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File 165153687947.png - (382.64KB , 1020x760 , 01b.png )
1031036 No. 1031036 ID: db4755

In the land of Enur, the runes of magic control all that occurs! But one day, something caused these runes to fall down from the heavens onto the surface of the world! Now the spirits(That's you) are tasked with guiding a champion on their quest to recover these runes before the world falls into chaos!

Choose a race and gender!

Human: A human! The most abundant race in the land. Have a natural affinity boost with all elements of magic!

Kin: This animal-like race sports animalistic features such as tails ears claws and fangs! They naturally have sharper instincts and are quicker!

Gilland: Born with gills and webbed hands and feet, this race is the master of water and sea! The best swimmers, with the ability to breath underwater!
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No. 1034461 ID: 8dca14

Tell him that this isn't going to work if he doesn't actually do something!
No. 1034470 ID: 9a2966

I'm not actually so sure a seance is a good idea! There might be spirits out there who aren't as stable as we are given the fall of the Runes of Magic. That's why -I- prefer us doing it this roundabout way.

Granted, spirit instability being a thing is a total guess on my end and definitely not why the lot of us hid inside Maya's generous boso... body, and on occasion act somewhat irrationally.
No. 1034553 ID: b01382

You could at the very least try to do something. If not for our sake, then Maya's.
No. 1034592 ID: b01382

He's jerking off while staring at your butt
No. 1034594 ID: db7660

Just to be clear, he is not doing this.
He is doing this.
No. 1034595 ID: 36784c

No he’s not. You’re not funny.
No. 1034629 ID: edf403


No, you are a jerk for even saying such things!
No. 1034638 ID: a6da54

Please apologize for posting this suggestion.
No. 1034639 ID: fec07f

Common guys she's already having enough pro lems without this guy thinking she's crazy.
Maya he's just doing this>>1034405
No. 1034659 ID: db4755
File 165478612937.png - (369.75KB , 800x603 , 157.png )

>He's leaning against the doorframe, checking his nails

>Actually do something, Corvo!

Maya: "They say you're leaning against the doorframe, checking your nails. And that you should actually do something!"

Corvo: "H-Huh? What? Are you peeking?"

>He's jerking off.

>He's NOT jerking off.


Corvo: "WHAT, NO! Ask them uhh... Ask them how many fingers I'm holding up! Yeah!"

It sounds like Corvo's getting excited. I'm beginning to think he didn't believe me at first!!
No. 1034660 ID: 4286b4

He's checking your ass out, and holding up 4 fingers, 2 on each hand.
No. 1034661 ID: e5709d

He's doing that humiliating pose concubines perform while showering themselves in sludge.
Anyone who doesn't pay tips for this degradation deserves to be sodomized.
No. 1034662 ID: e51896

Four fingers, two on each hand
No. 1034663 ID: edf403

Leaning slightly forward, with a slightly vacuous grin, with index and middle fingers raised and parted on each hand, a hand gesture that often means either 'victory' or 'peace' or the number '2' or an insult signifying contempt, depending on one's culture.
No. 1034665 ID: 5c9cc3

4 total, 2 fingers on each hand, both with the index and middle finger.
No. 1034666 ID: 9ebc4a

Four fingers, index and middle finger of each hand. Also be aware. Some of us are liars or horny. Don't take our word over common sense.
No. 1034667 ID: 30b9f6

Too difficult to say on the ass, really. I am starting to think he's wearing those... sunglasses? - so no-one can follow his gaze. But yes, he's leaning slightly forwards, looking with apparent interest at you as he smiles, forming a V symbol with each hand using his index and middle fingers.

As long as we're doing finger symbology, if you are peeved with him for not believing in you at all, you can raise your hand into a fist and then present the back of your hand and a fully raised middle finger, and gesture them in his general direction.

On both hands, maybe, if you're really annoyed.

By the way, tell him the spirits expect this game of charades to be over soon. There's a world to - apparently excruciatingly slowly - save!

That is... we could keep going all day - we're easily amused - but you probably want some breakfast and a chance to nurse that hangover, don't you? And I do wonder if he'll actually run out of skepticism for the Runes of Magic having plopped out of the sky.
No. 1034669 ID: edf403


Let's not lie here, we're both easily amused AND vaguely perverted and horny, and a decent amount of us are bored trickster spirits.
No. 1034671 ID: 1bb7b8

There are 4 fingers raised in total, 2 in different hands.

Hey, maybe you should say some of our answers, as to give an accurate representation of us. We are literally voices, not just one entity. Hell, some of them are really like Corvo, horny and dumb.
No. 1034681 ID: 273c18

Four, two on each hand.
No. 1034689 ID: a9af05

He's holding up 4 fingers, 2 on each hand.

