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File 126369240274.jpg - (390.31KB , 800x600 , CBSF-Title copy.jpg )
111967 No. 111967 ID: 36d6da

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No. 111970 ID: 7d2329

No. 111971 ID: 36d6da
File 126369252064.jpg - (162.29KB , 1000x600 , recursion.jpg )

I had a nightmare...
...it didn't go away when I woke up.

They'll kill me if they find me. I can't go back now, they'll have figured it out.
No. 111972 ID: 099247


You should of thought about that BEFORE you failed to perform your duties. What will you countrymen think of you now?
No. 111974 ID: f52552

Well, what do you want out of life?
The decision has been made, all you can do now is aim and launch yourself after it.

...Might need some course corrections occasionally, but that's par for the course.
No. 111975 ID: 36d6da
File 126369265772.jpg - (334.64KB , 1000x660 , tripmap.jpg )

I don't know where to go, but I have my map with me. The black triangles are established bases, the green is swamp, and the yellow is desert. All of the caves and towns are labeled here, but I can't think of where I'd go to. Everyone is going to shoot at me!
No. 111976 ID: 36d6da

The red line is the front, and the X is my current whereabouts... I think.
No. 111986 ID: f44349

Not EVERYONE, my friend!
True you cannot go back to any kobold places with a sergal in tow, but Kobold bases and towns are not the only places in the world!
What you need to do is go FURTHER behind 'enemy' lines. It might not be easy getting them to trust a kobold, but I'm sure SOMEONE who is opposing your old army will be willing to take you in!
At the very least we can make sure the child is safe.
We should head for the town due east of here first I think. Since it is closest.
Yeeeah, we're gonna need you to read all of this scribledygook.
No. 111995 ID: 533406

So the plan is to get rid of the Sergal in a way that's non-lethal for both of you, right?
What do you know about her kind? Like where some living ones might be.

And go into more detail about the front-line thing. Are you still on the cutebold side of it and who exactly is on the other side?
No. 112006 ID: 7d2329

i don't think any race will accept a sergal ... killing a Kobold and a Sergal could be like a festivity for them.

Is there some kind of neutral city around?
Maybe you can find Rebels, other Sergals or just a place to hide in the mass.

And the kid will ask questions ... you better think about what you'll say to her.
No. 112008 ID: 36d6da
File 126369518379.jpg - (197.45KB , 1000x600 , barn02.jpg )

I don't have anything to wear but my uniform! They will too shoot at me!
Those are just enemy town names, they're not important. I can't really say them anyway. They're all just gibberish.

I don't have a plan! What did I do? This is bad, bad.
I'm west of the battle front, but there are probably scouts around everywhere. We came from the East.

Right now I'm in this barn. There's a big copper barrel with a hose coming off of it and some bottles. There's wheat growing through the door, I'm pretty sure this is abandoned. The copper barrel is all full of blue rust like copper makes.
No. 112010 ID: ec4966

Looks like you have four basic options.
Either you can throw yourself at the mercy of your countrymen and hope to convince some of them to mutiny alongside you, with the girl as proof, or you can join the Sergals, and hope for the best, or you can find a little place for the two of you to hide forever, or you can find some currently unknown creatures who will take you both in.

You should probably explore around before deciding which.

What kind of useful or marketable skills do you have?
No. 112011 ID: 632862

What's that yellow stuff in the bottle? Looks like eggs.
No. 112012 ID: 62489a

Examine tube of tennis balls.
No. 112016 ID: 9e9b47


This was probably a still. Moonshine makin'
No. 112018 ID: 7d2329

look at the yellow bottle then go up the ladder
No. 112023 ID: ec4966

What's that in the leftmost bottle?
No. 112026 ID: f44349

...Yeah I guess that is a problem isn't it.
Mm. I guess you could find something to stain or dye your uniform so it doesn't look like a uniform?
No. 112029 ID: f8211e

You could try to ask Jiri where to go, maybe she knows about relatives or friends of her parents. You know, the parents you merciless slaughtered.

And examine the copper barrel closer, it probably really was used for moonshine making. If it shows any signs of recent use people might show up eventually. Not necessary nice people though.

Also climb the ladder and see if something interesting is up there.
No. 112031 ID: 632862

Hey. Next destination: That swamp nearby.
No. 112039 ID: 8ecfd4

I think you should go southwest. If you just go far enough then people may not know of the war. Or you could get far enough away that people don't care about the war. If you just look hard enough there is always places where you can stay.
No. 112053 ID: cf41a7

Looks like a Moonshine still.
No. 112061 ID: 917cac

I don't know what you could do about the pants but you could stick the undershirt you slept in.
That should help a bit to avoid getting shot at.
No. 112092 ID: ec4966

Fleeing into the swamp might work. That's a good place to hide. Possibly indefinitely.
No. 112096 ID: 36d6da
File 126370100451.jpg - (89.88KB , 1000x600 , dat eye.jpg )

The bottle is full of something that looks like pee and smells like alcohol. Probably sunshine!

Hmm, so I can get shot, get eaten, or hope to find some things that won't do either of these things?

I don't know, she is still asleep. I don't want to wake her up, she might cry again. They will eat me anyway!

I'll check upstairs next.
No. 112097 ID: 9e9b47


Take a sip to see if it tastes like sunshine too.
No. 112099 ID: 1afd58

If she cries, get her liquored up with sunshine. Yeah, it's not great to give to kids, but any port in a storm.
No. 112105 ID: ec4966

Pour a droplet out and see if it's flammable.

And yeah, check upstairs.

