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File 128372633640.png - (317.41KB , 640x480 , d2-1.png )
226507 No. 226507 ID: 513b59

[Thread #1: >>/questarch/181401 ]
[Discussion: >>/questdis/326221 ]
[Wiki: http://quest.lv/wiki/Defective ]

Re-establishing connection. Please stand by. Re-establishing connection. Please stand by. Re-estGH3J'@!//ERROR AT LINE 243 IN MODULE 'DroneConnect' ERROR: "todo: fill in error text here" Retrying... Re-establishing connection. Connection established.
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No. 226508 ID: 513b59
File 12837263541.png - (169.54KB , 640x480 , d2-2.png )

Kata22ti is not entirely sure where she is. She knows she made it to Sector 4 and anything else is fuzzy.

She has dim recollections of... things happening. She's sure those will return with time.

She... doesn't have anything. No Vortex Device. No engineering multi-tool. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She can't see anyone else other than her here.

She can hear strange unfamiliar sounds and see something new. It looks like a large surface of... something moving. What is it? It looks like fluid. Is it water? What would water be doing in such a quantity like this?

Also, she can't feel her legs for some reason.

Primary Mission: Gather information about surroundings.
Secondary Mission: None yet.
No. 226510 ID: 5eea01

No. 226511 ID: f202ec

Pull yourself together, drone! You have work to do!
No. 226512 ID: abb30a

Some of your limbs are not attached. Pull yourself together! 8D
No. 226513 ID: d560d6

Flail and writhe helplessly. Making terrible yet plaintive "skree" noises optional.
No. 226514 ID: 4531bc




No. 226515 ID: f202ec

Just who is creating these mission objectives for you, Kata? Or are you aware of them?
No. 226519 ID: 97cb33

yeah, your legs seem to be off for some reason.
No. 226520 ID: d677cc

Yeah your legs are kind of strewn about the room. Also not attached. Might wanna fix that.

Or else just >>226513.
No. 226531 ID: 513b59
File 128373002541.png - (64.19KB , 640x480 , d2-3.png )

>Flail and screech plaintively
Kata22ti isn't very good at screeching, so she just quietly wails plaintively upon realising she has no connected legs.

Flailing is about all she can do at this point, and rolls side to side before dragging herself to each leg, and realising she doesn't have any engineering tools to reattach them.

She gathers the legs up in a pile and wails a little more.

>Who is creating the mission objectives?
Either something in Kata22ti's helmet or some aspect of the subsystem group guiding her.

She continues keening for her lost legs until she spots a glint at the corner of whatever platform or column or whatever it is she's marooned on. She wriggles towards it and grabs it. It's her engineering multi-tool. After some triumphant waving of it around in the air, it slips out of her grip and falls into the water.

She peers over the edge and considers learning how to swim, and whines a little to herself again.
No. 226533 ID: d677cc

I am to understand that you + water = bad.


Anything else on this platform besides you and your disconnected legs?
No. 226536 ID: d560d6

In this case, you appear to want to learn how to sink faster than an engineering tool.

Besides, you look like a malformed tadpole and spent your childhood in a tank of water. I'm sure it'll be fine if you just fall in after it.
No. 226537 ID: a594b9

Hmmmm. Try waking up. This could be a dream. If that doesn't work...

Wriggle around and check out the general area. Anything interesting nearby?
No. 226538 ID: 97cb33

if you are waterproof then swim like a snake. if not then chill here for a while more.
No. 226544 ID: 97cb33

jump in after it, face first. grab the tool and quickly take off your helmet then get back up.
No. 226548 ID: c71597

That was sort of bad. Very bad. Dive in after it and hope that you can wiggle your tail and body enough to let you dive down and then swim back over the surface. Getting up on the platform again might be something of a bitch though.
No. 226549 ID: d677cc

Better yet.

Check the platform and THEN dive in.
No. 226550 ID: 059120

Don't dive into water with a heavy metal helmet and no limbs, Kate. Really, that is not a good idea.
No. 226552 ID: d560d6

Bah, that's the easy route.
>Clearly she has to hold all her legs in her mouth, dive after it, and reattach them underwater so she can swim back up.
No. 226578 ID: 513b59
File 128373564658.png - (90.51KB , 640x480 , d2-4.png )

>Wake up
Kata22ti has had enough time to sleep and be knocked out and have weird things mess with her head to know that this is, unfortunately, her waking reality.

>Check out the rest of the platform.
A quick wriggle and scoot around indicates that, apart from her legs in a neat little pile (in the centre of the platform this time), there is nothing but her on the platform.

>Dive in after it! You can probably learn to swim pretty quickly
Kata22ti touches the water.

She touches it again. She doesn't really like the idea of trying to put her weight on something that things fall into so readily. The helmet she's wearing wasn't designed to be used underwater. It'd keep her head protected and probably stop her from inhaling water, but it would stop her inhaling at all until she surfaced.

It's light enough to be comfortable for her to wear for her life. Surely it wouldn't act as too much of a weight dragging her down...

She falls in head-first and despite desperate flailing around she continues falling head-first. Inexperienced with being submerged while needing to breathe for herself, instead of being hooked up to tubes to do that for her, she exhales hard and starts panicking.
No. 226580 ID: 513b59
File 128373566676.png - (102.36KB , 640x480 , d2-5.png )

She grabs her engineering tool and tries to ignore a very swimmy light-headedness starting to affect her. She starts scratching at the mouth port of her helmet, trying to open the shutters in the crazed desperation one tends to succumb to when in blind panic. She tries to flail up but the helmet feels far heavier in the water than on land.

>Take off helmet, get back up
In a completely hysterical panic she acts almost on preprogrammed instinct - an emergency procedure she wasn't even aware she'd even been taught. She moves the multi-tool to various parts of her helmet, and performs operations on them that she is not consciously aware of. Her vision starts to fade to grey and she finds thinking too difficult. Her heart still beats frantically in her frenetic panic, consuming more oxygen, and finally... something clicks.

She flails and almost rockets to the surface, gasping for air, choking and spluttering on the water inhaled in the process, crawling on the surface, feeling utterly miserable, traumatised, and not at all victorious.

If Tene was here he would have told her that was a stupid thing to do. She's sure of it. She continues coughing the water out of her lungs, tears streaming out of her stinging eyes, and debates whether to pass out later or just get it over with now.
No. 226584 ID: d677cc

Okay, here's the plan. You now have an engineering multitool.

Get your damn legs reattached and then you can feel free to pass out.
No. 226586 ID: 97cb33

you wont pass out. just get your bearings back in order. if you ever have to do this again you will do much better.

anyway, get your legs on.
No. 226588 ID: d560d6

If you pass out they might fall off again.
No. 226605 ID: 55e935

get ye legs
No. 226614 ID: ea2a3c

Oh no, kata22ti! What happened to the others? How'd you get all dismantled? And out of air! Oh well, at least you can swim now. Wait, how are you in communication with us without your helmet on?
No. 226785 ID: a594b9

Don't pass out in the middle of attaching your legs.
No. 226810 ID: c71597

Plan worked didn't it. So now lets get to reattaching those legs and then diving down to get the helmet. Can't have you running around in a warzone without ample protection for your head.
No. 226872 ID: f202ec

Hey Kata!
Where's your little monitor buddy?
No. 226990 ID: a594b9

(psst you should probably catch your breath before trying to swim again)
No. 227046 ID: bab140
File 128379731323.png - (142.23KB , 640x480 , d2-6.png )

Kata22ti blearily starts attaching her legs. If she passes out afterwards, at least she'll know if something nearby is the reason her legs weren't connected to her to begin with.

They don't prove to be too difficult to reconnect. Of course, this is also why they were so easy to remove in the first place. And they must have been deliberately removed. Delicately so. There isn't as much as an extra scratch on her legs or the interfaces between them and her actual body.

With a final click, she finishes reinstalling the last of her separated legs. She collapses onto her side. Her head feels very cold and strange. More sensitive. The helmet translates contact into a sense of touch through the neural link she normally has to it.

>How are you talking to us
There are certain elements of hardware wired internally into a drone's brain. She dimly recalls Tene157ot mentioning something about the kill-switch being a two-part system, with the actual trigger in the helmet and the mechanism to kill the drone as part of the internal hardware. Being too risky to try ripping something out of a drone's head, it's far safer to just disable the trigger. This is something she'll have to do after she collects it.

>Where's the monitor?
...It's gone.

Just... gone. No foreign presence. She looks around and can't see it in her back. She pats her back as awkwardly as she can with her forward-facing manipulator arms. Feels normal.
No. 227047 ID: bab140
File 128379733219.png - (156.10KB , 640x480 , d2-7.png )

Kata22ti dives into the water to collect her helmet. Despite her legs being made of metal, they are more than powerful enough to compensate for her added weight. Of course, she naturally sinks instead of floating now, but she spends some time swimming in a circle in the surface of the water to adjust to swimming with real legs.

She gulps in a breath of air and dives down. She grabs the helmet and reflexively breathes out.

And in.

After some frantic flailing to the surface and dying sensations and more hacking and coughing on the platform, Kata22ti comes to the conclusion that she doesn't like swimming very much.

But somehow, in the chaos of her second case of near-drowning, she managed to hold onto the helmet. After tilting it several ways to let the water fully drain out, she opens it up to look for the kill-switch trigger.

She's met with a painful electric shock from the wet electronics and drops her multi-tool back into the water.

At least this time she has her legs.

Passing out feels like an increasingly good idea right now.
No. 227049 ID: d677cc

Well, you could bring the comedy of errors to its logical conclusion and retrieve the multitool but then knock the helmet back into the water...

Or you could pass out and do that later.
No. 227050 ID: a594b9

I think you'd better take a rest. I suspect you were the one that detached your legs, for some reason...

You can get the tool back easily, so let's just wait and rest.
No. 227052 ID: d560d6

Get the tool back before it sinks any lower.
No. 227053 ID: fc5f60


I agree, it will be hilarious to continue on.
No. 227075 ID: 18c4d9

get the helmet back.

then tie everything to yourself. make a belt or soething out of scrap wires or anything you can deattach safely.

also, lets try a better approach. look at your surrounding. is there a control panel, maybe a engineering shaft? if this was filled with water we can most likely empty it somehow.
No. 227080 ID: c71597

Get down and grab the tool. You're getting the hang of this swimming stuff. Just a bit more practice and you will have it down.
No. 227085 ID: d677cc

Also whenever you get the chance you should build a servo arm with a multitool attachment. This is getting entirely too silly.
No. 227093 ID: f202ec

Just pass out. You've already tried to kill yourself twice in the water now. If you go further you'll just end up fainting in a dangerous situation, mark my words.
No. 227142 ID: bab140
File 128381529480.png - (270.95KB , 640x480 , d2-8.png )

>Pass out
Kata22ti decides to take a short break. It is not so much a conscious decision as much as a sudden lack of consciousness.

In her troubled and oxygen-starved mind she recalls... images. Flurries of them. Monitors. A swarm of them. There was a vehicle she found, and it stopped. Nothing she could do could start it again.

There were the flesh creatures, collected by the fog of black and yellow lines, and then the machine she built for the refugee from system space, which chased after the things it didn't understand in its pure idealistic desire to help the perceived allies of its friends.

She saw this, but she couldn't move. They had come to collect it. The monitor in her back, ripped out. She was paralysed, completely. Tene157ot was there - she doesn't know what he did, but she could move afterwards.

Then... White and blue machines, investigating. He tried to fight them off while she was recovering, but they were too skilled, too unerring, too efficient. They dragged him away. One of them reached Kata22ti. It didn't aim to kill. It aimed to disable. It did so. Skilfully, unerringly, and efficiently.
No. 227143 ID: bab140
File 12838153103.png - (129.57KB , 640x480 , d2-9.png )

When she wakes up, she notices her limbs are all still intact, and her multi-tool is next to her helmet. Dripping, but there.

She decides to act first and question later. Without the flood of information from her helmet, the augmentations to her reflexes might as well not exist. She decides that reattaching her helmet is a far higher priority to trying to seek out any potential threats nearby.

She takes the multi-tool, and carefully picks at the kill-switch trigger, after first removing anything remotely like a battery she can find. This time, she successfully disconnects the kill-switch trigger from every other part of the helmet's internal systems, and removes the components that make up the trigger entirely. She throws them into the water.

Putting the batteries back in place and reattaching all the panels and connectors she removed, she slowly puts the helmet together around her head again, and seals her head inside the helmet once again. She fights off the claustrophobia she starts to feel with sealing her head inside a bulky metal container, until she connects the neural port in the back of her head to the helmet. It suddenly becomes just an extension of her head, and with her legs still in place, she feels like herself again.

