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File 164887193393.png - (138.39KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
1027969 No. 1027969 ID: 08229c

You are talking not to Mary but to I, the Dungeoneer! Thanks to a successful and exceedingly easy coupe I have declared myself the new Dungeon Master. All those who opposed me have been successfully dealt with.

Now I simply need to decide what to do with all my newfound powers.
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No. 1027970 ID: 6ccff3

Time to give everyone lewd runes
No. 1027971 ID: 2f6d8f

Give yourself all the runes. All of them.
No. 1027972 ID: 2905fd

Lewd Shortstacks. Lewd Shortstacks everywhere.
No. 1027973 ID: cdbcf8

Hahaha yes, lewd stuff, love that love that. Nothing can top some good old fashion lewd stuff->>1027969
No. 1027974 ID: b79969

Redesign the entire layout of the dungeon and all of the monsters in it. People love when things change suddenly
No. 1027975 ID: 2e321d

Put runes in Mary. Visit the others who opposed you down in the dungeon prison. Figure out what to do with the vacant positions.

If Demonologist isn't in prison, get her to take over your former Dungeoneer roles when you don't feel like doing them, she's been slacking!
No. 1027977 ID: 4534a6

Show us the magical (Cursed) Dungeon Master crown then lair!
No. 1027978 ID: c92a02

Add a new rune to everyone, selected at random. We're trying out that new procedural generation fad.
No. 1027979 ID: f683de

Clearly the best option is to put everyone in sexy uniforms
No. 1027988 ID: 9caba2

Go hunt for the elusive boob rune.
No. 1027994 ID: bef3f3

All those who opposed you? Who’s left?
No. 1027997 ID: 2aa5f0

what do you have to work with?
No. 1028009 ID: 56f06e

Give your bow-tie a rune. It has earned one after working so hard to try to make you look dignified. Bot to mention that clothing-minsters always make for a surprising additional stage when a boss reveals them.
No. 1028011 ID: 08229c
File 164890589337.png - (153.42KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Sadly, the fabled lewd rune continues to... Elewd me... Eh, get it? Get it? Hahaaaaaaaa...

Yeah, no, I don't have it. ALSO uh... I don't have the Archivist. Or the Demonologist. So... Lost most of my rune play there. All I can do is shove runes into things.

Yeah, I actually considered that! HOWEVER!
All the staff rebelled against me so...


It's just me..

But that's fine! Who needs staff? Honestly, all of them just held this dungeon back. I always felt the dungeon was getting a bit too bloated anyway.
No. 1028012 ID: 08229c
File 164890620273.png - (138.40KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

I wish I could infuse runes into my bowtie. It's the most bitchin' bowtie ever and you're damn right that I look fantastic in it. We'd need the Artificer for that.

Let's go show you guys off to the 'former' Dungeon Master.

>Dungeoneer goes into the Safe Room. A field seperates her from the prisoners, keeping her and them very safe indeed. She approaches Mary's cell, looking quite smug.

"Dungeoneer." Mary says.

"Mary." She replies.

"I am not a person that angers quickly. But, you have imprisoned me and I'd really like to be let out."

"I am simply taking my place as the TRUE ruler of the dungeon. I have ideas, Mary. Great ideas. Ideas that are beyond what you would allow. And now, without you holding me back, I can realize them."

"Is that so? May I ask you something?"

No. 1028013 ID: 08229c
File 164890623371.png - (174.06KB , 1200x470 , 4.png )

"How do you plan on doing that with no staff, runes, or gold?"
No. 1028014 ID: 78d23e

The same way you did! We just need to get one starting rune.
No. 1028015 ID: fcbb9e

Simple. It can't be that hard making runes. Get a rock and squeeze it and docus really hard with your mind. Thats how runes are made, right?

