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File 126473596958.jpg - (331.56KB , 800x600 , CBSF-Title copy.jpg )
120384 No. 120384 ID: 498c52


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No. 120385 ID: 498c52
File 126473603795.jpg - (172.29KB , 1000x600 , citywalls.jpg )

This city is occupied... I've got my gun to the back of this fucker's head.
No. 120386 ID: 62489a

What kind of races are inhabiting this city?
No. 120391 ID: 67c611

I doubt that kind of strict control is necessary anymore. I think a plain collar would work fine. He will run the first chance he gets but he would never fight against you face to face.
No. 120394 ID: 87c445

I think that's "occupied" in the military sense.

Well, little hope of getting him to cooperate beyond the range of your gun. This'll need some thinkin'.
No. 120406 ID: 498c52
File 126473699663.jpg - (111.75KB , 1000x600 , ridearmor.jpg )

If it's not full of kobolds I'll pull a fuckin tractor tire outta my snatch.

No, I think it's entirely appropriate, seeing as how this little fucker led me to a city full of his buddies.

Hey, somebody that doesn't have rocks in his head!
No. 120409 ID: 476456

perhaps you should punish him by having him attend to your womanly needs.
No. 120410 ID: 62489a

"Interrogate" our short-statured friend as to why the fuck he led us HERE of all places. Did he think you would just let him go when they got to a town full of his buddies?
No. 120411 ID: 67c611

Ok, then breaking one or two of his fingers for being a bad prisoner sounds good.
No. 120431 ID: 67c611

Does he even know he did something wrong?
No. 120432 ID: 51d0f5

You should probably get out of a line of sight with the guard armors.
No. 120465 ID: 498c52
File 126473962164.jpg - (130.24KB , 762x600 , nose fuck.jpg )

>interrogate him

All right you little fucker, how do ya like this up your oversized snout? I told you not to fuck with me. Are you fucking with me?


Then why the fuck is this place crawling with you little fuckers, huh?

"I dunno, they could be refuelig or somthing!"

So how long are they gonna be there?

"I dunno, I dunno!"

Say that again, I double dare you, mother fucker.

(useless little bastard.)

We're behind a rock.
No. 120468 ID: 632862

Fine, just hide until they leave.
No. 120469 ID: 476456

Good, now lick him and tell him he tastes delicious, that will scare the hell out of him.
No. 120473 ID: c0f3bf

Might as well wait it out. Ask him why his species are nothing but psychopathic bastards.
No. 120474 ID: 3cccf3

Strangle him.
No. 120475 ID: cfad4e

Hope they're not settling in and launching patrols.

Wait until you're downwind of them. See if you can smell death.
No. 120477 ID: 2dd482

seconding the licking thing.
No. 120478 ID: e3f578

Hmm, this is not optimal. Maybe the little guy is just a stupid idiot and really didn't know. He is a kobold after all.

Do we have a cloak or something to hide our faces/him in?
No. 120479 ID: 62489a

"If they don't leave soon we're going to run out of rations. And I think you know what will happen when I run out of food, nosemeat."
No. 120497 ID: fa7b85

A picture of her enemy's father on that gun?!
No. 120503 ID: 498c52
File 126474143124.jpg - (151.65KB , 1000x600 , nose meat.jpg )

"If they don't leave soon we're going to run out of rations. And I think you know what will happen when I run out of food, nosemeat."

I'm downwind, I can smell something burning.
No. 120512 ID: 3cccf3

go see what's burning.
No. 120513 ID: 632862

Either the town is on fire or they've started up their vehicles.
No. 120517 ID: 62489a

Have the cutebolds spotted you yet? Let's see if we can't set up camp behind a dune or something out of sight if this rock isn't big enough.

Go ahead and lick the cutebold's head a bit saying you're getting a taste of him, and that if he wants any chance of seeing his friends again he's going to have to get you to safety first.
No. 120518 ID: 135d9a

Yeah, agreeing with the others here and saying you should try for better cover if you can.

Also, lick him.
No. 120523 ID: b6a47e

Show him your terrifying crotch. That'll make him get in line!
No. 120543 ID: 498c52
File 126474282262.jpg - (72.28KB , 1000x600 , hwo to get in.jpg )

It's definitely not exhaust. Something's on fire for sure. I haven't been spotted, and there's rocks all around that I can see.

No. Fucking pervert. I'm not licking this disgusting little shitball either.
No. 120545 ID: 631142

they arent refueling, they are murdering.

if sergals where there, they are simply in a battlezone. try to figure out what is going on in the city.
No. 120546 ID: 632862

Wait, there are other entrances? Circle around to the left!
No. 120547 ID: 135d9a

Yeah, see if one of the other entrances is unguarded.
No. 120548 ID: 498c52

[[point out the route she should take]]
No. 120550 ID: 3cccf3
File 126474331635.jpg - (43.99KB , 1000x600 , 126474282262.jpg )

Something like this?
No. 120554 ID: 62489a

Yeah, that looks right.
No. 120561 ID: cfad4e

Everyone inside other than bolds are probably dead. The most we should hope for is to sneak in and grab some water and stuff.

What do they normally do with various species? Do they kill everyone not themselves or Moks?
No. 120580 ID: 0e759d

Solid Sergal?
No. 120610 ID: 498c52
File 126474642581.jpg - (104.97KB , 1000x600 , wall2.jpg )

Fuck if I know, and fuck if I wanna find out.

Two more guards on this gate, too. I bet there's some more on the other one too...
No. 120615 ID: cfad4e

Do you have any means to scale a wall?

If not, we may have to leave and hope we can find another place before you die. I doubt anything you're carrying can hurt those armors.
No. 120618 ID: 62489a

Ask the cutebold "politely" how long they usually stay in each town. If they don't leave for a while and are actually occupying the town, ask him where the next unoccupied town is and start heading there.

How are we doing on supplies? Stealing from the cutebolds isn't a grand idea but if we have to for the journey ahead...
No. 120619 ID: 632862

Think you could climb the wall?
No. 120621 ID: 8e18cd
File 126474668555.jpg - (29.34KB , 1000x600 , 126474282262.jpg )

What about this thing here... can you sneak to check this out?
No. 120640 ID: 498c52

No. 120842 ID: c20ffd

you should go around, maybe you can find something like a hole in the wall or a truck which you can use to sneak in.
No. 120845 ID: 83eaf0

First, if waiting for the bolds to leave or just going somewhere else is feasible. God fucking damn do it, you don't really stand a chance alone.

If desperate measures are necessary you might consider sneaking around those boulders and snipe the hell out of them. If you're not able to hit any weak spots, like the convenient red spot on the head or engine exhausts, you might at least be able to lure the guards away from the gate and sneak into the city. Look out for anyone attempting to flank you though.

Also hide, if you still got it, the micro grenade in your snatch. Sounds crazy, but they won’t look there if you get captured and surprise crotchnade is always a big laugh at interrogations.
Don’t let the vermin see it, obvious.
No. 120893 ID: cfad4e

No way that thing on the map is a rock. They'd have moved that away while constructing the wall. Right? Too much of a risk to sneak all the way around.

Get flat against the wall and sneak in behind the door guards.

Can you speak their langauge?

Not sure if you should take the meatling. Can you tie him up really good? If so, leave him tied up behind a rock or something. Maybe in the shade so he doesn't die.
No. 120901 ID: 498c52
File 12647979839.jpg - (81.22KB , 1000x600 , wall3.jpg )

I could, in theory, climb the wall if I found a good spot. It's made out of mud, so there's some handholds. Around the other side there's a pile o' rocks.

Nose Meat says they stay as long as they need to depending on what they have to do. I kick him a bit because he's useless.

What the fuck, seriously? Do you think that's some fuckin extra storage area or something? Typical dumbass male. At least your species won't have to worry about you raising some stupid kids.
No. 120903 ID: 8e18cd


Look under that loose stone. It doesn't have any sand around it, thus someone has been moving it.
No. 120905 ID: 62489a

Check out that one rock in the middle that looks different from the others.
No. 120908 ID: 83eaf0

You think you could scale the wall without being spotted and take a peek into the city?
Do this if the stones are as boring as they look like.

And you'll think back to my crotchnade idea when you end up disarmed in some cell. >:(
No. 120910 ID: 15f6d6

Investigate wall splotch.
No. 120911 ID: 64583d

Flip turn that loose stone and launch it at Snout Brain's head.
No. 120912 ID: cfad4e

She could hide the prisoner there if there's nothing there. Coupla broken bones, no biggie.

Then climb the wall.
No. 120924 ID: 498c52
File 12648028715.jpg - (109.23KB , 1000x600 , smiling loaf of bread.jpg )

I toss the stone aside, 'accidentally' knocking him on the head with it. That'll teach the little shit to keep moving around when I'm tryin to think. Looks like removing that revealed a crack under one of the other stones. I could probably fit through the hole under there.
No. 120927 ID: 64583d

This hole! It was made for you!
No. 120928 ID: 8e18cd


Take a peek where it goes to.
No. 120934 ID: 83eaf0

Try the hole first I guess.
You can move backwards if necessary, yes?
Not really sure with your unusual anatomy.
No. 120943 ID: cfad4e

Crawl in and try to also hide the bold in there. That'll keep him out of sight.
No. 120944 ID: 62489a

Check out where it is, but make sure you won't get stuck.

You're not a lazuhrek, you know, and you don't want to wind up like one of themdragons stuck in a hole. If it's not big enough for you it might be a good place to bury the cutebold should he have an unfortunate accident.
No. 120946 ID: 498c52
File 126480440840.jpg - (180.56KB , 1000x600 , underwall door.jpg )

Of course, I'm not some big fat crocodile.

There's a small tunnel under here, looks like it goes under the wall.
No. 120947 ID: 67c611

Take babby with you and continue onward.
No. 120948 ID: 64583d

Knock before you barge in like some savage. Whistle a tune while you wait.
No. 120950 ID: 62489a

Might as well see where it goes.
No. 120952 ID: 8e18cd


Draw your weapon and proceed slowly.
No. 120954 ID: 589125

Hide the kobold in your snatch.
No. 120955 ID: 83eaf0

Looks good so far, just stay alert for traps and enemies.
If they really just arrived lately the underground passage should be safe enough.
No. 120958 ID: cfad4e

Very slowly and carefully open the door a crack and peer outside. Keep your weapon drawn.
No. 120982 ID: 498c52
File 126480671963.jpg - (177.39KB , 1000x600 , badly drawn boolit.jpg )

I'd be pretty damn retarded to put away my gun at this moment in time. I approach cautiously and before I open it, I can catch the sound of some people trying to be quiet. every now and then I can hear sniffs and whispers.
No. 120987 ID: 15f6d6

Does everybody speak the same language? Can you determine if they are 'bolds or not by listening to the sounds? Take a minute and see if you can figure out what kind of people they are or what they are saying.
No. 120991 ID: cfad4e

Say "Shhh... Friendly." and carefully enter.

If they were with the enemy, they wouldn't be hiding.
No. 120995 ID: 83eaf0

It's most likely survivors hiding from the bolds.
Even goddamn cutebold soldiers wouldn't be that undisciplined to whisper and sniffle while trying to ambush you.
Proceed, but stay cautious.
No. 120998 ID: 62489a

Tap on the door with your gun and inquire politely as to who is sniffling like a goddamn faggot in there.
No. 121012 ID: 67c611

Open the door slowly, gun drawn, sweep the room, pull back into cover at the first sign of friendlies and try to make contact. If it is an enemy fire at the first one in your field of vision and continue firing as you open the door further.
No. 121037 ID: 498c52
File 126480941862.jpg - (136.07KB , 1000x600 , sexy grin.jpg )

"So who's sniffling like a goddamn faggot in here? "
No. 121040 ID: 8e18cd




Ask them what happened!
No. 121042 ID: 62489a

"Any one of you fuckers move and I'll blow your brains out. What the fuck are you doing down here?"
No. 121043 ID: 15f6d6

Ask the multicultural spunky children adventure brigade what the fuck is going on in the city.
No. 121045 ID: 9e9b47


Put your hands on the green goblin's head and the gnoll's head. Lean down between the kobold and red goblin. Grin widely.
No. 121046 ID: cfad4e

Put your hand over the mouth of anyone who tries to scream. Then say "Shut up."
No. 121050 ID: fa7b85

And what the fuck is one of those god damn Bolds are doing down here
No. 121053 ID: fa7b85

Well looks like we found some rations. Actually your got many nades? we mighta found some willing pawns for taking out the guards here. I mean they'd never expect a kid to blow em up would they?
No. 121057 ID: 83eaf0

An all you can eat babby-buffet?
I hope you're hungry enough. Start with a goobo and the little bold, we'll see if you got room for more afterwards.
No. 121058 ID: 67c611

Seems like Cheren's style.
No. 121090 ID: 498c52
File 126481189013.jpg - (184.65KB , 1000x600 , everyone loves gobbo tits.jpg )

Whoa lady, careful with that thing. All of you shut it. Any of you fuckers move and I'll blow your brains out.

"Don't hurt us! We've got to be quiet, they're just shooting people, they never just shoot people," she whispers. The kids are smart enough to keep quiet, so I won't have to scare them any more.
No. 121095 ID: cfad4e

Ask what they usually do. Ask how many there are.
No. 121096 ID: fa7b85

Ain't your problem. Let the fuckers here get shot.

Thats what happens when you let those little fuckers in. They play you for fools then blow your brains out and they don't even know the proper way to fucking loot
No. 121098 ID: 67c611

If you were a male Sergal I'd suggest quietly dragging her somewhere and raping her. I'm still going to suggest it.

Otherwise sit.........where is our punching bag? Did you leave him outside?
No. 121101 ID: a85626

be Klalmer
No. 121103 ID: 62489a

When did they come in? You pussies surrender or did they just come up out of the blue and punch everyone in the nads like the nasty little shit midgets they are?
No. 121105 ID: e1b9db

Do you have any reasons not to kill them all right here? Not sure if there are any alliances.

I just know they are going to cause problems, and it's just gobbos and whatever anyways. Not real people.

