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File 168946792974.png - (149.73KB , 800x800 , p0.png )
1067896 No. 1067896 ID: 9ea24b

A short SFW quest about high school romance.

Will alternate daily updates between this and Nostalgia until this is done.
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No. 1071805 ID: 1ca80a

You lied to Azalea about being able to help her. You didn't mean to but it's not like that matters when all that means is you're so unreliable. And really, if you can't do something you were never suited for in the first place, then how could you ever be relied upon for things you are good at and are consistent with??? Anyway you think you'd cry if you saw her so you have chosen not to.
No. 1071820 ID: cdb7ca

Does the school have a skeet club? Blowing up clay discs with a shotgun can be very cathartic.
No. 1071947 ID: 9ea24b
File 169414302578.png - (219.82KB , 800x800 , p31.png )

>Does the school have a skeet shooting club?
No, that sounds cool but you don’t think your generation and slice of socio-economic class is super comfortable around guns.

>Dump the spaghetti
You start sniffling and whimper out a few words about disappointing Azalea and not going through with something you promised to do. Brook sees you crying and takes you by the hand to lead you outside the classroom. As soon as you’re in the hallway you start sobbing and follow Brook outside until she stops to sit at a blank brick wall in relative privacy.

“I-I promised Azalea I would be the homecoming king but I’m usually shy and I got really anxious before the assembly and ch-chickened out. She probably thinks I’m a coward and a liar and unreliable. I can’t go to lunch in case she sees me…”

Brook rubs your back as you cry, which makes your whole body tingle, but you don’t read into it. It’s just nice to have physical contact.

“I should have been ready, she told me everything that would happen and I psyched myself out. I’m so dumb.”

Brook waits for you to settle yourself into nose-blowing and hiccups before she responds. “Azalea feels bad, she thinks she pressured you into it when you weren’t comfortable. She really isn’t mad at you, we all miss you at lunch and want to hang out again.”

“R-really? Even Violet misses me?”

Brook gives you a curious look. “Yeah. You don’t have to come to lunch today but you should come tomorrow.”

Brook is now a trusted confidant. You decide to take her advice and avoid any more stressful social situations today, so you eat lunch in the empty classroom again.

What do you do for your free period today?
A. Warriors fanfiction
B. College application
C. Other
No. 1071949 ID: a7a180

No. 1071963 ID: 2f7f6e

B. Gotta do it at some point.
No. 1071968 ID: 0bf2fd

C. Work out till you feel better.

(alternatively A)
No. 1071969 ID: 0bf2fd

Lets do this this weekend (so plz don't timeskip over it, tippler).
No. 1071971 ID: 435f13

A. Write a story about a cat who becomes homecoming king and grows really tall.
No. 1071978 ID: 1ca80a

A. You know what feels great when upset? Working out your feelings in a bunch of your favorite characters!
No. 1072045 ID: 9ea24b
File 169430757845.png - (131.50KB , 800x800 , p32.png )

>Can you work on your college application over the weekend?
No, you’re already committed to working out, homework, and hanging out with Brook. You don’t want to burn yourself out by taking on too many tasks at once.

>A, fanfiction
You do some furtive research on your phone since the school’s wifi blocks AO3. There’s a decent amount of the stuff, ranging from short, incomplete drabbles to fics over 100,000 words long. You only know the original series lore, so you read some of the shorter fics and decide that since you’ve never written anything before, you’re well qualified to make this stuff.

