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File 166287661227.png - (378.19KB , 1200x1389 , T_001.png )
1043457 No. 1043457 ID: 5499f4

Tension: a balance maintained between opposing forces or elements

Written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

EDMANGO NOTE: This quest will likely contain 18+ like violence, and light sexual content.

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No. 1043458 ID: 5499f4
File 166287665871.png - (445.84KB , 1200x1722 , T_002.png )

EDMANGO: Please read the previous page to get a vibe of the story and what’s coming. The setting and team size have been locked in by me. You will only be creating one character, and will be playing on Faunus!

Who are you?

Weapon of choice:
No. 1043462 ID: e51896

Name: Hailey or Hector

Race: We be an Object-Kin STAPLE REMOVER OM NOM NOM NOM! It's like a gator, but with large fangs! Object-kin needs more love in an EDMANGO quest lore, and we don't see a lot of them. So lets choose this race this time.

Sex: female or male, I'm fine with either

Background: Bouncer! let's stop some bar fights and hear some crazy rumors and stories, and see people get drunk. (alternatively, sex worker. Contrary to our sharp mouth, we're actually really good at oral stuff)

Weapon of choice: Brass Knuckles punch punch!
No. 1043463 ID: 629f2e

Name: Nessie

Race: I will fully support Polt's Object-Kin Staple Remover idea

Sex: Eh, I'll say female since we went male in Crystal Spire

Background: Sex Worker. Because we're gonna want to spend time with our friends all the time anyways, so we might as well make socializing a free action for us.

Weapon of choice: A slingshot. There are not enough characters in the world who use slingshots, which is a shame.
No. 1043464 ID: 908530

Name: Nigel
Race: Staple-Remover
Sex: Presenting Male
Background: Tailor (Seamstress)
Weapon: "Teeth"
No. 1043465 ID: 515982

Name: Karude
Race: Demihuman (Ogre!)
Sex: F
Background: Hug Worker (Who doesn't love an orc massage?)
Weapon of choice: Unarmed! Or a really heavy club, if people wanted to, but free gear is cool.
No. 1043468 ID: 244451

Lol, basically what I was thinking of. (Upvote)

I thought it could be nice If the character either designed his own suit or it didn't and constantly complain about it.
No. 1043482 ID: bbb04b

Gonna go for a dark-horse suggestion.

Name: Pioggi
Race: Axolotl Anthro-Kin
Sex: Male
... Yeah, it's not a mystery which karmaling this guy is. Sue me.

Background: [Bartender] - We'll look dapper as hell both in and out of costume, and it's only polite to offer a toast to the folks we're going to war with. In bocca al lupo, mio nemico.
Weapon: Liquid Revolver - I have no idea how it works, but it sounds cool as hell. (Maybe pressurized bullets that make heatless geyser explosions on impact or... weaponized water cutter (or other fluids cutter). Or something. It Just Works(TM).)
No. 1043485 ID: bfc523

Name: Hailey
Race: Staple Remover
Sex: Female
Background: Sex Worker
Weapon of choice: Unarmed
No. 1043486 ID: 01fe07

I'm voting for this one.
No. 1043489 ID: ae4094

No. 1043490 ID: 205be1

Name:Tammy G. Yeller
Race:Anthro beast kin(Raccoon)
Background:Con artist
Weapon of choice: sharp playing cards.
No. 1043492 ID: 9c15be

+1 for this.
No. 1043494 ID: e5709d

Name: Tempel
Race: Object-Kin (Comet)
Sex: F / Herm
Weapon: Trick Weapon (Kirkhammer) which uses your own head as the mallet.
Occupation: (1.5-bit) Gangster
+ You gain access to criminal connections, up to and including supervillain networks, and gain the opportunity to commit crimes for profit or influence.
- During downtime, there is a 25% chance of encountering opposition to law or security. You must resolve the issue without using your superpowers or lose this perk. Encounters are difficult but earn exp.
No. 1043495 ID: 8483cf

Tossing my card in the ring for this one.
No. 1043501 ID: 894419

This, but female
No. 1043507 ID: 36784c

If we’re allowed to say, "Henshin-A-Go-Go, baby!" when we transform, then I’ll be happy!

I like this!
No. 1043539 ID: 4f60b2


Race:Anthro beast kin "Mink"


Background: an experienced Sex worker.

Weapon of choice: Black whip that can extend in length at will.
No. 1043585 ID: 5499f4
File 166296448079.png - (151.38KB , 500x600 , T_002b.png )

Locking in the character now, the next page of the chart isn't finished yet, I've got 7 more drawings to finish for it, but the text is done.

In the meantime, have a doodle of our protagonist, HAILEY MARY! More info on her and object-kin coming tomorrow/tuesday.
No. 1043589 ID: e5709d

Needs the ability to puncture herself in 'strategic places' without causing lasting damage.
No. 1043679 ID: 5499f4
File 166309814401.png - (8.16KB , 500x500 , T_002c.png )

With a surprising amount of certainty, you assert yourself to the world as HAILEY MARY, SEX WORKER, FEMALE, and most importantly of all, an OBJECT-KIN.

You think back briefly on your history, to your day of rebirth. You were once a mundane, but well and truly beloved [RED STAPLE REMOVER]. You were used frequently and cared for by an office of workers, passing hands frequently, repaired, and being lubricated due to cost cutting measures at the office. You also witnessed several office affairs, an amount that you would later find out is staggeringly high for any workplace.

It was after around 10 years at the company that you gained sapience, a nascent spirit forming inside of you from the care, use and lives you witnessed. A body formed, sharp, alluring, young, and very confused. You came into this world much to the shock of others, but were cared for and educated afterwards. Those scenes you witnessed as a forming soul became your keystones, and as soon as you were 18, you became a sex worker, one with a decent level of proficiency.
No. 1043680 ID: 5499f4
File 166309815111.png - (345.02KB , 1200x1724 , T_003.png )

It was in one of these moments, occasionally accosted by thugs and weirdos, that you picked up a skill with HAND TO HAND COMBAT, and when your fists wouldn’t suffice… Well, you did have a sharp maw.

You’re now a chipper, young late 20-something young woman, still just as sharp, but somehow even more erotic than your younger days.
No. 1043681 ID: 5499f4
File 166309815899.png - (424.13KB , 1200x2025 , T_004.png )

One day, after work, or during your free time, something happens. You find a device. What does it look like?
No. 1043682 ID: e7c7d3

Whistles and collar. Become a chain chomp when transformed
No. 1043683 ID: 629f2e

The Watch or Dice would be my pick. I like stupid RNG, and the wand is a classic.

I like the Whistles and Collar, but it's gonna be tough enough picking allies without losing a point. Not against it, just doesn't have my vote.
No. 1043685 ID: b7598d

Matching jewelry seems an interesting choice
No. 1043686 ID: 36784c

I’m voting for the Watch.
No. 1043687 ID: 7c0da2

The wand or the watch, in that order.
No. 1043689 ID: 94ef2a

I cant choose between these two choices:

Considering we are a sex worker, collar and whistle. We'll use one of the allies from the ally section instead of creating a new one. I feel Hailey is into domming people.

Dice is also a lot of fun too (for potential clothing damage)
No. 1043691 ID: e873e5

Dice, dice, dice!
No. 1043692 ID: 515982

Symbiote! This silicon based lifeform, or Stapleworm, came from space and has been exposed to many cosmic rays.
No. 1043694 ID: e5709d

No. 1043695 ID: ae4094

No. 1043714 ID: 33f0ce

>Cell Phone
Because fellas, we're a call girl!
No. 1043722 ID: 629f2e


I'll drop my Watch support and just go all in on Dice since both received some support, just to help simplify things.
No. 1043726 ID: 8483cf

No. 1043731 ID: 5499f4
File 166313162203.png - (374.99KB , 1200x1364 , T_005.png )

You found it in the bush in your favorite park. It was a sunny day and the thing shined in your eye, and after a moment of digging through the bush you found an eight sided die.

It has an almost crystal-like appearance. Slightly translucent, and is of a deep ruby red, just like you! You gave the air a sniff, smelling ozone, and realized it was coming from the dice. Weird.
No. 1043732 ID: 5499f4
File 166313164071.png - (432.11KB , 1200x1326 , T_006.png )

You rolled the die when you got home and realized that it could transform you. This was it, what you had been waiting for. But, one thing kept turning in your mind, what about your friends, your confidants? Surely there must be someone to trust with this secret.

Who are your Confidants?


EDMANGO: As a refresher, you have 3 Trait Tokens (usable for powers or gear) and 1 Gear Token (usable only on getting gear)

Please format your votes from most desired to least desired, and state if you want to save any tokens. Your vote in first place will get 2 votes, the rest will get one vote.

No. 1043733 ID: e51896

The Psionic Mage is a must. Not just because I'm Biased, but because since we got dice, this dude can like, use his telekinetic powers to help bring the dice roll to our favor if he's around! Granted it only works if he is nearby and not drunk, but still a really good ally to have
plus, it'd be cool to have someone we can fight by our side since he will jump at any opportunity for a fight

The Government for some security and protection and keeps our PR good

Finally, the fairy to give us pocket space and help us translate different languages
No. 1043734 ID: 515982

The Fairy
The Parasite
No. 1043735 ID: 629f2e

Top vote has gotta be for The Government Agency. You get paid, which means less time you'll have to spend working, and you get free PR support. Add on the various connections for below market prices, and the money they give you is worth more than it otherwise would be. Getting an occasional order or having to do paperwork at times is well worth the benefits they offer.

The Historic Parasite was gonna be next for me because they're adorable. Completely and utterly a choice I wanted to make because I like their design. However, if we already have one shadowy force giving us shit then I don't think we need another. Instead, I'm gonna vote up The Psionic Mage for battle support and having another real person to befriend and talk to. Even if he talks too much and is annoying.

The 2 Best Friends are also great, strong temptation there, but I think I'm gonna support The Rival instead for two reasons. The BFFs bring money and connections, two things which the Government already provides. That isn't their only benefit of course, having pals that will stay by your side is their main one, but having two of their major bases covered is a big detriment (though credit where it's due, their specific connections likely differ from what the government will offer in terms of how it'll help). The second reason is just that The Rival is hilarious, and I love him. This dude is fucking your mom (which fits very well with our backstory all things considered), and yet is still trying to compete with you despite clearly having already won the war? Who the fuck is this dweeb, he's terrible! I love him.
No. 1043736 ID: 8483cf

Government Agency
No. 1043737 ID: 894419

Back Alley Surgeon
The Rival
The Bounty Hunter
No. 1043740 ID: e5709d

Special: Pet Crystal
Over time, some 'dust' from the die grows and collects the lint and toxic chemicals in the air, until it's large enough to say 'hi'.
A strange mix between neurological monofibers and dynamic polycrystalline megastructures, this is the closest you can get to a living rock.
Best of all, she gets smarter when you throw her hard enough to cause brain damage! Also, her organs can be used to augment your intelligence. Not the fastest animal ever, though.
(Warning: Crystal implants may cause memory loss, sociopathy, and a potential resonance cascade that will crystallize your insides)
No. 1043741 ID: b7598d

The Rival, admitably solely so we can find out just who would be the Rival to a staple remover, though also with them having the same weakness, it means if we DO have to work together, most likely someone will be useful at least
Parasite and Holographic, I want to know what would make them work together, and how they wouldn't
No. 1043742 ID: 36784c

The Government Agency. One of their agents randomly saw us transforming and they tracked us to our place of employment. They had to send someone in as a customer in order to make contact with us.

I want to save the other 2 tokens to exchange for 2 trait tokens.
No. 1043764 ID: 58af12

The Holographic Entity, your dice is their holographic core;
The Fairy;
save the last point for more Traits Tokens.
No. 1043765 ID: ae4094

extra trait
No. 1043767 ID: 466872

This and the Parasite.

Save the last point for traits.
No. 1043768 ID: bbb04b

The 2 Best Friends, the Rival, and the Robot Butler - hopefully, Friend B will take the edge off of the "people think you're a ponce" aspect if you explain it's a gift from him.
No. 1043773 ID: 244451

2 best friends
Historical parasite
Hedonistic fairy
No. 1043779 ID: 4204cd

Bounty hunter
Government agency
Mad- sorry, Eccentric scientist.
No. 1043815 ID: bbb04b

Customization addendum to my Rival vote: Male Axolotl Anthro-Kin named SLEET. Bring forth Angy Li'l Shit Mk.III (now with the ability to actively maintain a semi-functional relationship, i.e. Your Mom)!
No. 1043836 ID: 5499f4
File 166321438348.png - (296.71KB , 1200x1149 , T_007.png )

You will begin with a C rank relationship with the following characters
- Josephine - The disguise artist
- Alberta - The avian database
- Phyllis - The boss
- The Government - This is an organizational relationship

You will begin with a C rank relationship with her

You will begin with a C rank relationship with them

EDMANGO: Relationships range from [N/A], [C], [B], [A], [S]. The higher the rank, the better friends you are, the better they treat you, and the more willing they would be to skirt their morality to help you, should your paths not align. It’s possible to drop in rank if you are truly a terrible friend, but that shouldn’t be a concern for a true hero!

You can also romance characters, should you be so bold as to juggle a relationship and life as a hero.

No. 1043837 ID: 5499f4
File 166321439132.png - (307.89KB , 1200x1238 , T_008.png )

Before you could run off and talk to your drinking buddies from some weird division of the city government, you took some time to take stock of your capabilities, and to see if there was anything you could share.
No. 1043838 ID: 5499f4
File 166321439909.png - (475.43KB , 1200x2074 , T_009.png )

What are your traits, and do you plan to share your powers?

EDMANGO: As a refresher, you have 3 Trait Tokens (usable for powers or gear) and 1 Gear Token (usable only on getting gear)

Your top vote will count as 2 votes, and please declare if you will share your powers with any of your allies, if you do, the next update will be distribution.

Also, anyone you gift a power to will jump up to a rank B relationship, and some characters may have special events if you do this.

No. 1043840 ID: e5709d

Beast Shifting
Implant (Electric Manipulation)

Linked Sub-Brain
Your chest piece is a close-to-bursting corporate envelope.
No. 1043842 ID: 515982

Size shifting. Purchase twice if possible.
if Size is not enhanced, grant Lust to the hedonistic fairy.
Gear: Improvised weapons.
I like pattern 6 as a chest emblem. As for accessories, a serpentine theme seems keen.
No. 1043847 ID: e51896

telekinesis is my top vote so that when we get enough experience with practice, we might be able to manipulate the dice roll to our favor without our tension suit.

faith: Lust (because we're sex worker) or medium is my second vote. I think I lean more towards lust faith

save the last vote for size manipulation for our fairy pal so she can be our size.

For gear, sub brain if telekinesis is chosen. if it isn't, go for the motor skates or custom gadget
No. 1043849 ID: 629f2e


Hailey Mary is not the shining example of what we'd think of as a follower of purity. She's from a minority race, she's a sex worker (which Queen of Hell definitely confirmed angels aren't fans of), and she seems like a confident bitch just going off looks. Her being a believer in Purity doesn't seem right with all of that in mind, but it will have to be rationalized if we go with it. I see two ways it could be explained, both being incredibly fun.

1: The god of purity in this world is different. Maybe Virge got the spot from the impostor in CS, and he's a much more chill deity than what we had before.

2: The god of purity is in a really rough spot right now, with very few loyal followers, and Hailey is genuinely just one of their better ones. God may not like all of her choices, but perhaps she exemplifies a willingness to fight evil that is just enough to get their blessing. It's a reluctant arrangement, but Purity needs followers and Hailey needs power to defend her city.

However it gets rationalized, I think it'd make for a very fun story.

Alright, second point! Let's go with Elemental Manipulation, with our chosen element being Earth. It seems fitting, given that we're made of metal. Earth Benders don't get enough credit for being able to manipulate most solid forms of matter. Let's rep the best Avatar character Toph and embrace her element.

Finally, let's be generous and gift something. I like Polt's suggestion of giving our fairy friend Size Manipulation, and I absolutely support her getting it if enough people suggest taking it. I'm gonna go in a different direction though, and instead suggest giving the fairy Telekinesis. She may be small, but she'll be able to lift some massive objects with enough concentration.

For Gear, take the Linked Sub-Brain. The training boost is massive and will let us improve at a really nice rate. And just like how being a Sex-Worker means less downtime spent on hanging out, or working for the Government means less time spent worrying about PR, decreasing the time we have to spend on training gives us more options to respond to our needs. If we have some junk we want to buy, then we can spend more time working to earn enough for it. If we really need to get better at something, we can pick up the skills faster. All in all, it's a great early investment that will payoff over time.
No. 1043854 ID: 8483cf

Top vote: Give the Fairy telekinesis, she doesn't like working, so let her Trait do the lifting for her!

Let's go with nanobots! All made of tiny staples!

Hidden weapon: Letter Opener in Hailey's arm. Honestly I think this one should be free.

Gear: Motorcycle for sick wheelies

Suit Pattern 6.
No. 1043861 ID: 36784c

Spend 1 Trait Token on Size Shifting.
Spend 1 Trait Token on Telekinesis.
Spend 1 Trait Token on Leg Armor.
Spend the Gear Token on Motor Skates.

Take the Suit Pattern 6 as a Bonus.

No sharing with allies.
No. 1043865 ID: 898517

Powers :
-Faith : Purity. She is pure of heart and dedicated to fighting evil, and in the end it's what counts, not her job.
-Energy. It's always useful and should combo nicely with the Parasite's Magic.
-Cantrip, gift it to the Fairy. It's classic fairy tricks.
Gear :
-Linked Sub-brain. It will help the Parasite teach us, and mental resistance is always useful and will help manage the stress of saving the world.
No. 1043866 ID: e97e06

Size Shifting twice (two trait tokens)

Telekinesis (one trait token)

Motorcycle (gear token)

Suit pattern 6 (bonus)
No. 1043882 ID: e51896


Actually, Himitsu gave me a good idea, so I'm changing my vote a bit >>1043847

top vote and main reason for changing my vote is: use first trait point to give our fairy friend TELEKINESIS, she can hide in our pocket, and make enemies think we're manipulating things, not her. Plus, she can help give us good rolls with our dice when we transform, using her telekinesis to help the dice roll into a number we want! She just has to transform first before we transform

second trait point for ourself: size shifting

third trait point for ourself: Nanobots

for gear, I really want motorcycle, but that might leave us tied with sub brain as of writing this. if there is still a tie, change my vote to sub brain instead
No. 1043886 ID: f4beea

Size Shifting, Energy, Telekinesis, and Linked Sub-Brain.

Don't share powers with allies.
No. 1043888 ID: f49688

Lust and Hope, Give parasite Tele, Power Gems
lust for obvious reasons, Hope because really, why are you heroing BUT hope, Parasite tele so they can do cool things and the relationship bonus, Power gems to lean into Chaos ever more, while also counterbalancing it
No. 1043895 ID: 0838d6
File 166327528711.png - (8.65KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

Your first transformation was short, but useful, helping you find out a fraction of your capabilities.

Your first power, SIZE SHIFTING, ended up with you accidentally punching a hole into the wall and denting the ceiling.

Your second power, TELEKINESIS, lets you lift all the furniture in your room, but you accidentally broke a few things from concentrating too hard, splattering and puncturing the walls just a little bit more than necessary.

You aren’t getting your deposit back on the place...
No. 1043897 ID: 0838d6
File 166327533787.png - (9.25KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

You feel two more things tickling the back of your mind, but you’re drawing a blank, almost like you vaguely remember them.

What is your third power?
1. Nanobots
- The suit comes with a nanobot swarm you intuitively shape like cute lil’ staples
2. Purity
- A devout FAITH courses through your veins, with this you KNOW you can defeat Evil
3. 2x Size shifting
3a. (remove penalty) Size shifting is instantaneous
3b. (increased proficiency to B rank) Size shifting can selectively target limbs

And What is your free gear?
I. Motorcycle
- Your flaming red ride, it’s your baby
II. Linked Sub-Brain
- Transforming has grafted something to that nebulous space where your brain exists

EDMANGO: The votes are 5 for, 2 against, 3 abstains from sharing, so a final vote towards sharing will be next update and will determine your backstory with THE HEDONISTIC FAIRY
No. 1043900 ID: d98cb8

Absolutely a vote for

Nanobots + Subbrain
No. 1043901 ID: e5709d

Nanobots and Sub-Brain
No. 1043902 ID: a5bc30

Nanobots because we have a staple family now!


No. 1043903 ID: 629f2e

Sticking by [Purity] for all the reasons given before. Admittedly doubling up on Size could be cool, and while Nanobots aren't bad I feel like they're the most achievable trait to unlock at a later time of all the ones on this list. We have government connections, I could see a technology hookup in our future.

And Linked Sub-Brain of course.
No. 1043904 ID: 515982

Nanobots, and while sub-brain could synergize well with coordinating our staple swarm, I absolutely must vote Motorcycle for the cartoonish image of a big Hailey riding on a tiny bike.
No. 1043907 ID: 7c0da2

Purity and Sub-Brain.
No. 1043910 ID: bbb04b

Nanobots and sub-brain.

Voting against telling anyone.
No. 1043913 ID: a9af05

Nanobots and Linked Sub-Brain

Also, I want to-
>a final vote towards sharing will be next update
Never mind, I'll wait until the next update to vote on that.
No. 1043914 ID: 99ca7b

Nanobots and Sub-brain sounds like a good, useful combo. But also like a a fun combo.
No. 1043917 ID: f4beea

2x Size shifting (increased proficiency to B rank) Size shifting can selectively target limbs + Linked Sub-Brain

>no one else picking 2x size shifting
Aw man.
No. 1043918 ID: 36784c

>You aren’t getting your deposit back on the place...
Look on the bright side. At least you didn’t accidentally shred your clothes from testing your powers!

Nanobots and Linked Sub-Brain

>Aw man.
Don’t worry. I’m sure we can still get it through training Size Shifting.
No. 1043920 ID: f49688

Ok the nanobots being staples is irresistible (and would help you fix the mess you made... and will make), and a Sub-brain to help command them, and who doesn't want to be smarter! too bad this only gives a slightly bigger brain
No. 1043924 ID: 1119a1


Staplers are too cute an image and it's something useful to round out the skill set. I am secretly biased against the motorbike because I want cool skates.

I have no strong opinion on fairy sharing.
No. 1043953 ID: 244451

Purity is a awful selection right now. Purity will likely opose agains the hedonistic fairy, the historical parasite and Hailey's work!

In other hand is the most interesting option narratively-wise so... Purity and Bike!
No. 1043954 ID: 0838d6
File 166336018106.png - (8.17KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

In your daze, trying to figure out your final power, you were looking at a box of your favorite snack, STAPLES. Honestly it’s a bit of an expensive snack if you do a cost to weight analysis in comparison to a lot of other snacks available, but who cares they are CUTE and DELICIOUS. Part of your metabolism as an Object-kin means that you digest things a bit slower and more thoroughly, so you only really need to eat once a week.

You feel this third power was one you could only use when in your suit, so you transformed again, ROLLING A 2, your thoughts back then focusing on the little metallic munchies as you looked at a pile of junk in your room. A few staples popped off of your skirt, surprising you and heading towards the pile, eating it. You almost screamed in a panic before they reformed the pile into many small, flexible, and adorable staples.

Your third power, NANOBOTS lets you control incredibly small staple-like robots that have a variety of uses. You found out that you could only store so many of them in your suit’s skirt when transformed, and lose control of them when out of costume.

At least they can be used to clean up your apartment a bit.
No. 1043956 ID: 0838d6
File 166336022968.png - (8.73KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

There’s one last thing that you gained, THE LINKED SUB-BRAIN. But you don’t notice the clarity in your thoughts, how stress just seems to fall off of you and how it’s much easier to commit to choices. No, you’re too excited by having cute staple babies but also being concerned if this means you can’t eat them anymore.

Thinking back to your MOTHER, she always said you were so cute that she could just eat you up. You think that logic applies here, they’re still super tasty after all!

You headed over to the mirror and admire yourself, damn, you bet you could get a premium for some of those kin who are into COSPLAY if you went to work dressed like this!
No. 1043957 ID: 0838d6
File 166336023984.png - (8.71KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

We flash forward to the present, thoughts of visiting your friends at the bar being shifted slightly. You send a text to JOSEPHINE, letting her know that you’ll be a little late. You get a pair of shades and a thumbs down as a response. Instead, you are drawn to the park.

Do you share a power with THE HEDONISTIC FAIRY?
- This choice will influence your backstory with her.

A. Share
- Head to a shrine dedicated to the god of [LUST]
B. Don’t Share
- Head to your favorite spot deep in the PARK

No. 1043958 ID: e5709d

Share the wealth.
No. 1043959 ID: bbb04b

Aha, I'm assuming, then, that if we pick B, then she would know us in-costume, but not out of costume. Debt of gratitude for dealing with assailants, here we come!
No. 1043961 ID: ece376

A, share Telekinesis. Size shifting means you can shift down to her size now, so convenient!
No. 1043962 ID: 63ae51

A, give TELEKINESIS for reasons i said before along with Himitsu and Donut

She can transform first and use her powers to help us get a high roll on our own dice roll to transform. Tho if that dont work, she is still small enough to hide in places or in our suit to perform her powers stealthyfully to help us. The Power needs concentration after all, and with her hiding out of enemy focus, she can concentrate without distractions from enemies attacking her and cause all sorts of trouble for our enemies

We keep size manipulation and nanobots tho.
No. 1043968 ID: 8483cf

Share telekinesis
No. 1043973 ID: 7c0da2

No. 1043975 ID: 244451

No. 1043977 ID: 629f2e

A, share it!
No. 1044003 ID: 5499f4
File 166343759469.png - (9.84KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

You head into the park, smelling the fresh air and well maintained, but not too frequently cut grass. It’s nice, but you feel a metaphysical tug driving you deeper in. Instead of your favorite spot under a secluded oak tree, you head towards a more overgrown area. There’s the occasional thorn bush, but you just bite it away with your metal jaws, foliage never stood a chance.

Eventually you reach a lightly foliage encrusted shrine to the god of [LUST]. This one interprets her as a stone rabbit bent over the ground with her rear pointed directly at the sky. The legs and arms have some kudzu creeping up them, so you bite them off, cleaning the statue and notice a stone offering plate. You kneel in front of the statue.

You: Hmm, you know, my mom tried to raise me towards [PURITY]
You: But I was always kind of more into [LUST] even if I wasn’t all that religious
You: Certainly spiritual, after all, I’m an inanimate object come alive
You: …
You: I think… I’ll leave this here, to show my gratitude
You: I’ve seen what too much of a good thing can do to a kin.

You focus your intent on your dice, on the TELEKINESIS aspect of it, and tug. It takes a moment, but a second die, similar in size, but PURPLE comes out. You set it down on the plate and mutter your thanks to the gods for the gift of your power.

You: I’m probably being stupid aren’t I?

And then you hear something, it’s barely above a whisper. To you, it almost sounds like a chorus of a million kin moaning, with those moans forming words.

[LUST]: Thank you for the offering my LOVER
[LUST]: Please welcome my LOVING DISCIPLE to her new home
[LUST]: May your [LUST] incite PASSION

There’s a thrum deep in your loins as you hear this voice, your mind grows slightly foggy, but you’re able to keep control for the most part. You almost worry that you’re hallucinating before you see a rip in the very fabric of reality tear open next to you. The air around you distorts and pops uncomfortably as you witness this phenomena.
No. 1044004 ID: 5499f4
File 166343760726.png - (11.38KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

You see a triangularly shaped shortie, a sharply dressed feline, and a rather upset looking fairy talking to each other.

Rude Lawyer: With the rights given to me by the statutes and laws of [NEW CRUST CITY]
Rude Lawyer: You are banished to dimension [08-B], forever to remain
Mean Triangle: Can’t she just come back if she finds a legal portal

A beat passes as the portal widens slightly and you see the fairy get launched through the gate. It closes just as abruptly as it opened, and the fairy sits in front of you, completely exposed and without the glow you’ve heard of in stories. You would say that she’s around 10 cm tall. You also notice that the [DICE OF TELEKINESIS] is missing.

Fairy: Well fuck, how was I supposed to know there was a whole district for orgies and nudity!
You: Uh, Hi, I uh, think god told me to welcome you?
Fairy: Uhhhh, who?
Fairy: Ah! Wait you… you heard [HER]?!?
You: I mean it was like an orgy of noise that vaguely sounded like language?
Fairy: Moistening in your loins? Loss of self control?
You: Not the last part, no
Fairy: Weird, you must have some AMAZING MENTAL STRENGTH
You: Well I do beat up excessively aggressive cat-callers
Donna: Nice, well, I’m Prima Donna, go by Donna though.
Donna: I guess if [SHE] picked you as my partner I’m game

The fairy then explains that in order for her to SURVIVE in this new world she has to form a CONTRACT with someone. The lingering effects of [LUST] slightly cloud your judgment, but you figure she’s giving you better terms than normal since you just heard god’s voice. After listening to her brief tale, you impulsively accept the contract.
No. 1044005 ID: 5499f4
File 166343761741.png - (9.89KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

Donna: So what do you do?
You: Sex worker
Donna: Oh thank [LUST] that’s a thing here?
You: Why wouldn’t it be?
Donna: The universe is vast and some places suck
You: What about you?
Donna: I just look pretty and host sensational sensual siestas!
You: With what money?
Donna: Your money, duh!

You give the fairy some side eye, causing her to vanish into your chest, claiming she’s tired from interdimensional travel and slinks in there next to your comm. Looks like she can hide in there to avoid being spotted. Fairies are rare, but not impossible to find in your world, though ones that can store things in an extradimensional space are just unheard of.

- You start with a Rank [B] relationship with her
- She’ll ask for favors infrequently, but the most common one will be to hang out in your boobs
- She has gained latent Telekinetic capabilities but does not yet know it due to your actions
- See the chart for more details.

You head out of the forest and park, continuing on your trip to the bar, riding this massive high and also feeling the sparks of [LUST] flowing through you. Maybe you can drag one or more of your drinking buddies out for some more salacious activities later.
No. 1044007 ID: 5499f4
File 166343767277.png - (10.86KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

After a moment’s contemplation, you decide something, you WILL tell your friends about your powers. This is non negotiable in your mind, full stop. You TRUST them, you KNOW that they trust you, and you want them to be your CONFIDANTS.

You step into the bar known as the SLEAZY STEVE, easily recognized by the < shaped signboard. Steve is a bit of a weirdo at times, but he gives you discounts because of your tits and can take a punch when he gets to be too much, which is a win in your book.

Josephine: LATE AGAIN HUH?!?
Alberta: Hmm, I think that someone owes everyone a round of shots
Phyllis: I’ll just take a beer thanks
Josephine: Paranoid work’ll call?
Phyllis: Nah, she just has that look in her eyes that makes me think this’ll be work.
You: Sorry I’m late gals! I-Just-The-The coolest thing happened!!

But before you spill the beans, you have a choice: do you reveal DONNA to your companions, or do you keep her a secret?

A. Hide Donna
- The government won't know about her
B. Reveal Donna
- She will help you negotiate for a better deal on your government contract

Bonus: You may ask some questions to these characters, I’ll pick 2 to answer.

No. 1044008 ID: 629f2e

B, reveal Donna and get the best damn deal you can get on this contract.

As for questions, maybe just ask what they've been up to today?
No. 1044009 ID: 903b8f

A., hide Donna. When has the government ever been good at keeping secrets?
No. 1044010 ID: 1d37c6

B, I have a feeling Donna ain't exactly subtle
No. 1044011 ID: a3b25e

Howd you make friends with the government is my main question. Reminisce the time with youe friends.

Second is not important since i think we're find out down the road, but who leads the government agency?
No. 1044013 ID: 36784c


Since you’re going to trust them about your powers, you might as well let them know about Donna.
No. 1044014 ID: 629f2e


^ Exactly that. Hiding Donna specifically doesn't really do much for us when we're gonna be spilling everything else. Keeping a secret like that might negatively impact our personal relationships with these three, while also giving the government reason to think we may be hiding more and thus keeping a closer eye on us.

