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File 127317230498.png - (153.63KB , 600x400 , title1.png )
174118 No. 174118 ID: 426169

Chapter II

The Long Road

This is the story of Tiffany Blake.

Tiffany has entered the tutelage of her late grandfather, Alexander Kinsley, to learn the dark arts of necromancy in a desperate effort to return her little brother to life.
Yesterday, she breathed life into a dead raven using a fragment of her own soul. In doing so, she began the construction of a familiar to aid her in her long road to mastering the Art.
Today, she saw a vision. She saw her brother's death, drowned by the hand of unseen malevolent forces.
She has now returned to her laboratory, to complete the familiar and seek Grampa's guidance.

It's time to begin.

[Wiki article for previous threads (feel free to edit, it's just a stub): http://www.tgchan.org/wiki/Tiffany ]
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No. 174124 ID: a594b9

Okay let's get this party started!
No. 174127 ID: bbdfae

When we left off, numerous suggestions had been made for the name of our familiar. If Tiffany could choose one of those brought forward and get Grandpa's opinion on it, that would probably be a good start.
No. 174133 ID: 426169
File 127317500926.png - (258.67KB , 1000x600 , 169.png )

"Mulder. I name you Mulder."

>"You sure about that?"

"Yeah it's a good enough name."

>"Well, can't guarantee what kinda spirit that'll attract, but hey. It's a laugh. It might take a couple of days to take effect I'd say."

"Ok, Grampa.... I wanted to ask you something?"


"Who would want to hurt Tony? Do you, like, have old enemies or something?"

There's a sigh-length pause

>"Plenty. I've managed to accumulate quite a few. I- I never meant for anyone else to get hurt by this stuff. I have some educated guesses as to which one did this, but I'll need to think on it some more. Right now it's important that we keep you safe from further harm. I'll tell you how you can set up a barrier around this place."

"What about at home? Mom and dad?"

>"Heh, I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to- What I mean is that there are already stuff in place. You'll be fine inside the house. Oh, but first things first. We'll need to suppress that post-cog of yours. You'll need the knife and the cup and something you can wear... Say, you wouldn't happen to have a piece of plastic jewellery on you?"

"Umm, no. I was never into that stuff."

>"Ok, can you get your hands on one?"
No. 174137 ID: bbdfae

Ask Grandpa to go over the required ritual before we get everything and start it, this time. If he could explain what exactly it'll do- "suppress" our ability, but how and for how long? What would undo it? That sort of thing- that would be good as well.

Yes, this will take longer and slow things down a bit, but we should have learned our lesson already when it comes to doing magic blindly. Even if we won't be able to fully understand everything after a short explanation, it'll be a lot better than knowing nothing.

The same logic applies to whatever is needed for setting up the barrier.
No. 174144 ID: 449077

I think he intends to make a charm out of the jewelry, and wearing it will keep the visions at bay.

Ask him if it is something you're going to have to actually wear, so you know not to grab any old stupid looking thing.
No. 174145 ID: 426169
File 127317701949.png - (75.34KB , 600x600 , 170.png )

"Yeah I think so. Susan must've left something like that lying around here. Go over the ritual while I search."

Tiffany goes over the club house shelves and the chest, looking for something suitable.

>"Okay. You'll be carving a specific rune on it. Then dunk it in your own blood, then say magic words."

"Uh-huh. In more detail, please."

>"Fuh-INE, geez. Rune's on page seven, bottom row, second from the right. Your blood is used to bind the thing to you specifically. It's important that you get blood inside the scratches you'll be making, hence the dunking. You can wipe the extra off if you want. The proper incantation is
Puut laha naku
tukaaktu tuftna
niassau ftuuaktu

Puut kiauftanan kasta
Puut nannaan tuftna
Puut laha naku

Anna nxkxutan nakxa
Puuftusa nannautxxt
Kaska taftas

>if you must know. After that you're done. It's not a stylish solution, I admit, but hey, you improvise. Whenever you're touching that it'll prevent you from having visions of the past. Or any kind of second sight for that matter."

Tiffany locates a girly necklace.

>"That'll do. Any questions before you start hackin' that plastic?"
No. 174147 ID: bbdfae

"Any kind of second sight"? What exactly does that include? Almost every time we've used magic we have seen... things. Presumably it won't block that, but what's the difference?

What rune is this? What is it used for, more generally?

If we screw up the incantation or carve the rune improperly, what could go wrong? The rest of the ritual seems relatively foolproof.

We should practice the incantation several times before actually using it, and possibly practice drawing the rune- then perhaps sketch out guidelines on whatever bit of jewelry we find to help us carve it more accurately.
No. 174150 ID: 449077

Will visions start catching up with when you let go of it? Constant contact might not always be possible, don't want to get hammered just because it got pulled away or something.
No. 174161 ID: 64b993

how about not that piece of junk?

seriously, isnt there anything else you can use? it doesnt need to be fancy, but if your friend ask it back, what will you do?
No. 174162 ID: 64b993

>start hackin' that plastic
darnit. get some practice before you start it.
No. 174177 ID: 426169
File 127318201442.png - (120.87KB , 600x600 , 171.png )

"'Any kind of second sight'? What's that mean?"

>"Ehh, I meant like precog, ESP, that sorta stuff. Seeing the past isn't the only talent that's been in the family. This oughta block em."

"Do they catch up with you when you take it off?"

>"What, the visions? Not to my knowledge, but hey, I'm not an expert on that."

"What if I carve it wrong or say the incantation wrong?"

>"You'll know when you try it on. If you screwed something up, take it off. No biggie. Well FINE, if you're going to give me that look I'll look it over to make sure you don't explore your eyeballs or some shit like that. Like that's gonna happen. Pssh."

After fifteen minutes of fiddling, the ritual is finished. Copying the rune and repeating the incantation wasn't hard, almost routine now. Like Grampa said, it's nothing fancy. The talisman felt slightly warm to the touch, and that was all.

>"Brilliant. Now just wear that under your clothes from now on, mkay? Look, it's getting late, and the barrier is very complex. You'd never get it done today, not with the way you're nearly dozing off. You head on home, get a good night's sleep, then get your skinny butt here first thing in the morning. I mean it this time."

"Ok, Grampa."

>"So tomorrow, barriers. Hmm. And time for a lesson, too. Tell you what, you do a good job on the barrier, and you get to pick the topic. I can think of a few useful topics for you to learn."

Grampa lists some possible topics: Knowledge of the Underworld, Brief History of Magic, Runes and Rituals, Ancient Languages and Enemies, Old and New.

[Votes and really good suggestions accepted.]
No. 174179 ID: 0b2a05

Knowledge of the underworld. Find a way to replace that asshole reaper with someone nicer and more sensible.
No. 174182 ID: bbdfae

First thing in the morning, he says... we need to talk with Grandpa about this. He stressed the need for secrecy right away when we started getting into this, but at the same time it seems to me that much of his advice doesn't really support that as a priority. We just stole our friend's jewelry, put blood-filled runes on it, and plan to wear it all the time- if she ever sees it, won't that completely blow our cover? And we cannot spend all day every day over here if we want to keep our parents and friend from getting suspicious (or just worried about us).

How important is it that we learn necromancy extremely quickly? Are people and beings going to start coming after us because we know a little? If this barrier is so important to protect us, why didn't we put it up before messing around with a familiar?

Because, well... we're going to be doing this necromancy thing for a long time. We won't be able to keep it a secret unless we make secrecy a priority. Unless we are in danger, we should play this slow and cautious, right?

I am most tempted by "Rune and Rituals", since we've already demonstrated that they are both very powerful and potentially fatal if we screw them up. Carrying them out without a thorough understanding of what they are makes me nervous, every time.

That said, it might be better to learn about immediate dangers which will face us, both as a newbie necromancer in general and a member of our family in particular. I suppose that's a cross between "Enemies, Old and New" and "Things to Watch Out For".

Any of those would work for me.
No. 174183 ID: 449077

All important subjects, but explaining magic itself will help put the rest into context.

Or maybe he can give us a introductory summary of each, and then we can learn all the details one subject at a time. That way we won't be completely unaware of any important understanding, but can hold off on the practical stuff.
No. 174196 ID: 64b993

tomorrow, school! and your friend will notice a old blood-filled necklace that she was looking for a long time!

id like to know more of the reaper. im pretty sure we cant overthrow him, but it would be nice to attempt to befriend him.

or marry it
No. 174219 ID: eb6d46

enemies seems the most interesting, but we'll see how it turns out
No. 174546 ID: 426169
File 127322305459.png - (208.83KB , 600x600 , 172.png )

"Ok, you need to start making sense."

>"Excuse me?"

"First thing in the morning you say. What happened to secrecy? I can't keep coming here all day every day. People will suspect something! What if Susan misses this thing? Or sees it! How am I supposed to wear it without anyone seeing it."

>"Under the clothes. Just play the modesty card if you need to change clothes or whatever. But... Yeah I suppose you're right. You do need to keep a low profile. But the situation has changed in two ways. One, we now know someone is out for blood. We need to get that barrier up ay es ay pee. But that'll take a few hours, and I need you wide awake for that. I'd rather risk an extra night without protection that having it blow up on you. And trust me, you do not want to foul that up. As far as secrecy comes, yeah. You'll need to move this laboratory somewhere else. You've got until Monday, yes?"


>"Ok. I don't mean to sound cold but play the 'I needed to be alone' card as much as you can get away with."


>"And the other thing that's changed is that trickle of blood down your thighs."


>"Hrmph. I may have screwed up. Having your powers awakened pre-puberty is risky business. I thought I had time teach you to control it better, but looks like you're an early bloomer. You need to learn this stuff. Before you do something you didn't mean to do."

"... like what?"

>"You might wind up hurting the ones around you. But that's neither here nor there. Just focus on studying. You'll be fine. Tomorrow, barrier and freebie lesson. You pick a topic yet?"

"No. Umm, could you teach me a little bit about each so I can choose what's most important?"

>"What, you mean the fast-food approach? I suppose. If that's your choice."

[New choice added: Fast-Food Necromancy]
No. 174547 ID: e6f4d4

My recommendation about the necklace is to try setting a certain amount of time at a certain place that you don't wear it at. This will allow a somewhat controlled potential exposure for any visions that may come, and if you get any, help with becoming used to them.

Perhaps ask grampy if there are ways to attract visions as well, for those times.

As for tomorrow, I'd imagine 'enemies old and new' would touch on some of the others. If you have time after that, Knowledge of the underworld might expand on some you might hear of.
No. 174548 ID: a594b9

If you ask me, finding out who our Enemies are first in a good idea. That way we'll be able to tell very quickly if we encounter one.
No. 174559 ID: ee51c2

Go for the runes and rituals. They're what's most important right now in the short term. Tiff needs to learn how to do that properly and then we can learn more about magic and stuff.
No. 174608 ID: bbdfae

Yeah, after some reflection I'm voting solidly for Runes and Rituals. Learning about the other stuff is important, but right now we're trying to accomplish a lot of magic very fast, hopefully before anyone else finds us; nothing compares to Runes and Rituals for helping with that. We can pick up the other topics later.
No. 174619 ID: 52f981

fast food sounds good, but runes and rituals may actualy arm us.

also shenanigans involving breast expansion spells.
No. 174647 ID: 835bc3

Rune and rituals are important, and should be the first detailed thing we study. But fast food will ensure we understand things like who might be our enemies and the basics of how necromancy works and stuff. We have too many gaping holes in our knowledge, and that's a risk.
No. 175481 ID: 5f7d52

Yes but they're not as immediate of a risk as botching another ritual. That carries with it some very real and immediate risks.

Things like enemies, history of magic and stuff like that isn't likely to get Tiff killed in the next 24 hours, if she screws up again with rituals and runes that might happen.
No. 175529 ID: 1d2641

if your argument to not lear RnR is that, we should go straight for enemies, old and new.

im still for RnR. in school we can accidentaly make enemies/friends with the son of gramp's most hated enemy to discover comically what he is later on.
No. 176147 ID: 426169
File 127360121564.png - (730.26KB , 800x4260 , 173.png )


It's dawn. Mulder is perched on the windowstill, soaked to the bone.

Tiffany doesn't think dad's up yet, it must be like five in the morning.

>"Cosy room ya got there, Master."

Tiffany is dumbstruck and half-awake anyway, and would appreciate instructions.

No. 176165 ID: 288dda

Tell it to lay off the "master" shtick. Then ask if Grandpa actually has a message, or did he simply forget that living people appreciate sleeping more than 4 hours a night?
No. 176167 ID: e31d52

Correct it: "Mistress".
No. 176175 ID: 426169
File 127360775222.png - (109.51KB , 800x400 , 174.png )

"Enough with the 'master' shtick, Mulder."

>"You're the boss, boss."

"Now, did Grampa actually have a message for me?"

>"Yeah, he told you to get down there at first light. And to bring that box of his stuff."

"Did he say anything else?"

