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File 126774948233.jpg - (75.20KB , 640x513 , Small Tomb.jpg )
142119 No. 142119 ID: d1210a

[ Previous thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html ]

It took five days for me to lead Arkus and the Premen followers back to the Drazken Clan, laden with what we salvaged. Upon our return, the camp burst into greater levels of activity, as the makers swarmed about under the leadership of the four makers that returned with me. Igloos start to swell as support beams and scaffolds begin to see use, and the village walls swell with stone. Some simple huts are made with the few pieces of preserved wood that were salvageable, the hides from the tents now used solely as insulation. Our salvage run of the ruins has brought significant change to the village, and it could be some time before the totality of that is reflected.

Mingsk seems to have cemented his leadership rather firmly in my absence, all the shamans now treating him with respect. I also find several rubies waiting for me with the shamans, perhaps a half pound in total, some eight gems in all, which Arkus stores carefully along with the strange stone from the forest. Even better, Mingsk has been working to teach the budding magic-based language to the shamans, and their contributions have seen much of Premen shamanic magic integrated into the language, greatly increasing it's viability.

Thanks to Mingsk's monopoly on power amongst the shaman, as well as the help of Oggroth The Mountain, Lorgk had enough support to keep the suitors completely in hand, and the tribe has swelled in my absence. Evidently even more suitors arrived some time ago, and several were accepted. Only some twenty suitors are left, the rest having either been accepted or already left. Fekk has joined the shamans at Mingsk's insistence, and has demonstrated considerable change, now working under Mingsk, if somewhat begrudgingly, but much less unwilling than I would have expected.

Jojo and Oggroth The Mountain both have been accepted into the tribe, and since my return Oggroth has stuck by my side. Jojo has kept his tent outside of the village, and while he has not yet said why, he has been much more open (if not cordial) with others of the Drazken Clan. In addition, a warrior named Ugrokk arrived shortly before we returned, and was the last accepted suitor, noted for displaying surprising speed and flexibility in combat. Oggroth has been noted to say the newer clan member 'fights like a tiny child'.

The mines have continued to be prolific, and with many warriors performing shifts in the mines now that the tribe is not as small, the output has grown even higher. Bronze weapons can bee seen all about, with several sporting some worked armor as well, intermingled with the yeti bone armor still in use. Several weapons, Lorgk's strange sword in particular, have been adorned with rubies, and I can feel a greater sense of weight amongst the enchanted blades.

In recognition of my contributions and aid to the Drazken Clan, the reclaimed mine and village about it have been named in my honor, now titled Mordreden. After a day of celebration, morning dawns to find the village finally returning to normalcy, as I take stock of Mordreden.


Defense: Stone/Wood/Ice Wall, Guards
Resources: Ruby/Bronze Mine , Magic Language Thinktank (Small)
--Lorgk, War Chieftain
--Delro, Peace Chieftain
--Mingsk, Head Shaman
--Sugro, Elder Shaman
--Fekk, Mingsk's Assistant
--Oggroth, Elite Warrior
--Ugrokk, Elite Warrior
--Jojo, Magic User
--39 Premen Shamans
--16 Premen Veteran Warriors
--74 Premen Warriors
--92 Premen Makers

Population total: 228

I have completed that which I set out to do before venturing off in search of more allies for my foundling empire. Arkus has packed away his books and supplies, and I have topped off my bronze rations. I am ready to leave whenever I feel it time.

What should I do? I recall that I planned to try and convince the remaining suitors to come with me in my march away from the mountains, but what should I say to them to sway them? I also imagine that Oggroth The Mountain would leap at the chance to come with me, given how much admiration he has for me. Or should I do something else, like meet Ugrokk, and take measure of him?
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No. 142122 ID: 445c48

Be sure to ask Logrk before taking Oggroth. They might have need of him. Go talk to Ugrokk.
No. 142170 ID: 716eb0

>Examine new named npc? Y/N

Y! Y!
No. 142214 ID: 427807

talk to lorgk to see if oggroth is in fact available, then ask minsgk if any powerful shaman are free, ideally jojo.
No. 142280 ID: d1210a
File 12677653223.jpg - (349.72KB , 848x1240 , Promising Premen Warrior Ugrokk.jpg )

I make my way to Lorgk's abode, now midway converted into a wooden hut. I find Lorgk within, a steady stream of Premen bringing their concerns to him, all of whom make way for me. I barely have time to ask about Oggroth before Lorgk responds.

"Take Oggroth. Idolizes you. Do more with you, not here."

He makes no further comment to me as he goes back to addressing the Premen around him. I wonder whether I like or dislike his brusque, direct manner. After all, I find his take on life to be much more efficient than most fleshlings, parceling out his use of time in an orderly if gruff manner. I wonder still at why he was able to block direct blows from me, even damage me to some extent, frequently without anything but his own body to assist him. ...And that sword of his... something about it constantly catches my eye, the aged crimson metal it is forged out of completely alien to me in a manner I have never encountered before, though Lorgk himself knew naught more than that the blade was passed to him by the previous war chieftain, a badge of office with such age to it's practice that it's origins were lost.

But enough pointless pondering. For now, I do not have the resources to learn more, and so I shall devote my time to more pertinent matters. This Ugrokk.... I find myself intrigued by how much his arrival was noted by many of the warriors of the village.

As I make my way to the cleared spaces where the warriors spar in their off time, I see Oggroth waving to me, surrounded by several other warriors all dwarfed by the weighty titan. There is a match already underway, with four warriors, two of them veterans, all facing a lone opponent.

While their foe is certainly not any thicker than them, he towers above them, at least half again as tall as they, his lengthy body held akimbo, both hands open as he faces his foes.

So, this is Uggrokk, I gather. Let us see how he fairs.

CHOOSE: 'THE TALL' [Ugrokk], OR 'THE GROUP' [Two Veterans, Two Warriors]

First one to three votes chosen.
No. 142285 ID: e31d52

The underdog.

The Tall.
No. 142291 ID: 427807

i vote the Tall
No. 142316 ID: db20e0

The Tall!
No. 142317 ID: 45be60

snrk. The tall is not the underdog in this fight.

Lets be the mob!
No. 142318 ID: 2aaaf1

The tall of course. Ugrokk seems like an interesting warrior.
No. 142392 ID: d1210a


Ugrokk's Traits And Talents:
--Blood Of The Long-Bones:
Ugrokk's blood is thick with the blood of the Cromagg, an ancient rival of the Premen. This makes Ugrokk far taller than his contemporaries, and gives him a reach advantage when using any of his limbs.
--Adaptive Joints:
Born more flexible than most, Ugrokk's joints allow a wider range of motion, allowing for more unconventional movements. Further, this flexibility means Ugrokk is exceedingly difficult to grapple, and is adept at escaping holds.
Ugrokk is faster and lighter on his feet than most of his size range could claim.
--The Axeman:
Ugrokk is most familiar and competent with axes, which he combines with his reach and irregular movements for deceptive, whipping hacks and chops, preferring to distract and hinder foes with rapid attacks before finding a chance to land a deeply biting strike.
--The Open Hand:
Ugrokk's unarmed combat style is oriented around redirection of force, rather than blunt trauma, to rely on the leverage his height provides. Ugrokk can flip, throw, or cause to stumble almost any foe he can get his hands on. As far as direct strikes go, he prefers to chop and stab with a stiffened hand, rather than with a closed fist.


I stand against four of my new brothers, all watching me warily as they circle about, their minds clearly directed towards the problem of my reach. One of the older warriors is within range, if only just, for me to try striking or grabbing him. Both of the younger warriors are closer to me, one so close it would be child's play to manhandle him, the other occupying a place somewhere betwixt the two in term of proximity. So far, all four warriors are still in my field of vision, though the older ones seem to have a mind to circle about me.

What should I do? Who should I target first, the closer warrior, the middling one, or the veteran just barely in reach? Or should I try attacking multiple targets?
No. 142400 ID: 632862

Manhandle the closest one, and swing him into the next closest.
No. 142427 ID: 427807

go after the one trying to circle around, we cannot let that happen. try to keep a constant eye out for sneaky moves of the others, also
No. 142508 ID: d1210a

I grab one of the younger warriors that strayed far to deep into my area, my arms snaking about him as I wrench him from the ground, and use his struggling form as an impromptu club to batter the other younger warrior away, the impact quaking up my arm.

I swing my living club about towards the one older warrior I can reach, attempting to prevent him from getting about my side. The time it took to assault the first two has given him ample time to prepare himself, and while the strike knocks him from his feet, he rips the younger fighter out of my grasp as he tumbles away, depriving me of my weapon.

....Hm. While the one I used as a club is now unconscious, or at least dazed enough he can't interfere for a time, the remaining warrior seems to have steadied himself, and the two veterans have managed to get themselves on opposing sides of me, each with one of the warriors near them.

What should I do? Which group should I assault, the one with an incapacitated member, or the one at full strength? Or should I wait for them to act, with some form of counter in mind?
No. 142511 ID: 601a90

wait for one to strike, then dodge and shove so he slams headlong into the other.
No. 142536 ID: 2aaaf1

When they close in, backflip and slam their heads together or double chop their necks, whichever fits the situation.
No. 142718 ID: d1210a


I can see their thoughts, their hopes to catch me blind by attacking from two sides. But I know how they hunt me in this game, and I aim to capitalize on it.

I bide my time, trying to goad the warriors into making the first move. The veterans are reluctant, and the unconscious starts to stir as I wait. But finally my foes can bear this inaction no longer, and I hear pounding feet behind me a moment before I see the one before me charge, his body low to the ground as he dashes towards me. I act as the steps behind me pound ever closer.

I spin about, my arms blurring as I whip them around to assault the foe behind me. I am surprised to find it the younger warrior from before, rather than the veteran.... and I see the veteran running in the shadow of the younger warrior even as I slam him to the ground. I can hear the other veteran gaining proximity as well, and find myself faced with exactly that which I wished to avoid, a close range pincer attack by the veterans.

Or at least, it would be, had I not anticipated some measure of failure to my initial response, and planned appropriate countermeasures. I leap from the ground, contorting my body in the air as I spin about, doing what I can do avoid the grasping hands of the two warriors, and lash my arms out once more, my hands coming to rest on the backs of their heads as I stay aloft a few scant moments longer. I see comprehension start to dawn on their faces as I wrench their heads inward, to meet each other with a resounding impact, and I feel tension slide out of their bodies as they slip into oblivion.

I hear Piece Chieftain Delro clap his hands, and know the match called. I help both of the younger warriors up, and assist them in dragging the still completely oblivious veterans away to recuperate.

.....And I see this Mordre, the metal warrior, was present. The simple heavy one, Oggroth, spoke highly of Mordre, and while I had my doubts, I must agree with his assessment: This Mordre is death and war made carnate, and any warrior worth their name would try to learn from this avatar of violence. I wonder, what can be learned from such....


And so the match concludes, and even through Oggroths disparaging remarks about his indirect methods, I find Ugrokk to demonstrate considerable skill. An image of the rejected suitors, led by the titanic Oggroth and towering Ugrokk, following Arkus and myself down into the warring nations. I have seen many life golems the inferior of both, and if I were able to procure armor to match the Premen's stature and strength, I would have rather formidable shock troops at my disposal.

I have seen the measure of Ugrokk, and found his talents exemplary. Arkus and Oggroth both have already fallen into step behind me whilst Ugrokk fought, and I find myself thinking of my trip to the warring nations more and more.

What should I do now?
No. 142762 ID: 2aaaf1

Lets go talk to Ugrokk, we should congratulate him and ask of his origin.
No. 142797 ID: 903f16

We should see if Ugrokk would like to join us in our journey. He, like Oggroth, would be a great demonstration of our military power that may make others easier to sway to our cause. We also still need to talk to the suitors.
No. 142879 ID: d1210a

"A most deft handling of your opponents. I heard you arrived late to join this clan, Ugrokk. Tell me, from where do you hale?"

Ugrokk starts when I address him, clearly not anticipating the strange tones and cadences my iron throat makes, but recovers quickly, and responds promptly.

"From Drog Clan, beholden to Gorkin Clan. Left because Goran cares only about own tribe, sees others only as source of wealth and power. Drog clan weak, and small, days of glory gone for generations. Drazken Clan is growing, new power, old power brought back, doesn't matter. No one squeezes clan, no one hinders growth. Good clan to join."

His reasoning seems straightforward, and I admit to finding his origins, similar to Oggroths, amusing in light of the mild dislike Oggroth holds. I turn to see Oggroth begrudgingly nodding with respect to shared misery for having a similar past, but even that seems more than Oggroth would have preferred. I turn back to Ugrokk and continue asking questions.

"I plan to head south, into the human lands, To capitalize on the war and strife that runs thick through the land. I seek warriors to follow me, and I would see you among their number. What say you Ugrokk, newest of the Drazken Clan?"

There is no surprise in Ugrokk this time. Without hesitation he kneels before me, bowing his head deferentially.

"If Mordre would take Ugrokk on a journey where one's strength could be tested and tempered, then I could ask little more. Ugrokk will follow, wherever Mordre may lead, to learn of strength."

Excellent. Just like Oggroth, Ugrokk seems to place high value to strength, even more-so than most Premen do. I wonder if this has something to do with their shared origins.... and whether it says anything about Goran The Magic Eater, leader of the Gorkin Clan.

Ugrokk moves to gather his things, and a moment later Oggroth moves to do the same, though whether this is out of necessity or competitiveness, I cannot say. Shortly both have taken down their tents, and have made themselves ready for travel. While no less than six hatchets and axes are now strapped to Ugrokk, Oggroth The Mountain carries only a single weapon, a heavy chain of at least thirty feet in length, each link inches thick, one end wrapped about an arm, and the other....

Upon the other end of the chain is nothing more or less than a solid lump of metal, perhaps four feet in diameter, firmly anchored to the chain by massive bolts. I would guess the thing to weigh well over five hundred pounds, yet Oggroth carries it without any noticeable difficulty.

So, I have recruited both Oggroth The Mountain and Ugrokk, all that is left that I had already planned for is my attempt to sway the rejected suitors with a speech.

What kind of speech should I give to the rejected suitors, and what should be said? Or should I do something else?
No. 142887 ID: 903f16

We should inspire them. Tell them that though they were rejected this time they still have an opportunity to earn power and position another way. By traveling with us they have a place in group of skilled warriors. They can power for the Drakzen clan, for themselves, and for the future empire we will create. If they are not swayed by ideals then we can also hint at the riches that can be taken as spoils of war.
No. 142937 ID: 39156a

Hey guys rather than going to the human nations we should conquer/unite the other Premen tribes. Think about it, we will build an empire either way, and the Premen tribes are more secluded, it will be less noticable.
No. 142956 ID: 772f9e

Conquering other tribes are beyong our ability at the moment. We simply don't have enough warriors to even defeat other clans, much less pacify them.
Diplomacy is unlikely to work either - Drazken Clan follows us because we helped them against Yeti. Others have no reason to do so.
Killing Goran can help us with later, but in either case we will need greater warfighting ability than we have now.
No. 142963 ID: e31d52

This is true.
There's also the idea of incorporating multiple warring styles, that is to say, the barbaric power of the Premen, and the tactical knowledge of the humans.

Also, I think we may have forgotten about the frog-people altogether!
No. 142967 ID: d1210a

[Part of why you are leaving is because the Premen need time to build unity with new clan members, as well as to see the mines restored to full operating capacity. That, and the mountains have fairly limited resources in terms of food, and any attempt to unify the mountains would have to deal with that as population density grows. Supply lines from the south could solve this.]

While the rumors that the Froggrock tribes venerate golems pique my interest, the tribes are scattered throughout heavily forested swamplands to the south and west, and tracking down appreciable portions of their population could prove difficult without some means to magically track them. Perhaps such could be found in one of the warring lands?

I choose to inspire the rejected suitors, filling their minds with dreams of wealth, glory, power. Army recruiters have used similar tactics again and again, I see no reason to doubt it's effectiveness.

I make my way outside of Mordreden, Arkus, Oggroth The Mountain and Ugrokk all in tow, and round up the remaining rejected suitors. I see eyes darting between myself, Ugrokk and Oggroth, all giants even by their standards... and I also note Arkus has shifted somewhat, obscuring his form behind my leg. I would seem he does not like public venues. Hmmph.

I put these thoughts out of my mind as I address the crowd before me.

"Though the Drazken Clan did not accept you here and now, I offer you another chance at glory, wealth, and power. I will travel to the south, seeking more allies for my cause, And I would take you with me, to share in the plunder and glory. You could come with me, make names for yourselves, and return champions, paragons of the path of the warrior. Or you could simply leave, and return to your old clans. The choice is yours."

Twenty pairs of eyes are glued to me as I speak, twenty pair of ears straining to hear my every word. And when I conclude my speech, twenty pairs of feet step forward, and just like that I have claimed the rejected suitors as part of my group.

As the rejected suitors turned soldiers mill about deconstructing their tents and stowing away their belongings, I consider our impending journey. I have taken advantage of my spare time after returning to Mordreden, and I have spoken with Arkus about the warring kingdoms, natons and principalities to the south. From how he described the many nations there, I could find almost any type of land there.

Originally, the plan was to find and claim a land somewhere within the warring nations, but what kind of location am I looking for?

How big of a nation should it be? [Tiny/small/medium/large/huge]
How populated should it be? [sparse/medium/dense]
How militarily active should it be? [Peaceful/standard/warring/constant state-of-war]
How much resources should it have? [minimal/average/bountiful]
How should it view magic? [BURN THEM/dislike/average/respected/major outlet of Mortal Coil]
Any other specifications?
No. 143041 ID: 903f16

While we are growing in power and influence, I don't think we are strong enough to handle anything above a medium sized territory with medium population. We also always need soldiers, tacticians, and mages, so we should seize a warring town that has all of these already and currently in use. The warring town is also more likely to fall under our sway, with promises of increased strength a golem aiding them. The resources the town has should be enough to support them while also having enough spare that we can send the excess over to the Premen tribes so we need bounty. The most important thing we need from the town is respect for mages. We should still be using Arkus as a cover and it'd be much easier to ally with a town when they don't want to burn him at the stake.
No. 143044 ID: 601a90

even if we are vastly superior to any army on a per-person basis any army too large would be able to overwhelm us. so let's count it as we are worth 30 regulars, Oggroth and Ugrokk are worth 20 and the other premen are worth 5 it would put our strength at about 170 human regulars. very strong but not unbeatable by a powerful army.
No. 143179 ID: 427807

the nation should most definitely be accepting of magic users, after all me must find five mages and take their skins to Kyorto. I'm thinking one that isn't all that militarily active so that we will have less of chance of going up against something we can't take on. Also because of that, the nation shouldn't be too populated, something in the middle for density and largeness sounds about right. Having high resources isn't staple, but will definitely help.
or >>143041 , that works too.
No. 143188 ID: 29654a

If we could find a town that housed some of the mages that took part in the destruction of our home, we could sate our thirst for revenge and secure materials for Kyorto.
No. 143332 ID: d1210a

A place with mages that attacked Mosmordre, and were part of the campaigns that led to it's eventual fall.....

Our group strength as a military force is considerable at this juncture, but by no means of great importance just yet. I should be mindful of that as I choose.

Not too big, or too populated, but bountiful, many could meet this specification. After he became more accustomed to me, he admitted to having done some more traveling than I had previously been led to believe, and that he had actually traveled about the warring nations very extensively, and knew nearly every nation, duchy, kingdom, principality, republic, league or union there, as of a month and a half ago. Quite a surprising bit of knowledge.

Acceptive of magic users, even respectful.... that narrows it down a bit more. Arkus admitted to having been chased out of more than a fair number of towns traveling when the locals realized he could do magic, throughout his travels. Magic is collectively held in an overall positive light, but at least a third of the lands hold a dislike, sometimes all consuming hate, of magic users of any sort.

Militarily active, not militarily active.... actually, Arkus did mention a place that technically could be considered both. And it was one of the first nations to ally with Castiliathen against Mosmordre, at the very start of the war, well before my forging. Many of it's older mages had seen active duty against the Mosmordre Empire, and claimed the lives of citizens and soldiers alike. Not that we gave quarter to those we fought, either....

The reason I say military and non-military, is what purpose it has served to Castiliathen and it's war effort: It had become, over the many years of the war against Mosmordre as Castiliathen's allies grew, a military think-tank, a kingdom whose soldiers were seen as largely useless, but whose mages and their creative applications of magic were regarded highly, and slowly became optimized to this purpose, practically a cog of the Castiliathen war effort.

But when Mosmordre finally fell, when the Curse was used, and no one took credit, fingers were pointed, both to demand if they had been responsible, and to demand why they had not created such an idea, if they claimed to not be involved. Ultimately, this nation was discarded as useless, potentially treacherous.

For a time, this did not truly matter, as the nation and the mages it had come to respect so started to place their services for hire to the other nations and republics about, as tempers erupted and the alliance shattered back into the quagmire that it had been for centuries prior. Business was fairly profitable, and the nation thrived, in spite of it's irregular form. Several years of a peaceful existence profiting from the ever spreading wars without directly participating passed, and the populace grew ever more favorable towards mages, and strived to both honor and educate them so that they could better serve the land.

But less than a year ago, with no true day to be called the start of it, the nation fell under attack of a strangly focused sort: Their renown having spread enough from their profitable ventures with warring empires, their now completely atrophied armies were finally exploited, and many of the dozens of research installations and the mages within them were captured by profiteers, bandits, and mercenary armies who decided they should have more direct access to the research.

Due to the strong social trend to honor and respect mages, even while pushing them to serve the land, many of the mages either escaped to still unconquered lands, or died amidst the initial confusion. It was only a month or so ago that things resolved themselves.

This is The Azelhaedran State, a state that in theory controls an area more than ten thousand square kilometers, but in truth controls less than a quarter of that land. The wealth of the still unconquered think-tanks and most of the populace have been pooled to fund the acquisition, training and arming of a new army of the state, and this remnant force has since lost no further area to aggressors, though they have ceased offering their services to other lands for the time being. They are noted for having incredible equipment for their forces, the likes of which intrigue most lords and rulers that hear of their potency... though their actual martical and tactical skill is largely not rated nearly so highly. Arkus did, I must mention, note having heard of at least four, possibly five captains who are quite talented that serve the state, and have elite warriors, veterans one and all at their service.... though how such veterans could come from such a state, he can't be sure, but the locals' faith in the mages and the leadership they have been demonstrating leads none to question them, and the armies forces one and all are greeted warmly and respectfully by locals and are largely treated as heroes when they visit villagers living near occupied outposts.

The remaining land is.... a complete mess. Those that claimed the facilities have shown little care for the citizens, and the locals live in fear when the state army cannot reach them. And as time has passed, safety has grown scarce, in some areas vanished, with many bandits and thieves having moved in for easy pickings where the state army can't go.

In spite of the state of the land under their local rule, those that claimed these facilities have been exploiting their ample resources and capabilities, and wage war both on The Azelhaedran State, and on one another, their initial reasons for claiming these facilities lost in this prolonged quest, an endless hunger for more power, the stockpiles of past experiments making for haphazard yet potent implements for the new owners. Strange and sometimes exotic weapons and armor, even golems give away those who command occupied military research outposts when they travel about in their border disputes.

Does this land sound like a suitable place to travel to, and if so, which part should I head for, the lawless area, or the remaining Azelhaedran State?
No. 143343 ID: e31d52

Sounds great.

Move through the lawless land, towards the State. Liberate as much as you can. Let your reputation precede you.
No. 143344 ID: 601a90

let's head to a lawless area first and see if we can get some interesting items for our group. a couple magic weapons and armour should help the group and if you find some rare metal then you can incorporate it into yourself. also we may find some mages as they would be needed to run the labs and stuff.
No. 143378 ID: 903f16

Let's go to the lawless lands. There's plenty of loot and fights to be had there, and this will please our forces. It'll also strike a very pretty picture to the Azelhaedran state heads when word reaches them about a powerful mage commanding a legion of armed Premen and a imposing golem freeing their lands of bandit taint. This will help us considerably when we begin to take command of the state as we will have the trust of the people and the other mages. We just need to make the act realistic enough, have Arkus practice his acting, we need him to be play the part of the controller.
No. 143410 ID: d1210a

I elect to travel to The Azelhaedran State amongst the warring nations, a journey I am told may take two weeks, with the distance and size of our party, though I wonder if Arkus underestimates the Premen because he so frequently gets to ride within my palm with his work.

In particular, the lawless lands sound most interesting to me. I could build on the reverence for mages as I build group cohesion, attain more souls and in general benefit from hunting down the bandits, rogues, and miscreants in the places the state army still cannot reach. I could gain the support of the people, which could prove quite useful should I attempt to claim some of the occupied military applied magic research outposts, and put their capabilities to my own use.

Indeed, if I were to build enough support amongst the villagers isolated from the remaining state, their trust of mages could lead to them willfully submitting to my rule, simply for the order and peace it could bring them with their state in such disrepair.

I set off with Arkus once more in my hand, his supplies and equipment carefully tied and tucked away about him on his bronze perch, the disk I carry to serve as my long-term rations. Oggroth The Mountain and Ugrokk both fall into line behind me, and the sui- no, I suppose they are now warriors, if they are to follow me- and the twenty warriors that the Drazken Clan did not take follow shortly behind the two enormous Premen. Without any particular fanfare as people attend to more utilitarian, practical matters, I set out to carve another part of my growing empire out of the land, this time in The Azelhaedran State. The sun sets on our party as we work our way down the mountain, and we make a late camp.

[DAY 46]

We continue south, when some warriors, accompanied by Ugrokk, leave to follow game tracks, and return to us after we have already set up camp, bringing several goats. A small form of celebration is had, at the glory and riches to come, with Ugrokk and Oggroth both speaking to the warriors about what it means to seek strength in oneself, bestowing upon their listeners their own views on the subject. Neither can agree with the other's method, though they are hard-pressed to explain why.

[DAY 47]

It could be my imagination, but as I take a bite out of the bronze disk in camp after another uneventful day traveling down the mountainside, but I believe the warriors are slowly separating into two groups, one about each of the two giant Premen. For some reason, the grouping does not alarm me, even though I could be worried about potential infighting. I shall ponder this.

[DAY 48]

I confer with Arkus as we travel to confirm my suspicions, a theory on why the split does not bother me having entered my train of thought while marching: The Premen are following the equivalent of avatars for speed and agility versus strength and durability. Those with Oggroth are thicker, heavier, and those with Ugrokk leaner, frequently taller. It seems more of a friendly rival, this separation, and the Premen become quite involved in newly instituted nightly sparring between the groups, though for now Ugrokk and Oggroth do not fight, even whilst they encourage their respective followers to perform.

[DAY 49]

Mid-day sees us leave the mountains, and by the late afternoon we have moved past the ruined city of Mosmordre and on. We exit the Cursed forest just as night begins to fall, several stomachs growling as supplies run thin after not resupplying in the tainted areas, but we keep marching until a goodly distance from the blighted lands before setting up camp. Sparring sees a lackluster second night's iteration.

[DAY 50]

Only a few remain marching with me for most of the day, the rest ranging to gather game. Light has not yet started to fade from the sky when the hunters return, a bountiful harvest of animals and plants alike now topping up the fleshling's food reserves. As if to contrast against last night, the sparring is both heated and jovial this night, as a feast of sorts is held with the extra food that can't be stored.

[DAY 51]

We finally hit a road today, and while it is in a mild state of disrepair, it is wide and straight, and is a sign we are getting close to the warring nations. Arkus suggests taking the path, as it will go along the border of an under-staffed and under-patrolled nation, and would mean getting to The Azelhaedran State still farther east in a day or so rather than a week or more.

What should I do, should I take the shortcut, or should I try to travel around?
No. 143412 ID: 903f16

The shortcut sounds good. I see no reason to spend any extra time wandering about.
No. 143413 ID: 29654a

First, be on your guard. We're a long way from home and our group is bound to attract some unwanted attention. Can we find the premen some sort of disguises or something? Our intentions are quite clear from the way we look and the weapons the premen carry. We also need to find a small base of operations before we make ourselves known as assailants of Azelhaedran's capital. When we get there we should show our good side by taking care of some bandits and trying to increase food production for the abandoned citizens(speaking of which, can arkus make stuff like crops grow faster/better?).
No. 143450 ID: d1210a

I decide to take the shorter path and follow the road, and we set off in that direction without further hesitation.

While we continue to march, I address Arkus, questions about what we plan flitting through my mind, and potential problems raising their illusory heads within my psyche.

"Arkus, where could we find some manner of disguise, Or some other implement to mask the Premen's true nature?"

Arkus spares a quick glance back to the Premen following us from my palm, as if to check that they have not surreptitiously surpassed the language barrier.

"...Yeah, they are bigger than normal people, true enough. But despite some size and proportioning differences, they still look more or less like bigger humans, with a bit more pronounced jawline on average. Really, if you said they were some form of alchemical warriors or some such, boosted to perform better, people would buy it, at least in Azelhaedran State. I know at least one of those captains I heard of uses boosted warriors of some sort, and the populace doesn't seem to mind.

...Though I guess you don't even need to lie. You could say they are from a mountain tribe known for producing large, hardy warriors, and that isolated as it is, they speak a language of their own devising. Mostly true, but ommiting their actual special difference could work just fine.

What I am most worried about is Oggroth and Ugrokk. Those two are huge, and the tribe story wouldn't cover them, their scale too different to be taken as any form of human. The best bet I can think of is to say they are Life Golems, all sorts of those exist, so they could pass for that easily with their irregular stature.

One thing I can think of that would most likely be universally helpful for this endeavor would be to re-equip the Premen. As is, I think the pelts and loincloths with what little armor they have covered in bones are not going to help our image. I suggest using the rubies you had me hold onto to buy new armor and if possible weapons for our followers. Obviously, what we do is up to you, but the more 'normal' we can look, the less attention we'll attract."

I do not have many memories associated with logistical costs of outfitting an army, but I imagine custom armor sized to fit my forces could cost a sizable amount, potentially requiring all the rubies I have. An even greater concern presents itself, in that I realize the time when our ruse begins is fast approaching, and I have been starting to wonder if my plan needs changing.

As it is, I plan to masquerade as Mordre, a mage who discovered a Soul Grave and a means to control it directly, and sent the golem with his apprentice, Arkus. The reason I am never seen 'in the flesh,' rather than 'controlling' a Soul Grave is because I am crippled, my body weak and fragile: I command from a distant location, keeping my weak form safe.

Alternatively, I could have Arkus play the part of our leader. Having a human face to attribute to the mage saving them would be useful, but it could be difficult to maintain a charade of Arkus controlling me, rather than me commanding him.

As I continue to ponder how this should be handled, I lead onward down the road, ever onward toward The Azelhaedran State.

Which type of cover should we use, as to the leadership of this party? And should I follow Arkus' advice, and attempt to outfit our forces with more conventional arms to attract less attention?
No. 143456 ID: 7f4605

Soul Grave and two Life golems seems like a bit too much for forces we have. Using "Powerful mage Mordre" as cover can explain it, but someone who can make and control two Life golems surely can afford more solders.

"Mountain tribe" cover will work nicely; Oggroth and Ugrokk can be explained as alchemicaly enchanced warriors from same tribe.
They are so big and strong because they started from above-average human and were able to survive greater enhancement than most.

Armor - again, I think it is matter of image: Mage who can afford several golems can afford better armor than what we have now.
No. 143457 ID: 427807

armor would make our already potent army much more devastating, i think we should do it.
I think having arkus pose as out master would be the best way to handle perceived leadership. that way, no one gets freaked out by a soul grave that can think for itself.
No. 143465 ID: 45be60

The sparse premen armor never struck me as being terribly effective in the first place, we could probably abandon it altogether for the time being. In any case it was meant for blunt weapons, not the blades we are likely to find here.

We need not completely fit in here, only not attract scrutiny. We should look like what the people here expect of uncivilized human travelers. Barbarian clothing and armor. I understand this means pants and boots, perhaps a vest or the hint of a shirt, and minimal armor, mostly on the torso and shoulders. You can outfit them with better equipment later, once you have more resources to work with, and this will help them transition into the local customs gradually.
No. 143466 ID: b14128

I think it would be best for us to use the ruse of Mordre being controlled by a powerful mage, in command of his apprentice. Having Arkus be in control would be easier, yes... If the ruse will work. As it is, Arkus seems fearful of public speaking, and there may come a time when we would have to discard the ruse of Arkus being our master if we had an emergency on our hands and had to directly take command. So, Mordre being in command is likely the safer option.

As for the armor, you might not even require it. If you can instead get ordinary clothes (Like perhaps a uniform) that can cover their unusual armor and replace their barbaric clothing, we would have a cheaper method of fitting in more effectively.

I find the 'Alchemic mountain tribe soldiers' idea for Oggroth and Ugrokk's cover plausable. I do not know if that is how it works in truth, but it sounds good enough to fool the common population. However, we are walking into what is effectively a country dedicated to magical research, so if this would not work in truth, there is certainly a chance that some people would know.

Hrmm... Speaking of research, here's an idea: Perhaps this is a test run. These are 'Great mage Mordre's' first alchemical soldiers (Or are forrays into life golems, possibly modified with new lore recently found or researched, if the life golem idea might work better), and he wishes to see how they will preform in the field. If he can do something useful with them during the test run, all the better.
No. 143473 ID: 7f4605

Another point - Are you sure that Oggroth and Ugrokk can believable pretend to be Life golems? Neither strike me as someone who all that good at it. I could be wrong - they survived under Goran's rule after all, but still.

On equipment: Soul Grave is rare and highly valuable. Mage with Soul Grave and twenty well/decently equiped solders send rather different message than same mage with Soul Grave and bunch of barbarians. Consider likely opinions and reactions in both cases.

Finaly: We should keep our cover consistent. If we go Life golem route, then armor isn't important. But if we use "Super-soldier" Space Marine which are likely rather expensive, then lack of equipment on our soldiers will look strange.

Hm, I think I get too much into details and don't explained myself well : ultimately, it doesn't really matter how well our cover story fit, unless we blunder too badly. What we need here is proper *IMAGE* of oursleves. Not "Lucky mage accidentaly found 'Grave and hired bunch of barbs. He says that he will help us, but he looks rather disreputable." but "Skilled and powerful mage with 'Grave and soldiers offering his help."
No. 143521 ID: e31d52

I believe the "I am a mage" ruse for Mordre is the best bet. As for our two big dudes, I don't think we should say they are golems, but rather people who have been experimented upon by yourself. This further puts you as a mage capable of great experimentation, something these folks seem to like.

As for our men, they don't seem to like armor anyway. What you want is a uniform, some sort of uniting fasion. Having them all wear leather armor would be just fine. Putting them all in heavy metal would be... a bad idea. It might hurt their effectiveness. As for the people themselves, just say they're from a clan you helped in the mountains, and they are repaying you by being a sort of bodygaurd.
No. 143540 ID: 45be60

Well, like half of them seem to be favoring light, agile combat. May as well make the squad differentiation official. Then that group can use little or no armor in their outfit and not seem too strange.
No. 143543 ID: 601a90

for now yes. the speed group will have little armour. but once we start getting up there then magic substitutes for armour. like bracers of armour and the like. while our heavy group wouldn't be hindered by heavy equipment because big slow and powerful is already what they are going for. so full plate and huge mauls would be good for them.
No. 143562 ID: d1210a
File 126801945153.jpg - (100.96KB , 1024x768 , Hletwa Home Of Rogo And Sons.jpg )

Thoughts of heavy warriors that dwarf the armies of men marching at my call, their arm too thick to be breached, their strength being brought to bear through powerful two hammers and war-picks, all of this flits across my mind. Oggroth in particular, I feel, could bear armor so heavy, so thick, that he would be nigh invulnerable to anything that couldn't hurt a Soul Grave.

