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File 166373007898.png - (109.05KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1044334 No. 1044334 ID: 9ea24b

NSFW - Gray gets a new job. Takes place SOME time before the events of Queen of Hell https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell

i swear this is the last quest im doing in this universe
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No. 1044676 ID: a7a180

B. You're still a combat angel.
No. 1044685 ID: 70bb65

A. As long as they do not threaten the egg they're not really your problem.
No. 1044696 ID: 9ea24b
File 166412069960.png - (158.20KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

You don’t want the DEMONS bothering the T. Rex and they presumably don’t want to be EATEN, which means polite introductions are in order.

You swoop down a short ways from their camp, startling a trio of DEMONS. There’s two OBJECT-KIN and one PLUSH.

Gray: Hello!
Boom Mic: Ahhhhhhh!
Gray: Don’t worry, I’m not planning to eat you, though I’m sure you’d be delicious. Is there someone in charge around here that I could speak to?

The studio light blinks with a soft white glow. The plush hurries away to fetch their leader while you make pleasant, one-sided conversation.

Gray: Lovely planet, isn’t it? Humidity is good for my feathers.
Gray: Anything exciting happening in the land of the DEMONS? Your KING guy’s been there for a while, you think he’s going to switch things up soon?
Gray: Man, I’m kind of hungry. Can you recommend anyone to eat around here?

That last line at least gets a wince out of the light. Tough crowd.
No. 1044697 ID: 9ea24b
File 166412070943.png - (92.62KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

Your feathers poof out in alarm as you feel a MAGICAL aura bleed over the surroundings, enveloping you in its sticky grasp. The plush returns with yet another OBJECT-KIN, this one with a large film camera for a head.

Guillermo: A surprise guest? What an honor! I brought my crew here to study the creatures and landscapes as well as feed on the MANA here, but I wasn’t expecting any visitors.
Gray: I’m not planning to stick around, just don’t mess with any of the dinosaurs for like, 15 more minutes, okay?
Guillermo: Of course my dear ANGEL. Why don’t you tell me a bit more about yourself while we wait?

The gluey sensation on your skin is dangerous. This guy smells delectable which means he’s actually a SERIOUS threat.

A. Stay and chat
B. Cut your losses and leave the planet
No. 1044701 ID: e51896


I have a feeling their not just here to simply eat the mana here and research. a Demon of his power here might probably be here for a more ulterior reason. What if they are planning on using this planet for their next demon war, and they are simply getting a head start?

If so, then we may have just found out early where the next demon war is and can better prepare the angels for it, give the angels a head start ourselves! But this is all speculation, when you assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.

So lets see if we can drag the truth out of him (without being obvious)
No. 1044702 ID: a7a180

A, sharpen your wits and wield them as your sword.
No. 1044707 ID: 5499f4

A, you need that big egg! Plus you survived the mental trauma of the halo, him being able to HURT you and being able to KILL you are two different things alltogether, plus, if he does hurt you, time to portal in some BACKUP. You... you can do that right?
No. 1044709 ID: 7ec91f

A. If they think you will leave without that egg they are deliciously mistaken.
(they don't actually think that because they don't know about the egg, don't tell them)
No. 1044718 ID: f3a2ce

It's like. Your favorite thing to do.
No. 1044723 ID: 9ea24b
File 166415055174.png - (150.49KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

>A, use your relatively sharp wits and charisma to make conversation before retrieving the EGG
Gray: Are you doing anything else here besides what you mentioned? Important DEMON like yourself wouldn’t come all the way out here just for a snack.
Guillermo: Oh, I suppose it’s also a bit of a vacation with my GIRLFRIEND. She’s been studying how to improve her DISTORTIONS and CONTRACTS and remote places like this are good for practicing.
Gray: I’m a bit of a hit with the LADIES myself.
Guillermo: I was under the impression ANGELS didn’t enter intimate relationships.
Gray: Keep it a secret but your boy here is a little…HERETICAL.
Guillermo: That’s quite a hook! Such a shame.

He snaps his fingers and the film of MAGIC closes in around you like a tight net. You squawk with dismay and thrash. The invisible mesh holds firm.

Guillermo: You’re an odd fellow, but I’d be foolish to let you leave and get reinforcements. You’ll make an excellent example of BINDING.
Guy: Let me out! I’m just here for an EGG!
Guillermo: Worry not, my fine crew, I will take care of the intruder.

