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File 136337842412.png - (136.67KB , 610x600 , titlecard.png )
2004245 No. 2004245 ID: da7aaa

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No. 2004246 ID: da7aaa
File 136337869860.png - (290.65KB , 600x600 , 1.png )

In beautiful autumn of 2011, a man is treading unfamiliar paths of a forest.

Please tell:

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?
>What is his occupation or his is he a student?
>What are his hobbies?
>He is carrying something, what is it?
No. 2004247 ID: eaf2f5

His greatest strength is... Strength! He has been working out regularly for a long time.
His flaw is that he has weak stamina and gets easily winded.

He works at a shop and studies to become a plumber.

His hobby is working out and getting huge!

He is carrying his gymbag, filled with protein shakes, protein bars, towel and gym clothes
No. 2004248 ID: 16c900

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?
a sharp eye with an itchy trigger finger.
>What is his occupation or his is he a student?
"Mercenary" or so he says.
>What are his hobbies?
guns & guns accesories.
>He is carrying something, what is it?
His trusty Ots-38 revolver from his very own personal collection.
No. 2004249 ID: 68bbc5

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?
Immense stamina and foolhardiness.
>What is his occupation or his is he a student?
Self-employed Survivalist
>What are his hobbies?
Treading unfamiliar paths of forests.
>He is carrying something, what is it?
A high-quality multi-purpose survival knife.
No. 2004251 ID: b8e729

His greatest strength would be his keen vision. He is able to make out the most intricate of details from any distance.

His greatest flaw would be his cowardice. He instinctively darts away from any signs of danger without any thought.

He is the manager of his own convenience store.

He loves photography, particularly dynamic shots of animals.

He is carrying an expensive camera.
No. 2004252 ID: 9ddf68

Strength / weakness
Tons of energy and very quick but is rash and never really thinks things through

A college student with no idea on what he wants to do for a career


What's he carrying
A smart phone with a full charge
No. 2004253 ID: 710329

His strenghts are incredible speaking skills. He can speak himself out of virtually anything and this skill, his one card approach to life is also a good partner in business
He has a huge belly that was cultivated by enormous streams of ale and occasional horns of wine.

He has no hobbies, he is a hobbit.

He is carrying with him a lucky talisman which he stole from a wood elf he first tried and managed to seduce. This talisman brought him into trouble and he is unsure if the wood elves are still hunting him.
No. 2004254 ID: 49e805

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?
Keen perception; He's horribly shy, and consequently bad at talking to people.
>What is his occupation or his is he a student?
LUMBERJACK--just kidding he's a student. History student.
>What are his hobbies?
Bird watching!
>He is carrying something, what is it?
Binoculars and a water bottle.
No. 2004255 ID: 7b3680

he is a quick learner. most things he works on, he picks up on quite quickly. however he is bad at keeping his interests on one thing, and gets bored of things too quickly before he can actually master them.

he is a student. he has studied various things until he got bored of them, so he has dropped out of multiple schools.

he has had one hundred million hobbies- all of the above included.

he carries the picture of his old sweetheart with him. he loves her. she is the only thing he has showed interest in without ever giving up on.
No. 2004256 ID: d5dfa3

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?
His great ability of introspection and deduction, and a weakness of the heart, both literal and metaphorical, respectively.

>What is his occupation or his is he a student?
He has no true profession, but a few seek his advice frequently and many on occasion, and he survives and thrives on their gifts.

>What are his hobbies?
Spending time alone to consider, plan, and ponder.

>He is carrying something, what is it?
The book in which he writes the thoughts and ideas he thinks are the most important to remember.
No. 2004257 ID: 35edd4

His greatest strength is perseverance. His greatest flaw is lack of foresight.

He is a student of engineering. He builds simple little robots.

He's carrying his schoolbag, containing a laptop, writing materials, and a few reference texts.
No. 2004258 ID: cf49fc

>His incredible confidence and unbelievable arrogance
>Corporate executive
>A gun
No. 2004259 ID: 387f16

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?
Strength: Cooking
Weakness: In a wheelchair
>What is his occupation or is he a student?
He is a russian spy
>What are his hobbies?
Inventing new recipes
>He is carrying something, what is it?
A concealed handgun
No. 2004260 ID: 78c6ea

Yeah he's treading a path in a forest, in a wheelchair. Come on people!

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?

His greatest strength is his unquenchable optimism. Coincidentally this is also his greatest flaw.

>What is his occupation or his is he a student?

He is never in one occupation for too long. Currently he sells fine pastries.

>What are his hobbies?

Whistling, cheesy family movies from the 80's, origami and gymnastics

>He is carrying something, what is it?

a bass saxophone.
No. 2004261 ID: 387f16

This guy, he seem like tier of bro. Is being second.
No. 2004262 ID: 3cd081

>What is his greatest strength and biggest flaw?

HE IS VERY STRONK. His biggest flaw is that he can't speak.

>What is his occupation or his is he a student?

He is a stone mason.

>What are his hobbies?

Walking, working.

>He is carrying something, what is it?

An injured dog.
No. 2004263 ID: 14bafe

STR: Endurance, he can walk for miles in a forest.
FLAW: Typically the inability to determine which ideas of his are terrible, but currently his lack of direction sense.
JOB: Pastry Chef
HOBBIES: Bird Watching, Inventing New Recipes, Disdaining Sports
CARRYING: Binoculars.
No. 2004264 ID: da7aaa
File 136342765546.png - (30.18KB , 600x600 , 2.png )

>Keen Vision, bad at talking to people. >Unquenchable optimism, inability to tell what ideas are bad. >History Student >Birdwatching, Photography >Binoculars and Camera

I think I am lost! Again! It's weird really, I thought I knew this forest well-enough.
Oh well, I came here to photograph birds, other animals and autumn anyways. And if I need to get out, walking to a direction should get me out.

... It's really weird, air feels quite bit fresher. It has gotten bit warmer too. At least I won't freeze to death, hehehe.

I can hear rushing water. There should not be rivers around here...
No. 2004265 ID: f2c20c

Go immediately to check out the water.
No. 2004266 ID: f133bd

Look at the running water for hours on end.
No. 2004267 ID: 35edd4

Maybe it's a small seasonal creek or something. Go check it out; if nothing else, following a river is a good way to eventually stop being lost.
No. 2004268 ID: 14bafe

Go for a swim.
No. 2004269 ID: da7aaa
File 136343672443.png - (46.11KB , 600x600 , 3.png )

Found the river. There are some animals drinking from it, cannot identify from this distance, but they look pretty cervidae! Man, I better keep myself low. Could get some great shots here!
Also, that mast... I haven't noticed it before? Or is it even a mast? It's reaching the skies and seems to be far, far away!

Also, I can see smoke at distance, behind trees, probably deeper in the forest. Might be someone's cottage...
No. 2004270 ID: c74c7d


Might also be a radio mast, they tend to be really high. Why don't you use the binoculars to look whether it is one or something else.
No. 2004271 ID: 76b151

Radio towers are generally not straight featureless towers that pierce the heavens.

Check out those animals with your binoculars.
No. 2004272 ID: 14bafe

You could get an overhead shot if you climbed that tree way off in the distance to the right of the river. That might look good.
No. 2004273 ID: cf49fc

Oh lordy, it's a Reaver character, with no talent except failure to ignore us.

Head to the structure. You probably shouldn't go there, and so you should.
No. 2004274 ID: d6ef5d

>bad at talking to people
>inability to tell what ideas are bad
Oh goodness, and he has us in his head? This guy is doomed.

Anyways, use tools to check out the animals. It's why you're here, after all. The mast or tower can wait to be checked out later. It's not as if you'll have difficulty locating it.
No. 2004275 ID: 533e92

check out the animals with your binoculars
No. 2004276 ID: 70d86e

Disregard smoke, go towards the tower while making pistol hands and "pew pew" noises.
No. 2004277 ID: 78c6ea

Make "pew pew" noises very quietly while you fire your camera.
No. 2004278 ID: 9ddf68

use your Binoculars to get a better look at the animals and maybe see if it can also give you a better look at the mast on the horizon and use your Camera to take pictures of the animals if you can get some good shots. I mean your lost right now so if you can get some good shots then something good came out of this.

Also is your camera digital or film?
No. 2004279 ID: da7aaa
File 136346339540.png - (17.58KB , 600x600 , 4.png )

rolled 2, 1 = 3

... What.
I... Haven't seen these kind of animals before. Oh man, oh man, might it be a new breed?!

>Sneaking, TN 3
No. 2004280 ID: 9ddf68

does your camera have a zoom on it? try and take it's picture, and it's day so you don't need to have flash on so make sure it's off. You don't want to scare it away right now do you?
No. 2004281 ID: 76b151

Scan the sky for anything unusual. As far as I know theres nothing like that on earth. You might be a tad more lost then we thought.
No. 2004282 ID: 78c6ea

I don't think you're in Kansas anymore, a man.
No. 2004283 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. Weird animals you've never seen.

Just a thought, how does the rest of the forest look? Are plants and things stuff that look familiar, or are they completely new? I mean, I know you're not a botanist or anything, but if you go birdwatching, you should at least be able to tell if the environment is suddenly strange.
No. 2004284 ID: 387f16

Disregard common sense due to crippling optimism
Discover new species and become rich and famous
No. 2004285 ID: da7aaa
File 136346425014.png - (20.82KB , 600x600 , 5.png )

>failure, 0 success
Agh, I think they smelled me and they run away before I could set my camera! I hope I can see them again so I can get a good shot!
It's an analog camera, I like developing photos.

The forest seems familiar, although I am pretty much lost. However, some of plants do seem bit different...
Eh, I don't like this, but I don't want to go back yet. There's good chance I might get snap of some those exotic! Or something else exotic!
No. 2004286 ID: 70d86e

Welcome to Oz boy grab tight onto your buttocks and beg nothing sees you.
Now climb a tree and see if you can catch a glimpse of the place where all that smoke was coming from.
No. 2004287 ID: d6ef5d

All right, let's try explore more a bit and find some more wildlife.

If there's any wind, try walking into it. That way, when we find the next thing, your scent will be blown away from it rather than towards.
No. 2004288 ID: 9ddf68

Oh well at least you got to see it right.

Anyways you could head off to the smoke, I mean were there's smoke there are usually people right, that or a forest fire but if that was the case I believe we would be seeing flames at this point.
or you could wait by the river, climb a tree, and see if you can't see if any other animals come on by, maybe even see a few birds well your hear. it's your choice really.
No. 2004289 ID: 387f16

Great idea, with our binoculars higher elevation will give us a good view!
Maybe we can see where those things ran off to.
No. 2004290 ID: cf49fc

Yes, we must get to a tower to find more. Seek the Church Tower my friend.
No. 2004291 ID: 35edd4

Take a look at that weird tower with your binocs, then go check out the smoke. Maybe whoever lives there can tell you more about/where to find the animals!
No. 2004292 ID: da7aaa
File 136347143924.png - (18.08KB , 600x600 , 6.png )

I climb into a tree and take good look at the surroundings.
The tower/mast is way too far away to make detail out of it. It is extremely tall and thin considering the height. It doesn't sway in wind either. I have no idea what it is...

I cannot see too good where the smoke is coming from, trees are obscuring clear view. However, I think there is a tent. I can actually hear some noise coming from there.
No. 2004293 ID: 387f16

A campground! They either have a bonfire or a barbeque going, that's the smoke. Let's head over there, maybe they know where the nearest road is.
No. 2004294 ID: da7aaa
File 136347158509.png - (13.40KB , 600x600 , 7.png )

I am very spooked. All marks of civilization are gone.
Familiar buildings and chimneys of factories are all gone, as are the sounds of the town.
I... think I am lost worse than I initially thought.
No. 2004295 ID: 35edd4

You may be lost, but don't fret, there are people around! Surely they know where this is.
No. 2004296 ID: 387f16

Yeah, we lucked out. It's not safe to wander strange woods alone, but now we have other people!
No. 2004297 ID: 70d86e

Try to get a little closer to the camp, do you see someone? if that's the case are they armed?
No. 2004298 ID: d6ef5d

Yup. You're pretty lost. Oh well.

Let's investigate the tent then.
No. 2004299 ID: eaf2f5

Hey if it was so easy to get lost it probably means that it will be just as easy to find our way back.

But before you start thinking about getting back go check out the tents.

How much film do you have with you?
No. 2004300 ID: c74c7d

Head for the tent, it's the only spot with ANY kind of civilization, right?
No. 2004301 ID: b270b4

you're probably in Narnia by now.

follow the smoke.
No. 2004302 ID: 387f16

Watch out for witches!
No. 2004303 ID: da7aaa
File 136348090231.png - (16.63KB , 600x600 , 8.png )

Alright, heading for the smoke! Maybe they can help me and direct me to exotic fauna!
No. 2004304 ID: da7aaa
File 136348100544.png - (47.82KB , 600x600 , 9.png )

... Well uh. I think I did find some exotic creatures after all!
No. 2004305 ID: c74c7d


Approach with caution, do not run.

Try to be friendly and don't take any photos, they might think you are some kind of a wizard or something
No. 2004306 ID: 387f16

My god, lizard people with a functioning campsite?
You haven't just discovered a new species, you've discovered a new intelligent species!
No. 2004307 ID: bf54a8

don't smile, they may take it as baring your teeth.

try saying hello and keep palms out facing them.
No. 2004308 ID: 14bafe

Climb a tree, take photos from above. Be perfectly safe forever.
No. 2004309 ID: fb528f

Inventory check, you got anything useful to trade?
No. 2004310 ID: d6ef5d

Oh man, lizard people! And they're armed! But does that mean they're dangerous, of just that the area is dangerous?

A cautious, open approach seems best. You don't want to look like you're sneaking or anything. You want to be able to run in they turn out to be hostile or something though. (If necessary, be ready to use your camera-flash to blind them, nethack tourist style).
No. 2004311 ID: f2c20c

Wave and say hello!
No. 2004312 ID: 782175

If things start going south feel free to start backing away slowly... Do they even speak the same language as you
No. 2004313 ID: 78c6ea

Or maybe aliens! You could be the first encounter. You should proceed towards them with open arms of peace.
No. 2004314 ID: b33427

...Well. You've either been teleported to an another world, shifted through time, or slipped into a parallel dimension. Possibly all three.

Stand stock still, slowly raise your camera and take a picture of them. Then slowly back away, while remaining facing them, and once you're far enough away turn around and start walking away. Follow your trail back to where you first realized you were lost, and keep following it. Maybe there's a way back back there.
No. 2004315 ID: 2a8a2a

Cheerfully greet them.

Don't bring out the camera unless they are hostile. They will probably assume it to be some sort of sinister magical device (especially considering how the sky tower over there suggests active magic users).
No. 2004316 ID: b270b4

they look civilized. say hello.
No. 2004317 ID: cf49fc

Greet and attempt to seduce it!
No. 2004318 ID: 49e805

Slowly back away
No. 2004319 ID: f010d9

Rush towards them while screaming
No. 2004320 ID: da7aaa
File 136351165717.png - (70.96KB , 600x600 , 10.png )

rolled 4, 6, 4 = 14

I walk towards hands up in peaceful fashion and one of them draws sw...
No. 2004321 ID: 76b151

No. 2004322 ID: c74c7d


Duck yelling "I AM NOT HOSTILE!"
No. 2004324 ID: da7aaa
File 136351251746.png - (15.35KB , 600x600 , 11.png )

>Opponent chooses 4. Attack connects dealing 2+1 - 1 = 2 damage. 3 HP remaining.

Ugh, that hurt like shit. I.. think they are not very friendly.
No. 2004325 ID: c74c7d


I think that's your cue to run
No. 2004326 ID: eaf2f5

Fall down on the ground and look as harmless as possible.
No. 2004327 ID: f2c20c

Run away! Take a photo from a distance.
No. 2004328 ID: 3fb7aa

Curl up and whimper.
No. 2004329 ID: bf54a8

No. 2004330 ID: d6ef5d

Well, at least he hit you with the pommel, and not the pointy end.