And what's going on with the cutebold, that seems extra suspicious. What kinda freak hangs around bolds?
No. 121130 ID: 498c52
File 126481463337.jpg - (101.98KB , 1000x600 , smush face.jpg )

He's not moving, I think I mighta given him a concussion with that rock.

Fuckin gross.

All right, I got absolutely no reason to not kill the lot of you right now. So you better make yourself useful real quick.
"what do you want?"
When did they come in? You pussies surrender or did they just come up out of the blue and punch everyone in the nads like the nasty little shit midgets they are? What do they normally do other than shoot people and suck ass at looting?

"They just come throo and make sure dat evwybody's not hidin nuffing, an dey get fuwl an stuff. Dis time dey got da whowl city bwocked off. Dey wawkin awound wike zonbemmfoowfowfffummf," I loosen my grip a bit, "like, just shootin people for no reason. Not talkin or nothing. just shootin. They can't know we was gettin people out in secret."
No. 121131 ID: 85bd2b

who says you have to be male to rape?
No. 121132 ID: 9e9b47


Look at her for a long moment and then let her go. "Well. How can I help then?"
No. 121133 ID: 67c611

People? Secret? What?
No. 121134 ID: 62489a

"Gettin' people out? Well, anything to make the little snotshitters' lives harder. What were you fuckers planning on doing with all them up there? Just hide in here like maggots until they magically go away?"
No. 121139 ID: e1b9db

The "taking people out" part seems useful enough, maybe.
Getting out of this mess should be your top priority, inquire about it.
Also ask about the goddamn cutebold, why is it with them?
Get really angry and threatening about that matter.
No. 121141 ID: e3f578

I'm confused. Sometimes you're deviously sexually deviant when we ask questions of good ol' times and you insult us when we ask if you could unleash it a little. We just want to see your wild side, see where you can be fun and shit.

We don't have big fat ol' rockets or other big boomin' weapons to deal with, so we don't know how to go wild crazy with your sergal heartlessness without the deviancy at the current moment.
No. 121142 ID: fa7b85

Well if they want help to get out it'll probably lead to some sorta base camp and do we find at base camps?

Stuff to loot. Get em there then rob em blind. Teach em to trust a raider.
No. 121251 ID: 498c52
File 126482277062.jpg - (125.95KB , 788x600 , easy shot placement.jpg )

>interrogate further

Apparently they're hidin slaves and people the nosefuckers want to shoot from them, and then getting 'em somewhere safe. Can't imagine where that'd be. We're deep behind their front lines, all the way in the settled territory. Helping these assholes with their shit is not in my plans, besides, where would I sell 'em to anyway? Not many wild gobbos around here from what I can tell. They're refugees, I doubt they're gonna have anything worth stealing. Anything else I should ask this tart before I start wrecking this city up?

You callin me a dyke, you perv? Do you see me wearing frilly pink dresses and sniffing flowers and shit? Do you? No? Thought not.
No. 121255 ID: cfad4e

Ask if they know what building the bolds have their HQ in.

Then go there and kill everyone inside.
No. 121256 ID: 62489a

I'd rip open her top first. Just, you know, to show that you mean business.

I don't think wrecking the city up is a good idea. The bolds have a lot more guns than you do at the moment, and there's still the fucksnot you left outside.
No. 121305 ID: 1831fc

Tone down your violent tendencies, woman!

These people are useful!

No. 121314 ID: 498c52
File 12648256327.jpg - (709.30KB , 1000x1000 , citymap.jpg )

All right, they seem to all be around the Parking Lot, or possibly in City Hall. She isn't sure but she gives me a map of the place.

There's no fuckin reason to do that. I don't wanna see some gobbo's gross old swollen milkbags. Shit's nasty, makes 'em look knocked up all the damn time. Proabably are, they breed like roaches.
There's some rope down here, I'll tie him up with this and leave him down here for now. He's definitely unconscious.

I don't want to draw attention. I want to sneak around. I'm sure as shit not gonna haul this baggage around with me all the damn time. Gonna hide my backpack somewhere so I can sneak better.

[[show me a path to take somewhere.]]
No. 121327 ID: 85bd2b
File 126482624751.jpg - (331.33KB , 1000x1000 , 12648256327.jpg )

Check out what this area is.
No. 121379 ID: 632862

I think that's the Parking Lot.

Find out where the armory is. You could use some heavier firepower if you're gonna start attracting the attention of their Ride Armor.
No. 121382 ID: cfad4e
File 126482811068.jpg - (179.78KB , 700x700 , path.jpg )

Along the wall, sneak through one building, then into another one to get a good vantage point of City Hall.
No. 121410 ID: 498c52
File 126482909977.jpg - (148.51KB , 1000x600 , boldscommand.jpg )

That would be the parking lot, where there's a big ass command vehicle and like two transports. The windows are blacked out on the command vehicle, of course. I can see a snot sucker walk by every now and then. THey're moving very methodically, without stopping, or even looking around much. Coming in head on is probably a stupid idea.
No. 121411 ID: 62489a

Let's avoid that and head over to >>121382
No. 121412 ID: cfad4e

Look for a logistics vehicle. If you can sneak into one, you can steal some explosives.
No. 121451 ID: 631142

no, fuel. you must either sabotage them or simply hide it out.

you may need to consider yout little prisioner is in a prime time to escape.
No. 121470 ID: 8d3380

That door looks open, can you see what's in it before you flee? Or is that too dangerous.
No. 121474 ID: 632862

Maybe you can circle around and get on top of that tall building, and start sniping.
No. 121482 ID: 631142

sniping with a handgun? you think this is TF2?

...do you have a knife? its much better to stab that to shoot.
No. 121513 ID: 62489a

stabbing with a combat knife? you think this is Call of Duty 4?

shooting someone works just as well.
No. 121522 ID: 498c52
File 126483136996.jpg - (187.74KB , 1000x600 , cityhall.jpg )

Alright, I'm lookin at the City Hall tower. There's two 'bolds standing stock still outside the front door.
There's a power station behind it with some big ass windmills, and a few radio masts stickin out the top.

That would be the command vehicle, and it's closed up.

pretty sure he's got a concussion, he's not goin far. That gobbo is gonna watch him, they're all scared of him anyway. Weird thing, even the kobold in there was scared of 'im.

The transports are empty, the armors were probably in there. Strange that they don't really have a dedicated troop vehicle.

I could do that but it's way too fucking close for that to last long. It's a hotel on the other side of the parking lot.

I've got a rifle. A stock would help a whole lot, though. And yes, I have my knife.

Makes a fuckload more noise, though.
No. 121531 ID: 62489a

That just a bullet hole on the right or something more?

Check out that hangar next to the windmill.
No. 121540 ID: 589125

See, this is why you need to find out what happened to the humans. From what I understand, they and dorfs would slaughter these little fuckers by the truckload.
No. 121549 ID: 631142

remember that huge train you picked him out of?

its most likely in the surroundings. this boarding party is just picking up resources.

sabotage the fuel. when they realize they have spoiled fuel it will be too late, they may even never put the machine moving on time.
No. 121576 ID: cfad4e

Try and move east a little ways, out of their line of sight, cross the street, then approach the HQ from the rear.
No. 121652 ID: 498c52

No. 121754 ID: 306644

The commander of this little Group is probably up there. Could be a nice target.

to sabotage the fuel would be bad for the remaining citizens in the town.
the bolds would kill the rest of them aswell ... if there are some left.

Still we don't know what they're doing here.
doesn't look like this town has a relevant supply of something other then energy.

The "remaining" citizens should be somewhere.
there are no bodies, no blood ... look if you can find a warehouse or hall.
No. 121758 ID: 19d653

Some recon is in order before getting active. Sneak through the city and keep your eyes open for enemy troops, targets for sabotage&distraction (like in huge explosions) and better equipment.

First priority should be some better equipment I'd say.
We all like your porngun, which should be occasionally licked to preserve the shine of the metal, but neither it nor the rifle will hack it against the armored troops of the bolds. You'll need an anti-material rifle or RPGs, which might prove a problem, considering all cutebold stuff is babby sized. Also explosives, assuming you can handle them.
You might as well start with those barracks looking buildings on the left.
No. 121837 ID: 498c52
File 126488195218.jpg - (740.29KB , 1000x1000 , citymap.jpg )

I think that monster would be on the surface somewhere. They're not wearing desert uniforms either, something's up here.

Here's what I've seen so far, I'll head toward those two warehouses behind the tower. Should I run straight there or should I take some other route?
No. 121840 ID: 8e18cd


Whatever you do... be CAUTIOUS. There might be snipers around...
No. 121841 ID: e3f578

They're probably opportunist deserters, seeking profit and (sadistic) pleasures over order and control over the continent.
No. 121848 ID: 19d653
File 126488280115.jpg - (381.20KB , 1000x1000 , 126488195218.jpg )

You think you could sneak by the fence of the power-plant and stay hidden?
Pretty hard to see, I guess it depends on how alert the guards are.
No. 121857 ID: 631142

regarding the fuel, i wanted to sabotage the fuel they GOT rather the whole town. wich shouldnt be in a single container.

i support this. however, the PP should have scouts there all along with possible fuel lines/storages. shut down the PP and night will become easier.

im assuming the huge train will come by later to pick up the team it dropped. it would be nice to have asked the gobbo how they usually do when they come.
No. 121970 ID: 498c52
File 126489143279.jpg - (286.84KB , 1000x600 , pwrplant.jpg )

Shit! I've been spotted! I could try to outrun 'em or I could try to kill 'em. Unless there's something else I should try.
No. 121972 ID: 64583d

Pretend to be a cactus.
No. 121973 ID: 9bab6d

Shoot the !s over their heads!
No. 121974 ID: 62489a

Outrun. You have delicious sergal thighs and long, powerful legs. They are babbies who can try to crawl after you at best.
No. 121976 ID: 163cde

No. 121977 ID: 631142

you need to tackle them. knife the closest one, be ready to handgun one of them if they run. none of them must scream, altho gunfire is somewhat tolerable.
No. 121978 ID: 8e18cd

Shooting them? Really? An alerting more of the little dipshits? Run like hell behind the nearest building and ready your knife.

Or a second option. Grab a pebble and toss it at the leafs of one of the Joshua trees to rustle them a bit. That might throw them off.
No. 121986 ID: 19d653

Well, if you think you can run to cover before they actually see you, do it.

Otherwise go to the corner and ambush em when they come around and look. Use psychological warfare like crazy eyes, growling and a wide display of teeth.
Don't let em get away.
No. 121994 ID: 15f6d6

Kill the fuckers
No. 122018 ID: 498c52
File 126489381187.jpg - (235.35KB , 1000x600 , sucks at throwing.jpg )

On my way to some cover, I should be able to hide behind this dumbass round thing, but not very well.

Fuck. Missed.
No. 122039 ID: 8e18cd


Yeah duck behind the round building and try to cause the chain link face to rustle. That might make them think someone is climbing that.

Throw something that would be big enough to cause the racket.
No. 122044 ID: 8399bd


Also, get out your gun and get ready to blast a foo.
No. 122050 ID: 8d3380

I do not aim with my hand;
He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.

I do not shoot with my hand;
He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.

I do not kill with my gun;
He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.
No. 122051 ID: 19d653

Check out what the bolds are up to as soon as possible. If they find out a Sergal is loose in the city they'll go crazy.
Right now they probably thing it's just some gobbo wandering around.

If you get the chance to take both of em out, do it!
No. 122070 ID: 498c52
File 126489623712.jpg - (202.04KB , 1000x600 , cheren is terrible at throwing things.jpg )

They are.. Marching in lock step? Shit's weird. They just kind of stare straight forward. I'm prepared to knife them quiet like when they come around here and are out of sight.

Fuck, threw it too high.
No. 122071 ID: 917cac

Maybe their being mind controlled.
No. 122073 ID: cfad4e

You seriously need to find a silencer or something you can make into a silencer.

Find a place to hide. As they go past, knife one in the spine and grapple or disable the other for interrogation.
No. 122074 ID: 62489a

How good a shot are you?

If you think they're just gonna keep marching forward go ahead and prepare to knife them. Be wary of some sort of counter attack though, this could be a DISTACTION.
No. 122076 ID: 8e18cd


Goddamn... Cheren. Try for the very last time and pray to the God that this time it succeeds. If you could distract them for a second slitting their throats would be easy as hell.
No. 122080 ID: 15f6d6

Wait for them to come around and then stab the shit out of them.
No. 122091 ID: 19d653

Just rip and tear them when they come around the corner.
Capturing would be senseless, no way they know anything useful.
No. 122107 ID: 9bab6d

With very few exceptions, revolvers don't really work well with suppressors.
No. 122122 ID: 631142

they are not screaming, they are not firing.

flank them. careful with exploding vests.
No. 122162 ID: a0be15

i've never seen something like that ... do they even have weapons?
No. 122191 ID: 498c52
File 126490234819.jpg - (418.80KB , 1151x600 , finally.jpg )

They've got guns, but not time to use 'em!
No. 122192 ID: bb1955

No. 122193 ID: 34470e

Damn you fast
No. 122194 ID: 15f6d6

You showed those fucks! carry the bodies behind the closest cover, quicklike.

Also, rations!
No. 122195 ID: cfad4e

Excellent. They dead? Check for papers and 'splosives.
No. 122196 ID: 8d3380

Loot and pillage.
No. 122201 ID: 9bab6d

No. 122202 ID: e75a2f

No. 122205 ID: 632862

No. 122208 ID: a85626


I think this is the first time cutebolds ever got slaughtered in this quest.
No. 122217 ID: 163cde

Indeed. And hopefully not the only time!
No. 122221 ID: f52552

No. 122222 ID: 631142

No. 122287 ID: fa7b85

Don't wanta eat them since they might be hopped up on some nasty drugs.

You know of anything that could make people be all dronelike? Ever meet a mindflayer?
No. 122319 ID: 498c52
File 126491375865.jpg - (124.07KB , 1000x600 , good enough.jpg )

Alright, they're hid as good as I am gonna bother to hide 'em. Where should I go next?

