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File 133576623651.png - (17.89KB , 700x700 , p1-1.png )
2002368 No. 2002368 ID: c811c4

The featureless object blinks. It does not know what it is, where it is, or how it came to be, but it woke up with other company like himself. With its mental capacities putting its sentience into question, it doesn't think too much about its inexplicable conception.

It notices that there is a red outline around him. The others either don't care or don't see that, but he can't communicate with them to find out.

The space around him is all that he can see. There is nothing but a voidless black everywhere else.
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No. 2002369 ID: ed57e8

what is method of movement? and composition of body?
No. 2002370 ID: c811c4
File 133576703406.png - (17.98KB , 700x700 , p1-1.png )

The method of movement is rolling or crawling. Rolling is not disorienting, surprisingly, but neither is it very fast or impressive.

The composition of its body is well past its knowledge or concept.
No. 2002371 ID: ed57e8

try to encase one that is smaller then you.
No. 2002372 ID: 369d34

Bump into the other creatures a few times each and see if any respond.
No. 2002373 ID: a43a6c

Move toward one of the glassy/mirrored surfaces.
No. 2002374 ID: 8a64e4

eat another creature
No. 2002375 ID: c811c4
File 133576748660.png - (9.58KB , 700x700 , p1-3.png )

It gets on top of a slightly smaller one.

The smaller one wiggles uncomfortably and it feels a bit funny, but nothing else happens aside from the slow crumbling of at least one creature's dignity.
No. 2002376 ID: ed57e8


to the left most glassy portal.
No. 2002377 ID: 97bd86

Go left says go left.
No. 2002378 ID: 369d34

...Well. Now that that is out of the way, poke the left most glassy portal thing.
No. 2002383 ID: c811c4
File 133576913056.png - (17.23KB , 700x700 , p1-4.png )

It begins moving to the left most portal. Before it makes it, one of them makes it to the right one. It blips out of sight, and the outer ring of the platform begins flashing red.
No. 2002384 ID: c811c4
File 133576914154.png - (14.80KB , 700x700 , p1-5.png )

It moves into the portal, and the ground on the outer rim dissolves.

It has gained 20 C.U., which it may spend.

-8 C.U. - A body. When this is purchased, the buyer may gain a more (optionally) useful form than a blob. They may decide what their body will look like, from any known species to any fictional shapes as long as it is within reasonable structure and size. Although the shape they choose may have differences in utility, it will make no difference for plain combat, item usage, health, etc and is mostly aesthetic.
-10 C.U. - Ability to understand speech.
-10 C.U. - Ability to speak.
-15 C.U. - Ability to read and write.
No. 2002385 ID: 369d34

Choose the abilities to speak and understand speech.
No. 2002388 ID: bdb3f8

become rodent shaped
understand speech
No. 2002389 ID: 5d00f4

Body, understand speech.
No. 2002391 ID: c811c4
File 133576966848.png - (7.17KB , 700x700 , p1-6.png )

It should also have been noted that the body upgrade is necessary for better, yet still undefined, upgrades at a later date.

Furthermore, "reasonable size" is between 1/2 to 3 meters high.
No. 2002392 ID: d5ee6f

Meanwhile, bottom right still humping.
No. 2002393 ID: 97bd86

Body and understand speech. Not sure what kind of body though.
No. 2002394 ID: b0bf34

understand speech
3m long naga body
No. 2002395 ID: ed57e8

5 stripped neumono predator.
No. 2002396 ID: c811c4
File 133577071543.png - (6.99KB , 700x700 , p1-7.png )

It can now understand speech, and will form a body.

What species will this one be? Suggesting basic categories will also be accepted (bipedal, tall/short, etc).
No. 2002397 ID: 5d00f4

It must remain cute but I can't really think of specifics
No. 2002398 ID: b0bf34

serpent tail for legs.
No. 2002399 ID: ed57e8

fine, naga.
GIRL naga.
cute girl naga
No. 2002401 ID: 7c31d2

Cute girl naga seconded
No. 2002402 ID: 369d34

Cute girl naga with red hair and scales.
No. 2002403 ID: 97bd86

Sure, why not.
No. 2002404 ID: 97486c

let's do it
No. 2002405 ID: 3734f6

No. 2002406 ID: c6ec33

One more vote for the fem-naga. :V

Cobra hoods are also p. cool sometimes.
No. 2002407 ID: 8a64e4

Become a tiny biped
No. 2002408 ID: c811c4
File 133577233087.png - (13.70KB , 700x700 , p1-8.png )

Is this body acceptable? Specifics such as hair may be changed individually, or a change to a lizard-like upper body.
No. 2002409 ID: 97bd86

Well if we're gonna have alternate universe Scalene we might as well go all the way.
No. 2002410 ID: b0bf34

Keep it exactly as it is, but with red hair.
No. 2002411 ID: 369d34

Red hair, crimson scales go with, and, just to be different, smaller boobs.
No. 2002412 ID: ed57e8

said naga not lamia. lizard. but still tits. boob lizards.
No. 2002413 ID: 18cf1d

Heck yes.
No. 2002414 ID: c811c4
File 133577391140.png - (13.41KB , 700x700 , p1-9.png )


The hair and scales will be canonically red, but it won't show in b/w updates.
No. 2002415 ID: 97bd86

Good enough! Let's do this.
No. 2002416 ID: 369d34

Looks good. Onward!
No. 2002417 ID: c811c4
File 133577654293.png - (13.60KB , 900x600 , 2-1.png )

After spending the points, the newly formed naga finds herself on another platform with a blob on the other side of this set of platforms. There are 10 portals in the center, and she counts 10 sets of platforms like her own, with 20 total creatures including herself.

She can hop to another platform or stay still.
No. 2002418 ID: 0006f5

whoa hot a what !!1

No. 2002419 ID: b0bf34

If you can read the sign, do so, otherwise, hop forward 1 spot
No. 2002420 ID: c811c4
File 133577715990.png - (13.55KB , 900x600 , p2-2.png )

The sign is completely unreadable for her as she is.

The other blob was able to hop far, as though the non-solid line carried it over.
No. 2002421 ID: 5d00f4

Watch the blob. If it hops one forward and that doesn't empty out platform 3, then match it by hopping one forward.

If platform 3 on your side disappears, hop one back.

If it tries hopping two forward super fast, match it!
No. 2002422 ID: b9e291

As one side hops forward, the hole on the other side hops forward. Wait until the blob has hopped forward to before the hole, then hop backward to plunge it into the hole where surely awaits a horrible death.

That or say hi.
No. 2002424 ID: ed57e8

no, if he hops forward then the hole will have to loop around so we lept to our death, stay together. point forward and nod to it. stay in time.
No. 2002425 ID: 6e44d2

Continue hopping. When you meet on that platform, eat the blob.
No. 2002426 ID: b0bf34

It looks like if we waited, we could totally bypass him once he hops forward.

If we want to be even, and trust him, then continue forward.

If we want to be suspicious and either screw him over (or discover our mutual distrust) then stay still.

I vote to continue
No. 2002427 ID: c811c4
File 133577993749.png - (13.66KB , 900x600 , p2-3.png )

She would like to say hi to the blob, or apologize for what might end with her killing it, but she can only understand speech, not speak it. Even so, she finds it easier to think after getting that C.U., as though her mental facilities were bottlenecked earlier. All it is currently serving to do is make her nervous about this scenario.

Time appears to be moving in steps. If she waits and the blob moves forward, then by the time she makes her move in response, the blob will be able to move again. In other words, all actions appear instantaneously done by everyone at once.

She gestures to the blob to move forward, and they both leap. She is ready to leap again.
No. 2002429 ID: b0bf34

oh snap. looks like moving backwards does move the hole back. And that if the other person goes away, the path opens up completely. Still advocating advancement.
No. 2002430 ID: 5d00f4

Motion for it to jump back one with you, then jump back as well.

* You may empty the next platform, preventing it from moving ahead. If the next platform *doesn't* empty, then you know that you can't kill someone by jumping back.
* If it stays still, you can distrust it.

Only problem: If the fourth platform doesn't empty AND it moves forward, it wins the game. (Unless it requires both of you to be on the fourth platform to fill in the fifth.)
No. 2002431 ID: 3734f6

this is a competition, if the previous one was any indication the losers die. Don't lose.
No. 2002432 ID: 9cd02a

lets keep doing what has worked so far, motion to the blob to move foward and lets move at the same time.
No. 2002433 ID: 3734f6

I notice a pattern.
Each of the ten forks has 2 rows of platforms, each of those has a hole, the hole is located 2 circles ahead of the location of the being on the other side of said fork.
So presumably some cooperation with the blob on the other side is required.
No. 2002434 ID: c811c4
File 133578270737.png - (13.55KB , 900x600 , p2-4.png )

She leaps forward once more, but even though she gestured to go forward, the blob did not move.
No. 2002435 ID: 6f4add

go forward.
No. 2002436 ID: 9cd02a

flash your tits to the blob to get it to move.
No. 2002437 ID: 5d00f4

Leap of faith. Go forward one.

* If it jumps back, the hole goes back one and you skip it.
* If it waits a round, you jump forward and die.
* If it jumps forward (probably planning to, so you jump back and it gets ahead by one), you'll still get on platform 5.
No. 2002438 ID: c811c4
File 133578333777.png - (15.03KB , 900x600 , p2-5.png )

... she didn't mean to drop it! But then again, that blob just tried to drop her!
No. 2002440 ID: b0bf34

Don't feel bad. Like you said, it tried to kill you. Proceed to one of the fancy portals.
No. 2002442 ID: c811c4
File 133578401787.png - (15.25KB , 900x600 , p2-6.png )

It looks as though the blob falls apart after it drops a few feet, then a chest appears where it started.
No. 2002443 ID: 5d00f4

Congratulations, you won in the fewest possible steps!
No. 2002444 ID: 5d00f4

Oh my. Greed or guaranteed speedy completion? I'm curious to see what's in the chest... but I have no clue whether there's a drawback. Seeing as there are 10 portals in the center and 20 contestants, you should have a guaranteed portal... but take a look and check if there are any pairs of folks on the final platform like you.
No. 2002445 ID: b0bf34

quickly retrieve chest, then head to center platform.
No. 2002446 ID: 7c31d2

Go through the portal, greed can wait til later
No. 2002447 ID: 5d00f4

There's not necessarily a "quickly" - It'll take nine moves to get that chest and get to the portal platform, so it's important to see now whether any pairs are going to complete the game together.
No. 2002448 ID: 6f4add

get that motherfucking chest.
No. 2002450 ID: c811c4
File 133580859008.png - (19.36KB , 700x700 , p2-6(2).png )

Before taking her move, she looks around.

There are 8 platforms left, and at least 4 others that are finished.

If she gets the chest, she will be counting on luck either by either a few of them taking a very long time, or going back to the chest themselves if they also get one.
No. 2002451 ID: ed57e8

i highly doubt we would be the only one to be given a chest. go get it.
No. 2002452 ID: b0d466

Too risky. Go through a gate.
No. 2002453 ID: b0bf34

I'll vote to just do the portal. It's nice to see that there's a pair that didn't screw each other over
No. 2002454 ID: d5ee6f

Get the chest!
No. 2002457 ID: d6ae01

No. 2002458 ID: c811c4
File 133581239004.png - (11.24KB , 700x700 , p2-10.png )

She runs as fast as she can to the chest, which is to say, at the exact speed as everyone else but in a more desperate looking manner.

The chest has her face on it, but she can't read the words. Looking around, there is another person that is heading back to where a chest might have appeared for them, so perhaps the chests are intended for a single person.
No. 2002459 ID: c811c4
File 133581254388.png - (12.44KB , 700x700 , p2-10(2).png )

She doesn't need to take any additional action to open the chest, as soon as she finishes landing on its platform, it pops open.

She has a choice, the first is to gain 12 C.U.

The other is access to the absorption skill line. Absorption allows the taking of a portion of someone's total C.U., both spent and unspent. They can only be absorbed during the moment in which they are disintegrating. This only allows access to the ability, and must be purchased with C.U.
No. 2002460 ID: b0bf34

take the 12 CU
No. 2002461 ID: 7c31d2

Take the points
No. 2002462 ID: ed57e8

absorption skill.
it wll give us less in short term but a LOT in long term.
No. 2002463 ID: d86568

No. 2002464 ID: e3f578

skill line
No. 2002465 ID: 6f4add

you'd have to be a moron not to choose absorbtion.
No. 2002466 ID: c811c4
File 133581427901.png - (16.57KB , 700x700 , p2-15.png )

The absorption item is gained, and appears to take up her item slot. It will be used when she enters the portal, but she could see this as problematic if she ever came across two items.

And speaking of two, there are two portals, and one blob and the other lizard creature have just reached the platform at the same time.

Movement on the platform feels free, unlike taking turns on the platforms themselves.
No. 2002467 ID: 97bd86

No time to waste, then...!
No. 2002468 ID: ed57e8

salute and move backwards into a portal.
No. 2002469 ID: c811c4
File 133581598311.png - (15.64KB , 700x700 , p2-16.png )

A salute is given, and she was lucky to have been the closest to a portal. She moves in as she sees the blob and lizard racing for the last portal

+ 26 CU!
28 total!

Available additions:
Body Rank 2: +1 HP -- 15 CU
Armor Rank 1: +1 armor, allows for a selection of clothing. -- 8 CU
Weapon Rank 1: Allows attacking others, starting at 1 attack. -- 4 CU

Ability to understand speech. -- 10 CU
Ability to speak. -- 10 CU
Ability to read and write. -- 15 CU

Absorption Rank 1: Allows retrieval of a dying creature's C.U. -- 30 CU Not enough CU.
No. 2002470 ID: b0d466

Weapon and armor rank 1, Ability to understand speech
No. 2002473 ID: 3734f6

Buy ONLY weapon.
Save all other CU for absorption.
No. 2002474 ID: ed57e8

get a weapon.
No. 2002476 ID: b0bf34

Get the ability to read and write. That way, if there are rules written or stated, we can understand them as soon as we start.
No. 2002477 ID: c811c4
File 133581670106.png - (9.62KB , 600x600 , p2-17.png )

Come to think of it, she already knows how to understand speech.

Maybe purchasing it again allows her to understand it better. Lie detection, sarcasm detection.

Or the system is just allowing her to throw her points away.
No. 2002478 ID: 4bdd79

Weapon and armor.

You just know some asshole will try to outgun us otherwise.
No. 2002479 ID: ed57e8

lol, weapon and armor.
No. 2002480 ID: 6e44d2

Read/write, weapon rank 1.
No. 2002481 ID: f2c010

Weapon rank 1, armor rank 1, ability to speak.
No. 2002482 ID: b0bf34

Weapon, Armor, read/write
No. 2002483 ID: c811c4
File 133581817513.png - (7.74KB , 600x600 , 2-18.png )

Read/Write, Weapon Rank 1 and Armor/Clothing rank 1 have been attained! 27 CU lost. She has 1 CU remaining.

She must decide on what clothing/armor looks like as well as what weapon she will wield. The weapon may be anything at all, even things normally not thought of as a weapon.
No. 2002484 ID: ed57e8

a global dictionary. just a massive book of all words ever. as weapon.
No. 2002485 ID: 7c31d2

A smaller poisonous naga for a weapon
No. 2002486 ID: cf49fc

Gamma-Ray laser eyes.
No. 2002487 ID: e6fcea

Poisonous fangs and claws, thicker scales and skin. All natural is the way to go!
No. 2002488 ID: 97bd86

Sure that sounds good.
No. 2002489 ID: b0bf34

Natural armor, movable hair weapon
No. 2002490 ID: 3734f6

No. 2002491 ID: b0d466

Sounds good
No. 2002492 ID: 6f4add


fuck yes hair weapon.
No. 2002493 ID: b6edd6

Like medusa hair?
No. 2002495 ID: f2c010

Sure this one whatever.
No. 2002496 ID: b0bf34

Kinda, but prehensile hair instead of snake hair. Ex: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PrehensileHair
No. 2002497 ID: 8a64e4
File 133582314289.png - (12.99KB , 600x600 , PROTECTED BY STEVE.png )

No. 2002498 ID: c811c4
File 133582352379.png - (10.50KB , 600x600 , p2-19.png )

Belated information on rank descriptions!


Because of this delay, changes to the last spending session are allowed if there is an strong desire to do so.

In the meanwhile, she will continue to ponder what clothes to wear, if, increasingly unlikely, any at all.
No. 2002499 ID: b0d466
File 133582433222.png - (8.39KB , 600x600 , wrap.png )

Until something better gets made, let's make sure she has some coverage at least.
No. 2002500 ID: 61e7f9

Nekid scale armor + hair whips
No. 2002501 ID: b0bf34
File 133582492667.jpg - (104.08KB , 600x600 , snakeylady.jpg )

Here's my suggestion for clothing, but I still vote for natural armor, with this clothing being purely for covering.
No. 2002502 ID: ed57e8

nice, vote this.
No. 2002503 ID: 6f4add


coverage? why on earth would you want that?
No. 2002504 ID: b0d466

'Tis cute~
No. 2002505 ID: 2563d4
File 133582638761.png - (12.02KB , 539x518 , asteroid-paperdoll-keytar.png )

I'm selling these fine leather jackets.
No. 2002506 ID: 3734f6

I am still for natural armor but if we have to have clothes then use this
No. 2002507 ID: 369d34

>>/questdis/361862: Regarding weapon forms: "However, its usefulness as a tool is as it appears..."
For a weapon, I'd call for a fully stocked, very sturdy red (to match her hair) toolbox, with a rod attached to the bottom so she can wield it like a two-handed warhammer.
If that's deemed to be too exploitive of the rules, then I choose a hybrid one-handed warhammer/warax, with one side of the head being a hammer and the other being an ax. With the head colored the same shade of red as her hair.

For armor, first choice is to go with thicker scales overall, with a skirt-like green wrap around her waist, and a proper white sports bra instead of a chest wrap.
Secondary choice is >>406116.
No. 2002508 ID: ed57e8

No. 2002509 ID: 7d7f79

You people are being so very, very short on ranged offense. Why no killing before they get close enough to hurt us when they're frothing at the mouth and swinging a battleaxe?
I'm thinking a solar powered laser gun with a huge battery, the huge battery can run other things that need power, the gun can set things on fire or melt them depending on how flammable they are. Great for cutting doorholes in walls of impenetrable armour and/or rock.
No. 2002510 ID: e3f578

This is good
AND it has a weapon
an awesome weapon!

All will fear our mighty jams
No. 2002511 ID: ed57e8

because battles look like they will be in RPG style so range is worthless.
No. 2002512 ID: b6edd6

There's a problem with that plan. Do you see a sun around here?
Otherwise I like the idea of a ranged weapon. Maybe we should see if we can get telekinesis.

Range is still potentially useful for screwing around with PUZZLES or TRAPS.
No. 2002515 ID: c811c4
File 133583496143.png - (231.78KB , 900x500 , p3-1.png )

She is tempted to go in the nude, but she would rather look pretty and not have herself bounce around as she moves and all sorts of other excuses to get herself to put on some clothes. It would not be a surprise for her to see options later on that allow additional suits and weapon forms, in which case she will remember the others.

Her hair is now maneuverable enough to strike with it as a weapon, but not with great fine control.

The lizard from before is set up as her opponent this time. It shouts a greeting out to her, and claims it wants to work together. He sounds afraid, or good at pretending to be. He says he can only speak, though, and he does not know how to understand others.

Which is very strange now that she thinks about it, but so is everything. She is mute still, so it doesn't matter for the moment.
No. 2002518 ID: c811c4
File 133583614757.png - (531.77KB , 1200x583 , p3-2.png )

She can't see as far away this time, there is a grey fog that only makes the vicinity visible, as well as making it even more dreary than usual. Nonetheless, off in the distance, she sees a lit up number '4'.

The sign reads 'Your unlock code order is: 5-8-9'
No. 2002519 ID: 886a4d

Hop to the two, the five, eight, nine. Observe the door count. If the count is greater then two goto and unlock the chest. otherwise go 3. Proceed to exit.

