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File 165827193111.png - (116.76KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1038626 No. 1038626 ID: 9ea24b

The gang encounters the Heroes League.

Setting has plentiful NSFW, though it’s not the main focus of the quest
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell
Thread 2 log: https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell/Thread2Log
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No. 1038627 ID: 9ea24b
File 165827194028.png - (139.08KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

It’s been a week since you got on a boat with a clone and a couple of rogue ANGELS and left WEST FLUXTOPIA, your home for the past several years. It was a short trip by sea to arrive in MIDLAND, and HH was generous enough to give you a few pieces of treasure you were able to pawn for a stack of BUX that you used part of to buy passage to your native city of DONJON.

That’s where you are right now, in a shitty MOTEL while CC is off at the Heroes League headquarters trying to get permission to go to LYST. When the four of you rented a car and took the road to LYST immediately after arriving in DONJON, you were alarmed but not surprised to see a military grade barrier blocking the way. It was decided CC would be the face of the diplomacy operation while you kept Normal and Guy from jumping the SUIT who was guarding the steel gate. Even CC’s advanced social skills weren’t enough to convince the hero to let you through, and you had no choice but to turn around.

The setback turned into an extended delay, hence the MOTEL and BUREAUCRACY. You have plenty of money so you’re living comfortably, but you’re frustrated that you can’t reunite with your remaining sister.
No. 1038628 ID: 9ea24b
File 165827194766.png - (111.79KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

RED Myriad swims into your vision, like one of those floaters you get in your eyes when you’re staring at nothing. She points towards the door right before you hear a sharp knock, which gives you just enough time to leap out of bed before Normal and Guy can react and body block the door from their curious attempts to kill the cleaning lady or WHOEVER is there.

Right, so while Normal and Guy are doggedly loyal to you after losing their faith in ANGEL authority (and after you killed their professor), they’re still absolutely insane. You nagged Normal to switch his fox scalp for a winter hat and got some clothes for Guy so he looks like an odd OBJECT-KIN instead of an alien, but the lack of basic value for KIN life persists. If something happened to you, it’d be TROUBLE.

They’re bored and you feel bad that they lost everything, but also you’re stuck on babysitting DUTY for the rest of your life so that SYMPATHY can only extend so far.

You squint through the peephole and see an AQUA-KIN wearing slick shades and a trenchcoat leaning casually against the balcony. Looks like a SHARK, damn, you’ve been having bad luck with them.

A. Open the door
B. Interrogate through door
C. Stay silent and pretend no one’s home
No. 1038631 ID: 15c72a

At some point you're going to have to get the angel-kids to agree not to kill anyone without your permission, and a similar but less restrictive thing about attacking in general- perhaps they can attack freely when you or they are being attacked, but otherwise they need to ask first? Be sure to define "attack" clearly. Bodily harm with malicious intent, for instance. If they are uncertain of the intent then they can intervene non-violently, like restraining the attacker.
No. 1038632 ID: 899c9f

B. What's the password?
No. 1038636 ID: 629f2e

B, play it a little bit safe.
No. 1038637 ID: e5709d

C - Remember, angel cults indoctrinate their kids to be as close-minded as possible to prevent any questioning of the narrative in their spare time.
So yes, even the reclamation agents can be stupid enough to dress in standard cultist wear and knock on the front door of their targets.
No. 1038664 ID: e51896

C. Just in case this is someone from the heroes league and they might think ot's suspicious one myriad is at the heroes league and one is at the motel.
If B, say "no solicitors". Seems like the least suspicious thing to say. Actually, how good are you at disguising your voice?
No. 1038697 ID: 9ea24b
File 165833466097.png - (93.35KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

The MOTEL is so cheap the doors are basically a formality. You’ll be able to have a perfectly clear conversation without revealing Normal and Guy, who crowd you from the back to get a piece of the action. You warned them on the boat that RECLAMATION ANGEL agents might be after them, the threat of which became a remarkably effective way to keep them quiet in tense situations. Caesar had mentioned Normal and Guy would be REPROGRAMMED if they were brought back to Gray or Daddy or whatever their important ANGEL leader is called and you’d like to avoid losing all your hard work if possible.

Myriad: Hi, who are you?
Shark: Traveling SALESKIN. I have a variety of MAGICAL wares for very affordable prices.
Myriad: I’m not interested in buying anything at the moment.
Shark: YOU might not be, I’m interested in your MASTER.
Myriad: Huh?
Shark: …You do have a MASTER, right?

The shark fishes around in their coat for a compass-like object, inspects it, then peers at the peephole that you’re watching from. They scratch their chin for a second, unsure of what to do. You seem to have really confused them.
No. 1038698 ID: 9ea24b
File 165833466665.png - (128.02KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

The shark takes a step back and pulls open the side of their coat, revealing an arrangement of metal clasps that hold a collection of oozing BODY PARTS. Normal and Guy take a shared breath of excitement. There’s a bulbous eye with a red pupil and black sclera among the chunks of meat and what look like fingers.

Shark: If you’re looking for a TREAT I have quite the selection. Only 500 BUX for one of these pieces! I also offer a variety of protective CHARMS that can help you evade detection.
Normal: I want some. Myriad, please can we get some? I’m hungry.

No. 1038701 ID: a0378f

Yeah, sure. Bring him in. I think red myriad wants us to buy from him based off her pointing to the door, she had helped us before. Lets listen to her. Those artifacts seem useful to avoid detection to get into lyst if we need to, and we can sate the angels hunger.

Lets see what he got. Hes no different from any weirdo we met where we came from. Consider we'll need artifacts for four people if we buy detection avoiding artifacts.
No. 1038706 ID: 7b75ea

> Selling stuff only ANGELS would be interested in.
> Wearing sunglasses.
> Compass likely points to some kind of aural signature, either DEMONIC or ANGELIC.
> Local ANGELS have no reason to spend money on this when they can go hunting themselves.
> FALLEN ANGELS are known to have slaves, hence the "master" phrasing.

He can't be a DEMON - trying to sell ANGEL food when you're made of the same stuff would be terminally stupid. That leaves ANGEL, under one of two scenarios.

1: He's FALLEN, and working an underground smuggling beat for his fellows who aren't quite able to quit their most "nutritious" food source.

2: He's a RECLAIMER trying to bait out Guy and Normal.

Treat him with caution: "Glasses off, first - I wanna confirm something." If he's not your enemy, he shouldn't have a problem revealing his true species to you. Either we let him in, or he moves to fight you without quite realizing the danger he's in (even if he does detect the presence of at least one ANGEL).

(Regarding why the compass doesn't point at himself... that probably has something to do with those CHARMS he mentioned.)
No. 1038711 ID: 076b85

He did seem confused by seeing us, i dont think he came with the intention of reclaiming Normal and Guy. I think he is just wants to make money off of angels.

I think we should play along not only so we can get some stuff, but he might find it suspicious if we brush him off. After he removes his sunglasses and they turn out to be angel eyes or not, we can decide how to respond.

I think if we play along, we can be like "Yeah, sorry for being discreet, cant be too careful. lets see what you have for masters."

If he asks why a normal kin is with two angels, just say that you're obligated to help them and be their body guard, hence why you answered the door and not them. A little white lie. To him, he might think it means youre a slave to Normal and Guy, but to Normal and Guy, youre actually helping them by teaching them amd protecting them.
No. 1038712 ID: 33319b

Also, he'd probably want Guy and Normal to buy stuff, not us. We'd probably need to first tell Normal and Guy in secret you are interested in at least 4 non detection artifacts (2000 bux worth), and then they can buy some angel food (1000 bux worth maybe) be suspicious of WE a normal kin bought stuff and not them.

Thatll leave us with 2000 bux,
No. 1038715 ID: 15c72a

Detection? What is he even...
Okay let him in so he can explain himself.
No. 1038729 ID: e5709d

Did... did he just mutilate his acolytes so he could sell their body parts as drugs?!

Every encounter with these angels just makes them sicker and sicker. This archaic 'game' they're playing is what they'll do to every world they win.

"Sensei beat me the last time I gave him something oozing. Please leave."
No. 1038740 ID: 9ea24b
File 165835916956.png - (133.57KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

>This guy is totally an ANGEL
Well hey now, that shark could be a lady for all you know.

>Those are body parts
Yup, DEMON body parts you’re pretty sure. Normal and Guy have impressed on you the ANGEL desire to consume their natural enemies.

>Charms and Compass
ANGELS probably have some kind of aural signature that can be tracked. You’ll want those charms to keep Normal and Guy safe.

>Reclaimer or Fallen?
Fallen. You can tell by the lack of PURITY being mentioned every sentence and the way the door hasn’t been BLASTED down.
No. 1038741 ID: 9ea24b
File 165835917638.png - (112.72KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

Myriad: I want to make sure you’re an ANGEL. Can you take off your sunglasses?
Shark: Sure, hey sorry for mistaking you for one of these KIN earlier, you really have the speech patterns down perfect.

The shark takes off their glasses to reveal the signature slit pupil eyes with the four markings.

Shark: If you just came to DONJON, watch out for the Heroes League. Got some rank and file ANGELS in the upper leadership who hunt at NIGHT. Level 4s and 5s mostly. There’s been a lot of buzz since one of the 72 DEMON LORDS is mobilizing nearby, so there’ll be plenty of meat available soon.

Seems they’re mistaking you for an ANGEL. What should you do before you let them in?
A. Come clean, claim you’re a kin working for Normal and Guy
B. Hide and let Normal and Guy take the lead
C. Put on some eyeliner and claim you’re an ANGEL, why not
No. 1038742 ID: 629f2e

Fuck it, C. He already buys it, that'll make it easier to sell.
No. 1038773 ID: 0d01d6

What ever happened to guy being a gender neutral term?
No. 1038774 ID: 0d01d6

D. Just don't elaborate. At all. If they ask, say it is complicated and Don't Elaborate.
No. 1038776 ID: e51896

tough decision. hmmm...

Here's my thoughts

While A would be best for not having to deal with hiding behind a facade we would have to keep up, that would also mean that this shark is going to be treating us like a slave, and will probably encourage Guy and Normal to do the same, which would be kind of a bad influence on them.

If we choose C, that would mean this would probably be a facade we would have to maintain if this shark shows up again, or see's us or CC or any other clones wandering around without eyeliner, or without Guy and Normal around. plus he might ask us difficult questions only an angel would know in the future. Might especially be difficult if he lets any of his friends know about us.

Which is why I think I'll go with B. That way, we can give Normal and Guy some RESPONSIBILITIES, and show we trust them enough to do tasks like this. I'm sure they'll really appreciate it. I would say give them enough BUX for the charms we need, and 1000 bux worth of angel food.

if the charms only work for angels, give Guy and Normal 2000 BUX and tell them to get two non detection charms, and food for themselves (1000 for two charms, 1000 for angel food) if it can work for CC and VV too, give Guy and normal 3000 BUX (2000 for the four charms, 1000 for the angel food).

tho by evade detection, he probably means it can only keep people from finding out their angels, not like some kind of invisibility charm.

question: on the stats, it says we have 3 available clone slots. With that in mind, we have VV, CC, HH, and PP running around (4 myriads), 3 dead Myriads (LL, GG and one other dead clone) and 3 available Myriad slots adding up to 10. Should it had say 4 available slots since PP is absorbing one dead clone a month? or does that mean PP did not yet absorb one of the 3 dead clones yet? or was it agreed among the Myriads that VV and CC can only use 3 clones since PP and HH are doing missions? Thanks
No. 1038788 ID: e51896

If B isnt supported enough, go with C. (Tho I really want B)
No. 1038794 ID: 9ea24b
File 165843089440.png - (93.14KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

You tell the shark to wait a moment as you go to the bathroom to get a makeup pen and draw dark lines on the fur around your eyes. You tuck the pen into your pocket so you can reapply it later, this facade is going to be INTERESTING to maintain. You’re counting on the fact that ANGELS are not very intelligent and how you can warn CC to stay away to maintain the illusion.

>3 clone slots
PP hasn’t absorbed one of the dead clones yet, she’s mentioned in the daily updates that she’s trying to get everything in WEST FLUXTOPIAN POLITICS as stable as possible first. Not terribly important to you since you can’t use your POWERS anyway.

You take a deep breath and open the door. The shark sweeps inside and takes in your DISGUISE alongside Normal and Guy.

Shark: The name’s Ripley, level 2. Never got very powerful before I decided I liked having fun more than making ARTIFACTS for the BOSS. I still got my crafting skills though so I like to check on any NEWCOMERS and offer them my services.
Myriad: I’m Myriad, this is Normal and Guy. We’re all low level, just trying to get by. Buying some meat and some charms would be great.

No. 1038795 ID: 9ea24b
File 165843090353.png - (104.80KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

Normal and Guy pounce on Ripley like kids in a candy store while you struggle to come up with a coherent backstory.

Myriad: I used up most of my powers turning into a form that would be less suspicious, I’ve been a FALLEN for a long time so it worked but I can’t do much else. These two are young soldiers that got abandoned when their PROFESSOR was killed, so they’re still new to the lifestyle.

Ripley chuckles and takes the offered 2000 BUX in exchange for two pieces of meat and two charms. Normal and Guy stuff the strangely spicy smelling FLESH in their mouths, or in Guy’s case, under his wrappings.

Ripley: I have the hook-up to all sorts of fun activities they can try, I have a whole bunch of SLAVES who can get me whatever I want.

You now have a SUS level. When you act unANGEL-like it increases your SUS. Ripley will notice something’s off at 5 SUS. Rolls will be influenced by SUS.

A. Politely decline (+1 SUS)
B. Hedonism! Wahoo!!! (-1 SUS)
C. Tell Ripley you’ll visit them later today (0 SUS)
No. 1038797 ID: 899c9f

C: I should go.
No. 1038798 ID: e5709d

B) Light and Fluffy Buns in Ovens!!!
But seriously, you're planning to steal his slaves and kill him off while he's distracted. Orgy might be fun, tho.
No. 1038818 ID: cdd66b

alot of these choices have consequences.

Ehhhhhhh B. Probably best to get our sus meter in the negative for now, plus we'll probably get some insight about who or what to look out for easier in Donjon while we go with him to see whatever activities he is offering (such as current events these angels know about, what is going on with that demon who is mobilizing, possible info on Lyst, and learning about certain members in the Heroes League they may know about  like Liminal (tho i think he is at Lyst) or that former PABE fighting spider Skidder or whatever his real name is?. Plus it's probably too early on to cause long lasting damage on Guy and Normal's lessons if we do B for now.

The cost is that it'll probably be a bad influence on Guy and Normal, so We'll have to probably do some damage control and really do some explaining and teaching with Guy and Normal alone and set them straight afterwards. We can use the excuse you had no idea those activities would be bad, and even try to teach them empathy by reminding them how they felt when they were about to get killed by Caesar, and how Guy learned the fear of death and how normal kin feel that way too, and even act from that fear to try to survive or distract and indulge themselves from that fear. (though that is a topic for the future
No. 1038858 ID: 9ea24b
File 165846212050.png - (113.33KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

Better to get a head start on avoiding suspicion, and this way you can extract information on current events from the informed FALLEN perspective. You don’t like the sound of SLAVES or FUN ACTIVITIES, but if you’re there you can keep Normal and Guy from getting in trouble.

Myriad: That’s very generous, do you live far away?
Ripley: Naw, I have a CAR so it’ll be quick.

You message CC in the back of the old, smelly car telling her what you’ve gotten yourself into and ask Ripley leading questions about current events. They explain the DEMON LORD is near LYST and that a real dickwad hero called LIMINAL has been tailing some of the FALLEN around town.

They park behind a bodega and usher you in through the back. There’s a lizard ANGEL there who’s licking her eyes while she reads a magazine. Ripley nods to her, then points out the various KIN who are standing vacantly around the spacious backrooms.
No. 1038859 ID: 9ea24b
File 165846212733.png - (99.69KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

Ripley: I’m a FALLEN who knows how to make TOTAL MIND CONTROL devices that work on KIN. If you want to buy one it’ll be 20,000 BUX. DEMONS have MAGICAL CONTRACTS to enslave MORTALS but those are way too complicated and give them too much FREEDOM. We use this grocery store as a FRONT and get the KIN under our influence to come in on a schedule so they don’t arouse suspicion. We instruct them to act normal otherwise so there aren’t a bunch of missing people all the time. Heroes League would be on our TAILS.
Myriad: That’s a surprisingly smart system.
Ripley: Oh, we didn’t think of it. Whenever we need a good idea we catch a DEMON and TORTURE them until they tell us what they think.
Myriad: Ah.
Ripley: So we’ve got plenty of BUX to pay for whores and a good supply of FAIRY DUST if you want to get high. Since you’ve been such a pal, first one’s on the house.

What would you like to do? Normal and Guy will follow your lead.
A. Purchase Sex (Normal and Guy are legal adults, if very naive)
B. Fairy Dust, one of the few drugs that works on both KIN and ANGELS
C. Control over another KIN (Ripley will instruct one of the random KIN to do whatever you ask for the next two hours)
D. Call the cops bro (+3 SUS, Heroes League gets involved immediately)
No. 1038864 ID: e51896


A. Passion incites change! Considering Guy and Normal destroyed a brothel for being too "impure" and "full of sin" This is actually probably an opportunity to get Guy and Normal to learn to indulge and accept sin every now and then by helping them lose their V-card (or at least just foreplay instead of sex, starting out with since sex seems a bit extreme to start out with). Maybe this would start influencing them to not kill kin who indulge in sex and other mild sinful activities in the future (Andrea comes to mind, would suck if they try to kill her for having sex.) Sure, maybe not the best step, but a step nonetheless.

Be sure to let Ripley know that as you told him, Guy and Normal are recent fallens after their professor died, so they might have some major hangups with sex, and you would like to know if they can be weaned into doing some sinful activities like with a whore who would help them slowly accept what they see as sin. I'm sure they have someone or something that can help with stuff like that.
No. 1038865 ID: 15c72a

C. Let's borrow a KIN and once we're away from this FALLEN nest we can ask them what the FALLEN have been up to, aside from just hunting demons and debauchery I guess. Don't reveal to the KIN that you're not an angel. Just pretend to be a curious independent FALLEN that's curious as to what this group is doing.

Also I kindof want to buy a mind-control device, but we don't have the funds do we?
No. 1038866 ID: 15c72a

Oh, and I didn't vote for A or B because we're trying to raise Normal and Guy as actually good people not debauched slavers/murderers like these fuckers, and... maybe introducing them to sex this early is a bad idea for their mental states. They could get obsessed with pleasure.
No. 1038867 ID: 629f2e

Honestly D. Fuck all'a this nonsense, report their asses and let the cops know the strategy they're using.

Maybe C as well, if only to borrow a kin who you can control into testifying about these matters. It's fine if this brings the Hero League, this is one of the few times where their presence might improve a situation. It's worth dealing with whatever that brings with it.
No. 1038874 ID: 899c9f

A, and make sure your two pals treat their partners right.
No. 1038877 ID: b0b5f8

B. Purchase dust "for later consumption" to avoid rousing suspicions.
Possibly D once out of sight and earshot.
No. 1038901 ID: 9ea24b
File 165850748613.png - (104.94KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

You don’t want to be impaired by drugs so no Fairy Dust. You can see the benefits of controlling a KIN, such as getting more information on this FALLEN nest, so you ask Ripley a few questions on how the MIND CONTROL works.

Myriad: I don’t have the money right now, but I’m interested in your DEVICE. Can KIN ever fight off the effects? How do they know who to obey?
Ripley: For some reason the stronger a KIN’s DEMON powers are, the more likely that it takes multiple tries to bring ‘em under, but then they’re as helpless as everyone else. Very suggestible though, our ideas guy told us to use a verbal PASSWORD so that they only take new instructions from us.

There are restrictions in place to stop you from getting intel or freeing the SLAVES. It’ll be more worth your while to pursue another option.