>"Nah, but he was kinda agitated. He's been running me ragged half the night."

Did something happen?
No. 176176 ID: bbdfae

Ask him what Grandpa had him doing for half the night.

Then get up, get dressed, eat something, pack a lunch, leave a note for Dad telling him that you went out and will see him later, and set off to meet Grandpa.
No. 176191 ID: 2c47db

Ask him what all the hubbub is about, bub.
No. 176193 ID: bbdfae

Oh, and I probably don't have to specify this, but it can't hurt: Don't forget that box of Grandpa's stuff.
No. 176215 ID: 426169
File 127361765183.png - (137.36KB , 666x666 , 175.png )

Tiffany dutifully got dressed, and walked softly downstairs. She ate breakfast quietly, and left a note on the fridge door. She chatted quietly with Mulder as she was packing her lunch.

"What did Grampa have you doing half the night?"

>"He made me carry this scroll, see? You'd think it weights next to nothing, but it gets way heavy after a few miles. And I had to carry another one after that! I'm not a pigeon you know."

"Who did you take the message to?"

>"Dunno. Some bloke. Didn't even have the decency to give me an eyeball for my hard work."

"What kinda bloke?"


"Tall, short?"

>"Taller than you, boss. Like, taller than two you's, even. Do you have any eyes? Like, ones you ain't using?"
No. 176216 ID: 6a5a08

Sorry Mulder, don't think we have any eyes to spare.

Taxidermy Trooper probably has lots of animal eyes though.
No. 176224 ID: 426169
File 127361943941.png - (172.33KB , 800x600 , 176.png )

"Sorry, Mulder. But you can have a slice of bologna."


Mulder eagerly devours the meat while Tiffany heads to the attic. Behind the wardrobe, big chest. It's a bit bulky to carry.

"What did Grampa want from here?"

>"I think he said something about a black stone idol. But to be honest I wasn't really listening. Last night's a little bit hazy."
No. 176225 ID: a594b9

Ergh. Okay just open it.
No. 176232 ID: 426169
File 127362043958.png - (123.05KB , 800x800 , 177.png )

Tiffany opens the chest. She was right. No idol.

There's just the jar, the film rolls and the cylinder, like before.

Huh. What now?

No. 176240 ID: a594b9

There's probably a secret compartment. Try to measure the depth of the box compared to how tall it is.
No. 176262 ID: 426169
File 127362258112.png - (130.14KB , 800x800 , 178.png )

Tiffany examines the chest carefully, but can't figure out where someone might put a hidden compartment.

>"Wotcha looking for, boss?"

"A hidden compartment. I don't want to lug this thing around too much."

>"What's a hidden compartment look like?"

"Don't know. That's the problem. It's gonna be something hard to spot."

>"Can't be THAT then."

"What? What that?"

>"That. Can't you see?"

"No! What are you seeing?"

>"The corner of the chest is shining like crazy."

"What? This corner?"

>"Yea, boss."

After a bit of fiddling Tiffany manages to snap open a concealed hatch. Inside is a heavy object wrapped in thick cloth. Tiffany can't tell what it is, but it weighs about the same as a rock.
No. 176266 ID: 2c47db

Must be it. Unwrap it enough to get a glimpse to confirm. But try not to touch it, just in case.
No. 176267 ID: bbdfae

I find myself wondering where Grandpa got a scroll. We didn't write any, and he's a skull so he can't have written it himself. And why would he send it to someone else without telling us?

On the one hand, we probably only need this- it would certainly be much more convenient. On the other, Grandpa said to bring the box, not just that item, and Mulder wasn't really listening that closely. Best to bring it all.

While it's tempting to unwrap the idol and inspect it, it could be magical or something. Let's not mess with it until we've got Grandpa's word on it.

Still, we should mention to Mulder that if he sees anything else that's shiny in that particular way, he should tell us about it.

Take the whole box, and let's get going.
No. 176270 ID: a594b9

That's what we need.

Take the film, too.
No. 176274 ID: 2c47db

I dunno, it's a big box. Much simpler to take all the contents. Gramps wouldn't have been going on about the idol if he just wanted us to cart the whole thing down.
No. 176276 ID: 1ac39d

agree, just take any stuff in it and don't open the idol.
No. 176277 ID: bbdfae

It's a big box, sure, but it'd be very embarrassing to miss something else inside it that he wanted. Our information on his request is pretty vague, so we might as well err on the side of more stuff rather than less.

It's not so big that we can't carry it all, after all.
No. 176408 ID: c71597

Bring the whole box to make sure Grampa gets what he needs.
No. 176466 ID: 4531bc

Bring him the box, but remove the idol. See his reaction upon seeing it not there, then say, 'Oh, oops, I took it out, here you go!'
No. 176471 ID: 3a7b79
File 127369189427.png - (161.01KB , 800x800 , 179.png )

[i]Feeling an odd chill, Tiffany decides against opening the wrappings. It's probably the idol in any case. She replaces the bundle, then picks up the whole chest. It's bulky, and kinda heavy. She climbs downstairs with it, careful not to bang it anywhere.

Upstairs corridor is lit by the rising sun. Even through the curtain of rain it's bright enough to see. She'll have to get a rainco-

>"*yawn* What're you doing up, Tiff?"
No. 176472 ID: e31d52

comically scream in surprise.
No. 176474 ID: e3f578

Heard some birds chirping loud. Also a friend called about something important with no real details. You guess your gonna hang out or something, deal with a problem or two, skip some rocks and play in a puddle.
No. 176478 ID: 9de922

A friend calling at this time of day? No dice on that excuse. The fact that you are hauling that box doesn't really make this any easier.

A reason for why you are up should be easy, just say you woke up early and couldn't fall asleep again. As for the box... uh. Maybe you were trying to get something from a high shelf and were going to stand on top of it?
No. 176481 ID: 38699e

a friend in school that you had teamwork with had issues with the paper, he needs you there to help sort them.
No. 176483 ID: a594b9

We woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep, then got bored and dug around in the attick. We brought down the box so that we could look at it where there was more light.
No. 176484 ID: a594b9

Oh wait no I've got it. We had a nightmare, and it was about this box.
No. 176486 ID: 3a7b79
File 127369526079.png - (366.11KB , 800x800 , 180.png )

"I had a nightmare. About this box."

>"You too? Your mom use- *yawn* used to have nightmares like that. Go back to sleep. It's too early."

"Ok dad."

>"Put it back when you're done. Or she'll be pissed. Good night, Tiff."

"Good night, dad."

> "Good night, mister."

> "Good night, bird."

Dad disappears into the bathroom.
No. 176488 ID: e973f4

If your dad comes back out of the bathroom wondering if Mulder just talked, uhhhh... try to make sure Mulder doesn't talk again. :V
No. 176489 ID: 1ac39d

give mulder a glare that let's him know talking to dad is a no no. when you think dad has gotten back in bed get your coat and go.
No. 176490 ID: a594b9


Though, that is interesting. Mom used to have nightmares about the box? And she never threw away anything? Like, the stuff in it?

...send Mulder back to Grampybones to make sure we aren't supposed to LEAVE the idol behind. We can mentally communicate with him over a long distance right?
No. 176494 ID: 3a7b79
File 127369678898.png - (83.87KB , 800x800 , 181.png )

A few moments later Tiffany was outside and in the woods. Rain beat down without mercy.

"Mulder, never do that again. Don't talk to anyone who isn't me, you hear?"

>"Sure thing, boss."

"It's lucky dad's always spaced out in the morning. Go to Grampa and ask him if we were supposed to leave the idol behind, not bring it."

>"Righto boss."

Tiffany walks towards the laboratory. As she walks, a sense of dread grows within her. Should Mulder be back already? It's not that{i] far.[/i]
No. 176495 ID: 9de922

Go quickly before questions are raised.
No. 176497 ID: 1ac39d

oh jeez. you told him to not talk to ANYONE that isn't you and then told him to ask grandpa. he is probably trying to ask in interpretive dance.
No. 176498 ID: e973f4

Ahh, crap.
No. 176502 ID: 3a7b79
File 127369804542.gif - (219.67KB , 800x800 , 182.gif )

Tiffany's fairly sure Mulder isn't that stupid. Besides, the club house is quiet. Too quiet.

Sometimes Tiffany regrets making her club house in an ancient, dark, creepy cellar.

No. 176504 ID: 1ac39d

carry box on your head so it is a dual protective item and weapon. anything pops out you just smash it with the box.
No. 176507 ID: a85626


No. 176509 ID: 38699e

that MUST be grampa or a friend of his.

anyway aim for crotch, hit with box.
No. 176510 ID: a594b9

No. 176512 ID: a594b9

Smash his foot with the box and run away, perhaps?

Don't we have a knife down in our lab? We can use that as a weapon.
No. 176513 ID: 3a7b79
File 127369961794.png - (218.14KB , 800x800 , 183.png )

Tiffany let's out a surprised scream, and swings the box wildly at the dark figure.


There is a muffled sound of shattering glass, but the groin-hit seems otherwise ineffective. The dark figure takes a step forwards, towering over Tiffany.
No. 176518 ID: 3a7b79
File 127370105775.png - (111.01KB , 800x800 , 184.png )

>"Hey, quit horsing around! Damnit, did you break something, Tiff?"

"Grampa, I-"

>"Hrmph. Doesn't matter. There's no time. Tiffany, Jakov. Jakov, Tiffany. I called in a favor, he's here to help. Get your things. We're leaving."

Uh, what?
No. 176519 ID: 701a19

Do as he says. Have Mulder ask questions for you.
No. 176521 ID: a594b9

"Leaving?! What about Dad? He'll think I ran away or died!"
No. 176527 ID: a85626


If you don't leave then you really will die, so gogogo!
No. 176528 ID: 3a7b79
File 127370180755.png - (39.86KB , 349x334 , 185.png )

"What? Leave? What about dad? He'll think I've run away or died or -"

>"Shut up, girl. Do as I say or we're both dead. Or worse. That fucking eurotrash warlock knows I'm alive. And he's coming."
No. 176529 ID: e31d52

No. 176530 ID: a594b9

Dammit. Okay, maybe we can leave a note or something in the hideout since people will probably look for you there.

Have it say "Sorry, Dad. Had to leave. Not my choice. Will return when possible."
No. 176540 ID: 3a7b79
File 127370288872.png - (132.54KB , 800x800 , 186b.png )

Tiffany quickly gathers the equipment she's been using. She pours out the formaldehyde and pieces of the jar, and stuffs all her gear in.

>"Keep the finger. We might need it. Is that everything? You ready to leave?"
No. 176541 ID: 1ac39d

i... i think so.
No. 176542 ID: e75a2f

That's fucked up. At least leave a note for your dad saying you've gone away for awhile and that you are (and are going to) be alright.

Your dad already lost one of his kids, and now he's going to lose another? This almost doesn't even seem worth it.

Does your grandpa even realize this? What he's going to be doing to his own friggin son? I mean fuck, that's messed up.
No. 176544 ID: a594b9

Can't we leave a note? A hint? Something that lets Dad know we're okay and plan to return?

Also, I hope 'equipment' includes the grimoire.
No. 176548 ID: e75a2f

Honestly I'm not sure why we can't tell Dad what's actually going on. I doubt the guy's going to go around and tell people "Oh yeah, my dead dad and daughter are both necromancers, no biggie".

That may have been the first mistake your Grandpa made, if Tony is dead due to some supernatural means or foul play instead of a simple accident. I can understand keeping it a secret, but when you don't tell the people whom it will no doubt affect it just leaves them powerless to do anything once the situation arises.
No. 176549 ID: 3a7b79
File 127370335326.png - (369.21KB , 800x800 , 187.png )

"Yeah, I just gotta leave a note for-"

>"No notes. Jakov, do it."

The dark figure extends a hand, then snaps his fingers. The club house explodes into a fiery inferno.
No. 176555 ID: 7b5606

Your grandfather knows what he's doing. At first chance though, you should call home. Say you had to leave because someone is trying to hurt you. Say it's also family business. Tell him to tell mom. Say you love him and will see him when you are first able.

You're about to have to grow up quick.
No. 176558 ID: a594b9

Dammit, Dad's definitely gonna think we died.

Except... No, he'll notice that the box is missing. He'll remember that we had it, and the bird. He might figure it out.

We should leave.
No. 176559 ID: 3a7b79
File 127370450099.gif - (187.48KB , 800x800 , 188.gif )

>"We have to go. I'm sorry about this, but you're shining like a bloody searchlight whenever you're awake. Can't have that, not now."

"Wha-" THUD
No. 176561 ID: 1ac39d

awake 6 hours later in a daze.
No. 176565 ID: 5d514f

I hope grampa is still on our side.

