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File 165231203625.png - (154.82KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1031913 No. 1031913 ID: 681cb5

[Super NSFW]

Discussion thread: https://tezakia.net/kusaba/questdis/res/134609.html#134609

Somewhere deep in the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, it is said that a grand temple of some old forgotten god lay hidden. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals were indulged in wild abandon, all to please the fertility god the structure was dedicated too. It is a place where instinct and impulse is acted upon without care.

There are also myths about a great treasure, hidden in the deepest catacombs, far below the surface, forever watched over by mighty guardians and fiendish traps. The corridors are said to twist and turn with a serpent-like suggestion, their writhing path hiding many dangers and foes, but if you stay vigilant they will lead you to your greatest desire. Many before you have been seduced by the myth and been enthralled by the ravenous desire…

…Of the Lascivious Labyrinth.
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No. 1041804 ID: 681cb5
File 166145803904.png - (102.62KB , 700x550 , 131.png )

”Don’t fret little one.” Volek whispers with a smile, ”You can’t win them all. But I didn’t take you aside for a bit to discuss the competition, oh no… not at all… I got something far more important in mind for little old you.” You look around a bit to ensure you’re alone before asking, ”I lost, didn’t I? Doesn’t that mean my fate will be decided by that Rhino boy?” The crocodile chuckles, ”Of course not. I didn’t say the loser’s fate would be decided by the winner for the last round, did I? No, he will be rewarded with his deepest desire… which is to bring back a pack of breedingstock worthy of a king to his clan! And that is exactly what I will give him, ten woman and ten men devoted to me, eager to be fertilized… as well as letting him have a go at the most fertile womb around.” He smacks his own ass to get his point across.

”So… um…” you stammer a bit as you avert your gaze from him, ”Is this about the spell then? Did I… overstep the boundaries of what mortal is allowed to do?” Voleks lets out a hearty laugh, ”Boundaries!? Ha! You mortal is allowed to do whatever your frail bodies is capable of! No, I’m not here to punish you… though I am here because of the spell.” He lifts up his left hand, holding a strange looking orb in it which pulses with power… wait, that the spell you tried to cast!? How is he- oh, right, demi-god… ”I have never seen a mortal cast something this fabulous before, dear, so you have to forgive me if I’m a bit giddy. Though, there are a few things we need to change about it, isn’t there? While Hui will make a great egg factory for your new species, she isn’t… ah… the right one to be the catalyst, is she? No, we need someone a lot more powerful to be able to hold a spell like this… but don’t fret, little one, I’ve already found a suitable replacement…” he pokes your tummy with his right hand before adding, ”Right here. You are the perfect mother for this new species, Princess Shelli, as your womb is strong enough to carry them.”

You look at him for a moment in silence, watching has he smiles warmly at you, before asking, ”You want me to be the mother of this new species?” Volek closes his eyes and smiles even wider, his hand rubbing across your pregnant belly, ”Oh, I’m asking for so much more, dear… for you see, you were right in part earlier, when you said that you had overstepped your boundary. It is not that mortals aren’t allowed to create a new species like this… but it is that they can’t. No, for a species like this to be birthed, they will need to have the blood of He who Seeds, She who Births coursing through their veins… they need to be seeded by someone with the blood of a god. Luckily, you just happen to have someone like that around, don’t you, hmm?”

”…you want me to become your…?” The crocodile demi-god nods, ”I ask you to, if you wish too… but first, I need to be honest with you, Shelli. There’s something I need to confess about… a small lie that I’ve been telling you…”
No. 1041805 ID: 681cb5
File 166145805153.png - (112.81KB , 700x550 , 132.png )

Suddenly, a female voice rings out, ”You call tricking her to walk into your realm with the promise of access to my library, a place which you have no way to get to, a small lie?” and the head of Ptamet, the Jackal demi-god appears behind Volek.

”Ptamet…” the crocodile demi-god says with a tired voice, ”Demi-god of change and cultivation… or is it goddess right now? Either way, sibling, what can I help you with?” The Jackal lets out a quiet growl as she answers ”You know full well why I am here, brother. Not only did your fertile ass pluck out a very promising Rhino boy from my labyrinth, but you trick one of my disciples who I have cultivated for generations into your own realm and now you’re trying to steal my job by changing all these eggs and cultivated a completely new species!?”

Volek sighs, ”I am the demi-god of fertility and family. Making a new species is just as much my domain as yours, sibling.” He pokes your tummy once again as he says, ”As for this one, she failed your test so I have the right to take her.” Ptamet glares daggers at him, ”She barely had the chance try my challenge… not to mention; she just lost yours as well, didn’t she!” The crocodile looks back at her ”But she did impress me with this spell…” to which the jackal answers, ”A spell she casted using MY TOME, the one I have written in my own blood and bound in my own skin! Not to mention, she impressed me greatly by unlocking said tome in the first place, ensuring that I would give her another chance to clear my challenge, something I’m sure she would succeed at!”

Volek just shakes his head, ”Of course she would… but that doesn’t matter, she’s mine now. And so is this spell. I helped her cast it; nothing more needs to be said, dear.” which is followed by Ptamet, ”No, she is mine. I have cultivated her family since her grandmother into being this powerful… and that spell was cast using my tome and my magic! It is mine!”

”Is not!”
”Is too!”
”No, it isn’t!”
”Yes is it!!”

…you’ve always been told that the gods are petty, but this is just silly…
No. 1041807 ID: 629f2e

Grab them both by the ear, tell 'em to knock it off, and ask each of them a question before deciding anything.