That, and we wouldn't have her arguing for us to get a better deal on whatever contract we're about to make with them.
No. 1044019 ID: 515982

B, if you keep working with them they'll find out eventually anyway.
No. 1044020 ID: 01fe07


Exactly! We might as well tell them about her, since we're trusting them on our powers!
No. 1044024 ID: 99ca7b

Tell them, you're far too sensible a person to do the whole "two separate friend groups you desperately keep hidden from one another" gig.
No. 1044025 ID: 7c0da2

B. They will learn about her sooner or later anyway.

Question : Is this the first time this happen to someone? If no, do they know why this happens?
No. 1044028 ID: ddec8d

All of this
No. 1044029 ID: e51896


BUT, you're not the one who introduced her. She introduces herself to them instead from her booby cushion.
No. 1044039 ID: 244451

A) I have the sensation that Donna is the kind of person that help better when not helping. (At least in negociations)

-"Yo boys! By any chance do you know about some decent job offer?" (Secretly asking for Donna)
No. 1044085 ID: 5499f4

rolled 8 = 8

Roll for clothing damage!
No. 1044132 ID: 5499f4
File 166355795236.png - (7.25KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

Before you can decide if you were going to introduce DONNA or not, she pops out of your breasts, startling everyone but Phyllis.

Donna: Sup! I smelt booze!
Phyllis: Well, a rare fairy isn’t necessarily work, but is kind of cool.
Josephine: I’ve never seen one in person!
Josephine: That they can fly similarly to a bee on such a small scale is practically magic!
Alberta: Pretty sure it’s some offshoot of radiation though, harmless for the most part.
Donna: But I AM magic!
Alberta: Eh, doubtful.
You: Donna, meet Phyllis, Josephine, and Alberta, they’re cool
Donna: Oooh, a posse!
Donna: So how’d you all meet this sharp broad?
Alberta: I met her at the orphanage, and we met these two in grade school
Josephine: Alberta’s parents gave her up cause she has a rather potent skin condition
Alberta: And weak constitution, compromised immune system, blah blah blah
Phyllis: Josephine joined the crew after asking to cheat off of her history exam too many times
Josephine: It was like THREE… maybe FOUR TIMES TOPS and you know it!

It’s at this moment that Steve pops up to take your order, he oggles your breasts, fairy inside.

Steve: And who might this lady be?
Donna: Is he cool?
You: Definitely not.
Josephine: Hard pass.
Phyllis: Eh, I guess
Steve: Ladies, you’re breaking my heart here!
Donna: Alright lame boy, I want drinks!
You: Round of shots, beer and uh, maybe a mixed drink in a shot glass for her
Donna: OI! I can drink a full glass!
You: Not on my wallet you’re not.
Donna: Well I’m calling in a favor then.

You sigh, feeling a slight compulsion to do so, you can fight it if you need to, but see no reason to. Steve leaves and drops off the drink, but you can feel him glancing occasionally in the direction of your small companion. He’ll get over the mystique of her soon enough.
No. 1044133 ID: 5499f4
File 166355796388.png - (8.23KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

Donna: What about you?
Phyllis: Me? Oh, they always hung around my BROTHER
Phyllis: I was always the big try hard nerd and eventually started hanging with Alberta
Alberta: Phyllis knew I was the smart one after all!
Phyllis: I regret that decision every day.
Josephine: Truly you wound my poetic heart
You: Doubly so, I feel a tear stretching through my immortal soul.
Phyllis: See what I put up with?

The five of you let out a hearty laugh before you get to the heart of the matter. Not wanting STEVE to listen in, you motion for everyone to head back to Phyllis’s place. You eventually arrive and put on some documentary in the background about wolves in captivity.

Alberta: I’m not in the mood for hanky panky tonight Haliey
Donna: Gasp! Not in the mood?!?
Donna: I could never not be in the mood.
Alberta: Oh goddess there’s two of them now.
You: So I met the goddess today
Josephine: Uh huh, the goddess of [LUST] right?
You: I’m serious Josephine, and Donna fell out of a portal!
Donna: It’s true, I did!

Both Alberta and Josephine roll their eyes at your statement, but Phyllis locks eyes with you, looking dead serious.

Phyllis: Interesting, I imagine there’s more?
You: Well I can transform into something right out of a Wanomay now too!
Phyllis: … go on?

You pulled out your dice, tossing it onto the coffee table. It’s rolling clacks against the glass for a few moments before you see it roll an 8. You transform almost instantaneously, and what’s more, you feel… stronger, ridiculously so, your skirt is a bit longer, your helmet’s a bit spikier, and you think MORE skin is being revealed. Nice.

Phyllis: Josephine, unholy shit
Alberta: This… were we wrong?

No. 1044134 ID: 5499f4
File 166355798041.png - (8.84KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

What follows is a rather intensive slew of questions, explanations, curiosities, and promises that you are in fact the same HAILEY MARY that they know and love. You know at this moment that this was the right decision, none of them look at you with fear. Part of their expressions are in awe, but the thing you see the most is shock and trust.

You don’t sleep that night as they rush you to a government bunker and you go through another series of explanations, curiosities, curses, and the like. You’re treated very well, all things considered, and attempts to take your things are met with firm refusal by Phyllis who appears to have a large amount of sway.

Both you and Donna are immediately hired by the government as independent contractors, you for your POWERS, her for the TRANSLATION skills she presented. She refuses to translate text, but knowing more than 10 languages and being verbally proficient has sealed her spot on the team.

At the negotiating table Donna also showcases another skill, her ability to haggle and cut at a contract for better pay and benefits not only for you, but for your HANDLERS, otherwise known as your three companions.

Phyllis: Welcome to the [PARANORMAL RESEARCH DIVISION], [PRD] for short
You: So is this what y’all did before?
Alberta: Well we were mostly accounting and grunt work, except for Phyllis
Phyllis: Eh, my old position doesn't really matter, it’s REDACTED information
Josephine: We’re all in REDACTION territory now y'know
Phyllis: Hmm, yeah, but if it’s all the same I don’t wanna talk about it.

You’ve been hired by a special branch of the government!
- See the chart for specifics
- You will passively gain [2 WEALTH] after every mission due to Donna’s help.
- Donna will now provide tips when you’re commanded by the government so she can be lazier

No. 1044135 ID: 5499f4
File 166355799419.png - (407.49KB , 1200x1812 , TensionP10a.png )


After some extensive testing of your powers, mostly focusing on the NANITES, their capabilities, and whatever else they could come up with, you finally are given a break. The other members of the department will need lots of time to go through all the data and paperwork, so you’re basically free to do whatever.

It’s in this moment, this respite, that you go home, enter your bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror. You think you see something, a purple cat? In the reflection, turning around shows you nothing. Strange, are you hallucinating, or are mysterious phenomena going to keep happening to you.

If it were your normal self, you might hyperventilate at the thought that something bad might happen, you feel slightly shaken, anxiety tinging your thoughts, but not obstructing them. Something is coming, will happen, or is already happening. And you’re probably going to be asked to deal with it.
No. 1044136 ID: 5499f4
File 166355800178.png - (262.26KB , 1200x1594 , TensionP10b.png )

You curl your fist in excitement.

You: Bring it on!!

Pick a Crisis.
No. 1044145 ID: e5709d

Reverse Isekai! Let's crush the bloodied idealism of these deluded middle-class high-school gangsters with your mighty jaws and mightier sex appeal!
No. 1044146 ID: 8483cf

Kaiju kaiju kaiju!
No. 1044148 ID: fce62b

I'd say Kaiju or Space Pirates!
No. 1044149 ID: e51896

Go for the KNOCKOFFS. I feel they are a perfect rival to the government, plus since our allies are with the government, they can help protect our reputation when these jokers try to ruin it (one of the benefits said we won't suffer from bad PR)

Also, the fact they will try to make us reach maximum visibility means more chances for CLOTHING DAMAGE.
No. 1044151 ID: 629f2e

Okay, so originally I was all for Cult of Tension, as that sounded like some Mirai Nikki BS that I was all for.

But I see Eugene.

And I see Hook.

And I am a creature of incredible bias.

I'm equally for The Knockoffs and Reverse Isekai at this point. Just put a half-vote towards both for me please.
No. 1044153 ID: d98cb8

I'm absolutely sold on Reverse Isekai, please and thank you. Let's see weird fantasy shit dropped into this world.

Especially since you just had a friend argue against a fairy being magic!
No. 1044154 ID: 515982

Kaiju! Or reverse isekai, maybe.
No. 1044155 ID: 894419

Reverse Isekai!
No. 1044167 ID: 99ca7b

Hard Mode: All 5 at once, competing with one another.
No. 1044170 ID: 36784c

Kaiju or Space Pirates has my vote.
No. 1044183 ID: ef6b2a

We have size shifting, with enough training we will be able to grow to the same size as them and brawl with them directly!
No. 1044190 ID: bbb04b

Yeah, having the guv'ment on our side seems like a hard counter to the Knock-offs' subgoal; visibility might still be an issue, but we can focus more fully on stopping their primary objective.
No. 1044195 ID: acaa96

oh the fun things we have. Kaiju I'd reckon, not much else use for size growth, AND a good use for those nanobots is still probably reconstruction, and also I wanna use mana-magic against kaiju and see what happens
No. 1044196 ID: ae4094

I see Hook, I vote Reverse Isekai
No. 1044197 ID: a2d88b

I vote the Reverse Isekai!
No. 1044199 ID: d9ada6

Voting Reverse Isekai!
No. 1044200 ID: 74fc3b

Let's go beat up some Kaiju!
No. 1044229 ID: a9af05

Kaiju and Space Pirates sound interesting. But if I have to choose only 1 of them, I'll choose the Kaiju.
No. 1044236 ID: 629f2e

Okay, since this became a pretty two-horse race, I'll just put my full support towards Reverse Isekai.
No. 1044262 ID: bbb04b

I'm in agreement on the sentiment, but not on the destination; changing my vote to Attack of the Kaiju.
No. 1044278 ID: 244451

Reverse Isekai
No. 1044279 ID: bc8f56

One does not usually see reverse isekai, especially as the main focus of the story.

Let's go, baby!
No. 1044282 ID: 4c75f0

I want to fight some giant monsters! Voting for Kaiju!
No. 1044295 ID: 0838d6
File 166371435726.png - (7.58KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

You unclench your fist, releasing a deep exhale. Part of you wonders if the way you're thinking about this means that you're ASKING for a crisis to occur.

You decide that you're focusing too hard on the matter and that you should take a nap, just to clear your head.

This dream, you feel, is different. You float through the abyss, soaring through the inky black cosmos. Eventually, you close in on something twinkling purple in the distance. It's that purple cat thing that you've seen a few times. It doesn't seem to notice you.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: The [8TH CYCLE] approaches.
[PURPLE CREATURE]: [LUST] has intervened.
[PURPLE CREATURE]: And I have been [SEEN].
[PURPLE CREATURE]: Allow me a glimpse into [WHAT MAY BE].

No. 1044296 ID: 0838d6
File 166371437037.png - (9.63KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

A tear in space, not dissimilar to the one Donna came out of appears. At first, it looks like incomprehensible static, but slowly, you are able to pick up images, and weirdly enough, RAW EMOTION.

- Pick 2, the first vote gets 2 points.

- The ones that returned from the future were in some brutal prehistoric fantasy realm.
- They lead a pack of MEGAFAUNA, Kaiju-like furred and feathered beasts.
- They value power and the law of the jungle above all else.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: Huh, some of these beasts look like [PLANETARY PROGENITORS]…

- The ones that returned from the future were in a bronze-age fantasy realm.
- They are led by THE QUEEN, a brilliant tactician, and THE NEEDLE, a proficient warrior
- They are looking for an ancient and inactive font of magic.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: The [QUEEN] and the [NEEDLE] survived this iteration, interesting.

- The few that returned from the future were in a futuristic fantasy realm.
- They are somehow creating the Kaiju-like abominations they send out to the city.
- They act in fear of the whispers they hear from beyond the stars.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: They escaped the [ANCIENT'S] trap, the poor fools.

- The monsters come from an island that is magically protected from anyone that encroaches upon it.
- They are led by the KING OF MONSTERS, a serpentine, dragon-like beast.
- They are seeking energy sources which will allow them to GROW to accomplish some unknown goal.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: What [LUSTFUL] beasts, no wonder.

No. 1044298 ID: 515982

No. 1044299 ID: acaa96

D is both mysterious and interesting
C sounds like a strange balance
No. 1044300 ID: 629f2e

A is my top pick personally, as I'm very neutral on the kaijus. Big monster fights are cool, so B and C would be fine with me too. D is the only one I'm actively against, as that seems more like wrangling animals than fighting against a real malicious force.

Top vote: A, Second vote: C. May flip those if D takes a bigger lead.
No. 1044302 ID: e11ba6

Ranked choice voting time!

I like D, very mysterious and old school. A is my second choice, because it's smaller scale and very cool.
No. 1044304 ID: 99ca7b

D, A.
No. 1044305 ID: 7c0da2

D. That island is simply really intriguing.
No. 1044309 ID: bbb04b

A, followed by C. We get the desired plot-bunny of isekai, while being able to leverage our size-shifting in a conflict we can take full advantage of. (Prefer A because it’s most adjacent to both original premises, and C barely won out against the others with the implied cosmic horror mystery.)
No. 1044315 ID: e5709d

Primary Vote: C
Secondary Vote: B
No. 1044316 ID: 36784c

First vote is for C.

Second vote is for D.
No. 1044328 ID: eb15a3

B, D
No. 1044332 ID: c1c650

C, D
No. 1044347 ID: 515982

(secondary choice: C)
No. 1044349 ID: a2d88b

C, B.
No. 1044351 ID: d9ada6

D, B
No. 1044365 ID: 5ec37b

C , D
No. 1044368 ID: 629f2e


Really was not expecting D to be the leading choice. If we're def having kaijus though, C is my top pick followed by A.
No. 1044369 ID: bf7d5b

D or C
No. 1044372 ID: b9efee

Oh yeah, before the dream ends...

HUG THE PURPLE CAT CREATURE! this is important

(I have not learned my lesson from hugging ancestor in plush quest)
No. 1044374 ID: 244451

A) or C) (but all of those looks fantastic!)
No. 1044504 ID: 5499f4
File 166390212329.png - (9.93KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

You reach your hand out, grasping at these potential futures, as if you could grab one. But nothing happens. You feel yourself being pulled away from this space, thinking longingly about how cool it would be to visit an island of giant monsters.

And then you wake up. You shake your head and rub the sleep out of your eyes, noticing that it's 2PM.

You: Weird dream.
You: Ah well, time to mindlessly scroll CHIRPER

You pull out your comm and check out your favorite social media platform, CHIRPER. People tend to post images and short blurbs of text in bite sized formats. You grab the bag of staples you keep near your bed and begin to munch on them as you look for anything interesting.
No. 1044506 ID: 5499f4
File 166390221989.png - (10.22KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

Porn, pictures of cats, some guy yelling about some political issue, nature photos, sexy pictures of anthropomorphic staplers, you like that one immediately and re-chirp it to your account. Something about some famous musician you don't care about. Weird seismic activity reported in the oceans. Guys talking about radio signals from space - Almost always bogus claims. Oh, a chirp from Josephine. She moonlights as a monster movie practical SFX artist, this picture is of some really excited guy dressed as some sort of CORRUPTED HUMAN with ALIEN-LIKE features from that one RTS about crafting in the stars. You re-chirp that one too. But don’t find anything else of note.

Maybe you should just go out and do something instead, it's your day off!

What do you do on your day off?

A. Go to the Ruffled haunch, your workplace
- Describe a character to add to the setting
B. Go somewhere else
- Describe a location to add to the setting
C. Wander around
- Describe an event to add to the setting

No. 1044507 ID: e51896

I cant think of any new characters, so im just going to request putting Hyun and/or Laverne in there, because those were characters who worked at the Ruffled Haunch in Catalyst and we never met them, and I really want to see them finally


Maybe put Momo in there too, she's been showing up everywhere recently... with Crows permission of course
No. 1044508 ID: a7a180

A. I guess it's a fun place to hang out on your day off!
Jager, the demihuman bouncer (of this establishment or a bar perhaps), is thin as a rail but can fold someone over like a piece of paper. Until today, he's always called you 'shortcut' because he had at most an ear over you in height.
No. 1044509 ID: d98cb8

I'm on board for any Momo sighting, so also A please
No. 1044512 ID: d98cb8

Alternatively, Tenshin-verse Nipha please
No. 1044513 ID: e5709d

A) A plush-object-kin hybrid named Symuntha, whose object form was a furry squeaky ferret plushie with a built-in GPS.
What's interesting about her is that she shouldn't be a kin - as an object, her previous owners (dog-kin) constantly used her as a punching bag and stress relief. They had to be put on suicide watch when the guilt of watching their literal chew toy come to life and sob every second of every day nearly crushed them to bits.
Her special power is that she never gets lost as long as her internal GPS is working.
No. 1044515 ID: 8483cf

B. A ridiculously photogenic local coffee shop full of influencers posing with lattes, but no actual customers.
No. 1044517 ID: 629f2e

A, head to work and meet with one of your coworkers, Naail, who is definitely just Nail from CATALYST. He's an effeminate catboy and the most popular of your male coworkers at the haunch.
No. 1044521 ID: f4beea


It just so happens to be Ladies' Night, which means drinks are half price for women. You also benefit from your employee discount, making everything even cheeper for you!

Because it's Ladies' Night, you get to watch your male coworkers show what they've got. One male in particular is your boss Gavin, (a well endowed Anthro Beast Kin Dragon with a dad bod). It's a rare occurrence to see him up on stage, so it must be a special occasion of some kind!
No. 1044536 ID: bbb04b

A: It’s Ladies’ Night, and between that and the employee discount, drinks are dirt cheap. Talking to Pioggi, the male axolotl anthro-kin that mans the bar, is also fun. He’s kinda low-key pissed at the world, doing his own venting as much as he listens, but he’s good about not going too hard on his customers and coworkers. Male co-workers are supposed to show off tonight, so while he wouldn’t be caught dead on the stage, he does have his uniform mostly undone in a sexy-messy way.
No. 1044559 ID: 26bc39

A. It just so happens to be Gladys Knight, who serves you drinks half off at the bar. She has a cousin named Jack that visits her occasionally.
No. 1044599 ID: a9af05

I like both of these.
No. 1044613 ID: dcb9fb

Momo would be good!

Dad bod dragon boss also sounds fun!

An axolotl buddy is another good one!

Why does everyone have to suggest such good ideas?! I don't know which one to pick!
No. 1044744 ID: 5499f4
File 166415515818.png - (10.98KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

You head out of your one bedroom apartment and take a short walk to the DOWNTOWN area, taking in the sights as you do so. You live just on the edge of a series of skyscrapers, which means there’s quite a few SHOPS around here. You pass by your favorite, a coffee shop that sells dirt cheap brews that no one ever drinks, instead, using them to pose for selfies. You snag one out of the hand of an influencer who just took a selfie.

You: Thank you!
Influencer: WOAH, and would you look at THAT
Influencer: My coffee just got JACKED by this BROAD while I’m on my VACATION!
Influencer: What do YOU, my darling demonic fans think I should do about this?!

Looks like he was streaming, you give him a once over, some kind of demi-human that’s incredibly thin, purple, with DEVIL HORNS and a LONG NOSE. You keep walking, he’s scrawny and just acting like that for clout anyway. You sip on the coffee, it tastes like a vanilla latte.
No. 1044745 ID: 5499f4
File 166415516690.png - (11.10KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

You keep walking, not passing by any stores of note, or getting harassed by anyone asking for change. Though that stopped a while ago after you threw like three guys into a trash can in front of a homeless encampment when they tried to grope you without paying, the nerve of some kin!

You pass by a coworker, Naail. He’s an effeminate catboy and the most popular of your male coworkers at the RUFFLED HAUNCH. He gives you a wave and you stop by him.

You: Yo, what’s good?
Naail: Eh, you know, it’s LADIES NIGHT.
Naail: You coming in for the cheap drinks?
You: You know it!
Donna: I heard talk of drinks!

Donna pops out of your chest and gives Naail a flirty eyebrow wiggle. Nail does not seem surprised by her at all. He gives you an eye roll, no doubt assuming something, probably how awesome you are.

Naail: You two have fun, I’ve got a DATE.
No. 1044747 ID: 5499f4
File 166415519084.png - (13.24KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

You keep wandering and chittering about in conversation with Donna. You pass by several stores selling lewd and shadier products. There’s one store that sells tasers that are 200% stronger than is legally allowed. Nice.

Eventually you reach it, your workplace of very respectable repute. THE RUFFLED HAUNCH. You spy a smoking axolotl off to the side and can hear muttered cursing. Pioggi must be on break, though you would have thought he’d PASS on a night like this since there’d be SO MANY KIN around, likely to set him off. Part of you wonders if he secretly gets off on it, you know some clients certainly do.

You head in and take the space in, it’s been a while after all. The room you enter is a mansion-like foyer, framed with paintings made by local artists of the workers here. There’s quite a few lush seats and tables, to the right is an extensive bar and to the back is a massive stage where your BOSS, Gavin the Dragon, is actually performing some sort of strip-pyrotechnics show. The only other thing of note in the room is that there’s a hallway, some rooms, and a staircase to another floor where much of the same exists.

You toss Gavin a wink and he nods back at you, not stopping his performance, spectated by a decent number of people, so you walk over to the bar, sitting next to a rather buxom white and red fox.
No. 1044750 ID: 5499f4
File 166415521220.png - (11.53KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

You: Oh, you’re a new face!
Fox: Or I’m a significantly older face you haven’t been acquainted with.
Fox: Momo, a pleasure.
You: Hailey, pleasure to pleasure you.
Momo: Oh, one as spirited as yourself works here?
You: Ah, slip of the tongue, yeah, I’m off duty, just here to drink and schmooze

Donna plops out on the table and floats over to the bartender, who seems surprised, and follows her back to your space.

Gladys: Ah, if it isn’t my second favorite object-kin
Gladys: Appearing once again on half-off ladies night, like clockwork
You: Wait, I got demoted!?!?!?
Donna: Hah, sucks to suck!
Gladys: Yup, I found a much cooler Lamp-girl who is quite bright
You: Oh, just cause I’m a bit DIM that means I lost in the race?
Donna: Less talky, more drinky, then as much talky as inhumanly possible!
Gladys: So this is?
Donna: Donna, give me a dumpster fire on the rocks
Gladys: That’s like 3 energy drinks and a mixed cocktail y’know
Donna: Yes.
Momo: Ah, spirits drinking spirits, I’ll have the same!
You: Man I don’t want to start off that strong, something lighter please
Gladys: Two dumpster fires and a quick and easy, coming right up

No. 1044751 ID: 5499f4
File 166415522147.png - (11.35KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

Gladys quickly makes the three of you drinks, and hovers around for a moment to chat, before getting to the slowly growing queue of clients.

You: So, what’s new?
Gladys: Long lost cousin came into town.
You: No shit, wait, I thought she died, Jack or something?
Gladys: Yeah, turned out the ID was wrong, even went to her funeral
Gladys: Turned out they buried a different unidentified corpse, super weird
You: Where was she?
Gladys: Dunno, but Beaky’s ecstatic that she’s back
Gladys: Though he’s getting obsessed with KAIJU lately for some reason.
You: …

The conversation dies out after that, you nurse your drink, feeling a bit weird about that statement. You hear a scuffle in the breakroom you know to be behind the bar. Pioggi maybe? Gladys heads back there, but before you can say anything about it, Momo cradles her breasts and bends towards you, speaking up.

Momo: So tell me, what does one as young, sharp, and vivacious as yourself do for fun?

A. Flirt with Momo
- Suggest something to do for fun
- It doesn’t have to be sexual

B. Go check on Pioggi
- Donna will flirt with Momo instead
- Go find out why he’s so pissed

C. Skip the fluff, I want Kaiju
- Time will skip forward slightly
- You will reach the site of a Crisis in progress

No. 1044752 ID: e51896

I wanna hang out with Momo. Really do.

But B. After getting that Tension suit, you're feeling a bit heroic, so you Better take care of our coworker
No. 1044753 ID: 8483cf

Agreed, as fun as Momo is, we've got disturbances to dis-disturb
No. 1044754 ID: d98cb8

B, sadly.

As much as flirting with me would absolutely delight, it seems like you've got hero work to do!

Maybe I'll see if Donna has what it takes! She does seem incredibly thirsty, after all~
No. 1044755 ID: a7a180

A. You and Donna can be the angel and devil on Momo's shoulders. But which witch is which?
No. 1044798 ID: 1cb3cb

No. 1044805 ID: ca633f

B. You're a hero now, get used to disturbances that start at the worst possible time.
No. 1044885 ID: 0838d6
File 166432121626.png - (11.34KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

Disturbances during inconvenient moments truly means that you're becoming a hero, right? You HAVE to go check it out. What if it's some sort of CLUE related to a CRISIS. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, he's just a coworker that is probably breaking something, but it doesn't HURT to help out Gladys in case it is a problem.Plus you’ve got a bit of CONFIDENCE now that you have SUPERPOWERS.

You: I usually go to the park to relax, but uh brb
Donna: Wow, leaving this bountiful babe alone with just lil' old me huh?
Momo: That's okay, I respect a woman who cares for her coworkers

You head back into the break room, the wallpaper is a striped maroon and black. On the walls are various posters about workplace safety, boring legal stuff, and various pinned photos of everyone who works here in hilarious positions with various clients.

Your vision glazes over the tables, chairs, fridge, counter, and disposable cutlery to the corner by some lockers and a door. There's a visible dent in one of them and you see Gladys wiggling a finger at a simmering Pioggi.

Gladys: This is the third time you fuck, you know-
Pioggi: Yeah, yeah I know, at least it wasn't a WALL this time
Pioggi: And it was MY locker
Gladys: Dude I even offered to PAY for ANGER MANAGEMENT classes
Pioggi: I don't need CLASSES for that
Pioggi: I just hate being GASLIT and no one BELIEVING me
Gladys: Hailey, perfect timing, come talk some sense into this guy
You: Yo, sup, I'm in a snoopy mood, what's going on
Pioggi: Ok, sure, whatever, I'll give you the brief version
Gladys: Your brief versions can sometimes be novels

No. 1044886 ID: 0838d6
File 166432123038.png - (9.50KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

Pioggi: Pedant. Fine. The BRIEFEST version.
Pioggi: On a boat with my sister.
Pioggi: Saw a misty island.
Pioggi: Took a shitty picture of it.
Pioggi: Big wave hit.
Pioggi: Saw some sorta megafauna.
Pioggi: Comm fell in the water.
Pioggi: Sister and her beaux refuse to believe me.
Pioggi: No one else does either.
You: So you're... mad no one believes you saw... a rare, possibly extinct progenitor species
You: And a spooky mystery island that you could have pointed out when your sis came to check
You: I mean anything's possible

The two look at you in shock, as if you just birthed a fully grown child from your maw and did a dance on the table.

You: What?
Pioggi: Great, YOU are the one who believes me, YOU.
You: I reiterate. What?
Gladys: C’mon Hailey, floating island, extinct species?
Gladys: I was expecting you to suggest he get into writing fantasy dramas or something
You: So what if I have a flair for the dramatic sometimes
You: Who's to say he didn’t see that, unless you were on drugs.
You: Are you on drugs Pioggi?
Pioggi: No, I-
You: Then go get a backup of the cloud data when you get a new comm
You: And show us that picture, and the problem is solved!
Pioggi: …
Pioggi: Maybe I will…

No. 1044889 ID: 0838d6
File 166432128525.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Gladys: I… was not expecting that quick of a de-escalation.
Pioggi: So uh, can you cover my shift while I go do that

You give Pioggi a leveled glare, tilting your head so that one eye can get a really good look at the man.

You: Text me the photo later, though, allright?
Pioggi: I’ll just Chirp it at you.

You get the feeling that this may actually have something to do with an incoming CRISIS. But it’s purely conjecture at this point in time. You’ll receive a NOTIFICATION when Pioggi has more info on the situation. You return back to the bar, where Gladys joins you. And Pioggi heads off to the SECOND FLOOR. Probably to pleasure a client he left bound and gagged up there. Momo and Donna are nowhere to be found, but you find a napkin saying that they went to the BARCADE by the DOCKS to try to win PLUSHIES. Dammit, they couldn’t have waited like 5 minutes? There’s this rad STAPLER plush you’ve been eying for MONTHS.

Gladys: So, gonna stick around?
You: Shrug, we’ll see

You pull out your comm, it’s a notification from ALBERTA.

Alberta: At the beach house
Alberta: Josephine got me this new skin cream, goes under the feathers
Alberta: It’s disgusting and goopy and like slime, you’d love it
Alberta: Need moral support she’s gonna EXPERIMENT again
Alberta: Josephine says “Hi, sunglasses emoji, thumbs up emoji”
Alberta: Josephine also says “I don’t mean the literal emojis but the word emoji, to be clear”

A. Spend time with JOSEPHINE and ALBERTA at the BEACH HOUSE
- Head to the beach
B. Go find DONNA and MOMO at the BARCADE
- Head to the docks
C. Other
- Suggest something else to do

No. 1044890 ID: a7a180

To the barcade!
No. 1044893 ID: 629f2e

Barcade. There'll be time to hang with your government pals later.
No. 1044895 ID: 02a9d6

B. Go get that stapler plush!
No. 1044900 ID: 8483cf

To the barricade! I mean, the barcade!
No. 1044902 ID: 49e2b5

No. 1044904 ID: f6770d

A. Alberta needs our help!
No. 1044908 ID: bbb04b

Yeah, we can't just leave Alberta in the lurch.
No. 1044912 ID: e5709d

B) You are not dealing with creme de la shenanigans today. You are dealing with sex problems today.
No. 1044938 ID: 0441fc

Both A and B are moving us over towards the ocean. I'm guessing our first Kaiju encounter is going to happen soon after we spend some time at one of those locations.

Let's go check out what your government friends are doing.
No. 1044966 ID: 36784c

No. 1045047 ID: 0838d6
File 166449014054.png - (11.26KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

You: That's a big negatory m'lady
Gladys: Ugh, that's so cringe, please don't
You: What dost thou mean good madam?
Gladys: Okay okay go, I'll pay for your drinks this time
You: Yessssssss

You head out, successfully dodging paying for those drinks after helping her out of a SITUATION. Being a HERO has its perks sometimes, huh? You also shoot Alberta a text saying that you’re gonna pass, hanging out with DONNA and some BIG TITTY FOX LADY. You immediately get a CLIPCLOP video in response of both Alberta and Josephine practically covered in goop waving in this sort of back and forth 3 second motion.

You dip, duck and weave through the city proper, regretting how you never bought SKATES or a SICK MOTORCYCLE, even a MOPED would be fine really. But on the bright side you get awesome toned thighs from all the walking when you don't bus anywhere. You eventually reach the barcade known as VIDEO JAMES. It's run by this fox beast-kin game developer tycoon from WANO called VIDEO JAJIMA. Well, you say run, more like he just has it as a pet project and pays kin to run it and sometimes test out his new, experimental JAMES as he calls them. He works on the floor above the barcade.
No. 1045049 ID: 0838d6
File 166449018477.png - (11.25KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

As you get around half a block away you can hear the thrum, beeping, and noise of the barcade and its patrons. Sure it's a little loud, but it's got AMBIENCE. You head to the door, but are stopped by a bouncer, they're a new face.

Bouncer: ID, m'aam
You: Here ya go, though I haven't been ID'd in years
Bouncer: It's uh... policy to ID all Object-Kin, sorry
You: That's a weird policy, that none of the other bouncers ever mentioned
Bouncer: Uh, there was an INCIDENT, one of BIG BOSS'S uh
Bouncer: Friend's cameras turned into an object-kin when in the barcade
Bouncer: Wants to make sure that no minors get in
You: Wooooaaaaaahh, so cool!!!!
Bouncer: I hear you're a close knit community, maybe visit the OBJECT-ORPHANAGE
Bouncer: He's pretty precocious, and I bet he'd like to meet an ADULT and GOOD INFLUENCE
Bouncer: He’s around 13 if we go by object-years
You: Guess I could go see MAMITA and the OBJECTLINGS, it's been a hot minute

The bouncer passes your ID back to you, and nods at you, you head in. The inside is filled with flashing lights, the sound of change, and excited adults whooshing back and forth to various machines, bars, and tables.
No. 1045050 ID: 0838d6
File 166449019506.png - (10.11KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

You do a quick walk around the main room. The balcony is open, and you think you can hear the sound of flirting. It's probably MOMO and DONNA! That spot always has a lovely view of the upcoming sunset, so it’s a good DATE spot. There's also that STAPLER PLUSH stuck in that blessed claw machine that you wanted to try to beat. Or maybe you could get some drinks and just chill.

A. Watch the sunset with DONNA and MOMO
- There will be light to heavy petting and smooches
- Maybe you can do something to make the mood extra spicy

B. Get the plush
- 75% chance of success
- Maybe you can do something to increase the odds

C. Other
- Do something else
- You’ll probably play some arcade machines as well

You: Oh man I want that plush....
You: But friends and smooches…
You: Oooooohhhh choices…

EDMANGO: Time to introduce a new mechanic, DESIRE. Hailey wants to do things, and will get a [1 VOTE] of her own. [2 Votes] if there are 10 or more suggestions. This is just to help break ties.
No. 1045052 ID: 629f2e

A, smooches and pets!

