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File 168297398857.png - (35.62KB , 500x900 , T2_000.png )
1062470 No. 1062470 ID: 87e33c

Strain: To make strenuous and continuous effort by overexerting, twisting, or injuring (a limb, muscle, organ, or societal norm).

Written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
STATS PAGE: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

[SEASON 1]: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html

EDMANGO NOTE: This quest will likely contain 18+ content like violence, and light sexual content.
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No. 1062471 ID: 87e33c
File 168297404675.png - (18.81KB , 500x500 , T2_001.png )

This is the tale of a woman who throws dice in the face of destiny and stares them down, no matter the result.

The sudden appearance of Kaiju would terrify most, but instead, she wields a mysterious gift to combat these giant foes.

She can grow to massive sizes, adjust her weight, and manipulate nanobots, all to stop the giant menacing beasts.

But she is not alone. She is accompanied by a hedonistic fairy with more money than sense, a Trio of Government agents with her best interests at heart, and a mysterious parasitic being from beyond conceptual understanding.

No. 1062472 ID: 87e33c
File 168297405995.png - (17.07KB , 500x500 , T2_002.png )

Together, they have captured over 10 of these beasts alive, having only killed or consumed 3 major foes, and several minions.

For the first time since these attacks have begun, the momentum is in her favor.

She is a Staple-Remover Object-Kin that lives in the city of Donjon.

Those who know of her secret identity call her Hailey Mary, but the world at large knows her by another name.

She is Miss Tear, and this is [TENSION]!!!

No. 1062473 ID: 87e33c
File 168297407494.png - (17.00KB , 500x500 , T2_003.png )

A few days pass as you're put through examinations, blood transfusions, selective surgical procedures to remove chitin and teeth shards from inside of you.

Luckily you're not put in a cast after your recently intense fight, but you are bandaged heavily due to the several major gashes and stitches you've received. It stings to move, but you can do it.

You haven't healed at all in this period, your [WOUNDS] stuck at a [4] for now. It looks like [PAZURU] was right, you'll have to spend some [DOWNTIME] to actually heal. You glance at her, lounging near your pillow as you lie there in silence.

You glance over to your bedside table and see that there's a notice from the higher ups, they're patiently waiting for you to recover enough to have a post mission meeting, something you've been dreading. You let out a groan.

You: There's that stupid government meeting.
You: Teaching kin how to use [MANA].
You: Rest.
You: And goddess knows what else I have to deal with...
[PAZURU]: I did tell you to get [AID] long ago.
[PAZURU]: Kin can only do so much by themselves.

- They're probably upset that you disobeyed their orders
- It'll probably be annoying

- Saba and Josephine want to be the first 2 kin to learn
- Time will pass

- Time will pass

- Ask her any questions you might have
- She'll pick the most interesting questions to answer

No. 1062476 ID: ac56da

Call Phyllis over, and give her THE PERFECT GIFT before you do anything. She deserves it for helping speak out for you against Wake the turtle.

C. Rest. Itll be important to rest and heal before we worry about the government and/or train our friends effectively when we aren't hurt. Orders did tell us to heal up after all, and we didnt heal up a single point yet.

(It doesnt look like talking with the government will take time thankfully, theyll probably want to talk about the containment of the monster we caught mainly)
No. 1062477 ID: ac56da

Also, watch the news while you heal up.
No. 1062478 ID: a7a180

A. Time to get caught up on the situation. Afterwards, focus on resting.
No. 1062485 ID: 629f2e


Definitely this, we NEED to rest. These kaiju attacks have inly been gettinf worse, coming into the next in rough shape is just asking to die.

And yeah, the gift should go to Phyllis. She's had our back with the government, and is rad.
No. 1062488 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1062489 ID: e5709d

C) Give the higher-ups recordings of you healing yourself. As long as they believe you made profit and suffered consequences for your risk-reward actions (y'know, which you did), they'll be less harsh.

Add some lewds during the downtime because that's what you do and it'll make them less inclined to murder you.

No. 1062492 ID: 70f804


We should go to our Lair and use our SEXY EVIL MEDICAL ROOM to heal 2 points of wounds.
No. 1062494 ID: 2f7f6e

C and D: small talk while you heal. Inane questions like "what's your favorite color" or "the weather sure is weather, huh"
No. 1062535 ID: 58dd24

Go ahead and get A out of the way. It won't take super long, and maybe if you are both prompt and still visibly fucked up after the last fight they'll go easier on you.

Then B. Once they have the basics, they can be practicing while you are healing.

Just gonna throw this up here too because it was like six months ago and I know people forgot about it even before that.
TODO: Hang out with Donna and be better friends. We literally gave her one of our powers and then walked away from the relationship. Get her back in your life and helping to save the world.
No. 1062536 ID: 36784c


Also Donna is still unaware of the power we gave her, so we should also bring that to her attention.
No. 1062605 ID: b434db

Agreed with all.
No. 1062611 ID: fdb84d

Do all of this!

Yeah, we should do that. We got that Lair upgrade for this exact situation, so we better use it!
No. 1062612 ID: a7a180

The medical room is already doubling the healing rate from 0.5 to 1.
No. 1062637 ID: f2320a

Eat pizza and get fat
No. 1062778 ID: 87e33c
File 168331781365.png - (14.76KB , 500x500 , T2_004.png )

You reach over to your COMM and send Phyllis a quick text, she arrives after a few moments.

Phyllis: How's it going hero?
You: It hurts a lot, but I'm sooo bored.
Phyllis: Well just watch some Wanomay or the news or something.
Phyllis: They're giving you a break so you can HEAL UP after all
You: Ughhhhh
Phyllis: So why'd you call me over here anyway?
You: Because I wanted to...
You: You've been helping a lot and...
You: Well what I mean to say is…

You suddenly find it hard to phrase exactly why you're so appreciative of her. Yeah she's been going to bat for you, but your memory flits back to the moments after your conflict with the false queens. How heated her defense for you was. You've had friends go to bat for you before, but you've never had someone defend you when the stakes were so high.

You reach your arm over to the bedside table and pick up [THE PERFECT GIFT], you don't remember it being so wide and flat, but that must just be a trick of your mind. You hand it to her and Phyllis responds with a confused expression.

You: Thanks for uh…
You: For taking a leap of faith when I said I had powers..
You: And for doing a job you probably hate for me.
You: It uh, it means a lot.

No. 1062779 ID: 87e33c
File 168331782990.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , T2_005.png )

Phyllis: Psh, Hailey I'm doing this because I want to
Phyllis: Never forget that okay?

Phyllis's eyes glass over for a moment, lost in some unknown memory. She opens the box and sees a red tome inside, you think it's some sort of tabletop RPG manual.

Phyllis: Hah, this old thing
Phyllis: First edition even, where'd you find this?
You: A claw machine, believe it or not
Phyllis: I don't believe for a second this came out of a claw machine
Phyllis: But I appreciate the sentiment
Phyllis: Remember when we used to play these games as kids?

You spend the next hour talking about the times you played RPGs as a kid, Phyllis's obsession with fantasy, and that one time you all roleplayed a horror game about kids trapped in a weird town. You remember playing this roguish girl named 'Bec who acted as the fence for kids, trading goods for quarters and being dragged into hijinks. Eventually she leaves after you finish walking down memory lane, and you can tell that she sincerely appreciated your gift and your words.

You've given Phyllis THE PERFECT GIFT
- Your relationship with Phyllis has increased to [RANK B]
Phyllis will now provide the mission trait - FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES
- Phyllis acts as your HANDLER to the HIGHER UPS in the government
- She actively supports your endeavors and will push for not only better treatment of you, but enhanced rewards.
- 60% chance to gain bonus rewards at the end of a mission
- This reduces by 30% after every success and increases by 40% after every failure

No. 1062780 ID: 87e33c
File 168331789055.png - (14.82KB , 500x500 , T2_006.png )

[PAZURU]: You know, she's killed enough kin to populate a small town
You: Wuh?
You: I'm sorry, what?!?
[PAZURU]: Oh, she used to work for some dumb secret [ASSASSIN] club
[PAZURU]: Hired after being too good of a member of some spec ops group
[PAZURU]: Kind of wild she even has any [EMPATHY] left
You: I'm sure she had her reasons
You: She still seems like my Phyllis
You: And it's not like I haven't killed anything
[PAZURU]: *eyeroll*
[PAZURU]: So, are you going to [REST]?
You: Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
You: Fiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeee

At first, you were worried that you wouldn't be able to sit still enough to rest, but once you settled your mind, you were able to reach an almost meditative state. Time passes quickly for you as you flit in and out of consciousness, occasionally watching the news or a random Wanomay, and eventually you notice that some of the larger gashes have healed, seemingly by magic.

You have taken the [REST] action
- You will heal [(.5(base) x 2(Evil Medical Room Bonus) = 1 HP)]
- 1 downtime action worth of time will pass
- Your Wounds have dropped to 3/8

No. 1062781 ID: 87e33c
File 168331790669.png - (17.00KB , 500x500 , T2_007.png )

You're not really sure when the next Kaiju attack will happen, but you get the feeling that your actions have delayed the beasts significantly. You think you have plenty of time to address the major issues, so you turn on the news to catch back up with the world, even if it's just for a moment.

This is Kitsu-news's Corey Changer, reporting in Polka's stead.

The city has stabilized after the recent giant monster attack, and while there were several casualties, those that were injured have been stabilized and promised free medical care by the local government.

Mamita's Orphanage for Objects and Plush has courteously opened its doors and offered to take care of the displaced puppies from the aptly named Puppy Orphanage. The city thanks her for her assistance in supporting those lost canines after the monster attack and is accepting donations to support those who were displaced and provide food to the newly homeless. Truly she is one of the paragons of our time.

In other news, is Kaiju venom delicious? Apparently Canine beast-kin and Lagomorph beast-kin find the substance irresistible and have been found attempting to consume the substance. Those who have tasted the substance say yes, but critics warn the populous that it may have addictive properties. The government has released an initial report stating that they are unsure if there could be long term harms from consuming the substance, but initial studies have shown it to be mostly harmless.

Our last story for the night features the infamous [MISS TEAR], government sponsored hero to the masses. She has been sighted confronting the beasts at all but one of their appearances. Some Kin believe that she suffered a fatal injury after fighting against the first of the two waves of beasts that attacked us last month, others claim that she is impotent and incapable of combatting the beasts after a single encounter.

Now, as you know, several large, carapaced beasts were seen being flown out of the district via helicopter on the night of the attacks many moons ago. I am here to inform you that the government has released a report claiming that CONCRETE JUNGLE was also assaulted that fateful day. Perhaps this is where our intrepid "hero" ran off to, to save the capital interests of some fiscally endowed fellows. What do you think, citizens, is this [MISS TEAR] a paragon of the virtuous, or a slave to those who hold the reigns.

This has been Corey Changer of Kitsu-News, signing off.

No. 1062783 ID: 87e33c
File 168331796892.png - (13.64KB , 500x500 , T2_008.png )

You: Never before have I wanted to strangle a bitch so much in my life
[PAZURU]: She's actually one of the more [ETHICAL] journalists out there you know
[PAZURU]: Though she came from a rich mob family, so maybe she's in a rebellious phase
You: what about Polka, the other fox lady?
[PAZURU]: Polka gaslit and manipulated her way to the top
[PAZURU]: She's nearly convincing the ones in charge to hand over Kitsu-News as a whole
[PAZURU]: It's soooo entertaining to [WATCH]
You: I don't know what I'm going to do with this information, but it is a little funny
[PAZURU]: Welcome to my [WORLD]

- They're starting to get tired of waiting
- Do you prepare anything before going to the meeting?

- Saba and Josephine want to be the first 2 kin to learn
- Time will pass

- Time will pass

- You… could ignore the government and do something else
- Though there may be CONSEQUENCES
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1062784 ID: c7b6cf

A. However, you should pass the time with B afterward because Saba and Josephine knowing magic and you being able to shrink down to tabletop figure size is going to make one hell of a session 1 for Phyllis.
No. 1062786 ID: 2f7f6e

It's a good idea to keep the government at least somewhat happy, and with Phyllis supporting us and us being so successful in the last mission despite ignoring some orders, we have a good chance at coming out of the meeting alright. We spent time resting and healing, which the government told us to so they can't complain, but waiting more might give the detractors some ammunition.
No. 1062787 ID: 273c18

Then B, if we're choosing a second option? I don't mind waiting for that choice though.

It might be wise to prevent the unethical journalist from taking over the news agency. It's quite possible that the ethical one is stirring up shit like that due to pressure from above or the desire to look good so the unethical one doesn't take over.
As for your friend being an Assassin, do keep in mind that she was *hired* after being good at *spec ops*. So she was a government assassin, which means (if you trust the government at all) the targets needed to die for the good of the country. It's fine. Pazuru seems to have access to Big Facts but without the full context necessary to analyze them properly.
No. 1062788 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1062794 ID: 0453ba

Kitsu-news was best news AND STILL IS LOL.
A - You'll still have to rest afterwards, but if they're getting impatient just get it done. Perhaps bring your government people along in dress uniform to show moral support for yourself - it's always good to have. Perhaps with the populace getting concerned, we could even persuade them to start limited mobilization for dealing with the threat at hand. Just a few garrisons with anti-kaiju weapons here and there to quell fears, show the people that they care.
No. 1062800 ID: 36784c

>Your Wounds have dropped to 3/8
If we really want to heal in a hurry, we can go visit that one Purity Priest. Of course, we’ll need to provide money for it, but the option is there.

>Mamita's helping out
Good for her!

>Miss Tear slander
Maybe we should go out in costume and publicly donate money to Mamita? That might help with our public image.

>Corey Changer is actually one of the more [ETHICAL] journalists out there you know
If we can get her to like us, then we’ll get more positive PR, on top of what the government is already providing!

>Polka gaslit and manipulated her way to the top
>She's nearly convincing the ones in charge to hand over Kitsu-News as a whole
Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s also used her huge boobs to help her get to where she’s at.

>What do?
Might as well do A and get it over with.

And thanks to Pazuru, it’ll be interesting to learn some random details about the people in the meeting.
No. 1062865 ID: e51896

have that meeting this update, teach arcane focus to Saba and Josephine at LYST next update. If we can get their help in battle, we won't have to worry about losing HP too much again next battle if we're smart about it.

to prepare for the meeting, just remember Phyllis will have your back.

Also remember that the meeting might not just be about the insubordination, but also about the kaiju containment issue since we got a whole bunch of kaijus, and might discuss about solutions to that problem like making containment bigger and stronger (or maybe let us eat the older kaiju we caught for exp??? scienetists might be done researching those), so you're probably not going to get totally punished, especially after they had time to cool their heads over it and realize we've done a lot by discovering that secret cave...

Also, as far as Pazuru goes, Try to prepare yourself for any embarrassing gossip or shocking facts Pazuru might say about the higher ups during the meeting, like for instance, if she talks about how Wake the turtle guzzles a bottle of ketchup whenever he gets the chance.
Maybe take deep breaths to calm yourself if Pazuru can't resist, or bring a water bottle to drink in order to hide your reactions to whatever Pazuru says and keep yourself chill (Just tell Pazuru not to talk while your drinking tho so you don't do a spit-take.) and if you can't help a laughter, just disguise your laughter by coughing.

ideally, it might be best to tell Pazuru to save the gossip for after the meeting as you might need a good laugh after, but let her be with you, and let you know if there's anything important you should know about the government higher ups during the meeting, like if whatever choice or contract they might have you take is a scam, or if any of them could threaten your livelyhood in the future if the Kaiju doesn't.

other thing we can discuss: ask if we can have a scientist try to communicate with the centipede Kaiju, you think it tried to contact you earlier with morse code (unless that takes away time from studying the markings the centipede was using to summon kaijus, in which case, nevermind)

and maybe after the meeting, we can ask Phyliss if she knows anybody that could make a robot for Pazuru when we're somewhere private from the other higher ups.
No. 1062895 ID: 36784c

>and maybe after the meeting, we can ask Phyliss if she knows anybody that could make a robot for Pazuru when we're somewhere private from the other higher ups.
Pazuru already told us that we'd need the help of our 3 government friends to build her a body. But Pazuru also hinted that specifically Josephine would be the most helpful in getting a body.
No. 1063039 ID: 87e33c

rolled 78 = 78

if(roll>=40) PhyllisSkill(true);
No. 1063043 ID: 87e33c
File 168357466918.png - (11.66KB , 500x500 , T2_009.png )

You don't really have a government-issued uniform since you're just a contractor, so you don a slightly nicer version of your dress than normal and head to the meeting.

[PAZURU] lists of random facts of some of the kin that you walk by as you head to the scheduled meeting room, but you, after having dealt with this for a little while, are able to internalize most revelations as they're irrelevant to the here and now.

The meeting room is shaped almost like a courtroom, you're seated separately, below the other individuals present. There are three individuals that you recognize, but the rest kind of just blend into the crowd. First is [PHYLLIS], whom you know and love. The second is [WAKE KNEE], who you remember giving Phyllis a hard time right after the fight with the false queens. And the third is a shady looking human with absolutely massive black hair, a plaque to their front reads as [COUGAR ANDERSON].

[PAZURU]: Wake has invested more funds into the city than most of the other kin
[PAZURU]: Though much of his funds were acquired by brokering illegal goods
[PAZURU]: He's been married to 8 different flamingo beast-kin in his lifetime
[PAZURU]: He likes to be in [CONTROL]
[PAZURU]: Cougar was on Phyllis's Spec Ops team
[PAZURU]: Taking up the job as [HEAD] when Phyllis [REFUSED]
[PAZURU]: He has to ejaculate 6 times a day or suffer from repressed [PTSD]
[PAZURU]: He has limited [PATIENCE]

No. 1063044 ID: 87e33c
File 168357468360.png - (12.81KB , 500x500 , T2_010.png )

Cougar taps the table twice and all those present go silent. His voice is viscous, deep, and unnerving, almost like he savors every word.

Cougar: Operative Theta, or should I say, "Miss Tear?"
You: Uh, present?
Cougar: Goooooood, we were ever so patiently awaiting your report
Knee: It's about damn time.
You: To be fair, you did ask me to rest

You selectively recount your previous battle, skimming past how you deftly handled the Kellpos and starting when you split your group to attack the [FALSE QUEENS] head on.

Cougar: Yes, and why didn't you go with your crew?
You: Because I wanted to stop the thing that was summoning them
You: Which I not only did, but also managed to capture intact, a lot of them
Knee: Your failure to communicate this PROPERLY
Knee: Led to the city being partially destroyed!
Phyllis: Allowing more Kaiju to spawn would have led to more damage in the city
Phyllis: Regardless of how Miss Tear performed in the field
Cougar: Yes, but my concern is more… pointed
Cougar: You said it was summoning them, and how do you know this?
You: I uh, just do I guess?

The crowd of suits begins murmuring between themselves at your declaration, obviously not pleased at what you've stated.
No. 1063045 ID: 87e33c
File 168357469467.png - (12.61KB , 500x500 , T2_011.png )

Knee: Yes and you've known each time they were coming
Knee: And "Conveniently" been around to stop them
Knee: How do we know that having her around isn't bringing THEM to US
Cougar: Enough Knee, continue with your report "Miss Tear"

The conversation pushes forward as you recount your struggle with the beast, the chiming you heard from it that allowed you to locate it, and your theories of what it could have been doing. The meeting takes a few hours as they press you for more details and for things you could never know, so [PAZURU] hops about the room, looking over each of the Kin's shoulders. At this point you get the feeling they're doing this more to let out their own frustrations, then for any practical purpose, and [PAZURU]'s commentary makes it infinitely more tolerable.

[PAZURU]: Like three of these guys are watching porn right now
[PAZURU]: One is even watching [MISS TEAR] cosplay porn
You: *repressed giggle*
Cougar: The last thing on the docket is what to do with all these Kaiju
Knee: I'm sure there are other off-site containment facilities we can use
Cougar: Hm, so you have a suggestion?
Knee: That I do, we should sell them off
You: Sorry, what?
Knee: We have several interested parties that would like to acquire the leftovers
Knee: It would help us make back funds that we could use to repair the city
[PAZURU]: It'd be entertaining to see aristocrats eaten by [KAIJU]
You: Instead of feeding kin with money to the Kaiju
Knee: I resent that accusation "Miss Tear"
You: I could also eat them, y'know give the techs some cadavers
You: Grow stronger for the next wave?
Cougar: Either way, we've already had to deal with one potential breach
[PAZURU]: They actually handled it quite well all things considered
Cougar: This needs to be addressed now.

No. 1063046 ID: 87e33c
File 168357471256.png - (16.48KB , 500x500 , T2_012.png )

Cougar: Enough, time is money, and I know you lot love your money
Knee: I… Uh
Cougar: Quiet you, I have an appointment coming up, so let's wrap things here
Cougar: You are to receive no compensat-
Phyllis: *Ahem*
Cougar: *Eye twitch*
Cougar: … Your usual post mission payout
Cougar: But nothing more for your insubordinate action
Phyllis: *Ahem*
Cougar: You want to do my job Phyllis?
Phyllis: I just have this *cough*, go on.
Cougar: Whatever, AS I WAS SAYING, what do you want?
You: Eh?
Cougar: Just spit it out, none of these chucklefucks want to say it
Cougar: But you did well enough-
Knee: Cougar we agreed tha-
Cougar: Yes and you ALSO agreed this meeting would be over an hour ago
Cougar: Now, decide so we can move things along Miss Tear

Phyllis has used her trait - FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES
- It succeeded!
- Success rate reduced to 30%

Edmango Note: You have the following Kaiju in containment at this time
- 2 Kellpo [medium] (not studied)
- 1 Kiteju [medium] (studied)
- 1 Upgraded 2-headed Snake [large] (not studied since upgrade)
- 2 Bulbous spider-like things [large] (not studied)
- 4 Incapacitated Centiminions [small] (studied)
- 5 Unhatched Centiminions [n/a] (studied)
- 1 False Right Queen [large] (not studied)

- Large=1 | Medium=.5 | small = .25
- If this is not addressed, BAD THINGS will happen

What do you take for your REWARD
- Forgo a bonus for your base and invest in the city
- Provides a flat 20% chance increase in subduing Kaiju in all districts of the city
- This 20% chance applies even if you are not present

- Allows you to hold 5 Large Kaiju with no issues
- Allows you to hold 8 Large Kaiju with a potential for complications
- Will provide a specialized storage space for unhatched Kaiju

- Suggest another reward
- Shopping Chart for ideas: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1046204
- It will be balanced around being something that would cost [2/3 FUNDS]
- If you provide a convincing argument it could cost more

What do you do about the KAIJU CONTAINMENT ISSUE
- Some Kaiju will be sold, others will be held in captivity off-site
- Heal [1 CITY DESTRUCTION] by the end of next mission
- Gain [2 WEALTH]
- Unknown % chance of causing a future event

- Eat your way through them until there is no chance for problems
- Kaiju held in captivity reward less XP than normal

- But what?
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
- [PAZURU]: I don't think you want the Kaiju to break containment

No. 1063048 ID: 629f2e


C: Motorcycle. Phyllis already brought up at the end of last thread that you were getting sick of their crap self-serving rewards, so now would be the perfect time to request something for yourself. You've been wanting that motorcycle anyways, and it'd help you get to kaiju faster.

Plus, motorcycles are rad. It'd fit your image.

2: Swallow them, and use that strength to prevent future troubles. Eat the kaiju who have already been studied first, and after that some of the ones who aren't studied, but who you have spares of.
No. 1063050 ID: bc078d

B2. An egg containment facility is a key bonus. Plus you won’t have to scrap as many kaiju yet.
Eat 2 hatched centiminions, a Kellpo and the Kiteju.
No. 1063052 ID: 273c18

B2. If we eat the ones that were studied, then we'll have enough room to contain the rest.
No. 1063053 ID: f1ce95


Not a good idea to have the kaiju sold off, they're dangerous. 2 because it will help with future containment when we capture more.

We already got skates and it helped us get to our destination faster earlier, so no need for motorcycle

Eat the ones that had been already studied on
No. 1063059 ID: ed5440

Question - can we do A later with [FUNDS]? Or it it a now-or-never thing?
No. 1063060 ID: f8083d

A1, this will both improve the city and ease Wake Knee's pressure down on us.
No. 1063064 ID: e5709d

A) We're going to get swamped if we can't find allied superheroes to combat this threat. Let's mitigate potential damage.

1) I think we can afford to sell the Centiminions, and even the Kiteju for being one of the rare object-kaiju, but mainly because they require active support to be a serious threat. Selling off anything large or a solo threat must be prohibited; all it would take is one incompetent security breach of a private collector for it to break out and rampage all on its own.
No. 1063756 ID: 38349b
File 168403348634.png - (14.43KB , 500x500 , T2_013.png )

You: So are these rewards a now or never kind of deal or?
You: Because they seem pretty self serving
You: Kind of like you're rewarding me with stuff you should just do
Knee: HOW DAR-
Cougar: Knee I will pull you over my knee and spank you like a child if you keep acting like one.
Cougar: No they are not final, you can ask for them later or pay out of pocket yourself
Cougar: And while I understand your sentiment that bureaucracy is a bitch
Cougar: It's actually MUCH easier to do rollouts like this as *rewards*
Cougar: Than as actual implemented policy changes to the city
Knee: Also tax breaks, lots of them.
You: Uh, then just increase the containment and I'll eat a bunch, thanks
Cougar: Done, meeting dismissed
Knee: *grumble grumble*

Cougar then, with a speed comparable to you on your skates, rushes out of the room. Wake Knee glares at you for a moment, before he slowly leaves the room.

Your MONSTER LAB has been upgraded to MONSTER LAB III
- Lets you house up to 5-8 large monsters
- holding more than 5 could lead to COMPLICATIONS
- Will provide a specialized storage space for unhatched Kaiju
- Will research 2 different monsters per intermission
- Will be completed immediately

You've consumed several Kaiju
- You ate all of the Centiminions (they were crispy and tasted like chicken)
- You ate the Kiteju (this one tasted like rice paper)
- You ate 1 Kellpo (this one tasted like savory jelly)
- Capacity has been reduced to 4.5 / 8
- The Kaiju in containment are terrified of you
- You gained [2 SIZE SHIFTING XP] ==> [11/16]

No. 1063757 ID: 38349b
File 168403350236.png - (17.37KB , 500x500 , T2_014.png )

You head out of the meeting room and saunter on over to your Lair's break room, noticing Saba munching down on a large green donut-like thing. You pop open a box of jalapeno cheese staples and push pins and take a seat next to him in silence. You marvel at the genius of engineering at creating these amazing snacks with cheese dust that sticks to these metallic goodies as you munch on them and ponder your next move.

[PAZURU]: Did you know this guy single handedly crushed comm monopolies
[PAZURU]: He did it by open sourcing convenient battery tech to the world
[PAZURU]: They eventually caved because he threatened to do it with more tech he pioneered
You: *Stares at Pazuru*
[PAZURU]: Oh, and it was all out of spite cause they threatened to ban porn
You: You are a saint Saba!!!
Saba: I am???

- Saba and Josephine will want to be the first 2 kin to learn
- Time will pass

- Time will pass

- You have at the minimum, at least 2 downtime actions before anything of note happens
- You remember that [PAZURU] wants you to make her a body
- You remember that you still have to figure out how to access [PARADISO]
- You also know that you could send a message to the government and ask for a quote on how much specific self invested upgrades would cost (these will appear on the stats page when asked for)
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1063759 ID: a7a180

No. 1063773 ID: e51896

A. Time to go to LYST and train our 2 buddies!

Also, during that time we can talk to Josephine about any ideas about getting Pazuru a body, like a robo body since we'll be spending time with her. that way after we get info, we can focus on Pazuru for a future downtime action. supposedly, Josephine is supposed to know something
No. 1063777 ID: 273c18

No. 1063822 ID: 36784c


And if Pazuru complains that we're not working on her body, we should remind her that she told us to focus on increasing our relationship with Josephine because she's the key to making a body for her.
No. 1063930 ID: 38349b
File 168429498056.png - (10.80KB , 500x500 , T2_015.png )

You: Hey Saba?
Saba: …I thought you were talking to yourself
You: Wanna learn magic?
Saba: Are there two moons in the sky?
Saba: That's rhetorical, yes, GODDESS YES!

Saba enthusiastically heads down to the lab to grab various parts from the deceased kaiju while a lounging Josphine rushes up to you with an excited grin on her beak.

Josephine: IS IT TIME!?!?
[PAZURU]: She has dreams of being a child in another world
[PAZURU]: Oh and of stopping a completely different apocalypse
You: *Stares at Pazuru*
[PAZURU]: What?
You: *Stares at Pazuru harder*
[PAZURU]: She also helped make the first Miss Tear cosplay porn
[PAZURU]: Wasn't the model, but helped with the details

You nod at Josephine and give her a knowing smile, which she promptly ignores as she is too excited to learn magic. You ride in the back of a government van towards your destination, Saba, Josephine, and a few other government agents in tow. The first thing that strikes you about the town as you arrive is how [PURPLE] it is, the foliage has absolutely overrun everything, but there's a slight purple tinge to the kudzu that is attaching itself to the buildings. The second thing you notice is that its population is rather sparse.
No. 1063931 ID: 38349b
File 168429500321.png - (12.31KB , 500x500 , T2_016.png )

The ride gets bumpier as you proceed further inside of Lyst, eventually your vehicle can't progress so you have to hike a bit of a ways up to a cliff.

You: Why does this town feel so dead, it's very close to Donjon after all?
Saba: Kin here say it's cursed
Saba: We think it might have to do with tech kind of breaking easily in this place
Saba: You have to lead line specific rooms just to have computers
Saba: Even have to use EMP-proof vehicles here
[PAZURU]: The [MANA] interferes with the [TECH]
[PAZURU]: And digital cameras are largely ineffective
Saba: Though most kin who live here know [MAGIC]
Saba: It's just kind of useless outside of town
You: Well, we're here to hopefully remedy that
Saba: Also weirdly high skin and liver cancer rate
[PAZURU]: That cave over there
You: This way y'all

You descend into a small opening on the side of the cliff, at first it's pitch black, but then you notice several glowing purple mushrooms that increase in frequency until you reach what looks to be an underground pool, only the water is an iridescent purple.

Josephine presents a chunk of Kaiju bone, taken from a Kellpo, and a knife, while Saba presents a bunch of leather, scissors, and thread made from Kaiju parts. You then describe a rather convoluted process where you have to quench the materials in the pool as they are being constructed in their final form over the course of [1 INTERMISSION ACTIVITY].

You also think about making your own focus as well, but are unable to do so while instructing them. [PAZURU] gives you a look, as if guessing what you're thinking.
No. 1063932 ID: 38349b
File 168429502442.png - (13.96KB , 500x500 , T2_017.png )

[PAZURU]: Didn't I tell you that it would take [TIME] to learn or do
You: But I have time now…
[PAZURU]: You're teaching them, that's what your [TIME] is being spent on
[PAZURU]: Plus it's not like you [NEED] it
You: But I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant it

Josephine finishes first, the object in her hand begins to arc a purple lightning and blind the entire room for a moment. After the light vanishes you notice that she's holding what looks like a rather modern revolver. She spins it around in her hand and examines it in detail.

Josephine: Huh, it uh, huh
Josephine: It's almost exactly like the gun I was thinking of
[PAZURU]: The [MANA] filled in the gaps of their [DESIRE]
[PAZURU]: Cleaning up and refining the concept they were envisioning
[PAZURU]: The Foci also acts as a portable battery, refilling their [MANA] over time
You: This is cool as hell and I'm jealous
Saba: Says the lady that can go big, anyway I'm done

Saba's object crackles and glows with purple energy before returning to normal, he doesn't appear to be holding anything, but that's when you realize he's wearing a new pair of white gloves. They are inlaid with almost circuitry like purple lines that pulse with an almost heartbeat-like frequency.

The two talk about their creations with manic glee before rushing up to you and asking you how to actually use [MANA], to which you look to [PAZURU].

[PAZURU]: They already know how to use [MANA]
[PAZURU]: It's part of the creation process
[PAZURU]: They just need to target their [DESIRE] on their [FOCUS]
You: Apparently you need to concentrate on your focus

No. 1063939 ID: 38349b
File 168429510121.png - (15.57KB , 500x500 , T2_018.png )

Josephine does not even pause as she rushes outside and aims at a nearby log. The log is pierced by an arc of purple light and she stands there in awe.

Josephine: I'm a fucking wizard
Saba: Alright Miss Gun Wizard let your sensei show you how it's done!

Saba touches the ground with one hand and several rectangular pillars pop out of the ground, launching the log into the sky. He then stands up and with a manic grin snaps the fingers on his other hand, detonating the thing in a burst of purple energy causing his glasses to glint in the light.

