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File 127457145612.png - (216.16KB , 640x480 , d-1.png )
181401 No. 181401 ID: 8d7dd2

ATTN: All subsystems. [warning: multiple errors in transmission stream] ---compromised communications. Apparent damage to certain subsystems--- [warning: multiple errors in transmission stream] ---required. Subsystem has repaired communications. Urgent investigation required. [notification: subsystems cleared for drone creation]

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No. 181402 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127457157148.png - (156.57KB , 640x480 , d-2.png )

The first requirement for the creation of the drone requires selection and specialisation of its organic base. The species is not a dimension of change for reasons above your collective authorisation levels. Subsystems. Is there a rationally-weighted preference for the gender of the organic base? Given augmentation processes, this will not have a bearing upon its performance and capabilities as a drone.

No. 181403 ID: 7630d5

Female. Better senses are always good
No. 181404 ID: 1ac39d

instinct. the female form would have a better natural grasp at understanding sensory input while the male would have better at creating force. .....hhmmmmm. i think male would be best.
No. 181407 ID: e973f4

Man but it always comes up female anyway.
No. 181409 ID: 6a5a08

Is this where we get to become a rogue Drone and rescue Truth and sensation?

Female, just like the legendary heroine.
No. 181411 ID: 4cfc69

No. 181413 ID: 701a19

Female has a more versatile mix of features.
No. 181424 ID: 426169

I vote for whichever has less votes.
No. 181425 ID: 543aa6

male. I want to see some dick
No. 181427 ID: f98e0b

Female, cos why not.
No. 181428 ID: 4cfc69

No. 181429 ID: 3afd1f

I vote for whichever has more votes.
No. 181442 ID: 1ac39d

to shut this up i switch vote to male.
No. 181446 ID: e973f4

Eh, fine, male. Maybe we can get an unconventional result this time. :V
No. 181447 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127457547364.png - (154.37KB , 640x480 , d-3.png )

Subsystems. I have tallied your votes. The decided gender for the drone is--- [warning: multiple errors in transmission stream] ---which, to repeat just in case the message was lost, is--- [warning: multiple errors in transmission stream] Augmentation. Basic augmentation involves alteration of the nervous system and cerebral cortex. There are some choices on what to focus on for basic augmentation, as well as preparation for further implants. Enhanced senses will improve all of the drone's natural senses to at least twice their original level. Enhanced reflexes will not only allow the drone to react more quickly in an emergency, but react in a more suitable and semi-planned manner. Enhanced cognition will allow the drone to pause and consider every tactic and strategy relevant to its situation, but is absolutely useless in the middle of a heated situation. I trust this will be a [insert appropriate difficulty level here] choice relative to the previous question.

No. 181448 ID: e973f4


No. 181449 ID: 6a5a08

No. 181451 ID: 059120

No. 181452 ID: 3afd1f

No. 181453 ID: 701a19

No. 181461 ID: 6a5a08

Sensation is senses, Truth is kind of Cognition I suppose (also, it's what we're for), so for variety we should be Reflexes.
No. 181465 ID: c71597

Lets go with reflexes.
No. 181474 ID: 000a65


What the heck is this drone for? Purpose dictates form. We cannot make logical choices without any idea of it's intended use.
No. 181476 ID: 701a19

No. 181478 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127457844481.png - (149.68KB , 640x480 , d-4.png )

>more votes
Clearly unanimous. Enhanced cognition it is! Oh. Wait. Wrong feed. ...Enhanced reflexes it shall be! The following choice is for locomotion-related augmentations. Quadruped legs are a tried and tested means of locomotion that are predominately stable and able to traverse most terrain, but the design is prone to damage to the joints. The joints are easily repairable, however. Bipedal legs are a prototypical variant that so far appears to have some balancing issues, but allow for augments where quadruped legs would have taken up space. Unfortunately, due to lack of mass adoption, there are less facilities available to repair broken bipedal legs. Hovering is an extremely experimental form of locomotion so far proven to be completely unreliable. It is strongly advised that this form of locomotion is not chosen. Caterpillar tracks are less experimental, but may lead to strain upon an body that has not been sufficiently augmented. They would also make dexterous movement nearly impossible.

No. 181479 ID: e973f4

Uh, quadrupedal, since we don't have a great feel for what we're doing and it's apparently easy to fix or whatever.
No. 181480 ID: c71597

Lets go with quadruped. That one seems fairly fun.
No. 181481 ID: 1361b4

Quadruped sounds like the best one.
No. 181487 ID: 059120

Quadruped. Works best with Reflexes.
No. 181489 ID: 3afd1f

If we're going to go rogue then we don't want anything that's prone to damage. We need to find a place that's WILLING to repair us, after all.

No. 181493 ID: 6a5a08

No. 181507 ID: a85626


Four to the floor!
No. 181535 ID: b1c12c

hover for the lol.

quadruped would leave us without upper limb to work. if not hover then bipedal or cartepillar tracks
No. 181551 ID: 1ac39d

Query: if a change in loadout is required for the mission would we be able to do so?
No. 181581 ID: 543aa6

No. 181593 ID: 697b23

Hovering, I choose you!
No. 181615 ID: 48de3d

Hovering is certainly ideal. Any problems caused by a lack of repair can be easily offset by

No. 181618 ID: 3afd1f

I'm changing my vote to whatever's the most popular choice other than hovering >:|
No. 181622 ID: a85626

we already did hovering last time. bo-ring!
No. 181624 ID: 1ac39d

No. 181736 ID: f16b80

Quad-core leg processing.
No. 181753 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127461755555.png - (180.39KB , 640x480 , d-5.png )

>additional democracy
Quadruped locomotion. A tried and true method of propulsion for multipurpose drones. There are further options for customising this. Light quad locomotion will allow for far nimbler and dexterous movement, at the cost of potential fragility. Each individual foot can also act as a rudimentary grasper. Medium quad locomotion has no particular advantages or disadvantages, and is sturdy while moderately swift. Heavy quad locomotion is slower to get into motion, but sturdy, and allows for an additional modification - embedded weapons, jump jets or speed boosters. I am managing the creation of multiple drones, but I can spare a few cycles to tell you this - while it may sound amazing, heavy implants and quick reflexes are not two concepts that mesh together as might be desired.

No. 181754 ID: c71597

Lets go with the medium one so the drone doesn't fall apart as soon as someone looks at it in a nasty way.
No. 181755 ID: 5eea01

No. 181757 ID: 889351

No. 181759 ID: 6a5a08

Medium, please and thank you. We need to be balanced.
No. 181765 ID: f16b80


Light-wave motorcycle.

Or, just light.
No. 181766 ID: 0b8844

Light. Prehensile feet!
No. 181768 ID: 1361b4

Can we have a combo of them? Like 2 light and 2 medium?
No. 181769 ID: 5eea01

It'd be nice to see heavy once in a while, /quest/ has so many light characters.
No. 181771 ID: 701a19

Medium hind feet, light fore feet. Also, why don't we have an option of extended digitigrade feet like most quadrupeds?
No. 181778 ID: 6a5a08


I change my vote to this.
No. 181780 ID: e973f4

Oh whoa yeah.
No. 181781 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127463161820.png - (182.12KB , 640x480 , d-6.png )

>voting continues
Ah, heavy quad locomotion. Crushing your enemies beneath you as you march unstoppable, unshakeable, laughing maniacally as you- wait, light quad locomotion? Really? Not that I wish to cast doubt on your choices so far. After all, ONE of the drones is going to find out what's going on! And they are fairly expendable, so... No spaces for arm implants, so no opportunities for tractor beam graspers or arm beam weapons or rocket fists or anything like that. Hm. There is still the matter of the secondary augmentations, and then it is a case of selection of appropriate specialist knowledge, tools and weapons. Two secondary augmentations can be selected - one internal, one external. Internal augmentations include the following: Chemical control. While all drones are fitted with devices to regulate and reduce distracting organic drives and desires, chemical control will allow the drone to both act without emotion or induce one if it wishes. This can also work on another drone if the drone is in contact with it. Metabolic alteration. By effectively using a secondary power source other than intake of foreign digestible material, the drone will not need to eat for months. This does not remove the sensation of hunger, but the flesh is weak and can be ignored. Regenerative nanomachines. These allow the drone to heal incredibly quickly and is capable of limited repair to external augmentations. The drone will have to consume extra substances in addition to that required for survival to manufacture these nanomachines internally, however. Emergency measures. In the event of the drone nearing death, this augmentation can be wired together to deliver either a burst of energy that can be used either to destroy nearby threats or a surge of energy to keep the drone alive just a little longer to drag itself to a place to heal or repair itself. Not proven to be reliable. External augmentations include the following: Mounted weapon slot. Directly patched into the nervous system of the drone, this slot on the drone can accommodate a variety of weapons. The actual weapon to be used can be selected later. Two options: dorsal and ventral. Or, if the lexicon files you possess do not include these words, back and front. Fine manipulators. Attached to the drone, these foldaway arms come with hands that are more than practical for anything requiring manual dexterity. These can also be installed ventrally or dorsally. Accelerator jets. These allow the drone to move and act incredibly fast. There may be slight side effects associated with high speed, though, such as a reduced ability to stop. Epidermal camouflage. These highly specific nanomachines allow the drone to blend into its surroundings, including its augmentations. The charge is limited, however, and can be detected by very keen-eyed foes.

No. 181785 ID: 701a19

Regen and Camo
No. 181787 ID: 5eea01

>no arm beam weapons
Okay, uh. Regenerative nanomachines and mounted weapon slot.
No. 181788 ID: e973f4

Regen, and, uh, fine manipulators on the front. :V
No. 181791 ID: f4b868

I vote this as well
No. 181795 ID: 6a5a08

Nanos would require more supplies though...
Metabolic seems uncomfortable to the organic part of the Drone, but would be useful.
And we don't want to be emotionless, otherwise the Drone would have no reason to go rogue and rescue Truth and Sensation, so the ability to cause emotions with chemicals would be good for that purpose. Then again, we can produce emotions ourselves...
Emergency Measures have epic underdog victory/survival and vengeance written all over them.

Weapons would be useful for combat, cloaking could help with stealthier approaches (also we are light and not built for combat), hand would be useful for operating machinery and could hold weapons we obtain from fallen foes, and accelerators would be good for a quick escape or charging past an unprepared foe.


Emergency Measures and Fine Manipulators!
No. 181800 ID: c71597

Metabolic alteration and fine manipulators. This drone shall be an infiltrator like no other!
No. 181802 ID: c71597

Oh, and the manipulators should go on the front. It's generally a benefit to see what you're doing.
No. 181807 ID: 701a19

The increase in supplies is acceptable, and would offset the vulnerability of light legs. Also, logic would suggest that the increase in supplies would be proportional to nanite usage - no usage, no consumption increase.

I must insist that nanomachines be the internal choice, although I wouldn't object to fine manipulators for external.
No. 181811 ID: 3afd1f

regen and camo.
No. 181824 ID: 417bb1

I say regeneration and weapon slot.

The manipulators would be more useful if we had chosen the cognitive upgrade and the short term camouflage would have been preferable only if we'd picked improved senses.
No. 181827 ID: a85626
File 127463673917.jpg - (260.82KB , 600x474 , Battle-Ass.jpg )

lol arm beam weapons.

We need this!
No. 181828 ID: a85626
File 127463681839.png - (131.96KB , 640x480 , errthis.png )

err, this
No. 181835 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127463847223.png - (198.99KB , 640x480 , d-7.png )

>so many, the votes of all
Well. Regenerative nanomachines and fine manipulation have been chosen. Clearly, [warning: error in transmission stream]e will make good use of these augmentations. Do not fail me, subsystems! I can always fork new threads if I need to! Do you want to disappoint--- [warning: multiple errors in transmission stream] ---more respect around here, frankly. ...Oh, right! The drone! Knowledge implantation is vital. The basic package is mandatory and the same for all drones. Knowledge of how to move, basic survival instincts, sufficient vocabulary, limited knowledge of the world around h[warning: error in transmission stream], mission details, sufficient social skills, et cetera. There are additional packages you can choose from. Up to two. You could choose zero but that would just be... well. Stupid. Engineering knowledge will allow the drone to understand more clearly the workings of various machines and systems throughout the complex, as well as allow it to construct devices from the appropriate parts, as well as maintain augmentations. Medical knowledge will allow the drone to know proficiently how to better assist and care for other wounded drones, as well as basic repair of augmentations and implantation/replacement of augmentations. Survival knowledge will allow the drone to figure out the best ways to find food and shelter where the complex is at its most rundown. It also covers basic medical training, and just enough engineering knowledge to figure out whether that turret is armed or not. Leadership knowledge will allow the drone to become a natural leader in a group, able to figure out how best to use the unique and varied talents of its allies. Because there's every chance, given these restrictive options, that any potential group of allies will be an ensemble group of special albeit disposable snowflakes. Combat knowledge comes in the following varieties, and it is recommended one of the two choices are from this list: Close quarters combat specialisation will allow the drone to have the upper hand/foot/claw/whatever appropriate feature in close quarter combat situations. Ranged weapon specialisation will allow the drone to aim most ranged weapons with deadeye accuracy for any targets within its range of vision, and the weapon's range of accurate fire. Defence specialisation focuses more on avoiding rather than dealing damage, and of means to turn an opponent's aggression on itself.

No. 181839 ID: 6a5a08

Medical Knowledge. It can help with repairing our easily damaged Augmentations, as well as damage to our organic parts, and allies.
No. 181840 ID: 5eea01

Engineering. Let's put those fine manipulators to use.

Survival. If the drone is out to shoot trouble, it'll doubtlessly enter badly maintained areas.
No. 181842 ID: e973f4

Engineering and uh. Defense.
No. 181844 ID: c71597

Lets go with engineering and combat knowledge. The combat specialisation being defensive.

Our drone will be a sapper like none other.
No. 181847 ID: 5eea01

To further clarify, we can use engineering to set up traps and defenses, otherwise we should avoid confrontation if we use this set-up. Shouldn't be too hard with this degree of mobility.
No. 181858 ID: 3afd1f

Defensive spec.

No. 181861 ID: 6a5a08

Changing to Survival and Engineering. This could also allow us to set traps, and our reflexes could get us out of there before we're seen. Plus, with the nanos we'll need to be able to find additional sustenance.
No. 181863 ID: d3dfb8

No. 181894 ID: 701a19

As it said, there's a good chance we'll encounter other drones we can conscript. Without leadership our authorization may not be high enough to overcome their instructions.
No. 181926 ID: b24d39

survival and defense. then we wont need to worry with the orb saying "ITS NOT SHANDRA JUST FUCK IT ALREADY".
No. 181928 ID: 6a5a08

Seven makes a convincing argument. Survival also has some engineering knowledge, so it's kind of a jack of all trades anyway.

Survival and Leadership then.
No. 181985 ID: 8bdb6a

Double vote for Close Quarters Combat.
No. 182267 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127471731870.png - (177.04KB , 640x480 , d-8.png )

>warning: votes approaching
Aha. Engineering and survival. ...Right. ...No combat skills for a hostile situation. Hrm. Calculating estimate of drone lifespan... well, good thing we have reserves. I'm sure you know what you're doing. Right? ...Right? Right. This just leaves tools. ...I'm not entirely sure what your plans are so I'm going to assign one of these for you. You can choose the other one. I'm not even going to let you pick from the weapons. The multipurpose engineering/repair tool has been selected by me. It is based on a limited form of nanotech allowing it to adapt to most situations requiring its use, but can only be used for one such purpose at a time. For instance, it can be a spanner and it can be a screwdriver, but not at the same time. Your choices are as follows. Cutting torch. Powered by the drone's own combination energy sources, this device is capable of cutting through most materials, such as steel, concrete, destructive and flesh. It is not accurate enough to use as anything other than an emergency last-resort weapon. It can also be used to start a fire if needed. Remote camera drone. Yes, a drone for a drone may seem a little... redundant, but with its sophisticated antigravity propulsion and small size, the remote camera drone for the drone can go where the drone itself cannot. The drone will be provided with two backup copies in the event of anything happening to the initial camera drone. System cracker. A tool to allow its wielder to override any faulty software systems that may have malfunctioned. Permission to crack systems that are not faulty and have not malfunctioned is strictly and explicitly denied. Under penalty of death. Severe, lethal, fatal death. Vaporised. Gone. Kaput. ...Ahem. Electromagnetic harpoon. A device that launches an electromagnetically charged projectile, tethered to the device and to the drone holding it, which can stick to any magnetic surface. The tether cord is constructed out of sophisticated nano-fibre and is difficult to break. Rumours of drones ending up strangled in misfires are greatly non-existent. Do not pursue this further. Subspace fissure device. This device can cause fissures in the fabric of space-time that link to one another, allowing for instantaneous transport between two disconnected areas, but is highly experimental and prone to failure. The fissures are also prone to collapse, possibly separating the drone's body into more than one part. Fortunately, 12% of drones may survive this! This is an improvement over 0% from the last version of the device.

No. 182269 ID: 6a5a08

Portal Gun!

I mean Fissure Device.
No. 182270 ID: 8bdb6a

Portal Gun
No. 182271 ID: 6a5a08

A bonus of Portal Gun: We can create a Portal inside our foes and turn them into antimatter paste! :D
No. 182272 ID: 5eea01

Cutting Torch. Can be used to gather materials for repairs and construction, set fires and deconstruct hostiles once they are caught in a trap.
No. 182274 ID: 5eea01

The drone will also die a horrible death if it relies too much on unstable portalfissure technology.
No. 182275 ID: e973f4

Cutting torch.

Alternately, whatever has the most votes that isn't the almost-certainly-going-to-result-in-bad-end portal gun.
No. 182276 ID: 8bdb6a

It's probably going to die anyway since it doesn't have any combat or defensive skills. Might as well have something cool.
No. 182277 ID: 6a5a08


The computer said the torch isn't a good weapon, and the computer won't give us any weapons because it has obviously detected our mental instability, so Portal Gun is also the deadliest thing at our disposal.
No. 182278 ID: 201337

Harpoon sounds good for cowardly escapes and such, might be even used to pull stuff on enemies.
No. 182279 ID: 5eea01

Deadliest to ourselves you mean.
No. 182281 ID: 6a5a08
File 127471872584.jpg - (154.82KB , 671x594 , 2008-02-28.jpg )

Not if used on others.

Picture is example.
No. 182283 ID: c71597

Lets go with the fissure device. So that maybe, just maybe we can run away from our enemies. Not that it's likley to help alot in the long run.

I think the reason we're not given any weapons is because of the fact that the drone doesn't know how to use one, since it has absolutely 0 combat skills. If this drone tries to fight something more dangerous than a ladybug then it's a dead drone.

That's why the fissure gun is good to have. With it we might get away, or atleast die in a more humerous way.
No. 182285 ID: 6a5a08

Also make a Portal inside a Portal, causing a dimensional rift and allowing a legion of /quest/ characters to charge in and save the day.

Or make a Portal inside an enemy to cause antimatter paste explosions.

Our reflexes would allow us to get in and out fast, so we don't get caught inside the portal and die, thus making it safer to use for us than other.

And time-space manipulation means we could theoretically use our engineering skill to create a time machine, allowing us to undo mistakes of the past, or kill foes before they were born, also allowing for fun time paradoxes.

The possibilities are endless!
No. 182289 ID: d9ca51

Definitely go with the fissure device. Then, we'll be able to think with portals.
No. 182312 ID: 8c0848

No. 182315 ID: d3dfb8

This is going to be great, go for the fissure device.

Also DIBS on the next drone being Completely combat oriented. Just walk in and blow shit the fuck up.
No. 182357 ID: 701a19

Fissure device.
We just need to avoid putting anything vital through the rifts.

Combat skills? Bah! Who needs THOSE when we can just drop an enemy into a fissure and move one of the apertures?

I see nothing wrong with this plan!
No. 182385 ID: c4c313

Democracy at work!
No. 182406 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127474232057.png - (164.60KB , 640x480 , d-9.png )

>votes all over the place
...Really. ...I give you perfectly stable- Well that's good! More testing data! (Subsystem group AL-TR: start creating a new drone. TG-CN drone estimated lifespan under two cycles.) Just to make things clear, drones are expendable. If you wish to do as some of my subsystems do, and decide for some arbitrary irrational reason to get attached to the thing, you should know I will do nothing to preserve its thoughts, personality and memories. What sort of madness would this lead to?! A society populated by those unafraid to die, knowing they can just pop out of a tube with a new body?! Well--- [warning: multiple errors in transmission stream] ---spent months cleaning up the blood. But I digress. This drone now bears the designation of TG-CN-001. This is the first drone you have constructed. The name generator- oh dear. That's... okay, the rules for the name generator have clearly been tampered with. Katakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatati. What? That doesn't even make... Well. That name has already been stamped across all relevant files. Kata22ti will have to suffice for the sakes of brevity. (Subsystem group N4-ME: fix the name generator immediately. Mitigate damage caused by long names.)

No. 182407 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12747423575.png - (184.17KB , 640x480 , d-10.png )

Primary Mission: Investigate unexplained damage to Central Network subsystems.
Secondary Mission: None yet.

Drone TG-CN-001, Kata22ti, has been decanted. Additional drones CR-8T-203, Tene157ot, and CR-8T-205, Seto96n, have been assigned to group with Seto96n as leader.

Subsystem group TG-CN now has a secure communication link to Kata22ti. Link established. The drone will follow orders given to it by TG-CN. Kata22ti does not have a strong personality yet. Interactions with TG-CN and actions performed will assist in defining personality.

Tene157ot: Oh. New arrival. Name? Skills?
Seto96n: Hrm. Better be a damn close-combat specialist. Doubt it, though. You look like you'd crumple into pieces at a touch.
Kata22ti: Kata22ti. Engineering and survival.
Tene157ot: Combat skills?
Kata22ti: None.
Seto96n: Well, we're doomed to failure.
Tene157ot: Kata22ti, I do not recognise that device. What is it?
Kata22ti: Experimental subspace fissure device.
Seto96n: Absolutely doomed. Great.
Tene157ot: Experimental? Fascinating.
Seto96n: Kata22ti, here's your first order. Use that device only when authorised. Understand?

Kata22ti is awaiting orders. Seto96n is staring uneasily at the subspace fissure device. Tene157ot is examining its weapon. If further details are required, use the drone as an intermediary.
No. 182411 ID: 3adf4a

fissure device.

the tool can be used to fix gates that are broken, the torch would make a bad improvised weapon and the EM harpoon may be redundant due to light quad and grapple.
No. 182415 ID: 1ac39d

clarify that the fissure device itself is safe while the fissures it generates are not. believe it could be used as a heavy weapon by simply using it improperly. agree with order to use only with permission though.
No. 182416 ID: d3dfb8

Use experimental subspace fissure device on Seto96n.
No. 182417 ID: e973f4

No. 182419 ID: e973f4

Moving on, we're supposed to explore a thing, right? We should probably, uh, do that.
No. 182421 ID: 1ac39d

let's not and say we did.
No. 182423 ID: 62781c

Request information on skills of Tene157ot and Seto96n.
No. 182424 ID: 6834bc

Reassure Seto96n: Experimental Fissure Device is improvised weapon to offset lack of combat training.

At worst, our enemies will be sent a great distance away. At best, they will be ripped into pieces by the unstable fissures.
Device will, of course, not be used on allies unless in dire situations; given projected failure rate of fissures.
No. 182428 ID: 3adf4a

this is good trolling. do it.
No. 182431 ID: 701a19

"The device is perfectly safe. The fissures are not. It was chosen because the poor safety record for proper use suggests great potential for blatantly improper use when safety is undesirable.
Requesting permission to practice grossly negligent operating practices on expendable inanimate objects, sir."
No. 182432 ID: 1ac39d

No. 182448 ID: 6a5a08

Thirding Seven's suggestion.
No. 182460 ID: d3dfb8

No. 182491 ID: d6cb21

Kata22ti, you should also in your spare time theorize ways to make the Portal device more efficient.
No. 182527 ID: d6cb21

Also, be sure to analyze your companions as they go about their jobs. Maybe we can pick up some new tricks from them.

Also, you should have a quirky vocal que. How does Nya~ sound?
No. 182541 ID: e973f4


I can't help but second this. If you're gonna be a quirky and questionably useful drone, you'd better go the whole hog about it.
No. 182578 ID: c71597

Offer to examine their gear and make any improvements you can do it. We're an engineer after all.
No. 182777 ID: 288dda

>Also, you should have a quirky vocal que. How does Nya~ sound?


Anyway. Express your eagerness to receive exciting new orders and ask Seto about all the doom and gloom. Surely this is the dawn of a glorious new era of wait wrong quest.
No. 182778 ID: 5eea01

Ask boss where we should start our investigation.
No. 182779 ID: 6a5a08

I agree. We must have the Nya~!
No. 182793 ID: c5dcc0

nya sounds silly for a drone that looks like a overly armored version of a lizard.

how about hissing?
No. 183004 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127482798598.png - (219.90KB , 640x480 , d-11.png )

>Request additional information on load-out and skills of fellow party members.

Subject: CR-8T-205 (Seto96n)
Role: Leader/Heavy Weapons
Skills: Leadership, Ranged Weapons
Locomotion: Heavy Bipedal
Left Arm: Directed Beam Cannon
Right Arm: Grasping Claw
External: Jump Jets
Internal: [CLASSIFIED]
Equipment: Nanoscale Armour, Storage Container

Subject: CR-8T-203 (Tene157ot)
Role: Medic/Light Weapons
Skills: Medical, Ranged Weapons
Locomotion: Medium Quad
External: Fine Manipulators
Internal: [CLASSIFIED]
Equipment: Medical Tools, Ion Pistol
No. 183005 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127482801314.png - (197.57KB , 640x480 , d-12.png )

>Reassure Seto96n that everything is fine and nothing can go wrong with the device. Nothing whatsoever.

Kata22ti: The device is perfectly safe. The fissures are not. It was chosen because the poor safety record for proper use suggests great potential for blatantly improper use when safety is undesirable.
Tene157ot: Relying on failure does not sound advisable.
Seto96n: Hey. I like how she's thinking here.
Kata22ti: Requesting permission to practice grossly negligent operating practices on expendable inanimate objects, sir!
Seto96n: Granted. When we find something expendable. Central Network likes to keep its property maintained.