"Volek, if Ptamet is telling the truth about you not being able to get me into the library, then what was the plan? Were you never gonna let me win, or were you planning to pull the rug out from under me if I did?"

"Ptamet, I'm happy to move on to the actual test to get into the library, but what do you want to do about my spell? Do you have an issue with Volek impregnating me with my new species"

Take a neutral stance, as you have more or less equal grounds to be happy/upset with them both. Ptamet made you get railed more times than you would have liked (which is to say any), and has generally just been more annoying to interact with, but you can't deny that they've at least been honest and upfront for the most part (save that booby-trapped bowl at the entrance that screwed with your mind earlier.) Volek's challenge on the other hand only needed you to use your head (fun) and he gave you opportunities to test out your magic, but it was built on a false premise that victory would get you into the library you've wanted to find from the start.

So yeah, don't take anyone's side yet. As far as you're considered, they're both jackasses.
No. 1041811 ID: add2e1

Accept being turned into a demigod, you are after power right?
But on your own terms only. He helped you but YOU made that spell, YOU are going to be the matron of the new race.

They are dependant on YOUR choice.
No. 1041812 ID: 10c07d

No. 1041815 ID: 15c72a

I see no reason why you can't be pregnant with the hybrid and also take the test again? If you have to choose, then it's the library for sure. You may like being pregnant but it's not what you came here for.
No. 1041820 ID: c11296

If she impregnated with an entire species would they have the strongest traits or the sexiest traits, they would be fertile to all races and maybe incestuous because they would all be family and be shapechangers and cultivate babies by netorare of other races and cuckold each other as a game of impregnation on sex friends and they could be bards and entertainers and magicians like their progenitors, as you know what bards do leaving children in married wives.
No. 1041821 ID: 2a82d3

You know, you could steal that orb/spell while they're arguing like this. That might give you the leverage for them to listen to what you have to say.

That said, consider how Volek might have screwed you out of more than the library. Had he not thrown T’chyra into the ring, which you weren't informed about, Zaid would've been kicked out early by the other two, the winner might've had sex on the floor like a normal person, and thus you would have won. But you wouldn't be as vulnerable as you are right now. Consider what that implies.

The Jackal would let you let yourself get screwed over for your own ambition, but at least you would gain something from it. Big Daddy doesn't seem like he'd let you win one over him at all. Or anyone else; he was going to convert all your eggs to "his". If nothing else, make it clear he's going to have to share if he wishes to be your mate.
No. 1041822 ID: 2a3927

>Zaid will use doggy-style
Hold on, who said doggy-style? Last I checked, most of us agreed on Himitsu's answers >>1041621 and the mating press was the position written there and none of the other posts even mentioned doggy-style. So unless I'm missing something, I think Kaktus just railroaded us into losing!
No. 1041824 ID: 681cb5


No. 1041829 ID: 2a3927

Ok, I'll admit that I missed that one.

But that still doesn't explain why doggy-style was chosen over mating press when it had more people supporting it.
No. 1041830 ID: 36784c

The spell from Ptamet’s Tome says it’ll summon a guardian who will challenge us in a game of “Distinguish the Progenitor” and if we won, it would take us to where we want to go.

So why does that spell summon Volek? If he never had the ability to guide us to Ptamet’s library, he wouldn’t have been able to take us there if we had won his game. Wouldn’t it make more sense for that spell to summon someone that actually had access to the library?

Wait……Volek wasn’t supposed to be summoned to challenge us, was he? It was supposed to be one of Ptamet’s guardians, but Volek decided to interfere!

Yeah, let’s be neutral about this.

>had to choose, the library
>enjoy being pregnant, not what we came for
I also agree with this.
No. 1041831 ID: 36784c

Does it matter? We would have lost either way, since the mating press wasn’t a standing variant.
No. 1041875 ID: 2a82d3

Maybe I exaggerated Volek's ego. As demi-god of family, he might genuinely care for you more than Ptamet, as a partner not just for your magic. You would be attracted to his paternalism on some level; it'd be dishonest of you to deny an interest to be his mate*. It would equally as dishonest to deny your own interests as well. Resist being his wife until you prove yourself. You might even find a way to ascend to demi-goddess of knowledge and maternity.

* It might even be a compulsion needing a Will check to resist. After failing to resist the lust spell at the start, there would be no better way to prove you're ready for Ptamet's trials.

I apologize sincerely if I weirded out everyone or posted too aggressively, but the fact remains that we had a better chance of winning this if our answers were more diversified. Some QAs don't look to suggestions for consensus unless stated otherwise, they're looking for something to work with. I learned that years ago back when questden was tgc.
No. 1041876 ID: 218391

Clearly this can only be resolved by a competition. And the competitions around here take a particular form! Volek does fertility/family and Ptamet does change/cultivation, so the aim of the game will be for Volek to try and give you more kids than Ptamet can give power. I assume Ptamet can cause some little tattoo mark thing to show who's been given a blessing, or something, though it does have to come with some substantive cultivation and not just the mark. Volek will be filling you up either way, and Ptamet can either go male and double stuff you at the same time (bit of a stretch but you can manage) or stay female and possess/fuse with you and your body. Since you will be serving as battleground and sort of as referee, you'll have the right to ask a payment for your service and you'll use it to get access to the final test and library. Then they should both get what they want, you get what you want, they get to work out this rivalry, and hopefully technically screwing each other will calm them down and get them on better terms. Win win win. Though you'll probably end up immobile for a while. That's probably inevitable at this point, anyway. That bit about you asking for payment is to make sure that won't be a problem.

