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File 165827193111.png - (116.76KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1038626 No. 1038626 ID: 9ea24b

The gang encounters the Heroes League.

Setting has plentiful NSFW, though it’s not the main focus of the quest
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell
Thread 2 log: https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell/Thread2Log
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No. 1041053 ID: 15c72a

B. The FALLEN are your only chance to get anything done. They are literally the only organized group you're in contact with that can accomplish anything in DONJON without the angels having their hands in it.
If you can influence them in a way that benefits Set and Cat then that may make up for the frankly absurd disaster you unknowingly orchestrated.
No. 1041054 ID: e51896

I'm fine with either. Maybe during the raid, we can search for proof to help us with Max, or Ripley might know something that can help us with Max.
No. 1041056 ID: f89136

Agreed. Maybe we can convince Ripley and the others to release the kin from control while we're at it? Unlikely to work but I think it's worth a try.
No. 1041065 ID: e51896

I dont know, that would probably raise our SUS meter if we ask that. But maybe if we get our sus meter much lower it'd be good.
No. 1041068 ID: e51896

Alright, I thought really hard about it, but l think I'll go for B. I realize that after we were stopped and captured at the Lyst barrier, theres nothing that will stop them from doing that again here before we even reach Ripley's prison or find information. The fallen's distractions against the heroes could benefit us too if we want to investigate.

Plus, seeing a battle happen between the fallen and the heroes sounds like it'll be a fun sight to behold storywise
No. 1041096 ID: 9ea24b
File 166077580245.png - (111.66KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

The FALLEN may be doofuses, but they’ve survived this long and you want to stay on their GOOD side. You agree to work with Bryce, who explains the plan. The other FALLEN will cause CHAOS around DONJON to draw out as many major HEROES as possible, while you and Bryce infiltrate the building and find Ripley’s cell. While the FALLEN deploy to various locations around the city, you take Guy and Remy aside to have a private discussion.

Myriad: So Guy, how’ve you been?
Guy: I’m fine. I like SEX. I’ll help you rescue Ripley if you want.
Myriad: Yes, thank GODDESS, Normal was giving me a hard time when I tried to get to LYST yesterday. Man, most of yesterday SUCKED.
Guy: Why?
Myriad: Well turns out killing Guillermo was BAD according to this master plan I had no knowledge of and apparently everything I do just makes things more of a MESS.
Guy: I don’t think that’s true. You’re trying your best and you’re only an ordinary KIN.
Myriad: Yeah. Anyway, can you fight without killing people?
Guy: Um, I have a lot more control over my LIGHT, so probably.
Remy: Wak!

Thankfully there’s no sign of any ominous YELLOW humanoid at the headquarters foyer. Bryce leaps into action instantly, sinking her fangs into the nearest GUARD and using her tail to throw another into the wall. No alarms go off, but FIVE heroes who are milling around draw their weapons or summon balls of ENERGY.

Choose your method of attack. Remy and Guy will follow your lead.
A. Be violent (-1 SUS, 30% chance of killing each HERO)
B. Try to avoid casualties (+2 SUS, 10% chance of killing each HERO)
No. 1041097 ID: 166b21

A. Avoid sus
No. 1041098 ID: 899c9f

A. Let's dance with the angels.
No. 1041100 ID: e5709d

B - Claim that you prefer to dull your claws in fights, it helps you improve faster.
Execute a hero if they're unsatisfied and can manage to capture a hero in this mess.
No. 1041106 ID: 629f2e

No. 1041107 ID: 9ea24b
File 166077966664.png - (79.77KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You take out your PISTOL and start shooting, doing your best to aim for glancing shots instead of anything that could be fatal. You’re not a perfect marksman, and more often than not the bullet hits a CHEST or THIGH when it makes contact at all.

Guy and Remy take your use of firearms as permission to go HAM. Remy reveals a set of sharp TEETH you were previously unaware of, while Guy shoots DEADLY BLINDING LASERS with impunity. Bryce cackles with approval at the CARNAGE.

>Dead heroes: 1
>Murderer random selection: Remy

The HEROES all retreat, some sporting serious BURNS or bleeding heavily. The only one who doesn’t escape is a VEGGIE-KIN who Remy is whipping back and forth. You hear a SNAP and the KIN’S celery stalk of a neck breaks in two. He drags the corpse over to you and you shakily pat him on the head.

