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File 128243490415.png - (63.18KB , 700x500 , 001.png )
220690 No. 220690 ID: a6008c

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No. 220692 ID: a6008c
File 128243493599.png - (99.28KB , 700x500 , 002.png )

Name: James Blacwick.
Age: 23.
Education: High School Graduate.
Occupation: Full time Grocer.

If I had to describe myself in a word, I'd say: boring. I've never had a girlfriend, or any friends, really. I've always been kind of a loner, and a collector of comic books. But mostly a loner.
No. 220693 ID: a6008c
File 128243495020.png - (120.56KB , 700x500 , 003.png )

That is, until today. Things got a bit weird for me after today.

*ding* "BLACWICK!"
No. 220694 ID: a6008c
File 128243496184.png - (197.98KB , 700x500 , 004.png )

No. 220698 ID: c2c011

Quick, throw the penny bowl at them and then dive over the counter and get out whatever shotgun or .44 magnum is keept there for occasions such as this and robberies. Also tell them to fuck off or buy something.
No. 220702 ID: 40f9f7

Ask them if they need help finding anything.
No. 220703 ID: 3234dd

Acquire odd looking foam appendages and grow to a giant size!
No. 220705 ID: a594b9

Tell them you have no idea what they're talking about.
No. 220711 ID: 059120

Stop you from destroying the Earth through inaction, of course. They're trying to recruit you onto their team! There's only three of them, there's supposed to be more than that! You're obviously the prime candidate for fourth member.
No. 220716 ID: 5a2e05

"I'm sorry, we're fresh out. Check back Tuesday."
No. 220724 ID: 4fc8d9


This! This is the most awesome thing you can say!
Do not forget your mindless-drone-stare!
No. 220733 ID: a6008c
File 128243688338.png - (108.65KB , 700x500 , 007.png )

"Sorry, we're fresh out. Check back Tuesday."

"Oh, uh, sorry, I could have sworn he was working today... We'll, uh, we'll double check our schedule next time..."

They leave.
No. 220734 ID: a6008c
File 128243690580.png - (111.31KB , 700x500 , 008.png )

They come back in.

No. 220737 ID: a6008c
File 128243703378.png - (109.00KB , 700x500 , 005.png )

Of course, I had no idea what they were talking about. A villain? Me? The most evil thing I've done was sell my friend's game boy for cash after he got a game boy advance.

"What are you talking about?"




"...Obviously. Look, do you need help finding anything?"
No. 220738 ID: a6008c
File 128243704974.png - (150.46KB , 700x500 , 006.png )

No. 220739 ID: a6008c
File 128243705982.png - (46.18KB , 700x500 , 009.png )

"...Seriously, please hold still, this takes a second to charge..."
No. 220740 ID: a594b9

Don't hold still.
No. 220741 ID: 932552

Walk over and flick him in the head.
No. 220742 ID: c2c011

Go forward and kick the incompetent fool in the nuts.
No. 220743 ID: b10c0e

James Badwit: Stand still. Remain motionless until dead or arrested like a good NPC.

Green Ranger: Request that Blue Ranger and Pink ranger defend you from the foolish, if troublesome mooks about to attack you.
No. 220745 ID: 4ea75e

side step. if it really is evil seeking then it wont home in on you and instead go to the true evil.
No. 220747 ID: f4963f

Walk around and remove Green's helmet.
No. 220753 ID: a6008c
File 128243779624.png - (83.67KB , 700x500 , 010.png )

Having taken a couple years of karate back in school, I decide to put them to use. I kick him in the face.

"Gah! My evil destruction cannon!"

"Attacking while an attack was charging..."
"The fiend..."
No. 220756 ID: 5fe4a8

Threaten to call the cops on them. That'll sure show them you mean business.
No. 220757 ID: 4ea75e

"no, look. unless you actually give me a charge better then 'possibly wants to destroy the world' i have to get back to my job. besides, if i destroyed the world then where would i live?"
No. 220759 ID: 701a19

"I'm not going to destroy the world, moron. That's where I keep all my stuff."
No. 220769 ID: 644ca1

"You know what, you guys piss me off, maybe I WILL destroy the world. And it will all be your fault!"
No. 220771 ID: a6008c
File 12824405981.png - (69.94KB , 700x500 , 011.png )

I attempt to reason with them. As troopers of justice, I'm sure they can reason, right?

"No, look. Unless you something better against me than 'possibly wants to destroy the world', I have to get back to my job. Besides, if i destroyed the world, then where would i live?"


"...I have a moon base? I mean, no. No, I keep all my stuff on Earth. Okay, listen, this is harassment. If you don't get out of my store, I am calling the police on you."


"Of course they would."
No. 220772 ID: a6008c
File 128244061179.png - (72.53KB , 700x500 , 012.png )

Blue walks up to me, and pulls out some papers.

"Actually no, see, we have hero's licenses, and you are our registered nemesis. The police can't actually intervene."

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of."

"No, seriously, you can go down to city hall and check it out. You're all signed up and everything. Us too."

"Since when?"

"Heck if I know. Go down and check it out later, we're having our first show down right now."

Green Ranger suddenly speaks up. "B-blue... Pink..."
No. 220773 ID: a6008c
File 12824406237.png - (173.96KB , 700x500 , 013.png )

Blue rushes back to his side.

"I...I've been hurt... Go on without me, Rangers..."
"No! We fight as a team, Green!"
"Yeah! We have to work together!"
"Oh come on. I did not kick you that hard."
"Shh... Shh... Rest, Green Ranger... You don't need to talk..."
"Just rest, Green! We'll get you to safety!"
"You can't be serious."
No. 220774 ID: a6008c
File 128244063222.png - (113.35KB , 700x500 , 014.png )

No. 220775 ID: a6008c
File 128244064338.png - (95.38KB , 700x500 , 015.png )

And they vanish in a puff of smoke.
No. 220776 ID: 932552

Finish Shift. Then go down to City Hall!
No. 220779 ID: a594b9

Remember to go to city hall and check out that nemesis registration thing when you have a chance.
No. 220780 ID: bdce21
File 128244101211.jpg - (12.68KB , 586x126 , uhhh huh.jpg )

...yea... How much disposable income and free time do you have?

First task (when your shift is over) would be to check out the details of that hero/nemesis license crap.
No. 220783 ID: 5a2e05

Yeah, after work you totally need to check this out and get yourself signed up on the do-not-call list or something.
No. 220784 ID: dad664

Tear away the flesh on your arm to see if there is secretly a gigantic killer robot claw hidden there.

Because it would be totally awkward if you were in a club and then they showed up and blasted you with some team attack, revealing said claw and freaking you and the entire club out.
No. 220789 ID: 701a19

Register as a hero.
No. 220790 ID: 4ea75e

slap together a thing and paint "world saving machine!" on the side.
No. 220793 ID: a6008c
File 128244207611.png - (97.57KB , 700x500 , 016.png )

I decide to go back to work, like a responsible adult. This job does not pay me well, but it pays me enough. For free time, I get the weekends off, but work 40 hours a week on the weekdays. Every day, 7am to 3 pm.
No. 220795 ID: a6008c
File 128244214415.png - (77.78KB , 700x500 , 017.png )

After I get out of work at 3, and head down the City Hall. I go up to the front desk. The name plate reads, "Mayor Bloodswick."

"Hey, sir, these guys attacked me at work today. They said something about being their Nemesis?"

"Hmmm... I'll check the records... Ah, yes! Mr. Blacwick! You were supposed to check in here a week ago. Let's see, you have 2 FX saved up. The Earth Defense Force has declared you their Nemesis, so your encounters with them get bonuses. You haven't decided on a villain name or costume yet. Would you like to do that now?"
No. 220796 ID: a594b9

Tell him you don't remember ever registering. There must be some kind of mistake. Also ask what an FX is.
No. 220797 ID: 701a19

"Yea, it seem the paperwork got screwed up. They registered me as a hero against my wishes, and they registered as villains. Aside from me having never agreed to this, the roles got swapped."
No. 220798 ID: 476456

But keep in mind that your job kind of sucks and you dont really have anything better to do than entertain some lunatics.
No. 220804 ID: 932552

Yes. Ask how much this pays. And how much being a hero pays, for that matter. Your job sucks.
No. 220805 ID: 5a2e05

...see how much being a villain pays.
No. 220806 ID: bdce21
File 128244270079.png - (147.70KB , 1250x1250 , John thinking.png )

uhm. Explain to him you didn't sign up for this.

and ask what FX are.

if he gives some BS about it just go along and make your name... uh... Blackwing? nah too easy... Obsidian Baron!

No no BARON OBSIDIAN! perfect.
No. 220808 ID: 96fb33

Become subdued villain with unremarkable yet tasteful villain name.

Make a show of trying to do evil things and ending up doing incredibly nice things instead. Around the Sentai Squad preferred. Really chew the scenery.

Meet up with Blue at some point and convince him you're shit at being evil, and admit you just want to be normal.

Proceed to live life on as normal and converse with villains and heroes alike. Become Antihero.
No. 220809 ID: dad664

Furthermore, see if there's some legal loophole that'll let you be an anti-hero. That way you don't have to do evil, per se.
No. 220812 ID: 644ca1

Ask if they have fixed your moonbase yet, if they have one for you this is so going to be worth it.
No. 220823 ID: a6008c
File 128244533557.png - (79.38KB , 700x500 , 018.png )

I try to explain everything to him. "This is all a big mistake. I never signed up for being a nemesis or anything."

"It's an inheritance plan. Your father died last week. He was the great villain Blackwing, and you have succeeded him. You get all the resources he had... or you would, if he hadn't blown them all in his last encounter."

"Wait, Dad died?" That's news to me.


"...Huh." To be honest, I hadn't seen him in 17 years. It is hard to care about his death. "How much does being a villain pay?"

"Here's your paycheck for that first encounter."

I open it.
No. 220824 ID: a6008c
File 128244534618.png - (84.64KB , 700x500 , 019.png )

...This can't be right. I make this much in a month at the grocer's. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Villains get 1000$ an encounter, plus an additional 100 per hero in the encounter, and an extra 250 against their nemesis. You also get one FX per encounter."

"...Huh." Wow. That's... That's really something. I take him up on the offer. "I'll be the Obsidian Baron. No, wait - put me down as Baron Obsidian."

"Okay, sure. Nice to meet you, Baron Obsidian."

A few more questions come to mind. "Do I have to do villainy, as a villain? Or just fight the heroes?"

"You get paid by the encounter. Why you fight is entirely up to you, I guess. Villainy is a pretty good way to lure the heroes out though. You are contractually required to put half of each paycheck towards setting up your next encounter, unless you quit the business entirely. And as long as your villainy is for the purposes of luring out the heroes, you can not be legally charged by the police. Your heroes can charge you though, if they catch you. Do you want to design your costume now, too? Or would you like to wait on it?"
No. 220825 ID: a6008c
File 128244535628.png - (131.98KB , 700x500 , 20.png )

"Wait, before that, what's an FX?" This seems important.

"A Special Effect. You should be familiar with them, the EDF used 3 of them in your encounter. You know those parts where everything got really detailed? They used an FX for that. Here, I'll use an FX for this scene, so you can see for yourself what I mean."

"Oh wow. When can I use them?"

"Any time you want. Also, each color you put in your costume costs 1 FX. You can also use them to get minions and improve your base, but that costs more FX than you have right now. You can buy more FX for 300$ each, and you'll earn a few every encounter, as well."

"...I have a base?"

"Yes, Blackwing left you a moon base."

Oh fuck yes. "How do I get to it?"

"I don't know. Buy a rocket or something? I am not made of space travel."

...The moon base will have to wait.
No. 220829 ID: 701a19

Become a villain that's quite nice, just annoying.

For example, your first evil plot once you get access to your moon base should be selling advertising space on the dark side of the moon.

Until that time? Use half of that encounter check to pay aspiring young garage bands to play on street corners soliciting tips, and split the tips with them 50/50.
No. 220833 ID: 5a2e05

You have obsidian in your name, so the costume can just be black for now. It costs less for the one color. Got any villainy plans? Anything you feel like exploiting? Not all villains are the cackling outrageously evil type, you know. You can do bad things for a good cause or good things for a bad cause.
No. 220835 ID: 96fb33


Spend money hunting down the secret identities of Sentai Squad Earth Defense Force.

Use FX in front of one of them while saving a kitten or picking a puppy up from a riverbank or something.

Let it aaaall fall into place.
No. 220836 ID: bdce21
File 128244605352.gif - (11.20KB , 58x77 , scott_victory.gif )

alright sweet, since black is a shade and not a color let's make our costume that... and all obsidiany... I dunno artists help me out here.

buy another FX, I'm sure 3 will come in handy. Spend the rest of the half on the big plastic costume.
No. 220840 ID: 932552

Holy crap yes you are so into this. You get a fun job, tons of cash, and get to meet interesting characters.
Just don't go overboard, alright? You're a responsible adult, so that means you should keep a level head about this. No trying to blow up the earth. No absorbing powers bigger than your head. That sortof thing.
Pragmatic villains are always more fearsome, anyway.

> Do you want to design your costume now, too?
We can always change it later, right? Might as well get a cape or something, though.

> Also, each color you put in your costume costs 1 FX.
HAX. Well, black is a pretty good villain colour anyway. Those poor Rangers. So colourful. We should pity them.

Let's save up FX for some minions, first. Always good to have a few people to watch your back. How many FX does it cost to get one of them?

> Moonbase.
> No way to get to Moonbase.
Looks like we'll need to use something more 'down to earth' in the meantime. HAH!
No. 220861 ID: 997545

Here's an easy crime for you.

Credit card fraud.

How many credit cards do you see every day at work?

Also, you could probably get away with terrorizing asshole customers now. Check with your boss first, though. He might be able to write off damages as insurance losses or something.
No. 220863 ID: d677cc

Oh damn I like this idea.
No. 220864 ID: a6008c
File 128245098670.png - (51.37KB , 700x500 , 21.png )

I buy a third FX, and an all-black costume, with a white cape just because Black and White apparently do not cost any FX. Convenient. It is pretty plain, but it will do for now I guess.

I had 50 dollars beforehand, so now I am up to 1300$ and 3 FX. Really, I get paid enough that I only need to get into an encounter once every 3 or 4 weeks.
No. 220865 ID: a6008c
File 128245099619.png - (95.28KB , 500x700 , The List.png )

So let's see what he's got. "So, what else can I spend FX on? And how do I get more?"

"Here, have a list. It gets updated every now and then, but I'll tell if it did when you collect your checks. When you get minions or powers of any kind, you can specify what they entail, and we will do our best to accomodate you. For example, you could get a Water Minion Pack, who could swim. Or a Fire Minion Pack, who would attack using fire based weaponry. It is suggested that you stick to a theme, as it makes things more dramatic."

The Mayor continues. "If you battle impressively, you get more FX for that encounter. You did rather pitifully in this last encounter, so even though you won, you only got the baseline of one FX. The EDF, on the other hand, gained 6, for their commendable ability to stick to their role.
No. 220868 ID: 4ea75e

"well, i didn't even know what was happening at the time, i'll do much better on the next one. get some maniacal laughter in there or something"
No. 220870 ID: 932552

> Stick to a theme.
What did our dad have? What did our dad do?
No. 220872 ID: bdce21
File 128245145562.jpg - (41.17KB , 500x479 , just-as-planned.jpg )

>only need to get into an encounter every 3-4 weeks

What? and miss out on all the extra cash we could be getting? Shit dude we need to go find some people to challenge... or see what the encounter schedule is since apparently there seems to be a schedule.
No. 220873 ID: 4531bc

If we're going to be Baron obsidian, let's resemble our eponymous mineral.

Let's be rock hard, stone cold, and scorching hot

The Earth defense force are far too pitiful a group to even deserve an evil chuckle a villain with your class!
No. 220874 ID: 932552

OBVIOUSLY the heroes get some kind of list, too, right? OBVIOUSLY. Can we take a look at that, too?
Maybe we could pattern ourselves off as a sortof 'evil hero' type.
Just never turn good. You're never as cool when you do that.
No. 220876 ID: 5a2e05

Gotta read up on dad, yeah. And you only NEED an encounter every 3-4 weeks. If you want to rake in the dough you gotta do it more often. Also note
>You are contractually required to put half of each paycheck towards setting up your next encounter
so you'll only be making half as much.
No. 220880 ID: 55c4cf

your name is pretty much blackwick

go with a black candle theme, and/or fire.
you already have a supervillain like name
No. 220889 ID: e3f578

buy 3 FX for a teleport power so you can get to your moon base $900 right? That leaves you $400, good enough to live on for a week definitely, and who knows might be some cool shit up in the moon base.

Well, double check the teleport power first before buying anything and make sure it doesn't need an upgrade to reach that far.
No. 220890 ID: 932552

You know, I'm totally going to support this. Just don't go overboard with the fire theme.
Your name is Blackwick. You are THE Baron Obsidian. It's a title.
And you're totally going to create the Obsidian Empire.
(titles are cool)
No. 220891 ID: b17ae1

If you aren't too fond of Baron Obsidian, you could, instead, dub yourself 'DOCTOR D'AWWW' and defeat your enemies with the terrible power of cuteness.

No. 220901 ID: a6008c
File 128245359775.png - (79.07KB , 700x500 , 22.png )

Hmm. Now I'm curious. Just what was my father? Why had I never heard of him?

"What was Blackwing's theme?"

"Crows and Bats. He liked the night time, and was obsessed with death, so he chose to use an animal theme that represented that. Ninjas were his favorite minion type, and he'd often drop them from his moon base down to Earth."

Well that is a pretty awesome theme. Man, I should rethink this. "Hey, uh, could I rename myself if I need to?"

"Yeah, at any time you like, but you only really need to stick to a theme for any given encounter. You don't have to stick to the same theme forever, although that does let you reuse leftover resources."

"Alright. Then I will be Baron Obsidian Black Wick."


"Could I see the hero list? For comparison?"


"Very well then. 6 FX would get me a teleport power, right?"

"Yes, but at it's basic level, it teleports you 10 meters per second of charging. So, to get to the moon reliably would require at least 40,569,600 seconds of continuous charging, at this level. That would be, erm... 470 days, or about 16 months. Each upgrade increases the distance per second by 10 times."

"...How did you do all that math so quickly?"

"Instant calculation power."
No. 220902 ID: e3f578

Damn to teleport to the moon base in a decent time (6 minutes 45 seconds I think) we need 5 upgrades minimum! We need to gain 21 FX to access the moonbase in a manner that is both quick and efficient. 30 for basically instant transmission. Fuck.

How did good old Pa get there? Whatever. We should see what something like the mind control power is like, Bats, Crows, and Death remind me of Vampires. And Vamps mind control!
No. 220903 ID: 6547ec

That teleport is going to be your ultimate cheaty ability later on, once you can drop like 24 points or so into it. However, for now you just need to figure out how to look good and rack up the points, so grab a set of minions to deploy. Ninjas would probably give the heroes more points for defeating than you'd get for deploying, so look for something more serviceable, like 'guys that have guns'.
No. 220904 ID: 2c53c2

Are we limited to only one nemesis hero/group? And can we get a notification or something next time someone declares us their nemesis, or otherwise does something involving us?

Can you get additional costumes? What about a secret/concealed identity? It would be hilarious if you could duck into a different room, switch to a classy business suit, and then claim to be someone else again. Considering that you did that during your first encounter, you could turn it into a trademark move, where every single encounter you somehow claim to be someone other than yourself. I'm sure that would somehow be worth FX, particularly if you play it out in an overblown and obvious fashion.

Can we get a contact list of other villains and/or heroes, to arrange for team-ups and/or showdowns when it would be most convenient? Or, y'know, to do diabolical things like kidnap the heroes' young siblings, significant others, and helpless grandparents.