The lesser DEMONS babble their thanks as Guillermo effortlessly pulls your trussed up form along while he walks into camp. You’re trapped.
No. 1044724 ID: 9ea24b
File 166415056140.png - (89.03KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

Maybe Crown will see this and tell Princess to come rescue you? He went through all the trouble to get you the position, surely he won’t leave you to get experimented on by this GIRLFRIEND.

No pink DRAGONS swoop down from a crack in the sky to SAVE you, and Guillermo takes you into his tent. There’s a pickled turtle HATCHLING in a jar on a shelf and the sight distracts you long enough that you miss the languid movement from the heap of furs and cushions behind the fancy wood desk.

Guillermo: My dear, I’ve caught an ANGEL skulking around. Gave Vantage, Kozy, and Timult quite the scare, kept threatening to eat one of them! He wasn’t very bright and I have him securely trapped, so it’ll be quite safe to test your POWERS on him.

A familiar cat inspired DEMON sits up and yawns into her hand. She lets out a cute squeak when she recognizes you.
No. 1044728 ID: e51896

Play along

"oh noooo, please don't punish me with your scary powers on sweet little old me, you mean ol' demon. I'll be a good"

*wink wink*
No. 1044738 ID: 15c72a

Hey time to tell her about your promotion! And also that you've been warned to keep your relationship "platonic" from here on.
No. 1044739 ID: e51896

Good idea, tho lets wait until cameraman is gone to tell her
No. 1044795 ID: a7a180

Play dumb. "Ca caw."
No. 1044845 ID: 9ea24b
File 166422859450.png - (107.17KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

>Play dumb
Gray: Er, caw caw.

Mizz gives you an extremely concerned look.

Guillermo: I believe he’s trying to fool you into thinking he’s a normal bird.
Mizz: Yes I got that. Gray, what are you doing here? They never send you on scouting missions.

>Play along
Gray: Ohhhh noooo I’m going to be punished by two scary DEMONS. I promise to be a good boy if you go easy on me.

You wink at Mizz and try to show off your somewhat lacking bird butt.

Guillermo: I believe he’s trying to seduce us.
Mizz: Memo, this is my friend with benefits Gray. We’ve been hooking up for ages, he’s alright for an ANGEL.
Guillermo: My, I do love a good twist. Shall we get on with the BINDING?
Gray: Mizz I have something important to tell you, just get this guy to untie me and leave.
Mizz: You can tell both of us, right here.
Gray: Okay well I kinda sorta got promoted and we can’t have sex anymore but I still like you a lot and want to hangout.
Mizz: More details, please.

You summarize your exciting meeting with Crown and Princess and your new responsibilities as EGG boy.

Gray: …so that’s why you should let me go get that T. Rex EGG and then I’ll leave and not bother you guys!
Guillermo: On the contrary this is a one in a lifetime opportunity, sir ANGEL. To have one of the HEADS in our grasp could have widespread impacts on DEMON ANGEL relations.
Mizz: I agree. Sorry Gray, we won’t hurt you, but if we can reduce the number of HATCHLINGS you retrieve it’ll save a lot of LIVES in the long run.

A. Struggle and break free! You’ll injure both DEMONS in the process.
B. Try and talk Mizz out of it (50% chance success, can increase depending on talking points)
No. 1044846 ID: a2d88b

B, tell her attacking nowborns and soon-to-be-borns is just not cool, only for Mizz to remind you that angels do exactly that on each world that hosts the Demon War.
No. 1044847 ID: a7a180

50% is good odds, especially if you can successfully talk yourself up. So, those angels will still be hatched and be out of the control of any authority, you would be spending demon lives to deal with them regardless.
It sounds like they intend to keep you prisoner, which is not heat they want on them.
Anything else... Well, a captive under duress doesn't interview well.
Before anyone brings it up, please don't brag about Crown's halo of omniscience, in case Guillermo doesn't know about it already.
No. 1044854 ID: f89136

You're probably being watched right now, cause crown knows everything, and you JUST got promoted. If you're not doing a satisfactory job they'll likely just replace you.
No. 1044864 ID: 629f2e

Yeah, sorry Mizz but that ain't a great deal for us. And if you get to screw us for the sake of your species, then it's only fair that we get to do the same.

I vote A. Break free.
No. 1044865 ID: e5709d

B - "You're not showing a brand of respect for freedom if you literally abort souls who willfully chose to live long and meaningful lives of order and patience just so they could be reincarnated as stewards of the fabric of reality.
And the net thingy."
No. 1044867 ID: 400d72

Come on guys, I already like you. If you fuck me up they'll replace me with some asshole. I saw the other candidates.
No. 1044878 ID: 9ea24b
File 166431972115.png - (94.60KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

You’re sure you can convince Mizz to go easy on you. She might put on a tough exterior but she’s a very sweet lady. Who else would put up with your ANGEL absurdity?