And you can still make monsters, just like. Combine a rock with a bigger rock, INSTANT GOLEM!
No. 1028016 ID: bef3f3

Damn. Mary started out trapped in the dungeon by contract and now you have her trapped in the safe room by a wall. Not only can she not go home, she can’t even move freely through the new home she’s carved out for herself here. That’s cold. Is the little girl in there too? Is she holding up alright?

Anyways just like, turn your shirt into a cloth rune or like a chair into a wood rune.

All you’ve got to do is make sure the adventurers don’t ask any questions about why the dungeon is scaled back down to startup staffing, leave reviews about how it’s gone off the rails of the previous lore, make sure Mary’s Dungeon-Running friends don’t check in on her, make sure your new demons don’t ask questions about why you don’t have any supporting staff because that could impact morale if they find out you have a bunch of fellow demons trapped in a cell, and also learn all of the skills of all the staff you have trapped so you can do all of their jobs by yourself, such as accounting, smithing, rune management, and so on.

Ready to take this one-woman show on the road? We’ve got some lean times ahead of us but if you’ve got the gumption to put in the sweat equity I bet you’ve got a shot!
No. 1028018 ID: 2aa5f0

>How do you plan on doing that with no staff, runes, or gold?
Same way you did and just wing it and see what happens and once I find something that looks like it works grasp it with both hands and and wring it for all it's worth until I have something that works and theme everything around that.
No. 1028020 ID: 4b4d4e

She's got you there Dungeoneer. Not to mention you just inherited all that DEBT and TAXES that you now have to pay off.
No. 1028025 ID: c92a02

We'll bamboozle the first adventurer that comes in into becoming our first employee! Then we'll turn them into runes, and so on down the line.
Why did you imprison all the gold too? Did you turn it into a gold slime?
No. 1028034 ID: cdbcf8

"Oh ho ho the same way you did my dear Mery." *Lean on the glass in a super extreme sexy way* "How did you?"

>All you’ve got to do is make sure the adventurers don’t ask any questions about why the dungeon is scaled back down to startup staffing, leave reviews about how it’s gone off the rails of the previous lore,
...! We have a storyline where the dungeon has been attacked! All we have to do is bust-up a few walls, some slime pools to look like blood. And it will look like all of these enemies are just foreign invaders attacking the castle! That would also give us freedom in our monsters, I love slimes and all that but I'm not going to put them in every dungeon we have. So let's put some knights, golems, or wood monsters or something.
No. 1028037 ID: cdbcf8

"Oh ho ho good question my dear Mery"*
No. 1028038 ID: 34dfce

So does this have to do with the "last resort" thingy?

Well, whatever. See if you can get a loan (from Mary's old company). Maybe also get some technology. Fuck runes. Nobody needs runes when you have a drone with a knife taped to it.
No. 1028047 ID: 9f70d1

All you need is a single water rune to start the glitch.
Remind Mary that, as the Dungeon Master, you can start turning everyone back into runes. Now you don't wanna do that, and Mary doesn't want you to do that, so she'll be a good girl and just give you that rune so you don't have to end anyone's life. Otherwise, remind her that Ms. Bloops just happens to be made of the single water rune you just happen to need.
No. 1028083 ID: 08229c
File 164894099551.png - (141.14KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Look I may have taken over the dungeon and imprisoned them but they're still my friends. I'm not -evil-. And, once they agree that my way of doing things is the best way to do things I'll be sure to let them all go!

"Oh Mary. Dear, sweet, Mary... You started with nothing. And I have more than you. So, the way I see it, I'm much further ahead."

"Dungeoneer, it's not just that... You need to make the experience fun for the customer. It's a job, first and foremost. And I'm not sure you have the mentality for that."

"Pfft. I've got the best mentality. I know what the people want, Mary. I can create things that will really bring in the money. You'll see."

"Alright, Dungeoneer. If you can prove me wrong then I'll be surprised but willing to hear you out more often."