I hope we aren't being sacrificed for some necromantic ritual...
No. 176566 ID: e3f578

Unlikely, Grampa is a good man despite frequently breaking a taboo in his life as evidenced so far. A good man to us at least.
No. 176567 ID: 38699e

well i sure hope you didnt forgot the necklace that dampened the vision thingie.

and also, anything valuable inside the clubhouse. like your CHILDHOOD.
No. 176720 ID: 02d2bc

What about your parents? They will be devastated.
No. 176749 ID: c71597

Tiff, seems like you might be a bit more powerful than anyone had thought.

Lets hope you wake up at a good place and that your father can manage even without you.
No. 176795 ID: 3a7b79
File 127377212979.png - (71.18KB , 500x344 , 189.png )

Tiffany slowly opens her eyes. Pain is radiating from the back of her head. She feels the lump, and sends crescendos of throbbing pain through her mind.

>"Yeah sorry about that."

"Grampa! What happened? Why did you DO that?"

>"Had take you out quick, before we could move you. Had to throw em off the scent. This room is warded, by the way. We're safe for the moment. You're welcome."

"Welcome? Wh- You destroyed our club house!"

>"I... I suppose this must be overwhelming to you. The wards will hold for a few hours, so we've got time to talk. I'll answer your questions as best as I can, while I teach you how to keep your powers in check. You're so much like your mother. Maybe too much. Anyway, ask your questions."
No. 176800 ID: c71597

What the hell just happened. Who is Jakov, who is the eurotrash warlock? What is Grampas plans aside from torching the clubhouse?

And is there enough time for a quick lesson in rituals and runes?
No. 176801 ID: 1ac39d

'are mom and dad going to be safe?' sounds like a good one
No. 176804 ID: a594b9

"Was Mom a necromancer too? She had nightmares about the box... and never threw away anything in it despite what it obviously was."
No. 176806 ID: c7f1f0

Tiffany, try to stay calm. Things are changing very quickly, and if you can't display self-control Grandpa will start to view you as a child instead of a student necromancer. You can't afford that; children aren't given information and are ignored when it comes time to make decisions.

Ask Grandpa for a full description of what actions he has taken since last night and why he took those actions. Who are the other people that he referenced, how he knows them, their powers and capabilities, and how we should expect them to act. What the current problems before us are in his view, and his current plans for overcoming them. Ask where our familiar is at the moment and what it's doing, too.

Basically, get him to give us as much information as possible. Only when we know what Grandpa is thinking will we be able to present our concerns and priorities in a fashion which he won't immediately dismiss. Do not mention our father or concerns about going home until we know what Grandpa's view of the situation is here.
No. 176819 ID: 3a7b79
File 12737757519.png - (51.91KB , 800x300 , 190.png )

Ok, stay calm. Gotta be an adult now. Need to act adult.

"Ok, start talking. Who's the eurotrash warlock?"

>"His name is Wolfgang Eidhart von Rothwald. He is the patriarch of the Rothwald family, one of the oldest and most powerful witching families of the old world. Continental Europe, especially the protestant north, is a real viper's nest of scheming backstabbers, and he's the top dog. The meanest wolf in the forest. He's also your great grandfather. My "father-in-law", so to speak."

"Wha- Why is he after you?"

>"He has always disliked me. Thought I was too ambitious. Well, dislike turned into hate when I stole his daughter from him, and into blood-thirst when she died at childbirth."

"I see. So who's Jakov?"

>"Someone who owed me a favor. He's agreed to hide us for a while."

"So, what happened from last night onward?"

>"I decided to do a little scrying, to see who might've attacked your brother. I feared it might be the Rothwalds, and I was right. Von Rothwald is on american soil, and his lackeys are on us. I borrowed your familiar to send a message to Jakov. Thankfully he was inclined to lend me a hand. I had Jakov torch your old laboratory to get rid of any possible evidence, and had him hide us. So far it seems we threw them off our scent for now. Don't expect it to last, the Rothwalds are the top European family for a damn good reason."

"Any sign of Mulder?"

>"No. I'm guessing that they caught him."

"Oh no. Will he be all right?"

>"You'd know if something happened to him."

"Ok, so what's the plan?"

>"I don't know, Tiffany. I don't know. We'll have to keep running until I think of something."

"What about mom and dad? Will they be all right?"

>"I don't know. I doubt they'd attack your mom, but... I just don't know. I'm sorry."

"Was mom a necromancer, too?"

>"Not exactly. She's not a bad magician, so she might be able to fend the Rothwalds off."

Tiffany struggles against the urge to argue, but forces herself to stay focused.

"Will there be time for a magic lesson? I need to be able to fend for myself if I need to."

>"Hah! Now there's the spirit I like to see! We carry on. Stiff upper lip and all that. Sure. You need more information. I'll teach you the basics once we get that shining subdued."
No. 176824 ID: 701a19

Ask him if he took up necromancy because your grandmother died in childbirth.
No. 176825 ID: a594b9

"What the heck is this shining you're talking about anyway? I thought the necklace was suppressing my ability."
No. 176827 ID: c71597

Ok lets get cracking on it then. Find out what do we need to do to make our aura a bit less shining all over the place. And then lets get it done.

Then see if you can't get a lesson in runes and rituals. Especially some that you can set up in advance to unleash some nasty effects on your enemies.
No. 176841 ID: c7f1f0

Okay... if the Rothwalds have Mulder, what will they be able to do with him? He's Tiffany's familiar, so will they be able to trace him back to her? Could they hurt her through him? Can she try to find his location or see through his eyes or something, and would they be able to detect her trying it?

How should we expect that the Rothwalds will be attempting to find us? Magic, presumably; what kind? How many people would they likely have after us, and how long will they keep chasing if we evade them for a while?

If these wards will last only a few hours, where will we be running to next? We'll need another warded location to fall back to, right? We should arrange for one. How many favors does Grandpa have left to call in?

If the Rothwalds might go after our parents, can we send a message to Mom and Dad and let them know that they could be in danger? Even if Mom knows magic, if they catch her unawares she'll probably be in a lot of trouble. And I don't think Dad knows any magic at all.

If Mom is a magician, would she be able to help protect us?
No. 176843 ID: 3a7b79
File 127377851541.png - (20.35KB , 800x300 , 191.png )

"Ok, what's this shining you keep talking about? I thought we suppressed that already?"

>"This is different. It's difficult to describe. It has to do with your spirit, your haftsusha. It's waking up. It's happy to be alive again. And it will sing it's joy out to the world. And that's what the shining is. My grandfather once referred to it as soulsong. He was getting sentimental in his later years."

"Why is it called shining then?"

>"Because that's how we perceive it. Well, anyone who has the gift of sight."

"If everyone's spirit is singing, why'd they spot me then?"

>"The stronger a spirit is, the louder the song. And girl, they could probably hear you in friggin Australia."

"Ok, so what do I do?"

>"It's not actually all that hard, so don't worry. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Imagine darkness. An all-enveloping dark void. And in the darkness, you are standing. Your body is translucent, almost invisible."

"I see it."

>"Now imagine yourself filled with a bright light, shining through you. The light fills the void, pushing the darkness aside. Now, turn your skin black, impenetrable to all light. Feel the light, still shining inside you, unable to get out, filling you, warming you from within. Feel the darkness surrounding you, and the light only within."

"I feel it. I actually feel it."

>"Good. Now hold it. You can open your eyes."

"I feel a little dizzy."

>"That's normal. It'll pass. Now, you said you wanted a magic lesson? Runes and rituals, right? Oh and it'll take a while, and I don't like to be interrupted while I'm on-topic. If you have any other questions, lets have em now."
No. 176844 ID: e3f578

"I don't get it. I understand there are some people willing to kill family for petty revenge, but it sounds like Rothwold loved his daughter enough to hate you for marrying her or something. Would he really try and kill his grandchildren? Backstabbers or not, your children are yours. You'd have be the lowest of the low to kill any little bit of your flesh and blood."
No. 176846 ID: a594b9

"What's all the stuff in the chest? The finger, the recording, the film, the idol?"
No. 176847 ID: c71597

Ask if there are any other European families that oppose the Rothwalds or just want to push them down from their position of power. Finding out if there are any that would be interested in helping you out could be a good thing.
No. 176850 ID: 701a19


-> >>176824
No. 176861 ID: c7f1f0

-> >>176841
No. 176884 ID: 3a7b79
File 127378440518.png - (74.60KB , 350x450 , 192.png )

"I don't understand. If this Wolfgang guy loved his daughter so much, why would he try to kill me? I'm his relative, aren't I?"

>"Not as far as he's concerned. I'm a Kinsley. I'm an enemy by blood. See, us Kinsleys have been their rivals for centuries. The Kinsley clan is the top dog among the witching families in Great Britain. There's a lot of bad blood between them and the Rothwalds. Wolfgang is of the opinion that I corrupted his daughter, muddied the bloodline. He'd rather bite his tough off than admit you have Rothwald blood, the miserable old corpse."

"Maybe the Kinsleys could help us, then?"

>"No, they wouldn't. I'm a bit of a persona non grata among the family, I admit. They wouldn't help us. Last I heard von Rothwald pressed the issue at the conclave, and that Arthur conceded. The Kinsleys won't interfere in the feud between the Rothwalds and yours truly."

"Do the Rothwalds have any other rivals that could help us?"

>"Maybe. Could be any of the families or none. I haven't exactly kept up with politics recently. We can't risk it without knowing for sure we won't be handed over for a pat in the head."

"Okay. So what's all the stuff in the trunk? The idol and all the other stuff?"

>"Ah, so you found the idol then? It's a souvenir I appropriated from the Rothwalds way back."

"You mean you stole it?"

>"I prefer the term 'appropriate'. It has less of a criminal ring to it. Anyway, the idol is a gate, a bridge into the Underworld. Just, uh, don't go touching it directly. You'd die. I'll tell you about it later. The other stuff? Well, the photos are just some ancient pictures from way back when. Nothing important. Probably ruined now too, thanks to your flailing. The cylinder is an old phonograph record. Contains the litany of Yazd-a-Yi'ir, another relic I picked up from the Rothwalds. Don't try to play it. It'd probably drive you insane. Maybe open a rift to the Outside. Oh and the finger? I've been using that with the idol. Handy not having to always get a new one. Don't worry, it's not mine."

"So why'd you take up necromancy? Was it because of grandmother?"

>"Now where'd that come from, eh? No, I was already in the business before Ilse passed away. But enough digging up painful memories, do you have any questions relating to the here and now?"

"Yeah, if the Rothwalds have Mulder, what will they be able to do with him? Find out where we are?"

>"Not through the wards, and not across longer distances. We should be pretty safe in that regard."

"Well, could we use him to our advantage somehow?"

>"I don't know. I'll have to give that some thought."

"So how will the Rothwalds be trying to find us? How many are they?"

>"Well, Wolfgang's word is law among their family. They'll be using every resource at their disposal. While the main family line isn't all that numerous, they are very powerful, very influential, and very, very wealthy. They'll probably be able to strongarm even a few new world families to look for us. And if Wolfgang himself is on American soil, he won't have come alone. They could have any number of people looking for us, through scrying and more mundane means."

"How long will they keep chasing us?"

>"I don't know. Until Wolfgang dies? Maybe not even then. And I've been waiting for that miserable mummy to kick the bucket for ages now. He's bloody tenacious I tell you that. Clings to life like a flea to a dog."

"Ok, so... If these wards only last a few hours, where do we run next?"

>"I don't know. The wards were only placed to hide your shining. They didn't actually provide other protection of any kind. Fortunately scrying is pretty hard to do, especially when they have no idea where we are. If we keep moving we might be able to evade them for a while."

"Well, could mom protect us?"

>"Not an option. If I'm a persona non grata to the Kinsleys, it's still nothing compared to your mom and I. I'm sure your mom will be all right, no matter how this turns out."

"So that's it? We just keep running until they catch up with us? Doesn't sound like a good plan."

>"It's not. I just need to- Hmm. Hmmmm. Yeees, I think I just might have the thing."

"What? Tell me!"

>"We set up a trap. Yes, this is perfect. Ok. We need to make sure we get Wolfgang himself on the first try. Otherwise this won't work. Let me think let me think. Ok, yes. Yes. That'll work. It has to work. Tiffany, I'm going to tell you something that shouldn't be told to young budding magicians."

"Umm, ok."

>"You're much stronger than magicians of your age usually are. And you're going to keep getting stronger. Hell, you blew up a lightbulb by accident, pre-puberty! You've been leaking power all over the place ever since you had your period. It's very likely that you'll wind up ranking in the top fifteen, hell top ten magicians when you're older. Even now you've got more raw power than the average magician. You're just not very skilled in using it. Now, if you'll let me, I would use that power to erect a barrier so strong that only Wolfgang himself could pass through it. Once he's inside, we'll trick him into stepping inside the magic circle of our choice. I'm thinking Gawadjir's Harmony or the Labyrinth of Hak'keth. That'll leave him completely at our mercy. Are you with me on this?"
No. 176894 ID: 1ac39d

sounds like a plan! let's do this thing!
No. 176896 ID: 2c47db

Does gramps think he's dumb enough to just fall for a trap? We'd need a trap, a trap for when he avoids that trap, and a contingency plan in case everything goes to hell. If we could make the whole place nothing but traps I'd almost feel confident.
No. 176899 ID: a594b9

This is going to go wrong, I just know it. SO WRONG.

