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File 166701436198.png - (112.47KB , 1000x1000 , LF6c Title.png )
1047747 No. 1047747 ID: 8483cf

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Takes Place Immediately After POV 6(b): https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1037510.html#1037510
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No. 1059744 ID: c171f5
File 168005784765.png - (30.32KB , 400x343 , LF6c_32.png )

The morning air is chill and crisp. Fall is beginning to set in. There are no trees in Minga, but the nearby hills are becoming tinged with orange. My gaze wanders and my stride lengthens. Soon the buildings blur together.

My mind dulls into the pleasant, floating sensation as I reach my cadence. The cobblestones, once rough and treacherous under my feet, seem as smooth as glass. I’ve reached the point where I’m so comfortable using the extra balance of Feline Grace mutagen that it feels as natural as breathing.

The city is quiet this early in the morning. I have the streets to myself. There’s nothing that can reach me. Not when I’m like this. Here, I can’t be hurt by anything or anyone.

Before I know it, the buildings are repeating themselves. I’ve completed a lap around the City. I don’t care. I go again, losing myself in the rhythm of my stride.

Some time later, I feel a tingling on the back of my neck. Adrenaline floods my body. I immediately drop and slide into the cover of a door frame, closing off as many lines of sight as possible.

I sweep the area quickly with my ruined eye, peering through the wood and stone around me. There are moving shapes in the buildings, but the tingling sensation I felt was higher up. I look higher and see a winged shape high above.

I put a hand to my chest and sigh deeply. It’s okay, Rae. Just a wing-kin on delivery. Nothing to worry about.

No, it is something to worry about. How long did it take me to pick up on the telltale flapping of wings? How long was she my blind spot? If she’d really meant to do me harm, could I have reacted in time? I know this isn’t a warzone, but I can’t just turn the thoughts off. They’re a part of me. Protecting me. I need them.

Wait. The wing-kin is circling around and doubling back to my last position. It was following me. I knew it.

I focus my ruined eye on the shape through the building walls, tracking the wing-kin until it’s facing far enough away from me. When I’m sure the overhead avian won’t see, I dash into an alleyway out of its line of sight. It’s my turn to double back.

I scale the building façade nearest to me, press myself under the eaves and wait for the shape to come back for a third pass. This time I get a good look at my pursuer.

It’s Apricot. Not a threat, then. I don’t think so, at least. Why was she following me? Why is she searching for me? Doesn’t she know how dangerous it is to try and sneak up on someone like that? She could have been mistaken for a…

My hands are shaking.

I take a moment to collect myself.

Easy, girl.

It’s okay.

I carefully climb down the façade and walk to the middle of the street, waiting for Apricot to find me again. It doesn’t take her long, and she alights on the cobblestones in a clatter of claws and flutter of wings.

“Hi! There you are! Thought I lost ya for a second. You’re fast!”

I don’t say anything back.

“Guess we’re both early birds, huh? I just, you know, wanted to say hi. See how you were doing, since, you know, uh... you know.

"Are you feeling okay? You're kinda quiet.”

I don’t like her. I don't like this. I just want to be left alone. Why is that so hard to understand?

I take a breath and prepare to tell her exactly what I'm thinking.
No. 1059751 ID: dee951

I'm under a lot of stress and I am feeling really really grumpy and I need a lot of space and I was HOPING that exercising would make me FEEL BETTER BUT FUCKING NO, THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN, SO I'M JUST GOING TO SNAP AT EVERYONE!!!
No. 1059755 ID: a7a180

Grab her around the arms (commonly known as a 'hug') and whisper: "Don't sneak up on me again."
No. 1059756 ID: 273c18

Tell her you're not doing okay. You just want to be left alone. Maybe pet a cat.
No. 1059794 ID: 1371b2

“Meditation” or maybe “Bad dreams” might get across the vibe of ‘bad thoughts, running as a means to calm down/deal with bad mood’ and the lack of elaboration should give the hint you don’t want to talk right now.
No. 1059809 ID: e51896

Just tell her you'll be fine once you get some alone time.
No. 1061007 ID: 05aeff
File 168098261001.png - (5.36KB , 258x251 , LF6c_33.png )

I clamp down on my frustration and say exactly what I need to. No more, no less.

“Don’t ever do that again.”

Apricot wilts. She shrinks back, feathers drooping. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you. You looked so focused… I was happy to see you. I’m sorry.”

I don’t know what to say to that. I let out a deep sigh. “I was meditating. Alone.”

“That’s so cool you can do that while exercising!” Apricot says. “No wonder you’re in such great shape. I don’t really have exercises, but I do carry heavy packages around. I guess that counts? It’s something I do to make some extra cash while Autumn is doing fairy stuff. I like delivering packages way more than letters. People are always really happy when they see me deliver their stuff! It’s a nice way to start the day.”

I really wish she’d leave me be. Can’t she see I’d rather be exercising? I feel like turning away and just leaving, but then I realize something.

Apricot hasn’t mentioned my scar. In fact, she hasn’t even been staring at it. She’s just… making eye contact normally. Does she not care about my new hairstyle? Is she not put off by the necrotized skin all over my face?

Apricot is a weird bird.

“Well, while we’re here, do you want to grab some breakfast with me? There’s a new bakery that opened up about two weeks ago and it’s owned by a real live dragon! And that fox spirit who lives at the Adventurers’ Guild works there too, she’s the waitress! I think it’s called, uh… Rotisserie de Minga?”


“Oh. Oops. Thanks. But can you blame me? Dragon! I bet she makes a great roast too!”

“I’d rather just go back to the guild and shower,” I say. That should give her the hint I want to be left alone.

“Oh, good idea,” Apricot says. She lifts her wings and gives a sniff. “Yeah, maybe I should too.”

Or not.

“Look,” I say, “I’m dealing with some big issues right now. I need to focus.”

“Oh,” Apricot says. “Do you want to talk about it? Oh! Sorry. Uh, maybe we don’t have to talk. I’ll be quiet if you want me to, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my armor. Everyone needs breakfast! Or we could just go back to the guild and I can thank you there, or we can do something that you want to do to take your mind off those issues. Something to de-stress, maybe.”

I’m obviously not getting rid of Apricot just yet, and it’s not worth the effort to tell her off. I consider going to the Cat Café, but it’s closed this early in the day. There is, however, one pettable animal in Minga that somehow finds me no matter the time of day.

1. Go to Kayk’s Bakery
2. Go back to the Adventurers’ Guild
3. Go to the Church of Eirene
4. Go pet the skunk
No. 1061008 ID: a7a180

Go to the bakery (she needs the business)
No. 1061009 ID: b8408d

Bakery, we can hit up the skunk on the way out. Also maybe Dotti would be down for a quick pat or 2
No. 1061011 ID: e51896

Considering in the previous thread Apricot wanted Taranis as a animal companion since she is a ranger. She must be looking for an animal companion. That skunk might be perfect for her.

4. Go introduce Apricot to skunky
No. 1061012 ID: 629f2e

Bakery, the threads must converge.
No. 1061058 ID: c74210
File 168107666647.png - (36.41KB , 391x603 , LF6c_34.png )

If Apricot insists on doing something together, it might as well be something that helps Serah’s party. Or is it my party? No, it isn’t. I’m a freelancer. I don’t have a permanent deal with Serah. I want to keep my options open. Maybe take a nice, long trip after I deal with things back home. I mean, with my brother.

My stomach churns. It’s because I’m hungry. There is no other reason.

I jog to the bakery, Apricot trailing above me. It’s good to get more exercise, and we cover the distance quickly enough to arrive before the morning crowds really start to appear. We’re the first ones at Kayk’s bakery.

A familiar fluffy face pokes her head out the front door, her eyes glimmering. She sees my scar and her glimmering eyes go wide for a moment, then she disappears inside.

“Kayk, Rae’s here! She brought a friend, and she’s kind of scary so I’m gonna help her, okay?” Dotti scampers out to greet us and gestures to a table. “Hi! Welcome! Kayk’s a little stressed right now, she’s busy with a few lawyerly things. Is that okay? I can go grab her if you really want to talk to her. Or are you here for breakfast? I like the pancakes with strawberries, the cream is fresh whipped! We have some poppyseed muffins too, and coffee and tea and milk. Here’s the menu!”