It’s easy to clear the way to the BASEMENT floor, where you find Ripley moping in an ordinary JAIL CELL reminiscent of your prison at the hands of Stan yesterday. The shark seems unharmed, though she’s missing her OVERCOAT and RINGS and ARTIFACTS, including the MCD. Guy cuts through the lock and Ripley jumps into Bryce’s arms.
No. 1041108 ID: 9ea24b
File 166077967483.png - (126.88KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

Ripley: Myriad! Thanks for saving me and I’m glad you’re alive, I have no idea how the HEROES found us so quickly right after you arrived.
Myriad: It will remain forever a mystery.
Ripley: Let’s get outta here Bryce, get outta DONJON. Too many STRONG ANGELS, it ain’t safe.
Bryce: You’re right, I’ll gather up the CREW.

Guy nudges you while Bryce and Ripley continue their enthusiastic reunion.

Guy: The BOSS isn’t in the BUILDING right now. We can look for the MCD. He’ll come soon, though.

A. Use your extra time to search for the MCD in the BOSS’ OFFICE
B. Tell the FALLEN that it’d be best if they didn’t make MCDs anymore, since ANGELS want them. They will take your advice. (+3 SUS)

Since you’ll have less than 5 SUS before you say goodbye to the FALLEN, Bryce will exchange numbers with you and you can make CONTACT in the future.
No. 1041109 ID: 899c9f

B. We might as well use that trust to make the world a better place.
No. 1041110 ID: 15c72a

A. If we leave it here, it'll be used on Willamina probably. Also if we can keep it, we can deliver it to Cat and company, so they can try to develop a countermeasure.
No. 1041111 ID: 629f2e

A + B. Tell them as you search. If that isn't an option, then just A. You'll get their contact info, you can suggest it later.
No. 1041117 ID: f3a2ce

Good point. I'm with that.
No. 1041118 ID: e5709d

A+B) Say that you suspect the MCDs might be doing something that makes them easily detectable, but you don't know. Either way, the Heroes will reverse-engineer the MCDs they do have, and can use that knowledge to track down component suppliers and ambient signals. It would be best for the fallen if they stopped using MCDs, at least until they can customize a new version that won't be tracked any time soon.
No. 1041119 ID: 9ea24b
File 166078534611.png - (73.42KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

Since you’ll have a chance to contact the FALLEN again to recommend not being EVIL, you decide to prioritize the MCD that currently exists. If Willamina causes too much trouble you BET they’ll use the device on her and they might even be smart enough to think of PASSWORD PROTECTION.

You bid Bryce and Ripley a hasty farewell then make a dash for the elevators. From your exploration of the headquarters a few days ago, you suspect the BOSS’ OFFICE is on the top floor. Remy gallops around the hallway, whinnying with excitement, as you run to the solitary locked door and instruct Guy to blast it open.

At first you think you’ve stumbled into a supply closet. The room is totally BARREN besides a standard office desk and chair. There’s zero personal items or MAGIC paraphernalia in the drawers, which makes searching for the MCD much easier. You’re honestly surprised this BOSS ANGEL isn’t keeping such an important tool on his PERSON.

Your hand touches a small piece of carved BONE right when Guy gasps. You take a tight hold of the MCD in your fist and turn to see the BOSS.


Before you can puzzle out what RED Myriad is talking about, Guy and Remy both rush behind you for cover from the yellow tinted, vaguely see-through figure. He’s shaped like an average height, thin HUMAN, with one enormous eye in his face. You get the sense that he’s waiting for you to speak.
No. 1041123 ID: e5709d

"... Holy ^&*(. You... *Dramatic Point* DID YOU KILL THE HADLEES?!"
Methinks Demon!Myriad is trying to tell you Max is in the room. You need to be straight to the point, act like you were given some kind of vision previously and it's all starting to line up.
"THEN WHY - you pushed Isabella to do it."
No. 1041132 ID: 629f2e


...Yeah okay, let's do that.
No. 1041137 ID: 899c9f

No. 1041139 ID: 7018ac

Thats a pretty big hint right there! Yeah, ask him that question Red Myriad wanted you to ask

Put your comm in audio recording mode. Whatever he says will be proof we need to snap Max outta it, and perhaps rekindle willamina and isabella's friendship... along with showing max the mind control device as proof they didnt destroy the mcd and lied!

>Methinks Demon!Myriad is trying to tell you Max is in the room

Max is at his home. But maybe willamina and Cannie is here? If so, they need to know what really happened at the Hadlees

Crazy idea: does the MCD work on angels like this guy? What if we can get a direct answer that way? Probably not... but... hmm. Use as last resort?
No. 1041156 ID: 9ea24b
File 166079432343.png - (100.59KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

>Who’s in the room?
You, Remy, Guy, and BOSS. Nowhere for anyone else to hide.