If we buy minions or a miniboss and they're defeated, do we lose them? Assuming that they're not killed, obviously. Arrested, maybe.
No. 220905 ID: 701a19

Ok, sure, get teleport. It'll be immediately useful, and a good way to spend those FX
No. 220907 ID: 932552
File 128245635540.png - (50.05KB , 446x392 , Blackwick.png )

OKAY so here's a sortof running theme:

Fire-based powers. They don't have to actually light stuff on fire so long as it looks flamey. Lots of gratuitous fire effects and the like.
Be sure to get teleporting powers at some point in the future and upgrade them over time. Our short-term goal is to get to our moonbase.

Minions! Let's stick with Ninjas and Bats. It's a callback to your old man, and they're both generically dark and evil. Also, bats kindof fit the fire theme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bat_bomb

We might become more creative later, but I think this is a good theme to start out with.
No. 220909 ID: 55c4cf


i approve of this more refined version of my idea
No. 220911 ID: b94e61

Consider a set of minions for the grocery, in case they attack you at work again.
Think how awesome it'd be if all of a sudden, your 'co-workers' started fighting for ya.
If you station 'em in the deli, there's excuse to give 'em tons of knives and stuff!
No. 220912 ID: 5a2e05

I don't know, if we stick with ninjas we can just hide ninjas everywhere instead. That's how ninjas work.
No. 220916 ID: 2c53c2

And then we claim to have mind-control powers that we don't actually have in a loud and overblown fashion, to try and trick the heroes into wasting their FX on learning superpowers to counter it. And also to trick them into thinking that we're actually using hapless coworkers rather than minions, so that they play nice and don't hurt them. It'll be great.
No. 220918 ID: 476456

Might wanna rethink a powerset that could cause explosive decompression of a moon base from an errant fireball though
No. 220923 ID: 701a19

Since we're doing the discussion here instead of the thread, go with teleport+healing. The army will be comprised entirely of medics.
No. 220925 ID: 609518

That's why we get a 'survive in space' superpower before using the moonbase with any regularity.
No. 220928 ID: 2c53c2

Oh, and you should get theme music! For now, you can just use the restaurant's speakers to play something appropriately distinctive when the heroes next show up. In the future, you can arrange battlefields to have the same music playing. Then when you find out the heroes' secret identities, you can play the music as you're coming for them. Or just all the time in their daily lives, to let them know that you're watching. Make it something appropriately ominous.

This is a serious problem, the effects of which cannot be underestimated. Make sure that you get superpowers which will let you survive in space, should you decide to combine both a moon base and fire-based powers. Then you can turn the problem into an advantage, by repeatedly exposing the hapless heroes to space!

...makes me wonder how Dad handled this. I don't suppose that we can get a report on who his enemies were, and perhaps some information on their battles/how he died?

Who's funding this whole operation, anyway? And why? It seems spectacularly pointless.
No. 220929 ID: 609518

What all counts as an 'encounter'? Because the curves on Pink looked kinda nice. And the whole 'flirting with the enemy' thing goes over pretty well, usually.
No. 220937 ID: c2c011

This looks pretty good. But replace the Ninjas with dark knight kind of guys instead.

Hmm, and it's probably time to set things up for the next encounter. You know call out the heroes and monologue a bit. Hey I know, you can get a mask, something commander Cobraey, and then use your immunity to charges and fire theme to burn down any competetition your store has nearby and call out the heroes that way. Then you can sort of extort your old boss and say that if he doesn't pay you a bit then you're gonna tell everyone he hired you to burn down his competition.

Just remember to stay in character for each encounter.
No. 220947 ID: 476456

Well i guess you could limit the thing to flamethrower style attacks but keep in mind fire eats up oxygen.
No. 220949 ID: e31d52

>You have basic martial arts training




Seriously guys, ham this shit up. this job lives on the might of HAM. You saw those ranger doods, we need to outdo them.
No. 220983 ID: 92322f

Thinking about it the Earth Defense Force Rangers were pretty decent guys. They challenged you to an encounter, spent their FX trying to make it dramatic and let you win because if they won it would just be cruel and pointless.

I think the lesson here is this: WINNING IS NOT IMPORTANT. BEING AWESOME IS.

So far people are suggesting a fire theme and using awesome music to make the battles better. I've got an idea for our first encounter! Buy some gasoline and some cheap, large speakers. Then go ruin some folk music festival (or whatever genre of music you hate) by playing hard rock and metal from the top of a rented car. If heroes show up you can battle. If they seem too tough then you can light the gasoline you've spread around and escape dramatically while the heroes deal with the fire or something.

Actually this fire theme sounds dangerous... Maybe a safer theme would be good until Blacwick actually gets the superpower to manipulate something as dangerous as fire?
No. 220987 ID: 644ca1

Wreaking a music festival sounds like a plan, let's get to it.
No. 220990 ID: e67080

We must celebrate our newfound villany...

and holding the mayor hostage is a classic! plus hes right there, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping you out as a newbie. Its moderately high profile, and a perfect opportunity to try out some test concepts.
No. 220993 ID: 932552

We don't have to start throwing fire around until we can actually control it, no. We're still a newbie. We have to start small. Let's stick to low range villainy for now. Wrecking a concert or a festival of some kind is perfect. Especially if the music we use is suitable for battle.

/questdis/ basically opted for annoyance tactics anyway. 'become a public nuisance, piss people off until heroes show up'.

Heroes and Villains, we're all in it for the same reason, right? To control our destiny!
Actually that's a good line, you should totally use that the next time you meet those guys. The point is, no need to go overboard yet.

Anyway, just invest in a few smoke bombs (smoke comes from fire, right?), get some beat up jalopy you wouldn't mind losing, a killer sound system, and then let's go find a party to crash.
No. 221145 ID: 08ce05


We don't currently have any weapons to hold him hostage with.

I say, find a nice dead (or live!) volcano, because that's both fire and obsidian.
No. 221177 ID: 45be60

I hear The Final Countdown makes a pretty good rock soundtrack for a fight.
No. 221250 ID: 701a19

Why are people suggesting things that put innocent civilians at risk? That's completely uncalled for.

No, we want the heroes to be the ones causing all the property damage and death.
No. 221358 ID: f4963f

Seconding the rock concert troll idea. Plus, it gets you SPECTATORS. Publicity is sure to rake in the money!
No. 221756 ID: 08ce05

Oh! Go out, hire some help, knock over a bank with nothing but flamethrowers and blowtorches!
No. 222030 ID: a6008c
File 128271759183.png - (169.47KB , 700x500 , 23.png )

"Hello everyone, and welcome to Country U! S! AAAA!"



At that moment, the sound system goes on the fritz. Gweeeeeeee-oooooooooooooooooo

As everyone covers their ears in pain, the voice of America's newest villain is broadcast across the over sized speakers. "I am."
No. 222031 ID: a6008c
File 128271761558.png - (182.49KB , 700x500 , 24.png )

With a burst of flame, I appear atop the concert hall, mic in hand. The sound system has been commandeered, my playlist has been uploaded. We're all in.

"Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the bait and switch, but we're going to be playing something else tonight. Welcome-"
No. 222032 ID: a6008c
File 128271763543.png - (160.88KB , 700x500 , 25.png )


The speakers begin to blast Bon Jovi, and the black candles I set up flicker alight. As the crowd begins to flee, my concert takeover has been completed. Now to wait for the heroes.
No. 222033 ID: dec39b

Don't forget to pose in an awesome manner.
No. 222038 ID: e7e8f5

he looks like a straightforward guy. most likely his blows are powerful but clumsy.
No. 222040 ID: a6008c
File 128271889286.png - (88.97KB , 700x500 , 26.png )

I needn't have worried. A mere three songs in, one steps on to the stage below me. "BARON OBSIDIAN, EH? THAT SOUNDS LIKE A NEW NAME IN TOWN!" He shouts, his voice echoing over the din of the rock. "I, WRENCH MONKEY, WILL HAVE TO SHOW YOU YOUR PLACE AROUND HERE!"

"Oh really?" I say back. Ah, the advantage of having the microphone. "I'd love to see you try!" I flip on The Final Countdown. I spend a moment deliberating how I best want to handle this hero. He looks strong, and other than my own body armor, I am no tougher than any other human.
No. 222045 ID: e31d52

"You think you can throw a wrench in my plans? Stop monkeying around!"

FX a sameplace teleport while you throw the puns he was probably going to use into his face. Spend the whole battle teleporting away from his attacks with tenth-of-a-second teleports of a single meter. Continue to pun as much as you can.

No. 222055 ID: 34368a

> Wrench Monkey
Seriously? A neanderthal trucker? It figures not everyone can be as cool as the Earth Defense Force.

I support this. Do that thing where you teleport around everywhere and generally make an ass of yourself. Like a villainous Nightcrawler. Teleport Spam!
Throw in the occasional kick or throw something while you're at it, dependent on range. The battle continues until he either gives up, or this strategy proves ineffective, in which case you can just run away. The important thing is to look cool!

We only have one FX, though, so you should only use it if you're going to do something totally awesome that will make it back tenfold. That may be a good rule to follow in general.
No. 222061 ID: 97cb33

yes your teleport power gives you seemingly infinite speed.
No. 222064 ID: 6547ec

Not infinite, but 10 meters a second is *really* fast for things that aren't projectiles. This is going to be our insanely-powerful fallback until the heroes eventually figure out how to jam it.

Wind up a punch, throw it, and teleport right behind him right as you reach the end of your swing. Now he's on fire AND he's been sucker-punched in the neck. Really, the possibilities for abuse are endless.

Ooo, if you can arbitrarily decide what comes with you, teleport yourself to be standing on his wrench, then teleport yourself and the wrench a few feet above him!
No. 222066 ID: 7d19f6

Trade some cocky dialogue first so you can get a feel for this guy and his style.

"And what can you do? Repair bicycles? I hope you can repair wheelchairs, because you'll soon be needing one if you go up against ME!"

At some point in the fight you should lure him to the end of the stage, teleport onto his shoulders and kick off, sending him over the edge. We should probably use our single FX either during the pinnacle of the fight or for when Blacwick is about to leave.
No. 222067 ID: 701a19

Remember! Your entire shtick is being incredibly annoying! If he refuses to accept a Karaoke challenge and tries to attack you, then you can call him a dishonorable brute and really annoy him.
Then use your teleporting powers to stay out of his reach and proceed to sing anyway. He'll just lose it, and once you've caused him enough irritation you can just declare yourself the winner and leave.

Next time, we will challenge the heroes to a childrens card game.
No. 222068 ID: 710b93

"Wrench Monkey? What's your power? Masturbating and flinging poo at people? I'd rather not se how you wrench your monkey. Thank you very much."
Imply he's gay.
A lot.
No. 222079 ID: a6008c
File 128272752861.png - (77.58KB , 700x500 , 27.png )

Mmhmm, mmhmm, yes... That's what I'll do. I'll challenge him to karaoke, and just keep teleporting out of his reach while I sing at him. Yeah, that'll do the trick.
No. 222080 ID: a6008c
File 128272756510.png - (109.52KB , 700x500 , 28.png )

"I shall challenge you to a holy shit what!" He's building a staircase up to me! When did that happen!?
No. 222081 ID: 701a19

So teleport someplace and issue your challenge already.
No. 222082 ID: 6547ec

How good is he at building stairs? Any good way to just knock it over if you teleport to the bottom? Oh, wait. The bridge appears to be made of wooden planks, and your teleport is made of fire. Start 'porting to each step in rapid sequence.
No. 222083 ID: aa46f1
File 128272813369.jpg - (43.56KB , 576x539 , crazystairs.jpg )

Instant construction powers! Man, if we had our full fire powers, we could just burn anything he constructs. As it stands, why don't you teleport around in a way that he has to keep building things to get to you? Eventually he'll fill the entire place with stairs and walkways, like some sortof M. C. Escher painting.
It won't actually solve anything, but it will be totally awesome.
No. 222085 ID: f4963f

THIS. Your purpose is to annoy, and the end result should be a boss fight in an MC-Escher nightmare world of platforms.

Then you can begin singing David Bowie at him.
No. 222088 ID: a6008c
File 128272960943.png - (217.66KB , 700x500 , 29.png )

I teleport to the bottom of the stairs just before he swings his hammer at me. That's one thing about teleport, I end up facing the same direction at the end point, no matter which way I moved.

I consider attempting to force him to build in crazy random ways, but really, from the top of the stadium, you can get basically anywhere else with just a short hop, except for the performance area itself. Which the staircase he just build leads to. A brilliant idea, but it won't work here. Maybe at a multi-layer department store, it would. One of the ones with the hollowed out middles.

I can't actually burn anything with my teleport, either coming or going. The fire isn't actually there, it is purely aesthetic.
No. 222089 ID: a6008c
File 128272963431.png - (77.89KB , 700x500 , 30.png )

Quickly, I turn around, and shout out, "Wrench Monkey! We shall do battle via karaoke!"
No. 222090 ID: a6008c
File 128272965916.png - (73.88KB , 700x500 , 31.png )

Ow hammer to the face.

"Are you stupid!?" He says back. "I really don't think you're quite cut out for villainy, Baron!"

I think I might actually need to take this seriously, or this could actually hurt. A lot.
No. 222091 ID: 476456

No. 222092 ID: aa46f1

> I really don't think you're cut out for villainy!
Okay. We tried to handle this like gentlemen. But if he wants to fight, we'll fight dirty. Because we're evil.
Get back up to where our candles are. Tip them over onto his constructed stairway, so they light the place on fire. Tip them onto the wooden stage. Anything that's flammable. Can teleport light things up, or is that just for show? After that, we just have to distract him long enough for the whole place to go up in flames.
No. 222093 ID: 6547ec

Make a mental note to buy a blowtorch after we get out of here.

It sounds like our only weapon is the ability to warp around like a ninny. Oh boy. For now, we need to stay away from wrenches, and possibly just get him generally riled up enough to make a mistake. Face him, teleport onto his shoulders, then as he grabs for you 'port in front of him and land a solid karate-fueled kick to the junk.
No. 222095 ID: a594b9

Note: He threw a hammer.

But yeah, set everything on fire. Then dramatically fight him on top of the burning stage, using that hammer he just threw. If you can, light the hammer on fire too!
No. 222097 ID: 40cb26

Smash him with karaoke machine! Then collapse the whole damn stage on his ass if you can figure out how.
No. 222112 ID: 2c53c2

Baron, what are you doing? You haven't said even one smug and/or condescending line to him! You're giving him the advantage in your battle of quips (which should be ongoing as you actually battle) without even trying. Honestly! We've suggested out a fair number of decent comments.

Remember, you're a villain, which means that you're probably going to be defeated and have to flee. But the whole point is to give a good showing and/or come off well, in spite of the fact that you're frequently defeated. You don't do that by first goggling at the hero's abilities and then just being silly. You need to be witty, do clever things, and generally make the fight entertaining for anyone who might be watching.

On a more constructive note, I would point out that in addition to the available potential for fire, concert stages usually have fairly heavy electrical hookups, since those giant speakers really suck up the juice. Depending on location, sometimes they've got the generators right there, often gas-powered. If at some point you get him distracted, you might be able to use those to shock him/blow him up.

Also, if he's on the very top of the stage you might be able to surprise him and kick him off it. Falling from that height would probably hurt.

If we really start getting our ass kicked, we can bluff that we've rigged the concert stage to explode and that he'll never find the bomb, then flee and hopefully escape pursuit while he looks for a nonexistent bomb. Assuming he buys it.

*sigh* In the future, we should prepare our sites with more contingency plans. We should have wired the stage with bombs (and fireworks). And arranged to take some concertgoers hostage, preferably after bribing one or more of them to secretly be on our side. And we should have brought a blowtorch, a couple firebombs, or similar. We didn't necessarily have to USE any of those things, but it would be nice to have them. The point here being that as we selected where to strike, there's a home field advantage to be had which we've kind of squandered in favor of relying exclusively on our powers.
No. 222162 ID: a594b9

Don't forget to use FX if a particularly dramatic moment happens. Like, standing above the roaring flames, saying "HOW DARE YOU STRIKE BARON OBSIDIAN BLACK WICK!"

...uh, try not to set yourself on fire during this fight. That would be embarrassing.
No. 222186 ID: 701a19

"Unprovoked violence? What a hero!"

Grab the hammer, then teleport up the stairs and shove him off.
No. 222209 ID: e31d52

Something built that fast CAN'T be built well...
No. 224826 ID: b5a616
File 128340089063.png - (64.52KB , 700x500 , 32.png )

My pride's been hurt. I can't stand for this. He's right - I'll need to get my act together, or this will be a hopelessly lost cause. I launch into an invigorating monologue.

"Oh really? This, coming from the Neanderthal trucker? Maybe I have been a little silly. Maybe I haven't been taking you seriously. That's about to change. I'm done monkeying around with you!"
No. 224827 ID: b5a616
File 128340091925.png - (53.90KB , 700x500 , 33.png )

"Hah! That's more like it, Baron!" He stomps his foot on the stairs, and they collapse into a ramp! He slides down after me! "Too bad I am ending this here! Get ready for the Wrench Wrider Ultra!"
No. 224828 ID: b5a616
File 128340095412.png - (94.91KB , 700x500 , 34.png )

Thankfully, I am not entirely without supplies. I bought some smoke bombs for the battle, and now is as good a time as any to put one to use. I toss one at the base of the ramp, creating a sudden burst of smoke! This will give me the second I need to charge up my teleport.
No. 224829 ID: b5a616
File 128340099130.png - (328.14KB , 1000x500 , 35 Widescreen.png )

His target lost, he continues sliding down at high speeds. I warp out of the way just as he breaks the cloud, and he goes flying off of the stage and into the stands.
No. 224830 ID: b5a616
File 128340100474.png - (120.41KB , 700x500 , 35.png )

"Hahah! What's the matter, monkey? Sitting down on the job? I thought you said something about ending all of this." Man I love having the microphone. He's down for the moment, but I think he'll be back up before I know it. I should prepare some kind of counterattack.

Alright, to make FX usage more suggestion based, rather than my discretion based, I'm going to use this system: If you want Black Wick to use an FX during a particular scene, say so in your suggestion. FX can be thought of as Rule of Cool modifiers to a situation - they can turn a complete loss into a regular loss, a loss into a victory, and a victory into a crushing victory.

The Widescreen panel in this update is an example of how an FX can be used to turn a situation around. An FX was not used, but normally, a turn around like that would need one. Because the only suggestions mentioning FX usage beforehand were "whenever it might be cool," and that is a useless standard to hold FX usage to because they will always be cool, an FX was not used there. Black Wick still has 1 FX. Spend it wisely.

No. 224832 ID: e31d52

Continue to gloat. When he throws something at you, use an FX to catch it. Then teleport behind him and knock him out.
No. 224835 ID: 2bf20f


That doesn't work, he'll still be facing with his back to the monkey. No, no. Something more classy.

Wait until he's about to get up, TELEPORT IN FRONT OF HIM, and then KO him with his own hammer.

"Tonight's the night this chimp GOT TOO CURIOUS."
No. 224837 ID: 56dc25

If he doesn't throw anything, we'll need an alternate plan. I recommend picking up the microphone stand and using that for smacking him. Be aware that the teleport-smack will probably not work that many times, so play it careful. A microphone stand has a fair bit of reach, though it's a bit unbalanced, so make use of your range for large, powerful swings. And don't forget about your orientation when you do it! If you start winding up a blink, be turn so that you'll be hitting him with it when you shift spots.