Oh fuck. I hope not. This has got the look of 'em about it, sure enough.
No. 122320 ID: 62489a

That's certainly not good.

Let's investigate the now unguarded hangar.
No. 122390 ID: 8e18cd


Continue to our destination...
No. 122402 ID: 632862

Let's check out the stuff we were heading towards.
No. 122468 ID: b716fb

Look what's in the power plant.
No. 122471 ID: 19d653

What do you know 'bout mindflayers? Hope they don't actually remote control their victims. In this case they might be aware of you.

Proceed to the hangar/barrack things. The whole area seems like the industrial sector to me, I guess you'll eventually find something interesting.
No. 122668 ID: 8ecfd4

Check out the hangar. Try to find something that's reasoably fast and sturdy. And look for a quick firing anti armour rifle. Those little bold fuckers in the mechs should be pretty dead if you start shooting them up with high caliber ammo.

This shithole isn't your concern, if the mindflayers are raiding bold areas then I wish them sucess. The more of those disgusting little shits that get horribly killed the better you will be off.
No. 122709 ID: 498c52
File 126498014934.jpg - (117.89KB , 1000x600 , warehouses.jpg )

Looks like two big ass warehouses. I'm between the two, on account of a patrol passing down the side of the other one. Doors are locked, but I can probably get in.
No. 122712 ID: d795c1

Then get in.
But listen for inhabitants first and try not to make a huge mess, secrecy is pretty important right now.
No. 122717 ID: b716fb

take the partol out if you get the chance.
it's better then get caught.
No. 122738 ID: fa7b85

'scept those fuckers once they're done with the bolds will go after the raiders. And do you want them psychic bastards runnin the bold army?!

The bolds only kill you. Squidheads either eat your brain or make you a zombie!
No. 122765 ID: cfad4e

Sneak on in. Maybe they have bombs.
No. 122816 ID: 498c52
File 126498872572.jpg - (210.62KB , 1000x600 , warehouseinside.jpg )

All right, it's full of boxes of stuff: food rations, machine parts and building materials and shit.
No. 122820 ID: bb1955

No. 122822 ID: 1831fc


>Look for the Ark of the Covenant.
No. 122824 ID: cfad4e

Swipe some stuff to drink. Look around for anything that might indicate Mind Control. Y'know, brains in the food rations, that kind of stuff.
No. 122837 ID: 62489a

Start opening crates.
No. 122838 ID: 044a64

Open a crate at random.
No. 122839 ID: 632862

I don't think there would be anything interesting in here all things considered. I mean, these warehouses held stuff for the city to use, not the guys that just came in and started shooting people.
No. 122854 ID: 498c52
File 126499278093.jpg - (82.34KB , 551x517 , cheren likes grapefruit.jpg )

Hmm, mostly dried crap and like, candy and shit- fuck yeah some fruits! I don't feel mind controlled. Must not be the food. It's probably those fuckin Illithids. I've never seen one control more than one or two people at a time before. They usually stay out in the open, though. Bolds don't kill 'em for some reason, little fuckers probably think there's something else going on. stupid little bastards. Anything else I should check out? I got no use for machine parts and shit like that. There's some textiles and shit in here too. I'm pretty sure it's just some kinda trade depot.
No. 122856 ID: 632862

What's that big pile of yellow stuff in the background?
No. 122867 ID: 82e991

Inspect the forklift. Check out what's behind the boxes behind the yellow pile that looks like sandbags.
No. 122894 ID: 5f9e7a

Take as much food as you can carry and get the fuck out.
No. 122929 ID: 498c52
File 126499598747.jpg - (127.02KB , 1000x600 , egg room2.jpg )

The forklift has fuel in it, I could maybe drive it but it's made for somebody half my height. It would look stupid.

The bags are full of some nasty ass smelling chemical shit or something. little grains of it. Fucked if I know what that illegible shit on the label says. Their 'writing' looks like somebody puked up hair all over the place
No. 122942 ID: fa7b85

Its fertilizer... A rather useful thing for making a bomb. Wanta make the little fuckers cry mix in some fuel oil and light the fuse... Hear ANFO bombs can pack a punch!
No. 122943 ID: 632862

Light it on fire and run!
No. 122944 ID: cfad4e

Dump fuel on nasty smelling chemicals. Start fire. Run away. Stay hidden.
No. 122950 ID: 2dd482

this, but first secure anything you need/want out of the warehouse first, like that delicious fruit.
No. 122951 ID: fa7b85

I'd make a fuse first...
No. 123001 ID: 498c52
File 126499928270.jpg - (199.90KB , 800x858 , inventory-Cheren copy.jpg )

I don't know anything about dangerous chemicals, and I don't have anything to start a fire with anyway. Here's what I got. I've got my backpack hidden so I can move faster. I'll get it back when I'm ready to move.
No. 123005 ID: 67c611

You are still holding a bit of the handle of your knife in your left hand. You might want to try putting the two pieces back together.
No. 123011 ID: 54411c
File 12649996306.jpg - (32.52KB , 584x405 , kinfe gun.jpg )

remember the basics of CQC
No. 123012 ID: 2dd482

hey Cheren did anyone ever tell you you have serious case of DEM HIPS?
No. 123013 ID: 5f9e7a

Pardon my Ignorance, but could you use a grenade start a fire?
No. 123014 ID: 67c611

A grenade doesn't cause that much heat. They are bad for starting fires as they blow the fuel into tiny chunks and send it flying everywhere, not on fire.
No. 123023 ID: cfad4e

Check the next warehouse. Maybe it'll have cooler shit in it.
No. 123038 ID: 0e759d

No, they don't cause much heat.
The fuze, however, should be pretty good for starting a fire.
If you wanna make a bomb, you could just unscrew the top off one of the grenades, and place the fuze in the explosive.
As for making the bomb, you've got fertilizer there, the forklift has gas in it, and you should be able to find ammonia among the cleaning supplies. I don't know if that's enough for a bomb, but I know that it's a start, at least.
Hooray, MacGyver.
No. 123049 ID: 498c52
File 12650026903.jpg - (191.74KB , 1000x600 , second warehouse.jpg )

OK all that fuzing and chemistry shit confuses me, I'm gonna go check the other warehouse. This one's got a shitload of stone blocks, a bunch of barrels with different colored sand in them, and a buncha crates full of pottery shit. And another tiny forklift.
No. 123051 ID: 498c52

[[And some copper bars]]
No. 123052 ID: 62489a

Copper, hmm. Might be worth taking a bar or two.

Also, waste exactly four hours becoming the mayor of pottery town.
No. 123053 ID: 67c611

That is some gold. Damn shame it's near useless to us. Unless you could drag out 5 bars and get your new slaves to carry them to a market and sell them and the gold.
No. 123055 ID: 54411c

>Stone blocks


take at least one bar, hit a kobold over the noggin with it. You haven't lived till you kill someone with a bar of fucking GOLD.
No. 123056 ID: 2dd482

go back to 1st warehouse and fertilizer pile. take grenade and unscrew the fuse. cut open bag of fertilizer and create a trail, plant fuse at the end of the trail. light fuse using the mechanism inside the grenade that usually does the job and run away. you should have at least 4 seconds.
No. 123057 ID: 54411c

oh, never mind >>123055 then. Copper sucks.
No. 123065 ID: 9e9b47


Climb over the barrels and check out the dark packages
No. 123068 ID: 8ecfd4

Those look alot like gold. Take one anyway. If nothing else we can use it to tenderize our emergancy snack.
No. 123084 ID: 0e759d

Try lifting one of the bars straight up with your finger-tips.
If you can, it's copper.
If you can't, it's gold.

Either way, it's not worth taking, since you have no need for either, and you won't be able to carry it if it's gold. You should, however, remember where this is so you can come back with some other raiders later on and take it.
No. 123091 ID: 632862

Well that was a wash. I say you should check the guard house for weapons.
No. 123103 ID: 8d3380

Is there anyway you can get around the barrels without climbing over them? Barrels can be unstable and fragile depending on the contents if you climb on them and the contents are currently unknown.
No. 123105 ID: 54411c

I'd think you should leave these warehouses, odds are there is nothing we could easily haul out.

look at city hall from this side, see if there is any good climbing places on it or something. If there is anyone important they will be there.
No. 123109 ID: 2dd482

How to make a fertilizer bomb


- Newspaper
- Fertilizer
- Cotton
- Diesel fuel

Make a pouch out of the newspaper and put some fertilizer in it. Then put cotton on top. Soak the cotton with fuel. Then light and run like you have never ran before! This blows up 500 square feet
No. 123116 ID: 498c52
File 126500810311.jpg - (60.07KB , 494x553 , will it blend.jpg )

I can gobbo-build something with this cloth and crap. fertilizer, fuel, and some cloth.
No. 123117 ID: 0e759d

Light it, and get the fuck outta dodge.
No. 123122 ID: 62489a

Wait, do we want to do this here or at city hall?

We can easily chunk it at the side of city hall like a football. Granted there aren't many guards.

But, destroying this warehouse will probably seriously hinder the bolds for a while, and might set off something bigger.

If we DO light it here, let's be SURE we fucking don't stop running until we can't hear any more explosions.
No. 123128 ID: c50a92

What about the command vehicle? Figure that'll fuck the bolds up pretty hard. Hell, it might even shut off this mind control or whatever the fuck's going on here.

...which might not be a good thing, now that I think of it.

Still, I'm sticking with blowing up that command vehicle. Just light it, chuck it, and run like hell.
No. 123131 ID: 0e759d

We should definitely light it here, at the city hall, it'll hurt the townsfolk more than the 'bolds. The city loses it's center of localized government, no big deal for the 'bolds.
Here, it'll hurt the 'bolds worst. They lose money, fuel, food, supplies, and a lot of people.
No. 123136 ID: 62489a

I'm no bomb expert but I don't think this little IED is going to take out that huge motherfucker.
No. 123175 ID: 2dd482

it may not blow it to kingdom come but it will sure as hell make a mess of the insides and any sensitive equipment. I say the command vehicle is a pretty good target for it.
No. 123180 ID: f50ab5

Set off the fertilizer-bomb on top of the heap of sacks of fertilizer.

Run like a motherfucker. Seriously, it'll be raining bits of town for a while.
No. 123193 ID: d9faf1

Now sit on it and wait.
No. 123257 ID: 7fd407

that won't end well .....
No. 123284 ID: 67c611

That thing will blow up an APC for sure. But what is our goal? Blowing up a bold command vehicle won't get us anything.
No. 123296 ID: 8e18cd

We could use the BABBY FORKLIFT as a bomb good carrier. We just need to stack it with more explosives.
No. 123297 ID: cfad4e

I can't foresee us sneaking anywhere with a forklift.

I guess they don't have an armory anywhere we can access.

Okay, guys. What should we do next? Sneak into the tower with the radio and try to kill their HQ staff? (Unless it's in a vehicle) Or find out what they're up to? Steal some more food and leave?
No. 123305 ID: 172cce

Examine the sand - it might be explosives.

First smell it (make sure to not breath any of it in though!); do you recognize it as gun powder? If not, take a handful of the stuff outside and crush it between two rocks. If it's explosive it'll produce a bang, so be careful of nearby patrols checking it out.
No. 123480 ID: 197650

No. 123664 ID: 8a1e60

Confirmed in IRC that it's just sand.
No. 123779 ID: 4e3f3e

You should at least quickly check the other buildings in this sector of the city. Should be safe enough, as long you don't try to cross the main streets again.
Is just grabbing supplies and getting the fuck away a realistic option? I mean do you have any idea where to go then?
No. 128228 ID: 3fc16d
File 126567562736.jpg - (81.34KB , 1000x600 , its just sand.jpg )

The stuff in the barrels is just sand from the desert, I have no idea why anybody would want this shit, but then again the 'bolds are fuckin stupid, so who cares? They probably eat it because it's colorful or something. The barrel it's in is worth more than some stupid sand.

Now, I could make a bunch of this supposedly explosive shit and get it over there on the forklift, but I'd need a clever plan to do that. I'll need a good route to take, and something to distract the guards with when I need to cross a major street.

All said, I don't actually know where their command actually is.
No. 128231 ID: 62489a

Maybe we can make a secondary blast far away as a distraction?
No. 128233 ID: 3fc16d

[[yes for grabbing shit and running, no for knowing where to go after. ]]
No. 128236 ID: e3f578

Sandbags make for good cover from bullets. You can't figure that out, Cheren?
No. 128249 ID: 632862

Let's check out some other buildings. We might find something to use as a distraction or something.
No. 128250 ID: e53249

Maybe the shitheads like to make glass?
No. 128255 ID: 187d8a

Hey toots. Know what'd be a swell place to check out before blowin' this joint? The power plant.
Now, there might be some midget fuckers in there, so don't walk in all HI-YO, aight?
No. 128265 ID: 3fc16d
File 126567771870.jpg - (30.79KB , 455x181 , sandbags.jpg )

I'll need more specific instructions unless you want me to just blow up random shit or something.

I could indeed make a fort of sandbags but I'm not sure how that would help. Adding them to the forklift isn't really an option. Then there's the fact that I'm not really eight years old any more, and the novelty of making forts has worn off.

Which ones? There's lots of them here.

I like my theory better.

