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File 128959005186.jpg - (157.13KB , 960x600 , titel.jpg )
2000012 No. 2000012 ID: 190da0

She steps closer the scalpel firmly clutched.
>"Yes... there is something different about you. As if there's something inside you telling you what to do and what to say. A part they always tried to create and always failed to. I wonder... if I'd cut you open, would I find this part?"

I take a step back. "All those other scientist couldn't find it after all this time. I don't think you'd succeed here and now. And even If you did it would be of no use for you. You'd still be damned to die down here when the monster gets you. We don't have time for all of this. My friend Isabell was poisoned and then kidnapped. We have to search her."

She pauses her approach for a moment.
>"... If they had'nt excluded ME, they wouldn't have failed... but of course you're right. The well-being of both of us is crucial for our survival. I never wanted to hurt you. Remember what I told you. I'm your friend. Friends don't kill each other. Now turn around. I have to take a look at your wound."
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No. 2000013 ID: 45a262

i don't see any other options, you are unarmed. be ready to try to punch her to death if she tries anything.
No. 2000014 ID: 1854db

Tell her the wound on your back is fine. No need for you to turn your back on someone who's brandishing a knife.
No. 2000015 ID: 701a19

"The wound on my back has already stabilized; unless you can do something to help my leg we'd be better off just moving to make better time.
Also? Please stop being creepy. I'd love to help your research once we get out of this place; there are even a few secrets I kept from the other scientists that could help.
Isabelle has a few secrets of her own too, if we have a chance to find her."
No. 2000016 ID: bf88fc

Pondering aloud about cutting Herbert open doesn't help him trust you, silly.
No. 2000017 ID: 190da0
File 128959835584.jpg - (73.93KB , 960x600 , entscheidung.jpg )

"Actually my wound doesn't hurt anymore. I'm fine like this so let's go immediately and not waste any time."

She steps closer again and raises her voice.

>"I can't be slowed down by dragging along somebody who is heavily injured. Either you let me take a look at your wound or I will leave you behind. I don't have to save you. I'm just doing it because I'm a good person. But if you deliberately sabotage our escape I don't have any other option than escaping alone. All I'm asking you to do, is to make the most rational decision and just follow my orders."
No. 2000018 ID: 1854db

Tell her she can go by herself. Also get the hell away from her.
No. 2000019 ID: ca8629

Ahaha, crazy bitch is crazy. So No, you won't be turning your back to her anytime soon.
No. 2000020 ID: 54dd9a

"you say you are rational, yet not 30 seconds ago you were talking about how i could have neat things on my insides."
No. 2000021 ID: 190da0
File 128961386945.jpg - (114.69KB , 960x600 , entscheidung2.jpg )

"You say you're rational, when just a moment ago you pondered about the things you might find inside me. Maybe it would be best to split up under those circumstances."

She lets out a little laugh.
>"I was right. Now I'm sure of it. You're really much smarter than the others... and thus filled with a lot more distrust. I should have considered this when talking to you. Well, I guess this means adieu. You brought me the keys and those are all I ever really needed you for."
No. 2000022 ID: 54dd9a

"okay then, just.. go out the door and go your way and i'll go mine"
No. 2000023 ID: 24a9bd

Wait. You helped her. She needs to help you find Isabel, either using the keys to get you to where she might be, or telling you more about where she could be!
No. 2000024 ID: 2563d4

Yeah. I thought she was supposed to be directing us to a security room to see the cameras?
No. 2000025 ID: 190da0
File 128962411878.jpg - (110.74KB , 960x600 , adieu.jpg )

"Wait. I helped you getting the keys, now you could help me in exchange to lead me to the security room, so that i can find my friend."

She looks down at me and for a moment her face twitches, revealing a wide smile.

>"Do you really think we were given something as expensive as a all-embracing security system down here? It was a just a little lie - a necessary lie you'll have to admit. You might not have helped me if I had told you my real intention."

She starts approaching again, faster this time.

>"You might not have helped me although I would have given you something else in return. Something better. A painless death. If you just had listened to me, I would have already rewarded you. Now we'll have to do it the ugly way. But you can still be happy. You would have died anyway down here, considering the state you're in. Now at least I might profit from this turn of events. At least, it won't be a meaningless death."
No. 2000026 ID: 54dd9a

throw a food thing at her face then tackle her to the ground and snatch away the scalpel.
No. 2000027 ID: 24a9bd

Fuck her, you want to LIVE! Happiness isn't worth giving up the chance to save Isabel!!

Throw food in her face, dive under her legs, and shove upwards as hard as you can, get her to fall over, then grab the scalpel and stab her.
No. 2000028 ID: bf88fc

"Don't murder me!"
No. 2000029 ID: fd6d7e


JEEZUS WOMAN you're trapped down here with monsters at every corner and you want to CONTINUE the experiments that put you in this situation?? That's it--we can't take any more of this shit. Throw us at her face and run. We'll deal with her ourselves while you go save Isabel.
No. 2000030 ID: 701a19

Move out of the way.
"Except I already know why, I just never told them.
I was planning on telling you when we got out of here, but if you don't want to leave then I suppose you'll never know."
No. 2000031 ID: 190da0
File 128966433671.jpg - (120.76KB , 960x600 , kampf.jpg )

"Wait. I already know the secrets you're seeking. I would have told you everything after we got out."

>"What use would that have been. It would just have been somebody else who would have claimed the success and I'd have ended down here again to die during the next failed experiment."

I slowly reach into my bag and grab one of the food packs.

>"I have to prove my worth before I go back and you will help me."

She jumps towards me and I throw the pack with all of my strenght. It bursts, momentary blinding her, but before I can react, I feel an unbearable pain running through my broken leg and fall to the floor.
No. 2000032 ID: 190da0
File 12896648053.gif - (48.55KB , 960x600 , boden.gif )

>"Did you really think this would help you? You can't run away. Not after you have given me the keys. And you can't fight. Even if you weren't wounded, you hardly could defeat a single starved lab rat. Stop struggling. All spilling food over me might accomplish, is angering me and extending your torment."

No. 2000033 ID: 701a19

"I'm sorry. I wanted to keep anybody from being hurt, but if that's what it will take to stop you..."
No. 2000034 ID: 2563d4

Lie there in silent terror so that nothing cues her in to the presence of the horrendous swarm of rats until they're already upon her.
No. 2000035 ID: a49390

it's seems isabel didn't send the rat away, she negotiated an alliance with them. let them do their thing, stay silent so she doesn't know it's happening.
No. 2000036 ID: 24a9bd

"TORMENT?! How could you say that?! I LOVE living!"

Try to confuse the heck out of her so she won't notice the rats. Wax poetic about how much you don't like dying and stuff!!
No. 2000037 ID: 190da0
File 128969950941.jpg - (169.85KB , 960x600 , kampf2.jpg )

I try not to let show my surprise as I try to stand up.
"This is no torment. I love living."

>"What could you possibly love about living. You're trapped in a world of cold cement and closed doors. Bloodthirsty beasts are your only company. All you experience is hunger, pain, fear and soon death. Either your own or the death of the friend you're searching. I could spare you the experience. I could... GAAAH!"

She screams as legions of squeaking shadows swarm over her body - kicking, scratching and biting into her food-drained coat. She drops the keys and aimlessly swings her blade through the air.
No. 2000038 ID: a49390

grab the keys and run to the door and get through it.
No. 2000039 ID: 1854db

Get those keys! Then get out of here!
No. 2000040 ID: 701a19

Get the knife away from her, then chase the rats off.
Just because we can't trust her doesn't mean she's useless. For example, Happiness would take the time to kill her while we escape.
No. 2000041 ID: fd6d7e

You've gotta be kidding me... what sort of food is that anyway? While your nemeses battle it out you better get those keys, then hobble your way to that bookcase where the door is...
No. 2000042 ID: 24a9bd

Grab those keys and knock the wind out of her if you can, but if you don't think you can, just get to the door.
No. 2000043 ID: 190da0
File 128974514735.jpg - (81.02KB , 960x600 , flucht.jpg )

I grab the key but don't dare barging into the fight. I open the door behind the bookcase and limp into the dark passage behind. I try to close the door, but she seems to have been able to shake off the rats and pushes it right open again. As fast as I can I run towards a faint light.
No. 2000044 ID: 190da0
File 12897454372.jpg - (100.44KB , 960x600 , flucht2.jpg )

I enter the room with the makeshift bridge.
I hear her shouting right behind me. The only escape route leads back over the gap. I have already one foot at the bridge, when I notice what's waiting for me on the other side.
No. 2000045 ID: 190da0
File 128974554246.jpg - (132.66KB , 960x600 , flucht3.jpg )

>"PLEASE COME BACK HERBERT!! I'm sorry... Don't go over there. It will kill you."
No. 2000046 ID: 2563d4

She's definately trying to kill us.
That guy likes fingerpainting with blood but so far hasn't tried to kill us.

Cross the plank and topple it into the chasm if you have to.
No. 2000047 ID: 701a19

Turn to her "No, I don't he will. But if you drop the knife he might let you follow me. No promises, though."
Then turn to the finger-painter and say "Thank you, for all your help. Do you know where I could find Isabelle?"
No. 2000048 ID: 8d7dd2


I'm tempted to ignore her just because none of the advice she's giving seems entirely trustworthy. But then the guy does seem kinda... well... off.

Maybe it's the blood dripping from its hands.

Oh well. If you can't get past it, the only other way to go takes you back to her. Try talking to it. Ask if it's going to hurt you or not. Hope it gives a straight answer.
No. 2000049 ID: e674ff

Creepymask is our best bet. Go to him.

I mean, so far all he's done is putting up helpfull warnings everywhere. Okay, they're written in blood, but I'd like to see you try and write on a wall with a pencil with those hands.

Also, he even backed off when we asked him to. He could have hurt us then, but he didn't. Why would he start now?
No. 2000050 ID: fd6d7e

Drop into the chasm again!

No wait don't do that. Just go across the bridge.

No. 2000051 ID: 190da0
File 128977959181.jpg - (119.04KB , 960x600 , scheideweg.jpg )

I begin to cross the bridge. The figure on the other side stretches out its bloody claws as if to grab me as soon as I step closer.

The woman has reached the bridge and stretches out her hand as well.

>"Please you have to believe me. I don't know what came over me. I never wanted to hurt you. All the fear and terror down here might have those effects on me, but at least I don't want to rip you open to write my insane messages at the walls in your blood. Please, I will do anything. I will throw away the knife if it makes you trust me again. But don't go over there."

The masked figure stands silently at the other side. Waiting for me to make my final decision.
No. 2000052 ID: 2563d4

No. 2000053 ID: 6d73d9

"drop the knife and back away to the wall."
if she complies then grab the knife and then tell her to lead you to the next area.
if she doesn't then go to the hugger.
No. 2000054 ID: fd6d7e


Is she... actually crying? I think something may have indeed come over her. That makes her even more dangerous. Still this could be a double trap. Didn't she say she was our "only friend?" Just like the shadowy figure with the bloody claws. Perhaps she was possessed by this shadowy figure! That would mean he is ready to attack you from both sides. Wasn't Isabel too possessed of a strange malevolance toward you before you last encountered this fellow? Perhaps he himself is the cause of it!

But if so... then why didn't he finish you off the last time when you were helpless and prone beneath Isabel? I can't tell at this point which direction you should go.
No. 2000055 ID: 1854db

It could've killed us before, but instead told us to go hide from the real monster. It uses the blood of the already-dead to write messages anyway.

Tell her "He wrote a message telling me not to trust you. Besides, everyone's been killed here by the other monster, not this guy. Their heads ripped off, stacked in the office you sent me to."
No. 2000056 ID: 6c4937

"He may look monstrous, but he's less of a monster than you."
No. 2000057 ID: 190da0
File 128983949932.jpg - (128.69KB , 960x600 , scheideweg2.jpg )

I stop in the middle of the gap, unable to make a clear decision.

"He may look monstrous, but he's probably less a monster than you are."

She stares at me sobbing.
>"If you had spend as much time down here, fighting fo your survival as I did, you'd know one thing. Real monster don't die. If you would cut me I'd bleed like any normal living being. If you stabbed my heart I would die. But he won't. He's the real monster and he wants to kill you."

"That's not true. He wrote a message telling me not to trust you. Besides, everyone's been killed here by the other monster, not this guy. Their heads ripped off, stacked in the office you sent me to."

>"Of course he told you not to trust me. He spreads mistrust wherever he goes. Everything he tells is nothing but lies. You might fear the other monster, because it goes around killing everyone it sees. But the other creature doesn't deceive you, doesn't disguise its intentions, doesn't act as a true friend just to stab yor back the next second."

"Drop the knife and step back if you are serious."

She let go of the scalpel and moves slowly backwards.

>"I've been trapped here with those creatures for so long. I hoped to find somebody as kind-hearted as you, I don't want to lose you right away. Please, don't trust him."

He still stands there. Waiting without any reaction.
No. 2000058 ID: 2563d4

He just wants a hug.
She's just describing herself.
No. 2000059 ID: 6d73d9

pick up the knife. be ready to leap back if she makes any sudden moves. if you get the knife and she hasn't done anything then step off the bridge on her side.
No. 2000060 ID: e674ff

I still don't trust her. Most normal people, when snapping back to sanity, would go something like "Oh my god, what have I done?" and throw away the weapon they almost used to kill someone. She, on the other hand, wanted to use it as a BARGAINING TOOL. That doesn't spell trust in my book.

Hey, let's ask bloody-claws what he thinks. Ask him what his part is in all of this and why we should trust either of them.
No. 2000061 ID: 701a19

"Err... You know that you just described yourself, right? Every time I ignored his warnings I found out they were true.
I'm still willing to help you leave this place, but you've proven you can't be trusted."
No. 2000062 ID: 190da0
File 128984686177.jpg - (126.39KB , 960x600 , scheideweg3.jpg )

"You were just describing yourself. The messages he left me all turned out to be true."
I turn around.
"Can you tell me who you are and why I should trust you and not her."

He shakes his head, not saying a single word and points at his mask, then signalizes me to come closer.

The woman rushes forward again, holding a single key in her hand.
>"Don't listen to him. Come here! Look what I've found. It turned out you really brought back the key to your suit. Come over here and I can free you. And your little friend... a little dog girl, stuffed into a metal box. I've found her, and brought her to a the first aid room. I didn't tell you, because I thought you might have been the one who poisoned her. But I trust you know. Just trust me too and we can go check on her."
No. 2000063 ID: 6d73d9

we didn't say she was poisoned. she saw Isabel.
tell her to drop the key and back to the wall, then try the key.
No. 2000064 ID: 69bee4

You don't need that key you know who you are Herbert! an orphaned prince of France with a ninja and pirate parent! Go to that nice person with the face mask.
No. 2000065 ID: 2563d4

Stop dilly-dallying before she has another mental snap and decides to off you by pushing the bridge in.

Christ, it's not like you didn't try the keys yourself. (Uh...we did, right?)
No. 2000066 ID: 701a19

"Well then, how about you give me the key so I can see if it works, and tell me where I can find this medical room?
You have given me no reason to trust you, while he has given me no reason to mistrust him. If you have anything else to reveal, now would be the time. I want complete disclosure from you. No more hiding things, no more games."

We're still going to go with the masked man, but there's nothing wrong with pumping her for information.
No. 2000067 ID: 1854db

Hey, we didn't tell her that our friend was poisoned! I think she really knows where she is!

If we want to save Isabel we HAVE to go with her. Grab that scalpel, let her unlock the mask, and let's go. Tell Labyrinth that escaping with him will have to wait until we've got Isabel again.
No. 2000068 ID: e674ff

Tell her to toss the key to you. If it fits, we follow her. If not, it's bound to fit on a door somewhere and we know not to trust her.
No. 2000069 ID: 190da0
File 128985911866.jpg - (96.85KB , 960x600 , schlüssel.jpg )

"Well then, how about you give me the key so I can see if it works, and tell me where I can find this medical room?
You have given me no reason to trust you, while he has given me no reason to mistrust him. If you have anything else to reveal, now would be the time. I want complete disclosure from you. No more hiding things, no more games."

She puts the key in front of her.

>"You can come and take the key and my knife. The last defense I had and the last secret I withheld. You can come here and convince yourself, that I am not lying. Afterwards we can rescue your friend."

With this she steps back.
No. 2000070 ID: 6d73d9

try the key.
No. 2000071 ID: 5c83ac

Carefully try the key while staying out of arms reach.
No. 2000072 ID: 190da0
File 128986312448.jpg - (134.34KB , 960x600 , schlüssel2.jpg )

I carefully step forward, keeping my eyes glued on her. As I bend down to pick up the key, I see a sudden movement behind me. Labyrinth has stepped onto the bridge and is quickly coming closer - his claws ready to grab me.
No. 2000074 ID: 1854db

Dammit. Dodge forwards. Ask for help too.
No. 2000075 ID: 6d73d9

grab the things and tell her to help you knock the bridge over.
No. 2000076 ID: 6c4937

Hnnngh I like Labyrinth but I don't know what he is doing here. He might be trying to protect us from her for all we know.

...Grab the key and knife, and just let Labyrinth grab you. If he hurts you, you can stab his hand, but I'm not sure he is trying to hurt you.
No. 2000077 ID: 2563d4

No. 2000078 ID: 701a19

"Just let me try the key first, ok?"
No. 2000079 ID: 190da0
File 128986754273.jpg - (145.76KB , 960x600 , abgrund.jpg )

For a moment I instinctivly want to leap forward and push down the bridge, but then again Labyrinth hasn't actually harmed anybody and even seemed trying to help. I grab the items and prepare to be grapped myself, when I hear a scream.


Faster than I can react with my broken leg the woman jumps to the abyss tackling the shelf. The force of the impact sends me flying towards safe ground while out of the corner of my eye I see Labyrinth desperately trying to reach the other side, just to lose his balance midways and vanish out of my sight.
No. 2000080 ID: 6c4937

Nooo Labyrinth! Dammit woman. Ah well.

I guess turn around just in time to not be able to help Labyrinth. Throw out your hand towards him, but I don't think you can catch him in time, not with that leg.

...Eventually, try the key.
No. 2000082 ID: 5dc653

guh. whelp. guess finish trying that key.
No. 2000083 ID: 9a1961

She doesnt look like she's fallen in just yet, I say multitask. Try the key while doing your best to keep out of her reach.

You're more help if your fingers are free, anyway.
No. 2000085 ID: 190da0
File 128987215262.jpg - (96.20KB , 960x600 , boden.jpg )

I hit the ground hard, but immediately try to retrieve my orientation. I managed to rescue both the key and the scalpell. I don't see Labyrinth though.

>"This was close."
I hear a familiar voice saying,
>"Now just give me back my keys and I'll bring you to your friend."
No. 2000086 ID: 9a1961

No give-backsies! No trade-backs! Kick her in the shins and call her an Indian-giver!

Or just tell her she gave them to her, trust and all that nonsense.
No. 2000087 ID: 9a1961

No give-backsies! No trade-backs! Kick her in the shins and call her an Indian-giver!

Or just tell her she gave them to you, trust and all that nonsense.
No. 2000088 ID: 701a19

"One moment"
See if the key she gave you unlocks your suit.
"It should go without saying that I don't trust you. Lead the way; you'll get your keys back when I get Isabelle back."
No. 2000089 ID: 190da0
File 128987724535.jpg - (84.05KB , 960x600 , boden2.jpg )

"I still don't trust you. Lead the way; you'll get your keys back when I get Isabelle back."

I sit up and try the key, while she answers.

>"I can understand that. You have any reason not to trust me. But don't worry. You'll see your friend sooner than you might think. Cause there are two thinks you have to know. First they didn't give us something as expensive as a first aid room and second..."
No. 2000090 ID: 190da0
File 128987728971.jpg - (119.01KB , 960x600 , skalpell.jpg )

"...scalpels are cheap."
No. 2000091 ID: 5dc653

get to the edge and hold the ring of keys over the abyss.
No. 2000092 ID: 2563d4

Man, I should have left in my suggestion to stab her in the neck while she was down, and sod the hugbox crowd. :V

Jump! Maybe your friend will catch you. Or maybe you'll die a little less painfully.
No. 2000093 ID: 701a19

Time for some misdirection. Pick up the scalpel.
Laugh. A slow chuckle at first, then build it into an insane cackle.
"You really don't get it, do you? You never figured it out? You're looking at a meat-puppet. There's no ghost in this machine, just a radio and a brain-dead shell."
Casually walk over to the gorge.
"I must admit I'm more than a little disappointed; I really did intend to lead you out of this hell, but each and every time I offered you a test of humanity you insisted on failing miserably."
Stand on the edge of the drop, facing her.
"So now I must condemn you to your fate. An eternity among monsters; an eternity among your own.
Goodbye, nameless creature."
Then either let yourself fall backwards off the ledge so Labyrinth can catch you, or walk off down the hall. Or let her rush you and then chuck her off the ledge.
No. 2000094 ID: 80bb9a

Dive over the edge with the keys.
No. 2000095 ID: fd6d7e

Or more realistically squeak out, "Oh-oh yeah, well, well you're cheap! Then accidentally fall off the edge when she jumps at you.

Hey I've got an idea. Why don't you turn the key? She might just have been desperate enough to give you one that works.
No. 2000096 ID: 1854db

Oh hey. I just realized something.

This lady is the one we saw taking away Isabel. Oh well, not like it matters now. We're going to die.
No. 2000097 ID: 0ca089

Realize that she is the one who took your friend, and that she's insinuating that she killed Isabel.

Are you going o take that? No.
Man-up, Herbert.

Turn that fucking key of yours, dont you try to put it off, dont be slow about it, and do something about her.

Either get her off the ledge, or do what >>256829 suggested.

Remember Isabel, you swore to keep her safe.
This woman is a threat to that, and may have already done the worse.
You can do this.
No. 2000098 ID: 0ca089

And I forgot to mention that, once you've turned the key, dont take off your mask just yet. That knife you had earlier wasnt able to get through it, cheap scalpels shouldnt either.

I say to turn it because we'll more-than-likely lose it in the upcoming epic clash.