>A into D
Normal and Guy have been looking around with interest ever since you arrived and you’re distraught over how much damage this is doing to their socialization progress. At least if you ask for a prostitute you can go somewhere private, help Normal and Guy get over their violent aversion to sex, then get the Heroes League to bust this place.
No. 1038902 ID: 9ea24b
File 165850749557.png - (128.11KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

Myriad: Are you two okay trying some foreplay? Or just, I don’t know, being in the same room as a naked person?
Normal: Hmmmmmm…If that’s what these cool FALLEN are into then I guess it’s okay.
Ripley: SEX and DRUGS are VERY cool.
Guy: She makes a convincing argument.
Myriad: She? Oh wait, yeah, I mean, yes I totally knew Ripley was a woman. Er, do you two have a preference on type of partner?
Normal: Male, buff, WING-KIN.
Myriad: Oh no.

Uncomfortable doesn’t even begin to describe it. At least there’s a designated private room so the sex workers don’t see the enslaved KIN. After about 15 minutes a cheerful dark red ROOSTER enters through the side door. While Normal and Guy poke at his feathers and sit in his lap fully clothed, you contemplate your existence and text CC your current address, telling her to be subtle about getting the League involved.

Nothing to do but wait. When Ripley pops her head in to check on you, you make an excuse about easing Normal and Guy into the sinful lifestyle and she smiles in understanding before ducking back out.

Time for some small talk. Suggest topics to discuss with the Rooster. You’re not in the mood to bring up the END of the WORLD.
No. 1038904 ID: b71dce

you fucking sniped me :P
When the league busts in, throw the blame on Ripley. Act like this was a sting operation to set you up. Swear them out and shit and then get the fuck out.
No. 1038905 ID: 0838d6

Realize you could have used this opportunity as leverage with the heroes league to be let into Lyst
No. 1038906 ID: b71dce

This should have the twofold effect of lowering the SUS pointed at you since you are accusing her (which, if you genuinely were a normal customer, would be totally valid since you get solicited and not too far into it the popo bust in), and also let you get away with being more paranoid and cautious in the future towards this sort of thing, because you can say you have to be more wary of things due to past experiences. Hell, you can even possibly start shit within the FALLEN circles by spreading rumors that there are either FALLEN working with the League, or ANGELS convincingly posing as FALLEN for stings.
No. 1038917 ID: 7b75ea

So, FALLEN are basically the same amoral assholes as regular ANGELS, except without the larger group's [PURITY] agenda and logistical support.

Maybe talk about how murder is a huge no-no to mortals. "I mean... because once you end a life, it's not coming back. You only live once, so it's incredibly wrong to cut someone else's life short... or take away their freedom to do what they want with it, for that matter. Honestly, that's where I actually think the ANGELS truly went wrong - the elimination of FREE WILL plus all the MURDER, not the ANTI-SEX stance."
No. 1038920 ID: 49c13f

Interesting idea, though I am concerned If the heroes league busts in and we yell that, would that risk the heroes league might start thinking Myriad, Guy and Normal are angels and go after them too? Or do we got a plan for that?

Maaaybe if CC explained she had a clone working undercover to them it might work and theyll leave us alone, but im not sure she told them that or not.

Sorry if I'm overly cautious

Smol talk with Rooster: since brothels are probably illegal in Donjon (but not Lyst) ask if there are any hidden escape routes you could take around here. First timer here, so you want to take precautions.
No. 1038927 ID: bc7e25

I dont think he's a fallen or an angel though, nor is he a enslaved, considering he does not have angel eyes, and they are keeping the enslaved out of sight from him. I think he's just a normal kin sex worker.
No. 1038953 ID: 7b75ea

Oh, sorry, meant to specify that this is directed at Guy and Normal.
No. 1038955 ID: b71dce

Isn't the Hero's League an ANGEL puppet org now though?

Main thing is to just skedaddle out of there as quick as possible. From what I understand, it is bad news for us to get caught regardless of what we do or how we act, so we must have some sort of plan already or calling them would be suicide.
No. 1038958 ID: ebb04d

Agreed on being wary of heroes league

Couple other ideas for rooster question, he's pretty buff. Is he a good fighter?

What are some popular sexual activities his clients usually enjoy? Especially beginners
No. 1038965 ID: 9ea24b
File 165854949401.png - (69.78KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

>Who’s this rooster guy
Seems like an ordinary, if muscular KIN blissfully unaware that Normal could snap his neck and Guy could melt his beak off. Speaking of the two ANGELS, they seem more interested in cuddling and head pats than SEX at the moment, which helps you unclench your asshole slightly.

>Wait, fuck
You should have told CC to use this info as leverage to get access to LYST! Agh, well maybe she’ll think of it even if you didn’t since she’s been dealing with frustrating government BUREAUCRACY all day. You hope she remembers to pass along that you’re innocent so you’re not killed in the raid.

>Speaking of being killed…
You’re wary of the Heroes League. They’d tried to recruit you before you left DONJON and the whole mercenary nature of the organization rubbed your fur the wrong way. According to Ripley, ANGELS have infiltrated, but uh, maybe they’ll be fooled by your impressive disguise and show mercy?

>Use this as a teaching moment for Normal and Guy about how murder is bad
That would freak the rooster out, though definitely an important lesson for another time.
Your tried and true ANGEL evasion technique sadly will not work here. Normal and Guy don’t want to leave and Ripley is keeping an EYE on you.
No. 1038966 ID: 9ea24b
File 165854950783.png - (137.71KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

>Rooster initiates small talk because you are panicking
Rooster: Are you planning to join in?
Myriad: Wha–? Uh, no I’m just supervising.
Rooster: Haha, no problem. This is all pretty tame compared to what I’m used to, that KIN Ripley is into some kinky stuff.
Myriad: Eheheheheh. Right. It’s actually been a while since I’ve been in DONJON, are brothels still banned?
Rooster: Yeah, it sucks. All sex workers have to get PERMITS and REGISTER too, and there’s a fee taken out of our earnings. If brothels were around we’d have more ORGANIZING power, but what can you do.
Myriad: WEST FLUXTOPIA is even better than that.
Rooster: Whoa, you were there? Isn’t that place a huge mess?
Myriad: Yep. What can you do.

Thankfully the rooster falls SILENT and you’re able to go back to precipitating a healthy ANXIETY ATTACK before you’re rudely interrupted by the outer wall of the building being torn away by a giant MECH.


The rooster caws in alarm and instinctively shields Normal and Guy. You watch in shock as an enormous blade unfolds from the MECH’S hand and hurtles toward the boys, only to be stopped with a CLANG by a glittery hand.

Glitter: Watch where you’re swinging that, idiot! You can’t just attack FALLEN willy nilly.

She? You think she’s a she, got a punk rocker look going, swoops down on four feathery wings to examine the cowering Rooster and your lads. She has pointed ears like an ELF, but normal eyes.

Glitter: See, this one here is RADIANT and tearing their SHELL could endanger that TINKER we’re after.
Mech: Fine, what about that FALLEN in the corner?
Glitter: She looks weak, but ANGELS can take a hit. Capture her.

Red words bloom into your vision and you feel a bad headache coming on. DEMON Myriad must think this information is important to reduce the odds of your imminent capture slash decapitation.



A. Say you’re the KIN who made the call (No more pretending to be an ANGEL but you stay anonymous)
B. Say your name (Maybe Gray warned his flock against retaliating? You did kill Caesar though)
C. Say you’re an undercover ANGEL sent to infiltrate the FALLEN (SUS dependent roll - 60% success)
No. 1038967 ID: 899c9f

A. Aren't we just ratting on angels to angels? If we were to pick a side to collaborate with, maybe it shouldn't be the one trying to bring about the end of the world... Anyway, don't dig yourself any deeper into deceit than you have to, you're a kin and this is eyeliner.
No. 1038968 ID: e5709d

B) Your cover's nearly blown anyway; Lyst knows you, your minions get an F in Disguise, and your aura is close to bursting into a lake of nether.

Angels do one thing: they follow orders. And these angels have been ordered to keep you alive.
No. 1038969 ID: 629f2e

B, it seems likely they'll figure out who you are soon enough, might as well toss it on the table so you don't have to play any mindgames later wondering whether or not they know who you are.
No. 1038970 ID: 15c72a

C. Let's see how far we can take this.
No. 1038979 ID: 8dd3d4

C or B. Those two choices are the only ones i think that might also save Guy and Normal, because with A, they might leave us alone, but theres nothing that will prevent them from taking our friends away. I lean more towards C.
No. 1038983 ID: 9da2ea

Also, another reason for picking C or B over A is because it said PIXIE STIX might be Heretical, so she might turn a blind eye over Myriad killing Caesar if B and also leave Guy and Normal alone as part of the agreement to not interfere with us, and C because we get to keep this facade going.
No. 1038985 ID: b71dce

Fuck it: B

All options suck.

>She? You think she’s a she
Just go with a polite 'they' until corrected by the individual in question. Defaulting to that means less mental work figuring it out yourself and less anguish later when you are wrong.
No. 1038986 ID: 9ea24b
File 165859961528.png - (115.14KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

You scrub at your eyes to remove the makeup and then raise your hands in the air.

Jack immediately halts their attempt to knock your head off, while Pixie flinches with recognition.

Pixie: New plan Knight. Don’t do a THING. Don’t even go near her. The League and Nunitus want NOTHING to do with her.
Jack: What? I thought Nunitus wanted to stick their noses in everything.
Pixie: It’s POLITICS way above our level. Just be a good hero and guard this exit.

No. 1038987 ID: 9ea24b
File 165859962288.png - (78.91KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

>Ripley fight check: FAILURE
>Ripley evasion check: FAILURE
(All checks are a 50/50 unless specified otherwise)

You hear sounds coming from the other room that are reminiscent of a shark getting the FISH kicked out of her. You scurry in front of the lads, hiding them from the MECH’s GUN-KNIFE-CANNON fist while Pixie chatters irately into thin air. Probably some kind of communication device you can’t see.

Jack: Did Liminal get the tinker?
Pixie: Yes. Unfortunately he’s going by the book and taking her into League HEADQUARTERS, the suckup.
Jack: That’s what we wanted, I thought.
Pixie: That’s what the blockhead COMBAT ANGELS that masquerade as top heroes want. They’ll be asking you to replicate the MCDs.

Pixie glares distastefully down at you, then tosses her head and swoops away as quickly as she arrived. Jack lingers, but withdraws their hand and stands silently. You’re no longer in any immediate danger and the rooster puts his clothes on and hurries away.

A. Skedaddle and regroup with CC
B. Go see what’s happening in the other room
C. Talk to Jack
No. 1038993 ID: e51896

>New plan Knight. Don’t do a THING. Don’t even go near her. The League and Nunitus want NOTHING to do with her.

Well with that info, I guess it's safe to assume that because the Heroes League wants nothing to do with Myriad, CC's attempt to negotiate getting into Lyst might be next to fruitless... unless CC tipping them off to something happening where we are at could change some of the normal kin who works for the league minds to let us in somehow... Not likely, buuuuut, hmm... maybe a start. If there is a small chance, we could probably get on the non-angel hero league members good side starting with Jack.

so A and C (not B, rather not see Liminal right now, or risk getting spotted by a Fallen without our makeup)

starting with C, Jack isn't an angel, so he probably won't turn his nose up on us too much like Pixie. Thank Jack for coming to save the mind controlled kin, ask if the kin will be sent home with little issue and can be sure of that. Remember that Pixie told him not to do anything with us, so don't ask for anything for now, just show him you're just a concerned kin. Might be useful to show thanks and concern without asking for anything for now to make him feel appreciated and show we're not as bad as Pixie makes us out to be.

After C, A. Lets meet up with CC and let her know that you learned that right now the Heroes League and Nunitus wants nothing to do with Myriad, so convincing them to getting into Lyst might be more difficult than we'd hope (maybe not impossible though, we did tip them off after all). We can come up with a plan on what to do next from there.
No. 1039000 ID: 15c72a

C. Ask what the angels are doing with the league?
No. 1039002 ID: 899c9f

C. The league wants nothing to do with us, therefore we have developed an intense desire to interact with the league. Bet he's curious why we're a no-go. Hint: the order doesn't come from the league or Nunitus.
No. 1039033 ID: 9ea24b
File 165862303749.png - (93.29KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>Good News
ANGELS can’t mess with you, and since the two major antagonistic organizations in town are run by ANGELS, they can’t mess with you either.

>Bad News
This doesn’t apply to FALLEN, DEMONS, normal KIN, and HEROES who are acting independently. Also, getting legal permission to go to LYST is basically impossible now.

Jack isn’t an ANGEL and they’re probably dying to know why you’re such a KIN of INTEREST. You pat Normal and Guy, who are quaking slightly, on their heads and reassure them that they’re safe before walking up to the foot of the MECH.

Myriad: Hey big guy! Can I ask you something?
Jack: Big girl.
Myriad: What?
Jack: I’m a girl. Jack Knight is just my Hero name.
Myriad: So you know about ANGELS and DEMONS and the APOCALYPSE, right?
Jack: Yep, kind of hard to avoid at my level. My bosses and their associates are usually really stuck up, I’ve never seen Pixie BACK DOWN like that before.
Myriad: Yeah I kind of SABOTAGED an ANGEL attempt to start killing everyone EARLY which got me PROTECTION, kind of. All I want now is to meet up with my SISTER in LYST.
Jack: Good for you.
Myriad: So you’re aware ANGELS are EVIL?
Jack: I wouldn’t go that far. Some of them can be rude but I think they’re the only chance we have against the DEMONS. Godzilla threshold and ALL THAT.

Wait a second. Pixie told Jack to work on replicating MCDs after capturing Ripley. MCDs…MIND CONTROL DEVICES!
No. 1039034 ID: 899c9f

At what cost? You're going to build MCDs? What makes you think they won't slap the first one on you? It doesn't matter how loyal you are, loyalty is nothing next to a mind controlled slave.
No. 1039041 ID: 15c72a

Tell her angels want to kill literally everyone, because to them, noone is pure enough to be allowed to live. Demons... well, you don't know what they want exactly but when the war happens they're predicted to kill about 30% of the world population. After that, angels will kill everyone that's left.
No. 1039043 ID: 15c72a

...it occurs to me that Fallen Angels are less bad than regular ones since they don't actually want to commit genocide. It's too bad there aren't enough of them to make a difference during the war.
No. 1039068 ID: bd6753

Ugh, we might have screwed up big time by calling the Heroes league over and giving them access to Mind Control Devices. Shit...

Let Jack know that if there is a thread of doubt over the angels actions, she should put a contingency plan to protect herself or other innocent kin with some kind of emergency stop system against the device.
No. 1039091 ID: 9ea24b
File 165867566114.png - (122.08KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

Myriad: You’re going to build KIN MIND CONTROL DEVICES! What’s to stop them from using them against you once they’re done? Also, ANGELS are going to kill literally EVERYONE after the DEMON WARS, they want GENOCIDE, that’s even WORSE than the DEMONS.

Jack sighs, which rattles the speaker on her foot where she’s projecting her ROBOT filtered voice.

Jack: If I’m making the MCDs I won't design them to work on me, obviously. And as for the eventual annihilation of KIN, I don’t know, I’ve kind of accepted that as a SUNK COST.
Myriad: That’s crazy, it hasn’t even happened yet!
Jack: But it’s going to happen. There are beings on the level of GODS who are going to make sure it happens. The best I can do is ensure safety for myself and my closest LOVED ONES and jump WORLDS once I’ve finished my duty to protect DONJON against the DEMON LORD that’s nearby.

You have tears in your eyes and you turn away with disgust.

Myriad: Normal, Guy, let's get out of here.

It’s a long, frustrating walk back to the MOTEL. You can’t believe Jack would just GIVE UP like that and at the same time you totally understand her reasoning.
No. 1039092 ID: 9ea24b
File 165867567334.png - (84.04KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

CC has already returned to the room, having been escorted out of the League Headquarters after Pixie passed along the knowledge of your identity to the whole organization, including the CLERK CC was arguing with. It’s a GLUM evening of takeout and TV before you get ready for bed.

You and CC share one QUEEN bed and Normal and Guy share the other, not that they need to SLEEP. You watch them squirm around for an hour before Normal slips into the median between the beds and nudges you.

Myriad: What?
Normal: How does sex work?

No. 1039093 ID: e5709d

"You rub one of your things on someone else's thing."
>Yeah, but which thing?
No. 1039094 ID: e51896

Well, I think it's important that they first needs to be told WHAT the purpose of sex is before he learns how it works (reproduction mainly, at least for kin, pleasurable experience secondary)

Afterwards, just show a video or two from OnlyFaunus on your phone.
No. 1039095 ID: 629f2e

At the most simple level, it's how kin are born. Stick a dick inside a vagina, and seed the eggs. Most typically however, it's being done for pleasure first and foremost. Then it's all about stimulating yourself and your partner until the pleasure tops out and you orgasm. It can get more complicated than that, but that's the simplified core.
No. 1039108 ID: 15c72a

Tell them there's lots of ways for it to work. The basic one is for reproduction, where someone with a penis puts it in someone with a vagina. But people also do it for fun or pleasure, and penises and vaginas get stimulated in various ways.
No. 1039120 ID: 15c72a

Oh right and love too. Some people have sex to express their love.
No. 1039144 ID: 9ea24b
File 165871843133.png - (114.46KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

You groan softly and sit upright. CC stirs and pulls the recently freed blanket tighter around herself.

Myriad: Scientifically it’s a way to REPRODUCE and exchange GENETIC information. Uh, usually someone with a PENIS penetrates someone with a VAGINA.
Normal: What are those?
Myriad: Goddess. Do you know what GENITALS are?
Normal: No.
Myriad: Reproductive organs. Dangly bits in the CROTCH area, usually, depending on the MODS. Most female KIN are born with a vagina and most male KIN a penis. A PENIS is like a small limb that you put in the VAGINA, which is a hopefully lubricated hole with a place to grow a baby or egg at the end.

Normal digests this information surprisingly well. Behind him, Guy is listening too.

Normal: Do you like SEX?
Myriad: Yeah, it’s supposed to be enjoyable. I don’t have sex to reproduce though, it’s more for fun and PLEASURE and intimacy, or to make MONEY. If you stimulate your GENITALS enough, you’ll experience an ORGASM, which is extra GOOD, which you can do by yourself or with another person.
Normal: If it’s so GOOD why aren’t you doing it right now?
Myriad: Because you also have to be in an EROTIC MOOD and I’m not. I am in the please go to sleep mood.

No. 1039145 ID: 9ea24b
File 165871843732.png - (103.17KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

Normal’s hands go to his skirt and you SHUT your eyes instinctively as he checks himself for GENITALS. Finding none, the ANGEL frowns.

Normal: I’m in the EROTIC MOOD.
Myriad: Great. Good for you.
Normal: But I don’t have any REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS.
Myriad: I’m very sorry.

Normal grumbles in frustration and you have a sinking feeling that this is going to be a PROBLEM. Curse you, attractive ROOSTER!

A. Give Normal and Guy your COMM logged into OnlyFaunus so you can sleep
B. Tell Normal and Guy to go outside if they’re going to attempt to bone
C. Sleep poorly
No. 1039146 ID: 899c9f

Please experiment with this sex thing outside, I need my mortal sleep.
No. 1039147 ID: e51896

C. I don't think it's wise to leave them unsupervised outside.

A is my secondary choice, just as long as we tell them to stay on the website.
No. 1039148 ID: e5709d

D) In a fit of drowsy rage, deliver the most furious handjob you've ever given anyone in your entire existence and then sexually asphyxiate Guy as you fall unconscious.
No. 1039149 ID: 629f2e

A is a mistake. They'll either learn terrible things and think they're normal, or they'll blow through all your cash on premium content.

C, tell them that you can try to figure something out later, there are doctors who would probably be willing to take a crack at attaching the necessary parts to them, but you're tired and can't do anything until you've had your rest.
No. 1039150 ID: 15c72a

A, but tell them not to use it for anything else.
It should be VERY educational, and they could use the social exposure.
No. 1039192 ID: 9ea24b
File 165876518796.png - (109.21KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

You don’t want to risk Normal and Guy getting a PORN addiction or going outside without SUPERVISION, so you resolve yourself to sleepless night of answering questions about SEXUALITY and then having to listen to Normal and Guy’s violent fumbling interspersed with blinding flashes of LIGHT.