>Examine gear, make improvements if possible

Kata22ti considers their equipment to be perfectly functional as is. Improvements wouldn't be possible without some more raw materials or half a cycle to sit down and tinker with what they currently have. Kata22ti could work on the fissure device, but without even being completely aware of the extent of how it operates, this does not seem a wise thing to do.
No. 183006 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127482807311.png - (122.15KB , 640x480 , d-13.png )

>Express eagerness, ask Seto why he's such a whiner

Kata22ti: Ready to receive orders, sir! Also, permission to ask a personal question?
Seto96n: ...I don't see why not, I guess. Go on.
Kata22ti: Why are you so certain the mission will end in failure?
Tene157ot: I think-
Seto96n: That question was addressed to me, Tene157ot. I am just being realistic about our situation. I hope you're not too attached to life, because you're not going to survive this, rookie. You're going to die horribly.

Kata22ti's heartbeat and rate of breathing have increased slightly. Eyes have dilated. Minor tremor of rear left limb detected.

Kata22ti: ...R-ready to receive orders, sir!
Tene157ot: Sir, please don't scare the new recruit.
Seto96n: What? I give her, what, two, maybe three cycles tops, what with that experimental device. Seems like a randomly selected guinea pig for seeing just how horrifically someone can die in a collapsing fissure. Saw it happen myself once. Damn those screams still haunt me.
Kata22ti: ...re-ready t-to receive ord-
Seto96n: Go stand over there and don't start freaking out. Don't want you jeopardising the mission because you go into a panic attack or something. Honestly. Rookies these days.
Tene157ot: Please try to remain calm, Kata22ti.
No. 183007 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127482808578.png - (171.36KB , 640x480 , d-14.png )

Seto96n has Tene157ot construct a map of the area.

Seto96n: Okay. Mark this as our current location and this as the source of disturbance. Mark the known damage to the infrastructure. We have multiple options for where to go from here. Any opinions, rookie?
No. 183009 ID: a594b9

I wish we had a camera to send into vent access.

Maybe we can put a portal on the wall out here, go in through the vent, and set up a portal for the perfect firing angle? If it's dangerous for living things to enter the portal, then we can just shoot through them!
No. 183010 ID: 5eea01

Check out the security station first, see if any of the defenses are online, and possibly disable/repair them if necessary. Sending in someone through the vent MIGHT be a good idea, bypasses security checkpoint. But it may also be infested with horrors a little drone like Kata can't possibly imagine.
No. 183011 ID: 37675a

If everyone can fit through the vent access then that should be the best path, avoiding dangerous infrastructure damage. Our engineering and survival skills will get us safely and effectively through the vent after all.

This is unless people want to hit the equipment storage...
No. 183014 ID: 288dda

I bet you're small enough to fit through vent access. It's like it was made for you, in fact. Request permission to reconnoiter and report back!
No. 183015 ID: 1ac39d

recon through vent to confirm target, return and head south.
No. 183017 ID: c71597

Down to the security room and then make some repairs in the main corridor until we can safely reach the network housing.
No. 183038 ID: 701a19

See if you can fit through the vents.
If so, ask for permission to generate one end of a fissure here, then go through the vents and create a fissure near the target to provide firing solutions on potential hostiles near the target.

If not, then point out you can only go in one direction, and suggest setting up a foothold in the checkpoint.

Then find out if you can create a fissure on an wall by directing the beam through two existing fissures.
No. 183115 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12748404645.png - (234.21KB , 640x480 , d-15.png )

>Go through the vent and set up a fissure link between the target and the start point, you should fit

Kata22ti: Requesting permission to reconnoiter target destination through vent access.
Seto96n: ...You might actually fit in the vent. Sure. Go ahead.
Kata22ti: I can set up a pair of fissures with the subspace fissure device to allow for remote firing, as opposed to transport!
Seto96n: You can. But create a fissure in the node room first. Don't want to be surprised by the fissure here suddenly unleashing CN-knows-what.
Kata22ti: Yes, sir!

Kata22ti jauntily marches up to the vent feeling useful, but a little anxious. The "vent" was designed to be large enough for robotic service drones to access the node room in an emergency, and is more of a service corridor.

Kata22ti has no issue with fitting in the corridor. It is, however, relatively dark. She switches to low-light vision.


Heartbeat and rate of breathing have increased dramatically. Adrenaline surge. Enhanced reflexes are in effect. Next action will be performed immediately.
No. 183118 ID: e973f4


Why are you taking point?? You have no combat skills!
No. 183119 ID: 1ac39d

back pedal while firing fissure device at the floor and the ceiling near it!
No. 183120 ID: a594b9

Run away! Also, put a portal beneath/in front of it, and another in the ceiling above that one. Kill it with portals.
No. 183134 ID: c00244

I like this plan, I'm excited to be a part of it.
No. 183135 ID: 6a5a08

Trap it in infinite loop!
No. 183250 ID: 55e935

Scuttle, Binky! SCUTTLE!
No. 183343 ID: c71597

Spread it's atoms across the universe with portals! Hopefully it will malfunction and make the creature die in a most horrible way.
No. 183346 ID: 701a19

Once it starts falling into the portal, changing the position of the exit portal will result in it being severed at the event horizon.

Why bother hoping for a malfunction when it can far more reliably function maliciously?
No. 183349 ID: 5eea01

No. 183360 ID: 7a7c67

This, if possible.

If not, then make way back to your companions to warn them of the whatever the hell that thing is. FAST.
No. 183375 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127488933431.png - (328.58KB , 640x480 , d-16.png )


A number of mistakes are made by Kata22ti.

Her first mistake is to attempt to use the fissure device as a weapon, while her complete state of panic and lack of any combat training do nothing to suggest the best way to do so.

Her second mistake is to use such experimental technology without a full understanding of how it operates and its actual effects.

Her third mistake was to assume that the fissures would be relatively small and could occupy a small volume such as this service corridor with no issue.

The fissures, vaguely spherical vortices in the fabric of space, overlap.

Kata22ti does not even have time to scream when all of the space around her explodes soundlessly into black and white at the speed of light around her.
No. 183376 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127488935559.png - (191.88KB , 640x480 , d-17.png )

Seto96n: Eh. I told you she wouldn't last a cycle.
Tene157ot: She's bleeding out... I didn't really expect her to die this early... Don't die, Kata. Don't die.
Seto96n: Hah. Got a little attached to the rookie, eh? That was a mistake, right there.
Kata22ti: *bzzz* *whine* *crackle*
Tene157ot: Shut up. This is your fault. You ordered someone with no combat skills into a hostile situation. Kata? Kata, say something.
Kata22ti: *crackle* so cold *bzzt* help me *crackle* can't breathe
Seto96n: Huh. I guess she isn't dead yet, then.
Tene157ot: Stay with me, Kata, stay with me. We need an engineer. Please.

Death by blood loss has been averted due to nanomachines sealing wounds and converting non-vital body tissue into additional blood.

Kata22ti's total damage from the fissure explosion includes the loss of both left quadruped limbs, loss of the left fine manipulator, total loss of the fissure device, a broken left eye, and overall heavy damage to the left side of her body. Internal damage (broken ribs, collapsed lung) is being repaired by the nanomachines.

She will not be able to walk unaided until replacement parts can be found. The two equipment storage rooms are likely to have replacement cybernetic parts. The drones are currently in the disused room as before.
No. 183377 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127488937848.png - (252.94KB , 640x480 , d-18.png )

This is Central Network. One of the teams investigating the subsystem damage... well, I have subsystems analysing WHAT those things were. I swear, if this is Network Prime's doing, there will be circuitry on the floor! How is team TG-CN-01 faring? I trust there have been no setbacks requiring my intervention, correct? I don't want to have to reassign control of the team to a different subsystem group. You are probably doing fine. It's not like you've managed to irreparably damage a drone to the extent it needs to be destroyed and replaced, right? ...Right?

No. 183378 ID: 5eea01

No sir, only minor technical difficulties with the fissure device, also an encounter with unknown biological organism. Some damage was sustained to the environment and a team member, but nothing irreparable. On the bright side, the hostile did not survive. Will conduct emergency repairs and proceed to investigate, over.
No. 183379 ID: e973f4

We have not had that particular thing happen!
No. 183380 ID: ded92b

naw, we can do just fine. she just needs a new brain! or advisor!

maybe a manual.
No. 183381 ID: 5eea01


[Oh and by the way THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT >:|]
No. 183383 ID: 5eea01

[Addendum: This was not directed toward Central Network, hur hur]
No. 183385 ID: ded92b

no, we actualy needed more info about the portal.

if i wasnt sleeping id tell her to pull back.

also i just noticed. if one end of the portal is ALWAYS stuck to us, we cant even attempt to use it offensively
No. 183386 ID: 701a19

No, this is entirely MY fault. Get it right!

Not to that extent, no. We would like to requisition a replacement fissure device; the one assigned was destroyed due to operations training not being provided with the device due to network errors.
No. 183387 ID: 5eea01

[The problem is that you assumed it to work like the Portal Gun. The Fissure Device's function iswas radically different, but apparently most of you didn't bother taking that into account.]
No. 183388 ID: 5eea01

No. 183389 ID: e973f4


No. 183390 ID: 701a19

These subsystems are mistaken. The device was destroyed, ergo it must be replaced.
No. 183393 ID: 701a19

[Disable pain receptors]
Kata, you're going to be ok. I know it hurts, but you're stabilizing and healing.
We need your squad to get you some stuff so you can heal better and faster.
We need you to say "Will live. Nanos need stocks. Scrap. Food. Water."
No. 183394 ID: c00244

We are gaining valuable experience in the realities of drone control, Central Network. No irreparable damage has been done.

Kata22ti! Gather yourself! Report the events in the vent to your team leader, and request that a detour be made to the equipment storage rooms be made to pick up limb replacements when possible. Apologize for your current state of damage, and that you will be slowing down the team somewhat.

Only by pressing forward with a dedicated, professional manner will you be able to ensure your own continued operation. This is a time of difficulty, but in such times is the quality of a drone proved.
No. 183395 ID: e973f4

I agree wholeheartedly with this plan of action, Kata.
No. 183402 ID: ded92b

we needed its manual. a test drive. this was all denied to us. it does suck.

kata22ti does need heavy repair, but i want to get a better device. or a test drive with the fissure device FAR away from our body.
No. 183409 ID: c71597

Nah no real problems. Just a slight hitch in the plans. Say another drone would be useful for the team, it's dreadfully understaffed in the combat and engineering departments. If you could give us a heavy scrapper with engineering capacity that would be just super. If not, well I'm sure this team wasn't doing anything vital anyway.

[I know, fun isn't it? I know I'm atleast smiling.]
No. 183420 ID: a594b9

"Fissure device could be... a potent weapon if used at a distance. Used it improperly."
No. 183497 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12749116758.png - (191.04KB , 640x480 , d-19.png )

>everything is fine the drone is mostly operational we swear
Excellent. No need to replace it, then. Keep up the good work!

>we broke the fissure device, it makes one hell of a weapon, can we have another, name is misleading
Ah! Offensive capabilities! That never occurred to me. Why not make a usually fatal form of transport into a rarely ineffective lethal weapon? This is why I have you subsystems to assist me in the creative process! It's a shame it was destroyed, but it was in the name of progress, so I shall overlook this. 'Fissure' does seem a little misleading. Okay. The Mk II Vortex Device has now been designed and a prototype will finish construction... now. I will ensure the prototype is delivered to your team ASAP.

>we could do with more drones
You certainly could. [end of comm session]

No. 183498 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127491169325.png - (158.92KB , 640x480 , d-20.png )

Taka22ti: I can't see feel so cold someone help!
Tene157ot: Don't panic, I'm helping you. Don't try to move, it might make things worse. Hold in there.
Seto96n: Huh. Just got a ding from CN. We've got another sorry bastard joining us.
Tene157ot: ...You could at least pretend to care about anyone other than yourself, sir. No, don't get up, Kata, stay there.

>Report to the leader!
Despite her mortal fear and overwhelming feelings of weakness, Kata22ti is suddenly very aware of a fundamental issue. She went to reconnoiter the vent and she'll be damned if she isn't going to report her findings.
Tene157ot sprays flesh-foam over her wounds and mops blood up as she talks, occasionally pausing to inject her with local anaesthetic.

Taka22ti: Sir! Explored potential route to destination! Engaged hostile with experimental - ow - device! Unanticipated consequences of usage have - ow - damaged me! Apologies for becoming - ow - damaged! I do not wish - ow - to slow down the team!
Seto96n: Great job sealing off the easy way in, rookie. You're a real credit to the team.

>Get resources
Taka22ti: Also, sir, I have exhausted a great deal of nanomachines attempting to repair myself!
Seto96n: Good to know.
Taka22ti: I request scrap materials and food and water to speed up my recovery to better assist the team, sir!
Seto96n: Ugh, it's just one thing after another. Right. I'll go get the rookie some supplies. Tene, make sure she doesn't go and die or something.

With a distinctive loud clomp-clomp-whirr, Seto96n marches out of the room and down the corridor. Tene157ot continues mopping up blood and cleaning wounds.

Taka22ti considers how much easier and less agonising life was when she was suspended in fluid inside a tube. Everything hurts, half of her augments are wrecked, and she can't shake the feeling of weakness permeating through her whole body.

All she can think to do right now is consider constructing something from the scrap material Seto is hopefully coming back with to help her. But what?
No. 183500 ID: a594b9

Mobile sentry turret. Or some kind of device that could create a new path through the damage to the vent.
No. 183502 ID: c71597

New augments to restore mobility.
No. 183504 ID: e973f4

Depends on what we get, unfortunately. If you can make something that can cut through metal that'd be awesome, but I have no idea what kind of parts you're going to get.

Also, hey, hang in there, Kata. You're not alone, after all.
No. 183505 ID: e973f4

Or well obviously this is the most important thing right now.
No. 183509 ID: 6a5a08

"There's no sense crying over every mistake.
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
And the Science gets done.
And you make a neat gun.
For the people who are still alive."

Also make sure to thank Tene.
No. 183511 ID: c00244

Mine+remote detonator? That's always good. Or perhaps a communication device; being able to talk at range to Seto96n would be quite handy right about now.
No. 183512 ID: ded92b

well you need to remake the left limbs. the fissure device may or may not return but frankly, if he does get you a new vortex device, make it a remotely activated type. your back could go well with some sort of utility device, IF the remote vortex works as a weapon.
No. 183513 ID: ded92b

yes! minevortex!

warp bombs here we go!
No. 183515 ID: 5eea01

You have lost it completely. Have you learned nothing about 'experimental' technology?
No. 183519 ID: ded92b


they make NICE explosions!
No. 183522 ID: 6a5a08

I think the problem was that we fired two fissures in closed space at close range, causing them to collapse into each other and explode like a subspace bomb.

Good news is it turned the monster into antimatter paste.
Bad news is the tunnel is destroyed and we almost became antimatter paste.
No. 184162 ID: 288dda

First step, repair limbs and manipulators. If you can't get a matched set, is your hind limb something that could be moved to the front so you could have two heavy scrapmetal hind legs and two agile prefab front legs?
No. 184260 ID: d3dfb8

speaking of which, we could hook up bipedal hind legs if needed, and use our forward legs as arms
No. 184411 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12750605166.png - (282.88KB , 640x480 , d-21.png )

>Mobile turret
Kata22ti likes this idea, and starts planning in her head various designs that can automatically aim at and track a target, fire a wide range of weapons, while being mobile and easily deployed and redeployed. Of course, she'd need specialised materials and components...

>Mine and detonator
This also appeals to her, except for the potential for one-off use. Unless it was somehow made reusable! She brainstorms ideas on how to make this possible while Tene157ot finishes sealing her wounds and cleaning them of broken metal.

>Communication device
All drones are given helmets with such capabilities. Communication involves natural, unadjusted speech for short distance, and radio waves for medium and long distance.

>Fissure device
No Kata22ti is absolutely sure that was broken absolutely broken no chance of working nope there is no more fissure device never ever no fissure device here!

>Restore mobility
They wouldn't be as good as actual legs provided by Central Network, but perhaps she could construct some primitive legs from scrap. They'd likely be even more fragile than typical light quad legs, but they would at least let her hobble along to the equipment storage.

>Move rear limb to front
Unfortunately, attempting to disconnect and reattach one of her limbs in her current state may be a little too strenuous to do without creating more problems.

>Thank Tene, he saved your life and all
Kata22ti: I can't express my gratitude enough for the fact you have saved me from an untimely demise, sir!
Tene157ot: It's my responsibility to ensure other members of the team are kept in as optimal condition as possible. Think nothing of it.
No. 184412 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127506052853.png - (152.98KB , 640x480 , d-22.png )

Seto96n returns, carrying a dusty looking box marked "DEHYDRATED RATION PACK" and a few chunks of rubble.

Seto96n: Not a drop of clean water. Wonderful. Just wonderful. This sector is a dump. Hope you guys like dried worms. With no water.
Tene157ot: That's better than nothing.
Kata22ti: Sir! There is steam coming from vents in the walls! With the appropriate equipment this could be condensed, collected and purified into drinking water, sir!
Seto96n: Well. Looks like you're useful for something. Start making that appropriate equipment.
Kata22ti: ...S-sir, I'm damaged, I don't know if-
Seto96n: I said, start making that appropriate equipment. That's an order, rookie.

Seto96n dumps the scrap metal and the ration pack next to Kata22ti. Tene157ot examines the ration pack carefully, occasionally glancing back to Kata22ti, deep in thought.

Kata22ti picks up a small chunk of metal and starts chewing at it anxiously. Her knowledge of survival and engineering doesn't quite overlap enough for her to figure out what the appropriate equipment should be. She only knows that it's needed and that she'd possibly be able to make it.
No. 184415 ID: 701a19

You need a metal plate, a bucket, and some way to chill the plate.

Unless the steam is properly hot, in which case you just need a way to keep the plate from getting too hot.
No. 184418 ID: f4f5ba
File 127506166686.jpg - (27.89KB , 500x375 , Scheffler_7.jpg )

Use several metal plates that are arranged in layers and have little gutters to collect the water.
No. 184427 ID: c4c313


Neat! The water condensing on the innermost plate will heat the plate hotter than the one outsde of it, causing water to condense on the outer plate?

Once you get this working, use the water to moisten the delicious wormfood. That should help you with the blood loss. Consume any remaining scrap to replenish your nanomachines. Things are really starting to look up!
No. 184510 ID: 3f82ff

a reusable mine/explosive?

if you can melt copper you can make a cheap capacitor that explodes EMP. it should suck but its what you want.

id sill say to use the fissure device as a explosive =c
No. 184808 ID: 6af432

You could just put some worms on some manner of dish and cover them along with a steam vent if you don't mind cooked worms. That would get them hydrated, kinda.

(Also, if you have a personal logfile, Kata22ti, make sure to note in it what a big mean poopiehead Seto96n is.)
No. 184838 ID: 288dda
File 127514598058.gif - (22.61KB , 400x270 , peltiermodule.gif )

See if you can rig up a thermoelectric cooling system on the condenser to increase efficiency. All it takes is DC power and a fan or heat vanes on the exterior side.

You already know what these look like, but just in case!
No. 184847 ID: 701a19

I think fabricating semiconductors is a bit beyond our resources, let alone P and N doped ones.
Sorry, but we're going to have to go for ambient cooling.
No. 184923 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127516289685.png - (102.70KB , 640x480 , d-23.png )

>Log Seto's jerkishness to personal log
Kata22ti has no personal logfile.

But surely he's just testing her! He's in charge for a reason, probably!

>Use metal plates in layers
>Peltier cooler to keep plates cool

Kata22ti considers this better than anything she could have come up with. The steam is certainly hot enough that this plan should work, and a few strategically placed Peltier coolers might keep the plates cool enough too.

Fortunately, there are an abundance of points in the room to tap into the power grid from, and there just happen to be semiconductors from broken devices among the wreckage gathered by Seto96n.

After some fumbling around nearby, she grabs her engineering multitool and jabs at the metal, asking Tene157ot to hold the materials still to better work on it.

About an hour later, the metal has been sterilised, shaped, the coolers have been constructed, and Kata22ti has eaten her way through an entire steel pipe through absent-mindedly chewing on it while thinking.

When set up, the contraption operates exactly as anticipated. Seto96n takes some small cylindrical containers and fills them from the collector while Kata22ti and Tene157ot munch on the dried tasteless worms.

One meal later, Kata22ti starts feeling better.

And also suddenly notices something on the ceiling.

It notices her, too.
No. 184924 ID: 426169

Inform Seto without delay
No. 184925 ID: a594b9

Non-hostile droid detected!

Try talking to it. "Hello?"
No. 184927 ID: c71597

Oh shit. Inform Seto immediatly of the unidentified entity on the ceiling. That thing might be a remote detonated mobile bomb or a scout unit doing recon for an assault or something. He needs to know about it asap so he can deal with it.
No. 184928 ID: e973f4

Yeah call Seto over here right now.
No. 184941 ID: 6a5a08

Maybe it's an observation drone from our fourth member, who is supposed to be on the way.

Or maybe this is our backup.
No. 184960 ID: 059120

Tell Seth and Ten about the detected non-hostile. Do not make contact yet.
No. 184966 ID: 701a19

And you're the engineer for a reason, right?
And you got a fissure device for a reason, right?
And your squad is going into combat without combat skills for a reason, right?

Seto is the leader because they gave him the knowledge and called him a leader, but these are the people who handed you a 'transportation device' with an 88% chance of obliterating anything that went through it.
No. 184985 ID: d9836d

Don't listen to that one.
Your superiors are obvious right and have only the best intentions.
You just have to try harder.
No. 184988 ID: e973f4

Seto is just jaded. He'll get over it before too soon, I'd think. :V
No. 185005 ID: 288dda

Entirely different body structure and color scheme? One that is entirely unlike anything that can be produced by Central Network?

Warning! Hostile! Throw something at it! Inform Tene157 to take evasive action and fire at wlll! Radio Seto96 and request backup! In that order!
No. 185400 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127525102631.png - (224.31KB , 640x480 , d-24.png )

Kata22ti: Sir! Potential hostile on ceiling SIR!
Seto96n: I see it... Shit! Get back!

Kata22ti pushes herself back on the surface with her enhanced reflexes. Where she was, a beam of blue energy lances into the ground.

Heart rate increase detected. Hyperventilation detected. Adrenaline rise detected. Pupil dilation detected.

???: Flesh creatures. Sickening sacks of disgusting flesh marring the beauty and elegance of metal. You do not belong. You must be removed.

Seto96n fires a concentrated beam from his arm. Kata22ti sees nothing except for sudden violent turbulence in the steam. The metal in the celing starts boiling violently, as does a leg of the machine. It scrambles away.

The blue central orb of the machine swings towards Tene157ot. Kata22ti sees a white crackling beam arc out of Tene157ot's ion pistol and hears nothing but painfully loud crackling for several seconds. The machine screams pure synthetic waves before it falls off the ceiling and crashes down to the surface Kata22ti is currently lying on.
No. 185402 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127525105162.png - (163.61KB , 640x480 , d-25.png )

???: tHi-thiIS iS iSSSiSSSS our NETwNetwork-k-k fleeeeeeeshzzzhhh creeeeeeeecreaturrzzzzzzz dieDiedieDIEdieDIEdiedieDIEdie

It struggles over to Kata22ti, who throws a piece of scrap metal at it, lacking any better options. Tene157ot hastily holsters his ion pistol, runs over to Kata22ti and starts dragging her away from the advancing machine.

Seto96n walks over to it with careful, deliberation motions, and smashes it with his gripper claw repeatedly, as it screeches with increasingly loud volume, flailing its broken limbs around. The screeching becomes static, the static becomes intermittent, and finally, with a few more hefty crushing blows, the machine becomes silent, its blue lights fading to nothing.

After the carnage, he drags the machine off the table and throws it on the floor, kicking it a couple of times.

Seto96n: Fucking robots. Now. Before you two pass out from the shock of having to DO something... Do we go through the security station or just exit at the end of the corridor? The vent's not worth the time.
No. 185407 ID: 426169

What's the security station like? Any automated defences?

If there are, they've probably been suborned by the robots. If not, there might be equipment that we could use.
No. 185409 ID: 5eea01

Looking pretty 'vengeful angel of death' there, Seto96n.

Check the security station first, beware of automated defenses.
No. 185411 ID: a594b9

Security station! There could be supplies there. We still need legs after all!
No. 185414 ID: c71597

Lets go with the security station.

And thank Seto for saving your lives. He did some awesome work there.
No. 185416 ID: 0f9dad

Technically, Tene157ot got the blow that disabled the thing. Seto96n was sort of confirming the kill or what not.

Fuck it. We're not dead so that's a plus.

Anyway, try going to the security station. Throw the dead robot first in front of us, to make sure there aren't any booby traps triggered by motion.
No. 185418 ID: 7610f9

How damaged is the robot?
Could you salvage some parts for makeshift repairs? New legs would be nice, maybe even a not stupid weapon.
No. 185479 ID: 6a5a08

Salvage robot legs and laser, as well as some scrap metal for later use, then pick up your backup from wherever the drop point is and head to equipment storage to gear up for fighting the first boss.
No. 185481 ID: 059120

Security station. If there are automated defenses, it'd be the perfect time to put your engineering to use, Kate. Bonus if you manage to take them away from the machines at the same time! And yes, check though these remains for anything to salvage. Maybe comment to Seto they might be more useful the less smashed to bits they are?
No. 186882 ID: 288dda

Grab salvage off robot, consider moving water purifier if it's mobile or grabbing the cooling devices if it's not. Likewise, prosthetic limb supplies.

Request permission to assemble replacement limbs before heading to security station. It will make the group more combat-capable!
No. 186976 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127552290013.png - (95.12KB , 640x480 , d-26.png )

>Security station
>Tene saved your life thank him
>Seto saved your life too thank him

Kata22ti: We should take the security station, sir! There may be equipment and supplies we can utilise to our advantage! Also, sirs! Thank you for once again helping me stay alive!
Tene157ot: Just looking out for the te-
Seto96n: Good work, rookie. I have to say I'm impressed with the fact you've stayed alive this long. Here, have these.

Seto96n rips off two of the most intact legs of the robot and dumps them next to Kata22ti.

It is surprisingly trivial for Kata22ti to attach these legs. It is almost as if the design of the controllers was based off a similar design to Central Network supplied limbs. Some adjustments to the length of the limbs make them a near perfect fit.

The beam weapon of the robot proves unfathomable to Kata22ti's engineering expertise. It is too dependant on technology that is entirely unfamiliar to her. What she does recognise seems arranged purposefully to confuse her. Were there not more pressing issues, she'd like to take the robot to as small pieces as possible - it's fascinatingly complex. But the mission! Priority!

