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File 124950735632.gif - (262.44KB , 800x600 , 1.gif )
23309 No. 23309 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 23310 ID: fb5d8e
File 124950743181.gif - (47.06KB , 800x600 , 2.gif )

little brother

i have not forgotten

about you

i still

love you
No. 23311 ID: 53905d

Wave to the neighbor girl. She's a bit odd, but that jello mold she made when you moved in was excellent.
No. 23312 ID: 9a71e2

Dammit, man, finish a project once in a while.
No. 23313 ID: fb5d8e
File 124950745032.gif - (35.90KB , 800x600 , 3.gif )

No. 23315 ID: 53905d

Hmm, not the neighbor girl, than. The remnant psyche of his twin sister that he absorbed while still in the womb?
No. 23316 ID: 227d44
File 124950753375.gif - (1.01KB , 58x25 , whatthechrist.gif )

No. 23318 ID: 6faa8c

Dear friend, the word you might be seeking is 'Nymphomania'. But whatever, it's a good title.
No. 23320 ID: 227d44

No. 23323 ID: 6faa8c



So love crazed stalker time.
No. 23326 ID: fb5d8e
File 124950798151.png - (30.66KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

how do i

get in ?
No. 23328 ID: db097e


Knock knock who's there knock knock who's there
Knock knock who's there knock knock who's there
Knock knock who's there knock knock who's there
Knock knock who's there knock knock who's there
Knock knock who's there knock knock who's there
Knock knock who's there knock knock who's there
Knock knock who's there knock knock who's there
No. 23329 ID: 6faa8c

Can you open the window? What's your name?
No. 23330 ID: 77e036


Sorry for allcaps.
No. 23332 ID: 227d44

What is your name, dear?
No. 23333 ID: 476456

knock on the door, act miserable, maybe pass out on the doorstep so he'll take you inside.
No. 23334 ID: 53905d

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'
No. 23335 ID: 6164e0

Straighten your hair, smooth your dress and try and render yourself as presentable as possible, and then knock.

After all, if you care about him, you should want him to see you looking pretty, right?
No. 23338 ID: fb5d8e
File 124950840022.png - (28.18KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

i can open the

i can break the


i will not go back to the asylum
they put me there
took me away
from little brother
i never hurt


he never
blamed me

he never visited

i will visit him

No. 23340 ID: fb5d8e
File 124950852235.png - (28.74KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

No. 23341 ID: 77e036

Girl they kept you there, becau-

Oh fuck this.
Be sneaky! It must be a surprise!
No. 23342 ID: 6164e0

You know what, why not just open it instead of breaking the window.

You want to surprise him with the visit, right? Lets keep it quiet for now.
No. 23343 ID: 6164e0


Climb on in.
No. 23345 ID: 227d44

Be more careful, Janine.
No. 23347 ID: db097e


Oh my...Your hands look a bit worse for wear there...
No. 23350 ID: 35190d

She's obcessed with younger brother different person.
No. 23355 ID: 227d44


No. 23356 ID: fb5d8e
File 12495096325.png - (29.92KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

brothers scent

he sleeps here

it is

No. 23357 ID: 35190d

and now I edited it.
No. 23358 ID: 53905d

Raid the fridge
No. 23360 ID: 476456

Turn on the lights. Dont step on the glass.

..pay for window repair.
No. 23361 ID: 227d44


Find your beloved brother...
No. 23367 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951043497.png - (17.57KB , 800x600 , 8.png )


where are

five doors



No. 23368 ID: 476456

No. 23369 ID: 6292a8

Weren't we just there? I say bathroom.
No. 23374 ID: 6faa8c

Before you meet him, shower. Then come to him undressed and clean.
No. 23376 ID: 227d44

And wet. Don't forget wet.
No. 23377 ID: 7ad5af

already wet

coming brother
No. 23379 ID: 6faa8c

And naked.
No. 23380 ID: c9f163

reave, how dare you start a miniquest while i'm at work?
No. 23381 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951143828.png - (25.24KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

he's here

brother is here

i can feel his breath

i can smell his


i will

present myself
in the nude


where are you
No. 23382 ID: 6faa8c

Closet. He's playing hide and seek, how cute.
No. 23384 ID: 9a71e2

Under the bed.
No. 23389 ID: 35190d

under the bed
No. 23394 ID: 77e036

No. 23395 ID: 227d44

the little sneak hides under the bed

how dare he try to shield himself from your love

find him, girl, and be with him forever
No. 23396 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951287627.png - (60.33KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

the closet


>P-please, I'm just a poor college student, I don't hav-- Ch... Chelsea? What are you.. Why..
No. 23398 ID: 77e036

Oh God. Now I'm scared.
No. 23399 ID: 6faa8c

Gentle affection at first, hug him, kiss his neck. Pretend normality of a sort.

"You never visited." pout.
No. 23401 ID: 6faa8c



No. 23402 ID: 227d44

Tell him how much you love him, girl
No. 23404 ID: f44349


No. 23405 ID: 7ad5af

tell him

visit time

hold him
No. 23406 ID: 6faa8c

This for love end.
No. 23407 ID: 6292a8

"Why didn't you come to see meeee~? You know I love yoouuu~."
Proceed to force your body onto him.
No. 23408 ID: 04f34c

Tell him that we left something with him and we need it badly.
When he asks what he has tell him, "my heart"
No. 23409 ID: 197650

No. 23411 ID: 53905d

A touch, soft and tender.
A whisper, full of desire
A gasp of sweet surrender
As passion fuels the fire

No words spoken between them
No promises to be kept
No lies being told tonight
No looking back - no regrets

Longing to hold each other
Such precious little time
Both vowed to another
Being lonely their only crime

Tomorrow bringing sorrow
A brief moment of shame
With the memory of this one night
A release from passion's flames
No. 23413 ID: 227d44

replace holding with...you know the rest
No. 23422 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951408159.png - (54.12KB , 800x600 , 11.png )


you never

>"No.. Chelsea.. Don't-- Don't-- No.. Don't do this.. Not again.. Y-you're hurting us both.."
No. 23423 ID: 77e036

Be gentle. Be careful with those claws!
No. 23424 ID: ed8d8a

He didnt. he used Weaver as the base.
No. 23428 ID: 35190d

Just hug him and go to sleep.
No. 23429 ID: d2ea61


Then ask Reaver why he used Weaver's as a base, too.
Or better yet, don't.
No. 23430 ID: 476456

Just shush him and hold him.
No. 23434 ID: 227d44

tell him to shut up

then kiss him
No. 23439 ID: f7e2c7

Didn't see this one coming.
No. 23440 ID: 04f34c

You're not shocked by the lack of crossdressing? We're in uncharted waters here, boy.
No. 23441 ID: 1f5d37

I'm sure there'll be crossdressing soon enough.
No. 23442 ID: 53905d


"Once I have your child in my womb nothing will ever hurt again. We can be free..."
No. 23443 ID: f7e2c7

Crossdressing? In a Reaver thread? Good sir, how dare thou?!
No. 23444 ID: 04f34c

I would actually like to see us keep this quest crossdress free.

Hmm... I wonder... If Reaver adopted a pseudoname/style and did a short quest... would he be able to avoid incest? Do we force it upon him because we find it funny, or is it just part of his signaturness.
No. 23446 ID: 1f5d37

Before this quest, I was constantly arguing that Reaver wasn't a creepy incest-obsessed fuck (but that quest was just full of those). Now I'm holding out the hope that he's just trolling.
No. 23447 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951645425.png - (53.73KB , 800x600 , 12.png )


i will
hold you so tight
and never


let go

No. 23448 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951651640.png - (37.45KB , 800x600 , 218.png )

The two were never seen again...
No. 23449 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951657518.png - (61.88KB , 800x600 , 219.png )

>"The End."

