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File 127954352382.png - (36.25KB , 512x512 , splash4.png )
210119 No. 210119 ID: 99ffa5

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No. 210120 ID: 99ffa5
File UPDATETORY.swf - (679.24KB , 512x512 )

No. 210121 ID: 99ffa5
File 127954358593.png - (10.69KB , 512x511 , 210.png )

No. 210122 ID: a594b9

Hey, get up.
No. 210124 ID: c2c011

Did you just crack your head against the wall? You know you have to be careful with that brain of yours. You only get one.
No. 210134 ID: 99ffa5
File 127955085262.png - (58.39KB , 512x512 , 211.png )

I am alright.
It is just not fair! All that work! GONE! Sure, I did kill thousands, but still...
No. 210135 ID: c2c011

Aww come on don't be so down about it. You're still alive and can kill thousands more. Maybe even millions. So come on now, tell your bestest friends what it is that's making you upset this time and we can find a way to make them all pay.
No. 210160 ID: 3db564

We'll have to start thinking ahead. Can't have people waltzing in like this.

I guess we're back to square one. As soon as you install some security measures that use ultrasound, infrared, microchip tags and cybernetic geese. No one gets past geese unnoticed.
No. 210206 ID: 99ffa5
File 127958313015.png - (54.00KB , 512x512 , 212.png )

I lost large amounts of materials and equipment. Metals, parts, weapons, chemicals, wine, booze etc. I still have gold which can help me a lot.

Back to square one.. That means I will have to scout. Most of my scouting-bots were recycled to make new better models and weapons. I did not have time to finish them.

Fuck yeah mechanical gooses. I must make them.
No. 210211 ID: c4c313

You did activate the void engine before the mountain went kablooie, didn't you? Please say you did.

Don't think of all that work as gone forever. Think of it as a rough draft! Now you know how to protect against such things. Good news is square one lacks a big scary dragon about to eat you. Except Sister, but she doesn't count. Where is your tower now? What does the surrounding area look like?
No. 210213 ID: c2c011

It's fine. This was just a learning experiance. You will not make the same mistakes a second time around. This time we shall conqour all, they shall submit or be crushed under our heals!

By the way, did you get back the dragon?
No. 210215 ID: 905fcd

actually, the fact that he was knocked down, i think tory is still in the same place but was hit with the shock wave. so how did the dragon thing go? get her back?
No. 210216 ID: 99ffa5
File 127958402520.png - (41.79KB , 512x512 , 213.png )

I did use the device to get us out. I'm no fool. There was powerful chemicals in the base of the mountain.

... No, I did not hit my head. I just went bashing my head to the wall.

Oh right! I completely forgot to check surroundings!
No. 210217 ID: 99ffa5
File 12795841064.png - (27.66KB , 512x512 , 214.png )

Well, this is shitty.

Actually, there seems to be some kind of settlement miles away.
No. 210220 ID: a594b9

Let us be very cautious. We've run into evil-detecting magic before. A simple camera drone with a listening device should work for starters.

Hey, did you ever find out what happened to the dragon?
No. 210222 ID: 905fcd

no. they could react badly to the drone... make a human looking bot and remote control it.
No. 210225 ID: c2c011

No dragon that you can use for air surveilance then? Damn, that fucking sucks.

Ok, lets get things on the road then. Desert, you're not likely to find anything hugely useful on the surface here. Think you're gonna have to dig down and see what you can find.
No. 210226 ID: c4c313

Sand can be advantageous because you can easily bury things in it. Surround your tower with land mines and robotic antlions and stuff. You probably want to tunnel downward until you hit the water table and/or oil reserves, since you're going to need some kind of temperature regulation.

Also, make a camera drone, pack it in self inflating balloons, then fire it towards the settlement at high velocities. That way it will land softly, and only have to be powered for the last leg of the journey.
No. 210234 ID: 84ec40

oh man, robot ant-lions would be awesome.
No. 210400 ID: 3db564

A desert? This might be good or bad. Let's take some basic precautions and scout quickly so we know what kind of horrible place we've ended up in.

1) Do a simple scan for technology. Look through all radio frequencies to see if there are any abnormalities or signs of anyone using radios.

2) Check for horrible hostile wildlife. There could be sandworms or something. Send some toy robots out into the sands and see if they get attacked by anything.

3) If it seems safe, head out to the settlement with Helena and a bit of gold (break it down into very small pieces). Try to buy some maps and books on history. Act friendly and try to hire some outcast or a guide of some sort. Someone you can take back to the tower and interrogate on how this world works and what dangers might be lurking.

We need to know if it's viable to turn the tower into a giant sand battleship.
No. 210423 ID: 99ffa5
File 127963662138.png - (26.69KB , 512x512 , 215.png )

I found Ceisyoli hanging around in the capital, if you catch my drift. Well, her head was.

I don't think I need drones. From top of my tower I can easily scan the area. So, around 5 kilometres ahead there is a settlement of some sort. They cannot see me very easily I guess.
As for technology, I don't see anything that implies that there would be anything advanced. No radio-signals, no signs of industry etc.

Neither I can see any wildlife. Maybe I should just put few golems to guard outside...

Going there with Helena sounds like a good idea.
No. 210424 ID: 99ffa5
File 127963715147.png - (25.58KB , 512x512 , 216.png )

Looks like they are pretty friendly people. Getting there should not be a big problem. What kind of clothing/equipment should we take with us?
No. 210427 ID: c2c011

Friendly desert people? Well I guess there has to be a first for everything. You should probably dress up in normal desert garb. You know big flowing robes in light colours.

And they killed your dragon? Damn that's harsh man, you just don't do that. It's like killing someones puppy. Hope you got them good as revenge. You didn't bring the head back to Doc by any chance? Maybe he could have revived it and you could have built a robot body for the dragon.
No. 210433 ID: 3db564

Wear some electrically cooled body armour under light white hooded robes with fancy red trim. Also wear masks just in case these people would react to your looks or pale skin. You can always take the masks off if it seems appropriate. Bring some silent, but lethal weapons like submachine guns or handheld tesla coils and some smoke bombs and grenades so you can make an easy escape. I recommend you have a little wagon with some supplies so you don't look to suspicious.

Pretend that you and Helena are some crazy eccentric explorers, historians or travellers. Buy up anything that catches your eye as useful and try to learn more about this world.

Also bring some arsenic and mercury. If these people turn out to be complete assholes then you can poison their water supply...
No. 210486 ID: 8846ea

well last time we went to the library first it bit us in the ass. let's try the market.
No. 210489 ID: 732129

You should both wear sumo-style loincloths and Dutch clogs. Wooden clogs.
No. 210490 ID: 99ffa5
File 127966759111.png - (55.83KB , 512x512 , 217.png )

Ugh. I hate deserts.
Anyway, we managed to make ourselves smashing outfits. I am truly becoming the master of disguises. We even painted our skin to look darker.
Helena disguises as male. Just to make things easier for us.

We both are armed with weapons, and I have pretty nasty surprise for them if they mess with us.

So, where to head first? A bar? Library? Or something else?
No. 210491 ID: c2c011

Start with the marketplace. Then wander around a bit and see how things look.

That should give you some indications on how life is and what you might be able to find there. Then I guess you should check the library if there is one. Place might be too small or too primitive for a library.
No. 210525 ID: 7f3ffd

A bar seems right for "weary" travelers such as yourself.
No. 210549 ID: c4c313

Remember the less you blow up now, the less they'll suspect when you blow it all up later. Also the less they'll search for you.
No. 210555 ID: a594b9

No. 210590 ID: a7a85a

Hey, check out that weird little shop with the monkey's paw. Was that there second ago? Whoops! My bad! It's gone again.

Go to their tourist trap! Strange and unusual stuff. You know you love it.
No. 210650 ID: 99ffa5
File 12797218413.png - (37.93KB , 512x512 , 218.png )

It seems that this village is mostly built from mudbricks and such. I guess this place is near or on an oasis.
Ah, this seems to be some kind of alcohol-serving settlement.
No. 210651 ID: 99ffa5
File 127972190333.png - (41.83KB , 512x512 , 219.png )

Yup, it is.
This place is clusterfuck of different races. I hope they have some good alcohol.

Well, what next?
No. 210654 ID: a594b9

Get a drink and ask the barman about the general area. Say you're new in town, etc.
No. 210660 ID: c2c011

Order a drink and sit around and listen to what they're talking about. You can get quite a decent amount of information just by listening in on other peoples conversation. Keep and ear out for stuff that several people mention, that's what's likely to be interesting information.
No. 210706 ID: 99ffa5
File LetsGetDrunkan.swf - (20.61KB , 550x400 )

The bartender is some kind of cat-creature.
>"Oh hello! What will you have?"
"I'll have a beer, thank you."

This place is nice.
"Hey, I'm kinda new in this town. Could you help me out a little?"
>"Then how may I help you?"
No. 210713 ID: c2c011

Ask for general information. Like what there is to do, who to watch out for and stuff like that.
No. 210717 ID: b0d75e

as for a drink, ask for the strongest thing they got.
No. 210763 ID: e80a79

Ask him if there are any dangerous factions that you need to keep an eye out for. Also try to find out what people think of magic and if there actually is any magic in this world.

Really I think you should let Helena take the lead. You're not very good at these subtle approaches so if she does most of the talking then you can direct the conversation to topics like local military powers, available resources and world history.
No. 211030 ID: 99ffa5
File 127980081183.png - (101.50KB , 800x600 , 220.png )

"It there anyone I should avoid?"
>"Slavers and other suspicious fella."
"And how about...?"

This beer is good. Helena and I talk to the bartender.
It seems that magic is quite strong in this world. It seems that there are some guards here, probably to protect from monsters or such. There are mines about day's travel to the north ( by foot I guess. )

>"So, how are you going to pay those beers?"
No. 211031 ID: c2c011

You did bring along some precious metals didn't you? Please say that you did.

Anyway, you should probably scout out those mines. They could have some decent oppurtunities for you. And see if you can't drill down to some underground lakes.

But mine scouting first. If they're run using slave labor then a slaverebellion could give you loyal minions as well as materials to work with.
No. 211038 ID: 2d2282

You brought gold, right? Offer him a sliver of gold, see if he'll accept that. Try not to let on that you have lots of valuable materials on you. Act confident and reassure this bartender that you're capable of paying.

If for some reason gold is undervalued here (it could be really common) then offer him Helena's high-tech boots or one of your belts as long as he gives you some change so you can buy replacements in the market.

You don't want to have the same issue as in the last world where people caught on to you early because you bombed a library.
No. 211079 ID: 99ffa5
File 127983473585.png - (42.25KB , 512x512 , 221.png )

I feel tipsy.
Yup. People here like gold. Whatever seems very surprised, but quickly hides gold in whatever's pocket.

"So, what are they mining there? Gold? Iron? Uranium?"
>"I don't know. You could go ask people coming from there or go there yourself."
No. 211080 ID: a594b9

I think you just overpaid him. A lot. Gold in this world must be very rare. Perhaps we can use this to our advantage.

On the other hand, someone might've seen the fact that you have gold, and will try to mug as you leave town.

Let's ask people coming from there.
No. 211083 ID: c2c011

You probably shouldn't drink anymore then. Ask him if there's anyone in town right now that came from the mine. If he asks why you're wondering then tell him that you're looking for investment oppurtunities.