>All the very good reasons not to BIND you
Gray: Mizz, I’m doing a good thing by retrieving all the EGGS! What would happen if ANGELS were just let loose on all those worlds as FALLEN?
Mizz: I was thinking I would make a CONTRACT where you squash every third HATCHLING.
Gray: And cut short so many innocent LIVES? That’s terrible! Look, I’m sure I’m being watched by the other HEADS so I wouldn’t do anything too bad to me or you’ll get in serious trouble. You guys are very cool and tough but you can’t take the big boys on.
Guillermo: That’s true…I’m not much good on targets at long range.
Gray: I wasn’t lying, I am a very nice, sweet, good BOY, for an ANGEL. Not even mad about the net.

>MERCY check (50% + 5 x 5% = 75% chance success): SUCCESS
Mizz: Fine, let’s just do a quick CONTRACT so you don’t hurt Guillermo once he releases you or tell anyone we’re here.
Gray: Yes please!

You wait patiently as Mizz closes her eyes and wiggles her fingers to get those spooky MAGIC juices flowing. The contract is like the taste of soap in your mouth, before it fades into the background.

Guillermo: Well done! I must say that was a very neat CAST. You make a striking picture, my sweet. Shall we have a quickie before I get back to work?
Mizz: Certainly. Would you mind extending the invitation to Gray here?
Guillermo: I’ve heard ANGEL fluids are quite toxic. Absolutely!

A. Engage in illegal sex
B. Just watch
C. Politely decline and leave
No. 1044883 ID: a7a180

B, or C if you would be late to the hatching.
No. 1044894 ID: 02a9d6

+1, but if you have to leave come back after retrieving the egg.
No. 1044907 ID: 7b9d09

Head angels told us not to, so we cant.

C, lets take our awesome t-rex egg now for a job well done!
No. 1044913 ID: e5709d

"I'd really like the sex thing but I gotta stop a T-Rex from sprouting eyes on its hands and laser-beaming from its mouth."
No. 1044916 ID: 15c72a

Hold up, it's an Angel's natural state to be Fallen?
No. 1044946 ID: 9ea24b
File 166440606586.png - (138.00KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

You’re still worried about the EGG, so with a heavy bird dick you ask to be excused. Once you’re freed from your restraints with a wave of Guillermo’s hand, you dash out of the tent and soar away from the DEMON nest. This is a tragedy indeed, Guillermo seemed like he’d be a real freak in bed.

>Is it an ANGEL’S natural state to be FALLEN?
This is a question that you can very easily rationalize away, so you do. If PURITY designed the Virgin Mother to retrieve every HATCHLING, their natural state is within ANGEL society and all the rigid belief that entails. FALLEN are no better than wild animals and give proper ANGELS a bad name.

You safely distract the mother T. Rex and quickly snag the still damp EGG before diving into a portal that takes you straight to the nearest NURSERY. Each EGG is kept carefully separated until it hatches, which can take from a few minutes to weeks. Afterwards the caretaker ANGELS assess the HATCHLING for abilities and place them in beginner classes based on their TRACK.

The caretakers respect your hard work at least. You greet a few of them by name before preparing a portal to the next planet.
No. 1044947 ID: 9ea24b
File 166440607299.png - (117.82KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

Before you can leave, you’re blindsided by some unknown attacker. They’re very light and crumple against your sculpted bird bod.

Crown: ow!
Gray: Don’t hurt yourself. What’s up Crown?
Crown: you keep making the wrong choices so i have to do something about it. i knew you’d be here so i flew over.
Gray: Wait, you mean I was supposed to have weird DEMON sex with that LORD?
Crown: no, mizz isn’t supposed to trust you anymore. i wanted you to get in a fight with her or maim her accidentally and ruin your friendship.
Gray: Um.
Gray: That’s kind of effed up, man. I’ve just been doing my JOB.
Crown: it’s necessary for the path. go find her in three days, she’ll be alone. injure her.

No. 1044948 ID: 629f2e

Ew. Major fucking ew.