But thoughts of the Premen's quick and brutal power might be muted if they are weighed down, and that perhaps light armor and uniforms could be sufficient, sparing costs and preserving the Premen warriors' speed. Ugrokk in particular would likely be able to support a great deal of armor, but that could hinder his preferred fighting methods.

....Perhaps I don't need to choose. There are twenty Premen warriors, split into two groups of ten, following either Oggroth or Ugrokk. I could outfit Oggroth and the stockier, heavier warriors that follow him in plate, optimally steel, and leathers for tremendous defense. They could then be armed with gargantuan long handled war mauls, one end of the hammer instead lengthened into a spike to drive through armor.

Then, I could outfit Ugrokk and the taller, leaner warriors that follow him in leathers and some minimal metal armors, perhaps a cuirass, pauldrons and little more, preserving the swift and terrible speed of the Premen. Ugrokk could be given free rein in choosing how much plate or other armor would be added to the leather given to him, to let the one most familiar with his strengths choose what he bears.

I confer with Arkus on where we could find a blacksmith with enough resources and assistants to handle outfitting our force as swiftly as possible, and outline my ideas on what to give them. Arkus mulls over my request for a while, before responding, his words reluctant.

"...Well... I guess we could go to Hele-.... Hletwa, its the nearest city of Duras, that being the name of this nation we're currently skirting by right here, by the way, anyway we could go to Hleta... Hletwa, I know the have a pretty good blacksmith there, they have a mercenary outlet for.... I don't remember their names, some group with a fair number of members.

As I was saying, in.... Hletwa.... they have a giant set of forges, and around three dozen assistants, all working under the Founder, Del Roga, and his sons, Bhear, Jio, Del Jr. and Trogga. So, this place, Roga & Sons Smithing Est. 32 BF, yeah I know real original name..... ah, yeah, quick non sequitor, but Castiliathen changed the official calender, and reset the years on the day the Mosmordren Empire fell, since it was the first day of the first month of the year, BF stands for Before fall, and is backwards dating for events prior, and the current date is in AV, After Victory.

So yeah, this Roga & Sons Smithing, is a pretty well respected and extensive setup, and they DO have a good bit of experience custom outfitting personal troops and such for the mercenaries, and anyone else for that matter. The only problem is that they usually have a LONG wait list.... but I have heard you can bribe your way to the front of the list, either outright, or by piquing Head-smith Del Roga's interest, though he can be quite..... eccentric, I think is the term when one is wealthy. Damned gruff, belligerent asshole, in others.

But make no mistake, if Del Roga himself were to work on anything for us, we wouldn't care how much of an ass he may be, his work is masterful, and several lords and captains bear craftings of his.

...Ah, only problem, is that Duras has a bad bit of past with the Mosmordren Empire, and forbid entry of any Soul Graves into their lands, so unless you want to stir up trouble, I don't think you should stray near any local populations.

And herein lies the problem. If I go alone, I will be one sub-average mage carrying a rather exorbitant bit of wealth, and if I don't bring the gems, I wonder if I could even convince anyone at Rogo & Sons Smithing that I had the funds to buy such an order lacking proof. And I doubt bringing any of the Premen along would be a good idea either, for part of the reason you want them outfitted: They could cause a panic. And without you there to translate, I couldn't communicate with the Premen.

So.... there is a place nearby that could do what we want, and we even have enough wealth here, I think we have a shot at getting it done expeditiously. But the local and our parties composition create... difficulties.

I, ah, don't suppose you have any ideas on what to do about this? There isn't any blacksmith capable of what you want, not anywhere near to where we are, besides Rogo & Sons, since they drove most competing high end armorers out of business.

So... what should we do?"
No. 143564 ID: e31d52


We should have the premen set up camp here. Arkus and Mordre will go in for the order with the rubies. Quick and easy, eh?
No. 143571 ID: 601a90

it would be, but he has stated that soul-graves are illegal in this place and getting an army on you, even with your considerable might, is a bad idea.

how about Ugrokk equiped with bits and peices of all the armour our premen have so he looks well armoured, matching the idea of an elite modded warrior. he may be less then optimal like that, but it would be impossible to pull off with Oggroth due to his large size.

also, how trustworthy are they? are they a don't ask don't tell sort of group. you give them money, they give you armour and no one gets reported or will they rat us out? if they are trustworthy then we can tell him how our force is so powerful looking that we did not want to frighten the populace, and Ugrokk is merely the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
No. 143573 ID: 903f16

Arkus can be trusted to get this done and there doesn't appear to be any other alternatives so I say let him go. Have Arkus take some measurements and make notes on any specifications Ugrokk and Oggroth may have to ensure he gets everything right when he places his orders. Once he has all of his notes and the rubies packed up, make camp and await his return.
No. 143580 ID: db20e0

How about just setting up outside of Duras and sending Arkus in (without the gems, just in case) to have him invite Del Roga to come to the camp see Mordre's motley crew for himself? If the smith comes out there'll be plenty of time to negotiate, and without so much fuss.
No. 143586 ID: bbdfae

He's worried about getting mugged or something, as a single mage of not-so-impressive power traveling on his own. If I recall correctly, he's been developing some fairly impressive blasting capabilities, but if he's concerned about safety it's not unreasonable to think that he has good reason to be so.

Still, I don't know that we have anyone to send with him on escort duty, since he can't talk with the Premen and that might get... awkward. How about we go into Azelhaedran and attract at least a few more human followers who might be able to provide Arkus with protection as he moves? Then we can hold off on the bulk of our conquest until our forces are better equipped.
No. 143593 ID: 427807

this seems like the only viable option for the time being. once the premen are fully armored, we should figure out a way to put control of this place under arkus as a front for us
No. 143602 ID: 601a90

if you want that way then just aim for an assitant to come out and see us, have arkus explain that his master has a soulgrave but as they are not aloud in the land they are camping on the border. you have valuables their for him at the place but as he is but an assistant bringing them would most likely have resulted in being mugged. why you didn't bring any warriors to watch you is that they are large and frighting that is why he came to your armoury as they are the only ones able to make armour for such large warriors.
No. 143604 ID: d1210a

rolled 9 + 1 = 10


While it seems clear to me that Arkus should go, most likely with at least one Premen with him to act as an example of what is sought, I have some difficulty with deciding whether or not to send the rubies with him, after he voiced such concerns. I decide to hedge my bets, and send Arkus in with but a single ruby, as further proof without loading him with too much wealth.

As I send off Arkus with two Premen (one from both Oggroth and Ugrokk's camps, to give a general idea of what type of body each type of armor is destined for), I make sure to firmly communicate to the warriors that only in the case they themselves or Arkus are immediately threatened with harm, they are to take no overt actions, and to simply follow Arkus both as protection and example. The two warriors seem engrossed in what I ask of them, doing what they can to prove themselves worthy of having been chosen for this task, even though I chose them simply by dint of being the most average in each group.

While Arkus and his two escorts make their way off down a much smaller offshoot of the main road we are on, I move the rest of our forces off the trail several miles, and set up camp outside the lands of Duras while I wait for Arkus' return.

Late morning becomes noon, then afternoon as we await Arkus' return, only to find he has returned, with...

[rolling 1d10 to see how he did with a bonus of 1 for reasonable plans, 1/2 being terrible, 10/11 being awesome]
No. 143608 ID: 601a90

oh sweet, we got a 10.
No. 143614 ID: d1210a
File 126802646691.jpg - (216.47KB , 800x1040 , Del Rogo.jpg )

...To find an stocky, burly man with a brilliant gray beard fanning across his chest stocking after Arkus, gruffly yelling obscenity laced complaints as he uses a worn axe as a... cane...

"Now where the fehk is this high an' mighty, hoighty-toighty mage ya serve, eh!? Ya' came in jibba-jabberin' about some damned alchemical warriors, as well as more of these stupid giant tribals, so where the hell are they!? I swear upon my anvil, I will beat you to death here and now if you are wasting my time!"

Arkus cannot seem to find a chance to respond, even as he draws within a hundred feet of our camp, his companion perfectly happy to shout further insults at Arkus rather than pay attention to his surroundings.

What should I do?
No. 143615 ID: e31d52

Roar at him.

No. 143616 ID: 601a90

approach the man with the rest of the Premen and tell him you are the mage, and you are using the soulgrave as an avatar.
No. 143621 ID: 427807

this. right now.
No. 143634 ID: 903f16

Say this and gesture to the Premen to gather around us.
No. 143657 ID: d1210a


I command the Premen warriors to rise and form about me, and I find Ugrokk and Oggroth both taking point at the heads of their respective groups. Had I lips of flesh, they would have quirked in a smirk just now. Thankfully, I am made of superior iron, far less prone to breakage.

I decide to greet the cantankerous presumed smith with a polite rebuff to his suspicions, and hope that he tolerates having fun poked at him, should he be this Del Roga I have heard of. After all, his age and personality match what Arkus described, though his descriptions were hardly detailed.

I speak out with a thundering voice that causes some of the warriors near me and Arkus to flinch, still maintaining a pleasant tone of voice even at this incredible volume.


The grizzled old man doesn't even flutter an eyelid at the extreme volume, and leers back at me, revealing many shining metal teeth within his mouth.

"Bah, my hearin' went to shit years ago banging on metal all damn day, makes no fehkin' difference to me."

His leer widens as his gaze slips past me to the warriors behind me, Oggroth and Ugrokk both occupying much of his focus.

"Damned giant tribals. I haven't the slightest what kind of complex arcane workings you fehken' namby pamby mage types need to make 'em that big, but as a fellow craftsman, I gotta respect good work when I see it. Damned big ones, and that one with a fehken' face like shit and a lard ass looks like he could rip a damned castle apart bare-handed. Hell, never seen anything breathing get that big that wasn't a Life Golem. And these stupid looking tribal got good bones, heavy muscle, should make good warriors, would be interestin' to make shit fer 'em."

His leer slips back into a scowl as he continues his rant.

"Look, yer pipsqueek apprentice here said you had enough wealth to make your job my top priority. He showed me a ruby, fine and dandy, but that ain't diddly compared to what it costs to get top priority, outfit the two tenfold groups ah regular stupid tribals, not to mention custom making arms and armor for the two great lumbering bigguns. So prove you're worth my time before I get on with this pointless walk in the middle of the damned woods, and maybe beat the crap out of your apprentice for wasting my time."

How should I respond to this, and what action(s) should I take?
No. 143662 ID: e31d52

Toss the bag-oh-RUBY at his feet.
"Time is no matter. I wish for greater quality and uniformity above all."

To the Premen: "Excuse the craftman's eccentricities, he is a valued creator of weaponry and armor."
No. 143670 ID: 903f16

Call for the gems to be retrieved from where we stored them. Once we have the bag slowly pour several of them into our palms and tell him we're sure we can meet his price. Don't show him all the gems of course, he might get greedy and raise the price if he learns the full measure of our holdings.
No. 143676 ID: e31d52

Changing vote to this.
No. 143679 ID: 7857d9

Its not like they know what he's saying.
No. 143716 ID: d1210a


I first speak a word of caution to the Premen, instructing them that this loud old one is a venerated elder craftsmen of great talent, who forges arms and armor, makes implements of war and death, and that his antics are to be tolerated.

I also ask them to bring the bag of rubies forward, and I lower my left hand to the ground so that the Premen can start to slowly pour rubies onto my palm as I speak, each gem glittering with the light of the sunset.

"How long the actual crafting of equipment takes is unimportant to me. The quality and uniformity of what is crafted is all I care for. I am sure I can meet your price, in some manner or other."

The old man I grow more convinced is Del Roga with every passing minute grumbles at me as he squints at the gems in my hand. He starts to pace back and forth as he grumbles and mutters for a time, occasionally growing quite vocal, before he finally stops and responds with a rather ugly grimace.

"...Yeah alright, fine. Fehk if I give a damn what The Steel Fists say, ya brought me a hell of an interestin' job, one that'll give me a couple problems to tackle, and ya got the coin ta warrant yer runty apprentice bugging me. Don't bother telling me what kind of crap yer lookin' for, heavy armor for the heavy ones, lighter armor for the skinny ones, I can do that no problem, make them similar, that's easy too, I've done a shit-ton of vanguard work over the years. ...Hmmph, the mauls these fat stupid primitives'll use should have an eight foot handle, steel core, wood and leather cover..... Meh, Wonder how I could tie that in with the biggest, fattest, dumbest looking one here... though that ball and chain he's give me some ideas.. Yeah, I got a good idea of how to approach this. Now make yer stupid tribals line up, I need each one ta cut themselves on my axe, need at least a bit of each one's blood."

Arkus cannot help himself, and blurt out a simple exclamation to the bearded man's demands.


The old one rounds on Arkus, glaring at him as he thumps his Axe-turned walking cane in front of the young mage's face.

"Look here, mister sissypants 'lookatmeimgonnabeamageohjoy,' if ya payed any attention to yer lessons, ya could tell this axe got an interestin' an' potent spell in it. Any blood it tastes, it can recreate an image o' the bugger's whole body, what their physical abilities and weaknesses are, all that crap. Some crusty old mage gave it ta me when I made his son some armor and the little bastard failed to die due to his own stupidity. Been real helpful with the unusual requests, don't even need to measure, know exact size and such of each body I gotta make shit for. Now get those ignorant tribals movin' so I can get their blood, I'm too fehkin' old to just stand about dillydallying like this! Or if ya don't like it, to hell with the lot of ya!"

What should I do? Should I do as the old man says? Or should I do something else?
No. 143720 ID: e31d52

Oh, awesome.

Hell yeah.
We should comply. This guy's a pro. and if someone strangely figures out our greatest points of weakness, then hey, we know who to talk to first.
Go with it.
No. 143779 ID: 85ff7c

Exelent. And of couse, we will know whom to eviscerate if our trooper are attacked by blood magic...
No. 143788 ID: e04c9b

I'm also gonna tentatively suggest that we put in a request for ourselves as well. Get some golem blueprints, or maybe some way to enhance the Sable Executioner,or even get some new metal to munch. Anything like that.

Also, translate for the Premen what's going on, if they don't understand the coarse human tongue. They are our warriors and should understand the problems and dangers about the ax and what kind of armor they're going to be receiving.
No. 143807 ID: 6771ac

Okay. I know we need to do this, but one word of caution. It seems that we would be bumping The Steel Fists down with our request. They might not be too pleased with that, and if they are rich enough to afford top priority anyway, they might also be strong. Anyway, what im getting at is if they get pissed enough to want to kill us, they would know exactly who to look for by getting a hand on the axe. Heck, this little adventure could blow the whole ruse sky high. Though its unlikely its still possible, and we don't want too many people interested or even knowledgeable of us in our...underdeveloped state.
No. 143818 ID: 45be60

We don't need a fancy armor crafter for our own improvements, just quality resources to work with. It might be worth asking if he has any extra-high quality metal lying around, but I suspect he would need it for his business, and we probably don't have the resources to pay for it right now.
No. 143824 ID: e04c9b

Just some creations or suggestions or blueprints. The Sable Executioner wasn't our own creation, but was the integration of several golem claws. If we can get any more golem equipment or upgrades or blueprints, we can hopefully upgrade ourselves. Just a suggestion, you know?
No. 143825 ID: 427807

do what he says. fuck the steel fists, they can find a new armorer for all i care. if they come complaining to us, we'll give them the devastation of the amaranthine annihilator
No. 143839 ID: d1210a

Del Roga is supposed to be a smith of some renown, and if his primary buyers are mercenaries, I doubt he would get far were he to share his client's information: That sort of thing usually brings business to a terminal conclusion, as I understand it.

And if these Steel Fists, whoever they are, must be made to wait so that I can avail myself of Del Roga's services, then so be it. Should they come seeking me to complain, I shall grind them to dust under my heel if need be. ....Though the name sounds oddly familiar, The Steel Fists....

I explain to the Premen the gist of what is happening, that an offering of blood on the crafter's axe would let him craft arms and armor forged specifically for each individual, and that they should form a line to individually step forward and contribute. Judging by their reactions, I think they will need no further coaxing, as they enter a brief but frantic period of jostling, all trying to get third place in line and down.... as Ugrokk and Oggroth stare at each-other for a moment, neither budging. Finally, Ugrokk inclines his head, and Oggroth takes first in line, presenting his hand to Del Roga, who pulls the axe across a giant thumb, blood welling onto the blade and seeping into the metal itself, bringing stark color to the runes festooning it.

"..Eh, I was right, lard ass here's got strength to spare. Alright, next, hurry up!"

And so Del Roga continues to spill small offerings of blood on his axe from each Premen, his eyes going vacant as he nods to himself after each spilling of blood. His cursing has subsided for the moment as he focuses intently on his task, his cantankerousness set aside for now. In very short order no one else is waiting to contribute, and the elderly man barks out a harsh exclamation, a gutteral disdain for using words, before he stomp over to me, and snatches the bag of rubies off my hand. He pauses for a second as he feels the full weight of the bag, before grunting and speaking out even while walking back towards town, his axe tapping out a slow beat on the ground.

"Feh, guess I'll call Morris, put some runes on some of your shit, if ya got that much dosh. Now piss of, I'll have your shit done in six days, send your runty apprentice and... ten of your stupid tribals to pick it up, Sunrise six days from now, don't be late."

Without any further farewells, the belligerent smith continues making his way back to town.

I start to wonder if Del Roga could have blueprints or schematics for Soul Grave parts.... but considering how aversive Duras is to such beings as I, I doubt there would be any market for such, at least not one out in the open like that.

I find myself considering our current status, and realize that if we stay in this area rather than traveling for a time, we will have a great deal more time to spend on other activities.

So what would I prefer Arkus and the Premen to spend their time on, during this period? Should I try to help Arkus teach some rudimentary common tongue to the Premen, or perhaps try to help the Premen teach Arkus their language, so that Arkus can communicate with our forces more ably in my possible absence? Or should our time be spent on something else?
No. 143840 ID: e31d52

Language during the day, sparring during the night.
No. 143841 ID: e04c9b

Also, send a few out to scout. If there are any bandits around here, we can make some quick money, souls, maybe mages, and clear the path back and forth.
No. 143842 ID: 2aaaf1

Arkus briefly mentioned the Steel Fists shortly after awakened. They are one of the mercenary groups that claimed one or two the remaining Soul Graves from our home...
IDEA: In the six days we have to prepare, we should work on getting Arkus and the premen to scout out the town. We should also look for a way to secure more wealth. After we get the armor we should stay in town a little longer. The Steel Fists will no doubt be angry about their order being delayed and will most likely send someone down here to see whats up, someone we should "have words" with.
Barring that, we should have someone spy on whomever the Steel Fists send to Duras.
No. 143847 ID: 85ff7c

I doubt that asking him will bring any problems. Say "I salvaged some equpment along with this Soul Grave, but it was rather limited. Do you have anything that can improve golem's capabilities? I am particulary interested in ranged weapon upgrade." Make sure you are talking in third person.

While chance of eating or capturing another Soul Grave is great, we are not strong enough to deal with it AND mercenary soldiers together. However, investigating sounds like a good idea and perhaps we will be able to develop something with more data.
No. 143848 ID: b14128

Word of caution: If/when the Steel Fists found out about us (Specifically that there's another Soul Golem tromping around), they might feel threatened. I'm not saying this is a bad idea, but we should be careful.

And I agree, start sending out scouts to see if we can find some bandits to squash, or even better, one of the research labs.

Arkus seems to be one of our biggest resources at the moment, considering he's the only one who can communicate with the people in this area (Asides from us, but it's already established that going to Duras ourselves would be a bad idea). I think we should teach the Premen some of the common tongue, so as to try and lessen this problem.
No. 143852 ID: 6771ac

Note: The reason we wanted the armor in the first place was so that we would be more inconspicuous, seeming more like super soldiers that anything else, so I don't think the Premen should do any scouting in the town.

I also vote for language by day, sparring by night but add the scouting for bandits part somewhere in there. Maybe one or two Premen can scout instead of going to Modrean(language name) classes. Just rotate it so that everyone gets to learn.
No. 143864 ID: e04c9b

Include this next time we speak with the old smith. The part about Golem parts, I mean. And not just Ranged. How to augment the rest of ourselves. Infuse our powers with gems, or such.
No. 143876 ID: 427807

I like this idea.
we should work on teaching arkus the premen language, because teaching and entire army a new language would be time consuming and not very fruitful.
No. 143877 ID: 903f16

I don't see why we can't have both Arkus and the Premen learn the others language. The more pressing matter is the possibility of encountering the Steel Fists. They not only have their own golem, but presumably an effective mercenary fighting force.Having an ear to the ground and being prepared to engage them would be wise. Between the language lessons we should have Arkus tell us anything else he knows about the group.
No. 143879 ID: d1210a

[Just to Clarify: Currently, Mordre and company are just outside the borders of the Nation of Duras, which has a city, Hletwa, where Del Roga works. The Azelhaedran State, the place you are traveling to, with the bandits, rogues, and captured research outposts, is on the far side of the nation of Duras. As is, after getting the Premen armaments, the plan was to take the old trade road that passes through Duras to get to The Azelhaedran State, since contact with locals is relatively unlikely if they stay on the old trail]

I make a mental note to instruct Arkus to ask after anything that could be adapted to use on my form without being outright Soul Grave schematics. Things like improved firing mechanisms for cannons, or some such. I would be loathe to pass on a chance to further evolve myself.

I decide that work on language exchange should happen during the day, and sparring should happen at night. Further, I decide to start a rotating series of area scouting with the Premen, seeking any bandits or other vagabonds that could provide souls without incurring issues with the local government for murder. I inform my companions of our proposed plan, and have trouble selecting the initial scouts, as everyone volunteers. Eventually I simply pick the two smallest Premen present, in some vague hope that they will look at least somewhat less unusual than their even larger brethren. They set out to scout our immediate area, more accustomed to unlit patrols at night than those with ample stock of wood, so I have little concern for their safety. They have orders to return if they encounter foes, rather than engage, so that all may share in the glory... and to prevent any young fool from pointlessly dying in a mad attempt to prove their capabilities.

Sparring takes place upon a bare patch of dirt carefully cleared of debris, with non-participants forming the outline of a rough circle where combatants fight. Anticipation of getting to fight such tiny warriors has put an edge of predatory hunger into these warriors, and the sparring is noticeably more vicious than normal, though none complain, or are maimed, so I make no objection. After all, aggression is a potent tool for a warrior. Eventually the sparring ends, and the now exhausted warriors stumble to their tents.

[DAY 52]

[Roll a 1d10 to see what the Premen scouts encountered]
No. 143881 ID: 427807

rolled 1 = 1

hope this goes well...
No. 143883 ID: 2aaaf1

rolled 4 = 4

Oh boy, here we go.
No. 143892 ID: ab04d4

rolled 5 = 5

Hoping for a higher roll if only for variety. I don't even know if low rolls are bad or whatever soo...
No. 143905 ID: 632862

rolled 2 = 2

I'll give it a shot.
No. 143906 ID: e31d52

rolled 2 = 2

why not
No. 143908 ID: ab04d4

Wow the dice don't seem to want to give upper half rolls today.
No. 143932 ID: d1210a
File 126810124032.jpg - (392.17KB , 800x999 , Steel Fists Soul Grave.jpg )


The Premen return to camp in the early hours before the sun has fully risen, held at sword-point by heavily armed and armored soldiers, bearing the sigil of a burning silver fist grasping at the moon on their heraldry. They number in the scores, and all bear lethal looking lances and are mounted on equally heavily armored horses, enormous beasts bred for strength above all else, by the look for their thickened limbs, wider shoulders, and more pronounced musculature. Their faces are likewise thickened, shortened, and encased in plate helmets with a gap for the stocky horses to see. The riders themselves are so completely encased in heavy armor I cannot tell anything about them but that they seem quite enormous.....

One in armor more ornate than the rest that glitters with gems socketed into it's metal points a finger towards our camp, still trying to discern outlines within our camp. He yells out an enraged bit of dialogue as he continues to squint at the darkness.

"Now where the bloody hell are you, you stupid grubby little upstart! I know these giants are with you, now come out here! You got my commission delay by another week because of you! I am going to..."

....The Steel Fists caught our scouts and have come directly to us with heavy cavalry in numbers exceeding ours by at least four to one (it is difficult to be certain in the gloom), and threaten Arkus' life.


Oggroth and Ugrokk both rise quickly as they grasp their weapons, the Premen grouped about them following suit swiftly. I rise from my crouch, coming to tower even higher than the two super-sized Premen, and I see the Steel Fist captain's word's dying on his tongue.


"....Ah. That would explain the funds to get Del to change his schedule. So, managed to recover an actual Soul Grave, huh? Nice find, especially this many years after the fact. I'm guessing what, you plundered some ruins, found the golem, enough loot to pay Del, picked up some muscle on the way, want to outfit them, make some real money thereafter, huh?

Don't worry kid, I can understand the sentiment....."


The man's voice hardens as he continues.

"......But you do NOT get to just do as you please, just because you got lucky."

A form rises behind the mass of cavalry, towering even higher than my own form, and as the sun finally crests the hill it starkly illuminates a golem, a titan of steel standing beside the Steel Fists, their symbol engraved in it's chest, No claw to be seen, but two siege fists, both massive hands covered in runes.

"Now is when you get to beg for your life, and give me a reason I shouldn't squash you like a bug for the insult you offered me."

What should I do, and what orders should I give my companions?
No. 143948 ID: e31d52

Alright. The Roar time.

No. 143950 ID: b14128

...Oh. Well. ...Shit. Ok, to be perfectly honest, here, if this comes to a battle, we're -dead-. We might be able to take some of them with us, or even eliminate their soul golem or leader if we get -really- lucky, but we can't win if this becomes a brawl. Heavy cavalry is basically the medieval tank, and they've got a soul golem of their own. Survival is our goal here. About the best outcome I can see here is convincing this guy that fighting us would be too costly to be worth it, or negotiating some sort of duel.
No. 143952 ID: 2aaaf1

Now is the time to have a little chat with our resident. "Spirit, I promised you my life should I fall and I've no intention of betraying you. But tell me true, are you not tired of being merely an audience member? You were a part of Zakrath once, you cannot tell me the destruction of the leylines in Mosmordre did not hurt the world and yourself by proxy even if you were not an individual before I found you. Here is the perfect opportunity to make an impact in this world. Can you enter the body of that golem and control it? Or is your control limited to Soul Graves on the verge of certain destruction? I shall try to defuse the situation while getting into an desirable vantage point should this conversation turn bloody. The choice is yours, remain in the peanut gallery or seek revenge with me."
No. 143955 ID: b14128

Addition: Tell our guys to form up, prepare for possible battle and glorious death. Give them a quick sketch of how much the odds are against us. Again, if this comes to a battle, about all we can do is cause as much damage and cause as possible before we all die or one side or the other retreats.

Also... Looking at their soul golem, what kind of combat is it outfitted for, Mordre? Do you think we're faster than it is, might be able to avoid those fits of it? What would your weapons do against it?

Anyway, step forward, Mordre, and greet the commander. Be cautious to not act threatening, arrogant, or otherwise insulting of him, as percieved insult is what got us in this mess in the first place. I for one am seriously glad we decided to go with the 'Great mage Mordre' ruse now. This is exactly the sort of crisis that requires our delicate touch to avoid dire consequences.
No. 143956 ID: b14128

Ooo, I just remembered our Pristine Soul store. What say we use one of them to diffuse this, guys? We should at least keep that option in mind.
No. 143957 ID: e31d52

No. 143958 ID: bbdfae

We don't want a duel- if it comes to that, it'll be a Soul Grave contest or a duel of champions, and either pairing doesn't end well for us. We must resolve this peacefully- that's the actual fact as it stands.

However, revealing our cover story- that we're operating the Soul Grave by remote, and are in no personal danger ourselves- would likely make them much more likely to believe that we'd be willing to throw away the entirety of the force we've gathered here rather than fold, if they press the issue. Our negotiating position is much stronger for the bluff that all we'd lose is a golem, albeit a very valuable one, and an expendable unit of servants.

So. Explain that we have no quarrel with them, and have offered no insult by intention. Depending upon the size of their order, we could delay our own order by a matter of a few days to avoid conflict here; no skin off our nose. Alternately, we could retain our position at the front of the queue and compensate them for the delay by means of a few gems. But we have no need to beg for our life when we are safely removed from this conflict, and are confident that any attempt by him to squash us like a bug would result in more deaths of his own than any petty insult is worth, though we would undoubtedly lose.
No. 143960 ID: 42500c

This sounds like it might have some merit.
No. 143963 ID: b14128

Not quite. From what I'm seeing, their Soul Golem might be specialized to topple fortifications. We, on the other hand, have our anti-golem cannon, our magical and ranged attacks, and hopefully speed on our side. Likewise, I'm -moderately- certain combat by mortal champion might work in our favor, though I admit myself less sure in this regard. Peaceful means would be best, I agree, but dueling is less risky than a general melee, keep in mind.
No. 143965 ID: 632862

Don't forget we have the ANTI-GOLEM CANNON.

If we can arrange a duel between us and the golem they have, we can use the cannon for good effect.
No. 143966 ID: 601a90

especially if we fire the cannon with a pristine soul. bet we would blow one of it's arms clean off or something if we do that.
No. 143971 ID: 427807

use one pristine soul for diplomacy, trying to convince them that all is well. wave your hand in front of yourself, palm out to the main dude, and say "you will not fight us". Jedi mind trick time!
No. 143973 ID: e31d52

No. 143976 ID: b14128

...Seriously? Dude, I don't think it works that way.
No. 143984 ID: 427807

Are you saying no to using a pristine soul or saying no to doing the whole jedi mind trick spiel?
No. 143985 ID: 45be60


Yell at them for daring to harm your servants over the actions of a blacksmith. Begin dirge. Give the little premen a moment to duck out of the way, then release several weeks worth of stored kinetic energy into the center of their formation even as you lob an anti-golem shell into the enemy soul grave. Proceed to lay about with armor ignoring flesh devouring attacks.
No. 143988 ID: bbdfae

Even if we wanted to kill them all- which we might not, since there is still the possibility of salvaging positive relations from this- entering into a pitched melee with them is a quick way to get all our premen killed. Whatever happens here, we want to get out of it with no net losses of resources.
No. 143989 ID: 601a90

oh shit, i forgot all about the annihilator. use it on the leader! let's see what all this hiking does to something.
No. 143996 ID: 445c48

Can you tell if that Golem is a Soul Grave? If so, Annihilate it. Then say "It would be hard to squish me like a bug without your golem" or something similar, you know how to phrase these things.
No. 144015 ID: 2aaaf1
File InstantCSI.swf - (180.68KB , 100x100 )

Well if the first few ideas posted don't work when i suggest this:
1. Walk up to leader.
2. Shake his hand.
3. Activate accelerator power in our soul nexus.
4. Throw him at the large golem.
5. Fire a Pristine Soul powered Amaranthine Annihilator shot(make sure it hits the leader dead center and lances through the golem as the body impacts it for dramatic effect)
7. file related
No. 144029 ID: d1210a


I try to force my thoughts upon the fragment of spirit housed within me, that it should aid me.

For once, I get a response.

"Have learned since first reaching the surface,
If Mordre destroyed, body could still be controlled,
Only pieces are needed, truly.
So why would Mordre's end be negative?
Control of the form inhabited would finally be mine.
Mordre must present a true reason to offer aid,
Not such as this."

...Well, at least it will respond to me sometimes, then.

"Stop wasting time treating my apprentice like he acted on his own! I, The Mage Mordre, commanded this apprentice to purchase some goods. I have just ironed out the kinks in long-range golem manipulation, And I admit to being anxious to try it out against some suitable riff raff. I apologize if my urge for haste has led to trouble, It can be difficult to still pick up social cues through this golem."

The heavy atmosphere completely breaks as shock visibly spreads through the Steel Fist Mercenaries as they hear me speak. I finish speaking to find an awkward silence, and start to wonder if my ruse was not sufficiently plausible. I decide to further enforce it, in the hopes of making them accept it as truth. I lean forward slightly as I speak out again.

"I say, did I lose sound again? Really, does this need to happen now? Ah, hold on, let me just....."
I trail off with my speech, and instead proceed to make noises akin to books and glassware shifting about, throwing out an occasional footstep, as if this mage Mordre had some form of captain's chair that he had stepped away from.

I see uncertainty start to replace the tension and shock pervading the mercenaries, and I begin to feel my gambit could pay off. I stay motionless as I continue to produce noises for a few more seconds, only speaking when I hear the apparent leader of the Steal First group before us inhale to speak.

"-kay that should do it I imagine. Now, I would prefer that this situation be resolved peaceably, I need these test subjects... and my apprentice, yes, I need them for practical field tests of several magical theories I have. 'Twould be most sad if I had to go round up more, it would take quite a bit of time."

The hostility that had filled the speaker for the Steel Fist's voice had vanished, a strangely monotone, nonplussed air pervaded his words now, as if he was still trying to adjust to some radical concept.

"....Right, my mistake, I'll accept the apprentice is not at fault. Now.... Mage Mordre, was it? Look, I don't care how important you think your research is, but you can't go doing something like that. Rogo & Sons Smithing makes good stuff, and their name has weight. Hell, the waiting list for getting Del to personally craft things is years long and a list that carries great impact on one's credibility. If I let you get off easy after you show me up like that, making Del just drop my commission like that, the Steel Fists would suffer, and if things go south for this chapter house, as far as the owners of the Steel Fists are concerned it's on my head. So I can't just let you off."

Well, I certainly leeched most of the anger out of the situation, but even if they seem to rather firmly buy my cover, and even view it as cause for concern, such as being an indication I wouldn't truly care if all my men were slain, making this harder for them when violence starts, they still value their reputation too highly to be able to just let this go like that. Hmm....

.....Perhaps I can get us out of this mess more directly. I maintain my persona as I address the Steel Fists again.

"Ah, one of those honor things then, is it? Well, dueling is considered quite honorable, is it not? Perhaps we could have a duel between our golems? If I lose, you will damage one of my most valuable resources, And I will await a more convenient time to get my goods, Even if my research is time sensitive. But if I were to win, then you let me keep my order, Release my samples, and aggress us no further. We could avoid unnecessary mess this way, yes?"

I try to come off as having a cavalier attitude about all of this, as I imagine one completely isolated from the ramifications of their acts might be, and hope my gamble on the personality of the Steel Fist leader is accurate.... but if this is about honor and this company is based off a military organization......

"That could be acceptable. But be warned, if I think you are using your magic to do anything more than just control your Soul Grave, I will not hesitate to kill everyone with you in retribution. Excuse me, I need to see to some preparations if we are to do this."

The ornately armored leader pulls his reins about and gallops to the base of the Soul Grave, conferring with some individuals in somewhat different armor near it.

Well, at least I found a potential way out, but....

Where I am fifteen feet tall, their golem is 24 feet tall, and likely thrice my weight, it's frame far heavier. While I am in all likelihood going to have a significant speed advantage, their golem is even more heavily armored than I, and it's arms likely can be swung with more force than my own. It is forged completely of steel, whereas I am largely Iron, with a steel fist and a Black Steel Claw. Where I have but a single mortar per shoulder, it has two barrels above each shoulder, their make foreign to me. I may have speed on my potential opponent, but I lose out on durability for certain, likely strength as well, potentially even in firepower. Only my Sable Executioner can give me a reasonable chance at having the same reach as my foe, and those runed fists make me wonder if melee with their Soul Grave might be a bad idea.