If there is anyone in town from the mines then go talk to them. If there's not then buy some stuff in the market and then head back to the tower and send out some drones to scout out the place.
No. 211110 ID: 732129

Tell him that the payment was intended to cover your tab for several visits and ask him to let you know when it you've hit that limit.
No. 211234 ID: 99ffa5
File 127990027441.png - (47.54KB , 512x512 , 222.png )

These catpeople sure are ugly.
"So, I think I have paid you enough for me to cover my tab for next visits?"
>"Very well."
"So, dho you know anyone who knowsh about the mines?"
>"I am afraid that I do not. You could travel along with next caravan. But if I recall correctly, they rather not take anyone but catfolk with them."
"Ahh thanks. We are leaving. Good-bye."

So what now?
No. 211244 ID: c4c313


...if you think he's ugly, wait until you meet the Persians. Depending on how tipsy you are, either compliment him for his ugliness or attempt to hug him.

Time to get digging! The sooner we hit bedrock the sooner you can get away from all that sand.

Too bad we can't move your tower to the mine. Oh no, but your tower just materialized on a bunch of sand, didn't it? It's got no foundation to stand on besides shifting sand!
No. 211292 ID: c71597

Buy some knickknacks and water rations to last for a decent amount of travel to throw people off your tracks. Then get back to your tower and send out some aerial recon drones to scout out the mine and see how things are run there.

While that's going on you should probably build a solid foundation for your tower. Oh, do you by any chance have any camel genes stored in your tower?
No. 211308 ID: 99ffa5
File 127992277729.png - (32.80KB , 512x512 , 223.png )

"Don't worry, you are u-"
Oops, almost let that out.

Anyway, we exit the bar. I guess I cannot just send them to the mines. Flying recon-drones have very limited fuel, not to mention I have only two of them. One is broken and I should fix it.

I don't think my Tower is standing on shifting sand. Sister told me that ancient pathways were built on solid materials. I guess there is something solid beneath my tower.

I wonder if there are sandstorms around here...
No. 211309 ID: f409d8

there are always sandstorms. i think a crawling drone would be best, with corkscrew tube propulsion.
No. 211720 ID: c71597

Build a little remotecontrolled car with a camera on it or something then. Make sure the battery power lasts long enough to get to the mines.
No. 211763 ID: 99ffa5
File 127998293119.png - (56.93KB , 512x512 , 224.png )

I could use solar panels I guess, but my current models suck. Also, there are some problems in using scout-bots too. It is good for giving overall view of place, but getting specific information will be harder.

We could try! It won't hurt much I guess.
No. 211846 ID: c4c313

Why not build a vehicle? Take yourself to the mine, and then you don't have to walk. If you take over the mine you can get equipments and raw minerals with which to work. It would be hard to defend though as your tower is out in the middle of fucking nowhere.
No. 211847 ID: c71597

Well you need to see something about the layout and stuff there before you can fashion a catfolk costume and head out yourself. Which is what you should put next on the near future agenda.
No. 211884 ID: 99ffa5
File 128000890035.png - (42.59KB , 512x512 , 225.png )

[ One day later ]

I cannot remember what I did last night. I and Helena got pretty drunk I guess. I woke up in the shower-room without any clothes. Helena is suffering from hang-over. I hope we did not do anything embarrassing.

Anyway, this should do it. It should be able to transmit some information under 18 hours. Well, if everything goes well.

I don't have vehicle fit to cross a desert. I could build one, but it would be a hellish trip. Not to mention if something goes wrong, I will befucked.
No. 211885 ID: c71597

You should have cameras that could see what you did. Somehow I suspect it involved you wanting to put Tesla Coils in her boobs though.

Anyway, lets send out little drone on its merry way and see what information we can get from it.

Oh, and go ask Doc for a suit or serum that would let you pass off as one of the catfolk. That should be a useful thing to have around. Also ask him if he has any camel DNA lying around. If there aren't any around naturally you could make great advances by having camels.
No. 212193 ID: 99ffa5
File 128007146486.png - (39.78KB , 512x512 , 226.png )

Yeah, but I guess we were most of our time in the village.

Cloning a camel sounds good. And fuck no I am not fursuiting. I would boil to death.
And no, I like my Doc just fixing me from time to time, not make into some kind of cat.
No. 212200 ID: 99ffa5
File 128007258012.png - (44.86KB , 512x512 , 227.png )

A n y w a y. Since the Ingenious Awesomely Stealthy Sand-crawling Spy-Bot Desert-Edition is not slowly crawling towards the mines, I need to find out to way to either A: somehow trick catfolk or B: travel there by myself.

I also laid some mines to the sand. They should not activate if I or any of my allies are close.
No. 212242 ID: c71597

Hmm, only one or possibly two ways to do it then. First way, see if any of your goons is actually a furry and would like to be turned into a catfolk, get Doc to do the procedure, then send them to the mine.

Second way, nab someone in a caravan on the way to the mine during the night. Implant them with some spy cameras and then get them back into the camp before the rest of them wake up and discover that someone is missing.
No. 212461 ID: 229c06

- How do the natives travel? Seen any animals or vehicles yet? Flying carpets?
- Did you see any human like races? Are they going to peg you as the alien you are? That would force you to work from the shadows.

Your best bet might be to do a bit of empire-building. Find some catperson down on his or her luck and hire that cat to be your front. Ask if they have any stories or legends that talk about any mysterious genie-like traders. If there are then go "Ah that sounds like one of my colleagues! Sounds like you've got a few things wrong with time. I'm just a trading sorcerer of sorts."

While the catperson sleeps get doc to secretly implant a tracker/bug/explosive in him or her. That way you can listen in on any potential conversations or attempts at backstabbing you.
No. 212508 ID: 99ffa5
File 128015437338.png - (25.65KB , 512x512 , 228.png )

I want to see the mines myself. But if absolutely need to, I can use a cat as a spy.

And yes, I did see humans in the bar. Most of people seem to travel with camels. I haven't seen any kind of magical faggot-vehicle.
Of course, I could use holograms and such to trick them and hide in their wares/whatever they are taking with them.

Goddamnit that bot is taking so goddamn long.
No. 212519 ID: c71597

Survey the grounds for water while it's away.

Finding a good waterwell here will be worth more than oil. Although finding oil could be good as well.

And get to work on building a helicopter. That would be a useful thing to have if you need to take the goons our for some raids.
No. 212569 ID: 99ffa5
File 128018332260.png - (30.44KB , 512x512 , 229.png )

Well. There is an oasis nearby, so there might be some sort of underground river or spring nearby. Locals probably have located it already.

Fuck yeah a helicopter! I haven't flown one in ages. What kind of helicopter?
No. 212570 ID: 732129

You don't need anything fancy, a Little Bird variant should do. Arm it with MG or rocket pods and call it a day.
No. 212571 ID: c71597

Something like a Mil Mi-24 should work well. It's got decent carrying capacity and can deal out some serious hurt when there is a need to do so.

You probably stand to gain quite a bit by rereouting the water that feeds that oasis towards your tower. Should make a takeover a bit easier.
No. 212581 ID: 99ffa5
File 128018968669.png - (96.10KB , 512x512 , 230.png )

Hehehe, I think I have enough metal to build a helicopter. Fuck those furries, I'll fly to those mines. I don't have missiles, but I can PRETEND to have missiles! When I build missiles, I can stop pretending having missiles because I have missiles! Maybe I should attach laser to it too!

Rerouting water sounds cool. I don't want to really to destroy the oasis since it might be very useful later on.
No. 212586 ID: 10251e

that copter looks sweet. and just put a valve in the diverting pipe so that you can turn the oasis back on whenever you need to.
No. 212597 ID: 716eb0

that copter looks like it could walk. Make it so.
No. 212773 ID: 2a8e50

Forget lasers, you should be using green technology, like building giant mirrors on top of your tower. Put some on the helicopter, too.
No. 212774 ID: e31d52

Actually, if you elongate the arms some you can pluck people from the ground and suchlike.

So many uses.
No. 212800 ID: c71597

That should be a decent scout copter. You're gonna need bigger and heavier ones that can airlift people later on.

And the idea of rerouting the oasis is to force the caravans to come by your tower instead of that other settlement, and possibly make the residents over there move to the area around your tower. That will make a takeover of the immediate region alot simpler.
No. 212813 ID: 5cb68f

Wait, pretending to have missiles?
Do you want to add them later then, or do you want to threaten the locals with them?
I'm kinda confused here, because the latter wouldn't work if they don't know what missiles are. Awkward moment incoming and such.

And hell yeah, MechaCopter!
No. 212892 ID: 99ffa5
File 128025794738.png - (17.97KB , 512x512 , 231.png )

Helicopter with legs. Fuck yeah.

Anyway, getting oasis closer to me might take some time. Also, I am still not sure if where the water is coming from. I need a map!
No. 212908 ID: 54aab1

Send up cameras/sensors on weather balloons. Those things can reach something like 40km altitude. Then you can get your own high-resolution maps and intel on the surrounding area. With the proper radio reflection equipment and infrared imaging the balloons might even be able to locate valuable resources!
No. 212949 ID: 68584a

sounds good. later a spy satellite would be perfect. doubly so since you wont have any other sat's to compete with.
No. 213128 ID: 732129


A spy blimp would be much cheaper to launch and maintain.
No. 213176 ID: 99ffa5
File 128032458325.png - (33.32KB , 512x512 , 232.png )

Ballooooon. This should work!
No. 213177 ID: 99ffa5
File 128032460919.png - (53.95KB , 512x512 , 233.png )

Here is simplied map of the area.
No. 213190 ID: 364db8

Is that black centipede a river with irrigation?

Either way I have a possible plan. Go to the mine and see if you can buy out the mine using your gold. If they refuse then offer to assist in the mining by providing powerful tools and technology as long as you get a large share of the profits and discounts on buying the products.

You should easily be able to boost the mining by hundreds or thousands of percent by providing conveyor belts, trucks, ore refiners and continuous mining vehicles.

Once you have vast resources at your call then create a hydroelectric dam to provide you with electrical power for your automated defense systems and potential control over the downstream water resources. If the locals get snooty then show them how the electricity can be used to power air conditioning systems in the village, that might keep them happy until you manage to finish building your helicopters and sand burrowing battleship! At that point the locals can either join your forces or be destroyed utterly.
No. 213202 ID: a594b9

This sounds like a good plan.
No. 213273 ID: 99ffa5
File 128035470062.png - (49.42KB , 512x512 , 234.png )

Sounds like a good plan to me! When I get information from Ingenious Awesomely Stealthy Sand-crawling Spy-Bot Desert-Edition, I will go and buy that mine! This should be easy!
No. 213288 ID: c71597

Shit is never as easy as it seems. You should probably talk with Sister a bit and find out just how powerful magic can be in this dimension. After all, a guy with a hammer fucked up your tank earlier. Don't want shit like that to happen again, so if there is powerful magical forces to call on you might be able to get them to work for you by getting them for your minions.
No. 213297 ID: 364db8

Of course this is all assuming that the mine produces some very valuable resources. If it just produces coal then you can't do much with that other than make a big fire...

