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File 12768853176.jpg - (290.25KB , 850x1016 , Castiliathen Ray Golem.jpg )
195348 No. 195348 ID: 6164e0

[ First Thread http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html ]
[ Second Thread http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/142119.html ]
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[ If fifth thread not yet archived: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/186331.html ]

[ Discussion Thread http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/316616.html ]


………………………………………………PERSPECTIVE SHIFT………………………………………………

Within a towering spire whose very walls radiate a fell force, an eldritch energy that permeates everything within, two figures converse, as hundreds of shadow-cloaked individuals, all wearing identical vestments, stand silently at attention.

>”So none of your own old friends in the Mortal Coil know either?”
“Well, my network of contacts within the organization is not as capable as your own, we’ve already established that… but no, they know nothing of this. …How does Mordre know one of the Grand Elder Mages, to such an extent they would pay a personal visit?”
>”The situation is far more dire than it simply being one of the ruling council of the Mortal Coil that paid him a visit: Lenryt herself came to him…. And then he disappeared, completely out of the scope of where I can peer, before returning mere minutes later, bearing the signs of having been in a tremendous battle.”
“..Well, I know he wasn’t in the Warring states, I have a few spies in the Disciples of Domintus, and they have their hands in most wars about here, one way or another, an no one saw a Soul Grave like his.”
>”Likewise, he was not in the swamplands of the Froggrocks, nor did he go near the Morgren settlements.”
“So, not only do we not know where he went, there is also the matter of what Lenryt did when he returned.”
>”Indeed. She… gifted power to him.”
“So, is he one of her servants then?”
>”Unclear, but I find it unlikely: He would have had more frequent dealings than just this one event if such were the case… though that only leaves the option of being a mercenary in service to her, which is only marginally better.”
“Now Weinsho, it is not as bad as you make it out to be: If he’s an independent contractor, then his death between jobs would not anger her, so ultimately it means we must avoid attacking when he is currently pursuing some matter for her, and she wil not intervene.”
>”Perhaps you are right. …So, I recall you mentioning you would seek out Mordre to aggress him yourself: What happened to this plan?”
“It took more time than I anticipated to… excise proof of my presence from Duras. Honestly, it’s quite aggravating to work with bandits, they never keep their mouths shut. I had to kill damn near every last one in the whole of the Duran Forests, they had gossiped so… well, at least I got several hundred pounds of Blood Iron out of it… and I wonder what use I could put all that to… Oh, speaking of cleaning house, how DID Dulu reclaim his staff?”
>”It took some… persuasion, but he finally admitted that he brokered a deal with that caravan he attacked, abstaining from the fight in exchange for the return of his old weapon.”
“Ho? Even dead and housed in metal, that one’s got balls on him, to defy your orders.”
>”I intend to reward his betrayal appropriately-“
“Now hold on, think of it like this: With evidenced fair dealings, it makes it easier to set up one of those traps you are so fond of in the future… and since the caravan arrived, there is an extra wealth of metal WITHIN Mordre’s holdings. Should make my own venture rather more enjoyable. …That, and this ‘Bang Magnum’ individual is still an unknown: One of your Gaunt Nightmares apparently struck him squarely, and the blades passed through his flesh, yes? And this Bang managed to KICK said Gaunt to death… WITH ONE KICK. There is no guarantee Dulu actually could have won.”
>”I crafted Dulu’s new form to be an excellent weapon in all situations, I doubt he would have lost even had he been alone… but your other points are conceded. I shall merely chastise him, rather than punish him in a terminal manner.”
“My, how thoughtful of you. So… My turn, then.”
>”Indeed. Are you sure-“
“You know I am terrible at working with others in battle: My style is not exactly conducive to avoiding massive amounts of collateral damage, and beyond that: I fight alone, I always have, and you won’t change that. …Well, time to head out, then.”
>”….Then I wish you luck, Eisenhardt.”
“Don’t need it, never did. I’ll win this by my own strength, with my own hands, or not at all.”

………………………………………………PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE………………………………………………

[DAYS 104-107]

The journey back to the Arcanoworks was, for once, uneventful. We briefly stopped in Trekel again, and the pepper pickler Blair was happy to offer us a dozen jars of his hellishly spiced food to bring with us on the way back: Bang and Oggroth alike stared each-other down when we acquired them, before opening on of the containers, and each hesitantly pulling forth a single pepper: After hardening their resolve as they glare at one another, they both consumed what they held, and made it nearly ten seconds of constantly reddening faces, staring each-other down, until they were forced to seek out beverages with great expediency, much to the bemusement of the residents of Trekel. We skirt by the north field of Trekel, to note the pall of monochromatic coloration is still inexorably spreading from the mound, and that a second tent has been erected, a total of some sixteen State mages and guards alike now monitoring the situation. They do not look to yet have an answer to this particular problem. As we made our way further north, I note that the roads between Trekel, Trepany, Glenston and Hashbranch have been completed, and that Hashbranch itself is finally close enough to completion that new residents are moving in, and returning the fields to crop-bearing status. It is also at this point that the persistent rains and fogs finally pass… for now.

We pass by Shellik, who notes that they are starting to grow somewhat concerned, as the trees about the ghost town of Berluut have continued to grow with wild abandon, and now stand more than a dozen feet higher than the foliage about them, and their branches have started to twist and turn in eye-straining shapes. We pass by it ourselves, and note the trees to have completely consumed the residences that once dwelled within them, the red moss now sporting cruelly hooked spikes wherever it grows… and the blackened pit absent of life over the buried dead of Berluut has transformed, now a semi-liquid, Bang remarking it quite similar to quicksand. Dame Valiria pales as we relate the story of Balboa’s transgressions here, and commends me for bringing justice to such a criminal as he. A positive note: Shellik’s roads through the woods south to Trepany, Glenston and Hashbranch are nearly complete, and even moving considerably slower (Dame Valiria is not the most swift of marchers), we make good time thanks to the new roads.

Finally, early in the day we emerge from the woods to see the Arcanoworks before us, and a nearby patrol, lead by Ellorika, makes it’s way over to us, escorting us to the now-open main gates. As our return is greeted with some fanfare, Arkus, Keddic, Derkin and Jojo coming to meet us, I am made aware of changes and events in the Arcanoworks:

--The wealth of canvas harvested from the shantytown that once existed about the outer walls of Kyogrock Arcanoworks has been stitched together into a massive, angled cover fitted about the central tower and running out to the walls about the Arcanoworks, redirecting water to pour out and away from the inside. I note a rather complicated pully system set up, allowing the cover to be retracted to the tower, where the canvas cover currently resides, bunched up about the central tower to let the sun shine down within the walls.
--The five fields within the Arcanoworks are growing at almost unbelievable speeds, massive amounts of produced tightly packed together: It would seem Gialgorra’s Proliferator has been most useful. …I cannot help but notice the start of trees growing in each corner of the five fields, though they are still far too small for me to identify what they are.
--The stables outside the gates to the Arcanoworks have been reworked, and no longer have the look of a temporary structure: Some hundred horse could easily be stored there, and I note an oversized space designed for Oggroth’s mount, Hairy Steak, likewise built in.
--Within the walls, an eleventh building has been erected, though currently it has no current use to be put to, still empty.
--Derkin reports that Ellorika, Ulzrick, Vespinto and the scouts sent with them returned after finding an outpost they believe to belong to Weinsho, after Ulzrick cautioned that he felt a fell gaze directing their way: Considering they had to flee from no less than two attacks by shadowmages on the way back, his estimation seemed quite accurate. In any event, the scouts returned, and one of Weinsho’s holdings has been identified, some four to five day’s hard travel to the north-east.
--Keddic and Jojo report on the progress of our troops: The lessons proceed apace, and after an initial glut of injuries that left Jojo and his apprentice Ulzrick quite taxed, things have stabilized, end Keddic feels confident he can render them at least capable of Word and World based combat magic soon, thanks partly to several tomes he found when paying a visit to Jezebel in her workshop within the central tower, in hat used to be a library of sorts.
--Jojo remarks that Ulzrick has been proving an excellent student, and he has become semi-capable of jumping into the dreams of others, though he still is inconsistent in this: But more importantly, he shows a great affinity for converting wounds into dreamstuff, and has proved vital in healing injuries accrued in training by the rest of the Arcanoworks personnel.
--Apparantly, Lord Donwick Dregas has been encouraging trade, and managed to render it more efficient, so that goods are more likely to go where they are needed most: All the villages that I have dealings with, as well as the Arcanoworks, have been prospering, to the extent my monetary reserves have grown in my absence considerably: I now have nearly 1,500 Marks to my name, even with the funds expended in the western islands.
--Derkin remarks that Ulzrick has managed to shed a large amount of his stamina-based frailties, that Ellorika is learning to lead with a calmer mindset, and that Vespinto is learning what it means to lead: Slowly but surely, the three are becoming more rounded individuals, and each has now gained experience in this field, both through the scouting run, and through leading patrols upon their return.
--Another hundred or so individuals have come seeking work under ‘Mage Mordre’, my good reputation drawing them, the new total of personnel some four hundred forty individuals, not counting the Premen.
--Lastly, the eight Premen I sent to Kyorto and then on to Mordreden have returned, bearing a bag laden with pounds of rubies, as well as news: Lorgk led the Drazken clan in annexing a local tribe, and their numbers have swelled as a result of the absorption, and that the mines continue to yield great returns. They also note that Lorgk and the rest of the now larger Drazken clan wish to see ‘Chieftain Mordre’ again, should the chance arise. From Kyorto, they carry word that the two mages were excellent gifts, and that having a whole, un-rotted body to work with, complete with souls, means she only needs one more mage skin (or encased mage) with World magic capabilities to finally gain freedom from her tower.

As I start to process this glut of information, Arkus and Keddic begin to speak on individual matters as I direct the others to return to their labors, and note Krump the shaman and Bokk the maker sidle on up.

--Arkus reports he has been using… documents as reference, and has come up with some less-intensive means to make ‘cheap’ hand-cannons, once we have enough metal: Likewise, he has identified the runes on the runed swords claimed from the battle against Balboa, Daobo and Dulu’s forces (though the one bearing lightning marks still eludes identification), and he notes them to be designed to draw blood onto the blade when the slice flesh: They seem designed to work in tandem with the blood togas and the blood cloak, to make refueling easier. He also notes he is getting close to the point that he could replicate the blood togas, provided he either learns some Blood magic or has a Blood mage assist him.
--Keddic takes a moment to thank me for the information about Aurockoth, conveyed through Jojo during our journey back, but notes that realistically, he is fully aware he could not face him now: He does mention he has been making great strides at building a new, more offensively-oriented style, that he terms ‘Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism,’ and he hopes to have the kinks ironed out shortly, so that he may demonstrate it to me.
--Bokk remarks that she has learned much of stonework and building more permanent fortifications, and with my blessing will return to Mordreden to spearhead the construction of more capable fortifications and buildings alike.
--Krump notes he has been laboring to learn the common tongue as swiftly as possible, as the wealth of knowledge contained in the tower and it’s tomes fascinates him, and he requests that he be allowed to stay: He hopes to bring knowledge of these differing methods of magic back when he finally returns.

Well, there is much to think on and respond to. As I watch the Arcanoworks bustling with activity, I wonder…

What should I say or do?
What kind of orders or changes to orders should I give to any of my followers?
[I shall also need ONLY 3 d20 rolls, one per poster max.]
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No. 195352 ID: 7df1ec

How big is the final building? Is it big enough for a tournament? If so using the runes Falcon talked about to keep the fighters safe despite going all out on each other would be quite awesome to do. Maybe set up tournaments nightly and charge people to enter as well as to view.
No. 195354 ID: 7df1ec

forgot my d20= Ugh...3
No. 195357 ID: e31d52

rolled 19 = 19

Aaaallrighty then.
No. 195359 ID: e31d52

Oh! I almost forgot. Let's ask Arkus how he would like working over a small team of mages. We need an R&D group.
No. 195361 ID: aeade0

rolled 15 = 15

No. 195362 ID: 6164e0

[The building in question has three floors (as opposed to the two floors the other buildings have), but unless a tournament had contestants in the dozens who could avoid collateral damage, it is inadvisable to host a tournament within. However, the immediate surroundings of the Arcanoworks is largely an open field, it would be simple to set up a dirt arena of any size you wanted outside the walls.]
No. 195364 ID: a594b9

rolled 1 = 1

It's time for some serious research into our own construction. All those tomes we have on golems and soul graves? Read em.
No. 195365 ID: a594b9

No. 195366 ID: 5c49ed

We stay in the Arcanoworks for a while and give out new orders, wait for Ulzrick to learn how to Dream-speak with JoJo and the like, then we return to Mordreden to show our face and see what is happening there , show off our military and such, leaving Arkus and Derkin in charge as Generals and Ulzrick, Ellorika and Vespinto as CO's.
In the event that Derkin has to leave, Ulzrick would take charge of tactics/strategy, Ellorika would be the 'on the field commander', and Vespinto would handle subterfuge/espionage in the field. I'll let Derkin handle the specifics, this ain't advance wars.

Arkus' order list would look something like:

- !!PRIORITY!! - Work on long range, hand held communication devices. At the very least he must have working devices that allow communication up to a mile away. If we get attacks when Derkin is not around to be main leader, our CO's need to be in constant communication.

-Find out how to produce more Morphic fluid.

-Inscribe the lightning runes from the sword unto one of Mordre's normal AG rounds and have him fire it.

-Work on replicating the Blood Toga's and cloak(Priority in this case is the cloak).

-Have a few Skyfall Cannons created and set them up on the walls such that there are at least 2 at each entrance to the Arcanoworks, also have enough spare cannons that if half of the functioning ones were destroyed, they could be immediately replaced.

-Balance the time you spend reading the book of runes, we do not want you to burn out.

-See to it that the CO's are taught how to read.

-Stay alive.

-Get to know Jezebel, seriously do it.

For Derkin: Stay cool man. "Keep the military sharp. I expect to see a marked improvement in them when I return"

Before you leave, send a runner to Del Roga to tell him that Uggroth's armour was damaged and that you will be by soon to see him. He is a busy man, but you got Marks and rubies. It's likely only gonna be 1 hours work judging by his speed last time.

Mordre, borrow the book of runes from Arkus and flip through it. Memorize each page for later revision. Tell Arkus that in the even of an attack that looks bad, the book should be DESTROYED!

Re-posting with a few changes.
No. 195367 ID: 2aaaf1

How much Morphic Metal do we currently have on hand? Last time we checked the count was fifteen hundred gallons of the stuff. I suggest we start working on skinsuits composed of morphic metal to better defend our troops. As we've seen and heard, morphic metal is strong as hell. The idea is; using a minimal amount of the morphic metal, create a skin covering that can go under the normal armor of our workers and militia, and have the morphic metal more concentrated in vital areas. Later, we should focus on creating extra suits for any able bodied villagers that are not part of our militia. Remember, Weinsho is really friggin good at blood and soul magic: it is in our best interest to provide defense to as many people in the Azelhaedran state as we can, because if the innocent and peaceful are unable to defend themselves, THEY BECOME FUEL FOR WEINSHO'S ARMY.
No. 195368 ID: 5c49ed

Crap, well 35 out of 60 is still a pass... *facepalm*
No. 195370 ID: f4e4f9

rolled 14 = 14

Keddic knows a bit of blood magic. Ask if he could render Arkus a small amount of assistance when he has an opportunity, explaining it could help greatly with the replication of those togas.

Flip through the runebooks, and make a mind-copy of their entirety. We should not forsake the traditional methods of learning, after all.

Ask Arkus about how engraving the rune of disjoining on the Premen's armor and weapons would work. We know ourselves how damned effective magnetomancy can be against such targets, and having troops that can withstand it's influence to an extent would be a great boon.
No. 195371 ID: a594b9

No. 195372 ID: e31d52

No. 195373 ID: 5c49ed

And then there is that other mage who rapes with magnetomancy...

ANYWAY! Tell Arkus to have a few suits prepared that have runes for 'movement','strength' and 'protection' sown into them. It would be good to have some non-metal armour and it would b pretty cool to have a bunch of guys in suits as a military unit. We can call them 'Suits'.
No. 195376 ID: f4e4f9

I don't want no lip from you, Mr. high roller ;)
No. 195380 ID: 5c49ed
File 127689029485.jpg - (155.54KB , 1680x1050 , suits.jpg )

Basically, make armour like this with the runes sewn on the inner lining. (MY MIND IS RACING!)
No. 195387 ID: f4e4f9

Consider venturing to the north in the near future. I do not think the Premen would request our presence unless it were a relatively important matter.

Also, bring 3 or so Blood Togas. I think Lorgk/Minsk/Delro whoever could make great use of them, and they certainly know a thing or two of blood magic. We could likely get the information Arkus needs from them, and I think Lorgk would definately benefit from another artifact gift.
No. 195389 ID: 2aaaf1

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of X-COM rookies. But that can work too.
No. 195391 ID: 0a8e03
File 127689076717.jpg - (17.20KB , 239x160 , forrestfire.jpg )

>the ghost town of Berluut have continued to grow with wild abandon, and now stand more than a dozen feet higher than the foliage about them, and their branches have started to twist and turn in eye-straining shapes

it was big enough for dulu deem a threat and warn us about it. we have to stop screwing around and deal with it while we still have time. so BURN IT.
No. 195394 ID: f4e4f9

Oh, snap: I just had a thought.

If we need to eventually evacuate the area thanks to the core being, the problem becomes: How do we keep our holdings from suffering destruction?

The Runes on the Edge of Oblivion, of course! We could preserve the Arkanoworks in a temporal suspension, possibly protecting them from being ravaged to an extent! That way our own followers homes and our holdings would still be there when the Core Being crisis is over!
No. 195396 ID: f4e4f9

Clarification: We shouldn't activate the runes until we need to evacuate, of course. When we come back, we could use the Sable Executioner/Immortal Genocide/Whatever inbuilt function the runes have to deactivate them when we come to reclaim it.
No. 195401 ID: b4c60d

You couldn't have included my suggestions and edits in that? Anyway, I still say 'strike getting to know Jezebel, get to know Keddic instead'. And I also want to curse you for foreseeing that we needed to go back to the capital so soon.

Anyway, new suggestions for Arkus and Taskforce Arkus:

-!Priority! Find out what is in the box. This should not just be an Arkus project, but everyone should try - as long as the answer isn't 'break the box'.

-Get Keddic, the Shaman, Jojo, and anyone else that has a inkling to start working not just on a unified magical language, but working past Combat/Arcane magic, and Soul/Blood/Will/World/Word divide into a Unified Theory of Magic. Just start pooling knowledge to start expanding in strange new directions.

-Train under any magically inclined person to get better at whatever you don't know. Jojo knows Will and souldreaming, Keddic knows combat magic, just learn everything you can to become a better mage.

But, as for our duties: Thank everyone! Holy shit, this was a lot of really nice stuff to come home to, despite the depression we're dealing with, what with the Core Being, and the Wild Trees and all.
-Congratulate- Lord Donwick Dregas, because damn it was only our wife who was so good at the purse strings. And, because we actually have money, pay people! Anyone who needs money is getting it - I'm assuming this will mostly be Jezebel, and Maybe Lord DD, but I'm sure I'm forgetting some.
Ask Bokk if he needs anything and impress upon him to remember everything and make one last study of any books on building that may be interesting. Give him our blessing, and maybe a gun or ten for the road, and bid him on his way.
Oh my god Krump should stay. He should be hitting the books just as intesnively as Arkus - if anything, he should be taught, or learning from the...documents...just as much and engage in universal magic language class, universal theory of magic, and training as much as he can. Take as much training back as humanly possible. Hell, if we would do it faster, start copying books for him to take back.
A bit more physical, but go check those trees. Dulu told us to be wary, and so I will be.
Thinking on Dulu, angrily feel for him about the torture that was mostly inflicted.
Ask people when we get back from looking at trees who Eisenhardt is. Start with Arkus and try and be subtle about it and play up the 'oops, forgot a founder of Will Magic, my brain doesn't work until the fifth cup of tea, ahhaha!'
Also, ask anyone about Alexander Armstrong and Sam Vimes. We should be looking for those poeple.

And buggery, lets make ready to go to the capital. As in 'find out how to talk great distances so the place doesn't get killed while we take all the premen, Arkus and us back to our old home.
No. 195403 ID: 5c49ed

Damn Straight.

Also give them hand cannons that are painted black.
No. 195405 ID: b4c60d

Oh yeah, and: WHAT THE HELL IS A CASTILIATHEN RAY GOLEM!?! Because that is frighteningly pretty! I never wanna fight one and I want one of my own.
No. 195407 ID: 5c49ed

My bad.
No. 195415 ID: 5c49ed

Perfect for parties, the office and bodyguards incognito.
No. 195417 ID: b4c60d

Eh, it's ok. I'm still annoyed you got it right that were gonna go up to the Capital.
No. 195421 ID: d3dfb8

>They also note that Lorgk and the rest of the now larger Drazken clan wish to see ‘Chieftain Mordre’ again, should the chance arise.

This is great, we should head up there again sometime. Premen mages know blood magic, and yeti mages know a little soul magic. We could use this to increase the performance of our blood magic as well as gain the foundations of soul magic
No. 195425 ID: b4c60d

As well as eat delicious backstabbing yeti souls, you mean?
No. 195429 ID: 5c49ed

I'm pretty sure that the Yeti are all dead.
No. 195432 ID: 2aaaf1

Only the yeti that were controlling the mine. The Frostback mountains are FUCKING HUEG, and we've yet to explore the rest of it. We might meet some yeti that AREN'T backstabbing idiots, or we might just genocide the bastards if they get any funny ideas about betraying us.
No. 195433 ID: 6164e0

[One would assume it is some sort of ray/laser spam golem construct that isn’t all that big on defense.]

[One-time pass on extra roll ramifications since as a new thread posts came in FAST.]

[One tribe of yeti are dead. one tribe =/= all yeti in mountains.]

”Arkus, how would you feel to have mage underlings- That is, to head up a magical research and development group?”

“Uh.. yeah, I wouldn’t mind, but where exactly would you get mages? At best, it would take months and months to get an untrained person read to contribute meaningfully, and I don’t know any mages we could call on or anything, so… yeah, if you can make it happen, I’ll roll with it.”

I excuse myself for a moment to the central tower, and after making sure none re about to observe me, I flip through all of Wendelin’s donated tomes and notes on runework, adding it to my stored memory of the runes on Wendelin’s stone golem, the runes on my chest copied from Dulu’s staff, and the runes adoring Geodiaz…. The process takes me a few minutes, but I am hesitant to even consider how long it would take me to process this information. I replace what I studied as I make my way back outside, noting Dame Valiria to be viewing the bustle of activity with approval.

[FYI the three Spec ops dudes can read, it was deemed more important for them to get their special training than continuing to help Arkus sift through books. Also Jojo ONLY has Souldreaming, it is ULZRICK that has an affinity for Will magic (that has not been explored since you gave him one minor lesson a while ago in Magnetomancy)]
I speak to the gathered mass of individuals before me, trying to instill order through my forthcoming commands.

”From now on, Arkus and Derkin are to lead when I am absent, With Ulzrick, Ellorika and Vespinto serving as commanding officers. Naturally, Keddic, Dregas and Bang all shall hold sway in their words. Arkus: New priorities must be assigned: First and foremost, those books, Destroy them if the situation ever becomes grim, is this understood? Beyond that, I wish you to seek out means of long-distance communication, To seek out any clues as to how to make more of the morphic fluid, And to speak with Keddic concerning Blood magic, for crafting togas and cloaks. Lastly, I want you to work to make more Skyfall cannons, until we have a surplus, Enough that each of the five corners of the Arcanoworks walls holds three cannons. Derkin, continue to work with Keddic and Bang to train the troops, I wish to see them become capable warriors as swiftly as possible. Keddic, Bang, I want the two of you to continue training the soldiers here, And see what you can do about instructing them in Combat Magic. ..Ah, I’ll need a runner sent to Del Roga in Hletwa about Ugrokk’s armor: The repairs are only temporary, and I imagine he could rectify that swiftly: Make mention I do not lack for funds. As general orders, I want you all to attempt opening Balboa’s box, Any attempt is viable so long as it does not threaten to destroy said container. For all magic users, Arcane and Combat alike, I desire time be allocated every day, To conversing on the interconnection between all forms of magic collectively known: Perhaps some interesting things can be yielded from this exchange. Oh yes: Dregas, I commend you on your fiscal competencies, And look forward to further returns: That is all.”

As people nod and start moving, seeking their own assigned tasks to labor over, I consider what to do next.

”Ah, Arkus, a moment.”


After assuring to myself the only ones in earshot are Bokk and Krump, I pose my query.

”The runes I bear on my chest, from Dulu’s staff: I seek them replicated onto the armor of those he-“

“Ah, gonna have to stop you there, boss: They only work for you because, as a Soul Grave, you have that handy dandy inbuilt function to act as a testbed for unknown runes. I still know next to nothing about their function, but I do know that trying to replicate them onto armor, rather than onto a Soul Grave… well, it is very likely it would not end well, until I can pick apart what the individual runes mean and can do… which will take some time, with the workload you gave me. Sorry about that.”

”…I see. I had another matter for you to attend to: Set a long-term goal of spatial/temporal runes inscribing, To encompass the whole of the Arcanoworks, Such that the runes could be activated to preserve the base. Beyond that, I wish them added to other villages, to-“

“-Woah again there chief. The Arcanoworks, that I can see to, it will take time and a few tests, but it’s doable. To do the same to the other villages…. That takes resources we just don’t have right now, and would take years if we tried it now anyway. …Well, I can probably get the Arcanoworks to bear trigger-based spatial runes in a few weeks, maybe a month, but it’ll probably take longer, again because I have my other homework. …Ah, if you DO get mages that could work under me, I could make stuff happen faster, but until then, there’s only so much I can do.”

Hm. I motion for Arkus to continue onward, as I turn to face Bokk and Krump. After making sure that Bokk needs nothing more than the wealth of diagrams and schematics she has carefully stowed in a leather satchel, I send her on her way, back to Mordreden. To Krump, I extend an invitation to stay as long as he feels necessary, as his insight could prove most helpful at forming a unified magic theory.

With orders dispatched to everyone I thought of and the Arcanoworks bustling with activity, I move to set out towards Berluut, intent on nipping this problem in the bud-and nearly trip over Moss, who had been patiently sitting right behind my feet. As I cartwheel an arm, to stabilize myself, Moss simply stared innocently up at me, licking at the air. I step beyond the creature, and start directing my Magnetomancy inwards as I build speed to travel to Berluut-

And I marvel at how radically more responsive my body is. I find myself moving at some 40 miles per hour, speeding across the landscape, Moss’ chest positively glowing as the stone it consumed blazes with light, the horse-sized creature barely able to keep up with me. …It would seem the wealth of Blood Iron I absorbed has made manipulating my own form much easier…. And rendered me capable of significantly greater speeds. Short of using magic, I doubt anyone could outrun me now-and I can maintain this pace indefinitely. Excellent.

It hardly takes any time at all to reach what was once Berluut, Moss once more falling back as we near the location, unwilling to get too close.. and I decisively begin setting the place afire, knowing that if anything I possess can cleanse the land of whatever taint is spreading, Soulfire can do it.


[-3 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 1,495 Minimum: 12]


[-3 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 1,491 Minimum: 12]

I set the whole ghost town afire, the flames rapidly spreading…. Too rapidly. I realize that with the cessation of rain some time ago, there is less moisture to retard it’s progress, and I am now faced with the very real possibility of a forest fire. What can I- Ah…

[-40 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 1,451 Minimum: 12]

I craft a being of living fire, and even as it bursts into existence, blazing like miniature sun, I command it, setting it into action. The Inferno Golem begins circling the ghost town of Berluut as swiftly as possible, building speed, it’s own fires sustained by the ambient Soulfire I sowed about the village, and turning the spreading inferno into a towering cyclone of scarlet and emerald fire, pulling back the expanding flames and rising into the sky, a pillar of heat and light. I continue to maintain the Inferno Golem’s flight until it finally dwindles, and as it does so too does the Soulfire I spread. In the wake of this fire, I find Berluut to be no more, an ash-covered wound on the ground the only evidence of its existence. …Whatever force made the landscape feel irregular to me before seems to have been burned away, and I note Moss happily yipping at me from its vantage point: It would seem my work here is done.

I return to the Arcanoworks shortly after noon, finding Keddic, Bang, Derkin (and surprisingly Dame Valiria) leading sparring as Oggroth and Ugrokk catch up with the returned Premen, and I wonder:

What should I say or do now?
[The three d20 rolls of 19, 15 and 1 will be put into play in the next post]
No. 195438 ID: e31d52

Let's spar with Bang. Give him some fun.
No. 195439 ID: e31d52

>I cannot help but notice the start of trees growing in each corner of the five fields, though they are still far too small for me to identify what they are.
>Dulu's warning
No. 195440 ID: 5c49ed

Sit, watch and go over the rune stuff in your head. Fighting Band will probably be VERY bad for you. You are not exactly tailored to non-lethal sparring and with Bang, you can't really afford to hold back. If you do decide to fight him, make expeditious use of the fact that the EDGE OF OBLIVION is nigh unbreakable. If Band breaks that well then, better it than u.
No. 195441 ID: f4e4f9

Observe the sparring. How are the participants performing?

Also, inform Oggroth and Uggrok that they should prepare to head back to Mordreden, as we will be venturing to discover what issues they are having. The Premen are the only viable ones we can take.

ALso, 40 mph?! We've doubled in speed. I can't wait to see what a completed Blood steel composition will yield.

WHen the opportunity presents itself, be sure to ask Dame Valiria if she finds her lodgings acceptable. SHe should feel welcome here whenever.

Finally, inform Keddic as to the purpose of the swords, and offer him one or two. We already gave him one of the blood togas, and the blades synergize really well with them.
No. 195443 ID: d3dfb8

also give Ulzrick a lesson in will magic.
No. 195444 ID: f4e4f9

Speaking of which, why haven't we been tutoring Arkus at all? If we're giving lessons to Ulzrick, we should be doing so with Arkus as well. Magnetomancy could be used by both of them.
No. 195445 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, and we should have Arkus study the magic regen runes on Bang, and possibly carve them into Keddic's teeth/other bones
No. 195446 ID: d3dfb8

Arkus is busy.
He's learning World and Rune magic I don't think he needs Will. Not yet anyway.
He has also got a small amount of Word.
No. 195449 ID: f4e4f9

So the dude we swore to teach magic is taking a backseat to lessons so he can make stuff for us?

That seems fair.

Again, I suggest we teach them both.
No. 195450 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, and for when Arkus figures out the time runes, he should put them in his study so that the rate of time inside is increased, but also ages slower.
No. 195452 ID: e31d52

He's learning from all this.
No. 195457 ID: f4e4f9

At a slower pace.

There is literally no reason he can't sit in on an hour or whatever long lesson.

And if his schedule is so booked that he actually CAN'T, then we are overworking him to the point where exhaustion and death are legitimate concerns.
No. 195466 ID: d3dfb8

It's not that he CANT, it's that he has got about a months worth of work backed up. We generate ideas faster than he can put them into motion or learn that shit.

Also we should thank Arkus for his hard work. Especially for the AA; it has been one of our best weapons and great for getting out of sticky situations.
Someone come up with some SOAP for that.
No. 195469 ID: c00244

Have we assigned the Twins of Gavrock to someone yet? If not, we need to do so. I suggest either Keddic or Uggroth.

Spend some time experimenting with and flexing your magical muscles. Since we basically tripled the number of souls we have we haven't done anything to really push our stamina, but if I recall correctly our rate of power regeneration was supposed to increase with souls contained, was it not? A bit of testing should give us a better idea of what our capabilities are for next time we find ourselves in a dire situation.

>forming a unified magic theory
I really like this idea. The fact is, we know that the current theories of magic are, if not flawed, at least limited in their outlook; our admittedly limited knowledge of Mass Connection is strong evidence for this, since it's more than mere soul magic, bound up with something else as well. In my mind, Souldreaming is another thing that doesn't quite fit with current magical theories, even if it's classed as soul magic. While we might not have the depth of traditional mages' knowledge base to work with amongst our servants here, what we do have is a variety of outlooks, with at least some highly unconventional ways of working their magic. They should be able to come up with some useful theories, if nothing else.

Unfortunately, it might take a while... but I like the idea of establishing a new school of magical thought quite a bit. And not just because we might eventually be able to incorporate some form of soul magic into our minions' abilities and claim it isn't when others start yelling about the ban.
No. 195472 ID: 7370a0

We really need to get another mage skin. We're thiiis close to having Kyorto, a competent mage who also is in on THE SECRET, available to us.
No. 195474 ID: 538a24

Don't forget that a powerful small tomb comes with the package.
No. 195475 ID: f4e4f9

This cycles right back to my point that if we're unloading on him so much that he doesn't have time for anything else but work, we. are. overworking. our. only. ABSOLUTELY. LOYAL. minion.
No. 195477 ID: f4e4f9

I agree with testing the extent of our capabilities.
No. 195479 ID: d3dfb8

Keddic is a swordsman but I would support giving them to Uggroth.
We will probably need Kyorto to take on Weinsho. Or atleast whatever upgrades she can help make.
Also this.
No. 195480 ID: e31d52

Once Kyorto is freed, we can split the work between them and have her teach him. Bloody simple. Until then, Arkus is fine.
No. 195481 ID: d3dfb8

Except that this is what he wants. Through doing this work he is learning magic which is exactly why he is loyal.
He grew up on the streets, a poor orphan. He is no stranger to hard work.
However you do make a good point, we should inform him that he should take a break if he is feeling overworked. He is no good to us dead/unconscious.
No. 195482 ID: d3dfb8

One problem. Kyorto only speaks Mosmordren.
(Is that how it's spelled? I don't really want to sift through 5 other threads to find the correct spelling.)
No. 195483 ID: f4e4f9

And why does this preclude teaching in the now?

All I'm saying is this: We have no pressing matters that we've assigned to him that absolutely need to be finished right this instant. So why should we ignore teaching our current primary magical researcher more advanced types of magic?

We already know that Arkus learns by notetaking and reviewing, so we wouldn't even have to devote a whole lot of our own time to it.
No. 195485 ID: b4c60d

Yeah, as I suggested just going out and looking over those trees I'm gonna second this. And, can we retroactively have told Shellik that we burnt down Berluut and that we beg forgiveness?

I still wanna pay the people we owe money to, too.

>And the rest
I really don't know if we can teach anyone magic. We don't really know it. We just innately cast, I would think it's like an AI teaching someone to hack. If we can teach, I think we should teach both, yes. Bonding time with Arkus, at least, and maybe give some pointers to Ulzrick. More importantly, I think we should sit in on the Unified Theory Of Magic, and Magic Language classes to build up some knowledge on other styles. I mean, we have two powerful combat mages here that we should be learning from from the beginning. I mean if we can clean anything from Keddic due to blood...

Anyway, Join the sparring. Nothing over exerting - just test yourself against everyone and see how everyone does against you. Don't be afraid to give - Bang is frightfully powerful, Keddic is no slouch, Derkin is a cunning foe and we have no idea how strong Dame Valiria. Of course, we shouldn't give to the troops - but if we have to, find out there name and thank them.

Don't tell them yet. We're suppose to be getting some Hounds and a caravan from the Blue Knight, and I wanna stay for that. Also, we shouldn't go until we can somehow instantly communication between our forces. I don't what to have the Arcanoworks under attack while we blither about on the mountains for three days or so.

Anyway, repeating asking if Anyone knows Eisenhardt, Alexander Armstrong or Sam Vimes. And I do think we should go looking for Armstrong shortly.

Oh, and we have to go claim that Alligator Mine as quickly as possible. Not sure how...get a gang together, rush down, have them start digging in while we spend a day or two building a road to it?
No. 195489 ID: d3dfb8

I agree, we shouldn't head up into the mountains until we can communicate back with main base.
Glad to see support for the suggestion though.
No. 195490 ID: 5c49ed

1. We never said that we would teach him. we simply said that we would make it happen. Through our actions we have provided him with more resources than even a noble well educated mage would acquire in a lifetime.

2. All the assignments we have given to him, require him to learn MORE about magic than he currently does. So it is not like we are having him stagnate at one level and slaving him. We are providing a route for him to learn for himself.

3. I am all for having Arkus sit in on some classes with us, he would definitely benefit from a few will magic sessions. However his current affinity is in Rune magic, so technically we would be hampering his overall growth for a period, though we would be making him better in the long run if he ever attempts to pursue will magic as a spell casting form.

Personal remarks: You guys should stop this argument. Your both right and wrong.
No. 195492 ID: f4e4f9

Hmm, if we do spar, we should specify Bang. He's the only one I can think of who might be able to physically take our blows.

"Ah, another sparring session? Excellent.

"Bang, I have a request. My golems capabilities have recently been upgraded, and I've been meaning to test a few things. Would you be partial to a match? I would like to give some of them a combat run, and as I've heard that you are very...resistant, shall we say, I thought it would a grand idea."

Given that most of our abilities are kinda...instantly lethal, we'll have to restrict ourselves to mostly testing out the new Accelerator, Yogoko, and Magnetomancy enhancements, regeneration etc. No IG or AG cannon or whatnot.
No. 195494 ID: b4c60d

Yeah, but Ugrokk is an ax-man. We don't really have a ranged attacker - maybe we should look at how our Leaders fight? I'm actually thinking Ellorika might be the best, actually.

Language of Magic, if she needs to talk to another mage. And we speak Mornostric if needs be.

Thanks. I mean, we already had a think-tank on a unified language of magic, so why not a unified theory of magic? Kinda sprouted from wanted Arkus to learn combat magic and then went 'wait, good idea' in my head.

Oh, and another suggestion. Is it possible for us to learn combat styles? I'm pretty sure the sparing isn't combat magic and we don't really know some of the finer points of using a sword, our fists or our razorwire properly - we had to get a soul to do that. Could we learn, say, the Way of Harksburton - Magicless Style, or some general ways to punch, kick, sword, and attack?
No. 195496 ID: f4e4f9

You have a point, at that. If nothing else, however, we should consider compiling notes on what we know of employing Will magic. We have nothing but free time at nights, it seems...now if only we had some way to write...
No. 195528 ID: 732129


The Twins are designed for a big person though, Keddic and the Premen satisfy the size requirement. Are Ellorika, Ulzrick, or Vespinto big enough?
No. 195531 ID: 6164e0
File 127690314841.jpg - (395.59KB , 1200x1800 , Dont question it just roll with it.jpg )

[Works for Bang because of insane healing, how do you propose inscribing them on Keddic without, you know, killing him getting access to all his bones? He doesn’t have super healing, please recall.]

[These are ‘locking’ temporal runes. Not really conducive to slowing or manipulating time precisely, though there is a chance such runes exist in Wendelin’s documents.]

[I cannot tell if you meant Oggroth the Mountain or Ugrokk.]

[Mornostic, the Mosmordren tongue of magic.]