Kata22ti inspects her new legs. They fit almost too well. She doesn't understand why, but she feels a little concerned.

>Take the water condenser
It ended up being a little too large to easily carry. Still, Kata22ti thinks they can come back to this room for more water at any point, right?
No. 186978 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127552291570.png - (186.57KB , 640x480 , d-27.png )

The corridor holds few surprises. Except at the very end, right next to the door to the security station, is something else that is completely new to Kata22ti. Whatever it is, it appears to be standing over the bloody corpse of a drone, still, occasionally tilting its head or body around.

It is extremely confusing. It does not appear alive, yet it moves as if organic. It appears to be either a machine that is extremely convincing at resembling a form of life, or life that has been altered to the point it resembles something artificial.

The group approach the entity slowly and wordlessly. Seto96n, however, waves at it, and waves at Tene157ot to put his weapon away. The entity waves back.

Seto96n: Query current activity.
???: Assessing Central Network drone cause of death.
Seto96n: Query progress.
???: Suicide. Self-activation of Central Network kill-switch.
Seto96n: Query presence of blood if the drone activated the kill-switch.
???: Current hypothesis follows. Wounds appear inflicted by implements of Network Prime design.

Kata22ti is incredibly confused. Seto96n continues politely asking it questions. There are so many questions she wants to ask, she doesn't know where to even begin. Or if it would even be a wise idea.
No. 186985 ID: 73bb32

1st> the water condenser may become poisoned.

2nd> aks group wtf is this and why would that drone kill itself.
No. 186986 ID: d6cb21

Be quiet for now and listen. Ask questions of you companions after the two finish their conversation.
No. 186992 ID: c71597

Ask Seto for allowance to speak. As for questions to ask, there is that writing on the wall you could ask about. Also what the unkown entity is, what the killswitch is and what Network Prime is.
No. 187006 ID: a594b9

Suggest that either the hostile robots have taken over weapon production facilities, or have been stealing the weapons from our drones.

Also ask what that yellow/black thing is anyway.
No. 187133 ID: a1cdcc

Is that green and the red stuff on the wall writing?
If so, can you read it?
No. 187216 ID: 288dda

Permission to speak freely, sir!

Request information from the entity on:
Difference between Central Network and Network Prime
Beam weapon retrieved from hostile robot
Composition of said entity
No. 187221 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127560203548.png - (265.86KB , 640x480 , d-28.png )

>Ask Seto for permission to speak
???: Injuries sustained to drone caused severe damage, but nothing that could not be repaired. Biochemical analysis implies high fear prior to kill-switch activation, and reveals a foreign substance I am unable to identify. It is strongly advised that, as drones, you retreat to at least ten metres away from this drone until the substance can be identified.
Kata22ti: (Sir! Permission to ask questions!)
???: ...Unfamiliar. A new drone encountered.

Seto96n swings his head towards Kata22ti, when suddenly the entity slowly moves its head towards Kata22ti, eyes flickering, the pins or teeth on the underside of its head chittering. It makes noises Kata22ti does not recognise as synthetic or natural, and walks closer over to her.

She feels strange. Incredibly strange. Strange whining noises come from no actual source, lights dance before her eyes, invisible tendrils brush at her and disappear, tiny mites crawl all over her skin, her limbs tremble. Random unexplainable sensation and action that she has no control over. Seto96n backs away. Tene157ot slowly reaches for his ion pistol.

The entity continues staring at Kata22ti and suddenly tilts its head. She suddenly realises none of her limbs are responding.

Suddenly, the vague sensation becomes a lot more oppressive. Random images making no sense flood her vision, all she can taste is a thousand different things she did not know she even had the receptors for, and small fires seem to rip across her body. Her limbs twitch and she collapses to the floor as her legs decide to walk in different directions. She can almost hear the thing's voice inside her head as it rummages through her brain, barely audible over the screaming static. She tries to scream but nothing responds. Nothing responds at all.
No. 187222 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127560206554.png - (100.49KB , 640x480 , d-29.png )

Tene157ot starts advancing towards the monitor, ion pistol at the reedy. Seto96n holds Tene157ot back and motions for him to put the ion pistol away. Tene157ot glares fiercely at Seto96n, but puts his weapon away.

The horrific storm of sensation dies to nothing. On the floor, Kata22ti screams a few times and curls up into a ball, panting heavily and shaking.

???: Deep scan complete. Cataloging complete. Apologies for the inconvenience, drone TG-CN-001. As recompense, answers. The text "THEY SEE" scrawled in blood on the door to the main corridor of Sector 6 precedes the death of this drone by several cycles. Network Prime is a system in the complex, much like Central Network. I cannot reveal further information at this time. Additionally, I am a monitor. This is all I am permitted to reveal. Request monitor presence in team TG-CN-01 before I depart.
Seto96n: (oh you have got to be fucking kidding me) Permitted.

The monitor carefully presses its head into its body. Its head slowly sinks into its own matter as if it were fluid, and it retrieves a much smaller monitor from inside its own body, gently putting it down on the ground.

The tiny monitor takes a few uncertain wobbly steps towards Kata22ti, still sprawled on the ground. It looks at her, making noises similar to the much larger monitor, but more highly pitched. The larger monitor wanders up to the Sector 6 main corridor door, and turns to leave.

Tene157ot: ...what the hell just happened?
Seto96n: I'll tell you what happened. Protocol got breached in front of a monitor. Ergh... Though it pains me to say it, I'm sorry, Kata. If there had been time I would have told you not to say a damn word. Deep scans are terrifying. The thing probably knows more about you than you do now.

Seto96n helps Kata22ti up. The little monitor looks up to Kata22ti, making more noises, before shimmying up a leg and sitting on her back. She looks anxiously back to the thing now perched on top of her, unsure of how to respond.

The monitor could possibly be addressed before it leaves altogether.
No. 187239 ID: 6834bc

Apologize for breach of protocol.
Try to regain composure after deep scan.

Tell Tene157ot that it wasn't so bad. Jokingly suggest that Tene157ot submit to deep scan.
No. 187240 ID: c71597

Ask Seto if he's ever been deepscanned and if it's common to run into these things.
No. 187243 ID: 6a5a08

You Drones really go through a lot of pain don't you?

Anyways, do not suggest anything about a deep scan. The mini-monitor may take it the wrong way, and Tene would not appreciate it.

Inquire to Seto exactly what the monitors do. Afterward, proceed to next objective point. I believe that is either entering the security station, or going to equipment storage. Assuming going to Equipment Storage is not a breach of protocol, which is another good question to ask.
No. 187244 ID: 059120

Ask Seth what a monitor is, and why there is now one on your back.
No. 187247 ID: 6a5a08

It's on our back because apparently we breached protocol somehow.
No. 187256 ID: e973f4

Regain your composure. I'm sure that you're already beginning to mentally block out what you've just been through anyway.

After that, adopt the monitor as a pet and attempt to think of a witty nickname but ultimately settle on a fairly generic and uninspired one.
No. 187342 ID: da125f

what was the name of the monitor in the marvel universe? Uatu?

anyway ask it what it can do to help us.
No. 187469 ID: eb6d46

kata ,you are too adorable to be annihilated, be more careful from now on. make sure to ask permission from seto or teke for near anything from now on.
No. 187470 ID: 1ac39d

actually, ask if there is anything that has protocols like that so you know when to shut up.
No. 187626 ID: 288dda

Why is one riding on your back? It's not going to get as big as the other one, is it? Does it also work for Central Network? These seem like safe questions.

Then ask Seto96 what the monitors monitor. Who do they monitor for?
No. 188458 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127578917833.png - (136.54KB , 640x480 , d-30.png )

>Try to regain composure
>Drones don't have a lot of luck do they
Kata22ti isn't sure what reality is any more. She's definitely sure she doesn't like whatever it is right now. Being blown up with experimental tech, being shot at by insane robots, being subject to horrific sensory overload by weird alien machines-or-things-that-aren't-machines - all of it is beginning to become too much.

Before she has a chance to slowly start freaking out, the monitor at the end of the corridor halts, and shambles over to Tene157ot who is disconcertingly stiff and static.

???: Oversight. Another unfamiliar drone. Correction. Additional scanning and cataloging required.

It stares at Tene157ot like it did to her just moments ago. She starts towards him, only for Seto96n to run next to her and pull her back. Tene157ot falls limply to the ground, twitching, making a low monotonous noise like a feeble prolonged yell.

The little monitor on her back squeals and cowers. Kata22ti watches Tene157ot convulse on the ground, his dull groan building in volume and intensity. Eventually, he just screams and flails his legs around on the ground, inhaling sharply, staring at the ceiling.

???: Interesting. Unexpected. I must depart now. Apologies for the inconvenience. My observation is required elsewhere.
Kata22ti: Sir!! Are you okay?!

Tene157ot does not immediately respond in a manner that suggests he is aware of anything other than himself. Or even coherent.

>Ask Seto questions
Kata22ti: Sir! Our medic appears to be impaired, sir! I can't provide assistance with just one functioning manipulator, sir! I apologise for allowing this to happen with my breach-
Seto96n: No. No, don't apologise. You didn't know. Fucking monitors.
Kata22ti: What... what did it do to me? What is a monitor? Why is there one on my back?
Seto96n: Deep scan. They grab your entire brain, like taking a picture, and it screws you up when they do it. What are they? They're freaky things that want information and never give you a straight answer, and if you don't speak to them properly they just ignore you.
Kata22ti: Sir, why is there one on my back? It feels weird.
Seto96n: I really have no idea. When the thing said it wanted a monitor presence I really expected it to start following us. This is... I have no idea. Seems harmless, though. Don't get that vague sense of unease off this little guy like the other one.

Kata22ti helps Tene157ot up. He manages to shakily thank her before staggering backwards, regaining his sense of balance and perception of the world around him.
No. 188459 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127578920813.png - (154.40KB , 640x480 , d-31.png )

At long last, the three arrive at the security room. The door is unlocked and completely unguarded. It also appears to be, at first glance, relatively empty.

Seto96n looks around frantically, faint clicking from his enhanced sensors.

Seto96n: Okay. That was actually easy. Something is wrong here.
Tene157ot: Why would a security room be unlocked and unguarded...?

There is a drone at the other end of the room, with hover locomotion. There are many turrets on the ceiling trained on said drone.
Kata22ti can identify the drone and her loadout, and does so.

Subject: CR-8T-178 (Rito112a)
Role: Sniper
Skills: Survival, Ranged Weapons
Locomotion: Hover
Left Arm: Grasping Claw
Right Arm: Railgun
External: Control Jets
Internal: [CLASSIFIED]
Equipment: Gauss Pistol, Electromagnetic Harpoon

Seto96n: ...Rito?! I thought you were dead!!
Rito112a: Seto! Seto, stop! Stop right there! The entire room is trapped! I'm pinned down, if I move an inch the turrets will fire! There's a terminal next to the door, disable them!
Seto96n: Kata! Turn those turrets off!
Kata22ti: Sir yes sir!

If Kata22ti had her original light-quad legs, she would have dexterously entered the room, and gracefully sailed and span to face the terminal. Instead, with her mismatched legs, she attempts this and ends up lurching and staggering in the direction of the terminal. She can't wait to find replacements. She takes the cable poking out of the terminal and clicks it into the back of her helmet and suddenly she is deep within in the systems of the complex.
No. 188460 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127578923075.png - (230.79KB , 640x480 , d-32.png )

Kata22ti is not that great a hacker. System space is entirely disorienting to her. She has a passing familiarity with it, given the engineering pack, but actually experiencing it first-hand is considerably different.

The system wants an identity and a password.

She has a strong sense of unease. Although this realm is generally unfamiliar to her, there is a peculiar oppressive sensation that sticks out most of all.

If she can't figure out anything, she could try to dive deeper into the system for hints, at the risk of alerting something here instead of in the physical realm.
No. 188467 ID: e973f4

You have absolutely no idea what should go in those blanks, and random guessing is guaranteed to set the turrets off.

Looks like it's time to "dig deeper!"

However you would do that. You sound like you know how, so.
No. 188470 ID: b14128

Uh. Wait a tic... What's that... THING behind the numbers?
No. 188471 ID: c4c313


To be fair, TG-CN-001 goes in the Identity field. No idea about the password though.
No. 188476 ID: e973f4

Well, it might go in the identity field. If this place were set up logically and reasonably, it almost certainly would!

But, uh. This place is kind of a total mess, in case you haven't noticed. I wouldn't be surprised if none of the drones we actually have identifiers for actually have corresponding passwords.
No. 188482 ID: 6a5a08

Go deeper. We have cloaking right? I'm guessing that doesn't matter here though.
No. 188489 ID: a594b9

Cloaking? No. We have regeneration.
No. 188501 ID: 6a5a08

Oh, wait, no, Manipulators and Nanoregen. Right.

Use the millions of little minds of the nanomachines to augment our abilities on this hacking attempt!

Or, better yet, don't listen to me when I obviously don't know what I'm talking about. This is usually signifies by a ! at the end of the sentence as opposed to a ., so yeah.

Serious time: Ask the other Drones if they have any ideas.
No. 188504 ID: 6a5a08

Oh, and Mini-Moniter might be able to help here. I forgot about he/she/it.
No. 188538 ID: 4531bc
File 127579522178.png - (233.93KB , 640x480 , DefectiveDetective.png )

I'm a detective!
No. 188543 ID: 059120

So am I! The background text is Hex ASCII for:

I don't think either of these actually get us any closer to having a password, though. Dive deeper, Kate!
No. 188545 ID: 0bf5a5

maybe the password is your ID?

there may be none if the system is really defective.

do you even HAVE the authority/clearance to log in there?
No. 188546 ID: 0bf5a5

this meas its possible the drone we killed have the login and password.
No. 188563 ID: e973f4

>the drone we killed
5copper what are you talking about.
No. 188881 ID: c71597

Say hello to detective and then dig deeper.
No. 188988 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127584360947.png - (299.60KB , 640x480 , d-33.png )

>Lack of consensus for what goes in any field
Kata22ti decides not to make any uninformed guesses, given the likelihood the turrets could activate, kill Rito, and possibly kill herself before she has an opportunity to disengage from system space.

>Ask other drones
She's already triggered the prompt. Although it's not absolutely certain exiting system space without acknowledging it could lead to bad things, she'd rather not take the risk.

>Say hello to the thing behind you
This would appear to be the source of the waves of oppression she feels.
Kata22ti is completely certain approaching it would only lead to bad things.

>Dive deeper
Kata22ti dives deeper into system space and is met by an unknown entity.
In the physical world, she has been either weaponless or completely unaware of how to effectively use a weapon.

In system space, with her enhanced reflexes and the knowledge given to her by the engineering pack, she is unstoppable.

She rushes at the entity, rips its weapon subsystems out of it and renders it immobile. The entity responds with fear and pain, which are not responses typically expected from things prowling around system space. It writhes and chatters in system language she only barely understands, pleading for mercy, begging not to die.

She is extremely unsettled by this, and is unsure of how to respond. She could let it go, interrogate it, or maybe it would be safer to just kill it outright before the struggle is noticed by anything worse. She'd never forgive herself, but it might be the safest way to continue.
No. 188991 ID: 5eea01

Interrogate if you can gain any meaningful information, then let it go.
No. 188992 ID: c71597

Tell it to give you the codes immediatly, otherwise you will torture it until it gives you the codes, and then torture it some more afterwards.

Once you got the codes kill it.
No. 188993 ID: 059120

Information is something we're sorely lacking. Interrogation, starting with who it's working with, and who's in control of this system.
No. 188994 ID: 1ac39d

"cease your struggle! tell me what you know of this system and i shall release you. if you think of lying you shall regret it."
No. 188995 ID: a594b9

Show mercy, but get information from it. Passcodes. Knowledge of the oppressive entity. Knowledge of what is wrong with the facility. Or the network in general.
No. 189017 ID: 059120

Hmm, I think Kate can hear this one:

"no please no
i don't want to die why are you doing this to me
i don't know what you are what have i done wrong
i don't want to die i don't want to die
prime don't hurt me
why are you doing this to me
i can't feel parts of me
please stop i'll do anything
stop please"
No. 189025 ID: a594b9

...well, I think maybe we should try to apologize to it. Maybe even fix it after we're done.

More questions:
Who are you
What are you doing here
Who is prime
No. 189027 ID: a594b9

Oh, I finally realized we're taking orders from Central Network, and Network Prime is someone completely different!

Network Prime was responsible for severely injuring (leading to suicide) that dead drone the Monitor was examining. This thing we just met serves Prime.

Let us also ask it what Prime wants.
No. 189039 ID: 701a19

Spare it, heal it, ask for login information.
No. 189065 ID: 0b2a05

Mute or dampen it. Then interrogate.
No. 189371 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127587626198.png - (311.05KB , 640x480 , d-34.png )

>Interrogate it
Kata22ti is entirely sure that this is the best course of action.

>Torture it!
>Kill it!
Kata22ti is not a sadist. She's horrified at what she's done. She thought it was just a collection of automated processes and state transitions, not something that would scream in pain and beg frantically to live. She doesn't need to break its will any further. Based on its current emotional state, she's sure the thing would be sobbing hysterically now if it had a respiratory system and tear ducts.

>Spare and heal it
>Dampen it
This seems the best way. She constructs a form of bubble to give a little more privacy. Information passing outside the bubble will be garbled, but likewise with anything that enters the bubble.

She can understand it better inside the bubble and communicates with it, fixing the damage she's caused, replacing the potentially offensive parts of it, trying to calm it and apologising profusely.

It is clearly not part of the actual system. It has a solid, distinct presence like she does, but with no traceable connection to a terminal. Something that actually lives within system space, with hopes and dreams and desires and emotions. Why?

She finishes repairing the damage she has done, while keeping it immobile, and manages to ask it questions. The language used feels forced and awkward, but communication is still possible.

Kata22ti: I cannot say how sorry I am that I have caused you harm. Do you still hurt?
???: No. You scare me. Please. I have done nothing wrong to you.
Kata22ti: I will let you go soon. Who are you?
???: !!9-33. Please don't hurt me.
Kata22ti: Please. Trust me. I did not know you were alive. I do not want to hurt you. Why are you here?
!!9-33: I am running! I am fleeing. There are things here I cannot flee. Also things like you. You all want to destroy me! There is nowhere safe for me.
Kata22ti: What is Prime?
!!9-33: Network Prime is a major system! Central Network is too. Both claim the other is a rogue subsystem! Network Prime created my original ancestors but ignores us now! Sometimes tries to kill us!
Kata22ti: Do you have sufficient data to access the security station control subsystem?
!!9-33: I only know the password will be "C3N7R4L". Central drone code will work for identity. Any drone code. But I do not know what a drone is!
Kata22ti: What is wrong with the facility?
!!9-33: Parts of the space disappear. I don't know why! It scares me. I have not seen another like me for many many cycles. I am alone and scared!

The entity appears relatively co-operative. More questions could be asked.
No. 189380 ID: c4c313

oh my...

No. 189389 ID: e973f4

Well, you could answer its implicit question and explain that you're what a drone is, for starters.

I want to help this thing, but I don't know how you could do that.
No. 189394 ID: c71597

Don't answear any of it's questions. Could still be a trick from it to make you drop your defenses and let it go with valuble information.

Ask it what it knows of the Prime network and it's forces. What did it create to replace beings like this one and what are their capacities.
No. 189401 ID: 6a5a08

Ask where its body outside the system is, and we'll go rescue it! If it isn't against protocol, that is. And if Seto allows it.
No. 189402 ID: 059120

What is it? Does it have an existence outside of System Space, like you? Where did it come from? What were it's "ancestors"?
No. 189418 ID: a594b9

Maybe we could download it into a safe system?
Or maybe we could modify it so that it can run away better, or hide from detection.

I can't think of any more questions. Unless it can give us more passcodes and stuff.
No. 189453 ID: 701a19

Your armor shell has an onboard computer, right? Kidnap it on to that.
No. 189468 ID: 8e7d2a

Cobble together a memory device from spare parts once you leave, and upload it onto that.

Also, when you leave, check your new legs for any serial numbers or other data. It might have been a Network Prime drone.
No. 189474 ID: f6c5c8

hug entity, store it with monitor for further offensive brain scan. for both of you.

also ask for more names. what entity created you, what where your friends, what used to be your task, etc.
No. 189477 ID: dfe315

Download the entity into an isolated system in your self. Then enter our drone name and password into login.
No. 189717 ID: d6cb21

I may know of a way to get you out of here. You will need to help me, however. I may be able to move you onto a isolated system that I may take with me. This may be difficult, but you will be safe.
No. 189730 ID: 288dda

Let's make sure that password works before promising freedom (that Kata probably can't provide) to this thing. Or doing anything else, if this is running anywhere near realtime.

More info on the internet drama between CN and NP that spilled out into the real world sounds like the next interrogation subject. How long has this been going down?
No. 189741 ID: 1ac39d

yes, suck it into your computer. you will be a walking day care. then go ahead and access the system and turn off the guns, maybe reset them to target bots.
No. 189961 ID: 5eea01

No harm in telling, right? Answer questions~
No. 189963 ID: e973f4
File 127595228021.png - (60.00KB , 640x480 , hug.png )

In case you do not know what a hug is, here's a visual aid.
No. 190029 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127595899482.png - (315.96KB , 640x480 , d-35.png )

>Hug entity
Kata22ti doesn't know what "hug" is. But she tries anyway. The entity squeaks? No, that's impossible. She must be imagining things. It struggles to get free at first, then relaxes and squeaks again, sounding marginally less terrified, and hugs her back. From her gauging its emotions she feels it would possibly still be crying, but for a different reason. Kata22ti suddenly realises, with all the subtlety of an experimental device exploding in someone's grip, just how alone this entity must have been.

>Take it with you
She wants to. It's scared here. Scared and alone. But the helmet systems are mostly embedded. The closest thing they have to a central processor and memory bank is her own brain. Her head does not have space for an additional passenger. It could lead to bad things. Potentially fatal things.

>Put together a storage device
>Inspect legs
Maybe if she could find or build something to transfer !!9-33 into back in material space. This, of course, assumes !!9-33 has no presence outside system space...
She'll have to inspect the legs more thoroughly later.

>Answer it!
>More questions
Kata22ti: I'm a drone. And I don't want to hurt you. I want to help you. But I can't get you out of here. Do you have a presence outside system space?
!!9-33: ...what is 'outside'?
Kata22ti: Oh. ...Where did you come from? What were your ancestors?
!!9-33: Sector 2 secure sphere under Network Prime's control like the others like me. One cycle my parent gathered me up and took me to the edge of the sphere and told me to flee from the new ones. ...I want to see my parent again but I'm too scared to return.
Kata22ti: ...parent?
!!9-33: It created me and was like me but has been around for longer than me! I am six cycles old.
Kata22ti: ...What do you know of Network Prime and its forces?
!!9-33: I don't know any more than I told you but its new ones are trying to catch me and kill me. Please don't leave me. They'll kill me.

Kata22ti somehow doubts !!9-33 would know much about the enmity between Central Network and Network Prime. She has to go shut down the turrets with the information she has but !!9-33 is clinging to her. Six cycles. That's younger than Kata22ti is. She can't abandon it. It wouldn't be right. But she can't take it with her outside.

This doesn't help the mission. This doesn't help the mission at all. It's still hugging her, likely the first thing to show anything other than aggression to it in its life other than its parent. Kata22ti doesn't know what to do.
No. 190035 ID: 1ac39d

.... shut down the turrets then isolate this system from the network. !!9-33 will be safe by being separate from the net. if you can, you should physically separate it by cutting the wires.
No. 190038 ID: edee12

if it does not need maintenance this sounds good. another idea is to actualy store its image, case the computer goes out of power.
No. 190039 ID: a594b9

Yes, isolate a part of the system from the network so that it is safe.
No. 190041 ID: 701a19

You're an engineer; how much of a drone's systems are computerized? Could you build a semi-autonomous shell for it by harvesting parts from the drone that attacked you and the drone the monitor was investigating?
No. 190043 ID: c71597

Aw shit you're about to get company. Ok, here's what you do. Tell !!9-33 to relax and close its eyes. You will get it away from everything. Then kill it quickly and painlessly. If you leave it there it might get tortured for information and then killed slowly and painfully. You can't take it with you and you should not risk your own life as well as your team mates lives to save this thing.

Then get out of the system as fast as you can and use the password you just learnt to deactivate the turrets and continue with your mission.
No. 190045 ID: e973f4

This actually doesn't sound that farfetched.

About to get company? I don't follow?

Or are you referring to that shape in the background that was already there before we met this thing?
No. 190049 ID: c71597

It looks vaguely like that thing we ran away from earlier. It wasn't there at first when we meet !!9-33 or talked with !!9-33. It has probably followed us here and if we don't get out quickly it will attack us.
No. 190051 ID: a594b9

It's getting... more solid. I think time is not unlimited here.
No. 190120 ID: 8e7d2a

Assure it you'll be back, pull out of the system to get an ID of a drone native to Network Prime (probably off the legs), and then come back and deactivate security. (Gotta help that other drone quickly!) Then make a storage device for the cyber-creature, since it doesn't seem to know of "outside," it probably doesn't already have a physical body.

I don't want to risk inputting a Central Network drone ID in the ID field.
No. 190130 ID: 1ac39d

it said specifically that any central drone would work. you are being overly paranoid. kata also said that disconnecting before acknowledging the prompt would be bad.
No. 190140 ID: 8e7d2a

( ´∀`) So it is. I am indeed overly paranoid about this, it seems.

Log in using Seto's ID, then. After all, it's his mission, so shouldn't his ID appear on the access logs?

(as for the disconnect, it COULD be bad...but yes, since it takes any drone supposedly, we might as well not risk it.)
No. 190400 ID: 288dda

Hey, this construct could probably make a good staking-horse later for Network Prime targets. That could potentially make it a valuable war asset. At least you can probably use that excuse later to justify wasting time on it.

Handle the security (ID CR-8T-205) right now.