You could argue that the press is from the front, like what he did, so it's as close as the standing nelson, which is standing but from the back. So then it'd be a draw.
No. 1041909 ID: 681cb5
File 166155740202.png - (77.20KB , 700x550 , 133.png )

>You would be attracted to Volek’s paternalism on some level; it'd be dishonest of you to deny an interest to be his mate. It would equally as dishonest to deny your own interests as well. Resist being his wife until you prove yourself.
They are both demi-gods, of course you’re interested in taking them as mates! In fact, you rather leave this whole situation with at least one of them having pumped a youngling into you and become your partner, but if you rather it be Volek or Ptamet… well… you’re not sure…
>Grab them both by the ear and tell 'em to knock it off.
…something tells you hurting two cranky demi-gods won’t end well… and besides, Volek doesn’t even have ears! No, you’ll have to come up with something else to get their attention…
>You know, you could steal that orb/spell while they're arguing like this. That might give you the leverage for them to listen to what you have to say.

”-so obviously she belongs to me, or do you actually need to cultivate a new brain to understand that?” Volek babbles on, not even noticing what you just did, instead focusing completely on Ptamet who keeps the droning going, ”Everything you just said was just a bunch of... wait, where’s the orb?” The Jackal looks over the crocodiles shoulder, noticing the theft, though the crocodile himself just seem confused, ”What orb, you gender fluid dog?” Ptamet looks at him like he’s an idiot, ”The spell, dick for brain! Where is it?” Turning around slowly, Volek states, ”Why, it’s right… wait…” Finally he notice that the spell is gone, something that Ptamet can’t help but rub in, ”Exactly. Next time stop talking out of your fertile ass and focus, brother.” though he won’t take it lying down, ”Hey, you don’t know where it went either, sibling, so shut your ever changing hole!”

”*Ahem*” both of them turn around to face you as you get their attention, ”Can we stop fighting now and discuss this as adults, or do I have to keep listening to you acting like babies?” You can see both shock, anger and… something else flash through both their faces as they yell, ”Shelli!? You stole it!?” and ”You dare stealing from a demi-god!?” For a long moment, they stare at you, making you question if this was a good idea, but then they give each other a knowing look and smiles. Volek is the first to say something, ”You keep impressing me, princess.” followed by the Jackal, ”I’m so proud of you, Shelli, you’ve taken my teaching so well! Keep asserting yourself, girl!” Putting his hand behind his back, the crocodile looks you in the eyes, ”So… how do you want to discuss this, dear?” Trying your best to keep your hands from shaking and your voice from faltering, you state, ”For starters, I want to ask a few questions.” to which Volek answers, ”Go right ahead, dear.” and Ptamet, ”We’re listening, little one.”

>The spell from Ptamet’s Tome says it’ll summon a guardian who it would take us to the library. So why does that spell summon Volek?
”Yes, brother, why is there a summoning spell in my book instead of the map I drew?” the Jackal asks the crocodile, ”I admit it, dear, I removed the map and replaced it with a spell that allows you to enter my realm.” Volek stops for a moment and places his hands over his heart before continuing, ”But only so that I should meet your fabulous self in person, of course.”
>"Volek, if Ptamet is telling the truth about you not being able to get me into the library, then what was the plan? Were you never gonna let me win, or were you planning to pull the rug out from under me if I did?"
”Ah, I was just about to explain that right before my nosey sibling interfered.” the crocodile muses, much to the charging of Ptamet, ”Nosey? Really?” though Volek simply ignores her and continues, ”While I can’t show you to Ptamet’s library, I can do something just as good… in fact, it’s even better. I will give you the best personal tutor that exists!” he puff out his chest and points at himself with his thumb, making Ptamet roll her eyes, before stating, ”Which is to say, myself, of course. If you would only allow me to, then I’ll teach you everything there is to know about the arcane.”

>"Ptamet, I'm happy to move on to the actual test to get into the library, but what do you want to do about my spell? Do you have an issue with Volek impregnating me with my new species"
”Forget about that stupid test, little one.” the jackal shakes her head before giving you a warm smile, ”No, what I have issue with is Volek here claiming you as his own. I have guided you, nourished you and given you so many gifts through the years, and then this horny little toad just come by and kidnaps you right when you’re about to bloom and makes you cast the spells I wished to teach you! The nerve!” This time it’s the crocodile who roll his eyes while affirming, ”She can chose herself who she casts spells with, sibling.” Ptamet stares daggers at him before continuing, ”And she should choose the demi-god that’s the most fitting to guide her heirs. I have been there not only for her, but her parents and grandparents… and I want nothing more than to help your children as well, Shelli… I want to help sire them. Let me be your mate.” Voleks looks at the Jackal and raises an eyebrow as he asks, ”…if you’re trying to seduce her, why did you come as a female?” to which she answers, ”Well, four out five eggs in her belly was sired by gals with big cocks so I just kind of assumed she had a bit of a bias?”
>Volek was going to convert all your eggs to "his"?
”What? No, of course not.” Volek quickly declares followed by Ptamet adding, ”What we wish to do is the sire our own child with you.” but before she can continue, Volek butts in, ”A godspawn, which will act as the catalyst for this new species of yours!” This time, it’s the jackal interrupting the crocodile, ”So all the eggs will still be sired by their original parents… though seeing that we’re planning on changing the species of them all, including those in Hui…” she looks over at Volek, who continues, ”As your species is part of everyone present, it will just mean all of you will be the parents to all the children!”
>If nothing else, make it clear they are going to have to share you with your other mates wishes to become one themselves.
”Of course, you’ll be free to visit your mortal mates as often as you wish.” Volek declares, to which Ptamet adds, ”You might even live with them if that’s what you want.” The crocodile and jackal look at each other before both start talking in unison, ”Even if I would prefer if you stayed with me in my realm, instead of the mortal one… or my brother/siblings realm, dear/little one.”