Also, shove your scalpel into her damn neck if you can.
No. 2000099 ID: dec73f

Quickly stab her while quipping "around here, so's life"
No. 2000100 ID: 59e64b
File 128992544826.jpg - (136.17KB , 960x600 , tod1.jpg )

I'm in no condition to just leap to the edge, so I guess I have to trick her. I begin to lift myself from the ground chuckling.
"You really don't get it, do you? You never figured it out? You're looking at a meat-puppet. There's no ghost in this machine, just a radio and a..."

>"Ha! Are you trying to lie to ME? You asked me earlier what you were - you have no idea what's hidden behind this mask yourself."
Her grip on the scalpels tenses.
>"And even if I am wrong this is a great opportunity to let out my anger. THIS IS FOR YOUR DISOBIDIENCE!!"
She leaps between me and the ledge delivering a blow at my face. I duck to the side but am unable to totally avoid her attack and fall right back to the ground.
No. 2000101 ID: 5dc653

ouch, but luckily it seem those claws are great for climbing, labyrinth is right on the edge.
No. 2000102 ID: 59e64b
File 128992991940.jpg - (155.43KB , 960x600 , tod2.jpg )

>"And this is for all the time I had to spend down here trapped beneath monster."

No. 2000103 ID: 701a19

"Disobedience? I outrank you! Time with monsters? You're one of them!"
Headbutt her off the ledge.
No. 2000104 ID: e674ff

Quickly, whimper and cower for your life!

As a distraction, of course. Not that you're scared or anything. Just to lull her into a false sense of security.
No. 2000105 ID: 59e64b
File 128993332961.jpg - (109.81KB , 960x600 , tod3.jpg )

"Time with monsters? You're one of them!"

I try to headbutt her, but I am immediately pushed down by the next hit.

No. 2000106 ID: 0e5efb


everything we try fails miserably

just lay down and take it
No. 2000107 ID: b794fa

she is too mad, throw something at her!
No. 2000108 ID: fd6d7e


Try to grab her scalpel! Hold yourself together, man!
No. 2000109 ID: 6c4937

No. 2000110 ID: 59e64b
File 128993694147.jpg - (158.92KB , 960x600 , tod4.jpg )

I try to focus my energy on one last attempt of resistance, to grab her scalpel, to throw something, but it's already too late. My body slumps down into the puddle of blood, while her knives rip open more and more wounds.

Finally her moment of rage is over. Heavily breathing she stands up.

>"I told you. You could have died peacefully. This is your own fault. Any last words?"
No. 2000111 ID: a8da3d

No. 2000112 ID: 4f6e37

You'z a ho
No. 2000113 ID: 69bee4

viva la France!
No. 2000114 ID: 701a19

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you from yourself."
You need to get those wounds patched.

Once Labyrinth has resolved the problem she presents, tell it "I never doubted you, friend. I knew who to trust; I suppose this is what I get for trying to get more out of her before leaving."
No. 2000115 ID: b0ab2e

"My death is only the beginning"


"I can't hear you, come a little closer..."
No. 2000116 ID: fd6d7e

"Isabel... I'm coming"
No. 2000117 ID: 1854db

"Goodbye" is pretty good.
No. 2000118 ID: f42af2

"Kings don't die."
No. 2000119 ID: 669ef7

No. 2000120 ID: 59e64b
File 128994385960.gif - (26.86KB , 960x600 , exekution.gif )

"Goodbye and vive la France."

>"Yes... Goodbye."

No. 2000121 ID: c99f30

Wave cheerily as she gets dragged over the edge.
No. 2000122 ID: 44aeeb

Oooh, Im going to enjoy this.

Say, "...and fuck off."
No. 2000123 ID: 0e5efb

She was kinda hot, too bad about the insanity.
No. 2000124 ID: 59e64b
File 128994701461.jpg - (136.84KB , 960x600 , sturz.jpg )

I already think this night mare is over, when with a sudden scream she pushes back with all her force and both her and Labyritnh stumble towards the gap.

No. 2000125 ID: fd6d7e

Can you... can you turn the key?
No. 2000126 ID: 701a19

"Everything is already destroyed; you're keeping us from picking up the pieces."
No. 2000127 ID: 44aeeb


Also: "You're the one destroying everything."
No. 2000128 ID: 1854db

Grab her leg.
No. 2000129 ID: 44aeeb

But we might fall in, and I dont think he has the strength.

I say, cheer Labyrinth on! If he goes down, call out pathetically and dramatically to him for help.
No. 2000130 ID: 59e64b
File 128995477937.jpg - (156.59KB , 960x600 , sturz1.jpg )

I try to turn the key, but it must have flown away during my previous fight. I look to the edge where the two are fighting and notice two things. The key just barely balancing over the abyss and Labyrinth losing his balance. I try to jump up and run over to help him, but all I can manage is to crawl over the floor towards the two leaving a trail of blood behind. The pain is unbearable and with terror I see that I am not fast enough. With a last push Labyrinth stumbles back onto thin air. I grab one of his opponents ankles and pull with all my might. Surprised she turnes around, when a bloody claw grabs her left arm and pulls her backwards.
No. 2000131 ID: 59e64b
File 128995481119.jpg - (94.73KB , 960x600 , sturz2.jpg )

She is able to grab the ledge, while Labyrinth slips and falls into the darkness. She looks up to me.
>".... Herbert.... Oh god, Herbert, it wasn't... I... you... you have to help me back up again. I never.. I never wanted to hurt you. It was Labyrinth. He made me do it. He has strange powers I haven't told you about yet. You have to believe me. Help me climb back up. You're wounded badly. You will die without medical attention and I am the only one left to treat you. And then there is your friend. We wanted to go look after her together, right? And the key, I can feel it under my hand, you want to find out who you really are, don't you. Help me! You have everthing to win and nothing to lose. Please. It wasn't my fault. I'm your friend, your friend, remember?"
No. 2000132 ID: 56dc25

Take the scalpel.

Cut her fingers off.
No. 2000133 ID: 2563d4

No. 2000134 ID: 46c430

No. Fuck, no. Apply scalpel to bitch.
No. 2000135 ID: 669e52

"fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" then stab.
No. 2000137 ID: 46c430

Possibly better quote: “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.” Or maybe "Honest enemies are better than false friends."
No. 2000138 ID: c99f30

"...I have no hands"
No. 2000139 ID: 701a19

"Die without medical attention? Well, I guess then I'd have to send in a replacement drone.
Really though? I hadn't told you Isabel was poisoned; tell me where she is."

Don't do anything to help or hinder her. We need information, and I'm pretty sure she's not about to make a resurgence.
No. 2000141 ID: 1854db

Ask her where Isabel is.
No. 2000142 ID: 44aeeb

Ask where Isabel is.
Gain the info.
Smile wickedly.
Remove her fingers.
No. 2000143 ID: 59e64b
File 128995965855.jpg - (39.74KB , 960x600 , cliffhanger.jpg )

"Tell me where Isabel is!"

>"I already told you, I brought her to our first aid room. She would have died if I hadn't given her the antidote. Trust me, I am not heartless. If I see a little hurt puppy I couldn't harm it. She needs her second dosis soon, though. Help me fast, or she might die despite all your effort."
No. 2000144 ID: 701a19

"The one you said didn't exist? How would I get there? What about the security station? Is that fake fiction as well?"
No. 2000145 ID: 1854db

Liar. She's dead isn't she? Remember, she said "You'll be joining your friend sooner than you think." before she tried to kill you. Cut her fingers off.
No. 2000146 ID: 1854db

We went to the security station earlier in the quest.
No. 2000147 ID: 46c430

No. 2000148 ID: 2563d4

You're not learning from your mistakes.

Stop stalling and slice those fingers. Talking also counts as stalling.
No. 2000149 ID: 59e64b
File 128996069957.gif - (27.43KB , 960x600 , fall.gif )

"I don't think I believe your stories any more."



No. 2000150 ID: 701a19

Now, quickly, search the area! Isabel *might* still be alive!
No. 2000151 ID: 59e64b
File 128996270837.gif - (51.60KB , 960x600 , sterben.gif )

I have to search Isabel, but...

I'm not feeling so well. Friend, do you think she might have been right? Do you think I'll have to die? Because I think...

She wasn't all right at least. I won't die lonely. Not as long as you are here. Isn't that right friend?


Friend? Are you still there. I can't hear you. Did you leave me? Come back, please. I don't want to be alone again. We wanted to go on an adventure. We wanted to find out my past and rescue Isabel together.


Maybe you didn't leave me....

Maybe I left you...

I'm sorry...


Dying hurts....
No. 2000152 ID: 669e52

No. 2000153 ID: 2563d4

You wouldn't BE dying if you'd trusted us more. :/
No. 2000154 ID: 56dc25

Shush, you. This is not a time for harsh words.

We're here with you, Herbert. We'll be with you until the end.
No. 2000155 ID: 1854db

The scalpel is sharper than the knife you had before. Can't you cut your suit with that? Carefully? Before you die... at least you can find out what your face looks like.
No. 2000156 ID: f82d85

Regret nothing. Die with honor, my friend.
No. 2000157 ID: 701a19

Don't die! That's not blood! WILL it all back into your body!
No. 2000158 ID: f4e0e7

We're still here for you. Be strong, little buddy.
No. 2000159 ID: 1854db

Wait... I've got a better idea.

Don't die.
No. 2000160 ID: 6c4937

Rest well, sweet prince. Sleep now. We'll watch over you.
No. 2000161 ID: 59e64b
File 129000444756.jpg - (3.64KB , 960x600 , tod.jpg )

Dying hurts. It feels like being dragged over cold stone floors, the wounds are torn wider with every step. The pain grows with every minute.

Dying hurts - what follows it doesn't.

It feels like a loved person, who treats all your injuries and makes the pain go away.
Death is dark, but it isn't cold. It feels like being wrapped in a thick blanket laying on a soft matress.

I can feel you lying on my chest, Friend. For a moment I thought you were gone forever. What are you doing in this place? Did you die, too? Did you follow me into Hades to rescue me?
No. 2000162 ID: e38e27

No, Herbert, you're alive. Somebody saved you.

Are the lights out, or are your eyes open?
Feel the matress, hug us.
No. 2000163 ID: 701a19

Yea, that's not death Herbert; if you were dead you wouldn't feel much of anything.
You've been rescued, and I hope it's by Isabel.
Open your eyes!
No. 2000164 ID: 1854db

I hope Labyrinth is alive too...
No. 2000165 ID: 59e64b
File 129003057381.jpg - (235.06KB , 960x600 , tot.jpg )

I think you don't grasp the situation we are in. My eyes are open. A thick dark impenetrable substance substance surrounds me like a blanket. It feels like fabric, but not like normal, ordinary fabric. It feels more mystic, as if I am touching a deeper part of the universe. Maybe this is the stuff the nightsky is made of.

You have to face it. We both died and are now damned to an eternity in limbo, floathing forever in this soft cocon of darkness.
No. 2000166 ID: 2563d4

Oh well. The good news is that it looks like Labrynth is here too and has left you messages. Read them and rummage through the things, I guess.
No. 2000167 ID: 1854db

Yep, that crazy sap's still alive. See if you can get out of the bag you're in.
No. 2000168 ID: 13b016

Is that Isabel? I think Isabel's here!

Herbert, can you get out of your cocoon? If not, call out to somebody! Move around! Do something to get her attention!
No. 2000169 ID: 5f0943

It feels like a blanket mostly because it IS a blanket/sheet/bag thing, Herbert.
Get up and look around.
No. 2000170 ID: 59e64b
File 129004144390.jpg - (179.09KB , 960x600 , leben.jpg )

No it's definitifely not a blanket, but pure darkness separating the world of the death and the living. We cannot go back. Do you want me to fight death even after I died... and win?

On the other hand, who else could do this? Now that you are here two we can combine our power. I press against the darkness with all my might and to my surprise it shifts. What does this mean? Am I able to fight the god of death? Or.... have I become a god myself?

I don't know. All I do know is that WE WILL LIVE!
No. 2000171 ID: 13b016



Holy crap, check Isabel's vital signs!
No. 2000172 ID: 701a19

No, it means that you were covered in a blanket. Also, that you fought death while not yet dead and won.
Speaking of fighting death, how is Isabel doing?
No. 2000173 ID: 2abeac

hmmm, i think she is the one that worked on you.
No. 2000174 ID: 13b016

Well, duh.
No. 2000175 ID: 59e64b
File 129004827251.jpg - (83.89KB , 960x600 , isabel.jpg )

I bend over Isabel, touch her arm and gently shake it. It is covered in my blood. Her eyes keep closed but she starts mumbling something.

>"...everything is going to be good... you're going to be ok... you're going to be ok..."

She's probably still poisoned.

We're lucky that I was able to save her even though I was death.
No. 2000176 ID: 2563d4

Agree with her.
No. 2000177 ID: 13b016

Tell her you're ok.

We need the antidote fast, where might we find it? Where are we, anyway?
No. 2000178 ID: 1854db

I'm more inclined to believe she's just really tired.
No. 2000179 ID: 701a19

Wake her up and ask her if she's ok.
No. 2000180 ID: 59e64b
File 129012061977.jpg - (243.24KB , 960x600 , wach.jpg )

I shake her arm harder. "Yes I am ok and you're going to be ok, too. Isabel, can you hear me?"

She still doesn't wake up, but it feels as if a lot of tension leaves her body. She stops mumbling and breathes calmly.

I look around. It's a large dark room, the only lights are three candles and the only sound I can hear is Isabel breathing.
There are a lot of matresses beaded at the walls, but, excluding my own, only the three with candles seem to be occupied.

There appears to be an exit to the north. but I can barely see it in this darkness.
No. 2000181 ID: 1854db

Is that a bag of stuff there? Check it out.
No. 2000182 ID: 954cda

All the other beds have crosses over them like that one with the decapitated body we found a while ago. I wouldnt mess with them too much, so dont be bothering the candles either.

Look in the bag and see if you can walk, if so then put Isabel in the bed and check out the exit, maybe let her know we're heading out.
We really need to find her the antidote if she really is still poisoned.
No. 2000183 ID: 59e64b
File 129012845548.jpg - (230.29KB , 960x600 , aufbruch.jpg )

I try to get up. My legs are still wobbly and pain pulses through my wounds, but after a few tries I manage to stay on the ground standing.

I inspect the bag. It's my bag. There's all my important stuff in there. I probably couldn't succeed in my quest without this old used pin or this name tag I took from one of the dead.

I put the bag back on and turn to Isabel.

"Hey. I have go, maybe search an antidote for you. I'll be back soon."

She doesn't respond. I think she's sleeping, maybe still fighting the poison.
No. 2000184 ID: 1854db

I don't think we should go very far actually. Just check the other occupied beds, see who else is in here.
No. 2000185 ID: 2563d4

So, obvious exits? (Inventory?)
No. 2000186 ID: db2708

Search the beds if you want, Im still a little apprehensive about them from that "Dont disturb his rest." message on the last one like those.
No. 2000187 ID: 59e64b
File 129013684792.jpg - (184.01KB , 960x600 , bett.jpg )

Currently in my possession are four packs of liquid food, Prof. Schwarz' Keys, a couple of paperclips, a name tag, a needle, a reel of thread, two coins, some kind of video disc, and Isabels collar.

On my bed are torn pieces of fabric, most of them covered in my blood as well as a bowl of dirtied water.

I walk through the room inspecting the other beds. I don't really want to remove the bloody sheets unless I really have to. At the last matress I stop, quietly bend forward.


I don't get an answer.

The only door leading out of this room is now directly in front of me. It's pitch black there.
No. 2000188 ID: 2563d4

Are those extra candles along the wall?
Take and light one from an existing candle. Venture through the door.
No. 2000189 ID: 1854db

This seems like a good enough idea. Let's go exploring a little bit. Be very careful though. We don't want to encounter the monster.
No. 2000190 ID: 59e64b
File 129017667486.jpg - (181.48KB , 960x600 , bücher.jpg )

I light a candle and step into the next room. There are a lot of books stacked here. Most of them have something to do with medicine and first aid.

The only door of this room is blocked but an air vent would allow to exit.
No. 2000191 ID: 2563d4

Skim the open pages of the book.
No. 2000192 ID: e674ff

Check out the circled part on the open book.
No. 2000193 ID: 1854db

Hey, books on medicine? See if you can find out how Isabel was poisoned. Be careful with the candle- don't burn any books with it!
No. 2000194 ID: 59e64b
File 129021271890.jpg - (200.13KB , 960x600 , buch.jpg )

I place the candle on the floor and examine the book. It's opened on a page listing various substances. I guess it was Labyrinth who marked one of those with blood and wrote a number at its side. '8721' - I have the feeling I've seen this number somewhere not so long ago, but I can't clearly remember anything.
No. 2000195 ID: 2563d4

So, medium-term plan is to find our way back to that cold room with the severed head and see if there's any of whichever substance that is there amongst all the chemical vials in the cupboard, then. Make a note of its name.

Short-term plan is to scramble through that vent.
No. 2000196 ID: 1854db

That's the combination to the room with the severed head and vials of chemicals.

...also I just realized there used to be a corpse in front of that door. It got dragged into the broken mirror passage. I wonder why? Oh wait I know why. Labyrinth took it, to properly set it to rest.
No. 2000197 ID: 701a19

Can you show us the line? Or at least tell us exactly what it says? That could either be what poisoned her or its antidote, and we need to know which one.
No. 2000198 ID: 68edf7

Yeah, show us the line. Then, dog ear that page of the book and put it in your pack, so we can look into it later too. Might be handy to have in case we run into more poison.

That book on the pedestal looks special, we should read it.
No. 2000199 ID: 59e64b
File 129022510787.jpg - (86.01KB , 960x600 , necronomicon.jpg )

I mark the page and take the book with me. The passage reads:

'Warfarin poisoning -
gastrointestinal haemorrhage
intracranial haemorrhage
death after several days

In case of poisoning administer repeated intravenous doses of phytomenadione (Vitamine K), followed by doses in pill form for a period of at least two weeks.'

I take a look at the old leatherbound book, that rests on the podest. It seems to be important not only because of its place there. It also appears to have been read a lot of times, unlike all the other books here. Those seem pretty new and unused.

I turn open the pages somewhere in the middle and begin to read.

>'While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’” Then they remembered his words. When they came back from the tomb, they...'

It goes on like this. I skim through the pages searching for the part where a knight in shining armor rescues the barely dressed damsel in distress by defeating the dragon or at least some pictures, but am bitterly disappointed.
No. 2000200 ID: 68edf7

Poor little thing D:

That's a bible youre reading, and unless you suddenly feel like finding a religion I suggest we find that Vitamin K fast. Warfarin is rat poison.
No. 2000201 ID: 2563d4

Ho ho.

No. 2000202 ID: 68edf7

Crap, disregard my comment about the bible as I am not observant. That's no bible.

Get your hands off that thing, its nothing but trouble from what Ive heard.
No. 2000203 ID: 701a19

Warfarin? Poisoning from skin contact or inhalation takes days to kick in. It defies what we know about the substance, but I'm going to trust Labyrinth. Go get her some Vitamin K and give her a shot of it.
No. 2000204 ID: 1854db

Alright let's get going and get our bearings.
No. 2000205 ID: 59e64b
File 129027464271.jpg - (190.94KB , 960x600 , zurück.jpg )

I can't take the burning candle with me. I douse it before crawling into the darkness.

As I crawl through the vents I try as best as I can to memorize my way. I have to try out various junctions until I am able to find a room I can remember.
It's the hallway where I first descended into the facility's iron bowels. From here I can find my way back to the monsters hideout.

Without any light I am spared to look at all the rotting heads stacked in the darkness. I stay silent until I am sure to be alone, then venture further to the bright passage.
No. 2000206 ID: 701a19

The door's right there. Remember, she needs Vitamin K.
No. 2000207 ID: e8e0e3

Was that black smudge on the door last time we were here?

Check that out and listen too the door, see if anyone's in there before you open it up.
No. 2000208 ID: 59e64b
File 12903091011.jpg - (145.93KB , 960x600 , gegengift.jpg )

Carefully I lens into the room before entering.

It's empty.

I approach the cupboard and start looking through the vials. It doesn't take long until I hold in my hand a glas bottle labeled 'Vitamin K'.
No. 2000209 ID: 701a19

Get a syringe and some Iodine, too.
No. 2000210 ID: c78e8a

Grab the remaining food packs, while your at it. No idea when we might be able to get back here again, and we need to make sure we have food.

Anything else that's useful in there, take it. And any other medicine vials there are. Just take everything you might ever use for any reason, it's looting time.
No. 2000211 ID: c78e8a

And mess with that computer.
No. 2000212 ID: 1854db

Examine boxes on shelves.
No. 2000213 ID: 2563d4

Only if you can do it quickly. We need to get back to Isabel with the materials to treat her, not get distracted by shiny objects.
No. 2000215 ID: 59e64b
File 129038319796.jpg - (166.45KB , 960x600 , rechner.jpg )

I get the vitamin and a bottle if iodin. My back is nearly full, so I am only able to take with me one of the two remaining food packs with me. While searching through the boxes I find some more empty vials, pipettes and luckily syringes. I take one of those with me.

I too don't want to stay any longer at this place. Not only do we have to treat Isabel, the monster might return any second bringing its last victim.

I turn on the computer nontheless. At first glance there are a lot of long text files. I open one, but like with the papers we discovered earlier, I don't understand a thing.
No. 2000216 ID: 40cb26

Maybe Isabel can read these things. Let's just get back to her!
No. 2000218 ID: 59e64b
File 129038768558.jpg - (61.90KB , 960x600 , begegnung.jpg )

There's no time to do anything else, so I hurry to return to Isabel.

When I enter the dark room, I get a strange feeling. I'm not alone. Someone or something is watching me from the darkness.

>"Hello, 635."

a hoarse voice says

>"You've taken something that belongs to me."
No. 2000220 ID: 1854db

Shit... Okay, slowly edge towards the exit while asking what exactly it is he wants.
No. 2000221 ID: 76fa95

No. 2000222 ID: bc4a0d

I bet it's that nametag....
Offer that to him/her/it?
No. 2000223 ID: 701a19

Motion for them to follow and start walking back to Isabel.
"Walk and talk. I'm too busy to stop and chat right now."
No. 2000224 ID: bc4a0d

Looking more closely at this guy and thinking back to the last thread, I am now very sure that this is the headless body we found whose rest we weren't supposed to disturb. Which, of course, we did and are now dealing with it.