Having a talk with sister might be an idea. Be all serious about it and mention how magic always turns out to be a right spanner in the proverbial works. If she helps you out with her incredible wisdom then you might be able to get her a present of some sort. Maybe she has a better use for racist catfolk than you do.
No. 213571 ID: 99ffa5
File 128042385766.png - (77.69KB , 512x512 , 235.png )

I got the information about mines. Layout of the village, security, location etc.
I built the helicopter too! It has arms!

Well, now I am off to buy the mine! I took gold, gun and clothes that I used when I visited the village near the Tower. Should I take anything else?
No. 213574 ID: c4c313

Huh I didn't think you had it in you to build anything with a propellor on it that actually worked.

Don't forget water! Water is always essential to have immediate access to in the desert.
No. 213581 ID: 364db8

Bring a radio so you can call in assistance and some tracking devices. Put trackers on you, the helicopter and the gold. If something goes wrong then you or your allies might need to track down lost equipment so you can mete out justice.

Also you could possibly steal back the gold later if you know where they take it :3

Also bring some futuristic crazy sweets as a gift to open up negotiations. It helps to make a good first impression.
No. 213582 ID: 732129

Bring someone to watch your back.
No. 213588 ID: 99ffa5
File 128043406122.png - (20.32KB , 512x512 , 236.png )

I had water and food stored! I also took some sweets as you suggested. I also took Helena with me.

Anyway, lift-off!
She seems awfully nervous.
No. 213591 ID: 99ffa5
File 12804346086.png - (24.04KB , 512x512 , 237.png )

I guess she hasn't flown before. I mean, I could operate Megamanta alone. Anyway, we should be there in no time.
No. 213593 ID: 732129

Tell her you've done this lots of times before, and that people in your homeworld do this all the time, it's safer than riding a horse.
No. 213626 ID: c71597

Those tracks down in the sand looks kind of worrying. Check them out a bit closer.

Oh, and make some rad aerial manevours to show off your skill.
No. 213630 ID: 4531bc

No. Murphy's Law.

Do it on the way back if you have to.
No. 213664 ID: 99ffa5
File 128044311847.png - (20.65KB , 512x512 , 238.png )

Yeah, let's take a closer look. It looks like something is moving und
No. 213665 ID: 99ffa5
File 128044318540.png - (48.42KB , 512x512 , 239.png )

No. 213666 ID: c71597

Wow, that's quite an impressive speciman. I wonder how the miners and that town keep them away. And it must have some quite impressive digestive systems and quite a slow metabolism or it should run out of energy in these harsh areas.

But that's for later. For now climb like a motherfucker and unleash whatever weapons you got at it. Tell Helena to drop some hand grenades on it or something if you have any in the cockpit.
No. 213701 ID: 9bd27f


Quickly! Use mechanical arms to obtain a sample for possible cloning and/or mind control devices/drugs! You must harness the ability to control such a beast!
No. 213702 ID: a594b9

No. 213706 ID: 732129

Remain calm. Open up the throttle, keep both hands on the collective, don't mash the anti-torque pedals but do keep compensating for the sudden change in lift. You only need to gain enough altitude to keep out of the worm's reach. Remember your training. This is why we're using a Little Bird instead of a heavier aircraft; it's a nimble little machine.
No. 213898 ID: 364db8

>>Check for horrible hostile wildlife. There could be sandworms or something.

We warned you about the sandworms man! We warned you!
No. 213933 ID: f80af7

I wonder if there's spice.
No. 213967 ID: 99ffa5
File 128050466274.png - (17.43KB , 512x512 , 240.png )

Hehe. Climbing did not help that much. ARMS did!
So what now? Do I drop a bomb or what?
No. 213970 ID: b31572

hmmm.... is it a remote detonator explosive? if so then sure.
No. 213972 ID: 364db8

Did you bring tracking devices? drop one of them! Maybe we can find and tame this beast once we've bought up the mine. There's currently no point in wasting our resources blowing it up so just push off with your helicopter arms and fly onwards.
No. 213976 ID: c71597

Sure, drop some bombs into its slavering mouth and see how it likes that. Bring the corpse back to your tower for study. Maybe you can find some way to tame them, put freaking laserbeams on their heads and ride them. Imagine how fucking badass that would be.
No. 214011 ID: 99ffa5
File 128052579381.png - (82.56KB , 512x512 , 241.png )

Yes! I do have trackers! They should endure the digestion-system!

I drop tracker down the mouth and fly up. The sandworm burrows and heads elsewhere.
So, when we get to the mines, where should I land? Also, what should I exactly do first?
No. 214023 ID: c71597

Land out of sight from the mines and then walk over there and check it out.
No. 214057 ID: 8fa4ab

if any rock is nearby, land on that. don't want another worm to eat your stuff while you are out. if you can find no rock near the mine then land at a higher elevation to it.
No. 214200 ID: 99ffa5
File 128058414966.png - (36.51KB , 512x512 , 242.png )

Yeah, I suppose landing over a large should be good idea. Finding such rock that was away from the mines was a nuisance. It took us 20 minutes to find a proper rock!

Anyway, we change our clothes and head for the mines. I got sand in my boots.
Really uncomfortable.
No. 214201 ID: 99ffa5
File 128058427314.png - (37.85KB , 512x512 , 243.png )

So, here we are. It is not such clusterfuck of races as that village was. I only see humans, cats and somekind of lizard-things.

So, I guess we first have to know what they are mining... But how? I don't know if they will just tell me what they are mining.
No. 214203 ID: e31d52

No. 214289 ID: c71597

Observe and see what's going on. If there are slaves or if the miners look decently healthy.
No. 214326 ID: 99ffa5
File 128061682362.png - (46.32KB , 512x512 , 244.png )

Well, it seems that they ARE using slaves. They don't look too healthy either. From looks of it, they are not mining gold or gems. They are either mining for common metals such as iron or copper. I don't know. I got to inspect closer.
No. 214331 ID: 9bd27f

Make sure you check behind you and such. If someone thinks you're an escaping slave, or just a potential free slave, then you'd have to start shooting people... which while awesome, would distract from your current goal.

Also, make sure you don't shoot to kill. If they're dead, then it cuts down the drama of any potential rants and monologues about how inferior they are, and how they didn't know who they were dealing with, and so on.

OH! One more thing. Giant sand worms. Mining. I'm thinking a giant drill needs to be built in the future. Bonus points if it can cause earthquakes as well. :D
No. 214372 ID: a594b9

I think you've been spotted. You're not very good at this recon thing are you?

Anyway, ask who's in charge, and say you want to know more about the mine.
No. 214456 ID: c71597

Get out of there and start plotting for a slave revolt. That way you could be fighting for the forces of "Good" and be a champion of the poor oppressed slaves. It will be hilarious.

So, back to the helicopter, fly back to the tower and start plotting.
No. 214579 ID: 99ffa5
File 128067700441.png - (49.99KB , 512x512 , 245.png )

What? Someone saw us! Oh, it's one of those catpeople!
"Where are your leaders?!"
"Вы говорите по-русски?"
>"Tory, give him or her time to breathe."
"Okay, now, tell me who runs this place."
>"Oh. Mr. Chmobae is in charge of this mine. Why are you asking?"
No. 214580 ID: c71597

Knock it out and drag it back to the helicopter and then fly back to the tower. Then there is going to be some interogation, that way we can find out all sorts of useful stuff without further endangering ourselves.
No. 214655 ID: 13fc22

"no reason, go about your business" seems they aren't suspicious.
No. 214677 ID: a594b9

Say that you're interested in purchasing goods from this mine. Or buying the whole damn thing.
No. 214842 ID: 99ffa5
File 128076664712.png - (27.55KB , 512x512 , 246.png )

"Very well then. We are interested in purchasing good from this mine."
>"Then you must talk to Mr. Chmobae. He surely will help you. I believe he is in the mines inspecting work."
"Good, now go away. Go do your business."
He/she leaves, mumbling about rude humans.
No. 214854 ID: 131a1a

It's probably best not to venture into the mines on your own. See if you can find someone to give you a little tour of the mines while waiting for this Chmobae character.

If they ever seem to consider enslaving you just tell them that you are a rich man and it would be a utter waste to put you to work digging up rocks when you could be buying rocks from them instead. Stay cool and confident Tory.
No. 214870 ID: c71597

I still think you should bug out and get plotting on your takeover. We don't want a repeat of last time when they found out we were evil too soon and attacked before we were ready.

But if you're going to explore the mines then you shouldn't wander around on your own. Get a guide instead.
No. 214872 ID: a594b9

Just waltz on into the mines. If this worker said it was fine then let's go ahead and do it.
No. 215131 ID: 99ffa5
File 128083629445.png - (78.89KB , 512x512 , 247.png )

Let's go inside then! I don't think we need a tour-guide. But if we happen to find one, I won't mind.

>"Hey kid, stop right there! No entering."
>"What is someone of your age even doing here?"

No. 215134 ID: 0c46d6

Either your clothes or your build has caused them to mistake you for a child. Maybe it's common to keep children sheltered from the sun in robes? Maybe it just seems like a childish disguise.

Gently correct their misconception. You're no child, you're a traveling entrepreneur and potential client willing to purchase the products of their mine. You're trying to locate Mr. Chmobae as you've heard he is the person in charge of the mining works. Offer them a small tip in gold if they can either fetch Chmobae or get someone to guide you to him.

If they just aren't cooperative then try to find somewhere you can wait. To pass the time think of the ways you could run this mine using rock-tearing robot vehicles and inexhaustible zombie labour.
No. 215141 ID: c71597

Tell them you're there to meet Mr. Chmobae and you had been told that he was in the mine. Ask if anyone of them could guide you to him.
No. 215179 ID: 99ffa5
File 128085485027.png - (28.20KB , 512x512 , 248.png )

"Kid?! I am not a child! I am an adult!"
>"Well then beat it shortie, you are not allowed inside. Boss doesn't allow any outsiders inside the mines."
Fucking lizard is mocking my height. Really rich.

"Anyway, I am here to meet Mr. Chmobae. Could you let me in, or better yet; guide me to him."
>"Sorry, we have to keep guard and no outsiders are allowed inside the mines."
The other guard seems to be more friendly.
No. 215180 ID: a594b9

Okay, if we can't go in, how about he comes out? We do want to talk to him. We want to buy his shit!
No. 215181 ID: f835c3

bring out a handful of gold and say "i really think Mr. Chmobae would like to meet me"
No. 215200 ID: c71597

Stay out there and wait for him then. Ask them to send down a runner to him to tell him that there's a guy there to talk buisness with him.
No. 215215 ID: 99ffa5
File 128086059911.png - (47.01KB , 512x512 , 249.png )

Let's just wait.

What is taking so goddamn long?!

Seriously. Waiting is boring.

Fuck, I have been out here for an hour now.
No. 215216 ID: 99ffa5
File 128086063154.png - (21.84KB , 512x512 , 250.png )

>"Greetings stranger, you are the one who was looking for me?"
No. 215223 ID: c71597

Excellent. Tell him you got some buisness proposals for him.
No. 215239 ID: 0c46d6

Must be Chmobae. Introduce yourself as Tory the Entrepreneur. Tell him you may be very interested in acquiring the products of his mine and if it would be possible to discuss the matter over some (non-alcoholic) drinks and the sweets you've brought as a gift. Heatstroke is serious business and mother nature is but one of your enemies.