>Accept being turned into a demigod, you are after power right?
”But I want it to be on my own terms. This is my spell, and I will be the matron of this new species.” They look at each other with concern, before the jackal states, ”We… can’t make you a demi-god, little one.” followed by the crocodile adding, ”That is not what we were aiming to do.” who then lets Ptamet continue, ”No, what we ask is for you to become our mortal mate.” and back to Volek, ”To sire a child with us with godly blood, a godspawn.” and Ptamet, ”To become my lover.” and once again the crocodile, ”You mean my lover. She’s not going to go with you, stink cultivator.” and back to the jackal, ”And you honestly think you have a bigger chance, dick for brains?” You interrupt them before they start fighting again, ”Well, I see this is going nowhere… so how about this, let’s have a competition. Convince me why I should choose you… without speaking ill of the other.” Both of them look at each other before nodding, ”Oh? A competition you say, dear?””Let me just get into something a bit more fitting, little one.”
No. 1041910 ID: 681cb5
File 166155741564.png - (138.13KB , 700x900 , 134.png )

And with a snap of a finger, you suddenly find yourself somewhere new, a place of pleasant aromas, calming music and a lot of hearts and the color pink…

”WELCOME!” Volek bellows, ”To tonight show of ‘Can I love a demi-god?’! And this fine evening we are competing over the heart of none other than PRINCESS SHELLI, the fabulous, magnificent, intelligent, beautiful, gorgeous-” though the Jackal interrupts him, ”brother, is that really necessary? I know they are watching, but no need to make a show of it.” The crocodile looks away a bit sheepishly, ”My apologies, sibling…” before letting Ptamet continue, ”But you’re right, we’re competing over a heart right now…” Volek perks up and looks at you, ”So let me convince you that I’m the best choice, dear.” Ptamet gives you a big warm smile, ”More likely that she’ll see that I’m the one to choose.”

Volek: ”Let me start of strong dear… if you chose me, I’ll tutor you in everything there is to know about the arcane and the magic of the world. I will be not only be your mate, but your teacher as well.”
Ptamet: ”And I will promise you forever access to my amazing library, containing every last work ever written by a mortal, as well as most things written by us gods. Just imagine, the entire world’s history, philosophy, science, poetry, even a love story or two at your fingertips, little one.”

Ptamet: ”And that spell of yours? I will ensure that it is cultivated correctly, that it brings the change into our world as you wish it to be. Let us make the strongest children that have ever been born, together.”
Volek: ”Oh, but who better at making a new species but the god of fertility? I will ensure your new species will be fertile and reproductive; creating families that can live on after they are gone. Let us create an army that will spread across the sextant, together.”

Volek: ”I am the perfect mate, eager and fertile, capable of expanding that pregnant belly of yours as much as you desire. Chose me, and I will make sure you are always round and happy, love.”
Ptamet: ”I might not be the perfect mate for you right now, but I can change, little one. I can be anything you ever wanted to. Do you want me to be male? Female? Female with male genitals or vice versa? I can be anyone, anything you ever want me to be.”

Ptamet: ”Oh, but I can ensure you are what you always wanted to be as well? Maybe you wish to try being a male for a bit? Another species? Oh, and I know you’ve been curious about not being asexual for a bit, which is something I can help you with. Of course, it is only temporary… unless you want it to be forever? I can make you whoever you ever wanted to be… and more, little one…”
Volek: ”How about a threesome, love? I have this really cute and strong Rhino who is very eager to meet you… or maybe you desire even more? Maybe you want to invite the rest of your mates as well, so that we can be one big family? Oh, why stop there, though… we have all the mothers and fathers of the new species right here, don’t we? Why not have a little orgy to celebrate, hmm?”

Volek: ”And… err… I can… get pregnant as well, if you’re into that?”
Ptamet: ”Paw job? Paw jobs are always popular with the boys…”

Ptamet: ”Oh! And I’ll hold your hand and kiss you and love you, little one, with all my heart…”
Volek: ”And snuggle and embrace you and make a family, dear, together…”

Ptamet: ”Join me, not as a mate, but as a lover… and togethaaah, we’ll birth a species praiseworthy by the very gods!”
Volek: ”Or join me, not as a mate, but as a beloved wife… and togethaaah, we’ll birth a species outnumbering the very gods!”

…you can’t decide what you want more, to access Ptamet’s library or have Volek as a teacher… and the spell… one promises strength, while the other numbers… quality or quantity… but… you want… no, you need both. Without strength they will not survive… and without numbers they will die out… damn it, who do you choose?
No. 1041911 ID: 899c9f

We came here for the library, and frankly, I'm sick of Volek's game show gimmick. Ptamet, obviously.
No. 1041914 ID: 629f2e


At the end of the day, while the pair are more or less equally good choices, there's one factor that decides it all for you. Volek lied.

Maybe his tutoring would be a fair substitute for the library, maybe it would be even better, but he made a promise he couldn't keep. What if you proved far less capable at handling his challenge than you would have been at Ptamet's? Would he have left you with nothing had you lost in the early rounds, despite his sabotage having costed you an opportunity for knowledge? If you weren't interested in his tutelage, what would your recourse have been? Would he have been willing to work something out with Ptamet to make good on his word? You don't know.

You can forgive the fib, as he wasn't wrong in judging his tutoring to be an adequate substitute, but it's enough for you to not choose him. If he'd simply revealed his limitations from the start of the game, then perhaps you'd choose differently, but he chose to wait until you lost and he had no obligation to give you access to the library to tell you that he couldn't. That's really shady.