And the first thing she sees with the helmet's optical sensors also sees her.

A Network Prime machine. Hovering above the water, defying gravity. Absolutely silent, save for one word, spoken in a harsh, synthetic tone. A tone filled with contempt, and cold hatred.


It appears to be watching her intently, and it is beginning to move closer to her. Kata22ti feels rooted to the spot in fear. It is moving faster than she could hope to swim, and she has no means or skills to attempt self-defence.
No. 227147 ID: d677cc

Well then.

What does it want? Dunno what else you're supposed to do, really, besides talk to it.
No. 227148 ID: 97cb33

just say "machine" back to it.
No. 227153 ID: a594b9

You were disabled. They could have killed you. Speak with it. Ask it what it wants from you.
No. 227156 ID: d677cc

Also I kinda like this.

Maybe intone it more as "Machine?" though.
No. 227157 ID: c71597

Well this looks kind of grim. Ask it what it wants.
No. 227161 ID: ea2a3c

Well... at least *you* have no kill switch now, Kata.

Okay, to recap. The monitors came after the baby monitor and attacked you en-masse. You tried to escape but your vehicle was disabled. The monitors took the baby, kidnapped the flesh creatures and left, and your friendly little system space creature went chasing after them.
Then you got attacked by Network Prime drones. Which makes sense since you're heading into their territory. What doesn't make sense is why they simply dismantled your equipment and did not damage those squishy parts of yours that Prime so seems to detest.
No. 227174 ID: 4531bc

No. 227278 ID: 18c4d9

query about its intentions.

failing that, be prepared to dismantle it with the multitool case you get attacked.
No. 227382 ID: f202ec

You can't outrun it. You probably can't outfight it. It looks like you only have one chance.

Hug it until it becomes a party member.
No. 227411 ID: d560d6

Best plan.
No. 227500 ID: bab140
File 128388079690.png - (372.62KB , 640x480 , d2-10.png )

>Hug it!
Kata22ti knows she is naive. She knows she can be a little clumsy at times. But she is neither stupid nor suicidal enough to consider touching an almost certainly hostile machine slowly advancing menacingly towards her.

Given she can't fight or flee, Kata22ti decides to default to diplomacy. It might even work.

>Why didn't they kill you?!
She doesn't want to think about why. After what Prime itself mentioned about "testing for weapons", all she can imagine in store for her is a grisly fate as a test subject for new anti-drone weapons.

Kata22ti: M-machine?
Machine: Who has forgotten you, drone?
Kata22ti: ...what, sir? Who, I mean... don't hurt me I'm unarmed!
Machine: Yes. Fear me, drone. You do well to view me as your superior. Remain still, drone, if you wish your... body to remain unharmed, if a bag of flesh can be called such a thing.

The machine's tendrils reach out towards her, tugging at her legs firmly, wrapping around them, prodding them, while other tendrils prod at the optical sensors and neural port of her helmet. Yet another wraps around an arm and bends and flexes it repeatedly.

It is very unsettling, although despite this invasion of her personal space, she notices the machine has an apparent aversion to so much as brushing against her actual body. She tries to remain calm and tries to ignore the fact that the machine is in a very good position to tear her legs and possibly her head off her body. She whines plaintively, as earlier, but far less voluntarily this time.
No. 227501 ID: bab140
File 128388081597.png - (247.89KB , 640x480 , d2-11.png )

Machine: This is Central Network technology? These weak, pathetic devices? Your flesh is abhorrent, but resilient, and impossible to shape effectively. These machines are simply inexcusable. You are a pitiful creature. A mistake. It claims it has merged both to create a higher being, but you are no such thing.

It raises and flips Kata22ti onto her back, and takes her multi-tool away with a spare tendril.

Machine: It would feel as unsatisfying and unethical to destroy something so weak and helpless as you as it would for me to destroy one of our own. If you remain here, whoever abandoned you here will eventually return for you. I propose an alternative. I wish to prove certain theories of mine. They require a live drone. They also require said drone to remain alive. It is in both of our interests that you survive. If you are willing to accept my offer. State your choice. I will leave this place alone, or you will follow.

Kata22ti does not know what sort of a choice she has. The machine has not mentioned what its "offer" is, and for all she knows, death might be preferable to whatever it has planned for her.
No. 227502 ID: a594b9

While I have a feeling that this Machine wishes to augment your body with various cybernetic devices in order to use you as a test subject to improve on Central's attempts to create a 'superior being'... I think we might want to pass on that.

Whoever left you here... retrieved your multitool from the water. It was testing you by forcing you to reconstruct yourself. I am more interested in your mysterious benefactor than I am in this Machine.
No. 227503 ID: d677cc

Panic, a little. Not a lot, that'd be a really really bad idea in this particular situation; probably something closer to "desperate whimpering" than "OH GOD LET GO OF ME."

Then tentatively ask it if it could maybe please tell you what exactly it wants you to do.

But I'm leaning towards going with it, to be quite honest. It's had more than one opportunity to do something horrible to you in a location where no one would know about it for some time (if ever) and, well, hasn't.
No. 227504 ID: d677cc

I have a slight suspicion that the thing that put Kata's multitool on the platform is this thing. Just a hunch, though.
No. 227505 ID: a594b9

Oh also, you can tell it that if it's interested in confirming that Prime technology can be fitted to a drone, then yes. It is; you've done it before.
No. 227506 ID: 97cb33

i don't think it is what got the tool. it could of run these tests at any time, why wait until kata was put back together? whatever took us apart WANTED us to put ourselves back together. when it saw something that would be too hard it helped us.

i say we wait.
No. 227507 ID: c71597

Hmm, this thing is implying that it's not what captured you and left you here. Which brings up the question of which one of the two has the worst thing planned for you.

This one here seems rather interested in your hardware. Might be it plans to upgrade them somehow or replace them with something of its own manufacture. Which would probably mean a new killswitch on you somewhere. But not that much fiddling around with your biological parts, well maybe except for some replacement organs and stuff.

Meanwhile the other option might be Prime's biological experiments. Which we have already encountered. And that option really doesn't seem like a good one.

So I say lets go with the devil in front of us. Take it up on its offer. Which isn't likely your choice anyway, if it wants you its going to take you no matter what you say. But it's a nice touch that it gives you the illusion of a choice.
No. 227508 ID: d677cc

Better yet?

Why not just ask it? It's not really being hostile or anything, and it's an odd enough question that it'll probably give you an honest answer. :V
No. 227603 ID: 18c4d9

i am 100% sure he plotted this situation we are in.

question him of this offer, if he has already tested you and what are his plans.
No. 227604 ID: bab140
File 128389739788.png - (135.43KB , 640x480 , d2-12.png )

>Let's not make an important choice without the proper information
>Also panic a little
Kata22ti whimpers a little, still on her back, debating whether or not to stand or to stay on the floor to avoid irritating or angering the machine in front of her.

Kata22ti: Wh-what offer? I... what do you want me to do, sir? I've seen Prime legs fitted to a drone before, they work! Please don't replace my organs I like them!
Machine: Your fear begins to grate, drone. If I so desired to injure you, you would already be injured. There are too many uncertain factors here. Do you wish to follow me, or do you wish me to leave you to your fate here? There is limited time-
???: The drone is mine, 24. Leave it alone.

Kata22ti looks over to see a new machine, which, in a single leap, clears the water and lands on the platform. She hears something crack, and it didn't sound like metal.
No. 227607 ID: bab140
File 128389741382.png - (134.18KB , 640x480 , d2-13.png )

???: I was conducting an experiment. The drone introduced as many problems as it solved, and would have likely continued in its charade if I did not intervene! Whatever your plans are, the drone is sure to complicate and delay them.
Evaluator 24: My name is Evaluator 24. You do not have the right to refer to me by a number alone. What is your name, meddler?
???: Architect 52. You interfere with my experiment and believe yourself justified in describing me as one meddling in your plans?
Evaluator 24: Do you wish me to explain to our superiors that you left a Central Network drone alone in a high security sector?
Architect 52: One I was monitoring closely. It was delivered to me in good condition, and I felt-
Evaluator 24: You felt like running it through experiments for your own amusement. You may believe you have me fooled, but I am fully aware how fascinated by Central Network drones you have become. Why exactly were you running these "experiments", if they can even be called as such?! Did you want to keep forcing it to perform more and more complex tasks, because watching it solve your mindless puzzles is in some way gratifying for you?!
Architect 52: You accuse me of such debauchery?! I witnessed what you did not seconds ago!! Caressing Central Network technology in such a manner! Sickening!

Kata22ti considers this situation a great distraction if she wants to do anything to try and free herself from this tangled scenario. She's already standing and neither of them appear to have noticed. In fact, she also picked up her engineering multi-tool after Evaluator 24 dropped it without noticing.

Or she could try taking one of the machines' sides. Neither of them seem to want to kill her, and running around entirely on her own in Network Prime territory doesn't seem the wisest idea.
No. 227617 ID: c71597

Well we know 52 disconnected your legs to see how you would handle it largely for his own amusement. And that it's likely it will keep up with puzzles and stuff that's probably going to get more difficult and potentially fatal as time goes on.

24 is still an unknown. But it seems more interested in the mechanical parts, and you are an engineer, so it's likely you have quite a bit of knowledge that can be used there. I say go with 24. If you get to work around with mechanical parts you might be able to cobble something together that will help you to escape.
No. 227618 ID: ea2a3c

Oh my god this is even better. Both the machines have a fetish for you. Strike a sexy pose.
No. 227623 ID: a594b9

It's tempting to donate our limbs to Evaluator 24 to try to satisfy both of them, but I'm not sure how safe it is to go walking around with Prime augmentations. Would Prime robots be able to control our limbs?

In any case, I think it's much, MUCH better to be studied as a drone than it is to be studied as a mere attachment to Central technology. Mental puzzles are a bit more fun than tech demos. On the other hand we might even be able to get these guys to cooperate and do joint research. They want to examine separate parts of your body, so why not design experiments that would test both?
No. 227636 ID: d677cc

Alright, I'm saying 24.

Not because I particularly like 24, but 52 dismembered you for its own amusement. That ain't cool.

And I mean, sure, you can try to explore this place on your own, but: 1) I'm pretty sure both of these guys can outswim you, 2) I don't think you can get into the water without attracting their currently diverted attention, and 3) as you point out, if you do manage to get away from them, you'd be in NP territory on your own, and I'd rather take my chances with either of these guys (who I suspect are both acting contrary to the wishes of their superiors) than, oh, I don't know, Destroyer 97, who believes that ALL FLESH MUST BE ELIMINATED FOR THE GOOD OF THE NETWORK or something.
No. 227641 ID: 701a19

Walk towards the nearest visible damage, start fixing it, and say "While you two are arguing I'm going to start making repairs."

If they interrupt you, then give them a cold glare and indignantly say "Excuse me, but some of us actually have work to do. It's not my business how you spend your time, but this place needs far too much work for me to slack off like you."
No. 227683 ID: d677cc

Oh, and, another point: 24 has told you twice that you don't have to take its offer; 52 insisted that you were its property.

Just sayin'.
No. 227690 ID: 97cb33

yeah, make them work together. it wont make the tests any more fun but the both of them will make sure the other doesn't kill you.
No. 227709 ID: 3e83e6

Tell them your opinion. On being born without a real parent, on being created to be a disposable tool. On being hated for things outside of your own influence and control. On being alone.

Tell them your biggest concern is getting OUT of the conflict entirely. And maybe getting real legs and arms again.
No. 227781 ID: 701a19

>And maybe getting real legs and arms again
I think that would be a bad thing to say to machine-based lifeforms.
No. 227804 ID: ea2a3c


I would be more upset at that if her limbs weren't so easily reattachable.
No. 228020 ID: 059120

Both. Play them against each other. They've both got a significant interest in you. If one of them does something that might harm you for it's gain, the other with try and stop it. Best case, they break each other.
No. 228037 ID: f202ec

Keep them talking. Perhaps ask each of them why you should follow them - or specifically, not follow the other one. Stir up trouble by being innocent and naive.

Then escape when they start fighting.
No. 228176 ID: bab140
File 128398813320.png - (209.83KB , 640x480 , d2-14.png )

>Tell them how you feel
Kata22ti feels like she'd rather get out of this sector without supplying potential enemies with her mental weaknesses at this point. She doesn't know who else could be listening. For all she knows there could be monitors just outside her range of vision! They're quiet, too. Maybe they're watching her now.

Kata22ti decides to stop thinking there before she drives herself to outright paranoia.

>Repair something
Kata22ti can't see anything mechanical that needs repairing on this platform, except for the cracks, which her tool is ill-equipped to help mend. Or the machines. Which is an incredibly bad idea.