>"...S-so did they... 'do it'?"

>"Liza, this hardly seemed like an appropriate story."
No. 23450 ID: 6faa8c

No. 23451 ID: 53905d
File 124951666389.jpg - (25.91KB , 320x240 , 1246474739080.jpg )

No. 23452 ID: 227d44


God dammit, Reaver.
No. 23453 ID: 826b98

Hahahahahahah MARVELLOUS!
No. 23454 ID: 69855c

I don't think I could ಠ_ಠ any harder if I tried.
No. 23455 ID: 6faa8c
File 124951676738.gif - (15.75KB , 196x201 , 1246145787319.gif )

No. 23456 ID: cde660
File 124951678649.jpg - (78.44KB , 600x450 , You\'re all right.jpg )

I tip my hat to you, sir.
No. 23457 ID: 04f34c

See? I knew this would decend into Cross-dressing eventually.
No. 23458 ID: 6164e0

You devious motherfucker.
No. 23459 ID: cde660

No. 23460 ID: c38ada
File 124951684610.jpg - (24.13KB , 547x565 , moot lol.jpg )

No. 23461 ID: 476456
File 124951685412.gif - (34.64KB , 804x800 , 12026087309.gif )

No. 23462 ID: 276781

Janine doesn't look too happy.
No. 23463 ID: f2de2f
File 12495169006.jpg - (24.41KB , 100x100 , 8Iav.jpg )

No. 23464 ID: c01408
File 124951692464.gif - (12.54KB , 800x600 , whoa.gif )

No. 23465 ID: f7e2c7
File 124951701222.png - (155.53KB , 400x400 , 1249497531635.png )

No. 23466 ID: 1f5d37

No. 23469 ID: 2abfb1


No. 23470 ID: f7e2c7
File 124951775785.png - (48.81KB , 400x400 , 1249210023646.png )

No. 23471 ID: 45afb1
File 124951782132.jpg - (52.08KB , 556x640 , Honorable troll.jpg )

No. 23472 ID: 96945d
File 124951790926.png - (16.14KB , 800x600 , ___.png )

No. 23473 ID: 1afd58

is beink bery nice vork, Reaver.
No. 23474 ID: 4a88b1

Is 58 trying to hide a boner?
No. 23478 ID: f4b4a0

I'll take this opportunity to compliment you on your epic art, Reaver. Good job!
No. 23479 ID: fb5d8e
File 124951930717.png - (62.45KB , 800x600 , 220.png )

Iz he..? ..Hmm, it doez look like he'z hiding zomething..

>"Wh-what? What are you looking at?"
>"Huh? What? What's going on?"
No. 23480 ID: f4b4a0

Don't make things even more difficult for him. Give him an opportunity to keep it hidden! You could for example command them to sleep right now.
No. 23481 ID: 04f34c


"Are you scared little brother? You look kinda red. Do you want a hug?"
No. 23483 ID: 04f34c

Also, we missed most of the day. How did "Operation: Hide 58's clothes" go? He's still wearing the dress I see. How have things been, have you been having a good time?
No. 23485 ID: 782100

You are so much more fucked up then we could ever be. I've never seen so much schadenfreude...
No. 23486 ID: fb5d8e
File 124952028996.png - (60.29KB , 800x600 , 221.png )

I can't help it, I can't help it! Hiz face iz juzt zo ztraight all the time! I juzt HAVE to mezz with him.
Aww, but going to give him a hug iz a bit too mean. I'll clap my hands and order them to sleep!

>"Allright, time to zleep!"
>"Okaaaay! ..Uhm.. Big bro, uhm, y-you can join me in my sleeping bag.."
>"Th-that is okay, Janine, I shall try to sleep outside of a sleeping bag. But thank you very much."

Hahaha, zneaky! That little girl waz going to take advantage of the zituation! Zhe'll grow up to be a dangerouz woman.
No. 23487 ID: 6faa8c

Once Janine is asleep, join your brother outside.
No. 23488 ID: 04f34c

Oh man, she totally will.

So spill girl. What happened with the hiding of the clothes? Has he really been wearing that dress all day?

You should try to help Janine out. Let 58 know that your not sure that thats such a good idea, on account of bugs and stuff.
No. 23489 ID: c01408

Offer to let him sleep in your sleeping bag.
If he protests, insist.
If he REALLY protests, sleep with Janine instead. Might as well give him his own sleeping bag, you two can share.

And then once he's asleep you can mess with him some more!

Speaking of which, how'd it go with hiding his clothes?
No. 23491 ID: fb5d8e
File 124952131074.png - (54.91KB , 800x600 , 222.png )

The hiding of the clothez went perfect! They're ztill in my bag. I zaw Fiftyeight check my bag, but he didn't get them - later I zaw Janine had put one of my bras on top! Pffff- It waz zo funny! He haz been wearing the drezz all day.
I'm not zure if he intendz to zleep in it, zince.. well, he doezn't have a zleeping bag.

I'm ztarting to feel a little bad though. I can't forze him to come zleep with me, and I don't want to forze Janine to zleep with me..
It would be nice if we had one big zleeping bag we could all zleep in.

>"It'z not zuch a good idea to zleep outzide of a zleeping bag conzidering bugz and zuch.."
>"I'll be fine.."
No. 23493 ID: 476456

But you have one small one you can all fit in...~
No. 23494 ID: 6faa8c

Go sleep with him outside.
No. 23496 ID: 04f34c


See if you can zip the bags together. Oh, and he brought a pillow too, so dont worry, he's not totally out in the cold.... as it were.
No. 23497 ID: 6164e0

Well, do you both have the non-coffin shaped sleeping bags? The ones you can unzip all the way to turn it into a giant blanket?

If so, unzip both, lay one down, everyone pile in, and use the other as a blanket. Some are even designed to zipper back together.

No. 23498 ID: 782100

Remember, you can zip two bags to make one superbag!
No. 23499 ID: c01408

>If so, unzip both, lay one down, everyone pile in, and use the other as a blanket. Some are even designed to zipper back together.
I used to do this all the time. Great stuff.
No. 23504 ID: fb5d8e
File 124952275523.png - (56.82KB , 800x600 , 223.png )


>"Hey hey, Janine.. I got a little plan.."
No. 23505 ID: fb5d8e
File 124952283634.png - (59.95KB , 800x600 , 224.png )

>"Tadaaaa! Big brooo, look!"
>"We put your pillow in the middle zo everyone can uze it too!"

>".. Uh.. Th.. Thanks.. Thank you."

He seems pretty taken aback!
No. 23506 ID: 6164e0

No. 23508 ID: 04f34c

Thats really kind hearted of you. He should be really thankful. You're a good sister, Liza.
No. 23509 ID: c01408

It's gonna be a little cramped, Liza, so if you feel -- you know, SOMETHING -- just do the polite thing and ignore it. You don't want to make him any more embarrassed than he is.
Or you could just ask him to face the other way.
No. 23510 ID: 04f34c

Oh, and make sure he sleeps in the middle. You know, it is his pillow afterall.
No. 23512 ID: fb5d8e
File 124952432037.png - (619B , 800x600 , 225.png )

>"Th-that should be much less cramped."
>"Come, come!"
>"But firzt you're going to take off that drezz you've been wearing all day."