And yes. Seems like the only real option is to find a place to escape to where there's people who won't eat you. Now might be a good time to think back to old myths and legends that you may have previously dismissed as nonsense. There might be a grain of truth.
No. 112111 ID: 62489a

Take a sip.
No. 112138 ID: 36d6da
File 126370271750.jpg - (140.65KB , 1000x600 , loft.jpg )

It is.

That might work!

It should be. It tastes flammable.
All the legends are about things that eat kobolds! I don't want to find those!

There's a pitchfork, and a scythe, and a window, and some spiderwebs up here.
No. 112166 ID: 15f6d6

Taste the sunshine. It will help you calm down.
No. 112181 ID: 62489a

Give the sergal the pitchfork.

Tell the sergal that bad people are probably chasing us, and if she sees anyone that looks like you (that is NOT you) she should stab them with this here pitchfork.
No. 112194 ID: 1afd58

How likely is it that you can find a place far away from raiders and kobolds, and just raise the poor girl as your own?
No. 112203 ID: 632862

There's nothing else interesting up here? Like over to the left?

Maybe you should just wait for the kid to wake up and head over to the swamp.

Oh, check behind the still.
No. 112228 ID: 36d6da
File 126370511192.jpg - (145.33KB , 1000x600 , drinkbold.jpg )

Yeah, just a sip. To calm down.

She's just a kid!

I don't know, I haven't been this far out yet.

Nothing else in here but the stuff I see here.
Some farm tools and the closed window. What am I doing here? I'm good as dead, I should just wait for them to get me. Maybe I'll have another sip of this stuff.
No. 112241 ID: 9e9b47


Buck up bitch! You got a girl depending on you! For now, let's head over to the establishment to the east. Maybe we can get some supplies and head up into the swamp.
No. 112251 ID: 632862

Open the window and look out.
No. 112255 ID: 632862

Um, and no more drinking. You're going to be driving, remember?
No. 112290 ID: 36d6da
File 126370709357.jpg - (84.56KB , 1000x600 , grass feild.jpg )

Out of the window I can see a house somewhere out there.

Fine, fine.
No. 112299 ID: 632862

Check out the hoooouse!
No. 112322 ID: 15f6d6

Go through the tall grass toward the house. Be sure to check for strange, easily capturable monsters while you go through the tall grass.
No. 112324 ID: ec4966

Almost a nice place to live. Almost...

Better check 'em out. Might find something useful.

Check all other vectors first, to make sure nobody's approaching.
No. 112334 ID: 36d6da
File 126370819617.jpg - (270.20KB , 1000x600 , grass01.jpg )

Ok I can't see where I'm going here, I'm facing directly out of the barn door. Too bad that scythe is too big to use. Everything is quiet.

Jiri is awake, should I leave her here or take her with me?
No. 112338 ID: 6faa8c

What there was no sickle? damn.
No. 112342 ID: ec4966

Take her with you. If she starts crying, you'll want her nearby. If bad things approach, you'll want her nearby.
No. 112359 ID: 62489a

Cut down the grass with the scythe.
No. 112366 ID: 632862

Well you have a compass. Go southeast for 20 paces then continue going east.
No. 112367 ID: 632862

Oh, if you don't get where you want, have the girl sit on your shoulders to find out where the house is.
No. 112392 ID: 36d6da
File 126370967182.jpg - (238.11KB , 1000x600 , tree.jpg )

I've found a tree!
No. 112398 ID: 632862

What vegetable is that?
No. 112424 ID: 36d6da
File 126371054063.jpg - (53.33KB , 619x417 , tuggin.jpg )

This thing is really hard to pull up!
No. 112433 ID: 632862

Get the kid to help. What was her name again?
No. 112434 ID: 9e9b47


Ask if the sergal girl can help you! Otherwise, pull HARDER!
No. 112435 ID: 632862

Oh right, Jiri.
No. 112437 ID: e3f578

Pull with one had and dig with the other by sliding your fingers down the side into the crumbled ground created by the friction. Get more leverage that way.
No. 112492 ID: 36d6da
File 126371138777.jpg - (171.96KB , 1000x600 , oddish01.jpg )


What is thi-
No. 112497 ID: 15f6d6

Shake it and see if it does anything. We got to hang on to this guy, no matter what.
No. 112501 ID: 62489a

An Oddish!

Let's name it Onionhead and hug it and love it forever.
No. 112502 ID: 9e9b47


Keep it! Call it Odd! See if it'll follow along behind you.
No. 112503 ID: e3f578

It's an oddish fool.
No. 112526 ID: 36d6da
File 126371188190.jpg - (167.06KB , 1000x600 , oddish02.jpg )

No. 112531 ID: 445c48

Give it a kiss.
No. 112534 ID: e3f578

Cover your ears. That's one demented Oddish. I hear their scream can kill you.
No. 112536 ID: 5aa60d

yell vine whip at it
No. 112547 ID: 15f6d6

Gently lick it.
No. 112555 ID: 9e9b47


Tickle it gently beneath the chin. Give it some sunshine.
No. 112568 ID: 36d6da
File 126371232047.jpg - (57.99KB , 545x600 , oddish03.jpg )

No. 112582 ID: 36d6da
File 126371260821.jpg - (100.80KB , 1000x600 , oddish04.jpg )

No. 112584 ID: 5aa60d

licking tiem
No. 112599 ID: 05b020
File 126371291994.jpg - (29.60KB , 588x243 , oh god wtf man.jpg )

No. 112602 ID: 36d6da
File 126371295874.jpg - (70.14KB , 1000x600 , oddish05.jpg )