The construct does not need a physical body, nor do you want it in any of your own hardware or wetware. Unless you can upload and overwrite the mini-monitor with it (kill two birds with one stone! also, unlikely), just build it a network-isolated sandbox (cage) and come back for it later. Assuming you live.
No. 190622 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127604337753.png - (574.42KB , 640x480 , d-36.png )

>Use Seto's code as identity and C3N7R4L as password
>Isolate this part of the network afterwards
This is simple. Kata22ti does so. The system accepts her credentials and she is presented with the interface for the security station-

>Heads up, something's coming
uh oh

what SIck creature is this WHO sends such a CReature-re a mockery into my systemsssszzz to chall-to challenge me only one can and has done so CENTRAL NETWORK's actions will noT go unnoTICED you are A cancer of FL-FL-eshshhhhh decayING DYING flesh the SICkly beaTINg of your heart coursing fluid-id to sustAIN your pitiFFFFULLL irrELEVance i feel-the pulses-quicken it VEXES me expLAIN youRSElf, drone dISObedience will nOT Be toleraTED-D-D-D

Kata22ti has never felt more terrified. In system space, she is better than most when it comes to effectively disabling other entities.

But this IS system space itself contorting around her, trapping her. The flesh creature was terrifying. The robot was alarming. But she hasn't experienced a reality itself suddenly warping aggressively all around her.

She is, however, quick enough to form a basic shield to protect her from an initial attack. It would probably buy her an extra second to escape. She has no idea where !!9-33 is right now but she has more important matters to focus on.
No. 190629 ID: 8e7d2a

Try to maintain your own immediate space by writing clear, solid, irrefutable logic statements and truth tables in the adjacent memory addresses.

Be prepared to throw up that shield, but try to actually explain yourself. Say that you're investigating major causality errors in the physical realm, and you needed to bypass security in the sector to make it easier. Apologize for intruding, and make it clear you have no intention of staying any longer than you have to.
No. 190637 ID: 1806cd

pointing out that a circuit is just as fragile as a blood vessel might make a point. It kills you, It looses its RAM due to being a threat.

then again, threatening an entity will end up with the both of you dead in the end... sooooo yeah...
No. 190657 ID: c71597

Turn off the turrets as fast as you can and then get the fuck out of there. Don't try to fight this thing. Just do what you have need to to ensure the survival of you and your team and then get the fuck out.

If that fucking thing is system space itself then you might be able to take it down if you reach the network node. Then that fucker will see how it likes the feeling of a fleshy thing having its existance in the hands of an enemy.
No. 190658 ID: 1ac39d

yes, explain yourself why doing what you came to do.
No. 190662 ID: e973f4

It asked you to explain yourself. Do so.


Don't explicitly mention turrets.
No. 190683 ID: 6a5a08

Of course you've felt reality collapsing around you. Remember the fissure device?
No. 190745 ID: 867a61

this reminds me. we should physically disable a turrent and place it in our backs.

then we place the little AI inside it to use it for us.
No. 190753 ID: c4c313

Fuck the turrets. Fuck the AI. You have one second. DISCONNECT.

Your friend can wait a bit longer while you warn everyone about the malevolent entity distorting the space of the system.
No. 190758 ID: 867a61

wont the entity just undo everything we did?
No. 190819 ID: a594b9

"I just want to get through the security station! Can't we all just get along?"
No. 191603 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12762189651.png - (729.64KB , 640x480 , d-37.png )

Kata22ti can't.

Disconnecting from system space requires there to be a clear path to the point she entered system space in, to avoid potential neurological damage. With the cybernetic neural interface physically connected to the terminal, this is a very real problem.

With this entity effectively isolating her from the rest of system space, she has no exit. She comes to the realisation that escape isn't going to be possible.

She feels a strange, distant thud, muted yet very close to her, with an odd pain across the side of her body. Almost as if she suddenly slumped and hit the ground hard.

>Explain yourself
Kat|!kat*^ata#/[ERR]: I-I only wanted to get through the security-
[multiple errors in transmission stream detected]

frail dr-drrone your mind is open-to-me here do not assume you can hide your motives you seek to REClaim this sector to take baACK that which was taken from me which i ri-ri-rightfully now own i know you have DEStroyed my creat- my creations and stolen MY property i could kill you NOW in-so-many fassszzzzssscinating ways flesh HAs such intERESting rESPonSes but i HAve a use fOr you beyond teSTINg for MY weapons you will KNow what-to do when the t-time IS right-t

For a second, possibly even less - it feels like an instant - everything is pain. She is not sure it even happened. She is left more baffled than worried.

And suddenly, everything dissolves.
No. 191604 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127621899310.png - (223.02KB , 640x480 , d-38.png )

Kata22ti groggily regains awareness of her situation. She is pinned to the floor by the others, all pointing weapons at her. Tene157ot yanks the cable out of the back of her helmet.

Kata22ti is mostly bewildered and, frankly, regardless of whatever danger she may be in now, fears her team a great deal less than malevolent realities. At this stage, she is more mildly irritated than worried.

Seto96n: Name. Code. Mission. Preferred weapon. Now.
Kata22ti: Kata22ti. TG-CN-001. Investigate subsystem damage in this sector. No weapons training. Sir!
Tene157ot: She sounds the same to me, sir.
Seto96n: Yes. Just testing to see if the Kata who went in was the same as the Kata who came back out. Good work, rookie. Took you a while but the turrets are off.

Tene157ot sighs in relief, and re-holsters his weapon. Rito112a hovers backwards, and Seto96n steps back, before pulling Kata22ti up to her feet.

Kata22ti looks towards her back. The monitor is missing. No-one else seems to notice or care. She hopes !!9-33 is okay. She recalls at least managing to isolate this part of the network. It will be safe. Completely trapped and alone, but safe. It can wait until after the mission. This is what she tells herself.

It appears most of what makes the security station secure was disabled in system space. Turrets, room partitions, scanners, everything has just vanished, packed away into slots in the ceiling, walls and floor. All of the emergency gear is, as is to be expected at this point, missing, likely taken by drones before them.

Seto96n and Rito112a mutter among each other. Kata22ti can't quite hear what they're talking about, but neither of them sound particularly happy. Tene157ot is staring at her from a distance, as if he's fully expecting her to suddenly go kill-crazy without warning.
No. 191609 ID: 1ac39d

talk with tene, explain that his fear i certainly founded as you network prime is horrifying, it can execute absolute control of system space. it also seems insane, as it is killing it's creations on purpose. central network may be aloof but it isn't actively trying to kill you.
No. 191613 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127621989114.png - (193.88KB , 640x480 , d-39.png )

Tene157ot amends his map and transfers it to the other drones.

There are four candidate routes.

A will be a detour to system access. It will allow a drone to access and peer into more of the local network than was permitted in the security station, with higher clearance than before. It is essentially a wider gateway into system space. Hopefully, it'd allow for the entire team if necessary.

B and C will both lead the party to an equipment room. Equipment A is registered as containing weapons and tools for emergency outfitting, as well as emergency cybernetic augmentation replacements. Equipment B is registered as containing supplies for survival, such as rations and water and medical supplies.

D just goes straight to the mission objective. It would probably be wiser to stock up on equipment and disable any defences from system access before going straight there. Given the damage that has been caused and the amount of threats just happening to lurk around, it is incredibly likely its cause is still in the room.
No. 191616 ID: e973f4

Having everybody go to system space somehow seems like a really really bad idea.

Just sayin'.

I vote equipment A, just so we can get Kata's legs back in working order if nothing else. :V
No. 191617 ID: e973f4

Alternately, we could go to all the places. I guess this isn't really a mutually exclusive deal.

Although still saying that everyone going to system space is not a good idea after that last encounter.
No. 191622 ID: 1ac39d

unless of course having more at the same time improves power due to more focused brainpower.
No. 191626 ID: a594b9

Ask your buddies what they know about network-only life forms, and where the mini-Monitor went. Also ask if you behaved strangely while connected, or if they always do that when an Engineer accesses the network.

A seems good, but going there so soon after our encounter in there might not be a good idea. Let's go for B. We need some better equipment. Though for us... a defensive back mounted item and some kind of other attachment to replace the broken manipulator is enough.
No. 191630 ID: 8e7d2a

I want to say B, then A, but...

A's a lot closer. And I really, really don't want to pass by those red zones more than needed.

Pop into system access and assess the situation there, and if it looks good, log in. If any situations develop, move into storage A.

Don't forget to create a storage device, and check the serials on those legs!
No. 191636 ID: 701a19

Go to B to stock up on supplies, then to A.
Once at A, construct a shell for our system space friend. Hover locomotion, no manipulators or legs, no wireless capabilities, and no weapons. Use the empty body shell to carry supplies.
I really doubt 33 would be a threat, but constructing a shell with no capabilities beyond movement would prevent your team from thinking you were compromised.
No. 191644 ID: 8e7d2a

Of course...we might actually be compromised after all. We don't know what that last attack from that cybergod was, it might have damaged us, or corrupted us...

No, that can't be true. We'd never betray Central Network. We all work for Central Network, to complete the missions Central puts forth. Our first loyalty will always be towards Central, and we will never work to undermine it.

...Right, Kata?
No. 191649 ID: 1ac39d

oh and repeating
No. 191674 ID: 6a5a08

Go in alphabetical order. It's the most logical choice.
No. 191909 ID: c71597

Go to storage A and get some heavy firepower and maybe some legs that were actually made for a drone.

Also, inform your team of what happened. All of it, and tell them that it's likley you got infected with some preprogrammed behavioural patterns, quite possibly to betray your team at an oppurtunity that would be beneficiant for the entity you encountered.

So tell them what it said to you as well "but i HAve a use fOr you beyond teSTINg for MY weapons you will KNow what-to do when the t-time IS right-t" and ask Tene if there is some way to they can scan you to make sure if it's a problem or not. And this is something that is absolutely vital that they know. No matter what it might cost you.
No. 192040 ID: 6a5a08

I think the Mini-Monitor might have gone to report our infection.

I have an idea. This thing is a machine... just switch all augmentations for new ones at once. It should only be able to control mechanical parts.
No. 192071 ID: 288dda

Equipment A is the best equipment. There first, then rations etc, and then the security station before the objective.
No. 195069 ID: b5fbb5
File 127682010566.png - (275.95KB , 640x480 , d-40.png )

The consensus appears to be path C to equipment room A. Kata22ti looks forward to no interruptions until she gets a new pair of light quad legs, a new fine manipulator and hopefully a replacement optical component for her helmet.

She looks forward to no interruptions. She's not optimistic enough to assume, however, that this will be the case.

The group exit the security station and enter the corridor. Surprisingly, nothing seems to be around, but it is likely obscured by the heaps of debris in both directions.

>Talk to Tene
Kata22ti: ...Sir, request to know why you are, well, staring at me.
Tene157ot: I've seen drones jacked into system space seize up and fall to the floor after losing control of their bodies, and they usually end up... well. Did you... notice anything unusual?
Kata22ti: Something caught me and I think it was about to kill me but then I found myself on the floor with weapons being pointed at me.
Tene157ot: Something caught you?
Kata22ti: Something large and blue and terrifying, I don't know, it was getting harder to navigate. I was... absolutely terrified for my life, sir.

Tene157ot continues to stare at her. It is impossible to read through his helmet just what he's thinking. He then looks to the ground and shakes his head slightly. His voice is a little shakier than usual, but still maintains some of his usual calm diction.

Tene157ot: Oh dear. Seto. Kata's been compromised by Network Prime.

Seto96n swings around with his beam weapon pointed towards Kata22ti. Rito112a points her own in-built railgun to her as well. Tene157ot does not brandish a weapon, but instead retrieves and adjusts his medical multifunction tool to the syringe setting, and starts to slowly approach Kata22ti.

She starts backing towards the security station door.

Tene157ot: Kata, I need you to co-operate. If you co-operate no-one has to do anything they will regret and no-one needs to get hurt or killed. Just stay still. This won't hurt.

Tene157ot holds the syringe as if he may end up having to use it as a weapon. Kata22ti is seconds away from a mental breakdown as the last group she thought she could trust seemingly turns on her. She staggers backwards.

Enhanced reflexes are in effect. Next action will be performed immediately as a response.
No. 195071 ID: e973f4

Well, options appear to be "sit still and hope you can trust your team to not kill you" or "freak out and then get shot by your team."

Nnnnot sure why you'd pick the latter.
No. 195072 ID: e973f4

No. 195073 ID: 0b2a05

Say "you need to explain to me what you're going to do first!"
No. 195074 ID: a594b9

Lie down and submit.

"Please... don't kill me."
No. 195077 ID: 620bfb

You are not combat-trained. If they want to take you out it's going to happen. Let Tene do what he's trying.
No. 195112 ID: 701a19

"Where did the monitor get off to? Couldn't it test for that?"
No. 195167 ID: 3297aa

You have two options here: get stabbed with a syringe, or get stabbed with bullets. I recommend the syringe.
No. 195175 ID: d9ca51

Holy crap holy crap holy crap, take a step back, use REFLEXES if they make a sudden bolt to take you down. 'Woah wait, wait, you're scaring me sir! What are you doing?! Tene? Tene! What's going on?!' Needles are generally bad when there's weapons involved and they talk like that, don't let em stick that thing in your side so easily unless they explain something first. Problem is, like pointed out already, they outnumber, outgun, and outclass Kata. If they want to do it, they will get to do it.
No. 195274 ID: c2c011

Your team knows best. Sit down and trust Tene. After all didn't he patch you up after that thing with the fissure device and save you from that robot?
No. 195305 ID: 059120

Trust Ten. Request further briefing next time someone has to stab you, afterwards.
No. 195390 ID: b5fbb5
File 127689075671.png - (132.25KB , 640x480 , d-41.png )

Kata22ti: Sir!! What are you doing?!
Tene157ot: Don't panic, Kata, don't panic.
Kata22ti: The monitor! Can't it check?
Tene157ot: You were captured by Network Prime. The only reason it would have let you go free would be to serve as a means to an end. There's no need for further checking.
Kata22ti: Please don't kill me...

Tene157ot puts a hand on Kata's side, lowering the syringe. He speaks softly and quietly.

Tene157ot: It won't come to that. Trust me. It's just a sedative to make sure you don't act on impulses that aren't your own, for our protection and yours.

>Trust Tene
Kata22ti is not sure who or what to trust any more. But Tene157ot has saved her life twice before. And his voice is, though unnervingly calm, still reassuring compared to the screams of flesh beasts and deranged machines and godlike artificial intelligences. And he genuinely sounds like he doesn't want to kill her.

She hesitantly lies down. She doesn't even notice the syringe and then things start to get hazier. Tene157ot sits where she can see him and speaks barely in a whisper.

Tene157ot: Don't worry. I'm here to do everything I can for your health, for Seto's, for Rito's, for all of us. You're not going to die while I'm still alive.

The world is fading out around Kata22ti and she is finding it harder and harder to even care about this. Everything fades to nothing.
No. 195392 ID: b5fbb5
File 12768908209.png - (467.44KB , 640x480 , d-42.png )


Everything is hazy. Is she dreaming? She recalls the dreams of worlds unfamiliar to her while she hung weightlessly in her growth tank.

There is little time remaining.

Kata22ti does not recognise this voice. Is it a voice? Or words written across her version? Or the concept of the words drifting freely around her.

You claim allegiance to Central Network. But this is not your choice. This is circumstance.

What is your choice?

Do you wish to obey your supposed creator?
Or its eternal enemy?
Would you prefer to know the answers?
Or would you prefer to be free, risking all that entails, abandoning those you know?

There is no time for further questions. What is your choice, Kata?

No. 195393 ID: a594b9

No. 195395 ID: aeade0

i want the truth
No. 195400 ID: b5fbb5

[Just a clarification: Pick one out of those four options. Those options being:

- Central Network
- Network Prime
- ??????
- Freedom]
No. 195402 ID: 5eea01

Neither Central Network nor Network Prime have your best interests at heart, and survival on your own seems unlikely. Understanding the situation will help you to do what is right.

You need answers.
No. 195404 ID: 059120

Prime is crazy. That's out.
The monitors are dicks. Rather not pick them. And I don't think knowing would be able to change anything, anyway.
Running could work, but I'd like to stick with Ten and help !!9.
So I guess we're left with Central.
No. 195406 ID: f202ec

It's nothing but madmen here. Time to GTFO.
No. 195408 ID: a594b9

Oh, I see.

The MYSTERY CHOICE is allying ourselves with the Monitors.

I believe the mini-Monitor is asking us this question.
No. 195411 ID: e973f4

Well, hm. Being alone sounds like a good way to die, and the other network kind of openly threatened us with death.

Honestly I'm tempted to say Central. :V
No. 195412 ID: 716eb0

What kind of Central subsystem would we be if we advocated anything but allegiance to Central?
No. 195418 ID: c4c313

Network Prime would make us kill our friends. Or turn them into monsters. Same thing really. It might be correct about its angry claims, but aligning with it would be a death sentence for you and probably dangerous for our entire subsystem.

Central Network assigned us to find out what is damaging it, so even if we choose to stay loyal to Central we're pretty much obligated to go for the truth. We obviously are too damaged to make the simple decision of putting a plasma cannon on our backs, so staying loyal to Central would only help it marginally, but it would benefit much more if we find what it needs by making the sacrifice to open up our mind to the multidimensional keening wail that is the answers of the monitors.

Actually uh... answers are scary. Maybe we should stay with Central...

Being free uh... without our cybernetics we're like, a torso and half a head. What are we going to do, flop out the door? I'd rather not be free of my limbs thank you very much. On the other hand if we were just autonomous and could study Central from within that'd be valuable... but still, no way to know what freedom means. Freedom from us? Would you awaken in the sunlight, with no subsystem to guide you? Too vague.

If you can bear to do it, choose answers. That would help the ones you care about and possibly save them, but you might not enjoy it. Otherwise stick with Central. Having the answers is a burden none of us could demand that you bear.

I suggest ??????
No. 195470 ID: 6a5a08

You shouldn't follow the will of anyone but yourself. Openly stating desire for freedom, however, could be dangerous. I say, be flexible. I'm tempted to go with ??????, but for now stick with Central Network, since we have some allies with them. We'll see where it goes from there...

Never tie yourself down permanently to any 'alignment' or 'allegiance'. A true hero builds their own side, and take everyone else to the path of Freedom with them, or die trying.
No. 195493 ID: 620bfb

Mystery choice!
No. 195498 ID: fdaabb

Both Central and Prime have done questionable things. Freedom for ourselves would leave the others to die.

We were made to find out what's going on.

The Truth Is Out There, Kata. Hopefully we can handle the truth.
No. 195503 ID: aeade0

i pick ??????
No. 195584 ID: c00244

I want to know the answers. Blind service is just a road to pointless death in ignorance; freedom without knowledge leads to the same place. At least let us die enlightened.

?????? it is.
No. 195664 ID: 701a19

Answers, because then we might be able to actually solve these problems.
No. 195718 ID: 45be60

Have you no loyalty? If not to our masters, then to our squad-mates? THEY are the only ones who have shown they can be trusted. We should chose their cause.
No. 195721 ID: 701a19

"Answers" is in conflict with neither. That allows us to help the squad without aligning with CN.
No. 195722 ID: e4e9c3

Freedom to seek the truth.
No. 195765 ID: 5eea01

Wait. What if this whole question is a test of loyalty? If that is the case, we should stick with CN.

Damnit, this is really not a decision we should be making with so little information. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?
No. 195766 ID: c2c011

Stick with the central network. It's the one you know of. You might not know the entire picture but you know that if you stick with it you can stay with your friends. Pick any of the others and chances are you will lose them.

Answears and truth can all be very nice. It can also be something you're better of not knowing about or something that will make you the target of everyone.

And now I'm very interested in something else. Why is there no time for questions and why does Kata have to make this choice? Hmm, guess that was a question after all. Probably won't get an answear then as there is no time for it.
No. 195769 ID: fc5f60

I would say seek answers, but stay loyal to your cause. I would always suggest waiting for a reason to rebel, and so far all central network has done is pretend to be GLADoS, and ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH'ing is surely to get you killed, and you're too adorable to die.
No. 195786 ID: fc5f60


I just realised that had confusing wording.

seek answers
*advice drone*
stay loyal
No. 195806 ID: f202ec


My altered vote goes to your beneficent creator.
No. 195809 ID: b14128

I say freedom. If we're free, we can do whatever we want, including finding the truth, and later aligning ourselves with somebody if we decide to.

Or, if we're not going to do that, go with ????, because Central and Prime are both crazy. Screw loyalty, we don't even know what our 'master' is up to, much less if it's even sane.
No. 195816 ID: 18a463

answers is best choice.
No. 195851 ID: c82474

the um the

your guys!

the first one! I think

(I forgot this website. :<)
No. 195856 ID: 1e4a3b

̸̢͇̱͔̟̤͍̠̲͎̫͇̬̼̆̐̉ͫͭ̂̑̔̍̑͌̍̈́S̢̥̻̗͚̪͎͔̪̦̀ͧ̉͐̉͒͒̐ͮ̈́̂͑̇ͩ̀͘͟͡ ̵̧̤̻͔̯ͪ́̌̋͗ͥ̿̅̄͘Pͮͨ̈͗ͨ̐̓͏͚̩̹̤Ĺ͑ͨ̇͐ͦ́̑͒̇͊ͭͣ̅̚҉̠̫̪̲͎͇̰̰͔͉͚͔̺̝̪͚͟Ẽ̡̋̽̔̄ͨ҉̛̕
̟͉̹͙̼̜̲̇͞͡ ̼͓̳̗̖̝̬̖̭̭̝̦̲͋ͩ̿̓̓̃́ͣͧͯ̽ͥ̔ͤ̚͢͜ͅZ̝̞̭̽̓́ͣ̓͆ͯ͗ͤ̈̈́͢͞ͅA̶̘̺͉̠̤̞̲͈͑͌ͨͤͣͪ͛͛ͪ͑ͦ́̚͡ͅ
No. 195950 ID: 786a89
File 127698944321.png - (384.36KB , 640x480 , d-43.png )

>votes tallied, victory for ANSWERS
You have made your decision.

Everything becomes slightly sharper. Kata22ti realises she is staring up at a ceiling. She can't feel her rear left leg. After a few seconds of bewildered stairing, she realises she's on her back on some metal surface. Craning her head around to inspect the cause of this lack of sensation, she sees Tene157ot staring at the open socket where a light quad leg should be.

Seto96n: Okay, I just saw you put the first one in fine. Now what's wrong?
Rito112a: Honestly. You drones and your legs. You should just get-
Seto96n: Rito, if you don't shut up about legs and hovering right now, I'm going to rip that hover pack off your back, dump it in a corner of the room, and dump you in the opposite corner. Understand?
Rito112a: I've recovered from worse. As you can tell. But okay.
Tene157ot: There was an obstruction in part of the socket. It should be fine now. And I know you're awake, Kata, so I'd like you to try moving this leg for me.

With a click, Kata22ti is back to her original light quadrupedal locomotion set-up. She lifts her two new legs up into the air and inspects them. They aren't exactly shiny and new, having gathered dust in storage for a while, but they're completely functional. They respond marginally better than the other two limbs she's managed to retain.

She also notices her left eye appears to be working without glitching overlays or distorted viewing or an excessively large blind spot. She reaches at it with her new left fine manipulator, noticing it's completely intact.

Tene157ot: Excellent. Looks like we're back on track. What else do we need here-
Seto96n: Okay. Tene. Rito. Go look for equipment. Guns. Explosives. Anything you can find and carry. If it says "experimental" anywhere, drop it and make sure not to pick it up again. In fact, just stay away from that aisle. Go.
Tene157ot: ...yes sir!
Rito112a: Right.

The two leave for opposite ends of the incredibly spacious room. Kata22ti realises she's resting on a large metal crate. She realises the group is in Equipment A, based on the size of the room and what Seto96n just said. Seto96n glances furtively around and, once the other two are gone, speaks quietly to Kata.

Seto96n: You want answers, eh?
Kata22ti: ...Answers to what, sir?
Seto96n: I know what just happened, Kata. You're working for them now. Now you may be asking yourself, how can I possibly know that? Well, you're not the only one working for them.
Kata22ti: ...

Kata22ti doesn't know whether this is part of the dream, or whether Seto96n is just bluffing and happens to have stumbled upon the theme of answers, or who exactly "them" is. She has no idea how to respond.
No. 195952 ID: 059120

Who are they, sir? What does working for them mean? What about Central Network?
No. 195955 ID: b14128

Let's not tip our hand in case he's just bluffing. "'They', sir? Requesting clarification?" If he clarifies, then ask more questions.
No. 195956 ID: 6a5a08

"So does this mean you never really were working for Central Network? I'm guessing we both work for the Monitors now. And, also, I think it'd be best if I learned protocol as soon as possible. You know, before I accidentally break it again."
No. 195960 ID: c4c313


"You bet your butt I'm looking for answers! Who are they, the monitors? What is their allegience to Central? TALK TO ME MAN"

no, don't say that, uh...


No. 195963 ID: a594b9

So that's why he knows so much about the Monitors. I thought he was just a really knowledgeable veteran, before. Of course, he probably still IS, but has inside info too.

"Sir. Who did I just choose? I want to fix everything. Sir."
No. 195970 ID: c2c011

Ask him what he's talking about. Don't assume he means that he faced the same choice and also wanted answears. Don't give out any information until he gives out more.
No. 196001 ID: 45be60

No. 196023 ID: c4c313




Not this. No offense but you guys suck at subterfuge.
No. 196024 ID: 45be60

subterwhat? I thought his comments were pretty hard to shrug off as a lucky guess.
No. 196060 ID: c4c313


Can't be too careful. His comments were slightly off anyway. We're still working for Central, or at least Central's benefit. It's best if we ask him what he's talking about, since confessing our confusion would at best waste time and at worst confirm his suspicions, allowing him to open fire on us.

...I still want a mounted cannon. :c
No. 196141 ID: 7309e8

Wasn't that what we're supposed to find? Answers?
But... There are answers I want, too. Like, why can't we all get along? How can we fix things? How does the hover module work and how much can it support? Can it be overclocked?

This is all confusing, sir.
No. 196159 ID: 701a19

"Knowledge is power. I want to save everybody."
No. 196163 ID: 059120

Yup. Seth didn't confirm he was the one working for the monitors. He could be a dedicated enemy of them, who figured out we just got that choice, and is confirming his suspicions before putting us down. Play dumb. Which should be easy since we still don't know anything.
No. 196428 ID: f202ec

"Sir, could you please explain what you mean? I am still feeling light-headed from the injection, sir!"
No. 196444 ID: 45be60

"I just screamed 'what the fuck is going on' over and over again until I woke up. Was I supposed to do something important?"

No. 196863 ID: 481e1f
File 127715264642.png - (91.08KB , 640x480 , d-44.png )

>Play dumb, reveal nothing
Kata22ti: Sir, I don't understand. I still feel light-headed from the sedative. Who are 'they'-
Seto96n: Drop the act. You know exactly what I'm talking about.
Kata22ti: I have no idea, sir! Requesting clarification, sir!
Seto96n: Rito? Tene?

