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File 168946792974.png - (149.73KB , 800x800 , p0.png )
1067896 No. 1067896 ID: 9ea24b

A short SFW quest about high school romance.

Will alternate daily updates between this and Nostalgia until this is done.
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No. 1067897 ID: 9ea24b
File 168946796932.png - (127.58KB , 800x800 , p1.png )

Your family moved over the summer because your dad got a job in a different state, and today’s your first day as a senior at your new school: Lily’s Academy for Girls. There’s a school uniform and everything. You’ve never attended a private school before, but you aren’t opposed to the idea.

What is your name? Choose three traits from the six below. For the traits you don’t select, the inverse will be true.

1. Girly (inverse is tomboyish)
2. Taller (inverse is shorter)
3. Extroverted (inverse is introverted)
4. Dominant (inverse is submissive)
5. Book smart (inverse is book dumb)
6. Easy to embarrass (inverse is hard to phase)
No. 1067898 ID: a7a180

2, 1, 5
No. 1067899 ID: e51896


i'll leave the name to someone else.
No. 1067900 ID: a7a180

Yuri's a wonderful name. Or Yuriko, if that's too blunt.
No. 1067903 ID: 34713f

Your name is Saionji Yuri - that's in surname > given name order, because your parents are massive weebs.

> Traits
3, 5, 6. I just think being tomboyish and extroverted while also being submissive and easy to embarrass makes for a cute juxtaposition.
No. 1067904 ID: 38349b

Aurora Yuri
your parents were weebs but also liked the northern lights

No. 1067906 ID: 4481aa

I agree with making the given name Yuri, and will suggest Momma for the surname.

Yuri Momma :)

2, 4, and 5 are my trait picks. Tall, Dominant, and Book Smart
No. 1067907 ID: e5709d

Your name is [yUrI]
Secret Code Instant Win!

...Okay fine your name is Cia Sayalaia and you're a
Book Smart
No. 1067908 ID: 48c015

Yudy Notadudo.

Tomboyish, Taller, Book Dumb, and totally not a beefy jock who messed with the student file to sneak into an all girl school, haha.
No. 1067929 ID: 435f13

No. 1068066 ID: 9ea24b
File 168961282547.png - (125.54KB , 600x900 , p2.png )

>Three leading traits: Taller, book smart, and (tie between 4 and 6 coin flip) easy to embarass
>Three inverse traits: Tomboyish, submissive, introverted

Your name is Yuri because your parents are weebs even though they’re super white. You didn’t mind changing schools because your friends are all online anyway and you’ve always been awkward, especially after you had a growth spurt when you were 10 and shot up above your classmates. Things got worse in middle school when everyone hit puberty and started caring about appearances.

In fact, this school uniform is probably the most revealing thing you’ve worn in your life, since you usually avoid showing much skin. The socks don’t make it far up your calves and you put a pair of black safety shorts on under the pleated skirt.
No. 1068067 ID: 9ea24b
File 168961283503.png - (134.27KB , 800x800 , p3.png )

You carefully pack your bag with a planner, several mechanical pencils, and a three-ring binder prepped with a fresh stack of paper. The academy is a small school, only about 700 students total, and apparently a member of the student government is going to show you around.

The school bus picks you up and drops you off at the small campus. It’s not a boarding school so there’s no housing, but there’s a big track and soccer field, a science building, a sleek art building, and the main schoolhouse.

You go inside the main building, where the entrance opens into two hallways and the cafeteria. It smells like hash browns and mini sausage, and you sit alone at a table and eye the surrounding students while you wait for your chaperone.

A. Introduce yourself to the nearest table
B. Study your schedule
C. Other
No. 1068068 ID: 3ce3b7

C. Focus your mental energy on growing even taller.

If that doesn't work then A.
No. 1068069 ID: 25fee0

No. 1068093 ID: 273c18

No. 1068095 ID: a7a180

I mean, if that doesn’t work, try heels.
No. 1068115 ID: e5709d

Adjust your bra
No. 1068125 ID: 48c015

Seconding this whole post.
No. 1068140 ID: 87e33c

This seems funny, maybe if you're even taller you'll instantly qualify for a basketball scholarship Then this can be a gay sports anime
No. 1068240 ID: 9ea24b
File 168980814788.png - (153.95KB , 800x800 , p4.png )

>C, imagine yourself even taller
A new school means a new start. Nobody knows you from your awkward puberty years and you can be an inspiration to all the poor average height students sitting around you. You close your eyes and picture yourself doing slam dunks on the basketball court.

You open your eyes. Unfortunately you haven’t grown any taller.

>Try heels
Ugh, you don’t like heels, they make your feet hurt.
No. 1068241 ID: 9ea24b
File 168980816227.png - (153.89KB , 800x800 , p5.png )

Stunned from your defeat at the hands of the laws of reality, you stay at the table for a few more minutes until your chaperone arrives.

“Hi Yuri, nice to meet you, I’m Azalea.”

Azalea shakes your hand with professional firmness. She’s shorter than you (of course), brunette, and smells faintly of artificial peaches.

“1st period is starting soon so I can show you to your first class and second class and then we can meet here again for lunch. Do you have any free periods since you’re a senior?”

She pats you on the arm and you resist flinching. You’re cool now. Cool people get pats on the arm from cute extroverted girls.

“I have two good friends you can meet, and you’ll meet people on your own too, I’m sure!”

A. Ask Azalea what classes she’s taking
B. Ask Azalea if she knows how to join a sports team
C. Ask Azalea about student government
No. 1068242 ID: e5709d

D. Stay silent and let her yap.
No. 1068254 ID: a7a180

No. 1068258 ID: e51896

A. lets see what classes she shares with us.
No. 1068274 ID: 273c18

No. 1068276 ID: 435f13

B. Ask about joining a sports team, preferably the girls' basketball team. Because you haven't given up on making yourself taller.
No. 1068277 ID: 435f13

Use the power of Asperger's to declare and explain your plan to grow taller by application of mental energy. Be sure to do this during a conversational pause when she's stopped talking but she's clearly not finished talking.
No. 1068294 ID: 38349b

Agree with B, sport
No. 1068348 ID: 44def3

A. She wants to talk about herself and she wants you to seem interested! Probably.
No. 1068353 ID: 435f13

Even if you go with A interrupt her answer to tell her about how you're growing taller through willpower.
No. 1068520 ID: 9ea24b
File 168999496413.png - (77.31KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

You pull your schedule out of your bag and Azalea immediately leans way into your space to take a look.

“Cool cool, I’m in AP Biology too, and AP Lit. Programming and French 3 this morning? Oof, those are on opposite sides of the campus.”

You curve the edges of the sheet of paper self-consciously. “What else are you taking?”

“World History, student government, AP Calculus BC, Chinese 3. I’m gonna spend my two free periods working on college apps so you can find me in the back of the US history classroom because the teacher also runs student government.”

Azalea waits for you to sling your bag over your shoulder before heading for the hallway. There’s a good flow of students now that it’s closer to class time, and you keep your gaze on Azalea’s ponytail as you walk.
No. 1068521 ID: 9ea24b
File 168999499816.png - (81.14KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

>Sudden attack of the tism
She takes you to the east side of the main building, then all the way west to the science building where the shiny new computer labs are.

“Remember to find me at lunch! Give me your phone so I can put in my number.”

As you fumble for your phone, you’re horribly aware of the awkward silence and blurt out the first thing you think of.

“When I was waiting for you, I was imagining growing super tall with pure willpower.”

“That’d be neat.” Azalea says absently. “Sometimes I imagine myself with the ability to shoot lasers out of my fingertips. Anyway, see you later.”

She hands your phone back and leaves. You slink into the lab, face burning.