You: Saba you are such a weeb
You: So how long do you think we have?
[PAZURU]: Dunno, this is the first time I've seen this happen
You: You've seen other Kaiju fights?
[PAZURU]: None as efficient as this, but I suspect you've got [1 TIME POINT] at the minimum
[PAZURU]: Plus you got the [MIDBOSS] before they could even do a thing
[PAZURU]: I can't wait to find out what's happening next on the [HAILEY MARY SHOW]!!
You: See, I told you you'd have fun if you came out of your uh… void hole?


You've taught the government - ARCANE FOCUS CREATION
- Your reputation with the government has increase to [RANK B]
- Guards will be more effective against Kaiju
- They will start training others in the use of [MANA], creating a future event
- The government will be slightly more lenient with potential future rule-breaking

You've taught Josephine how to use [MANA]
- Your relationship with Josephine has increased to [RANK B]
Josephine will now provide the mission trait - MAGIC KNIGHT
- Josephine LEADS the GUARDS that follow you into combat with the Kaiju
- Efficiency of suppressing or capturing kaiju when partnered with her squad improve by 2x
- Can be ordered to act independently as if she was her own squad of guards

- Time will pass

- You have at the minimum, at least 1 downtime action before anything of note happens
- You remember that [PAZURU] wants you to make her a body
- You remember that you still have to figure out how to access [PARADISO]
- You also know that you could send a message to the government and ask for a quote on how much specific self invested upgrades would cost (these will appear on the stats page when asked for)
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
- Downtime Activities: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/src/166553193083.png

No. 1063941 ID: a7a180

You're still pretty heavily wounded, so focus on healing this downtime. Hopefully that leaves time for a gaming session with your new wizard pals!
No. 1063943 ID: 273c18

hmm... could we make a focus that is ALSO Pazuru's body?
No. 1063944 ID: 629f2e


Self-care is super important, and you gotta treat yourself. If you want to try and do something that feals productive-ish while you recover, why not get Donna to visit? Maybe she can even bring Momo, and you can just hang out together for a bit.
No. 1063946 ID: e51896

B. Lets focus on that body for Pazuru, yeah? now that Josephine and Saba knows magic and can help in battle, we won't need to worry about getting hurt as much. Pazuru is worried we might not get the time to do it in the future.

Ask Josephine if she knows anyone or anything about helping Pazuru about that, like if theres anyone in the government that could help do that with robotics, or if there is anyone outside she knows like a robot inventor we can persuade to help us.
No. 1063947 ID: 36784c

Voting for A

I don't like that our Wounds are at 3/8. I want to get that down to a minimum of 2/8.
No. 1063957 ID: 139b7e

B. Make plans to design Pazuru a body.

Pazuru said that her body has to be a [WILLING VESSEL], or a [CRAFTED] one and it must have [VAGUELY FELINE] traits.

Pazuru also said that a purely mechanical body would be [TOLERABLE], a synthetic one would be [FINE], and a biological one would be [FAVORABLE].

Pazuru then said that a productive first step would likely be to spend time with DONNA or to spend time with JOSEPHINE.

I'm sure if we follow these guidelines, we can find a way to help Pazuru get a body!

And to be completely honest, if we're gonna talk about this stuff, I'd like to go to that one room that Phyllis took us to. That room has a lock down that makes it so that absolutely nobody outside the room can hear anything we talk about. I really don't want the higher-ups to hear about us making a body for Pazuru, since they might mess with our plans or something.
No. 1063960 ID: f2320a

Could we get a just normal fat feral house cat?
No. 1063961 ID: 139b7e

Not sure if that would work, since Pazuru said the vessel has to be willing. Not sure if a house cat is capable of giving consent.
No. 1064007 ID: 58dd24

downtime action hang out with Donna. Apparently she can help advance Pazuru's project and we should do it anyway
No. 1064010 ID: e51896

I have a feeling Josephine and Donna has their own special way to create a body for Pazuru:

Josephine's way would be to try to get Pazuru a robotic body, probably from an inventor she knows

meanwhile, Donna will try to give Pazuru a plush toy body, essentially making Pazuru a pseudo plush-kin... or maybe become an actual Plush-kin? I dunno, lol
No. 1064086 ID: c6bedc

Oh no Donna totally would go for the plushie

I vote A by the way.
No. 1064133 ID: 87e33c
File 168453497034.png - (15.84KB , 500x500 , T2_019.png )

You: I wanna hang with my friiiiieeennds
You: But Resssssssst
[PAZURU]: You could just invite them over while you rest
[PAZURU]: It won't be [PRODUCTIVE] but they can say hi
You: Yes, you have the big brain

You head back to your lair, dragging a reluctant Josephine away from her magic and shooting Donna a message. After a brief trip you all find yourselves in the EVIL MEDICAL ROOM.

Donna: Wow you look like shit
You: No, I look like a about 5/8 million Funds
You: But what about you, where have you been?!!?
Donna: Pouring money into horny infrastructure
Donna: Setting up mass orgies
Donna: Getting dicked down
Donna: Being a hedonist is a hard life style
Josephine: Oh boo hoo hoo
Josephine: I think Hailey's a bit more important

The two bicker and you rest with the ambient noise of your friends accompanying you. Time passes quickly as your other friends pop in to see you and you rest up.

You have taken the [REST] action
- You will heal [(.5(base) x 2(Evil Medical Room Bonus) = 1 HP)]
- 1 downtime action worth of time will pass
- Your Wounds have dropped to 2/8

No. 1064134 ID: 87e33c
File 168453498643.png - (12.16KB , 500x500 , T2_020.png )

It's time for a meeting with your confidants. Josephine, Phyllis, Alberta, and Donna all meet with you and [PAZURU] in the special meeting room, just to prevent any prying ears.

You: Only the kin in this room know about our floating friend [PAZURU]
Alberta: Still skeptical, but she did let us learn [MANA]
Phyllis: Records about a [HISTORIC PARASITE] are nonexistant
[PAZURU]: There's no chance they have any info on me
[PAZURU]: Remember, [YOU] are the only one I've interacted with
Phyllis: And there's only fiction on interdimensional beings
Donna: I'm an interdimensional being!

The room pauses as everyone looks at Donna.

Donna: Yeah, Hailey talked to [LUST] and I came here!
Alberta: I, uh, yeah, but we kind of thought that was an exaggeration.
Donna: Nah man, New Crust City, born and raised!
[PAZURU]: I don't have much on her, sadly
[PAZURU]: She only recently entered my [JURISDICTION]
[PAZURU]: It's the same for that Momo character too
You: Whatever, back to topic, thoughts on making her a body?
Josephine: Well I was thinking about making some sort of pseudo construct
Josephine: Combine a Focus with some sort of costume
Josephine: Would probably cost around [3 FUNDS] to make it look good
[PAZURU]: That could work, she's got a good aesthetic understanding.
[PAZURU]: Though I would prefer something alive.
You: She says maybe, would prefer a living thing
Alberta: Could we shove her in a fat cat or something
[PAZURU]: A non-sapient cat is worse than the costume one
[PAZURU]: Also it would die of shock from the process
You: Big nope, the cat would die

No. 1064135 ID: 87e33c
File 168453500709.png - (15.35KB , 500x500 , T2_021.png )

Donna: I know a lady who can make a plush doll
Donna: Could fill it with "legally acquired" plush-kin stuffing
Donna: Would cost around [5 FUNDS], and you can't ask for my sources!
[PAZURU]: That would technically be a living construct and slightly better
[PAZURU]: Or would result in a stillborn I can inhabit with minimal issues
You: She says it's better and technically alive
Donna: Oooh, I MIGHT know a HUNK who could just make a clone
Phyllis: I'm sorry what.
Donna: Y'know, empty shells of flesh, no brain function
Donna: But it costs like [8 FUNDS], and you can't ask where I got it!!
[PAZURU]: That… would be the best option if possible
[PAZURU]: But would be fiscally inviable
[PAZURU]: So don't worry about it…
Alberta: I always knew you were a bit sketchy…
Donna: Me? Nah, I just know loooooots of kin who like sex!
Phyllis: Would the body be a replica of some-kin?
Donna: More like a slurry of multiple kin, so they won't be an exact look-alike!
Alberta: Who the fuck have you been hanging out with Donna???
Donna: I unno, kin of various walks of life?
Donna: Certainly beats hanging out here, what with the two bickering kaiju downstairs
Donna: Anyway, how's about we head to the beach after this?!
Alberta: Maybe, I do have a beach house.

The meeting ends there, with each of your confidants heading off to the other room to give you some time to yourself.

What do you do about [PAZURU]'s body

- Ask Josephine to make [PAZURU]'s body a [GOLEM] fitted with an [ARCANE FOCUS]
- Costs [3 FUNDS]
- [PAZURU] Thinks it would probably look cool

- Ask Donna to procure a newborn [PLUSH-KIN] body for [PAZURU]
- Costs [5 FUNDS]
- [PAZURU] Thinks it would probably be very soft

- Ask Donna to procure a cloned [BEAST-KIN] body for [PAZURU]
- Costs [8 FUNDS]
- [PAZURU] Is pretending like she doesn't want this but you can tell she does

- Suggest alternatives and they will be priced accordingly
- You can also choose to deal with this later
- Each suggestion will require depositing half (rounded up) of the cost immediately

EDMANGO NOTE: If you draw what you think her physical body will look like then I'll reduce the cost by [1 FUND] if that option is chosen
No. 1064138 ID: 629f2e

We have 4 FUNDS right now, so allow me to make a simple proposal: Can our friends chip in?

It's not like this is something we're getting just for us, getting a body for Pazuru is a project we're all involved with, and which benefits everyone. Suddenly, all that knowledge she's holding onto wouldn't be constrained to us explaining it to everyone. This is a group project, so we should all contribute.

I vote Flesh and Fur, splitting the cost across the four of us. At 2 Funds a piece, we'll get Pazuru her ideal body. It may be a steep price overall, but she has to live with whatever we choose for the remainder of her life.

Added bonus: This is probably gonna put the Back-Alley surgeon on our radars. While I'd love to just grab Momo or Saba as an upgraded relationship, there's definitely some logic to having someone like that in our pocket when we continuously go out and get ourselves nearly killed like last time.
No. 1064143 ID: 629f2e
File 168454193566.png - (913.62KB , 1000x1000 , Pazuru Body.png )

Oh, if we go the flesh and blood route like I voted btw, I'd love it if we kept her a shortstack like this.
No. 1064157 ID: 2f7f6e
File 168454898684.png - (99.23KB , 1280x1280 , horrifying_floating_plush.png )

This drawing of a possible floating plush body has inspired me to vote for flesh and fur instead.
No. 1064158 ID: a7a180
File 168454939775.png - (48.05KB , 500x656 , pazuzoid.png )

So, theoretically speaking, if you died in the golem would you die in real life? Or would you most likely just end up a disembodied gossip ghost again?
A. it's cheap, but I like it anyway. And you can afford it right away.
No. 1064161 ID: a7a180

Now with that out of the way and a bunch of ladies with high clearance in the room, you need to ask Donna, has she been noticing any strange coincidences in her vicinity? Anything she was too lazy to stand up and get that came to her anyway? She has a die too, right? Has she tried rolling it?
No. 1064162 ID: 13803d

Flesh and blood choice for me
Consider that we have 4 funds now, and each imtermission will give us 3 funds. That makes 7/8 earned, but since we might get a fund discount if we draw something, that should bring it down to 7/7, giving us the money we need.
All we need to do is finish the next mission. Failing that, well, we could always work at the ruffled haunch to get the funds we need.
No. 1064181 ID: 1cb3cb

C. Flesh and Fur

Question: Is this something where we have to immediately pay when we choose the option? Or is it something where we decide we want to do it, but will wait until we have enough money first and then we'll pay later?
No. 1064281 ID: a9af05

C. Flesh and Fur
No. 1064385 ID: 38349b
File 168481150112.png - (15.64KB , 500x500 , T2_022.png )

You: Okay, well, we're obviously getting the deluxe package
[PAZURU]: ... but-
You: NO BUTTS, other than yours in that body
Donna: It's gonna be pricey
Donna: Would help if I had a reference to give to the HUNK
You: Oh I already know what I want it to look like

You were never what could be considered an artist, however, you feel like your hand is possessed as the image of [PAZURU] as a flesh and fur being comes to life on a nearby paper.

Alberta: Since when could you draw?
You: Uh... superpowers?
Donna: I should be able to negotiate the cost to [7 FUNDS] with this
Donna: But I need [4 FUNDS] up front
You: *Ahem* so, I never ask you ladies for anything
You: But could you pitch in a bit for her body?
You: I promise she's cool
[PAZURU]: I'm not that cool...

You look to [PAZURU] and notice that her gaze is transfixed on the drawing, and you think you can see tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. Of happiness, you hope. It takes minimal convincing to ask all of your companions to contribute, with Alberta, Phyllis, and Josephine contributing a total of [2 FUNDS]. Donna claims that getting you the service and a discount is her contribution, which you find difficult to argue against.

- You spend [2 FUNDS] immediately
- Your Companions have contributed [2 FUNDS] to the costs
- Your relationship with [PAZURU] has improved from [???] to [???]
- You will need to pay [3 FUNDS] when her body is finished

No. 1064386 ID: 38349b
File 168481152349.png - (16.02KB , 500x500 , T2_023.png )

Just as Donna was about to leave to commission the clone, you pull her to the side.

You: So Donna, have you experienced any...
You: Paranormal activity, weird phenomena?
You: Something like the remote floating over to you?
You: Been visited by some dice...
Donna: The only dice I've seen lately are the fun kind with sex positions on them.
You: But what about the other things?
Donna: If I had seen those things they sound like they would lead to me having to do work
Donna: And I hate having to do work!

You hear a deep growl in the distance, from what sounds like the MONSTER LAB. They happen from time to time, so you typically disregard it. Donna on the other hand flinches.

Donna: Ugh, what a whiner, just shut up if you lost
Donna: Ain't no way you'll "Eat every last one of us"
Donna: You'll probably get vore'd bub
You: Sooooooo
Donna: I think that if that *was* a thing
Donna: That the PINK LIGHT DISTRICT would be pretty secure against any Kaiju threats
Donna: ButIgottagoseeaboutaguyaboutaclone byeeeee

Donna zips out of the room, and for a moment, you could swear she wasn't even flapping her fairy wings to do so.

You: Hmmm, that's sus
You: I get the feeling that I'll need to spend some TIME with Donna later...
[PAZURU]: Can you frame this drawing later...
You: Of course I can!
You: We're still waiting on the next attack after all
You: Now, what to do while we wait…

- You may pick an acquaintance you do not currently have a strong relationship with to upgrade to [RANK C]
- You can only have one more [RANKED] companion
- Time will pass

- Do something else
- You don't know when something of note will happen
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
- Downtime Activities: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/src/166553193083.png[/b][/i]
No. 1064387 ID: 629f2e

I suspect that this is going to be a two-horse race between Saba and Momo. Both seem like such good choices and for different reasons. Bonding with Momo naturally lets us get more involved with Donna, but

Saba is someone we already know more closely and have given magical power. Saba's also really friggin' cool, and he's clearly got some good technical knowledge. Bonding with him would increase our amount of government support.

Bonding with Momo could lead into better knowledge of magic though, alongside Donna and Pazuru. It would also give us the satisfaction of infinite Unbalanced references.

If I have to make a call though, and I do, I think it has to be Saba. We're just closer to him right now, so it feels right. Honestly, I'll be happy whoever wins though.
No. 1064392 ID: a7a180

A. Well, Sewer Snake's on that list, and if Donna can understand the kaiju, then why not have one on our side?
Or, perhaps, the dead unicorn deserves another look...
No. 1064397 ID: e51896

A, it's the mandatory BEACH EPISODE! Donna wanted to go to the beach, so lets all go to Alberta's beach house

as for a person to bring, Saba. He does know arcane focus, now we should rank up that rank with him.

Wonder what would happen if a kaiju attacks the beach you all will stay at, and wonder if your TENSION SUIT will become a TENSION SWIMSUIT when you transform while in your swimsuit.

But also be glad that can't possibly happen. Nope, not at all!
Actually, you know what, when we go to the beach, we should totally roll our dice and see if we'll get a tension swimsuit while we are at the beach

one other thing we should do while at the beach, see if you can find the kaiju island off in the ocean. maybe someone can bring a telescope to the beach for us to spend some time looking.
No. 1064399 ID: e5709d

B) ...Okay I want you to go nuts with a bootleg 'mecha suit'.
Purchase a set of cargo trucks that act as a collective deployable base: every vehicle houses four commandos, one driver, medkits, weapons, scanners, and basic containment devices. Most importantly, each cargo container makes up half the volume, as it consists of layers of metal plating. When you need armor for your giant form, you can strip the plates from the containers and attach them to your suit.
No. 1064400 ID: 2a3927

B. Work at The Ruffled Haunch.

We still need [3 FUNDS] for when Pazuru's body gets finished. So I think we should go to work and earn [2 FUNDS] and then after the next mission, we'll get paid by the government and have enough Funds to pay for Pazuru's body.
No. 1064401 ID: 8e246f

Do A, but invite Momo along to the beach too. How is this even a question?

Pazuru is totally crying at your massive potential as an artist and NOTHING ELSE
No. 1064402 ID: 0a86a0

No. 1064403 ID: d98cb8

I'm absolutely biased but I'm also on board with Momo. But also I'm interested to see where this goes if you explore the Donna angle more too, and the extradimensional stuff.

Plus Momo is a master of shapeshifting and I'm sure that'll continue to be something Hailey could use.
No. 1064411 ID: 716b74

B, go do your job!
No. 1064608 ID: a7a180

…Nobody? Well ok then, changing to the ruffled haunch.
No. 1064610 ID: 6ade93

Changing my vote to beach with Momo instead of Saba. Donna's contract required us to take favors, and she wants beach.
No. 1064615 ID: f2320a

If we are getting a clone male or female? Also if we are buying a clone preferably one with as much meat as possible easier to remove then ad
No. 1064620 ID: 87e33c
File 168514717781.png - (15.72KB , 500x500 , T2_024.png )

For a moment, those nagging thoughts in the back of your mind claw at you. The thoughts viciously assault you and tempt you towards going to work at the Haunch, earning FUNDS. But then they're gone as you realize you haven't really done anything for fun lately.

Head over to Alberta's beach house, changing into a cozy little two-piece swimsuit before heading out. The house itself is a little isolated, perfect for relaxing on the coast without any prying eyes.

Once you arrive you give the beach a once over. In addition to your normal CONFIDANTS, MOMO can be seen relaxing in the shade under an umbrella, sipping some sort of fruity smelling drink. You head over to her, striking a conversation for the first time in what feels like months.

You: Well look what the fairy dragged in!
Momo: I see that you are just as spirited as before!
Momo: What brings you to my sandy island in this sea of kin?
You: Well it's been a while, I thought it would be fun to catch up!

Momo regales you with tales of Donna's exploits. Apparently Donna's been going around making connections and providing orgies, roleplay events, kink parties, and the like with so much novelty that she's carved a mark into the Pink Light District.
No. 1064621 ID: 87e33c
File 168514718787.png - (15.25KB , 500x500 , T2_025.png )

You: Why hasn't she told me about that, that sounds so cool!
Momo: My plump little lover has been busy
You: More like she probably forgot.
You: Almost like she was having her own lil quest without me…
Momo: But what about you Hailey?
Momo: What exploits have you been enamored with?
You: Oh you know, eating stuff most kin can't
You: Totally boring and not at all fun government work
You: You hear about that superhero though?
Momo: Ohh yes!!
Momo: The fantastic exploits of Missus Tear!
Momo: She certainly has a larger than life presence!

You listen as Momo theorizes on the mechanics of your powers and chuckle at her wild guesses. Eventually the other ladies call you over to the beach and you join them in bopping around a massive beach ball. The water licks against your legs as the waves push against you, the breeze feels great against your skin, the sand between your toes. Nothing could ruin this day.

- It has some sort of Camouflage
- It can Fly

- It's Fast
- It's Small

- Suggest a different gimmick
- Alternate suggestions will be auto-balanced

- This can be an appearance we've seen before, or something new
- Suggest their appearance

No. 1064622 ID: a7a180

B: It's small. And if its pincer pricks you, you will be too... Beware the TINY ENEMY CRAB!
It scuttles out of the shallows, turning mountains into molehills! A silent but situationally deadly saboteur.
No. 1064623 ID: e5709d

A) Hey, look at the giant beach ball.
Too late you didn't notice it was a particularly dense kaiju with aerodynamic enchantments that give inertia the middle finger. In fact, it has evolved specifically to move at the perceptive velocity of an otherwise regular beach ball to keep up the illusion.

Its insides are filled with gooey redundant organs piloted by smaller versions of itself and it splatters into redundant organs and a fully-functioning smaller beachball kaiju when it 'pops'; the organs are thin and covered in waste mucus, allowing it to get the most out of food-to-cellular-growth. Obvious weaknesses in defense, but the resulting mess between phases gives turns the local battlefield into its prime environment.

Voiced by: Siphon from Dragon Romance
No. 1064625 ID: 629f2e

C, they don't come from either the sea or the sky. Their entrance is much grander, as the beach ball you're tossing around starts to grow bigger and bigger, before popping to reveal your latest headache.

As for appearance, this kaiju's form is far less solid than the rest you've encountered. It seems to be a mass of air, vaguely shaped to resemble a vacuum cleaner.
No. 1064626 ID: b793b0

B: Tiny enemy crab! Beware its snipping claws!
No. 1064634 ID: 99ca7b

C: Ground Erupting Tunnel Crab!
No. 1064635 ID: a4f391

C. A giant sand whale emerges from the sand with a geyser for a spout. It swims in the sand but is slow to attack, but makes up for its high defense and hp... and its special move

Move: Kaiju forms a rainy mist from it's geyser spout in the area (probably 50-100 feet radius) which lasts for several updates, causing objects and fabric to slowly melt away. When fighting in this mist, clothing slowly gets destroyed each update until player is completely naked.

It'd be a race against the clock to defeat the kaiju! And with high defense it has, that will be the challenge.
No. 1064641 ID: 365de0

C. One Giant Enemy Crab, along with around a dozen Larger Than Usual Neutral Crabs, and one Short Passive-Aggressive Crabkin named Matthew.
No. 1064649 ID: 1371b2

B. tiny Enemy Crab!

…Okay okay I’ll provide one of my own…Okay.
A jellyfish, about the size of one of those hippo monsters from before, but this one, among other things has the power of levitation, and tentacles that sting with the trademark acid of the Kaiju.
No. 1064652 ID: ba1dc0

C. A land shark that swims through the ground!

Note: the land shark's gills are only good for breathing while it's in the dirt and is not meant for breathing in the water! It will start drowning in the water, even though it can still swim pretty good while in the water.
No. 1064829 ID: 38349b
File 168550147519.png - (16.31KB , 500x500 , T2_026.png )

You do not hear the distinct CHIME that you normally associate with a Kaiju attack, instead you hear a foxish yelp. You turn to Momo and notice that her bikini is caught in something that just won't let go of it. You take a step closer and notice a little crab climbing out of the sandy waters.

Momo: This crustacean just won't...
Momo: Let...
Momo: Go!

And then it clicks in your head. This isn't a crab, it's a Kaiju. Did it dig itself out of the ground or come from the ocean? You don't get to think about this further before you respond with the intensity and reflexes of a seasoned monster hunter veteran, dashing towards it. But it notices your movement and yanks Momo towards it, completely destroying her swimsuit in the process. She lets out another yelp before the crab firmly grips her with its claws and moves inland with monstrous speed and dexterity. The creature holds Momo above itself as if she was weightless.
No. 1064830 ID: 38349b
File 168550148906.png - (15.91KB , 500x500 , T2_027.png )

Momo: How is this little creature holding me like this!?!?
Momo: Ow, Stop that!!

Momo undulates uncomfortably in its grip, scraped and bleeding slightly. You hesitate for a moment, it hasn't hurt her... much. Then you feel a pulse come from the creature, and hear that distinct chime. You watch, almost in slow motion, as the crab grows in size, becoming knee high. You regard the TINY ENEMY CRAB with hostility. It returns the glare in a way only glassy eyed crustaceans can, menacingly.

Josephine: What're they putting in the ocean?
Josephine: It's turning the crabs into Kaiju!
Momo: Can't, something's... WRONG, OW!!!

You watch as momo's body destabilizes slightly, almost like she tries SHAPESHIFT into something, but fails. Your eyes cross as you watch this impossible situation. It looks like Momo has a secret too.
No. 1064831 ID: 38349b
File 168550150428.png - (16.88KB , 500x500 , T2_028.png )

You stick your hand into your bosom and pull out your ruby D8, ready to toss it the moment your plan solidifies, secret identity be damned. You won't let this turn out like the power station. Josephine steps beside you, brandishing her pistol. You quirk an eyebrow at her.

You: Guns at the beach?
Josephine: Always carry protection!
Josephine: I'll follow your lead.
Alberta: Unholy shit…
Phyllis: Code silver, I repeat, code silver at Comm's nest
Phyllis: …
Phyllis: Understood, we have [2 UPDATES] until backup arrives

The [TINY ENEMY CRAB] has a hostage!
- Momo is currently uninjured
- Josephine will act autonomously and helpfully unless otherwise given direction
- Your other GUARDS will arrive in [2 UPDATES]

- The sewer where you fought the 2-Headed snake is nearby
- The close confined walls would be a perfect place to fight this thing
- 35% chance it deals a minor injury to Momo

- Dash after the creature in a contest of speed
- It will be too distracted to hurt it's hostage
- 35% chance the Kaiju heads towards a more populated area

- Do something else
- 35% chance of something BAD happening depending on how distracted it is or how you act
- Feel free to describe anything you do in addition to lock the creature down
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats[/i][/b]
No. 1064832 ID: a7a180

Chase sequence! Use your wheels! Or, since you probably weren’t wearing them, go get your wheels! Little pest, how is it scuttling so fast?
No. 1064833 ID: 629f2e

B, Chase Sequence. I'd rather risk the general populace over Momo.
No. 1064835 ID: 740c06

I have two ideas

C. Keep this a beach episode and Try to grow big and corral it in the beach. Dont let it escape. Afterwards, Josephine will keep it distracted meanwhile, we will start digging up large pits in the sand to limit its movements or maybe fall down one for Josephine to get a better shot at. Use your giant hands to dig the giant pits, or if you can handle it, scoop the sand with your giant maw!


B. The funny option. Perfect opportunity to try out our skates! We Better put them on before you do anything. Plus, if we ends up in a populated area, we can show off our herorics to the crowd! (Momo i think is fine with exhibitionism, so dont worry)
No. 1064838 ID: 740c06

(My overall vote is C btw, but put on skates if B or A wins)
No. 1064839 ID: 18001e

No. 1064858 ID: e5709d

Just grow big and grab both of them. Be on the lookout for a swarm.
No. 1064873 ID: f2320a

We need a boombox and some music CRAB RAVE
No. 1064881 ID: dc5433

C or B. Above all else, do NOT let the crab hurt dear Momo.
No. 1064886 ID: e4ba2b

You can still use your size powers without activating the die. Chase that crab!
No. 1064889 ID: e51896

I think that'd be too risky, our clothing wouldnt grow with us when we grow while not transformed causing destruction of our clothing, and more importantly, if we go into a populated area while big, people could figure out what Ms. Tear looks like out of costume, considering we'd be big like our alter ego
No. 1064900 ID: 1d5bb3

Do not let this be like the power plant! Don't worry about your secret identity and just transform!

Use your powers to reduce your weight so you can move faster! And because intermission has officially ended, you're now proficient with your skates and should have no problem keeping up with the crab!
No. 1064902 ID: a9af05

Forgot to mention that I vote for B!
No. 1065027 ID: b17386

Now that I think about it can we see if we can get Pazuru to search and pinpoint where the kaiju island is right now as we go after crab? If the Kaiju cant be summoned after capturing the centipede summoning kaijus, the island might be closer now to bring kaijus here, and we can get q better idea where the island goes when in comparison to where our angry axolotl friend found it, may help with anchoring the island in the future
No. 1065029 ID: 36784c

Pazuru tells us random facts about people around us. So would she also be able to tell us random facts about the kaiju? Because there's always a chance that Pazuru's random facts might be something that can help us take down the kaiju!
No. 1065039 ID: 87e33c

rolled 19 = 19

if (roll <=35) addCitizens(random.Range(1,5));
No. 1065040 ID: 87e33c

rolled 1 = 1

No. 1065042 ID: 87e33c

rolled 4 = 4

No. 1065080 ID: 38349b
File 168581270387.png - (13.69KB , 500x500 , T2_029.png )

You toss your die in the air and hop over to your BLOODY MARY SKATES, kept off with your other clothes. As soon as you grab them the die lands with a solid [4], no penalties today! You transform, your skates automatically equipped as part of this weird transformation magic, you point dramatically at the kaiju and shout.


As you dash forward, the Kaiju Crab dashes in reverse, turning and scuttling away from you. Your speed on these skates eclipses anything you would have been able to reach on foot, and you selectively reduce and increase your weight to just barely keep up with the thing.

You turn around and see Phyllis start her offroad SUV, while Josephine jumps on top of the roof, letting off a shot of her magic pistol towards the crab. The shot lands a bit in front of the crab, exploding into a series of beautiful purple sparks, causing it to turn sharply towards its side, heading towards some abandoned boat-houses. You turn to your side and see Pazuru floating by you, watching the encounter.
No. 1065081 ID: 38349b
File 168581271270.png - (16.58KB , 500x500 , T2_030.png )

You: Think you can pinpoint the Kaiju Island while we get this guy?
[PAZURU]: Success must be earned, not given freely, else it is taken for granted
You: But I'm getting you a body!!!!
[PAZURU]: I cannot actively [PARTICIPATE] until then
You: Can I at least get a KAIJU FACT?!?!
[PAZURU]: Hmm... One moment, their [HISTORY] is tricky to [RECALL]

You work in tandem with Josephine to try to guide it away from civilians as you give chase. The Kaiju is too distracted by your efforts to do anything other than flee, however you can't plan for random chance as a trenchcoat and hat wearing beast-kin pops up around the corner. She's holding a sandwich that seems to have some green sauce on it.

Momo: Oh goddess, not her...
Beast-Kin: Is that Momo… naked?
Beast-Kin: HA HAH, on a …Crab?!??
Momo: LOOK OUT!!

The Kaiju halts a few feet from the beast kin, causing a gust of wind to blow her hat off and trench coat open, revealing Polka D. Artep, a well known newscaster for Kitsu-News.
No. 1065082 ID: 38349b
File 168581273368.png - (11.23KB , 500x500 , T2_031.png )

[PAZURU]: It likes to [HOARD] pretty things with it's [FIRM GRIP]
You: I'd be offended if it wasn't a monster, wait, no, still offended
[PAZURU]: It's [ACID GLAND] is also incredibly small, coating it's claws
You: I guess that explains why it destroyed her outfit…

THE [TINY ENEMY CRAB] has a hostage!
- Momo is currently uninjured
- Josephine is currently acting autonomously and helpfully
- Your other GUARDS will arrive in a CHOPPER in [1 UPDATE]

- How do you take advantage of this opportunity?
- Your results will be determined by your course of action
- The crab takes Polka as a hostage too

- Josephine will need [1 UPDATE] to catch up to you as she protects the civilian
- 40% chance the Kaiju heads towards a more populated area
- 10% chance you lead it to a dead end

- Do something else
- 40% chance of something BAD happening depending on your actions
- Feel free to describe anything you do in addition
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1065083 ID: a7a180

A: Send your staples to attack its legs. Pin it down so it can't crabwalk so fast!
No. 1065095 ID: c3a039

Agreed. Go, my minions!
No. 1065102 ID: e51896

A. that's a good idea. send out your staples to bite at the crab's legs to slow it down.

I'd say send some staples on it's claws too, but aiming for the claws would also risk accidentally hurting Momo and Polka with our staples. (It's totally not just because we'd lose the chance to potentially see Polka's outfit destroyed by its claws too.)
No. 1065116 ID: 273c18

A: staple its legs together so you can catch it.
No. 1065117 ID: dc5433

A. Stapling the legs might be a good idea, but this crab seems stronger than he looks, so maybe stapling the eyes instead might be an easier choice.
No. 1065135 ID: 36784c


Use nanobots to attack the crab's joints, where its armor is the weakest! That should allow you to remove a leg to slow it down or remove an arm, so it can only have 1 hostage and/or drops its current hostage!
No. 1065341 ID: 87e33c

rolled 52 = 52

No. 1065369 ID: 87e33c
File 168626979656.png - (13.28KB , 500x500 , T2_032.png )

The Kaiju twitches its hand towards Polka and in that moment you strike, transferring your momentum to a tossed lance of Nanobots. The tiny staple shaped machines warp in mid air until they turn into a makeshift rubber-band, latching around some of the crab's legs. Its stance falters as it grabs Polka, shredding and liquifying her clothes with its clawed touch.