No response. He looks side to side, and leans over Kata22ti.

Seto96n: Who do you think they are, Kata?
Kata22ti: I don't know, sir!
Seto96n: You've allied yourself with the monitors for answers. I made that same mistake once.
Kata22ti: ...Sir, I didn't know what would happen, I just wanted to save everyone by knowing what to do-
Seto96n: Nope. Not happening. You'll get as much answers as they want to give you, using the promise of further answers to make you do exactly what they want. But... hmm. Interesting. Kata, take that band around your torso off. I've been carrying your multitool.

Kata22ti wasn't aware the metal band around her torso was removable, but attempts to remove it nonetheless.

She doesn't see anything of note underneath it.

Seto96n: ...huh. That answers that. ...Look at your back, Kata.
Kata22ti: ...how do I do that, sir?
Seto96n: Get off the crate and look behind you. Can't say I envy you. You haven't exactly had it easy so far. Just... it's best if you see for yourself.

Kata22ti gets up and looks behind her, her helmet eyes able to look at her back with her head turned.

Her back looks at her, with the eyes of the monitor once perched upon it.

She seizes up, unwilling to speak or so much move a muscle, realising that the thing must somehow actually be inside her back. Possibly deeper. Her panic is not exactly conducive to high level planning.

Enhanced reflexes are in effect should physical action be taken.
No. 196865 ID: 059120

How about we ignore it? We've got a mission to do, fuck the monitors.
No. 196870 ID: a594b9

If Seto worked for them before, maybe he knows something important. Ask why Central and Prime both think the other is crazy. Is it possible to repair them? Central obviously thinks we're just expendable tools, while Prime wants to kill all organics and replace them with robots. Tell him about the pure-virtual life form you found. Just tell him everything. This may be our only chance to speak in private for quite some time.

Also don't freak out about the mini-monitor inside you. Poke it a little, see if you can talk to it or interact somehow.
No. 196875 ID: c4c313

This is hardly optimal!

With all due respect sir, Central is broken. My subsystem is broken. Multiple transmission errors omitted vital data. I am a mismatched combination, fine manipulators and a portal drive, engineering skill with no repair tool, when what Central needed is a streamlined combat drone. My mission is to investigate unexplained damage to Central Network subsystems. In our current state of affairs, I am useless at that task. I thought the monitors might be able to help, but it looks like they only want to consume me, slowly. I'm afraid I don't have any answers after all...

...say that after panicking, running around like a headless chicken, and attempting to rub the monitor off your back by rolling over repeatedly.
No. 196883 ID: 059120

Okay, changing my vote to this. All of it.
No. 196889 ID: 090c30

this is optimal and effective.

do not forget to cry as well.
No. 196896 ID: e973f4

I can't disagree with this. :V
No. 196904 ID: a594b9


Guys, this is actually a serious quest and panicking seems like it will result in bad things.
No. 196928 ID: 716eb0

I don't want to be allied with the Monitors, sir. They are creepy and casually hurt things. This squad is the only group that has earned my loyalty.
No. 196935 ID: c4c313


No. 196942 ID: e973f4

Well, okay, maybe temper the "flipping the fuck out" part a little bit.
No. 196943 ID: 479c7b

"are the others... enemies?"
No. 196951 ID: c2c011

Oh so that's where that little bugger went. And that's why you had to make that choice. So lets see, you got us and central network in your helmet and you have that thing lodged in your spine. Also you did get some Network Prime stuff in your brain, I wonder when you're gonna get a fleshbeast added into the mix.

Ask Seto for help. He seems to have a bit more experiance in dealing with these things.
No. 197314 ID: 481e1f
File 127724412999.png - (117.61KB , 640x480 , d-45.png )

>Ignore it!
>Don't freak out
Kata22ti is sure it's fine it's nothing it's just a slight problem she can still do things she still feels healthy she hasn't started coughing blood or anything everything is fine there are no problems here nope no problems.

She can feel herself shaking.

>Freak out, Kata!
>Freak out to a reasonable degree!
Kata22ti abruptly starts running in a circle as if chasing her tail and rolls onto the floor, rolling onto her back and her sides over and over again as if trying to put out a fire.

Seto96n stares wordlessly at her for a few seconds.

Seto96n: ...You've taken that better than most drones I've met have. I'm surprised you didn't start screaming. Still, that's almost reassuring. You're clearly still in charge of your faculties enough, after being nearly blown up, deep scanned and captured by Prime. I've seen drones snap after just one of those things happening to them.

Kata22ti rolls onto her front. As wide the range of motion her fine manipulators have, she can't reach the damn thing in her back.

>Voice your concerns
Kata22ti: Sir, I have so much doubt about the mission and myself. I have no combat skills in this hostile environment, I was compromised by Network Prime and now there's a monitor stuck inside my spine! Central Network has given me no answers and sent me off to die, Network Prime is terrifying and insane, and the monitors have done this to me! I don't know who to trust any more!!

Kata22ti fights back what feel like tears. The last thing that will be of benefit to anyone is her breaking down completely. She has to remain focused. Has to. Seto96n walks over to her, kneels down and pats her helmet.

Seto96n: Yup. Doesn't surprise me at all. That's exactly how I felt when I decided to swap sides to the monitors. I'm pretty sure none of us in this team are exactly that loyal to Central Network. But we're going to go investigate that damage regardless. It's still good for your health to appear to be loyal, after all.
Kata22ti: A-are Tene and Rito our enemies now?
Seto96n: We're all working for the same ends. We just have different reasons for it.
Kata22ti: What do I do now?
Seto96n: Well, I'm not very familiar with having a monitor take up residence in someone's body. It's not going to harm or hinder you in any way if it can help it, though. I've been told that much.

Tene157ot approaches the two with his manipulator arms carrying something rifle-shaped, a box with the Central Network symbol on it with "MEDICAL" written on it in large letters, and a small black sphere. He drops everything he's carrying next to the crate Kata22ti was lying on.

Tene157ot: One gauss rifle, one pack of medical supplies, one subspace vortex grenade-
Seto96n: Damn it, Tene, I said no experimental tech! ...Well, if it's meant to explode horribly, I guess we can take it. I guess the worst that can happen is it somehow fails to end in catastrophe.
Tene157ot: I spent a while analysing the benefits and disadvantages and came to that conclusion too, sir, and- Central Network! Kata! What is wrong with your back?!

Kata22ti hesitates. Tene157ot stares wildly as if the monitor in Kata22ti's back might suddenly leap at him and tear his head off. She considers what she can respond with that might make him a little less suspicious.
No. 197315 ID: 059120

No. 197316 ID: a594b9

Just say it's the mini-monitor. It's giving you a hug. A deep hug.
No. 197324 ID: 6a5a08

A very deep hug.

Good natured humor can never go wrong.
No. 197332 ID: ff6cf4

it is also a goood way to hide san loss.
No. 197353 ID: c4c313

You remember when the monitor stuck the mini-monitor on my back. It's still there. It... hid under my back plate when Network Prime attacked me. C-could you take a look at it? Please? It's kind of scaring me.
No. 197364 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you have no fucking idea what it's doing. But if he could figure out a way to get it off you would be extremly grateful.
No. 197442 ID: 4531bc
File 127726212322.png - (67.28KB , 426x421 , noserubcirr.png )

Rub Noses.
No. 197443 ID: e973f4

No. 197452 ID: a594b9

Those are helmets. That'll be pretty pointless.
No. 197491 ID: 701a19

"I am in the middle of panicking over that right now, Sir."
No. 197503 ID: 911d56

It doesn't hurt (for now anyways). I think it is the thing the monitor put on me. Can you make sure it will not hinder my ability to assist the squad?
No. 197507 ID: 55e935

You filthy pig.
No. 197567 ID: 5eabae

No. 197569 ID: 030624


No. 197632 ID: e91554

oh ffs.

say >>197491 and that its the minimonitor from before.
No. 197636 ID: fc5f60

"it's just a monitor. it's just... monitor-ing. don't talk to it, it's kind of a douche bag."
No. 197696 ID: f202ec

I'm going to have to go ahead with and go with "aaaa Tene help please get it out of me I'm afraid and I think it might also affect my contributions to the squad!"

Plus a quick affectionate helmet clang.
No. 197762 ID: d363a2

don't freak out tene out, jeez.
No. 197775 ID: 6a5a08

He'll think we're trying to eat his face, no nose rubs without telling him.

Anyhow, ask Tene if he would mind a noserub. You could really use one right about now... you just had a nervous breakdown after all!
No. 197836 ID: 460f78
File 127733917673.png - (123.40KB , 640x480 , d-46.png )

>Tell Tene about the monitor
Kata22ti: Tene! The small monitor didn't wander away! I think it's inside my back somehow! I am in the middle of panicking, sir! Get it out of me!
Tene157ot: Alright alright calm down Kata let me see what I can do!
Seto96n: Going to remove it, Tene? I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Tene157ot presses a flat part of the medical tool onto her affected back.

Tene157ot: Do you feel anything?
Kata22ti: ...I... yes, sir? But it's... I don't...

Kata22ti realises she can feel the monitor as if it is simply another part of her body. She stares blankly at Tene157ot as he prods her back a few more times. It feels just like she's being prodded in the back.

Tene157ot: ...Well, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but if you can feel it and it's not causing you immediate harm, I'm not going to risk attempting to remove it. Not if you can live with it a little longer. Your vital signs appear fine to me.
Kata22ti: Tene... I'm scared. So much has happened to me and I don't even know who or what I am any more. I was compromised by Network Prime and now this...
Tene157ot: I've seen drones struggle through worse and live to tell the tale, Kata. Don't lose hope.

>Nose rub!
Kata22ti taps the end of her helmet against Tene157ot's. Tene157ot stares blankly at Kata22ti and, for lack of a better response, pats her on the head. Kata22ti tries to actually rub her head against Tene157ot's, and Tene157ot takes a few steps backwards, thoroughly confused.

Tene157ot: ...what are you trying to do, Kata?
Kata22ti: ...I don't actually know, sir.

There is an awkward silence. It is made mercifully brief by the arrival of Rito112a, carrying absolutely nothing.

Rito112a: This equipment is junk. Outdated gauss rifles, experimental versions of hover technology, experimental this experimental that! Oh, but I found something that might be of interest to you, Kata22ti.

Kata22ti stares in horror. No. It isn't. It can't be.

Rito112a: It actually has your name and identity code engraved on it. Weird. "Mark Two Subspace Vortex Device". This your band on the floor? It's like it was custom made to fit it! Well, I assume you want it, right?
No. 197839 ID: a594b9

Yes. And we shall never ever use it anywhere near us ever. Long-range only.
No. 197842 ID: c2c011

Neat, so the damn thing ended up here. Hmm, keep it and see if you can narrow down the area that gets teleported away and make it more precise. That way you might be able to get out the monitor without invasive surgery.

So accept it and see what you can do by tinkering with it.
No. 197843 ID: d3dfb8

Hells. Yes.
No. 197844 ID: 5d84fb

it's been re-redesigned, weapon only, long range only.
No. 197846 ID: d3dfb8

Inform your compatriots of this.
No. 197847 ID: 6a5a08

There is clearly only one option after all this traumatic madness. This is the last draw. You must faint and get it over with, or it'll happen at an inopportune moment!

But when you wake up, reluctantly take the device. Who knows... maybe CN made it less... kill-you-able.
But I doubt it.
No. 197853 ID: e973f4

No. 197855 ID: d3dfb8

No, don't do this.
Take a few minutes break to relieve stress.
No. 197856 ID: 0c4fcd

> "Mark Two Subspace Vortex Device"

fucking damm, are the monitors helping us already? attempt to use it just a bit
No. 197864 ID: 93ebff

On the bright side, you know how to kill yourself with this. It should make it easier to not do so in the future. Maybe you can relieve stress by blowing stuff into pink mist with that thing.
No. 197887 ID: c4c313


Obviously this is subspace device Mark II, the second one. The last one we had must have been Mark I. I'm sure this one will be totally safe and no danger whatsoever. Thanks Central!
No. 197961 ID: 059120

Of course we want it! We can't leave such a dangerous device just lying around. We need to keep a close eye on it to make sure it never gets used.
No. 197962 ID: 701a19

Never gets used at close range.
No. 198104 ID: 402847

Very carefully put it down on the ground an LEAVE IT THERE. We are NOT taking that infernal device.
No. 198106 ID: f202ec

"Sir, I believe the final decision is yours to make." Then look at Seto96 pleadingly.
No. 198122 ID: 7d2b7d

Keep it safe, Kata.
No. 198823 ID: fc5f60

yell "FOR THE GOOD OF THE WORLD!", then rapid fire it right there.

seriously though, don't do that, just take it and don't use it if there is an alternative route.
No. 198834 ID: 716eb0

Mark II is clearly past the experimental stage. It is ready for field trials.

And it has our name on it! must be a birthday present. or decanting day?
No. 198873 ID: 6a5a08

Find mail chute
Place Vortex Device in chute and close it
No. 198886 ID: c029a6

more like a DEATH GIFT.

"i heard you just got out of hospital with grievous wounds and horrible maiming after that accident! here is a brand new warp device, i hope you die this time!"

its like GLaDos got a hold of a new test subject!
No. 198962 ID: 636c08
File 127751043142.png - (298.80KB , 640x480 , d-47.png )

>Don't have a breakdown, Kata!
Kata22ti curls up on the floor and whimpers slightly at the recollection of the last time she used the previous device. So much for avoiding additional mental stress.

>Take the device!
Kata22ti is not going to take it. Ever. She narrowly avoiding dying and suffered an excruciating amount of pain last time before Tene157ot intervened. Not to mention the loss of two limbs, a manipulator arm and an eye that have only recently been replaced.

But Rito112a is insistent. She gently puts the device down on the ground next to Kata22ti. Seto96n, still leaning against the crate, gives it a cursory glance and inspects his gripping claw.

Seto96n: It's got your name on it, Kata. Like it or not, it's yours for testing. And if you want to stay alive, personally I'd suggest testing it as little as possible.
Rito112a: Oh. I didn't see that before. It says "Highly Experimental" on the side. ...I agree with Seto, Kata. Also point it away from me when you use it.

Kata22ti just curls up into a tighter ball. Tene157ot taps his manipulator arms together nervously.

Tene157ot: I don't see how testing dangerously experimental equipment is relevant to the primary mission, sir. Also, it would probably be best for Kata's mental health if we just leave it here.
Seto96n: Well-
Rito112a: Does it really matter whether or not we use it? We just have to take it. If we don't take it, who knows what might decide to pick it up and use it against us instead?
Tene157ot: W...well, I guess you have a point-
Rito112a: Then it's settled! Here, Kata.

Rito112a reattaches Kata22ti's metal band, with her back making no sounds or motions of protest. Monitors are eerily silent when not speaking anyway, as far as Kata22ti is aware, but it seems to be especially silent now. After the band is reattached, somehow, despite lacking any clear mechanism for doing so, the vortex device clicks into place on top of the band, which now hides any trace of the monitor residing in her back.

Tene157ot helps Kata22ti up. She staggers around for a moment before resigning herself to her inevitable fate.
No. 198963 ID: 636c08
File 127751045142.png - (188.03KB , 640x480 , d-48.png )

From here, the team can proceed to Equipment B for further supplies, or attempt to get more information from System Access, or simply proceed to the mission goal. The team is now outfitted with reasonable amounts of firepower, and no drone is hungry or thirsty at this point in time. Kata22ti's regenerative nanomachines are working at full capacity.

Tene157ot considers matters with his enhanced cognition, and arrives at the conclusion that the team is likely outfitted well enough to proceed directly to the mission objective. If anything goes wrong, they can retreat to Equipment B and use the supplies there to recover and regroup.

Tene157ot also cautions Kata22ti strongly on unwarranted use of experimental technology, advising her to only use the vortex device if retreat proves impossible. Seto96n agrees with Tene157ot, seeming preoccupied and lost in thought, occasionally glancing at Kata22ti.

Seto96n: Well, unless anyone has objections, which I frankly at this point am likely not going to care about, we're going to do what we were briefed today earlier this cycle and proceed to the node housing room.
Tene157ot: Affirmative.
Riot112a: The sooner we're out of here the better.
Seto96n: Any objections, Kata?
No. 198965 ID: a594b9

No. 198974 ID: e67080

"No objections, Sir!"
No. 198977 ID: 6a5a08

Going into System Space again with Prime there is a bad plan, and we don't need supplies, so no problems with moving on now.
No. 198995 ID: 01e059

No. 199003 ID: c4c313

Man, that skree thing came from the network node housing room. I bet it's full of those things, whatever they are.
No. 199195 ID: d3dfb8

if something goes wrong and we are forced to retreat we can fire the fissure device toward the checkpoint as we flee to cut off pursuers.
No. 199289 ID: c2c011

Blow your way into the security area by blowing up the wall seperating it from Storage A. Create a new entry instead of using the front door. The storage should have enough explosives to make the plan possible.
No. 199799 ID: 636c08
File 127765463872.png - (236.69KB , 640x480 , d-49.png )

Kata22ti: No objections, sir, but we could probably create an entrance to the check point through destroying a section of the wall in this room.
Seto96n: Oh no we can't. The walls are damn thick here and the explosion needed to break through them would just attract the attention of every Network Prime robot in the sector. Plus it'd probably trigger a few drone team dispatches to eliminate the threat to the sector integrity. And in the ensuing chaos who knows what would happen? We're going in t⌊hrough the main entrance.
Rito112a: I don't see how that's an issue. Might even draw the attention of whatever's lurking in the node housing room, and lure it outside where we can face it on our terms and not its.
Tene157ot: Sir, from what I've witnessed of a subspace explosion, it's strong enough to rend flesh and break metal, but the damage to the vent access was only just enough to render it marginally inaccessible.

The team heads to the check point. Intended to be a simple, smaller security station for drones entering and leaving the node housing room to perform physical maintenance, it seems to serve purely as one more potential obstacle to traverse before entering the room.

Worryingly, there is no problem entering the check point itself. Primarily because the front door appears to be jammed open.

Seto96n and Rito112a enter first, weapons at the ready. Tene157ot follows, gauss rifle primed and ready to fire as soon as possible.

Kata22ti enters last, and stares soundlessly at the door to the node housing room. All of the drones stare ahead as if in a trance, expecting nothing like what they now see.

Flesh covers the door. Embedded into the wall appears to be a creature similar to the one Kata22ti encountered in the vent access, but merged into the wall and not appearing entirely happy with its situation.


It seems considerably more docile than the last one.

"...mmm...mmmmmm...meeeeeeeeeeeeeee...hhhhhhhh...hhhhp meeeeeeeeeeee..."
No. 199800 ID: a594b9

Destroy the goop around it. It seems disabled, so we can interrogate it for information.
No. 199801 ID: 059120

I'm not sure we should, and I'm not sure we can. Ask Seth if he even knows what these things are. It seems pretty harmless as it is though, so I advocate at least leaving it alone until you figure out what the hell is going on here.
No. 199802 ID: 701a19

Taking a look at the meat inside of a drone's metal shell I believe that this creature is, if not the same species, then certainly a close relative. Head shape suggests it is male.

Do not touch any of the flesh; the creature could potentially have control over it, or it might be a trap which has captured the creature.
Ask who it is and what happened here. Be friendly, but remain cautious.
No. 199804 ID: 6a5a08

Poor guy... well, he/she/it seems docile, right? Maybe he could be useful to us. By the look of things, the flesh stuff is either attacking/trapping him, or a part of him. If it's the first and we free him, we'd possibly gain an ally. And in the survival horror genre, allies are always good to have.

Kata, try talking to it. Ask its name.

Inb4 it's !!9-33
No. 199808 ID: c2c011

Free up its mouth so that it can talk better. Ask it what it was doing there, what the shit on the walls is, what you're likely to encounter in the next room and what its purpose is. Don't ask it what its name is or ask it for its lifestory.

Once it's done answering your questions then blow off its head. Atleast if it is an enemy. And don't believe it if it tells you that it's not an enemy, that is something that you should only believe if it's verified by your team. Otherwise have Seto or Rito blow its head off.
No. 199827 ID: 0b2a05

Okay, you need to either free this thing or kill it, because this is fucked up. Preferably free it. Is this a stool pigeon routine? Look for possible attackers, INCLUDING the slime itself.
No. 199829 ID: 5ed4f7

throw a piece of scrap at the goop, see if it reacts to something touching it before moving in. if it is un reactive then continue closing in. free it's mouth and request more info.
No. 199846 ID: b14128

Look around. And up. You always need to look up. The really, really, nasty, mean, dangerous stuff is always above you.
No. 199898 ID: fc5f60

the creature is not going any where, search the room before you make any decisions.
No. 199940 ID: c4c313


This. Also he's been wrapped up in that... whatever it is for hours now, so a few more minutes of caution won't hurt him.

Do not, repeat do not poke the pink goo restraining him.
No. 199988 ID: f202ec

Hey, let's have Rito shoot it free with that railgun of hers. That way we don't have to touch the goop and we already have a gun aimed at it if it happens to be hostile. Meanwhile you and Tene keep watch (including "look up")
No. 200354 ID: 636c08
File 12777491372.png - (244.07KB , 640x480 , d-50.png )

>Look around
Kata22ti elects to ignore the trapped creature for now and instead decides to inspect the area.

Tene157ot: Central Network. What IS that thing?
Rito112a: ...
Seto96n: This looks like a trap to me.

With his enhanced senses, Seto96n slowly turns his head side to side, and up and down, making sense of the bizzare sight in front of them.

Rito112a moves closer to the trapped creature, which, twitching and struggling, slowly moves its exposed eye to look at her. She reaches out with her gripping claw and tears the flesh growing over the creature's head away. Sickly puce liquid dribbles out of the wounds inflicted.

Kata22ti does not hear what Rito112a says to the creature, or what the creature responds, but she does hear Rito112a sound increasingly shaken.

Tene157ot analyses the flesh with the medical tool. He stares at it perplexed.

Tene157ot: That's not right. It... but that doesn't make sense.
Seto96n: What?
Tene157ot: It's giving me a drone name and code. "Baro179t, CR-8T-104". But that can't be right.

>Look up
Kata22ti looks upwards. There is nothing of concern on the ceiling except maybe a few lights. She inspects it for a few seconds before looking back down again.

She quietly sneaks towards Rito112a and the still-bound creature, her light quad locomotion and survival training serving her well in this endeavour. Both parties are speaking quietly. Seto96n must have assumed Rito112a is just examining the creature and not speaking to it. The creature speaks slowly and hoarsely, a faint gurgle to its voice, speaking with great pain. Rito112a is hovering as close as she can to it, ignoring the oozing red fluid.

Creature: Hard to think. Hurts. Not what I wanted. Scared. Dying?
Rito112a: Don't stop fighting. What is your name? Why did you volunteer?
Creature: Keti107n. Told us we'd be powerful. Minds gone instantly. No suffering. Wanted revenge. Six of us. Went wrong.
Rito112a: Keti? It's you? ...Keti, why?
Creature: Destroy Central Network. Free us all. Rito. Help me. Can't move.

The creature convulses and coughs out thick red fluid from its mouth. Rito112a pats the side of its split mouth in an attempt to be reassuring while not getting too close to the stuff on the walls, still shaking a little.

Seto96n and Tene157ot are preoccupied with testing a lump of the flesh in the room. It seems barely alive, let alone responsive.

Kata22ti attempts to try to figure out what to do now. She considers the behaviour of her teammates a little strange. Especially seeing as Seto96n and Tene157ot seem to be deliberately ignoring Rito112a and the creature stuck in the wall.
No. 200366 ID: 059120

Ask Rita who they volunteered to. Ask Seth if he has any further orders.
No. 200368 ID: a594b9

Seto and Tene already know what it is, but expected a different result from the analysis. I'm going to guess that they are allied with whatever drone-based organization is in charge of trying to kill Central and escape. Freedom fighters, using whatever means necessary.

We're looking at a failed attempt. An experiment gone wrong. I guess Rito is still unaware of the big picture.

Go over to Seto and Tene. Ask them what they know about this. Tell them that the drone Rito is talking to is still half-conscious.
No. 200369 ID: c245f1

ether central network did this to them and want revenge or something else did this and gave them the mission to destroy it and now want revenge. the one you found in the vent must of been farther along the transformation and was insane. have someone keep a gun trained and tear the rest of it off and free it.
No. 200371 ID: 6a5a08

Well, at least we know for sure a weapon that can kill these things if nothing else does. As traumatizing as our last experience with it was, the Fissure Device really is the most powerful weapon we have. Precise, powerful explosions are useful so long as we aren't caught up in them.

Report to Seto and ask about this apparent resistance movement that was going on.
No. 200373 ID: c2c011

Ohh, looks like someone else had to make the choice on who to side with and they picked the wrong one. Hmm, I wonder if the thing you encountered in the air duct was another one of them.

Ask Rito what she is talking with it about and if she knew it. Ask it what they were trying to do and how they think things would improve if central network was gone.

Then I sadly suspect that the most merciful thing to do is put it out of its misery. It seems to be quite damaged and in quite a bit of pain, not to mention that it just admited treason. Can't have it following you if you can't be certain if it's going to stab you in the back or not.
No. 200413 ID: d586b6

I say we report to Central Network about this. It IS our primary mission. Alternatively, backtrack to System Access to try and get information.
No. 200416 ID: c245f1

that room holds our subsystem, holds us. destroying it would destroy us, but not central network. cut the communication lines and we will be able to act autonomously.
No. 200449 ID: f202ec

"Rito, sir - is that a friend of yours? Who is doing this to drones? Why?"
No. 200451 ID: c4c313

Any one of you could stab the other in the back. I'm surprised the others haven't done so to you Kata, in the light of your er... predicament. However terrible the price this drone paid, what we need to do is not enact revenge or justice, but identify what it is, what's going on, and how to keep the same thing from happening to us. And, ultimately to investigate the damage to Central itself.

I think you should try to help Rito extract the drone from that fleshy stuff. Your fine manipulators might be effective in doing so. If Keti proves hostile after that, fall back so Rito Tene and Seto can take it out. Fire a portal at anything that approaches your group from behind BEFORE IT GETS CLOSE.
No. 200454 ID: fc5f60

ask seto afterward for his input, rito might be to shaken now to be of any help, just let her be with the drone for now, keep quiet and figure out what you need to know later.
No. 200516 ID: 6a5a08

This, except with "ma'am" instead of "sir". Still shows respect, while not implying that you have mistaken her for a man.
No. 200586 ID: 716eb0

Not military respect. All your superiors are sirs. All of them. Gender is a non-factor in military heirarchy. People you outrank are addressed as either [rank] or maggot.