I try to come up with a plan to avoid this fight..... and cannot think of anything.

But something can.

I feel a soul quaking within me, I can feel it's urge to be used. But I can also feel it's fragility, and that I would see such souls as these only rarely. I ponder if I should attempt to tap the soul, and see if it can help me out of this predicament.....

What should I do? Should I go ahead with the Soul Grave duel? Or should I use a Pristine Soul? Or should I do something else?
No. 144036 ID: e31d52

Go ahead with it.

As soon as the duel starts, AA the arm at the elbow, using a Pristine for additional power and aim. Focus on tearing apart his leg with the Sable.
No. 144043 ID: 632862

Tap the soul. I am worried far too much about those shoulder-mounted weapons.
No. 144047 ID: 42500c

Tap that soul. It's what it's there for, and we will NOT be caught by the Too Awesome To Use trope.
No. 144051 ID: bbdfae

Before the duel, warn your opponents that you have enhanced the golem with several magical capabilities which require no effort to use on your part and must be classed as its abilities, no yours. He's made it clear that he might consider the result of the duel invalid if he thinks we're cheating by drawing on magic, and we can't afford that.
No. 144057 ID: b14128

If we're going to use a Pristine Soul, we should use it to avoid a fight, not to win the fight itself. And... Hrmm... He needs to not let us off easy, hm? Perhaps we could arrange some sort of 'Fall' or 'Payment' on our part to ensure their reputation is maintained?
No. 144062 ID: 2aaaf1

Firstly, to the spirit's response: "I ask you for little aid spirit, only hindrance to my foe. If you can stop its movements, then that is all that is needed. I apologize if my request reached you as an attempt to undermine you, I meant no such insult."

Secondly, there IS an easy way to bring an end to this fight rather quickly... But it involves getting really close. But avoiding this fight would be a much better outcome. So tap that soul.
No. 144068 ID: 427807

tap the soul, see what it can do. if it seems likely to tip the scales in our favor in this fight, use it. if it isnt something that can make this fight go well for us, blast the other soul grave with the AA, preferably amplified with a pristine soul.
We should have used the pristine soul to avoid a fight altogether, but this is the next best way to use it, and i believe the only way we can get out of this with minimal injury is by using a pristine soul.
No. 144072 ID: b14128

Guys, the duel hasn't started yet, we've still got a chance to do something to try and avoid combat.
No. 144078 ID: bbdfae

Well, it's not like the Pristine Soul will suddenly teleport us out of this awkward situation. We should probably have a decent handle on whatever conversation tack we're going to try before using it and thinking that it'll make diplomacy magically work.
No. 144081 ID: 601a90

yes, we already agreed to a grave vs grave battle. using it to get out of the fight is just nonsensical.
No. 144083 ID: 7857d9

What is this foolishness? You seem to have forgotten we have a particularly potent secret weapon. The Amaranthine Annihilator, with several weeks worth of charge. Steel construction does not provide any real defense against being flash-cooled to the point where the sheer stress of the transfer of heat causes your material structure to detonate. ESPECIALLY if followed up by an Anti-Golem cannon shot. There won't be anything left, if its construction is truly simple steel. Synergies, man, Synergies.
No. 144085 ID: 601a90

that plan is PERFECT! make sure you inform them of the fact that 'your golem' has an eyebeam enchantment so they know you are not castings spells through it.
No. 144104 ID: 632862


Why don't we just talk to the Soul Grave itself? If we can make it self-aware it might join us and SLAUGHTER our enemies.
No. 144107 ID: bbdfae

Just talking to it won't make it self-aware, anymore than we could awaken the Small Tomb. We'd need some sort of specialized spell for that, which we don't have.
No. 144109 ID: 7857d9

To expand, lets look at it this way: Assuming a 1500 m/s velocity*, the AG cannons 14 kilogram projectile will impact with a kinetic energy of about 15 Megajoules, which is more than sufficient to core through DU reinforced Steel armor, without factoring in the effects of rifling.

Compounding this, is the fact that low-carbon steel becomes incredibly brittle when rapidly cooled to sub-zero temperatures, as I recall. Really, when it comes to breaking down large, armored opponents, the Amaranthine Annihilator couldn't have been a more perfect weapon than a lightspeed freezeray.

OOC: This is the velocity of an M1's smoothbore cannon
No. 144110 ID: 45be60

I would hope that the glowing ruby eyes surrounded by runes might be a tip off on that one. I dunno though. I suppose they might think those just allow the mage controlling you to see.

Actually, that might be a worthwhile addition to our ruse at some point. If somebody who can read runes reads stuff about sight and distance around our face, it lends weight to the story.
No. 144120 ID: d1210a

....No, I have been around fleshlings too long, and I have started to think in a cowardly fashion like them, if I doubt myself so. I will not wrest my way out of this with a silvered tongue, or some sort of tribute to this pathetic bag of flesh! I care not if he commands hundreds more, in the end they are all just weak sacks of meat, so easily destroyed. While I acknowledge the need for maintaining a cover to avoid a worst-case-scenario of people discovering I can think of r myself, I see no reason to defy my nature, and resist conquering this obstacle before me as I would any other: with brutal and overwhelming force.

...And as I think this, I feel a different soul call out to me, with a call much more to my liking. It whispers of power untold held within my eyes, enough to crush this foe.... but the enchantments are simply to crude to handle such output. The soul then urges it's invocation, and I feel it's thirst for violence mirroring my own current mood, and I reach out and grasp the power offered.

[-1 soul Total remaining: 93]

I feel the feeble runes inscribed in my visage flood with power, Soulfire etching improvements into their form.... and as the runes are augmented, I feel the power the soul promised, waiting to be released. The blast I mustered before on the yeti shaman paled compared to this force, a vast see of power. I feel the soul that singled itself out so burning away as it gives it's everything to the enchantment about my Amaranthine Annihilator, yet I feel..... contentment drifting from the soul even as it fades.

I turn to face the Soul Grave of the Steel Fists, as their leader returns. He starts to speak, his are of pompousness returned.

"Fine, Let us begin this duel yo-"


Power explodes from my eyes as a great lance of baleful magic, hurtling across the open air to hit the Steel Fist Golem. For the barest fraction of a second, the entire steel golem glows cherry red, as heat is forcibly expelled from it's body. A wall of flame explodes outwards, and several of the mercenaries fall of startled horses.

But as the wall of fire spreads at blinding speeds, it takes with it the incredible heat that moments ago was in the golem. Tremendous, resounding creaks and groans, the squeals of tortured metal assault the area, the golem's form starting to warp and chip as it is covered with an icy sheen. The power of the blast was intense, but not enough to break my foe as I had the yeti shaman.

Thankfully, I have a cannon for that.

With a roaring boom loud enough to drown out the sound of warping metal, I fire a thirty plus pound anti-golem drill shell, designed exactly for this sort of situation.

The golem's left shoulder and upper left chest simply shatter, showering those nearby with a rain of cooled steel slivers and shards, several of the mercenaries crying out in pain. The golem's left arm starts to fall with nothing left to hold it up any longer. Cracks spasm through the metal from the gaping wound, tracing along the golem's left leg, whole chest and head. Soulfire starts to billow from the gash, as the steel golem falls to it's knees, and slowly pitches forward.

"I seem to have won. Now leave."

The Steel Firsts commander looks at me, his helmet gone in the confusion, his mouth agape.

And the Steel Fists go, the two Premen hostages released.

What should I do now? It's still early morning, the sun having just dawned.
No. 144121 ID: 632862

No. 144123 ID: 601a90

No. 144124 ID: e31d52

Haha, Mordre. You rock. KA-BEWM! hahaaha

Now turn to the premen, and let out a cry of victory!

Then ask Arkus if we're in deep shit for doing something so bloody obvious this close to the border.
No. 144126 ID: 601a90

if it is still active but near broken try to drain the rest of the souls out of it then reset it.
No. 144138 ID: bbdfae

We should probably make sure to keep moving enough that we build up a new charge rather quickly. We might have to replicate that feat, if we gain a reputation for it.

Is the effect of the pristine soul on our Annihilator permanent, or was that a one-time thing? The reference to augmented runes implies a lasting effect to me.
No. 144143 ID: 7857d9

I would be rather interested in seeing the reactions of our followers. I don't think anyone expected you to end it that fast.

Also, ask Arkus to inspect the runes around the golem's undamaged arm. I'm rather curious about what those would do, and if they can be used to enhance our own siege arm.

Finally, be sure to consume whatever souls the fallen Soul Grave leaves behind. You mind find something worthwhile among the dregs.
No. 144186 ID: 2aaaf1

Eat remaining souls, salvage that arm. If at all possible, contact Del Rogo and have him use some of the spare metals from this soul grave in the premen armor. Granted he'll probably yell at us for interrupting his work... But hey, at least he has one less fehk'n order to fill.

But more importantly: WE NEED TO GET CONQUERING AZELHAEDRAN ASAP. I'm damn sure the chapter house we just sent packing won't tell their leaders what happened out of shame, but in the event that they DO, we need to prepare for them marching on down to our location.
No. 144208 ID: 7857d9

Why would we want to do that? It provides no real benefit and will only serve to piss off Del Rogo
No. 144214 ID: 601a90

Rogo has all the steel he needs, he has his own forge workshop. if anything we can eat it and change from iron to steel.
No. 144216 ID: 601a90

ack, was replying to the guy above you.
No. 144217 ID: 2aaaf1

We only need so much metal to convert our body to steel, I don't think it'd be prudent to lug around a few thousand pounds of the stuff in the middle of staging a hostile invasion and takeover of one of the states that attributed to the downfall of our home. Unless we've got somewhere to store it all, or we feel generous and just DONATE the metal we don't plan on using, we might as well have Del Roga make something good with it.
No. 144219 ID: 7857d9

My point is, I highly doubt he wants it. Telling him to "make the armor out of this scrap" is akin to telling him how to do his job, which given his depicted personality, is just going to piss him off to no real gain. If you really want him to make use of it, once we're done you can just point out the location of the remains if, at some point, he wishes to retrieve them.
No. 144220 ID: 601a90

yes, but we don't interrupt the man. when we get our armour just say we had a run in with the fists and he can have what's left. this is assuming the golem is not just incapacitated. and some repairs will get it active again.
No. 144239 ID: 2aaaf1

Good point, but we really should do SOMETHING with this metal in the mean time. I don't think we're going to encounter another Soul Grave of this scale that is this easy to deal with, we need to store this somewhere where people can't find it. For one thing, if bandits or normal people find this big wreckage sitting here, they're going to figure out something is going on. Also, if the steel fists return to find no wreckage and we succeed in making ourselves scarce til the armors are complete, the group that challenged is will most likely be punished for incompetence while we walk away scott free with our shiny new stuff.
No. 144251 ID: bbdfae

Can't we just eat it all, get a steel body and maybe grow bigger?
No. 144260 ID: 903f16

For the steel let's eat whatever is needed to fully transition all of our bodies metals into it. For whatever is left over we can give a good portion of it to Roga as a gift, and ask if he can store some of it for us in shop so we can take the rest of it back to Modreden and further improve the place. Before we do any of this we need to examine the runes on the arms of the defeated golem and have Arkus take notes of them so that we may incorperate them into our form at a later time.
No. 144274 ID: 601a90

oh, another idea is ask if the spirit could use the downed body, instead of taking over you when you go down, it can take over that one's husk.
No. 144308 ID: 903f16

I thought we were going to offer it the Small Tomb once we delivered the five mage skins to Kyorto and he gave control of it over to us. I mean we could give him this one if it can take it over in it's state, but it has a lot of resources we could use at the moment.
No. 144340 ID: 45be60

I'm gonna laugh if Bob clarifies "oh, they took their wrecked golem with them."
No. 144342 ID: d1210a

[Permanent. The runes involving the A.A. have been strengthened and given greater complexity, they permanently can discharge more power and store more total, though the method of absorbing power remains the same.]


While thoughts of converting the fallen Soul Grave to my cause, feasting upon it, and offering it to the spirit within me all appeal to me in their own ways, the Steel Fists DID bring their golem with them, pulling it along behind their mounts with a multitude of ropes, dragging their weapon away. Likewise the Steel Fist numbers may have some wounded now, but none of their number fell, even when they were faced with an explosion of steel slivers and spikes within their own camp.

....They did leave behind the steel left arm, the runes on the fist still undamaged. The arm represents several thousand pounds of steel in an of itself, enough to convert my head and torso to steel if I choose, leaving only my arms and legs still iron, and is (relatively) small enough I could carry it with no difficulty. I may not have been able to claim the entirety of the opposed Soul Grave during this first encounter, but I nonetheless have claimed considerable spoils from this encounter.

I turn back to the Premen, still standing behind me with weapons held ready, to find outright awe and admiration on several faces, respect for violence and destruction plain to see amongst my followers. I let out a roar of victory, and the Premen likewise explode into cheering, the two freed scouts cheering the loudest.

Now that the Steel Fists have departed, and I find my urges to crush the arrogant cretins that bothered us abating, I turn to Arkus, a question occurring to me.

"Do you have a firm sense of what shall come as a result of this act? I know Duras forbids Soul Graves, and we are currently right at the edge of their border. Would they come to seek retribution against a vilified Soul Grave if they were informed?"

Arkus continues to stare at the broken arm still resting upon the ground, his mouth slightly agape, before belatedly responding.

"...Well, The Steel Fists are pretty well known for never failing to fulfill a contract, and have a good reputation.... On the other hand, you kicked the crap out of their best weapon, even if it was a bit of a sucker punch. So, I have no idea. They might complain to the authorities after they get their own Soul Grave stored.... wherever the hell it is they keep it since Duras won't allow them, maybe bring the army down on us. That, uh, that would be a worst case scenario. They could end up just resting on their bloody nose, since until or even if they can repair their Soul Grave, they don't have much that can stand up to you other than cannons.

But I figure they are going to take some sort of action, the Steel Fists is a pretty big mercenary company, and they can't afford a bad rep. ....Though no one but our two groups were here to witness it... Honestly, I have no idea, it would be completely unfounded conjecture."

Hm, while I do not regret my actions in the slightest, the act of putting the fleshlings in their place quite cathartic, I wonder if we should relocate. After all, Del Roga will have the goods ready at Hletwa in five days at dawn, until then we don't need to be here. Why wait when trouble, potentially more of it than we could realistically handle, could be coming for us?

But where should we go? And what should we do? There are dense forests to the south that would likely present some difficult to my bulky form to navigate, but would provide excellent shelter, veiling us from all but the most astute seekers. Back to the west are flat-lands and eventually the cursed forest. To the north, the terrain slowly converts into a series of arid steppes, with no lord laying claim to the land. And to the east, the warring nations.... on the other side of Duras. I know I considered hunting bandits in this interim period, but where would be a good place to look for them?
No. 144344 ID: 076099

Runes on arm? Score! Get Arkus to study them and to figure what they do. Also, start studying runes youself. Seriously, letting someone do magic on your body without even basic understanding of how it works?

Traditionaly, bandits live in the forests, as it provide cover, ready supply of wood for fires and shelter and animals and plants for food.
So, I vote south.
No. 144349 ID: 2aaaf1

Whatever we decide to do with the arm, tell Arkus to copy the runes for future use. Head south, it looks like the best shelter we'll be getting for a while. If the trees are that much trouble, cut them down with your blade launcher.
No. 144399 ID: 445c48

Get Arkus to study the runes, and copy them. Attempt to learn the theories of magic, and learn the universal magic language they're putting together. You might not have enough mage souls to actually cast, but surely you can learn about it.
No. 144413 ID: bbdfae

After (or while) studying the arm, we should definitely consume as much of it as possible. Having a steel body would be far superior to our current iron one.

Let's relocate to the forest. There's no sense leaving ourselves exposed when the Steel Fists might try something, and if there's one thing that bandits like it's being able to hide.
No. 144414 ID: 427807

I say either hide in the forest, look for bandits and/or mages, and wait until the armor is ready, or go to the steppes, hunt more bandits and/or mages, possibly run in to more steel fists, and wait for the armor.
No. 144425 ID: ab04d4

Could you just take the arm and graft it onto yourself instead of consuming it? Failing that, just analyze said runes.
No. 144426 ID: 7857d9

Its too big. He'd need to resize his whole body first.
No. 144432 ID: 6771ac

Dang, beat me to it.
Seconding though.

Oh yea. Remember that if you decide to get the new tattoo you should make sure that it wont mess with your current enchantments and soul boosts. I would hate to see the DRAGON OF THE END soul Nexus ruined.
No. 144482 ID: d1210a
File 126818210512.jpg - (267.74KB , 750x600 , The Forest.jpg )

I order Arkus to make etchings, notes, and copies as necessary so that he has as close to a perfect sample of this enchantment's structure as he can get, and I wait patiently while he works. After scribbling upon dozens of sheefs of paper, many of them already bearing writing on the other side, Arkus steps away from the arm, his task complete.

"Well, as near as I can figure, the runes involve decay AND empowerment, but while both types of runes are present, they don't seem to interact with each-other much. Maybe.... a dual enchantment of some sort, that causes multiple effects simultaneously? But then, I don't even have a clue what these runes over here even do, so who knows, this enchantment could even have a tertiary layer, and that would be complex as all hell. ...Really, this is still new ground to me, if you want me to be able to tell you more about magic, I'll need a lot more tombs on magic and time to study them, or better yet a teacher who understands them. But then, you could just ask them, I imagine.

Bottom line, I have no idea about much of the mechanics behind this rune, it's simply too complex for me to decode with how little I yet know about runes myself. So I can't replicate it, not unless I can find some reference texts to help me with this. ....Well, that's not entirely true. I saw something......" Arkus begins rummaging through the many pouches about his cloak, before gently pulling forth one of the books from the Mosmordren ruins.

"...Yeah, there is a way to try and put these runes on you we could use. I don't need to know or understand the magic involved with the spells bound in these runes, if we have a sample of it on another Soul Grave. Alright, so Soul Graves were designed so that, in the event that an existing, heavily enchanted Soul Grave got destroyed, any parts with still unbroken runes upon them could be fed to a new Soul Grave, and none of the magic would get wasted, since it would bond to the similar spell matrices of the new golem.

Ah... there is a bit of a hitch to it, though. To make it work, I need to inscribe a couple runes of Chaos on your hand, break up the order bound in it's form. I would do that so it is mutable enough that when you eat the arm, the enchantment can migrate to you, and after a gestation period as it bonds to you, presto, enchantment transfer. The problem is, because I make your arm more inclined to chaos, AND there are variations between spell matrices, the existing enchantment doesn't so much harmonize with you as it does be forcibly mutated until it matches your own magic. None of the power is lost, but..... the book makes note that the results can be unpredictable, though it doesn't really say anything about it being dangerous.

Anyway, uh, something occurred to me while I was looking over the arm. I imagine you plan to, ah, eat the arm to convert more of your form to steel, yes? Well, some of the manuals I've been looking through make mention of Soul Graves being able to blend metals together within themselves. Since you are already made of iron, and steel is pretty much iron anyway.... I think you could just use the steel here to universally enhance the iron parts of your body, rather than just converting parts of it to full steel like your fist."

I nod to Arkus as he concludes his findings and observations report, and pluck the steel arm from the ground, still covered in a sheen of frost, taking it with me as I lead the now fully packed Premen to the south, into the dense forests there, both in search of bandits while I wait for Del Roga to craft our goods, and to avoid being easily found should the Steel Fists come looking again. As well as our last encounter may have gone, they still have their Soul Grave, and far more numbers than I can claim.

The sun reaches it's zenith as we enter the woods, brilliantly shining down a flood of light.... that is snuffed, strangled to a thin whisper of light amidst the dense canopy of trees. We continue on, the light almost gone as we finally come upon something of a clearing beneath a massive tree, the first reasonably large open area we have seen since entering the forest. Camp is set up shortly, and two fire-pits assembled with nearby stones spring into existence shortly thereafter. We have reached the forest. I send out some scouts, six of them this time, to seek out bandits or anything else of note in the vicinity of our camp over the course of the night, as I ponder what to do with the steel arm I carry.

What should I do? Should I ask Arkus to go ahead with the necessary steps for the enchantment transfer, or should I pass on the option? When I eat the steel arm, should I convert my head and torso to full steel, or should I enhance all of the iron in me equally?
[when posting what Mordre should do, roll a 1d20 (yes, twenty) for how the scouts fair. They get a +1 bonus from caution instilled by recent events and how the last set of scouts performed.]
No. 144485 ID: e31d52

rolled 15 + 1 = 16

Okay, so I say we should get the chaos runes and eat the arm. I'm fully expecting it to be awesome.
No. 144493 ID: 2aaaf1

rolled 11 = 11

I think we should forego the transfer process, we shouldn't risk blowing up our arm on an outcome we have no real control over. We should still eat the arm and strengthen the parts already integrated equally. As long as Arkus copied most of the runes, we can find someone who is better at runecrafting to decipher them and teach Arkus how to use the recovered runes better.
No. 144497 ID: 601a90

rolled 7 + 1 = 8

if it wont destroy the nexus then it would be a good idea to integrate the spell. if it has a higher then 10% chance of destruction then don't.
No. 144515 ID: bbdfae

rolled 14 + 1 = 15

I don't want to go ahead with enchantment when we don't know what it does and it might disrupt our existing enchantments. Arkus' notes should be sufficient for making use of the designs at a later date, when we can have them fully analyzed- either by him when he has more references available or by Kyorto.

Eat the arm and distribute the improvement throughout those portions of our body that can benefit from it.
No. 144516 ID: ab04d4

People have already rolled so I'm forgoing that step.

I vote to inscribe the chaos runes and get new powarz. I mean, what could go wrong? (metagaming) If Bob wants us to do it, he's not going to just say "lol ur hand explodez haha u fail" so we at least have a reasonable chance of success.

And I want new powers. >:D
No. 144521 ID: d1210a

[First roll of 16 for scouts stored]
I have made it this far by being decisive, by taking aggressive actions. If I can find more power through this method Arkus mentions, than I shall not reject it. I have Arkus inscribe the runes of chaos upon my own steel fist, and feast upon the arm I still carry.

As I rip and rend my way through the metal, feasting upon the steel, I spread what I eat widely, letting it permeate every bit of iron in me. As I continue to consume the steel, I feel my form shifting, the iron slowly being laced with carbon, bit by bit. The process will be time consuming, but I have no qualms with waiting, I need not sleep, and the whole night is ripe for exploitation.

Far more-so than the change in my metal, though, is the change I feel in my hand I feel the Soul Nexus within my hand trembling at the swirling mass of chaos that pulls the enchantments from the metal I eat into it's mass, growing as I feed.

I can feel the churning mass of disorder and power maturing, and I reach out to it, trying to snare it, to grasp what is forming. I can feel the spells within resist my influence, still attuned to a different golem, but the chaos that surrounds it quickly responds to my call, latching itself to my hand physically as well as magically. Runes start to simply form upon my hand, it's metal flowing as inscriptions and formulas start to manifest embossed on my fist.

[DAY 53]

The day dawns as I finish my feast, my body now tinged a dark gray-blue, the spell now anchored to my fist still being warped by the runes of chaos to accept me as it's new master. As the camp fully awakens, the scouts return, bringing word that they found two groups of armed humans without any uniforms (I had trouble explaining the concept of bandits to the Premen, as most have burned, raided and pillaged other clans themselves at some time) traveling through the forest, in opposed directions. One group has thirteen members, the other twenty six. The two groups are in almost completely opposed directions. Neither group noticed the Premen scouts.

Well, what should I do?
No. 144525 ID: bbdfae

What exactly is our objective with these bandits? To kill them for practice and amusement? To recruit them as additional minions? Something else?

I lean towards minionizing them, personally. Sure, they're bandits, but bandits are worth no more or less than any other armed human, when one comes down to it. They've got history, motivations, and ambitions for the future. Some of them might jump at the chance to serve someone with a massive golem and twenty gigantic barbarian warriors. Until we actually get into our target nation we don't need to worry about reputation-building, and we'll need more numerous minions than the Premen anyway- why not start building up an army now?
No. 144526 ID: 903f16

Split our forces and create two groups, one headed by Ugrokk and the other headed by Oggroth. Ugrokk attacks the smaller group, aiming to kill them and capture any bandit that looks relatively important. Oggroth's will attack the main force and also aim to capture anyone of interest. We will keep an eye on both groups and have them send out a call to us should there be any trouble, I recommend they try to imitate our dirge or use a traditional yell.
No. 144537 ID: 601a90

have a forward force follow the larger group while the bulk of our force hangs back. the group should have a base of some kind with stuff to take.
No. 144541 ID: 716eb0

I believe the point of hunting bandits was "for food." And don't split the party, especially if a subset of the party has trouble differentiating between okay and not okay to attack.

Next time you get some down time, have Arkus look at the modified enchantment around your eyes. He drew the basis himself, he should have an easier time understanding the changes which have improved upon it than he did the unknown golem arm. Hopefully he can learn from it.
No. 144557 ID: bbdfae

Oh. We just want more souls? I suppose that works, although it's not like we're running short. I suppose it can't hurt to get a bigger stock, though.

Don't split the party. Have everyone go after the larger group, since they're likely to be better off and will provide more souls in any case. Have scouts get intelligence while everyone else comes up, then attack as dusk falls, when visibility will be poor. Use Oggroth's men as the main assault force and have Ugrokk's prepared to take down any who try to flee or attempt to fall back and regroup.
No. 144623 ID: 632862

If we attack the bandits, we need to somehow surround a group so that it cannot retreat, then Mordre can feast on their souls.
No. 144633 ID: 427807

lets go after the smaller group alone, and send everyone else after the bigger group. kill them all, suck their souls, send them to eternal damnation!
No. 144638 ID: bbdfae

If we're not present when they die, their souls will be gone long before we have a chance to devour them.
No. 144639 ID: 601a90

i think follow and raid their base would be best, we not only kill guys, but get any neat stuff they may have.
No. 144706 ID: d1210a

I decide to led our forces against the larger group of bandits, follow them from a distance with the help of our scouts, and strike when they either return to their base, should they have one, or dusk falls, to exploit poor visibility to enhance our ambush, whichever comes first.

Arkus mumbles a few words as he focuses on the giant ruby atop his appropriated staff, a rippling string of light writhing within the gem, and taps the staff against the ground. All of our supplies and equipment abruptly become..... less noticeable. Had I not known to look for them, my gaze would have simply tracked past them, their features somehow difficult to register.

"...That worked a great deal better with a gem. Wow. Good to know. ...Wonder if the duration is still as crappy.... Anyway, put a spell on our stuff, makes it hard to notice, should be good to leave it here, practically impossible to find unless you already know it is there. ....So, I guess we are going bandit hunting then? ...Ah, shou.. should I fight too?"

As the Premen form up around Oggroth and Ugrokk, I consider Arkus' state. He looks.... afraid, I can feel his fear of mortality seeping through his flesh, the source of his hesitance. I still do not understand this feeling of fear of death, I have not yet felt it, so I cannot relate. So long as I can feast upon metal and souls, I can endure..... forever.

But what should I say to Arkus? Should he come fight with us, or stay with the tent and continue to study the rune etchings and notes he took? Or should he do something else?
No. 144708 ID: e31d52

"Remain and study, Arkus."
No. 144748 ID: 2aaaf1

"You may remain here Arkus. Your powers are capable enough for battle, but your time would be better spent in study. Be wary Arkus, should anything happen here in our absence you should signal for our return."
No. 144758 ID: 903f16

"Arkus, was your first wish not to become a mage of note? Now is your chance to take another step on that path, one does not reach greatness by sitting idle. I can see a future where stand at the front of my armies, the most powerful mage alive, but it is up to you to make it so."

If that doesn't work then have him breath and use his Adaptable Analytical Psyche to get him calm.
No. 144763 ID: 61d96f

agreeing with this one.
also, what does he have to fear of bandits? he has the mightiest warriors in the land with him.
No. 144769 ID: e31d52

Not all mages are warmages.
No. 144795 ID: 903f16

That's true, he could also become a master at runes and attempt to learn soul magic from Kyorto and the salvaged books he can translate, or anything he damn well pleases.Any direction we go with Arkus he needs to get over his fears of battle. There will be many more fights to come and he's bound to get caught up in them, in fact he already has when we dealt with the Yeti. We're fighting the weakest enemies we can right now without them being pushovers. There's no time like this one to help Arkus work through his nerves and fears. Let him go scuttle off into the backround every time there's a fight will only hurt him in the long run.
No. 144801 ID: e31d52

Then have him ride on our back while he shoots shit, then.
No. 144804 ID: 7857d9

Erm...does he know any combative magic? Also, suggest that he could try to adapt that spell he just used to allow himself to participate in the battle unnoticed, a form of cloaking, if you will.
No. 144808 ID: 61d96f

pretty sure he learned how to shoot fire and lighting from his magic-stick by talking to the preman shamans.
No. 144809 ID: 903f16

The front of the army spiel is to get him psyched up and calm his nerves. We can put him in the back lines or on our shoulder or whatever location would be deemed safe.
No. 144993 ID: e04c9b


You are a great mage, or so you wish to be. You will be a warmage of the highest order, a runecrafter without peer, but you must overcome the petty failings of the flesh. Come! Stride across my back and let us roar into battle!
No. 144997 ID: 427807

leave arkus, hes to important to let be killed by simple bandits. Have him do exactly what we have him here for, studying rune magics.
No. 144999 ID: 076099

Yes, Arkus is too valuable to lose, but he need more confidence. Killing few bandits within controlled enviroment would be great. This way, he get taste of what battle is like, meaning that he wouldn't freeze in combat situation if he had to fight in future.
No. 145005 ID: d1210a

I contemplate leaving Arkus behind to watch the camp and pursue more scholarly ventures while Oggroth, Ugrokk and the rest of the Premen come with me to stalk the bandits....

...But I decide that he should come with me to get a taste of battle, of bloodshed that he takes part in.

"Arkus, you shall go into battle astride my shoulders, Where you shall rain death upon our foes from above. I foresee you leading armies, a warmage of the highest caliber, And this shall be but the first step upon your path to glory. And if you fear for thine safety in this upcoming sortie, Then perhaps you could adapt this spell about the camp to affect you. Now, let us be off!"

As I reach down for Arkus, he dances away from my hand, spouting off a frantic explanation.


I stop my hand for a moment, Arkus takes a deep breath before beginning a deluge of words aimed at me.

"First, because there is active Chaos-based power in your hand, I would REALLY like to not be touched with it. All sorts of crazy things happen when living flesh touches an incubating mass of chaos, and it is rarely good. So, if I must come with you, please kneel, I'll make my way up on my own. But before I do, there were a couple other things I wanted to clarify first, because you seem to have a mistaken view of me.

Second, The original spell that I modified to exploit the ruby had a duration in the dozens of minutes, and dusk is a LONG way off, so if the duration didn't get magnified as much as the effective range did, our gear would be fully visible well before we got back.... unless some stayed to actively re-cast the spell as needed. If you thought me scared, it was likely because I was concerned about all those documents we salvaged potentially getting stolen if the spell wore off before we returned.

Third, I do not like fighting. Sure, I might learn some war magic, or maybe even combat magic if I get the time and a good teacher, but it would only be for the purpose of furthering my own knowledge of the workings of magic, and gaining greater mastery with magic in general. I prefer to study, observe, theorize, and test magic, spend my time questing to learn as much about it's mechanics and intricacies as I can, not spend my time slinging around the same few spells because I have grown used to them being the most useful in the fights I get into.

So, if it is alright with you, I would prefer, for the previously mentioned reasons, to stay and watch the camp while I keep looking at the rune etchings I have. If you still prefer I go with you, just say so and I'll come along though, I just wanted to get my reasoning on the table."

Should I kneel down and ask Arkus to accompany us on the planned attack on the bandits, or should I leave him here?
No. 145009 ID: e33b50

leave him
No. 145012 ID: 7857d9

"Haha, Well put, Arkus. Well put. If you've genuinely thought out the path you wish to take this far, then I see no reason to try to force you from it, especially with such a firm grasp on the true benefit of your talents. You'll make a real mage yet."

Combat magics are overrated anyway. Supportive and logistical applications of magic are where the real benefits are at, anyways. Mosmordre wasn't felled by fireballs and lightning, after all.
No. 145013 ID: bbdfae

True. We can leave Arkus, if that's what he really wants. A pity, though... while theory is all well and good, application is important as well. But I suppose cloaking our camp is as reasonable an application as any.
No. 145015 ID: 2aaaf1

"You may stay this time Arkus, I'll not force you. However, I must warn you of the hard times to come. Your dislike for battle is understandable considering your mortality, you are worth more alive than dead. Necessity demands that you learn to kill or be killed, this is a universal truth accepted by man machine and nature. I harbor no ill intent towards you, I'm trying to protect you the only way I know of. Even if I were to let you go back to whatever you call home, your safety has already been breached by association with myself. Should the Steel Fists or any other number of toes we've trampled recognize you, they'll not hesitate to destroy you. For both of our sakes, I hope your studies will yield a way for you to stand against our foes when I am too far away to defend you."
No. 145024 ID: 716eb0

Stirring speeches asside, I only thought bringing him along would be a good idea just to get him used to fighting, because he comes off as a little squeamish, and not so he could be a battlemage. And furthermore, being a squishy weak thing on top of the huge bullseye that takes siege weapons to hurt is not a good way to stay alive or in one piece. So I liked nothing about the execution of the old plan. His current reasons are valid, and I wish I could think of a way to vocalize that without sounding like a completely out of character reversal of the previous conversation.
No. 145025 ID: d1210a

"Your reasons seem sound, little mage, And your preference to study has been of use to me. Very well, you may stay with the camp, But know that for siding with me, You may need to fight, no matter what you wish."

"Which is why I want to learn enough that I never need fight those who would threaten me so. Thank you for your consideration, Lord Mordre."

Arkus seems oddly formal, but I pay it no mind, this decision made, and my company ready to travel, to track down the bandits. I order Oggroth and Ugrokk both to stay to the rear of the group with me, while the comparatively smaller and less easily spotted Premen take the lead, the scouts that found the bandits at the forefront, leading us to our targets. It takes nearly two hours to reach the bandits' location deeper in the woods. Currently, we are several hundred feet distant behind several clumps of trees that have slowly merged as their growth brought them into contact, Oggroth and myself farther back, hidden behind some fallen timber, at the back of our party.

From this distance, I can make out the following:
--There are twenty five bandits scattered about the camp, all armed. I cannot discern much more about them at this distance.
--There are several horses tied to a stake in the middle of camp. Either seven or eight, difficult to be certain at this distance.
--They are talking about something, a large portion of the camp involved.

If I want to learn more, someone would need to get closer. But the Premen cannot understand the common tongue yet, so I would have to gain proximity myself. I imagine I would not need to move much farther forward to hear, perhaps a few dozen feet.

What should I do? Should I try to get closer so I can learn more about the bandits? Or should we wait, and see if the bandits break camp soon? Or should we begin our ambush now, rather than wait to see if they have a base? Or should I do something else?
No. 145027 ID: 7857d9

The previous statement was just a way to get Arkus to stop being squeamish, because that was what Mordre thought the problem was.

Arkus, in his own words, realized this. So its not a reversal, its just both of us realizing the truth of the matter.
No. 145030 ID: 445c48

Fire the mortars. Tell the Premen to try to take at least one alive, for information.