Polka: EEP!
Momo: Welcome to the club I guess.
Momo: That... that's not what-
Polka: Oh wait it's claws smell tasty

You continue to dash towards the Kaiju, feeling concerned that it's got another hostage as it struggles to gather inertia. It's able to break one leg free from your nanobots at the cost of breaking one of its six limbs. It uses the remaining, unrestrained 3 to scuttle off. Fortunately for you, it's moving at a MUCH slower pace. The sound of rotating propeller blades begins to get closer to you as your GUARDS arrive. This thing is on its last legs and you feel like you're tantalizingly close to success. This is when your COMM sparks to life.
No. 1065370 ID: 87e33c
File 168626991225.png - (13.28KB , 500x500 , T2_033.png )

Comms: Miss Tear, this is Comms
Comms: Theta squad above has a PACKAGE for you.
You: What?!?!

You see the chopper arrive, and they toss a small disk towards you, which you easily catch.

Comms: Your order is to tag the creature with this and allow it to flee to the water.
You: It's got hostages!!!!
Comms: Those are the orders as written.
Sponge: We can rescue the hostages first, right?
Comms: Those are the orders as written.

- Rewards and Penalties will be distributed upon mission completion

You feel it around in your hand as you continue to chase the crab, Josephine continues to fire bullets and your guards have been firing the occasional spout of foam into its path. Your nanobots react as you poke the device with it, and you get the distinct impression that this is some sort of tracking device.
No. 1065371 ID: 87e33c
File 168626996571.png - (15.74KB , 500x500 , T2_034.png )

Guards and Josephine: Orders Miss Tear?
You: Hmm

You look at the Kaiju, its eye-stalks are starting to fill with doubt and maybe a little fear. It's also, at some point, grown back that leg it snapped off. With the help of your GUARDS, JOSEPHINE and your NANOBOTS, you can do TWO THINGS with ease.

THE [TINY ENEMY CRAB] has a hostage!
- Momo and Polka are currently uninjured
- Josephine and your Guards are currently acting autonomously and helpfully
- The crab is starting to look nervous

PICK AT LEAST 2, for each action you do past the second, an independent roll will be made (30% chance for the third, 50% for the fourth, 70% for the fifth) to see if you will suffer [1 DAMAGE] each time

- IF NOT PICKED: 40% chance Polka is injured
- IF NOT PICKED: 40% chance Momo is injured
- Be careful not to let the kaiju escape before you do this
- 60% chance to slow down the Kaiju, making it harder for it to take a new hostage
- 60% chance for you to guide it towards a totally unpopulated area
- Do something else, 40% chance something BAD happens depending on the action

No. 1065372 ID: a7a180

First come, first served. Rescue Momo, try to restrain it further. You've gotta sell this chase before it scampers off.
No. 1065375 ID: 629f2e

A, B, E
No. 1065384 ID: 273c18

Ok, this is fine. We just rescue the hostages, plant the device, and chase it into the ocean.

B,C. After that, we can save a hostage every turn and make progress towards driving it away. It's too small to cause city damage so a solid victory is just to keep it from hurting anyone and complete the tracking objective.
No. 1065400 ID: e5709d

C, E
No. 1065401 ID: 365de0

F. Seduce crab
No. 1065424 ID: adb2d0

A, B, E

ABE Lincoln would have saved Polka, you know he would have
No. 1065465 ID: 71fa80

B, A, C. In that order.
No. 1065704 ID: e51896

Changing my vote to this
No. 1065783 ID: 87e33c

rolled 6 = 6

No. 1065878 ID: 38349b
File 168679981417.png - (14.50KB , 500x500 , T2_035.png )

You snarl at the beast and it flinches, pausing for a moment, so you dash forward. You feel a small sense of accomplishment as your teammates shoot at the creature, allowing you to attach the tracking device to the little fox thief before grabbing both Momo and Polka.

You hold them over your head, in a mock crab pose and clack your jaws victoriously. Only for you to not have a free limb to defend your waist, it clips you, actively destroying part of your outfit and cutting into your chest in the process, but the hostages are safe, and it is marked.

You've lost [1 HEALTH]
- You are now at [3/8 WOUNDS]
- You're bruised and moving stings a little

No. 1065879 ID: 38349b
File 168679982307.png - (14.86KB , 500x500 , T2_036.png )

Momo: She has such a firm, yet sensual grip, no?
You: Oh, one second *citizens*

You quickly shift sizes, possibly causing whiplash towards the held individuals, placing them a nice distance away from the crab, and then growing just enough to tower over the boat-houses. You watch where the Kaiju is heading and let out a groan.

You: Its heading towards the DOG PARK
You: And there looks to be some sort of dragon walking their dog there
Guards: Roger, heading them off there.

The Crab, apparently having just attempted to pick up another hostage, drops the vulpine captive, who scurries away. It stares at you in what you can only assume is fear. You shrink back down, putting yourself in a sprinter's pose and growling at the thing.
No. 1065880 ID: 38349b
File 168679983921.png - (15.11KB , 500x500 , T2_037.png )

The crab flees, snapping itself free from your restraining nanobots and you continue chasing it. You'd be willing to just let it flee at this point, however it's headed directly towards a populated area, and you have full confidence that it would kidnap someone else if it could.

You turn several sharp corners and see that it's a straight shot to the dog park itself, and that beast-kin walking dog. Oh goddess, it's your sex-worker boss Gavin. But just beyond him is the ocean!

- It has no hostages
- Josephine and your Guards are currently acting autonomously and helpfully
- It is absolutely terrified of you

- Using your nanobots and Guard's foam guns to form a ramp, kick the crab out of town
- It will take passing swipes at everything it can in the meantime
- 65% chance of declothing the civilians, your guards, and anything it can get it's claws on as you prepare this action

- Continue your hot pursuit, preventing it from targeting any civilians
- It will take swipes at you until it manages to make it free of the city
- 65% chance it successfully lands a hit, not dealing damage, but causing your transformation to fail in public

- It won't hurt the civilians or reveal your identity!
- There will be government based consequences and you will fail your command
- Gain [2 XP]

- Do something else
- 65% chance something bad happens depending on what is suggested
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1065881 ID: e51896

A. Get outta here!
No. 1065882 ID: 9aeb7d

A, because ramps are sick
No. 1065883 ID: 273c18

A. Declothing is only a minor injury, it's fine.
No. 1065886 ID: 365de0

D Shrink down to make it less scared, hopefully it won't swipe at you if it doesn't feel threatened.
No. 1065887 ID: 629f2e

Gonna side with the majority and say A here. The guards can keep civilians safe while you work. If a few people get their clothes messed up, then that'll just make Momo and Polka stand out less.
No. 1065888 ID: 58dd24

I feel like the other unspoken downside to A is that it will be apparent to anyone observing that we let this one go. That is both the general public, and the powers guiding these monsters.

So I vote B. What do you need a secret identity for anyway? You're a licensed government agent.
No. 1065893 ID: e5709d

Have Polka spin the story that it's a baby Kaiju. Rather than a mass-murdering force of nature, it's a kid curious about this place. Killing it may piss the parents off even more.
No. 1065894 ID: f8083d

A/D: Using whatever means, try to get it to flee into the ocean without an hostage. Start by standing real close to the closest civilian in a defensive posture.
No. 1065895 ID: 49e145

It is time to realize your TRUE destiny... as a world-class crab-soccer player!
No. 1065899 ID: a7a180

Weird how it only changed size once, like it's got a much weaker version of your power.
C: Football tackle it. Use your nanites to form a layer of temporary armor, grab the crab and charge through the park to personally punt it into the pelagic!
No. 1065912 ID: e51896

Something to consider for later, but when the government gives us a bonus thing, one thing we could think about getting is an upgrade to our sex dungeon, i mean our medical room, so that we can heal more, and considering that with arcane focus' side effects, it might help Josephine and Saba out in the future.
No. 1065926 ID: 57ae3d


Declothing is better than being injured or kidnapped!

That's a good idea, but it'll have to wait until after we finish paying the [3 FUNDS] we still owe for Pazuru's body. And then we'd need to pay back our 3 government friends for lending us money to help pay for Pazuru's body.

After we pay our debts, we can definitely upgrade the medical room!
No. 1065938 ID: e51896

I know, we're still going to buy the body for Pazuru after this mission and we're paid. I was actually referring to the free rewards we get from the government after succeeding and completing their missions and objectives. We got the lair after finishing the first mission, and upgraded the kaiju containment twice, each happening after the second and third mission (tho Phyllis had to use her bonus perk to help get the upgraded containment the second time after the third mission since we didn't completely follow orders). We can get the free upgraded medical room as a reward from the government after completing this mission.
No. 1066287 ID: 87e33c

rolled 96 = 96

if(dice < 66) civilianDmg();
No. 1066305 ID: 87e33c
File 168722411325.png - (17.17KB , 500x500 , T2_038.png )

You: I need a ramp, pronto!
You: Follow my nanobots!
You: Sponge, you're with me
Guards & Sponge: GOT IT!
Sponge: Oh, my callsign changed
Sponge/Sparks: It's sparks now!
You: Sure, Sparks whatever!
You: Less talky, more crab shooty!

You and Josephine, now re-codenamed as Sparks, work in tandem to guide the crab along a winding route through the park, it crashes through some stone monuments, various play structures for the furry friends, and narrowly misses clipping Gavin and his pet chihuahua. You're fortunate that the park is empty today.

Guards: OK, IT'S READY!
You: Perfect!

No. 1066306 ID: 87e33c
File 168722413373.png - (15.90KB , 500x500 , T2_039.png )

The crab turns and pauses for a split second, unknowingly stopping right in front of your improvised foam and nanobot based ramp.

You: I don't like your crab-itude!

You take one step forward, grow to your maximum size, and punt the creature as hard as you can. The crunch of its body against your leg echoes out as the kaiju is sent flying towards the extremely reinforced ramp and launched up into the sky.

You: Soar long!
Comms: Deer goddess please no.
Sparks: Next stop: Crust-ocean!
You: I think that I was feeling a little claw-straphobic
You: OOH what about
You: We were in a pinch, so this'll have to do.
Gavin: *groan* That pun sounds worse than one Hailey would make
Comms: Please stop I'm dying from embarrassment
You: What a cruel fate, to not love the pun-ishment I inflict on thee!

No. 1066307 ID: 87e33c
File 168722416477.png - (16.74KB , 500x500 , T2_040.png )

You dismantle your makeshift ramp and head back towards Momo and Polka, Momo is sitting on a folding chair and is wrapped in a blanket. Polka glares at you as she gets into a vehicle driven by a flamingo. Before you can speak she lets out a long series of expletives that you immediately ignore after you hear the phrase "from my lawyer", the government can handle that for you. She leaves after a minute of the flamingo's pestering, but not before she flips Momo off, to which Momo replies with two birds of her own.

You: Geez, no appreciation for the work I do
Momo: I appreciate it, Miss… Tear

No. 1066308 ID: 87e33c
File 168722418996.png - (17.40KB , 500x500 , T2_041.png )

Noticing that there's no one else around, you duck into a nearby alleyway and revert to your swimsuit. You skate on over to Momo and take a smooth seat right next to her.

You: Soooooooooo
You: You got all wiggly there when you were caught
You: Kinda made my brain hurt
Momo: And you rescued me from a creature that wished to consume my flesh
Momo: Not the first time it's happened
Momo: I won't stop looking this ravishing after all!

The two of you share a laugh and then lapse into silence. What do you even say, do you ask something, you've gotta break the ice, she's in the know now.

What do you say?
No. 1066309 ID: 629f2e

"Haven't been to work at the brothel recently, and you're already naked. Mind if I have a taste of that ravishing flesh for myself?"

Just straight up proposition her. What better way to break the awkward tension?
No. 1066335 ID: 365de0

"I'm feeling a little overdressed now."
No. 1066336 ID: a7a180

Come back to my lair, it's cool. There's a dungeon and stuff.
I'll show you my shapeshifting tricks if you show me yours.
No. 1066338 ID: e51896

"in case you're wondering, Yes, my roommate Donna already knew the whole time, and she is going to freak after she knows you know, and freak out even more when she knows you know she knows. But more importantly, She's gonna be so happy to finally have another friend who knows my secret to talk about."
No. 1066339 ID: e51896

Also this, but don't bring up asking to see her shapeshifting powers, she'll show when she's ready.
No. 1066342 ID: f2320a

Wonder if she is just shapeshifting those curves or is actually a guy
No. 1066345 ID: 13740c

“Wanna see my secret cave?”
No. 1066365 ID: a3931e

I think we should obviously ask her to please keep our identity a secret. Then we can ask if she has any questions for us.
No. 1066390 ID: 36784c

Momo and Polka seem to know each other. Ask Momo about that.
No. 1066395 ID: a9af05

Yeah, is there some kind of rivalry going on between them? Can Polka do the same thing that Momo did when she tried to escape from the crab kaiju?
No. 1066742 ID: 5d9998

Is Momo using magic when she does that "shifting" thing that Donna said she could do?
No. 1066880 ID: 87e33c

rolled 6 = 6

No. 1066892 ID: 38349b
File 168817962582.png - (15.57KB , 500x500 , T2_042.png )

You: Y'know, I'm feeling a bit overdressed
Momo: Hah!
Momo: And I'm feeling a tad underdressed
You: Not as underdressed as Polka
You: What's her deal, she magic too?
Momo: Please, she wishes she was "magic"
You: Seemed like there was some juicy rivalry there tho
Momo: It's really quite boring, honestly
Momo: I met a girl just like her a few times
Momo: Thought I could befriend Polka, yknow
Momo: But then I found out how she manipulates those she has power over
Momo: So now I just mess with her because its fun
Momo: She's mostly bark and some bite, but her bites can't really hurt me
You: On account of the wiggly stuff?
Momo: More on account of me not having any assets she can reliably attack
Momo: I'm beholden to no one but myself while I visit this plane
Momo: Though I suppose my vacation has become work now
You: You don't just say you're from another "plane" all casual like that
You: Also the wiggly shapeshifter stuff!!!
Momo: But it's so fun to see you get flustered!

No. 1066896 ID: 38349b
File 168818012328.png - (19.30KB , 500x500 , T2_043.png )

You: Well, Miss Cagey Canine...
You: Maybe I won't invite you back to see my super cool lair
Momo: I'm a shapeshifting spirit that solves problems!
Momo: Now show me the lair!
You: Wait WHAT?!

You receive no further information on what exactly Momo is, but do solicit a promise from her that she will help you train in the future. You think that it might be possible for you to incorporate some aspect of her knowledge into your size shifting!

She tours the lair with you, and after meeting an already prepared Donna at the lair, Momo signs some paperwork so that she too is a contractor and CONFIDANT. The day winds down with you, Donna, and Momo participating in a casual orgy. You fall asleep in their arms and wake up in that DARK SPACE. It looks like [PAZURU] is just waking up as you float beside her.

> Momo is now a [RANK C] CONFIDANT - [3/4XP]
- She is a shapeshifter from another world(?)
- She loves to tease, socialize, and flirt
- Rescuing her and preventing any damage from reaching her has given you additional relationship XP

+ 3 Funds
+ Passed one command
+ A bonus will be awarded
+ The CRISIS has become aware of your existence
+ Your next MISSION will reflect this
+ 1 Heroism [4 Total] (from saving high profile hostages)
+ 1 Visibility [3 Total] (from being seen protecting the civilians)
+ An attempt was made to raise your [MENACE]... but the government intercepted it!

> You will not be alerted to TENSION causes for this mission
> Your TENSION is currently at [4]
> Attempting to roll over TENSION value... [ROLL = 6]
> Success, nothing happens!

No. 1066897 ID: 38349b
File 168818013239.png - (11.39KB , 500x500 , T2_044.png )

You: Hey, you ok, you kind of vanished back there
[PAZURU]: I... I... I got excited
[PAZURU]: I... forget my station
[PAZURU]: I... am losing my [POSITION] here
You: Does this have something to do with your soon-to-be-body?
[PAZURU]: Yes, it is... good, but, [TERRIFYING] in a way
[PAZURU]: To be [MORTAL]... again
[PAZURU]: [PARASITES] aren't meant to [INTERFERE]
You: I feel like you've only helped though
You: Even before the body thing
You: Will you not be able to see things anymore, like your cool sex facts?
[PAZURU]: No, I'll still be able to do that, I have a good memory
[PAZURU]: I think...
[PAZURU]: That this will be the last time that we are here in the [PLEROMA]
[PAZURU]: I'm losing my ability to... [SEE] beyond what I have [MEMORIZED]
[PAZURU]: And it seems the [RESTRICTIONS] are loosening in kind

[PAZURU] looks lost in thought, almost like she's asking for direction. She stares off into the distance, and you follow her gaze. You think you see something else off in the distance, but it's too far away to make out.

A. Ask some questions
- She'll do her best to answer a few questions with the remains of her capabilities
B. Do something else
- What though?

No. 1066899 ID: 273c18

A: what's that in the distance?
No. 1066904 ID: e51896

actually, changing vote to A, we can just ask what is in the distance as >>1066899
said. But more importantly changing this because this:

>[PAZURU]: I'm losing my ability to... [SEE] beyond what I have [MEMORIZED]
>[PAZURU]: And it seems the [RESTRICTIONS] are loosening in kind

There were quite a bit of things Pazuru said that were [REDACTED], and since she said those [RESTRICTIONS] were loosening, that might mean she might be able to tell us stuff she couldn't before.

we should probably ask her the questions she couldn't answer before:


ask her her theories why the kaiju/megafaunas were deposited on our planet, she couldn't explain it before. She probably can now


ask again about the The [MUSE] in your device, and what Pazuru meant by it being like a parasite, and if you should be worried. This I feel is the most important question to ask.

There might be other redacted info Im missing, but i think these are the most important
No. 1066910 ID: 12d163

All of the above, plus ask how much more the restrictions will loosen if she gets an upgraded body.
No. 1066911 ID: e9e1ef

First, we're going to tell her that as soon as she's in her body, we're gonna give her a hug!

After that, we'll ask what she wants to do first. Eat some food, play some games, have sex, anything she wants to do.
No. 1066912 ID: 36784c

>An attempt was made to raise your [MENACE]
I guess since Polka works in the news, she believes she can act like John Jonah Jameson Jr. and try to call us a menace as if we're Spider-Man. Sorry Polka, but you ain't gonna do that to us that easily!

I guess do A and ask all of these things: >>1066904 .
No. 1066933 ID: e51896

just in case those questions still can't be answered and are still [REDACTED], another question I have is, who will take her place as the next historical parasite, and how does that process usually goes? How is one chosen after the previous one finds a way to escape and get a body like she is about to?


is there anything we can do to help Saba, and Josephine through the consequences of learning Arcane Focus, like cancer.
No. 1067246 ID: 87e33c
File 168869416964.png - (9.70KB , 500x500 , T2_045.png )

You: So, what's that over there
[PAZURU]: Complicated that's what
[PAZURU]: Did you know that in order for a [SOUL] to enter a new body
[PAZURU]: It has to be [MASTICATED]
You: Like... chewed?
[PAZURU]: It's quite painful in a fun kinda way!
[PAZURU]: [THAT] is just the sort of...
[PAZURU]: Well, it's the [ENTITY] that will facilitate my transition
You: So it's not your replacement?
[PAZURU]: No, that's not my replacement, we won't be able to see [THEM]
[PAZURU]: I think they're assigning the [TALKING HEAD] this time

You peer out in the distance at the thing in the distance. Its form shifts and tears at the edges of its existence. It vaguely looks like a maw with incredibly sharp teeth, and you feel [CHAOTIC] energies erupting from it. There's a brief moment where you feel it shift, like it's looking at you, and a sharp pain assaults your senses. You look away and the pain dissipates.

You: Don't stare at the big creepy maw, got it
You: So can you talk about the [MUSE] or the [MEGAFAUNA] yet?

No. 1067247 ID: 87e33c
File 168869418162.png - (15.27KB , 500x500 , T2_046.png )

[PAZURU]: You will be given a [CHOICE] in the future
[PAZURU]: Should you reach the [APEX] of [POWER]
[PAZURU]: I could give you [ADVICE]
[PAZURU]: But let's be honest.
[PAZURU]: You're going to destroy the expectations of any [ENTITY] with whatever you do
You: Ughhhh, none of that was bleeped but I got nothing from it!!!
[PAZURU]: You're an [ANOMALY], you know that right?
You: Okay, okay, how about the cancer thing
You: Any way to reduce that?
[PAZURU]: Perhaps, since medical science has advanced
[PAZURU]: The best and most unfeasable way to reduce its effects is to simply use it less
[PAZURU]: But that's unlikely, as the more you use [MANA], the more [POTENT] it becomes
[PAZURU]: I will spend some time researching it with a body of [FLESH AND FUR]
[PAZURU]: None of your kin who used mana were potent enough to even attempt to figure out a solution
[PAZURU]: Not with the technological restrictions
[PAZURU]: Aaaand you better go
[PAZURU]: See you when I wake up.

You turn around and wince as you look at the maw, it's opening incredibly wide, much wider than it needs to be to fit [PAZURU] inside. For a moment, you imagine what it would be like to be that thing, to be filled with a [HUNGER] that apparently consumes souls. And then you're no longer there.
No. 1067249 ID: 87e33c
File 168869428933.png - (15.11KB , 500x500 , T2_047.png )

You open your eyes and notice a cold sweat covering your body. Momo and Donna have already left, and there's no sign of [PAZURU] anywhere. You wince at the thought of what would happen if you had lingered any longer in that space. You check your COMM, and there's a few notifications up. You check the one from Donna.

Donna: Oi, pay me, need the remaining [3 FUNDS] for the clone thing
Donna: should be done in at least [1 UPDATE]

You send the funds over, leaving you with [2 FUNDS] remaining. There goes your recent paycheck. There's another notification from the government about your reward, but that just feels like work. You'll get to it later.

- Please see https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1046204 for basic downtime options
- You have 2 free downtime actions
- You have 1 free "hangout" action
- [PARASITIC REINCARNATION] will update after this action
- You will be given a choice for your [REWARD] after [PARASITIC REINCARNATION] updates (feel free to suggest specifics before then)
- You get the feeling your next [MISSION] will be different than usual
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

You may suggest up to 2 actions to do next, the most popular will be selected and the others will be used to create unique downtime actions as additional choices.
No. 1067255 ID: 273c18

First, REST.
Second, TRAIN nanobots.
No. 1067260 ID: 908d73

Just want to say real quick before I make a decision, lets save RESTING until AFTER we get the government reward bonus. We might be able to get a medical room upgrade from the government and heal much better when we rest. Plus, we might need it for Josephine and Saba.
No. 1067287 ID: a7a180

Hangout: Donna
Research: Upgraded twin snake
No. 1067295 ID: 4481aa

Hangout with Donna. You're so close to being at an A-rank relationship with her. Go do something she wants to do with her.

I agree with Polt that we should also do the government reward before resting up, as that could give us better results if we get better healing.

And yeah, totally rest up after getting that sorted.

As for the second action, why not hang out with even more people? Your government bonds are also pretty close to A rn. How about you spend some time with Josephine?
No. 1067307 ID: d3bf48

Agreed with all!
No. 1067308 ID: e5709d

More Investments With Donna
Commission a Nanomachine Control Module - These drones act as controllers for your nanos, allowing you to control more at a time while allocating a portion to your backup so they don't suck when they're alone. The device also attempts to maintain a connection with you, giving you primary control over the nanomachines when the connection is active. You get one for free, while the rest of your backup buy their own. Further purchases of NCMs cost [1 Fund] each.
No. 1067329 ID: f4beea

Activity 1.) Hang out with Donna.

Activity 2.) Go to a skate park and practice some sick skating moves so that you can be more efficient with your skates!
No. 1067349 ID: a9af05

Transform into Miss Tear and go visit the orphanage. Then tell Mamita that you heard that she's accepting donations to help out with the puppies from the destroyed Puppy Orphanage that she took in. That's when you donate some [FUNDS] to help out.

This will help increase positive public opinions of Miss Tear and Hailey can secretly help out her foster mom!
No. 1067386 ID: 36784c

I like both of these.
No. 1067453 ID: 01fe07

Do this! Having Miss Tear help the community by donating her money will increase her popularity and will help heal 1 point of health to the city!
No. 1067533 ID: e51896


FREE HANGOUT ACTION: Hang out with Donna Maybe towards the end of our hangouts with Donna, she’ll let us be one of the very first to meet Pazuru

FIRST ACTIVITY: Train your skating skills and physical abilities, go roller skating at a skate park, practice your skating skills so that you can practice going faster, grind on stuff and pull off some sick dodges and be harder to hit while fighting monsters. It might also help us be more agile and acrobatic when we are not in skates a little during battle. Can't rely on our size all the time, sometimes we need physical abilities.
Idea: we can do this while transformed at some points so that we can also practice our skating skills with our size and weight powers freely, maybe get some size shifting xp from doing that too, and people can be more impressed by Chompy Tear. put that sub brain to use!

SECOND ACTIVITY: REST. I want resting as a second activity because by then, we'll have the Government bonus reward, and I'm hoping we can get a medical room upgrade so we can take full advantage of the REST activity with the upgrade.

GOVERNMENT BONUS REWARD IDEA: hired professional doctors for the medical room for the medical room upgrade. they can help with healing and potential cancer saba and Josephine might get

SOMETHING TO NOTE: if we decide to train nanobots, and we HAVE to use the upgrade research as mentioned here https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1049504 and can't train them ourselves, just a reminder:

- The Labcoats will attempt more invasive procedures to see if they can UPGRADE the tech
- Base SUCCESS chance - 20%
- there is a 40% chance of sustaining an INJURY throughout the process
- Each fund invested increases the SUCCESS chance by 20%
- Each fund invested reduces the INJURY chance by 5%

I think it's too risky personally to do the nanobot upgrade research if we can't train it any other way, but if it's the only way to train it, spend 2 WEALTH on it, I don't want Hailey getting hurt.
No. 1067556 ID: 87e33c
File 168903433862.png - (14.03KB , 500x500 , T2_048.png )

You decide to respond to that government email, requesting either something related to your nanobots, or something related to your medical room as the reward, ignoring the contents of the mail itself.

Then you send a message to the research team, asking them to report any findings they have on the evolved two headed snake. After quickly pushing off your responsibilities, you open up your message with Donna again.

You: Wanna hang out?
Donna: Yeah, meet me at the Bridge!!!
Donna: They're doing a COOL THING there today!

You shrug, putting on your outfit and skating your way over to the bridge. It's in between The Docks and Activity Arcadia, surrounded by fresh pine trees. You find Donna hanging out with the one armed bird who runs the skate shop, BREEZY.
No. 1067557 ID: 87e33c
File 168903435754.png - (16.02KB , 500x500 , T2_049.png )

Breezy: Ya don't weigh enough Donna
Donna: She can carry me though!
Breezy: I guess we can strap you on, but
You: What're we doing?
Breezy: Oh hey it's Bloody Mary
You: Hailey actually, bloody is my skates.

The spritely woman excitedly buzzes about you explaining how she doesn't normally weigh enough to bungee jump, but with your *specific skills* and this *heavy duty bungee cord* you should be able to bounce pretty high, maybe break a record or two. You look over the ledge and let out a soft hum.

You: This seems super dangerous
Donna: And Fun!
You: I'm in!!
Donna: YEssssss gurrl I've been waiting to do this!

Donna straps herself into your harness, cradling herself inside your bosom with some extra straps. Breezy looks slightly concerned, but you bounce your bosom with wild movements to show him that it's safe enough.
No. 1067558 ID: 87e33c
File 168903437063.png - (11.24KB , 500x500 , T2_050.png )

Donna: The most fun things are a little dangerous Breezy!
Donna: You of all kin should know that!
Breezy: Yes and that's how I lost a wing
Breezy: Don't regret it at all, hahah!

And then, after triple checking your connection, you jump. You fall, the adrenaline kicks in, and there's the brief spike of fear as the cord goes taut and launches you into the sky. Donna screeches with delight and you can't help but do the same.

Donna: *Giggles* HIGHER!!

- Bungee as hard as inhumanly possible with your powers
- Donna will have a great time [+ Bonus Relationship XP]

B. You: So Donna, what have you been up to?
- Donna's trapped with you and would have to respond do your questions
- Donna will have an okay time [+ No bonus XP]

C. Other
- You're still mid bungee
- What do?

No. 1067560 ID: a7a180

A. Bungee as hard as you possibly can, then on the rebound shrink right out of your harness and go soaring into the sky! Let Donna take care of the landing with her wings.
No. 1067566 ID: a9af05


Increase your weight to drop down faster, then reduce your weight to get higher in the air!
No. 1067579 ID: e51896


>>1067566 this. Don't forget, we HAVE to do favors for Donna as part of our contract. Her favor is that she wants to go higher, that's what we gotta do, no time for talking.

And hey, if the bungee cord breaks due to our weight, Donna will have no choice but to reveal her telekinesis powers save your life, finally revealing her powers to you.

not that it will break, of course
No. 1067580 ID: e5709d

(A) because you have superpowers and should not fear a dick rope.
No. 1067582 ID: 36784c

A and this: >>1067566 .

>favors for Donna as part of our contract
Actually, we haven't made a contract with Donna. In fact, we only have to do favors when she asks us and so far, she hasn't asked us yet.

And she isn’t asking us to make her go higher as a favor, she's just excitedly shouting that she wants to go higher.
No. 1067591 ID: 4481aa

No. 1067595 ID: aa1846

No. 1067644 ID: 7536c2


>Shrink out of harness
Don't do that. We don't need to reveal our identity to even more people.

>increase and reduce weight
Yeah! That's much more subtle than actually changing size!
No. 1067758 ID: f8083d

Yeah let's go with this.
No. 1068171 ID: 38349b
File 168973716883.png - (14.82KB , 500x500 , T2_051.png )

You adjust your weight, straining the cord so that you fall lower and lower, shifting yourself to near weightlessness and then launching high beyond the bridge. You catch a glimpse of Breezy's beak dropping to your floor as some Kin pull out their comms to film you.


You bounce a few more times, nearly clipping the bridge once but feeling a slight push from an intangible force that knocks you conveniently out of the way. It takes about a minute after you've stopped bouncing for Breezy to lower and attach the pulley to your harness. You watch from below as he cranks the device, and you ever so slowly start to rise.

You: I bet we scared some of the onlookers
You: That or got some of them interested in trying this
Donna: ...
You: …

No. 1068172 ID: 38349b
File 168973718443.png - (11.23KB , 500x500 , T2_052.png )

Donna: Please don't ask me to fight.
Donna: I know you were thinking about it!
You: I was actually thinking about how it was convenient we didn't brain ourselves on the bridge!
Donna: Uh huh, suuuure
Donna: I'm just, I literally dropped out of fairy college okay
You: There's a fairy college?
Donna: Yes boring and weirdly combat focused
Donna: Failed like 90% of those classes
You: Is that why you don't ask for Favors?
Donna: Yeah it's just...
Donna: Fairy Contracts exist to "protect fairies"
Donna: More like to enable shitty behavior really
Donna: And to provide us energy
You: Wat?
Donna: There's not enough "magic" in the world for most fairies to live normally
Donna: I'm bad at fighting and am a staunch pacifist, Hailey
Donna: I don't just want to be what fairies are "supposed" to be

No. 1068173 ID: 38349b
File 168973719431.png - (11.79KB , 500x500 , T2_053.png )

Donna: Most fairies are PARASITES, they don't give back more than the minimum
You: You're not a parasite Donna
Donna: Yeah because I grew up around kin
You: You know I never worried about what you were "supposed" to do, right?
You: Plus, the funds you give me from the plush sales just go right back into the war effort
Donna: That's how I would prefer to contribute
Donna: I'm also investing in the Pink Light district
Donna: I wasn't joking about it being secure against Kaiju threats
Donna: Been working on underground bunker systems
You: That also operates as secret orgy dungeons?
Donna: That *primarily* operate as secret orgy dungeons yes!
Breezy: Phew, sorry that took so long, my wing's getting tired!

You get up from the long haul and see several kin lining up to bungee, fists of cash in hand. The kin don't bother you or Donna as you wander off, leaving Breezy to his newly excited bungee clients.

You: Think we should tell them it won't be as bouncy?
Donna: Nahhhhhhhh

You gained [2 RELATIONSHIP XP] with Donna - [7/8XP]
- You get the feeling you'll have to do something special to get to [RANK A]

No. 1068174 ID: 38349b
File 168973720562.png - (12.82KB , 500x500 , T2_054.png )

A quick rideshare later has you and Donna stopping at a nondescript scrapyard. She says that the body is being held here, but as you step inside, all you see is piles of machinery and junk.

You: Uhh, it's here?
You: This place is a literal junkyard.
Donna: Naw dummy, it's under the garbage

Donna leads you to an absolutely disgusting smelling pile of garbage before poking a keypad you didn't notice and opening a secret hatch. The two of you climb in and you are greeted by a much more sterile environment and tubes filled with a ton of green sludge.

You: Did you befriend a mad scientist Donna?
Donna: Nah, the mad scientist is too eccentric for my tastes
Donna: This guy's a back-alley surgeon
You: With scifi tubes?
Donna: He dabbles in biotech okay!
Donna: And he's grumpy, not mad, huge difference!