A. Text during class
B. Pay close attention to the teacher
C. Talk to another student
No. 1068558 ID: 817509

C talk to another student about your hopes and dreams of becoming taller.
No. 1068571 ID: e51896

A. sneaky sneaky.
No. 1068579 ID: 435f13

Notice that the girl next to you is noticing your Street Fighter lunchbox. Tell her all about how Dhalsim is your favorite Street Fighter character because Dhalsim has achieved total control of his body through yogi meditation. Tell her that you believe it's possible to accomplish this in real life.
No. 1068643 ID: a7a180

You know what, I'm switching to B. Programming is a fascinating subject.
No. 1068804 ID: e5709d

No. 1068809 ID: 9ea24b
File 169016619136.png - (126.85KB , 800x800 , p8.png )

You’ve taken a Python class before, but you still pay rapt attention as the teacher goes over the syllabus. There’s a girl in the row ahead of you who’s already working on something, but you’re content to skim through the paper handout and sink into a calm fugue state.

Academics has never been a source of stress for you, you study diligently, do your homework on time, and have an easy time paying attention in class. At your old school, you were in the running for valedictorian but luckily coming here means there’s no risk of having to give a speech at graduation.

The bell rings and you head to French, where you repeat the process of being a well-behaved student. As it gets closer to lunch your stomach rumbles.

A. You brought lunch (what is it?)
B. You’re going to buy lunch
No. 1068810 ID: c14e64

A you brought lunch in your Street Fighter lunchbox (featuring Dhalsim) of course!
No. 1068811 ID: c14e64

The lunch is apples with peanut butter, a peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter crackers, and honey roasted peanuts. Also: a piece of toast cut in the shape of a cat.
No. 1068812 ID: 38349b

I like the idea of a big peanut butter meal, gotta get that protein until you figure out how active your school days here will be!

No preference on the lunchbox but if it comes down to a tie I'll support this one
No. 1068814 ID: a7a180

You brought lunch, you had to use a bento box but you were able to fill it with normie local food like a turkey sandwich and salad.
No. 1068819 ID: e5709d

You bought lunch, you parents keep buying karage and you're sick of it.
No. 1068821 ID: 2f7f6e

Your lunch is a horrific combination of all the other food suggestions.
No. 1068828 ID: d87bab

You didn’t bring lunch, you figured you could just ambush another student during recess and cannibalize them.
No. 1068880 ID: 44def3

You brought your food in this box but it's actually food typical to a bento box
No. 1068924 ID: 9ea24b
File 169033635254.png - (154.01KB , 800x800 , p9.png )

>A, you brought a bento style lunch in a Street Fighter branded box
You packed yourself rice, honey roasted peanuts, and some leftover chicken katsu in your shiny Dhalsim emblazoned lunchbox. There’s also an elephant on the front. You like elephants.

Azalea promptly texts you which table she’s sitting at right as the bell rings, and you find her with two other girls, as was promised earlier. You recognize the taller one as the person sitting in front of you in coding class. She has long black hair and is talking animatedly to the shorter girl, who’s holding a copy of some Warrior Cats paperback.

Azalea pats the table insistently until you take a seat. “This is Brook and Violet, Brook and Violet meet Yuri.”

Brook waves. “Hi Yuri, I think I saw you in class, surprised to see anyone taller than me.”

Violet puts her nose back in her book. “Welcome to the coolest senior clique in the entire school.”
No. 1068925 ID: 9ea24b
File 169033636586.png - (139.95KB , 800x800 , p10.png )

Azalea gives you a breakdown of the other two girls, which makes Violet grumble something about ruining the surprise.

Brook and Violet are both planning to go to the local state university after graduating, Brook to save money and Violet because her grades aren’t good enough to get in anywhere fancy. Brook is a nerd and Violet is a geek but also the jock of the group somehow because she’s on the varsity cross country team.

You notice Azalea and Violet have bought lunch, while Brook is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with apple slices.

Which girl do you immediately fall in love with? The other two girls will become the beta couple.
A. Violet
B. Brook
C. Azalea
No. 1068934 ID: 834aaf

A Violet. Completely sperg out about Warrior Cats.

Also, explain to Brook that you're taller than her because you spend at least an hour every day concentrating on growing taller. Demonstrate by squinting up your eyes and concentrating on growing taller right there.
No. 1068956 ID: a7a180

No. 1068970 ID: 2f7f6e

A, because Warrior Cats, and also you might be able to help her study as an excuse to spend time with her.
No. 1068974 ID: e5709d

D) Nope nope nope nope nope
You completely ignore all three girls and eat lunch until some random tactless nerd decides to sit at your table and reveals she's a science prodigy.
No. 1068982 ID: 44def3

A, definitely. You know nothing about Warrior Cats but you have been waiting your entire life to have a reason to learn. Also just because you have the height for basketball doesn't mean you couldn't do track.
No. 1068991 ID: 686036

Brook, a kindred spirit.
No. 1069037 ID: 38349b

A because a budding warrior cats romance means that she'll probably be into fanfic and you know anyone into fanfic is immediately cool
No. 1069113 ID: 9ea24b
File 169050959088.png - (152.15KB , 800x800 , p11.png )

>A, Violet
You eye her scruffy hair and clearly well-loved volume of Into the Wild. There’s some magnetism about her tired eyes, and you can only imagine the strength in her runners legs. You feel something you’ve never felt before: infatuation.

While you eat, you turn over these new feelings in your mind. You have a new goal to get to know Violet. Is she gay? Could a Warrior Cats fanfic writer ever love a Street Fighter enjoyer? You have many burning questions.

The bell rings and you have a few moments in the chaos to sneak in a private question.
A. Ask Azalea what classes Violet is taking
B. Ask Violet how to join cross country
C. Ask Brook what the gang usually does to hang out
No. 1069114 ID: 2f7f6e

A, ask about her schedule. It would be more subtle to go with C, but you are not the best at subtlety.
No. 1069116 ID: 2f7f6e

Not gonna change my vote, but I am gonna say we should join the cross country team at some point so Yuri can run fast aka Yuri Speedrun.
No. 1069121 ID: a7a180

No. 1069123 ID: 44def3

You might not change your vote but you have convinced me to vote B.
No. 1069124 ID: 435f13

B, ask how to join cross country. Also: grow taller.
No. 1069145 ID: 87e33c

B, because if you join a sport shes on that means close proximity which means you could maybe bump into her sometimes, just remember not to stare too hard!!!!
No. 1069146 ID: bd46dd

Stare a lot at Violet
No. 1069294 ID: 9ea24b
File 169068442513.png - (139.62KB , 800x800 , p12.png )

Violet will never suspect you like her if you talk to her like a normal person. Cross country is a perfect opportunity to get closer to her and also flex your long legs.

You tap Violet on the shoulder. “Hey, is it too late to join cross country? I know a lot of Fall sports do summer training.”

Violet turns around against the tide of students leaving the cafeteria to face you. “You can join, it’s not like there’s a participation limit like other stuff.”

She looks you up and down. “You can come to practice and see if you like it, taller people usually have more trouble with long distance running.”

>Grow even taller through willpower
This was attempted and failed due to the presence of physical realism in this quest, you are no longer considering this option.

>Stare at Violet
>Don’t stare at Violet
You compromise by looking at the tuft of hair at the top of her head. That can’t be aerodynamic.

Since you’re such a good student, you’ll spend your class time entirely focused on learning. You have one free period each day, with your first being right now.

A. Follow Violet to whatever class she’s taking (risky)
B. Find Azalea working on college apps and think about college yourself
C. Chill in the library
No. 1069295 ID: a7a180

C. Library time, great place to read some books. Sometimes they're not even manga.
No. 1069298 ID: 73d44c

B. Find Azalea working on college apps, then fantasize about a college where all kinds of crazy sci fi things happen just like in your favorite animes. Write these fantasies down in your journal.
No. 1069361 ID: 44def3

C, to do some preliminary research on warrior cats. Surely a high school library has peak fiction in it and not just a terribly sad corner with a bean bag chair and five harry potters
No. 1069453 ID: 9ea24b
File 169083116216.png - (148.47KB , 800x800 , p13.png )

>C, study the sacred texts (the first Warrior Cats subseries)
You mostly stuck to Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson when you were young, so you need to study the cat lore to impress Violet. Of course you’ve read Harry Potter and a bunch of manga, but now’s not the time for old comforts. You head to the cozy library with a direct mission in mind, feral cat soap opera.