Maybe if I was wearing something heavier, but I don't fancy trying to climb up that high chain link fence and then try to get over the razor wire on top.
No. 128274 ID: 187d8a

Remember the two gentleman you uncouthly ruffled and shoved into a neat pile under some compost? I'm certain it's a good idea to search the key to the plant's front gate on them.
No. 128287 ID: 62489a

Yeah, let's go and make sure the bolds didn't have the keys to the plant or something.
No. 128314 ID: 3fc16d
File 126567974585.jpg - (73.11KB , 1000x600 , they found it.jpg )

I'll go and see if they have any keys on the- fuck! I guess I didn't hide them good enough. Now they know where to start looking, too. I can try to hide in here and lock the door, but I don't know if they have keys or not.
No. 128333 ID: 62489a

Hide in here, preferably somewhere high up like near the copper, when they walk past we shoot them in the back.
No. 128334 ID: 632862

Hide up on top of something, then if they come investigating, jump down on them to ambush them.
No. 128379 ID: 3fc16d
File 126568257271.jpg - (65.81KB , 1000x600 , rattledoor.jpg )

I get up on the blocks. There's a rattling at the door for a while, but I don't think they have a key. It stops after a few seconds.
No. 128381 ID: 62489a

The patient hunter gets the prey. Stay frosty, Cheren.
No. 128395 ID: e53249

How many entrances do you have to cover?
No. 128446 ID: 3fc16d
File 126568478221.jpg - (62.41KB , 1000x600 , rattledoor.jpg )

Just the one and the big door, but they're both on one end. I've waited a few more minutes and nothing has happened.
No. 128449 ID: 62489a

Well it seems like they left. They must be going for the key or to open the big door.

Let's take the bomb with us, kick down the door and head out.
No. 128451 ID: f52552

Or they've got something big pointed at the door.
Any possibility of an alternate exit?
Roof hatch, opening from the other side of a crate?
No. 128452 ID: 3af198

Watch the windows behind you. They might have a way to get up there and shoot you.
No. 128458 ID: e53249

try to escape before they call in a airstrike or something.
No. 128459 ID: 632862

Alright, let's peek out and see if they've left.
No. 128472 ID: cfad4e

Let's get out of here, before they come back with a breaching charge.
No. 128620 ID: 288dda

Seems as though we could get up on the roof through the rafters and out a window if we didn't mind breaking it.

Hard to tell from the earlier shots of the area - are the other buildings close enough to do some Batman-ing? If nothing else we'll have a better view of the surroundings up high and are less likely to be spotted than at ground level.
No. 128854 ID: e8b9f3

if they come back with armors then you're dead.
you don't have enough bombs to take them all down.
No. 128882 ID: 62489a

Screw leaving through the door. Can we reach the windows? We got rope right? Let's see if we can't go out the window and onto the rooftops or something.
No. 128970 ID: 15f6d6

Escape through a window if possible.
No. 130014 ID: 233aab
File 126594637970.jpg - (87.40KB , 1000x600 , warehouse top.jpg )

yeah, getting on the roof is easy, where should I head to?
No. 130015 ID: 62489a

What is the red thing?
No. 130024 ID: 288dda
File 126594880758.jpg - (166.55KB , 1000x1000 , E6M2-citymap2.jpg )

First stay low and head toward the front of the building to see what the patrols are doing. Can you take this route across the rooftops to check out the NE gate? Looks to be relatively unpatrolled and you might be able to hit the guard shack there from behind.

...actually, just what the hell are you trying to accomplish here? You could probably loot enough rations from the warehouse to bail on these useless assholes. If you want to stay and fight, you've got to take out their ability to call for backup. That means taking down the communications at city hall and probably wrecking the command vehicle. Good luck with that.
No. 130044 ID: 233aab
File 126595154895.jpg - (756.38KB , 1000x1000 , citymap.jpg )

It's a restaurant. All of the buildings up here have metal roofs except for it and the kiln.

Patrols are moving fairly regularly, they're easy to avoid from up here. I can pretty easily jump to any of these roofs. While I could probably get back out I'd have to go through that house again, and there's bound to be some valuable shit to loot here. I could get over the wall no problem with some rope. I could potentially get hurt if I just jumped.

It is FUCKING HOT up here.
No. 130048 ID: 15f6d6

Can you get to the garage and see what they're doing in front of the warehouse you escaped from?
No. 130062 ID: 233aab
File 126595386519.jpg - (132.01KB , 1000x600 , rooftops.jpg )

Yeah, they're not looking around there any more, I see them patrolling around by the power plant a bit more but I don't hear any armors moving around. Those things make a good bit of noise.
No. 130073 ID: cfad4e

Look in the garage. Any useful looking equipment?

If not, maybe we could sneak into a guard shack to steal a machine gun and go all Rambo and hope for the best?
No. 130076 ID: 37456c

It's too bad she has no driving skill. because a tank could really be useful right now!
No. 130106 ID: 288dda

Heading around to the guard shack at the NE gate doesn't sound like a bad plan, unless something has materialized that would get you over the razor wire at the power plant. Best part is if you end up leaving some bodies behind, they'll be searching on the opposite side of town from your escape route.
No. 130126 ID: 749385

We need a plan and more informations.
The guards at the plant are gone.

Find all remaining guards and identify the rest of the map.
Then we can think about a tactic.

Those bolds can't be really experienced, they moved like retards and didn't sound the alarm after they found their dead comrades.
Still watch out for veterans.
No. 130132 ID: 8ecfd4

Wasn't it possible that they were mindcontrolled by an Illithid? But if it's the Illithid that's keeping them stupid then we should save him for last.

Btw anyone who knows how to improvise a somewhat reliable fuse? Because if we want to take down the radio at the city hall and the command vehicle we're going to need some way to coordinate it.

Hmm, if we could get control of the heavy guns on the command vehicle we should be able to deal with their patrol vehicles and armored guys. Then our trusty sergal gal should be able to brutally kill most of the others and then we can loot in peace.
No. 130135 ID: 749385

>how to improvise a somewhat reliable fuse

that was my idea too ... but we need more informations first.
they must have explosives somewhere cause they built that city on Rock(nroll)s

The explosives must be in a really save building ... maybe that round one south-west
it looks reinforces.
No. 130136 ID: a85626
File 126600034476.jpg - (32.36KB , 494x553 , fuse.jpg )

<< Fuse

Light it, chuck it, then get the Hell out of Dodge.

No need to get complicated. We're making bombs out of petrol and poop, not C4.

You should probably make more of those. Also if you put one in a jar, can or something stiff you got an IED, with shrapnel, pressure wave and everything.

I bet the power plant is their secret base. See if you can sneak in and blow shit up. Or failing that, just blow shit up.

If you hear a ringing in your ears, shoot everything!
No. 130138 ID: 8ecfd4

The problem with that fuse is that we have no idea of the burntime. So we can't set up synchronised explosions. That means that we have to be relatively close to our target and can't take out two targets at the same time unless they're very close to each other.
No. 130139 ID: 749385

the town isn't that great. if cheren blows something up everyone will search for here.

Having some time to get away would be nice.

i thought about destroying the command vehicle.
the fuse would give her enough time to get unseen in every house ... like the city hall.

Or she could blow several things up at once.
No. 130144 ID: 15f6d6

You guys realize this thing doesn't have a wick? It's a fuel explosive. We have to set it off with another explosive (the grenade being the only thing we have).

I say we do the forklift idea. It's the most awesome distraction we can do.
No. 130145 ID: 2cbe3e


Since this guy actually seems to know what he's talking about go with his idea.
No. 130170 ID: a85626


Yeah, but it'd be more dramatic to blow shit up, so I assumed it would just work if NOBODY MENTIONED ANYTHING >:(
No. 130172 ID: 67c611

If we want a bomb explosion we have to take the detonator assembly out of the grenade and implant it into the bomb through a cut hole then fix it in place. A grenade explosion would blow the fuel apart without time to ignite it. That would be like putting a grenade in a bag of sand and expecting it to explode better.

Before you say that the sand is explosive
>>A grenade explosion would blow the fuel apart without time to ignite it.
>>without time to ignite it.
>>ignition = false
Because I know you guys are dense enough to make this point.
No. 132409 ID: 354bcd
File 126628545574.jpg - (217.41KB , 1000x600 , fire.jpg )

OK, so I'm gonna blow something up for sure. I'll come back to the warehouses after I check out anything interesting here. There's been way too much goin on about it now for me to not want to fuck something up seriously. I can take the dealy off the top of a grenade and stick it in a couple barrels of this shit. There is one guard in each truck, and one armor with two arms and no gun near the fire. It's just what I suspected, they're burning bodies, looks like mostly kobold and goblin ones. There's another figure that isn't short standing around. Can't make out shit though, it's wearing robes.

I'm on top of the guard house; I definitely can't break into this building, I'll get seen for sure. I can't see in the garage very well, but I can break into it pretty easy. It's locked up, where most of the houses have the doors wide open.
No. 132443 ID: 632862

Can you get a headshot on the robed figure from here?
No. 132470 ID: 54411c

if we can find a way to off that figure safely, we need to do it. Otherwise avoid it at all costs.

If you do shoot it from here, overkill. Don't stop just because it stops moving.
No. 132471 ID: cfad4e

Shoot the robed figure. Use the rifle. Recoil don't matter if you hit the first time.

If that fucks up, light the bomb, throw it at something important, and run.
No. 132493 ID: 288dda

No throwing the bomb. Cheren is godawful at throwing things at other things, which has already been proven several times in this chapter.

How do we plan on gunning down the robed figure from here? Last I checked we only had a revolver, unless we're heading back to the bolt-hole and hoping the leader(?) will still be there when we get back.

I am not being very constructive here. Also holy hell that is the tackiest fountain I've ever seen.
No. 132508 ID: 15f6d6

Go get the rifle and shoot the robed guy in the head if you think you have a decent chance. The only other thing would be to see if you can get a peek a the command vehicle and that area. I think once we start blowing shit up, we'll have to run and either this area or the command vehicle are probably the best targets.
No. 132525 ID: 354bcd
File 126629077788.jpg - (147.23KB , 1000x600 , dun nuuuun.jpg )

This would not be a hard shot if I had a decent gun. That rifle isn't gonna guarantee me a hit. A stock would help a fuckload here. Now, the only other problem would be if that really is an Illithid, then I better hope it's the only one around. Because if there are more, they're gonna know the second its head gets painted on the ground.

I'll check out the other third of the city before I do anything to give my position away.
No. 132536 ID: 62489a

That sounds like a good idea.
No. 132543 ID: 15f6d6

No. 132610 ID: 288dda

1) Explore remainder of city
2) Return to hideout, swap revolver for rifle
3) Get something to steady your shot. You did mention earlier that if you were prone it would be pretty accurate, and something like a small bag of sand would probably do fine in lieu of a tripod.
4) Have escape route ready
No. 132615 ID: 354bcd
File 126629534236.jpg - (219.90KB , 1000x600 , dome.jpg )

There's three pretty big inns I can get on top of, and one more interesting thing. This building's been chewed to shit by machine gun fire, but it's a concrete dome apparently built for such an occasion. There are metal plates all over the windows and the door. No 'bolds around so far, but there's an occasional patrol.
No. 132617 ID: cfad4e

Wave at it. Knock on the door in whatever secret Raider pattern you can. Say "Friendly."
No. 132648 ID: 354bcd
File 126629681412.jpg - (149.14KB , 1000x600 , windowtaps.jpg )

The door is shaped like a very dented bowl, no way is that shit gonna open. I will, however, go around to the back window, which is the least damaged of them.

I tap a few times and say the password; "Open the fuck up, asshole." No sounds or anything, but then again, this is a solid concrete dome with metal plates over the windows.
No. 132669 ID: 632862

Try prying open the window, without damaging your knife.
No. 132675 ID: 82e991

See what that thing on top of the dome is, then check out the inns.
No. 132690 ID: 354bcd
File 126629926883.jpg - (100.36KB , 1000x600 , stare.jpg )

Trying to pry it open is gonna work just as well as staring at it from what I can tell, so I'll just try the one that's not gonna chip my knife.

Looks like it was some kind of antenna. It's shot to shit now.
No. 132692 ID: 354bcd

[[Pause for the night until I'm free again, feel free to suggest where she should go next.]]
No. 132804 ID: cfad4e

Climb up and examine the chimney thing.
No. 132811 ID: 15f6d6

Climb up on top.
No. 132837 ID: b3eee7

If you can't get in the dome, then spare it for later. Go to the buildings eastwards and take a look on the parking lot.

Its odd that the bold didn't crack that dome open.
Maybe they have no explosives
No. 133408 ID: c5ce35


Nice view there lady.
No. 133590 ID: 67c611


You must be damn dirty and smelly after all this time in the desert. Take a bath when everything settles down.
No. 133797 ID: 354bcd
File 126646460032.jpg - (126.66KB , 1000x600 , wall for answering questions.jpg )

I just said it was a base for an antenna but it got shot off. Damn, pay attention.

Way too close for me to push my luck here, I'll likely get seen. Besides, I've already seen the command vehicle

I'm kind of wary about getting that damn close to something that potentially has head-fuckers in it. I got a good look at it earlier, just two trucks and a few jerky snotsuckers walking around it.

You wish.
No. 133821 ID: 54411c

let's check the scrap yard, maybe something you could use for a stock there.
No. 133863 ID: 288dda

Still don't think we need a stock if we can get something to stabilize the barrel of the gun. Should only need one shot out of it, right?
No. 133894 ID: 354bcd
File 126646908486.jpg - (238.89KB , 1000x600 , scrapyard.jpg )

There sure is a lot of shit here. It's quiet.

Yeah, maybe if it was silenced, sighted in properly, and there was only one guy posing a threat.
No. 133900 ID: 54411c

that tracked vehicle looks fun, check it out.
No. 133920 ID: 75d26f

That's a bad idea. What makes you think she can drive a tank if she can't even drive a dune buggy?
No. 133932 ID: 632862

Get a closer look at that yellow monstrosity in the back.
No. 134079 ID: 288dda

>Yeah, maybe if it was silenced, sighted in properly, and there was only one guy posing a threat.
Hey, don't be a bitch. If it comes down to a straight firefight it doesn't make much of a difference whether you take down one or a dozen of them before you get your ass shot off.

Anyway, I'd say 10-15 minutes to loot. Tank seems as good a place to start as any. You're a professional, so get to it.
No. 134150 ID: 62489a

That dune buggy looks great for a speedy getaway, though rather unarmored.

Try to find a gun stock or something in the junk, though there probably won't be one.
No. 134226 ID: 064bfc

I guess there is a reason why these vehicles are in the scrapyard.