You feel like shit the next morning and CC is curt with you, which makes you feel worse. Since you can’t get PERMISSION to go to LYST anymore, you’ll need to get through the BLOCKADE surrounding the TOWN with FORCE or UNDERHAND tactics. Sabotaging the ANGELS’ immoral efforts in DONJON would be nice too.

You’re pondering what to do over a cold breakfast of leftover TAKEOUT when you hear a knock on the door.
No. 1039193 ID: 9ea24b
File 165876519406.png - (111.80KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

>Random Encounter (4 possibilities)
RED Myriad didn’t give any warning, or you were tired enough not to notice. Either way, Normal and Guy lunge for the door and FLING it open to reveal an unfamiliar HALF BEAST-KIN with canine features and a nice ASS.

She’s already stepped back, as if she knew excitable and sexually-frustrated ANGELS were approaching her at HIGH SPEED. A hot breeze, unusual for a cool winter day, blows into the room.

Stranger: Hey! Whoa there!

He bowls her over with ease, and you’re alarmed to see FLAMES jet out of the KIN and lick up the sides of the balcony railings, burning the paint.
No. 1039194 ID: 26049d

Warm your cold take-out over the fire.

Admire the booty
No. 1039201 ID: 34583b

Something Her spirit must have alerted her of them coming out, hence her already stepping back.

get CC's help with getting these angels under control. Would be bad if she burned them.
No. 1039218 ID: e5709d

"Wha... you look like Izzy but lezz of an azzhole. zzz..."
No. 1039227 ID: c02041

Myriad get your gun.
No. 1039228 ID: 475e1c

To explain their actions, Apologize and tell her you've all been on edge after encountering some shady people yesterday.
No. 1039248 ID: 9ea24b
File 165879741411.png - (121.77KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

Myraid: Bad Normal, bad! Let her go! Ma’am, I am so so sorry, it's been a stressful time for everyone and he’s on edge.

Normal rolls off the woman, hat fluff on fire, but unharmed while the woman has a BLOODY nose and seems winded. You move towards the exit at the same time Guy lets out a narrow beam of death light to the left of the KIN, illuminating some kind of SPIRIT, who shrieks with a mouth full of sharp teeth. The flames abruptly extinguish as the pale figure thrashes around. Seems like Normal and Guy are well equipped to deal with whatever POWERS this KIN has. You put your hand on your GUN just in case.

Who? You’ve never met this lady before in your LIFE.

Myriad: Will all due respect ma’am, please identify yourself and your purpose here.
Isabella: I’m sorry! I’m Isabella, I work at NUNITAS as an administrative assistant and I overheard your conversation with Jack Knight yesterday. We have similar goals and I wanted to contact you.
Myriad: Ho ho, your boss is sure going to be mad that you’re talking to me.
Isabella: This is a personal matter, my SISTER is trapped in LYST and I’m trying to help her ESCAPE that CURSED TOWN.
Myriad: Who’s your pal there?
Isabella: Wha–Uriel are you okay?

No. 1039249 ID: 9ea24b
File 165879742593.png - (145.78KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

The mysterious SPECTER disappears from your view again, though you can still hear her SHARP voice as she stage whispers aggressive COMMENTARY about how she wants to cut Guy into little pieces.

Isabella: Look, I SWEAR I’m just a normal KIN trying to save my sister. My POWER manifests kind of aggressively sometimes but I have URIEL under control and I think we can work TOGETHER.
Myriad: Hey I get how hard it is to control ANGELS. She’s an ANGEL, right?
Myriad: See? It’s a very understandable situation.
Isabella: You’re a sweetheart.

You’re pleased to have found a KINDRED SPIRIT, pardon the pun. Isabella explains she can get you access to the League Headquarters, the Nunitus offices, and seems to have a concerning knowledge of every Heroes’ civilian identities and common locations. Her sister is named CANNIE, and apparently Isabella knows ANDREA from her time living in LYST.

A. Ally with Isabella (tangible immediate BENEFITS for your mission)
B. No thanks
No. 1039250 ID: 629f2e

C, Ask for more information before agreeing to anything. What does Isabella actually want here? What does this team-up entail, and what is she bringing to the table?
No. 1039252 ID: 15c72a

A. You don't know any better.
No. 1039255 ID: f187f6

A stands for Absolutely nothing can go wrong with this.
No. 1039256 ID: 2ca3ce

A because I wanna see what an ally Isabella is like
No. 1039258 ID: 899c9f

No thanks, good luck with your sister. It doesn't look like she's really got that dead angel under control.
No. 1039260 ID: 89f81e

A. This might be a beginning of setting up an olive branch or something. Plus we get to learn more about Isabella.
No. 1039263 ID: 89f81e

I just remembered
Since we're tired, we can probably go find a Stamina Liquor to pick us back up... does Isabella happen to have one? Probably not, but just an idea.
No. 1039292 ID: 9ea24b
File 165884844360.png - (193.34KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

You welcome Isabella to the team, willing to give her the BENEFIT of the doubt about her SPIRIT. She seems very friendly and starts asking tons of questions about your time in WEST FLUXTOPIA while you drag the crew to the nearest CONVENIENCE STORE to buy a small bottle of STAMINA LIQUOR (50 BUX). You don’t mind, honestly, and it helps CC stay involved since you share a majority of your BACKSTORY with her.

Like Jack, Isabella has a nuanced opinion of ANGELS fueled by a dislike of DEMONS, who you learn are also responsible for the DUNGEONS scattered around FAUNUS, and who instigated the AWAKENING as some kind of POLITICAL GAME.

Isabella: And now HE’S one of them…
Myriad: Whomst?
Isabella: The HUMAN who RUINED my LIFE. I was the FIRST one from LYST to meet him, you know, tried to GIVE him good advice and set him STRAIGHT. He turned into a DEMON and NOBODY even saw anything WRONG with that except CANNIE. He even made Iraphena go traitor with his promises.

DRAMA! You chug your LIQUOR and sigh in relief when you no longer feel like SHIT.

Pick TWO locations to visit today. There are no restrictions since Isabella is with you. Most popular choice will be visited first, since order has an IMPACT on EVENTS.
A. Jack Knight’s HANGAR
B. Heroes League Headquarters
C. Nunitus Offices
D. The LYST Barricade
E. The FALLEN Bodega
F. DEMON Lord Camp (Risky)
No. 1039302 ID: e5709d

F. Infiltrate the Lion's den with your demonic affinity.
No. 1039347 ID: 899c9f

A, then F.
No. 1039377 ID: 0838d6

Double down on F to make the likelihood of not dying or getting got higher? Also don't you have demon myriad maybe there's gonna be some hints about that there.
No. 1039383 ID: e51896

Info gathering before we make any huge actions and help us get an idea how to approach things.

Mainly C. They are an information guild, so we can get info on their plans, what angels and demons and fallen are up to, their plans with MCDs, the Lyst situation, and a lot of other important stuff stuff before we make any meaningful actions, like If we wanna get Jack Knight to stop making mind control devices or figure out a way to Lyst. stealing info from Nunitus might be important as proof. Maybe we'll find something that'll make her quit the heroes league outright or something. Plus gain some secret lore or something as a bonus.

Secondary, not sure... uhh... B or E maybe to get information as well. E can get us another charm for Izzy's spirit (unless it doesnt work on her) or any weapons
B gives us info on what the Heroes league is up to.
No. 1039522 ID: 9ea24b
File 165919488160.png - (139.68KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>F first into a choice between C and A
The STAMINA LIQUOR has a dangerous effect on your sense of confidence, inflating it to precipitous levels where seeking out the DISC TWO FINAL BOSS after the TUTORIAL stage seems like a good plan. You also have the BRIGHT idea of using your DEMON affinity with RED Myriad to help infiltrate the DEMON LORD camp.

Who do you bring with you? Pros and cons of each ALLY explained below. You also have the option to bring more than one person or no one at all. CC is not going because she is SANE and SOBER.

A. Normal
Pros: Enhanced speed and strength are useful in any situation
Cons: Horny and kind of annoying, DEMONS don’t like ANGELS

B. Guy
Pros: Can’t be damaged without threatening everything around him
Cons: Slower and weaker than Normal, DEMONS don’t like ANGELS

C. Isabella
Pros: She’s not an ANGEL but can provide decent FIREPOWER in case you need to get outta there
Cons: She’ll blab about your goal to get to LYST and your ANGEL immunity
No. 1039523 ID: 63ce95

Everyone. Including CC
Try and convince CC to join you too. Let her know we need all the help we can get. Get Isabella and the other two angels to convince her. She's got clones to help us too.
No. 1039526 ID: e51896

I really didn't want to go into the demon camp, but if we're doing this, I say bring nobody, just VV and lets make this a stealth mission to get an idea of what the demons are doing at least. Bringing Guy, Normal, or Isabella is probably going to cause trouble (Isabella gossiping, Guy and Normal wanting to hunt demons while demons not liking angels)

(alternatively, we can have CC slap some sense into us, lol)
No. 1039527 ID: 8483cf

Isabella, because I am a selfish donut
No. 1039528 ID: e5709d

Stealth mission is a go.

Ask Izzy if she'll tolerate Guy and Normal through sexual education. If not, you should get separate rooms for them first.
No. 1039532 ID: 629f2e

Isabella. She might blab about your goals, but that's acceptable. You haven't really been hiding your Lyst desires, and the Angel Immunity may earn the right person's attention, hooking you up with someone who may be able to get you inside in return for a favor.
No. 1039534 ID: 899c9f

No. 1039535 ID: 15c72a

No. 1039591 ID: 9ea24b
File 165924158490.png - (123.98KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>Bring everyone
This isn’t a fight you’re going to win with force, so bringing both ANGELS is definitely a bad idea since you’ll upset the DEMONS.

>Bring no one, stealth mode
A compelling option, except that you have the capabilities of a normal KIN with a hint of clairvoyance when RED Myriad is in the mood. You could run into a particularly aggressive ANIMAL and you'd be in trouble.

Perfect! Your new gal pal is FRIGHTENED at the prospect of getting caught at the CAMP, but your STAMINA fueled eagerness is enough to convince her.
No. 1039592 ID: 9ea24b
File 165924159376.png - (66.13KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

She RENTS an OFFROAD vehicle that you drive out to the LYST BARRICADE before taking a right and following a dirt road through the fields and dense woods.

You start to notice more and more trees have been knocked over as you approach your target. There are deep gouges in the earth where strange, quadruped BEASTS have walked through the mud.

Myriad: Uh, do we know what this DEMON LORD is about? Do they have a specialty?
Isabella: Yes, he can make KAIJU style MONSTERS. We have aerial images of the camp and some of them are over 50 meters tall. Some of them rampaged through LYST a while ago and they’re a constant danger, which is why I’m so worried about Cannie.
Myriad: Ah. There are normal DEMONS around here also, I hope?
Isabella: We think he has advisors, but we haven’t been able to get a good look.

You park and make the rest of the journey on foot to avoid detection. Isabella sends her spirit ahead to scout out the area and reports that the KAIJU have a designated area, while the DEMONS are staying in tents.

A. Survey the KAIJU
B. Sneak into TENTS
C. Announce your presence to the DEMONS
No. 1039593 ID: 5aefd7

C. Casually go to the camp, and introduce yourselves
No. 1039595 ID: 629f2e

B, you are dust beneath the kaijus' feet. If they can fit in a tent, they're within a size range you can deal with to some degree.
No. 1039596 ID: 15c72a

No. 1039598 ID: 899c9f

Survey the kaiju. Who would win in a fight, one of these or the mech?
No. 1039614 ID: 9ea24b
File 165928076662.png - (83.95KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

You want to see these KAIJU for yourself to get an idea of how large and aggressive they are. You have a sinking feeling that this DEMON LORD is at least partially responsible for the DEATH of your sister.

Isabella leads you in a wide circle around the tents to a long swathe of flattened forest. You spot a ridge of bony spines above the treeline, a waving tail, and–

A MASSIVE pair of flesh colored, pillowy TITTIES. What the FUCK? You run ahead of Isabella to get a better look.

There are three massive KAIJU sitting placidly in the center of the ruined area and several smaller ones snoozing around them. All of them have hotted BOOBS for some reason. The larger MONSTERS are about the size of Jack Knight’s MECH.

>Group evasion check: FAILURE
A small, but still 10 meter tall KAIJU, sniffs the air and gets to its clawed feet. It kind of resembles a DINOSAUR mixed with a hammerhead SHARK mixed with BESSIE the DOCKINGTON prostitute. It shakes its head a few times like a dog trying to wake itself, and starts loping towards your edge of the woods.
No. 1039615 ID: 259b66

Shoot at it! Use grenades too and Isabella's fire
No. 1039616 ID: e51896

I know we've been taking a lot of risks, but are we seriously going as far as to consider fighting this giant thing?

Strong no! I do not think simple bullets from a normal kin weapon will work on it, and while Isabella's fire might harm it a little, it could also risk a forest fire, causing more trouble than we need! (demons being alerted of our presence, thinking there's an attack, causing harm to any innocent lives, etc.)

I say lets try to snap some pics of this and the other Kaiju if we can so we send nudes to can show to Jack Knight later as proof and interrogate on why she isn't doing anything about this with her giant mech if she's so concerned for protecting lives. After we get pics, scram! Use smoke grenades to escape if it spots us so they can't find us!
No. 1039617 ID: 15c72a

Fucking run.
No. 1039651 ID: e5709d

Yes. Pictures. Sell them to Jack for money.
No. 1039715 ID: 9ea24b
File 165938144777.png - (156.70KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

>Get pics
Isabella tugs on your arm while you take out your COMM (a much newer model that you invested in after coming to MIDLAND) and start recording video of the KAIJU and its JIGGLING BOSOM. It still smells you and keeps approaching, tail wagging. After maybe ten seconds you decide now’s a good time to run, with extra cover provided by a SMOKE grenade.

>Run check (60% success = 50% base -10% pictures +20% smoke): FAILURE
Isabella isn’t nimble as you are, and by the time you’ve made it into the cover of the deep forest, the BEAST has spotted you. It roars excitedly and ACCELERATES, tits slapping wildly around as it runs, crashing through saplings and tearing up chunks of dirt.

Isabella shrieks with terror and throws out her hand. Flames burst into life in front of the KAIJU while you shoot desperately at its surprisingly durable FLESHY BITS.

>Kaiju burn check: FAILURE
>Forest burn check: SUCCESS
Oh no! Not only does the monster charge through the fire, the surrounding TREES start smoldering. You’d care a lot more about the ECOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES if you weren’t about to be VERY DEAD. Isabella is screaming. You shut your eyes instinctively.
No. 1039716 ID: 9ea24b
File 165938145641.png - (70.76KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

>Consequences: SEVERE
???: Cut! CUT! Great scene, everyone, such emotion, a good teaser to show the threat of the KAIJU as it overwhelms two innocent passersby. Lung, be a good boy, go back to the holding area.

You crack open your eyes. A stout OBJECT-KIN with a cinema camera for a head has appeared in front of you. You have a sudden urge to throw a bug at him. He’s making SHOOING motions toward the KAIJU, who has its head cocked to the side in confusion, and when he turns to look at Isabella you see a RED eye on the side of the metal device. The fire is still burning furiously all around you and the man takes a moment to appreciate the scenery.

???: Great special effects, but the smoke impacts the lighting too much, don’t you think? A shame this film will only be able to be marketed to ADULT AUDIENCES.

He claps his hands and the flames all go out.

???: If you two would come with me, I have some ACTOR CONTRACTS I’d like you to sign before you leave for the day.


You can’t fight this guy, but he seems AFFABLE at least. Ask Guillermo any questions you might have while he walks you to his tent. He’s more likely to answer if you ask about his WORK.
No. 1039717 ID: 116128

Ask to speak to your agent! If no agent is available, ask to be provided one.
No. 1039727 ID: 629f2e

Ask what kind of film opportunities he can provide.
No. 1039731 ID: 3eaf68

Remember that demons use contracts to make kin into slaves. Those contracts MIGHT actually be slave contracts.

>He’s more likely to answer if you ask about his WORK

But wait, he's a director... this might be a long shot, but ask if he's the very same director who worked on the BRAIN WORMS movies, starring Lemmy Chavowitz, if so tell him you and your sister is a fan (which might give us some frindship points with him and lower the chance to be forced to sign contracts) (It'll be so cool if he did work for it! Plus it would make perfect sense since he's a demon lord and may have gave Lemmy those powers for that one scene, and those worms were considered monsters. Plus, in the movie, anyone infected by brain worms get red demon-like eyes)

Might want to warn him about the heroes league getting their hands on mind control devices (which you're trying to stop), and fallen planning on hunting the camp at some point to also get on his good side and spare us from signing contracts.
No. 1039732 ID: e5709d

This is so plausible for Chaos-aligned trolls.

Ask why everything.
No. 1039733 ID: 15c72a

Oh great. Those contracts are magically binding. You're about to be sworn into servitude. When you get it, read it carefully to see if you can wiggle out of it via a loophole involving your death, because you can of course split off a clone, wait to see which is the "copy", have the "original" die and the "copy" absorb, so that the contract breaks on your "death".

Ask him if demons are actually evil. Also, what the demon lord wants.
No. 1039746 ID: 629f2e

In fairness, depending on the work, getting sworn into servitude is a better deal than death. If the terms aren't too terrible and you can retain some of your freedom/agency, it's a decent trade-off.
No. 1039766 ID: 494a50

Well he did say we'd be allowed to leave after signing... maybe they are just acting contracts to use our likeness for the movie. Read it anyway and ask if we can negotiate altering it (especially after we try being friendly and ask about his work)

Ask if the destruction of Lyst and killing the residents there all just to film a movie
No. 1039795 ID: 9ea24b
File 165945272016.png - (100.87KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

You’re shaking from the ADRENALINE that’s still churning through your blood. Isabella is sobbing into her hands and you hear the whispers of her SPIRIT berating her for getting into this mess.

You freeze when Lung the KAIJU leans over to sniff you.

Guillermo: No, bad Lung. We ended the scene and these are company ACTORS.
Lung: Groh?
Guillermo: Yes, I know you and the others are RESTLESS but you have to be a little more PATIENT. We’re still preparing the last KAIJU.

Lung finally turns around and starts trotting away, ground and breasts shaking with every step.

Guillermo: Whew, method actors, am I right? Come along now.

You help Isabella to her feet and follow the DEMON through the forest. Questions bubble in your brain.

Myriad: Did you–Were you the one who destroyed LYST?
Guillermo: That quaint little town nearby? When I moved here to start our preparations for the war, the few KAIJU we had at the time were disturbed and started to RAMPAGE. I used the opportunity to gather some FOUND FOOTAGE. There were enough ANGELS from that odd HEROES LEAGUE nearby that they eventually killed my precious MONSTERS, which is why I’ve been forced to install ANTI-ANGEL FEATURES on all the rest.
Myriad: Are DEMONS really that EVIL?
Guillermo: I’m not sure what you mean, my dear. I’m simply pursuing my PASSION, the art of FILM. Speaking of, we should begin filming the DONJON scene in several days! I’m so excited. Your parts are done but it's always good to have more support crew in case we need EXTRAS.

No. 1039796 ID: 9ea24b
File 165945272922.png - (100.21KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

You struggle to think of FAUNUS MOVIE that Guillermo might know, to build some rapport with the odd DIRECTOR.

Myriad: Have you seen the BRAIN WORMS movies, starring Lemmy Chavowit?
Guillermo: Those movies are absolute schlock. Terrible acting, hack plots, and poor effects.
Myriad: You know what, you’re right.

You pass the first row of tents. Guillermo hurries toward a hippo BEAST-KIN who’s sweating heavily over a small model KAIJU on a plastic camping table.

Guillermo: Bobby! How go the visual effects on the last KAIJU? Make sure to give it lots of bone spikes and teeth.
Bobby: I’m a little tired, sir. KIN still need SLEEP to survive.
Guillermo: They do, don’t they? Take a break then, please. Crunch is bad for the end result!

Bobby nods gratefully and ducks into his tent, leaving the little KAIJU, which squeaks and scuttles into Guillermo’s palm to hide in his sleeve. The DEMON continues on his way, greeting his other employees as you pass.
No. 1039797 ID: 9ea24b
File 165945274127.png - (143.73KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

Guillermo’s tent is as plain as the other’s, but once you step through the flaps you see a full studio apartment’s worth of SPACE has been fit inside.