No. 112609 ID: 3297aa

Not even CSF is safe today.
No. 112617 ID: 632862

"Um... H... Hello?"
No. 112624 ID: 36d6da
File 126371334218.jpg - (92.45KB , 1000x600 , oddish06.jpg )

No. 112629 ID: e3f578
File 126371341617.png - (163.03KB , 342x378 , whatishappening.png )

Oh sweet bajeesus
No. 112630 ID: 5aa60d

beautiful isnt it...
just makes you want to... lick it
No. 112631 ID: 3297aa

brace for impact
No. 112636 ID: 62489a
File 126371352694.gif - (6.33KB , 230x644 , AT FIRST I WAS LIKE OH GOD.gif )

No. 112656 ID: 36d6da
File 126371378938.jpg - (82.24KB , 1000x600 , oddish07.jpg )

No. 112665 ID: 632862

I think you drank too much sunshine, Trip. You're hallucinating.
No. 112668 ID: 5aa60d

No. 112687 ID: 36d6da
File 126371450822.jpg - (119.82KB , 1000x600 , oddish08.jpg )

No. 112689 ID: 5aa60d

feels tasty dont it
give it a try. i guarantee you wont regret it
No. 112703 ID: 36d6da
File 126371485317.jpg - (101.12KB , 1000x600 , oddish09.jpg )

No. 112705 ID: e3f578

No. 112707 ID: 632862

Oh god.
No. 112716 ID: 82e991

No. 112722 ID: 9e9b47


I.... uh... WHA

Watch it in fascination.
No. 112723 ID: 36d6da
File 126371531221.jpg - (209.62KB , 1000x600 , Oddish10.jpg )

No. 112727 ID: 15f6d6

Kiss it you crazy fool!
No. 112735 ID: 632862

Throw it away already!
No. 112739 ID: 9e9b47


Tell it to stop yelling.
No. 112740 ID: bde1b8

Holy mother of christ drop it and run.
No. 112745 ID: a117e3

Shut it up

with your tongue
No. 112746 ID: 36d6da
File 126371574515.jpg - (145.62KB , 1000x600 , oddish11.jpg )

No. 112752 ID: 9e9b47


Wrap it in your jacket! Block the light from its eyes!
No. 112758 ID: 36d6da
File 126371631541.jpg - (236.19KB , 1000x600 , tree.jpg )

It ran off when I dropped it! Jiri says it went in the tree.
No. 112763 ID: 632862

In the tree? Or up it?
No. 112828 ID: 4a7f32

Ask her how exactly she got here so fast.
No. 112925 ID: 4f3def

we toke her with us

leave it alone ... you're not going to eat that thing so why should you go after it
No. 112939 ID: 632862

It would make a good grenade. Blindfold it so it's calm, then unwrap and throw for a sonic assault.
No. 112984 ID: ec4966

Do you suppose it's good to eat?

Let's go investigate the nearest house. Maybe we can come back and it'll be calm.
No. 112999 ID: 8d3380

oh god it's a mandrake all along
No. 113003 ID: 8ecfd4

Light the tree on fire. Or just go towards the farmhouse and see if there is anything useful there.

I still think your best bet is to get as far away from the war as you possibly can. You were lied to about the nature of your enemies, maybe you were also lied to about the nature of the world.
No. 113009 ID: 1831fc


D'aww. She's adorable.

Tell her to back off. It could be dangerous.
No. 113017 ID: 36d6da
File 126375438738.jpg - (232.35KB , 1000x600 , house.jpg )

She said "in" the tree.

I'll head to the farmhouse, it should be due east of here.
No. 113019 ID: 15f6d6

Tell her to watch the tree and be sure and grab it as soon as it comes back out. maybe waggle some foods for it. We've got to catch that guy.
No. 113022 ID: 632862

Let's ignore the mandrake that may or may not have been a hallucination.

Enter the crumbling house that may collapse at any moment!
No. 113023 ID: 62489a

No. 113025 ID: 9e9b47


Go get the Oddish! You can use your jacket to cover its eyes!
No. 113035 ID: 5c4a25

Just let Jiri try to capture it.
Something like this might help her to cope with the situation and you don't want her around when you explore the house anyways.

Also, explore the house
No. 113044 ID: 36d6da
File 126375581866.jpg - (172.22KB , 1000x600 , bole hole.jpg )

OK, we go back to the other tree.

Jiri is very insistent that it went in the tree, not up it. She points between the roots. I don't see a hole or anything here, though I feel a little bit dizzy.
No. 113047 ID: bd36a1

approach tree, enter Halloween Town
No. 113048 ID: 632862

Um... I don't think this is a good idea. Go back to the house.
No. 113051 ID: c3c479

Sounds like magic, assuming there is any magic around. Do you know anything about magic around this area?
Use science, a.k.a a long branch, to analyze this mystery.
No. 113052 ID: ec4966

Reach in through the knot at the roots.
No. 113071 ID: 36d6da
File 126375775038.jpg - (190.79KB , 1000x600 , bole hole.jpg )

>A secret has been revealed!

It just... disappears. There's no resistance or anything. It's fine when I pull it back out. It's like there's a hole there, just right in the roots of the tree. It's not a big hole. The stuff to the sides is all solid.
No. 113075 ID: 1afd58

You know, with those roots like that, it's a bit like a vagina.