[If you wanted to tell them, you should have commented on it earlier, retcon works if I omit something someone asked for, not if you realize you missed something. As it, you’d have to go there/send someone there to let tem know, as of right now all they have is HOLYFUCKGIANTFIRETORNADOWHAT? To go off of. Your analysis of how magic works for Soul Graves is pretty spot on though, that’s why you need souls to cast magic, as you are forcibly integrating knowledge into your own makeup and adding complexity to your own spell matrices, as opposed to more fleshy mages who learn things and utilize said knowledge in their brainmeats. However, you can teach, just not as well as a normal living being could, due to your structure. Can’t do everything, all that.]

I make my way into the central tower, and pick up two of the blood-stealing swords while calling for Arkus. I likewise grab the Chained Twins of Gavrock, and another blood toga, before making my way back outside, Arkus in tow. I motion for Ulzrick, as I take up a position to observe sparring while I attempt another lesson on Will-Based Magnetomancy, thankful I have experience splitting my attention. The lesson seems largely as fruitless as the first, Arkus making copious notes but evidencing no signs he can implement them yet, though he seems hopeful he is getting closer to grasping at least some principles of Will magic and Magnetomancy alike. Ulzrick manages to use my own form as an anchor so long as I allow him to, and manages to float several iron objects in the air, even if they are less than a pound apiece and wobble: It would seem he has tried to practice some on his own since the last lesson. I find myself unable to answer several of Arkus’ questions during the process, about how to tap Will magic, though with Ulzrick’s help as a fledgling user of Will magic we manage to find answers: I cover this apparent lack of knowledge by remarking that it has been so long since I learned that I hardly think about how I tap Will energy, I simply do it. Eventually Arkus excuses himself with another pile of notes, observing he has many tasks and studies to attend to, and he’ll need time to properly analyze what he observed. Ulzrick, on the other hand, eventually starts sweating profusely, and I belatedly realize I have always had hundreds of souls worth of energy to draw on, and his own magical stamina seems to be draining quickly, so I eventually draw the lesson to a close and order him to rest some before resuming his duties.

As for the sparring, I note that the Arcanoworks Personnel… have a rather grueling training regiment. Push-ups, squats, running and all manner of other fitness oriented pursuits serve as a warmup, and after some half hour of this the now sweaty and panting trainees are finally set to spar. I note that they demonstrate greater competency than before, and every now and then Bang or Keddic stops a spar to speak with specific individuals, apparently perceiving fitful examples of crude Combat magic accidentally taking shape now and again, and doing what they can to help those who stumble upon it to clamp down on the sensation. Finally, the matches move to the personnel having a match against the Premen, Bang, Derkin and Keddic, who unsurprisingly trounce them, even while the three trainers take the time to comment on how any given approach could be improved. All said and done, the spar lasts for two hours, and ends with Jojo tending to several dozen minor injuries, as the trainees practically collapse to the ground in exhaustion, water being circulate about their number by those not training today. With the matches concluded, I feel pleased with the progress I note amongst those who follow me, and make my way over to the Premen and the training leaders, presenting the gifts I have in hand.

--Keddic graciously accepts the pair of blood-stealing swords, and stows them away on his belt, noting they complement the toga he belts back on-which I note to be stained scarlet with blood. Where did he harvest that from?
--Bang seems to find the blood toga quite intriguing, and thanks me for the gift, saying it will likely help him fight for longer before expending his magical stamina: A most useful gift, it seems.
--Ugrokk and Keddic alike each get one of the Chained Twins of Gavrock, and as I explain their function they both seem eager to move away from the Arcanoworks to properly test them.

With the gifts given, I contemplate asking to spar with Bang, as well as asking about Armstrong and Vimes-

[Earlier rolls: 19+1+15=35, >10, >20, >30]

When a shout comes down from the walls about the Arcanoworks, that a lone rider has been spotted… and I note rather nonplussed looks festooning the faces of the sentries. Odd. I make my way to the gates of the Arcanoworks, peering in the direction they indicated, to see-

…What is that?

A metallic stallion sporting a horn upon it’s head, wreathed in a prismatic coat of light, shifting all the time, carries a warrior armored head to toe, charging towards the gates. …I’m not sure what to make of this.

What should I say or do?
No. 195535 ID: 995dc7


If there's time, ask the sentries what it is they see...They may be deceived by an illusion that our eyes can pierce...
No. 195536 ID: f4e4f9

If he's brandishing a weapon at us, bring him to a halt, first by waving at him and calling out. If he continues charging, magnetomancy him. If he's still charging...prepare to tap him as he nears you and TIME STEAL his ass.
No. 195537 ID: f4e4f9


"...are you seing what I'm seeing?"
No. 195539 ID: a594b9

We shall go out to meet this rider. Fortifications won't help if it's hostile, as any foe strong enough to challenge us in single combat would make short work of the gates.

Ask who it is and what their business is here. Could be someone from the Blue Knight...
No. 195541 ID: d3dfb8

Just the bones we can access, like teeth.
>temporal runes
I meant after he had a chance to study Wendelin’s documents, just suggesting it in-case it happens that it is possible.
Thank you.


Haha, Window Media Player just started playing Always
No. 195542 ID: e01928

Go out and greet the newcomer cautiously?

"Greetings traveller! What brings you to call upon the Kyogrorocks Arcanoworks?"
No. 195543 ID: f4e4f9

I think he's implying that that won't have any noticeable effect.
No. 195544 ID: 2579e0

Hehe, I can't help but say ALWAYS I WANNA BE WITH YOU!

> swamplands of the Froggrocks, nor did he go near the Morgren settlements.

When all this Weinsho business is done, how about going on a road trip to find our long lost Morgren!
No. 195545 ID: 5c49ed

This is the only way to approach this situation. Play this song from your mouth, amplifying it as if you were a speaker.
No. 195546 ID: 5c49ed

No. 195549 ID: b4c60d

OH HARMONY OH LOVE, I hope that's our pony! Walk forward and greet him, raise hands!

"Open your eyes, I see you. No need to charge, haha! Stop, Sir...Knight? Wear no disguise for me, lift up your helmet, tell me who you are. I am the Mage Mordre! Only mage to control a golem from across continents and over oceans and the power to hold back the tide, I see you! Come into the open! Please, meet my Arcanoworks Personnel. And I would advise you not to fight for a fiery death awaits you and you will fail. I wonder, although I doubt it, is this my pony from Lenryt." [And if anybody wants to try to put Erasure 'Always' lyrics and references to Robot Unicorn Attack into a intro better, please do.]

[Also: I thought I remember you saying that about souls. I do wonder if, by learning fleshy ways, would we use magic better and can we 'learn', rather then eating? And I know you might have missed it, but is it possible for us to learn combat styles that aren't magic based. So we can fight better.]

As for suggestions: After we deal with Harmony, can we go tell people that it's our fault there was a flaming tornado one town over and, hopefully, we killed the evil? And then can we go look at the quick-growing trees that scare me?
No. 195555 ID: 0a8e03

move between the chargeing rider and the gates, ready our huge sword to deflect any attack and if we have time ask who it is and why did they come here?
No. 195566 ID: d3dfb8

Fucking Eisenhardt, I hope we are ready for this.
This man is obviously seriously badass, riding out and challenging us all alone. We must not underestimate him.
No. 195568 ID: b4c60d

Seriously FABULOUS badass, you mean?
No. 195579 ID: b4c60d

[Oh yeah, BRB, changing style to Pony.]
No. 195589 ID: 2579e0

Hey Bob is that 5 Pristine soul offer still standing?
No. 195602 ID: b4c60d

Yep, although most of the guess on on the Discussion page
No. 195610 ID: 445c48

"Oh my god that is amazing where did you get that unicorn"
No. 195613 ID: d3dfb8

You WEREN'T in pony?
No. 195623 ID: b4c60d

It's only reserved for special occasions. This is one of them.
No. 195626 ID: d3dfb8

A wise choice.

I don't know about you guys but I don't see any way Bob could make a better boss fight. This is turning out pretty awesome so far.
No. 195631 ID: 538a24

Pony style is GO
No. 195633 ID: ff7333

Shout out, don't let him get too close to the Arcanoworks.

"Stop right there, rider. I will meet you outside the gates!"

If he still approaches, fire a vanguard blade to strike the earth in front of him as a warning and a test.
No. 195635 ID: f4e4f9

i'm not so sure this is a boss fight, yet.
No. 195641 ID: c00244

Surely no one less powerful than a boss would dare utilize a unicorns and rainbows theme?
No. 195695 ID: e31d52

this may be one of the hounds!
No. 195703 ID: 445c48

Doubtful, as they were blue life golems with that monster thing attached, and not nearly so... harmonious.
No. 195803 ID: d3dfb8

We must have that pony.
Activate IG and run out to meet him.
Secondary function his ass then punch him in the face and time steal.
Use the SE to grab our new pony.
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Isn't the world a brutal place
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Everywhere you go, a dying face
Running and killing; merrily ripping
Watching the mourning unfold
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
What does the future hold?
No. 195817 ID: 6164e0

[Currently not really feasible: You would have been restricted to shitty swordplay had you not gained a soul pertaining to swordplay from your jaunt to the Land of Dragons. This can be changed with Soul magic by altering the fundamental nature of the spell matrices inside you, but otherwise, the only real way Mordre can acquire new skills is by killing something that knows it and consuming it’s soul. This does not preclude storing information in the Soul Grave’s eidetic memory, it just means that trying to, for example, employ runecraft yourself will be realistically impossible until you consume some souls of individuals with capability at runecraft: Then you would be able to inscribe any rune you have knowledge of at the skill level of the sum of runecrafting souls in you. Not sure if that fully explains it, but there it is.]

”…Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“Ah… not sure. Do you see a solid rainbow hurtling towards us ridden by a shadow?”

So, this thing is at least partly cloaked from normal perception: I find myself thankful for the addition of Zagrath the Unseen’s soul to my gaze, for letting me pierce the illusion.

I first attempt hailing the approaching rider cloaked in both a wealth and dearth of color alike (I feel inclined to think them themed after opposites… or paradoxes), as they are still distant enough that I can still fall back on more.. physical reactions.

“Greetings traveler! What brings you here, To Kyogrock Arcanoworks?”

I am met with silence as the scintillating prismatic unicorn continues to charge forth, the rider’s form disrupted by flickering abscesses where no light or color seems able to reach, it’s sword still held at the ready. I note Oggroth and Ugrokk both making their way to my side, and staring in confusion at the approaching figure: Likely they only see a mass of shadow riding a rainbow, the same as the others. ..The rider clearly seems readyfor combat, but without knowing it’s identity or purpose, I feel it would be a waste to simply engage it without first putting in a solid attempt to understand it.

”Sheathe thine sword, Rider of the metal horse! This need not come to violence!”

I see a flicker of movement in the rider’s form and it’s mount alike, clearly not expecting me to perceive it’s armed nature. ..Ah, as with its guise present, it is only perceived as a mass of shadow: Likely it’s sword is only visible when piercing that illusion. I see the mount’s head tilt up to appraise it’s rider, who simply nods as the two continue to near…. The sword still proffered. ..Well then.

I start moving beyond the gates even as I hear more of my followers moving to get a look at this new development. I reach out with my Magnetomancy, intent on testing the full extent of my power, now that I have nearly thrice as many souls to regenerate magical stamina: This should allow me substantially more potent sustained effects, or so I surmise. My senses reach the form charging me… and I find them informing me of something strange. The rider seems comprised wholly of metal, but.. it seems to have some crystal-like properties to it, infused with an empty sense of order: I cannot tell precisely what this rider is made of. The horned mount, on the other hand, is easily perceived, but its composition seems to constantly shift, whorls of metal surging across its form as it’s material composition maintains a chaotic state of flux. Strange, but ultimately irrelevant, as I can still perceive both, and neither feel protected from my magic. So I direct every bit of Magnetomantic focus I can into both their forms, in an attempt to grind their progress to a halt.

The ground craters beneath them as they both are repelled from my own form-

And I find my own form slowly being pushed back, furrows dug up by my feet as they tear through the soil, the rider still advancing: Their forward momentum seems great enough my own form cannot act as an anchor to stop them, despite their vulnerability to Magnetomancy. Just how strong are they… and more importantly, what is allowing them to move what must easily be dozens of times more weighty than they with such apparent ease? ..Ultimately, I have no answer at the moment, but I consider that there are other ways to slow them. I now direct my magnetomancy towards separating rider and mount, using both as anchors for their opposed movement: The riders surges skyward for a moment, but his legs clamp down about his mount, and he manages to maintain his seat through sheer grip strength.

I hear Bang exclaim something behind me even as I resume my forward motion, directing my Magnetomancy inwards as I rush to intercept the rider, offering a final word of caution.

”If you will not put up your weapon, Identify yourself or halt your charge, Then I must consider you an aggressor!”

At my words I see the mount snort, a plume of intensely chromatic light emanating from it’s metallic nostrils, and the rider nod his head as if in approval. As I reach out, I deactivate the Soul Nexus in my proffered left hand, and instead activate Yogoko the Time Thief’s soul, my Blood Iron enriched form still responsive enough that I avoid the sword that comes racing for my hand, instead brushing against mount and rider both.


I feel time dilate, the world about me slowing-though not nearly as much as my potential foe, who now moves at a slow crawl rather than thundering across the planes. In this accelerated state, I find time to process what Bang said earlier… something about a Paradox Knight, and ‘Harmonious Discord’, the rest of his exclamation too garbled to decipher. I see the rider’s head turning to face me, along with it’s mount, both affixing me with their gaze, the ride’s glare like that of the void itself, the mount as if staring into a maelstrom of creation, chaos dancing in it’s eyes. The two discordant elements seem to blend together, and-

Time is forced back to normal for both of us, the temporal theft I performed undone. Before I have time to consider just what it is they did, the rider snaps his head back to gaze at the Arcanoworks, where Keddic, Bang, Oggroth and Ugrokk are charging forth, a mass of soldiers, human and Premen alike, are charging forth to support me. The rider flicks his sword at the ground as he wheels his mount about, the tip barely touching the ground-

And a curtain of white devoid of features juts forth from the earth, thousands of feet long and more than a hundred tall, the tumultuous din of activity from the Arcanoworks abruptly silenced as it snaps into being, neatly blocking off the Arcanoworks. With our two respective forms now secluded, the rider finally speaks as it continues to circle me, just out of melee range.

”Why dost thou not draw thine sword? Thou be a weapon of death, of war, of slaughter: Why bandy words when a challenge is offered?”

I see the rider’s grip tightening on it’s sword, and it seems prepared to charge again… and yet it does not do so immediately…. Is it giving me time to respond?

What should I say or do?
No. 195827 ID: b14128

...Um... Am I the only one that thinks what this guy just said carries the implication he knows who we really are?
No. 195829 ID: d3dfb8

Well if there's one thing I CAN'T stand, it's racism. >:|
Draw Oblivions Edge. Slowly.
Activate IG and cut off their magic.
Then punch them in the face. Or cut them in the face, whatever.
No. 195830 ID: 2aaaf1

"Who are you to say what I am? What gives you the right to judge me, ye who holds no knowledge of my true nature? I have seen war, I have participated in it, and I have slain many a foe. But, you do not comprehend WHY I fight. Tell me, have you witnessed the atrocities of man and machine, of artifical and organic? Accost me as you wish, stranger, but know that I am no simple murderer. I have given you a chance to speak your mind, to choose a path of nonviolence, and yet you label ME as nothing but a tool of death and war and slaughter- when you arrive brandishing your metal stick like a scornful child. Hah! Do yourself a favor and ride back to your home, or this gift-horse golem shall be gifted a horse."
No. 195831 ID: d3dfb8

Excellent. This.
No. 195832 ID: a594b9

"Oh, I'm just putting on a play for the meatbags."

Don't play nice. Begin with a barrage of AGC and blade launcher, then draw your sword and HAVE AT HIM.
No. 195833 ID: 445c48

I think we should try to talk our way out of this, instead of you know, playing right into those stereotypes!

Unfortunately I am not a talkan man and don't know what to say!
No. 195835 ID: a594b9

rolled 20 = 20

Oh yeah, activate IG. No reason to leave it off while we're fighting this dude; our allies are cut off and a good distance away.
No. 195837 ID: 2aaaf1

No. 195845 ID: 445c48

Say this, and at the end turn on IG, using this amazing roll
because it's just too good not to use, but refrain from taking any more aggressive action unless he does as well.
No. 195857 ID: 6bf637

No. 195863 ID: 6164e0

…From the wording used, could it be? Could this one before me know of my true nature? …I am separated from my companions, and thw wall of stark white seems to wall off sound… perhaps it is time to drop my act, if only in the sake of forthright communication.

[20+6= 26 MAXIMUM ROLL]
”Who are you to say what I am? What give you the right to judge me, Ye who holds no knowledge of my true nature? I have seen war, I have participated in it, And I have slain many a foe, this is true. But, do you comprehend WHY I fight? Tell me, have you witnessed the atrocities, Born of man and machine, artificial and organic? Accost me as you wish stranger, that is your right, But know that I am no simple murderer. I have given you ample chance to speak your mind, To choose a path of nonviolence in this meeting, And yet you label ME as a tool of death, Nothing more than a device of slaughter- When you arrived brandishing your sword, Like a scornful child! Do yourself a favor, If you will not speak, then ride back home, Or this gift-horse golem shall be gifted a horse!”

As I say this, I hold forth my left hand, triggering the Immortal Genocide to feed, which responds to my will without issue, frost starting to creep forth from the shadowed recess in my hand as the plants nearest it start to wither and die, keeping the hand between our two forms. At my words, a mix of taunt and plea for communication, The knight bows his head low as he swings his sword wide, ready to charge-but his mount refused to move forth, instead opening it’s mouth and-

”I did tell you there must be a reason to masquerade as a hero, Beyond simply avoiding discovery as a Sapient Golem.”

…What? The mount speaks? I barely have time to register this as the rider shoots back a terse reply to the metallic, chromatic unicorn he rides.

”Thou can feel the screaming souls within it as well as I-“

”I can, just as well as you can feel the contentment, That radiates from several souls festooning it’s body. Do you think such could be achieved without some measure of empathy?

”Bah, ‘tis happenstance, nothing more, That this abomination can-“

”Abomination? And what of us, then? Or have you forgotten-“

The speaking mount bucks, surprising the rider-

And knocking open it’s helm, to reveal… nothing, no one within it’s confines, an empty shell riding atop a mount of metal.

”-That we are not so different?”

As the rider pushes down his visor, he grumbles out his own response, sounding almost petulant.

”’Tis more than a minor difference, Betwixt a soul once living guiding a new shell, And such as this before us.”

”Is it so different? Or have we convinced ourselves it MUST be different? At least give this one the chance to speak, Reinhardt

”…As thee wishes.”

The empty armor, still fitfully sparking with bits of shadow, turns back to face me, it’s sword still held at the ready, paying no heed to the spreading frost and death expanding about my hand.

”So then, Well of Souls, Sapient Soul Grave: Explain thyself, why interfere in the affairs of mortals, Why dost thou build an empire here, amidst the bones of the State?”

What should I say or do?
No. 195865 ID: 445c48

Well, first off, bring down your hand and turn off IG, someone else can roll, I don't trust my luck.
No. 195870 ID: b4c60d

God, this sounds so badass but...we don't know this guy. Remember, while we are a soul-grave but we can easily bullshit as to being a mage. We are 'Mage Mordre', and out outright saying that yep, we're a thinking Soul Grave is a bad idea because if this thing relays messages, our White Whale of Weinsho has some serious fuel to just politically murder us.

And this seems to be a thinking golem - as he's made totally of crystal-metal and I dont' want to kill a thinking golem. Yeah, this would be an awesome boss fight...but I doubt we'd get anything out of it. He's a golem, so I don't know if we'd get souls, and we can't eat his metal, not when we're so close to becoming Blootz Steel.
No. 195872 ID: d3dfb8

... I think you missed the update.
No. 195873 ID: d3dfb8

... I think you missed the update.
No. 195877 ID: 6164e0

No. 195878 ID: b4c60d


Ok, walk closer, and sheath our sword and deactivate the IG.

"I build because others destroy. I build to help - to protect those innocent of battle and those who would fight for a noble cause. I build because this state is dying around me - Core Beings slither in it's heart, a corrupted hero stakes his thirst on her bones and it is only the people that suffer. I build because I can I will and I must.. But, forgive me. You have me at a disadvantage. Who...or -what-...are you? Sentient...not soul graves. But what golems are you? Ray Golems, I wonder? Some kind of Harmony?"

(Note: I will edit this after I reread our statement to Kyorto)
No. 195883 ID: 2aaaf1

"Because the entire world thinks itself a hero for destroying my home. Mosmordre might not have been the shining example of peace and love, but that does not give the governing powers of Zakrath free reign to label my homeland as traitors and villanous fiends, all while the moral void of the world's leaders grows ever more. How soon does Zakrath forget that Castiliathen was our partner in crime, and willingly partook of our QUESTIONABLE GOODS that they claim to shun and ban, now that there are no more citizens of Mosmordre to speak against their greed and hypocracy? And just who was it that gave birth to the monster AUROCKOTH, who slays the nobility of his progenitors, while the world turns a blind eye? And WHY oh WHY, is there such a demand foe my lost brothers, the missing soul graves, when we are but MACHINES OF BLOOD AND DEATH? Tell me, what JUSTICE is there in this world, that allows such ignorance and arrogance to spread? When MY empire is built, I will show the mortal world that I am more than what I kill. When MY empire is built, Zakrath will know what a REAL LEADER is, not some collective of small-minded fools, hellbent upon securing their own power and glory, with no heed of the toll it takes from the innocent."
No. 195884 ID: 6bf637

Aw, and I had battle music picked out too.
No. 195885 ID: 6bf637

Again, I must comment on the fact that you guys have no concept of 'saying just enough'...
Though I suppose it can works here. This entire situation is a toss up.
No. 195891 ID: d3dfb8

No. 195895 ID: b4c60d


To add to my post, after checking:
"I build to correct an imbalance in nature. I build so the strong may defend the weak rather then slaughter them to a man. I build for vengeance. I build for my own sake and for the bones of the lands I tread. The world was set ablaze by the Curse upon my old lands, by cowards hiding away. I seek to rectify that, but first I must make friends, first I must make the land strong, first I must build."
No. 195896 ID: f4e4f9

"Interfere? You speak as though we do not all reside upon this world, birthed from it as they, though through a different means.

Regardless, if such information is the price of peace, so be it.

I seek to build an empire whose citizens do not fear eradication, as happened with Mosmordre. I seek to build an empire that does not enforce slavery and ignorance amongst the wider populace, as Castiliathen. I seek to build an empire that needs not suffer under the predations of banditry and neglect, which is what I found here in the State.

But on another note, why does my sentience make me so worthy of destruction? You certainly aren't targetting me because I must consume souls, considering there are many more active Soul Graves on Zakrath older than myself. The only difference is that they can not think as I.

So, if what makes me worthy of destruction is that...how am I any different from yourself?"
No. 195899 ID: b14128

Aye, this all works nicely. ...But, I have to wonder... Is this a lie to appease these two, or does it honestly factor into what we do? Of course we don't need just one reason for something, but still, does morality factor into what Mordre does, what his goals are?
No. 195902 ID: 6bf637

Sooooo, are we going with 'Mordre is a mage from Mosmordre'?
No. 195903 ID: b14128

This guy knows we're a sentient golem, remember?
No. 195904 ID: f4e4f9

Somewhat, I would think. We professed to Kyorto that we would conquer as a hero, to prevent having our empire destroyed in the same manner as Mosmordre, and thus far such methods have yielded good results. A worldspanning empire is easier to achieve and maintain when people are predisposed to joining it in the first place. If you're good to your people, they're less inclined to turn on you.

Better to be loved than hated, after all.
No. 195907 ID: 538a24

Interesting, how did they discover that we are sentient? And what are they themselves?
No. 195908 ID: b4c60d

Sentient golems. I assume. And mostly because they knew we were a golem and knew we were sentient.
No. 195909 ID: f4e4f9

If nothing else, Reinhardt seems to be like Dulu, a soul guiding the body of a construct.

Not sure about the horse, but it's statements imply it is much the same.
No. 195911 ID: b4c60d

And...seeing as they called us 'Well of Souls'...what is what we called ourselves, Kyorto called us, and Lenryt called us...kinda concerns me.
No. 195912 ID: b4c60d

Which is odd, because most Small Tombs - which I doubt he is - don't have souls. I.E., the two or so we've dealt with already. Which makes DULU! and Harmony and Love freaks of nature now. Yes, until we know their names one is Harmony - the shadow - and one is Love - the rainbow.
No. 195913 ID: f4e4f9

Yeah they do. All small tombs have 1 heroic soul. Most don't seem to tap into the sentience of said soul like these seem to, but they do have souls.
No. 195914 ID: 538a24

I don't think its a lie.
No. 195918 ID: 732129


>I seek to build an empire that does not enforce slavery and ignorance amongst the wider populace, as Castiliathen

That will totally piss Keddic off.
No. 195925 ID: 538a24

He will not hear that.

Though it /does/ seem to me that we are throwing around baseless accusations.
No. 195926 ID: 445c48

"Oh man, I don't know, just something to do I guess"
No. 195928 ID: f4e4f9

Too bad its true, at least to my knowledge. Privileged nobility notwithstanding.
No. 195931 ID: 538a24

Bob, how long would it take at our maximum speed, non-stop travel to reach the Premen tribe (keep forgetting its name)?
No. 195945 ID: 445c48

rolled 8 + 6 = 14

Deactivate IG
No. 195969 ID: a594b9

Vengeance. Justice. Peace.
No. 195995 ID: 45be60

[Golems: true neutral, even when sentient.]

I set out at first full of rage, seeking revenge. And indeed, who could blame me, for I awoke to find my home and my makers destroyed in the greatest atrocity ever levied upon a nation. The land of my birth is STILL poisonous to this day. And indeed, I still intend to see those responsible punished. But I have also found good in my travels, honorable souls whom I could befriend and trust. They have tempered my disposition greatly. Why am I here building an empire among the bones of the state? To help those whom I have befriended prosper, with knowledge, resources and trade. And as I travel these lands, I perpetually find more good, honorable people to befriend. Though I feel I must hide my true nature from them, I still count them as allies. Simply put, it pleases me to see them prosper.

The souls that you hear screaming within me are those of bandits, marauders, and betrayers who have had the misfortune to come against me. The souls you hear singing within me are those of honorable opponents, and of allies who have fallen beside me, their power freely given.
No. 196002 ID: 445c48

This ++
No. 196004 ID: db9547

I support this.
No. 196005 ID: a594b9

Not entirely true. We kinda stole 1000 souls from a battlefield.
No. 196011 ID: db9547

A technicality. Those were gifted to us.
No. 196015 ID: 538a24

They should have known better to opposing us.
No. 196025 ID: 445c48

Well, not all of them did, you know.

I like to think of those 1000 souls merely as payment for services rendered.
No. 196122 ID: b4c60d

Late to answer, but I stupided up on that statement: The few Small Tombs we've dealt with had no emotion, sapience, or, well, 'soul'. You're right, and that's what I was trying to say. Stupid-stupid.

These all seem like champs but I do like >>195883 the most, with maybe a little reference to the Curse and how it fucked with all world magic.
No. 196123 ID: b4c60d

Oh, and I do wanna guess at these guys being Ray Golems, and we should ask just who these guys are. And if they like the name Harmony and Love, or Paradox and Harmony better.
No. 196143 ID: f4e4f9

I agree with this, actually.
No. 196215 ID: e31d52

Continually grow more and more intense as you deliver this, perhaps shifting into your Golem Voice, since Mage Mordre voice is probably well ingrained.
No. 196334 ID: 6164e0


[From the Arcanoworks, at current max speed of 40 (with internally directed Magnetomancy) would be 3-5 days, depending on the terrain involved, to go directly to Mordreden, though as you have not yet traversed this strait path, you aren’t sure exactly how long it would take, hence the day range]

”I build because others destroy. I build to correct an imbalance in nature. I build because this land is dying around me- Core Beings slither in it’s heart, A corrupted hero spins a web of death and deceit, And through it all the people suffer, starve, and perish.”

”..You seek balance, To offset what is done.”

”And the power thou acquires through these endeavors, Dost thou think to tell us that does not sway thine mind?”

”The entire world seems to think itself the hero for destroying my home, The place where I was forged, where one could claim I was birthed. ‘Tis true, dark things were done by the Mosmordren Empire: But the Soul Graves, weapons of death as you term us, are coveted even now, And monstrosities such as Aurockoth roam the land, unquestioned and unchecked. The world termed Mosmordre anathema and Cursed it, and my own Sapience… I need not tell you what fate would befall me for that to be revealed: I need power to both right past transgressions, and to preserve my own existence. When my ‘empire’ is built, I shall show what a TRUE leader can accomplish.”/[code] [code]”Dress it as thou will, I still hear the taint of greed in thine voice, Whence ye speak of gaining power. Why bother interfering with Mortals, If not to gain power, to wallow in strength and death, as is your nature?”

The chromatic mount has nothing to say at this remark, instead regarding me with an unreadable expression. ..Perhaps I should change my tactics.

”Interfere? You speak as though we do not all reside upon this world, Birthed from it the same as they, albeit through a different means. I wish to see an empire built wherein it’s citizens need not fear eradication, As was the fate the Curse brought upon the Mosmordren Empire. But on another note, why do you seek to remove me from the affairs of mortals? It cannot be due to my need of souls as fuel, as there are other, older Soul Graves, Scattered about this land, still active and in need of such precious fuel. The only difference betwixt myself and they is my sapience, that I am self aware: And as you said, we are not so different on that respect, we-“

The rider slashes his sword through the air, as if to cut away my ability to speak as he retorts with fire in his voice.

”But thou most assuredly is different!”

[u]”…On this, I must agree with Reinhardt. While we were ultimately once living souls, Whose minds still survive to guide our new forms, You are not, CANNOT be such: You have no central soul, no original life that persists, As Soul Graves are not built to allow such function, So there is nothing to grant you a pre-existing sapience. You are a true artificial entity, your will BORN, Rather than simply housed in a new container, And that is what worries our order: Our memory stretches back far into the annals of time, And not once has such a crafted will, When allowed to slake it’s thirst for power, Done anything but lay waste to the land.”

What’s more, thou awakening, amidst the ruins of Mosmordre, Was fraught with death, those few that escaped telling of comrades slain: How does such as this fit your professed goals to bring order and balance?”

[8+6=14, >10]
…Blast, I KNEW letting those few thugs that accompanied Arkus to my awakening escape was a bad idea, and here is evidence to prove my fears well-founded. ..I note frost creeping up my arm from the Immortal Genocide, and deduce that the death field spreading about it likely will not help my claims that I am interested in more than simple destruction, and I force the ever-hungering magicks dwelling in my hand to cease their feast, a considerable amount of power already consumed. ..Hm, what to say in this situation…

”..’Tis true, I set out at first full of rage, seeking revenge. Indeed, who could blame me, waking to find my home and makers… Unmade by the greatest atrocity ever directed at a nation… to wake alone. The land of my birth is STILL a poisonous miasma, to this day. Even now, I still aim to see those responsible punished for this act-“

”More proof that you only seek violen-“

”-But I have also found good in my travels, honorable souls… Whom I could befriend, could trust, could call my comrades. Their existence, their presence has tempered my disposition greatly. Why am I building an empire here in the bones of the decaying State? To help those I befriended prosper, with knowledge, resources, and trade. And as I travel these lands, I perpetually find more good, honorable people. While I feel I must hide my true nature from them, I still count them as allies. Simply put, I seek power not just for my revenge, but for prosperity, For order for those I call comrades: It pleases me to see them prosper. The souls you hear screaming in me are bandits, marauders and betrayers, Those who had the misfortune to come against me, I do not deny this. But the souls you hear sing in contentment within my form are their counterbalance, Those of honorable opponents, as well as allies that fell beside me, Their power freely given.”

The shadowed, stark and uncolored form of Reinhardt only can splutter at these words, as his mount nods its head in understanding. …But more than that, I feel the words to ring ture whether I wished to deceive them or not: The only things that remain of the Mosmordren empire are mindless weapons, that barring being awakened to sapience I could never truly call my fellows… and so those I have been gathering about me have BECOME my home, without me truly having been cognizant of it. Without them, I would once more stand alone, stand apart, bereft of confidants or allies, and likely revert to my more amoral ways… and a part of me wonders if such a reversion would be such a bad thing, to revel in my own existence as a weapon and not bother with the contrivances of socialization… but that part is smaller now than it was when I first awoke. My introspection is broken as Reinhardt’s mount speaks to me.

>MORDRE SAPIENCE ORIGIN HINT: It is directly related to both the creature that has been encountered several times and the Duke that ruled the city you were found in: More information could be gleaned if the Ducal palace within said ruins were to be explored.
>HINT PT 2: Mordre’s use of Pristine Souls is directly tied to this interconnection between Soul Grave, Creature, and Duke (Duke’s name is Mordecai).
>WORLD KNOWLEDGE: The Disciples of Domintus are getting ready to attack the eastern border of the Azelhaedran State.

”You see, Reinhardt? I told you there was cause, To excise the memories of this Soul Grave’s sapience from those that saw, To confine the secret to our order. The Paradox Knights could hardly see-“

Enough, Kirchesia. …’Tis acknowledged, that unjust assumptions… MAY have been made: But words are ephemeral, and transient: ‘Tis ACTION that will prove the validity of the claims made.”

”And is that not why we were sent to begin with? As I recall, ‘twas you who chose to aggress this one upon sight, Or do you claim to forget your earlier rash actions?”

Reinhardt hangs his helmet in shame as Kirchesia continues.

”I suppose it is time for formal introductions, Which SHOULD have occurred when we arrived: The one atop me is Reinhardt, and I am Kirchesia, Both of us members of the Order of Harmonious Discord, Otherwise known as the Paradox Knights. We have been sent to assess you, as another… Similar to us in it’s existence. …Reinhardt, the light curtain?”

Almost petulantly, Reinhardt sweeps his sword at the austere wall of pure white blocking us off from the Arcanoworks, and the erected barrio evaporates, a great mass of soldiers led by many of my lieutenants gaping for a moment at the barrier’s dissipation, and hesitantly looking ready to charge forth, even as Reinhardt sheaths his sword with more force than strictly necessary.

”So, Mage Mordre, I apologize for the… Confusion, I was unaware you controlled your golem remotely, And perceived it’s lone approach as a threat. Perchance, can we move past that? I’d like to stable my mount, As it was a long ride to get here.. That is, if you will extend an invitation to your abode to me?”

…Hm, an interesting change in behavior, now that the wall that blocked off my followers is dispelled.

What should I say or do?
And what should I say to the rather obviously curious Arcanoworks forces that are rushing to my aid?
No. 196408 ID: b4c60d


"...Ah! Yes! You are most right, Sir Knight! I, Mage Mordre, Apologize! The logistics of setting a large banner upon my back proclaiming myself to be the only mage to control a golem across nations is, well, tooting one's on horn a bit excessively, don't you think?" Walk beside KickassiaKirchesia and pat our, ahem, knight friend on the shoulder. "Halt, halt my friends. This is Sir Reinhardt, the Night, haha! See, for his armor is so dark he would stand as one, with the night, haha...oh, I kill myself. We are to treat them as honored guests! And none more honored then his wise and honest steed! Please, greet him with kindness, hopefully we may become long friends, eh?" Turn to Reinhardt and whisper. "Thank you. I do not know if it is prudent or wise to call you friend yet, but your choice of words...I hope you stick with them." And lead our...new golem friend in to the Arcnoworks. Guided tour!
No. 196411 ID: 2aaaf1

"You are welcome here, Knight of Paradox. Feel free to make yourself at home. We have much to speak upon, but that can wait until you've settled in."

"Easy men, just a misunderstanding. This isn't the first time that the very sight of my golem has caused someone to attack."

After things settle down, check the top of the Arcanoworks. It's been 19 days since we last talked to Ellayia, she might have returned with some dirt on Weinsho.
No. 196420 ID: 45be60

Sentience: the ability of an entity to have subjective perceptual experiences. Emotions and sense of self.
Sapience: the ability of an entity to act with appropriate judgment to complex stimuli. Wisdom and logic.

The words both apply, as they are not traits normally associated with golems. Just because one is less common in nature does not make the other any less impressive or applicable for a construct. Stop all the nerd-raging. :p

"An understandable mistake my dear fellow, and one I am unfortunately not unaccustomed to. I sometimes wonder if I should affix some sort of nameplate to this shell. Hah! Yes of course you are welcome to come inside and look around. I assure you, my companions are used to such tours by now. Perhaps I should appoint some official guide! You there, see that we clear a large place in the stable for this fine... horse?"
No. 196448 ID: 903f16

>MORDRE SAPIENCE ORIGIN HINT: It is directly related to both the creature that has been encountered several times and the Duke that ruled the city you were found in: More information could be gleaned if the Ducal palace within said ruins were to be explored.

>HINT PT 2: Mordre’s use of Pristine Souls is directly tied to this interconnection between Soul Grave, Creature, and Duke (Duke’s name is Mordecai).

Well, task of restoring Kyorto seems to be becoming more and more lucrative than ever before. After she is returned to flesh and blood we'll be able to move the Small Tomb from the entryway to the Duke's palace and learn more about our history and perhaps gain that Pristine Soul bonus. That's not to mention the other goodies we'll get, like the books she posses. Finding that last mage skin shouldn't be too difficult considering that we now know the location of one of Weinsho's bases.

Another thing, looking back on the first thread, I just saw something that made me facepalm.

"A petite figure within the woods, no larger than a child, watches Mordre and the rest as they leave, thoughts whirling through her head.

So... it appears those gutter rats were telling the truth, there was a Soul Grave still here, waiting to be found! A shame it could not be claimed as another of ours, more materials to work with are always useful, but.... they were telling the truth about their other claim as well, it seems: The golem acts on it's own. Fascinating! Oh, this promises to be most entertaining!"

The damn bandits have been leaking information since the beginning. The little girl is obvious Lenryt, and she gained the information and scoped us out about a month after we achieved sapience. Now the interesting part of this is that the information got to her and The Paradox Knights, but not to Weinsho or his accomplices. He's been targeting us specifically and of yet still has no clue of our origins, so something happened somewhere along the line that's prevented him from learning this fact. I'm guessing the bandits were killed by one of the two groups that have learned of us. We should ask Lenyrt what became of the "gutter rats" that she learned of us from the next time we meet.
No. 196453 ID: f4e4f9

Kirchesia and Reinhardt stated they excised the memories of us from the Mercenary's minds.
No. 196455 ID: bf6c75


I second the above discussion on sentience vs. sapience. Both words indeed apply...my argument for that is...

A Sentient, but not Sapient being can arguably be an animal, such as a cow. It has subjective experiences such as pain/pleasure, yet does not have sapience b/c it can not be said to have judgement/wisdom.

An AI on the other hand is the opposite. It has judgement/wisdom (Sapience), but in traditional science fiction, lacks the ability to feel subjective experiences (love/pain/pleasure).

In this quest, the golem exhibits both sapience and sentience. It has felt pleasure as various events occur. It feels solidarity with its comrades. It feels hate at some of its enemies. This is Sentience.

Modre is also Sapient. It acts with judgement in complex situations.