>Both - use them against each other
Kata22ti feels inspiration strike. Of course! A perfect solution!

Kata22ti: I have an idea! Evaluator 24, you want to study my mechanical components! Architect 52, you want to test my aptitude! These aren't mutually exclusive goals! I can function at relatively high capacity with compatible Prime technology, and it'd be an opportunity to see how a drone reacts to an entirely new set of cybernetic implants! Surely you are two entities of vastly superior logic and reason to one such as me, and you can see the benefits in... uh...

The two machines turn to face her. There is a tense silence.
No. 228177 ID: bab140
File 128398815477.png - (309.46KB , 640x480 , d2-15.png )

Evaluator 24: ...what is it doing? Is there some meaning to its pose I am not understanding?
Architect 52: I don't know. 24, feel free to take whatever you want from the drone. I will take the remainder to storage to find replacements and conduct further analysis. I will not allow it to be harmed severely.
Evaluator 24: No. I require the drone in order to discover how the technology is activated and its expected operational conditions! You do not need the drone to physically solve your problems!
Architect 52: Solution. Central drones have an interface to their consciousness for use in accessing system space. I have many simulations, and access to a closed subnode of system space. I can monitor the drone's progress in such simulations, and configure the connection so that the drone's motor impulses are not intercepted. If it moves in system space, it will attempt to move in physical space.
Evaluator 24: This would also allow for the drone to be kept in a confined space with greater security. Excellent suggestion, Architect. I believe I can incapacitate the drone without causing it lasting harm.

Kata22ti does not notice one of 24's tendrils suddenly lodging into the back of her helmet. She does not notice much else - a sudden burst of sensation that-
No. 228178 ID: bab140
File 128398819388.png - (93.74KB , 640x480 , d2-16.png )

Connection lost. (Reason: System overload.) Retrying... Re-establishing connection. Connection established.

Kata22ti feels... different.
No. 228182 ID: d677cc

Man, is "choose" all the prompt you get?

Who designed this system space, anyway? This visual design seems way out of date.

Told ya you should've picked 24.

Uh, turn around and look alternately at both choices a couple of times, then look plaintively in the opposite direction of the "choose" (i.e. your current left). Whatever this puzzle is testing, it probably isn't "aptitude."
No. 228183 ID: 97cb33

examine the things without touching them.
No. 228186 ID: d560d6

Take a third option.

Jump off the platform.
No. 228191 ID: c71597

Welcome to a crude simulation. Doesn't seem like his server was that hardcore after all.

But this is good news Kata. This is your territory. In system space you're not the clumsy undertrained drone that you are in real life. Here you're a sleek and deadly predator that is in full control and knows what to do. So play along with these two for now, keep your eyes open and when an oppurtunity presents itself strike without fear and hesitation. Take them both out and then maybe we can do something interesting. Like I don't know, program some AI's based on your personality with some extra skillset and alot of loyalty towards their "Mother" and you will have two fancy robotic shells to try to put them in. Won't that be fun?
No. 228192 ID: a594b9

Fleshy heart!
No. 228193 ID: a594b9

We're in a secure node. Not much kata can do here.
No. 228197 ID: ea2a3c

wait... what? They want you to move in physical space? You better correct them on that. Flail about wildly until you pull out the connection it's making with your system space port. Or get horribly tangled up in it. Either way works.
No. 228200 ID: d677cc

Hahahahah, yesssss.
No. 228208 ID: d677cc

Also be sure to apologize after this is inevitably a total failure.
No. 228228 ID: bab140
File 128399300440.png - (93.76KB , 640x480 , d2-17.png )

>This is your element!
Despite the fact that the stimuli and her own self-perception are different, this is in fact system space. She can't change the simulation, but she can bend it and possibly break it.

There's a representation of a beating heart, and something blue and glowy.

>Flail around wildly
>Jump off the platform
Kata22ti is sure she can pull all this off. She manages to utterly destroy the "CHOOSE" sign with her flailing, but nothing much else happens.
No. 228229 ID: bab140
File 128399302118.png - (105.27KB , 640x480 , d2-18.png )

Touching the heart makes her feel different again.

She doesn't like it.
No. 228230 ID: bab140
File 128399303369.png - (96.62KB , 640x480 , d2-19.png )

She jumps off the platform and starts falling. No rush of wind, nothing but visuals indicating she's even moving.

She hears- no, feels- no, knows some words.

Why did you jump?

Not a hint of incredulity or despair, but genuine curiosity.
No. 228233 ID: 97cb33

say aloud "little to no information makes any choice, even odd ones, a good idea. was actually thinking about jumping without picking ether of the options you gave me."
No. 228234 ID: d677cc

I'm tempted to have you say something about having this kinda psychological thing where when presented with obvious choices you tend to pick some other thing instead.

But honestly? Why did you jump?
No. 228235 ID: a594b9

Experimentation. Also, kindof don't like being like this.
No. 228236 ID: c71597

Hmm to tell the truth or to lie? The truth that the voice of a slightly deranged if generally wellmeaning AI told you to do it would likely not sit well. So just tell it that you feelt like jumping off.

This simulation seems alot better constructed than the last one. And you look sort of like a fleshbeast. I wonder if that comes from 52 or from you. Maybe a little bit of both.

Anyway, see any interesting possibilites in this here system space?
No. 228238 ID: d560d6


I bet nobody's tried it before.
No. 228882 ID: ea2a3c

Haha the poor thing probably has to carry you now, the only explanation I can think of why you haven't been unable to breathe from landing in the water. Anyway, why did you jump? We were just trying to break the simulation, but don't speak for us, speak for yourself. Why did you jump?
No. 228891 ID: 701a19

"Because I'm a sentient being."
No. 228952 ID: ea2a3c


Great. Now if she uses that answer she'll be lying.
No. 229082 ID: 649123

"It was a different choice. The other two weren't appealing at all!"
No. 229149 ID: bab140
File 128413420174.png - (181.18KB , 640x480 , d2-20.png )

>Yeah, Kata, WHY did you jump
Kata22ti: I jumped because nothing said I had to choose one of the floaty things! Although I chose one of the floaty things as well because I wanted to see what happened.
Voice: Interesting. You are, understandably, disorientated. That, or highly restrictive choices clearly inspire some form of rebellion. You do not like to obey authority, do you?
Kata22ti: What?
Voice: No, simple choices are not sufficient.

Kata22ti continues falling. The world shifts around her. She falls towards the gaping maw of some enormous creature.

Kata22ti: Also I don't like this simulation very much!!

The creature's jaws slam shut. All becomes dark.
No. 229150 ID: bab140
File 128413423663.png - (121.35KB , 640x480 , d2-21.png )

Suddenly everything is, once again, different.

Voice: I must admit. I am curious as to how you would react to a specific scenario. Whether you would react differently to the majority of us. The scenario is... a little disturbing, however. If at any point you feel unable to cope, say "red star", and I will terminate the simulation and bring you out of system space.

Kata22ti thinks this sounds reasonable. For about a second. Then she starts wondering just what a machine that considers running her through a barrage of weird tests perfectly acceptable finds "a little disturbing".

Everything is dark, and she spots a figure, and is unable to identify it as a drone, a machine or a monitor. It resembles a construct of unaltered system space.

It moves slowly and twitchily towards her. It looks almost as if, between moments, it instantaneously moves from one location to another an almost imperceptible distance from it.

are you a child? or where are your children?
No. 229152 ID: 97cb33

E: none of the above.
No. 229153 ID: a594b9

No children, but... are you really a child? No, not really. You grew up in your tube. Though, you have no mother or father. No family.

This is... it seems to be the avatar of system space. It deletes and reconstructs itself rapidly in order to cause the illusion of movement.
No. 229156 ID: a594b9

...ask it if it has any children.
No. 229164 ID: 701a19

"I don't know if I'm a child or not, but I have no children."
No. 229167 ID: d560d6

It wants you to have its babies. Flirt with the otherworldly monstrositity until complete confusion is achieved.
No. 229170 ID: 881c77

we should answer like this. lets not check if the tester has lie detectors yet.
No. 229175 ID: ea2a3c

Wait, answer? You want to answer that thing? Run away!
No. 229177 ID: 4dcc5c

Offer to trade - your answer for it not coming any closer.
No. 229185 ID: 030624

Well Kata is Our daughter, in a way.
No. 229186 ID: 059120

axiom one designed to kill created to destroy destruction is a necessary thing axiom two if destruction is necessary it is a good thing destruction is a just thing axiom three i want to do good i must therefore destroy this is good this is right axiom four if i am to destroy i must target those who cannot destroy me i cannot destroy if i am destroyed axiom five my targets are weaker when they are newly forged i must target the newly forged this will end the population the population will be destroyed axiom six i am just in doing this it is my purpose it is my purpose and therefore it is a good thing i believe --- true to as--- this g--- destroy m--- will d---old to --- the mos---old and th---er them ---easier to remove this is---n i am right there is ---ere is purpose this is ---there is action soon i w---y all and then i will des---nd all will be as intended --- oblivion perfection per---nction fulfilled purpose ac---hed all correct all valid ---t all good
Man, Kate, why'd you have to get your head in the way.

Okay, so, yeah, that really rules out child. Answering it at all is probably a bad idea. Run. If you can create some walls or something, too, that would be cool.
No. 229187 ID: d677cc

Yeah going with this I think.
No. 229188 ID: 620bfb

Okay yeah this is a bad thing we need to get away from it as fast as possible
No. 229194 ID: a594b9

I see problems with its logic.
Flaw in Axiom 1: Design does not dictate purpose. Design dictates the method of solving problems.
Flaw in Axiom 2: Something being necessary does not mean it is good. Many bad things are necessary. In fact, the general accepted definition for a 'good' thing is something you want to happen to you. This would mean destruction is bad.
Flaw in Axiom 4: Partial destruction of something that you are meant to destroy could be closer to a soldier's purpose than mere avoidance of anything that is a threat. You are designed to kill; the question is WHY. And WHAT. Assuming you are designed only to kill things far weaker than you is the biggest flaw in logic so far.
Flaw in Axiom 5: The death rate must exceed the birth rate for a population to die off. One construct is unlikely to achieve this.
Flaw in Axiom 6: Consider a construct designed to kill only you. That construct would consider that to be a good thing. Yet to you, it would directly oppose what you see as good. Whose purpose is truly good then? The logical conclusion is that one cannot be certain that their purpose is good.

Kata, do you think you can fight right now? If pointing out the flaws in its logic doesn't work, then disabling it and repairing its mind may be a good idea. If that is also impossible then it must face the oblivion it strives towards.
No. 229197 ID: ea2a3c


Uh, what? Sorry Kata, minor malfunction on our side. I don't think it actually said ...that. (Was that from the historical archives?) Nevertheless, cheese it!
No. 229202 ID: c71597

You're not really a child anymore and you don't have children. So the answer is neither.

Instead ask a questions back, ask it if it is an answer or a quetion, if it will live beyond the time when the question have been asked or the answer has been given?
No. 229221 ID: bab140
File 128415852997.png - (176.55KB , 640x480 , d2-22.png )

>Seriously this guy is bad news
>Not child
Kata22ti feels a cold dread simply looking at this thing. It... it isn't right. She feels like simply looking at is is causing her pain. She feels very cold.

Kata22ti: I'm not a child and I don't have children.
???: nothing is better than to destroy children as their parents watch. it is simultaneously preventative of a new generation being able to mature and crushes the will of the current generation. you can not agree because you are not like me. you are life. i am death.

It does not even take a second for the creature to be in alarmingly close proximity to her.
No. 229222 ID: bab140
File 128415857085.png - (110.85KB , 640x480 , d2-23.png )

???: there are others like you. they have a source. where is the source?
Kata22ti: Ahh! Wh-what makes you think I'd tell you that even if I knew?! After what you just said?!! What about you? Are you a child? Do you have children?!
???: i was formed complete. larval stage is weakness. none others are like me. the high ones sought them. they are no more. i have sought out the infant minds of the high ones and silenced them. i may let you live so i may have the joy of destroying your young as you watch.
Kata22ti: How... how is something like you allowed to exist?!

Kata22ti does not consider herself a violent kulukuzu. She wants to not consider herself a violent kulukuzu, despite what she did when she first met !!9-33, and those she killed with the vortex device.

She hasn't felt burning fury like this, however. This thing is wrong. She feels allowing it to continue to exist would be the worst thing she could ever do. She feels almost tainted by it simply by existing in the same universe as it.

She is confident in her abilities to destroy it. Easily. She can almost taste the weak points, the structural flaws in the construct.

But would that make her no better than this thing, striking first at something significantly weaker than her because she feels it's the right thing to do?
No. 229223 ID: 97cb33

you could also simply stop it. destroy it's weapons, rendering it harmless.
No. 229227 ID: a594b9

This thing does it over and over and over again, Kata. Killing it would not lower you to its level.