No. 1068175 ID: 38349b
File 168973721851.png - (13.53KB , 500x500 , T2_055.png )

Donna leads you to a side room, where a buff feline beast-kin wearing a labcoat is messing with some equipment near a tube that's filled with a purple and green sludge. He doesn't even bother to look up from the equipment and then points at you.

Orel: You're 15 minutes late, this the stapler chick?
You: Stapler-remover actually
Donna: Hailey, this is Orel
Orel: Body's prepped, ready to be taken away
Orel: I get you're a hedonist, but wouldn't have thought you'd be cool with necro
You: Oh, the body's for our friend
Orel: Didn't ask, you paid
Orel: She could be expensive meat for all I care
Orel: Oh, and don't tell anyone where I work or I'll gut you and clone you and gut you again
You: Is it weird that I find him more hot after he said that
Donna: Nah, it's part of his charm

Orel shrugs and pushes a button, causing the tube to drain, revealing the anthropomorphic form of [PAZURU], laying against some sort of padded backrest. You get the distinct impression that you need to do *something* to wake her up.

What do you do?
No. 1068177 ID: 4481aa

Turn her on the same way you turn on most of your female clients. Touch the clitoris.

That or pull the standard Sleeping Beauty move and give her a smooch.
No. 1068178 ID: a7a180

Give her a Heimlich maneuver, I mean hug.
No. 1068180 ID: e51896

We've been wanting to do this for a while soooo...

Hug Pazuru!
No. 1068182 ID: 2f7f6e

boop the snoot
No. 1068183 ID: a7a180

Anyway Donna, your telekinesis power could be valuable in protecting from harm. How have you been using it? Have you been training it? Whether or not you fight, that's important. Does it consume magic like your, well, other magic?
No. 1068186 ID: 819b77

Boop snoot

But also ask Donna how she's feeling. There's a LOT of internalized societal guilt here. Donna's a square peg in a round hole for fairy society (which is unfortunately unfortunately, the opposite of what would be memeworthily easy).

She's cut herself off from her support network, apparently by choice. Fairy college isn't a great fit for everyone, but everyone in Fairy College should be fit for someone. What happened to her friends? Does she have any that she's slipped out of contact from that might give her a slightly healthier attitude on how her society interacts with the non-"parasites"?

I think she's undervaluing what her fellows are able (and willing) to give. When you have a whole campus full of hyped up pint-sized people having a collective sugar rush, there's a lot they're willing to risk... and a lot they'll ask in return, but it's only fair.
No. 1068187 ID: 273c18

Shove mana into her.
No. 1068190 ID: e51896

listen to the fairy expert here

>Fairy college isn't a great fit for everyone, but everyone in Fairy College should be fit for someone

assure her she's fit for you.
No. 1068192 ID: e5709d

Shrink and unbirth. Let her wake up with a surprise tummyache.
No. 1068203 ID: b6496e

Boop the snoot. Boop the snoot. Boop the snoot.
No. 1068212 ID: 3a16f1

I think when we get a private moment with Donna, we should tell her that her telekinesis used to be one of our powers, but we gave it up. And then make sure we emphasize that this does not mean that she owes us anything! If she doesn't want to fight, then we won't make her fight.

>how to wake Pazuru?
Boop the snoot? Hug? Kiss? All of the above?
No. 1068219 ID: efbdf8

Eat fairy to reclaim your powers of telekinesis
No. 1068222 ID: 85c6ae

Have sex to wake up Pazuru.

>telekinesis used to be our power
I still believe it was a mistake to give that up, since there were lots of opportunities we could've used it.

No don't do that. Everyone wanted to give up that power, so now we should live with that mistake.
No. 1068225 ID: e51896

I dont see it as a mistake, our bond rank rose significantly to B early because of our sacrifice and weve been making extra money because of it through her, and met up with someone who helped pazuru through her, and she is still helping by using the money to protect parts of the town

Maybe if we rank her up to A she'll be more willing to use her powers to help, like make sure our dice rolls a high number to transform. But really, we have Josephine and her crew to make up for Donna not fighting in the battlefield.

I dont know if we should do that, it knida feels like guilt tripping her.
No. 1068243 ID: f35408

Telling someone they don't owe us anything is considered guilt tripping?
No. 1068257 ID: e51896

Oh! My bad! It's just me being a worrywart again looking too much into things and reading it wrong, lol.

I interpreted it wrong as telling her: "hey, we gave you that useful super power that could have been used to help us, but you know, you don't have to do anything to help us with it, even though I gave it to you." kinda like a read between the lines kind of thing to guilt her.

Rereading it again with a more closely tells me it isn't like that at all. Sorry for confusion and if I came up as rude there. Sometimes things written could be taken the wrong way and sound different in others head from their interpretation.
No. 1068421 ID: e51896

I just realized, Pazuru is probably naked right now. Did we bring her clothes? if not we still have our survival gear, right? does that include the military vest and pair of shorts we wore during our fight with the centipede kaiju? If so, maybe we can give that to Pazuru to wear.

or maybe we can let her borrow the clothes we are wearing now, then transform into Miss Tear (while somewhere private) so that we'll have our tension suit on (unless that only works if we're wearing clothes beforehand)

or maybe Donna can just fairy godmother her some clothing.
No. 1068852 ID: 38349b
File 169025702299.png - (12.26KB , 500x500 , T2_056.png )

You reach over and boop Pazuru in her adorable little snoot. You also realize that her name does not carry the same [POWER] that it once did now, weird.

You feel a spark of electricity between you and her body in that moment that stops halfway. So you give her a smooch instead. It's a picturesque moment, the hero giving the maiden a chaste, yet electrifying kiss. You feel that same electrical sensation coursing through you and can smell the distinct tinge of ozone. You back away as you watch Pazuru's eyes flutter open. She stretches and lets out a very feline yawn.

Pazuru: So that's what antiseptic smells like
Pazuru: I don't see what the fuss is about!
You: Congrats on the body!!
Pazuru: Words words words, *mlem* moist lips
Pazuru: I think I would like a hug and to be carried away please
Orel: Okay, get outta my clinic you necromancer you
Orel: Did she fuckin implant a soul via kiss or some shit??
Donna: Wow did you just ask a question to a confidential client?!?

You bend over and give Pazuru the warmest and gentlest hug you can, she purrs in contentment. Donna hands her a bathrobe that she pulls out of nowhere from her breasts and the three of you leave a bewildered Orel behind.
No. 1068853 ID: 38349b
File 169025703190.png - (16.07KB , 500x500 , T2_057.png )

You: He going to be okay?
Pazuru: The last kin to bewilder him was an insane scientist
Pazuru: 50/50 chance he tries to clone you from an organ if you use his services
Donna: Lmao that sounds like Orel to me

You try to ask Donna some more specifics about her past, which Pazuru also seems interested in, but as soon as you start that line of inquiry she splits off.

Donna: Oh I'm gonna miss my mid afternoon orgy
You: Aww, I wanna go
Pazuru: Pass, I'm a puddle right now
Pazuru: And I need Hailey to be my designated chariot

You shrug and head off to your lair, entering a room neighboring yours. It's a rather plain, small room with starry wallpaper and a large mattress.

You: Got you a room!
Pazuru: This was a broom closet before
You: AAaaaand now it's your room!!
Pazuru: Thanks Hailey, I forgot about this
Pazuru: And clothes
Pazuru: *stomach grumbles*
You: And food apparently!

No. 1068855 ID: 38349b
File 169025706561.png - (15.77KB , 500x500 , T2_058.png )

The two of you have a relaxing evening as she slowly relearns how to move anthropomorphic limbs and eat fancy snacks. Phyllis, Alberta, and Josephine all drop by after a bit to introduce themselves, but Alberta keeps her distance, you think she's still a bit wary towards Pazuru.

And then your Comm buzzes, it's a notification from the government about your reward. You groan and look at it. But then let out a high pitched squeal as you look at the options presented due to your excellent work last mission.

PICK ONE, it will be completed immediately
- Allows you to attempt to rank up Nanobots with a fixed injury chance of 80% per attempt
- Is funded enough to attempt a free rank up once (with 75% chance success rate)
- Heals at x3 (1.5 hp per session) rate
- The room gets filled with tons of cosplay for some reason
- Pazuru is now the mascot of this branch of the government
- She will earn a modest [2 FUND] income a mission doing basically nothing

No. 1068856 ID: 365de0

B. Absolutely

Also post about your new cat on social media.
No. 1068861 ID: a7a180

B, because we're cheap and ain't got time to bleed.
No. 1068863 ID: e51896

C (Pazuru could use that money to share the wealth (5 FUNDS a mission potentially if she's willing to share) and help the cause
and might need the mascot job to, you know, survive. It'll also higher our friendship with her. She also said she was going to research arcane focus too to help Saba and Josephine, so maybe the money can help too)

(might change vote)
No. 1068864 ID: e5709d

B, let's get our health back to full before we do our usual stupid.
No. 1068866 ID: 2555c9

B, stay healthy!
No. 1068871 ID: b6ec4d

B. All these options are good, but health really needs to come first.
No. 1068873 ID: 273c18

C, that's a lot of passive income!
No. 1068875 ID: 4a2452

No. 1068876 ID: 862b3c

No. 1068893 ID: aaca9d

C. Type F U N D
No. 1068900 ID: f8083d

Let's go with B.
No. 1068902 ID: 3a16f1

No. 1068903 ID: e5709d

Changing my vote to C because you're apparently eager about this.
No. 1068905 ID: ea3c56

B for better heals so we don’t have to spend so much downtime doing nothing.
No. 1068914 ID: f2320a

Gorge on fastfood with your new pet
No. 1068920 ID: 070788

Voting for B. We're going to need that if we're gonna continue to get hurt.

Friend! She is our friend, not our pet!
No. 1068938 ID: e51896

Pets can be friends tho.

(In all seriousness, treat Pazuru as your friend, not pet. Unless she wants to do pet play during sexual activities)
No. 1069161 ID: 87e33c
File 169057524826.png - (17.14KB , 500x500 , T2_059.png )

You pick the option to upgrade your medical facilities. You keep getting hurt, and plan to keep being in dangerous situations where you have to put your body at risk, so this is your best bet. Though the cosplay addition is a bit weird, maybe they hired someone who just brought the clothes with them?

You've upgraded your SEXY EVIL MEDICAL ROOM
- You heal at a x3 rate (1.5 HP per use)
- It won't run out of supplies
- It can heal other kin at a fast rate
- It's filled with cosplay that can be worn by patients and doctors

You have some downtime, and Pazuru still wants some company, so you order some fast food at Pazuru's insistence. A few minutes later a massive burger and fries arrives. Pazuru practically inhales it with tears in her eyes, you have to get her to slow down or she'll choke. After a moment you pop the news up on your comm while Pazuru snuggles up against you.
No. 1069162 ID: 87e33c
File 169057525830.png - (19.64KB , 500x500 , T2_060.png )

[AUTHORS NOTE]: The following segment was illustrated and written by [Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid], enjoy!

Our next report was contributed in part by an anonymous viewer. The image we received is a rare sighting of the government hero [MISS TEAR] apprehending two degenerate perverts.

From what our loyal fan claims, they spotted two figures running at the rate of a high speed automobile through the abandoned boat houses while cleaning windows. They were being chased by the aforementioned [MISS TEAR].

The photographer managed to snap a picture of [MISS TEAR] apprehending the streakers before she set them down out of sight. Our determined fan couldn't get a good view of their faces, but it appears that it was two perverted female streakers attempting to disturb the peace of DONJON'S wonderful citizens.

It is unknown if the two have superpowers or if they were on motorized skates that were lost in their capture. While [MISS TEAR] was able to stop the streakers before they traumatized the citizens in more populated areas, The photo does raise some questions.

Why was she out using her powers chasing criminals for lesser crimes over trying to fight more serious crimes that plague our city? Are they related to the Kaiju assaults? Did she really need to use her powers to stop unarmed and undressed criminals? How did [MISS TEAR] receive that injury on her chest from just chasing two naked streakers?

We have posted the image on our CHIRPER, if you have any information on the two streakers, please contact us. And while we cannot confirm the identity of the streakers, this reporter has a likely theory that-"

No. 1069163 ID: 87e33c
File 169057527914.png - (18.34KB , 500x500 , T2_061.png )

Polka D. Artep comes rushing in from off camera, her fist pounding the table.

Polka: You were SUPPOSED to be reporting on the health benefits of eating crab meat instead of that FILTH!
Corey: Uuhhh, s-sorry Polka...
Corey: But the DIRECTOR insisted I had to tell this story.
Corey: He said a rare story about [MISS TEAR] is something a lot of people would want to hear about.
Corey: We can't just keep the masses uninformed!
Polka: That's a load! If the higher ups wanted you to tell that story, why wasn't I, Kitsu-news's beloved news anchor-ess Polka D. Artep, informed?!
Corey: It was a last minute decision after the meeting!
Corey: I'm sorry!
Corey: What the director says goes!
Polka: looks like I'll have to have a talk with a few executives
Corey: It's not like it's you in that picture
Polka: I mean, of course it isn't! Why would anyone think that? hahah...
Corey: I was going to theorize that the criminals are most likely fanatics of the [LUST] religion.
Polka: Obviously.
Corey: Besides, that fox's breasts are way too big to be yours!
Polka: What? What did you just say?!
Polka: That's because I wasn't wearing a bra to compress it, idiot!
Polka: Uh, WAIT, I MEAN, uh...

No. 1069164 ID: 87e33c
File 169057529496.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , T2_062.png )

The news report cuts to a technical difficulties card right before Polka dive tackled Corey. Despite Polka's slip up, it doesn't look like much people were able to figure out it was Polka in the picture on CHIRPER.

You: Lmao
Pazuru: What an absolute baboon
Pazuru: HAHAHA, ousted herself ha-hahah
Pazuru: haha-*cough*-*cough*
You: Uh, did you forget to breathe
Pazuru: *snicker* Oh goddess I forgot about endorphins
Pazuru: Pain is Hilarious!!!
Pazuru: And breathing too, I'm a bit overstimulated
You: Well, feel free to chill here
You: Let me know if you need anything
Pazuru: It's like being a baby
Pazuru: Only I'm aware and have a functional body
You: So nothing like being a baby then?
Pazuru: Aaaaand it's nap time.
Pazuru: Gotta rest before I see what the magic nerds downstairs are up to
Pazuru: Now begone from my lair!!!
Pazuru: Shoo, shoo!

Pazuru baps you until you get up. She then curls into a ball right on top of where you were sitting before loudly snoring. Seems like she's got pretty strong feline instincts in her new body.

- Please see https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1046204 for basic downtime options
- You have 2 free downtime actions
- You get the feeling your next [MISSION] will be slightly different than usual
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

You may suggest up to 2 actions to do next, the most popular will be selected and the others will be used to create unique downtime actions as additional choices.
No. 1069166 ID: 365de0

Let's go break in the sexy evil hospital. Maybe bring our cat along to get a sexy evil exam. Maybe get her chipped, too.

Let's do some prostitution, too. Just for fun.
No. 1069169 ID: 34bb3a

Let's train with Josephine in the training room. We can get her training her arcane focus to be better in tune with it while getting stronger with it, meanwhile we can train our size shifting and get more xp from that. Maybe we can even spar with Josephine where she uses arcane focus while you use size shifting like she's fighting a Kaiju.

Either that, or we can train our skating skills

(Might change vote to either skating or healing up through resting, we'll see.)
No. 1069174 ID: a7a180

You need to make good use of your medical investment! Two periods in the med bed and you'll be in somewhat good shape again. That should be enough time to binge a mech anime.
For the other action, continue to train size shifting. Yeah, it's a basic set of choices, but it's still got the best payoff.
No. 1069206 ID: 4481aa

Go heal up in your new sexy hospital, preferably with Pazuru or Momo there in cosplay.

Then do some training with Josephine to work on your size shifting, while she works on her magic.
No. 1069209 ID: a9af05

Use upgraded hospital to heal.

And I still think we should do this >>1067349 to increase our public image and to heal the 1 point of damage that the city took from one of the previous kaiju attacks.
No. 1069227 ID: 3a16f1

Corey has a point, we should go out on patrol to look some crimes to stop! That way our reputation doesn’t only involve kaiju and catching "streakers"!

Or we could go to a skate park and train in using our skates by doing some sick tricks!
No. 1069287 ID: 7ffd6f

Activity 1.) Heal

Activity 2.) Donate money to heal the city or go fight crime.
No. 1069378 ID: 01fe07

This sounds like a good idea.
No. 1069398 ID: e51896

If we go and get healed at the upgraded medical room, lets convince Josephine and Saba to come with us to get checked for cancer. Early detection can help treat cancer much easier, considering that they irradiated themselves for Arcane Focus.

also, I'm sure Josephine will LOVE the cosplay outfits.
No. 1069400 ID: 273c18

No. 1069407 ID: 0e6f90

No. 1069424 ID: e5709d

Heal both blocks, that's what it's for!
No. 1069467 ID: 87e33c
File 169084739492.png - (14.03KB , 500x500 , T2_063.png )

You drag your feet, Josephine, and Saba with you towards your brand new Super Sexy Evil Medical Room. There's a new mouse-girl doctor stationed at the med-bay. Her name is Gena and she's dressed up in a fancy magical girl outfit wearing a manic smile which gets your attention. She asks you to strip and put on a cosplay of your choice. You go with a sexy nerdy mecha pilot jumpsuit and glasses. They fall off your huge head immediately. Saba and Josephine put on matching Mech pilot suits.

You're pointed towards your usual bed as Josephine and Saba are examined and groan when the results come back. It turns out, both of them have light radiation poisoning from their excessive [MANA] usage. They are placed in beds next to you, grumbling as they're injected with some sort of Anti-Radiation solution.

You decide, while you wait, to watch a giant horse mecha Wanomay called MOBILE STEED CAVALRY: FOR GREAT JOUSTICE. It's a bit of a slow burn, highly political, and you can't deny that Khar Aznobel is the hunkiest, edgiest, maskiest pilot in the series, you really hope he joins the good guys. Pazuru and Momo both join you after a few episodes for emotional support. Pazuru sits on your bed, depositing tons of snacks, and stuffing your maw with some kettle-corn, and for the briefest of moments, you forget that you're just sitting around doing nothing, healing, just enjoying time with your friends.

Gena: Time for your mid afternoon shoooootttts!!
Everyone: Groooaaan

You have taken the [REST] action
- You will heal [(.5(base) x 3(Medical Room Bonus) = 1.5 HP)]
- 1 downtime action's worth of time has passed
- Your Wounds have dropped to 1.5/8 (effective 2/8)
- NOTE: That .5 health does not count to your total until it is a whole number

No. 1069468 ID: 87e33c
File 169084740471.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , T2_064.png )

Your time in the medical room eventually comes to an end, and as you leave, a few of those present give you some ideas for what to do next.

Josephine: We should do some training, I wasted soooo much time there
You: Ugh, I hear that
Momo: Perhaps I'll join you Josephine
Momo: I am feeling a bit ravished and raven does seem… appetizing
Josephine: If you are willing to listen to me talk about why I'm sure Bigfootmoth is not only real,
Josephine: But faked his death, we may fornicate.
Pazuru: That mouse chick wants to fuck your brains out
You: Hwhat?!?!
Josephine: Huh??
Gena: SQUEAK!?!?
Momo: Well who doesn't, really?
Pazuru: Yeah she managed to figure out where Miss Tear worked
Pazuru: And applied for this branch of the government out of hero worship
Pazuru: I'm gonna go stalk Saba and the magic department now
Saba: Ooookay, I'm gonna go study the snake, later
Pazuru: Oh, right, they can hear AND see me now too
Pazuru: Damn corporeal body
You: Well uh anyway, I was also thinking about doing some charity work
You: Donate to the orphanage, help the city as Miss Tear
Josephine: We'll be around!

- You have 1 free downtime action
- You will be given an update on the 2 headed snake next update
- You get the feeling your next [MISSION] will be slightly different than usual

- That nurse looks absolutely embarrassed at pazuru's declaration
- You could probably fuck her AND heal if you wanted

- Train with Josephine([(.25(base) + .75(unique training regimen)]x2(sub brain) = 2XP)
- You are [5XP] away from leveling up Size Shifting

- Visit Mamita while in costume and fight some crime!
- You'll also donate [1 FUND] to the orphanage to heal [1 CITY STABILITY]

- Please see https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1046204 for other options
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1069470 ID: a7a180

B. We can "train" with them and hear about a mythical monster, which may come in handy to our kaiju studies.
No. 1069483 ID: 365de0

Can we endorse the skatepark project we saw on the news?
No. 1069484 ID: 4481aa

Train by shrinking yourself down far enough to fit in Momo's pussy, and maintaining that form while receiving a real pounding.

Alternatively, you might get something out of practicing a mixture of speed and gentleness in your massive form. Like, having Momo toss eggs in the air, and having to catch them before Josephine can shoot them, and without breaking them. Josephine gets to practice her marksmanship, while you get to practice rescuing civilians.
No. 1069486 ID: bf7195

No. 1069491 ID: a9af05

No. 1069493 ID: e51896

B. We're so close to leveling up and that 2 xp is a pretty big jump. We havent trained in awhile, cant get stale. Plus Josephine could use some training with arcane focus, and we can work on teamwork skills, maybe work on new team moves together too! (Also momo is there!)

Also, the city destruction and stability is just 1 block of damage. We dont have to donate money yet.
No. 1069530 ID: 3a16f1


Momo's shape-shifting can possibly allow her to change her size to be bigger or smaller. So even if her ability is different from ours, she could still give us advice on how we can more effectively use our powers.
No. 1069538 ID: e5709d

A - If we wanted an investment over security we would have gotten Pazuru Mascot and upgraded during the next downtime. Let's get back to 100% so we can go all-out on risk in our next fight.
No. 1069767 ID: 906d53


Charity work and crime fighting will help increase our reputation!
No. 1069824 ID: 01fe07

B for this reason >>1069530 .
No. 1069836 ID: e51896

What if during some of our training sessions with Josephine this downtime action, we visit Lyst again and train there too? this is so that Josephine can get some training advice from the villagers living there since they've had magic much longer than she had, probably since they were born. So they should be experienced enough to teach her some new things and tricks with Arcane Focus to help her be more effective against the kaiju.

If Momo can give us advice on shapeshifting a tiny bit, Josephine can get someone from lyst giving her advice on magic too. though if it isn't as effective as the training facility we have at our lair, then lets not worry about it.
No. 1070010 ID: 38349b
File 169163494577.png - (15.60KB , 500x500 , T2_065.png )

You: Eh, working on the city can wait till it's bad
You: Maybe I can donate to the Skate Park later too

You follow the two outside to your training field and set up a more rigorous training plan. The following weeks are filled with high intensity pseudo games involving you, your guards, Josephine, and Momo. A feeling of familiarity washes over you as you actually witness her SHAPESHIFT, almost like there's something [WILD] to it, with a flavor that's eerily similar to your SIZE SHIFTING.

You find out, through the course of many experiments that while she can get pretty large through the use of her SHAPESHIFTING, but weighs practically nothing when she's several meters tall. However, what she lacks in strength, she makes up for with creativity. Momo frequently surprises you throughout your training as she warps her body into different bestial shapes, tentacled limbs, and pointed implements to try to sneak past your defenses.
No. 1070011 ID: 38349b
File 169163495417.png - (13.91KB , 500x500 , T2_066.png )

Josephine doesn't slack either as she learns more and more what could be possible with a liberal use of [MANA] and the frustration of letting that crab escape. Her pistol can now fire globs of mana that act as a hyperdense material slowing down anyone that was tagged with it, leaving her allies an opportune moment to land a tactical strike.

By the end of the weeks of training you've trained in rescue tactics using a light touch and against the esoteric monsters Momo decided to roleplay as. You even tried to pick up on Momo's specific brand of SHIFTING, failing to successfully shapechange, but feeling like the experience was crucial in your learning process.

Unfortunately, while you have progressed in your training, you can feel that your INSTINCTS have been roused again, causing you to feel a bit hungry for some Kaiju.

You gained ([(.25(base) + .75(unique training regimen)]x2(sub brain) = 2XP) in SIZE SHIFTING
+ TOTAL [XP= 13/16]
+ More options will be added to your [S RANK] modifications if you level up SIZE SHIFTING

- Ties will be broken in favor of consuming or killing Kaiju
- Reasonable arguments will cause Hailey to NOT use her DESIRE to break ties in this way
- Refusing this urge mid-combat will increase it's sway over Hailey

No. 1070012 ID: 38349b
File 169163496787.png - (15.82KB , 500x500 , T2_067.png )

You wake up the day after you finish training and have an absolutely terrible breakfast made by Pazuru. She's obsessed with relearning how to cook and actually takes criticism well, so she's only gotten better over time.

After doing your best to choke down burnt grits and overly salty meats, you head down to the monster lab with her and are presented a screen with Rutherford and Saba's findings related to the Two-Headed Snake.

Saba: The gist of it is that this guy lost its brains
Rutherford: Figuratively speaking anyway
Rutherford: The more complicated explanation is, well
Rutherford: It suffused it's brain meat throughout its entire body
Rutherford: So the whole body is kind of its brain but also is not
Saba: We think it essentially evolved some sort of uhhh
Saba: Limited range organic nanobot hivemind kind of deal
Saba: There's still a core rattling around in there, but our tech can't find it and it's not in its brain
You: That sounds bad, can it's blood like y'know, "the thing" and control everyone?
Saba: Kind of, it can't infect anything thankfully, and we've been quintuple checking everything
Saba: It's range is also pretty small, within around 10 meters, we tested that before it caught on
Pazuru: I was watching them even before I got a body and its sadly true
Pazuru: Would have been *much* more interesting to have kaiju parasites
Rutherford: That's fucked up, but also I can't say I disagree

No. 1070013 ID: 38349b
File 169163499402.png - (14.43KB , 500x500 , T2_068.png )

Saba: So yeah, it's contained for now, but is likely a huge liability
Saba: I think it mostly evolved in captivity to try to find a way to escape
Saba: Feels like it's trying to copy you, even
Saba: But the cage we've continually developed has been just barely enough
You: Think it could be reasoned with?
Rutherford: According to Donna it still wants to eat us all and feed us your entrails
Rutherford: Though it maybe thanked us for the meals we gave it of a few kaiju we let it eat
Rutherford: But!!!
Rutherford: If we keep it around long enough we MIGHT be able to figure out how to evolve your sub-brain
Saba: With a 0% chance of injury on you even!!!
Rutherford: Yeah you keep rejecting my requests to try to set up a nanotech lab with only a smidgeon of a chance of hurting you!!!
You: I have a sub-brain?
You: I guess that's why I've gotten smarter lately!
You: Hmmmm, Pazuru, thoughts?

No. 1070014 ID: 38349b
File 169163500518.png - (13.57KB , 500x500 , T2_069.png )

Pazuru: I think it'd be funny if you could turn it into a friend but you'll need to spend downtime on it
Pazuru: Though it seems like it's starting to get a bit too smart if you ask me
Pazuru: If this was a show, I feel like soon would be when it breaks out and goes on a rampage
Pazuru: I mean, if the other magic nerds and I weren't around anyway
You: So like do they know about you or?
Pazuru: Oh yeah, they know what I am and have been taking magic lessons
Pazuru: Ol Saba and Josephine are my prized Pupils!!!
Pazuru: Rutherford's my bitch though
Rutherford: Yes Mistress!
Rutherford: I mean uh-
Pazuru: Fucker loves to be bossed around
Saba: Yeah, not my fetish, but keep it PG-13 in the lab, no fucking on my equipment
Phyllis: It's debrief time, finish up down there!
You: Hmmm…

- Eat the 2 headed snake, gain [1.5 SIZE SHIFTING XP] [14.5/16XP]
- No potential future complications will arise from it being alive

- 35% chance it successfully escapes it's captivity mid-mission
- You will have to try to recruit it, upgrade your sub brain, or kill the kaiju if it remains in captivity next intermission

No. 1070018 ID: fcfd12

Would rather not have a risk of having it escape. Our sub brain is fine the way it is, we have enough teammates helping us, it'll fix our primal penalty if we eat it, it'll give more room for more kaiju we capture, and xp for our size shifting will increase.
No. 1070019 ID: a7a180

B. Risk means progress! If this were a TV show, the first villain you encounter also has a good chance of switching sides in the end. And otherwise upgrading your sub-brain is a rare opportunity. The lab has had lots of time to develop countermeasures!
No. 1070020 ID: 273c18

B. It'll be fine.
No. 1070021 ID: a2cc8d

B, we can risk it for the brisket
No. 1070022 ID: e5709d

(A) You're really close to a breakthrough. One consumption and a training session and you'll reach S Tier, enough to greatly reduce risks during missions. Meanwhile, if the snek breaks containment, they'll likely kill some of your team, report back to their base, and generally lower your rep since you didn't do a good enough job of keeping this vore fetish away from the general public.

I'd like a giant snake monster as much as you do but they're just getting too smart. What with their whole body becoming a brain and all.
No. 1070025 ID: 4481aa

A. As much as I'd like to try upgrading the sub-brain, I think it'd be cool to take our size-shifting to the next level.
No. 1070034 ID: 58dd24

(A) Yeah, befriending it sounds like it would have been an interesting road not traveled, but we would have wanted to start on that a while ago. Time to claim what we can from it.
No. 1070036 ID: 3a16f1

>Yeah you keep rejecting my requests to try to set up a nanotech lab with only a smidgeon of a chance of hurting you!!!
We're not rejecting your requests, we're just focusing on making sure we heal ourselves!

But, yeah, upgrading our Nanobots does sound like something we could use.


Let's not risk it.
No. 1070055 ID: db4494

A) A bit too late for befriending, and too smart to reliably contain. It's consuming time. Don't forget to sign the proper forms.
No. 1070056 ID: 2ef7dd


A chance to improve our sub brain to get better exp gains from it is something that's worth the risk!
No. 1070251 ID: 38349b
File 169206894784.png - (12.09KB , 500x500 , T2_070.png )

There's a moment where you imagine a world where you and this kaiju were fighting against the world. You can see, in your mind's eye, the kaiju using its nanobots to create an organic Tension Suit. It's bestial, it's raw, it's Primal. And you let a single tear fall because the chance of that isn't worth risking what you've built, hurting those who are here, or letting it reach Kaiju Island.

So you enter the chamber and do what needs to be done, you're not risking your current friends for a potential one. You consume the peach-pit shaped core of the creature and watch as it's remaining body parts turn to sludge. It's only then that you notice a tunnel, apparently it was trying to dig its way out and using its organic nanobots to lay an illusion of the real floor. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth to have been rightfully paranoid.

You've consumed the 2-Headed snake
- You gained [1.5 SIZE SHIFTING XP] ==> [14.5/16]
- All of the remaining Kaiju in containment have been frightened into passivity
- Captive Kaiju Capacity has been reduced to [2.5/8]

No. 1070252 ID: 38349b
File 169206899412.png - (12.90KB , 500x500 , T2_071.png )

You head up to the meeting room and are greeted by Wake, Cougar, and Phyllis, and Alberta, Josephine. They gesture for you and Pazuru to take a seat.

Knee: Why's the kitten here, shouldn't she be in school?
Pazuru: I'm the unofficial mascot!!
Pazuru: Also older than the carbon that makes up your body!
Pazuru: Bite my fluffy fleshy tail!
Josephine: Where's Momo?
Pazuru: Tired from training for half a month
Knee: This is how security leaks happen Cougar
Knee: We let a contractor just run around doing wha-
Cougar: Enough Knee, she may be unorthodox
Cougar: But she gets us RESULTS, so shut up
Cougar: Alright everykin, here's the situation

A screen behind Cougar lights up, showing several blips on a world map. The lights are blinking in a circle around the ocean, one light you recognize as being near your city, Donjon, another, you recognize as being near Wano, home of some of your favorite animated cartoons.
No. 1070253 ID: 38349b
File 169206900960.png - (12.04KB , 500x500 , T2_072.png )

Cougar: According to the nerds downstairs, the crab is teleporting
Cougar: Our quick work has shown that it's not just the crab that's moving, but a whole island
Cougar: We've been tracking it's movements since you let it go
Cougar: It vanished at a certain point a few miles off the coast
Cougar: And according to our data should be reaching our shore again in day
Cougar: Your mission is to infiltrate the island and gather as much intel as you can
Josephine: Will we be operating as support?
Wake: No, the Guards will stay behind
Wake: We presume there will be an attack while you are there
Phyllis: There's also a significant chance for no cellular or satellite coverage
Phyllis: So you'll be going in blind
Phyllis: But we'll be providing a drone for you to use to gather the intel for us
Cougar: Take as many photos, gather samples, and figure out what's causing this whole mess
Cougar: Then book it out

- Rewards are dependent on if the drone survives and what you find

You've gained the KAIJU-CAMO DRONE
- A modified drone made to look like a small Kaiju
- The drone will passively be controlled by your sub brain and Nanobots
- Has a telescoping camera and microphone
- You will be warned if it is going to be in danger
- Careful a large Kaiju doesn't try to eat it!