> Maybe you can do something to make the mood extra spicy?

Donna could get naked? She's small, nobody would notice.
No. 1045054 ID: a7a180

A, but you can probably do B real quick if you or Donna just sneak into the claw game to nab that plushie.
No. 1045079 ID: 9b1ec9

See if Donna can cheer you on (and maybe find out she has telekinesis in the process, and help you win... but for the price of sharing the plush with her. Awww maaaaaaan...
No. 1045081 ID: 36784c


>Maybe you can do something to increase the odds
Telekinesis would help here.
No. 1045083 ID: 15c72a

Um yeah A.
No. 1045095 ID: 3fe471

B. Try your telekinesis to get the plush to stay in the claw's grasp.
No. 1045114 ID: 84a59e

B, don't cheat.
No. 1045121 ID: a9af05

B. Get that plush and show it off to your friends.
No. 1045160 ID: 7ffd6f

B. Use your Nanobots to help the claw grab your prize.
No. 1045178 ID: 5499f4

rolled 94 = 94

SCORE TO BEAT - 25 or higher

12 or less = failure
No. 1045187 ID: 5499f4
File 166466621891.png - (7.97KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

It’s a no brainer, you’re going for that darn plush! But you need the moral support, time to use the power of guilt on your selfish boob-resting friend! You quickly walk out of the balcony and slowly peek your head out of the corner.

You: Doooooooonnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa
Donna and Momo: *Giggling and vague flirting*
You: Doooooooonnnnnaaaaaaaaa you leeeeeeefttt meeeeeee
Donna: eeeEEP!

You poke your whole body and jump out, startling Donna, but not Momo. She lets out a cute little squeak, nice.

You: You couldn’t have waited 5 minutes!
Donna: Well I dunno how long you take in back rooms!
You: I said I’d be right baaaaack

You pout slightly, or whatever it is that approximates as a pout that your giant metal maw can handle. You’re not really mad, but you have to sell it.
No. 1045188 ID: 5499f4
File 166466622791.png - (8.36KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

You: In order to make it up to me now you have to offer moral support as I CLAW
Donna: But smoocheeeeeees
You: I’m calling in a FAVOR then!
Donna: GASP, that’s MY thing!
You: Smooches are forever, but stuffed creatures stuck in machines are fleeting.
Momo: I’ve treasured our time together.
Momo: But I understand when one must attend to their companions.
You: You know you can join us right, this isn’t like exclusionary
You: Like you can get back to smooching after.
Momo: OH.
Momo: Then let us claw some machines ladies!
Donna: I’m not a fan of delayed gratification.
You: I’ve trained in the art of EDGING you see, it builds TENSION.

You let out a cackle the likes of which the world has definitely seen before. There’s a slight quake in the ground as you say that, but no one else seems to notice it. Weird. You head inside and quickly slide up to the machine.
No. 1045189 ID: 5499f4
File 166466623526.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

It’s got two buttons, one for moving horizontally and one for vertical movement, it’s a classic Wano design. You crack your knuckles and twist your back, cracking it too. And then you begin. You’ve got some cash, so you give it a trial grab, you miss terribly, but now you’re calibrated.

You: You’re mine you hot plush you
Donna: Is it weird that you think staplers are hot and you eat staples?
You: Probably
Momo: Oh, so you push the buttons to move the claw?
You: Yeah, the pressure the claw puts on the plush when it grabs is random though
Momo: That sounds delightfully unfair
You: Yessss it’s part of the charm!

You give it another go, nearly getting it the second time. The ladies coo in excitement as you watch, but you catch Donna smirking out of the corner of your eye. Which, to be fair, is most of your vision since you have to tilt your head just to coordinate where the claw goes. You see the claw wiggle slightly unnaturally, but not to help you! Oh no!

Just as it’s about to clamp down, the claw seems to face resistance before snapping with the strength that only the RNG of hundreds of bux of other kin’s money can produce. Hooray!!! You see Donna crane her back in shock before switching gears and congratulating you with Momo.

Donna: Woah, that machine is crazy strong, it like grasped it!
You: The Number gods allowed me to win this day, thank you RNGeezus.
Momo: May I try?

No. 1045190 ID: 5499f4
File 166466624415.png - (11.50KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

You take your prize and bend over in your best impression of a royal from the 1300s. Momo bends at the knee and curtsies before giggling and heading over to the machine. Donna seems to have finally gotten in the mood for games after watching you, and tries to help Momo out by guiding the claw from the teeny tiny space between the machines. The other prizes don’t really call your attention, inside are plushies of various object supplies, bootleg slimes, and one CAT WITCH that you overlooked.

Momo: I want that cat!
Momo: She reminds me of somebody I used to know.
You: You got this girl!

You cradle your red stapler plush and give it a squeeze as you provide tips and enjoy the atmosphere of the game. This is nice, though that quake you felt earlier is slightly concerning.
No. 1045191 ID: 5499f4
File 166466625127.png - (9.98KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

Your eyes wander to the windows of the place occasionally, almost like you’re hoping for something to happen. Not that you’d want something bad to happen to your favorite barcade, but an earthquake? That only you felt? That sounds like GIANT MONSTERS to you, but what could it be?

How TALL is it?
- Can be no taller than 3 meters
How LONG is it?
- Can be no longer than 5 meters
What does it DO?
- Can have no more than 2 gimmicks

BONUS: How does it expose its presence to you?
WARNING: One trait of said creature WILL carry forward or be iterated upon on other Kaijus

No. 1045194 ID: 99ca7b

3 x 5 Berzerker, and it's skull looks vaguely like a holepunch.
No. 1045199 ID: e5709d

3X3 meters
This disgusting kaiju looks like a centauroid octopus with most of its tentacles centered around its mouth, with a giant portal inside its throat. It also has weird protrusions throughout its skin attempting to feebly suck anything.
Portal Fiend: Once per battle, spews out Travelers from another dimension.
Elan's Musk: Spews forth a continuous stream of evaporating mucus that causes the Berserk status effect when absorbed via skin contact.
Let's get some Horned into this fight!
No. 1045200 ID: 629f2e

3 X 5 Meters, and it introduces itself by singing. It actually has a very nice voice, if it wasn't loud enough to shatter glass it'd be pleasant.
No. 1045201 ID: 8483cf

1 meter tall, 5 meters long. It is SNEK.

It fights by trying to either constrict opponents or poison them with its venom.

It's not just a regular SNEK though, it can burrow underground like a worm.
No. 1045204 ID: 536b91

1 x 5 snake, with a head at each end. Only one of the heads has a brain inside, the other is a bait (but it can bite you just fine). It likes to pretend to be injured when it's not to trick its preys.
It introduces itself with a ringing noise.
No. 1045205 ID: 7ffd6f

3 tall X 2 long

It looks like a giant pufferfish with arms and legs.

>What does it DO?
It acts like a pufferfish and balloons itself out before exhaling hard enough make winds strong enough to tip over cars! (If it can tip over a car, then imagine how bad it is for the people! They'd be sent flying!)

It can also suck up ocean water and spit it out hard enough to punch a hole through the wall of a building!
No. 1045217 ID: e51896


>>1045201 >>1045204

I like the snek idea, especially if it's two headed, one on each side

one thing I'll change is that its venom is NOT actually poisonous, but its actually more like a solvent that can dissolve things like clothing and cause some pain if contacted with the skin. but thankfully, since its a low level monster, it can only spit minor venom, not a whole lot, or its venom is kinda weak causing only minor pain or clothing damage.

It lets itself be known by some pest exterminators having trouble getting rid of it, probably giving up and running away screaming after realizing this is no normal snake.

Also, idea: maybe one of the heads of the snake kaiju looks somewhat like noodle from SHARDS for some reason?

Be sure to text our government buddies about what is going on.
No. 1045236 ID: b5f2af

One-headed snake monster, 3 x 5 meters. She has a long tongue for yanking creatures into arm’s reach and two glowing weak points that can shoot LASERS.
No. 1045251 ID: 01fe07

The first monster is usually silly looking, so I'm supporting this one.
No. 1045268 ID: a9af05

I'm good with either of these.
No. 1045373 ID: 0838d6
File 166482454804.png - (9.12KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

You think about how funny it’d be to fight a giant puffer-fish snake with tentacles that shoots out minions with berserk mucus and shatters glass with its voice. Okay, maybe you’re spending too much time with Josephine. You then hear a chiming, almost like a bell on a collar. It’s distinct from the rest of the barcade, but once again, it appears that only you hear it. And then you catch the glimpse of something, that purple cat. It walks out of a side door. You mutter a late brb to your companions and head outside. The alleyway you find yourself in is moist and the air is humid from being so close to the dock, you twist to and fro before catching another glimpse of the cat, this time it runs behind a van in the distance. You start to head towards it but then read the text on the van.

COCK AND REX-TERMINATORS - “We get rid of FOWL infestations”
Above is a stylized picture of an Insect-kin roach and a Wing-kin rooster.

You dismiss the truck and dash behind it, the purple cat vanishing into thin air.

You: Goddess bless it, where is that-
Distant Sound: That is NOT wh- [inaudible] -ned up for
Distant Sound: Shit’s bur- [inaudible] - go go!
Distant Sound: Hissssssss

No. 1045374 ID: 0838d6
File 166482458692.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

You move quickly towards the source of the noise and duck around the corner a few meters away. In front of you is a dock and a sandbank, you try to listen again.

Distant Sound: Fuck *pant* sewer jo- *pant*
Distant Sound: *crash*
Distant Sound: My COMM!
Distant Sound: ForgetthedamnCOMM!

The sound of wet footsteps gets closer and you realize that it’s coming from UNDER the dock. You hop down the sandback and get under the wooden planks to see a large, open, metal grate. There are flashes of light from what you could only imagine are a few flashlights.

Distant Sound: The exit!

Two forms rush past you, a slightly obese rooster whom you assume to be cock and an extremely thin female anthropomorphic roach whom you assume to be Rex. Both of them are in various states of slight undress, their clothes looking like they were melted, hanging on by a thread.

Rex?: Thanksgottagobye
Cock?: Fucking *pant* hate *pant* snaaaakes
Rex?: That’sracistasfuckbutIagreerightnowfuckfuckfuck

No. 1045377 ID: 0838d6
File 166482467157.png - (10.17KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

They drop their remaining extermination tools, a big fumigation pack, large flashlight, and a halfway melted toolbox. Various tools spill out and the torch falls, conveniently highlighting the entrance to the sewer. And then you see it. From the distance you can’t tell how long it is, but you can tell that it’s about a meter tall snake, reaching around half your height. It rears its body back at the light before turning and facing you, hissing violently, but refusing to move forward.

You: …
Snake: …
You: …
You: Well, better than the alternative I guess.
Snake: Hissssssss

You pull out your comm and hit the Emergency App you were told to download by the government. It takes a few moments before your screen turns a bright red, to which the snake responds by spitting at you. At this distance you dodge it with ease, but see it melt the sand near your feet very slowly. Hmm.

A. Engage the beast
- It won’t have a chance to get deeper into the sewers
- What’s your opening gambit?

B. Wait for backup
- It will retreat deeper into the sewers
- You will get an opportunity to ask questions to Cock and Rex

C. Other
- Do something else, contact someone else, or ask specific questions
- The more things you do, the harder it will be to find the snake
- STATS PAGE: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

You: RNGeezus it’s dark in there, and the sun is setting…
You: Maybe I can bait it out here?
You: But that might be BAD for the CITY if I fuck up…

No. 1045381 ID: e5709d

Fire staples into the beast's hide and retreat. Track them down later.
No. 1045384 ID: 8430b6

Initial thoughts, I think I'll choose A, cant let it cause damage down here and lose it. We gotta keep it here until backup arrives.

Spaghetti here seems to hate the light, which is probably why it isnt coming out, and responded negatively to the red light from our COMM. As an opening gambit, try to blind it with the flashlight aiming for the eyes, or the fumigation pack, and then while it's disoriented, TRANSFORM!
No. 1045389 ID: 1aeac2

A, you should jump in headfirst to your first big adventure. Roll the dice on making a splash!
No. 1045414 ID: 36784c


Use your awesome toned thighs to help you dodge attacks! Look for an opportunity to throw sewer water into its mouth with your telekinesis, then roll your dice and transform!
No. 1045415 ID: 8483cf

A, transform and ride the beast like a true teenage mutant ninja staple remover
No. 1045420 ID: dcead9

If the staples can do that I thinks it's a good idea. It's better to interrogate the exterminators before they have the chance to forget or confuse things.
No. 1045432 ID: e51896

We gave our telekinesis to Donna. Also, we can only use our powers when we transform.
No. 1045435 ID: 36784c

I thought the vote for that said we were only going to share that power with Donna? Sharing would imply letting her have some of it, not giving all of it to her!

>we can only use our powers when we transform.

Size Shifting and Telekinesis can be used whenever we want. The Nanobots can only be used while transformed.
No. 1045438 ID: e51896

Sorry about that, I might have gotten confused. When it said in the chart >>1043836 that "maybe with enough practice, you can emulate these capabilities outside the suit", it gave me the impression that that right now we can only use our powers when transformed and can only use them outside if we practice enough.
No. 1045439 ID: e303a1

Remember that Donna literally used her telekinesis earlier without a tension suit!
No. 1045440 ID: 7c0da2

I thought the nanobots were permanently grafted to the body but the size shifting require the suit?
Can't Donna just activate the suit anyway if it's needed?
No. 1045446 ID: 657851

>Sharing would imply letting her have some of it, not giving all of it to her!
Yeah, I thought sharing meant we'd just start at a Proficiency lower than C and we'd still have it, but it looks like we just completely gave away all of the Telekinesis to Donna.

I'm pretty sure this confusion is unintentional from when the mechanics of the quest were being made and will be clarified by the quest author(s) later.

>I thought the nanobots were permanently grafted to the body but the size shifting require the suit?
The Nanobots were permanently grafted to the suit and requires transforming to use them. The Size Shifting can be used without transforming.
No. 1045448 ID: 0838d6
File 166490426021.png - (7.50KB , 500x500 , a0.png )

EDMANGO NOTE: First off, pic unrelated, have a picture of an alternate Hailey transformation that I had tippler concept, back before I knew how I wanted her helmet to work.

Updated the stat page with relevant info on what you can do in and out of the suit with powers, also let me clarify direct questions.

You can control your nanobots only when in suit, so if you de-transform you will lose control of them, turning them into HARMLESS dust (no iron bits in your lungs). I will also say for the sake of narrative convenience if the staples are reasonably far away from you they will stop functioning/turn into dust.

The chart itself says gift, I used the word share, to clarify, Donna has the Telekenesis now and Hailey does not. She's figuring it out and is fairy sized, as of right now she cannot transform.

You can size shift between 150-200cm when outside of the suit since you have yet to train, and between 30-300cm when inside the suit

Nanobots can only be used when transformed, yes, I decided that after tallying the votes and reading the vibes of what everyone said.

EDMANGO NOTE: I wanted to leave some things unclear for the sake of exploring them through the narrative but will clarify this for now so people do not get confused.

No. 1045456 ID: 7c0da2

Thanks for the explanations.

A. First grab the flash light the exterminators left behind and then transform to get access to the full extent of your powers. And get ready to shift your size down to dodge.
No. 1045457 ID: 657851

>A. Engage the beast
Those teeth aren't just for show. Bite the monster!
No. 1045464 ID: e5709d

A) Fire your nanomachines into the beast's mouth. Get them to puncture the acid glands (or staple them shut) and this fight is as good as won.
No. 1045503 ID: 5499f4

rolled 4 = 4

No. 1045511 ID: 5499f4
File 166500056005.png - (9.00KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

Comms (speakerphone): Comms here, Operative Theta can I get a sitrep?
You: If it gets further into the sewers it could DAMAGE the city
You: And we’d be none the wiser
Comms: *Ahem* Sitrep, please.
Snake: *SPIT*
You: Little busy, giant snake, sewer entrance, acid spit
Comms: Acknowledged, backup en route.

It’s a standoff between you and the beast. You think you see a twinkling of eyes further in the distance, could there be more of them? And it’s so damned dark here, you pick up the nearby discarded flashlight and point it right at the beast, hoping blind it for a moment.

Snake: *SCREECH*

It seems to be working, so you stick your palm into your cleavage, pulling out the now familiar ruby octahedron. You toss it behind you, not bothering to look as it rolls a FOUR. The telltale clacking of dice echoes throughout the chamber and you strike a pose from your favored CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT discipline, Muay Thai.

No. 1045512 ID: 5499f4
File 166500057034.png - (7.85KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

The dice vanishes, and an aura of violent ruby energy crackles at the edges of your frame. Your clothes vanish for a nanosecond, imperceptible to even the fastest of cameras the government could afford, and instead the ruby energy coats your body for a few moments before discharging.

You stand, still lightly glowing as you take a moment to appreciate your new gloves, thigh high heels, revealing skirt, something reminiscent of a one-piece swimsuit, and helmet. A thrum of this energy pulses through you and you feel nearly giddy with excitement, maybe it’s from the thought of fighting this thing, or from the suit, or a combination of both, but you’re ready.

The snake glares at you, having regained its sight, but also looks confused, like it’s looking for someone else. It’s now looking for the other you, perfect!
No. 1045513 ID: 5499f4
File 166500057973.png - (9.18KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

You start running towards it, charging a SIZE SHIFT, waiting for the right moment. The snake reels back and attempts to take a bite at you, but misses as you release your charged SIZE SHIFT and shrink down to half your size. The creature flies over you, and allows you to get a good look at its full size. It’s around 5 meters long and- *CRASH*

You get knocked back against the wall by its tail, no wait, by its head?

Snake Head 2: Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss

Taking in its appearance in full using the flashlight lets you see that it does in fact have two heads, one on either end of its body. It appears each head can move independently and things might have just gotten more complicated. You gradually shift back to your normal height and instead direct your NANOBOTS towards the beast. Staples start to flow from your skirt, revealing more of your toned thighs and sparkling in the light. In fact, the nanobots sparkle so much that it’s making the snake rather uneasy.
No. 1045514 ID: 5499f4
File 166500059853.png - (8.71KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

The snake is trying to stay away from the sparkling nanobots, so you can’t get it into its mouth to pull off your cool gambit, which would likely disable its venom sacks, or better, allow you to rupture its internal organs. You duck and weave, eventually stationing yourself with your back to the dark sewer. A sound comes from inside of your helmet, apparently the thing absorbed your COMM.

You: Okay, so you’re scared of the light, nocturnal, great, and it’s almost nighttime…
Comms: Backup ETA - 2 updates
Comms: Command has issued a SUBDUE not KILL order
You: You try subduing a giant snake with acid, why don’t you!
Comms: Operative Theta, a live subject will help us prevent ongoing and future crises

There’s still a bit of light out, so the snake is hesitant to flee into the city proper, and it’s looking desperate. You can expect it to FLEE or GO ALL OUT against you depending on your next move.

- Rewards and Penalties will be distributed upon mission completion

A. Injure the beast
- 75% chance to be hit with acid and be partially naked
- Will allow you to staple shut it’s acid glands
- Will increase the likelihood of the beast dying at the end of the conflict
- Depending on your actions, it could rush past you into the sewers

B. Corral the beast
- 50% chance of being hit with acid be partially naked
- Skip to 2 updates later
- The beast will flee out of the docks and into your backup of unknown quality
- Will expose you and giant monsters to the public

C. Other
- Do something else
- Different tactics can REDUCE or INCREASE any %(d100) chance die roll s
- https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1045516 ID: a2d88b

(sorry no idea for C)
B. We can't risk it retreating to the sewers, and trying to keep this under wraps may cause more problem than it solves (if people know about monsters the govt can open a hotline for them to report sightings)
No. 1045517 ID: 9b127b

No. 1045518 ID: d98cb8

I'm a sucker for nudity, you tease.

A, absolutely
No. 1045519 ID: 19da02

Definitely B
No. 1045520 ID: 7c0da2

B. We need it alive. And invading its body to staple its organs is a bit cruel, the poor thing hasn't actually done anything yet.
Exposing our existence is not a big deal, the agency takes care of the PR. Or of the cover up I guess.
No. 1045521 ID: 3ed4a9

No. 1045526 ID: f4315b

C One of the exterminators lost their comm in the sewers. If you find it nearby, grab it and use one flashlight to blind one head, and the comm's flashlight to blind the other head. Should keep it disoriented for a bit to stall time for backup without hurting it.

Otherwise, if C doesnt get enough votes, then change my vote to A instead. Maybe we can still use the double flashlight tactic with A too.

Double flashlight trick might work with B too, but B isnt my choice. Whatever choice is chosen, do that two flashlights tactic to lower any percentage of failure.
No. 1045528 ID: fe8ffd

C: Size shift up, and while the outward head is blinded and the inward head is harassed by staples grab the outer head and slam dunk it in the sewer water, putting one side out of commission and letting you wrangle the other one head at a time.
No. 1045529 ID: a9af05

C. Use the Nanobots to wrap around both snakes' snouts to hold them closed and prevent them from spitting acid.

If you can't get both of them at the same time, then focus on one at a time.
No. 1045534 ID: 15c72a

B. Use that backup, and prevent the worst case scenario to boot. Keeping this away from public view isn't a good long term plan, as there will be more.
No. 1045598 ID: 36784c

>Operative Theta
Oh hell no! That is not going to be our superhero name! We have to think of a better one!


Have the Nanobots swarm one head to try and put a muzzle on it like >>1045529 suggested. Both of the heads will be distracted by this, which will give you a chance to Size Shift yourself bigger. But don’t go too big! You don’t want to hit your head on the ceiling!

Then use your toned thighs to deliver some kicks to the head that isn’t being muzzled by the Nanobots to try and knock it out.
No. 1045600 ID: e5709d

>Superhero Name
Something MGSy. Fanged Gosling?

C) Hm... it has two heads.
Blind one, crush the other. You'll still have a full set of organs to vivisect.
No. 1045718 ID: 47ff7a

Probably too late to post this, but Another idea i had for any idea we do for any of the choices:
Summon a bunch of staples, and then shine lights at them, the shine the staples cause fromtl the light will be bright enough to blind the monster maybe

Whatever we do, take the exterminators comm if you happen to see it, would be nice to return it.
No. 1045719 ID: 0838d6

rolled 89 = 89

-20 SIZE SHIFT UP (penalty)

No. 1045722 ID: 0838d6
File 166516471398.png - (7.98KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

You think about what the creature has done, at this point it’s only acting in self defense, and it’s kind of cute, so hurting it would make you feel a little bad… But it’s also a large monster that can spit acid and definitely has a kin-shaped diet given its size, carnivorous heritage, and possible caloric intake. You might be making a mistake in this, but you decide to attempt to CORRAL and DELAY it. You take a step to the right, noticing a discarded comm. Picking it up, you see that it has 10% battery left, good enough. You flick on the built in FLASHLIGHT, thankfully that doesn't require unlocking it, and use both of your collected lights to blind the creature’s two heads.

Snake Head 1: *SHRIEK*

In its moment of distraction, you do two things. First you start to shift, growing so that you’re only about a half- meter from hitting the ceiling with your head, just to give yourself some elbow room. You close in and wrap yourself around its first head, clamping it shut.

Then, with an ease that you find slightly unsettling, your mind partitions itself, effectively running in parallel as you order your nano-staple swarm to clamp itself around one of the heads like a makeshift muzzle. For the shits and giggles you form it so the exterior looks like a ball gag. Heh.
No. 1045723 ID: 0838d6
File 166516476765.png - (10.78KB , 500x500 , p42.png )

Your tactic is EXTREMELY effective. There is little to nothing the beast can do to open its dual maws and spew acid at you, and you’re big enough that it struggles to break free. The only thing you can’t do is stop it from wriggling and thrashing about. And thrash about it does. At one point you dunk its head in the water, but this appears to do nothing. You’re not sure if it’s amphibian, or if it can use either head to breath though. You get bruised slightly as it smacks you against the wall in the far too long minutes it takes as the clock ticks down towards your backup arriving.

And then night hits. The beast’s thrashing increases as it starts to head OUTSIDE to the docs, right into a waiting trap. There are two helicopters circling the area with spotlights, blinding the creature as it steps into the sandy beach, just short of the water. You can see two unmarked government boats closeby, mounted with some large hoses of some sort. It’s too dark to see anything else, but you do hear other, distinct noises. There’s a NATURAL DISASTER siren blaring, and the sound of kin off in the distance. Probably at the barcade balcony, they can DEFINITELY see the creature.

Comms: Operative Theta, keep her steady
Comms: Noted, stamina enhancement facilities will be added to the training facility
You: HURRY *thrashing* UP

No. 1045725 ID: 0838d6
File 166516480296.png - (8.38KB , 500x500 , p43.png )

The two boats let out a stream of something white, clumpy, and sticky looking. You recognize it to be ANTI-INFANTRY RESTRAINT FOAM. It was invented to nonlethally subdue mobs and kin who decided to radicalize with deadly weaponry. It’s also got a ton of other non-combat related uses for temporary shelters. At first, it slips off of the creature, but, noting that you’re out of the sewers, you grow to your maximum height of 3 Meters and PIN the thing down as best as you can. The foam starts to coalesce and lock the creature down. You get some on you in the end and are even partially stuck, but a quick size shift down breaks it off of you, and the creature is secured, muffled screams coming from its restrained jaws.

Comms: Good work Operative Theta
You: … We gotta talk about that name, that is NOT gonna be my hero name
Comms: Acknowledged, submitting a ticket for name reviewal
Comms: Good work out there
You: Thanks Alberta

You can hear the crowd a little more clearly, there’s shock, awe, praise, and some kin comparing you to one of the mechs in Video Jajima’s hit SILICONE BOLT espionage games. You’re feeling your energy reserves dying down, and that you’ve only got a short time left in your transformation now that the conflict is over.

A. Greet your adoring fans
- Change what the public calls you, but to what?
- If you shill for the government they’ll be EXTRA happy with you

B. Return the comm to COCK AND REX
- Do an act of kindness
- Feel free to say or ask anything

C. Other
- Do or look for something else
- You can also choose to skip to the post-mission debriefing

No. 1045727 ID: 629f2e

B, don't address the public. Be mysterious, leave them wondering. Doing a simple kind act will do a lot more for how they perceive you than any public address ever would.

Return the borrowed comm, and head home for the day.
No. 1045728 ID: 71691d

A. As cool as it is to be mysterious, i much prefer getting to pick our name and build our rep.

No. 1045729 ID: 19da02

No. 1045730 ID: d98cb8

Definitely gonna go with Chompy
No. 1045731 ID: 9b127b

A. Chompy!
No. 1045732 ID: 19da02

just to clarify, I am suggesting to be known as "Chompy"
No. 1045734 ID: b7d43c

A, come on even the public would pick a snappier name than Chompy. Literally.
Let’s answer to Miss Tear.
No. 1045738 ID: e5709d

Uh... your mask glamour does make you look like a general reptile, right?

A) Form a rope from your nanomachines and hitch a ride from a helicopter, blowing a kiss as you go.

Oh and your name is Sashimi (Japanese Staple Crop -> Rice, Pierced Body of Sushi with Rice Removed -> Sashimi)
No. 1045739 ID: c2dac0

I was going to say B, but I realize if we return it to them now, they'll wonder how you know it belonged to them, and might suspect you're the staple remover they saw earlier since your the only one who heard them lose it. Instead, let Alberta, err... I mean "Two-Cans" or whatever her code name is or whichever other government official return the COMM to Rex and Cock instead.

Go for A, let them know your hero name (Chompy) for the rep. That way, we can have our fairy friend market our image later on once we get more popular, thats part of the benefits of having her as an ally after all.

And yeah, be sure to announce your thanks to the government too to let the public know they are safe with you and them around as it was a team effort. Gotta raise our relationship level with our govt friends after all by sharing the credit.

I like this idea, so heroric! But ONLY if we have enough staples to do that to keep our skirt relatively decent enough (even though it is a crotchless skirt already). Maybe use the staples from the snake too now that it is subdued so we dont ruin our skirt too much, and signal the helicopter closer to you to not make the rope too long.
Otherwise if we cant, just make your exit normally
No. 1045740 ID: 36784c


As for shilling for the government, all you really need to do is politely ask that everyone stay back where it’s safe. Then tell them that they don’t need to worry about the giant 2 headed snake because the government agents will handle the situation.

Oh, come on! We can’t have a name that sounds so childish! We can do better than that!

How about Madama Scarlet (kinda like Madama Butterfly from Bayonetta)?

Or maybe we could be Red Riot?

What about Crimson Fang?
No. 1045743 ID: 7c0da2

B. It's not yours after all. Give back the flashlight too.

+1 to that name.
No. 1045747 ID: e950d6


>adoring fans
They're ain't your adoring fans...yet. If you make a good first impression, then they will start to become your adoring fans.

But we definitely need a better name than "Chompy".

>Miss Tear
This sounds like a better name.
No. 1045867 ID: 42a284

No. 1045873 ID: e51896

I'll change my vote to Miss Tear after reading through the other suggestions.

consider this If we want: We can probably combine the two and say "The name's Chompy Tear, but you may call me 'Miss Tear!'" That way, people who like cute things can call us by the "Chompy" alias while people who want to see us as a cool superhero can call us by "Miss Tear"

Still want to let the Government give back the exterminator's comm later, though I did have one idea, they can probably look through the last few numbers that called them and see who called in that pest extermination of that giant snake, that way we can see who may have witnessed the giant monster and question them to get an idea of when exactly the snake was found wandering the sewers and maybe how... or the government can ask the exterminators when they return the comm. Either way, still give the Comm to the government and ask them to return it later. It's like evidence we found at the crime scene for now.
No. 1045909 ID: 99ca7b

B but also strike a cool pose before you HERO JAUNT out of there.
No. 1045929 ID: dcb9fb

>hero name game
I was kinda hoping we could have a name with a color in it that matches the color of our outfit. Like "[name of color of outfit] something".

>Miss Tear
We could be the "Red Chomp" or the "Scarlet Tear" or something.

.....wait, what even is the color of our outfit? Is it Rouge? Ruby? Scarlet? Red? I can't tell what color it is.
No. 1045950 ID: a7a180

Scarlet Tear suggests a drop of blood, not bad. Still, officially I'd go by Miss (Rip and) Tear!
No. 1045951 ID: 5499f4

rolled 7 = 7

No. 1045970 ID: 5499f4
File 166534989385.png - (10.67KB , 500x500 , p44.png )

This is it, the moment anyone with superpowers could dream of. You’ve got a captive public of *potential* fans. And the government can’t really stop you from stating a name better than your code name, so you wave your hands to the crowd as you shrink down to a normal size. You can see several of them pull out their comms to RECORD this moment.

You: Hey everykin, please stay back where it’s safe.
You: As you can see, WE have disabled the 2 headed creature.
You: And the government agents will protect the citizens as they handle it from here.
You: The name’s CHOMPY TEAR, but call me MISS TEAR.
You: Later~

You motion for a chopper to come closer and create a rope out of your nanomachines. You sort of wobble for a moment as you get on, but quickly get pulled up to the carriage, much to the surprise of the pilots. They close the door and in a much dimmer flash of light, return to normal. You’re a little scuffed up, but none the worse for wear. The chopper flies you back to the base, you’re exhausted, but you have the debrief to finish.

Your debrief is met with champagne and celebratory cheers. Your superiors are VERY happy with your work today. You not only successfully captured a live specimen, but you also shared credit with the government, which they were able to spin well in conservative news sources. The city’s favor towards you has grown. There’s one angry guy in the PR department, he wanted to change your callsign to [THE GOOD SAMARITAN or THE FRIEND], but was soundly rejected when the higher ups heard CHOMPY and MISS TEAR. Some of them are planning on focusing on refining that image, and you will receive a COMMAND later surrounding their decision. You’ve also gained a BONUS for your job well done.

Government Passive Income
+ 2 funds
Command successfully executed
+ You will be given a choice between 2 rewards once downtime begins
+ You will be allowed input on your callsign and hero name
Specimen captured
+ Kaiju research (results after downtime)
Government PR Adjustment
+ 2 Heroism [2 total]
2 were gained from the PR spin on your acts
+ 0 Visibility [1 total]
1 was gained for fighting in public

EDMANGO NOTE: And now for some COMPLICATIONS. We will roll for tension and see if there was something that you failed to prevent. Tension is added in a variety of different scenarios, typically when you get into conflict with a foe for the first time, are witnessed causing damage, are seen in costume, or if you take too long. For this first time I will provide a list of each of the events that added tension:

1 - Title drop
1 - Fought a new foe
2 - Delayed for 2 updates
1 - Nonlethally subdued and captured
TOTAL = [5]

> Attempting to roll over Tension value… [ROLL = 7]
> Success, nothing happens!!