Thanks to being a private school, the library is well stocked, and you don’t have to try very hard to find the same book Violet was reading at lunch.

You settle down at a wood table with matching high backed chairs and start to read. You get about halfway through Firepaw’s adventure when you have to go to your last class. You check out the next two books as well.

Tomorrow you’ll bring running shoes and the right clothes for running practice. What do you do tonight?
A. Finish reading this book, and the next one, and the next one
B. Sleep early
C. Other
No. 1069454 ID: 554741

C: write a Warrior Cats fanfic to impress Violet.

Second choice: A
No. 1069463 ID: 87e33c

B, sleep, don't get too desperate now
No. 1069465 ID: a7a180

B, that’s the best option. Especially if you want to join sports!
No. 1069514 ID: 44def3

B! School/Life/Infatuation balance is important.
No. 1069540 ID: 5da029

B sleep, but also: dream
No. 1069541 ID: 435f13

Dream about getting taller
No. 1069633 ID: 9ea24b
File 169102805318.png - (123.16KB , 800x800 , p14.png )

Early to bed and early to rise makes a woman healthy, wealthy, and stealthy. If you want to do your best at sports tomorrow you need plenty of sleep.

You dream about catching mice and rabbits to feed to your parents. You wake up with a start when your alarm goes off.

Each new school day will follow the same structure. You’ll have a few classes, have lunch, have a free period, then go to running practice. You can take actions during lunch, your free period, and running practice.

Lunch is first. What do you want to say to Azalea, Brook, and Violet? You have to speak knowing everyone is listening.
No. 1069635 ID: a7a180

At my old school, we didn't have teachers this nice.
No. 1069656 ID: 709d11

Talk to Violet about Warrior Cats
No. 1069659 ID: 44def3

Talk about your teachers, yeah, but subtly pull out the novel you're on with intent to read if there's a lull. This is the coffee table philosophy book of social interactions and it's sure to make you seem both sociable and interesting.
No. 1069759 ID: 9ea24b
File 169120362485.png - (110.88KB , 800x800 , p15.png )

>Start with general talk about teachers, then pivot into showing off your recently acquired literature
You chew through a huge piece of leftover supermarket sushi from dinner last night to regain your strength. Honestly you haven’t had too long to get to know your teachers but they’ve all seemed experienced and put-together.

“My teachers so far have seemed a lot less stressed here than the ones at my old school.” you mumble around a mouthful of stale rice. “Does that change during the year?”

Brook considers the question. “We have a nice Fall Break, and a reading week, so the teachers have some time before projects and finals come in. Also since classes are small they don’t have to grade as much.”

“Ah, yeah, we didn’t have things like that in public school.”

“Public school, wow…” Azalea’s eyes get wide and unfocused as she imagines a world of underpaid, overworked teachers.

Imitation crab doesn’t go bad after one day right? You dip the next piece of sushi in extra soy sauce to deter any toxins, then fish around in your bag until you pull out your copy of Into the Wild. Violet, of course, has already progressed to Fire and Ice, but looks up when she sees the book.

“I saw you reading it yesterday and I decided to give it a try.” you explain. “I’ve heard about the series before but I never went out of my way to check it out.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah! Firepaw and Graypaw make a good team and I think Yellowfang is a cool sympathetic old cat lady.”

You make a big show of reading while you eat, which makes Azalea and Brook moan about the downfall of society now that books are ruining face to face conversation.

What would you like to do during your free period today?
A. More reading
B. Visit Azalea who’s working on college apps
C. Other
No. 1069760 ID: 44def3

B! Gotta be a well-rounded sort or your dreams of becoming a Prince will never come to fruition. ...did you have those dreams, actually?
No. 1069769 ID: 435f13

"Apps?" Is that like appetizers? Ask her if she can order you some jalapeno poppers.
No. 1069781 ID: c37138

B, got to know which schools need you to get in early and if any of them are something you’d want.
No. 1069845 ID: 9ea24b
File 169135771151.png - (105.14KB , 800x800 , p16.png )

>B, be well rounded
You find Azalea in the back of the history classroom as promised, pouring over a laptop where she has the common app website open.

“Hi Yuri, I’m making sure I have the requirements written down for all of my schools.” She shows you a color-coded Excel sheet with at least 15 listed universities. There’s names like Stanford and Harvard and Princeton and basically every fancy pants place you can think of.

“I don’t want to limit my options so I’m only going to do early action instead of early decision, all the rest I’ll apply at the normal time. My grandpa went to Princeton which helps, but my family isn’t loaded so it’s not a guaranteed thing. Ugh, I have to write so many essays. Where are you applying?”

What are your college plans? You have the academics to get into a nice school, but not the insane extracurriculars to go to an Ivy League or anything of that caliber.
A. Local public university
B. Mid level private liberal arts college
C. Fuck it, trade school to become a highly paid and in demand HVAC tech
No. 1069846 ID: 1963da

Definitely C.
No. 1069864 ID: 512ef2

A, a perfectly functional degree for getting any job you want.
No. 1069907 ID: 44def3

As much as I appreciate the arts, the world does not. A.
No. 1069912 ID: 7aa7b0

A, and pick up some certifications adjacent to whatever you end up studying. Remember: you're there for internship opportunities, work experience that can go on a resume, and work-relevant networking, not JUST learning!
No. 1069913 ID: 87e33c

C, please, dont make my mistake of B, or pick A and then study something like Philosophy
No. 1069915 ID: 5fbc2c

Actually become a philosophy major because it's the best
No. 1069917 ID: 7aa7b0

Philosophy is a horrible, horrible major if you aren't going into academia and plan on actually earning an income yourself and are keen on supporting youself, a family, and maybe retiring early. Only the wealthy or the truly exceptional or very well connected can afford to blow tens of thousands of dollars in the pursuit of being well rounded. The rest of us have to strategically take on debt in ways that will make us money rather than just make us better people.
No. 1069970 ID: 9ea24b
File 169153644554.png - (123.15KB , 800x800 , p17.png )

>A, though you’re not sure what you’ll pick for your major
“I think I’ll go to the same place Brook and Violet are thinking of. I still need to do some research on what their best majors are, but I’ll probably pick something practical like computer science or engineering.”

Azalea nods. “You’ll get a bunch of core class credits covered by your AP tests. ‘S a good choice.”

She sighs and rubs her face. “I almost wish that’s what I could do, but I didn’t put myself through hell for three years to end up a ten minute drive from home.

You sit in silence next to Azalea while she works and feel weirdly relieved. You were never shooting for any high goals, but knowing you have a vague plan for the future is nice. Eventually you slip out your book and start reading again.

After the last bell rings, you head out toward the track and soccer field where there’s a small bathroom to change into your running gear. The other girls gather in a group on the grass and you join them. It seems like you’ll be running to a park a few miles away and then back. How do you want to attempt practice?
A. Run hard! Keep up with the leader of the pack
B. Start slow and see how you feel
No. 1069971 ID: e5709d

No. 1069982 ID: f88c45

Wow good thing you didn't fall for Azalea.

B, you can't show off until you get the basics under you.
No. 1069983 ID: a7a180

She has big ambitions and more importantly, a plan to achieve them. Admirable.

No. 1070002 ID: 38349b

B, doesent seem like you're hypercompetitive yet, but pick up the pace a bit if you think you can handle it
No. 1070003 ID: 435f13

A run hard!!!
No. 1070079 ID: 9ea24b
File 169178854014.png - (129.16KB , 800x800 , p18.png )

>It’s a good thing you didn’t fall for Azalea
Who’s to say, a highschool crush doesn’t have to last into college. She definitely seems like a driven and admirable person.

>B, pace yourself
You’re new to this, and it would be embarrassing if you overexerted yourself and fainted or something. You fall with the pack of girls in the back and take small strides to stay at the same speed, even though you could go much faster.

This proves to be the right choice, about halfway to the park your calves start hurting and you’re breathing hard. You make it to the park, where you take a big swig from the drinking fountain, the coach makes sure everyone is accounted for, and then you start the journey back. You hardly see Violet since she stays up at the front.