Put a thumbs up if you want to cooperate.
No. 2002520 ID: b0d466

Go forward to the 2, then
No. 2002521 ID: ed57e8

you can't really work together. if it can't understand you.
i think the four is the panel we need to be o in order to exit.
No. 2002522 ID: c811c4
File 133583769527.png - (512.36KB , 1200x583 , p3-3.png )

She gives a thumbs up, he gives a smile, both leap forward. In light of the effects of doing so, she isn't sure if she should do anything different before or during her hops to 5, 8 and 9.

She makes a note of the lit up '4' in the distance, and will notice if any change occurs.
No. 2002523 ID: 886a4d

proceed, observe the appearing whiteness as you do as well as the count.
No. 2002524 ID: ed57e8

motion for him to come closer and point to yourself and then panel 5.
No. 2002525 ID: 3734f6

oh shit, if you both jump to the correct square you BOTH die.
What needs to happen is you stay still and he goes one forward.
Then he stays still and you go one forward.
Then one of you going towards the nine and the other not (if you both go you both die).

It is a problem since you can't speak and he can't understand. But maybe if you use hand symbols?

Alternatively, he is kinda wimpy looking. I think we could go forward, go to his part, kill him, get both chests, get the code, and go forward.
Problem is, based on previous games you could be competing for a limited number of gates to next level.
No. 2002526 ID: b9e291


Especially strange considering that your choices did not include being able to speak. Different objects must have different starting parameters, despite appearing uniformly alike.
No. 2002527 ID: 3734f6

we did have that option to choose from. It costs 10 CU
No. 2002528 ID: 886a4d

Hmm pretty sure the unlock code is for the chests, not killing each other. The problem is that he has an easy route to the end with hopping to the 1, then the exit. He also can just wait by the chest and be ahead of you easily as well.
No. 2002529 ID: ed57e8

we need to go 5-8-9 if want the chest. he goes 7-5-4 and we both get to the chest square.
No. 2002531 ID: ed57e8

if he can read then he will know his own unlock code.
No. 2002532 ID: 886a4d

Heres what you should do, have him wait, gesture for him to stay put, while you hop through the passcode then head to the chest. Have him head to his chest. Finally you both can proceed to the exit.
No. 2002533 ID: 886a4d

You know what, have him proceed to the chest while you hop through the passcode. He can unlock and procced to near the exit while you unlock your own chest. Then you can bypass the 3 that he destroys. Have him wait for you on the unnumbered one and you can both proceed to the exit together.
No. 2002534 ID: c811c4
File 133583898633.png - (520.00KB , 1200x583 , p3-4.png )

He looks over to number 8, but looks back in time to see her gesturing all over the place.

After he shouts to confirm he is supposed to move to 7 and her to 5 while she shakes and nods her head, it is done. Both of them breathe out in relief that the other didn't screw them.

She points to the sign, and he yells that he doesn't know how to read. He wants to know what it says.
No. 2002535 ID: 886a4d

Point to 5-8-9 then the chest. Give him a thumbs up. Finally point to the 4 where hes to move.
No. 2002536 ID: ed57e8

point to the sign, then to the chest. then to 8 and 9.
No. 2002538 ID: c811c4
File 133584009480.png - (549.30KB , 1200x583 , p3-5.png )

She points to the 5, 8 and 9, then the chest. He confirms it with his speech.

He moves to 4 and her to 8, making nother jump go according to plan. Both have more reason to be at ease for the moment, as it doesn't look like there is an immediate way to kill one another with any jumps. The lizard asks where to go, and how he is supposed to open his own chest.
No. 2002539 ID: ed57e8

point to his chest and when he jumps to it, jump to 9.
No. 2002540 ID: 886a4d

Point to the chest platform, and hop to 9. Im hoping that that both chests open if one person gets the passcode since he had no way to go through the code without going on a non-code number.
No. 2002541 ID: b9e291

Isn't he right where he needs to be? Just jump to the chest and then back.

He can go chest, 4, 3, out. You can go 9, chest, 9, 8, 1, out.
No. 2002543 ID: b6edd6

Inaccessible? We just did 5 and 8, and we can move to 9 from here.
No. 2002544 ID: b0bf34

The only problem that I can see coming up is him jumping on 1 after securing his exit.

We've been following the unlock code, but since doing so breaks their pieces we can't both follow the same one.

On that note, it looks like it was impossible for him to go 5-8-9. Either the password works for both chests at once, and required us to do it the whole time, or he has a completely different password.
No. 2002545 ID: 04b86a

Given how sadistic this place has been, I suspect that once one of us gets to the blank tile all of the numbered tiles (or at least the opponent's) will break. That might not be the case, given that this room seems geared toward teamwork, but all the same we should play it safe and have both of us reach the blank tiles simultaneously.
No. 2002546 ID: 886a4d

After observing what happened when 6 disapeared we might get a straight jump to the exit platform after he hits his 3 so we dont have to go to the 1. If not well >>406273 has the right idea.
No. 2002547 ID: e3f578

I'd suggest just pointing to the chest or shrugging. After he gets it, tell him to go to 3 and then to the top platform but motion to halt with sudden open palms, then you should head for 1 after getting your chest.

I think that would work. Granted that he won't do anything to screw you.
No. 2002548 ID: b0bf34

Gesture for him to wait where he is. and point how you will move to 9. When we reach 9, that will hopefully unlock both chests. Then we'll check together.
No. 2002550 ID: c811c4
File 133584239564.png - (563.91KB , 1200x583 , p3-6.png )

The lizard jumps to his chest, and she jumps to the 9.

A click is heard from her chest, and hers alone. The sound of her chest's lock hitting the platform isn't enough to drown out the awkward silence.
No. 2002551 ID: 49d4d7

Too bad for the lizard guy. Jump to the 3 then get the chest.
No. 2002553 ID: bdb3f8

no no, don't do that. Just look at him and try to look sorry and exasperated. lots of hand waving.

He can't do anything to prevent you from completing except standing at the exit and trying to fight, and given how easy it would be for people to screw eachother on this challenge, there is probably not going to be a race for the exits.
No. 2002554 ID: 6f4add

we really need some goddamn speech.
No. 2002555 ID: b0bf34

To be fair, it wouldn't have helped here.
No. 2002556 ID: f70e5e

look apologetic, then move to the chest and point to the path he would have to take to reach you. if he can't reach you open the chest and see if we can share half of what we find in the chest with him
No. 2002557 ID: c811c4
File 133584387335.png - (172.11KB , 700x700 , p3-7.png )

She gives a look to him, trying to look apologetic, but all she can do is hope it came off as intended. He frowns, but does not appear terribly angry as he jumps to his 4. She can't say that jumping to her 3 to end his options didn't occur to her, but she doesn't do so. He doesn't appear as unhappy, knowing how easy that would have been.

This chest doesn't have her face on it, but like the other one, she gets a choice.

+28 CU
Access to Mid-air Jump ability to be available for purchase at any time, costs 150 CU
A Mid-air Jump item. It does not cost any CU to use, but it can only be used once.

Mid air jumps can be used as either a double jump, or to jump after falling off of something.
No. 2002558 ID: ed57e8

double jump is a interesting thing. but only if there are going to be a lot more of these things. and i mean a LOT.
anyway, get the CU. and jump back.
No. 2002559 ID: f70e5e

CU we still have the consume ability as our item, and I doubt that saving up 150 cu would be viable.
No. 2002560 ID: b0bf34

we already have an item, so that's kinda out. I'd like to do a lot of upgrades, so I vote C.U.

That said, I am totally not against the potential to learn mid-air jumps.
No. 2002561 ID: 886a4d

Lets get the enable mid-air jump buying. If someone tried to kill us with a disapearing platform we can use that to save ourselves.
No. 2002563 ID: c811c4
File 133584487808.png - (608.04KB , 1200x583 , p3-7(2).png )

A SPECIAL ability item only requires an item slot until it is brought to the end of the stage, then is used up and the possibility to purchase it is there forever.

She picks out the 28CU, which appear as coins in manifest form. She puts them in an imaginary pocket.
No. 2002564 ID: bdb3f8

hold up coins to show him, point to end area
No. 2002565 ID: b9e291

Give him half the coins when you meet up.
No. 2002567 ID: 369d34

Point to the 3 tile, then the blank tile, then sharply gesture downward with flat palms down, in what he'll hopefully read as "stay put." Jump in the order of 9-8-1-blank. Give him 10 C.U., if possible, as thanks for working together. Then he can buy the ability to understand speech.
No. 2002568 ID: c811c4
File 133584583966.png - (639.13KB , 1200x583 , p3-9.png )

She waves the coins over to him, and tries to gesture to him to stay put, but he looked away. Both jump two times.

He looks over to his number 1. It would drop her if he landed on it, and she can't get his attention.
No. 2002569 ID: bbee3d

Try throwing a coin at him to get his attention. If that doesn't work, just go ahead and jump - if he lands on the 1 before you do, you'll be stuck here anyway. Besides, he doesn't actually have any reason to jump onto the 1. Unless he's decided to... terminate your partnership.
No. 2002570 ID: b9e291


Well, leap of faith time. If he moves to 1 either you disintegrate now or you die of starvation unable to reach the exit.
No. 2002571 ID: 886a4d

Nothing to do but trust him. You lose either way.
No. 2002572 ID: 369d34

If he jumps on the 1, you're screwed whether you're on the 1 tile or not.

Can you spend 10 C.U. right now to get the speech ability and yell to him, or can it only be spent at the end of a level? Otherwise... Uh... Bang on the floor?
No. 2002573 ID: bdb3f8

It would drop him too though, wouldn't it? Don't you move at the same time?

Anyway, there's nothing for it but to trust him. If he decides to fuck you, falling and being stuck are both the end of your adventure.
No. 2002574 ID: b0bf34

If you can't get his attention, there's nothing you can do but get onto square 1. Hop to it.
No. 2002575 ID: b6edd6

You could try making a noise by knocking on the platform, then motioning that you are going for your 1.
No. 2002577 ID: c811c4
File 133584678452.png - (587.48KB , 1200x583 , p3-11.png )

She tries to hit the ground, and he looks over, showing that she's jumping to her one. He shouts that he wasn't going to jump on his number 1. Twice, in fact, trying very hard to convince her. She takes a leap of faith with nothing else to do, and he proves his word.

Another jump is taken, and both have cleared the number grid.

As far as she knows, CU can only be spent at the end of a level.
No. 2002578 ID: ed57e8

jump over to him.
No. 2002579 ID: 369d34

Nothing left to do but jump over to his tile. Give him a hug, or at least a handshake, for working together and not screwing you over. Maybe give him 10 C.U. so he can buy the speech ability, if you can.
What is that he's carrying? A flute?
No. 2002580 ID: b9e291

No. 2002581 ID: 886a4d

Perpare for treachery if he attacks you but if he doesn't give him 10 points like they said.
No. 2002582 ID: a9298b

No. 2002583 ID: c811c4
File 133584810625.png - (264.39KB , 700x700 , p3-12.png )

It feels weird seeing someone up close. As a blob, she was barely able to formulate memories, so that time she rolled on top of another blob feels like a long past daydream.

The lizard appears absolutely ecstatic that she didn't backstab him while she had the chance, and even moreso when she gives him 10 CU. He is more than willing to engage in hugs.

He says it's very strange that it didn't show a combination to his own chest, but mostly he just wants to get out of here, and hopes there is an end. He doesn't think he is cut out for this.
No. 2002584 ID: bbee3d

Hey, he's doing well enough so far. Give him a reassuring smile, then head on to the end of the level - if it is the end of the level - so you can spend that CU and actually talk to each other.
No. 2002585 ID: 369d34

Dawwww, wasn't that pleasant? Now onwards, together!

See if you can hold on to his hand while you both jump over the exit link. This place seems like it'll try to split you up, but maybe direct contact will stop it.
No. 2002586 ID: b0bf34

No. 2002587 ID: b6edd6

And hope Voldemort isn't on the other side :V
No. 2002588 ID: c811c4
File 133584978424.png - (198.79KB , 700x700 , p2-13(2).png )

After a silent gesture to the flute, he explains that he got a music ability from stage 2. It was free, and he decided to make his weapon a flute.
No. 2002591 ID: c811c4
File 133584990220.png - (446.03KB , 700x700 , p2check1.png )

Both members jump over the line, while holding hands, that disappears in the distance. It keeps them together, and they have time to relax while they appear to be suspended through the air.

Checkpoint reached!

Current CU: 19

Available additions:
Body Rank 2: +1 HP -- 15 CU
Armor Rank 2: +1 armor, allows for a selection of clothing. -- 18 CU
Weapon Rank 2: +1 attack. -- 9 CU

Ability to speak. -- 10 CU

Absorption Rank 1: Allows retrieval of a dying creature's C.U. -- 30 CU Not enough CU.
No. 2002592 ID: a9298b

speech and weapon rank 2
No. 2002593 ID: b0bf34

I vote being able to talk, hopefully he will use his CU to be able to listen.

From there I'm split between better hair, or saving for a better body.
No. 2002594 ID: bbee3d

Ability to speak; save the rest in order to get special abilities in future.
No. 2002595 ID: ed57e8

speak, save rest.
No. 2002596 ID: 369d34

Buy only the speech ability; Bank the rest to go towards buying the absorption ability, or other abilities, later.

Compliment him on his playing, and say you weren't offered the music ability in the second stage like he was; You found this absorption ability purchase offer instead. Ask which abilities he chose for himself.
No. 2002597 ID: e75a2f

In order to make use of the absorption ability we are going to have to either actively try to kill people, hope they screw up somehow and end themselves, or hope they try to kill us to give us moral precedent to retaliate.

We should probably consider changing our item, or our playstyle.
No. 2002598 ID: b0bf34

This. Picking absorption is sort of a dedication to a more cut throat playstyle. And as soon as we had a chance to be nice and cooperate, we took it.

It may not be the appropriate skill for us. We can save points, and see how things turn out, but I wouldn't suggest being totally dedicated to it.
No. 2002599 ID: f70e5e

No. 2002600 ID: 886a4d

I think we're going to be pit against other teams in the future so having the abiity to gain CU quicker is a definite plus. I say we save up for absorption
No. 2002601 ID: b0bf34

I noticed we don't have the option to buy understand speech a second time.

I hope that doesn't mean it's not an option at all for anyone right now, and that it was just a glitch or trick last time.
No. 2002602 ID: ed57e8

we have the ability to buy absorption. killing him now would gain us nothing.
No. 2002603 ID: c811c4
File 133585161263.png - (406.89KB , 700x700 , p3check2.png )

Gained: Speech

She gives him a nice complement on his flute playing. It isn't a polite lie, either, he is very good.

He says that some people get skills out of nowhere that probably won't help much in the stages. It seems to be entirely luck, but he doesn't know how frequent it is. He thanks her, and says he seemed to get better at it when he upgraded his weapon. Then he smiles, and thinks her new voice is very sweet, and so shows that he got the ability to understand her.

After asking, he explains that he has a Rank 4 weapon, aside from his rank 1 body, speech and understanding.

He asks, with a shake in his voice, if she has a name.
No. 2002604 ID: b0bf34

Correct. I said if we buy absorption, it could go to waste unless we become more cut throat, whereas we seem to be playing fairly nicely.

I didn't say 'kill our little lizard friend to feed an ability we don't have yet'.
No. 2002606 ID: 6e44d2

Save CU. Absorption, damn it! We need to be more aggressive.
No. 2002607 ID: b0bf34

I propose the name Alison
No. 2002608 ID: 6e44d2

Ah poop. K.

We're Threeflower, because we're prissy ninnies.
No. 2002609 ID: 97bd86

I like Alison.
No. 2002610 ID: b9e291

7 ranks? Man that's just unfair. Well, let's make the best of it. Speech is good if we're playing the collaboration role.
No. 2002611 ID: bbee3d

Of course, there's no need to decide until we have enough CU to actually get a special ability. Who knows - we might find something more useful by then.

As for a name, how about Tiamat? Ask if he has a name too.
No. 2002612 ID: a9298b

Alison sounds good. Does he have a name?
No. 2002613 ID: 369d34

How about Tia instead of Tiamat? I think it sounds a little better.
Ask if he has a name. Oh, and tell him your abilities as well.

The banked C.U. doesn't have to go towards the absorption ability, but I'd feel a little silly if we didn't buy it after going to the trouble of getting the chance to. We'd just have to earn back 30 C.U. from its use to cover its cost, and others are bound to end up dying nearby eventually, whether we cause it or not. Why not profit from that?
No. 2002616 ID: c811c4
File 133585523958.png - (641.14KB , 1000x700 , p3-14.png )

Her name is Alison. He says it is very nice, before she asks if he has a name.

He shakes his head, and says no one named him before. That gets a chortle out of Alison, who explains she just made it up now.

A similar chortle comes out of the lizard, who thinks for a moment before saying that his name will be Iso.

The light trail ends, and they are pushed to the next part of the stage. There are already five others running for the exit.
No. 2002617 ID: b9e291


Hold it. Are any of the platforms disappearing or appearing?
No. 2002618 ID: bdb3f8

This seems uncharacteristically straight forward.
Guess you better get a move on though.
No. 2002619 ID: ed57e8

this looks like the battle stage. go go go.
No. 2002620 ID: f70e5e

looks like the gate is only going to let 4 more people through. run for it.
No. 2002621 ID: 2563d4

If only we had a ranged weapon to stop four people reaching that door before we could get near.

Lean right to avoid the guy with the axe. Path's no longer either way.
No. 2002622 ID: b0bf34

Weapon appearance has no impact on strength. Iso has a Rank 4 Flute. It's just as powerful as a rank 4 axe, or a rank 4 Space Batltleship Yamato Wave Motion Gun combat wise.

I do think we should continue along holding hands with Iso.
No. 2002623 ID: b9e291

Wait so you're not fast. The gate can only take 4 more before vanishing. And there are 6 objects closer to the gate than you, not counting your lizard friend.

I'm thinking we may have got the short end of the stick here.

Try going up to leave via one of the light pathways behind you that enter the room. Preferably one the others came from.
No. 2002624 ID: 369d34

How do you know it's a counter over the door? It could just indicate this area or the next is stage 4, or that we have to defeat 4 opponents to continue. We just don't know right now.

Stick together, advance up the middle, and avoid fighting for now.
No. 2002625 ID: c811c4
File 133585680858.png - (609.19KB , 1000x700 , p3-15.png )

One jump is taken, and the number goes down when the first one enters. It is like the portal system, except inside of a building.

It does not look like the platforms are changing from any movement, the only danger appears to be that the paths converge, forcing people to either hang back, fight, or hope their paths intersect with a nice person.

Iso almost doesn't jump with Alison, making her wonder how he got this far.
No. 2002626 ID: c811c4
File 133585686237.png - (697.15KB , 1000x700 , p3-16.png )

The one at the front just turns around instead of jumping inside.
No. 2002627 ID: 04b86a

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that not only are all three hostile, but that at least one is more interested in killing than continuing. Let's keep going, and try catching their weapons with our hair while Iso attacks them.
No. 2002628 ID: f70e5e

I can think of 3 motives for him doing that off the top of my head.

1. he wants to kill on of the remaining peopel for revenge

2. he teamed up with one or more of the renaming people and wants to make sure they make it, unlikely since there are enough slots for all but two of those who remain.

3. he has some ability similar to absorption and wants to get cp by killing others.

however since you all move at the same speed his motive doesn't matter since no matter what your going to reach the end last. lets hope its number 3 so he won't just go through himself and leave you and iso alone with a portal that will only take one more.
No. 2002629 ID: 5d00f4

Dude probably has Absorption or some other incentive to stay back and be a jerk.

Can Iso attack from range with his flute? In any case, keep moving forward toward the center with Iso.