Let's do it anyway.
No. 176903 ID: 701a19

Seems easy enough. Construct the entire place as a soul trap. He steps in, his soul is trapped, he dies if he leaves, you kill him while he's immobile.
No. 176907 ID: 620bfb

If it goes wrong, at least it'll be interesting. Let's have a go.
No. 176908 ID: 62781c

I like you. You speak wisdom.

What are the risks of this plan, and what would it cost us? My power would come back to me, right? Also, you say we'd let you and YOU would use the power... I think that needs clarification. What kind of process are we talking here? And what's to stop them from just leaving us inside our barrier to starve to death? Once we've put it up and they're outside, we'll be trapped.
No. 176919 ID: 3a7b79
File 127378769144.png - (67.56KB , 800x800 , 193.png )

"Would he really fall for such a simple trap?"

>"We have one thing on our side. He hates me with a passion. I'm pretty confident I can taunt him enough to come straight for me. In fact, I'm sure of it."

"Ok, I'm in. Let's do this thing."

[Tiffany will return tomorrow at 18 GMT which I believe is 13:00 EST]
No. 176920 ID: c71597

Just make sure that there are contingency plans inside of contingency plans with some extra contingency plans on top of it all.

I think Wolfgang might fall for it but that the trap might not have the desired effect. I doubt the old bastard would have manged to become an old bastard if trapping him would have been as easy as that.
No. 176927 ID: d1210a

Yeah, always have at least one, preferably two fall backs, in case your first approach (or two) fail. Remember what happened before? Something unexpected can happen, so having the patience and diligence to properly prepare is crucial.
No. 176953 ID: f95872

If it were that easy, the fucker would have died a long time ago.
No. 176961 ID: 2c47db

If he knows he is being taunted, then no matter how angry he is he'll realize it's a trap. Either it needs to look like we are being caught unaware, with a defense in place that should keep him out but has a flaw, or be ready with an slightly more obvious trap that leads him into the real one.
No. 176977 ID: e3f578

Ask if its possible that if we DO manage to kill the guy in this trap, could he and Death make a pact or something and he doesn't die until we're both dead? If Gramps asks why your asking such a question, tell him worse things always happen when something seems to work out well.
No. 177211 ID: 3a7b79
File 127385691732.png - (538.18KB , 800x533 , 194.png )

"It really seems too easy. You're sure he'll fall for it?"

>"Let me worry about that, dear. I know just what buttons to push. Now. Let's go ahead with the ritual. You said you wanted a lesson? Well, I'll speak while you work. All magic works through your haftsusha. The spirit is what gives us our powers. Magical spells and rituals are simply us giving instructions to the spirit. That's all there is to it. Unfortunately, the haftsusha do not think in the same sense as we do, and it makes communication a little difficult. Over the millenia, a number of images and sounds have been discovered that seem to carry some meaning to the haftsusha. By drawing the symbol and focusing your mind to it, you let the spirit understand your intention. By certain vocal harmonics you can refine that meaning. Further, by connecting two images with a line, you let your haftsusha know that their meanings are combined. Any given ritual is simply a combination of images, the right sounds, and the right gestures that let you communicate a complex desire to your spirit. Of course, even an imperfectly performed ritual might have the desired effect, but it might equally well be misinterpreted by the spirit. On a further note, a ritual that is used often is more likely to work right, since your spirit will be already be familiar with it's meaning. Do you understand everything so far?"

"Yes, Grampa."

>"Good. Now draw a large circle. It is the oldest symbol of them all. A boundary. The circle divides the world into an inside and an outside. It is often used as a base symbol. Good, that works nicely. Now, draw a hook on the left side."
No. 177213 ID: a594b9

Ugh. A hook on the left side. Try not to remember the last time you had to deal with a hook.
No. 177214 ID: c71597

Make sure you get the hook on the right place and that it looks right.

You know, you should probably set up some extra wards and shields just for saftey even if Grampa thinks it's not necessary. Just say it's so you can practice them if he's being an old lady about it.
No. 177217 ID: 3a7b79
File 127385767415.png - (537.18KB , 800x533 , 195.png )

Ugh. Hooks.

>"That looks great. The hook carries a myriad of meanings, the most prominent being to ensnare, to capture, to keep hold, to catch. It's purpose here is to covertly lure the enemy inside the circle. Now, connect it to the circle, with a simple line. Yeah that's good. Then draw a smaller circle on the upper-right-hand side of the circle. That will be my access point, once we have captured the enemy."
No. 177218 ID: 62781c

Draw it on the upper right hand... does he mean inside the first circle, outside it, or including the line? In one of the first two cases, should it touch the edge? About how big should it be relative to the first one- half the radius?

Important to be specific about these things, you know.
No. 177219 ID: 3a7b79
File 127385832678.png - (537.69KB , 800x533 , 196.png )

"Umm, how big, and where exactly? Inside? Outside? Touching the line?"

>"Outside, you idiot. I'd have to be inside the bloody trap otherwise. And maybe three inches across. That's good. Now, pull out your talisman. See the symbols there? Apart from the leftmost bit, copy it, then connect it to the circle from the left corner. The center part means 'detection' or 'warning' The top means 'reversal', 'remove' or 'prevent'. The lowest bit specifies 'seeing' or 'scrying'. The rightmost bit just means 'absolutely'. It's a fairly common expletive. And on your amulet the leftmost bit means 'to touch'.

>Yeah that looks good. So, tell me what this means."
No. 177220 ID: 62781c

It will... prevent anyone from seeing or scrying any danger from inside the circle? Since it prevents warning or detection through those methods absolutely?
No. 177222 ID: 3a7b79
File 127386022455.png - (536.73KB , 800x533 , 197.png )

"It will, umm, prevent anyone from detecting anything inside the circle?"

>"Not a bad guess, for a rookie. In fact, that is one possible reading for the symbols. I asked because I wanted to highlight the need for more specific instructions. In fact, we want to pull our victim inside the circle, and prevent the victim from detecting the circle at all. We'll need to let the haftsusha know that, and we will do so with the proper incantations. Those will come later. All in all, what we have drawn is a fairly standard beginning for a trap circle. Now we will turn it into the Labyrith of Hak'keth. Draw a smaller circle inside the bigger one, then connect it to the hook with a line. This will be our reference point from within the circle. For whatever it is we trapped. Do you understand?"
No. 177226 ID: a594b9

The inner circle attached to the hook represents the trapped warlock. Right.
No. 177233 ID: 3a7b79
File 127386224477.png - (527.65KB , 800x533 , 198.png )

"It means the trapped warlock, right?"

>"Right. Now, the next three bits are bit complicated, but you can copy them from the grimoire. First, directly above the line you must draw the symbol labeled 'enemy'. Yeah, that one. Strictly speaking it can also mean 'threat', 'danger' and 'attack'. To it's right side we will draw the power transference rune. It's on the same page as the soul pu- yeah that one. The meaning oughta be obvious. To the right side we draw the Mad Eye of Hakuman. In this case it's purpose is to determine direction the enemy is least prepared to defend."
No. 177236 ID: a594b9

So, the trap is going to give all the warlock's power to grampa?
No. 177239 ID: 3a7b79
File 12738625492.png - (525.55KB , 800x533 , 199.png )

>"We then apply the Golden Scale (it's the triangle-one) to split the power flow. Looking at all this, what would you say is the purpose of this combination of symbols? We have the 'enemy' rune, the power transference, Eye of Hakuman and the Scale. What do you think this circle does?"
No. 177245 ID: a594b9

Power's being drained from the warlock. Where's it going though?

The line coming from Grampa's circle is confusing since it doesn't really connect directly to anything. However, the power transference rune is perpendicular to that line, and that doesn't suggest any direction of flow. Possibly... just being added to a pool, which grampa has control over? There is a line drawing out of that, attaching to the Scale, which splits it between the circle and the Enemy rune. So, the power drained from the warlock strengthens the circle and prepares an attack for grampa to use that comes from the direction the warlock isn't expecting?
No. 177251 ID: 3a7b79
File 12738661354.png - (527.56KB , 800x533 , 200.png )

"Power's being drained from the warlock. Where's it going though?

The line coming from your circle is kinda confusing since it doesn't really connect directly to anything. But the, uh, power transference rune is perpendicular to that line, and that doesn't suggest any direction of flow. Maybe... just being added to a pool, which you can control? There is a line drawing out of that, attaching to the Scale, which splits it between the circle and the Enemy rune. So, the power drained from the warlock strengthens the circle and prepares an attack for you to use that comes from the direction the warlock isn't expecting?"

>"My, don't you have a sharp head on your shoulders. You almost got it down to pat. In it's simplest form, the Labyrinth would simply have a line from the power transference to the Eye, and from there to the Scale. It would create an attack on it's victim, causing it's haftsusha to immediately defend itself. That power would then be stolen, and used to both strengthen the circle and launch another attack from a direction the spirit is not expecting. The more powerful the spirit, the more violent the effects. But the true genius of the Labyrinth of Hak'keth lies in the fact that no matter how skilled or experienced you are as a magician, you will not be able to be control your spirit inside the trap. The haftsusha will be trapped in an endless cycle of attack and counter-attack, and will rapidly lose it's strength. It simply does not have the time to listen to you. If it stops even for a fraction of a second, you will be crushed by the attacks. Mind you, this is an ancient piece of magic. This ritual is around six thousand years old. Most likely Sumerian in orig- oh but this isn't the time for a history lesson. We have much work to do."

Tiffany and Grampa spent the next few hours, carefully imbuing the circle with the power necessary for the initial attack, as well as invoking the right words for the proper runes. Tiffany forced herself to remember as much as she could. This was a rare opportunity Grampa so open about the inner workings of spells, and she learned much.

After the circle was complete, Grampa and Tiffany set about to raise the proper barriers. It was not complicated, just extremely exhausting. During all this, Tiffany was troubled by the thought of her parents, despite Grampa's assurances that her mother could protect them.

Tiffany's skill in rituals has increased. She is now an apprentice ritualist.

>"Ah. We're done. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must set myself to the task of luring our prey in. This'll take me a few hours, during which I won't be able to pay much attention to you. Don't worry, I'll be alert when the enemy arrives."

"Ok. So you're sure about my parent's being safe?"

>"Yes, yes, your mother can defend them both. They're more trouble than they're worth to the Rothwalds. Take a seat, this'll be a while."

Tiffany sat quietly while Grampa entered a deep meditation. The skull seemed so dead now. So empty. There was none of Grampa's usual spark. Her lonely thoughts drifted to her parents. She was sure that Grampa was right. Her mom could defend herself, and dad too.... Except... She's not home. She's taking a few days to herself, and doesn't have her telephone on. She's not at home! Oh god why didn't I remember that before! Dad's all alone and defenseless!
No. 177253 ID: a594b9

Dad is not blood related to Grampa. He is an outsider. It's unlikely that he will be targeted... but perhaps you could look around here while we wait.
No. 177257 ID: c71597

I'm sure your Dad can take care of himself. In any case, going to try to make sure or rescue him would likely put him in danger as well as make the trap fail and put grampa in danger as well. Best thing you can do right now Tiff is to sit tight and make sure the trap works like it's supposed to.
No. 177261 ID: 3a7b79
File 127386747467.png - (72.95KB , 500x344 , 201.png )

Ohgodohgod what if they take him hostage or something? I gotta warn him. But the trap. The trap, gotta take care of the trap. But if they have dad they won't come to the trap. Ok, maybe I can call him and warn him?

Oh crap there's no telephone in here. It's just a really tiny motel room. There's a bed and nothing else. What should I do? I can't let them get dad. I can't.

No. 177263 ID: e31d52

Ask Gramps.

Oh, wait, did we lose Mulder? We could have the bird check on Dad.
No. 177264 ID: a594b9

If we could get in touch with Mulder again we could have him warn Dad.

Is there anything in the book about scrying? We could try that too.
No. 177265 ID: 701a19

No, you idiot. That's what they want you to do. They're almost certainly monitoring your house and waiting for you to contact your parents, and the only value your dad has to them is as bait.
If you contact dad, then they will know you're biting and capture him. If you don't then it isn't worth their time to bother him.
No. 177267 ID: 716eb0

yes, we lost Mulder.

I got nothin though Tiff, you can't leave, and you don't know where you are in any case. Unless you have suddenly developed telepathy, you have no real method of communicating at a distance. ...Have you developed telepathy?