Also I wonder if Arkus can apply a similar spell to the one he used to hide the gear to himself, so he doesn't get robbed or anything, since we didn't leave a guard for him.

I'm sure he'll be fine. Shoot those mortars!
No. 145040 ID: 427807

lets blow them to smithereens! launch the golem cannon into the middle of the group, killing and scaring as many as possible. after, find the largest group of bandits and blade them in half. then run in and slice the rest in half with the sable executioner. Or we can test our new chaos fist on them, whatever exposes their soul works.
No. 145052 ID: 7857d9

While a first strike is good and all, we've gotten this far by being a step ahead of everyone else. Lets try to hear what they're talking about. More information never hurts.

The only issue with that is that I can't imagine you'll be terribly hard to notice, since I highly doubt you can move stealthily. You'll need to cover your eyes so that the ruby-red glow doesn't give you away, and you'll need to produce some sort of sound to mask your steps. Perhaps if you imitated a strong wind rustling the trees, or the keening of some manner of insect. Something to blend in with the environment.
No. 145053 ID: 7857d9

ALso, be wary of scouts. They may be bandits, but they're large enough to imply organization, and you don't get to that point without being competent enough to have scouts watching your treeline.
No. 145057 ID: 7857d9

In fact, now that I think of it: Have some premen scout out the perimeter of the group. If they did put out a watch, your premen may have been noticed earlier, and that may be what they're talking about.

OTherwise, they're likely preparing to march, considering its still seems to be late morning. I want to know where they're marching to, if thats the case.
No. 145081 ID: 076099

One thing : Where are 26th bandit?
No. 145175 ID: d1210a

I brace my hand against the ground as I steady the anti-golem cannon, and look for suitable clumps of targets to launch the six bladed discs I carry at. After sighting my foes, I fire everything I have as I give the order to charge.

With a tremendous boom, the anti-golem cannon fires, and the cluster of horses explodes in a sea of red, only two of their number even still in one piece, shrieking and bucking as they try to escape the death around them. Simultaneous to the attack on the horses, six blades whirl into the camp at waist level, whizzing past in the blink of an eye, bisected bodies and gore in their wake. Before the bandits are even aware they are under attack, thirteen of their number lay slain, butchered on the ground. I can see the shock and horror about their faces, the level of brutality they are being subjected to far greater than any they have seen before. I see some rush to the horses, but cannot calm the frantic beasts still alive.

And as the full weight of the sudden loss of half their numbers sinks in, the Premen charge reaches them, pouring into their camp. Some of the bandits are simply overwhelmed by this tide of bodies, and fall beneath them to be ground into dust. But some offer more resistance, grouping together to make a valiant last stand.

A giant sphere of iron plunges from the sky, a chain trailing behind the hurtling projectile. The massive lump of metal slams down into the group, outright crushing two of the warriors and maiming another, the sheer force of the impact knocking the few remaining bandits' balance off.

And that is all it takes. The Premen warriors about them exploit this moment of weakness, and the last bandits fall. The entire bandit group has been slain in the initial moment of combat. Perhaps I can work with the Premen on the concept of capturing opponents for interrogation, but for now I must accept that I have no one to question from this group, all have been slain.

...Or perhaps not ALL of them. The scouts mentioned 26 bandits, so where is the last one? Something to ponder.

What should I do?
No. 145180 ID: 7857d9

Send out the fastest Premen as scouts of the surrounding forest. He needs to be found, lest he escape to tell tales of what happened here.

Also, souls.

Also mk2, Examine the bodies and the campsite for anything of note. A map would be most useful, as it would likely have orders or markings that we can use to puzzle out what they were doing.
No. 145190 ID: 42500c

Seconding this.
No. 145202 ID: 427807

try to find anything that could be of any importance to us.
congratulate the premen on a perfectly-executed massacre
No. 145210 ID: e31d52


Also send some premen back to Arkus while the rest scavange. Can't let good weaponry go to waste, eh?
No. 145215 ID: b14128

...Wait, there's one bandit missing, and we left Arkus alone? Send somebody (Or a few somebodies) back to make sure he's alright.
No. 145229 ID: 2aaaf1

How much daylight is left? I say we salvage what we can from this camp and begin hunting the other bandit group. The missing bandit from this camp might've just witnessed us destroy his comrades and went to tip the others off about our presence in the forest.
No. 145274 ID: d1210a

"One of their number has fled! Run them down, bring them back alive! The fastest of you, go!"

I yell out this command before the Premen have even begun celebrating, and the harshness of my words makes Ugrokk snap to attention, and call out seven names, and dash off into the woods, his long legs eating up the ground at absurd speeds as seven Premen dash off into the woods as fast as they can, already fanning out.

"Alright, two warriors head back to camp, Make sure it and Arkus are unharmed, And that the fleeing bandit did not travel that way."

Another two Premen pull themselves from the crowd as Oggroth looks at them, still reeling his chain back in from the devastating overhand swing he performed. The rest of the Premen look to me expectantly, after my prior two commands, their respect for my leadership evident.

"All else, start salvaging what you can, Claim arms and armor that you can use, And any food they have. Plunder everything they have, And save some for your brethren!"

With a guttural roar of approval the remaining Premen begin looting, and rifling through the pouches and bags scattered about the fire. Food is confiscated in abundance, and many look at some of the swords the bandits held, mostly broadswords, with speculation. Even Oggroth lumbers up, plucking up a large haunch of one of the dead horses, and crunching on it with a content look about his face as he snaps through ribs with little difficulty. Some of the Premen even begin butchering the dead bandits, preparing what can be salvaged for curing and drying along with the rest of the food.

Shortly every Premen has a broadsword and sheath for it attached to their pelts either by rope or with a salvaged belt. Even more, the bits of armor the bandits bore that was salvaged have been re-appropriated, all the Premen sporting at least one piece of armor fastened to themselves, usually a leg plate to cover a forearm or a chest plate to cover a leg. All, that is, except for Oggroth, simply too big to use any of this. Enough has been saved for the rest of the Premen already given tasks to be outfitted when they reunite with us. But while a large piece of parchment that may have been a map is found, blood has soaked into it far too heavily for anything to be discerned, so whatever knowledge it may have held is lost.

I did not sit idly by while the Premen looted, and wandered about the carnage of the battlefield, feasting on the souls I found. I feel some greater feeling of familiarity with the forest start to seep into me as I feast, but I cannot wrest any paths or locations from the souls as they are added to my furnace. A shame they could not serve me better, but their souls must suffice as their sole contribution to me. ....Hm...

[+25 Souls (Human) Total Remaining: 118]

..Ah... This this whole venture took relatively little time at all, as it were. And Oggroth The Mountain, along with eleven other Premen Warriors, still stand with me. And they seem to be concluding packing up all they deemed worthy of salvage, both within their own packs and the bags the bandits used, and the butchered meats have been stacked together atop skins taken from the dead horses.... I think we could hunt down the remaining bandit force, the one with thirteen members, without losing all that much daylight: After all, it is still late morning. And who knows, the bandit that has thus far eluded us could well have fled to them, so it would pay to check.

Should I go after the other bandit group, and if so, how many Premen should I leave behind to watch our spoils and await the others?
No. 145278 ID: e31d52

Take five premen, and the mountain, with you. Second verse same as the first.
No. 145305 ID: 45be60

that might be a little light on forces, as the first verse involved expelling most of our artillery store.
No. 145311 ID: bbdfae

By the time we locate the other bandit group, we'll likely have created more ammunition. They were some distance away, after all.

That seems... reasonable. It leaves the group here quite small, but we can expect that the scouts will be returning to reinforce their numbers soon enough, and Ugrokk will come back to take command. Also, based upon the last known location of the other bandits our vector should take us right through our camp where we left Arkus, which might let us pick up two more warriors on the way. And check on our mage, for whom I find myself concerned.
No. 145313 ID: 427807

lets just go to the bandit camp alone. we can take them by ourselves for sure. let the premen stay at camp
No. 145321 ID: d1210a

For a moment I consider traveling to the location of the other bandits alone, to lay waste to them myself...

...But I am here for more than just my own amusement, and part of it is getting this group of warriors, once rejected by the Drazken clan, trained into a truly competent force. And part of that is experience, so I must get them more attuned to working together, to build their group coordination.

I leave six of the Premen warriors at the camp to watch the supplies and enjoy a rest and as much food as they can eat, as Oggroth leads the remainder to aid me in hunting down the remaining bandits for more carnage, plunder and glory. It is difficult to tell which grou feels happiest with their state, hunger for battle burning in the eyes of those with Oggroth, and just plain hunger in those remaining.

We set out to track down the other group of bandits, backtracking to the camp first. We run into Arkus and the two Premen that traveled to check the camp all unharmed and unagressed, though Arkus noted that the disinterest spell didn't get it's duration boosted along with its effect, so he has had to reapply it twice in our absence.

The sun is only now hitting it's zenith, from what little light flits through the forest canopy, and we now set off to track down the thirteen bandit strong group found earlier.

Should I bring either of the Premen guarding the camp with Arkus with me? And how fast should we attempt to pursue the other group of bandits, now that they have potentially a large lead on us.
[In your post, roll a 1d10 to see how far away the bandits are (1 is very far, 10 is very close)]
No. 145327 ID: 427807

rolled 5 = 5

lets leave the two premen with arkus there, and continue towards the bandits at a medium pace, we want to catch them near their hideout, if they have one.
No. 145334 ID: 2aaaf1

rolled 8 = 8

Leave Arkus and one premen, just in case. Then we march!
No. 145347 ID: 378d75

Seconding this.
No. 145405 ID: d1210a

[5, mid-distance, with a medium speed march: SYNCHRONIZATION BONUS]

I leave the two Premen with Arkus, in case anything should threaten the camp.

We plunge through the overgrowth of the forest, the Premen still complaining about all the trees crowding them, even as they flit through paths that even I can use safely. I imagine they do it to pass the time, though after a few hours of their periodic mutterings, I wonder if they have made some sort of game out of acting terrified of trees.

"This tree so big, feel like little child."
"Goff is little child!"

Such is the extent of their attempts at humor. I am grateful when I finally see the forward scout signal that he has seen something, and I quiet the party, as we start to approach with more caution. Good, we practically knew how fast to march to get here and still have the Premen be fighting fit, I must admire the serendipity of the moment.

We make our way to the crest of the hill, ferns providing us with cover as we sight our prey: thirteen bandits, marching along an old game trail just shy of a thousand feet away. They seem to have equipment comparable to the other group.

My ammunition has finished regenerating, so both my cannon and blade launcher are restocked, so I could likely handle this myself.... but I would need to eat a substantially larger than normal amount of metal before the day is out, were I to have to regenerate two loads of ammunition.

Alternatively, Oggroth and the five Premen with him look positively hungry for blood. Perhaps I should see what they can do.

So, what should I do?
No. 145411 ID: e31d52

Call the cry of battle and charge in with them. They should like that.
No. 145468 ID: 903f16

Let the Premen sate their bloodlust and have them attack. We can provide support by cutting stray bandits down with the sable executioner, but we should really focus on scooping one or two within our palms for later questioning. Our forces don't have much restraint so actually plucking one or two from battle and restraing them in our palms is a decent work around.
No. 145470 ID: 1ac39d

out palm is sorta made of metal and chaos right now. touching a guy with it would likely cause him to explode.
No. 145471 ID: 2aaaf1

Have Oggroth and his men circle around to the front and cut the bandits off. Approach from behind with the Spectral Gorging Anima baring its many fangs. "Normally I'd just tell my men to tear you to pieces, but I require information. Let's hope you're more talkative than your other comrades."
No. 145474 ID: 1ac39d

i also do not think turning on the nexus while our hand is made of magic-chaos is a good idea.
No. 145486 ID: 903f16

It's not like we have a shortage of bandits. If the chaos ends up killing every single one we grab then we can just crush one of the bandits legs and question that one instead.
No. 145487 ID: 2aaaf1

I'd rather find out what it does to our soul nexus now rather than when we get into a bigger more decisive battle that requires us at maximum operating power. At least here we can use that other pristine soul to shield the nexus if our fist goes boom, and we'll have the equipment from the bandits to repair ourselves.
No. 145498 ID: ad3caf


Let's get a bit closer first. 1000 ft is pretty far. So let's sneak up a bit then attack with our premen party. Save the cannon/artillery as a backup if things somehow get hairy...
No. 145500 ID: 1ac39d

ummm. our hand is undergoing magic reshaping. after it's shaped then the nexus will be fine.
No. 145677 ID: 7857d9

Actually, I believe this is a prime opportunity to test Oggroth's skills at leadership. Inform him that he and the Premen may devise a plan of attack and handle this, while you yourself hang back and provide support if necessary.

Remember, we won't always be there to personally lead the troops. The more experience at planning and leadership our lieutenants have, the better they will function as generals in the long run.

Lets see what they can do.
No. 145679 ID: 7857d9

And yes, make sure to tell Oggroth to try to capture one or two alive, so that we may learn what we can.
No. 145684 ID: 7857d9

And don't use the Seige arm when its being warped by chaos magic. Really, that just has "bad idea" etched all over it.
No. 145687 ID: 445c48

We can do that in camp sometime, just tossing rocks. Let's not use it.

Let's take one shot with the blades and then charge in. Try not to blow all your ammo. Unless you have to fire them all at once, then skip it. Also, try not to touch anything with your fist.
No. 145708 ID: 45be60

could use soulfire if you are looking to soften them up a bit. We are here to collect more ammunition after all.
No. 145710 ID: bbdfae

Get closer, have the premen flank, then strike. Don't bother using your ranged weapons; just yourself and the premen would be fine.

I'm surprised that quantity of metal available for consumption is a concern so soon after we ate thousands of pounds of steel. One would think that we could be good on that for a while.
No. 145715 ID: d1210a

[A MINIMUM of five pounds must currently be consumed each day. Anything beyond that amout is helpful, but does not contribute to future needs for metal. Hope that clears that up]

"Oggroth, handle the bandits as you will, But be mindful to keep at least one alive. Show me how you lead, I shall provide support."

Oggroth snaps his head about to face me, and seems on the verge of saying something, before he shakes his head about, and turns back to the rest of the Premen, doing his best to whisper out orders to them. Shortly he departs with the Premen, traveling swiftly to try and outpace the bandits and lay in wait for them farther down the road.

While the Premen relocate, I start making my way closer to the bandits, trying to reduce the distance between is prior to Oggroth's assault. I come to a stop behind a particularly old tree, it's trunk nearly as wide as I, a scant hundred feet from the bandits.... but from here, I am not sure how I could get closer without some form of distraction.... where are the Premen, anyway? This should take that lon-

Oggroth and the rest of the Premen bound onto the trail, weapons brandished as they begin to charge the bandits. I see feat and surprise spread through the humans, but one with somewhat better cared for equipment lets out a shout, and the rest of them calm themselves, and draw their own weapons.

Currently, Oggroth The Mountain and the five Premen warriors with him are charging down the road at the bandits, some eighty feet distant. I am to the left and behind the bandits, off the trail behind a large tree. I can see the bandits preparing themselves to face their aggressors, and I see several near the back reaching for bows.

What should I do? Should I let Oggroth handle this? Or should I step in to assist? And if I do step in, how should I make my entrance?
No. 145717 ID: e31d52

Oggroth will be fine.
It's the other dudes I'm worried about.
Circle around to flank the bandits entirely and begin walking forward.
No. 145720 ID: 1ac39d

if he hasn't made a plan more eleborate then (charge them) i will be disappointed. their must be something else. most likely the main charge is a distraction and a second group will burst out of somewhere.
No. 145721 ID: e31d52

This is Oggroth we're talking about. He's about as subtle as a 2 ton ball of metal to the face.
No. 145723 ID: 2aaaf1

Let Oggroth have his chance impress us. If his plan doesn't look like it's working before those archers get their bows drawn, vocalize the sound of a branch snapping behind the group. Don't enter the frey until one of the premen look like they are being overpowered.
No. 145734 ID: 427807

shoot one blade at the humans reaching for their bows, just to give the premen a tiny edge over. if things start getting bad, step in and exterminate.
No. 145735 ID: e33b50

sneak up on the archers AND SUCK OUT THEIR SOULS
No. 145741 ID: d1210a
File 126833884847.jpg - (27.11KB , 304x672 , Bandit Surrender.jpg )

I begin to make my way forward, working my way to the bandit's flank as Oggroth does a commendable job of demanding all their attention with his charge, yet while I see weapons brandished in the hands of the Premen with him Oggroth is simply dragging his weapon after him, the chain wrapped about a shoulder.

...I do not yet see any degree of strategy in Oggroth's acts, only a simple charge. I continue to give him leeway, at least until I determine the archers will present issue. Seeing them readying their bows before Oggroth as managed to finish closing the distance, I snap a dry branch beneath my foot, and I see heads whip about, seeking the source.

But Oggroth capitalizes on this moment of indecision. He kneels down, and holds out his arms, two Premen climbing onto each of his massive arms, their weapons once more stowed as they brace themselves. With a might heave and a grunt of effort, Oggroth hurls the Premen skyward, and all eyes turn to watch them as they soar through the air, sailing past the bandits to hit the ground just behind their archers, the Premen already scrambling to their feet. Some of the bandits turn to face their relocated aggressors.... only for Oggroth's mighty iron ball to hurtle through the mass of bandits knocking them about like leaves before a storm, shortly followed by Oggroth's charge.

Whatever semblance of order the bandits once laid claim to is now lost, as they break beneath the onslaught. I see the one that appears to be their leader, shaking his head as he escapes the melee, running swiftly into the forest.

His flight halts rather abruptly as one of my Anti Cavalry blades whizzes by mere feet in front of his face, embedding itself into one of the nearby trees, the metal still quivering from it's energetic flight. The bandit turns about to track the blade back to it's source, and his jaw drops as he sees me. I see the whirling thoughts of escape and the frantic energy to make those plans real leak out of the bandit, as he kneels on the ground with his hands behind his head. I walk closer to him as I check on Oggroth and the other Premen again, finding them still enthused with butchering the bandits, though Oggroth has simply grabbed one and holds him in an upraised arm, the man screaming as he is swung about. The bandit speaks out, resignation heavy in his voice.

"I really, really hope whoever controls this is near enough to see I surrendered... Uh, any chance you are taking prisoners? I, ah, would REALLY like to not have my soul eaten, if that is at all possible."

What should I do? Should I begin questioning this bandit? Or should I move to aid Oggroth in mopping up the last bandits? Or should I do something else?
No. 145743 ID: 427807

interrogate the mouthy bandit. try to find the hidout, if they have one, who runs the hidout, and their current location. I'm feeling particularly bloodthirsty...
suck souls.
No. 145744 ID: 076099

Ooh, a smart one. Interrogate him, promise to spare if he talk and maybe let him go if his information is interesting. You can also try to reqruit him.
Do remember that you are "Mage Mordre", not "self-willed golem Mordre".

Oggroth may not be tactical genius, but he can get job done, so let him finish on his own.
No. 145745 ID: 2aaaf1

"You can start by telling me how many of you are in this forest and where your base of operations is. I'm here to do a small civil service for the people of this humble state, clearing out scavengers such as yourself." Lead the bandit leader back into the clearing and congratulate Oggroth. Salvage all equipment and return to Arkus. Prepare for interrogations.
No. 145750 ID: 716eb0

"You do have some luck my small quarry, because I see through the eyes of this shell."
No. 145755 ID: e33b50

Retrieve your blade, have the premen hold him for a minute, instructing them not to harm him. Feel free to collect the fallens' souls.
No. 145768 ID: d1210a

"Then you are in luck, for I have the means to see through this Soul Grave's eyes. You kneel before the mage Mordre, so pick your words carefully. I came to these woods to test modifications I made to this golem, As well as to perform a civil service. I seek out other profiteers and highwaymen such as yourself. Perhaps if you can tell me enough, I shall spare you."

The bandit seems shocked as I start speaking, but he seems to recover before I finish my first sentence, and he begins speaking the moment I finish.

"The name's Derkin. I am, or I was, a free bandit, something a bit rarer now then before. I have no base as of three days ago, when Verther's forces swept through, and we had to abandon everything that wasn't already loaded up. There were no others with me, as those that couldn't escape got drafted or killed in the raid. We were traveling to find a new place to set up camp, away from all of the trouble this forest has been attracting. This Verther has been going around calling themselves the Bandit King, and has been forcibly recruiting other bandit groups, though I still don't know why. I'm not sure how many serve 'im now, but I ran into one of their scouts a while ago, with what look like directions to the presumed camp of Verther and all the bandits that serve him. I, uh, don't suppose that is worth anything to you, like, oh, not killing me? I mean, in fairness, it's not like any of mine felled yours....."

I look over at Oggroth and the other Premen, to find the bandit to be telling the truth: the rest of the bandits have been slaughtered, the one held in Oggroth's fist now swinging limply, his neck sagging at an odd angle. .....I should have mentioned that humans are more fragile then Premens, proportionately speaking. So, this is my only captive then. I hear the last bandit continue.

"...And, ah, it's not like I was attached to them, most of them were bloody bastards anyway, so, since you don't have a reason to be mad at me, and I don't have a reason to be mad at you, what do you say you.... don't kill me?"

I dislodge the blade from the tree-trunk and replace it in my shoulder, before I signal two Premen to watch the lone captive, and move to consume the souls released in the slaughter.

[+12 Souls (Human) Total Remaining 130]

Oggroth looks crestfallen when he realizes the bandit he grabbed expired, but otherwise the Premen couldn't be happier with how the battle went, and have packed up most of their spoils. I make my way back over towards the captive bandit, still awaiting my deliberation or further questioning.

What should I do? Should I ask Derkin more questions? Or should I decide on how to judge him here and now? Or should I do something else?
No. 145770 ID: e31d52

I'm not sure what this guy can offer to us as a recruit, unless...


I wonder...
Let's say we need to have this 'Mage Mordre' come out in public, for whatever reason. To gain trust, or whatever. Arkus isn't all that great at public speaking, as far as we know. However, this guy looked like he was in charge of this group.

Stick him in a robe, have Arkus slowly teach him some magic, instant puppet leader.
No. 145771 ID: 427807

lets find this bandit king. anyone who wants to be the king of a pile of filth, like bandits, deserves to be eternally slaved to us, forced to power our unending destruction!
No. 145772 ID: e31d52

Not to mention delicious Heroic Soul. Mmmmmm....
No. 145775 ID: 2aaaf1

"Verther you say? Very well, if you can lead me to this man's base of operation and help me lead an attack on it, your life will be spared. Depending on your performance, you'll have a choice between freedom and working for us. However, I highly doubt anyone in these towns will be pleased to see you, save whatever passes for a local authority."
No. 145777 ID: 7857d9


I, for one, do not think we should just recruit him right away. He doesn't seem very loyal or particularly brave.

"You're information will be useful, indeed. As agreed, I will spare your life. However, I'm afraid I can't exactly risk you going out and telling this "Verther" about me until I'm already smashing down his gates, so to speak. So consider yourself a captive until then."
No. 145779 ID: 7857d9

This guys not exactly a great public speaker either.
No. 145780 ID: 1ac39d

i agree with this one.
No. 145789 ID: 7857d9

Regarding Further Questioning:

We need to know about Verthers force composition: How many, what kinds of armaments, etc. Milk him for every last bit of information.

Also, what else does he know about Verther's current operations? What has he been using his bandits for, aside from raiding other bandits? Is there a notable price on his head? If so, by whom? Remember, we just dumped a large percentage of our funds with Del Roga. Money WILL become an issue eventually.
No. 145791 ID: 7857d9

If he doesn't have the answers to these questions, is there anyone in these woods who would? Other free bandits?

OH, does he know of any bandit organizations who are RESISTING Verther in force? THERES a potential ally, if so.
No. 145807 ID: d1210a

"I have decided that you shall have the chance to keep your life. You shall tell me all you can surmise about the bandit king's forces, From your knowledge of these woods and their inhabitants. Further, you shall tell me of any groups resisting the bandit king, that could be exploited to aid in the bandit king's downfall. And if you have heard of bounties on this Verther's head, all the better. Lastly, until it I have dealt with the bandit king, you shall remain my captive, lest you reveal my hand. And be aware that you shall have to fight alongside my forces against Verther, to win your freedom of me, else I will not be able to trust your word."

"...Ok, that's still a way to keep breathing, fine. Let me see.....

Well for what Verther could have, worst case scenario, he could have seven hundred bandits at his disposal, max. Realistically, he probably has somewhere around three hundred to five hundred, from what few bits of news I could verify as Verther popped up and started all this. As to their armaments, well, that I have bad news on: I consistently have been told he has plenty of cannons, both personal and artillery. Not sure where he gets them, but I have seen a couple places his forces have hit afterward, and Verther definitely has some artillery of some sort to his name. Most likely why the bastard has been spreading so fast. Other than that, I haven't heard much of note about them, so I figure they are otherwise your average mooks. A couple notable bandit gangs DID live here, but the buggered off the moment Verther announced himself, so I know they don't work for him.

Hrm, not much in the way of good news for resisting the bandit king with allies. Most bandit groups that didn't want to join already left. I suppose it's possible there are still hardball cases about who just don't want to have anything to do with Verther, but if they are, they've done a damn good job hiding. Ah, as to the bounty thing, but you'll have to forgive a bandit for not going into town to look at the bounty board on the side of the army outpost to check.

As to the captive thing, that's totally fine, I am at yer mercy after all. Ditto the attacking the bandit king, though you will forgive me if I find myself the last alive and decide to surrender. I would prefer to stay alive, and though I am now bound to help you as your captive, if you all perish I will ignore any prior obligations. That said, if you plan to attack the bandit king, I have a couple ideas, considering you have a Soul Grave.

If you could purposefully get spotted near Hletwa, then they would send the army out in full force after you. If we could get the army to run into the bandit camp while pursuing you, they would do most of our job for us. Though, if you are hell-bent on doing this yourself, you might want to seek out Ozmand, though good luck finding that one, wanders all over the place. But Ozmand would help you against the bandit king, that much I feel certain of."

Hmm. What more should I ask Derkin? Or should I do something else?
No. 145815 ID: 427807

ask about who this ozmand is. if he his a mage, or has some sort of magical knowledge or something, we should seek him out, and see how he can help our bloodthirsty cause
No. 145827 ID: 903f16

Return to camp while questioning him about Ozmand.
No. 145831 ID: 7857d9

Needless to say, the "Lure one army into another" plan is right out. It defeats the purpose of what we're doing here, and it'd be all too easy for THAT particular course of action to go completely FUBAR, quick.

Regarding Ozmand, I'd like to know chiefly why he's so confident Ozmand would be willing to help us destroy Verther and his forces.
No. 145832 ID: 7857d9

Always err on the side of caution. We will operate on the assumption that Verther has 700 men at his disposal, with cannon and artillery support.

We have 25 Premen, Oggroth and Ugrokk, Arkus, and ourselves, with only the most basic of arms and equipment.

As it stands, we haven't got a chance in hell in a frontal assault. We'd get shelled to oblivion, and however good our Premen are, they won't win 28:1 odds, even with heavy hitters like Ug and Og and ourselves.

Ozmand seems like a choice lead. We need to learn more about him.
No. 145846 ID: 9d6d82

No. We shall assume that he has 700 men, cannons and a golem of some sort, likely a soul grave. I have a feeling that a bandit, badass or not, wouldn't have the resources to restock all that artillery without anyone catching on and because our friend here hasn't indicated that he seemed to be attacking areas with stuff he could restock with, I'm leaning towards the golem theory. If he had a Soul Grave he would have greater flexibility on how the attack-restock procedure works, especially if he had better mortars than we currently know about.
No. 145856 ID: 7857d9

Hmm...It would also explain how this guy managed to obtain enough power to subjugate all these bandits so rapidly. A golem would certainly be a significant force multiplier against simple bandits.
No. 145869 ID: d1210a

"Tell me more of this Ozmand, And why you are so confidant in his aid."

"Well, Ozmand used to be part of the Duran army, made a name for himself in a couple battles, hit captain. Then he quit, or got fired, not sure, but then he pops up at the Steel Fists, serves with their corpse for a while, same shpiel, makes a name for himself, and leaves or gets thrown out, depending on who you ask. Anyway, then he goes off for a few years, and comes back sporting some crazy huge hammer, and starts looking for fights. And he is GOOD, near as anyone can figure he picked up some real effective combat magics or some such, a good number of them built around using that ridiculous hammer he has. Anyway, if you told him you planned to attack Verther, hell I bet he would come along just so you don't get to hog the whole fight to yourself.

Well anyway, he usually wanders about the forest, looking for fights, and usually has at least some thugs with him that got it in their heads that since he beat them, is strong, etc., that they want to learn from him, and Ozmand's got enough of an ego that they get to tag along. Nonetheless, he actually does teach them some combat magic, from what I hear, so who knows, maybe you could snag some extra bodies there for attacking Verther. ....Actually, if he is still in the same area as he was last time, I bet he wouldn't be that hard to find, though no guarantees he hasn't already moved...."

I consider Derkin's observations as I order Oggroth and the rest of the Premen to pack up their spoils, leading the way back to our camp, our prisoner in tow. The light that gets past the canopy above is starting to dim as we return to find Ugrokk and the rest of the Premen already here, the plunder from the other bandits already transported here. However, Ugrokk informs me that the one bandit they sought out escaped them, having the advantage of a mount to speed his escape. They noted the bandit fled down a game trail deeper into the forest, from what they could tell of the tracks they found.

So, night will be falling soon, and the twenty Premen warriors with us have been equipped with the stolen arms and armor of the two fallen groups of bandits, providing limited but significant protection as well as further weapons. Oggroth and Ugrokk both have not benefited, too large to use what has been salvaged. Arkus seems curious about the prisoner, but says nothing, and I doubt Derkin will say or do anything without me telling him to do it, considering how submissive he has been. Though I detect no fear in him, which seems out of place with the carnage shown to him and his cooperative response. Hm....

What should I do? Should I question Derkin, or speak with Arkus? Or should we try to track down Ozmand with Derkin's lead? Or should we do something else?
No. 145874 ID: 903f16

Speak with Arkus first, and then question Derkin. We can look for Ozmand in the morning.
No. 145879 ID: 427807

lets just go out and find ozmand, enough questioning and re-questioning!
No. 145916 ID: 7857d9


"Arkus, you've travelled these areas before, have you not? Did you ever hear of an individual known as Verther? Some manner of Bandit lord or somesuch? Or perhaps Ozmand?"
No. 145938 ID: a6ca77


Talk w/ arkus first, see what he's been up to here. Then ask derkin if the trail that escaped bandit fled down leads toward this bandit king dude. If it does lead towards him, it's likely that the bandit king will be alerted to our presence.

If it the bandit king is alerted, I think it would be wise to move the camp a bit and set up more sentries to prevent a sneak attack.

After that lets find this oz guy see if he's up for a battle.

Also, how many more days until our armor is done? If this whole battle will take too long, we might want to wait here and train until we get the armor, then go attack...or possibly we could just skip over this bandit king dude...
No. 145941 ID: a6ca77

Hmm. Time for a quick force analysis.

Bandit Team.

1 Bandit King
~700 other bandits
Artillery support.


1 Soul grave
20 premen
1 hero-unit ozmand
~10 assorted fighters (ozmand groupies)

So the $64,000 question is, What kind of force composition do the bandits have?

For example, are all 700 just barely capable trash or are they experienced fighters? We need to ask our captured bandit about this. To be honest, if there are more than like 50 veteran fighters, I would shy away from this. We could easily be overwhelmed...

Also, I don't think we need to worry too much about the artillery. As long as we strike fast and hard, they won't have time to move/site/fire their artillery in time.
No. 145948 ID: b14128

Arn't we trusting in the word of a prisoner a bit much? For all we know, he's playing us for his own gain. Heck, since he seems unfearful, he probably -is- trying to figure out a way to come out of this on top.
No. 145952 ID: 1ac39d

we told him he is a prisoner until we are ready to march on the bandit king. so the only thing he has going for him is not dying right now.
No. 146003 ID: d1210a

"Arkus, you've traveled these areas before, have you not? Did you ever hear of an individual known as Verther? Some manner of Bandit lord or somesuch? Or perhaps Ozmand?"

"...Ah..... yeah, Verther is not ringing any bells, or any bandit king. Never heard about any organization to the bandits around here, but then, didn't pay them much mind, I stayed in the safer parts of Duras. But as to Ozmand, yeah, that name I do recognize. He was part of the Duran army, killed thirty seven men and two life golems designed to be body guards alone, before he went on to slay.... I think it was the king of Delhal? Anyway, the king had no heirs, and their whole army was present, and crumbled after their leader died. Ozmand essentially killed the entire nation of Delhal when he crushed their king's skull beneath his hammer.

Later though, when Duras was no longer at war with anyone, Ozmand left about three months into the peacetime. The military was sad as hell to see him go, but he was practically a national hero for a few of his stunts. Keep in mind that this is all stuff that happened about fifteen years ago, give or take. So anyway, Ozmand joins up with the Steel Fists, served with them for a time, making even more of a name for himself. Hell, he was part of why they grew so big, from what some people say. Anyway, after they got large enough they started to have bureaucratic issues start to spring up, Ozmand left. And this time, no one knew where he went. Then he comes back and has been wandering about challenging armed groups to fights, even the army, alone. What's more, he's been winning, if you can believe the rumors. The guy has some serious talent, from what I have heard."

I pose the question to Derkin, on whether the trail the one bandit escaped down goes in the direction of Verther's bandit camp.

"Uh, I got you permission to grab something in one of my pouches?" After I nod, Derkin slowly pulls a rolled up parchment from one of the many pockets about his gear, and unfurls it, revealing a map of the deep woods with several locations marked out.

"...Yup, I'm pretty sure it does, so long as it keeps goin' in this direction. And that would probably mean he knows you're here, or he will soon, near as I can figure. ....Huh, actually, that could work out for you, if you play it right. Uh, that's just my opinion though. I mean, if he wants a bunch of bandits to follow him, he has to look strong. And if that other group was one of his as ya surmise, then your victory over them could be seen as a threat to his power. If he sees ya as enough threat, he might start combing the forest for ya. And to do so, he'd have to split his forces, to leave some at the camp, maybe even make multiple search parties. 'Course, that would be reliant on not getting bogged down by multiple groups, not to mention my assumptions actually bein right."
Considering Verther could know I am here, I decide to order the camp struck, and readied to be relocated. As I consider this, I realize we still have daylight, and Ozmand seems a likely lead, so I address Derkin again as the Premen finish packing away all of our spoils, Oggroth now sporting a prodigious pack slung across his back.

"I have heard your advice, Derkin. Now lead me to Ozmand, I wish to meet him."

"..Ah, as I said, I can only lead you to where he was last I saw him, no guarantee he is ther-"

"I said lead Derkin."

"Okay then, leading to Ozmand's last known location."

[roll 2d100 to determine where Ozmand is, and the state of his affairs, respectively. 1 is terrible, 100 is incredible]
No. 146010 ID: e31d52

rolled 81, 80 = 161

No. 146017 ID: 1ac39d

oh yeah, duel 80s. that is a very nice roll.
No. 146024 ID: d1210a
File 126838249219.jpg - (204.51KB , 1280x1760 , Ozmand The Hammer.jpg )

[81(hasn't moved location much), 80(has done well in recent times)]

The sun has set, and Arkus no provides light from the ruby staff he bears as they lead our group. I am beginning to doubt we shall run into the Ozmand, when I spot another source of light, of to our left. I point it out to Derkin, who seems to relax as he changes directions towards it.

