? You're much more intelligent than the others. A bit too intelligent. You should just be a dumb little puppet with a memory span of some hours. What makes you ask all those questions?"
No. 249637 ID: e9f6d1

well, those are separate. when we met you you showed you were already intelligent. just we are helping give direction to you.
so tell her "i don't know, was just self aware one day i guess, and remember waiting in my cell for many days. but the one asking he questions is my friend here."
No. 249661 ID: 40cb26

Don't give up too much on that, just say you don't know why you are the way you are.
No. 249662 ID: 1854db

Better stuff us into your pack and play dumb. She might take us from you. Also I'm pretty sure you said you had memories from a long ways back, before you got us.
No. 249688 ID: a5038a

uuh, is she putting eyes on her face? What is that?
No. 249693 ID: 1854db

Glasses, silly. She wasn't wearing any before though. Strange.
No. 249697 ID: 701a19

"I have vague impressions of the past.
I used to be... something. A person, I think.

I have another friend around here. She's some kind of... dog person, I guess. She got poisoned, and somebody kidnapped her while I was trying to get supplies to help her. I hope she's ok..."
No. 249848 ID: 3f3745
File 128839512593.jpg - (114.12KB , 960x600 , letzt1.jpg )

My memory contains indeed far more than the last two hours and my intellect was always far above standard. I strain my thoughts to see how far into the past i can see. I remember growing up in the french monastery as an orphan with a mysterious past ostracised by the other children, who were afraid of my superhuman intelligence and strenght. I remember how I went out into a world full of adventure and learned about my royal heritage. And I remember the hate in the eyes of my evil brother when he threw me into his dungeon, where I had to battle terrible monster to save both you and Isabel many a time.

But it would be the best not to tell her too much and not to tell her about you. I don't want to put you into danger.

"I have vague impressions of the past.
I used to be... something. A person, I think. I don't know why, but I have been this way as long as I can remember."

She turns around and steps closer.
>"...Interesting. It's as if there's a part acting as an advisor inside your brain. Something that tells you what to do and which questions to ask, who to trust and when to flee... something they searched for all this time..."
No. 249849 ID: 3f3745
File 128839515985.jpg - (117.19KB , 960x600 , letzt2.jpg )

>"I wonder if I could find this part..."
No. 249851 ID: f5d873

"even if you do you wont be able to use the knowledge you gained. the monster will kill you and you will have earned nothing.
No. 249859 ID: 3f3745
File 128839614579.jpg - (146.93KB , 960x600 , ende.jpg )

No. 249877 ID: 2563d4

Well, the good news is that she probably didn't cut up Herbert, since that blood is the wrong colour!

No. 250020 ID: a68470

He bleeds black, so lets hope.
No. 250031 ID: 701a19

"If a full team of scientists couldn't do it after this much time in a controlled laboratory setting then I really doubt you could do so here and now. Patience.
Oh, I've got a friend named Isabel. She was poisoned, then kidnapped, and I'm worried about her. Any idea where she might have been taken?"
No. 250053 ID: bf88fc

Noo crazy lady, noo!
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