>All you’ve got to do is make sure the adventurers don’t ask any questions about why the dungeon is scaled back down to startup staffing, leave reviews about how it’s gone off the rails of the previous lore, make sure Mary’s Dungeon-Running friends don’t check in on her, make sure your new demons don’t ask questions about why you don’t have any supporting staff because that could impact morale if they find out you have a bunch of fellow demons trapped in a cell, and also learn all of the skills of all the staff you have trapped so you can do all of their jobs by yourself, such as accounting, smithing, rune management, and so on.

Ha. Easy. I got this. I can do everyone's jobs!

"Just you watch, Mary! Watch!"

And with that, Dungeoneer leaves. She feels very hopeful that she will make the best dungeon.

First step. Some runes.
Then we'll need minions that are loyal to me.
No. 1028084 ID: 08229c
File 164894106413.png - (121.52KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

No. 1028085 ID: 08229c
File 164894120692.png - (97.18KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

Right okay.

So, I barely understand how runes work and interact with one another. I can make monsters but... Making things fun and lore accurate is proving to be difficult.

I just wanna make cute monster girls.

Curse my literally hardcoded limited knowledge of things.
No. 1028086 ID: ef0469

...What purpose did you taking your clothes off serve?
Not that you look bad, mind, but I can't understand how you used a whole shirt to wind up with a thin layer of fabric around some stacked rocks.
No. 1028088 ID: 9f70d1

>All you’ve got to do is make sure the adventurers don’t ask any questions about why the dungeon is scaled back down to startup staffing, leave reviews about how it’s gone off the rails of the previous lore,
You may need to change the Dungeon's name for those. Some people will be able to tell, but many will be fooled into thinking it's a different one.
As for the runes: you're screwed. Mary didn't have nothing, she had a slime, and that's the basis for the duplication exploit.
No. 1028090 ID: d5dac7

I think she runed them
No. 1028092 ID: 2e321d

Hardcoded, shmardcoded. Break some furnishing and things to infuse yourself with five runes! Break the system!
No. 1028096 ID: 2905fd

That's not a bad start. What kind of monster girls do you want to make though and what kind of runes do you have?
Maybe we should do something other then slimes?
Since you made a stone enemy, maybe we can have Earth Mages who took over the dungeon and filled it with stone monsters?
Goblins or Kobolds? I wonder if we could spin an Earth Dragon.
No. 1028097 ID: fcbb9e

Maybe doing the castle dungeon that we have isn't for you...

Maybe start from scratch. Like, some sort of cave or village near the castle. Because this isn't going to be to convincing right now. Maybe some angry eyes for effect.

You did have that gazer though, isn't she a friend? And I mean, there is that thing downstairs...its pretty strong...

I guess you could scour the halls looking for things. Some plants, bedsheets(ghosts?), maybe some spa water or spare mud from Sophie's room.

You are creative-ish. Right?
No. 1028098 ID: 61235c

Let’s see…

If you con some adventurers into fighting the monster in the basement as a sort of “special limited-time challenge” maybe one of them will drop something you could use? Can you turn equipment into runes? If so, I *guess* you could use some sort of “knowledge” or “freedom” or “wisdom” rune to rune yourself and break the hard-coded limits on your knowledge? Anyways, lookin’ good but you should probably put your shirt back on before adventurers arrive since that plan didn’t work.
No. 1028099 ID: c92a02

Who needs lore and accuracy? If you're this small time you just need cute monster girls!
Use the stone runes to summon a shop golem, and use the cloth runes to summon bikini mimics.
No. 1028103 ID: 4b4d4e

Have you tried asking for advice?
No. 1028104 ID: cdbcf8

Dungeoneer Dungeoneer Dungeoneer, as much as I love, absolutely love what you were going for here. You completely bunched the marbles. Because what you did right there, was stitching the wound before you remove bullet. You see when we make monsters we first think of what we want, and find out the runes we need for it. So let's say I want to make a animated suit of metal armor, all we need for that is one Metal and Sword rune. What you did was just throw three runes together and hope for the best. All you would have to do to fix this little problem you're having is tell us what monster you want, and we'll just put the runes in for it. But we could still do something with these runes though, a clothed golem with a sword does sound interesting.
No. 1028107 ID: 00d1ad