OR! are there any dead pests lying around the room? Poisoned rodent or cockroach or anything? If you can raise another servant, maybe you can send it off to run an errand? Don't want a familiar, but could you figure out a simple messenger from your book and what you know?
No. 177268 ID: 701a19

Now is not the time to start unsupervised necromantic experiments. You could VERY easily ruin everything.
No. 177274 ID: 3a7b79
File 127386895410.png - (133.43KB , 800x800 , 202.png )

"Answer me goddamnit Grampa! Dad's all alone at the house! I gotta warn him? What do I do?"

No response. Not even after furious shaking. Shit. Shit.


Still nothing. Ok ok, any dead things around? Maybe I could build something? No, I wouldn't know what to do. Goddamnit. Ok ok, calm down. I gotta think. THINK TIFFANY. Ok ok.... This is a motel, right? There's got to be a phone nearby.
The barrier. The barrier! Grampa said it was MY barrier. I can decide who goes through. I could go and find a phone. Grampa's only just started. I bet they aren't close enough yet.

No. 177276 ID: e3f578

I think its about goddamn damn time we get you on TVtropes. How in the hell could you be that genre blind at this age to contact your Dad when bad people are looking for you? And don't you realize the kid that abandons the responsible adult to solve a personal mistake would likely result in the death of someone you care about? Jesus
No. 177279 ID: e3f578


No. 177280 ID: c71597

Tiff, shut your eyes and take a few deep breaths. You have to calm down and stop panicking. Your dad is fine, the trap will work. But you have to stay there to make it work, that means don't go outside to get a phone or anything similar.

Everything will work out just fine so long as you stick to the plan. Deviate from the plan and bad stuff will start to happen very quickly.
No. 177288 ID: 6834bc

Calm down, Tiffany.
Let Gramps do his thing. Just lay down and rest; Dad will be fine. He's not worth their attention until you show them he is. If you try to call him or send him a message, you'll put him in danger.
No. 177296 ID: 3a7b79
File 127386993251.png - (8.85KB , 242x50 , 203.png )


Dad is in danger and I'm the only one who can help him. I WILL not sit here doing NOTHING.
No. 177297 ID: 9de922

Whatever you do, you need to stay inside the barrier.

Remember that Gramps said there was some kind of protection at the house. As long as he is there he should be fine.
No. 177299 ID: 38699e


wich i dont know because i read nothing of the lesson .-.
No. 177314 ID: e3f578

Who in the fuck are you talking to missy. Goddamn, go read a book, you know how this shit turns out.

Adults do this genre blind crap all the time. Your a kid, you should know better. Hell, we're treating you like an adult, who are all useless. Now be the smart, savvy kid you are and think this through. What would a dumb person in a movie do? Then what would a smart person in a movie do?

I know it sounds dumb, but listen, whatever I am I am onto something. I'm something since now the 4th wall just got broken. Humor me.
No. 177316 ID: c71597

OK then I shall stop treating you as a child. You're not in mortal fucking danger, just not you but everyone in your family and likely even your friends. Their survival hinges on this plan working out. If this plan fails then not only will they die, but you won't be able to save any of them or your dead fucking brother. Now you have a chance of revenge in front of you and you're pissing it away by being childish.

Grow the fuck up and see reality for what it is, you can't help or save your father right now because you have no idea of where you are or how you could get back to him. You have been knocked out for hours, he will either be safe or captured with or without your help or warnings. The only thing you can do right now that is beneficial is making sure this trap works.

So, is the little miss ready to act like a grown up with responsibilities or does she want to continue to act like a little kid?
No. 177349 ID: 3a7b79
File 127387155890.png - (59.14KB , 500x375 , 204.png )

Ok, I gotta think this through.
Grampa said he'd be awake when they arrive. Right now he's as dead as a brick. I'm going to open the door. The barrier actually extends a little bit further, so I'll still be safe. Just have a look-round, see if I can at least recogni- yeah, yeah I know this place. It's the motel off the interstate. About thirty miles south. Huh.

And there's a public phone over there.

No. 177363 ID: e3f578

I beg you please don't. Please. Your father's a badass with a motorcycle. He doesn't need magic to get shit done... okay time to actually be serious

Please don't do this Tiffany. Don't leave the confines of the room and touch the phone. Your not a child. Just please stay in the room. Your father will be okay. Please. There's some bad juju involved I know it. Please ;_;
No. 177366 ID: c71597

Ah, I see you intend to go right on living in your little imagination world where everything turns out like you want it too simply because it's your will.

Go ahead then. I shall remind you of your folly when this turns bad and you find that you have more relatives that you need to resurect.
No. 177367 ID: 3a7b79
File 127387251328.png - (83.79KB , 800x600 , 205.png )

*doot.... doot....*

It's mom!


>"Tiffany! Oh god, what happened? Where are you?"

"I- I can't tell you. I'm safe. I'm with Grampa."

>"Oswald? Wha-"

"No the other Grampa."

She's gasping for breath, unable to speak.

>"Listen to me Tiffany. You need to get out of there right now. You need to get away from Alexander right now. He's a very, very bad man. You've got to trust me. Please sweetie, just get out from there. Where are you?"

"I- I'm at the Lucky Star. Room sixteen."

>"Ok. I'm coming to get you. Don't go back into that room just... ask the people at the reception to call the police. Just get away from him."
No. 177369 ID: 9de922

Does the field extend that far? Don't go outside if it does.

How about this. You know how the magic works now. Remember what grampy told you, the symbols are just a way for you to communicate, they aren't magic by themselves. If I know anything about magic it's that the symbols don't have to be universal, if you understand the symbol, then it should work for you. That means if you make your own symbols and the entire concept is relatively cohesive, you should be able to cast a spell to see your father by making your own ritual.

Here's what I recommend. Find a spot where you can do another ritual, as far from the trap circle as possible (though still in the room is a good idea). Remember how gramps took you through the various concepts of trap you were creating? We need to conceptualize all the things required for remote viewing, and then create symbols that have significance to you.

Something to represent your home. Something to represent seeing. Something to represent distance. And this is important, we need to attach the same symbology that's been used for hiding in all the spells so this spell won't be noticed.

If we can get anywhere with this method we could also use it to warn your mother. She may be able to get home and protect him.
No. 177376 ID: e3f578

What... WHAT? You knew what your family would say about you meeting with Grandpa, about helping Tony. This is worse than just trying to keep Dad safe.

You screwed up the entire plan. The entire plan with one phone call by telling the parents where YOU were. That's worse than just telling Dad that he's in danger and not telling him. You CONFIRMED an unknown in the plan. Your mother is going to get trapped now and get attacked by your own goddamn ritual. You tell her that it isn't safe for anybody with her "special condition" to be here. Add "if you get my drift". Tell her to stay away for a few hours or something horrible will happen.
No. 177377 ID: 9de922

Ugh, this isn't right. Mom may not trust grampy but I don't buy it. You have to ask her a question only she would know to confirm her identity, and you need to do it before she hangs up. If she's legit, warn her not to just barge in. Otherwise keep quiet about the trap.
No. 177392 ID: 1ac39d

GOD DAMMIT!! TIFF iwhat if the evil wizard was litening?!?! he now knows where you are, he is coming. he will get yu before grandpa is ready. you just killed him and yourself! hang up the phone and get back there and try to salvage this.
No. 177401 ID: 3a7b79
File 127387413767.png - (55.59KB , 800x600 , 206.png )

>"How can he be alive? He CAN'T be. I killed him. I cut his head off. I took away his things. How can he be alive? This can't be happening. Not again."

"Mom, you gotta- MMFM MHHH"
No. 177408 ID: 1ac39d

No. 177409 ID: c71597

Looks like Jakov is there to save you from further mistakes. And you have some interesting new questions to ask of Grampa when he returns.

Oh, and an "I told you so" seems fitting right about now. So in the future will you learn from this mistake or will you repeat it again and again until people die?
No. 177410 ID: d1210a

Tiffany, this is what happens when you DON'T THINK.

If you want people to treat you like an adult, then when you are dealing with shit that can result in PEOPLE DYING, YOU DO NOT THROW A TEMPER TANTRUM AND IGNORE YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF ADVICE.

Now, while you are being screwed over for your idiocy, why not take the time to actually think through what you just did (which you should have done, you know, BEFORE you acted)

So.... Messing up this plan COULD result in granpa's redeath (either by the Warlock's hands, or some other means)

It could also result in YOUR death, and with you and grandpa dead, that leaves just mom to protect dad. And with them having issues, that could be put in jeopardy too.

So, let's recap:


So your little plan did NOTHING, literally NOTHING WHATSOVER that could be deemed helpful.

Think on that, assuming you even survive what your impulsiveness and willfulness set in motion here.

I actually hope something permanent happens to you as a result of this, because maybe then next time you have one of these 'ideas' that you are SO SURE is a good idea, you'll stop, and go 'wait, that wnet TERRIBLY last time, maybe I shouldn't.

What, did you get some big opinion of yourself just because your grandpa told you you have some serious mojo? Did you block out the part about you being inexperienced and immature, enough so that your grandpa even suggested he use your power?
No. 177413 ID: 9de922

Let's not just berate the poor girl, this is happening fast and furious. Yesterday she was at the mall having a good time with her dad, which is the first good time she's had since the "accident". Now she's trying to fight powers she doesn't understand over a vendetta that's reached beyond the grave.

Now isn't the time for berating anyway. She's being attacked and something has to be done immediately. If she was a more experienced necromancer she might be able to use some whispered chant to get her haftsusha to do something, make the bastard let go, and then retreat the safety of the room and the trap.

Maybe right now what we need is something very simple. Warlocks still have testes, right? I'd say right now is the time for as firm a kick to his crotch as possible. It's not exactly a great solution, but we aren't exactly swimming in options.

Kick to the crotch, retreat to the room.
No. 177414 ID: 3a7b79
File 127387529352.png - (25.56KB , 640x480 , 207.png )

Oh thank god it's Jakov. You gave me such a fright.

Hey you can let go of me now. I can walk Hey, that hurt! Loosen up you big oaf.

And you're going the wrong way! HEY THAT REALLY HURT LET GO OF ME LET GO


But Jakov's grip is powerful, and relentless. Tiffany doesn't know where he took her, only that they did go outside, and that she now lies bound on the floor of an empty cellar. Jakov disappeared without saying a word.

It's dark. Tiffany is scared and confused.

No. 177416 ID: e3f578

Traitor... or he's keeping you from doing this stuff until it can be properly dealt with. You did a lot of damage missy. Goddamn, your mother killed your grandfather. This ain't right.

I don't like your mother. Gramps is a cool dude. Your dad is a cool dude. You got cool dudes all around and a stuck up bitch for a mother being horrible to the cool dudes.
No. 177417 ID: 733637

<Farmer>Apparently, dad is the only person Tiffany can ever trust >.>;
<Farmer>Thats the first real appearance of Mom :p
<Farmer>So I had hopes for her.
<Nahkh>and now you don't?
<Farmer>.... interestinghly enough no, I dont xD
No. 177418 ID: 733637

Now, all we can do is hope for Mulder to show up.
No. 177419 ID: d1210a

Can you tell if you are within a magic circleBasically, use your senses, inspect everything you can about your location, looking for tools, entry/exit points, magic.... anything like that?
No. 177422 ID: 9de922

Do the obvious and see if you can wriggle out of the ropes.
No. 177423 ID: c71597

Hmmm, seems like grampa might not be able to trust Jakov as much as he had thought. Shit is going south really fast right now.

See stuff like this is what you should have contingency plans inside of contingency plans for. Ok, lets see if you can find anything useful down here.
No. 177424 ID: a594b9

I think Mulder might have overheard something and got captured by Jakov.
No. 177425 ID: 3a7b79
File 12738765102.png - (36.36KB , 640x480 , 208.png )

Time passes. Tiffany tries to wriggle out of her ropes, or try to find something of use in the room, but she is tied tight, and the room is surprisingly devoid of sharp-yet-accessible debris.

Suddenly, the door opens and bright light floods into the room.

No. 177426 ID: a594b9

"Hey, let me out!"
No. 177427 ID: 733637

Nooo quiet! We gotta know first who's this!
No. 177428 ID: 1ac39d

yes, stay silent and be wary.
No. 177430 ID: 3a7b79
File 127387770299.gif - (482.17KB , 800x800 , 209.gif )

Oh no it's Jakov again.

No. 177431 ID: 1ac39d

what happened?
No. 177432 ID: 733637

If that's mom, Team says hi.
No. 177434 ID: c71597

I'm not sure if that is an improvement or not. Probably not, try to wriggle deeper into a dark corner.
No. 177437 ID: 3a7b79
File 127387838527.png - (217.09KB , 800x800 , 210.png )

"Who's there? What did you do?"

>"Ah. Miss Tiffany Eleanor Blake, I presume. Your raven was kind enough to direct me here."

>"Sorry, boss. He caught me. And he had eyeballs."

The cloaked man opens Tiffany's ties, and she quickly shies away from him.

>"Ah. I understand the apprehension, but I bear you no ill will."

"What did you do to Jakov?"