Considering that many people use the words interchangeably to describe Self-Awareness, unless you are willing to railroad us into using one word for the rest of the quest...It is almost inevitable that both will be used.
No. 196460 ID: d3dfb8

I think Lenryt is letting us run around upgrading ourselves and then wipe our memories maybe even sapience/sentience or bind us into servitude and use us to effectively replace Olmezca.
No. 196469 ID: 445c48

I don't know, there seem to be far too many exclamation points in that bit for me to comfortably say it's her.

Anyways, tell your men to stand down, simple misunderstanding, happens all the time, no harm done, stables are just this way, of course we'll invite you in, give him the tour, etc etc
No. 196500 ID: 903f16

I didn't catch that bit, but that certainly makes a great deal of sense. Though this means that Lenryt must have found them beforehand and likewise taken the information, but did not pluck it from their minds. So we're still missing a bit of the timeline as two what happened in between the two events. Either Lenryt freed them into the custody of The Paradox Knights or they were left to wander the countryside until the countryside until they were found by the knights. We can probably ask for clarification as to that bit once we're alone with them again. Along with that we should ask them how exactly they removed the memmories from their minds, acquiring that ability could help us tremendously.

I'm pretty sure that it is Lenryt, the text even goes on to say she did that teleportation trick she uses. Whether or not it's her saying the words or The Watcher within her is another story. Personally I think Bob just decided to write the character differently after he wrote that bit at the end of the first thread. That said, I doubt she has such an evil agenda. It would be a pretty spectacularly evil plan, having us go through all the work of strengthening ourselves and gathering an empire only to at the last minute take our mind and use us a puppet to rule the empire her/itself. For some reason I doubt that though, from our dealings with her so far she seems to posses her own strange set of goals that don't involve conquering.
No. 196511 ID: 445c48

Ok, I'll admit, I can hardly remember anything, so I only half remembered that scene, or any scene with Lenryt, so my opinion on that matter can probably be safely ignored.

However, I will say that the guards and merc that saw us wake up might have split up, so there's not necessarily a link between the Paradox Knights and Lenryt.
No. 196630 ID: 6164e0

[The words WOULD be interchangeable, if it weren’t for the fact that a golem that can experience emotions is not anathema, but a golem that can problem solve/utilize established knowledge and logic to interact with the world under it’s own will IS. That, and Mordre started without a grasp of emotions [thus only having the self awareness part of sentience, but the full scope of sapience), and gained emotional depth/awareness (Sentience) through it’s use of Pristine Souls/ masquerading as a mage. So this is less a case of nerd rage over word distinction, and more the fact the two words and their difference are relevant to the actual storyline, as only sapience, not sentience, falls into the category of ‘if a golem has this, KILL THE FUCK OUT OF IT’. So…. yeah. ANYWAY-]

[No that was totally Lenryt in the woods, as the prior poster surmised. And yes, it is interesting she acted so exuberantly at verifying Mordre’s sapience and free will as opposed to all further dealings with her.]

..If they are willing to behave in a manner conducive to maintaining my cover despite knowing otherwise, then I must go along with it. I place my left hand slowly on Reinhardt’s shoulder (Slowly because I am not entirely sure he would not attack me if I moved to swiftly in such proximity to him, in light of his professed views), while I address the approach mass of soldiers, most of whom are already slowing as they see my action, so unlike that which would normally be directed at a foe.

”Hold fast and stay your blades: ‘Twas nothing more than a misunderstanding. This is Reinhardt, a traveling Paradox Knight, Of the order of Harmonious Discord, Who has requested entry to the Arcanoworks. I hope you all can show him courtesy. …Now, if you wish, you can stable your mount here, In the stables we have outside the walls. I’m afraid it is the only place we have that can accept mounts, At this current juncture in time: Is this acceptable?”

As I watch the rest of my troops grind to a halt, I note Bang shooting a piercing gaze at Reinhardt… and his mount, Kirchesia. ..He was the one to cry out the name of their order upon spotting them, perhaps he knows of their nature, though I cannot be certain without speaking to him. For his part, Reinhardt simply nods graciously, and rides Kirchesia over to the stables as I direct the Arcanoworks personnel to return to their duties. In the brief span of time when Reinhardt, Kirchesia and I are alone within the sturdy walls of the stables, I voice a softly spoken comment to the pair, even while Kirchesia continues to act like any normal horse, albeit one forged of metal and adorned with a gleaming horn.

”I do not know if it is prudent to call you friend yet, But I thank you for your choice of words, and hope you adhere to them.”

”We are here to observe, ‘twould be more than passing hard, If your whole base were watching us like hawks. So long as thou displays courtesy, the same as for any guest, We shall not divulge thine secret through our actions.”

”I thank you nevertheless. ..Would you care for a tour?

”Nay, more would be learned by observing others at work, To see this… Arcanoworks in it’s natural state, then seeing what thou wishes.”

”Then feel free to inspect as you wish: Though I must warn you: On the fifth floor, Of the central tower, a Lady Jezebel works, And… she is somewhat confrontational. I would recommend tact and discretion, Should you wind up interacting with her.”

”..Your words are taken under advisement.”

As I lead the now dismounted Reinhardt back out of the stables and into the Arcanoworks proper, he politely excuses himself, and begins to wander the grounds, rebuffing the attempts by many inhabitants to converse with him, claiming the ride to have been long, and that he merely wishes to stretch his legs for the moment. ..,Well, I have a Paradox Knight within my walls (and possibly another without, quartered in the stables, but otherwise… not much has changed since before. ..Hm, what was I doing before this happened? Or does it matter? I imagine my priorities may have changed. ..I somewhat belatedly realize it is significantly past the afternoon, and the sun shall set in a few hours… and I see storm clouds on the horizon: But so do the sentries on the walls, now heaving at pulleys to extend the patchwork cover to redirect water away from the interior of the Arcanoworks.

What should I do now?
Should I once more try asking about Vimes and Armstrong, and if so, who should I speak to about this?
Should I try to speak to Bang or either of the Paradox Knights to learn more about their order?
Or should I do something else?
No. 196635 ID: b4c60d

>Should I once more try asking about Vimes and Armstrong, and if so, who should I speak to about this?

Yes, and generally anyone we can find.

>Should I try to speak to Bang?
Yes, ask him what he said - we heard him say something before that white-wall went up. Be careful though, this could tip our hand and we don't want that.

Ask Arkus who he got that control rod from and where we was coming from. Be deeply apologetic about not asking sooner - something soapy and forgiving. I can't remember if we asked Arkus about family, but we should do that too.

CHECK THE TREES! For the love of goodness, it won't take long, go check those freaking trees in our plots of farm land.

Go warn Lord Brigadier General Quinton about The Disciples of Domintus are getting ready to attack the eastern border of the Azelhaedran State.

Question Arkus, Jojo, Krump and Jezebel if, working flat out and without distraction, how long would it take them to make a crude long-distant communicator. Also, ask Jojo if he and Ulzrick can try to work on way to instantly communicate via daydreams - or a way for Ulzrick, or Jojo, to enter a trance-like state to send a message in a dire situation.
Generally, some way we can talk long distances so when we go up to the mountains, we don't get attacked and our towns, friends and holdings get pillaged without us.

And one idle suggestion: Can Jojo and Ulzrick possibly search for Lu Bu to see if he's alive so we can 'talk' to him in his dreams?
No. 196645 ID: fcd1ff


Sentience vs Sapience argument is off track...so I'm taking it to Discussions.
No. 196677 ID: ddcbe8

>Ask Arkus who he got that control rod from and where we was coming from.

Not just that, ask him about ALL the events that led him to us. Spare no details. I suspect it might have takes a long time to find our location.
No. 196680 ID: f4e4f9

We should also make sure Jezebel has all the materials she'll need when the supply caravan arrives. Inform her we secured a supply of material, one of which is a decent, one-time dropoff of niobium/tin, which should hopefully suit the needs of any superconductive parts she requires for the moment. If there's anything else important, now would be the time to tell us so we can see to it's acquisition in the near future.

Seconding asking Bang why he's so wary of Reinhardt and Kirchesia.
No. 196684 ID: f4e4f9

OH, and be sure to mention:

"It just occured to me I did not forewarn any of the surrounding villages that I was going to sanitize the remains of Berluut.

Derkin, would you be so kind as to dispatch a few runners to make a round of the neighboring settlements? I wouldn't want them panicking."

Also, somethings been bugging me. Carkiano was remarkably brief with us when we warned him of the Core Being threat. Ask Dame Valiria if she has any inkling of what course of action he might take.
No. 196692 ID: f4e4f9

Actually, tell Derkin that he should probably dispatch the runners AFTER the storm subsides. That would be a dick move, otherwise.
No. 196700 ID: 13257a

First of, find Arkus, tell him to keep the book safe, disguise it somehow, both magically and non-magically and then have a nice long conversation with MAXIMUM BANG!
(How long can we store the Energy in our fist? Would hate to waste that puuuurfect roll)
No. 196739 ID: b4c60d

We, as we can run at least forty mph...How about we just run over there go 'yeah, sorry, firebombed the death trees' with a bit more SOAP, and then run back?
No. 196767 ID: b4c60d

God, I should not post when I'm tired. 'Well', not 'we'. Oy.
No. 196783 ID: 6164e0

[The knowledge of the Disciples of Domintus getting ready to attack is meta-knowledge, so Mordre doesn’t know it, persay, but will feel more inclined to follow paths that allow it to discover the knowledge, and thus move it out of the realm of meta-knowledge. It works that way because there is no story reason why Mordre would magically know this, beyond having a vague inkling that a bunch of souls are going to be released from their bodies in that general cardinal direction (east)]

[Energy stored in the Immortal Genocide is notorious for swiftly bleeding out if not employed swiftly, and as such, it’s storage time, even for the perfect roll, is measured in minutes before the whole charge is gone.]

>Vimes/Armstrong inquiry
I decide to honor my recently established chain of command, and pose the question about these two groups I have heard of within the state to Arkus, Derkin, Keddic and Bang, and ask if theycan spread the question through the ranks and bring me a response, something they readily agree to. Eventually they get back to me with some interesting observations.

--Alexander Armstrong and Samuel Vimes both are well respected by the people, but only Armstrong is a genuine State military captain, Vimes and his crew are a mercenary force with a extended contract. Both are highly thought of by the people of the State.
--Armstrong should still be to the southeast, near the Blue Knight’s land, as far as anyone at the Arcanoworks is aware, and Vimes is said to be traveling to the outpost Lord Brigadier General Quinton Delevas is stationed at (which has apparently been re-titled Quinton’s Keep. How long it will take him to arrive, or if he and his group are already there, is unclear.
--Armstrong usually travels with some fifty Alchemically augmented soldiers (Who serve his family line specifically). Armstrong himself is considerably more augmented than those serving warriors, who themselves are said to likely be the match of the Premen in terms of strength, if not durability and stature. Beyond that, he usually has some two hundred state soldiers (non-augmented) in tow as well. None use mounts, as Armstrong believes ‘A healthy body leads to a healthy mind’ and prefers to march…. Everywhere, really.
--Vimes’ total force size is unknown, but several facets are known: A Heroic soul of considerable power guides his second in command, a man named after a vegetable (the specific vegetable in question is apparently hotly debated), a clay golem said to have a tiny life golem operating it as a golem armor, and several transformation-based life golems in his service.
--The rest of the commentary on the two seems mostly idle speculation, and I disregard it in favor of the information I hear oft repeated with conviction. …Hm, interesting.

>Ask Arkus about golem leash/what led him to find Mordre.
After carefully picking my way up to the second floor of the Arcanoworks central tower, to Arkus’ study, and ensuring no one else is within the area (thankful for the sound canceling effects that separate each floor), I question him on my discovery, the queries that have slowly cropped up over my few months of existence needing answering. Arkus puts down the books and quills he was employing and takes a few seconds to organize his thoughts before he begins to speak, as I keep an eye out (and cast out my magnetomantic senses) to insure no one is listening in.

“…Huh, I guess I dropped the Golem Leash in the ruins, I’d assume it’s still right where I found you, unless someone moved it, but considering where that is, I find that unlikely. As to what led me to find you… well, I was… in the southern part, I think, of the Golden League-I’d just happened upon some money, and decided that instead of squandering it, I’d try to invest it in something that would give me better returns. Anyway, I’m moving about this bazaar, nothing special, like pretty much all the shifting markets in the Golden League, and I see this old bearded guy staring at me. Well, he doesn’t say anything, so beyond being wierded out, I paid him no mind as I checked other vendors, but I didn’t find anything I thought I could use for the whole ‘invest money now, put in effort, more money later’ plan. Around the time I’m getting ready to try another market, the old guy, still staring at me, finally says something. ….I can’t claim this to be verbatim, but something along the lines of ‘If you seek wealth and position, I have what you seek’ or something equally cryptic. At the time, I chalked it up to it just being an old guy trying to make his wares sound more impressive… but he just handed me the Golem Leash, said it works on Soul Graves, and that a
diligent seeker might find one in the bones of Mosmordre’ or some such, again I’m paraphrasing but he had a consistent flair for melodramatic speech, and… huh. That was the last I saw him, but I don’t recall him leaving, walking away, or anything…. Well that’s weird. Anyway, since he didn’t take any money from me, I decided to hire some bodyguards and set out to the Cursed lands, figuring that if I could find a Soul Grave and bind it to me, I would pretty much be set…”

At this Arkus trails off and frowns before he continues, his brow furrowing as he does so.

“..You know, that’s a bit out of character for me, now that I have to explain it to someone else, to just trust some weird vanishing old guy, and immediately hare off like that. I didn’t get the leash checked, I didn’t plan the venture, or try to plot any form of optimal travel path-I even hired the first people I found, no regard for finding trustworthy guards…. All rather out of character behavior… and the fact I didn’t question it until now… Ah, anyway, that’s all I recollect of the whole ordeal, but…. I’m going to check a few things that occurred to me, depending on what I find I may have more to tell you about this… ‘cause some things are definitely NOT adding up…”

As Arkus mutters while pulling new books down from nearby shelves, I digest what he told me as I make my way back down the stairs ad out into the courtyard. …This has been illuminating, as well as throwing forth even more questions.

>Check trees at corners of fields
I recall Dulu’s cryptic warning delivered to Keddic when returning to him his staff, and walk about the fields, directing every method of sensory perception I have towards the sprouting saplings within my walls. …Well, I sense no presence or will guiding them, no ominous Blood Iron pooling or veins feeding them… but I do note a faint trace of World magic emitting from each growing tree, with something like a spiderweb spread underground, a net of World Magic that seems to flow into the foods grown on the fields. The energy is faint, and if it weren’t for my proximity and dedicated focus I doubt I would even be able to sense it, but it would stand to reason this magical net is somehow linked to how swiftly crops are growing…. But it feels so different from what I found at Berluut or Trekel that I wonder if it is even related beyond using a similar magic source. The individual tiny growing trees themselves look no different from any normal freshly sprouted tree, only the faint essence of magic marking them as different.

>Arkus/Jezebel/Jojo/Krump communication means
I round up Jojo and Krump, and ask them to come to the second floor of the Arcanoworks, as I travel to the fifth floor and likewise ask Jezebel to report to Arkus’ study, for a potential group project after informing her that there will shortly be shipments of steel, tin, nickel, copper and magnesium coming to the Arcanoworks, as well as a single delivery of tantalum and niobium (at this, she perks up rather considerably, and comes down to the meeting without argument). Once everyone is present, I lay out my request to make some sort of long distance communication devices that would allow any user to converse or otherwise exchange information at significant distances. Jezebel does not even stick around, shooting off an acerbic remark as she makes her way up the stairs again.

“I deal in weapons of war, not communication, and everyone else you called is involved in magic, which I’ve not had the time to investigate conjoining with my inventions. What exactly made you think I could work outside my specialty with a system I don’t even understand to make something when two thirds of the people you want me to work with don’t even speak the same language? Honestly…”

As Jezebel marches up the steps, Krump and Jojo talk while Arkus grabs a few books and flips through them while rattling off his own response.

“Ah… barring how much interference the existing language barrier could cause in group works, I think I saw… no, maybe the other book…. Ah. Okay, there ARE runes pertaining to long distance communication I think could be repurposed to make some sort of communication devic-ah. The runes, ah, require World magic, which isn’t an issue… and Will magic… which I am still trying to figure out. So…. Yeah, this might have to be put on the backburner for now… there was something else though, hold on…”

As Arkus digs through the veritable mountain of documents about his study, Jojo and Krump address me with their own reply.

“Pupil Ulzrick capable enough that Jojo and Ulzrick could serve as… communicators, yes? Ah, Only able to communicate when both are asleep though, but so long as condition met, any distance and any message between two could be conveyed.”
“…Krump has nothing to offer on this, communication is more the realm of Souldreaming or more experienced shamans…. Maybe Mingsk or Fekk in Mordreden could say more? Not sure.”


I turn to Arkus, already jogging back over with yet another tome open in his hands, a mildly triumphant look on his face.

“Okay, well, there IS something I could make now: A bit limited in what it can do, but the distance won’t matter. Ah, I could put together a…. I guess danger-device? Top a piece of metal with a ruby, put on these runes here, and… okay, this is how it works: These staffs would work in pairs, such that if only one staff is stuck into the ground, nothing happens, but if a staff is stuck in the ground while it’s pair is also in contact with the ground, the rubies on both staffs light up instantly, doesn’t matter what distance we’re talking about, either. So… you could take one with you, and periodically anchor it in some dirt, or put it against stone, and leave orders to only put its pair, left here at the Arcanoworks into the ground if something happens that needs your swift return. Kind of a warning beacon, if something happens at the Arcanoworks while you are away. Uh… would that work? If so, I need…. Eh, two days, I think, to make a pair and test them.”

Well, it is a start. I thank Arkus for finding this, and ask him to attend to constructing these ‘Warning Beacons’ first, before returning to the other tasks and studies I assigned him, as I infer that something is better than nothing, as dismiss those still gathered and make my way outside-hearing thunder booming in the distance as dark clouds grow ever closer.

>Ask Bang about Paradox knights (Away from said Paradox Knights)
I note Bang to be looking unusually muted, brooding in silence as he watches Keddic and Derkin leading a training session. I make my way to his side, about to ask what he knows of the Paradox Knights, or the Order of Harmonious Discord they come from, when he preempts me to speak first.

“..I’m not sure I like having a Paradox Knight here, truth be told. They always try to bring some stupid notion of ‘balance’ to a place, which really means they make any fighting they see as unnecessary stop-as if there is unnecessary fighting! …Well, this one came here swinging, so he can’t be ALL bad, but still…. They got a stick up their ass, every last one, about what they call ‘collateral damage’, ‘gratuitous violence’, ‘excessive fighting’…. You know, the fun stuff. Still, the Order of Harmonious Discord has more than a bit of clout, as say what you will, but those buggers are STRONG, one and all. I’d advocate killing the shit out of this one, if it weren’t for the fact that instead of getting their whole order to descend on us and instigate a massive orgy of death and combat, they’d do some boring thing involving politics to bleed us dry by inches… and how do you punch political maneuvering, I ask? …Well, all I can hope is that they bugger off soon, and leave us to our own devices.”

…Interesting, both for what Bang said about the Order, and for this revelation about his views on them.

”Bang, I would be most pleased to continue this conversation, But I realized I missed doing something a while ago: I shall be back shortly once I rectify the situation.”

“Does it-“
”No, I am not going to a fight, this is a diplomatic endeavor, And I doubt it will take long.”

“..Ah. Well, have fun with that.”

I set off from the Arcanoworks at maximum speed, racing down the packed dirt roads to Shellik, and tell them the origins of the recent blaze, a preventative measure to some dire magic springing up in the ghost town of Berluut. They seem relieved to receive an explanation, and refuse my attempts to apologize for being tardy in explaining what transpired, noting that I must be busy as the only ‘proper mage’ (their words, not mine) in the area. I make my farewells swiftly, and return to the Arcanoworks two hours after night has fallen, and the biting winds and heavy rains have reached my base of operations in the State. I am thankful for the shelter of the canvas canopy above, shunting the water away while preventing all but the barest trace of the tempestuous winds from getting within my walls. As the majority of the Arcanoworks staff bunkers down for the night, I return to Bang, who has been patiently awaiting my return, to immediately be faced with a question.

“So, what’s the plan about the Paradox Knight, anyway? Why are they here, what do they want with you, why’d they attack… or alternatively, how do you plan to get rid of them?”

I do not see Reinhardt anywhere nearby, but that does not mean he is not present: I would not be surprised if he has some means of masking himself from detection… then again, I have no explicit reason to think he does have such an ability.

What should I say to Bang?
Do I have any more questions about the Paradox Knights or their order?
And is there anything else I wish to attend to tonight, or work on overnight while the organics sleep?
No. 196813 ID: b5d55f

Tell Bang that the Paradox guys came here for a....personal reason, and they will leave in due time, once they inspect the base. if you wanna play up the mage mordre bit, make it seem like an old man mistake that made them come over?
No. 196818 ID: 445c48

Well, about the trees, might want to talk to the people that planted the fields, they might know a bit more about them, being farming folk and all.

I suggest, eventually, going through all the books in the tower, using your perfect memory to store them, so we can make copies if it's ever needed, and so you can I don't know, Learn I guess. If you can do that which I'm pretty sure you can't. Still, good to have it in your head in case of fire or enemy attack or something.
No. 196822 ID: b14128

Hrmm... Maybe we can make a reference to the job Lenryt gave us. He wouldn't know what the heck we did there, and the knight -did- show up not all that long afterwards.
No. 196824 ID: ddcbe8

Maybe those trees are some kind of listening/observing devices? From the 1st post you can see that Eisenhardt was able to observe us during our travels. How does he do that? That is really bad, we should do something about it.

Have our magically inclined people research those trees.
No. 196856 ID: e31d52

>Maybe those trees are some kind of listening/observing devices?

>Dulu hates dishonesty and trickery
>He pointed them out specifically

FUCK. This sounds correct. There's two options:
>Simply uproot them
>Subvert the system:
>>Either reverse it so we can use it on him,
>>Or make it return false data.
No. 196860 ID: 0a8e03


they could be a result of that invention that tells which crops work best for the area
No. 196861 ID: 732129

Don't ruin the trees, leave the crops alone until you figure out what is doing what.
No. 196864 ID: 716eb0

Can we just like.. ASK if somebody working on the crops planted those trees? I always assumed they were part of the Lousy Farmland Improver 9000 setup. The only thing they have in common with Dulu's warning is the part where they are trees.
No. 196869 ID: f4e4f9

We MAY be looking at a developing Leyline Font. Something to consider.

Regarding Bang's query:

"Ah, sir Reinhardt made his way here thanks largely to some rather nasty rumors that were being spread about me. Suffice to say, such rumors were of sufficient...concern that the Order of Harmonious Discord felt it necessary to verify. He arrived here, saw my Soul Grave approach, and readied himself for battle. Once I explained everything, however, there was no real dispute.

Regarding what I do about them, they have asked for lodgings, and I intend to give it. Thus far they wish only to observe the goings on of the Arcanoworks.

Do not worry, I doubt they will try to get in the way of your own puruits."
No. 196874 ID: f4e4f9

Once Arkus completes the staffs, we should be consider heading up to Mordreden.
No. 196901 ID: a594b9

Hey, we still need to read those books relating to golems and souls and stuff...
No. 196902 ID: a594b9

>staffs that light up instantly over large distances

Hey, we could use those for morse code.
No. 196905 ID: 445c48

Indeed we could. That's the long distance communication thing right there.
No. 196907 ID: e31d52

it might look a little silly on our end, though.
No. 196912 ID: ddcbe8


On the other hand they could have been be placed by our enemies to fuck up our food.

Better safe than sorry.
No. 196913 ID: 445c48

Again, we should ask the farmers and such, maybe it came with the Proliforator? Maybe motion for Moss to take a look at them, then we can swear at them and then pull them up.
No. 196926 ID: b4c60d

We need to head quickly to the east first and deal with this soul-inkling of the Disciples of Domintus. Bring Bang, he -needs- to kill the shit out of something. Have Jojo souldream to Lorgk or Delro and tell them we'll be up shortly. We first have to stop an invasion and we'll be right up. If it's important, please tell us and we are -so- sorry that this is taking so long, annoyingly human politics are more difficult to navigate then glaciers and rocky crags.

I know I am shooting my ass in the foot here, but our knowledge of Vimes and Armstrong both came from HAM points - does that mean we wouldn't know about them either? Yeah, this is stupid to ask, but I'm the honest one in the group, what can I say?

If the above admission doesn't remove the knowledge of where Vimes is going, we should try to intercept the Guardman.

As for Bang: "Pa...pahahahah!" Firm pat to Bang's shoulders! "Oh, Bang my boy, you are right. If I could bring this golem to bear against bureaucracy..." But sigh. "You have such wild and untamed blood, Bang. How, I wonder, would you handle a world at peace, eh? But do not be anger at our guest, he is but one among many. And he was quite ready for a, ahah, unnecessary fight - maybe not all these knights think the same? But I wonder, where did you meet with this 'Order of Harmonious Discord' prior?" [yeah, this is not one of my best dialogs. I know it sounds bad, but what can I do?]

As for the creepy plants we should talk to farmers, but first subvert. Plant hahah! Oh, god that's funny evidence by having some farmers leak false information around the plants. Then destroy the plants. I have the lurking feeling that they won't pick up communication, but ground movement.
No. 196927 ID: b4c60d

Gialgorra hate magic. No magic should be in Gialgorra technology. Proliforator Gialgorra technology. No magic should be in Proliforator.
No. 196930 ID: 445c48

If we do go, be sure to send a runner to Quintos saying we'll be away for a bit, don't want to get in trouble.
Fair enough.
No. 196932 ID: b4c60d

Well, we hope to go towards the Keep so we can get Vimes before continuing on and stopping the invasion.
No. 196936 ID: 0a8e03


the plant feng shui is probally the cause of the magic. not the machine or its creator.
No. 196975 ID: 716eb0

No, Gialgorra was the dude famous for combining magic and technology into awesomesauce. There SHOULD be magic in his inventions.
No. 196976 ID: b4c60d

...No, Gavrock was the dude famous for putting magic into machine. Gialgorra said:
"To clarify, I have no issue with magic in and of itself,
I simply find the over-reliance on it's functionality,
To be impeding technological progress,
By providing an 'easy' way out....
Oh, and to make matters worse, that Mortal Coil,
They've kept most of the established mechanics of magic locked up,
And parcel it out to the rich. PFAW!!"

"Does knowledge belong to everyone?
NO, say the mages of the Mortal Coil,
It belongs to the wealthy, and our order.
NO, says the nation of Castiliathen,
For much of this knowledge is forbidden.
NO, says the people,
For they have been fed on the lies of others!
I... I choose something different, I choose Rapture!"
No. 196978 ID: 2aaaf1

That was GAVROCK. Gavrock is the famous inventor that created a set of magitech items. We own two parts of the set; the Twins of Gavrock, and the Chains of Gavrock. Gialgorra is the steam golem operator that lives in the western islands.
No. 196979 ID: a594b9

I think this is simply how the crop speed enhancer works.
No. 196990 ID: 445c48

Cover the trees up with a tarp, if they do observe that'll definitely work, hahah no.
No. 197007 ID: d3dfb8

Before we head out give the premen time to pack supplies while we give Ulzrick and Arkus another hour long Will/Magnetomancy lesson.
No. 197019 ID: b4c60d

He has two days to work on the Warning Sticks. Two days we can use for something else, hopefully going to war and letting Bang vent his fists onto religious extremists. I mean, seriously, two days. We run at 40 mph, Bang and Keddic are damn fast, and I don't doubt we could move our army pretty fast if we wanted. We go, have a friendly boarder skirmish, and come back, get supplies togeather, and then march up the hills. Heck, if we don't wanna go all the way to the east - I don't know why, it would mean more souls, maybe a few heroes, enough blood to finish us off, and Bang happy because he exploded people with his fists and Keddic gets to practice his badass kung fu and we could suggest things to him - we can always intercept Vimes and actually get the Watchman, the CarrotRutabaga, and the elemental golem DetritusDebris and the life golem inside another, larger, golem DorflChatzkel. I could go on, but it would be less funny for when we meet the actual group.

Oh god, let Mr. Shine - Him Diamond! and Chrysoprase show up, oh please or please oh please
No. 197023 ID: b5d55f

this sounds like a good plan, go 'investigate' the borders, then on the way back pay a visit to Vimes, if he is on the way.
Meybe even go during the storm? it builds character!
No. 197112 ID: f4e4f9

Weinsho has been scrying us for WAY longer than those trees have even been there, so I doubt very much that they are dangerous.

They could be beneficial. We don't know. But if I was going to put spy mechanisms somewhere, it sure as hell wouldn't be in the path of Farmland in the middle of a fortress in plain sight, especially when they grow in such an odd manner.
No. 197117 ID: e31d52

Still, it's worth looking into...
No. 197122 ID: f4e4f9

Of course it is. I just don't think we should destroy them.
No. 197134 ID: 2f6a04

Gialgorra was not a magician, nor a farmer, he was a scientist. He does not have a way of figuring out that a system has magic in it. It is possible that he may have simply stumbled upon some magical formula for planlife arrangement and thought it only science. This is a magical world, this is possible here. HOWEVER, we did receive a warning from Dulu about 'quickly growing trees'. We believe that this warning related to the trees in Belarut(?) but it is possible that it relates to this. What we should do is question those in charge of farming/ those in charge of the polifirator on how they set up the plots. I find it odd that they would plant only 4 trees and only at the corners. If no crucial evedence is revealed from teh farmers, then the most effective method of discovery would be to utilize the polifirator in another town and see if they get similar results. If not then we can easily clam our situation as abnormal and having something to do with MOSS rooting around in the beginning or our foes hatching a plan.

Of course there is always the height of paranoia, meaning that or foes somehow sabotaged the profs. invention to make out plants rape us, meaning that the same effect would be achieved everywhere we go, causing the world to blame it on us... but I think that's too excessive.

There SHOULD be a way to punch politics in the face... we have MAGIC and AWESOME, we will find a way.
No. 197136 ID: 2f6a04

You guys want a good way to spend time without drifting into meta territory? Go find our ever elusive counterpart, i.e. the thing that likes to follow us. Examining it's existence will do wonders in explaining our own.
No. 197138 ID: a594b9

Wait, you're right. The superfarm was made by Gialgorra, who used no magic in his creations... then this is some outside force! We need to investigate this closely, if not destructively.
No. 197145 ID: f4e4f9

No. 197148 ID: 0a8e03

how about we quit bitching about it and ask the farmers? odds are its just a side affect of min maxing the plants, its world magic after all and plants are part of the world. what you do to one will probally effect the other.
No. 197151 ID: b4c60d

You know, this is a good idea. We should talk to our mage collective - Arkus, Jojo, Krump and Ulzrick along with our combat mages. Ask them about the possibility behind world-leaking trees.
No. 197153 ID: b4c60d

I'm sorry, what should we intend on doing to it? How should we 'examine it's existence'? Sorry, this just really confuses me as I really don't know what you purpose to do.

Anyway, I still think we should go see if we can pick up Vimes and if we need meta-justification, we could...you know...march for a day to just look further then our little patch. We are hopefully gonna pull a Caesar here so we should at least get to know the surrounding land.
No. 197156 ID: a594b9

Perhaps we should just limit it to those that know of World Magic.
No. 197160 ID: b4c60d

Why? Just because we might only have mage that knows about World Magic - Arkus knows at least one spell, after all - why should we not ask anyone else? They know magic, and might have run into this before. Premen might have heard of this in a different context, Keddic is a Castiliathian and our foe is a hero from that old foe, so he might know about it. Just asking one is kinda foolish when we have a small and growing think-tank of arcane and combat mages, as well as shamen and those of natural predisposition.

Of course, talk to the farmers first, and make sure these aren't on purpose, but having our magic think-tank think on this would be very helpful.

Oh, though: Krump said that Mingsk might know more about distance communication. Ask Jojo if it is not unbecoming to ask this question to him in a dream. Either way, we should also ask Mingsk to start the shaman think-tank on a unified theory of magic as well.
No. 197180 ID: 2aaaf1

But they DO have a think-tank. Check the first post of the second thread.


Defense: Stone/Wood/Ice Wall, Guards
Resources: Ruby/Bronze Mine , Magic Language Thinktank (Small)
--Lorgk, War Chieftain
--Delro, Peace Chieftain
--Mingsk, Head Shaman
--Sugro, Elder Shaman
--Fekk, Mingsk's Assistant
--Oggroth, Elite Warrior
--Ugrokk, Elite Warrior
--Jojo, Magic User
--39 Premen Shamans
--16 Premen Veteran Warriors
--74 Premen Warriors
--92 Premen Makers

Population total: 228
No. 197183 ID: b4c60d

...what? Yes, that's what I said. Start the shaman think tank - the one working on a unified language of magic - on our new idea, a unified theory of magic.
No. 197190 ID: 2aaaf1

Oh whoops, I read theory as language.
No. 197253 ID: 6164e0
File 127723759355.jpg - (10.51KB , 400x372 , Domintus Strikeforce.jpg )

>a way to punch politics in the face
[I fully endorse this idea, and feel obligated to comment Soul magic (and particularly high-tier use of Blood or Will magic, or World magic with direct access to a Leyline geyser) can allow one to interface/manipulate concepts. So…. It could in fact be possible to punch the concept of politics… IN THE FACE]

>knowledge of Vimes/Armstrong: Meta?
[Nope, you’ve had them mentioned to you before, both by Quinton, and by the Blue Knight (who only spoke of Armstrong). Then this extra data came from speaking to people based on that. Knowledge of them is safely out of meta range]

I ponder how to reply to Bang… and decide that I can be largely truthful, even while maintaining my cover. Wordplay seems to be of paramount importance in affairs of state, and I must endeavor to practice where I can. I clap my hand down onto Bang’s shoulder (noting the wood he sits on to creak and groan, and his body flexing more than a human’s ought to-I must work on restraint it seems, as any but Bang likely would have a dislocated shoulder from my attempted gesture at camaraderie). Thankfully, Bang pays it no mind as I speak.

”Sir Rienhardt made his way here thanks to some nasty rumors about me. Suffice to say, such rumors were of sufficient concern that the Order he serves, Felt it necessary to verify the validity of these rumors, well, there is also… That jaunt I took at the behest of Lenryt, which I do not doubt interests him as well. Then, when a Soul Grave charged forth to meet him, well.. he jumped to conclusions. …Look on the bright side: He seems innately disposed to violence, Perhaps not all Paradox Knights are so enthused with balance, as much as… The inevitable conflict that they view as necessary to bring that balance. In that respect, they would not be all that different in their views from you.”


”Regarding what I shall do about him, he asked for and received lodgings, And as his professed goal is simple observation, I see no reason to deny his request. Do not worry, I doubt they will try to get in the way of your own pursuits.”

“And if they do?”

”…Well, we shall deal with that if it comes to it, won’t we.”

The answer seems to placate the troubled warrior, and Magnum Bang slips out from under my had ad makes his way to one of the barracks, seeking to bunker down for the night, looking far less conflicted than he did before.

I take some time to inspect the tiny saplings growing in the corners of each field within my walls, contemplating what their presence could mean as the night wears on. They could be related to the warning Dulu gave Keddic, in which case they would be some machination of Weinsho, possibly to spy on me, or to poison my food supplies, and through them my men. ..Then again, the network of World magic doesn’t seem to connect to anything beyond the web-like net running from tree to tree, all contained within the Arcanoworks: To my (admittedly limited) understanding of World magic, that would not allow anyone to get sensory data from this network at range. There is also the fact that I recall Moss rooting around in the same corners of these fields that the trees now grow at… perhaps Moss is in some way responsible for their presence? …And now that I reflect on it, I did salvage some number of seeds from the dying tree that I first found Moss and the root spiral at… is it possible Moss planted them? I turn about in the gloom, listening to the wind howling with the storm still raging as rain batters down on the cover overhead, and spot Moss inquisitively sniffing at the shattered box Bang had sat on when I spoke to him. Recalling that Moss seemed quite capable of comprehending speech, I decide to question it.


At my words, the creature immediately perks up, orienting on me as I continue to speak.

”Did you plant these trees?”

Moss nods it’s head as it’s tongue lolls free of it’s beak, looking decidedly smug as it snuffles at the air, thin tendrils of light flicking out to catch an errant raindrop that managed to bypass the overhead covers. Hmm… well, that seems to answer the question of origins, then, if not their function or purpose.

As I consider what to do with my time, while waiting for Arkus to finish these communication rods, I consider two things:

--I might be able to find more answers about my own existence if I track down that creature that has followed me, that recently molted into a new form, and seems to respond well to the Dirge I can create.
--..I feel a growing sense of… not ambient souls, or death, but potential death, to the east, a decidedly odd feeling, but one that has been slowly growing.

Hmm… while I could not pull the whole mass of the Premen along with me without slowing myself considerably, I COULD bring Ugrokk and Oggroth and lose only marginal velocity while traveling, and Moss, Bang and Keddic all have demonstrated themselves highly mobile: Besides which, Moss, now the size of a horse, could likely serve rather ably in combat. I could make a quick jaunt to the south-east, leave word with the staff of Quinton’s Keep that I am again away from the Arcanoworks, and possibly run into this Vimes individual, before traveling in search of the creature that seems linked to me or the source of this impending sense of death (and with it, displaced souls) that assails me. By paring down my force to only include the most mobile of our number (and using Magnetomancy to insure my two Premen captains keep up), I could travel a considerable distance in a short amount of time-it helps that those involved seem to either be resilient or immune to fatigue, allowing us to travel constantly. …And I have been feeling somewhat bad at how few chances Bang has had to engage in an honest battle.

While I contemplate this, I spot Jojo floating along en route to use one of the latrines, and stop him, asking if he could inform Mingsk and the other shaman back at Mrodreden of my desire to pursue a unified magic theory, which he says he shall attend to once he returns to slumber. I also ask if he could speak with the Fierce Dragon Lubu, but after giving a brief description of the warrior, he says he finds such a pursuit unlikely to succeed, as he has never met the individual, and thus could not jump into their dreams. I let him continue back on to his accommodations as I finish pondering what I should do.

My mind made up, I make rounds about the Arcanoworks, rousing Ugrokk and Oggroth first so they can explain their coming absence to their troops, before getting Bang and Keddic. When I explain we are marching (hopefully) to find a battle through a tempestuous storm, both gain a cavalier gleam of anticipation in their eyes, and make ready shortly. As we gather at the gates, I note Keddic to be sprouting his new pair of blood-stealing swords, and adorned with a blood toga, the same as Bang, his scarf seeming livelier, flapping even more harshly as it’s shape constantly fluxes, as he manically grins at the prospect of a good fight. I take command of the metal in Oggroth and Ugrokk’s armor, and leash it to my own form as I set out, only marginally slowed (I would estimate our pace some 38 miles per hour) as we set out in the dead of night, racing through the tumultuous storm at breakneck speed, the anticipation in those following me almost palpable.