You’ve finished your second day of school! As you get more familiar with your routine, time will start to speed up (you’ll skip days here and there to move time-based events along). You finish reading Into the Wild in the evening.

You wake up the next morning with sore legs. What would you like to do during lunch?
No. 1070080 ID: bbd459

Pretend to be a cat and speak in meows to everyone.
No. 1070081 ID: f88c45

You need Violet to give you tips about stretches and cool downs! Maybe some hands -on advice. Not in the cafeteria though, of course.
No. 1070082 ID: a7a180

Chug Gatorade to become electrically charged.
No. 1070083 ID: e5709d

Seconded and are you okay?
No. 1070172 ID: 38349b

Thirded and yeah apples is fine, this will be hilarious to see how tippler writes this scene lmao
No. 1070195 ID: 9ea24b
File 169195443110.png - (150.33KB , 800x800 , p19.png )

>Hydrate during the day
You bring a bottle of Gatorade to school with you and alternate sips of that and water.

>Are you okay?
Considering you haven’t exercised much before, you’re glad you even survived your first practice.

>Pretend to be a cat at lunch and speak in meows
You have the easily embarrassed trait and meowing backfires immediately when the three girls look at you like you’re crazy. You disguise the sound with a cough, face burning.

>Ask Violet for stretching and cool down tips
After enough time has passed for everyone to forget about your brief moment of cringe, you raise your head and nudge Violet with your elbow so she looks up from her book.

“I went to cross country practice yesterday and I’m super sore today, do you have any advice?”

Violet raises her eyebrows. “You’ll be sore, that’s normal. You don’t have to go to practice every day when you’re first starting, I’d rather you stay consistent and come two to three times a week instead of wearing yourself out.”

Your stomach flutters. Violet wants you to come to practice and cares about your well-being!

“Do you know any good stretches that you could show me?”

Violet gets up and demonstrates a calf stretch and a quad stretch and the usual hamstring fold over.

What would you like to do for your free period?
A. Work on homework
B. Keep reading Warriors
C. Ask Azalea about upcoming events
No. 1070196 ID: a7a180

No. 1070199 ID: f88c45

A. Gotta do your homework. That way you aren't busy on practice days!
No. 1070200 ID: 9f13c1

B: keep reading Warriors and meow under your breath while reading.
No. 1070202 ID: 9f13c1

Seek guidance from the Starclan
No. 1070277 ID: 9ea24b
File 169214790327.png - (170.97KB , 800x800 , p20.png )

>B, read more
These books are actually really good. At first you were reading to impress Violet but now you can’t tear yourself away from the adventures of Fireheart and Graystripe as they fight the wicked Tigerclaw.

You’re reading fast. You’ll be done with the first six book series within a week, and be able to have in-depth discussions with Violet about the lore. You’ll even be able to write fanfiction that you’ll publish online under a pseudonym, should you choose to spend your free time laboring over the written word.

Your last choice for the day is about cross country.
A. Go to practice today
B. Go home and rest
No. 1070278 ID: a7a180

Go home and rest. Tomorrow, we run!
No. 1070279 ID: 435f13

Go to a practice
No. 1070296 ID: f88c45

Violet would chastise us if we went to practice after just telling us to take it easy. B, gotta rest.
No. 1070298 ID: e51896

B. rest is important
No. 1070335 ID: 9ea24b
File 169231594295.png - (102.11KB , 800x800 , p21.png )

>B, rest
You heed Violet’s advice and take the bus home for a relaxing evening of reading and homework.

>A week passes
You have regular homework, which you manage in the evenings. You go to cross country Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and notice improvements even in a short time. You’re still at the back of the pack but you don’t feel like you’re dying after practice.

In class, you notice that Azalea and Brook are both good students, though Brook often does her own thing in programming rather than listening to the teacher. From your view behind her, it looks like she’s working on a text based game or something.

Your crush on Violet remains strong, but you don’t get to talk to her much since you don’t share classes and she’s far too fast of a runner.

Who do you want to talk to during lunch? What about? Each individual will have unique information to share.
A. Violet
B. Azalea
C. Brook
No. 1070336 ID: 435f13

Talk to Brook. Tell her your idea for a videogame about a catgirl who has the magical power to grow taller. Offer to pay her in exposure if she makes the game for you.
No. 1070337 ID: 435f13

Also eat a bunch of beets right before talking to Brook so you have beet juice on your lips and teeth.
No. 1070350 ID: 87e33c

Is there a do the opposite of this action command

But B for Brooke sounds good, if she's comfortable talking about her game!
No. 1070359 ID: a7a180

Talk to Brooke without doing anything Apples just said.
No. 1070360 ID: 435f13

Confess to Brook that your underpants are on backwards.
No. 1070436 ID: 9ea24b
File 169249105117.png - (137.30KB , 800x800 , p22.png )

>C, Brook
You’re curious about the game she’s working on and from what you can tell she’s close pals with Violet and would be the best person to build inroads between you and the focus of your infatuation.

>Do not let the intrusive thoughts win
After the meowing humiliation of last week, you’re keeping a tight lid on all outbursts and odd behaviors. You do have some boiled beets in your lunch and you wipe your lips clean to make sure you don’t look like a vampire.

“Brook, what’s that game you’re working on in programming class? Also, I never see you doing the assignments during open time either, do you just do them all at home?”

“I took the class last year and the assignments are the same. It’s really just for fun cause I’m friends with the teacher and would rather be in the lab than alone in a free period.” She takes another bite of PB&J. “You good with Python?”

“Yeah, I’ve taken a class before, at my old school.”

“I’ll sit next to you next class and show you what I’m making. If you’re bored I can even share my old homework so you have time to work on what you want too.”

“Ah, it’s okay, I like reviewing the material. I’d love to see your game though.”

You’ve built a good point of contact with Brook! What do you want to do with your free period today?
A. Write Warriors fanfiction
B. Work on your college application
C. Other
No. 1070440 ID: a7a180

Hit the gym! Er, exercise room.
No. 1070444 ID: e5709d

B because these things are so annoying
No. 1070445 ID: b58e07

Yeah why not!
No. 1070469 ID: 435f13

A Write Warriors fanfiction and insert a cat based on Violet to be the love interest. Also write a self-insert OC who is a cat with the magical power to grow taller.
No. 1070495 ID: 9ea24b
File 169264892916.png - (146.71KB , 800x800 , p23.png )

>C, bonus workout
Inspired by your recent interest in fitness, you decide to check out the school’s gym and exercise equipment. Running is good for cardio and leg endurance, but you want to build some strength. It’s empty, and you look up how to use the machines on your phone.

Two weeks pass. Your first cross country meet is today, and you’ve been feeling great on the track. Even Violet’s been impressed by your improvement, which has been bolstered by your newfound enjoyment of weight training.

Brook is working on a simple adventure game where the player has an inventory and has to use the items they find to solve puzzles and get past obstacles. You’re the main playtester and Brook’s invited you to her house after school to hang out. She has two younger siblings.

Azalea seems to become steadily more stressed as classes and school events pick up, even skipping lunch to work on posters advertising homecoming. Speaking of which, it’s only you, Brook, and Violet at lunch today.

What do you want to talk about?
A. Focus on Brook, discuss the game
B. Focus on Violet, ask about the race
C. Bring up a general topic that everyone can discuss
No. 1070496 ID: b6e967

Focus on Violet.
No. 1070500 ID: b58e07

Definitely B.
No. 1070501 ID: 435f13

C. Suggest you all come up with a secret language to speak to one another based on meowing.
No. 1070634 ID: 9ea24b
File 169283430190.png - (153.38KB , 800x800 , p24.png )

You ignore the flutter in your chest and the way your fingers get sweaty around your plastic fork as you turn to Violet, who’s not reading at the table for once and instead staring into space.

“What’s the race going to be like? Is there anything I should do to prepare?”

Brook turns her attention back to her sandwich as Violet blinks and turns her attention to you.

“Carbs the previous night, but it’s too late for that. You’re hydrating and honestly it doesn’t really matter how well you do so don’t get anxious about it. We’ve done practice runs that are 5Ks so you should be used to the distance.”