Massive shelves packed with pickled creatures line the walls, framing an overflowing desk and what looks like a stop motion setup. Guillermo opens a drawer and pulls out two sheets of parchment. You eye them warily. Is this that magical SLAVE contract Ripley was talking about?

Myriad: I want to speak to my AGENT before I sign any CONTRACTS.
Guillermo: Certainly, how silly of me to forget.

He claps his hands again and the outline of RED Myriad appears beside you. URIEL manifests as well.

RED: These contracts will ALLY you with Guillermo. Other DEMONS working for rival DEMON LORDS will view you with hostility, though you will retain your free will. I can sign for you, if you wish. If so, I will leave you and we may have to work in opposition.
Isabella: M-mr. Guillermo, if you’re worried about the ANGELS, Myriad here has total ANGEL IMMUNITY and if you...have her ride your final KAIJU into battle you won’t need the BREASTS to protect it.
Guillermo: Really?
Guillermo: That’s a wonderful tip! Thank you. Since your agent is so opposed how about we avoid the drama and forget your contract.

Isabella has gotten herself out of signing the contract with the power of GOSSIP. You can’t blame her, but you feel a small STING of resentment.

A. Have RED Myriad sign (RED Myriad does not have ANGEL immunity)
B. Sign yourself
No. 1039800 ID: e5709d

Ask if you can just forego payment and credit into your contribution and not sign this silly passionate BDSM contract altogether
No. 1039801 ID: 629f2e

C, ask for a shorter-term contract to give you time to feel out his group before locking in on anything. Starring in a box-office flop will ruin your future prospects, and if you end up being a shit actor then it'll be better for both of you if you aren't contractually tied to the project. If he accepts, use that window to get a feel for these guys, and see if it's a good idea for you to stay on the same team as them.

If he rejects your counter-offer, then just sign it yourself. Bobby Slurps is here, they can't be that bad. May not be that good, but they certainly aren't the worst group you could align yourself with.
No. 1039804 ID: e51896


I don't think the people of LYST is going to like us teaming up with the demon that had his monsters destroy the town, and we might be forced into fighting some of the citizens if they eventually retaliate.
It's implied also that Cat is working together with Set too (maybe not under contract) considering he's probably her son, she's going to support him, which means they might have to fight Guillermo and his allies, and we might have to fight Cat and Set if we sign.

And I think the contract will be null and void if Guillermo happens to die at some point. We personally might not be able to kill him and get out of the contract if we sign. I think we can stand to lose Red Myriad.

Also consider this: we can probably use CLONES again once Red Myriad is gone!
No. 1039805 ID: ddc2e6


But only if when you die it’s null and void and it doesn’t apply to your clones. I get a BAD feeling about myriad becoming enslaved to this guy, isn’t she like the demon you, with maxed achievements, what if she kills the rest of you cause she has to and then is the only one remaining, at least if you die it’s one link in the chain, not the anchor right?
No. 1039806 ID: 0838d6


because you're a clone and it shouldnt apply to your other clones and you're drunk of stami-liquor remember? Make bad decisions!
No. 1039809 ID: e51896

One last question, ask who or what disturbed the Kaiju to get them to attack Lyst in the first place. Seems like he wasn't planning on attacking Lyst to begin with, just making a movie.
No. 1039814 ID: 15c72a

Ok, so demons have some sort of "passion" that drives their actions and causes them to disregard just about everything else. That's not genocide-level evil, for sure, and you can actually negotiate with them! Just help them with what they want and they'll be friendly, right?

Now that you can speak directly to RED, ask her if you'll really become a demon if you complete your last achievement. Uh, wait, does Isabella know about that already? Better not let it slip if not. It would also be best to somehow find out what RED can do without anyone else overhearing it?

B. Film-making isn't a terrible passion to ally yourself with, especially since films need an audience to appreciate and staff to produce, which means this demon lord has incentive to cooperate with Kin to some degree. How long does the contract last though?
No. 1039839 ID: 9ea24b
File 165948519289.png - (109.97KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>What prompted the KAIJU attack on LYST?
Guillermo already mentioned it was because he moved into the area and the change upset the KAIJU.

>Clarifying questions
Myriad: Is it okay if nobody signs a contract?
Guillermo: That is not an option. I simply insist on crediting my STAR actors for their WORK.
RED: He is well within his power to take your SOUL involuntarily, I will sign if you refuse.
Myriad: No, no, I was just wondering. How long will this contract last?
Guillermo: It’s very short term, only until the DEMON WAR ends, a decade perhaps?
Myriad: Alright, does this affect my CLONES? What happens if I DIE? Or you DIE?
Guillermo: The contract will be voided if I die and will only apply to one MYRIAD BOREALIS at a time. If you die the burden would fall to your nearest geographically closest CLONE.

You beckon RED to the side so you can ask HER a few questions in private.
Myriad: I can still become a DEMON myself if I get that last achievement, right?
RED: Technically yes. However it is very unlikely to happen since you would have to convince your fellows to commit suicide and/or commit suicide yourself. It would have been much easier to coordinate when you were all on the same CONTINENT.
Myriad: Okay, makes sense, I’m curious what your POWERS would be.
RED: Effectively UNCAPPED clone slots. No EMOTIONAL baggage when absorbing clones.
Myriad: Ah…That would be bad.

No. 1039840 ID: 9ea24b
File 165948519841.png - (97.55KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

>B, sign yourself
Guillermo produces a fancy FEATHER QUILL and you scrawl your name on the parchment. You don’t feel any DIFFERENT though you get a sinking feeling that ANDREA isn’t going to be happy. Didn’t she and Isabella say that the leader of LYST was a DEMON? And that weird dog lady DEMON in your DREAM in DOCKINGTON seemed to imply HE was going for the DEMON LORD role.

Oh well, problems for FUTURE MYRIAD! Isabella is in a hurry to get out of here, so you bid your DIRECTOR farewell and walk back to where you stashed the VEHICLE. Guillermo will be able to contact you when he WANTS something.

Isabella is still sniffling on the ride back. Your head feels unusual in the fact that it doesn’t hurt at all. RED Myriad is back to her regularly scheduled EXPOSITIONAL duties while URIEL has also faded from view.

Where do you go next? Do you want to pick up one or more of your other ALLIES?
A. Jack Knight’s HANGAR
B. Nunitus Offices
No. 1039841 ID: 899c9f

To the hangar, and pick up Guy before you go.
How is no emotional baggage a bad thing, for you? Doesn't the shock of reclaiming a dead clone send you reeling reliving the experience?
No. 1039848 ID: 0c69db

Info gathering plz. B.
No. 1039898 ID: e51896

I forgot to mention, for B, bring CC, her clones can help gather info from different computers and stuff, and we can assign each clone to look up different topics for more info. Assign one of them for lookout duty if we need to be stealthy about it.

I think that means we'll need to bring Guy and Normal so that they are under supervision if we bring CC.
No. 1039905 ID: 2ca3ce

B could B fun, since Isabella did a whole big backstab lets see her workplace, it's the least she can do after completely stabbing you in the back like a backstabber would
No. 1039923 ID: 8e5a95

I just realized Uriel can probably be lookout. She's invisible, except for angels, which are already probably aware of her thru isabella.
No. 1039953 ID: 9ea24b
File 165957080009.png - (100.62KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Ponder RED
Consequences aside, you still prefer your choice to sign yourself over giving Guillermo access to RED’s infinite clone powers. The DEMON LORD is eccentric, but he’s still planning to send his KAIJU into DONJON and probably kill a bunch of innocent civilians before doing whatever it is DEMON LORDS do when they fight each other.

RED seems a bit more unfeeling than you and your clones. Maybe a side effect of being some kind of GLITCH in the POWER matrix? Hopefully when KIN naturally turn into DEMONS they keep their silly MORTAL EMOTIONS.

>B, have Isabella show you around because she big-time backstabbed you
She literally didn’t? You have a feeling you were going to have to sign that CONTRACT no matter what, honestly she HELPED the overall party effort by dodging it herself. Mild inconveniences are not that big of a deal, you ain’t that petty.

You’d still like to do some info gathering with GUY as extra backup, so you return to the MOTEL to check on CC and buy a late LUNCH.
No. 1039954 ID: 9ea24b
File 165957080983.png - (120.20KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

CC informs you that there haven’t been any other visitors, but she’s had a tough time keeping Normal and Guy inside. Apparently the two FALLEN are eager to get their hands on more DEMON meat so they can get stronger and grow DICKS. You get a little nervous when they come over and start sniffing you and you separate Guy from Normal’s bad influence as quickly as possible.

>Nunitus HQ
The near death experience has made Isabella a lot less BUBBLY, and she leads you to the CORPORATE concrete block building and badges you through the employee entrance with the air of someone going to a morgue.

A familiar ANGEL immediately zips towards you once you pass through the doors.

Pixie: Isabella what are you DOING? Do NOT associate with that KIN, your DEMOTED friend isn’t nearly stable enough and if you hurt her–
Isabella: Whatever. Just showing her around.
Pixie: It’s not a WHATEVER, I STRONGLY recommend you turn your ass around before it ceases to exist.
Isabella: What’d’you want to see, Myriad?

A. Simulation department
B. Meet the other Chief Officers
C. Find out what Isabella does here
No. 1039955 ID: 899c9f

C. Might as well visit her desk before she has to box her stuff.
No. 1039956 ID: e5709d

Ah. I was wondering if Isabella had a mentor in her degree in assholery.
... Give Pixie the finger.

No. 1039972 ID: 15c72a

A. Simulation? What's that?
No. 1039976 ID: 2ca3ce

B, got to know who will come to fight you and who you'll be having immunity to if some shit goes down. If bad stuff happens maybe you can purposefully be annoying so that the worst one doesent hurt anyone you want to not die?
No. 1040039 ID: e51896

C. Might cheer Isabella up if she gets to show you where she works. Friendship is most important above all else. Might find something cool there too.
No. 1040062 ID: 29a165

>Give Pixie the finger

Agreed on giving her the finger. Defend Isabella and tell her Izzy and her spirit Uriel can take care of each other just fine, thank you very much. Might help Give Izzy a boost in condidence.
No. 1040128 ID: 9ea24b
File 165972020193.png - (110.84KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

>B/C, but first defend your wife
You reach out your left hand and put it firmly around Isabella’s hip while simultaneously flipping Pixie off.

Myriad: Isabella and URIEL take care of each other just fine, thank you very much.
Pixie: She literally killed a whole family and permanently scarred a child when she AWAKENED at 15, dumbass. I’m trying to keep you from being burned here so Gray doesn’t get mad at us.
Guy: You mean DADDY? What’s he have to do with this?
Myriad: Look, we all have our tragic backstories, Isabella has yet to do anything particularly unhinged since I met her 7 hours ago so I think she grew out of it.

You look to Isabella to give her a reassuring SMILE. She averts her eyes.

Myriad: Can you show me your office and tell me more about what you do here?
Isabella: …m’kay.
Pixie: This is my last warning Myriad Borealis.
Myriad: Oh yeah? What’re you gonna do about it? Oh wait you can’t do anything because you can’t mess with me! SUCK it.

Privately you resolve to call Andrea tonight and give her the update on Isabella and your new DEMON OVERLORD to get her perspective.
No. 1040129 ID: 9ea24b
File 165972020910.png - (97.18KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

Isabella leads you up the stairs and past rows and rows of identical gray cubicles. She stops at a nicer looking desk outside a proper office and listlessly points out the COMPUTER she uses to send emails and schedule meetings for her direct SUPERVISOR. Right, the canine mentioned earlier that she was an administrative assistant. There are little SCORCH marks all over the papers stacked at her desk.

Isabella: I didn’t mean to set the HOUSE on fire, when URIEL came to me I was filled with her RAGE and MANIA and I just–I just–
Myriad: Yeah I sure hope not?
Isabella: WILLAMINA was really injured but she survived and every time I SAW her it just reminded me of what I’d DONE. Maybe I was a bit MEAN to her sometimes but it’s because I didn’t have any OUTLETS. I couldn’t let anyone know what happened!

Myriad: And nobody was like, hey this literal child with superpowers probably needs therapy?
Isabella: Now it’s too late and they all HATE me–

She’s interrupted from her CONFESSION by the door to the office opening to reveal an ALIEN looking ANGEL.


Koyugan: Isabella, I thought you were taking the day off. Since you’re here do you mind RESERVING a room? I have an impromptu meeting with Liminal in ten minutes, he’s freshly promoted to RANK S thanks to his WORK yesterday and I’d like to clarify EXPECTATIONS with him.
Isabella: L-Liminal? Of course ma’am!

A. Talk more with Isabella
B. Insert yourself in the meeting (cause who’s gonna stop you?)
C. Explore the building with Guy
No. 1040132 ID: 94f183

A. Tell her it's not to late to mend bridges now that you're here, and you'll help her do that by clearing up misunderstandings between her and everyone in Lyst when you get into town somehow. You are Andrea's sis after all.

Ask for more details on the house fire and her interactions with people in Lyst that made people upset with her so we can get a better idea of how we can mend bridges between izzy and Lyst
No. 1040133 ID: 6408d9

No. 1040149 ID: 899c9f

B. Why don't we check up on old buddy old pal Liminal?
No. 1040191 ID: 9ea24b
File 165979956496.png - (126.74KB , 500x500 , p42.png )

You wait in silence while Isabella turns on her COMPUTER and fusses over some email calendar program to set up the meeting in the system. Part of you is CURIOUS about this Liminal fellow, since you’ve been hearing a lot about him, but Isabella is a higher priority. You speak up once she’s done.

Myriad: If you don’t mind, can you tell me more about the house FIRE and how you feel about LYST? I’m not a professional or anything but I’m happy to listen.
Isabella: It was a LONG time ago. I can’t remember it clearly anymore, the ANGELS found me a while afterwards and invited me to join NUNITUS when I was older. They said they’d be able to SAVE me.

She takes off her glasses and rubs her brow. Tears well up in her eyes again.

Isabella: I’m not WORTH being saved. I’m a terrible SISTER. If I can get CANNIE out of there she can GO in my place when the ANGELS evacuate the few KIN who have worked for THEM.
Myriad: You might have made some MISTAKES but that doesn’t mean you should DIE. There’s always time to APOLOGIZE, even if you can’t make things completely right.
Isabella: It just feels so HOPELESS. You SAW those KAIJU, what’s a normal KIN supposed to do against something like that? And CAT hates me because he LOVES Willamina, there’s no chance he FORGIVES me.

You hold out your arms and let Isabella cry against your chest. Your robe gets a bit snotty, but that’s the least of your concerns. Guy has thankfully been distracted by a trite desk calendar with JOKES on each date and doesn’t comment on the embarrassingly MORTAL display of anguish.

A. Go home with Isabella (DEEPENS you relationship with her if you know what I mean)
B. Go back to the MOTEL for the night (You can call Andrea and keep an eye on Normal and Guy)
No. 1040192 ID: 899c9f

B a good sister.
No. 1040193 ID: 8483cf

A! Let her blow off some steam
No. 1040195 ID: d98b32

Im good with either a or b

But consider C: both A and B. see if we can ask Izzy to bring CC, Guy, and Normal to come to her place. Considering some people know Myriad is at the motel like the Fallen, it might be best to switch over to Izzy's place, save us BUX, and avoid more encounters with bad people too, and plan things easier with Izzy.
No. 1040208 ID: 0838d6

I want B convo to happen, but maybe A so you can at least get Isabella to not be a total emotional wreck. Maybe she slips some details about her past. You can always just shoot Andrea a text and call her in the morning right?
No. 1040210 ID: 629f2e

I'm with Polt's C suggest, seconding A if that don't fly.
No. 1040218 ID: 9ea24b
File 165982236450.png - (123.47KB , 500x500 , p43.png )

>Invite everyone over to Isabella’s place?
Goddess that would be unimaginably rude! Also, you’re trying to SCORE and you don’t need Normal and Guy screwing that up.

You hold Isabella’s hand on the way back to the MOTEL, where you deposit Guy and update CC about the recent events. She warns you that she won’t be stopping Normal and Guy from going out at NIGHT, which you accept. With their charms they should be SAFE from NUNITUS and HEROES LEAGUE, even if they can’t find a DEMON to eat.

Isabella leads you by foot to her APARTMENT. It’s modestly decorated and you spot a few picture frames of her FAMILY. You curl up on the couch together, order a PIZZA, and put on a silly CHICK FLICK. At some point the food has been CONSUMED and the movie is forgotten as you shed your robe and meet Isabella’s warm mouth with your own.
No. 1040219 ID: 9ea24b
File 165982237402.png - (99.84KB , 500x500 , p44.png )

You sleep well and wake up the next morning with Isabella SNUGGLED against you. You gently reach for your COMM and check your messages.


>Jack Knight MCD Check: SUCCESS
You get a text from an UNKNOWN number saying Jack Knight has figured out how to reproduce Ripley’s MCDs.

>Normal and Guy hunt Check: SUCCESS
CC reports that Normal and Guy returned safely in the morning, covered in blood and with bulges in their britches. Normal and Guy have risen to Level 2! Their powers are stronger and they can control their FORMS better.

>Random Encounter Motel (2 possibilities)
CC adds that some unfamiliar LIZARD with ANGEL eyes stopped by to ask for help retrieving her friend Ripley. Since CC didn’t recognize her, she sent her away. Your SUS has increased by 1.

Isabella is now intensely LOYAL to you and feels better about LIFE. She will react WORSE to perceived BETRAYAL from you.

Where would you like to go this morning? Remember you can visit TWO locations each day.
A. Jack Knight’s HANGAR
B. Heroes League Headquarters
C. Nunitus Offices
D. The LYST Barricade
E. The FALLEN Bodega (Location of lizard FALLEN)
F. DEMON Lord Camp
No. 1040220 ID: 8483cf

B, let's let Isabella do fun stuff there
No. 1040224 ID: e51896

I'm thinking of a couple of options

E, then B or A. visit the fallen to plan something about getting Ripley out so that she can maybe do something about the recreated MCD and/or reclaim the MCDs


B and A. See if we can get an understanding of what the heroes league is planning with the MCD before we meet Jack.

See if Isabella recognizes the unknown number.
No. 1040226 ID: 15c72a

Is it possible to call your sister NOW?
No. 1040227 ID: 0838d6

Yeah can you do that phone call now? Even if it's like hyper brief?
No. 1040229 ID: 5d2aba

Maybe calling Andrea can provide us with some hints with what to do. I'm drawing a blank as to what to do next.
No. 1040233 ID: 9ea24b
File 165983410366.png - (101.29KB , 500x500 , p45.png )

>Have a very brief call with Andrea
You feel bad for neglecting your SISTER so you slide out of the bed and go to the kitchen to try to call her. Andrea answers immediately and unleashes a RAPID fire sentence before HANGING UP on you.

Andrea: Sorry sis, Cat’s HOT MOM is making us do DRILLS all day and also she DOESN’T LIKE YOU so can’t talk now while she’s LISTENING I’ll call back TONIGHT.

You’ll have the option to talk to ANDREA tonight, though of course you’ll also be given another tantalizing alternative.

>What do?
You’re drawing a blank on where you should go NEXT, so you take a moment to ponder some QUESTIONS you still need ANSWERS to while making BREAKFAST.

What is Liminal’s deal?
What is Jack Knight’s plan for the incoming KAIJU?
What are the ANGELS planning to do with the MCDs?
What is the NATURE of the LYST barrier? There has to be more to it than just a fancy FENCE.
When is Guillermo planning to attack DONJON?
How are you going to get free from Guillermo, if that’s even possible?
Who’s the LEADER of NUNITUS? What’s their plan for the incoming KAIJU?
Who’s the LEADER of the HEROES LEAGUE? What’s their plan for the incoming KAIJU?
What will Ripley do for you if you help her escape?
Why do you have ANGEL immunity?
How are you going to keep Isabella happy?
What do Guy and Normal want?