“We’re here for breakfast! The muffin sounds great,” Apricot says, and we take a seat at the table. “You know Rae? How wonderful! I’m Apricot.”

“Nice to meet you!” Dotti gives a curtsy, showing off a pair of stockings. Kayk’s fashion preferences are making an impression on her, I suppose.

Dotti looks at me for my order, and it’s obvious she’s trying her best to avoid staring at my scar. I suppose I’d better get used to that. I don’t like sweets, they’ll make me fat. There has to be something at this bakery that isn’t loaded with sugar. Maybe bread and butter.

Everyone is looking at me, and I realize I’ve been led into Apricot’s trap.

I have to say something to keep the conversation going.

Conversation. My least favorite thing.

Suggest something to talk about with Dotti, something to talk about with Apricot, and something for Rae to order for breakfast.
No. 1061059 ID: dee951

Inquire about their savory breakfast options with Dotti, and make smalltalk about availability of appropriate ingredients and such along those lines with her!

Discuss Taranis and that one skunk and Aife and the various animals and animal-people-that-look-like-normal-animals in your life with Apricot, as well as any that she's found have entered her life in a big way recently.

Order a savory breakfast pull-apart 'monkey bread' with some mix of sausage, eggs, cheese, and bacon in it! And some juice or milk to go with it.
No. 1061060 ID: a7a180

Talk about Dotti's new tails and new job, Apricot's fairy Autumn and how they met, and order waffles with butter. Waffles are better than pancakes.
No. 1061065 ID: de0094

Get yourself a Focaccia

Talk to Apricot about that skunk that you keep running into, and Aife. Who knows, they could potentially become Apricot's companion if she wants to meet them.

Ask Dotti how she is liking working with Kayk. Also talk about your plan to see Priscilla later to deal with your own stress later. Serah, and Dotti probably havent heard from us in awhile and are probably worried about us since the last they saw us, we were in bed and depressed, so its probably a good idea to let them know you're handling yourself.

Make it clear your going there ALONE, so Apricot doesnt follow.
No. 1061075 ID: 629f2e

Ask Apricot about herself and where she comes from? Maybe how she got acquainted with Autumn?
No. 1061112 ID: b57fea

This, also order pancakes but go light on the syrup, maybe some scrambled eggs as a side for protein.
No. 1061214 ID: f38037
File 168127971385.png - (236.21KB , 600x338 , LF6c_35.png )

Conversation is the problem. Food is the solution.

“Savory,” I ask. “Eggs.”

“Do you want something filling?” Dotti asks. “If you do, we have focaccia bread stuffed with scrambled eggs, sausage, spinach and tomatoes. We’ll cook it fresh!”

I nod and hand her the menu back. The sooner I get the food, the better. I don’t have to talk if my mouth is full, and that’s a protein-filled entrée without sugar.

“Orange juice it is! I’ll have the waffles with strawberries and cream,” Apricot chirps. “With a lake of syrup. Do you have any juice?”

“We have orange juice today. I squeezed it myself so you know it’s good.”

“I’d like the orange juice.”

“You are very wise,” Dotti says, marking her notepad. “I’ll go get it ready. Just a few minutes, please, thank you!”

Dotti scampers back inside the bakery, which is fairly impressive given she’s wearing heels. She must have been practicing. Is she that invested in her job? Or is she excited about human fashion? Or both? I could ask her, but I don’t want to dive too deep into it. I know I’d feel odd if someone asked me if I’d practiced wearing heels. I don’t want people paying that much attention to me.

…But if that’s true, why am I putting my scar out in the open?

I don’t know. It’s frustrating. I’m frustrating. I give up thinking about it and let the tension out with a long sigh. Apricot notices, of course, and she’s right up in my business again.

“The fox spirit knows you? That’s so cool!” she says, trying to jolt the conversation forward again like a rider kicking a stubborn horse’s sides. “I’ve always wondered how a fox spirit got to fit in here so well. How did you meet?”

“We met a few months ago,” I say. “She wasn’t always so… well-socialized. Things happened, and I got hired to escort her to a dragon’s lair.”

“Whoa…” Apricot’s eyes go wide. “This dragon? The one running the bakery?”

“Her mother’s,” I say. Apricot is hanging on to my every word and it’s making me uncomfortable. “It was just a job.”

“Just a job?” Apricot gapes. “I wish my life was as exciting as yours.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I do! I really do! All I get to do is fly around and deliver letters and packages and fly so high I never get into any danger that isn’t cloud-shaped. Autumn and I are new contractors working together to support emergency service for adventurers, and she always warns me I haven’t ever been in a real battle and that I shouldn’t take tough assignments yet. I need to show I can handle delivering to hot spots or no one will ever take me seriously back home.”

“Hot spots?”

“You know,” Apricot says. “Stuff like urgent, secret, encoded messages to army generals that can’t be sent through magic ‘cause they’re shielded. Evacuating critically wounded or starving adventurers from areas no one else can get to. Taking precious tribute to dragons’ lairs, gems so valuable that everyone will be hunting for it. Bringing magic items and potions to merchants at the ends of the world, then bringing back rare items no one’s ever heard of. Stuff that’s worth telling stories about. Autumn keeps telling me I’m not ready yet, and at this rate I never will be.”

“You’re fortunate,” I say.

“I don’t want to be fortunate! I want to prove myself.”

“That could go one of two ways,” I say quietly, and I catch myself trying to toy with the bangs over my ruined eye but they aren’t there, they’re behind my ear, and I just look stupid. Thank goodness Dotti’s returning and bringing us our orange juice.

“Rae told me she helped take you to a dragon’s lair,” Apricot says as Dotti places the drinks on the table. “How did it go?”

“It was really scary,” Dotti says, “If it wasn’t for Rae, we wouldn’t have even gotten to the lair. And when we got there, two dragons threatened to kill me again, but Rae protected me.”

“She protected you against two dragons?”

“Uh… let me count.” Dotti holds out her paw. “One small one, and one big one and her paladin mate. I didn’t see Jek behind me, but I think he was ready to fight Rae too.”

“It wasn’t like that,” I say, but Apricot isn’t listening. Her eyes are glimmering in awe and I’m never going to live this down. “Ugh. I need to visit the Church of Eirene soon. Dotti, could you please just get our food?”

Dotti’s ears droop and she ducks back inside the bakery.

Shit. That came out harsher than I intended.

I drink my orange juice in silence. I could talk to Apricot about Aífe, or how she met Autumn, or tell her why she’s lucky to have never been in a warzone, but there’s no point. I’d only upset her, like I did with Dotti.

This is why I hate conversations.
No. 1061219 ID: e51896

>Dotti scampers back inside the bakery, which is fairly impressive given she’s wearing heels. She must have been practicing. Is she that invested in her job? Or is she excited about human fashion? Or both? I could ask her, but I don’t want to dive too deep into it

Realize the stockings and heels (mainly the stockings) are probably because Dotti is looking up to Kayk, and has high respect for her, so she is wearing stockings just like Kayk would sometimes wear, to be like more like her. Imitation is a high form of flattery. She seems much happier being adound Kayk than she does with others too

Start thinking about who you respect as much as Dotti respects Kayk. Do you still respect them enough to make them proud? Is there others you might look to gain respect from? Further down this line of thinking, Wonder if Apricot is actually showing some form of admiration and respect to you like Dotti does for Kayk. How does that make you feel? Would you want to train her like Kayk trained Dotti? If not, what would be something someone could do to gain your respect?
No. 1061220 ID: a7a180

Try to explain to a birdbrain with big dreams why everyone comes out of a warzone with scars. point to your BIG OBVIOUS EXAMPLE because she only takes hints that have been dusted with cracker crumbs. Then tell her that not all the scars are physical.
No. 1061222 ID: e5709d

>Why am I putting my scar out in the open?
So long as you spend needless effort hiding it and worrying about what others think about it rather than learning what others think about it, it truly is a wound.