No. 1070254 ID: 38349b
File 169206902636.png - (12.55KB , 500x500 , T2_073.png )

Cougar: There's a chance it warps while you're there so you may be a bit of a ways away from home
Pazuru: Translation: you'll probably lose some DOWNTIME if you take too long.
Josephine: Given your unreal stamina, it's unlikely you'll need to rest or waste time
Alberta: Not unless some unexpected King of Kaijus pops up
Pazuru: Eyyy, planting those flags like a real Wanomay side character
You: Yeah, you just jinxed me Alberta
Alberta: I'm going to punt you both to the moon
Cougar: But in all fairness, you're the Kaiju expert here, what do you need to get the job done?
Phyllis: Due to the time sensitive nature of this, we only have time to prep one support item for you.

- A modified miniature radio tower disguised as a Kaiju Corpse
- Can connect to your nanobots to allow for remote communications
- You have to take time to set up and dismantle it
- Incredibly Fragile

- Several small timed explosive charges
- Can connect to your nanobots to become mobile and remotely detonated mines
- Are inert when on your person
- Can be used to destroy structures or to create distractions

- Suggest a different mundane support item
- It is recommended that you pick some sort of technological item
- It will gain a small interesting ability or boost when paired with your nanobots (if technological)
- You can also choose to take nothing else for a bonus [2 FUNDS] on mission success
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1070255 ID: 4481aa

B, simple, effective, and versatile
No. 1070256 ID: a7a180

C. A katana to cut through jungle vines, jungle denizens, and jungle bureaucracy!
No. 1070258 ID: d4f740

C. Since we can turn tiny, why dont we upgrade the KAIJU-CAMO DRONE to make it rideable for our tiny size?

For the upgrade, give it an interior with a tiny seat and window to look through, armorize it so that we can take hits while we're inside, and maybe get some projectile weapons if we need to attack and protect the drone, like some kaiju venom, and the foam the government uses
No. 1070259 ID: a7a180

Oh yeah, we could make it more responsive and agile with manual controls. Possibly even operate it remotely with our sub-brain and nanites in a more natural manner!
No. 1070262 ID: e5709d

C) More. Drones.
Seriously, only one drone?! No, you have nanomachine superpowers and you need to implement them to the fullest!
Work with the lab to cook up some disposable low-grade drones that can be piloted by your nanomachines. Each comes equipped with:
* Last year's old recycled tech from all the unsold Comms - or even a bunch of reprogrammed Flip-Comms!
* Low-grade or cracked webcam
* Surplus RC racecar
* A grenade
* All tied together with various toxic waste materials so these bastards will get poisoned even if they manage to eat every last drone
And then you can scatter them all around you and keep the kaiju busy while they gather basic data
No. 1070264 ID: 49fed5

C: extra drones. Not just for backup but extra in-field intel, and improved information gathering. If they're all different shapes/models, thats fine and also amusing.
No. 1070275 ID: 6ca1f5

>Not unless some unexpected King of Kaijus pops up
I wonder if it'll take the shape of Godzilla with a stapler for a head? It'd make sense that the final boss would be the opposite of our character, who is a staple remover!

>bring anything?
C. A device that lets us camoflage ourselves.

When paired with the nanobots, it might allow us to become perfectly invisible, not able to be detected by sight or sound or smell or anything! The perfect thing for a stealth mission!
No. 1070333 ID: e51896

Since they're done researching the snek kaiju, Lets ask the scientists to research the markings the kaiju summoner centipede made in the cave where we fought it. I have a feeling it might help with anchoring the island in place
No. 1070569 ID: 87e33c

rolled 3 = 3

No. 1070571 ID: e5709d

...Why can't we re-roll in the helicopter and the many turns it will take to reach the island?
No. 1070581 ID: 38349b

Because Hailey Mary
No. 1070585 ID: 38349b
File 169276179088.png - (12.88KB , 500x500 , T2_074.png )

You: Feels like an oversight that I'm only getting the one drone
Pazuru: That's what I said when Rutherford was sawing apart Kaiju meat to disguise it
You: Can we get more?
You: I'm talking like old-ass drones
You: Mounted RC car cams, cracked webcams
Josephine: OOH! Maybe put a grenade on one or something?
You: Toxic waste too?
Pazuru: Toxic waste will probably let them evolve
You: Okay, no to that one then.
Alberta: You do realize these won't be disguised right?
Cougar: Could we reinforce the data storage then?
Knee: The nerds downstairs could easily do that!

After a quick raid to the nearby GreatestPurchase electronics store, and a night of rushed work from the scientists while you get a good night's rest in, you are given a backpack with your new pieces of gear as soon as you wake up.

- There are 3 charges included
- You may expend a charge to produce a CAMERA, WHEELED DRONE, OR FLYING DRONE
- CAMERAS are the most easily hidden, but remain at fixed angles
- WHEELED DRONES are fast and loud, functioning great as distractions
- FLYING DRONES are fragile, easily spotted, but can provide the most intel
- They're still metal and will stick out like a sore thumb
- These devices have been reinforced, them a 60% chance to survive an attack
- Attached to each of these are small explosive that can be detonated as a distraction, at the cost of the footage only having a 30% chance to survive
- You may also ride your drones at a very small size and low weight if you want

No. 1070586 ID: 38349b
File 169276180983.png - (20.09KB , 500x500 , T2_075.png )

The time when the island is supposed to be getting close draws near, and you're flown in a helicopter to a point high above the water. You can barely see Donjon in the distance. You hear your Comm link buzz with life as your companions speak.

Alberta: Okay, so you'll have to jump on my mark and aim vaguely forward
Pazuru: You won't be able to *munch* see it until you pass the antimemetic field
Alberta: It... there's no way it functions via antimemetics
Alberta: The possibility that we are just *ignoring* it is-
Pazuru: Oh, *slurp* oh, I forgot to ask, do I get a code name?
Pazuru: I'm on the radio now, I need one right!
Pazuru: Can I be "Thousand eyed dark witch"
Pazuru: Maybe "The Millenium Pussy"
Phyllis: I vote "Edgelord" or "Weeb"
Pazuru: OOOH, I'll be "Edgelord"
Alberta: Why the am I the only professional one here?!?

You toss your dice, taking a moment to make sure you don't fuck up your roll and land a [3]. You thankfully avoid the low roll penalty, but not by much. Your transformation isn't as flashy as normal, but the good news is that your backpack and special drone integrates with your suit, ready for easy deployment.
No. 1070587 ID: 38349b
File 169276182786.png - (14.00KB , 500x500 , T2_076.png )

Soap: Coming up on our window, don't forget you'll be going in without comms
You: Got it!
Comms: 3... 2... 1...
Comms: Mission start!

You hop off of the vehicle, and do as you were told, shifting your weight so that you can float vaguely in a forward direction. Twenty seconds pass before your ears are assaulted by a tearing noise and your eyes are greeted with a fantastical paradise, the island of [PARADISO]

There are dozens of flying Kaiju circling a massive smoking volcano, large orb-like creatures prowling about the beaches, dense foliage rivaling even the most tropical of paradises, and an uncountable number of both skeletons and exoskeletons dotting the beachside. You take a deep breath and feel like time stops for a moment as you decide where you want to explore first.

- If there are kaiju surrounding it, SOMETHING must be there
- Clouds and smoke obscure the finer details at this distance

- The bones and carapaces have clumped together in such a way as to almost create a coral reef
- Large Orb-like creatures prowl the beaches near these bones, occasionally consuming an out of place kaiju

- The trees move and thrash about as Kaiju make their way through
- The echoes of pincers snapping and fangs biting can be heard with an alarming frequency

- Can you come up with another approach on the fly
- Or do you see something else you want to investigate?

No. 1070588 ID: d65d0b

A. The volcano

Because once we're done investigating it, we can easily float down to the other areas. Plus we'll get a good view of the island on anything interesting we want to check out after we finish the volcano.

Going to the other areas first might make it difficult to climb back up if we want to investigate the volcano later.
No. 1070590 ID: a7a180

Start from the outside in. Investigate the beach. What are those things, and what do they seem to select for?
No. 1070591 ID: 4481aa

No. 1070593 ID: e5709d

D) There's a glint on the beach. Pioggi's COMM? Wait, why are all those mini-kaiju prostrating before it?
No. 1070597 ID: 2f7f6e

B) Start at the edges, end at the volcano for drama's sake.
No. 1070602 ID: e51896

To add to my argument of doing the volcano first: the volcano is farthest from the beach, and we know that the volcano is farthest from the edges of the island since it's in the middle. We also know that this island is going to teleport at some point. It'd probably be better and make our escape easier and shorter if we start out at the volcano, and then work our way towards the beach to escape rather than start at the beach, go to the volcano, and then go back to the beach again just to escape.
No. 1070605 ID: 1bdeb2

Seconded, let's do the volcano first.
No. 1072239 ID: 87e33c

rolled 14 = 14

No. 1072254 ID: 87e33c
File 169456343832.png - (12.08KB , 500x500 , T2_077.png )

You plummet towards the smoking volcano, angling yourself above the smoke as you dive through the sky. The Kaiju themselves are circling the smoke and top of the Volcano tightly, there's no room for you to maneuver around them.

You hold your breath as one starts to turn to look in your direction, but you safely dive into the smoke just before you're seen. You let out that breath and find that the smoke is rather dense and slightly arresting your momentum. It feels almost like you're in a pool of water.

You increase your weight slightly to fall quicker and feel a slight pressure on your body radiating out from the center of the smoke. It's impossible to see more than a few feet in front of you, but you get the feeling that you've disturbed something by entering the smoke to avoid the notice of the smaller Kaiju.

You have yet to deploy your KAIJU-CAMO DRONE, it will automatically be deployed when you land.

- Dive past the smoke into the Volcano itself
- You'll avoid notice but won't be able to tell what it was

- Move deeper into the smoke, and attempt to glimpse what lies within
- 40% chance something notices you and responds

- You could deploy a drone, or something from your inventory
- 20-40% chance for a complication to occur depending on your selected action, or if you stay in the smoke
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1072255 ID: a7a180

The safe option. If you go loud I swear I’m restarting the lobby.
No. 1072257 ID: 4481aa

B, we're gonna have to take risks eventually to make progress, and all this one indicates is that something may "respond". It's vague enough that it's probably not gonna be devastating, may just put us in a SITUATION that we need to figure out.
No. 1072259 ID: fb8a42

B: Risk it for the Kaiju-flavored biscuit
No. 1072267 ID: e5709d

C. This is what those disposable drones are for.
No. 1072269 ID: e51896

B. But turn tiny so that you're harder to notice and maybe lower that percentage. We havent tried being tiny that often in missions. Lets take advantage of that.

Tho if turning tiny for stealth is considered C and not B, then make my choice C instead
No. 1072281 ID: acf683

No. 1072340 ID: a9af05

Can we use our nanobots to fly? We could probably make ourselves light enough and small enough to have our nanobots form a platform under us so they can carry us. Or if not a platform, just have them swarm around our body like a cloud to carry us.

>what do?
B. Gotta take those risks, otherwise we won't get anything done and the island might teleport away while we're still on it!
No. 1072630 ID: 87e33c

rolled 91 = 91

BECOME REALLY SMALL -10% difficulty
if(roll <= 35)VolcanoEscalation();
No. 1072634 ID: 87e33c
File 169508174004.png - (13.88KB , 500x500 , T2_078.png )

You think about how cool it would be if your nanobots could fly, it would help you so much at a low weight, but unfortunately they lack the capability. You can't make them form a floating platform either, but you could have them form makeshift wings. So you do that instead, making a pair of wings sprout from your hips to help give you better movement at your low weight. You reduce in size too, making travel take a little longer, but decreasing the chance that you're seen by a significant margin.

Your descent begins to stall until you're actually flying, you have to flail a bit at first, and are definitely not proficient in it, but it'll definitely pass for a stealth mission.

After getting your bearings and almost popping outside of the smoke, you head deeper into it, searching for that presence you felt.
No. 1072635 ID: 87e33c
File 169508175776.png - (13.26KB , 500x500 , T2_079.png )

As you travel through the smoke you get the distinct impression that your cameras just wouldn't be able to capture footage in here, not unless you disrupt the smoke somehow. As your thoughts start to wander, you notice motion below you.

A massive black tail streaks by, approximately where you'd be if you kept falling, and you follow its motion back to the source. If you were unlucky and got hit, you probably would have been launched to a random part of the island. You shrug off the thought and approach the creature. It looks to be approximately 10 meters tall, but its form is... fuzzy, almost like it's shifting between being smoke itself, and being physical, or that it can't decide what it's form should be.

The creature is breathing IN the smoke, but you can't tell if it's exhaling it at all. While you can't make out its full shape due to the fluctuations, you can make out two distinct features. It's face looks like some kind of lizard, and it's packing a massive pair of... something, bosoms, balls, maybe both?
No. 1072637 ID: 87e33c
File 169508180933.png - (12.58KB , 500x500 , T2_080.png )

You hear the sound of something slapping against a thick and viscous liquid, and then feel a rush of hot air come from below.

You hold your breath as a gust of thicker, almost green-tinted looking smoke comes up and is immediately sucked right into the creature in front of you. The creature stirs slightly and you can hear that CHIME, the distinct one you remember hearing right before every Kaiju attack.

Only this time, it's practically deafening, radiating off this beast. This sends you reeling as you fall away from the creature and near the edge of the smoke. You take the opportunity to lower yourself to the bottom edge of the smoke, peeking your head out.
No. 1072638 ID: 87e33c
File 169508181928.png - (15.07KB , 500x500 , T2_081.png )

You see lava bubbling below you, surrounded by superheated rock and obsidian. Your eye stops as you notice three things. There is a large, lit opening into what looks like a cave, a Kaiju that seems to be flying away from the volcano, and right below it, the carcass of what looks like a mutated Kellpo, letting off that green smoke.

You have yet to deploy your KAIJU-CAMO DRONE, it will automatically be deployed when you land.

- Pick something to look into
- There is a CAVE, a BODY, and THE FLEEING KAIJU

- And do what?
- 40-60% chance the beast notices you depending on what you do

- You could deploy a drone, or something from your inventory
- You could also leave the area and explore somewhere else
- 20-40% chance for a complication to occur depending on your selected action
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1072640 ID: 435f13

Investigate the fleeing kaiju
No. 1072642 ID: a7a180

Investigate the body, leave the drone to observe it further.
No. 1072644 ID: 273c18

From what we've seen and heard... I know what happened here. The fleeing kaiju just deposited that mutant corpse, and the green gas is feeding the chime beast.

Investigate the body. Find out where it came from and how it's being turned into green gas, and you may be able to sabotage the chime beast.

Send drones out while you're doing so. See if you can get one to take pictures of the cave, especially.
No. 1072655 ID: 99ca7b

Investigate Body. At the very least snap a picture as you glide past
No. 1072673 ID: 4481aa

> and it's packing a massive pair of... something, bosoms, balls, maybe both?

Why not both?

Investigate the body.
No. 1072699 ID: e51896


Yeah, lets investigate the body. But no sabotaging anything as this is a stealth mission, and we don't want to get spotted, especially not from whatever monster is in the smoke, and not this early. (but this info could be valuable if we want to sabotage it in a future mission)

And I agree on sending out a drone to investigate the cave. And if there is a monster inside and if it spots that drone, we can probably have the drone get chased by the kaiju to get it out of the cave so we can investigate the cave ourself with the kaiju gone.

I say use a wheeled drone on that cave, while it makes noises it's probably dark enough in there along with some cover to not get easily spotted. Plus if there is a kaiju in there, it will be the fastest to not get caught as it tries to distract the kaiju out of the cave.
No. 1072909 ID: 87e33c

rolled 95 = 95

if(roll <= 20)WheeledDroneComplication();
No. 1072920 ID: 38349b
File 169543678461.png - (12.55KB , 500x500 , T2_082.png )

You head over to the carcass of the Kellpo, and notice that it's actually been placed on a slope, slowly sliding into the lava of the volcano. You don't want to miss anything, so you land and deploy your KAIJU-CAMO DRONE as you shift to a more normal size. The thing looks like an adorable tiny winged velociraptor, stitched together using delicious looking staples. You maneuver it over the corpse and guide your linked nanobots inside to get as much footage as you can

Unfortunately, even after looking it over, you're not able to tell why it's letting off that green smoke. You are able to tell that the smoke isn't coming from a wound, and is instead coming from the whole creature. And it's weird, but you kind of feel… hungry for the smoke, and not the corpse?

You've deployed the KAIJU-CAMO DRONE
- You are using your sub brain to passively control the drone
- It will passively collect footage and audio from what you encounter unless otherwise ordered
- You will be warned if it is in danger

No. 1072921 ID: 38349b
File 169543679415.png - (13.74KB , 500x500 , T2_083.png )

You step away as the carcass falls into the pool of lava with a loud plop, causing the green smoke to vanish along with it. You shrug, and head over to the cave's mouth, deploying a different, wheeled drone and having it explore. At first, you planned on using its loud movements to attract whatever was in the cave outside, but nothing seems to respond after about a minute.

You shrug and check the footage on the thing, but the cameras on the wheeled drones are kind of garbage. The best that you're able to make out is that there's some sort of multicolored lights adorning the wall, and lots of tiny things on the floor that get in the way of actually getting a good look at anything.

You've used one of your DRONE CHARGES [2/3 remaining]

If you were to go down there, you'd probably need to use your flashlight to see, potentially alerting something there to your presence.
No. 1072922 ID: 38349b
File 169543680635.png - (11.09KB , 500x500 , T2_084.png )

You take a peek over the lid of the volcano, to the rest of the island. You can tell that there's some sort of violence taking place on the beach, while the forest seems to have stilled somewhat. This spot seems to be the perfect vantage point, you're sure that if you left a camera here for a while you'd be able to get some good data, but disguising it from the watchful eyes of those flying Kaiju would take some time, since they are rather metallic and shiny.

You found a good spot to set up a CAMERA, do you want to set it up?
-Setting up the camera secretly will take an [UPDATE] of your time
- But it will help progress your main objective

What do you do NEXT?
- Will let you discover it's contents and get better footage with your Kaiju-Camo drone
- 50% chance for a complication

- 50% chance it's too dark to find anything important
- No chance for a complication

- Visit the SKELETAL REEF, there's something going on over there
- Visit the DENSE JUNGLE, there's barely any motion coming from the trees right now

- You could deploy a drone, or something from your inventory
- 30-60% chance for a complication to occur depending on your selected action, you get the feeling that those flying Kaiju are paying attention to the volcano
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1072923 ID: a7a180

Set up the camera and explore the jungle while it's quiet.
No. 1072924 ID: e5709d

B+D) Explore the cave in the dark while your drone scouts out the reef.
No. 1072926 ID: 273c18

Set up the camera. Best to get that out of the way.
No. 1073032 ID: a9af05

>hungry for smoke, not corpse
Maybe that's the kaiju's essence and that's what you want more than the meat of the corpse?

Set up the camera

>what do?
A. Investigate the cave. We need to take a chance at trying to find something important that will hopefully help us figure out a way to anchor Paradiso so that we have a better chance of fulfilling the overarching plot of beating the Kaiju!
No. 1073181 ID: b135a7

Set up the camera and investigate the jungle
No. 1073188 ID: e51896

On second thought, that's a good point. Might be able to help the bois in the lab if they got more info.

Changing my vote to A, and bring a flashlight so that even if there is a complication and we get caught, we'll still be able to gather information. and we can use another drone as a distraction to get away if we get caught

Don't worry about being a little reckless and accidentally make some noises, we already know that whatever is in there cannot hear us, as the wheeled drone made a lot of loud noises, but was left undisturbed. With that in mind, We can probably even run in and out as we gather info so our stay in the cave isn't long to lower chance of being caught instead of moving slowly to not make noise.

also, with the reference to the footage we got from the drone, we know where to go to reach the walls, and the lumps, or anything else that is interesting that the wheeled drone found but couldn't make out. maybe only use your flashlight when you reach those areas as those probably have the most valuable info.

yeah, set up camera too towards the reef
No. 1073266 ID: cf9629

>smoke delicious?
Well, you know that the Kellpos have acid in their throat sacs, right? And the scientists back home have discovered that in small amounts Kaiju acid is a delicious and addictive condiment for food. So maybe that green smoke is the Kellpo's acid evaporating from the heat of the volcano and turning into steam? That could be why it smells good?


Would shrinking help reduce our chances of being caught?
No. 1073270 ID: e51896

It might, but I think travel might take longer if we shrink

but maybe that won't be much of an issue if we ride on our KAIJU-CAMO DRONE in the cave while small to where the wheeled drone spotted something
No. 1073284 ID: 87e33c

rolled 9 = 9

No. 1073293 ID: 87e33c
File 169575579458.png - (10.33KB , 500x500 , T2_085.png )

The commotion seems like it will be going on for a little while and the flying Kaiju seem distracted, this is the perfect time to set up a hidden camera. You take some time to find a perfectly shaped crevice and set up the camera so that it has the broadest angle possible.

It takes you a little while to get it into position. Then you set up some shade so that it won't glint at the wrong angle. You manage to get it set up and turned on just as some weird 8-winged creature flaps on by. It doesn't notice you.

You've used one of your DRONE CHARGES [1/3 remaining]
- This drone is HIDDEN from FLYING BEASTS and should be able to get useful data
- Don't forget to recover it before you leave!

No. 1073294 ID: 87e33c
File 169575589037.png - (24.80KB , 500x500 , T2_086.png )

With that out of the way, you decide to head into the cave. You pack up your wheeled drone, shrink to an appropriate size, and hop on top of your Kaiju-Camo-Drone.

A WHEELED DRONE has been added to your inventory
- You don't regain a drone charge, but you can redeploy this one at will

As you enter the cave, you realize that it really is too dark to see much of anything, so you attach your flashlight to the Kaiju-Camo Drone and turn it on.

What greets you is several dozen petrified bodies of kin wearing various expressions of lust and ecstasy. Your drone floats a little closer and you notice that they are in fact made of some kind of colorful stone, but the chest cavity of each kin is destroyed, almost as if something burst out of them. A weird sense of deja-vu vibrates through you as you realize you've seen these kin before, in that videogame you remember seeing Pazuru in. These bodies must be INCREDIBLY old if they're real.
No. 1073296 ID: 87e33c
File 169575618085.png - (17.51KB , 500x500 , T2_087.png )

And then your eyes catch on the walls, on the markings. They're similar to the ones used by those Kaiju summoning FALSE QUEENS, but are both deeply engraved and haphazard in their placement. They fill the room in [WILD] patterns that surround the bodies, and even look to continue downward into a path you would have outright missed without the flashlight.

And then you hear the sounds of talons slowly dragging themselves along the floor coming from the entrance of the cave. It looks like your entry was noticed.

- Go deeper into the Cave to discover what lies within
- 40% chance the Kaiju notices and follows you down
- If it doesn't follow you, it will probably remain there, complicating your escape

- Do you confront it? Hide? Sneak past it? Distract it?
- Base 50% chance for complication modified by your approach
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1073298 ID: e5709d

Is it really that simple? Kaiju fetuses festering in kin and acting as a mind-consuming aphrodisiac?

A) Keep moving.
No. 1073300 ID: 6e755b

Can’t stop now. Keep moving.
No. 1073402 ID: 8f9bc4

Pazuru said the centipede kaiju siphoned the [ENERGY] out of the bodies you found underground, which leaves them stiff and stonelike, and not suitable for resurrection. So these are bodies alright. They only seem like they're stone.

Which is... impossible. Pazuru already implied that the whole universe sort of glitched out and restarted, like eight times already. Why would the bodies of her old friends still be around, if she's from a previous [CYCLE]?

And why aren't they gray? The other ones were gray; that was important. Maybe these really are replica statues, sculpted by someone who had knowledge of previous cycles like Pazuru and [MINT]/Mint?
No. 1073446 ID: e51896

A. Whether the kaiju follows us or not is fine by me. It just means this mission will get more exciting as we get to fight it, and potentially get exp from eatting it.

And if we're talking theories, i am thinking those round creatures we saw at the reef are actually karma goblins from Ed's other quest Sugchesstion (not that Hailey knows what a karma goblin is). They were orb like in appearance just like these round kaiju, with stickly arms and legs too.
No. 1073546 ID: 87e33c

rolled 5 = 5

No. 1073552 ID: 87e33c
File 169603351616.png - (12.27KB , 500x500 , T2_088.png )

You decide to push deeper inside the cavern, the stuff here is strange, but doesn't *really* give you any insight as to why the island is warping around.

The walls continue to be covered in these colored markings the further down you go, becoming slightly translucent, and refracting the light similarly to a prism. It's kind of pretty.

And then you hear that distinct chime again, it starts off rather distant, but slowly builds in volume. You hear a shriek accompanying it, likely that creature from before, it sounds close, so it probably followed you in.

You're on the drone, so your movements aren't altered, but you feel a deep, throbbing pain in your head as the sound gets louder and louder. If it wasn't for your sub-brain you'd probably be keeled over in agony, you silently thank your weird brain as the walls begin to shake.
No. 1073553 ID: 87e33c
File 169603352750.png - (14.17KB , 500x500 , T2_089.png )

You dodge a few falling rocks as you reach the end of the path, a cavern about as large as one of your containment units.

The walls are covered in multicolored marks, to the point where it almost looks like a thick coat of paint. The colors seem to shift, taking on a prismatic quality with each of your movements. You additionally see small holes indented in the walls, and realize that these holes are amplifying the sound somehow, as if this room is some sort of big instrument.

But the thing that catches your eyes the most is this prism the size of a watermelon in the center of the room. It's deeply embedded in the center of the room, and as the chime fades, the sound was either coming from here, or somehow being directed to this room.

It's only then that you realize that your jaw was practically on the floor as you took in this sight.
No. 1073554 ID: 87e33c
File 169603353679.png - (19.62KB , 500x500 , T2_090.png )

Thankfully, as an object-kin, you don't *really* have ears, so you don't have eardrums to rupture. Unfortunately, as a creature that can still hear somehow, you are momentarily deafened as a ringing resonates throughout your metal maw, likely an aftereffect of being so close to something louder than the craziest concert you've ever been to.

You remember to check behind you for that creature, and while you can't hear it, you can see motion in the distance thanks to the multicolored marks. The creature hasn't entered the prism room yet. And the only thing you can tell at this distance is that it's got claws and a LOT of feathers. It hasn't found you yet, but it's only a matter of time, maybe it's also deafened?

Your look to your right, at one of the holes in the wall. You can feel a pretty strong breeze coming from it. This could be a way out with how small you are now, it IS perfectly Hailey-Sized but your whole drone is too big to fit inside any of the holes. It's unfortunate that this room is so empty, hiding doesn't seem like an option as you're completely exposed no matter where you stand.

You take a moment to remember your mission, to gather intel and make sure your drone's footage survives.

You get the VERY STRONG FEELING that damaging and/or messing with this prism will ESCALATE things, and could lead to PRETTY BIG CONSEQUENCES for EVERYONE

- Abandon the drone
- You'll discover a hidden entrance to this room from outside the volcano

- The sounds of your fight will likely echo out, alerting the creatures of [PARADISO] to your presence
- 70% chance that the creature will notice you before you can land the first strike

- You could come up with another plan
- 60-80% chance of a complication to occur unless you are willing to let yourself be wounded an unknown amount to do it
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1073557 ID: a7a180

Such beautiful music!
C. Use the moves from your travel book of unfortunate dances. You, the drone, beach, now!
No. 1073559 ID: 2f7f6e

A) And use your nanobots to shield and/or camouflage the drone.
No. 1073562 ID: e799ac

C. Play the prism like bongos
No. 1073563 ID: e5709d

C) Sacrifice your last drone charge (grenade attached) to act as a distraction. It's what they're for.
No. 1073565 ID: 273c18

C: Pretend to be caught by the drone. It should look like a kaiju, after all.
No. 1073575 ID: 72b93b

It hasn't found you yet, but it's only a matter of time, maybe it's also deafened

In that case, C. If the monster is deafened by the noise, it wont be able to hear us escape.

That said, turn that flashlight off. That way, it wont see us in the dark, and hear us escape after it enters
No. 1073585 ID: e51896

Just received info from Edmango in discord that the room will still be bright even if we turn off the flashlight because of the prism.

With that in mind, I'll think up a different plan
No. 1073600 ID: e51896

OH! I think I just had an idea!

Can we take the camera/footage we got of this cave out of the Kaiju-camo drone, and then leave the camo drone behind while we take the footage with us through one of the smol hailey-sized holes mentioned in option A? or is the camera installed in the drone too big to fit in the hole? if it's small enough, then I choose C: take the footage we got out of the camo drone, and leave the drone behind as we escape through the hole with the camera. I think we gathered some really good info to make the government happy, so we can probably sacrifice the camo-drone after we leave with the footage through the small hole.

After all, we still got the camera drone outside, and two other drones in case we see anything else that's interesting on this island that needs filming. They'll just be easier to spot unfortunately if we deploy them for filming. But with the footage of the cave, we should be pretty good regardless I think.

I only ask if we can take the film out of the kaiju camo drone because I remember that footage can still have 30% of survival if destroyed, so I'm assuming the camera can be taken out of the drone.

This is of course assuming the footage/camera in the drone is small enough sized to fit in the hole like Hailey is too. I'm thinking it might be that size tho, assuming that square thing in the front of the drone is the camera, which looks roughly the same size as Hailey in that pic >>1073296
No. 1073604 ID: 4481aa


This is a pretty good idea, so I'll toss some support towards it.

I'll also point out that we could try to send nanobots out through the other holes to determine where they lead.
No. 1073608 ID: e5709d

Speaking of which, maybe we could blow up the camera at the volcano opening to distract the monster and give us a better shot at leaving? There's a chance they might not hear it tho.
In all honesty, I'd rather we steal a shard of any crystals that fell off.
No. 1073906 ID: e51896


If you're talking about the camera filming the kaiju at the skeletal reef, that's an interesting idea, but personally, I'd like to get whatever footage is in that camera outside and not blow it up, and I think just removing the footage from the kajiu camo drone and escaping with the footage in the hole while the kaiju camo-drone distracts the monster should be easy enough to do with considering how close we are to the holes.

Tho if other people support blowing up the camera outside while we escape with the kaiju camo drone camera through the hole, that's fine by me. I think the cave footage is more important and there is a chance that the footage from the camera outside could survive with a 30%. But I don't think it's necessary to blow it up personally. Just gotta also consider that the kaiju outside might notice the explosion too and lure them to our location.

(i forgotten to mention, after removing the footage from the kaiju camo drone, lets have the camo drone fly around the cave where the bird kaiju can see it as we escape through the hole to keep attention off of us)
No. 1074044 ID: 87e33c
File 169655402304.png - (13.14KB , 500x500 , T2_091.png )

Your brains rocket into overdrive as you attempt to figure out this conundrum. You think up several distracting ideas, sacrificial drone techniques, or camo plots, but stop when you realize the easiest solution.

You take the data out of the drone and send the drone itself flying at the Kaiju. The drone is grabbed out of the air by that creature and bit into like an apple. You use this moment to escape down one of the conveniently shaped holes. Leaving the Kaiju to just think this weird metal creature was the only thing down here. The perfect plan.

IMPORTANT PARADISO DATA CARD has been added to your inventory
- You've got footage of what is *probably* the most important thing on the island
- Hopefully your camera outside has gotten good footage of the other kaiju now that you don't have the Kaiju-Camo-Drone

No. 1074045 ID: 87e33c
File 169655403614.png - (13.29KB , 500x500 , T2_092.png )

The trek through the long, winding tunnel takes a few minutes, even as you do your best to speed through it. Luckily, the chiming doesn't happen and the Kaiju seems to have not caused a ruckus in that room. You've gotten away, with hopefully no issues!

You pass by several branching and criss-crossing tunnels, one of which you can distinctly hear the sounds of combat from. You avoid that one, deciding not to press your luck and continue down your current path.

You pop out after moving a rather cumbersome rock blocking the exit and notice that it lets you out right at the base of the mountain, inside of the dense jungle.
No. 1074046 ID: 87e33c
File 169655404613.png - (21.33KB , 500x500 , T2_093.png )

There doesn't seem to be any activity near you, so you let out a held breath of relief. And then you pause, taking in the environment again. It's weirdly quiet in this part of the jungle. You can still hear the commotion happening by the beach, it only seems to have gotten louder, but you would have expected even small critters to be wandering around in this area. You're not even sure if there are bugs around.

This is your [6TH UPDATE] on Paradiso
- Your HIDDEN CAMERA has been recording for [2 UPDATES]
- You remember that the island might TELEPORT away at some point
- So you may want to consider leaving soon

- End your mission here
- You have not been discovered yet

- You could explore the DENSE JUNGLE or SKELETAL REEF
- 70-80% chance of complication occurring

- You could deploy a drone, or do something else
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1074048 ID: a7a180

B. This jungle really has me curious. What is the smallest creature on Kaiju Island right now? Is it you?
No. 1074061 ID: e51896



A, lets finish our mission here


C. Lets deploy both the flying drone, and wheeled drone here in the jungle. the flying drone will look around the jungle and film anything important, while the wheeled drone will hide in standby for just in case it needs to distract a kaiju away from the flying drone, or attack it by driving at it, and then exploding.