Ptamet gave you a way shittier task, seeking out people to breed with despite your asexuality, but it was a fair challenge with an honest reward. You feel more comfortable with her than Volek.

> ...one promises strength, while the other numbers… quality or quantity… but… you want… no, you need both.

Shelli remains asexual, and honestly may not want to lay with either of them. She just wants her species to be born. That doesn't mean she has to be the one to give birth to it.

If they both want to be your lovers, then they can prove it by giving you the best sexual experience possible: The one where you don't have any!

Volek's a guy, and Ptamet showed up as a woman, right? Why don't they breed each other? That'll give the new species all the strength and numbers they could want.
No. 1041923 ID: e4c993

Both. Is both an option? They both look good and have things to offer yourself and your children.
Quantity and Quality. They liked your confidence, so at least show them your logic, make your case. They both want the species to thrive, so surely they can cooperate on that much?
And education is usually most effective when book learning is mixed with proper tutelage. Isn't there some compromise that can be made?

Plus, seeing a couple of gods go at it would be interesting and hot, and there is clearly some familial tension to work out, whether or not you got involved, and you'll carry the egg. They need a mortal, and your womb is the one capable of, or perhaps destined to, carry it. Plus, Volek seems down for a threesome/big happy family, even if that isn't what he had in mind.

Otherwise, Ptamet.
Volek is fun, and I'm hoping he'll have fun with the future generations, preferably more honestly, especially if they compete or cooperate (there is a Goddess of Purity to worry about), but Ptamet set you on this path, and has supported your family.
No. 1041924 ID: 19ea25

Doing something different from the family means you grab your own fate in hand. My choice is Volek.
No. 1041925 ID: e5709d

Well said!
Also, ask if there's a way to core out and resurrect your past incarnation - you know, the one who was a total butt-slut and would definitely satisfy a demi-god's ever-overflowing libido.
No. 1041941 ID: c11296

Maybe your curiosity about sex is more observing in nature and you would like to watch instead, your like a natural cuck.
No. 1041942 ID: 2a82d3

So the person you've known as your godfather, in both senses of the word, just confessed as a woman to falling in love with you. That's a lot to take in. It almost makes dishonesty look trivial in comparison. Moving on...

Since this is another game show, it would be appropriate to award points:

>tutor vs library
Library. You like to set your own pace, and it's a surprisingly great place for girltalk.
Point: Ptamet

>perma-preg vs shape-changing
Dunno if "I can be anything you want me to be" doesn't means much when your standards are below/above vanilla, nor how well this cultivation goddess will handle a life long dry spell. At least, Volek looks like he'd be satisfied by being so fertile he can impregnate by look. Not to mention, that is kind of your kink.
Point: Volek

>self-improvement vs orgy
Are you blind, Volek?! You could barely handle one, and you thought to bring in all of them? You like family bonding time, but why couldn't it have just been a study group?
Point: Ptamet

>mpreg vs paw job
Point: Volek

>quality vs quantity
Like you said, all species strive for a balance of both. Where that balance leans can only be determined by what future you want for your species to look like. Focusing on quality means they have to be guardians to Ptamet's library by necessity. Quantity means they'll probably spread everywhere throughout the land; there will be at least one in/from every city, but their actual influence may be limited.

Both strategies would be valid, but there's another factor for you. Today you won the hearts of two demi-gods, but your father did pissed off the goddess Agnieszka back then. Three guesses who she will target first once her plans are in motion. Your children will need to be prepared.
Point: Ptamet

It's a shame both of them couldn't win. It's in their best interests to put aside their differences and maintain an alliance. Agnieszka would want to make sure the progenitor gosling never awakens. No new gods have been made since then, haven't they?

... Bonus Round!: Why don't you cut it in half if both of you like this baby spell so much? whoops, you tripped and both the spell and yourself are falling. Who will catch their spell and who will catch you? Letting you fall flat on your face will reset both contestants points total to zero.

>If they both want to be your lovers, then they can prove it by giving you the best sexual experience possible: The one where you don't have any!
I'm pretty sure making a godspawn requires a mortal to be involved. Maybe Shelli could absorb the energy of their ritual, but with her luck...
>Volek's a guy, and Ptamet showed up as a woman, right? Why don't they breed each other?
Well, Ptamet has committed one act of incest already, sooo...
No. 1041943 ID: c11296

Ha! This is even better, you will be, the CUCKQUEEN!
No. 1041945 ID: 15c72a

Alright this is a game show so let's give them scores.
First round, Volek wins. Having a teacher is better than just having access to books. Access to the library will allow you to more easily pass down knowledge, though...
Second round, Ptamet wins, with an extra point. Fertility isn't a problem for survival, and it's not like you want an army. A stronger species will make for an excellent heir to delve deep into the Labyrinth.
Third round, Volek wins. You don't actually have a preference in mate due to your asexuality, but you like being pregnant!
Fourth round, Ptamet wins, since you really aren't interested in a bunch of sex, but experimentation is always nice.
The rounds after that are all draws, since they're drawing at straws.

So that's 3-2, in favor of Ptamet.

>Why don't they breed each other?
Is that possible? Wait, that won't work gameplay-wise. We wouldn't have access to the new species for our next run since it wouldn't be in our bloodline!
No. 1041954 ID: add2e1

I'm in favor of Ptamet as well, as long as Volek doesn't get petty and vengeful....

So "both" with a clear bias toward the jackal.
Quality is always better than quantity in my book and, talking about books, you have the choice between one teacher that already lied to you as >>1041914 already said and allowing every book ever written to serve as your teacher... there's your quantity.