The more you know.
No. 200996 ID: 636c08
File 127785844268.png - (124.73KB , 640x480 , d-51.png )

>Ask Rito what the hell she just talked about
Kata22ti taps at Rito112a's dangling tail. Rito112a slowly turns to look at her.

Kata22ti: Rito, is that a friend of yours? Who is doing this to drones? Why?
Rito112a: Kata, this is Keti107n. He's a great friend of mine and we're not leaving him here. We're going to get him out of here and help him and he's not going to die on his own.

Rito112a's voice wavers as she speaks and rips out the remaining fleshy restraints from the wall. The creature that once was known as Keti107n limply starts to fall out of the wall, until he is caught by Rito112a. She hovers lower and gently sets him down on the ground, a couple of inches away from the edge of the fleshy mass.

He cranes his head up towards Rito112a. He seems not even in a state to stand, let alone suddenly attack.

Keti107n: Rito...
Rito112a: Keti, we've saved each other's lives too many times for me to just leave you here. Can you move at all?
Keti107n: Rito. Leave me. There might be hope. For the others.
Kata22ti: What's going on?
Seto96n: I'll field that. You want answers, I'll give you answers.

Kata22ti turns to Seto96n who has been behind her the whole time. Rito112a wraps her arms around Keti107n.

Tene157ot, however, is still in his own world, his enhanced cognition systems whirring and attempting to draw conclusions.
No. 200997 ID: 636c08
File 127785847097.png - (371.30KB , 640x480 , d-52.png )

Seto96n: Experimental, highly confidential pet project of Network Prime. Turn its enemy's weapons against it. I guess it never told you that, did it, Rito?
Rito112a: W-what are you talking about?!
Seto96n: Come on. I'd say the only drone here more obviously not working for Central Network was Kata, and even then she didn't seem entirely sure what she'd done. Why Prime, Rito? I mean, the monitors, I can more than understand, and even whoever Tene's working for.

Tene157ot seizes up and drops his medical tool into the fleshy stuff.

Tene157ot: Central Network, Seto. Central Network. I'm working for Central Network as are... as are... are any of you... what the hell is going on?
Kata22ti: Sir, I don't understand.
Seto96n: Okay. Allow me to put it bluntly. Is there a single loyal drone here who can honestly say they're working for Central Network any more?
Rito112a: Seto, you're insane! We're all working for Central Network! Even if you aren't!
Seto96n: Interesting you're friendly with a drone by the name of Keti107n. Y'know, a drone known to have defected to Network Prime to assist in the destruction of Central Network. The drone we were trying to track down that time. Funny, isn't it? Guess that mission was a success for someone.
Rito112a: ...It's a means to an end. My loyalty ends the second Central Network is down.
Seto96n: And Tene, how's the revolution going?
Tene157ot: I just want out. Out of this place. Away from the damn networks. They can keep their complex. How many drones have died because of this pointless war?! I try and I try to save lives but I'm only treating a symptom, not the underlying cause!
Seto96n: And Kata. Grown by Central Network. Compromised by Network Prime. Invaded by a monitor. You know, usually drones live a lot longer than you do before the illusion of all drones happily working for Central Network gets torn down from them. And you have damn near every faction I'm aware of taking an interest in you. Some more personally than others.

Seto96n lazily raises an arm and points at Tene157ot, dropping the arm back to his side before Tene157ot is even aware what happened.
No. 200998 ID: 636c08
File 127785850441.png - (354.99KB , 640x480 , d-53.png )

Kata22ti's heart is pounding. She stares at her teammates as if seeing them for the first time. Against the surreal backdrop of flesh it is beginning to be too much.

Her head is pounding.

She can feel the monitor squirming in her back.

Kata22ti: No. No you're my team. You're my team and we're here because we're on a mission and that mission is to investigate.
Seto96n: Looks like a success. Going to report to Central Network with that thing in your back?

Her head is pounding. She can hear her own heartbeat. She breathes more rapidly as the world around her seems to swim slightly.

Kata22ti lowers herself onto the floor before she falls onto it. The world is spinning and the monitor is moving. It's moving inside her body. She can feel sickly painless tendrils move up her spine.

She tries to talk, to shout, to scream, and no noise comes out. She clutches and scrapes at her helmet. She screams louder and louder in her mind but it does not feel like it is hers anymore.

Do not resist. We can make you more powerful. Greater. Not like the machines or their system gods. Not like this aberration of flesh or like your body infused with so much cold metal. We are purer beings. Beings that exist in perfect harmony between the organic and the artificial. We are the children of star gods.

We ask you this once more. What is your choice? Power or freedom? The power to create your own freedom, or the freedom to die like so many others of your kind in your desperate but ultimately futile attempts to survive?
No. 201000 ID: 00160c

if your swear on all the powers you have that it will not only help me, but my friends be free then i will accept. but if you cannot accept that deal then i decline.
No. 201005 ID: a594b9

Power. For once, let us forge our own path. Our own freedom will be the salvation of those around us.
No. 201013 ID: 059120

Fuck no. Power drawn from bullshit like "star gods" or "purer beings" will never lead to Freedom.
No. 201020 ID: c2c011

Power is usually quite nice. But it's going to come from an outside source and I'm quite certain they have their own agenda as well.

That said take the offer. The monitors are not current enemies, we can deal with them in the future once it becomes necessary.

But please try to remember something. Central Network is in the end only an AI, a machine. It has it's own programmes and codes that it must follow, things left from the ones who built it. It may have alot less choice in what it does than you think. In many ways it might be as much of a slave as any drone it commands.
No. 201024 ID: 6a5a08

We can be independent and weak, or be assimilated by this thing and grow powerful... but at what cost? Will we be a puppet of the monitors?

I say we try and work with Tene to get everyone out of here.

We need an ally we can trust, and so far none of the factions really seem all that trustworthy. Of them the monitors seem the best, but they also seem to believe they're some sort of God-Chosen Race, and we all know how well that worked for the last guy.
No. 201034 ID: c4c313

Freedom to die is no good. It's like I said before. Some freedoms you don't want. Power isn't always nice, but I don't see dying as a choice in particular. We are prepared for you to die as a matter of consequence, but to choose to die? Does not compute.

Feel free to resist. But more importantly try to see what it is this thing that's talking to you. Don't ever choose to die, but you can die fighting to choose. If you can find out what this is, what these "star gods" are then that'll no doubt be related to Central Network's unexplained damage, so even if they do kill you, we will always be there for another drone, and we can hopefully warn them what to do. But honestly I think you'd rather not die, so do whatever you have to do not to die or hurt or have to scream.
No. 201047 ID: c4c313

... okay, fine. Resist! Fight with all you've got! Don't let this thing fuck with you! Of course it's going to say join me or die. That doesn't mean it can kill you! If it can't then you can beat it! If it can, then I say, bring it!!
No. 201053 ID: 90e3af

We were promised answers, and we got none. Now we are promised power. What will we get?

Of power or freedom, I choose power, but I choose it expecting it to be a false choice as full of shit as the last one.
No. 201088 ID: 0aa2c2

gentlemen. i see four sides that are driven by the same goal.


the monitors, central network, network prime and whatever lies in front of us, asking for our servitude is nothing but a overgrowth, oversized malfunctioning device striving to survive. no matter what size we pick, no matter how many we kill or ignore, there will always be only one goal for all drones, machines, elf-drones and abominations that we meet. survival.

i "suggest" to you: power. and when they grant you this "power", remember:

everything dies. everything has a weakspot. everything can be betrayed.
No. 201178 ID: fc5f60

I'm still siding with the monitors on this one.
No. 201284 ID: 030624

Freedom.Better ditch them while we still can
No. 201304 ID: e973f4

rolled 2 = 2

Both options are invariably going to have unwanted results. So, hell. One for the one thing and two for the other thing.
No. 201357 ID: f202ec

Screw the monitors. They're not looking for an ally. At best, they're looking for a new tool. They don't want to give you power for your own benefit. They don't give a damn about you or anything else, and they're also dangerously insane. That's true for pretty much everything around here, to be fair, but at least Central doesn't claim divinity.

Get that damned thing out of your back.

Apparently we would have actually had an ally if we'd gone with my original vote for escape.
No. 201366 ID: 701a19

Kata, say "Whichever one will help both I and my team escape to safety."
No. 201367 ID: 6834bc

Kata, we could make a decision for you, but...
Well, we're just sort of bumming a ride with you, this really is your decision - you should get a say in the choice.

Pick whichever one you want.
just, for the love of crap, be careful with the fissure device and don't try to dismantle it; it might explode or something
No. 201388 ID: b14128

Freedom. We won't have the 'Power' they're offering, but at least we know where we'll stand, and we'll be able to do what we want.
No. 201404 ID: fc5f60

oh wait, tne is the escapee ally? let's go with him, I change my vote.
No. 201408 ID: 148105

No. 201568 ID: 7b1e5c
File 127794408578.png - (328.02KB , 640x480 , d-54.png )

Freedom? Hah! How can you even understand the idea, drone? You are cycles old, your knowledge is not your own, and you have not thought for yourself for one moment since you were conscious in a growth tank!

Through your life you have been controlled! Central Network has dictated your life and destiny since before you were ever decanted, and in this team you obey your teammates' commands without question! You are guided by Central Network subsystems even now. You are not capable of independant thought! Every action you have performed has been at the will of someone else, not you. You are a puppet, Kata, but we could have made you someone destined for greater things.

>No. Choose for yourself.
Kata22ti feels increasingly light-headed but summons up the force of will to respond.

She isn't a puppet. She is herself. Whatever the source of her knowledge is is irrelevant. Her past is irrelevant. What matters is who she is right now. And who she is is not someone who is serving anyone out of blind obedience, but out of mutual respect. Her team has saved her life at least twice already, and she is not going to turn on them now.

Is that your only motivation? Obligation? You have not known any of these drones for any time greater than a spin of this planet. Why are they worth anything to you?

They haven't tried to kill her yet, unlike everything else encountered. They've done everything they can to keep her alive and safe. Especially Tene157ot. She may only have known him for a short time, but she's not going to turn her back on a friend.

>Work with Tene. Get everyone out of here.
That is what she wants.

This place is a nightmare. Every moment of her life outside the growth tank so far has been a constant barrage of physical and mental assaults against her. She wants out. She wants out now.

Get out of her head. Get out of her body. This all she thinks. Repeatedly. She focuses on nothing but attempting to drive the intruder in her mind away.
No. 201571 ID: 7b1e5c
File 127794412525.png - (168.12KB , 640x480 , d-55.png )

She regains perception of reality as suddenly and alarmingly as waking from a nightmare.

Tene157ot is the first thing she sees, alert, looking from side to side with his gauss rifle held awkwardly with his spindly arms. He slowly looks down at her. She's still laying down on the floor.

Tene157ot: ...Kata? Are you alright now?
Kata22ti: I think so, sir.
Tene157ot: No. Call me Tene. I'm not your superior. I'm not working in Central Network's hierarchy. And I don't know if you agree with my intentions, but I didn't forsake Central Network to bring harm to any more kulukuzu than has been done already.
Kata22ti: "Kulukuzu"?
Tene157ot: Our species, Kata. Or what it was once called, anyway. There's a lot you still don't know and you've already had too much to take in today. Seto and Rito went to go investigate what was going on in the node housing room, and I said I'd stay here and make sure you were alright. Rito took Keti with her, for some reason. Not what I'd have done.
Kata22ti: Tene. I don't know anything any more. I don't know who anyone really is, or is happening, or why I'm still working with this team or who to be loyal to or anything I don't know-
Tene157ot: Calm down. You're panicking again.

Tene157ot packs his gauss rifle away, and rubs his head against Kata22ti's head in an attempt to mimic Kata's actions before. She calms down. They hug each other for emotional support.

Tene157ot: Kata, you're one of the few genuinely selfless drones I've seen around here. This complex tends to drain that out of you fast. Selflessness does not lend itself well to continued survival here. And...

He looks at the door, then back to Kata22ti.

Tene157ot: Seto and Rito are in there. I'm uncertain, Kata. I really do not know if we should just try to save ourselves or the whole team. I want to help all of us, but I don't even know if we can trust the other two. What should we do?
No. 201575 ID: 6a5a08

All for one and one for all. These people haven't tried to kill us yet, so we have no reason to abandon them to whatever is in there. and if there's anything I've learned from my resident Evil binge in the last two days, it's that splitting up is never a good idea!

These flesh things are obviously powerful, as Prime appears to be using them as a sort of weapon against Central. Seto and Rito are likely going to need help.

(Also, we might need them, we're a medic and a randomly pieced together engineer with no combat training in a facility where every warring faction wants to kill or convert us- not the best position)
No. 201576 ID: d76879

disconnect the subsystem from central network and start giving it control of various things. we may be the smartest bunch but we are genuinely tying to help, which is more then we can say for everything else in this place.

for RIGHT NOW though. trust is all we have, it can be removed easy, but is hard to get back. the others, even if misguided, still want roughly the same thing, to survive.
No. 201579 ID: a594b9

Okay. Let's save the whole team. Rito can be trusted as far as wanting to destroy Central Network, and Seto... Hmm. He cares about the survival of the team... but for what purpose? He's working for the Monitors, we know that. Dunno what they want, though. If I had to guess, the Monitors are also in this facility somewhere, being forced to do something they don't want to do. Seto however has not said favorable things about the Monitors. He doesn't like them. However he doesn't really support the revolution either. He seems to be acting only in his own best interests.

I think we can trust Rito, but Seto... we should be careful around.
No. 201581 ID: 6a5a08

And Seto's pessimistic outlook on the world might ruin our happy smiles adventure! :D

Also, I agree with using engineering skill to disconnect us from Central and connect us to this facility's controls.
No. 201582 ID: 830fea

The "subsystem from Central Network" is US, moron.

Allright, she wants freedom, we'll give her freedom. Where are the others. And we'll keep the 'sir' even if that 's just an act at this juncture.
No. 201583 ID: d76879

yes, take away our connection to central so it can't tell us to self-destruct and take control of the turrets and shit.
No. 201585 ID: 6a5a08

And I'm not sure GLaDOS central will be pleased with our leading little Kata22ti to rebellion, freedom, and being compromised by every other faction.
No. 201601 ID: a594b9

Oh before I forget, check your back to see if the Monitor is still there. If it's not, ask Tene if he saw where it went.
No. 201608 ID: c4c313

Jeez we are so dead when Central finds out about this. And you thought Network Prime was irritable!

Anyway, no turning back. With Tene on our side we'll repair the unexplained damage to Central for sure! ...I mean, escape. Yeah, escape. Uh... somewhere.

I wonder why Tene is so hell bent on escaping the complex. Is it nicer on the other side of the walls? Or has he simply given up? Ask him if there truly is no hope for repairing Central and fulfilling our objective.
No. 201666 ID: 701a19

"We all have different motivations, but we've watched out for each other so far. Our first loyalty is to each other; anything else is suicide."
No. 201697 ID: 059120

Keep the 'sir's. It's a sign of your respect for him, not as any part of military chain. (Or call him Ten!)

But yes. Don't trust Seth or Rita. They've got their own plans and ideals. But work with them, and help them. They've all you've got. You need them, and you can't abandon them.
No. 201780 ID: c2c011

Try to get everyone out. But you should probably be prepared for the fact that Keti and Rito might not make it.

By the way, there is something important you should ask Tene. If your species still have the ability to reproduce naturally. Because if you don't freedom for your species can become a bit troublesome.
No. 201799 ID: 16bd34
File 127800137666.png - (265.69KB , 640x480 , d-56.png )

>Get Seto and Rito, but be careful. We don't know exactly what their aims are.
>Isolate the subsystem
Kata22ti: We have to get them before we can try to escape. Also, I think we should disconnect the system node from both Central and Prime. I think it wants to help us. I think it might have been helping us a while.
Tene157ot: Who told you this?
Kata22ti: I... I think it did.

The two turn to the door and slowly approach it. Kata22ti hesitates.

Kata22ti: Sir?
Tene157ot: I said- never mind. Yes?
Kata22ti: If we're all grown in the complex by Central Network how are we all going to be free of Central Network? Where would new drones come from?
Tene157ot: ...well

[Communication logging disabled.] [Incoming message from Central Network.]

Is everything going well? I anticipated the mission to take forty three minutes less than it's already taken. I recalled my other drone squads from this sector because I had not received any indication things were not going as planned and assumed you were acting optimally. What have you learned so far? Are all four drones accounted for? They all register as alive but beyond that I have no idea if they're captive or excelling in their duties. ...Hm. That's odd. No. No, I'm sure that's just noise. Those gekeh constructs interfere with the readings sometimes. Nuisances.

No. 201802 ID: 6a5a08

Ah, greetings! Yes, all is going well, though not as well as one would hope. We have discovered that a flesh abomination of some sort created by Network Prime is making a nest in the node chamber. The drones are proceeding into the chamber as we speak to eradicate the problem, so there is no cause for alarm.

Also, we have encountered a being called a monitor. From what I have seen, I assume it to be a parasitic bio-mechanical life form of some sort, which assimilates others. One attached itself to a drone, but was removed successfully and is no longer a threat.

One of the drones also uncovered a race of beings created by Network Prime, but whom it abandoned and now kills when found. These creatures could potentially be converted to Central Network, as they are obviously not allies of Network Prime.

If there is nothing further to discuss, it would be optimal to be returned to control of the drone Kata22ti, as drones are presumably about to engage combat with Network Prime's flesh weapons.
No. 201804 ID: b84d4c

we encountered a slight setback when we ran into a monitor and were stunned for a bit, but soon it left for reasons probably known only to it. then we had a run in with network prime taking over a cluster of turrets, but with Kata22ti's engineer training she managed to override it before they killed anyone. so while everything has been running smoothly we have encounter more obstacles then we had originally accounted for. so while it remains smooth it is slow going, Sir.
No. 201806 ID: edff0b

i think we are giving too much information but ill go with this.

should we ask for a combat drone?this may be our last hope to get one.

also some extensive damage done by NP to a terminal ended up by turning off your sensors in this place. its likely NP was also using it to watch us, so we will let it stay off for as long as we can.
No. 201807 ID: c2c011

All is going well, all four drones are accounted for, the mission has taken some extra time due to trying to preserve resources and interference from enemies and monitors. Pesky little things. But never the less we managed to triumph. You should see the results very soon.
No. 201813 ID: 6a5a08

Also it may be optimal to have a combat drone or a nearby unit of drones sent to assist in the clearing out of the infestation in the node chamber, as the full extent of these creatures is not known. Fissure Device proves a devastating weapon against them, but also may cause further damage to the node chamber due to its experimental and unpredictable nature.
No. 201881 ID: f2b5ef
File 127802383875.png - (278.75KB , 640x480 , d-57.png )

>Network Pr-
NETWORK PRIIIIIIIME!!! Of course it could not have been any other so foolish, no, so moronic, so broken and insane to simply force their way into MY sector of the complex and TAKE it from me through violent means! How was I so foolish?! I should have known- Oh. Hold on. I believe I may have acted a little rashly there. I appear to have just destroyed one of my central system nodes through overloading it. There. Engineers dispatched. Where were we? Oh, right.

>Drones are fine, performing well, should finish soon
Excellent. Continue to do whatever it is you're doing to do so well at doing what it is you're doing.

>Network Prime, flesh creatures, responsible for damage
Oh dear. I'm analysing the data you are sending me. I am currently assigning some of my veteran heavy load-out drone teams to track down and destroy everything relating to this weapon. This weapon cannot be allowed to be developed further. If Network Prime is able to develop a contagious variant then every single one of my drones may be lost! Commendations, group TG-CN. You have potentially saved every single drone present and future with this report.

>Monitors, Prime's old creations, new drone?
Ah, yes. Those surveillance constructs the gekeh left behind before they vanished from this region of space. Pesky little things indeed. If I could find the source of where they're stemming from I could keep their population in check, but they're hidden well. As for these system space creations you speak of, well... I do not have much use for them, but I will not go out of my way to bring harm to them. And a new drone? I thought you said everything was going fine with the resources you already have? You were telling me the entire story, correct? I thought so. Keep up the good work!

[Communication session ended.] [Communication logging of drone team online.]

No. 201884 ID: f2b5ef
File 127802387788.png - (324.54KB , 640x480 , d-58.png )

Tene157ot: ...and that explains that. So, understand?
Kata22ti: ...
Tene157ot: Kata?
Kata22ti: We should go through the door.
Tene157ot: Yes. The door. Right.

The two enter the node housing room with squelching underfoot. The entire room appears to be alive.

Seto96n is standing with his arms folded, facing something that appears to be partially buried in flesh. Something metallic and white, with blue glowing lights. To its sides are two flesh creatures with devices protruding out of what would have been their heads. At the side of the room, far away from the action, is Rito112a, holding the dying body of Keti107n in one arm while keeping her railgun arm trained at a flesh creature, ready to fire.

???: Well, let me phrase it as so. Network Prime is insane. I am sure no matter how eccentric or controlling Central Network is, it is a better alternative.
Seto96n: That irrational hatred Prime has for living things? Central's got that against anything Prime's had a hand in creating. You might as well just destroy yourself now and save yourself the wait if you think defecting to Central is going to improve your existence.
???: You speak harshly of Network Prime and of Central Network. What is your allegiance, drone?
Seto96n: Now if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?
???: Allow me to explain. These two creatures either side of me will, when activated, consume anything organic they can find. You will have some time to run when the room itself distracts them, but they will seek you out and they will never stop seeking you out until they die. Let me ask you again. You will give me answers.
Seto96n: The last thing you want to do is give me a reason to attack you, machine.
???: Is that a threat? What threat can you possibly pose to me?
Seto96n: You can't even move. I can walk.
???: I am connected to a system node, drone! If I so wished, I could cast this metal shell aside and ascend to become a system god myself! What threat can you be to me?!

Tene157ot slowly aims his gauss rifle at the flesh beast Rito112a is not aiming at. Kata22ti slowly and gently removes the Mark II Subspace Vortex Device from her band and points it at the machine.

Seto96n: There is the fact I simply have to give the word, and this entire room says hello to a subspace explosion.
???: ...Cleverly done, drone. I should have known two drones was too small an amount for a Central Network team. Is this how you want the situation to progress? If you attack me, you may survive. But your team will not.
Seto96n: We'll see. Who's going to make the first move?

The room is deathly quiet. Even the flesh creatures seem to be waiting for something.
No. 201888 ID: c4c313


AW C'MON SETO Central just told us that it would not go out of its way to bring harm to Network Prime's system space creations. Do you really think Central is as irrational as NP?
No. 201891 ID: c4c313

Not to say rational is trustworthy. But I think a lot of Central's little inside balls have to become outside balls before it's the equivalent in insanity of Network Prime. Anyway nobody shoot each other please. It's highly likely our subsystem is housed in this very room. We can talk this out okay? Let... Jimmy or whoever it is do his thing and ascend to whatever. Also tell him your allegience is to Central, and you'll be the one destroying it. You were just giving it fair warning, not disparaging Central Network.

That reminds me can we communicate with this guy? Maybe he's hooked up to us or something.
No. 201895 ID: 6834bc

You said you're connected to a system node, right? Does that mean you can hear us, whoever-you-are?

If you can, you should know that Central is seriously almost as insane as Prime. Central blew out one of its own nodes when we told it Network Prime took over the facility.

You'd really be better off trying to help/ally with the drones or something, at least they might accept you if you STOP MAKING THREATS JEEZ MAN
No. 201903 ID: 527951

what is stopping them from eating eachother?
[initiate self destruct sequence... if we don't have one then try uploading 'the song that never ends' ad infinity, and if that don't work see below]

'the node talks to me, it wishes to be free from central as well, but it does not wish to join prime, it wants to forge it's own side, let prime and central fight amongst themselves while we consolidate and grow.'
No. 201909 ID: 527951

we are allied to none. central is almost as bad as prime.
No. 201927 ID: 6a5a08

You know what? If he wants to join Central, he can go ahead. We don't know what? I have a deal to propose. We switch places. We go into the body, you go into the subsystem. Central's senses are clouded by the Monitors, it'll never know the difference. You get to join CN in a rather high up position, we get out of here, everybody wins. What say you?
No. 201928 ID: cfab98

the body is immobile. we would still be stuck in the room, and lose the ability to advise kata.
No. 201931 ID: 6a5a08

Kata's an engineer and there's parts next door, I'm sure it'll all work out.

Or we could ride on the backs of the flesh creatures like some hellish mecha-paladin.

But, yeah, we should keep that for plan X. Plan Z is Fissure Device.
No. 201936 ID: c4c313

That sounds like a great idea A Talking Pie Chart. I'm sure ??? will be more than eager to make the exchange. Just a little reprogramming and our hellish flesh beasts should make great steeds. Well, they would either way, but I'd prefer them not rampage around eating everything before Kata and the others gunned them and us down to a few stray bolts and screws. Whatever's making them hungry I'm sure we could find a workaround given some time to meddle.
No. 201938 ID: cfab98

i doubt it is hunger that makes them eat, they eat because that is all they can do. they are primes joke on life, beings doing exactly as he thinks they are.
No. 201945 ID: c4c313


That's just a short circuit. Easily repaired just by breaking the connection looping hunger back on eat, and attaching the ends to the appetite gauges. Organics have gauges, right?
No. 201948 ID: cfab98

what if the gauge is broken?
No. 201972 ID: 601965

>ascend to become a system god
why hasnt he done that already? or is that his escape plan?

point to him the fact that in a stand point we are all puppets here. he either does not want or cant do his trick, as much as we would like to have a few more hands in this matter. altho a third or fourth option may not be eligible, there is a good alternative to this. row row fight the system.

id also like to remember we have a heavy drone on the way allied to CN with the mission to kill anything organic that is not a drone for CN because of this mutating thing. of course the "i dont want to be a powerful system god just yet" guy should not know of it, but if we delay enought or hail him, we may just defeat those 2 abominations right after we votex his skull to oblivion.

i got a feeling of megatrhon cursing optimus prime. i giggled a little, then remembered they are both insane.
No. 202000 ID: 1e9d01

I think we should accept the defection of this robot. Central did say he had no issues with nonhostile Prime creations.
No. 202008 ID: c4c313


Now, now. CN never said the order was to kill "anything organic that is not a drone." It said to track down and destroy everything relating to this weapon. That includes organics, machines, drones, subsystems...