Hoof it out of there, if you haven't had the wind knocked out of you (if you have- feel free to collapse). Set off the camera flash in his face to blind him, if you have to.
No. 2004332 ID: da7aaa
File 136353014898.png - (40.93KB , 600x600 , 12.png )

rolled 6, 3 = 9

Yes... the flash! That should blind him! And I might get a good shot too!

Let's hope this works!
No. 2004333 ID: da7aaa
File 136353106215.png - (19.79KB , 600x600 , 13.png )

>Degree of success: 4! Critical success!

Great photo! The lizard clearly has not experienced such flash before, and is disorientated! It is time for me to leg it!
No. 2004334 ID: d6ef5d

>critical camera flash
Excellent work, little tourist.

Now git. Move quickly, but not in a compete panic- you need to pay attention and make sure you don't trip and hurt yourself.
No. 2004335 ID: da7aaa
File 136353186106.png - (30.65KB , 600x600 , 14.png )

... I think I managed to lose them. Playing baseball really paid off!

Now... I need to reconsider my plan. I am not sure if they are still chasing me.

>Water bottle (1 litre)
>2x Twix-bars
No. 2004336 ID: 997ce7

Need a moment? Eat some Twix.
No. 2004337 ID: 2f4b71

OK, so it probably doesn't have a signal at the moment. If not, turn it off to save power.
No. 2004338 ID: eaf2f5

You should stalk those lizard people! Observe them to learn what is eatable in this forest and where we can get clean water.

Later if they get used to our presence we might try to approach them again, this time with a twix bribe.
No. 2004339 ID: 6286bf


still, better check. try to make a call and stuff.

anyway, you better move away from them. they might be searching for you. at the very least they'll be more alert for a second encounter.

try following the stream.
No. 2004340 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah, test the phone to see if you have any signal, or internet, or gps, or anything. Assuming you don't pick up anything, shut it down to conserve batteries. No idea when you'll find an outlet in lizard land.

We should probably keep moving, in case the campsite party searches for you. What are your survival options, longer term? Do you know how to live of the land, or do we need to find some kind of settlement? (Hopefully they're more friendly than the last guys, but in the worst case, you could always steal supplies).
No. 2004341 ID: 9ddf68

head back to the river for now and maybe stay in a tree for a bit. See if you can call anyone on your cell but in the likely chance that you can not then turn it off to save as much power as you can. Also can you navigate by stars? I mean you seem to be the outdoorsy type so I would think you could. If so find a spot to hold up for till night fall and by extension morning and see if you can use the stars to find out where you are or at least to give you an idea on where to go. If you don't know how to use the stars then just keep walking until night and set up camp somewhere
No. 2004342 ID: 78c6ea

Aren't you lucky you had such thick clothing, and that sword wasn't really sharp at all! At worst you have what, a couple broken ribs? Talk about lucking out.
No. 2004343 ID: da7aaa
File 136354451805.png - (29.51KB , 600x600 , 15.png )

I found the river again.
The cellphone doesn't have any signal, so yeah, shutting it down.
I was really lucky, the bastard struck me with pommel instead of the blade. Guts are still inside and just nasty bruise visible outside. No broken ribs either. It still hurts like shit though.
And yeah, I think I know how to survive outdoors, cannot claim to be an expert though.

Oh well, let's keep low profile now and try to seek more friendly people!
No. 2004344 ID: 9ddf68

would you like to head for the mast in the distance or wait a bit and try and recover a little? Cause I believe it would be better to keep moving but I don't really know what else is out here and I'm just a little hesitant about just wondering around here with just a vague Idea on where we're going.
On the plus side we could probably get some good wildlife photos well we're here so that's something.
No. 2004345 ID: d6ef5d

>Oh well, let's keep low profile now and try to seek more friendly people!
Sounds like a plan.
No. 2004346 ID: 6286bf

oh yeah, the mast. it's as good a landmark as any to go towards.
No. 2004347 ID: b33427

Pick up your trail from when you originally came to the river and follow it back. See if you can find where your tracks first came into this world. Maybe there'll be something there.

If you can't do that, or there's nothing there, then follow the river in whichever direction is farthest away from those lizard-men; Don't want to be spotted by one collecting water or something. You'll have a source of fresh(ish) water if you drink all of yours, and settlements are usually near rivers. Eventually you'll find something.

Go easy on your bottled water, though; Gotta make it last. While the river's fresh water, it ain't treated water. Last thing you need right now is to have to resort to drinking river water and pick up some funky alien water-borne disease.

Or away. Or around. It's the best landmark you have. Doesn't mean you have to head towards it. By the way, do you have a compass?
No. 2004348 ID: 387f16

The mast might be best to go to, it's the only landmark we have not to get lost.
No. 2004349 ID: 78c6ea

You don't have to go to landmarks just to use them. Pretend the mast is the north pole or something. It could be a hundred miles away for all you know.
No. 2004350 ID: 34cf7d

Even without landmarks at least try got get some sense of direction. Where is the sun in the sky? Any moss on the trees?
No. 2004351 ID: 55c4cf

Going to want to make one of your top priorities to stay in range of water. No matter where you go, following fresh water is a key factor in staying alive
No. 2004353 ID: da7aaa
File 136379593947.png - (17.24KB , 600x600 , 16.png )

Yeah, let's move towards the tower! It can't be that far away!

[color]---20 minutes later---[/color]
Jesus, it IS very far away. And considering how high the damn thing seems... It must be taller than anything humans have built! It cannot be natural, that's for sure.
According to the moss, the tower is towards west? The moss seemed pretty unusual though.

I've come to plains and taking good look at the horizon. There seems to be some sort of settlement forward. It will take probably some hours to get there.
Maybe THEY are friendly enough!

Also, weird enough, the trees seem to turn more green towards the tower... I can basically see autumn ending and becoming summer.

So eh, should I go back to the river or go forward to settlement? Or any other good ideas?
No. 2004354 ID: 2595b0

go settlementways.
No. 2004355 ID: 235bd1

Use your binoculars and try to see if the people in this settlement are of the same species that attacked you before.
No. 2004356 ID: 387f16

Yeah, scout out the settlement first from afar.
No. 2004357 ID: d6ef5d

Approaching the settlement and observing them at a distance for a bit seems to be the right idea. Try to figure out what kind of creatures inhabit the city, and what kind of nature they have (for instance, if it's obviously a fortified place with lots of guards and weapons, approaching might not be such a good idea).
No. 2004358 ID: de262c

...Check the horizon in the other direction for another "spire".
No. 2004359 ID: ccb2c1

How much you wanna bet this is actually a ringworld, and that's not a spire at all?
No. 2004360 ID: d6ef5d

If it were a ringworld, he wouldn't see a spire. He'd see an arch across the heavens. Also, the sun would be stuck at the noon position, which it's not.
No. 2004361 ID: 9ddf68

Use the binoculars to see whether or not the settlement looks peaceful or whatever. Maybe also head to one of those hills on the horizon to see what kind of view you can get.
No. 2004362 ID: 78c6ea

Protip: moss doesn't grow on the south side. It grows on the wet side. That's only south for perfectly 100% vertical postlike trees sparsely separated, which doesn't happen. Navigate by the sun and the tower as a landmark. For all you know this place doesn't even have a north and south pole.
No. 2004363 ID: da7aaa
File 136381468882.png - (110.65KB , 600x600 , 17.png )

rolled 5, 2 = 7

Well, scouting seems like a good idea. I don't want to get either end of sword in my gut again.

-Moving closer to settlement-
Okay, the settlement seems quite peaceful. Population seems to be bit... colorful! Wonderful! Lots of picture-material!
The place is walled, however, it is not probably difficult to slip in. They neither seem to be very heavily armed.
So eh, what do you think? Should I approach?
No. 2004364 ID: 76b151

I'm seeing a couple different species... but no humans. That might mean they won't take kindly to something new. Pity we can't wrap your face in something and only leave your eyes visible. That would help.
No. 2004365 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. All non-humans. It might be nice to go and poke around, bu you're probably going to stick out!

...we also don't know if there's going to be a language barrier, which could be problematic.
No. 2004366 ID: 235bd1

Use either your scarf OR shirt to cover your face.
No. 2004367 ID: 9ddf68

Well we are going to need someplace to get supplies from at some point and better it be a town where everything can be in one place then having to scavenge the country side and hope to find plants and other things we recognize as edible. so go up to the town with your face covered and try to get in a spot that doesn't have to many people by it, if the people around look like they are about to attack you or something quickly turn around and leave.
No. 2004368 ID: 2595b0

yes. from the front gate. but make sure you have full stamina to run away if these guys are also hostile.
No. 2004369 ID: da7aaa
File 136385845430.png - (76.97KB , 600x600 , 18.png )

So eh, like this? I think this might do! Hopefully scents or body-shape doesn't reveal me.
Anything else I should do?
So, how should I enter the settlement? Just sneak in or go through front gate like a man?
And what exactly should I seek in the settlement?
No. 2004370 ID: c74c7d


You look silly. Well mingle with other "people" then, try to determine whether they speak an understandable language.
No. 2004371 ID: eaf2f5

Through the front gate of course! Surely the earlier confrontation was just some misunderstanding.
Remember strangers are just friends you haven't yet met.

And yes you look silly as hell, grab that cape/tarp/bed sheet from behind you and cover yourself with it.
No. 2004372 ID: 2595b0

front gate like the manly hunk of man you are.
No. 2004373 ID: d6ef5d

Front gate!

Keep your eyes and ears open. We gotta learn as much about this strange new place as possible. Pay attention to language too- you don't want to start babbling in crazy person tongue if nothing her speaks english!
No. 2004374 ID: 387f16

But that's stealing! If there's one thing that'll get you in trouble with friends you haven't met it's taking their stuff.
No. 2004375 ID: 9ddf68

leave the cloth in the background alone for now, we don't need it and the last thing we want right now is some kind of bounty on our head for petty thievery. Just walk up to the front gate and see if they do anything well you try and get in the city. If they draw there swords or something at you run like hell if not go into the city and see what you can see. and unless you can hear someone in there that can speak English Try not to talk to anyone.
No. 2004376 ID: da7aaa
File 136388878721.png - (162.12KB , 600x600 , 19.png )

Oh, this thing? I can see your point there, it would conceal my body-shape and block smell so eh.
It feels nice and has funky pattern too! But yeah, stealing it is wrong. Probably. We are still outside the settlement and there's no one around.
So, will I take it or not?

There's also an axe here.
No. 2004377 ID: 9ddf68

if you want to hide your scent then just wrap yourself in it for a moment then leave it and move on, but remember where this place is on the way back, cause if things go south it would be nice to have some kind of weapon but don't take it now as I'm sure going up to a city looking a little weird is not nearly as bad as going up to a city looking armed. and remember people will only notice how weird you look if you bring attention to yourself.
No. 2004378 ID: d6ef5d

Nah, no stealing stuff, yet. We're still trying to make a peaceful impression. If we walk in wearing that, we run the risk of being seen by the rightful owner and starting a scene.

If the village isn't peaceful or friendly, you may be forced to steal to survive, but that's another matter.
No. 2004379 ID: 387f16

Plus we don't want a crazy axe murdering hippy after us for stealing his peace tent or something, right?
No. 2004380 ID: 49e805

Don't take it.
No. 2004381 ID: eaf2f5

Fine don't steal the cloth, just sniff it to see what it smells like.
No. 2004382 ID: c74c7d

Don't steal, dammit. Last thing you want to do is to be a thieving bitch.
No. 2004384 ID: da7aaa
File 136390483310.png - (46.62KB , 600x600 , 20.png )

Okay, no stealing. Let's stay on good side of the law, if there is any!
I approach the gates, two guards get tense, but seeing I don't have weapons, they let me pass. They keep eyeing me. I think my disguise is not that fool-proof.
They certainly don't speak English either, so eh, but I think we can handle things even without common language!

I am being stared at...
Okay, so I am now in, what's next?
No. 2004385 ID: f2c20c

Wander around and see if you can find anyone or anything that's recognizable at all. Also observe what they use for currency.
No. 2004386 ID: 35edd4

I'm .. not actually sure why we're here. We want to know where this is and how we got here so that we can get back, but other than that we don't need anything. Presumably we'll have to either find someone who speaks English (unlikely, seeing as there's no humans) or learn their language. So how do we go about learning their language? We might not even be able to speak it if we do know it, given their different physiology...
No. 2004387 ID: d6ef5d

Explore the town?

Pay attention to stuff. The currency, language, behavior, culture, etc. We wanna learn!
No. 2004388 ID: 387f16

Look for smart, book-type people. If anyone can figure out a means of communication and tell you what's going on, it's them.
No. 2004389 ID: 9ec147

explore until someone approaches you. I suggest an inn or a tavern.
No. 2004390 ID: e1260a

Welcome to the lion's den, do mind your steps (I mean it everything has a tail) if you want to go back you must discover how you got there and to do that you must interact with the folk around to figure out if they know something. Sadly enough, you can't speak their language it seems so figuring out some customs and being capable of reading body languaje is your first priority, then it comes looking if by any chance there is an english speaker around and then lastly is learning about what could have caused you to be in there.

For now try just to wander a bit and see if you find something of interest such as what's their currency, but don't stare too hard, you are drawing attention as it is.
No. 2004391 ID: 9ddf68

just ignore everyone around you unless they approach you or something. If you don't do anything long enough they will lose interest in you and ignore you as well. I say just wander around town and try to stay out of peoples way. just act like a tourist or something taking in the sites. If everything goes alright then maybe you can start taking some pictures, just remember to turn the flash off, you can still get good photos by adjusting your camera's ISO and shutter speed. And if you do start taking pictures try not to make it obvious.
No. 2004393 ID: da7aaa
File 136396475687.png - (97.76KB , 600x600 , 21.png )


1. They seem to be using some sort of simple currency. Small square metal/ceramic chips with square hole in middle. However, trading seems to be more common.

2. The body languages are not that difficult. However, I don't understand their spoken language. The appearance of creatures varies a lot. There only very few of same race.
They seem to be somewhat nervous around me for some reason.

3. Yeah, I will taking some photos! This is a gold-mine! I manage to do it secretly enough!

4. Some time after shooting photos, something/someone approaches me, motions me to follow him outside of the village. Strangely enough, he is dressed in suit under his cloak and carries a suitcase ... Should I?
No. 2004394 ID: 1ebe9d

Yeah sure, if he's noticing something about you maybe he can shed some light on where you are.
No. 2004395 ID: d6ef5d

>Should I?
Why not? Maybe he's another human. Or someone who knows something, at least.
No. 2004396 ID: 1626eb

Thou shall not ignore the plot device.
Also this is pretty much why you entered the settlement anyway.
No. 2004397 ID: 2cd5ff

So far, it's the most familiar sight so go ahead and follow him, but stay alert.
No. 2004398 ID: 9ddf68

sure, just eye some quick exits in case you need to run.
No. 2004399 ID: 68742d

that's the only thing that might be out of the same century as you, so yes.
No. 2004400 ID: 49e805

Go for it
No. 2004403 ID: 76b151

Well, that wasn't ominous at all. Lets go buy you a sword. Should be simple enough to swing around and if you face an experianced opponant you are boned anyway.
No. 2004406 ID: da7aaa
File 136399642323.png - (68.14KB , 600x600 , 22.png )

I follow him. Again we gather few strange/nervous looks, although they seem to be mostly directed at me. We take some distance and he makes sure no one other than us is around.