Idea for later: Taking your cape, teleporting just behind/above him, and then dropping it over his face and tying it off/strangling him with it. Though perhaps you should save that idea for another battle, when you can get a cape specially modified to make that trick work out. Inbuilt chemical packets and piano wire, that sort of thing.
No. 224838 ID: d3dfb8

No. 224839 ID: 701a19

"Seemed I started sportingly singing to save my skin?
Mayhap monkey minds make many misguided mistakes?
Continue constructing crude contraptions; brute brawn begets baleful bumbling."

This. If he charges you, however, then teleport behind him with another smoke bomb and kick him in the back of his head with a DRAMATIC EXPLOSION FX with a splitscreen view of your eyes as you say "Pathetic".
Then leave.
No. 224862 ID: 3ad9ee

I like the original plan of lighting the place on fire. That way, even after we leave, we'll have destroyed their concert. We don't have much in the way actual fire starting, though, except for the candles.

Let's use an FX to appear back on top of the stadium, sweeping our cape and fire effects around dramatically to topple the candles around to catch everything on fire. Possibly while the fire makes some cool visual effect. Normally candles might take awhile to light things up, but with added FX it just might work.
He turned his stairway into a ramp, so he can't get back up without changing it again or building a new one. He'll be forced to decide between fighting you or the fires. Then you can say something witty, laugh at his failure to stop whichever one he didn't go for, and then teleport away. Laughing the whole time!
No. 224905 ID: c71597

Grab something decently heavy. Teleport over him, say 3 to 5 metres up. Fall with heavy object towards him. Heavy object slams down on him and you stand atop of it shouting "WRYYYYYYYYYY!" before giving him a couple of extra kicks to make sure he's down.

Then it's monologue time, pointing out what a weak and useless foe he was and how this wasn't even a challenge for you.
No. 224953 ID: e3f578

Take his hammer and hammer him in the butt like how Abe Lincoln died.
No. 224999 ID: 716eb0

Your decently heavy melee weapon should not be his own wrench. It should be a nice sturdy electric guitar.

You will stand atop the stage, amid all your candles, and strum a powerchord as pyrotechnics go off around you. Then you shall dive off the stage with the guitar and meteor-smash your opponent. That is how you should expend your final FX for this fight, and regardless of whether he stands up again afterward or not, it would be time to extricate yourself from the scene.
No. 226051 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128364359274.png - (91.68KB , 700x500 , 36.png )

You grab the guitar off the stage, then teleport up to the top. You have a show to put on.
No. 226052 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128364369826.png - (351.21KB , 700x500 , 37.png )

With a powerful strum of the guitar, your candles' flames fly up to the heavens. As the piercing wail of the guitar screams into the night, you shout, "Wrench Monkey! You were no match for one such as I, even from the beginning. I am the Baron Obsidian, Black Wick! Remember my name!"
No. 226053 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128364374491.png - (94.18KB , 700x500 , 38.png )

As the candles die down, I slide down the ramp provided by Wrench Monkey, guitar at the ready.
No. 226055 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128364376661.png - (151.95KB , 700x500 , 39.png )

No. 226056 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128364378177.png - (106.27KB , 700x500 , 40.png )

I begin to laugh maniacally as I make my escape. Last week, I would be fired for that. This week, it's my job.

Mission Accomplished.
>Paycheck: 1100$, 6 FX.
>The Mayor is offering you a Supervillain Starter Kit for 8 FX! It includes any two of the following items: Invulnerability power, Super Strength power, Flight power, or a Minion 6 Pack of your choice. This is a limited time offer.
No. 226062 ID: 476456

What a nice guy,that mayor.
No. 226069 ID: 903f16

Sounds good, do we get our choice of any two or is it random? If we get to pick I'd like that minion pack and some Super Strength.
No. 226071 ID: 44d67c

Invulnerability! We totally need that. I mean, that hammer HURT. And if we're resistant to damage, that means we can screw around with people more.
Super Strength isn't that big a deal -- lifting things is what we have minions for, we'll eventually be able to teleport mighty objects along with us, and our major damaging power is going to be shooting fireballs at people. And, because we can teleport, flight isn't too important either. It's actually MORE awesome if we do flippy acrobatic shit while still adhered to gravity.
I'm going to suggest we get Invulnerability and a Minion Pack. Some guys to boss around would be useful, don't you think?
No. 226073 ID: 445c48

The Mayor is a cool guy. I'm saying we should get Invulnerability and Flight, because we're kinda frail, and we can add a fire effect to the flight to keep with the theme.
No. 226074 ID: 40cb26

I say Invulnerability and Flight. We are the villainous troll, what better than a supertroll you can't hurt or even reach? Besides it's much more dignified to not have to climb and clamber over things.
No. 226083 ID: 7309e8

Can we take invulnerability twice? If not that, i vote minions as well.
Also, how much is the next level of teleport sitting at?
No. 226091 ID: 059120

Yeah, Minions and Invuln are best options. What kind of minions did we decide on? I liked the knight suggestion, I think that fits Baron.

And don't forget to buy an extra FX or two for the next encounter. You've still got that $100 from last time, right? That should be just enough for 4 FX, then, two to use on the deal, and two to save.
No. 226096 ID: c71597

Invurnebility power and super streangth.

The teleportation is nice but you can still get hit, so something against that would be nice. And while it's cool and all to be fast and teleporty that doesn't actually help alot if you can't hurt them. So having your punches pack a bit more of power isn't a bad thing

Minions and such can come later when you have established yourself and built up a reputation. Then it's time for the minions and the secret bases.

Oh, and your next heist should be a network building. Take an anchor crew hostage and call out your nemesises on live television, then defeat and humiliate them on live television as well. That should make you quite famous.
No. 226099 ID: 5fe4a8

Flying and invulnerability!

It may seem like flying and teleportation are redundant, but they actually complement each other quite nicely. Our options with teleporting go up drastically if we don't have to worry about teleporting onto a platform that can support our weight. We can just teleport into midair, and throw fireballs at them from every angle! Once we can do that.

Plus we've got a cape. Why would we have a cape if we're not going to fly? That's just silly.

Invulnerability because, as someone else has pointed out, getting hit with stuff hurts.
No. 226109 ID: 644ca1

I think we should get Invulnerability and Flight for now. Minions would be nice but we should have a base before we get any of those.
No. 226112 ID: 97cb33

hmmm, sound reasoning. go with it.
No. 226136 ID: 3d74a8

Invulnerability and Ninjas.
No. 226186 ID: 8b6868

invulnerability plus minions.

Teleport AND flight is only useful in City of Heroes, and even that is only teleport + hover.
No. 226189 ID: 6547ec

I have to ask just HOW invulnerable the starting level is, but invulnerability + minions is absolutely our best deal out of there. Flight is sort of silly when you can already fly at 10 m/s by using teleport. Super strength is for heroes, though it's amusing to see someone with super strength but NOT invulnerability try to punch through a wall.
No. 226190 ID: e67080

Invulnerability and Super Strength!

You may claim its only for heroes, but come on, being ale to lift up cars is awesome! and it helps in causing havoc. You can't rely on only minions, thats why they are minions and your the Boss!
No. 226191 ID: 56dc25

Invest all your cash into FX. Get Invulnerability and Flight, for synergy and the better to troll with. Save the rest to burn during your next plan.

>Oh, and your next heist should be a network building.
I don't know, that's moving a bit fast, isn't it? I'd be inclined to do something more stylish and somewhat less high-profile; no need to attract too many heroes while we're still a junior supervillain. But what? There are so many options...

I think what we need to do here is decide upon a theme cause. We have our flame, black, and general trolling for how we look and act; what we need beyond that is something that we villain for. Something to drive us (at least in our villain character, even if we don't actually care about it), something to plan new operations around.

I propose that our general cause, our reason for villainy, be breaking loose from what society wants- and trying to inspire others to do the same. Because it wants people to be sheep, to work nine to five jobs and spend their measly paychecks on useless consumer crap, to spend all their free time either watching TV or trying to convince the opposite sex to pair up with them and have 2.5 kids.

So don't do things the way you're supposed to. If you want something, take it. If you don't like something, destroy it. If you're feeling whimsical, be silly without embarrassment; if you're feeling violent, be destructive without restraint. Don't go through channels, don't work with authority and submit the proper forms, don't obey the law unless you feel like it. Just live your life the way you've always wanted to- as a villain, no one can stop you.

This gives us a few guidelines on what we should be doing. In general, our plans should be quite public, should involve doing something fun (such as a hard rock concert) or getting rid of something annoying (like country music), and we should be completely free to be whimsical in how we do things. Additionally, we should encourage others to be equally nonstandard in their actions and choices (see: proposed karaoke duel).

Random potential plans in theme with this: Hijacking cars/boats and ramming them into things to see what happens, painting a skyscraper with napalm and lighting it up as an art project, holding a school hostage to educate the students on the wonders of villainy and breaking rules over the PA system, breaking into your favorite game developer's studio and publicly releasing the alpha version of their newest game online, challenging another villain in a "first one to [do whatever] wins" contest and letting nothing stand in your way.

Alternately, someone else may have a better suggestion than my gut reaction to being someone who's worked in a grocery store for five years and has suddenly been given all the power and options of a full-blown supervillain.
No. 226203 ID: f4963f


>Print Current Resources (Money, FX)

>SS and not invulnerable = physics
I'm pretty sure this setting works on comic book logic in those regards.
No. 226344 ID: c71597

Hmm, anarchy eh. That sounds like it could actually be pretty god damn fun.

But you know with that theme it actually makes quite a bit of sense to take over a network station. That way we can get our message out to the masses. And because it's such a public thing to do we should earn a fair amount of FX and cash for it.

And if we get famous enough from it then we have a decent shot at getting a contract with a network, possibly that one. On them having exclusive right to film our projects and know about them a bit beforehand and being the news outlet we go through to tell the public about our heists. We could probably also get cash through that contract to get more FX for and set up even more daring and awesome heists.
No. 226363 ID: 644ca1

We have 1200$ and 6 FX. at least 550 is suposed to be used for setting up our next encounter.

Other details are in the discussion thread.
No. 226368 ID: a594b9

I think we should get Invuln and Minions.
No. 226395 ID: e73926

Invulnerability and super strength go pretty well hand in hand, but I really, REALLY think Blacwick needs some minions. Invulnerability and minions is probably the best plan. Only leaves us with 2FX for the next encounter, but that's at least twice as good as the one we've just had.

If we do get minions then I think at least 2 of the 6 minions should be female (for fighting the female superheroes in superhero teams). I'm thinking they should be a set of demon ninja bodyguards. The bat theme is a bit too much batman.

Hopefully Blackwick should be mostly set up with this starter pack so he can start spending some of his future money on comic books and good food. Have a look around to see what other villains are doing as well. Maybe we can top them.
No. 226398 ID: e67080

I worry about minions mostly because we lack a base... I mean, minions assumingly probably are supposed to stay at the base until needed. 6 guys just standing around are probably going to get annoying or bored and then disloyal.
No. 226413 ID: e40e60

I have to second this.
No. 226416 ID: d3dfb8

No. 226427 ID: f4963f

They can crash at our place, dude. Just buy lots of pretzels and beer.

Voting for MINIONS (Ninja, 4-male 2-female) and FLYING (for aerial teleportation). Use some of the obligatory $550 spending on items for AERIAL BOMBARDMENT - provided that we do purchase Flight.
No. 226434 ID: 56dc25

Doesn't buying more FX pretty much automatically count as helping to set up our next encounter? What are we going to use it for but fighting heroes?
No. 226450 ID: 644ca1

I have no idea what counts as being used "towards setting up your next encounter", but since there was no problem with spending all of it on FX before I think you might be right.
No. 226455 ID: 4531bc

Let's make this guy into a Rastin!
No. 226571 ID: 701a19

Invulnerability and Flight.
Invulnerability is a "Must Have!" power because dying sucks and being able to survive in space is great for when heroes blow-up your moonbase.

(That can be prevented by making it a safe haven for innocent civilians who are part of an oppressed and/or hated minority.)

Flight's just damn useful.
No. 226679 ID: 44d67c
File 12837473096.png - (54.96KB , 600x335 , wickflying.png )

Most everyone is voting for Invulnerability and Flight. Minions is but a somewhat distant third.
So does anyone care about what form our flight will take? Style is everything, you know.
No. 226689 ID: 40cb26

How about thin flame aura? Emanating from the body a little bit, trails behind out attacks and stuff and fades behind like a comet as we move quickly? A balance of subtle and flashy and it isn't too stereotypical.
No. 226705 ID: 56dc25

I do like this idea... like leaving a blurring effect behind us as we move, only with fire, right? And how far behind us it goes would increase with speed, so that we look flashier as we go faster. Sort of like the thruster effect, only from our form in general instead of a specific part of us.
No. 226706 ID: 97cb33

yeah, sounds cool. and when we port the flames would brighten and then vanish with us.
No. 226715 ID: f4963f

Voting for THIN FLAME AURA. Subtle. Seething. Dramatic.
No. 226716 ID: b9bd4f

Looks like we have a consensus
No. 226808 ID: c71597

Some motherfucking flame wings. Because that's fucking metal, and if we ever decide to crash another concert they will be fucking awesome. Blackwick comes gliding in on his wings of flame and steals the stage.

And they're sort demonic and sinister looking as well. Looks more like something a villain would have.
No. 226826 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128376942033.png - (95.48KB , 700x500 , 41.png )

After a long debate, I eventually settle on Invulnerability and Flight for my powers. Invulnerability, as it turns out, is actually just a catch-all term for things hurting less, so after talking to the mayor about it I come up with a way to combine my new powers into one. My invulnerability takes the form of a thin, fiery aura that cushions blows, and allows me to fly. On the upside, very stylish, and if I have it active, my teleporting will leave fiery afterimages. It should also protect me from most environmental hazards, since it is an actual aura around me instead of just iron skin or something, but I think water would trump it. On the downside, very obvious, and not always active. But that's workable.

And since I can fly now, I can ignore how weirdly sideways City Hall is when I come here.

I ask the mayor about spending money on FX to meet the required spending per heist, and he says yes that is fine. I then spend my money on 2 FX, and realize I am completely out of cash. Hm.
No. 226827 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128376947037.png - (98.49KB , 700x500 , 42.png )

Good thing I didn't quit my job. I'll need a bit of cash to tide me over before my next heist. I'm thinking about going to some department store and destroying a section or two of merchandise. You know. Because I can.

About an hour in to work, "James Blacwick, to the manager's office. James Blacwick, manager's office" rings over the PA, interrupting my villainous musings.
No. 226828 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128376949751.png - (116.31KB , 700x500 , 43.png )

I go and see what he wants, and he shows me this morning's paper. "Is this you, kid? I can't have no super villains working at the front register! It'd kill our public image!"

No. 226829 ID: a594b9

"I guess you'd better promote me, then."
No. 226830 ID: c71597

Time to show Mr Beewick that you don't fuck around with supervillains. Activate your fiery aura, walk up to him and tell him that then you can stop working the register. As long as the paycheck keeps coming there isn't going to be any problems, but if he stops paying, well then things might get nasty.

Hmm, you know with that new aura you can probably do some fairly spectacular stunts for entry and stuff, or for just looking cool. Like lighting a house on fire and walking through it like a menacing badass.
No. 226832 ID: 0938b9

Looks like we got our new heist right here, we will take over this tiny grocher!
No wait, that's to small time, is it part of a chain? Then take over the entire chain!
No. 226835 ID: 059120

Deny it. See, there's no k in your name. It's a common mistake, people get you two confused all the time. It's really straining your relationships. That you don't have. Because everyone thinks you are some kind of super villain. It's a tragedy, really.
No. 226837 ID: 40cb26

Seconding on the promotion thing, but he might not find it all that appealing. We could also say we can terrorize some of the competing supermarkets with our next event. A bit of structural or other kind of damage will take time to fix, not put any attention on this store while incidentally pushing business this way.
No. 226838 ID: 44d67c

It's just as well, heroes are more likely to attack if you're just standing out front like that.
I'm against making a scene. After all, we only get diplomatic immunity if we're explicitly trying to lure out heroes. Also, we kindof need the money.
If we do make a scene, make sure it's a BIG scene. We absolutely have to make sure some heroes show up, and then don't use up all the money on superpowers. A villain has to eat, ya know!

Otherwise... we could be a stock boy? They hang around in back, mostly. They probably don't have to wear that paper hat.
I really hate that paper hat.
No. 226848 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128377180273.png - (128.54KB , 700x500 , 44.png )

"I guess you'd better promote me."

"Exactly what I was thinking, kid. Talents like that? Teleporting, fire, all that shebazzle? Yeah, that'll really help out with the bakery! Tell you what, I'll double your current wage and throw ya' in the bakery. They only hafta work 30 hours a week, but you'll still be making half again as much as ya' did before. And in exchange, I just want ya' t', you know. Deal with some of our competitors. You think you can do that, kid?"

"Can I please not wear that stupid hat?"



And that is how I got more money and more free time, in addition to transferring to a job that lets me use my teleporting all day. And no stupid paper pig hat. Nice.

Now to plan my next heist.

"Oh, and ah, if you ever need info on any other super villains, kid, I know it all. I'm a big fan of the bad boys. So feel free to stop in any time." Boss Bewick adds.

No. 226849 ID: 6834bc

Dude you have the best boss ever. He's totally awesome. And who doesn't love working with ]bread? Shit yes, bread!
No. 226851 ID: 40cb26

Ask him about your dad.
No. 226853 ID: 059120

Oh, hey, this is a good idea. Uh, Blackwing, he would know him as. Speaking of your dad, you could ask if he knows any way we can get to the moonbase. Like, a shuttle service or something.
No. 226857 ID: 44d67c

Actually, yeah, ask him about Blackwing. We probably won't learn anything new, but it's always nice to hear stories.
Also ask him if there are any noteworthy villains he does or doesn't like. It would be good to know who to emulate or rival.

> Now to plan my next heist.
We already have a target! We go into one of our store's rivals and wreck up the place.
We should probably have a few extra backup plans this time. Things almost didn't go so hot against Wrench Monkey.
No. 226866 ID: 40cb26

Our villain will enter the store, expect some level of service or quality that it is sorely lacking in, and flip out and trash the place. If no heroes show up while he's doing that we port out and start wrecking the parking lot and surrounding structures in our rage. Pretty much free reign on the villainy side of things.

Dealing with heroes will be easier since we can fly and all, and nail them with embarrassing attacks like throwing eggs and fruit at them. As long as we can make them look stupid and fly away safely we should pull out a victory.
No. 226877 ID: 97cb33

actually, you get stuff regardless of win or lose. EDF got paid when they first fought us even though they lost. so as long as the hero doesn't catch us and we stay in character we will still get money and FX.
No. 226886 ID: 701a19

No, no, no... You guys aren't getting it.
The goal is to be horribly annoying.

Go to a competitor.
Buy a few hundred dollars worth of gum.
Pay in nickles.
Use your teleportation power to keep transactions going in every lane at the same time.
Immediately take it all to customer service and demand a refund in pennies so they can't just give you back the nickles.
Insist on counting it right there yourself.
Intentionally screw up, then claim they short-changed you and demand they give you the difference.
Immediately go buy more gum with the pennies.
Return gum to a different store.
Repeat as needed.
No. 226890 ID: 644ca1

Since we don't need to win could let the heroes win once or twice, that way they will be caught off guard when we REALLY need to win and go all out. As long as we stick to our theme and make it look good we still earn maximum FX.
No. 226895 ID: 44d67c

No, the goal has always been to lure out heroes. That's how we get paid. We just want to be annoying while doing it.
Being a terrible customer isn't worthy of heroic interference. We have to actually do something that would cause major disruption.