Take a look in that house, the owner could've hidden weapons.

implying the tank works ... did you see any heavy weapons that would be able to take it down?
No. 134366 ID: 67c611

Ummm..... inventory screen and objectives listing? Your own objectives and the ones we set.
No. 134375 ID: bc4e7b

So how good is your shapely nose?
Could you for example find weapons or other interesting things by scent?
The smell of guns or explosives at least should be familiar for to you.
This way you don't have to climb around that scrapyard like some retarded monkey.
Failing that check the shack out.

Do you think you could make a makeshift suppressor out of scrap?
No. 134413 ID: 064bfc

Even if she could smell the gun oil ... the burned Bodies and the waste oil would mess her nose up.
No. 134534 ID: 354bcd
File 126654090225.jpg - (122.85KB , 1000x600 , moksbow.jpg )

If there wasn't so much shit around I could. Taking off my helmet might help but I'm not gonna do that.

I don't think there's any heavy weapons around besides those MGs on the armors and the FCV.

I'll check in that tank chassis, looks like there might be- ah fuck; a turf-head and a snotbold.

"Well what have we got crawlin' around here?" He whispers.
No. 134544 ID: 62489a

"Get that fucking thing out of my face. I'm a traveler. I was on the run from some of those snotguzzlers that killed my squad, now I'm going through this scrapyard for supplies. How about you two? I've never seen a mok and a kobold working together."
No. 134545 ID: 1c4cd6

Whisper an hello to the resistance. Aks them if this is where their HQ is.
No. 134546 ID: 632862

Get your head out of the way and whisper "Don't shoot! Fuck!"
No. 134551 ID: bc4e7b

I guess it's diplomacy time, unless you somehow think you're faster than a bolt or whatever that is.
I doubt they are with the main cutebold troops, I mean why would they hid inna scrapyard if they were.

Try to convince them that you're on their side, whichever that might be. You can kill em later.
Dunno 'bout the cutebold, maybe he broke the control of the mindflayers.
No. 134625 ID: 354bcd
File 126654450722.jpg - (217.77KB , 1000x600 , make it fit.jpg )

Don't shoot you fucker, I'm not with them.

"Alright, get down here." The fuck, it's cramped in this damn box.

I tell him what I'm doing here.
"So what the fuck are you planning to do?" he asks
No. 134627 ID: 15f6d6

Tell him that you're trying to figure out the best way to fuck these little assholes up. Tell him what you've recon'd so far.
No. 134633 ID: 632862

We plan to take out whatever's controlling them. That should get them out of the city. Killing individuals is a secondary goal, but one that we relish very much.
No. 134641 ID: bc4e7b

He totally looks like a little green baby Sergal, develop either motherly feelings or hunger.

Tell him about the mindflayers and that you think you could take em out with the proper hardware. Exchange general information about the situation with him, we're still not really sure what's going on here.
Ask him if he has an idea how to get proper firearms for you. Also ask him about the bold, I don't really trust those fuckers.
No. 134654 ID: 62489a

"Dunno. Made one of those fertilizer bombs, been thinkin' about using that somewhere where it'll do a ton of damage. What's wrong with the folks in this town, one of them brainsuckers around?"
No. 134722 ID: 354bcd
File 126654676340.jpg - (94.50KB , 1000x600 , mokface.jpg )

>a secret has been revealed

"Well, you gotta find my brother in law Elvis if you want to get weapons. He runs the gun shop. He is probably holed up on this side of the city too."

"I can get Flifliblmus here to drive the forklift if you can steal a uniform. There's probably some brainsuckers in that FCV, and if you kill one of 'em, they'll all know it. Two barrels of that should do the trick."
No. 134742 ID: bc4e7b

Ask him for any more hints where the brother might be.
If he can't help, search the area by yourself, Guns are important. Start with the mechanic shop, but look into the scrapyard shack first.

Except for that, uniform should be as easy as taking out another patrol of bolds, do that if given the chance. Be careful with the blood.
No. 134764 ID: 62489a

They wear red. The blood likely won't matter.

Ask for more info on where his brother might be, mentioning that a rifle would be very, very useful.
No. 134910 ID: 354bcd
File 126655222120.jpg - (144.99KB , 1000x600 , mechanic shop.jpg )

The scrapyard office doesn't have anybody in it, because they're both in the tank chassis outside.

Nobody in the mechanic shop. There's some cars in here and some outside. There's also all kinds of tools here that I wouldn't know what to do with. Nothing particularly useful that I can see.
No. 134932 ID: bc4e7b

Check the cars for Elvis, he's like tiny.

Except for that you can only keep searching that area in whatever appropriate pattern, keep your nose open? for a Mok scent. You'll find him eventually I'm guess.
No. 134936 ID: 632862

Check in the trunk of that car. Also, what are those black things on the windshield?
No. 134990 ID: cfad4e

Well, a drill press is used for... okay, forget it.

Maybe we could rig the car into a car bomb? That'd be sweet.
No. 135050 ID: 62489a

The drill press is very fun to put kobold heads under.

That's all you need to know.
No. 135280 ID: 92257c

Whisper his name ... then you have a chance that he doesn't shot you.

and i hope you have atleast some tech skills if you want to fix your equipment
No. 135285 ID: 8ecfd4

Check the trunk of that car.

And isn't that a metal cutter in the corner? You can have great fun with one of those and a kobold. Like slowly cutting off it's fingers one by one, or that ungodly huge nose. Heh, wouldn't that be a sweet sight? One of those disgusting little fucks with it's nose cut off, blood gushing out eveywhere. Damn that's hot.
No. 135598 ID: 354bcd
File 126663251889.jpg - (83.66KB , 896x439 , cartrunk.jpg )

Hmm, there's nothing around here. I looked in all the drawers and under the truck and everything. There's a tire iron, a jack and a spare tire. Pretty much what you expect to be in the back of a car.

The exhaust pipes?

If I tried torturing a kobold on this stuff I would probably end up cutting off my finger. I'm not fucking with any power tools.
No. 135602 ID: 632862

What about under the spare tire?
No. 135608 ID: 15f6d6

Certainly there will be a bounty of treasures under the spare tire!
No. 135614 ID: 354bcd
File 126663442186.jpg - (66.92KB , 896x439 , cartrunk2.jpg )

No, there isnt.

I'm not fucking around in here any more, where should I go next?
No. 135616 ID: 15f6d6

Go unearth the bodies of the guards you killed if the other ones didn't drag them away yet. You can use one of those uniforms.
No. 135620 ID: e3f578

Wouldn't they be soaked in blood and carry the nametags of the dead soldiers or something? Then they'd likely have been reported on the radio.

No, we need a new one.
No. 135622 ID: 54411c

let's try the restaurant, likely place for Mr Gunshop to have holed up in.
No. 135711 ID: 354bcd
File 126664046261.jpg - (755.22KB , 1000x1000 , citymap.jpg )

Nah, they're all shot up and I can't get in, plus they're really close to the patrol route.
No. 135712 ID: 54411c

the "brick kiln" building then? or the unmarked one. either works.
No. 135713 ID: 632862

Brick Kiln, yes.
No. 136035 ID: b8f9b7

you should ask the guys in the tank where elvis left his guns ...
No. 136051 ID: 15f6d6

Yeah, ask him. Also, check out Brick Kiln I guess. If he's in this area, that's basically the only building left to check.

Hey, we could always go get the uniform off of our captive!
No. 136741 ID: 354bcd
File 126678935517.jpg - (227.80KB , 1000x600 , kiln.jpg )

This door was locked, but it's not a problem for me. Sounds quiet in here. There's a potter's wheel, some large brick forms, some poker things, two ovens, and a big stack of bricks.
No. 136742 ID: 67c611

Blue thing on left.

Well that was pointless.
No. 136743 ID: 632862

What's that blue thing by the potter's wheel?

Also, check in the ovens and behind the brick forms.
No. 136745 ID: 393462

What the others said, also the drawers in the desk.
No. 136746 ID: 8e18cd


Check the desk and check the insides of the furnaces. But keep your revolver handy. There may be some nosefuckers in there.
No. 136748 ID: 8ecfd4

Loot/examine everything.
No. 136780 ID: f6fd1e
File 126679660114.jpg - (123.96KB , 1000x600 , 126678935517.jpg )

The stack of bricks looks odd.

Move a few of the bricks maybe someone is hiding something
No. 136784 ID: 67c611

Son of a bitch.
No. 136795 ID: f6fd1e

What? There was nothing and i mean NOTHING else i could say ...

i mean i look at that pic start writing and notice everything i wanted to say was already said ... so i go for the odds
No. 136810 ID: 67c611


"No no 'Aaahhhhh' as in surprised an alarmed."
No. 137122 ID: 62489a

Check out the vibrator on the left.

Identify species.
No. 138085 ID: 1c0eb7
File 126697972215.jpg - (93.98KB , 598x600 , simon.jpg )

The thing on the desk is just one of those clay-headed dolls that are popular around here. The drawer is full of pottery tools. Nothing's behind the bricks, either. All that's left is the kilns, which one should I check first?
No. 138091 ID: 632862

Check the small one first.
No. 138094 ID: cfad4e

No, check the big one. More likely to have monsters.
No. 138105 ID: 15f6d6

Big kiln. Also, I don't care what you have to throw away, you need that item right there.
No. 138106 ID: 9e9b47


No. 138127 ID: 1c0eb7
File 126698236174.jpg - (130.19KB , 1000x600 , blood ocean.jpg )

I'm not taking a doll with me.

Ok, in the big kiln ther- fuck. This is probably a bad sign.
No. 138131 ID: 62489a

Hold your big pointy jew nose and open it.
No. 138134 ID: cfad4e

Use any means of illumination available.
No. 138136 ID: 632862

Ew. How did that get in there? Open the other one.
No. 138137 ID: 15f6d6

You could use the doll as bait to distract some 'bolds or something. It's totally relevant.

Open it up. Blood and silence usually doesn't mean living things waiting to bite you in the snout.
No. 138139 ID: e3f578

that must've been one biiiigg jelly donut.
No. 138162 ID: 1c0eb7
File 126698404519.jpg - (136.97KB , 1000x600 , its like bread loaves.jpg )

Fuck! It made a noise when it locked in the up position!

There's like five dead kobolds in here. All shot in the head.
No. 138167 ID: cfad4e

Check for loot.
No. 138180 ID: db20e0

Hey look at that, free lunch.
No. 138187 ID: 632862

It made a noise? Get out of there!
No. 138197 ID: 15f6d6

I mean, you got a pistol, right? What's a big, strong lady like you afraid of a little noise for?
No. 138246 ID: 5228c7

6 mechs armed with 50cals > 1 unarmored sergal with a pistol. >>/questarch/68104
No. 138271 ID: 8e5181


Yeah, not those boldmechs!
No. 138283 ID: 15f6d6



I seriously doubt those will fit in a kiln.
No. 138300 ID: 5b4f5a

Are that civilians? Then pull one of them out. The noise could just be a lock.

If they wear uniforms ... RUN IT'S POSSIBLE A BOOBY TRAP!!
No. 138301 ID: d8aa80

but we need uniforms ;_;
No. 138319 ID: 62489a

Those are probably too bloodstained.

Let's dive out of the way in case the click was some sort of trap.
No. 138322 ID: cfad4e

The worry is that they'll have heard the noise and will come to investigate.

With that in mind, GTFO now.
No. 139569 ID: 1c0eb7
File 126729966424.jpg - (34.59KB , 392x273 , assgun.jpg )

>A secret has been revealed!

The click was the door locking in posi-

"All right, stand up an hands up," says a gravelly whisper. I can feel a can against my ass! Shit.
No. 139571 ID: 62489a


Put your hands up, saying "Easy. Friendly."
No. 139572 ID: 2dd482

you should be used to long hard objects being pressed against/into your ass.

anyways, do what it says, you're in no position to argue.
No. 139573 ID: 3b6c92

Thinkin' it's a bad idea to not follow instructions here. For the moment anyway.
No. 139574 ID: 936b78

I guess it's hands up then.
The fact you're not already dead might be a good sign.
No. 139580 ID: 67c611

Waggle your but side to side a little bit and push back as you raise your hands.

Do your best to sound cheerful/innocent/vulnerable. "Easy now. I'm not going to give you any reason to hurt me or my shapely body."
No. 139591 ID: 1c0eb7
File 126730479781.jpg - (64.40KB , 398x486 , grimdark mok.jpg )

Oh shit, another turf-head. Little fuckers creep me right out.

"All right, what the hell are you doing here? Yer not a brainsucker, and yer not a snot nose."
No. 139592 ID: 936b78

Tell him that the guy from the scrapyard sent you.
To get dakka for killing bolds and brainsuckers.
No. 139595 ID: 310bf3

Tryin to get home! Damn hard when brainsuckers take over half the fuckin desert apparently. Doin what I can do to kill the shits. You Elvis?
No. 139597 ID: 8e18cd


"You're Elvis, aren't you? The guys from the scrapyard sent me here and quit pointing that thing at me, I'm on your side!"
No. 139598 ID: 817cd3

Dude's a ninja apparently
No. 139603 ID: 67c611

"Gunna fuck up some bolds. With your help."
No. 139650 ID: 1c0eb7
File 126731144272.jpg - (105.19KB , 697x600 , elvis.jpg )

>You Elvis?

He nods.

I tell him about the plan I've got.

"That sounds like it would work. There's at least three of those brainsuckers around that FCV, and no telling what inside. I have to get out of the city to get to my shop, though. Got any clever idea of how to do that? "
No. 139653 ID: 67c611

"I found a secret tunnel that leads under the wall."
No. 139674 ID: 936b78

Yeah, crawl through the tunnel with him for more accidentally ass shots.

Maybe you should also ask him to team up with you, he seems pretty competent and you're on your own now, with you Raider buddies killed.
No. 139682 ID: 8e18cd

We could use the tunnel. But FIRST.

Why brainsuckers are with cutebolds anyway?

Why they're slaughtering people dammit.
No. 139686 ID: cfad4e

These, in this order.
No. 139690 ID: 69fc4e

>Why brainsuckers are with cutebolds anyway?