Once everyone is comfortable then there are a lot of questions you could ask:
What exactly does the mine produce? What are the going rates for the ore or refined products? How much do they currently produce per week? Who owns the mine and the rights to the land it is on? Would they be interested in selling the mine or allowing you in on the mine operation as an investor? Who else is currently purchasing goods from the mine? How is the ore refined and shipped out to their clients? Are there any other mines competing with this one or any nearby mines in general?
No. 215551 ID: 0dd3d3
File 128094541765.png - (105.35KB , 512x512 , 251.png )

I give him my gifts. He does not eat them. He passes them to his servant. I guess he does not trust me that much.
>"Now, Mr. Tory. Please tell me what do you want."
"Yeah. I just want to know few things. About the mines. Is it okay?"
>"Haha, ask away, I have no problem with little questions."
"What does the mine produce? Iron, gold?"
>"Our mines are rich with iron."
"Okay. How much do you produce in week?"
"Um. In a day?"
>"Ah, every day every worker mines their worth in iron."
"Uh. How many workers do you have then?"
>"200 workers."
"Do you refine it? How do you ship it?"
>"Yes. We refine it before it is shipped. We ship it with caravans."
"So, you own the mine?"
>"That is correct. It grants me quite luxurious life as you can see. Fine place to live, several wives, food of great quality and good entertaiment."

Well. He has not offered me any drink or food. Greedy asshole.

"Say, are you interested in selling me the mine?"
>"Buying my mines? No, I am afraid not."
"So, who is buying stuff from you?"
>"A small country in the south. They pay me well."
"Can I buy?"
>"Haha. I am afraid not. My client wishes that they have almost all the iron produces by this mine."
"Are there any other mines around?"
>"Hmph. Yes there are few of them. They are a big pain in my spine."

So. It seems that he is not interested in my offer. Would it be good time to threaten him? There are few guards, but they could be handled easily by me and Helena.
No. 215557 ID: a594b9

We can't make ourselves known to the world as a villain until we have resources and power. A hostile takeover of this mine might get us those resources, but it might take too long to turn the resources into power. We could get attacked before we've built enough shit to defend the mine. HOWEVER, this is a good target for the future, once we have some forces.

Well, if he's not interested in selling the mine, then at least ask how much gold is worth here. We need to know the exchange rates and stuff. Also ask where the other mines are.
No. 215558 ID: c71597

Nah don't bother. This is the kind of greedy stupid asshole that can't be trusted to do anything besides stab you in the back. Thank him for his time and tell him that you regret that you're not going to be able to do buisness with him. Then get back to your tower and start plotting. There are several ways you could take him down, the most fun one would probably be to translate the communist manifesto or some of Mao's works to the local language. Then leave some scattered pamhplets out in the slave areas of the mines. Wait a bit until the working class is ripe for a revolution and then strike.
No. 215581 ID: 969e74

I'm certain he'd warm up to you if you..."took care" of some of those "pain in the spine" mines.

The problem in doing that is attracting unwanted attention.
No. 215608 ID: d9dec9

yes, how would he feel about us if he was suddenly the owner of two mines.
No. 215609 ID: c71597

Probably that we're a guilible fool that he can use and discard. Lets just depose this asshole at a later time and set up shop here. I doubt anyone is particularly going to mind the shift of manager.
No. 215652 ID: 64a987

We've actually got a fair bit of information from this guy. He only has one client purchasing all his iron, but he is STILL bothered by competitors somehow so there may be price and quality wars going on. His relationship with this country in the south is worrying since he's not even hinting at the possibility of you procuring any iron. Maybe he's an agent of theirs?

He has also stated that his life is as luxurious as he can imagine. This means that the stick approach will probably work better than the carrot.

Tell him that although price isn't an issue (a lie) the fact is that you require iron and that you have an offer. You will provide devices that tear up the very treasures of the earth at 5, 10, 20 or possibly even 50 times the speed his measly workers can manage. You can also set up refining processes that will produce completely pure iron and flawless steel that no one else will be able to match. All you need in return is to keep half of the extra iron being produced from his mine while he can keep the other half as well as the amount his 200 workers can currently produce. He will then be able to satisfy his existing client and crush all his competitors utterly. All this at no extra cost to him. If he isn't interested then you will simply take this offer to his competitors until one of them agrees. They may even have a cabal or secret society of mine owners, but does he think none of them would be willing to become the king of all mines?

Of course this guy will be the first victim of our future zombie sandworms, but he doesn't need to know that. If he asks about your interest and why you need this iron so badly then tell him you're an inventor and you're working on ways to get power from the sun and you dream to build a gigantic tower made of metal to prove to all future generations the cleverness of Tory or something silly to throw him off track that you're building machines of war that will turn this desert into glass.

The only real reason for cooperating is that you need a breather period to build up some resources while learning more about this world. You need to find out what people use magic for. If they can communicate over long distances then that will make your plans harder as EVERYONE will get clued in once you make your first hostile move.

There's no real financial issues in dealing with this guy. After a few weeks you could even intercept his south going caravans using your helicopter and blame it on competitors getting angry at your success. Those competitors will also quickly become vulnerable and ready for a few Tory takeovers.
No. 215820 ID: a594b9

Excellent. Wait, does he mean wait 5 days before starting on making the mine more efficient, or do we start work now and then wait 5 days before he gives us any iron? Work out the details of the contract before we go.

When we do go... let's track down that worm we put a tracer on. Then maybe we can research them... capture one... make it into a cyborg under our control...
No. 215827 ID: c71597

Lets build the promised machines before we track down the worm. We don't want complications to get in the way of our work.
No. 215832 ID: 217d5c

Yeah that's treason talk right there. Question it gently. What DOES he need 5 days for? Ask him.

He's probably going to hire more guards or alert his client nation or the other mine owners. Maybe he's even going to consort with wizards or something. See if you can return with your first machines in LESS than 5 days to throw his plans off track. Also you have your spybot. It'll keep an eye on things so if he sends out any messengers then you can intercept and interrogate them.

Maybe Doc can look into this worm business while you do your work. Why wouldn't he be interested in bizarre enormous sand creatures that attack helicopters? There's some medical mysteries right there ripe for investigation.
No. 215833 ID: 99ffa5
File 128105159054.png - (58.25KB , 512x512 , 252.png )

I will become the Lenins! Or maybe not. Let's deal with this first.

"So, why are exactly worried about other mines? You have only one client."
>"The owners of another mines are not men of honor. They might take over this mine if I will ever give them a change."
"Well, price is no a problem for me. I just require iron for my little project."
>"I said no."
"Hmph. I can even make your mines even more profitable with my machines! I can help you to produce more than two times more iron than other mines put together!
Do not make me enemy of your Mr. Chmobae. Only thing I require is iron."
>"Should I believe you? I don't even know you."
"I can go ask your enemies if they accept my offering..."
>"Fine. It is a deal. You keep your promise, and I will supply you with iron. Just give me five days. I have things to do."

[ reposted and edited ]
No. 215947 ID: 99ffa5
File 12811065614.png - (31.11KB , 512x512 , 253.png )

>"That lizard is creepy. Who even needs so many wives?"
"I don't get it either. I think it is some kind of tradition."

Now. I did not have to buy anything yet. I'll pay after five days and build after five days.
Lizard-dude said that they had some problems and things that he wanted to take care of.
Anyway, it seems that for the next five days I will not have much to do.
I could go hunt some worms. Or maybe build something awesome! Or maybe even visit next world. I don't know.
No. 215967 ID: c4c313


The practice of polygyny is not so much a matter of needing that many wives, but needing that many desperate horny single males to do your bidding. It's what primitive people used to crudely manipulate their minions before they discovered how to do it with mind altering chemicals and loyalty chips.
No. 216102 ID: a594b9

Let's investigate the worms. Then maybe we can make a MECHA WORM.
No. 216114 ID: c2c011

Build something fucking awesome. Like a mecha suit that you can use to hunt worms and ride in as you subjugate worthless peons.
No. 216122 ID: 99ffa5
File 128120413185.png - (39.18KB , 512x512 , Create_armor_for_a_worm.png )

Worm with mecha armor!
Worm with mecha armor!
Worm with mecha armor!

Let's design an armor for that worm!
No. 216177 ID: b0020f
File 128122588746.png - (220.19KB , 512x512 , toryworm.png )

Something like the attached.

The key is modularity. Some segments could have cameras to spy on your enemies, some segments could be loaded with weapons, some segments could be rocket boosters, but modular segments are the key to victory.

For the Motherland!
No. 216202 ID: a594b9
File 128123086480.png - (120.61KB , 512x512 , banded armor.png )

I drew something like that, but yours is better.

All I have to add is that a flamethrower or chemical weapon of some sort might work best, so that they don't have to aim very much.

...Aw heck I'll post my drawing anyway.
No. 216407 ID: 4df1be
File 128130117625.png - (43.79KB , 512x512 , 254.png )

Great plans! We can add some sort of mega-drill to it too.

Anyway, now we have the second part of our plan. Tracking and capturing a sandworm. And I am not too sure if I have all the metal required for this awesome mecha-armor. Yet.
No. 216410 ID: c2c011

Well lets capture it first and worry about the details later. Go buy a goat, make Doc load it full with ultrafastacting mega tranquilisers. Then put the goat out there in the desert near the worm and let it eat the goat. Sandworm get knocked the fuck out and you bring it back and keep it sedated until you can get to work on it.
No. 216702 ID: 99ffa5
File 128137416339.png - (46.68KB , 512x512 , 255.png )

"Hey Doc, do you mind if I borrow some stuff."
>"Sedatives--- Why--? Are you--- Planning to use them--- To get sleep---?"
"Nope, using them to tranquilize. Anyway, I am off now, bye."
No. 216703 ID: 99ffa5
File 128137433850.png - (22.05KB , 512x512 , 256.png )

Tranquilizers - Check!
Helicopter with AAARMS - Check!
Goat - Check!
Chains - Check!
Worm -

Uhhh. The worm should be around here. I guess it is underground. There is a huge hole here.
No. 216705 ID: c2c011

Pump goat full of tranq's. Then put it on the sand near the hole. Wait for the hungry hungry worm to devour the goat. Then wait for the tranq's to take effect, which might take a while since the worm probably has a very slow metabolism to make sure it doesn't have to eat very often.
No. 216768 ID: cc3cfc

Well it went for your helicopter the last time so be careful. You might as well strap the tranquilizers to the goat and lower it onto the sand.

Remember to tease the sandworm with the helicopter so that it stays on the surface until the tranqs take effect. If it goes underground then you'll have a tough time getting it out. That is IF tranquilizers work on its strange physiology...
No. 217019 ID: 99ffa5
File 128146088835.png - (15.22KB , 512x512 , 257.png )

Here you go!
No. 217020 ID: 99ffa5
File 128146095383.png - (61.63KB , 512x512 , 258.png )

Uh oh. It did not fall in the pit, but it did fall to near it.

Then it slid to the pit.
No. 217021 ID: c2c011

Should be good enough. Now we just play the waiting game.

Damn, we should have installed cameras on the goat to make sure we see what happens next.
No. 217085 ID: a594b9

Dammit, why does nothing ever go according to plan?

Is the hole big enough to just fly down?
No. 217302 ID: 99ffa5
File 12815232139.png - (35.33KB , 512x512 , 259.png )

Flying down would not be a problem.
Should I?
No. 217304 ID: 9bd27f


Er, maybe start by dropping some flares down there or something? Flying heedlessly into a big hole doesn't seem like something you should be doing.