Put... put your nose in it.
No. 113076 ID: 632862

That's very weird. Um. Stick your head in and look around.
No. 113077 ID: 15f6d6

Can you fit your face through, to see what is on the other side? If it didn't heart the stick, it shouldn't hurt you.
No. 113081 ID: b75942

Maybe try some less essential part before stick your head in it.
Like your pinky or something.
No. 113105 ID: 8ecfd4

Yeah sticking a vital part of your anatomy through strange holes isn't the best survival tactic. Use your pinky.
No. 113126 ID: 4f3def

this quest gets just more awesome every time i look after it
No. 113138 ID: 36d6da
File 126376354322.jpg - (139.73KB , 1000x600 , finger the hole.jpg )

I get really dizzy when I get close to it. I stick my finger through, it feels cool and a bit dry. My stomach is churning, all I've had today was some really strong liq- HUURRK
No. 113142 ID: 1afd58

Well this seems like a bad thing to keep messing with.

Go poke around the farmhouse and also make sure that Jiri hasn't gone and gotten herself lost or dead.
No. 113143 ID: 9876b0

Aim your projectile vomit into the hole.
No. 113144 ID: 15f6d6

We can't let that oddish get away! Into the breach, young Kobold!
No. 113148 ID: 8ecfd4

Vomit into the strange hole! That will show that fucking Oddish to run away from you. Then you should check out the farmhouse for food. You really should get some breakfest.
No. 113155 ID: 632862

Back off, stop messing with it.
No. 113168 ID: 4f3def

if you can't get in it, it's useless as hideout.
and if you can't get something out of it ... why stay?
Look if you find something in the house.
Remember you need new clothes.
No. 113173 ID: 62489a

Poke it with a stick.
No. 113174 ID: 8e18cd

You drank alcohol. It's really no surprise to be dizzy and pukey.

Continue playing with it. It might lead to some interesting results!!
No. 113177 ID: 632862

Hey, try closing your eyes and see if the dizziness stops. It might just be the sight of the hole causing it. If you can get close to it with your eyes closed and not feel anything wrong, stick your head through and open them to look around.
No. 113213 ID: f0fac0
File 126376633824.jpg - (62.08KB , 608x600 , you litttle pervert.jpg )

It still makes me dizzy but I don't feel like puking any more. That was probably the liquor. I can't fit my whole head in, but it smells dusty, like under a chair or something. It's also cool.
No. 113214 ID: 632862

Damn, we'll never know what's in there. Stick your arm in and feel around.
No. 113227 ID: 9876b0

Feel around with your tongue. What does it taste like?
No. 113230 ID: 45be60

do baby sergals have narrower heads?
No. 113240 ID: 78ece3

Maybe use your hand, instead of you nose or tongue, to feel around in the hole?
I know it's a crazy idea, but it might work.
No. 113242 ID: f0fac0
File 126376748580.jpg - (64.41KB , 608x600 , you litttle pervert2.jpg )

A dirty floor.

Her head is bigger than mine!

it's definitely a dirty floor, I can feel something hard and round.
No. 113244 ID: 9876b0

Grab it and give it a few good yanks.
No. 113245 ID: 34470e

Try and take the thing out.
No. 113257 ID: 15f6d6

Grab it and pull it out. Stuff it right into your jacket, whatever it is, so that if it's the oddish it won't see the light and scream.
No. 113261 ID: f0fac0
File 126376839132.jpg - (62.31KB , 569x427 , artifact.jpg )

It looks like some kind of grenade!
No. 113264 ID: 9876b0

Click the button. Click it click it click it!
No. 113265 ID: 34470e

Throw it. Yell "GO POKEBALL" and see what happens.
No. 113267 ID: a56bd0

No. 113271 ID: 62489a

Throw the grenade!
No. 113283 ID: dba501

That's like "Wolves of the Calla" all over again.
No. 113296 ID: 4f3def
File 126376934345.jpg - (61.61KB , 700x525 , ILIKEIT2.jpg )

That's a trap device ... look if there's something in it.
throw it or click the button.
No. 113297 ID: 15f6d6

You wait for that oddish to come back you stupid little shit, and then you throw that ball at it.
No. 113302 ID: 4f3def

To catch a pokemon you have to weaken it first.

GET THE FORK!!! or use your mighty moonshine spit attack ....
No. 113317 ID: 1831fc
File 126377014352.jpg - (9.45KB , 320x240 , What_Happens_When_Louis_Gets_His-1.jpg )

No. 113336 ID: f0fac0
File 126377119547.jpg - (98.02KB , 629x600 , pokeball go.jpg )

OK I'll push the button and throw the device!
No. 113340 ID: f0fac0
File 126377141641.jpg - (210.93KB , 1000x600 , pwoosh.jpg )

Pwoosh? It must not be a grenade.

Well, how am I going to find it now? I threw it as far as I could into the grass.
No. 113345 ID: fc977b

Observe what happens to the ball and its surrounding area. Do you notice a strange creature appearing?

Also, do you have a very strong throwing arm or is the ball accelerated by a unknown force?
No. 113347 ID: 34470e

Go to where you threw the thing.
No. 113348 ID: 632862

I think we just released a Traveler, guys.
No. 113351 ID: 9876b0

It's biological weaponry!

Rip two pieces of shirt, hook your biggest loogie on 'em, and put them on your nose, as to breath through it. Run away as far as possible as fast as possible with a preference to higher places.
No. 113356 ID: fa7b85

It could be a smoke grenade or a flare!

If its a flare then we're about to have company... and that'll be VERY BAD
No. 113367 ID: f0fac0
File 126377220834.jpg - (112.76KB , 629x600 , pokeball gone.jpg )

I don't hear anything, there's no light or cloud of anything.