Violet’s uncaring attitude hurts your feelings a tiny bit. She’s right, but the race is kind of a big deal in your mundane day to day life and you’d like a little bit more enthusiasm.

What do you do for your free period?
A. Work on Warrior’s fanfiction
B. Visit Azalea in the history classroom
C. Work on your college application
No. 1070635 ID: 435f13

A. Warriors fanfic.
No. 1070639 ID: a7a180

Tell Violet you'll be seeing her up front soon.
Also B.
No. 1070652 ID: b58e07

I do want to work on the fanfic finally but Azalea has seemed rather overwhelmed recently. Could try to lighten the load. Besides, you're a bit upset, thinking about Warrior Cats right now would hurt.

No. 1070766 ID: b94f16

I bet Violet would like us better if we spoke in meows and wore cat ears.
No. 1070779 ID: 9ea24b
File 169299188878.png - (115.48KB , 800x800 , p25.png )

>B, see if you can lighten Azalea’s load
You make a silent promise to yourself that you’ll be up front with Violet soon before slinging your bag over your shoulder and heading to the history classroom. Another problem is you don’t know what kind of person Violet likes, if she likes anyone that way. Maybe you should ask Brook what everyone’s dating history is, since you’re pretty good buddies with her now.

Azalea is hunched over her computer, typing an essay on a word document. She has a good two pages written already, which makes you feel guilty about neglecting your own college application.

Azalea looks up when you walk towards her, eyes widening like she’s seeing you for the first time. “You look way buffer than the last time I saw you.”

You shrug self-consciously. “Yeah I’ve been working out.”

“I just had an idea, could you be the homecoming king this year? I’m in charge of finding someone for the role, we always get a girl to do it so it’s not weird or anything. I’ll owe you big time.”

You hate the idea of getting dressed up in front of the entire school, but you want to help Azalea and get in her good books.

A. Agree to be homecoming king
B. Politely refuse
No. 1070780 ID: e5709d

B) Don't do this, you'll mess it up and then everyone will hate you.
Instead, go find someone who can do it and see if you can convince them to do it.
No. 1070922 ID: 16c5bf

I mean... A. Obviously panic first, make the usual excuses, ask about the queen, etc. But like, why not? It's weird but kinda cool to just stumble into such a big high school moment. Also, "king" has a nice ring to it.
No. 1070926 ID: a7a180

Short answer: A.
Long answer: Why is that, why do you think I'd be a good pick, do you know who the homecoming queen will be, and are the stories of shy nerdy girls being picked for homecoming king/queen getting a bucket of blood dumped on their head true?
No. 1070935 ID: cdb7ca

A, but then constantly think about this and wish you did this instead.
No. 1070940 ID: cdb7ca

Also, hasn't it been only a week or so since you started working out? Gains don't happen that fast, so either you are an absolute biological freak (unlikely), or Azalea has been watching you without you realizing it.

Now I may be looking waaay too much into this (but what the hell, this is supposed to be high school), but is she hoping to get to be the queen with you as the king? Sure it is outlandish, but there is a good chance she is planning to be queen given her position and it is kind of out of left field to ask you since you are relatively new...

Could she have a thing for you?

Sure, you may be nerdy, but I mean, you are tall, you are smart, you are pretty, decently built and have some decent sized boobs. Hell, keep up the muscle building and you are well on your way down the path to the amazonian character-build (lets have this rattle around in her head for a bit).

...she might seriously have a thing for you.
No. 1071030 ID: 9ea24b
File 169317733915.png - (140.47KB , 800x800 , p26.png )

>How have you gotten buff in only a week?
It’s been two weeks since you started working out and your arms have some definition, but Azalea must have been watching pretty closely to notice a difference.

This puts you on guard. Does Azalea have a thing for you? Does she want you to be homecoming king because she thinks you’re hot? You don’t think you’ll have a bucket of blood dumped on you or anything, but you’re suspicious of Azalea’s motives.

You bite your lip. “Well…Who’s going to be the homecoming queen?”

Azalea shows you a picture of a girl you don’t recognize. You squint but can’t see anything weird about her.

“I don’t have to do anything with her right? Like, hug her in public or something…”

Azalea gives a radiant grin as she senses your weakening resolve. “You just have to go to the assembly and a soccer game and wave at people.”

You groan softly. Now if you back out you’ll feel bad for Azalea, so there’s nothing to do but press forward.

Azalea now owes you a favor that you can cash in at any time. What do you want to do for your first race today?
A. Run as hard as you can to prove yourself to Violet
B. Run at a comfortable speed and see how well you do
No. 1071031 ID: ad91cf

A. Enough playing it safe, clearly Violet doesn't know who she's dealing with yet.
No. 1071035 ID: a7a180

A. Put the speed in yuri speedrun.
No. 1071043 ID: 2f7f6e

A. Yuri, speedrun.
No. 1071082 ID: 73739e

C. Try as hard as you can to be as fast as possible, but be strategic. Stay at a slower pace for most of the race, so you have the energy to sprint past everyone to the finish.
No. 1071089 ID: 435f13

A. run as hard as you can! Meow whenever you pass someone.
No. 1071103 ID: 8a6a52

I would like to put forth a motion to veto the meowing part.
No. 1071324 ID: 9ea24b
File 169344453824.png - (141.96KB , 800x800 , p27.png )

>A, it’s time to speedrun
You change into your exercise clothes and take the bus with the team to a large field, which has been staked out with cheap plastic cones to show the running path. A couple other buses arrive with unfamiliar students, even some boys.

The girls go first, and you get behind varsity and junior varsity at the starting line. When the countdown finishes, you surge forward immediately, putting all of your power into a fast start.

You can tell you can’t keep up this pace by how your lungs ache and the burning in your calves, but you stay resolutely by Violet’s side for the first mile. She even glances at you in surprise, which makes your heart somehow beat even faster.

As expected, you burn yourself out and fall behind. A few other runners pass you, but you still finish with a personal best time.

While you’re recovering over cold orange slices and a granola bar, Violet taps you on the back.

“Nice run.”

You tear off the sweet fruit flesh and swallow hurriedly. “Y-yeah! It was fun to compete for the first time.”

Violet smiles at you for what you think is the first time. Her bangs are all sweaty from the run and there are matching wet spots under her armpits. She looks beautiful.

Another two weeks pass until the day of the dreaded homecoming assembly arrives. It’s during third period, so you don’t get to relax with your time off like usual. Your mood is not helped by Azalea fussing over you at lunch.

What would you like to say at lunch? Azalea will insert herself into any conversation you’re having with Brook or Violet.
No. 1071336 ID: a7a180

Talk about the school's silliest traditions. Do the sports teams do anything wacky?
No. 1071337 ID: 435f13

Discuss your progress in learning how to communicate with cats, explain in detail what each of the different meows mean.
No. 1071354 ID: 1ca80a

If Azalea is getting involved anyway might as well keep it Homecoming adjacent. Ask the table what they think you'd look good in. Tux with the crown? Dress with a furred cape? Obviously we're pushing for Violets suggestion, though it might need to be compromised with whatever Azalea already has planned.
No. 1071418 ID: 9ea24b
File 169359920068.png - (135.43KB , 800x800 , p28.png )

>Wacky school traditions
Brook perks up when you ask, apparently the seniors have an official supervised winter beach bonfire overnight trip the first week of December. Apart from that, the cross country team does a potluck before the state finals and Azalea mentions that student government has a bunch of inside jokes and traditions.

>Talk about cats
Violet likes fictional cats, so maybe she likes real cats? Brook doesn’t have any pets and neither do you, but you have yet to ask Violet and Azalea.

When you voice your question, Azalea immediately shows you a ton of pictures of her two dogs. You hear Violet mutter that her parents have a cat named Sophie.

>Ask what you get to wear as homecoming king
Azalea shrugs. “We have a basic costume we use every year, with like a black jacket and a fur cape, but if you want to do something else you can look through all of the supplies and see what you like.

You turn to the table at large. “What would you guys like to see?”

“Be an edgy goth.” Brook suggests. “Y’know, get Azalea to do some cool eyeshadow or something.”