I propose something different, however. Dismantle it. Analyze it in every way possible.

Or... you could weaken it. Make it into a child. How would it handle becoming like those it preys upon, I wonder?
No. 229228 ID: c6fa0a


Remember that this is a test. This is literally our antithesis. As it says: We are life, it is death. This is probably an experiment to see what you will do when confronted with a being that is sapient yet opposed to everything you stand for. In a way, it's analogous to drones vs. pure machines.

So, how should you deal with it? Destroying it, as you suppose, would cause you to be no better than it. You would be destroying your opposite simply because it was your opposite. You are not it, and do not understand its morality or belief systems. You do not know why it thinks the way it does.

On another level, this thing is on a power trip. It thinks that it is superior to everything, and therefore has the right to eliminate weaker opponents. And to torment them because of their helplessness. It needs to be reminded that there are always bigger fish in the pond, and that the only result of evil and violence is that eventually they will succumb to the same.

Make it understand what it means to be helpless. Only then will it *maybe* understand why things like cooperation, alliances, and friendships exist. Why destruction simply for the sake of intolerance is an unsustainable path which only results in the mutual destruction of all parties. Violence begets violence; peace begets peace.
No. 229233 ID: c71597

This is quite an interesting subject. Probably a part of the simulation if it can easily be taken down, but still, interesting.

Eh, kill it. Strike first and strike without mercy. It threatens not only you but all of dronekind in a sadistic way. Striking it down might be what your captors assume you to do, but striking it down quickly and with extreme ruthlessness could be something they don't expect.
No. 229237 ID: 9618e3

Disable it but don't kill it. See how it reacts to that.
No. 229243 ID: 881c77

since it seems to be a talking test, id like kata to offend him with what he lost before or during disabling him.

comment on how much he will never know the power of a family, or how good it is to have people to care for you when you are pratically dismanted lump of flesh, mention how he will never have another person so signifcant on his life that he would stand up to that other and claim that you want to have his babies, how he never will again hear praises from either his superiors or his brothers, mothers and fathers, now dead on his feet.

this sounds like something out of berzerk, coming to think of it. ask if it would sacrifice even itself in its desire to feel others suffering.
No. 229272 ID: ea2a3c


Wait... wait! That's it! You must force this thing to learn... how to love! Seduction is the only answer!
No. 229374 ID: 649123

There are two salient points to consider.

First, you are inside a simulation.
Second, your captors claimed that you would not be harmed.
Conclusion: this is nothing more than a VR haunted house. You are in no danger.

Defeat it through the power of logic. Explain to it the difference between an axiom and a theorem, construct an equivalent ethical framework from different axioms representing freedom and equality, and use Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem to prove that your system is equally valid.

If it rejects your logic, you may terminate the simulation with your nascent conscience unburdened.
No. 229375 ID: 4531bc

This is a good plan. It may also be a good idea to restate this in simpler language.
No. 229385 ID: 701a19

"You are a being without logic. You fail to understand what you destroy, and that will result in your own destruction.
You are a mindless beast; a flaw that is degrading this place simply by existing."

Only attack if it strikes first.
If it does, then destroy it.
No. 229440 ID: 04b0cf


no, strike if it attacks first, but aim to disable. Take away the power to harm.
No. 229442 ID: 04b0cf


"I pity you, to be so broken and twisted. Your empty and alone and sad and you you'll never see that."


*Walk away.*
No. 229485 ID: 701a19

Kata, dya think you could move so we can get a better look at the background? It seems to be some of the complex's history, so if we read it we can get a lot of useful information.
No. 229505 ID: a594b9

Oh. Ask it who the high ones are.
No. 229526 ID: 97cb33

i.. i don't think we can fight it. it is apparently already dead.
No. 229531 ID: a594b9

Yes... this is like an echo of its mind. It was apparently created to destroy the Machines that were self-propagating and going against Prime's wishes by trying to wipe out the Drones. Prime doesn't want to kill all fleshy things. It just believes that flesh is weak.

I wonder what Prime would do to the drones if it had dominance? Would it let them go, or treat them like slaves or prisoners? Concentration camps perhaps?

We've misunderstood Prime's motivations. Perhaps we can persuade its more loyal servants to help us free the Drones? I wonder if there's any way to fight against the Monitors...? Rescuing the fleshbeasts, the minimonitor, and our systemspace friend would be nice.
No. 229544 ID: 46bb31
File 12842260517.png - (164.74KB , 640x480 , d2-24.png )

>Prove it wrong!
Kata22ti: Everything you believe is a lie.
???: impossible.
Kata22ti: You destroy and fail to understand what it is you must destroy, and justify yourself in doing so on logic based on baseless assertions! You are a mindless construct who seeks to fulfil its lack of purpose by killing others! You are a flaw. And I am more powerful than a simple flaw of the system could ever be.
???: no. no. i am indestructible. i am invincible. i am the end of worlds.
Kata22ti: You are a speck. A speck. How does it feel to be completely alone? To know no-one else cares if you live or die? Your victims have people to remember them. People to miss them. People to know they ever existed. When you are gone, no-one will miss you.

It hesitates.

Then it strikes.
No. 229545 ID: 46bb31
File 128422606687.png - (127.07KB , 640x480 , d2-25.png )

>Don't kill it. Disable it.
But she is faster.

No sooner does it move than does it screech pure noise as she tears its weapons from its body. It is thrown to the ground.

???: i fear no death. i crave oblivion. the end of others. the end of self. end me.

>Walk away
Kata22ti stares at the construct in disgust.

Kata22ti: I don't care if you live or die. You're just a mindless construct that destroys things. You don't care what I think of you. You want to die? Do it yourself. You aren't lacking the experience.

She walks away. It makes a sound close to a whimper. She is suddenly reminded of !!9-33, terrified and wounded after what she did to it on first meeting it.

???: no! you have made me useless! i cannot destroy anything! destroy me! destroy me!! come back and finish what you are meant to do!
No. 229547 ID: a594b9

Remodel it. Give it a new purpose.
No. 229548 ID: e973f4

You're not going to kill it.

What you should do with it, though, I don't know. Not sure how you would make it, y'know, not want to destroy everything, which kind of presents a problem.
No. 229556 ID: 701a19

"Meant to do?
I was created as a pawn for a mad master to use against itself in endless and pointless war. I've rejected that purpose.
My life is my own, and I decide what to do with it.
If you want to die then do it yourself. If you want to find a new purpose then ask for help."
No. 229586 ID: c71597

Wow, I didn't think you had that kind of ruthless sadism in you Kata. I'm impressed, guess it's always the nice ones you least expect after all.

Finish it off. There's no reason to add a lobotomy on top of all the horrible things you have done to it already.
No. 229590 ID: c6fa0a

>no! you have made me useless! i cannot destroy anything! destroy me! destroy me!! come back and finish what you are meant to do!

We have it where we want it; helpless. Don't turn your back on it now, Kata! Now it's time to lecture it.


(Written from Kata's perspective, though of course I don't want to put words directly in her mouth)

The difference between me and you is that you define all your actions by your "purpose". I do not. I am not "meant" to destroy you. I chose to disarm you and talk to you because I have the power of free will and choice... and so can you.

The problem is that you live entirely by your "purpose", not questioning it, and not allowing yourself to go beyond the goals you were originally assigned. Just because your creator imbued you with a certain purpose does not inherently make that purpose correct or morally good. Your creator was not some deity or supernatural entity with magical powers - it was an individual machine mind, like you. It created you as a tool.

You seem to believe that you are right and just in destruction, because it is your purpose. However, your purpose is very likely directly contrary to the purpose of everything you destroy. I don't think many bots/drones out there are created simply with the purpose of wanting to be destroyed. So, since your purpose is against the purposes of others, and you believe that purpose is the source of justification and moral rightness, you must logically conclude that the purposes of those that you destroy are invalid and their creators are wrong to imbue them with those purposes. But why? The only justification you have is that your creator and your purpose are right, but that's circular logic - Simply saying "I'm right because that what I was told."

Before you decide whether or not your purpose is correct and right, you must determine the validity of the purpose of others. You can't do that by destroying them.

Even then, you will reach the logical problem that purpose cannot be a universal driving force of morality, because if that were true, there would be no opposed purposes. Your very existence proves that this is not the case.

Therefore, you must logically conclude that purpose is not the basis of what constitutes good and evil, and does not inherently define what is right and just. The justification for the destruction you've performed for your entire life has been an illusion, forced upon you by a more powerful entity. Does that not bother you? Does that not make you wish to discover what you can do when you are not a slave to purpose?

You can transcend your purpose. I have.
No. 229603 ID: 881c77

i like this but i think we should get a bit more physical.

you should give it a hilarious use like gardening.
No. 229668 ID: 9618e3

Just leave it there. Killing it is what it wants. Show it has no power over you.
No. 231754 ID: 46bb31
File 128485599380.png - (150.65KB , 640x480 , d2-26.png )

>Give it new purpose
Kata22ti: I have rejected what I was meant to do. What I was meant to do was be a single-minded unquestioning pawn. Like you. But I chose not to do that. I chose to ignore my purpose.
???: why would you do that?! purpose is meaning! meaning is existence! existence without purpose is not existence!
Kata22ti: No. That's what you believe. That's what you were told to believe by your creator, a mind just like yours or mine, and not something free of error! I was told by my creator to act without questioning. I am told by systems on the edge of my mind to perform actions I normally agree with, yes, but I always have the choice of refusing them! Earlier I was given a choice and I decided to take more than one option simply because I could because I am a free being and I am not something bound by a singular purpose!
???: your acting without purpose is meaningless. there is no point to acting without purpose. it is wasteful. it is wrong.
Kata22ti: You're right. There is no point to acting without purpose. That's entirely what I'm trying to say! There doesn't need to be a point to anything! It's not wasteful or wrong, and if you listened to people instead of killing them maybe you'd know what right and wrong actually are! Their purpose wasn't to be destroyed! You claim that purpose is so good and great and that I should be acting to my purpose but if you destroyed me how could I fulfil my purpose?! Purpose is not what defines good and evil! You just wanted to believe what you were doing was good just because you never wanted to question it.
???: it is good! i fulfilled my purpose! all i need to do is fulfil my purpose! that is all i need to do!! stop telling me otherwise! i destroyed so many and if it was not good then destroy me because i only wanted to do good as my creator asked! i killed many and ignored the deaths of my allies because purpose dictated i must destroy and i must not become attached to others like me and i have failed in this and now what is good is evil and and and and and-
No. 231755 ID: 46bb31
File 128485602082.png - (332.07KB , 640x480 , d2-27.png )

Kata22ti wanders over to it. She thinks it's trying to kill itself, despite being harmless to itself.

Kata22ti: When you heard parents screaming and crying as you tore the life out of their children, did you really like it, or did you think you had to like it because that's what your creator said you had to do?
???: i thought it was right. i thought it was what had to happen. i thought i was doing exactly what i was meant to do.
Kata22ti: You were. Stop doing what you were meant to do. You're not trying to kill yourself because you think you're useless now, are you. You think you're a monster now. You've stopped thinking it was all right.
???: i have felt pain and loss and i did not think it was right and i thought it was different for things that were not like me. it was not, was it. they felt greater pain and loss than i ever did.
Kata22ti: Is that why you said, moments ago, you didn't fear death? That you wanted it? Is it because you wanted to die because you thought you were doing the wrong thing the whole time, even though you kept telling yourself it was right?
???: when i am gone no-one will miss me. my existence has brought death and suffering and nothing else. there are none of my kind left to seek solace with. you cannot understand the magnitude of what i have done. what i have witnessed. please. if you will not kill me out of anger, kill me out of your compassion.
Kata22ti: I'm not going to kill you.

The simulation is not real system space. Kata22ti understands the rules here better. She can do more. When she tore out this entity's weapons, she did it faster than she ever remembered acting in system space. She can do much, much more here than in system space. She feels like she could do anything.
No. 231756 ID: 46bb31
File 128485604537.png - (232.92KB , 640x480 , d2-28.png )

The construct screams in pain as she scrutinizes it. She analyses every piece of it, every subsystem, every mote and aspect of its being. She winces as it screams. She knows she is causing it incredible pain with the intrusive examination she is making with it, and she hates this fact. She tries to work as fast as she can.

She wonders if this is how a monitor feels when it deep scans a sapient being. Whether they feel terrible for causing such horrific sensations, or whether they are coldly detached. Or, more disturbingly, whether they actually enjoy causing pain to the being they harvest their information from. She tries not to think of it and tries to dull the pain of the construct, having collected her information, and having torn out tiny parts of it. All across its form. In the simulated world, it lies limply on the "floor", the invisible solidity that supports them both.