>>226877 >>226890
We should at least give a token effort at winning, though. We don't want to come off as soft. But why not have fun with it?
No. 226896 ID: 97cb33

of course, we will TRY to win. but if the hero is a lot more powerful then us, it's not a problem to flee is all i'm saying.
No. 226899 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128377875862.png - (107.79KB , 700x500 , 45.png )

I decide to ask Mr. Bewick about my father.

"Blackwing, huh? Yeah, I know about him. He's been quite the menace over in Europe. Took over Spain for a couple weeks in there. But he died, pretty recently, so you shouldn't hafta worry about him."

"Hmm. Good to know."

We talk a bit more, and he discovers my current lack of funding. "Oh, go on, take the rest of the day off. Use it to get some cash from that grocer across the street from us." He encourages me. "I'll punch out for ya' when your shift's up."

I thank him, and head on out.
No. 226900 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128377877242.png - (145.78KB , 700x500 , 46.png )

I leave my place of employment, Pig'Em's Grocery, and head on over to Icy's Deli and Dairy.
No. 226901 ID: 2dd0ba
File 12837787864.png - (78.49KB , 700x500 , 47.png )

A cute girl is working behind the front desk. I ask her if she has my order ready. She says no, they don't take orders. I say I called in an order for 30 pounds of sausage. She says they don't even take private calls. I say this is important for my business. She says I should have called their supplier, then. I decide to take advantage of one additional perk of my newfound fire aura.
No. 226902 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128377880175.png - (66.41KB , 700x500 , 48.png )

Instant suit up. I demand the order I clearly placed and that they are obviously forgetting, or else I will be forced to make them significantly less icy.
No. 226903 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128377882791.png - (141.58KB , 700x500 , 49.png )

The cute girl behind the counter disagrees, as I take an icy blast to the face. "There's your order. I'm going to have to ask you to leave, sir."

...ARGH GOD DAMN IT IS SO COLD IT BURNS WHAT IS THE POINT OF BODY ARMOR IF THEY KEEP HITTING ME IN THE FACE. Argh, that tore right through my fire shield. On the upside, I found a hero.
No. 226907 ID: 644ca1

Ice vs Fire? This Debbie is our natural enemy!
No. 226908 ID: 44d67c

"Chill out, Debbie!"
No. 226909 ID: 97cb33

no wait "chill out, debbie, things are about to HEAT UP"
No. 226910 ID: 701a19

"Oh, hey, you're pretty cute out of disguise. Want to go out for drinks after your shift?"
No. 226912 ID: 44d67c

>>226909 >>226910
"Hey, baby, you're pretty HOT."
No. 226920 ID: 40cb26

Shit, this is gonna be tough. Her ice beats your flame, your flames have no fucking heat to counter her, and she seems to have wings on top of it all. Let's not count too much on winning here, let's just focus on trashing the place. And being awesome in the process of course.

"You call THIS customer service? You're going to need more than a cute face and cold fingers to keep my business!" As you do this spend an FX to teleport, restrain her and smile at her. Then teleport/toss her into the nearest isle full unstably stocked goods.

...Yes, you ARE going to hit on her relentlessly.

And note to self, get a damn protective mask later.
No. 226921 ID: 701a19

No, no fighting.
Just evade her attacks and wait for her to respond, then knock a few shelves over while asking her how insurance works with this hero/villain thing.
No. 226923 ID: 97cb33

yeah, evade and make HER cause all the collateral damage.
No. 226925 ID: a594b9

What's with the cold shoulder? I was expecting more of a warm reception. Let's break the ice over hot coffee later and then we can work up some steam.
No. 226926 ID: 40cb26

Spending an FX on the face to face moment is what was important in that, especially since she might not expect teleportation yet. We can just poof away from her reaction instead of making an attack.
No. 226929 ID: 44d67c

>>226920 >>226926
Instead of attacking, why not steal the cash register? The whole damn thing. After all, we came here for money. Use an FX to help out (cash registers are heavy), while leaning in nice and close.
Then dodge and weave and dodge and weave and spill constant unending puns while hitting on her. Offer to give her back the register in exchange for a date.
No. 226931 ID: 40cb26

I like it, but maybe taking the register should wait until later when the store is trashed and we don't need to carry it around. Of course whenever we give back the register, it will be without money in it.
No. 226942 ID: 4531bc

Heat puns, all the way!
No. 226948 ID: 2dd0ba
File 12837859719.png - (116.21KB , 700x500 , 50.png )

"C'mon, Debbie, cool down a bit."

"Sorry, but I think you're a bit too fired up." She conjures a group of icicles, and takes to the air. Man she's tiny. Like a fairy.
No. 226950 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128378607978.png - (206.88KB , 700x500 , 51.png )

I teleport out of the way as the barrage flies where I was, but a moment ago. "Ha. Say, you're pretty cute, you know? Wanna get some drinks after this?" Man, I can't believe I am saying this to a girl shooting deadly icicles at me, let alone a really cute one. I guess this super villainy has done a lot for my confidence.
No. 226951 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128378609847.png - (90.10KB , 700x500 , 52.png )

She giggles. "It's not Debbie, while we're working. The name's Angel Frost. You?"

"Black Wick." I notice she completely ignored the question... but we are at work, aren't we. "The Baron Obsidian."

"Very well, Black Wick... let's take this outside. I don't want to have to clean this up."

...Hmm. And I was planning on taking that cash register, but if I do that she'll probably say no to the date. I take a step back. She's stopped shooting, so I have a moment to think, at least. Hold to my morals, or try for a date with this adorable fairy girl?

...I'll need this moment.
No. 226957 ID: 40cb26

"Well I was supposed to do some kind of a number on this place... and I am a villain after all. Tell you what, you win and drinks are on me, I win and drinks are on your cash register. If that's too much a problem for you, we'll go dutch."
No. 226958 ID: 44d67c

Actually... yeah, do this. We'll step outside, and the winner gets the store.
No. 226960 ID: 5c7574

This, but leave off the last part. We're a VILLAIN. We offer no compromise. (although maybe we'll accept one if she comes up with something good)
No. 226961 ID: 40cb26

Ah, but we are a more insidious villain. By giving her the option of gambling her stores register, we corrupt her a little bit because its loss or potential loss is partially her fault, just because she didn't want to split the tab. If she decides not to go for it, we haven't caused her any trouble so she won't be mad with us.

And in every case, she's still going out for drinks with us. Or she might refuse that entirely, then we steal the register regardless. We win in every case.
No. 226965 ID: c71597

This one should work.

Just keep that last FX handy. If it looks like we're going to loose then we need to teleport in and nab the cash register and then use the last FX for a dramatic exit.
No. 226982 ID: 55e935

Dude, we're fucked. She's THE STRONGEST.
No. 226994 ID: 445c48

Go for the date, and just rob the computer store.

Or hell, come back later, when she's off her shift.
No. 227043 ID: f4963f

No. 227051 ID: 68ce23

I reckon Boss Bewick didn't send Blacwick across the road for the cash register money, he sent him over to fight this girl because that's a lot of money right there.

Just focus on giving her a good battle. Lots of clever banter and smooth seduction lines like "My flames can't hurt a beauty like you, but perhaps my smile can set your heart on fire?"

Also try getting in a good hit on her wings midflight. They're her most obvious weakness. You could always teleport down to catch her if needed.
No. 227077 ID: f6b553

The safest place for her icicle attack is directly in front of her.
No. 227082 ID: d3dfb8

Speaking of which, charge up teleport. If she tries anything, move.
Also we should try to find a way to beat her without hitting her. After all, beating a girl into submission isn't a good way to get a date.
No. 227086 ID: 40cb26

Getting her wings tied, tangled and otherwise restrained is a good way to go. Maybe splashing water on her will make it freeze up a bit, but she might take offense to getting her already skimpy clothes wet. Entangling her by pulling her dress up over her is similar but much better/worse in every good/bad way. Let's not do so, but lets imagine doing so. Mmm.
No. 227090 ID: d3dfb8

I like the way you think. Mmm.

Anyway, lets examine our surroundings, see what there is to use. Also our aura/teleport does it give off actual heat or is it just a visual thing? Because at the moment we don't really have any offensive stuff.
No. 227201 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128382479355.png - (90.99KB , 700x500 , 53.png )

I've been on a roll so far. Let's run with it.

"Well I was supposed to do some kind of a number on this place... and I am a villain after all. Tell you what, you win and drinks are on me, I win and drinks are on your cash register."

"Hah. I'll take you up on that, Black Wick." She says coyly, putting her hand on my chest. "A hothead like you can't help but take risks, can he~?"

Her hand is cold to the touch. That's actually pretty refreshing. "Sorry, Angel, I as just trying to fire you up. You seem a bit too cold." Okay, now it's getting pretty darn cold.

She smiles. "Try it sometime, it's nice to just..."
No. 227202 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128382490859.png - (138.68KB , 700x500 , 54.png )

"Chill." Ack ice.
No. 227203 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128382493376.png - (163.72KB , 700x500 , 55.png )

She giggles as she drags me outside. "I get off of work at 5. You're paying~"

...Welp, that could have gone better. My fire aura is melting through the ice, though. It also healed by iceburn before. I guess it does have some minor fire properties to it, unlike my entirely-visual teleportation. I don't think I could burn someone with it unless I upgraded my aura, but I should be out of here before the police arrive. Which will give me a good 8 hours before I have to pick her up.
No. 227204 ID: 97cb33

haha, well it's not so bad.
No. 227205 ID: f4963f

Aaaahahaha. Okay, I have to give her credit. She got you good.

It's a date. You get paid either way, right? ... right?

Your boss might not be happy, though.
No. 227208 ID: 5c7574

Fail? Ha! On the contrary! We now know how the money is guarded, and when the guard's shift ends. We can go steal the money later after 5:00.

Not today though. We've got a date.
No. 227213 ID: 701a19

Fail? HA! Not at all!
He finished an encounter, and got a date out of it.
His boss will be a bit displeased, but there are plenty of other stores he can bother.

The best part? He didn't break any laws, so the police can't do anything anyway.
No. 227214 ID: 44d67c

We can always beat up the other competitors. Surely there's more than two food stops in this town. Boss'll understand. He's a villain fan. And a little friendly competition is good for business.
Let's get out of here and see if we get paid for this. Don't spend the free half of money we get this time: we need some cash to live off of and pay for our hot date.
No. 227215 ID: 40cb26

Maaan, I thought she was at least going to wait until you both went outside. But I guess she "took it outside" all the same. After you lost.

Hey, try to teleport out of the ice.
No. 227216 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128382737016.png - (31.26KB , 576x720 , Black Wick copy.png )

After thawing, you head on over to the Mayor and pick up your paycheck so you can actually afford dinner tonight. He hands you 1100$ and 2 FX, bringing your total up to 3 FX.

Mayor Bloodswick asks you if you wish to declare Angel Frost your Nemesis! You can declare up to 2 heroes as your Nemesis.
No. 227217 ID: 97cb33

naw. while she may have beat you due to perfect counter power set you probably don't want to fight her all the time.
No. 227219 ID: 701a19

Lets hold off on that.
She might be interested in becoming your nemesis - getting paid for your dates? Fuck yea! - but it's much too soon for that.
No. 227220 ID: e67080

well, you would get more money as she is your nemesis on conflict; however, it seems like in poor taste for now even if it would be easy to constantly 'encounter' her.

Anyways, buy 1 FX so we have a spare, improve the invulnerability aura with 3 FX (your getting hurt is going to make you look bad at this rate!), save some for date... and try to see if there is a 'villain surplus store' or some equivalent where you pick up stuff to help out your villany. You need some unexpected gadgets to help against these pesky heros!
No. 227224 ID: 903f16

No, we're good with our current nemesis setup. While Angel Frost's powers and theme contrast nicely with out own she strikes me more as Catwoman character than say a true nemesis. If our date turns sour and we can't find anyone else she'd be a good fallback though.
No. 227225 ID: e38c07

Forget declaring a Nemesis, let's declare some minions. Specifically those EDF morons. They're goon level quality. Seriously, Green even has an 'evil destruction cannon'. They scream minion material. And what better way to get back at those jerks for declaring you their nemesis without any warning than claiming them as your lackeys?
No. 227226 ID: 5c7574

Let's see how the date goes, first.

Seconding an improvement on that aura, especially if it'd give us some (even minor) offensive power. Flaming punches ftw.
No. 227228 ID: 987386

Tell him it depends on how your date goes tonight.

Also, ask if dating a nemesis is a totally unheard of thing.
No. 227238 ID: 701a19

We're not declaring her a nemesis unless things go well.
If we do it now, then it looks like creepy stalker-type obsession.
If we do it after things go poorly, then it looks like sour grapes.
If we do it when things go ok, then it looks like creepy clinginess.

Save that nemesis slot for around the third date. If things are going well at that point then it'll be worth considering.
No. 227243 ID: 40cb26

We'll wait until we talk with her about it. If she's cool about it then we'll do it.

But while you're with the mayor... ask about if and how changing sides and teams temporarily works. Villains capturing and converting heroes, good guys going rogue for a while, heroes and villains teaming up against a greater threat, all that kinda stuff.

If we could someday convert Angel to darkness for a while that would be hot. I mean awesome.
No. 227245 ID: f4963f

I'd also be interest in info on all of the above.
No. 227250 ID: 45be60

There is precedent for this situation.
Batman's nemesis is Joker.
Batman dated Catwoman.

In any event, one fight and maybe a date does not a nemesis make. No for now.
No. 227262 ID: 56dc25

Seconding motion to improve our invulnerability, although I would buy 2 extra FX and specifically target it towards resistance to energy attacks, like ice or those blasts that the Green Ranger was using. That spends our half the paycheck so we don't have to worry about it later, and puts us in good stead next time we run up against one of our previous opponents.
No. 227264 ID: 701a19

Can we spend 3 points to double our teleportation carrying capacity?
No. 227269 ID: 56dc25

...for snatching people? That's a pretty good idea, but I'd leave it for later. We need to get more solid basic combat stats first. We've got the mobility essentials covered, but a little more durability and then a ranged attack- I'm thinking a concussive blast flavored as a bolt of fire, so that we don't really light everything up- and then we move on to more entertaining things.

I want to get super-speed at some point, because it would really help with the whole "not getting hurt" and "trolling" objectives.
No. 227277 ID: d3dfb8

Personally I'm thinking control of fire. It goes well with our current theme and it's like fireballs with versatility.
This would be excellent for fighting Debbie, as we simply have to heat her up a lot, then all her ice is suddenly water and she is powerless.
Unless of course, she buys water powers too.
Romantic. After we finish dinner we could teleport to a beach or park or somewhere in the moonlight.
Also, could we use an FX the same way on a date as in a fight? >:3
No. 227297 ID: 701a19

If we're going to start snatching people then we'll also want to invest FX in Fire Aura so we can extend it around more people.

However, I think what we should spend our points on right now is healing powers- heal anybody we touch, including ourselves.
No. 227303 ID: 40cb26

Let's not spend FX right now, the next thing we should get is an offensive fire power but that would leave us with 200 dollars and no spare FX. Save it up, go on our date and play it from there.
No. 227306 ID: 644ca1

Maybe it's time to start upgrading the teleport, it's pretty ok for battle but we wanted it so we could get to the moonbase, remember?
No. 227309 ID: 56dc25

A villain with healing powers? I could go for personal regeneration, but healing that extends to others would likely be far less powerful when healing ourself... so it would require a lot of planning to use effectively. We'd need to come up with a very good long-term strategy for which healing would be necessary in order for it to be worth the investment, I think.

We might be able to roll regeneration into our fire aura, and subsequently make our aura expandable to cover both us and any allies/minions nearby as you suggest. That could give a certain level of healing ability to others as well as providing a whole suite of combat boosters, but I bet that it would not come cheap. Nor would it synergize with teleportation unless we had that at a high enough level to move around a whole group. And at that point we'd be turning into a team support character without a team, so we'd need to invest in higher-tier mooks than mere minions- we'd need a posse of (mini)bosses to act as our squad in order to capitalize on our powers.

Overall, I would rather not worry about making others able to benefit from our powers; it seems to me that making good use of that sort of thing is a very difficult road. Much easier and more flexible to focus exclusively on personal boosts. Unless you have very solid logic backing your ideas, I must opposed them.

It would take dozens of FX to get our teleport up to moonbase-use levels. For the moment, we need to invest in our own long-term viability as a villain.

Upgrading a power, rather than buying a new one, costs only 3 FX. Since we have to spend $550 on preparing our next job anyway, spending $600 on 2 FX and then spending 3 of them seems like the most reasonable course to me. Relatively low cost for a solid investment in the future.
No. 227394 ID: 701a19

You don't seem to have caught on to the theme yet.
The purpose of the healing power is so that we can annoy the piss out of the heroes.

Showing up in costume is reason enough for a hero to show up, so what happens if we walk into an ER and start healing injured people?
The heroes have to respond, and when they do we can call them out on stopping us from healing innocent people.
That puts them in a catch-22; if they stop us then they're denying help to people in need, while if they let it go then they're not foiling a villain's plot.
No. 227396 ID: 40cb26

Yeah yeah yeah this is all great discussion. But there is a discussion thread for this.

Blackwick just needs to buy two FX, chat with the mayor about whatever and continue with his day.
No. 227435 ID: c71597

Nah, no nemesis declarations yet.

But get some super streangth. You need some way to dish out damage as well. Then after that you can get some fire projectile power. And with that you would have the baseline powers you need for your villainy.
No. 227449 ID: 0938b9

Lets just buy the FX and get going, we can decide what to get with them later.

Personaly I would say we start improving our teleportation, we got to start sometime or we will never get enought.
No. 227477 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128387462382.png - (83.85KB , 700x500 , 56.png )

After some thought, I purchase 2 more FX, and then tell the Mayor I'm going to spend 3 FX to improve my Fire Aura. This will leave me another 500$ for the date, which should be plenty. If it costs more than that I have a credit card, but I would rather not use it.

But when I tell the mayor about my plans, he seems to have other ideas. "Oh, so you want to improve your fire aura, eh? In what way? You can't just hand me a pickle cannon and tell me you want it better! You need to tell me how you want it better, or I might just put a different flavor of pickle innit and call it better!"

"Mayor, I really don't understand that analogy. What the hell are you-"


It turns out that there are all sorts of ways I can improve any given power. After I calm him down a bit, he offers a few suggestions for improvements on what I have now.

Teleportation Improvements
Carrying Capacity: Double the amount I can bring with me. Right now, this is just myself, so one upgrade would let me bring one extra person, or something about that big.
Distance: The upgrade I thought happened when I upgraded teleport. Increases my distance per second tenfold. 5 of these and I can get to the moon base in an hour. 8 of these and I can get there in half a minute.

Fire Aura Improvements
Reduced Impact: The shield is better able to prevent damage from attacks. I can specialize this improvement against specific kinds of attacks.
Faster Flight: This would allow me to fly more quickly than I currently do. Considering I can teleport, I am not sure this is absolutely necessary.
Fire Shield: Gives my aura actual fire properties. Meaning, I could burn shit with it.
Environmental Shield: Allows my fire aura to protect me from various environmental hazards, specified when I take the upgrade. Breathing in space seems to be one of the options!
Shield Ally: Blah blah I can protect someone else with fire who cares.

And no, I don't want any stupid healing powers. Maybe regeneration, but I am Black Wick, the Baron Obsidian, wielder of Fire and Rock. Healing is not part of my schtick.
No. 227478 ID: e67080

reduced impact: general
No. 227479 ID: f678ce

I'll have to recommend the Fire Shield because burning things is pretty villainous. After that the Reduced Impact and Teleportation Carrying Capacity upgrades would be my second choices. If you can bring someone or something big along when teleporting then that opens up a lot of possibilities.