The stranger speaks.
>Stranger: "So eh, new here? You came at very unfortunate time. Things are at motion."
"... huh?"
>Stranger: "Now, I am in terrible hurry, so I'll try to keep this short.
>I represent some of those who seek way back home. We have plan in motion to get home and suggest you to not interfere. You will get home when the time comes.
>Oh and... try to get far from this village before the night. I would suggest you to either move towards the Focus or toward Greater Northern Barrier. You should be able to reach it by just going towards north. They are more... peaceful areas. The travel is long, and you should get yourself a weapon... Here. Something to help you out.
He opens suitcase and takes 8 of the strange square coins.
>This should help you. Now, farewell. Do not pursue me. If you need us, just seek for the Profugos."
No. 2004407 ID: da7aaa
File 136399677792.png - (14.44KB , 600x600 , 23.png )

He takes his leave and disappears into the forest, moving towards east. ( opposite direction to the mast )

"... Buh?"
No. 2004408 ID: d6ef5d

Thank him.

If there's time before he rushes off, can he tell you where this place is? Or why this village isn't safe?

Then I guess we should go into town and buy a weapon and some supplies. We should be able to make purchases without speaking. Although it would help if you paid attention first to figure out how much stuff is worth.
No. 2004409 ID: 9ddf68

ah shit, I think we might have just walked into the beginnings of a revolution or something. Anyway he said we should get a weapon so maybe head back to that funky cloth and grab the ax that was nearby if nobody is around, then head north I guess or keep on going toward the mast or as I guess it's call the focus. I would like to go back to the village to get some supplies but I think we shouldn't do that since the guy did say we should stay away from the village for now and the people their didn't seem to like us very much and most likely don't know our language so it would be a moot point anyways. So I guess just keep going to the mast or 'focus' or start heading north and just see what happens, I'm sure you'll be fine.
No. 2004410 ID: 2cd5ff

Well that was as quick as it was vague.
If he is still within hearing range thank him and ask if they speak english on those places.
No. 2004411 ID: 68742d

go back into town and find a clothes shop.
No. 2004412 ID: 536591

You got some cash now. Better do as he says and buy yourself a stabber (or a gun, whatever).
No. 2004413 ID: 49e805

The "Focus" is probably the mast thing.

He said we should get a weapon. We should probably also get some food, unless you want to try to hunt for your supper or something.
No. 2004414 ID: da7aaa
File 136408643237.png - (66.82KB , 600x600 , 24.png )

Okay, clearly I will need some longer and sharpen than hand.
After about 15 minutes, I actually manage to find someone who sells some weapons. Well, the selection is bit small.

It seems that most of weapons are from bronze. There is like one or two iron weapons. So primitive...
Oh well, here is what I am seeing:

A bronze hatchet
A bronze sword. Curves a bit.
A club ( Reminds me of a baseball bat. At least I know how to use it. )
An... iron kopesh? Looks kinda like one.
A very ritualistic-looking bronze knife, with crazy curves and all.
A bronze spear. The tip looks pretty neat.
I have no idea how much these things cost...

The clerk looks nervous. This is getting old.
No. 2004415 ID: 78c6ea

How could the clerk be nervous? He is clearly highly intelligent and invincible, not to mention classier than any mortal man, with all the levels.
No. 2004416 ID: d6ef5d

The hatchet could at least be used as a tool? So there's some additional utility in that.

Or the club could be useful in that you could deflect blows with it, try to knock people out without killing them to pieces, and you have some existing skill.

Payment amount can probably be negotiated via hand gestures. Everything counts on their fingers.

If you have money left over, maybe get some food or supplies? Then let's clear out of town before the nervous vibe decides to turn violent. You were warned it's not safe here, and you've already been attacked once.
No. 2004417 ID: 26e4bb

I'd say to go for the club or the hatchet both are solid options.
But all things considered, I'd say the club is the safest option if you want out of the town without alerting one or two paranoids.
No. 2004418 ID: f2c20c

I think the club's your best bet. Always use the weapon you know how to use, regardless of the quality of the other ones.

Try using gesture to ask how much it costs, and pay for it.
No. 2004419 ID: b33427

Get at least the club. It requires the least maintenance, and you already somewhat know how to handle it. Plus, it can be used as an improvised hammer if need be.

Also see if you can get the hatchet, since having a cutting tool for wood would be a good idea, and it can double as a backup weapon. If you do get this, make sure to get something to sharpen it as well; It'll do you no good if it gets dull.

The shopkeep is looking so nervous about you, you could probably haggle him down to under eight coins for both if you really tried, just 'cause he wants you out of his shop ASAP.
No. 2004420 ID: 387f16

Get the club. Simple and effective, and probably cheap.
No. 2004421 ID: 76b151

Go with the hatchet. Right now if we're gooing to be travelling anywhere we will want fire. And that means firewood.
No. 2004422 ID: e91794

I say get the club. Unlike the rest of the weapons here you don't need to sharpen this one after ever time you use it and all the other weapons you don't know how to properly use so they will be more of a hindrance then help in a fight and if you really need an ax just grab that one ax you past on your way into town. Use whatever money you have left to buy food and water
No. 2004423 ID: 35edd4

Didn't we just decide that stealing is bad? Get the hatchet; you've probably used one before, and it'll be a useful tool as well as a viable weapon. If you want a club you can use the hatchet to make one out of a good chunk of wood.
No. 2004424 ID: 9ddf68

only if we don't have any other choice, but if we need money for food and supplies more then I'm just saying it's there.
No. 2004425 ID: 91c1b3

Go for hatchet.
No. 2004426 ID: a869cb

get the club.
No. 2004427 ID: da7aaa
File 136412947963.png - (305.09KB , 600x600 , 25.png )

I guess hatchet and club are both very useful. I bring them on table and gesture that I want these things and will pay with 4 squares. Clerk in tilts head a bit raises 7 fingers instead.

Well eh. That would leave me 1 square, which I think is enough for some food or some piece of clothing.
Of course, I could trade some of my items, but I am not sure if I should. The camera and binoculars are quite expensive and it is not that warm outside...
No. 2004428 ID: eaf2f5

Take the club from the table and see how much just the hatchet costs.
With the hatchet we should be able to make our own crude clubs an spears from some wood.

Buying just the hatchet will hopefully leave us with enough money for food and clothes.
No. 2004429 ID: 4b00a8

buy just the club. unless it's made out of wood. then buy the hatchet.
No. 2004430 ID: d6ef5d

Buy the stuff. Then buy some food and leave town.
No. 2004431 ID: 91c1b3

Just buy the hatchet. We can make a (terrible) club if we have it.
Hey, show him your keys for a sec. If metal is only up to iron here, I want to see his reaction to steel.
No. 2004432 ID: 9ddf68

still think you should get the club but if you do go for the hatchet make sure you also get something to sharpen it as well. You do know how to sharpen a blade right? After you get whatever get some food, water, and maybe a sleeping bag or tent as well depending on what you can find or afford.
No. 2004433 ID: 735f4f

Haggle a bit. Explain you have 3 eggs at home that are starving and your bitch of a wife ran off with the lizard next door. Offer 5 bits for the stuff.
No. 2004434 ID: 2bafff

Hatchet, this is a survival situation it would be far more useful than a club
No. 2004435 ID: de262c

See if you can't bring the price down to 6.
No. 2004436 ID: 76b151

Hold up 5. THis is classic haggling.
No. 2004437 ID: 387f16

Just the club.
Firewood can just as easily be branches you break off the trees, and a hatchet requires more upkeep.
No. 2004438 ID: 35edd4

Just the hatchet.
No. 2004439 ID: b5f389

Why not the iron kopesh? I like kopeshes, and it would be easier wield (and sturdier) than the hatchet. Or the spear.

Hold up six squares, or five and something you can stand to part with. Gotta make sure we have at least one square after buying food, for emergencies.
No. 2004440 ID: 34cf7d

The hatchet is a versatile tool. Got your cutting edge for chopping wood, skinning food, back end as a hammer, works as a weapon if needed, and more.
No. 2004441 ID: b5f389

If there's too much tin, it could be too soft to even chop wood and would get all bent out of shape after a few uses.

Is it tempered bronze, maybe with some tin in it?
No. 2004442 ID: 34cf7d

Bronze is supposedly harder than plain iron. Although, our character here probably wouldn't know that.
No. 2004443 ID: bf54a8

yeah bronze is better then iron. it's just iron is WAY easier to make and work with.
No. 2004444 ID: da7aaa
File 136422179562.png - (25.82KB , 600x600 , 26.png )

rolled 1 = 1

You take the club from the table and put it where it was. Clerk raises 6 digits. Okay, time to go for 5-4 squares!

I explain him that I am in weird and dire situation, exaggerating a bit and telling bit white lies. All this by simply gesturing!
I cannot fail!

>haggling roll
No. 2004445 ID: da7aaa
File 136422283391.png - (272.39KB , 600x600 , 27.png )

The clerk seems to get angry! He releases a torrent of words I don't understand ( probably insults ) and in the end gestures that I have to pay 6 squares for this thing or leave the store. Fuck.
No. 2004446 ID: d6ef5d

...you probably accidentally made several obscene gestures or something.

Oh well, at least you didn't both it bad enough for him to try and kill you or something.

Pay, and get out of town already. I'm thinking we've overstayed our welcome, now.
No. 2004447 ID: 9747ef

Pay up and gtfo.
No. 2004448 ID: eaf2f5

Well lets go hunting for some cheap food and clothes.

Also keep listening for people talking any language you can understand.
If there are others who have come here from the 'outside'
Some locals must have picked up at least some words and sayings of the outsiders language.
No. 2004449 ID: 387f16

Pay up and go look for some cheap rations.
No. 2004450 ID: 001618

just pay and go, we don't want to stay here any longer then need be.
No. 2004451 ID: 6179a7

guess you'll have to pay.
No. 2004453 ID: da7aaa
File 136429945264.png - (180.81KB , 600x600 , 28.png )

I'll take the hatchet and leave. Never again.

After bit of searching, I managed to locate a place that sells food ( by smell ) and clothes.
What sort of clothes are we looking for again? And how much food should we try to get? We only have 2▣ though... But that should be enough for some things!

I shall leave once I have the rations and clothes. But where should I head? Towards the Greater Northern Barrier ( which is most likely to north, not sure how far away ) or the Focus ( the big mast I assume, not that far away I think )? Or should we head to somewhere else? Or stay here, against masked man's recommendation?
No. 2004454 ID: c74c7d


Focus is the best destination.

You should search for robes, cape or cloak... something that would conceal your figure. As for food? What do they have?
No. 2004456 ID: 6179a7

you'll hunt for food, so you don't need more than a couple days' worth i.e. until you get the hang of it. the clothing is more important. you need a hoodie. bad.
No. 2004458 ID: d6ef5d

Spend one square getting some kind of cloak or hood for protection from the elements, and to conceal your figure. Spend the last square getting some dry rations of some kind. Traveling food- the bland kind of stuff that doesn't look to spoil fast.

Then head towards the focus.
No. 2004459 ID: 4224e5

Cloak. Conceals your figure, likely to be rain-proofed, and keeps body heat in for sleeping. Useful things, cloaks. As for food... Food is good. Travel rations.
No. 2004460 ID: 9ddf68

I say head toward the mast like we've been doing, at least we can see that one, I would say the Greater Northern Barrier but that one doesn't look as easy to spot in the distance unlike the mast so without a map I say go toward the focus.

As for what to buy, just get something that can protect you from the elements and can conceal your figure a bit, nothing fancy just practical that way it shouldn't cost to much, and for food just see if you can find some dried meat and/or fruits because we have no idea how long we will be traveling and dried food tends to last longer. Oh and see if they have a water skin or something to. Water is very important.
No. 2004462 ID: da7aaa
File 136434002945.png - (122.89KB , 600x600 , 29.png )

rolled 2 = 2

Spend all the remaining money... Now I have cloak, food and towards the Focus I go!

Hopefully anything bad won't happen.
No. 2004463 ID: b89cf7

No. 2004464 ID: 7dbd6b

rolled 4422 = 4422

Relax, it's a d6.

On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to have your hatchet out.
Jegus, if that thing cost six squares and that entire outfit cost two, the thing better shoot lasers or something.
No. 2004466 ID: 7dbd6b

Whoops, ignore that roll.
No. 2004468 ID: da7aaa
File 136434169459.png - (12.34KB , 600x600 , 30.png )

The night
The sun set surprisingly quickly. I did advance quite a bit, the Focus coming closer and closer.
No. 2004469 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, you look like a wizard now!

Scan the area with your binoculars. Is there another settlement nearby? Or anything that would work as some kind of shelter where you could spend the night? You'll need a relatively sheltered, preferably concealed, location to eat and sleep.
No. 2004470 ID: da7aaa
File 136434190043.png - (11.98KB , 600x600 , 31.png )

Looking back, the village looks like it is on fire.

... Maybe it is. Hopefully not.
Oh well! I need to think how I should rest/sleep this night. Or should I sleep at all? Any ideas?

And just to mention: I have about estimate of 3-4 days of food/water left.
No. 2004471 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, jeeze. Hopefully they're not burning down and they're just having a bonfire or something. ...and hopefully said hypothetical bonfire isn't where they whip themselves up into a frenzy to go hunt down the human.

>Any ideas?
What are our options for a campsite? We'd like something relatively secure and hidden. You don't know what the wildlife here is like, or if there will be hostile natives.

So no fire, for one. And sleep under some kind of cover. Or up a tree. Or in a cave. Or something.
No. 2004472 ID: 9ddf68

I think it would be better for you to rest now because we have no idea what is out here and I would rather face them with full energy then dead tired. well you're in a summer area now right? so unless it starts raining or something you shouldn't have to worry about freezing to death or exposure. Still it's better to sleep off the ground when you can so try and see if you can find a tree that looks like you could sleep in and not roll off of to easily, but if you can't then just find one that looks like it can give you some cover and sleep under it then just use your new cloak as a blanked/sleeping bag and use your backpack as a pillow.
No. 2004473 ID: 4224e5

Returning there would be unwise. Keep walking.
No. 2004474 ID: de262c

Check it out with the binoculars.
No. 2004475 ID: 78c6ea

Don't worry it must just be village festival bonfire fun. The night is warm enough, and you'll probably not get eaten by anything if you just take a quick nap.
No. 2004476 ID: ab40bd

.... I have a feeling our other human buddy may have had a part in burning the village.

ANYWAY! We should see about getting a sweet mask like his sometime! Something that looks cool! Like a happy cat mask! We do need to conceal our face, after all!
No. 2004477 ID: b89cf7

on a tree.
No. 2004478 ID: da7aaa
File 136439803166.png - (207.70KB , 600x600 , 32.png )

Yeah, sleeping in a tree is good. Bit uncomfortable, but I can manage.

... I wonder if I wake up in my own bed. I can always hope.

Good night.
No. 2004479 ID: da7aaa
File 136439809664.png - (1.60KB , 600x600 , 33.png )

rolled 1, 3 = 4

No. 2004480 ID: da7aaa
File 136439956089.png - (119.35KB , 600x600 , 34.png )

Good morning! Slept bit rough, it got cold up there, but I am fine, mo- ACHOO!
Yeah, everything is fine. Still here.

Anyway, first night clear. During the night it seems people have been snooping around. There are footprints. Clawed feet, boots, not exactly wildest of wildlife.
All my belongings are still with me.
So, should I continue right away or investigate this? Or do something else important?
No. 2004481 ID: d6ef5d

Oh goodie! You didn't fall out of the tree or get discovered by hostiles. Caught a cold, but you can't win 'em all.

>investigate this?
Why not. Remember to use your binoculars rather than actually closing in on who or what ever is on the other end of that trail of footprints. Don't follow them too far, or off in the wrong direction (away from the focus) either. If whoever left the footprints is long gone, or going the opposite direction from us, we don't really have to worry much.
No. 2004482 ID: 001618

I say keep heading toward the focus but if the tracks along the way I don't see to much harm from looking around a bit. Just don't get sidetracked following tracks all day as we do want to get to the focus sooner rather then later seeing as we only have enough food for a few days and no money to buy more should we run out.
No. 2004483 ID: eaf2f5

I say investigate the tracks the giant tower won't probably go anywhere.