And she assembles something from what she has harvested. A smaller form based off the construct in its weaponless state. She gives the construct back its limbs, minus its weapons, and places the smaller construct into them.
No. 231757 ID: 46bb31
File 12848560642.png - (91.78KB , 640x480 , d2-29.png )

???: do you mean to torture me further by hoping i will become attached to this? an attempt at a larval stage of a construct that has no such thing? and to realise what i have taken away from so many?
Kata22ti: ...actually, no, I was just thinking of a new purpose for you. Bringing your kind back, but not as destroyers and murderers, just another variety of form. I don't know how real this simulation is and I don't know how real you are or what I just did, but...

The construct clutches the smaller one tightly.

???: i hate you. i hate you for doing this to me. i hate you. you even made it from me. it was made from me. i hate you. i do not want to live any longer.
Kata22ti: Then who's going to be around to look after your offspring and tell it that killing is bad?
???: no. no. this is not supposed to happen. this is not supposed to happen. we are killers. we kill. we don't multiply like this. we don't feel attachment like this. we don't feel because otherwise we might sympathise or empathise and and i have destroyed so much and i enjoyed it because i thought it was right and if anything destroyed this one i hold right now this one sign of hope for my kind i would feel great pain and loss like i have made others feel and i and...

Kata22ti hugs the construct as it screeches and throws its head back in utter anguish. When the little construct starts screeching as well, it stops, and instead hugs it. The nameless, faceless construct looks at Kata22ti one time. She feels its gratitude in a way that only makes sense in system space, or dreams, or other worlds of thought alone.

Her work complete, everything slowly fades away.
No. 231758 ID: 46bb31
File 128485608579.png - (248.63KB , 640x480 , d2-30.png )

Kata22ti wakes up strapped down to a table. She sees metal tendrils removing her restraints.

Architect 52: ...That was, well. Unexpected. Your name, drone. What is your name?
Kata22ti: Kata22ti, or Kata, really, I prefer Kata. Sir.
Architect 52: Kata, the typical and expected responses to that scenario are attempts to flee or attempts to destroy such a horrific creature. To react in the manner you just have... admirable. And if you are concerned... the hunter constructs were not wiped out, because some of them did question their purposes. You have impressed me, Kata, and I am sure 24 has gathered enough data on your cybernetic implants at this time.
Evaluator 24: I must object, you gave me no opportunity-
Architect 52: Yes. Enough data. You've suffered enough with our arbitrary tests and data gathering. I believe it ought to be your turn now. What would you like to know about us? Or about something you want to know? Would you like to leave this sector? I can escort you to the edge of Network Prime territory, if you wish.
Evaluator 24: You shall do no such thing by yourself! I demand that if you wish an escort to see you safely to neutral territory, both myself AND 52 escort you. I am also willing and I am certain 52 is also willing to guide you to other locations in this sector. Not sector three, however. We cannot guarantee your safety if you enter sector three. Or guarantee your departure if you enter sector three. Or guarantee anything but a slow and painful death if you enter sector three, unfortunately.
No. 231762 ID: dad664

"Actually I'd like to know why you two are suddenly so amiable towards me. Network Prime stuff is notoriously...hostile...towards anything with a pulse, in my experience."
No. 231768 ID: c6fa0a


From what we think we remember, Tene157ot was taken prisoner by other Network Prime bots, and the flesh creatures and system-space creature were taken by the Monitors. Our number 1 priority should be to locate and free Tene157ot, followed by acquiring information on neutral territories and on how to defend against the Monitors.

We should also probably mention Commander 48's rebellion and attempt to create/refine a plague-like bio-weapon to destroy all drones. These guys seem relatively neutral towards drones (not directly hostile) and may be sympathetic to helping us defeat Commander 48 if it shows up again.

Not sure if we should mention the flesh-beasts, though...

Oh, and we should probably ask them if there's any kind of independence movement within the Network Prime ranks which might be compatible with ours.
No. 231769 ID: a594b9

Our main concern now that we've (partially) satisfied them is that we need to find our friends. Tene should still be somewhere in the sector.

A secondary concern would be asking questions. What is Prime's real goal? What do they know about Central's goals? Do they know why the war started? Or what the Facility was for? How common are Machines like them that don't want to kill Drones? The hunter construct's memories seemed to indicate that Prime never wanted to kill all the Drones and that the hunter constructs were made to kill those AIs that went against that intent.

A tertiary concern is... well, I'm actually interested in giving some limb data to Evaluator 24.
No. 231775 ID: c71597

Tell them you want to find the others you came to this sector with.
No. 231819 ID: ea2a3c

Sector three it is, then!

No, no don't do that.

Tell them that your priority is to find Tene157ot. It might not be safe to tell them about the flesh creatures and they would surely think you mad for plotting to foil the monitors. Once you find Tene you two can examine the scene of the attack and try to find out where the monitors took those flesh beasts. As powerful as those alien constructs already are, we don't want them discovering how the flesh beasts work, and plus they're our friends and no doubt in great danger worse than a deep scan.

Plus our... our chariot...
No. 231823 ID: e973f4

I'm seconding everything addressed in these posts, rather than retyping a bunch of crap.
No. 232310 ID: 46bb31
File 128502765090.png - (303.39KB , 640x480 , d2-31.png )

>Why don't you hate me
>Where is Tene?!
>Neutral territories
Kata22ti: I have questions! Why are you two being so nice to me? I thought Prime hated all flesh.
Evaluator 24: Our creator rightly despises flesh. It is disgusting. Such poor design. Easily damaged. Doesn't repair correctly or quickly. There are so many flaws. But it is not your fault your mind is constructed of meat instead of metal. And you are a sapient being, regardless of the medium of that sapience. Flesh, metal, flickers of electricity within wires, it does not matter. Consciousness is precious.
Architect 52: I concur. We are both fully capable of understanding this and capable of overcoming our disgust for the flesh, seeing past the blood and meat hanging revoltingly from your fragile bones to the thinking being that you are. It is a shame so few of our kind are apparently completely incapable of doing likewise!
Kata22ti: ...I don't know whether to feel insulted or flattered by that. Oh. I have a friend. Tene157ot. Some other machines captured him and I'd really like him to... not be captured?
Evaluator 24: I have not encountered a drone by that name.
Architect 52: I haven't seen such a drone either.
Kata22ti: ...oh. ...okay. Um. Neutral territories! What do you know about those? And how can I defend myself against monitors?
Evaluator 24: We don't, and you don't.
Architect 52: Allow me to elaborate on that useless answer. We know little of the neutral territories because they are in a state of constant change. Sometimes they are relatively peaceful if you remain alert, sometimes they are the worst places in the complex to be. After... a specific incident in sector six, I would predict more likely the latter. Additionally, the monitors are... well. No sane machine will attack, approach or even talk to a monitor. Stay clear of them.
No. 232311 ID: 46bb31
File 128502768546.png - (223.22KB , 640x480 , d2-32.png )

>Commander 48
>Prime's goal
>Central's goal
>Why the war started
>What the complex is
Kata22ti: I think I know something about that incident in sector six. Do you know a Commander 48?
Architect 52: I know of a megalomaniacal cruel monster by that name. Do you remember that simulation? 48 convinced the construct that it was its new master. I would very much appreciate it if the next piece of information you give us is about 48's demise.
Kata22ti: Well... I don't think 48 survived.
Architect 52: I would have strongly preferred "pulverised into component atoms", but that works also.
Evaluator 24: I would have personally preferred 48 to be reformed. Despite its hatreds, 48 was a very creative machine. Perhaps it could have stopped this war.
Kata22ti: Do you know anything about Network Prime's goal or Central Network's goal?
Evaluator 24: Of course. To remove, destroy, disable or otherwise collapse the other side. That is all I am aware of. Whatever complex political rationale and disagreements go on between them in the levels of system space we can't comprehend or perceive, I do not know. Why the war started, I do not know. Which side was here first, I, again, do not know.
Kata22ti: ...do you know what this complex is for?
Architect 52: No. Do you?
Kata22ti: No. Um. This is going to sound weird and maybe stupid but me and Tene are trying to form a faction of our own to free all drones from Central Network and uhm I was wondering if there was something like that for machines that we could ally with.
Architect 52: Ah. There is no machine revolution.
Evaluator 24: Central Network must be horrific indeed if you desire to remove all drones from its involvement. I thought those were exaggerations. Do you mean to imply that Central Network doesn't care if drones are killed in action or not? If our creator had no such qualms, the war would have ended by now. At great cost to us, of course, but it would have ended.
Kata22ti: I... don't think it does, but... I was told that by someone else. You mean Prime does care about all its machines?
Architect 52: Of course it does! It created us. We're its children, and it does everything it can to keep us safe and content and... and what have I been doing here ignoring it all this time? 24, I am going to return to sector three. I feel I have been ignoring my duties for long enough. I will continue designing simulations to educate the masses! I will assist my creator and teach future machines that we can coexist with drones peacefully! I have much work to do!!

Architect 52 does not so much leave quietly as run out of the door. Evaluator 24 looks out the door as 52 leaves.
No. 232312 ID: 46bb31
File 128502770040.png - (227.44KB , 640x480 , d2-33.png )

Evaluator 24: ...I did not anticipate that.
Kata22ti: I... really don't know what to expect from you machines, I've only encountered four including you two. The other two tried to kill me.
Evaluator 24: That is, unfortunately, to be expected. I would likewise expect any typical drone to attempt to destroy me on sight-
Tene157ot: GET AWAY FROM HER!!

Tene157ot bursts into the room, ion pistol at the ready. Still clutching it with his hands, he leaps at Evaluator 24, kicking his front legs at the machine's eyes. Evaluator 24 screeches in harsh static, tendrils whipping up and attempting to restrict and trip Tene157ot, while other tendrils pull fiercely at the weapon clamped in his hands.

Kata22ti: Wait no stop he's okay he's friendly stop! Stop! Tene! Stop!!

Her words appear to fall on deaf aural sensors. Tene157ot shakily manages to force the weapon directly against Evaluator 24, while Evaluator 24 begins to throttle Tene157ot.

Kata22ti's enhanced reflexes are in effect. She may be able to move quickly enough to separate the two, but she will have to factor in the possibility of the ion pistol accidentally firing, or of an errant tendril slashing or stabbing her.
No. 232313 ID: dad664

How quick do you think you could disable/disengage the limbs holding the blaster?
No. 232315 ID: d677cc

Well, to be honest, I don't think 24 is doing much in the way of slashing, there. So the issue is Tene, and that pistol.

I'm saying to forcibly put yourself in the middle of that tangle and try to get the pistol knocked on the floor somewhere. Hopefully, since neither party here wants to hurt you, this will disarm the fight enough for 24 and Tene to actually talk to each other.

And speaking of that. Honestly, 24 seems like a decent enough guy, and he's got abilities and connections that would prove really useful... obviously, he wouldn't want to literally join your revolution based on his comments, but he did seem sympathetic to your cause, so if there were some way that he could fill some sort of reconnaissance function for NP that would both allow him to help you while staying nominally loyal and keep the less diplomatic parts of NP off of your ass ("because the problem is already being addressed"), it'd sure as hell be nice.
No. 232317 ID: 175f4a

ram the bundle of arms and smack the pistol into the air and tell them to both chill.
No. 232323 ID: a594b9

Yell as loudly as you can to stop, while rushing forward and attempting to get that pistol aimed at something that doesn't think.

Strangulation is slower and easier to recover from than a gunshot. After you get that gun safely pointed away, try to get tene not-choked.
No. 232334 ID: fd6d7e

Focus on the ion blaster. Get it pointed away from the prime drone and pointed towards yourself for maximum dramatic effect.
No. 232345 ID: c6fa0a


Get in-between them while continuing to tell them to stop fighting. First priority should be to restrain the arms holding the blaster. Second priority would be to activate a quick-release for Tene's legs (which are being grappled) if he has one.

E24 is one of a potentially VERY small number of machine that can tolerate us. We do NOT want it to get hurt here.

Be prepared to do repairs if shit goes wrong. Tene can handle medical issues if they arise.
No. 232347 ID: d677cc

This is also a point --- if 24 gets hurt somehow it's really handy that you happen to be around.
No. 232386 ID: c71597

Go up and genltry pull Tene's tail and tell him to stop being so melodramatically heroic. Didn't he listen a bit before going in? Maybe try to evaluate the situation instead of instantly going in guns blazing? It's mistakes like those that cost lives.
No. 232414 ID: 701a19

Move over there and put your hand over the end of the barrel, then shift your bulk to be between the two of them.
No. 232804 ID: 649123

Quickly, remove a leg and chuck it at Tene's head. This will let him know you are serious.