If someone wants you to cover up, fine. But you'll never know how they feel if you waste your time making sure they can pretend you're nothing new.
That's a courtesy they don't deserve.

>Apricot wants to prove herself
"Proving yourself means taking on challenges until your success rate is 'sufficient'.
That won't happen if you die the first time you fail.
Take on challenges with consequences but don't ante anything you can't live without - like your life.
Being forced to bet your whole life isn't a challenge. It's slavery. It's what my House put me through. It's how I lost something I can never get back.
Screw 'em."
No. 1061223 ID: 273c18

The heels might be an illusion. Or would your eye see through that?

Tell her how the dragon escort mission went.
No. 1061232 ID: bf1fa5

Apologize to Dotti for snapping at her.
You don’t need to go lookin for trouble Apricot, trouble will find you. You should keep preparing because it’s a constant process, but the mail will still be an important delivery to someone stricken with disease or in a hurricane.
No. 1061298 ID: e51896

I kinda like this. As harsh as it is, Apricot needs a reality check for her own safety. Let her know flat out that adventuring is not a game, and if she continues to not be mature about it, it could, and will lead to this *points to scar* or worse, death. Mention how she even complained earlier about not wanting to gear up in her adventuring gear the other day too as another example. Let her know that her attitude of not taking adventuring seriously is the reason why Autumn is refusing her to go on adventures. If Apricot complains about what you're saying, tell her flat out to grow up.


this too, if things start turning out too harsh to put things in further perspective.
No. 1061303 ID: 629f2e


I'd just like to add onto this to say: Be gentle. That isn't in Rae's nature, I know, but if she doesn't even try then she'll make this poor bird cry. Just try to be nice about it.
No. 1061346 ID: 18001e
File 168144182901.png - (15.41KB , 700x464 , LF6c_36.png )

Apricot is still looking at me in awe, and it’s pushing all my buttons at once. I was sent to war before I was ready, and it destroyed everything I had. My eye. My future. My family.

If I can talk her out of delivering to “hot spots,” I’ll be doing her the biggest favor of her life.

“Whatever you have in your head about what Dotti just said,” I say, “That’s not what happened. If that dragon had actually started a fight, I’d be dead. Do you get that? Dotti would be dead. Landi would be dead. Serah would be dead. And there wouldn’t have been a thing I could have done to stop it.”

“But… you did stand up to the dragons,” Apricot says, confused. “You’re still brave. And you still protected Dotti.”

“I refuse to take credit for that. A dragon deciding not to eat us even after a loudmouth fairy pissed it off? That’s luck. You know what else is luck? Every time you fly into a warzone, luck is you not getting spotted when you’re exhausted from flying leagues in stormy weather, the enemy archers are fresh, and their arrows are sharp. You’re taking that gamble every time.”

“Please don’t worry about me,” Apricot says. “I’m fast, and Autumn can cast spells to protect me, and-”

“I can see I’m not getting through to you.” I stare her right in the eyes and point at my scar. “How many battles do you think I fought in before I got this?”

Apricot finally has the decency to acknowledge my scar. She looks at it. She gulps, but doesn’t say anything.

I stay silent too.

“Um…” Apricot can’t focus any more, and she stares at the table. “Twenty?”

“Wrong. Lower.”

“Ten. Um. Seven. Five?”


More silence.
“I…” Apricot looks like she’d rather be anywhere but here. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you want me to say. I’m really sorry.”

I want to snap at her, tell her she’s playing games, to stay far, far away from what she thinks she wants to do. It’d be for that birdbrain’s own good. Maybe, if I do it right, I’ll save her life.

I let out a long, deep sigh. No. No, I can do better. I can be better. I don’t need to lash out at her.

“I don’t want you to say anything,” I say. “I just want you to see, and understand, what happens every single day out there. Don’t complain about things that are meant to protect you, like your armor, and Autumn’s advice. Don’t get yourself hurt. Not all scars can be seen.”

“I’m really sorry,” she says again. “I want to help people, but I don’t know how. You know so many things about how to survive in dangerous places, and I’ve never even come close. You can go anywhere you want because you know how to stay safe, and I’m stuck doing kiddie missions because I don’t have experience.”

“Hm.” A wing-kin, jealous of an elf’s freedom to go places? Are my ears working right? “Keep training. Keep doing your missions. That’s experience.”

“Breakfast experience!” Dotti says, dropping in with our food. “Here you are. I’ll leave you to your food.”

I still feel somewhat badly about how I told Dotti off. I could apologize, but… no. It wouldn’t feel right.

“Dotti, I’m not angry with you,” I say. “I have a lot on my mind. You can stay here if you want.”

Dotti looks at me, then at the downcast Apricot. Impressive: counting myself, I’ve managed to ruin three people’s days just by opening my mouth. Dotti looks like she’s going to make an excuse to leave.

Ugh. I hate having to do this.

“Those are nice shoes, Dotti,” I say, hating how I sound with such an idiotic, awkward compliment.

“Um, thank you,” Dotti says. “They’re new. I really like them, even though they’re hard to walk in.”

“That must have been hard,” I say, soldiering on. “You could have cast an illusion instead, but you didn’t.”

Dotti’s eyes go wide. “You can tell when I’m casting an illusion? Am I that bad at it?”

“I can see through them,” I say, pointing at my damaged eye. “Don’t worry about it. Your illusions are fine, my eye is just different.”

Dotti is unconvinced.

“It still works? Wow! That’s incredible!” Apricot exclaims, then quickly ducks her head down. “I’m so sorry, that was really rude.”

I really don’t want to spend time talking about what it took to get my eye working, and what it’s capable of now versus what it should be capable of. It’s a very, very sore subject, and it’s private for many reasons, most of which are closely-held secrets within my clan.

Plus it’ll be really awkward if people know I can see through their clothes if I focus hard enough.

Do I let Apricot and Dotti drag me into talking about my eye?
No. 1061348 ID: a7a180

Ooh, you already let some of it slip. No, it's kept close to the chest for a reason, let them speculate.
No. 1061356 ID: e51896

If it's a sore subject, then there is nothing wrong with keeping it private. If they push you to reveal some things, just let them know that it's a sore subject with you, and would like to change the subject. they'll understand. Otherwise, just simply change the subject if they don't bring it up.
No. 1061357 ID: b57fea

If you tell them only a little you'll never hear the end of it. An incomplete story will only inspire an eternity of prodding, just spill it.
No. 1061358 ID: dee951

Offer to help Dotti mix her illusions with misdirection and makeup and costuming and stage magic and other performance art style techniques to help defend against those with weird abilities like yours. After all, she's duty bound as a trickster fox spirit to not get no-sold by cheat abilities like yours!
No. 1061360 ID: 273c18

Tell her no. It doesn't, not like it should. Then leave it at that.
No. 1061363 ID: e5709d

Your combat clairvoyance was meant to scale up your opponents as you saw them and predict who they would become.
Your necro eye has the ability to see through walls, glamours, and possibly lies over time - to see what people are now.
...Do you think your family was subconsciously afraid that you would see them for what they truly are? That you'd stop forging a path to a blindingly bright future and address the visible issues that could be solved at that exact moment, to the detriment of their schemes and mania?

>Talk about eye?
I'd rather you talk about your family. About how they felt when your eye changed.
No. 1061367 ID: 629f2e

Do it. It'll probably help your point to Apricot stand if nothing else.
No. 1061452 ID: 0c64a1
File 168158201220.png - (7.03KB , 500x342 , LF6c_37.png )

Ah, damn it. I’ve already let something slip. Taranis used to be the only one who knew my ruined eye still works in some capacity. I need to clamp down on this now, or else even more people will start speculating about me, my eye, and my clan. The absolute last thing I need is for humans to start hunting my people to pry our secrets out.

“It doesn’t work. Not like it should. And you can’t tell anyone about it,” I say firmly.

Apricot brightens. Dotti quickly takes a seat and leans forward, ears perked. No escaping this now.

“Promise me you’ll never tell anyone,” I say.

“Not even Autumn?” Apricot asks.

“Not even Autumn,” I say. I don’t need a fairy learning anything about this, either.