“Get a sword.” Violet adds.

These both sound like excellent suggestions. Are there any other special touches you’d like to add to your costume before you go to the assembly?
No. 1071420 ID: 435f13

Epaulets obviously, and one of those tall, cylindrical band hats with the ostrich plume.
No. 1071438 ID: a7a180

Black jacket, fur cape, goth with a sword? Pretty badass, yeah. Get some gold chains, really get into the sacking Rome mindset.
No. 1071444 ID: a52995

Ask what kind of sword
No. 1071446 ID: 1ca80a

Gotta be silver. A merge of the modern and the classic. But hell yeah, this rocks.

But... Couldn't you also use a corsage from a lovely lady? Hidden under the cape of course, close to your heart.
No. 1071447 ID: e5709d

...Something is wrong. Something is... very... very... wrong.
So you'll compensate with @#$%ed-up fashion!
Dragonplate armor for your knight's outer purple leather. A badass scarf to hide the kevlar choker. A crown with fake hair to hide a military-grade helmet. Even a porcelain mask with kevlar lining the back juuust to be sure.
No. 1071532 ID: 9ea24b
File 169377510545.png - (172.87KB , 800x800 , p29.png )

The costume closet is shared with the school’s theater program, and there’s a limited number of nice items that would be fitting for a king. This does not include any kevlar. You find some basic prop swords, a jacket with those fancy shoulder pad things, matching black pants, a corsage of fake flowers, and some plastic chains that have been spray painted to look silver and gold.

You put everything on, with Azalea helping you arrange all the add-ons. She also does your makeup, which feels vaguely uncomfortable on your face. You’ve never worn makeup before, and when you look in the mirror you hardly recognize yourself.

Azalea pins the crown securely on your head and leads you to the back side of the fieldhouse, where all the student government kids are getting ready for the assembly. People are staring at you and it’s making you feel sick to your stomach. It doesn’t help that the fur cape is making you overheat as well.

What do you do to stay calm during the assembly? Anxiety levels will be based on suggestions.
No. 1071536 ID: 2f7f6e

Ask Azalea if she has any tips for staying calm. Even if her suggestion doesn't help, the reassurance from a friend will.
No. 1071538 ID: 435f13

You know what you have to do. Meow under your breath to the tune of "Hey Jude."
No. 1071550 ID: 15f2de

Focus on staying cool. Listen to the instructions from the faculty.
No. 1071561 ID: 1ca80a

Well, simply put YOU aren't in front of a crowd. The KING is in front of her subjects. Acting 101, let the role cloak you from your stage fright. You are magnanimous but above it all, etc.
No. 1071587 ID: e5709d

Look out the window and casually check for school shooters. Surely you'll feel better if nothing bad is happen-
No. 1071781 ID: 9ea24b
File 169397104164.png - (148.55KB , 800x800 , p30.png )

>Listen to instructions from the faculty
You’ve been told to wait for your cue, which will be some time after the assembly starts since the dance club has put together a routine they’re going to perform first.

>Meow under your breath
Meowing is a known Yuri stress inducer. You become more stressed.

>Roleplay as a regal king who’s above it all
You’re naturally submissive, so it’s hard to get into the mindspace.

>Worry about a potential school shooter
Whenever you’re around a lot of people, you can’t help but wonder if there’s going to be a shooting. You become more stressed. You dry heave a couple times.

You stagger around the mess of students, searching for Azalea. When you find her you tug on her arm like a scared child and hunch to hide your face.

“I don’t think I can do this, I feel like I’m going to throw up.” you mutter.

“Oh, that would be bad.” Azalea looks over her shoulder at where the homecoming queen is ogling you. “There’s a locker room around the corner, take it all off, I’ll take your place.”

Relieved, you follow Azalea’s instructions and hastily change back into your school uniform. Azalea rolls up the cuffs and bottoms of your king outfit and does her hair up in a bun before hurrying back to her government cohort. You sneak away to hide in the library.

You’ve used up Azalea’s favor and feel really bad about letting her down, enough that you start eating lunch in an empty classroom to avoid her. Another two weeks pass like this, putting you well into October.

In programming, Brook deliberately sits next to you one morning and asks why you’ve been avoiding everyone at lunch. How do you answer?
No. 1071783 ID: a7a180

Bad kitty.
Answer that you took on too big a task and didn't prepare properly for it, letting down Azalea.
No. 1071795 ID: 8a6a52

Dump the spaghetti.
All of it.
Start sobbing talking about how you feel like you let Azalea down and how that makes you feel terrible and now you feel like you can't face her anymore, and also now that you haven't been sitting with them now you are scared to go back and oh my god what would Violet think of you? You don't think you could keep on living if she hated you because she doesn't know it but she is the world to you and you are just sad and lost and guilty.
No. 1071805 ID: 1ca80a

You lied to Azalea about being able to help her. You didn't mean to but it's not like that matters when all that means is you're so unreliable. And really, if you can't do something you were never suited for in the first place, then how could you ever be relied upon for things you are good at and are consistent with??? Anyway you think you'd cry if you saw her so you have chosen not to.
No. 1071820 ID: cdb7ca

Does the school have a skeet club? Blowing up clay discs with a shotgun can be very cathartic.
No. 1071947 ID: 9ea24b
File 169414302578.png - (219.82KB , 800x800 , p31.png )

>Does the school have a skeet shooting club?
No, that sounds cool but you don’t think your generation and slice of socio-economic class is super comfortable around guns.

>Dump the spaghetti
You start sniffling and whimper out a few words about disappointing Azalea and not going through with something you promised to do. Brook sees you crying and takes you by the hand to lead you outside the classroom. As soon as you’re in the hallway you start sobbing and follow Brook outside until she stops to sit at a blank brick wall in relative privacy.

“I-I promised Azalea I would be the homecoming king but I’m usually shy and I got really anxious before the assembly and ch-chickened out. She probably thinks I’m a coward and a liar and unreliable. I can’t go to lunch in case she sees me…”

Brook rubs your back as you cry, which makes your whole body tingle, but you don’t read into it. It’s just nice to have physical contact.

“I should have been ready, she told me everything that would happen and I psyched myself out. I’m so dumb.”

Brook waits for you to settle yourself into nose-blowing and hiccups before she responds. “Azalea feels bad, she thinks she pressured you into it when you weren’t comfortable. She really isn’t mad at you, we all miss you at lunch and want to hang out again.”

“R-really? Even Violet misses me?”

Brook gives you a curious look. “Yeah. You don’t have to come to lunch today but you should come tomorrow.”

Brook is now a trusted confidant. You decide to take her advice and avoid any more stressful social situations today, so you eat lunch in the empty classroom again.

What do you do for your free period today?
A. Warriors fanfiction
B. College application
C. Other
No. 1071949 ID: a7a180

No. 1071963 ID: 2f7f6e

B. Gotta do it at some point.
No. 1071968 ID: 0bf2fd

C. Work out till you feel better.

(alternatively A)
No. 1071969 ID: 0bf2fd

Lets do this this weekend (so plz don't timeskip over it, tippler).
No. 1071971 ID: 435f13

A. Write a story about a cat who becomes homecoming king and grows really tall.
No. 1071978 ID: 1ca80a

A. You know what feels great when upset? Working out your feelings in a bunch of your favorite characters!
No. 1072045 ID: 9ea24b
File 169430757845.png - (131.50KB , 800x800 , p32.png )

>Can you work on your college application over the weekend?
No, you’re already committed to working out, homework, and hanging out with Brook. You don’t want to burn yourself out by taking on too many tasks at once.

>A, fanfiction
You do some furtive research on your phone since the school’s wifi blocks AO3. There’s a decent amount of the stuff, ranging from short, incomplete drabbles to fics over 100,000 words long. You only know the original series lore, so you read some of the shorter fics and decide that since you’ve never written anything before, you’re well qualified to make this stuff.