And who knows it might be someone in the same situation as us and they might be willing to explain something about this world.
No. 2004484 ID: e9140c

yes, yes. do the ranger.
No. 2004485 ID: fafb12

Sneezing.. that's actually fairly significant. Colds are infections, so that means whatever this place is, it's based on terrestrial (or compatible) biochemistry.

Bad news: you probably aren't immune to their horrible diseases.

Good news: food should not rend your insides apart.
No. 2004486 ID: da7aaa
File 136442544190.png - (32.60KB , 600x600 , 35.png )

rolled 2, 5 = 7

Well, tracking is no problem. Some of the tracks are very easy to see. They were probably heavy or carrying something heavy. About six of them, two barefoot and four with boots.

... I think I found them. Try to lay down and see what is going on from safe distance so I don't get the pommel again.
No. 2004487 ID: e9140c

wow, that is the single most average roll I've ever seen.
No. 2004489 ID: da7aaa
File 136442669536.png - (25.60KB , 600x600 , 36.png )


Ah, I got a clear view and from sufficient distance and safety no less!
It's those lizards again! Probably not the exact same lizards, but who am I to tell them apart. They have set up some small camp there. They are armed, have prisoners/hostages/whatever and generally look pleased with themselves.
So uh, what now? I am pretty hidden, so chance of detecting me is low! Well, that is if I stay here.
No. 2004490 ID: d6ef5d

Can you make out the prisoners? One of them looks like the shopkeeper who sold you the axe!

Looks like we know what the fire last night was. The lizard slavers attacked the village.

Hmm. It would be nice to help the prisoners get free, but I'm not sure how we'd manufacture a rescue, yet.

How many lizards are there? How is there camp set up? What's nearby? If there's few enough of them and terrain we can use, we might be able to come up with a workable plan.
No. 2004491 ID: 387f16

Do any of the hostages look like people from the village? How many lizards are there?
No. 2004492 ID: 91c1b3

How well armed are they? Bronze/iron? Do any of them have a bow?
No. 2004493 ID: 9ddf68

I don't really think there is anything you can actually do here but hey I've been wrong before. If you do feel like helping people out you're going to have to scope the place out, see how many lizard people there are, what kind of patrol routes do they have, how well armed are they, were do they keep the prisoners, ect ect.
But I'm not really sure we should get involved as we really have no idea what is going on right now. This could be just a group of bandits attacking a few small settlements or you could be walking into a war that has been going on for a long long time, maybe even something else. I'm not saying leave because f*** those people unfortunate enough to get caught but because we just don't have enough information to make good decisions right now.
No. 2004494 ID: 78c6ea

Aw man, and you almost assumed it was just a cheery bonfire too! Close save. Well now you got to go save them all. They're good people, and those lizard guys can't be too hard to fight!
No. 2004495 ID: af8414

No. 2004496 ID: a999d5

Stay hidden. Maybe they're stupid and won't set a night watch?
No. 2004497 ID: 31d13c

Is that the clerk from the store earlier?

New objective: save clerk, get store discount
No. 2004498 ID: 360445

Id say stay there and wait for them to leave. A rescue mission would be pointless, since we're probably not the best person to go hand-to-hand combat with a few six foot tall (or so) lizardmen.

If they both leave to get water or something, though, try to free the slaves and steal a better weapon. And some money.
No. 2004499 ID: 35edd4

Stay hidden. Follow them at a safe distance while they move. Provisional plan is to sneak in at night and make off with the slaves. If they're so pleased with themselves they might not set a proper guard.
No. 2004500 ID: e9140c

move around and scout their encampment from different points. get a decent hold of the layout for tonight, when you'll sneak in and make off with their slaves and maybe some other stuff too.
No. 2004501 ID: da7aaa
File 136448548957.png - (14.12KB , 600x600 , 37.png )

rolled 3, 4 = 7

Well eh, let's sneak about a bit then! Don't worry, I know what I am doing!
No. 2004502 ID: da7aaa
File 136448565279.png - (120.56KB , 600x600 , 38.png )

Hehe, managed to circle the place without getting notice. Great, great...
There are 14 of lizard and four hostages/prisoners/slaves/whatever. The lizards are armed with various weapons. I think it's bronze/iron. About four of them have a bow as weapon. Some are pretty heavily armored.

So eh... Any good ideas?
No. 2004503 ID: eaf2f5

Set the forest on fire. Then in middle of the confusion lets save the prisoners and live happily ever after!
No. 2004504 ID: d6ef5d

14? I only see 12 on the map, there.

Man, there's a lot more of them then I expected. And we can't hope to fight that many, and it's not like you can sneak right in the middle of the camp and walk off with the prisoners without being noticed...

I'm not sure I see a way to make a suitable distraction, either. We've got what to work with, the trees and the river over there?

I hate to say it, but I think we're stuck! Going in is just gonna get you killed or captured yourself.

>set the forest on fire
I know you have a hard time seperating good ideas from bad. But that? That is a bad idea.
No. 2004505 ID: 4ea529

Odds're against us. Nice as it would be to rescue those slaves, it won't do them any good to die. And a fire is just plain a terrible idea. Either it won't catch, or it'll and we'll face a large risk of getting caught in it.

From the looks of it, we'll have to just move on.
No. 2004506 ID: 16fad9

dig up a pitfall and lure one into it. then do it again. if you get rid of the two northernmost lizards this way or some other way without alerting the rest, you could sneak off with them to the north.
No. 2004507 ID: 76b151

we lack a shovel, and that sorta thing is a lot of work.
No. 2004508 ID: 16fad9


then some other kind of trap. I'm sure someone can come up with something. exposure to hard work is a lot better than leaving four people to some potentially horrible fate anyway.
No. 2004509 ID: 9ddf68

As nice as it would be to help those four I don't think there is anything you can do without get caught/killed yourself so I think it would be best if you just moved on. And I don't think we have the time, tools, or enough people to set up any kind of trap that could stop/slow down more then 1 or 2 lizards much less 14.
No. 2004510 ID: 387f16

Maybe just a little fire?
You know, to distract them. Then you can signal the prisoners to make a break for it, if they don't on their own.

Oh, wait. How bad are the prisoners tied up? Unless you're good with rope, being too tied up to run means we can't help them, since we have no good rope-slicing knife.
No. 2004511 ID: 34cf7d

We have a nice rope-slicing hatchet though.
No. 2004512 ID: d6ef5d

The problem with a little fire (aside from the fact we're deliberately setting a forest fire), or any 'small' distraction really, is it will temporarily draw the attention of some, but not all, of the guards.

Which means we then have to sneak in past the remaining guards to rescue the prisoners, and then sneak out with the prisoners. Additionally, a small distraction will not keep the slavers busy for long- freeing them up to pursue, search, and/or track us and/or the prisoners almost as soon as they notice the prisoners are missing.

If we want to mount a rescue, we need some way to keep all or most of the lizards busy, and for long enough they can't pursue.
No. 2004513 ID: bf54a8

we need to find some large animals and cause a stampede .
No. 2004514 ID: da7aaa
File 136456298178.png - (180.94KB , 600x600 , 39.png )

I guess I just have to leave them. Maybe situation will solve itself in some manner.
Let's move towards the Focus again.
No. 2004515 ID: da7aaa
File 136456441025.png - (21.10KB , 600x600 , 40.png )

Otherwise uneventful day passes.
Urgh, tired. I am closer to the Focus, but it still looms so far away.
Took some photos of animals. Local fauna is certainly interesting. Big flying lizards etc. Didn't run into anything nasty though. Well, did, but managed to avoid it. I probably should think about sleeping again. I have 2 days of food/water left.

Oh hey, there's someone camping.
No. 2004516 ID: 387f16

Cast Binoculars
No. 2004517 ID: d6ef5d

Aw. It's sad, but you didn't have a good way to help them.

>there's someone camping
Someone unafraid of being discovered, if he has a fire going! That says something, in a land of beasts and slavers.

Scout out the campsite with binoculars. What we got, here?
No. 2004518 ID: c8a283

sneakitty sneak
No. 2004519 ID: 9ddf68

use your Binoculars to see who or what is at this campsite then we'll plan from there.
No. 2004520 ID: cb87d1

Yes, binoculars! If they're unafraid of being found, then they may be able to detect us sneaking. Also, sneaking is suspicious and we dont want to surprise someone potentially dangerous!
No. 2004521 ID: da7aaa
File 136460618337.png - (28.37KB , 600x600 , 41.png )

Hm. Hm hm hm. What do you think?
No. 2004522 ID: cb87d1

Looks like there's more than one of them, the others are sleeping. That guy has a weapon near him...

We could either just continue on to the Focus or try to make contact. If we go with contact, make sure to make yourself seem as little threatening as possible.
No. 2004523 ID: 76b151

It would be nice to share a fire. Even if you don't share a meal at least you will be warm. Approach them, hands out like you tried before showing them empty. If they act hostile flee. If they don't gesture at the fire.
No. 2004524 ID: c8a283

just one guy? or gal? or thing? whatever, point is, you can deal with a loner. just keep your distance in case he turns out to be hostile and doesn't use the hilt of the big fuck-off axe he's got there.
No. 2004525 ID: 9ddf68

I think it would be nice to make a friend but that weapon he has is making me a little hesitant to try. Plus I think I see two more in the background sleeping in that tent thing. I think it would be best if we just kept moving just a bit longer then see if you can find a nice spot to make your own camp for the night, or at least another tree to sleep in.
No. 2004526 ID: eaf2f5

Have faith in the good of people.
Im sure they will gladly share their camp with a fellow traveler, especially one that looks as harmless as you.
No. 2004527 ID: f2c20c

This guy isn't a lizard like the other guys that attacked you without provocation. I say approach cautiously but be ready to flash-blind him and run if he looks like he's going to attack.
No. 2004528 ID: da7aaa
File 136466056767.png - (109.50KB , 600x600 , 42.png )

rolled 3 = 3

I approach as peacefully as I can keeping the camera ready under my cloak. The thing sitting on the log notices me. He doesn't draw his weapon.
I try to gesture that I want to them to share their camp with me. Hopefully this will do!
No. 2004531 ID: da7aaa
File 136466243140.png - (60.55KB , 600x600 , 42.png )


He gestures in return that I may. Great! The campfire is so soothing and all, it is much better to sleep here than hiding.
Although I am not sure if I should let my guard down? Should I just try to sleep now or do something?
No. 2004532 ID: f06036

offer to share your food. don't insist if it refuses. try to talk, or something. and no, don't let your guard down for a second- keep your axe in reach and always be ready to draw it quickly.
No. 2004533 ID: da61c0

when you sleep, sleep lightly
No. 2004534 ID: 9ddf68

I'd say warm up a bit then when you feel comfortable move along just a bit and find somewhere to sleep there.
No. 2004535 ID: 76b151

if we do sleep here make sure to wrap the straps of your binoculars and bag around you so they have to move you to get at them. Better yet would be to curl up around them while you do so.

Also are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper? If you can sleep through a hurricane it might be a good idea to go sleep alone.

In any case share a bit of food with your host before heading off or going to sleep. Its only polite.
No. 2004536 ID: 642871

I agree with sharing a little food, but not all. We need that.

Also, if we sleep here, be sure to put all your belongings in a place where they cant easily be stolen... and, somehow make sure it's okay that you sleep there?

Sitting by their fire is one thing, sleeping there is another.
No. 2004537 ID: da7aaa
File 136468986194.png - (137.29KB , 600x600 , 44.png )

I share some of my food, the keeper of the fire seems delighted by my generosity.
I am somewhat between light sleeper and heavy sleeper, but yeah. I think it sufficiently safe to sleep here. Bit of warmth, someone watching over. All good.

Yawwwn. Good night.
No. 2004538 ID: d6ef5d

Wake up peacefully and happily, and discover you have neither been robbed, murdered, and/or tied up in your sleep.
No. 2004540 ID: da7aaa
File 136469080999.png - (3.90KB , 600x600 , 45.png )


Time to distribute some experience points. Current experience point count is 3.
You can use them up now or save them for later.

Skills - 2 points
Buy from following:
- Spying
- Hacking with an axe
- Gesturing
- Tracking
>Skill grants additional dice to relevant task rolls.

Extra Hitpoint - 3 points
Increase maximum hitpoints by 1. Current hitpoints: 5/5

Extra Defense - 4 points
Increase damage reduction by 1.

New Quality - 10 points
A very broad skill. ex. strong, soldier, smart. Grants additional dice to relevant task rolls

No. 2004541 ID: af8414

No. 2004542 ID: 387f16

Let's get spying. We're already a decent scout; let's become an excellent scout.
No. 2004543 ID: f2c20c

I say we actually learn how to use that axe.
No. 2004544 ID: 35edd4

Gesturing. Communication is always key.
No. 2004545 ID: d6ef5d

Seconding spying. We've got binoculars and a camera in a world that apparently has neither. We can be an excellent spy.
No. 2004546 ID: 387f16

Better yet, it's a camera with photos only we know how to develop.
Whoever wants it needs us.
No. 2004547 ID: 26e4bb
File 136469188107.jpg - (104.99KB , 425x600 , 1326773650908.jpg )

Spying is the way to go.
No. 2004548 ID: 642871

Seconding gesturing. Communication is big.
No. 2004549 ID: 35edd4

I don't think we'll have any success developing it without the appropriate chemicals, and we're certainly not qualified to formulate them ourselves.
No. 2004550 ID: 387f16

That's what training alchemy ranks later on is for!
No. 2004551 ID: 9ddf68

I pick spying since we seem to be doing a lot more sneaking around then 'talking'.
No. 2004552 ID: 4224e5

Save em up.
No. 2004553 ID: f06036

why learn gesturing when you'll eventually learn to speak anyway? I say learn hacking.
No. 2004554 ID: da61c0

you need to be able to communicate to be able to speak the tongue. who will teach you without being able to understand you?

does spying include sneaking? if so then i vote spying. otherwise - Gesturing!
No. 2004555 ID: 531c77

No. 2004556 ID: 76b151

No. 2004557 ID: 91c1b3

No. 2004558 ID: c74c7d

Posing and gesturing
No. 2004559 ID: da7aaa
File 136491059054.png - (178.06KB , 600x600 , 46.png )

>Skill gained: spying. Additional dice when doing spy-related activities ( infiltration, sneaking, etc. )

Good... morning I guess. This night was bit better, warmer, although I am still bit tired. Might be because I haven't had any coffee.
Alright, they did not steal anything, goody. I guess I should pack my stuff and go for the Focus?
No. 2004560 ID: f2c20c

Wait a second. Is that guy over there human too? It'd be nice to talk to someone who knows your language, and maybe you can ask about the odd behavior of that guy you met at the village.

Also ask what the hell's going on in general.
No. 2004561 ID: d6ef5d

Oh fun, you're going to be going through caffeine withdrawal.

Might want to eat a little breakfast before you go. Maybe observe your temporary neighbors for a little bit. They don't seem bothered by your presence, unlike the last town.
No. 2004562 ID: 265880

Heh. These guys look fuzzier than the others. The one in the hat almost looks human at this angle.
Stay and observe, long enough to eat yourself a quick breakfast and give them a sort of goodbye. A nod or polite wave or something. They speak any language?
No. 2004563 ID: 265880

Oh and I just noticed, is that guy bleeding? The cloth he's holding to his face has red stuff on it... unless, that is, they had breakfast and you missed it. Account for all your limbs!
No. 2004564 ID: a999d5

Don't look now, there's another human.
No. 2004565 ID: f9caf5

see if any of these guys can speak your speak. attempt to communicate with them either way. maybe you can hitch a ride.
No. 2004566 ID: 9ddf68

make yourself a quick meal and see if you can't start a conversion with our new friends. if none of them speak English then simply thank them and keep on heading toward the focus as I'm sure our food suples are geting a little low. If at least one of them speaks the langue then start asking some questions like where the hell are you, how did you get here and what the hell is going on around here, also ask about the focus and the great northern barrier as well. (never hurts to have a backup place to run to encase things go to hell)
No. 2004567 ID: af8414

Hey! Another human. Do they speak english? Say hi!
No. 2004568 ID: da7aaa
File 136494740932.png - (131.34KB , 600x600 , 47.png )

I start eating breakfast, and while at that, try to strike conversation with the stranger.
He appears to be quite young, about 14-15. And yeah, he had a nosebleed.