Offer him the nametag AND the pen, put both of them on the ground in front of us if you want. We dont have time to screw around with freakish, headless zombie-doctors.
No. 2000225 ID: 59e64b
File 129042668975.jpg - (63.97KB , 960x600 , gabe.jpg )

"I took something? Was it maybe one of those two things?"

I take out the pen and the name tag. The person in the shadows starts growling. It takes a time for me to realize that this noice is actually supposed to be laughter.

>"No, that's not what I meant. Who would care about this in the situation we are in."

"Then what do you want?"

>"I want the keys."
No. 2000226 ID: 701a19

Keep walking away
"The problem is that I'm leaving this place, and I need the keys to do that.
I could teach you how to make bump keys though; I'd use them myself, but I'm too short and lack the manual dexterity... due to lacking mans to ual."
No. 2000227 ID: 76fa95

"all of them or one in particular?"
No. 2000228 ID: 59e64b
File 129044732968.jpg - (63.65KB , 960x600 , übergabe.jpg )

"All of them or one in particular?" I ask while stepping back.

>"I really only need one of them. The one that opens the security exit..."

"The problem is that I'm leaving this place, and I need the keys to do that."

>"I don't care who opens the exit. To be honest there's something I have to do before I leave this place anyway. You can keep the key if you give me something else I want. I want the disc. I think you have taken it too. And therer's a question I want you to answer."
No. 2000229 ID: 14a040

do we have the disk? if so then i guess he can have it. i think leaving the room without giving him something will put him in a bad mood. and agree to him asking a question.
No. 2000230 ID: 59e64b
File 129045582466.jpg - (64.04KB , 960x600 , übergabe2.jpg )

"Ok. Here's the disc. Now what do you want to know."

The figure leans forward and stares at me.

>"The little puppet in your bag. Who gave it to you?"
No. 2000231 ID: e674ff

Well, it came in a box that had "RUN" scrawled on it in blood. We only know one person that likes to use blood instead of a pen.
No. 2000232 ID: 14a040

well, we aren't sure, remember waking up in your room but that's it.
No. 2000233 ID: 701a19

Oh, tell him we joined your team on our own.
No. 2000234 ID: 40cb26

A simple "I don't know" will suffice.
No. 2000235 ID: 59e64b
File 12904650597.jpg - (60.76KB , 960x600 , frage.jpg )

"I don't know for sure who gave it to me."

>"Then how did you get it?"

"It came in a box with the message 'run' written in blood."

I see something shifting in the shadows and the disc is pulled out of my sight. Heads tumble onto the floor, as the figure vanishes to the back of the laboratory. From the distance I hear it's voice again, now barely understandable.

>"Yes... I guess that is something he would do. I don't think you lied to me. I appreciate that and I will repay you for your honesty. I will answer one of your questions too. But only one."
No. 2000236 ID: cc5de5

I can think of four off the top of my head:

What am I?
Where am I?
Is there another way out?
Is there any way out of my suit?

Damn it, which do we ask?
No. 2000237 ID: c17187

how did the the bigger ones come to be?
No. 2000238 ID: 40cb26

There is so much unknown here, everything dark and dangerous. The answers I most need to know are to questions I can't know to ask. So please, tell me what you think I most need to know to save myself?
No. 2000239 ID: cc5de5

Oh my god this.
No. 2000240 ID: 1854db

One question... where's the exit?
No. 2000241 ID: 59e64b
File 129048738243.jpg - (56.58KB , 960x600 , frage2.jpg )

"There is so much unknown here, everything dark and dangerous. The answers I most need to know are to questions I can't know to ask. So please, tell me what you think I most need to know to save myself?"

>"There are so many things that might kill you, including myself."
the raspy voice answers from beyond the wall of corpses. I have to go further into the room in order to really understand what is being explained.
>"But there are two creatures far more dangerous than anything. I don't know wether you'll meet your brother or what he will do. He's insane. Maybe you will meet him and he'll ignore you or maybe he'll adjust his entire existence onto hunting you down. Never hurrying because he doesn't have to - nothing escapes him anyway in the end - but slowly coming closer with every step he makes. Maybe you'll never meet him. But you will meet the minotaur and you will have to go through the Labyrinth if you want to escape. And you wont be able to unless you change the rules...
>This should be enough.
>Now go away, I have more important things to do. And remember, now you have the keys. Once I am done here I will go to the emergency exit. And if I don't find it open I will find you. And then I will take more then just the keys."
No. 2000242 ID: 1854db

...maybe we should just leave the key here then.
No. 2000243 ID: 6c4937

I think it is a pretty good bet this guy will find the exit before you do, since he actually knows where it is. Let's off him the key on the condition that he waits for us. He can do it outside the exit if he feels safer that way, but we don't know where it is and really don't need one MORE person trying to kills us in here.
No. 2000244 ID: cc5de5

Keys, give him them. We can always figure another way through the door if worst comes to worst.

Id rather not have my stuffing ripped out at a later time over some keys, thank-you-very-much.
No. 2000245 ID: 59e64b
File 129053564290.jpg - (45.13KB , 960x600 , abschied.jpg )

"Ok in this case you can have the keys."

I put them down on the floor.

"Will you wait for me at the exit?"

>"No, but I won't close it. It's not of my concern any more what escapes from down here. Now go!"

I crawl back through the vent and into the system of stell walls and narrow passages that lies behind it.
No. 2000246 ID: 59e64b
File 129053596750.jpg - (92.38KB , 960x600 , dunkler.jpg )

It takes a long time to return, especially since I can't remember the exact way back. But finally I see the gloomy candlelight in the distance. It has become much darker. One of the candles must have extinguished.

Up until now, somebody must have lit a new one whenever this happened. Somebody who isn't there any more.
No. 2000247 ID: ca3c92

I do hope Labyrinth is alright, I liked that guy. :(

I suggest we light the extinguished candles after we tend to Isabel.
No. 2000248 ID: 59e64b
File 129055148947.jpg - (211.83KB , 960x600 , spritze.jpg )

Ok - I will light the candles later - but this is more important. I hope it helps.
No. 2000249 ID: e674ff

Do you need us to walk you through this? Injecting something is more than simply stabbing someone with the pointy end.
No. 2000250 ID: 59e64b
File 129056109750.jpg - (124.04KB , 960x600 , arzt.jpg )

Don't worry about that, Friend. You know I have many talents. I am probably also a doctor, so I think we both know how an operation like that should look like.
No. 2000251 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Carry on.
No. 2000252 ID: 713f79

...we dont look very happy to be receiving your care there.

But I shall forgive you, as the nurses are a very nice touch. Proceed.
No. 2000253 ID: bf88fc

Well, since her wellbeing is important, I'll give some advice anyway. After putting the Vitamin K in the syringe, hold it upright and tap to make any air bubbles rise. Gently push the plunger until liquid expels. The upper arm should be the easiest injection site. The syringe you got there is pretty long, so don't insert it more than 2 cm. And hold it steadily!
No. 2000254 ID: 59e64b
File 129057120359.jpg - (109.77KB , 960x600 , injektion.jpg )

Closely listening to your advice, I inject the antidote into Isabels arm.

She winces in her sleep but shows no other direct reactions. I guess it will take some time until we can see an effect. Enough time to renew the candles and maybe do something else if you can think of anything.
No. 2000255 ID: 1854db

Hmm, I'm thinking we can... check out some of the other books maybe.
No. 2000256 ID: 59e64b
File 129065018430.gif - (55.68KB , 960x600 , lesen.gif )

I set up new candles taking the old ones with me and start looking through the books.

Unfortunately there are only boring non-fiction books about medical topics.
No. 2000257 ID: 1854db

Uh... fuck, something's coming behind you. Scramble away then see what it is, grabbing your knife if poss- wait do we still have the scalpel?

It could be Isabel though.
No. 2000258 ID: 20820e

Jump to the side quickly and turn to face it, keep hold of the book. If it's not a friend we should toss the book in it's face and lead it away from Isabel.
No. 2000259 ID: 1854db

...oh whatever you do don't knock over the candle and set everything on fire.
No. 2000260 ID: 59e64b
File 129065721494.jpg - (117.09KB , 960x600 , lesen.jpg )

I try to jump up and strike down this new evil, but i am not fast enough. I feel its tentacles wrapping around my body and its claws ripping open my flesh as I am pulled back into the shadows of doom and despair. The candle flickers as I look into the eyes of unavoidble death.

>"HERBERT... ! Herbert where have you been? What happened to you?"
No. 2000261 ID: 703865

No. 2000262 ID: 2563d4

You had best both sit and tell her your tale. Be sure not to unduly alarm her in this frail state however!
No. 2000263 ID: 701a19

"I went looking for help, and the 'help' turned out to be Crazy McPsychoMurder in a mask of human skin.
Labyrinth's a great guy. Er... Girl? Hrm... Friend!"
No. 2000264 ID: 59e64b
File 129066395576.jpg - (223.07KB , 960x600 , whatreallyhappened.jpg )

She presses hard against my back, clinging tightly to my body. My wounds hurt, but I don't want to push her away. Sitting there on the floor I start telling about the adventures that lead me here in this state.

"I went looking for help. But I only found a young woman. She seemed normal at first, but she went mad. I don't know what drove her insane. Was it that new sensation she felt in her chest when she first laid her eyes upon me or was it the jealousy, when I insisted on searching you instead of breaking out with her only?
Whatever it was, it made her attack me in rage and I was unable to truely fight back, because I could never harm a Lady.
Luckily I was rescued by someone called Labyrinth. I hope we will meet this kind spirit again but I fear he gave his live to rescue mine."
No. 2000265 ID: ac7a3a

oh Herbert *swoon*

Now now though, don't use so much of your princely traits right now! we have to save the demsel before we pull out all of them.

Also, is our face always like that? I mean... were around our new bestest buddy, we should smile more.
No. 2000266 ID: 1854db

Ask her what happened to Isabel! We thought the crazy lady had killed her.
No. 2000267 ID: 72fdae

Gosh Herbert, if I weren't a genderless, muscle-less puppet Id be fainting from your charms right about now.

I agree with asking where our lovely lady has been this whole time, how she's feeling, and how she managed to find us.
Let her know she's been poisoned and that we've given her the antidote and thank her for saving your life, man!
No. 2000268 ID: 59e64b
File 129077868013.jpg - (102.81KB , 960x600 , gespräch.jpg )

"But what happened to you? You were poisoned and taken away by somebody. I was afraid that something worse might happen. I even thought you died."

She sits quietly behind me for a while.

>"I don't know what happened. I think I remember that somebody took me and did things to me. My clothes were ripped away and somebody started rubbing my whole body. Then a woman kept shouting at me. I was supposed to go somewhere to get some kind of keys, but I was unable to move or to answer. Then she just dropped me to the ground and left me there to die.
>When I woke up I was here and I heared screaming. My body still didn't want to move but I used my last energy and crawled towards the noises. I found you lying there on the floor.
>I don't know how, but somehow I managed to drag you back here and treat your wounds before passing out again."

"I'm glad you found me. I got an antidote for you. Did it work? How do you feel?"

She leans against me with more of her weight.

>"I'm tired and hungry. But I feel better. What shall we do now?"
No. 2000269 ID: 701a19

Open your pack and let her take her pick of your rations.
How secure is this place? Just the one door? You might want to consider resting here until you've both recovered enough to be able to respond well.

Oh, and have we been properly introduced to her? Does she know we can talk? Can she hear us?
No. 2000270 ID: 2563d4

So someone probably scrubbed the rat poison off of her, which means there's at least one other vaguely compassionate person down here. (It probably wasn't Labrinth since I can't really see him achieving that with clawfingers.)

...we're going to need to find her new clothing to protect her dignity. Anything less would be ungentlemanly!
No. 2000271 ID: bf88fc

>>259896 We're the ones that cleaned her body off.
First thing's first, feed Isabel.
No. 2000272 ID: 33c723

Yeah, we removed her clothes, cleaned her, and then went to get her a blanket. We might not want to mention that it was us that stripped her, though.

Alright, so we need to give her some food. After that, Id suggest securing the door(s) and staying there until we've healed. We can't do much in either of your states.

Have you and Isabel been properly introduced, aside from names? Get to know each other in the meantime, I suppose.
No. 2000273 ID: 59e64b
File 129082692793.jpg - (108.02KB , 960x600 , gespräch2.jpg )

There is only the one door and it already is blocked. I guess we are pretty safe here.

I give Isabel a food pack. She doesn't seem to be able to hear you.

"Friend says he was worried about you too and that he is glad to see you."

Isabel smiles and pets your head.

>"Thank you, Friend."

Without a word we sit side by side on the floor until Isabel breaks the silence.

>"Herbert... Under your mask... what... who are you?"
No. 2000274 ID: ac7a3a

Both outside and under the mask, I am Herbert Von Royalty! Orphaned prince of France, doctor of medicine and hearts, child of a pirate and ninja, and probably an international spy! why do you ask?
No. 2000275 ID: b5c9c6

Let me revise that.

"I believe that both outside and under the mask, I am Herbert Von Royalty! Orphaned prince of France, doctor of medicine and hearts, child of a pirate and ninja, and probably an international spy! Or I may not be. I believe its a high possibility, though! Why do you ask?"
No. 2000276 ID: 1854db

Say that you don't know. The crazy scientist lady had the key, but... it fell down into the chasm with her and Labyrinth.

We'd kinda like to retrieve that. Maybe even see if we can help Labyrinth.
No. 2000277 ID: 59e64b
File 129100282756.jpg - (118.16KB , 960x600 , gespräch3.jpg )

"I believe that both outside and under the mask, I am Herbert Von Royalty! Orphaned prince of France, doctor of medicine and hearts, child of a pirate and ninja, and probably an international spy!"

I jump to my feet waving my arms around to underline my possible greatness and instantly regret doing so when I feel the wounds under my bandages. Isabel looks up to me, her mouth half open.


"I believe its a high possibility, but I am really not sure. You know I had a key to open the mask, but I decided to sacrifice it when I had to chose between the truth behind this mask and rescuing you.
Why do you ask?"

She pully her legs closer to her body.

>"I don't know. You're just the only nice person I've met down here. I just wanted to know who you really are or whether you know what is going on. Do you think we'll be able to get out of here together."
No. 2000278 ID: bffa2a

I don't know, don't even know what waits for us even if we do manage to escape. But we'll make sure she gets out even if it kills us. For is that not what heroes do.

Oh, and we gave the keys to salvation to some monster because it threatened us with death. So, we have to wait kindly for it to let itself out and turn what could have been safety into a new horror. Our bad.
No. 2000279 ID: 1854db

Of course! You have your Friend to help you, right?
No. 2000280 ID: 701a19

"I know I'm your friend, I know that what's going on is something we should be avoiding, and I know that I'm not going to give up fighting for our freedom until I'm dead! Or even after that if need be!"

"I believe, I believe what friend Labyrinth says
And I know that there's a world above
I believe in me, I believe in you
And you know I believe in love

I believe in truth though I dunno a lot
I feel the pain from the push and shove
No matter what they put me through
I'll still believe in love!"
No. 2000281 ID: 59e64b
File 129104920285.jpg - (121.45KB , 960x600 , gespräch4.jpg )

"I know I'm your friend, I know that what's going on is something we should be avoiding, and I know that I'm not going to give up fighting for our freedom until I'm dead! Or even after that if need be!"

>"I don't know. I've seen terrible things. I'm afraid."

"Don't worry. We have Friend at our side and even if I have to risk my live and won't be able to make it myself, I'll do everything to help you get out of here. I'll..."

A loud knock on the door interrupts me. I spin around and feel Isabel drawing closer while slightly trembling. It knocks a second time.
No. 2000282 ID: 701a19

Tell Isabel "Knocking is polite. It must be friendly."
Then call out "It's not locked! I think!"
No. 2000283 ID: bffa2a

Yeah, nothing else to it. Is there even other exits from here?
No. 2000284 ID: 0b2a05

Very evil things... USUALLY don't knock. Sort of duck down behind something and call out for them to come in. If they don't... ask them to say something.
No. 2000285 ID: 1854db

...I don't think we should say anything. If it was Labyrinth, he would just open the door. It's not the human we talked to on the head pile, they just want to escape.

This is either scalpel lady who somehow survived, or some other employee. I don't trust anyone working here, so say nothing.
No. 2000286 ID: bf88fc

Stay quiet, move to the vent. Being cautious is important in this place.
No. 2000287 ID: 0aca40

Though it is locked...

If there's any way of seeing out the door without opening, do that. Maybe a crack under it or something? Wait a few more minutes to see if our visitor says anything. If they get too persistant/violent, find a way out of there. If not, they'll leave and you can continue to heal in here.

We dont want to lose maybe the only really safe room we've found for a while.
No. 2000288 ID: 59e64b
File 129109080995.jpg - (103.21KB , 960x600 , klopfen.jpg )

"It knocked, so it is probably friendly."

I whisper to Isabel,

"But we better stay quiet, until I have taken a closer look."

She nods and helps me climb up on the cupboard currently blocking the entrance. I signalize her to move to the vent, while I bend down to look through the keyhole.
No. 2000290 ID: 59e64b
File 129109779761.gif - (12.78KB , 960x600 , schlüsselloch.gif )

Something is standing very close at the other side. I can't make out what it is exactly but as I stare outside, I can make out a movement.

No. 2000291 ID: 0873aa

Neither can I, though it could be Happiness' mouth or something. Can you hear anything on the other side?

If not, lay low. Hang near the vent. Dont make a sound, Labyrinth can speak so if it is him he'll say so.
No. 2000292 ID: 1854db

Labyrinth can't actually speak. That looks like Happiness' mouth moving across the keyhole, and its eye looking in.

IT SEES YOU. Get away from the door!
No. 2000293 ID: bf88fc

Quietly but as fast as you can... Get in to that vent, we're running away.
No. 2000294 ID: 2563d4

That looks very much like Happiness' eye moving down.

Move. Now.
No. 2000295 ID: 59e64b
File 129113509616.jpg - (112.58KB , 960x600 , klopfen2.jpg )

I slowly move backwards, when a loud crash makes me wince. I stare at the place where a second ago my face was pressed against the door and see a sharp claw sticking out of former keyhole.
No. 2000296 ID: 2563d4

Right, so stealth is now pointless. Flee for the vent with Isabel. Hopefully that thing can't fit in there.
No. 2000297 ID: 6c4937

Seconding. Get out of there as fast as possible!
No. 2000298 ID: bbeb76

Dont yell, but motion to Isabel to get through that vent and then follow her. Screaming will just excite it.
No. 2000299 ID: 59e64b
File 129140095474.jpg - (110.21KB , 960x600 , flucht1.jpg )

I jump down to the floor and signalize Isabel to crawl into the vent. She looks at me frozen in shock for a second before reacting. Only one powerfull hit rips a huge hole into the door behind us.
No. 2000300 ID: 59e64b
File 129140127148.jpg - (47.28KB , 960x600 , flucht02.jpg )

We crawl through the vent. I can feel the monsters punches behind me, trying to claw its way into the narrow passage.
I can hear the walls crumble and the metall rip under the force of its attack. It wasn't able to do this the last time.

The floor starts creaking, and with every movement it seems to lower itself.

I hear Isabel scream out, when it gives away under us and together we slide once again into the darkness.
No. 2000301 ID: 59e64b
File 129140163646.jpg - (7.04KB , 960x600 , flucht03.jpg )

I tumble down losing my orientation and my sight of Isabel.
When my fall finally stops, I find myself lying on a slippery floor smelling of gasoline. The only light comes from the candle we left behind far above us.
No. 2000302 ID: bf88fc

Quietly call her name to get her location. Be glad that candle isn't down here.
No. 2000303 ID: 9b370b

Lets hope Happiness doesnt know how fire and gas work.

Find Isabel, confirm she's alive, and try to get out of that gas. We dont want her poisoned again.
No. 2000304 ID: 1854db

Slippery floor smelling of gasoline?! CANDLE!?

MOVE! Get away from where the candle will drop! Or... catch the candle, if you're feeling up to risking your life. Most likely it will just catch you on fire.
No. 2000305 ID: 59e64b
File 129206906532.gif - (51.99KB , 960x600 , feuer.gif )

"Isabel! Where are you? Are you all right?"

My voice echoes through the dark. After a few moments I hear a distant answer.

>"Over here! I can't get out! My leg is trapped somewhere but it's to dark to see."

I fumble my way through the shadows towards the voice. Slick metal surfaces, maybe from some kind of machine, block my way. I am able to make out another chasm in the middle of the room before falling down.

Groping what feels like a flight of stairs I start making my way over the gap when the light behind me suddenly shifts.

No. 2000306 ID: 701a19

Oh, good. You can see now!
Go free Isabel, then get out of there.
No. 2000307 ID: 1854db

Hurry hurry, there's no time to waste! Get Isabel out and get moving!
No. 2000308 ID: 0584f7

Be as silent as you can while you get to Isabel, we want Happiness to think we're dead.

And be quick about it! I dont know about you, but Isabel probably cant breath C02.
No. 2000309 ID: 59e64b
File 129215588224.jpg - (224.27KB , 960x600 , feuer.jpg )

I don't think silence matters anymore. The roaring inferno drowns every noise besides the crackling of its own flames.

I climb further into the machinery, while the fire draws closer.
Isabel is lying in the flickering light surrounded by broken pipe ends and struggling in vain against the cogs that hold her leg trapped.
No. 2000310 ID: 1854db

Roll the cog off her leg with your tremendous strength!
No. 2000311 ID: 59e64b
File 129217677365.jpg - (256.17KB , 960x600 , feuer2.jpg )

I jump down to her and grab the cog. This should be easy considering my strenght and untamable masculinity.


It doesn't move and a sudden pain running through my body makes me stop my effort. My wounds must be too fresh to allow access to my full potential.

A hand grabs my shoulder.

>"HERBERT! It's too dangerous you have to get out. Don't worry about me, I'll get out here someh..."