It looks like combat resolves instantly (or appears to resolve instantly) upon entering a platform with another character. If you and Iso land on the platform with the gate guard, you may be able to take a hit with your armor while he attacks the dude.
No. 2002630 ID: 5d00f4

Even if you and Iso are left with one counter on the gate, you two move instantly. You might both still be able to get through.
No. 2002631 ID: 369d34

Looks like he's going to block the exit and take on the others. I'd bet he's got an absorption ability.

Keep moving up together, and see if the other two fight the guy at the gate. If one hesitates, try to talk to it and maybe convince it to team up with you to take this guy down.
No. 2002632 ID: ed57e8

go forward and right until you reach the end.
No. 2002634 ID: 3734f6

If you hang back, then that guy might be defeated and 2 will pass by him, leaving a door that only you or Iso can pass, not both.
However, it is more likely he will beat the first one to rush him. The other can join up you two to gang up on him.
Or heck, all 4 can gang up on him at once and if none of you die then you could have some sort of wager on who passes...
Being combat optimized he would beat you 1v1. And he probably cannot speak.
So start by talking and seeing who else here can to recruit allies on the fight against him.
Also, do not wait, proceed forward at max speed.
No. 2002635 ID: c811c4
File 133586025805.png - (563.24KB , 1000x700 , p3-20.png )

The tallest one yells to the quadruped to team up. The quadruped stops at the second to last set of platforms, and lets the axeman catch up to the other platform.

Alison and Iso continue forward all the while, and the big ones wait a turn without moving.

Alison asks why they don't both leap at him, that she does not know anything about combat. The axe wielder explains that when two people engage in combat, both attacks are dealt at the same time. Both the axeman and the quadruped killed their opponents in one hit, but the axeman admits that his health was hindered by his opponents attack, and bets that the quadraped's health is down as well.

In other words, everyone may leap at the guardsman, but the guardsman has a very good chance of slaying one person as he himself is slain.

On asking about range, the axeman says that if there is an upgrade for ranged abilities, he hasn't seen anyone with it. He has seen someone who got a gun, only to have the bullet disappear after melee range. The look on the gunman's face was the greatest thing the axeman had ever seen.
No. 2002636 ID: 5d00f4

The blocker may be too smart to let them both jump at him. Jump forward, tell them to wait, and get ready to attack him four at once.

Worst case, you'll all jump to the last platform as the blocker jumps away, and then you can all jump into the 2 gate simultaneously. Who knows what'll happen?
No. 2002637 ID: 6f4add

go forth as one! with the power of friendship!
No. 2002638 ID: ed57e8

"then we will come up too and all 4 of us will attack at once, whoever he doesn't attack will live and leave three left for the gate" then if whispering works, tell iso "don't actually jump, let them do it"
No. 2002640 ID: 3734f6

They might hear you, and this might backfire.

Also, I bet he is going to jump forward and kill one of them. He is near guaranteed it will be a 1v1 battle for him to win and at worse someone else will get to the gate first but still leave him a slot to take.
Unless one of them jumps to share a square with the other without attacking him which gives a 50%-50% chance of engaging or not.
No. 2002641 ID: 369d34

We better compare health and armor levels between the four of us, and ask if they saw the guardsman fight anyone else before you two arrived. Move up to the tile behind and between the quadruped and the axeman for now.

There is a risk with this plan that nobody will make the actual jump, or only one will.
No. 2002642 ID: b9e291

Yeah uh, let them duke it out. Once one gets disintegrated, the other two and you two can leave. Nobody else is coming up behind you?
No. 2002643 ID: f70e5e

good odds the mouse will jump forwards and take out one of them however he will probably jump the axmen so as to not be near you and iso. either way you should keep going towards the exit.
No. 2002645 ID: c811c4
File 133586228031.png - (690.37KB , 1000x700 , p3-22.png )

Alison whispers to Iso while the other two are distracted that she will try to get everyone to jump at the same time, but if it works, not to jump with them.

Iso does not like being so treacherous, but he doesn't think any less of Alison for it. With that, they move forward twice. Surprising to her, the Guardsman does not jump forward at anyone. No one else is coming in from behind.

Alison asks to jump at the same time. Someone will die, but this way, it will solve the issue with only three people able to get through.

The Axeman says that is reckless, and won't jump with a quarter chance of dying. When Iso asks if there is any alternative, the Axeman falls silent for a moment before acknowledging he will jump with everyone, as there is a time limit on these stages, and eventually the stage begins dissolving at the back towards the portals. The Quadruped nods in agreement, and will jump as well.

Alison and Iso share their armor and health levels. The axeman says he has 1 health remaining, 2 armor and 2 weapon. The Quadruped cannot speak.

If there are any doubts for her to go through with this plan, she will have to speak up immediately.
No. 2002646 ID: b9e291

The guardsman isn't talking. He must have buffed everything else and not communication. Or perhaps he's a respawning enemy? This is confusing.
No. 2002647 ID: 6f4add

if I were you I wouldn't trick them. y'know, make some friends.
No. 2002648 ID: 5d00f4


Maybe the guardsman can't communicate! He hasn't killed anyone yet, and maybe he's waiting for everyone to get there so they can all jump into the portal at once!

Tell everyone to stop, and try to communicate to the guardsman with gestures and possibly speech (if he can understand and not speak).
No. 2002649 ID: b0bf34

Don't have Iso hang back. He is an absurd striker, and him staying behind could easily get him screwed over (like if the guard runs away, then you have three people waiting for a door with two more openings, and Iso is left standing a square behind)
No. 2002650 ID: c811c4
File 133586467187.png - (455.21KB , 700x700 , p3-23.png )

Alison cancels the plan for the time, and attempts to communicate to the Guardsman with gestures. He does not seem to understand words, and Alison does not know how to try and convey that she wants to find out his motives or similar things.

The only thing the Guardsman does is motion Alison towards himself.
No. 2002651 ID: 3734f6

Agreed... but how to convey that info to Iso? whispering looks suspecious.
We could stand our ground too, and then the other two jump and we hope they don't both survive or only one of us and iso will...
Ugh, we dug ourselves a hole in being trecherous
No. 2002652 ID: 5d00f4

Tell Iso "Never mind what I said earlier."

Check if the Guardsman is okay with Iso coming along too.
No. 2002653 ID: 3734f6

I got it... simply say outloud
"You know what Iso, I think they are genuinely honest and will do as they said.
Forget about the contingency we made on the way here. Let all 4 of us attack him together, united"
And then all of you jump together at him.

Alternatively (or concurrently), you could say "trust me" and use your hair to lift Iso and take him with you when you jump. Since its not an attack your prehensile hair should be able to do so.
No. 2002654 ID: b0bf34

The Guardsman apparently put pretty much everything into combat. I doubt he planned on working with anyone. He might let us through, but only because it means fighting less people at once.

We could flat out tell Iso in a normal voice that we have changed our mind and we need him to come with us.

Yes, it does let the other two know we were planning sneeky plans, but it also lets them know we have changed them. And it helps us in the even that one of the OTHER two are being duplicious. If one or both of them hang back, then we are guaranteed at least two attackers.
No. 2002655 ID: b0bf34

Addendum: He could also do the obvious thing and just kill us, getting a much easier fight, after which he could decided to fight some more or leave.
No. 2002656 ID: 410a04

I say we take one for the team and have everyone wait while you jump without attacking. And then if he kills you the others will just rape his face. But if he doesn't (or you survive) you'll have 3 (2 if he is a dick and you don't die) more buddies that can make the exit together. Tell Iso to try and make more allies if you don't make it.
No. 2002657 ID: 5d00f4

Yeah. Reason I want to jump with Iso is the Guardsman could potentially jump on him and kill him while you jump over.
No. 2002658 ID: c811c4
File 133587180323.png - (723.13KB , 1000x700 , p3-24.png )

Alison tell Iso to nevermind what was said earlier. She will jump and bring him with her. Axeman thinks it is a bad idea, but he will be indebted to her if she does so.

Iso and Alison take the leap, but not to attack. She can only hope that she is right in thinking that he is not as threatening as he looks.

Guardsman used an item, Double Attack Counter Interruption (Stationary Defense Only)!
No attack to counter! Attack fails!

The Guardsman's demeanor completely flips, and it looks far from aggressive now. Alison's gut is telling her that if he wants to hop off of this platform to flee, he will be able to do so before she gets a chance to attack him at her current spot.
No. 2002659 ID: e3f578

Now, this is a long shot, and may sound a bit perverted, but I think it may be the easiest solution for a distraction on your part, but rub your curvacious body sensually. That might not take up a turn and allow him to escape, gestures and speech seem to be a free actions.
No. 2002660 ID: 49d4d7

Well, if the Guardsman's wants to flee, its alright. Just rush for the exit. You, Iso and the guard are 3 people and there are 3 slots. So rush the exit. Go! Schell!
No. 2002661 ID: 886a4d

To the exit. Congrats, daring won.
No. 2002662 ID: ed57e8

No. 2002663 ID: 3734f6

Aha! He counted on the item annihilating you (and it would have) but because you did not try to kill him it failed. Knowing he is beaten he flees.

The other two were supposed to jump with you and didn't despite promising.
Well, jump through the gate with Iso and the guardsman.
No. 2002664 ID: b0bf34

It seems to me that the other two saw that we were saying we'd jump ahead first. From their point of view, we were going in without them.
No. 2002665 ID: 3734f6

what? we all 4 were supposed to jump at once. The result was supposed to be him and 1 of us dead and the 3 remaining going in.
They didn't jump which would have instead resulted in him dead or injured and at least one of us 2 dead. Their plan was to mop up and go in... It backfired horribly since now us and the guardsman are just gonna jump and use up the 3 remaining slots.
No. 2002666 ID: b0bf34

Then they saw us arrange with the guardsman to go to him alone.

We said we'll bring Iso along, but didn't tell the other two to jump in with us. They have no reason to think we were trying to trick the guardsman.

Axeman thought it was a bad idea because we were cutting down our numbers for some reason.
No. 2002667 ID: 3734f6

No we didn't, he CHALLENGED us to dare come at him and that had no effect on our agreement with our temporary allies.
All 4 attacking at once is ideal for him since he had an artifact that would nullify all attacks against him and double retaliate. It would have either killed all 4 of us or just 2 of us depending on the semantics of the item's rules. At worse he would be unharmed and in the same square as 2 others with 3 slots available and attacking at leisure.
No. 2002668 ID: b0d466

We can always kill the other two and ally with the guardsman, right?
No. 2002669 ID: 2563d4

Sod attacking. You're at the gate. Go through.

Iso can likewise follow this turn.
No. 2002670 ID: f70e5e

pat the guardsmen on the head and make for the gate.
No. 2002671 ID: 6f4add

No. 2002672 ID: c811c4
File 133590082929.png - (898.39KB , 1000x700 , p3-25.png )

She doesn't know precisely what the Guardsman's item does, but she knows that she was probably quite lucky.

>Pat the guardsman
Alison thinks that would be breaching his kill zone.

There's no time to dwell on anything, and the guardsman flees into the door. Iso and Alison jump forward to go in with him. The timer falls to zero, and the door slams shut against the unfortunate Axeman and Quadruped.
No. 2002675 ID: c811c4
File 133590098439.png - (17.75KB , 900x700 , 3-26.png )

The room with the four survivors starts moving upwards, acting as an elevator. It also serves as another area in which Alison and the others may spend points.

Gained +38 CU! Total: 47

Body Rank 2: +1 HP -- 15 CU
-- Rank 3: +1 HP -- 19 CU (34 CU total cost for rank 2 and 3)

Armor Rank 2: +1 armor -- 10 CU
-- Rank 3: +1 armor -- 14 CU (24 CU total cost for rank 2 and 3)
-- Rank 4: +1 armor -- 19 CU (43 CU total cost)

Weapon Rank 2: +1 attack. -- 5 CU
-- Rank 3: +1 attack -- 7 CU (12 CU total cost for rank 2 and 3)
-- Rank 4: +1 attack -- 8 CU (20 CU total cost)
-- Rank 5: +1 attack, +1 optional weapon form -- 17 CU (37 CU total cost)

Absorption Rank 1: -- 30 CU

The previous number for armor/weapon rank 2 was mistaken. Apologies!
No. 2002676 ID: 8a64e4

No. 2002677 ID: 6f4add

absorbtion and body.
No. 2002678 ID: b6edd6

After purchasing upgrades, we should put our READING ability to use by seeing what is in those books.
No. 2002679 ID: 7c31d2

Hug Iso
No. 2002680 ID: 6e44d2

Absorption and body.
No. 2002681 ID: b9e291

Meh, saved by tits.
No. 2002682 ID: f70e5e

this. iso has a rank 4 weapon so we should focus on building our defense and letting him do the offense.
No. 2002683 ID: c811c4
File 133590501588.png - (14.54KB , 700x700 , s1-1.png )

Body is increased to 2, Absorption Rank 1 is gained, hugs are given, flutes are played, and books are retrieved.

There is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. She doesn't know any books or any of their authors, or if they have anything to do with anything.

The non-fiction ones are textbooks on various topics. There is a mathbook, a history book labeled "After the First Warp Drive Changed Everything," physics and engineering, among a couple of others.

She isn't sure if there is any point in learning any of this stuff, but there wouldn't be any point of putting books here if she wasn't given time to read any of them.
No. 2002684 ID: 6f4add

hehehe, boobies.
No. 2002685 ID: b9e291

As tempting as history is, start with engineering then physics. Your survival depends on learning how the heck this place works.
No. 2002686 ID: b0d466

Math, then Physics, then Engineering
No. 2002687 ID: cf49fc

Read the history to gain context, then move on to science. A backdrop is necessary for most technology to be understood.
No. 2002688 ID: c811c4
File 133590824255.png - (15.04KB , 700x700 , ssf1-2.png )

She grabs science books and the mathematics. The engineering is very broad, and mostly touches on subjects as civil engineering, fluid mechanics, chemicals and basic construction. That's as far as she gets before her lack of education gets the better of her.

The physics book begins with vectors, lots of graphics and lots and lots of mathematics. She only knows simple arithmetic that came with her ability to read, so she opens up the mathbook. It is very thick, and goes all the way from arithmetic and fractions into a great deal of calculus, probability and statistics.

The mathematics appear accurate enough, but everything else does not seem to help much. They are labeled as non-fiction, but whatever these books are, they may as well be all fiction given that they do not seem to apply to her own world. That includes the history book. She has never heard of any of the people or species inside of what is supposed to be a real history.

The Guardsman is rummaging through the cabinet, tossing boxes and cards around.
No. 2002689 ID: 5029d1

well who knows. if it is real for this world then it could be important. and since we have absorption we should have a empty inventory space so snag a book.
No. 2002690 ID: 166adc

You can learn more about a person in one game of Monopoly than you might living with them for a year.

Board Game time.
No. 2002691 ID: c811c4
File 133591118561.png - (11.91KB , 700x700 , ssf1-3.png )

Alison pockets the math book and puts the rest away. It doesn't seem to take up a slot in her normal inventory, so she won't have to worry about keeping it through another stage.

She gets a game, and invites Iso to play with her. Iso's case of illiteracy makes that difficult, so cards are played instead. Alison still has to play for Iso half the time, but that time passes easier.
No. 2002692 ID: c811c4
File 133591119309.png - (8.32KB , 700x700 , ssf1-4.png )

The Guardsman continues his rummaging frenzy, and looks in another box. Instead of tossing it aside, he moves to the corner behind the counter and sits on the box, fidgeting occasionally.
No. 2002693 ID: f70e5e

see if the guardsman can understand you, if so try and make friends.
No. 2002694 ID: 5029d1

guessing he found tools.
No. 2002695 ID: c811c4
File 133591233988.png - (14.20KB , 700x700 , ssf1-5.png )

Excusing herself, Alison goes to attempt to make friends.

Her words and gestures get the Guardsman to shakes his sword menacingly at her while keeping a grip on the box with his other hand.
No. 2002696 ID: 04b86a

He's unable to attack you. Hug him, then go see what the worm's like.
No. 2002697 ID: 7c31d2

Hug him
No. 2002698 ID: 369d34

Go back to Iso and tell him you've got a plan to see what the Guardsman has in the box, but you need his help. Since the Guardsman almost certainly can't read, he doesn't know this room is a safe zone and he can't attack. You're going to lift him off the ground in a hug. Then Iso runs over, grabs the box, runs back, and dumps it on the table.
No. 2002699 ID: e3f578

If you hug him, beware of motorboating!
He looks like a motorboater.
No. 2002700 ID: 2d828e

I vote for honest hugs. If he wants protect the box let him. We want to see if we can make him a bit more friendly not the opposite.
No. 2002702 ID: c811c4
File 133591556707.png - (13.02KB , 700x700 , ssf1-6.png )

A hug is applied, and the sign does not lie. He can't read, and tries his absolute best to kill Alison. She can feel the sword hitting her backside, but she isn't receiving any damage, nor motorboatings.

It looks like while no damage can be done, someone can still push others around.

Iso has come nearby, and appears to be going for the box while looking up to Alison for silent permission to fetch the box.
No. 2002703 ID: f70e5e

lets not, we don't want him to think this was an attack, ultimately we want to make friends with this guy. he sees to be able to handle himself very well in a fight.
No. 2002704 ID: 410a04

Vote for taking the box. If it's worth hiding its worth stealing. If it isn't worth hiding, the Guardsman a dick AND an idiot. So fuck him.
No. 2002705 ID: e3f578

Start petting him
Scratch a little behind his ears
No. 2002706 ID: b0bf34

vote against box investigations.
No. 2002707 ID: 6e44d2

Take the box. Let's be a little more treacherous. Jeez. Come on.
No. 2002708 ID: a9298b

we have to at least see what's inside
No. 2002709 ID: c811c4
File 133591706460.png - (7.60KB , 700x700 , ssf1-7.png )

>Iso: Look in the box

He finds three tokens with a face and a +1 on each of them.
No. 2002710 ID: 410a04

The fuck is that shit? Well it's got you and her on it so I wouldn't let the Guardsman keep them. Pocket 'em and try to place the box back without him noticing.
No. 2002711 ID: a9298b

distribute the coins to the people depicted on them.
No. 2002712 ID: b9e291

Those look fun. Pass them around! Also hugs are totally an attack so stop breakin tha law
No. 2002713 ID: e3f578

The fuck
This shit is all ours
We ain't fighting
He can't use them
Hell no he doesn't get a motorboat, or a scratch behind the ears or nothing
No. 2002714 ID: 3734f6

One for iso, one for the worm thing, one for Alison...
That guardsman is an asshole, he was trying to deny us our levelup items.
No. 2002715 ID: 369d34

Guardsman is confirmed asshole combat twink. Though, how did he know to toss this place for these tokens? Just generally looking for loot?

Distribute the tokens to who they're for. See if the worm thing is willing to talk, if it can.
No. 2002716 ID: 410a04

Oh and if that worm guy ever becomes green, grows multiple arms, and hints at a sadistic personality you should cut his throat. With a lethal non-lethal hug-throat.
No. 2002717 ID: c811c4
File 133591840076.png - (13.08KB , 700x700 , ssf1-8.png )

Iso hands the coins to their respective, presumed owners, and Alison pockets hers.

+1 Extra life!

Alison does not think the Guardsman deserves to have any friends, hugs or forced hugs.

Alison asks the worm if he can understand her. Worm nods, but cannot speak.
No. 2002718 ID: 369d34

Roughly drop the Guardsman, stick your tongue out at him and blow a raspberry, to signal your derision.

Poke through the stuff the Guardsman was rifling through to see if there's any writing of interest. Ask Iso to help you find things with writing on them.
No. 2002719 ID: b6edd6

Well now that he has proven intent on killing us all, see if you can take his weapon. It probably won't work, but it would still be funny to see you holding his sword in the air while he struggles to hang on to it.
No. 2002720 ID: 3734f6

We were explicitly told weaponry cannot be permanently lost or disarmed.