"Ummm. Hi."
>Stranger: "Huo?"
"Do you speak English?"
>Stranger: "Oh, do I, do I. You upwoke just?"
He has strong foreign and alien accent.
>Stranger: "I see. Just got here?"
"Ah, yes."
I introduce myself and he introduces himself as 'The Red One'

I am not sure what to ask, HELP.
No. 2004569 ID: 35edd4

What is this place?
No. 2004570 ID: f2c20c

Where are we, what did he mean by 'woke up', are there any attempts at recreating human civilization and high tech stuff? Why was everyone at the village scared of us?
No. 2004571 ID: d6ef5d

Introduce yourself in return (you do know your name, right? Or do we need to make one up for you?). Ask him how long he's been here, and what he knows about this place. What's with all the villagers being nervous about you, and the mean lizard people? What's with the focus tower?

Where and/or when was he from on Earth?
No. 2004572 ID: 9ddf68

ask if there is anything we should make a point to avoid and why. Like wild animals, plants, certain races, dangerous groups and/or counties, you know that sort of thing. Also ask how common is it for someone to just randomly pop up in this world and if only humans are the only creature that get pulled into this world or not. And on the topic of species what are all the intelligent species in this world and what are they like. since we are probably going to have to learn that sooner or later might as well learn it now if we can.
No. 2004573 ID: b33427

Ask him where he learned to speak English, and if he's met anybody else with an accent similar to yours; Is he a native of this world, or did he "pop" in like you did? For that matter, do you remember what kind of accent the guy that gave you the money had?

Mention that you met one other man so far who spoke English like you do; Better than The Red One by quite a bit, too. He wore a white oval mask with three eye holes, and the image of a hand covering where its mouth would be. He gave you some money and told you to head to the Focus or the Greater Northern Barrier for your safety. Ask if The Red One has any idea who that guy was, or why he helped you out.

And since you're already asking a ton of questions, also ask him how come his nose is bleeding. Somebody hit him?
No. 2004574 ID: e71208

does he need help? because it's pretty much always serious when people cough up blood, so hopefully he just has a mild mouth wound.

other than that, ask him if he came from the same world you did. you know, the one without weird doobie lizards and shit.
No. 2004575 ID: 9747ef

We were just asleep. It's not a metaphor.
No. 2004576 ID: de262c

Sounds like he was born here, or at the very least brought here as a young child. It sounds like he hasn't spoken with another human in a very long time. He won't be too helpful.
No. 2004577 ID: f019fc

>what did he mean by 'woke up'
We... just woke up. We were sleeping.
No. 2004578 ID: 2f4b71

It may be just that he hasn't spoken in English for several years, and is too used to the sentence structure of whatever the most popular local language is.
No. 2004580 ID: da7aaa
File 136505950883.png - (153.26KB , 600x600 , 48.png )

Where are we
>"Small and weird world, old existence. I don't know."

Ask him how long he's been here, and what he knows about this place.
>"Over half of my life, knowing still not that much."

Where and/or when was he from on Earth?
>"I remember old world of gray. I don't miss anymore."

What's with all the villagers being nervous about you
>"Hidden nature of our, becoming real here. I don't know more."

What's with the focus tower?
>"Hallow grounds, in middle of everything. Can be seen from everywhere. Peak is mystery."

does he need help
>"I am just cursed."

Also ask how common is it for someone to just randomly pop up in this world and if only humans are the only creature that get pulled into this world or not.
>"We are alone here. Fifth you are I've seen."

and the mean lizard people?
>"Dragonfolk, fighting for their lord. I am to stop their general. In way. Before they cover more, I need to move quickly."
No. 2004581 ID: f2c20c

If he's heading towards the Focus, perhaps we can help him in some manner and tag along?
No. 2004582 ID: 9ddf68

so what I gathered from him is that we are in some kind of pocket world/dimension that for some reason grabs and pulls random humans into this world and whatever causes us to be here makes the locals afraid of us? did I get that right or did I miss something in there?

And it seems that the lizard or 'Dragonfolk' are in some kind of war with whatever we call the other people here and this guy is going to try and stop them somehow. Don't think we should help and just keep on going to the focus as we have little to no fighting skills and if he is going to try diplomacy we don't speak the language so we will be no help there either. So I guess all that's left for us to do is thank him for his hospitality and maybe ask about the other humans he said he has seen through his travels before we say goodbye.
No. 2004583 ID: 6f705d

Inquire about his curse and our special nature.
And I just realized that facepaint would be a baller way to fit in if we can't find a mask.

Oh, maybe he can teach us some useful phrases in the native language?
Since some of us squandered our chances to get better at gesturing and communicating...
No. 2004584 ID: e71208

can you help with that? it's as good a purpose in this land as any other.
No. 2004585 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, he's trying to stop the lizard people? Those jerks tried to hurt you, and captured a bunch of the villagers the other day!

You've gotten pretty good at scouting and spying, maybe you could help.
No. 2004586 ID: 387f16

This. He seems like a pretty cool guy.
No. 2004587 ID: da7aaa
File 136525453146.png - (121.91KB , 600x600 , 49.png )

Inquire about his curse and our special nature.
>The Red One: "Cursed was I by my foe, to die slow terrible death. Not much time left."

... That is depressing.

>"For our nature, we are beings beyond the veil, beyond the dome of day and night. We cannot be separated from demons and horrors out of veil. It is their nature to fear us. To me they have adjusted, as I am hero for them."

Oh, that explai- no, it doesn't.
I ask about if I can follow him. He says they are moving to west, away from tower towards the place where I came from.
Are you sure I should follow him?
No. 2004588 ID: d6ef5d

Follow the plot hook. We can always resume the trek for the tower at a later date. It's not as if it's going anywhere, or will be hard to find.
No. 2004589 ID: eaf2f5

Borrow a coin from him and flip it. Let luck decide do we follow him or continue towards the tower.
No. 2004590 ID: ff9c52

you have no where else to go anyhow, there was nothing for you where you were going.
No. 2004591 ID: de262c

rolled 1 = 1

I'll save you the trouble. 2 is heads.
No. 2004592 ID: 7bddd5

He can probably teach us to speak the local language, and we don't have anything else to do. Lets follow him.
No. 2004593 ID: 387f16

If he's doing whatever he can to help these people despite his slow terrible death, we'd be a real dick not to help him! Tell him that what little we can do is at his disposal, which right now includes sneaking and having a camera.
No. 2004594 ID: f2c20c

No. We should continue towards our destination. Don't get sidetracked. Plus we're not sure if we can help.
No. 2004595 ID: 9ddf68

Well ask him how far away we are from the focus because we only have 2 days worth of food and water left and if we can get there in that time I think we should thank him for his help and go to the focus, if we don't have the supplies to make the journey then might as well go with him as we would be more likely to get more supplies with him then by ourselves.
No. 2004596 ID: 2df574

yes I am.
No. 2004597 ID: 76b151

I think we should follow him, learnm the language and help him with his last days.
No. 2004598 ID: 45de04

Why not follow him? He can teach you the local language.
No. 2004599 ID: 974e61

hey, will the curse go away if we kill the aforementioned foe?
No. 2004600 ID: da7aaa
File 136544065452.png - (64.06KB , 600x600 , 50.png )

I'll follow him.
After a short while, we start to leave and cannot help but notice a giant lizard with my keen eyes.
"... What is that."
>The Red One: "Friend, our carrier. Very gentle soul."
We climb on.
"Oh, that- say- does killing the general free you from the curse?"
>The Red One: "No. It was given to me by a powerful walking dead, native and not native to land..."

I explain him that I am good at sneaking around and taking photos. He seemed to be less interested about the photography, but rather sneaking.

>The Red One: "Do you have bravery? They are holding friend of mine as prisoner in heart of enemy, releasing will help us. I distract everyone, you free him. Can you help? More dangerous, you can choose not to."
No. 2004601 ID: d6ef5d

Well, we were considering rescuing that last bunch from the lizards, but we lacked a way to make a good distraction.

I say we go for it! We have bravery! And optimism! And sneaking! We can do this!

Let's just surviel the place with binoculars, first, though. Getting the lay of the place will help.
No. 2004602 ID: 001618

sure why not
No. 2004603 ID: d353c1

Yes! We could use a good reputation, like his.
Find some time to ask him about language, by the way.
No. 2004604 ID: 387f16

Yup. Any chance of basic language lessons on the way there?
No. 2004605 ID: 9e1727

Yeah, you'll do it. You would have freed those other captured folks before, but you needed a distraction. This time, you'll have one.

If he's not interested in your photography, what about your binoculars? Show him those, and what they can do if he doesn't know.

Actually, show him the camera, your binoculars, and your cell phone, and ask how often items and machines like these show up in this world.

You probably want to change out your cloak for something that'll better match the color of wherever you're going. If you don't have an option for another cloak, just coat this one in dirt to make it suitably woodsy colored.
No. 2004606 ID: f2c20c

Sure! That's right up our alley.
No. 2004607 ID: a2310a


yes. we would love to be useful.
No. 2004608 ID: da7aaa
File 136554413964.png - (37.24KB , 600x600 , 51.png )

Man, this thing is pretty fast!

He says that he hasn't seen binoculars or phones here at all. I am 4th he has met, after all.

The Red One say he cannot teach the language, but knows means of gifting it to me. That is... quite extraordinary.
He also says he can use this day to teach me things about local plants and how to use them, tell me some more information about the world ( geography, current events ) or some things from what he calls 'way of the red'.

Which one should I choose?
No. 2004609 ID: 35edd4

Current events, so we know what's going on around us. Ask about that guy who came up to you back in the village and what he said.
No. 2004610 ID: 387f16

No. 2004611 ID: d6ef5d

>magic language download, local plant lore, current events, or 'the way of the red'
Lore and news aren't as important, and if we get the language, we can learn it from other people later.

We may not find another person who can magically teach us the language, and if the way of the red is his own thing, we almost certainly can't learn it from someone else.

Personally I'd prefer the way of the red (magic pls?), or failing that, the magic language download.
No. 2004612 ID: 9ddf68

would be nice to know what is going on around us so current events
No. 2004613 ID: 26e4bb

Ok I'm intrigued.
Way of the red.
No. 2004614 ID: 4724f6

Actually, lets find out how many days we'll have with him to learn all these things.

I say start with current events, then move on to plants. Plants would be most useful to us, so we know what we can eat and what to use as medicine.

Then figure out what 'way of the Red' is so we know whether to learn it or geography as next important.
No. 2004615 ID: 2fbf20

Way of the Red
No. 2004616 ID: 91c1b3

Way of red.
No. 2004617 ID: 6d6209

information about the world
No. 2004618 ID: 282719

show us the Way
No. 2004621 ID: da7aaa
File 136562807445.png - (66.26KB , 600x600 , 52.png )

After a while we take a break and eat. The Red One approaches me, giving me a red crystal of sorts.
>The Red One: "Here. Here is my knowledge of language. Keep it close, it allows only to hear. But give time, you begin to truly understand. May have some of my memory, don't be scared. Curse don't spread."

We then proceed to have hour long talks about his 'Way of the Red'. I am going to cut this short: it wasn't much help. He talked much and in his own adorable confusing manner, but I managed to make some sense of him. He basically adheres to code of conduct, focusing on bravery ( finding one's brave heart ) and fairness. He tried to teach me to do some weird things ( he gave me another red crystal, told me to make it grow ). Didn't work out too well. We had to conclude that everyone is not suitable for way of the red.
It wasn't fully unrewarding however. He taught me how to appear less scary, how to suppress the 'terror-aura'.

We arrive tomorrow to our destination. How should I prepare for tomorrow? The Red One said that I probably have to sneak around some buildings. Most of enemy will be distracted, but there is still chance of getting caught.
No. 2004622 ID: 001618

We have an aura?

Anyway as for what to do for tomorrow I say make sure you have a partially full stomach as you don't want a full stomach because if we have to run that would slow us down and if we have an empty stomach then we risk giving away our position do to a growling stomach. and maybe see if he has a map of the area so we can make a lose plain to get to red's friend

so the way of the red doesn't work for us then, does that make us the way of the blue then?
No. 2004623 ID: 4224e5

Well okay. Terror aura. That's a thing. Do you still have the crystal? Might be a good thing to try and fiddle with during your spare time.

Leave the cloak back with the riding thingy- your normal clothes are better for sneaking.

Work on ENHANCING your terror aura. If you get caught it might be useful.
No. 2004624 ID: 2fbf20

I think I know why it didn't work. It's because by the standards of the "way of the red" you're a coward.
No. 2004625 ID: 001618

ok then, he has crystals growing out of his body and seems only to have a red spine for a torso

the fuck?
No. 2004626 ID: 387f16

That's the handle of his sword, I think.
No. 2004627 ID: d6ef5d

>Terror aura
Well, that explains why things are afraid of us. Being able to suppress it when talking to people will help.

Scout with the binoculars, get an idea of the layout and posted guards before you go in.
No. 2004628 ID: 9f7d0e


but do accept the crystal. that arm-growy thing doesn't look like something that'd happen overnight.


sounds like a sexcellent plan.
No. 2004629 ID: bdf406

Ewww, we have a piece of skin-gem.
No. 2004630 ID: f2070d

Oh, so it was magical herpes.
No. 2004633 ID: 387f16

Ask about the human guy we saw near the village.
No. 2004635 ID: da7aaa
File 136580545075.png - (119.62KB , 600x600 , 53.png )

Day turns into night, we settle down to rest. The

The Red One: "This might be my last night."

I can't say if he is speaking in English or that weird language.
The Red One: "Yeah, could you help me a bit? I can no more understand the language, only speak it. Translate what my fellows say..."

Oh. That's really weird.

Me:"Ah, okay..."
The Red One: "Thank you. Let us review our strategy. The place we will enter is one of important, most precious fortresses of dragonfolk. General resides there. My plan is to ride there and challenge him to a duel."
Mosquitoguy: "Ah, that doesn't sound too bad. He is kind of man who cannot turn duel down, especially coming from you."

I translate.

The Red One: "Ehehe, yes... I am counting on that. Dragonfolk are not very bright. When their leader is fighting, they cannot help but watch, ready to run in and assist. During that time, our friend will have easy time slipping in... I don't have a map, but should be easy enough to navigate. Keep away from people dressing weird... this place tends to have such rule."
Me:"What is the guy like anyway? Any way I can identify him?"
The Red One: "Ah, that. He is pretty easy to identify. Big, winged, mean set of teeth... He is probably chained down, so you might want a key."
Mosquitoguy: "I can borrow my lockpicks."
The Red One: "That works too. I will give you a piece of paper which should contain explain situation a bit... show it to him. He can read."
Goat-looking-guy?: "I guess I'll have to write it then."
The Red One: "Hehehe, yeah. I have to thank everyone of you. Supporting me in this situation..."

Mosquito and Goat built a makeshift lean-to and begin to sleep. The Red One takes the first spark, I keep chatting him a bit.

The Red One: "If the whole crystal-thing bothers you, The Way of The Red is not for everyone... Everyone of us has their own way. The Shaman of the North has his own way... The Sage... I guess you have to find it yourself. You will not fail, as long as you believe in your brave heart.
... And yes, I almost forgot. If I die there, I want you to move towards the Focus. Meet the Sage. My imprisoned friend knows the location, he can help you if you succeed."

Any last questions before sleep? I have a spark-duty, not sure when, probably just before morning.
No. 2004636 ID: 9f2391

Ask him if there is anything else you should know to survive here. Otherwise, ask if there's anything else he would like you to do.