“Is it because you can see through her glow? She’s super protective of that. I’ve never understood it, but fairies are weird.”

“Yes,” I nod. “Illusions, fairy glow, invisible magic sigils. I can see those.”

“So cool…” Apricot sighs.

For the sake of keeping my people’s secrets, I don’t tell them anything else. How the eyes are the windows into the soul, and much I’ve lost. If my eye hadn’t been ruined, I could do things that elves haven’t done for hundreds, maybe a thousand years. Things like reading and influencing minds with the briefest of eye contact. Sense the essence of souls. See the strands of fate and tweak them. And so, so much more. The humans’ belief in the Evil Eye isn’t entirely unfounded.

“Um,” Dotti squrims. “I didn’t know anyone could see through my illusions. It’s kind of scary for me.”

“A powerful enough magic user can see through unskilled illusions,” I say. “But don’t worry. They’re relatively rare, and you can learn tricks to deceive even them. I’ve heard of a few fox spirits that created illusions so real that they were, for all intents and purposes, real.”

“Can you teach me?”

“Not how to make undetectable illusions,” I shrug. “But there are some simple tricks I use for misdirection. A good amount of techniques I use with smoke bombs can carry over to your illusions.”

“And…” Dotti pauses. “Do I have to worry about other elves who have magic eyes?”

Ah. There it is. I take a bite of my focaccia to try and shove down the sickening feeling in my stomach. It works, but only because the food is just that tasty.

“No,” I say. “I’m the only one. It takes decades of training, rituals, and practice to attune an eye to get where I am. Even before the war, it was uncommon. It took me most of my life, and I’m forty-three years old. We don’t live that long anymore. Too much fighting. My mom… I just heard she died in battle when she was just over seventy.”

“I’m sorry,” Apricot says, reaching out with her wing to touch my arm. I don’t like it, but I accept the gesture.

“Huh? Why didn’t she just come back to life?” Dotti asks. Autumn gasps. “Is it hard for elves to cross back over?”

I bite my lip and try to avoid lashing out at Dotti for her massive, massive ignorance and incredible fox spirit privilege. I still don’t know how she managed to make it back to life, but however it happened, she seems to treat it like no big deal.

“Yes, it’s harder for elves than foxes,” I say. “We know some rituals, and they don’t always work. The elves that do make it back… they aren’t the same. It’s almost never worth it.”

Dotti thankfully realizes that maybe, just maybe, she should be quiet for a bit. We finish our breakfast and pay. Apricot tries to cover my share but I’m having none of that, so she just gives Dotti an extra-big tip instead.

“Thank you!” Dotti waves. “Rae, um, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s fine,” I say. “If everything goes well, I’ll get to talk with her today. I’ll be at the Church of Eirene later. And no, that wasn’t an invitation to join me and offer tips on how to talk to spirits. It’s personal. Very personal.”
No. 1061453 ID: 0c64a1
File 168158205752.png - (63.31KB , 500x500 , LF6c_38.png )

After that, Apricot and I walk back to the Adventurers’ guild and shower up. Taranis joins me in the common room once I’m dressed and settled.

“Hey! Rae!” a blue ball flutters over to us. “There you are. How are ya? Have you had breakfast?”

My stomach churns. I should have expected to be ambushed by Landi. I let her down, and I still don’t know how her performance review went. How badly did I fuck her over by lying in bed for days?

“Yes, I’ve had breakfast,” I say, and don’t know how else to respond because I am definitely not okay.

“Aww,” Landi says. “I was gonna get you some fruit n’ stuff. Maybe tomorrow. But oh! Hey! I almost forgot. I thought you might wanna know a bit more about that priesty girl’s goddess so you don’t feel awkward if you go visit, you know?” Landi pulls a book out of her inventory and holds it out. “I remembered when we did ladies’ night and you really liked books. I hope it’s okay.”

“Um. Thanks,” I say. I take the book.

“Yeah,” Landi says. “I kinda skimmed it a bit, but it turns out, people who worship Eirene aren’t actually, you know, banned from punching people. It’s just her priestesses. And there was one really famous dude who was a soldier and converted to worshipping Eirene and he was a super badass way back when. So you really don’t need to worry about her judging you even if you walk in with a sword n’ stuff. Peace ain’t gonna make itself, you know?”

I hadn’t even thought about whether it was okay to bring Samhain inside a Church of Eirene. This is actually useful information.

“Okay, I gotta go help Serah real quick,” Landi says. “So I’ll leave you and Taranis to your stuff, okay? And please please please don’t wait to talk to me if you wanna talk about anything. Okay byeeeeee!”

Landi zooms away and disappears into the alchemical lab. The world feels upside-down.

“What just happened?” I ask Taranis.

Taranis is flabbirdgasted.

I sit down in the common room and page through the book. It tells me the history of Eirene, her teachings, and the spells her priestesses specialize in. They’re very odd. Eirene’s defensive spells are unquestionably the best in her pantheon, but the catch is they don’t work if the beneficiary is the one to strike the first blow. Ambushing someone blessed by Eirene is a very, very bad idea.

I lose track of time for a bit. Reading about Eirene is actually kind of interesting. When I snap out of it, it’s late morning and Taranis is chit-chattering with Aífe, who showed up when I wasn’t paying attention.

What do I do now?
1. Go to the Church of Eirene and visit Priscilla, Priestess of Peace. I can make an offering, if I feel like it. And talk about death. And mom. And me. Wow, I’m wound up about this… I think I should do it right now.
2. Go visit Serah in the alchemy lab and ask about an improved cat’s grace mutagen.
3. Go talk to Landi about her performance review with S-A-L-T.
4. Invite Aífe along for one of the above three options.
No. 1061454 ID: b57fea

The decision is clear, self maintenance is needed. 1 it is!
No. 1061455 ID: e51896

1. You were scheduled for that after all. Dont bring Aife. This is personal.
No. 1061456 ID: a7a180

2. Then 1! And invite Aife.
No. 1061457 ID: 629f2e

1 for now, but do check up on Landi afterwards.
No. 1061458 ID: b57fea

as an addendum, after 1., 3.
No. 1061462 ID: e51896

As for an offering, looking through Rae's inventory, I'm not quite sure what can work for a worthy enough offering except money, which she has plenty to spare.

there is the Samhain, but I do not think she wants to part with that as it is her birthright, and it is a close range weapon for her. Maybe after we talk with her mother and if things turn out badly, she might be willing to part with it as an offering and as a symbolism that she rejects everything her circle stands for and get a better weapon, but lets wait and see what her meeting with her mother is like

But yeah, just offer money for now.
No. 1061465 ID: 9138e1

What are you even thinking? No, don't offer the Samhain
No. 1061468 ID: e51896

Sorry. I was only thinking it'd be a cool symbolic gesture.

I still think we should offer coins though.
No. 1061474 ID: 273c18

1, make an offering of something that makes you feel peaceful.
No. 1061975 ID: 3de4c5
File 168228065758.png - (8.62KB , 500x464 , LF6c_39.png )

I catch Taranis’s eye and tilt my head sideways, toward the guild door. He gets the message that I’d like to go, and politely says goodbye to Aífe. For things like this, I like that Taranis doesn’t need explaining. He understands.

We leave the guild and go to the Church of Eirene. It’s a run-down building that doesn’t have any distinguishing or elaborate fasciae; it’s easy to miss, especially since it’s in an out-of-the-way part of Minga.

I’ve brought my shortsword Samhain. It’s my birthright; I don’t like to leave it behind. I feel odd about bringing it inside, but my book was clear that Eirene is understanding of these kinds of things. As long as I don’t start waving it around like some people I know, I’ll be welcome.

There’s no one inside. The few pews, all empty, are covered in a fine layer of dust. The candles on the walls are burned down to the nubs, unlit and cold. Taranis hops onto my shoulder and nuzzles up to me. For warmth? To reassure me? Regardless, it feels nice.