If you want us to be even more specific, it's his index and middle fingers on both hands.
No. 1034720 ID: b01382

Hows he so popular with the ladies? He looks like hes got a twink build. Uh, Maya if you dont know what a twink is thats pretty much an effeminate man.
No. 1034727 ID: ae9bd9

He doesn't really look that scrawny, and even if he did, people have different preferences. Don't judge.
No. 1034754 ID: b01382

I will judge him, and I do not like him. Dude's got like who knows how many kids and probably doesn't understand the concept of "pulling out."
No. 1034756 ID: dee951


Good lord, b01382, you're the one reliably saying all these horrible things, I've checked the meeting notes. Why are you so angry all the time, are you okay?
No. 1034757 ID: 708905

Slight lean forward, elbows bent, 4 fingers up - the middle and index fingers on either hand
No. 1034764 ID: b01382

Not angry per say, mostly sleep deprived and hazardously curious.
No. 1034874 ID: f2320a

Okay thats a fair thing to say
No. 1034877 ID: dee951


The question is, if he HAS all these children, does he take care of them, and is he a part of their lives, and does he take care of the women, and did the women know what they were getting into ahead of time and were they positioned to make an informed decision? And what does his culture say about this sort of activity? The mere fact of having a lot of children with different women is not INHERENTLY immoral. We don't actually know his particular circumstances!
No. 1034887 ID: b01382

He is bad stinky man. With kooties.
I rest my case.
No. 1034892 ID: 9a2966

I rather think you should rest.
No. 1034918 ID: dee951


Yea, b01382, you've already mentioned that you're sleep deprived... maybe just try and catch up?? You're spewing weirdness again
No. 1034927 ID: e5709d

Can we... can we take five? I think this is reaching flame-war territory...
No. 1034956 ID: db4755
File 165522870999.png - (226.90KB , 800x603 , 158.png )

>4 fingers, 2 on each hand

Maya: "Four fingers! Two on each hand! ...And are you staring at my butt?"

Corvo: "Wow! You really CAN hear the spirits! That's crazy! And yes, I am!"

Maya: "So now that you finally believe me, what do we do now, magic expert?"

Corvo: "Well, I uh... I dunno! I'm kind of retired! But... I guess it wouldn't be very magician-y of me to ignore the end of the world, would it? You said you wanted me to teach you stuff... You also wanna earn money. What would you wanna concentrate on first? I'll try to help you with that."

A: General magic skills! (Gain a bit of knowledge and ability in all affinities of magic.)

B: Specific magic skill! (Gain a lot of knowledge and ability in ONE affinity! Please specify which one!)

C: Earn some money! (Maya will work with Corvo, and gain some moolah!)
No. 1034958 ID: 9a2966

Thanks to the gold you were given money isn't an immediate issue - but your control over magic is, given what happened.

Hm. You need grounding in all the elements if you ask me. You're gonna have to deal with them all in some way or at some point, anyhow.

No. 1034959 ID: b01382

B: Specific magic skill! (Gain a lot of knowledge and ability in ONE affinity! Please specify which one!)
Healing. Gotta get good enough to heal our bro.
No. 1034961 ID: 9748c8

A, or B (the magic he's proficient in). It seems a bit unusual that he'd be able to teach you any magic, even the one he doesn't have affinity for.
No. 1034962 ID: 09b544

B: Specific magic skill! (Gain a lot of knowledge and ability in ONE affinity! Please specify which one!)
Id say we work with earth. Considering where we are, im guessing the majority of magic we will be up against while trying to find the rune will be water based, so we should focus on countering that.
No. 1034964 ID: 61355a

A! General magic skills, you can do lots of creative stuff with mixing elements, se have loooots of ideas for that which will give you wayyy more power than you might otherwise have. Like combining fire and earth for volcano or superheated mud magic, or fire and water for steam magic, or water and life for healing mists, and as soon as we can figure out what Arcane can do... oh! Is water just specifically water, or is it all liquids? How about the elements that make up water in liquid form, could you summon liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen (both would have to be SO COLD that to touch it would be to immediately kill the limb that touches it, they also blow up really well...)! Oh! Could you combine earth and water magic to make stable metallic hydrogen? GOD, we have soooo many ideas for blowing stuff up! Does arcane or life magic influence light? We can teach you to make a laser!
No. 1034966 ID: 61355a

Does life and water magic allow you to make liquids found in nature? Because oh god, I have SOO MANY ideas if that's the case!
No. 1034985 ID: cbce12

Let's start with A, we can focus on the money later.
No. 1034990 ID: e5709d

B) Concentrate on Fire. Be a pyromancer. You have a powerful technique, the Flamethrower - now you just need to learn how to suppress it when it runs rampant.

Also, we'd like to discuss the effects of nuclear force and how it might be accessed as a special component of magic.
No. 1034991 ID: 273c18

A. You're a multimage, make the most of it.
No. 1035094 ID: db4755
File 165533903695.png - (165.11KB , 800x603 , 159.png )

>General magic skills

Okay! Will do! I decide to go with upping my general magic skills and knowledge. Probably a good idea, considering my entire goal seems to be concerning magic!

Corvo: "Good choice! In that case, I'll start at the basics, and teach you all the fundamentals of magic! By the end of it, you'll be able to use basic abilities in each affinity. Assuming you're a fast learner, like you said. You don't really seem like it. No offense."
No. 1035095 ID: db4755
File 165533905059.png - (25.65KB , 800x603 , 160.png )

...You know what? I'm kind of taking offense!

No. 1035103 ID: b01382

show titties!
No. 1035104 ID: cbce12

This was fun! Many emotions! Hope we get the second part soon!
No. 1035110 ID: 235ba5

Looking forward to the next thread.
No. 1035117 ID: 9ebc4a

Really funny! Can't wait for the next chapter.

(Totally got me with the fire and Alto thing. I apreciate the consequences.)
No. 1035171 ID: f2320a

thanks for the wild ride or well airheaded ride
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