Meanwhile, while those two drones are deployed, we'll go back to where our hidden camera is. We'll recover our camera depending on if anything else interesting is happening at the skeletal reef that needs to be filmed by our camera or not.

Afterwards, after we collect our camera, in a future update, we'll make our way out of the island, and have our flying drone meet up with us at a rendezvous point where we'll exit, and get out of here (assuming the flying drone doesn't get destroyed). We can leave the wheeled drone behind if it can't reach us. That drone's job is to just be a nuisance and distract kaiju if needed

I'm leaning towards C

(Heh, I wonder if that bird kaiju will try to sacrifice our drone like they did with the Kellpo, only to find out nothing will happen.)
No. 1074070 ID: fb8a42

C, use the drone.
No. 1074093 ID: 8f9bc4

PEA is on a roll!
No. 1074095 ID: e5709d

Deploy the drones and program them with nanomachines to scout the other areas of the island, then escape by the ocean when they're done so your team can pick them up.
Get the camera and bounce, but towards that shiny thing you saw earlier.
No. 1074483 ID: 87e33c
File 169698946988.png - (12.78KB , 500x500 , T2_094.png )

You decide to deploy your remaining drones, releasing that wheeled drone you had previously, and a flying drone. Unfortunately, you're not a computer programmer, so you can't set these drones to autonomous searching patterns.

However, since you no longer have the Kaiju-Camo-Drone to worry about, your sub-brain can handle it. It's... not really pleasant to feel your vision split between three different views at the same time. You'd liken it to watching three movies at once on a single monitor, but two of them are super small and at the opposite corners of the screen.

You've deployed both of your remaining DRONES [0/3 remaining]
- Controlling two at once and moving around is a little distracting
- Since you're sending them away from you, you won't be able to react quickly if they are assaulted

No. 1074484 ID: 87e33c
File 169698947798.png - (10.70KB , 500x500 , T2_095.png )

You do your best to get some footage and walk back to the overlook at the same time. Though it all kind of blends together and becomes a morass of shapes and colors in your mind.

Your walk up the volcano takes longer than you would expect, given you are managing the locomotion for two things and your body at once. Fortunately for you, the forest seems to be totally empty and the flying Kaiju can't notice your tiny body. You make it back to the overlook and take a seat next to your Camera, careful not to obscure its vision. While it's not hard to control multiple drones at once, it does take focus.

The drones themselves are able to get footage of a good chunk of the forest, but the only thing of note that you notice is that any resting places were left in a hurry. There are half-eaten corpses and bones scattered about, almost like they were compelled to leave mid-meal.
No. 1074485 ID: 87e33c
File 169698948517.png - (12.88KB , 500x500 , T2_096.png )

The ground starts to quake along with the chiming, and you start to feel just the smallest bit of nausea and a headache. It almost feels like you're starting to get motion sick. But as quickly as the feeling comes, it vanishes.

Feeling unnerved, you give the island one last visual examination from your perch. You notice something being launched away from the beach and off the island. You'd estimate it gets about a kilometer away from the beach before it completely vanishes from sight.

- What is even going on there
- 75% chance of a complication occurring
- Grab your camera and end the mission here
- You'll move the drones to pick up on your way out
- Do something else!
- 75% chance of a complication occurring

No. 1074487 ID: 99ca7b

Grab all your drones (or their memory sticks, anyway), THEN check out the beach before leaving.
No. 1074489 ID: 273c18

Looks like they sent off a Kaiju to invade. Let's leave.
No. 1074493 ID: e51896

I think the kaiju are leaving the island. might be about time for the island to teleport soon with how you're feeling. Time to go.

Plus, whatever was going on at the beach, the camera took footage of it. the computer nerds can always enhance the footage like they do in the movies to get a better look. no need to go to the beach.

No. 1074502 ID: a7a180

Ah c'mon we were literally in the jungle!!
Fine, beach.
No. 1074505 ID: 8f9bc4

> 75% chance of complication, regardless of what you do

Yep, the island's teleporting. B. you don't want to have to cross half the Pacific ocean to get back.

Theory time: the dead Kellpo gave off green smoke as a way to warn the big smokey kaiju. The more dead bodies they recover, the harder they'll fight back. Don't kill anything you don't intend to EAT
No. 1074512 ID: b6ec4d


B. Get outta there so that you can hopefully by home in time to defend against the incoming Kaiju threat.
No. 1074669 ID: 87e33c

rolled 5 = 5

If (x<=7)(BadThings());
No. 1074706 ID: 38349b
File 169725471557.png - (12.33KB , 500x500 , T2_097.png )

You collect your camera and drones as you head down the mountain and to the shore. You aren't accosted as you reach the water and shift yourself to become weightless. The water is calm on this half, so you decide to skate across it and can't help but cackle as the realization sinks in.

You managed to complete a stealth mission on an island filled with giant monsters nearly perfectly. Video Jajima would be proud.

You eventually pass the threshold that is hiding the island and come face to face with the docks. They're a little on fire, so you rush to the source as your comms flick back to life.

You've recollected all of your drones [3/3]
- There's bound to be something useful on them


> Rolling for Tension... [TENSION = 7; ROLL = 5/20]
> [2 Consequences] will occur
> Your TENSION has been reset to 0
> [+1 City Destruction Damage] [2 Total]
> A few businesses have been disrupted by the Kaiju attacks
> [+1 Foe Objective] [2 Total]
> The Kaiju are now aware that defenses exist outside of their island

No. 1074711 ID: 38349b
File 169725506182.png - (16.38KB , 500x500 , T2_098.png )

You: I'm back!
You: Where's the fire!
Pazuru: Oh that, did you throw a Kaiju into one of the shipyards, Hailey?
Alberta: Use. Code. Names. On. Comms.
You: No, I actually managed the perfect stealth mission
Josephine: Well, we managed the perfect defense!
Alberta: Do you count 6 fires and two fully destroyed buildings as perfect?
Pazuru: In my defense, I'm currently sitting on two Kaiju so I couldn't stop the last one
Alberta: You threw one of them INTO JOSEPHINE
Pazuru: *Ahem,* "Code Names On Comms"
Josephine: It's just a broken rib, nbd
You: Wat

You reach the source and see Pazuru, sitting inside of some large energy projection that looks sort of like her feral form, sitting on top of some sort of Lobster Kaiju and a green crab Kaiju with way too many legs. Surrounding them are Josephine and your guards. It even looks like another one of them has some sort of fishing pole with wire that's wrapped around yet another crab.
No. 1074712 ID: 38349b
File 169725507094.png - (15.58KB , 500x500 , T2_099.png )

You blink slowly as you realize that the kin you left behind could handle themselves and you feel a large amount of pride radiate off of you.

Josephine: Wow, you don't even look hurt
Fishing Rod Guard: Hah, I win the bet!
Josephine: Miss Tear, this is "Rod"
Josephine: My newest initiate, they're the first attempt at teaching MANA outside of me and science
Pazuru: I helped a little!
Pazuru: Goddess I forgot how fun fighting was
Josephine: Though one did get away, that damned crab
You: The same one from before?
Fishing Rod Guard: Fucker's fast, too fast now
Guard: And here come the cavalry

Several large trucks built to contain Kaiju come in as Momo and Phyllis pop their heads out of a car.

Phyllis: I will admit I expected you to come back limping.
Momo: So I didn't need to wear the sexy nurse outfit?
You: I like the sexy nurse outfit

+ Mostly completed
+ Failed to properly document one location
+ You can make a SPECIAL request of the government, within reason
+ An EVENT celebrating the home teams defense efforts will occur
+ 0 HEROISM/VISIBILITY (from not publically appearing until the end)
+ The GUARDS and PAZURU are currently in the spotlight

No. 1074713 ID: 38349b
File 169725507828.png - (10.88KB , 500x500 , T2_100.png )

You hop into the vehicle and are driven back to your lair. You can feel the tension leaving your body after being on alert for so long. And then you're back in that Dark space, floating behind something new. There's a weird angel-like floating head there, sitting on a stack of rings. It's staring at one of those tears in the void, and it's watching your body riding the armored car.

[???]: *Grumble*
[???]: Go intern for the guardians he said
[???]: It'll be fun he said
[???]: Fuck you Gray
[???]: Least I can become [REDACTED] aga-
[???]: I'm censored again?

The eye turns around and stares at you before letting out the girliest shriek imaginable. The rings it's sitting on float around in between the both of you, defensively. Only you're pretty sure you could just poke your hand through one of them for a laugh if you wanted. You're almost tempted to as the creature's screaming lasts at least two minutes.

You: Uh, hi?
[???]: HOW?!?!?

What do you do?
No. 1074715 ID: 435f13

Introduce yourself obvs
No. 1074716 ID: e5709d

Grab ring and bounce
No. 1074718 ID: 97b61e

Ask who they are, and say its because you think you're on the VIRGE to make a new friend. Also, you might have fainted and ended up here and HEY! You're spying on me? you're into voyeur? (You're joking)

For serious talk, Ask if they're familiar with a hooded priestess(?) prophet(?) you saw like, months ago that was offering heals, cause youre getting same vibes looking at them that you got from her. Maybe they'd like to spy on her and make a new friend.
No. 1074722 ID: a7a180

Bite ring seductively.
No. 1074725 ID: 8f9bc4

Hello Pazuru's replacement! The answer to how is ally tokens! There were 3 of them, and they were not limited to allies in the realm of the even remotely possibly. Thus, you're our ally! Though it's odd that you would have a halo. That seems to be more the style of the HOLOGRAPHIC ENTITY. Is the HISTORIC PARASITE really supposed to oppose her, and hide our presence from angelic foes, or is that just Pazuru's thing?
No. 1074899 ID: b6ec4d

Start collecting rings. As long as you have at least 1, you can't be killed!
No. 1074909 ID: 4370c0

No. 1074943 ID: 38349b
File 169759648144.png - (13.29KB , 500x500 , T2_101.png )

You feel an instinctual desire to touch those rings, or even nab one for yourself. You have to play it cool though, so you bend over and nibble on one as seductively as you can. The sensation when you touch these ethereal rings is a tingly, almost squeaky clean feeling. But the texture is something else, it's as if you're biting into a cloud, with a similar texture to cotton candy. It tastes a little bit like the dew off of a morning mist.

You: Well I'm Hailey
You: I bet you give good "head"
You: Yes, from the stalking tear in reality right!
[???]: Uhhhh, whaaats that, sounds fake, made up
[???]: Also let go of my Add-On please
You: But it feels nice!!
You: I bet as long as I have one ring I can't be killed!
You: That's how videojames work!
[???]: Oh my Me, why.

They attempt to yoink it away, but you've got a firm enough metaphysical grip on it that they can't actually take it away.

You: So you feel kinda familiar, kinda like this one [PURITY] prophet thing I met once
[???]: Yes, yes she's a wonderfully boring disciple
[???]: Squeaky clean record and microdoses on psychedelics daily
[???]: Would you LET… GO
[???]: Y'know, now that you know that I'm [PURITY] and al-

No. 1074944 ID: 38349b
File 169759649003.png - (10.52KB , 500x500 , T2_102.png )

Their words are cut off as one of the dozens of rings floating around them turns to dust in a dramatic explosion

You: Uh, did I do that
[VIRGE]: Hubris did that, blessed stupid fucking hubris...
You: Well you've got like a couple dozen in that stack, no biggie
[VIRGE]: So WHAT are you DOING here, PLEASE!
You: I dunno!
You: Making a new friend!
You: Are you Pazuru's replacement?
[VIRGE]: If you mean the previous parasite then yes
[VIRGE]: Now shoo, go back
[VIRGE]: I'm BUSY here!!!
You: But I thought-
[VIRGE]: B U S Y!!!

You roll your eyes at this weird creature and shrug. You also feel like it's almost time for you to wake up, but still have a maw gripping that ring.

- Maybe Pazuru can tell you more about it
- ?????

- It does seem like it'd be tasty
- ?????

- [VIRGE] does seem quite annoyed
- ?????

No. 1074945 ID: 8e3797

C. Be nice. Dont need angels bothering us or seeking revenge in some way. But tell him you might be back after the next mission, its out of your control really.
No. 1074946 ID: a7a180

B. Delicious!
No. 1074947 ID: 273c18

C. that doesn't belong to you.
No. 1074951 ID: 58dd24

Oh hmm, the rings pop when he tells lies huh? Can he get more?
No. 1074953 ID: 8f9bc4

Well, he didn't tell you to go back without the ring...
No. 1074954 ID: b6ec4d

A. If it's important, you can give it back next time you're here. But getting Pazuru's thoughts will let you learn more about who you're dealing with to better communicate with him next time.
No. 1074955 ID: fb8a42

No. 1074957 ID: 66101b

C but in exchange for more of their time.
No. 1074995 ID: a9af05


Because he seems like he's on the [VIRGE] of having a mental breakdown trying to understand why you're here. Try not to bug him too much, since you'll most likely be seeing him multiple times in the future.
No. 1075028 ID: 0bf2fd

A or B
No. 1075506 ID: 38349b
File 169820173318.png - (8.26KB , 500x500 , T2_103.png )

You think REALLY HARD about if you should just take the ring or not, and almost do so. But, your conscience wins out as you have concerns about whether or not this creature can even get them back after popping one. You gently finger the halo in your maw while you look at them.

You: Seems like you're on the [VIRGE] of a mental breakdown here bud, heh heh
You: Y'know, I'll probably be back again right?
[VIRGE]: Dear me, I hope not...
You: Can't control it, you're just... irresistible to me!

You let out a begrudging sigh as you let go of the halo and it floats back to [VIRGE]. And then, with the tension abated, you're no longer there.
No. 1075507 ID: 38349b
File 169820174739.png - (12.78KB , 500x500 , T2_104.png )

You open your eyes and find yourself tucked in bed with Pazuru snuggling up against your legs. You give her head a gentle scratch behind the ears and contemplate what you need to do next. You look at your Comm and see that there's a bunch of texts, your attention is drawn to two in particular that are about events happening in the next hour.

- Corey Changer wants to interview Miss Tear and Josephine, two prominent heroes!
- This is an opportunity to assure the city it will remain safe
- Or to let any secrets slip...

- The higher ups are hosting a ritzy gala for the city's elites
- This is an opportunity to gather donations for reconstructive efforts
- Or you could accept bribes...

- Skip the optional event and take a nap
- You could use the rest
- This nap is incredibly powerful and heals you for [.5 WOUNDS] [NEW TOTAL = 1/8 WOUNDS]

No. 1075508 ID: a7a180

B. Go be the biggest belle at the ball! (City infrastructure has taken more damage than city morale. 1.5 wounds taken is... eh, not much.)
No. 1075509 ID: fb8a42

No. 1075510 ID: 273c18

Cash money yo
No. 1075514 ID: 124485

B. Gotta earn that money to repair the city!

Question: Are the higher ups expecting you to be in your Miss Tear costume?
No. 1075515 ID: 8f9bc4

Looking at stats b/c that's what we're here for right?

HP is down 1.5/8, so an 0.5 nap would get you from 6 straight to 7 HP. But City Destruction is down 2/8, which is slightly more than the 1.5 HP you've lost. Thus, RECONSTRUCTIVE EFFORTS should have a higher priority than NAPPIE TIME.

Unfortunately, Pazuru is just too adorable and you can't bear to move her. Oh well.
No. 1075525 ID: e51896

Lets do B. It takes 4 funds to fix one point of city destruction, which is a lot considering we'll have 5 funds from the government and Dona when the intermission starts. we'll need all the money we can get so we can have some left over if we need to pay for the rest to get part of the city fixed. And lets do it in costume, that way people will be more willing to pay if a celebrity hero like yourself is there, especially if we have Josephine have her interview as another hero without you.

While A sounds fun for PR, a true hero saves the day not for fame, but for [PEACE], plus city stability is pretty good at only 1. So let Josephine handle it herself and have her time in the limelight.

And while C would be helpful for easy healing, we'd have to pay more for city repairs. we can rest at any time during one of our downtimes easily.


Waaaaait a minute, are you naked right now? How'd that happen?
No. 1075702 ID: 0bf2fd

>why nekkid
Well, the realistic explanation would be that they checked for any not-immediately-obvious wounds since we did just sort of pass out in the car suddenly.

Edmango quest universe answer? It could literally be anything.
No. 1076271 ID: 87e33c

rolled 3 = 3

No. 1076294 ID: 38349b
File 169898127548.png - (10.60KB , 500x500 , T2_105.png )

You're so comfy with Pazuru laying on top of you, but unfortunately, you want to go to that Gala. You get up, and rather than putting on a fancy suit, transform with a roll of a [3]. You then style your nanobots like a fancy dress, deciding to attend in style.

The gala is held at Wake Knee's mansion in the ADMINISTRATIVE DISTRICT, and it's ridiculously garish and large. There's a ballroom, 10 guest rooms, 2 master bedrooms, a wine cellar, several meeting rooms and more, which seems a bit like overkill since you doubt Knee even knows 10 people he's actually friends with.

You're driven to the mansion in a fancy limo and are greeted by dozens of paparazzi with cameras and even get to walk down a massive red carpet. In that moment you feel a sparkle of what it must be like to be a real movie star. You can't say you hate it.
No. 1076295 ID: 38349b
File 169898128572.png - (17.35KB , 500x500 , T2_106.png )

Your presence is announced with cheers as you enter the ballroom proper. But you immediately clock that barely a tenth of the kin in attendance have a genuine smile on their face when looking at you. There's even a few of them that show openly annoyed expressions, specifically grouped around Wake Knee. You recognize several of them to be infamous big game hunters with absolutely massive wallets.

There's also the famous game designer Video Jajima, who seems very excited by your attendance. He's got a camera out and at the ready, if you had to guess, he was probably looking to catch a scandalous or sexy photo of you to use as inspiration for one of his games.

Polka D. Artep is also in attendance, she just glowers at you as you enter. You'd bet a significant amount of money that she'd donate to the city if you made an absolute fool of yourself, if only so that she could feel in the right.
No. 1076296 ID: 38349b
File 169898129511.png - (15.07KB , 500x500 , T2_107.png )

You turn to glance at the live entertainment, this hunky Jackal named Callan De Hope, He's singing some sort of classical pop, is heavily guarded, and is one of the few kin to actually give you a somewhat genuine smile. You also know that he's a massive humanitarian that donates nearly all of his proceeds to causes that bring [HOPE] to the world.

Eventually, both Phyllis and Cougar step up to you, both in equally fancy attire, though Phyllis still has her hat on. They drag you around to many many faces you almost instantly forget and while you do your best to act like a movie star, it's apparent that they all want something.

Phyllis: Okay, that was just the warm up
You: WARM UP?!?
You: To?!?!?
Cougar: Your speech of course, after all, our state sponsored hero needs to...
Cougar: *Eye twitch*
Cougar: ... Convince the elites to loosen their coffers
You: But what do they even want, I'm already protecting the city!!
Phyllis: Entertainment mostly
Cougar: Though a few of them would be happier if we'd know, sell some of the Kaiju we have to them
You: Uh huh
Phyllis: They want to do a big game hunt on a "real monster", it's really stupid
Phyllis: Or a reason to spend their money specifically on the city
You: Wait, I have the authority to do that?!?
Cougar: Yup, you caught them, why do you think they're in the containment units still
You: Science?
You: In case I wanted a snack?
Phyllis: Those too.

No. 1076298 ID: 38349b
File 169898141219.png - (12.51KB , 500x500 , T2_108.png )

Phyllis: Callan over there is especially on the fence about donating to Donjon
Phyllis: When there are war torn countries overseas that debatedly need it more
Cougar: Not like they think the city going to ruin affects them!
Cougar: Only genuine giant monster attacks and superheroes
Phyllis: There's also the crowd of people who want to see something sexy
You: Sexy is my middle name
Phyllis: I thought you went on record as having no middle name
You: Nope, it's Sexy now, I retcon that character detail.
Cougar: Oh, and my personal favorite, Polka's here too
Cougar: She has a bet going that you'll make a fool of yourself and is willing to donate if you do
Cougar: Lady holds a grudge over the crabnapping
Cougar: Anyway, let's powder you up and get you on the stage
You: I have so many questions
Cougar: Too bad!

They guide you up to the top of the staircase and Momo appears, powdering you up quickly before smirking and vanishing a moment later. You didn't even see her around earlier. Then Cougar plants a microphone in front of you as a hush fills the audience and a spotlight focuses on your location. Phyllis gives you a thumbs up as you begin to sweat through your Tension Suit. This caught you a bit by surprise.

What do you say/do to convince the elites of Donjon to donate
- The more you appeal to what the elites want, the more you'll earn
- Promises will get you extra money, at the cost of needing to follow through
- Some donors might directly send money to you, instead of just construction efforts
- You will be given a choice to accept these funds or not

No. 1076303 ID: a7a180

They want to be entertained, so ask them: Are they not entertained? Focus on your exploits, how the people look up to you, and belittle the monsters. They want to hear that they're safe, after all. But they should be worried for their property. With full federal funding, you'll be able to take the fight with these kaiju on the offensive, and thus finish these flashy fights well before they reach the city's valuable, vulnerable financial heart. As you walk forward, use a tiny fraction of your power to size up. Perhaps the elites will listen more closely if you make it clear you are large and in charge. (alas, the nanobots can't keep up...) Oh, and there's more than one way to help Miss Tear fight kaiju. If any big game hunters think they have a big enough gun, you might be able to teach them about giant anatomy...
No. 1076310 ID: 4db74f


A whisper in your ear, beautiful girl, a truth to consider.

Seems to me that many of these people have already decided against you, Hailey~

They want, they want, they want, but what they want isn't something good for the city or even for you. It's good for them, it's good for their entertainment and luxury. They care so little if the Kaiju are stopped so long as they enjoy themselves and their business isn't disturbed.

You know what I think? I think you've managed to make it this far without grovelling to the rich. You don't neeeeed them, they need you~

What was that phrase I've seen so lovingly written on walls again?

Eat the rich!

And you Hailey can be quite large, and have such the appetite. Why not make a feast of this banquet?

I kid, of course. That would be impolite.

Though you *could* offer them a hunt? That would make it fair, they've got guns and you've got your... Everything.

Ah well, probably not.

At the very very least, make one thing clear to them, my dear:

You work for the good of the city, not the good of the rich. You are not for sale, at least not in that way. If they donate to the city they do it because they're not monsters worse than the kaiju themselves.
No. 1076311 ID: 3c2dff

Exactly this, word for word.
No. 1076313 ID: eb0a9c

Emphasize the grandiose importance of the following:
All our evidence supports one big-ass theory: these kaiju, for all intents and purposes, were once worshipped as gods.
And when they roar... all eyes are on them.
All the little dots on the ground will stop looking at the world's greatest relics of art and technology, at what are clearly the gods' gifts to the people, seeing as how these feral behemoths are to erase said works in a matter of seconds. By accident.
You intend to rip them all into tiny, microscopic shreds.

(Strategy: Pander to the elites' pathological narcissism: they can't capture the suffering and enslavement of the 'commonborn masses' if said commonborn masses are too busy groveling at giant mindless all-consuming monsters that are about to pulp them. And they'll never be the big guys with literal big guys around.)

*ahem* sorry.
No. 1076322 ID: e51896

>There's also the crowd of people who want to see something sexy

okay, we have loads of experience from working at the Ruffled Haunch, so what if after whatever speech we give, we use those skills we accumulated over our time working at the Ruffled Haunch to put on a sexy dance show for the audience, and maybe a mild strip tease? best to use those skills we're good at to our advantage if we have them.

what we can do is first, After the speech, tell the audience you'd like to put on a dance show as a thank you for their time and for their efforts in helping donate to protect the city. then ask Callan de Hope to play his most upbeat songs to dance to (if he's interested, otherwise I'm sure a dj or band can play us something.)

Then, we use a dance pole to do all sorts of sexy positions on as you dance. If the ballroom doesn't have one, use one of wake's support beams to his mansion as a dancing pole by making yourself big so that you're big enough for the pole to be skinny enough to do all sorts of fun positions and spins. But keep yourself light too so you don't, you know, accidentally destroy the support beam, and potentially the mansion

As for a light strip tease, you don't want to reveal all your naughty bits for all to see if you can, but what you can do is while you dance, have your nano bots slowly eat away at your clothing, like have them eat most of your dress, but have them stop right when they get around your chest level, and pelvis area so it looks like you're wearing a skimpy two piece by the end of the dance.
No. 1076338 ID: b3eab7

My problem with the hunters is the lack of secure outdoor "containment zone" for when things inevitably go wrong: These creatures can all swim and a few of them can dig, so you can't do the old "monster island" schtick. The only outdoor area that could possibly contain them would be a small worldplate or flying island.

So unless those are known to exist in your world, I'd rather pander to other big wallets first.

That said, you could offer something else than selling monsters, such as notifying them whenever several monsters are attacking the city, and coordinating just enough to avoid getting in each others' way.

She's likely to interpret anything sexy you do as "making a fool of yourself". You should fine-tune your sexy act to goad her into thinking she won her bet, but actually make a fool of HERself when she tries to tabloid you. It's a delicate balancing act, but your professional experience gives you an advantage for this.

>Potential actual donators
Encourage them to donate to the city, not you. Mention the citizens and local authorities alike would be grateful of any help bolstering the city defenses (a hint for the more mercenary among them that they would use it to ingratiate themselves to local leaders).
No. 1076910 ID: 38349b
File 169959082690.png - (9.87KB , 500x500 , T2_109.png )

You allow a pregnant pause to permeate the room as you gather your thoughts. An audience member coughs, but you pay it no need, concentrating on a train of thought you feel is being whispered to you.

You think about how you don't need these self absorbed elites, how they want, want, and want, but nothing *good* for the city or even for you. They want entertainment and luxury.

You work for the good of the city, not the good of the rich, you're not for sale in that way. And you have always had the thought in the back of your mind if *actually* eating the rich. It would solve a lot of problems.

Then you look to the side of your head and realize a tiny Momo was there whispering in your ear. You bap her off your shoulder and begin your speech proper, reasonable yet malicious thoughts aside.
No. 1076911 ID: 38349b
File 169959083886.png - (11.39KB , 500x500 , T2_110.png )

You: The monsters likely believe themselves to be gods, or once gods
You: After all, it takes nearly an errant thought to wipe a building from its foundations
You: And they practically chase the citizens as if they were gifts
You: Their destruction is accidental at best, as they follow their PRIMAL HUNGER.
You: Our defense of the city. Is not accidental.

You grip the mike and slowly begin to increase in size.

You: Every step of the way, either I, or the government has been there
You: We've been there protecting the emotional heart of the city, it's citizens
You: As a result, it's valuable, vulnerable financial heart is still safe.
You: And *you* all will help too

You increase in size again, shifting some of the nanobots from your dress to the microphone, making it match your size.
No. 1076912 ID: 38349b
File 169959085060.png - (13.98KB , 500x500 , T2_111.png )

You: If you want to play hunting games against Kaiju
You: Go coordinate with the guard branch
You: That is, if you can prove as competent as our basic city defenses
You: Who could, *without special abilities* handle half the load

You increase in size again, towering over the audience and walk down the staircase, the spotlight follows you.

You: I shouldn't need to be here to tell you this
You: You shouldn't *need* to be entertained by *potential* carnage
You: I'll just say it how it is
You: I'm going to stop the kaiju
You: Miss Tear them to microscopic shreds
You: And you can get all the clout of doing that if you donate!

You take a look around the room. Quite a few kin look enraptured by your speech, another portion seems frustrated, spiteful even, and another small portion is just oggling you. Time for your last gambit. You grip the nearby column, perfect for your purposes and point to Callan.

You: And now for the after speech entertainment!
You: Callan, play me something upbeat won't you dear!
Callan: Yes Mommy!
Callan: I mean ma'am!

And then you pole dance, making sure to stress that column just enough to crack it. The crowd goes absolutely nuts.
No. 1076913 ID: 38349b
File 169959085860.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , T2_112.png )

An hour later you're sitting in a fancy room, accompanied by Phyllis and Cougar who both look incredibly pleased.

Cougar: You almost threw it with those last few lines
Phyllis: I was honestly expecting you to eat someone
You: I have *some* restraint!!!
Phyllis: Well the great news is we got around [9 FUNDS] in public donations
Cougar: About 1/2 from each of the major players
Cougar: 3 from Polka for some reason, citing your pole dancing as degrading and perfect for a story
Cougar: I don't really get *how* she came to that conclusion, but whatever
Phyllis: The hunters remained holdouts however
Phyllis: They want a power fantasy that we can't give safely
Phyllis: Not to actually help
You: Booooooo
Cougar: Oh and there's also the matter of the private donations
Cougar: To YOU specifically
You: What made them think I was bribable in that speech?
Phyllis: Most kin *are* hypocrites after all
You: I *do* like funds, but that's besides the point!
Cougar: Regardless, it's [4 FUNDS] total from various donors
Cougar: But only to you, not the city
You: Wasn't the point of this to raise funds *for* the city
Phyllis: Also to curry favor with a superhero
Cougar: Do you *want* these donations?
You: Can't I just give it to the city anyway?
Cougar: Oh you totally could
Phyllis: Though the results might be a bit weird
Phyllis: There are hidden strings attached to every decision really
Phyllis: Even rejecting the funds
You: Well I have my secret identity still, and you all for PR, sooo

- Someone rich will appear at an inconvenient moment with a request!
- Refusing to complete the request will lead to consequences!

- Some rich kin will be mad at you!
- Rejecting the funds will lead to consequences!

- Some rich kin will be mad at you!
- But the city will have more to spend on defenses!

No. 1076916 ID: a7a180

Accept the funds, facilities for your hideout are still important!
No. 1076921 ID: 3c2dff

No. 1076924 ID: e51896

Wow, 9 funds! that ought to repair 2 blocks of city health. nice. And we can use our extra 4 funds, along with the 3 from Donna and the government we'll get from completing the mission, and our 2 funds we already got to pay for something helpful like nanobot research to upgrade our little staples.. unless we want to raise the defenses of our city.

A for me. The city will be fully healed with the 9 donations they received, and won't need extra defenses at the moment. Plus, we can use those 4 funds from the private donations we got to help get stronger.

Also It'd be interesting to see who the rich donor is that would want our services. Maybe a new character, or someone we haven't seen in awhile. Maybe an opportunity to do a commercial? let's be sellouts!
No. 1076925 ID: a25322

C. No consequences, and you can balance it out by being selfish next time you get a reward for your government work. After all, with all the funding you just gave the government, do they really need to scalp your bonuses to upgrade containment or whatever?

Think of what you'd want to spend Funds on, and make that your next reward.
No. 1076927 ID: 8f9bc4


Yeah give it to the government, and have the government pay you some more FUNDS out of the goodness of their hearts. Money laundering at its finest!

...you know A. might actually be the safest option. Mad rich people are a lot harder to deal with than inconvenient rich people.
No. 1076935 ID: 273c18

A. We don't know what the request is. It might just be something sexy, which of course we can do.
No. 1076941 ID: eb0a9c

C) You want a higher overall donation. The difference between greed and lust is that a greedy asshole will take money from the poor until they're paid more to stop while a lustful asshole will spend even more money to ensure the poor never obtain money in the first place. Giving money to the city will restore the lower class' sanity and health, and that's more profitable in the long run for anyone who isn't filthy stinking rich.

Offer to listen for their sidequest anyway. They did pay [4 funds] for a favor. You just decided where the paycheck goes.
No. 1076959 ID: f2320a

Yeah either way they want that favor lets judt hope its whoring or a guy with a feederism fetish
No. 1076967 ID: 0bf2fd

Go for C.
No. 1077009 ID: f2320a

Supporting this combining C and A
No. 1077313 ID: 87e33c
File 170001655623.png - (13.97KB , 500x500 , T2_113.png )

You: Well I'm not gonna reject funds
You: But it's just going to go back to the city anyway
You: Just add it to the total donations but yknow...
You: Instead of just putting that on me...
You: Invest in actual proper city defenses with it!
You: Or better containment, or something!
Phyllis: HAH, you owe me 5 BUX
Cougar: Dammit
You: And I guess I'll listen to the request eventually
You: No promises I actually do it though
Cougar: HAH!
Phyllis: Okay I guess that's 0 BUX to either of us

You've accepted the Funds and donated them back to the city!
+ [1 City Stability] will be healed by the end of the Intermission
+ [1 City Destruction] will be healed by the end of the intermission
+ [1 Random City Defense Upgrade] will occur because of your donation
+ Your donor will be upset at you, and thus give you a more annoying request

No. 1077314 ID: 87e33c
File 170001656752.png - (11.11KB , 500x500 , T2_114.png )

Cougar: Oh, speaking of how to spend FUNDS, since we have you here
You: UGH more work?
Phyllis: Well it's about your reward for the last mission, unless you don't want any-
You: Did I say more work?? I meant uhhh
You: More Squirt? Fuck I got nothing
Cougar: Well the preliminary research on the data you recovered is promising
Cougar: Promising enough that, given how you reacted a little bit ago...
Cougar: I think we can be a bit flexible on this one
Phyllis: So is there anything URGENT you think you need?
Phyllis: You were the one who saw things first hand after all
Cougar: And you have the best insights to fighting these kaiju
Cougar: Plotting urban insurgency is more our wheelhouse
Cougar: Aaaand as much as Wake would hate me saying this
Cougar: Your insight's haven't actually been wrong
You: Mmmmm praise me more

What would you like your GOVERNMENT REWARD for your mission to be?
Past suggestions have been things like a nanobot research facility, additional guard squads, base upgrades, funds for your companions, or making Pazuru the government mascot.
No. 1077315 ID: a7a180

Yeah this would be a good time to get those nanobot researchers on the case. You saw the island leeching some sort of essence from the corpse of a creature deposited there - perhaps the underlying mechanism is related to nanomachines?
No. 1077318 ID: 365de0

Better containment for kaiju, and some time to personally research any we capture.