What kind of fanfiction do you want to write? You don’t have much time so it’ll be short and you won’t write anything explicit.
A. A shipping fic!
B. Character exploration of existing characters
C. Make an original cat character and put them in the story
No. 1072064 ID: a7a180

A shipfic!
No. 1072065 ID: e5709d

B) Watch what happens when you force a hero and villain to work together - if they don't get to murdering one another in front of their children first.
No. 1072066 ID: fb8a42

A stands for Always Ship
No. 1072068 ID: 435f13

C make an original cat character with the power to grow taller
No. 1072098 ID: 4efd82

We can combine this with everyone saying A with the most powerful of tags: enemies to lovers.
No. 1072155 ID: 0bf2fd

Lets go with C. It is less disappointing then when your fanfic turns out to be very wrong later down the line. C gives the most freedom.
No. 1072172 ID: 9ea24b
File 169444944491.png - (114.27KB , 800x800 , p33.png )

>Enemies to lovers shipping of existing characters
You pick the two most prominent characters, Fireheart and Tigerclaw, and set the fic before Tigerclaw tries to kill Bluestar. Your mind is instantly abuzz with ideas of romance and budding mutual admiration. It helps that it’s yaoi, which is inherently pleasing to your teenage girl brain.

With a new project to focus on, you return to lunch the following day and talk things out with Azalea, who’s just happy she didn’t permanently traumatize you.

You finish the first chapter of your fic after a couple days, make an account, and post it online. At first you’re terrified that people will hate it, or that your writing sucks and you’ll get mean comments, but you ultimately only get a handful of views and a couple kudos.

You keep working steadily during your free periods, alternating between exercising in the weight room and coming up with plot and dialogue on the library computers. As you keep posting, you get your first comment and more views, which is a unique thrill.

Another two weeks pass in the honeymoon period of internet acknowledgement. There’s a cross country race on Halloween, which is on a Tuesday this year. Azalea arrives at lunch dressed up like a Barbie, but the rest of you are in your usual clothes.

What do you say at lunch? Who do you want to talk to?
No. 1072178 ID: a7a180

Tell Azalea she looks fantastic in plastic. Talk about your budding fic with Violet.
Propose trick or treating together after the race.
No. 1072290 ID: 1ca80a

Talk about the fic with Violet and ask if there's anything anyone (Violet) wants to do after the race.
No. 1072498 ID: e5709d

Blatantly ask Azalea if she is also a furry
No. 1072501 ID: 9ea24b
File 169496313122.png - (139.38KB , 800x800 , p34.png )

>Compliment Azalea on her costume and ask if she’s interested in Warriors at all
You’re seriously impressed that she’s incorporated the costume into her required school uniform, which is the opposite color of bubblegum pink. Azalea has never read Warriors but admits she has a soft spot for the My Little Pony show.

>Tell Violet about your fic
You pull up your fic on your phone, hand sweaty, and show Violet. Her eyes get wide and she takes your phone to scroll through the first chapter.

“Tigerclaw and Fireheart? That’s pretty cool, I like the way you’re spacing out your paragraphs and stuff.” Violet hands back your phone. “I mostly look up fanart and animations but I read stuff too.”

>Ask Violet to go trick or treating tonight
“A-after the race, do you want to dress up and go trick or treating tonight? We can go early since it gets dark so soon, Brook and Azalea, you can come too.”

Brook shakes her head. “I’m going with my younger siblings.”

“I’m going to a party.” Azalea adds. “There’s probably going to be booze but I’m not going to stay late or drink since there’s school tomorrow.”

“It can just be us.” you tell Violet hastily. “I can go to your neighborhood or you can come to mine.”

Violet thinks for a moment before nodding. “Let’s go to mine, I’ll tell you my address. We’ll need to dress up. I’ll read your fic before we meet up so we can talk about it.”

Your heart is thumping in your chest as you leave to work on your fic during your free period. You’ve done it! You’re going to hang out with Violet outside of practice and school!

The race goes well, you’ve about plateaued with your racing speed, which puts you as the fastest junior varsity runner, though you still can’t keep up with Violet’s pace for the whole 5K. You’re satisfied and celebrate with the team while your brain churns with ideas for your Halloween costume.

What do you dress up as? Violet is keeping her costume a secret.
No. 1072503 ID: a7a180

Cheetara from Thundercats. Still a cat, but not the one they expect.
No. 1072525 ID: 1ca80a

Go as the King. It's time to reclaim the throne.
No. 1072611 ID: 9ea24b
File 169506736121.png - (176.70KB , 800x800 , p35.png )

You’re more of a tomboy, so skintight suits and sleeveless tops aren’t your thing.

>Dress up as a king again
When you were preparing for homecoming you did get a lot of stares that at the time you didn’t recognize as awe. A quick text to Azalea and she arranges a supply dropoff at your house.

After dinner you put on the familiar garments and stare at yourself in the mirror. Without the makeup, you don’t look as impressive, but your furred cape and sword are still rad.

You tell your parents where you’re going then drive to the south side of town to meet Violet. She lives in a townhouse and emerges from the gate dressed as a traditional witch. Your stomach flips over when she gives you an admiring look, and you trail after her as she leads the way to the best trick or treating streets.

You have an uninterrupted moment to talk to Violet. What do you say to her?
A. Ask to hang out after school more
B. Talk about your fic
C. Confess your crush
No. 1072619 ID: a7a180

No. 1072636 ID: 0bf2fd

Holy shit what if someone recognizes you from homecoming in that costume!?
No. 1072645 ID: 273c18

Would that be so bad? There aren't nearly as many people around, and there's no pressure to put on a show or anything.

Anyway, C.
No. 1072664 ID: 435f13

C, confess your crush, but do it in a super awkward roundabout analogy involving cats.
No. 1072682 ID: 5d8541

A! Even if today was the day you can't confess before the trick or treating. That could make the whole date awkward. Maaaybe if the mood is right before the night is over.
No. 1072740 ID: 9ea24b
File 169517309302.png - (114.69KB , 800x800 , p36.png )

>A/C combo for maximum speed
You want to spend more time with Violet and you want her to know you have feelings for her before you spend more time with her. At this point you’re familiar with each other and it doesn’t seem weird to say you like her. She might not like you back, but then you can never speak of it again and everything will be fine.

You take a big breath. This isn’t like the homecoming incident. It’s just you and Violet and Violet is cool and chill and probably not homophobic.

You stop walking and Violet turns around to see why.

“Hey, can I talk about something kind of serious?” you ask.

“Yeah go for it.”

“I’ve had a crush on you for a while and if that’s not okay then I’ll stop trying to hang out and get you to like me and stuff but if it’s okay could we go on a date sometime or something?”

Violet cocks her head. “You’ve been trying to get me to like you?”

“Y’know, with reading Warriors and doing cross country. Well, I started doing those because you like them but I also like them, I’m not forcing myself to do anything I don’t want to do.” You fiddle with the hilt of the prop sword. “I’m new to this kind of thing. And I like girls.”

Violet nods. “Liking girls is where it’s at. Brook and Azalea are gay too.”

“That’s kind of a weird coincidence.”

“Naw, queers clump together like crazy. Yeah, let’s go on a date sometime, unless you run away from trick or treating like you did at homecoming.”

You turn bright red and Violet hastily backtracks. “Just teasing! I tease sometimes, sorry, that one was mean. Also, I’ll catch you if you run, since I’m still faster.”

You snort a little. You didn’t know Violet had a sense of humor.

You ask more about Violet while collecting candy, and learn that she has an older brother and is having a hard time in Precalculus. She’s curious about how you got your name and what your life was like before you moved.

Between practice and schoolwork, your first official date with Violet is set for mid November. Violet gets your permission to tell Azalea and Brook about your confession, which makes them fawn over you for several days at lunch.

What do you propose for your first first date ever?
No. 1072754 ID: e5709d

Suddenly Violet realizes the lunar thaumaturgy controlled surge was today and she starts panicking and then she transforms into a giant puma and you orgasm on the spot.