Nothing happened this time and your foe lost, but next time you might not be so lucky.

After more paperwork, which Donna is conveniently absent from, you’re given leave but are told to remain in the city with your comm on hand, just in case another incident occurs.

You: Freeeeedom!
You: Time for social media then a nap.

No. 1045971 ID: 5499f4
File 166534990423.png - (9.58KB , 500x500 , p45.png )

You pull out your comm as well as the one you found from Cock and Rex, handing it to Josephine, telling her to return it to them after they do whatever they need to do. Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to browse the net and see what everykin’s saying about your appearance. While you get driven home by some random agent.

The platform is absolutely popping with news and clips of your fight. Well, it was pretty one-sided, but it was still a fight. You find the post with the most likes and comments, opening it to feed the vanity that always craved this kind of validation inside of you.

Swordnoob2057: Great superpowers are real and they don’t involve swords
Dogslayer: THE BIG BITCH IS HEEEERE, sit on me mommy~
TheSmallBitch: Her name better not be the big bitch, there’s only room in town for 1 bitch, me
Tipster: she didn’t kill and eat the snake in front of us on the beach 0/10.
BasicBoi: Chompy’s kind of a childish name though?
- Hopps’n’Crops: Whatch the full video fucknuts
- BasicBoi: Oh, i misheard, so she’s a [censored], what with the name Mister and all
- Hopps’n’Crops: Baited
Entrance: Eh, I kind of like the names, one’s good for kids, the other for adults, it’s marketable
JajimaGames: She dresses like a protagonist from one of my games, would love to offer thanks
- BayoNutter: Jajima, I will cosplay as her, will you offer me “thanks” too?
DetectiveDunk: Hrm, Beast-kin or Object kin, the head’s like a lizard, but I saw no tail
- Mymushroom: Look at timestamp 3:04, the skirt sways kind of like there’s a tail there
- DetectiveDunk: That’s a distortion of the light, it sparkles with those weird staple things
- ItsTooLoudOutside: If super/psychic powers are real it’s likely in TF territory, no way to tell
MahouNiceGuy: Can’t believe govt has a supe on retainer, how can I get Mahou, goddess???
- HumerousZealot: Purchase my charming Financial Guide and you won’t need Mahou!
- SillyShiller: Or you could buy My guide to channeling the god of PURITY for power!
- DavidBib: I heard the charming Financial guide is impressive and everyone should buy it
- Strfindent: I’m coming back for you, you fucker
- DavidBib: Bring it
HotRatFromHell: Subscribe to my OnlyFaunus for Chompy/MissTear lewds
- Secret: So fast!
- SweetTorus: God I love the internet
- AcidFromAPoltergeist: Praise the 7 hells
AngryLotyl: Fucking fucks didnt fucking believe me I fucking knew monsters were real!!!
- WordLord: Stfu, ofc monsters are real
- EnslavedBredAndFed: There’s always that one guy trying to get in on the clout
- Entrance: Pics or it didn’t happen lmao
- Entrance: Sorry for your lost phone
- WordLord: +1
- SlaveOwnerPNG: EBAF tf are you doing here
- EnslavedBredAndFed: ITS MY VACATION TOO
SizeKing: She can get bigger, but can she get smaller and climb into my asshole?
- QueenOfMuff: Or, or, and just humor me, what if you climbed inside of a big her
- StuffingFairy: But… if she shrunk wouldn’t that crush you, or cause you to implode
- YeenBeanMachine: Let em dream, this shit’s right out of fanfic
- DetectiveDunk: Do you think the strength scales with height, or can she use regular sized-
FaunaFreak: That poor beast, it wasn’t harming any-kin, we need kin rights in here asap!
- FaunaFreak: What if it was a foreign feral beast-kin? What if this is a major foreign incident!
- TraverseTheLine: Would the government really subdue a big kin for no reason?
- TraverseTheLine: There’s probably some big conspiracy forcing her to do this!
- FaunaFreak: Just… look at the history of West Fluxtopa it’s [...]
[Expand 134 more posts?]

Nice you already got fanart, or is it cosplay after… 2 hours? That’s kind of ridiculous actually. You make a note to check out that later, for RESEARCH PURPOSES…. That last post about kin rights is a little concerning, but you’re sure the PR teams will do a good job handling it. You spend the rest of your break scrolling through the other social media, but it looks like they need more time before a good report comes out. You expect KitsuNews to have some opinion piece on you in the morning, that’ll be interesting to see.
No. 1045972 ID: 5499f4
File 166534991460.png - (7.96KB , 500x500 , p46.png )

You reach your home, unlocking the door, and falling flat on your face. Your thoughts linger on that purple cat. It did help you find the crisis in time, but something’s off. You’re not sure if it’s a delusion or not, it has to be real… right? These thoughts assail you briefly before fading as you enter a restful slumber.

You’re in that dark space again, stars floating in the distance, but this time you feel pulled towards a specific direction, it’s the same as before, so you don’t resist it. That purple cat’s there again, it’s back to you.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: A [TOOL] certainly shows it’s use when wielded by [AUTHORITY]
[PURPLE CREATURE]: Wouldn’t you agree?
You: Uh

It turns around to face you, and licks the back of its paw, before grooming itself, and pausing.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: Ah right, names, the obsession of the mortals
[PURPLE CREATURE]: It’s been… a while since this one has gone by anything other than…
[PURPLE CREATURE]: Than a conceptual idealization really.
[PAZURU]: Call me [PAZURU]
[PAZURU]: I would say I was lonely, but that would be a [LIE]
[PAZURU]: I quite liked the [PEACE] of being [PUNISHED] as an [OBSERVER]
[PAZURU]: But then again, I am prattling on like some old crone
[PAZURU]: Choose two:

A. [PAZURU]: You could have a conversation with my formerly divine self
- Ask any questions you might have to the historic parasite
- She’ll pick the ones she’s most interested in answering

B. [PAZURU]: You could request the boon of mystical knowledge
- Learn how to use Mana-Based magic
- Will start the side quest - [ADDICTED TO MAGIC]

C. [PAZURU]: You could learn briefly about your true foe
- Learn about the origin of the Kaiju
- Will offer a hint to the [MAJOR CHALLENGE] you will face fighting your foes

D. [PAZURU]: Or, you could ask what this one wants
- Learn about [PAZURU]
- Will start the side quest - [PARASITIC REINCARNATION]

E. [PAZURU]: Or you could ask for something more specific
- Pick something else
- Though, what?

No. 1045978 ID: 8483cf

A and D. We succeeded on our TENSION roll, we have time for sidequests for companions. Always max out the relationships!

Questions for Paz:

- Why were you punished?
- Why are we talking? What's our connection?
- What happens if I hang up the phone?
- Why am I naked?
No. 1045979 ID: a7a180

BC, sure why not add more stuff to the toolbox.
No. 1045980 ID: e5709d

>which they were able to spin well in conservative news sources
Insecure LOL

B, D
No. 1045989 ID: 625df2

It's good to have more options and with the Sub-brain we should be able to manage training everything, we don't have that many powers.
Are cybernenetics capped by the way? On the chart it says it's a bonus rule?

Of course we are gonna help, it's what heroes do.
No. 1045998 ID: 36784c

>pick 2
We’ll learn what’s happening and we can tell the government so they can start preparing ahead of time, instead of trying to do something at the last minute.

If she’s helping us, then it’s only fair that we help her.
No. 1045999 ID: 99ca7b

Options B, D, and H
(the H stands for Hug)
No. 1046018 ID: 629f2e

Cool as magic would be, we don't really want to add addiction to our growing list of concerns.

I'm for CDH. C to learn about what we're fighting, D to learn about our new friend, and H to hug them because they're cute.
No. 1046021 ID: b1383a

C, E Can we hook up in floaty brain space?
No. 1046034 ID: 244451

C), D) I'm really curious about historic parasite, but she works nice as omnipresent and multiverse character.
No. 1046080 ID: a9af05

C , D
No. 1046082 ID: e51896

(edited, deleted my old post to switch one of my votes from A to C since not a lot of people chose A)

E. HUG [PAZURU] as much as I want this to happen, ignore this choice

C. as much as I was A to happen to learn about this cat, Let's learn What our main threat is and get a peek into what's in store for us so we know how to prepare.
Tho we'll have to be careful to tell the government about it, as I want [Pazuru] to be one of the very few things to be kept a secret from them... you never know, she might be a demon after all.

D. We're heroes, we gotta help her if she's going to be our ally. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. It's the right thing to do, and we can learn more about her! I bet the sidequest involves finding her a body she can use as a vessel.

not B, we already got enough powers to focus on leveling up like size manipulation and our nanobots, we don't need more abilities to train. Plus, ADDICTION doesn't sound all that good.

bonus suggestion: Realize you left Donna behind at the arcade. Oh no!
eh, she's probably fine and will return when she's hungry. Most likely sleeping with Momo at her place.
No. 1046200 ID: 0838d6
File 166553166501.png - (10.87KB , 500x500 , p47.png )

You: Well, I’m Hailey Mary
[PAZURU]: I know, I’ve been [WATCHING] you partially for this [CYCLE]
You: Whack, anywho, maybe tell me about this true foe.
You: Is it Kaiju? I hope it's Kaiju!

Pazuru exaggeratedly rolls her eyes at you

[PAZURU]: Well, at least you’re enthusiastic, the “Kaiju” as you call them are ancient beasts
[PAZURU]: Your planet existed billions of years ago as a fertile rock
[PAZURU]: And then the ancient beasts, known as [MEGAFAUNA] were deposited on the planet
[PAZURU]: I have… [THEORIES] as to the reason why, but cannot share them
You: Why not
You: ???

You could hear the words, but… they were almost like static, almost like the cacophony you heard before, when [LUST] spoke, but more… [CHAOTIC]. Even thinking about what you tried to hear gives you a headache, a rare occurrence.

[PAZURU]: Suffice it to say, the planet was seeded with the origins of sapient life.
[PAZURU]: [EXTATEM], the [BEAST] of [LUST], progenitor of the [FLESH]
[PAZURU]: [LOGOS], the [TOOL] of [LOGIC], progenitor of the [BIPEDS]
You: Do you mean like Humans and Demi-humans?
[PAZURU]: Correct, though they played a part evolution for a time
[PAZURU]: [PUDICITIA], the [ANGEL] of [PURITY], progenitor of [CULTURE]
[PAZURU]: And lastly [SPES], the [SPARK] of [HOPE], progenitor of [PASSION]
[PAZURU]: There were [OTHERS], but for the sake of brevity I will only focus on these
[PAZURU]: They intermingled, reproduced, and spread their seeds, slowly losing sapience
[PAZURU]: Sacrificial, as they were meant to be, and accelerated development in this…
[PAZURU]: Relatively [SAFE] space
You: I think I’ve heard of them actually, some cultures worship them as gods that gave us life

No. 1046201 ID: 0838d6
File 166553184818.png - (11.10KB , 500x500 , p48.png )

[PAZURU]: Yes, [PUDICITIA] did do a decent job of keeping their history extant for a time
[PAZURU]: It was twisted a fair bit due to [REDACTED], as if they could compare to gods
You: What’s this got to do with the Kaiju though?
[PAZURU]: Their less than sapient descendents, the [REMNANTS], [ARE] the [KAIJU]
You: … So I have to kill god, like in those wanomays and games?!?!?!
[PAZURU]: Let me answer your question with another
[PAZURU]: Are you the [AUTHORITY] or are you the [TOOL]?
[PAZURU]: Are you wielded, or do you wield?
[PAZURU]: [THAT] will inform your decisions.
[PAZURU]: The location of the remnants and of [PARADISO] are [SHROUDED]
[PAZURU]: I of course can enter freely, as I am not of [FLESH]

An image appears behind her, of an island, shrouded in mist, you see the shadows of giant creatures in the distance, and… Is that a dragon? With tits? Nice. The view switches to a top down perspective, and you can see the island moving at a flickering and stressful speed, distorting the water and anything that comes near it.

[PAZURU]: You must take steps to to [ANCHOR] the land of [PARADISO]
[PAZURU]: Whilst protecting sources of [ENERGY]
You: Uh, how?
[PAZURU]: Success must be earned, not given freely, else it is taken for granted

You ponder on her words, it sounds like she wants you to figure out the specifics for yourself. This is already a huge amount of information, so they’re after energy? Like Power Plants? Or could it be metaphorical? You shake your metaphysical head and ask your second question.

You: You said you wanted something
You: I am trying to be a hero after all, and it seems like you’ll be around
[PAZURU]: Ah, are you sure? You might regret knowing.
You: Of course I’m sure!

No. 1046202 ID: 0838d6
File 166553185921.png - (7.38KB , 500x500 , p49.png )

[PAZURU]: It’s quite simple, truly, I am being denied [RELEASE], forced to [OBSERVE]
[PAZURU]: To put it in simple terms, I wish to die so that I may grow again
You: Uhhhhhh what
[PAZURU]: You might not understand, but in this place I cannot enact [CHANGE]
[PAZURU]: Well, except through you now, however, the gains will be minimal to me
You: I uh, kind of would rather not kill you if I can help it
[PAZURU]: Regardless, I was informed of a [CHANCE] long ago
[PAZURU]: Find me a [WILLING VESSEL], or [CRAFT] one, I care not which
[PAZURU]: It must have [VAGUELY FELINE] traits
[PAZURU]: And I shall [COHABITATE] with it until it’s demise
[PAZURU]: If successful, I will be [REPLACED] with a new [OBSERVER]
[PAZURU]: And it would be treated as a [SHORTENED] sentence.
You: Uh, what did you do?

[PAZURU] grows silent at your question, and you can see flickers of… something, emotions? Images. You see an inky black creature, twisted and distorted, it’s wearing a distinct red poncho. They are surrounded by kin that look on in horror. There is an intense amount of [LOVE], [SADNESS], and [FEAR] filling the crowd. Then you feel an intense [DESIRE] to [RETURN] to the past, to [FIX] things, and then the feeling is gone.

[PAZURU]: I didn’t do enough, that’s what
[PAZURU]: I was taunted and didn’t do enough…
[PAZURU]: Begone, we shall speak again soon enough
You: Wait, how do I-

No. 1046204 ID: 0838d6
File 166553193083.png - (665.44KB , 1200x1980 , ryzJlGC.png )

You wake up in a cold sweat, a nightmare? No, that was real, but that vision, with the red poncho, you feel like you’ve seen it before, almost like… You’ve seen it in a video game you played. But that’s crazy, why would that be? You get up and wash your face, there’s a lot to do, better get to it. You look at your COMM, there’s a notification from an unknown number, and you see a photo of Donna cradled deep inside of Momo’s breasts, she’s also very naked. Looks like she was off having A GOOD TIME while you were busy, dammit, you could have fucked a cool fox, though there’s always next time…

You: I guess I’ll have to just coast off of the satisfaction of being a hero instead…
You: Though honestly it’s kind of fulfilling…
You: Okay less talking to myself, more doing stuff!

After pumping yourself up you pull up your comm, to begrudgingly check your work email, and immediately sigh when you see an email from the government. You’ll look at it after you do ONE activity. There’s a lot of legal jargon that you can’t be bothered to read.You have a total of 2 downtime actions and 1 free “hangout” action due to your impeccable time management skills gained from working at the brothel. What do you do?

EDMANGO NOTE: It’s time for DOWNTIME, use this convenient chart to pick what you’re going to do. Please vote for 2 options, the first you vote will count twice, and we’ll handle downtime events one at a time, you can also suggest alternate activities. Also important to note that a RANDOM EVENT will be rolled at the end of downtime to start off your next mission.

You may choose to spend time with anyone you’ve met thus far, but please keep in mind that you only have enough room in your life for 3-4 more confidants AT THE MOST. You can have as many F Rank acquaintances as you like, but are limited in the number of C or higher ranked companions for the sake of narrative focus.

A list of met characters can be found on the stats page:
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats#Relationships
- You can also choose to spend time on the internet, making online friends or playing games
- Anyone that posted on the intermission is able to become a named character
- I encourage you to do fun or weird stuff, as the results may surprise you!

No. 1046205 ID: e5709d

Train in Size, Go to Work, Hangout with Donna
No. 1046213 ID: 908530

I want to personally work on our PR. Is Sex Symbol a direction we can take it?

For our other downtime action, we should get another random encounter. This seems like it will be the best way to meet new people as our civilian identity.
No. 1046215 ID: 0838d6

EDMANGO NOTE: Sex symbol is a valid direction that can be chosen, however I would like an example of what you're doing to change yourself towards a sex symbol instead of a hero or a menace since that's something a bit different

Also feel free to ask questions, the deadline for this update is on the 13th, I'll answer any specifics that confuse anyone

No. 1046236 ID: a7a180

Train your proficiency in size shifting, do your job, and hang out with Alberta.
No. 1046248 ID: bbb04b

Catch up with Pioggi. He's probably in a, if not good, then at least vindicated mood, and he's the closest thing we have to a proactive lead on PARADISO (not to mention that we do have an in with some interested parties if he wants more than just clout out of this find). Also, the dude kinda needs a touchstone friend in his life. Also, also; a cute, dapper, and stone-cold professional freak in the bedroom, if you can afford him. ("I know what I'm worth!")

Train up your Nanobots power; that stuff has sooooooo much potential for abuse if you know how to get creative with it.

Purchase a Lair. It's the logical next step... (yes yes yes YES YES!)
No. 1046254 ID: 1620be

1. Go to work, earn two wealths before we do anything else

2. Train your Size! Use 1 or 2 wealth on that

Hang out with Alberta
No. 1046267 ID: a9af05

I'm curious on how spending money on a trainer would help us train our powers? We're supposedly the only one with these powers, so it seems kinda weird that we'd be able to find someone that can train us to use our powers.

>action 1
Train in size shifting. The kaiju are possibly gonna be getting bigger, so we've gotta make sure we can keep up.

>action 2
Go to work. Might as well do something normal.

>Free hangout
Go hang out with Pioggi. He'll probably appreciate the fact that, even if he can't prove it yet, we believe him about what he saw.
No. 1046283 ID: 8483cf


Seriously though, we have Donna’s passive income from figurines in the future, and the salary from the government job, which was boosted from Donna’s negotiation. We don’t have to work another day in our lives.

We should spend time training to be a hero, we have the time and the money.

I vote we:

>Buy a lair (no action needed)

>Train size shifting. Gotta fight. Maybe our nanobots can get bigger as we do! MEGABOTS

>Work on PR (social media). Donna and Hailey can absolutely team up to be geniuses at this. We need an official presence everywhere: Tweetr, Staplebook, Instafam, OnlyFaunus. EVERYWHERE.

>Hang out with Pioggi, he’s cool
No. 1046285 ID: 908530

I'm thinking we could model for risque posters and engage with some of the horny talk on chatter.
No. 1046286 ID: 908530

We could also modify our costume to be sexier.
No. 1046291 ID: 36784c

I kinda want to hang out with our boss, Gavin the Dragon. If we get a good enough relationship with him, he'll excuse us not showing up for work when we have to run off to be a hero.

While we're at the Ruffled Haunch, we might as well work for our 1st action.

Then we can train Size Shifting as our 2nd action.

>I'm curious on how spending money on a trainer would help us train our powers? We're supposedly the only one with these powers, so it seems kinda weird that we'd be able to find someone that can train us to use our powers.
I mean, I would think that maybe our government allies have a training facility set up for us and we're paying them to give us ideas on how to improve our powers.
No. 1046293 ID: e51896

Your right, Alberta mentioned they have a training facility here >>1045723
No. 1046304 ID: 5a2d9b

Let's train our size shifting. Kaijus will become bigger, we shall become even bigger. Or smaller I guess, we could ride nanobots into battle if we become small enough.

Then shopping !
I'm not sure if it's possible but I wondering if we could by a train to serve as a base AND vehicule. It would combo nicely with the nanobots I think. And it's a big vehicule, we could ride in it when we are small and on it when we are big.

For the Free Hangout I suggest Faunafreak, the one who was worried about harming the kaiju.
It will help PR and it's good to try to understand what people dislike about our actions. And, well, I also think it's a legitimate concern, especially after what Pazuru said about their origin and being the Authority or the tool, I don't think we should blindly kill them.
No. 1046336 ID: 2aa5f0

Train in Size

Go to Work

Hangout with Donna
No. 1046338 ID: 244451

Roll the dice! RNG POWER!!!

Hang out with Naail to check possesion disponibility.


Buy a scooter

Hang out with Donna?
No. 1046351 ID: fdb84d

>ask questions
I've got a question: Since most of the votes are wanting to go to the Ruffled Haunch and the stat page says we're allowed to hangout with someone for free there, does this mean that we'll have 2 downtime actions and 2 free “hangout” actions?

I'm asking to see if you'd allow this, since one hangout action was given to us and another hangout action would be from the Ruffled Haunch's bonus.
No. 1046360 ID: 8f4c06

Here, it says >You have a total of 2 downtime actions and 1 free “hangout” action due to your impeccable time management skills gained from working at the brothel. 

Because we work at the Ruffled Haunch as our career choice, we get to hang out with someone as a free bonus action . If we didnt work there, i assume we'd only have two downtime and no free hangout action like we do now.
No. 1046379 ID: 5499f4

EDMANGO NOTE: here's some answers

> Nanobots training
You can't do that yet, the only way to do that is to give FUNDING to the GOVERNMENT or find a specialized trainer (the Eccentric Scientist) who can help you get more cybernetics. Cybernetics only improve with more cybernetics or with creative use.

> How does spending money on a trainer help your powers
You work with the government so they'll spend time thinking about applications, training methods, and more effecient methodologies. Giving them funding means they can buy stuff for you to use and try out. If you didn't have the government then you'd be spending money on esoteric books, comics, traveling, and trying to get inspiration. Though if you find someone with superpowers that can train your skillset that would be more effective.

> Donna's figurine sales
This will be a plot point coming up soon, but hasnt earned you anything yet

> Govt. Training facility
It's a garbage training facility at the moment, but you'll be getting an update on that soon

Nice try, no you dont get 4 total actions, just the 3. I let bloat happen in shards and I shall not repeat the same mistake here. But you can spend time with more than one person at once, just expect the confidant ranking growth to be slower since it's being split unless you spend mad money.

> Do you lose the perk if you lose your job?
No, the perk has no corellation to your job loss, however if something happens and the government kicks you out or can no longer fund you, then you'll need to find a job if you lost this one, but they're very lax since it's just part time. It *should* have a correlation with your job, but then it'd be no different from the high paying jobs, so I'm just hand waving this as a gimme.

> Unasked Question: Rent
You dont have to pay rent as it automatically comes out of your funds. You'll only have to pay rent on Lairs or if you want a bigger place or something. It's an abstraction to make the quest focus just on hero related stuff and not become micromanagy

> Unasked Question: You're going to have a lot of money
Then that just means you'll deal with money problems as a plot point ;)

No. 1046461 ID: 0838d6
File 166570406680.png - (11.76KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

You peek out the window, it's the crack of dawn, you're restless. Might as well get some morning exercise in. You head to the tiny office space that the government provided to you. It's got a decently sized warehouse attached and is isolated away from any major housing centers, so you can make some noise if you need to.

You shift back and forth, rolling the dice many times, and try numerous ideas, this time using your shifting powers outside the suit and find that, after some extended effort that leaves you panting and sweating on the ground, you can grow a bit bigger. Your mind immediately goes into overdrive at this revelation, consolidating these gains. You go at it again, with a renewed vigor and a few spectators, and can almost see two, no, three paths laid out in front of you.

You have gained (1(base)x2(sub-brain-bonus) = 2XP) in SIZE SHIFTING
SIZE SHIFTING has increased to [RANK B], you require [4 MORE XP] to reach [RANK A]
+ In suit size increase to 3cm(min)/600cm(max)
+ Out of suit size increase to 100cm(min)/250cm(max)
You've gained a SPECIALIZATION

A. Granularity
- Size shifting can selectively target limbs
- Expend stamina to explosively increase strength in in short bursts

B. Reinforcement
- Retain normal strength when small
- Become four times as strong when big

C. Consolidation
- Size shifting becomes instantaneous
- You can size shift for longer

But just as you’re about to choose, Alberta comes up to you, coughing to get your attention. You feel a fleck of annoyance as you’re pulled away from your focus, but shrug it off as she addresses you.

Alberta: You should REALLY check your email sometimes
You: But there was just too many woooooooorrrrrddddsssssss
Alberta: Well it involves us, and this place, though the specifics haven’t been given to me
Alberta: Also, we gotta talk about DONNA
You: Is it important?
Alberta: More annoying than anything else, just read the email first.

You sigh and check out the email, finally reading through it. Looks like you’ve got a CHOICE to make, and it’s really good too!!!!

1. Upgrade your government funded workplace into a [LAIR]
- You will get one random lair bonus valued between [1-3 FUNDS]
- This includes a free set of comfortable, ergonomic chairs and a snack room!
- You can also suggest any aesthetic changes you want

2. Cash reward
- Get [1 FUNDS]
- Everyone else you work with also gets [1 FUNDS]
- Everyone will be very happy with this decision

3. Other
- Make a specific request
- But what?
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1046462 ID: a7a180

Consolidation! Time limits are the worst. You'll still be strong when big!
Also establish a lair. Everyone will be happy with a snack room!
No. 1046467 ID: bbb04b

B: Reinforcement. Being big is rendered partially irrelevant if you can't take full advantage of it, and being small is insanely dangerous without it.

1: LAIR LAIR LAIR LAIR! Gotta be crimson, like you, and with racing stripes 'cause you wanna buy a good bike eventually. Crossing my fingers for a dedicated garage/hidden vehicle launch point, but obviously don't expect it to just happen.
No. 1046469 ID: 8483cf

Agreed. Make our strengths stronger when big, and weaknesses smaller when, uh, smaller.

Lair is good too. Aesthetics... how about a nice, nostalgic break room with a water cooler for gossip?
No. 1046472 ID: e51896

C. CONSOLIDATION! This is highly important.
While the other two are fun, I think we should be patient and first need to focus on growing quickly if we want to spend more time fighting monsters and not waste a turn changing size and not get caught by an attack while we grow. Next time, we can choose between the other two powers.
plus as >>1046462 said, we're still strong enough when big right now, and we're still in early game territory, I don't think the monsters are going to be super tough to deal with right now, but right now they can still attack us if we're taking too long to change size. And we can use our size shifting for longer without worrying too much on losing energy

I think I'll go for 1. lair, it's something we can share with our buddies too! Plus, if they're gifting us the lair, we won't have to buy it ourself later!

Things to keep in mind, we should probably sometime after our mission buy at least a wealth 2 ride to get to our objectives quicker, and some armor and/or weapons to protect ourself (mainly armor)
No. 1046473 ID: 629f2e

C, Consolidation. Instant size-shifting has a lot of potential, from turning small to dodge attacks or growing while throwing out a punch to weave past an opponent's guard (since the hit comes in higher than they planned for). Plus, the extra stamina will be useful if the government insists that we keep kaiju alive long enough for them to extract them.

And 1, Lair. Cool as it'd be to get all your pals some cash, getting a real lair is just the most practical option.
No. 1046479 ID: c4b6a6

A. Granulatiry. These all look great but I can't resist the GIGACHOMP finisher.

Lair for the bonus.
No. 1046483 ID: e5709d

A) But only if it means enhance knockers
Otherwise B

2) Cash Reward - Your team gets a total of 3 Funds and you get relationship XP
No. 1046493 ID: 36784c

C and 1

>stat page update
>[PRIMAL PENATLY] is currently at RANK F
Eventually we’ll have to find a way to counter these penalties, but for now, they’re not dangerous yet.
No. 1046507 ID: 9f1bb6

B. More strength opens up a lot a possibilities. Better to take a turn and then be at full power for the rest of the fight than to have less power immediately. And it also makes being small less dangerous.

2. Buying a lair is cheaper than spending funds to level relationships.
No. 1046512 ID: ddfcf8

Consolidation and lair.
No. 1046516 ID: f2320a

No. 1046561 ID: 5d9599

B. Reinforcement and 2. Cash reward
No. 1046651 ID: 5499f4
File 166587665356.png - (8.29KB , 500x500 , p51.png )

You: Oh, this is rad, let’s get them to upgrade the office
You: Should be more cost effective and time effective than doing it myself
Alberta: Well, just send them the reply then
You: Aaaaaand….. Done!
Alberta: They’ll probably finish construction in a few Updates

Your workplace will be upgraded into a [LAIR]
- Your randomly decided lair bonus will finish construction at the end of the intermission
- Your Lair will have a RUBY RED aesthetic

Alberta: Now, about Donna
You: Yeah, where is she anyway?
Alberta: She’s been pestering everyone for some FUNDS
You: Hah, that sounds like her
Alberta: She’s got the CRAZY scheme about making toys designed after her
Alberta: Well I say crazy, it’s not that crazy, it’s just expensive and she wants everyone’s funds
Alberta: She’ll probably bother you soon about it, but, yknow, we’re not FUNDY TREES

You feel slight flecks of annoyance at these statements, not that there’s anything factually wrong, you just, at this moment, want to keep training. Weird, you haven’t felt like this since you were a kid. You decide to continue working out, just to get this feeling to go away.

You: Yeah, I’ll talk to her, maybe we can get a cut of the royalties!
Alberta: Ugh Hailey, please, don’t enable EVERY flight of fancy she has, that could end poorly…
Alberta: At least get her to buy a blessed comm already or something, seriously.
Alberta: I get the feeling she’ll just spend all her funds on trivialities and not afford food
You: I’ll deal with that later, I think I’m close to a breakthrough.

You selected the [CONSOLIDATION] specialization
- You can instantly size shift and last longer!
- The effects will fully mature at the end of the Intermission

No. 1046652 ID: 5499f4
File 166587666076.png - (10.31KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

Time seems to go by quickly as you focus on training your stamina and reflexes, and those flecks of annoyance all but vanish. You just needed a good workout to clear your mind! You wipe yourself down with a towel and the office sink as you browse Chirper for anything new.

You’re getting quite a few ads today, and what’s worse is that they’re for a SUPER SICK RUBY RED MOTORCYCLE. It’s got a sleek, modern design and comes with the latest in safety foam technology meant to prevent horrible accidents and dissolve easily so that you don’t get stuck in explosions. It taunts and teases you with its sensuous edges and energy saving batteries. You look at the cost, [2 FUNDS]. You have enough now, but… should you, would you? You could always go to work and earn more so you can guarantee to get it, but what about Donna? She probably needs money, and could make you more money, but maybe she should earn it on her own?

You put your Comm away and clack your jaw in contemplation of what you want to do next with your free time.

PICK TWO - Your first selection will get 2 votes, the action with the most votes will happen next.
A. Work at the Ruffled Haunch
- Text from Gladys: Oi, come in already, I want moral and physical support, the job kind.
- Get [2 FUNDS]
- 20% chance someone can help find you a discounted motorcycle

B. Hang out with Donna
- Text from Momo: Donna just found out that I’m fiscally challenged and her expressions are quite amusing!
- Donna will pitch you her get rich quick scheme
- You’ll get to see Momo again

C. Hang out with Pioggi
- Text from Pioggi’s sister: This is Pioggi, having tech troubles, you should fix it for me
- He needs help fixing his Comm so that you can see the photo of [PARADISO]
- You’ll get to meet Pioggi’s sister on her boat-house

D. Other
- Refer to post >>1046204 for more options
- Shopping takes an action, but you will be given options as well as the ability to buy specifics
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1046653 ID: 629f2e

B, because you gotta spend some time with Donna. You left her to her own devices last time, spend some time with your fairy companion.

C, because really I just want to meet his sister. Though the pic of the island might help us. Even if it doesn't, it'll at least make him feel better to show off the proof. Maybe the government will appreciate it?
No. 1046654 ID: 8b43ab

A for the funds plz, we'll be really useful for buying a trainer, buying a scooter, and/or buying armor. Plus, LEWDS!

C so we can see about getting those pics of the island he took to send to the government to help us investigate, and he seems cool. That seems real important

Talk to Donna either tonight or tomorrow.

We can talk to Donna o
No. 1046657 ID: a7a180

I mean, it's a bit early for her to merchandise herself... no, she does want those product lines ready to go when she does hit the limelight, fair enough.
D: Go clothes shopping! You can wear anything that catches your eye no matter what the size, and you also need more spandex in your wardrobe. Something that fits you at the very small and very tall ends is going to be tricky, you'll probably want shirts that can double as a sundress?
Then A, Motorcycle connections, yes please.
No. 1046658 ID: 8483cf

C, then D: Clothes shopping. I'd like to see a new locale (boat-house) and this is a great intro! Plus I just like boats.