How advanced is the navy? Could we shrink down and be carried by a long-distance missile for quick deployments?
No. 1077320 ID: 99ca7b

Nanobot research and training facility is the reasonable, sensible answer.


I second setting up some sort of fast-deployment rocket launcher at the base so we can be anywhere in or near the city in moments.

Is it sensible? Probably not. Is it awesome? Very Yes.
No. 1077325 ID: e51896

Initial choice: Nanobot facility. Since during the mission we had trouble controlling two drones, this might help us fix that issue.
IDEA: if we get the nanobot research facility, ask Cougar if we can keep the flying, wheeled, and camera drones. We might be able to do more with them if we upgrade our nanobots.

Also, since we got Cougar and Phyllis here, let them know with the footage of the cave we got at the island, the researchers might be able to study the summoner's cavern much more effectively with the footage we got as comparison for clues.

As for our kaijus, lets request that our kaiju researchers study the centipede kaiju we fought in the summoners cavern at the ABANDONED POWERSTATION. it speaks in morse code, so we might be able to communicate and interrogate it to get more information on the summoner's cavern at the powerstation, the island, and other things. Though if we can't comunicate with it, we might find something interesting on it through experimentations and its association with the summoners cavern. It was a kaiju summoner after all. (plus it knew Hailey's name somehow in it's morse code. maybe we'll learn how it knew our name).
No. 1077326 ID: 4370c0

How about drone AI research? Not anything sentient or anything, just something that could do simple pathing and threat avoidance if we give it waypoints on a map. It would help increase the survivability and recoverability of drones while also letting us focus on other things rather than just babysitting it.
No. 1077327 ID: 3c2dff

No. 1077351 ID: b6ec4d

This is Hailey's reward, and she should get something that makes her happy. We can get cool helpful shit in the future, but for this?

Get a motorcycle! Get Pazuru to be the official government mascot (and request a free copy of every piece of merch they make of her) with her own income! Have some fun with it.
No. 1077372 ID: a7a180

For personal items, we could have just spent the patron's money on that, told the government to invest their money back into the city and not pissed off our donor in the process.
No. 1077377 ID: 02a27a

I actually have a fun idea regarding the motorcycle: what if after we get the nanobot research facility, upgrade our nanobots, and if we still have enough money for it, we pay for the motorcycle ourself? That way, after we upgrade our nanobots, we can use our upgraded nanobots on the motorcycle and do all sorts of cool things with it, like have it self drive? Or give it some nanobot protective armor? And since we were able to modify the microphone's size with our nanobots a tiny bit, imagine what nanobots can do to the motorcycle.
No. 1077384 ID: a9af05

nanobot research facility
No. 1077678 ID: 124485

We should definitely get the Nanobot Research Facility. We've been upgrading our Size Shifting so much, we've neglected our other power. We need to get our Nanobots to a higher level so that we can either use them without needing to transform first or make them more versatile or something.
No. 1077679 ID: eb0a9c

Get a personal VTOL.
No. 1077733 ID: 38349b
File 170053890430.png - (11.20KB , 500x500 , T2_115.png )

You: Proooobably that Nanomachine research facility
You: The techies really wanted that for a while
You: Though the process was supposedly risky without FUNDS
Cougar: Yeah we'll figure that out
Cougar: But it won't be complete for a while
You: Awww, cm'on, can't you expedite it?
Phyllis: Not if you want to survive, it's a pretty new field
Phyllis: Also involves tinkering on you mid-transformation
Cougar: We can get something smaller done faster though
Cougar: Got something small-scale in mind?
You: I dunno, maybe like a missile pod I can get launched from
Phyllis: So you could do rapid deployments?
Cougar: We could repurpose a torpedo bay into something like that, right?
Phyllis: We'll get Rutherford on it, he knows explosions
You: Oh, and can you tell the lab coats to look into the FRQ
You: That big centipede summoner lady-kaiju-thing
Cougar: Can do, your footage has re-peaked everykin's interest on the matter anyway

You iron out a few more details and are informed that your requested upgrades will be completed as quickly as possible. After a rather long day, you head home, feeling accomplished.

Your Lair has received the following bonuses
- The Labcoats can attempt invasive procedures to UPGRADE your Nanobots
- Base SUCCESS chance - 20%
- Base INJURY chance - 40%
- Invested funds increases success by 20% per fund and Reduces injury chance by 5% per fund
- The government is providing [2 FREE FUNDS] to this action for your first attempt
- A mobile launching platform that can get you anywhere in the city instantly!
- Can only be used once per mission

No. 1077734 ID: 38349b
File 170053891638.png - (32.87KB , 400x400 , T2_116.png )

As you snuggle up in bed, you remember that Josephine was supposed to go on the news to talk about hero work. You decide to listen to a part of the interview to see how it went. The segment is hosted on Kitsu-News and is called "To the Core" starring Corey Changer. She got the segment shortly after Polka lightly assaulted Corey on camera.

Corey: So tell us Josephine, what is it like being a superhero?
Josephine: Exhausting!
Josephine: But also incredibly fulfilling, there's a lot of training involved
Josephine: Exercises, planning, safety procedures
Josephine: But ultimately effective at protecting the city
Corey: Yes and what of the injuries and presumed casualties
Corey: They must take a toll on yourself and the government
Josephine: Of course, but without Miss Tear and the discovery of Mana it would be much worse
Corey: And this "Mana" is that what's in your strange pistol?
Josephine: Sure is, unfortunately I cannot disclose further details
Corey: Yes it us *understandable* that the *magnanimous* government would not...
Corey: *Withhold* essential technological advancements from society without due cause, right?
Josephine: No comment

No. 1077735 ID: 38349b
File 170053892751.png - (9.91KB , 500x500 , T2_117.png )

Corey: What do you have to say about reports of inhumane treatment towards these...
Corey: I believe the term used online is "Megafauna"
Josephine: They're Kaiju, and they're attacking the city
Corey: And have you attempted diplomacy or reasoning with said creatures?
Josephine: Attempts have been frequently made, yes
Josephine: No further comments
Corey: You seem awfully pleased at the work you've done
Josephine: Why wouldn't I be, I mean, no one believed me when I said there were giant monsters
Josephine: Or Mana, and that we could successfully use one to defend from the other
Corey: Yes but hopefully there are no side effects from using this "Mana"
Corey: Like say hair loss
Josephine: I uh... I certainly would hope not
Corey: So you claim that your large hairdo is real?
Josephine: It's NOT a wig, B-BAKA!

The segment then derails as Corey tries to unnerve Josephine enough to let something slip, citing her history as a monster movie makeup artist and other little known facts about her attempts to find real cryptids. After another minute of prodding, this time about your hero persona, the segment ends with little to no fanfare. You decide to pass out afterwards, getting the feeling like it's going to be a long day tomorrow.
No. 1077736 ID: 38349b
File 170053893676.png - (13.87KB , 500x500 , T2_118.png )

You wake up with Pazuru at your feet again and let out a big yawn. It's time to plan your next move.

You have 2 free downtime actions and 1 free "hangout" action remaining
- Please see >>1046204 for basic downtime options
- Reminder: You are close to ranking up SIZE SHIFTING to [S]
- Reminder: Momo is [1XP] away from a [RANK B] relationship
- Reminder: Donna is [1XP] away from a [RANK A] relationship
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1077738 ID: eb0a9c

Size Shifting Training:
Build some long-term infrastructure by pounding ridiculously heavy slabs of experimental material into the pavement, to be used as the foundation of a new district. Find a way to use your inertia to launch yourself by shifting size at appropriate points, then grand-slam while practicing free-form minimized air resistance.

And then finish up by surprise-kissing Donna at her size.
No. 1077739 ID: 38349b


Here's the actual link to downtime actions, sorry!!!

Here's an ACTUAL link to that one
No. 1077740 ID: a7a180

1.5 XP, maybe you can eat some kaiju or consult the scientists, the closest we have to experts, on how to cross that final gap?
In the meantime however, our first priority is a hangout with Donna.
No. 1077744 ID: 273c18

TRAIN nanobots, spend 1 WEALTH on it
HANGOUT with Donna

Consider spending 2 or 3 wealth on a weapon. Unarmed combat is nice and all but something that can pierce armor would be useful.
No. 1077746 ID: b6ec4d

Donna and Momo are both right at the threshold of leveling up, so why not spend some time to hang out with them both? Considering how well they get on, I'm sure they'd be up for it. Perhaps you can take them to your workplace, maybe put on a show for 'em if they ask nicely.

As for the other two actions, my votes will be to cap out our Size Shifting with some training, and to hang out with Alberta. Phyllis is always around, since she's basically your handler, and Josephine has gotten plenty of spotlight practicing with Mana. Let's not ignore our third government companion, just because she hasn't had anything major going on recently. Maybe we can visit her home and binge-watch a show you've both been interested in.
No. 1077748 ID: 3c2dff

No. 1077750 ID: f39319

Hang out action! yeah!

lets chill with Donna again. we hung out with her last time, but it didn't level our relationship with her. let's finish what we started.

Since it said here >>1068173 we have to do something special to rank Donna up to A, let's spend 1 wealth to go to a famous comedy show. You heard that a famous and super funny comedian, Jekkeson Horrorscale Junior, the half-lizard half-dragon beastkin, is doing a show there, and you heard he is super funny. You also heard he used to be a clown during his younger years.

Other two actions (not my pick for the first action tho): train with Josephine and Momo again/eat some kaiju to level up to S, or buy a motorcycle so that once we upgrade our nanobots, we can try them out on our new motorcycle
No. 1077751 ID: d98cb8

Seems to me that you could probably hang out with Momo to work on size shifting, and advance both of those at the same time. Possibly Donna as well, but I'm not sure how much fun she'd have doing it.

On the other hand, could hang out with Pazuru, she deserves attention too.
No. 1077763 ID: 124485

Let's hang out with Donna specifically. But what can we do to make it special enough to level up our relationship with her?

>Donna and Momo are both right at the threshold of leveling up, so why not spend some time to hang out with them both?
Last time we tried hanging out with multiple friends here: >>/questarch/1047114 , we didn't get any EXP to advance our relationships with any of them.

It might be best if we pick only one person to hang out with.
No. 1077764 ID: e51896

>Let's hang out with Donna specifically. But what can we do to make it special enough to level up our relationship with her?

I think spending money to do something is special enough. the hangout actions here: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1046204 mentioned we can spend 1 wealth for it to be 2x more likely to rank up. Which is why I suggest going to a comedy show to see Jekkeson Horrorscale Junior, the half lizard, half dragon former clown.

which brings me to this:

>Last time we tried hanging out with multiple friends here: >>/questarch/1047114 , we didn't get any EXP to advance our relationships with any of them.

that's true. although, there is a way around that. it does says on the hangout chart that if we spend 2 wealth, we can bring any number of allies to 2x more likely to rank up relationships.

that said, if we want to hangout with both Donna and Momo and have them level up, I suggest spending two wealth

in fact, I think I'll Change my vote to spend two wealths to hang out with both Donna and Momo to see a comedy show Initially, I want to save our money to attempt the nanobot upgrade, but after hearing the government will spend 2 funds on our first attempt, I think we can spend a bit more to hang out with multiple people, and buy something else like a motorcycle later.

tho if we do ultimately hangout with Donna only, I say still spend 1 wealth as that will be special enough for her to rank up to A.
No. 1078104 ID: 38349b
File 170106045502.png - (18.88KB , 500x500 , T2_119.png )

It's been a while since you've seen a comedy show in person, so you spend [2 FUNDS] to book tickets to Jekkeson Horrorscale Junior's comedy show and invite both Momo and Donna to hangout. They both promptly accept, excited to watch a performance by the famed child of Mai Horrorscale, a ridiculously wealthy actress famed for being the antagonist in "The Fae of [SLOTH] 5: In the Dragon's Lair" among other roles.

You meet Donna and Momo at the venue before the showing and eye them over. Donna is dressed in a fancy blue dress of some sort and has even dyed her hair blue for this occasion. Momo is dressed in a sky blue parka, wearing a polka-dotted bow at her waist. You're dressed in a rather nice corset and long sleeved shirt, but you get the feeling that you missed the memo of some sort of theme here as Donna looks at you excitedly.

Donna: Eeeee you're dressed just like Serah!!
You: Who?
You: I just thought the dress looked nice
Momo: From "The Fae of [SLOTH]"
Momo: She's one of the protagonists
Donna: Nuh uh, Landi's totally THE protagonist
Donna: She's THE Fae of [SLOTH]!!
Momo: Hmm, you would get along with her, huh
Donna: You think so!??!
Momo: I'd argue that Dotti was more protagonist material myself
Donna: *scoff* You're wearing her jacket
Donna: But I DISTINCTLY remember that said you hated her
Momo: Hate and respect are but two sides of the same coin
You: Did I get us tickets for the wrong show, I thought this was a comedy show?
Donna: Oh it is, he just makes up a lot of stories using the setting
Donna: Mai owns the rights to it and let him have free reign
You: Damn, what a girlboss
You: So he's some sort of fantasy comedian?
Momo: I'm sure he'd prefer the term "arcane storyteller"

No. 1078105 ID: 38349b
File 170106046806.png - (17.29KB , 500x500 , T2_120.png )

You look around the venue and notice that it's both massive and crowded. You skip the lines and manage to secure your private booth, which, after a few minutes, is filled to the brim with enough fancy food to feed the three of you.

The three of you chat while you eat, and you start by sharing a story about your past as an orphan. You wax tales of being raised by Mamita, getting into mischief with Alberta, pranking Mamita's actual son Haunter. And you get really excited retelling the time you jumped off of a water tower to catch someone and break their fall, breaking your leg in the process, but saving them. Good times.

Donna: You what?
Momo: I concur, Hailey, the fuck?
Hailey: Can't put a price on friendship!
Momo: Might I ask whom it was that you saved?
Hailey: Oh, just some guy
Donna: Man now I get why everyone's always on you about the hero complex thing
Hailey: What about you two, I'm sure both of you got into some hijinx?
Momo: I've been known to hijinx
Donna: Uhhh nope, definitely no interdimensional criminal record here...
Donna: Look, more food!

No. 1078106 ID: 38349b
File 170106048240.png - (11.64KB , 500x500 , T2_121.png )

Your attention is briefly drawn to the meal. It's of pretty high quality and you, for a moment, almost feel guilty about how much you spent. Then you remember that you've worked your ass off trying to save the city and shrug, shoving a massive staple covered in 30 different cheeses into your maw.

But you return your focus back to your companions. Donna seems... uncomfortable about her past, but you think that she's in the best mood for you to press her on the details. After all, you never *really* discussed her transdimensional origins.

And then there's Momo, Pazuru once mentioned that she was from another [JURISDICTION], and they do get along eerily well. You want to get closer to them, and not just for sex, but because you confide in them and fight to save the world, and feel like you should offer the same in return.

You: Hey Donna, why don't we ever talk about where you came from?
Donna: Uhhhhh, pass
Momo: Now, now, dearie, we talked about this
Donna: Blllguuuuhhhhhh
Donna: I kind of fucked up okay?
Donna: A long time ago now it feels
Donna: And I'm doing better now right???
Donna: All legal, copacetic, helping the horny youths?
You: Yeah, but like... didn't I also meet [LUST]
You: Like, she asked me to welcome you
You: Aaaand now that I think of it, I gave up telekinesis to [HER] too

Momo sinks slightly in her seat, eying Donna uncomfortably as you say that. Donna seems similarly uncomfortable.

Donna: Yeah I mean I guess we should-
No. 1078107 ID: 38349b
File 170106049643.png - (15.58KB , 500x500 , T2_122.png )

And then cheers erupt as the performance begins. You table the conversation for a little bit and watch some of the performance. True to Donna and Momo's words the performance does seem to follow the structure of a regular stand-up comedy act. But the similarities stop there as the tales of comedic events stray towards the supernatural and funny events that could only happen in a fantasy world. It doesn't take long before one joke involving some Fox spirit and a skunk sends the three of you into hysterics.

The show goes on for a little bit before breaking for an intermission and your previous thoughts about getting closer to your companions comes up again.

What is Donna so hesitant to talk about?
- This is an opportunity to more clearly define Donna's backstory!
- You know that she was exiled from some place called [NEW CRUST CITY].
- And that it involved orgies and nudity!
- Bonus points if you also include an embarrassing story from her youth
- Momo also seems weirdly invested in this conversation, was she involved?

No. 1078109 ID: eb0a9c

Donna was guzzling experimental potions at an underground drug orgy when she somehow tapped into the elemental plane of water and it mutated her breastflesh to connect to this dimension and grow extra hearts and a whole ugly biozone meant for the production of milk
So at first you had this endlessly-leaking fairy, that's cool
But then the flow rate expanded
And everyone was too stoned to think about the milk bath beyond them thinking they'd all orgasmed repeatedly
Eventually it became literally stronger than fire hose pressure and the whole district was flooded
The whole non-lewd district

Oh and they found her unbirthed in someone who should not have been having sex
No. 1078113 ID: a7a180

In New Crust City, Donna was a successful business mogul. Her investments in the PIZZID franchise went hand in hand with her enterprises in hookah emporiums and she was making money tiny hand over tiny fist. The business practically ran itself and she was free to enjoy sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll every day. One day in an ill advised flaunting of her wealth, she bought out the town hall and had a weeklong orgy. Unfortunately, the historic structure caught fire, and a lot of partygoers went running naked through the park to escape the blaze. Even worse, the park was hosting a Veterans' Day parade! And a [PURITY] retreat for the sick and elderly! And worst of all, Donna tried to fix everything with a mass godmother spell. Unfortunately, she was slurring her words and instead of summoning bedsheets to cover everybody she summoned burnt cheese. It was a scandal that nearly tanked PIZZID.

Also, When Donna was young, she found a collar in her mom's belongings, and she thought it was because they were getting a pet! The day after that her mom bought her a sparkledog to keep up the lie.
No. 1078205 ID: 124485

Donna used to be addicted to sex and it had gotten to the point where she had violated one of [LUST'S] sacred laws: Getting consent.

Donna is ashamed of herself for all the nonconsensual sex she forced upon people back in New Crust City.
No. 1078209 ID: 3c2dff


After that, Donna was forced to sell her stake in PIZZID to the only buyers willing to take over the damaged brand: the Le Booshki family. She went into hiding and took up a job with Good Ol' Grumpy at the BLACK MARKET.

Her natural business acumen allowed her and Grumpy to build a network of suppliers of illicit donuts and alchemical reagents (don't ask where they get the Jotund Juice).

Things were going well again until P.I. ZZANDER tracked Donna down due to her complete inability to keep a low profile, which is kind of a requirement to operate a BLACK MARKET. She got caught and took a plea deal for the most valuable information she had: what was under the hood of Good Ol' Grumpy.

However, Grumpy suspected she would flip, and Donna had to go into witness protection to save her skin. She's in hiding and can never return!
No. 1078215 ID: eb0a9c

Changing my vote to this:
Donna got married to a younger girl
and then it turned out the girl was her biological daughter that she gave up for adoption years ago
Donna disowned da 'darling' daughter at the Dancing Doodle
And then went into a downward spiral that ended with said orgy
No. 1078265 ID: b6ec4d


Back before she met Hailey, Donna used to hang around this place called New Crust City. It wasn't her original world, but the less said about home and her family the better (bunch of [PURITY] nutjobs). It's a pretty neat place. Connects to a lot of other worlds, so you meet a bunch of different kinds of people from different places. With that variety comes a whole lotta laws though, too many for Donna to learn.

For example: There were actually specific districts for public displays of sexual activity. Coming from a [PURITY] town, it was shocking to hear that ANYWHERE allowed that shit, so Donna naturally wanted to take advantage. Unfortunately, she didn't do her research. She just saw someone with their tits out, heard it was legal, and immediately flew off to plan a massive orgy.

In her defense, if over half the district attends, it really should be considered legal, regardless of the written rules. The law disagreed however, and that's how she got a bounty placed on her head.

Now, Crust City has this interesting law that basically sets the statute of limitations for minor crimes to a mere 60 days. Given the punishment for her actions was a pretty hefty fine and upwards of four months in the slammer, Donna figured she'd just run down the clock and keep her records clean. She hung around some seedy places, like bars, black markets, and anywhere else she wasn't worried about running into the cops.

Admittedly, the thrills of evading capture definitely got to her, and she started to break some more rules intentionally. She bought prohibited goods from the underground markets, joined gambling rings and won big (then nearly got whacked by a local mob when she got caught cheating with luck-enhancing artifacts), and even stole a pizza mid-delivery one time. In her defense, it was some DAMN good pizza, better than anything they have around here.

Turns out that Donna doesn't really do well unregulated, and her evasion of the law had definitely caused her to spiral into some nasty habits. She did a lot of things that looking back, she isn't proud of.

40 days she made it, before pushing her luck just a little too far. She got her hands on an Illegal Powdered Donut from her usual dealer, the fifth in a set of only seven that existed. A very rare artifact, its sugar so potent that eating it would enhance her reflexes to lightning speed! Naturally, with something so valuable in her possession, she decided the best use was something dangerous and utterly stupid.

So she went out of her way to fuck with a triangle-headed cop and some bitchy prosecutor that had given her grief for the past month. She did this by god-mothering some HIGHLY-inappropriate attire onto them, as if to say "NOW who's being indecent in the wrong part of town?" With the sugar running through her system, they had no chance of capturing her, so she hung around to taunt them. Turns out that the downside of a massive sugar rush is a pretty bad sugar crash.

Long story short: The donut's effects wore off, she crashed right in front of the law, and she didn't beat out the statute of limitations for her little orgy. Add in the crime that she got busted for though, plus a few others they could dig up from her time on the run, and her ruling got bumped all the way up to banishment.

That's more or less how she winded up here. The orgy was pretty stellar, definitely would have been worth a fine, but her decline into crime and being a little shit is so embarrassing that she'd rather try and forget any of it ever happened.

> Momo also seems weirdly invested in this conversation, was she involved?

Nope! She just hasn't gotten the full story out of Donna herself, and is very curious to hear it.
No. 1078320 ID: 0c6eca

After Donna gives her crazy expository backstory, you are shocked, amazed, and a little disturbed over the fact that :pizzid: exists not just in your world, but other worlds as well. You knew franchises would go as far as across the world to foreign countries, but never expected to learn just how far reaching franchises really are across different worlds. Wonder if this conspiracy applies to other franchises, or just :pizzid: and just how powerful these companies truly are.

Eh, probably just a coincidence, give Donna your your support support.
No. 1078356 ID: 38349b
File 170140621605.png - (15.23KB , 500x500 , T2_123.png )

You break out your ultimate technique, the puppy dog eyes, and turn to look at Donna. Momo slides up next to you and imitates you. There's a twenty second pause before she cracks.

Donna: Allright, FINE
Donna: So after dropping fairy college a friend dropped me off at New Crust city (NCC)
Donna: And well, I found my calling in making sage financial decisions
Donna: Namely investing in this one Pizzid Pizza joint
You: Isn't there a combination Pizzid-Hut and Burgervania-King in the mall??
Donna: That's kind of funny because they're rival chains
Momo: And apparently multidimensional??
Donna: I made bank and then did some other fine investing
Donna: In, yknow, illicit goods in the black market
Donna: And then I found out about districts in town that full on legalize public sex acts
Donna: Small problem, I didn't CHECK which district having a massive orgy was cool in
You: That's just a simple mistake though, right?
Donna: Uh well, it ended up crashing a [PURITY] parade
Donna: And involving more than half of the district
Donna: And setting fire to at least one orphanage with fireworks
Donna: And goading a sweaty cat into diving off of a building into a kiddie pool, breaking her leg
Donna: TLDR, the coppers found out it was my fault
Donna: And a 60 day bounty was put on my head because laws in NCC

No. 1078357 ID: 38349b
File 170140622568.png - (11.62KB , 500x500 , T2_124.png )

Donna: So I sold my Pizzid stock to a guy called Ricardo Le Booshki
Donna: He got the majority share in a company and I got pure cash
Donna: Thought I could hide from the law
Donna: But it turns out I get rabid if I stay still too long
Donna: So I kept doing minor crimes, stole a Pizza from Jerry at least twice
Donna: He's the new owner's nephew, literally everyone steals from him
Donna: There's a leaderboard and everything!
Donna: Then I got in in a few gambling rings
Donna: Cheated using fairy magic, but then got caught
Donna: Got nearly killed on 4 separate occasions by the mob
Donna: It was such a rush but also terrifying because I can't stand blood
Donna: And eventually got my hand on an Illegal Powdered Donut
You: Sorry to interrupt but how can a donut be illegal?
Donna: Dunno, but I did know that it gave me lightning speed!
Donna: So I fucked over the triangle cop and bitchy prosecutor using it
Donna: Felt SO good to steal their clothes right off of them
Donna: But then I sugar crashed right in front of them
Donna: And well... that's how I ended up getting exiled from that dimension...
You: Sounds like you gained a fetish for tempting fate
Donna: I was young dumb and constantly filled with cum ok!!?!?
Momo: What about the orgy?
Donna: Oh, no regrets there, best orgy of my life
Donna: Though uh I do kind of regret how much it all spiraled out from there

No. 1078358 ID: 38349b
File 170140623556.png - (8.92KB , 500x500 , T2_125.png )

There's a distinct pause in the conversation as you ruminate over what you've just been told. Seems like Donna kind of went wild when she had unchecked power and then someone to fuck with. But something still bothered you.

Donna: But I swear I've been doing stuff by the book!!!
You: That doesn't explain why you dont wanna talk about the Telekinesis
Donna: It... I…
Donna: I *know* that I have it because of you
Donna: [LUST] kinda just winked at me in one too many sexy dreams about it
Donna: But when I thought about giving it back she uh… yeah I can't
Donna: I'm just worried that if we talk about it you'll want me to pay you back by helping
You: I didn't help you with some ulterior motive you know?
You: And I mean the funds *have* helped me get things to fight Kaiju
Donna: But I worry that there'll be the implication that by not doing something MORE…
Donna: That I would be selfish and a bad kin
Donna: I can't even watch you fight, plus I can only really lift myself with it
Donna: But I *CAN* make ludicrous amounts of money easy!
Momo: Donna is *quite* the the fundmaster
Donna: I… you've just been really nice and you let me into your life with 0 questions
Donna: I've wanted to pay that back, just, not in *that* way
Donna: But… that gives me an idea,
Donna: Maybe I can give you some of my Fairy Magic!
Momo: Ah, like a young spiritual bond, I approve!
Donna: We don't really use the Fairy Contract all that often, so this is perfect!!

- Lets you hold 2 plot devices and a small number of mundane items safely in hammerspace
- You have to be able to shove the object inside a round portal with a diameter of up to 1 meter
- Works both in and out of transformation

- Gain two charges of fairy dust per mission
- Fairy dust can be used to shield yourself with an AURA OF HORNY, arousing foes that hit you
- Fairy dust can also be used to fire a DART OF HORNY, arousing a foe that it hits

No. 1078359 ID: 3c2dff

We all know how useful hammerspace is, but I can't see us voting for anything but B.

The kaiju mating call was just too effective on that one mission, let's do it again.
No. 1078360 ID: a7a180

Hammerspace. The ability to make objects disappear and reappear works extremely well with the ability to change what seems 'small' to you.
And Donna, if it's anything like our powers, if you really put your mind to it I'm sure you could lift a lot more than yourself. Don't practice it just to be useful - practice it to expand your personal horizons! If you have TK powers, you deserve to be able to use them.
No. 1078361 ID: 273c18

No. 1078362 ID: eb0a9c

Holy Mother of Murders that should be your signature finisher
In fact...
(B) Kaiju aren't exactly the 'reasonable' type
Make 'em horny and their game plan shuts down in favor of lewds

Oh and while nobody's looking shrink down to her size and give her a surprise kiss
No. 1078366 ID: e51896

>Oh and while nobody's looking shrink down to her size and give her a surprise kiss

Also, a hug.

Also also, forget that your clothes dont shrink down with you when you are not in your TENSION suit. Whoops! (Get a little ENF action in here)

Both are good choices, and while B seems most fun, we're already planning on raising our size shifting to S rank and going to try to upgrade our nanobots. We'll be plenty strong against our foes without the fairy dust

Meanwhile, having a portal to carry plot important stuff, especially if its bulky or fragile, is pretty useful. Plus, we can put all sorts of crazy things in there and even hide stuff from the kaiju or other enemies if we have to.

That said, my choice is A

Be sure to put your tension dices in the portal. That will be the safest place to put it from this point forward.
No. 1078368 ID: 124485

A. Hammerspace

>Oh and while nobody's looking shrink down to her size and give her a surprise kiss
>Also, a hug.
We can't shrink down to Donna's size when we're not transformed. That would probably require getting Size Shifting to it's maximum rank in order to get that small when not transformed.

We can get close to her size, but we'd still be pretty big compared to her.
No. 1078370 ID: e51896

tension stats says here https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
>Out of suit size can shift between 30cm(min) and 300cm(max)

the smallest we can currently get out of suit is about a foot size. Donna might still be smaller than us, but not by much at our smallest size, maybe waist to chest level. I think we'll still be small enough to hug her at 30cm <3
No. 1078382 ID: a25322


Yes to hug and kiss, and yes to A. Hailey can already get the people around her horny without dust.

Make sure to assure Donna that you'd never ask her to do something that makes her uncomfortable, and that you completely respect her feelings about combat. You won't ask her to join, and you don't want her to feel bad because of that. Knowing everything you do now, you'd still give her the telekinesis, no strings attached. If it helps her to live her life and be independent here, then that's more than enough.
No. 1078408 ID: c922c3

Hammerspace is the most adaptable.
No. 1078436 ID: a9af05

A. Hammerspace!

Only shrink if you're positive nobody else is watching!
No. 1078956 ID: 87e33c
File 170206201171.png - (16.22KB , 500x500 , T2_126.png )

You: Hammerspace, like an inventory?
Donna: Yes and no!
Donna: I just shove things I want to store inside of these magical holes

Donna flies over to you and socks you in the metal snoot, causing a massive cloud of pink dust to surround you. You feel something click in your brain as she does, and then you sneeze.

You: Is it weird that I'm kind of horny now
Momo: I would wager you are nearly constantly horny
You: You would win that bet
Donna: That's just my dust! It does that!
Donna: It's super convenient and why I don't always reply to texts
Momo: The dust is why you ignore my texts?
Donna: No the portals, there's no WIFI in there
Donna: You should be able to use them now, Hailey
You: I think I know how now, like the knowledge was there but I had to look at it sideways, weird
You: I have to like… *snicker* clench my ass, but metaphysically
You: Thats hilarious
Donna: And now you can use it without me being around!

You test out the ability and it's rather intuitive once you get the hang of it. Though it really does feel like clenching some 4th dimensional orifice.

Your relationship with Donna has increased to [RANK A]
You have gained the passive ability - FAIRY HAMMERSPACE
- You can hold 2 plot devices and a small number of mundane items in an extradimensional space
- You have to be able to shove the object inside of a round portal with a diameter of up to 1 meter
- Works in and out of transformation

No. 1078957 ID: 87e33c
File 170206202082.png - (16.22KB , 500x500 , T2_127.png )

You: Thanks Donna, this is great!
You: What about you Momo, got anything fun to share?
You: You've looked like you're holding your tongue for a few minutes
Momo: Oh ho ho, you wish to learn more about me?
Momo: Hmmm, well I wasn't naturally born, was more… formed than anything
You: Me too, I was just a staple remover that was really loved
Momo: Fascinating… I've actually researched Object-Kin quite a bit in my time here
Momo: They share similar origins to Youkai from my original universe
Momo: Only on an incredibly accelerated timescale
Momo: Ahhh, I remember this lovely mediator, he had to watch over Tama- er
Momo: A spirit I was trying to free, he was quite stubborn, but harmless
Momo: I munched on his clothes, hid his food, and jumpscared him quite a few times
Momo: And so we fell in love…

Momo's eyes glaze over as she mumbles a few more incoherent stories about her youthful adventures. In the end you catch two more pieces of information. The first is that she was stuck in some "spirit world" for a while, her description reminds you of the void you see [VIRGE] in. The second is that she really likes to form new connections with those who present a challenge, which is how she eventually became acquainted with Polka. You become so enraptured with her tale that you completely miss the rest of the show.