What kind of fanfiction do you want to write? You don’t have much time so it’ll be short and you won’t write anything explicit.
A. A shipping fic!
B. Character exploration of existing characters
C. Make an original cat character and put them in the story
No. 1072064 ID: a7a180

A shipfic!
No. 1072065 ID: e5709d

B) Watch what happens when you force a hero and villain to work together - if they don't get to murdering one another in front of their children first.
No. 1072066 ID: fb8a42

A stands for Always Ship
No. 1072068 ID: 435f13

C make an original cat character with the power to grow taller
No. 1072098 ID: 4efd82

We can combine this with everyone saying A with the most powerful of tags: enemies to lovers.
No. 1072155 ID: 0bf2fd

Lets go with C. It is less disappointing then when your fanfic turns out to be very wrong later down the line. C gives the most freedom.
No. 1072172 ID: 9ea24b
File 169444944491.png - (114.27KB , 800x800 , p33.png )

>Enemies to lovers shipping of existing characters
You pick the two most prominent characters, Fireheart and Tigerclaw, and set the fic before Tigerclaw tries to kill Bluestar. Your mind is instantly abuzz with ideas of romance and budding mutual admiration. It helps that it’s yaoi, which is inherently pleasing to your teenage girl brain.

With a new project to focus on, you return to lunch the following day and talk things out with Azalea, who’s just happy she didn’t permanently traumatize you.

You finish the first chapter of your fic after a couple days, make an account, and post it online. At first you’re terrified that people will hate it, or that your writing sucks and you’ll get mean comments, but you ultimately only get a handful of views and a couple kudos.

You keep working steadily during your free periods, alternating between exercising in the weight room and coming up with plot and dialogue on the library computers. As you keep posting, you get your first comment and more views, which is a unique thrill.

Another two weeks pass in the honeymoon period of internet acknowledgement. There’s a cross country race on Halloween, which is on a Tuesday this year. Azalea arrives at lunch dressed up like a Barbie, but the rest of you are in your usual clothes.

What do you say at lunch? Who do you want to talk to?
No. 1072178 ID: a7a180

Tell Azalea she looks fantastic in plastic. Talk about your budding fic with Violet.
Propose trick or treating together after the race.
No. 1072290 ID: 1ca80a

Talk about the fic with Violet and ask if there's anything anyone (Violet) wants to do after the race.
No. 1072498 ID: e5709d

Blatantly ask Azalea if she is also a furry
No. 1072501 ID: 9ea24b
File 169496313122.png - (139.38KB , 800x800 , p34.png )

>Compliment Azalea on her costume and ask if she’s interested in Warriors at all
You’re seriously impressed that she’s incorporated the costume into her required school uniform, which is the opposite color of bubblegum pink. Azalea has never read Warriors but admits she has a soft spot for the My Little Pony show.

>Tell Violet about your fic
You pull up your fic on your phone, hand sweaty, and show Violet. Her eyes get wide and she takes your phone to scroll through the first chapter.

“Tigerclaw and Fireheart? That’s pretty cool, I like the way you’re spacing out your paragraphs and stuff.” Violet hands back your phone. “I mostly look up fanart and animations but I read stuff too.”

>Ask Violet to go trick or treating tonight
“A-after the race, do you want to dress up and go trick or treating tonight? We can go early since it gets dark so soon, Brook and Azalea, you can come too.”

Brook shakes her head. “I’m going with my younger siblings.”

“I’m going to a party.” Azalea adds. “There’s probably going to be booze but I’m not going to stay late or drink since there’s school tomorrow.”

“It can just be us.” you tell Violet hastily. “I can go to your neighborhood or you can come to mine.”

Violet thinks for a moment before nodding. “Let’s go to mine, I’ll tell you my address. We’ll need to dress up. I’ll read your fic before we meet up so we can talk about it.”

Your heart is thumping in your chest as you leave to work on your fic during your free period. You’ve done it! You’re going to hang out with Violet outside of practice and school!

The race goes well, you’ve about plateaued with your racing speed, which puts you as the fastest junior varsity runner, though you still can’t keep up with Violet’s pace for the whole 5K. You’re satisfied and celebrate with the team while your brain churns with ideas for your Halloween costume.

What do you dress up as? Violet is keeping her costume a secret.
No. 1072503 ID: a7a180

Cheetara from Thundercats. Still a cat, but not the one they expect.
No. 1072525 ID: 1ca80a

Go as the King. It's time to reclaim the throne.
No. 1072611 ID: 9ea24b
File 169506736121.png - (176.70KB , 800x800 , p35.png )

You’re more of a tomboy, so skintight suits and sleeveless tops aren’t your thing.