I doubt it would be intelligent to take the Illithids down.
The Bolds seemed somehow dull ... if the Illithids are down they'd probably win back their ... "professionality" and that would be bad since you killed some of them.

i'd say take Elvis, get a Silent weapon, Kill as much Cutebolds as possible and then take out the Illithids.
No. 139891 ID: c0f3bf

If you kill the illithids first, the kobolds probably won't be any kind of threat, especially since you freed them from mind control.
No. 140087 ID: 4bf4ea

Lets see ...
We have a hostage that is in bad condition.
We already killed a few of the Bolds.
And we have no clue if they slaughtered this Town befor or after the mind control.
It looks like some kind of military experiment for Group control.
No. 142099 ID: 717301
File 126774619423.jpg - (112.74KB , 780x515 , hole.jpg )

He leads me through a cramped-ass tunnel into what I bet is a room under that dome, with it being round and all. He says:
"Those brainsuckers are controlling this military detachment directly, far's I can tell. Looks to me like there's a group of 'em that's got the 'bolds damn near turned into zombies. I reckon they're going around harvesting people's brains, and killin all the witnesses."

I wonder aloud if killing them will set the bolds on everything.

" I don't know, never seen anything like this before."

"Any kind of hardware you want to buy while you're here? I have to go get cleaned up."

There's another one of 'em down here, looking at me all creepy like the little dwarf thing it is. Anything I should ask for besides a suppressed rifle? Being inside a turfy's house creeps me right out.
No. 142104 ID: cfad4e
File 126774677125.png - (783B , 32x19 , HI-EX.png )

An XCOM-style High Explosive.
No. 142105 ID: 4144db

Ask If they have any thing like a bag or backpack for carrying supplies.
No. 142106 ID: 632862

We need a goddamn stock for the rifle.
No. 142113 ID: 716eb0

that would give us a second weapon, after the functional suppressed rifle she is going to ask about. Lugging around two rifles might be excessive, unless they have substantially different functionality.
No. 142143 ID: db20e0
File 126775178849.jpg - (46.17KB , 300x450 , Boondock-Saints-Poster.jpg )

You know what we need? Some rope.
No. 142191 ID: cfad4e

What's available? Could we get a machine gun and rambo it?
No. 142193 ID: 67c611

Give him the shitty broken rifle as part of a trade for a working one. Unless he can fix it for cheaper of course.
No. 142326 ID: fa7b85

Do we got the TUs to use em effectively?

Also we need a rifle that can take down those walkers the bolds use.
No. 142417 ID: 2bedac

Suppressed rifle sounds like a good idea.
Should be really high powered to take out the ride armors.

But also inquire bout some kinda launcher. Assuming you're, despite your unfortunate heritage, able to use a complicated piece of equipment like that.
Something like a RPG, would take out both armors and trucks, but I'm unsure if you can carry enough ammo for one of those.
Maybe some tactilol harness would help with that.
Furthermore, remote controlled detonators for your homemade explosives.

You should also consider getting some help for "liberating" the city. Like the Mok for example. Ask him about that already.
No. 142532 ID: 717301
File 126782642154.jpg - (105.26KB , 1200x508 , guns.jpg )

He says he has some secret stuff I can buy, but anything explosive is too hot for this town. He's got some rope laying around that I can have, and a backpack for ¤75.

Here are the rifles he's got for me:

The Marzek is a truck-fucker of a big rifle, it's effective against armor, but the thing is heavy as shit, and the ammo is kind of expensive. It's definitely NOT suppressed, and has a huge muzzle flare. Looks fun to shoot. I've seen them punch through ride armor at 100m with that crazy looking 8x107mm round.

Then we have the old favorite LMG, and a Vensin rifle he's got a scope and suppressor for. This one actually has a stock on it, too. Both of them use 8x50, which is cheap.
He has some pistols but they are all smaller than mine.

I've got ¤3300 in gems.
No. 142533 ID: 8e18cd


Marzek would tear through those suits like hot knife through butter...

Sniper rifle plus a suppersor though... hard choice.

I'd say go for the Sniper rifle + Suppressor and AT rifle if you still have the cash.
No. 142534 ID: 62489a

I vote for the Venmer MG and ask if he has any red-dot scopes or any other accessories of the like. Maybe a laser sight even, anything to help aim the fucker.

If that'll help at all. Heck, we could grab both of the cheaper ones, one for suppressed sniping and one for main use, and have the other slung across our backs while using one.
No. 142535 ID: 5629bc
File 12678268307.jpg - (11.64KB , 307x239 , 1247214474930.jpg )


No. 142537 ID: 8ecfd4

God damn all of those are making my pants tighter. So many glorious ways to kill the little nosefuckers from a distance.

Lets take the Vensin with the suppressor along with the Marzek and ammunition for them both. See if you can get some cash for your own busted rifle. Hopefully you can get some cash from looting the brainfuckers and the snotfuckers along with some gratitude that allows you to afford the Venmar and some stolen wheels to store it all in.
No. 142540 ID: b14128

I say go with the sniper rifle, for sure, 'cause the scoped rifle and supresser are dirt-cheap compared to the other guns, and snipers are deadly to an ungodly degree if you do it right.

Anyway, for the choice between the LMG and the AT rifle... Well, are you planning on getting into a huge firefight with a bunch of infantry, or are you going to try and avoid that? Because the LMG looks like it's only going to be useful if things go south, and if we play our cards right, that won't happen. So, I say go with the AT rifle, if it isn't too much trouble. Anti-armor capability is useful to have.

Oh, yeah, get the backpack and rope. They're cheap, and they're useful, which is always a nice combination. And also ask if he has any bandoliers or anything for sale, too. Can never have too much quick-access inventory space. A machine pistol or a fall-back gun might be good to have if you have cash to spare, too. Do we want to save our money, or are we going all out?
No. 142542 ID: 8e18cd

You kind of forget that cutebolds have armoured suits.

And MG fire won't cut through that.
No. 142546 ID: 2bedac

The Marzek is a given, something against the cutebold armor was like the point of looking for weapons in the first place. two boxes of ammo.

MG is cool but unfortunatly useless in your situation, so don't get it.

Take small rifle with suppressor if you can carry it additional to the Marzek, for sniping bolds and such. Maybe 3 boxes.
Maybe more ammo for the revolver?

Ask for fitting bandoleers for the ammo, also if he can engrave some beefy dudes on the Marzek, unfortunately we probably don't have the time for that.
No. 142552 ID: b14128

Ask about his stock for scopes, laser sights, suppressors, and other fun accessories in general. And maybe see if you can get a sheath for that knife so you don't have to carry it around in your hands all day.

...Asking about food and water might be a good idea, too. How long has it been since your last meal?
No. 142554 ID: 4144db

>>142532 >>142542 Get the Silenced rife. with any luck you can Kill a shitbold tank-hunter and be able to loot his explosives.
No. 142556 ID: ab2830

What are we going to do?
take out zombie bolds or kill a few Illithids and see what happens.
maybe the controled bold die or go into a coma ... MAYBE they gain back their mind and attack the controled bolds. that would be the best thing that could happen.
No. 142572 ID: 8e18cd


And what? Toss the explosives at the walking suit hoping we don't get gunned?

At least with the AT rifle we might get a chance of finding a spot with excellent coverage and snipe the fuck out of those suits
No. 142581 ID: 4144db
File 126783044643.jpg - (44.19KB , 391x400 , pzfstschtz01.jpg )

By "explosives" I meant something like this:
No. 142588 ID: 2bedac

We could also shoot magically unicorns and take their horns to destroy the ride armors.
Problem is neither those nor cutebold AT teams exist in CSF.
No. 142590 ID: 4144db

Fine. Changing my vote to the Marzek rifle. Cheren's probably too weak and/or stupid to use a Real anti-tank weapon Anyways.
No. 142595 ID: db20e0

Vensin with suppressor, definitely. The Marzek would just bog you down and mobility is a must when it's just you against all the little fuckers running around.
No. 142599 ID: cfad4e

Can anything you own reliably penetrate a Ride Armor, or is it pretty much antimateriel rifle or bust?

If the MG can actually hurt Armors, you should get it. If not, I think the big fucker is necessary. Also get the normal rifle with suppressor. Buy a healthy amount of ammunition.
No. 142600 ID: 632862

Get the sniper rifle.
No. 142650 ID: 717301
File 126783899650.jpg - (239.73KB , 1000x600 , yellow sand.jpg )

OK, here's what I know about the armors.
A machine gun isn't gonna do shit against that. The AT rifle will fuck 'em up good, though.

We are going to get the 'bold to wear a uniform and drive the forklift to the FCV with two barrels of explosion stuff in them. I'll use the thingy on the grenade to set it off, but we need a way to do that remotely. The only thing we need now is a distraction.
No. 142655 ID: 8ecfd4

Explosives are usually great distractions. But if that's not avalible then taking out an armor or two with your brand new boldfucker rifle should get their attention pretty fast.
No. 142656 ID: 632862

The best distraction is KILLING EVERYTHING. The machinegun would be awesome for tearing through groups of kobolds. The AT rifle would be great for taking care of the mechs. The sniper rifle would be able to take out that lone mindflayer with no risk.

Can't we take all three? Hole up in a building with a good firing angle where they can only get in by walking right in front of your gun. Then just switch weapons when the situation demands it.

If not, then take the AT rifle and the sniper rifle. We snipe the lone mindflayer, then lug the AT rifle to a good defensive location and start plugging kobolds with either the pistol or rifle, depending on weight issues.
No. 142657 ID: 717301

((We don't have the cash for all of them))
No. 142665 ID: ab2830

how about turning speed, sensors, radar and field of vision?
would the bold mind if you sneak behind the armor and ... let's say attach some explosives?

It doesn't look like the guards on the gates can see eachother so you could mine both at each gate.
No. 142672 ID: 632862

Oh, I see. 3300.

Get the sniper rifle with suppressor, 50 bullets for it, a backpack, and the AT rifle with 25 bullets for that. Use the rope to strap the sniper rifle to your back and just carry the AT rifle around. We use stealth to reach a suitable perch, then snipe the mindflayer and any kobolds nearby. When the armored guys show up looking for you, take them out with the AT rifle. Hopefully that should be enough time for the kobold with the explosives to do their job.
No. 142754 ID: 67c611

Ask him if we could rent or borrow the AT rifle as we might not need it.

Rifle and suppressor for sure are a buy.

Trade the junker rifle for a box of rifle ammo.

One way or another get 200 rounds of rifle ammo.
No. 142768 ID: 288dda

See if the Mok has some kind of rent-to-own deal on the Marzek.

I mean, hell, you're practically doing him a favor using it to blow the shit out of walkers for him. What, he's going to use it himself? The goddamned stock probably weighs more than he does.

Give him a nice smile maybe he'll see it your way.
No. 143051 ID: 3297aa

This. Also, buy the suppressed rifle, forget the MG.
No. 143814 ID: e2020c

Yeah, forget the HEhHEHHE

Why's this quest called Cutebold Slaughter fest and why is this episode "Kill with power"

It's just pure fun to imagine what that MG would do to unarmored bolds
No. 143816 ID: 6e2658

Problem is what MGs do to inadequate armed Sergals.
No. 143859 ID: 5a2e05

You know what it would do? It would get the armored ones called in.
No. 146281 ID: 717301
File 126843842144.jpg - (234.58KB , 800x858 , inventory-Cheren copy.jpg )

He says he's in the business of selling weapons, getting to use them is a perk.

All right, I'll buy this stuff, and a pack for all of it. Shit's getting heavy though. Should I try to mix the bomb first (warehouses) or get Flibbledick or whatever his name was (scrapyard), or is there something else?

I really need a damn car to put this shit in.
No. 146284 ID: 8e18cd

I'd say head for the scrapyard first. We need a midget forklift driver for our grand scheme.
No. 146286 ID: 15f6d6

Get the uniform first. The fuckers down in the hole might have some relevant knoweldge or insight if you tell them the plan.
No. 146299 ID: 67eb8f

this here, find a patrol pair. Slice one, break the others neck. Preferably a patrol on the far side of town but not right on top of the X.
No. 146301 ID: 632862

Hide the big gun somewhere that's easy to access and out of sight of any patrol routes.

Then ambush a patrol and grab a uniform.
No. 146359 ID: 717301
File 126844574289.jpg - (294.42KB , 1000x600 , bolduniform copy.jpg )

"Here, put this on, don't worry, It's dry by now."
No. 146370 ID: 717301
File 126844733564.jpg - (341.35KB , 1000x1000 , The A-Team theme is now playing in your head.jpg )

All right, we got this shit put together, now what's the plan? What should I do when he tries to set it off?
No. 146372 ID: 15f6d6

The only plan I can think of, and stop me if this sounds retarded, is for you to get on a rooftop in an area that is relatively unpatrolled and far from the target, fire off a round from your huge gun into one of the armors, then hightail it to a different rooftop.
No. 146378 ID: 173ec8
File 126844845231.jpg - (78.17KB , 364x274 , parkour.jpg )

It depends on how good Cheren's Parkour skills are.
No. 146379 ID: 0fc814

Seconded. Find an elevated hiding spot, plan your escape route ahead of time (with another hiding spot in mind) and try to spot a mind flayer to snipe. If that doesn't work, try blasting a ride armor.
No. 146387 ID: 717301
File 126844895878.jpg - (757.00KB , 1000x1000 , citymap.jpg )

((specify the target priority, they're all on the map; we're currently at the warehouses))
No. 146397 ID: 15f6d6
File 126844953684.jpg - (819.49KB , 1000x1000 , suggestion.jpg )

Find 2 good rooftop hiding spots.

Shoot one of the armors over here (or one of the brainsuckers if one is there) to make a distraction

Once the explosion happens, escape back to the tunnel.
No. 146399 ID: 632862

The City Hall is a perfect sniper perch. Take out the two kobolds at the entrance with silenced sniper fire, then climb up and snipe the headsucker by the fire.
No. 146427 ID: 717301
File 12684520057.jpg - (187.65KB , 1000x600 , shot1.jpg )

This is more of a plan.