You could go back for another goat maybe? Or if that's too much trouble, just use your powerful robotic helicopter arms to abduct something and hurl that down there.
No. 217308 ID: 55c4cf

Hopefully you have a light source if you're going down there.
No. 217319 ID: c2c011

Nah don't do that. It's probably not a very good idea. Just wait a bit for the sedatives to act. Maybe steal another goat and dump it on the surface to lure out the worm.
No. 217359 ID: 99ffa5
File 128154919395.png - (28.71KB , 512x512 , 260.png )

I don't have flares. I did install some lights to the helicopter, but they are not that good. They probably won't reach the bottom of the pit.

I do hear something coming from the pit. Slithering.
No. 217360 ID: a594b9

Whoops, better get out of the way.
No. 217363 ID: 55c4cf

Move back so nothing snakes up on you.
No. 217609 ID: 99ffa5
File 128161892290.png - (76.83KB , 512x512 , 261.png )

Oops, let's not repeat the same mistake!
Nothing came out. I think the worm took the bait.
Excellent. Now we just have to wait a little.
Or should we go to check it out?
No. 217617 ID: c2c011

Hover a bit higher and keep playing the waiting game. Or send in a remote camera drone. Just make sure you don't end up as wormfood.
No. 217655 ID: e973f4

Wait --- but not for too long!

Okay that's not really very useful, is it.

Well, wait a moment longer and then tentatively get closer, I guess.
No. 217664 ID: 6a8484

Well I hope there's not a HIVE of them down there.

Have your helicopter grab one of the chains using an arm and swing the chain to carefully probe the pit walls and floor before you fly down. Hopefully any horrors down below will go for the probing chain before it goes for you. If all seems clear then move in for the capture!
No. 217828 ID: 99ffa5
File 128165474869.png - (50.30KB , 512x512 , 263.png )

Swing swong, hitting wall, not hitting wall.
I found the worm. It is quite passive. It seems that it is slowing down. It will probably go limb in few minutes.
>"Beep beep beep"
No. 217829 ID: c2c011

That beeping sounds a bit omnius. What is it?

Also, how are you going to get the worm above ground and back to your tower?
No. 217830 ID: b0020f

Oh god your fuel is low it's on empty oh god oh god try to not die in a blazing helicopter crash aaaaaaaaaa
No. 217842 ID: a594b9

Shit we're already down here uhhh

Can you set up a mind control device or something so we can ride the worm out?
No. 217888 ID: f80af7

Mind control is for pussies.
A real man rides a worm using just a pair of hooks.
No. 218057 ID: 99ffa5
File 128172676458.png - (70.46KB , 512x512 , 264.png )

Yeah, I better hurry and either ride the worm out or somethi
Oh shit you were right. My fuel was low. I have to land.
No. 218061 ID: 99ffa5
File 128172757859.png - (18.26KB , 512x512 , 265.png )

Well. This ain't so bad. I have more canister of fuel helicopter. It should be enough to take me home. The worm is not very responsive. It is very, very passive ( barely reacts if I touch it ). Riding the worm would not work.
I hear footsteps. Weird.
So, what now?
No. 218080 ID: a594b9

Footsteps!? Find where they're coming from.
No. 218255 ID: 257ebc

Ready your gun and see what's making those footsteps. Stay hidden and don't let whatever's coming get the drop on you.

So how much spare fuel do you have? Can you strap the worm to the helicopter and airlift it back to your tower?
No. 218259 ID: c2c011

HIde and see what those footsteps are about.
No. 218333 ID: 99ffa5
File 128181499168.png - (24.46KB , 512x512 , 266.png )

I hide behind the sandworm. Sandworm does not react. And yes, I still have some spare fuel. I am not sure if my helicopter can lift the sandworm very efficiently.

>"Aaah! A sandworm!"
>"Wait, it is not moving."
>"Is it dead?"
>"Might be. It is still moving slightly."
>"Good for us..."
>"Hey, what is that thing over there? It was not here before!"
>"It must have came here when we were lost in the temple. But what is it?"

Ah fuck. There are three of them. One seems to be human. I hope they don't break my helicopter.
No. 218334 ID: a594b9

These guys are treasure hunters.

Currently your actions could be explained away by saying that you simply wanted to study the creature. You haven't started strapping weapons or anything to it yet, after all.

Let's go say hello. Preferably by waiting until they start moving towards the helicopter, then sneaking out behind cover and pointing your gun at them while telling them to get away from it. Then we ask who they are, what they're doing down here, etc.
No. 218335 ID: c2c011

Wait for them to get a bit closer to the helicopter. Then shoot one in the leg and demand that they surrender or die.

Drag them with you back to your tower for future experimentation. Then maybe Doc or Sister wants to do something fun with them.

Oh yes, and find some way to drag the worm back to the tower once you're back there.
No. 218372 ID: 257ebc

There's no need to fight yet. Tell these guys that you have put the worm to sleep temporarily and ask them if they have any (magical?) way of helping you lift it to the surface. Also they'd better stay away from your vehicle.

Bluff by saying you have a device for waking up the worm and if they try anything the worm will wake up and thrash about killing everything in a fit of rage.

Also what are these guys up to? Raiding temples for profit?
No. 219136 ID: 99ffa5
File 128206899355.png - (90.69KB , 512x512 , 267.png )

"Dooooooooooooooon't touch that or you'll wake up this worm!"
"I am Tory Sinclair the extra-awesome genius super-scientist of higher degree!"
"Now, don't touch that or you will DOOM us all! This worm is big and MEAN! Just look at this smug motherfucker! So, step away from that thing or we will all die."
They take few steps away from the helicopter good.
"Now, do you have any kind of way that might allow us ALL to get out of here?"
Two out of three remain silent.
>"Uh. We don't know how to get out. We fell here through roof and have not found an exit. We have been wandering here for a day."
Ah fuckshit.
No. 219151 ID: c2c011

Seems like you're going to need the helicopter to get out then. Lets hope the worm is still completly out of it so you can make a safe get away. So get out, then call for assistance and some massive transport to drag the worm back to the tower with.
No. 219171 ID: f3aaac

Well what HAVE they found? You overheard them going on about a temple. Perhaps it's more ancient tech like the dimensional warp thing you use to move your tower.

Anyway how are you going to get this worm back home? Can you enslave it now? Can you plug the helicopter into it to control it? Do you have enough fuel and power to airlift it?
No. 219179 ID: f80af7

I hope I'm not the only one who sees three easy sacks of information?
If you have more tranquilizer, poke the worm with a little more to buy time, leave some kind of a tracking beacon on it and get everyone out of here. At the tower, force the dudes to tell you more about that temple thingy, and arrange some way of reeling the worm in. Oh, and they'll be useful later as free minions/test subjects. You're a pussy, not an evil overlord if you don't take advantage of that.
No. 219794 ID: 9b6c31
File 128223103023.png - (69.41KB , 512x512 , 268.png )

"A temple? How convinient, I like temples too! Tell me what is there!"
>"What? Why are you so interested? It has already been emptied."
"Well, is there anything else?"
>"Eh. There are large engravings of higher creatures. Then there was that... toxic... pool. Few altars and a very large gate..."


I am not sure could I lift the sandworm with the helicopter. Helicopter was not designed to carry that kind of mass. Doc might know how to control this thing. But Doc is at the Tower.
No. 219795 ID: c2c011

Sounds like it's time to get back to Doc then, to the helicopter. I guess these losers could be allowed to hitch a ride as well, you could invite them to stay in your tower as "guests" until you figure out what to do with them.
No. 219857 ID: b5fb25

Well how are you going to get this worm home? Maybe you can rig up and attach some sort of device to the worm that gives it electric shocks or causes pain if it moves any further distance away from a transponder in your helicopter. Then you could quickly train the worm to follow you and your helicopter. In fact you could just fly back to your tower and activate the transponder. Then the sandworm would have to follow you or suffer a lot of horrible pain. Once the worm is near the tower then Doc can probably install worm controlling cyber implants or something.

This temple also sounds like a nice place to bring your friends, but checking out the temple now will probably mean that the sandworm will wake up and eat your helicopter. The toxic pool sounds interesting though. It could be a useful poison, fuel, chemicals, who knows!

Who are these guys anyway? What were they doing before they fell into the cave? If these guys want any hope in getting a lift out of the sandworm infested caves then they have to convince you that they aren't saboteurs and/or rapists.
No. 219885 ID: d162f3

temple probably has secret door somewhere. does your helicopter have a radio or anything to contact the doc? if not then put any sedatives you have left into the worm and go pick the big man up.
No. 220188 ID: 9b6c31
File 128232851734.png - (29.78KB , 512x512 , 269.png )

If I take these guys with me and fly away, I have to track worm again!
If I go to the temple, worm might wake up and eat my helicopter! Then I would have

Agh! I should have taken Doc with me!

>"Uh, hey? Hey!"
>"You spaced out."
Man said.
>"What are you doing here anyway? Sleeping sandworm, hooks and chains. What the hell are you up to?"
Cat-thing said.
No. 220190 ID: 632972

take one arm of helicopter apart and turn it into a tracking device and attach to worm. then take these other guys out of here.
No. 220196 ID: 2044df


I say just leave. You'd have to track the worm again but it's big. It shouldn't be TOO hard.

Can you somehow tag the worm now, make it easier to find later?
No. 220199 ID: a594b9

Hmm. You know what, I think we should take the kids' gloves off.

Are you easily able to kill them at this point? If so, tell them exactly what your plans are... then kill them if they do not seem cooperative.
No. 220215 ID: a594b9

It's already got a tracking device on it. We were supposed to attach some kind of control device to it at this stage in the plan.
No. 220428 ID: 55c4cf

Have these people help you restrain the worm to your helicopter and then leave without them. It shouldn't be too hard.

If you must, convince them you will come back once you take the worm for research and then maybe you actually could, coming back for them is not entirely important.
No. 220438 ID: 9b6c31
File 128238623738.png - (36.74KB , 512x512 , 270.png )

Step 1: Convince them to attach hooks and chains to the worm to restrict the movement.
No. 220439 ID: 9b6c31
File 128238625831.png - (58.12KB , 512x512 , 271.png )

Step 2: Kill them all.
No. 220440 ID: 9b6c31
File 128238629467.png - (30.72KB , 512x512 , 272.png )


No. 220444 ID: f80af7

Stop, drop n' roll!
No. 220446 ID: 4e24b4

Get your coat off and shoot them again!
No. 220453 ID: f80af7

No, FIRST kill whoever was capable of doing that then get rid of the fire.
No. 220458 ID: 08ce05


Did you kill them all enough? Maybe they weren't actually all killed.
No. 220468 ID: 55c4cf

Agreed, if one of them is still alive, do your best to take them out and then stop drop and roll because fire is not good for you.
No. 220587 ID: 9b6c31
File 128242566931.png - (18.82KB , 512x512 , 273.png )

Hahaha! That long-faced bastard cast some sort of fire-spell on me. While my coat is resistant to heat, it still burned through. My coat is now ruined. Great.
I liked this coat a lot. It was my third favourite.

Anyway, now it is dead. They are all dead. Great.