Free access to knowledge is the way to power, chose Ptamet.
No. 1042005 ID: 681cb5
File 166163977737.png - (167.36KB , 700x900 , 135.png )

”So who will you choose?” Ptamet asks, ”My brother Volek…” she looks over to the crocodile, who continues, ”…or my sister Ptamet?”

In the end, the answer is obvious, ”…yes.” The two demi-gods look at you in confusion, before sharing a quick glance as they inquiring about your statement, ”…yes what? Yes Volek or yes Ptamet?” Putting your free arm over your chest you clarify, ”Yes to both.” Volek smirks a bit, ”Both of us? Really, dear? Aren’t you a bit too overconfident thinking you can please two demi-gods?” but you ignore him and continue your argument, ”You both want my new species to thrive, correct? And I need both of you for them to do so. Both quality and quantity. Surely, you can cooperate on that much?” The Jackal gods thinks for a bit before stating, ”While I do admit that I want the new species to thrive… I am unsure if I wish to share you with Volek.” Not giving them a moment to rest, you continue to try and persuade them, ”Not to mention, an education is the most effective when book learning is mixed with proper tutelage. If I am to become the arch mage I am destined to be, I will need you to compromise for once.” Ptamet gives you a warm smile before poking your tummy, ”Or you can just work your tail off for a bit and achieve it with only my help, little one?” Then comes the killing blow, ”Finally, there’s Agnieszka…” Both their smiles disappears and they look at each other for quite a while, before Volek breaks the silence, ”...she’ll definitely try and be a party pooper about this…” but before they can recover, you strike one final time, ”Thus it is in your best interest to put aside your differences and maintain an alliance, because surely she would want try and snuff out this species as soon as possible.” It is clear that they are both considering it, though Volek is first to air his misgivings, ”And you think we’ll put aside our millennial long strife just like that?” Ptamet raises and eyebrow to this and smirks a bit, ”Millennial? Our strife started last Moonday when you caught me cheating at cards, brother.” Crossing his arm, the crocodile asserts his claim, ”Exactly! And we might be lovers, but we’ve learned more than once that sharing a mortal is a bad idea.” Damn it, he’s slipping… time to fight dirty, ”But if I really have to decide… well, let just say one of you lied to me while the other one didn’t, Volek…” the last word doesn’t even have time to hang in the air before he announces, ”…you know what, sharing her might be a great idea!” but you’re not done yet, ”And while I can forgive you for it, I still need both of your aid for what I want to accomplish.” It is clear that Volek is defeated, which only leaves the Jackal, ”Hmm, we’ll consider it, little one.”

”Now, seeing as I have no interest in the actual act of breeding… well, Volek is a guy and Ptamet is currently a woman… so…?” Both of them give you a large toothy smile when you say that. ”Why aren’t you kinky, dear? You do realize we’re a pair of triplets, correct?” Volek states, ”Not that something like that would stop us, seeing as we have mutual children already. No, the problem with that plan is that we need you, a mortal and powerful one at that, to act as a catalyst. We need to impregnate you personally, Shelli, if this is to work.” You answer by just staring at him for a moment before asking, ”…aren’t you fertile enough to knock me up by just looking at me?” He actually chuckles to this, ”Heh, I wish, dear… but no, you actually need to ingest my seed for it to take root. So… a quick blowjob maybe?” You quickly change the subject before he gets any ideas, ”Or maybe you can resurrect my past incarnation? I know he was a horndog and a complete butt-slut, so I’m sure he would be more than happy to take my place when it comes to this part.” Ptamet scratches her shin, thinking about it for a moment, ”While we might be able to bring forth the memories of your old self, your old life is just you with other memories in the end, so it wouldn’t… you know what, no.”

”We’ve let you control this situation a bit too much, little one.” Oh no, they are starting to strike back! Quick, remind them that you’re holding the spell! ”Because I- hey!” and the spell just floats away and disappear to somewhere, proving that you never actually were in control of it in the first place. As you look down to say something about it, your words get stuck in your beak as you’re suddenly standing face to face to a very naked crocodile… while behind a very naked Jackal walks up with a toothy grin. ”Let’s get down to it. If you wish to be both our mates then you will have to earn it, little one.” You sigh at Ptamet, ”…I can fathom a guess on what the two of you want…” Volek leans over to you while his smile grows even wider, ”Why, dear, are we that predictable? But yes, we want to please you… with sex.” With another sigh, you once again state the obvious, ”…do I have to remind you that I’m asexual?” The jackal just slaps your back hard, ”Bah! Things like genders and sexualities are just products of your limited mortal mind, little one. We gods aren’t bound by such trivialities.” You just look over at her, ”I don’t think it works like that?” but neither of them seem to care. Instead, Volek just continues, ”You are quite interesting, being a virgin, not of body but of the mind. Someone who has never felt the ecstasy of an orgasm or the pleasure of flesh as you breed.” Rolling your eyes, you continue trying to get this one fact through their thick skulls, ”As I said, asexual.” but Ptamet just start talking over you, ”So here is our deal, little one. If you want us both as mates, you will allow us to give you an orgasm worthy of the goddess of orgasms herself!” They both smile as Volek adds, ”An orgasm that other mortals will only dream of!” followed by the Jackal, ”Such bliss that can only be felt in a heaven!” and then back to the crocodile, ”All we ask is to please you for forty days and forty nights… in a row, dear.” Wait, how long!? ”What? Forty!?” They can’t be serious, right? ”Don’t worry, little one, this place is outside time, so there’s no rush.