"..Ah, just for the sake of a good first impression, you might want me or the other human to go bug Ozmand first, just to avoid any unpleasant overreactions, and all that."

"Your concern is noted. Arkus, go with Derkin as he introduces us. If he attempts to flee, kill him."

"..Wha? Oh, oh you need me to be there as insurance he does what he says. Right. Sure, if he tries to run, or pull any sort of double cross, I'll smother him in fire, how does that sound?"

Derkin loses his calm demeanor for a second as he looks at Arkus incredulously, not expecting such a cavalier attitude about burning someone alive. Nonetheless, they soon have both departed as the rest of our group waits in the bushes near the light, judging by the smell and noise a campfire. I hear words exchanged, but I cannot make out the details. Laughter booms out, and Arkus appears on the edge of the campsite, waving us over.

I enter the clearing to find.... thirty nine humans, likely past bandits or thugs, all busily eating as they laugh at a joke Derkin is telling, but their laughter dies as Oggroth, Ugrokk and I all step into view. Only one of this group does not react in any way to our arrival, a large, heavily muscled man in well-worn armor, a titanic maul at his side. After letting his stare track across us for a time, he finally moves, a quirky smile spreading across his face.

"So. Derkin here tells me you want to kill Verther. He even said you were a mage remote controlling a soul grave with giants to serve him, and I'll be damned if he wasn't right. Welcome, mage Mordre. Ozmand's my name, and if you plan to attack Verther, I most definitely want in, I had the chance to see him fight once, and I look forward to pitting myself against him. Go ahead and make yourself at home in the camp, it's late to be traveling."

What should I do?
No. 146029 ID: e31d52

Sit down.

Heavily enough to shake the earth. We've got a whole unknowing intimidation thing going, we shouldn't break habit.

Tell him our full speil, and ask whether he wouldn't mind joining us after the boss fight.
No. 146030 ID: a6ca77


Awesome rollan dude. Can't wait to fight these guys. Ask arkus for an estimate on how much longer we have to wait until the arm enchantements are fully integrated and what would happen if we use our soul nexus powers while we are integrating.
No. 146033 ID: a6ca77


Well let's set up camp. Put some of our guys on sentry. After that, let's talk to this guy. Ask him about the latest info on the bandit king. Force composition etc. Also see if he has any recommendations as to tactics/strategy he wants to use in the fight.

Also definitely ask him what kind of fighting style does this bandit king use.
No. 146141 ID: d1210a

I seat myself beside the campfire, purposefully doing so without precision so that I thump to the ground with a reverberating thud that echoes throughout the nearby area. I see several of the thirty nine following Ozmand flinch at the gesture, but settle back down almost immediately when they see Ozmand has still not reacted.

I tell Ozmand the story we have concocted for our cover, that I am the mage Mordre controlling this golem from a remote location, my body infirm, Arkus coming along as an apprentice, and the Premen as distant tribals with another tongue as this seems the most easily accepted explanation, with Oggroth and Ugrokk both alchemical warriors I crafted. I tell him that we are traversing the woods now as we try to pass our time performing civil services, removing bandit groups while we wait for an order placed in Hletwa to be finished. But when I get to my plans concerning Verther the Bandit King, Ozmand laughs

"GEHAHAH, I won't deny the fight you seek is a worthy one, but near as I can tell, Verther's got some knowledge of magic, specifically of a type I don't think will sit well with you: Magnetism. I don't imagine that would be a great thing to try and fight against while made o' metal, unless you have some way to prevent 'im from gaining control of your magnetic fields. I know I do it by pumping my gear full of my Will as I use combat magic, but I don't know much about golems beyond how to break them so I don't know if that will help you."

As the Premen and Arkus start to store our rather large amount of spoils (mostly food, and a great deal of it human flesh, which I imagine I should keep from Ozmand and the rest to avoid issue, I consider this Verther. A Magnetomancer, hm? .... a memory of my life before I gained sapience fills my mind, a mage from Duras, a powerful Magnetomancer, playing with me like a toy as he held the Mosmordren soldiers at bay, restraining them through their armor. He was bested eventually, by another mage garbed only in cloth that set his lungs on fire. But lacking such a flexible and fully equipped force as Mosmordre was wont to field, I decide to ask Ozmand if he can tell me any more of Verther, so that a strategy might be formed.

"So this Verther, he is a Magnetomancer? How does he employ that to fight?"

"Well, he is pretty much always riding this great big beast of his, keeps him out of reach to most foot soldiers, he is fond of spears, big ones too, and keeps a few dozen on hand in holsters around his saddle. He chucks the spears, and guides their flight with magnetism. Turns them into arbalest bolts practically, they can be hard to dodge. Other than that, I have heard he has some trick involving his cannons, though I have never seen it myself. Really, I've never seen him deviate from the spear-guiding trick, I figure it to be his bread and butter. Though, long range, guided spears-turned-siege-weapon projectiles aren't exactly a wussy bread and butter though, eh? Should be an interesting fight.

"Arkus, you can observe the enchantments on this golem more easily than I, How much more time do you estimate until the incubating chaos-effected runes bond to my hand? And have you detected any reason to feel it unwise to use the Soul Nexus 'till this is done?"

"..Ah, near as I can tell, tomorrow, probably, though I couldn't say when specifically, chaos magic does make most magic it is involved with harder to precisely measure. As to the Soul Nexus, yeah, I would recommend not using it, otherwise sure, it could become more powerful, but it would likely also become a hell of a lot more temperamental. I still advise leaving off on it until the runes have taken hold on your hand."

"Tomorrow, perhaps? Well, that could expedite things."

What should I do? My order for the Premen shall be ready in four days at dawn in Hletwa, and my fist may be up and operational tomorrow, though I apparently can still use the Soul Nexus, even if there might be some form of repercussion. We are currently in Ozmand's camp a fair distance from our previous location, and the sun has vanished, light only provided by the campfire and the small wisps of soulfire trailing away from my mouth and eyes. Should we simply turn in for the night, or should we keep talking for now?
No. 146146 ID: 427807

ask arkus is he knows anyway of cancelling out magnetism, in any way we can use. We want to protect the arm that holds our Sable Executioner somehow, so we can use it's magic dispelling power against verther.
alternatively, try asking ozmand about any tactics or tricks he think could help turn the tide when battle comes.
we might as wel make camp here for the night also, unless we want to make a midnight raid.
No. 146150 ID: e31d52

Didn't Arkus say he knew how to wreathe a man in flames? Shit, it looks like our little mageling may just be our secret weapon. The problem is getting him there in one piece...
No. 146155 ID: a6ca77


Depending on how strong this magnetomancer is, we could just deal with him by firing an anti-golem shell at him. If his ability is only of average quality, I doubt he would be able to deflect such a powerful round...especially if fired from close range.
No. 146160 ID: 7857d9

Or we could just use the Annihilator or the Accelerator function of our hand, instead of risking it. If we toss a tree at him, I really doubt magnetism's gonna help him all that much.
No. 146161 ID: 7817d9

I wonder if Verther's skin would count toward the five we need for Kyorto...
No. 146167 ID: 7857d9

Why wouldn't it? Magnetism seems like it would be a branch of magic derived from World magic.
No. 146170 ID: 7817d9

True. I was just pondering whether there was a minimum level of magical talent required for a particular skin to be viable or not, and if this guy (to current appearances) mostly a one-trick pony with the magnetism schtick would still count in that event.
No. 146173 ID: 7857d9

Hmm, the only qualifier we were given is "worked WOrld magic for some years with competence." Depending on how long this Verther has been warring among bandits, and how long it would take to acquire his abilities as a magnetomancer, would give us an idea.
No. 146176 ID: 716eb0

Well the easiest way to deal with magnetic powers is to not have any metals that would care about such things. The current premen are actually very well suited to this task, with the exception of any giant metal spheres they may insist on fighting with.

Mordre is a much more challenging problem. Of course, we could always try to remake ourselves with a metal that doesnt care about magnetism, but the only supply of such a material on hand is the bronze rations, and that would be a step backwards.
No. 146177 ID: 7857d9

Numerous forms of steel are non magnetic.

OOC: Hence why I'm awaiting a response in the dis thread regarding our current composition.
No. 146192 ID: a6ca77


The idea with the tree and accelerator sounds pretty good. Let's run it by arkus and ozmand to see what they think about it.
No. 146206 ID: 7857d9

Erm, "throw a tree" wasn't really a "Plan", so theres little reason to talk to them about it.
No. 146212 ID: 7817d9

A thought occurs. Would Mordre by any chance be capable of reloading the anti-golem cannon with, say, big handfuls of rocks and gravel to make an improvised grapeshot launcher? I don't recall any specific method of propulsion being used to launch the projectiles being mentioned (I could be wrong, of course), but if it's a case of simple magic-based acceleration, it should work on just about anything that could be crammed in there. ...Even people, if one wants to go the route of sadistic hilarity.
No. 146214 ID: a6ca77


I meant that we should talk to them and see if they think it would work. If they think it's a good idea/effective then we would definitely use it. If not, we'd prob start looking at other plans....
No. 146222 ID: a6ca77


From the questdis, it seems that the propulsion for our mortars is from pressurized soulfire/magnetic burst. Therefore, I think that trying to fire anything non-magnetic would significantly reduce its effectiveness.
No. 146226 ID: d1210a

I believe Arkus was referring to the blast of fire he can make through the ruby topped staff, not some sort of instant bodily immolation spell.

I discreetly question Arkus on whether he knows any methods of canceling magnetic forces, concerned about the potential difficulties my form might present in the eventual clash with the Bandit King Verther, careful to do so outside of earshot of Ozmand or his group, lest this question seem strange given my cover as a mage.

"Uh...... no, I really can't say I know any spells that could do that. Oh, and as to your prior query, about whether I could use my disinterest spell on myself? No go, won't work on anything alive. Yeah, sorry I don't have better news, but there it is."

Now that I reflect on it, I might be able to use this Verther's skin as one of those for Kyorto to craft her soul a new home within, and I spend some time considering how I could store the skin, let alone claim it without somehow tearing or cutting Verther's skin to preserve the magics Kyorto needs. Another puzzle to work on.

A novel idea occurs to me, given my resources.

"....Tell me, could Verther stop a wooden projectile?"

"What, all wood? Nah, not as far as I know, but he's a durable bastard, a few arrows won't do much except piss him off, 'less you get him in the eye. Nah, we'd need something with a bit more punch, li-"

"Would an entire tree converted into a javelin be sufficient?"

"Wut? ...Ah, yeah, I guess that golem could throw it, but how far could yo-"

"I have a soul bound in this golem's hand that lets this golem throw objects at phenomenal speeds, Far in excess to how fast this golem could normally throw. I have determined it to be capable of producing lethal velocities quite easily, And this allows this Soul Grave to throw projectiles at significant range."

"....Huh, actually, that sounds like it has some merit. If we did get a good sized, straight tree, cut it down to just the trunk, and you were able to throw it at him fast enough..... yeah, that would probably drop him, if he didn't see it coming soon enough to avoid it. Which is the last hurdle I see for your plan. You aren't exactly hard to miss in that golem, and walking around with a tree trunk would not help. Verther isn't an idiot, odds are good that he could figure out this plan if you give him the chance. And since this forest is so dense, it would be hard to get a good bead on him from long range, what with all the trees about. But hey, if you figure out some way around that.... then yeah, it sounds like you got a plan for Verther.

My next question would be, if you do manage to take out Verther all easy like that.... what are you going to do about all his followers? He has a fair number, and I don't think they would just sit by idly, with all the loot and gear they've managed to acquire. So how do you plan to deal with his army?"

Beyond Ozmand's concerns, I also realize that should I use this tree trunk acceleration sniping method, I would likely not be able to salvage Verther's skin, at least not in any condition to be of use to Kyorto. A conundrum.

What should I do? How many scouts should I send out to survey our surroundings over night? Or should I ask Ozmand's group to launch a patrol? Should I spend the rest of the night here, or should I do something else?
No. 146229 ID: e31d52


Lead him to you, standing by with the super-spear?Either that, or... I wonder what would happen if he tried to use magnetics on your lolchaos arm.
No. 146234 ID: 7817d9

Ah, must've missed that. Thanks for the correction. Still, depending on how reduced the effect is, it could still have potential. Or, now that I think about it, the grapeshot thing could still be possible. Case-shot, a metal canister packed with rocks or what-have-you, still responds to the magnetic acceleration and it'll shove the payload out with the same force. Just make the metal thin enough to split apart in midflight and badabing, golem-sized shotgun!
No. 146242 ID: 632862

Well, if we need to keep his skin intact and body preserved... Freeze him.

As for his army... once we've frozen their mage they shouldn't be too hard to fight.

How many are there? We could soften up their numbers before battle by throwing lots of trees. Or we could somehow provoke them into attacking a fortified position.
No. 146248 ID: 1ac39d

without a strong leader, the many groups the bandits are made from would start in fighting over any valuable items they have.
No. 146249 ID: a6ca77


Would a tree that is cut down count as "dead"? If it is, we can use the disinterest spell on it. Bandit King would still notice us, but he possibly wouldn't notice the projectile until it is too late...
No. 146252 ID: e31d52

Holy shit, this.

Also, we could hide underground or something.

No. 146253 ID: a6ca77


Interrogation of the bandit we captured says anywhere from 400 to 700 bandits. Unknown level of skill/armaments. They have access to artillery weapons.
No. 146257 ID: e31d52

Wait, do you count as 'alive'?
No. 146258 ID: 7817d9

Depends on how recently the tree's been cut down, I expect. However, it may be an alternative to launch The Mountain's ball and chain, with him holding onto the end...the magnetism might stop the ball, but Oggroth could just let go of it and use his sheer mass to turn into a living wrecking ball and piledrive his way forward like a bowling ball through a pile of dominoes. ...Plus he'd probably have a blast doing it, hah.
No. 146259 ID: 0c0635

Actually im surprised someone didn't pick up on this before. We don't technically count as alive either. So Arkus could use it on us as well.

The only problems that I saw with these were:

Noise: Being invisible don't mean people can't hear you, unless the spell just makes you harder to notice, period.

Magic: Seeing as this guy is also a mage, he might be able to tell that magic is in use (Remember the fight with mingsk). So instead of hiding us it may just alert him beforehand.
No. 146269 ID: 7817d9

Now that I think of it, nix my prior idea for loading the anti-golem cannon with case-shot. The same thing could probably be achieved by just flinging a mass of small stones from the accelerator-hand, with a greater rate of fire and without a need for a metal canister to hold them.
No. 146290 ID: d1210a

If I freeze Verther, I could preserve his skin.... though I have no means of freezing things without also damaging them, as the Amaranthine Annihilator is not a delicate weapon. Similarly, Arkus knows no chilling spells, I already asked him earlier if he could chill foods to prolong their freshness, to no avail. Still, I feel confident there is some way to capture this bandit king.

....Hm. If Verther is a threat to myself the most, considering that the Premen could very easily discard all their metal and still retain much of their fighting strength, whereas I cannot escape my weakness to magnetomancy so easily, then.... perhaps I should not even engage Verther, and leave him to the Premen. Then Ozmand and his forces could assist me in attacking the bulk of Verther's forces, who deprived of his leadership and magical assistance may be much easier to deal with. Though this method would carry risks all it's own, were I to follow it.

Still, I feel that the bandits themselves will be much less of an issue once their leader has fallen, their own greed should lead them to infighting and splintering without Verther around.

I confer with Arkus after having an epiphany about how to apply the disinterest spell he has. After explaining that I wish it applied to both myself and a tree trunk shaped into a titanic javelin, Arkus sports a thoughtful face as he responds.

"...Actually, yeah, that would work. Both golems and lumber work as far as 'not being alive' goes for spells. So yes, I could cast it on you and the tree trunk, since I have this ruby to help juice up my spells. Uh, keep in mind, both spells would have a duration of, give or take, twenty minutes. And no, I can't be more precise than 'about twenty minutes' since the spell is not the most consistent in the world, it is a word spell getting amplified to levels it isn't normally supposed to reach, so I can't be precise. Also, if this Verther dude is the type of mage that can innately sense magic, well.... that could be a problem. They are relatively rare though, most people with that talent end up working for The Mortal Coil, they offer too many goodies for most to refuse. So, PROBABLY safe from Verther having that, but not guaranteed. But yes, I could do this.

But.... I would wait until your hand has finished adapting the runes and chaos energy around it to your body. Trying to lay a spell on you while that's still in the works is dodgy no matter what I do, but it should be done tomorrow, probably midday, as near as I can figure, though that's really just a guess."

...Alternatively, reflecting on Oggroth's tactics earlier, perhaps I could propel Oggroth at my foe. I wonder at the viability of this plan, but I feel certain that Oggroth would be willing, and that Verther would most assuredly not expect a multi-ton eleven foot tall person like Oggroth to come sailing through the air at him.

I also consider simply using rocks and other hard objects I can scavenge about the forest as makeshift projectiles with the aid of my Soul Nexus' Accelerator ability....

But all of this seems to be hinged upon the spell in my fist completing it's incubation. As the rest of the camp starts to die down, and many start to sleep, I wonder: Why does Ozmand not send out any scouts? Is he so certain in his safety here, or is it confidence in his strength, possibly even sheer lack of attention? I dispatch four Premen that did not fight overmuch in today's engagements to evaluate the immediate area, and bring their findings to me upon their return tomorrow morning.

Should I do anything else, or should I wait until tomorrow?
[If waiting till tomorrow, roll 4d10 to see what the scouts encounter.]
No. 146302 ID: 427807

rolled 9, 6, 6, 7 = 28

i find myself liking the idea of launching oggroth straight next to verther. Causing enough confusion and disarray in such a short amount of time like that would both leave verther mortally wounded, if not dead, and his army in a prime position to be attacked.

hope the scouts don't fuck us over...
No. 146304 ID: a6ca77


Nice rolls. Would oggroth survive the flight though?
No. 146366 ID: d1210a

[4 or higher, 6x2]
Two of the scouts report back in the early morning, their news grim. They have each encountered a war-band, each three hundred strong by their estimates. The fact they found them in different areas of the would at more or less the same time leads me to believe them different forces. They reported both groups bore many large metal tubes, either in their gear or pulled on wheels. Both groups were clearly looking for something, as both Premen noted that the groups had an extensive amount of forward scouts, but not many on their rear. Thankfully, the Premen were able to avoid notice gaining this information.

[6 or higher, 7]
One scout reports back that, in an area roughly between the two contact points with the large bandit forces, they found a warrior riding an enormous beast with one hundred horsemen following him, rampaging about erratically. They noted the lead warrior kept shouting something, though they did not know what he said.

[9 or higher, 9]
The final scout brings back less alarming news, but I find it interesting nonetheless. He reports having found a trail of footprints too large for even Oggroth, and the imprints are far too deep..... much like my own, the scout notes. Yet no other footprints were seen anywhere near the tracks the scout found. Most intriguing....

[DAY 54]

The sun is only just starting to spread light across the land once more, and other than myself and the scouts, only a few camp guards are yet awake. Three days from now, Del Rogo should have the order I made ready to pick up at dawn in Hletwa. Further, today is the day that the runes I took from The Steel Fists' Soul Grave finally bond to me safely.... or so I have been told. While the spells certainly feel different than last night, and the chaotic power acting as a buffer betwixt my hand and the stolen runes seems to be merging with both, I cannot say whether they feel more aligned with me, or any more readily tapped. We shall see.

What should I do?
No. 146367 ID: 632862

Oh we are so totally following the deep footprints. From the sound of it, that's an independent Soul Grave!
No. 146371 ID: a6ca77


Voting for a decisive strike on Bandit King Dude. Once we destroy him it'll be much easier to mop up the others...
No. 146382 ID: a6ca77


Oh forgot to mention that this should wait until after our magics integrate and we get a little practice with them.
No. 146383 ID: 427807

lets go after the group with a hundred or so, as i have the hunch the dude on the giant beast is verther. Before this, however, i think it would be best to follow the supposed soul grave tracks, and see what we find.
No. 146386 ID: 7817d9

Follow up on the tracks.
No. 146410 ID: 29654a

A thought just occured to me:
We are going with the wood javelin idea, right? Why not hollow the trunk out and put Oggroth in it? Also, instead of aiming directly for Verther, aim for his horse. This way we can relieve him of his mount, and Oggroth can subdue him(hopefully without killing Verther or breaking his skin). Does Derkin know anything about drugs such as sleeping powder? This Verther sounds like a HUGE asset to us, capturing him alive would take us one step closer to freeing Kyorto.
No. 146413 ID: 7817d9

I don't thing Oggie's gonna fit into a log unless you find one fuckhuge sumbitch of a tree. Not a bad idea, though. Could always build a sabot for him out of planks or something.
No. 146445 ID: a6ca77


To be honest, I don't think it'll be that easy to subdue this guy. Unless we get absurdly lucky, I just don't see how we can kill him without breaking the skin. To be frank, I think it will be much easier to get our mage skins by going getting them as spoils of war when we attack that small nation.
No. 146446 ID: 7857d9


You guys realize we probably wouldn't be able to lift something like that, right? It'd be ungainly as all hell, and even if we could lift it, there's no way we'd be able to throw a 8 food diameter TREE with Oggroth INSIDE IT.

The tree idea is no longer viable, I think. We need to salvage his skin. Easiest way to do that is to just break his neck or spine.

We keep voting for Oggroth, but frankly, I think this Hunter-Killer shit is a job more suitable to Uggrok. In fact, Uggrok is uniquely suited to this kind of thing, judging by his traits.

So, we'll cause a distraction from hiding. Have Arkus cast the disinterest spell on us, so that we may BOMB the surrounding troops from a camoflauged position. Once the formations have scattered, Oggroth and the Premen will engage the bewildered force in an attempt to further scatter them. Optimally, this will give Uggrok his chance to go in and break Verther.

We may have to deal with the mount personally. We'll use the unconventional projectile on that creature.

Ozmand will engage with his forces to support Oggroth. The only issue with this is that I'm kinda curious about his not setting scouts, as well. Almost as if he's not concerned about Verther finding him...

I swear to god, if that fucking bandit pointed us to one of Verther's lieutenants, and they're all jsut playing along until such time that they can backstab us mid-engagement, I will see that man crucified and left hanging, still alive, from a tree in Mosmordre, left to be eaten by whatever lucky abomination happens upon him.

First, ask Ozmand why he doesn't bother with scouts. THen, ask Arkus for what, EXACTLY, Derkin said when we arrived.
No. 146457 ID: 7857d9

Actually, we should probably have Ozmands forces support Uggrok, if it comes to it. I don't want to underestimate the bastard, and assuming the best of Ozmand, he seems to want to fight Verther specifically.
No. 146466 ID: d1210a
File 126845657960.jpg - (96.14KB , 800x600 , Lenryt and Olmezca at the River.jpg )

I decide to follow the tracks the one particularly perceptive scout found, and order everyone to mount up. Ozmand jumps out of a perch high in one of the trees, yawning as he swings his hammer about, the heavy thumps it makes against the ground rousing his followers surprisingly swiftly.

"I am to take it from your rather quick march from your scouts return the Verther came out to play in force. Is it time to see how we fare against this bandit king?"

"Not quite yet. While it does seem like Verther may have marched, And with his entire army no less, I am more concerned about tracks a scout found. It seems there may be a rogue golem about, And I aim to solve this puzzle as swiftly as possible."

"...Huh. Well, if Verther's marchin' about, and you aren't engaging him just yet, then I imagine I shall find some way to amuse myself for the moment as you track down this errant golem. Hmm, if Verther is out here, I do wonder, is anyone at his base?"

"Hey, uh, I have a map to his base if you need it, on behalf o' both Mordre and meself. Care for a gander?" Derkin provides, Ozmand's gaze snapping about to my captive.

I consider this as Derkin pulls the map he presented to me earlier out once more, Ozmand scrutinizing it closely. This should work as an excellent way to destabilize Verther's base and supplies, if he is out in such force and Ozmand thinks he can pull it off. And it would mean later forays by Verther may be crippled by the damages Ozmand could bring down on their resources. I decide to allow Derkin's action, though I wonder if I should take time to 'talk' with him about insubordination, I recall the Mosmordren generals being strict upon their men.

Ozmand warmly shoots a rough salute to me off as he leads his group off, towards the bandit king's base.

"Well, best of luck with the golem problem you found out about there Mage, Perhaps I shall see you at this camp again tonight!"

And with that, Ozmand leads his crew off, their forty forms vanishing into the woods. I turn to Arkus, Oggroth, Ugrokk, and the twenty Premen warriors with me, and give the order to head out, bringing everything with us. I sling a pack onto my shoulders with Oggroth's help, careful to avoid using my hand, lest the energies in it somehow damage our goods. And then we head off, finding the tracks the scout found in a few hours, never hearing any noises but our own from the forest. It would seem that Verther is not searching anywhere near us, or this trail.

But as I gaze upon the first clear, complete footprint in the track, with all the rocks embedded in the earth, I wonder... is it truly made by a Soul Grave? The indentations seem..... too shallow, for a being of metal. We continue to follow the tracks for two more hours, Arkus eventually being picked up by Oggroth and put upon his soldiers so that we may march faster, Derkin simply held in his other hand, carried as he marches.

Eventually, the tracks lead to a different stretch of woods, about a river running through the forest, it's waters softly burbling out a steady murmur audible even from outside the canopy of this forest within a forest following the river. The tracks lead to the river, under the canopy, and so we go, onward, tracking down this conundrum we have been faced with. Could it be, could it really be another self willed golem? Could I not be alone? I find myself compelled to track down the answer.

We travel through the dense foliage about the riverbank, to find..... An ancient, moss covered stone golem, with a.... a little girl sitting upon it's hand. Both turn to face us as we approach, but the child speaks first.

"So, Mordre, finally here. I was wondering if you had made a poor choice in your recruits, it was taking so long to find Olmezca's rather obvious trail through the forest. But you are here now, most interesting. Greetings, I am Lenryt, and we potentially have much to speak about."

Words, thoughts simply flow into my own mind, no actual vocalization involved, yet I can feel her very mind touching my own psyche. I am a Soul Grave, designed to be resilient to most methods of possession or telepathy, yet the barriers built into my spell matrices don't even seem to bother the little girl, her mind's vast, almost ludicrous potency simply ignoring them. She feels every bit as powerful as the spirit that I let inhabit my form in exchange for leaving Arkus, back in the mountains. At the thought, I can feel the spirit's presence surging. The little girl I must now assume named Lenryt quirks a lurid facsimile of a smile on the little girl's face, her eye's unchanging even as her lips strain in the smirk, the dissonance jarring.

"Yes, and I am here to speak with you too, Caged One."

Yet even as these thoughts bombard me, the stone golem, who I somehow now know is the ancient Olmezca (did this child just give me new memories, without me even noticing!?), speaks out in a rumbling voice, surprisingly in the Premen tongue. He knows the Premen tongue because he once wandered their land when his original creators, a now long dead people, waged war on the Premen. Over time, he picked up their tongue. Again, I simply know this now, even though but a few minutes ago, I would have said I knew no such golem as Olmezca. But even more shocking it's voice.....

"I am Olmezca, servant of Lenryt, Grand Elder Mage of the Mortal Coil. You stand in her presence, and she wishes to commune with your leader. For now, we offer a bond of nonviolence, until such time negotiations are concluded. Mordre, my mistress wishes to ask you questions, will you refuse to answer?"

What should I do?
No. 146478 ID: 7817d9

Considering the demonstration of power here, I think cooperation may be in order for the moment. Plus you might learn something, just from the questions put to you.
No. 146485 ID: a6ca77


"No, we will not refuse to answer. We will answer your questions. However, in return, would you answer some questions of my own? The first of which is, why even bother questioning me. You clearly are extremely capable in the field of mind magic. You probably could get any answer you wish out of my mind."
No. 146486 ID: 632862

We will answer their questions.

Perhaps we can propose some of our own. For instance... how did we become self-aware?

Send away the bandit captive so that he cannot eavesdrop.
No. 146501 ID: 7857d9

Ugh, know-it-all little brat. Fine, have your questions. I'll have a few of my own.
No. 146658 ID: 29654a

Ask what you will. I feel it is fair to warn you that the answers I have may not be the ones you seek. However, I feel we may be able to reach a satisfying conclusion to this meeting.
No. 146698 ID: 41b147

Offhand: The real mage uses girl as retranslator OR she simply transferred her mind to younger and healthier body.
Don't underestimate *any* mage,you never know what trick they have in their sleeves.

Talk with her, and keep in mind that she likely can fry what passes for our brain with just a throught.
No. 146701 ID: 6834bc

Of course she can ask us questions. But as >>146658 said, it's possible that some of our answers may not be the ones she's looking for.
We hope that is only a possibility and not reality, of course.

...So, can she read our mind, or do we have to vocalize answers? 'Cause if we have to vocalize them, the topic of our true nature might come up; and I'm not so sure Derkin really needs to know that just yet.

Although, I suppose that if it comes down to vocal communication, maybe we could speak in the Premen language instead? I doubt Derkin knows it.
[deleted/reposted for slight rewording]
No. 146714 ID: d1210a

I try to write off the girl as simply being a puppet, the host of a much older more experienced master of magic. After all, how could such a small child have a mind as potent, as alien as that?

"Your assumption is flawed. This girl and I are one and the same now, and Lenryt is her own name, I share it with her now. Please dispel such thoughts as her being nothing more than a meat puppet, it is an incorrect assumption."

....That is still disconcerting, to have my own thoughts observed by an entity such as this.

"I shall endeavor to not read your mind again without your permission, if you agree to answer my questions, I comprehend the intrusive nature of such feats. It is a rather straightforward arrangement."

Again, the little girl stares at me with lidded, dead eyes, as the strained rictus smile on her face subsides to stillness much more alacritously then I would have expected.

I respond to Olmezca in Premen, to avoid Derkin overhearing this..... though that does make me aware that Arkus currently has no idea what is going on, all of the vocalized portions of this encounter in the Premen tongue. In either event, I give this Lenryt and her ward Olmezca my response.

"I shall answer your questions as best I can, But I make no promises that I shall have all the answers you seek. There is much about this world I yet do not know. However, when I answer your questions, I wish to pose a question in return to you, Lenryt. It seems fair to make this exchange equivalent. My first question would be one that has plagued me for a time: How did I become self-aware?"

Olmezca bristles as I address Lenryt without her full title, or perhaps for trying to barter for answers of my own, but the child laughs, an oddly world weary laugh coming from her tiny frame, discordant with her apparent childishness. Olmezca glances at her, before he nods and responds, clearly at her unspoken urging.

"..Very well, Lenryt agrees to your request.... She says she did not see your birth, but can speculate, based on your construction and current state. You were present when the Curse effected the Mosmordren Empire, is that not so? Perhaps undergoing repairs, modifications, or deactivated? The powers of the Curse run deep, shifting and warping whatever life they touch. Certainly, your metal form was immune to the Curse's touch, but I ask you: Would not a soul itself count as alive, if it still persists? It is a person's mind, their memories, every bit of their existence that was not corporeal, bound up into a single mote of energy. I could easily see the Curse warping the souls in you, until such a point that here you are, a Soul Grave acting on it's own. As this is just a guess rather than a definitive answer, I shall give it to you freely. Perhaps I could devote some time to studying your birth and give you a more concrete answer about your sapience. .....Mistress Lenryt says she has indulged your curiosity enough as she wishes to in the interest of courtesy, and now poses the following questions. For any you answer, she says you are allowed to ask a question in return. The questions are the following: --What do you intend to do now that you can choose your own path to walk, what purpose do you see for yourself? --Where are you headed? --What goals have you set for yourself? --Where did you meet the Caged One? --Has the Caged One told you anything of it's nature? Answer what questions you will Mordre, and know that my Mistresses patience is not infinite."

Even as Olmezca verbalizes his portion of the conversation, Lenryt once more puts thoughts in my psyche, yet this time, they seem muted, as if not intended for me.

"So, Caged One, what to do with you........

...I feel fear starting to trickle out of the spirit's presence within me.

What should I do? What answers should I give, and what questions should I ask in turn? Or should I do something else?
No. 146716 ID: 41b147

Lets avoid answering first and third question.
Apparently, whatever spirit/creature we agreed to share body wasn't exactly strightforward with us.
Answering fourth/fifth could also net us some information without us using our question, if we word it well enough.
No. 146720 ID: 29654a

>What do you intend to do now that you can choose your own path to walk, what purpose do you see for yourself?

"That is simple, vengeance for the fall of my home. Seventeen years ago, the world watched as Mosmordre burned. I feel it is only fair to return the favor personally to those responsible."

"My question is this: Will you stop me, are you one of those responsible for the destruction of my home?"

>Where are you headed?

"I may possess a significant amount of strength, but it is nothing compared to the ruling powers of Zakrath. I seek to conquer Azelhaedran state, there will hopefully be little collateral damage done to it's people since my enemies only lie within the government and the bandits that plague it."

"Did my home truely deserve to be crushed, what crimes did Mosmordre commit for the entire world to put it's heel against our neck?"

>What goals have you set for yourself?

"If I can exact my revenge and make a new empire paying homage to my creators, that alone will be enough."

"Are there others like us, golems with sapience?"

>Where did you meet the Caged One?

"I assume you speak of the spirit that resides within. Arkus, the mage whom you see here had freed me from my slumber, he successfully used soul magic and sealed himself into a mountainside for protection from our enemies. I made a deal with the spirit, his presence leaves Arkus, and in return it sees the world through my eyes and gains control over this shell should I cease to function."

"Is there a way to undo the curse? I know it's people have long since perished, but I wish to erase the scars that have been inflicted upon the planet."

>Has the Caged One told you anything of it's nature?

"As far as I know, it is a spirit of this planet. Once binded to a leyline, then Arkus, and now I. It neither helps nor hinders, a neutral party is more desirable than that of a hostile one."

"Since I have told you my story, it is only fair that you divulge a small portion of yours... will you?"
No. 146721 ID: 7857d9

>--What do you intend to do now that you can choose your own path to walk, what purpose do you see for yourself?

An interesting question, to pose to one who has only been possessed of Sentience for a few months. The purpose I was built for originally was to wage war, it is what I'm suited to. But in all honesty, with the capacity to now think, I can say that seems a shallow thing.

Perhaps you could say my current purpose is to secure a future, for myself and those who would aid me. I relish this newfound life I have, and would be loathe to surrender it to any.

>--What goals have you set for yourself?

My goals? I suppose I could share a few of them. I wish to better myself, as any being would. I also wish to better this world, in the way I see fit.

>--Where are you headed?

An oddly specific question. Suffice to say I go south. Anything more specific than that, and I'm afraid I need to know for what reason you wish this particular information.

>--Where did you meet the Caged One?

The mountains. My mageling had sought to protect himself through world magic from an aggressor. The spell backfired, and his form was consigned to stone and earth, from which the being you refer to as the Caged One inhabited him. In order to negotiate his release, I traded a few of my souls and agreed to allow the spirit to inhabit my body for the purpose of observing this world through my being.

>--Has the Caged One told you anything of it's nature?

ONly that it appears to be a powerful spirit of the world, and that should my life approach an end, it will assume control and obliterate my essence so that it may continue its observations.
No. 146722 ID: 7857d9


>"Did my home truely deserve to be crushed, what crimes did Mosmordre commit for the entire world to put it's heel against our neck?"