>"The wraith? I dispersed him. I was unprepared, so he will be able to return. Your friend insisted I hurry."

He talks like an old man but he sounds young. Maybe eighteen or thereabouts?

Tiffany is still confused by recent events. What has been going on? What should she do now?

No. 177439 ID: f95872

I reckon this might be the particular individual we were looking to trap.
No. 177440 ID: 1ac39d

ask who he is and why he is here. you are tired of people making criss-crossing stories and you are not moving until he explains his side of these events.
No. 177441 ID: 9de922

Yeah, probably. Ask his name.
No. 177443 ID: a594b9

Ask him if Grampy is really evil, and why he would teach you if he was.
No. 177447 ID: c71597

Ask him who he is and why he is here.
No. 177448 ID: 3a7b79
File 127387935021.png - (219.14KB , 800x800 , 211.png )

"Who are you, and why are you here?"

>"My name is Thomas. Thomas Kinsley. I am here to dispose of garbage. I have been hunting this wraith for some time now. And due to this incident I will for some time longer. They are notoriously hard to kill."

"Is Grampa really evil?"

>"Are you perhaps referring to Alexander the heretic?"


>"Then, yes. That would be an appropriate term. Tell me, what exactly is connection with Alexander? How do you know of him?"
No. 177452 ID: 716eb0

uh, dude? just said "grandpa." pay attention.
No. 177454 ID: 733637

Dont dare telling him!! I dont think there is anyone we can trust right now, except maybe for Mulder and dad.
No. 177455 ID: 1ac39d

tell him you are his grand daughter but quickly follow up with 'Wolfgang Eidhart von Rothwald is on his way here, a trap is waiting for him.'
No. 177456 ID: a594b9

Ask him if he considers all necromancers evil or if grampa's done worse than simply raising the dead.

Let's not let slip that he's been teaching us. Not yet.
No. 177459 ID: 6834bc

...Maybe leave out the bit about the trap.
No. 177460 ID: a594b9

Oh hey, we should probably take off that pendant that's inhibiting our postcog. We might be able to get some more useful information that way.
No. 177461 ID: c71597

Don't tell him, and don't tell him grampa is here. Good and evil are rarely as black and white as people would have you to believe.

And although you're a necromancer I think you could discover that there are some ways of death that are truly irreverisble. So if it turns out you made the wrong choice then you would be shit out of luck.
No. 177463 ID: 3a7b79
File 127388007765.png - (219.21KB , 800x800 , 212.png )

"How do I know I can trust you?"

>"Ah, an apt question. You are wise not to squander your trust. You will find that it is a very valuable commodity. Unfortunately, I have naught but my word to give."

>"Boss, I think this guy is legit."

"Are you just saying that because he gave you eyeballs?"


"Arrgh. You're useless. But I suppose you could've killed me when I was tied up, so I guess... I'll trust you a little bit. Do you consider all necromancers evil?"

>"You wonder if I only called Alexander evil because of his necromantic talents? No. It is his necromancy that makes him a heretic, and made him an outcast, but his actions are what make him evil. Now, tell me how you know of him."

"Duh, he's my Grampa. You know, he babysit us, took us to the park, that sorta thing."

>"That is impossible."

"How so?"

>"Alexander Kinsley died in nineteen eighty-two. You weren't even born for nearly twenty years."
No. 177464 ID: a85626


Heretic? I like Grandpa better already. You better fess up. Say you're his granddaughter, you think. He kidnapped you and used the wraith to tie you in the cellar. You don't know what's going on and you're scared.
No. 177466 ID: e75a2f

"Well, that's news to me."
No. 177468 ID: 1ac39d

he probably was only mostly dead. he is a necromancer he could have gotten back up or something.
No. 177469 ID: 733637

"Well.. he did."

Your story: It either was him, or someone who looked like him. You sure remember him, even if vaguely. Do NOT try to expand the lie much further than that.

I really don´ think its a good idea to tell him we can hear gramps. Not yet.
No. 177470 ID: a594b9



Well okay fine, tell him everything.

STARTING with the fact that he's got a trap set up for someone. Supposedly Wolfgang Eidhart von Rothwald.
No. 177478 ID: d1210a

Yeah, play up the
'Well, that's funny, because I remember him taking me to the..... the... How come I can't think of a place we went to? And why did I not question it before?'

Also, personal guess: this IS the trap Grandpa set up.
No. 177479 ID: 3a7b79
File 127388121492.png - (216.50KB , 800x800 , 213.png )

"B-but I remember him! He was with me and Tony all the time!"

>"Hmm. Hold still."

Tiffany freezes in fright as Thomas points the lance towards her.

>"Hmm. Fascinating. It seems that your mind has been tampered with. I can undo the damage, if you wish."

Tiffany swallowed, and nodded. Thomas muttered a few alien words, and Tiffany's mind went white. All her memories of spending time with her Grandfather melted away. It was always someone else. Some other face buying them ice cream, or looking after them at the zoo. Tiffany's heart sank as she realized she knew nothing of her grandfather. The certainty of the lie weighted like stones in her chest.

"It... It wasn't real? It was never real?"

>"No, child. The heretic was always a master manipulator. You never stood a chance."

"But what about Wolfgang?"

>"Wolfgang? Von Rothwald? Why do you ask?"

"Grampa said he was after him. Said that he hated him, and was coming for him."

The figure lets out a dry laugh.

>"Wolfgang von Rothwald has been bedridden for yeas now. He's dying. From what I hear he cannot make it to the lavatory unassisted, nevermind America. I'm sure he still hates Alexander, but he certainly isn't hunting him down either. Now why did your grandfather feed you such nonesense?"
No. 177480 ID: 733637

Because he was afraid of him. Simply enough.
He suddenly sprung up, got some news... and you two had to flee. With ther wraith.
No. 177481 ID: f95872

So um, that circle was going to take power away from someone. Guess who was in the circle?
No. 177482 ID: a594b9

Tell him about the trap! Tell him that he's in a trance right now doing SOMETHING. There's a barrier up supposedly fueled with your own power so you should be able to let him into the room.
No. 177483 ID: 9de922

Did grampa kill Tony so you would learn necromancy?
No. 177484 ID: f95872

We shouldn't trust this guy absolutely.
No. 177485 ID: a594b9

Oh, tell him this was triggered because you had a postcognitive vision about how your brother died. There was a symbol on his face.

Also tell him that your mom is on her way here.
No. 177486 ID: 660412

Then why are people still gunning for him?
No. 177489 ID: 3a7b79
File 127388253517.png - (211.87KB , 800x800 , 214.png )

"Then why are people still gunning for him?"

>"I don't believe they are. If the Rothwalds were organizing a manhunt I would have heard about it."

"Then why'd he have me rig up that trap circle?"

>"Ah. So he's been doing more than make you think he's been taking you to the zoo, eh? I will have to inform the clan elders. Oh don't look so frightened. It's not as bad as it sounds. But if I were to hazard a guess, perhaps the trap was meant for someone else?"

"Well... This whole thing started when I had a postcog vision about Tony's death. I saw a weird symbol on his face. I told Grampa about it only last night."

>"Postcognitive abilities as well? That is interesting. Perhaps he was afraid you might learn something he did not wish you to know?"

"Maybe... But he had me make a suppressing talisman?"

>"Ah. I would ask to see it at some time in the near future. Perhaps, then, you had already learned something that Alexander would rather you not know? It is likely you simply hadn't realized it yet. Think hard."
No. 177493 ID: a85626


Uh... uh... uh... Tony had blonde hair? It was sunny at the beach? He has a large forehead?

I think ol grandpa got you before you had that vision he was concerned about. T_T
No. 177495 ID: 38699e

this is far too ambiguous for it to work for any side.

he is milking you for information, and we havent even checked if he is reliable. as far as i know, the implanted memories was a lie.

can he somehow prove his trust? describe the runes on tony for him, try to get more info about mom, whatever you can get.

even gramps heretical deeds could do.
No. 177497 ID: e75a2f

You know you could be talking to Wolfgang right now for all you know.
No. 177499 ID: 38699e

>Your friend insisted I hurry.

>"Wolfgang von Rothwald has been bedridden for yeas now. He's dying. From what I hear he cannot make it to the lavatory unassisted, nevermind America. I'm sure he still hates Alexander, but he certainly isn't hunting him down either. Now why did your grandfather feed you such nonesense?"
so why is there a trap for him here? oh wai-

>But if I were to hazard a guess, perhaps the trap was meant for someone else?"
fuck, its a body exchange trap. describe it to him, its possible he wanted to play chucky with you.

if you have the talisman, show it to him NOW. and ask for details on the runes. ALL OF THEM.
No. 177500 ID: 1ac39d

throw away talisman!
No. 177502 ID: a85626

Suddenly, throw the talisman at him!


Blush furiously.
No. 177503 ID: a594b9

He was agitated all last night. Before that we didn't find out anything interesting, aside from the vision. AFTER he sent Mulder here we found a black idol, but he told Mulder about that anyway so that can't be what he was upset about.

Perhaps it was what we witnessed when we almost died for the second time in as many days? The thread shimmered, and the Reaper Man stopped. Then he said "Very well. You win this round, old man." as if Alexander could influence him somehow.

Something else is "I'm going to hate myself for what happened for as long as I live." that Dad said, that implies that he blames himself for some reason.

Also, the first time we almost died, the Reaper Man told us "I believe the last mortal with that ability died a few years ago." when referring to controlling the Threshold. Who was the Reaper Man referring to? It wasn't Grampa.

Most likely though it was Tony having the weird symbol carved into his forehead and stiffly walking into the water. He was being controlled; by Grampa perhaps.
No. 177507 ID: e3f578

Oh ho, I wonder what his reaction will be once you reveal you tangled with the Reaper at this age? He'll revere you as a badass probably.

I still can't believe Gramps is evil. He's too awesome for that. He's got a goddamn pimp hat, what sort of bad man would where a pimp hat?
No. 177512 ID: a85626


No. 177514 ID: e3f578
File 127388799320.gif - (925.44KB , 500x345 , Futurama_snu_snu.gif )

If this is a super reveal, I can't decide if that being a pimp makes Grandpa cooler or confirms his evil... or some mix of both.
No. 177570 ID: 38699e

no dude, necromancers are already outcasts. just knowing of it makes you a outcast.

using necromancer for ebil deeds made gramps a heretic. tiff facing of death twice makes her a badass puppet of gramps, and possibly a heretic for going against the natural order of things.

this actualy means we will have to apologize to him and learn normal boring magic or go with gramps and agress everything. there is the faint possibility of getting "rid" of gramps and keeping him around in our heads, but this is very bad in the long run. we may also attempt to learn this stuff ourselves, but without a mentor, necromancy is definitively a slow path.

IF we can get a summoning circle we can attempt to call for his help, but then, its unlikely we wont be caught. im still not sure if we can ressurect tony. maybe we should ask both of them about it.

id say you need to show your palms to him as well. the white thread should be quite a battle scar. i wonder how cool would it be to have a body tatooed with those things?

then, as a ritual circle...
No. 177594 ID: e3f578

I dunno about the whole him getting offended with us learning Necromancy for we're just a child with no understanding of the Kinsley legacy and the desire to treat it with respect. You weren't aware of the taboos and probably won't take offense to it.

Ask why Grandpa seemed to care so much when you almost died by the botched ritual, saving your life. Granted you'd be an important pawn but it must be hard for a man to manage to be that manipulative that he'd fake caring so well. I mean damn, your Gramps would have to be one classy villain to pull that off.

How did you know in the first place he was a necromancer and still alive in his mausoleum if he was never around to tell you about any of it?
No. 177599 ID: 38699e

re-reading those passages, he didnt cared to us at all.

we got fucked up a lot of times and almost always we pulled out on our own, except for the last time we met death.
No. 177606 ID: a7a85a


I agree. You know it's just possible that the memories with Gramps were not false and the one tinkering in Tiff's mind is Thomas here.
No. 177617 ID: 701a19

Tell him where Grampa is, then say "Fuck this shit, I'm going home. Mom and I need to have a long talk."
No. 177761 ID: 3a7b79
File 127393800942.png - (77.91KB , 800x800 , 215.png )

"What do you know about mom?"

>"I know that she is the mother of Alexander the heretic and Ilse Rothwald, born in the October of 1973. She is married to Gregory Blake, and ha s given birth to two children. Beyond that, I am not permitted to say without approval from the elders."

"How do I know that you aren't really Wolfgang, and messing with my memory?"