Ptamet: ”Now, how do you want to do this? Do you want me to grow a fem dick or do you prefer me as a male? Oh, maybe you want to be the male and penetrate me?”
Volek: ”We can start with a simple double-dicking if you wish… or a split roast, seeing how you just need to drink my seed.”
Ptamet: ”Oh! Maybe you want to fuse with my body! That way my brother can breed both of us at once!”
Volek: ”We can invite your friends if you want to, dear. The more the merrier, right? A gal like you is worth an orgy after all.”
Ptamet: ”Just look, isn’t this just the perfect body to sire your new species? Aren’t these some nice birthing hips? And this chest? Why, it can feed so many, no?”
Volek: ”Heh, and this sack contain millions of them eager to be born… you just need to ask, dear.” Ptamet: ”So, how do you want to do this, Shelli, hmm?”
Volek: ”We’re eager to please~”

*Sigh* …you know, you really should have expected this.
No. 1042006 ID: 908530

Impregnate the gods and our harem with a girlcock of our own.
No. 1042008 ID: e5709d

Knock yourself unconscious. Literally.
No. 1042011 ID: 15c72a

Well you like the cuddling and closeness the best, so a sandwich makes sense. Or maybe a snake breeding ball?
I guess you can try having a dick for a change, just to learn how it works, but getting an erection might be difficult.
No. 1042014 ID: 629f2e

Fuse with Ptamet. Here's why:

1: Volek will be staring at his sister's face the whole time, a small but fitting punishment for before. For stealing from her, he has to breed with her.

2: Being part of her may help you enjoy what's about to happen more. She'll be with you, helping guide you through actions which you don't have the experience to naturally follow. Remember how awkward your first fuck with Sabah was? Being part of Ptamet will prevent that. (You're a little better now, but you're with professionals here. You won't be able to keep up without the assistance).

3: You will get a taste of godly power and have a feeling to try and aim for for the rest of your magic studying life.
No. 1042023 ID: e4c993

Sweet, seems things are turning up Shelli, for the most part. A sandwich does sound nice, but...

This one outlines some pretty good reasons for fusing with Ptamet: less strain, effort, bumbling about, and other inefficiencies that come from inexperience and mortal limitations. You'll get to feel like a goddess, or at least appreciate Ptamet from a whole new perspective, and perhaps she'll understand you and your perspective better as well. Not like she would look bad with your figure/features either.
Also, it's not like you have to do one thing for 40 days and 40 nights.
No. 1042025 ID: 36784c

>how do you want to do this?
Remember when you had sex with Tefnut? Instead of breeding you, she "made love" to you and you really enjoyed when that happened. That's what you want to experience with these demigods!

>invite Sabah, Tefnut, and Planter of Seeds?
They might be be disappointed if they missed out on an opportunity like this and it might make this easier for you if you have some familiar faces with you.

>*Sigh* …you know, you really should have expected this.
Hey, look at the bright side: You wanted the beautiful younglings inside your belly to multiply, so that you would become even more pregnant and you'll be able to get that now!

Don't try to deny it. Volek said it was one of your deepest desires, so you know you're getting really excited about this!
No. 1042026 ID: 2a82d3

I don't see any reason why we can't do both. Start with the sandwich position, have Ptamet fuse from behind, end with cheeky bukkakke on Volek.

However we do it, I want to see both gods, by the end, do their part in childbearing the new species. Volek, because he's been advertising it. Ptamet, because you want payback for what she put you through, by any means necessary.
No. 1042047 ID: 971d04

>invite your friends
... and Hui. Shouldn't forget about her.

Really Shelli, the image at the end of this ordeal, of everyone's pregnancies devoted to carrying out your creation, will make what's happening to you now all worth it. I do hope to get a literal image out of this.
No. 1042049 ID: f2320a

Funny thought how planter of seeds got more and bigger too.
so ingesting the seed could have a cum buffet and picnic?
No. 1042050 ID: 708905

Let's fuse with Ptamet should let us enjoy orgasims our asexual self can't really get alone
No. 1042051 ID: 567477

Fuse with Ptamet, you might not only get more hands-on experience with magic by experiencing her using it (I expect these divine types are so used to it they use some casually all the time), you could pick up some intimate skills. Perhaps you'll even get to... "see"? What it is that sexual people see in people that's so attractive. Then you can call that up when you like by remembering what you're looking for, putting yourself in the mindset, and that you can put away otherwise. Call your friends, even, then you'll know what's attractive about them and you'll remember for later, since you're keeping them around. Big learning opportunity... plus, the children you're already carrying will get just that little bit extra of divine blood flowing through them for a while. Divinity specifically related to getting stronger. Every little counts!
No. 1042218 ID: f2320a

Are we going to do horus cum sallad like egyptian myth
No. 1042229 ID: f73077

See that your mates come along
They will either divide the gods' attention somewhat, or they'll all end up adding even more eggs to your clutch, which is also a win, to some extent.
No. 1042250 ID: 810884

You could have them both possess you giving you their traits then they can take control of your body temporarily to fondle and have sex with you while your forced to lie there and receive it all (they could use your own dick to knock you up while they both experience the loop of giving and getting impregnated at the same time).They could even get everyone else to take turns having sex with you in different ways, bringing you to ultimate bliss while also knocking you and everyone else up.
No. 1042358 ID: 681cb5
File 166198019501.png - (106.57KB , 700x900 , 136.png )