>"Good night!"
>"Nighty night~"
>"Pleasant slumber."

No. 23513 ID: fb5d8e
File 124952440227.png - (50.11KB , 800x600 , 226.png )

>"Can't zleep? Aren't you comfortable?"
>"No, I am fine. Only the zipper feels a little uncomfortable, but I will get used to it."
No. 23514 ID: 6faa8c

DAMN! Can't shee shit cap'n
No. 23515 ID: fb5d8e
File 124952444038.png - (43.96KB , 800x600 , 227.png )

No. 23516 ID: 4a88b1

Janine sure falls asleep fast.
No. 23517 ID: 04f34c


She's probably tuckered out from all the hiking and swiming she did today.
No. 23518 ID: c73b9f

They should have rotated it so the zippers were on the sides. Oh well.
No. 23519 ID: 2abfb1

Fiddy's clothes are hidden. And he took off the dress.

He is currently completely naked, sandwiched between his sisters.
No. 23520 ID: d4ebd0

I think he's wearing black boxers. Or he was while he had the dress on.
No. 23521 ID: 96945d

Or bike shorts.
No. 23522 ID: d4ebd0
File 124953076250.jpg - (40.34KB , 744x481 , xzibit-happy.jpg )

Yo dawg, i herd you like camping so we put a tent in yo tent so you can get hard while you sleep with your two sisters.
No. 23572 ID: fb5d8e
File 124956076991.png - (44.89KB , 800x600 , 228.png )

Yez, he iz juzt wearing hiz boxerz now - though they do zeem pretty zimilar to zpatz. I guezz that'z why the zipper iz uncomfortable, it being on hiz bare zkin.

Aww, look at them, lying zo comfortably together. Thiz trip iz zuch a zuccezz.
No. 23573 ID: 1afd58

Yeah, but it's as much for you to be comfortable as for them. They already love each other.

Are you comfortable, Liza? How do YOU feel about things?
No. 23578 ID: 04f34c

He looks so cute.
You should totally snuggle in even closer.
or see if you can ge him to roll over so he's practically hugging Janine.
No. 23581 ID: fb5d8e
File 124956291648.png - (43.34KB , 800x600 , 229.png )

I am ZUPER comfortable! Maybe it'z becauze I feel like I'm zuppozed to, but I can't help but love theze two. I'm zo happy they accepted me into their livez!
I hope there will be many more timez like thiz.

I'll znuggle up a little clozer~
No. 23585 ID: b464bd

What's with Janine's expression?
No. 23587 ID: 6194e1

Just being asleep and making faces.

It's nice that Fiddy's opening up a bit, hope he sleeps well.
No. 23589 ID: 04f34c

Aw, you woke him up. Oh well. He'll fall asleep again soon enough I bet. I can't beleive how tired Janine is that she's sleeping through this so well. She'll be super energetic in the morning, thats for sure.

You'd best get some sleep. Probably going to be a busy day tommorow.
No. 23590 ID: fb5d8e
File 124956627428.png - (43.43KB , 800x600 , 230.png )

>hmmm.. hmmmphhh... hmmm.. hhmmpphhhh...

>nnhh... gggghhhhhhh... nnnnhh... ggghhhhhhh...

>snnrrrkkk... ffuuuu.... ssnnnnrrrkkk... fuuuu..
No. 23591 ID: 45afb1

That's adorable.
No. 23593 ID: 1afd58

No. 23597 ID: 227d44

Soooooo....you guys up yet?
No. 23598 ID: 04bd7e

man i hope liz wakes up first.. or fiddy might have a small heart attack..plus looks like his lil sis might have punched him in her sleep..
No. 23601 ID: bd2eec
File 124956954578.png - (119.61KB , 797x589 , heykid.png )

>Hey kid, I know you see her.
>Layin' dere across from you.

>She don't got a lot t'say
>But dere's sometin about heer~

>And y'don't know why,
>But you must be dyin' t'try

>You gotta kiss de girl~
No. 23602 ID: fb5d8e
File 124956995079.png - (44.69KB , 800x600 , 231.png )

Hmmnn.. Good morning, little Lizaz from the Orb.
I had a great zleep.
..Awww, lookz like grumpy pokerfaze Fiftyeight snuggled up to me in hiz zleep.
A kizz? Maybe.. Maybe juzt a little one?
No. 23603 ID: c07031

I don't see why not.
No. 23604 ID: 45afb1

Stop thinking about it and just do it already!
No. 23605 ID: 04bd7e

i can think of one.. he hasnt brushed his teeth yet.. besides while hes asleep you could set up something a little more entertaining?
No. 23606 ID: 806f2b

You can do eeet
*holds breath*
No. 23607 ID: 457c1e

No. 23608 ID: ddd49b

Woah...What happened to part 4?
No. 23609 ID: fb5d8e
File 124957098323.png - (41.04KB , 800x600 , 232.png )

Juzt a little kizz zhould be okay, right?
Juzt a little one..

>"..hn.. Hnnn..? Liza?"
No. 23610 ID: 457c1e


No. 23611 ID: c07031

Okay two options:
1- Act sleepy.
2- Kiss him and say good morning.
No. 23612 ID: 227d44

And suddenly, JANINE WAKES UP
No. 23614 ID: 04bd7e

dont move an inch an whisper "..go make breakfast"
next time were gonna need to act a lil faster..
No. 23615 ID: 227d44

oh yeah, Kiss the boy
No. 23619 ID: fb5d8e
File 124957256836.png - (41.81KB , 800x600 , 233.png )

Here goez nothing~

>"Hnmm.. Hrgh- Huh??"
No. 23620 ID: 457c1e

Kiss him passionately, then act like nothing happened. It will fry his brain.
No. 23621 ID: 457c1e

Put your leg against his crotch while you kiss him, heheee
No. 23622 ID: 227d44

Called it~
No. 23624 ID: bd2eec

Shut up and enjoy the moment, you idiot.
And you called not a damn thing, emote angryface.
No. 23625 ID: 6164e0

Finish quickly, the younger sister is waking, and we don't want a psychotic prepubescent trying to murder us!
No. 23626 ID: 227d44


see >>23612

But yeah, I would break off the kiss now
No. 23627 ID: 04f34c

Ok, now ask 58 why he was kissing you in his sleep.
No. 23628 ID: bd2eec

Well, don't put it so harshly. Just pull away and give him the bedroom eyes and smile. Then roll so your back faces him.

Oh, my apologies. I thought you were callin' the kiss. but yeah, good call.
No. 23631 ID: fb5d8e
File 124957434482.png - (44.44KB , 800x600 , 234.png )

Whoopz, yeah, I better not anger the little lovebird.

>"Good morning, Janine~"
>"Hrrgh hmph.. hmf.. I love you, big brother.. hmmrphh... ... snnnrrkkk... fuuuuuu... snnnnrrrkkk.. fuuuuu...."

Awwww~ Zhe muzt really be tired from yezterday'z activitiez.
No. 23632 ID: 04f34c

Group hug!
No. 23633 ID: 457c1e

Give his balls a little squeeze and giggle hopping out of the bag to start breakfast.
No. 23635 ID: 6164e0

Just give the family a big group hug, and let everyone wake up so morning activities can be pursued (cooking, double check that all tents and gear are still present, animals did not get into the food, etc.