>"Ah. Quite the dilemma, no? You will simply have to take my word. If that is not sufficient, I expect that you are able to see the truth for yourself, should you choose to remove the talisman."
No. 177762 ID: a594b9

Take the thing off.
No. 177764 ID: b14128

Can't see a reason not to do it. Take it off.
No. 177767 ID: 5f5f46

I believe he meant daughter, but I'll let that freudian slip slide.
No. 177769 ID: 38699e

the amulet prevents your magical sight from kicking in. give it to him and man it up, you may get a flood of images and sounds.
No. 177770 ID: 38699e

well ok, lets imagine it itsnt a freudian slip.

mom is our grandmom, grampa made himself be reborn trhu her. this sounds pretty heretical to me.

how in the name of fuck did he remained hidden from everyone as a freaking talking skull for so long.
No. 177773 ID: 38699e

wait. is grampa tony?
No. 177775 ID: c71597

I really don't trust anyone here right now. That guy could have messed with your memory rather than have disspelled previous messing around.

Still, post-cog should allow you to sort out alot of it. Lets try it out and see what we might see. Just remember that things are not always the way they seem at first glance. Do not act hasty on your visions.
No. 177778 ID: 3a7b79

[Author apologies, yes I meant 'daughter' not 'mother'. Not a freudian slip either, just careless editing.]
No. 177786 ID: 3a7b79
File 127394171343.png - (78.34KB , 800x800 , 216.png )

Tiffany removes the amulet, and holds it by the thread.

>"Ooh, shiny!"

Thomas gives a barely noticeable nod.

>"There's an evil moon out tonight. The very air is alive with dread. You should have little difficulty in using the Third Eye. What is it that you wish to see? A significant event from the past, perhaps?"

Tiffany isn't quite sure about that herself.
No. 177789 ID: 1ac39d

i want to see who cast the spell on tony.

that should show us if we want to fight Wolfgang or leave grandpa.
No. 177790 ID: 701a19

There are several options.

The first is that you closely examine the symbol on Tony's face when he died or, more importantly, you see who or what was controlling him when he died. Can you say what that symbol means? (It was on Grandpa when he bit you, by the way.)
The second is that you look at what Gramps was doing in the 24 hours before Tony died.
The third is that you watch what your grandpa did while your grandmother died.
The fourth is the death of your grandpa.
The fifth is the last communication between your grandmother and her father.
The sixth is what your mother was doing.
The seventh is the definitive action of this person.
No. 177792 ID: a594b9
File 127394274325.png - (211.09KB , 507x522 , symbol.png )

I found it. The symbol on Tony's forehead was the same as the one on Grampa's skull.

Which means of course, that Grampa killed Tony.

We should postcog to see what Grampa was doing that night.
No. 177793 ID: c71597

It's a bit early to make that judgement. You don't know if that symbol is common or not. You don't yet know what it stands for.

But it is suspiscous. See what more you can divine of your grandfathers actions. Start out with what he was doing that night.
No. 177839 ID: a7a85a

I still don't trust Thomas. At all.
This seems like a very carefully crafted mind fuck.

Jakov captured Tiff without speaking. Was it really him, or something that looked like him that was summoned and dismissed, not found and dispersed? If it was Jakov at all he may have been put under the control of Rothwald to retrieve her.

The information about Tiff's safety from the Rothwalds comes from this unknown source, but a hunting Rothwald in disguise would certainly benefit from it.

Thomas speaks as if he was old, but sounds young. Youth is a pretty good disguise.

Tiff was obviously vulnerable somehow at the phone. Perhaps it was just outside the barrier.
Was that phone call to Mom even real, or was it the first seed of doubt to be planted?

Tiffany, no matter what you see stay sharp. If it's still possible lead Thomas into the trap. If he's Rothwald he wants revenge on Grampa so bad he can taste it. You would be the tool to that end. If there's anything we know about you from watching you develop as a necromancer, it's that you're not a tool.
No. 177843 ID: 3a7b79
File 127395453247.png - (80.36KB , 800x800 , 217.png )

Tiffany focuses her mind to Grampa, and what he was doing the day Tony died. After a few moments everything goes dark.

Doesn't look like nothing much is going on.

No. 177846 ID: 1ac39d

you should see grandpa doing nothing, not Nothing.
No. 177851 ID: 3a7b79
File 127395531945.png - (132.74KB , 800x800 , 218.png )

Why's everything bla- hey something's happening.

Ah so there's a door there.

I know this place. This is Grampa's cr- what? What am I doing here? I've only been in there once, and that was a couple of days ago. I don't remember this.

No. 177853 ID: 3a7b79
File 127395567598.png - (147.38KB , 800x800 , 219.png )

W-what's going on? Why don't I remember this?

It... It looks like I'm carrying something. A scroll?... No, I know what that thing is. It's a picture Tony drew in art class. Mom had that on the fridge, but it disappeared when. Oh god.

>"What is it? What do you see?"
No. 177856 ID: 1ac39d

he made you bring him a personal item of tony's. but how did he control you in the first place?
No. 177860 ID: a594b9

Tell him.
No. 177864 ID: e9bd09

gramps used you to kill tony. problem is, you HAVE runes in your head. you must tell him of that now.
No. 177865 ID: 3a7b79
File 127395708540.png - (76.84KB , 800x800 , 220.png )

"I- I saw Grampa's skull at his mausoleum. There were red runes over it. Then I showed up with the same runes, carrying a picture Tony made. Oh- oh god. Did I kill Tony?"

>"Do you think you killed him?"

"I brought Grampa the picture. Did he use it to drown Tony?"

>"It seems a likely option, yes."

"Why can't I remember it?"

>"From your description, it sounds like Alexander was dominating your mind."

"How did he do that? Doesn't he need something of mine to do that, like with Tony?"

>"Not necessarily. It is likely that he has been worming his way into your mind for years. Whispering in the night. Patiently weaving his webs, like a spider."

"C-could he do that again?"

>"Possibly. I can attempt to remove the links, if you wish."
No. 177866 ID: 1ac39d

would it be an instant thing? like he looks at you and bam you are controlled, or would he need time to worm in again? if the first then yes if the second then no. tell him mom is on her way as well.
No. 177868 ID: 40cb26

>Did I kill Tony?"
You didn't do anything, if your grandfather was involved then it was all him and not you.

>remove the links
Will grandpa notice? If he is still distracted and not aware of all this it may be useful. But it wouldn't do to be vulnerable to domination at a critical moment.

You should also ask him if your actions so far marks you a heretic.
No. 177870 ID: e9bd09

im a bit worried that we sort of just mastered precog.

and tell him yes.
No. 177872 ID: 40cb26

Postcog, precog is seeing it before it happens
No. 177876 ID: a594b9

Hey. Mom was born in 1973. She killed Grampa when she was NINE YEARS OLD?!
No. 177879 ID: e9bd09

blogs dammit, she was under control. she didnt killed gramps, she peformed the ritual for him. thats how he "lived", playing dead in front of everyone. i dont know why mom would keep his skull anyway.

anyway, we kinda have to set things straight. for once, we may actualy need to admit gramps may be a source of corrupt magic rather that necromantic magic.
No. 177881 ID: a594b9

Um, let me refer you to >>177401 Mom cut off Grampa's head. Took away his stuff. She either did this at 9 years old or decapitated him AFTER HE DIED.
No. 177883 ID: e3f578

But we still need to revive Tony. Especially seeing as it wasn't natural causes. We need necromantic lessons still. How in the hell do we manage that?

Ask Thomas here if there are any good-natured Necromancer's nearby that are good at teaching. You've started and you can't stop now. We have to make everything right again. It isn't exactly immoral now since Tony died by magic, reviving him by magic is just.

At least now we won't have to explain to Mom and Dad why Tony is alive again when we get him raised since by then they'll probably know the full story... at least Mom will. She can handle telling that to Dad.

Then again Mom might stop us from doing that.
No. 177886 ID: 3a7b79
File 127396052190.gif - (101.61KB , 800x800 , 221.gif )

"Am- am I a heretic too?"

>"The council of elders do not declare someone a heretic lightly. It is exceedingly uncommon. Even Alexander was given a second chance. And a third, and far too many more. You would have to do far more than be manipulated by the likes of Alexander to earn that title."

"Would he be able to dominate me instantly?"

>"Possibly. I do not know what technique he is using."

"Then please remove it."

>"Very well. This will be painless."

Thomas points the lance towards Tiffany once more, and mutters a few eldritch words. Tiffany feels a wave of relief wash over her, like a pain she never realized she felt was suddenly gone.

"Thanks, I guess."

>"You are welcome, miss Tiffany Blake. Tell me, how is your mother doing these days? We haven't heard from her since the conclave meeting."
No. 177888 ID: 1ac39d

she is on her way, i managed to call her before jakov tied me up.
No. 177891 ID: 3a7b79
File 127396130365.gif - (68.46KB , 800x800 , 222.gif )

[Reuploaded due to animation mistake]

"You can talk to her yourself. She is on her way, I managed to call her before Jakov tied me up."

>"Ah she- Wait, you prepared a trap circle, and then called her? Is she walking into a trap of Alexander's devising?"
No. 177893 ID: 1ac39d

No. 177894 ID: a594b9

Could be. Alexander either suppressed our worry about Dad until the trap was set and he went 'out', so that we would call home... or Mom isn't the intended target. On the other hand, the barrier is up and we've set it so that nobody can currently go in, right?

We should meet Mom outside or something.
No. 177895 ID: 1ac39d

the barrier is just an anti-scry barrier if one even exists he could have lied about it because no one is really after us.
No. 177900 ID: b3ee70

well fuck.

You got that grimoire? Time to disarm a trap...

The problem here is that if gramps is evil, we can't stick with him anymore. He'll realize his enchantment has been removed and that you've met this guy.

On the other hand, this guy could be twisting your memories...

Well, the only way you can fix this up is to 'not believe' this guy. I mean say you'll stick with gramps and keep this man updated.

The pros are more teutalage and a bringing of justice.
The con is that Gramps may find out...

Another idea also has come upon me.
What if Gramps had made that trap for you. So that if you try to disarm it, you get your power siphoned to him.
No. 177902 ID: ba49c9

Tell him to take you back! You have to save Mum! Do it! Tell him to call Mum, hurry. Do something. AAA!
No. 177905 ID: 40cb26

The trap was for Rothwald... but he clearly isn't coming. Who is the trap for, what is he doing? Ask him what he thinks he means to do, how to break out mom if she falls in to it

We helped create it, I don't think anything was snuck in like that. But acting like we're still with him might work for a while.
No. 177906 ID: f95872

We should meet our mother. Also note that I do not approve of the readiness with which we trust this stranger.
No. 177907 ID: e75a2f

This is an easy one. You control who can get through the barrier.

Make sure your mom can't. Simple solution.
No. 177908 ID: 40cb26

No matter how we look at it, it was our own visions that show Grandpa killed Tony. I wouldn't trust anyone less than him.
No. 177911 ID: a7a85a


We don't know that for a fact. Grampa could have been trying to save Tony for all we know.

I just can't bring myself to believe Grampa's not on our side. We all saw him 'cry' happy tears of joy for her progress in her learning. Is that really the villain of the story?
No. 177913 ID: 1ac39d

at first he was okay with teach us and probably was proud, but when he found out we saw tony die his plan changed.
No. 177914 ID: 3a7b79
File 127396565733.png - (57.93KB , 800x800 , 223.png )

"She is, but there's a barrier. She can't get through."

>"I haven't detected any barriers in the area."

"We put concealment runes on it."

>"You built this according to Alexander's instructions? It is likely that he already has full control of it."

"Oh god you gotta take me there. We gotta warn mom! Do you have a phone or something?"

>"Unfortunately, no. And I cannot recommend going near Alexander at this-"

"SCREW THAT, I gotta save mom!"
No. 177919 ID: a7a85a


My other problem is how much information we're giving this stranger. If we lead a disguised Rothwald safely past the traps to an in truth innocent Grampa, wouldn't that be the mother of all fuck-ups? I'm just sayin'.
No. 177920 ID: 1ac39d

you know how the trap works, smudge what you need to in order to destroy it.
No. 177921 ID: 3a7b79
File 127396624869.gif - (440.09KB , 800x800 , 224.gif )

Tiffany runs outside, towards the motel. The lights have gone out. A sense of dread fills her heart the closer she gets to the dark building. Her heart sinks as she spots mom's car in the driveway. She's here.
No. 177922 ID: 1ac39d

oh god. you need to do something.
No. 177923 ID: 62781c

If you go to where Grandpa can see you, he'll mind control you again! And if you go into the trap circle when Grandpa has control of it, he'll have you trapped for as long as he needs to. Do not go into the room.

Actually, since you said the barrier extends beyond the room, don't go past the barrier. Hopefully you'll catch your mom before she goes into the room, but if you don't... think about the runes you know. How could you break the barrier from the outside with them? You must be able to!
No. 177924 ID: a594b9

He can't mind control her, THAT LINK WAS BROKEN.

We need to get in the room, and disrupt the circle.
No. 177928 ID: 1ac39d

also, that barrier doesn't actually exist.
No. 177930 ID: 62781c

Considering that he's had years to mess with our head and Thomas had a few minutes to fix it, I'm not willing to bet that Grandpa's hold on us is entirely broken. Or that he wouldn't be able to establish it again.