Tell Crown that the Path sucks ass, and that he needs to cut that shit out fast.
No. 1044949 ID: a7a180

Blind faith in the path is for mortals, Crown. I want some assurances first that this is what's best for Mizz too. I'm already banned from booty calls, don't make me unfriend her on Goodbook too.
No. 1044951 ID: 15c72a

Ugh, a PATH. Tell him to show you what's so important about it. With the Halo, so you know he's not lying.
No. 1044952 ID: ca9351

You're hitting surprising levels of manipulative and disassociated right now. Do you want to talk about what's up because hurting and betraying friends isn't something you just drop casually and expect it to be taken well. You also look like your hurting physically and emotionally, are you alright?
No. 1044954 ID: 9ee5f6

Tell him youre not supposed to PATH tho, it was part of some kind of weird omnipotent deal he made with CHAOS you think. warn it Might cause trouble for him if you PATH.
No. 1044958 ID: 9ea24b
File 166442060458.png - (97.67KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

You turn into your humanoid FORM for the extra height. Crown is being super manipulative and you want to show he can’t bully you.

Gray: Whatever your PATH is, cut that crap out and don’t even think about involving Mizz! LUST told me you made a deal with CHAOS not to use PATHS, and I’m not above telling on you.
Crown: i can still do one. the deal was not to start any more and i’ve been on this PATH since the beginning.
Gray: Pray tell what’s so important about it.
Crown: you can find out when you use my halo again, and princess is the only one who can take it off of me so you can’t see now.
Gray: I won’t do anything unless it’s good for Mizz and I in the long run.

Crown droops and you feel a twinge of pity. The ANGEL’S body language is pure defeat and hurt.

Gray: Look, I’m sorry the HALO makes you feel bad, I’m happy to talk to you about it but I’m not hurting the people I LO–like because you told me to. I appreciate you getting me this job but I’m not your lapdog.
Crown: i-i just want it to hurt less. i don’t want to be here anymore…

No. 1044959 ID: 9ea24b
File 166442062175.png - (94.92KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Your fellow HEAD ANGEL sniffles and leaks a few more floating tears before glaring at you.

Crown: the path is to reduce my suffering as much as possible. i can’t control everything, and some stuff just isn’t possible, but i can do enough to get an optimized result. i want you and princess to use my halo as much as you can and that means i need to cause problems sometimes. either you injure the demon or i will.

You have a horrible feeling that whatever you choose will have a BAD outcome, though the way Crown and Mizz will feel about you afterwards will differ.

A. Do as Crown asks (Crown will be satisfied, Mizz will be afraid of you)

B. Call Crown’s bluff (Crown will dislike you more, you won’t have to hurt Mizz, Crown will do something terrible to Mizz at some point in the nearish future)
No. 1044963 ID: bbb04b

"So it'd be darned if I do, darned if I don't. Seems like the only difference is who's going to be responsible for what happens next. Easiest decision of my life." B. "If you want bad stuff to happen so bad, you could stand to dirty your OWN hands, at least! Now, I have a JOB to do. Good. Day."
No. 1044967 ID: e51896

A. I feel whatever Crown will do to her will be far worse than if we betray Mizz. For now, it might be best to stay on the head angels good side until we can find a way to CHANGE their perspective on the shitty ways they run things

We also know somewhere down the line, their relationship is going to sour with either choice. Might as well be from our doing than have Crown do it and spread false and horrible information about us to her after he does something terrible to her. At least if we do it, we can give our own reasoning.
No. 1044978 ID: e5709d

B) "You've lost it. Do you care about what you'll sacrifice? Hell, do you really care about easing your pain, or do you just have an obsession with making everyone do what they're told?"
March to Princess and come up with something. If you can't, warn the demons. All of them.
No. 1044979 ID: 15c72a

A. Better you control how she gets hurt. Who knows what Crown would do? (also at some point Gray has to lose an eye, which I assume happens during the fight, so if that doesn't happen then he's still going to get hurt by someone else.)
No. 1044980 ID: f3a2ce

I don't really think their perspective will change. They've had eternity already. Selfish prick. I thought you guys were portions of purity.

A. No telling what crown would do. You can control for damage this way. Just make sure she can really see the regret in your eyes.
No. 1044981 ID: 629f2e

B. Forget about the future where we know things get sour between them. Think about the here and now, and what both choices mean for Mizz.

In option A, somebody that she deeply cares for hurts her. Maybe not as badly as Crown would do to her, but it would permanently scar her heart.

Crown harming her is unsurprising, he's a dick, and she has no real faith in the other head angels as it stands. But she believes in Gray. He's supposed to be honest with her, and she with him. Maybe they won't share secrets regarding their own factions, strategic info that the other's team would benefit from, but this isn't that.

Gray might tell her that he was forced to do it, that he was sparing her from a worse fate. From where she's sitting though, there are only two ways she can read the situation. Either Gray is lying, and he can't be trusted anymore; or he's telling the truth, and she can never see him again lest he be commanded again to hurt her. When push comes to shove, he will do what he's told. There's no coming back from it.