If it seems to be a hot day, use some rope from the car or leftover from setting up camp to make an awesome rope swing at the lake.

Challenge the two siblings to a swing-off: Person to through themselves far enough into the lake using the rope becomes King/Queen for a day.
No. 23636 ID: bffa2a


He's getting all serious now. Better let him off the hook and pretend nothing happened. We so do love tormenting him.
No. 23640 ID: ddd49b

Let him off the hook girl, you might feel something that can't be unfelt again.
No. 23652 ID: 1915cb

I sense a raging boner.
No. 23654 ID: 04f34c

Yours or his?
Hey Liza? Do you hear us in your voice? Do you hear us speaking english or french?
No. 23656 ID: 227d44

Can't it be both?
No. 23660 ID: 5bdb4c
File 124957855542.png - (18.49KB , 520x620 , 1222438992565.png )

No. 23668 ID: fb5d8e
File 124957994079.png - (40.23KB , 800x600 , 235.png )

Allright, allright, I'll let him off the hook for now~ I wonder how he'll deal with it.. Maybe next time I'll take it a little further-- It'z okay, right? It'z juzt a little teazing.. Nothing irrezponzible!
Any older zizter iz allowed to have a little bit of fun.

I zhall give them both a big hug!

>"I love you two~"

Now-- Zome breakfazt!
No. 23669 ID: fb5d8e
File 124958001528.png - (47.87KB , 800x600 , 236.png )

Hmm, the weather iz still very hot today. A rope zwing would be alot of fun, but we don't have rope that iz ztrong enough for that.
Maybe zome other kind of game would be good.

Hmm, eggz and bacon~
No. 23670 ID: 6164e0

Well, there are trees near the lake, right? Find one that is big, juts out onto the lake a good bit and that has reasonably deep water under it.

The process of finding it by hiking around the lake, jumping in and out of the water will be fun and stimulating, and when you finally find the place, have a picnic there, then take turns playing in the water, jumping out of the awesome tree and sunbathing.

And bring beer if you have it.
No. 23672 ID: ddd49b

NO BEER. You have a civic duty to be the moral adult here.
No. 23685 ID: 55c498
File 124958265862.png - (60.65KB , 550x550 , whatthefuckisthisbullshit.png )

No. 23687 ID: c01408


Hey Liza. You should play Truth or Dare. It's a fun game and now that you guys are out camping it's the perfect place for it. You wanted a game, right? What better game than this?
Besides, wouldn't Fiftyeight be so cute squirming and blushing as you ask him embarrassing questions? Maybe he'll drop that pokerface.
You could ask him stuff like if he had any dreams last night~
Come on it will be fun~ ♥
No. 23691 ID: 031e4c

I must admit I enjoyed Mudy Quest more. Several times more.
The art is still perfect, but the quest itself - bleeeehhh.
No. 23693 ID: 1915cb

I'm sorry, but you are on the wrong floor. Quest-Discussions is below.
No. 23695 ID: fb5d8e
File 124958415841.png - (47.56KB , 800x600 , 237.png )

Hmmm... I have some beer in the car. Truth or dare and a drink.. Zoundz very very irrezponzible and very very tempting~
No. 23696 ID: 1afd58

Not too bad. You could find out more about your siblings and maybe get fifty to open up a bit. Just keep it tame, at least to start with.

The beer might help everyone relax a bit, maybe with the exception of Janine.
No. 23697 ID: 5bdb4c

Whatever you do, make sure the bacon n' eggs don't get overcooked.
No. 23699 ID: ed8d8a

oh god no, don't ruin the bacon. Bacon is IMPORTANT
No. 23700 ID: a3b36a

'Truth or Dare' and a drink?

How about 'Truth, Dare, or Drink'? That'd get 58 to loosen up, I bet. Though, maybe you should get soda or something for Janine. She's a bit young for booze.
No. 23701 ID: 1afd58

But she's a kid. She'd get all hyperactive and cuddly and weird if she got hopped up on too much soda!
No. 23709 ID: 6faa8c

Well... yeah. Beer equivalent.
No. 23732 ID: fb5d8e
File 124958732095.png - (57.49KB , 800x600 , 238.png )

'Truth, Dare, or Drink'? Now that'z an idea! Allright, I'll break out the beer right after breakfazt.

>"Everyone ready?"

Janine zeemz very intenze. It'z obviouz zhe alwayz playz to win!

>"Liza, if drinking is the punishment, then why did you just finish two cans?"
>"Well, I'm obviouzly a more experienzed drinker, so I gave you guyz a headztart!"

Zinze I'm the oldezt, I'll go firzt, then turnz will go clockwize from me.
No. 23735 ID: 6faa8c

No. 23736 ID: 35190d

Can we play too?
No. 23738 ID: a3b36a

Let's start with Janine. That way 58 doesn't feel like he's getting picked on. And he's under more pressure to go through with stuff.

Maybe use the 'drink' option as the 'I don't want to do/say that' escape option?
No. 23740 ID: 1689ab


So... the children have sodas, I'm assuming?
You're not giving beer to a ten year old, are you?
No. 23743 ID: b61b02

I guess pick 58 for now.
No. 23744 ID: 6164e0

No. 23746 ID: 1689ab

Pick Janine.
If Truth ask her if she's ever kissed a boy.
No. 23749 ID: 6faa8c

I'm betting this will end in a drunken orgy.
No. 23752 ID: 1689ab

Drunken Incestious Orgy, to be precise.

With some crossdressing thrown in. Wonder if 58 will use this a way of getting his clothes back.
No. 23753 ID: 35190d

Just like it did with Caligula.
No. 23754 ID: fb5d8e
File 124958875173.png - (57.38KB , 800x600 , 239.png )

>"Hmmm.. Janine~ Truth or Dare?"
>"Truth--! No- Dare! No, Truth! No- DARE! DARE!"
No. 23757 ID: 35190d

Do something silly dare her to dance the robot.
No. 23758 ID: c07031

You should pass the orb to whoever has the turn...
No. 23761 ID: 1689ab

"I dare you... to... do the silliest dance you can think of!"
No. 23763 ID: 6faa8c

Dare her to kiss her brother.
No. 23764 ID: 6164e0

I like this idea, it could make the game more fun.
No. 23765 ID: 1afd58

I agree with dancing. Tell her to dance the best she can for ten seconds <3
No. 23767 ID: 1915cb

No, I want us to stay with Liza.
No. 23769 ID: 1afd58

Staying with liza would make quest play faster, as Reaver could just come up with other questions for Janine/58 to ask. Questions and dares.
No. 23770 ID: bffa2a

Oh no, she wants to kiss her brudder. Dare her to kiss us instead. After all it's supposed to be a dare.
No. 23771 ID: 6faa8c

That would be too creepy.
No. 23772 ID: fb5d8e
File 124959163734.png - (58.96KB , 800x600 , 240.png )

>"I dare you... to... do the silliest dance you can think of! For ten seconds!"
No. 23773 ID: fb5d8e
File 124959166247.gif - (45.88KB , 800x600 , 241.gif )

No. 23774 ID: 35190d

Now that is determination
No. 23775 ID: 1afd58

haha adorable!
No. 23776 ID: 6164e0

What concentration....
No. 23778 ID: 35190d

Okay who's next
No. 23779 ID: 1689ab

Go Janine! You're the breast dancer around!
No. 23780 ID: fb5d8e
File 124959199852.png - (57.81KB , 800x600 , 242.png )

>"How did I do!?"
>"That waz perfect! You don't have to drink thiz round. Now it'z Fiftyeight'z turn."
>"Uh.. Liza. Truth or Dare?"
No. 23781 ID: 1afd58

Dare. Let's see what he wants you to do, Liza <3
No. 23782 ID: e8d8be

Dare, cus truth is the pansy way out.
No. 23783 ID: 6faa8c

No. 23784 ID: 35190d

No. 23785 ID: c07031

Careful, he might try to get his clothes back.
No. 23786 ID: 6164e0

Hrm, he can get his clothes back either way.