If Grandpa indeed has full control of what he told us to create, then anyone who opposes him could be caught in the Labyrinth when they come into the room- they probably won't need to step in the actual circle. Better to avoid it entirely if possible... if Mom's not caught already. If she is, then, well. We'll save her somehow.
No. 177931 ID: b14128

Maybe you can try using your postcognition to see if anything has happened? It's worth a try.
No. 177933 ID: 3a7b79
File 127396752857.gif - (197.52KB , 500x375 , 225.gif )

Tiffany stumbles through the dark motel. The sense of dread is almost tangible in the dark. Knees shaking, she arrives to the corridor where Grampa is. She feels the floor slowly pulse under her feet.
No. 177938 ID: b14128

...Um... Yeah... Do we have a plan? 'cause I'm not sure we're going to be accomplishing anything but stumbling into gramp's clutches with mom. It's almost looking like he's got the entire damn motel under his control.
No. 177942 ID: 1ac39d

run in and... smudge out the hook.
No. 177943 ID: 62781c

Yeah, pretty sure this is a good way to get ourselves trapped along with Mom.

Two ways to play this, I guess. Either press forward, and hope that we can somehow destroy our ritual circle, or pull back and hope that Thomas will be able to help us save Mom before she gets hurt.
No. 177945 ID: 1ac39d

i think with only one hook it can only catch one person.
No. 177949 ID: 40cb26

Well just don't fall in the damn trap yourself.

You need to do something besides just walk in... can you get a quick vision of what happened before you got here?
No. 177953 ID: b14128

...That's the plan? Seriously? Just waltz in and disarm the trap, no bloody problem at all? ...Well, that's... ... ...Yeah.

What he said. We're pretty much winging it at this point, and it's a pretty damn good bet gramps has thought this through, with particular plans for our particular brand of impulsive recklessness. We -need- to go with option two and retreat, if we don't we're just throwing away our own life.
No. 177957 ID: a594b9

The entire hotel is covered in runes. Take a look at them. Is there anything that we could sabotage before we get into the room?
No. 177960 ID: 3a7b79
File 127396907261.png - (123.97KB , 800x800 , 226.png )

Tiffany quickly examines the runes in the motel walls. They seem strange, completely alien compared to the ones she has used before. And they seem almost... Alive. They seem to shift and morph whenever she looks away.

Tiffany's desperate for a plan, but it seems like whatever the plan is she must at least see into the room. She carefully edges her way to the door, careful not to cross the line that marked the supposed barrier.

Inside the room is covered in bizarre writing. A figure that looks like... mom... is standing in the middle of the circle. Tiffany can hear soft whispering from the darkness around her.

No. 177961 ID: 1ac39d

No. 177963 ID: 38cdb2

Smudge the hook and the circle outside of the large circle!
No. 177965 ID: 3a7b79
File 127396981236.png - (125.88KB , 800x800 , 227.png )

Tiffany forces herself forward, her whole body shaking from fright. She hastily smudges out the hook from the circle. There's a slight change in the air, then she suddenly becomes aware piercing eyes watching her.

>"Hello, little girl."

The voice is mom's. But she sounds like... Grampa.

>"Why don't you step a little closer, so I can take a look at you."

Tiffany's legs are nearly giving out. She's too scared to talk.

>"I told you to come closer."

There's a little pull inside her mind, but it slips, unable to find a hold.

>"Hrmph. Who did this to you, girl?"
No. 177967 ID: 62781c

Okay. If we try to disrupt the circle... where would we do it?

I basically see three options. The hook, since that is nominally holding/catching and might be somehow maintaining the trap. That might free Mom. The circle border, since that's the base symbol and almost certainly essential for the spell to function. That might end the whole spell. Or the power transference rune, so that power is no longer being stolen; that would at least stop Mom from being hurt more.
No. 177968 ID: 5f5f46

"I cannot believe you killed my brother for this..."
No. 177969 ID: b14128

No. 177971 ID: 62781c

Or possibly the small circle that gives Grandpa control of the spell... although that would only work if he's controlling Mom remotely instead of having already completely taken over her body.
No. 177972 ID: b14128

We just smudged out the hook. And... Grampa... Just told us to come closer. To do anything else, he'd have to inadvertantly do as he (she?) says. I really can't see a way to win this. We're way over or head. We need to retreat and regroup.
No. 177974 ID: 1ac39d

the trap attacks the haftsusha not the person. it destroys your personality.
No. 177975 ID: 6a5a08

Summon Death.
No. 177977 ID: 38cdb2

I think that if we can smudge out the small circle outside of the large one, then we can break grampa's power over mom.
No. 177980 ID: 40cb26

If you can put yourself inside the circle, and then somehow make a hook inside the circle maybe you could trap him. Gonna be tough to do it without noticing though.
No. 177981 ID: b14128

Guys, do we have -any- idea what the hell we're doing? First you say 'Smudge the hook, that will free her!', then when that didn't work, now you're saying 'Smudge the circle, that should free her!' We have no reason to think that will work. Heck, we have no reason to think we can even do -anything- to help mom at this particular point of time. We need to -retreat-. Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, and right now, this is a losing hand, and we need to cut our losses. If we keep pressing, we're risking losing everything just because we're being stupid.
No. 177982 ID: a594b9

Alter the circle to reverse the power flow. Or the targets.
No. 177985 ID: 3a7b79
File 127397136231.gif - (183.07KB , 800x800 , 228.gif )

>"Not telling?"

Mom let's out a cruel laugh. It turns Tiffany's stomach to hear that coming from her lips.

>"Did you come here to rescue your dear mommy, girl? How precious and utterly pointless. A necromancer only looks after himSELF. No-one else. And nothing can save your mother now. The ritual is finally complete. After all this time. Even after thirty years it still worked. And you made it happen, Tiffany. Ah, such delicious irony. The backstabbing bitch betrayed by her own whelp. I suppose I should thank you. HA HA HA OH NO YOU DON'T."

Grandpa/Mom extends his/her hand and the door slams shut in front of Tiffany. Red tendrils surround mom's thin frame. Mom draws a sharp breath.

>"All this POWER. HOW could she NOT use this? Such waste. Oh Tiffany. Why so fearful? You did well. Your only mistake was trust. A necromancer looks after only himself. Only himself! No other. You still haven't learned that? Oh well. I have plenty of time to teach you."
No. 177986 ID: 62781c

I'm pretty sure that actually doing more ritual stuff at the moment is out of the question. For one thing, it requires words as well as symbols- and we don't really know those. Not well enough to improvise them on the fly for drastic spell alterations, anyway.
No. 177988 ID: 1ac39d

slit own throat, get death's help.
No. 177990 ID: a594b9

No. 177993 ID: f95872

Well, shit.

I doubt that Death would or could do anything. Also, he's a dick.

Though to be honest, I really don't see any other option.
No. 177995 ID: 62781c

Won't work. Death has already proven himself unable to effectively snare Grandpa.

Well, then... it seems that we once again have two options before us.

We can continue to oppose Grandpa, in spite of his apparent overwhelming power, and attempt to disrupt the circle in some manner which will hopefully get rid of him and/or save Mom, even though he claims it's impossible- as has been pointed out, he's a liar. We'll probably lose, but it might be our last chance.

Or we can accept what he just told us as true, and declare ourselves a necromancer of his school, caring only for ourselves and trusting no one. His words imply that he's still intending to teach us... though it's likely that such will be in a much more sinister fashion, and we'll almost certainly be subjected to additional mind control. Eventually, we might gather enough power to betray him successfully... but it would be a hard and dangerous road.

If we try the first and lose, we might end up stuck with the second anyway, so I'm inclined to try it. I'm not quite cold enough to try the second right off.
No. 177997 ID: a594b9

Take stock of your resources. What's here in the room?
No. 177999 ID: 3a7b79
File 127397239019.gif - (504.95KB , 800x800 , 229.gif )

Tiffany is frozen in panic, while Grampa raises her hand once more. Red tendrils shoot out towards Tiffany.


>"Miss Blake, run."
No. 178003 ID: 1ac39d

No. 178004 ID: b14128

As I said before:

Do as he says and get the hell out of there!
No. 178005 ID: 6a5a08

Fine, if Death don't help...

Summon many demons to you. You have us, with all of us we should be able to keep them under control long enough to stop Gramps, and then cast them out.

Or, more logically, fight dark magic with holy magic. Pray to GOD!
No. 178014 ID: 62781c

Run. Get out of the hotel. Hide somewhere where you can see the hotel entrance but run away unseen if necessary, and wait to see who comes out.
No. 178015 ID: a594b9

You haven't been reading the quest at all, have you?

I'm more inclined to say help the dude fight. Find something in the room like maybe the knife you used before. Jostle Grampa's skull. Smash it, perhaps.
No. 178017 ID: 3a7b79
File 127397308056.png - (101.49KB , 800x800 , 230.png )

And so Tiffany fled into the night, leaving Thomas to fend off Alexander. Spurred by Thomas' sudden scream, she ran as fast as she could, as far as she could.

And for a time, all was silent.

No. 178019 ID: 1ac39d

i don't think the dude is going to STAY and fight. he will try to distract as long as we need to get out then flee as well.
No. 178022 ID: e3f578

So... now we need Rothwold's help. Wonderful. how do we go about procuring that. Or another Necromancer this time, hopefully without Grandpa's philosophy...

Think the state trooper might be a Necromancer himself?
No. 178023 ID: 6a5a08

Naw, I haven't. I like giving silly suggestions then something which is plausible in my mind, or a serious idea.

I suppose I should do the second part now....
Rest for a moment and try and find safety.
No. 178025 ID: 40cb26

Go home, your house is still warded.
No. 178031 ID: 62781c

Run off farther. Find a different public phone, and call home. Grandpa knows that you care a lot about Dad, and will be trying to get him to get a hold on you. Tell Dad to run away. Or... to come pick you up somewhere, and then get him to drive you away. Leave your house for good.

Get Mulder. He's still made of your soul, and there's no telling what Grandpa could do if he got his hands on him.
No. 178033 ID: b3ee70

next goal is to get to the Conclave Thomas mentioned. Home may be a good start. Your dad deserves to know what's going on.

You and your dad will have to seak out the conclave. There's no where else now that you may have Alexander on your ass.
No. 178089 ID: 5e217a

by grampa. wait outside, cool off, crap pants in bathroom, prepare to torch the motel.
No. 178196 ID: f95872

You just left him to die. Nothing else you could do.

Next goal is to find Dad.
No. 178215 ID: a594b9

Get into Mom's car. She may have left the keys in the ignition, which means...

Wait are you even tall enough to reach the pedals while seeing over the wheel? Maybe the car isn't such a great idea.
No. 178222 ID: a85626

Trust is a wonderful and terrible thing. You must trust the first person you meet, because you have no one else to trust, and when that person betrays you it may seem like you can trust no one. But the truth is that the betrayal itself makes you wiser about the world. He can't make you less trusting no matter what he says. Now you know who your enemy is. You still can't stop trusting those who haven't betrayed you, your father, your mother, Thomas. Don't count Thomas out just yet. (You are a necromancer after all!) The friendly bird your grandpa helped you make. Death. These are your allies. They can betray you one after the other, but eventually those left will be your true allies, the ones who will never betray you, at least not without a good goddamn excuse.

Your "grandfather" has already revealed his weakness in fact, that which will destroy him. He has no allies, allows no allies. That makes him alone and vulnerable, a foolish position to be in. You might not be able to save your mother's soul entirely, but he'll never prevail with that attitude.

A necromancer, alone, is just a powerless man, a charlatan waving puppets around, trying to make you think that he is legion. But he's only one man, and if you develop a close relationship with your allies dead and alive, if you learn who you can trust and you truly come to trust them, his powers will tear aside like the spindly spider webbing that it is.
No. 178268 ID: c71597

Damn it. Now you're going to have to find another instructor in the necromantic arts.

Hmmm, you know I think it could have been grampa that made you go call your mom. Fighting him while he has your moms body is going to be such an annoyance. Hmm, I wonder if the Rothwalds would be willing to help out with that and with training. Might be a thing to consider.

But for now Tiff, I think you should find your father and tell him everything. He needs to know what's going on.
No. 178278 ID: b3ee70

you know... did we bring the grimoire... or anything else that Gramps wanted us to get?

It might be a good thing... if we had em. If we're going to survive/avenge her mother, studying will have to become a priority...
No. 178286 ID: f95872

I don't think we did. But Gramps had another grimoire at some point.
No. 178311 ID: 55e935

Next chapter, we're going to have to make a pact with Death. It's the Reaper Man's JOB to bring grandpa down, after all.
No. 178318 ID: 55e935

Hell, if we're lucky, we could even squeeze Tony's soul out of that deal. He was killed through necromancy, after all. Illegitimate death is another thing the Reaper Man wouldn't be good with.
No. 178324 ID: 1ac39d

tell him that we are sorry and we have found out why he doesn't like grandpa and wish to kill him, again.
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