I suggest we get ready with the worm (maybe we should name him) and Iso because the moment we get to whereever the guardsman will go hostile, most likely.
No. 2002721 ID: 5029d1

so he got the lifes and hid them all. huge jerk.
No. 2002722 ID: b9e291

How did he know there were extra lives in there? Oh damn this is his second time through, isn't it. He already used his, didn't he?
No. 2002724 ID: 886a4d

I say the instant we arrive its time to put our absorbancy to the test. Say to the worm about how this guy went per combat and most likely will try to kill us immediately. How about we triple team him.
No. 2002725 ID: c811c4
File 133592219266.png - (11.47KB , 700x700 , ssf1-9.png )

>Pull his sword away
It doesn't seem to even budge, it may be plain impossible.

>Drop him
Alison throws him to the ground.

The guardsman waited a short amount of time before rummaging, it wasn't until after Alison got a book and read for a few minutes before he had the idea, so it is not as likely that he already knew there was something special as opposed to if he ran to the cabinet as soon as he entered the room.

Alison asks the Worm if he would like to gang up on the Guardsman. The worm nods.
No. 2002726 ID: c811c4
File 133592232670.png - (355.54KB , 700x700 , ssf1-10.png )

The room begins slowing down, and the door opens. There are 4 other rooms that came up to the same island. Alison can't read what looks to be words on the far tower, but this doesn't look like another stage yet.
No. 2002729 ID: c811c4
File 133592258404.png - (20.75KB , 700x700 , ssf1-11.png )

It doesn't stop the Guardsman from starting to run outside. It looks as though their room came in on the far left side of the island.
No. 2002730 ID: 886a4d

He's probably hoping to get to a guard position again. After him.

I suggest looking for anything to let you know what the next challenge is going to be.
No. 2002731 ID: 3734f6

Let me kill himself going 1vGroup of the others, the 3 of you stick together and go ahead
No. 2002732 ID: 5029d1

head out in a group.
No. 2002733 ID: 369d34

Let the Guardsman rush out and get his ass stomped by the others, or just otherwise fail.

Ask the Worm if it would like to group up and work together, even if it isn't to beat up the Guardsman. Head on out together, survey the area, and read and convey any messages to your comrades.

Hmmm... Five elevator rooms, and there were five starting portals. Probably a coincidence, but no way to tell if it means anything.
No. 2002734 ID: c811c4
File 133592534501.png - (11.60KB , 700x700 , ssf1-12.png )

Alison, Iso and the Worm head out in a group. For now, it seems that the worm is willing to cooperate in the face of the Guardsman.

The classiness of the guardsman continues as he runs out and attacks the nearest couple of people that left their rooms. Or tries to, as it is still a safe zone. The taller of the others loudly asks what the Guardsman's malfunction is.
No. 2002735 ID: c811c4
File 133592535838.png - (14.42KB , 700x700 , ssf1-13.png )

Alison heads past the fountain in the center of the island to read the tower.

Furthermore, there is a message engraved in the wall by the doorway. It reads as 'There are no more preliminary stages. Each normal stage, starting here, begins with a safe zone that everyone may rest and calm themselves in for a generous period of time. Most safe zones allow for 30 hours of rest, including this one. However, anyone may enter the stage through these doors sooner, and in their perception, all remaining time will instantly pass and they will begin the next stage.'

Alison looks up, then, to the words above the stage entrance.

Stage 1 - The Expanding Canyons
Entrants: 20
Exits: 4

No. 2002736 ID: 3734f6

1. Tell your allies about it.
2. Talk to the other groups, you may expand your group.
3. You have 30 hours, I would check back in our own elevator, in the cupboard (we never looked in it) to see if there was anything else useful.
And perhaps in other elevators.
No. 2002737 ID: 5029d1

okay so no one can get a unfair headstart. tell the group the guard tried to attack that the guard apparently went all combat.
No. 2002738 ID: 886a4d

Explain the sign to the others in your group.

Heres an interesting thought. I doubt many others have gotten the read ability so look for groups that do not try and read the sign and approach them.

Offer to to explain what the sign says for say 3 CU per group or 1 CU per person. Sure its not alot but thats the point, people will be more willing to give petty change away.
No. 2002739 ID: b6edd6

I think the CU is only in solid form during the level where it is acquired.
No. 2002740 ID: 886a4d

One way to find out, try and take out some CU from your pocket.
No. 2002741 ID: 49d4d7

Actually, the guardsman being the wat he is right now is actually good for us right now. As he is so aggresive, the other teams will gang up against him and kill him. Or the other thing happens. The guardsman kill other teams and we have less competition. So the best thing right now you should do is nothing. Just search the safe room for equipment.
No. 2002742 ID: 3734f6

If we are close enough when he dies, we can siphon CU from his corpse too even if we didn't kill him.
Remember, we can get CU from someone FALLING to their death.
No. 2002743 ID: 369d34

Searching the other safe rooms for stuff the others missed would be prudent, if possible. You could sell any life tokens you find to who they're meant for, or give them away to earn trust.

Go around to the people the Guardsman is trying to attack and introduce yourself and tell them he's an asshole all-combat twink. Ask if they'd like to gang up and try to throw him over the edge. Probably won't work, but it'll be cathartic.
No. 2002744 ID: c811c4
File 133592954593.png - (10.95KB , 700x700 , ssf1-14.png )

>Tell your allies about it
She recites the words on the wall to Iso and the Worm.

Iso is getting finnicky again, but Alison calms him.
No. 2002745 ID: c811c4
File 133592964678.png - (9.99KB , 700x700 , ssf1-15.png )

>Take CU out of pocket
It is solid, so she may be able to set up a business.

>Check the cabinets
Hers are empty, and everyone elses room's cabinet's are empty as well aside from one. One of them had missed the one up box, and she should be able to find them from their faces.

Unfortunately, she's not able to pocket them in invisible space, she has to hold them in her hands. It wouldn't be any problem, but she isn't sure that she can prevent someone from wrestling them out of her hands, as that may not count as an attack.

She could risk it and sell them, give them away, or hide them in the cabinet again. After all, she's going to have to fight for an exit to the next stage, and having less people with one ups would help.

>Introduce herself to others
She'll do this as she's finding the owners of the tokens, or do it after she hides the tokens again.
No. 2002746 ID: 5029d1

sell them for two CU each.
No. 2002747 ID: 886a4d

Put it back where you found it. Look for the people who it belongs to first and tell them about it. Use that to get them less wary of tricks and grateful enough that they'll start up your business. Once you have your first few customers you can use them as references.

Have Ito stay near the doors and count how many people enter. Once it gets to about 12 its time to leave.
No. 2002748 ID: 886a4d

well you do have one visible pocket... cleavage-space!
No. 2002749 ID: f70e5e

we have an issue, it looks like each stage only lets 4 people out. I don't think its a coincidence that we all arrived in groups of 4. I think we are supposed to team up, but one of our guys is too hostile to work with.
No. 2002750 ID: 369d34

You could find another to join your group for this next leg from among the faces on the tokens. Give him/her/it the token when they join up, hide the rest except for one, then test selling it for... 25 C.U. It is an extra life, after all, but you're negotiable on the price. The new join can vouch for it being legit.

As for keeping the token safe, keep some distance during the transaction. They put their C.U. in the open, retreat, then you toss the token over and collect the C.U. If they try to take the token, stick it in your mouth and threaten to swallow it.

Oh, and skim the book titles. See if there's anything different from your safe room.
No. 2002751 ID: c811c4
File 133593163667.png - (17.51KB , 700x700 , ssf1-16.png )

>Hide token in cleavage
Her cleavage isn't sufficiently smooshed to hold it, but she is able to hide it behind her clothes. It follows a more predictable state of physics than most items.

>Look at the books in other rooms
The textbooks appear to be different, but cover the same topics. The novels are entirely different, and the textbooks cover the same topics, but are written by different people.

>Locate the token owners
She finds one of the people with a missing token before crossing anyone else's path. He is poring over a math book feverishly, but stops moving his pen when she moves up to him. She keeps a little distance in case he is more aggressive than he looks.
No. 2002752 ID: a9298b

Introduce yourself and initiate a conversation so as to analyze his character.
No. 2002753 ID: 886a4d

Give him your token, ask what hes found out from studying. Obviously hes taken the reading perk so there is no need to offer your services in that regard.
No. 2002754 ID: 369d34

For the moment, keep the fact you have a life token secret. Right now you're stealthily interviewing for a fourth in your group.

Introduce yourself and ask him what he's reading that's so interesting. Perhaps offer to let him look at your math textbook, to see if the different authors covered certain topics to varying degrees. Mention that you're looking for another for your group and ask if he's joined up with any others yet.
No. 2002755 ID: c811c4
File 133593276853.png - (7.15KB , 700x700 , ssf1-17.png )

Alison moves in front of him and introduces herself. He says hello, and that's it. When she asks for a name, he says he doesn't have one. She'll call him the mathematician until he comes up with one, and he says that's fine, because he doesn't care about a name.

After prodding for more, he says he hasn't found out much, but he asks her if she's noticed the oddly specific numerical values for purchasing ranks. He thinks that they follow a formula, and wants to find out an accurate enough equation to predict how much everything costs at what level. He is only performing basic algebra right now, so it may be awhile before he gets anything.

Alisons shows him her own math book copy, and he seems somewhat reluctant yet pleased to accept the tribute. Most of it is the same, but he says he would like to keep Alison's math book, as some authors may explain certain topics better than another.

He asks that Alison shares all of the prices of rank up's that she's aware of. He's asked around, but no one is willing to give that information.

>Ask if he's joined up with any others.
He hasn't, and there are very few people getting friendly. No more than half of everyone is surviving each round, he says it's foolish to get too emotionally invested in anyone else.
No. 2002756 ID: 886a4d

Agree, but point out as a group it diminishes the amount of luck one needs to pass. Also 4 people seems to be the most common number allowed to pass any one room-puzzle thus far. If worse comes to worse everyone goes into this knowing that it could end up being one of them on the falling platform.
No. 2002757 ID: f70e5e

offer him the information he wants fro 3 cu. also point out that cooperation can increase your odds of survival, the next test for example will let 4 people live so it would be a good idea to make 3 friends.
No. 2002759 ID: 3734f6

Don't make that offer yet. If he joins us we would want access to his results rather then CU now. He is also far more likely to agree to joining us and to sharing if he does that.

Also ask about his combat capability.

Also we should check the others too before committing on which one to recruit.
No. 2002761 ID: 369d34

Give him the information he wants, then get Iso over here to share what he knows. Also share everything else you've seen that's quantifiable: Number of creatures at the start; Number of gates in and out of areas; How many tiles in a stage and how they connected; Anything with numbers on them; And anything else you can think of.

He can keep the math book; He'll make better use of it than you. In fact, go to all the other safe rooms and grab the math textbooks, and any blank paper. Keep one book for yourself and hand the rest over to the Mathematician, with the paper.

This guy is going to be busy crunching numbers for the full 30 hours, so continue interviewing the rest of the life token people.
No. 2002762 ID: b6edd6

We should at the very least get him to agree to tell us his results.
No. 2002763 ID: c811c4
File 133593746043.png - (11.96KB , 700x700 , ssf1-18.png )

>Have him agree to share his findings
He says yes, he will share with anyone who shares the information they can -- if they live to hear it, and he lives to tell it.

Alison shares the numbers that she knows, and asks if he would like to work together, explaining the pros of that. He declines, and says that he'll try not to get in their way during the stage, but won't trust her or her allies enough to work with them.

He shares his own numbers. He only has 4 weapon, 1 armor and 1 body. He comments how low the weapon upgrades are, and it seems to favor one hit deaths, so he hasn't bothered getting a lot of HP yet and has had to be fearful of everyone.

>Get him all the math books
Instead of fetching them herself, she simply says that there is a math book in each of the other rooms. The Mathematician thanks her for the info and will fetch them, and wishes her good luck in the stage.

Alison then remembers that she still has to decide about whether or not to give him a one up.
No. 2002764 ID: 49d4d7

Trade him a One-up. What does he have that can be traded?
No. 2002765 ID: 5029d1

say "oh and i found this" and show him the one up "for someone wanting to find things you really should of looked harder."
No. 2002767 ID: c811c4
File 133593830901.png - (9.38KB , 700x700 , ssf1-19.png )

>Trade him

She turns around to pull out the extra life before showing it to the Mathematician and offering to trade for it. He says he doesn't have any items aside from the book, but he is willing to give 5 CU if she honestly has something like that. He says it's not fair to ask for more, because it doesn't look like Alison can make use of it.
No. 2002768 ID: 5d00f4

I don't know quite how useful he'll be, but I'm fine with giving him an extra life.
No. 2002769 ID: 8a64e4

Do the trade. He seems like a nice enough fellow.
No. 2002770 ID: a9298b

No. 2002771 ID: b6edd6

Include as part of the deal that he doesn't discuss the one-ups with the others, so our negotiating options with them remains unaffected.
No. 2002773 ID: c811c4
File 133593957438.png - (21.70KB , 700x700 , ssf1-20.png )

Alison says it's a deal if he doesn't speak about the one up's to the others. He says that is fine, he doesn't like the people he came up with anyway.

+5 CU attained! 7 total!

The mathematician thanks her, and Alison leaves her to his study. Around three people have moved to the next stage already when Alison takes a quick count, assuming no one is hiding in rooms.

She moves on to try to converse with a couple others, but they don't wish to speak.

Then she finds the token owner with the hanging frills off the head, who along with one other she doesn't know, is attempting to grab the Guardsman as they push him towards the cliffside.
No. 2002774 ID: 5029d1

"not that i care about that dumb ass, but i'm pretty sure you are wasting your time"
No. 2002775 ID: 5d00f4

> frills
Love interest found!

Call out to them, mention "I'm not sure that'll really do anything."
No. 2002776 ID: c811c4
File 133594063602.png - (16.40KB , 700x700 , ssf1-21.png )

Alison yells that she isn't sure that will do anything, even though she wished otherwise. Frills answers saying that he agrees, but it doesn't stop him from trying.

They don't get to cliff's edge before the restrained Guardsman is teleported out of their grasp a short ways away. The Guardsman appears as surprised as everyone else about his sudden transport.
No. 2002778 ID: 5d00f4

See if Frills is willing to trade some CU for the 1-up.
No. 2002779 ID: 46c430

...Wait, was that the safe zone or the 1-up?
No. 2002780 ID: 886a4d

Say that you were wondering if something like that would happen. Approach him and make the 5 CU for the 1 up offer and ask if he can read. If not offer to relay the information for him for 1 CU.
No. 2002781 ID: 369d34

Introduce yourself to Frills, tell him how Guardsman has been playing up until now, and how you thwarted his plans every time. Frills'll want to know this if he goes up against Guardsman in the next area.

Hey, maybe you can make a game out of tormenting Guardsman? See how many times you can try to kill him before he goes through the gate. Try drowning him in the fountain next... OH! Look in the fountain for goodies! There may be C.U. coins.
No. 2002782 ID: f70e5e

No. 2002783 ID: c811c4
File 133594232704.png - (14.10KB , 900x600 , ssf1-22.png )

>Guardsman teleporting: Safe zone or 1-up?
No one has been able to attack, and that certainly didn't look like a death, so she's certain that the safe zone protects against being restrained and pushed around extensively against ones will.

>Torment Guardsman
She might try later, but she wants to get to business and the Guardsman is running away while Frills stands still.

Alison is asked if there is something she wanted, and after a small introduction and summary of her experience with Guardsman, which is mostly met with blank 'mhms', she offers 5 CU for the extra life and 1 CU to read the wall in case he can't read.

He says he won't spend CU. If he did, then he would definitely need an extra life, and he doesn't particularly care about what the wall says.
No. 2002784 ID: 5d00f4

Inform Frills that the offer will remain open as long as the two of you remain. Keep in mind, though, that by carrying the 1-up, you're making yourself a target for Frills. Just be prepared to drop it if you want to force Frills' movement sometime.

Thank Frills for his/her time, then seek out the last potential 1-up owner.
No. 2002785 ID: 886a4d

>>406833 yup, afterwords just go around to everyone you can and offer your little business spiel. 30 hours is a lot of time and you don't seem to get tired.
No. 2002786 ID: 369d34

"Well, then you won't mind if I test something with it." Move back out of his range, pull out the life token, and wind up to throw it over the edge. If he's actually interested, he'll shout for you to stop, or rush you.
No. 2002787 ID: c811c4
File 133594494436.png - (11.52KB , 700x700 , ssf1-23.png )

Alison lets Frills know the offer will stand for the thirty hours.

>Pretend to start throwing the extra life off of the cliff
She's been working so hard not to earn people's ire!

>Locate the last one-up owner.
The last one is found hanging by the edge of the tower.

She offers him the usual deal of 5 CU for an extra life. He remains silent, he may not know how to speak.
No. 2002788 ID: 5d00f4

Gesture about reading and writing. Can this fellow read/write? Understand speech at all?
No. 2002789 ID: 886a4d

I guess this is another bust. Try writing a bit then open shop.
No. 2002790 ID: c811c4
File 133594552172.png - (11.47KB , 700x700 , ssf1-24.png )

He doesn't respond to speech, and he doesn't respond to her writing anything in the ground, not even in a way that acknowledges that she is trying to communicate with her at all.

He just sits there.
No. 2002791 ID: 886a4d

I'm feeling sorry for this one for some reason. Give him his one up for free.
No. 2002792 ID: 5d00f4

Give him a hug, then walk away, I guess!
No. 2002793 ID: 6f4add


actually that's a good distraction method for later on.

proceed to next stage if Io agrees to.
No. 2002794 ID: 369d34

...Catatonic? Try offering your hand and see if he responds. If not, then slip him the extra life and walk away.

Go meet up with Iso and Worm, then check out the fountain and the rest of the area.
No. 2002795 ID: c811c4
File 133594762410.png - (13.57KB , 700x700 , ssf1-25.png )

>Give hug

She picks him up and squeezes. For a fleeting second he opens his mouth as though to say something, then shuts it again. She'll put him down again, and leave the extra life with him for free.
No. 2002796 ID: c811c4
File 133594763229.png - (13.05KB , 700x469 , ssf1-26.png )

>Set up shop
For 1 CU per person, she reads the sign to people. It works well enough, and she gets 3 CU from others until some jerkface purchases her service and then starts shouting the words to everyone for free. She now has 10 CU.

Iso is playing his flute, which sounds even better, with a tip bowl for donations made out of some leaves on the ground. He gains a couple of CU from the more generous ones around, but no one would expect anyone to give up much CU for non crucial pleasantries.
No. 2002797 ID: c811c4
File 133594769475.png - (14.77KB , 700x700 , ssf1-27.png )

>Check the fountain
She looks into the water, but there is nothing at the bottom. Feeling it is refreshing, but it isn't as though she gets physically exhausted.

Worm is nearby, but doesn't appear interested in much, and mostly likes keeping to himself.

No one else is around. This would appear to be a good gathering social point, but people around here aren't quick to warm up. Perhaps most agree with the mathematician, and don't want to become friends with people with such low survival rates.

There are around one dozen people remaining, the rest have presumably gone into the stage door.
No. 2002799 ID: 886a4d

Alright, if theres nothing else and you feel ready its time to go. Ask Worm and Ito if they are ready and then if they are lets go.
No. 2002800 ID: 5d00f4

While I'm not opposed to hopping into the portal and getting things started, if Alison wants to enjoy herself, she should go ahead! Take a bath and all that.

Also, tip Iso 1CU as well.

If you do find someone who's resigned to loss, though, maybe you could convince them to funnel you their unspent CU.

Down the road, perhaps you could start funneling your CU to Iso in exchange for protection. Build him up as a tank, maybe?
No. 2002801 ID: 886a4d

I think we should go the tank route while Ito is the hammer since he already has the level 4 flute.
No. 2002802 ID: 369d34

Aren't you going to stick around and see if Mathematician makes any breakthroughs? It's not like you have to be in a hurry.
Tip Iso one C.U., then ask if he'd like to take a swim with you in the fountain. Who knows what will happen on the other side of the gate, so let's enjoy the pleasantries while we can.