[DAY 108]

The storm continues without abating, and shortly before dawn we reach Quinton’s Keep, and are forced to wait as some guards atop the walls come to use one of the smaller gates to inquire as to the purpose of our visit. As we wait, a quick meal is had (Oggroth thought ahead, and packed rations for all of us onto the wealth of packs strapped to Hairy Steak, including some bronze for me), before a lone guard makes his way out. I inform him that I am the Mage Mordre, and shall be heading off to the east for a brief period, before returning to the Arcanoworks. I also enquire after Vimes, and learn that Quinton has ordered his group stationed here at the keep for the immediate future: Thinking of time constraints, I make my farewells, planning to seek a meeting with this Vimes individual at a later date. We continue on, returning to our breakneck pace shortly, and as the day brightens, the storm still fully gripping the land, we ford several minor streams, before some time around noon, a considerably sized river blocks our way. For a moment I am unsure how to proceed, it’s depth greater than my own height, but Keddic notes that there is a bridge around the northern bend of the river we could take, sturdily constructed of stone, and we set off to make use of it.

After crossing an old, worn yet completely stable bridge, the one Keddic had mentioned, we continue onwards, spotting several differences on this side of the river: It seems we are in State controlled land, judging by the banners flying from the few outposts we see in the distance, through the pall of the continuing storm, though with the weather as it is, we see no one out and about. The whole time we have traveled, I have periodically employed the Dirge in the hopes of attracting the creature that stalks me, but to no avail, and now so distant from my lands, I cease such attempts, reasoning that I am likely not so well known in this part of the State, and that discretion would serve our travel better. As we travel, the sense of impending death, of free souls to be continues to swell, and I have a easier time orienting on it: By the afternoon, I estimate us to be very close…. And as we pass by another few villages and outposts alike, I finally see something in the distance, directly in the direction I feel the growing sense of impending death: A sullen, muted glow, red and filled with a sense of malignant desire for destruction…. And what’s more, it seems situated on a lone village, well away from any other settlement I have seen today…. And I can sense souls within, a mass large enough that even more than a mile distant, I can perceive them: There must be thousands present, though I cannot say for sure, as the storm has led to thick, obscuring fog to start snaking across the land, reducing the already poor invisibility. I turn to my companions, Moss, Keddic, Bang, Oggroth and Ugrokk, and wonder how best the six of us could approach a potential fight against thousands in horrific visibility who are a mile or so distant on soggy, oftentimes muddy flatlands….

What should I say or do?
And if I choose to fight, how should I approach this situation?
[ALSO: For this coming fight, you can choose to switch from controlling Mordre to any other combatant under Mordre’s command (barring Moss): In your post, please add a comment of which warrior you would like to control.]
No. 197270 ID: 0a8e03


head to the nearest state fort/outpost and warn them of the danger, then aproach silently to get an adea of just whats going on.
No. 197276 ID: 6164e0

[Nearest outpost was about twelve miles back, round trip that'd be about forty minutes, not counting how long it takes to convince whoever is there that SOUL GRAVE OUT OF NOWHERE is not something they should respond to violently. This would also mean it will be night by the time you get back, further reducing visibility. Still proceed with going back to dispense warning?]
No. 197280 ID: b4c60d

Ugrokk: Sneak into the town, reconnaissance. Be as sneaky as possible, and activate stealth-mode if spotted and high-tail out out of there. If enemies are present find any stable, or semi-stable structures, formations, or unit groups that can be fired on. Mike sure they are high priority targets. Leaders, HQs, munitions/weapons. Anything that immediate destruction will cripple their fighting ability. Call to fire will be Fire the Twin into the mass. Once the first shot has been fired, Stealth-mode. Hide, move around the outer perimeter and fire at any areas of high enemy density that is not in the immediate area of your allies.

Mordre: Get the Skyfall rounds loaded. Get ready to shoot.

Keddic: Begin moving forward. Ready the Twin to fire. Once the first short is fired, charge. Continue firing until within close-combat range. While firing, use a circulation of blood to offset the recoil of each shot. When in close combat: ENGAGE IN NOBLE BATTLE!

Oggroth: Ready to fire the hammer and to mount quickly. Ride into combat and dismount via a leap. Allow Stake to contuinue to demolish any units around you as you destroy any large formations of troops.

Bang: Once the first round has been fired, CHARGE AND KILL EVERYTHING! VENT YOUR FURY AND BURNING BLOOD!

However! If this village is occupied with the previous inhabitants kept as prisoners, efforts must be taken to protect these people. Ugrokk should continue reconnaissance, however he should alert the civilians to the impending attack and eliminate any enemies keeping the civilians hostage.

This might be an idea, however we don't know if any member of the army is stationed there or how close - I don't want to split our force, or leave this village to the invaders. If we can move fast enough, this might be a good idea, however...I am divided on it.

Also: We should give a rousing speech before we descend like devils in the night.
No. 197282 ID: b4c60d

NO~! My Sweet Lord, no. We can take on this town if needs be.

Added suggestion:

If BANG can sneak a distance away from Ugrokk and Ugrokk can identify the leader of this group, a MAGNUM PUNCH and a shell from a Twin would be very good at disrupting any coherence this army has. However, it might also cause the death of any civilian hostages. We must be careful.
No. 197284 ID: b4c60d

Oh, question: Can we see/taste any tasty hero souls and/or more powerful souls in this throng?
No. 197295 ID: 68ecef

To be honest this weather is excellent for your small force of extremely capable meelee warriors. Approach using the poor visibility as cover and ask Ugrokk to sneak in and kidnap someone suitably hostile looking. Interrogate him (or devour his soul) to find out exactly what and who we're up against as well as how we can identify our foes in this fog.

Once the goal is set consider doing hit and run attacks using the groups ~38 miles per hour movement ability and the magnetomancy bloodsense to find and avoid enemies as needed.

Give Keddic and Magnum Bang a piece of metal with a handle that's easy to identify in the fog using magnetomancy and tell them that if they shout "retrieve" you will use your magnetomancy to pull them up and towards yourself. This way if they get hurt, trapped in the mud or lost in the fog then you can pull them towards you. Ugrokk and Oggroth can do the same, but their armour should be very easy to identify for the same purpose. Similarly you should have a signal that alerts everyone else to hold on to their signature pieces of metal as you're going to pull them back towards yourself. This way everyone stays coordinated for fighting in this fog and you can pull everyone back and run if you sense that the enemies are about to overwhelm you.
No. 197298 ID: b4c60d

And, what, four members of the group have artillery weapons? I mean, we can go hit-and-run with Bang just exploding folk and Ugrokk sneaking from alley to alley and firing a Boulder-sized shot at folk while We just drop shells down like it's rain and buzz-saw through tight units. And we can magntomancy any weapons away.

But we need to make sure there are no hostages.
No. 197302 ID: 2aaaf1

I'm going to guess right off the bat that this "storm" is magical in nature. Possibly caused by a strong user of blood and world magic. The last time we saw a natural disaster in the Azelhaedran state, it was a result of an outpost being sieged. It wouldn't surprise me if the situation was the same.
No. 197303 ID: 2f6a04

Quick question before planning Bob, how much ammunition do we currently have stored up?

In any case, I'm going to suggest that we have it scouted first, so ya Uggroth can handle that.
If this storm is magical in nature, it would be folly to assume that they cannot detect Uggroth just due to his invisibility, so we should take that into consideration and inform him if we still make him go.
No. 197307 ID: b4c60d

He's also just a generally stealthy badass - we really need to get him and Ulzrick and Vespinto. Actually, when we get back, the premen should be training together with the Militia and with all our badass trainers and hero units.

However, that outpost was already overrun by bandits who had weapons that would make it thunder-and-lightening. Yet you could be right, even if I do kinda doubt the blood and world magic connection.

Either way, we must make sure there are only Disciples in there. If there are any civilians, we need to get them out alive. If there aren't, we can just raze the town if needs be.
No. 197309 ID: b4c60d

At my last guess we have a full compliment of Anti-Vanguard rounds and a full compliment of Anti-golem rounds, with two Skyfall rounds.
No. 197319 ID: 6164e0
File 127724519939.jpg - (73.43KB , 640x640 , Domintus Alchemical Giant.jpg )

[Still full load of refills (one full reload for AGR cannon, two shells of which are skyfall, and two full reloads for blade launchers)]

As I crack open the Anti-Golem Revolver cannon and switch out two conventional rounds for my remaining two Skyfall rounds (I really must ask Arkus to make more at some point, as currently that is the only means by which I can secure more… though I must remember to actually give him existing cannon rounds to convert, when I do get around to asking him), I bark out some orders on how to best utilize our taskforce, even as I twist some chunks of bronze into crude but serviceable handles, and dispense them to Keddic and Bang.

[Slightly modified due to weapon constraints]
”We’re approaching under this poor visibility, It should prove useful to our force makeup. Ugrokk, keep the Gavrockian pistol at the ready, And try to move in quietly: If spotted, Use your runed armor to slip away. Don’t shoot until you identify a high priority target. Oggroth: Dismount once we get closer, And get ready to use your hammer and wrecking ball, Once you hear Ugrokk fire his first shot: Until then, keep an eye out for any bunched forces, Try to maximize damage, then mount up again, And trample/smash anyone that doesn’t look… To be a maker, I suppose: There could be hostages.”

As I shoot off these orders in the Premen tongue, the two nod and set off, quickly fading into the obscuring mists, their forms still easily discerned by the masses of metal they are adorned with, as I switch to the common tongue to speak to Bang and Keddic.

”For now, close distance, wait until Ugrokk and Oggroth strike: Then cut loose. Oh, and keep a firm grip on those hunks of bronze: If a situation ever looks too unfavorable, shout ‘Retrieve’, And I shall employ magnetomancy to pull you to my side. Keddic, Bang: keep an eye out for civilians, there could be hostages, But otherwise once the battle is joined waste no time picking targets before striking: Lay waste to every Disciple of Domintus you can find. ..Well, let’s move out!”

As the two nod and begin sprinting off, I rumble after them, Moss at my side, as we fan out to approach from multiple angles. The howling wind and periodic boom of thunder easily mask the sounds of our approach, and shortly we are within several hundred feet of a fairly sizable settlement, hundreds of buildings, mostly wood but several hewn from stone jutting from the ground, ranging from one to three floors, as well as a few grain silos. The sullen red glow resolves itself into several sputtering fires, many of the combustible buildings enflamed despite the downpour, dark figures standing about each burning structure with their arms raised, their attention locked on the fires they look to almost be worshipping from their stance. The town itself is a seething, hectic mass of movement, troops in darkened armor running to and fro, orders being bellowed all about… and several groups herd what can only be captives, some six groups, each at least a hundred strong, being led through the rain by threat and sword, being herded to the south-

Where at least a thousand troops are visible, hundreds of tents ranging in size from personal to large enough to hold me a dozen times over already erected, and a group of some ten figures swaying in place as the ground before them churns.

This is the extent of my appraisal before I hear the report of one of the Chained Twins of Gavrock being fired, and my head whips about to see several troops screaming as they are flung through the air, broken or outright deprived of body parts that barred the path of the torso-sized shell that hurtles through their ranks, killing most of the leaders of one of the six groups of captives. Even as shouts begin to go up, a call to arms to face aggressors from the Disciples of Domintus, a second shot echoes forth even as the chain latched onto the first shot starts reeling back what I presume to be Ugrokk’s first attack, Keddic’s own shot strafing by to slay several soldiers guarding the flank of the same batch of prisoners Ugrokk moved to aid, even as-

Two things happen that drown out all other sound for a moment.


One of the collecting masses of soldiers is abruptly scattered as a scarlet blur hurtles through them even as one of the buildings nearby collapses, Bang’s kick dispersing whatever attempt at order they had been aiming for, as he immediately sets to tearing off limbs and wrenching open armor to disembowels soldiers with his bare hands as he laughs like a maniac, joy painting his face. The other thing that happens-

While there is a deep, echoing crack, like a tree hundreds of feet wide simply being snapped in twain, it is accompanied ad nearly drowned out by a keening ring, the very air shivering as a mass of metal as tall as a man explodes through one of the stone structures (Oggroth barely visible within it’s shelter-Hairy Steaks beside him, no less. How?-) and smashes into the flank guards of the already partly-freed group of captives, the troops it hits not flying about so much as simply exploding into showers of blood and organs as they are crushed flat by the massive wrecking ball that scythes through their numbers, the chain following behind it heavy enough I hear the crack of bone as it whips about before drawing taut, smashing more soldiers to the ground.

I decide that with one sixth of the captives already nearly completely free of any nearby enemy forces, My own efforts will be to finalize their freedom, and I send all six blades from my launcher whirling forth, and cut down the soldiers on remaining near them with Magnetomantically guided blades of Blootz Steel cleaving through their armor without issue.

Some hundred or so soldiers have been slain in the space of four seconds, and the confusion our vicious ambush has brought is telling, chaos clear in the ranks of the Disciples of Domintus, exacerbated by the screaming of the remaining hostages as the now free bunch follows those of their number with quicker judgment, who shout at the rest to flee as they follow their own advice, sprinting to get out of the village and away from the soldiers.

My gaze darts about, to note several things about the battlefield.

--The now free group of hostages look to have a clear shot to escape, and the few too hysterical to think straight are either bodily hauled along or in the case of those trying to resist for whatever reason are quickly clubbed into unconsciousness and slung over shoulders, their companions unwilling to let anything jeopardize their flight.
--Bang is rapidly drawing attention to himself as he continues to dart about tearing foes limb from limb as he laughs, paying no mind to the few blades that find him, as his toga seems to do it’s job and leave those who manage to strike him falling to the ground with wounds sprouting on their flesh.
--Ugrokk smashes his axe into a soldier near him before he can raise a cry of alarm and fades into a shimmering state, likely employing the stealth attributes of his armor as he ducks behind a building, looking for a new angle to approach the hectic melee from as he reels back the shot (once more normally sized) into the Gavrockian pistol he holds.
--Oggroth leaps onto Hairy Steaks back and explodes out of the stone structure he was in, his iron grip clamped onto his massive saddle and letting his form be pulled along by his own wrecking ball, jerking Hairy Steak into a dashing charge that lets him draw hundreds of eyes as he trample across the battlefield, his wrecking ball starting to rebound towards him as he charges, the few soldiers level-headed enough to strike at him and his mount unable to piece his armor or the heavy pelt and hide of his mount, who lets out a rumbling bass roar.
--Moss leaps from a rooftop to land on a soldier trying to form a platoon about himself, tearing at his throat, it’s hind legs kicking out at a few soldiers in reach, who are hurled backwards to crash against the very building Moss leapt from.
--Keddic holds his familial sword in one hand, cutting through soldiers like they are made of paper as his free hand is wreathed in blood, every strike causing it to explode with needles that tear apart anyone foolish enough to come into melee range.

As I withdraw the blades I launched, re-slotting them into my shoulder, I consider it interesting that so far, I am the only one still not in the village proper, as I turn my gaze to the enemy camp erected outside the town where the bulk of their forces are, and note several things of the enemy disposition:

--The robed figures attending to the fires that persist despite the rain and wind are turning to face our forces.
--Orders aplenty are being shouted at and by those leading the remaining five groups of captives, but in the chaotic preamble of this battle, no immediate actions have been taken.
--The cowled forms about the churning mass of earth continue to ignore the fight, and the ground begins to spin like a whirlpool beneath their ministrations.
--Three groups have organized on the town’s perimeter, each some hundred strong, with ornately armored warriors leading them, festooned in skulls-runed skulls.
--A heavy, rhythmic beat starts to make the ground tremble, and I see a massive armored form, at least thirty feet tall, rising from the largest tent in the Domintus camp, and my senses tell me it is no golem of metal, a being of flesh and blood within it’s heavy runed plate armor, whose heart beats in time with the small tremors coursing through the ground-no, the SOURCE of the tremors…. And it’s gaze turns towards me, the only figure still outside the village amongst our attacking force, and hefts a sword wreathed in chains as it points towards me, already beginning to stomp across the land as it builds speed to charge me.

[EACH of Mordre, Oggroth, Ugrokk, Keddic and Bang need orders (Moss is doing it’s own thing), and with your post, please note which of the mentioned warriors you would like to participate in this battle controlling (If you want to continue controlling Mordre, say so, as if no one posts their preference, I’ll decide for you. Controlling any non-golem fighter will allow you to experiment with their fighting style, and there will be at least one other chance in this fight to switch who you are controlling.]
No. 197328 ID: a594b9

rolled 1 + 6 = 7

Oh please. If we can sense its heart, we can PULL OUT ITS BLOOD. If that doesn't work, I suppose we still have the Spectral Gorging Animus.

Let's activate the Immortal Genocide to prepare for... well, whatever.
Also, summon up an Inferno Golem to eliminate the mages focusing on the churning ground. Direct some blades to the mages focusing on the fires... Fire some AGC rounds at the leaders shouting out orders.
No. 197329 ID: a594b9

Argh. That was terrible.

We should also begin advancing towards the camp. We can't summon any Spectral Soldiers if we're not near any ambient souls.
No. 197337 ID: a594b9

Oh wait, let's not slice up all the mages working on the fires yet. They don't seem to be doing anything, and if we can get some Soul Soldiers to vacate their bodies of life without cutting them, then we can deliver their skins to our buddy back home.
No. 197340 ID: 6164e0

>Three posts from same dude
>Completely ignores entire paragraph at end of update saying to make note of who you want to control. (Leaving orders for just one individual does not count as making note of who you want to control)
>Does not give orders to others, also requests in aforementioned end of update paragraph.
>Whole Golem Quest cast UNICODE STARE
No. 197343 ID: 2f6a04

switch to Bang, I want to see Bob-controlled Mordre in action and I (FINALLY) want the ability to control a speedy fighter.

Aim for leaders and mages in the group
No. 197345 ID: 2aaaf1

Unsheath the Edge of Oblivion, it's time to test out our swordplay skills. Direct our magnetomancy inwards and charge at the giant. Block and parry whatever blows it sends your way, aim for it's knees and ankles, or any joint that is exposed.

Ugrokk should focus on taking out any mage he can find, using his armor's ability to blind opponents. The mages attending to the fires can be killed off as he pleases, the ones that reside in the enemy camp should be knocked out, but that can be done later after we secure the living hostages.

Oggroth should focus on disrupting enemy ranks as much as possible, don't let them fall into any sort of tactical formation.

Keddic should be doing the same as Oggroth, they both accel at busting up enemy lines.

Bang is the fastest, and as such, he should be attacking anyone shouting orders. These disciples will slowly fall into chaos if they have noone to guide them.
No. 197349 ID: 2aaaf1

And if it was not clear, retaining control of Mordre is desired.
No. 197351 ID: 2f6a04

Damn you people, this is likely the only time we get to use Bang!!! Screw Mordre, we know all his tricks.

If we use Bang, Turn to Oggroth
"Oy, Big fella, Gimme a boost!" Then rain down in the middle of an enemy cluster with a GLORIOUS

No. 197352 ID: a594b9

...I seem to be making a habit out of missing the very last bit of posts. And multiposting, but I suppose that has more to do with not being able to edit. I thought that after the initial set of orders, Mordre was basically the only one we were controlling! Ok, let me organize that all into the proper format, and actually spread out the battle orders.

Mordre: Utilize magnetomancy to pull out the giant's blood. If that doesn't work, use the Spectral Gorging Anima. Advance towards the combat zone, and summon an Inferno Golem to attack the mages focusing on the churning ground. Send a few blades out to harass the runed-skull groups; mainly to see how dangerous they are.

Ugrokk: Sneak up on the mages dealing with the fires, and attempt to kill two without breaking the skin. A wrestling master such as you should be able to break their necks without much trouble. Just chop up the rest. Utilize your stealth repeatedly for this... is there any reason not to just leave stealth on while killing them?

Keddic, Oggroth, Bang: Try to eliminate the leaders barking out orders.

I'm not sure who we should switch to...
No. 197355 ID: b4c60d

[Falcon, I'd suggest you tell Keddic how to punch out souls and whatever lovely Blood-Fu skills you wanna share.]

Mordre, Fire one Skyfall round at this 30ft giant and fire another at the whirlpool of earth. Those figures need to be taken out. Razorblades at the whirlpool of earth, too. Then we need to focus on dealing with big-and-ugly. Let him get closer to us, out side of the city. While waiting, start hitting him with regular rounds while we magnetomancy those razor blades around to chew up anyone near the whirlpool.

Ugrokk! Do you know the art of CQC? Employ stealth to eliminate high importance targets while your allies destroy their mobile forces. Attack from the shadows, behind and above targets to maintain your stealth advantage. Use your hand cannon to strike at stationary targets. Wow! isn't this crappingly vague? Some one else teach Ugrokk how to be Agent 47, Sam Fisher, and Solid Snake with hand-axes. And try to get him to open up about his past and fighting style

No. 197357 ID: b4c60d

And...lets switch to either Bang, Keddic, or Ugrokk. Keddic because we -know- Keddic, and we can speed up some awesome combat skills of his SKP, BANG because...holy fucking shit, fuckyeah, BANG ONESHOTPUNCH!, and Ugrokk because...well, I like Tactical Espionage.
No. 197362 ID: b4c60d

[I hope this is what we're suppose to do. I was kinda confused actually. Please don't stare at me...]
No. 197363 ID: f4e4f9

rolled 17 + 6 = 23

I love that Bang's fighting style is so conducive to keeping his toga fueled.

Mordre: Charge forth. When in range, I want you to try something - the AA doesn't have as high a charge as it could, but Bagata's soul could fix that. Breathe Soulfire onto the Giant as you near it, turning the ground into an swelling inferno.

THen fire AA at it, using the INVERTED beam to suck all that heat and fire into it's form.

Name it the Emerald Eradicator.

Also, activate IG. Rollan. We's gonna make some Inferno Golems. Send one to keep them one of the groups of Skullmasked berserkers company. Will give us a chance to see what they can do without endangering our real troops.

Also, soulsuck.

Keddic: Continue attacking any troops that attempt to make for the escaping hostages. Utilize SANGUINE MAELSTROM on any clusters of troops.

Bang: DIVE into the mages casting. See if you can disrupt whatever magical artillery they're about to summon.

Oggroth: CANNONBALL one of the Skullmask formations. Try to aim for the berserkers.

Uggrok: Continue doing your stealth shit, bro. Target anyone who's attempting to rally. Your job is to hunt out commanding officers rallying troops, and SILENCE them.

No. 197365 ID: f4e4f9

IMPORTANT: Mordre, try to keep an eye on Moss. If he looks like he's in a spot of trouble, MAGNETOBLADE ASSIST.
No. 197369 ID: b4ae88

I need to work out a safer version first. Right now he might just die for nothing with that tech.

As for Ugrokk, he can employ is armour very well by aiming for non-mage leaders. Rend necks (cause, you know, Axes) and make Prodigious use of the 'Blinding Light' feature of the armour.
No. 197370 ID: b4ae88

Keddic!!! NEW TECH!!
Utilize SKP over your WHOLE BODY! It will give you INSANE increases in speed, durability and power. It will be a test on your limits of focus and likely leave you feeling a bit anemic.

...or somn like that
No. 197372 ID: b4ae88

Recommended use limit: 30 seconds at a time.

Benefits are mostly in speed and destructive power. I would suppose the feeling you get from use would be similar to putting too much of your blood outside + Headache from focus.
No. 197373 ID: b4ae88

Im not exactly a bio person (in fact not at all), but now that I rethink it, you might not have the 'over extension' feel, but most certainly a headache.
No. 197381 ID: ddcbe8

I must have missed something.
Who are Disciple of Domintus? Are they some kind of evil-worshiping maniacs?
No. 197383 ID: b4ae88

I have no idea why we are attacking these guys. It will most likely lead to a lot of bad blood between us and ... everyone, and won't help our case with the Paradox Knights, seeing as we didn't even attempt to parley. But what is done is done, and parley would have lead to loss of the element of surprise. what is done is done, just work with it and win.
No. 197391 ID: b5d55f

well whoever they are, they had a bunch of hostages, and that usually isn't a good thing. Plus that weird magic going on? Probably not good.

I say take control of Uggrock, we can stealth and watch for leaders/get infoirmation, and have fun going all spy on their asses.
No. 197396 ID: 1d9734

creep up on a mage, break neck, come back for body later . . .
No. 197419 ID: b4c60d

See, I would say 'just kill the mages'. I don't want another core being in my back yard. Anyway, we only need one with an unbroken skin - we shouldn't aim for it to happen, just let it occur. Dealing with these people is much more important.
No. 197506 ID: 296035

Mordre should try to get mage skins by magnetomancy-ing the blood around their insides, destroying the organs.
No. 197516 ID: f4e4f9

The Disciples of Domintus are religious Berserker Fanatics who have been ravaging the southern Kingdoms beyond Castiliathen.

They've invaded and subjugated a town in the State.

There is no parley to be had here. You do not broker piece talks with aggressively hegomonizing fanatical religious sects that want to conquer you and force you to their beliefs and rule.

Tidbit from first thread, courtesy of Arkus:

>The rabidly religious Disciples Of Domintus are a radical bunch, going about destroying existing systems in favor of a church-ruled state. Their fanatical Berserker-Zealots, willing to do anything for the gods they worship, have won them many battles lately.
No. 197522 ID: f4e4f9

Exactly. He should in theory be able to stealth up to priorty targets, decloak/strike, and recloak while the troops suffer from the flash.
No. 197524 ID: f4e4f9

Also, I'll second going for Ugrokk.
No. 197680 ID: a3ca35

No. 197685 ID: b4ae88

Scratch the last tech. It needs tweaking before I tell him.
No. 197705 ID: e31d52


Leap where the greatest amount of enemies lies and go to town with the sable. Punch things with the Accelerator as you destroy, then turn to the men at the fire.

No. 197721 ID: b4c60d

Ok, I like this, but we have a 30ft tall life golem monster to break the legs off first.
No. 197726 ID: e31d52

well then we can do that while judge dredding them
No. 197763 ID: a76809
File 127733082658.jpg - (382.09KB , 1600x1200 , Disciples of Domintus Hero Arrives.jpg )


[Actually, Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism is not restricted to the arms, but offensives uses are. I.E., it is used to achieve faster weight shift/footwork for the whole body, while in the arms, with the aid of, for lack of a better term 'blood spike boxing gloves', it leads to the actual pugilism of the style. The only problem is that slamming blood around like this makes it much harder to reinforce blood like iron armor under the skin, so defense is actually lessened, not increased. Good thing he's god the bloody toga.]

>Orders queued.
[You know what:]

..............................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: BANG AND UGROKK...................................................


I tear into the troops around me, delighting in their screams as I prove my will to live, my will to thrive and flourish in this bloody contest superior to theirs, bathed in blood and gore as I literally rip apart all that I can reach. I see the Mage Mordre guiding his Soul Grave to fire two rounds back to back, one hitting the giant charging towards him, the other directed into the churning, swirling mass of earth amidst the enemy camp, both locations flaring with light as lightning cracks down from the sky, molten metal flying about. Several of the cowled figures are struck with flying molten metal and go down, gaps appearing in the circle of chanting figures about the earth vortex, but those remaining pay it no mind. The giant itself shrugs off the blow like a mosquito bite and continues to charge, a bare flicker of light in the runes about it's body all the reaction it evidences to being targeted with artillery fire. I see a ring of soldiers forming up around me, just out of immediate reach as I continue to rend apart those foolish enough to get close enough... and note several to have runed weapons. Well, this may call for some 'tactics,' then. I swing my arms wide, my hands splayed open, and slam my palms together, my bones, muscle and flesh alike screaming in protest, pain signing through my nerves, as I repair hundreds of tiny fractures and ruptures upon impact, maintaining the cohesiveness of my form as I shout out a name, maintaining my personal prerogative to name my every attack.


I can almost see the shock-wave that echoes forth, but even in the booming report of my colliding hands, I hear the agonized wails of those nearby as blood spurts from their ears and their eyes go bloodshot, dozens dropping to the ground deafened, prone, vulnerable. As I watch Mordre guiding his Soul Grave to breathe turbulent green fire onto the approaching giant and the ground about it, I spot Oggroth thundering by, and shout out to him even as he scatters another attempt by our foes to build order during our attack.

"OY, I could use a LIFT!!""

Oggroth's head snaps about to face me, and I see recognition flit across his eyes, peering out from his kettle helm, at my simplistic word choice: I knew there was a reason I worked on language lessons with the Premen when first I saw them. I leap into his abruptly free and cupped hand, and as he heaves me skyward, I add to the force with my own leap, and rocket into the air, gaining hundreds of feet of altitude in the space of a second. I flare my scarf out even as I see twin beams of light, emerald rather than scarlet, lance from the Soul Grave's ruby eyes, and upon impacting the giant Mordre faces, they suck all the ambient Soulfire about it towards the massive figure, and with a hollow boom I see it's armor cherry even as the ground about it, so recently wreathed in flame, is frozen solid... and the thing keeps coming. Interesting.

I decide that simply falling to the earth will not do, and let my scarf flair out, dozens of feet of supernatural cloth spreading like wings from about my neck, and snap shut, sending me hurtling earthward to the knot of clustered enemies from whence I leapt skyward, as I joyously exalt in this battle, screaming forth my challenge.


As the very earth shakes and craters beneath my impact and bodies are flung about, I laugh as I tear into those foolish enough to stand about me, delighting in the slaughter. THIS is what I was MEANT FOR!!!


As the human called 'Bang' strike the earth like a vengeful god of the sky, I see Chieftain Mordre drawing his blade even as he launches some six blades from his shoulder, that fly past his massive foe to streak towards the mages gathered about the patch of earth behaving like water, all while charging to meet his larger foe, finally clear of the camp erected by our foes. Several of the blades find their mark, but their paths grow strange, erratic and wobbling as they near the chanting figures, as if something retards their progress. I continue to stalk in shadow, flitting from building to building, my axe only employed intermittently when I see small groups, targets of opportunity trying to weave through the maze of buildings to join the bulk of their force. Bursts of ringing clamor assail me, and I note Mordre now engaged in true combat, exchanging blows with sword and blackened arm of blades with his larger foe, who seems to have sufficient skill to give pause to my leader. I stay cloaked, a minor shiver running through my body as moisture adheres to my cooling armor while I prowl, spotting two figures in armor more ornate than the masses arguing at the head of a group of soldiers. I draw forth the device my chieftain gifted to me, and take careful aim, releasing my guise of shadow in a flash of light as I fire, the expanding shot coring the two figures I presume to have rank in the enemy forces even as I re-veil myself before their surviving underlings can make sense of what happened, using the retracting chain to trip several of the survivors as I lay into them with my axe before darting about another corner as I see more forces coming to this location.

About the next corner I run into the golden-maned one, his beard and thick mane gleaming even as they are died red with the blood of his foes, as he shouts something, and dozens of thin tendrils of blood explode from his form and whip about, snaking between the gaps in armor to reach at the softer flesh within, foes by the dozens falling about him. I see one garbed in armor worked in skulls approaching behind him, apparently undetected by my comrade, and once more release my veil, the flash of light stunning the would-be opportunist even as I leap forth and bury my axe in his neck, before sinking back into shadow. I whip my head about to appraise the golden-maned one, just in time to see his form abruptly become that of one of our foes, as he appears elsewhere in their midst, disemboweling three warriors in a single strike with his engraved sword-only to have it knocked from his hands by a mounted figure, wailing faces writhing on his armor (and that of his mount) as he starts to circle about my comrade while another wave of enemies nears him. As his sword tumbles through the air, I see the golden-maned one draw all his blood back into his body as he pulls free the twin blades upon his back, gifts from the chieftain, and roars forth his own challenge, as he charges forth. I make ready to aid him-

Until I hear a din of terrified screams to my left. My head whips about, and I see two of the remaining five groups of captured human makers being herded towards the churning patch of water-like earth within the enemy camp, threatened with all manner of weapons whenever they balk. ...I recall my chieftain's words, that we must do what we can to save them-I dart my gaze over to him, just in time to see a deft riposte slam aside his giant's foe's sword, and rush forth, his shoulder slamming into the larger figure's midsection, even as a spectral skull leaps from his hand, bearing vicious fangs at the giant foe-and skitter off the armor, rebounding with a puff of grey fire. Even as the two forms overbalance from the charge, I see chieftain Mordre breathing Soulfire onto his hand, and a being wrought of fire streaks forth, an... Inferno Golem, as I recall their moniker, hurtling out towards those of our foes still corralling the three groups of captive makers within the town-and know what I must do. I leave the golden-maned one to his challenge, as I dart forth, looking to line up a strong first shot for when I reveal myself, hoping to prevent the makers' lives from being lost.


As I leap free of the growing pile of bodies that threatened to suffocate me by sheer dint of mass, I spot Mordre's Soul Grave bringing it's significantly larger foe to the ground, even as the massive wrought skull that makes up the bulk of it's torso gapes wide, it's gangs, lined with runes, reaching for the smaller Soul Grave. With a speed that belies it's bulk, the Soul Grave kicks free, the weight of it's maneuver shoving the massive figure into the earth as the metal maw clamps hut on naught but air, even as both the golem and it's prone foe swing their swords back into play-while Mordre decides to up the ante, and has his golem fire a round, point-blank, into his foe's face. It's legs jerk and it's sword's course falters as it's head is slammed into the ground even as the earth craters about it under an invisible hammer-blow, and the golem's blade slams home, carving a long gash down the length of it's prone foe-

And an arrow slams into my neck, just below the jawline and above my scarf. I pluck it free, guiding the skin to heal even as I look for the shooter-ah. I shatter the stone upon which I crouch as I kick off, shouting forth my cry as I dive back into the battle.

I pulp the archer's head as I hurtle to the earth... and I note someone shouting orders. I scan the battlefield, noting Oggroth to be fighting and merrily mowing down foes near the captives along with the Inferno Golem the mage sent out a moment ago, and see a mounted figure, his mount and armor alike covered in writhing, screaming faces as a soft fire exudes all about them both-

And I see Keddic devoting nearly all his attention to the foe, his eyes hard and wary.

Oh? A [i]CHALLENGE!?!?![i]


Orders for Bang and Ugrokk?
[Ugrokk needs some guidelines on how to best attack the enemies holding the captives being lead to the pit of earth (Those bearing skull-adorned armor are only present at the front of each of the two groups, and the flanks have the weakest defenses), and in general as the least durable member of this group how not to die horribly when trying to fight alone against significant numbers (at least one hundred fifty) while largely deprived of cover barring the tents within the actual enemy camp, which have completely unknown contents, and range in size from personal to enormous. As control is directed to the two of them, this is also your chance to ask them back-story questions, or propose new applications to their combat styles, if you choose]
No. 197798 ID: 2aaaf1

Alright Bang, this is the fight you've been waiting for. Launch yourself at the mounted figure's flank and try to disable the horse with your bone shattering blows. Regardless of whether or not it works, immediately place yourself beside Keddic and ask him to toss you one of those blood collecting swords. Use your superspeed to rob the mounted figure of his blood magic whilst replenishing your own store of both blood for the toga, and magical energy for your scarf. The moment his bloody torrent falters, use the head of his mount as stepping stone and crush its skull, propel your knee upwards into the now (un)mounted figure.


Don't let up, brace your hands on his face and do a handstand, spin around and pummel his face altering between fists. Taking a note from the big guy in metal, I dub thee-


But wait! We're not quite done yet! Jump up and land feet first balancing on his face, put a thumb up and grin at Keddic. "ALL YOURS BUDDY!" Let your balance slip a little so that your feet come to rest on the horseman's collarbone and your ankles are constricting his throat. Do a frontflip and launch the dazed enemy at Keddic.


Toss the sword you borrowed from Keddic back, salute and hop back into the fray. Go for the archers, we don't like them.
No. 197801 ID: 0a8e03

looks like the fanatics are trying to sacrafice 400-600 civilians to power some sort of blood/soul magic super spell.
No. 197802 ID: 445c48

Go punch some mages.
No. 197817 ID: e2c971


Alright, Ugrokk, going to have to adapt a little bit. You don't havet he durability of some of these other contestants, but that's fine. You're going to be a Guerilla fighter, inflicting as much damage in a single strike as you can while exposing yourself to a minimal amount of backlash.

Take a shot at the most promising angle available, and dart behind a building. THEN cloak, and sprint to a different location.

The effect this SHOULD have is misdirection and delaying. They can't really afford to just ignore you when you're blasting them with portable artillery, but they can't effectively attack you, because while they see you dart behind one building, you're actually cloaking, and immediately darting behind another to line up a new shot. Continuing this tactic as long as viable. Prioritize large groups of targets threatening the makers.

The inferno golem should serve as an excellent distracting force for most of the enemies harrassing the makers, which gives you free reign to shower hell upon those who remain threating the makers.

Should any of them manage to get close, you have 8 additional axes on your person. Use them as throwing axes to take down foes, ideally before they notice you. Then set up again.
No. 197821 ID: e2c971

As for Bang, you need to aid Keddic. If all of his attention is focused on the Runed Warrior, he's open to attack from other combatants. Also, he's lost is sword. Give it back. Leap into the air and palm-slap the flat of the blade so that it goes hurtling back to the ground next to Keddic. "Figured you'd want this back, haha!"

Then do this:
No. 197822 ID: d3dfb8

When choosing targets go for their weak flanks. I'm hoping to create holes in their defense, allowing makers to slip out.
So Uggrock, what clan did you come from before becoming a suitor, and why did you leave?
No. 197825 ID: e2c971

OH, before I forget: Uggrok, you're optimal firing points are going to be from the roofs of buildings. The reason for this is twofold: Better Sight advantage, and your Gavrock shots will also impact the Ground in addition to any humans you hit, which will result in earthen shrapnel.

Remember, Shrapnel is what kills with artillery, in addition to the explosive force. Just try to avoid collateral damage to the makers.

Thankfully, with your dexterity and absurd height, you should have no problems reaching these locations.
No. 197826 ID: 2aaaf1

Ugrokk, it's time to show these fools the power of the shadow. Now if I'm not mistaken, the armor you recieved from Del Roga came with a set of smaller axes to compliment your large one, do you have those equipped? If so, sneak into one of the groups of herded humans, seek out the strongest looking ones and discreetly supply them with your extra axes. Also, you must convince them to close their eyes and bow their heads until you are ready to strike. The flank is the least defended, this is good. It will allow the humans to escape while we make a distraction. See if you can't line up a shot that will pass through the entire front line of skull soldiers. Make sure you take out as many as possible. Lead the two human groups into each other and arm them with the weapons of dead soldiers, do this as fast as you possibly can while waiting for the round for the pistol of Gavrock you possess to reload. Capitalize on the confusion by planting yourself in enemy ranks and blinding them with your armor. Focus on sending the humans towards our forces in the village.
No. 197837 ID: 8f4b25

I'm mostly on board with this, but would add that the most valuable targets are the apparent leaders, with their fancy armor. If you take them out, the rest of the troops will be far easier to demoralize, and getting them to focus on you rather than the makers should be easier; as long as they are alive they will likely continue to press on to the objective- or set their men to herding the makers to their deaths and come to face you directly in person.