A convulsive cough shakes her body and lets her stop in mid-sentence.
No. 2000312 ID: 69bee4

Does a prince, doctor, and probably international spy ever leave the damsel behind!?! NEVER I SAY!

Can you turn the cog instead of pulling it? maybe twist it some so she can pull her leg out.
No. 2000313 ID: 2563d4

What, you have nothing in your inventory to offer leverage? Because >>263908
No. 2000314 ID: 1854db

...What's that over there, the little cogs? Maybe we can turn the machine on, get the bigger cogs moving.
No. 2000315 ID: 701a19

You need leverage. Do you have a metal bar or something? You could use something like that to pry the gears open.

If not, then you need to exploit gravity. Stand on the outside edge of one of the gears and find something above you that you can use to push yourself down.
Then not only would you have what arm AND leg strength you can muster, but the force of gravity itself at your side!

"Don't be so insensitive! I'd never be able to live with myself if I left you behind!"
No. 2000316 ID: 701a19

Oh, no. No, no, no.
You see how her foot is trapped there? The gears had to spin towards crushing her foot, not away from it. If they don't easily spin the other way that means the machine is biased in favor of turning in that direction, meaning that turning it on will mangle her leg.
No. 2000317 ID: a7ca80

Make her pull her body close to it, try to keep the smoke away from her face! If we had some kind of non-flammable liquid we could oil her foot up.

If she cant get her foot undone without your help well....
Do you think your strong enough to dislocate or break her ankle or foot?
No. 2000318 ID: 59e64b
File 129219523796.gif - (99.21KB , 960x600 , befreiung.gif )

The pipes are the only things I could use as a lever, but they are rusty and would probably just break apart.

"Don't be so insensitive! I'd never be able to live with myself if I left you behind! Now get closer to the cog and get ready to push, I'll try something."

The liquid food seems to be oily enough to help and it doesn't say that it's flammable. I guess We'll just have to try and to hope it doesn't catch fire. I rub the black fluid on her leg and climb onto the cog.

No. 2000319 ID: dfbac9

Go go go! Grab her arm, and run like hell!
No. 2000320 ID: 701a19

Grab Isabel and RUN!
No. 2000321 ID: 59e64b
File 12923491013.jpg - (419.87KB , 960x600 , plattform.jpg )

The old metal platforms begin to waver under the fire's heat, while the whole machinery begins to fall apart around us. I grab Isabel's arm and pull her to her feet.

"Hurry! We have to get out of here!" I scream to her, but the only response she is able to make is loud coughing, while we slowly make our way to the next platform.
No. 2000323 ID: 59e64b
File 129236150882.jpg - (206.81KB , 960x600 , starren.jpg )

The bottom crumbles beneath our feets as we reach the other side of the gap. With a last jump we land on safe ground. Isabel sinks to the floor breathing heavy as I turn around.

The creature stands on the other side of the fissure not in the least bothered by fire that surrounds it.
No. 2000324 ID: 59e64b
File 12923617055.jpg - (201.41KB , 960x600 , starren2.jpg )

Engulfed in flames it stares down at us, slowly raising its arm, extending one of its razorsharp claws, pointing at me.
No. 2000325 ID: bc9415

make a rude gesture towards him and keep going.
No. 2000326 ID: 1854db

Just... go, don't spend any time doing anything but getting as far away from that thing as possible.
No. 2000327 ID: b58598

Just ignore Star, they dont understand that pissing off Happiness is not something we want to do. Just get the hell out of there as quickly as you can so Isabel can get some fresh air.
No. 2000328 ID: 59e64b
File 129237454286.jpg - (148.69KB , 960x600 , hängen.jpg )

I help Isabel up to her feet and venture through the door behind us downwards a stairwell and away from fire, fume and the monster.

We enter another long stretched room full of machines, pipes and cogs. The air is respirable down here, but I don't think it is safe to rest yet.

We follow the path as fast as we can in our current condition. Isabel limps a bit on the previously trapped leg, but she tries to ignore her injury and doesn't mention it.

Suddenly I hear a weak voice.

>"Help....! Is somebody there...? Help - I need help."

Carefully we step around the next corner. Somebody is hanging in a net of cables and wires - one leg strangely twisted and a large wound on the right hand.
The figure's head dangels powerless in the air and it doesn't seem to have seen us yet.
No. 2000329 ID: 1854db

No way are we helping HER!

Try to go around without getting within arm's reach. Too bad you can't make less noise.
No. 2000330 ID: 1854db

...also look around and see if you can find Labyrinth.
No. 2000331 ID: bc9415

look around for the key.
No. 2000333 ID: 40cb26

However messed up she is she'll probably still notice it's you. If she does you might as well make the most of it.

"No. Why don't you ask Happiness, he should be along shortly."

If she has any information or items that'll get her to offer it just to be cut loose. But at best there should only be that key, look around for it.
No. 2000334 ID: f4e0e7

So many chances. You gave her SO many chances. Not to help us, not to stop with the obvious lies, not even to just be nice. Just to stop trying to hurt us.

You're a better person than her, so don't kick her when she's down or anything. But don't ever give her the chance to hurt you again.
No. 2000335 ID: 701a19

"How are you not dead yet?
More importantly, have you seen Labyrinth around here? I need to make sure he's ok, and get him out of here before Happiness catches up."
No. 2000336 ID: 9618e3

Definitely say this.
No. 2000337 ID: 59e64b
File 129244566744.jpg - (153.38KB , 960x600 , hängen2.jpg )

I signalize Isabel to stay back and step forward, carefully staying out of her reach and searching the floor for the key or traces of Labyrinth. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her lift her head.

>"... Herbert? Is that...? Is that you? Herbert... help me! Please! Get me down from here."

"No. Why don't you ask Happiness, he should be along shortly."

>"What?... Do you... Do you really want to let me die here."


>"Are you searching something? Maybe I know where it is. I could still help you. You have the keys and I know where the way out is. If you help me we still all could get out of here alive. I know you don't trust me anymore. But I'm not able to hurt anybody anymore. I'm completely at your mercy. Please don't let me die."
No. 2000338 ID: bc9415

"the only thing you can give me is your word, and that is currently worthless. unless you have something else to offer i'll keep moving after i look around"
No. 2000339 ID: 1854db

Tell her she already tried to kill us, and possibly killed Labyrinth as well. We're not willing to accept her 'help' and there is no reason for us to help her. There's nothing we're looking for that she would know the location of... and besides, we don't have the keys right now. (don't tell her that we gave them away)
No. 2000340 ID: 1854db

Oh and just... let's just take Isabel and keep going since the golden key and Labyrinth are nowhere around it seems.
No. 2000341 ID: 59e64b
File 129245820027.jpg - (139.46KB , 960x600 , weiter.jpg )

"The only thing you can give me is your word, and that is currently worthless. Unless you have something else to offer I'll keep moving after I have looked around."

>"No! Don't do that! I know all the rooms and ways down here. I can bring you to the only exit left. I can show you the way down to the bottom of this gap, where the key probably landed. Just help me! In my injured state I'm depending on you. I'll have to give you any help I can to survive myself. I won't hurt you again."

"You probably killed Labyrinth and you tried to kill me, too. I don't need your kind of 'help'."

>"I know I've done terrible things. But this isn't about what kind of person I am, this is about what kind of person you want to be. I'm defenseless, injured and trapped. Do you just want to leave me here to die. You can't do that. You know it's not the right thing to do, don't you?"

I turn my back and start walking away.


"Isabel. We're leaving."

She stares at the scene behind me for a moment while I keep moving away. She tugs my arm.

>"Herbert... Who is that? Are we just leaving her there?"
No. 2000343 ID: 40cb26

"She had her chances. More than she deserved. All she did was lie to me, try to kill me, and every time I survived she plead for forgiveness just to betray me again."

"Even so I would save her if I could, but we can't drag her along with us. But maybe..."

Actually Herbert I think I have an idea. Turn back to her and tell her we will free her but on the condition that she tells us where the exit is. We will not take her along, but if we make it there we leave it unlocked for her if she can survive. Remember we simply cannot allow her to slow us down or be around us at all, she would still take the chance to sacrifice us for herself.
No. 2000344 ID: 701a19

Say this loud enough for Psycho McStupid to hear it: "That is a monster in a pretty girl's skin. Time and again I tried to help her, and time and again she tried to kill me for it. Those wounds you bandaged? She caused them.
When she had to choose between hurting me and saving her own life, she chose to hurt me."
"I'm not heartless. I don't want to leave her like this, but if we helped her she would stab us in the back before we even got her free. Although..."
Turn to her
"If you can direct us to Labyrinth, then we'll get you out of there. If not, then pray your lip service helps when Happiness arrives."
No. 2000345 ID: 1854db

Ergh... Yeah I guess they're both right that it's not a good thing to do, leaving her behind like this. I guess she would depend on us. We may wind up lost without her.

Tell Isabel that it's a scientist that was involved in whatever created the unstoppable monster. She wanted to open you up and see why you 'think'. Then when you refused to allow her the opportunity she got really pissed off and tried to kill you. Twice. She may still have scalpels hidden on her person right now...

Okay if we help her she's going to empty all her pockets so that we KNOW she can't hurt us. It's up to Isabel though, after we tell her what happened.
No. 2000346 ID: e43bfe

Hey, Herbert.

From one fine aristocrat to another:

Everyone deserves a second chance but those who shun salvation.
No. 2000347 ID: 0b2a05

She tried to kill you several times. She tried to leave you trapped in here. She tried to get you to abandon Isabel. She betrayed you and has done this exact same thing every time she gets in a bad position several times over. She is not friggin worth it.
No. 2000348 ID: 38b610

>From one fine aristocrat to another:
loving that ego

>Everyone deserves a second chance but those who shun salvation.
nobody inherently deserves anything but what others deem they should give based on the situation at hand; whether or not they want that thing is irrelevant

a more apt way to put it would be "you can't save those who don't want to be saved"
No. 2000349 ID: 59e64b
File 129252380949.jpg - (137.19KB , 960x600 , hängen3.jpg )

"That is a monster in a pretty girl's skin. She had her chances. More than she deserved. All she did was lie to me, try to kill me, and every time I survived she plead for forgiveness just to betray me again. Those wounds you bandaged? She caused them. When she had to choose between hurting me and saving her own life, she chose to hurt me.
I'm not heartless. I don't want to leave her like this, but if we helped her she would stab us in the back before we even got her free and even if she didn’t, we can't drag her along with us and allow her to slow us down. But maybe..."

I turn around and slowly start walking back.

"If you can direct us to Labyrinth and show us the way out, then we'll get you out of there. If not, then pray your lip service helps when Happiness arrives. ”

>"Yes... I'll do everything you want. Just help me."

"I'll have to empty your pockets and after you have helped us you'll be on your own again."

>"Yes - everything. I don't want to die. If you help me I'll be in your debt forever and I will repay your kindness in every way I can."
No. 2000350 ID: e43bfe

Man, so many ways you could use this. After all, there's so many places to hide a blade or a weapon. One should be absolutely sure, if you catch my meaning.
No. 2000351 ID: 1854db

Let's not strip her naked or anything, that'd take too long. Let's make this quick for Happiness could be along shortly.

...is she looking at you? Maybe Happiness is already here. Glance around before you untangle her.
No. 2000352 ID: e5c4cf

No, glance around before you search her. We arent untangling her yet. And keep an eye on her hands! We dont want any funny business from her.
No. 2000353 ID: 59e64b
File 129254973240.jpg - (136.43KB , 960x600 , hängen4.jpg )

I don't think stripping her naked to be a good idea, too. You have to rescue the girl first before you're allowed to do that. I also don't know what Isabel woud say about that.

She is looking at me or at least trying to. She doesn't seem to be able to fully focus on me. I glance around but there's nothing suspicous here. We are alone for the time being. I don't know how long it will take for the creature to find a way around the gap though.

Keeping my eyes on her hands I slowly step closer, stretch myself and start looking through her pockets. I don't find another scalpel but I'm also not able to investigate everything with her dangling up there. I do find a screwdriver, a small pair of scissors and a roll of tape. She sparsely moves during my search.
No. 2000354 ID: 701a19

Alright. Originally I intended to find out where Labyrinth is, then leave her up while we go get him and come back for her, but if you want to cut her down now... Cut some cord and use it to bind her hands behind her back, then cut her down.
"So, why are you a psychotic killer? What the heck is messed up in your head to make you so self-destructively homicidal?"
No. 2000355 ID: f4e0e7

No, don't ask her that. We might trigger something. Just help her down, and tell her sternly to play nice. Make sure Isabel knows not to turn her back on her.
No. 2000356 ID: 1854db

Okay, help her down. I think she's helpless without her glasses, so grab those.
No. 2000357 ID: e5c4cf

Yeah, and use some cord as a sort of leash as well. If we have Isabel's collar on us we might use that or something. First sign of Happiness, though, and we will leave that bitch behind.
Dont argue with me on that, my mind's set.
No. 2000358 ID: 59e64b
File 129255564069.jpg - (170.03KB , 960x600 , liegen.jpg )

I don't think the glasses are of any use anymore. They appear broken beyond repair so I guess there's no use in picking them up.

I climb up and manage to wrap a piece of string around her arms and hands.

"Ok. I'm going to get you loose now. Don't try anything funny. And Isabel - you should be carefull around her."

I begin removing the cords, when her body suddenly shifts, slips out of the remaining loops and hits the floor hard. She groans as her leg cracks loudly.
No. 2000359 ID: e5c4cf

Anything nearby that we could use to make a splint and cane? No metal if we can help it, too dangerous.

And might I suggest not speaking kindly to her? Or at all? I feel like being hostile or guilt-worthy towards her right now.
No. 2000360 ID: 1854db

Huh. Now you both have broken legs. How about that. Yeah, get her something so that she can stand. I don't care what. It would be really, really stupid of her to do anything to you since she can't really see without her glasses.

...which means you have to untie her hands.
No. 2000361 ID: bffa2a

Now search everything on her. Don't take chances.

If you must save her then I suggest doing so in a place where there's even a little cover. Start dragging until you come across some. Then you can leave her there until you find materials for making a stretch so you can actually move her without spraining yourself. That is unless you're willing to leave her to die, I'm down with that.
No. 2000362 ID: ebe9b7


She can see just fine without her glasses, she wasnt wearing them when we met her and she didnt put them on until she tried killing us.
Ever lost a lot of blood? its not fun, and causes your vision to blur. That's why she might not be able to see clearly and keeps passing out.
No. 2000363 ID: 3bd256

Yeah, she doesn't need her glasses. She's not Velma, for god's sake.

Suggestion-wise: Guilt the HELL out of her. Tie her hands behind her back if she insists on coming with you on the way to finding Labrynth.
No. 2000364 ID: 59e64b
File 129280230262.jpg - (128.25KB , 960x600 , liegen2.jpg )

With combined effort we manage to drag her a bit out of the way. I start searching her more thoroughly. The only thing I have overlooked during my last search is some kind of sharp metal hook.

"We have to find something to fix your leg I guess. And we have to look for Labyrinth. You said you'd tell us where you think he landed."

>"Yes, and I keep my promises. He probably fell to one of the deeper levels. There's an emergency ladder leading down there. It's old instable and if you're not actively watching for it you'd probably miss it. You'll find it opposite of the closed stairwell-door if you keep following this way.... Acttually you could just unlock the stairwell. One of the keys should be the masterkey for all those ordinary doors down here."
No. 2000365 ID: cbdb8b

Well, can't do that. Best to make it seem like a bad idea to use the stairwell. Say something like, "I think the ladder should work fine. Don't want to give any monsters, disguised or otherwise, an easier path down right now."

And don't fix her leg QUITE yet. Which should be easy to do since you don't really have the materials at hand to make a splint.

Then bring Isabel along to see if you can find the ladder. Have her stay nearby there to keep an eye on crazy lady and watch out for Happiness while both of us go down to investigate.
No. 2000366 ID: bffa2a

Well, if some people wouldn't have given the keys away. Seems like a bust, if Labyrinth was in the condition to climb ladders he would have already and we can't help it up old rickety ladders. Failing to see any benefit of going down as we can't even carry any materials from there.

Take a look at the ladder and see if it has to be knocked down. Otherwise concentrate on stabby and the inevitable betrayal she poses. If we get the keys back then it's another matter.
No. 2000367 ID: cf2533
File 129307350250.jpg - (156.27KB , 960x600 , leiter.jpg )

"We'll go and take a look."

We head the stairwell entrance, where I find the ladder hidden behind some loose plates. It looks like it hasn't been used for a while and it's obvious why. In this state it might carry me or Isabel, if we climb down separately, but the rusty steel rungs can't possibly support any more weight.

You're right. Seeing that I'd need both of my hands to climb down and considering the state the ladder is in, I won't be able to carry Labyrinth or any material up here.
We could either try to fix the womans leg and then take her with us or leave her behind to find the way on her own before climbing down or search Labyrinth first and then maybe come back to take care of her injury.
No. 2000368 ID: 585f92

My friend, we should seek out Labyrinth first and foremost, considering we owe him a large apology. If there's time, go back to the that woman and get moving.

Remember time is of the essence, and Happiness could be closing in as we speak!
No. 2000369 ID: f59554

Ladder's a bad idea, we could get seperated from Isabel easily and Happiness could easily destroy it. We need to get to Labyrinth, but... Right now we're at risk of being found by Happiness. Move to the stairwell, hopefully you can relock it from the other side.
No. 2000370 ID: bffa2a

Forget the ladder. If we ever get our keys back remember Labyrinth but right now it's survival. Find something rigid for stabbys leg and then dump her. Shits already hard enough without having her stabbing our back, or Isabels. Have I already mentioned how you could just leave her to die? Cause you totally should.

Look for exits... and something for stabby.
No. 2000371 ID: cf2533
File 129339192529.jpg - (101.43KB , 960x600 , rauch.jpg )

Maybe I made a mistake when I left all the keys behind. I can't unlock the stairwell and the stairwell looks too risky to use.

"I'm afraid we have to look for another way. I don't want us to get separated again."
I say as I stand up. Isabel nods and we move on.

Thick fume oozes out of the next door we pass. There seems to be enough material scattered on the floor inside to construct a splint.
But if you think it would be to dangerous to go back and help the woman and that it would be better to just leave her behind, I'd do that too. After all you're the only one down here I can really rely on. But I guess, if you plan to do that, I'd have to explain the decision to Isabel somehow.
No. 2000372 ID: bffa2a

Yeah, guess we can't leave a seemingly pitiful injured woman to die without making Isabel lose trust in us. Hopefully she won't learn the truth the hard way.

Make sure Isabel understands that after you prep stabby's leg she's on her own. Any further pleas for help or claims of regret are just how she lures you in . Never approach her in any case in the future and if you get cornered don't hesitate to kill. This one was the only exception and a poor decision at that one. If Isabel doubts the truth of this then leave stabby to die, rather have Isabel distrust us than die on us.

Make this snappy. Happiness will be all too happy to snap your head off.
No. 2000373 ID: 1e9d01

Yes, get a splint for her.
No. 2000374 ID: 585f92

No. 2000375 ID: cf2533
File 12934151206.jpg - (169.76KB , 960x600 , rauch2.jpg )

"Ok I think there's enough material in there to treat her leg. But I want you to know that after that she's on her own again."


"No, I already told you she's dangerous. I don't want to risk her trying to kill me again and most important I don't want her to hurt you."

She stares down to the ground for a moment.

>"I feel bad leaving somebody behind, but I guess you're right."

"OK. I go in there and look for something we could use. You wait out here. You've inhaled enough smoke for today."

I step into the room. Some small fires burn on the ground and through the fume I can see a big one raging somewhere above us. Chunks of stone and metal parts are lying on the floor. I guess we could use some of the pipes here to construct a splint, although we'd be risking to give that woman a potential weapon.
No. 2000376 ID: a3d0df

How's your leg feeling? We could trade off your wooden splint for a metal one and give her the wooden one.
No. 2000377 ID: bffa2a

If she's going to bludgeon you to death with a pipe she can find those anywhere. She's tied up and can't hurt you right now. After you've splinted her leg and let her go it's up to her if she starts to unravel it or take a minute to find one just lying around.

Take it, get out, go go.
No. 2000378 ID: 1e9d01

Those pipes are probably quite hot. Be careful.
No. 2000379 ID: 585f92

Yeah, I'd give her the pipe and other weapons, just not anything stabby. So yes, go ahead and make a splint for ol' Miss Stabby back there.
No. 2000380 ID: 92e6b3

>After all you're the only one down here I can really rely on

FALSE. You can rely on Isabel, too. You probably already know that, but it helps to reinforce the idea. She's the only person here other than us and kinda maybe Labyrinth that cares for you, else she wouldn't have spent precious time and energy patching you up after being poisoned.

I say screw Insane Scalpel Lady and get out of there. Labyrinth fell, right? What means there's a good possibility he's down on this level too.
No. 2000381 ID: cf2533
File 129349139883.jpg - (130.58KB , 960x600 , liegen4.jpg )

Mhhm - that's right. You're not the only person I can rely on anymore. I guess we can trust Isabel too.

The pipes are indeed hot, but my suit has build-in oven gloves, so getting them out here is no problem. I ponder for a moment to switch them with the wooden splint on my leg, but I guess the process would be very painfull and I don't want to damage my injured body even more.

We make our way back and I start fixing the broken leg.

"You said you'd tell us where the exit is."

She draws a deep breath as I pull the first pipe close.

>"Yes, I did. Why don't you take me along. I can show you the way and there'd be no danger of getting lost."

"No, I already gave you a chance - two chances actually - and you betrayed me twice. I won't let you try a third time."

I squeeze the second bar to her leg maybe with a bit more force than intended. She winces.

>"What if I tell you the wrong way now and lead you into a trap. If you take me along you'd be able to always have a close eye on my actions and be sure that I really show you the right way."

"I have the only keys. If you give me the wrong instructions now, I'll not be able to unlock the door and you'd stay trapped down here forever."

I finish the splint and stand up while she thinks about my words.