I take the scene in for a minute. There’s an empty offering receptacle at the end of the pews, a small tray and a tiny open-lidded box for bigger things like clothes, food or other things. I sigh. I don’t know what a human priestess would consider a good offering. My clan doesn’t really do sacrifieces or offerings; we train, fight and die for (theoretically) our gods and goddesses, and they don’t expect anything else. We used to dedicate beautiful songs, poetry and art, but that was almost five hundred years ago, before the war with the humans. We’re not very good at that anymore.

I decide to offer something that would have meant a lot to me, if I was in Priscilla’s position. I leave three days’ worth of living expenses in the offering tray. It’s far from what I could offer after my latest outing with Lady Kensington, but I don’t want to make this awkward for Priscilla.

My gaze settles on the rear door that’s ajar, leading to the garden. There’s nothing for me inside. I could say a prayer I remember from the book a few minutes ago, but it wouldn’t be sincere. There’s no point.

I head outside.

Priscilla, the priestess, is tossing small, reserved amounts of birdseed to a collection of doves. The white-plumed birds are happily pecking at the ground. One of them looks up at Taranis and me, its beady little eyes curious and inviting.

I raise my eyebrow at Taranis. Does he know that bird? I’ve never seen such a trusting wild animal. Well, except for that skunk…

He shakes his head in the negative. These birds don’t look or act like any avians with divine lineage, like Taranis and Aífe. They’re just regular doves.

“Oh! Good morning,” Priscilla looks up at us and smiles. “I’m so happy you decided to visit. I like your new hairstyle.”

I shrug.

“And you, Taranis. This is very humble birdseed,” Priscilla holds out her hand to Taranis, “But what we have, we have to share. Would you like some treats too?”

Taranis declines. I’m sure he would only accept birdseed of the highest caliber: it would take whole peanuts to get him to hop around on the ground like these doves. The thought is kind of funny, but I’m sure it’d never happen, and I’m not inclined to try it.

“Okay, birdies, that’s enough for today,” Priscilla says. She gives one of the doves a soft pat on the head and gets a soft coo in response. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

The birds don’t respond. They’re birds, and there’s still some birdseed left on the ground to eat. I wonder if Priscilla knows how lucky she is that she doesn’t have to deal with divine birds?

“Let’s go inside.” Priscilla leads us back into the Church and offers a seat in the pews. “Would you like someplace more private? I can close the doors if you want.”

“Later,” I say. I take a seat and shuffle uncomfortably. “I’m not good at conversation, so I’m just going to ask you what I need to know.”

Priscilla sits beside me and Taranis. She waits for a moment, expecting me to say something. She nods.

Ugh. I didn’t expect her to actually listen to me. Aren’t priestesses supposed to preach? I don’t have any questions prepared, and the ones that I do have… they make me sound like a bitch. But she isn’t saying anything.

Fine, then.

“If I ask you to contact my… my mom,” I say, not looking at Priscilla, “How do I know if I’m actually speaking to her, and not an impostor that some goddess is using to try and gain more followers?”

“You can ask her things only she would know,” Priscilla says. “If she hasn’t passed on, then you will be able to speak to her as if she was there with you. If she wants, she can manifest an image in a pool of water, or a mirror.”

“Gods and goddesses know a lot,” I press. “I don’t trust the gods to not be listening in on things. Don’t they control fate? They know everything.”

“Not everything,” Priscilla says. “But if you would like true proof that the spirit you’re talking with is actually your mother, then… you have to rely on all your senses. The feeling you have when you were around her as a child. The pull on your soul from the time you spent with her. It’s more difficult for people who haven’t trained spiritually, but it’s there.”

I’m not sure I like that answer. “How do I know if she’s passed on, or if she’s refusing to answer my call because it’s coming from a priestess of peace?”

“That’s a question for the god or goddess your mother worshipped in life,” Priscilla says. “If she passed on, they’ll know. I can ask Eirene, if you’d like.”

This is irritating me. I don’t trust Eirene. I don’t trust any gods or goddesses. I just want to speak to my mom and be sure it’s her, and not some kind of scam.

Is this all a scam?
No. 1061977 ID: a7a180

Yes. That's what you'd like to hear, isn't it? It's not like they'd ever answer yes either way, so what's the point in asking them? You know better than the experts.
No. 1061985 ID: e51896

If it was a scam, then Priscilla is falling for the scam too since in the previous thread, she thought she was alone with evil spirits (which turned out to be Taranis), and was still following her goddess, mentioning her name too.

while it might not be a scam, still take things with a grain of salt and continue to ask questions, and even challenging questions like you've been doing. If she is falling for the scam, we can help snap her out of it and see the errors of her way, but a good priestess should be able to answer them, convert people or failing to convert others at least be able to impart some of her goddess' teachings to others to have them see things in another light after all. This will be just as much a test for Priscilla to help keep her church running as much as it is a test for Rae to regain some hope in her own life.
No. 1061992 ID: 629f2e

Rae, if you aren't willing to put any amount of faith into Eirene, then why are you here? There's no point if you don't believe any part of this. Did you really come all this way just to call it a scam and leave?

I think you're just scared, and want an out in case you don't get the result you want. You're going to be hurt if your mom has passed on. You're going to be hurt if your mom is around, but has nothing kind to say to you. These are real possibilities, and you're trying to protect yourself from them.

The truth is that you just have to accept that potential for hurt if you want to get through this. You've come this far, and decided that this was what you wanted. Are you really going to turn your back now, when the opportunity may be lost forever?
No. 1061993 ID: 273c18

No. Do you really think the gods would stoop so low?
No. 1062012 ID: 260bc8
File 168229799416.png - (8.54KB , 200x200 , LF6c_40.png )

“No,” I say. I pinch the bridge of my nose and rub my bad eye. “Don’t ask your goddess. I don’t need to talk to your boss.”

I feel ridiculous. Spirits exist. Dotti exists. Gods exist. But I don’t trust them, and they’ve given me no reason to. They want worshippers for the same reason generals want soldiers: to fight their wars and peddle influence. I know that my senses can be tricked. I won’t be fooled just because I need their help, and I don’t want to be tricked by some impostor pretending to be my mother so I’ll be grateful to Eirene. I won’t be played. I won’t allow it. I have to keep questioning Priscilla.

“So,” I press, “You call out to my mother and she appears in a pool of water? Will it be clear enough to see her, or muddied? Will her voice come through? Will I even recognize her?”

“Some bonds are stronger than others,” Priscilla says. “She’s your mother, so her image and voice should be very clear.”

“Uh-huh,” I say. “Real strong fucking bond there. Sure. So what do I need to do for you to find her? Smoke some choice herbs? Drink a magic potion? Heighten my senses, open my third eye, all that? Because that’s not happening.”

“Some people find mind- or mood-altering helpful or calming, but Eirene doesn’t always recommend it,” Priscilla says softly. “She wants to help us be at peace. It’s why she helps connect the living with the dead. Not all gods do. Everyone who wants to speak to the departed has a reason. To find out how they truly felt about someone. To answer unasked questions. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking who they think can fill the void they left. Are you looking to find some measure of peace with your mother?”

“My mom wasn’t a big believer in peace,” I say. “She taught me everything about war, but I never learned it. Not the way she wanted me to. I failed her.”

Priscilla is quiet for a moment. “Do you want her forgiveness?”

“She’ll never forgive me,” I say, and I’m surprised to find myself gripping the back of the pew. I let it go. “I wasted decades of her life raising me to be something I’m not, and now she’s dead.”

“You sound very sure,” Priscilla says.

“I am. She never told me as much, but after I ruined my eye, she didn’t see me as her daughter. It was over.”

“Would you want to talk to her, even if it was painful? Even if you learn she’s decided to pass on?”

“I’m used to pain,” I say. “I have to try, and I have to know it’s her. I have to see proof.”

“I can help connect you, even if it won’t bring you peace,” Priscilla says, “But you will need to trust me, at least a little. Faith is for everyone, not just the devout. At its core, faith is a willingness to accept and move forward, even in the face of uncertainty. It takes bravery to have faith.”

“I don’t want to have this debate,” I say. “If you say I don’t have to take drugs and I actually will get to see my mom and that she’ll be who she says she is, and not some actress or hallucination… then I’ll see if it’s true or not. No faith required. Now take me to a quiet room with some water. Please.”