Either way, your task becomes far easier if you can take one or both of them out with overwhelming force before they realize you're there.
No. 197845 ID: b4ae88

Ugrokk's Traits And Talents:
--Blood Of The Long-Bones:
Ugrokk's blood is thick with the blood of the Cromagg, an ancient rival of the Premen. This makes Ugrokk far taller than his contemporaries, and gives him a reach advantage when using any of his limbs.
--Adaptive Joints:
Born more flexible than most, Ugrokk's joints allow a wider range of motion, allowing for more unconventional movements. Further, this flexibility means Ugrokk is exceedingly difficult to grapple, and is adept at escaping holds.
Ugrokk is faster and lighter on his feet than most of his size range could claim.
--The Axeman:
Ugrokk is most familiar and competent with axes, which he combines with his reach and irregular movements for deceptive, whipping hacks and chops, preferring to distract and hinder foes with rapid attacks before finding a chance to land a deeply biting strike.
--The Open Hand:
Ugrokk's unarmed combat style is oriented around redirection of force, rather than blunt trauma, to rely on the leverage his height provides. Ugrokk can flip, throw, or cause to stumble almost any foe he can get his hands on. As far as direct strikes go, he prefers to chop and stab with a stiffened hand, rather than with a closed fist.


--KNOW NO FEAR: No matter what situation or circumstances Bang is placed in, he will never be made to hesitate due to facing a more potent foe, or be subject to fear-based illusory or otherwise magical attacks. This also has the byproduct of making him reckless to the point of insanity when faced with excessively more potent foes, as nothing will make him feel cautious.
--BLOOD THAT BURNS FURIOUSLY: Bang will, in general, flourish when pushed, as his personality is conducive to maintaining focus (and thus control of magic) even as situations grow more hectic/he becomes more enthused with a fight. This has the side effect of making it increasingly difficult to convince him to withdraw from a fight as it progresses.
--Rapidfire Combat Magic: Bang, rather than working to put more any more power into any given ability, has specialized into placing energy as quickly and precisely as possible. This is what allows him to rapidly heal from wounds, by constantly repairing them even as they happen to minimize how much energy it takes to sustain himself, or otherwise undo damages to his body, as well as to constantly employ muscle recruitment (boosted moderately beyond human limits) without his body breaking: He repairs it as it breaks faster than it can degrade.
--Body Runes: Magnum bang’s body is covered in tattoos and ritualistic scarring, as well as carved into his bones (all of them, from teeth to femurs to his skull) with one single function: Enhancing the rate at which he regenerates magical stamina. Without this, he could measure the time he could fight at his normal pace in the seconds, rather than in minutes.
--MAGNUM SCARF: Bang bears only one magic item: A scarf that he can store potential magic in, under certain restrictions: He cannot store general magical energy, only magic already designated towards a specific focus (I.E. magic devoted to repairing broken bones, or re-knitting split flesh, etc.) The scarf, coupled with his body running, pushes his operating time at full throttle (assuming the scarf is fully charged) into the range of twenty minutes. To fully charge the scarf take approximately one day.

Posting those for easy reference.

Boost kick towards the foes flank. when you are about to arrive, just out of sword reach, jump. curl into a ball and spin to build torque then whip out your foot for a powerful axle drop-kick.

Throw one of your non-magic axes through a tent, so that it goes towards the captain or another high priority target. This is the diversion. Change direction and loop around to get the target from the opposite side with your axe to his neck, make it noticeable. When the troops look around at their Captain, flash em and proceed to eviscerate them.
This tactic is taking into consideration that they know you are here by now and the target is likely skilled enough to sense you coming, so we try to get them to focus in another direction.
No. 197848 ID: b4ae88

Ugrokk is surprisingly sophisticated in his thought pattern. Not saying hes stupid or anything, I just didn't expect that level of... culture(?)

I now imagine Ugrokk sitting in one of those classical old English chairs by the fireplace. He has one of those plush red robes on and a pipe. Monocle and book optional.

So BANG, where are you from? How did you get into this? WHO THE HELL ENGRAVED SHIT ON YOUR BONES!!!!?
No. 197888 ID: e0fbe1

Who does your hair?
No. 197903 ID: 2d4178

Ugrokk or bang, depending who is closer, or both, kill the guards herding the captives, then yell at the captives to pick up arms and anything else from the dead soldiers and to do what they must. they will either stay and fight or cut their way to a free running path.once you don't have to worry about them you can just focus on the carnage.

For ugrokk, when you get close enough to some of the tents during this fight, set them aflame, with a torch or some random burning debree. burning their supplies can cause some major confusion.
No. 197923 ID: ddcbe8

Did Modre kill the giant?

If so, soul suck.
No. 197967 ID: 445c48

In fact, Modre should be Soulsucking and iron harvesting when he can.
No. 197986 ID: a76809

[You're controlling Ugrokk and Bang right now, Mordre can take care of itself for the moment, and I'm keeping tabs on who's doing what.]


I make my way to the closest building to the enemy camp, my height, flexibility, and stealth, natural and magical, making the journey simple and allowing me to stay hidden. From my new vantage point, I take the smaller axes strapped to my form, and notch all but one into the wood beneath my feet, readying them as I plot my next move. I spy a tent with somewhat finer threading, and judging by the stream of soldiers coming in and out of it in light armor, I deduce it to hold an enemy chieftain. I take note of what little I can see through the rain, fog and gloom each time the tent flaps swing open, and heft an axe even as I ready the device chieftain Mordre gifted me, taking aim at one in ornate armor leading one of the groups of captive makers. I whip my hand forth and send the axe hurtling through the air and towards the presumed chieftain's tent, even as I fire the device, my now free hand that once clutched the now tumbling axe already speeding to grab the others arrayed before me to lob them in quick succession into the few open gaps I see in the makers' formation. If they are to be treated as warriors, to be captured or slain, then I should see to it they are armed as warriors.

As I watch the first axe I threw clip into the tent amidst abrupt sounds of dismay, the string of orders interrupted, I see my shot strike the leader of the foremost group of captives squarely, tearing a gory hole through his body and armor alike (my side twinging in sympathy) and slamming into the ground to throw up a tiny avalanche of mud and dirt, as the whole collective grinds to a halt in confusion. Barely a second later, even as the chain starts yanking the shot back, the first of my lobbed axes start falling amidst the captive makers, and while some cower and duck their heads, I see others realize what is happening, and heft the offered weapons gladly and lay into those warriors nearest them, their outrage at being included in martial craft despite their designation as builders and farmers apparent, others quickly moving to grab weapons dropped by those warriors struck down in the initial confusion. Between my abrupt attack and the maker's revolt thanks to my proffered weapons, their forward progress grinds to a halt, and I note no one noted my current location, or at least, I see none pointing at my presence: Still, I choose to relocate, leaping from the building as I reclaim my own personal, larger axe, the last one left to me now, as I start to dash forward, into the enemy camp proper. A quick glance back shows me Oggroth preventing any of the three remaining captive groups from exiting the city under enemy control, his mount, his hammer and his wrecking ball alike laying waste to those that dare try to pass him.

As I witness Chieftain Mordre bat aside a rising limb of the massive foe he knocked down, it's movements abruptly slowing, I see the metal form of my leader abruptly blur with new-found speed, whipping his sword about in a vicious arc, building momentum before neatly slicing down, taking off the left hand of the foe beneath it even as the gargantuan armored figure rises, a torrent of blood gushing forth, but not cry of pain to mark the damage accompanying the strike as it stabs forth with it's sword, forcing Mordre back-but not before one of the bladed tentacles manages to snake into the gushing wound, which starts to visibly rot from the touch. As the two appraise each-other, both hefting their respective swords in but a single hand, I am reminded of living in one of the many tribes under Goran's iron grip, and what a wondrous place the south-lands are, to have so many warriors of a comparable stature of the infamous Magic Eater, even as I note frost starting to creep up the chieftain's arm, the ravenous, ominous well of shadow upon his hand feasting on everything it can, even as the resounding sound of ringing sword-strokes echo through the storm as the two giants exchange blows.

As my view of the chieftain becomes obscured, I look about myself, noting nothing I could use in this torrential downpour to set fire to the tents... and also noting the initial momentum of the fighting makers slowing as more warriors move to suppress them. I could go to their aid... but I cannot help but note the tent which I hurled an axe into, from which I still hear orders being bellowed, is no longer guarded... I could strike at one of the foe's presumed chieftains... but it would mean leaving the captives to their own fate for precious long moments... hm, what to do....


A mage named... Figs and... gnats, mats, mints? Something like that, was the one who engraved my bones. Weird guy, but then, whenever I approached anyone else who advertised runework about setting runes into every bone in my body, the pansies shied away from it, whining about blood, and risk, and BLAH BLAH BLAH. When I finally found someone, I didn't ask questions, I just said DO IT. I came from one of the desert settlements to the south of the warring nations, between the Land of Dragons and... well, everything else. Boring place, not much happening, hence why I left: Only so many people I could beat to death in honest fights before there was no one left who wanted to fight me, and I'm not about to just go crushing everyone's skull: They have to be willing to fight back, all that.

I snap out of my considerations of my past and origins as ANOTHER arrow manages to hit a part of me not covered by my toga, but as it cores a path in one cheek and out the other, I simply leer, bite the shaft in twain, and rip the pieces out as I re-knit my flesh. I see the mage (Who I have to say, now that I've seen him in action, actually knows a fair bit about fighting, wouldn't of thought it of one of those research types, but there it is) once more bull straight into point-blank range, slamming his shoulder into the big armored (and now one-handed) giant's midsection, this time wrapping the black tendrils that sprout from the golem's right arm about it's legs, and heave, once more upsetting the massive figure, even as he tosses that fancy sword of his (Gotta be Mosmordren make, if memory serves) into the air, and slamming the golem's now free fist down like a piledriver into the airborne and dis-balanced from of his foe, to result in the giant's armor shattering and now-exposed stomach bursting in a shower of gore, exploding from the inside out with writhing tendrils of energy snaking every which way-as the mage grabs the sword out of the air, and stabs it down, straight into the exposed gory torso of his foe, pinning it to the ground. Despite the injuries, the big one still seems to feel no pain, and tries to wrench free-

That is, until a foot is slammed into it's throat, pinning it down, as the cannon is brought to bear, and shot after successive shot is fired into it's already warped helm. On the second shot, it's armor cracks. On the third, it shatters as blood sprays froth from the shrapnel even as the ground continues to crater under the giant figure's head. By the third shot, it's head is naught but pulp, it's limbs weakly twitching.

The forth shot removes the last vestiges of a head from the massive figure, and it's limbs finally quiet. The mage decides even this is not enough, and jabs both arms into the gory mess of the fallen foes body, and wrenches what remains of it's ribcage open, crushing and ripping free organs and muscle alike, as he bellows his own cry of victory.


...I got to remember to give my regards to the mage, that was a right proper way to kill something! Speaking of which....

I leap forward as another arrow sails at me (Where is that deep-spawn archer at?) and passes through where I was rather than where I am, my hands stretching forth, not towards the presumably worthy foe Keddic faces-but to his mount, the moment my hands close about it's head, I twist and squeeze, rewarded with it's death scream as its head caves in and it's neck snaps under my assault, as I shoot a vicious leer at it's one-time rider as I fling myself skyward, out of the way of the sword streaking toward my form, out of the reach of it's rather vicious looking runed edge. As I pirouette through the air, I snatch Keddic's sword, and shout out to Keddic, who is already charging forth to attack the rider as his already dead mount collapses beneath him.


As Keddic moves in to engage the knight of screaming faces, he tosses one of his twin pair of blood stealing swords up to me, his now free hand closing about his personal sword's hilt as blood flows over both blades, and he whirls about, roaring out a challenge.


As the pair of blades explode into shifting beds of bloody spikes, writhing across the knight's armor in search of openings to invade and rend at his flesh, I snap my scarf wide to adjust my mid-air position, and snap out a kick, sending the blade Keddic hurled to me whizzing back down to the earth on a collision course with the knight (I don't use weapons, it's a personal thing) as I send myself plummeting after it.


My foot collides with the knight even as he has to deal with another paired strike from Keddic and the sword I kicked his way, and the faces writhing on his armor scream. Even as I put a sizable dent in the knight's armor, the faces stretch, writhing out and snaking about, their mouths slavering as they quest for something to bite and tear at. They move with speed even I find surprising, and one manages to rip into my calf before I can rebound from my kick, tearing away a sizable hunk of flesh and muscle. As pain sings through my system, setting my nerves afire, I bludgeon aside my initial impulse to simply recoil from the pain: Those who say pain is weakness leaving the body are fools, pain is your body trying to be weak, and you must respond with overwhelming force and make it shut up, and this internal thought process guides my will as I move to mend the wound, noting the mouths reaching for the slower Keddic repulse by spears of blood that erupt from his form even as he continues his assault.

Hmm... I am currently airborne, moving away from the knight thanks to my somewhat awkward rebound, straight towards a particularly dense clump of soldiers-one of which bears the skulled and runed armor I presume indicates rank amongst our foes-and all of them have their eyes on me, and weapons at the ready, even as I still labor to repair my leg.

Orders for Bang and Ugrokk?
No. 197993 ID: e31d52

>A mage named... Figs and... gnats, mats, mints?

No. 198000 ID: d3dfb8

Bang. Magnum Thunderclap. Go nuts.
No. 198004 ID: ddcbe8

Are there any mages left?
We must see to knock out a couple of them. Yes Kyorto needs only one, but maybe if we send her few unrotted bodies with souls, she'll become much more powerful?

Also, battle status check. How many enemies are there left, or how many have we killed already? Does the fight look like it's nearing the end?
No. 198009 ID: bbf0f6


Heh, you will be using a lot of the energy in your scarf now.
Kick so hard that the air COMPRESSES and becomes a wall for you to boost down off of (HECK YEA, IF YOU CAN'T DO THIS I HAVE LOST A CERTAIN LEVEL OF RESPECT FOR YOUR AWESOME); Fly down with a double fisted strike to the skull armoured one; so hard in fact that the impact sends the others flying and makes a rather sizable crater.

I am tempted to roll for this, but it could also end badly so nah.
No. 198022 ID: 45be60

Ugrokk: assist the makers. It would simply not do to set them fighting for their freedom then let them die for daring to hope.

Bang: next time someone shoots an arrow at you, dodge INTO it, so it hits your toga.
No. 198025 ID: bbf0f6

Here is some battle music for you.
No. 198028 ID: f4e4f9

I agree with BOTH of these points.

To add:

Uggrok, perhaps there is a way you can accomplish both: Fire the shot from the Pistol to aid the Makers while bracing yourself against the most secure location you can find. However, mid-flight, begin sweeping your grip towards the Tent.

Remember, the Shot is composed of morphic fluid that increases it's size when fired, attached to a virtually indestructible CHAIN.

Just think of it as a downscaled version of Oggroth's weapon, and sweep the wrecking ball into the leaders tent using it's own momentum.

Bang, I somewhat agree with >>198009

However, if you can't kick that hard, consider using your scarf and the wind to readjust your course: Back into the fight with the rune warrior OR to a safer location to begin engaging that cadre of soldiers, depending on where the wind is blowing.
No. 198033 ID: e31d52

>Just think of it as a downscaled version of Oggroth's weapon, and sweep the wrecking ball into the leaders tent using it's own momentum.

It doesn't work that way, since the chain stretches INFINITELY. Thus, all he'd end up doing it pointing the gun in a different direction while the ball of steel keeps going :V
No. 198035 ID: f4e4f9

It doesn't stretch when it's being retracted, my good man. Which means the only limiter is that it stops when it impacts something. After all, if it's being reeled back, that means it's pulling taut.
No. 198036 ID: e31d52


Oh well in that case oakely doakely
No. 198037 ID: f4e4f9

Interestingly enough, it also means that it has some way to compensate for momentum, otherwise everytime the chain stopped or the shot missed, Ugrokk would get yanked with the shot.
No. 198059 ID: 445c48

>(Gotta be Mosmordren make, if memory serves)
Well, he did steal it from a Small Tomb he killed, so it's entirely possible.

>Goran's iron grip
>Magic Eater

No. 198061 ID: f4e4f9

Goran the magic eater, the guy who basically owns Uggrok's and Oggroth's old clans.

They hate him.
No. 198071 ID: ddcbe8


Maybe we should go and pay him a visit with the current team we have?
Uggroks comment leads me to believe that everyone in this party is at the same or higher level than him.
No. 198074 ID: f4e4f9

That was the plan, eventually. I suspect that might be part of why Lorgk wants us up there.
No. 198079 ID: d3dfb8

I think the rest of the premen would like to come. Besides a good show of force for Lorgk will be good. They respect strength and whatnot.
And we still need to wait until Arkus is done the warning system thing.
No. 198115 ID: 445c48

I don't recall any specifics, though I could probably find them if I looked maybe unless we didn't get any.

If we didn't, this would sure be a good time to get some.
No. 198141 ID: 445c48

Question for Bang, How far does your regeneration go? If,say, your arm were severed at the shoulder, with enough time and energy would it grow back? Or would you have to grab your arm off the ground, beat a few men to death with it, and then shove it back in its proper place?
No. 198167 ID: e0fbe1

This seems like a good idea, however if you can't MANGUM AIR-KICK, then use you Scarf and the wind to move, yes, but also twist around and still use both your fists - MAGNUM METEOR! - to go flying to the runed warrior, or the throng of soldiers.
If you do fly to the guy with the sword stuck in him, MAGNUM METEOR STRIGHT ONTO THE HILT! DRIVE THE BLADE DEEP INTO HIS FLESH!


Keddic: I Do Not Know If You Can Hear Me, Young Keddic. But I Have Not Heard You Roar Your Attacks In Defiance Of Your Enemies. Rival BANG! Roar As The Bloody Lion Itself, Louder Then Bang And So Much More Furious! That Is All!
No. 198363 ID: a76809
File 127741293357.jpg - (224.46KB , 1874x863 , Domintus Assault Leader And Clay Siege Golems.jpg )

Right, Figment, that was it... I'd say something about having a funny name, but... well..
Either way, he did a solid job, I'm still not sure HOW he did it, exactly, but he got the runes to become... natural, I guess? Like an intrinsic part of my body. Even when I repair myself, if a bone is shattered, it restores with the runes in place, like they were always part of me. I would have asked how he did that, but he didn't ask for money (nice thing, since as I understand it skills like that cost a pretty penny), but just wanted a 'marker' to call in later, a future favor serving as payment. I figure it'd be rude to up and die before I could pay him back, so I've been working to constantly improve myself, as otherwise my propensity towards violence could cut my career short.

It's faster to re-graft a severed limb, but I can fully sprout a new one, but that's more than a bit labor intensive, and drains my reserve like nobodies' business. Only thing I can't handle is if I lose my head, or enough of my brainmeats I can't even think anymore, as I have to guide my magic consciously... requiring the ability to cogitate what's what, hence the need for thinking-meats.

Strongest warrior I ever fought actually had a pair of teats, not a dick. Eh... what was her name, it was an alliterative moniker, her title was Colossus... Collete, that was it, Collete the Collosus. Shattered my bones, ruptured organs and split flesh even with love taps, and so damn good at taking a hit I had to settle for a draw because I flat out ran out of juice mid-fight, and the whole while I was hitting her a good twenty, thirty times for every one hit she threw my way, and she just kept shrugging them off. ...Hm, could do with a rematch, now that I got this blood toga, could lead to interesting results if I could give her a taste of her own medicine.

An idea occurs to me as I tumble through the air, and I shoot a feral grin to no one in particular as I swing my hands wide, and get ready to tense both of my legs, curling them tight to my body even as my hands swing shut.


Even as I see this drop many of the warriors I am about to collide with to the ground, the one armored in runed and skull-adorned armor stands his ground, gritting his teeth, ready to stick a sword through my head-which could be a problem, as if I lose to much of my brainmeats, that's it, not enough left for me to even fathom how to repair myself, all that. Which is why I now heave my legs out, kicking so fast, so fiercely, that even I can't exceed the rate of damage to my body, shredding my legs as sinew snaps and muscle tears, twin sonic booms marking the ludicrous speed my kick achieves-and letting me treat the air itself as a surface to gain purchase on, if only for an instant, as I abruptly accelerate and redirect myself, both fists jutting forth like twin battering rams as I collide with the armored foe like a supersonic battering ram.



I see runes flare up on my foes armor as I impact, surging with light and power, just as surely as I see them overload, and my fists tear through his armor like wet paper, the whole of my hands from knuckles to wrist so violently compressed that as blood flies from rupturing skin, my extremities look like nothing more than puddles of flesh and bone and blood. I dimly note through ringing ears that those nearest us were hurled away with bone-breaking force, and that I and my now largely obliterated foe reside in a sizable crater, the dry earth uncovered by the horrendous assault already churning into mud as rain continues to pour from the sky. With the attack complete, I return my full attention to repairing myself, both my hands and the whole of my legs, as I scan the battlefield, noting Mordre's golem wrenching the spine out of his fallen foe and laying into some strange, howling shapes of clay assaulting him, far too large to be conventional clay golems, though where these creatures came from I could not say, even as I see the Inferno Golem produced earlier winking out of existence, it's fires spent as Oggroth now fights alone to prevent the remaining three groups of captives from being taken to the enemy camp, and Keddic continues to engage the knight of wailing faces, neither one seeming able to breach the other's defenses for the moment, but both managing to shrug off what attacks come their way (Keddic periodically snapping out a tendril of blood to skewer any would-be opportunist looking to strike at him during his exchange.

Right, mages, I sho-uld go do dat den. My hed fels funy, wat hapen? Oh, aro in fas, get dat owt-dammit, as I pull the arrow from my skull and cast my gaze about, I admit to myself that that damnable archer's got some uncanny aim, put it right through my temples, and a knack for hiding, where could... wait. All three arrows came from different directions, probably a mobile bugger... so, if I can't pin him down, maybe I can force him to go where I want, to shoot... I fall back to the ground, sliding under the partial cover of the torn body of the foe that tasted my Double-barrel, leaving only my chest exposed-fully robed in the bloody toga, replete with charge from my gory fighting. Three long seconds pass as I continue to repair my legs and finalize my hands and head alike, before finally I feel a tug at the cloth directly over my heart-

And hear someone grunt from an elevated position.

I surge into motion, leaping forth on my largely restored body (growing more whole by the second) to find... ah, he's already dying. His own uncanny aim is proving his bane, as heartsblood gushes from his chest, life already fading from the archer. ...Well, I guess that's that, as I see the light go out of his eyes. I finally get a chance from this new vantage point to see just where those clay figures Mordre is engaging with improvised spine flail and arm-tentacles are coming from: That pit of swirling earth.

But more than that, I note two things:
-Keddic seems to be losing ground against that pesky knight of wailing faces even as his blood-spattered face sports a feral grin, and
-I see the mages that had been attending to the fires that persisted despite the torrential rain starting to form up, and head to face down Oggroth, still busy preventing any of the remaining captives in the city from being brought into the enemy camp, no less than eleven skull and rune-bearing warriors working together to face him from all angles.

Hmm.... what should I do, I wonder....

I decide that quick wits (and a quicker hand) could lead to me not having to choose. I fire the device I clutch even as I brace myself as ably as I can on the rooftop, the expanding cannon-ball once more carving a sizable hole into the enemy forces about the makers attempting to cut their way to freedom, and I restore their momentum with my attack, even as I begin straining and heaving, swinging the shot as it begins to rebound and retract to scythe across the battlefield, the chain slamming into the tent in which I assume a chieftain to be located, even as the stone and wood alike under my feet starts to shatter as my body protests. The shot snaps back into the device thanks to the chain that anchors to it even as I reveal the occupant, unmarred from my attack. He stands some eight feet tall, sizable for a human, and is decorated in the flayed faces of scores of foes, and garbed in a cloak made of nothing more than writhing, grasping hands of shadow and bearing a sword of crystal that hisses and steams as rain falls upon it. As I see a fifth being of clay, some seventeen feet tall, the same as the others that have rushed forth and engaged chieftain Mordre in battle in the wake of his conquest over the giant, I note several eyes looking to the rooftop I stand upon-including the enemy commander.

He starts to march towards me with a steady, measured pace, and a foolishly brave maker that tries to strike at him even as the others flee is ripped apart by the swarm of shadowy hands jutting from the enemy chieftain's back. ...This might not be good. On the other hand, only one group of makers is still captive near the enemy camp, and they are prevented from advancing by the makers I freed and aided, who have now claimed enough arms that all bear weapons, and work to free their comrades, fighting with the ferocity of the desperate. ...I note the enemy chieftain to not even be looking at the building I stand upon, but directly at me, through the veil that obscures my form. Ah....


[AND CHOICE: Maintain control of BANG/UGROKK, or switch to KEDDIC/OGGROTH? And if a switch is desired, they would need orders as well.]
No. 198396 ID: 2d4178
File 127741525073.png - (477.36KB , 554x829 , sophistication.png )

Bang/Ugrokk, we gotta deal with that new guy.

Ugrokk, this guy means trouble, you will probably want to stay away from him, but as he is focused on you now an altercation is most likely going to occur. Use your flexibility to make sure he does not land a blow on you, those weapons he has seem nefarious for more than just their sharpness.

Bang, go party with Oggroth. Also, ever been in love? (im a sap)

No. 198399 ID: 2aaaf1

Hey Bang, I know how to deal with that dude Keddic is fighting. Run over and grab the dead horse, toss it in front of the creepy guy's armor. While his little blood-ghost... faces.. or whatever are busy eating it, you and Keddic can DOUBLE UPPERCUT that sucker. Then the both of you can bat the bastard all the way over to Mordre. With the all the tricks this guy has up his sleeve, I imagine Mordre's golem would REALLY be able to tear things up after feeding on him. After that, tell Keddic to go help Ugrokk. Meanwhile, we'll help Oggroth deal with the horsemen, as we seem particularly proficient in dealing with them and their armor.

Ugrokk, keep firing into the mass of disciples trying to herd the humans. Once you can unite the two human groups, fire a test shot at the enemy chieftain. Even if it does not harm him, you'll be able to distract him from killing the humans. Once the united human group moves to separate themselves from the disciples, place yourself in between them and the pursuing enemies. See if you can't guide them towards Oggroth.
No. 198405 ID: a594b9

I support plan "Beat him with a dead horse".

Mordre: For the love of christ get your butt over to the main battle so you can make some Soul Soldiers!

Ugrokk: I don't like your chances here. Try to turn it into a ranged battle.

Oggroth: Watch out for those mages, man. Take them out, quick.

Let's switch to Keddic/Oggroth.
No. 198414 ID: ddcbe8

That guy seems to be the Final Boss (of this venture at least) and he seems to see through illusion (just like Modre), so I propose Ugrokk quickly retreats to safety.
No. 198430 ID: f4e4f9

I have some parting Orders for Uggrok and Bang, then I'd personally like to switch to Keddic/Mordre, as I feel Mordre could potentially offer more aid overall to the rest of the forces.

Also, is Moss okay?

Anyways, Uggrok: You've done what you can at the moment, but the Commander of their forces is able to passively negate one of your most useful abilities, and his cloak gives him a rather nasty defensive/offensive advantage, save for your pistol. This is not a fight in any way in your favor.

I would suggest that you do the most prudent thing: Fire a last shot at in aid to the makers, stealth, and HAUL ASS to the pit of swirling earth. Find the mages maintaining it, or controlling the Clay Golems, and kill them in the same stealth manner you've been doing, but KEEP MOVING. Do NOT let the leader get close to you, as much as I don't like to say it, I don't think you have a chance in melee without an enchanted weapon at the least.

Instead, you're objective is to give Mordre an opening to join the battle Proper.

Bang: Oggroth needs your assistance. Take out the mages that are moving to intercept him, then move to aid him against the skull warriors. He's got defenses out the ass vs. melee opponents, but Magic is too unpredictable an opponent. Hence the priority.

No. 198431 ID: a594b9

...I'll just add one more thing.

Mordre: Make another Inferno Golem, and send it to eliminate the mages summoning the clay golems.
No. 198442 ID: 447bb2

I think Magnum/Ugrokk has the most potential here.

If that cloak ACTUALLY uses shadows then Ugrokk might be able to temporarily nullify it... Move up closer, decloak and fire the Gavrock handcannon as the decloaking light flash is emitted, then get away and do hit and run attacks with your axe using the village buildings to your advantage. That crystal sword is going to be a right bitch to fight against so focus on avoiding it. Basically try to delay the enemy chieftain for as long as possible and learn as much as you can about the way he fights. Every moment that he isn't commanding his troops is a moment where your small group can take apart the uncoordinated enemy forces. If things look really bad then shout for your chieftain Mordre to retrieve you. Once you've been pulled out of danger's way tell Mordre what you've learned about this enemy chieftain's strengths and abilities.

Magnum: Go destroy that group of mages first. They're just about to ruin Oggroth's good fight with some silly magical tricks! Just run right at the mages using your full overdrive speed with your hands extended like lances in front of you and impale them!


You can probably line up at least four dead mages on each of you arms before the rest even realize what's going on! Hahahaaa! After that just start bouncing between the remaining mages, kicking and punching them to bits, but try to remember to take down a few of them by just snapping their necks or spines. Didn't Mordre want some intact skins or something?

After that give Keddic your tip on how to fight the face-armour knight using the previously suggested flying dead horse maneuver.
No. 198450 ID: f4e4f9

Mordre can't assist anyone because the mages are spawning Clay Golems that are keeping him busy.
No. 198541 ID: 716eb0

I question the wisdom of sending a being made of magical fire against the pyromancers.
No. 198542 ID: a594b9

They're not pyromancers.
No. 198580 ID: bbbe8b

Well crap ol' boy. Looks like its time for a strategic re-selection of targets. Jump off of the building in the opposite direction and release your cloaking, become as a star in the night sky, then flee. I know that your pride may make you do otherwise, but this is not a target you can hope to take on right now. Focus on clearing a path for the escaping people, start from the gates/ outskirts closest to them and work your way in to the battle zone. You can keep the cloak off until you begin fighting again, don't want to screw with temperature too much.

Be yourself.

Voting to switch to Keddic/Oggroth combo. Keddic looks lika he needs help, we might have to break out the soul punch early.

Be a badass until I see the situation you are in.

Time to test the limits of your new skills. Get a few blood tendrils out and harden them, focus on using those to parry attacks. Start up SKP; you can also use the same tech for the blood around your body to help with ducking and weaving. Be a boxer Keddic, it is your true calling. [You need to learn more Blood magic so you can control other peoples, then you could stop their heart with a punch, magically and no-magically]
It would be awesome if you could wield your blades using the blood, but I think that that might be a bit too taxing on the mind. Keep it in mind though.
[I seem to remember someone giving a suggestion about speeding up the flow of blood in your body to improve strength or something, I can't find it though, anyone remember that? From Keddic Quest?]


No. 198584 ID: bbbe8b

Almost forgot about this.

Stop messing around. I say blow 100 souls on Inferno Golems. This is a full fledged WAR, not some skirmish against bandits or a tribe of mountain folk; We are severely outnumbered and have people to protect as well as destroy. We have a wealth of souls from our visit to the southern lands so don't be stingy.
Also create as many soul soldiers as you can, Bang has been busy while you were fighting those big guys and there is a lot of material around for you to use. Direct them to assist Ugrokk and the captives.
No. 198586 ID: d3dfb8

Uhhhh... No.
Just normal Soul Soldiers.
No. 198594 ID: a76809
File 127743522096.jpg - (142.42KB , 1152x864 , Abaeloth The All Consuming.jpg )



..Well, okay, I admit I got a liking for Collete, she's got an ass that... well, she keeps herself fit to a point of absurdity, but that seems to work out just fine for her rear, all that. Beyond that, I got a healthy respect for her strength, and how stupidly durable she is. Even got somewhat similar likings for combat, and I doubt there's a cowardly bone in her body.... though I'd like to give her a bone of my own next time I see her...

I grin like a madman, showing off the runic patterns scrawled on my teeth like scrimshaw as I leap back towards the fight betwixt Keddic and the knight of wailing faces, grabbing his dead horse and swinging it like a giant meaty club at the knight's back.


My words and unconventional attack distract the knight even as the writhing faces on his armor devote themselves to mindlessly chewing through his mount's flesh as I slam it into his body, knocking his footing off balance-which Keddic is happy to take advantage of, thrusting his familial sword into the gap between helmet and breastplate, cleaving the knight's head from his shoulders with a nod to me as I drop the dead horse, or what's left of it, the Knight's armor still working to devour its flesh.

As I see the mage shatter one of the five clay golems aggressing his Soul Grave with the spine of the fallen giant, I see the blades of it's right arm closing about its massive sword, swinging it up and lopping off the arm of another before stepping back, swaying out of the reach of the claws streaking towards it, sheathed in fire and rippling with heat, even as elsewhere Keddic moves to dash towards the enemy camp while I move to aid Oggroth. I build speed, dashing towards the mages I see moving to attack Oggroth, holding forth my arms, fingers extended and stiffened like spears, as I move to take advantage of deliciously unarmored foes.


I spear six of the eleven mages cleanly, some starting to struggle to utter words or writhe their hands: I'm having none of it as I whirl around, Oggroth (who has spotted me by now) serving rather well as a wall to my back as I slap my hands together-oh, look at that, I'm rending apart those mages I skewered on my arms, oh woe is me.


As bits of mage go flying all over the place and a few of the surviving mages fit enough to be at the head of their pack charging to flank Mordre clutch their ears, I crane my head about, looking to see how the battle is going. ...Huh, actually, the town itself is starting to get noticeably cleared of combatants, and one of the three groups of captives is managing to make their escape-granted, several of their number got gutted as they were trying to flee, but a dozen at most out of more than a hundred is pretty good numbers, considering there's all of five of us hear-

Scratch that, six. That crazy wood creature just leapt out of an alleyway and flat out bit the head off of some upstart trying to shout orders and form up a line to attack us.... yeesh, I'm starting to feel a bit bad for the normal soldiers here, no orders, fighting in shit visibility against nothing but Alchemics, Combat Magic Practitioners and a Soul Grave? Sucks to be them.

I see the golden maned one charging towards the enemy camp, and note his gaze affixing itself on the enemy chieftain: This is good, that cloak of shadowed hands and his gaze piercing my veil have made my leery of engaging him alone in the heart of his camp. I begin withdrawing, firing off another shot to aid the makers working to escape their unjust capture, even as a another blazing beacon of light swoops by, dashing towards the mages about the churning pit of water-like earth, from whence the golems climbed-and another hand is starting to emerge. The Blazing entity of fire cuts a wide birth around the enemy commander, seeking to target exclusively the mages remaining about the pit. I watch as one after another they are burned to cinders, none seeming willing to break their chant even as the threat approaches, until all have been incinerated, the being of fire immediately turning about to soar towards the enemy chieftain. The intense light of it's presence seems to thwart the questing hands of shadow that make up the foe chieftain's cloak, and for a moment I wonder if I should begin moving forward again-

Until I see the chieftain sweep his hissing sword of crystal in a backhand sweep, not even looking at the approaching threat, it's tip cleaving into the entity forged of conflagration-

And unmaking it, it's form unraveling and snuffing out without any further notice as the chieftain keeps marching forward at it's measured pace. Ah.

I see the golden maned one charging forth even as the makers finally start reaching the border of the enemies camp and freedom beyond with minimal casualties, and stay, not because I think I could best this foe, but because the golden maned one is my comrade, my battle-brother, and I cannot, will not abandon him. I drop down to the ground and start sprinting, shivering as my maintained veil continues to sap heat from my body, looking to flank and attack at range this deadly foe to support the golden maned one as best I can. I only hope my efforts will be sufficient.

....................................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: KEDDIC/OGGROTH...................................................................
My wrecking ball continues to do just that, wrecking every foe I throw it at. My hammer smashes armor and shields alike, my strength greater than those I face. I see the one with the red cloth about his neck, Bang, fighting humans in robes, my ears still ringing from his clap, as I goad Hairy Steaks forward, trampling over another few foes, their bodies going splat beneath it's hooves. I see my chieftain battling others like and not like him, clay figures challenging him, but see his strength is greater as he strikes down another of their number, reducing them to three.

But what concerns me most of all is that I see Ugrokk pulling back from the enemy chieftain: I could not help but see the flare of light that is our own chieftain's beings of fire, and what happened to it: The enemy chieftain is strong, and only Keh-duck moves to face him squarely. I look to Bang and chieftain Mordre's pet, and see them holding their own in fighting to free the last captive makers....

And make my decision: I must aid Keh-duck, and show Ugrokk the courage our chieftain expects of us. I turn Hairy Steaks about, and begin smashing my way over, thinking of just how to fight best... should I try to trample the foe? Or dismount and use my hammer and wrecking ball together? Hmm....


I saw that crystal sword's effects, and know it to be genuine: That's a magic unraveling blade, no doubts about it. May not necessarily work on the same principles as Dulu does, but either way, I can't block it with my blood, not without having the magic held within dispelled, undone. And that cloak of shadows, those clawed hands that endlessly grasp about his form...


I think I recognize him, then.

...Yeah, part of the Disciples of Domintus, black horns on his helmet, cloak of shadows, crystal sword, collection of trophy faces claimed from foes....

That's Abaeloth the All Consuming, or my name's mud.

...I'd question why one of the eight knight-captain's of the Disciples of Domintus is heading up this force, but I'd rather enjoy the fact I get to fight someone famous for being a brutal killer, a vicious field general, and a competent practitioner of Combat Magic. ...Let's see, if I recall, he uses.... Blood magic, as far as I've heard, and does some sort of body-doping process, to make himself more than human... not sure exactly how he uses it, but that's a consistent bit of intel I've heard about him.

...Well, how should I approach this, then?

Orders for Oggroth and Keddic?
[Shit yeah boss-fight son, wrap this up before Mordre finishes the Clay Golems for BONUS... and good luck (for reference, Keddic has reverted to default Way of Harksburton, rather than Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism, and has the Proud lion in his right hand, a blood stealing blade in his left, it's twin once more stowed on his back, and the Chained Twin of Gavrock stowed at his side.]
No. 198605 ID: f4e4f9

Oggroth: Don't worry, have faith in your fellow Premen Captain. He lacks your raw strength and durability, so against such a clearly potent foe as the enemy chieftain, he must fight with wits and caution (not to be confused with Cowardice). Also, the enemy seems to see through his veil, a vexing issue.

Against the enemy Chieftain, I would say dismount. Set Hairy Steak to stampede into a nearby enemy formation. Lead with your Wrecking Ball, tossed UPWARDS so it arcs to land near and behind the enemy, not necessarily on him. BLock of his avenue of movement and try to disorient him with the collateral earth spray.

KEDDIC: Utilize the Scion's Reach to combat him with your blade, NOT your blood. Keep the blood grasping your blade out of his reach, and use the Proud-Lion tip of your whip to keep him under pressure. Uggrok may be coming to your assistance, and Oggroth Definately is. Triple-Teaming this guy should help you guys succeed.

Also, have an idea when you get there. Do you think you could Mass Connection teleport him even DESPITE the Magic Dispelling Sword he carries? If so, consider Leaping into the path of Oggroth's wrecking ball and doing so.

IF your not confident it would work, don't even try it.
No. 198610 ID: 2d4178
File 127743846512.jpg - (243.52KB , 1200x800 , LOL.jpg )

>though I'd like to give her a bone of my own next time I see her...
i can't reply to this coherently...

if this guy negates magic, then its time for Oggroth to use that natural strength of his and crushsmashpulpetc. Keddic should try to find a way to minimize/neutralize the protections/enchantments on this guy, so he can be smashed
No. 198612 ID: e0fbe1

Oh, lordy no. This is bad idea for Ugrokk, and Bang can do the most damage with Keddic before joining up with Oggroth and defending the Humans/beating the shit out of the mages.