Also Donna is a gem, but clothes shopping is too good to pass up. Sorry Donna, I promise we'll hang with you and Momo when we can!
No. 1046659 ID: e5709d

B) Help Donna start a cashflow
A) Keep your secret identity stable and make some moolah while you're at it.
No. 1046661 ID: 864754

No. 1046662 ID: 7c0da2

C. Let's see this photo, it may give us some idea of how exactly we are supposed to anchor an island.
B. Let's hear Donna's pitch before choosing how to spend the FUNDs.
No. 1046663 ID: d98cb8

:momotalk: "Obviously B, since you'll get to come see me!

But if not that, why not do A and pick up a little work? It's good to get out and make new connections, meet new people, and no better way to do it than on your back with your legs spread~"
No. 1046673 ID: 99ca7b

A, cause dat bike.

C, cause that sounds important
No. 1046674 ID: bbb04b

C; dude appreciates a fast response, and clues are always welcome.

Followed by B; long-term gains, baby.
No. 1046688 ID: a9af05

B. Hang out with Donna

C. Hang out with Pioggi
No. 1046697 ID: c161fb

C 1st, B 2nd
No. 1046712 ID: 36784c

C , B
No. 1046725 ID: 2a3927

C. That photo could help us out. And if the government questions why we're listening to a warning we got in a dream, we just tell them that it's probably a side effect of our super powers. They might believe that.

B. We need to spend time with our fairy friend.
No. 1046771 ID: 0838d6
File 166603690146.png - (11.00KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

You firm your decision and say goodbye to the kin at the office, taking a bus to the DOCKS. The salty air of the sea begins to assault your senses through the barely cracked window of the bus, giving you a craving for sushi. You see more ads for food, boats, boat houses, and the VIDEO JAMES BARCADE. Eventually you reach the BOATHOUSE PIER and head off to marina D01.

The only boathouse you see on this pier is a medium sized craft, the exterior is spacious and the edges are decorated with planters that are blooming with various fruits and veggies. You step aboard the vessel and it wobbles slightly. After getting your bearings you knock on the door to the interior. It takes a few moments before a rather chubby Aqua-kin opens the door to greet you. Her seaweed-like hair covers her eyes, but this does not stop you from seeing the massive, sharp, toothy grin she gives you. You recognize her to be Nubs, Pioggi's sister.

Nubs: Ah, welcome aboard!
Nubs: Yer Pioggi's friend righ?

You do your best not to blush at her overt flirting, and you're successful. All those years of sex work have trained your flirting instincts. Instead, you fight back

You: And those pics I've seen haven't done you justice
You: Specially yer sharp maw
You: It's so hard to find somekin with teeth as sharp as mine!
Nubs: I know riiiiigh?
Nubs: Everykin's all like omnivore this, four canines that
Nubs: Where's the love for the highly carnivorous kin with descalers nd’ grinders for sea life?

You clack your maw and chuckle, this lady's great! After a moment you hear the telltale sound of a toilet flushing as Pioggi exits the restroom.

Pioggi: Oh good, over here
No. 1046773 ID: 0838d6
File 166603701178.png - (13.13KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

He gestures for you to follow and you head over to a table where you see a brand new comm connected to a pretty old and beat up looking laptop. It works, but seems a little slow.

Pioggi: Fix it, it’s broken
You: Uh, how?
Pioggi: I can’t get it to bring back anything from the clouds
Nubs: I can’t believe they store computers in the clouds now
You: Do you mean the cloud?
Nubs: Don’t be fishdiculuous!
Nubs: How could all those computers be held in just one cloud!
Pioggi: In case it wasn’t clear, technology escapes us
Nubs: Nah, that’s wrong, I can fix the engine on my boat here and do hand crafts!
Nubs: I’m a genius!

Normally, this is where you’d see Pioggi get up in a huff over something minor, but he seems much calmer, much more at least. Still just as stern and forceful with his words, but like his turbulent thoughts are calmer somehow. And then you hear a comm ringing. Nubs pulls out a very dated FLIP-COMM and excuses herself, claiming it’s a call from her HOT FISH BEAU, she explains that he runs a fishing ToriTori channel and she scoots outside. She then pokes her head back in for a moment and briefly states that she doesn't mind sharing before giving you another toothy grin and what you imagine is a wink.

Pioggi shrugs and points to the laptop, it’s beat up, but there’s wifi connection. It’s honestly not too hard to help Pioggi with the whole process. Eventually you get the device to bring back the cloud data. It’s going to take some time, and Nubs even returns after a little, carrying a rather large fish. She starts to filet it in the background and the fishy smell gets you craving sushi again, it’s to the point that your stomach grumbles.

Nubs: Oh I gotchu fam, lemme sashimi up some of this ere’ cod!
You: Uh thanks

A. You: So did you hear that superpowers are real?
- Talk about the news
- Hear what Nubs and Pioggi think about it

B. You: Why didn’t you tell me your sister was this hot?
- Flirt with Nubs
- Hear an embarrassing story

C. Other
- You could technically go do something else, since the work is done
- Ask or say something else, feel free to tweak one of the other options as well
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1046775 ID: 7c0da2

C. Offer to borrow the laptop to repair it.
We'll actually do it with the nanobots, it's an opportunity to try hacking and precision work with them and Pioggi will probably be thankful.
And discuss recent events if there is still enough time to talk. They live on the DOCKS, maybe they saw things before the Kaiju revealed itself?
No. 1046776 ID: bbb04b

A: Nubs is flirty, but she has someone, so I wouldn't say it's an urgent matter. Maybe later; become friends before you become lovers (off-hours), even if it looks like she can take it fast. Plus, I really am curious about what Pioggi thought of the whole thing after he came down from his vindication high.
No. 1046778 ID: d36a71

A, this will inform flirtation decisions later.
No. 1046779 ID: 629f2e

B. You cannot resist the magnetic pull that is Nubs.
No. 1046869 ID: 36784c

No. 1046871 ID: 8483cf

A. Save the flirting for Momo
No. 1046890 ID: 591e1d

And once we get the picture, I say we show the picture to JOSEPHINE, and tell her to look into it. Knowing her being interested in the paranormal, I'm sure she'd be excited and willing to investigate it.
No. 1046970 ID: 5499f4
File 166622034604.png - (9.56KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

You: So, did you hear that superpowers are real?!?!
Nubs: Glub?
Pioggi: Eh?
You: Are you uh, not at all excited
Nubs: Uh, superpowers aren’t real hun
Pioggi: Yeah, are YOU on drugs Hailey?
You: First off, turnabout is fair play, but I am not on drugs.

It’s only been a few days, but you’re honestly shocked they haven’t even heard a peep about this. You explain that there was some GEORGEOUS RUBY RED HERO who subdued a GIANT SNAKE at the DOCKS, which surprises the two of them. You then show them both the video and watch as their expressions turn to shock.

Pioggi: S E E!
Pioggi: I told you Nubs!
Pioggi: T O L D Y O U S O!
Nubs: Ok but she’s hawt tho
Nubs: Need a that big lady to sit on lil’ ol’ me pronto
Pioggi: You’d die.
Nubs: Worth it.
Pioggi: Yer Beau would be sad.
Nubs: No, he’d respect me going out doing something I love
Nubs: Just like I’d respect him getting eaten by a giant fish, or him eating a giant fish
Pioggi: You’re both so fucking weird

No. 1046971 ID: 5499f4
File 166622036969.png - (10.80KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

Nubs looks extremely infatuated with the image of you online and swoons when the you on the screen addresses the camera. Pioggi seems to feel vindicated that he DID in fact see a giant monster. His phone then beeps as it has finished downloading the cloud data and he pulls up the image.

It’s surprisingly clear even though you can tell that it’s raining. You see the island, similar to the one you saw in that weird space with Pazuru. But what you catch is that there’s actually several points on the island with INCREDIBLY DENSE MIST. The mist seems to be radiating out, wrapping the island and forming some sort of barrier.

You: You said a big wave hit, yeah?
Pioggi: What about it?
You: I think when the island appeared or vanished or whatever it displaced the water
You: Thus causing that wave
Pioggi: When did you become a miss smart-y-skirts
You: I fixed your Comm Pioggi, I’ve always been smarter than you.
Nubs: B U R N!
Nubs: Could be the snake popping out that caused the crashing waves tho
Nubs: Anything that can come from there to here, if that IS what happened
Nubs: Would have to at the very minimum know how to swim.
Pioggi: Why weren’t you this helpful when I was talking about this before!
Nubs: Becuz I didn’t believe ya, ya crispy fish stick!
Nubs: Old sailor tales are fantasy, I didn’t want ya going all delusional
You: Hey can I get a copy of this, I wanna give it to my government buddies
Pioggi: Yeah, sure, sent.
Nubs: Eww, the government’s slicker than an eel you know that righ?
You: Maybe, but they did successfully stop a giant snake from destroying the city
Nubs: Ugh does this mean I have to maroon my baby, is the water even safe…
Pioggi: Okay, you can go now Hailey, thanks or whatever.
Nubs: UGhhhhhHGHGHhhhhh you know how I get on land fish sticks
Pioggi: Pff, can’t be worse than me, I have an apartment in the RED district.
Nubs: UGGHHHHHGHHHHHHH or maybe I can try fishing for one of these gian-
Pioggi: Nubs, don’t, just...

No. 1046972 ID: 5499f4
File 166622040155.png - (11.35KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

You leave, sensing this is about to get deeply familial, but not before you grab the promised sashimi that was bundled up for you. It’s savory and covered in a lovely eel sauce, you much on it as you wander to the bus stop.

Then you feel goosebumps on the back of your neck, giving you the sensation that this is going to be the last bit of free time you have before your next MISSION. You send the photo to your government contacts and suggest they investigate more into it as it might be a CLUE towards the monstrous origins. You also flip through your Comm, noticing you have a few unread messages.

From Donna: New phone biiiiiiitch
From Donna: Or wait they’re called Comms here
From Donna: New Comm biiiiiiiitch!
From Donna: Also I need a FAVOR
From Donna: Comm hoooooooooooooooooooooome

Looks like Donna really wants to get you in on her get rich quick scheme. You wonder just what she has in mind. There’s also a message from Alberta.

From Alberta: Haven’t seen ya in a while
From Alberta: Well not at work anyway
From Alberta: Still on for ladies night at Steve’s?

Oh shit, it is that time of the week. Hmmm, why can’t there be more time, or just more of you! Why didn’t you end up with some cool multiplication power instead of growing big! Maybe you can do both, or combine them into one!

This will be your final downtime activity.

PICK 2 - First choice gets 2 points, option with the most points happens next
A. Go to Ladies night at Steve’s
- Get drinks with the ladies
- You may describe a character to add to the setting or introduce one from the chart

B. Talk business with Donna
- Donna will pitch you her get rich quick scheme
- Apparently Momo is going to help somehow

C. Invite Donna to Ladies night
- Talk drinks AND money
- 50% chance you make a risky business decision due to the alcohol

D. Do something else
- Refer to post >>1046204 for more options
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1046977 ID: a7a180

A for Antoinette, an ant lady that's sweet as honey, just like the drink she downs copiously.
No. 1046981 ID: 15c72a

No. 1046982 ID: e5709d

C) Regular risk does not factor in giant monsters crushing various businesses.
Just saying.
No. 1046983 ID: a7a180

And a secondary vote for shopping!
No. 1046984 ID: e51896

Ask how da fuq she got your phone number?

Since we can vote for two things, I'm going to vote B TWICE. A favor is a favor, and Alberta and the higher ups did tell you to talk to Donna, so she has no reason to complain if you cant make it. Just let her know you need to talk to Donna like the govt wanted.

(Plus not feeling lucky right now).

Also, Momo!
No. 1046985 ID: 629f2e

First vote C, because we should spend some time with Donna and also keep our previous commitments, and I'll either forego my second vote or also place it on C as well.
No. 1046986 ID: 8483cf

First: B, then: C.

Gotta earn money to waste money!
No. 1047029 ID: bbb04b

Primary C, secondary B. Make an effort to have everyone go light on the alcohol until negotiations are done.
No. 1047036 ID: 244451

C) Because I like risk and A) Because I like Alberta
No. 1047038 ID: d98cb8

B and then C

Even if I wasn't biased, which I comfortably am, I'd still be curious about whatever idea Donna has that seems to only be gaining in urgency
No. 1047040 ID: 7c0da2

C and B

Also, I am in favor of making the risky business decision even if the alcohol doesn't forces us to.
No. 1047042 ID: 36784c

>50% chance you make a risky business decision due to the alcohol
Wow, our Linked Sub-Brain gave us a 50% chance to to keep our wits when we drink alcohol! I guess increasing our mental acuity also helps us fight off being drunk!

>pick 2
C , B

Let's see how lucky we get.
No. 1047104 ID: 0838d6

rolled 93 = 93

SCORE TO BEAT - 50 or higher

55 or less = failure
No. 1047112 ID: 0838d6
File 166638145879.png - (8.99KB , 500x500 , p58.png )

You want it aaaaaaaaallll, you want the friends and the business and the not-leaving-anyone-out-of-a-good-night. So you tell Donna to meet you at Sleazy Steve's instead for your regularly scheduled Ladies night. Donna of course, is excited to get drinks, but Momo can't come this time. Apparently Donna has been running her ragged. The two of you meet up a little early at Sleazy Steve's and share a light mead.

Donna: Yeah apparently she had to "go back home"
Donna: For some kind of "emergency"
You: She gonna be okay?
Donna: Oh yeah she said it should just take a few days
You: It's amazing that you can just take a plane somewhere nowadays, huh
Donna: Yeah, a plane, that's definitely how she travels
You: ???
Donna: You should hang out with her more, she could definitely…

Donna then eyes you over and squints a bit before smirking.

Donna: Show you some… SHIFTY MOVES.
You: I have… SHIFTY… MOVES!
You: You… sassy lass!
Donna: No I mean like-

It's then that the rest of the crew arrives.
No. 1047113 ID: 0838d6
File 166638148139.png - (12.65KB , 500x500 , p59.png )

Everyone excitedly gathers and starts chattering about their days. Alberta talks about how she’s just been doing the paperwork and really needs the break. Josephine says that she’s been doing field work, investigating other claimed monster sightings. Phyllis remarks that the higher ups are pleased with work, but not to make it too much about work today.

You’re a few drinks in, and even though you always tell yourself that you won’t drink too much, you can’t help yourself when someone orders a round of JELLY-SHOTS, those goo filled masterpieces, and the BLENDED DRINKS, just absolutely plow through your system and give you those feel good alcohol vibes you can't resist. But this time you’re successful, maybe it’s your BIG BRAIN, or maybe it’s all the TRAINING, but even when you’re like 5 drinks and 3 shots in you still feel clear as can be. Yes, all that post adulthood drinking really has paid off. And now Donna looks ready to talk business.

Donna: So, those plushies at the barcade had me thinking
Donna: Damn it’s a shame no one has a plushie of me
Donna: Or an Onahole shaped like me for the nerds who are into that
Josephine: That’s actually a popular niche subculture online
Donna: Prime market for the pickings, so I was working with Momo to schmooze
Donna: And we met this cute lil redhead SORCIE or whatever
Donna: She makes clothes n stuff at this TEMPORAL STITCH place or whatever
Donna: She’s got this friend, big buff guy, OREL I think his name is, mega hot buff dad bod
Donna: He does MEDICAL stuff but also knows a bit about silicone and tpe stuff
Donna: He’s got the hookup for discount medical grade shit
Donna: It’ll absolutely suck any kin dry like a succubus when I’m done fucking with it
Donna: And one thing led to another, so I need some FUNDS to help kickstart the project

No. 1047114 ID: 0838d6
File 166638150177.png - (7.60KB , 500x500 , p60.png )

There are coos of excitement and interest, Alberta just rolls her eyes and points out that starting a business is actually really hard in the modern era, but Donna just retorts how she actually ran several successful businesses back in her day before they were shut down and she was kicked out. Which led to a brief argument that you settled with more Jelly shots.

You: Hmmm, what to invest in…
Phyllis: I invested a little, but I’ll keep it secret for now, heheheh
Josephine: I invested in a fairy shaped dildo because that shit’s hot
Josephine: *urp* uh, too much JELLY.
Alberta: Eh, I dunno about this
Steve: Hey I overheard business talk if you give me a sample of that plump fairy ass, I can-
You: Steve, don’t be a creep
Donna: Hey, I appreciate a man who gets that fairies are the hottest commodity around!
Steve: Seeeeeeee!

You have 2 FUNDS, what do you invest in? (you can invest in more than one option)

- Chose an amount of funds to invest
- The cute option

- Chose an amount of funds to invest
- The sexy option

- Chose an amount of funds to invest
- The big brain option that no one is talking about

- Suggest another idea to invest in related to donna and her toy production
- Can lead to unexpected results or a total flop

- Don’t invest
- Donna will be sad, but because you bought her drinks, will not be upset
- Alberta will think you’re so cool for also not investing
- Each aspect invested in will change the final result by an unknown amount

EDMANGO NOTE: Because you chose to hangout with everyone and not someone specific, there will be no relationship advancement EXP gained.
No. 1047116 ID: f496f4

B. 2 funds, but I want dildo attachments too.
No. 1047122 ID: d98cb8

As much as I love the idea of just all in on the sex toys, do we want to be exclusively an 18+ superhero here?

...Yes we do. Let's be terrible.

2 funds to B
No. 1047128 ID: a7a180

Half and half on marketing and plush.
No. 1047129 ID: 629f2e

Half and half B/C. Marketing is important and Donna is the perfect size for sex toys.
No. 1047131 ID: 17983e

Im not sure where this will lie, maybe on D but I think it will work on A, maybe C since we'd be marketing Chompy with Donna? but it could probably work with either of the options. So i'll say whichever this fits most with, that will be my vote:

But WHATEVER CHOICE WE MAKE, heres an idea: talk about how the government should totally take advantage of marketing Chompy Tear's super heroism in some way, and if they can get Donna a disguise and follow Chompy around during her herorics, we can market Donna as well with making her a plush toy (which can also work as Aseriously, the higher our PR, the more money we can make from Donna Plushes

Of course, the Donna plushes would have to be in her super hero suit to hide her secret identity, And this will give incentive for Donna to maybe help chompy stop crime with her telekinesis once she figures it out!

Mention thay people will be more interested in buying Donna plushes if she is out there with you saving peoples lives and getting people to think shes cool because of it.

Against sex toys, we need something of all ages to make a lot of money, not just a specific group.
No. 1047136 ID: 15c72a

No. 1047147 ID: a9af05

Put 2 funds in A.

We'll get more money if we make a product for all ages.
No. 1047179 ID: e51896

Decided to lock in my vote here >>1047131
for mainly A & C or just A, 2 funds

But still, like I said in my previous post, tell Donna and the government that if we want Donna's plush to do well in price, or whatever crazy product she is planning on selling to do good (like the sex toy), she should probably become Chompy Tear's crime-fighting partner MANAGER with a disguise of her own. You can't sell a lot of products on just cuteness alone. (I think we should word it as MANAGER over PARTNER so she doesn't think she is going to fight crime with you, but still brings her close to the action whenever your fighting crime and make her feel like she's an important big shot)

However, Since she is lazy, she'll probably say it might be too much work, in which case, just tell her she doesn't have to do much as manager, just cheer you on, fly near you and look cute for the audience to adore, get the audience hype for the action, or most importantly, start a celebration if we get a victory over the monsters if there are anyone to see it, and do cool PR stuff with you so she gets a lot of attention from everyone.
No. 1047186 ID: 743e67

A, 2 funds

>Donna should probably become Chompy Tear's crime-fighting partner MANAGER with a disguise of her own.
Maybe we shouldn't talk about that out loud in a public bar? Gotta make an attempt at keeping a superhero's identity a secret.

Also, I think Donna might want to go with a plush that has her own natural looks first before she makes an attempt to do superhero themed plushes of Chompy Tear and her super fairy friend.
No. 1047188 ID: 7c0da2

2 Funds on A.
Marketing can come later once Donna is more famous.
No. 1047189 ID: e5709d

C - Let's be... 'ethical' about insider trading.
Have your government team buy stocks into whatever is about to be attacked next. This will motivate you to keep these businesses protected and alive. Also, have a general portfolio of various stocks of the entire city as a whole, and link your general income to the health of the city.
No. 1047202 ID: f2320a

After the attack so its cheaper buy the dips not the highs
No. 1047208 ID: 36784c

>everyone investing 2 funds
I see everyone is wanting to be a Spider-Man type hero, where we do good hero stuff, but we're always really poor.

A with 1 fund. Gotta keep some money for ourselves!

>Because you chose to hangout with everyone and not someone specific, there will be no relationship advancement EXP gained.
Ah shit, I forgot about that. I guess this means we also don't get anything from hanging with Pioggi earlier.

Then again, I don't think helping him with his comm counts as hanging out.
No. 1047228 ID: 7c0da2

We got a clue, that's always useful.
No. 1047230 ID: 8483cf

2 funds to A because redhed
No. 1047305 ID: e51896

Good point, though we really should at one point still talk to her and the government about it, if only to get her to help us in battle at one point and get her a disguise so she can help us in battle with her telekinesis when she figures that out, and so that her super hero alter ego is more recognizable as a hero that people would want to buy plushes of. one idea: Maybe we can keep it private by texting each other about it with the Govt and Donna through our comms so we don't talk about it publicly at the bar, or just wait until tonight when we're alone with Donna to try to convince her of the idea
No. 1047378 ID: 0838d6

rolled 19 = 19

No. 1047380 ID: bbb04b

A & C.
No. 1047421 ID: 0838d6
File 166666195999.png - (8.67KB , 500x500 , p61.png )

There is a brief moment, amongst the commotion of everyone speaking, that you get a brilliant idea. What if you used Donna’s sales and marketing to help [CHOMPY TEAR] / [MISS TEAR], your hero identity, get more cool PR. The idea is quickly squashed as you realize there’s many problems with that, one of which is that you can't just talk about secret identities at a bar.

First, convincing Donna to do any amount of work that isn’t self motivated is a tall order. Second, adding to the workload of a fledgling business by diversifying the initial product line is likely to cause complications or even failure. Thirdly, immediately associating Donna with the hero identity in any official form will immediately out you as the hero, which may or may not be a bad thing. No, first you have to make sure this idea works in the first place, and only then, after she’s in debt to you from your startup funds, can you corrupt her vision into one about you. Imagine, a CHOMPY TEAR plush! Or a masturbator shaped like your head! Or even one of those life-sized robot maids designed in your image. The thought causes your loins to moisten in excitement, or… maybe it’s the alcohol.

After a quick bathroom break and some uncomfortable snorting sounds coming from the women’s restroom you pop back outside and agree to help finance the idea. You of course, throw out ideas about various things, dildo attachments, but also decide to focus a little more on the plush angle, the all ages angle. There should be more money there, and products can be sold locally to places like VIDEO JAMES BARCADE.

- You've invested 2 funds in PLUSHIES
- Phyllis, Steve, and Josephine have also invested
- Results will be shown in the middle of next downtime

No. 1047422 ID: 0838d6
File 166666197235.png - (12.16KB , 500x500 , p62.png )

You wake up the next morning with a bit of a hangover due to the TEQUILA you had at the very end. Never could handle the stuff. You’re fully aware that you’re FLAT BROKE right now, but hopefully that won’t always be the case, right? You shake off the sensation and see a dozing Donna in her cat bed that you had installed on a high shelf. You try to wake her up, but it’s to no avail, she’s out cold, where does that lady even store her alcohol, it’s probably MAGIC.

A few weeks pass as you get into a routine, work, train, explore, work, train, paperwork, and eventually, you get the news that the office redesign is completed. After a brief bus ride to the office, you notice that the exterior is slightly different, more fortified. Walking in even shows that the interior wallpaper has been redesigned. Ruby red racing stripes. Exactly what you asked for.

Alberta: You’re here early, I was going to text you to say the work was done
You: It’s…. Beautiful!!!
Alberta: Not as beautiful as this.

Alberta walks you over to a brand new room, inside is a massive fridge, several cabinets, and a few vending machines straight out of Wano. It’s a snack heaven, and there’s a number you can call to get anything refilled. It brings a tear to your eye as you and Alberta tear into some food.

You: *sobs* I just love the government
Alberta: *munch munch* See, and you always *munch* looked down on government work
You: I was wrong, disfiguring *munch* wrong *sobs*
You: Are those fluffin’ salt and vinegar STAPLES?!!?!?
You: I thought they stopped selling them what with the kids thinking they were edible
Alberta: Small miracles I *munch* guess
You: What about the other thing we were promised?

You hear a rather deep thud coming from below your seat. Which causes you to arch an eyebrow. Alberta grabs a canned coffee and leads you through a brand new staircase to what looks like an UNDERGROUND BUNKER.
No. 1047423 ID: 0838d6
File 166666198672.png - (15.96KB , 500x500 , p63.png )

You see a large chamber reinforced with glass, graphene windows, a few chambers, and a rather large TUNNEL. It’s sterile looking and white, kind of like a hospital. Inside you see some suits dressed in professional lab coats next to some sophisticated machinery, right next to that two headed snake you caught, it seems angry. You head over to the suits that wave at you and as you head over you notice that one is holding a cane, while the other is wearing a mask and protective gear that is failing to hide what appear to be chemical burns and patchy fur.

Suit 1 (Human): Welcome to the new MONSTER LAB, sponsored by your local government!
Suit 2 (Possum): Thank fuck, we were working out of a shitty place before
Suit 2: Now we have a budget
You: Where are all the scientists, shouldn't something like this warrant… I dunno, teams?
Suit 1: Budget cuts and lack of qualification
Suit 2: It’s hard to find qualified kin in biotech for this specific task
Suit 1: We had higher ups and some… enthusiasts working, but it was shit show
Suit 2: There’s a stricter screening process, so we have contractors to do guff work externally
Suit 1: Yeah, there was a brief incident where some-kin tried to free this bad girl
Suit 1: Said this was racially insensitive because she was a snake too
Suit 2: So it’s just us until we can figure *gestures* all that out
Saba (Suit 1): The name’s Saba, Saba Hadlee.
Rutherford (Suit 2): Rutherford Oppa at your service!
Alberta: Wait, Saba, the guy who modernized the COMM?
Alberta: And you’re uh, okay I don’t know you
Rutherford: This is why I don’t fucking hang out with you Saba
Saba: Do you even know how annoying it is to be vaguely famous, PR is a nightmare
Rutherford: I’ve won a few peace prizes for advancements in medical fields
Rutherford: I was working on a few redacted level projects for the country before
Rutherford: You know the foam, the anti infantry foam?
Rutherford: That was all me baby!
Rutherford: Adaptation from mycelium and the venom of a certain fluxtopan creature
Rutherford: It causes rapid expansion and-
Saba: Alright, calm down Ruth, they get it.
Rutherford: *grumble grumble* no fun *grumble*
You: What about security?
Saba: Ah, they’re out of sight, the place is wired and camera’d up, it’s like a freeway tunnel

No. 1047424 ID: 0838d6
File 166666200051.png - (13.31KB , 500x500 , p64.png )

The two give you a brief rundown of what they can do, and what the facility can handle.

Your MONSTER LABORATORY is a combination LAB and PRISON
- It can hold up to 2 reasonably large creatures safely, but can be stressed to hold 4 with risk
- It can be used to gather data on the creatures you capture
- It comes with a security team and 2 highly trained scientists
- Has a large, secreted away supply tunnel that exits to somewhere outside of the city
- Each new creature that is caught can be kept here, but be careful you don’t run out of room or there could be a MONSTER OUTBREAK.

They also inform you of two things they discovered about the creature that they are dubbing subject P_001.

P_001’s acid gland appears to be a last minute evolutionary advancement
- All monsters going forward will keep the clothing damage gland trait
- The acid melts TEXTILES, CONCRETE and PLASTIC unless diluted
- GLASS, METAL, and PAPER is CURRENTLY unaffected
- It’s apparently an extremely tasty condiment and has potential digestive benefits

P_001 can breathe in air and in water
- All monsters must have some way of traversing the water, some breathe water, others float
- Any creature with gills, if you can spot them, will take extra damage at that location
- This is not a permanent evolutionary trait and has a chance to not be on a creature

You: Hmm, do you think there’s enough room in there for me to fight it again?
Everyone: What?
You: I mean for training, it’s getting harder to progress, but a monster I know I can take?
You: In a somewhat safe environment?
Rutherford: I almost feel bad for the poor girl, I mean, yeah, I guess???
Rutherford: Next time you do that we can milk her glands easier for some of that venom
Rutherford: I’m trying to find new applications other than just slapping it on a burger
Saba: Can’t believe you tasted the stuff, or that it tasted good, *gags*

Your CONSOLIDATION specialization has matured
- You can now access it’s full capabilities

No. 1047427 ID: 0838d6
File 166666208229.png - (13.59KB , 500x500 , p65.png )

That afternoon, after handling the paperwork and getting to know Rutherford and Saba, you decide to head out to that same coffee shop you stole a drink from that purple demon looking guy before. It’s not that busy today, but that’s mostly because there’s a woman in a brown, hooded robe screeching about [PURITY] and how she has been blessed with the power of healing, right outside of the place. Her face is, unfortunately, completely obscured by the hood.

Preacher: [PURITY] has blessed me as a prophet!
Preacher: The end is nigh and shall be filled with [LUST]!
Preacher: Please, come to me and I can remove your ills!
Preacher: Just [1 FUND] and your wounds shall be instantly cured!
Rude Heckler: Prove it!
Rude Heckler 2: Yeah, prove it!
Preacher: Alas, my capabilities require the [FUNDS], they vanish into the Orphanage’s coffers
Preacher: And you get healed, as is the [EXCHANGE] that is [REQUIRED] by our world!
Rude Heckler: Fucking scammer, just cause superpowers are real she’s trying to get in on it
Rude Heckler 2: Bet she’s an uggo under that hood, covering up her maw
Rude Heckler: Hey, that’s fucked up, she could be a beaut over in Fluxtopa!
Rude Hecklers: *laughter*
Preacher: *whisper* Heathens, the lot of you *whisper*
Preacher: Won’t anyone think of the poor orphans!
Preacher: And healing magic!

Fortunately for you, you’re both completely healthy and out of funds. You snatch a filled and completely untouched frappuccino and slurp it up as you give a wave to the barista who simply shrugs at you.

You stop to sip on the frosted drink and stop by a nearby TV retailer. They’re selling these old CRT screens and have KITSUNEWS on, yep, only old fogies would use these things instead of a COMM. Might as well listen in though, looks like it’s about you.
No. 1047428 ID: 0838d6
File 166666209127.png - (145.94KB , 500x500 , p66.png )

Good afternoon citizens of DONJON, I'm your news anchor POLKA D. ARTEP with the daily KITSUNEWS.

As you know, a few weeks ago, evacuation sirens blared not for a tsunami, or hurricane, but unbelievably, the threat of a GIANT TWO-HEADED WORM that was lurking within the sewers of DONJON. Incredibly still, a figure clad in a provocative superhero outfit swooped in to dispel the threat with size-altering and what appears to be magnetic powers. The “hero” calls herself CHOMPY TEAR and has not made an appearance since that night. The government has secured the beast with very little injury, but is this unbelievable event truly an act of HEROISM?

With something this unbelievable unfolding before many kins' eyes, some speculate that this is just one big elaborate magic show the government is pulling out of their hat to save face for what happened since THE OCCURRENCE months ago. We turn to one of these skeptics, special effects and lighting expert, Lemmy Chavowitz for his thoughts.

Aaaaand that's where you stop paying attention.

Because you hear it, that extremely distinct CHIME. You look around but don’t see PAZURU like last time. Instead you feel a calling deep inside of you to move, to go somewhere. The last time you got this feeling you found a monster, are you developing ESP? You head over to the bus stop and look at the routes. This one can take you anywhere in the city, where do you want to go?

A. The Docks
- A place by the sea
- Where the BARCADE and BEACH HOUSE is

B. The Pink-Light District
- A place of salaciousness

C. Add a location to the setting
- Describe a district or part of the city of Donjon to go to
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1047429 ID: a7a180

No. 1047433 ID: 629f2e

B for sure.
No. 1047436 ID: bbb04b

C: Violet Arcadia, or just the Verdant District if you're not pretentious (which the inhabitants totally are). The neighborhood is totally overgrown with ivy and ferns, which is a-okay for all the artists, garden enthusiasts, and hipsters who predominantly make their homes there. It probably has cafes, galleries, studio apartments, and maybe a combination tea shop and alt-medicine apothecary called Giovanna Herbals.