For the date, reserve tables at two decent restaurants. One vegetarian and one non-vegetarian. Once you find out what Debbie likes then cancel the one you won't go to.
No. 227480 ID: a594b9

>breathing in space
Holy shit that means we could... wait no, we're too fucking slow to get to the moon by flying there, even teleport-assisted.

So yeah... uh, let's get Fire Shield because right now we have zero offensive powers.
No. 227483 ID: 644ca1

Reduced impacts: Attacks directed at NOT IN THE FACE!
No. 227490 ID: 40cb26

Long term:
-Carrying capacity will at least need to be upgraded once. How else are you going to ever kidnap maidens or steal cash registers?
-Distance is good later when we have enough FX to burn. 15 FX just for a half hour moon trip is a long time to payoff. Look into if we can just upgrade our base with a transporter.
-Reduced Impact is nice to have. Ask if this can specifically counter your ice and water weakness.
-Faster Flight is mostly unneeded, but combined with teleport means you'd be a damn hard fly to swat.
-Fire shield is directly offensive which is what you need. You still have a thin aura though so it'll only boost your physical attacks. Could melt you out of ice quick too. Ask if it is always on if it only burns at will.
-Environmental shield will let you breathe in space, get that before ever trying to teleport to the moon.

And on the note of healing, remember the theme of a phoenix isn't too far from your theme. When you have minions it would be a neat trick to suddenly heal them all.

Short term: Fire shield first, then get an actual fire throwing superpower when you can afford it. After that get carrying boost and reduced impact then other stuff.

And can we get fire shield to be not the whole aura all the time? Just be hot around our hands if we're punching something for example. A dynamic fire shield, if you will. That should prevent burning what we don't mean to as well.
No. 227493 ID: 620bfb

We don't really have any attack powers right now. I say fire shield.
No. 227499 ID: c71597

Motherfucking fireshield bitches. And make sure you can control the heat at will. Super streangth might not be needed if you can get a grip that will melt through steel or be able to focus all that heat into a punch that will incenerate anything in front of you.

And after that we're getting quicker and longer range teleports. Bitches had better watch out for our teleport right into their face and an embrace that melts steel.
No. 227569 ID: 701a19

Have your Fire Aura heal whoever's inside it.
Since that will be you, this means you'll regenerate health whenever you're flying and/or invulnerable.
If you say you don't want that, then I'm gonna call you a liar.
No. 227630 ID: 9618e3

Fire Shield.
No. 227640 ID: 56dc25

We should really, really not get Fire Shield until after we get Environmental Shield(fire/smoke). Because there's nothing more embarrassing than starting a bigger fire than you can handle and then losing because you got caught in it.

More than that, though... fire in general is a very, very destructive thing. The moment we start lighting stuff up, we'll be dealing massive property damage and quite possibly accidentally killing people. Are we okay with that? Because I'm... not, really. Villainous, yes, but are we that sort of villain? I don't want to be. I would really rather not start actually using fire as a weapon until we are very sure that we can keep it tightly under our control.

I'd go with Reduced Impact(either general or energy) for now. We still know martial arts, and can pick up some sort of relatively small weapon as a melee attack- maybe one of those collapsible police batons, or a tonfa if you know how to use it.
No. 227643 ID: 754124

Fire shield.

Also, we should get some sort of fire blast or flamethrower type thing some time in the future. If we get Fire Shield, we could likely do this by moving our fire aura at our enemy instead of wearing it, thus costing us 3 FX instead of six, but preventing us from doing it while flying, and making us not invulnerable while using it.

Don't be a pussy.
No. 227647 ID: 56dc25

Pussy nothing. Moral considerations aside- and I don't know if you've ever seen a serious burn victim, but that's something that we SHOULD be moral about- if we get a reputation for massive property damage and burning civilians to death, the kid gloves are going to come off whenever any hero faces us, ever. No more silly shit or asking them out on dates; we will become actually, genuinely hated. Burning to death is a horrible way to die, and anyone who gets burned but lives will still hate us for life and have graphic scars to make others do so as well.

So am I opposed to getting fire powers? No, it's a great theme. Am I opposed to getting powers that will actually light things on fire, when we can't control said fire effectively? Fuck yes, and I will continue to be opposed- and oppose their use, should we buy them- until we can feasibly hurt only the things that we actually want hurt.
No. 227651 ID: 40cb26

The fire won't be indiscriminate, most our opponents will have defenses and healing factors, and rule of cool degrades most burns to mere temporary blackened smudges anyway.
No. 227653 ID: e31d52

That's an excellent point. We should be classy, not an asshole.
No. 227664 ID: 620bfb

Why choose? Classy asshole is where it's at.
No. 227676 ID: f24795

Would it be possible to modify the teleportation power, so that you can choose what direction you face when you arrive?
No. 227681 ID: 754124

That would be pointless as long as we possess the power to turn around manually.

Perhaps morality discussions would be better suited to /questdis/?
No. 227770 ID: 059120

Fire shield. Make sure you can toggle it as an extra feature, though. So we can go on the defensive without lighting up our surroundings, if need be.
No. 227775 ID: 122e94

turning while teleporting might be usefull in close range combat - but i get your point - the improvement would only be marginal - maybe we can get that as an extra for improving another part of the teleport power?
No. 227784 ID: d3dfb8

Is control over fire a superpower?
No. 227790 ID: 754124

No real need. The only times we'll use our power at all will be when doing our evil schemes. And fire is likely to attract heroes, so in that case it's beneficial.
No. 227809 ID: 701a19

...or when defending his base.
...which at the moment is his mom's basement.
No. 227846 ID: 059120

Imagine this. We are robbing a bank. We are holding a bag of money, since that is kind of how robbing banks works. A hero tries to punch us. We activate our shield to block it. Oh no! Now our money is on fire.

Basically, if we ever want to hold something and not destroy it, it means we wouldn't be able to fly or take a hit. It's important.
No. 227892 ID: 754124

I'd assume a carried bag of money would be within our aura, and thus not immolated.

We will be at our moon base soon enough. And who could possibly attack us there?
No. 227910 ID: 644ca1

Usually super powers like these don't have such annoying flaws. If you don't want to burn it then I don't think it will burn, but I could be wrong.
No. 228007 ID: 232c41


Environmental shield: heat and smoke, obviously. That means you can live in an underground volcano lair. With catwalks that have no railings, flames leaping up everywhere...
No. 228015 ID: 55ba2d

Fire Shield if we have control over what gets burned else Reduced Impact against ice/cold.
No. 228057 ID: 754124

We should wait until we have access to our base. And we have the ability to induce vulcanism.
No. 228098 ID: d5caa4

>Burn victims suffer horribly, aura sets our stolen bags of money afire, etc etc.

Supervillain physics. LEARN THEM.
No. 228224 ID: 3d74a8

Reduced impact, Teleport.

Teleporting is damn useful, and so is being able to take a hammer to the face.
No. 228261 ID: f4963f

Voting for Fire Shield.
No. 228429 ID: 5752b6
File 128400886990.png - (94.01KB , 700x500 , 57.png )

Fire shield acquired. With this, I can throw fire punches and fire kicks, and burn anyone stupid enough to touch me... if I want to.

With that out of the way, I still have 2 FX and 500$. I ask the mayor about villains and heroes fighting together.

"Ah, well, you have that sort of situation all the time. It's perfectly fine. In fact, if you partner up with someone else for a scenario like that, you get bonus pay. Of course, the downside is that they get half the spotlight. Which is always fine, if you like getting less FX. No problem there. Going up against a stronger enemy than either of you could handle alone is a good way to offset that loss of spotlightage. Is that a word? I think that's a word. It should be a word."

"What about converting heroes to villains?" I ask, thinking about all the, ah... evil deeds, I could be doing with Angel Frost. Mmm evil deeds.

"Yeah sure, whatever. That's totally doable, but you'll need to spend a good bit of time with the convertee, or work out some kind of mind control device. Super weapons are good for that "making a hero evil for a while" thing that the kids oh so enjoy these days."

Mind controlling Angel Frost... I like the sound of that. For entirely ethical, villainous reasons, of course.

"Oh, and uh, keep in mind that heroes tend to try to redeem villains, if you go the long route of converting them. So, be wary about accidentally becoming a good guy when you aren't paying attention. Heroes get paid less."
No. 228431 ID: e31d52

>mind control with fire powers


Ignite the fires of her heart!
No. 228436 ID: f4963f

>Heroes get paid less
The system, it works.

Let's put the mind control thing on the backburner for now - we have enough things to spend our resources on. Date should be your top priority, bucko.
No. 228439 ID: 40cb26

Generally is it cool for heroes and villains to act out of character with each other between encounters? Like, uh, dating an archnemesis when you aren't otherwise nemesising each other? Hypothetically.
No. 228444 ID: 701a19


Very yes.
No. 228448 ID: 40cb26

>posting tvtropes
>click... click click clickclickclickclick
No. 228454 ID: 56dc25

That's actually a decent point. Mind control proper isn't necessarily in-theme, but emotion control? That's far more arguable.

Still, something for later. For the moment, I would like to know how exactly bosses and minibosses work. Minions too, for that matter. Presumably they're relatively normal people with a superside identity, like us; how flexibly are we able to choose them, and what controls their powers? What's their payscale? Do we get background checks on their normal lives before hiring them? These are important considerations when planning for the future.

Also, it was mentioned that we can declare 2 nemesis heroes. Does this imply that the nemesis concept is one-way, and we've got both slots open? Or are those Earth Defense Force bozos taking up one of our precious nemesis slots? If they are, how can we ditch them for someone else?

Anyway, date time. Go casual, have a couple restaurants in mind, and come up with several options- club, movie, something else maybe- for where to go afterward.

Though I guess you've probably got a good six hours before anything happens on your date. You can do something randomly villainous for your own amusement in the meantime, I suppose. Somehow troll someone amusingly. Or go buy a close combat weapon. Actually, you might want to ask the mayor if he can point you towards any sources for acquiring villainous equipment; he probably would.
No. 228463 ID: 40cb26

>club, movie, something else maybe
Anything but ice cream. Unless she asks.
No. 228490 ID: 754124

I find this idea immensely appealing. Note that this should give us power over both lust and rage. The effect wouldn't be directly controllable, but indirect control, even as simple as saying a thing or two in the right direction, could influence it fine.

I suppose it's date time? I've lost track. I don't think there's much else we care to do.

Suggests purchasing equipment, which is a good idea, but we don't have much cash on hand, and we'll need some for our date. We've claimed the title of Baron, and we should be able to financially maintain that facade.
No. 228513 ID: 701a19

Ok, see, this?
Fuck. No.
Taking this to the dis.
No. 228517 ID: 207e5f

Please don't cause any havoc before the date. Go back to work or get a nice haircut or check out what villainy shopping options are available.
No. 228524 ID: c71597

Heroes get paid less? Ye gods, we must save our sweet lovemuffian from such a heinous fate. She should be up there with us, the ice that keeps our fiery passions under control or something. Would make for a great team and theme.

Now lets get that date started up, it was drinks that was offered and drinks that was accepted. So find a decent bar where you don't have to shout to make yourself heard. Go there, drink, be merry, get drunk, hopefully her a bit more than you she is smaller after all and a female so you should be able to do it. Take her home like a gentleman, kiss at the door, and who knows if she insists then maybe something more.
No. 228530 ID: 6834bc

She can be the Elisabetha to our Mathias!
...Wait, no, that only ended in tears...
No. 228548 ID: 701a19

They probably get more FX. Also, I'm pretty sure they don't need to spend half their checks on their next encounter.
No. 228557 ID: c71597

But they have to obey the rules and shit. Can't let this stand, we must save her from the tyranny of the hero code.
No. 228564 ID: e3f578

IS there a tv tropes villain that just annoys everybody with tropes and shit? Maybe being Mary-Sue-tastic with a dice of always managing to pull the right thing at the right time?

MAN, I want to be a villain when I grow up.
No. 228767 ID: 782c3d

Dude! Don't forget the EDF! They'll probably bust in on you again at some point, so leave a little reserves of cash and especially FX for when they do.

Along those lines, ask about minions that become heroes. If you worked it out with 'em beforehand, you could make an evil EDF (Eldritch Dragon Fighter?) who kicks their asses but then joins them, preferably using someone they already know in their private lives.

That's sure to set up some well-paying showdowns!

(Oh, and when you meet 'em again, take a moment to apologize and explain your first encounter. Professional courtesy makes villains more badass.)
No. 229040 ID: 754124

>evil EDF (Eldritch Dragon Fighter?)
EDF stands for Earth Defense Force. An evil version would be the Earth Destruction Force.
No. 229141 ID: 782c3d


I don't think we really want to destroy earth, despite the EDF's initial assumption. However, Earth Domination Force is just as good.

So when we get minions, our three top henchmen should do themselves up like the EDF. A black one, a red one and a white one, to match the Blackwick colours. Evil counterparts are awesome when they're done right.
No. 229903 ID: 4953e3
File 128429311679.png - (112.33KB , 700x500 , 58.png )

I ask the mayor about any supervillain stores, and apparently, there is just one. It's in a small island in the middle of the Pacific, so as to avoid any legal authority. He gives me the coordinates - it is out of reach of my teleport for now. I thank the mayor for his time. He assures me I'll be back with questions later.

I head to the store and pick up some supplies. A few more smoke bombs. A lighter. Some old rags. A couple gallons of gasoline. Some old wine bottles. And a motorcycle helmet, to protect my god damn face when I am super villaining. It all comes to about 100$, and I make sure to make the purchases in separate places.
No. 229904 ID: 4953e3
File 128429313214.png - (120.25KB , 700x500 , 59.png )

Then, I head back home and prepare for my date. After a bit of debate, I choose to dress up nice. Button up shirt, tie, dress pants, hair combed. With 400$ left, I can afford to take her to some fancy place that serves 50$ meals with 90$ bottles of wine. I need to keep up the appearances that I am, indeed, a baron, even if it means I'm eating cheap ramen until the next encounter. I make a reservation at the Chez LeMarc for 6:30pm.

After I pick her up at 5, we talk for a bit, and then I drop her off at her place so she can change out of her work clothes and take a shower, so she does not smell like fish. She tells me to pick her up again in an hour.
No. 229905 ID: 4953e3
File 060_Driving_Interlude.swf - (466.32KB , 550x400 , 060 Driving Interlude.swf )

I decide to drive around a bit.

~Musical interlude~
No. 229906 ID: 4953e3
File 128429316981.png - (155.98KB , 700x500 , 61.png )

And so I pick her up and we go to dinner. We spend a bit of time breaking the ice.

Her full name is Deborah Snowick. She's always loved fairies, ever since she was little, so the ability to transform into one appealed to her. She wanted some kind of naturey power, and picked Ice because of her last name. I confess that I picked my powerset for very similar reasons. She's been a hero for a few months now. I tell her I started just 4 days ago. She laughs, and admits that she had thought I seemed really weak. I tell her I'm working on it. She laughs again. By the time the meal gets here, I really think she is warming up to me.
No. 229907 ID: 4953e3
File 128429318364.png - (229.77KB , 700x700 , 62.png )

Just as we're taking our first taste, however, our date goes cold. The front door slams open, and a bunch of mobsters with tommy guns bust in. A short man walks to the front of the group. "Now nobody makes a move, y'hear? This is the Don Dice speakin'." He says, with an Italian accent. "Me an' the boys are interested in some dinner. On the house. Capice?"

The waiters scramble to get them seats.
No. 229911 ID: 97cb33

ask if she knows who that guy is. don't want to start a fight with anyone who could make your head implode. if he is a weak dude you can tell Deborah that you don't find if she kicks his ass.
No. 229919 ID: 701a19

Sigh, look at her, and quietly say "We should probably do something about that. Want to team up? We take them down together, I steal their wallets while you're 'not looking', and we meet out front in twenty?"
No. 229922 ID: e31d52

When it actually starts up, stand and flash on your armor, save helmet.
"For a Don, you sure got a defecit in class. You seriously couldn't call ahead and avoid disrupting everyone's dinner? Bad form. I'll have to teach you a lesson or two in proper ettiquite."
Take last sip from the glass, set it down, put on helmet, float up with aura.
"Because I'm the Baron Obsidian, and you've ruined a great night with a wonderful woman. Hero or villain, I cannot stand for that!"
No. 229924 ID: 701a19

Err, no, it would be best to keep attention off the two of you for now.
She's the hero ergo we follow her lead; if she lets it go then we should do the same.
No. 229927 ID: e31d52

Bah! He's stepped on our toes, ruined our date utterly unneccesarily, and really, this is a chance for an encounter we didn't set up but can get paid for anyway.
No. 229928 ID: 44d67c

This, except this: >>229919
She's got a little more experience than you, she might've seen these guys. Then we team up to take them down. Even if you're still "really weak", you can at least still wail on his flunkies. Besides:
1) We get paid by the encounter. This is technically an encounter. There are heroes, villains, and we're taking part in it. Money!
2) We can totally steal their wallets later.
3) We can't just let her go alone. That would be four against one, and we're pretending to be a gentleman over here.
4) It'll be fun.
No. 229929 ID: e31d52

Yes, and I'm all for gauging their strength pre-battle. Everything seems to run on a sort of non-lethal Gentleman's Agreement thing, so.... actually, we'll have to ask the mayor about encounter lethality later.
No. 229930 ID: c71597

Keep eating unless something that makes it impossible happens. You paid for this meal and some god damn knockoff italian mobsters trying to get a free meal here isn't going to be allowed to stop that.

Of course if they start up something then teleport right up to the boss and give him a knee in the crotch. If he still wants to go after that then put on the new fiery aura, give him a taste of the heat (just enough to be very uncomfortable) and ask him if he still wants to go.
No. 229931 ID: a594b9

FX that up!
No. 229933 ID: 701a19

The cost of the date is a loss unless the two of them decide to keep going like nothing happened afterward.

No. 229939 ID: 644ca1

This indeed, hero or villain, nobody messes with Baron Obsidian.
No. 229952 ID: 5d2896

Don't do anything until they start to tick you off personally. Fighting them with some sort of altruistic motive would be the sure way to the good side. Unless you get some egoistic motivation, that is strong enough to face three heavy armed mafiosi, just let your date handle this on her own. She should understand your behaviour. She knows you are a villain after all.
No. 229956 ID: 620bfb

Remember, if you team up with your date against the Don you're going to make one hell of a lot more money than this date cost. If she looks up for it, have a go.
No. 229957 ID: 6a2933

technically, he has done nothing to offend us yet. He could just be making a flashy entrance for character purposes. He is a Don after all. Do try and find out who he is from your date though. Fighting him just because he stormed in and started saying shit would be a sure step in the direction of herohood. Remember you are a villain. Until he does something to inconvenience you directly, or insults you directly, you have to quarry with this man.
No. 229961 ID: 644ca1

Good point, changing my vote to wait and see for now.
No. 229967 ID: 754124

When seated, are they causing any disturbance? If not, let them be unless the lady prefers to intervene. If they're being rude, politely request that they stop. In the rather likely even that they do not listen to you, a battle shall break loose. You should avoid unnecessary damage to the restaurant, on the grounds that it is ostensibly an eatery which you quite like, and eat at with some frequency.

But this may not even be necessary, if he is given a seat not near us, and chills out enjoying his dinner and chatting peaceably with his boys.

>"Because I'm the Baron Obsidian, and you've ruined a great night with a wonderful woman.
No way, man. This night is still salvageable. In fact, a fight would hinder it more than this small disruption, unless she also desires it.
If it becomes necessary to use these lines, then perhaps replace "ruined" with "interfered with" or maybe "hindered". Even besides the relatively unobtrusive nature of the intrusion, we don't want to imply that he has that level of power over us.