However, remember the Kebab. It sounds badass.

This is suitably awesome, however don't tell Keddic to help Ugrokk. Make a united front getting those people out of here.

I support this for Ugrokk.

I like, but a 'deal with the mages with Solid Snake Neck Breaks.' should be important, along with fleeing and killing people at exits.

No, this isn't a full fledge war, this is a Raiding party setting up a forward base activating heavy magical firepower. Two and...a half Inferno Golems would be over kill - just one, to replace the one we lost, and lets say...ten or fifteen soul soldiers - if we can make them - to go and spectrally kill the mages.
No. 198614 ID: bbbe8b

No. 198619 ID: e0fbe1

Well, crap, too late.
No. 198623 ID: e0fbe1

I just had a thought. Everyone here has either a cannon, or a giant ball of death in some way. How about we pull a Quintion Tarentino and just break out the weapons and shot him point blank?

And then we can go Ninja, Tank, Harkaburton
No. 198625 ID: f4e4f9
File 127744037188.jpg - (41.93KB , 640x340 , 0002.jpg )

I was thinking Keddic and Uggrok pull off a

No. 198626 ID: e0fbe1

No. 198629 ID: e0fbe1

Actually, after unloading bullets/bolders at the gun, Oggroth charges him with hammer and bash. Keddic aprotch from side, making sure to defend agasint that blade. Push it away, hack at the arm, make the sword useless. Ugrokk should circle and either shoot from the back or ax from the back. And call for BANG, would some one? He's missing an awesome fight where we can all stomp the Dark Eldar.
No. 198630 ID: 2aaaf1

Keddic my man, we've got work to do! First, sheathe that blood stealing blade in your left hand. Leap into the air and use your bloody grapple to pull yourself towards Abeloth, when your feet hit the ground, pool your blood into your legs and use the momentum to spring yourself upwards faster. Repeat the use of bloody grapple and blood jumping to maintain a steady circle around Abeloth. Instead of using Scion's Reach to slash at Abeloth, use the Proud Lion as a blood tethered spear. Remember, keep Abeloth's attention on you. Oggroth's coming into the fray, and I've got the perfect opening for him so pay attention: as you speed around Abeloth, force him to expose his back to Oggroth. As soon as this is accomplished, toss your sword into the air above Abeloth. Now that both your hands are free, use a double bloody grapple to pull yourself to earth once more, put all your momentum, all your blood magic into this superjump, retrieve the Proud Lion on the way up. Flip the Proud Lion so the blade faces the sky and the hilt faces Abeloth's... face. Activate the sanguine maelstrom to propel yourself down to crush the warrior and let your free hand reach for the chained Twin of Gravrock. Keep the gun hidden behind your back until the last possible second, even if he blocks the Proud Lion's hilt, a point blank shot to the face from the heavy artillery you possess will no doubt cause significant injuries if not outright death.

Oggroth, it's time to shine. Trample and smash all who impede your way to the chieftain of hands and faces. When his flank is exposed, dismount and get into position. Your aim must be flawless for this to work. Get as close to the enemy as you can without provoking the ire of the many hands adorning his back. Brace your feet apart and toss your wrecking ball up, using a two handed swing from your hammer, you're gonna hit the wrecking ball so hard it blasts straight through the man's torso. If the ball meets any resistance from the armor and it doesn't look like it'll penetrate, I want you to run up and keep hitting the wrecking ball with your hammer, do it until your foe is torn asunder, and do not stop until he is no more. If you pull this off correctly, the people of Zakrath will have to rename Gavrock's Twins to Triplets.
No. 198639 ID: 45be60

His cloak does not seem to respond well to intense light. We should strive to engage him near the burning remains of one of the buildings, and also hope that Ugrokk will decide utilize his uncloaking flash at an opportune moment.

Of course the best way to ensure that he is well lit for the rest of his life is to actually light him on fire...
No. 198663 ID: ddcbe8

Modre should have a good charge of AA, not maximum but high. We did run for a while before getting here, that builds up charge like no ones business.

Btw, can we shift back perspective to Modre in this fight? (Not a suggestion but a question.)

Oh and Modre should be constantly draining blood and souls. There should be couple heroic souls flying about (Giant, Shadow Archer, that Knight with Faces on his armor) and bunch of mage souls too (too bad we killed them all, we can't have any skins)
No. 198666 ID: f4e4f9

Some may be intact.

Mordre already used the AA.
No. 198669 ID: 445c48

jeeze we only need one skin we can stop worrying over killing every single mage without breaking the skin

and I'm not sure we should shoot the guy, unwraveling blade sounds like it could damage our equipment
No. 198675 ID: ddcbe8

Its just that is the minimum amount of required, if we manage to get couple more, especially live ones, I think Kyorto will be much more powerful
No. 198721 ID: d3dfb8

Keddic, put a hand to the ground and extent your blood whip through the ground and hamstring him.
No. 198761 ID: 60bd5e

I'm seriously not sure how it approach this. Oggroth doesn't really match me, I'm more of a match with Bang.

Keddic: Be cautious dammit. avoid getting too close to his armour with your body. Make use of your swords range.
No. 198774 ID: a76809
File 127748765795.jpg - (68.34KB , 505x505 , TRIPLE JACKPOT.jpg )

[AA got used against giant, and no, you can't switch back to Mordre (the name does have two r's, one before and one after the d, FYI) since he's busy fighting the clay siege golems, which if unopposed would have fun going after all the captives, escaped or otherwise. Not glamorous, but necessary.]

I get off Hairy Steak, to use my hammer and wrecking ball. I try to set Hairy Steak to charging through enemy lines-but upon losing it's rider, Hairy Steaks seems inclined to just stand there and munch on wet grass... lazy beast. EIther way, it got me close enough that Keh-duck sees me, and Ugrokk sees me too-and I see Ugrokk tapping his mini-wrecking-ball with his axe, having dropped it so it's visible beyond the veil covering him. ...I think I understand. As Ugrokk reclaims his mini-wrecking-ball device, I see grass shifting beneath unseen footfalls, and rain defelcting off his body-I have a rough sense of where he is, and he ehads to flank enemy chieftain. Keh-duck seems to grasp it too, and starts to circle around to the other side: Guess that leaves me to take point, then. Makes sense, I'm the biggest, got the heaviest armor, and largest weapon. I plant myself before the enemy chieftain, some thirty feet away, and lob my wrecking ball into the air, beginning to swing my hammer-even as I see a fire starting in a tent near the enemy chieftain-and the flickering shadow of Ugrokk is briefly glimpsed, as the light seems to dull our foes' strange cloak of shadows.

Let us begin.

I see Abaeloth's gaze tracking Oggroth (who could ignore a warrior that size?) even as his hammer swings into place, and fire springs up behind our collective quarry. I decide to add my own flavor of mayhem, even as I draw my own Chained Twin of Gavrock, letting a tendril of blood extend form a gash in my leg and start flitting down underneath the ground. I raise my pistol as Oggroth's hammer rings against his wrecking ball, sending it hurtling towards our quarry, and fire my own firearm, even as I note a twin booming report from the far side of Abaeloth, and throw my sword tumbling forward towards our collective foe, even as words come unbidden to my lips.


As the three shots all approach out target, originating more or less from the respective points of an equiangular triangle centered about Abaeloth, I see his cloak exploding into motion to stop the weapons coming his way-but it's movements go from sluggish to nearly nonexistent as Ugrokk flares back into visibility in a flash of light. Abaeloth's sword whips up as he swings his arm back at an absurd angle, the Morphic Steel shots Ugrokk and I fired grazed by it's edge, and reverting to their smaller form just in time to plung into his back and shoulder respectively amidst splatters of blood, while he raises a hand and-

And GRABS Oggroth's massive wrecking ball, his fingers digging into the steel like it was clay as his feet skid back from the recoil, and our collective foe leans his head and shoulders forward and twists to avoid my spinning blade.

Which is when I become immensely gratified to see a flicker of surprise flit across his face as my subterrainean tendril of blood lances up, puncturing his achilles tendon at the back of his foot and moving up to slash at his hamstrings-


And wraps about the hilt of the Proud Lion as it tumbles past his form, and abruptly reverses it's momentum to bring it to slam right into the back of his neck.


THe blade bites deep, blood starting to trickle from his form, but I am forced to withdraw my cord of blood lest his crystal blade make contact and render the whole of my displaced plasma mundane, leaving my sword stuck in his neck, even as I see veins bulging about the wound: I tried to yank the sword free, but his very flesh seems to have clamped down about the weapon. I see Oggroth trying to pull his wrecking ball back, finally bracing firmly enough to wrench it out of Abaeloth's grasp-and leaving behind a chunk of iron still gripped in our foes implacable grasp. ...I also note the Morphic steel shots seem to be likewise stuck in him, as our foe raises his sword to strike at the chains connecting our shots and our pistols.... hm.

Should I risk erupting the whip of blood back out of the ground to grasp my blade and try to use the winding way to transpose our forms? ....If successful, it would allow us to retain our equipment, and as Abaeloth is larger than me, I wouldn't be force to have shots and swords placed in my body from the transposition... but if he strikes my blood, I would lose a sizeable portion of blood. ...Hm.

Foe is strong, I no longer think Ugrokk to have shown fear in pulling back: This one deserves title of war chieftain. As I start spinning my wrecking ball about my head, I see Bang leaping high into the air, a body clutched in each hand as he bellows out a laugh, before spying our struggle with the enemy chieftain. I think he is interested, as he sets his feet against the corpses he holds, and kicks off, coming hurtling our way... as I wonder why the enemy forces still in the camp do not move to aid their cheiftain. They just... watch, now that the captive makers they brought near to their pit of water-earth have fled.

[Bang now joins Ugrokk, Oggroth and Keddic in fighting Abaeloth the All Consuming, while Mordre attends to the enemy golems, and Moss assists the freed captives in the city, fighting with weapons claimed from the dead against the remnants of the Domintus forces within the town itself.]
No. 198777 ID: a594b9

Keddic: Try the Winding Way. If you lose some of your blood you should be able to simply fight more cautiously, or withdraw. Those Chains of Gavrock are irreplaceable...
No. 198778 ID: e31d52

Well shit in a cockbasket.

This guy has a lot of his bases covered: Most ranged attacks will be magic, and he can reverse that, and it looks like he literally ABSORBS melee attacks! Fuck!

BANG: You got any ways to strike without, er, touching? seems this fellow is really sticky, so to speak. I would bet he literally swallows attacks, including limbs, so try to avoid bare assaults.


Oggroth: Hammer time. Use the hammer and ball in tandem, but not directly. Swing at his sides and back with the hammer and try to arc the ball to strike from above.

Keddic: Keep striking at him! Bang and Oggroth are gonna be throwing pretty heavy shit, so try to position yourself in a place that won't be in their way, as if I need to tell you that.
No. 198779 ID: e31d52

>Abaeloth the All Consuming

All units:
If you can think of anything that's utterly indirect and nonmagical, be my guest.
No. 198796 ID: d3dfb8

Keddic: retract blood and switch positions with him. It may loosen his grasp of the morphic steel shots.
Switch to the Blood Blades (possible name for them?) to see if they will disrupt his blood magic.
Oggroth Bang: this >>198778 but aim at Keddic.
Ugrock: keep doing what you're doing. Try retracting your shot while keddic switches with the enemy chieftain.
No. 198802 ID: a594b9

I have an idea.

Grab one of your blood-stealing swords, position it right where his head would be if he were standing where you are, then let go of it right before you use Winding Way.

No. 198809 ID: d3dfb8

No. 198813 ID: 2aaaf1

Keddic, we can get the weapons back after he's dead. Now focus on creating as many bloodwhips underneath Abeloth as you can. Wrap a pair around his knees and bring him to the ground. Try to spear through his sword hand, if that's too close for comfort, try to stab through his armpit and sever the arm completely. If none of this works, go for the winding path.

Bang, right on time as always! Just WHAT is up with these Domintus dudes and their moving armor? Anyways, see that bigass sword with all the runes and junk? Yeah, that's got to go. Snap his wrist or something, just don't get hit by the blade, them runes inscribed on your bones make you... like, uh 90 percent magic. It'd suck pretty hard if your skeleton just up and vanished. Beyond that, keep an eye out for those hands on the big dude's cloak. Keep stiking as fast and hard as you possibly can, knocking this guy off balance will help everyone.

Oggroth, time for a minor deviation in plan. See Keh-duck's sword? It's still lodged in the enemy chieftain's neck, yeah? Hammer the wrecking ball into the sword, see if you can't force it to chop his head off. Or better yet, see if his balls are as strong as the rest of him. Get a flat stone or something and place your wrecking ball on it, and tee off straight into his manhood. Remember, it's all in the HIPS! Nice and easy, Oggroth... That's NOT nice and easy.

Ugrokk, congratulations. With the exception of your armor, you are completely NON-MAGICAL! His sword can't do jack squat to you, it's the same as any other. So here's what you're gonna do: run up to him and get him to swing that sword at you, NOT the chains connected to your gun or Keddic's. Dodge constantly, make him plant his sword in the ground, then chop off his fingers with your absurdly long reach. I might also suggest running up the sword and hacking at his hand, but you may employ that tactic only if you feel confident enough.
No. 198818 ID: aa5c4d

Oggroth: Your wrecking ball doesn't seem to do much against this chieftain, but he also can't dispel it since it's just a big ball. You can use it as cover for a bigger attack! Get Ked-duck to come with you and when Magnum is about to strike from one side, charge in and send your wrecking ball at the enemy chieftain again, but follow in behind it ready to strike with your hammer. If you and Ked-duck strike THROUGH the wrecking ball at full force with Magnum attacking like a freight train from the other side then you'll crush him flat. Ugrokk is smart, he'll help out with his armour flash or with his axe somehow, maybe he'll even strike at that sword sticking out of the chieftain's neck.

Keddic: Save the blood for now. It seemed like it wasn't absorbed by Abaeleth's body, which is very good, but if that sword gets close to you then that's some major blood loss. Oggroth will provide a wrecking ball shield. Follow in behind it, charge up all your power, use your blood tendrils as anchors to launch yourself forwards and punch with the power of the winding way to unmake all life right through the wrecking ball and into your enemy!! If you can, also coat your hand with a little of your blood so your hand doesn't get absorbed. Even if we lose the amount of blood on the hand it'll only be a shot glass' worth anyhow.
No. 198821 ID: 1dedf5

This is definitely worth a shot. And hey, since the big guy's sword counters magic effects, it could possibly be left behind instead of transitioning along with him. Remote disarm!
No. 198841 ID: f4e4f9


He CAN'T WINDING WAY TELEPORT. He needs the Proud Lion to do it. And Abaeloth is going to slash his blood, which will result in RETARDED AMOUNTS OF BLOOD LOSS.

He needs a distraction first.

Oggroth, use your wrecking ball once more, hurl it at him. Whatever he does, it will give Keddic a small window with which to0 retrieve the Proud Lion and perform teleport hijinks.

Clue bang into what your about to do. He's seen the proud lion teleport before after all.
No. 198864 ID: 60bd5e
File 127750129044.jpg - (812.38KB , 1600x800 , Requiem_by_Phoenix_06.jpg )


You are gonna need to get some air so land short of the fight and say
"I'll be right back"
When you reach the peak of your ascent, blast yourself downwards with incredible FORCE.

No. 198866 ID: 60bd5e

If its not clear, this ends with a MAGNUM DOUBLE BARREL to the face... the enemies of course.
No. 198910 ID: 2aaaf1

Don't you mean:
No. 198973 ID: 60bd5e

No. 199106 ID: a76809
File 127752945035.png - (236.21KB , 366x501 , BIG BANG GENESIS.png )

I see Bang crashing to the ground amidst an explosion of earth, mud and water, before he shoots a genuinely evil grin at our foe. Oggroth seems inclined to charge forward even as he heaves his wrecking ball back into play, charging behind it, and I follow in their wake, thankful our brazen frontal attack seems to have stayed Abaeloth's hand, his sword halting before it can connect with the chains of the Gavrockian pistols (I discarded mine to hold a blood stealing sword in each hand), as Bang shoots a comment towards us, even as I see the wrecking ball before us once more brought to a halt by Abaeloth with but a single arm.

"I'll be right back. TOH!!"

There is a thunderous boom behind us and a wall of wind slaps our backs as Bang leaps into the sky, quickly vanishing into the storm-clouds above, as Oggroth and I circle around opposed sides of the wrecking ball occupying one of Abaeloth's arms. I find myself on the side that holds his sword, and his blade lops one of my blood stealing swords in twain on the first exchange, and starts to whip back to disembowel me even as hundreds of questing hands explode from his cloak-

And Ugrokk flashes into visibility, the light dispelling the hands questing for my flesh as his axe slams down onto Abaeloth's crystal sword, forcing it into the ground, the completely mundane weapon unmarred by the powers imbued in the crystal blade. Even as Oggroth vanishes back into shadow, I see him nod my way-

Only to be struck even as he fades from view, Abaeloth backhanding him-with Oggroth's wrecking ball, which he flings aside with such force it not only sends Ugrokk's unseen form flying with a whuff of expelled air, but jerks Oggroth off-balance as the chain attached to it pulls even his bulk astray, his own tight grip on his hammer his undoing. The crystal sword is wrenched from the ground, and cleaves up in a vicious ark, slicing through Oggroth's armor with a spray of blood as the massive warrior falls, his hammer dropping from his hands as I hear a cry of pain escape his form.

But their distraction was enough, costly as it was. With Abaeloth focused on them, I manage to get my free hand that clutched the ruined blood stealing sword but a moment ago back onto the Proud Lion-even as I place the other blood sword above my own head as I channel the energies of the winding way into my familial blade.

Ignore this, asshole.


The world blurs as we switch positions, and as my senses return to me, I see the towering figure of the All Consuming stagger as he finds his head and neck locked in place, several feet of sword now occupying the same place as part of his skull and perhaps a foot of spine beyond-

And I see him turn to me with rage in his eyes, his lips pulling back in a snarl as his neck turns despite the metal within, the sound of warping metal shortly followed by a hollow shattering noise: He broke the sword in his neck, in his very spine by sheer dint of turning to face me, as he slashes at me-

To find his sword not in his hands. He hisses in surprise, as his eyes and my own dart down to see the Crystal sword upon the ground-and Ugrokk abruptly becomes visible as his hand closes about the weapon, and without pause he leaps back, aiming to separate the weapon from the warrior by as much space as possible. As Abaeloth turns to stalk after the stealthy warrior, I channel as much potency into my blade as possible, as I swing at his exposed flank-

And the blade sinks into his flesh-by perhaps an inch, before grinding to a halt, as I release the shock-wave I prepared, gritting my teeth as I roar out my challenge.


-And Abaeloth's flesh ripples about the blade.

That is all the response I am met with. With a look that speaks of irritation he glances at me even as he maintains his strides towards Ugrokk, who is trying and failing to return to invisibility, sparks coming from his warped armor, damaged by the impact of Oggroth's wrecking ball, as the multitude of hands on his back strive to tear me asunder. I harden my blood, armoring my body like unto iron throughout my form, but still flesh flies and muscle is torn, the hands tearing with a ferocity I do not believe I can withstand for long, and-


I look up more out of reflex than by my own will, to see the clouds above swirling-

And a mass of red cloth revolving like a gargantuan spinning top, plunging to the ground like the lance of an angry god, as-

"[u]BIG BANG GENISIS!!!!!!!"

I... hurt..... rather badly...

Blast of light..... heat..... I'm pushed back, hit by a wall... of scorched air...

...Crater in the ground.... big..... larger than chieftain.... I see Ugrokk.... pulling himself free.... of earth... he looks unhurt... that is good... golden-maned one.... heh, no more golden mane.... burned away.... body raw, cracked... bleeding, but standing.... he raises a hand... clenched fist.... Bang stepping out... of crater..... bones sticking free from skin... hobbling.... must hurt bad... doesn't seem to care... raises fist....

The two bump fists... in salute... of conquest.... and battle well fought....

...Getting tired.... think I'll sleep.......

"Thanks for putting that sword in his head, gave me something to kick"
>"Any time."
"...Whew.... think I'm gonna sit down... out of juice.... Can you give me some time.... to catch a breather... start fixing myself?"
>"Of course"

The once-golden maned one, now cracked and bleeding, stands over Bang, both at the edge of a crater thrice as wide as I am tall, steam rolling away from it's center. As I clutch an axe in one hand, the crystal blade in the other, I look at the mass of warriors still gathered in the camp as my side twinges-

And where my gaze falls, weapons drop, and warriors flee. The camp begins to dissolve into a scrambling mass of retreating once-warriors, and I turn to see the trundling steps of chieftain Mordre, a mass of broken clay figures already starting to soften in the rain behind him, as he moves to my side. I see him survey the seen, taking in Oggroth's fallen form, the fleeing soldiers, and he prepares to speak-

But stops as a scorched and largely ruined necklace of skinned faces is tossed before us. We turn to see the enemy chieftain, half his head simply gone, along with the arm and shoulder of that side, ribs twitching in the air, but somehow still standing. He says not a word.... he simply bows to us, a genuflection to our collective strength.... and falls to the ground, his final duty, his show of respect for those that slew him, complete.

>--requisites(12): Abaeloth the All Consuming must be bested BEFORE Mordre can come to the aid of its followers
>--BONUS KNOWLEDGE: Abaeloth is/was a staunch supporter of survival of the fittest: He vowed that should he ever be bested, that such that bested him be left alone by the rest of the Disciples of Domintus. Whether his wish is shared by those who survive him remains to be seen.
>--BONUS KNOWLEDGE: Abaeloth's soul was degraded from years of using a hybrid Blood and Soul Combat magic style that ate away at his very existence to give his form the ability to 'consume' attacks as they made contact with him, but some still remains.
>--requisites: All six groups of captives must be freed during the incursion of the Disciples of Domintus into State land.
>--requisites: No more than 10% of their number (the captive civilians) may die before the battle is concluded.
>--BONUS KNOWLEDGE: The escaping civilians run to the nearest outpost, seeking refuge from the fight, and will bring word of the aborted assault to the State army.
>--BONUS KNOWLEDGE: The civilians bring word of 'a golem, a beast of wood and four warriors saving their lives and repelling an army' to the state, and their descriptions will eventually be linked with those given of the golem controlled by the Mage Mordre, as well as several of his followers.

............................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE......................................................

>[-83 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 1,368 Minimum: 12]

...Well, it is done, then, now all that's left is the cleanup....

What should I say or do?
No. 199112 ID: 445c48

Run over to Abaeloth and eat what remains of his soul, and go around eating souls and blood iron.
No. 199114 ID: 3f7cec

This was a triumph!
I'm making a note here:

It's hard to overstate
my satisfaction.

congtatulate troops,
then go suck up some delicious mage souls!
No. 199117 ID: f4e4f9


No. 199120 ID: f4e4f9

We need to get Oggroth some help immediately. ONce you've staunched the bleeding, Mordre, we need to carefully secure him to Hair Steak and make haste to the nearest outpost to get him medical attention. Suck souls/Collect blood/Collect items, but only once we've absolutely secured our allies wellbeing.
No. 199121 ID: 45be60

This battle was costly for our allies. First things absolutely first, you have a downed warrior to look after. Bang and Keddic seem like they will survive the immediate future, but Oggroth appears to be in trouble. He needs to be stabilized enough to not die before Jojo can have a look at him. Jojo will not know to come, unless he makes a habit of checking up on everyone he knows every time he sleeps.

We may be able to repair the broken blades later with our own magic, but the premen armor is pretty much toast, we will need to take it back for repairs.
No. 199123 ID: e31d52

ROAR IN VICTORY, then cough at the tail end with "Er, well, er, yes then, is everyone quite alright?"
No. 199124 ID: 60bd5e


Magnum Bang. You are, and forever will be, THE MAN!

It is indeed done.
Now we must speak to those before us.
In common "My comrades, my friends. Tonight we saw the face of evil and stood our ground. Countless lives have been saved by your efforts and I am proud to say that I fought alongside you, even if I was not physically present. Rest up now, we will make our way home as soon as possible. There we all, can have some much deserved rest."

In Premen:
"Ugrokk, Oggroth. Today you have proven yourselves beyond the shadow of a doubt, to be warriors worth your mettle. Even though I was locked in battle myself, I noticed your valiant efforts to protect the hostages and defeat their captors. I only ask that you rest up now, as we will move to home as soon as possible. There, you will have the rewards you deserve"

Move around the battlefield and claim the souls of the fallen, see if you can find a tent that holds medical equipment and bring it back.

Try to tend to everyone's wounds using magnetomancy as best you can. After 15-20 minutes we can head back. If people cant walk, they can ride on Hairy Steak or Moss.

Layer a bunch of tents to use as a makeshift bag to carry your spoils back. Focus on the things that are most valuable. If you find any carts or horses, use them up. Take money, special weapons, maps and magical items as priority.
No. 199127 ID: 60bd5e

I wish that we could stop at Del Roga's on the way back. Would be incredibly useful.
No. 199128 ID: f4e4f9

YES, Medicines! Perhaps there is something! Ask Keddic to see if he can salvage anything of the sort from the Disciple's abandoned supplies while you try to stabilize Oggroth.
No. 199137 ID: 903f16

Well, now would be a good time to congratulate our comrades on a well fought battle and gather the spoils of war: blood iron (probably enough to complete your transformation), mages souls (and hopefully their collective knowledge of why this attack was staged), and anything else you may find. Though first you need to deal with Oggroth's injuries.
We should have brought the healing potions from Balboa's backpack. For now I guess we'll have to make do with any scavenged supplies. We should probably clean out the wound, stitch it shut the best we can, and cauterize the area.
No. 199149 ID: f4e4f9

If Oggroth's wounds are too great, I suggest the following:

We burn one of our two Pristine Souls and FORCE Bagata the Inverter's Soul from our Amaranthine Eyes into the Immortal Genocide. Since Bagata's soul has the explicit purpose of Inverting effects, it is entirely possible, even likely, it could be used to invert the Immortal Genocides life-CONSUMING effects, and instead force life INTO surrounding objects.

We'd be losing a functionally superfluous ability, and instead gain the ability to heal comrades!
No. 199153 ID: f4e4f9

And yes, I was inpsired by the idea posted here:

No. 199154 ID: e31d52

I'm going to second this right the fuck now.
No. 199157 ID: 9bddc8

Well, if that's the only chance we have of saving the big guy, I say go for it.
No. 199159 ID: e31d52

rolled 11 + 6 = 17

Oh shit, soap time.

"You have stood beside me in a dozen battles. You have saved me and protected me in just as many. You trained my men, you gave strength to everyone around you. You are one of my most prized soldiers, and I would be damned if I let you die here."

Place the hand on the armor, burn the pristine, and activate inverted IG. This next bit is in Premen.

"Return to us, Oggroth the Mountain. You are not finished yet."

((Rollan just in casean.))
No. 199160 ID: 2aaaf1

Oh shit, I completely forgot about that. But uh, HELL YES. Not to mention the silly effects it'd have on the other souls:
Accelerator makes stuff decievingly slow upon launch- Throw rock, it moves at a snails pace through the air, it impacts with the same force that the accelerator would've normally given it, trollface.mordre

Time-steal can speed up the aging process of both organic and inorganic things, HOLY SHIT THAT GUY JUST TURNED INTO DUST, or even better-
Regular Accelerator + time speed up + MAGNUM MOTHERFUCKING BANG = 88 MILES AN HOUR MARTY! JESUSFUCK.

Spectral Gorging anima can uh... Recreate the stuff it's eaten so far in a spectral form? I got nothing.

Can we use a pristine soul to increase the amount of abilities Bagata's soul effects instead of just moving it? Because that'd be FANTASTIC.
No. 199162 ID: 60bd5e

Spectral Regurgitating anemia?
No. 199164 ID: a76809

[Pristine Soul can force Bagata's soul to migrate, but would become part of soul nexus in left hand if chosen, which would mean it operates under normal rules (ie, accelerator/spectral gorging anima/inverter would all be individual abilities the soul nexus is capable of, but unable to be simultaneously active. Would boost the magical capacity of the Soul Nexus though.]
No. 199166 ID: f4e4f9

Spectral Generating Anima, maybe. Causes the Gorging Anima to be able to spout whatever it consumes, I.E have it consume flames, and then be able to fire out the flames it consumed.

Mind you, I don't think Bagata's will affect the Soul nexus, similar to how it didn't affect the Zagrath's ability, but rather the object it was anchored to.
No. 199168 ID: a76809

[and to clarify, it would anchor to the corporeal part of where the soul nexus is, so it would allow inversion of the IG, which is part of the corporeal shell that houses the soul nexus in question, or any other future enchantments potentially added to the hand.]
No. 199169 ID: 60bd5e

Excellent deduction Watson.
No. 199175 ID: 2aaaf1

Aw, well that's slightly less awesome for the moment. Well lets see what we can do for oggroth as we are now, if his condition worsens we'll use the pristine soul. Oggroth is a pretty tough guy, he should pull through alright. But just in case, set pristine soul to auto transfer if Oggroth looks like he's anywhere near biting the big one.
No. 199177 ID: a76809

[Oggroth's actually disemboweled inside his armor thanks to Abaeloth's strike, his guts puddling inside his metal shell as he bleeds out, hence why he's 'taking a nap' from his own perspective. So yeah.]
No. 199180 ID: d3dfb8

I am so many kinds of good with this.
No. 199182 ID: 2aaaf1

No. 199186 ID: 60bd5e

No. 199189 ID: f4e4f9

Given that we'll probably need to roll to heal, and if were healing someone we DON'T WANT IT TO COCK UP thanks to shitty shitty rolls...

...I'll support a double Pristine Soul use.
No. 199190 ID: d3dfb8

Sure, I'd be up for this if the rest of you are.
Also Mordre once Oggroth is healed(hopefully) Start harvesting the battlefield for souls. Once most people have cleared away start taking the blood iron as well. Try having it exit their mouths rather than just explode out of their bodies.
No. 199194 ID: 445c48

No. 199197 ID: 9bddc8

I kind of hate to blow all our Pristine reserves, but it's a bit less micromanagement to deal with and it'll go toward keeping the Mountain around, so... I'm okay with this.

You guys need to make more predictions so we can get more Pristines, though.
No. 199198 ID: d3dfb8

>You guys
Ain't even going to try and help?
We need all the help we can get >.>
No. 199200 ID: f4e4f9

As a side note: We will have to prepare more room at the Arcanoworks. Once word gets around, people WILL end up seeking shelter away from the border, and our facility/growing town will be a prime target.
No. 199202 ID: d3dfb8

Well people could set up farms outside of the city, along the roads
We could organize patrols with the state and possibly tax collectors(state or our own)?
No. 199203 ID: d3dfb8

Building on this, if you can plow the land you can have the land. The excess foods from the farms could be bought by cities/towns if there is a deficiency and that could pay for their possible problems with tax collectors/farming tools/clothes/etc.
Otherwise we might end up needing to instate a tax and pay wages rather then our commy/socialist current situation where everyone is working because YAY MAGES and food/shelter
No. 199214 ID: 9bddc8

[bad choice of words, of course I'm going to help; I want to see the AA turn into Omega Effect beams as much as the next guy.]
No. 199220 ID: 445c48

Maybe feudalism.

Or hell let's just be commies
No. 199226 ID: d3dfb8

Communism is working good right now because everyone is happy to be working for a 'Proper Mage' as they put it. They can see the results of our efforts and see that we want to help them and help solve their problems.
However once we get to places that aren't like the Azelhaedran state (practically mage worshipers) we may have problems like moral or motivation that we haven't had to worry about.
However this is a problem for then, not now.
No. 199227 ID: 445c48

The secret to having communism be successful is vodka.

We just need more vodka.
No. 199228 ID: d3dfb8

I like your thinking.

Watch as New Mosmordre becomes MOTHER RUSSIA
No. 199233 ID: 2aaaf1

Now that we've got Medic Mordre on the concensus, there are a few things we need to do after getting Oggroth back up and about. After salvaging equipment/harvesting souls and iron/etc... We definitely need to make a burial mound or something for the civilian casualties, we also need to take Abeloth's corpse plus his sword and necklace and give it a proper burial at the Arcanoworks. We should try to tidy up the town, clear debris, put out fires, maybe build a wood wall like we did for Trekel. Are there enough mage souls from the guys that were commanding that clay golem pit for us to understand the geomancy that was involved in it's creation? I'm thinking we make another one using a less sinister fuel source so the people of this village can have an automatic clay golem defense system if they ever get attacked again.
No. 199234 ID: f4e4f9

It helps that we kinda hired Dregas to take care exactly this sort of thing.
No. 199235 ID: d3dfb8

Indeed, but he is better at dealing with merchants than running a city.
Fuck. Yes.
Also the burials are a great idea.

Mordre: search for an unbroken mage skin among the bodies.
No. 199270 ID: f4e4f9

Why don't we just bury him here, at the site of his last great battle?
No. 199274 ID: f4e4f9

Also, if the pulse is anything like the standard version, it'll probably be an AoE type deal, so make sure Keddic, Bang, and Uggrok are nearby when you do it, so that they can benefit from it as well.
No. 199328 ID: e0fbe1

You know, you know, if he's asleep...We could try and call for Jojo, or something, to dreamheal him...I'mjust worried because I don't know if the IG invrse would actual help...
No. 199343 ID: 60bd5e

Remember that we are playing an old man. So if we do this we have to do it this way.
-Heal up everybody.
-"Now.. forgive.. an old man...I.. am.... tired... Keddic.. you..know"
-'Shut off' and follow Keddic
No. 199349 ID: 60bd5e

87 year old man - run all day, fight all night, using magic like flowing water? I don't think so.
No. 199350 ID: 60bd5e

My guess as to the inverse-IG is that it would shoot out souls into the environment to use as a power source and fix em. If you do it, make sure you are as close to em as possible, touching would be good; else we will just be wasting our stash.
No. 199363 ID: e0fbe1

I'm also thinking there are quite a few hero souls laying around that we need to eat. I -want- to help out Oggroth as fast as possible, but there are also the fragments of Abaeloth and we need those.

If there are any Disiples left, let us temper our pure-and-brutal-murder of everything with mercy and not 'clean up' those soldiers. Arrest, maybe, but not slaughter.

I mention the soul fragements because of this: I'd rather eat quick for any souls we might consume that are heroes or mages if it's like this.

But the reason I suggest Jojo as apposed to us switching soul location is I -want- Oggroth to live. We have no idea what a inverse IG [Must Renaime that better] would do. It could heal him, it could vaperoize him, it could turn him into a cancer monster, ir could turn him into a Rubic Marine, or a intellegent weapon, and I don't want any of that to happen. Oggroth is a awesome guy that should continue to live as he is.
No. 199370 ID: 3394fc

I have a question for Mordre:
why the hell were you using Giants spine as a weapon instead of you sword.

Speaking of swords. How big is the Emerald sword? Is it big enough for us to yield?
No. 199373 ID: 3394fc

Did we take Jojo with us?
If not, it could take too much time for him to come.

Also, having healing powers is pretty cool. We have lots of "fleshy" followers with us all the time so the ability to "fix" them up will work greatly for us.
No. 199381 ID: a76809

[1 Pristine Soul: use on BAGATA THE INVERTER relocation]
[1 Pristine Soul: Use on Immortal Genocide (rolls no longer needed)]

....I feel far too much blood pooled about Oggroth's form and not within his flesh... and his heart is slowing as his form rests upon the ground... my warrior is dying.

And as this thought crosses my mind, I feel two souls stirring within me, promising a way to save his life to my mind-

And I follow their whispered promise without question. Oggroth has been a loyal follower, one of the few to know my secret and not care, not fear me for it, to continue serving despite this. I feel one of the soul;s wrap itself around Bagata the Inverter's soul, pulling it out of my eyes and sending it coursing down my arm, even as the other infuses itself into the Immortal Genocide, strengthening the bond betwixt the pilfered and warped enchantment and my own spell matrices, as I feel the Soul Nexus within the same limb swelling in strength with the addition of a new soul. I make my way to Oggroth's fallen form even as ethereal energies swell about my visage and arm alike, placing the Immortal Genocide on his fallen form, and letting these souls that promised me the life of my follower continue their course... and activate the Immortal Genocide with the soul of Bagata the Inverter active. A feeling similar to the crafting of an inferno golem, and the sensation of souls being pulled from my form courses through me, as the Immortal Genocide... dispenses life.

[-63 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 1,305 Minimum: 12]

I feel blood pulling itself back into his body, a soul once starting to detach from his form being re-anchored, and Oggroth's body trembles as souls by the dozen are poured into him as a raw healing force. His convulsions increase in intensity, body spasming wildly, as his flesh roughly knits itself back together after his intestines pull themselves back into his form-

And as the flow of energy cuts, Oggroth abruptly sits up, looking at me in confusion and awe.


"You have been an able warrior, Oggroth, And your bravery was to be rewarded: Thusly, I gave you the gift of renewed life, In honer of your loyalty and service. ...I could not leave a warrior such as you behind."

....After this event, I turn to scour the battlefield, wishing to salvage as many souls as possible before they have a chance to fade away, disperse, or otherwise escape my grasp, as I note Bang laying on the ground, his body slowly repairing itself, as Keddic covers his burned and torn skin in a sheathe of blood, likewise resting. Ugrokk reclaims the pair of Gavrockian pistols and starts rooting through the tents as I harvest Blood Iron and souls alike in the gloom and storm.

[+823 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 2,128 Minimum: 12]
[+1,118 plus pounds (Thank you giant alchemic warrior dude) of Blood Iron: Total Blood Iron Saturation: 30,000/30,000 FULL SATURATION ACHIEVED, BLOOTZ STEEL FORM COMPLETE]
[+15 mage souls (human, geomancer, Will/World)]
[+11 mage souls (human, pyromancer, Will]
[+1 Hero soul (human): ABAELOTH THE ALL CONSUMING]
>Soul suffuses whole body, body becomes passively semi-permeable to corporeal attacks, allowing Mordre to potentially claim the weapons used to attack him. If an attack is sufficiently potent, can still outright destroy him. This also allows Mordre to absorb metal through any part of his form, provided it is of a lesser quality to BLOOTZ steel.
>Abaeloth's Crystal Edge gained
>Spine of the Giant gained
>Sword of the Giant gained
>Burial mound for dead civilians made and used
>only rations found in tents
>Knight of Wailing Faces Armor and soul nowhere to be found.

As the night advances, I check with my troops, and find Moss stretching contentedly as it worries at a Domintus soldier's face, Keddic stretching but otherwise evidencing no fatigue as his blood continues to pool over his wounded parts, and Bang has managed to repair his legs fully, even if his arms are still a broken mess, his scarf hanging limply down his back. Ugrokk converses with Oggroth, but both seem hale and hearty: I believe it may be time to go. I did plan to make this jaunt away from the Arcanoworks brief, and so after telling Keddic I need my 'rest' and claiming I slave the golem to follow him, as well as taking hold of Oggroth and Ugrokk's forms, we start making out way back to the West.

.....................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT..................................................