Err...alot? Waging war against the other nations in a policy of aggressive expansion, heinous soul and blood magics that used the essence of living beings as fuel for its warmachines, genetic modification for the purpose of creating subservient races (see: Morgren), etc, etc. This is just the stuff we've picked up along the way, too.
No. 146727 ID: 29654a

How is that any different from what the other nations of the world have done? Furthermore, even if Mosmordre was waging war against all nations at the same time, it didn't KILL a piece of the planet just to get what it wanted. I'm not saying Mosmordre was a sweet and innocent victim, but it certainly didn't deserve this shit.
No. 146753 ID: 427807

i vote for trying to join forces with these two. why not?
No. 146762 ID: 7857d9


Because I doubt they would take orders from us?

Our goal is to rule these lands so we can fashion them into a global empire that shall never be toppled like Mosmordre was, I thought.
No. 146766 ID: a6ca77


Yeah, I doubt that's going to happen. We are dealing with a person who is extremely powerful. Probably has enough force to qualify as a demigod or something. Why the heck would they want to join forces with us unless we swore servitude to them?
No. 146775 ID: 427807

who says we'd make the orders? we could be at the head of a giant wave of carnage and death, and not feel the slightest repercussion!!
No. 146782 ID: 427807

because we would swear our loyalty to them...
and demigod status? really? really?
No. 146786 ID: d1210a
File 126852194372.jpg - (544.15KB , 1920x1200 , Lenryt And The Wanderer Meet.jpg )

"To your first question, I answer thus: I look for a place for myself in this world, Albeit through revenge and destruction, As much as creation and alliances. I wish to gain vengeance for Mosmordre, And in the process find a place to call mine own. To your second question, I offer the following: I plan to travel south after this meeting, Though ultimately, a more distant destination holds my eye, The Azelhaedran State, and all the research lost there. As to your question about my goals, I shall offer three: Revenge for Mosmordre, my own betterment, And the betterment of the world as I see fit. As to this 'Caged One', I presume you speak of the spirit dwelling within me. I found it when one of my followers grafted his soul to a mountain, During a rather roughshod spell of his crafting. This spirit was inhabiting his body when I found him, And in exchange for freeing my follower, I offered it a home within myself. As to what the 'Caged One' has told me, It has been decidedly closemouthed, A neutral observer who will claim my form, Should I come to close to destruction. And now, mine own questions, five in number for the answers offered: Are you one of those responsible for Mosmordre's fall? Are there other golems like myself and Olmezca, golems with sapience? Is there a means to remove this spirit, this 'Caged One,' from my form? Will you attempt to impede me in The Azelhaedran State? And lastly.... You clearly know more about me than I of you, so perhaps you could answer this: Who are you?"

Olmezca turns once more to look at Lenryt, the child still staring at me without a single expression on her tiny face, just observing me. Arkus and Derkin both look thoroughly confused, not understanding a word of what is said, but the Premen.... they have seated themselves on the ground, calmly waiting for our talks to conclude... yet all the same, their weapons and gear are close at hand. They at least can perceive some of the danger here. Eventually, even though Lenryt provides no visible response, Olmezca turns back to our group, and addresses us once more.

"Your answers are satisfactory, and my mistress offers the following responses: She had nothing to do with the downfall of Mosmordre. There are actually a sizable number of sapient golems, But most are simply controlled by pre-existing souls, New bodies rather than new life. Any other form of sapience in a golem is currently rare enough to qualify as unique. My mistress will make no effort to impede you in The Azelhaedran state or here, So long as no violence is offered. ...She also says she will answer the remaining two questions to you alone, Mordre."

I hear Olmezca finish speaking, but my mind is once more preoccupied with a bombardment of alien thoughts, Lenryt pushing more thoughts into my mind to keep her views private from the Premen.

"My primary goal in coming here is concerning the Caged One. Specifically, as the name implies, it is supposed to be caged, and letting it look about the world outside it's prison is not something it is allowed. I am here to return the Caged One's psyche to it's rightful place, first and foremost. Though I do admit that you free will and sapience, both seemingly yours alone, do interest me.

Lenryt narrows her eyes at me, her cheeks dimpling as she smiles cherubically, her gaze dispelling any innocence her smile may have brought.

"As to who I am.... Who I was, were two individuals. Lenryt, the child you see before you. Born in Castiliathen, her mind open, accepting. A normal child other than her unusual soul composition. ...And another, a wanderer who had travelled across the stars. The wanderer heard Lenryt's soul singing, and came to her world. Now Lenryt and the wanderer are separate no longer, but one and the same.

I have answered your questions in exchange for the answers offered. Now I ask a new question: Will you willingly submit to having the Caged One's fragmented psyche removed from you, so that it can be returned to it's rightful place?"

At this, I feel the spirit within me well up, and push new thoughts into my mind from within my own body, a strange sensation if ever there was one.

"Do not accept this request, I do not wish to go back.
If you reject it, I shall offer you my aid, just do not let that thing put me back!"

What should I do?
No. 146789 ID: 427807

ask the caged one what it can offer us.
ask lenryt how she will extract the caged soul, what the hell it is, why she wants it back, and what she will give us in return.
No. 146790 ID: 445c48

Ask why it was caged. Explain that it does not wish to go back.
No. 146791 ID: 1ac39d

what could you offer me spirit? all you have done is threaten to steal my body should i fall in combat, and i only let you ride to free Arkus from your grasp."

also, i get the feeling that the leylines are kinda like LoZ spirit tracks. they are actually the prison bars and the great evil in them is this spirit. when arkus cast his spell he bent open a pathway. also willing to bet that when the lines around our kingdom were cut the curse was him wreaking havoc.
No. 146793 ID: 7857d9

For what reason was must this being be caged? I cannot simply renege on an agreement made in good faith without first knowing the reason I must do so.
No. 146798 ID: a6ca77


I truly do think demi-god status would apply. The definition of demigod that I work from is essentially a being that is extremely/uniquely powerful, yet not invulnerable.

Examples of this are people like hercules, who was extremely powerful yet still was able to be killed through a poison in the end.

This being in my mind fits this type of description by filling the criteria of...

1) Extreme Power

This being is able to freely use telepathy undetected and even modify our memories. As explained, we are generally invulnerable to telepathy, yet here we are being messed with. It also is implied that this being is on a power level roughly equal to that of the caged one. Recall that the caged one was originally described as "veritable nexus of World magic, far dwarfing the magicks within my own [mordre's] form."

It is my opinion that this level of magical skill qualifies as demigod level power.

2) It is still vulnerable in some way

The following is an assumption, but I believe that this being is not invulnerable. No specific evidence has been given to that effect, but I feel that it's behavior so far is not something that seems like it is invulnerable.

So to your question of "Really? Really?" I say "Yes."
No. 146804 ID: 7857d9

Yeeeeah, Mordre's spent his whole existence being a subservient puppet. Fuck that.
No. 146814 ID: 427807

first, making up any definition you want for demigod for this situation is bullshit.
second, even if this is a demigod, that is even more of a reason for us to join it, right?
I dont really want to try to fight a supposed demigod...
which is why we can hold unlimited power if we do join these guys. they know we are sapient, and we join them, we will share in the glory of a unified Zakrath.
No. 146820 ID: 903f16

We won't have to fight them if we release the caged one. From what they have told us he's what they've come for and the fact he's hitched a ride on us is an odd turn of fate.

I'm also going to agree that while the defnition that was put forth is not by the letter correct, this being probably has roughly the same power as a demigod.

That said why should we submit to service under beings that don't appear to desire it, to achieve ends that we will achieve anyway?

I propose we bargin with them. We're prpbably going to give up the soul or if not have him taken by force. So let's get something out of it. As I recall The Mortal Coil is a powerful organization that has plenty of information and resources, why not ask for some special metals or locations of free golems?
No. 146822 ID: a6ca77


I agree that randomly making up a definition and requiring that others play by it is bullshit. However, in this case, I believe that this definition is one that would fit what a demigod actually is.

If you have an significantly different definition, I would like to hear it so I can understand your point of view.

In response to your second point, I do not believe that jumping to a decision like allying with one of these beings is wise.

I completely agree that opposing one or both of these forces is something we definitely want to avoid. However, I think that your conclusion that we should ally with one in order to suddenly gain "unlimited power" is not correct.

While it is true that our short-term gain of power would be significant, the long-term benefits is uncertain. By inheriting this power from our allegiance, we would also inherit this beings enemies.

For example, say that we ally with Lenryt. It turns out that such a powerful being also has powerful enemies. All of a sudden, we will be targeted as an agent of Lenryt. We will lose our neutrality and our ability to move quietly from the shadows. Any gain in power may not be worth its costs.

It also is possible that our new master would use us as an expendable pawn. Both these entities are probably not telling the whole truth. Who knows what agenda they are playing?

Let me make this clear, I am not against any type of alliance. What I am against is jumping into an allegiance with basically no knowledge of the situation in the hopes of gaining power.
No. 146846 ID: 427807

i highly doubt the mortal coil is going to, first of all, accept out existence, and secondly, help us find others like us. They seem concerned with fighting forces like that, rather then let them destroy human bodies and enslave their souls...
submitting to them would basically give us a free ride toward power. obviously power wouldn't come to us instantaneously. If Lenryt and her golem are out for power, joining them would give us easier access to many vital resources, including vastly increased knowledge of golem craft.
If they built us up as a super golem, i don't think we'd be a pawn to their game, more like a bishop or a knight...

Of course, this whole situation is highly conjectural. we need to establish what the aims of lenyrt are, who she is affiliated with, and whether she even has any use for us. If she does possess demigod powers, we would benefit from her, but would she benefit from us?
No. 146848 ID: d1210a

And what of you, who has offered me nothing but silence? I think, attempting to push my thoughts towards the spirit within me, this Caged One. Tell me, what kind of aid is this you offer me, enough with the nebulous phrasing!

While I thrust this pattern of thoughts at the Caged One, I speak to Lenryt once more, questions bubbling to the forefront of my mind.

"What is this being, this 'Caged One' that you speak of? I admit to not understanding it's nature, And how could I offer you an answer without knowing such? How and why was it caged, and why must it be returned? But more basic than that, how do you propose to remove it, It's threats to my own existence give me reason to be cautious. But even more so, what would you offer me to accept your demand?"

Olmezca once more starts to speak, an indignant scowl crossing its stony features, before once more Olmezca turns to Lenryt for a moment, the child completely unresponsive, before turning once more to face our group, the aggression bled out of it's visage once more.

"....Mistress Lenryt finds your demands for knowledge reasonable, But she can only answer parts of your queries freely: The rest is knowledge she is bound by oath and seal to only give in trade, And it is doubtful you would have something of equal value to trade for such. ...The Caged One is old, older than any nation on this world, And is close enough to being the spirit of this world as to be indistinguishable from it. But by it's nature, it is required to stay within the bones of the earth, Interacting with the planet's surface only through the leylines it exudes. When it managed to force a piece of it's mind outside the demesne of it's leylines, It also created a vent for it's ambient energy, slowly releasing it's essence. In time, enough of the Caged One could be released that it is no longer bound in the planet, And at such point all the leylines of this world would wither and die, Treating the whole world to much of what the Mosmordren Empire faced. As to what Mistress Lenryt would offer you, she would give you her support and aid, Both from her position as one of the ruling seven leaders of the Mortal Coil, And from the extensive resources she personally commands, If you swear into her service. She would allow you free reign to do as you please, So long as when she did make a request of you that you paid it heed. ...And she notes that if you do not want to accept her offer of service, Then she would instead offer a favor, to be called in at a time of your choosing. That is her offer, Mordre, how do you rule?"

Even as Olmezca's words ring in my ears, I can feel the Caged One responding, an out of place note of desperation entering it's structure.

"If you refuse her, I shall give you the key to accessing the full power of the leylines, letting you channel the might flowing through this world as you will. None could match your might, if you accept what I offer, and keep that thing away from me!

What should I do? Should I make a decision, or should I risk trying to get more info before choosing?
No. 146851 ID: 427807

hmm...ultimate power over a cursed world, or the admiration of one of the seven members of The Mortal Coil...
I, really, cannot choose.
lets ask her one last question, whether she will allow us to serve her in servitude, our will being her will, and whatnot.
No. 146859 ID: 1ac39d

he offers us power over the leylines, which with it free they will eventually wither and disappear. once they are gone we will lose the power we had gained from it.
i say get rid of it, the power it offers is only temporary.
No. 146873 ID: 903f16

We're founding an empire, and the caged one is offering a foundation of swamp under which it will suffer the same fate as our homeland.

We'll stand to gain more by forging an alliance with The Coil and accepting their offer of a favor or offering alliegence, though the former is more acceptable.
No. 146884 ID: a6ca77


How long would this "extracting" process take? We have plans to take down the Bandit King that pretty much have to be executed soon. And will this extraction be influence negatively by the chaos integration in our hand?
No. 146888 ID: 45be60

Not even a choice. What happened to Mosmordren must not happen again. Not anywhere. Not ever. And I hear no denials, only desperate counter-offers.
No. 146901 ID: 378d75

Remove it, in return for a favour...
No. 146916 ID: 1ac39d

epic hax favor. immunity to magnetism. guy would be all 'lol, a metal golem is trying to attack me, magnet attack!' keeps walking 'i said magnet attack' keeps walking 'well shit'
No. 146917 ID: 632862

The leylines are not ours to manipulate! We are not wise enough to do so without the destruction of everything on the surface. Revenge is our goal, but would we become the same monster we seek to destroy? NAY!

We shall give the Caged One willingly.
No. 146990 ID: d1210a

"How long will this take, And how shall the chaos magic in m-"

Without bothering to traverse the distance in between, Lenryt goes from standing on Olmezca's hand, some fifty odd feet before us, to floating in the air, laying a small hand on my own. With her touch, I feel a power as alien as Lenryt's mind surge forth at her touch, completely immersing the chaotic swirls and tangles of the incubating enchantment dwelling in my fist. The invading power writhes about, pushing the chaos about so that the enchantment warps, faster and faster, until finally.....

With a resounding jolt that travels up my arm, the metal of my hand flexes and heaves, an enormous crater with crazily swirled runes circling about it atop the back of my hand exudes a soft, sinister field, an ominous pit of black that swallows all light passing near. I can feel a hunger every bit the equal to that of the Spectral Gorging Anima that dwells within the soul nexus in the very same hand. Yet it's hunger feel hollow, as if the whole of reality itself, even consuming everything would not sate the need of this new force. And along with this change, I feel new memories offered forth by Lenryt.

"There, I have finalized the assimilation of the enchantment you bore, I optimized the flow of chaos energy to accelerate it's bonding to your form, so it can no longer interfere in that which I must do. And as to how long this will take, I am under pressure to expedite this process as well, so I shall take your query as acceptance and begin now, this is best done swiftly."

The world blurs and vanishes, becoming simple motes, flecks of light dancing in a gentle sea of nothingness, a place of absolute stillness. I feel...... no need to do.... anything, for the moment. This place....

Thundering waves of pressure crash into my presence, rocking my thoughts and mind alike, jarring me into turning to see-

A mass of soft golden energy (I can feel it to be the Caged One), large enough the only word I can think of to compare it's scale with is 'planet,' is currently being assaulted by a nebulous, seething mass of shadow and flailing tendrils of smoky black and crimson, with brilliant spots of blue shining out from shifting parts of the whole collective entity. This assaulting force has snared a.... piece, of the golden mass, and forces it back into it's source, and the world shatters, my senses bombarded with chaff before I once more find myself standing in the forest, Lenryt once more perched in Olmezca's hand, as if she had never left.... yet a quick glance down shows me my hand still enhanced, and I feel.... strangely empty.

Olmezca once more addresses us.

"My mistress thanks you for your cooperation, Mordre, And asks which reward you choose: A place as a servant of Lenryt, with all the power and resources this implies, With the right to do as you will outside mistress Lenryt's specific requests. Or a single favor of any sort you desire, to be called in at any time of your choosing. My mistress wishes to know what you choose."

Arkus is starting to look at me strangely, as if he is finally grasping some of the gravity of the situation through the language barrior, but the Premen seem to relax, as they understand that a fight is not to come, not at this moment.

I immediately consider the possibility of asking Lenryt to grant me immunity to having my magnetic fields manipulated, my planned conflict with Verther coming to mind.

"While you consider this, know that I could grant you such a thing, if you were to learn Magnetomancy yourself, you could manipulate the magnetic fields of your own form, likely a most flexible ability in your state. Of course, whatever you choose to use the favor on, should you even choose the favor, is up to you. I shall uphold my end of the bargain, as you have fulfilled yours."

What should I do? Should I enter into this partial bondage to Lenryt, gaining her resources and aid (which look to be potent indeed), in exchange for periodically fulfilling her wishes? I have to wonder at what could be possible with Lenryt backing me... Or should I lay claim to the favor offered, and part ways with both Olmezca and Lenryt?
No. 147053 ID: 903f16

It's a difficult choice, but it comes down to whether or not we wish to be beholden to the wishes of The Mortal Coil or not. I believe we shouldn't tie ourselves to an alliance which could potentially restrict our movements and require to take potentially long detours from our journies. We don't know much about the organization either. What kind of tasks would we be asked to do, and would it be possible to end our service without being hunted or antagonized? Without that knowledge I'd prefer to accept the favor.
No. 147068 ID: 427807

lets join lenryt! we must! think of all we will gain from this!
No. 147071 ID: a6ca77


Seconding that we need to know more about this group before we can become their servant. also ask if it is possible that this planet-entity thing that we just sealed away could attempt to get vengeance on us somehow?
No. 147076 ID: a6ca77


Ooops, forgot to add that later after we are done with deciding between the favor/servitude, we should practice a bit with our new hand/enchantments to figure them out before we battle the Bandit King.
No. 147084 ID: 1ac39d

having Magnetomancy skill injected into us sounds interesting. get it powerful enough and i bet we could fly. or at least make it so we lose 0 speed points even if we become HUGE.
No. 147085 ID: b14128

I say we avoid being bound to anyone. We don't really know what we're getting ourself into. We chose to bring this Caged One into ourselves to save Arkus, but we are under no such durance for this situation, and it's perfectly possible we could decide to serve them later. Choose the favor.
No. 147095 ID: 632862

Tell Arkus to remain calm, everything's fine. Don't give him any details yet.

I think we should take that magnetism power. We should remain independent for now, until we know more about the state of the world.
No. 147164 ID: 445c48

Take the job. One favor isn't really worth it, especially for something we're about to chuck a premen-filled tree at. Sure, we might have to do some stuff, but hey, we get stuff, it works out fine.
No. 147169 ID: e31d52

Learning magnetomancy sounds awesome. I mean, think of the applications!
No. 147170 ID: e33b50

how about both Magnetomancy and a decent understanding of magic
No. 147171 ID: 445c48

Actually, ask about information on their group and what kind of stuff you would have to do before deciding. Then take the job.
No. 147172 ID: 1ac39d

application number 1: flying golem
No. 147187 ID: 45be60

working with this group would be good for our ongoing "mage" ruse, but if we are to ultimately be the ruler we hope to be, we should not be beholden to others without a firm grasp of what is expected, and what is expected better be pretty minor.
No. 147191 ID: e31d52

No. 147197 ID: 1ac39d

oh shit you're right, we are like a super-robot we got already got laser-beams. and with megnetomancey we would have rocket punch, something like protect shade, and flight.
No. 147209 ID: 7857d9

I am adamantly AGAINST working under them. We've spent our whole existence at the beck and call of others. Why go back to that.

"I will accept the favour. I have no desire to become a servant once again, however tenuous a servitude it is. At least, not so soon after attaining my current status.

That is not to say I wish to cut ties altogether. Should you have something to ask of me, by all means, make the request. I may heed it, should it be my choice, and assuming there is a commensurate repayment for services rendered.

I do rather like that word. 'Choice'."
No. 147211 ID: 445c48

Well we might be able to learn magnetomancy some other way. Ask.
No. 147213 ID: a6ca77

If we only choose the favor, I'm not sure that magnetomancy is the best choice to spend it on. There are lots of other fields of magic out there and besides magic there are tons of things we could ask for....

Hmm...looks like the consensus is to get more info before the decision. If we are a servant to Lenryt, would we also be subservient to the whole Mortal Coil?
No. 147214 ID: 7857d9

Also, lets not call in this favor so quickly. It's an incredibly potent resource. We shouldn't just WASTE it on something we could easily learn on our own (once we Devour Verthers magesoul, what stops us from learning magnetomancy ourselves, after all?)

We should call it in when we REALLY, really need it, and for something we can't get ourselves.
No. 147216 ID: 7857d9

And yes, as I recall Mordre has stated that he can do magic, once he's devoured enough mage souls. So it would, in fact, be a waste of the favor to ask for magnetomancy.
No. 147217 ID: 1ac39d

you need to eat a lot of mages that study the same field in order to learn anything. we ate a yeti shaman and we learned diddly about magic from it. so if you know where to find a lot of magnetomancers then we can eat them.
No. 147221 ID: d1210a

"Arkus, I shall explain this later, For now be patient and still."

Arkus stops fidgeting and looking confused, and resumes his silent stance, waiting patiently with the knowledge understanding will come to him soon.

I turn back to Lenryt
"And what would this entail, Serving you, but as you put it, retaining my freedom. What of those I shall be serving, The Mortal Coil, wha-"

"You misunderstand. I do not offer you service in The Mortal Coil, though if you chose to pursue it in my service I would be obligated to encourage and aid such efforts. No, what I offer, is service to Lenryt, to serve alongside such as Olmezca, and several other agents. I would periodically call upon you to perform a task for me, and in exchange, I would provide you with aid of any sort I could, within reason. After all, this would rely upon you being able to succeed at the tasks I periodically would give, that is why I would invest such time and effor tin you if you accepted service.

I do not imagine I would make demands of you more often than once every other month or so, but I cannot guarantee that in particularly hectic times I not call upon you most frequently, if the need is great enough. You would otherwise be free to do whatever you wished, and use my resources to your own means freely. But the reason I would offer such free reign in my service would be because I would bind you to my loyal service, such that you could not betray, decieve, or outright defy me, until such time you stood before me and renounced your service to me. At that point, you would be free to go, but only after returning all that you gained from my service. That is the offer I make in service."

....Well, that does clear things up. Personal service to a being such as Lenryt, occupying a position of clear power within the ruling body of mages? Indeed, I can see options present in such.... But I wonder at what I may be asked to do, and the binding offered sounds reasonable should I mean to serve her, and yet....

...But thoughts of gaining access to the ability to cast magic myself: What's more, to be a Magnetomancer myself as she suggests.... I can think of many ways such could be used.

"I could gift to you a piece of my own soul, sufficient to finalize the creation of your own magical ability as per a Soul Grave's design. Further, gifting you with comprehensive general knowledge and control of Magnetomancy is likewise achievable, beyond that. I could do this for you as a favor, and leave it at that.... Or if you accepted my offer and joined my service, I could offer the same, and more. But I would like to hear your answer soon on which choice you make, Mordre, for I have other matters to attend to."

What choice should I make?
No. 147225 ID: e31d52

Complete and total mastery of magnetomancy.

We don't need her, uh, its help beyond that. Fuck this group that could help you. You're Mordre, motherfucker, and you get shit done and you get it done without serving others.
No. 147231 ID: 7857d9

I'm going to echo what I said here:


In addition, if the favor MUST be called upon now, I will accept the creation of the Magical ability and knowledge of magnetomancy. But only if it has to be decided now, on the spot.

The reason I suggest, as above, that we leave ourselves open to accepting jobs from Lenyrt, is that it gives us a rather powerful contact that I'd be loathe to lose. We may not get her resources, but we would have access to appropriate compensation for our services, and we would not be compelled to do whatever she asks should such a task be outside of our capabilities or in conflict with our goals. In turn, she will still retain access to our own specialized abilities, and won't have to dedicate a constant, significant amount of resources to us. Its a win-win situation, in my honest opinion, for both parties.

You never want to just burn bridges when theres a potential for mutual opportunity gain.
No. 147245 ID: 6834bc

I'm for accepting the favor (learning if she's going to make us decide here and now what it is), but also offering our help as an ally (for possibly more favors or help down the line; just not straight-up servitude.)

Again, stressing that we want to be allied - or, if you'd prefer, friends - with Lenryt, and offer our assistance whenever we can... if she will support us from time to time (however she can, or feels is acceptable based on our assistance.)
No. 147247 ID: 445c48

Yeah, take the job. You can get Magnetomancy (And probably some other magic) and always quit later if she becomes a hassle. Just keep eating those magesouls and write your magicnotes down, and even when you give back that portion and knowledge she gave you, you should still be able to cast I guess I don't know.

Ask if she provides transportation (And if magnetomancy will let you fly). Also ask if you can try to conquer your way to an empire while also working for her or if that's not something she likes.
No. 147248 ID: 97d716

serve her, she is powerful, she probably has friends, get connections through her friends and her assignments
No. 147250 ID: 97d716

serve her, she is powerful, she probably has friends, get connections through her friends and her assignments
No. 147251 ID: 97d716

serve her, she is powerful, she probably has friends, get connections through her friends and her assignments
No. 147259 ID: 903f16


Well then, with those questions answered I believe we should give their offer of servitude a polite no. We need to be fluid in our alliances and our travel schedual if we wish to achieve our goals, this arrangment is too binding. The offer of resources is a great temptation, but to have them tied to service could present serious problems should our interests begin to conflict. Intsead let's take her favor though I am torn between asking for the shard of her magic soul or perhaps a large amount of powerful metals to forge a larger and stronger form.
You seem to have missed the part where she takes back our gains should we leave her service.

[Deleted and reposted due typos]
No. 147265 ID: 427807

join lenryt. it has been spoken in the folds of history...
No. 147267 ID: 1ac39d

No. 147268 ID: a6ca77

I vote to go for the servitude. We will probably never get this chance again. Plus, if worst comes to worst, she's given us a pretty decent escape clause.

While you are right that she would take back our gains from her service, I don't think that she could take away the stuff we personally learned while under her.

For example, let's say we get an item that let's us learn at double speed. If we leave, she'll take the item back, but we still keep the sum of knowledge that we gained.
No. 147273 ID: 1ac39d

i don't know, she could very well be powerful enough to take away exactly half of what be learned by using it.
No. 147299 ID: d1210a

While I find thoughts of just how vast Lenryt's resources could be and how much use they could be to me, I decide that I have had freedom for far too brief a time to barter it away so, even in such a manner as this.

""I will accept the favor. I have no desire to become a servant once again, To be deprived of choice even in such a small way, However enjoyable a servitude it might be. At least, not so soon after attaining my current status. So if I must call in my favor now, then yes, The capacity for magic and capability in magnetomancy interest me, Though I would prefer to save the favor for later if possible. I feel I must clarify: When I said I would not accept your offer to serve you, That is not to say I wish to cut ties altogether. Should you have something to ask of me, By all means, make the request. I may find the task acceptable and choose to perform it. Assuming there is a commensurate repayment for services rendered. I do rather like that word. 'Choice'."

Lenryt cocks he head to the side as she stares at me, once more flickering out of existence, ignoring the space between here and there, appearing before my face. She places a thumb against her wrist, and slits her skin with but a gentle bit of pressure. A rolling mass of black, red and specks of blue emits from the incision, pooling above her outstretches arm, gaining more and more weight and power of it's own. Finally Lenryt nods, and removes her thumb from her forearm, the gash in her flesh immediately sealing again. With a wave, she sends the mass of energy floating forward, and before I can react it slips into my mouth and has plunged into the forge within me, submersing itself within that pit that burns souls for power.

And with this new addition to my fuel I finally feel doors that had been slowly creeping open as I feasted on shamans finally swing ajar, a depth and weight now attaching itself to both the soul matrices that make me and the Soul Nexus I have thus far crafted. I can feel magic seething against my own form in a manner far more insightful than I could have claimed previously. ...Can it be so simple, can I now use magic, just like that? But how would I test th-

Lenryt's stare draws my gaze, and I find the world spiraling about her hypnotic glare for a time, before she blinks and offers me another of her strange smiles, her eyes dead above her expressed joviality.

"It is done. You have a firm grasp of Magnetomancy, with time, practice, and enough mage souls, you could become a master of the craft. If you wonder why you are not an outright master already, do keep in mind I did not need to ask you to submit when I came for the caged one, and the gift of magical potential along with magical knowledge is potent indeed. As to your query, no, I cannot hold your favor for you, now or ever. There is no guarantee of what the future may bring, so I pay my debts immediately, it is part of what I am and how I function.

...Well, you would offer yourself as a possible contractor, to possibly pursue interests in exchange for goods or services, acting in my name on a case-by-case basis? ...I shall give it some thought, Perhaps I shall contact you, I make no guarantees. It was interesting meeting such a mind as yours, Mordre. Perhaps we shall meet again."

And with no warning or visible actions, Olmezca and Lenryt simply vanish, not even a breeze to note their passage. And as they leave, I consider what Lenryt said, about me knowing Magnetomancy already..... and I find her to be correct.

--Anything with a magnetic field is subject to having it's field manipulated
--manipulation can take many forms, causing basic attraction/repulsion is the most common, other methods possible
--the closer the field, the easier to manipulate, and vice versa
--the stronger the field, the harder to manipulate, and vice versa
--the stronger the field, the greater the potency of manipulation, and vice versa
--the larger the field, the harder to manipulate, and vice versa
--The more willing the owner (if applicable) of the field, the easier to manipulate, and vice versa
--Any given object's magnetic field can be made to be attracted or repelled by another object's field
--The more difficult an act, the more power it will take

I now know Magnetomancy, and my hand finally bears the fully adapted magics stolen from the Steel Fists' Golem. What should I do? Should I think of some way to test my new-found powers? Or should I do something else?
No. 147321 ID: b14128

I think you should first turn your attention to your followers. They were all standing there the entire time, listening.
No. 147326 ID: 7857d9


Indeed, though only the Premen understood the Verbal component, and I doubt they understood the concepts behind much of what we discussed in the open.

This went pretty well. I admit, I do feel some measure of pity for the Caged One. Perhaps in time we will find a way for it to wonder its surface without endangering the fabric of the planet.

Inform Arkus that he can expect a debrief shortly, as I'm sure he must be markedly interesting in knowing what happened. We should also consider attempting to impart what knowledge we've gained, as well as learning what he knows of spells in the near future.
No. 147328 ID: 2aaaf1

(A pity I was not here for this. No matter, should "The Caged One" ever show up again, I will have words for it.)

I'm gonna need a /little/ more clarification on the limits of our magic use. Obviously now that we can use magic, we have the proper energies that allow us to do so and we can "run dry" so to speak. How will this effect us? We're a Soul Grave, we feel no fatigue nor strain from abusing our powers. We cannot die from blood loss when we use it as a source of magic, can we? I know overuse will most likely cause spells to fail and blow up in our face, but surely we are not subjected to the same frailties as fleshlings? When we do run out of energy, will it hamper our abilities? I would certainly like to avoid such blunders in our future magic use.
No. 147334 ID: 1ac39d

ask to borrow Oggroth's metal ball and chain, it is a large metal thing, and try to make to float in front of you.
No. 147335 ID: d1210a

[Magical capacity will function a bit different since you are a soul grave.

Because you have no physical form sustaining your soul(s), but instead have a metal shell that you inhabit, no matter how much you use magic, it will not fatigue or hinder you, unless as a byproduct of a spell you cast.

Further, your magical stamina will recover much, much faster than a human's would, as a result of having many more souls to provide ambient recharging to your magical reserves.

So using magic won't fatigue you, and you regen it fast, those are the big things for golems.

That, and when a Soul Nexus is not currently activated in one of it's forms, it can be used as an auxiliary spell forming point, allowing extra spells to be cast simultaneously.

As to how much power you have.... you don't know, you just got magic. Maybe you should try to put it through it's paces, get a sense for it. Or try out the hand. Or something.]
No. 147338 ID: 1ac39d

also, grab a tree with your hand, if that does nothing then see if it needs activation to use the power in it.
No. 147339 ID: a6ca77


Well then, let's first update arkus, then test out both our magic and the new soul grave hand enchantments. After that, head back to the camp.

I think that we should discuss whether or not we should tell ozmand about this encounter. I vote that we tell him that we didn't find anything on our trip and explain our new magic powers as something that was assimilated from the soul grave hand enchantments...
No. 147353 ID: 632862

Surely there are fragments of metal buried in the earth, arrowheads and metal shards from battles and hunting.

Focus your power on the earth, and attempt to find these shards.
No. 147360 ID: 2aaaf1

Magnetic pull + chaos powered Gorging Anima = HOLY. SHIT.
No. 147366 ID: 903f16

Just imagine it. We could be facing several armored units and then suddenly we whip them forward and as they hurtle towards us we extend our siege fist. We could easily crush or at least scatter and incapacitate groups like that, should we grow that powerful with our magic.
No. 147368 ID: e31d52

"Behold! Our gates and walls are made of unbreakable steel!"
"Really? 'Open Sesame'."
*doors open*
No. 147369 ID: 445c48

Debrief both Premen and Arkus as you walk back to camp. Grab a tree to test enchantments. Try floating a little.
No. 147372 ID: 1ac39d

turn ourselves magnetic, our entire structure, and goons would just stick to us. great way to capture people.
No. 147385 ID: 7857d9

Judging by the rules for Magnetomancy as listed, I'm pretty sure flight is functionally impossible. We'd need a strong magnetic field to repel against, and the only one available is...there is none.

If we wanna test our Mag powers, just try something simple until you get the gist of it. Also, I'm curious what these runes do.
No. 147386 ID: 1ac39d

the earth's field.
No. 147388 ID: 445c48

The planet! No, yeah, I'm kidding though. Maybe try floating Oggroth's ball above your foot, with opposite polarities and whatnot.
No. 147392 ID: 7857d9

The earths magnetic field is pathetic. A refrigerator magnet is about 3 orders of magnitude more potent.

>--the stronger the field, the greater the potency of manipulation, and vice versa
--the larger the field, the harder to manipulate, and vice
--The more difficult an act, the more power it will take

Given our own weight, these 3 points will make this feat astoundingly difficult.
No. 147393 ID: 7857d9

Unless, of course, we can modify the strength of various objects magnetic fields, or generate spontaneous fields. In which case it'll just take a whole hell of a lot of power, which may or may not be possible for us once we get a handle of our magic.
No. 147394 ID: 7857d9

On the plus side, the advanced calculation spells that we use to accurately fire our mortars could probably help us fine-tune our ability to manipulate fields.
No. 147399 ID: a6ca77


Man, that's a great idea. Suddenly our mortars could now be Homing mortars...
No. 147404 ID: 1ac39d

have all six blades in our launcher home on stuff. like those giant saw blades in 'wild wild west' or have them swirl around us like link's boomerang while he is holding a chiken.... or maximum lvl we take them off and grow more until we have like a hundred, lift them all up and get them spining at max speed, then launch all of them at the same time. BLADE STORM BITCHES!!
No. 147451 ID: 963306

Well, Mordre, time to start remembering what you learned of magic during your service to empire. Magnetomancy is awesome, but greater diversity would be good. Also take few quick lessons from Arkus, and teach him basics of magnetomancy in return (unless he doesn't want/can't learn it).
No. 147461 ID: d1210a

For now, I tell Arkus that we met a traveling mage of some power, who offered me power and air in exchange for letting her remove the spirit, the 'Caged One' within me. When I mention the mage to have been named Lenryt, I can hear him whimper, and he does not pay as much attention to the rest of my explanation as I would have preferred. He makes no reaction when I mention this Lenryt is one of the seven Grand Elder Mages of the Mortal Coil, still muttering to himself about the revelation that the traveler was Lenryt. Apparently her name is well known.