And suddenly you two are one! Her power courses through your body, the demi-gods potential outweighing your own on such a scale that the magical abilities of her little finger is a million times greater than your own… and now you have full control of it. With a mere thought you can topple empires, create continents and- wait, were your tits always this big? And sensitive? You can’t help but shudder when you squeeze them… and what happened to your rump!? It can’t be that big normally, surely? Ugh, you can’t get distracted by these thoughts… you have to focus on her magical knowledge and try and learn from- Holy fuck Voleks cock is huge! You haven’t really looked at it before and… ngg… that shape… and size… you can feel yourself getting wet form just imagining that thing pounding- GAH! Back to the magic! Geez, is that what they usually have to contend with? How can they focus on anything without looking- And his sack, by the twins, that thing looks heavy with your future children! You really need to empty those inside you as soon as- *Huff* Okay… okay… stop staring… why can’t you avert your gaze from him? Ugh, feeling this, you’re just happy you usually can ignore these desires, because there’s no way anyone would be able to focus when they- Oh gods, he’s bouncing his sack up and down and thrusting his hips, showing of what he’ll do to you soon… nggg.. FUCK IT!
No. 1042359 ID: 681cb5
File 166198020793.png - (86.38KB , 700x550 , 137.png )

With an experienced leap you manage to not only knock him down to the floor by also impale yourself on his massive member. At the same time he slams into the ground he slams his sack against your rump, going balls deep into you and kissing your eager womb with his lower head. Before he can even catch his breath you start to move with a fast, erratic and clearly inexperienced motion, desperate to get bred by him. It doesn’t take long before a warm feeling starts spreading through your body, and as you slam him into your depth once more your back arcs by itself and your mind is drowned in pleasure. As the pure bliss clouds your thoughts, you can’t help but to muse that you finally understand why people are so desperate to breed... as your whole body is on fire and you love it. Your mind is so lost in ecstasy that it takes a long while before you notice that your body is moving on its own, as if someone else was controlling it, riding Volek’s huge cock with expertise and grace that you sorely lack. With a perfect rhythmic motion, it is clear Ptamet is trying to keep your orgasm going for as long as possible while also milking her brother for all his worth, something that’s clearly working as he’s getting very close. Grabbing your hips, he pushes you down and hilts you completely, keeping you in place as he starts shooting rope after rope of his virile seed straight into your waiting womb. Just like before, you can outright feel his seed move through your body, with your whole body shuddering in delight each time one of his sperms penetrates an egg and creates a new life. With just one load he put dozen upon dozen of younglings into you… as well as something else… something… amazing…
No. 1042360 ID: 681cb5
File 166198021946.png - (125.15KB , 700x900 , 138.png )

You can’t tell how long you’ve been going on like this. Has it been days? Months? Years? Even eons? Or maybe it’s just been a few minutes? It’s impossible to tell, as your mind is lost in the pleasure completely. You can remember bits and pieces, with Volek breeding you in all kinds of position… and sometimes being joined by Ptamet as well… and how they hugged and kissed and held your hand as they whispered poems about how much they love you, all the while both of their members were eagerly breeding you. And finally, you remember having a huge girlcock and pounding that cute crocodile rump like there was no tomorrow, enjoying listening to his girlish moans as your hips was thrusting into his with a wet slap! You remember the feeling of hilting yourself inside of him and filling that tight ass with your own essence, impregnating him just as he had done to you… fuck, now you understand why the dads are the way they are… because becoming a father feels amazing…
No. 1042361 ID: 681cb5
File 166198023029.png - (569.59KB , 2045x800 , 139.png )

Laying on your throne, you look out over all your new mates and watch them have their fun. While you currently have no desire to join them, you’re sure Ptamet wouldn’t mind lending her body again when the next patch of pregnant bellies needs to be created. But until then, you simply relax and let your mind be free of those intrusive thoughts and sexual desires, instead enjoying the pleasure of those around you. You close your eyes and listen…

”Why, aren’t you a hungry Ratling, little one~”
”Mmm, that’s it, sweetie, put another egg in mommy. Gosh, you’re just as eager as your father was your age… and your grandfather…”
”Taste massive Varkian cock, you rodent slut!”
”Oh g-great god Volek! T-turn T’chyra into egg-factory, please!”
”Ah! Oh, that- woah… I r-really t-to remember these moves when u-use my s-slime form again!”
”This one is about to plant sprouts! Big fish lady ready for nectar?”
”…you know… you’re kind of cute for a boy, lad.”
”Heh, and you had to pound my cute butt before you noticed, dear?”

Rubbing your pregnant tummy, you can’t help but smile… when you came here you didn’t know this was what you really wanted, but now… now you know… this is your deepest desire… to carry not only a lot of your own young… but the spawn of a god as well.

You ventured deep into the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, and entered a grand temple of some old forgotten god that laid hidden there. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, you indulged in acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals with wild abandon, all to please the demi-god descendants of the fertility god the structure was dedicated too.

The corridors twisted and turned with serpent-like suggestion, their writhing path hiding many dangers and foes, but you stayed vigilant and managed to find your greatest desire. A great treasure, hidden in the deepest catacombs, far below the surface, forever watched over by mighty guardians... but this treasure wasn’t gold, baubles or jewels… but life. Many before you have been seduced by the myth and been enthralled by the ravenous desire… but you found your wish within the halls…

…Of the Lascivious Labyrinth. 
No. 1042362 ID: 2a82d3

(slow claps) Well done, little plant. Well done.
No. 1042364 ID: add2e1

Please tell me this ain't over yet.
No. 1042366 ID: e4c993

Definitely a good look for Shelli, before, during, and after. And seems like everyone had fun.
If this is it, I hope we see similar in the future.
No. 1042467 ID: 84b19f

>Giant Hui
>x1000 eggs
Oh come on! That's quitter talk! I'm sure she has room for a few hundred more!
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