This does look like a valid tactic. Buff up Iso's armor and health, and Alison's absorption ability. He hits hard, and she picks up the pieces to share. Yeah, run that by Iso.
No. 2002803 ID: 6e44d2

Remember, it's okay to get close with people now, but when the time comes, you must be ready to kill.
No. 2002804 ID: b9e291

Stick with the mathemetician. He might not be a nice object, but he seems to stand the most chance at finding a way to bend the rules.

That said, are there any books about canyons?
No. 2002806 ID: c811c4
File 133595379409.png - (17.11KB , 700x700 , ssf1-28.png )

>Ask Worm at Iso about going in
Worm was just on his way to the stage doors. Since he cannot speak, his motives remain a mystery. As for Iso, he says he would like to stay by Alison for as long as she is around.

>Tip Iso 1 CU for music
He practically glows in elation. He keeps on playing for awhile before stopping.

>Bathtime, and talks of CU usage
Nothing better to do than relax for the rest of the time. Iso joins her and explains that he is willing to distribute his points where she wishes, but he isn't certain it would be a good idea for her to skimp on armor or HP. He would love to protect her, of course, but he isn't sure how possible that is. It sounds as though opponents have a lot of freedom to whom they choose to attack.

>Hang by the mathematician
The mathematician is hard at work, and prefers not to be distracted. He says that he probably won't reach any breakthroughs tonight, because he barely knows how to multiply and divide fractions and complete the most basic of algebraic formulas. He will need much more time before he can start examining the numbers with any effectiveness. The numbers, which, he adds, are far too few to easily go off of for now. If Alison really wants breakthroughs, he says, he will need to live through the stage.

>Books about canyons
Checking back, the only mention of any canyons are a couple of example word problems in the physics books, but they are so specific and advanced that it is no use.

>Getting unused CU from ones who are resigned to lose
The only one that seemed utterly at the end of their rope was the third owner of the 1-up, and Alison doesn't know if she has it in her to try and exploit whatever is going on with him.
No. 2002808 ID: 5d00f4


Relax, get some sleep if needed, and make any last preparations before heading into the portal.

Proposed team:
Alison, Iso, Mathematician, Worm.

If reasonable next round: Throw Frills his / her 1-up when s/he's in danger to raise good will.
No. 2002809 ID: e3f578

Consider playing Strip Poker w/ favors to get people more social and maybe make a few CUs.

Credit limit is 2 per cloth or favor. Lose 2 and you have to give a favor or strip a piece of clothing until the end of the game to have a chance to get back your pieces.
Of course, no one here really looks like they own clothes so maybe this ain't a good idea so early in the game. Ahh well, discuss it with a few people to see if it sounds like fun and then maybe a few of your can spend a few CU's on clothing to make the next safe zone more interesting with more chances to make some CU's. At each safe zone, the credit limit would increase of course, because everyone will probably get richer.
No. 2002812 ID: 3734f6

You know what, grab more books from your elevator. See if you can get your allies to carry some too. They take no regular space, can be dropped if needed, and I get the strong sense that the next test will be a trivia game or some such, in group.

After all, why else give you books? and force you to socialize for 30 hours?

Also it is possible that going through the gate with them in inventory will make you suddenly learn the subject. Explain your idea to the mathematician and ask to carry one math book through the gate (since he has them all now) and you yourself carry an engineering and physics and math books.

don't; it is getting silly and also in gambling we have a chance of losing.
Just, relax until the next stage.
No. 2002813 ID: 369d34

Aw, give Iso a friendly rub on his... frills? Horns? He's such a gentle soul, it's a shame he is put through this. Ask that the next time we get to an ability store, we confer on what to buy.

I think we should let the Worm go. We don't know its intentions, and since it can't speak, working with it is going to be problematic. It doesn't even have limbs to gesture. Do take the Mathematician with us, or at least protect him on the way through. There may be room for one more, but it's not necessary. Perhaps the catatonic guy, if he woke up.

Yeah, do have everyone in your group load up on books, even Iso; Have him take one of the general history books, in case there's a trivia puzzle. If that hunch about knowledge absorption plays out, we'll see if you have to have the reading ability to take advantage of it.

How about getting a friendly poker game going with a few of the others. Not strip poker, and for chips, not C.U. It'll pass the time and get a feel for their attitudes and personalities.
No. 2002814 ID: e3f578

I thought it would be an attractive challenge to gain CU and get a lot of customers. You could even invest into the speaking skills to improve your game and probably end up with more dough.
No. 2002815 ID: c811c4
File 133599175351.png - (11.88KB , 700x700 , ssf1-29.png )

>Strip poker
She isn't nearly confident enough in her poker face, but mostly everyone still around is only around because they are either afraid to enter the stage, want to read books or some other reason, but not to socialize.

>Grab more books
She's able to pocket two more, a physics and an engineering book. Iso takes a history book, a novel and a biology book.

>Team: Alison, Iso, Mathematician, Worm
The worm has already entered and the mathematician still doesn't care to team up, but she will see how things go in the stage. She'll attempt to join with Iso if the system allows it.

The mathematician doesn't make any astounding discoveries after the 30 hours after all, and he holds three math books in his pocket space and one book in his hands. Alison still has to keep Frill's token on hand.

Everyone seems to have been given a good sense of time, and knows when the thirty hours are up. The portal is entered.
No. 2002816 ID: c811c4
File 133599180167.png - (13.45KB , 700x700 , s1-1.png )

She is alone.

The extra life that she had to carry physically has disappeared, and she didn't absorb the knowledge from the books she was holding.

There are three signs. The one on the left is labeled "Fight Arena", the middle one "Platform Race" and the rightmost one as "Platform Wits."
No. 2002817 ID: 9cd02a

We can't really fight yet so its either race or wits. Im thinking wits since Iso will probably pick the platform race.
No. 2002818 ID: 3734f6

Iso can't read, he will pick one at random. I really hope he doesn't die, and boy oh boy good thing we learned to read.

Take the wits section. (second choice is race, combat is unacceptable)
No. 2002819 ID: b6edd6

Might as well go wits.
No. 2002820 ID: 5b342d

I'd suggest wits. There are limits to speed and combat ability, but wit is a lot more open-ended - and we do, after all, have access to more than the usual number of minds here, which could give us an advantage.
No. 2002821 ID: bdb3f8

Without making a value judgement on the matter, I would like to point out that going wits will almost certainly put us in competition with the Mathematician.

Also, those that are going to be most dangerous in combat are the least likely to know which path leads to combat. It's a gamble in any event, but worth considering.
No. 2002822 ID: 6f4add

wits, big time.
No. 2002823 ID: e3f578

Puttin' on the witz
No. 2002824 ID: c811c4
File 133599763869.png - (22.49KB , 617x865 , s1-3.png )

Alison goes for wits.

She enters on a green platform that has an X on it, as does the one who seemed catatonic.

The sign at the far end reads "Priority: Up arrows, up-right arrows, and so forth in a clockwise motion until up-left as the least priority."
No. 2002825 ID: fb950a

Plan ahead, at least two jumps worth. If the poor bugger stays catatonic, you have to do the whole thing yourself. Don't assume he will, however. Keep looking back at him. Shouting to him every now and then may help. Cooperation has worked for us quite well up until now, no reason to stop.
No. 2002826 ID: bdb3f8

Do you have an angle to see the sign to your left yet?

Might as well get moving, we don't exactly have a lot of choice on the first move, and the mechanics are not clear yet.
No. 2002827 ID: 369d34

Only one way to move right now. Step out on to the platform and see if there are any changes to the playing field. Look back and see if the sign nearest you has the same message as the one across the field.
No. 2002828 ID: 6f4add


we might be up against him, though. either way he couln't have come this far by being a boldling-shaped vegetable.

welp, only one jump you can make now.
No. 2002829 ID: 886a4d

If you can see the other sign read the other sign as well to see if its the same.
No. 2002830 ID: c811c4
File 133599921422.png - (23.05KB , 617x865 , s1-4.png )

The catatonic leaps forward, while Alison leaps down. She lands on the platform with a right arrow- and her entire row shifts right, including the platform she is on.

Furthermore, their first platforms turn orange as they leave it.

>Read the other sign
She read the sign at the upper right. The sign to her left says "For the topmost player's eyes."
No. 2002831 ID: aa8dbe

Hmmm.. if the priority is based on the direction of the arrow, then maybe a high priority means we go twice? That means we should try to stick with a relatively short path that sticks mostly to the RIGHT side of the circles and aim for the swirly thing in the center. Considering it looks like only one can enter the middle first since the spots beside it have different turn orders.
No. 2002832 ID: b0bf34

I'm betting priority is what order the platforms shift in.

So we both make our moves at the same time, then the platforms shift based on their priority.
No. 2002835 ID: 886a4d

Well for one thing it looks like his arrows switched directions while yours didn't.

Offer an exchange of information. Your sign for his.

Afterwords lets head to highest priority arrow. Which is east of us. Honestly it looks like there is no real goal besides the directions of the arrows. I hope this isn't an elimination game. Avoid the arrows that point to off the edge as that just might kill us.
No. 2002837 ID: 3734f6

Alright, it seems that when you hit a platform, the whole row/diagonal/column moves.
Lets not make a hasty move and solve the best path. Keep in mind the opponent might as well.

Now, this is somewhat cruel, but we could aim to meet and kill him. If we win he dies anyways, if we beat him in combat we get their CU... unfortunately, we might be penalized for it since this is the "wits" section... but maybe we could drive him over the edge then? that is a demonstration of wits.

Anyways, I am agreeing about what priority does. Go one to the right, it will move you another one closer and give you priority. Then go up, up, left to win.
No. 2002838 ID: 3734f6

>Arrows switched direction
no they didn't, the entire row moved with the arrow. So they all went one to the left (and looped around)
No. 2002839 ID: bdb3f8

okay, so priority is the order of operations for the sliding actions, and apparently it is possible to have signs that say different things for different people. (in all likelihood it is just the same information for a different perspective)
No. 2002840 ID: b0bf34

The Goal is probably to get to the center, where it has the swirly bit, and is hardest to reach.
No. 2002842 ID: 3734f6

>right, up, up, left to win
correction, that is right, up, up, up, left.
Interestingly his fastest path is to go left one and loop to right next to us, at which point we will be right on top of each other. However, if he goes down he will disrupt our own path and we will need to repath
No. 2002843 ID: 369d34

Your opponent's current optimal path, barring your interference, is: DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT.

Jump one row up to screw up his path, and shift an up-right arrow into the slot to the left of the goal.
No. 2002844 ID: 886a4d

Yes most likely the center is the goal. Alright my guess is priority happens when we both step on the same row / column or diagonal and it conflicts. Still heading east seems to work best.

Hopefully the life token we gave him will preserve him if he loses.
No. 2002847 ID: 3734f6

Can you spend CU right now?

actually he would need to go DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT to win.
It is 5 moves just like us. And if he did that while we followed my path we will not disturb each other and meet AT the goal simultaneously.

furthermore, doing so will screw OUR path but will NOT disturb his path, at all. Going up 1 will mean that he wins.
No. 2002848 ID: b0bf34

I've been trying to look it over for his path.

He moves Down, the platform shifts Left
He moves right, the platform shifts down and left
He moves left, the platform shifts down and right
He moves right, the platform moves right, and he has reached the swirl.

Where am I incorrect?
No. 2002849 ID: c811c4
File 133600094596.png - (23.35KB , 617x865 , s1-5.png )

Alison leaps right, and she gets moved up one, while the platform she was on previously changes orange like the first.

Catatonic leaps left, to the up-left arrow, which shifts the platforms after Alison's landing. He loops around with the platform.

>Ask for a change of information of what each other's sign said.
He does not reply to Alison's offer.
No. 2002850 ID: 886a4d

That made things... a bit complicated. Hmm, from what I can see moving south might work. At the very least it will move us out of his range for now. since we aren't a combat creature yet by any stretch of the imagination
No. 2002851 ID: b9e291

He's pretty tiny. Pick him up in your arms and complete the trial solo. You both win!
No. 2002852 ID: 886a4d

He can also kill us instantly if he has even a level 3 weapon.
No. 2002854 ID: 369d34

You can make an educated guess that his sign said that players on a tile that loops back around the playing field will be carried with that tile. This would mean he doesn't know about which player gets movement priority based on the arrow direction on the tile the player is standing on.

After examining the choices, the only route that doesn't end up trapping Alison is to move up. Unless orange tiles aren't impassible or instant-loss, or combat isn't disallowed in the arena. If combat is allowed, or both players can occupy the same tile, then moving to the right is an option, but not recommended.
No. 2002855 ID: 5029d1

No. 2002856 ID: 886a4d

We're assuming he can read... he might not know this is a game of wits and seeing as theres only us might be assuming this is combat.
No. 2002857 ID: c811c4
File 133600241148.png - (23.68KB , 617x865 , s1-6.png )

Alison moves up!
Catatonic holds his position!

Alison's arrow pushes both of them down and left, but Catatonic's arrow then changes it back to the way it was.
No. 2002858 ID: 5029d1

up again
No. 2002859 ID: 3734f6

he can't realistically go down, if he goes left and we go up, we end up trapped and die/lose.
I will need a few more moments to calculate all available paths

you are incorrect at the last move. When he goes right at that point he reaches the current location of the swirl, but the swirl itself moves 1 to the right as well. So he has to go right again to actually reach it. If for some reason it does not, then it is the same boat as us.
No. 2002860 ID: 3734f6

oh snap, we lucked out...
Ok, notice it did not move him, yellow tiles no longer move... ok then, go up 1 and it will NOT move us back down.
The solution is up, up, left and we win, he cannot catch up now
No. 2002861 ID: bdb3f8

>he can't realistically go down, if he goes left and we go up, we end up trapped and die/lose.

No part of that sentence makes sense.
No. 2002862 ID: 369d34

Check your diagonals. The line of tiles we moved doesn't line up with the orange tile he left.
No. 2002863 ID: 3734f6

That post was in reference to previous move not current move. By the time I was writing the reply we already moved... we made a deadly mistake too but he made a bigger mistake. And had he gone down he would have set himself up to lose for sure.

Anyways, the current solution is: >>407199
No. 2002864 ID: b0bf34

No, I think our tiles canceled each other out. Not that yellow tiles don't move. Our tile went down and right, then his went up and left.
No. 2002865 ID: 3734f6

That is possible, and would mean his tile was able to move the board twice. It does not change our path, it just mean we are not guaranteed a win and he could give us trouble by going up when we go up.
No. 2002867 ID: 369d34

Yes. It looks like he chose to not move his turn, and it activated the tile he is standing on, moved it, and turned it orange. Orange tiles, I assume, are non-entry/instant-lose-if-entered, and if he stays on that one for another turn, he loses/dies.
No. 2002868 ID: bdb3f8

okay, two things. One, I cannot see that "solution" working, because as previously stated, yellow tiles do in fact move, and two, I think this other guy is just random walking and/or waiting to die at this point. Attempting to predict his behavior is going to be difficult at best.
No. 2002869 ID: c811c4
File 133600347378.png - (23.86KB , 617x865 , s1-7.png )

Alison moves up onto a downward arrow!
Catatonic moves down onto a down-left arrow!

Alison's arrow cycles her row down.
Catatonic.. does not move. He looks around frantically, he seemed to be expecting something else and was greatly mistaken.

Her sign at the top right changes.
'Platforms change from green, to orange, to red, and then disappear. You may only move where the light trails lead, but platforms will carry you wherever they move.'
No. 2002870 ID: 369d34

Hmmm... He could be trying to kill himself, but he could have tried doing that by standing still until he lost.
No. 2002871 ID: b9e291


He didn't wrap around? That's hax! Go back there right now and pick him up. This game isn't working right.
No. 2002872 ID: b0bf34

I think he expected that arrow to loop around differently. Like it would get him to a different corner, rather than looping around on itself.
No. 2002873 ID: 04b86a

Okay, this'll probably work.

No. 2002874 ID: bdb3f8

okay! I stand corrected. Apparently he does have some intent here, he just isn't very good about pulling it off.

Nah man, it wrapped around, but there was only the one tile in that diagonal, so he ended up in the same spot.
No. 2002876 ID: bdb3f8

I'll buy that.
No. 2002877 ID: 886a4d

Be friendly, warn him red tiles will disapear if moved on. Then ya lets go up.
No. 2002878 ID: 3734f6

Go up, if you go up we win no matter what he does
No. 2002879 ID: b0bf34

Tell him about red tiles, then go up.
No. 2002880 ID: 369d34

Perhaps you could break the game by get both of you out.
Shout out that you want to help him and work together, but only if he acknowledges what you say and won't fight you. If he responds, wait a turn on that tile so he can jump to the left. Otherwise, move up.
No. 2002881 ID: bdb3f8

okay, guys, if pattern holds, red tiles get one more turn of action before they disappear.

I don't know what all this stuff about going up to win is, since it is just a slower form of going left to win. HOWEVER. If we go up, and can convince him to go up to the red and ride it over, he can join us on our tile the next turn, and we can follow >>407221 to victory together.
No. 2002882 ID: b0bf34

If we go up and he goes left, we win in two turns.
No. 2002883 ID: 369d34

This sounds OK, as long as Alison can actually get him to respond and agree to not fight.
No. 2002884 ID: c811c4
File 133600492317.png - (12.01KB , 700x700 , s1-8.png )

>His platform didn't wrap around?
Alison thinks about it, and realized that it would have looped around, but there were no other platforms that its arrow was lined up with so it just made a cycle with itself!

She warns him about the red platform, but he's not sure if he heard her. She also says that they can work together, but only if he acknowledges what you say and won't fight.

He shuffles his feet a couple of times, but looks down and doesn't say anything.
No. 2002885 ID: c811c4
File 133600493377.png - (24.21KB , 617x865 , s1-8(2).png )

Alison jumps up!
Catatonic jumps up!

He should be alright, the platforms only have changed color right after they leap off.
No. 2002887 ID: 3734f6


Cannot go up
Right = death.
Down = stupid
Left = same as staying in place
Staying in place = He either joins us here and we fight or make friends... or we then go up and we are back on track.
No. 2002888 ID: b0bf34

So if we stay still, we're still on course unless he moves down. If we move left, we're still on course unless he moves left.
No. 2002889 ID: 886a4d

I hope he doesn't attack us, it would mean our death. Be prepared to defend ourselves if we remain still. I suggest we go left.
No. 2002890 ID: 369d34

If Alison moves left, then Cata still has a chance to get out by moving left, or up, since if she moved up it would shift the platforms and trap Cata. So move left if you still want to try and help him, or stand still to screw him over. I choose to move left.
No. 2002891 ID: 886a4d

I just had a nasty thought, two people on the same platform might advance its state twice. Not an issue with green but with yellow you won't be able to stay on it.
No. 2002892 ID: a9298b

stay there and see what happens
No. 2002893 ID: 369d34

Remember that player order in a turn is determined by the position of the arrow on the platform the player is standing on. In this case, Alison would go first, and if Cata tried to attack, he'd end up on an empty platform.
No. 2002894 ID: b0bf34

I suggest staying still, because then can't screw us up. If he moves down, we'll get shifted down right, then down left. We can then move left, and be headed straight for the goal.
No. 2002896 ID: 3734f6

Standing still does not in any shape or form screw him. It does mean he will likekly share a platform with us which gives him a chance to screw us; or outright kill us (we have no HP).
The safe choice that screws him is to go one left.
No. 2002898 ID: 369d34

Ah, yes, you're right. He wouldn't get trapped in the corner if Alison stood still. However, he wouldn't be able to attack Alison, because she goes first in the turn. Her platform would activate and move her diagonally down and left before he could attack.
No. 2002899 ID: 3734f6

They both go concurrently, the priority is for platform moving, if he chooses left he will get to us before the platform moves and we will share a platform
No. 2002900 ID: c811c4
File 133600858181.png - (13.16KB , 700x700 , s1-9.png )

Alison stays!
Catatonic jumps left!