He didn't ruin it. You are aware that basically every eatery there is can service multiple parties at once, right?

Well, if she wants to fight, we shall certainly fight by her side. It's a mere courtesy, really.

A gentleman should never be motivated by greed. Since we're playing like we're reasonably wealthy, we ought to avoid this sort of logic.

>you have to quarry with this man.
Just fyi, a quarry is a place where people get stone out of the ground to build with. The word you were (I believe) looking for is "quarrel".
No. 229981 ID: 029919

Okay, she's gonna want to fight him, but he hasn't stepped on your toes yet. If you want to join with her, you can just say you're defending your turf.
No. 229983 ID: 56dc25

This guy has yet to step on your toes, although he's been somewhat rude to the restaurant in general. As a fellow villain, it's common courtesy that you not bother him unless he bothers you first. Stopping him when the worst thing he's done is say something loud and fairly flavorful would be exceptionally rude on your part.

Your date, unfortunately, is not a fellow villain. You should probably ask if she's planning to get frosty and stop him. If not, continue enjoying your meal (unless the Don is being really disruptive, in which case he's annoying you). If she is, find out if she's planning to come back and finish dinner afterward, or if you should plan to go elsewhere for the remainder of the evening.

Then let her fight the mobsters and enjoy the show. You should join in under the following circumstances:
1) Your date is completely getting her ass kicked/captured, in which you should make it clear that you're in this for the girl, not to stop the Don's night out with the goons.
2) You get hit by some sort of collateral damage, in which case you can take it as a personal insult and go after him directly.
3) He starts trying to steal your date (more than one comment towards that end probably qualifies). I understand the attraction, of course, but you should not put up with someone else flirting with your girl.
No. 229987 ID: f86272

This should bother you Blacwick, it's entirely Deborah's call if she wants to interfere. Do hint that you'll naturally back her up if she wants to fight Don Dice, but I reckon you're better off trying to enjoy this date without being interrupted by work.
No. 229989 ID: f4963f

Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like the mayor?

Anyway, easy solution. Ask Snowflake if she's alright / bothered / etc. If she is bothered, then the Don obviously needs to get his clock cleaned. If no, then... hey. It's cool. We're on a date here, after all.
No. 229992 ID: 00fad4

No, don't show any signals that would indicate your will to help her if she wants to fight. Of course you should still help in the cases >>229983
pointed out, but I think your relationship is based on your rivalry. She probably wants to turn you into a hero as much as you want to turn her into a villain. This process means you'll spend a lot of time together, as long as you don't turn into a hero too fast. Doing absolutely nothing while the Don wrecks the place shows her, that she still has still a lot of work to do to win you over, while helping her out, when she's in trouble will prove, that you are somewhere deep inside still a good person.
Thus she'll want to see you more often to increase this basic moral fiber in your heart.
No. 229993 ID: 754124

The mayor's head is like three times wider.
No. 230007 ID: 445c48


Also, mobster is a cool gimmick. I like this guy.
No. 230022 ID: 6834bc

Don't do nothin'. He's a villain, let him have his heist. Besides, you know how expensive this joint is, you can appreciate a guy wantin' to eat here for free.
Plus, you're a villain. Angel can't expect you to try to thwart him, that's totally against your role. Maybe she'll try to convince you to get involved, maybe not.

Just wait and see. Don't do anything. If they come up to you and demand your cash, or if Angel gets involved in the fight (and you feel you should assist,) then you can get involved.
No. 230036 ID: 98e08d

Share a moment of silent communication with your date: a raised eyebrow, perhaps, with a glance towards and back from this disturbance. Hopefully she will pick it up and provide some similar signal in return, indicating whether she wants your help or not. It might perhaps be prudent to make things clear with a whispered inquiry, if you're not confident in the clarity of your body language. The silent way would just be cooler.

If she does want your help (if she wants to fight this guy at all), you'll need to make some impressive villainous speech. Outrage should be sufficient in this situation: "what fool dares disturb the plans of Baron Obsidian", et cetera et cetera.
No. 230039 ID: 40cb26

Quietly tell Debbie "If you want to do something about this, I've got your back. In my own villainly fashion, of course. But let me have some fun first." Then you can talk with the Don with some subtle villainous banter. Like "So, must be tough being poor. Can't even afford to go out to eat without holding the place up."

And if we do kick this guys ass, how about we steal his guns? And his hat.
No. 230053 ID: 644ca1

Why steal his hat? It doesn't fit us at all, we could steal his minions though, that should be a villainous enough motive for beating him.
But I still say we sit back and wait until he bothers us directly or Debbie tries to stop him.
No. 230059 ID: 40cb26

Stealing his minions occurred to me, but I'm not sure how that would work out. We don't need the hat, but messing with it is a good way to poke a hole in his pride.
No. 230063 ID: 754124

Steal it as a trophy, if not because we want to use it.
No. 230064 ID: 4531bc

let the mafia guys order, then burn their food, or something similarly evil.

>>229931 is a slick idea, and earns you serious gentleman points with debbie, but you'd have to do something really evil afterward to maintain your villainy-hood
No. 230072 ID: 40cb26

I like the idea, but let's give us some chance to eat first. If he is disruptive, then we will ask him to take it outside. For keeping our villainy creds, we will demand his deference to us as in charge of this area, as his superior, or even his new boss.

And if and when the action starts, spend an FX to teleport-steal the guns. Or, do that first.
No. 230073 ID: 9e1d1b

No direct confrontation.
Get some ex-lax.
Bamf into the kitchen.
Put it in their alfredo.
It gets back at them and escalates their villany with more villany.
No. 230076 ID: 40cb26

OH BETTER: FX-teleport-steal his hat, without even suiting up. Put it on, tell him that even mobsters should show some more class, because that's what their new boss demands of them. If they disagree, then you all can discuss it outside.
No. 230089 ID: 4531bc

good one!
No. 230090 ID: 4531bc

wait, actually, if they disagree, we could just play it cool and move to plan EX-LAX.
No. 230092 ID: 56dc25

Declaring ourself anyone's boss requires that we be able to actually assert that power. We know nothing about this guy's abilities, but considering that we're a new-hatched villain we probably can't. They're not going to be impressed by our teleportation gimmick, and we can't count on Debbie to help us stay in charge of anything beyond this battle, making such a claim laughable. We should not make laughable claims that might come back to bite us in the ass; there might well be some one actually "in charge" of this area who doesn't take well to big talkers.

And beyond that, we should not mess with other villains' activities/attack them when we have basically no motive whatsoever for doing so. He's done nothing to us. "There's a villain, I must attack him" is the hero impulse, which we should be trying to avoid. If anything, we should wish this guy well in his endeavors right up until he does something which has a significant negative impact upon us and our plans.

Keep enjoying our meal. If Debbie does something heroic, enjoy the show and learn some more about her capabilities- and another's villain's combat style- by watching carefully.
No. 230097 ID: 40cb26

>"There's a villain, I must attack him" is the hero impulse, which we should be trying to avoid.
We aren't doing it for that reason though. He's disrupting our goddamn date, let alone our meal. We aren't heroic if we fight for selfish reasons, and less so if it is to establish who is the toughest around here. After all these aren't even villains, they're thugs.

>there might well be some one actually "in charge" of this area who doesn't take well to big talkers.
Fine, we'll kick his ass too. Or ally with him. Whatever.

And as we suit up, we incinerate his hat.
No. 230101 ID: 56dc25

On an unrelated topic, motorcycle helmet? I understand the impulse to protect our face, but it seems to clash with our established style. The faceless villain bit isn't that great. It's a lot harder to crack jokes, use microphones, or steal kisses from heroines with that sort of headgear. Not to mention that it doesn't really support the "Baron" bit of our name. Whatever, I suppose, but I'd be inclined to leave off the helmet just for the style points.

>He's disrupting our goddamn date, let alone our meal.
Not any more than, say, the waiter spilling wine on our table would have. Or someone at another table being kind of obnoxious. All he's done is come in to the restaurant and say that he's eating dinner in full villain costume with machine guns with no intention of paying.

This is trivial and easily overlooked as long as it doesn't get any worse. If anything, we should admire his style.
No. 230103 ID: 4953e3
File 128433521595.png - (49.73KB , 700x500 , 63.png )

Alright this is kind of ridiculous. From this point onward I am establishing a rule in the EDF threads. No double posting! If you have posted a suggestion since the last update, you can not post again until EDF has updated again. If you have some dire need to do so, there is a discussion thread, but double posting in here will get your post deleted. Reading 30+ suggestions per update is drastically slowing down my ability to update, especially since no one has suggested anything new after the first 15 posts or so.
No. 230105 ID: e3f578

Go slap his shit. Don't give a damn about the rules or what you are. IT'S FUN. Slap him. Slap him directly in his shit so hard it flips back and slaps him in the face.

You've got 99 problems but a gangsta ain't one.
No. 230111 ID: d3dfb8

Look over to Debbie. "Want to team up?"
No. 230251 ID: 0938b9

Check with Debbie if she knows who this guy is, but don't fight him unless he troubles us personally or Debbie is in trouble. We are vilains, not heroes.
No. 230839 ID: 6a9fdc

Just ignore him unless he directly interferes with your date.

Although if Debbie engages, back her up.
No. 230894 ID: 4953e3
File 128452292359.png - (103.26KB , 700x500 , 64.png )

Bah. I'm not going to take this. I don't care if he's stronger than me, I'm over loaded on defensive powers anyway. I'm going to take this guy down for interfering with my date.

I stand up from my table. "For a Don..." I say, feeling confident. "...you sure do lack class. You simply could not call ahead and avoid disrupting everyone's dinner, could you? Bad form, Don Dice. Bad form. I am the Baron Obsidianm and I'm going to have to teach you a lesson in proper etiquette."
No. 230895 ID: 4953e3
File 128452294224.png - (132.38KB , 700x500 , 65.png )

"Ahh, we gots a hero here, do we?" The Don says. "Don't worry, kid. I'll put you back in your place. Go get 'em, boys!"

As his minions step forward, I toss aside my wineglass, and shroud myself in flames.
No. 230896 ID: 4953e3
File 128452295526.png - (131.58KB , 700x500 , 66.png )

They open fire - their bullets are slowed by my barrier, but it still feels like I just took fifty tiny punches. Oof. I feel like the boost from my FX should have stopped that barrage entirely, but it didn't.
No. 230897 ID: 4953e3
File 128452296821.png - (81.13KB , 700x500 , 67.png )

After they stop shooting, I look up to say a bit more to establish myself as someone not to be trifled with. "Sorry, Don, but I'm no hero. I'm going to take out all of you, then take out all of your wallets for wasting my time."
No. 230898 ID: 4953e3
File 128452298425.png - (82.67KB , 700x500 , 68.png )

"Hah. My sincerest apologies, kid, but you got no chance alone, not against me. C'mon, boys, get in here!" A squad of 15 more guys bursts into the room. This guy's put a lot of FX into his minions!

"Open fire!"
No. 230899 ID: 4953e3
File 128452299831.png - (178.60KB , 700x500 , 69.png )

A wall of ice sprouts up in front of me, as the rain of bullets is unleashed. "Sorry." Angel Frost says. "But he's not entirely alone. C'mon, Baron. Let's sweep the floor with these fools."

"Thanks Angel. Seems like our date's getting a bit more fired up than expected, eh?" By the looks of it, that barrier will only hold a moment. I'll need to act immediately after it falls.
No. 230902 ID: e31d52

Teleport directly above the baron, but quiet high, and deliever a huge smash with both hands to his head.
No. 230906 ID: 40cb26

Your ace in the hole right now is teleportation. Appear right in front of the don, grab him by his fat little neck and fly-drag back to use him as a human shield and hostage against his own damn goons and guns. Slowly apply the heat until the don orders them all to drop all their weapons, empty their pockets and get the hell out of there. Then loot the don, take his hat, and shove him out.

Of course, spend an FX and ham that shit up!
No. 230909 ID: e67080

Teleport directly in front of the Don. Invoke an FX, With one hand grab his hat, with the other grab him. Do not let go, because he is now your shield against the bullets. Activate the fire aura on your fist, grin wickedly, manical laugh, and tell him to back off, leave his money, or things are going to get very (place hat on your head with other hand)... toasty around here.
No. 230914 ID: 6547ec

Don's got to have something for when the mooks run out, so I'd like to wait before closing into melee range. Give Angel there a moment to graze and build her freeze back up before you do that.

For now, teleport behind the pack of mooks and set their coats on fire.
No. 230916 ID: 754124

Okay. You can teleport, and you fight close range, while your enemies fight long range. This seems like an easy problem. The Don's not doing anything, so for the time being, we should focus on taking out his mooks. Teleport behind, bunch the fucker out, teleport to the next one. They're all in a line now, and that's bad. We want some discord among them. To do that, get the one on the end, then get the one on the other end. That will get them turned towards each other, and with luck there could be some friendly fire. If they avoid that, it'll be by being careful and spreading out, in which case they will have to turn faster to be able to get us, thus widening our window of action and allowing us to knock them flat before they get shots turned our way. Because this will be going very fast, teleport to one, knock him down (hopefully lighting his clothes on fire, teleport to the next, teleport to the next, teleport to the next. Ideally, the Don will be rather frightened by the rapidity with which we make his mooks irrelevant. I'd like to take him captive, and allow him to become a boss under our service, but it's probable that our date would prefer to turn him in to the authorities, and could work out better for us, since we could later spring him in exchange for his fealty.
No. 230930 ID: f4963f

If his mooks are his big investment, let's thin their numbers out. Port behind his line of endless mooks and throw a smoke bomb. Then start attacking everything in sight.
No. 231002 ID: 701a19

Hmm... Teleport behind him, grab him in a headlock, max out your flames, and spin him around so he's between you and his mooks.

Save your FX for now.
No. 231066 ID: 44d67c

He... canceled our FX with one of his own. No fair!
Blackwick! We only have one FX left, right? Then I suggest we make it count. It's time for another experiment.

Wait until Snowick uses an FX. Then use yours right alongside it in support. If done correctly, we should blow out almost all these guys at once in a blast of concentrated awesome.
No. 231087 ID: c71597

Teleport above one of his goons, high enough that the guy will feel it when you fall on him. When he's down you grab his gun and fire off a few rounds on his mates while you're charging for another teleport. Keep teleporting around them and fire of a burst before going to a new place. Once you run out of bullets then either repeat and get a new gun or if most of them are down then teleport in and kick one of their asses and then teleport out again, keep moving around with the teleports so they can't get a good chance to fire all of them at you.

And keep up the aura, don't want one of them to get lucky. Once they're all out (and you have looted their wallets) grab the porky don there and drag him outside. Take him up a bit on the air (high enough to break bones but not high enough to be fatal) and tell him to look before he jumps before you drop him.
No. 231088 ID: 5a2e05

Chances are he's keeping with the mob boss theme and has few to no powers outside of a large amount of minions. He himself will be stronger than them, but likely still fairly weak.
No. 231091 ID: 059120

Toss a smoke bomb, teleport behind the mooks, and start punching them out, or tripping them. Don't spend an FX.
No. 231117 ID: a594b9

No. 231218 ID: 56dc25

You're going up against a bunch of mooks with heavy ranged weaponry. Use their numbers and form of attack against them by keeping on the move and in melee, teleporting around so that they'll shoot each other if they open up on you- particularly if you suddenly vanish and clear their line of fire. You may wish to use a smoke bomb or two to add to the confusion.

Hold your FX for now. You'll need that if things start going against you, and I daresay that Angel Frost might appreciate the chance to use one of hers.

Don't go after the Don just yet; while you could try to get rid of the mooks by taking out the leader it's a fair bet that he's got at least some defensive ability, and a failed attack on him would leave you open to a lot of gunfire.

And, of course, whatever you do should be filled with dramatic and villainous lines. Or possibly just horrible puns. A few [bad] suggestions:

[Opener] "I'll be the one opening up with fire, Don!"
[In the event of collateral damage] "Destroying the restaurant? Have you decided to settle for take-out?"
[If the Don standards around doing nothing but giving orders] "It's a poor leader who leaves everything to his men. Show you deserve your rank! Lead from the front!"
[If we start getting through the mooks really easily] "Remind me to invest in better minions than yours. They're all flash and no flame!"
No. 231226 ID: 6a9fdc

Teleport to Don. Demonstrate the benefits of melee prowess, and the disadvantages of blowing all your FX on minions instead of boosting personal power and defense.
No. 231578 ID: 6a9fdc

What is the Don? A miserable pile of minions! But enough talk, have at you!
No. 231723 ID: ea2a3c

Bullets use gunpowder. Gunpowder is highly flammable and explosive. Can you see where I am going with this.
No. 232038 ID: 4953e3
File 128495218876.png - (265.60KB , 700x500 , 70.png )

I lob my smoke bombs over the barrier, filling the other side of the ice wall with thick, vision concealing smoke. As the wall breaks, I warp in front of the don, and slam down with both hands, to end this quickly.

Blacwick has used up all of his Smoke Bombs. He still has 2 Molotov Cocktails.
No. 232039 ID: 4953e3
File 128495220327.png - (165.49KB , 700x500 , 71.png )

BNFFFF! Hahaa! I brought him to his knees! "Bow before the Baron Obsidian!"

"...You hit like a pansy, kid."
No. 232041 ID: 4953e3
File 128495221786.png - (179.69KB , 700x500 , 72.png )

The Don delivers an uppercut to my gut, and I am knocked down onto my back.
No. 232042 ID: 4953e3
File 128495223731.png - (156.25KB , 700x500 , 73.png )

Gck. Kff. Ow. It's hard to breath.

The minions have stopped firing, unable to find their targets in the thick smoke, but they're already spreading out around the room. Angel and I will be surrounded if we don't do something quick. The Don seems content to stand back, though, and is not coming closer.
No. 232047 ID: e31d52

God damnit Baron you're looking like a wimp in front of your date fuck
No. 232049 ID: f4963f

Um... dang.

Go for the mooks, I guess. Keep an eye on our date and see if there's any good opportunity for us to back her up.
No. 232051 ID: e38c07

Fuck yeah, it's awesome quest time. Well Blacwick you kinda got your ass handed to you there. If you're done trying to show off maybe you can try a little team work now?

Let's take advantage of the lingering smoke and mop up some goons. When the smoke clears and the pawns are down, you and Angel tag team the king.
No. 232052 ID: 0f5b52

Okay, look, you're not going to be able to take him out quick enough to end this before the smoke clears. You're just not strong enough. And once the minions are able to start firing again, you're done for.
We've successfully distracted the minions. They're spreading out. This is a good thing. Use the cover of smoke to teleport behind them, picking them off one by one. They're minions, so by themselves they'll be pretty weak. It's the fact that there's 15 of them that's a problem.
By the time you've got them all most of the smoke will probably be gone, leaving just the Don. Then you and Snowick can double team the crap out of him.
Leave the big guy to Snowick for now. She's stronger than you. A true villain knows how to delegate. And you're a Baron, right?
No. 232055 ID: a594b9

Let's take this fight outside. I want to use those molotovs, but we can't do that indoors without burning the place down... and that would ruin our chances of getting something to eat!
No. 232056 ID: 5a2e05

Oh right, mob bosses are generally the bosses for a reason. Pick off the minions and ignore the unharmed Don. Well, his hat seems to be on fire. That's like a victory, right?
No. 232059 ID: 6547ec

Grab a molotov in each hand, throw them vaguely at a couple of mooks (the best part about molotovs is that you don't need to be accurate) and teleport somewhere safe until you can get your bearings. Worst-case, just hop up onto the roof for a moment for some fresh air.
No. 232061 ID: 40cb26

This guy has the right of it, to which I add:
If you take out one mobster, you get his gun and then the real fun can start. Ever hear of the fog of war? Use your powers with low visibility to create mass confusion. Teleport around in the smoke and fire that thing at one mobster and another randomly. They'll be firing every which way at wherever gunfire is coming from, which will mostly be each other. Then you and Angel can focus on the Don.