Ending: I Dated a Were-Puma (and all I got were these panties)
No. 1072756 ID: 435f13

A trip to the stray cat shelter to look at the cats.
No. 1072786 ID: 5d8541

Oh, we can actually combine ideas again: witch-themed cat cafe!!! It's still close enough to Halloween that maybe somewhere hasn't switched to Christmas themes lol
No. 1072801 ID: a7a180

Yeah, cat cafe. Or if she's allergic, a park picnic?
No. 1072829 ID: 9ea24b
File 169526420079.png - (153.64KB , 800x800 , p37.png )

>Go to a cat cafe! Maybe they’ll still have spooky decor
You drive to school that day so you can take Violet to the cafe in your car after running practice. You each buy a hot chocolate and try to coax the overworked cats into petting range.

>Decor check: Success
The cafe still has plastic skeletons and mini pumpkins everywhere, which is in excellent taste.

>Violet allergy resistance check: Success
>Yuri allergy resistance check: Failure
You’ve never had pets, so you’re surprised to find your nose running and eyes itching the longer you stay in the room where every surface is saturated with cat hair. Violet isn’t affected, and she watches with concern as you blow your nose into a handful of napkins. You insist that it’s not bad and you want to stay.

What do you talk to Violet about?
No. 1072876 ID: 435f13

Ask her whether she believes cats can communicate with each other and wonder what the cats are saying about you. Ripple fade into a Doug style imagination sequence where you fantasize about the cat conversation.
No. 1072880 ID: e5709d

Uh... maybe you should eat outside.
Seriously it would be kind of stupid to die of a cat allergy.

Talk about the many types of cats - then shift over to the possibility of breeding a hypoallergenic cat and getting one of those.
No. 1072883 ID: 9ea24b
File 169535276687.png - (118.84KB , 800x800 , p38.png )

>Move outside
You’re still both in your running clothes and it’s a crisp late fall day in the northeastern US. If you go outside you’ll freeze! You have to endure for the sake of the date, it’s not like you’re dying, you’re just dribbling snot everywhere. Girls love that.

>Talk about cats
You clear your sinuses with a resounding snort and put your elbow on the table. “So do you think cats can really talk to each other like in the Warriors books?”

“I bet they can. With like, meowing and stuff.”

“What do you think these ones are saying to each other about us?”

Violet contemplates the surrounding creatures. “Maybe they’re wondering what kind of life they would have with us.”

She glances at your damp upper lip. “You might not want a cat if you have allergies this bad.”

“Yeah, probably not.” you laugh.

“You could get one of those hypoallergenic ones, y’know, where they don’t have any fur.”

You both lapse into dignified silence and finish your hot chocolates. Afterwards you crouch on the floor next to Violet while she dangles a feather on a string in front of the few cats too lazy to walk away.

You both enjoyed the date. Being introverts, it helped to have something else to focus on instead of trying to maintain a conversation the whole time.

That weekend you go on another date to the nearest animal shelter and admire all of the cats up for adoption. Violet even holds your hand!

The excitement of being in a relationship is so strong that it takes you a couple weeks to remember you need to submit a college application before the end of the year. You need to think of a topic for the 1,000 word essay. What should you write about?
No. 1072885 ID: 435f13

Cats obvs
No. 1072886 ID: 2f7f6e

Write about the challenges of transferring schools and how you overcame them with the help of your friends. College admissions love stories like that, and it's just the right mix of generic and unique that you don't need to put too much effort into it to make it good enough.
No. 1072887 ID: e5709d

Discuss your initial drive with being 'the smartest' and how it you found it was necessary to your long-term goals but wasn't fulfilling, and then 'got distracted' with real life goals, like dating, fanfiction, and flopping at being the Prom Regent. And then discovered that you managed to be competently academic while feeling happier about your life and your willingness to try even more things that the world has to offer.

Emphasize that while you believe intelligence is the most important part of a career, sacrificing everything in life to be 'the smartest' doesn't make you feel all that smart. This should deter all the colleges that have great funding but love encouraging sociopathy and zero-sum competition.
No. 1072890 ID: a7a180

Write about testing your limits by trying out for homecoming king and how it strengthened your resolve to be comfortable admitting your failures.
No. 1072891 ID: 8b18c4

Write about how unfair it is that you can't grow taller just by focusing really hard
No. 1072892 ID: 0bf2fd

Make sure to get allergy meds and such for future cat escapades.
No. 1072930 ID: 9ea24b
File 169543958654.png - (148.13KB , 800x800 , p39.png )

>Get allergy meds
You invest in some Allegra pills, which do wonders for your cat hair sensitivity.

>Write about the challenges you’ve faced from moving and changing schools, and how you’ve grown by both recognizing your limits and going outside your comfort zone
>Emphasize how you overcame adversity with the help of your new friends
You’re only applying to the local state university which means you don’t have to write a great essay, just one that adheres to the basic standards of the English language. You bang out the first draft in a single free period thanks to your fanfiction honed writing skills, and meet with Azalea the next day to review.

Azalea, having survived the gauntlet of early action applications, is more than happy to proofread your essay.

“Hey I remember when you said that thing about getting taller on your first day! And the part about backing out from being homecoming king was super pithy. There was one part where the tense was weird but other than that it was good.”

She closes her laptop and gives you a smirk. “So how are things going with Violet? Any plans for the beach bonfire?”

You puff up your chest. “We’ve held hands and our dates are going great. We’re both planning to go to the bonfire.”

“Holding hands is good, have you tried asking for a kiss? Kissing on the beach would be really romantic.”

You wrinkle your nose. You’re a private person and shy and don’t really know how to go about asking Violet to kiss. You’d like to kiss Violet eventually, of course.

Final choice:
A. Ask Azalea for advice
B. Concoct your own plan to kiss Violet (suggest)
C. Kissing can wait, more handholding is where it’s at
No. 1072955 ID: e5709d

C) Do the handholding thing where she eventually guides your hands to her breasts and then you go nuts
No. 1072963 ID: 2f7f6e

A) maybe also teasingly ask if there's anyone she wants to kiss at the beach bonfire
No. 1072965 ID: a7a180

No. 1073001 ID: 5d8541

A. But has Azalea even had the time for a girlfriend?
No. 1073002 ID: 9ea24b
File 169551323852.png - (147.94KB , 800x800 , p40.png )

>A, also ask Azalea if there’s someone she wants to kiss
Azalea smirk grows even more pronounced, to the point of instilling fear in your heart. “I’ll actually be doing some kissing of my own at the beach party.”

“Huh? Who’ve you been kissing?” you squawk.

“Brook, of course! Haven’t you seen us be all moony over each other during math class? We didn’t want to make it a big deal since you and Violet just started dating and we didn’t want it to seem like we were one-upping you.”

You hadn’t noticed a thing out of the ordinary. You thought Azalea was being her usual friendly self and you are going to have a stern talk with Brook about how she should have told you.

“Okay, how do you think I should ask Violet to kiss then?”

Azalea takes a deep breath. “You take her hands, look her in the eye, and ask if she wants to try kissing. It’s going to be awkward at first but don’t take yourself too seriously and keep trying. Then you’ll both get better at it! Since you’re tall it might be easier to do it sitting.”

>One week later…
On the day of the bonfire, you mull over Azalea’s advice on the bus ride to the beach. Violet is sitting next to you, looking out the window at the light snowfall. You’re both wearing big puffy jackets and her left hand is in your right pocket. Once the bus arrives and you both disembark and wander around in the sand, within the acceptable confines of the teacher chaperones.

There’s no good place to sit! The rocks are cold and the sand is just as bad. You pace back and forth, dragging Violet along with you, desperate to find a way to have a proper first kiss.

Eventually Violet tugs at your hand to get you to stop. “You looking for sand dollars or something? We don’t want to miss out on the snacks and the fire.”

She’s wearing a big wooly hat with earflaps and her cheeks are red from the cold air. You clasp her mittens between your hands.

“Do you want to try kissing?”

Violet smiles at you and hooks her arms around your waist. “Yeah Yuri. Kneel down a bit so I can reach your pretty face.”

You sort of do a wide stance squat in the sand so you’re level with Violet. She brushes your bangs out of your eyes and plants a quick peck on your lips.

There aren’t any sparks or fireworks going off, but it’s very nice. You get a lot of practice kissing that evening.

Thanks for reading!
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