>Dress up as a king again
When you were preparing for homecoming you did get a lot of stares that at the time you didn’t recognize as awe. A quick text to Azalea and she arranges a supply dropoff at your house.

After dinner you put on the familiar garments and stare at yourself in the mirror. Without the makeup, you don’t look as impressive, but your furred cape and sword are still rad.

You tell your parents where you’re going then drive to the south side of town to meet Violet. She lives in a townhouse and emerges from the gate dressed as a traditional witch. Your stomach flips over when she gives you an admiring look, and you trail after her as she leads the way to the best trick or treating streets.

You have an uninterrupted moment to talk to Violet. What do you say to her?
A. Ask to hang out after school more
B. Talk about your fic
C. Confess your crush
No. 1072619 ID: a7a180

No. 1072636 ID: 0bf2fd

Holy shit what if someone recognizes you from homecoming in that costume!?
No. 1072645 ID: 273c18

Would that be so bad? There aren't nearly as many people around, and there's no pressure to put on a show or anything.

Anyway, C.
No. 1072664 ID: 435f13

C, confess your crush, but do it in a super awkward roundabout analogy involving cats.
No. 1072682 ID: 5d8541

A! Even if today was the day you can't confess before the trick or treating. That could make the whole date awkward. Maaaybe if the mood is right before the night is over.
No. 1072740 ID: 9ea24b
File 169517309302.png - (114.69KB , 800x800 , p36.png )

>A/C combo for maximum speed
You want to spend more time with Violet and you want her to know you have feelings for her before you spend more time with her. At this point you’re familiar with each other and it doesn’t seem weird to say you like her. She might not like you back, but then you can never speak of it again and everything will be fine.

You take a big breath. This isn’t like the homecoming incident. It’s just you and Violet and Violet is cool and chill and probably not homophobic.

You stop walking and Violet turns around to see why.

“Hey, can I talk about something kind of serious?” you ask.

“Yeah go for it.”

“I’ve had a crush on you for a while and if that’s not okay then I’ll stop trying to hang out and get you to like me and stuff but if it’s okay could we go on a date sometime or something?”

Violet cocks her head. “You’ve been trying to get me to like you?”

“Y’know, with reading Warriors and doing cross country. Well, I started doing those because you like them but I also like them, I’m not forcing myself to do anything I don’t want to do.” You fiddle with the hilt of the prop sword. “I’m new to this kind of thing. And I like girls.”

Violet nods. “Liking girls is where it’s at. Brook and Azalea are gay too.”

“That’s kind of a weird coincidence.”

“Naw, queers clump together like crazy. Yeah, let’s go on a date sometime, unless you run away from trick or treating like you did at homecoming.”

You turn bright red and Violet hastily backtracks. “Just teasing! I tease sometimes, sorry, that one was mean. Also, I’ll catch you if you run, since I’m still faster.”

You snort a little. You didn’t know Violet had a sense of humor.

You ask more about Violet while collecting candy, and learn that she has an older brother and is having a hard time in Precalculus. She’s curious about how you got your name and what your life was like before you moved.

Between practice and schoolwork, your first official date with Violet is set for mid November. Violet gets your permission to tell Azalea and Brook about your confession, which makes them fawn over you for several days at lunch.

What do you propose for your first first date ever?
No. 1072754 ID: e5709d

Suddenly Violet realizes the lunar thaumaturgy controlled surge was today and she starts panicking and then she transforms into a giant puma and you orgasm on the spot.

Ending: I Dated a Were-Puma (and all I got were these panties)
No. 1072756 ID: 435f13

A trip to the stray cat shelter to look at the cats.
No. 1072786 ID: 5d8541

Oh, we can actually combine ideas again: witch-themed cat cafe!!! It's still close enough to Halloween that maybe somewhere hasn't switched to Christmas themes lol
No. 1072801 ID: a7a180

Yeah, cat cafe. Or if she's allergic, a park picnic?
No. 1072829 ID: 9ea24b
File 169526420079.png - (153.64KB , 800x800 , p37.png )

>Go to a cat cafe! Maybe they’ll still have spooky decor
You drive to school that day so you can take Violet to the cafe in your car after running practice. You each buy a hot chocolate and try to coax the overworked cats into petting range.