I’ve talked myself up. I’m ready. Come on, priestess. Show me if you’re more than just talk.

This is it. I’m not backing down. I don’t care what happens next.

Priscilla is willing to cast the spell, and to do so, she will need to weaken the walls between this world and the next. This is your last chance to influence Rae before your voices become AUDIBLE to Priscilla; Rae and her mother will not hear you while the spell is active, but Priscilla will.
No. 1062013 ID: e51896

Thank Taranis for trying his best in helping you through what you're going through. You may not show it, but you appreciate his concerns.
No. 1062014 ID: 273c18

Rae, don't forget, you're doing this to have closure. Get in a big fight with your mother if you have to. Air all your grievances, call her a bitch, do whatever you have to. You won't ever have to see her again after this, and she won't ever have to see you again, or even think about you again, because she'll pass on. Be ready to burn that bridge, because it's going to be torn down anyway.

Also... please tell her about what your brother is doing, in whatever vague language or even foreign language will prevent Priscilla from catching on. Your mother may be the only person who knows how to stop him.
No. 1062015 ID: b57fea

Rae what your looking for is closure. Your mother may not love you and that's a sad truth. She may even resent you, but its not your fault. She wanted you to be something other than who you are and cared more about the image in her head the person who was her daughter. You need to find peace with that, and for once you have to tell yourself and her out loud that it was never your fault.

Whether she's willing to accept it or not you need to put it out there that this was unfair and that all the suffering you've endured was never something you deserved. She may never say sorry, she may never forgive you, but you have to put your foot down stare at her with the eye that was all they ever cared about and make it clear you are more than a scar.
No. 1062016 ID: e5709d

Rae, your eye never saw the truth about your family until it died.
The reason you're here is because of the paranoia holding you back; the fact that your family deceived themselves when you had the ability to accurately predict what they would choose, and started showing their true natures when you lost the ability to detect the signs of their true malice. They were able to manipulate you on a whole different level, to the point that they deluded themselves just to keep you from suspecting a thing with your detection superpowers. They pulled the rug from under your confidence, and you won't be able to stand without an anchor. Closure will be that anchor.
No. 1062838 ID: a5df7d
File 168342239016.png - (5.07KB , 400x314 , LF6c_41.png )

Priscilla takes me to a small room in the nave with a heavy wooden door. Inside is a raised stoup and two wooden benches.

“I’ll pour the water into the stoup,” the priestess says. “Just so you know, um, I’m not very good at keeping spirits away when I do this. Some of them may be able to overhear the conversation between you and your mother if she answers my spell. I can leave the room if you want, but the best I can do is keep the malicious spirits away, even if I’m in the room. If that’s not okay, you can look for someone more powerful than me for more privacy.”

“I don’t care,” I say. “I assumed you’d be staying to keep the spell going. You said my mother will know you’re summoning her, so she’ll know there might be eavesdroppers. Do what you want.”

Taranis nestles against my neck. I give him a rub under the beak. I don’t know how to thank him for staying with me through all this… but I appreciate it.

Priscilla pours the water, says the prayer and asks me to put my hand into the bowl and think of my mother. I slide my hand under the surface of the water. It’s warmer than I expected. I close my eyes and let myself drift back to a time when I had hope. Warmth. Family.

When I open them again, I see my mother looking back at me.

The water is suddenly very cold.

“You can take your hand out,” Priscilla whispers.

I do.

“Ráichéalín,” says the image. It echoes in the room. “Ah, and a Priestess of Eirene. I have no doubt you have kept my daughter safe.”

Is it really her? I don’t know. I can’t know. What do I say back?

“I say this,” the image continues, “Because if she were in hiding, surely she would not dye her hair that color, and neither would she present her scar so prominently.”

A long-familiar shrinking sensation fills me. There’s no doubt in my mind: this is my mother.

“M-mother,” I reply. “I was worried you had chosen to pass on after your funeral. I know how dangerous it is for spirits to linger, but you decided to stay, and… I… t-thank you.”

“There is always danger,” says my mother, matter-of-factly, and I feel a sudden pang of pity for whatever spirits may have threatened her on the other side. “As much as I would have preferred to pass on, I had unfinished business. Your brother saw to that at my funeral.”

“He didn’t invite me,” I say, and I don’t know why I feel ashamed admitting it. “No one did. Mom, I’m… I… felt like I didn’t exist. They don’t see me.”

“Good. There is nothing for you there, not anymore. You know this.”

“I know,” I repeat. I thought I would be angry at my mom. I was so, so angry when I left, and ashamed, and now I want to curl up and hide. I wasn’t ready for this. Why did I do this?

Taranis puts his wing around my neck, and I remember that I’m not alone.

“No!” I say, correcting myself. “No, I don’t know that. Mom, the least Ciarán could have done was invite me to your funeral. I didn’t even know you’d died! That was heartless and… and… cruel!”

“Ráichéalín, as always, you fail to understand. He was doing you a kindness. With your fall, he has risen to the forefront, and he used my funeral to give voice to his madness. It would have been incredibly unwise for you to attend, for both you and he.”
No. 1062839 ID: a5df7d
File 168342242073.png - (18.01KB , 797x757 , LF6c_42.png )

“I… what happened, mom? What did Ciarán do?”

“He and his followers declared their intention to summon and enthrall the devourers of souls: the Airceacháin. There were objections. They were silenced.”

My stomach churns. I had suspected it, and Ailín had all but confirmed it, but…

“Mom, what’s happening? Why is he doing this?”

“When I trained him,” my mother says, “He was unlike you in every way. He was ungraceful. Uncoordinated. But passionate, with ambition and bloodthirst. His mind is forged for war. He seeks to pay back the Circle’s blood debts, and reclaim our place of strength. Perhaps he will even wage war against the humans, if he can defeat enough other Circles and force them into servitude. He is at home on the battlefield. Not all are.”

“I know,” I say. Mom is making me relive my three terrible battles. I was terrified. Overwhelmed. Unprepared. I was trained and skilled, but I just wasn’t ready to be thrown into it.

“Your brother had the fire, and you had the gift,” my mother sighs. “When your father died, my hope was that I could kindle your passion and temper his edge by choosing to give you Samhain and him Imbolc. Apart, they are merely deadly. Together, they are ten times the sum of their parts. And yet, you and he never fought to seize one from the other.”

“I don’t understand,” I say.

“What I am trying to say, my daughter,” my mother says, “Is that if you and your brother had done as I hoped and fought each other for the right to wield both swords,” my mother says, “None of this would have happened. You would not have been beaten and sent away, and he would not have gone down this path of madness. I have lingered beyond death to tell you how to set things right.

“Right now, he can only summon two or three Airceacháin, but in the coming years he may enthrall more. Ráichéalín, you must do what should have been done years ago. You must challenge your brother for Imbolc. Take it and his life. He must be stopped.”


I don’t want to. I don’t want to! I can’t!

But... my mother is right. I do have the right to challenge him to combat for his sword, even if I’ve been exiled. I’ve kept up with my training, and… with what he’s planning, it would bring back the soul-eaters.

I’m scared. Ashamed. And I feel very, very small.

You may now speak directly to Priscilla.
No. 1062840 ID: 8f9bc4

Sure is crowded in here. I don't succrowze you might know what I'm cawing about. I crowwnot tell a lie, that we have crow idea who's responsible for your little crowdrobe malfunction. Crow idea at cawll.
No. 1062844 ID: a7a180

Priscilla! It’s me, Raelynn’s mother! That’s an impostor in the fountain, you must warn her! I love her dearly but was too aloof to admit it in life! Don’t listen to the order to kill your brother, it’s nonsense! He’s introducing tax reforms and funding reforestation initiatives!
No. 1062846 ID: 629f2e


Or in plain English: Rae's bird Taranis was the one who stripped you the other day. We tell you this not because we feel it is right, but because it seems funnier for you to know this. Really it'd be wrong to claim moral superiority when we were rooting for him and giving suggestions previously.