Think of an overgrown verdant Portland or Soho.
No. 1047439 ID: d98cb8

I'm in with B
No. 1047442 ID: 060ced


Because if clothing damage happens, it will be more lewd if it happens where it is less expected to see lewds making the potential ENF more effective. Also, kaiju seem to show up from the sea, maybe we'll be able to ambush one?

Also it would suck if a kaiju destroyed our workplace, making money might get harder

C idea: perspiration destrict, it's where SPORTS happens. It has a huge arena for multiple sports like football, soccer, baseball, it'd be cool to fight a monster there
No. 1047449 ID: 8dbf40

Hm, are there plan for more long-term storage of live kajiu when more of them inevutably appear? (Even if those plans are just "spend funds to expand the labs")
It's unfortunate that they can all traverse large bodies of water, means we can't simply ship them off to an island Godzilla-style.

Both of these sound good.
No. 1047476 ID: f8273a

>news report
>blah blah blah
>Aaaaand that's where you stop paying attention.
You were paying attention? I didn't hear anything she said. I was too distracted looking at her huge boobs.

.....what? Don't give me that look! Those things were bouncing ridiculously! It's very hard to not look at them when they're moving around so much!

>where do you want to go?
B. The Pink-Light District
No. 1047478 ID: c3e059

I agree with this. Voting for A.

>news lady's huge boobs
Pretty sure that's on purpose to draw in more viewers.
No. 1047479 ID: 26b4e0

C. The business center, where a lot of important businesses got their headquarters.
Towering skyscrappers, giant TV screens showing ads non-stop and big panicking mobs of innocent bystanders.
No. 1047494 ID: 36784c


This calling deep inside of you is urging you to go towards the area where Mamita‘s Orphanage is located. Is a monster going to show up there?!
No. 1047506 ID: 6810fd

I can't think of a clever name, but a district that houses a carnival, or theme park with roller coasters, carnie games, and treats.
No. 1047508 ID: 8483cf

No. 1047520 ID: cf9629

Voting for this. Let's go protect the orphanage!
No. 1047580 ID: 5499f4
File 166683185464.png - (12.92KB , 500x500 , p67.png )

You decide to take the bus to ACTIVITY ARCADIA, it’s a verdant green district filled with lots of old, brick and mortar buildings that have been taken over by various plants, gardens, kudzu, and the like. It’s also where carnivals, sports, and some of the more rustic residences are. There’s a city ordinance in place to prevent overly large buildings from overtaking the place, which, of course means tons of artists flock to here. You’d like it if the hipsters were more chill, which is a shame, because it’s where you grew up.

Eventually the bus stops vaguely near the residences and after a brisk walk you make it to your destination, your post-sapience childhood home, Mamita’s orphanage. It’s a solid two block building reminiscent of a wano-styled schoolhouse. In fact, it was originally a schoolhouse founded by Wano immigrants. You wave to a few of the social workers and employees that flit about through the place, a few recognize you and point you towards your destination, the roof. A sharp clack echoes throughout the halls with each of your heeled footsteps, it’s mid day, so the kids are probably goofing off on the rooftop garden.

After two flights of stairs you push open the still rather heavy metal door to the roof and are assaulted by a cacophony of child laughter. You see around three dozen children playing various games in this enclosed rooftop garden. More than half of them are object-kin, but you see a few beast-kin, humans, and the rare plush kin off in the corner, oh wait, no, that’s just Mr. Carter. But before you’re able to bask in the nostalgia, you hear a familiar and absolutely terrifying voice.

Mamita: You’re still too skinny!
Mamita: And you never visit!
Mamita: Come, give Mamita a hug, it’s been years!

No. 1047581 ID: 5499f4
File 166683190155.png - (18.77KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

You are not given a chance to resist as you are practically crushed under the iron grip of this little old spider lady. You give her a once over as your back cracks in a slightly pleasing yet still terrifying way. Mamita is a short, old, spider lady that has never skipped arm day, ever. And she has 6 arms, so this means that she’s RIPPED.

You: *urk* Hi… Mamita…
Mamita: How is my little Li of Hay doing?
You: Good *urk* can’t *uhf* breathe
Mamita: So weak, many gyms in the city, go to them more!
You: I’m *erk* plenty *ah* strong

She eventually sets you down from her vice grip and thus begins a whirlwind of introductions. You’re not going to pretend that you’ve memorized all the names, actually, you can remember ALL the names. It’s distinct, almost too distinct in your mind. In fact, you don’t think that since you’ve picked up the dice you’ve forgotten a single name. This brings you to the only reasonable conclusion, that superpowers are awesome and improve your memory.

The whirlwind of introductions eventually comes to a close and you’re brought to the corner of the rooftop. You give a knowing nod to M. Carter the Plush-Kin geography teacher and turn your glance to the new Object-kin. He introduces himself as Guillermo, having freshly gained sapience, and that he is extremely [CURIOUS] about you.

Mr. Carter: Uh… Hi again Hailey…
Guillermo: How are you so tall!?!?
Guillermo: And so hot!?!?
Guillermo: And why do you look like that one super hero on the web?!!?
Guillermo: Are monsters real!?!
Guillermo: Why are you so cool looking!?!?!
Guillermo: And- And- And- And-
Mr. Carter: *whispers* Help me…*whispers*

A. Yes.
- Just say yes, oh god this kid is talking a mile a minute
B. No.
- Just say no, oh god, this kid is talking a mile a minute
C. Uhhh?
- Say or do something else, oh god, this kid is STILL talking

No. 1047583 ID: bbb04b

I wouldn't be surprised if like 75% of the buildings in the ARCADIA had a rooftop garden of some kind (even if it's just a box garden or mini greenhouse). Add that to the similarly sized building ordinance... I dunno about you guys, but I'm getting a "rooftop run" vibe from this event.

A: "Yes, monsters are real. Uh- Cool, right?"

Maybe shoot a 'help me' glance of your own at the other adults.
No. 1047584 ID: a7a180

A. Eat your batteries and you too may grow up to be a superhero, kid. Wink!
(I mean, there's no lying to the camera, what you can do is minimize how much he looks into it and how much other people take him seriously.)
No. 1047585 ID: 15c72a

wubbadubadub is that true?
No. 1047590 ID: 3b901e

C. Ask if he wants to stream DEVILRILLA on the tv or something, a kaiju movie from Wano about a giant gorilla with radioactive powers who saves the city by fighting other kaiju monsters... and also destroys the city.
It might get the kid passionate for film and monster movies and shut him up!
No. 1047596 ID: a320af

>You’re still too skinny!
She's not wrong. It wouldn't hurt to eat a little more.

>How are you so tall!?!?
"Because Mamita took care of me and made sure I grew up right."
>And so hot!?!?
"Natural talent."
>And why do you look like that one super hero on the web?!!?
"No, I don't look like her. She's got way more muscles than I do."
>Are monsters real!?!
>Why are you so cool looking!?!?!
"Natural talent?"

>what do you say?
C. Distract him by asking him a question! Ask if he's taken any cool pictures lately?
No. 1047603 ID: e51896


Actually, here's another idea for C

in our inventory, it says we have some Wano snacks! Give him the snacks so he can stuff his mouth up to keep him quiet. I'm sure he'll be happy trying something from a foreign country

(still think we should get him to watch monster movies more tho, but seeing the snacks there in our inventory feels like this is a good time to use it.)
No. 1047631 ID: 9b0053

All of this.

There's a problem with this plan. If we give one kid some snacks, then ALL of the other kids will also want snacks. I don't think we're carrying enough snacks for all three dozen children that are here.
No. 1047633 ID: e51896


Good point, but We're in the corner of the rooftop away from the other kids, so they won't see the snacks

And if they do, here's a solution: tell the others that it is a (late) birthday gift for Guillermo since he was given form recently. They'll understand.
No. 1047635 ID: 9b0053

Yeah, that could work.
No. 1047687 ID: 629f2e

C, because if you just agree with him, he'll keep going.
No. 1047688 ID: 8483cf

No. 1047689 ID: 0838d6
File 166698317820.png - (12.55KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

You take a deep breath and this causes the kid to pause, and then you see it, that look in his eye, the light fear that he's going to get yelled at. It causes you to deflate slightly and even makes you feel a little sad. Being a camera and all he must have seen a lot of on-site yelling and is worried that he'll just get ignored or yelled over. You refuse to take the easy route, the kid deserves that much at least.

> How are you so tall?!?!
You: Because Mamita fed me right to make sure I grew up big and strong!
> And so hot!?!?
You: The Ol natural talent, also pointy shapes are the best
> And why do you look like that one super hero on the web!?!?
You: First, no I don't look like her, she looks like me
You: Second, she's got way more muscles than I do!
> Are monsters real
You: Yes, at least according to the government
> Why are you so cool looking
You: Because pointy shapes are the coolest

You clack your jaw in laughter and the kid giggles, taking a picture of you before spitting it out and handing it to you. You give the picture once over, damn, this kid's got built in photoshop enhancers, he must see the world so differently from everykin else. Seeing as how Mr. Carter is speechless at how you actually handled Guillermo, and how he seems placated for now, you offer a question of your own.

You: Now I have a question for you!
Guillermo: Yes pretty lady!
You: The name’s Hailey, not “pretty lady”, but thank you
Guillermo: Yes Hailey!
You: Take any cool pictures lately?
Guillermo: Oh boy did I!

No. 1047690 ID: 0838d6
File 166698322320.png - (12.93KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

The boy pulls out a fanny pack from… somewhere, you’re not sure, probably the same place he keeps his photos and whatever data storage he uses, and eats a few rolls of polaroid film. A few moments later, some photos pop out of his mouth.

Guillermo: Don’t tell anyone but I took those from that fox guy and his friend
Guillermo: He has like a million of them anyway
You: Your secret’s safe with me
Mr. Carter: Don’t steal Guillermo…
Guillermo: I do what I want! Hehehehehe!

He presents the photos to you and you give them a once order. Quite a few of them are well angled shots of the various kids, one of them is a beautiful shot of Mamita looking wistfully at the sunset, you ask if you can keep that one and he allows it, and then there’s one with a speck in the distance.

You: What’s that?
Guillermo: I dunno, I don’t have the PARTS to zoom in yet, might get em when I grow up!
Guillermo: It was flying towards the BIG ENERGY POLES though
You: How long ago?
Guillermo: Unno, like an hour or two?

Uh oh.

You: Uh, I have somewhere I need to be
Guillermo: Okay!
You: Oh, but happy sapience, here’s a present!

No. 1047691 ID: 0838d6
File 166698325627.png - (14.95KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

You toss Guillermo your sack of Wano snacks, they’re batteries that are nacho cheese flavored. It’s metal and the acid gives it a lovely aftertaste. Of course only Object-kin could ever eat them, so they’re highly regulated.

You: Don’t let a non-object-kin eat it, they could get sick
Guillermo: Sooooooo coooooooool
Guillermo: Mr. Carto can I marry her when I grow up????
Mr. Carto: Oh no I don’t want to give “the talk”....
Mr. Carto: I don’t even have genitals…

A brisk jog and 10 minutes later you arrive at the power station. It’s disguised as a fake building to blend in with the atmosphere of the city. Apparently people got *really upset* when they could see it out in the open, so the city planners had to disguise it in plain sight. You strain your ears as you try to find a way in and eventually, behind the building itself, spot a rather large, 2-3 meter hole way high up the wall. Its edges are corroding as the concrete and brick melts from what you assume to be monster goop.

You: Shit shit shit shit shit

You pull up your COMM and trigger the alert, causing your Comm to only lightly glow red after your complaint from last time, and then you HEAR something, more specifically, you hear *THEM*. The creature isn’t alone this time, there’s 2… maybe 3 of them.

Known Traits
- These creatures have limited flight capabilities
- These creatures have clothing damage acid glands somewhere on their bodies

Unknown Traits
- Must look *somewhat* monstrous
- Different suggestions will be used for each creature

- Each creature can have no more than 1 gimmick
- Overpowered gimmicks will be balanced

EDMANGO NOTE: If a majority power is suggested, that power will be given to all creatures, otherwise it is possible that each creature will have a different power.
No. 1047692 ID: bbb04b

A big ol' bat, with its skeleton on the outside - not an exoskeleton, but a normal one, just out instead of in.

And of course, it can shoot those bones out and regrow them quickly.
No. 1047696 ID: 7c0da2

An object-kind Frankenstein monster : appliances welded together and leaking a corrosive, clothing-damaging acid. It flies with a big ceiling fan in its back.

Hit like a train, mostly. It even make a loud train whistle sound while doing so.
No. 1047697 ID: 4deb08

A kite with fangs. What looks like a kite string is a very long, sharp, garrote-like tail. It’s an Object-Kaiju!
No. 1047699 ID: 3c5e8e

Because I love references to EDMANGO'S other quests, and the buildings have kudzus on it, how about a giant WHIRLYBIRD from PLANTIMALS? It is a plantbased kudzu kaiju that rain stinging nettles from the sky. Since it is plant based, It was able to hide among the kudzu of the buildings to get here.


https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1001663.html#1003886 (what they look like)

It probably isn't as big as the other Kaiju though...
No. 1047700 ID: be133d

Also, support for the giant kite monster! That's brilliant.
No. 1047705 ID: a7a180

A harpy, whose claws are not just sharp but sticky. What can she do by gluing to half-melted objects together? I don't want to find out.
No. 1047706 ID: e5709d

Acid Eye-Beams
* Pros: Can spew a near-weightless moderately acidic substance at breakneck speeds with pinpoint precision. This is the equivalent of shooting a 3-round burst of acid-type bullets.
* Cons: This sacrifices an eye and may damage other eyes during a misfire.

Also, the beasts have multiple eyes across their face and can regenerate them at a slow rate.
No. 1047733 ID: 260607

>monster's appearance
You know how scientists say that a bee shouldn't be able to fly with its fat body and tiny wings, but it flies anyways? The same concept applies to this Kaiju: It’s got a big fat bee body, with small bee wings. It's also got a reptilian head with sharp teeth, sharp claws on its hands, and a long reptilian tail with a bee stinger sticking out of the end.

>monster's gimmick
It can shoot the stinger out of its tail, which then quickly regrows so it can be fired again and again. The good news is that there is no poison in the stinger and it can only fire it a certain number of times before the stinger stops regrowing.
No. 1047773 ID: 36784c

Supporting these because I've got nothing better to suggest.
No. 1047859 ID: 5499f4

rolled 3 = 3

No. 1047914 ID: 5499f4
File 166717237868.png - (15.45KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You chuck the dice and get yourself into a sprinter’s position to try out this new trick you’ve been practicing. The dice rolls a [3] and your body is coated in that all too familiar energy. You feel slightly weaker than normal, probably because you rolled too low. Hopefully the creatures aren’t too big. The transformation completes a fraction of a second later and you kick out the ground, instantly shifting in size and instantly reducing in size to gain momentum and LAUNCH yourself towards the hole.

You are successful, you are small, you are sneaky, and you’re in the room. You look around and can hear bolts of electricity hitting the substation, echoing around the sound of 2 beasts. You sneak forward, reaching the end of the hallway and see them.

The first kaiju looks reminiscent of a kite object-kin, only it’s twisted and honestly a little gross looking. It’s got huge fangs that you can see are dripping with acid, but you don’t think this one made the hole in the wall, with those teeth it would have taken too long. You do, however, notice its long, garotte-like tail. It’s sharp, thin, and jabbed into a transformer. Electricity is actively being sucked through the tail, increasing its girth like some sort of rubber hose. You can now recognize the sounds from earlier as moans of pleasure, likely from a meal.

The second kaiju is just a large, fat bee, it’s got really tiny wings that say fuck you to the square cube law, a long stinger that doesen’t appear to be leaking acit, and a rather large maw with razor sharp teeth. The maw itself appears to be dribbling the Acid, and something red. Looks like you found the creature that made the holes. Still, how did neither of these things get caught or even seen? There couldn’t be a THIRD kaiju, right?

Comms (helmet): Comms here, Operative Tear can I get a sitrep?
You (helmet): Two kaiju, smaller than the snake, capable of flight, different…
You: Parts?
Comms: Elaborate

No. 1047915 ID: 5499f4
File 166717239270.png - (15.82KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

You: One’s a bee-thing with a stinger and massive acid maw
You: The other’s an abomination of object-kind with a garotte-like tail and acid fangs
Comms: Acknowledged
You: And, I may be off base here, but if they weren’t SEEN by anyone
You: There MIGHT be a THIRD
Comms: Understood, assigning a team to review GPS and SATELLITE data
Comms: What are they doing?
You: They’re… eating the electricity I think
You: Though, oh, oh goddess

And then you see it, what caused the RED on the bee-thing’s maw. The CORPSE of some utility-worker.

You: Oh goddess I want to vomit
You: They ate a guy
Comms: …
Comms: I’d reply a “no duh, they’re monsters” in this situation if this wasn’t serious
Comms: KIA or alive?
You: I’d have to get closer to check, but, oh goddess their lower half is
Comms: Subdue the targets or restrain them, choppers armed with foam en route in [3 UPDATES]
Comms: You’re a bit far away this time so it’ll take a bit
You: *mutters* I’m going to fucking kill that bee *mutters*

- Rewards and Penalties will be distributed upon mission completion

- Ties will be broken in favor of wounding or killing the bee-ju
- Reasonable arguments will cause Hailey to NOT use her DESIRE to break ties in this way

A. Wait and see what happens
- [2 updates will pass]
- The kaiju will [CHANGE]

B. Attempt to lure the bee towards you
- 75% chance of success
- What do you do once it is near you
- Your following actions could alert the other creature

C. Other
You: Okay, deep breath, maybe there’s another option
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1047916 ID: a7a180

The Kit's going to bee a problem if it eats enough electricity. The bee's victim is already dead, let that keep it occupied for now.
C. Short circuit the kite's power source using your staples.
No. 1047923 ID: fc0440

C. They eat electricity, try to ground them to drain their strength. Create a lasso from electrical cable, grab the bee with it (and restrain it if possible). Then attach the other end to a metal rod and stick it in the ground.

You should also expect electric attacks, try to remain close to things that can act as a lightning rod.
No. 1047924 ID: bbb04b

C: Deal with the Kite for now while the bee is distracted, seeing as there's no way that guy is living (even assuming he isn't technically dead yet). Use your bots to pop its tail loose and grab it, maybe swing it around a bit before whipping it into the ground - I doubt mundane blunt trauma is enough to kill these things, and we can't wrassle two or three at once, so aim for a KO.

... Oh, and keep a cautious eye out for that third kaiju.
No. 1047925 ID: e51896

Note to self, as soon as you can afford it, GET A VEHICLE ASAP, we could have prevented that death if we can get to our locations faster

Good reason not to hurt bee: it is currently distracted along with the kite, and we can use the time to use our NANOBOTS to JAM the flow of electricity before they get stronger

C: our nanobots are small enough to not be seen and can be used for hacking, jamming weapons, or eating things. that means we can sneakfully use our nanobots to be able JAM flow of electricity away from the monsters on the transformers they are stealing it from before the get stronger. Use our nanobots on the transformers or generators so the monsters can't get stronger
No. 1047936 ID: 8483cf

No. 1047944 ID: 36784c


Use your Nanobots to hack the power and shut it down.

A vehicle would be nice, but it'd also be noticeable. Anyone would notice that Hailey has the exact same vehicle as the superhero, which would give away her identity.

But if we could get a vehicle that could change it's appearance, then we could use it as both in and out of costume. Normal looking vehicle, push button to change appearance to hero vehicle, push button again to return to normal. Something like that would be helpful.
No. 1047959 ID: e51896

If I remember correctly, the vehicles were said to change to fit our aesthetic when we transform in the chart: >>1043838
We'll most likely be fine
No. 1048013 ID: a9af05

C. Hack the power station with nanobots. If possible, you could make it so the power station drains the monsters' energy.

If that's not possible, then just turn it off to stop the monsters from getting stronger.

>possible 3rd monster?
Look up. It might be hiding on the ceiling above you.
No. 1048114 ID: e51896

a few other reasons not to kill bee

- bees have an instinct to return to their hive. if we can convince the government to put a tracking device somewhere on the bee, and let it loose to escape back into the island while monitoring it, and making sure it doesn't destroy anything on its way out, we might be able to find out a path to the island and see how it gets there, while also studying its life through its eyes while its over there and get some information on the island and the other monsters there. Sure that could apply to all monster and we can do the same with them, but with the bee, its a smaller kaiju, and has more mobility with its flight. And if it returns, we'll have the tracking device alert us and the government will be ready for it

- bees produce honey. we can probably make our snacks tastier with its honey and maybe sell the stuff?

- more of a cruel reason and I don't support it, but if Hailey was already wanting to kill it, what if instead we gave Saba and Rutherford the okay to do more intense inhumane experiments on the bee for revenge for killing the utility worker instead of killing it? This reason is more of a last resort.
No. 1048117 ID: 6fe2f9

>bees have an instinct to return to their hive.
Normal bees do that, but this isn’t a normal bee. Releasing it and hoping it'll be tracked to Paradiso is just asking for it stop and attack somewhere else instead of going to the island.
No. 1048160 ID: 87e33c
File 166734710823.png - (14.69KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

You take a deep breath, in, and then out. There are always solutions hidden just out of sight, killing the thing right away would likely *feel* really good, but is not the primary goal. You have to figure out where they’re coming from and if there’s a third. You look up and see another hole, this one wider than all the others.

Your brain processes the only assumption that makes sense in the heat of the moment. There is a third one that can shoot massive globules of acid, it entered with these two from the roof, and left from the hole you entered through. Otherwise, why would it make a second hole and not leave from the first. Perhaps it CAN’T FLY? But… the hole was BIG, so how could no one have seen it?

You feel the ground beneath your feet tremble slightly, like a small earthquake. There’s no time to ponder hypotheticals, the government will watch the satellite data, maybe getting more info on it later.

Instead, you reach out to your nanomachines, they crawl off of your dress and jump into the nearby junction box. You can feel them passing through the mechanical devices, becoming energy, eventually reaching the master control for this facility. The electrical security here is atrocious and you require almost no thinking to HACK into it.
No. 1048161 ID: 87e33c
File 166734711908.png - (15.87KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

Jamming the flow is easy. Though it *does* turn off power to the area. The kaiju then poke at the transformers, confused at the lack of energy. You then attempt to go further, deeper, into the transformer, trying to REVERSE the flow. But you can’t, these things were meant to CONDUCT and SPREAD electricity to the city, not to ABSORB or GENERATE it. You’d have to spend [1 UPDATE] sending your nanobots deeper into the city’s power grid to facilitate this, but by that time the kaiju may leave for a new power source. You suppose you could always DELAY them and try to TRICK the kaiju by briefly reactivating the power, but you’ll definitely lose the element of surprise once one of them is damaged.

Comms: The power went off in your area, did the kaiju do something?
You: No, I attempted to stop their siphoning, jamming the electricity
Comms: Uh, you can do that?
You: I’m trying to see if I can REVERSE the flow, maybe drain them of energy
You: Could make subduing them cake
Comms: Do so, then, we’ll deal with the PR and many, many angry comm calls
You: Uh oh, I think one of them is leaving

No. 1048162 ID: 87e33c
File 166734713207.png - (15.46KB , 500x500 , p76_ohgodOrgans.png )

The Bee-ju is distracted, consuming more of the uh… UNICORN corpse, but the Kite-ju is getting agitated, you see it eying the hole in the roof but hesitating.

A. Turn the power back on just long enough to keep them distracted
- The [Kite-ju] will gain enough energy to CHANGE
- The [Bee-ju] will get DRAINED by the REVERSE flow

B. Become the distraction at a COST
- Base 50% chance that one of the kaiju will flee
- Reduce this chance by paying a COST

B1. They will hurt you
- Take at least 1 hit of damage (you may take more than one)
- Reduces the chance of the kaiju fleeing by 25% per hit point spent

B2. Your acts will damage the structure and power grid
- City destruction will increase by 1
- Reduces the chance of the kaiju fleeing by 50%

B3. One might get away
- Pick one of the Kaiju to successfully subdue
- Increases the chance of the other kaiju fleeing by 25%

C. Other
- Do something else
- Your NANOMACHINES are currently in the power grid and are unavailable unless recalled
- STATS: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

EDMANGO NOTE: Vehicles collected will transform with your suit just like how your COMM comes with you and fuses with your helmet. When you de-transform it will return to normal. Of course, Hailey doesn't know that so you’ll get a scene with her figuring that out if it happens.
No. 1048163 ID: 7c0da2

I'd say A, and prepare to fight the Kite-ju. You'll have to fight anyway but at least this way one of them is out of the fight before it starts. Just be careful, the third one could be around here somewhere.
And watching them change could allow you to learn more about them.
No. 1048165 ID: a7a180

A. Weaken the Beeju. Study the kite.
No. 1048176 ID: 36784c


Quickly recall your Nanobots and have them form into a giant staple to pin one of the monsters to the wall. Then you can fight the other one with your Size Shifting!
No. 1048187 ID: e51896

Dont forget, we have a third kaiju somewhere around here. Might be bad to fight a stronger kite kaiju along with the third after dealing with the bee

B2. We can afford a point of city destruction, and the cost of 1 isnt bad, we can even pay to rebuild later if i remeber correctly.
Alberta also said they'll handle PR and told us to do this.

Even though im not voting for C right now, >>1048176 this idea is cool too. If this vote wins, aim for the tail of the kite kaiju to pin against the wall since its tail is thin and we can use lesser staples, and the bee is already too distracted with the corpse to get back to the electical power when it turns back on.

But my vote is only B2 right now

Idea for whenever we get the chance, the bee's wings are tiny, we can tear them off to stop it from flying i think when we grow big.
No. 1048200 ID: a2d88b

I vote A.
No. 1048212 ID: aef708

Yeah, let's do this! Now that the power is off, we can start throwing the machines in here at the monsters and we won't have to worry about zapping ourselves!

>Tear off bee's wings
Yeah, we can do that too! We were told to subdue the monsters, but that doesn't mean they have to be unharmed!
No. 1048228 ID: e5709d

Agreed. You are Miss Tear, after all, so tear the wings off the bee and then tear a few holes into the kite so it'll be easier for your backup to catch themselves.
No. 1048247 ID: a9af05

C. Do this idea >>1048176 but make it so that the giant staple holds the kite monster's body to the wall and a few smaller staples to also pin down the tail so it doesn't whip us while we're focused on the bee monster!
No. 1048254 ID: bf98ae


I like the idea of pinning the kite-ju to the wall. It's a much better idea than letting it become a bigger threat.
No. 1048346 ID: bceec2

We've got [2 UPDATES] left until those choppers armed with foam show up to help us.

If Mamita's orphanage wasn't in the area, I wouldn't mind being reckless and possibly breaking something during the fight. But the thought of those kids being without power is something I'd like to avoid, if possible.

Let's go with C and play a game of pin the kite-ju to the wall.
No. 1048376 ID: 87e33c

rolled 73 = 73

- The Kite-ju is facing the room's interior
- The Kite-ju is facing the wall
No. 1048391 ID: 87e33c
File 166751251635.png - (16.61KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

You do a very quick cost/risk analysis. The Kaiju can't be allowed to escape. You'd have to either be hurt, or cause this part of the city to be without power for a time to guarantee success, and neither of those options sound great. So, instead, you go for the riskier play, a fight in this room. It SHOULD be okay if some of the machines get damaged, but you want to minimize risk, so you recall your nano-staples. You grow TENSE as the seconds drag by and your staples exit the electrical grid.

Just as the kite-ju is about to take off, your nanomachines return. You quickly form a large portion of them into one big staple, shift, and chuck it at the beast, not wanting to waste any time. It’s alarmed and unprepared as it turns to face you, eyes widening and slams their back against the wall. The Kite-ju is hissing hysterically and begins to dribble and spit it’s acid everywhere in an attempt to free itself. Fortunately for you, it cannot melt METAL with that, your staples are safe, and it is effectively SUBDUED. Unfortunately for you, it will try to get you with the acid during your now very real combat with the Bee-ju. The Bee-ju has stopped chewing on the unicorn and looks at you with hostility. Its jaw unhinges and the beast lets out a massive wail in your direction.

You shrink as the Bee-ju turns its rear to you and fires a stinger in your direction. It misses but the stinger embeds itself halfway through the wall.
No. 1048392 ID: 87e33c
File 166751253644.png - (15.67KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

You: At least it just has just the one-
You: Goddess dammit.

You watch in real time as the stinger starts to grow back at a speed not too dissimilar to your previous growth rate before consolidation. You dash towards the bee and it fires another stinger at you. This one grazes the side of your skirt, tearing into it. And at the same time your rear is hit by the spittle of the Kite-ju. You can feel a slight breeze but don’t focus on it, you want to fuck up this damned bee, but just as you’re about to reach the thing it’s wings start vibrating and it jumps into the air with surprising speed.

Your brain cannot process what you are seeing, those wings are MINISCULE in comparison to it’s MASSIVE body, and yet it is flying ridiculously quickly. Not fast enough to evade you forever in this confined space, but certainly fast enough to try to hit you with some more singers before you catch it. The ground quakes slightly, you’re not sure if it’s because of your size shifting or because of a genuine earthquake, but you pay no attention to it as this bee takes all of your attention. And then you feel something, something PRIMAL, stirring within you.
No. 1048393 ID: 87e33c
File 166751256203.png - (16.68KB , 500x500 , p79a.png )

It’s almost like a whisper, one made of instinct, barely distinguishable from your own thoughts, but it’s there, and you can tell that it’s different.

Prey… Found… Hunger…
Consume… Grow… Adapt…
Instinct… Lust… Sustenance…

If you weren’t feeling so big brained lately you would have completely ignored this feeling as an errant thought, but it tugs at you, begs to be noticed, to be acknowledged, almost like an orphan. The room has only suffered from LIGHT damage, mostly cosmetic due to the fight and planning. And then there’s that quaking again, but you can’t focus on it, not with the FIGHT and the WHISPERS.

- Consume the Bee-ju
- A new [PATH] will be opened up when size shifting levels up
- 40% chance of suffering an injury in the process
- 40% chance of damaging the power grid in the process
- 5% chance of both
- Your [PRIMAL PENALTY] will vanish for now

- Capture both Kaiju for the government
- 25% chance the Bee-ju disregards safety, hurting both you and itself
- 25% chance the Bee-ju attempts to take the building down with it
- The actions you take can reduce or increase either of these odds
- Loss of this [OPPORTUNITY] to Consume the Bee-ju
- Your [PRIMAL PENALTY] will rank up

No. 1048394 ID: a7a180

A. It's hip to eat bees!
No. 1048395 ID: 629f2e

No. 1048396 ID: 15c72a

Let's remember that the containment facility has a maximum size. It's a pity that the chance for zero damage is a measily 15% but the chance for not damaging the power grid is 55% which is good enough, and I think we're going to need that xp.
No. 1048398 ID: 7c0da2

A. Consume the flesh of your enemy! Gain its strength!
You don't have room to capture them both anyway. Just try not to think about the fact that you are indirectly eating the unicorn it ate, because I highly doubt it had time to digest it...
No. 1048400 ID: 8483cf

A. Consume!
No. 1048401 ID: 7c0da2

Oh, and once the fight is over you'll have to make sure the security footage is recovered before anyone has time to view it. Either with your hacking nanobots or your government friends. Making sure the public doesn't see you devour freshly killed kaijus is part of handling your PR after all.
Actually, try "accidentally" destroying any cameras before consuming the bee.
No. 1048402 ID: a9af05

If you're going to do this, then you'd better do it quickly! Those choppers are going to arrive in [Next Update] and you don’t want them to see you doing that!

>security footage worries
We turned off the power to prevent the kaiju from feeding on it. With the power turned off, that means the security cameras are also turned off.
No. 1048425 ID: 70f804

>The ground quakes slightly
>there’s that quaking again
Ok, that's been happening often enough that I'm starting to suspect that there's a 3rd kaiju on a floor under us. Might need to call in and ask if there's an update on that GPS and SATELLITE data to confirm if there is another one or not.

Go with A.