I don't know where it is. It's out in the grass somewhere.
No. 113368 ID: 34470e

Go look for it.
No. 113371 ID: 15f6d6

Go find it, you worthless little shit.
No. 113377 ID: f0fac0
File 126377263944.jpg - (269.89KB , 1000x600 , grass01.jpg )

OK I'm looking for it. Where do I go?
No. 113380 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you threw it straight. So go straight in the direction you threw it in and use the compass to keep on track.
No. 113382 ID: 917cac

Go the same direction you through in it.
No. 113383 ID: 632862

15 paces south, 3 paces east.
No. 113385 ID: 15f6d6
File 12637731066.jpg - (220.45KB , 800x750 , FIND THAT POKEBALL.jpg )

You know which way you threw it. Walk perpendicular to that direction, counting your steps, then take a couple steps in the direction of the throw, and go the opposite direction for the same number of steps. Keep going till you find the fucking pokeball you stupid turd.
No. 113386 ID: f0fac0
File 126377320323.jpg - (269.73KB , 1000x600 , grass01.jpg )

Hmm, it's not here. I can always get back to the tree, but I don't know where the ball is.

That could take all day!
No. 113390 ID: 632862

Have Jiri get on top of your shoulders and look around. The thing probably displaced some grass.
No. 113391 ID: bd36a1

have the sergal kid hoist you up on her shoulders, see if that will get your head high enough over the grass to get a better idea of where you are, and where it might have landed
No. 113393 ID: 4f3def
File 126377341266.gif - (5.56KB , 400x400 , 1238702134800.gif )

ask if Jiri can smell something ... the creature or the ball
No. 113396 ID: 15f6d6

What else do you have to do today? Get eaten by monsters or killed by your own guys for being a treasonous traitor? Get to work! That thing could be important.

Can she climb the tree and see it from there? If not, shoulder hoisting might be a good idea.
No. 113420 ID: f0fac0
File 126377484361.jpg - (142.82KB , 1000x600 , tree view.jpg )

I can see it! The Nose Kid is rustling around in the grass down there. I can see where he is too!
No. 113427 ID: 15f6d6

Okay, Jiri, you have to tell him how to walk to get him to the ball. Like, tell him to go left some, and then walk forward, etc. until he gets to it.
No. 113428 ID: bd36a1

call out directions to the nose kid to lead him to the red ball
No. 113432 ID: f0fac0
File 126377504747.jpg - (141.41KB , 1000x600 , tree view.jpg )

He found it!
No. 113435 ID: 4f3def

*Wild XXX appears!!* ... a ball but no creature? ... it can't be he caught something without even aiming for it ...
No. 113440 ID: f0fac0
File 126377545114.jpg - (228.13KB , 1000x600 , house.jpg )

OK I've got the ball back, and we are back at the house.
No. 113442 ID: f4963f

Try activating it at close-range now. :D
No. 113443 ID: 15f6d6

Look under the house for treasure. There's usually treasure under houses.
No. 113445 ID: 1831fc


Poor Jiri looks tired.

Do we have any food?
No. 113476 ID: f0fac0
File 126377718921.jpg - (328.91KB , 1000x600 , bugs time.jpg )

Umm, not really.

Under the house there are a lot of spider webs and bugs and rocks. There's a hole in the floor too.
No. 113478 ID: 15f6d6

It is your sacred duty as a tiny creature to crawl through that hole.
No. 113497 ID: f0fac0
File 126377942045.jpg - (402.64KB , 1000x600 , house room2.jpg )

There's some kind of silken webbing in here, big as a rope! I had to cut through it with my knife to get through. I think I see a dresser under there.
No. 113515 ID: bd36a1

is that a massive hole to your right there? or is that just the door? If it's a hole, shine your light in there, it it's just the door, try and cut your way to the dresser
No. 113516 ID: 15f6d6

See if the web is sticky. If it will sticky you up where you cant move then don't go. Otherwise, go over there and cut open the dresser.
No. 113538 ID: 632862

...I'm not sure we want to meet the spider that these webs belong to. Get out your gun.
No. 113539 ID: f0fac0
File 126378264646.jpg - (202.43KB , 1000x600 , dresser.jpg )

It's not sticky, just tough. Like silk ropes.

There are some large clothes in the dresser, as well as a dagger and a bag of coins.
No. 113542 ID: e45568

See if you look good in the clothes.
No. 113543 ID: f0fac0

[[There are two doors in here as well, one leads to the front room, and another that leads to the side room]]
No. 113544 ID: 15f6d6

Fuck yes! Are the coins boldloons or something else? Take everything but the clothes.
No. 113554 ID: f0fac0
File 12637839125.jpg - (48.05KB , 475x484 , COIN.jpg )

The coins are some kind of fake money with some unreadable crap on them. I could wear a shirt as a robe I suppose.
No. 113557 ID: 8ecfd4

Can you tell what kind of metal they're made out of? If it's anything precious they might still be useful.
No. 113560 ID: c0f3bf

Do it. Remove your uniform, you don't want to be wearing that, at least for now.
No. 113565 ID: 15f6d6

Take that shit. They've gotta be useful.
No. 113587 ID: f0fac0
File 126378545689.jpg - (60.65KB , 376x564 , robes.jpg )

This will have to do. I can leave, or go through either of the doors in here. One goes to the front room, the other goes to a side room.
No. 113590 ID: 34470e

Go to the side room, young padawan.
No. 113599 ID: 15f6d6

Siderooms are for cutebolds
That is where you belong.
No. 113616 ID: f0fac0
File 126378738064.jpg - (464.21KB , 1000x600 , eggroom.jpg )

>A secret has been revealed!

The side room is full of the ropey webbing, with some dark colored round things hanging from it.
No. 113618 ID: 15f6d6

Those are obviously closet hams. Harvest them.
No. 113623 ID: 62489a

Let's NOT disturb the horrible eggs full of tiny little spider babies that will eat us alive.