>"Fine. Its on the deepest level of this gap. The only way you can get down there is to reactivate the power generator on the next lower floor and then take the elevator. From there on you should be able to follow the signs. I could help you with all that, but if you really want to leave me here, at least undo my bonds."
No. 2000382 ID: bffa2a

They're not that hard to get out yourself. It's not a proper rope, I would start doing that if I was you.

Walk away, let's try those instructions and hope we get some distance between us and her before she finds out we can't breathe with a cord around our neck.
No. 2000383 ID: 701a19

"We'll go activate the generator, then. You can wait here - where you can't stab us in the back again.
Fair warning, if you put Isabel at risk then I'll kill you with my own two hands."
No. 2000384 ID: bffa2a


For gods sake don't smack talk when you're the size of a baby in a potato sack. Also don't confirm our vulnerabilities to opposition, namely Isabel. She used that card against us enough already.

If it comes to killing you do it in silence from ambush with a sharp implement. When the corpse is cold then you can say a word. And when the corpse sits up and looks at you with it's milky white eyes and bloody smile you're still a baby in a potato sack. Don't smack talk.
No. 2000385 ID: 585f92

Well, if we're going to untie her, it might not be a bad idea to take her with us. Untying her and then letting her loose (even with a bum leg) is much more dangerous. If we do leave her, leave her bound, but with her hands in front of her. She can still walk.

Also, I find her directions very suspect. I say we listen to her, but be wary of anything out of the ordinary, since we have nothing else to go on.

And I also think that mentioning how much we worry about Elizabeth to Miss Stabby is a terrible idea. For a final vote, I vote that we leave her here with her hands tied in front of her, just to give her a fighting chance.
No. 2000386 ID: 653ea0

If you're going to untie her, you should hand Isabel a weapon first. Use a scapel to cut the rope for speed.
No. 2000387 ID: 1e9d01

Hmm. Yeah, okay. Untie her.
No. 2000388 ID: cf2533
File 129352294682.jpg - (146.90KB , 960x600 , liegen5.jpg )

I hand Isabel one of the remaining pipes so she can defend herself in case of danger. I don't have a scalpel to cut open her bonds, but the scissors do the job just as well.

"Ok. Don't make any trouble. I'm going to tie your hands in front of you. Then you should be able to get free on your own, while we go to activate the generator."

She obeys as I quickly wrap the pieces of cable around her arms and step back.

"Ok. We'll leave the door open for you. Come Isabel. We have to go now."

Without any further words I leave the woman, heading back to the closed stairwell and the broken ladder.

>"I hope we'll meet again so that I can repay your help."

I hear her shouting behind me.

I guess if we really want to follow her instructions, we'll have to decide whether we should risk climbing down there or wether there's enough time to search another way down.
No. 2000389 ID: 585f92

Well, before we leave... I feel like we should ask her for her name. Calling her Miss. Stabby just doesn't cut anymore, haha.

After asking her name, I'd... ugh, it's a tough choice. Risking the ladder would mean going down one at a time, right? I worry too much about Isabel to leave her alone with Happiness somewhere in the wings. Let's search for another way down.
No. 2000390 ID: bffa2a

By repay she means she hopes to kill you, point this out to Isabel who just can't stop giving puppy eyes. Say again that under any condition not to approach her. I don't care about her name.

Try to find another way. That something has our keys and it too must open it's way down if it has not already. The ladder is just an accident waiting to happen.
No. 2000391 ID: cf2533
File 129359195421.jpg - (104.69KB , 960x600 , rauch3.jpg )

"Don't be fooled by her."

I whisper to Isabel.

"When she talks about repaying my help she probably thinks about killing both of us."

>"She doesn't look that dangerous."

"That's what I thought back then, too. And you saw for yourself what happened to me. If we ever run into her again keep a safe distance."

I raise my voice when turning back to the woman.

"One last question, You know how I am called, but you never told me your name."

There's a short pause before she answers.

>"I'm Nicola - Nicola Parter."

With nothing more to talk about we leave to search another exit. The empty way leads us alongside the gap. Sometimes I can make out the gangway below between the big unmoving gears and rusty tanks that take most of the space down here.

As we pass the burning room, a series loud crashes makes me spin around. Something seems to be in there and it's coming towards us.
No. 2000392 ID: 585f92

Please don't be happiness please don't be happiness please don't be happiness...

Running sounds like a VERY good idea right now. I don't know where to, but getting away from anything that even resembles happiness is a good idea!
No. 2000393 ID: cf2533
File 129360611550.gif - (57.87KB , 960x600 , rauch4.gif )


Isabel rushes forward before suddenly stopping when she notices that I'm falling back. With my leg I can't run at all.

>"Herbert! Hurry!!"
No. 2000394 ID: bffa2a


Mercy times up. Tell Isabel to run on ahead and find a way or place to hide. Keep an eye out for those gangways below if we have to do a leap of faith. We need a maze to lose it in.
No. 2000395 ID: e3d850

Yes, tell Isabel to go on without you! Say you'll catch up, make up any excuse you have to if she wont go. Just get her out of there.

Once that's be dealt with, worry about getting yourself out of there. If Happiness gets through that door and you still cant get away fast enough, you might have to jump again.

hell, tell Isabel to go to the ladder that Nic told us about. She should be able to get down fine, then you can go down it. Happiness is too big.
No. 2000396 ID: 585f92

Seconded. It's time for you to put those ninja skills or yours to the test, Herbert! Tell Isabel to head to the ladder and that you'll meet her there soon!
No. 2000397 ID: 1854db

...would it not be wiser for Isabel to help us run? With her supporting our weight a bit we can move faster.
No. 2000398 ID: 1838e4

No, that would slow us as a whole down. Right now Isabel can run at full speed Im guessing, we can maybe go at half speed. She needs to be ready at the foot of the ladder to catch us if we fall, anyway, since we aren't in the greatest of shape for climbing.
No. 2000399 ID: cf2533
File 129369617334.jpg - (174.00KB , 960x600 , sprung.jpg )

"RUN!! HIDE SOMEWHERE! I'm going to distract it."

I take a run-up and jump on one of the gears.


"Just do it. I've managed to escape it before. Just climb down the ladder when it's gone and we'll meet down there."
No. 2000400 ID: cf2533
File 129369638220.jpg - (190.76KB , 960x600 , sprung2.jpg )

I climb deeper into the machinery when suddenly the ground trembles under my feet and tilts backwards. I stumble, fall to the ground and start sliding down the slippery surface.
No. 2000401 ID: 701a19

Leap off the gear and grab that nearby cable!
No. 2000402 ID: bffa2a

Cable. It's time to realize that you're actually an english lord raised in the jungle by a herd of apes. Show us who's the king of the jungle.
No. 2000403 ID: 585f92

Yes, do these my brave friend!
No. 2000404 ID: a5556e
File 129375226635.jpg - (139.68KB , 960x600 , sprung3.jpg )

I jump and manage to grab a wire before the gear entirely shifts and plunges into darkness.

I nearly lose hold when something hits the pillar the cable is connected to.
No. 2000405 ID: bffa2a

I don't know Herbert. We don't have anything heavy in our posession and I don't think we can cut the cable to play brachiator. I think it might be time for panicked scrambling and "help".
No. 2000406 ID: bffa2a

Unless saved some liquid food from earlier? It would have been great here.
No. 2000407 ID: 815cd1

The present situation does seem dire, indeed. Suppose this calls for drastic action, then. Presently lacking any sort of weapon and all.

...Any weapon except our own bodies, that is. Get a good vertical swing going by bouncing off the pillar, then when Mr. Happyface has both claws dug in, drop down onto his face. Surely he won't expect that.

And, hey. Maybe the impact will give us enough momentum to propel ourselves an acceptable distance away from him as everyone tumbles into the dark abyss. Hopefully we'll land safely.
No. 2000408 ID: 1854db

Climb up!
No. 2000409 ID: 0854ad

This or throw us at him. Sacrifices must me made I suppose, unless you've got something better to throw. Perhaps drop onto his face and stab him with something, then let go?
No. 2000410 ID: a5556e
File 129392364272.gif - (92.90KB , 960x600 , sturz.gif )

I try to climb up but the creature gets closer while I can't find hold on the smooth cable and slide back down.

We can't outrun it. I guess the only chance we have is to take the monster by surprise and hope to survive the fall. I can't let you sacrifice yourself for me to escape. If we confront it, we will do it together. I wait until both of its claws are dug into the metal surface and jump.

No. 2000411 ID: 585f92

Oh god Labyrinth, thank you thank you thank you!

We made it friend, help yourself up and thank Labyrinth! I think that we finally found an opportunity to apologize to him. A noble Frenchman must be polite, after all!
No. 2000412 ID: 1854db

Grab onto Labyrinth's arm so that he doesn't accidentally drop you.
No. 2000413 ID: ee21e2

Oh thank God, I thought Id be tor- I mean, I was really worried about both our well-beings.

Now stop staring at Happiness and try to scramble onto where Labyrinth is, he may be injured and the least we can do to repay all he's done for us is help him.
No. 2000414 ID: a5556e
File 129395816523.jpg - (124.75KB , 960x600 , labyrinth.jpg )

With a sudden jolt our plunge stops and we are hurled to safe ground. As I look up I see Labyrinth taking a step back, holding the arm with which he just caught me.

"Th- thank you."

He approaches me slowly and bends down, stretching his claws.
No. 2000415 ID: d158fb

Dont do anything, but be ready in case he's hostile (for whatever reason)
No. 2000416 ID: 701a19

"I know; I was a fool to try to take the key. I'm sorry, Labyrinth, I never wanted for you to be hurt."
No. 2000417 ID: 1854db

Oh hey check out that hatch there.

Ask Labyrinth if he's seen the golden key anywhere.
No. 2000418 ID: 2563d4

Give 'im a hug.
No. 2000419 ID: 897302

He certainly deserves it at this point. One BIG hug then ask if he has the golden key, or if he'll help Isabelle, you, and us out of this place.
No. 2000420 ID: a5556e
File 129412374429.gif - (36.25KB , 960x600 , labyrinth.gif )

"I know; I was a fool to try to take the key. I'm sorry, Labyrinth, I never wanted for you to be hurt."

No. 2000421 ID: 701a19

"I was so worried about you, I've felt horrible for screwing up so badly. I wasn't going to go with her, honest, I just wanted to take the keys because they're important. Thank you for all the help, especially the poison antidote for Isabel. Isabel and I want to get out of this place, but we don't know how. Psycho McCrazypants somehow managed to not die and I'm not a killer and I couldn't just leave her trapped for happiness and Isabel would have bene horrified by it so we tied her up instead and she told us we needed to go turn on the generator to get the elevator working and we knew she was either sending us into a trap or planning on backstabbing us but we didn't know what else to do but you have a better idea don't you?"
No. 2000422 ID: 55c4cf

Alright, great hug.

We need to get back to Isabel, lord knows the fall didn't take out our Stalker beast.
No. 2000423 ID: bffa2a

Man, he needs a manicure. Inform Labyrinth that we *ahem* lost the keys to the joint and may have unleashed unknown horror into the world. So, if he has any ideas on how to salvage the situatuion then you're all ears.
No. 2000425 ID: a5556e
File 129415769520.jpg - (137.15KB , 960x600 , luke.jpg )

"I was worried about you. I have to thank you not only for what you did for me, but also for rescuing Isabel and looking for an antidote when she was poisoned. Isabell and I will escape from here, although we don't know how. Do you want to come with us?"

He lets go of me and nods.

"I've found the mad woman who threw you down here. She probably didn't deserve it, but I didn't want to sink to her level. I helped her and she told me to the way out. We have to go down and activate the power, but it might be a trap."

Whether or not it is a trap doesn't matter though. I told Isabel to meet me there, so we have to go.
I open the hatch. Slots are embedded into the inside wall allowing to climb down.

"Do you know whether this is the right way to get there?"

He nods and points down.

"And you don't happen to have found a golden key?"

He shakes his head.
No. 2000426 ID: bffa2a

Forget about the gold key. The mask can't deny your noble hertitage of French prince/English lord and it serves as your glittering armor on this battlefield. The key just distracts you from more important goals like saving Isabel from this dread castle and slaying these things that stand in your way.

Now go find her before anything else does.
No. 2000427 ID: 4505fc

No. 2000428 ID: 1854db

Well, I say it doesn't hurt to at least keep it in mind while looking around.
No. 2000429 ID: a5556e
File 129432109223.jpg - (122.00KB , 960x600 , generator.jpg )

We climb down and I follow Labyrinth as he silently moves towards our goal.

He stops and points at a platform. For a moment I see something move there.
No. 2000430 ID: 712479

Examine that screen over there
No. 2000431 ID: bffa2a

Call out to Isabel, if she dosen't answer and come out then it's something else.
No. 2000432 ID: 8a7d2f

Don't call out just yet, carefully approach the platform and only then say something. Be on guard, but don't do anything rash in case it's Isabel.
No. 2000433 ID: 9c9de5
File 129438962210.jpg - (132.99KB , 960x600 , generator2.jpg )

We get closer to the platform, but I still can't see anybody.


I hear something rustling before Isabel appears behind the barrels and stares trembling in our direction.
No. 2000434 ID: 1854db

Tell her it's okay. Labyrinth is a friend. He just looks scary.
No. 2000435 ID: 2563d4

Ask Labyrinth to hold up a mo and go to Isabel.
No. 2000436 ID: bffa2a

Don't play with barrels Isabel they aren't safe for you. Tell Labyrith's a friend and just likes to fingerpaint a lot. In blood. Also saved Isabel and will be coming with us.
No. 2000437 ID: 9c9de5
File 129442433067.jpg - (110.69KB , 960x600 , zweifel.jpg )

I signal Labyrinth to stay back, while approaching the barrels. Isabel crawls back into her hiding place.

"Don't worry. He's a friend. You should get away from those barrels. They aren't safe."

I step around the drums until she's in my field of vision again. She clutches tightly to the pipe I gave her.

"His claws are just bloody from leaving helpfull messages and warnings behind."

She shakes her head.

>"I... I don't trust that thing. It looks evil... I don't want it to stay."

"No, he's not evil. He safed my life twice and he safed yours too. He was the one who picked up your poisoned body and brought you to safety. We can trust him."

She gulps and peaks around the corner again.

>"Are you sure? I've got a really bad feeling about this"
No. 2000439 ID: bffa2a

No, of course not. You weren't sure of her either when she tackled you down. She thinks stabby is nice when she is quite the monster and Labyrinth looks like a monster but has been quite nice... considering. And how about you, what did she think was behind the mask when she met you? A dashing french prince? Lord of the jungle? Dead baby in a sack animated by black blood and motivated by ethereal voices from a voodoo doll?
No. 2000440 ID: 1854db

Tell her we'll ask him to keep his distance from her while we go. Remind her that she was very scared of us at first...
No. 2000441 ID: 9c9de5
File 129451715013.jpg - (136.02KB , 960x600 , schreck.jpg )

"You thought the same when you saw me for the first time. Just give him a chance."

She suddenly jumps back, staring behind me. I turn around, seeing Labyrinth stretching out his claws. I step in his way.

"Wait! She's still afraid of you. Maybe you should keep a little distance, until she has calmed down."
No. 2000442 ID: 9c9de5
File 12945176079.jpg - (210.95KB , 960x600 , defekt.jpg )

Labyrinth stays behind as I lead Isabel to the panels. The monitor is black and the whole machine seems to be turned of.
I try to decipher some of the faded inscription and find the lever that should turn the machine on, but as I pull it nothing happens.
No. 2000443 ID: bffa2a

Well take a look at the panel loosened by your new buddy who dosen't understand personal space very well. Looks like he's been up to something.
No. 2000444 ID: 1854db

Try to comfort Isabelle a bit. She's freaking out.

Also, ask Labyrinth if the blood on his claws is his own.
No. 2000445 ID: 129da8

There are letters on the floor. Did we already read them?

Conference time. Ask Isabel and Labyrinth for input before we continue.
No. 2000446 ID: 6c30de

Oh my. "NO EXIT". That doesn't sound promising. Er, I suggest we go investigate and ask Labyrinth about this so called exit. And make sure to keep yourself between him and Isabel, since they don't seem to be only friendly terms.
No. 2000447 ID: 9c9de5
File 129457260061.jpg - (225.36KB , 960x600 , reparatur.jpg )

On the floor and the panels are the same writings Labyrinth has left behind the other places.

I look behind the loose plate. Seems as if a part is missing. Maybe that's why we can't turn on the generator.

I face Labyrinth.

"Did you do this? Do you know anything about this 'exit'?"

He digs his fingers into his own flesh and starts writing on the floor before taking out a small electrical part and putting it in front of me.

If you open the door you won't leave this place but take it along
No. 2000448 ID: 1854db

...hah, I was right. Ask him if that hurts. Is he just that good at healing? Is he going to be alright?

Also ask for a clarification. Take what along?
No. 2000449 ID: bffa2a

It's very likely since we don't have the keys. But I don't see any other options right now. If Labyrinth has any other suggestions now would be the time to share.
No. 2000450 ID: 9c9de5
File 129464856356.jpg - (228.69KB , 960x600 , alternative.jpg )

"Hey wait. Doesn't this hurt? Maybe we can find some other way to communicate."

He shakes his head.

Too much blood in me
It has to get out somehow

"And what do you mean? Take what along?"

Everything you're running away from

"Well... but what other choice do we have?"

He hesitates for a moment before writing his answer.
No. 2000451 ID: 5e3ee3

I was worried about this. There are lots of other people in the world, and most of them aren't as well-equipped as you against the monsters we've seen (and we're not even that well-equipped ourselves). Let alone the fact that theyd be terrified of everyone here, good and bad, and would probably kill us without any time for argument or reason.

Perhaps we could stay with Isabel and Labyrinth, so long as we destroyed the evil first? Its a doubtful prospect, I know. And we'd run out of food unless someone takes up rat-hunting. Water is also an issue, unless you don't drink.
No. 2000452 ID: 1854db

I don't think that's really an option with the indestructible monster running around. Plus, we'd run out of food! We really can't stay here...
No. 2000453 ID: c9aa87

How about... oh god I hate this... how about we stay and make absolutely sure nothing can get out? Trying to close every exit we find for the good of the outside world?
No. 2000454 ID: 08dcd0

How do we know there even is an outside world?

We don't. At least not until we check. Killing the monster certainly takes priority, though.
No. 2000455 ID: bffa2a

I think keys are a priority over everything. Right now they're in other hands. Hands that belong to an unknown horror set upon unleashing itself to outside world.
No. 2000456 ID: 9c9de5
File 129469092450.jpg - (247.21KB , 960x600 , planänderung.jpg )

"I guess we better don't fix the generator as long as we don't have the keys back and are sure nobody else has the chance to open the door down there. We won't unleash anything evil into the world, but we will escape nontheless. I will retrieve the keys, kill the monster and make sure the evil will stay down here for eternity."

Labyrinth shakes his head and starts scribbling on the floor. The line is thin and barely readable, I guess he can't use that much more of his blood at once.

Real monsters don't die

"Don't worry. I am no ordinary man. A great destiny was waiting for me since the day I was born. In this heart of mine rests the power to defeat all evil and to bring joy and happiness to the kingdom of France once again."

He stares at me for a while, then shrugs and takes back the electrical part.

What shall we do now friend?
No. 2000457 ID: bffa2a


Happiness is down there, it'll take some time before it gets back up here. Elevator is secure. Miss Stabsyoualot is loose, boy that was dumb. I would make a great plan about trapping some area with self made serrated edges or anything like that but I haven't seen where you could do that. Well saviour of France, I guess you just have to wing it. Walkways are poor places to be on anyway, we just have to make our way back up where we met it first.
No. 2000458 ID: 1854db

Hmm. We should look around a bit more. See if we can find that golden key. Also check on Isabel, see how she's feeling.
No. 2000459 ID: 9c9de5
File 129475361247.jpg - (124.25KB , 960x600 , halt.jpg )

I guess I can look for the key while searching for a way out of the gap.

"Are you ok Isabel?"

>"WH... ye... yes..."

She looks a bit startled but seems not to be in panic anymore.

"I'm afraid we have to go back to the room we first met."
I turn to Labyrinth.
"Do you know the room where the monster keeps all the heads? Do you know the way there?"

It seems as if Labyrinth slightly shivers as he nods, but it's hard to really make out his reaction with his whole body hidden under the cloak.

"I know it's dangerous, but you have to lead us to that room."

He stares down at me, then turns around and signals me to come with him.

After following the gangway for a while, Labyrinth begins acting strange. He starts walking at a faster pace until it is hard for me to keep up with him, often suddenly stopping and wildly looking around sometimes just staring at us for a moment before continuing his way.
This nervous behaviour begins to carry over and soon Isabel starts to breath heavy again and flinches whenever Labyrinth makes a sudden movement.

Then he stops in the middle of nowhere and starts staring at the floor as if concentrating on something.
No. 2000460 ID: cd691a

Look around. Maybe there's something important here.
No. 2000461 ID: 105a13

You know what really grinds my gears?

No. 2000462 ID: e38e27

Herbert, look at the gears! Stuck in the gears! Its the key, Herbert!
No. 2000463 ID: bffa2a

Somethings got Labyrinth spooked. The mask key is a distraction.
No. 2000464 ID: 9c9de5
File 129478071640.jpg - (121.24KB , 960x600 , oben.jpg )

You have good eyes, Friend. I would have missed the key up there. It's too high for me to reach though. Maybe Labyrinth could get it. I turn towards him to ask for his help.

"Hey! There's a key up there and I think it belongs to my mask. Could you..."

He doesn't react and keeps staring at the floor.

I consider whether I could climb up there when Isabel grabs my arm.

>"Herbert, the thing is acting strange. It's going to do something evil. Please let's get away from it."
No. 2000465 ID: 1963d1

Ask him to get that key again. Maybe he didn't hear you the first time.
No. 2000466 ID: 7c67d6

Tell her we have no reason not to trust him, and if he's really bad it might just make him angrier if we leave now. And our key's up there, too!

Perhaps we should see wat he's looking at? Isabel can stay back near the gears if she feels safer there.
No. 2000467 ID: bffa2a

Ask Labyrinth one more time "What is it?" and look for a place to hide nearby that you can watch. I don't think Labyrinth itself is the danger.
No. 2000468 ID: ebb40f

Very good point. I think Labyrinth is sensing something.