Lord Donwick Dregas
[1 vote per person please]
No. 199383 ID: e0fbe1


Or Lord Double D, if we wanna do Business. ut mostly ARKUS.
No. 199384 ID: 2aaaf1

Arkus time, lets see if we can't help him with all the complicated stuff on his "homework" list.
No. 199387 ID: 3394fc

Too bad we didn't get a single mage skin from this venture.

I also was thinking Arkus.

or Jezebel for lulz. But mostly Arkus.
No. 199389 ID: 903f16

Voting for Arkus, because he's a key character and we've yet to step into his perspective. We might even be able to boost up his progress on his research while he's out.
No. 199393 ID: e31d52

No. 199409 ID: a76809


"-ake up, Sir, we have a problem!"

I lift my head from my work bench, again having fallen asleep perusing notes (Wendelin's books stowed away), and blearily look at the soldier standing before me.

"Huh, whuzzat? ...What time is it?"
>"Ah, it's nearly midnight, but-"
"And what problem is it this late at night?"
>"Ah... there's a person on the gates-"
"Okay, so someone's here, why does that matter?"
>"...No, he's ON the gates."
>"ah, the bolts and hinges undid themselves, the gates floated out, and he's just... standing on them, floating in the air."
"...Okay. Ah, anything else about this?"
>"Well, a couple guards got itchy trigger fingers when the gates came off and that person appeared, and shot at him, and somehow managed to shoot.... well, themselves."
"Come again?"
>"Ah, they aimed at the intruder, fired, and... somehow got hit by their own shots. It's dark, we're not sure HOW, but that's the end result."
"...Okay. What else has this person done."
>"Ah.... he says he's here to kill the Mage Mordre."
"...Right, of course he is. ...Well, did he give a name?"
>"Yes, sir. He said his name is Eisenhardt."
"Okaaay.... Do Derkin and Dregas know about thi-"
>"Ah... they were easier to rouse, and are currently speaking on the bottom floor about what to do about this, awaiting your arrival."
"Right then."

I get up, stretching as I march down to the first floor, already hearing Dregas and Derkin talking about this rather ill-timed event, right when the more combat capable members of Mordre's Arcanoworks are away...

"I still don't see why we don't just fill him full of holes-"
"He's a mage of unknown quantities, and the two who tried before died by their own hand."
"That could just be it was a question of insufficient quantity-"
"And the fact he hasn't attacked anyone except in reaction points that there may be a different way to-"
"You really think this could be resolved peaceably? He ripped open our gates and killed two of our men!"
"And-ah, Arkus, there you are. I trust you've been informed of the situation? We could use a third opinion."
"Yeah, any thoughts on how to approach this?"

What should I say or do?
No. 199410 ID: 321060

i have no doubt that this canno be solved peaceful but also the mage seems to have high power reflection magic. if morde's golem was here he would use the IG to turn his magic off then punch him in the face. since we do not have that we need another method. perhaps try a non-lethal, have a soldier throw a rock at him, if it comes back at the exact same speed then it is simple reflection.
No. 199411 ID: e67080

"Well, it seems so far that the guard killed themselves with their own rash actions, lets at least talk to this Eisenhorn and see what hes here for. I heard that knight before was a mistake, maybe this is more of the same? Let us go and meet this person"
No. 199412 ID: 732129


"He has an attack redirection spell, or an item enchanted to do the same. Blood magic. Or he's a magnetomancer capable of returning shots. Either way, that sort of power can be overwhelmed, but it'll be very costly in lives.

"We can try parlaying, I suppose. Has anyone ever heard of this guy?"
No. 199414 ID: 2aaaf1

Hey Arkus, is that Paradox Knight guy sleeping? We could sure use that shield of his.
No. 199415 ID: a594b9

This is the magnetomancer who was in the woods.

We can't win here by fighting. If he is here to kill Mage Mordre then we simply tell him that he is not here. In fact, Mordre never said where his mage persona was supposed to live, right? Let's just... make up a location to get him to go away.
No. 199416 ID: 3394fc

Eisenhardt commented that his style of battle destroys everything in several miles radius, enemies and allies alike. Fighting him is defiantly out of the question... if it comes to that, our only hope would be to ask help from Paradox Knights.
No. 199417 ID: 2aaaf1

And if asking Reinhardt for help isn't an option right now, I think I know what to say to this guy for maximum ham.
No. 199426 ID: 0a8e03

mordre is out right now, he will probally be back in a few days. why do you want to kill him anyway?
No. 199441 ID: f4e4f9

"Well, he's taken to talking and hasn't gone on a bloody rampage destroying everything in sight, right? That would imply that he isn't just out here to 'kill, crush, destroy' everyone, he's just after Lord Mordre...OR that he doesn't want to risk fighting everyone at the Arcanoworks in addition to Lord Mordre's siege golem...So who knows how he'll react to learning that he's not here...Hmm. It seems alot depends solely on this mage's personality.

Well, either way, the guard said he undid the bolts and hinges on the door? And reflected arrows...Maybe magnetomancy? Probably pretty powerful, too, if he came here alone.

*Sigh* Sorry, rambling. The best course of action I can think of is explaining that Mordre himself is not here at the moment, while demonstrating a show of force that suggests we could be too costly to just attack while he's away. Perhaps we could ask that Paradox Knight guy for help with this ruse, his order has a pretty powerful reputation."
No. 199445 ID: f4e4f9

Also, does the Name Eisenhardt ring any bells, Arkus? You're a pretty well traveled guy, and anything we could know about his reputation would be useful.
No. 199448 ID: e0185f

Say, could we now use Bagaba's power to invert the soulfire on our own? If so, then we could actually go Mage-hunting alone and find the last mage skin we need.
No. 199450 ID: 2aaaf1

Hobble tiredly out to the gates on your staff and address the man as follows:

"You want to kill Lord Mordre? Good luck with that. He's not in at the moment and well... I think it'd be terribly rude of you if you didn't wait for the others. Take a number pal, you actually think you're the only one who wants his head? Tell you what: go murder the core being in Trekel, Archmage Albert Weinsho and his little pet Dulu, every Yeti in the Frostback mountains, the Iron Fists, every bandit within 500 miles, and Aurockoth the Reaper made flesh. Then you can take a crack at Lord Mordre's Soul Grave. We have vacancies in the Arcanoworks, you can join all the other kooks that want to murder/worship/regulate my lord. Hell, if it suits your fancy you can go chase after Mordre yourself, off to the east somewhere. ...What? You're nothing new or special for us, matter of fact, you'd be at a disadvantage facing off against Mordre alone. From the looks of it, you are a Magnetomancer. The last one to challange Mordre was some dude called Verther the Bandit-King, he ended up quite dead, he was an ugly one too, and he smelled horrible, lugging his dead body around was not the most enjoyable part of our journey. But hey, don't let me stop you, be my guest if you're so eager to fight Mordre. It's just that every single battle is pretty much the same ya know. Oh sure, in the beginning it's all death threats and flashy shows of power, but then Lord Mordre enters and makes things explode, and then there's a whole bunch of screaming and death- and CRYING, can't forget the crying, and then all is silent save for my master's Soul Grave feeding on the souls of the poor bastards that decided to try their luck. Oh by the way, my name is Arkus, nice to meet you."
No. 199453 ID: f4e4f9



...He's gonna kill us.
No. 199454 ID: f4e4f9

ALthough, the "offering lodgings" while he waits is kinda funny.
No. 199458 ID: 3394fc

What he said.

Seriously don't antagonize that guy. He perfectly knows what Mordre did and what he is capable of... that's the reason why he wants to kill us.

If tries to get the knowledge about his position. We should make up a story that even Arkus doesn't know his exact location, that Mordre is sufficiently powerful enough that he can change his location every month or so. Oh, and telling that we could drop hints on where he might be located (dunno how to go about that though)
No. 199459 ID: a594b9

...we could just say he'll be back soon and he can wait for him.
No. 199465 ID: 3394fc

Offer him tea and biscuits while he waits, while we are at it.
No. 199466 ID: e0185f

No. 199467 ID: 2d4178

maybe being so... forward(?) isn't a good idea.

Just inform him politely that 'Master Mordre' is not in at the moment, and if he wishes to wait for his return, a discussion can be had. Also make sure no one else attacks this guy.
No. 199482 ID: ddff16

I rather like this one.
No. 199492 ID: 60bd5e

"I'll see what I can do"
*Walk out*
"Greetings and well met, High Mage Eisenhardt. I am Arkus, apprentice to my lord Mordre. I would apologize for the men who shot at you, but you did break our nice door and kill them for their trouble. I thank you that you do not see it fit to visit the same fate on the rest of us. I'm afraid my Lord Mordre is out at the moment taking care of some ruffians; If you wouldn't mind I'm sure we can offer you lodgings until his proxy returns. Some tea and crumpets perhaps?"
No. 199506 ID: 45be60

no no no. "Well met" is reserved for those meetings which have NOT resulted in insult or injury.

We can talk to this guy, but that doesn't mean we should be nice about it. People are dead. People right over there.
No. 199520 ID: f4e4f9


Have a few of your men armed with Jezebel's lightning gun, without armor, so as to lessen their mangetic signature.

Ask the Paradox Knight if he would be kind enough to accompany you, lest things turn pear shaped and the mage violent. Warn him of our suspicion of the mage's powers.

Hell, if you want surprise, cast your unnoticability spell on the guards shock pistols.

And go out and explain the situation, with a Paradox knight and maybe even the Blue Knight. If a servent of the order of Harmonious Discord and the Blue Knight aren't sufficient to at least make him rethink attacking, have your troopers with standing orders to fire the electro guns at him. Lets see him reflect those in time.
No. 199522 ID: f4e4f9

*servant of the Blue Knight.
No. 199525 ID: 732129


Valeria is a woman.
No. 199532 ID: 445c48

Send someone to tell him that Mordre's not here right now, man, and that you'd take a message for him, dude.
No. 199538 ID: a76809
File 12775977451.jpg - (131.76KB , 550x543 , Eisenhardt.jpg )

[If you guys want to ask Arkus questions or make suggestions for research/etc, now would be the time, FYI]

Eisenhardt, Eisenhardt.... I think I may have heard it before, but honestly, that could just be me fooling myself into believing so... still working the last vestiges of sleep out of my head. ...Mm, my gut says I have heard of him, and I think of him falling into the Bad News Bears category, but that could be because I was having a nightmare about people discovering Mordre is actually a Sapient golem and blaming me for his awakening and hunting me down to burn me in retributionANYWAY, not really sure.

...Oh right, Jezebel's lightning gun-things. She sent a couple down to the ground floor earlier this evening before I went to sleep, where are-ah. Wondering if I'm making the right decision, I mutter some Words and imbue the pistols with the Unnoticeability spell that I feel like it's been ages since I last used, and give them (four total) to some Arcanoworks guards on the ground floor with us, and order them to strip metal armor from their bodies and stow the pistols, before taking up position on the walls and awaiting my signal to fire (For some reason I decide that I should make rubbing my chin then scratching my head the signal, I've never done political intrigue or plotted potential assassination, I don't really know what I'm doing), and hope this doesn't backfire HORRIBLY as I watch them file out into the rain.

"Well, is seems so far that, macabre as the thought is, those guards may have killed themselves through their rash actions. Not saying that makes it right, but there it is. I say we at least try to talk to this guy, this Eisenhardt... I mean, Reinhardt-that's kinda interesting their names are similar, probably coincidence-came here on a warpath, and that got resolved, maybe this can be settled.... well, if not peaceably, at least without undue loss of life. ...Speaking of Reinhardt, where is the Paradox Knight?"

As Dregas looks pleased as pudding to have me siding with him in looking for a diplomatic solution, Derkin grumbles as he stalks off looking for the knight from the order of Harmonious Discord, I continue speaking, ruminating aloud as Lord Dregas and I start walking outside, Donwick calls over his golem Geodiaz as we make our way out of the tower.

"Well, he's taken to talking and hasn't gone on a bloody rampage destroying everything in sight, right? That would imply that he isn't just out here to 'kill, crush, destroy' everyone, he's just after Lord Mordre...OR that he doesn't want to risk fighting everyone at the Arcanoworks in addition to Lord Mordre's siege golem...So who knows how he'll react to learning that he's not here...Hmm. It seems a lot depends solely on this mage's personality."
>"Aye, we have precious little to go on, but I agree with your initial assessments. This seems a time to seek more information from the mage, if possible."
"Well, either way, the guard said he undid the bolts and hinges on the door? And reflected shots from the hand-cannons, which are metal the same as the hinges...Maybe magnetomancy? Probably pretty powerful, too, if he came here alone."
>"My thoughts were the same, though I wonder about the door's movement itself, since it's almost exclusively wood, with precious little metal outside the hinges and bolts."
"Well, if he was stupidly competent at Magnetomancy, that would still be possible, but yes, that could point to other skills... geomancy? Or maybe some form of plant manipulation...*Sigh* Sorry, rambling. The best course of action I can think of is explaining that Mordre himself is not here at the moment, while demonstrating a show of force that suggests we could be too costly to just attack while he's away. Hopefully that Paradox Knight guy can help with this ruse, his order has a pretty powerful reputation."

"Thou speaks of me absent my presence? What troubles assail this place, that my presence is demanded?"

I turn to see Reinhardt, clad fully in armor the same as always despite the late hour, with Derkin in his wake, marching to intercept us as we walk towards where the gates once where... and beyond, the outline of the very same gates can be seen floating with someone standing atop them. Dregas speaks without breaking stride, as the Paradox knight falls in with us.

"Well, sir knight, someone showed up, demanding Mordre's life-I could spend time extolling how similar to your own arrival that is, but we're both aware of this, so I'll move past that: Two soldiers attacked without orders to do so, this new individual slew them, and now waits outside the gates. Care to join us for the parley? ...Ah, we think he's a Magnetomancer, if that matters to you."

"Truly? An interesting turn of events, this late in the day. Very well, sounds most interesting, though I must make this clear: I am not part of this Arcanoworks, so do not expect my aid: I am here as an observer, not your ally."

"You have made that abundantly clear... and here we are."

As we move through the empty portcullis that once housed the gates Mordre rebuilt upon the taking of this outpost, I finally get a good look at the individual: He is aged, his hair stark, white, and thinning, and lines dot his face, but his shoulders are still broad, and his hands scarred, adorned with a multitude of simple iron rings, his neck likewise encircled with chains of the same material, over burgundy robes. He watches our approach idly, but makes no aggressive move as we draw nearer, simply staring. Dregas looks to me (Thanks Mordre, for leaving Derkin and I in charge when we have a damn noble here already proven capable of leadership who COULD do that, and instead spends his time respecting that command, leaving me, a deep-damned researcher, to handle this), and I clear my throat to address the one before me.

"Greetings, Mage Eisenhardt-I assume you use the mage appellation, what with your use of Arcane arts-"
>"That is correct...."
"Ah, sorry, my name is Arkus."
>"Well, greetings Arkus, good to see at least some here will attempt discourse."
"Yes, well... I would apologize for the men who shot at you, but... you did break our door and kill them for their... rash, I suppose, actions, so... yeah, not entirely sure an apology is necessary-ah, no offense intended."
>"I see no flaw with your reasoning, and take no offense, Arkus."
"Well, I will thank you for not visiting the same on the rest of us-"
>"I prefer to avoid completely unnecessary death, think nothing of it."
"..Right. Anyway, I'm an apprentice of the Mage Mordre, and... well, sorry, but he's not actually... here... right now, that is."

Eisenhardt turns to regard the castle, and nods decisively.

"...Yes, I see that is true, no sufficient mass of metal to be his golem is present, and all others I detect do not match the presented age range"

OHTHANKGOD Mordre went with pretending to be an old mage.

"Yeah, actually... I don't know if you know, but he controls the golem remotely-"
>"Hm? Truly? And how, pray-tell, does he accomplish such a feat?"
"Ah, well, I'm just his apprentice, and THAT particular bit of information he has not seen fit to share with anyone... or, actually, where he is. He picked me up while controlling the Soul Grave, never met him in person, actually..."


"...I was afraid that would be the case. Seemed too simple, to simple find him here. Well, I could settle for destroying his Soul Grave for now and take his life when I find him, I suppose...."

My mouth starts running before bothering to check with my brain. FUCK YOU MOUTH.

"Okay, so you want to Kill Master Mordre, and destroy his Soul Grave? Honestly, good luck with that-but first, you might want to get in line, I mean, unless you want to kill everyone else who already has grievances, like a talking Core Being, some Yetis, members of the Steel Fists, Mage Weinsho, Aurockoth, and pretty much every single bandit in a five hundred mile radius-well, anyway, it's not like your the first to want a shot at him, so why should you get to skip all those other people waiting for their shot? Oh, and would you like some tea, or something? it's a bit chilly with the rain, all that."

[DAY 109]

As Dregas cannot disguise his horrified shock, I try to murder whatever part of my mind decided to commandeer my mouth and say that, as I try not to cringe from the death likely coming my way as Eisenhardt-


"PFAW! Hah, you got spunk, I like that. Well, I'll take the tea if you're offering, it IS a cold night. But I would say the fact I'm HERE would warrant letting me skip the rest of those waiting in line, or would you disagree?"

I seek about for something else to say, as I wonder, given that only Dregas and Reinhardt are within earshot... ah, which one would be the most appropriate to ask to get tea? Or maybe I should go get it? Oh, and maybe Dame Valiria should be involved in this, crap I think I'm mental babbling. But that would probably mean bringing Eisenhardt into the Arcanoworks... yeah, freaking out just a bit hear, but mostly happy that little brain-fart didn't get me killed.... and Eisenhardt is looking at me expectantly, crap, gotta say something, do something, ah-

What should I say or do?
No. 199556 ID: 732129


You offered the man tea, make good on it. Invite him in, have someone make tea. Hell, ask if anyone else wants tea too. Tea for everyone!

Ask him what his specific quarrel with Mordre is. If it's something from before you met Mordre, or a more recent cause for offense. Try to find out if there's a non-violent way to address his grievance.
No. 199560 ID: 3394fc

>his hands scarred, adorned with a multitude of simple iron rings

Hah, defiantly the guy from the woods.
No. 199561 ID: 0a8e03

invite him into the gate house and send one of the men in the gate house to get some tea. (and tell our attack group to relax a bit)

also have some scouts sent out to hopefully meet and mordre before he gets close enough for the mage to sence.

ask why he feels like killing mage mordre
No. 199563 ID: 732129

Oh, by the way, ask Jezebel if she can rig up a spring-load system for the communication rod such that it could be quickly tapped down and brought back up. Something like the tip of a ball-point pen.

If you could make a second set of staffs, again keyed to each other, you could use one staff in a pair as the part that is stuck into the ground. Then you could have the other staff be spring-mounted to the ground staff, so that it could be the "tapper" staff for the messaging party to send codes out with.

This would let the communication staffs be capable of transmitting Morse code, simultaneously if need be.

(Ground Staff) || || (Tapper Staff) ||[s]|| ||[s]|| || || || || || \/ -------

No. 199573 ID: 2d4178


Do you know how to make tea and snack-things? if you do, just invite him on down to the kitchen or something and make some. or just go there and see if a cook is around to do it.

ask him questions about his quarrel with Mordre in a way that makes it seem like he really is a mage, the start of the quarrel idea sounds like a good place to start. make it seem like you don't know if he was enemied before or after you 'became his apprentice'.

also, why so indescisive/scatterbrained?
how was your education growing up?
any really serious situations happen in the past?
No. 199574 ID: 2aaaf1

"Yeah sure, come on in. Mind waiting for Mordre a day or two? I must admit I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner, usually Mordre stumbles upon his foes first. You wouldn't believe how many we find just walking around. But tell me, why do you want to kill him anyway? He's a pretty nice guy when he isn't rending the flesh from his enemies. And uh, I wouldn't call it spunk, more like apathy. I grew up around death, I'm constantly surrounded by it, and I know it's coming for me one day. I can't say that I don't fear it, but it's an inevitability. So lets see what we can do about that tea, eh?"
No. 199582 ID: 3394fc

Oh questions for Arkus.

How does he feel like. What is his stance on Mordre. Does he like how stuff is going for him now?
No. 199614 ID: e67080

How did you learn magic in the first place? what made you motivated?

And of course you must invite him in now! also, ask him a few things, such as why hes after Morde, who is he? your certain you have heard of him, but you can't place it.
No. 199650 ID: a76809
File 12776133887.jpg - (17.82KB , 500x375 , Tea with Eisenhardt.jpg )

...Huh, the rings on his fingers makes me think of what Mordre described Ugrokk finding in the Duran forests.... is this guy that bandit king's teacher, then? A bit of a deductive leap... but it certainly sounds like it fits. Well, that would largely explain why he has a grievance against Mordre.... and now I have to act like I have no idea who he is, if I want this to go smoothly. Great.

Tea, that I can make, yeah, but snacks... depends on the thing, and given our supplies and whatnot, I don't think I could whip up some scones or something tea-related like might be expected... I guess I could do something like a meat wrap around fruit and WHYAMIASSUMINGI'DMAKEITMYSELFIGOTTHEAWESOMENESSOFMINIONS... yeah, delegating time for that.

Ah, guess I'm scatterbrained because I woke up all of two minutes ago to some guy threatening the place I live at and immediately being forced to exercise my apparent authority given by Mordre, that might have something to do with me being scatterbrained. That, or it could have something to do with the fact I make intuitive leaps all the time, that's my thing, I guess, kinda leads to rambling conversation and thought patterns, but hey, seems to work. My education.... yeah, I'm self taught, what with the whole... being a gutter orphan, so while I can read, write, and all that, I probably have etiquette gaps, since all I got was picked up when I worked as a cooking assistant in the Golden League in a reasonably well to do place, and interacted with the wealthy fairly frequently... blew about a year's wages getting my first book on magic, but hey, that led me to hooking up with Mordre and getting access to all these books, so there's that... granted, having people show up to kill him isn't exactly ideal, but there it is. As to serious situations... ah, kinda got a warrant for my death in a nation that doesn't exist anymore, thanks to this big misunderstanding (local baron claimed I raped his daughter when she ordered me to drink when I was serving her in that restaurant in the Golden League and I woke up in a different land, in her bed, yadah yadah). Oh, and there was the time I kicked a... captain of the guard... in the family jewels, and he ordered the town guard to kill me on sight.... and there was the time I stole a book from a Mortal Coil subsidiary.... yeah, a few things.

[If those are questions for Arkus, phrasing them as referencing 'he' rather than direct references to 'you, Arkus' makes it a bit confusing, for future reference.]
The mage is making me a bit terrified, not gonna lie, and that isn't helped by being tired as hell since I just woke up. As to Mordre.... well, yeah, it's anathema, sapient Soul Grave, but I wish a regular flesh and blood type had given me the opportunities he did. Sure, he started out terrifying as hell, what with the killing the people I hired for the jaunt into the Cursed lands, and threatening my life.... but what with all the books on magic and chances to learn, and the not having died yet... honestly, not bad to serve it at all. I barely even understood World Magic before, and knew just a bare bit about runework, and now I'm reverse engineering enchantments made by state sanctioned mages, and I'd claim to be fairly capable with World magic, and this happened in the space of MONTHS, not years. Yeah, this is working out okay for me, and I have no inclination to see this end.

I learned magic to begin with (if those rudimentary spells of Word magic I learned could genuinely be called 'magic' in comparison to what I know now, or what I could learn from here on) from a book called, sadly enough 'My first spell-book.' It... was clearly written for noble's children, to give them an introduction to magic, with crude wording, simplistic sentence structure, and a tendency to extol the virtues of the 'haves' staying above the 'have nots'... yeah, did not like that book much, but seeing what people who learned magic could do, the jobs they could get, the wages, the prestige, the power.... hard not to want that, when you're barely scraping by.

"Ah, yeah, hold on."

I turn to face the Arcanoworks, and point out a soldier I see peering about the portcullis.

"Go wake one of the cooks, we could use some tea, okay?"

I turn back to Eisenhardt, and motion towards the Arcanoworks, and to the newly constructed building who's third floor has been converted into a dedicated kitchen, where I already see people moving to begin brewing midnight tea.

"Well, as I somewhat doubt you'd take kindly to being refused entry, come on in. ...Ah, mind putting the doors back on, though? It is getting muddy without them there to block the rain and wind..."
>"Hmm? Ah, yes, of course."

Eisenhardt leaps lightly from the gates as a small cloud wafts out of a pocket on his robes, coalescing into a flat metal disc, upon which he lands as it floats him along, the gates he vacated returning to their earlier position and bolts resetting themselves, as if it had never been removed, with us on the inside. ...I felt that. It was intermittent, and I only barely detected it, but there was World magic in what he did... granted, I felt it wrapped up in other things as well, but there was definitely World magic in his casting.

I note the guards I granted the obfuscated lightning guns making their way out of the guard towers, doing a passable job of looking both hungry and genuinely interested in the goings-on of this exchange, none moving hands anywhere near their weapons... but all the same arraying themselves all about us as we walk. ...Well, if it comes to it, I suppose ordering an attempt at assassination is still an option. Once we are inside the building, Eisenhardt pulls out a chair in the mess area and I start babbling to fill time while the tea is brewed.

"So...I must admit, I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner, usually Mordre stumbles upon his foes first. You wouldn't believe how many we find just walking around. That's actually part of why I'm 'holding down the fort' and all that, because personally.... yeah, I don't feel as comparatively safe in battles as someone using a pseudo-body that happens to be a mobile siege weapon."
>"Well, I can respect that position, not all mages are destined or inclined towards combat."
"Yeah, personally, I like working on magical theory, or doing archival research."
>"Never could stand prolonged time spent perusing old musty tomes myself, but to each their own."
"Yeah, exactly.... So, mind telling me, why do you want to kill him anyway, Master Mordre, I mean? He's a pretty nice guy when he isn't rending the flesh from his enemies."
>"Let's say he hindered some ventures of mine rather greatly, to the point that years of time invested were rendered worthless. Beyond that, he killed an apprentice that, while I will not say was the most obedient, still held something of a soft spot in my heart. Plus, I'm not really the type to just let a direct challenge pass."
"Ah. ....Oh, and to your prior comment...uh, I wouldn't call it spunk, more like apathy-that is, about my attitude?"
"Well, I grew up around death, I'm constantly surrounded by it, and I know it's coming for me one day. I can't say that I don't fear it, but it's an inevitability."
>"Some would call your viewpoint morbid, but I call it realistic, and as you don't seem to mope, as some who claim themselves cognizant of the very real possibility of death or so dreary, but that doesn't seem to be an issue for you."
"Ah, ...Thank you, I think. So... ah, here's that tea..."

As one of the cooks puts down a tray with four cups of steaming tea, Eisenhardt takes a cup and begins drinking immediately, a contended look coming over his face, as Dregas and I take our own cups (Reinhardt does not seem inclined to partake), and the four individuals with concealed lightning pistols insinuate themselves into the few groups of night patrolmen here for a meal, not looking at me but nevertheless seating themselves to keep me in their periphery. Eisenhardt seems content to sip his tea, and I finally break the silence.

"So... would you mind waiting a few days? ...Ah, actually, not sure if a few days is accurate, since I don't really know when exactly Master Mordre will be back, but-"
>"Oh? No idea when he'll be back, huh? Well, where did he go?"

At this point Dregas interjects with his own commentary, as I note Reinhardt cocking his helmeted head at Eisenhardt, even though he remains silent. Despite the few looks the presumed Magnetomancer has cast his way.

"I do not believe that information on where the Mage Mordre's Soul Grave currently is would fall under the jurisdiction of courtesy offered by a host to a visiting foe, even one as... cordial... as yourself."
"Indeed. Let us presume a hypothetical scenario wherein you are given this information at this juncture."
>"Oh please, do continue, I'm curious where you're going with this."
"Well, in that instance, where the information has been rendered-"
"What would prevent you from simply killing us all to spite Mordre, against whom you have already admitted a grudge? I daresay that information may be something of insurance to us, so why would we relinquish it?"
>"Ah, I can see where you're going with that-but let me present to you another hypothetical scenario: What if, in the instance the information is refused, I decide that to gain it, I start killing people until such time the information IS given? Wouldn't your insurance backfire in that instance?"

To this, Dregas has no immediate response. Might be my turn to step back up to the verbal plate.

Okay.... so now what?
What should I say or do?
No. 199662 ID: e67080

"Well, in that case, I certainly hope you find yourself liking the tea here. As you are now my personally invited guest to stay as long as you wish. I cannot point you directly to where Master Morde is... but I suspect he would come back sometime is a reasonable thing to say. Maybe we can make a spectacle out of this particular engagement? Get an arena going, sell tickets, the whole nine yards! if thats agreeable to you. It would be a pleasant change of pace to random ambush skirmashes."
No. 199667 ID: d3dfb8

Uhhh no.
I don't want half the Arcanoworks destroyed thank you very much.
No. 199668 ID: e0fbe1

Here's an idle of idle suggestions that we honestly shouldn't do - just kick around - but...If we just posion him, problem gone.

But, yeah, we really shouldn't.
No. 199671 ID: 445c48

Well we should have, and we might still be able to poison the scones, but I'm sure Mordre would like to eat him. Besides, what kind of host poisons the tea? Rather poor form, I'd have to say.

Mention that, hypothetically, you'd think him rather a poor sort, much unlike him, for killing people, making a ruckus, when simply waiting around, having nice brunches and perhaps discussing magic theory or whatever there is to do for leisure here, could get him the target.
No. 199674 ID: d3dfb8

"Well Dregas, it seems he is correct. If you happen to have any information on Master Mordre's whereabouts that I do not I suggest you share.
Unfortunately Master Mordre left the Arcanoworks in the dead of night yestderday taking 4 of our most competent warriors without so much as telling anyone where he was going. So, Eisenhardt, you are welcome to stay here if you wish and await Master Mordre's return. I regretfully can't tell you where he is or when he will be back."
No. 199675 ID: 1dedf5

Fellow seems to be civil enough, no harm in asking if he could mention any details about the setbacks he's had. Maybe there's a way to make reparations without involving an epic duel that would probably involve a lot of the surrounding area being demolished or majorly hindering Mordre's own goals.
No. 199678 ID: 2aaaf1

"How about we assume a hypothetical situation where we wouldn't need to kill each other by trying to call bluffs. Lord Mordre has only been gone a night, and he wouldn't make such a sudden trip without the destination of his travels requiring the utmost urgency. Now, Mage Eisenhardt, you said Mordre hindered a business venture of yours, yes? Why not join him? Yeah sure you two can kill each other all you want when he gets back, but think about this realistically: My master is merciful to those that are merciful as well. Mostly all the people that Lord Mordre's Soul Grave has slain have been murderers and thieves, killers of the innocent and torturers of pacifists. For instance, the nearby town of Berluut was assaulted in plain daylight and a message of vengeance was written the blood of it's people swearing revenge on my master. He just doesn't take kindly to it, because it breaks his system of efficiency. You see, when the innocent prosper, there is a surplus of food, wealth, manpower, and knowledge. Strong men and women become builders and footsoldiers and aspiring mages or combat magic users. Production and trade swell, and we all benefit from it. But with the introduction of bandits, thieves, and the element of greed, the system erodes. Since you've tracked us here by word of mouth or what have you, then you must know that my master's Soul Grave only benefits from times of war, and he uses that to patch the holes in his system. When the dregs of society are removed, his golem is empowered and he can maintain efficiency. With all this in mind, I think you can see where you fit into the equation. It's quite obvious that if my master thwarted a plan of yours, unsavory methods were being used to bring your plan to bear. I'm not going to throw myself before you to divert you from attacking my master, for you will simply do as you please. I'm just asking, that in the event that my master defeats you and spares your life, would you consider turning over a new leaf, repenting if you will? I know I must sound rediculous right now, but an honest life isn't as backbreaking and boring as you might think. I was an orphan before this, penniless, stupid, desperate. I could've turned into a some shameful mugger surviving by the skin of my hindquarters, and I could also be one of the unfortunate fools that Mordre has crushed under his Soul Grave's massive metal foot. Point is, most people take potential of all types for granted, most of all their own. Perhaps that venture of yours could change into something better with Mordre's help, you were resolute enough to come hunt him down, who is to say that you lack the resolve to revive your cause with a better purpose? But enough of my preaching, it's time for us all to wait and think. You're not leaving here after travelling all this way, and so the choice is yours: To what scene does Mage Mordre and his Soul Grave return to?"
No. 199681 ID: 60bd5e

"Well then, how about this. You seem like a rather honorable man, striking out at a man who has taken things from you is understandable, though the circumstances that lead to the taking are questionable."
*Wave hand*"
I won't go into that now, that is a matter between you and master Mordre for the moment. I am afraid to tell you that my lord left in the dead of night with little explanation to his destination or when he will be returning. maybe he is preforming some maintenance on his golem? Either way, I would suggest that you look for him elsewhere."

Don't really want to show to much aggression, this man could likely take out everyone in this room instantaneously, and I know that he can sense the guns, even if he might not be able to doge the shot; Those guns light up like Christmas trees to Mordre.
No. 199685 ID: 60bd5e


I agree with some and not with some. You are very passive aggressive with more emphasis on the aggressive.
No. 199686 ID: a594b9

If Mordre told you where he was going, Arkus... and Eisenhardt insists on finding out that information... then tell him.
No. 199689 ID: d3dfb8

He didn't. We kinda just... left.
No. 199696 ID: f4e4f9

"Well, that would be something of a tragedy, as even considering my professed apathy I can't say that I really want to die or see anyone else hurt.

So consider this: While I can't exactly when he'll be back, I will posit the hypothesis that it is likely he'll be back relatively soon, as given our arrangements with the Azelhaedran State, Lord Mordre is duty bound to not venture too long without first notifying the nearby fortress. Which, as I noted no messengers sent from the keep, is possibly not the case.

(NOTE: THis is technically untrue, Mordre DID inform quinton personally. But Arkus doesn't know that, and his ignorance is our advantage :))

So, given that, I would think the most beneficial thing for all involved is to wait. Lord Mordre has something of a track record of acceding to requested duels, so once he gets back, I'm sure you both can settle your differences like Gentlemen...or Warriors, if you prefer.

Who knows, maybe we can even convince you to settle this whole thing nonviolently in the meantime?"
No. 199699 ID: f4e4f9

"Besides, not everyone here directly serves Lord Mordre, and rampantly murdering everyone is liable to just make more of a hassle for everyone involved when the State and the Blue Knight come knocking."
No. 199703 ID: 2aaaf1

[Well in this situation I'd rather have Arkus come off as sarcastic and snarky defining his worst traits, we can't really afford to appear weak or scared in front of a man like this. Composure is everything when the odds are stacked against you.]
No. 199712 ID: f4e4f9

I actually think your speech is quite good. I'd second, but as suggestions typically get worked together into a cohesive whole, I'm just posting additional stuff.
No. 199728 ID: d3dfb8

No. 199783 ID: 3394fc

>First part of the post

Heh, you're quite a rascal, aren't you Arkus? Didn't know you had that side to you.

Mordre gave you lots of tasks, didn't he? Do you feel overworked? Is there anything you would like to work on first? Any definite goals you have in mind?

Also, do you have any "unfinished" businesses from your former life?
No. 199812 ID: a76809

Sure, Mordre gave me a bunch of tasks, but I'm not complaining: It gives me time and resources aplenty, so I can learn at my own pace, and if I am overworked, it's my own fault because I STILL can't get over how many things I have access to here, and sometimes I try to just cram as much in my head as I can, and then I realize it's dawn, so... yeah. I would like some time to work on Will magic, but there are precious few instructional materials here on that subject, and... Mordre is not the best direct teacher. It seems to use magic differently than us, like it's accessing the souls it stored, rather than genuine knowledge... though as Ulzrick learns Magnetomancy, I could cross-reference with his take on it against what I got from Mordre and the books... well, it's something to consider. As a definitive goal, I want to get ASKED by the Mortal Coil to join. Yeah, arrogant, all that, but there it is. As to unfinished business... no, not really... well, I never got my last bit of wages from my last job, but that was as a busboy, so... not really important.

"So, how do you like the tea?"
>"It's passable, but more importantly, it's warm, so in that respect there is nothing I could complain about."
"So, I'd like to propose a hypothetical of my own: What happens if we don't actually know where Master Mordre is, you end up following your own hypothetical of killing us for the information only to not receive it because we don't have it, and since we don't know how long Mordre will be away, let's presume further, and say that, after laying waste to everyone here and not knowing where Mordre or his Soul Grave are, or when they will be back, you decide to wait... and weeks pass by."
>"And so? You seem to have ample food stores here."
"Yes, but the vast majority of it comes from others, who I don't think would be inclined to provide food once all of us are dead. At some point, what is here will start to rot. Can you fight malnourishment, or potential starvation?"
>"Very well, I'll concede the point, that in this hypothetical scenario, maybe wholesale murder is not, in fact, the solution. Now, are we going to take this out of the realm of hypotheticals?"
"Yes, I can honestly say I don't know where Master Mordre went or how long he'll be away."

Eisenhardt stares at me without comment for moment, then nods as he sips more tea.

"I see."

"So, ah... I'd say we've been rather forthcoming with you-"
>"I won't object to that claim."
"Right... so, would you mind sharing anything more specific about the setbacks you suffered thanks to Master Mordre?"
>"And why would I do that?"
"Well, maybe there's some way to avoid some mutually destructive fight, or make reparations, or-"
>"Look, Arkus, I'm a warrior, have been my whole life, and I don't brook direct challenges, intentional or otherwise, it's just not in me."
"But if the thing that was perceived as a challenge is handled, so that there no longer is a challenge to deal with...?"
>"...Tell you what, you get your quiet knight friend there to indulge my curiosity, I'll tell you some of what Mordre undid."

"I am Reinhardt, a Paradox Knight, Of the Order of Harmonious Discord. The this the information thou sought?"

At this, Eisenhardt's cavalier smile slips, just slightly.

>"And if I asked you to prove this-"
"Thou would be informed those of the Order are not required to do so, And that thou must be aware of the penalties for masquerading as such. While I may not have identical views to my brethren within the order, I still espouse the virtues of balance as a whole- And scion of the Hardt ancestry, thou must know, if this place was struck down, 'Two by a most unbalanced act: I would be obligated to correct it."

>"Oh? And what would make it unbalanced?"
"Those here now are by and large of peaceful intent, And their wholesale slaughter would be an act of destruction, Without any form of counterbalance: A response would be necessary."

>"Hm... well, I'm still not convinced you are what you say, but you certainly ACT like a Paradox Knight...."

"Well, even if you choose to disbelieve the knight, we have ties with both the State proper and the Blue Knight, and both would have issue with our collective death."
>"All right, all right, you've convinced me that simply killing you all as a message would not be an ideal solution: So offer me an alternative."