Let's explore the rest of the area.
No. 113624 ID: 1f2a4c

they are delicious food supply. or giant spider egg.

its edible! you found breakfast! and a BBEG plothook!
No. 113650 ID: f0fac0
File 126378917463.jpg - (215.57KB , 774x600 , cut1.jpg )

The silk is really hard to cut through! There's some kind of tough, wet ropey stuff under the silk.
No. 113654 ID: 62489a


Suddenly get sympathy pains from this revelation.
No. 113655 ID: 15f6d6

Peel off the silk all the way down. Let's see what it is.
No. 113680 ID: f0fac0
File 126379063284.jpg - (248.06KB , 774x600 , cut2.jpg )

That's silly. Why would it be hanging from the ceiling?

Some kind of leathery veiny layer is under the silk. It's moist.
No. 113686 ID: 34470e

Poke it.
No. 113689 ID: 05b020
File 126379109365.jpg - (25.15KB , 582x199 , im totally a scientist.jpg )

I'm horrified. Please continue the dissection doctor.
No. 113701 ID: ec4966

Put your flashlight up against the veiny stuff. Maybe you can see a baby silhouette. You have a flashlight, right?

Better not go sticking your knife in it until we know what you'll be hurting.

Check the other room you haven't yet checked, if there's no more clues here.
No. 113706 ID: 35cea2

Does it make a sound?
No. 113716 ID: 1f2a4c

its attatched to something. check the ceiling, remove as much silk you can.
No. 113776 ID: 13698b

blow on it and see if the moisture re-secretes itself or if the moisture dries.
No. 113881 ID: 8c24d7

What does it taste like?
No. 113935 ID: fe1f2f

... i hope you have a lighter ... looks like you'll have to burn whatever comes out of that thing with your moonshine
No. 113973 ID: e2020c

That is simply gross. It's no use, pamper away.
No. 114027 ID: 15f6d6

Open it up.
No. 116019 ID: 498c52
File 126411862483.jpg - (81.86KB , 1000x600 , it could be a poop.jpg )

I'll investigate it first. It's warm, and soft. I think it's full of water or something. There's something inside but I can't tell what; it's big though.
There are some big tube looking things holding it to the ceiling. The webbing around it doesn't hold it up at all.
The other door has a whole lot of webbing over it, it will take a while to cut through.
No. 116021 ID: c89b93

Tear that shit open and drink whatever's inside.
No. 116027 ID: ff48a8

Tear that shit open. Do not drink what's inside.
No. 116028 ID: 632862

Do not open the EGG. We do not want to piss off its mother.
No. 116029 ID: 214740

Get the hell out of here, you don't actually need an alien poop in a bubble.
You've got your new clothes, grab the Sergal and get back on the road.
You have to somehow fix your situation, and no time to mess around with weird shit.
No. 116035 ID: ec4966

We can't find out what's inside without destroying it.

We'll feel really bad if it's some kind of cute insect baby or something.

Let's go check the other unexplored room in here.
No. 116039 ID: 8e18cd

Cut it open!
No. 116040 ID: 15f6d6

There are tons of these things. Opening one to see what's inside won't hurt anything.
No. 116050 ID: 2d8f04

Leave NOW! Pissing off a giant cave spider is not worth whatever wealth you can gain from here.
No. 116055 ID: 498c52
File 126412020164.jpg - (274.60KB , 1000x600 , moreweb.jpg )

I'm not sure what to do, let me check behind the other door first. There's some more webbing behind it.
No. 116056 ID: 632862

Cut the webbing.
No. 116059 ID: c89b93

No don't cut the webbing. Cut the testicle.
No. 116065 ID: c0f3bf

Cut the door webbing.
No. 116066 ID: ec4966

Cut through the door webbing and examine what's beyond.
No. 116068 ID: 214740

I guess door is better than the poop thing, if you insist on fucking around here.
No. 116091 ID: 498c52
File 126412304985.jpg - (237.01KB , 1000x600 , houseroom1.jpg )

I cut through the door a bit and peek in. There are some coins on the floor, as well as some silverware. I can hear the sound of a woman softly sobbing. Something's moving around outside the door but I can't make it out.
No. 116093 ID: c0f3bf

Woman sobbing? You may have to kick some ass.
No. 116094 ID: ec4966

I don't suppose you have a gun?

If you do, draw it and call a challenge.
No. 116095 ID: c89b93

That's some arm bones over there.

Yeah, sure, why not. Yell into the darkness: "HELLO LADY I CAME TO HELP."
No. 116097 ID: af3e6d

Witch! Flashlights off!
No. 116102 ID: 214740

Don't yell you faggot.
You should be small and lightweight enough to sneak towards the voice.
We wan always decide when we know what we're dealing with.
No. 116121 ID: 498c52
File 126412519430.jpg - (279.62KB , 1000x600 , spider.jpg )

The voice is coming from ... the ceiling!!!

I hear Jiri! "Hello? Is anyone in there?"

The sobbing continues...
No. 116123 ID: 2dd482

oh shit is it some kind of mimic?

GTFO before it drops on you
No. 116125 ID: 62489a

Um, yeah. I get the feeling the sobbing is just something to draw people close.

Like a Witch.

Let's not startle the witch.