DARE us to go get them and return them, or

TRUTH where are they hidden.
No. 23787 ID: 1915cb

Why don't WE get to play too? D:
No. 23788 ID: 1689ab

Isnt this truth or dare or drink? If he tries to get his clothes back, we can allways just say "you're not getting out of it that easy" and take a drink, can't we?
No. 23789 ID: 1689ab

Because we're an inanimate object?
No. 23790 ID: 795977

Y´know... have any of them any suspicion of what we´re doing, sides Jan?

I shouldn´ve wondered this out loud, right?
No. 23791 ID: c07031

What are we doing? Giving them some extra thoughts?
No. 23792 ID: 1689ab

We live only to serve. I'm quite sure I don't know what you're talking about.

... What are you talking about?
No. 23793 ID: fb5d8e
File 124959499060.png - (56.91KB , 800x600 , 243.png )

>"Iiii.. dare you to give me my clothes back."
>"I'll drink~ Janine'z turn~"
>"Uh, uh, big bro."
>"Do.. Do you have a girl you like?"
>"...I-I'll drink."
>"Okydoky, now it'z my turn again~"
No. 23794 ID: f4b4a0

Urgh, Oh my. he's gonna be so drunk!

I think Fiftyeight is it now.
No. 23795 ID: 35190d

Dare fifty eight to wear the dress home.
No. 23797 ID: c01408


It is time, Liza.
Break his stony face.
See the blush rise on his face.
It is your destiny.

Dare Fiftyeight to change into just panties. ♥
No. 23798 ID: 795977

Yea, but this whole thing of... they do tend to go a bit off character when they listen to us.

Not that its a bad thing -- see, they´re having fun! I just wonder if they find it odd.
No. 23799 ID: 35190d

No. 23802 ID: fb5d8e
File 124959585434.png - (58.17KB , 800x600 , 244.png )

>"Tru-- Dare."
>"I dare youuu.. to wear just /panties/."
>"...Drink. Janine, I dare you to return my clothes to me."
>"Drink! Big bro!"
>"Da-- Tru- D- ..Truth."
>"Do you.. ever have naughty thoughts?"
>"Zo it'z my turn again~"
No. 23803 ID: 6faa8c

Oh you poor, poor man.
No. 23805 ID: c07031

At this rate nobody is gonna do or answer anything.
No. 23806 ID: bd2eec

Choose Fiddy.
Dare him to give Janine a kiss on the cheek.
Truth him with something in regards to masturbation.
No. 23807 ID: 35190d

No. 23808 ID: 1915cb

Oh boy ...
Let's give him a break and pick Janine.
No. 23810 ID: bd2eec

We are doing no such thing.
We are getitng this kid drunk as a skunk.
Also, dare him to remove the dress.
No. 23811 ID: c73b9f

Janine is more fun though because we can get her to do things easier.
No. 23812 ID: 6faa8c

No. 23813 ID: fb5d8e
File 124959703210.png - (57.03KB , 800x600 , 245.png )

>"..Tr.. D.. D.. Dar-- Truth! Truth."
>"How many timez a week do you touch yourzelf~?"
>"..uhm.. t..truth.."
>"Was it Liza's idea to hide my clothes?"
>"D.. Drink! ..ooohh... *hic*... hmmnn... Bro.."
>"Truth, truth."
>"Who do you.. think of whe.. *hic* when you touch yourself?"

Lookz like Janine is out for the game juzt az it'z my turn.
No. 23814 ID: 4e0411

Seriously, I can't believe you let Janine drink :(
No. 23817 ID: 6faa8c

Dare him outta the dress.
No. 23818 ID: cfdd28

No, repeats aren't fun. Let's go with daring him to wear the dress home.
No. 23819 ID: bd2eec

Mention that it is getting pretty warm in here.
Remove your pants as you ask him.
No. 23820 ID: bd2eec

Actually we never dared him specifically to remove just the dress. We asked him to wear just panties.
No. 23821 ID: 6faa8c


I liek your style.
No. 23822 ID: 6faa8c

Spats are more revealing anywaaaay~!
No. 23823 ID: a3b36a

Heh. Maybe we should throw him an easy one like asking him to touch his nose or something.

Or asking if he enjoyed his breakfast earlier.
No. 23825 ID: fb5d8e
File 124959835254.png - (60.57KB , 800x600 , 246.png )

I'm not going too far, am I? No no, juzt teazing a bit. I'll let him off the hook before thingz go too far. The line to crozz iz ztill far away!
Juzt mezzing around!

>"D.. dare.."
>"I dare you to take off your drezz~"
>"..D.. Drink.. .. oh, my.. my can is empty already.."

He'z breathing a little ztrangely. The alchohol muzt have caught up to him too!
No. 23826 ID: 6faa8c

No. 23827 ID: 35190d

Tell him its fine we don't want him to die on us.
No. 23829 ID: a3b36a

Do we want to have him do this dare for another can? Or just not give him another can to avoid dares with?
No. 23830 ID: bffa2a


Tell him he can have some of ours if he closes his eyes.
No. 23831 ID: 6faa8c

No. 23832 ID: bd2eec

Then drink some and kiss him again, letting it slide into his mouth.
No. 23833 ID: 1915cb

Dare him to OBEY to whatever the ORB tells him.
No. 23834 ID: a3b36a

Either do the dare or answer a truth. We could let him have some of either ours or Janine's (if Janine allows use of hers.)
No. 23835 ID: 1689ab

So, so fr the only person to do something other than drink has been Janine with that little dance.
This is the most productive game of truth or dare ever.
No. 23836 ID: e8d8be

Crap, someone is gonna vomit. This is gonna be bad.
No. 23837 ID: a3b36a

Oh geez. 'LOL SEXY TIMES' 'WHIP IT OUT AND LET 'EM AT IT' and similar comments would result. En masse.
No. 23838 ID: 35190d

I am begining to think the alcohol effects us as well anyone else feeling irrational.
No. 23839 ID: c07031

I don't think we're all that rational by default.
No. 23841 ID: 4e0411

No. 23842 ID: 795977

I´m good I think. I just doubt her capacity to still hold us pretty soon now.
No. 23848 ID: fb5d8e
File 124960009029.png - (60.93KB , 800x600 , 247.png )

>"I'll let you have some of mine if you close your eyes~"
>"Wh.. Wha? O-okay."

I'm juzt mezzing around. It'z nothing zeriouz, juzt zome fun~ It'z not going too far~
Any zizter would do thiz! It'z juzt a little teazing.
No. 23849 ID: fb5d8e
File 124960013340.png - (57.55KB , 800x600 , 248.png )

Juzt zome innozent friendly fun.

No. 23850 ID: a3b36a

Mmmmmmaybe we can help Janine with her little crush? Get it out of her system?