So, what now?
No. 220588 ID: 66bf15

how did your first favorite coat go? down in the line of duty, right?

anyway. now that worm is secured let's ether get doc or some stuff to make a mind control device and come back.
No. 220601 ID: a594b9

What kind of memories do yo have of being on fire?

Anyway let's go explore the temple while the worm's restrained. It is securely restrained, right? Not going to thrash around and destroy the copter?
No. 220607 ID: 55c4cf

If you can manage and take the worm with you, do so.

Check the downed men for anything useful on their persons since they said they already raided the temple.

Then fly back, get help from the doc if you really need to do that.
No. 220620 ID: 4e24b4

Make DOUBLE sure that they're dead as you loot these guys for anything useful.

If you think you can get the worm well enough tied down then I guess you could fly home and get Doc in on this.
No. 220957 ID: 9b6c31
File 128248079680.png - (63.11KB , 512x512 , 274.png )

In the tower again. Trip back went fine, there were no big problems.
I have refilled the tank of the helicopter. Now I just have to go meet Doc.

"Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc, Doc, DocDocDocDoc! I caught a huuuge sandworm! Will you help me to control it?"
>"A sandworm--- of large--- scale? Sure--- Let me--- prepare my tools---"
"Cool! I'll be back soon!"
>"Tory--- Why are--- you running--- around in undergarments---?"
"My coat caught fire and got ruined."
>"Tory--- you were not playing--- with napalm--- again---?"
"No, this has nothing to do with that. Anyway, see ya!"

Well, it seems that I have to stay here for a while. Anything I should do before going back and possibly exploring the temple?
No. 220963 ID: 92322f

Oh yeah the temple! See who else wants to come. I mean Sister would probably know LOTS about ancient artifact gates kept in mysterious temples that have strange poisonous pools of liquid after having been buried underground for millennia. The organist hasn't seen much action recently either.

Bring some lights, rope and a geiger counter.
No. 221002 ID: 55c4cf

Get a new coat, a fabulous one.
No. 221009 ID: 55c4cf

also i am now hearing the doc as william shatner and i doubt this can be undone.
No. 221011 ID: 969e74


Why you do this?
No. 221015 ID: 32a2fa

oh, and a new coat or something.
No. 221030 ID: 9b6c31
File 128250335971.png - (59.04KB , 512x512 , 275.png )

Ah! I am running out of coats if I keep this up. I have to be more careful. This is my second favourite coat.

Oh, The Organist is passing by! He is probably getting coffee or something.
No. 221031 ID: 9b6c31
File 128250347145.png - (65.97KB , 512x512 , 276.png )

>"Oh, good afternoon Mr. Tory. How was your day?"
"It has been pretty good so far!"
>"Brilliant. I have been composing all day, and now I am off for little snack."

Hmmm. Is there anything you want to ask him? How should we pursue him to join our extra-amazing temple-raiding party?
No. 221044 ID: 3234dd


Oh I dunno. I'm still reeling from the sudden revelation that Doc only has two eyes after all.

Ask him what he was composing.
No. 221056 ID: 55c4cf

ask him if he knows any good songs for worms, or for soothing them.
No. 221090 ID: 5f1aff

Well tell him you're going to explore an ancient underground temple. The ambiance should be unparalleled and the acoustics of the cave and temple alike might inspire his composition.

How many people can you fit in the helicopter?
No. 221767 ID: 9b6c31
File 128267476962.png - (55.27KB , 512x512 , 277.png )

I tell the Organist that we are going to go explore an ancient temple. I also tell him about amazing acoustics. He seems interested. Too interested. But he accepts my invitation anyway. Yeah!

Anyway, my helicopter can hold up to 4 persons.
Should we get someone with us?
No. 221783 ID: a594b9

How good are the tower's defenses right now? I suppose we could take along Sister if she's interested in investigating the temple, and if you think you can survive being in close quarters for her in that helicopter for the flight over.
No. 221846 ID: d48b85

Have you got any spare robots? Bring a bot to take the point and carry your stuff. Have you got any X-ray scopes or metal detectors to help you find treasure?

Bringing Sister could be a good idea (if she wants to come). She's so old she was probably there when they built the temple after all.
No. 222401 ID: 9b6c31
File 128283812458.png - (46.72KB , 512x512 , 279.png )

I have no robots that would be useful. Expect for that scouting-bot. But I don't see use for it now.
I should not have fielded that robot so soon... It was awesome.
No. 222402 ID: 9b6c31
File 128283817383.png - (66.18KB , 512x512 , 280.png )

Well, off to visit Sister of Pain. I hope she is not mad at hey what the hell is going on.
No. 222404 ID: e31d52

Pain, I guess.
No. 222417 ID: d3dfb8

knock before you go in.
No. 222419 ID: 4531bc

Knock, then step out of the way and get ready to run. Best to be safe.
No. 222434 ID: 339da9

Try to get her attention without talking at first. Knock on the wall and wave your arms or something. If you turn up and start talking in the middle of some strange mystic ritual she might get super upset.
No. 222545 ID: 67c611

Send in a mini scout robot to make contact. That way to don't get your arm torn off.
No. 222703 ID: 97cb33

also seems she liked the dragon heart.
No. 222710 ID: 9b6c31
File 128294587794.png - (92.86KB , 512x512 , 281.png )

Sister is old, but she is not that old. If I remember correctly, she was born 1676 in North America.

Knock knock.
>"Come in."
"Eh, hello again Sister of Pain!"
She seems to be brewing something and drawing some sort of stuff.
>"Good afternoon Tory. What brings you here?"
"Ah, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to join us to raid ancient Temple? "
>"Hmmm... Do you think that temple is one of the Ancients?"
"Well, I am not too sure. It is pretty close to our tower, so it might be."
>"Very well then. I will be coming with you."
"Uhh, what are you doing?"
>"I am simply communicating with a person."
>"Also, thank you for giving me that heart. It was delicious."

Well, Sis is coming with us. I guess I have some time to do something.
No. 222720 ID: a594b9

Note: Sister was not openly hostile to you. Relationship improved thanks to giving her the dragon heart?

Don't push your luck. Start work on that worm control device.
No. 222724 ID: 55c4cf

Ask if she can make you a hat. You would look awesome in a hat.
No. 222726 ID: 97cb33

no no, let's just mod the helicopter to fit everyone okay.
No. 223281 ID: 9b6c31
File 128308610765.gif - (345.23KB , 550x400 , tory_and_hat.gif )

Yes! I need to craft myself a hat someday!
Get out of my dreams and on my head!
No. 223282 ID: 9b6c31
File 128308622749.png - (37.85KB , 512x512 , 282.png )

Modding the copter to a mega-whopter? Sounds goddamn awesome! Too bad I do not have metal to do that. Not to mention that we can probably go there and come back before I can get it ready.

Also, Doc is working on mind-control.

So, should we now just wait or do something?
No. 223286 ID: 81720b

I dunno. What CAN you do? You don't have much in terms of resources. I guess you could go and make sure the tower defenses are loaded and working. Don't want people messing with your tower while you're away.

Bringing plenty of helicopter fuel will also be important.
No. 223298 ID: 55c4cf

it is now imperative that you acquire your dream hat. put that down on your things to do list and make it happen.
No. 223655 ID: 9b6c31
File 128320394633.png - (60.12KB , 512x512 , 283.png )

Yes! I shall create once more!

No. 223657 ID: 9b6c31
File 128320399345.png - (42.03KB , 512x512 , 284.png )

The hat. It fits well, and I armed it with some weapons.

Now, I think it is time to go and raid some temples!
No. 223660 ID: 9b6c31
File 128320407830.png - (10.95KB , 512x512 , 285.png )

Okay, we are here. The worm is more aware, but it still hasn't fled. Good.

Doc will stay near the helicopter and do his magic with the worm.

Meanwhile, I, Organist and Sister will go to Temple and raid the fuck out of it.

... I don't see magnificent doors to ancient temple.
No. 223673 ID: 97cb33

they must be hidden... or behind the worm. or maybe just not in the light.
No. 223686 ID: caf2b0

Well it would be really embarrassing if it turned out that you killed some compulsive liars who made up that whole temple story for no reason.

Can sister or doc get the memories out of their dead bodies using some weird arts?
No. 223929 ID: a6008c

Uh... huh. Yeah, if you do not find it Sister is going to be pissed with you. KEEP LOOKING, OR YOU WILL LOSE ANOTHER ARM TORY. YOU CAN ONLY LOSE SO MANY OF THOSE BEFORE THEY GET NUMB AND LESS USEFUL.
No. 224084 ID: 9b6c31
File 128328061858.png - (24.82KB , 512x512 , 286.png )

Ah! Found it! It is quite small opening, I can crawl through it, but it seems that it is too large for Sister...
No. 224086 ID: 9b6c31
File 128328077883.png - (44.71KB , 512x512 , 287.png )

Oh. Sister managed to get through.
So! Now, where should we go? Should we go look for that fun toxic party-pool or go and look around for information or possibly some valuables?

I sure hope this is not a labyrinth... I wonder if this place has traps like in those Indiana Jones-movies. That would be rad. And bad.
No. 224087 ID: 97cb33

let's find the toxic pool first. get some samples and stuff. then look around for hidden passages.
No. 224109 ID: 6ddaf5

Yeah the toxic pool might be a good place to start. I mean if you find it then hey, you found something! After that you'll feel more motivated to find more things, right? What kind of tools did you bring?

You might want to discuss the labyrinth and trap possibilities with your friends so they don't get caught off guard unlike yourself, who is genre-savvy and well prepared.
No. 224123 ID: a7a85a

Yeeeeah, we kind of attract elaborate dungeon traps. Sorry. Too bad you don't have boatloads of minions. It would be kind of fun to send wave after wave of your own men to their unique and intriguing trap filled dooms.
No. 224605 ID: 9b6c31
File 128337375040.png - (46.06KB , 512x512 , 288.png )

Okay! I have searched the room. There are some benches and tables, walls have some engravings that seem uninteresting. There are three exits from this room!

There is radiation in the west. I took suit with me, but I don't have one for Sis or Organist. In the south there is a hallway, with suspicious tiles! Some are oddly coloured and seem to be seperate from rest of the floor.
In the east, well. There is nothing. Yeah. No radiation, no suspicious tiles. It seems to be a normal hallway.
No. 224610 ID: c71597

Ask the organist to set up some appropriate mood music in the place, then ask sister if she's fine with getting a bit radioactive. Then put on your suit and head on down towards the radiation source.
No. 224619 ID: a594b9

Use SCIENCE on SUSPICIOUS TILES. By which I mean, use a scanning device or something to check for traps.
No. 224675 ID: e40e60

Or, you know, a rock. Whichever works.
No. 225927 ID: 9b6c31
File 128362876347.png - (28.48KB , 512x512 , 289.png )

I'll check what is causing the radiation!
I hate these suits. They are pretty bothersome.
There are some sort of... coffins here.
Radioactive mummies?

UNLIVING radioactive mummies?!

Let's open one of them.
No. 225928 ID: 9b6c31
File 128362885963.png - (29.08KB , 512x512 , uranium_get.png )

Holy shit. This is quite of a find!