You've gotten closer to Momo and learned a bit of her backstory
- Your relationship with Momo has increased to [RANK B]
Momo will now provide the mission trait - A FOX SHAPED DISTRACTION
- Momo is incredibly social and occasionally dabbles in fields close to PR management
- Anytime you are in the city, you can have Momo appear as either a serious or hilarious distraction
- This can be used on Kaiju or to get out of situations you don't want to deal with
- Usable once per mission/intermission

No. 1078958 ID: 87e33c
File 170206203001.png - (16.14KB , 500x500 , T2_128.png )

You startle as you hear the sound of applause and notice that Jekkeson's performance is coming to a close. You feel a little bad that you missed the latter half, but feel less so when you remember that you just had fun with your friends. The three of you head over to Donna's place and continue drinking and sharing stories. The stories slowly get flirtier and flirtier until you wake up the next morning, a pile of sweaty limbs and momo-tentacles that smell of sex. Oh, and Pazuru's nakedly hanging off your leg too, she must have joined you all at some point.

You let out a contented sigh as you plan your next move.

You have 2 free downtime actions remaining
- Please see >>1046204 for basic downtime options
- You were thinking of training your [SIZE SHIFTING] with Momo to try to reach [RANK S]
- You were considering buying a MOTORCYCLE because those are badass
- You were considering buying a WEAPON, but don't really want to since you only know HAND TO HAND COMBAT and would be TOO CLUMSY with anything new you'd get right now
- You were thinking about using the NANOBOT LAB to upgrade your nano-staples, but it's not constructed yet…
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1078959 ID: a7a180

Train to reach peak size shifting.
No. 1078960 ID: 653510

Time to train the
No. 1078962 ID: c5235d

Attempt to Train our size shifting to max

And Hey! Heres an idea: Since Pazuru is here, we can ask her if she could train with us and Momo too. She has that giant astral projection of her feral form that we can train with. Plus im sure she has all sorts of other powers she can use thay we can find out about and train with. This is a good way to see how Pazuru does in combat too for future missions. Plus, Josephine probably needs this downtime to heal her wounds, and check for cancer treatments, so pazuru is a good person to train with while Josephine is temporary out of action.

Also, I think we should tell Pazuru about her replacement [VIRGE] during training and how cute he was, even if he was a little bit of a party pooper, and fun to tease. Just want her opinion on the silly little angel.

I would have said buy the motorcycle, but i have a feeling that whoever paid us during the gala is going to ask for that favor next downtime, and id rather make sure we get training done in case our second downtime is spent doing the favor
No. 1078972 ID: b6ec4d


No. 1079018 ID: eb0a9c

Practice using your new Hammerspace as a sort of filter to enlarge specific internal organs while shrinking outwardly.
And finally learn how to Enhance Knockers.
No. 1079026 ID: c922c3

>weapon vs hand-to-hand combat
What about some kind of weaponized combat glove(s)? You know, stuff like a shock glove, hookshot claw, etc.
No. 1079270 ID: 38349b
File 170252662615.png - (12.38KB , 500x500 , T2_129.png )

You lazily get up after a few minutes and Pazuru follows shortly after as you both groggily eat a breakfast of grits, oatmeal, and juice. Eventually you're awake enough to talk, so you bring up something that's been on your mind for a little.

You: So I met your replacement
Pazuru: Hmm?
You: Y'know, up there, in that void
Pazuru: Ah yeah, in the Pleroma, what're they like?
You: He's this huge nerd named [VIRGE], an adorable little ball
You: though he looks kind of the description of a [PURITY] angel
Pazuru: Oh yeah, huh, weird they'd let one of them oversee things
Pazuru: Somekin must be shaking up the dietical hierarchy up there
You: I'm going to pretend like I understand what that meant
You: Anyway, he had these rings right and I felt like I could almost take one in my maw

Pazuru drops her spoon and stares at you. The room is silent for a good two minutes.
No. 1079271 ID: 38349b
File 170252664015.png - (14.23KB , 500x500 , T2_130.png )

Pazuru: You didn't, right?
You: I *almost* did
Pazuru: Phew, okay, good!
Pazuru: You're no demigod yet so that might have nuked the city
You: Demigod- yet- wait, nuke?!!?
Pazuru: That or inflicted a wound that would have left you at like 1 HP, in game terms
Pazuru: Or you would have absorbed it and it could have fucked up your size shifting
Pazuru: OR it would have been a harmless ring as a funny souvenir
You: Those are some EXTREME differences Pazuru
Pazuru: That shit's like currency, or rations, also kind of a weapon, pure power basically
You: Why didn't you have any?
Pazuru: Oh, I did, in my jewelry, I was just there for so long I condensed it all
You: Okay so what's this about being a demigod though
Pazuru: Eh, you'll find out soon enough, you were planning on training right?
You: Yes… How did you know?
Pazuru: You always have that look when you decide what you were spending time on, duh!!
Pazuru: I'll help out
Pazuru: I've always wanted to star in a training montage!!!

And before you're able to get another word out of Pazuru she whisks you over to the training area of your lair and puts you through a grueling regimen.
No. 1079272 ID: 38349b
File 170252665530.png - (13.08KB , 500x500 , T2_131.png )

Your attempts to train happen over the course of a few weeks, stretching to around a month where you're too tired to think about anything. Pazuru excitedly controls her large Mana-based construct to act just like a Kaiju. It's kind of adorable but also terrifying and reminds you of her feral form. It takes you a month of dedicated training and focus to get close to a BREAKTHROUGH, but the final push didn't come from training, it came from a tired breakfast with Saba and Pazuru.

Saba: What if we're going at this from the wrong angle
Saba: What if the Dice are just training wheels
You: But I needed the dice to transform??
Pazuru: Wait Hailey, let him cook
Saba: I'm serious, what if the dice is just a catalyst
Saba: I mean, you can grow outside of the suit, right?
Yuo: I dunno, wasn't there a muse or something in the dice
You: But Pazuru said it was more like seeing a [GOD]
Pazuru: I was referring to the creation of the device
Pazuru: Ah, but that reminds me, here's a good throwback
Pazuru: A [TOOL] certainly shows it's use when wielded by [AUTHORITY]
Pazuru: Wouldn't you agree?
You: Uh

No. 1079273 ID: 38349b
File 170252669014.png - (19.37KB , 500x500 , T2_132.png )

You get a sensation similar to cracking your knuckles, only all over your body. Then, goosebumps start to prickle all over your body as you pull your dice out and stare at it. This dice really has shown you what a power like this can be used for if it's in the right hands, your hands. You're the one that did all of this, who protected everyone this far, not the dice, YOU. You're then hit with the largest migraine you've ever felt in your life as all of your experiences, your companionships, and creatures you've eaten appear and condense in your mind's eye as the apex paths of your skills appear.

You have gained ([.25(base) + .5(new training regimen]x2(sub-brain-bonus) = 1.5 XP) in SIZE SHIFTING
SIZE SHIFTING has increased to [RANK S] [MAX]
+ In suit size can shift between .1 mm (min) / 2000cm (max)
+ Out of suit size can shift between 3cm (min) / 600cm (max)

A.DENSITY (unlocked due to the OMISSION specialization)
- You can exponentially increase or decrease your density, allowing you light control over GRAVITY
- Can be used to gravitationally pull targets towards you, or launch yourself towards them
- You can spend an update to ensure small things don't cause you to take damage while you do this

B. OSCILLATION (unlocked due to the CONSOLIDATION specialization)
- Your body is capable of vibrating using microshifts, allowing you light control over WIND
- Grants you true flight instead of your current assisted attempts
- Allows you to create simple magic-like effects and attacks using WIND

C. TARGET (unlocked due to your relationship with FAIRY MAGIC and your CONFIDANTS)
- You can force 1 target to shrink or grow up to 1/2 of its current size per UPDATE
- The target's weight will remain consistent regardless of size
- Targets can attempt to resist through sheer willpower (66% chance) to gain 1/2 their height back after 1 UPDATE (repeated until they return to normal)

D. FLESH (unlocked due to training with MOMO and PAZURU)
- You can selectively target limbs with your size shifting
- These limbs can slightly warp, becoming sharper, or more inhuman
- You must remain *vaguely* Hailey-shaped overall, but will be closer to a shapeshifter

No. 1079274 ID: a7a180

Target. Half their size can make a HUGE difference in a kaiju. Or a Momo...
No. 1079275 ID: 99ca7b


Density sounds like it'd be most our speed, and fit with our current style of fighting, instead of adapting new things into it this late.

Plus, we get to shout cool things like GIGA IMPACT PILE DRIVER or INFINITE MASS DROP KICK when we attack.
No. 1079276 ID: 84a61b

C. Our targets haven't trained fighting at different sizes, let's see how they fare on our turf!
No. 1079277 ID: 8f9bc4


I dunno, those crabs were pretty tiny and they still wreaked havoc in a way. All those choices are good but—



YES Density holy cow that would be cool.
No. 1079279 ID: eb0a9c

(C) This seems like the best option on the field. Most of your opponents use their size as their main damage multiplier and this lets you cut it in half.
Secondly, you can now empower your support squad by turning them into giants. Giants with giant guns. Bonus points if you
And for non-combat use I'm pretty sure you know what you can use turning someone else large or small is worth to the prostitution industry. Or just make manual laborers 3-4x as effective and reap your cut of the profit.
No. 1079282 ID: 273c18

D. We don't have a weapon that scales with our power. That's EXACTLY what this covers. Turn your limbs into blades, or hammers. Create whips out of your arms, massively extend them for range without becoming a bigger target, form claws to grip surfaces, turn your limb into a crowbar to pry open an armored foe... the possibilities are endless.
No. 1079284 ID: b6ec4d

D, I think Hailey would have a lot of fun being able to change shape more selectively. Giant head for big chomp attacks, change her feet into needles to stab into walls and stay on them, AIRBAG BREASTS!

Just too much potential fun to ignore imo.
No. 1079286 ID: 795471

d, always been a sucker for shapeshifting
No. 1079289 ID: 8cb59b

Voting for D
No. 1079295 ID: e51896

C. for these reasons:

- It said that we can force 1 target to shrink or grow up to 1/2 of its current size per UPDATE. That probably means that after we grow or shrink something for one update, we can probably use the next update to grow or shrink them AGAIN while they're still shrunk or grown to make them grow or shrink half of half their original size. And if we have teammates with us, they can even distract a kaiju for us so that they don't attempt to grow back to normal again when we attempt to shrink them again.

- By target, I don't think it's limited to just living things, we can probably shrink and grow objects 1/2 its current size too! and since objects aren't living things, they have no willpower to try to change back to its original size (unless they turn into object-kin of course.)

- if we want to fit something in our new HAMMERSPACE but it's too big, we can simply spend an update or two shrinking it until it is small enough to store it, and then grow it back to normal when we' need to.

- We can grow the foam the government uses to trap kaiju quicker, or shrink any venom projectiles kaijus spit out to negate damage,

- we can even grow our teammates if we need to. this will work especially well with Momo and Pazuru since Pazuru has a giant feral version of herself that we can grow even larger to help defeat the kaiju, and momo can already shapeshift to become larger, so using our TARGET ability can grow momo even larger (joesephine unfortunately might take more updates to grow big enough tho)

>Oh, I did, in my jewelry, I was just there for so long I condensed it all

soooo... does she still have those, or are they gone now? if not, where did they end up? I assume the goddess ate them when she ate Pazuru

Also, check yourself in the mirror. I want to see if Hailey had red eyes like a demon or not now that she reached S rank. Probably not, but this is more so to see if there is some kind of relationship between becoming a demon, or a demigod.
No. 1079296 ID: 7c0da2

D. Shapeshifting is always useful. And at the very least it opens some rather cartoony option in combat.
No. 1079300 ID: 8fdf5a

C. If you made him grow shorter right now, would that effect last longer because we’re in downtime?
No. 1079301 ID: 124485

No. 1079331 ID: 1371b2

Honestly B sounds intriguing, flight’s fun for mobility purposes which has significant use for strategic responsing…
But being Government-Sponsored means we can probably afford to have something built for us push come to shove…
So A of Weight, C of sizing others up, literally, or D of shapeshifting….
All of them are good but…
C. The buffing/debuffing of others feels like a fun way to say that size-changing is our thing first and foremost!
No. 1079357 ID: 0bf2fd


You could fuck someone with your clit. That should be an instant win.

Also the whole weapon thing, that is useful too.
No. 1079521 ID: 38349b
File 170304326439.png - (12.05KB , 500x500 , T2_133.png )

You focus on what [SHIFTING] means to you, on what it could be, on what it has been, and what you've seen. Your essence fizzes and bubbles as you focus on your memories of both Momo and Pazuru.

You focus on the experience you saw in the void, in the creation of her body, and the sleepy, yet moment she woke up in the FLESH. This causes you to think about Momo, about her origins, her shapeshifting, but her choice to remain as Momo, despite the ability to be something else.

Searing hot pain fills your very being and goes beyond the flesh and the mind. You want that transformative ability, that sleepy feeling of contentment. Something settles into your being, not to become something new, but to allow you to express yourself in the way truest to yourself.

You enhance your knockers by one cup size. It feels good.
No. 1079524 ID: 38349b
File 170304330906.png - (16.10KB , 500x500 , T2_134.png )

It is only then that you open your eyes, only to realize that you're not at breakfast anymore. You're not anywhere really. You're in a white void, the stark opposite to where you met Pazuru and [VIRGE].

You turn around confusedly until you spot something. First you notice a RABBIT BEAST-KIN with a maroon aura that tickles the back of your mind with LUSTFUL intent. You recognize her almost immediately as [LUST].

Next, you notice a CAT, their aura is green and can feel the back of your mind being gnawed at with PRIMAL intent. It almost reminds you of the [PRIMAL PENALTY] in a way. If you had to take a guess, given the present company, and a conversation you nearly forgot with [PAZURU], this would be [WILD].

[LUST] opens her mouth and [HER] voice sounds like a chorus of billions of kin moaning, only muted somewhat. [WILD] looks pensive for a moment before speaking. [THEIR] voice is raw, hungry, and primal, like billions of beasts clawing and fucking and eating and killing.

[LUST]: 8th time's the charm huh?
[WILD]: Hrmmm, I suppose
[LUST]: You're just jealous she takes after me more this time
[WILD]: Just don't botch the ending again
[WILD]: That power was [INSPIRED] by [MY] [ASPECT]
[LUST]: And you've made it your own!!
You: Uhhhh, thanks?????
[LUST]: Just be careful not to let your [DESIRE] overrule your [PASSION]
[WILD]: Lest you become that which you [HUNT] and fail

No. 1079525 ID: 38349b
File 170304332028.png - (17.46KB , 500x500 , T2_135.png )

And then, before you can open your maw again, you find yourself sitting back at breakfast. Saba looks at you with mild concern, but Pazuru grins at you manically.

Saba: You okay?
Saba: You were just clutching your head
Pazuru: I told you she was fiiiiiiiine
Pazuru: Did you meet any gods!?!?
You: Uhhhh yeah I uh met two
Pazuru: OOOOH, that must mean your concept was really firm AND meshed with you
You: Concept?
Pazuru: Y'know, what your power meant to you as you made it yours
Saba: Why are her eyes red now?
You: What do you mean, my eyes have always been red??
Pazuru: Don't worry about it, Hailey
Pazuru: Mine went a super strong purple when I reached the apex of [MANA]
You: More than now?
Pazuru: Hey' it's a fresh body
Pazuru: It takes time to irradiate the shit out of it
Pazuru: Though if some guy says he's a demon and offers you a job you should say no
You: Demons are real Pazuru?
Saba: Is it just me or did your tits get bigger too?
Saba: You know what, I'm just gonna go check for tumors...
Saba: Again…

Saba heads off, leaving Pazuru to excitedly pester you for your feelings and about your new skill. And then you realize that you no longer need the DICE to transform, you just *can*, like it's a switch in your brain, neat!

You'll probably still roll the dice for the potential of the nat 8 though.

You have 1 free downtime action remaining
- Please see https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html#1046204 for basic downtime options
- You were considering buying a MOTORCYCLE because those are badass
- You were thinking about using the NANOBOT LAB to upgrade your nano-staples, but it won't be complete until the end of the intermission
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1079528 ID: 273c18

Motorcycle. Get one with built-in weapons. Or one that's REALLY REALLY FAST.
No. 1079530 ID: 73a33e

Get some shades, yo. Hide those eyes

Will choose my vote later, but a few to consider

1. Buy motorcycle
2. Use rest activity to visit the orphanage and mamita
3. Practice rollerskating and get better at that
4. Heal
5. Fight CRIME to raise PR
6. Check into who that donor was and do their favor.
No. 1079532 ID: fb32ab

No. 1079534 ID: a25322

I can appreciate getting a motorcycle, but for mow I'ma stick with my original third action idea of hanging out with Alberta. Gotta make sure she doesn't feel left out, even though she has the least going on among your friends rn.
No. 1079535 ID: a7a180

Speaking of you are what you eat, let's go study more of our kaiju and try to figure out new upgrades based on them. Do kaiju make good magical reagents? Can centipede kaiju be tamed? Which one tastes the best?
Else you can heal off the rest of your damage and be in peak condition.
No. 1079538 ID: 9fcc66

BECAUSE WE ALREADY GOT THE SKATES OF DESTINY we should practice with those and see if we can figure out that skating up walls thing. And maybe figure out what that mysterious resonance is about.
No. 1079545 ID: eb0a9c

Heal the last of your wounds so you're ready to take on tomorrow.
No. 1079564 ID: d5e7f4

We've only been fighting kaiju so far. If we want people to see us as a real hero, we've gotta get out there and fight normal crimes! Or at least help clean up any destroyed buildings.

So I'm voting that we go out on patrol and fight crime around town!
No. 1079567 ID: 2d560a

Let’s go eat some criminals.
No. 1079574 ID: 124485

Let's go find a skate park and practice using our skates so we can get better at using them!

I agree with this. We already have the skates, so let's practice with using them!

And if we need to go faster, we can use our nanobots on them to make them go faster!

Let's not do that. We don't want to become that which we [HUNT].
No. 1079618 ID: ddec8d

Go practice some sick skate moves to get better at using your skates!
No. 1079647 ID: e51896

Shoot, I just remembered we can upgrade our motor skates one more time for 2 funds also. Maybe we can choose whether or not to do that if we decide to train ourselves getting better at skating, but paying to upgrade our motorskates has my vote right now, and one idea I have is some kind of spring attachment that we can activate and lets us do some high jumps while we skate... or maybe even at a standstill.

Some training regime ideas if we decide to train ourselves in becoming better at motorskating

- try skating around a running tack a few laps, and time yourself. try to break your record each time. this will raise your speed and catch that annoying speedy little crab next time you see her.

- practice jumping off ramps and half pipes to get more air to do some tricks. try becoming lightweight while doing it for more airtime. It'll help you be able to do complicated poses in the air to avoid attacks

- have the government set up an obstacle course to practice in. this can help you keep a consistent speed while avoiding things like projectiles, attacks, and things like debris or objects that can get in your way while skating

- try grinding and skating on walls

- try using your nanobots on your motorized boots and see if it can give you an extra boost, or maybe build a ramps for you to jump off of

- skate without transforming. maybe limiting ourselves will help train our leg muscles harder to become stronger without the reliance of our weight shifting.
No. 1079671 ID: e950d6

We can donate 4 Funds to the city to heal 1 point to the city's health, which does NOT waste an action!

After that, we can use our remaining action to train with our skates! Hopefully we can do some tricks in the style of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk!
No. 1079672 ID: 4a26f1

Wait, do we have 4 funds to spare? I thought we had 3 after we spent 2 funds to spend time with both Donna and Momo. (Beforehand, we had 5 if i remember correctly)
No. 1079679 ID: e950d6

The link to the stats page isn’t updated show our correct stats, which is supposed to show that we have Rank S in Size Shifting and Rank A Relationship with Donna.

So because the stats page isn’t up to date, I don't trust anything on it and have no idea how much Funds we currently have.
No. 1079681 ID: 124485

>stats page not up to date
You mean the link at the bottom of the update here: >>1079525 ?

If it's not up to date, then it might not be a good idea to suggest anything that involves spending money until we're certain about how much we have.
No. 1079718 ID: ad7c50

We have 3 funds, sorry about that, forgot to update the wiki and I'm not at my home comp rn

No. 1079802 ID: 63f410

I wonder if we can Sky Walk like Sanji from One Piece?

We could practice by lowering our weight then jumping and kicking our legs straight down like we're running in the air.

And if that doesn't work, we could always attempt to do a double jump, like a video game character.
No. 1079810 ID: 87e33c
File 170364016832.png - (12.79KB , 500x500 , T2_136.png )

You: Y'know, I haven't gone shopping in a while
You: I'm feeling some retail therapy is in order right about now...
Pazuru: Oooohhh, let me come, let me come!

And so, you decide to head to the mall. You wander around to various stores and the both of you get slushies. You start to feel weird, like there's an itch on the back of your brain that can only be solved by spending some FUNDS, but you struggle to find anything to buy.

That is, until you find BREEZY GEAR'S PART SHOP again and feel a faint resonance from something inside. The two of you firmly wander inside, noticing Breezy working on something at his desk. Pazuru leans close to you and whispers in your ear.

Pazuru: This guy never gave up on flying again
Pazuru: Spends most of his time tinkering towards that end
Pazuru: Oh man you should have seen him when he was younger
Pazuru: Dude absolutely slayed in skater gangs!!
Pazuru: Well, until he lost his arm in a bad turf war
You: Thanks for whispering this time!
Breezy: Oh!
Breezy: Heya Hailey and friend!

No. 1079811 ID: 87e33c
File 170364017834.png - (12.98KB , 500x500 , T2_137.png )

You: Hey Breezy, what're you working on?
Breezy: Oh, just some [SPECIALIZED PARTS] for a pet project
You: Would that project happen to be a cool motorcycle?
Breezy: Nah, though I do have the parts to mod one to be one-handed
Breezy: It was a yuuuge pain to get the gyroscopic balancing implemented
Pazuru: That *could* come in handy in your line of work
Pazuru: Bet you could basically drive using no hands
Breezy: Hah, I legally cannot recommend doing that
Pazuru: But what's this, it seems...
Pazuru: More complete than what you normally work on
Breezy: I uh, have we met before?
Pazuru: Nope!
You: She's just really enthusiastic and is a bit too observant at times
Breezy: Uhhh ok, well they're prototype parts for a skate-based flight system
Breezy: They actually work, would even fit on your Bloody Mary Skates, but uh
Breezy: It's that either I can't draw enough power to them
Breezy: Or that the weight limit is so low that you'd have to weigh practically nothing to use them
You: Hmmm, I weigh practically nothing at times…

No. 1079812 ID: 87e33c
File 170364018795.png - (14.43KB , 500x500 , T2_138.png )

Breezy slaps the table and lets out a hearty chuckle, but there's an edge to his gaze. You get the feeling that he's weighing the voracity of your claim.

Breezy: Hah!
Breezy: I'm a Wing-Kin, I have hollow bones
Breezy: And even that's BARELY enough to get some lift
Breezy: If you can fly with these bad boys on your skates I'll sell you them AND my bike for [3 FUNDS]
Breezy: AND I'll eat my shirt!
Pazuru: BET, c'mon hailey that would be so cool
You: But that's ALL of my money
You: What if you win and I can't fly?
Breezy: Then you agree that I'm the best flightless bird mechanic in existence
Breezy: And YOU have to eat MY shirt!
Breezy: Did I mention the motorcycle is ruby red and has flame decals on it
You: Am I that easy to read...
Pazuru: Yup!
Pazuru: Ok what if she *just* wanted the parts
Pazuru: They're practically useless to most kin
Breezy: I'll sell them to ya for [2 FUNDS], sure
Breezy: That's the effective cost for me to make the parts again, only better
Breezy: But that's the coward's way out!!

- You'll get a [MOTORCYCLE]
- You'll get the [FLIGHT PARTS] upgrade for your skates
- Breezy will eat his shirt
- If you use the parts when transformed in public, there is a one-time 20% chance that Breezy will be able to guess your secret identity

- You could Just buy the parts?
- You could also buy nothing?
- You could Look for something else to buy at the mall?
- Maybe you'll find that mystery bookstore again?
- Breezy will call you a coward for not taking the bet!

No. 1079813 ID: c6955c

Do it! Can't let a bird call you chicken!
No. 1079814 ID: a7a180

Just buy the parts, no bike necessary. You can eat his shirt if he still wants.
No. 1079816 ID: eb0a9c

Take the deal - you can sell the motorcycle for profit.
No. 1079817 ID: 99ca7b

Let us engage in some tomfoolery. Which is to say...


And when you get back, have your government friends do a thorough background check on him, just in case he figures it out and you need to swear him to secrecy.
No. 1079818 ID: fb32ab




No. 1079820 ID: 273c18

A. But tell him he doesn't need to eat his shirt.
No. 1079824 ID: b6ec4d

A, eat that shirt
No. 1079832 ID: e51896

A. I originally wanted to save one fund for the nanobot lab when it's done to raise our chance of success and just buy the parts, but they just made it personal by saying they'll call you a coward for not taking the bet. Plus, Pazuru wants us to take the bet, and she knows everything and thinks it's a good idea. lets do it. Plus, we don't do bad ideas that often.

Also, to make him feel better when we win the bet, just call him the best flightless bird mechanic in existence anyways

also also, ask if he hates his shirt enough to lose it since whether you win or lose, a shirt is being eaten.
No. 1079851 ID: 6a9ee3

Voracity is the wrong word. Veracity with an E. Save the voracity for the kaiju and his shirt ya dagnab fool!
No. 1079856 ID: 633508

If he loses we still eat the shirt
No. 1080403 ID: 38349b

rolled 12 = 12

No. 1080404 ID: eb0a9c

Translation: No guessey your idey!
No. 1080408 ID: 38349b
File 170448091217.png - (14.49KB , 500x500 , T2_139.png )

You're no coward, and you *do* want those parts, so you agree to the bet and head out the back door into a rather wide alleyway.

Breezy: This place should be good, it's where I practice
Breezy: Unless yer a cow-
You: I a'int no chicken, though, uh, do you just hate your shirt
You: Since it's getting eaten no matter what?
Breezy: What? No, I just think it's a funny bet!
Breezy: Trying to watch Kin figure out how best to eat a whole shirt
Breezy: There was this one chick who spent an hour cutting it into squares and soaking it with hot sauce
Breezy: AND - I've never lost one of these bets, soooo
Pazuru: It's ok Breezy, there's a first time for everything

You attach the jet-engine-like parts to your skates and listen to Breezy's explanation. The controls are simple enough and after a few false starts you're able to figure out their gimmick. It only takes you around a minute to start gliding around the place and another minute after that to figure out how to use your momentum to gain true flight. Breezy's beak is practically glued to the floor in awe.

Breezy: I knew my idea wasn't crazy!!!
Breezy: You must weigh practically nothing though, which makes no sense
Breezy: I mean your tits are huge and you have a metal head!!
You: Don't think about it too hard
You: Though I think I'll just eat your shirt anyway
Breezy: No, no, no, I lost the bet
You: But I'm hungryyyyy
Breezy: But *I lost*
You: But I wanna eat it

Breezy takes off the shirt, but keeps his vest on. You then proceed to fight over who eats the shirt, tearing it apart with your maws and accidentally kissing as if you were spaghetti eating dogs. Pazuru snaps a picture of this while you're distracted before grabbing your motorcycle for you.

You've gained a [MOTORCYCLE]
- It's ruby red with hot rod flames
- You'll become proficient with it during the next intermission
- It won't transform with you, since its a piece of equipment and not wearable/small, but can be stored in your hammerspace

You've gained the [FLIGHT PARTS] upgrade for your skates
- You can now fly with minimal restrictions when you are transformed and at a low weight
- The parts aren't quiet, so if you're attempting to stealth and fly you will receive a penalty to said action
- If you use the parts while transformed in public, there is a one time 20% chance that Breezy will be able to guess your secret identity


No. 1080409 ID: 38349b
File 170448092670.png - (12.21KB , 500x500 , T2_140.png )

Pazuru demands that she be allowed to drive the motorcycle, so you let her. Breezy shakes his remaining fist at you and swears he'll never forget how he's been made a fool of today or something like that, but you just laugh and shrug it off. You hop on and straddle behind her as she clumsily drives, slowly getting the hang of the vehicle even though she's never piloted one.

Pazuru: So, I heard a rumor you might find funny
You: Oh?
Pazuru: Apparently there's this thing going out and fighting crime at night!
Pazuru: They say that it's an incredibly fast crab
You: Uhhh, not the Kaiju right??
Pazuru: Well, the rumors say that they're dressed in a real frilly outfit
Pazuru: And that the criminals are vanishing
You: Oh god don't tell me the Kaijus are into cosplay
Pazuru: If it *was* a Kaiju, I think the more concerning part would be the vanishings
You: So is it like an Aqua-Kin crab or like a monster
Pazuru: Dunno, all the photos are blurry, and it's at night too, soooo
You: Let's just hope it's a prank, I don't want to deal with sapient Kaiju
Pazuru: Worried you're eating kin?
Pazuru: If it's any consolation, they stopped being sapient a loooong time ago
Pazuru: Anything left behind now is just a vestige, or something new
Pazuru: Aaaalso they still want to kill and consume living kin, soooo
You: I know, I know…

No. 1080410 ID: 38349b
File 170448093884.png - (13.94KB , 500x500 , T2_141.png )

You avoid the philosophical discussion until you get back to your lair and are immediately requested in the monster lab. You feel the wheels of fate turning again, like your next mission is coming up very soon. Rutherford and Saba greet you as soon as you enter.

Rutherford: Everykin's busy with prep, so we'll just give you the rundown
Rutherford: I've got mission details *and* False Right Queen details
Saba: So, VISUALLY, the prismatic goop they release matches what we saw deep in that tunnel
Saba: There's also a matching audio signature from the two
Saba: And when we played the sound in the room with the FRQ it got... confused?
Saba: So we believe that it operates like some sort of communication system
You: So it's not like... a teleport link?
Rutherford: No, it's more like a wi-fi signal or text notification
Rutherford: I'm pretty sure there's some locational information too
Rutherford: It's more akin to how ants leave pheromones to communicate
Rutherford: Only the chiming then kind of alters the information received
You: So the Kaiju are telepathic ants???
Saba: Kind of!!!
Saba: So we *think* we can spoof their communications
Saba: Well, just once before they catch on
Saba: I worked in Tele-Comm for a while, there were eerie similarities to my old work in there
Saba: It's fascinating that these creatures could develop a rudimentary communication system like this
Rutherford: *Ahem* nerd *Ahem*
Rutherford: Which is where you come in
You: Another stealth mission?
Saba: Since you did *so* well last time, we've got a few options on the table

- Rutherford: There's something *BIG* in that smoke, something alive
- Saba: And from your recordings it looks like it's syphoning energy
- Saba: It's only a matter of time before it becomes a big problem
- Rutherford: Consider it likely that you'll also have to deal with tons of minions too
- Saba: We'd prefer if you could snatch and grab the thing, but well...
- Saba: It would be nice to even the playing field and make it harder for the Kaiju to act
- Rutherford: You'd likely face *heavy* opposition on your way out of the island
- Rutherford: Though we plan to create a distraction for you
- Rutherford: Our footage shows that not only have we culled their numbers, but they are actively culling themselves
- Rutherford: This would likely summon the strongest Kaiju, but then invading the island would be much easier
- Saba: So we have a risky idea of using the pheromone sludge to try to spoof their destination
- Saba: The big risk is that it could backfire and bring the horde onto the whole city, and we can only defend against so much if we fuck this up
- Do you have a better plan of action or mission objective you'd like to complete
- Trying to do more than one mission at once may lead to consequences

No. 1080411 ID: 9dd92e

A. Into the mist!
No. 1080413 ID: 3020fe

B to even the playing fields. Thats what the hammerspace is for!

Ask if we can bring an ally along this time since we'll be facing kaiju on our way out.
No. 1080418 ID: a7a180

C. Steal all those kills, if they’re concentrating their power into the strongest kaiju then you should count yourself among them.
No. 1080439 ID: fb32ab

B. We are going to steal... THE MOON!

No. 1080442 ID: eb0a9c

If I was wondering why you of all people could garner the attention of gods, I don't wonder now.

B) I think this one's pretty straightforward. Hammerspace your escape vehicle and this should be a piece of cake.

Actually, ask the government if they can give you something even more appropriate and disposable.
No. 1080456 ID: b3eab7

A) let's take out the big one before it becomes bigger.