You can pick up and throw the stingers back at the bee to throw off its aim towards you.
No. 1048456 ID: 9b0053

Mamita did say that you needed to eat more, so you might as well do A.
No. 1048463 ID: 15c72a

...the quaking... I know why they didn't see the third monster! It's a burrowing monster! Watch out for an attack from below!
No. 1048486 ID: e51896

When we were choosing three Kaiju, none of the ones we created could dig, and we know there is two holes in this building, one on the wall (where we entered) one on the ceiling,

I don't think the third Kaiju is underground, rather, I think it is somehow hiding literally above us on the roof near the ceiling, and causing the place to shake

Tell the government through your comm to be careful around the building, specifically the top portion of the building. It might be underground, but that hole in the ceiling suggests otherwise... Warn them it might even be Camouflaged

And then do A. Live up to your name.
No. 1048487 ID: 36784c

>possible 3rd monster outside near roof
Yeah, it’s either there or it’s in one of the floors under us. We didn’t circle the entire building, so we could’ve missed another hole somewhere above or below the floor we’re currently on.
No. 1048592 ID: 87e33c

rolled 62 = 62

- Nothing happens
46-85 = -1 HEALTH
- You suffer a wound
- The power grid is damaged
- You are wounded and the power grid is damaged
No. 1048602 ID: 87e33c
File 166777023515.png - (13.70KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

You wonder if Mamita would consider what you’re about to do as eating more, she did always say you were too skinny. You try to justify that there’s not enough room to keep both, or that the security cameras are off, or this is the most optimal path. But you can't lie to yourself deep inside, you’ve always kind of WANTED to do something like this, even if it was a small, whispering part, different from the new whispers.

So you get close to the creature and you grow. You grow much larger than you were before, but definitely not big enough to put the whole thing in your maw, and you think, in this moment, that the bee-ju can feel your INTENT, the DESIRE to CONSUME. It makes a final attempt, a struggle to escape, to fly through one of the holes. It doesn't escape. You suffer several gashes along your chest as its rear end bursts with the last few pitiful projectile stingers in its failure of a last ditch effort.

You’ve lost [1 HEALTH]
- The wound is incredibly minor

You feel no pain in this moment, and while you do feel an influence come over your body, this DESIRE, you are fully in control of your next move, there is no mind control, there is no mental manipulations, this is you, consciously being in CONTROL of this decision. And you love every moment of it.

Your jaw unhinges.
No. 1048603 ID: 87e33c
File 166777026276.png - (16.02KB , 500x500 , p81.png )




You’ve gained [3 SIZE SHIFTING XP]
- Your PRIMAL PENALTY has vanished

No. 1048604 ID: 87e33c
File 166777028277.png - (14.30KB , 500x500 , p82.png )

You let out a PRIMAL roar of ecstasy. The feeling you have right now, akin to the greatest post coitus high you’ve ever had. The Bee-Ju is slain, torn in half by your massive chomp. You consumed the area where you assume the HEART would be, leaving the head, wings, and lower half of the body RELATIVELY whole. The suits can probably get something out of this, right? Not like they’d have had the room without worrying about the things cannibalizing themselves, getting into conflict, or forming an escape plan.

You can hear the choppers arriving, and take in your appearance in the puddle of blood pooling at your feet. Your helmet is covered in gore, as is much of your upper half. The rumbling has stopped, and the Kite-Ju looks absolutely terrified of you.

You: Hey Comms, careful on your way in, there was some rumbling, I think we have one more
Comms: Roger that, satellite footage came back
Comms: The big problem is that the footage is scrambled
Comms: Though we can confirm three vague shapes from the clearest of shots
You: I’m going to check the compound again, see if I can catch it
Comms: So the other Kaiju are subdued?
You: …

No. 1048606 ID: 87e33c
File 166777051156.png - (12.23KB , 500x500 , p83.png )

You: One KIA, one fully restrained and terrified
Comms: … Understood

You quickly duck and weave through the building and find several thrashed transformers on the lower level. There is also another massive hole, you follow it down to the basement level and see a collapsed tunnel, the barest of noise streaming through the cracks in the rock. The hole itself is around 1-2 METERS in diameter, and by the look of the grooves on the ground it seems like the creature is around 5 METERS long. There are also SCUFFS along the ground which you assume were made by LEGS like a MILLIPEDE.

You start to pull rocks away even as the choppers arrive and subdue the beast, but the tunnel appears to have collapsed behind the creature all the way down. There is no chasing whatever made this tunnel.

You: Shit.
You: One got away, and it’s a digger.
Comms: Roger that.

You sit down on a larger piece of debris and rest your helmet on your hand, the blood has only partially dried at this point, but you don’t care, you’re just frustrated you couldn’t catch them all. Footsteps approach you and you hear a familiar voice talking into her comm.

Phyllis: Hire a subsurface mapper and seismologist while you’re at it…
Phyllis: Yeah, code brown, code sky too, next few months are going to get messy…
Phyllis: Gotta go, meeting with Tear…

She hangs up the comm and slides it into her pocket, sitting beside you.

Phyllis: Wanna tell me what happened up there?

What do you say?

No. 1048607 ID: 629f2e

"If you mean what happened with the bee kaiju, I ate it. Felt some instinctual draw to do so, and I needed to deal with it quickly so that I could find the third kaiju I had a feeling about. Couldn't pin it like the kite, since the staplers were still in-use. The worst possible outcome would have been the third kaiju joining the fight before I had the bee subdued, so logic and primal urges agreed it was the right play given what I knew at the time."
No. 1048608 ID: e51896

Vent your frustrations and apologize

tell her that you're frustrated that you couldn't subdue all the monsters, and you just weren't fast enough to get here to save the unicorn's life. You were angry at the bee kaiju for killing her, and there was just so much going on in the fight worrying about three monsters that you just couldn't focus and eventually couldn't handle your frustration any longer to the point that you couldn't focus on anything other than taking down that bee, and couldn't reach the third kaiju fast enough because you were focused on the other two monsters. Really, it was just too much TENSION for a single hero like yourself.

Let her know you'll do better next time though. inform her you'll be more prepared next time. Tell her about that 6th sense you seemed to have had that alerted you that a monster was coming in the area before you went to Mamita's place, and you'll contact them the next time you get that feeling again so the government can be better prepared, and you'll also get a vehicle that can get you to your destination fast enough to prevent another death like that again, and prevent the monsters from stealing energy.
No. 1048610 ID: a7a180

We arrived on the scene, one creature was attacking the power grid, the other was eating a civilian. So we subdued one and used necessary force on the other. And it filled something empty inside us. Not our stomach, but like... well, I think there may be some merit to old myths about consuming an enemy's heart to absorb their strength. When it's a giant monster, anyway.
No. 1048615 ID: 7c0da2

Just tell the truth : you ate the bee. It tasted like victory.
Ask if it's a problem if you do it again, because it looks like it's an actual need you have now.
No. 1048620 ID: 2aa5f0

pinned kite to wall, bee tried to flee, you stopped it.
No. 1048628 ID: a9af05

>several thrashed transformers on the lower level.
Looks like the other kaiju was upset that the power got turned off and started breaking things.

>What do you say?
Tell Phyllis that you got mad at the bee for killing someone and you killed it. It ate that other person, so you gave the bee a taste of its own medicine by eating it. You're not entirely sure why you decided to specifically eat it, but it felt right to do that.
No. 1048630 ID: e51896

To add to my post, I don't think we should be proud of ourselves killing the bee. The government didn't want us to kill it, and showing we were proud of our accomplishment might get us in trouble. Still admit that you did it, but show frustration over it.
No. 1048683 ID: 908530

I got the munchies.
No. 1048688 ID: e5709d

Quick, enhance knockers to distract her!
Speak in a formal deadpan voice while you do so she thinks she's hallucinating.
No. 1048718 ID: 441109

After we explain what happened up there, we should take this opportunity to ask Phyllis if she thinks we did ok? Does she think we messed up or does she think there's something we could do to be better? Just ask for her honest opinion as your friend.
No. 1048741 ID: 87e33c

rolled 15 = 15

No. 1048761 ID: 87e33c
File 166795330082.png - (10.02KB , 500x500 , p84.png )

You decide to tell the truth, because in all honesty, there’s no reason not to. PHYLLIS is your CONFIDANT, as are most of the others you work with, and you’d bet a whole FUND that she’s been in your corner from the backlines during this whole process.

You: I won’t sugarcoat things, I ate the damned bee.
Phyllis: Yeah, but you know that’s not what I’m asking.
You: I can only do so much…
You: I’m just one kin, Phyllis
You: I… I get this [6TH SENSE] about these [CRISES]
You: It’s sometimes vague, sometimes I can, right before the moment guess what’s coming
You: And I FELT, no, KNEW there was a third and that I didn’t have the time to waste
You: And look, I was right, there was a third, and it got pissed

You point to the destroyed room nearby, the transformers and conduits thrashed.

You: So, yeah, sorry I couldn’t subdue it like the other one
You: I *had* to eat it, I mean…
You: It felt right to do, like…
You: You know those old myths about consuming an enemy’s heart to absorb their strength?
Phyllis: Yeah, I know them, I read them to you when I had a fantasy novel binge phase.
You: I think there’s merit to it, and that I’m on the cusp of growing my power again.

No. 1048762 ID: 87e33c
File 166795332060.png - (12.59KB , 500x500 , p85.png )

You: Did… did I do okay, I couldn’t save that UNICORN.
Phyllis: I-
You: I’m not asking THE GOVERNMENT AGENT here
You: I’m asking you, Phyllis, my friend

She looks caught off guard and hesitates for a moment before gesturing to your helmet and taking the battery out of hers. You disable your helmet-comm. She reaches over and takes you into a hug, covering her suit in blood. She whispers into your metaphorical ear.

Phyllis: You did great, I couldn’t be prouder of you.
Phyllis: The boys in the lab wanted a deceased subject anyway.
Phyllis: Though the HIGHER UPS will give you a hard time anyway for INSUBORDINATION
You: Technically they were subdued with NECESSARY FORCE
You: Lethal force, but necessary, Donna pointed out that part of the contract
Phyllis: Then that’s the angle you lean on
You: I’ll probably have to do it again, non-lethal takedowns take TIME
Phyllis: Yeah well, they always DEMAND more than most can deliver
Phyllis: You just happen to be more competent than they expected.

No. 1048763 ID: 87e33c
File 166795333572.png - (15.93KB , 500x500 , p86.png )

There is no crowd this time, no captive fans, or kin pulling out their comms. Well, there is one, but they are shuffled away as you are led to a chopper. Probably for the best, as being covered in blood might make you seem like a MENACE. You’re kind of glad the government is around to handle this PR, it’d be a nightmare otherwise to manage.

> You will not be alerted to TENSION causes for this mission
> Your TENSION is currently at 12
> Attempting to roll over Tension value… [ROLL = 15]
> Success, nothing happens!!

Unless you are truly lucky, [2 CONSEQUENCES] will occur after the next mission.

The post-mission debrief is met with stern looks and harsh language, but you can tell that it’s mostly a farce. The same angry guy in the PR department is furious after hearing what happened but he’s shuffled out of the meeting. Your priority in protecting the city’s power grid, visible injuries even post-de-transformation, and commitment to at least attempting to follow the orders, however, causes their tune to change. They can see that you care, are doing your job, and that punishing you for something they cannot do would be a bit *too* unreasonable at this moment. You’re almost worried they would try to push, to take advantage of your care, but several pointed coughs and stern looks from Phyllis cut those lines of dialogue. Just what kind of position did she have in the past to have this much CONTROL over the situation?

The meeting ends as you’re shown footage taken from the ENERGY SUBSTATION. At first it was static, but then the static vanished and the form of the third creature was visible. A large millipede with glowing antennae and a massive, razor-tooth filled maw. It appears to also have two heads, spitting out the debris it consumes with one maw out the other end. That thing is going to be a headache to deal with.

Government Passive Income
+ 2 Funds
Command partially executed
+ You will be given a choice between 2 MINOR base upgrades
Specimen Captured
+ Kite-ju Research (results after downtime)
+ Bee-ju Corpse (results after downtime)
Government PR adjustment
+ The government cited a secret operation you were a part of, but disclosed no details
+ 1 HEROISM [2 total]
+ You were not seen, therefore gain no VISIBILITY

No. 1048764 ID: 87e33c
File 166795335717.png - (9.98KB , 500x500 , p87.png )

Part of you is frustrated as you’re put under medical watch for your injury. They want to make sure that there’s no ACID in your system or some other VENOM or POISON that could have long lasting effects. You assure them that you’re MOSTLY FINE, but the many tests show that you’re suffering from bruised ribs and large gouges of serrated flesh. They bandage you up and you pass out on a cot in your BASE, entering the DARK SPACE again.

You’re not pulled anywhere this time, you know where to go. You float there of your own volition and pause as you see [PAZURU] staring back at you.

[PAZURU]: It seems that you prefer the path of [AUTHORITY], and lack a need for [ME]
You: Wait, so that wasn’t you guiding me to them?
[PAZURU]: It was not, in fact, I never [GUIDED] you.
[PAZURU]: You simply [SAW] me and [FOLLOWED]
[PAZURU]: And it seems that you have [NOT] made [PROGRESS] on finding me a [VESSEL]
You: Yeah, uh, there’s just a lot to do
You: And I’m only one kin
[PAZURU]: But you are not alone, you have [CONFIDANTS]
[PAZURU]: Take advantage of what my formerly [DIVINE] self lacks that [YOU] have
[PAZURU]: I have not lost [HOPE] in the [CHANCE] for [RELEASE]
[PAZURU]: But I won’t hold my metaphorical breath either
[PAZURU]: You may choose two

A. [PAZURU]: Do you have questions?
- Ask questions to the historic parasite
- She’ll answer the 3 that she finds most interesting
- She has seen nearly all of history and is a fount of knowledge
- You can choose this twice

B. [PAZURU]: Do you seek mystical knowledge, to teach and grow [ALLIES]?
- Learn how to teach others to use Mana-Based magic
- Will start the side quest - [MAGIC VS TECH]
- [PAZURU]: It cannot hold [MANA] until you [EVOLVE]

C. [PAZURU]: Perhaps you would like to know where to find a new [CONFIDANT]
- Pick a confidant from the original chart
- Your random event will be replaced with a chance encounter with them
- You will be given INFORMATION that could make them INTERESTED in you

D. [PAZURU]: Or you could ask for something more specific
- Pick something else
- But what?

No. 1048765 ID: a7a180

Can I interest you in a slightly used bee vessel?
C: Bring in the bounty hunter!
Also B, mana probably has better synergy with primal energy than tech and you have a fairy companion.
No. 1048768 ID: 36784c

>But you are not alone, you have [CONFIDANTS]
Pazuru is right. We can have our government friends help us with [CRAFTING] a body for them to inhabit.

Alberta is knowledgeable in a lot of things and might know about Historic Parasites, Josephine can use her creative cosplaying energies to help design the body, and Phyllis has connections that could help us get what we need for making a body. Of course, it’ll be easier to convince them to help if we increase our Relationship Rank with each of them, since they’d be more willing to pull some extra strings and call in favors to help us out.

>You may choose two
D. Ask for something more specific.
We know that Pazuru wants a body with [VAGUELY FELINE] traits and I’m sure our government friends can help us [CRAFT] that body. The specific question I want to ask is: Would Pazuru want a [CRAFTED] body that was organically grown or mechanically build? I’m sure the government has ways to do both.

B. Mystical knowledge to teach to our allies would be helpful if they ever need it.
No. 1048794 ID: 8483cf

C: Bounty Hunter
D: The suggestion about government-funded cat crafting is fun.
No. 1048800 ID: 629f2e

Y'all gettin' hyped about picking up new allies like we aren't already neglecting the ones we currently have. Pazuru literally just pointed out how much nothing we have done for her.

A and B are my picks. Donna already has magic, so those teachings will probably go to our government buddies. Questions for A are:

"What are the origins of my power?" We sort of just found that d8 in a bush, but where did it come from?

"What is the greatest misconception I currently hold?" It's an intentionally broad question. Give Pazuru a blank check to let you in on some deep truths and see what she throws your way.

"What would be the most productive step I could take towards getting you a vessel?" Spare a question for her to make up for your lack of progress.
No. 1048809 ID: e51896

A. Ask about (choose from the list)

- The dice, where did it even come from and why does it give us powers?

- We met somebody claiming to be a prophet of [PURITY]. Is that true? will this play into (interested in this question because it said Pazuru would hide us from angels and hates them, and would like to see her opinion.

- any way to lower TENSION POINTS? Probably not.

- You heard a voice urging you to eat the bee, and you gave in. What was that and why are they getting involved? (I know it is probably the [WILD] god, but I am interested as to why they are getting involved along with [LUST] and maybe [PURITY]

C. It was a tought choice between B or C, andI considered the MANA option, but in the end, I don't think I want to get involved getting busy in a sidequest when we have so little time to do other things, like train ourselves, or go shopping and other things during our downtime. That said, an ally like a bounty hunter to help us fight kaiju I think is better since Donna isn't going to help us fight with her powers, and the government is already helping us with our PR and researching things already.

I'll try to think up more potential questions for A, and I miiiight switch from C to B, but we'll see.
No. 1048810 ID: 15c72a

No. 1048813 ID: 948df6

B and A.

- Why were the kaijus attracted to the power station, for what purpose beside damaging the city would they need to drain its energy ?

- What is the greatest active threat to the city right now ?

- Where could I find accounts of events both past and present that are similar to what's happening ?

- What is the city's biggest weakness, among the parts that are vital to its survival which one is the most vulnerable ?

- What am I overlooking at the moment ?
No. 1048823 ID: a9af05

>government friends can help build Pazuru a body.
That might be possible.

I'll support this one for D.

And I'll vote for A with the questions that >>1048800 is asking.

>Y'all gettin' hyped about picking up new allies like we aren't already neglecting the ones we currently have. Pazuru literally just pointed out how much nothing we have done for her.
That's the exact reason why I'm NOT voting for that option.
No. 1049044 ID: 87e33c
File 166820897820.png - (10.14KB , 500x500 , p88.png )

You: Probably a good idea to figure out magic for others
You: It’s getting kind of hard to SOLO these monsters
[PAZURU]: It will continue to get worse, as you shall soon see
[PAZURU]: The process isn’t at all complicated, one must simply [FILL] their [VESSEL] with [MANA]
[PAZURU]: Then one must either be at a [PLACE OF POWER]
[PAZURU]: Or must have an [ARCANE FOCUS]
[PAZURU]: The most annoying part is that [TECHNOLOGY] can [INTERFERE] with it

[PAZURU] proceeds to explain the process of creating an [ARCANE FOCUS] and where to find a [MANA VENT], apparently they’ve become scarce, but there is one near [DONJON] in this small town called [LYST].

You’ve learned about [MANA]
- Your big brain has somehow retained all this information, neat!
- You can teach others how to use [MANA] and create [ARCANE FOCUSES]
- You can't learn how to use it yourself until after you [LEVEL UP] your [SIZE SHIFTING]

You: What’s this about TECHNOLOGY interfering?
[PAZURU]: [MAGIC] is the process of using [CREATIVITY] and [CONCEPTUALIZATION]
[PAZURU]: [TECHNOLOGY] is the process of using [LOGIC] and [CONCEPTUALIZATION]
[PAZURU]: The complex circuitry creates an aura of [ANTIMAGIC]
[PAZURU]: Simply put, the two do not mix and are at odds
[PAZURU]: Technology is just conceptually more powerful in your [REALM]
[PAZURU]: You will need to create a localized [DEAD ZONE] via [EMP] to use the capabilities
[PAZURU]: Or create an [ARCANE FOCUS] to act as a personal [DEAD ZONE]
[PAZURU]: One localized directly around the [WIELDER]
You: So the focus nullifies the effect?
[PAZURU]: It does to some extent, though the farther it goes from the focus, the weaker it is
[PAZURU]: [MANA] does not reinforce a Kin’s body normally, but can reinforce [MATERIALS]
[PAZURU]: And most kin outright refuse to [IRRADIATE] themselves for [POTENCY] anyway
You: Yeahhhhh, cancer kind of is uh kind of a big deal

Pazuru shrugs, muttering something about *power* and *cost*. You pause for a moment to think, you decide to ask some questions that have been ruminating in your mind.
No. 1049045 ID: 87e33c
File 166820903395.png - (11.52KB , 500x500 , p89.png )

You: So, about your [VESSEL], do you have a preference, or?
You: Basically I’m wanting a point in the right direction for this.
[PAZURU]: A purely mechanical one would be [TOLERABLE]
[PAZURU]: An synthetic one would be [FINE]
[PAZURU]: A biological one would be [FAVORABLE]
[PAZURU]: I cannot specifically [GUIDE] the process for you on this
[PAZURU]: But the most productive first step would likely be…
[PAZURU]: To spend time with DONNA, or to spend time with JOSEPHINE
[PAZURU]: It is [IMPORTANT] that [YOU] make this choice, not me
You: Whack, that makes no sense to me, but whatever.
You: What about the city and the kaiju?
[PAZURU]: What is the city’s [WEAKNESS] and why did the [KAIJU] want [POWER]?
[PAZURU]: It’s weakness is it’s [KIN], their reliance on [INFRASTRUCTURE]
[PAZURU]: You are… [COMPASSIONATE], and they [WILL] become [OBSTACLES]
[PAZURU]: They are like… moths to a [FLAME] and will only flee when it is too [LATE]
[PAZURU]: As for why the [KAIJU] wanted the [POWER STATION]
[PAZURU]: They have simply learned to adapt and [EVOLVE] using [ELECTRICITY]
[PAZURU]: Although, the [NUCLEAR POWER PLANT] is a better alternative
You: Uh, but that could, uh, NUKE the city
[PAZURU]: They would absorb the fallout, no, it would be worse for another reason
[PAZURU]: The aftermath of a giant monster trudging through your domain, the lives lost
[PAZURU]: The [POWERS] they could gain with that much [EVOLUTIONARY POTENTIAL]

The staple-like hairs on your neck stand on their ends and you feel your skin prickle with goosebumps. Taking out the NUCLEAR POWER PLANT would be absolutely CATASTROPHIC to the city. Sure, the government has enhanced and quadrupled security around the place in the last 10 years, but that’s nothing against a GIANT MONSTER. You should probably talk to the government about this, or at least your CONFIDANTS.
No. 1049046 ID: 87e33c
File 166820909095.png - (11.22KB , 500x500 , p90.png )

You: Uhh, Uhh, Oh, this one’s been bothering me.
You: So what even ARE my powers?
You: And the dice, I just found it in a bush.
[PAZURU]: The device is a product of [CREATIVITY] and [LOGIC]
[PAZURU]: It is not [NEW] nor is it [OLD], it is both from [HERE] and [NOT]
[PAZURU]: They take many [FORMS] and will [MANIFEST] randomly throughout history
[PAZURU]: Typically the creator will reach a [FUGUE] state after witnessing a [MUSE]
[PAZURU]: And the device shall then exist, created by their hands
[PAZURU]: Some will retain some knowledge of the process
[PAZURU]: Becoming capable of breaking [LOGIC] and producing more
[PAZURU]: The [MUSE] Of your device is now primarily [WILD], your [SIZE SHIFTING]
[PAZURU]: Tinged with motes of [LOGIC], your [NANOBOTS]
[PAZURU]: And the powers are a [MANIFESTATION] of a [MUSE]
You: So it’s someone seeing a [GOD] and then going into a manic artistic phase?
[PAZURU]: A bit crude of a summary, not quite right, but close enough.
You: And the [VOICES] I heard whispering to eat the bee?
[PAZURU]: That’s just the [WILD] attempting to assert itself
[PAZURU]: The [MUSE] in your device is quite potent, the more you use it, the more it uses you
[PAZURU]: It is a [PARASITE] in a way, as no font of [POWER] comes free
You: Should I be worried?
You: Uh, I couldn’t quite catch that

[PAZURU] pauses for a moment, a brief moment of concern flashes in her expression before she turns away from you, sulking again. This doesn't worry you at all, not one bit, what the heck is a [CYCLE]? You think she mentioned the [8TH CYCLE] when you first saw her. And what’s with the sulking?!
No. 1049047 ID: 87e33c
File 166820911640.png - (12.61KB , 500x500 , p91.png )

You feel yourself fading from this place, falling away and back into your body. Bless it, you should have asked her how to contact her more easily.

[PAZURU]: Until we meet again, [HAILEY MARY].

You wake up in a cold sweat. You don’t look at the news or social media, that doesn't matter right now. The suits and doctors try to get you to stay in bed to recover, but you just don’t have enough time, and you’re not even sure where to start on all the things you have to do. At least you have this moment’s reprieve, this DOWNTIME before a new KAIJU strikes. You almost stop to think how weird it is that you KNOW that this is true, but don’t ponder on it for long, you feel a sense of URGENCY. You think your next MISSION might be a BIG one, but also that you might have A BIT MORE TIME before it happens.

- Please see >>1046204 for basic downtime options
- You have 3 free downtime actions (one more than usual)
- You have 1 free “hangout” action
- [FISCAL SUPERIORITY] will update after this action
- You will be given a choice for your [BASE] after the next action
- You will be given a warning about [MONSTER EVOLUTION] at the end of the intermission
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

You may suggest up to 2 actions to do next, the most popular will be selected and the others will be used to create unique downtime actions as additional choices.
No. 1049053 ID: a7a180

1: We should do another hangout in addition to the free one. Top two people to hang out with would be Josephine, since you passed up the last opportunity, and... Huh. Well, she's on the list so why not? My number two pick for a hangout is the dead unicorn energy utility worker.
2: Train size shifting! We're close to another breakthrough.
No. 1049068 ID: c2ecd6


1st action: We absolutely need to shop for a SUPER SICK RUBY RED MOTORCYCLE. We couldn't save that unicorn because we were not fast enough from running alone, and the monsters got into the electrical power before we arrived. We need some wheels. right now, SHOPPING is important, especially for a motorcycle

(Speaking of which, i wonder how donna's get rich quick scheme went and if we got money for a better bike or buy something extra. Maybe we can see the results of Donna's plush first before we shop and see how much money we have?)

Second action: see our government buddies, specifically Josephine. That way we can tell her about the historical parasite and her wishes, AND let them know about LYST and its mana vent. Kill two birds with one stone this way.

our free hangout action can be Donna.

(I like training or going to the ruffled haunch as our third option, with ruffled haunch if Donna couldnt make money, but right now, i want to get a motorcycle and possibly other items mainly as one of our first two options. We already got exp from the bee after all)
No. 1049092 ID: 36784c

Since the Monster Lab in our Lair allow us to research specific details of the monsters, I'd like to have the scientists research the monsters' ability to absorb electricity to become stronger. Hopefully the scientists will be able to figure out a way to counter that so we can stop them from doing that.

We should also warn our allies to tell the higher ups to NOT give any orders to try and shoot the monsters with any nukes, since those would supercharge the monsters!

>see our government buddies, specifically Josephine. That way we can tell her about the historical parasite and her wishes, AND let them know about LYST and its mana vent. Kill two birds with one stone this way.
Yeah, do this.
No. 1049094 ID: e5709d

Attempt to generate extreme amounts of sexual fluids using your size-shifting powers.

And get some work done in the process.
No. 1049098 ID: 7c0da2

First action : go hang out with Donna, see how her business is going and talk to her about Pazuru's vessel. Maybe she could make a plush vessel for her, like a plush kin ? I'm not sure if it counts as biological, but she said a synthetic one would be fine.
And you could also talk to her about learning magic. She would make a great teammate.

Second action : Train! You unlocked something by eating the bee, you need to discover what it is!

>>1049053 I also vote for hanging out with PTSD-induced hallucination of dead unicorn for the free hangout. Or maybe hangout with them during other tasks. Or at all time, in the corner of your vision, just barely out of sight, glimpsed in reflections or in the middle of a crowd.
No. 1049100 ID: 17983e


Go shopping
No. 1049101 ID: 629f2e

Talk to Josephine and Donna at the aame time. Get government and magic in the same room so they can share notes quickly to help Pazuru's quest. Plus, Donna can contribute her only magic knowledge if you bring up the magic stuff you were told about.

Other than that, gonna say to train.


Yes. This is the natural evolution of our power. Gotta do it.
No. 1049106 ID: 72bc96

Suddenly discover that your clothes have ripped and no longer fit properly because apparently kaiju are very high in calories and eating one makes you chubby.

I kinda want to transform and let the scientists look at our Nanobots to see if they could improve them or something.

But we should definitely hangout with one of the people that Pazuru said could help us with making a body for her.
No. 1049155 ID: 740803

>have the scientists research the monsters' ability to absorb electricity to become stronger.
Yeah, it makes sense to do this. If we can find a weakness, we might have an easier time in stopping them.

>let the scientists look at our Nanobots to see if they could improve them or something.
This is something else we should look into. We don't want to completely ignore one of our powers and not try to upgrade the nanobots.
No. 1049269 ID: 87e33c
File 166845457592.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , p92.png )

You head outside the makeshift emergency bedroom that was put inside one of the empty rooms of your LAIR, pushing past the doctors and shooting several texts to your CONFIDANTS. Donna says that she’s in the middle of something and will be there LATE, after you’ve met with the others. Josephine, Alberta, and Phyllis have been waiting in the other room for you to wake up, so you gesture for them to get into the conference room, you’ve got something important to talk about. But first, you snag the nearest lab coat. Saba was mid-bite on this glazed sandwich looking thing and raises an eyebrow at you.

You: I need to you switch gears and research something about the monsters
Saba: Uh huh, *m u n c h* to what?
You: They can absorb energy and I think EVOLVE with it
Saba: … what? *munches slowly*
You: I’m pretty sure they can absorb other forms of energy, like nuclear too
Saba: That seems highly unlikely, are you sure?
You: Fairly certain, can you look into what would happen if they got a hold of a lot of it
You: If we can stop or even counter it mid-process that might give us an edge
Saba: We’ll look into it *m u n c h* *mumble* Tear, after lunch.

No. 1049270 ID: 87e33c
File 166845460276.png - (13.20KB , 500x500 , p93.png )

You snag the following snacks from the break room while you’re there. Nacho cheese flavored staples, little cream puffs that are matcha flavored, and whole freeze dried eggs stuffed with bacon, squid, and croutons. You’re about to grab more when you realize that there seems to be a bit more weight around your belly and thighs. You even feel your normally loose-fitting clothes constraining around your body. Oh, oh no, Kaijus make you fat! You stumble into the meeting room upon realizing this information and the others look back at you in confusion.

Josephine: You okay Hails?
Alberta: Kaijus… make you… fat?
Everyone: …
Phyllis: I feel like that’s not what you wanted to talk about
You: OH!
You: It wasn’t no, I just realized I put on a few pounds and-
You: Wait no, no distractions I have something important to say!

- Reveal to those in the room everything about [PAZURU] and about [MANA]
- You will be specifically focusing on JOSEPHINE throughout your retelling

- Withhold certain information, but what?

No. 1049271 ID: 629f2e

A, tell all! Total honesty has been a solid strat thus far, and I see no reason to start keeping secrets.
No. 1049283 ID: 7def1e

A. Tell the truth. I dont see how they wont believe us after they met donna with her own magic, and the fact we got magic dice too, and you showed Phyllis you have a 6th sense to find monsters. Plus they deal with paranormal stuff, so it shouldn't be too bad.

And i think Pazuru wanted us to tell them about her in order to help her find a body
No. 1049284 ID: 9d289f

Also, look closely at Saba's sandwich. See if he caved in and is eating that sandwich with the Kaiju acid sauce in it. Look for anything green and gooey.
No. 1049286 ID: 7c0da2

A. They are your confidants (well, except Saba, you'll just have to trust him I guess), don't lie to them.
But Pazuru seems wary of [AUTHORITY], so maybe tell your friends not to repeat too much. Or not to repeat anything at all, really, because you having a weird mental (?) parasite in your head and/or dreams might make their higher-ups distrustful of you.

Also, apparently you'll need to exercise more if you want to keep eating kaijus. Which is good, because you need to train anyway to turn that kaiju into an awesome power-up! (instead of, you know, turning it into a very mundane kind of size shifting)
No. 1049290 ID: a9af05


And when you get to the part about being able to teach magic, you absolutely need to let them know of the risks of learning it. Especially the part where using mana would mean [IRRADIATING] themselves, which could potentially cause cancer.
No. 1049312 ID: a7a180

A. It's likely that Paz predicts that Josephine will be inclined to make her a vessel once she learns about her.
To explain it simply to them, mana and technology are two incompatible fields... but somehow, you've learned to use both, and the kaiju have learned how to feed on technology to feed their primal energy.
No. 1049313 ID: 8483cf

No. 1049319 ID: 36784c

A. Make sure you explain that you've been meeting Pazuru in your dreams when you first got your powers. Because if they think it's a recent development, they might think the stress of being a hero is starting to make you hallucinate a helper so you can cope with the stress.

Also, mention how Pazuru reminds you of a video game character. If you're lucky, one of your friends will know which game you're talking about.
No. 1049500 ID: 5499f4
File 166864928430.png - (11.13KB , 500x500 , p94.png )

You look around the room, making sure that no one else is around. Saba already left, you just shoved him safely down the staircase so he could eat his probably-not-kaiju-juice filled meal.