You have two molotovs as well, you can use one on the first mobster and one on the Don. Any fires that start, on persons or property can probably be put out by Angel after the battle.
No. 232072 ID: c71597

Ouch. Well on your feet, a suckerpunch isn't something to lie around on the ground and cry about.

Start taking down his minions and stealing their weapons. That nice flaming hat gives a nice target to aim at and your hit probably had a bit more effect than he's willing to admit if he stays back.

Once he's nice and groggy from acute bullet poisoning you can probably bring him down. Go for a heavy hit in the neck area, hit the right spot and it's almost a guaranteed knockout.
No. 232086 ID: 4531bc

Alternatively, you could simply exclaim, "haha! you played right into my hands! Now, divided and confused, I have the opportunity to enact my real plan!

Then teleport into the kitchen, use your molotovs to burn all their food, come back, deliver a biting one-liner to the effect of "No dinner for you tonight!" Grab snowick, and make an exit.

Oh, and be sure to pilfer some food for yourself, too.
No. 232101 ID: 701a19

Steal gun.
Shoot Don.
No. 232102 ID: 754124

Okay I mostly agree with the general gist of the selections. Teleporting about and sowing confusion and hitting mooks and all that.

I do not think we should burn the place down. We do like the food, don't we? And the atmosphere, perhaps? It would be impolite to trash the place.

Going outside removes our current advantages, and returns all advantage to the Don. We're better off just avoiding the use of our molotovs for the time being.
No. 232158 ID: 644ca1

I think we should take out his mooks with some "hit and teleport". If possible we should also draw attention to ourselves, after all we are not alone and if the Don focus on us then Angel Frost will have a good chance of taking him out.
No. 232245 ID: 232c41

Notice how Don didn't fight in the first place until you bashed his head. I suspect he might not again. Just beat up his goons.
No. 233164 ID: 4953e3
File 128526944252.png - (95.89KB , 700x500 , 74.png )

I hop up to my feet, and pull out a Molotov. "Pfeh. Well, Don, you're tougher than I expected, but no matter. Even if I can't beat you, I can burn this place to the ground, and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing at all! How will y-"
No. 233166 ID: 4953e3
File 128526948952.png - (259.85KB , 700x500 , 75.png )

Angel Frost interrupts me with a called attack. "ANGELIC FREEZE!" A cold blast of air makes me stagger forward, even though I was not the target.
No. 233168 ID: 4953e3
File 128526951126.png - (220.65KB , 700x500 , 76.png )

I look up to find my smoke cloud has been frozen, everything in it trapped in ice. The Don barely dove out of the way, but only 2 of his minions escaped the icy tomb. I am suddenly very glad I didn't actually fight Angel Frost before.
No. 233169 ID: 7b068a

just smash one mook with the bottle and then uppercut the other.
No. 233170 ID: a594b9

Teleport over and grab that goon's gun.
No. 233173 ID: c71597

Grab that goons gun and then shoot the other goon. Then finish off the Don.
No. 233175 ID: 701a19

"She, however? Can."

Why were you trying to light this place on fire? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHO TOLD YOU TO DO THAT?

Teleport over to one of his mooks and throw him at the Don, then do the same for the other.
No. 233186 ID: 6547ec

Teleport behind one of the goons, light his coat on fire with the molotov, then discretely put it back into hammerspace. While some fire might have been acceptable if we still had plausible deniability, calling it out like that was a bit of a faux pas with your potential girlfriend there. Make a mental note to think up more ways to exploit stone powers in the future, so we aren't quite as crippled by having Angel anywhere nearby.
No. 233188 ID: 24b127

Damnit, she froze the wallets! THE WALLETS!
Steal those mooks' guns and/or drop the molotov directly onto Don's head. We can still contribute.
Act like this was totally your plan all along.
No. 233191 ID: 698a22

See, you need to remember that you are new at this and after this is over and your date finishes saving your ass you'll need to think before biting off more than you can chew in the future.
No. 233195 ID: 34ceb9

Your date got everything under control. Try organizing some wine to celebrate her victory and then just sit down and enjoy the show.
No. 233234 ID: e31d52

She froze the bottle!

Oh, hey, weapon. Beat the shit out of the Don until he surrenders.
No. 233261 ID: 445c48

Brain the Mook with the bottle, and take his Tommy, then teleport a little away from Don pointing it at him threateningly.
No. 233292 ID: 5a2e05

Polish off the mooks while they're distracted. The Don is likely to take his leave in defeat when his goons are down.
No. 233313 ID: bfa68f


I like that line. Shrug ruefully and smile while you say it, like the classy villain who respects people with power.

Then teleport and brain the mook with the bottle, then grab his gun and calmly dispatch the other (non-lethally, preferably). Angel will probably go for the Don, so while she does so, gently unfreeze your bottle and pour a glass for her.
No. 234590 ID: 6a9fdc


Gonna second the rueful shrugging while delivering this line.
No. 235236 ID: 19dce0
File 128570032031.png - (107.15KB , 700x500 , 77.png )

"She, however? Can." I say, shrugging ruefully.
No. 235237 ID: 19dce0
File 128570036988.png - (161.14KB , 700x500 , 78.png )

A mook turns his gun to me, and my smile turns malicious as I teleport out of the way, and behind him. I bean him over the head with my molotov, and it shatters as he goes down. I consider taking his gun, but decide against it. Guns just aren't my style.

I dispatch the last mook with a teleport -> fire punch combo, not shown. These mooks go down really easily, as one would hope.
No. 235238 ID: 19dce0
File 128570039112.png - (221.70KB , 700x500 , 79.png )

Angel Frost and the Don start duking it out, so I take this chance to walk back to our table, and pour us some more wine. I hear the sweet sounds of battle as they begin to square off. She sounds like she is doing fine.

No. 235239 ID: 19dce0
File 12857004121.png - (241.87KB , 700x500 , 80.png )

Moments after the shout, the front of the store is torn off, and I suddenly don't hear Debbie.
No. 235240 ID: 19dce0
File 12857004327.png - (147.69KB , 700x500 , 81.png )

I turn back to find... A giant ape in a pinstripe suit. Of course. Every mobster should have one of these lying around. And it's got Angel. Am I going to run into monkeys in every other fight I get into or what? This is ridiculous.
No. 235241 ID: c71597

Hmm, I wonder just how afraid that ape is of fire and firey hurt. Well, nothing ventured nothing gained. Teleport up to the snout of it and give it a solid eye punch with your fire aura activated. Make damn sure you're out of the way for the inevitable hands coming up to slap away the hurt from the eyes and face.
No. 235242 ID: dad664

"If he goes running up a skyscraper I swear to GOD I will get the MPAA on your ass so fast for copyright violations it will make your head spin."
No. 235246 ID: 5f0943

Teleport on it's face and punch it in the eye, then quickly teleport away from it's face in case it slaps itself in pain.
No. 235247 ID: 701a19

Teleport against the ape's back and light its suit on fire.
The suit is natural fiber. It will burn well.
The ape's body hair is also natural fiber. It will also burn well.
The ape cannot reach its back too well.
Once the giant ape is on fire it'll start flailing. The line for this is "Nice monkey suit. Is that the the latest hot trend?"
Once it starts flailing you're going to want to get behind the Don and put him in a burning headlock.
Don's left side is frozen down past his ribs. This cripples his flexibility and thus leverage.
His inability to get leverage means he won't be able to use his enhanced strength to escape, and his one free arm isn't enough for him to pry you loose. At least, not before you spend 15 seconds on his carotid artery.
The line for this is "Looks like your friends decided to nap before dinner. How about you join them?"
No. 235254 ID: 19dce0
File 128570264492.png - (198.68KB , 700x500 , 82.png )

I decide to punch him in the snout to establish dominance. He doesn't appreciate the act at all! Anticipating retaliation, I begin to charge up another teleport... wait, it's not work-
No. 235255 ID: 19dce0
File 128570265565.png - (138.46KB , 700x500 , 83.png )


Limitation discovered! Blacwick can not teleport consecutively - he must take a short break between teleports. This can be improved by spending FX.

Agh... Ow. Okay, I should've tried flying away from that one... Luckily, my shield protected me from death, but I think I cracked a couple ribs... Good god cracked ribs hurt.
No. 235257 ID: 701a19

You deserved that for being an idiot.
Now teleport behind him already and light him on fire!
No. 235259 ID: a594b9

Well, we can teleport out of his hand NOW. Do so. I agree we should set the giant monkey on fire. Hey, we still have that second molotov, too! Use that to aid the burnination.
No. 235262 ID: c71597

See that's why you should have gone for the eyes. Ok, get the teleportation up and then teleport behind this giant ape, toss the molotov onto his back.

Then it's time to finish up the baron. Say, how fast can you fly? Because some decent speed from the flying and the fire shield's resistance in combination with each other should make it able to deliver a truly punishing punch.
No. 235266 ID: 644ca1

Teleport on top of his hat, if he is stupid then he might hit himself in the head trying to get you. If not then at least we can show off while figuring out how to beat this ape.
No. 235267 ID: dad664

Discover your secret technique: Lava Bites.

Bite dat mofo.
No. 235272 ID: 40cb26

Maximum fire aura, make yourself too hot to handle.
No. 235302 ID: f4963f

She seems to be doing her touch-freezy thing. Let's buy her a little time, Blackwick. Find some way keep his attention on you - preferrably one that doesn't involve cracked ribs.
No. 235305 ID: 476456

this fight is bananas
No. 235307 ID: 754124

She's doing her freezy thing, and Mongo's nose is on fire. We basically just need to buy time until he freezes and/or burns to death. If the ability to teleport reappears, that would be a nice way to get out from under this hand.
We don't have a blade, which eliminates my otherwise good backup suggestion of cutting through the hand. I guess that leaves us to try burning through the hand to get up.

Of greater concern is the fact that this date isn't very romantic. We take her to a nice dinner, and then we start a fight. Turns out we can't really handle the fight, so we let her deal with it while grabbing a drink of wine. We'll have to try hard to pull this off, unless she's totally crazy and is actually attracted to our behavior. Alternatively, fuck it, we're fighting a giant monkey and the fairy need not be our romance subplot, or if it is, these issues can foreshadow future relationship trouble or whatever.
No. 235315 ID: 56dc25

Okay, this is ridiculous. FX to teleport, smash your second molotov devastatingly up into the ape's crotch, teleport again, grab Angel, and teleport with her to the other side of the room in a wild display of an FX's ability-boosting powers. Hopefully she'll be able to take it from there.
No. 235325 ID: 40cb26

Just want to add to this, if it doesn't let go we should try to teleport out again, and either way once we're free we'll light the other molotov and throw it down its throat. That will ruin its day, guaranteed.
No. 235326 ID: 58d7e7
File 128571520469.png - (168.05KB , 700x500 , 84.png )

Mongo lets out a cry and releases Angel Frost. She must've been too hot for him to handle. I take this moment to escape his grip, and ignite his suit coat.
No. 235327 ID: 58d7e7
File 128571525184.png - (162.28KB , 700x500 , 85.png )

He flails wildly and ineffectually, unable to land a blow upon us as we hover outside of his reach. I think the pain from the fire and the ice have made it impossible for him to concentrate. This won't be long.
No. 235329 ID: 58d7e7
File 128571529530.png - (169.16KB , 700x500 , 86.png )

As expected, he flees almost right away. Hah! Things are going my way for once! Although, ow, my ribs.

The Don calls after him. "Mongo! No, stop! Get back here!"

As Angel flies over to me, I turn to her. "Hah. We certainly showed them, didn't we?"
No. 235331 ID: 58d7e7
File 128571534697.png - (99.76KB , 700x500 , 87.png )

"Baron, we need to stop it." She replies.

"We do?"

"If we don't, it'll wreck the city."

Dammit, I'm not a hero, I shouldn't have to worry about this! But she has a point... It's already run into the building across the street, and cracked the walls. She can probably stop it on her own, right? My ribs hurt.
No. 235332 ID: 0ea1f0

ask if she has any ideas for that. we kinda don't have any "make not move" powers
No. 235334 ID: 4c7b39

Wait. That one guy said something about getting paid less for being a hero.

Quick! Demand something selfish for it!
No. 235336 ID: e38c07

Don't be such a baby. It's just a couple broken bones. The sooner you wrap this up the sooner you can reap the fruits of your labors. Just keep the collateral damage down, will ya?

Let's focus on immobilizing him first. Take out those legs, hamstring him a bit.
No. 235337 ID: 754124

We could just trip the fucker and pummel his head until he doesn't get up. The fire department can handle the rest.

We could also tip over something big onto his head. Like a building.

Or we could lure him up a building, and then make him fall of somehow, maybe. It's possible that the heat from the fire would weaken a building's supports to the extent that it collapses, like with the WTC.
No. 235338 ID: 69bee4

how about something like "You secure Mongo, ill make sure the Don dosen't have time to get any more tricks up his sleve, try freezing his legs"

When she runs off to deal with that, act the villain and basically rob the don of his lunch money while he has no more backup.
No. 235340 ID: 644ca1

Say that you have already beaten the Don and ask what's in it for us. We are a villain after all, saving the city is a hero's job.
No. 235342 ID: 1ef7bb

Give another one of those shrugs. They're stylish and cement you as being cool under fire.
Tell her that you're a villain (lest she forget), so you're not exactly practiced in saving people... but it would be a shame if the city were destroyed before you had a chance to conquer it. And since she's so cute, we'll lend her any aid we can. But. Uh. She might want to be the one to make the plan, here, because we have no clue.

I mean, it's not like saving people is our JOB or anything. We have no idea how to go about this. Nor should we. But we'll still help her, because she's hot and we're cool.
No. 235343 ID: 620bfb

We need to stop it for one simple reason: We're the villain. Villains don't let other villains muscle in on their turf. If that thing destroys the city, then we don't have anywhere to be a villain!
No. 235349 ID: 4531bc

Giant ape can do what it likes. Right now, you need some cash and the don needs some pounding.
No. 235350 ID: 701a19

"You've did more of the work than I. Once again I must concede that you are my better.
But before we go..."
Burn an FX to teleport behind Don, "Biting off more than you can chew"
grab him under the arms, "Is no reason to skip out on the check"
and fly him up to Angel "That'll leave them thinking icily of you"
so she can use the FX-boost to rapid-freeze him. Steal his wallet and flash it in his face "And don't forget to tip your servers."
Steal his FX too, if that's at all possible.

FX wears off "Ok, now we can stop the ape."


Hmm... How about we tell her to chase the ape while we make a really quick stop at the mayor's office to cash in THIS encounter and put the reward into FX, then put some of that FX into giving our aura both a regeneration effect and the ability to extend out and cover one other person who we are touching.
That would let Blacwick heal himself passively as well as providing support that will likely be very useful in the immediate future.

Then he goes to meet up with Angel so it counts as a second encounter. Unless the rules forbid that, in which case we call in the reward for the encounter so far as an advance on the reward for the entire encounter.
Mostly, we just need to fix those ribs and get some FX.
No. 235352 ID: a594b9

If the city's wrecked, there'll be less chances for our style of villainy. Let's help her out vs the ape. As for the Don, remember that generally villains get away to do more villainy later. Let's not be a dick to other villains.
No. 235360 ID: 40cb26

"What, and be a hero? Nah. You can probably handle it yourself anyway... but ya know, he is breaking MY town." Here you softly mutter "like he broke my ribs" "Tell you what, I'll distract him so you can finish him off if I get a second date out of it. Deal?"
No. 235370 ID: 95aed6


"You go on ahead... I'll be right there"

Charge teleport for 10 seconds
Teleport over the group.

"You made one mistake tonight Don"
"and that was making me angry"

Dramatically drop Molotovs on them
Blackwick Holocoust

Teleport away(preferably to a building overlooking the burning area)

This way you do the 'save the city' bit and make it seem like it was for your own reasons.

That or demand that Angel give you a kiss for helping.or both
No. 235371 ID: 476456

Hey you want to take over the city not wreck it.
No. 235380 ID: 19dce0
File 128572044210.png - (97.04KB , 700x500 , 88.png )

"I hate to say it, Angel, but I'm not too hot at this "saving people" thing. I don't really have any way to immobilize him, and I can't put out fires just yet. As a villain, I'd only fan the flames, and things look heated enough already. You cool off Mongo, and I'll do something I can do. I'll deal with the Don. He's not down for the count just yet, and he'll get away if we both go after Mongo. After all, we can't leave him with the cold shoulder like this. It'd be a rude."

"Ah... that's a good point. He probably has some more tricks up his sleeve, so play it cool, Baron." She replies with a nod. "I'm leaving him to you, so make sure he doesn't get away."

"You don't have to worry about that. Be careful."

"Thanks, you too."
No. 235383 ID: 19dce0
File 128572054224.png - (100.18KB , 700x500 , 89.png )

She and I head our separate ways - her to stop Mongo, and me to mug the mobster. "Hello there, frosty. How's the arm?"

"Heh. Been better. You still think you can beat me, rookie? I decked you not 5 minutes ago." He's ready for me.

"I'm still burning to go, old man." I say, smiling through the pain in my chest. Really, a punch right there again could probably take me out, with his strength. I'll need to play it careful, so I use my cloak to cover up my armor a little. He doesn't need to see how badly damaged it is.
No. 235384 ID: a594b9

Let's use teleport to dodge. Weave in with regular flying, and just teleport away when he tries to hit you. He's only got one arm out right now so you should be able to focus on it (and his legs) to keep from getting surprised.

Also use the environment. If you can knock him down, drop rubble on him.
No. 235386 ID: 95aed6

Use teleport and fly to dodge. When he starts to get annoyed, wait for the punch and drop a molotov and tele up.
No. 235390 ID: f4963f

Saay, we have one FX left, right?

Let's let him attack first, then FX a reversal.
No. 235393 ID: 27a471

Teleport behind him, grip him tight around the waist with your arms and set him on fire.
No. 235394 ID: 701a19

Move backwards out of the hole "No need to add insult to injury. Lets take this outside, shall we?"

Once he follows you, burn an FX to teleport behind him, steal his wallet, smash the molotov on his head, light it off, and put him in a blood choke.
Since you are protected from fire this would result in him being covered in kerosene, on fire, and having blood flow to his brain cut off.
If you can hold on for five, maybe ten seconds then he'll be out of the fight.
No. 235395 ID: 56dc25

Agreed. Instead of using our teleportation offensively this time around, save it for defense- we've already got flight to outmaneuver him with and can expect him to burn at least 1 FX on making our attacks go horribly wrong, so we'd best save an ace.

The problem is that we're not particularly fast when flying, and flight provides poor bracing for getting in really good melee attacks. We've also only got a single molotov, so we'd best make it count- I wouldn't use it unless we're burning an FX at the same time to boost our attack's effectiveness. We'll need to try and use the environment on him, hopefully outfight him with modestly skillful karate moves.
No. 235415 ID: 40cb26

Rule #1 - Do not play fair. You aren't going hand to hand unless his are tied. Grabbing things and setting them on fire before hitting him with them or throwing them is a safe method. Focus on teleporting after attacks instead of before, it's harder to land a hit but you won't take one.