Isabel is also sensing "something evil", but maybe she lacks Labyrinth's to detect the source?

Herbert, ask Labyrinth a last time what's up, then go a bit back from where you came and look for a safe place to hide with Isabel, preferably while being able to observe the gears and Labyrinth.
No. 2000469 ID: 1854db

Just wait a moment. It could be that Happiness is nearby. Don't make any noise.
No. 2000470 ID: 9c9de5
File 129479561874.jpg - (145.27KB , 960x600 , klaue.jpg )

"Maybe he is sensing something dangerous. We should better be quiet,"

I whisper.

"We won't leave him behind. I think we can trust him."

I step closer towards him.

"Hey, what's the matter? Is something wrong?"

He doesn't react.

"Listen. I'll take Isabel and search for a place to hide in case of danger.
Isabel! Follow me!"

I start walking along the path again looking for potential cover in the distance.

>"WAIT! Not so fast! Don't leave me alone with that thing...."
No. 2000471 ID: 9c9de5
File 129479606959.jpg - (126.07KB , 960x600 , gurgel.jpg )

Isabel suddenly stops talking and screams.

I whirl around.

Labyrinth has grabbed her neck and dragged her to the edge of the pathway.
No. 2000472 ID: bffa2a

Bad Labyrinth! BAD! Very bad. Run up and take out your sharp metal hook thing. Take a hold of Isabel and slash it's fingers.
No. 2000473 ID: 1854db

Hey, don't attack him, she's over the edge and might drop her! Yell at labyrinth to stop, she's our friend and we'd never forgive him if he hurt her!

...but check to see where he's putting her. Maybe he's just doing something important very impolitely.
No. 2000474 ID: 701a19

"Labyrinth! She's my friend! She just doesn't know you like I know you."
No. 2000475 ID: c460ad

Tell him that if he hurts her, you won't be his friend anymore.
No. 2000476 ID: 9c9de5
File 129485114047.jpg - (113.02KB , 960x600 , loslassen.jpg )

"Stop! Labyrinth! She's my friend! I won't forgive you if you hurt her."

He doesn't listen. Isabel tries cling to his arm when he lets go of her, but he shakes her off and she plunges into the darkness.
No. 2000477 ID: 9c9de5
File 129485120056.jpg - (99.67KB , 960x600 , wende.jpg )

He turns around and I stumble backwards as he tries to grab me too.
No. 2000479 ID: b92442

I still don't believe Labyrinth simply went berserk.

Herbetr, shout: "Labyrinth, I will never forgive you if you betrayed my trust!"

Dodge his grabbing hand. Run around Labyrinth. Jump down. After Isabel.
No. 2000480 ID: e38e27

Let him. Its the fastest way to Isabel, and he may be trying to help us in hs own twisted way.
No. 2000481 ID: 0b2a05

Run backwards, try climbing the gears, and get the key! It might be the thing that's setting laybrinth off, what else would it be?
No. 2000482 ID: ace307

There might be danger coming and he might not have the time to write what it is.

Tell him to nod if he's helping you.

If he does nod, let him continue.
If he doesn't nod, something might be wrong with him, making him act this way.
No. 2000483 ID: bffa2a

Fuck, it's too close and you can't hurt it enough. Might as well let it happen and hope for the best.
No. 2000484 ID: 701a19

Just jump off after Isabel. Use us to cushion your fall; we can take it.
No. 2000485 ID: 1854db

Jumping off is a different trajectory than getting dropped. If we're going down there, let Labyrinth drop you.
No. 2000486 ID: 7bcc54


"Labyrinth, you may have saved my life, but you have taken another!"

Either way, friend, you should go after her! I don't know how you can get past Labyrinth, but you must save Isabel. The hero always saves the princess!

As for whether or not Labyrinth drops us, I don't think he'll drop us. If he wanted us dead, he'd have not saved us. He is our friend and Isabel's enemy, so he probably won't drop us down here unless >>270904 is right. But then again, if something were coming up, he would have pointed or something.
No. 2000487 ID: 9c9de5
File 129488451135.gif - (107.00KB , 960x600 , absturz.gif )

I don't know what happened with Labyrinth. Did he think Isabel was an enemy? Is he in some kind of blood frenzy? Or is there another danger approaching he tries to save us from?

"Why are you doing this? Are you still trying to help me?"

He nods. I don't know whether he is lying or gone mad, thinking that killing us would mean doing us a favor, but I let him grab me nontheless. If he throws me down I will be reunited with Isabel, one way or the other, and if he doesn't he will have the chance to explain his behaviour.

He drags me over to the edge.

No. 2000488 ID: 1854db

Yep, figured as much. Ask Isabel if she's alright, and take a look around.
No. 2000489 ID: 0b2a05

WOAH. Who set that up? It's... stable, right?
No. 2000490 ID: 814c02

Make him apologize to Isabel this instant! He nearly scared her to death!
No. 2000491 ID: bffa2a

Why did you do that?
No. 2000492 ID: d560d6

Comfort Isabel.
No. 2000493 ID: 701a19

Hug Isabel!
"It's ok, Isabel.
Sorry, Labrynth. But was it really so urgent that you didn't have time to warn us first?"
No. 2000494 ID: 9c9de5
File 129492634342.jpg - (119.83KB , 960x600 , unten.jpg )

The net isn't very stable. Once it might have been used as some kind of security measure or to protect a sensible device stationed below, but now it is riddled with big holes. Most of the strings have snapped and large parts of the net are missing. We're lucky we landed on an intact part.

There is nothing else down here except for a ladder leading back up. I head to Isabel and enfold her in my arms.

"Why did you do that? You scared her half to dead. If there was no immediate danger you could have at least..."

He grabs us and presses us down on the floor, wrapping his cloak around us and searching the gangway for something. After a few moments I hear footsteps passing over our heads, shortly pausing at the platform and then proceeding.
No. 2000495 ID: 2563d4

Try to learn one of these days that Labyrinth is actually quite good at evading Happiness.
No. 2000496 ID: b8702a

Staying in one place is bad. Let's continue our search for keys.

Ask Labyrinth wether it is secure to get back to the top floor. If yes, we should try to get the key from the gears.

If not, let's explore down here a bit.

Herbert, keep Isabel close for a while, her nerves might have suffered a bit. Explain to her Labyrinth did only what he, she, er... it thought was best to rescue you all.
No. 2000497 ID: bffa2a

Seems like the one from the skull room is here, that means it's got the keys. If Labyrinth is this scared then nothing short of collapsing the gangway won't slow it down if even that will. Since we're down here look into the possibility of that. It's just hopeful thought, otherwise keep quiet until Labyrinth looks little less jittery.
No. 2000498 ID: 266a7a

Agreed, comfort Isabel and ask what he's sensing or whatever.

Labyrinth seems like it's going to be a huge help to us in evading pretty much every bad thing in this building. And, he's tall! Always good to have tall guys!
No. 2000499 ID: 1854db

Speak quietly, tell him you wish you could detect the monster that well. Ask if he can sense it because of what turned him into what he is.

Also yes we should go back up and get the golden key whenever it's safe to do so, but for now take a look around down here, and make sure Isabel is alright.
No. 2000500 ID: 9c9de5
File 129504511617.jpg - (110.59KB , 960x600 , sicher.jpg )

"Don't worry!"

I whisper to Isabel as I hold her in my arms,

"I'm here. Everything is alright. Labyrinth just wanted to safe us."

I look around. There's nothing down here except for the net and some slack strings that were once part of it. After a while Labyrinth calms down.

"Is it gone? How could you tell something was coming?"

He looks at me for a moment

Don't you feel it in your blood?

Not waiting for my answer, he stands up crawls towards the ladder starts climbing up. I decide it's best to follow him.

As we arrive back at the platform, Labyrinth starts to dart to the different ends of the platform looking in every direction while I sit down and keep comforting Isabel.

"Is it safe to go on?"

He nods.

The key is gone.
No. 2000501 ID: 1854db

Damn it, missed it again. Sooner or later, we're going to get that key, Herbert. Don't worry. We just need to find the one who took it... I hope it wasn't Happiness. If it was the lady with the broken leg, we may be able to get it from her... if it was the other scientist, too.

Ask Labyrinth if it was the monster. If he responds with a no then it would be one of the two humans. Then you can ask if it was female. Then let's continue.
No. 2000502 ID: bffa2a

What is it that is so important about that key?
No. 2000503 ID: e490e0

If you've been paying any sort of attention, you'd know that's the key which we need to open Herbert's suit! Just imagine! Thumbs!
No. 2000504 ID: bffa2a

Yes, I know. But importance escapes me, why would anything else want it.
No. 2000505 ID: e490e0

Good question. Perhaps they're wanting to hide something from us?

If Herbert was really a horrid mess of horridness, taking the key would be helpful int he long-run. But, nobody but Labyrinth and Isabel is here to help us and they haven't taken it. That leaves the possibility of him being something that would be a help, or at least very good.

Perhaps you really are the king of France and son of a pirate and a ninja! Or just an adorable dog-boy, with very helpful fingers/thumbs and lack of restricting bodysuit.
No. 2000506 ID: bffa2a

Or it's not the mask key at all. Consider the source of the claim.
No. 2000507 ID: 9c9de5
File 129521479820.jpg - (166.95KB , 960x600 , ankunft.jpg )

"Do you know who or what just passed through?"

He shakes his head.

It might be good to finally get out of this suit, but there are more important things to do right now.

We continue our way until we reach an open door leading out of the gap. The longer we wander through the hallways and stairwells, the more nervous Labyrinth gets again, until he stops in front of a barricade and stares at whatever lies behind it for a moment.

Trembling he reaches out and writes something at the wall before turning to me.

Its's an evil place

Do you really want to go?
No. 2000508 ID: bffa2a

Considering whatever it was that passed us before also had the other keys, I DON'T KNOW.

I guess! Mayby we'll get to see what was so important on that disk we relinquished also.
No. 2000509 ID: 1854db

We must continue. Read up on those other scribbles Labyrinth has written before, first.

(Also, dat ass?! Unexpected!)
No. 2000510 ID: a6008c

"...No, I don't, but what choice do I have? I don't want to spend my entire life running from that... thing."
No. 2000511 ID: 9c9de5
File 129527533616.jpg - (217.28KB , 960x600 , zurück2.jpg )

"...No, I don't, but what choice do I have? I don't want to spend my entire life running from that... thing."

I won't be able to warn you at a place like this

Everything feels evil here

He grabs one of the planks blocking the way and begins tearing down the barricade. I help him as good as I can. It seems he was the one who build it in the first place, because not only does every object bear his fingerprints, he also wrote several warnings to stay away from this place.

Finally the hallway is clear.

Carefully I step towards the dark room. An electrical humming is coming from the other side of the room and I can see a faint light behind the pile of severed heads.
No. 2000512 ID: bffa2a

Isabel, skulls. Severed heads. Stay with Labyrinth. He won't hurt you.

Time for another dive in the skull pile. Listen carefully of course first for sounds.
No. 2000513 ID: d353c1

Agreed, tell Isabel to stay with Labyrinth for protection. Poor thing cant handle all that gore. He can sense danger outside the room, anyway.

Tell Labyrinth to come help if he hears trouble in there, though, and to get Isabel to safety if shit hits the fan.
No. 2000514 ID: 1854db

There's a light in the room with the computer? We turned it on, but the monitor didn't work... There shouldn't be a light on in there. I think we should go take a look, as quietly as possible. Don't say anything, and motion for Isabel to be quiet.
No. 2000515 ID: 9c9de5
File 129535323761.jpg - (133.50KB , 960x600 , labor.jpg )

"I'll go in there and you have to stay out here with Labyrinth in case something happens,"

I whisper to Isabel.


She grabs my arm

>"Don't leave me alone with him. Can't I come with you?"

"Are you still scared? You have seen that he only wanted to help us."

She snuffles and looks over to Labyrinth.

>"I don't know."

"You can just wait at the door and he'll stay over there. If something happens you can just come for me."

After a moment she lets go of my arm and nods.

I step into the room closely listening to the noise. It sounds like one of the machines. I notice that a few things have changed. The pile of heads has been moved to the side, allowing to easily get to the other side of the room but blocking the air vent I used to enter this place the last time.

It seems as though I am alone in here and I approach the light. It emanates from the device standing on the table. A row of numbers continuously runs over its screen. The computer seems to have been turned on as well and although the monitor still doesn't work, the disk is plugged into the corresponding opening.
No. 2000516 ID: 24dd8d

Examine device more closely
No. 2000517 ID: a4ced4

Be careful of the open cupboard.
No. 2000518 ID: bffa2a

Did 8721 room contain a computer with a monitor? I say we take the disk and try it there.
No. 2000519 ID: 9c9de5
File 129539227212.jpg - (188.09KB , 960x600 , ader.jpg )

There was a computer with an intact monitor in the other room as far as I remember.

I approach the machine while watching for potential dangers in the shadows. I have no idea what those numbers flashing on the screen are supposed to mean. The device is covered in something black. I reach out and touch it. It feels like some kind of veins.

They cover the computer and the disk too, but they don't seem very sturdy. I guess I could just rip out the disk.

I hear Isabel shouting through the darkness.

>"Herbert, hurry up! It's scary here."
No. 2000520 ID: 1854db

I don't think you should touch it. Go check on Isabel then grab an intact monitor from the other room and install it on the computer.
No. 2000521 ID: 815cd1

I can't think of anything better to try than this.

But do hold us up to the screen real quick. Maybe we can take a guess as to what the numbers mean.
No. 2000522 ID: 9c9de5
File 129546791480.gif - (179.51KB , 960x600 , monitor.gif )

I ask Labyrinth to take the monitor from the table for me and start dragging it to the dark room. I think we'll be able to see what's on the disk soon.
No. 2000523 ID: d71dc2

Oh shi-

The lights are going out at the end of the corridor.
Ask Labyrinth if he feelssome kind of menace.
No. 2000524 ID: 1854db

He said it feels evil everywhere in here.

I suggest hiding in the keypad-room. Close the door behind you. Possibly smudge the number code up there.
No. 2000525 ID: 9c9de5
File 12954917815.gif - (305.80KB , 960x600 , licht.gif )

I glance at Labyrinth.

He seems to have noticed the failing light too and starts looking around in panic.

Isabel tugs at my arm again.

>"What's that? What's going on?"

"Maybe it's nothing, but we better hide in the storage room."

I grab her.

No. 2000526 ID: 1854db

eeeeek... shhh, don't make any noise. Get in there and close the door.
No. 2000527 ID: 7f535f

Yes, hide in there! Quick!
No. 2000528 ID: 9c9de5
File 129554857416.jpg - (134.39KB , 960x600 , rein.jpg )

We stumble into the rooms and I slam the door shut.
No. 2000529 ID: 9c9de5
File 12955490042.gif - (188.55KB , 960x600 , dunkel.gif )

As I lie on the floor I hear footsteps approaching. Somebody or something passes the room.

"There's no use to hide. I know you're here somewhere."

Somebody says in a hoarse voice outside.
No. 2000530 ID: 8fc20c

Oh, it's the key dude. Well, he didn't kill us before so let's hope he won't this time either.
He also seems to favor darkness or something. Might be why he shut those lights off.
No. 2000531 ID: 5d7d18


I say its best to just stay hidden, if he wants to talk so badly (or attack, whatever) he can just open every door there. I dont think ours is locked.

If he wants to talk, go ahead. Dont give away too much info or trust, and dont agree to anything too shady.

If he wants to fight, Im sure Labyrinth can hold up against him with some help from you. I have no idea about Isabel, if she wanted she could bite his shins or something. Either way, stay hidden for now.
No. 2000532 ID: 1854db

Ask him what he wants. Also ask if he has the golden key, and what he'd take in exchange for it.
No. 2000533 ID: 9c9de5
File 129556779068.jpg - (54.61KB , 960x600 , auftritt.jpg )

The door slides open and somebody steps into the room. I get up and move between the figure and Isabel

"Wait! We don't want to make any trouble. We just came here search for some answers. And I'm looking for the key that opens my mask. Do you know were it is."

"Yes... I already traded it in and I'm afraid you're in trouble. But some masks shouldn't be removed anyway."

"What do you want?"

"I've told you, that when I needed to get out of here and couldn't open the exit, I'd come for you."

"But I gave you the key."

"Yes... I went to the elevator... You were just there too, weren't you? ... I want the missing part. I know your friend has taken it."

"If you open the exit now the monsters will escape, too."

"I don't care. I want them to escape. Give me the part. Now!"

He takes another step into the room.
No. 2000534 ID: 6c30de

Oh... my...

Friend, this man does not seem like the type of person we want to associate ourselves with. He said that he knew your brother earlier, not to mention that he will take "more than just the keys" if the emergency exit wasn't open. He also said that there are many things here that will kill you, including himself!

There is a time for heroism, and this is not it. We need to find a way out of here and away from him!
No. 2000535 ID: 1854db

We're kinda trapped now.

Oh and Herbert... the big monster that we call Happiness won't leave. It will follow you. You are linked with it, I think. Ask Labyrinth for the part.

Also ask the man what he means by 'traded it in'. Is there any way we can get it back? We kinda want to get you out of the suit.
No. 2000536 ID: 1854db

...don't immediately hand it over. I'm curious to see if this guy is actually dangerous. Besides, we outnumber him. Fighting may be the right thing to do here. He *is* an enemy.
No. 2000537 ID: 9bc746

We are outnumbering him, but two third of our team is made up of a scared, andropomorphic puppy and a four feet tall stitchpunk puppet (no offense, Herbert).

Also, it's dark and our enemy clearly prefers darkness, i.e. is comfortable with moving in the dark. Which we are not. Because we can't see stuff.

I'm just saying fighting should be our last resort.

Herbert, ask the person what he would offer in return. Try to make him give you information about the facility and Happiness. Make a ruse - don't give him what he wants in the end.
No. 2000538 ID: b6b1a9

No, baby in a potato sack.

Im...not sure what to do here. If only we had a light source...
No. 2000539 ID: bffa2a

Goddamit guys, next time you duck in a room choose the one that has a back exit.

Anyways, I don't think it has seen Labyrinth yet. That cloak must come handy. Herbert back off into the opposite corner with Isabel and allow the thing to step further in the room. Hopefully this allows Labyrinth the window of opportunity to slip outside and distract the thing. Then hope you get the opportunity to slip into the other room with the exit and run.

There's a lot of hopes there but it's the best I can come up with.
No. 2000540 ID: 9c9de5
File 129565784415.jpg - (59.86KB , 960x600 , handel.jpg )

I retreat into one corner of the room and the figure follows me. I have no idea where Labyrinth is and what he is doing right now.

"Give me the part!"

"Wait! Tell me who you gave my key to first."

"Why should I tell you anything?"

"I'll trade in the part. I'll give it to you if you answer my questions."

"I don't have to make deals with you anymore. You should be punished for preventing me from leaving."

He steps closer.

"Fine. Ask me one last question before I take what I need myself."
No. 2000541 ID: 1854db

Ask how we can kill the giant smiling monster.
No. 2000542 ID: 2222da

"What is that giant smiling monster behind you?"

Then, run.
No. 2000543 ID: cc851c

We could explain that we simply do not have the part. If you want, ask if there's a away to kill Happiness. If he doesnt believe us about, empty your bag and show you have no other way to hide anything.

I know he asked about us earlier, and we're in the bag, but dont worry about us.
No. 2000544 ID: 9bc746

"My question is... WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF?" Assault him screaming manically.

...or rather not.

Damned, I'd like to get Isabel out of harm's way, but if we send her away, Mr.Labcoat will probably reach her first and use her to blackmail us....

I would suggest to ask him if there's a way to kill or contain the grinning monster. If he demands the part, reach into your bag, as if taking it out, then hold us in one hand and throw the bag as far as you can, yelling "Catch!". Grab Isabel's little paw and make a dash for the door.
No. 2000545 ID: 9c9de5
File 129572840497.jpg - (96.93KB , 960x600 , flüchten.jpg )

"Ok then tell me how I can kill the smiling monster."

He chuckles as he draws closer.

"You should have listened to your friend. Real monsters don't die."

"I'm sure there is a way to kill it. You just don't know how yourself. This answer doesn't count for our deal."

"You'll never kill it and you've wasted your question. But any other answer wouldn't have helped you now anyway. Now give me the part."

I take you out of the bag.

"Fine. Just one moment."

With all my power I throw the bag at the figure and grab Isabels hand. I try to ignore the pain in my broken leg as we rush towards the exit, but just as we reach the door something slams into my back and I tumble to the floor.
Something snatches Isabel and I lose grip of her hand. As I lift my head I see her screaming silhouette being dragged back into the darkness.

"If you really you to make trouble, I'll just take what I need from your corpses."

"Wait! I lied. We don't have the part. Labyrinth took it. Just search through the bag if you don't believe me."

"Well, then I'm sure he'll show up to rescue you, as soon as he hears you screaming while I rip out your limbs. He'll share your fate. started to annoy me anyway. Go on. Scream for help. If he shows up before I'm finished with her, I might spare you."
No. 2000546 ID: 701a19

Shout to Labyrinth that the skull man has Isabel, then throw us to her.
This will work because we NEED this to work.
No. 2000547 ID: 9bc746

Oh for god's sake, I fukken knew it.

Herbert, time for a bluff. Yell that Labyrinth did indeed take the part, as you already told him, but Labyrinth hid the part in a safe place and only told Isabel the location.

Reasoning behind this: If he kills her, he will have to find Labyrinth first, and that's an inconvinience for him. Hopefully this will stop him from tearing Isabel apart for at least a second.

Take heart, friend, for now it seems like confronting the bad person is unavoidable.

Throw us towards him, scramble back to help Isabel and hope Labyrinth is nice enough to intervene on our behalf. Hope very hard. Godspeed, friend.
No. 2000548 ID: e5ee2e

No, it will make him more careful to only rip off painful parts in ways that leave her alive to get the information. Just scream or something.
No. 2000549 ID: 9c9de5
File 129579488778.jpg - (66.80KB , 960x600 , blut.jpg )

I promised Isabel to get her out of this place unharmed, even if it would mean risking my own life. I'll have to stop him somehow.