Let's get the fuck out of here.
No. 116136 ID: 0e48df

its a trap. a spider-woman had babies there, she is using live bait to feed the youngling.

i actualy deleted because of the update ._. run dude, but stab the egg first.
No. 116137 ID: 632862

Tell Jiri to stay out of the house! Aim your gun at the thing.
No. 116138 ID: ec4966

Slowly back away.
No. 116143 ID: 1831fc

Get the girl and get the hell out. You aren't equipped to handle this thing.
No. 116155 ID: 498c52
File 126412690317.jpg - (189.01KB , 1000x600 , actionbold.jpg )

I get out of the room! I can hear it say something....

hello thhhere little girrrl, where is yourrr mommy?
"She is gone away, the Nose Kid said he would help me find her. Where are you? What's the matter, why are you crying?"
I am in thisss rroom, in the corrnerr. I am crrrying forrr my childrrrenn. I am verrry sssick, Can you hhhelp me?
No. 116158 ID: 2dd482

wat? how did Jiri get in there? rescue the little sergal girl!

No. 116162 ID: 632862

For fucks sake, shoot it!
No. 116164 ID: 62489a


No. 116167 ID: 2d8f04

In b4 Triplilmus guns down an Innocent mother of 3000
No. 116181 ID: af3e6d

No. 116237 ID: 498c52
File 126413091583.jpg - (279.47KB , 1000x600 , shootanbold.jpg )

Jiri runs, and the thing screams and drops from the webbing!
No. 116239 ID: 62489a
File 126413101535.gif - (832.89KB , 182x122 , YES.gif )


No. 116242 ID: 0e48df

win. check said corner.

after degutting the worm.

also thats breakfast, lunch and dinner.
No. 116287 ID: 498c52
File 126413347549.jpg - (166.13KB , 1000x600 , dontloseyourhead.jpg )


It screams at me in some language I don't understand!
No. 116288 ID: ec4966

Yell "Jiri! Run!"

Run after her.
No. 116291 ID: 34470e

...Throw the strange ball at it.
No. 116309 ID: 498c52
File 126413541091.jpg - (115.15KB , 751x505 , pokemon go.jpg )

Jiri is already out the door!

Uh oh, I missed!
No. 116312 ID: 62489a

No. 116318 ID: 498c52
File 126413584583.jpg - (133.19KB , 1000x600 , I GOT A POKEYMONS.jpg )

There's a flash, and the monster is gone, but the ball is shaking wildly across the floor!
No. 116320 ID: 6faa8c

No. 116322 ID: 62489a

No. 116324 ID: 445c48

Quick mash all the buttons but B
No. 116327 ID: 34470e

Press B each time it shakes.
No. 116335 ID: 445c48

No, you fools, don't press B! B is the cancel button! Mash every other button!

Also jump on it and start swearing. A nonstop stream of profanities and oaths should be leaving your mouth as you wrestle with the ball.
No. 116340 ID: 498c52
File 126413656795.jpg - (97.80KB , 1000x600 , jump on it.jpg )

It hasn't stopped shaking yet, what should I do?
No. 116343 ID: 445c48

Try to keep it closed, watch out and make sure you don't press the button.

Also swear. Loudly and nonstop.
No. 116345 ID: 34470e

No. 116352 ID: ec4966

Get out of there! Take Jiri and get out of the building!
No. 116371 ID: 62489a

Try to keep it closed!
No. 116382 ID: 498c52
File 126413808028.jpg - (134.17KB , 1000x600 , run jiri run.jpg )

No. 116396 ID: c0f3bf

Triplilmus: DON'T DIE. Also now would be a nice opportunity for diplomacy. Diplomacy without bullets.
No. 116422 ID: 498c52
File 126414005540.jpg - (174.41KB , 960x600 , notquitedead.jpg )

That was... a bad idea... I think my eye is gone... I'm bleeding from the gut..
No. 116426 ID: 498c52
File 126414012219.jpg - (118.66KB , 800x858 , inventory-triplilmus copy.jpg )

[cutscene over, and an inventory check]
No. 116430 ID: 6faa8c

No. 116431 ID: 62489a
File 126414028662.png - (89.17KB , 467x257 , fly you fool.png )

No. 116436 ID: 476456

Soldier up, you have a child to take care of.
No. 116437 ID: c0f3bf

It doesn't look gone, but it definitely looks injured, you're going to have to fix that up as soon as you possibly can. Recommending cloth tear, make a bandage.
No. 116441 ID: f44349

Oh god what did you people do?! D:

Okay. Sit yourself up, soldier. We need to assess the damage.
And you aren't dying today, so don't even think about it! You have a child to take care of!
You will not give up until the mission is complete, do you hear me?!
No. 116446 ID: ec4966

Assess whether the wound is mortal.

Stop and think of the nearest monster town. If you're going to die, you have to tell Jiri where to go. You have to tell her what to do if she is now alone.
No. 116448 ID: 498c52
File 126414099534.jpg - (60.05KB , 623x600 , its still here.jpg )

no, but I can see... something out of my remaining eye...
I wish I woulda paid more attention during first aid..
Youu little monsssterrrr...
No. 116450 ID: c1b520

bitch gonna eatcha.
No. 116451 ID: f21281

No, YOU are the monsters.

Now go get me a sammich.
No. 116452 ID: ec4966

Say "I w-won't let you kill her."

Take aim.
No. 116456 ID: f44349

Okay. Aim for the eyes. We are not letting it hurt Jiri.
No. 116457 ID: 62489a
File 12641412922.png - (14.89KB , 854x638 , crying children.png )

No. 116458 ID: 62489a

Take out the grenade and pull the pin.