"Now, Mage Eisenhardt, you said Mordre hindered a business venture of yours, yes?"
"Why not join him?"
>"Are you mentally unbalanced?"
"Just hear me out. Yeah sure, you two can kill each other all you want when he gets back, but think about this realistically: My master is merciful to those that are merciful as well. Mostly all the people that Lord Mordre's Soul Grave has slain have been murderers and thieves, killers of the innocent and torturers of pacifists."
>"And as evidence for this claim..."
"For instance, the nearby town of Berluut was assaulted in plain daylight and a message of vengeance was written the blood of it's people swearing revenge on my master. He just doesn't take kindly to it, because it breaks his system of efficiency. So he acted to exact judgment for this."
>"...I heard about what happened in Berluut, and I agree it was in poor taste, but that is just one example."
"With the introduction of bandits, thieves, and the element of greed to this area, the system erodes, and that is what my master has been acting against. Since you've tracked us here by word of mouth or what have you, then you must know that my master's Soul Grave only benefits from times of war, and he uses that to patch the holes in the system."
>"So, Mordre acts to restore order is your claim then... would certainly back the claim by this knight that he represents the order of Harmonious Discord.."
"With all this in mind, I think you can see where you fit into the equation. It's quite obvious that if my master thwarted a plan of yours, unsavory methods were being used to bring your plan to bear."
>"Quite possible, but if you are suggesting I repent, or that you'll oppose-"
"I'm not going to throw myself before you to divert you from attacking my master, for you will simply do as you please. I'm just asking, that in the event that my master defeats you and spares your life, would you consider turning over a new leaf, following a different course of action?"
"I know I must sound ridiculous right now, but-"
>"you do sound ridiculous... but I admit to liking spunk, so you're wager sounds intriguing.... but it would need a counterbalance, to be acceptable."


"And uh... what do you suggest?"
>"Well, since, if Mordre wins, you have suggested I serve him, in the event I survive the fight... I posit this: If I win..."
>"You become my apprentice."
"...I'm sorry?"
>"I lost an apprentice some time ago, you seem to not be the type to lose his head in stressful situations, you think quickly, you have spunk, you even plan for eventualities-nice touch with the guards and the glamored weapons, but you might want to have that be one of several different plans, as obfuscation on it's own is relatively easily pierced, works best when someone thinks they already found all your traps-and I have the feeling that you could make a properly vicious mage, with the right instruction."
>"I'll even do you one better: You clearly hold a position of authority here, and I imagine that, as a past State research outpost this place is replete with research material: Retain your position of authority, use it as your own base, in the instance I win. Or raze it to the ground I care not."


What should I say or do?
No. 199814 ID: 5ed4f7

"IF you win. then it would be an acceptable deal."
No. 199816 ID: a594b9

"That seems like an acceptable tradeoff. If Mordre loses... well, it will take quite a while for him to find another golem to control and meanwhile I'll have no way to contact him... It would be almost like he died."
No. 199820 ID: 45be60

Don't tell him about your other contingencies! Don't let it slip that there are other things in the area waiting for a signal. Don't gloat that he only noticed one of them.

Imply it.
No. 199822 ID: 7e186c

If Mordre loses would this become Arkusquest or how about a Bangquest?
No. 199823 ID: 2d4178


well, hopefully Mordre can handle this guy, but that may be a long shot. There doesn't seem to be anything you can do but accept this counterbalance idea if we hope to keep the option of him joining us in there.

ah this is a very very strange situation.

Would you be opposed to being his apprentice, Arkus??
No. 199828 ID: 2aaaf1

Sure, that seems reasonable. It's not like I'd be betraying Mordre, you won't discover any more information on the man himself by having me as your apprentice. I mean, besides what his Soul Grave can do, and the name of his cat. And like I mentioned before, you'd gain quite a few of his enemies as well, but I doubt that'll be a problem if you can destroy Mordre's Soul Grave.
No. 199830 ID: a76809
File 127766443868.jpg - (92.65KB , 600x600 , Eisenhardt Attack.jpg )

[What other contingencies? He spotted the guards with glamored lightning guns, that was the only thing that was prepared.]

[Something like that]

I... I'm not sure how I feel about this, but as this agreement seems to be the closest thing to an okay outcome to this I've hit on, I think I HAVE to go with it. Spunk is one thing, rejecting an offer of apprenticeship... yeah, I don't think that would end well here... which means-

"..IF you win-"
>"Yes, if?"
"Then that seems like an acceptable trade-off. If Master Mordre loses.... well, it will take quite a while for him to find another golem to control, and I don't know if his method requires a Soul Grave specifically, or... either way, I'd have no way to contact him, so he'd practically speaking be dead, from my perspective."
>"So you accept the wager then? Should I lose and still be alive, I'll align myself with the mage Mordre, but should I render his golem inoperable, you shall become my apprentice."
>"Excellent! Always so hard to find a decent apprentice, and I have the feeling you'll serve most admirably. Hm... well, I doubt the rest here will feel comfortable if I take up temporary residence while waiting for your master, so... I think I'll excuse myself, and make some shelter outside.:
"Ah... alright then"

As Eisenhardt steps out of the building, his platform whizzing up to the walls and through the gap between the walls and the canvas cover, Dregas rounds on me with anger in his eyes.

>"What are you doing?! Have you gone mad!?"
"He was going to kill us if I didn't come up with a solution, what alternative to this do you see?"
>"We could have hosted him, maybe swayed him over time-"
"That is most unlikely. I have heard the name Eisenhardt before, Not just as a talented mage in the field of war, but as a stubborn individual: I truly doubt you could sway him from desiring vengeance against Mordre."

Derkin makes his way into the room as the earth rumbles for a moment before settling, Dame Valiria in tow, and what starts as a simple conversation quickly devolves into worried bickering as my mind spins. ...What should I do?


Time passes, and the day eventually dawns. I certainly could not get sleep again after this turn of events, and though Derkin organized a full-strength presence on the walls, all armed with hand-cannons, lightning guns and assorted other implements from Jezebel's shop, Eisenhardt has not left the stone structure that has sprung up outside the Arcanoworks, a massive domed thing with windows of crystal and functioning gates. We wait on Mordre's return, Ulzrick saying Jojo speaks for the other Premen in expressing concern at an enemy being at our gates. I do what I can to placate them, and apparently my actions in ending the Yeti tribe that once occupied what is now Mordreden gives my words weight, and they settle down... for now. Some time after dawn the rains finally stop, and the sky begins to clear.

As noon rolls around, a string of caravans arrive, guided by warriors with blue skin, claiming they have a delivery for the Mage Mordre, and are here to take part in a bout of joint training. I seize on this distraction, and get Derkin with me to galvanize the whole base towards this pursuit, cursing the fact that with it having been bumped so far down my priority chain, I have no samples of crude hand-cannons, and gift a few choice rubies and one of the 168 pre-existing hand-cannons to the warriors for when they return, even as they (they say their title is Hound, oddly enough) make themselves ready. At Derkin's urging, a vicious, exhausting set of sparring begins, practically a mock battle of attrition, and while not even the three being trained for leadership can match these Hounds in single combat, in group endeavors our soldiers seem to fair acceptably. Even Eisenhardt decides to observe, floating on his metal platform above the walls and noting the sparring as it happens.


And finally, as the day is beginning to wane, the Hounds departing with our samples of wares (I decided to include one of Jezebel's WASP spears, as well as instructions for it, the canisters it uses, and the hand-cannon) and their now empty caravans depart, Dame Valiria commenting the life golems looked pleased, with the contest, the goods, and this initial meeting: Well, that went well, at least.


And late into the night, I am roused from a fitful sleep, jolted awake by two simple words:

"Mordre's returned!"

............................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE..........................................

I could feel the magics in the stone mound outside my Arcanoworks even as we approached, as well as the distorted mass of magnetic fields fluctuating within-and I activated the rune upon my chest to disjoin my own magnetic fields even as I sent those with me, replete with the prizes of this last battle, on to the Arcanoworks. A figure floats out of the mound, appraising me with a blank expression, before a slow grin creeps across his face.

"Well good, you didn't make me wait long. ...Well, it's late, so I'll get to it: I'm the mage Eisenhardt, and I'm here to destroy your golem, and hopefully find where you live so I can truly kill you. ...Good job making your magnetic field obscured-and interesting material composition, at that-so.... let's start with this."

At a gesture of his hand, the mound within which he resided splits open, it's stone slabs peeling back to reveal a metal sphere (iron, tin, nickel... it seems to be a smorgasbord of assorted metals pulled from deep in the earth) some hundred feet wide floats up into the air, gaining some few hundred feet of altitude-

And begins plunging towards my form.


[Note: Mordre has gained Geomantic capabilities from the recently consumed souls, which allow the manipulation of stone and earth alike. Among the uses for this: Sliding across stone/earth in a manner similar to Silicanthos, or reshaping any collection of stone or earth when in direct contact with it. This can be boosted with access to World magic as well, and feel free to suggest creative uses (you'll need them). Pyromantic capabilities were also gained, allowing for the manipulation of existing flames (but not their creation). GOOD HUNTING]
No. 199836 ID: 1dedf5

Errrm...bloody hell. Right, obviously trying to dodge or block this thing is going to do jack-all, so I'd recommend a combination of trying to slow the megaball with your own magnetomancy and shaping a sturdy spire of earth beneath it to hopefully further deflect its course. While you're doing that, see about maneuvering a bit more beneath your opponent and spitting out a burst of soulfire, using your pyromantic manipulation to make the flames chase him through the air while they last.
No. 199837 ID: 2aaaf1

Charge up IG and hit it with the primary function, followed up by absorbing the metal straight into our form. Abeloth's soul will allow us to do so in a timely fashion especially with help from our boosted magnetomancy powers, and since all those metals are of lesser quality than Blootz steel, our composition will remain the same. After that, turn the tables on the man. Make a giant earth ball with a hole in the bottom and a hollow space in the middle, send an inferno golem in to "pilot" the ball. Then spit soulfire on the entire mass of earth and send it at the mage. If he touches the thing, he'll be immolated and crushed, and if he blocks it, we'll just make it explode in his face.
No. 199838 ID: 1dedf5

The object of getting under him, by the by, being to make it harder for him to hit YOU with his projectile without smashing himself in the process.
No. 199839 ID: 1dedf5

...Oh yeah, forgot about those tricks. Good catch and good form.
No. 199840 ID: b14128

Use a combination of magnetomancy and geomancy: Set it so you and the ball repel one another, then activate the slide fuction of geomancy: You should breeze out of the way no problem. Then create an inferno golem and send it at him, using your pyromancy to boost its already awesome speed (And heat, if he tries to block it with metal) to an even greater extent.

...Then again, perhaps we should save our geomancy and pyromancy for something bigger, since I'm certain he doesn't know we have those skills, what with how recently we got them. Hrm. Any other ideas?
No. 199841 ID: b14128

...Ok, got an insane, crazy idea here. How far away is the core being again? I'm wondering if it'd be possible to veer towards it, since... Well, geomancy can be boosted by world magic, and the core being is leeching off some really deep leylines, though, so... Maybe we could leech off its leeching? ...If that makes sense? ...And is possible?
No. 199842 ID: 60bd5e

Create 3 Inferno Golems, and send them at him in a triangular formation. Slide to the side using your earth stuff and activate the IG primary function.
No. 199844 ID: a594b9

Make sure everyone else stays out of this fight. They'll just get their blood sucked out if they try to help.

Shape the earth so that you burrow into it. The earth above you should shield you from the giant orb, and you can bust through it to attack Eisenhardt.
No. 199845 ID: 903f16

Whatever we do, try and tap into the world magic flowing through our fields when you do it.
No. 199847 ID: 60bd5e

Howl out the Dirge.

Hmmm, when you are passing the ball, lash at it with your claws to disrupt his magical control of it, then split some disks off of it using magnetomancy and use them as a platform to fly. you can anchor the platform to the ball and yourself.

Need to get in melee range to sword rape.
No. 199849 ID: d3dfb8

We can't magnetomancy ourselves while the rune is active.

Fire the AG cannon down the middle of the ball, use magenetomancy to burrow deep, whip out Oblivion's Edge, create furrows in the earth for your feet, reinforce the earth below and behind you, take a defencive posture, prepare to absorb any metal that touches you.
We are going to take it like a man.
No. 199850 ID: 60bd5e

You need some tunes man.
No. 199861 ID: ff183c

Start charging the IG - It'll be our final blow if we get in range.

In addition to other suggestions use earth control to blow the earth around you upwards so it becomes a smoke screen. Also body-absorb all ammunition and items that aren't being magnetically masked by the anti-magnetic runes. Mordre should be able to tell which ones he needs to absorb.(Oblivion's Edge has no magnetic field?) We don't want to give this guy anything to lock on to. If we can drag this out enough using smoke screens then IG can charge to preposterous levels, enabling us to do a MASSIVE magic breaker.

I also don't think the vanguard blades or AG cannon rounds will be effective beyond 0.1 seconds from being fired as Eisenhardt will react and send them back.
No. 199874 ID: 799545

what if we charge the IG up, activate the inverter and then use the secondary function? magic amplifier?
No. 199893 ID: 45be60

>[What other contingencies? He spotted the guards with glamored lightning guns, that was the only thing that was prepared.]

Sure, but HE doesn't know that.
No. 199894 ID: ddff16

We should politely introduce ourself while initiating combat mode. Make sure that our words and tone remain entirely consistent with someone far removed from the battle, with no sense of personal danger.

"Eisenhardt, you say? That does sound familiar... where have I heard the name... I don't suppose that you would care to provide more details? I am the mage Mordre, as you are clearly aware- though I suppose there is a vanishingly small chance that you have my soul grave confused with someone else's, and are waiting outside my outpost through a series of comical coincidences. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. And thank you for your observations about the golem, its composition is a rather useful alloy of my own devising. This should provide an excellent opportunity to test its limitations."
No. 199895 ID: d3dfb8

Bit late.
THIS is my battle music
No. 199896 ID: 3394fc

I wonder, now that we have geomancy, if we can make Earth Golems. They probably wont be as powerful as Inferno Golems but I think they would last longer (you know, not burning themselves out)

Also, if we are really going to try to sway Eisenhardt on our side, how are we going to beat him without killing him? Our style of battle makes it pretty hard to not kill people. And in this battle, it looks like one hit on Eisenhardt might be lethal (the problem is to make a connecting hit)
No. 199901 ID: a73063

i think it would be if we get all three of our tentacles around him so that we can destroy him with a twitch would be a non lethal victory.
No. 199903 ID: d3dfb8

Or if we do happen to kill him we might be able to use his skin to finish Kyorto, depending on whether or not we raped him.
Too bad we used the AA on the giant guy.
It might hurt him without breaking the skin though, break his concentration and whatnot.
No. 199911 ID: 3394fc


I was thinking on a method to kill mages without destroying their skin:
Now that we are full Blootz and have consumed +20 mage souls we should be able to direct our Magnetomancy with nano precision. Make a nail sized needles and shoot them through the ears or nose of the enemy directly to the brain .... but this will obviously not work on Eisenhardt.
We might need to use souls soldiers.

Also, it might be dangerous to hold back on this guy as Bob sounded quite ominous in that last paragraph.
No. 199917 ID: 0a8e03

no scouts then?

well at least we dont have to worry about killing the mage or dammageing the skin, we can just use our souls=healing ability of our seige fist
No. 199956 ID: 445c48

Make sure to thank him for the snack for your golem, you rather forgot to pack enough metal to eat ha ha ha, how has your stay at the Arcanoworks been, I trust my subordinates have kept you well fed and entertained don't usually have guests ha ha ha
No. 199970 ID: a594b9

If we summon any Inferno Golems, better limit it to one at a time. More than that, and we lose focus.
No. 199974 ID: 4a0298

one more thing

"Eisenhardt eh... you seem too powerful to be one of Wensio's. May I ask what your grievance with me is?"

No. 199976 ID: 4a0298

Not if there is only one target. Even so, we can give two vauge orders like "Defend me"or"Kill him" and control one more precisely.

Go out into the gunfight with your tank ready to roll.
No. 199981 ID: f4e4f9

We have all the runes Dulu had on his morphic staff grafted to our body in some matter, did we not? If so, Dodge and tap it. Activate Yogoko as you do so. Compressed as a whole mass, the ball of metals is techically one object, so we can steal it's speed AND ruin it's entire magnetic field (if you'll recall, any metal object Dulu touched or deflected with his staff instantly became impossible to manipulate for us).

And, it goes without saying, begin charging the IG. I think our primary goal is going to be getting him into range at SOME point, and nullifying his magic.

Then we can figure out what the fuck is going on.

(And I do not think magnetomancy against someone as capable in the field as Eisenhardt is our best method of defense. Think: How would you fight magneto, given the options?)
No. 199984 ID: f4e4f9

Additionally, begin concentrating on random portions of Earth, just below the surface proper. If at any point Eisenhardt nears one of these focus points, ERUPT THEM.

Thnk of them like Geomantic Landmines.
No. 199986 ID: f4e4f9

Final suggestion for the moment: Additionally, fire a Skyfall Shot directly ABOVE Eisenhardt. He can't manipulate them, and the shot may force him to move closer to the Earth, to the aforementioned landmines.

If the attempt to steal speed from the ball of doom works, you should ALSO consider using your increased speed to whip out your ribbon tentacles when he does so, also with the goal of luring him toward the earth if you can't get a grasp on him.

However powerful a mage he is, we have one advantage for sure: Simultaneous planning vs. the limited scope of an unaugmented human. The guy is powerful, but he doesn't specialize in the same area as Figment.
No. 199987 ID: ab04d4
File 127768203744.png - (310.51KB , 650x520 , Mordre.png )

The fight hasn't started yet, but I felt that posting this might give us a better chance.

(If I forgot anything semi-important to Mordre's arsenalized body, please remind me.)
No. 199989 ID: 4a0298

We don't have Skyfall, Mordre used em on the Giant.
No. 199990 ID: f4e4f9

Mordre only fired 4 shots into the Giant, None of which created the lightning effect.

The AG cannon revolver chamber holds 6. Two of which are Skyfall, as I recall.
No. 199991 ID: a594b9

We don't want to fire any METAL OBJECTS at the MAGNETOMANCER, guys
No. 199992 ID: 1dedf5

The two Skyfall rounds were used. Check >>197763
No. 199994 ID: 4a0298

>Mordre guiding his Soul Grave to fire two rounds back to back, one hitting the giant charging towards him, the other directed into the churning, swirling mass of earth amidst the enemy camp, both locations flaring with light as lightning cracks down from the sky, molten metal flying about
No. 199995 ID: 3394fc

Thats pretty awesome.
There should be 6 saw-blades. And the cannon is situated on the shoulder not on the upper part of the arm.
No. 199996 ID: 4a0298

Nice. I only really noticed the lack of revolver mods. Nice imagining though, and art skills.
No. 200004 ID: e31d52



Third, once he's so close you couldn't possibly miss, AMARANTHINE ANNIHALATOR.

And fourth, if he's STILL not dead, soulfire his ass.
No. 200006 ID: e31d52

Also, use pyromancy to direct the soulfire to him.
No. 200008 ID: e31d52

Crap, one other thing I forgot to mention: Mordre isn't as skilled as Eisenhardt, but in a straight up match of endurance, he will win EVERY time, due to the fact that our magic is fueled by hundreds of souls. I'm not saying that we can beat him with his own medicine, I'm just saying we can outlast him, if need be.
No. 200010 ID: 7c3a2e

...We have two swords. Use both swords! One can't be effected by magic, the other dispels magic! Hold the Crystal Edge further to the base, so we can wield the Sable Executioner as well.

We can't, we used both last fight.

I also don't think we can use magic with our rune activated or that Blootz Steel means we have nano-control over Magnetomancy, but as I am brain dead, I won't argue that yet.
No. 200029 ID: db9547

My mistake.

Use Soulfire in their place, then. Employ your pyromantic abilities to extend your soulfire's range
No. 200093 ID: 4a0298

We can still use magic, we just cant affect ourselves with magnetomancy. I'm not sure what else the 'Disjointed' rune we engaged does, but that much is proven.

Blootz Steel makes it easier for us to manipulate ourselves due to our skill in both required fields. I think it also boosts our magic capabilities thanks to the blood iron content. It like using blood magic in tandem with whatever we do.
No. 200096 ID: 4a0298


Try to tap into the World magic well created by the farming area to power your stuff. You know about it, he doesn't. He already uses world magic anyway.

Hmmm..... lets see if we can cut him off from his source. Need to charge up the IG with that in mind.
No. 200102 ID: 903f16

Suggested already, but I agree. We can use it to power our magnetomancy and geomancy attacks for some extra punch. We may want to search out for any other sources of world magic besides our fields and find out what source he himself is tapping into as well.
No. 200132 ID: a76809

[Couple things to clarify, as I'd rather you not die from a misunderstanding of mechanics or established knowledge:]
>Both Skyfall runed shots got used in the Domintus struggle, but otherwise, all normal ammo has been regenerated. This also means that a full six AG rounds are on Mordre's back, and 12 extra AV blades are likewise stored.
>The metal sphere is far in excess of the mass that could be absorbed via Abaeloth's soul. At best, it could absorb something half Mordre's size, and the sphere is several dozen times the size and mass of Mordre.
>The IG primary function requires the target to have magic of it's own to use as a catalyst for the explosion with the stored energy in the IG. This does not include magic from an external source to guide a mundane object (such as the sphere)
>Mordre already gave all the spoils of war to his followers upon spotting the earth mound outside the Arcanoworks, and is working only with his own equipment.
>The magic dispelling effects of Black Steel (such as that comprising the Sable Executioner) only nullifies magic of Word, World, and Will, not Blood or Soul. Eisenhardt has been demonstrated to use Blood magic as a fuel source, which would mean the magic dispelling effects of the SE will not work on his magic.
>No object can have more than one mage actively acting on it. This means that while Eisenhardt is actively employing magnetomancy on something, you cannot use your own magnetomancy on the same object, unless you can either break his control or overpower it (in the case of objects he made or 'owns', like the sphere, rather unlikely)
>Dulu's runes are fully replicated on Mordre's chest, but only the one rune, the disjoining rune, actually activates, as they were designed for a weapon, not a golem, so it's field only extends to things that are part of said golem (this includes ammunition while they are in contact with Mordre's form). This rune is currently active, hence why Eisenhardt did not rip Mordre apart directly. It is inadvisable to deactivate it.

[It isn't so much that the Edge of Oblivion does not have a magnetic field as it is that, since the blade exists outside time, the field cannot ever generate, so while the object is technically in possession of a magnetic field, this field can never become active.]

[Actually... that would work, but only on a per-spell basis, and it would take a serious chunk out of your soul reserves (Minimum of a hundred, fluctuate based on complexity of spell)... but yes, you could juice up a spell this way. Good bit of creative thinking.]

[If you could somehow infuse souls into earth, and then absorb that earth (possible now with Abaeloth's soul), then yes, you could make such)]

I tap my new-found Geomantic abilities and thrust a spire of stone from the ground before me even as I mold the earth about my feet to be more receptive to sliding: The massive sphere is coming down to swiftly for me to dodge it, and I deduce in a split instant of trial that there is no way I could bury myself beneath the ground fast or deep enough to avoid this shot. I fire a shot from the Anti-Golem Revolver cannon at the approaching mass-and watch it merge with the approaching sphere, my control of the metal completely rejected the moment it is free of my form by Eisenhardt's own... wonderful. As the earth spire before me continues to grow, I breath Soulfire even as I raise both my hands, shaping a hollow stone sphere as my thoughts whirl.



[-49 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 2,079 Minimum: 12]

I spit a gout of Soulfire towards Eisenhardt even as I fill the interior of the hollow stone sphere with Soulfire and give it's exterior the same, activating the Immortal Genocide to make an Inferno Golem even as I do so and ordering the freshly crafted being into the sphere. I am tapping the spiderwebs of World magic within the Arcanoworks without even thinking about it, thankful for the boost in power even as I seal the stone sphere shut about the Inferno Golem and send it hurtling towards the mage. I am manipulating flame and stone alike, the guided blast of Soulfire and the inflamed stone with the special surprise both approaching his floating form from separate angles, even as I get ready to do what I can to ablate the coming impact, hoping my form will hold. All of this happens in the space of perhaps a second, mere moments after Eisenhardt spoke-and my thoughts of time make me activate the Soul Nexus in my arm, looking to steal time from the incoming projectile, which smashes through my erected stone spire with contemptuous ease.


My upraised arms (The Sable Executioner lancing out to make contact first and flex as hard as possible to ablate whatever portion of force it can) jolt as the sphere makes contact. It's momentum slows as I start pushing it out of the normal flow of time, and my own form accelerates-and this may be the only reason I was not simply squashed flat. The ground beneath my feet craters even as I begin sliding back on the earth I prepared for just this purpose bare instants ago, my joints squealing in protest. Even with the heavy reinforcement I added, I feel metal warping, and get to watch my arms and legs alike beginning to crumple beneath the incoming force as I continue to slide back, but I dare not take down the Disjoining rune to attempt repairs, for fear of what Eisenhardt might do whilst I am exposed. With the enormous sphere filling the whole of my view, I cannot see the mage I target, but I can feel his blood, and the wildly fluctuating magnetic fields that surround his form, and continue to home my attacks towards him-and feel the ball of Soulfire simply snuff out, never reaching it's target. Likewise, as my form continues to protest and warp, bleeding momentum out of the sphere (only now does part of it contact the ground before me where once I stood as it's angle continues to shift to oppress me) I feel the stone about my Inferno Golem shatter, disintegrating and drifting away as dust-but the Inferno Golem persists. I feel Eisenhardt finally move again, retreating from it's form-

Until metal rockets from the ground, pulled from depths I cannot yet perceive, and encase my crafted minion, holding about it's form as an airtight cage even as it becomes molten, preventing it's further approach of my quarry.

But with Eisenhardt distracted, the sphere finally stops renewing it's force, and with it partly submerged in the ground from it's own immense weight already, I finally manage to outpace it, and get clear of it's form, sliding across the earth as I assess my form: My right arm's joints are badly mangled, warped from ludicrous pressure, as are both of my knees: My hip joints still seem largely intact, and my ankles seem functional, but I doubt I could do more than totter about now: I will be restricted to earth-sliding for the immediate future... and this is just from ablating the force of that strike, which was swift enough I could not even dodge it. ...What manner of monster do I face?

I try to buy myself some time as I round the massive sphere (already beginning to rise from the ground again) by calling out to Eisenhardt, still thinking to preserve my cover by presenting a clinically detached tone, like one controlling a golem and thus free of immediate harm would be.

"Eisenhardt, you say? That does sound familiar... where have I heard the name... I don't suppose that you would care to provide more details? Ah, where are my manners, I am the mage Mordre, as you are clearly aware, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. And thank you for your observations about the golem, its composition is a rather useful alloy of my own devising. This should provide an excellent opportunity to test its limitations."

As I once more gain direct line of sight on the mage (and the molten cage about my Inferno Golem, who seems well preserved, wreathed in Soulfire and shrouded in heated metal), I see him crack a smile as he shoots out his own response.

"I give credit where it is due-and well done, avoiding the immediate destruction of your golem, though I'll admit I would be disappointed if it ended so swiftly. I must say, you and your apprentice both are quite cordial individuals, a rather refreshing change of pace. And you may have heard my name-or more accurately, my title: The Metal Titan Eisenhardt, does this ring a bell? Oh, and speaking of which:"

The floating metal sphere ripples and writhes-and I do not waste the time Eisenhardt needs for whatever his next strike is on gawking.

I emit a stead stream of Soulfire onto my hand as I start summoning more Inferno Golems, partly for more of the one weapon Eisenhardt has not outright ignored, but caged, and partly to provide cover for my other pursuit: Starting to prepare patches of earth with energy, ready to erupt at a moment's notice-

As I start speaking again, hoping to distract, however slightly, my foe.
[-120 Souls. Total Souls Remaining: 1,959 Minimum: 12]

"Well, you seem too powerful to be one of Weinsho's. May I ask what your grievance with me is?"

This time, I get to see it: Without warning, clouds of metal shards erupt from the ground and rise to chase the Inferno Golems (who handle much more sluggishly, now that I command four), even as Eisenhardt's form dances through the air atop his metal platform-but he is no faster than the Inferno Golems, I distinctly note. Ultimately, he catches another in a prison that slowly cherries (presumably becoming molten will be a non-issue for Eisenhardt, as the glowing sphere containing my first Inferno Golem still stands static in the air), and manages to catch the remaining two in a single sphere which heats even faster as he replies to me.

"I'm not 'one of Weinsho's': We simply share a common goal, nothing more. And my grievance is simple: You killed my apprentice-note that despite me being here in wait, I did not return the favor-and you destroyed years of effort in machinations. I would call that sufficient cause to have grievances. Oh, and you seemed to do passably, so: Deal with this."

-My gaze registers to me that the massive metal sphere is singular no longer: It has split into two score smaller orbs, each still at least thrice my own volume-

Which begin rocketing towards me.

As my mind starts racing on what to do next, I think of how easy it is to tap the World magic in the Arcanoworks field, something I have been doing since this fight began-and wonder if I could do the same with the Core Being near Trekel, provided I could get the fight to move there... It could be possible, but is the risk worth it?

What should I say or do?
No. 200142 ID: e31d52

Converge the Inferno golems on him. He cannot defend against them except with his HUGE STEEL BALLS, so one might get through... and you may be able to dest-

wait, that's it.

We need to sacrifice the golems to destroy the orbs as well as we can. our next order is to use the ammo he just gave us with the accelerator, jump into the air, blast the orb DOWN, steal the momentum from it, activate IG (if we haven't) and CHARRRGE with the sable.
No. 200146 ID: e31d52


Punch the orbs with the IG storing energy! It converts MAGIC INTO BOOM! WHAT ARE THE SPHERES FULL OF?
No. 200149 ID: 2aaaf1

"No, you."

Anchor yourself to his magnetic field and reel him in, or if his field is too strong, reel us in. Whatever happens, close the distance between the two of you. Charge up IG and get ready to use the magic negation field, if we get him with the burst we can engage him with our superior melee weaponry. If we don't, he loses control of those metal spheres, we commandeer them and send them right back at him while we send out more inferno golems.
No. 200150 ID: e31d52

okay then fine IRC hint use time.

Invert the Cleaver, huck it at him. let's see what happens.
No. 200151 ID: e31d52

wee have the disjointer rune on, no can do.
No. 200152 ID: ee5d53

We can't use magnetomancy in this fight - he would kill us much too easily if we didn't have the rune activated.
No. 200155 ID: 2aaaf1

Whoops. Well still charge up IG, if we can't use magnetomancy, the playing field should be even.
No. 200159 ID: a594b9

Ok, activate the IG and tell it to feed, dump some Soulfire into it to give it a quick charge, then Invert the secondary ability to boost your Pyromancy ability. Supercharge the Inferno Golems so that they escape their metal prisons and attack Eisenhardt!

If that doesn't work, then build up another charge into it via the same way, and boost your geomancy so that you can outrun the orbs and catch Eisenhardt.

If THAT somehow fails to work, boost Accelerator to throw the sword at him. He'll be unable to deflect it and if it's moving fast enough he can't dodge.
No. 200166 ID: d3dfb8

Invert boosting pyromancy to supercharge Inferno Golems? I like it, this may work.
No. 200167 ID: 445c48

Apologize and say you haven't heard of him, not really a worldly sort, locked away in your tower for years now doing this and that, only going outside to play with your pets, only link to civilization your many maids, that sort of thing.
No. 200168 ID: 445c48

We CAN use Magnetomancy, just not anchored or effecting ourselves.
No. 200171 ID: b7a744

Does the Amaranthine Annihilator have a high enough charge to be used? Or is it still recharging?

Fire two Anti-Vanguard Blades and a Anti-Golem round at him, but try to attain control of the Anti-Vanguard blades' magnetic fields the moment they leave your launcher. Use your new found Geomantic abilities to create a lot of small rock and earth projectiles and UNLEASH HELL! At best we might hit him, at worst it is atleast a distraction for him to divide his attention from controllig the metal spheres. 
Keep sliding and try to close the distance gap. 

No. 200174 ID: e31d52

>firing metal rounds at MAGNETO with our friends around

No. 200178 ID: f4e4f9

Heres a rather nasty Idea. Use Geomancy to pick up an Earthen projectile.

Now then, consider this: Chronal Banditry is NOT a part of the Accel/Anima/Inverter nexus. It's just a part of the hand. So they can be used at the same time.

So: Chronal Banditry + Accelerator + Projectile = TEMPORAL ACCELERATOR. Steal time from the projectile while using accelerator so that it looks like a normal throw. Use the speed boost to help in dodging and deflecting the projectiles. Then, cut it off. Accelerator will kick it up, and BAM. >:)

In addition to this, summon one more inferno golem as you do this, and release control of two of them. They're caged, so any orders you give them other than "Stay there and be hot" are useless. We're going to try a similar trick as what we used against Figment. Have it burrow under the ground and come up underneath Eisenhardt. His reactions are human, and his speed is equivalent, so it should be able to get at least relatively close to him from such an unexpected angle. Probably not enough to take him out, but thats ok, because here's part two:

When and if he manages to encase this Golem...

Shoot the encasing sphere with the Amaranthine Annihilator. It's charge is based off of our exertion and movements, not "HOW LONG". Sometimes I think we forget that. ANd we've been exerting ourselves quite heavily. THe shot at the very least probably won't be weak.

And its the SECONDARY effect that's going to be the workhorse here. AFter all, who cares whether the shot shatters the orb? The point of it is to release all that heat from the Inferno Golem that's pouring into the orb.

IF necessary, utilize the inverted IG secondary to boost.
No. 200179 ID: 445c48

Accelerate sword at him, so long as the Arcanoworks isn't behind him.

Accelerate some rocks into his face after that, an oldie but a goodie.
No. 200180 ID: 45be60

Hey guys, is there any chance we could not use every ability at our disposal as soon as we get them, in case we need to surprise someone? *cough*Dulu*cough* I mean sure, if we get a chance to spring some really great trap, go for it. But making wild attacks to probe his defenses at the start of a battle is a waste of the element of surprise, both now, and against any future opponents with a good intelligence network.
No. 200183 ID: a594b9

Oh hey, if we manage to distract him somehow via boosting Inferno Golems at him or making him dodge some other thing, then Invert the sword's time and spacial enchantments. It should become highly unstable and powerful, and we can use it for one huge attack.
No. 200186 ID: f4e4f9

Are we pretending that Eisenhardt isn't a much more potent foe than Dulu or something?

Hmm, it seems the first idea in my post won't work, so lets use Bagata to Invert the power of the Runes in the Edge of Oblivion: It's temporally locked at 0, right? So what about when thats inverted?
No. 200187 ID: b7a744

> Magneto
Where's fucking Professor Xavier when you need him?!?
No. 200188 ID: e31d52

Jojo is currently in the arcanoworks.
No. 200189 ID: d3dfb8

For one, we cant invert the runes on the sword with an ability that inverts the effects of our hand. For two, as you said it's temporally locked at 0. Therefore inverting it would set it to infinite causing it to degrade completely away with age near instantaneously. Bye bye sword.
Firing a freeze ray at molten metal with the hopes of freeing something that is contained within = not so genius.

I say we save the AA for Eisenhardt himself. That way it would actually be useful.

He died at the end of the third movie. Sort of.
Soul Dreaming != Psychic/telekinesis.
No. 200190 ID: e31d52

>So what about when thats inverted?

Crazy liquid blade shenanigans, according to bob.

>>[22:35]<TheBeardiestBob>By that, I mean the sword going crazy liquid metal shenanigans, as it's static form becomes as fluid as possible when inverted

or something
No. 200191 ID: f4e4f9

Nonono, the freeze ray is not to free the golem.

The idea is this: The AA forces the heat of that which it strikes into the environment surrounding the target.

So, it doesn't matter if that heat is trapped WITHIN the orb of steel, as the AA will force it...OUT. Near Eisenhardt.
No. 200193 ID: 4be3dc

the opposite of stasis is constant motion. it wont become an infinity blade if that is what you are thinking.
No. 200194 ID: f4e4f9

No, but apparently it's speed would temporally increase. Instead of being locked and locally stable, it would become more fluid and chaotic.
No. 200195 ID: a594b9

That, basically.
No. 200197 ID: 45be60

>Are we pretending that Eisenhardt isn't a much more potent foe than Dulu or something?

I think we might want to consider the possibility, since Dulu is a functionally invulnerable dodgy bastard with the skill, experience, and weaponry to really fuck us up, where this guy is a squishy mage specializing in powers we can screw with. I'm not saying we pull our punches here, but we shouldn't be rushing to try complicated tricks with untested powers just to see what happens.

I am in favor of approaching this fight with magic-null weapons and thrown projectiles as much as possible.
No. 200198 ID: f4e4f9

He just divided a 14000 ton orb into forty 350 ton orbs and is busily floating them around us...
No. 200199 ID: e31d52

Look at it this way, we'll be set for meals for a loooooooong time.
No. 200200 ID: f4e4f9

Mind you, these are hasty calculations assuming primarily steel/iron composition...

but they won't be that far off, unless I fucked up my math conversions.
No. 200205 ID: 903f16

Where did he even get that much metal? Did he pull it up out of the ground bit by bit and form it while he waited or does he just carry around a fuckhuge orb of it wherever he goes? Both options are simply horrifying, because they mean he has the strength of spirit to either uproot ridiculous amounts of metal from the ground in a single night or levitate tons and tons of metal along with him for hours while he travels.
No. 200206 ID: e31d52

The man can make a portable floating house for fucks sake.
No. 200208 ID: f4e4f9

Dunno. We could always consider the possibility that Eisenhardt is bluffing us up and the orbs are largely hollow (still massive, but not as much as the original's 100 foot diameter would imply. I'm leaning towards that idea, as I still can't believe we CAUGHT a 14000 ton projectile moving at not inconsiderable velocity even after all our magical countermeasures.

Still pretty goddamn impressive of him.
No. 200209 ID: f4e4f9

Either way, for the moment we should play it safe and assume they are as massive and dangerous as they appear.
No. 200210 ID: d3dfb8

No. 200211 ID: 445c48

No. 200217 ID: 3394fc

>You killed my apprentice-note that despite me being here in wait, I did not return the favor
"And I thank you for that! Losing Arkus would have been most unfortunate. I suppose your apprentice was was called Verther, right? Also, a proficient user. But I must say that he looked nothing more a thug to me, commanding a small army of bandits and making life for honest people miserable. I decided to put a stop for that, life is hard enough without the likes of him."

FYI, Earth moves at the speed of 390km/second (I very much doubt Bob will let us use this though)

Also, for people who feel that we are using too much tricks on this guy. This is a person who gave us massive damage in the span of mere seconds while we used every means of defense available for us. There's absolutely no holding back on him. Sure, we gonna lose lots of souls without being able to replenish them but sacrifices must be made.

And speaking of not holding back, who says this must be one-on-one fight? I would like this to be a gentlemanly duel as much as the next guy, but no agreements were made prior. From our point of view Eisenradt just suddenly attacked. I don't see why our allies shouldn't help us. Of course he'll make short work of most of them but I feel Bang would be able to hold on hid own or maybe Jojo can help somehow too, like lessening his magic somehow?. (I'm not suggesting dragging them in yet, just wanna know what you guys think).
Or have lighting guns being used (do they have metal parts anyway?), can Arkus or Jojo put a spell on them that they cannot be affected by magic... even for a short while?
We must keep in mind that this fight might not work for us, we should employ every asset we have. But people who cannot do anything to Eisenhardt should evacuate the area (maybe have Arkus give the order for that?)
No. 200218 ID: 445c48

Well, I'm not sure we should get our allies in. If he wanted to, he could very easily kill them nigh instantly.