Thank him kindly for his help. Take his picture, for a keepsake and so others may see him.
No. 2004637 ID: 387f16

Bumping this because might be lost in update fix.
No. 2004638 ID: 9ddf68

ask if he believes that this general is going to be the death of him or his curse? and maybe ask what are his powers exactly and what can the other two he has mentioned do? Also before you sleep ask when you do have spark duty and what is it then head off to sleep as you will most likely need all the rest you can get tomorrow. Oh and ask red what we should say or do to let his friend know we are with him and not some thief or another bandit or something so he doesn't attack or leave us after we let him go.
No. 2004639 ID: 387f16

Pretty sure spark duty is night watch.
And goatdude was writing a note for us to give the general.
No. 2004640 ID: 9ddf68

crap missed that part, that he was making a note to teach us to use the lock pick for some reason.
No. 2004641 ID: fedc54

not to the general, to red's friend that we are rescuing.
what does he mean by people dressing weird?
No. 2004642 ID: 387f16

Oh, I thought we were rescuing a friend who was a general from another general who was not a friend.
No. 2004643 ID: d6ef5d

Ah, they're a little weird, but I wasn't gonna say anything.

>Take his picture, for a keepsake and so others may see him.
Full on group portrait, with his friends. Dunno when we'll have the chance to develop the photo, though.
No. 2004644 ID: da7aaa
File 136589487279.png - (14.60KB , 600x600 , 54.png )

The Red One coughs bit of blood and wipes runny nose.

The Red One: "I love nights like this, a fire and a starry sky..."
Me: "Uh... The stars are not right..."
The Red One: "The veil where stars are sewn, I guess our world had different veil."
Me: "... Do you think the curse will take you or the general? I mean, uh- And what did you mean, 'dressing weird'."
The Red One: "Could be both. There is not much time left for me. And as for the dressing thing, hehe. Powerful people dress strangely, I have noticed. They keep themselves very distinct. It's sorta funny..."
Me: ... and uh... there was this one guy I met in the village. Human, had a mask with three eye-holes and hand painted over mouth. Gave me some money and told me to leave the village, go towards the Focus or Northern... Barrier."
The Red One: "I haven't seen such people... But I have heard of rumors of dragonfolk being assisted by demons with foreign knowledge. I hope not."

I take few pictures of him and go to sleep. I will take some tomorrow.
No. 2004645 ID: 8c4b01

K so the plan for when we wake up is to have a light breakfast and the scout out the area to find the best way in for when red's friend. Speaking of breaking out Red's friend do we know how to use the lock pick?
No. 2004646 ID: 2025a1

we will ask the friend for tips on using the picks. rest now.
No. 2004647 ID: da7aaa
File 136614389328.png - (50.11KB , 600x600 , 55.png )

Next day, evening.
Spend morning taking pictures. The goat-looking-guy(?) taught me basic use of the lockpicks. Since we did not have locks around, I am not very sure of my skills.
Anyway, we made it to the place. It is a massive fortress by a mountain. I drop off and hide, while The Red one declares his arrival.
The dragonfolk open door, I can see that they are pretty heavily armed. However, they seem to be very fixated on the Red One. Maybe he's doing some aura-hijinks?
Oh well. The Red One instructed me to take route to base of the mountain. There are two ways. Sneak in while gate is open, or follow wall to the mountain and find a good point to climb over the wall.
Of course, I am all open to all sorts of ideas!
No. 2004648 ID: dc4a44

just sneak in now through the door.
No. 2004649 ID: af8414

No. 2004650 ID: 9ddf68

I think we should go with the quicker rout and just sneak in now though the gate as we really don't know how long red is going to keep them distracted and I would like to get out before they realize we just ran off with there prisoners.
No. 2004651 ID: 45de04

walk into gate what can go wrong
No. 2004652 ID: eaf2f5

Fortune favors the audacious. Go in through the gate and keep an eye out for any barrels or boxes you can hide under.
No. 2004653 ID: babfae

don't forget to hide your aura, now.
No. 2004654 ID: da7aaa
File 136623459067.png - (30.93KB , 600x600 , 56.png )

rolled 4, 4, 4 = 12

I am in.
The Red One was right, everyone is too mesmerized by him to notice me... I can sneak around pretty easily...
At least around here.
>"The Red One?!"
>"He is to challenge our mightiest?"
>"Smaller than told... too small!"
>"What is he? Like masked ones?"
>"Mother will feast tonight!"
>"No chances no chances no chances!"
>"He is too red."

Well, not sure where I should go. There are stairs down and several doors, one north ( there is someone standing right next to door ), one east ( towards mountain, I would have to be quite sneaky to get here ). There are also ramps leading to very impressive-looking gate.
Of course, there are ladders that lead on the wall.

sneak roll
No. 2004656 ID: 001618

I say hit the north door as you don't have someone guard something unless there is something for them to guard. As for the guy standing in front of the door, just see if you can find a rock or something and then just throw it and see if the guard leaves to check it out the noise, then you just can sneak on by.

I think the east door is to risky right now and the gate most likely doesn't lead to the dungeon. I also don't see any reason to go to the wall as we have almost no where to hide up there and unless they have there prisoners out in the open the only thing getting up on the wall would do is grant us a better view of the fight, and since we are trying to use the fight as a distraction to rescue the Prisoners that would be counter productive if we stopped to watch it.
No. 2004658 ID: d6ef5d

>What is he? Like masked ones?
Huh. Sounds like masked guy was working with the lizards after all.

>where go?
Stairs down, I think. Dungeons are usually below ground, right?
No. 2004660 ID: 2baea8

Yeah, look for something to distract north door guy with if you can't slip in past him while he watches the fight.
No. 2004661 ID: 4224e5

I'd go for the ladders- let you get a view of the entire area, locate the prisoners.
No. 2004662 ID: 56919e

the easiest one. worry about getting out of sight first. going unnoticed is bound to be easier indoors. you'll worry about orientation once you've made it.
No. 2004663 ID: da7aaa
File 136631918123.png - (70.25KB , 600x600 , 57.png )

I caught glimpse of their general. He looks pretty tough.
No. 2004665 ID: da7aaa
File 136631936448.png - (132.83KB , 600x600 , 58.png )

rolled 2, 3, 5 = 10

North door it is! Let me just... bit... sneak around here!

I throw rock to distract, but the dragonfolk at the door is too focused at hurling insults at the Red One. Just... snaking in shouldn't be too difficult.

Oops! Almost got hit by a swooshy tail there!
No. 2004666 ID: dc4a44

[] Touch fluffy tail.

WTF mang!?
No. 2004667 ID: da7aaa
File 136632031887.png - (18.10KB , 600x600 , 59.png )

Okay, I am in!
This room seems to hold some sort of weapon stockpile. There are stairs downwards and ladder up ( probably won't lead to wall though ). Any ideas?
No. 2004668 ID: 3bc0da

Steal knife or sword.
No. 2004669 ID: 2baea8

Grab an easy to hide dagger and see what's down the stairs. Dungeons are probably lower down.
No. 2004670 ID: d6ef5d

No. 2004671 ID: 8bb554

Think you could burn something in here if we need to make a second distraction incase our first is over before we can get out of here
No. 2004675 ID: 56919e

grab two daggers, then go downstairs.
No. 2004676 ID: da7aaa
File 136637513817.png - (136.44KB , 600x600 , 60.png )

Hm, these daggers do look pretty nice! I think I will pilfer two for my own use... It's not necessarily bad to steal this time, I mean, these guys are pretty bloodthirsty.

... And nah, let's not free the arsonist inside me.
No. 2004679 ID: da7aaa
File 136637596943.png - (39.40KB , 600x600 , 61.png )

I descend down the stairs and spot... uh. I think he is sleeping. 'Guarding' some heavy-looking door.
No. 2004680 ID: eaf2f5

Sneak past the guard and carefully try to open the door, pray that it is well oiled and not squeaky.
No. 2004681 ID: 76f500

think you can kill him before he wakes up?
No. 2004682 ID: 76b151

i think we are going to have to kill him. going in by sneak is fine... but we might have to come back here and with another person and thats a whole nother kettle of fish.
No. 2004683 ID: 2baea8

Yeah, try to sneak by. Murdering someone in their sleep ain't cool. If we wakes up and tries to sound the alarm though, aim for the mouth or throat.
No. 2004684 ID: 2baea8

He, not we.
No. 2004685 ID: d6ef5d

This is a sneaking mission. Not a stabbing one.
No. 2004686 ID: af8414

He looks pretty asleep, you don't have to kill him, I don't think. Just walk on by.
No. 2004687 ID: 9ddf68

just sneak past for now. We don't even know if this guy is blocking the dungeon and If we don't have to deal with him I say just leave him and move on.
No. 2004688 ID: 8275a7

Say, do you have or see some rope lying around? You can bind him and don't forget to cut some pieces of clothes to stuff in its mouth.
No. 2004689 ID: da7aaa
File 136640067612.png - (97.40KB , 600x600 , 62.png )

No murdering!
Let's see this door...

Yup, it is locked! I might be able to open it with a lockpick, but it might wake up the lizard...
No. 2004690 ID: 9ddf68

well then try and pick the lock as it would be good practice for when you have to free people later, just keep an eye on our sleeping friend here and if he starts to wake up hit him over the head with something heavy... also before you try and pick the lock find something heavy to hit him over the head with incase he wakes up
No. 2004691 ID: dc4a44

Tie him to the chair. touch his fluffy tail.
No. 2004692 ID: d6ef5d

...I don't suppose the key he's supposed to be guarding is just laying around?

If not, this >>506674 seems a good plan.
No. 2004693 ID: 8275a7

Best plan.
No. 2004694 ID: 45de04

Check out the chest his tail is resting on.
No. 2004695 ID: 2baea8

Try to see if he has a key visible on him, where you can lift it off easily. If so, try to get it. If not do this >>506674
No. 2004696 ID: af8414

Look for the key, otherwise lockpick
No. 2004697 ID: 9ef3c0

if you don't kill this guy now, he'll kill more people during his lifetime- innocent people, unlike him.

grow up, grow a pair and stick your daggers into his throat.
No. 2004698 ID: 2baea8

How do we know he's committed any crime? He never went to watch the bloodshed outside; whether it's because he was asleep at the time or not we can't honestly know, but it's something to consider. Innocent until proven guilty.
No. 2004699 ID: 76f500

>No murdering!
grow up, tourist! you're taking an unnecessary risk by not killing him in his sleep. if you fail you die, red's friend dies and everyone this guy ends up eating also dies.
they eat humans, tourist. kill him dead.
No. 2004700 ID: ccf689


This plan is super legit
No. 2004701 ID: d6ef5d

...we'll have plenty of friends with tails you can molest later. Doing so now would be a bad idea.

And our first response shouldn't be murder. He's never killed before, and there's a good chance he'd fuck it up. Besides, if you're on a sneaking mission and you're trying to to kill the guards you come across? You're doing it wrong.
No. 2004702 ID: dc4a44

But none quite so fluffy as the dragons.
No. 2004703 ID: f2c20c

Can't you steal his keys?
No. 2004704 ID: da7aaa
File 136649961298.png - (175.18KB , 600x600 , 63.png )

rolled 6, 5, 6 = 17

Strangely enough, he doesn't seem to have key. I am not searching any more thoroughly however, as he might as well wake up...
The box which on the tail rests contains vegetables of some sort. They do not smell very pleasant.

{1st dice - lockpicking, 2nd&3rd dice - not waking lizard up}

Hm, hm hm...
No. 2004705 ID: da7aaa
File 136650114919.png - (126.49KB , 600x600 , 64.png )

Critical Success

I manage to unlock the door... the lizard seems to be still in deep sleep! Awesome! What I from behind the door is not prisoners of any kind. Buncha of large locked chests and...
uh, is that a...?
A rifle!
No. 2004706 ID: 76b151

score. take it. having a long range option is always a good thing. See if theres any bullets or gunpowder.

Then lets head on up that ladder, make sure to close the door behind you.
No. 2004708 ID: d6ef5d

Now that is what I call a critical success!

Take rifle, check if it's loaded, and if there's any ammunition to take. Then close the door so it looks like you didn't take anything.

Maybe you'll even be good with a rifle? You have practice aiming a camera at things.

Then we'll need to backtrack and/or move on, since the prisoner obviously isn't in this room.
No. 2004709 ID: 2baea8

This. Continue downstairs past sleepy.
No. 2004710 ID: af8414

They have guns? That's pretty worrisome. I don't think closing the door really matters, since we'll be moving on, and the door closing might wake the guard up? It's down some stairs, not really visible or anything.

Anyway, we check up the ladder and if there's nothing there we'll probably have to sneak back out.
No. 2004711 ID: 2baea8

I think the door was to the guard's right, and stairs further down to his left.

It's also possible the gun belonged to our masked 'friend', since he seems to be working with the lizards.
No. 2004712 ID: af8414

He was part of a group, there could be several of them working with these guys.
No. 2004713 ID: ad2527

Take the gun and head down as dungeons are normally in the basement level of most strongholds
No. 2004714 ID: 4224e5

The most power a immigrant from another world can wield is knowledge. They're creating a totally unbalanced war.
No. 2004715 ID: 70a9a6

Better grab some bullets and gunpowder for that gun unless you want to be hauling around a sophisticated club
No. 2004716 ID: caa5bf

clearly a one-of-a-kind. even if you don't use it, you can probably sell this thing for enough money to buy yourself a small army of badass eunuchs who will allow their nipples to be cut off just to prove a point.
No. 2004717 ID: da7aaa
File 136658026998.png - (196.30KB , 600x600 , 66.png )

I cannot find any ammunition or gunpowder... the rifle doesn't seem to accept such? The stock is concave on the top... it's like you could place some sort of bottle on it. There are pipes where you could connect such a thing.
... Is this a supersoaker? Haha!

Oh well, I take the rifle and sneak past the guard. I leave the door open not to risk waking up the lizard.
Going past the guard, there is a hallway with bunch of doors. All doors are unlocked, but the rooms do not contain anything particularly exciting. More weapons, clothing, some armor, that kind of stuff.

In the end of hallway, there are stairs leading up. What should I do?
No. 2004719 ID: 735f4f

Might accept some sort of unknown and probably dangerous liquid ammo. Don't go assuming its not a dangerous weapon just yet.
No. 2004720 ID: 9ddf68

only one way to go, up
No. 2004721 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Magic gun that takes liquid fuel? I wonder if it's even armed or loaded right now. (And it's not like test firing it is a smart idea- that kind of ruins stealth).

Might be useful as a bluff, even if we don't know if it's loaded. A lizard we point it at might assume the worst.
No. 2004722 ID: 76f500

>some armor
>not exciting
excuse me, what are you doing!?
No. 2004723 ID: 32e092

Keep an eye open for anything that looks like it'd fit the rifle. Not much good without ammo.
No. 2004724 ID: f2c20c

I'd like to note that this is probably not going to lead to the jail. We're in the armory.

We might want to head back out and try a different entrance, if what's upstairs is troublesome.
No. 2004725 ID: 45de04

Up is where we want to go. Up gives us a good view of the area.
No. 2004726 ID: 195879

Our dude is human of normal proportions and probably not the strongest human around.

These things are giant lizardmen with bigger proprtions than us and tails and long necks and weird digigrade legs and claws and different numbers of fingers and random horny protrusions and, generally, they're way bigger than us and their weakest could probably carry heavier armor than we could.

See the issue with the armor they have?
No. 2004727 ID: 76b151

i agree, platemail of any sort it out of the question. but a good leather or chain hauberk would give us some protection... which we desperately need.
No. 2004728 ID: d6ef5d

The biggest problem with any kind of armor (above, say, leather) is they tend to have stealth penalties of some kind (they make noise, or make you heavier, less agile, etc). That could be dangerous on a sneaking mission.
No. 2004729 ID: cb7145

It's still worth trying to get a plate piece to get a makeshift shield.
Even better if there is a small buckler of sorts.
Just saying.
No. 2004730 ID: 195879

And if we drop it or bang it on something?
Even if we spring for leather or something, the sizes are probably all far too big for us.
No. 2004731 ID: 76b151

hauberks are basically shirts. Yes they are heavier, but not debilitatingly, nor are they too stiff to prevent movement. Gotta remember these are meant for combat as well.