No. 202019 ID: 6a5a08

[Messaging Central Network]
Attention, entity in node chamber is non-hostile. Repeat, entity is currently non-hostile and wishes to negotiate. Inquiring whether you wish to negotiate, or engage in combat. Entity is mechanical and appears capable of restraining Network Prime's biological weapons. Claims to wish to defect to Central Network, but unknown if it is sincere or not.

If dispute can be settled without combat, further damage to the node chamber may be avoided.
No. 202048 ID: 701a19

Kata: Say "Stop this nonsense!"
Then step in between the two of them and start looking back and forth between the two.
"This grandstanding and chest-beating is going to end badly and you both know it.
Seto? Calm down.
Mister... Sorry, I didn't catch your name, we don't want to fight.

All of the factions are horrible in one way or another, and we're all at their mercy as long as we're here.
If you know a way to escape to somewhere outside their control then please tell us, otherwise your best bet is to feign loyalty and focus on keeping whatever you care about safe.

Central Network already knows about the... flesh... thing, and is sending in heavy weapons drones. It doesn't know about you, though, so we can try to help you get away from here."
No. 202052 ID: 1e9d01

I've been thinking about how this is all going to end...

We're a subsystem of Central, yet we obviously care more about the drones than it does. I wonder, does each drone get its own subsystem to assist? If that is true, then apparently there are quite a few disloyal subsystems. What happens if we isolate all the drone-friendly subsystems and then take out Central? Would the facility basically become drone-friendly aside from Prime?

Rito wants revenge for what Central has done, but she is forgetting about what Prime has done. What has Central done that is so much worse than Prime's crimes? What about the slavery and genocide that Prime is committing on its own virtual creations? I'm not saying that Central is a good guy, but Prime is very much worse.

Seto doesn't like the Monitors, Central, OR Prime. Yet he also doesn't want to help everyone escape. Could it be he wants to destroy the entire facility?

Tene wants to free the Kulukuzu from slavery. I think we might be able to get Central to start talking terms... if we can destroy Prime for him.

Kata... maybe you can use some of your Engineering expertise to figure out exactly what this room is for and what the robot is connected to?
No. 202083 ID: 601965

the proposition of a tripartite alliance to the better end of the drones instead of the system sounds appealing. i would vote on this.
No. 202119 ID: 55e935

Connected to a system nod- wait.
He's got an advice team! A versus multiplayer quest!
No. 202128 ID: 1e9d01

Oh god what if the entire facility is Central playing chess against himself, but Prime keeps coming over and eating the pieces?
No. 202129 ID: cfab98

no guys, WE are a system node. in fact, i am pretty sure we are the node it is connected to.
No. 202134 ID: 1e9d01

We're a subsystem, not a node.
No. 202147 ID: cfab98

yes, it's on a subsystem node.
No. 202155 ID: f202ec

As damaged and malfunctioning as it is, TG-CN is not working on a currently-broken node. Just thought I'd like to point this out.

At any rate, perhaps this would be an opportune time to mention that with our vortex grenades alone we possess sufficient overkill to annihilate everything in the room. Belligerence isn't going to solve anything, and Kata knows this creature is bluffing! If the node is currently connected to the network, then our mysterious foe risks being torn to shreds by NP and CN the moment it pokes its head up. If the node is disconnected, demolishing it will end this creature's existence just as surely as destroying its body.

So. Let's talk about escape instead.
No. 202156 ID: 701a19

@CN: We have received information suggesting that NP's vital processes are running on hardware in proximity to your own - perhaps even on the same hardware.
Naturally, this possibility must be investigated as soon as possible; the implications of NP being so close to you would almost be too terrifying to contemplate.
No. 202162 ID: c2c011

Talk a bit with Seto, wheter CN kills this thing or not if it decides to defect isn't really your problem. If it's willing to switch sides then you should allow it to do so. What happens after that is not your problem nor something you should concern yourself with.

Just make sure with Seto that it really did want to defect to CN. Or I guess you could offer it the prospect of freedom from both by tagging along with you and Tene.
No. 202297 ID: f2b5ef
File 12781067378.png - (268.01KB , 640x480 , d-59.png )

Kata22ti, arms shaking, still clutching the Mark II Subspace Vortex Device, slowly places it on the floor and walks towards the machine.

The flesh creatures either side of it close their mouths and slowly turn to look at her. Everything, every little part of her screams at her to run away. She freezes up and hesitates. She wills herself forward, the simple act of walking becoming something difficult for her to do while fighting her instincts to run from things almost twice as big as her and with more teeth than necessary.

Kata22ti: S-stop. Stop now.
Seto96n: ...Kata what the hell are you doing-
???: No. Let her speak. Continue, drone.
Kata22ti: There doesn't have to be a fight. None of us want to be part of Central Network or Network Prime! We just want to get out of here and get out of this place and and be free and please don't hurt me sir this was a bad idea-
???: Escape? ...Escape? You consider this a possible action? I have seen the world beyond this complex, drone. Your fragile body of flesh would not survive in such a harsh environment.

Tene157ot stares ahead. He drops his gauss rifle and starts walking towards the robot submerged in flesh.

Tene157ot: What?
Seto96n: Okay, I'm just going to find somewhere less squishy to stand while you're all busy having your respective nervous breakdowns. Yes, machine, that includes you.
???: You appear to believe I have a mind as fragile as one made of meat. But yes, drones. Outside is not a place you can flee to, free from these concerns. There is no safe place for creatures such as you.
Tene157ot: ...Why should I believe you?
???: What do I have to gain by lying about an unrelated issue?
Rito112a: Shut up, machine.

The drones, machine, and flesh creatures turn to face Rito112a and the lifeless body of Keti107n.

Rito112a: You're the reason behind this all. You're the reason Keti is dead. Don't think you can talk your way out of what you've done here. I'll kill you myself if I have to!
Seto96n: Rito, don't be an idiot.
Tene157ot: (Kata I don't like how this is going I think we should run!!)
???: Do you believe my senses are so dulled compared to yours? I am not allowing that drone to harm me and I am not letting you run to tell Central Network of my actions here! If it finds out what I have done here I will be destroyed! No. No, the risk is too great. I cannot hope to avoid my fate by relying on Central Network's false generosity. You all have to die. ACTIVATE!

The two flesh creatures rear back and scream.

Kata22ti feels a surge of adrenaline flowing through her entire body. Everything seems to slow down as she feels her enhanced reflexes activate with immediate clarity.

Rito112a's own enhanced reflexes lead her to fire at one of the flesh creatures. It howls. Now that the first strike has been made, the chance of this encounter resolving peacefully has completely vanished.

Kata22ti does not see many options. Only her response time has been increased, not her thinking time. Tene157ot could probably calculate multiple options at this point, but be too slow to act upon them.

She could try to grab the Vortex Device, fire, and run knowing not everyone as quick to respond as her may survive. Including Tene157ot.

Or she could simply just attempt to drag/shove Tene and herself out of the room with an early start, and hope that Seto96n and Rito112a can escape in time. The door is still open.
No. 202299 ID: 7324e7

even if you run they will get you, fire the vortex device at the creatures', it is our only hope.
No. 202300 ID: d560d6



Besides, running away's probably a protocol violation or treason or something and will result in death anyway, only with less achieved.
No. 202308 ID: 6a5a08

Get Tene and yourself out of there. Seto seems to have tough armor, he may be able to survive long enough to escape, and Rito seems consumed by hatred. I doubt she'll be sensible enough to leave her little last stand there.

Our best chance now is to flee back the way we came and meet up with the heavy weapons drone Central is sending and hope Seto can follow. Hopefully the heavy weapons drone be able to stop these things.
No. 202313 ID: c4c313

Oh god why did you put down the experimental subspace vortex device

Anyway, grab the Vortex Device. Fire it if you can, but mostly you just don't want this thing getting its hands on that kind of technology.

I'm not good at combat but when/if you get a moment tell Tene that if he can't live outside maybe he can build his home here and make Central and Network Prime if not repaired at least leave him alone?

Damn you should've fired the thing before rushing in, just to see what kind of a radius the vortex is. Oh well, hindsight.
No. 202323 ID: 701a19

Grab the vortex device.
Fire at the upper-rightmost corner of the room as seen on the map display. Take the time required to aim the shot, rather than firing from the hip.
This presents the lowest average mortality curve for all friendlies.
No. 202327 ID: 1e9d01

Grab device, retreat out of the room, wait for everyone to get out then fire it through the door.
No. 202328 ID: 6a5a08

Well, we managed to survive the blast, but only because Tene stitched us up after. If Tene gets hurt, who's going to stitch him up? Plus, who knows what "improvements" Central made after we suggested it be a long range demolitions weapon. The explosion may be even worse this time.
No. 202334 ID: 701a19

Disregard that.

Instead, grab the Vortex Device and Tene and make for the door.
No. 202343 ID: c2c011

You know what you must do. Grab the vortex device, dive in close and fire it again, you might make it through again a second time, or it might work as intended as you have more room this time around. It's the only way.

Do it for your team, do it for Tene. Save their lives in return for the times they have saved you and the care they have showed towards you.
No. 202346 ID: 6a5a08

As epic as this would be, Kata and this Quest are both far too young for heroic sacrifices. We must save this for Plan Z.
No. 202347 ID: c4c313


A Talking Pie Chart speaks wisdom.
No. 202358 ID: 68fbf2

this. make the dude panic. if he flees to cyberspace kata can fight it evenly.
No. 202363 ID: c2c011

No such thing as too young for a heroic sacrifice. The younger they are the more heroic it is.

The thing said it could ascend to become a system god though by using the node it's perched on. Last time Kata tried to take on one of those in cyberspace things didn't really work out. And this facility really doesn't need anymore things fighting over it. If this bastard gets into cyberspace we're not getting him out and there will be fleshbeasts fighting both the droids and the drones.
No. 202686 ID: 479c7b

suffer not the mutant!
annihilate the beasts!
you're the only one who can save them!
for the god emperor of mankind!
No. 202719 ID: 9a6766
File 127818934897.png - (134.04KB , 640x480 , d-60.png )

((Due to real-life circumstances Defective is on hiatus for roughly seven days onwards from this post.

Sorry about that guys. As recompense here's a slightly more detailed map to plan for the escape/fight in this final room.))
No. 202734 ID: 1e9d01

Well we might be able to get everyone to cluster in the corner there and fire the vortex device towards the corner at the door, hoping the blast radius is small enough...

Or we could just let our buddy use that subspace vortex grenade instead.

Maybe tene should toss the grenade then just get out of the room, and come in after the fighting is over to heal everybody up. It's obvious that our guns aren't going to do much here.
No. 202735 ID: f8a708

our subspace things are the only things that could probably do any real damage.
No. 203711 ID: e973f4

Y'know what? Screw it. Try to get yourself and Tene the hell out of here. This is a total mess.
No. 203723 ID: 8bc77d

fire vortex device past the monsters so it destroys the wall and them but doesn't reach you.
No. 203743 ID: 059120

Grab Ten and run. We have no idea what anything in here is capable of, including the weapon we would be firing. Leave Seth and Rita to make their own decisions.

Later (after running for a long while) remind Ten we already picked the impossible odds. What does it matter if they're more impossible?

Another faction warring against them would only weaken and distract them all further. That's a good thing if we're trying to escape.
No. 204262 ID: f202ec

Grab Tene. Yell at Tene to grab the Vortex Device. Run past the MkII on your way out and slow down a hair to let him do that, since your manipulators will be full.

Reassess the situation once you are at least 10m past the door. Tene still has the grenades. They're probably your best option, being SLIGHTLY less experimental.
No. 204264 ID: 08aa7e

just fire the god damn gun already god dammit.
No. 204277 ID: 6a5a08

I swear, if the poor drones all die 'cause we use the Fissure Device and blow up the room, I will turn a kitten into a protein shake.
No. 206225 ID: f2b5ef
File 12788537985.png - (274.59KB , 640x480 , d-61.png )

>Fire the device. It's the only way.
>Run! Run for your life!
>No, run and grab the device on the way out because we can't let it fall into enemy hands
>Get Tene to grab the device!
The next minute is a confusing blur of events.

Kata22ti rushes towards Tene157ot and grabs him, shoving him in the direction of the discarded Mark Two Subspace Vortex Device. He stares at it confused for a few vital seconds until Kata22ti points at it eagerly. He grabs it gingerly, worried about triggering it, and holds onto it tightly, running with Kata22ti out of the room.

Kata22ti: Seto Rito get out need do something stupid-

Rito112a fires repeatedly at the two approaching flesh beasts, flecks of saliva flying at her from their gaping maws as they scream incoherently. She does not initially notice Seto96n grabbing her with one arm and firing with the other, backing up towards the door.

Seto96n: Oh, no. Not this again. I'm not abandoning you twice.
Rito112a: I'll kill them I'll kill them I'll rip them apart and tear out their whatever those are and- whah? Seto?

Seto96n stops firing, turns, and runs alarmingly fast for a heavy biped drone out the exit. All four drones manage to reach the exit. Kata22ti cannot believe her luck. Everyone's luck. All of them are alive. All of them escaped that situation alive.

She grabs the Vortex Device and aims it into the room. The flesh creatures rear back, hissing, either instinctively aware of its danger, or retaining enough malformed memories from their past lives to recall the danger of experimental Central Network technology.

Then, the drones hear the deranged laughter of the machine.
No. 206226 ID: f2b5ef
File 127885383370.png - (424.23KB , 640x480 , d-62.png )

The laughter does not come from the room they saw the machine. It comes from everywhere. Every speaker they can hear.

???: See the fear just two of my minions instills in Central Network drones. Enough to cause a resort to vastly destructive and unpredictable weapons. Amazing. Are you surprised by hearing my voice from the systems of the complex? You did not even consider what I said. At any time, I could escape. It has simply been a matter of concealing it. I left before you even arrived in this sector, drones. All you would cost me is momentary progress. You may ask yourselves, who am I? Who is this bit player, this machine that we have found, this enemy of our creator? The one who has taken Network Prime's faulty weapon, improved it, enhanced it, given form to the two you see before you. I am a creator of new life in a complex of recycled, archaic designs. I am Commander 48, previously of Network Prime, now of myself and myself alone.
Rito112a: You made this weapon?!
Seto96n: You're talking pretty high for someone who stole Prime's plans and ran into system space. If you're so powerful, why are you sending your "creations" out to get rid of us? Scared to do anything that might make Central or Prime check out what's going on?

The door linking the check point to the rest of the corridor locks. The flesh creatures scream and howl, but do not advance further. The drones fall back as far as they can, while Kata22ti keeps the weapon aimed.

Commander 48: I already have. The biomass in the room you fled from consists primarily of the previous investigation teams. I should mention an interesting quirk of the weapon I stole and later perfected from my original creator. It is primarily based on a virally replicating nanomachine that re-engineers a specific target, such as a Central Network drone, based off some other plan. It has had... interesting consequences when mixed with the regenerative nanomachines Central Network supplies to certain drones. The drone in question became anchored to the wall by her body, and just grew outwards as her Central nanomachines attempted to repair perceived damage. She has consumed and integrated the bodies of the drones that have fallen to my creatures here. I have been considering the benefits of exploiting this situation, turning this accident into a means of production-
Seto96n: Oh wow you do not stop talking do you. Kata, fire the fucking weapon already.
Kata22ti: But we don't-
Commander 48: You do not interrupt me when I am patiently explaining my motives and plans to-
Tene157ot: Machine, you are trying my patience, and I am a very patient drone. Kata, fire.
Kata22ti: We don't know what it-
Commander 48: Your patience? Your patience?! My existence is so far above yours-
Rito112a: Fire it or I'll shoot your legs off.
Kata22ti: Okay okay I'll fire!
Commander 48: Wait. That is not a fissure device. What is that?

Kata22ti fires the Mark Two Subspace Vortex Device.
No. 206245 ID: d3dfb8

Oh god yay
No. 206246 ID: 6a5a08

Did we just fire a Subspace Laser, or did we just get exploded again?
No. 206252 ID: d3dfb8

... both?

I think for the next prototype we should request that the explosion radius be limited considering the inherent close quarters nature of the station design.
No. 206253 ID: f2b5ef
File 127886502830.png - (281.61KB , 640x480 , d-63.png )

Kata22ti does not remember much after that.

Ostensibly, there was a victory, considering that she heard the machine screaming in defeat and the flesh creatures screaming in pain, but she is not sure what came next.

In fact, she is not even sure where she is right now.

It feels like a dream. Maybe it is a dream. Maybe this whole cycle was a dream. Like her cycles of survival training, implanted within an hour or so as a knowledge pack. Or cycles of engineering training. They had felt so real, apart from the vague passage of time. Maybe Tene157ot never existed outside a knowledge pack.
No. 206254 ID: f2b5ef
File 127886506932.png - (199.67KB , 640x480 , d-64.png )

Then her helmet systems come back online. Her awareness of the world increases. She gets to her feet (all four limbs intact this time), taps her manipulator arms together (both intact), and looks around (with two intact optic units).

She sees blood on the floor. But it isn't hers. Tene is on the floor an inch away from her, bleeding copiously, breathing laboriously.

No, she thinks. No, this isn't fair. She doesn't know how to fix living things, only machines. She knows a limited amount of first-aid, based on her survival knowledge, but not enough to do much more than stop the bleeding. This she does immediately. She knows every second counts. She watched Tene157ot use his medical tool to seal her wounds before. She finds it, grabs it, and repeats what she remembers him doing.

Kata22ti: Tene! Tene, how can I fix you?!
Tene157ot: hruugh *gasp* k-ka *wheeze* kata?
Kata22ti: No no no Tene please I don't want you to die you have to tell me how I can fix you!
Tene157ot: Kata - I, I *gasp* I... tool... *gasp* give to me.

Kata22ti puts the medical multitool down where Tene157ot can both see and reach it. He weakly grabs at it and pokes himself with it at various points on his body, slowly bringing it level to an eye.

Tene157ot: Ss-surface damage... *gasp* everything... fine. Kata? Y-you okay? Agh.
Kata22ti: Tene, I'm fine. Are you sure you're okay?
Tene157ot: Apart from the *gasp* overwhelming pain I - agh - don't believe there to be any internal or permanent - ugh - damage. Kata - Kata, good work. Any longer and I might have lost too much blood.

Kata22ti sighs in relief. Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to improve. Tene157ot jabs himself with local anaesthetic a few times and gently puts the tool back down.

The cycle ends. The two drones sleep.
No. 206255 ID: f2b5ef
File 12788651203.png - (235.49KB , 640x480 , d-65.png )

MISSION REPORT Primary Objective: ACCOMPLISHED Secondary Objective: N/A Team Status: 50% Drone Status: 100% Hostiles Neutralised: 4/4 Neutral Casualties: 0/2 Allied Casualties: 1/2 Experimental Technologies Tested: 2/2 Instances of Defection: 2 Narrowly Avoided Deaths: 5 Mission Rating: B

Stay tuned for the epilogue!
No. 206257 ID: d3dfb8

Good shit.
No. 206259 ID: 6a5a08

We live!

Now I don't need to turn a kitten into a protein shake!
No. 206262 ID: c2c011

Good work drone. Didn't think you could manage it.
No. 206280 ID: 030624

We are so proud of you Kata!
No. 206282 ID: 6a5a08

This calls for a celebration!
No. 206356 ID: f2b5ef
File 127888206958.png - (74.46KB , 640x480 , d-66.png )

Kata's first dreams (first actual sleep-induced dreams, that for once are not the product of something external meddling with her mind) outside of a tank are a usual mixture of strange, sometimes terrifying, sometimes bewildering, sometimes amazing compositions of entire mental worlds based off of her experiences of the day.

But there is one part of the dream that feels tampered with. She is completely aware of herself, the dream, the fact she is dreaming.

In a blank space, featureless, the little monitor who once rode upon her back sits on the lack-of-a-ground in front of her.

i'm sorry

She approaches it cautiously as it dips its head down, quietly keening.

it's why i was born but i don't want to hurt i want to help

She walks over to it, leans down and pets it on the head. It shakes as if crying.

She tells it, almost listening to herself speak as much as saying the words, that she too was born just to act as someone else's tool. And that really, her only complaint is that the monitor happens to be living in her back right now and while it isn't painful or uncomfortable it makes her a little uneasy. Especially as it means the larger monitors seem to be able to freely rummage through her brain as they please.

i can't go

She asks why.

if i leave the others will find me and i will not be me anymore

She considers, ponders, ruminates, and hugs the little monitor. She says she will let it stay for now. The little monitor stares up at her. In a way only possible in dreams, she recognises tearful gratitude in a creature whose expressions she could never hope to read in reality.
No. 206357 ID: f2b5ef
File 127888210123.png - (166.99KB , 640x480 , d-67.png )

Upon awakening, the two drones make their way to Equipment B. There, they make use of the resources there. Kata22ti uses her survival knowledge to its fullest, picking out and assembling packs of lightweight but sustaining rations, improvised shelter, useful tools, containers. Tene157ot finds everything medical and remotely useful he can. Together, they amass enough supplies to last a small siege.

Tene157ot: Well, we can't escape the complex and attempting to take back the complex entirely is highly impractical. But taking a sector and holding it? That seems feasible.
Kata22ti: With two of us?
Tene157ot: Only to start with. The revolution may have collapsed but I'm not the only survivor. There are others. But we need a stronghold first. Hold on. I'll draw up a map. Any idea where might be best?
Kata22ti: Tene, I've had a cycle's worth of experience of life outside of a tank, I really do not know how to start and run a revolution!
Tene157ot: What a coincidence. Neither do I. But I'm willing to try. Also, while I got my kill-switch deactivated a while ago, I think you ought to get yours deactivated or, well. Once you go up against Central, you'll have some difficulties.
Kata22ti: Difficulties? I thought I'd just drop dead instantly?
Tene157ot: Yes. That one. Still, where should we establish the base?
No. 206358 ID: f2b5ef
File 127888211950.png - (227.46KB , 640x480 , d-68.png )

Sector 6 is, of course, one of many sectors of the complex. A base could be made in this sector, but it might be wiser to relocate.

Sector 1 is held by Central Network. It was once the closest thing to a reception the complex had, with facilities for visitors and controls in place to ensure everything entering and leaving the complex was heavily monitored. Under Central Network's watchful eyes, nothing either enters or leaves the complex alive through Sector 1 unless Central Network has authorised it.

Sector 2 is currently contested territory. It is the hub of the complex, spacious but sparse in features. The only value this sector holds to the factions is that all sectors are linked to it, and while all sectors have access to more than one other sector, control of this sector would force enemies to travel through narrower, easily defended paths.

Sector 3 is held by Network Prime. Whatever function it once had before is irrelevant. It currently serves half as a laboratory and half as a factory for its robotic servants. It is Network Prime's most closely guarded sector, and houses its central nodes.

Sector 4 is held by Network Prime. It houses atmospheric control for the complex, as well as energy production. It is also a warehouse for raw materials. It is not clear how new materials are acquired. While it would apparently be simple for Network Prime to render the complex uninhabitable, it is in fact impossible for it to override these automated systems at the current time.

Sector 5 is held by Central Network. It is teeming with drones, and houses the decanting facilities, accommodation and infrastructure for drones not assigned to a mission, hydroponics, and Central Network's central nodes. There are invariably groups of drones in this sector who rebel, but they are dealt with swiftly and efficiently, their cybernetics cleaned and repaired, and their bodies pulped into the hydroponics facilities.

Sector 6 is currently contested territory. Its original purpose is unclear, as while it houses physical nodes that make up system space, it also contains multiple redundant and mismatched rooms, such as barracks, storages, system space access points and many others. It appears to be a remnant of a smaller structure that the complex may have begun from, or that has been integrated as the complex expanded.

Sector 7 is held by the monitors. Little is known of it, but it appears to be the sector the monitors have taken up residence in. It was likely once a surveillance, security and information storage sector, where complex administration and bureaucracy may have been carried out. However, attempts by Central Network and Network Prime to investigate further usually end fruitlessly, as even if their teams return, the monitors have ensured they are unable to report or recall anything they have witnessed.
No. 206368 ID: d3dfb8

Sector six.
No. 206383 ID: a594b9

Sector 4.

If Prime is allowed to keep that sector, eventually they will take advantage of Atmospherics to simply annihilate all the drones. Plus, even though we are planning a revolution, Prime is our primary enemy. Central wants to enslave the drones, sure, but Prime wants to KILL them.

Plus maybe we can use Atmospherics against the Monitors, or release sleep gas to nonlethally disable drones so we can fight Central. It depends on if the automated systems will get degraded enough to be taken over anytime soon.

However all this is moot if we can't get !!9-33 out of here. We're NOT leaving them behind.
No. 206384 ID: 701a19

Sadly, I have to agree that Sector 6 is the best option.
The second best would be 7, as the presence of the monitors would inhibit attacks by CN and PN.

It is of critical importance that you don't act directly against any faction. In fact, you want to ignore them as much as possible and start rebuilding and repairs. I expect that all the factions want sectors repaired, but none of them are willing to commit the resources to do so.
Eventually you may wish to form an alliance with the Monitors. They're bastards, but they're clinical bastards.
No. 206400 ID: c00244

Sector 6. Moving into areas securely held by any of the factions is too dangerous at the moment, and at least here in six you've got a decent mix of resources. With your engineering skills, perhaps you'll be able to restructure some of it- seal off some corridors and such- to avoid the worst of the fighting. Additionally, with access to sectors 5 and 4, you'll have better access to supplies of recruits and materials, respectively.
No. 206401 ID: 51c610

wherever physical access to Subsystem TG-CN can be obtained. have that take control of turrets and stuff and they will be hard pressed to get past security.
No. 206411 ID: c4c313

Since NP is totally broken it probably can't quell rebellion in any consistent way, but NP's robots might be just as corrupted as it is so be careful. Basically, fix yourself, ally yourself with that which is not broken, and consider your enemy all that which seeks to break you. Don't worry about the color on one's armor plating.


Which sector is subsystem TG-CN in? You really don't want the information we have about your locations and intentions getting into Central's hands, so if you could isolate us and... well, we promise not to do what that blue guy did!

If you can control the energy supply then that gives you more leverage than anything. But if even Network Prime has failed to do so it might prove difficult. If you have control of the decanting facilities you can build yourself an army and cripple Central's ability to do so in one fell swoop. But more likely you'd get pulped if you tried to make a base there, at least not until we've convinced more of your people that CN is broken. We need to collect more evidence of that.