You'll also do well with feints and trickery, if you raise a stick and teleport out of sight he'll expect you to appear in behind him. But you are above him, and then you drop behind him after he turns to face where you aren't and clock him.
No. 235530 ID: 754124

Okay, so weave in flying, when he attacks us, teleport behind him, Molotov, and choke. We want to spend an FX making this work. The wallet grabbing can wait until he's unconscious.
No. 235542 ID: c71597

Ok, get some distance up, reach max flight speed and fly straight at him like you're going to hit him head on like a moron. Moments before you get into range to get hit, teleport behind him. Hit him at full speed with full force from behind. Open up the distance again and keep at it until he falls down. Vary the direction you teleport in at a bit so he won't be able to predict it.
No. 235620 ID: 60477c

you're a villain. why are you fighting other villains?
save yourself some effort and stay in character. cut a deal, let him leave; he obviously isn't going to get a meal anymore, and your original reason for fighting him; looking good in front of a girl is also no longer valid; she's gone.
No. 235626 ID: b1ce4e

agree, he gives us his all his money and he can leave.
No. 237183 ID: 3d74a8

Don't attack him at all.

Just smile smugly while circling around him and dodging anything he throws at you.

Don't respond to anything he says, either. Just circle him.
No. 237509 ID: 701a19

Ask him what the bounty is on his head.
If we would get more for turning him in than he can offer in bribes, then we turn him in.
Money is a perfectly good villain motivation.
No. 237515 ID: a594b9

Teleport doesn't work that way. It conserves momentum and direction.
No. 237527 ID: c71597

Gonna have to hit him from the front then. Teleport inside of his reach and smash him hard before he has time to react. Then give him a hit or two more while letting the teleport recharge and get out of range again. Repeat and switch out the areas we pop up in and hit so he can't guess at any pattern and keep at it until he's down. Then we tell him that he's working for us now and let him get away, when the snowy lass comes back we just say that he escaped with a smokebomb or something.
No. 237595 ID: 0b7814

I'm in favor of teleporting on his back + burning his suit/attacking.
No. 237639 ID: 1fcf1e

Hey you guys, NUT PUNCH
No. 237649 ID: 19dce0
File 128608830129.png - (99.26KB , 700x500 , 90.png )

I float towards him, ready for his counter attack. My hand is alight with fire - he'll need to try something, or I'll just light him up like Christmas. I'll force his hand.
No. 237650 ID: 19dce0
File 128608832829.png - (215.93KB , 700x500 , 91.png )

He takes the bait!
No. 237651 ID: 19dce0
File 128608835493.png - (160.53KB , 700x500 , 92.png )

And I go in for the gah! I quickly change my attack into a block, defending against his sudden spinning attack.
No. 237652 ID: 19dce0
File 128608841864.png - (85.67KB , 700x500 , 93.png )

"Feh. You teleportin' types are all the same. Always tryin' your tricky dodges. I got your number, kid. Give up now, while you can still walk it off."

I blocked his attack, but it was just as strong as the first, and knocked me well out of range to retaliate. A couple more of those and I won't be capable of blocking anymore. But, it looks like his sleeve lit up. I might be able to wear him out, if I just keep this up... but maybe it'd be better to try something else? I still have 1 more FX, I might be able to try something flashy...
No. 237654 ID: 40cb26

You need to counter his counter, grab a table leg or whatever is around and as big as you can teleport with, light it on fire and wield it menacingly. Run in like you're going in a rage and smash him with it, then poit away right before the attack. He'll expect you to be right behind him, but you'll be a distance above him. Turn off your flight and let gravity and an FX do the work to knock him the fuck out.
No. 237655 ID: a594b9

We still have one molotov! SMASH HIM WITH IT!

No seriously use it to light him on fire. Plus FX for a serious shit-eating grin.
No. 237658 ID: 1ef7bb

Try that a couple more times. Specifically prepare to block or teleport away, hopefully lighting him up where possible. And most importantly, keep talking.
It's not even important what you say. The important thing is gauge what he's going to do. If he's just going to keep swinging at you, then go ahead and use your last FX in a final blow. But if HE tries to use an FX, if he has any left, cancel it like he did to you and then move in for the kill: >>230895

And keep talking. Be flippant. Y'know, too cool for school. He thinks you're an idiot, still wet behind the ears, so let him keep thinking that. Don't let him know you're up to something.
No. 237659 ID: 45c9f1
File 12860891661.jpg - (135.43KB , 1280x672 , sexy pose.jpg )

I like this plan
No. 237670 ID: 3d74a8

Set fire to the obvious exits of this establishment, either via molotov or via fire powers, then teleport out after you're sure there's no escape.
No. 237675 ID: 56dc25

Do not turn off our flight, ever. Our invincibility is bound up with it, and we can't gamble everything on the Don not being good enough to exploit out moment of vulnerability. To make matters worse, that's literally a trick that we have already pulled on this guy- our opening gambit was to get above him and smash downward. He won't let us get away with it.

Pretty sure we're outside now. Also, I would not bet on the Don being unable to dash through whatever flames we can create on very short notice.

I do like the idea of dragging this out a little... assuming that we can afford to. We'll see if he gets worn out. The only danger is that he'll notice the weakness of our chest wound while we're fighting, so we'll have to be extra careful to cover it up. Then we can use the below as our finisher, spending an FX on it if we haven't had to cancel out anything of his yet.

Okay, you're not having much luck with anything but your energy attacks, and he responds too quickly to your teleporting around for it to be worth much. So how about this:

Teleport directly into a grapple with him- say, behind him and grabbing his arms. Kick your flame aura up to char-broil, and then just hang on. If at any point he seems to be about to smash you, teleport out again.

As long as we can establish any kind of hold from which he cannot strike at us directly, I don't see how he could avoid getting completely lit up by that one. Hopefully he doesn't have the invincibility to shrug off burns that severe.
No. 237742 ID: 19dce0
File 128610807249.png - (123.66KB , 700x500 , 94.png )

"Hahahaaa... Give up? Don, with every attack you make, you're showing your age. Before you know it, you'll fold under the heat. You're burning up worse than your momma's cooking."

"You've got some guts, kid, badmouthing my mother like that."

"Hah, I'll say anything I want. You can't exactly stop me."

"I'm gonna' splatter your face over the floor, you arrogant brat."

"Go ahead! Come on crispy, take your best shot! Actually, you know what? Scratch that." I turn on my heel, teleport fully charged.
No. 237743 ID: 19dce0
File 128610809542.png - (281.04KB , 700x500 , 95.png )

"I think I want another turn."
No. 237744 ID: 19dce0
File 128610812112.png - (405.71KB , 700x500 , 96.png )

Before he can react, I wrap my arms around his head, and hold him tightly. I'd really like to see him dodge this. I expand the heat and size of my aura, and burn my final FX to incinerate the Don where he stands.
No. 237745 ID: 19dce0
File 128610814315.png - (61.29KB , 700x500 , 97.png )

After a long moment, he grabs my arm, and throws me across the room. I crash into a table, and ow my ribs are killing me. However, it looks like the Don isn't faring too well anymore. I don't think this'll last too much longer.
No. 237746 ID: 19dce0
File 128610815825.png - (95.26KB , 700x500 , 98.png )

By the time I get up, he's torn off his coat and hat, but I can see his burns clearly from here. Don Dice's breathing is heavy, labored, but he's still standing. Mother of god how tough can one guy even be. Even worse, I think I thawed out his arm. I hope he's almost out of staying power, because I'm on my last legs here.

We stare at each other a moment, breathing heavily, neither of us ready to make the next move. I don't think he's going to let me do that again.
No. 237747 ID: e31d52

>Having taken a couple years of karate back in school

What kind? Can you use it against him? Fuck, with punches as potent as his, a nice judo toss would be really disarming.
No. 237749 ID: 8fb334

Don't you have one last molotov cocktail? Use it. it should be enough to finish him off.
No. 237750 ID: c71597

God fucking damn it. He must have spent a shitload of points on being a hardy fucking bastard. Bring out your molotov and ask him if he still wants to go. Because you still have a few more tricks up your sleeve.

Hopefully he will agree to a draw, because even with the molotov this bastard might be able to keep going. Lets just hope he doesn't have any sort of fast regeneration.
No. 237753 ID: e31d52

Scratch that, grab the leg of the table you just broke, set it on fire, and go on beating him down, staying out of range.
No. 237756 ID: 476456

Fall to one knee and look to the ground, act like you pushed yourself too far, then uppercut him when he tries to exploit the vulnerability.
No. 237761 ID: a7a85a

Float toward him, flare up like you're going to teleport, then fire punch him straight in the face when you don't. He'll be wide opened from blocking the wrong direction.
No. 237771 ID: f4963f

Keep up a face. Make him think we're the game at least as much as he is. For all we know, he might be doing the same to us.

If he attacks, counter. You know the drill.
No. 237783 ID: 56dc25

You can expect him to burn an FX when coming after you next. He's not going to let you get away with that one. Don't try anything clever; if he's coming at you with blood in his eyes, just teleport up and away, well out of range.

Agreed on getting a weapon and using our Molotov. No point in holding back tricks at this point- perhaps if he starts charging, you could hit him with the Molotov as he comes forward before teleporting away?

Also, at this point I would compliment him, rather than merely keeping up the barrage of insults. That is some serious endurance, and the Baron Obsidian can give credit where it's due. Even to opponents.
No. 237790 ID: 40cb26

How long do the cops take around here? Because getting him caught and not ourselves is the end game here. Delay and drag it out until then. Talk some smack, with a burning table leg in on hand and the molotov in your left.

You could also nail him with the molotov, without lighting it first. It won't hurt him besides maybe from breaking the bottle on him, but he'll be super flammable and even the threat of fire might be enough at that point. If the police arrive that might be a good method to force him to surrender.

And no matter what method you use, remember this guy has barely moved since you engaged him. His ability to run and dodge is probably slim to none so keep your distance and you won't lose.
No. 241161 ID: 19dce0
File 128669746051.png - (96.21KB , 700x500 , 99.png )

I pull out my molotov. Hopefully I can threaten him down. "Stand back! I'll burn down this entire building, with you in it!"

The don lets down his stance... and sighs heavily.
No. 241162 ID: 19dce0
File 128669752374.png - (87.86KB , 700x500 , 100.png )

"Alright, that's quite enough of this. C'mon, kid, let's have dinner. I'll buy. I can't catch you, you can't hurt me. This just ain't the worth the hassle." Don Dice says, as he walks off, gesturing me to join him.

I consider the option of a surprise attack, but it seems like an honest offer. Then again, he is a mobster.
No. 241165 ID: c59f60

take it, you aren't a hero. if she comes back and sees you then just say you were stalling.
No. 241167 ID: 45c9f1
File 128669799630.gif - (1.58MB , 435x185 , dolphin deal with it.gif )

Yeah and mobsters don't attack once they call a truce. Unless there's a damn good reason to kill you. And I don't think you're worth killing kid, sorry I gotta say it.
No. 241168 ID: 6547ec

The pragmatic side of me says to just take it; he's absolutely correct.
The part of me that kicks logic to the curb, etcetera, declares that you're supposed to beat him within an inch of his life, at which point he'll escape.

Seeing as how you're not a hero, and probably not even getting paid for this, you might as well just go with the former. Sounds like a good chance to get some useful information at being a villain from someone who'd know.
No. 241170 ID: 476456

"oh, word."
No. 241171 ID: 40cb26

Well this did all start off with him having no class. Don't turn down an offer that is polite and reasonable.

Of course, you did come here on a dinner date, you really shouldn't eat dinner without her. Get a side of something and a drink. That'll give you more opportunity to chat.
No. 241172 ID: 701a19

Sure, why not?
Angel Frost wanted us to keep him from getting away, and eating dinner accomplishes that goal.
If she gets (justifiably) upset over this then you can honestly tell her that he's more than a match for you and that this was the best you could do.
No. 241173 ID: 1ef7bb

He's got a point. He's way too tough for us, but we're way too quick for him. Might as well get a meal out of it. So keep an eye out for any tricks, but go ahead and join him. There is such a thing as chivalry.
If Angel comes back, you can just say... you know what? You don't have to explain yourself. You're a villain. The Don offered to stop fighting and buy you dinner and that's all there is to it. It's not like you're obligated to fight him. You just said you'd keep him from running away.

In other news, we can take this opportunity to compare notes with another villain!
No. 241179 ID: d3dfb8

This man has a point, and if she's really upset we can always explain that we can't hurt him, and she never specified how we should keep him here. He simply made an offer we could not refuse.
No. 241189 ID: ee8055

"Sure, why not. No sense in keeping up a stalemate of a fight. You've got some pretty good blows, old man. Might have to take a page or two from your book."

A compliment shows respect. If we play our cards right, we might be able to swing someone we can call on for advice or something out of this. Like... a mentor or something.
No. 241203 ID: 370f77

Counteroffer: we'll pay for dinner, but he has to make it look good when Angel shows up again. Not standing victorious over his fallen body or anything, just a "You haven't seen the last of me, Baron Obsidian!" as he disappears into the distance.
No. 241204 ID: 051d40

Offer him to eat another time, seeing how you will probably be disturbed by the police or another pesky hero. Also the place as well as Dons jacket don't look that comfortable anymore after your fight and you're still waiting for your not-yet girlfriend.

Then if he leaves you can tell Angel Frost you defeated him with ease although he managed to get away and still have the chance to talk with the Don later on.
No. 241205 ID: 19dce0
File 128670716396.png - (224.83KB , 830x500 , 101.png )

After a moment, I decide it is safe to take him up on it. It's not like I'm some archnemesis of his that he must have dead. I'm willing to end this if he is. I follow after him with a shrug. "Sure, why not. You've got some pretty good moves, old man. A real strong punch."

We sit down, and chat a bit. He explains minions to me, about how they are basically expendable dolls. They regenerate as you lose them. Their entire purpose is to provide the heroes with cannon fodder, and they do it well. I should probably pick up some minions at some point, myself. All in all, it goes pretty well. He even gave me his business card.

Mission Accomplished
>Don Dice's CARD has been acquired! You can call on him to assist you in any heists you may wish to pull, and he can call on you as well. Keep in mind that both of you have the option to turn down such a call.
>Paycheck: 1300$, 7 FX
>The mayor congratulates you on sticking to your role as a villain. You served commendably! Especially the part where you lied to Angel Frost to pursue your own ulterior motives.
No. 241206 ID: c59f60

make sure the mayor keeps that on the down-low though. if she asks the don just managed to escape.
No. 241207 ID: 40cb26

Great! Now buy some damn regeneration, you cracked ribbed villain.
No. 241208 ID: 6547ec

So, after medical bills, what's left?
No. 241209 ID: 19dce0
File 12867091383.png - (76.55KB , 700x500 , 102.png )

Status Menu
>7 FX
>Inventory refueled: 2 Molotov Cocktails and 3 Smoke Bombs.
>Helmet: Discarded (not cool enough)
>Heist Success Rate: 2/3
>Current Villainy Rank: B-List.
No. 241210 ID: c59f60

No. 241212 ID: 40cb26

It was a villainous draw! It isn't like you didn't try... I'm not saying beg and plead for her favor just try not to let her get too pissed off. The only thing she should have any problem with is eating dinner without her, apologize for that and swear you'll make it up to her.
No. 241221 ID: c2c011

What did the flighty broad expect? You're a villian.
No. 241222 ID: e3f578

Oh no what is the relationship status? oh god I hope this didn't piss her off too much. It'd be awesome if you could actually manage one.
No. 241223 ID: f4e4f9

>lied to Angel Frost

Lie is a very strong word.

"Dealing" with something is a very open-ended term.
No. 241229 ID: 19dce0
File 128671792398.png - (69.86KB , 700x500 , 102.png )

Fixed version. The size ratios were bothering me.
No. 241425 ID: 701a19

Don't be so smug! He called it a draw when you were hiding broken ribs, meaning you were losing - badly.

$600: 2FX.
3FX: Add regeneration to aura.
3FX: Double teleport capacity.

Remaining funds:
No. 241496 ID: 40cb26

Yeah, we're gonna need a price check on that. I fully expect either one of those could cost twice as much, depending. Could be better offers or something too. Let's just see what the mayor has to say on the matter.

Oh and let's reveal the extent of our injuries to Angel at a suitably dramatic moment.
No. 241626 ID: a594b9

No. 241702 ID: 1ef7bb
File 128675468143.png - (13.32KB , 206x156 , Blackphoenix.png )

I think we should just blow all our money on FX now and buy stuff. It's important that we still have money to, y'know, buy food, but we'll still have $200 dollars left, which should be more than enough to last until our next paycheck. And then we'll have 12 FX to buy things with.

Personally, I was going to suggest Regeneration, not linked to anything, just continuously active, so that we heal even while off duty. It's a useful power.
After that, we can buy Fire Control, and use it in combination with our flame aura to chuck small fireballs. Once we have the power to throw fire, we'll have all our 'core' powers for this theme, and anything else we add (regeneration, ability to manipulate rock) is just added stuff to help our versatility. We can easilly upgrade the amount of fire we can throw with upgrades to the aura and control powers later.

On the other hand, if we'd rather keep some FX in reserve, we can just upgrade our fire aura for more burning, which would leave us with 3 FX. Or we could buy some minions, which would leave us with 1 FX.
Or we could forget the Regeneration entirely and buy a Boss, and have 2 FX. Mongo was pretty crazy powerful. The only problem with that being... at least for awhile, we'd have a minion who is more powerful than we are. That would be interesting, I bet.

I really think we should start upgrading our offense, though, with Regeneration being the last defensive power for awhile. We did really well against the Don -- we just couldn't actually damage him what was the problem.
No. 241722 ID: 644ca1

We should start working on our long term plan and upgrade our teleportation. We COULD use all our money and get enough upgrades to visit our moon base right now, but then we wouldn't be any better at combating the heroes. So I suggest we upgrade our teleportation range 2-3 times, then we can visit the moon base after our next encounter or perhaps the encounter after that one.
No. 241724 ID: c59f60

i agree that regeneration as a new power instead of a aspect of our aura is a good idea.
No. 241730 ID: 6ab386

I would actually prefer buying come kind of flamethrowing power, so that you just could fly out of the reach of your opponents and still are able to attack them.
No. 241783 ID: 701a19

Move this to the dis, please.
No. 241816 ID: d3caa1

Unlinked regen.
Improve invulnerability.
Either flamethrower or fireballs.
...start getting minions. We can probably re-fluff them later if needed.

That's just my opinion on what to get.
Also, we should get Angel Frost a gift to make up for ruined date.
No. 242126 ID: 10f195
File 128682433210.jpg - (2.10KB , 128x128 , images.jpg )

Get her a crystal angel/fairy statuette
No. 242127 ID: 10f195

With a red gem in the 'heart' to represent you.
No. 242139 ID: e31d52

No. 242261 ID: 24d39f

See, if we were a regular ol' dumb villain, we'd steal something to try and give her.

Like That.

Clearly, we know better. We should totally stage another OP like the music festival to get paid more, so we have the cash to go buy a shiny thing.
No. 242503 ID: 644ca1

No nothing like the music festival, although it was a good idea that worked out pretty damn well, it was a newbie gig. We should go rob some place, some place that will let us earn more than just the encounter pay check.
No. 242505 ID: 701a19

IT IS RIGHT HERE -> http://quest.lv/kusaba/questdis/res/331895.html

No. 242827 ID: 754124

Yo so okay
We should buy regeneration. I like the idea of adding it to the aura for three FX, so that we have to turn the aura on to heal because thematically then we meditate with the fire on while out of combat to get ourselves fit again.

We should also upgrade teleport distance, allowing us to check out that villain shop in the ocean, and to eventually get to the moon base. Two upgrades, maybe.

I support this. We should steal a valuable red gem, and then melt a mass of glass around it. Stealing the gem is my suggestion for our next endeavor.
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