The Premen could understand most of the spoken conversation, and already have a rough sense of what happened, that two powerful forces they consider as physical embodiments of strength and violence (myself and Olmezca), met, spoke peaceably, and parted ways. Beyond that, they seem to have little interest, and I doubt that they know of the Mortal Coil, isolated as they have been in the mountains. I decide to forgo offering them an explanation right now, as their own understanding seems perfectly acceptable.

I glance at Oggroth's massive iron ball and chain, a weapon with a weight somewhere around five hundred pounds, and I can feel the potency of it's magnetic field, waiting for me to impact it. I reach out with my mind, and I can feel the lump of iron, as if it were simply a dispossessed part of my own form. I urge the weight to rise, to float in the air before me.

I can feel the magnetic fields of the weapon warping and straining, trying to pull the weight skyward, but without something to brace itself against, it seems as succesful as watching someone try to throw themselves. I can feel the faint, all-pervading magnetic field of the planet itself, and I try anchoring the straining weapon's field to that of the planet, and create a repulsion. The chain starts to lift from the ground, and Oggroth looks on in total confusion as his weapon slowly starts to drift into the air, bit by bit. Well, I managed to get his weapon airborne, but I had to link it to another magnetic field to achieve this, and using the planet seems to yield lackluster results, with the ball and chain only rising a few inches above the ground at a snails past no matter how much effort I put forth. I pour every bit of energy I can muster into the spell, realizing that I am casting Will magic, guiding the spell with my thoughts alone as I drain myself, to no avail: The weight only rises a scant bit higher into the sky, before I run out of power, and the weapon thuds back into the ground. Hmm, I can feel my magical energy regenerate quite alacritously, fully restored in less than a minute, but I wonder if I am approaching this inefficiently, it seems like there would be a simpler, much more easily used reference point for using as the base for manipulating magnetic fields.....

..Ah, of course. My own form is completely under my control, and has a significant magnetic field to work with. Perhaps I could use that as a reference point for manipulating other magnetic fields.....

I once more reach out to Oggroth's weapon, this time commanding it through my own magnetic field.

The result is energetic, to say the least. The moment I attempt attracting the metal sphere, it rockets off the ground, zooming at my form with surprising speed, a blur in the air. I was unaware the difference in power would be quite this severe, and I hurriedly attempt to neutralize it's forward motion, a hectic tangle of moments following before I end with the sphere floating before me, its chain trailing through the air back to a thoroughly confused Oggroth, still clutching the other end of the chain. Several of the other Premen are grinning at his confusion, but none offer remarks, content to simply observe.

I exert more will on the sphere, and break the equalization of repulsion and attraction I was sustaining, letting the sphere drift back into Oggroth's grasp before I drop my control of it, letting it fall back into his hands. Most interesting.

I turn my thoughts to metals in the ground, assuming that if I can feel the pervasive magnetic field of the planet itself, metal deposits near to my location should not be difficult to find. I stretch out my newly expanded senses, questing for potent enough fields to denote magnetically active metals in the ground.

....I can feel dozens, hundreds of arrowheads scattered throughout the forest, some buried in the ground, some embedded in trees. Nearly a mile below us I can feel a mass of metal, I presume it to be an ore deposit, likely iron from it's feel. Detection comes relatively easily to me, though I feel I could be more precise with more practice and some in depth study of the magnetic properties of different materials, to make both identification and manipulation easier.

After the initial successes I have been faced with in attempting to apply my newly gained ability, I consider applying it in a more militaristic fashion. All mortars, cannons and launchers designed for use by Soul Graves fire using a combination of a magnetic burst of repulsion and soulfire creating pressure to forcibly accelerate projectiles: Could I not use Magnetomancy to gain greater control over my weaponry, potentially guiding their path, or giving them even greater speed? I file the idea away to test at another time, in case I am faced with more obstacles before I could regenerate ammunition.

I place my finalized steel siege fist against a nearby tree, still vibrant with life. I feel no magics take action as I do so, but as the hand gains proximity to the tree, I can feel a prat of it stirring, waiting to be activated. I do not know what it might cause, but I could try activating it to see what it does.

What should I do? Should I keep experimenting with Magnetomancy? Or should I attempt to activate the enchantments in my hand? [if this is desired, roll a 1d20+3 when first activating it. The higher the roll, the more control you can exert over the newly reshaped spells, and vice versa. Anything less than six total is not a good thing. Anything above seventeen is completely in your control]
No. 147464 ID: 632862

rolled 6 + 3 = 9

hand powers... ACTIVATE!
No. 147468 ID: d1210a

[6+3=9, >5, <10]
I activate the power I feel stirring in my hand, letting it freely affect the world. Yet the moment I let free the forces I now lay claim to, I feel control slipping away from me, the power running rampant.

The tree my hand is on creaks and groans, visibly withering as it decays in a matter of moments to a lifeless husk. Similarly, the grass near to the tree and a few nearby shrubs likewise wilt, their lives extinguished. And as this sphere of death slowly spreads, I feel all the power claimed flow into the shadowed hole atop my hand, leeching energy out of the world around it. The energy pools in my hand as the field of death slowly spreads, and I attempt to regain control of the activated enchantment.

[roll 1d20+3, roll six or better to regain control. A roll of twenty allows you to regain some passive control of the magic, making it easier to control, whereas a roll of 1 will make it harder to control]
No. 147470 ID: 701a19

rolled 9 + 3 = 12

C'mon, fumble!
No. 147471 ID: 701a19

rolled 2 + 3 = 5

Lemme try that again...
No. 147472 ID: d1210a

[9+3=12, >5, >10, <15]
I redouble my efforts to get the spell back under control, and it's willful power finally breaks and once more submits to my will, deactivating. The spreading sphere of death halts, the last of the energies leeched out of the environs funneled into the dark pit on the back of my hand. I can feel the weight of all that life, converted into potential energy, now dwelling in my hand, a well of power waiting to be tapped. I feel the turbulent portions of the spell that gave me some difficulty subside, now that I have established dominance for the moment, the power trapped in my fist now awaiting my use.

....And what's more, I can feel it leaking, power once more draining out of this recently filled reservoir. Perhaps the warped runes are designed to gather power to then be used in the immediate future? Then again, this enchantment is tempermental, and I wonder if I should simply let the energies taken drain away on their own, rather than risk losing control again. As I ponder this, I note that my followers have put some more distance between us, eying the dead foliage about me skeptically.

What should I do? Should I let the magic drain out of my hand naturally, or should I attempt to use it, to see what this enchantment is supposed to do [If this is desired, roll 1d20+3 in your post]? Or should I do something else?
No. 147474 ID: 632862

rolled 20 + 3 = 23

No. 147475 ID: 701a19

rolled 3 + 3 = 6

See what it can do!
No. 147478 ID: 427807

No. 147479 ID: 2aaaf1

This just gave me a wonderful Idea on how to defeat Verther without killing him.
No. 147487 ID: 427807

any suggestions on exactly how something that just sucked the life out of a tree and in an expanding area area around the tree would NOT kill verther?
No. 147488 ID: 1ac39d

he may have meant without breaking his skin.
No. 147489 ID: 445c48

Yeah, we probably should have told them to step back.

Take another few step away from everyone before using it
No. 147491 ID: 2aaaf1

Step one: Walk up to Verther by ourselves and give him the whole "I am mage Mordre, I control this golem, etc... Let me join you."
Step two: Shake his hand.
Step three: CRUSH HIS WILL.
Step four: Activate accelerator in soul nexus and throw Verther at huddle of Premen hiding just outside(who will then grab him and GTFO).
Step five: Suck the 700 bandits into our direct line of sight.
Step seven: Eat souls, laugh heartily.
No. 147494 ID: a6ca77


I wonder if it's possible to use this accumulated energy to power our other enchantments/spells...
No. 147495 ID: 445c48

Oh yeah, we should talk to Arkus about teaching us more magic and the universal magic language. Also, we should try teaching him magnetomancy. Us teaching him will also help our cover.

Not right now, of course, but later, just didn't want to forget.
No. 147556 ID: d1210a
File 126860284173.jpg - (23.39KB , 399x399 , Immortal Genocide Activated.jpg )

Before I test my new enchantment, I move a further few steps away from the rest of my group, who seem to pick up on my concern, and move farther back themselves, to the net effect of an additional fifty feet opening between us. Certainly, at such a distance they should be safe....

I make a mental note that I should speak with Arkus to exchange knowledge of magic and possibly learn more of the language of magic he has been working on with the Premen, when I find time. For now, though......

[20+3=23, >5, >10, >15, >20, >21, >22 MAXIMUM ROLL]

I act the moment my followers have grown more distant, refusing to let the power gained simply be squandered in indecision. I trigger the enchantment once more, and this time I find it completely compliant, happy to disgorge that with it holds. So long as I can safely draw power without losing my control over it, it would seem this magic is quite accomodating. Interesting.

I trigger the well of power stored in my hand, and the black pit of weighty shadow in my hand becomes suffused with light, a brilliant ring of power forming in the well of shadows, spinning at tremendous speeds with a furious buzz, before it bursts, and a ripple of shadow and light forcibly mixed into a tumultuous, chaotic wave springs forth from my hand, fueled by the power consumed to create it. The spreading wave emanating from my hand begins with tremendous power, but as it is forced to spread thinner and thinner, it grows fainter, until it finally whispers out of existence, some ten, possibly fifteen feet away.

As I start to wonder what this could possibly do, I hear something fall, and turn to see-

Jojo, prone on the ground, feebly trying to move, partially sheltered behind a tree some ten feet behind me. I stare in complete surprise at the crippled Premen, who I had previously seen move easily through some strange magic all his own, and yet-

"Jojo, did you just lose access to your own magic?"

"Aye. Was hidden behind a veil, observing, when magic fled me."

"And why were you here?"

"Lorgk asked this bag of bones to follow Mordre, that even if Drazken Clan needed their shamans to work with gems, the metal warrior should still have some offering of magic from Drazken Clan. As what this one uses is not compatible with gems, I was asked, and agreed, to follow, and offer aid if needed. Chose to stay hidden on own, wanted to see how Mordre led. If reprisals necessary, this one offers no objects, the choice was made in full knowledge of what could come."

While I ponder what Jojo has told me, I am more jolted by what Jojo confirmed: The pulsed wave emitted from my hand just dispelled active magics about me, both a veil to keep one hidden, and whatever magic Jojo employs, which I recall was fully able to function in immediate proximity to the Sable Executioner during the judging of Mingsk and Fekk's match back in Mordreden, meaning it is likely Blood or Soul fueled, and still it was dispelled, and Jojo I must assume is still trying to reactivate his abilities, and is only now starting to slowly rise under his invisible assistence, several long moments after the event. Most interesting.

When manually activated [which requires a 1d20+3 roll, and has varying levels of success commensurate to the value of the roll], Immortal Genocide will start leeching any forms of energy from the immediate area in a sphere that exponentially expands as Immortal Genocide continues to feed. The energy absorbed can be directly in the form of the life and soul of living things, as well as heat from the nearby area, leaving naught but cold and death in the wake of it's feeding [deactivation requires another 1d20+3 roll, with the dc rising in proportion to the amount of energy absorbed before attempting deactivation]. Any power gained this way is stored in Immortal Genocide, and when released, creates a spreading field that disrupts/annuls/dispels active magics in it's range.

...Oh yes.

I imagine this could be most useful. But I feel there is more to Immortal Genocide than this, useful as it may be.

What should I do now?
No. 147559 ID: 1ac39d

so we have a life/energy absorbing, antimagic-pulse launching hand. and from what you said, that's the secondary power, WHAT THE HELL is the primary?!
No. 147566 ID: 45be60

...I now have a goal for a spell. I wish to use our magnetic control to pull the various arrowheads, discarded knives, and other pointy metal detritus in the area violently toward us. Friendlies should probably duck. Then launch it back shotgun style at a target.

Soon I will wish to do this in the center of an enemy army.
No. 147567 ID: 7857d9

I see no need to punish Jojo. I appreciate the gesture, in fact.

I like the function, but I have to say, I do NOT like the fact that it can go out of control a random whim. That makes me nervous. I do not like unpredictability in a weapon. We will need to find a way to fix this, or modify it to be more stable.

As for the Primary function...the runes were placed on a siege fist, were they not? Why there and not on the main body, if it just acts as a pulse of anti-magic/life-absorbing energy? Perhaps the primary function involves actually impacting something.

Get Jojo to a safe distance, then try striking a tree or rock with an actual punch.
No. 147580 ID: 427807

were wasting daylight testing out our weapons. lets continue the search for verther and get on with that whole action sequence
No. 147586 ID: a6ca77


Do this. Also test our magnetomancy homing mortars power to see how capable it is...
No. 147591 ID: 1ac39d

while walking we can launch a blade then have it boomerang back to us. see if you can manipulate a blade back into the rack after launching.
No. 147594 ID: 963306

Going into battle with untested weapon is unwise.
At very least, we should determine primary function of Immortal Genocide. Otherwise, we risk discovering it in the middle of fight, potentialy damaging ourself with feedback (if, for example, id generates energy discharge on strike).

Jojo... I am somewhat conflicted. On the one hand, his actions can be seen as undermining our authority. On the other, I can understand his reluctance.
Some light punishment are probably in order.
No. 147607 ID: 445c48

Nah, we should leave Jojo alone. I like the guy.

Also he's kind of weird.

We should ask him later about any enchantments he can do/magic he can teach us.

But yeah, try it again and punch a tree. Tell Jojo to get to a distance, first. Then start walking, you can practice on the way.
No. 147640 ID: 2aaaf1

I have a theory I'd like to test with the Immortal Genocide. If it works, then we will be able show our unseen enemies the undoing of their greatest work. Can we funnel souls of our own into the Immortal Genocide instead of taking energy from the environment around us? I want to create a burst of life in the area we almost killed. Hopefully, by perfecting a reversal of Immortal Genocide's process and collecting the souls of our enemies, we can cleanse the our home of the curse. With sufficient forces and our home restored, we can enact the ultimate revenge on the conspiritors that brought an end to Mosmordre.
No. 147648 ID: d1210a

I feel my mind fill with the abrupt image of somehow inverting Immortal Genocide's function, to somehow funnel souls and power I have claimed into the land about me, potentially allowing me to restore the Mosmordren lands to safety. But this seems like a difficult trial, and I have no idea how such would be done, someone knowledgeable on Soul magic might offer an answer, but with it's use no a capital crime, it could be difficult to find such an individual...

I decide to spare Jojo any reprisals for his secrecy, as he is ultimately here to help me. Instead, I ponder two trains of thought:

If this fist bears further magics beyond what I just saw, it would make sense for it to be related to the act of striking, as it did come from the fists of the Steel Fists' Soul Grave. So if that were to be the case, if I were to strike, say, a tree, I should likely see any relevant force it may possess. As my reasoning goes, since the tree is alive and has energies of it's own, it should prove an able target for this test.

I also consider the use of magnetism on my munitions, specifically on my blade launcher. After all, the blades are not completely deformed by their use, as the Anti-Golem cannon shell ultimately becomes after use, so as both the blades and my own form, the place they originate from, have strong, easily manipulated magnetic fields, I theorize I could reclaim blades launched.

First, I wait for Jojo to move across the forest and join the rest of my companions at a safe distance. Then, I size up the foliage about me, looking for a healthy, vibrant tree, one with as much life as I could reasonably expect to find in a tree. I pick out a likely target, and cock my fist, before taking a heavy swing at the tree.

My fist explodes through the wood, the trunk splitting open, shattering under my overwhelming assault. I can feel something trigger in my hand, some part of Immortal Genocide activate, but it is too faint for me to discern it's effect. I wonder if my theory was flawed, or if I simply have not found the specific impact conditions that trigger Immortal Genocide strongly enough for it to function. Hmm...

I step away from the smashed and broken tree, looking about the forest for as much open air as I can find, seeking a place to attempt controlling one of the blades my right shoulder carries mid-flight. Eventually I settle on a direction out across the river we still stand by, over it's trickling waters, and launch one of the blades, attentive to what I can feel through my Magnetomancy.

The moment the blade is launched, I can feel it's tremendous spin, it's heft, how the wind hits it, all of it perfectly communicated through the crystal clear connection I feel. But as the blade continues to travel away from me, I feel that connection slipping, fading, so I quickly attempt to attract the blade to my own form again, so as not to waste such a large amount of metal. The circular blade wobbles as it's velocity violently inverts, much more energy needed than I anticipated to bring the blade back.

...In fact, too much. I have exhausted my reserve of magical focus, my will requiring time to be re-focused towards spell crafting. And the blade will return rather forcefully to me in far less time than that. I act reflexively, raising my hand to intercept the blade, and briefly recall mention that a Soul Nexus could be used to power spells, but how can-

The Soul Nexus abruptly dims in power, slowly brightening back to it's normal splendor, a working of Magnetomancy abruptly performed by the mass of potent souls fused together, the blade now slowly orbiting my form, still spinning as it circles me. I grab it from it's slow flight and carefully replace it in my shoulder, preserving my ammunition as I ponder my results.

Well, the range issue could prevent this from being viable right now. I must admit I was expecting more successes along the lines of first using Immortal Genocide.....

....Now that I reflect on it, I don't recall deciding on it's name, but I feel this one only right. I wonder if Lenryt could be involved with this preexisting name simply springing into existence. Regardless, I have more to do in these woods, as my ordered gear for the Premen will not be ready into dawn three days from now, but then, I have found more pressing concerns. For one, I feel confident that Verther is leading the hundred mounted troops in these woods, and that the two groups of three hundred or so on foot with cannons are likely also his, and I believe all of these forces are in the woods looking for a certain golem that slaughtered one of their scouting parties. For another, I met Ozmand, who agreed to aid me against Verther, but who has decided to use Verther's current aggressive mobilization as a chance to mount an attack on his base with the map Derkin provided. There is much going on in these woods, and with my business with Lenryt concluded, I find myself curious as to how things have fared in the hours I have spent questing after Olmezca's tracks to this river.

So what should I do?
No. 147654 ID: e31d52

Rather than drawing blades back, use magnetism to launch them EVEN FARTHER and cause them to SPIN FASTER.
No. 147657 ID: b14128

I think it might be more efficient to 'curve' or 'steer' the blade to return to us, rather than force it to suddenly stop and fly directly back to us.

As for your fist, considering how large the golem you faced was, perhaps it the enchantment is directed at destroying fortifications? If you find something made of stone that's expendable, perhaps you can test your fist on something unyielding like that.
No. 147662 ID: 445c48

We should ask Jojo about the inversion. His magic is either blood or soul fueled, and if it's blood, well, that's one question out of the way.

Unless you feel kind of curving it would work, like a boomerang, then better, faster, stronger, harder blades through magnetomancy should work fine.

What you need to do is activate it, draw in life force, THEN punch something.
No. 147664 ID: b14128

Also, recall that we -do- know a mage who knows soul magic... Kyorto, the ghost trapped in the tower. when it is convenient, perhaps we should speak to him about the matter.
No. 147719 ID: 2aaaf1

Kyorto's a she, just letting you know.
No. 147730 ID: 427807

Lets fucking start going after that bandit king already! yes, our weapons work. No, we havent perfected them yet, weh weh. we have bigger fish to fry
No. 147748 ID: a6ca77


Let's go toward where ozmand was going, while trying to avoid both the other 300 men parties. We want to get to Verther's soul first after all.
No. 147762 ID: d1210a

I attempted steering the first blade initially, but the connection grew too faint, too fast for me to employ this to manually guide the blades, unless I keep them within 100 feet of me, significantly less than their normal maximum range. I would have to start steering a blade for re-entry into the launcher from the very beginning as my top priority, for my current command of Magnetomancy to allow command of my weapon's path.

I consider using both the Soul Nexus in my hand and my 'natural' spell-casting abilities to dually fuel a magnetic amplification, to be applied to the fields used in firing my weapons. In particular, I imagine I could render the Anti-Golem cannon far more swift, likely capable of long range bombardment on a scale it previously could not have reached. An interesting notion.

Enough with the postulations and thoughts on how to use test new uses for that which I have gained. For now, the apparent fact that Verther is no longer holed up in his camp with all his forces about him, but is instead in but one of at least three groups searching the woods for a certain golem that slew some of the bandit king's thugs.

I gather our troops again, this time checking the map Derkins has to get a rough sense of our position relative to Verther's lair. If the bandit forces have not ranged too far afield of their previous locations, they should still be more or less directly between us an Verther's hideout, where Ozmand said he would travel to stage a raid.

What should I do? Should I move to engage one of the three bandit groups (two groups of 300 foot, one group of 100 mounted)? Should I instead try to attract the attention of a group, and lead it away from the rest of the bandits before attacking? Should I try to slip past the bandits, and into Verther's camp? Or should I do something else?
[roll a 1d20 with your proposed course of action. It will affect the effectiveness and end result of any given action/plan]
No. 147797 ID: e04c9b

[1]Before we go, I want to bring Jojo back to the rest of the group and have Jojo and Arkus look over the Immortal Genocide before we charge into battle with it - I'm still not too sure just what it's primary function is and I don't want to fiddle with the blasted thing.

[2?]Also, where is Derkins? He seems to have vanished...

[3]But after we group up and discuss the Immortal Genocide, we should carefully make our way back to the Bandit King's hideout, so we can regroup with Ozmand.

[4]If we can, while we're sneaking away, it might be a good idea to pull away some of the bandit's hunting us. Pick them off in stealthy and sudden attacks to cripple and dismantle them.

[Four events, most likely three. Four dice rolls, one for each.]
No. 147799 ID: e04c9b

rolled 1, 9, 4, 14 = 28

Rolling for this.
No. 147809 ID: a6ca77


I though jojo is already standing next to arkus and derkins right now. Aren't they all standing about 100 ft away from us b/c we were testing our new magic?
No. 147811 ID: e04c9b

Huh,I think you're right. Anyway, that first event is more a 'lets see if the magical mind can explain what the hell our hand now does other then kill shit and destroy magic'...But with a 'one', I worry that I've just killed Arkus or Jojo and that just pisses me off to on end.
No. 147815 ID: 445c48

If you were unscrupulous like myself, you would have deleted it immediately! Haha, kidding. But I doubt we'll kill one of them just by asking them a question. More likely they'll tell us something and it will be completely and utterly wrong.
No. 147826 ID: a6ca77

I agree that asking a question is very unlikely to kill someone, even if we rolled natural 1. We could still learn something though, b/c we know whatever he says is probably completely wrong, we can look in other directions
No. 147838 ID: 1ac39d

rolled 17, 4, 11, 5 = 37

i'm helping!
No. 147843 ID: a6ca77

rolled 13, 6, 3, 9 = 31


No. 147850 ID: 903f16

rolled 1, 2, 20, 11 = 34

1. Regroup with Ozmand's forces at Verther's base and relay to them plans for an ambush. We will have our men group in the woods surrounding their camp.

2. Lure one of the groups of 300 infantry to our forces location. Our group should prepare traps, position themselves in such a way that they can hit the enemy from multiple sides, or fell several trees for our use as projectiles while we do so.

3. Have our forces attack using and use their superior positioning and the element of surprise to tear into the enemy while we level into them.
No. 147903 ID: 701a19

rolled 2, 5, 1, 2 = 10

No. 147905 ID: 632862

rolled 18 = 18

Let's try to lure away one of the 100-man armies.
No. 147941 ID: 903f16

rolled 20, 13, 18 = 51

It appears I added an extra die to that roll, take one off the ends of that post or us this instead, whatever is advantageous.
No. 147942 ID: 632862

Well, I guess I meant one of the (armies that do not include the leader)
No. 147952 ID: d1210a

[This is meant to be a chance for posters to advocate their own chosen set of plans, and also so that enough plans can be offered that (hopefully) a majority will emerge. So even though people have posted their plans already, go ahead an post your own preferred course of action, different or similar. Will check thread again later today.]
No. 148001 ID: e31d52

rolled 16, 14, 11 = 41

Seconding this with more specification:

Our forces in total should be split as evenly as possible on both sides of the Traps And Shit, so we can come down and assail from both sides.
No. 148006 ID: 427807

rolled 6 = 6

lets try to take out the group of 100 bandits, preferably somewhere distant enough from the other two groups.
No. 148008 ID: 716eb0

...you mean one of the 300 man armies, or the single 100 man army with the mounted leader?

I would ordinarily advocate attacking the leadership stack first, just to prevent the other forces from having a clear place to rally to. Attacking a 300 man army and letting one escape is likely to lead to fighting a 400 man army with a powerful spell caster next. Attacking the 100 man force may well scatter the others.

I am going to say we hit the leadership, then rush to their camp to assist with looting afterward, and fortify it against the eventual return of the larger forces. Nothing more disheartening than returning home from an unsuccessful mission to find an enemy flag over your fort.

(and I wish people would hold up on rolling until there is more concensus on what to do. Otherwise we can end up with people advocating sillier plans that rolled better.)
No. 148025 ID: d1210a
File 126868607677.jpg - (969.90KB , 1600x1194 , Dulu The Golemslayer.jpg )

(20, 13, 18)

I elect to lead our forces past the questing bandit armies, and rendezvous with Ozmand and his followers. If I am to plan an ambush, I will need the aid his group could offer, so I prioritize reaching him over fighting the bandits, and relay this preference to my companions. Oggroth looks a bit disappointed, but nods, while Derkin seems somewhat relieved that we are not engaging the other bandits straight away.


I find myself surprised at the level of stealth the Premen are capable, even Oggroth moves with deftness and caution I would not have thought him capable of. Nonetheless, we continue to move onward, even as we start to hear the marching forces we must now try to avoid. We stay to the denser parts of the forest, doing all we can to stay hidden, and I find myself the greatest risk to our secrecy in our group, my form not exactly suited to stealth. But we manage to pass by the first group we meet without revealing ourselves, and so we press on, periodically conferring with the map Derkin bears. I find my captive silent, and I wonder if it is out of fear of what we plan, or if it is out of a desire to avoid giving our group away.

For a time, I can hear shouts echoing through the forest, and the stamping feet of a great herd of horses passing by, though we have stuck to paths so densely covered with foliage that I cannot tell where the sounds originate. Finally even that falls behind us, and I come upon the bandit camp, a mass of crudely constructed huts, shacks and warehouses situated in the center of a crescent hill. As I start to gain proximity, I wonder how Ozmand's assault of this location has fared.....


I note the few guards that once stood about the entrance to the camp lay dead on the ground, some with crushed skulls that make me believe Ozmand has been here. I halt our party for a moment, as I listen closely for any sounds of movement. For a few long seconds, I can hear nothing but the wind whispering by, but finally the wall of one of the huts explodes outwards, Ozmand flung outward amidst the shower of shattered wood. Ozmand smashes into another building, partly collapsing this wall as well, before he groggily raises a head, and waves at me.

"....Ah, good to see you, Mordre the Mage. It would seem Verther has been doing some recruiting, and has obtained the services of a rather talented fighter. Mind helping me? The guy's good, and I can't get past him to check on my apprentices alone..... and great, he's already here. Geez, does this guy not know how to cut some slack?"

I gaze over at the broken wall Ozmand came flying out of, to see a hulking form step out, a heavy spear in his hands. As I study this newcomer, I find myself comparing him to what little I know of Premen physiology from observation, and..... I think he may have Premen blood in him. As if detecting my scrutiny, the warrior charges towards me without ever turning to look at me, his head only swinging my way mid-charge, a mad grin on his face.


As enthralling as this Dulu's attention is, the fact he is focused on me means he is not paying attention to Ozmand. I can see the realization that he has been dismissed from relevance cross Ozmand's face, a bemused sigh exiting his mouth as he springs up, dashing back into the building I saw him exit so explosively earlier. Once again, without even turning to inspect his surroundings, Dulu reaches a hand to his side before whipping his arm back, a sticky-looking knife hurtling after Ozmand, aimed at his throat.


Instinctively (if such a being as myself can have instincts), I reach out to the magnetic field I feel about the knife, and grab hold of it before it escapes the range of my Magnetomancy. For a brief moment, I wonder if I can halt it's progress in such a short time-frame, but ultimately I am met with success, the knife losing so much momentum during my attempt to stop it that it falls to the ground before ever reaching Ozmand, who dashes into the dilapidated building before him without a backward glance, his thoughts focused on his followers.

The one calling himself Dulu grins up at me as he steadies his grip on the spear he carries. Now that I take a moment to assess him, I can feel not a single trace of a magnetic field about his spear, despite it's metallic gleam. As I scrutinize him, the warrior sets his feet more surely, a leer spreading across his face.

"Show me what you have, golem!"

What should I do, and what orders should I give to my troops (Arkus, Oggroth, Ugrokk, 20 Premen warriors and captive Derkin)?
No. 148034 ID: 7857d9

Order a small group of Premen, those with the best perception, to act as sentinels of the surrounding forest, to ensure that your forces are not ambushed by Verther's returning armies.

Then, have your forces form a perimeter, with Oggroth and Uggrok as your backup.

Finally, handle this fellow yourself. He's called you out, and while normally I would say Uggrok and Oggroth could be allowed to take this guy, I'm itching to fuck this guy up.

Also, the reason you can't manipulate his spear is likely because he's doing the same thing Ozmand does to combat Magnetomancy: Preventing interference by channelling his will into his weapon.

Finally, regarding combatting him: He can't be named Golemslayer for nothing. Watch out for his blows. He also seems preternaturally aware, so faking him out and feinting in combat is going to be particularly ineffective, I think.

To be honest, even if he just through someone through a wall, I think our best bet is to get him into a grapple. However strong he may be, hes flesh and blood, and that puts a limit. He doesn't even seem to be a full-blooded Premen.
No. 148035 ID: 427807

tell the others to start attacking bandits elsewhere. then fire the AA straight into dulus face.
No. 148037 ID: 632862

Fire off a couple of blades at him, using magnetomancy to speed their travel. Hopefully he will be unable to react to that kind of fast projectile. If he manages to dodge that, we've got the Spectral Gorging Anima, right? Make sure that's ready to use during this fight.

Well, we can't send the regular Premen to assist Ozmand since they have no way of communicating with him. They should stay back and make sure nobody else interferes with the fight. Ugrokk and Oggroth should be able to assist you in fighting this Golem-Slayer, without too much risk. Especially useful will be your ability to magnetically manipulate Oggroth's ball and chain.
No. 148042 ID: 2aaaf1

Arkus, Derkin, and Ugrokk get to a vantage point and keep watch for Verther's men.

Oggroth and the 20 premen should try to support Ozmand, flanking his aggressors if at all possible.

As for us: Activate the Spectral Gorging Anima. I grow tired of foolish fleshlings that think themselves gods because they were able to fell lesser golems. This man clearly has not stood face to face with a true Soul Grave, the pride of Mosmordre. Have the Anima bite his arms off, and then eat his spear in front of him.
No. 148044 ID: 7817d9

Grab up a big handful of rocks and other such hard detritus and use your hand's accelerating properties to shotgun the mass at him.
No. 148054 ID: 445c48

Introduce yourself. If he starts introducing himself, eyeblast him.
No. 148069 ID: e31d52

rolled 2 = 2

Pull the spear from his hands with magnetomancy.

Eat it.
No. 148070 ID: a6ca77


Nah, I think we should save the eyeblast until it's really necessary. We should shoot him with our blade mortar instead b/c the mortars take a few hours to recharge, while the eyeblast takes like a day.
No. 148073 ID: a6ca77

rolled 18 = 18


If we go this route, I'm aiding this roll if possible.
No. 148075 ID: 1ac39d

trip, did you not read where it says it's not magnetic? it's probably enchanted to not be magnetic so he can fight next to the boss without it messing up.
No. 148077 ID: 1ac39d

launch blades to the sides of him and have them curve towards him
No. 148078 ID: 7857d9

It has no magnetic field that we can sense, guys.
No. 148083 ID: 716eb0

As much fun as it is to lash about with all the power we have avaliable to us, there is wisdom in holding some powers in reserve. We should engage him using the most visually obvious attacks at our disposal until the use of something more surprising promises a kill-shot. Even if his spear WERE magneticly active, just ripping it out of his hand first chance we get would only make him engage us with something we could't steal.

Least unexpected attacks at our disposal, by range: shoulder cannons, soulfire, whatever the current state of our blade arm is, and fist o doom. Use these to engage. If you manage to hurt him that way, so much the better. Otherwise, use them to manuver him into an advantageous position for eye lazers (not very powerful today) or claw attack alternate fire.

Don't waste your best attacks on the miniboss, kids
No. 148084 ID: 445c48

Oh yeah, Soulfire. Do that.
No. 148088 ID: 1ac39d

perfect. use blades then engage in melee. perhaps have our premen heroes back us up.
No. 148091 ID: a6ca77

I'd vote for using soulfire over the lazers. With 700 people to kill we are going to gain a lot of extra souls which makes using soulfire less of a problem. The eyelazers on the other hand take a long time to charge to maximum potency...
No. 148093 ID: bbdfae

Don't use soulfire. That'll burn up his soul, and it looks pretty tasty to me.
No. 148104 ID: e04c9b

>> A sticky-looking knife.
>> Poison on metal.
>> Magnetomancy.

Lets throw the knife at him as fast as we possibly can with our magnetomancy. Send it shooting either into his leg, his groin, or his lower abdomen. Then we charge and drive the Sable Executioner straight into it's chest or face. Then a point-blank and guided Blade Launcher into it's head. That should soundly stop it. The reason I am wary of using the soul nexus and the soulfire is that most of the soul-nexus attacks destroy the souls and, if I remember correctly, so does the soulfire. If this isn't the case, then I suggest we soulfire as we charge and maybe use the Spectral Gorging Anima or the Immortal Genocide on this so-called Golemsalyer, but I am still worried about what the chaos magic and the powers of a spirit beyond the spirit of the land did to our soul nexus.
No. 148107 ID: 716eb0


If you will recall, soulfire used on an enemy with lots of HP-I mean a strong spirit mostly does fire damage. Lorgk and several of his premen warriors survived soulfire hits when we were defending the Yeti villiage. If the attack kills this guy outright, he wasnt worth eating.
No. 148130 ID: d1210a

A flood of tactical scenarios bombard my mind, and I grasp at what I can, trying to think of the battlefield beyond myself. Ozmand and his men, the Premen and their language barrier, Dulu the Golem Slayer.... I try to deal with all of these as efficiently as I can.

With a thought and an exertion of Will, I once more snag the magnetic field about the knife Dulu threw at Ozmand, and send it leaping off the ground, towards his groin, keeping it low to the ground to keep it harder to detect. I saw the ominous gleam on that knife, I imagine there is some form of poison on it, and so I shall return it to it's owner, aiming to claim his life with his own tools.

Even as I start my attack on Dulu, I snap off orders to Arkus and Ugrokk to take the bound Derkin and act as lookout in case Verther comes home early, While Jojo and Oggroth move to support Ozmand and his men. I hope that the interest Ozmand and his followers showed in Oggroth and Jojo, the two most antethetical examples of Premen of my group, will allow Ozmand's men to be more easily recognized. Even if they are not, they would be hard pressed to miss Oggroth, so hopefully this gamble will pan out.

While I give these orders, my fight with Dulu does not wait. I see his spear dart about, a swift swing swatting the knife out of the air, my control of its magnetic field broken the moment it touched Dulu's spear.