...or a sandwich-kiss with him in the middle?
No. 23851 ID: 35190d

keep telling yourself that
No. 23852 ID: 9e9b47

Oh U! I wonder what WACKY situation the gang will get into next time!
No. 23853 ID: bffa2a


You're wasting it. You have to get him to lie down so it dosen't go to waste. And hold his head still.
No. 23854 ID: a3b36a

Friendly, yes. Innocent... maybe. Fun? Most definately.
No. 23860 ID: 1689ab

Aww... you got beer all over his nice dress. Smooth dude, real smooth.
No. 23865 ID: 1689ab

When we finish this little exchange, make sure to pull back and laugh at how silly he looks. Act super drunk.
No. 23866 ID: fb5d8e
File 124960248024.png - (59.89KB , 800x600 , 249.png )

I don't think he'z going to let me do thiz again or hold hiz head ztill.. I think I upzet him pretty badly.

>"L-Liza, what are you d--?!--"

Hmm? Fiftyeight zeemz pretty worried about Janine waking up. Well, I can underztand he doezn't want her to zee uz like thiz, even if he'z unaware of her cruzh..
No. 23867 ID: 6faa8c

Is that hand going up his leg?
No. 23868 ID: 1afd58

Well, the game is still going. Maybe try to wake her up. It's not good to sleep face down after drinking anyway.
No. 23869 ID: 62ec90

There is no risk of genetic mutation OR social repercussion from bonking your step brother/sister.

You are not in any way blood related.

Full speed ahead.
No. 23870 ID: c07031

Well since he didn't really drink we could ask him for some Truth...
No. 23871 ID: 35190d

No don't you should end the game and let everyones head clear.
No. 23872 ID: 1689ab

Put Janine in the Bachus Position. (you horrible person getting a 10 year old drunk)
Continue the game with 58, pass this off as a joke.
Try to get him with you outside the tent.

Also, that dress is now soaked with alcohol. Better take it off.
No. 23873 ID: 476456

Shush him and hold him till he calms down, then resume aggressiveness!
No. 23874 ID: 6faa8c

yes, yes, yes.
No. 23875 ID: fb5d8e
File 124960334947.png - (53.17KB , 800x600 , 250.png )

No. 23977 ID: ddd49b

I knew this was a bad idea guys...
No. 23980 ID: db097e


What're you talkin' about?
No. 23986 ID: fb5d8e
File 124965568723.png - (52.50KB , 800x600 , 251.png )

Iz it a bad idea? I'm not going too far, am I? It'z juzt a bit of fun. I'll let him go in a bit and laugh at how hiz ztraight poker face is all fluztered! It'll be fine. I'm not going to crozz any linez with my fifteen year old brother! I would never do zuch a thing.

I'll give him a hug untill he calmz down.

>"Zzhuzh zhuzh, calm down, I'm juzt playing around~ You'll wake up Janine like thiz. Now, let'z get you out of my drezz. You got beer all over it.."
>"(( l-liza.. ! .. th.. this isn't funny ! ))"
No. 23989 ID: ddd49b


Like i said, i could see a mini-wreak.
No. 23990 ID: 1afd58

"oh, come on, you know you like me. You've had a crush on me all zese yearz."
No. 23993 ID: db097e


Just keep telling yourself that~<3


Oh, posh!
No. 23994 ID: ddd49b

Guys...I think this is going WAY too far.
No. 23996 ID: ac289c

It's not like they're going to get it on in front of Janine... right?

If you want to be nice you could give him his clothes.
No. 23997 ID: 954933

Liza, you don't want to scar him so much he just withdraws completely again - we were making progress! Careful now - may be time to back off and try to laugh it off or apologize.
No. 23998 ID: dd1710

Fuk da system, get yo hands in dat chicks pants asap bro else you a busta
No. 23999 ID: 457c1e

ffff, he can keep a secret. He wouldn't tell anyone, even if you did it right here..
No. 24000 ID: ac289c

He can't hear you "bro", we're with Liza now.
No. 24001 ID: bd2eec

Listen to him. There isn't anything wrong with teasing. Big sisters tease little brothers all the time. Get that dress off, you've aren't crossing a line, you are helping your little brother. He's all covered in beer and needs out of it. He's only protesting because he thinks it'll wake Janine up. Just stay quiet about it.
No. 24003 ID: ddd49b


Was that even real English?
No. 24006 ID: 04bd7e

teasing bro is one thing. you are tottaly ignoring yer little sister right now. who you just gave beer too. who you are SUPPOSED to be taking care of.
No. 24008 ID: fb5d8e
File 124965878221.png - (53.09KB , 800x600 , 252.png )

>"(Oh, come on, you know you like me. You've had a cruzh on me all theze yearz. Don't you want to go a little further~?)"
>"(( i.. i don't know.. ))"

Have.. Have I crozzed the line? Can I ztill go back?
No. 24009 ID: 1afd58

you can still go back, but... do you want to?
No. 24010 ID: bd2eec

No, not at all dear.
You are his big sister, just teasing him.
Teasing's okay.
Go on, its just a little teasing. He's always so serious. He needs to cheer up. Help cheer him up.
No. 24012 ID: e84119

No. 24013 ID: 0673ce

Oh, pretty soon now you will.
Not in front of Jeanine!!!
No. 24014 ID: db097e


"We can ztop if you want..."
No. 24015 ID: ac289c

After saying that... i don't think so. It'd be VERY dickish.

So just kiss him already. But don't get carried on.
No. 24016 ID: 0673ce

Wait, is she even listening?

... wait, is she holding us? Where are we? Can she even listen to us??

... FUCK!
No. 24017 ID: 2cbe3e


Hell yes you've gone too far.

Why not get the 10-year-old drunker.
No. 24018 ID: 7dcac7

No, its not too late. Consider whether you actually want to go through with this. If, as I suspect, you don't, then for god's sake, play it off like its the alcohol and pretend to pass out or something.

Its not to late to prevent this from going horribly wrong.
No. 24019 ID: 0673ce

I´m pretty sure that this IS the alchohol speaking already anyway.

The only factor that could make this really go wrong, IMO, is Jeanine. Sides...
No. 24020 ID: ddd49b

Hmph. I was right.
No. 24024 ID: db097e


Don't be so smug.
No. 24025 ID: ddd49b

But this is one of the few times I am right...
No. 24031 ID: fb5d8e
File 124966109660.png - (53.28KB , 800x600 , 253.png )

You're right! It'z ztill all okay! I will zimply call thiz off as a joke, and it'z fine!

>"Zo maybe you /would/ like to do naughty thingz with your big zizter, Fiftyeight~? Hmm, et'z keep all thiz our little zecret, hm? Go take care of your zizter. I'm going to wazh the beer out of thiz drezz."
No. 24032 ID: 1afd58

haha poor guy
No. 24033 ID: fb5d8e
File 124966112765.png - (41.82KB , 800x600 , 254.png )

>"Wh.. what..?"
No. 24034 ID: fb5d8e
File 124966115340.png - (23.73KB , 800x600 , 255.png )

Chapter 13:
“To this I witness call the fools of time, Which die for goodness, who have lived for crime.”
No. 24035 ID: db097e

She likes you, dude.
No. 24036 ID: bd2eec

Listen, if you are unexpectedly aroused by this situation, no one will blame you.
No. 24038 ID: 1afd58

Haha sorry, we told her to do that, Fifty.
No. 24040 ID: 6194e1

But she clearly wanted to~
No. 24044 ID: 6faa8c

Do we rock or what? You wanted interesting, exciting, not boring?

Welcome to interesting times, brosef.
No. 24045 ID: 0673ce

I think half of us was trying to stop her actually.