Catatonic still has yet to land, before the platforms change. It is too late to jump, but Alison may attack if she chooses to. She cannot tell if catatonic is attacking or not.
No. 2002901 ID: 886a4d

I'm going to assume he is hostile since he has not yet responded to anything we've said despite giving indicators he can understand us.

I say we attack.
No. 2002902 ID: e75a2f

No. 2002903 ID: a6ab09

there can only be hugs
No. 2002905 ID: 3734f6

We have not upgraded our weapon, if we attack there is a good chance he will not die.
Also, had we planned to kill him we4 would have gone left, not stayed.
No. 2002906 ID: e3f578

I'm gonna say he's probably just going to do his own thing without attacking you if he ain't gonna buddy up.

He's probably scared too shitless to fight anybody except in self defense.
No. 2002908 ID: 7c31d2

No. 2002909 ID: e3f578

What if hugs are considered an actual attack in this system? What if you can't hug without attacking? We don't understand the combat system enough to hug willy nilly. A pinch could be worth damage? A good hug could be considered an attempted smothering!
No. 2002910 ID: 04b86a

Let's not attack him. If we were that concerned about him turning on us then we shouldn't have made the offer in the first place.

Down has priority over down-left, so moving left would've only delayed our meetup by a turn.
No. 2002911 ID: b0bf34

While I doubt that anything other than our hair can do damage, I still think hugs are a bad idea for now.
No. 2002912 ID: 369d34

Don't attack. Defend, if you can. See what his intentions are.
No. 2002913 ID: a9298b

employ a defensive hug maneuver.
No. 2002915 ID: c811c4
File 133601640620.png - (24.08KB , 617x865 , s1-9(2).png )

Alison doesn't attack, and neither does Catatonic. The shared platform moves diagonally twice.

A hug does not count as an attack, but less awkward times for hugging are desired.
No. 2002916 ID: b0bf34

It's kinda cool that platforms double move when two people are one them. Go up.
No. 2002917 ID: 5029d1

point him upward and make him jump with you
No. 2002918 ID: b9e291

It's not hugs. It's just an innocent platonic pick the other player up because you can't tell them to move the same as you any other way.

OK so maybe it is hugs. Well maybe, point to the upward platform. If you both move up at the same time then you'll be one step away from that swirly...thing. Getting the deafmute to do so isn't going to be easy without hugs though.
No. 2002919 ID: 3734f6

notice its already yellow, they also decay at 2x speed.
Go up.
Say "we can go through together if we hold hands, I have done it in a 1v1 fight before; we don't have to fight".
No. 2002920 ID: b0bf34

no, this is a platform we had already been on. It turned yellow when we decided to stay on it.
No. 2002921 ID: 3734f6

you are right... after this turn the platform might turn red, or be destroyed if it decays at 2x when 2 people stand on it
No. 2002922 ID: 369d34

Take his hand, point to the platform in the "up" direction, hold up three fingers, and say that on the count of three to jump with you. Count down, lowering a finger on each number, so it's obvious you're counting down.
No. 2002924 ID: c811c4
File 133601828942.png - (13.42KB , 700x700 , s1-10.png )

She offers her hand, but he doesn't take it. She can't force it, as that will count as an attack.

He does move forward as though to jump forward, so it looks as though he understands her direction.
No. 2002925 ID: c811c4
File 133601830536.png - (24.10KB , 617x865 , s1-10(2).png )

They both jump forward.
No. 2002926 ID: a9298b

oh, it counted as a single action this time? alright then, let it move again.
No. 2002928 ID: 5029d1

wait. then left.
No. 2002929 ID: b0bf34

what if the platform can't cross that spot with us on it? They do double decay.
No. 2002930 ID: c811c4
File 133601869063.png - (24.05KB , 617x865 , s1-10(3).png )

>Single action

It took a moment to click, but they move one up and one right again with both on the same platform.

No. 2002931 ID: b0bf34

Go left with Cat.
No. 2002932 ID: 5029d1

No. 2002933 ID: 369d34

Nothing to do but jump left to the exit platform together.
No. 2002936 ID: c811c4
File 133601979649.png - (13.54KB , 700x700 , s1-11.png )

She motions left towards the spiral, and Catatonic moves to the edge to jump.
No. 2002937 ID: c811c4
File 133601980414.png - (24.45KB , 617x865 , s1-11(2).png )

But he snuck away and jumped right instead.
No. 2002938 ID: 5029d1

poke at the spiral. if that doesn't do anything then this is a battle to the death and we need to trap him and take him out.
No. 2002939 ID: b0bf34

or the goal is to get the spiral to one of the x's.
No. 2002940 ID: c811c4
File 133602015334.png - (5.76KB , 700x700 , s1-11(3).png )

The spiral extended upwards, it is acting as a light trail far above.

She can jump upright from here and leave.
No. 2002941 ID: e75a2f

Tell Cat that this is the way out and then leave. If Cat sees that this is the way out he will be more inclined to follow you.
No. 2002942 ID: b0bf34

Cat chose not to come with you. Leave without him.
No. 2002943 ID: 5029d1

it's his fault. jump.
No. 2002944 ID: 369d34

*sigh* You can't save everyone, especially if they don't want to be saved. Onward and upwards.
No. 2002945 ID: 3734f6

I think... I think he has decided not to come with us and end it all.
it is a shame but what can you do, jump up.
No. 2002946 ID: 886a4d

Say good luck and exit.
No. 2002947 ID: a2853b

This quest has the highest meaningful character death count I have ever seen.
No. 2002948 ID: c811c4
File 133602245313.png - (8.33KB , 700x700 , s1-12.png )

She jumps up, looking down at Catatonic looking back up at her. He thanks her for the hug back at the safe zone, just audible enough for her to hear.
No. 2002949 ID: c811c4
File 133602251398.png - (9.17KB , 700x700 , s1-12(2).png )

She lands by a chest.

The chest contains a choice between 30 CU OR the ability to buy Scan at any CU spending opportunity, an ability that costs 40 CU to obtain at rank one.
The details of Scan are at

There is also a lever, both marked with words and diagrams that say that the lever will drop all of the lower platforms.
While Catatonic is down far below, he is in direct interaction with her, and so she will be able to absorb him if he falls.
No. 2002950 ID: 96e0ea

Take the CU, apologize to the depressed guy and pull the lever.
No. 2002951 ID: 7c31d2

Take the Cu, don't pull the lever
No. 2002952 ID: 299ed3

Take the CU.

Scan is useful, but we don't have enough CU to throw around every time we might want to use it.
No. 2002953 ID: 410a04

"Add one more body to the body toll,
may God deliver this poor bastards soul"

And take scan. If we're going to make it out, we're gonna need to invest in the long term and scan is definitely gonna be useful.
No. 2002954 ID: bbee3d

Well, there's no way we can drop him after THAT! Not before giving him a chance to follow, anyway.

So far, we've always gotten CU automatically at the end of a stage. While it would be nice to have some extra, there's no guarantee that there will ever be another opportunity to get Scan, and it sounds like it could be useful - especially when dealing with people like the Guardsman. (It's probably too much to hope that someone's dropped him into the void by now.)

Take the possibility of getting Scan, then wait a while to see if Cat follows you.
No. 2002956 ID: f70e5e

take the cu, we don't know how long this event is going to be and we need cu right now.
No. 2002957 ID: a9298b

sound reasoning, seconded.
No. 2002958 ID: 886a4d

I say no to the scan. Take the points. As for killing Catatonic, I say no. Theres enough death inherent with the game as it is though we could use the 10-20 CU we would get from it.
No. 2002959 ID: 3734f6

Take the CU, we CU starved and another ability we cannot afford will not help us if we don't live to buy it.
we have 1HP and do 1 damage per hit.
No. 2002960 ID: b0bf34

we have 2 hp.
No. 2002961 ID: a2853b
File 133602366933.png - (16.24KB , 444x259 , Untitled.png )

>Well, there's no way we can drop him after THAT!
He never spoke until that moment, and had waited until we had crossed the event horizon/point of no return.
He meant those to be his last words, and said them with the intention that he would never have to follow up on them.
No. 2002962 ID: e75a2f

Go for the money, don't pull the lever. Scan will replace absorption, and we don't get another item slot to make use of it for 2 more body ranks.
No. 2002964 ID: 369d34

Can you lean over the platform, or go back down, and ask "Why? Why give up? Just... why?" You'd like to know why he's totally resigned to this before you pull that lever, but pull it all the same. He knew it would turn out this way.

Take the 30 CU. If the scan ability let you see everything for the CU cost per use, it might be worth taking, even though it'll cost 40 CU before it can even be used.
No. 2002965 ID: b0bf34

No, items that give the potential to learn an ability get absorbed. We haven't had an item since we got clothing.
No. 2002966 ID: b0bf34

Take the CU, pull lever.
No. 2002967 ID: a2853b

>"Why? Why give up? Just... why?"
Alternatively, ask what happened to him or what he found out to make him this way, or if he was always like this, since asking why tends to lead in strange an unproductive loops.

Maybe we could respond back with a "You can speak?!" on the gamble that it would either surprise him into speaking further, or put him into a worse depressive slump.
No. 2002968 ID: bbee3d

Whatever you do, wait a while first. If he wants to end it all, fine - you might as well get some CU out of it - but at least give him a chance to reconsider.
No. 2002969 ID: c6ec33

Tell him to move his ass and get up here already. He's already given you the CU reward; he doesn't have to die for it.
No. 2002970 ID: e75a2f

Also remember we gave Cat an extra life. It would be a huge waste to give him that and the force him to use it here.

So we wouldn't actually get his CU.
No. 2002972 ID: b9e291

Tsk. Watch down below for a while. You can't force him to come, but you can see his progress. You probably do have to pull the lever to end the level, but it's not his right to make you the one to kill him.
No. 2002973 ID: 369d34

You could watch below and wait for him, and pull the lever once the arena time runs out and the platforms are crumbling, but you're against the clock here. Remember, there's only four exit slots out of the Canyons, and you don't have any idea how much of a race this place is. Do what you will, but do it quick.
No. 2002974 ID: 6e44d2

Take the CU, pull the lever. Take the CU, pull the lever. Take the CU, pull the lever.
No. 2002975 ID: aa8dbe

Sometimes, people just want to die. The guy doesn't look like a killer and has probably seen as many people end as we have. He keeps living, other people die in his place. After all, only 4 people can leave this zone. Poor guy probably doesn't want anymore blood on his hands.

We need to move on to survive. We delay and we may not make it to the final door. Pull the lever.

Scan may look good, but it will get expensive fast and right now everyone is growing quick. Besides, this is a multi stage world I think. We may find other scrolls and we can only take one through the level gate.
No. 2002976 ID: 3734f6

remember that the level is timed and if we take too long everyone loses.
Just, move along.
No. 2002977 ID: b0bf34

If he's going to come, he can make it in four moves. (those moves being Up, left, stay, right)

I'm still advocating grabbing the CU and pulling the lever, but if we're going to wait, I wouldn't do so for longer than that.
No. 2002978 ID: c811c4
File 133603050358.png - (9.02KB , 700x700 , s1-12(3).png )

The absorption skill item is already used and effects gained, it does not take any item slots and will not get replaced.

She honestly does not know if she has the heart to pull a lever after all. It may be foolish, but she will to wait a couple of rounds for him.

She wants to know. Why he's given up, and what has happened to make him this way.
No. 2002979 ID: c811c4
File 133603051101.png - (10.28KB , 700x700 , s1-12(4).png )

He says he made friends with someone in stage two. When they each entered a portal, they were split up for stage three, much like here.
No. 2002980 ID: c811c4
File 133603052464.png - (10.27KB , 700x700 , s1-13.png )

In stage three, he met another friend, that didn't drop him back on the grid, that didn't attacak him, that looked out for him.
No. 2002981 ID: c811c4
File 133603053913.png - (9.72KB , 700x700 , s1-14.png )

The end of stage three was similar. 2 exits remained, with Catatonic and his two friends, no one behind them for half a dozen turns. They both wanted catatonic to go in, and decided to duel for their own place. They didn't understand how fragile the mechanics made everyone. They killed each other in the same hit. They were never given extra lives.

Catatonic doesn't jump off of his platform. Alison doesn't know how extra lives work. Perhaps it will return him to the beginning of the stage, but he would have to do miraculously to turn around and catch up to everyone. That is assuming he wishes to use his.

She'll be able to absorb him and get the chest's CU this round and move on, but she may yell one more thing down to him if she wants to.
No. 2002982 ID: 5d00f4

"Use your extra life, at least!"
No. 2002983 ID: b0bf34

"Despite everything, I'm glad that I met you."
No. 2002984 ID: f70e5e

"may you find peace in whatever comes next"

this is messed up, this whole setup is needlessly cruel. if we get out of here, we are going to make whoever made this hell pay.
No. 2002985 ID: 3734f6

go with this. And do absorb his CU (well, 10% of it). It might seem cold but we did all we can and it can save our lives and the lives of others to have it.
No. 2002986 ID: a9298b

Now his friends will have died for nothing and he's wasting an extra life. He shouldn't have given up, but at least some good will come from his actions since Alison has the absorb skill. Maybe we can rule it a sacrifice instead of a suicide.
The absorb skill can make all this death a little less pointless, actually. Fight with the power of the fallen so that their deaths had at least some value.
No. 2002987 ID: 6f4add

baww... eat him in the CU.
No. 2002988 ID: b9e291

"Throw me your life!"
No. 2002991 ID: c811c4
File 133603364386.png - (12.47KB , 700x700 , s1-14(2).png )

She crams as many words in as little time as she can. To use his one up, but if not, then to find peace in whatever is next, but mostly that she is glad that she met him.

She hopes that there really is a 'next.' She absorbs him, and it doesn't just feel like she got his CU. Some of his experience and understanding were included as well. She still felt, but couldn't bring herself to say that his friends died for nothing. The absorption may have been a two way process, though, as in the last instance, he felt regret.

>Throw her his life
She's unable to use his extra life even if he could throw that high.

Catatonic absorbed! 10 CU gained!
Chest prize attained! 30 CU gained!
No. 2002992 ID: c811c4
File 133603365609.png - (20.95KB , 1000x700 , s1-15.png )

There's nothing left here, nothing to do but more forward.

As in stage 3, she has a moment as she floats through the air. It is another checkpoint, and she may spend points here.

Current CU: 50

Body Rank 3: +1 HP -- 19 CU
--Rank 4: +1 HP -- 22 CU (41 CU total cost for rank 3 and 4)

Armor Rank 2: +1 armor -- 10 CU
-- Rank 3: +1 armor -- 14 CU (24 CU total cost for rank 2 and 3)
-- Rank 4: +1 armor -- 19 CU (43 CU total cost)

Weapon Rank 2: +1 attack. -- 5 CU
-- Rank 3: +1 attack -- 7 CU (12 CU total cost for rank 2 and 3)
-- Rank 4: +1 attack -- 8 CU (20 CU total cost)
-- Rank 5: +1 attack, +1 optional weapon form -- 17 CU (37 CU total cost)

Absorption Rank 2: -- 41 CU

No. 2002994 ID: f70e5e

i'm tempted to go for absorption rank 2, but we are very weak right now. i'd recommend picking up a rank 3 or 4 weapon.
No. 2002995 ID: b9e291

Body Rank 3
Armor Rank 3
Weapon Rank 2

Save 2 CU
No. 2002996 ID: 5d00f4

Pump armor straight to rank 4.

BTW, is armor rank equivalent to damage reduction, division, or unknown?
No. 2002997 ID: b0bf34

The whole, gain some of their memories really makes me want to get absorption level 2.

But on the other hand, we could get +2 armor, +1 Body, and +1 weapon.
No. 2002998 ID: a9298b

voting for this
No. 2002999 ID: 369d34

Check >>/questdis/361862, though some of it is vague and there's a bit missing.

It seems like many of the others sank their CU into weapons, so Alison needs to be able to take a hit. Take weapon level 2, Bump body level up to 4, and put none into armor, on the assumption that there's going to be some jackass out there with an armor bypass specialty. She'll get an additional item slot for being at that body level as well.
No. 2003000 ID: b0bf34

a high body also has other advantages over armor, namely that it's used to test attributes, like strength and dex.
No. 2003001 ID: 3734f6

Taking a hit and surviving doesn't help much if we deal 1HP damage, we will just be killed the next round.
Then again, when someone jumps to our platform we get 1st strike on them.

Thus I say:
Body 3
Armor 2
Weapon 4

And keep avoiding combat where possible.
No. 2003002 ID: 96e0ea

I like your interpretation. Body 3, armour 2 and wepon 4 is the way we want to go
No. 2003003 ID: e3f578

this is good
No. 2003004 ID: 2040c8

Good points. I'm voting for this. Ideally, we don't want to kill anyone, but it's best to be prepared for when someone aggros us and we can't avoid them.
No. 2003005 ID: 256d52

I'll play devil's advocate and say just get the rank 2 absorption. You're best off getting that up and running as soon as possible since it'll double our return from it.

If you want pacifism to work, you'll need to be strong enough to stand up to the others eventually.

Next round will be risky, but if we can pull through it we'll be fine.
No. 2003006 ID: c811c4
File 133604055695.png - (13.67KB , 700x700 , s1-16.png )

Alison now has Rank 3 body, 3 armor and 2 weapon. She has 2 CU left over.

Alison's direction shifts straight down, until she lands in the center of the new layout. There are four elevators, it doesn't look like anyone has left yet.

Frills is hopping left, and the Guardsman is going to the top. Iso is off to the side, and he greets Alison, saying that he got very lucky in the race. He got here the earliest, but wanted to wait for Alison. The Guardsman passed Iso, much to the latter's relief, with the Guardsman instead going straight to the top elevator.

Alison is surprised that so few people got ahead of her. Frills answers by saying that, while he doesn't know how the race or wits were, the arena was a massacre. The Guardsman absorbed at least two people.

Iso adds that when Frills leapt onto the far left platform, the icon next to it changed. He still can't read, so he doesn't know if that helps.
No. 2003007 ID: e3f578

Do you think those elevators can hold more than one person? I think so. The only different one is the one with Frills on it.

Let's develop our relationship with her by going for it with Iso. Maybe when the competition seems less fierce everyone will be friendlier.
No. 2003008 ID: c811c4
File 133604136390.png - (13.42KB , 700x700 , s1-17.png )

Alison jumps, beckoning Iso towards her as well, while asking Frills to find out if the elevators can hold more than one.

He doesn't think so, a point that he puts forth vehemently. He said there were supposed to be four survivors, if the sign was correct, and there are four elevators. Pointing out that there are two available ones, he tries to shoo Alison away from his spot.
No. 2003009 ID: e3f578

Make fun of his choice to not pay for his one-up, even if he did end up surviving. "Good thing everyone had their one ups then, huh!?"
Make for the south while Iso heads for the east.
No. 2003010 ID: 6e44d2

What's with those numbers that are counting down?
No. 2003011 ID: a9298b

maybe you have to stand on one of those spots for four turns to get into an elevator. Either way, you should each hustle to the free spots.
No. 2003012 ID: 2040c8

Don't pointlessly aggravate Frills. Let's just each get to the other free spots.

And, ugh, the guardsman. Since he's obviously a combat twink (with absorption, no less), we really don't want to face up against him in direct combat. Better to find a way to kill him off through wits if we end up his opponent.
No. 2003013 ID: 410a04

You could go to the elevators and just wait 4 turns. However notice the guardsman isn't picking a fight. If he really did just slay 2 opponents, he's probably low on health so if you and your friends want to get rid of him, nows the time.
No. 2003014 ID: 2040c8

We don't know his stats. He gets the first attack if we jump onto his platform, and there'e entirely a possibility he has high enough weapon to one-shot us.
No. 2003015 ID: 886a4d

I say we finish him off. Right now we can take a rank five hit and both of us have our 1-ups as well. We might have to kill him twice but at least he doesn't advance and get stronger too.
No. 2003016 ID: 886a4d

We should ask about Ito's stats as well however
No. 2003017 ID: 71d68e

Potential problem: If we both have to attack twice to finish him, he'll likely have a chance to escape into the elevator.