With that being said, where would you like to go this morning? Remember you can visit TWO locations each day. You will get relevant information no matter where you go, but the PATH you’ll be put on varies.
A. Jack Knight’s HANGAR
B. Heroes League Headquarters (1 vote)
C. Nunitus Offices
D. The LYST Barricade
E. The FALLEN Bodega (Location of lizard FALLEN – 1 vote)
F. DEMON Lord Camp
No. 1040235 ID: e51896

I already voted, might change my vote later maybe, but we'll see

so I'll just list what I think our biggest priorities are

- get free from Guillermo
- Figure out MCD and how to counter them from the angels.
- Isabelle's happiness, mend bridges between her and Lyst (?)
- Guy and Normal care

>How are you going to get free from Guillermo, if that’s even possible?

One idea I have, What if, we give our sister a mind control device to use on us, and order us to NOT follow our demon lord's orders, but keep our free will for everything else? Those mind control devices are said to be more powerful than a demon contract according to Ripley IIRC. Otherwise, Ripley might be able to help our contract situation in some way.
No. 1040237 ID: 629f2e

A and D

Five questions. Keep to things you can really deal with.

1: What do Guy and Normal want? Figure out their desires, and see if you can either help them to achieve them or push them towards better goals.

2: What are the ANGELS planning to do with the MCDs? Who can give you answers, and what can you do if their motives are shitty? Can you stop them from using them in terrible ways? (High value targets for mind control might be AWAKENED with strong powers or something inherently powerful like the kaijus.)

3: When is Guillermo planning to attack DONJON? If you can learn his plan, then you'll know your timeframe for stopping him.

4: How are you going to get free from Guillermo, if that’s even possible? This one is actually easy enough to answer, as he told you himself.

> Guillermo: The contract will be voided if I die and will only apply to one MYRIAD BOREALIS at a time. If you die the burden would fall to your nearest geographically closest CLONE.

If Guillermo bites it, you're home free. Issue then is: How do you off him.

Alternatively, if you could use one of those MCDs against him, you could get him to terminate the contract himself. Just something to consider.

And because you're teamed up with Isabella:

5: What is the NATURE of the LYST barrier? There has to be more to it than just a fancy FENCE. You want to help her get her sister out of LYST, then you're gonna need some answers on what's keeping them in.

My votes on where to visit are Jack Knight's HANGAR to figure out what's going on with the MCDs, and The LYST barricade to get an idea of what the barrier is.
No. 1040270 ID: 9ea24b
File 165990068763.png - (105.32KB , 500x500 , p46.png )

>B into A for later
You’d like to learn more about the HEROES LEAGUE since you’ve barely interacted with any heroes besides Jack. You know it’s infested with ANGELS, but this Liminal guy seems like a big deal for a KIN and you want to pick his BRAIN on the whole situation. Hopefully you can gain intel on the MCDs and possibly Ripley’s location while visiting as well.

You bring Isabella breakfast in bed and ask what she knows about Liminal and the LEAGUE. She blushes and explains that she has–er, had a huge CRUSH on him. Turns out his real name is MAX and he’s Isabella’s childhood FRIEND, with blood relation to this Willamina chick and her crispy FAMILY.

Isabella: He doesn’t want to TALK to me because he found out I was being MEAN to Willamina. I see him pretty often because of WORK but he doesn’t like me getting too CLOSE.
Myriad: Is he a nice guy? I assume he must have sick POWERS.
Isabella: He’s so MYSTERIOUS and HEROIC and COOL. GODDESS he drives me crazy.
Myriad: I gotcha, I gotcha. He must know what the League is planning to do about Guillermo, let’s go visit him.
Isabella: Eeep but he doesn’t want to talk to me.
Myriad: Well if you want to sit this one OUT–
Isabella: No, I want to go!

No. 1040271 ID: 9ea24b
File 165990069673.png - (97.99KB , 500x500 , p47.png )

You decide to stop by the MOTEL and bring Normal and Guy along as well so you can find out how they’re doing. They’ve both grown a few inches and Normal has his arm slung around Guy’s shoulders.

Myriad: Hey fellas, how’s it going?
Normal: We have experienced SEX and it was GOOD.
Myriad: You’re not the only one who experienced SEX last night ho ho.
Guy: The taste of POWER is also very nice. We want more!
Normal: We want to be STRONG and have CONTROL over our lives!
Myriad: Don’t we all. We’re going to figure out how to HELP the people of DONJON and get to LYST safely and then things will continue to be GOOD!
Normal: Hoorah!

The HEROES LEAGUE building is sturdy and sensible, with brass trimmed highlights and a large, bright entrance.

A. Look for Ripley
B. Look for Max
C. Ask Normal and Guy to point you toward the strongest ANGEL in the building
No. 1040272 ID: 8483cf

I vote for poor life decisions and drama, so B
No. 1040273 ID: 899c9f

Look for Ripley if you want some fun awkward high tension drama.
No. 1040276 ID: e51896

Go for C if you wanna see the drama of how useless and small you really are compared to one of the strongest angels here.

But I'll choose B. only because Myriad wanted to See Liminal in the first place, might as well.
No. 1040387 ID: 9ea24b
File 165999821583.png - (101.82KB , 500x500 , p48.png )

You wander around the building looking for Liminal, enjoying your IMMUNITY that extends to HEROES and their ILK. A few guards try to get you to LEAVE but they seem scared to TOUCH you, so there’s not much they can do.

You find Liminal’s fancy OFFICE, and Normal kicks in the lock so you can sit inside and wait for the KIN of INTEREST to show up. There’s an instant COFFEE machine and you help yourself to a few cups with lots of cream and sugar. Isabella does not pass up the opportunity to riffle through all of Max’s things, which includes several MAGIC swords and a few keepsakes, old pictures and the like.

All good things must come to an END, sadly, and you sheepishly take your heels off of Liminal’s desk as he comes barging in, teleporting the last few meters to hold some sparkly WEAPON above you menacingly. Isabella dives behind the couch though you can see the tips of her ears poking out as she listens in.

Max: What. Are. You. DOING HERE?

Unperturbed by the big scary HERO, you finish your cuppa and give him a LOOK. To make a point, you lean toward his weapon and smirk when he MOVES it out of the way.

Myriad: Let’s skip all the EXPOSITION, buddy. What are the ANGELS planning to do with those MIND CONTROL DEVICES and why is a nice young KIN like yourself helping them?
Max: What are YOU doing with Isabella?
Myriad: Hittin’ it good.
Max: Gahhh! You need to STAY AWAY from her, you’re a huge RISK to the YEARS I’ve spent as a HERO trying to protect Willamina and Isabella. If I or Isabella piss off the ANGELS by hurting you we won’t get SAVED. The MCDs are going to be used to evacuate the civilians from DONJON before the MONSTERS from the DEMON LORD arrive, and after that they’re supposed to be destroyed, happy?

You have ole Liminal on the ropes, what do you want to ask him?
No. 1040388 ID: 899c9f

Wow, did they sell you that lie or did you eat it up for free? If noncombatants need to be evacuated, maybe something actually useful like a portal or a vehicle would help them. I'm sure they'd be happy to go somewhere safe of their own free will. Ask yourself, why aren't the angels making those instead?
No. 1040389 ID: 629f2e

Okay, so let's ask the obvious question: Why would the angels destroy the mind control devices? If they believe that they can use them for good purposes, like widescale evacuation, then why wouldn't they hang onto it? They think they're good enough to use it once, why not twice, thrice, a million times?

And based on your interactions with angels, what they consider "good purposes" can be as fucked as any kin's. Feel free to cite some of the highlights from your encounters with Caesar or Normal and Guy before making them question their morality in the slightest as evidence of this fact.

So yeah, you're a little pessimistic about them having that technology. Even in the rare chance you've found the best angels there are who only have good intentions, doesn't diminish the possibility that somewhere down the chain a jackass doesn't get a hold of this.
No. 1040394 ID: 15c72a

Is he aware that angels can lie? With the mind control devices they can do whatever they want, and have no reason to save anyone. They in fact want to kill everyone.
Ask about the LYST barricade. How can you get past it?
Finally, ask if he knows how to break a demon contract.
No. 1040395 ID: 15c72a

Oh, and it might be a good idea to ask if there's anyone in the hero's league that isn't an angel-bootlicker.
No. 1040399 ID: e5709d

Chide Max for hornteasing Isabella for a goddamn decade. She looks up to him, maybe even worships him. And he hasn't acknowledged her feelings or turned her down directly. Why? Because he needs to control her - to 'keep her safe'. She needs a therapist, and he never used his hero contacts to get a superhero confidant.

Posit the possibility that the MCDs will fall into the hands of Guillermo. He will use them to get his 'stunt doubles' in position of the Kaiju. Ask him if he truly believes the angels won't haphazardly use the MCDs around demons, or worse, sic frothing civilians on Guillermo's forces.
No. 1040403 ID: 49c13f

Pretty much this about Isabella. Let him know that she's been so depressed, that she said she was going to sacrifice herself to save her sister Cannie because she believed he and everyone at Lyst hated her and felt like she didnt deserve to be rescued, especially ever since what happened during the house fire and the guilt she felt, with no outlet to let out her emotions.

You will not abandon her, youre HER hero!
No. 1040404 ID: 9e7f25

Isn't Willimina consensually and knowingly in league with a demon? Why would the angels make that exception? More importantly, why do you think she'd agree to come with you in the first place?
No. 1040455 ID: 9ea24b
File 166009304060.png - (90.99KB , 500x500 , p49.png )

>Question time
Myriad: Wow, are you that much of a dupe that you BELIEVE they’ll stop using the MCDs? From what I’ve seen of ANGELS, they love being control freaks.
Max: It’s not a matter of BELIEF. I trust Jack Knife to limit their MCD usage, she’s an honorable woman and a genius TINKER.
Myriad: She’s a bootlicker, though. Aren’t there better ways to move people around? Just tell the news to broadcast that KAIJU are coming and make some PORTALS.
Max: There are half a million KIN living here! There isn’t time to ask people to leave without causing mass panic and there aren’t nearly enough PORTAL users to get them all to safety. PORTALS are very MANA intensive.
Myriad: Bro they’re going to start siccing MIND CONTROLLED civilians on the KAIJU, just watch. That kind of POWER over KIN shouldn’t exist.
Max: DEMONS and ANGELS shouldn’t exist. That doesn’t change the fact that they do.
Myriad: Fine, whatever you need to tell yourself. How come you’re such an ass to Isabella?
Max: I am NOT.
Myriad: Uh, yeah you are, why haven’t you helped her get any THERAPY? I’ve known her for a day and a half and no offense but that girl has PROBLEMS.
Max: You don’t–Shut UP!

No. 1040456 ID: 9ea24b
File 166009304917.png - (119.84KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

>Max temper check: SUCCESS
The canine takes a deep breath and rubs his face with his free hand, dislodging little ice shards that clink against the hardwood floor. He hops off the desk and the giant glowy DEATH SWORD vanishes into thin air.

Max: I understand that you don’t trust me and you don’t trust the ANGELS, and that’s all very REASONABLE because they can be HARSH and I work for them.
Max: BUT I will do anything for Willamina. ANYTHING. If you ruin this for me I will END you and your sister.
Myriad: Isn’t she shacking up with Cat the famous DEMON I keep hearing about? I don’t think she WANTS to flee with you, and also I don’t think the ANGELS would like rescuing someone who associates with DEMONS.
Max: It doesn’t matter what she THINKS she wants and while my BOSS doesn’t like it, I’m important enough that he’ll EXTRACT her.
Myriad: What do you mean by EXTRACT? Does this have something to do with the LYST barrier?
Max: I’m done answering your questions. I can’t make you leave so have fun wrecking my office until you get BORED.

He stomps out without a word to Isabella. Yeesh, for how much Isabella is obsessed with this guy, he seems to really only care about Willamina. Maybe he has some kind of weird crush? Sounds like the HEAD ANGEL here can travel through the barrier, so that’s at least a nugget of information.
No. 1040457 ID: 9ea24b
File 166009306086.png - (105.46KB , 500x500 , p51.png )

Normal and Guy take Max’s suggestion to HEART and start smashing shit. You politely clear your throat to get their attention.

Normal: Hi Myriad!
Myriad: Hello there. Notice anything during all that?
Normal: That HERO was a weak little baby. I could crush him.
Guy: But the SWORD was really special, and he had a SPIRIT with him to help him KNOW stuff.
Myriad: And he has ice and teleporting POWERS on top of that, dude’s stacked. Shame he’s a douche. Man, I forgot to ask him if he knows how to break a DEMON contract.
Normal: Just kill the DEMON, duh.
Myriad: Well, yeah, but Guillermo’s super tough and high level, I bet if you tried to attack him he’d turn your WEAPON into a prop.
Guy: The DEMON wouldn’t be able to do that to the SWORD. It’s a fancy SWORD, I could tell.

A. Run after Max (Start the path towards Guillermo death)
B. Console Isabella (Break her free from Max’s influence)
No. 1040458 ID: 899c9f

B. She's got an angel on her shoulder too.
No. 1040459 ID: 629f2e

A, Gotta assess your priorities, and getting Guillermo off your back comes first. He can cause real damage. While you should help wean Isabella off Max, you can take your time a little more there.
No. 1040461 ID: e5709d

Guillermo is a deeply irresponsible threat who's going to get a lot of people killed for a stupid movie... but he's also a public narcissist with constant public surveillance who has the highest chance of revealing to the world how craven the 'saviors from above' truly are.
Uriel is a former archangel who, while dead, managed to decimate the Haydees. I wouldn't trust her with an imaginary spatula.
No. 1040475 ID: e51896


A PLZ!!!

Even if we console Izzy, its not gonna solve the demon lord problem, nor will it stop Max from doing what he is planning with Willamina and Izzy!

Plus, Max is BRAINWASHED! we need to get him to realize that angels are bad and will NOT have Willamina and Izzy's wellbeing in mind. Teaming up with him might be the only way to help us get him to realize the errors of his ways with our influence. and if we can do that, it wont matter if we break Izzy out of his influence if we can get him to see the light. I'm not going to give up on him

(plus bullying Max is fun too)

If he doesnt want to team up, blackmail him and warn him about your contract with the demon lord
which will be really bad with your angel immunity. (Who knew that demon contract in a way would come in handy)
No. 1040480 ID: e51896

To add on, teaming up with Max will help us ensure that the MCD will no longer be an issue and get dealt with accordingly, especially if we can convice him while he's on our side
No. 1040481 ID: 15c72a

A. That demon is a capital T Threat, there's only so much waifuing we can do before sabotaging ourselves.
No. 1040522 ID: 9ea24b
File 166017284895.png - (72.34KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

You lunge for the office exit, cursing your very recent RUDENESS towards Liminal. Fuck, who knew that he held the KEY to your freedom? Luckily, you catch him waiting for an elevator.

Myriad: Max, I am so so sorry for implying you’re an ANGEL BOOTLICKER, I need your help getting out of a CONTRACT with a DEMON LORD.
Max: What the fuck?
Myriad: It’s a long story, made some interesting CHOICES yesterday and now my SOUL belongs to a movie director.

Max is not currently a fan of your whole schtick and getting him to COOPERATE will take BIG commitment.

A. MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING (Threaten Max with the knowledge that you can tell Andrea and thus Willamina about his plan to ABDUCT her. You’ll have to keep Max with you and form a strategy to attack the Demon Camp TOMORROW. Max will be VERY HOSTILE towards you afterwards.)

B. BECOME SUCK UP (Max will restrict you from going to the Heroes League Headquarters and Nunitus Offices in the future and ask for an IMMEDIATE favor that will take your afternoon. In return he’ll target Guillermo during the eventual KAIJU attack.)

C. Naw, this ain’t worth it, go to Jack Knight’s Hangar in the afternoon like you were planning.
No. 1040523 ID: e5709d

Can we go back to consoling Isabella?
No. 1040527 ID: 899c9f

A, and tell her anyway. You're not going to be friends with Max, but the longer you spend with him the more time you have to try and show him his bosses are lying to him. You have no obligation to him personally - you'll use him while he's of use, and hopefully have a way to doublecross him and the angels once the contract is severed.
No. 1040532 ID: 629f2e

A, but be as diplomatic about it as you can. Instead of framing it as "I'll tell on you if you don't help me", try and make it "I'll let you do your thing if you help me with mine."

"Look, I don't like you and your higher ups. Pretty sure I've made THAT clear by now. You don't like me either, but I need your help. That sword is the only thing I've seen that's able to kill Guillermo. If you can help me get out of this stupid contract, I won't get in the way of your stupid terrible plan that I hate by warning anyone. They'll never see it coming, unless you've massively underestimated their own reconnaissance."
No. 1040546 ID: 15c72a

Yeah, this.
No. 1040547 ID: e51896

Agreed with this

The main point of forcing him on our team is to give him tough love in order to get him out of the control of the angels since they brainwashed him. If we can somehow show him that the angels have no good intentions for Willamina and Izzy, he probably won't be as hostile towards us afterwards, maybe even quit the Heroes League if all goes well. And if he does go hostile towards us after all our efforts, Normal said he can handle Max.

I am strongly against telling our sister even if he agrees to our terms. doing that will make us no different than a dirty lying angel, completely missing the point of recruiting him in order to attempt to convince him that the angels are LIARS and will not save Willamina and Izzy. It's not going to help if he finds out we are a hypocrite. To win Max over to our side and reject the angels, we must promise HONESTY, something angels do not have.
No. 1040590 ID: 9ea24b
File 166023838183.png - (35.29KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

Max: I’m not interested in HELPING you.
Myriad: We don’t have to be enemies, do me this FAVOR and I won’t get in the way of your plans with Willamina, promise.
Max: It’s a little more than a favor to ask me to take on a DEMON LORD, and you’re essentially threatening me.
Myriad: Well maybe I am a little. Would be a shame if someone gave Cat the fancy DEMON a heads up that you were coming for her.
Max: Like I said, you’d be DEAD.
Myriad: And then my FALLEN friends would kill you right back. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid all that?

Max glares at you with undisguised HATRED.

Max: Fine, we’ll shake on it. I’ll try my best to FREE you and you won’t tell the residents of LYST anything about my plans.
Myriad: Deal.

When you take Max’s hand, you feel a bit of a spark pass between your skin. Some kind of BINDING MAGIC?

You are now under CONTRACT with Max’s SPIRIT.
No. 1040591 ID: 9ea24b
File 166023839269.png - (113.98KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

>Back to the MOTEL
You gather your crew together and take Max to the MOTEL room where CC has been camping out. You feel a little bad that your clone hasn’t had much to do, but you both agree it’s much safer to have her in RESERVE this way in case you’re killed. Different LANDMASS, same TACTICS.

Now that Liminal has joined your party, he exchanges a few polite words with Isabella. You’re torn between joy at seeing Isabella SMILE and regret at exposing her to her bad triggers. You order a ton of food, sit on the bed, and start planning your attack on the DEMON Camp.

The maximum success rate you can have for killing Guillermo is capped at 90%. Listed are a number of possibilities and drawbacks that can influence your success rate. Choose any number of the following options.

Base Rate: 50% SUCCESS
A. Bring Normal as a distraction for the other DEMONS in the CAMP (+10%, 20% chance he’s killed)
B. Bring Guy as a distraction for the other DEMONS in the CAMP (+15%, 30% chance he’s killed)
C. Say you’re there to rehearse your role with the last KAIJU (+20%, you’ll be near Guillermo and therefore MAX when the DEMON LORD is attacked)
D. Cause a distraction by having Isabella start a KAIJU RAMPAGE (+20%, 50% chance of attracting ANGEL attention)
No. 1040592 ID: 629f2e

DEFINITELY NOT C. The wording on that one has me a bit worried, it doesn't give a specific downside, it just gives you a fact. "You will be close when shit goes down." That makes me think there's is a consequence that we're not aware of. Don't go for it.

I'm not giving Tippler the chance to kill characters I like, so A and B are off the table imo. It could be 20% or 200%, I don't trust him not to roll shit. Last thread was a miracle that I have no faith in us repeating.