Here we go!
No. 146441 ID: 288dda

Escape back to the tunnel? Not before taking out the other brainsucker with the sniper rifle, right?
No. 146448 ID: 67c611

Nah, we GTFO to avoid being found. We just toasted one armor. That's victory enough for now.

Cheren, can you promise me that you'll try shooting a plain bold with that rifle?
No. 146450 ID: 0fc814

Try a second shot before you go.
No. 146451 ID: 717301
File 126845483091.jpg - (271.77KB , 1000x600 , armor down.jpg )


Fuck, missed.


Fuck! Hit the fountain! Now they're firing wildly, looks like they've got no idea where I actually am. I doubt those shit guns are even close to effective at three hundred meters, where I'm pretty comfortable shootin' at these things from here.


Haha, fuck you! Right in the cockpit! Spalling's a bitch, fucker!
That's one of 'em down. Still another in the square, and they're just shooting all over.
No. 146453 ID: 0fc814

Yes, trash another armor, then reposition.
No. 146455 ID: 15f6d6

You're supposed to be distracting them. I'd say take a few more points and then retreat to the next roof if it doesn't look like any are coming your way (if it does, then move immediately to the next roof)
No. 146484 ID: 7817d9

Nail the other armor and one of the little bastards shooting everywhere (just to see how well they splot from a big gun like that), and then move on to a new sniping point. Swapping to the suppressed rifle may be in order as you relocate, don't want to burn all your heavy hitters at once.
No. 146490 ID: 717301
File 126845785376.jpg - (302.47KB , 1000x600 , armor 2 down.jpg )


Nailed it! Haha, fucker!

I'm pretty sure they don't know where I am, they're still firing at all the buildings. The forklift's about half way to the parking lot, but there's guards rushing all towards the town square. Circle. What the fuck ever. I don't think I can hit one of those little fuckers from this far away with this gun.
No. 146492 ID: 632862

Switch to the sniper rifle to take out the little guys.
No. 146493 ID: 15f6d6

Reposition. Wait for something to move toward your old position before you fire again. Take your time and line up a good shot if you see one of the squids while you wait.
No. 146495 ID: 15f6d6

And switch to the suppressed, scoped rifle for shooting people with.
No. 146496 ID: 7817d9

Seconding this.
No. 146533 ID: 717301
File 126846204654.jpg - (153.10KB , 600x600 , reticle picture 01.jpg )

All right, I'm gonna get up in a third story window a good ways away. They're sweeping out now. The forklift is across the street and in the next area of town, it's not gonna take much longer I hope.

Man, why do snipers think they're cool by making a fucked-up looking scope? I'm used to iron sights with a circle in the midde to account for the spread. I guess the range finder dealy is useful.
No. 146540 ID: 15f6d6

They want to confuse people so that you have to have special training to use their shit. It makes them seem cooler than they really are.

Shoot you some 'bolds.
No. 146542 ID: b14128

Specifically, try shooting the one heading away from you. That will draw attention to it, and more importantly, that direction, making them think you're over that way. Being a tricky bastard is fun, ain't it?
No. 146547 ID: 632862

Snipe the one away from you that's not the farthest away, and the next 'bold to look in that direction.
No. 146555 ID: 717301
File 126846393867.jpg - (135.97KB , 1000x600 , what we were wating for.jpg )


Right center mass!

Wait a second, that fucker not only didn't flinch, but it just took two more steps with its guts all over the ground!

That's fucked up.
No. 146558 ID: b14128

Wait, it's taken two more steps, or it took two more steps before it dropped dead? ...Well, in either case, this ain't good. Squidheads probably made it so these guys don't feel pain. They can probably fight until their bodies literally fall apart or they die.
No. 146560 ID: 173ec8

Either these little fuckers are doped-up on some SERIOUS shit or the brainsuckers mind control is much, MUCH, stronger than we feared!
No. 146561 ID: 632862

Keep on the lookout for brainsuckers. Their mind control might get stronger with proximity.
No. 146575 ID: c0f3bf

You have to kill these illithids. It'll either pacify them or at least make them wimps again. Look in the building doors and windows, can you see anything?
No. 146590 ID: 717301
File 126846719512.jpg - (119.98KB , 600x600 , reticle picture 02.jpg )

Yeah, there you are motherfucker... I could keep shooting kobolds, but I think this is a brainsucker.
No. 146592 ID: c0f3bf

Shoot it in the head.
No. 146593 ID: 8e18cd

If you're talking about the figure in the door, make sure it's tall enough for it to be a brainsucker not to mention you should make sure it has tentacles on the face. If it has both well fire away.

We don't want any more civilian casualties.
No. 146594 ID: 15f6d6

Take the shot.
No. 146628 ID: 632862

Kill it. The squids are covering their entire bodies in those yellow robes, and no sane survivor would be sticking his head out a door at this time.
No. 146663 ID: 45be60

Eh, who in this city is going to be someone you would be sad to kill? Place is crawling with snotlings, astroturf, and gobbos. Fire away!
No. 146699 ID: 8ecfd4

Hehehehe you're funny. Civilians here are snotfuckers, they should all die.

Take the fucking shoot.
No. 146703 ID: 2f0483

Take the shot.
No. 146707 ID: 8e18cd

Since most of your are incapable of any rational thought or reasoning or thinking few moves ahead...

If were gonna start shooting civilian from a GUN provided by the Mok, who knows what a caliber and wounds would inflict on the body. If we start shooting surviours and bystanders, when we're gonna get rid of brainsuckers, we'll be in the middle of the town and they won't be happy we went friendly fire on them.

Just saying. We need to play it smart, not like a fucking no-brainer.
No. 146708 ID: 87fd08

Shot befor it gets you too
No. 146709 ID: fa7b85

Every time we fire we waste VALUABLE AMMUNITION.
We give ourselves away when we fire. We need to kill the Mindflayers. Minimize civilan casualties and well we can get a nice reward. Free food and ammo is worth it.
No. 146713 ID: 54af1f

Be careful it's not some mind controlled civilian the squid faces have sent out to try to make you give away your position.
No. 146717 ID: 8b7db1

If you can CONFIRM that the target is a brainsucker, shoot it. Otherwise, it might be best to just keep hitting 'Bolds.
No. 146718 ID: badf27

Take the shot, then haul ass to another sniping point. This one is getting stale and a sniper who isn't on the move constantly is a dead sniper.
No. 146755 ID: 0fc814

I don't see anything. Be alert for psionic threats.
No. 146758 ID: 717301
File 126851586887.jpg - (115.23KB , 600x600 , reticle picture 02.jpg )


Got him! Right in the guts too! Oh shit, fucker's not down! It musta been wearing body armour. It ran into the building! I better move.
No. 146759 ID: 0fc814

Drop down to street level and find another building further down the street. (Staying off the street yourself.)
No. 146760 ID: 78bf89

I guess it's Marzek or head-shots for those hooded figures from now on. Give us an ammo count.

Also haul ass to another sniping spot, if it was one of the mindflayers he might alert everyone.
No. 146763 ID: 67c611

How close is the forklift to its destination?

If it's good, then relocate.

If you need to be a distraction for a few more seconds start popping more bolds.
No. 146765 ID: c0f3bf

Hold on you shot it, did their heads explode or what?
No. 146795 ID: 15f6d6

This gun's way more accuate, seems like. It got hurt, just not killed. I say keep with this gun and shoot a couple more bolds.
No. 146800 ID: a149db

The brainsucker is now going to warn his friends. Get to the 2nd snipeing spot A.S.A.P!
No. 147279 ID: 717301
File 126855481148.jpg - (129.06KB , 600x600 , oh no the truck have starting to move.jpg )

All right, new position. The bolds did kind of pause for a second when I shot that purple bastard, but they're steady moving around now. Fucker had to have been wearing body armour, I can see the nasty-ass blue-black blood it left behind. I definitely got it.

I've got a hundred some odd rounds left of 8x50, and 26 8x107. I'm not sitting up here and counting all the bullets on this belt. Let me check on that bomb, it should be hitting any second n- Fuck, fuck, fuck! THe fucking FCV just started up! Where the fuck is that fucking kobold fuck!? Shit, there's two more of 'em running to the truck! They'll move out of the way of the bomb at this rate. What the fuck was that buzz? Sounded like a fuckin bee in here for a second. Shit! Fuck! Shit!
No. 147283 ID: 8e18cd


We have to options now:

Shoot the MHQ driver's gondola with the anti-tank rifle or shoot the driver of the truck.

Too bad both of the vehicles don't have an engine in the front, because we could cripple the vehicles by shooting at it.
No. 147284 ID: 1ac39d

that buzz happens when a squid-face uses his mind powers. they are actively using it in order to make the bold minions not be dumb fucks. best way to stop them if you don't think you can nail a moving target is to blow out some of the tires on that truck.
No. 147285 ID: a149db

head shot the brainsucker before he rapes your mind!
No. 147294 ID: 67c611

What is that yellow thing in the middle?

Put one anti-tank round into the general engine area of the van thingy that is about to start moving.
No. 147301 ID: 632862

Use the AT rifle on the truck. The big vehicle will take longer to get moving, and besides the rifle probably can't kill it.

Consider blasting its tires though.
No. 147306 ID: 717301

((That's one of them running for the truck.))
No. 147310 ID: 0fc814

Priority on the illithid. Take careful aim. Headshot if you can.
No. 147313 ID: c0f3bf

Shoot the brainsucker.
No. 147373 ID: 8ecfd4

Fuck up the brainsuckers brain. Headshot the fuck and all snotfuckers near it should stop for a while. If the bomb still isn't there then shoot the drivers gondola with your AT rifle.
No. 147428 ID: 78bf89

Shooting the Illithid is all nice and well, but she doesn't have the time for a carefully aimed head-shot.
Shot his legs to drop him, then put a bullet in his brain.

Then switch to the Panzerbüchse and put one bullet through the the black area, probably windscreen, of the truck on the right and then shoot exhaust and tires of the big thing. That should slow em down enough for the bomb to go of.

Also be have an eye on the turrets of the big thing, they'll serious fuck you up if they start firing in your direction.
No. 147499 ID: 717301
File 126859718441.jpg - (269.64KB , 1000x600 , leg shot.jpg )


Shit, hit 'im in the torso.


ha ha fuck you buddy

Now let me switch weap-
No. 147500 ID: 717301
File 126859727570.jpg - (179.60KB , 1000x600 , mentalscreamlol.jpg )

No. 147502 ID: 1ac39d

it's trying to mind-power you! fight it! you are not some stupid kobold, you are a sergal and some stupid squidface is not taking you over.
No. 147503 ID: a149db

...that will be the mindrape I mentioned before.
No. 147507 ID: bf1e7e


So what, are you some sort of pussy? Going down just because some brainsucker screamed in your head? Haha, what a bitch. I thought you were supposed to be tough shit. And here we are. Aren't you supposed to be better than the little snotfuckers?
No. 147508 ID: 8e18cd


Pull yourself together and quickly run away from the spot. You're in the range of their psychic attacks.
No. 147509 ID: 632862

Focus. Concentrate. Put up a mental wall.
No. 147511 ID: dfe0de

Lob a grenade anywhere at all. Just try to make sure you don't get caught up in the blast.
No. 147512 ID: ae6689

Dunno how much control you have left.
Look around if you see another hooded figure anywhere close, if yes throw a grenade towards it. Even if you don't hit, it might distract it enough to give you a chance.

Otherwise get moving somewhere that's not here and away from the explosion to come.

You don't have any drugs in your First Aid Kit by any chance? Like adrenalin shots or something.
No. 147513 ID: 8ecfd4

Some fucking squidface is not going to take you down! You have survived through worse shit than this and there are still snotfuckers to kill.

Get up and get moving! Get inside of a building and get out of sight. Once you're on your feet again there are more snotfuckers to kill and mindflayers to fuck up. Fuckers will pay for this shit.
No. 147514 ID: 717301
File 12685984662.jpg - (58.42KB , 1000x600 , mental combat 1.jpg )

The pain... aaagh..


pressure! I'm pushing back!
No. 147515 ID: a149db

No. 147517 ID: 1ac39d

oh i see, they got an Elder brain in the truck. well fuck him and is fucking mind shit. blow the fucker up.
No. 147518 ID: 8ecfd4

Fuck that fucking brainsucking pieace of shit and the fucking horse he fucked on the way here!

You're a motherfucking Sergal. Your people don't submit for any fucking thing, if these shits think they can defeat you through this kind of pussy ass shit then you will show them new definitions of the word pain. They're going to really fucking regret ever trying to toy with you.
No. 147519 ID: 8e18cd

Cheren, that looks something from an Illithid rape fantasy. Get the hell away from them before they MC and tentacle rape you. Make sure you won't forget your weapons.
No. 147520 ID: ae6689
File 126859879835.png - (94.87KB , 500x500 , 125059111097.png )



No. 147521 ID: 5629bc

Cheren, don't go into the light!
No. 147522 ID: 1ac39d

LIES! no other sergals are here, it is trying to trick you into accepting it by wearing another form.
No. 147523 ID: 717301
File 126859903834.jpg - (52.28KB , 1000x600 , mental combat 2 .jpg )




No. 147524 ID: a149db

No. 147525 ID: 1ac39d

hahaha it is so funny, NOT. keep going, you almost showed this fuck who's boss.
No. 147526 ID: 8e18cd

Well Cheren. Either you resist or be in deep shit, given the Illithids are quite a sadistic bunch.
No. 147527 ID: 8ecfd4

What the fuck does that shitty cockmongling fuckwad think he is? He is in your mind now and here you make the fucking rules. Rule one is that squidfaces with a mouthful of cock can go fuck themselves. Rule two is that you're going to rip every fucking tentacle from his face all nice and slow.