Ripley mentioned way back when that this was a KIN specific MCD, so it won’t work on ANGELS or DEMONS.

RED Myriad is severely overestimating your ability to recognize names you’ve never heard before. Okay okay, contextual clues, by the date Isabella would have been about the age she mentioned when she claimed she BURNED that family, so you guess that was the Hadlees. So Willamina is a Hadlee? And BOSS was there for some probably NEFARIOUS reason? Isabella did say she doesn’t clearly remember the incident and the mention of it makes BOOTLICKER Max touchy which is basically confirmation. You fumble for your COMM and set it to RECORDING.

>Say the line, VV
Myriad: Did you kill the Hadlees?

BOSS blinks.

Myriad: Uh, okay. Why?
Myriad: Totally know who that is, great. Honestly I don’t know what else to ask you about so maybe we can just…

You awkwardly shuffle towards the door, keeping Remy and Guy to your back.
No. 1041157 ID: 9ea24b
File 166079433539.png - (123.92KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

Myriad: Wha–That’s his FUCKING SISTER??? Bro I’m outta here.

Your defensive positioning is successful in getting away from the terrifying ANGEL. Once you’re outside you sigh and check on Guy and Remy, who is back to looking like an innocent CREATURE.

You’re due to meet with Isabella, and you go to her apartment in a bit of a DAZE. When you knock, Cannie, the KIN you recognize from Isabella’s pictures, answers. She glares at you for a moment, before gesturing for you to come inside.

Cannie: Can’t believe my sis is fucking a BOREALIS. Izzy filled me in about the SHIT that’s been going on, I’m ready to take the ANGEL deal and get away from FAUNUS.
Myriad: As long as they’re sending you somewhere HABITABLE.
Cannie: Yah think Isabella wouldn’t check for that? We’re not stupid, you know.

You sigh again, incredibly TIRED. Isabella brings you a glass of RED JUICE, which you sip while you pet Remy and contemplate your options.

A. Tell Isabella the TRUTH (She will no longer want to LEAVE or work with the ANGELS, but she’ll be a wreck for the rest of the day and won’t help with MAX)
B. Hey gang! Let’s go see our buddy Liminal!
No. 1041161 ID: 15c72a

B, then tell Isabella the truth right in front of Max.
No. 1041162 ID: e51896

B. We'll let Isabella know DURING our talk with Max. We got recordings, mind control device, and everything. It'd be best if everyone was there to hear what boss said.
No. 1041163 ID: 629f2e

B, but be ready for it to be difficult. Max doesn't like you, Cannie seems not-thrilled about you, and Isabella likes Max. If you get any blowback when.you lay out your facts, there's a chance Isabella might side with the others. That would suck, she deserves at least a little better than that.
No. 1041165 ID: 899c9f

A. Keep his prize? I don't think so.
No. 1041166 ID: 15c72a

Oh and send a copy of that recording to all the other Myriad clones.
No. 1041167 ID: 2ca3ce

No. 1041180 ID: 8483cf

No. 1041204 ID: f3a2ce

B. And maybe tell Isa that this may get a bit emotionally heavy.
No. 1041213 ID: 15c72a

Haha I thought of something amazing.
Once we get into LYST, we can have RED sign a demon contract with Cat (or Set I guess) to allow them to use her infinite cloning power. Also since RED is a demon, and demons can absorb other demons... we could empower Cat that way. Heck, since RED can infinitely clone herself, can't she act as an infinite fuel source for other demons...?
No. 1041217 ID: e51896

We can probably also send the recording to our sister. Who knows, maybe she'll send it to Cat and the others so they can get a better understanding of what happened too.
No. 1041240 ID: 9ea24b
File 166085890353.png - (102.57KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

Isabella is invaluable in your plan to talk to Max, and you want to reveal the truth while they’re BOTH present. Cannie stays at the apartment while you take Remy and Guy along to the FINAL CONFRONTATION.

>Back-up that recording
You send a copy of BOSS’ confession to CC, Andrea, and the Myriad group chat for good measure. Call it pessimism, but you’re not sure you or your belongings are going to make it out of Max’s condo.

>Mom permission check: FAILURE
You receive a thanks from Andrea with the message that Cat was unable to get Set’s permission to send a TEAM outside the BARRIER. Seems like you’re on your own.

The doorman at Max’s fancy complex knows Isabella by name, and graciously allows your motley crew access to the luxury building. You shudder to think how much BUX this place costs a night and you definitely would have had to use force to get inside if you didn’t have Izzy.