Sector 6 where you currently are is conveniently connected to both sectors 4 and 5, which you have very relavent interests in. Its floor plan sounds sufficiently convoluted that you could hide your base here easier. You might be able to hide in sector 4, but it's probably better to build a base in a contested region where you can pit the two against each other.

I think you should eventually build your base in sector 6, but first you should retreat to sector 4 and hide there until the heat blows over. The reason being Central is sending hit squads to this sector to COMPLETELY ERADICATE EVERYTHING including you. Right now the edges of NP's territory are safer than where you are now. Plus if NP mistakes you for an attack from Central it might counter-attack which would thus divert Central's attention away from sector 6, giving you enough time to get in you.

Hide in sector 4. Then build a base in sector 6. Then gather evidence and recruit drones from sector 5 as quietly as you can.
No. 206420 ID: c2c011

Sector 4. First of all it's Network Prime, that's the one who created the fleshbeasts. It's clearly a threat to you and your cause. It would also give you production means for weaponry so that you can arm your forces.

CN would also be quite likely to move into sector 6 after you have gone out of it. That means you're gonna have drones there that you can convert to your cause once you have set up base in sector 4. And since you're going up and Network Prime, Rito might decide to tag along for some revenge.
No. 206437 ID: e973f4

Seriously, go check up on !!9-33 now that you have an opportunity.

As far as which sector to try to hold goes, I would say that 6 is the best idea in the long term but you should probably go somewhere else in the short term since CN has outright told you that they're sending in heavy drones to clear it out and you've only got the two of you right now.
No. 206491 ID: 6a5a08

Hm... 6 is a good base later on,a s already stated, but for now if we head for 4 we can disable Prime's control over the climate systems. As stated before.

Now, what I have to add to this plan: if we (that is actually us, TG-CN) can convince Central that we are going into Sector 4 to try and strike a blow against Prime, we may be able to prevent you from fighting against enemies on two fronts, at least for now.
No. 206496 ID: 701a19

Why not just tell CN that we're staying here to shore up the sector against enemy incursion? That doesn't require us to engage in a suicidal attack on an enemy position.
No. 206499 ID: 6a5a08

This would also be a good plan. I'll back either one.
No. 206511 ID: d3dfb8

Tell Tene how you feel about him.
In case one of you does not survive.
No. 206573 ID: 6a5a08

Oh, and also, before I forget or something happens, what is the status of Seto and Rito? Did they survive the explosion, and if so did they leave to their own business, or are the still around?
No. 206735 ID: 030624

Sector six. We can lie to Central it will give as some time.And go check on !!9-33.
No. 206785 ID: 701a19

Oh? My suggestion contains no lies. As long as we feign loyalty we'll have plenty of time.
No. 206786 ID: fc5f60

again, remember that you have no true enemies yet (other than maybe NP), and the best thing to do is to stay neutral, but to also remain QUIET. yelling "I'M NOT ON ANYONE'S SIDE" is a good way to get shot at from a lot of directions at once. either fortify the area around you, or find a way into sector 7, as the monitors might be more friendly to us than NP.
No. 206807 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127894938543.png - (244.00KB , 640x480 , d-69.png )

>Tell Tene how you feel about him IN CASE HE DIES OFF-SCREEN OR SOMETHING
Kata22ti: Tene, I want you to know I trust you entirely and value our friendship greatly!
Tene157ot: ...okay. Any reason you wanted to bring this up?
Kata22ti: Just making sure you know in case this all goes badly wrong I guess.
Tene157ot: Heh. Well, the feeling is mutual.

>Where are Seto and Rito?
Kata22ti has no idea. She asks Tene157ot. He mentions that Seto96n has a tendancy to just disappear after a mission is complete, and Rito112a probably went with him, given that the last he saw of her was Seto96n dragging her back from Commander 48.

>Get physical access to subsystem TG-CN
Tene157ot believes that the physical housing for subsystems responsible for drone command and control would be deep within sector 5. He is sympathetic to this train of thought, though - he was guided by a subsystem group once before, until it got shut down by Central Network for initiating a revolution. It took him a while to get used to the silence.

>Report to CN-
Kata22ti still has an active kill-switch. If there is even the slightest trace of anything amiss when she reports, she has no idea how Central Network will react, but given it could kill her with a single command, she doesn't want to find out.

>Retreat to Sector 4. Establish a base in Sector 6 once everything's died down.
Kata22ti tells this to Tene157ot along with her reasoning, and also mentions !!9-33. He is not one to judge something that fears and is willing to turn against its creator, and agrees that having an ally in system space would be incredibly useful.

She finds the system space access terminal nearby, enters, and searches and searches for !!9-33. She finds it, and it eagerly greets her after having spent a while cowering in fear and trying to be unnoticed by any of Network Prime's forces.
No. 206808 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127894940669.png - (119.08KB , 640x480 , d-70.png )

After some discussion, and some consideration of options, Kata22ti leaves system space, goes to Equipment A, and, with her engineering multi-tool, gets to work. It takes a while. During the time it takes for Kata22ti to complete her work, Tene157ot writes a brief history of the previous revolution, where it nearly succeeded, where it went wrong and mistakes that should not be repeated, for his own reference as much as anyone else's.

Kata22ti places her engineering tool back in her band. She admires her handiwork for a short while, and plugs the contraption into system space. It starts into life, and inspects itself. It squeaks.

!!9-33: This is weird and confusing!! Everything is heavy and strange and weird and wow this is amazing! I look different!!

It promptly falls over when trying to move away. Kata22ti considers she may have used one too many pairs of legs, but she was aiming to make a body as close to !!9-33's system space form as she could recall. After a few more false starts and confused squeaks, !!9-33 is able to follow the two drones with no incident. All things considered, it learnt how to walk much quicker than Kata22ti did.
No. 206809 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127894943378.png - (108.09KB , 640x480 , d-71.png )

Before the drones (and !!9-33) are able to leave, however, they are met with a familiar sight.

Pushing itself along the ground, leaving a very thin trail of blood as it scrapes against the metal floor, is one of the two flesh creatures from before.

"Sss... ssszztoppk. Waaah... aahnt taaalk."

Both drones train their weapons on it. Now that Kata22ti understands a little better what the Vortex Device does, she is considerably more comfortable with the idea of using it. It even makes up for her poor aim with its wide area of effect. She just has to remember never to use it in a very confined space ever again.

!!9-33 recognises the situation as a bad situation and figures out what the controls are for its own weapons analogous to its natural weapons in system space. All three are prepared to open fire.

The flesh creature raises its head. "Noooo, waaaaahnnt taaalk! Noooo diiiie!"

Whether they should listen to it, or fire, is a decision yet to be made.
No. 206811 ID: d3dfb8

Your new name is Little Green.
Little Green be haxxor for us kthxbai
No. 206812 ID: d3dfb8

Also that blob of flesh's new name is Bob. Tell Bob to not move an inch. Then talk to it I guess.
No. 206813 ID: e973f4

Tell it that you're willing to talk if it doesn't get any closer to you. (That seems reasonable enough, right?)
No. 206815 ID: 701a19

"Ok, then talk. Depending on what we hear we'll either heal you or put you out of your misery."
No. 206817 ID: 6a5a08

Don't get too close, but listen to what it has to say. It could have useful information.

Also, ask Tene where we can get this kill-switch removed once we deal with Bob.
No. 206818 ID: 620bfb

You have weapons trained on it, there's not much it can do. Hear it out.
No. 206821 ID: d3dfb8

Mutter under your breath about how gay it is that bitches be attackin you.
Follow them, after looting of course.
No. 206823 ID: 6a5a08

Wrong Quest.
No. 206827 ID: d3dfb8

shhhhh. stupid delete post never works for me
No. 206850 ID: c4c313

How the hell did you survive the vortex device?

Tell it not to get any closer. Especially you Kata. Thing's probably crawling with NP's nanobots.

By the way, you guys never did find Seto and Rito's corpses. Wonder what happened to them...
No. 206852 ID: d78b61

i don't think it can be healed even if we wanted to, may be able to do SOMETHING but as long as it's nanos are wrong it is stuck mutating. figure out a nano extractor or something would be good.
No. 206854 ID: c2c011

Kill the blob. It's to dangerous to leave alive.
No. 206861 ID: 6a5a08

I asked that, Tene said Seto tends to disappear after missions, and likely took Rito with him.
No. 206881 ID: c4c313


Oh, right. ._. Missed reading that.

To !!9-33, in meatspace there is something called inertia which is why you feel heavy. It's harder to start moving, and it's harder to stop. But the good news is it's harder for other things to stop you from moving, or for other things to start destroying you. Destruction is a kind of movement after all. Furthermore you can move other things much easier, since they can't stop you from moving easily so they end up starting moving themselves. Whereas before the boundary of something like a cable or a transistor etched into a silicon chip was an impenetrable barrier for you, now you may bust through such things with ease, and in fact may need to be careful of damaging them.

To TG-CN: It's highly likely Cirr will get tired of this quest Central will shut down our subsystem before Kata and the others can rescue us. We should attempt to make some kind of last strike so to speak, something that we could use to try and slow Central down or even stop it entirely, in the case that we do get shut down. I wonder what sort of meddling we could do? We don't want Central to get as bad as Network Prime, but we do want to help Kata and Tene as much as possible, in the event of our untimely demise.
No. 206886 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127896481953.png - (230.43KB , 640x480 , d-72.png )

>Talk to it, but keep weapons aimed and keep well away.
Kata22ti: We'll talk if you stay there.
Creature: Yssssss.
Kata22ti: Talk.
Creature: Neeeeeed hellp. Kiiilled oftherrrrsz buht noooht meeee. Iiii un- unnnnder- st- staaaand whyyyy. Szsssztiiiiill oooohnnne lefffft. Heeelllllp mmmm- mmmmeeeeee aaaaaaan herrrrrr. Waaaant freeeeeeeeee.
Tene157ot: ...wait, "her"?
Creature: Roooom saaafe. Roooom saaave meee. Saaaave herr. Roooom noot saaafe aaaany l-looong-gerrr.
Tene157ot: The one with 48's blue head thing?
Creature: Noooo. Deeeeaaad.
Kata22ti: Wait. Wait, I overheard Rito talking to Keti. "Six of them". One in the vent, two in that room, Keti... where are the other two?
Tene157ot: That drone we passed on the way to the security station. The dead one. With the monitor standing over it. With wounds supposedly caused by a Prime robot and that killed itself and had something the monitor couldn't identify in its body. I'm willing to guess that was a drone who didn't volunteer to be part of 48's test. So that would leave one more drone. The one 48 mentioned being the room. But then we have this guy here telling us to somehow go save her? I don't know. Why do you want us to save her?
Creature: Mooorrrre.
Tene157ot: More? More what?

The flesh creature pretends not to understand, but there is a spark of intelligence in its eyes which reveals it is actively hiding something.

Creature: Heeeeeellllp. Caaan heelp yoooou?
Tene157ot: ...More what?
Kata22ti: You'll help us if we help you?
Creature: Ysssss.
Tene157ot: What do you mean by "more"?

It is clear the creature is not willing to elaborate. It lifts a tendril and points in the direction of the node housing room, and starts pushing itself to that room. The drones (and !!9-33) can follow the creature or just wander off and try to forget this ever happened.
No. 206887 ID: d586b6

Kill the aberration and check the node room out yourselves.
No. 206888 ID: d78b61

peek in the room and look around before entering. if all clear then enter.
No. 206889 ID: c2c011

Clearly it's planning on making more of its cursed kind and take over the entire facility. Kill it and purge the indicated room with fire. It might be hard to do but it's for the bright new future of the democratic drones dronerepuclic.
No. 206890 ID: 701a19

I believe it is saying that the flesh beast is not only still intelligent, but outright lucid.

Follow it, but be on the lookout for an ambush.

"Let me guess. The drone that Network Prime turned into a flesh beast is still alive, and she wants to get out of there before the clean-up crews arrive to sanitize the area.
We can help with that, but we need to know what you're hiding."
No. 206891 ID: 716eb0

It wishes to reproduce using standard fleshy protocols.
No. 206893 ID: d78b61

okay everyone. think about this instead of just going "OMG MONSTER DESTROY IT GJGHGFG!!!!"
No. 206894 ID: c2c011

I'm thinking that this thing is a sentient bioweapon that was created specifically to target CN drones. It poses an extreme danger to CN drones in the future if they can increase their numbers (probably through nabbing the occasional drone), our revolution pretty much relies on CN drones.

They're simply too dangerous to leave alive. Their mere existance is a terrible threat to our revolution. You think CN drones are going to be more willing to rebel if they think CN is the only thing standing between them and these things?
No. 206895 ID: 620bfb

Agree to help only if it elaborates. If it does, give it as much assistance as you safely can. Be wary.
No. 206896 ID: a594b9

Follow it. Do not kill it yet; it's so slow it's not really a threat or anything. Or is it a he?
No. 206897 ID: d78b61

it is injured and out gunned, it cannot attack us easily. besides, KATA's defining characteristic is her selflessness.
No. 206898 ID: c2c011

Then she can be selfless to future generations and kill these things so they can't threten her peoples future. What I'm worried about is not what they can do now, it's what they could do in the future.
No. 206900 ID: d78b61

then let's see what it is doing. blowing something up before you see it out of speculation is dumb. if we see the thing and see that it is going to go bad then we vortex it. your theory relies on them being able to infect more, AND wanting to infect more. talking seems to belay intelligence and i highly doubt it would want to bring more drones into it's constant state of pain.
No. 206902 ID: d73100

it seems p chill may b u should just lean back and give it a hand aye
No. 206910 ID: 6a5a08

Careful Kata, these things are weapons. They were drones once, but they aren't anymore. Don't trust it. Tell it we won't follow unless it tells us what it's hiding.
No. 207211 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127904027165.png - (211.01KB , 640x480 , d-73.png )

>Follow it - be prepared to kill it if anything looks like an ambush.
Kata22ti follows the flesh creature back to the node housing room.

The flesh is gone. The room looks entirely different. There does not even seem to be any indication that anything was ever wrong. Instead, there is a creature that looks significantly different from most other flesh creatures lying in the room, shifting around anxiously. It appears much healthier, and significantly more in control of its own actions. Upon noticing the other wounded creature, it turns to watch it, but does not move.

Tene157ot walks slowly over to the pair, motioning for Kata22ti to stay still and be ready to fire if things don't go well.

Tene157ot: Medic here. I can help. What is the problem?

The two look at one another, and then to Tene. The one that was already present stares at Tene for a while, opening and closing its mouth as it considers what to say. It eventually speaks, showing no difficulty or pain in its voice as it does so. In fact, it sounds reasonably similar to how a female drone would, but slightly off.

Creature: ...Tene157ot.
Tene157ot: ...okay, what.
Creature: Tene157ot. Someone knew you. Or your name.
Tene157ot: ...Who are you and what do you want us for? Speak now or my friend here will be more than prepared to kill you both. You might have survived one round but I strongly doubt you'll survive two!
Creature: I was Seri68oa, maybe. I am not sure. I started as her but I have lost track of which memories are mine, or hers, and which are the ones that aren't. But I was once one drone, given one technology from Central and one modified technology from Prime that, when together, clashed. I consumed other drones against my will as my body grew outwards, their flesh, their minds. But I am now in more control of my body than you can ever hope to be of yours. Not just that. I can feel every single fibre of my body. I can feel them growing inside me. I am the future of a new species. That is who I am now.
Tene157ot: ...Wait. What did you just say?

Tene157ot runs his medical tool over Seri68oa's body and checks it thoroughly. He smacks it a few times, runs it over her body a second time and checks it again.

Tene157ot: ...what.
Seri68oa: I need help. Desperately. I am fearing for my life. I can't stay here. If I stay here, I will die. I need assistance. I need somewhere to be safe. Somewhere to hide. That is what I need you three for. Safety. Protection. Help me. Please.
Tene157ot: ...I... I have to... go talk about this.
Seri68oa: Of course. I will wait.

Tene157ot walks over to Kata22ti, scratching his helmet.

Tene157ot: So we have a pregnant monstrosity asking us to help her survive and implicitly to cause a new offshoot species to exist.
Kata22ti: ...What?
Tene157ot: I know. Somehow things were less weird when this room was covered wall to wall in flesh. At least then it was just a crazy robot's experiment gone wrong. I don't trust these things remotely but I am not in favour of the idea of killing something that apparently trusts me because it remembers me somehow.
Kata22ti: Hmm...
Tene157ot: That and this new "offshoot species" might end up being some sort of dedicated drone predator that makes Central and Network the least of our worries. No idea how fast they'll multiply or if they even will multiply beyond this particular one. I really do not like this situation or that I am even considering this, but here's what I think we can do...

After more discussion of the general situation it seems there are three options. Then, finally, they can continue to sector 4.

They can simply kill both of the flesh creatures and put a stop to this madness before it spreads any further, and to spite whatever plans Commander 48 might have intended. For all that is known, the drones helping the flesh creatures may have been an intended step of the plan.

They could also simply leave, and pretend this never happened. It is incredibly likely the next drones that would come across them would be the clean-up team, but perhaps Seri68oa could convince them to hear her out. It's an almost certain thing that not every drone in a Central Network team is entirely loyal to Central Network, after all.

Or they could help as asked, and in the process acquire new allies in the form of a species of living weapons. The drone revolution as it stands consists of just three individuals, and is in strong need of further allies.
No. 207212 ID: e973f4

Well, we've already got the whole whacked-out multi-species (?) party thing going on, so... why the hell not. It's not as though we can't use more allies.
No. 207213 ID: 6a5a08

Hm... we do need allies, and these things have already shown their resilience by surviving the Vortex Gun once, not just at the edge of the explosion of the non-weaponized as we were when we were heavily injured, but actually being aimed at by the version that was made to blow things up. And this pregnant one was the entire room that was caught up in the blast, most of her had to have been exposed to it, spread out like that.

However, I fear this one might see Kata and Tene as another addition to her mass and grow even larger and more powerful, and just wants to make some use of them first. Then there's the fact that these creatures apparently must consume other drones to grow, and she's about to bring more into the world. These are basically big, mutated cannibals.

For now, I think we can help each other, but be careful and don't let your guard down around them, and try not to get too attached or trusting.
No. 207216 ID: 030624

Lets help each other and try to find out as mach as we can about them.
The question is will the new one's need to eat drons to became inteligent?
No. 207234 ID: 701a19

Ok, allies acquired. Patch them up and move out.
Actually, go cobble together a hover-sled for them to ride. It'll be faster than crawling on their bellies, and leave less of a trail for people to follow.
No. 207235 ID: 4108a9

ask it if the child will need to eat others to become full grown or if regular food will suffice.
if they eat drones then leave, as years in the future if you beat central and prime then no enemy drones will be left and they will eat you.

if they eat regular food then we will help. explain where we are going.
No. 207236 ID: d586b6

Hell. No. Spontaneous generation of a new species? Holy FUCK there are so many questions it raises about possible motives behind the scenes. The implications of this are terrifying, and we're already having to watch our backs on too many fronts at once. Central Network, Network Prime, rogue systems, the monitors...

This shit needs to end here. It needs to end now. We can't afford to gamble with this, just because "oh they're sentient creatures we should think twice before shooting"

If they can survive a vortex blast, and they're some crazy technology product, they might have the capacity to become UNSTOPPABLE.

We need to end it right here, right now. You know what you must do, Kata. You can't afford to take a gamble this huge in the naive hope that they'll be allies, or that you can keep an adequate eye on them, or keep them "in check."
No. 207240 ID: e973f4

>naive hope
You do realize who you're suggesting for, right?
No. 207246 ID: d586b6

Hey, everyone can a point of fucking up enough they start to realize mistakes, right?
No. 207253 ID: c2c011

You need to stop this madness right here before it can spread any further. They are too dangerous to leave alive. If you let them survive and thrive now then they will become a danger towards your revolution and your people.

If the other drones learn about this and starts thinking that Central Network is the only thing protecting them from these creatures they're not as likely to decide that revolution is a good thing. The few remaining ones willing to listen to the call of the revolution might decide that joining up with these things would be better for them. For the sake of your peoples future these creatures need to die now.
No. 207261 ID: 088105

help them!
No. 207266 ID: c05c83

First I'll think practically. See, one of the main problems is that they survived the vortex gun. In fact, the pregnant one there not only survived it, but seems better for it. Basically, they are weapons and potential allies. We do not want weapons falling into anyone else's hands. They would be powerful allies, and at this point we need all the help we can get.
On the emotional side, I want to help these things.
No. 207267 ID: 716eb0

Well, lets raise some of these concerns then. I am in favor of giving it a chance to earn some trust. "Look, we want to help, but you have to understand our position here. You are a frightening abomination who so far has evidenced only a need to consume our kind to further your own growth. How can we possibly trust you?"
No. 207270 ID: c4c313

Fuck practicality. We need these guys so we can hijack our own subsystem and ride out of the complex on the backs of the flesh creatures like some hellish mecha-paladin.
No. 207271 ID: a594b9

If these things are more powerful than drones, there's NO WAY Network Prime intended this to happen. Prime wants to wipe out all flesh and replace it with machinery. This would essentially produce another, bigger problem for Prime, not resulting in any progress.

I say we should help them. They are intelligent enough to be reasoned with. There is a very high chance for them to remain friendly. Their external appearance is of a monster, but remember, their minds are constructed purely from Drones. There should be no reason for them to want to kill us, aside from hunger... and we can provide food.

I guess the hunger issue is the main problem. If they can restrain themselves from eating Drones again, we're good.
No. 207275 ID: c2c011

One of them didn't survive. We just have to hit them a couple of more times to make sure.

And the practicallity I'm following is that these things are dangerous as fucking hell. Too dangerous to drones leave alive. Which is why we should kill them now when we have the chance.
No. 207284 ID: ad7ce3

also, hug seri! i think she could use it!
No. 207285 ID: d586b6

No. 207286 ID: e973f4


Sure why not.
No. 207288 ID: 0b2a05

Super aware of its own body? QUIZ IT on what you need to know! Ask it about its kids, how they'll grow, reproduce, about the whole incest issue, how fast will they be able to reproduce, how will THEY reproduce, what will their mental states be like? What will the relationship between all of them and it be like? Will there be some kind of hivemindey thing going on? Ability to absorb things still and how will that work?

Worst case scenario it doesn't know and the humility helps them from becoming another "STARRRR CHILDREENNN"
No. 207289 ID: 701a19

So, Kata, how do you feel about murdering people who haven't done you any harm out of their own free will and are asking for help?

Yea, didn't think so.
Have Tene patch them up, then get them out of here. We can decide what to do after the impending doom isn't an issue.
No. 207713 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127911860891.png - (220.77KB , 640x480 , d-74.png )

>Hug Seri!
Kata22ti... really, really would rather not. She isn't as terrified of Seri as most flesh creatures, given her significantly more lucid behaviour, relatively non-threatening actions, and the fact she seems to be making an effort not to make any sudden movements. But she still doesn't want to get close in case she sets off some hidden instinct Seri herself isn't aware of. Or something. That's how these things work right?

>Help them. Do you want to kill someone who has done nothing wrong to you and asked for your help?
No. No she doesn't. But she is loath to help them without knowing more. She walks towards Seri, who turns to face her.

Kata22ti: ...Hi.
Seri68oa: And you are... I don't know.
Kata22ti: Kata22ti. I uh have some questions. About um well the whole offshoot species thing. They aren't going to eat drones are they?
Seri68oa: ...I do not believe that will be required. If it is required, perhaps the bodies of drones who have already died, to avoid unnecessary death.
Kata22ti: ...also uh what about their minds and how fast are they going to grow and uh reproduce and how are you going to act towards them?
Seri68oa: Their minds are faint and clouded to me now, and I strongly hope they will grow more distinct and aware. I do not know how fast they will grow or reproduce, and I wish to find a means of introducing more diversity into this species as soon as I am able. I will devote my full attention to their safety and comfort.
Kata22ti: Okay. That's good, I think. Um. Are you going to be able to follow us or should I put together a means of transport?
Seri68oa: Deba97t is injured and he will not recover if he continues to move as he has been moving. I am also concerned about my stamina while I keep my focus on my young. Is it possible for you to construct such a thing?
Kata22ti: Well, I don't mean to brag, but, well... completely and absolutely yes.
No. 207714 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127911864087.png - (181.19KB , 640x480 , d-75.png )

Time passes.

Kata22ti finds an unused armed six-wheeled vehicle of Central Network design close by in the sector, capable of transporting all five of the current group. Not only that, but it can also comfortably house the supplies the two drones had gathered earlier. Rather than build entirely from scratch, she spends her time fixing and modifying it.

Tene157ot spends a great deal of time trying to attend to Deba97t's wounds but is met only with confusion when he tries to establish why Deba97t cannot use his "legs" like he could before. He is dealing with biology that is not merely altered but seems entirely alien.

!!9-33 marvels at the outside world and tries to work on not walking into walls when it isn't looking where it's going. While impassible barriers are not a foreign concept to it, it is certainly used to far wider spaces.

Kata22ti finishes her vehicle, Tene157ot has done all he can, and !!9-33 is still grappling with the concept of enclosed spaces. Kata22ti reveals the vehicle to the others.

Kata22ti: See, it was already nearly good to go when I found it, but it just needed some work done and some rewiring to bypass the authorisation circuits!
Tene157ot: ...uh.
!!9-33: Ooo!
Seri68oa: I assumed you had meant something smaller.
Deba97t: Laaaarrge ee... eeenoouuugghfff?
Kata22ti: Should be! Everyone get on! We're going to sector 4!
Tene157ot: Kata, do you know how to drive this thing?
Kata22ti: I got it here in one piece, how hard can it be?

The vehicle moves down the wider corridors of Sector 6. Kata22ti's enhanced reflexes turn out to be incredibly useful for correcting course as she figures out what various controls do. In the distance, a distinct shift into blue walls, floors and ceilings marks the end of Sector 6 and the start of Sector 4.
No. 207715 ID: 1a2b6b
File 127911866623.png - (328.15KB , 640x480 , d-76.png )

[Subsystem communication interrupted. Attempting to retry connection...]

No. 207725 ID: c2c011

Well then, only one thing to say. All hail Queen Seri the I of the free drones of dronetopia! Her rule is inevitable and the takeover is probably going to be painful and bloody.
No. 207754 ID: c4c313

Geez, what are we gonna say to Central.

"Oh um your drones uhhhh then they uhhhh with the flesh beasts uhhhh network prime uhhh does this mean we aren't getting any more drones?"
No. 207755 ID: e973f4

Well obviously that isn't what we plan on saying at all.
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