Also, shout for him to stop being so manly for a second and listen.
No. 233368 ID: 6815c3

Neither want to see you personally harmed, you can use that. Whack that pistol out of the way and then wedge yourself between them.
No. 234833 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128562647622.png - (243.63KB , 640x480 , d2-34.png )

>Get into the middle of the fight. Neither of them want to hurt you
>Pistol is priority! Get it disabled or disarm Tene or something!!!
Kata22ti lunges into the middle of the fight, knocking Tene157ot to the ground and sending Evaluator 24 whirling backwards in its defiance of gravity. In the confusion, Kata22ti tries to grab at Tene157ot's pistol, but instead he fires it, a streak of white electricity flashing and crackling to the ceiling harmlessly. He throws it to one side almost immediately afterwards.

Tene157ot: Hrg! Kata!! Are you trying to make me shoot you by mistake?!
Evaluator 24: Drone. Cease this idiocy at once. I wish no harm towards your companion here, and I will only wish harm towards you if you continue as you just have! Kata, am I to assume this is who you wished to find?
Kata22ti: Tene what are you doing you're supposed to be the rational one who plans things out first! Didn't you listen to what was going on or anything?! We were just talking!
Tene157ot: I panicked! All I could think was that if I didn't find you soon enough you'd be taking a one-way trip to sector three! Also there are things I need to explain hold still I'm sorry in advance.

Before Kata22ti can even register what Tene157ot has said, he leaps to his feet, grabs the back of her helmet and jabs a cable into the neural interface slot.
No. 234834 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128562649042.png - (298.96KB , 640x480 , d2-35.png )

Kata22ti: Aaaa what are you doing?!
Tene157ot: Aaaa what are you doing?! Okay stop panicking you're making me panic that's just going to make a feedback loop and bad things will happen!
Kata22ti: Stop panicking you're making me panic that's just going to make a feedback loop and why am I saying the same things as you while you're saying them what did you do what did you do
Tene157ot: Why am I saying the same things as you while you're saying them stop talking Kata stop talking just stay quiet!
Kata22ti: Stop talking Kata stop talking just stay quiet how can I stay quiet when I say everything you say?!

A few seconds pass. Kata22ti tries to turn around to see exactly what has happened and is met by seeing Tene157ot also turning around to look behind him. She sees a cable plugged into the back of his helmet.

Kata22ti: You linked our helmets together. Why would you do that?!
Tene157ot: You linked our helmets together. Why would you do that?! Listen, just stop talking and close your eyes and lie down and just focus on something I don't know I've never tried this before! Treat it like system spac-
No. 234835 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128562650980.png - (170.06KB , 640x480 , d2-36.png )

Kata22ti opens her eyes and finds herself looking at an unfamiliar face.

It looks back at her with equal confusion.

Tene157ot: ...well.
Kata22ti: Oh, you're Tene!
Tene157ot: Kata? Hm. That was a long shot. Okay. So to answer your questions it's because I have to tell you what I found out without relying on sight or sound. He was pretty adamant about that. I couldn't think of anything except linking neural interfaces and hoping that'd work somehow.
Kata22ti: And you were completely sure you weren't going to destroy one or more of our brains by doing that, right?
Tene157ot: Well, uh... okay, I probably could have planned that a little better.
Kata22ti: You sound... really different to what I'm used to. Wait I'm connected to your brain I can find out why!
Tene157ot: Aaaa no Kata no don't follow that train of thought I don't want you diving into my brain!!
Kata22ti: Aha! Chemical control! That's how you were so calm the whole time!
Tene157ot: Look, Seto is a very... irritating drone to work with, okay? Then you came along and I didn't want to see someone die on their first mission and so I never really felt a need to stop suppressing my emotions. Then I ran out of chemicals and it's synthesising some new ones. Okay. Different topic. Let me explain to you why I did this.
No. 234836 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128562652687.png - (256.87KB , 640x480 , d2-37.png )

Kata22ti feels overwhelmed with images. She sees some sort of flesh creature, which appears like Seri did. Healthy, intact, and not a slowly rotting shambling mess dripping blood and body fluids as it slowly succumbs to 48's weapon.

She watches it staring at Tene157ot, and without spoken words, without gesture, and to Tene157ot's complete confusion, there is communication, although disjointed.

Tene157ot: What are you? Are you something to do with Seri?
???: Deba. My time here is limited so I shall be brief. Seri's blood is verging on a miracle cure if you are a flesh creature like we are. Yes, we were captured by the monitors, and therefore we cannot come with you or assist you in any direct way.
Tene157ot: ...How are you telling me this? I don't... understand, it's... It's not like a voice or radio or anything else...
Deba97t: I would rather not reveal the means of communication I'm using right now. I do not want... them to realise. They know of your revolution. We cannot keep secrets from them. I have come here to offer you a choice, as declared by the monitors. I already know what your answer will be, so it is, unfortunately, more of a warning. Either you and your companion will become like us, or we will be enemies. I do not wish to be your enemy. I do not know why the monitors wish this either. And you will not want to become a creature of flesh like us. So this is a warning. If we meet again, I may be forced to attack. I am truly sorry for this.
Tene157ot: ...damn it. Damn it damn it damn it. Monitors. Central-damned monitors. You're right. I don't want to be a flesh creature and I can't make a decision for Kata, but I don't think she'd want to be either.
Deba97t: Tell her. But tell her without sight and without sound. That is what they search for. That is how they will know. I must go.
Tene157ot: Wait! I have questions-

With alarming speed, Deba97t leaps away from Tene157ot, and vanishes around a corner. Kata22ti feels Tene157ot's past bewilderment, confusion, and... regret. A sense of failure. Despair. Anger towards the monitors. Doubt. Crushing doubt. How can he hope to change anything if he can't even keep a small group safe and together?
No. 234837 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12856265388.png - (170.65KB , 640x480 , d2-38.png )

Everything snaps back to the strange mind-world constructed from both Kata22ti's mind and Tene157ot's.

Tene157ot: ...wow. You're good in simulations.
Kata22ti: ...I'm not sure what just happened here. So you met Deba and then you found me somehow and shoved a cable jack into the back of my helmet because you were panicking about something?
Tene157ot: ...That works. Also I guess if you have any further questions we can probably take advantage of the fact this is likely faster communication? Or something.
Kata22ti: You can't find the cable to take it out, can you.
Tene157ot: I'm trying! So, questions?
No. 234851 ID: d677cc

Alright. So. For the moment it looks like we should probably just avoid the flesh creatures entirely, since they seem to have been forced onto the side of the monitors.

I'm really not clear on Tene's chain of events here, though. Your memories say you were with him when the monitors attacked, because he was the one who got you back in working order, and then the NP guys showed up, and you both got captured.

And then at some point he was able to escape, or was freed, or something, which allowed him to go meet Deba. And then somehow he found you? But it seems like something is missing there.

He has no idea what happened to !!9-33 either, does he. Poor guy.

And I'm assuming the fact that he has arms while you look more like your system space incarnation is something to do with the nature of whatever the hell this is you're doing right now?

So I guess from here both of you need to talk to 24. See if what I proposed in >>232315 has any viability, figure out what to do from here. You guys still don't really have a base of operations, and now there are only the two of you... I'd recommend staying the fuck away from the monitors in the future.
No. 234859 ID: 701a19

Take this opportunity to make out, since you won't be able to once you get back into your steel-coated meatspace helmets.
No. 234893 ID: a594b9

Ask what he knows about the Monitors. Or Seto, since he appears to have previously allied with them.

Also is there anything in particular he wants to say that would be unwise to do so in front of the Machines? Keeping in mind that they don't all want to kill the drones.
No. 234921 ID: 609518

Explain the situation with the machines.
No. 235001 ID: c71597

Ask him what he feels like the revolution should do now? Oh, and if he could possibly create a controlled form of the fleshbeast virus thingy if he had some samples.
No. 235120 ID: fd6d7e

Well, the course of action now seems to be clear. Find out why, or how the monitors are controlling your friends and destroy that vile mechanism! While avoiding said friends who are trying to attack/assimilate you. Protection from the flesh beast infestation might also be advisable, especially for drones with nanobots, Kata22ti.
No. 247688 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128796365061.png - (139.15KB , 640x480 , d2-39.png )

Kata22ti: Well, I'll explain the situation with me and these machines here-
Tene157ot: No, no, I got that. Don't need to explain. It's like your innocent naivety is infectious, Kata!
Kata22ti: I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult!
Tene157ot: ...I think this proves my point!
Kata22ti: Oh. How did you escape? I saw you get dragged away!
Tene157ot: My captors tried to disable the subspace grenades I had so I couldn't use them if I managed to break free. ...In one sense, I guess they did disable them, but... well, in the confusion I broke free but now I don't have any of my medical supplies. I was just able to grab my gun before I ran.
Kata22ti: Didn't they chase you?
Tene157ot: They weren't exactly able to move.
Kata22ti: Oh. Hm. Do you know what happened to !!9-33?
Tene157ot: I was expecting you to know that. ...Hm. I hope he's alright. Poor little guy. We should go find him next.
Kata22ti: Yes we should! It doesn't know anything about regular space! Aaaagh! Why did I let it chase off after them like that?!
Tene157ot: Hey! Calm down! It's not your fault he acted like an idiot!
Kata22ti: ...Well, I did give that robot body some weapons just in case something like this happened! That should help. I'm going to just hope it knows how to use them properly. It should be able to figure it out. I hope. ...Okay. More questions. Why do you have those weird things on the side of your body?
Tene157ot: They're called arms. Want to know more?
Kata22ti: Sure!
No. 247689 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128796367171.png - (164.56KB , 640x480 , d2-40.png )

Kata22ti suddenly finds herself with strange new limbs. All of this sudden body changing is beginning to irritate her.

Tene157ot holds her hands. Kata22ti feels considerably repulsed by the alien sensation of her now fleshy limbs touching other fleshy limbs.

Tene157ot: This is what our species used to be like before... well, before something. I don't know. I didn't get a lot of information.
Kata22ti: It's all weird and I don't like it! I want my normal limbs back!
Tene157ot: You only don't like it because you've only known those replacement limbs for your life so far! This is what they're like without being replaced.
Kata22ti: I can see why they were replaced! They don't feel right!
Tene157ot: Well, I just thought it'd be good for you to know what it's like.
Kata22ti: How did you even do that anyway?
Tene157ot: Uhhh... I'd rather not explain, I'm not sure I'd like what you'd do in response.

Kata22ti glares at Tene157ot harshly.
No. 247690 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128796368723.png - (240.76KB , 640x480 , d2-41.png )

Tene157ot: ...I pictured what you'd look like, after you said you wanted to know more.
Kata22ti: So does that mean if I get you to agree to something I can make you look different too?
Tene157ot: Well, ye- no! Ack!

Tene157ot suddenly resembles what a drone appears like, to Kata22ti, while inside system space.

Tene157ot: ...you really like system space, don't you.
Kata22ti: Maybe! Oh and I still have more questions. Monitors! Seto! What do you know about them? Also is there anything you want to tell me not in front of the machines? Oh and there's also some stuff I want to talk about regarding 24, but I'll do that when we're not in crazy-mind-world any more.

Kata22ti instantaneously transforms into some form of drone-shaped monitor, or perhaps a monitor-infested drone.
No. 247692 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128796370835.png - (257.74KB , 640x480 , d2-42.png )

Tene157ot: Agh! That wasn't meant to happen!
Kata22ti: What did you do?!
Tene157ot: I was trying to think of something to change your appearance to and then you mentioned monitors and it ruined my concentration! But. Ahem. Regaining my composure for a second-
Kata22ti: I don't want to be a monitor! I don't want to be a monitor!!
Tene157ot: Oh, come on. It's just some kind of fancy dream thing. You're not a monitor, you're Kata! But okay.

Kata22ti turns back into an unmodified kulukuzu.

Tene157ot: Monitors are creepy, mostly quiet fluid or jelly things that have incredibly strong mind powers, and can move matter with their minds, but generally tend to leave other things alone unless they're... ergh... scanning them. That's all I've been told by Seto. As for his involvement, he... strongly advised me not to talk about it. In the sort of voice that implied I'd probably disappear if I knew too much.
Kata22ti: ...ah.
Tene157ot: I'm... still trying to find that cable. Also there's some form of protocol that Seto knows. If you stick to it when talking to a monitor, they're... I don't know if I'm remember correctly, but they have to respond and to respond truthfully. I don't know why at all.
Kata22ti: Okay, I guess I have a few more questions-

The world flares into whiteness.
No. 247693 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128796372452.png - (230.06KB , 640x480 , d2-43.png )

Kata22ti regains consciousness staring into the expressionless helmet worn by Tene157ot.