But my attack was not to be so simple. Already a blade jets out of my right shoulder, the magnetic propulsion it is normally subjected to amplified, accelerating the blade past it's normal speed as it whirls towards Dulu's face. Despite it's speed, the blade's path is skewed, and Dulu takes the obvious path and leaps to his left as he tries to dodge the blade.

I wish I could smile to express satisfaction now, as I pull the magnetic field of the Blade aside, curving it into Dulu's dodge. Mid-leap, he should have no means to save himself.... or so my theory goes.

Sparks fly as Dulu is thrown back, his body spinning wildly in the air before he drops to the ground, only a shallow cut to his side evidence of my attack. Even in that tiny window before it struck, Dulu was able to deflect the attack with his darting spear, and my control of the blade's magnetic field crumbles just as the knife's did just a moment ago.

I am already closing the distance, charging towards Dulu as he rises, shaking his head with unfocused eyes. I draw back the Sable Executioner and let loose a tremendous blow, looking to provide an attack to potent, too overwhelming to block or deflect, and in his dazed state I imagine dodging to be difficult. My claw swings down like an executioner's axe towards Dulu just as he starts to swing his spear about like a staff. Wait, why woul-

A flash of light obscures my vision briefly, but before it fades I feel a heavy impact to my right arm shiver across my body, and I look down to see Dulu now clutching a massive, two-handed warhammer, the spike on it's end now deeply rooted in my arm a few inches away from my claw, the arm now held in place. I lean forward to apply even more weight on Dulu to keep him in place as I bring my left hand about, a three foot tall fist screaming towards his rooted form. Finally, he seems caught somewhat unaware, as my hand swats him aside like a gnat, wrenching his weapon from my arm.

Dulu crashes into the very hut he knocked Ozmand into earlier, just as I finish issuing the last of my orders, all of my forces now in motion. I must admit, I missed simply laying waste to my foes alone, grinding their will and hopes to dust beneath my strength.

Dulu rises from the hut some seconds later, a lean trail of blood trickling from his nose and several scratches and small cuts now adorn his form, but he looks otherwise unharmed, as he hefts his weapon..... which is once more a spear, interestingly enough.

What should I do?
No. 148133 ID: 7817d9

Pick up a handful of dirt and accelerate it at him. He won't be able to block it and with any luck the grit will impair his vision or even outright damage his eyes.
No. 148135 ID: b14128

Throwing dirt in your opponent's eyes?! That's a dirty trick! ...I approve. Anyway, it would seem his spear is, obviously, somehow enchanted to shift form. I would presume that it is limited to hafted weapons. From the fact it disintegrated the magnetic field... Hrm... Dissolving magnetic fields seems an oddly specific enchantment, so perhaps the spear somehow blocks magic?
No. 148139 ID: a6ca77


Do this and while he's blinded/distracted charge him.
No. 148151 ID: 427807

let's cut him to pieces. Shoot the remaining blades at him, magnetically moving each so that each of the five blades hits dulu at a different angle, hopefully slicing him cleanly.
if he still stands after this, try cracking him with the chaos fist.
No. 148152 ID: 2aaaf1

Tell me, are all the buildings here constructed exclusively of wood?
No. 148163 ID: d1210a
File 126871319942.jpg - (73.15KB , 900x874 , Blade Assault.jpg )

rolled 6, 13 = 19

[rolling for status: Ozmand's party, Premen reinforcements]

Almost all the building here are crafted solely of wood from what I can tell, and a fire could be devastating, I surmise. However, as I do not know where Ozmand and the rest are, or even if they are inside a building or not, I am hesitant to simply start a blaze, lest I pointlessly slay my underlings and risk losing their souls to the inferno.

I swipe my hand through the dirt, hefting a large pile of detritus, whilst I turn my thoughts towards the Soul Nexus in my hand, activating the Accelerator power dwelling within it. Then with an underhanded swing, I hurl forth a suddenly vastly accelerated expanding cloud of dust, grit and debris wailing towards Dulu. I see him closing his eyes and trying to shield his face, but blood starts to trickle from injuries to his head all the same, no matter his efforts. I start to charge forth once more, building up a terminal amount of momentum as I stampede towards my foe, still trying to clear his vision.

Deactivating Accelerator to free up my lone Soul Nexus for simultaneous spell casting, I intently focus on the blades as I prime them to be launched, spreading my Will across the five I still possess in a fine net, attempting to control them all. My aim is simple: With such a short distance between myself and Dulu, I should be able to maintain control of the blades enough to redirect them, achieving impact from multiple angles. No matter what his weapon may be capable of, he can only defend from so many angles at once.... and I intend to exceed that amount.

All five blades launch, all five magnetic fields under my control. I feel my Will draining quickly as the distance grows, but I repel the blades from one another and do what I can to guide them along their new paths. Dulu still has not managed to clear his eyes, but I can feel the tension in him before the blades reach him, he knows what comes for him.

His spear once more flashes with light, and as the blinding glare shines out I can feel my connection to three of my blades vanish simultaneously, Dulu surprising me with his performance, avoiding what should have been a guaranteed fatal attack on a blinded foe. His situational awareness is quite impressive, and I wonder.... if I were to feast on his soul, would I gain some of his ability? The thought intrigues me.

Two blades stay under my control, and through that control I feel it when they slice and rip their way through flesh, and as the light dims I see blood spray from Dulu, two sizable rents in his arm, one to the bone, the limb now dangling at his side as he clutches his weapon, now a massive bow nearly on the scale of siege weaponry, without a quiver of arrows in sight. Dulu shoves the bow's point into the ground as he reaches into one of his pouches, and pulls out a glass vial in some form of thin metal cage. He crushes this assembly and squeezes it's juices on his arm as I strive to close the remaining distance with as much alacrity as I can muster, thick steam billowing from the wounds as the flesh knits itself back together. Just as I am nearly on top of him, Sable Executioner already mid-swing, he leaps backward, his eyes still closed, pulling the bow out of the ground as he goes, and pulls back the string with an empty hand, aiming at my claw. He lets go of the string.

The air ripples as an arrow the size of a spear with a heavy armor piercing tip fades into existence, screaming through the air and slamming into my arm, nearly in the same place I was struck with the hammer's spike, the damage to my right arm worsening. Sable Executioner is knocked off course by the projectile, and Dulu manages to avoid it's poisonous touch again. But as he falls to the ground, instead of landing nimbly on his feet, he stumbles to one knee before shakily bouncing back up, his skin somewhat paler than before. Whatever he used to repair his wounds did not return the blood he lost, and he is suffering for it. He nonetheless puts his hand to the bow again without hesitation, still facing me down. A huge bluff smile fills his face as he does so. I am some twenty plus feet away.

What should I do?
No. 148164 ID: e31d52

Well, if he's going to be that way... The thing he pulled out was in a metal cage, right? see if you can find more on him. Shatter them.

He's very situationally aware. This is not a foe you can handle alone...
No. 148166 ID: 2aaaf1

Scream at him. Adjust your pitch until our voice breaks glass, laugh as the liquids from his potions spill onto the ground. Watch as his smug grin transforms into sheer terror.
No. 148171 ID: 7817d9

Seconding this. Also sling another handful of dirt at him as a distraction, it'll block his aim for a moment and that'll give you time to at least close the distance to take another swipe at him. In the event that you miss, keep close and start sapping his life away with Immortal Genocide.
No. 148173 ID: a6ca77

Charge again, but now that you're aware of his magical bow that fires spears, you can dodge it while running hopefully...
No. 148174 ID: e31d52






No. 148175 ID: 2aaaf1

We need to be physically touching something that contains life, I highly suggest that it not be the ground for that will compromise our stance and let Dulu take pot shots at us.
No. 148186 ID: 1ac39d

no, it emanates a sphere, contact is not required.
No. 148189 ID: 2aaaf1

Indeed it does, I feel rather foolish for bringing that up. Well if anyone wants to use it, feel free to start rolling. I don't feel all that lucky right now so I'll leave it to someone else.
No. 148190 ID: e31d52

rolled 8 + 3 = 11

No. 148191 ID: 7817d9

rolled 2 + 3 = 5

Let's see how the dice gods look upon me today...
No. 148194 ID: 7817d9

...Is that so? Hey, dice gods! FUCK YOU!
,,|,, <|-.-|> ,,|,,
No. 148198 ID: 2aaaf1

rolled 18 + 3 = 21

Well shit. Drastic emergency rolling to save our ass!
No. 148201 ID: 7817d9
File 126871719129.jpg - (90.44KB , 420x327 , great success.jpg )

No. 148207 ID: d1210a

I try to reach out, searching for more metal about the pouches on his body with Magnetomancy, but to no avail: Either he has no more, the metal used is not magnetically active, or he is somehow disrupting my magic again, I know not which.

I scoop up another handful of dirt as I start charging once more, ducking a shoulder as Dulu fires another arrow at me, the shot deflecting off my form at an oblique angle, unable to find purchase. Dulu continues to smile as he moves to grasp the bow string once more, but his smile quickly transforms into a grimace as I begin to scream, modulating my pitch in an attempt to break any other possible glass Dulu may be carrying. Another arrow flies at me, digging a rent into my side as it passes by, but still I continue, both to charge, and to scream. Dulu's hand starts to go to the bow string again as I reach out towards him, almost in range.....

[8+3=11, >5, >10]
I activate Immortal Genocide, maintaining control of the unruly hunger dwelling within, and let it feed. The air immediately starts chilling aroud my hand, a cloud of glittering shards of ice forming as the moisture in the air slowly freezes. The grass and weeds shrivel and wither as a thin film of ice starts to form over them, and the field of cold and death continues to grow, following my hand as I thrust it out towards my foe, trying to claim his power as well. It is at this time that I finally hear the tinkle of breaking glass issue forth from some of Dulu's pockets, and strangely colored fluids start to stain the pouchs. Dulu looks down at his lost supplies, before snapping his gaze upwards to the encroaching death field about my hand, his eyes finally open again..... and he smiles.

I am some fifteen feet distant from Dulu, moving towards his location, with Dulu standing his ground firing arrows at me. The leeching field about my hand is only a few feet away from reaching him, but it's effect is more pronounced the closer something is the the shadowed pit on my hand, and Dulu has proven difficult to pin down. Further, to use any power stolen, I have to first halt the absorption, which has proved difficult in the past [1d20+3 roll, 10 or above=success].

What should I do?
No. 148208 ID: a6ca77


Punch him with your leeching field hand. He's only a few feet away, which is well withing your range. I doubt that he can withstand a golem punch.
No. 148211 ID: 7817d9

Well, throwing your handful of dirt might be a good start, since all you did was pick it up so far. Second, if there are any arrowheads or other such small metal bits laying about, see if you can get them up in the air and converge on him from all sides. Failing that, pick up one of the arrow-spears he shot at you and THROW IT BACK!
No. 148221 ID: 427807

keep going after him, attempting to cut with the sable executioner or crush with the siege fist
No. 148228 ID: 1ac39d

rolled 13 = 13

No. 148229 ID: 1ac39d

forgot the +3. so 16.
No. 148232 ID: a6ca77


This roll is to negate the absorption of energy and then use it to negate all magic right?
No. 148233 ID: d1210a

[Is this a roll to halt the absorption process, or is it supposed to be for some other function? Please specify.]
No. 148238 ID: 1ac39d

rolled 13 + 3 = 16

oh, sorry. it for absorption stop. another roll here for anti-magic blast.
No. 148247 ID: 2aaaf1

No. 148253 ID: a6ca77


Once this happens, he'll be pretty disoriented hopefully (like jojo was), so we should attack him with the sable executioner then.
No. 148267 ID: 2aaaf1

Even better, while we cut at his flesh with the Sable Executioner, take his weapon and stab him with it. Dulu truely did live up to his name. Once we consume his soul and his weapon, our strength will rise to monumental hights, even moreso when we set our sights on Verther. Also, keep Dulu's body on hand so we can toss it at Verther's face when he arrives.
No. 148377 ID: d1210a

rolled 17, 7 = 24

[rolling for status: Ozmand's party, Premen reinforcements]
[Results from prior rolls: Ozmand: 6 (Bad), Premen: 13 (Above Average)]

I continue to charge forward as I strive to thrust my hand forward, and encompass my foe within the death field my hand is exuding. The last distance is closed, and the field finally envelopes Dulu as he launches another arrow to take advantage of our proximity, this one slamming into my right arm near the shoulder, rending another sizable gouge into my form. Indeed, my right arm is not faring very well at this juncture, multiple points of damage reducing it's performance.

I attempt to trigger the Soul Nexus in my hand, to draw out the power of Accelerator once more. Hopefully, now that Immortal Genocide had matured, there should be no difficulty in employing both, since the Soul Nexus and the enchantment function independently. I test my theory as I flick the wrist of my outstretching hand, activating Accelerator once more to propel the detritus I fling to radical new speeds. I already see Dulu moving to shelter himself from the oncoming cloud of dust and debris, his weapon rising....

[13+3=16, >5, >10, >15]
Once more I wrestle with the powers within my fist, and once more I dominate them and force them to my will, halting the feast upon nearby energy. For now, the power is mine to command, and now that it has fed, I can use that power it took to my own ends. And if Dulu bears such a clearly magical weapon....

[FYI, activating the dispelling burst effect does not require a roll, as a 20 was rolled the first time it was used.]

I trigger the power in my hand before it has time for more than a scant amount to drain away, and the luridly lit expanding bubble of magic disruption blooms from the pit in my hand. As this new wave expands, it enfolds Dulu just as light starts to emanate from his weapon, but before it can shine as brilliantly as it has in the past, the light snuffs out, and the bow warps into a simple metal staff, ancient runes adorning it's octagonal sides. Dulu himself recoils as the wave reaches him, but grits his teeth and keeps standing, his eyes wide and confused. Dulu finally looks completely shocked at this development, and I aim to capitalize on it.

I swing Sable Executioner about, twisting my torso as I drive it's blades towards my foe.... and I feel strain in my arm, the rents and damages rendered to it slowing and dulling my attack, enough that Dulu is able to snap out of his fugue, and once more leap back, again covering a sizable distance in a single bound, even if he does stumble as he lands. He smiles faintly at me as he pulls a small ceramic bottle out of yet another pouch, a few old cracks running along it's beige form.

"Heh. Good fight, good strength, much respect for foe. Be seeing you again, golem."

He raises the bottle to his lips as he uncorks it, some thirty feet away. At this time I here shouts and roars, Oggroth's among them, from a set of huts to my right.

What should I do?
No. 148381 ID: 2aaaf1

Another meal that escapes us, dissapointing. Very well, since Dulu retreats for the moment, move to aid the Premen and Ozmand.
No. 148383 ID: 427807

He's trying to get away, im thinking. fire the amaranthine annihilator at his legs or torso to immobilize him
No. 148385 ID: 7857d9

Let him go. Our forces do not seem to be faring as well as they could be. Take Uggrok and his premen with us, we will lend aid to our followers, With our numbers so small, we can ill afforde losses in number. Quickly, now!
No. 148393 ID: c79aa8

Not way. Shoot him with Amaranthine Annihilator, try to target upper torso. That should freeze or destroy bottle, rendering it useless. If he is still mobile afterwards, call Spectral Gorging Anima to take a bite out of him.

When all said and done, even Premen - and even Arkus - are expendable, much less some temporary allies.
No. 148395 ID: 2aaaf1

Are you out of your goddamn mind? I wanna eat this fool as much as anyone else, but our allies our not expendable; certainly not when we've been INJURED and Arkus is the only one who can fix our runes at this point in time. Also, turning on our allies during the assault of a much stronger enemy? We're barely strong enough to trade blows with Dulu, turning on the premen and Arkus as well as Ozmand will destroy us. Power is the most essential thing for us, but I'm not risking being sent all the way back to square one because we got too greedy in the heat of battle.
No. 148396 ID: 7857d9

A little tip: Your troops are not expendable when you're numbers are nearly non-existant and you've already made CONSIDERABLE INVESTMENTS into them.
No. 148397 ID: 7857d9

Additionally, we may very well be able to recruit Ozmand and his forces, so dismissing them as "temporary allies" is just foolish.
No. 148399 ID: e2020c


Agreed. This Dulu guy is true, annoying, but just a distraction for now, as we're ourselves about to risk for a real loss. Let's not give into any kind of greed or ambition.
No. 148400 ID: a6ca77

I think trying a quick shot of the amaryinthe annihilator would not take too long. Literally, it'd take few seconds and we could possibly end this guy as a threat. If the quick one-shot doesn't work, then we forget about dulu and help our allies...
No. 148401 ID: 7857d9

The issue is looking at the big picture. We don't know what the vial does, or if we can hit him in time, or if well need the Annihilator.

Above all else, if we DON'T use it now, then the next time Dulu engages us, he won't know to prepare for it. If we use it now, and fail to kill him, then guess what? We lose the advantage of surprise and give him more of our capabilities to prepare for.
No. 148406 ID: 632862

His METAL STAFF is no longer resisting your magenetic pull!

YANK THAT THANG. Use it to beat the snot out of him remotely so he can't drink that potion!
No. 148409 ID: 7857d9

OH, I do agree with this. It's been disenchanted. We'll keep his weapon as a trophy. Or a snack. Either way, there should be some punishment for being so arrogantly challenging us.

Consume the staff to repaire the damage he's done to our arm.
No. 148412 ID: 445c48

It's clearly magical. I doubt eating it would be the best use of it. And it's probably not enough to fix us up. If we do yank it, we should first get Arkus to look at the enchantments for anything that can be applied to us (And to increase his and our magical knowledge), and then used by one of our allies.

If the staff is magnetic again, then yank it out of his hands, very roughly, then AA, straight to the face.

Of course, there's a chance that the staff was never magnetic, being made out of some other metal, as opposed to magic hiding its magnetic properties. In this case, offer employment. If he reacts in any way, AA, straight to the face. Then eat his delicious soul.
No. 148413 ID: a6ca77

Good point. After thinking about it, you're correct that we should keep our lazers a secret and in reserve for later. I withdraw my vote for using the amirynthe annihilator
No. 148420 ID: 445c48

If we aren't going to use the AA, maybe we can magnetomance some of the blades we fired earlier into his face.

I really want to eat this guy's soul. It seems like it would be very powerful.
No. 148421 ID: e04c9b

Fling dagger, again[i/]. Pull staff away. Fire blades, [i]again, and guide them. If Dulu, the bastard slayer, doesn't get hit by that, continue on to Ozmand and the Premen. We will kill Dulu eventually but we have a high powered Bandit King that we are going to chew up and add to our soul nexus, don't worry.
No. 148435 ID: d1210a

With Dulu's actions rather heavily indicating that he will flee, I wonder at the condition of Ozmand and my followers, while assessing my damages. Other than my right arm, I seem to be functioning optimally, though it will take time and sufficient metal to repair my arm. The Amaranthine Annihilator has some charge to it, but if I were to fire it now and it failed, I would never again be able to surprise Dulu with the attack, after having revealed it so. As loath as I am to admit it, it seems to be in my best interest to focus on the status of my followers....

...But not before I demand a price from him for his hubris, in thinking he could match me. I reach out through my Magnetomancy, trying to grab hold of his staff's magnetic field, and attract it to myself, but I find the staff still confounding to my magic, not even a whisper of a magnetic field for me to find. Even with it's magic temporarily purged, the staff resists my Magnetomancy, staying in Dulu's clutches. I see him grin around the lip of the bottle as he drains it, and know frustration.

Steam begins to pour from Dulu's body, taking with it his flesh and bones, his entire form sublimating into a cloud that begins to drift away and disperse as he continue to convert into gas. His face is now mostly bone, and muscle continues to peel off of him and become part of the clouds forming above him.

I cannot let him leave so simply. Even if I still cannot manipulate his staff, it is not the only weapon he brought here. With a thought and an exertion of Will, I send his knife, dirt now mixed with the poisonous oils about the blade, darting towards it's owner one more time. I see Dulu try to move, but the forces he set into play seem to limit his dexterity, and before he completely sublimates, I see and feel the knife puncture his form, piercing his leg before he vanishes, the knife dropping out of the air as the steamy clouds continue to rise and disperse. He may have eluded me, but I imagine he will not enjoy having to work against his own poison.

I turn my attention back to the battlefield about me, as I consider my options. All six of my blades are scattered throughout the nearby area, and if I took the time to track them down I could easily reclaim them for future use, rather than having to wait several hours for a new set to be molded. I can hear Oggroth and at least some Premen voices shouting and roaring to my right, though from the sound of it they are at least several buildings away from me. I do not hear any shouts or screams that I could denote as being from Ozmand or his followers, and so I have no estimation of their position. Arkus, Derkin and Ugrokk are still watching the camp's perimeter, and as of yet have not seen any returning bandits.

What should I do?
No. 148437 ID: 7857d9


Tell Ugrokk to come with you. You will both move to support the others in the most surprising way possible.

Go THROUGH the buildings. Use your siege fist.
No. 148439 ID: 58ec1e

i just had a thought. our longterm plan is to go to that wartorn country thats partialy overrun by bandits, right? that countrys wizards and mages and so on basicaly acted as a major research and development center for pretty much anyone who could pay. then bandits, mercs and others invaded to steal their wealth and magical stuff.

Dulu is a bandit/merc who has a good deal of magical items and potions that he is willing to use. this gives me the feeling that hes working for or at least connected to one of the stronger groups in our target country.

so, because of this i would like to sugesst trying to kill him now. if we dont we will probally end up fighting him when hes a good deal stronger, has a army of mercs or bandits to back him up and likely a new bag of magical tricks to use against us.
No. 148441 ID: 7857d9

Hes gone
No. 148447 ID: 632862

Use magnetomancy to draw the blades to you while you make your way to assist your allies.

There is no need to spend time picking them up manually.
No. 148454 ID: 1ac39d

i support these two options.
No. 148538 ID: d1210a
File 126879361475.jpg - (33.18KB , 406x397 , OH YEAH.jpg )

I call out to Ugrokk, and I see his head turn to me from the perimeter, before he starts making his way over. As I await his arrival, I turn my attention to the circular blades scattered about the area, and the use of Magnetomancy to expedite the reclaiming of my goods. At the same time, I realize that the most direct route to Oggroth and the other Premen would be to simply go straight through the buildings between us.

As Ugrokk arrives, I build up speed, charging the first of the flimsy shacks betwixt Oggroth and I with my fist at the ready.

Wood explodes, shards flying through the air, as I tear through the first building like paper. I continue on out the other side without losing any moment, and briefly note several humans turn to look at me, but I slam into the next structure before I can become certain whether they were bandits or some of Ozmand's men, so swift is my passing. thatching and broken pieces of wood continue to fly about me as I make my way through the buildings, a maelstrom of deconstructive power.

I burst out of one final wall with a tremendous crash onto something of a clearing, to find......

[Ozmand Party Condition: 6 => 17 Oggroth/Jojo Party Condition: 13 => 7]

Ozmand's numbers have dwindled, only twenty seven standing alongside Ozmand as they fight against a horde of bandits. But Ozmand has managed to rally his forces admirably, and they hold their ground for the moment against the onslaught. A veritable seething tide of thugs and rogues wage war against Ozmand and his group.... and I can see other pockets of resistance as well.

Oggroth's party seems to have found bandits to kill without issue, though five Premen are down, and Jojo is being given cover as he works on the wounded warriors. The bandits clearly wish to take advantage of this opportunity, but Jojo works in complete safety, unperturbed by the hectic scenario he labors in.

And the reason Jojo can work so calmly is standing away from the rest of the Premen like a rock against the current, Oggroth mauling and maiming any bandit that gets near him as he continues to roar out a challenge to his manifold foes. Blood leaks from a multitude of wounds on his massive and mostly unarmored body, but he pays it no mind as he continues to crush foe after foe. Ugrokk steps out of the wall behind me a long second after me, his hands going to his axes.

What should I do? Should I move to assist first, Ozmand and his forces, Oggroth, or Jojo and the Premen? Or should I do something else?
No. 148540 ID: e31d52

Direct Ugrokk towards Ozmand to assist, and go to Ogrokk's side. use magnetomancy to force bandits to stab one another.
No. 148546 ID: 45be60

no, premen should fight together. they can communicate and know what to expect of eachother. You help Ozmand.
No. 148550 ID: 1ac39d

agree. send him to help oggroth and you assist ozmand.
No. 148556 ID: a6ca77


I agree with this plan...The fact that the premen can issue commands/information among themselves is important.
No. 148569 ID: d1210a

I order Ugrokk to aid Oggroth, and he sets to his task with a wolfish smile as he bounds into the mass of foes, a whirling dervish of flashing axes as he makes his way to Oggroth's side.

As Ugrokk joins the fray, I charge straight towards Ozmand, trampling several of the slower bandits outright, crushing and swatting away the rest that stand in my path. With no real weapons to target golems with them, the bandits can do little to stop me. It is well I was able to force Dulu to retreat, as his interference here could have been most vexing. As it is, as I charge straight through the battlefield, I can feel eyes turning to my form, and the fear I inspire is practically palpable.

Oggroth and Ugrokk both take advantage of the hesitation the bandits evidence, fighting furiously as they advance, step by step, pushing the bandits away from Jojo and the rest of the Premen. Ozmand sees the changes being wrought on the battlefield and calls out to me as he smashes a man to paste with his over-sized war maul.

"Hey, great timing! Had fun with that muscly guy with the shape-shifting spear? Well, enough small talk, what say we push these blighters back!"

Ozmand's followers seem to swell with confidence at their leader's cavalier attitude, and fight on, shoulder to shoulder, a wall of furiously struggling thugs following a dream of a different path, one Ozmand has shown them. So, it would seem he has some leadership abilities, if he can restore order and force of will to his troops so nonchalantly. I slap the last bandit between myself and Ozmand's forces with such force the pathetic fool nearly explodes as his skin splits in dozens of places, his organs and blood spraying out from the sudden violent compression. A gory outline of the bandit still stands stark on my hand as I halt my charge some feet from Ozmand, who leans against his hammer now that all the bandits within his reach have perished, and the rest seem unwilling to charge at this moment.

"So, as fun as this is, I have to admit this seems to have been an error. At least another two hundred bandits were still in camp, and I saw several run off into the woods, so I imagine Verther will be coming back soon. As much as I would like to crush those here, loot the camp, then burn it to the ground..... I think we may have to skip straight to step three, unless we want Verther and the rest of his goons coming home while we are still playing here."

I turn to look about the clearing, and wonder how quickly this shifting mass of foes could be pacified, if we could somehow do it swiftly enough....

How should I respond to Ozmand's advice? What should I do?
No. 148572 ID: e31d52

They're weilding swords and whatnot, right? Grab as many swords as you can and throw them into other bandits as you walk around being you.
No. 148573 ID: a6ca77


I think we should retreat for now if possible...

Ozmand + Our forces are made up of small groups of experienced warriors, who are fighting large groups of relatively unskilled warriors. Our standard tactic should be hit and run. We hit them quickly using our troops and fade away. Ozmand and Modre should kinda hang back for heavy reinforcement...
No. 148574 ID: 2aaaf1

Make sure that Ozmand's forces and the premen are behind us, use Magnetomancy to make the bandits fumble into a pile before us, SOULFIRE. Then we retreat back into the forest.
No. 148577 ID: a6ca77

Wait, does retreating now mean that we don't get the souls? We should suck up as many souls as possible while retreating....
No. 148578 ID: a6ca77


Actually, now that I think about it, some of Ozmand's magic-trained posse have probably died here. Therefore we have two options when it comes to them...

1) Suck up their souls anyway and gain their souls plus whatever proficiency they had for magic
2) Don't suck their souls up because we respect their positions as allies...

I'm kinda leaning toward option 2. We'll just have to be quite careful when sucking up the souls...
No. 148589 ID: 445c48

Your face should be a nonstop soul vacuum. Try to magnetomance a bunch of people together, then soulfire. Then retreat.
No. 148599 ID: 45be60

I sort of want to borrow the giant ball and chain as the others pull back, and just spin with it, chain at full length and magnetomancy in full effect, scything through buildings and enemy combatants who don't get out the way.
No. 148607 ID: 7857d9

I concur. At the very least, we don't want to be sitting here when all 700 of Verther's forces come bearing down on us (though we should have some measure of warning considering we set a sentinel watch of Premen).

As for pacifying the bandits before us: Simple. Summon SPECTRAL GORGING ANIMA, and roar.

I guarantee you, there will be virtually NOTHING more intimidating than the site of a massive etherial monster Skull sprouting from your hand and acting with a life of its own, while emitting the cry of an apex predator. Should either cow and panic the bandits nicely.

If they continue to fight, then lay into them with the Anima. THAT particularly visceral sight should finish the job.
No. 148614 ID: d1210a
File 126880779798.jpg - (124.51KB , 500x333 , Verther is gonna be SO MAD.jpg )

Trying to grasp hold of scores of different weapon's magnetic fields, all different due to their predominately scavenged nature, constantly shifting about, and then redirecting said weapons so that bandits stab each-other proves unachievable.

This fight is not to our advantage, not in the long run. We face the press of too many potential numbers, and so a tactical withdrawel, as Ozmand suggested, seems in order. I call out to Oggroth, Ugrokk and the rest of the Premen, to move to my side, that this battle shall soon be over. The Premen surprise both myself and the bandits they fight by immediately starting to dash my way, not a single bit of hesitation about them. This works to their advantage, as they are able to close more than half the distance (Jojo somehow causing the five wounded Premen he treats to float along behind him) between us before our foes even seem to react to their abrupt actions. However, their progress grinds to a halt as the bandits adjust to the new battlefield.

I disrupt their adjustment by pulsing out a powerful field of magnetic repulsion about myself, sending many of the bandits nearest my flying, drawing the eyes of many. Ozmand is unaffected, but several of his followers are tossed about as well, too close to me to avoid. Once more uncertainty spreads throughout our numerous foes, the Premen continue their trek, viciously striking down those few that still focus upon them, before they finally reach my side. Now all our collective forces are reunited, and in one place..... specifically, behind me.


[-3 Souls. Total Soul Count: 127 Minimum: 12]

I blow out a tremendous cloud of writhing fire, the emerald conflagration spreading wide, dozens of bandits consumed in the initial blast of supernatural flames. But this is only a happy side effect, my primary purpose was to create a barricade of fire none save a Soul Grave could pass.... as well as to set Verther's camp on fire, and with the speed the fire spreads across the ground, up the sides of the dry timber buildings, I think this shall be no issue. Ozmand nods to me as he signals his men to retreat, and I do the same, leading the Premen back to our entry point, reclaiming Arkus and the captive Derkin along the way. As we exit the camp, I look back to see massive plumes of thick smoke already spreading across the sky, the blaze still spreading. .....It would seem Verther will not have a home to come back to.....

Currently, Ozmand and his group, Arkus, Derkin, Oggroth, Ugrokk, Jojo and the rest of the Premen are all beside me, and we all carry our gear with us. As of right now, we are still just outside the entrance to the bandit camp, and I wonder.....

Where do we go from here? Should we attempt to move back to a past camp sight, or should we move to claim a new place somewhere else? Or should we do something else?
No. 148618 ID: 2aaaf1

Move to a new spot, find a way to cover our tracks. See if we can't find a cave or something. Now that we destroyed Verther's camp and faced off with his specialist, we're gonna need to switch up our tactics, ambushing his caravans and such. We must assume Dulu has told him everything about our fight, and knows most of our capabilities, as well as the fact that our claw is injured for the moment. When Jojo is done tending to his comrades, see if he can't teach Arkus a thing or two about healing magic.
No. 148621 ID: a6ca77


Do this unless ozmand has some kinda objection. Make sure we leave no tracks from our retreat/relocation...
No. 148624 ID: bbdfae

A pity that we couldn't get the souls of any of the fallen before our departure... next time, I suppose.

In any case, once we've reached a safe distance we need to assess the level of damage that we've taken, both to our form and our forces, and how long it will take to effect repairs/heal them. We also need to deploy scouts to determine what our enemies' response to our actions is. Actually, it might be a good idea to leave a few people to watch the camp now and set a rendezvous point (ensuring no metal items, of course).

If it is possible to move quickly enough to locate and ambush one of the returning enemy groups and we have the forces and health remaining to do so, that is worth considering. As >>148618 observes, they will soon gain much more intelligence on our capabilities; this would be our last chance to take advantage of their ignorance. It's a risky prospect, though.
No. 148641 ID: 2aaaf1

Risky indeed. But, if we can capture even one of his cannons or some of those horses, we'll once again have an advantage. If we can keep harassing Verther's troops while maintaining a reasonable lead on his search parties, we might be able to engage Verther and Dulu on more even terms. His numbers will be nothing against us once we eliminate the powerplayers on the field.
No. 148667 ID: 55ecf9

How long until we need to pick up that armour?
No. 148771 ID: a6ca77

A few more days I believer (2-3?).

One of the first things we must do after we make a successful retreat is to find out about or casualties and find out how much damage we just did.
No. 148806 ID: 427807

lets see if arkus can do anything for our arm in the short term. we should try heading straight for verther
No. 148844 ID: e31d52

Actually, can't we use magnetomancy to fix our arm?
No. 148846 ID: 2aaaf1

We could use it to bend the metal back in place, but it's structure would still be compromised. We need to munch on some of our bronze to actually repair the arm.
No. 148847 ID: 7857d9

Yep, all we need to do is eat metal and the arm will self-repair.
No. 148851 ID: d1210a

I leave a few of the Premen behind after having them strip themselves of any metals they carry, and return to their wood and bone spiked heavy clubs they carry. I leave them with orders to head south, and look to rendezvous with us by the river. I recall the map Derkin possesses showing a river to the south, and it seemed to indicate some craggy rock formations there, perhaps a cave could be found, or so I hope. The chosen Premen warriors accept their task, handing their extra gear to the rest of the group. For the rest of us, we march south, thankful for some gravel and stones starting to appear in the ground making our tracks more difficult to read.

After we make it some distance away, I start drawing conclusions based on my observations of the condition of our company, and that of the enemy camp:
--Ozmand's group has seven dead, four wounded, with four more aiding the wounded in their flight, reducing his fighting force to 25 including Ozmand himself.
--Jojo seems confident he can restore the five fallen Premen to full health despite some of them baring some grievous wounds, but it will take him at least a day to do so. Further, he will need someone to guard him as he mends them, so two Premen warriors have opted to keep him safe. Oggroth and Ugrokk both are fighting fit, so the Premen force is currently at 15 active members out of 23.
--Arkus and Derkin both seem completely unharmed thanks to their perimeter watch having been uneventful.
--Including myself, our total active forces number 41 in all.
--I currently have moderate damage to my right arm, making it more difficult to move, as well as minor surface damage to my torso.
--At least eighty bandits were confirmed dead prior to the use of Soulfire, thereafter confirmation of enemy death became impossible.
--At least one third of Verther's camp is currently on fire.
--The Premen we left behind are nowhere in sight, so it seems reasonably likely Verther has not yet returned.

I turn to Arkus as I call a halt a few miles from the enemy camp, and ask if he can do anything in the short term for my arm. He peers at it with a grimace as he flips threw two different books, before he shakes his head and responds.

"....No, I... ah, I really can't. There is no method listed for accelerating a Golem's healing, or creating some sort of makeshift repair, anything like that in the texts we salvaged. Your only option is to repair it yourself with some time, focus, and extra metal. Uh.... good thing you brought so much bronze...."

I ponder this. To repair my arm would take a downtime of at least five hours, during which time I could easily repair the few other dings to my form. But by that time, it would already be in the evening,