That leaves D, which I'm actually perfectly fine with. The consequence honestly doesn't seem too bad if it hits, at least compared to our other options, and it bumps our odds up to 70%. I think that's the play.
No. 1040597 ID: e5709d

C+D. If you die, you can get your brain creamed back into a clone. Or go full demon and take them on yourself.
No. 1040599 ID: 15c72a

Being near Max when shit goes down will mean the contract would force you to fight him, AND after the demon lord is dead Max could immediately try to kill you with plausible deniability. So yeah that's not a good idea.

We want another 40% because let's be honest if we don't kill Guillermo the quest is going to bad end, so I say A, B, D, wasting 5%. If the kid Angels die that's not really a big loss considering they're still kindof nuts and we don't have any good ideas for how to fix that. Even the more established Fallen are pretty bad. Though... I guess I wouldn't be upset if A were dropped, since half of that bonus is lost due to the cap.

ANGEL attention at this point would be fine, we're basically doing them a favor.
No. 1040602 ID: 15c72a

No, neither of those things can happen.
The other Myriads won't absorb the mana-infused clones due to the perceived risk of turning into a demon, and yet that also won't happen until we activate the final achievement, which requires every Myriad to cooperate, which isn't going to happen.

I guess we could merge and split with CC to create a backup of sorts though...?
No. 1040603 ID: 899c9f

A and D. That leaves Guy to be your... guy, waiting in the wings as backup to help you escape or do something else to tie up Max after the kaiju battle. Hey, maybe they can sabotage the mind control devices while the heroes' league is busy fighting demons?
No. 1040649 ID: 9ea24b
File 166031309814.png - (86.02KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

>A+D, but that’s for tomorrow
You solidify your plan to have Isabella rile up the KAIJU while Normal throws boulders at the CAMPSITE and is a general nuisance so Max can sneak toward Guillermo’s tent undetected. Guy will stay behind with CC and you’ll be waiting a safe distance away from the action, in the FOREST. It’s not guaranteed to work, but you’re feeling gently OPTIMISTIC about your chances. The attack will take your whole MORNING.

Max needs to stay with you so you can keep an eye on him which presents a choice for your night plans. Choose a letter and number option.

A. Go to Isabella’s apartment
B. Stay at the MOTEL

1. Talk to Max, try to understand him better (What do you say?)
2. Call Andrea (What do you say?)
No. 1040651 ID: 629f2e

A1, see if there's a less frustrating side to the chump that might explain why he's so on board with siding eith the angels.
No. 1040657 ID: e51896

B motel
1 talk to Max

The beginning progress to get him to stop trusting angels, and perhaps stop his plans to abduct Willamina and more importantly, Izzy. Try NOT to judge harshly, and instead, Just ask questions, and give your own reasonings as to why you yourself dont trust angels based off of your own traumatic experience with Caesar and their broken promises to you.

First thing is to Ask why he trusts that the angels will save Izzy and Willamina?

Next, Tell him about how you were lead to believe that Caesar would help SAVE you from become a demon, but when you went to see him, he put you on a operating table, and literally tried to speed up the progress to eat you, and show proof to the other angels they needed to start the BIG DAY sooner

You can also talk to him about what you heard the angels said about what they see as purity, mentioning the smallest sin like sex could give them enough of a reason to burn a brothel full of innocent people down, like the one back where you came from for example. Youre just worried they might lead those kin like izzy into certain doom instead of evacuating them because of petty sins like that within them.
No. 1040658 ID: 58dd24

Call your familyyyyyy
No. 1040662 ID: 7c0332

Heres an idea,
Why dont we talk to Max and tell him about our concerns and experiences with angels while CC talks to Andrea?
We will check back with CC on an update with Andrea later.
No. 1040663 ID: 0838d6

I like the idea of delegating to CC since an update ago she was complaining about having nothing to do, this solves the problem and lets you focus on other things, no vote for the Letter/Number choice though, I like what others have picked.
No. 1040665 ID: 629f2e


Plus, we're bound by contract not to warn them, but CC isn't.

Though I would wait for Guillermo to be dead before trying to exploit any loopholes. Just something to keep in mind for now.
No. 1040676 ID: 971153

A1, might as well talk to him before being around him stops being a good idea.
No. 1040679 ID: f577d2

I just thought of something
If we go to izzy's place with Max, we can also get Izzy to talk to Max about her side of the story at the house fire.
Maybe Max will hear something contradictory, or maybe find out the angels lied to her.
No. 1040711 ID: 9ea24b
File 166036308654.png - (115.07KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

>Have CC call Andrea while you talk to Max at Isabella’s
This is a perfectly valid choice, though you won’t be able to ask Andrea all of the questions you’d like to.

Once you’re back in Isabella’s apartment, cuddling on the loveseat while Max sits on the sofa alone, you turn on the BOREALIS charm.

Myriad: Max, Max, Max, Max.
Max: What.
Myriad: Max. Maximilian. Darling Maxy. Why do you believe the ANGELS are going to do what you WANT instead of betraying you last minute?
Max: Because my SPIRIT is a LIE DETECTOR and I’ve backed up all promises with CONTRACTS.
Myriad: Do those contracts happen to include not MURDERING you to get out of actually doing anything? Like how we’re about to MURDER Guillermo? The only true enforcement is VIOLENCE and LEVERAGE, my dear Max. Like you said, Jack Knight has something they want with the MCDs, but what do you have?

>Ask about the FIRE
Max didn’t have a good reaction when you brought up Isabella’s trauma, so you think you’ll avoid this topic.

Max is frowning at you, but you think you’ve made your point. You sling an arm around Isabella’s hip and give her a SMOLDERING look.

Myriad: Shall we to bed, my smokin’ HOT wolf babe?
Isabella: Hee hee hee.
Myriad: You’re invited too, Max, unless the BOSS wouldn’t approve of you getting laid.

>Max sex check (25% success): FAILURE
Max: I’ll pass. I need to focus on the mission.
Myriad: Whatever, have fun on the couch.

You sleep well once again and get up early to go back to the MOTEL.

>DAY 4
CC reports that Andrea spoke mostly about Set, Cat’s HOT MOM and a high level DEMON who the LYST crew discovered in the last level of their local DUNGEON a week or so ago. Apparently Set was severely INJURED by an ANGEL years ago and went DORMANT, waiting for Cat to make a choice about his DESTINY. Now she’s busting everyone’s balls to train them for the DEMON WAR. Set doesn’t like you because you are, quote, an insane agent of CHAOS who might get them all KILLED.

The canine DEMON has a way to get through the BARRIER, which includes a SOUL SUCKING FIELD, but is waiting for the right opportunity.

You thank CC and gather your crew for the attack on Guillermo before heading to the FOREST. You bid Normal, Isabella, and Max farewell and good luck with their tasks before burying yourself in the thick underbrush.
No. 1040712 ID: 9ea24b
File 166036309664.png - (126.33KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

You wait in agony, ears strained to hear anything from your spot hidden in a bush. You think you can make out the roar of a KAIJU, but you’re not sure.

After half an hour of ANXIETY, Normal comes bounding through the trees to your hiding place, a DEMON arm leaking GOLD BLACK ICHOR clutched to his chest. Judging by the dark sweater still attached to the flesh, Normal got himself a valuable bit of Guillermo MEAT.

He takes a huge bite and explains, mouth full, that his distraction was successful and after some MAGIC MOMENTS that Normal didn’t understand, Guillermo was SLAIN.

>ANGEL avoidance check: FAILURE
Myriad: Did Liminal look okay afterwards?
Normal: Yeah, I think so. His suit was all TORN and he seemed tired but he wasn’t going NUTS or anything. I woulda grabbed more from the CORPSE but there was a PORTAL opening and I didn’t want to get ZAPPED.

A. Take Normal and return to the MOTEL immediately (Isabella will find her way back with Max and you’ll dodge all RISKY drama)

B. Walk into CAMP to find out what’s going on (You’ll meet the BOSS ANGEL and see how Max is doing)

C. Stick to the edges of CAMP to vaguely assess the situation (You’ll see some familiar lower tier ANGELS and Isabella)
No. 1040713 ID: 2e0070

B. Max helped us. Better go check and access the situation and figure out how to return the favor by helping him out if he's getting in trouble.
No. 1040714 ID: 629f2e

Yeah, B seems like the best choice. Max helped us out of this, so if we're going to end up betraying him with contract loopholes later then making sure he's alright and helping him out is the least we can do.
No. 1040717 ID: 899c9f

C. Familiar angels, hm? We only know a few angels besides Normal and Guy and they don't like us much.
No. 1040722 ID: e5709d

C. Check up on Isabella. Max may not be in the best state of mind for a friendly talk right now, but if you keep his obsession (AKA your Fiancé) protected, he'll fume less.
No. 1040745 ID: 0838d6

rolled 2 = 2

1 is B
2 is C

I'm embracing chaos as a tiebreaker ;)
No. 1040751 ID: 9ea24b
File 166043073394.png - (58.74KB , 500x500 , p58.png )

You gnaw your lower lip. For all your aggressive banter with Max, you’re grateful that he upheld his end of the DEAL and FREED you and you don’t want him to get in TROUBLE because of that. Then again, his BOSS is probably pleased that Max defeated such a formidable DEMON, so the hero shouldn’t be at risk of immediate blasting.

You decide to check on Isabella instead, this time leaving Normal to guard the car while you carefully skirt the edges of the forest, looking for signs of LIFE.

>Random Encounter Forest (3 possibilities)
There’s movement behind an old pine tree, something quadruped and about the size of a deer.

Myriad: Hello?

A miniature KAIJU pokes its head out from behind the trunk and whimpers. You recognize it as the monster you saw a few days ago, when it was only the size of your palm. Is it going to keep growing? Maybe not since Guillermo is DEAD.

A. Adopt KAIJU
B. Ignore
No. 1040752 ID: 15c72a

No. 1040753 ID: 899c9f

Adopt Kaiju. I wonder if its original sculptor is okay.
No. 1040754 ID: 629f2e

I feel like everyone is going to choose A, so I'm gonna play Devil's advocate for B.

If we adopt this thing, we're responsible for it. We'll have to feed it, keep it from destroying anything, and overall be responsible for its behavior. We already have two dependents, we don't need a third, especially one that can't be reasoned with at all.
No. 1040757 ID: e5709d

You have asserted dominance with trickery and assassination. A.
No. 1040758 ID: e51896

Not sure with what I'll vote, but if we decide to keep it, maybe CC can agree to train it, that ought to give her something to do.

One thing to keep in mind though, Guillermo said that his kaiju have ANTI-ANGEL FEATURES, whatever that means. This one probably has the same features too.
No. 1040771 ID: 9ea24b
File 166044361730.png - (79.94KB , 500x500 , p59.png )

>A, of course!
You wouldn’t be THE Veggie fucking Viewer if you didn’t take in every possibly DESTRUCTIVE abomination you come across, it’s practically your defining clone TRAIT. Normal and Guy have been doing GREAT and Isabella has had a lot of orgasms in the past two days so you feel that you can manage more RESPONSIBILITY.

Guillermo talked to Lung like a fellow ACTOR, though you thought the KAIJU acted more like a PET. Maybe the KAIJU can understand some KIN language? If they’re SENTIENT that’s a whole ‘nother moral dilemma, but you’re not going to worry about that.

>Anti-ANGEL features
Those are the voluptuous tiddies that all the other KAIJU have. This little guy has a flat, if spiny chest. You cluck to him and hold out your hands to show that it’s safe. He pads out to sniff you, and you pet his bony head. The KAIJU is the perfect size for you to ride, though those back spines would quickly become UNCOMFORTABLE.
No. 1040772 ID: 9ea24b
File 166044362526.png - (78.72KB , 500x500 , p60.png )

You continue walking towards the KAIJU holding area until you reach the clearing. The beasts have scattered, though you see that a couple of the smaller ones are DEAD, their bodies mangled by some great FORCE. PIXIE STIX is fluttering around Isabella while she addresses an ANGEL you don’t recognize who resembles a bodybuilder on steroids minus a head. You keep your pal close as you approach.


Pixie: Oh great, here’s MYRIAD BOREALIS.
Beefcake: I touched–I touched a breast.
Pixie: Get over yourself, Beefcake. Some of us even have tits, it's not a big deal.
Beefcake: No no no, it’s SINFUL, it’s WRONG.
Pixie: It’s FINE. Also we get to relax now that Liminal somehow managed to kill the DEMON LORD, so take a VACATION back HOME and get ABSOLVED if you really feel bad. The BOSS will send the MORTALS we promised to SAVE off this planet in the next couple days and then we can chill and wait for other DEMON LORDS to show up.

What do you say? Also, what do you name your pet KAIJU?
No. 1040774 ID: 899c9f

You've got man-boobs for a face. You ever think about that, dude?
Name him STEEVE.
No. 1040775 ID: e51896

couple days to make sure Liminal/Max doesn't send Izzy and Willamina away. luckily he's skeptical of angels now after our talk with him, but we might need more proof and to get him to warm up to us a bit more, rather than find a loophole out of the contract since that seems like a scummy thing to lie to Max about, and would make us no different from an angel.

For now, maybe ask what they plan to do with the MCD now that they don't need them to evacuate everyone from the Kaiju anymore,

but the more important question is, if taking down Gulliermo was this easy with just a few awakened heroes, why the hell would they wait THIS long rather than deal with him sooner... like say, the moment he attacked your home for example! Did they actually WANT to wait for him to attack Lyst, and eventually Donjon?? Maybe they have an ulterior motive to keep them alive they're keeping secret and we'll catch Pixie in her lies, especially in front of Izzy.

name for Kaiju: Aurora! it fits with your own last name
No. 1040778 ID: 15c72a

Ask why that kind of thing even bothers angels. Shouldn't they be able to punch a boob without it being dirty? It's just a body part, only sexual if the intent or action is inherently so. Punching a boob isn't sexy at all...
It's like accusing doctors of being sinful when they do medical examinations of women.
No. 1040785 ID: 629f2e


Yeah, boobs can be very sexy if you want 'em to be, but otherwise they're just a part of your body. What's so wrong about touching one of 'em? Maybe if you went in and purposefully fondled them for sexual gratification, but a touch is just a touch.


That MCD question is a great one to ask. You just need them to admit they'll use them for shittiness and you can make a contract with Max to ensure you're telling the truth when you tell him all about it.

As for pet name, I suggest "Lord Remington".
No. 1040787 ID: 15c72a

Oh and this might be a good time to ask why you have angel immunity?
No. 1040788 ID: e4f46d

Give Isabella a hug and ask if she's okay.
No. 1040820 ID: 9ea24b
File 166050427647.png - (83.08KB , 500x500 , p61.png )

>Remy the KAIJU
Yes, yes, yes, your darling Remy. You’d die for him.

>Hug Isabella
The first thing you do is approach Isabella and offer her a hug. You know it was very stressful for Isabella to face the KAIJU again after Lung almost killed her and you’re grateful that she contributed to the DISTRACTION.

Myriad: How’re you feeling?
Isabella: I’m fine, I think. I-I guess I might be saying GOODBYE to you soon.
Myriad: Hey, you do whatever you think is best for you. Maybe the BOSS can get Cannie at the same time he grabs Willamina from LYST, since you helped kill Guillermo.
Isabella: I hope so…

You rub her lower back and turn to address the ANGELS.

Myriad: Hi Pixie, seems like we keep running into each other. What did you mean when you said Gray would be mad if one of you HURT me? How does he have any say over what you do?
Pixie: He can lay down the LAW because he’s one of the three HEAD ANGELS and what he says goes and it's not our job to QUESTION it. He has a bunch of PACTS about INTERFERENCE since he’s OMNIPRESENT so it’s probably because you stopped CAESAR and messing with you afterwards would be unfair RETALIATION.
Myriad: He’s WHAT?
Pixie: Was that word too big for you? Why do I even bother?
Myriad: Okay okay, don’t worry about it. What’s your plan with the MCDs now that you don’t need them to evacuate DONJON?
Pixie: Jack will deactivate the DEVICES, don’t get your dick in a TWIST about how we’re going to use them for EVIL. I shouldn’t even be talking to you.

No. 1040821 ID: 9ea24b
File 166050428531.png - (93.05KB , 500x500 , p62.png )

Pixie zips away, leaving you with Beefcake who still seems distraught that he touched a KAIJU boob. You decide to give him the Veggie Viewer rational dialogue treatment.

Myriad: Breasts aren’t inherently SEXUAL, you should be fine.
Beefcake: R-really? But they were so voluminous and jiggly and soft and they smelled like flowers.
Myriad: They’re just another body part, it’s not like you were fondling them. In fact, I’d say committing ULTRAVIOLENCE on someone or something with boobs is not SEXY at all. Nuance, Beefcake. Nuance.
Beefcake: Wow, I feel a lot better. Thanks MYRIAD BOREALIS!
Myriad: All in a day’s work.

Beefcake gives you a merry wave before leaping into the air and soaring away.

>Why didn’t the ANGELS kill Guillermo earlier if it was this easy?
You don’t really know how easy it was for MAX since you haven’t talked to him. It could be that the ANGELS didn’t realize his fancy SWORD would be effective against Guillermo or they were scared of getting too CLOSE and thus couldn’t provide a good enough DISTRACTION.

>Now what?
Max, Isabella, Cannie, and Willamina will be sent to another WORLD at the start of DAY 6, unless you interfere. Cannie and Willamina will be EXTRACTED from LYST sometime before then. The people of DONJON are safe for now. You can visit another LOCATION this afternoon and you still want to get into LYST. Max is exhausted and you can’t talk to him again until tomorrow. You’ll be given the option to have CC warn Andrea about Willamina’s imminent CAPTURE tonight.

A. Jack Knight’s HANGAR
B. The FALLEN Bodega
C. The LYST Barricade
No. 1040823 ID: 899c9f

C. Test what you've learned about the LYST barrier.
No. 1040824 ID: 629f2e

C, check out the barricade. CC can do the thing tonight.
No. 1040827 ID: e51896

I want to focus on trying to find a way to convince Max to not send everyone away, because who knows what world they might end up in. aAnd not go behind Max's back by having CC tell everyone since we're no lying angel! And if they try to stop the angel from extracting Willamina, they'll try to stop them from extracting Cannie too, which means Isabella might see us betraying her wishes to save her sister and Willamina might not like Cannie being taken either.

two ideas I thought of

one idea would be the fallen bodega, see if one of them has some juicy information on the angels plans? we might need to ask Normal to let us take some of the demon corpse body parts to give as goodwill and to trade for information

another idea to get info that could help stop them from taking Willamina, Cannie, and Izzy away is Jack Knight's place, since she is planning on leaving too. Maybe even talk to her about our own experience with angels and how Caesar lied to us? She might help us convince Max to call the whole thing off if she decides to help us.

I'm not sure which to choose, but the Fallen Bodega I think I'm leaning towards so we can get info for BOTH Max and Jack Knife about any Angel shenanigans for them to hear.
No. 1040828 ID: a2d88b

Trying to convince Max to have a chat with Cat would possibly help.
No. 1040883 ID: 9ea24b
File 166053210446.png - (122.74KB , 500x500 , p63.png )

You’re already out here, might as well check on the LYST barricade to see what all the FUSS is about. If what Andrea said was true, the MAGIC part of the barrier shouldn’t work on you because that would count as ANGEL interference.

The ANGELS have to be planning something super evil and wicked even after Guillermo’s death and you’d like to get DIRT on them by talking to the FALLEN, but that can wait for tomorrow.

You take Isabella and Remy back to Normal, who’s eaten about half of the arm, claiming that he’s saving the rest for Guy. Normal offers to throw you over the four meter tall concrete wall, but you politely decline in the interest of your bones and drive back to the road and arrive at the front of the barrier instead.

The same HERO you saw on your first day at DONJON a week and a bit ago is guarding the entrance. After meeting Max, you see now that this KIN bears a vague resemblance to him, but with different pupils. Related or just a fanboy? The suits make all the HEROES look kind of the same.