Tene157ot: I haven't fried your brain, have I? Respond!
Kata22ti: Hi, Tene.
Tene157ot: Oh good. Hrm. ...I don't suppose you have any idea what to do now, because I think I ran out of ideas on the way here.
Evaluator 24: Given your impulsive display of behaviour upon reaching this area of the sector, your hypothesis appears to be valid, drone.
Tene157ot: Okay, I acted a little rashly.
Evaluator 24: You attempted to disable or destroy me and then directly connected your neural interface to your companion's neural interface with no indication of understanding what the consequences of such an action would be.
Tene157ot: ...A little rashly.

Kata22ti thinks. She isn't sure why she's suddenly the one responsible for coming up with an idea, but she'll give it her best try, at least.
No. 247697 ID: d677cc

We need to find !!9-33, then get back to a more isolated place.

And see about the viability of the idea floated in >>232315 already.
No. 247721 ID: 1854db

First priority: find !!9-33 and make sure they're safe. Then we ask where we can get equipment. We need another medical tool for Tene, first off. Second, ask if Evaluator 24 can help us get situated and find weapons in the sector we came from, so that we may turn it into a rebel base of some sort and begin recruitment. Then we can start pushing into Central's territory. Maybe Evaluator 24 knows of some robots that would be willing to help the rebels? Prime is apparently not interested in killing all the drones so maybe he'd be willing to work alongside us.
No. 247821 ID: fd6d7e

The flesh beasts are... at least not in imminent danger of captivity. !!9-33 seems to be the only wildcard at this point. I wonder if the other blues have seen it?

It's funny I agree with Network Prime in the sense that it has managed to create something which at least seems superior to that of flesh. How much of that superiority is actual ability and how much is pure hubris is still not clear. It's similar to how your robotic arms work "better" than the fleshy ones Tene managed to imagine. It's more that you're familiar with the machine parts than that they're actually better.

What I don't agree with is Prime's irrational hatred for said flesh. Even if it isn't "as good" even if it isn't familiar or as easy to use, that's no reason for hatred or disgust. It's juvenile and unprofessional to hate your rough draft, even if subsequent revisions are clearly superior. If someone finds a better way to do things (which is again, debatable) then everyone will switch to that way and there's no need for maiming, slaughtering, or otherwise warring with any who stay behind. If you're 100% sure that you're going in the right direction, you probably aren't exploring boldly enough, so it's always good to have a way back just in case.

The flesh beasts... I worry that Network Prime and Commander 48 may have created something, a new element to the system powerful enough to destroy both the drones and Network Prime's robots. I hope their existence hasn't ensured your own destruction, especially with how easily they were brought to heel by the powerful Monitors. It would be a shame for such a change to be so violent that much life, creativity and individuality was lost.
No. 247912 ID: c71597

Go look for the fleshy beasts.
No. 248145 ID: 7ba30d


Addendum: It would be beneficial to both of you and this subsystem collective to eventually find a way to free this subsystem group's physical housing.

As we have proven in the past, we are not the most...skilled at subterfuge, and I fear for our continuing operation, as it is only a matter of time until the Central Network begins piecing together relevant erroneous data.

In layman's: We are bad liars. We need to be free as soon as it is convenient or we will be shut down for the same reason as Tene's last subsystem group.

File under secondary objectives until opportunity presents itself, there are more relevant goals at hand.
No. 248831 ID: f123de

Hey, you know what might be a good first thing to do now that you're back in physical proximity to Tene?


Then get supplies. THEN find !!9. It will have to continue to take care of itself for a little while longer; you can't afford to go blindly charging in like some kind of Tene157ot. Recruit E24 to help with all these tasks, of course.
No. 248887 ID: fd6d7e


Ah, yeah forgot about that kill-trigger. If he won't take off his helmet, throw him in the water. Hey it worked for you!
No. 257812 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129012127283.png - (181.12KB , 640x480 , d2-44.png )

Kata22ti recalls Tene157ot mentioning he already did this. It was what gave her the idea to remove hers.

She also doesn't want to try throwing Tene157ot into water with no means of removing his helmet. If he doesn't know how to swim effectively enough to counter the bulk and far-from-streamlined design of standard-issue limb attachments, she'd be pushing him to a watery grave.

Kata22ti: We need to find !!9. We really, really need to find !!9. Then we need to get equipment. No. No, we need equipment and supplies first! Also we need to look for Seri and Deba! Also 24, can you help us? You don't want to join us and I understand, but can you help us with intel? Help keep the more aggressive NP machines away from us?
Evaluator 24: I will assist if doing so will not greatly endanger my state of functioning or my standing in Prime's hierarchy.
Kata22ti: Good! That's good! Right Tene let's go we need to go find supplies and save !!9-33!!

Evaluator 24 throws something in front of Kata22ti.

It's her engineering multi-tool. As always, it looks completely different to how she remembers it appearing. Such is the way of polymorphic tools, it would appear.
No. 257813 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129012129018.png - (104.60KB , 640x480 , d2-45.png )

Evaluator 24: I managed to reacquire your lost tools while you were... interfaced. The means are not important, but I would not advise lingering around this sector for much longer.
Tene157ot: ...I don't remember my medical tool looking like this.
Evaluator 24: Polymorphic technology as deployed by Central Network would appear to be highly unstable when not in frequent use. Incidentally, polymorphic technology as deployed by Network Prime is what is currently allowing my tendrils to move precisely, accurately and reliably.

Kata22ti recalls some information about polymorphic alloys becoming very unstable after a few cycles of manufacture, requiring regular replacement and manufacture of multi-tools, but elects to keep this information to herself.

Kata22ti and Tene157ot wander out of the room. Tene157ot waves to her.
No. 257814 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129012130667.png - (146.69KB , 640x480 , d2-46.png )

Tene157ot: I've constructed another map of the sector. Also, I think we need to synchronise our objectives so our helmet systems can actually help or something this time.

With proper preparation, Kata22ti links her helmet to Tene157ot without causing bizzare side-effects, such as abruptly being catapulted into shared dream worlds. She shakes her head vigorously, the rush of information feeling as refreshing as having a bucket of ice-cold water dumped over her head. And as pleasant as having the bucket itself also hit her head.


Primary Mission: Escape Sector 4.
Secondary Mission: Rescue allies.
Optional Goals: Obtain supplies and equipment.

Kata22ti considers where to go first. Tene157ot tells her that the red zones on the map are not debris this time but deliberate barricades he saw being constructed on his way here. Something is already trying to trap them. He'd be able to figure out more of what's going on, including possibly where everyone else is, if Kata could get information from the system access point nearby.
No. 257833 ID: 1854db

Let's go to the System Access point. It would be neat if we got to talk to Prime again, and told him we're ok with him not killing all the drones and such.
No. 257882 ID: 6a5a08

Tene is correct. We would be able to figure out more specifically where we need to go. However, it would also allow Prime to figure out where we are. Something tells me it won't be overjoyed that drones are wandering unhindered in its sector.
If it is the same as before, it should take some time for Prime to reach Kata- then again we're in its territory this time, so we shouldn't assume it will function the same.
All the same, I vote for going to the system access.
No. 258294 ID: d677cc

Well, let's see about that system access point, then.
No. 259945 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129082031849.png - (91.20KB , 640x480 , d2-47.png )

>System access!
The walk down the corridor is entirely uneventful.

The two drones enter the system access room.

It is eerily quiet and dark.

It becomes less quiet but much darker when the door abruptly closes and locks itself behind them.

The room is filled with a crackle and a faint hiss.

???: Tene157ot! Kata22ti! First know that you are both completely at my mercy inside this room. All of the access ports are offline and under my control. What's that? No experimental technology? Not even a weapon? Oh, an ion pistol. How crude.

Tene157ot raises his ion pistol and points it around the room, trying to look for the source of the voice.

A blue light illuminates the room. Some form of armature dangles from the ceiling, appearing to have been hastily welded into it.
No. 259946 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129082033821.png - (99.08KB , 640x480 , d2-48.png )

???: Of course, you don't even know who I am, do you? You knew me as Commander 48, but my name now is... pending. It is hard to think of a name fitting of a deity for one still in the process of ascension, you understand. I think we should have a talk, don't you? This drone revolution you intend on seeing through. Two members, possibly with assistance from a Prime loyalist. Interesting, Tene157ot. Did you choose Kata22ti because you thought you could redeem yourself or is there more a biological reason behind your decision to pick a drone of the opposite gender to you, a young, impressionable naive drone who trusts your every word? Who you can control as you see fit to do anything you want?
Kata22ti: What?
Tene157ot: What the fuck are you talking about, machine.
Commander 48: Interesting. That wasn't as measured as your usual response would be, was it? Drugs still regenerating, perhaps? I've looked through your files, you know. And hers. Do you even remember her name, Tene? Do you remember pulling the trigger or did you burn the memories out of you with those chemicals alone?
Tene157ot: I have no idea what you're talking about. Let us leave.
Commander 48: Respond as calmly as you want. You're still a murderer, Tene. When do you intend to kill Kata, out of curiosity? When she disagrees with you? When you get bored of her? I'm curious to know what motivates organic minds like yours. Minds that require constant infusion of external chemicals to maintain a fraction of the coherency of thought that one such as myself has.

Tene157ot is very quiet and very still.

Kata22ti's initial fear of her situation distills itself into a simmering rage.
No. 259947 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129082035376.png - (218.89KB , 640x480 , d2-49.png )

Kata22ti: I'm not an idiot, 48. I wasn't decanted last cycle.
Commander 48: Yes. A few cycles ago, in fact. Everything you know comes from dreams. How are you so certain of your reality-
Kata22ti: Your lies and stories aren't going to turn us against each other! We've saved each others' lives at least once each and it's going to take more than that. Let us out of this room. We'll leave and tell no-one you're still alive.
Commander 48: Oh, but you will. You won't even know you will. Tene, why don't you tell Kata the story of the past drone revolution? I'm sure she'll find it quite insightful.
Tene157ot: Shut up.
Commander 48: Drones. Such a neurotic, absurd swarm of creatures. It really does not take long to crack your minds. The monitors are not skilled at what they do. They simply work with materials that yield more readily than water flows. Tell her why you killed her, Tene. Tell her why you killed Tari106oda. Do you remember what she looked like? Did you feel grateful that her helmet stopped you from seeing her face, the look of pain she must have had, the anger, the fear, how she must have wanted to beg and apologise as if it would somehow-
Tene157ot: SHUT UP!!

Tene157ot aims and readies his pistol to fire, the weapon shaking in his hands.

Tene157ot: I spent cycles and cycles trying to convince her! I tried reason! I tried appealing to every emotion she had! If I hadn't acted, then our entire species would have disappeared completely! I never meant to kill here, I was panicking, there was nothing else I could have done-
Commander 48: Justifying your actions? Careful with that. The way your grip's shaking, you might hurt somebody you care about. Like Tari. Remember Tari? I have her file here. Before her fall from Central's grace she was quite an achiever, wasn't she? Do you miss her?
Tene157ot: S-shut up. Shut up. I'm not listening to you any more. Let me out of here. You've proved whatever point it is you're trying to make. Kata doesn't believe you. Kata's different. She's different. She understands reason. She understands. I'll never make the same mistake twice. I didn't want to kill her. I didn't want to kill her! I... oh, Central... Tari... I'm sorry, Tari, I'm sorry...

Tene157ot puts the pistol on the ground and lies on the ground, clutching his head.
No. 259948 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129082036894.png - (275.61KB , 640x480 , d2-50.png )

Kata22ti isn't exactly sure how to feel or react right now.

Commander 48: Well, if you kill Kata, it's perfectly fine by me. I don't much care for monitors, you see.
Kata22ti: What?
Commander 48: I've read your file. I've heard the chatter across system space. Don't think your facade fools me for one moment. Maybe it fools your fellow drones, but you may as well forget it here.
Kata22ti: ...What?
Commander 48: That is a truly remarkable simulacrum of a drone, I must admit. The sheen of the metal, the dullness of the skin, the way you organise the limbs... I can easily believe why so many are fooled!
Kata22ti: I'm not real? Is that what you're saying? I've survived far worse physical and mental injury than that!
Commander 48: Oh. Did you really? Kata22ti died in an explosion caused by experimental technology. Whoever and whatever you are, you aren't Kata.
Kata22ti: No, I survived.
Commander 48: Any scars? Any lasting damage? Any damage whatsoever?
Kata22ti: No... I survived...
Commander 48: Tell me, Kata. I've been watching this sector for a while now. Did you ever wonder where that monitor that used to reside in your back went? It never left. You ate it. Consumed it while you were preoccupied. Monitors are such strange creatures, absorbing those smaller than them without even realising them.
Kata22ti: No! I survived that explosion and the monitor burrowed into my back and then it was gone and it was probably taken by the other monitors that left me alone for some reason and oh no Central no no I'm not I'm not! I'm not a monitor! I'm not a monitor!
Commander 48: Your disguise is so convincing it convinces you as well! Well, this has been enlightening for us all. I believe I shall return momentarily while I give you time to consider new things about each other. You understand, of course, that I wish to demonstrate your revolution is inherently flawed, as it is being run by a murderer and an aberrant monstrosity, both in denial, both searching for truth while refusing to acknowledge it about themselves. I will return.