In more relevant and important news, please try to comfort Rae. She's feeling fear and shame at the thought of having to take her brother's life, and it's affecting her deeply. Telling her to just not do it won't help, so just try to comfort her in some other way.

Let's see, anything else... Oh, do you know the fox spirit Dotti? Stays at the Adventurer's Guild, works at Kayk the dragon's bakery, part of Serah Kensington's party? She's probably going to get some news about somebody VERY important to her soon, someone she hasn't seen in a long while and can't confirm whether she's even alive. If you could check in with her in a couple of days, you might be able to help her through some shit.
No. 1062848 ID: e51896

Hi Priscilla, I know you can't interrupt Raelyn during this ritual as there's things she needs to hear from her mother, but I wanted you to pass on some messages to Rae after she gets back if you could pass them onto her please

we're spirits who had been following Raelyn, and her friends Serah, Dotti, Kayk, and their fairy. We've been doing what we can to help guide them, make the right choices, and grow.

Can you let Rae know that we are still here guiding her and her friends all this time to keep them all safe and make choices that would benefit them... for the most part? And that we all have her back to help her fight her brother in a duel if she decides to do it?

After all, this is the devourer of soul

If she is skeptical about our skills, let her know that:
We helped their fairy find and get hired by Serah to help each other,
we helped Serah build her confidence
we helped Dotti gain a bit of morality
We helped Rae find her animal companion and made sure she would keep her party safe as they brought back a lizardman back to his dragon wife
We taught Dotti to be more honest and protected her from a dragon with Landi guiding Dotti
We helped their dragon friend Kayk manage her business when all odds are against her.
We helped Taranis become stronger, and helped him try to bring Rae back out of her depression

And now, I want her to know that we want to support Rae the rest of the way, even if she chooses to fight her brother for peace... even if the risk is high for us.
No. 1062854 ID: b57fea


so like you're a priestess of the goddess of peace right? Well rae really REALLY needs to kill her brother. Like its pretty important. Both for the good of the whole world and her own self confidence. Also tell Rae her friends love her, she needs to hear it.
No. 1062856 ID: 273c18

Encourage her. She just needs a little push. Remind her that she has allies. One in particular that will fight with every fiber of her being to keep the soul-eaters away.
No. 1062857 ID: 273c18

Traitor! Strife-sower! Be silent!
No. 1062872 ID: 629f2e


Watch me double down on treachery.

There are some witches at the guild who can support my claim of Taranis' misdeeds. Anita, Gloria, Rebecca, and Lily are their names.
No. 1062877 ID: e5709d

Madame Priscilla, would you please change the channel to "Vocal Audio Output"?
Holy shitdicks, you abusive bitch.
We were going to stay silent and spy on you dysfunctional Thalmor in secret, but screw it. You're disgusting.
You still believe, after all this, after what your children have become, that your soul's very purpose is to give orders?! Has it ever fucking occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, your constant abusing and belittling and criticizing and douchebag superiority-inferiority complex might be the source of their decades-long issues?!
This was your last chance to express yourself as a free woman and you fucked it up. If you want to pray to your gods before we throw you out the door, I'd suggest you beg to be guided by the 'angel' Suizhan - maybe seeing someone who's a fraction of the monster you are will help you realize what you've done.
Thanks for the intel, I can't wait to use it against your people. Miss Ráichéalín, I feel we owe you a debt, somewhere, for not discovering this horrible sack of C'tan fart-pus sooner and burying her in ceramic concrete decades ago. One wish, involving her fate, within our own reasonable limits. Go right ahead.
No. 1062888 ID: 8f9bc4


I have the strangest feeling we just might maybe be the spirits Priscilla has to keep away.
No. 1062889 ID: dee951

Taranis is wonderful and wholesome and is the best bird and is a kindred spirit to MOST of us spirits, because he has a sense of fun, whimsy, mischief, and is a trickster, and doesn't actually really harm people, and has a flair for the dramatically lewd and MANY of us will be very, very, very upset if he comes to harm. We, after all, are quite often mostly benevolent spirits with a sense for the dramatic, a lewd streak, an enjoyment of mischief, who view teaching life lessons without causing real harm as an important task, and Taranis does the same sorts of things as us.

At least, most of us are. A very very few of us are assholes.
No. 1062894 ID: 0cabfa

...Well, I would have stayed silent as moral support for Priscilla, but if I'm right it has to be said... She's perfectly fine with Rae losing. Either way she gets the ultimate elf warlord she always wanted. Quite a clever ploy because either way she wins. Her poor girl is just lucky she died before she could force the issue. Should the swords stay separate though, word will eventually get out about what her bro is doing. He may be a master of war but that does not mean he's a master of strategy so he'll likely overreach and collapse. While Rae here will still be Rae. So everything she worked for is kaput if this fight never happens.
No. 1062990 ID: 76bac2
File 168350777526.png - (28.09KB , 500x468 , LF6c_43.png )

This isn’t how I thought my last conversation with my mother would go. Nothing about this is right. She’s telling me to… to go and kill my own brother.

Priscilla is growing more and more upset as my mother talks. She’s not doing a good job of holding her fury back. Is she going to tell my mother off?

“Your priestess is displeased,” my mother says. “As I expected from such a naïve goddess. Hear this, my daughter. You know why Eirene is weak and feeble; you are everything this goddess is not. End your brother’s madness. The Circle needs your blade.”

I never thought I would hear those words again.

“They… they do?”

“Yes,” my mother says. “You are the only one who can set things right.”

“By killing Ciarán? Mom, he’s-”

“If he is not stopped, he will become a terrible danger,” she says. “Not now, but soon. The next war with him as a leader would bring disaster. The devourers were the only threat great enough to unite the Circles before. It will do so again. Ráichéalín, I have lingered long to tell you this. You must stop him.”

Why is she putting all this on me? Why now? Why is this about her, now? After she left me? After everyone cast me out?

“Mom!” I burst out. “Mom, he’s my brother! You’re asking me to go back after everyone left me! Exiled me! You, Ciarán, Ailín, everyone! I’m better off alone!”

“We did it to protect you,” my mother says. “Rae, your eye, the battle, your injury. It was too much to expect of you. Your heart was not sharpened. And like steel forged too cold, you shattered with your first clash. All of us saw it. We tried to make a clean break, and make it as clear as possible. We wanted what was best for you.”

“And I wanted a family!” I shout. Hot tears are streaming down my face, and I don’t know when they started. “Why didn’t you care? Why didn’t anyone care?! I’m… I’m so alone. It hurts. It hurts even more than my wound.”
No. 1062991 ID: 76bac2
File 168350780255.png - (8.54KB , 200x200 , LF6c_44.png )


“Ráichéalín,” my mother says softly. “Everything I’ve done has been to prepare you for this moment. Tell me I may pass on knowing you will do the right thing.”

“Mom… you’re not… not staying?”

“It is my time,” she says. “There is nothing more I can do for you. I will go to join your father on the other side.”

This is it? These are the last moments I’ll have with my mother? I start to panic. What can I say? What should I do? I choke on my words.

“M-mom, I… I… I love you,” I say. “I… I… I’ll do it. I’ll stop him. I promise.”

“Thank you,” my mother says with a deep sigh. “At last. Goodbye, my daughter. Make me proud.”

The image in the pool fades to cool midnight. The air in the room chills.

“Mom?” I whisper.


The tears flow harder. I cry. I’ve been crying. I can’t tell how long I have been. There’s no point. I don’t know how many handkerchiefs Priscilla has given me, and I don’t know how long Taranis has been cradling my head in his wings.

She’s gone.

The connection is gone and the spell fades. You may now only influence Rae. If you shout, however, Priscilla might still be able to hear you for a bit longer.
No. 1062996 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1062997 ID: b57fea

Its okay to cry. Take your time. Swift action will be needed in the near future but the next couple of days will not be the difference, take the time to mourn.
No. 1063001 ID: 273c18

Good. That was right. You found closure, and now you have purpose again.
No. 1063002 ID: e51896

shoosh! if Pricillia hears that, she might get so angry with us, she might ward us off, and then we might not be able to help Rae anymore, probably ending the thread! We already gave Rae and her mother the wrong impression of her when she got angry with us, we don't need to make things worse


No. 1063013 ID: 4f675d

...Still seeing no downside to not fighting. Doubt Rae will listen though. Her mom just pulled at her heartstrings hard. Very manipulative.