>Decor check: Success
The cafe still has plastic skeletons and mini pumpkins everywhere, which is in excellent taste.

>Violet allergy resistance check: Success
>Yuri allergy resistance check: Failure
You’ve never had pets, so you’re surprised to find your nose running and eyes itching the longer you stay in the room where every surface is saturated with cat hair. Violet isn’t affected, and she watches with concern as you blow your nose into a handful of napkins. You insist that it’s not bad and you want to stay.

What do you talk to Violet about?
No. 1072876 ID: 435f13

Ask her whether she believes cats can communicate with each other and wonder what the cats are saying about you. Ripple fade into a Doug style imagination sequence where you fantasize about the cat conversation.
No. 1072880 ID: e5709d

Uh... maybe you should eat outside.
Seriously it would be kind of stupid to die of a cat allergy.

Talk about the many types of cats - then shift over to the possibility of breeding a hypoallergenic cat and getting one of those.
No. 1072883 ID: 9ea24b
File 169535276687.png - (118.84KB , 800x800 , p38.png )

>Move outside
You’re still both in your running clothes and it’s a crisp late fall day in the northeastern US. If you go outside you’ll freeze! You have to endure for the sake of the date, it’s not like you’re dying, you’re just dribbling snot everywhere. Girls love that.

>Talk about cats
You clear your sinuses with a resounding snort and put your elbow on the table. “So do you think cats can really talk to each other like in the Warriors books?”

“I bet they can. With like, meowing and stuff.”

“What do you think these ones are saying to each other about us?”

Violet contemplates the surrounding creatures. “Maybe they’re wondering what kind of life they would have with us.”

She glances at your damp upper lip. “You might not want a cat if you have allergies this bad.”

“Yeah, probably not.” you laugh.

“You could get one of those hypoallergenic ones, y’know, where they don’t have any fur.”

You both lapse into dignified silence and finish your hot chocolates. Afterwards you crouch on the floor next to Violet while she dangles a feather on a string in front of the few cats too lazy to walk away.

You both enjoyed the date. Being introverts, it helped to have something else to focus on instead of trying to maintain a conversation the whole time.

That weekend you go on another date to the nearest animal shelter and admire all of the cats up for adoption. Violet even holds your hand!

The excitement of being in a relationship is so strong that it takes you a couple weeks to remember you need to submit a college application before the end of the year. You need to think of a topic for the 1,000 word essay. What should you write about?
No. 1072885 ID: 435f13

Cats obvs
No. 1072886 ID: 2f7f6e

Write about the challenges of transferring schools and how you overcame them with the help of your friends. College admissions love stories like that, and it's just the right mix of generic and unique that you don't need to put too much effort into it to make it good enough.
No. 1072887 ID: e5709d

Discuss your initial drive with being 'the smartest' and how it you found it was necessary to your long-term goals but wasn't fulfilling, and then 'got distracted' with real life goals, like dating, fanfiction, and flopping at being the Prom Regent. And then discovered that you managed to be competently academic while feeling happier about your life and your willingness to try even more things that the world has to offer.

Emphasize that while you believe intelligence is the most important part of a career, sacrificing everything in life to be 'the smartest' doesn't make you feel all that smart. This should deter all the colleges that have great funding but love encouraging sociopathy and zero-sum competition.
No. 1072890 ID: a7a180

Write about testing your limits by trying out for homecoming king and how it strengthened your resolve to be comfortable admitting your failures.
No. 1072891 ID: 8b18c4

Write about how unfair it is that you can't grow taller just by focusing really hard
No. 1072892 ID: 0bf2fd

Make sure to get allergy meds and such for future cat escapades.
No. 1072930 ID: 9ea24b
File 169543958654.png - (148.13KB , 800x800 , p39.png )

>Get allergy meds
You invest in some Allegra pills, which do wonders for your cat hair sensitivity.