... This is probably waste. U-236. Goddamn. This is not very good for reactors or bombs. What a shame.
No. 225929 ID: 55c4cf

If you can't use that, then dispose of it or something. Go explore suspicious tiles carefully.
No. 225931 ID: 182a32

It may not make a good explosive, but it is a damn good poison. Take it. You want to remove those iron mine competitors right? Putting this in their well would do the trick.
No. 225942 ID: ea2a3c

Uranium it's the poison that keeps on killing!
No. 226014 ID: e40e60

If there's U-236 here, there's probably some unused U-235 and maybe some DU (both of which are incredibly useful for military purposes) nearby. It's worth checking out.
No. 226017 ID: c71597

It's still something that can be useful. Lets look around and see if we can find some more of it.
No. 226330 ID: e73926

Well you don't know which isotope it is yet, right? Take a tiny sample and check it out later.

Anyway where there's smoke there's fire! Are there any hints of why someone would leave uranium containers here or where they could be keeping their (hypothetical) weapons grade stash? Are there any hallways leading on from the radioactive coffin room?
No. 226471 ID: 9b6c31
File 128372094711.png - (17.27KB , 512x512 , 290.png )

Well, I guess that the Ancients were not that bright. Sure, they found a way to hop between worlds, but they might not have known what Uranium was. I don't think they had nuclear reactors or anything.

I am still not sure about exact isotope. I will run some tests when I get home.

I found little more of this, but I did not find anything that looks very useful. They probably just forgot these.
No. 226532 ID: a594b9

What a waste of time. We should collect it I suppose, just for the vague usefulness of having an invisible field of poison surrounding a mysterious rock that we launch into someone's city. HEH.

Let's check out the tiles next. Carefully.
No. 227110 ID: 68ce23

Maybe the ancients used the uranium for some arcane reason that is yet to be discovered. Well you can loot it on the way out anyway. At the very least it makes good ammunition.

What have your companions been up to? Can they make heads or tails of the engravings? Let them know you at least found some sealed away uranium so they understand that this isn't some backwater temple. Check out the non-special hallway next.

For the tiles - are there any signs in the dust? Those guys you shot might have walked through there. If you can walk in their footsteps then maybe you'll be safe from any potential traps?
No. 227566 ID: 9b6c31
File 128389397238.png - (31.26KB , 512x512 , 291.png )

The engravings uuuuuh.
Uuuh. I cannot understand them. There is some sort of language ( looks kinda like English, but I still cannot decipher it ).

Anyway, I am checking the tiles now! They sure are SUSPICIOUS! There is still plenty of dust, so I guess they did not come this way. I think they used the silent passage.

I will put a stone on one of the tiles! For science!
No. 227567 ID: 9b6c31
File 128389406742.png - (17.19KB , 512x512 , 292.png )

Yup, a trap.
A SPIKE TRAP. Were there spike-traps in Indiana Jones-movies? I don't remember too well.

Uuuh, so. They really don't want me to go there.
I think we could push through the spikes, but should check the remaining passage?
No. 227568 ID: a594b9

Bleh. Yeah let's check that other passage, and see if the earlier explorers missed something.
No. 227571 ID: c71597

Get some stuff to disarm the traps and then keep on moving. If it's trapped then it means it's valuble.
No. 227579 ID: a594b9

Well, if we had supplies I'd suggest constructing a reinforced tube to shove into the corridor, blocking all the traps.

We don't have supplies though. Consider activating the traps at range with a weapon of some sort.
No. 227660 ID: e40e60

Destroy all the traps, preferably without use of anything that could cause a cave-in.
No. 228696 ID: 9b6c31
File 128407069753.png - (32.02KB , 512x512 , 293.png )

Fuck yeah! I took the laser from the helicopter and modified it a little! Trap-mechanisms are burning and melting!

... Now I am low on fuel. I probably won't need to use it again.
No. 228697 ID: 9b6c31
File 128407077559.png - (83.26KB , 512x512 , 294.png )

Well, work is done! Most of traps have been rid of I guess! I still have to be careful!

Weird... Suddendly wind is blowing out of there.
It ain't fresh air for sure.
No. 228700 ID: c71597

Might be poison. Better get into the rad suit again. Then get a prodding stick to make sure everything really is out and make your way down the hallway.
No. 228705 ID: e40e60

Gasmask on, it's probably something very toxic.
No. 229217 ID: 9b6c31
File 128415802884.png - (34.30KB , 512x512 , 295.png )

Yeah, better reach my gasmask!
I will tell Sister and Organist get to Doc. I wi

Wait a second, where the hell is my arm.

No. 229218 ID: 9b6c31
File 128415816051.png - (37.72KB , 512x512 , 296.png )


Huh? Somekind of golem or what?

Oww. My arm.
No. 229219 ID: 97cb33

it isn't just a golem, it is an ANCIENT golem, thing must be ungodly powerful. tactical withdraw to sister and see what happens if this thing tries to fight her. good thing she tore your arm off so many times, you are used to it instead of massive pain.
No. 229220 ID: a594b9

Yell at it that you're not a demon, jesus christ why my arm oh god it hurts

Then get away from it, you are too squishy to fight it.
No. 229231 ID: c71597

Jesus fucking christ, can something not rip off your limbs for once? Seriously you should get regenerative limb powers because this fucking thing keeps happening.

Ok, pick up your arm, then run back to the laser and laser that fucking golem while yelling out to sister that you need some assistance here.
No. 229248 ID: ef1ed7

Leap back to avoid its whips and get ready to unleash the hellish surprises concealed in your hat. You're not one for drawn out battles, but you've still got a hidden card that could make a difference. You put something powerful in it, right?

Ask this thing who the secrets of the ancient are meant for then if not the ones who can find, master and use them?!
No. 229249 ID: e40e60

Contemplate getting armor specifically to prevent having your arms torn off. Also run like hell.
No. 229527 ID: 9b6c31
File 128421790747.png - (61.38KB , 512x512 , 297.png )

Uah. Okay, I gotta just distract, get my arm, ask for Sister to fend it off while I pick up the laser.

"Haha, I guess I am little overwhelmed here! Let's see if this hat actually works! Get disingrated by my awesome hat-weapon, Super-Mega Kinetic Revolver-Cannon ( now without recoil )!"
No. 229528 ID: 9b6c31
File 128421799431.png - (76.91KB , 512x512 , 298.png )

I hit the shoulder!

No. 229529 ID: 9b6c31
File 128421806487.png - (21.40KB , 512x512 , 299.png )

No. 229530 ID: 9b6c31
File 128421826495.png - (41.91KB , 512x512 , 300.png )

Haha, it miss oh shit my hat.
No. 229532 ID: 97cb33

the hat died in the line of duty, it will be remembered. now tactical withdraw.
No. 229533 ID: c71597

The hat died as a hero. Now back to the laser. And don't forget that arm. Growing a new one takes alot longer than just stitching it back again.
No. 229534 ID: 9b6c31
File 128421894245.png - (44.14KB , 512x512 , 301.png )

I left it there. Shitwaffles!

>"Hah! Your wires cannot even scratch me!"

Okay. I found my arm. Sister can fight for a while... Should I try to get that laser when that thing is distracted, or should I go to Doc?
No. 229537 ID: e40e60

Your laser uses helicopter fuel. You have barely enough fuel to get back. I say you grab the laser and GET TO DA CHOPPA. Also, what kind of weapons does the chopper have right now besides the laser?
No. 229542 ID: 55c4cf
File 128422541433.png - (57.65KB , 512x512 , ripdreamhat.png )

Poor hat. We will have to replace and mourn. If you can safely get your arm, get it otherwise go to the doc.
No. 229543 ID: 55c4cf

I meant laser, not arm.
No. 229628 ID: 3194a6

You need to get to Doc ASAP, Tory. Clean cuts bleed a LOT. You've done your part.

On the way out tell the Organist that he could try using your laser if he has to, but if he fires it for more than a few brief seconds you'll have no ride home.
No. 229633 ID: c71597

Tie up your wound so you don't bleed out and then get that laser. This fucking thing dies. Or maybe not, could just cut off most of its limbs and torso but leave it aware, could be something good to study, and then you could put it into a body that obey's you. So it can be forced to do your bidding while still aware.
No. 229652 ID: 9b6c31
File 128424870518.png - (75.99KB , 512x512 , 302.png )

Uh, the laser does not use helicopter-fuel. It uses chemical that is used to form the laser.

Anyway, I used my coat to seal my wound. It is not bleeding much anymore!

"Uuuh! Sister! I am going to visit Doc! I am having problems with my arm!"
>"You and your limbs... Go then, leave this to us!"
No. 229654 ID: 9b6c31
File 128424880120.png - (17.32KB , 512x512 , 303.png )

>"Organist... Tory is out of hearing-range."
>"Excellent. We can finish this quite quickly then!"
>"Are you sure..?"
>"Leave it all to me."
No. 229657 ID: 9b6c31
File 128424886184.png - (21.11KB , 512x512 , 304.png )

>"Protector of the secrets, I am afraid that I have to end this shortly. I will end this now."
No. 229658 ID: 9b6c31
File 128424901385.png - (166.99KB , 512x512 , 305.png )

̸̜̖̗̬̥͎ͣͭ͟ę̴̨̙͓̞̝̠̞̹̮͑̒͛̔̊̚̚̕ ̴̨̡̘̮͕̥͙͓͓ͩͮͭͤ͊̿͆ͧ̓ͤ̀͟t̨̞̱͖̩̞̬͓̖͍̖͓̫̺͖̹̓͋͛ͫ͋̐̀ͭ̆́̾́͆ͥ̉̃̉̕̕͠ͅO
͊ͯ̇̋̈ͪ̋͏̵̧̢̹̪̹̩̭͚͉͙̠͔̟̪͉̗̭̭̦͝ ̶̨̮̜͕̺̥̈ͥ̍̊͋̄̽̈͐̽ͪ̐̉̌E̸̛̬͉͓̹̼͇͖̫̣̹͓͉̘̓̾̄ͩ̐ͪ̈́͂͊͋ͫ̉͟͡͡ͅr̽̍ͩ͒̈ͫͭ
No. 229659 ID: 9b6c31
File 128424905968.png - (152.54KB , 512x512 , 306.png )

No. 229660 ID: 9b6c31
File 128424916422.png - (82.25KB , 512x512 , 307.png )

>"I haven't done this in so long time... What a shame. It is always so fun to use this."
>"Great. Now we just have to wait that Tory comes back."
No. 229661 ID: 9b6c31
File 128424922427.png - (12.31KB , 512x512 , 308.png )

>"Well, I can get to composing I guess".

I almost forgot my arm, and when I went to get it...

I... I am speechless.

I just don't know anymore.
No. 229669 ID: a594b9

"GaTe tO ErAla"?

If you can compose yourself, walk back in and get your arm while grumbling about bloodloss.
No. 229675 ID: 97cb33

yes, play it cool.
No. 229708 ID: e40e60

Fuck your arm

Make one out of steel

Tear THAT one off bitches
No. 229740 ID: a7a85a


I guarantee it will just shift the limb loss habit to a different limb. What he needs is some invulnerability ointment for his skin. And bullet proof leave in conditioner.
No. 229835 ID: 4953e3

Go get the Doctor, first, then come back for your arm. You do not want them to know you just saw that - they were trying to keep it secret for some kind of reason.

Also, who did that? Sister or the Organist? Looked like the Organist, but it got hard to tell in there.
No. 229880 ID: d58802

Yeah go see Doc. This bears thinking about. You'll have to find out if they're actually trying to conceal something from you or if they just didn't want you close because that magic-looking trick could have hurt you.