"Wait! You shouldn't hurt her. Labyrinth stashed the part. And he only told her where it is."

He grows quiet for a second, while Isabel sobs somewhere in the darkness and I struggle to get back to my feet.

"I don't believe you. Why would he do that and when did he have time to do it? I know that you were together and which path you took to get here. He left his writings whenever he talked to you."

He turns his attention back to Isabel.

"In the end this will be the safest way to get what I want... and also the one that will be the most fun..."

I step into the doorframe and get ready to throw you. You'll have to distract him long enough for me to save Isabel and get out of here. I hope you'll make it out too.

"Labyrinth! Help!"

I fling you into the direction of her screams and run towards them shortly after I hear you hit something.

The figure turns its head and bashes its arm into my face. I slam into the cupboard behind me.

"You can't stop me..."

It turns back again.

"...and neither can YOU!!"

Something crashes and hits the ground in the shadows. Isabel screams one last time, before I hear a loud crack followed by sudden silence.

"I told you I'd get what i want in the end. And I also told you that I'd take more from you than just some keys if you'd try to stop me."

He looks for something on the floor.

"Now you know that I was telling the truth."

He suddenly stops. Faint noises can be heared in the distance. He stands up and dashes out of the room.
No. 2000550 ID: 000636

What, what was happening? He ran way? But before he.... Oh god.

Check Isabel's vital signs. Also, I think Labyritnh is somewhere in there and probably not in good shape.

Not much to do except examine their wounds and help them to our best abbility.
No. 2000551 ID: 701a19

No. 2000552 ID: e5ba1f

For crying out loud, man, get in there! Even if you cant save her, you cant leave her out there like that! And Labyrinth!
No. 2000553 ID: 9c9de5
File 12958246717.gif - (233.18KB , 960x600 , tod.gif )

As the figure's footsteps die down, the distant noises grow louder. I grab a shelf and try to catch my breath to help Isabel and Labyrinth.

There's a short hum as the lights go on again.
No. 2000554 ID: 1854db

Oh god. Try to close the door behind you once more, and inspect Labyrinth's wounds. I suspect you may have to hide in that cabinet... if there's enough room for Labyrinth do that too.
No. 2000555 ID: e5ba1f

Ohgodohgod nooo, check him! This doesnt look good, I dont know....


HUG HIM. Do it.
No. 2000556 ID: 9c9de5
File 129583632187.jpg - (160.65KB , 960x600 , schreib.jpg )

I close the door and run over to Labyrinth. Isabel is covered in blood but seems not to be seriously wounded herself.

"Labyrinth? Are you Ok? Let me take a look at your wound. You'll be alright once we treated it. I'm sure."

I try to carefully lift his cloak, but he pushes me aside and stands up staggering, only to immediately fall back down. I'm able to catch him before he hits the floor.

"Wait! You shouldn't move. Isabel help me. Something is coming and we'll have to hide."

She seems to be a bit dazed but grabs Labyrinths body without hesitation.

Barely able to lift his head, he dips his hand into a puddle of blood and starts writing on the wall.
No. 2000557 ID: 1854db

Check out what he's writing... but we really do need to get in that cabinet.
No. 2000558 ID: 701a19

The supply room is right there, right? Have Isabel grab some instant mashed potatoes while you move his clothes out of the way, then cover his wound with that and apply pressure. If they don't have that then look for other kinds of starches. If all else fails, use flour.

This is legitimate medical science.
No. 2000559 ID: a50866

Give him a moment to write, but no matter what he says, drag him with you. We're not letting him die here, he's been a true friend. Now, hide! Somewhere! I don't know where in here would be good to hide, though, but there has to be something!
No. 2000560 ID: 5df721

He says he has extra blood, right? He'll be ok, yeah? Yeah?;_;
No. 2000561 ID: 9c9de5
File 129584851253.jpg - (125.13KB , 960x600 , kreuz.jpg )

The only kind of food here is the liqid food and I wouldn't rub that onto a wound.

Labyrinth only draws two lines, before all tension leaves his body and his head sinks to the ground. I'm not able to carry his weight without his help, and so he slowly slips from my shoulder and comes to rest on the floor.

Whatever is approaching will be here any second. We have to hide, before I can take a closer look at Labyrinth's wounds if we want to avoid another confrontation.

"Labyrinth! Wake up! We have to get away from here. I need your help. You'll have to get over to the cabinet to hide."

I shake his shoulder, but there's no reaction.
No. 2000562 ID: a50866

Beg Isabella to help you move him! You can't do it without her, and he just saved her life!
No. 2000563 ID: 701a19

"Isabel. Hide. I'll be ok."
Make sure she does so, then check the wound and try to bandage it.

If you move him then you'll leave a trail of blood to your hiding spot.
No. 2000564 ID: 5df721

Herbert, Im telling you this so that you may know when it comes to decision-making.

Im scratching "Get you and Isabel out of there safely" off my list of goals, at least for number one.
Number one is now "Dont let that man out of the place, no matter what."

I... I think it may be too late for us to help him. Is his breathing, if he did before? If not, grab the elevator part off him and get under cover.
No. 2000565 ID: 244175

Herbert. Leave him. Let him rest. Take the part. Hide with Isabel.
No. 2000566 ID: 2d2eaa

Though try to leave him in the most dignified position you can in the time you have.

If possible, roll him onto his back, hands in an x on his chest, body/legs straight, with his hood pulled over his eyeslits if you can manage.
No. 2000567 ID: 2563d4

Stop pissing about and hide. You're not going to be able to do a damn thing for him if you let Happiness rip you in two.
No. 2000568 ID: 1854db

He's dead. That symbol is a gravestone.

Hide. If you hesitate you will join him. Grieving can wait for when you aren't about to get sliced open by a huge monster.
No. 2000570 ID: 9c9de5
File 129589734861.gif - (115.48KB , 960x600 , besuch.gif )

Isabel is already helping, but even the two of us are not able to lift the body.

"Isabel. Hide. I'll be ok. I'll make sure Labyrinth is ok too."

She stares at me for a moment before running to the cabinet. She starts removing the chemicals and the middle shelf, while I search for the Labyrinths wound. His cloak sticks to his body, and I can find no sign of him breathing, but then again I don't know whether he did that before. A large part of his stomach has been ripped open. It's covered with the some kind of black veins. Probably the same kind I've seen earlier. The part is gone.

The noises are close now, and I hear something scratching over the outside wall.

I ignore it while I try to stop the bleeding. Suddenly touches my shoulder. I turn around whispering:

"What are you doing? I've told you to hide. Hey! No. Wait."

Isabel wraps her arms around me and drags me to the cabinet.

The door slides open behind us.

No. 2000571 ID: 1854db

Damn... damn it... Just... argh. Labyrinth is definitely dead now, Herbert...

Stay in the cabinet. Wait for the monster's footsteps to fade before moving.
No. 2000572 ID: 9c9de5
File 129591177146.jpg - (165.22KB , 960x600 , schrank.jpg )

We stay in our hiding place, while the monster walks back to its nest. After a while it comes back. It starts looking around and approaches the cabinet. The sliding door slowly opens, as I get ready to protect Isabels live with my own.

Suddenly a vibration goes through the whole place and I hear the sound of big machines starting to move somewhere in the distance.

The creature reacts to the new sound. It lets go of the cupboard and starts walking away.

As its footsteps fade, I try to climb out of the cabinet to see if I might help Labyrinth somehow, but Isabel still clings to my back. We keep sitting there for a while.

I promise myself, that even if we don't get out of here, at least I won't have Labyrinth's murderer have his way. We'll somehow have to stop him.

What do you think we should do now, Friend?
No. 2000573 ID: a50866

...Well, the cloaked man is going to try to leave, soon. We need to get to that door quick. We don't want him to lock us up in here, or even worse, to leave the door open when he goes and let Happiness out.
No. 2000574 ID: 701a19

We can see him from here.
I'm sorry, Herbert. Labyrinth is beyond our help.
We don't have time to mourn or give him a proper farewell, but at least he marked his own resting place.

We need to get out of here and seal this place forever. Try to keep Isabel from seeing Labyrinth unless she really wants to.
Go back to Psycho McCrazyPants and see if she's still alive. If she is, then herd her to the elevator and get the hell out of here - I mean, if some kind of horrible monster shows up then you can shove her at it and flee.
No. 2000575 ID: bffa2a

We are going to put happiness and mister I'll take everything from you in the same room together and watch in glee. See how the bastard likes that.

For now two options. Monitor to other computer to see what is there and how to fuck it up for it or get going for the elevator and I don't know. I vote for the computer, I'm in the right mindset for wrecking it's shit. If only to break it all.
No. 2000577 ID: 1854db

Alright get the monitor into the computer room. We really should find out what's going on.
No. 2000578 ID: 9c9de5
File 129593377259.gif - (779.65KB , 960x600 , anf1.gif )

After Isabel has calmed I take her hand and lead her out of the room, past Labyrinth's torn body.

If I get out of here, I'll let them build statues all over my kingdom so nobody will ever forget the sacrifice you've made for us down here, Labyrinth.

My sight follows the trail of blood, his ripped off head left behind, as it was dragged into the dark room, and I notice the monitor still lying there. I guess there's still time to see what’s on the disk. Maybe we’ll learn what happened here and how we can reverse it.

I don’t want to leave Isabel alone outside anymore though.

“Isabel. I have to go in there. You can come with me if you want, though I should warn you that it’s pretty scary in there, so just stay close to me. You don’t have to be afraid of anything.”

Isabel sniffs and nods. We enter the room and I plug in the monitor. Immediately a video clip starts playing.

No. 2000579 ID: 1854db

I see. Did you find any crumpled up stuff in that trash can? It'd be nice to see why she sabotaged the device.
No. 2000580 ID: bffa2a

Mhm, that's not helping. If there's nothing else there then it's time to rip the disk out in hopes that it will feel the need to reaquire it. Also, you'll want to make your way to the elevator and see if you can cut the power while it's still in transit.
No. 2000581 ID: 701a19

Herbert, I think that might be you.

Lets go confront Crazy McPsychopants about this. Demand to know why she created Happiness and the other monsters, and what you really look like under this mask.
No. 2000582 ID: 1854db

Are you talking about the dog person we found the headless body of, or the other person on the table that turned into Happiness? I'm pretty sure Herbert is neither of those. The scientist also I would say not.
No. 2000583 ID: 9c9de5
File 129599774832.jpg - (122.37KB , 960x600 , tür.jpg )

Isabel buries her face in my shoulder, as the scene passes. Luckily the whole video is without sound, so she doesn't have to hear what happens.

I remember that we found a crumbled paper when we got her the first time. But it didn't seem that important back then, so I didn't memorize what was written on it and as I try to recover it, it is gone.

I guess this disk didn't give us any clues on how to kill the monsters. We'll have to find another way. Maybe we can find Nicola. She is dangerous but she might know something that could help us.

I rip out the disk and we leave. We follow the gangway back to the elevator. The big cogs are now moving everywhere in the darkness and it is hard to hear anything over the noise the machines are making now.

As we pass a door, that formerly was locked, Isabel grabs my arm.

>"Herbert! There is something!"

The door swings open and something steps toward us.
No. 2000584 ID: 1854db

Aw crap, that could be the female scientist. Or it could be a third one, somehow...

At any rate stay out of range. Tell them to stay back.
No. 2000585 ID: 854ded

It looks like her, we did leave her with a pipe, but something's not right I dont think.

It could be the guy who killed Labyrinth, too, since he wears a labcoat. Just...if it's him, there's no escaping. Just dont stand in front of them.
No. 2000586 ID: bffa2a

You'll want to push Isabel away and tell her to run. Since you can't try hobbling. Feel free to curse us for being stupid since it'll probably be your dying breath. Alternatively slam the door shut hard hoping to catch it and fish the hook from your bag while trying to find some kind of ambush spot. I like option B, less defeatism.
No. 2000587 ID: 701a19

What's that on the floor?
Also, it looks like this new arrival has no head, which makes no sense.

Step back, prepare to fight.
No. 2000588 ID: 653ea0

Looks like a torn up doll, or fabric from a suit to me.
No. 2000589 ID: 9c9de5
File 129602253638.jpg - (128.27KB , 960x600 , tür2.jpg )

The thing in front of the figure is barely recogniseable anymore. It looks like the splintered rests of a piece of pressboard.

"Stop! Don't come closer."

The figure leans forward out of the shadows, that formerly hid her head.

>"What... what was that thing... what have you done?"


>"Don't play dumb. That thing... you gave it the key didn't you? You lied to me. You never wanted to get out in the first place."

"No... Wait... That's not..."


She takes another step forward.

"Isabel. Run!"
No. 2000590 ID: 701a19

"Give? He stole them!
It doesn't matter; the way to the surface is clear."
Pause for effect
"We saw the video. Why did you do it?"
No. 2000591 ID: bffa2a

You were the one that made the thing when you sabotaged the equipment, you made all of this. Why don't you for once make yourself useful and stop it before the elevator reaches bottom?

Oh, and if slamming the door is out of the question might I suggest diving at her crutch. You'll at least survive a couple seconds more since you can't bludgeon someone as well when you're on the ground. Of course the pain will last longer.
No. 2000592 ID: 1854db

Tell her that she can still leave even if someone else has the keys. He said he would leave the door open!
No. 2000593 ID: 9c9de5
File 129608159922.gif - (92.33KB , 960x600 , würgen.gif )

"I didn't give him the keys. He stole them. And he'll still open the door. You can still leave."

>"You're lying. You want me to go there so that he can kill me. ADMIT IT! YOU WANTED TO STAB ME TO DEATH WHEN YOU FOUND ME HANGING IN THE WIRES! YOU JUST COULDN'T DO IT BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE UPSET YOUR LITTLE FRIEND! And now you made a deal with that monster to get rid of me, DIDN'T YOU?"

"No, that's not true. He tried to kill me. I didn't want to meet him or any of the other things down here. You were the one who created all of this. This is all your fault. I've seen it on the video. Why did you do that?"

She lets go of the pipe and her crutch and flings herself at me screaming, pinning me down to the floor and violently shaking my body."


I try to shake her off, but she's too strong.

"No. Stop. I never wanted to kill you."


No. 2000594 ID: bffa2a

Wow, okay. Give Isabel a hug, assure her that it's ok. Then search through stabbys pockets again as she's obviously been around.
No. 2000595 ID: 601343

Looks like she was board to death.
No. 2000596 ID: 523236

No Danny boy, the pipe, the pipe was calling~
No. 2000597 ID: 1854db


I wonder how bad that injury is. Is she going to die? A bandage might help. Regardless... Hug Isabel. Then drag the scientist into the room. She shouldn't be out in the hallway.
No. 2000598 ID: 2563d4

Help Isabel finish the job.
No. 2000599 ID: 701a19

If she's still alive then drag her along with us.
She knows these monsters better than anybody, and that might help us beat them.
No. 2000600 ID: bffa2a

Since I've already suggested I just want to add a vote to NO. We are not doing anything else with stabby. Strike three you're out. That is all.
No. 2000601 ID: 9c9de5
File 129609809533.jpg - (132.52KB , 960x600 , verband.jpg )

I crawl out from under her body. The woman groans clutching her head. I guess the injury looks worse than it is. Most of the blood on Isabels shirt is still from Labyrinth's injury.

Isabel drops the pipe.

>"I... I didn't want to kill her... I just thought she was going to hurt you."

I clasp her in my arms.

"She probably would have if you didn't hit her and you didn't kill her. You did the right thing."

>"But she didn't even attack you with her weapon. She just dropped it. Maybe she was just confused or..."

"No, she tried hurting me earlier too. But if it makes you feel better we can treat her injury."

With Nicola half unconscious we are not able to really move her body, so we'll have to treat her here. While Isabel rips pieces of cloth from Nicolas Labcoat, I search her for possible weapons. All I find is a stone she seems to have used to break open the locks on the doors.

I pick up the pipe.

Nicola looks at me with glazed eyes, as Isabel starts to take care of the head wound.


"I've told you I don't want to kill you."

>"What are you doing?"

"We're treating your injury."

>"... Why?"
No. 2000602 ID: bffa2a

Bacause we're morons with good intentions. But mostly morons.
No. 2000604 ID: 701a19

"Because we're not monsters."
No. 2000605 ID: 1854db

Because now we know why she behaved like that, before. And we can use all the help we can get at this point.

Ask her what the experiment was supposed to do, and what that machine was she messed with. Say that it's been turned on again and there's numbers on it, and vines...
No. 2000606 ID: 523236

"BEcause we're not monsters, because we have only good intentions when you let us. We want nothing more than to get out of here peacefully, though we wont be doing that thanks to the real monsters here."
No. 2000607 ID: 815cd1

So true, this.

Ask/mention the bottom things here, too.
No. 2000608 ID: 9c9de5
File 129617170599.jpg - (157.29KB , 960x600 , wunde2.jpg )

"Because we're not monsters. We want nothing more than to get out of here peacefully, though we wont be doing that thanks to the real monsters here. So we need your help."


"Tell us what you were experimenting on."

>"I... I already told you. We were trying to create complex artificial intelligence out of different biological components and..."

"I don't believe you. It doesn't make any sense. If this was really what you intended to do, why did your creation have to have giant claws."


"You know we don't want to harm you. Tell us the truth. What was the experiment supposed to do?"

>"... It did exactly what it was supposed to do. It made a monster."

"But you damaged one of the machines."

>"Yes... I wanted it to fail. I wanted him to die just like all the others before. But he succeeded in making the monster anyway. ...I changed one thing though. He couldn't control it. So in the end he died anyway, I guess."

"Then what was the machine you sabotaged supposed to do?"

>"It adjusted the power accordingly and was responsible for data control as far as I know. Schwarz kept most of the process a secret, so I'm not sure what all of its functions were. Why do you ask?"

"Because somebody turned it on. And its covered in something black."

>"... It was probably never turned off and is covered in blood."

"I'm sure it wasn't on the first time I was there."

>"Then maybe it just has a loose connection or maybe you just didn't pay close attention to it. There's nobody else down here anymore who could handle those instruments. And who'd go there just to turn on a broken machine. Nobody would voluntary go to that room. The monster takes a special interest in those who disturb its home."
No. 2000609 ID: f0cfed

Explain to her about that mysterious scientist monster/guy who killed our friend.
No. 2000610 ID: 1854db

Well gee thanks lady, we already went in there once before. That was the second time... Mention that there was some kind of disc that was in it...

If the machine was supposed to let them control the monster maybe he turned in on with the disc in it to try to make it work again. I wonder if we can modify the program so that someone else controls it?

We need to find out as much as possible about the experiment. Hmm, try asking about Labyrinth. Was he a failed attempt to create a monster?
No. 2000611 ID: 701a19

"What about that monster guy in the labcoat? He acts like he knows what's going on."
No. 2000612 ID: 9c9de5
File 129624633132.jpg - (157.97KB , 960x600 , wunde3.jpg )

"Did you create Labyrinth too?"

>"They made him above, I think, and when he turned out to be a failure, they send him down here with all the others. We weren't even supposed to make experiments ourselves and Schwarz only succeeded one other time in making a monster."

"What happened to that one?"

>"I guess it's still running around somewhere. It was the last experiment before he decided to try it out on himself. I thought it might be you, but now... not anymore."

"What about that monster guy in the labcoat? He acts like he knows what's going on."

>"I don't know. That thing is new. It just showed up shortly after I send you to retrieve the keys. What did you do? Did you open any cells or unlock any doors to let it out."

"All I know is that we have to stop it from reaching the surface. Isabel, are you done?"

She nods and stands up.

>"Wait! Listen. I'm sorry for what I've done. Please take me with you. I don't want to be left behind again."
No. 2000613 ID: bc9520

Lets do it. I feel better keeping her where I can see her, anyway, rather than letting her run around to surprise us again.
No. 2000614 ID: 701a19

Sure, but she takes point.
"Labyrinth is... was, a good person. He used his own blood to write warnings so people wouldn't land in trouble. He never hurt anybody.
... Lets go. You lead."
No. 2000615 ID: bffa2a

We might have to seal the whole place away with us still inside it too if things go badly. Having stabby next to you if plans change for the worse seems awfully dangerous. She seems to be a bit unstable.

I don't know.
No. 2000616 ID: 1854db

Well she sure seems to be more reasonable now. But from now on we should be careful what we say to her; it seems she can be very cold and calculating when she's angry or feels threatened.

Hmm. The other monster was about your size, then? Ask her a little more about it. Like, what it looked like. Perhaps... perhaps she doesn't know what it looked like... perhaps we are the 'other monster'? We CAN move on our own...
No. 2000617 ID: 9c9de5
File 129627671540.jpg - (137.19KB , 960x600 , fahrstuhl.jpg )

"Fine, but there's one thing you should know first. You were as wrong about Labyrinth as you were about me. He is... was, a good person. He used his own blood to write warnings so people wouldn't land in trouble. He never hurt anybody.
... Lets go. You lead."

I hand her wooden crutch and we follow her as she limps towards the generator.

"What exactly do you know about the other monster?"

>"Nothing. I didn't witness every experiment. I just found a log stating that he was successful and that he'd therefore decided to test the procedure with himself as participant."

As we arrive at the generator, I notice that the lamp over the elevator now shines green. Nicola heads towards the buttons at the side of its doors mutters something and tries pressing one of them.
Nothing happens.

Nicola starts scratching the control panel. Something black falls to the ground. I circle her to see what she's doing.

"Is something wrong?"

I now can see what's causing the problem. A black growth is covering the panel.

"Hey! That's the same stuff that was on the machine. What is that?"

She turns towards me.

>"Probably mold. This place has been falling apart for years and I guess nobody was down here in a long time. That stuff probably damaged an electric circuit. But I can fix that. You just have to give me back my screwdriver."
No. 2000618 ID: 701a19

"Except it's new since we were last here, and that was only a few hours ago.
Oh, this is bad..."

Motion for Isabel to back up and cover Nicola, then back up and roll her the screwdriver.
No. 2000619 ID: 1854db

Tell her that's definitely not mold. It's the stuff that the labcoat monster is made out of. Gets on everything he touches... it might be dangerous to touch.