>Write about the challenges you’ve faced from moving and changing schools, and how you’ve grown by both recognizing your limits and going outside your comfort zone
>Emphasize how you overcame adversity with the help of your new friends
You’re only applying to the local state university which means you don’t have to write a great essay, just one that adheres to the basic standards of the English language. You bang out the first draft in a single free period thanks to your fanfiction honed writing skills, and meet with Azalea the next day to review.

Azalea, having survived the gauntlet of early action applications, is more than happy to proofread your essay.

“Hey I remember when you said that thing about getting taller on your first day! And the part about backing out from being homecoming king was super pithy. There was one part where the tense was weird but other than that it was good.”

She closes her laptop and gives you a smirk. “So how are things going with Violet? Any plans for the beach bonfire?”

You puff up your chest. “We’ve held hands and our dates are going great. We’re both planning to go to the bonfire.”

“Holding hands is good, have you tried asking for a kiss? Kissing on the beach would be really romantic.”

You wrinkle your nose. You’re a private person and shy and don’t really know how to go about asking Violet to kiss. You’d like to kiss Violet eventually, of course.

Final choice:
A. Ask Azalea for advice
B. Concoct your own plan to kiss Violet (suggest)
C. Kissing can wait, more handholding is where it’s at
No. 1072955 ID: e5709d

C) Do the handholding thing where she eventually guides your hands to her breasts and then you go nuts
No. 1072963 ID: 2f7f6e

A) maybe also teasingly ask if there's anyone she wants to kiss at the beach bonfire
No. 1072965 ID: a7a180

No. 1073001 ID: 5d8541

A. But has Azalea even had the time for a girlfriend?
No. 1073002 ID: 9ea24b
File 169551323852.png - (147.94KB , 800x800 , p40.png )

>A, also ask Azalea if there’s someone she wants to kiss
Azalea smirk grows even more pronounced, to the point of instilling fear in your heart. “I’ll actually be doing some kissing of my own at the beach party.”

“Huh? Who’ve you been kissing?” you squawk.

“Brook, of course! Haven’t you seen us be all moony over each other during math class? We didn’t want to make it a big deal since you and Violet just started dating and we didn’t want it to seem like we were one-upping you.”

You hadn’t noticed a thing out of the ordinary. You thought Azalea was being her usual friendly self and you are going to have a stern talk with Brook about how she should have told you.

“Okay, how do you think I should ask Violet to kiss then?”

Azalea takes a deep breath. “You take her hands, look her in the eye, and ask if she wants to try kissing. It’s going to be awkward at first but don’t take yourself too seriously and keep trying. Then you’ll both get better at it! Since you’re tall it might be easier to do it sitting.”

>One week later…
On the day of the bonfire, you mull over Azalea’s advice on the bus ride to the beach. Violet is sitting next to you, looking out the window at the light snowfall. You’re both wearing big puffy jackets and her left hand is in your right pocket. Once the bus arrives and you both disembark and wander around in the sand, within the acceptable confines of the teacher chaperones.

There’s no good place to sit! The rocks are cold and the sand is just as bad. You pace back and forth, dragging Violet along with you, desperate to find a way to have a proper first kiss.

Eventually Violet tugs at your hand to get you to stop. “You looking for sand dollars or something? We don’t want to miss out on the snacks and the fire.”

She’s wearing a big wooly hat with earflaps and her cheeks are red from the cold air. You clasp her mittens between your hands.

“Do you want to try kissing?”

Violet smiles at you and hooks her arms around your waist. “Yeah Yuri. Kneel down a bit so I can reach your pretty face.”

You sort of do a wide stance squat in the sand so you’re level with Violet. She brushes your bangs out of your eyes and plants a quick peck on your lips.

There aren’t any sparks or fireworks going off, but it’s very nice. You get a lot of practice kissing that evening.

Thanks for reading!
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