As for the size difference I'm not convinced these things are too much bigger then we are.
No. 2004732 ID: 2baea8

Proceed upwards.
No. 2004733 ID: 1b6ded

I swear theyre bigger
No. 2004734 ID: c1b77b

take 'em.

map the place out mentally as good as you can.
No. 2004735 ID: bd8b82

Let's not take the armor. Too heavy and noisy.
No. 2004736 ID: da7aaa
File 136675287057.png - (25.26KB , 600x600 , 67.png )

I check the armors quickly. Even the smallest ones are bit too big for me. Not too much, but they would hinder mobility a great degree, and I can probably avoid better without.

Anyway, rising up the stairs and..!
No. 2004737 ID: d6ef5d

Quick! Back, before he sees you!
No. 2004738 ID: ccf689


Hide to the left!

Check out his butt when he's passing by.

Touch fluffy tail is our main objective.
No. 2004739 ID: a988cd

He's watching the fight so he hasn't seen you yet, duck into one of the side rooms and lets see if we can't sneak around this guy
No. 2004740 ID: 2baea8

His armor is looking rather regal, possibly high ranking. It's probably best to avoid him and check one of the side rooms.
No. 2004741 ID: dc4a44

Is that even a dragon? A tengu? One of those goat guys?
No. 2004742 ID: 32e092

Whatever he is, mmmm, dat butt
No. 2004743 ID: 4224e5

Weird looking people are powerful. He looks weird. He is powerful.
No. 2004744 ID: 8a18e3

that guy looks really tough... I hope his armor is loud enough to penalize his listen checks. go the way he isn't blocking.
No. 2004745 ID: da7aaa
File 136683870355.png - (26.61KB , 600x600 , 68.png )

rolled 2, 3 = 5

I'll try to sneak past! Hopefully he/she/it won't notice me...
No. 2004747 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. That's not avoiding him/her/it, or darting off into a doorway to the left and hiding. That's walking right past him/her/it.

...I sure hope that works. Those were kind of low rolls.
No. 2004748 ID: 001618

doesn't look like it noticed us... at least not yet, and I'm not seeing a tail on this one either.
No. 2004749 ID: da7aaa
File 136683979028.png - (64.08KB , 600x600 , 69.png )


I manage to sneak past without being detected... I took a short dash to get out of line of sight, and take quick rest near the window.

There is are stairs down. But I also noticed something interesting outside. A chained, winged beast. Looks ferocious!
No. 2004750 ID: 76b151

if its domesticated that might be our ticket out of here. Take note of the nearby doors, maybe we can plan a route there.
No. 2004751 ID: 001618

unless you're sure that the thing would go off on some kind of rampage or something if you let it out of it's bindings (which would provide a great second distraction) or that you could ride it out of here I really don't think getting near it is a good idea, unless the prisoners are near it. But really we really need to find those prisoners now as we are on a time limit and we don't really have any idea how long we have until the fight ends.
No. 2004752 ID: 2baea8

Probably a dragon, yo. Now get down those stairs, time is a-wasting.
No. 2004753 ID: d6ef5d

A dragon?

Assuming they don't have good control over it, freeing it might be an option for further distraction or escape. I think we might have to wait on that, though.

Where is the dragon relative to yourself? In the courtyard below? Or right where you could walk to it?
No. 2004754 ID: f2c20c

Do we have a description of the Red One's friend? Could it be the dragon?
No. 2004755 ID: 8334ff


That's the fellow you're supposed to rescue. Get on down there.
No. 2004756 ID: 9e1727

...Wait a second. Remember what The Red One said about identifying who you're here to rescue? "He is pretty easy to identify. Big, winged, mean set of teeth... He is probably chained down, so you might want a key." You just might be looking at your objective right now.

While you have a clear view, pull out your binoculars and take a closer look at the big beast. See if you can spot any locks and how many there are.

Unless there's an easy way to get down to the ground without detection out that window, you're going to have to head down the stairs anyway, so head that way.
No. 2004757 ID: 2baea8

Oh shit, you're right. Do this.
No. 2004758 ID: af8414

That's our target. Scout for guards and such, and check to see if there's a safe route right out the window so you don't have to muck about with things like STAIRS
No. 2004759 ID: 1645f1

I really want to steal that red, stealable-looking bag but I guess we shouldn't risk it.

try to find a way to the dragon-looking thing- maybe it has some ideas on how to get it out of here.
No. 2004760 ID: da7aaa
File 136691792545.png - (28.93KB , 600x600 , 70.png )

The drop isn't too bad really.
But yeah, the dragon(?). Red, big, winged, mean set of teeth, chained down. Plenty of chains, some to the poles and ground. Picking the locks it will take plenty of time. This just might be the Red One's Friend! It doesn't move much...

However, there is one guard, armed with spear. He hasn't spotted me. Dropping down from here might alert the guard.
No. 2004761 ID: 76b151

i think we're going to have no choice but to fight, and he has a spear while you have daggers.

Circle around, get as close as you can then jump on top of him with daggers drawn and attack. go for the throat, the belly and the back of the calves. Slash, don't stab and stay within his gaurd, maintaining distance will get you killed.
No. 2004762 ID: 9ddf68

think you could sneak around on the ledge you are on to get above the guard with the spear? if so do that and when you get above him find a nice big rock and drop it right on his head, failing that then I guess just jump down on top of him with either your new daggers or your hatch (whatever one you think would be more effective with/the one you feel most comfortable with) and try and take him out before he can call for help, then show the 'dragon' the letter see if he reacts at all and either way let him loose. if he didn't really react to the letter just be really careful when releasing him as I'm not totally sure he won't just attack you but if we put this much effort to free the damn thing then I'm not going to stop just because it might not be our guy, and as a plus it would give us a second distraction.
No. 2004763 ID: d6ef5d

...do you see keys being kept anywhere? Getting ahold of those might be quicker than picking the locks.

And if you want to take the guard out quietly from behind, there's always bashing him over the head or putting him in a sleeper hold.
No. 2004764 ID: 1645f1

perform an air assassination.
No. 2004765 ID: 2baea8

Whatever you do, don't jump down on the spear guy.
Paper Mario has taught me that this results in impalement.
No. 2004766 ID: af8414

Would it be possible to circle around outside the guard's field of view or similar? Maybe a stupid idea, but can you try loosening some of the dragon's restraints or picking some locks that are out of the guard's field of view/hearing? If you can get possibly-red's-friend some mobility, it might help us out in the event that taking the guard out stealthily doesn't work.
No. 2004767 ID: da7aaa
File 136741346685.png - (81.93KB , 600x600 , 71.png )

rolled 1, 1 = 2

Let's try to be sneaky once again...

>sneak roll, -1 penalty.
No. 2004768 ID: da7aaa
File 136741493480.png - (61.63KB , 600x600 , 72.png )

Critical failure!

Oops, I made too much sound, he spotted me! I have to go for-
FUCK I tripped over some buckets!
No. 2004769 ID: d6ef5d

...oh shit we've been spotted and we're now in a fair fight against a warrior of some kind while we have no combat experience.

No. 2004770 ID: 2fbf20

Get out your ax.
No. 2004771 ID: 9747ef

Well, that was inopportune.

... Engage in combat? Might kill you, he has reach on you with that spear of his. Guys? Any ideas?
No. 2004772 ID: 2fbf20

Like grabbing his and chopping it in half?
No. 2004773 ID: eaf2f5

Get yer axe and start chopping those poles while running around the dragon(?) to stay away from the guard.
No. 2004774 ID: ffbe82

you can't let it get help! try to bluff using the empty rifle. if that doesn't take, see if you can drive it back towards the dragon. if that doesn't work, run to the dragon and stay within its attack range where you'll be safe from attacks and hope the dragon can fly both of you out and that it won't attack you. try to convay red sent you, maybe by showing the gem?
No. 2004775 ID: b9ad96

throw your axe into his face.
No. 2004776 ID: 2fbf20

That would only work if he knows what a rifle is.
Currently our best course of action is >>508338
No. 2004777 ID: 001618

turn your fear aura on and see if you can't make the guard panic.
No. 2004778 ID: 2baea8

If the spear had a wood haft, try to cut the spear in half or at least damage it with your axe. If not, flee towards the dragon and climb onto it to try and pick the locks on the stuff actually on it. You're smaller and more agile, hopefully that'll help.
No. 2004780 ID: da7aaa
File 136770969101.png - (75.53KB , 600x600 , 73.png )

rolled 6, 5 = 11

I try to break his weapon. The shaft is indeed wood, it shouldn't be too hard to break!

1st dice, breaking the spear, -1
2nd dice, opponent attacks
No. 2004781 ID: d6ef5d

...wait, why are we breaking the spear? Even if that works, we're wide open to counter attack. And a half-spear is still plenty pointy and dangerous.
No. 2004782 ID: da7aaa
File 136771055540.png - (15.18KB , 600x600 , 74.png )

>Breaking weapon - Critical success!

THERE! I managed to land a very, very lucky hit on the shaft! It snapped! And just in time too! I was in very bad position and the lizard could have skewered me badly!
No. 2004783 ID: 32e092

Protagonist cast Confusion! It's super-effective!
No. 2004784 ID: 76b151

Finish him off. Strike at his throat.
No. 2004785 ID: d6ef5d

Now wack him on the head with the back-end of the axe-head! Knock him out!
No. 2004786 ID: 76b151

I have a feeling these things skulls are quite thick
No. 2004787 ID: 2baea8

No. 2004788 ID: af8414

Chop poles free dragon? Taking out the guard first might take priority...
No. 2004789 ID: f2c20c

No. 2004790 ID: 0dcec8

Guys, guys, guys... we have a FEAR aura. As long as we're sure he can't get away we've already won. Turn up the intimidation and run him down.
No. 2004791 ID: af8414

No. 2004792 ID: 9ddf68

turn your fear aura on and see if we can't send him into a panic or something, just try and knock him out or something before he can call for help.
No. 2004793 ID: 11b8b6

No no no! Knock him out! This is a stealth mission, we can't have anyone running away from us in terror, they'll alert others!

Knock him out somehow, then free the dragon.
No. 2004794 ID: dda6e7

unarmed enemies, to my knowledge, have a tendency to call for help. now, I doubt making him fear us some more will help with that, so I suggest we don't do that and stick with killing him dead very quickly instead.

axe him.
No. 2004796 ID: da7aaa
File 136787958522.png - (7.99KB , 600x600 , 75.png )

rolled 1, 3 = 4

I let my nature to be.

1st dice: Terror Aura ( -2 ), 2nd dice: lizard
No. 2004797 ID: da7aaa
File 136788087335.png - (173.96KB , 600x600 , 76.png )

It did not work too well! He retaliated instead, bringing a punch to the right should! It is probably going to leave a bruise, nothing more...
"I don't need weapon to show you suffering, fiend!"
No. 2004798 ID: 76b151

Like I said before, Kill him.
No. 2004799 ID: af8414

Let's try to knock him out!
No. 2004800 ID: d6ef5d

Right, just wack him in the head (for a knock out), already. Your baseball training should have prepared you for clubbing. You can use the blunt backside of your axe. It'll probably catch him off guard, as he'll expect an attack with the edge.
No. 2004801 ID: 2baea8

This. You'll still get the blade's weight behind it, and you don't need to worry about a bad angle making the blade glance off his scales.
No. 2004802 ID: 3d9b8f

Just be careful of his teeth and horns...
No. 2004803 ID: 9ddf68

you could try and kick him between the legs, just draw your ax and make it look your going to swing it then at the last second bring your knee up with all your strength right into his groin. If he's use to normal fights I think that might catch him off guard, then when he's distracted by this then hit him with the blunt side of your ax. A one two 'punch' if you will
No. 2004804 ID: 0ecf4e

This, or
>punch to the right should!
>It is probably going to leave a bruise, nothing more...
He is either really weak or a new recruit, you can try to deck him in the gut.
No. 2004805 ID: 35edd4

Or maybe this species just isn't all that badass. Would explain Red's willingness to fight.
No. 2004806 ID: eaf2f5

Drop your weapon, throw off your cloak and rip off your shirt. Then engage the dragon man in MANLY hand to hand combat.
No. 2004807 ID: d21ec8

non-evil people don't speak that way. kill him.
No. 2004808 ID: dc4a44

Or he's just showing bravado.
Either way, you gotta fight now, try not to be a murderer.
No. 2004809 ID: da7aaa
File 136796588947.png - (113.47KB , 600x600 , 77.png )

rolled 5, 6, 3 = 14

Yeah, let's do this the more preferable non-murderous way!

1st, 2nd: bash. 3rd: dragon's attack
No. 2004810 ID: da7aaa
File 136796692684.png - (22.12KB , 600x600 , 78.png )


And pow! The lizard is knocked out for good!
Well eh... For some time at least!
It's just eh...
I won..

Good thing this did not turn into a murder...
No. 2004811 ID: f2c20c

Alright, suppress your terror aura again while releasing the dragon. Also ask if it can talk. Say that the Red One sent you.
No. 2004812 ID: 9ddf68

now show the dragon the note and get to letting it loss, even if this isn't the guy we're looking for I'm sure he'll still proved a great distraction for now.
No. 2004813 ID: 76b151

Murder is premeditated and unlawful. Killing while in battle for anothers freedom is generally not that. Yes its still a horible thing but you can be justified in doing so.
No. 2004814 ID: d6ef5d

Quick, tie up the lizard so if and when he wakes up, he can't attack you! Gag him too, so he can't shout for help.

You can use his cape to make a gag, and one of the dragon ropes to tie him up.

Remember to suppress the terror aura again (so as not to draw the attention of others) and try communicating with the dragon.
No. 2004815 ID: af8414

Now free this dude!
No. 2004816 ID: 2baea8

No. 2004817 ID: f80b51

Take the lizardmen as a prisioner beforehand, trying to get info on who got them the gun and what are their plans would be wise.

Now or never
Touch fluffy tail.
No. 2004818 ID: e653a5

search him.
No. 2004819 ID: dc4a44

No killing is justifiable.

More importantly
Touch his fluffy tail.
No. 2004820 ID: 76b151

death is always been a part of life. And when you are fighting the two become deeply intertwined. When you wish to live and the other wishes you to die its often a choice between dying and killing unless you outclass your opponant completely. In that case, and generally that in case only killing is entirably justifiable.
No. 2004821 ID: 495b20

Touch the fluffy tail!
No. 2004822 ID: 35edd4

Get your grope on all over dat tail
No. 2004823 ID: da7aaa
File 136822890518.png - (115.85KB , 600x600 , 79.png )

I remove the muzzle-sort-of-thing and try to ask the dragon some questions. It just cocks its head.
Then I remember to show the note.
>"Ah, the Red One... He is there, fighting? Then we must hurry. Undo my bindings and we shall fly."
Should I? Or is there something I should do instead?
No. 2004824 ID: 35edd4

No. 2004825 ID: ba138e

Touch fluffy tail.
No. 2004826 ID: dc4a44

Touch fluffy tail
No. 2004827 ID: f2c20c

Hey. HEY!

We can do BOTH, guys.
No. 2004828 ID: af8414

Yes do that and loot the guard too
No. 2004829 ID: 9ddf68

I can't think of anything else to do so might as well untie him... did the guard you just knock out have any keys on him or are we stuck to using the lock pick.
No. 2004830 ID: d6ef5d

Unbind the dragon, bind the lizard, hop aboard, and take out your rifle so you can be the dragon-plane's gunner.