Oh, who are we kidding? Its not like we can make people do what they dont want to. If we got to this is because she digs ya.

People can be so complicated!
No. 24046 ID: fb5d8e
File 124966332817.png - (43.45KB , 800x600 , 256.png )

Ahh.. You don't.. You don't understand. Nothing is interesting due to it all being meaningless! I didn't.. I did not wish for something like this..
Aahh.. Even if she does indeed fancy me, that.. that only causes trouble! She's too old and my stepsister!
What am I going to do now? I can't face her anymore.
No. 24048 ID: 2cbe3e


Let's go for a walk. Screw the fact that you only have boxers on. Search your sister's bag just to make sure you can't at least find your pants and just go down to the water.

Maybe a few minutes alone will clear your thoughts. You've been around both sisters since you got here.
No. 24049 ID: e8d8be

Ya know for a teenage boy you have SEXY legs.
No. 24050 ID: db097e


Take it easy, big guy.

Why are you worrying about what's appropriate and what isn't, anyways? If nothing matters, then why not just let the rules go fuck themselves?
No. 24051 ID: 6faa8c


Well, she said she'd also introduce you to some of her friends from school, bro.

If you truly feel that way, come clean.
No. 24053 ID: bd2eec

Tell us, Fiftyeight, if everything is so meaningless, how did you harbor feelings for your sister before you knew in the first place? You do love your sisters and parents, do you not? How can all be meaningless when you regularly experience an emotion with SO MUCH meaning?
No. 24057 ID: 47c0b7

Dude, you two aren't related gene-wise, so it's okay! We know she likes you, and you like her too, so don't be so shy! HIT HER
No. 24059 ID: 2cbe3e


I believe you mean "Hit it."

"Hit her" may end up badly for everyone.
No. 24060 ID: 47c0b7

Yeah, that's what I meant.
No. 24062 ID: ac289c

Stop worrying about your insgnificance in the infinity of the cosmos already. Yes, it doesn't matter, so at least have some fun. And since it doesn't matter feel free to hit on your stepsister if you like her.

Besides, the other voice already said it. Even if it doesn't matter you still care about people, so stop lying to yourself.
No. 24063 ID: 276781

"Too old"? She's only five years older than you. And do not forget, she is not your father's biological daughter - not unless he cheated on your mother for five years before running off with Liza's mother.
She is your sister in name only.

I present you with naught but facts we can glean from our experiences with the other members present.
No. 24064 ID: 276781

Ah, excuse me. My mind is not clear.
There is no way Liza is biologically related to you, unless your father was cheating on your mother well before you were even born - that's what I meant to say.
No. 24065 ID: 2cbe3e


Yeah, but I dunno if this is the healthiest first relationship for a fifteen-year-old kid.

That's the kinda shit that you get sent to therapy for. Guess this kid's gonna need plenty.
No. 24066 ID: fb5d8e
File 124966770832.png - (35.80KB , 800x600 , 257.png )

I'll nab some of my clothes from Liza's bag without touching her underwear and have a walk outside.
You ponder why I care about emotion? Why I care about about the relationship between me and my sister, thus that of my family, her family, her credibility and possible policerecord, my sister's view of me, unwanted arousal, seeking sexual satisfaction where it shouldn't be found, and hearts that burn like a sun and are then shattered to a thousand pieces? Why despite this philosophical rationalization that tells me 'If you can't fix it, just ignore it.' I just can't rest my worried mind and surrender my life to complete apathy?

Because I'm just HUMAN!
Sentience is a flaw.
No. 24067 ID: 47c0b7

Wat? Really?
I don't think so.
No. 24068 ID: db097e


You'll feel better after you kill yourself.
No. 24069 ID: ac289c

The sooner you accept it and move on the sooner you can stop being emo.
No. 24070 ID: f78140

how about we stop arguing with him?
his words don't match his actions (anymore) anyway.
No. 24071 ID: 1689ab

Nice skip dude. You're pretty good.
No. 24072 ID: bde1b8

Don't commit suicide, brah. We're just giving you a hard time.

We really do like you, 58. You're a good kid. Some of our voices are just assholes.
No. 24074 ID: c01408

Yes, it is unfortunate, Fiftyeight, but at the same time perhaps there is something to be said for it: If your philosophy is too idealistic to be utilized in the mortal form you hold, perhaps it requires readjusting to fit. Better to have an outlook that fits a realistic world, no?

Well, that's all irrelevant. No one here is trying to make you change the way you view the world. But we certainly would like you to reconsider your current human position and the relationships you are forming.
There is no reason you should feel bad about what's going on with Liza. Not only are you two NOT related by blood, but come on -- she's just having some fun with you. It's just playing around, a little joke here and there. Just a little harmless fun.

Nothing to worry about. Nothing to get so upset over.

You know what you should do? You should tease her back. Play a joke on her.
It couldn't hurt anything. Besides, your mortal side might get some fun out of it. And there's absolutely nothing to be faulted about that.
No. 24075 ID: 2cbe3e


Most of these other voices are just trying to get you to do what they want for amusement.

Maybe you should stay out for a bit before coming back. Ask Liza to bring you home too. I think it's obvious that this camping trip has done nothing but bring about awkward emotions.

First thing you need to do when you get back is go out and TRY TO GET A DATE WITH A GIRL YOUR AGE. Preferably one not related to you. Hell, when you get back maybe it's best if you ignore both sisters for a while and try to get back to a place with women where you feel comfortable.

Of course, you could also just continue to get strung along by your step-sister and feel dirty every time she makes an advance on you.
No. 24076 ID: 2cbe3e

BTW, people keep pointing out that Liza's not a blood relative, but I think it's that fact that SHE IS STILL A RELATIVE that makes Fiftyeight uncomfortable.
No. 24077 ID: ac289c

Not really. He liked her before he knew she was his stepsister, now he's going nuts because of nothing despite claiming everything is irrelevant at every opportunity.
No. 24078 ID: 2cbe3e


Once again, I must point out that he's freaking out because the one girl he ever liked turned out to be his step-sister. This obviously disturbs him a bit because it certainly doesn't deter Liza as much.

If anything, he's going nuts because he feels he shouldn't bone his sister and we keep telling him to go for it.
No. 24079 ID: ac289c

Because she's not his sister at all, and he does seem to like her. If he really didn't like her he should just talk with her, but i doubt that's gonna happen.
No. 24080 ID: db097e

Fuck all this philosophical discussion. Let's go climb a tree.
No. 24082 ID: 2cbe3e


Ethics, not philosophy.
No. 24083 ID: bde1b8

No. 24084 ID: d64568

You should probably just wank it now.
No. 24085 ID: fb5d8e
File 124966951586.png - (24.34KB , 800x600 , 258.png )

I'm not doing her because of the issues regarding family bonds! My parents certainly would not agree to our marriage, and Janine would go nuts, possibly completely misunderstand!
Nothing good will come of it.
And.. I.. I don't want to rush things like she does. It feels like I'm being played with, which she might just be doing, either out of sadistic tendencies or simple schadenfreude.

I probably am too idealistic and stubborn for reality, but I can't just change these feelings. I am just a teenager who thinks too much.

I can't ask Liza to take me home right now, because that'd make everyone worried.

Perhaps pulling a prank on her would keep her off my tail and loosen the tension.
No. 24086 ID: 2cbe3e


DUR-HURR great idea
No. 24087 ID: db097e


Alriiiight, THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

Should we hide her clothes? Or would that be too uncreative? We could hang her underwear from a tree-branch.
No. 24088 ID: c73b9f

Okay collective. What kind of prank would be awesome for the resources permitted by camping?