You: I want to talk about [MAGIC] and [MANA] and also about a [HISTORIC PARASITE]
Phyllis: Uh, hold the comm, as in you know about [MANA]?
Phyllis: Like as in know, know, and how it works
You: Uh, yeah
Josephine: I thought you said it wasn’t real Phyllis?

A silence goes throughout the room as all eyes lock on her. She sighs and fiddles with a panel hidden in the table that you didn't know was there. Shutters appear on the windows and the room feels oddly quieter than normal. Almost like there’s a ringing of white noise going on.

Phyllis: Sorry, had to shut off the cameras, what we talk about next stays with us.
Phyllis: I’ll deal with the shouting match from the higher ups
You: Oh….kay?

You don’t pause to think about the definite recording of all of your actions thus far and instead continue. You explain what you know about [MANA], how you met [PAZURU], the complications surrounding it, your 6TH SENSE, and even how you think you’ve seen [PAZURU] in a video game before. You pay attention to Josephine the entire time, and watch as her eyes glow with a manic DESIRE, EXCITEMENT, and a little bit of HURT aimed towards Phyllis.

Josephine: So, Phyllis, you lied because I’d need to get Irradiated to use it
Phyllis: No, I lied because our testing, at least until now, showed it was basically unusable
Phyllis: You can’t retain the stuff, it’s isolated, and the labcoats couldn't find shit
Phyllis: This is over a hundred years mind you
Phyllis: Technically I only know because I browsed a document and I thought it was bullshit
Alberta: Phyllis what the hell do you even do to have this high of a clearance
Josphine: I always thought you were in higher admin or something…

Phyllis cringes at the question, looking visibly uncomfortable.
No. 1049501 ID: 5499f4
File 166864930162.png - (10.67KB , 500x500 , p95.png )

Phyllis: Too many things neither of you would be comfortable with, the work is…
Phyllis: Uncomfortably WET.
Phyllis: But that was a while ago, sorry.
Josephine: Are ALIENS real too? GODS even?
Phyllis: Sigh, and then I knew you’d get like this too…
You: So, can you guys help?
Alberta: I would say I could look into the [HISTORIC PARASITE] but that’s now Phyllis’s job
Phyllis: Yeah, I’ll see what I can do about that, also SABA would be VERY interested in this
Phyllis: He’s one of the few that was still toiling away over in LYST trying to crack it
Phyllis: Just pick the TWO that you want to train when you’re ready and they’ll delegate it
Josephine: I can work on body acquisition, I don’t uh… I want uh…
Josephine: I’m sad I’m not FELINE ADJACENT because otherwise I’d offer myself up
Alberta: We’re not letting you get special reconstruction surgery for this
Josephine: I… I know, but maybe I can MAKE her something, I do have practical SFX knowledge
Josephine: Maybe we can give it a CORE of [MANA]?
Alberta: I’ll also look into the game front, I think I know the one you’re talking about
Alberta: Old indie game, about lust combat or something, made by this solo dev who vanished
Alberta: Probably hard to track down, but I’ve been stuck doing paperwork, sooooo.
You: Thanks guys, I really appreciate it
Alberta: I will say I’m not really for the plan, I don't like the idea of giving a ghost a body
Alberta: Sounds like a PRISONER of some sort, which leads to the question of, well.
Phyllis: Why was she punished?
Alberta: Yeah, but she has helped, and from the sounds of it things will get worse
Josephine: But if we can figure out [MANA] then we can protect the ENERGY SITES better
Phyllis: Yeah, this uh, you know we’re going to have to tell the higher ups about this
Phyllis: At least in some form, right?
You: I’d prefer it if we didn’t, since well, there might be PROBLEMS
Phyllis: There won’t BE a planet left with us on it if they evolve to that point.
You: Fair…
Phyllis: Though, giving up a COMM to be able to use magic is going to be a hard sell
You: Yeah, apparently the ARCANE FOCUS can only do so much, a COMM kind of uh
You: Well it *could* be fine, or it could also not work and fail when you need it
Phyllis: I’ll talk to the coats, maybe they have an old school communication method
Phyllis: You said that ADVANCED CIRCUITS are the problem right?
You: I THINK so, yeah, like clocks and analog stuff is fine

No. 1049502 ID: 5499f4
File 166864931946.png - (12.05KB , 500x500 , p96.png )

You head out of the meeting room, some very angry turtle in a hat and snazzy military outfit stomping about outside the room. You think you’ve seen them in a meeting once or twice. They brush past you and yank Phyllis back into the room, slamming the door shut. You hear the beginning of a shouting match occur as you duck out and notice Donna sitting on just a massive pile of BUX.

Donna: Laaaaadiesss
Donna: We’re RICH!
Donna: Well, specifically, I am the rich one
Donna: But that does not mean that I cannot… spread the wealth towards my investors!
Josephine: Bet yer regretting not investing in her plan now, huh Alberta
Alberta: … yes, you were right...
Josephine: Hmmm, sorry what was that?
Alberta: Don’t make me hit you with my cane
Donna: Ladies, ladies, no need to fight, we ALL get money, Hailey the most tho

Donna pulls out a plush of herself, exactly her size. It’s honestly pretty lifelike, whoever sewed these is an absolute beast at stitching. You grab the plush and stuff it in your breasts, it even fits in the Donna sized hole you call your cleavage. You’re glad that it worked out in the end. Then she pulls out another object, sneakily passing it to Josephine who squeals in excitement. Looks like it’s the sex toy variant. Your apartment’s probably going to be full of these things later.

Your investment of 2 funds has turned into 3 funds!
- Your investment into the PLUSHIE MARKET was met with success!
- You will gain an extra 1 fund every downtime so long as the CITY STABILITY is high enough
- Everyone else who invested has earned some amount of FUNDS as well
- You no longer have an opportunity to invest in plushies

No. 1049504 ID: 5499f4
File 166864939721.png - (11.39KB , 500x500 , p97.png )

Donna: Whelp, Now that that’s over I’ll just coast off the FUNDS, so what’s up SLUTS?
You: Oh, y’know, just magic and superpowers and monsters
Donna: Sounds like work, I’m gonna take a nap and cuddle the me in your breasts

Donna settles back in your bosom as you plan your next move.

You have 3 free downtime actions left, PICK ONE.
- You will be given a choice for your [BASE] after the next action
- Your warning about [MONSTER EVOLUTION] has been replaced
- You will instead be given tips on how to counter their [ENERGY ABSORPTION] at the end of the intermission
- You have a total of [5 FUNDS]

- (.5(base)x2(sub-brain bonus) = 1XP) in SIZE SHIFTING, leveling up to RANK A
- Training as you increase in rank is HARDER
- Suggest a more productive training regimen to increase the base value
- Something special will happen
- You: Okay, so what if I jerked off in big form while I was training
- *The lab coats ALL liked the sound of this idea*

- Pay up to 4 FUNDS and this action
- The Labcoats will attempt more invasive procedures to see if they can UPGRADE the tech
- Base SUCCESS chance - 20%
- there is a 40% chance of sustaining an INJURY throughout the process
- Each fund invested increases the SUCCESS chance by 20%
- Each fund invested reduces the INJURY chance by 5%

- Go buy something
- Maybe there’ll be something EXTRA on the bike
- Or maybe one of the other VEHICLES will be more tempting
- Feel free to suggest other things you’d like to purchase as well

- Do something else
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1049506 ID: e51896

C. With 5 wealth, I think it's now time to go SHOPPING.

SHOP for the bike (3 funds or 2), and some armor/weapons (lean towards armor) We don't want another unicorn death on our hands for not being there quick enough, and we gotta be extra prepared for the big fight coming.
No. 1049508 ID: a7a180

AAA. We can buy stuff and go to funerals later. Also, wow, that XP rate drops fast.
No. 1049509 ID: 629f2e


> You: Okay, so what if I jerked off in big form while I was training

Do this. This is absolutely the direction your powers should go.
No. 1049510 ID: e51896

Still want C, BUT If we do A, lets train by fighting against the monster(s) we captured, and milk them for their yummy venom like Rutherford wanted (we can probably sell them to some food chain restaurant for them to research for a lotta money later too!)
and I think fighting a monster will help with Saba and Rutherford's energy research by studying how much stronger they get when we fight them.

Invite Donna to watch too! (tho i don't think we have a choice if she's resting in our breasts)
No. 1049511 ID: 8483cf

A, with a secondary vote for C later. Motorcycle!
No. 1049512 ID: 15c72a

Training regimens:
Alternate between big and small, see how far you can go each time and how fast you can do it. If you're fast enough, do exercises during shifts. Like jumping jacks where you do one jumping jack small and then one big, etc.
Obstacle course where you try to get through it as fast as possible, but there are small gaps you have to shrink to get through.
Training to dodge attacks by size shifting. Someone throws balls at you, you stand still and only shift size to dodge. Maybe you can learn to shrink your body in only one dimension to dodge best like this? Become flat or narrow!
No. 1049538 ID: 99ca7b

No. 1049579 ID: 87e33c

rolled 5 = 5

No. 1049594 ID: 5499f4
File 166883264670.png - (12.74KB , 500x500 , p98.png )

You decide to train, you're close to a BREAKTHROUGH, and you have a few novel ideas. This training process takes a little while, being stretched across a few weeks. One day you try to fight the snake and at first it seems to go alright, but then it gets absolutely terrified of you as you grow even bigger than you were before. Maybe there's an EDGE to you that you didn't have before that the other kaiju are starting to pick up on?

Seeing as you're not getting a true challenge you try to do some quick shifting exercises. These are met with more success and you feel that this exercise is both more novel and trains a part of your orthogonal thinking. The immediate shifting to dodge balls is helping to focus your skills in this regard, projectiles might be less of a problem now, at least you hope that's the case.

And then there's the final tactic so many kin in the lab have been dying to see this, and part of you misses the life of a sex worker, you haven't been back to the haunch in an occupational capacity in a while after all. So you transform in a flashy pose to begin your best strip tease yet to the audience of your government pals and the lab coats. You Roll a 5, a respectable number and do a sexy dance in the middle of your training yard, your steps hit the ground with loud thuds, As you grow and shift, accentuating your curves with each movement.

You strip your underwear, push away the nanobots and pop in your chestpiece, they disintegrate into harmless dust that adds a smoky RUBY RED mist of ambience to your performance. Your helmet, boots, and gloves stay on throughout the performance though, have to keep them wanting for something. You then start to touch yourself, gentle touches, stimulating probes, clitoral depressions. You haven't gotten off in what feels like an eternity as you can feel the LUST building within you. It doesn't take much to get your lower half going, practically leaking with excitement.
No. 1049596 ID: 5499f4
File 166883268272.png - (9.19KB , 500x500 , p99.png )

The gaze of your friends and coworkers on you sets your heart ablaze. Each of their tiny little eyes roving over your form. Your first orgasm strikes, sending a quiver down your legs that almost topples you over, you leak sexual fluids on the ground, and it’s size does not reduce at all as it leaves your body. Your performance continues as you begin to get lost in an experience so intimate and so known by you that it’s like a long lost friend that comes to visit for dinner. Only you’ve skipped the wining and dining and skipped straight to the lovemaking.

Another orgasm strikes you and this time you squirt, accidentally coating an audience member, but you don’t care, you’re in a blissful state. You get lost in your own world as this continues for the rest of the session until you’re splayed out on your back, still in giant form, dirt be damned. The post nut clarity has given you revelation and understanding towards your power and you see new paths, but one of these paths feels different, more PRIMAL than the others.

You gained ([.5(base)+.5(unique training regimen)]x2(sub brain) = 2XP) in SIZE SHIFTING
SIZE SHIFTING HAS INCREASED TO [RANK A]... but something happened!
+ In suit size increased to 1cm (min)/1,000cm (max)
+ Out of suit size increase to 30cm (min)/300cm (max)
+ The [PRIMAL PENALTY] has returned at [RANK F]

A. Expansion
]- Your max height cap is now 5,000cm
- Size shifting can selectively target limbs
- Become four times as strong when big

B. Recession
- Your body can shrink in one dimension, allowing you to flatten or narrow at will
- Your body becomes twice as tough as its largest size at all times when transformed
- Retain normal sized strength when small

C. Omission
- Your minimum height is now less than 1mm
- You can change your weight at will between your heaviest and lightest values
- Will, if used properly, allow for a somewhat unreliable form of flight

D. Regression [A NEW PATH]
- [SIZE SHIFTING] will drop to [RANK B]
- Gain one of the bee’s powers from this list at [RANK C]
- Increase the [PRIMAL PENALTY] to [RANK C]

D1. Flight
- You can fly as fast as your sprinting pace at maximum size (no matter the size)
D2. Energy Absorption [Cannot rank up]
- You can absorb energy to gain XP
D3. Bone Manipulation
- You can grow and shape the bones in your body, firing them out if you chose

No. 1049599 ID: e51896

see if one of the scientists wants to explore your "cave" at your size Forget it, it might kill them.

A! If the monsters are getting bigger, so must we!

plus, selective limbs growth will be fun. Bigger boobah!
No. 1049600 ID: a7a180

A. That's a huge boost compared to the other options.
Second choice would be D2, because you'll be able to deny energy to the kaiju should you be unable to keep them from getting to the grid, and if the grid's doing well you can use the excess to power up.
No. 1049601 ID: 8483cf

C: Omission. Being MAX HEAVY at MIN SIZE is stupid good, plus we get the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
No. 1049603 ID: a7a180

You can't make a science omelette without breaking a few eggheads!
No. 1049604 ID: e51896

To add on to the A choice, becoming 4 times stronger when big is no joke!

and with selective limbs growth, we can also make our head bigger to chomp more effectively, make our arms or fist bigger or longer for stronger punches, and use our larger arms to reach higher ledges to climb up high places at normal size without breaking the structure we climb up if we were big

(also consider For context, the statue of liberty is 4602 CM tall, with choice A bringing us to 5000 CM tall with choice A, we'll pretty much be taller than the statue of liberty, or whatever this world's equivalent of that statue would be. This doesn't count the pedestal the statue is on)
No. 1049606 ID: 629f2e

C. Don't underestimate the kinds of shenanigans you can get up to with weight changing.

Imagine bumping up your weight as you jump onto a trampoline, and then as the tension releases dropping it dramatically to send yourself flying high up into the sky.

Or, for a more practical example, consider lowering your weight as you dodge a monster's blows, making yourself more nimble, but bringing your weight back up to put it all into your attacks. Or making yourself heavy to more easily pin a monster down. How about big but light so that you can climb buildings without doing much damage to the structures of them?

Add to that letting you become small enough for some real stealth/maneuvering through tight spaces, and this becomes a boon of significant value.
No. 1049609 ID: 99ca7b


Consider the following:
- minimize weight
- leap above an enemy
- Maximize weight, minimum size
- drop on their head like a tungsten rod orbital impactor, as physics goes wheeeeee
No. 1049610 ID: 2aa5f0

going with C because it reminds me of the ant man memes around endgame so...

No. 1049612 ID: 36784c

I’m voting for C for these reasons >>1049606

Also, if we ever decide to actually go work at our job, it’ll be much easier to dance on the stripper pole when we make ourselves super lightweight!
No. 1049618 ID: 7c0da2

You will be fighting bigger Kaijus sooner or latter, you need to be somewhat on their level to effectively punch them. Or eat them.
And you will need to deal with the flying island at some point. If you keep getting bigger you may end up being able to simply walk there and climb on it. Or even grab it and turn it into a regular island.
No. 1049619 ID: a9af05

No. 1049648 ID: 2ef7dd

>part of you misses the life of a sex worker, you haven't been back to the haunch in an occupational capacity in a while after all.
You should definitely go in to work sometime soon. If you keep skipping out, eventually you'll get fired.

C. Omission
We need more variety in our arsenal besides just "get bigger". And if any flying kaiju try to carry us away, we can surprise them by becoming too heavy to lift.

>Will, if used properly, allow for a somewhat unreliable form of flight
Pretty sure this means that we can make ourself light enough to start floating. What makes it somewhat unreliable is figuring out how to move while floating, but I'm sure we can think of something.
No. 1049658 ID: 1e7b2a

D2. Energy Absorption

Slight hurt short term but government backing means some easy power sources, Hailey can probably eat more kaiju if the team has her as a cooperative baseline for how this energy absorption works, it may not even be that expensive if the electricity grid just dump surplus energy to the lair during off peak times.

I also just want to see some training scenes like getting Hailey to gigantify and then pedal really hard on an exercise bike hooked to a generator or run around with a lightning rod during a storm.
No. 1049687 ID: a9af05

Ignore my vote here >>1049619 . I'm changing my vote to D1. Flight.

We need the mobility if we run into flying enemies.
No. 1049693 ID: e5709d

I vote D2
Think about it; most of these monsters are going to have biological energy storages for all the power they harness. Eat them, see if you can siphon some of it back.
No. 1049708 ID: 5499f4
File 166899421819.png - (8.90KB , 500x500 , p100.png )

There’s a part of you, the PRIMAL part, that growls a quiet, whispery moan of HUNGER. You dismiss it entirely. There’s no need to REGRESS, your mental acuity is too strong to accept that temptation, and if you really do need the other power, you get the feeling that you could just consume a different Kaiju. The last vestiges of the Bee-Ju’s will fade from your mind, forgotten and unnecessary as you intuit your way forward, there are no distractions, you’ve made it clear last time that you’re not to be interrupted when you’re in this state.

You can feel your body shift, shrinking until you’re the size of an ant, no, smaller than an ant. Everything is just so big. And then, like you’ve discovered a new muscle, you realize that you can adjust your weight. You’re giddy with excitement as you realize that physics has no hold on you anymore, you bet that the other ladies are going to be jealous of this new power.

You selected the [OMISSION] specialization
- You can adjust your weight at will between your heaviest and lightest values
- Your minimum height is now less than 1mm
- This power works when out of suit using those values
- You have [9/16 XP] needed to reach RANK S
- The effects will fully mature at the end of the intermission

You come back into focus and return to your normal size, de-transforming and appearing back in your normal clothes. Alberta approaches you, nearly slipping on your pile of sex goo on the ground. She hands you a tablet that asks for your passcode.

Alberta: Okay, I know you never check your email, so here, hurry up and pick one.

PICK ONE, It will complete construction after your next downtime action
A. Increased Kaiju Containment
- Lets you store an additional 2 large kaiju safely or 4 more at a risk
- Would increase your capacity to 4 (safe)/8 (risky) kaiju

B. Discount Medical Supplies
- Enough supplies to heal 2 blocks of health that you must pay to replenish
- Each block of health healed this way takes up a downtime action

Stats Page: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
No. 1049709 ID: a7a180

We're out of safe kaiju storage, so let's upgrade that.
No. 1049713 ID: e51896

Before I vote, I'd like to ask how much will the discounted medical supplies cost, and if we store more than the safe amount of kaiju, what will the percentage be for a complication to happen?
No. 1049717 ID: 5499f4

EDMANGO NOTE: This is an upgrade worth [1 FUND]

Every Kaiju past capacity increases the chance of a messy event by a base value of 20% + 40% per Kaiju past capacity as of right now.

If you increase your kaiju storage capacity it changes to base 20% + 10% per kaiju added

No. 1049719 ID: 629f2e

A, we need more kaiju storage
No. 1049722 ID: e51896

I'm fine with either option, but I'd like to propose this idea for B:

If our government buddies are going to help us after they get magic, there could be a chance that they too might get hurt and will need access to some easy heals.

If there is a complication like the kaiju escaping, or if we need to make room for new kaiju, we'll just eat the weaker kaiju to make more space and get XP out of it. the kite and snake are scared of us, so they should be pushovers. Just make sure we ask the scientists and the government for permission first and try to persuade them. (don't eat any right now, we need Saba and Rutherford to finish their energy research. We'll wait to eat one or two after we capture the next kaiju(s))

with that in mind, I'll wait to vote later until I see other people's argument, but I'm leaning slightly towards A.
No. 1049741 ID: 0392d0

We can only eat so many kaijus, we need more storage space.
Besides, on the power chart it warns that you need to control the impulses you get from primal powers, so maybe eating kaijus is not that good an idea.
No. 1049763 ID: 36784c

Let's go with A
No. 1049778 ID: 6f23a7

A. Also where's Donna? It was never mentioned that we removed her from between our boobs before we started training. Did we accidentally squish her between our boobs when we started shrinking?
No. 1049787 ID: f2320a

not so bad being fatter, look at donna and then look at yourself how most everything ends up in your tits if you where not a stapler you would put dairy cows to shame in tit proportions
No. 1049936 ID: 87e33c
File 166916793822.png - (12.81KB , 500x500 , p101.png )

You: Easiest decision of my life, more containment.
Alberta: Uh, you sure, you're kind of still injured.
You: It's just surface wounds, I'll be fiiiiiiiine
You: I get the feeling the next attack's going to be big
You: Its either that or I kill all of them
You: And, well, I feel like the coats would prefer this option
Alberta: Hey uh, don't forget to look after yourself, okay...

Your [MONSTER LAB] will recieve an upgrade
- Your total Kaiju capacity has been increased!

The coats babble on about running tests on your sexual fluids and on analyzing the data that they've recorded after your performance. Donna gives you a thumbs up from the audience seating, claiming that [LUST] would approve of what you've done here. And eventually you head back home to take a quick nap before deciding your next move.

You have 2 free downtime actions left PICK ONE
- You have a total of [5 FUNDS]
- You will be given tips on how to counter the kaiju's [ENERGY ABSORPTION] at the end of the intermission

- Invite a friend to go shopping with you!
- They'll provide colorful commentary and unique shopping options.
- If you buy them something, you might increase your confidant XP with them!

- Any options previously suggested are applicable options
- Please see >>1046204 for basic downtime options
- STATS and list of met characters: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

No. 1049939 ID: e51896

Shopping is really important, and I think it should be one of our last two actions so we can get a vehicle, and some weapons or armor or anything else that can help us.

That said, I think before we do that, we can probably stand to make a couple more wealth if we work in the Ruffled Haunch as our second action, and then do some shopping as our third action with the extra money we make from work. Imagine how much stuff we will be able to buy after we make that extra cash (we'll have about 7 wealth overall after work). Plus we haven't been at work in awhile. Maybe we can hear more about that bounty hunter from Gladys, and maybe meet an interesting customer.

however, if we want to see about doing something else as one of our last two actions, then shopping will be my second choice.

so for my second action, I want B: be working at the Ruffled Haunch

But I'm fine if A is chosen to shop and we do something else as our last action That'd be my second choice
No. 1049940 ID: e51896

And if we go shopping, I nominate Alberta to shop with us. She's the one that has been getting a play by play from us on what happens during battle, so she should be able to give us input on what she recommends we should get with our wealth. She might want to buy something too.
No. 1049944 ID: a7a180

We'll be sure to look after our health, but we're fine for now.
B: Hang out with the dead unicorn.
No. 1049946 ID: 629f2e

Why don't we make Alberta feel better by going home, resting, and rejuvenating. Recover from injuries before we get even more ones.
No. 1049950 ID: 8483cf

Buy a motorcycle with Alberta!
No. 1049951 ID: a9af05

B: work at the Ruffled Haunch.

If we get more money, then we can go shopping later to buy a good vehicle, instead of a cheap one. Or if we bring someone with us, we can buy them something with the extra money.
No. 1049955 ID: a0094e

B Ruffled Haunch

Maybe we'll bump into Pioggi and Naail at work?
No. 1049962 ID: 30a1cc

.....fuck. I just realized something: The government higher-ups just tricked us into getting the Lair upgrade that would benefit them when the tell us to capture more kaiju.

The choices were between upgrading the kaiju prison or getting some discount medical supplies that we replace with money out of our own pocket and would take up one of our downtime actions. Obviously, we'd end up picking the one that was automatic and didn't require us to use our own time and money to use.

Next time we get a choice like that, we'd better be a little more careful on what we choose.

>what do?
I'm supporting going to the Ruffled Haunch. I choose B.
No. 1049965 ID: a7a180

We were going to be ordered to catch more kaiju anyway. By increasing the capacity we've just made it safer to do so instead of being forced to hold more kaiju in a facility unable to safely contain any more.
No. 1049969 ID: e51896


>The choices were between upgrading the kaiju prison or getting some discount medical supplies that we replace with money out of our own pocket and would take up one of our downtime actions. Obviously, we'd end up picking the one that was automatic and didn't require us to use our own time and money to use.

Don't worry, even though they've been offering lair upgrades for free, upgrades to the lair is also one of the things we can buy when we're shopping according to the downtime options >>1046204 [3 wealth for medical supplies lair upgrade],

we can potentially pay for that upgrade while we shop for a vehicle and armor/gadgets. We should have more than enough if we spend some time at the haunch.
No. 1049990 ID: 629f2e


...Wait no, this is actually fucked up, u right. Why the hell are WE paying THEM to be able to store more kaiju when THEY are the ones asking us to capture them alive in the first place? Killing them is easier, we're actively trying to avoid that because of them, and it got us injured last time! We are literally paying them to be able to make our job more difficult, why the hell aren't they paying for this shit themselves?

You should call up Phyllis and ask about this ASAP, because the idea that your naiveté in wanting to help people is being taken advantage of bites.
No. 1049996 ID: e51896

consider that by capturing more monsters, Saba, Rutherford, and their research team will be able to study these monsters to help us in future crisis. They're already researching and going to give us information about how to prevent them from taking energy. By imprisoning more monsters, they should be able to help get an idea of their weaknesses and their movesets and behavior to get an advantage over them in battle bit more, and help us come up with a plan of action
No. 1049997 ID: 36784c

B. Go to the Ruffled Haunch for work. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna get fired if you keep skipping out for too much longer.

>Why the hell are WE paying THEM to be able to store more kaiju
We’re not. The government is doing that themselves and we’re not paying them. But if we got the medical supplies, we would’ve paid the government to restock it when we use it.
No. 1049998 ID: 15c72a

B: Haunch
No. 1050001 ID: 40ce9c

Go shopping with Donna. Buy that ruby red motorcycle and cool motorcycle helmets for the two of you. Ask her if she wants her own vehicle, maybe a drone that you could customise to add a cockpit with a couch or an armchair or something ? She can already fly, but now she could fly in comfort.

And of course the free upgrades are for things they want us to have, no surprises here. I doubt they would agree to spend our budget on, I don't know, a ballroom. We have our own funds for that kind of things.
No. 1050044 ID: 741cc9


I was kinda hoping we could do the Arcane Focus Creation to teach Saba and Josephine.

Choosing them because Saba volunteered and wants to do it and Josephine because during the meeting she seemed to be really interested in the subject and would probably want to learn this stuff.
No. 1050061 ID: 2a605f

I'm good with either the Ruffled Haunch or doing this >>1050044
No. 1050118 ID: cf3ad1

B. Ruffled Haunch to get more money.
No. 1050178 ID: 87e33c

rolled 98 = 98

21-40 GLADYS
41-60 PIOGGI
61-100 UNICORN
No. 1050182 ID: 87e33c
File 166942158498.png - (13.62KB , 500x500 , p102.png )

You decide to go to the RUFFLED HAUNCH and put in some hours over the course of a few days. That sexual training kind of kick started your sex drive again, you were so distracted with ACTUAL REAL SUPERPOWERS that you nearly forgot about both your former profession and just how much you enjoyed the act itself.

A few kin comment on your SICK BRUISES, whose origins you claim are from several SCRAPS you got into over the past month. None of them bat an eye at your excuse as your melee combat prowess is actually somewhat well known by your workplace and clientele. A lot of them want to KNOW that they're being dominated by a badass woman who could easily crush their heads between their thighs.

You take in as many offers as you can and even participate in a few hedonic orgies that were apparently organized by Donna. She's been making rounds in the sex worker community as a generous patron as of late, only for her to make bank as the profits are funneled back towards her.

Going to the haunch is work, but it's also relieving your accumulated mental fatigue. Seeing the faces you pleased, watching their expressions, faking orgasms, having some, etc. It's good, it's carnal, it doesn't require you to think or plan, and also scaring the living shit out of kin as you gain and lose weight while on top of them is absolutely hilarious.

You've gained [2 FUNDS] by working at the Ruffled Haunch.
- You now have a total of [7 FUNDS]

No. 1050183 ID: 87e33c
File 166942160187.png - (11.71KB , 500x500 , p103.png )

You browse Chirper for the latest and most popular chirps and there's a few topics that catch your eye. The first is that you're seeing hundreds of re-chirps of kin posing with the Donna dolls, apparently she started some viral stunt where you toss the Donna toy into weird places and try to get other kin to find it, kind of like geocaching but just with a stuffed toy.

There's tons of reviews about her sex toy and how the material almost feels alive, just like magic. But that's probably just a ton of buzzwords and kin hyping it up. Whoever she paid to handle marketing is certainly spamming the net for her, even making a few memes.

The next thing to catch your eye is a thread about the [PURITY] preacher. They've started to gather a small following of believers online. Turns out the preacher actually has been donating to orphanages across the town, though there still appears to be conflicting evidence as to whether or not their [HEALING POWERS] are legitimate. [1 FUND] for a heal is still a lot of cash. You note that they're still in town, and that should you want to visit them, it will likely be very easy to find them.
No. 1050184 ID: 87e33c
File 166942161463.png - (16.77KB , 500x500 , p104.png )

> Featuring art by Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid!
The last thing you find of relevance is a highly viewed video by KITSUNEWS talking about some dead unicorn. You look a little closer at the thumbnail and you realize that it's THE dead unicorn from the power station. Guilt forces you to watch it.

I'm your news anchor Polka D. Artep with today's solemn episode of KITSUNEWS.

A beloved former child star Zana Ly has recently passed away due to an unfortunate accident at the local power station. Zana was a star on the hit childrens show "Our Smalltown Horsies" and "Stuffed House", loved by many kin in southern communities. She also guest starred in the hit television drama CATALYST when she was wasn't pursuing her passion of electronic engineering and Mechanical Repair.

Some critics claim that she should have stuck to film, instead of trying to double dip as an engineer and movie star. But as a woman and entrepreneur I commend her for reaching out and working in the STEM field whilst not giving up on her dream of becoming a star on the big screen. She was an intelligent woman and friend and will be sincerely missed. A funeral pyre will be held in her honor at the DONJON BEACH LIFE AQUARIUM. And now a moment of silence for her loss.

No. 1050185 ID: 87e33c
File 166942163127.png - (14.53KB , 500x500 , p105.png )

You can feel your body depress as the words ring in your ears. She was a child star, and you even remember those shows, "Our Smalltown Horsies" is a classic. She played this one rich, bratty unicorn who was really into sewing and had magic. You think they even sold hats with her head on it at some point. If... If only you were faster. Your COMM chooses this moment to buzz with a notification.

Alberta: Heya Hails, wanna maybe watch a movie and REST?
Alberta: We could cuddle if you want, could invite Josephine over for a MONSTER MOVIE?
Alberta: We could even do (a little) ONLINE SHOPPING
Alberta: No pressure or anything!


This is your LAST downtime action of the intermission. PICK ONE
- You have a total of [7 FUNDS]
- You will be given tips on how to counter the Kaiju's [ENERGY ABSORPTION] at the end of the intermission

- Counts as both the rest action and the hangout action with Alberta
- Heal ½ of a point of health
- Gain relationship XP with Alberta
- Be advertised products on the TV

- Counts as both the shopping action and the hangout action with a partner
- Gain relationship XP with said partner
- Be given one guaranteed HOT DEAL, but it may not be for something you want

- Teach 2 kin (of your choice) how to make an arcane focus
- Will make the government more effective at supporting you in the field
- Will kickstart the creation of the government's magical division

- Visit the unicorn's funeral
- A random event will occur
- You'll bump into someone you may know

- Suggest something else to do

No. 1050187 ID: 8483cf

B stands for Buy the bloody motorcycle with Alberta!
No. 1050188 ID: bc4cda

No. 1050196 ID: 629f2e

A, hang out with your friends and recover some of your injuries before you pick up even more. Ranking up the relationship is a nice bonus too.

If you can get Phyllis to come over, take the opportunity to bitch about those stupid base upgrade choices.
No. 1050207 ID: eb3b9d

B. With all that wealth, we need to start shopping. Bring Alberta with you since she wants to spend time with you

My current shopping list:

- Motorbike (2 wealth) we dont want another incident like Zana's death

- Fortress upgrade, medical supplies (3 wealth) to make Alberta feel relief

- alberta gift (1 wealth) she didnt get the shared wealth from Donna. Give Alberta a break

- Get heals from [purity] preacher (1 wealth) this should make Alberta feel a little better about our current health and get us prepared for the next fight