>No risk to Rae's life
>She confirmed her bro is about to screw up
>She said the elvish circles unite to stop his foolishness
>Perhaps they get their cultural shit together afterwards (seeing where pure war focus goes)
>Should Rae fight and lose he gets both swords which may swing the balance to his side

Plus she completely ignored the whole "Why didn’t anyone care?" question Rae had. Pivoted to "Tell me I may pass on knowing you will do the right thing." Which may as well be "knowing you will do exactly what I want you to do." Worse, she has the gall to say "There is nothing more I can do for you." Which is garbage. She could have answered the question or attempted to comfort Rae before she passed. Every word was calculated to appear as if the only way for Rae to get emotional closure is to fulfill her last wish. Just no words for how awful a mom she is.
No. 1063014 ID: 8f9bc4


it's okay at least we'll have each other
No. 1063026 ID: e5709d

Her brother needs to be stopped, certainly. He's going to get civilians killed on a near-suicidal rampage. Worst-case scenario, what happened to Petra and Dotti happens to multiple other innocent (n' tasty) souls.

But not by playing her mother's twisted game. And not by restoring an oppressive empire.
Rally the armies of man, but have them on long-range artillery. Bring a combination of aerial units and soulless automatons. Refuse to give your brother the battle of a lifetime. Minimize casualties, because sacrificing any of your soldiers for advantage on this particular campaign is unacceptable.

Raelynn, prove that you're a better commander, and he will be nothing.
No. 1063049 ID: 629f2e

You don't have to kill him.

I agree that your brother has to be stopped, but that's all. He needs to be stopped in some way. His death isn't required though, just the cessation of his recent activities.

You could try to reason with him. You could get him arrested. You could make use of your powerful allies to intimidate him, keeping him in check. Hell, just take his sword WITHOUT KILLING HIM! Will the rest of the circle accept it? Maybe not, maybe it'll be considered dishonorable not to finish him off, but who gives a shit? They exiled you, so they don't get to boss you around with their traditions.

Most importantly: Whatever you do, you don't have to do it alone. You have friends. Companions who will help you through this no matter what you decide.

Don't feel like that last promise means you have no other choice. You said what you had to to let the dead move on in peace. That's all.

Oh, and one more thing...

No. 1063051 ID: bc078d

You have to kill him. Half-measures are how it got to this point. Let the summoning of soul reavers go to the grave with him. At least he and your mom will have each other.
No. 1063054 ID: 273c18

Yes, definitely kill him.
No. 1063065 ID: e5709d

He crossed a line.
Murdering someone still means you can make amends in the afterlife.
Devouring their soul is like rejecting their very existence. No amount of apology will make amends to one you tried to erase the testimony of.

Don't let his sickness devour the souls of anyone, even if you have to raze the forest to the ground.
Make amends later. And you will make amends, Rae. Because that's what you want to do.
That alone makes you a better person than your mother.
No. 1063227 ID: b7e398
File 168368346958.png - (20.80KB , 400x400 , LF6c_45.png )

I have to kill my own brother, or he’ll kill so, so many people. If he leads our Circle to victory, many will die, or far worse. If he doesn’t, then everyone I’ve ever known will perish. I have to stop him. I’m the only one who can.

Is this what I was born for? Is it really? Just this?

It tastes bitter, acrid, like bile.

But it’s something.

At some point I can see again through the tears. Priscilla is red-faced and gripping a handkerchief in obvious fury.

“I’m sorry,” I say. “I’ll leave. I’ll go. You must hate me, now. I’m sorry for using you to-“

“What?” Priscilla gasps. “Oh! Oh, no, no! No, I’m not angry with you! I promise. You have so, so much that just happened, and you have so many friends to help you through it. I’m not angry at all, and I trust you’ll do the right thing in the end. I’m happy to talk with you about it, even if you don’t want to tell anyone else what just happened.”

“Then why are you angry?”

“I’m angry at some spirits… and your little companion there.”

“Taranis? Why?”

“He knows why.”

Taranis squawks and shrinks back from the tiny priestess.

“If he’s going to assist you in fighting otherworldly threats,” Priscilla grits her teeth, “Then he will need to demonstrate he can resist the influence of evil spirits. And he won’t have their help in doing so.”

Priscilla claps her hands together in prayer, whispering under her breath and

Priscilla has blocked the spirits’ influence.
No. 1063228 ID: b7e398
File 168368354657.png - (112.47KB , 1000x1000 , LF6c Title.png )


The next thread will begin soon! LAZY FAIRY POV 7: PETRA will feature Lady Serah Kensington.

What penance does Priscilla demand of Taranis? Suggest if you dare.
1. Something acceptable
2. Something unacceptable
No. 1063229 ID: a7a180

No. 1063233 ID: 273c18

No. 1063235 ID: b57fea

2. Taranis must find shiny things... AND THEN DONATE THEM TO CHARITY!
No. 1063237 ID: dee951


Acceptable to whom? In what context?!?! To her? To Taranis? To us??
No. 1063239 ID: a7a180

His firstborn!
No. 1063240 ID: 8f9bc4


Penance? He should demand tribute! Taranis is our only hope now, that he can reveal himself to be the mighty panty warrior he is and impress all the lady crows without our influence.

seriously that underwear thing was probably Odin's fault. All we did was help Taranis not get caught. And then he got caught. Priscilla presumes him to be possessed by evil spirits, so the matter is now said and done with. I believe the matter is not now said and done with.
No. 1063247 ID: 3b86e0

Make him stop stealing panties forever with a curse that turns him into a very ugly human if he does!
No. 1063252 ID: edf864

After Taranis helps Rae defeat the otherworldly threat, he must afterwards find a way rid this world from the evil spirits that influenced him and his companions from this world so that they may never influence anyone from this world again for a long long time
No. 1063255 ID: dee951


Noooooo I dont want to end the quests. :( :(
No. 1063267 ID: dee951

How about this.

Taranis must figure out a way to obtain sufficient unenchanted frilly underwear AND also enough magical materials to enchant them, sufficient to replace what he took with equivalent versions. And he must figure out a way to anonymously use these to replace what he too. AND he must do so following strict ethical and moral guidelines.

FURTHER, if he wants to do future panty or bra stealing or whatever, he must find a way to do it consensually as part of a pre-negotiated prank contest with a willing participant, AND his opponent MUST have a means of pranking him back equivalently, and for equal stakes (like if the underwear is enchanted, he must ante up an equivalent).
No. 1063298 ID: a7403d

...Evil? I stayed out of that whole thing! Gotta be careful, your godess won't look kindly upon punishing innocents, will she?
No. 1063334 ID: 629f2e

1, let's keep the penance reasonable. Rae could shut it down otherwise.

As for what it should be, how about a simple apology? Taranis has to apologize to everybody he stole from or whom he exposed as he did Priscilla. He doesn't even need to return anything, although Priscilla does think he should (she would particularly like her own garments back). It's basically a slap on the wrist, especially with Rae around to protect him from retaliation.

...Of course, if one of his victims was unaware of his involvement in their misfortune, someone who might consider him a friend, then Taranis may find this harder than expected. Looking at Apricot here.
No. 1063335 ID: 0d090d


I like this.
No. 1063417 ID: 8f9bc4
File Crowsezwat.webm - (1.21MB )


How is he supposed to apologize? Crows can't talk. wait
No. 1063426 ID: e5709d

2) Priscilla needs to find a sacred relic stolen by a 'noble' family centuries ago, and this mangy crow is going to find and steal it for her!
And she finds a furry girlfriend instead~
No. 1063433 ID: 629f2e


With help from Rae or Apricot most likely. Rae may not understand him perfectly, but they have an understanding, and she's in the room to hear the task assigned. Apricot would work too if we could get her out of the way early, and she still wants to be pals.
No. 1063441 ID: 273c18

Taranis can talk, he simply chooses not to for some reason.
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