This voice is inexperienced in both camping and pranks.
No. 24089 ID: 6faa8c

Grand idea!

You have any pranks in mind?
No. 24090 ID: ac289c

We're not saying you should bone her in the tent damnit. Just stop worrying so much, enjoy yourself, prank her back, know how to say no.

If the only way to make you react is to tease you, you'll be teased.
No. 24091 ID: 1689ab

We should get Janine in on this. She helped with the clothes, right? Why not see if she can help with this.
No. 24092 ID: bde1b8

Put her sports bag behind the tent.

It looks like you set it up on the edge of the camp grounds, so no one would be behind it. There's probably some weed cover back there, to hide it a bit. And it will definitely be re-found when you pack up to leave.

Or just empty her bug spray into the lake and refill it with water.
No. 24093 ID: 6faa8c

Also, who said a fuggin' thing about marraige?
No. 24094 ID: 2cbe3e


This is sarcasm. I realize it doesn't translate well in text.
No. 24095 ID: ac289c

We could shake her beer, though i guess she's gonna take a while to drink again.

There's the old tossing into the lake, but we'd need a good spot and then to lure her there...

If Janine wasn't sleeping i bet she'd have some ideas.
No. 24096 ID: c73b9f

Janine is currently unconscious.
No. 24101 ID: 1689ab

Go wake up Janine. Ask her how she would get back at Elizabeth for doing something terrible.
No. 24109 ID: ddd49b

I feel I have a right to be smug.
No. 24112 ID: 2cbe3e


Who would have guessed that underage drinking could result in things going wrong, eh?
No. 24114 ID: db097e


Oh for fuck's sake.
No. 24116 ID: ed8d8a

Tit for tat. hid her clothes in like, the lake or something
No. 24118 ID: 6faa8c

Not the lake. Go hide her undies under the tent or behind it.
No. 24120 ID: 1689ab

Swap all her clothes with Janine's. See if she notices.
No. 24124 ID: fb5d8e
File 124967356223.png - (25.02KB , 800x600 , 259.png )

Huh.. I could ask Janine if she could switch all of her clothes with Liza's. Now that I am no longer wearing a dress, she should have no issues with returning my clothes to me, and I would not have to touch their underwear.
So be it.
No. 24125 ID: 1afd58

Don't damage anything or disfigure her at all, all her pranks on you were was a little blueballing and making you wear a dress.

Playful pranks are the order of the day here.
No. 24126 ID: 1afd58

Plus Janine wearing large clothing would be vaguely funny.
No. 24127 ID: 1689ab

Liza in froggy panties will be quite hillarious. Good idea, 58.
No. 24128 ID: fb5d8e
File 124967414366.png - (48.48KB , 800x600 , 260.png )

She didn't care.
No. 24129 ID: 1afd58

Wellll, you tried.

And Janine seems happy enough with it.

I'd count it a success.
No. 24130 ID: db097e


Oh well, it was an admirable try.

...Poke her in the side again.
No. 24131 ID: ac289c

Well at least laugh. Or wonder how she managed to fit in there.
No. 24133 ID: ddd49b

Well now, what have we learned kids?
No. 24134 ID: 1689ab

Well, at least she's getting a good laugh out of it. Laugh along with her, 58. Its still a good prank, even if she doesnt really care that much.

Plus, she looks kinda funny.

And damn if Janine doesnt look super cute.
No. 24135 ID: fb5d8e
File 124967468012.png - (48.82KB , 800x600 , 261.png )

Allright, I shall prod her in the side and force a smile.

>"Allright.. You win this round."
>"Ah-! Hey- Hey! Hey! (( i have alot more drezzez at campuz, pretty boy ! ))"
No. 24137 ID: 1689ab

Tell her "good." and then have Janine continue the poking for you.
No. 24138 ID: bde1b8

Whisper that you'll tell mom about making Janine drink if she even thinks about it.
No. 24139 ID: ac289c

Say that's it's gonna cost her a bit more than some poking to get you to wear one again.
No. 24140 ID: db097e


Tell her she'll have to CATCH you first.
No. 24141 ID: fb5d8e
File 124967537755.png - (48.84KB , 800x600 , 262.png )

>"((i-it's gonna take more than that. d-don't even think about it or i'll tell mom about you letting janine drink.))"
>"((blackmail, hmm~? allright, it'z zettled. you're going to vizit me at campuz and i'll make you the prettiezt girl ever.))"
>"((..wh.. what..?.. ))"
>"((that'z azzuming you don't want everyone to know that you want to get it on with your older zizter, ofcourze~))"
No. 24143 ID: bde1b8

Wow, she's got you pegged.

Possibly literally, later, but for now, just figuratively.
No. 24144 ID: 1afd58

You'd go to prison, I'd just be embarrassed.
No. 24145 ID: 1689ab

Thats it. Get Janine to start poking her. She can't punish us for something our sister does. And Janine probably wouldnt mind spending more time with Liza.
No. 24146 ID: 6194e1

For giving a can of beer to your sister? Doubt it. Fiddy's stuck.
No. 24147 ID: ac289c

Now you had to go the kiddie route, and of course you're gonna be treated as such. Good job.

Let me remind you can still refuse. Unless you like wearing dresses.
No. 24151 ID: d64568

Point out, that she did all the advances.
No. 24152 ID: 1689ab

You DO make a good looking girl, Fifty-Eight...
No. 24153 ID: e8d8be

Play along, "As long it shows off my killer legs."
No. 24155 ID: 6faa8c


No. 24158 ID: fb5d8e
File 124967696789.png - (48.93KB , 800x600 , 263.png )

>"(( l-let me point out that you made all the advances.. th-this could be considered pedophilia. ))"
>"(( awww, that waz a low blow, fiftyeight... luckily i'm a responzible student who goez to an all-female univerzity and yoooou're a hormone driven teenage boy~ Zo I'm thinking we could drezz you up and then you can hang out with my friendz.."

>"J.. Janine, tickle Liza for me."
>"Whaaaaat? But we'll get in an accident!"
No. 24161 ID: 1afd58

"Sorry, Janine, I just thought you'd look cute doing it."
No. 24163 ID: ac289c

Fuck it i'm out of here. This boy has no brains.
No. 24165 ID: 1689ab

Please Janine? Wont you do this for your big brother?
No. 24170 ID: ddd49b

Sigh...Fighting a losing battle here.
No. 24171 ID: fb5d8e
File 124967802415.png - (48.84KB , 800x600 , 264.png )

>"Sorry, Janine, I just thought you'd look cute doing it."
>"Zeatbelt, young lady~"
>" O-oh yeah.."

>"(( come on, fiddy, i'm juzt teazing you. i don't want to be your enemy. that pedophilia comment hurt, but i'm willing to forgive and forget if you are. ))"
No. 24172 ID: 1afd58

Can we just forget about it, Janine? I want to. I'll stop thinking about you as anything but a sister, if you agree to stop taunting me all the time.
No. 24173 ID: ac289c

Blame the orb, after all you've been listening to the greatest ideas we had around. Don't worry, she knows how it works.
No. 24175 ID: 1689ab

Well... never hurts to forgive and forget...

But she'll owe us... big time.
No. 24176 ID: fb5d8e
File 124967861485.png - (42.97KB , 800x600 , 265.png )

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