Say that if it comes any closer you'll drop it and kill you both.
No. 116460 ID: c0f3bf

Say that you already lost everything for her sake, you are fully prepared to do it again.
No. 116461 ID: ec4966

Pull out your lighter. Say you'll burn the whole place down, eggs too, unless it helps you.
No. 116462 ID: 632862

This situation feels familiar. Like, the reverse of what happened in the house you found Jiri in.
No. 116471 ID: 498c52
File 12641429832.jpg - (124.87KB , 1000x600 , heska style.jpg )

"This is a primed grenade. If I drop it, it explodes, and kills us both."

You wouldn't kill a motherrr and her childrren I can hear the thing's words coming from somewhere behind its head.
There is a brief ringing in my ears, and the monster recoils.
You have! You hhhhorrrible little tthhing! Hhhow do I know you whhhil not do it anywhhay?
No. 116473 ID: f52552

Because she might need me.
Now get out of the way, or I might drop this from too much jawing with you.
No. 116476 ID: 62489a

"I'm better now. I didn't know there was more than my people and monsters. Now I know there's everyone and everything in-between. I've got to take care of that child you tried to eat, what you do, so long as you let me go, is none of my business. Surely as a mother, you understand a father-of-sorts' need to protect their own."
No. 116477 ID: 632862

"I have enough things to regret. I just want to protect Jiri. I can't do that if I die here. Can you help me?"
No. 116478 ID: 2d8f04

>There is a brief ringing in my ears
it's also psychic!?! welp it was nice knowing you trip.
No. 116488 ID: ec4966

"I don't want to kill any more. But I won't let Jiri die."
No. 116489 ID: 67c611
File 126414373336.gif - (2.32MB , 750x497 , TriggerDiscipline.gif )

Yo, bold guy.

No. 116490 ID: 498c52
File 126414379916.jpg - (127.41KB , 1000x600 , heska style.jpg )

"I'm getting away from all that. It's not like that any more. I'm taking care of that child you were going to eat-' You are stupid.
"You can shut up. I'm getting tired of holding this thing."

Ffffine thhhen monssterrr. Whhat do you whhant?
No. 116493 ID: 62489a

"I want to leave."
No. 116497 ID: ec4966

"I'm about to bleed to death. If you help me, I'll throw this away and we can just... talk. Nobody's dead yet."
No. 116500 ID: c0f3bf

I just want us to be safe. Why do you have to complicate these things. You have family, I have... newly adopted family, can't we just stop the fighting?
No. 116508 ID: 498c52
File 126414466550.jpg - (226.40KB , 1000x600 , house.jpg )

"i just want to leave, so I can keep Jiri safe."

Get out of hhherrre monsssterr

It moves out of the way and lets me out. I am still bleeding though.
No. 116510 ID: f52552

That's 'Stalker'.
Repin that grenade, collapse over by Jiri.
Did you managed to save the ball?
No. 116513 ID: f44349

How bad are your wounds?
Where's Jiri?
No. 116514 ID: 62489a

Call out for Jiri.

Tear off some of your robe to use as bandages.
No. 116515 ID: ec4966

"If you didn't want to eat her, why did you want her?"

"I'm... going to die without help..."
No. 116516 ID: 632862

The ball? Yes, he saved it. It is currently lodged in his body, in several pieces.
No. 116517 ID: 632862

Speaking of which you should remove those pieces from you.
No. 116653 ID: b5b9e0

i fear that the pieces of the ball penetrated his organs ...

Trip you need help. Take Jiri and go to the car.
it's possible that she wants to talk about her parents ... try to avoid that.
You should hurry if you die now Jiri will be alone and everything was in vain.
No. 116655 ID: 1ab390

>i fear that the pieces of the ball penetrated his organs ...
>I'm bleeding from the gut.
Yeah, nothing short of a medical deus ex machina can save him now.
No. 116657 ID: b5b9e0

hey "bleeding from the gut" doesn't have to mean his intestine is damaged ... but it's looks like it.
No. 116659 ID: 7a997b

Well, pour some moonshine over the wounds and wrap yourself in makeshift bandages.
Then find Jiri, drag yourself back into the car, explain Jiri how to drive (heh) and tell her to keep driving away from bold territory no matter what. Then you can drink some of the moonshine and slip into a comfy delirium on the backseat.
If you're lucky the monsters which might find her will eat you before you regain consciousness.
I guess I could tell you they will treat you with respect cause you helped the little one, but that would be crazy.

Make sure to have crazy fever-dreams about cute and fluffy monsters hunting you.
No. 116669 ID: 0a7c6b


I saw that coming from a mile away. Did MS Paint Pokemon comics not teach you anything!?
No. 116674 ID: 498c52
File 126418327071.jpg - (176.46KB , 757x600 , who is driving sergal is driving.jpg )

The Nose Kid is hurt real bad. He told me how to drive, but it's kind of scary. If I move the seat all the way up I can reach the pedals. I hope he will be ok.
No. 116675 ID: 8ecfd4

He should be fine. He's a brave little thing and much tougher than he looks.

Now you need to keep an eye out for smoke or buildings. He needs help if he's going to get better and he needs a grown up to help him. Just remember that you shouldn't stop and ask for help from people that look like him. They want to hurt both him and you.
No. 116676 ID: efc307


dont go fast. we need a map to decide where we are going.

also keep talking to the nosey-one-eye-soldier-pokemon-master-wannabe. he must not fall asleep.
No. 116677 ID: 498c52
File 126418351994.jpg - (271.76KB , 800x600 , CBSF copy.jpg )

No. 116678 ID: a56ce7

No. 116679 ID: efc307

i blame whoever said to drop on the pokeball. we should have ran or captured it.

damm the mosnter was somewhat friendly. what if it was indeed a pokearc?
No. 116680 ID: f52552

Then I hope to fuck someone learned Wish or Soft-Boiled.
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