If we can finish him off in one shot attacking together, he'll still nail one of us.

And then one of us will have to make our way to the other elevators, likely while injured. Though the injured one can just stay and use the elevator while the uninjured one moves on to the other.

However, that'll slow down whoever goes for the other elevator, and then they might have to fight with any survivors that arrive after us. As is now, it's already possible that we might have to do that, if said new arrivals arrive early enough.
No. 2003018 ID: 886a4d

Ah, nevermind about attacking, by the time we team up and get to him the counter will be at zero. Lets head to the remaining elevators.
No. 2003019 ID: 6f4add

don't be a dick. Frills never wronged us.

go to the bottommost elevator at the same time as Iso to see if the two of you fit.
No. 2003020 ID: 886a4d

We're talking about attacking Gaurdsman. The one who tried to hide the 1 Ups and been killing people right and left. Not that theres a point since he'd escape before we reached him with Ito.
No. 2003021 ID: b0bf34

head to the remaining elevators
No. 2003022 ID: 4594e2

While I'll be the first to agree that Guardsman is an asshole, it's not worth risking our chance to go to the next level by taking him on. Seems I should also point out that we're low on HP, too. We might not survive the battle. I don't want to use the 1-up so early, especially since I suspect we'd only to be deposited back at the very beginning as a blob, again.
No. 2003023 ID: f70e5e

there is an elevator for both us and iso, lets get going.
No. 2003024 ID: c811c4
File 133607200212.png - (12.06KB , 700x700 , s1-20.png )

Alison and Iso move to their own respective elevators. 3 jumps are made. Frill's number goes down, a light trail forms into the elevator, and he jumps in. Frills makes one last mention, that he's quite certain that he say the Guardsman get slain once, and he shouldn't have any more one ups. Nonetheless, it is risky. The door instantly shuts behind Frills and the elevator moves up.

The Guardsman's number just finishes, and he's able to jump in.
No. 2003025 ID: c811c4
File 133607201250.png - (12.26KB , 700x700 , s1-22.png )

But he doesn't, yet. Two more turns pass, the Guardsman stays, and the mathematician arrives.
No. 2003026 ID: 886a4d

Ah, thats not good. I vote we help Math. 3v1. Ask him if he used his 1 up
No. 2003027 ID: b46fd9

Well. It looks like we get to choose between fighting Guardsman and leaving the Mathematician here - unless the elevators take simultaneous groups of passengers, which we can't test without leaving the area.

I vote for fighting the Guardsman. We'd be better off taking the Mathematician with us, and we're probably never going to have a better opportunity to get rid of the Guardsman than right now, when he's weakened and down to a single life. The way this game has been going, we'll probably be forced to face him eventually no matter what we do. Might as well be now.

If Frills was right, though, this means that 1-ups return you to where you die, not back to the beginning. That's good to know.
No. 2003028 ID: c811c4
File 133607487578.png - (12.17KB , 700x700 , s1-27.png )

Alison, Mathematician and Iso decide to 3v1 the guardsman. No one except Guardsman has used a one up, so Mathematician says it should be relatively safe, assuming that no one else comes near and messes with the plan.

Iso mentions, however, that the guardsman may flee if all three of them go for him, knowing that he won't take impossible odds.

The numbers at the elevators also went back up as no one was on them.
No. 2003029 ID: 3734f6

the problem is that it will take us 16 turns to go there and back.
Helping the mathematician is desirable, as is killing AND Absorbing the guardsman... but damn that is way too many steps and unless the elevator counter resets it means our elevators will be taken... unless multiple people can fit in an elevator it is near suicide to do so...

You could suggest he try to run by the guardsman since he has 2 lives. He loses one and then jumps into elevator.

Or that he wait for more people and all gang up on him (Although he will just escape and leave them)...

The most plausible scenario to help the mathematician is to invite him to join you in your elevator and hope it can hold 2
No. 2003030 ID: 3734f6

welp... too late, we committed.

Then, ask mathematician about his attack and defense. Same for Iso.
Go 2v1.
No. 2003031 ID: 886a4d

Here's what we can do, ask their stats, two people who can survive a level 5 hit go ahead and engage the guardsman. The other stays one behind the two engaging. If the gaurdsman survives the double hit the weakest goes into the elevator while the strongest retreats into the waiting person. They both attack the gaurdsman to finish him off.
No. 2003032 ID: b6edd6

Do we actually know that rank 5 is the maximum for weapon? The mathmatician might know, since he has more ranks in weapon.
I still feel that the guardsman would only stay if he has a good reason to believe he can beat us.
No. 2003033 ID: bf9d18

Whatever plan you guys formulate. Reamember he has a Counter move, which will cancel the damege he takes and redirect it toward the object that dealt it x2
No. 2003034 ID: 0162ea


>Guardsman used an item, Double Attack Counter Interruption

Items are one-shot items. So unless he picked it up as a skill later, I don't think he still has it.
No. 2003035 ID: 886a4d

We've gotten and spent around 150 points. You figure the gaurdsman probably has gotten that many and a bit more thanks to absorption.

Level 5 Weapon is 41 points total.

Absorption is either 30 or 71 depending on if he levelled it twice. Lets say level 1 since we know he has that.

Thsoe are the two we know he most likely has.

To combat a level 5 weapon he needs at least level 3 body (42) and a level 3 (32) armor.

Thats 145 points. To gain another level in armor (19) and body (22) that would probably eat up the rest of his supposed points (186) or he could have gone for abosoption 2 instead for the same price.
No. 2003037 ID: 369d34

Make sure both you and Iso share the ability prices you've seen with Math. Probably won't help much here, but you never know.

You need more information about how the 1-ups work when they're used. Do they deposit the person right back at where they died, with full health/armor, in an adjacent spot, or at the beginning of the level? If it's right where they died, then one of the weaker looking players here could go up alone, jump over, take the loss, then jump into the elevator, trapping the Guardsman while everyone else gets away.
No. 2003038 ID: bdb3f8

As nice as it would be to kill him and get the absorb points, I do kind of like the idea of someone sacrificing a one-up to pretend to wanna fight him and actually just walk past and leave the fucker behind. There is a certain elegance to it.
No. 2003039 ID: 1e72ae

We could try just us and the mathematician; whoever dies (should) respawn in the middle and can head for the last elevator. It would leave Iso with 3 turns, survivor with 3, and respawn person with 7 turns.(+ elevator time)It would use a life, but gives a fair chance for all to survive; it also makes the guardsman less likely to run.
No. 2003040 ID: 886a4d

He'll have to kill one of us then. Better to try and kill him from the get go. If he survives the first attack then by all means we should have someone jump in the elevator.
No. 2003041 ID: 369d34

How about Math attacks Guard, while Alison and Iso move toward the other elevators. It has to look like Math is making a last ditch chance to get out, otherwise Guard will jump into the elevator.
Once Math gets into the elevator, Alison and Iso move in to take down Guard, unless another player enters. Then they should move to the elevators.
No. 2003042 ID: 4bdd79

All of you move to the center.
All of you go into the south elevator.
Your moves are all simultaneous so you should be fine.
No. 2003044 ID: c811c4
File 133607887955.png - (15.07KB , 700x700 , s1-27(2).png )

The mathematician says he doesn't know what the max level of weapon is, it just keeps going up. He's had the opportunity for level 6 weapon, and thinks that if there is a max, we're not anywhere near it. He admits he has little evidence to his thoughts.

Before Alison decides who to take to kill the guardsman, she asks Iso and Mathematician what their stats are.

Iso says he would like to be the one to go with her. Alison still has not decided yet.
No. 2003045 ID: 886a4d

Definately Ito then, ask what the 'second form' of the weapon actually does?
No. 2003046 ID: 886a4d

Also what did the level 6 weapon cost?
No. 2003047 ID: 6f4add

kill the killer to prevent him from killing more.
No. 2003048 ID: 886a4d

I was just thinking if he has a level 6 weapon hes going to kill one of us no matter what. So to put him down for sure our top weapon users should go. That will be 11 damage and hed need a level 6 body and level 6 armor to survive that.
No. 2003049 ID: 369d34

Do we know the range on Alison's absorption ability? Can she stand on the platform next to the Guardsman's when he's killed and still absorb him?

If she can, then Iso and Math should go up and attack, with Alison one platform behind. Guard would have to have to have a total of 12 combined between body and armor to survive that. Guard almost certainly has 6 or more in weapon power, so no matter who attacks, they're going to use up an extra life.
No. 2003051 ID: 3734f6

am I the only one that doesn't really trust the mathematician?

Also, CRITICAL ERROR with the plan to run by him... he will be able to run to either of the remaining elevators and the timers on them will not unlock fast enough to avoid a deadly fight against him.
We either kill him or kill the mathematician and go move on.
No. 2003052 ID: 886a4d

It's possible he will turn on us yes, but we do have those 1-ups and any one of us can kill him, even our crappy level 3 weapon.
No. 2003053 ID: 886a4d

mmm right now I'm going to say, Ito and Allison should be on the attacking team. Whomever dies should use the elevator right away. The other should advance to one of the remaining ones and backup Math should someone else comes.
No. 2003055 ID: 369d34

The RUN-BY plan would only work if just one person goes to face the Guardsman, while the rest head to the other elevators. Once the elevator timers count down to the point that the Guardsman can't catch up, then the one who'll sacrifice their extra life attacks. In that plan, Alison would be the one to attack, just in case she kills Guard. But we're not going with that plan, we're going with the double-attack with two people.
No. 2003056 ID: 3734f6

The problem is that guardsman could jump into the elevator when we are just near him.
Which means the mathematician would go for the nearest elevator and be out before we reach him... which means Iso and Allison are screwed if they left the mathematician behind. Thus, we should require he stay at least 3 steps from us while we are attacking.

I am also concerned with more people showing up.
No. 2003062 ID: c811c4
File 133608166948.png - (12.25KB , 700x700 , s1-29.png )

>What is the second form, and how much did the 6th rank cost?
The second form is just a new shape the weapon can take, if desired. It doesn't help attacking at all, Mathematician says. Going from Rank 5 to Rank 6 costed 17 CU, he says.

Alison asks the mathematician to go with Iso. He says he is already indebted for the help. Iso and Mathematician heads forward twice, and Alison follows behind.
No. 2003063 ID: c811c4
File 133608173117.png - (14.54KB , 700x700 , s1-30.png )

>Absorption range
Rank 1 has a range of 1 tile, except for special cases of interaction, as was the case with Catatonic.

Iso and Mathematician jump forward to attack Guardsman, Alison jumps forward to remain one tile behind. The guardsman holds position.

Mathematician attacks Guardsman!
Iso attacks Guardsman!
Guardsman attacks Mathematician!

Guardsman takes 11 damage! Guardsman is slain!
Mathematician takes 6 damage! Mathematician is slain!

Alison may only absorb one person per round, and must choose between the guardsman and mathematician.
No. 2003064 ID: 46c430

Guardsman, obviously. Fuck 'im.

...Then again... Does the CU we absorb come from their reserves, and they respawn with less? And on second thought, I dunno if absorbing guardsman's twink-ness would be a good thing...
No. 2003065 ID: 886a4d

Absorb Gaurdsmen, have math enter when he respawns. Lets go to the elevators, be prepared for trouble.
No. 2003066 ID: 5029d1

guardsman, probably fucked over everyone he ran into so he must have a bunch.
No. 2003068 ID: 3734f6

Absorb guardsman.
He has been absorbing a whole lot of other people so should have a lot of CU

it is 10% of their total CU, both spent and unspent.
Also, I think mathematician has an extra life so absorbing him might prevent respawn, but it does preserve memories if he didn't actually have an extra life.
No. 2003069 ID: 71d68e

The swordsman, definitely. We don't know what negative effects absorbing the mathematician might have on him even if he respawns.
No. 2003070 ID: 71d68e

Also, the mathematician should get first dibs on the elevator. He lost a life, and he's the most vulnerable and squishy one.
No. 2003071 ID: c811c4
File 133608217657.png - (12.38KB , 700x700 , s1-30(2).png )

Alison absorbs Guardsman! Alison gains 16 CU.
Guardsman absorbs Mathematician! Guardsman gains 13 CU.

At the end of the round, they both dissipate. She isn't sure where Mathematician will end up when he uses their extra life, presumably next round. For now, Iso and Alison must decide on where to run to.
No. 2003072 ID: 3734f6

Iso wait near elevator, allison go to right elevator.
When allison's elevator is open jump in at the same time. or if an enemy comes Iso can jump in early.
No. 2003073 ID: 886a4d

Sounds good to me.
No. 2003075 ID: b6edd6

Alison should move one towards the center while Iso stays where he is.
No. 2003076 ID: 886a4d

speech / listen is only 20 points, enough for one level of body / armor
No. 2003077 ID: 369d34

>Guardsman absorbs Mathematician! Guardsman gains 13 CU.
Uh... I hope this didn't interrupt Math's 1-up use.

As long as you're both here, Alison and Iso should try to board the same elevator. Almost certainly won't work, but it's worth a try. Otherwise, Iso should wait here for Alison to move to the right elevator, and both jump on their lifts at the same time.
No. 2003078 ID: e3f578

Just tell iso to take that elevator, you'll catch up.

Guardsmen is gone forever, hooray! As horrible as it sounds cheering for his death, we don't have to deal with his assholishness. Frills is only a little bit of an asshole, but understandably.

No real assholes left I would say.
No. 2003079 ID: b9e291


Aw shit Absorb worked for the Guardsman. That must mean he's got an extra life or there'd be no point to that action.
No. 2003080 ID: 886a4d

I;m guessing guardsman had an extra-1up and thats why he managed to absorb people even if he died. Probably was in someones chest.

Honestly I'm suprised neither left chests this time. Ito does deserve a reward. Myabe absorption cancels that?
No. 2003082 ID: 369d34

Naw, the absorption would go off for him on defeating any enemy, even if he's dying at the time. ...I think.

Yes, Iso should get a share of the CU; Hand him 6.
No. 2003083 ID: b6edd6

Even if the guardsman is gone, there still seem to be multiple instances of the same stages. For instance, at the last rest area there were 20 people, while in our starting area there were only 10 blobs to begin with.
No. 2003084 ID: 886a4d

Sure, hand Ito six while we try operation double elevator.
No. 2003085 ID: 886a4d

Every stage seems to start with 20 and work its way to 4. Thats alot of life loss. whoever built this is sadistic.
No. 2003086 ID: c811c4
File 133608307611.png - (13.74KB , 700x700 , s1-31.png )

Alison jumps upwards to Iso, partially to give him 6 CU's, and partially to test if two people can go in the same elevator.

The next turn comes, and both the mathematician and the guardsman returned on seperate tiles.

Either Frills was mistaken, or a liar.

Mathematician says that he's at one HP and his armor is worthless right now, but that means that guardsman must be weakened as well!

Another unknown person also arrives.
No. 2003087 ID: e3f578

Yell to unknown dude to block he guardsman's escape on the right, or at least to attack the weak asshole then tell Mathematician to run for the other elevator

Iso stay behind while you go kick his ass, leave no escape!
No. 2003088 ID: 886a4d

Have Math move left. Lets try and intercept gaurdsman. Tell the newcomer that the gaurdsman is an easy kill as he just respawned.

Tell Math he should try and move towards us afte rhe moves left, hes welcome to the elevator.
No. 2003089 ID: 886a4d

Hope everyone realizes we're going to have to kill all the new-comers in order to secure our own spots.
No. 2003090 ID: 369d34

Grrrr! Dammit, Frills...

Yell to the new guy that the guy in the middle only has one health and no armor, but a level 6 weapon. If the new guy can survive attacking Guardsman, he should do that!
Math should jump to the left, and keep jumping to stay out of the Guardsman's way. Alison and Iso should move down to get in attack range.
No. 2003091 ID: bdb3f8

Before anything else, ask if the new guy can communicate and still has his extra life. This is vitally important for his survival as well as everyone else's.

If there is nobody on our current spot, the counter will probably reset to four. Since we came north for some reason, if guardsman just runs to the south door we cannot hit him before he gets in. We need to stall him somehow. So!
Iso, stay here to hold the door. Us, move south. Mathematician, move north. Going south risk getting him trapped, but if he can get Guardsman to do anything besides going for the south elevator for a turn, WE can catch him and safely deal a blow, or at least kite him around until we can leave him behind.
No. 2003092 ID: b46fd9

If the Guardsman chases Math down one of the paths, Math is dead; his only hope is to run in circles in the center, one step ahead, or to wait until the Guardsman is distracted and run to an elevator. Have Math run to the bottom corner of the center, closer to the bottom elevator, and hope that either the Guardsman attacks the newcomer, or vice versa. For Alison and Iso, one of them should guard the elevator they're near while the other one runs to help Math and/or secure the right-hand elevator.
No. 2003093 ID: 886a4d

Don't mention his weapon, I doubt anyone at this point has enough points to survive it.
No. 2003094 ID: 886a4d

Moving left will also let Math do a ring around the rosy no matter which spot Gaurd moves.
No. 2003095 ID: 369d34

This, with also asking if the new guy could block the south route... But then the new guy might go down and take the elevator... Just going to have to take the chance.

What do we know about how health and armor regenerates? Does health restore at the end of a round and armor regenerates each turn, or is it something else?
No. 2003096 ID: 369d34

Don't put Math next to the unknown new guy. Math might end up getting attacked by him. Math should go left and kite Guard around.
No. 2003097 ID: 886a4d

Armor each turn, I have no idea about health though. We can ask Math as he runs around.
No. 2003098 ID: 886a4d

Our own weapon becomes useless if he gets above 2 armor though.
No. 2003099 ID: 3734f6

If they go for bottom elevator they will be gone before we can interrupt.

Well, allison and iso can go 1 down and have math go one left and see from there. A lot depends on what others do.
No. 2003100 ID: 3734f6

Also, because we spent our CU poorly, we still die at 1 hit but cannot 1 hit kill others.
The guardsman does 6damage and we have 3HP + 3armor, 1 hit death.
No. 2003101 ID: 886a4d

We have that 1-up still, thankfully
No. 2003103 ID: c811c4
File 133608536205.png - (13.77KB , 700x700 , s1-31.png )

Alison miscounted her current CU, and updates her wealth after giving Iso 6.

Alison shouts to the new person, who acknowledges her but cannot speak back. Asking if he has an extra life, he shakes his head while pointing at the guardsman.

Alison finishes heads down, Iso stays, and the mathematician doesn't care to follow Alison's orders and moves on his own.

Mathematician says that he got 1 armor point back, but only at the very end of the round.
No. 2003105 ID: 3734f6

>and the mathematician doesn't care to follow Alison's orders and moves on his own.
He went EXACTLY where we told him to go.

Right, we are kinda in a pickle here. Allison has NO OFFENSIVE POWER. Next turn the guardsman would presumably be 1HP + 2Armor and she can no longer one shot him. He can still one shot her.

The mathematician is still showing himself to not be worth the effort with his ornerism and "everyone to himself" philosophy. We were stupid to waste all this time and effort and should have gone through with Iso when had the chance.

And that fucking frills guy screwed us by lying about the lives of the guardsman so that we stay and try to kill him.