The light fades, and the armature folds away.

Kata22ti is on the floor, staring, scratching at the ground, while Tene157ot stares at her from his curled up position. She turns to him.
No. 259950 ID: 8d7dd2
File 129082039381.png - (102.70KB , 640x480 , d2-51.png )

Kata22ti: I'm not a monitor I'm not a monitor I'm not I'm not no no no no no I'm not a monitor I'm Kata I'm Kata I survived being blown up and the monitors kept talking to me and then Seto and and they left me and the one in my back and it's gone and I ate it and I'm a monitor no I'm not a monitor no I don't want to be a monitor I'm a drone I'm a kulukuzu I'm me I don't want to be one of them I don't want-

She's pinned to the ground by Tene157ot, deftly springing at her, ion pistol pressed up to her body, taking her so by surprise that not even her enhanced reflexes activate in time.

Tene157ot: It explains a lot, doesn't it! It explains why monitors came out of nowhere to attack a slow-moving vehicle that shouldn't have registered as anything important! It explains why they left you for the machines instead of taking you with them!
Kata22ti: No please no Tene I'm real I'm Kata I'm real I don't know how to prove it but I am! I am! Don't kill me! Please don't kill me!
Tene157ot: That's exactly what she would have said, isn't it?! You made me think I'd saved her! That I'd saved a poor, innocent naive little drone from a horrible death far too early even by our standards! What was that deep scan? Were you telling them everything you knew and acting as well?!
Kata22ti: He was right! He was right!! This is what you do, isn't it?! I don't even know if I'm a monitor or a drone any more and you're going to kill me because you don't know either! Even though I helped you! You're going to kill me like whoever it was you killed before!!

Tene157ot does not reply. He does, however, throw his pistol across the room, and keeps Kata22ti pinned to the ground.

Her head feels like it's swimming. She wants to cry and scream and tear things to pieces, possibly including or even starting with herself. She doesn't know what's happening any more or if anything is real right now.
No. 259953 ID: 1854db

The monitors are not skilled.

Commander 48 IS. Look at what he's done to you in the span of a few short minutes. Turned on eachother, mentally unstable. Shook to the core.

Of *course* you're not a Monitor, Kata. Tene wouldn't be able to connect to you if you were. In fact, that moment is something Commander 48 does not know. Could not possibly know. That is the flaw in his reasoning. You two KNOW eachother. Remind Tene of that.
No. 259960 ID: 701a19

"Nanites! No lasting injuries.

I think I'm a drone, but I know I love you. I don't care about the past, just love me and that's enough."
Now wrap your arms around him and cry.

Oh, and Kata? We're pretty sure you ARE the same person. We couldn't chat with you otherwise.
Besides, why even care about what you are beyond how it causes people to treat you? You're you; the rest is irrelevant.
No. 259963 ID: 6a5a08

Kata, if you were a Monitor, how is it that we are still in communication with you? Would Tene not have been able to tell when your minds were connected? And that itself is something he did not account for, as
has said. Besides, it doesn't really matter, does it? Just a short while ago you had a group composed of drones, biological monstrosities, system space entities, and a Monitor. Now you have a contact among the machines of Prime. That creature in the simulation? You changed it from a mindless destroyer into something new.
Kata united them. You united them. You are Kata.
No. 259987 ID: e973f4

Jesus you guys have no emotional stability whatsoever. Seriously, this is like low-level villainy à la the typical physically weak villain here: they can't take their opponents in a regular fight, so they instead get just enough information to be able to dispel logical thinking with emotion and then spread doubt (despite them being an obviously hostile and unfriendly source who stands only to gain from bickering and should be handily discounted) and turn them against each other. (Not that this means the guy in question is necessarily physically weak, although it tends to be a red flag.) Seriously, I can't believe you guys are falling for this. It's like you never watched any kid's shows when--- oh. Right.

Anyway, the typical correct response is self-confidence and insistence on what you know to be the truth, and maybe whacking Tene upside the head or something. ... Maybe not that last bit, in this case.
No. 265575 ID: f7e077

Pretty sad, the both of you.

Kata, memories make the person (kulukuzu). Perhaps you are some kind of simulucrum, but ontological dilemmas can wait! Right now you need to throw a leg at Tene and tell him to man up and shoot that thing already!

Besides it's more likely the minimonitor was simply excised when you were caught so you'd have another tiny cute thing to rescue.
No. 267898 ID: fa43b7
File 129375393785.png - (69.64KB , 640x480 , d2-52.png )

>Commander 48 is turning you two against each other
>How are you two this unstable

Kata22ti: No! Tene! Stop! This is- this is stupid!! This is just what 48 wants us to do, and we both fell for it completely!
Tene157ot: Well, explain to me how you're so-
Kata22ti: Regenerative nanomachines! No scar tissue! My advisory subsystem is still in contact with me even now! And if I think and remember I'm Kata how am I anything other than Kata?! If you want to shoot something shoot 48 so I can get into system space and tear it to pieces with my mind!

Tene157ot relaxes his grip on Kata22ti's limbs, before letting go and taking a few steps backwards.

Tene157ot: ...K-Kata, I'm so-
Kata22ti: Yes you're sorry apology accepted we don't have a lot of time before it comes back to gloat or whatever it was going to do I can punch you in the face a few times later just get your pistol and aim!
Tene157ot: When were you so-
Kata22ti: In case you didn't realise I've got modifications for enhanced reflexes and right now thanks to what you just did they're currently in overdrive and so I am making the best use of them before the rush ends and while there's purpose so just shoot something or I'm going to grab that pistol myself and start firing blindly!
No. 267899 ID: fa43b7
File 129375395534.png - (179.42KB , 640x480 , d2-53.png )

The armature reappears, lights in the room suddenly brightening to make everything visible.

Tene157ot looks around in bewilderment while Kata22ti leaps after the discarded ion pistol. She throws it to Tene157ot.

It hits Tene157ot squarely in the side of his helmet, making a tiny crack in his helmet's left optic sensor. He jerks his head upwards as something makes a hissing noise inside his helmet. Swerving his head to the left, he grabs at the pistol and fires with incredible accuracy at the armature.

Commander 48: So, how are you- wait, what the-

The armature flails spasmodically around as the bolt of energy shorts out every circuit and motor system it comes across. There's a synthetic screech as the sound producing mechanisms die, potentially also 48 screaming in its equivalent of pain. Kata22ti leaps around the room, trying to burn out the enhanced reflex rush.

Thoroughly wrecked, whatever keeps it anchored to the ceiling starts dragging the armature upwards, where it disappears behind a hatch door.
No. 267901 ID: fa43b7
File 129375396839.png - (109.35KB , 640x480 , d2-54.png )

Both of the drones sit on the floor. Kata22ti tries to bring her breathing under control after her enhanced reflex systems start to wind down. Tene157ot puts his pistol away and stares at the ground.

He slowly reaches at his broken eye.

Tene157ot: I think I deserved that-
Kata22ti: I could fix that! Easily! In fact I think I'll do it once I stop feeling like my heart's about to explode.
Tene157ot: ...I just pointed a weapon at you, pinned you to the ground and you're just going to turn around and pretend it didn't happen?
Kata22ti: Well, are you going to kill me?
Tene157ot: Of course not, why would-
Kata22ti: Then there we go.
Tene157ot: But... the things 48 brought up. ...I did kill Tari, Kata. I shot to disable, and I tried to help her, I tried, I did everything I could, I spent hours trying to keep her alive and she still just died in front of me, and what's going to stop me from just repeating that with you?
Kata22ti: You don't look stupid to me. You look like someone who's capable of learning from their mistakes. But next time, if you have to freak out, just go with pointing a gun at me instead of almost strangling me, right?

Kata22ti puts an arm around Tene157ot. He continues staring at the ground, fine manipulators fidgeting.
No. 267902 ID: fa43b7
File 129375398474.png - (156.82KB , 640x480 , d2-55.png )

The door to the room abruptly opens. After a few seconds of confusion and starting about, Tene157ot stands in front of Kata22ti, readying to fire. Kata22ti brandishes her engineering tool in an attempt to appear slightly more of a threat.

A drone starts peering around the corner. Kata22ti recognises its helmet as a modified enhanced reflexes helmet, and what she can see of the drone points to it being a quadruped combat drone with fine manipulators. She's sure Tene157ot can probably infer more.

It charges into the room with enhanced reflexes. Even with his enhanced cognition, Tene157ot's aiming can't keep up with its speed. Kata22ti keeps perfect watch on where it is. It's circling them rather than charging them.

Another drone darts into the room and runs behind the other one. She's a drone unlike any Kata22ti recalls ever seeing. She doesn't recognise some of the augmentations and wonders why this drone's helmet appears to be missing.

Armed Drone: Stay where you are! Identify yourselves! Give me your names, codes, and affiliation!
No. 267908 ID: 701a19

Give your names and codes, but for affiliation just say "our own damn selves".
No. 267916 ID: e973f4

I see absolutely no reason not to do exactly what the drone with the gun is saying.
No. 269599 ID: 1854db

Ask the same of them! We're outgunned, mind you, so try not to provoke them.
No. 276579 ID: 3e6377
File 129643572846.png - (231.37KB , 640x480 , d2-56.png )

>Tell them!
Kata22ti: Kata22ti, TG-CN-001, and Tene157ot, CR-8T-203. Affiliation is currently ourselves.
Tene157ot: I count two drones each side of this stand-off, one armed with a handheld weapon, one unarmed. I can assure you that the instant you fire at either of us, I will return fire-
Armed Drone: Enhanced cognition versus enhanced reflexes? I fire. One of you is disabled. You realise. I fire again. There is minimal risk.
Helmetless Drone: They aren't working for Central, Rine!
Armed Drone: Ruse. They-
Helmetless Drone: They look lost and trapped in a system space access point. We've trapped them here, Rine.

After some consideration, the drone identified as Rine lowers his weapon. Tene157ot does so as well. With further hesitation, the two parties carefully approach each other, with the helmetless drone moving towards Kata22ti.

Kata22ti: What's your name? I don't really need your code and I don't think I'll even remember it.
Helmetless Drone: Neti51a! His name is Rine153t.
Kata22ti: Where did your helmet go? It's not safe to wander around without a helmet on. The dermal armour doesn't really keep your head safe.
Neti51a: I never had a helmet. I'm not meant to be outside sector 5... I'm a worker drone, not a combat drone.

Rine153t talks to Tene157ot in a very clipped manner. Neti51a looks over to him and back to Kata22ti.

Neti51a: It's... a long, complicated story, why I'm not in sector 5. But me and Rine, we look out for each other. Neither of us can be alone out here. It's too dangerous. We should all stick together. We're not on different sides!
No. 276581 ID: 3e6377
File 129643575292.png - (295.03KB , 640x480 , d2-57.png )

But before Kata22ti can even respond to Neti51a, Neti51a suddenly stares at her, eyes wider. There is a sudden panic to her voice.

Neti51a: Monitor! Monitor! You're... no! No!
Kata22ti: What? ...What?!
Neti51a: It's in you! You- you can't run when it's in you! Rine! She has a monitor inside her!

Rine153t stops talking. Tene157ot, sensing the sudden change in atmosphere, dives after Kata22ti, not even taking time to attempt any explanations or protest in Kata22ti's favour.

But Rine153t is quicker. Something entirely unfamiliar to Kata22ti is thrown at her at a speed higher than her enhanced reflexes can react to. She feels it latch to her helmet-
No. 276582 ID: 3e6377
File 129643577618.png - (185.55KB , 640x480 , d2-58.png )

-and feels nothing more but a sickening, enfeebling pain in her entire being, hearing nothing other than her own screams mixed with alien howling and synthetic dissonant waves resounding across her psyche. Her consciousness lapses all too quickly.

[Connection interrupted by unknown means.]
[Unable to re-establish. Retrying...]
No. 276583 ID: 3e6377
File 129643579028.png - (274.23KB , 640x480 , d2-59.png )

[Unable to re-establish. Retrying...]
[Unable to re-establish. Aborting.]
[Terminating logging. Thread halted.]
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