Come on Cheren. Show that fuck why you don't fuck around with Sergals. Fucker is belitteling you, thinking he can fucking push you around like you're some fucking snotfucker! Reach through that connection and fuck his shit up!
No. 147528 ID: 54af1f

Can you still close your fingers? Push him back and try to shoot him, he should still be in the same position he tried to take you down in, if that's the one brain suckering you.
No. 147529 ID: ae6689

Hmm, try to get calmer, they might try to use your rage against you.
No. 147530 ID: 7a5e3f

No. 147531 ID: 5629bc


What now, psychic bitches?
No. 147532 ID: 717301
File 126860013678.jpg - (44.20KB , 1000x600 , mental combat 3 .jpg )

your thoughts are scattered. you cannot drive us out. this will not help you. this will never end. you cannot win.

No. 147533 ID: 8e18cd


No. 147534 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh that fucker thinks you're trying to drive him out?

Show that fucking pieace of snotfucker shit who is the fucking boss in your brain. Rip him a new fucking mental asshole! Grab ahold of him and then rip and fucking tear!
No. 147535 ID: 1ac39d

you are winning! notice he is getting dimmer, he is losing his hold. he is lying and desperate.
No. 147538 ID: bf1e7e


You already gunned down two of these fuckers. Are you really going to stop now?

This brainsucker's got nothing, if he was so in control he wouldn't need to assure us of anything.

If you let this fucker in the only thing it shows is that you're no better than the snotfuckers. You ARE better than them, right?
No. 147540 ID: 717301
File 126860124485.jpg - (58.79KB , 1000x600 , mental combat 4 .jpg )

It's weakening!!

stop resisting! you cannot push us ba-

No. 147541 ID: 0fc814

The lightning-crack things are growing smaller and less distinct. Perhaps this means you're winning.

In either case, become more confident and focused. Losing doesn't just represent a fate worse than death. It represents becoming just like the bolds. Exactly alike.

Targets are ~300 meters away, going by your rangefinder. Definitely too far for a grenade, and implies that running away won't help.

Just keep thinking about big, hard bullets going into monster brains.
No. 147542 ID: 717301
File 126860129690.jpg - (342.50KB , 1000x600 , a splode.jpg )

No. 147546 ID: dfe0de

Ha! That's what you get with fucking with us you piece of shit!
No. 147547 ID: 8ecfd4

Look at that. The little fucker came through.

Now on your fucking feet soldier! There are more enemies to kill and by the great brutal fucking general are you going to motherfucking murder them all! They will fucking learn to never ever try to fuck around with a Sergal.
No. 147548 ID: 0fc814

Hell yeah!

Assess damage.
No. 147549 ID: badf27

I hope that kobold on the forklift got away...
No. 147550 ID: ae6689

Hmm, that should have helped.
Regain senses and search proximity for the squid, I'm rather sure the one that attacked you is closer than the one you shot.
No. 147551 ID: 632862

Who cares about the fucking snotnose?

Grab your weapon, and look for more squids.
No. 147552 ID: 45be60

forklift? what? that was just a brainsquid's head exploding because of how awesome we are.
No. 147553 ID: 1ac39d

meh, if he survived i would say he should be upgraded from 'worthless shit' to slave. as a slave still works for you but is useful.
No. 147557 ID: 717301
File 126860301347.jpg - (195.00KB , 1000x600 , shoulda worn earplugs.jpg )

The pain is gone! I drove him out! Good, looks like the bomb made it there. About damn time. What should I go check out?
No. 147558 ID: dfe0de

Take a couple of deep breaths to regain posture and look around WITHOUT standing out like a sore thumb. How're the Kobolds reacting?
No. 147560 ID: a149db

Is the FCV destroyed?
No. 147561 ID: c0f3bf

Check out your ears, they're bleeding. Oh, and I guess see if the kobolds are still hostile, if they're not maybe you can get some moolah.
No. 147562 ID: 8e18cd


You're deafen, so scout the perimeter with the sniper rifle. After resting for a sec or two.
No. 147563 ID: ae6689

How bad is the bleeding?
Survey the situation, be especially on the lookout for hooded figures. You have to put them down as fast as possible if you don't want to experience the same again.
No. 147564 ID: 0fc814

First, see if that fucker you kneecapped is still in sight. Blast him before you do anything else if he's still alive. If not, see what the bolds are doing. Are they behaving differently?
No. 147565 ID: 8ecfd4

Get your weapons and head for the resturant area. On the way there be on the look out for any other good sniper perches or targets of oppurtunity.
No. 147585 ID: 717301
File 126860678119.jpg - (158.26KB , 1000x600 , crater.jpg )

Well the FCV and those trucks by it have been replaced by a nice big hole in the ground. The 'bolds are kind of standing in place, stock still.
No. 147587 ID: 8e18cd

Is that tied up Bold alive?
No. 147589 ID: 1ac39d

mental feedback. their brains need to reboot.
No. 147593 ID: 54af1f

Shoot that Squid you sniped a few more times to make sure.
No. 147595 ID: ae6689

I guess it's shooting bolds and looking for any surviving Illithids for now. Change position first to make sure.
Don't forget there are still several trucks and ride armors around?
Maybe you should use your First Aid Kit on your ears or something.
No. 147596 ID: 58bd7d

Regroup with your allies.
It's still not clear what the Bolds will do now.
No. 147598 ID: ae6689

Yeah, that might be even better.
There's actually no reason for you to do everything alone.
No. 147600 ID: 717301
File 126860866057.jpg - (142.08KB , 1000x600 , restaurants.jpg )

I might be able to find some chunks, but I don't see how that would be useful in the least. The first one may be around.

Yeah, unless the dumbass goblin tied one around his neck.

Umm, not really. It'll heal. Eventually. I'll go through the restaurant area and then go meet up with that turfy.

There's a bold standing there.
No. 147601 ID: c0f3bf

Go get it and bring it behind the chest-high wall to interrogate it.

Or see if it's still alive.
No. 147602 ID: dfe0de

Make sure nobody's looking, then drag him into some dark corner, undress him to make sure he's not hiding surprises and start asking him questions like what's the last thing he remembers and where does his loyalties lie.
No. 147603 ID: fa7b85

That's risky we don't got a view on what's happening around that corner. Last thing we want is one of the bolds or a brain sucker lying in wait for us
No. 147604 ID: a149db

That bold is already dead. the bloody nose and eyes suggest severe brain trauma.
No. 147605 ID: 8ecfd4

Hehehe, look at that stupid weak shit standing there bleeding. Make sure nobody can see you and then snatch him. See if he can still feel pain and feels like answearing some questions. In either case kill him.
No. 147606 ID: ae6689

Is that a bar?
Get some bottles for later. I guess a cold beer now couldn't hurt.
You could drag the bold in the bar if he's still alive and interrogate it.
If you're lucky some kinda mental feedback think blew their brains out.
No. 147609 ID: 15f6d6

Make sure the coast is clear before you try to drag him off, then drag him off.
No. 147614 ID: 717301
File 126861110653.jpg - (94.12KB , 1000x600 , deadbold.jpg )

Dead on its feet. Kinda fucked up.

Good idea...
No. 147616 ID: ae6689

I full of good ideas, be extra careful though. Someone might be hiding in there.
And don't get drunk yet, it's not sure if the job's already done.

All things considered, if the bolds are all dead like the one here you might consider skipping the negotiations for the reward for liberating the city and help yourself with the city treasury.
No. 147620 ID: c0f3bf

Nrgh, poor bastard. Isn't there another mindfucker you need to kill? Check for booze, but don't drink any.
No. 147621 ID: a85626

Poor bastard? More like tasty bastard! Time for a barbecue!
No. 147625 ID: fa7b85

We'll have time for a barbecue later... make sure there's no threats left then feast
No. 147626 ID: 717301
File 126861460280.jpg - (116.76KB , 1000x600 , burnout.jpg )

All right, I found that one I shot earlier. It appears to have gotten a bad case of dead. Funny enough I don't have incendiary ammo.

Fuck no, I'd rather eat a handful of maggots. That's fuckin gross.

Oh, I stole some booze.
No. 147627 ID: c0f3bf

...Crap. Look around for snipers. At least they're all dead though.
No. 147630 ID: b14128

It looks like its brain exploded or something. ...Look in its skull to see if it's empty. And see if there's anything valuable you can loot off it.
No. 147633 ID: fa7b85

Put your head near a BRAINSUCKER? Fuck that... if anything poke it with the rifle.. in the eye... make sure its dead
No. 147634 ID: 54af1f

Yeah, check around for anyone moving. And get to cover
No. 147635 ID: 717301
File 126861582447.jpg - (187.12KB , 1000x600 , moks again.jpg )

There's one right here. I'm her.

Umm, he's got like a few coins and a shit pistol that'd do more damage if you fed it to somebody than shot them with it. His head is crumbly.

OK, everyone is back at the scrapyard. The turfy says he'll gimme that buggy if I want to get out of here.
No. 147637 ID: badf27

Accept the buggy, but don't forget your little kobold bitch boy.
No. 147638 ID: 37ab54

Free buggy? score.
No. 147639 ID: 37ab54

heh, see if you can get him to rig up one of the Mech guns on it.
No. 147641 ID: c0f3bf

Hm, you should probably mention the little kids hiding.
No. 147644 ID: c0f3bf

...Oh, and mention the incendiary shots.
No. 147645 ID: 717301
File 126861754742.jpg - (189.69KB , 1000x600 , now there is a cutebold.jpg )

I've got no use for that piece of shit.

He'll do it for ¤230, but it'll take till night.

Flibbleflabble or whatever his name is says he'll go check on them. He mentions having some spare bullets for the captive.
No. 147646 ID: c0f3bf

Accept. Guns are a good thing to have. Ask about the first illithid.
No. 147647 ID: 37ab54

awesome, go for it. be sure to collect a good amount of ammo for em since we have a bit of time then share a drink for the night.

Encourage darkie on his spare bullets thing.
No. 147660 ID: a149db

Definitely go with this plan. ...wait, Do you even know how to drive?
No. 147661 ID: 717301
File 126861934879.jpg - (45.12KB , 516x498 , he is going to shoot him.jpg )

"Sure thing. Not in front of the kids though, I
'll take him out back."

What about it?
No. 147665 ID: 15f6d6

Go with them. Tell him that's our captive, though. Ask him what your captives rank and stuff might be based on his uniform though.

Tell the goblins and shit with our captive what happened up here and that you totally saved their asses from badness. Hopefully they will reward you.
No. 147669 ID: 0fc814

Offer an offhand compliment to the dark bold, even though you don't like him. He did good.

I can't think of any reason to keep the prisoner alive.

Wait. There's one...

Ask for a map, or at least to let you look at one and get directions.
No. 147672 ID: a85626


I'm telling you kobold is the other white meat. Roasted on a spit it's the next best thing to pork. You don't know what you're missing.

Oh wait...


You're a vegetarian, aren't you.
No. 147678 ID: a149db

Well she IS a dustback after all.
No. 147687 ID: c0f3bf

Hold off on killing him, for now. You definitely need a map.
No. 147689 ID: fa7b85

Emergency Ration?
Something to read those scribbles that those idiots use?
Landmine detector?
No. 147694 ID: 717301
File 126862348722.jpg - (44.93KB , 516x498 , maybe not.jpg )

Of course I can drive!

He doesn't want the army snooping around.

"it was a good plan," he yells back.
"You could probably loot one from the fuel station!"

That's fuckin nasty. If I want pork I'll go shoot a hog, or better yet, buy some bacon and sausage. Why the hell would I eat nothing but vegetables? That's gotta be bad for you. >>147678
Hey fuck you, inbred.

Why would there be mines around here? That's nonsense. I'm pretty deep in their own territory. Nobody but them can read that shit. I'll see about getting some food. It's weird that I haven't been hungry for a while.
No. 147697 ID: b14128

Maybe your not being hungry has to do with that... Red... Thing... You ate out in the desert? ...Actually, now that I'm reminded of that, we might want to ask about it to make sure it wasn't poison or anything.
No. 147698 ID: c0f3bf

Yeah, store up on water too.
No. 147699 ID: 34470e

Take the darkbold with you. He's awesome.
No. 147705 ID: badf27

wait wait wait wait.

Is the captive dead already? We need to get the translation of that fucking note the space kobold had, before we kill him. Little fucker wouldn't tell us.
No. 147715 ID: 0fc814

>Actually, now that I'm reminded of that, we might want to ask about it to make sure it wasn't poison or anything.
What's the point? It's already digested.

Nevertheless, it couldn't hurt to ask if these guys know anything about weird biotech.

Get a map, compass, a multitool, other miscellaneous survival stuff, and plenty of gas, food, and water.
No. 147718 ID: 717301
File 126862655714.jpg - (103.64KB , 605x598 , cock goes where.jpg )

I'll make my way back to the hideout house.

I think so. I figure if it was poison I'd be either dead or shitting myself by now. It's been a day.

He doesn't want to go. I'm not sure what he said exactly.

I'll see what I can take.

"Don't something something something!"


No. 147720 ID: c0f3bf

No. 147722 ID: 0fc814

"If I was gonna kill you, this conversation woulda been a lot shorter!"

Explain that you and the midget squad trashed the guys who slaughtered the town and you feel entitled to some supplies.
No. 147723 ID: 37ab54

wasn't planning on it stupid, now don't give me a good reason to kill you and get out of the way. We handled the army bolds n brainsuckers.
No. 147726 ID: c0f3bf

And remember that this is your chance to make it sound awesome.
No. 147728 ID: 717301
File 126862837750.jpg - (113.73KB , 605x598 , it is phallic that makes it funny.jpg )

We blew all of the kobolds and the brainsuckers the fuck up! Give me some fuckin food and I'll go away!

"something something"

Ooo, some sausages. I'll take that. Flibbleflop goes to interrogate the captive, and comes back. I can kind of hear some gibberish hollering Flabblecock yells to me that he will take care of the kobold. Something about a note to somebody's wife or some shit.

I'm gonna steal some shit on the way out and then get the fuck out of here in the morning. I sure as shit don't wanna be around when somebody else shows up.
No. 147729 ID: 717301
File 126862866324.jpg - (273.77KB , 800x600 , CBSF copy.jpg )

No. 147744 ID: 0fc814

We got the good ending.
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