You stand back while Isabella knocks on Max’s door. You hear cheerful female laughter when it opens, revealing Max in a blue BATHROBE. He glowers at you over Isabella’s shoulder.

Isabella: Max, I wanted to make sure you were alright after yesterday, we didn’t get a chance to CHECK on you. Um, also, Cannie was in my apartment this morning and I was wondering if Willamina was here? I never r-really apologized to her and since we’re going to be LEAVING together I thought it’d be best to talk.

Max hesitates, caught between not wanting to let you in and Isabella’s compelling words. Finally, he grunts and stands to the side.
No. 1041241 ID: 9ea24b
File 166085891295.png - (111.26KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

You step into a relatively NEAT and SPACIOUS bachelor pad. Remy’s claws click on the hardwood floor and you spot a woman with massive BURN scars making food in the kitchen. She’s wearing a dress and matching heels like an old-timey HOUSEWIFE. It’s disturbing, even as someone who never knew Willamina before. The smiling doll with a plate of sandwiches is worse than the KIN you saw at the bodega, and the fact that she’s Max’s SISTER makes it extra SKEEVY.

>Willamina has been MIND CONTROLLED
>Max is a MAJOR STINKER and will not listen to rational arguments about why MIND CONTROL is bad

Willamina: Izzy! It’s been ages.

She puts down her butter knife and embraces Isabella, who squawks in surprise. The canine carefully puts her hands on Willamina’s waist to return the hug.

Isabella: W-Willamina? Are you not mad at me anymore?
Willamina: Of course not, Izzy. I want us all to be HAPPY and friends again like when we were young. With the help of the ANGELS we’ll be able to start a new life.
Isabella: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for everything…

No. 1041242 ID: 9ea24b
File 166085891947.png - (116.11KB , 500x500 , p79.png )

While Willamina and Isabella hug each other and cry, you sidle over to Max.

Myriad: What happened when you attacked Guillermo?
Max: He seemed confused by the distractions, so I was able to approach without him noticing. When I got close enough I tried to strike with my SWORD and he created some kind of totally immersive WORLD around us to escape.
Max: I had to fight MONSTERS and navigate through IMPOSSIBLE landscapes. It was like trying to make sense of a DREAM that lasted for weeks.
Max: I almost went INSANE in there, but I held on and finished the JOB and found myself back in the CAMP. BOSS was able to heal me and take me here SAFELY after he consumed the LORD’S BODY.

Thanks to the fight with Guillermo, Max has gone through some serious KIN power scale LEVELING since you last saw him and fighting him will be a DANGEROUS task.

With the knowledge that no one is coming to rescue Willamina, it’s time for the BIGGEST choice. You can only pick ONE option, since Max will be quick to react to any disturbance.

A. Use the MCD on Willamina to make her stop following Max’s ORDERS (Isabella will lose TRUST in you, Max will stay on FAUNUS to hunt you down, you’ll escape with Willamina and have to flee to LYST immediately. Cannie and Isabella will leave tomorrow as planned.)

B. Reveal the TRUTH about the FIRE (Isabella will no longer want to LEAVE or work with the ANGELS, but she’ll also ATTACK Max and have a 50% chance of serious permanent injury that will NOT result in death. Max and Willamina will leave tomorrow as planned.)

C. Attack Max with Guy and Remy (70% success to drive Max away so you can get the benefits of A and B, 60% chance of DEATH each for you and Remy, Max will stay on FAUNUS to hunt you or your remaining clones down)
No. 1041243 ID: 899c9f

A. Max is going to stay on Faunus either way that involves rescuing Willamina, so let's ruin his and the angels' plans while living to tell about it. The truth will still be there when Isabella gets around to it.
No. 1041244 ID: 932c71

No. 1041245 ID: 15c72a

>70% chance of winning against Max
How the fuck? We're seriously underpowered compared to him.

A. What was even the point of all this? We didn't accomplish anything except for fucking up the plans of an ally.
No. 1041246 ID: 629f2e


Okay, so worst case scenario, you land the 30% chance and fail to drive him away, while also hitting the 60% chance of death for both you and Remy. That'd be lame, but notably not the worst option imaginable. Max keeping Willamina still is a major sacrifice, but the only option that guarantees she's safe is A, which fucks over Isabella hard. If she loses trust in you, she's going to fall back into a shitty crowd and lose all of her character development. That'd be the worst possible ending.