Now, lucky us, this guy being chased by gaurdsman.
Whomever the guardsman attack will result in double kill, so we follow close and then go through that elevator (left or bottom).
The last elevator will be taken by mathy or newcomer, depending on who the guardsman is after.
No. 2003106 ID: 886a4d

We should advance again. If we do die we should head south immediately after spawning.
No. 2003107 ID: bdb3f8

okay, looks like he might be sorta mad at us. Continue to move down. If the guardsman goes for us, we can guarantee that we will finish him off THIS TURN ONLY with our two damage. That is the best thing we can hope for. After that, it is a matter of how many points he put into armor. Mathematician, get to your door.
No. 2003109 ID: 3734f6

if that happens then we are screwed.
Sure the guardsman would be perma dead, but we would be at 1 life, 1HP, 0Armor, and fighting the newcomer or mathy for an elevator.
No. 2003110 ID: 3734f6

no, see
>Alison now has Rank 3 body, 3 armor and 2 weapon. She has 2 CU left over.
No. 2003111 ID: 369d34

See >>407543
>Alison now has Rank 3 body, 3 armor and 2 weapon.
No. 2003112 ID: b0bf34

Lets just try taking the elevator with Iso. We should have done that beforte getting distracted. The guardsman is down a life and we aren't. Progress was made.
No. 2003114 ID: bdb3f8

I am not prepared to rule out the possibility that Guardsman here has found himself a hax respawn power. Frills had no apparent reason to lie. I will not be satisfied until I don't see him any more.
No. 2003115 ID: 886a4d

We're dead if either Math or Guard swings at us in any case. Our only chance to to get to an elevator 4 turns ahead of everyone and take it. If the gaurdsman chases the newcomer we chase them and hope that they elimnate each other, if he chases us we kill him and die. Then we head whatever direction the newcomer is not. You know what would be nice right now? A dodge perk.
No. 2003117 ID: 3734f6

correct assessment. Unless 2 can share an elevator.

we didn't give frills his own 1up when he didn't pay us.
Also if he lied he increases the odds we try to finish off the guardsman.
No. 2003119 ID: 71d68e

Don't know what the Mathematician's doing. I see two scenarios: the Guardsman is going for us, or is going for the new arrival. The new arrival's obviously going for the elevator to the right.

We should advance down. If the guardsman advances to the same square, he's done for. He will have 1 HP and 1 armor, and while we'll lose a life, he'll be dead for good. But then we'll have to contend with how there aren't enough elevators for everyone, assuming more than use can't use the same elevator.

Alternative case scenario, he goes back to the central circle as a way of stalling for more armor or moves after the newcomer with the plan to try to kill him. If he goes for the newcomer, he's a goner and with reasonable likeliness so is the newcomer.

The problem comes in if he is stalling for armor regen. In that case, leaving Iso behind was a mistake, since we gimped our attack for marginally more armor.
No. 2003120 ID: b9e291

Dang, rank 3 body, rank 3 armor, adds up to exactly the guardsman's 6 attack. We've really been getting the short end of the stick here. Of course he let us by because he thought we were easy targets, so perhaps getting the short end of the stick isn't entirely bad. But it still presents a difficult situation.

However, if the guardsman is at 1HP with no armor, we have plenty offensive power to take him out. It's just a simultaneous kill, and then we're stuck with no armor and 1hp again. We probably shouldn't buff those skills if they're so easily decimated. It turns into a sacrifice game then. Whoever you attack kills you, mutually assured destruction.
No. 2003121 ID: 369d34

Alison and Iso should team up and chase down Guardsman. Iso jumps down to Alison's platform, then they go from there. Between them they have enough attack to get through his armor. It would mean one, or possibly both, of them would lose their extra lives, but Guard would be gone. And in the chase, Guard might take out the new guy or Math, leaving only three for three elevators.
No. 2003122 ID: 3734f6

wrong, the guardsman is at 1HP with 1armor, at the end of the next turn he will be 1HP with 2armor...
>Mathematician says that he got 1 armor point back, but only at the very end of the round.
However, if we kill him DURING the next turn (if he jumps at us) then he wont have a chance to recover it.

Honestly the best result is if we go up and manage to enter the elevator WITH iso at the same time
No. 2003123 ID: 886a4d

Unfortunately we have no idea if that would work, its problably like the portals... one person only.
No. 2003124 ID: 369d34

Work from the educated guess that the elevators are single occupancy only. Alison jumps one spot down. Iso jumps one spot down at the same time. If Guardsman attacks Alison, then he's destroyed, and Alison respawns in the center. If Guard doesn't attack, Alison jumps one spot up to share a platform with Iso. Between them they might be able to take down Guardsman, and another, possibly Math. We'll figure out what to do from when Iso and Alison share a platform.
No. 2003125 ID: b6edd6

On the stages where a specific number was not given (and where the other person survived) we have so far been able to have multiple people exit at the same time.
No. 2003126 ID: b6edd6

Wait, that was a path rather than a portal.
No. 2003127 ID: c811c4
File 133608875671.png - (13.93KB , 700x700 , s1-32.png )

>Jump down

Alison jumps down, and Iso begins heading down as well. No combat is made this turn.
No. 2003128 ID: 886a4d

Wait for Ito. The together lets chase the gaurdsman.
No. 2003130 ID: 886a4d

Ask the newcomer what weapon rank hes at.
No. 2003131 ID: bdb3f8

There is no number above these elevators, and on the turn based maps every move happens simultaneously. What we have seen so far indicates that we should be able to enter the elevators at the same instant, and we have seen no mechanic in place that would stop that.

Okay, I don't know what mathematician is planning at this point. But right now, the best likely scenario is the newcomer and Guardsman killing eachother, and everybody else walking out of here. Continue to give chase though.

I still think Ito should be sitting on his door waiting, but I'm not gonna cry about it.
No. 2003132 ID: 886a4d

I wonder if guardsman already killed this new guy and thats why hes after him.
No. 2003133 ID: 3734f6

Stop calling Iso Ito... Ito is the chakra guy from GFH.
No. 2003134 ID: b6edd6

On further thought, I think multi-elevator-entry with Iso and Math is worth trying at this point. The elevator has a path leading to it, so it would appear to be a tile, and moving onto tiles has a precedence of happening simultaneously.
No. 2003135 ID: 369d34

What the... Why did Guardsman jump into the tile new guy was in? Guard only had 1 HP and 2 armor at the time. If the new guy hadn't jumped out of the way, Guard would likely have died. Unless Guard knows the new guy has less than a level 3 weapon. That's still risky; It would have delayed and hurt him enough for Iso and Alison to catch up and take him down.

Alison, wait for Iso to catch up with you, and let Math pass if he tries to jump onto your platform. You can't afford to waste your 1-up fighting Math. If he attacks... Well, you can't do anything about that.
No. 2003136 ID: 886a4d

I'm fairly certain that gaurdsman and the newcomer have fought before... and the newcomer died.
No. 2003138 ID: 369d34

If Alison and Iso take down the Guardsman, it's most likely they'll be left with two free elevators to escape. Whoever dies and respawns goes for the south elevator; Whoever doesn't takes the east. No time to test multi-occupancy on the elevators in that case, there'll be newcomers transporting in.
No. 2003139 ID: c811c4
File 133609191894.png - (13.93KB , 700x700 , s1-33.png )

>Ask the newcomer's weapon rank
He cannot speak, and does not try to communicate with fingers or another alternative.

Alison expresses her concern over Iso following but Iso still wants to help Alison, and wants to join in. She's been indecisive, so won't press the matter. Iso hops forward to Alison's position, as does the mathematician. No attacks come this round.
No. 2003140 ID: 886a4d

Proceed after the guardsman. Lets finish this.
No. 2003141 ID: 252e1b

Now is the time to be bold. Finish it.
No. 2003142 ID: 886a4d

Eek, I hope they do a double elmination because otherwise theres a slight problem.

The counter will let whomever survives escape leaving only two elevators. If they don't kill each other off we have only one choice.

Kill Math.
No. 2003143 ID: c811c4
File 133609300947.png - (14.17KB , 700x700 , s1-34.png )

Guardsman uses Item: Offensive First Strike!
Newcomer uses Item: Item cancellation!

Guardsman and Newcomer have been slain!

A new newcomer has arrived.
No. 2003144 ID: 886a4d

Kill the new newcomer. We have no choice. Though that body makes me suspicious.
No. 2003145 ID: 369d34

Watch out for the newcomer. Either that blob body indicates it hasn't taken any body levels, and dumped everything into armor and/or weapons, or it chose to remain a blob to hide that it took levels in body. Just expect that either one of you will lose a life attacking, and that even combined your attack might not kill it.
No. 2003146 ID: e3f578

Just fast forward a few turns to the elevator on the right
I don't give a crap about what's happening on this floor anymore and we should just move on already.
No. 2003147 ID: 886a4d

I suggest we skip the chase scene at least and get right to the combat turn.
No. 2003148 ID: b6edd6

No. 2003149 ID: 369d34

Except we don't know if the elevators are multi-occupancy. One of the two could end up left behind when they jump, or both could waste a turn if their jump is blocked. That would leave no time to rush the south elevator and even try to attack the Blob. Even if they did reach the Blob, there's no guarantee that the both of them together could kill it.

Right now it's either attack the Blob, or, I hate to say, attack Math. If Alison attacks Math, kills him, and respawns, she could still get to the north elevator. Meanwhile, Iso rides the east elevator up.
No. 2003151 ID: bdb3f8

Just both get to an elevator. Sending him elsewhere would be like kicking a puppy. This is getting silly. The third of the participants who went to the race are just going to keep coming through here, we either have to fight ALL of them, or suck it up and go on.
No. 2003152 ID: b6edd6

The elevator is a risk, but so are all the other options. With they dying and respawning there is the risk of running into more newcomers while weakened.
No. 2003153 ID: c811c4
File 133609782455.png - (13.48KB , 700x700 , s1-37.png )

Alison decides to take a chance. If she goes after the blob, she'll have to kill over and over again as more people trick in. Three turns pass, and the mathematician is free to jump in.
No. 2003156 ID: 5029d1

son of a bitch, 1 short!
get body and armor.
No. 2003157 ID: 3734f6

were we unable to absorb the remains of the swords and that other guy? did they dissolve by the time we reach that point?

Don't we already have weapon 2?
No. 2003159 ID: c811c4
File 133609831382.png - (16.15KB , 700x700 , 1-41.png )

Another four turns pass, and a couple of stragglers come, but it's too late for them. Iso and Alison jump in.

Stage 1 Completed!

Double entrance - 56 CU reward is halved. Iso gains 28 CU! Alison gains 28 CU!

Current CU: 40

Body Rank 4: +1 HP -- 22 CU

Armor Rank 4: +1 armor -- 19 CU

Weapon Rank 3: +1 attack -- 7 CU
-- Rank 4: +1 attack -- 8 CU (15 CU total cost)
-- Rank 5: +1 attack, +1 optional weapon form -- 17 CU (32 CU total cost)

Absorption Rank 2: -- 41 CU Not enough CU

No. 2003160 ID: 886a4d

rank 4 armor and rank 4 weapon.
No. 2003161 ID: b0bf34

We weren't within one of them. We need better absorption for long range absorbing like that.

Spend 32 to get Weapon up to five. Or ask for 1 CU back from Iso (if he has an extra left over) to upgrade absorption.

If we get weapon five, can we use the alternate form to make our hair manipulation more versatile? Like creating things like hammers, monser heads, or hands with our hair?
No. 2003162 ID: 7c31d2

rank 5 weapon
No. 2003165 ID: 369d34

We could get alternate weapon forms, but they wouldn't change their attack effectiveness, only what they could be used for in puzzles. So hair that can reshape into hammers could drive in nails, but wouldn't do any additional damage.
No. 2003166 ID: c811c4
File 133609860870.png - (5.43KB , 700x489 , 1-42.png )

>Ask Iso about one CU
Iso says he would be absolutely willing to give Alison CU back if she's just short of something.
No. 2003167 ID: b6edd6

Yeah, I guess we should get weapon 5
No. 2003168 ID: 0ef825

Get rank 4 in Armor and Weapon. While optional forms could be fun, we really need to improve both attack and defense.
No. 2003169 ID: 0ef825

Oh, and give Iso a hug for that, no matter what you decide.
No. 2003170 ID: 886a4d

Rank 4s will lets us survive a rank six hit!
No. 2003173 ID: b6edd6

But rank 6 is what offense specs had this round. They will have likely upgraded it at least once by next round.
No. 2003175 ID: 886a4d

Somehow we've avoided battle throughout this entire game. The only time we've killed someone is through puzzles. That kinda makes me nervous honestly and we need to be able to actually damage the people we hit. Rank two is just too low.

Remember everyone else who passed this stage just go 60 more CU
No. 2003176 ID: 369d34

The trouble with going for attack is that if you don't have enough health and armor to take your opponent's hit, you're going to die, even if you defeat them in one hit.
My first choice is to ask Iso for 1 CU, and buy body and armor rank 4. Second choice is to buy body rank 4, and weapon rank 4.

Also give Iso a big hug, no matter what, and talk with him about what abilities he's going to choose.
No. 2003177 ID: e75a2f

Rank 4 body and armor would allow us to survive a rank 7 hit. It would take a rank 8 hit to fell us. Armor seems to depreciate with each hit, but regain strength with each round not spent in combat. There has been no indication that body damage is recoverable by any means or how it works, so with our current information it seems like Armor has more defensive utility than body, whereas body can be used for added non-combat things like strength and dexterity checks, although we have not really seen any occasions where any of that could have been used or was useful.
No. 2003178 ID: f70e5e

we seem to be avoiding conflict, but peopel are dying around us allot. i'd recommend borrowing one cu from iso and buying absorption rank 2. the main advantage of rank 2 is in the increased range.
No. 2003179 ID: b6edd6

We should put at least one point in weapon; an opponent having 5 health seems moderately likely, and there is no way we are going to be able to get three attacks in.
No. 2003180 ID: 369d34

Hmmm... With the way the combat system favors MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) destroying both combatants, Alison just has to be near the combat zone and she'll come out on top. Even if one survives, she can still run. Yes, this sounds good. I'm changing my first choice from >>407837 to getting one CU from Iso, and buying the absorption rank 2.
No. 2003181 ID: b9e291

Awww yeah double entrance. We got 5 out of 4. That beats any wimpy CU reward.

Also give Iso his extra life. That shopping idea was just silly really.
No. 2003182 ID: b0bf34

Increase absorption.
No. 2003183 ID: 369d34

"Also give Iso his extra life."
What? Iso already has his extra life. Alison held on to Frills' extra life token, and it vanished when she exited the rest area.
No. 2003184 ID: 3734f6

Those coming up on next level should have about 200 CU, which means absorb 1 gives us 20, absorb2 gives us 40. I say go for absorption 2.
We could upgrade our weapon or armor but neither will change combat from being a losing proposition.
No. 2003185 ID: bf9d18

Optional Weapon form, Poison spit!!!!!
No. 2003186 ID: 886a4d

Changing my vote to abs 2, we just have to actually take advantage of it. Maybe participate in the arena.
No. 2003187 ID: 369d34

Risky. If there's an even number of contestants in the arena, Alison would end up in a fight she can't win. Better keep it to areas where combat isn't absolutely required to win.
No. 2003188 ID: c811c4
File 133611104403.png - (10.22KB , 700x700 , ssf2-1.png )

Alison gains: Rank 2 Absorption
Iso gains: Rank 6 Weapon

Both gain: 10 minutes of hugs.

No. 2003190 ID: c811c4
File 133611111936.png - (14.14KB , 700x700 , ssf2-2.png )

The ride is much shorter this time. The elevator has nothing but a place to sit on it. Iso and Alison arrive with a great number of elevators joining in. They are among the first to go out of their elevator, as Alison decides to see the stage information on the tower that is near identical to the first. The layout is much the same, except larger with more landmarks, and much more gray.

The words above the stage entrance provide the same content, including a stage name that may be as irrelevant as stage 1's was.

Stage 2 - Descent
Entrants: 104
Exits: 10

No. 2003191 ID: 5029d1

if you see math tell him your new numbers.
No. 2003192 ID: b9e291

104 entrants? 94 people have to die? What kind of sick game is this?
No. 2003193 ID: 5029d1

also, how many fuckin lvls are in this thing?
No. 2003194 ID: f70e5e

just did some math, assuming everyone else went though a 20 in 4 out stage like we did, 416 people just died. the 94 people who are going to die on this stage are only a drop in the bucket in terms of casualties.
No. 2003195 ID: b0bf34

It seems odd that there are 104 entrants. It's likely that at least 3 other people went up in pairs.
No. 2003196 ID: 369d34

...Uh-oh... I just thought of something unsettling: What if only 104 entrants are allowed in, and there are more than 104 people here, 'cause some doubled up. Better start counting up the people to make sure.
No. 2003198 ID: 369d34

If you do see Math, apologize profusely, and make sure he knows that Frills lied to you about Guardsman using up his extra life in the arena fight. You wouldn't have put him in such danger if you had known.
No. 2003199 ID: 3734f6

its obvious that there are 100 elevators, and some people paired (or more)
No. 2003200 ID: 369d34

Then Alison counts the elevators to be sure. She has 30 hours, so it's not like she's short on time.
No. 2003201 ID: f70e5e

I don't think frills lied. something is up with the gardsmen, he always seems to have some useful item, and he knew about the 1ud ups. I don't think he's just another contestant,something is up with him and its possible he had more than 1 extra life.
No. 2003202 ID: 369d34

She did absorb the Guardsman. Did she get any memories, like with Cata, or nothing but CU? It's too early to draw any conclusions, but if there were no memories, then something might be up. And if Guardsman does pop up again, I'll be shouting "HAXXXXXXXXXXXX" like Dr. Hax all up in here.
No. 2003203 ID: 3734f6

He was killing everyone, remember when we killed our opponent a chest spawned. By killing opponents he kept on getting rewards.
Also he did perma die.
No. 2003204 ID: 886a4d

Explore, look for more 1 ups, consult with Math about teaming up but this time I see no reason to wait the full time. Lets head to the next stage right away.
No. 2003205 ID: c811c4
File 133612641049.png - (11.19KB , 700x700 , ssf2-3.png )

Alison feels like she's carrying around portions of the people that she has absorbed, including the guardsman. It is creepy but not unbearably so, but she doesn't believe that the guardsman was anything more than a troublesome contender.

The Mathematician is found, and they all share numbers. He has 3 body, 3 armor and 6 weapon. He says he hasn't found any special abilities, and he probably hasn't even got as many CU as Alison.

Alison apologises to Mathematician about him dying, and she didn't know he still had a one up. He handwaves that apology, saying he would die anyway, and that Alison didn't need to help him like she did. In fact, he explains he should be the one apologising for his selfishness and coldness. He saw what happened to Catatonic that made him that way, and knew he should be wary of potential allies. He will get to work on his math, he's confident he will find something out with another 30 hours.

Alison takes a quick count of the elevator, as they are all visible easily. There are 100, so there were a few that just had doubles.
No. 2003206 ID: c811c4
File 133612641802.png - (17.86KB , 700x700 , ssf2-4.png )

>Explore, look for 1-ups
Everyone is slowly trickling out of the elevators now in that awkward silence, but while about a dozen people move into the stage after only a couple minutes, the remaining people slowly settle down in various sections and landmarks on the island.

She doesn't find anything of use like extra lives, but around the back end of the tower, Alison and Iso find a shopkeeper. It says it will be open the entire rest period, but there is currently a line. There isn't much business, most likely for the same reason that Alison can't go shopping. No one thought to save up CU for this.
No. 2003207 ID: f70e5e

screw shopping, this is the fist bit of contact we have had with anyone who is even a little bit part of the system. ask the shopkeeper if he knows anything about what is going on.
No. 2003209 ID: 3734f6

Check what they offer even if you can't afford it
See if anyone else is buying
No. 2003210 ID: 6f4add

look for people who look like they'd talk to you. maybe while you're waiting in the line.
No. 2003211 ID: 71d68e

You know, people could possibly all get out of this alive by agreeing to wait until everyone're at the elevators and then jumping on. Of course, that'd take a fair degree of trust, and, well, only 8 people showed that trust to each other that we can be sure of so far (and that in pairs).

Might want to mention to the others that the elevators this time around allowed two entrants, possibly more.
No. 2003213 ID: 3734f6

When checking the items in shop, confirm with others that they are being offered the same items and prices.

And in addition to seeing who buys what, try to see how much detail you can get about the one use items (expect to face those in next level)

maybe try to find those who entered in pairs.
No. 2003214 ID: 886a4d

You know what, i think thats the first female we've seen other then us. Wonder why she chose human. And hey theres the blob too.