A. Engage peacefully
B. Sic Normal on him
No. 1040884 ID: 899c9f

Sic 'em, Normal!
No. 1040885 ID: 629f2e

A, say hi. Ask if you can go inside.
No. 1040886 ID: 9e7f25

Politely ask if you can go inside and if not threaten to sic normal on him. Then do if he doesn't.
No. 1040887 ID: 15c72a

A. I don't think we're that murder-happy...
No. 1040921 ID: a2d88b

A is our way and os far it has worked pretty well.
No. 1040939 ID: ed8383

Politely ask to enter. No threats
No. 1040942 ID: 9ea24b
File 166058381382.png - (129.79KB , 500x500 , p64.png )

You’re feeling very CALM and RATIONAL and you put a hand on Normal’s shoulder to stop him from getting out of the front passenger’s seat.

Myriad: I’m going to be polite and ask to enter, Normal. No need for any FORCE. We want to make a good impression.
Normal: I wasn’t even gonna murder him, I can just make him open the GATE.
Myriad: You certainly could, but then what would happen when I need to get back OUT? Also we need to stay SQUEAKY CLEAN so Max trusts us when we reinforce the message that ANGELS SUCK.
Normal: Ughhhhhh…

You approach the hero and walk into a POLE that wasn’t there a second ago.

Myriad: Ow! Fuck!
???: Please don’t come any closer Ms. Borealis. I’ve been warned you might come here and I’m prepared to RESTRAIN you if necessary.
Myriad: I just want to go inside the BARRIER to see my sister, she’s the closest family I have left.
???: It’s not safe in there for ANYONE except the highest level HEROES, not to mention the SOUL FIELD will take immediate effect once you pass the threshold.
Myriad: The barrier won’t affect me, I promise I’m not trying to cause any trouble.

You take an experimental step closer and find yourself surrounded by a cage of metal BARS.

???: I’m sorry that it had to come to this, I will be calling my SUPERIOR to escort you away.
Myriad: Uh, Normal? Can you get me out of here?
Normal: I thought we were supposed to be SQUEAKY CLEAN. I’m staying right here since you don’t seem to want me to use my super awesome POWERS.
Myriad: Normal you sunnuvabitch.
Isabella: Sorry, I don’t think I can melt you out without putting you in DANGER.

No. 1040945 ID: 6424bb

Tell your best jokes

A rabbit walks into a bar...
No. 1040956 ID: 15c72a

Normal please use your super awesome powers.
No. 1040959 ID: 4e4949


Fine, just let his superior escort us out to stay SQUEAKY CLEAN. No need to use force to gey out, dont want to get in further trouble in Max's eyes if we want to convince him things are bad tomorrow. For now, we'll use this time to ask questions.

Ask why they still have the soul field up even after the kaiju had been dealt with.

Actually, another question could be to ask him if he knows what kind of world is the heores like Jack Knight or Max going to be evacuating to before the Demon war starts
No. 1040969 ID: 9ea24b
File 166060840743.png - (109.81KB , 500x500 , p65.png )

You groan and test the poles. They’re embedded securely in the ground and you can’t make a dent in them without using some kind of weaponry and at this range you don’t think that’s a good idea.

Myriad: Normal my son, my favorite FALLEN son. Please get me out of here I’m begging you.

Normal turns on the car RADIO and starts playing loud POP MUSIC to drown out your pleas. You sigh and turn your attention to the hero.

Myriad: Hey you! What’s your name?
???: It’s Stan. STAN CHEON.
Myriad: You ever hear the joke about the rabbit who walks into a bar?
Stan: Honestly while the hilarity of slapstick injury never gets OLD, I find puns and cheap wordplay tiresome.
Myriad: Oh, a real comedy expert over here. Hey, are they going to take this barrier down now that the DEMON LORD was dealt with?
Stan: I have no idea, but I doubt it. It was constructed to keep the DUNGEON in LYST secure and the dangerous individuals there QUARANTINED inside until the League decides what to do with them.
Myriad: Hmph. Do you know anything about Liminal and Jack Knight moving to a new PLANET?
Stan: Yes, though I don’t know the details. I hope I can be evacuated too, but I understand if SPACE is limited.

No. 1040970 ID: 9ea24b
File 166060841468.png - (121.24KB , 500x500 , p66.png )

You seethe for maybe 15 minutes in the cramped space before a familiar HUNK comes soaring out of the sky. Stan salutes Beefcake and the ANGEL easily bends the bars out of the way so you can walk free.

Beefcake: Hello again my good pal MYRIAD BOREALIS.
Stan: Pal?! My apologies, sir, I hope I haven’t offended you by restraining her.
Beefcake: Oh no, you did the right thing, allowing Myriad into LYST would be bad and the BOSS would be upset. I’ll make sure she gets back to DONJON safely.

True to his word, Beefcake flies alongside the car while you drive back to the city. Remy keeps his head down the whole time out of FEAR, and you’re glad when you’re all settled and back at the MOTEL.

CC is NOT thrilled that you’ve adopted another potentially DEADLY being and refuses any responsibility for the KAIJU. Remy hides behind a bed while you argue with your CLONE and Isabella awkwardly looks on. Guy chows down on the rest of Guillermo’s arm, then tangles together with Normal to watch TV.

What do you want to do this evening? Also, do you want CC to warn Andrea about the incoming EXTRACTIONS?

A. Spend time with Isabella at her place
B. Spend time with Remy
C. Spend time with Guy and Normal

1. Ask CC to warn Andrea
2. Don’t
No. 1040972 ID: 629f2e

A and B, spend time with Isabella and Remy together, introducing her to your new baby and encouraging them to be friends.

1, You like Max, just a little bit- eh... Well, you can kind of respect him at least. You feel a little bad about loopholing a way through his contract, but his plan is bad. Like, really really bad.

> Max: It doesn’t matter what she THINKS she wants...

Maybe fuck him. Have CC warn them.
No. 1040973 ID: e5709d

B) Remy's getting mixed signals because you smell the same as your clone-sister and it's like he's looking at an unstable multiple-personality disorder who's somehow physically arguing with herself. Get him situated with the clone thing.

A) I don't know exactly what is wrong with Max - maybe losing his family in a freak accident made him extra-susceptible to the Angel Youth - but he genuinely believes he is entitled to control people he loves. He can't be trusted, and if his superiors have ignored this level of insanity for years, they can't be trusted either. Not like you'd ever trust a pure Angel ever again...
No. 1040975 ID: 0838d6

I'm for several degrees of seperations, the direct agreement was:

> Fine, we’ll shake on it. I’ll try my best to FREE you and you won’t tell the residents of LYST anything about my plans.

He did try his best, and succeeded. Now, you can't tell the residents of Lyst anything about his plans. However you CAN have your clone let Adriana know that now that Guiermo is defeated that the angels and the HL will be considering what to do to Lyst with the quarantine, and that it would be reccomended to tighten up security around any VIPs for any foreign influences that may attempt to invade and or assault any key figures or points.

Basically you're warning them to be extra cautious, but not giving away the goat, sticking to the very fine print of the contract. Sure, just having your clone warn her may be enough degrees of seperation to not endanger the contract considering how it works with the demon ones, but fuck Max, amirite?
No. 1040984 ID: ad8d8e

I really think that betraying Max like that will damage our work in trying to get Max to see the angels are lying if we're going to be a hypocrite and lie like the angels and break our promise to Max. Plus, letting people in Lyst know about the abduction plan means their probably also going to also try to stop them from taking Cannie too since Willamina still loves Cannie like a sister, which means Isabella might see our actions as an act of betrayal after all that work to get her to be a bit more friendly, especially after gmher confession.

What I think we should do is spend the first action on our next day finding any sort of evidence of the angels being untrustworthy that we can show to Max on our second action to get him to reconsider sending everyone away, and get him to realize his mistake before it's too late.

Patience is key. We already got him skeptical of angels according to the stats from the wiki. we just need one more push.

Spend time with Remy, or Isabella. If Guy and Normal goes hunting, ask them to save piece of demon meat if they find any so we can probably give them to the fallen for advice.
No. 1040997 ID: a2d88b

Solid argument.

We should try and find a way to contact Max and plea that he at least talk with the Lyst gang rather than do the extraction in-and-out.
No. 1040998 ID: e51896

Actually, just spend time with Remy, that way we can stay at the hotel in case there is an encounter in the morning.
No. 1041005 ID: 005c22

No. 1041006 ID: 7b75ea


Yes, Max is set to make a horrible mistake, but it's his mistake to make. It would be wrong to break the spirit of a promise and make Max's decision for him.

And... D.
He still has yet to make that decision, though; there's still time to implore him to not make this mistake through his own power. We can even tell him outright that we were considering using a loophole to warn Lyst of the upcoming kidnapping operation, but we didn't, because we respect his ability to make his own decisions.

But he should extend that same courtesy to Willamena.

"How can you even claim to love your sister when you don't even respect her? Is it really [LOVE] motivating your plan... or is this really just your [DESIRE] talking?"

This might be extra "oof" if this convo happens to be in front of angels.
No. 1041028 ID: 9ea24b
File 166069392268.png - (81.12KB , 500x500 , p67.png )

>B, Remy
Does Remy understand the concept of clones? It’s probably doing terrible things to his MENTAL HEALTH to see you and CC argue. The poor KAIJU is already traumatized by the death of his CREATOR so you decide to soothe him outside of the crowded MOTEL room.

There’s a worn pool in the center of the MOTEL. It’s closed due to the season, but the neighboring HOT TUB is open. Steam rises from the water, stinking of chlorine. You take a seat on the lawn adjacent to the TUB and Remy sits himself next to you.

You take the time to examine the KAIJU more closely. He has three thin tails and when you grab one it wraps around your hand with impressive strength and flexibility. His skin is layered with TOUGH, impenetrable scales that you can’t pierce, even with your hunting knife. Remy leans into every touch and headpat you give him and seems to hang onto your every WORD. You try giving him a few instructions, like standing, sitting, and rolling over, and he instantly OBEYS. Already way ahead of Normal and Guy developmentally, it seems.

>Tie – Time to call Andrea yourself and warn her as best you can
You don’t want to talk to CC tonight but you feel the urge to do SOMETHING to help Willamina and Cannie. Well, mostly Willamina, Cannie sounds like she wouldn’t mind being reunited with Isabella.
No. 1041029 ID: 9ea24b
File 166069393387.png - (110.82KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

Myriad: Hey slut! How’s it going?
Andrea: Hold on–Set wants to talk to you.

You feel a chill of foreboding. There’s a muffled exchange of voices before a vaguely familiar sharp tone addresses you.

Set: Am I speaking to VV?
Myriad: Oh, uh yes, hello ma’am.
Set: Do you have any idea what you’ve DONE?
Myriad: Er, are you talking about Guillermo? Well I saved the people of DONJON from MIND CONTROL and/or death.
Set: You may have LOST your sister and everyone here the chance to WIN the WAR. Guillermo was the perfect target for Cat, physically weak and easily distracted. I had a plan for us to ATTACK while the KAIJU were sent to DONJON to KILL him and seize his immense POWER.
Set: And you have FUCKING RUINED EVERYTHING. Now the ANGEL who’s my sworn ENEMY has all of that MANA and ENERGY for himself!
Myriad: I-I didn’t know that was the plan. I had no idea.
Set: Of course you didn’t. You just bumble along recruiting MURDERERS and ABUSERS without any clue to the CONSEQUENCES of your actions. When you somehow manage to make your way to LYST I’ll be grateful that you’re under surveillance and can’t cause any more trouble.
Myriad: I’m sorry, really, I need to warn you–

You gag on your tongue as the SPIRIT PACT stops you from speaking.

Myriad: You need to be–cautious in the next few days.
Set: Wow, what an incredible insight.
Myriad: I mean try to tighten security around ggghhhhhhh—
Set: Don’t tell me you BOUND yourself in a PACT as well. Pathetic. I have no more to say to you.

You drop your phone into your lap, hold onto Remy’s shoulders, and cry.

Normal and Guy graciously offer you their MOTEL bed since they’re going out to fuck and suck in exotic locations around TOWN. You’re worried about their safety but they assure you that with the upgrades from Guillermo’s ARM they’ve grown quite strong.

Remy lies at your feet in bed, curled up in a spiky ball. You’re exhausted from crying and sleep deeply.

>DAY 5
>No Random Encounter
You wake to a series of frantic messages on your COMM from Andrea, who witnessed a glowing yellow HUMANOID enter their BASE when everyone else was asleep and capture Willamina and Cannie.

Cannie and Willamina are now somewhere in DONJON. You’re planning to visit the FALLEN Bodega in the morning then have Isabella take you to Max’s place in the afternoon so you can have a long, serious talk about how he’s making a serious MISTAKE. It’d be nice if you had a gift or something to offer to the LIZARD ANGEL, but she’s probably willing to meet with you either way since she wants your help to rescue Ripley.

Who do you take on your outings today? Pick one or more options.
A. Normal (is taking the SQUEAKY CLEAN moment to heart to annoy you)
B. Guy (doesn’t have wrappings on the rest of his body besides his face anymore, huh)
C. Remy (is a baby)
No. 1041035 ID: 899c9f

Life's funny that way, Set. You learn to roll with the punches. And boy, can Normal punch now!
No. 1041038 ID: 0838d6

Originally I wanted A+B, can't let him think it bothers you more than it does, plus avoiding him just lets him know that it totally worked.

Also when's the last time you hanged out with Guy huh? Wait shit whose gonna take care of remy then, your clones dont wanna and you cant make a clone to do it, shit. Ughhhhhh

Okay how about B instead since we havent hung out with Guy in forever? Lets see how much he's changed!
No. 1041039 ID: 629f2e

B + C, Normal can stay home if he want to be a useless asshole, and you can should over Remy yourself since CC doesn't want to.
No. 1041041 ID: f89136

B. Sounds nice to talk to him.

Also God what a dumb bitch. She could have told you that information through Andrea at any time. She could have just said she'd help you and you'd do about anything she'd asked since your sister seems to trust her. Literally all you'd set out to do is mourn your dead sister and visit your only remaining, maybe help her out, and heaven and hell seem to be working in concert to hinder you.
No. 1041043 ID: e5709d

I guess this means demons in this area tend to have a +Int, -Wis tendency. Easy to understand how things @#$%ed up, hard to think about accepting @#$%-mitigation.

No. 1041044 ID: f89136

Also reply to Andrea. See if you can get around the contract by texting it. Failing that, send as cryptic a message you can to relate the kidnapping to Max.
No. 1041048 ID: e51896

Have an epiphany to make you feel better after being told you failed at everything: realize that Set's plan involved ALLOWING the kaiju destroy Donjon, hurting and killing Kin, and letting the angels mind control the population. Set's plan was IMMORAL! Cat shouldn't have to do something so unjust for power, that would be influencing him to reject whatever humanity he has left. You have in fact done NOTHING WRONG and may have saved Cat from going down a dark path!

Also realize Set's enemy DOESN'T have all the Mana and Energy from Guillermo, Guy and Normal ate his arm too. I feel them eating the arm is going to be REALLY important later on.

as for Set badmouthing us for recruiting ABUSERS and MURDERERS, she doesn't realize that they can be REDEEMED, they haven't even heard Isabella's side of the story with what happened during the fire and why she treated Willamina the way she did, and we manage to redeem Normal and Guy by getting them away from Caesar's ideologies.

And just like Isabella, Normal, and Guy, I believe we can redeem Max if we can get him to realize his mistake and potentially help us.

The kidnapping already happened. our goal is to convince Max Angels will not have their well-being in mind and may send them somewhere dangerous. But let's text Andrea and assure her that you will take care of it so you can redeem yourself. You have a plan.

B for me I think. initial thoughts, I think we need to ask the fallen if they know anything about WHERE the angels might be sending the evacuees and what they might do to them. We can probably pay BUX for that information, but as it was stated, They're probably going to want us to help them release Ripley...

If that is the case, we can probably use that to our advantage. One possible idea I have is if they won't accept BUX for information about what world Willamina and Isabella are heading and what the angels plan to do to them, and if they really want to trade information to save Ripley, We'll let the Fallen know that our plan is that we'll be distracting Liminal with the information the fallen provides us to get some drama going between him and the heroes league as a distraction (in a sense, that is the truth, we're going to be trying to convince him with the information we may gather from the Fallen. Just don't use Max's name). Meanwhile, as we're talking to him, the fallen can go in and rescue Ripley. Hopefully by the time we rescue Ripley, Max will be on our side after convincing him and it won't be an issue.
No. 1041050 ID: 9ea24b
File 166070921085.png - (139.26KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

>Text Andrea back
Your fingers go numb a few times, but you manage to send a message that conveys you’re trying to fix the problem. She replies that this Cat fellow is FREAKING OUT over losing his waifu and wants Set to send a special OPs team, so you might be MEETING him later.

You want to catch up with Guy, and Remy is everything to you and you cannot leave him in the MOTEL with only Normal and an uncaring CC to supervise. Sure Remy might get some stares from everyday KIN, but you trust that the KAIJU will be perfectly behaved.

You reapply your makeup to pretend to be a FALLEN. Seems like so long ago that Ripley first knocked on your door and started this whole mess. Once Guy is presentable post SEX MARATHON you take the walk to the BODEGA.

It’s still in ruins from the LEAGUE BUST, bricks scattered around the parking lot from Jack Knight’s wall removal and the roof half missing. To your surprise, a KIN, eyes glazed over, walks into the main entrance, bell ringing merrily as he opens the door. The MIND CONTROLLED KIN that the FALLEN control are still bound by their programming, it seems.
No. 1041051 ID: 9ea24b
File 166070922811.png - (93.25KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

There are some unfamiliar FALLEN lurking around, but you don’t have the time for introductions. You wave to the lizard to get her attention, and she hurries over to you. She introduces herself as Bryce, Level 2 combat with special paralytic poison POWERS.

Bryce: I’m glad that you’re okay, I have no idea how the HEROES found us so quickly right after you arrived.
Myriad: Yeah…that sure was bad timing.
Bryce: Anyway, if you and your crew help us, I bet we can break Ripley out of the HEROES LEAGUE Headquarters. ANGELS usually kill FALLEN, but since Ripley is so talented and handsome they’re probably going to KEEP her.

Your gut makes a sudden, determined run for your throat as you realize your miscalculation. The ANGELS might not have the artificial MCDs, but they do still have the original DEVICE and a FALLEN they can force to make more.

>Ask the FALLEN about where the ANGELS send the KIN they SAVE
Bryce isn’t familiar with the process and doesn’t have a CLUE.

Max will not be at the HL Headquarters since he’s still recovering at home. You’ll run into ordinary HEROES and have a 25% chance of encountering the BOSS.
A. Offer to bust Ripley out by YOURSELF (+1 SUS)
B. Work with the FALLEN to free Ripley (-2 SUS, with many opportunities to gain SUS later)
No. 1041052 ID: 899c9f

A. Ripley might know better...
No. 1041053 ID: 15c72a

B. The FALLEN are your only chance to get anything done. They are literally the only organized group you're in contact with that can accomplish anything in DONJON without the angels having their hands in it.
If you can influence them in a way that benefits Set and Cat then that may make up for the frankly absurd disaster you unknowingly orchestrated.
No. 1041054 ID: e51896

I'm fine with either. Maybe during the raid, we can search for proof to help us with Max, or Ripley might know something that can help us with Max.
No. 1041056 ID: f89136

Agreed. Maybe we can convince Ripley and the others to release the kin from control while we're at it? Unlikely to work but I think it's worth a try.
No. 1041065 ID: e51896

I dont know, that would probably raise our SUS meter if we ask that. But maybe if we get our sus meter much lower it'd be good.
No. 1041068 ID: e51896

Alright, I thought really hard about it, but l think I'll go for B. I realize that after we were stopped and captured at the Lyst barrier, theres nothing that will stop them from doing that again here before we even reach Ripley's prison or find information. The fallen's distractions against the heroes could benefit us too if we want to investigate.

Plus, seeing a battle happen between the fallen and the heroes sounds like it'll be a fun sight to behold storywise
No. 1041096 ID: 9ea24b
File 166077580245.png - (111.66KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

The FALLEN may be doofuses, but they’ve survived this long and you want to stay on their GOOD side. You agree to work with Bryce, who explains the plan. The other FALLEN will cause CHAOS around DONJON to draw out as many major HEROES as possible, while you and Bryce infiltrate the building and find Ripley’s cell. While the FALLEN deploy to various locations around the city, you take Guy and Remy aside to have a private discussion.