Give her the screwdriver and say to be very careful.
No. 2000620 ID: bffa2a

Definately not mold. More like a nervous system that steadily grows and takes over the place. Anyways, hand the screwdriver over. It's not like she's going to immeadetly stick it in your eye. I think she will wait until your usefulness comes to a stop.
No. 2000621 ID: 9c9de5
File 129640312965.gif - (874.84KB , 960x600 , aufzug.gif )

"I don't know what that stuff is, but I'm sure it's not just mold. It wasn't here the last time I came by."

I take a few steps back rolling the screwdriver over to her.

>"You probably just didn't pay any attention to it."

She dismantles the panel and starts reconnecting wires, until finally the door slides open. She steps in and, after trying out some buttons, dismantles the panel in there too. Keeping our distance we enter the elevator as well. The door shuts, but we don't start moving.

>"Just a moment. I have to disable some safety locks to get this thing going."

Something crashes outside.

Instantly we all grow silent.

No. 2000622 ID: f88f02

Dollars to donuts he's going to either A) jump down the shaft after you, or cut the wires for the elevator.
No. 2000623 ID: 1854db

Oh god. Hit the emergency stop button!
No. 2000624 ID: 180ec2

Uhh, this elevator has the standard emergency braking system, right? I hope that wasn't those safety locks that had to be disabled.
No. 2000626 ID: 701a19

Standard safety systems for elevators would be a giant /\-shaped spring between the cable and the car.
If the cable snaps then the tension keeping that spring squished goes away and it spreads out, which gets it stuck in holds on the shaft supports.

It works very well, and is hacker resistant!
No. 2000627 ID: ddcbbc

Almost comforting seeing a smile here, until you realize its a dirty, murdering, key-stealing thief whose smiling because he's about to rip out your gizzard. He seemed really excited to see McStabby over there.

SO that thing work automatically? Thank god! I dont suppose you know of any safe ways to get down and out of elevators in such a situation, yeah?
No. 2000628 ID: 701a19

Roof hatch, ladder.
No. 2000629 ID: 2563d4

...grab the ladder. While the car is freefalling for some reason.

Since this is apparently a murderously unsafe device even by 1852 standards, try jumping just as it hits the bottom. :V
No. 2000630 ID: 701a19

That looks like constant velocity. It's descending, but not in freefall.
No. 2000631 ID: 9c9de5
File 129645435485.gif - (607.88KB , 960x600 , aufzugsdach.gif )

I run to the panel pressing every intact button and a sudden jolt goes through the cabin. The elevator slows down a bit as a metallic screech fills the air.

I don't know whether the emergency brakes were triggered automatically or wheter I activated them by pressing something, but judging by the sound they make and the velocity of our fall, they might fail any minute.

"We have to get on the roof and somehow get of this thing as long as we are still slowing down!"

Nicola grabs and lifts me to a little hatch in the ceiling. I open it and climb outside only to find myself surrounded by sparks flying around and metal walls flashing by.
A ladder at one of the walls passes just slow enough that we might be able to grab it.

As the other two follow me, something lands on the otherside of the roof with a loud bang, shaking the elevator beneath my feet.
No. 2000632 ID: ddcbbc

I kinda wanna say that we send Isabel onto the ladder, though I dont know if she'd be able to hold on.
No. 2000633 ID: bffa2a

This thing wants you. It specifically wants you to near exclusion of everything else. If you stay to left I don't think it'll go after Isabel for the time it takes to kill you. Tell Isabel and stabby to go and try to keep the cables between it and you when you can.
No. 2000634 ID: 1854db

It might want US. Try to keep yourself between the cables and the monster though... hmm.

There's that key, too... if we can get it... ergh. Greed has never helped us in the past. We must be patient. Do not attempt to take the key unless you have the perfect opportunity.

Maybe you could even yell at the monster. Ask it what the hell it wants.
No. 2000635 ID: 8f02e6

Im thinking it may want Stabby, too. Did you see the way that thing looked at her earlier?
No. 2000638 ID: 9c9de5
File 129656224246.jpg - (194.03KB , 960x600 , aufzugsdach2.jpg )

"Get to the ladder! I'll distract it."

I slowly go further to the left, keeping the cables between me and the monster. Its eyes follow my movements, its claws twitching.

"What do you want?"

Instead of an answer it snatches at me and I stumble backwards. In the corner of my eyes I see my two companions reaching the ladder grabbing one of the rungs and vanishing into the darkness.

With a bang one of the brakes bursts and the elevator starts picking up speed again. The cable is still between me and the monster, but it doesn't seem to care. I don't think it will have any problems cutting through them and my body in one strike.

The monster raises its claw.
No. 2000639 ID: 601343

Okay, if this thing is dumb enough to chop through the cables.... then you may have a chance. get between it and the cables, and do what ever you can to get it to strike at you. If, it does this, leap towards the ladder and try to get a hold of it somehow.

I... really can't think of anything else. Good luck Herbert.
No. 2000640 ID: 2563d4

Well on that line of thinking there's always the old "grab the cables above the cut" gambit. :/
No. 2000641 ID: f88f02

Okay okay uh


Grab above the cut

Watch for the swipe

When he attacks, lift your legs

Hope to gog that he doesn't start climbing the wall
No. 2000642 ID: bffa2a

Make it seem like you're ducking so it slashes low. Jump at the cables and hope that the suit you're wearing sports really fucking thick mittens.
No. 2000643 ID: 9c9de5
File 129670904088.gif - (86.62KB , 960x600 , kabel.gif )

I duck to make it strike low and get ready to jump.

No. 2000644 ID: 1854db


Swing over to the ladder. We gotta get on it.
No. 2000645 ID: 2c071e

Your good leg was injured, but at least you're alive. Thats all that matters.

Try to reach the ladder, call for some help if you cant. Nicola might be able to reach you if you need it.
No. 2000646 ID: bffa2a

Swing to ladder and hook your arms on the rungs. Keep it like that as long as it takes to make sure you're not going to pass out.
No. 2000647 ID: 9c9de5
File 129683769788.jpg - (127.35KB , 960x600 , hand.jpg )

I start swinging back and forth, as the elevator crashes somewhere beneath me. Unless the fall somehow hurt the monster, it will probably climb back up now.


I decide to jump and manage to get hold of one of the rungs, but being unable to properly use both of my legs now, I don't manage to get a tight grip on them.

As I begin to slip, Somebody reaches down, grabs my arm and pulls me back up.
No. 2000648 ID: 9c9de5
File 129683773816.gif - (68.83KB , 960x600 , unten.gif )

Nicola drags me up towards a little opening in the hoistway.


I mutter as we get out.

>"You managed to survive again... There's definitively something different about you. In any case I can't let it have you. You might turn out to be important."

We seem to be nearly at the bottom of the gap now. Big piles of trash and Broken machine parts lean against the gangway we're standing on. Isabel immediately rushes towards me, reaching down to inspect my wound. Nicola holds her back.

>"We don't have any time for this. It's not that far to the escape hatch. We can't stop now."

"But I can barely move with this leg and it's bleeding a lot."

>"We can fix it once we've shaken off our pursuer. If you rest now that thing will get all of us."

She heads of and hobbling I follow her, leaning on Isabel's shoulder.
No. 2000649 ID: 1854db

She's right. The monster is already moving again.

...what will happen after we reach the escape hatch? What is above us? I heard that there was another lab...
No. 2000650 ID: bffa2a

Okay, it's a race between a bunch of cripples and unstoppable killing machine. That's fair. Luckily you hold the high ground. If it tries to climb up to you shove everything heavy close at hand down the slope. Hobble fast.
No. 2000651 ID: 912a61

Isabel aint no cripple, if worst comes to worst she can run like bloody hell.
No. 2000652 ID: c7fc08

We need to get moving... I'm sorry friend. You are very strong and courageous Herbert, so don't give up yet! All of France depends on you.

Stay strong, friend. Stay strong.
No. 2000653 ID: 9c9de5
File 129690273268.jpg - (225.24KB , 960x600 , opfer1.jpg )

As fast as we can, we follow the path. The monster gets going too. I pause every once in a while to let Isabel catch her breath and to drop something down at the creature, but it doesn't seem to be bothered by that.

Nicola stops.

We stand in front of a huge metal door, that stands wide open. The monster starts to climb up, while I throw whatever I can down at it.

"Is this the exit? Where does it lead?"

Nicola turns around staring down at the creature.

>"It goes up to the main laboratories and the testing area. But we'll never make it. Two of us have their legs broken. It'll catch up before we'd even get there. Unless... unless one of us stays back to divert it. I guess it's obvious who'll have to do it. I just can't let it have you. Who would have thought I'd have to say goodbye this often down here?"
No. 2000654 ID: 912a61

Be on guard, friend! She could mean either herself or Isabel, and Im sure she's the type for self-preservation!
No. 2000655 ID: 701a19

"You can't divert it because it's after me. Take Isabel and go; I'll follow you after I trick it."
No. 2000656 ID: bffa2a

Diversion seems hopeless as it certainly isin't going to stop coming after you just to take a head into it's nest and it's stupid to think one could stand up to it for even a single second. The one who it's after has to deal with it. That would be you. Everybody else can continue.

You can't run fast anymore so you have to hide. The gears might be your chance. Grab onto one to let it's motion take you and continue to the next one. They must go somewhere, right?
No. 2000657 ID: 9c9de5
File 129691203497.jpg - (222.13KB , 960x600 , opfer2.jpg )

"You can't divert it because it's after me. You probably wouldn't buy enough time for us to flee anyway. Take Isabel and go. I'll follow you after I trick it."

>"No, I won't let you die here. I told you you might be important and linked to the experiment somehow. Even if this just buys one minute, it might be enough to escape. It's something I have to do. Goodbye..."
No. 2000658 ID: 9c9de5
File 129691697542.jpg - (228.56KB , 960x600 , opfer3.jpg )

No. 2000659 ID: 221021

Grab her even if it means jumping after her. You aren't going to lose your friends, she and us are all you have.
No. 2000660 ID: 7a7d3c


And here we go. The last reason to stop trusting Nicola.
Next time, you do the same to her, she deserves it.

This. Now. GO GET HER!!
No. 2000661 ID: f6360f

When you jump after Isabel, Nicola will likely try to grab and stop you. Be ready to avoid her.
No. 2000662 ID: bffa2a

>Nicola will likely try to grab and stop you

When you jump after Isabel tackle her down with you.
No. 2000663 ID: 410904

It's fucking suicide but go after her!
No. 2000664 ID: 67236b

Agreed, go after her and if McStabby tries to stop you hit her with your mask or any other thing you can! Punch her? I dont know.
No. 2000665 ID: 9c9de5
File 129700650147.jpg - (190.31KB , 960x600 , springen.jpg )

I dash to the edge. Nicola tries to grab me, but I manage to jump out of her reach. Without her crutch, her movement is as restricted as mine, but I don't think that I'm able to pull her down with me somehow.

>"Stop! What are you doing?"

"I'll safe her."

>"What? Why? Just come with me."

Staying out of her reach I slowly circle her.

>"Why are you so upset. She's just something they made up there. You know how many of those creatures I've killed. She's no real person like me, she's just a thing."

"No... she's my friend."

I turn around and jump.
No. 2000666 ID: f4e0e7

"She's not a real person like you. She's a real person like me."

Go after her - you can do it! We believe in you!
No. 2000667 ID: 1854db

Tuck your limbs in, and roll with the impact.
No. 2000668 ID: 9c9de5
File 129702416446.jpg - (184.07KB , 960x600 , Schlag.jpg )

I roll down the steep trash slope and land in front of the monster. It raises its head and its smile widens. Isabel struggels beneath one of its claws.

>"No! Herbert. Run away!"
No. 2000669 ID: f6360f

Oh, god. It's so close to her- move forward, but how can you make it in time?

Throw something at him- us, if you've got nothing else- while you charge. Hopefully it will distract him long enough that you'll have a chance to get up there and save Isabel.
No. 2000670 ID: 701a19

No. 2000671 ID: 221021

That pointy object on your left might be a good choice to throw at him. If you get close enough to him, you might also want to try grabbing your key. He is keeping it as safe from your grasp as he can, as if he wants to prevent you from using it. Maybe you're more powerful than you seem under that mask? Also, are those gears off to the side moving in a way that they could potentially crush him?
No. 2000672 ID: 8f02e6

I think he just wants to screw with us by keeping the key, I cant think of any reason why he'd know what we looked like. I say we run, I dont think we can take him on like this.

There's more than one way to keep monsters away from the outside world, by the way.
I vote for killing Nicola.
No. 2000674 ID: 9c9de5
File 129734219374.jpg - (206.83KB , 960x600 , hieb.jpg )

I grab the pointy steel bar and hurl it at the monster.


I stumble forward and the monster's backhand crashes into me, sending me flying towards the platform's edge.
No. 2000675 ID: 9c9de5
File 129734221946.jpg - (167.26KB , 960x600 , hieb2.jpg )

I seem to have caught its attention, because it releases Isabel and turns towards me. It moves slowly, as if knowing that I can't run anywhere know. I'm trapped between the creature and the big moving gears, that would probably crush whoever comes to close to them.
No. 2000676 ID: 701a19

Get to your feet and try to keep your voice even and calm.
"Isabel, you need to leave; go patch yourself up and get to the surface. I'll follow when I'm done here.
Happiness, has anybody ever asked you 'why?'?"
No. 2000677 ID: e38e27

If possible, lure him into jumping at you and then jump away at the last second so he gets stuck in the gears.
No. 2000678 ID: 2563d4

This would be the conventional solution, yes. Certainly beats trying to talk, again, to the thing that doesn't talk.
No. 2000679 ID: 9c9de5
File 129755245038.jpg - (207.76KB , 960x600 , schlag2.jpg )

"Isabel, you need to leave; go patch yourself up and get to the surface. I'll follow when I'm done here."

I stand at the edge, preparing to jump aside as soon as the monster rushes towards me.

With a sudden move it jumps forward.

With two injured legs I am too slow to get out of the way. I feel its claws digging into my arm as I am thrown backwards off the gangway.
No. 2000680 ID: 9c9de5
File 129755262843.jpg - (163.23KB , 960x600 , aufprall.jpg )

My fall suddenly stops as I dash against one of the gears.
No. 2000681 ID: 464971

Hey, I know your probably in a lot of pain right now, but you need to get ready to dodge that bastard if he's coming down at you.

Which way is the gear moving?
Which ever it is, roll that way and try to get to some sort of ready position, just make sure you don't get ground up in the teeth.
No. 2000682 ID: 1854db

Herbert... you know how they said real monsters don't die?

I wonder if I count as a 'real monster'. I CAN move, barely. I think I am the first monster that the scientist created. If you really need to, use me to block an attack, or jam the gears.

...maybe we should've tested this when we had something less lethal to experiment with. Oh well, we're a bit... uh, we're running out of options.
No. 2000683 ID: 9c9de5
File 129756962330.jpg - (176.91KB , 960x600 , ausweichen.jpg )

I mobilize the last of my power to jump up.

The monster's blow misses and carried by the momentum it is nearly flinged off the gear, clinging to the now blood stained metal at the last second.

I stagger backwards and fall back down. I guess you're right. I'm out of options and I might not be able to survive without your help.
No. 2000684 ID: 9c9de5
File 12975696632.gif - (2.07MB , 960x600 , zahnrad.gif )

The monster hangs at the edge and for a moment I hope for it to be crushed before noticing, that the gear isn't connected to anything. Whatever it once moved now lies at the chasm's bottom in addition to all the other broken machine parts, while the creature starts climbing back up unhindered.

No. 2000685 ID: da9a02

Aw, fuckin Hell.
Fucking fuck fuck fuck.
No. 2000686 ID: f6360f

You have to act, Herbert. If you have the strength, can you break its grip on the gear and make it fall?

Otherwise, if there's anywhere to run to which you have a chance at surviving...
No. 2000687 ID: 701a19

Move closer to the claw, brace yourself, and use your legs to buck that claw the buck off.
"Hey! You give that back!"
No. 2000688 ID: 1854db

He has reacted to being hit in the face by your mask, before. I know you are not strong enough to move that claw. Perhaps you should hit the monster instead. I guess you could try hitting it with us, too.
No. 2000689 ID: da9a02

If you use us to hit him, please please PLEASE hold us by the head! I'm assuming that's where all our help is emanating from, so its crucial that if we rip you save at least that bit.
No. 2000690 ID: 4f70a6

I don't think you'll be able to do much with his claws.

Kick him in the face or jump on it to bring the monster down.
No. 2000691 ID: 0e8280

Actually, doing anything stupid like ATTACKING the thing is just going to get us killed in this state. Why don't we just work on EVADING it?
No. 2000692 ID: 9c9de5
File 12979837698.gif - (77.26KB , 960x600 , angriff.gif )

I jump forward, swinging the bag to hit the monsters head. It drops my ripped out arm and digs its claw into my body.

The bag slips my grip and hits the creatures face. It screams in anger, slipping backwards.

No. 2000693 ID: 9c9de5
File 129798380610.jpg - (24.23KB , 960x600 , bewusstlos.jpg )

I hear the grinding sound of the gears as they crush the monster while I start passing out. Somebody grabs my body and starts shaking me.

>"Herbert! HERBERT! Please don't die..."
No. 2000694 ID: 1854db

So much for it being invincible. You finally did it...

It dropped the key! It dropped it. Tell her to use it and take off your mask, Herbert.
No. 2000695 ID: 6ba8b3

"It's too late for me. Help me take the mask off Isabel. Just for once, let me look upon you with my own eyes."
No. 2000696 ID: e2aa61

Agreed about the key, though "It's too late for me. Help me take the mask off Isabel. Just for once, let me look upon you without this damned mask." sounds a little better.

But dont give up... I know this seems grim, but you can make it! I know you can!
Just... you can make it.
No. 2000697 ID: 701a19

"Stop bleeding. Elevate arm and legs."

...Wait, were WE in that bag?
No. 2000698 ID: 1854db

No, it was empty as it fell.

[stand up, walk over to Herbert]
No. 2000699 ID: 9c9de5
File 129801000082.jpg - (189.13KB , 960x600 , Exitus.jpg )

Herbert tries to say something, but it's barely understandable. Something about a key.

Isabel wraps her arms arond him and lifts him up to hear what he is saying and to show him that he is not alone, but he already stopped talking.
No. 2000700 ID: 701a19

[Stand up. Unlock mask.]
No. 2000701 ID: 6ca78a

Oh god I'm gonna cry! Unlock the darn mask already!
No. 2000702 ID: f88f02

No. 2000703 ID: 1854db

[flop slowly over, dragging key to Herbert.]
No. 2000704 ID: 6ba8b3

I'm sad, this is sad. I don't think opening the mask is going to help... must try. Isabel if you can hear us, pick us up.
No. 2000705 ID: 50546d
Audio ForHerbert.mp3 - (1.57MB )

Goodnight, sweet prince.
No. 2000706 ID: 75d7a9

use soul sacrifice, take our life for your own herbert!
No. 2000707 ID: 9c9de5
File 129806484370.gif - (139.57KB , 960x600 , maske.gif )

Isabel sees a movement from the corner of her eye and raises her head.

A key glimmers at the gear's edge. It must have been knocked of the monster during the fight. Isabel crawls nearer.

This must have been the key Herbert was talking about. Maybe it will open the mask. The least she can do now is to free her friend from the suit and let him spend his last moments without it.

No. 2000708 ID: 50546d

Can you hear me, Isabel? Do you...do you think Nicola can repair him?

No. 2000709 ID: 8787da

Can Isabel even hear us?

Isabel, this might be gruesome, but examine Herbert's head closer. There might be yet a way to save him!
No. 2000710 ID: 75d7a9

((holy fuck, i did not see that coming!))
find a headless body that looks like herbert's and stick it on!
No. 2000711 ID: 653ea0

Isabel... Did you have to rip his head off? At first I was like ;_; but then I lol'd.
No. 2000712 ID: 69bee4

I knew it! I knew the french royal family was all robots! Its the only way to explain their tendency to all be MD's and a Spy.

But darn it! your our prince Herbert. Help himmmm! robot or not.
No. 2000713 ID: 6ba8b3

Isabel, the doll. Herbert wouldn't leave his friend in peril. Take the doll.

Herbert might be fixable.
No. 2000714 ID: 1854db

[try to flop some more]
No. 2000715 ID: 701a19

[Flop more]
[Say: "Hello! Little help?"]
No. 2000716 ID: 9c9de5
File 129815866516.jpg - (149.73KB , 960x600 , Ader1.jpg )

Sitting in the puddle of Herbert's blood Isabel stares at the head she is holding in her hands.

After a while she hesitantly reaches out and inspects it more closely. Maybe Herbert could be repaired.

There is some strange growth on some of the parts. As she touches one of them it sticks to her fur.
No. 2000717 ID: 9c9de5
File 129815869451.jpg - (148.80KB , 960x600 , Ader2.jpg )

No. 2000718 ID: a33914

Uh oh Isabel are you okay?
No. 2000719 ID: 75d7a9

can... can you hear us?
No. 2000721 ID: 6ba8b3

Isabel, stay away from barrels, they're not good for you. Isabel, I warned you about that Stabby, I told you dawg. Isabel, don't touch things covered with the nerve network of Chthulhu. Oh god, can you hear us? Down here. Please, pick up the puppet.
No. 2000722 ID: f3a727

Isabel, if you're hearing even the slightest hints of suggestions coming from us, wipe it off onto your shirt (or Herbert's suit, if you dont want it stuck to you). That stuff doesn't seem like a good thing.
No. 2000723 ID: 9c9de5
File 129816823511.jpg - (193.41KB , 960x600 , beobachtet.jpg )

The stinging pain stops after a moment. Isabel immediately tries to grab the black veins to get them off but they are already gone. It must have fallen off on itself.

Isabel stands up.

Suddenly she feels like she's being watched. The only things that move in the dark are the gears and the only things making a sound are the old rusty machines but Isabel still doesn't feel as if she's alone down here anymore. Maybe it would be best to just get away from this place.
No. 2000724 ID: 1854db

Maybe I should pick up Herbert's doll. He called it Friend. It'll be something to remember it by if he can't be repaired.