Did it hurt you seeing that?

Nonetheless it might be a good idea to be more paranoid in the future. It seems like everywhere you go there's something trying to stop you or hurt you. Once you get some resources maybe you can invent a nice protective suit for yourself, like with threat detection and point defense forcefields to prevent surprise decapitations.
No. 229986 ID: 9b6c31
File 128430991382.png - (33.99KB , 512x512 , 309.png )

"Hey Doc, I got this little problem with my arm..."
>"Tory--- You lost your arm again?"
>"So--- Where is it?"


"Just wait a sec!"

So, I got my arm! Sister and Organist are now with us, Doc will soon stitch my arm back.
>"So--- I heard yelling--- What was it?"
>"Just an ancient golem armed with wires. It cut off Tory's arm."
... And my hat.
>"Yes! Then Sister managed to send it to hell through mysterious spell! Good show!"
They are not telling the truth.
"Good--- I have made--- progress. Worm is now--- immobile and I am "rewiring"--- ventral nerve--- cord."

Good to hear.
No. 230028 ID: a594b9

Hm, I wonder why they're hiding that? Maybe we can ask later... very carefully. After you get your arm stitched up, let's go see what the golem was guarding.
No. 230029 ID: 9b6c31
File 128431877897.png - (56.08KB , 512x512 , 310.png )

I don't like stitching my hand back that much. It is better than being armless, but it is pretty uncomfortable.

Yeah. I am not too sure why are they hiding. Organist is weirder lad than I thought... Pulling out money and resources out of thin air and sucking things though his hand.

So, Doc said that he would be still working on the worm? Should I go ask about it really carefully or should I just go investigate this temple more?
No. 230030 ID: 46c430

You know, it's just an utterly random idea, but you might want to think of getting a labcoat that won't stain with blood. You seem to be developing a habit of getting your arms lopped off.
No. 230033 ID: c71597

Looks like you have more than 1 demon living under your roof.

Go back in there and see what the golem was guarding. Let doc get his work done in peace.
No. 230037 ID: f86272

Doc seems to be doing an excellent job on that worm. How well can he be trusted? I think you should hold off on any questioning until you can do said questioning under your own terms, the kind where you have particle cannons pointed at the subject.

At this point I guess all you can do is explore onwards and claim the secrets of the ancients that the golemthing spoke about.
No. 230038 ID: a594b9

Continue exploring the ruins.
No. 230135 ID: 6a9fdc

Utilizing SCIENCE!, obtain armor skin. Because seriously you need to stop having your arms cut off. How can you gesture dramatically without arms? How can you throw ze switch or pull ze lever without arms? Answer: some sort of neural interface or maybe some mechanical tentacles. But it's easier with arms!

Actually mechanical tentacles are great for all occasions. Give 'em claws, or guns, or blades, or all of the above! And a spare hand is always useful when SCIENCE!ing.
No. 230137 ID: 97cb33

i think we CAN trust them. they probably have a good reason not to tell you. if they wanted to kill you they had more then ample opportunity. sister has only ripped off your arms when you were in range of getting back to the doc.
No. 230307 ID: 9b6c31
File 128440079882.png - (47.46KB , 512x512 , 311.png )

Doc can be trusted. He is my best friend, doctor, co-worker. He has saved me countless times.

Anyway, here we are! We went through the trap-filled hallway ( there were still some traps, but we disabled them. )
We arrived in big room. REALLY BIG room. There are stuff like some metallic objects, tiles ( from the ceiling? ), scrolls which seem to be destroyed by time and some chest. And oh boy, there sure are lots of engravings!

There is some sort of gate in the room. It is pretty huge, but I don't think it is that gate they were talking about.
No. 230309 ID: 97cb33

you have any brighter lights? anyway, let's try the chest.
No. 230310 ID: ae1866

Oh god.

Are the engravings of cheese and things being struck down?
If so, run. Run as far as you can. Blow any explosives you have to collapse the entrance to this place and forget about it.
No. 230311 ID: 8bc4cf

Take some quick photos of the engravings. Never know when this place will self-destruct and you can decipher them later.

Have a quick look at the metallic objects and those chests. This is getting good, but remember to watch out for more traps or guardians.
No. 230312 ID: c71597

Ok, lets get this properly set up. Collect evertyhing and get records of it, then put it in safe storage boxes and take it back to your tower for further research. Get photos of every single square cm of this entire place, and take a few bore samples of the stone in select places for dating purposes and stuff.

Once you have it all safely hauled back to your tower you can properly research it in a safe and controlled enviorment.

Oh, and set up some solid defenses here as well. We're gonna want to further explore this place and see what we can make it do once we have examined our findings here. This seems like a really good hit so we can't let anything be wasted simply by sloppy research standards or something like that.
No. 230319 ID: a594b9

Engravings first. Find out what this place is before we touch anything.

Besides, the chest could have a trap on it.
No. 230355 ID: e40e60

If the engravings feature random objects and/or dwarves, get out of there NOW.
No. 231107 ID: 9b6c31
File 128457360980.png - (32.53KB , 512x512 , 312.png )

I don't have camera with me. Damn. What a shame!
Well, chests are pretty fucking heavy ( I cannot move them around ) and are locked. I might be able to open it with laser! Metal objects are not very interesting. Most of them are rusted and they don't seem to have any kind of function.

Anyway, to the engravings. No cheese or dwarves, just depictions of ancients. There quite bit of information about the Void, portals, dim

This explains little bit more about making portals and the void! Justjustjust awesome!

Okay, I took notes about the engravings. I cannot wait to get to my tower and test this shit!
No. 231120 ID: e40e60

Get a camera or sketch fucking everything.
No. 231122 ID: c71597

Ask if Sister and the Organist can stay here and make sure nobody can disturb the place while you get your gear.

Go back to the tower, get your archelogical digsite gear. If you don't have that then curse and get what you have as well as a few more guys to help with carrying stuff around and crap like that.

Then make sure you take photos of every single square cm in here. And once you have that then cut off the walls with engravings and take them back with you as well. So take everything here, even the stuff that's nailed down.
No. 231344 ID: 9b6c31
File 128467084838.png - (53.37KB , 512x512 , 313.png )

Yeah, I gotta take photos!
Yeah, I got my equipment! A camera and uuuh. A spade. That's all I got.
No. 231345 ID: 9b6c31
File 128467097432.png - (39.25KB , 512x512 , 314.png )

Excellent. I took photos of the most important stuff here! Some of the information is crypted, but I think I can break it. Now I will have some sort of timesink until I have to visit Mr. What-was-his-face again.

So, what now? Should I got and decipher them or still check out that toxic pool? Chests are heavy, so I cannot haul them to my tower.
No. 231349 ID: a594b9

Wait, the temple is under the tower? Are there ruins under every location you can warp to?!

Open up the chests with the laser.
No. 231352 ID: c71597

Check out the pool. And get zombie minions and whatever living minions you have left to carry the chests back to your tower. That's what minions are for after all.
No. 231359 ID: e40e60

Investigate the pool, carefully. Be ready to run from whatever the hell pops out.
No. 231373 ID: 4953e3

Well instead of taking the chests, see what is inside of them. Maybe we can take that.
No. 231461 ID: 15c0dd

Is there any way you can use an x-ray or millimetre radar to check the content of the chests first? If they have more angry golems or something dangerous inside then it would be good to know before unsealing them.

Go check out the third passage as well. I presume that's wherr the pool is.
No. 231933 ID: 9b6c31
File 128492399374.png - (9.70KB , 512x512 , 315.png )

I forgot the tools for opening the chests ( I was way too excited ). Opening a chest with laser would be a bad idea as it might damage whatever is inside the chest.

Anyway, I found the pool. And huge pool it is! I don't know how deep it is, and I am not too eager to find out ( yet ).

The liquid itself is... somewhat familiar. It sometimes seeps from my Void-Reactor. I have no fucking idea what it is.

I think I can see something in the liquid. It is unnerving.
No. 231937 ID: e40e60

No. 231941 ID: a594b9

Use extreme caution. Let's set up a sentry to guard the entrance to the temple, so we can make sure nobody else comes and fucks everything up. Then we come back with proper tools to open the chests, and some kind of probe to send into the pool.
No. 231945 ID: 445998

What does Sister have to say about this pool? Maybe it's some kind of void-waste. Your new void knowledge doesn't mention this stuff at all? Could it be used to store something horribly dangerous?

What's the surrounding area like? Any idea what the pool was made for? The Ancients seem to have been an absolutely crackers lot if they leave uranium and void goo all over the place.

Are there more passageways?
No. 231946 ID: 175f4a

yeah, pretty sure that is some kind of... void-born creature. what do you do with the stuff when it leaks out of your reactor?
No. 231967 ID: c71597

Fuck yeah. These people probably used some motherfucking epic void engines and shit then.

Stake your claim on this place. Dig a tunnel down here from your tower and wall up the tunnel worm entrance. And get that worm thing to act as a guard of this area. You're gonna want to pick over this place and make sure no pebble goes unturned or some spot is missed. And make sure you keep several copies of the information here on several servers as well as several hardcopy documents.
No. 231972 ID: 6a17b0

When you stare into the void, it stares back at you.
No. 232082 ID: fd6d7e


What the hell are you guys seeing? I stretch the levels like silly putty and only get a few reflection highlights.
No. 232254 ID: 9b6c31
File 128500789893.png - (51.02KB , 512x512 , 316.png )

Oh, it was just my reflection I guess. No worries.
No. 232258 ID: c71597

You know boss, your reflection is looking kinda crazy. How about you get out of this place now and get your set up for longterm archelogical work and cataloging. Then there's gonna be some decoding and stuff, don't want to miss out anything that is written anywhere in here.
No. 232259 ID: e40e60

No. 232260 ID: 175f4a

yes, just leave for now.
No. 232265 ID: 9b6c31
File 128500941390.png - (3.50KB , 512x512 , black.png )

( I don't really do anything with that liquid. I simply dump it into the reactor! )

This is so fucking weird. It looks crazy, so it might be better if I just backed off and took a break. I mean, that reflection doesn't even look like me! It is ugly and has eyes wrong way!

Goddamn this liquid is cold.
No. 232266 ID: 9b6c31
File 128500956649.png - (99.72KB , 512x512 , 318.png )

W H A T T H E H E L L D A M N T H I S L I K E A R E A L L Y B A D T R I P.
>"H e l l o T o r y."
No. 232268 ID: 9b6c31
File 128500963765.png - (23.90KB , 512x512 , 319.png )

Oh fuck I am so confuse I cannot think straight or even breath properly fucking shitsuck
No. 232270 ID: c71597

Wait what the fuck? Did you fall into the god damn fucking pool? Don't tell us you just took a dip into the very fucking essance of the void itself? Because if you did then there had better be some fucking rad superpowers coming out of this mess or there's gonna be a grumpy blue ball.
No. 232271 ID: a594b9

Get out of the black water you goddamned idiot!
No. 232272 ID: 175f4a

for a genius you can be a real dumb-ass sometimes.
No. 232273 ID: 9b6c31
File 128500994523.png - (45.75KB , 640x400 , stage_clear3.png )

[[Thank you for playing, see you in next thread. Please visit discussion-thread. It is so empty.]]
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