Myriad: So Guy, how’ve you been?
Guy: I’m fine. I like SEX. I’ll help you rescue Ripley if you want.
Myriad: Yes, thank GODDESS, Normal was giving me a hard time when I tried to get to LYST yesterday. Man, most of yesterday SUCKED.
Guy: Why?
Myriad: Well turns out killing Guillermo was BAD according to this master plan I had no knowledge of and apparently everything I do just makes things more of a MESS.
Guy: I don’t think that’s true. You’re trying your best and you’re only an ordinary KIN.
Myriad: Yeah. Anyway, can you fight without killing people?
Guy: Um, I have a lot more control over my LIGHT, so probably.
Remy: Wak!

Thankfully there’s no sign of any ominous YELLOW humanoid at the headquarters foyer. Bryce leaps into action instantly, sinking her fangs into the nearest GUARD and using her tail to throw another into the wall. No alarms go off, but FIVE heroes who are milling around draw their weapons or summon balls of ENERGY.

Choose your method of attack. Remy and Guy will follow your lead.
A. Be violent (-1 SUS, 30% chance of killing each HERO)
B. Try to avoid casualties (+2 SUS, 10% chance of killing each HERO)
No. 1041097 ID: 166b21

A. Avoid sus
No. 1041098 ID: 899c9f

A. Let's dance with the angels.
No. 1041100 ID: e5709d

B - Claim that you prefer to dull your claws in fights, it helps you improve faster.
Execute a hero if they're unsatisfied and can manage to capture a hero in this mess.
No. 1041106 ID: 629f2e

No. 1041107 ID: 9ea24b
File 166077966664.png - (79.77KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You take out your PISTOL and start shooting, doing your best to aim for glancing shots instead of anything that could be fatal. You’re not a perfect marksman, and more often than not the bullet hits a CHEST or THIGH when it makes contact at all.

Guy and Remy take your use of firearms as permission to go HAM. Remy reveals a set of sharp TEETH you were previously unaware of, while Guy shoots DEADLY BLINDING LASERS with impunity. Bryce cackles with approval at the CARNAGE.

>Dead heroes: 1
>Murderer random selection: Remy

The HEROES all retreat, some sporting serious BURNS or bleeding heavily. The only one who doesn’t escape is a VEGGIE-KIN who Remy is whipping back and forth. You hear a SNAP and the KIN’S celery stalk of a neck breaks in two. He drags the corpse over to you and you shakily pat him on the head.

It’s easy to clear the way to the BASEMENT floor, where you find Ripley moping in an ordinary JAIL CELL reminiscent of your prison at the hands of Stan yesterday. The shark seems unharmed, though she’s missing her OVERCOAT and RINGS and ARTIFACTS, including the MCD. Guy cuts through the lock and Ripley jumps into Bryce’s arms.
No. 1041108 ID: 9ea24b
File 166077967483.png - (126.88KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

Ripley: Myriad! Thanks for saving me and I’m glad you’re alive, I have no idea how the HEROES found us so quickly right after you arrived.
Myriad: It will remain forever a mystery.
Ripley: Let’s get outta here Bryce, get outta DONJON. Too many STRONG ANGELS, it ain’t safe.
Bryce: You’re right, I’ll gather up the CREW.

Guy nudges you while Bryce and Ripley continue their enthusiastic reunion.

Guy: The BOSS isn’t in the BUILDING right now. We can look for the MCD. He’ll come soon, though.

A. Use your extra time to search for the MCD in the BOSS’ OFFICE
B. Tell the FALLEN that it’d be best if they didn’t make MCDs anymore, since ANGELS want them. They will take your advice. (+3 SUS)

Since you’ll have less than 5 SUS before you say goodbye to the FALLEN, Bryce will exchange numbers with you and you can make CONTACT in the future.
No. 1041109 ID: 899c9f

B. We might as well use that trust to make the world a better place.
No. 1041110 ID: 15c72a

A. If we leave it here, it'll be used on Willamina probably. Also if we can keep it, we can deliver it to Cat and company, so they can try to develop a countermeasure.
No. 1041111 ID: 629f2e

A + B. Tell them as you search. If that isn't an option, then just A. You'll get their contact info, you can suggest it later.
No. 1041117 ID: f3a2ce

Good point. I'm with that.
No. 1041118 ID: e5709d

A+B) Say that you suspect the MCDs might be doing something that makes them easily detectable, but you don't know. Either way, the Heroes will reverse-engineer the MCDs they do have, and can use that knowledge to track down component suppliers and ambient signals. It would be best for the fallen if they stopped using MCDs, at least until they can customize a new version that won't be tracked any time soon.
No. 1041119 ID: 9ea24b
File 166078534611.png - (73.42KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

Since you’ll have a chance to contact the FALLEN again to recommend not being EVIL, you decide to prioritize the MCD that currently exists. If Willamina causes too much trouble you BET they’ll use the device on her and they might even be smart enough to think of PASSWORD PROTECTION.

You bid Bryce and Ripley a hasty farewell then make a dash for the elevators. From your exploration of the headquarters a few days ago, you suspect the BOSS’ OFFICE is on the top floor. Remy gallops around the hallway, whinnying with excitement, as you run to the solitary locked door and instruct Guy to blast it open.

At first you think you’ve stumbled into a supply closet. The room is totally BARREN besides a standard office desk and chair. There’s zero personal items or MAGIC paraphernalia in the drawers, which makes searching for the MCD much easier. You’re honestly surprised this BOSS ANGEL isn’t keeping such an important tool on his PERSON.

Your hand touches a small piece of carved BONE right when Guy gasps. You take a tight hold of the MCD in your fist and turn to see the BOSS.


Before you can puzzle out what RED Myriad is talking about, Guy and Remy both rush behind you for cover from the yellow tinted, vaguely see-through figure. He’s shaped like an average height, thin HUMAN, with one enormous eye in his face. You get the sense that he’s waiting for you to speak.
No. 1041123 ID: e5709d

"... Holy ^&*(. You... *Dramatic Point* DID YOU KILL THE HADLEES?!"
Methinks Demon!Myriad is trying to tell you Max is in the room. You need to be straight to the point, act like you were given some kind of vision previously and it's all starting to line up.
"THEN WHY - you pushed Isabella to do it."
No. 1041132 ID: 629f2e


...Yeah okay, let's do that.
No. 1041137 ID: 899c9f

No. 1041139 ID: 7018ac

Thats a pretty big hint right there! Yeah, ask him that question Red Myriad wanted you to ask

Put your comm in audio recording mode. Whatever he says will be proof we need to snap Max outta it, and perhaps rekindle willamina and isabella's friendship... along with showing max the mind control device as proof they didnt destroy the mcd and lied!

>Methinks Demon!Myriad is trying to tell you Max is in the room

Max is at his home. But maybe willamina and Cannie is here? If so, they need to know what really happened at the Hadlees

Crazy idea: does the MCD work on angels like this guy? What if we can get a direct answer that way? Probably not... but... hmm. Use as last resort?
No. 1041156 ID: 9ea24b
File 166079432343.png - (100.59KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

>Who’s in the room?
You, Remy, Guy, and BOSS. Nowhere for anyone else to hide.

Ripley mentioned way back when that this was a KIN specific MCD, so it won’t work on ANGELS or DEMONS.

RED Myriad is severely overestimating your ability to recognize names you’ve never heard before. Okay okay, contextual clues, by the date Isabella would have been about the age she mentioned when she claimed she BURNED that family, so you guess that was the Hadlees. So Willamina is a Hadlee? And BOSS was there for some probably NEFARIOUS reason? Isabella did say she doesn’t clearly remember the incident and the mention of it makes BOOTLICKER Max touchy which is basically confirmation. You fumble for your COMM and set it to RECORDING.

>Say the line, VV
Myriad: Did you kill the Hadlees?

BOSS blinks.

Myriad: Uh, okay. Why?
Myriad: Totally know who that is, great. Honestly I don’t know what else to ask you about so maybe we can just…

You awkwardly shuffle towards the door, keeping Remy and Guy to your back.
No. 1041157 ID: 9ea24b
File 166079433539.png - (123.92KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

Myriad: Wha–That’s his FUCKING SISTER??? Bro I’m outta here.

Your defensive positioning is successful in getting away from the terrifying ANGEL. Once you’re outside you sigh and check on Guy and Remy, who is back to looking like an innocent CREATURE.

You’re due to meet with Isabella, and you go to her apartment in a bit of a DAZE. When you knock, Cannie, the KIN you recognize from Isabella’s pictures, answers. She glares at you for a moment, before gesturing for you to come inside.

Cannie: Can’t believe my sis is fucking a BOREALIS. Izzy filled me in about the SHIT that’s been going on, I’m ready to take the ANGEL deal and get away from FAUNUS.
Myriad: As long as they’re sending you somewhere HABITABLE.
Cannie: Yah think Isabella wouldn’t check for that? We’re not stupid, you know.

You sigh again, incredibly TIRED. Isabella brings you a glass of RED JUICE, which you sip while you pet Remy and contemplate your options.

A. Tell Isabella the TRUTH (She will no longer want to LEAVE or work with the ANGELS, but she’ll be a wreck for the rest of the day and won’t help with MAX)
B. Hey gang! Let’s go see our buddy Liminal!
No. 1041161 ID: 15c72a

B, then tell Isabella the truth right in front of Max.
No. 1041162 ID: e51896

B. We'll let Isabella know DURING our talk with Max. We got recordings, mind control device, and everything. It'd be best if everyone was there to hear what boss said.
No. 1041163 ID: 629f2e

B, but be ready for it to be difficult. Max doesn't like you, Cannie seems not-thrilled about you, and Isabella likes Max. If you get any blowback when.you lay out your facts, there's a chance Isabella might side with the others. That would suck, she deserves at least a little better than that.
No. 1041165 ID: 899c9f

A. Keep his prize? I don't think so.
No. 1041166 ID: 15c72a

Oh and send a copy of that recording to all the other Myriad clones.
No. 1041167 ID: 2ca3ce

No. 1041180 ID: 8483cf

No. 1041204 ID: f3a2ce

B. And maybe tell Isa that this may get a bit emotionally heavy.
No. 1041213 ID: 15c72a

Haha I thought of something amazing.
Once we get into LYST, we can have RED sign a demon contract with Cat (or Set I guess) to allow them to use her infinite cloning power. Also since RED is a demon, and demons can absorb other demons... we could empower Cat that way. Heck, since RED can infinitely clone herself, can't she act as an infinite fuel source for other demons...?
No. 1041217 ID: e51896

We can probably also send the recording to our sister. Who knows, maybe she'll send it to Cat and the others so they can get a better understanding of what happened too.
No. 1041240 ID: 9ea24b
File 166085890353.png - (102.57KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

Isabella is invaluable in your plan to talk to Max, and you want to reveal the truth while they’re BOTH present. Cannie stays at the apartment while you take Remy and Guy along to the FINAL CONFRONTATION.

>Back-up that recording
You send a copy of BOSS’ confession to CC, Andrea, and the Myriad group chat for good measure. Call it pessimism, but you’re not sure you or your belongings are going to make it out of Max’s condo.

>Mom permission check: FAILURE
You receive a thanks from Andrea with the message that Cat was unable to get Set’s permission to send a TEAM outside the BARRIER. Seems like you’re on your own.

The doorman at Max’s fancy complex knows Isabella by name, and graciously allows your motley crew access to the luxury building. You shudder to think how much BUX this place costs a night and you definitely would have had to use force to get inside if you didn’t have Izzy.

You stand back while Isabella knocks on Max’s door. You hear cheerful female laughter when it opens, revealing Max in a blue BATHROBE. He glowers at you over Isabella’s shoulder.

Isabella: Max, I wanted to make sure you were alright after yesterday, we didn’t get a chance to CHECK on you. Um, also, Cannie was in my apartment this morning and I was wondering if Willamina was here? I never r-really apologized to her and since we’re going to be LEAVING together I thought it’d be best to talk.

Max hesitates, caught between not wanting to let you in and Isabella’s compelling words. Finally, he grunts and stands to the side.
No. 1041241 ID: 9ea24b
File 166085891295.png - (111.26KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

You step into a relatively NEAT and SPACIOUS bachelor pad. Remy’s claws click on the hardwood floor and you spot a woman with massive BURN scars making food in the kitchen. She’s wearing a dress and matching heels like an old-timey HOUSEWIFE. It’s disturbing, even as someone who never knew Willamina before. The smiling doll with a plate of sandwiches is worse than the KIN you saw at the bodega, and the fact that she’s Max’s SISTER makes it extra SKEEVY.

>Willamina has been MIND CONTROLLED
>Max is a MAJOR STINKER and will not listen to rational arguments about why MIND CONTROL is bad

Willamina: Izzy! It’s been ages.

She puts down her butter knife and embraces Isabella, who squawks in surprise. The canine carefully puts her hands on Willamina’s waist to return the hug.

Isabella: W-Willamina? Are you not mad at me anymore?
Willamina: Of course not, Izzy. I want us all to be HAPPY and friends again like when we were young. With the help of the ANGELS we’ll be able to start a new life.
Isabella: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for everything…

No. 1041242 ID: 9ea24b
File 166085891947.png - (116.11KB , 500x500 , p79.png )

While Willamina and Isabella hug each other and cry, you sidle over to Max.

Myriad: What happened when you attacked Guillermo?
Max: He seemed confused by the distractions, so I was able to approach without him noticing. When I got close enough I tried to strike with my SWORD and he created some kind of totally immersive WORLD around us to escape.
Max: I had to fight MONSTERS and navigate through IMPOSSIBLE landscapes. It was like trying to make sense of a DREAM that lasted for weeks.
Max: I almost went INSANE in there, but I held on and finished the JOB and found myself back in the CAMP. BOSS was able to heal me and take me here SAFELY after he consumed the LORD’S BODY.

Thanks to the fight with Guillermo, Max has gone through some serious KIN power scale LEVELING since you last saw him and fighting him will be a DANGEROUS task.

With the knowledge that no one is coming to rescue Willamina, it’s time for the BIGGEST choice. You can only pick ONE option, since Max will be quick to react to any disturbance.

A. Use the MCD on Willamina to make her stop following Max’s ORDERS (Isabella will lose TRUST in you, Max will stay on FAUNUS to hunt you down, you’ll escape with Willamina and have to flee to LYST immediately. Cannie and Isabella will leave tomorrow as planned.)

B. Reveal the TRUTH about the FIRE (Isabella will no longer want to LEAVE or work with the ANGELS, but she’ll also ATTACK Max and have a 50% chance of serious permanent injury that will NOT result in death. Max and Willamina will leave tomorrow as planned.)

C. Attack Max with Guy and Remy (70% success to drive Max away so you can get the benefits of A and B, 60% chance of DEATH each for you and Remy, Max will stay on FAUNUS to hunt you or your remaining clones down)
No. 1041243 ID: 899c9f

A. Max is going to stay on Faunus either way that involves rescuing Willamina, so let's ruin his and the angels' plans while living to tell about it. The truth will still be there when Isabella gets around to it.
No. 1041244 ID: 932c71

No. 1041245 ID: 15c72a

>70% chance of winning against Max
How the fuck? We're seriously underpowered compared to him.

A. What was even the point of all this? We didn't accomplish anything except for fucking up the plans of an ally.
No. 1041246 ID: 629f2e


Okay, so worst case scenario, you land the 30% chance and fail to drive him away, while also hitting the 60% chance of death for both you and Remy. That'd be lame, but notably not the worst option imaginable. Max keeping Willamina still is a major sacrifice, but the only option that guarantees she's safe is A, which fucks over Isabella hard. If she loses trust in you, she's going to fall back into a shitty crowd and lose all of her character development. That'd be the worst possible ending.

If you die, you've got spares. It won't be the end of Myriad Borealis, you'll live on through your alternate selves. If Remy dies, it'll be sad, but you haven't really had him for all that long. All in all, the worst consequence of C is simply... well, the chance of failure. It'll suck ass if we hit that 30%.

Maybe we can improve our odds a bit by being creative? After all, we have an MCD, why can we only use it on Willamina? Maybe you can use it against Max to force him not to fight or run away. Depends on how easy to use the thing is.
No. 1041247 ID: a2d88b

A. This is the final choice, let's take no chances!
No. 1041250 ID: 2b3343


Take the risk, go for the best outcome.
No. 1041251 ID: e5709d

B. Permanent injuries can be replaced with cyberware, but this mental injury has stunted her mind for too long.
No. 1041252 ID: 15c72a

You know what? I changed my mind.

C. I hope we fail every roll, so that tippler stops putting dicerolls on major plot events.
No. 1041253 ID: 2ca3ce

B so we can keep the progress we made with Isabella and then Cat can go rescue her later.

Max gives bad vibes (tm) and all other options have him chasing you
No. 1041256 ID: f3a2ce

A. He's mind controlling his fucking sister. How do the other two not even have a slight thought that might be the case? Maybe you should cut your losses at this point and take what set said to heart.
No. 1041273 ID: 78c706

Just thought of something
What if we can raise our chance of success on C if we use a flash grenade to blind him?

Our chances of success rose before when we used a smoke grenade before after all
No. 1041279 ID: 9ea24b
File 166088134631.png - (163.84KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

The moment you make your decision, Max twitches almost imperceptibly. No no no, don’t say he has PRECOGNITION too! This feels fucking impossible.

You excuse yourself to the bathroom, taking Remy and Guy with you. If he’s already suspicious, might as well plan your attack. You give the MCD to Guy, unable to stop your eyes from being drawn to the deep whorls carved into the bone before your vision goes RED and you recover. Guy nods along as you explain that he should use the device on Willamina ONLY if Max is defeated, and to take Isabella back to the MOTEL to hear the recording from CC if you die. You plant a tearful kiss on Remy’s head, then check your pistol.

Max is alone when you return to the living room.

Max: I told the ladies to wait in the hallway while we FINISH our business.
Myriad: What you’re doing to Willamina is SICK and WRONG.
Max: Sure. It doesn’t matter anymore. Once I’ve finally gotten rid of you, in SELF-DEFENSE for your information, we can finally be happy together.

He waits for you to attack first. You raise your gun and shoot at the empty air where he was just standing.

It’s a good thing the condo is BIG because between Guy’s lasers and Max teleporting every half a second, you’re spinning around mostly blinded trying to get a bead on the HERO.

Remy survival check: SUCCESS
Remy reveals another set of unexpected skills when Max appears behind him, sword prepared to swing. The KAIJU grapples Max with his three TAILS and the spikes embed in his skin, forcing him to warp away.

VV survival check: FAILURE
You’re the next target. Max kicks you hard in the stomach, knocks the gun out of your hand, then thrusts his whole weight forward, sword sliding through your ribs and out the other side of your robe with ease. There’s a few moments of PANIC, before the blood loss delirium kicks in and you DIE.
No. 1041280 ID: 9ea24b
File 166088135624.png - (102.28KB , 500x500 , p81.png )

You come back into being with a feeling of vertigo before crushing the clone’s personality and petty objections to your sweet baby Remy into dust. CC’s been doing nothing but sitting around the MOTEL all day and it’s easy to reassert VV as the DOMINANT cognitive force.

You’re standing by the LYST Barrier. It’s night and there are twisted poles sticking out of the ground everywhere, remnants of Stan’s POWER. You spot the HERO out cold to your side, literally encased in a block of ICE.

Max attack check: SUCCESS!
Guy: Hey Myriad, our Myriad, are you back? We did it! After Max stabbed you I got a good wide angle blast on him and DISINTEGRATED his left side really bad. Dunno where he went but I got to help Willamina and Isabella afterwards and I took what was left of your body here so CC could make a clone to ABSORB you.
Remy: Wak wak wak!

You see Willamina, jaw set, wearing some of Isabella’s spare clothes instead of that horrible outfit. Isabella’s eyes are red and she wipes the snot off her nose before giving you a weak smile. Cannie isn’t there and Normal is carrying a stack of SUITCASES and other STUFF.

CC is standing at the open gate. She gestures to you impatiently.

CC: Come on, we can make an entrance through the BARRIER by forming an arch with our combined bodies that they can walk through. Andrea better have clothes for one of us in LYST and I don’t want to wait around to see who got lucky.

Thanks for reading.
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