If you die, you've got spares. It won't be the end of Myriad Borealis, you'll live on through your alternate selves. If Remy dies, it'll be sad, but you haven't really had him for all that long. All in all, the worst consequence of C is simply... well, the chance of failure. It'll suck ass if we hit that 30%.

Maybe we can improve our odds a bit by being creative? After all, we have an MCD, why can we only use it on Willamina? Maybe you can use it against Max to force him not to fight or run away. Depends on how easy to use the thing is.
No. 1041247 ID: a2d88b

A. This is the final choice, let's take no chances!
No. 1041250 ID: 2b3343


Take the risk, go for the best outcome.
No. 1041251 ID: e5709d

B. Permanent injuries can be replaced with cyberware, but this mental injury has stunted her mind for too long.
No. 1041252 ID: 15c72a

You know what? I changed my mind.

C. I hope we fail every roll, so that tippler stops putting dicerolls on major plot events.
No. 1041253 ID: 2ca3ce

B so we can keep the progress we made with Isabella and then Cat can go rescue her later.

Max gives bad vibes (tm) and all other options have him chasing you
No. 1041256 ID: f3a2ce

A. He's mind controlling his fucking sister. How do the other two not even have a slight thought that might be the case? Maybe you should cut your losses at this point and take what set said to heart.
No. 1041273 ID: 78c706

Just thought of something
What if we can raise our chance of success on C if we use a flash grenade to blind him?

Our chances of success rose before when we used a smoke grenade before after all
No. 1041279 ID: 9ea24b
File 166088134631.png - (163.84KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

The moment you make your decision, Max twitches almost imperceptibly. No no no, don’t say he has PRECOGNITION too! This feels fucking impossible.

You excuse yourself to the bathroom, taking Remy and Guy with you. If he’s already suspicious, might as well plan your attack. You give the MCD to Guy, unable to stop your eyes from being drawn to the deep whorls carved into the bone before your vision goes RED and you recover. Guy nods along as you explain that he should use the device on Willamina ONLY if Max is defeated, and to take Isabella back to the MOTEL to hear the recording from CC if you die. You plant a tearful kiss on Remy’s head, then check your pistol.

Max is alone when you return to the living room.

Max: I told the ladies to wait in the hallway while we FINISH our business.
Myriad: What you’re doing to Willamina is SICK and WRONG.
Max: Sure. It doesn’t matter anymore. Once I’ve finally gotten rid of you, in SELF-DEFENSE for your information, we can finally be happy together.

He waits for you to attack first. You raise your gun and shoot at the empty air where he was just standing.

It’s a good thing the condo is BIG because between Guy’s lasers and Max teleporting every half a second, you’re spinning around mostly blinded trying to get a bead on the HERO.

Remy survival check: SUCCESS
Remy reveals another set of unexpected skills when Max appears behind him, sword prepared to swing. The KAIJU grapples Max with his three TAILS and the spikes embed in his skin, forcing him to warp away.

VV survival check: FAILURE
You’re the next target. Max kicks you hard in the stomach, knocks the gun out of your hand, then thrusts his whole weight forward, sword sliding through your ribs and out the other side of your robe with ease. There’s a few moments of PANIC, before the blood loss delirium kicks in and you DIE.
No. 1041280 ID: 9ea24b
File 166088135624.png - (102.28KB , 500x500 , p81.png )

You come back into being with a feeling of vertigo before crushing the clone’s personality and petty objections to your sweet baby Remy into dust. CC’s been doing nothing but sitting around the MOTEL all day and it’s easy to reassert VV as the DOMINANT cognitive force.

You’re standing by the LYST Barrier. It’s night and there are twisted poles sticking out of the ground everywhere, remnants of Stan’s POWER. You spot the HERO out cold to your side, literally encased in a block of ICE.

Max attack check: SUCCESS!
Guy: Hey Myriad, our Myriad, are you back? We did it! After Max stabbed you I got a good wide angle blast on him and DISINTEGRATED his left side really bad. Dunno where he went but I got to help Willamina and Isabella afterwards and I took what was left of your body here so CC could make a clone to ABSORB you.
Remy: Wak wak wak!

You see Willamina, jaw set, wearing some of Isabella’s spare clothes instead of that horrible outfit. Isabella’s eyes are red and she wipes the snot off her nose before giving you a weak smile. Cannie isn’t there and Normal is carrying a stack of SUITCASES and other STUFF.

CC is standing at the open gate. She gestures to you impatiently.

CC: Come on, we can make an entrance through the BARRIER by forming an arch with our combined bodies that they can walk through. Andrea better have clothes for one of us in LYST and I don’t want to wait around to see who got lucky.

Thanks for reading.
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