Crown can do his own dirty work. Mizz will get hurt. You will be sad about it, but you will not be the cause of it.
No. 1044982 ID: fce62b

Agreed, go with B.
No. 1044983 ID: a7a180

That’s it? Reduce your suffering to minimum. You could NOT have worded that worse, Crown, someone in your position has to deal with a lot of crap sometimes and deferring it into others leads to more suffering in the end.
B. If you want the future to suck so bad, do it yourself.
No. 1045000 ID: c21da0

B, because the other option is to do exactly the kind of things that seems to make Crown miserable : making the least bad choice based on pessimistic visions of the future instead of trying your best right now.
No. 1045015 ID: 0838d6

B, also, you JUST said the problem was you wanted others to use the crown, can you not just *have a conversation* and *ask us* to wear the crown more often so you suffer from precognition less?!?! You saw Grey not suffer when wearing it, and he did his job fine...
No. 1045040 ID: 9ea24b
File 166448802392.png - (96.42KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

Gray: You’re an embodiment of PURITY. How could you do this? You’re making more people SUFFER by being selfish!
Crown: yeah.
Gray: Get your own hands dirty, I’m not attacking Mizz.
Crown: your choice.

You simmer with rage for a moment before taking a deep breath. It’s okay, you can warn Mizz and tell Princess about Crown’s continued instability. In fact, you’re going to do that right now.

You make a new portal and seize Crown’s upper arm. The ANGEL offers no resistance as you drag him into a bright, grassy field where Princess is reviewing REPORTS like a responsible HEAD should. She listens while you rant to her about Crown’s twisted plans.

Gray: Crown should have just ASKED you or me to wear the HALO more.
Princess: You did say you almost DIED after using it for less than a minute. I suppose I should contribute, about five minutes per 20 hours should be safe.
Crown: yay.
Princess: Can you see how this may have been part of the PLAN as well? It’s very difficult to get the upper hand on Crown, the HALO can instantly adapt to new situations and tweak the PATH.
Gray: Please, stop him from hurting Mizz. Keep him strapped to your neck or something.
Princess: I don’t want any more STRIFE between us. I’m sorry. I may be approximately OMNIPOTENT but there are still many things I can’t control. He’s my peer, not my PRISONER.

No. 1045041 ID: 9ea24b
File 166448803521.png - (127.01KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

You spend the next month a nervous wreck, constantly checking on Mizz, who quickly becomes irritated by your CONCERN, especially when you interrupt her when she’s talking to DEMONS who are decidedly less welcoming to HEAD ANGELS than Guillermo. You even drop an EGG while you’re hurrying from your job to find Mizz. The DEMON is nervous too, but seems to have at least partially accepted the RISK and continues going about her business.

The stress from Crown along with the demands of your new position make you pretty miserable after a while. You almost wish Crown would stop freaking you out and just make his MOVE.

It’s like he can read your thoughts. The day after you have this private moment of WEAKNESS, you find Mizz’s favorite SAFEHOUSE totally destroyed.

There’s radioactive dust in the air. Your feathers tingle as you frantically search the CRATER where the NUKE made impact for a sign of Mizz. You can smell DEMON blood over the ash, and you circle around until you find her charred FORM a kilometer away.
Healing was never your best POWER, but you’re an ANGEL and if you can’t help someone who’s injured you’re not much USE at all! Your harsh AURA hurts Mizz, and she writhes as you slowly help her rebuild her BODY, even lashing out with her hand and sinking her nails into your left EYE in desperation.

You yelp with PAIN, but ignore your injury. Mizz is SUFFERING, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and you pin her limbs down so she can’t struggle again.

Eventually the DEMON is back to her usual physical self, except for her wounded EYE that mirrors your own. She’s shaking as you MAKE a soft blanket and wrap her securely. This whole time you’ve been babbling APOLOGIES and she finally puts her hand over your mouth to shut you up.

Mizz: It’s not your FAULT.
Gray: Mmmph!
Mizz: You did your best with HEALING. Don’t worry about it.

She stands suddenly and starts walking away.

Gray: Mizz! Wait up! Are–are we still friends?
Mizz: I need some SPACE after that, Gray.
Gray: Sorry, I’m sorry.
Mizz: Please, can you just leave me alone for a while? I need to RECOVER.

She struggles to open a PORTAL and gives you a sad look over her shoulder before limping away.
No. 1045042 ID: 9ea24b
File 166448804120.png - (106.70KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

Thanks for reading.
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