...even if it's not loaded, we can bluff, and we're already gonna be pretty scary atop that thing.
No. 2004831 ID: 4c2072

If we may be able to help the red one we should free the dragon as fast as we can and not miss the opportunity by getting distracted by looting or touching up the guard.
No. 2004832 ID: 2baea8

Search guard for keys while you give into your instinct to touch fluffy.
No. 2004833 ID: 9a8298

Touch the fluffy tail, use axe on bindings.
No. 2004834 ID: 4a5b22

Hey, you

touch the god damned fluffy tail
No. 2004835 ID: d628f0

Touch Fluffy Tail
No. 2004836 ID: 6bb9db
File 136823286350.gif - (939.03KB , 255x164 , funny loafman.gif )

Touch the fluffy tail you massive pleb, do it faggot.
No. 2004837 ID: af8414

Don't touch the fluffy tail. At most, grab the dragon's fluffy mane so you don't fall off
No. 2004838 ID: 35edd4

No. 2004839 ID: cf49fc

Compromise: Grab the fluffy mane with the fluffy tail as a backup. Touch the tail upon landing or ejection.
No. 2004840 ID: da7aaa
File 136831227041.png - (96.68KB , 600x600 , 80.png )

I don't get the hype.
>"...What are you doing?"
No. 2004841 ID: dc4a44

Now ride them dragons. Come to Red's rescue or something.
No. 2004842 ID: d6ef5d

>What are you doing?
Searching the guard before we fly off, or course. And um, binding him. I was kind of wondering if the tail was flexible enough that I could tie him up with it? Silly idea, I guess.
No. 2004843 ID: f2c20c


Let's do this. See if there's locks on his bindings. If there are, quickly check to see if there's keys on the guard- if not just use your axe on the... well, don't cut the dragon.
No. 2004844 ID: af8414

awful. should not have touched fluffy tail.
No. 2004845 ID: 803106

"I am unfamiliar with reptiles that have fur, only with mammals having it." I don't think he can understand us though, at least if we say something it sounds like we have an excuse.
No. 2004846 ID: af8414

"Sometimes I have stupid impulses" works better
No. 2004847 ID: 9e1727

Now that you've indulged your random impulse to touch fluffy tail, time to unchain the dragon.

Do a cursory check of the guard for the key to the manacles, even though it's unlikely the guard on duty right next to the dragon would have it. It would be a real dumb security move to have the key to release the dragon right next to the dragon, where the dragon could somehow get a hold of it.

If there's no key on the guard, try to ask the dragon where it is, or who has it, since the dragon presumably saw it used. Pantomime turning a key in the lock, then point to the dragon, then to your eyes, then to the imaginary key you're holding, and hopefully he'll get what you're asking.

But if he doesn't know where it is, you're going to have to resort to lockpicks. These are big, heavy locks, so their mechanisms should be pretty simple.
No. 2004848 ID: 3fe991

oh yeah baby rub that shit all over your chin

...or, y'know, just bind and gag and hide him before examining the dragon's bindings.
No. 2004849 ID: 2baea8

Shrug and get to the jailbreak.
No. 2004850 ID: 9ddf68

say you are looking for keys or anything else useful the guard might have on him. if he ask why you're looking though his tail just say you heard that this guys sometimes hide things in the hair on there tails just because no one would think to look there.

Also start see what the guard has on his person to see if we are going to get lucky and find a key or are we going to have to see if we can figure out how to use the lock pick.
No. 2004851 ID: 35edd4

"Touching fluffy tail."

Straightfaced. No further explanation.
No. 2004852 ID: cf49fc

Think of it this way. YOU'RE TOUCHING A DRAGON! WOO!
No. 2004853 ID: cf49fc

Think of it this way. YOU'RE TOUCHING A DRAGON! WOO!
No. 2004854 ID: b0bfef

I thought we were touching the gaurd's fluffy tail, not the dragon's?

...... touch that dang ol' gaurds tail dag'nabit, then let's use the axe on those bonds! The Red One needs us!
No. 2004855 ID: af8414

I think that is the guard's tail.
No. 2004856 ID: cf49fc

That's boring. Touch the dragon instead.
No. 2004857 ID: 35edd4

It's a tail and it's fluffy. What else matters?
No. 2004858 ID: cf49fc

Dragons > Fluffiness
No. 2004859 ID: 1ca9d2

You've got more important things to do than this touching stuff nonsense. Unchain the dragon and hitch a ride.
No. 2004860 ID: da7aaa
File 136848407756.png - (32.94KB , 600x600 , 81.png )

Enough with this fluff-nonsense!
I pick the locks ( as the guard did not have key, but he is unconscious anyway so eh ) and release the dragon!
And fly we do!

>"Stranger, my friend instructed me to take you somewhere safe, but I do understand if you wish for us to save the Red One. And indeed, part of me desires it as well. You must understand that he has signed for this fate... But I do not trust the general will grant him death of honor Red desires. Speak any words to my ear if you wish to go help him as well..."
No. 2004861 ID: 76b151

The red one deserves his honorable death, could we watch to see if the general kills him or not and rescue him if they try to make him a prisoner.
No. 2004862 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah! Rescue mission! We have a dragon and some kind of magic gun! (maybe). We can do this!
No. 2004863 ID: 35edd4

Cuddle fluffy neck.

Also say some words.
No. 2004864 ID: 35edd4

Also testfire the gun.
No. 2004865 ID: 2fbf20

We could destroy their workshops and armory. A militaristic race like this one would be horribly crippled by something like that.
No. 2004866 ID: af8414

Say some words yo
No. 2004867 ID: 2baea8

This. Point to their armory and weapons, see if he gets what you mean. Then say some words to show you will help the Red One once they are distracted.

Test fire the gun into the air away from the dragon, to see if it is magical. If it is, well, we probably can't hit shit with it. Might make good cover fire though.
No. 2004868 ID: 9ddf68

might as well, not to say red might be a little pissed but hey might as well try and save everybody here so at least red can say goodbye to his giant flying friend here.
No. 2004869 ID: 98f4aa

Tell the dragon that you do wish to help The Red One and destroying their armory may be an option, though it will only cripple them. That can be easily replaced, and won't be the help Red may be needing.

Ask the dragon if he has anything in particular in mind, if the dragon has a name, and be sure to warn him beforehand if you decide to test fire the gun. Assuming it has ammunition.
No. 2004870 ID: 2fbf20

My plan was to destroy the the armory first to get their attention (because it's nearby the fight) then start destroying the workshops (the places where they make finished goods).
On a side note I think the Red One can win the fight it's just he's choosing not to since he's the distraction.
No. 2004871 ID: 2baea8

I think we still can't speak their language, that's why he just said 'say something'. We can only understand it cause Red gave us one of his magic arm-crystals.
No. 2004872 ID: da8550

if he has a fiery breath like a traditional dragon, sure, go right ahead and burn the armory.
No. 2004873 ID: d776aa

Ask who was that guy in the hall
No. 2004874 ID: da7aaa
File 136874490316.png - (43.22KB , 600x600 , 82.png )

Well, speaking to him/her is hard since, eh. I don't speak their language. I can understand it, but it kinda auto-translated sort, I cannot even distinguish their language from English. Hopefully time will fix that.

The gun is empty as I guessed. Dead. Just a bit more sophisticated club.

Okay, to rescue Red we go! The general and the Red One are still engaged in furious battle. General swinging quite gracefully a huge chunk of metal ( it almost looks like a claw of sort! ) and Red moving around as an incredibly quick red blur, delivering deadly strikes with precision. While General has sustained more injuries, it seems Red is getting exhausted. His stabs don't quite connect and slashes just scrape...

I am not sure if I am able to gesture burning down the armory.
No. 2004876 ID: d6ef5d

Wow, neat. Red's morphed one arm into a full on crystal claw, and is his blade red crystal too?

Maybe the dragon should do a flyby and roar? While you crank your terror aura as high as it can go? Create distraction and panic long enough for Red to strike.
No. 2004877 ID: af8414

I think we have to let the dragon take the lead here, since we can't really communicate and he's bound to understand the situation better than we do. Just get ready to roll with whatever he decides to do.
No. 2004878 ID: 9ddf68

red seems to be coughing up a lot of blood, tell the dragon to swoop down and do his thing since we really can't come up with a plan with the guy so the best we can do is try and follow his lead and hope it doesn't put us in front of a group of heavily armed and very pissed off lizard people.
No. 2004879 ID: 9e1727

Gesture to the dragon to swoop in and land right on top of the general, since that'd be the most effective way to end the fight. A flat hand swooping down vertically, then curving horizontal and stopping, accompanied by "whoosh" and "splat" sounds would convey what you mean.
No. 2004880 ID: 246d7b

try gesturing anyway.
No. 2004881 ID: da7aaa
File 136891868719.png - (105.48KB , 600x600 , 83.png )

I decide to let dragon to interfere. Letting down a mighty roar, we swoop down near the two, dragon trying to snap at the general. General manages rolls away.
>"What the... Who let you out..? Interlopers! GUARDS! KILL THEM!"
He tries to land a blow on the Red One, but is way too distracted by our arrival. The Red One uses this as his advantage, stops the large blade dead on its tracks and delivers a nasty riposte! But it is not lethal nor deadly. General is in visible pain, but can still act.
"..What are you doing here you idiots?! I told you to go! Fly away!"

Lizards who were spectators are regaining their composure. The dragon and I are very unsure what we should do.
No. 2004882 ID: dc4a44

You heard the man. Git!
No. 2004883 ID: f2c20c

That's enough. Run!
No. 2004884 ID: b93170

Unless you can tell the dragon to just grab red I say run
No. 2004885 ID: 9e1727

...The Red One had the chance to take down the general, yet didn't... Dammit, he's looking to die here in glorious battle as a distraction to make sure the dragon and you got away without the lizards knowing right away, and you two almost blew it. He's probably doing this 'cause he was going to die soon anyway; You've seen how much blood has flowed from his nose. He has to be in his last days.

Get out of there. Haul back on the dragon's mane with one hand and frantically gesture to it with the other to get off the ground.
No. 2004886 ID: 7ee51d

get Red! he won't win this.
No. 2004887 ID: 2fbf20

That why I suggested destorying the armory or workshops.
No. 2004889 ID: 710329

No! We must give the Red One the funerals he deserves!
No. 2004890 ID: af8414

Kid's not dead yet!
No. 2004891 ID: d6ef5d

Man, I want to help so bad but we don't have a lot of options here and we're even further restrained by the fact we can't even talk to the dragon if we come up with a good plan. The gun doesn't even work. It's the kidnapped villagers all over again. No way to help.

Aside from running, I think the only thing we have to try is the terror aura, and that already failed once.
No. 2004892 ID: a4ff20

Combine terror aura with giant badass featherbutt dragon aura!
No. 2004893 ID: 2baea8

It has a Frightening Presence right?
Let's do that.
No. 2004894 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, and Red has a terror Aura too, right? If he senses what we're doing and joins in either turning off his suppression or cranking it up...
No. 2004895 ID: da7aaa
File 136994699457.png - (37.05KB , 600x600 , 84.png )

We do as the Red One says. I motion the dragon to rise, avoiding approaching lizardmen.
The General is recovers from Red One's counterattack. He grabs Red's arm, snaps it with a loud crack and delivers a sharp punch to Red's face.
Absolutely brutal and disgusting.
No. 2004896 ID: da7aaa
File 136994735298.png - (77.39KB , 600x600 , 85.png )

>"Your tricks and traps end here Red..."

We fly higher. I cannot help but feel absolutely shit about Red One. This shouldn't have happened like this...

Red falls to ground, barely moving. The general nearly falls over, but manages to keep himself just and just up.

>"The dragon is escaping... call them! Call him! I WANT THAT DRAGON AND HIS RIDER DEAD!"
He screams weakly.

From building steps the armoured one and an unknown figure. Still too far away to get good look at, should I motion dragon to get closed or continue the escape?
No. 2004897 ID: dc4a44

Keep runnin'

That looks like general yellowfluff down there.
No. 2004898 ID: 19b3c3

Godsdamnit. Stupid lizard jerks. It's the prisoners all over again- we've got a dragon, and we still don't have a way to help!

I desperately want to save Red, but he's giving his life to get the dragon out, and I have a hard time throwing that away, especially without a good plan or anything to do. Our main weapon is stealth, which doesn't apply anymore. And we can't just ride in and attack with the dragon- they subdued it once before.
No. 2004899 ID: b7e818

Swoop down and get the Red One! Motion it to the dragon! The kid's cool, but he's still just a kid! Even if he's gonna die anyway, he might as well do it with people he likes instead of those stupid lizards!
No. 2004900 ID: 2baea8

Yeah, these guys clearly took down the dragon before somehow. They're PC-level strong.
Fly away and point the dragon towards the Focus. It was Red's request that, if you died, you would find the Sage in that direction. Hopefully it was in his note.
No. 2004901 ID: 2baea8

If he died, not you.
No. 2004902 ID: f2c20c

Get the fuck out.
No. 2004903 ID: 9ddf68

we should go, now
No. 2004904 ID: c23ab0

Command the dragon to avenge Red's death with a final frontal assault crushing anyone in his way with his mangled smoking corpse if needed!

Dragon: ignore boney pink thing and continue to fly away.
No. 2004905 ID: 937dbc

there isn't much left to do here. just run.
No. 2004906 ID: 5869f6

Retreat, recompose, avenge red.
No. 2004907 ID: 2fbf20

What do you mean far? You have binoculars use them.
No. 2004908 ID: d2ae7c

Why are we abandoning Red so easily?
They will desecrate his corpse. They will parade it around and ruin it. he doesn't deserve that.

Motion dragon to get close, snag Red, and then fly up high to get the hell out of dodge with Red or what's left of him. He's too cool a dude to give up on like that. Even if he said to. He was more worried about us than the dragon, after all, and just playing the part of the hero he is.
No. 2004909 ID: 952246

Escape, of course.

We can't beat these guys, and Red wanted us to escape.
No. 2004910 ID: d2ae7c

Where did I ever say to fight them? I just suggested grabbing the guy and running.
No. 2004911 ID: 2fbf20

The problem is we don't know how the dragon got captured in the first and if we get close risk finding out how.
No. 2004912 ID: ff5c2d
File 137029391272.png - (21.72KB , 600x600 , 86.png )

We continue the escape, ignoring the ominous figures.
In last surge of strength, the Red One rises, taking tight grip of something protruding from his back.
No. 2004914 ID: c23ab0

Better than expected. We have a friendly dragon now! Just have to try not to upset his grief with our boundless and cheerful optimism.
No. 2004915 ID: ff5c2d
File 137029466542.png - (47.92KB , 600x600 , 87.png )

And with his red arm he throws the thing. The Javelin leavesas a red line, decapitating the general and penetrating the wall. After that both bodies fall down dead.
No. 2004916 ID: 19b3c3

...rest in peace Red. You were pretty damn cool. I'm sorry we couldn't have helped you more.

Man, this land is sad. I guess we see where the dragon takes us now?
No. 2004917 ID: ff5c2d
File 137029494244.png - (7.91KB , 600x600 , 88.png )

We fly away with good pace, focus as our destination. While I am pretty darn sad right now, I am not a man of deep grief. The journey is long so I think I should nap. Maybe it'll help me take my mind off this...
No. 2004918 ID: 9ddf68

well since we really can't talk to the 'dragon' might as well... also what happened to the two guys who where traveling with red?

For things to do when we wake up, lets try to learn the language so we can actually talk to people.
No. 2004919 ID: 01531c

Aww yeah, sweet justice, batman!

By disobeying Red, we became the distraction that gave him the opening to slay The General!
No. 2004920 ID: 882554


or the distraction that caused him to have his radius and ulna shattered and embedded into the muscles of his forearm thus forcing him to dislodge his own spine as an attack and die.
No. 2004921 ID: af8414

Don't fall off
No. 2004922 ID: 01531c

Red had reached the lethal stage of his chronic disease. He was already fated to die. The General probably wasn't.
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