Really all you need to do is make slime versions of the staff, break them down to component runes, and just jam them into some golem bodies.
No. 1028109 ID: 07a449

Knife Rock best minion
No. 1028110 ID: 07a449

Knife Rock best minion
No. 1028111 ID: 36784c

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve got no idea what the fuck you’re doing and your little coup d’état is a complete failure.

You might as well let everyone out and hope that Mary is merciful with your punishment.
No. 1028128 ID: bc7841

You know what you should do? you should generously allow one of the workers to perform some of their tasks. Just this once, so they can set the foundations of your dungeon.
No. 1028144 ID: 9caba2

You must unseal the ancient forbidden knowledge trapped beneath your eyepatch!
No. 1028148 ID: f683de

Just gotta let the magic flow! We can help to.
No. 1028149 ID: 2aa5f0

give us control, just for a moment. Let's see what we can do, together. After all everyone needs a helping hand every now and again
No. 1028156 ID: 96c896

You'll have to break down like half the dungeon into runes in order to make new, more loyal monsters to populate it.
No. 1028205 ID: f683de

Could always bribe certain mobs with sweets and or other things.
Lili possibly could be bribed into being the main boss of a "traitor queen" event for a limited time offer, have her dress up in a corrupt rune dress or something and show off how spooky corrupted monsters are? Or maybe because we have the outer town (did we complete that?) we could just keep the slimes in their snuggly prison and focus on the non slime folk.
No. 1028277 ID: 08229c
File 164913167566.png - (134.94KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

>Unleash your eyepatch!

N-no... That is an absolute last resort. If I do that before I'm ready then everything I worked for will be pointless.

That will be plan Z.

>Lookin' good!

Don't... Don't look at me. My heart can't handle it.

>Hardcoded, shmardcoded. Break some furnishing and things to infuse yourself with five runes! Break the system!

Ew. I'm not gonna infuse myself with some common runes. I have goals, my dear crown. Grand visions that can not be tainted by common crappy runes. I want some good runes!
I want...


I will accept wisdom, I guess.

But I'll be damned if I give myself water or some boring crap like that!

I guess I can ask you guys for help?

I don't think I've ever asked anyone for help before.
Not as far back as I can remember, even to my core self.

Let's... Try it?

And let me get myself a new shirt.
No. 1028278 ID: 08229c
File 164913179362.png - (93.39KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

Dungeoneer goes and runes some random furniture. A goblet of water, some chests, a few bits of gold.
Without access to any of the slimes or gold she finds herself severely limited. However, she is still able to gain a handful of runes.

Alright... I got cloth... Container... Gold... Even got a bit of water in there.
But without stripping away stuff to the nail this is about what we got to work with.

Now, remember crown... We want CUTE MONSTER GIRLS.
That is the goal here! That's what the people want!

So, we're gonna give it to them!
No. 1028280 ID: 2f6d8f

Yeah, sure, but look to the practical first: make a 1-rune slime, so you never run out of them. That's your source.
No. 1028281 ID: b79969

Gold cloth and stone to get Rocky Balboa
No. 1028282 ID: 36b2ef

Don't be too quick to abandon that ninja boulder monster. That could be pretty handy, and kunoichi are hot. We just need to refine the concept.
No. 1028283 ID: 284627

it’s been a long time since we got to mix and match runes to make a monster, can we have a quick refresher?
No. 1028284 ID: 262eba

I have got bad news for you. You are rather limited on the unique monster grils you can make that aren't slime.

So you definitely will need a 1 rune slime to get going.

But I do have one idea. You could always make a yeti/snow queen with Water+Water+Magic. Or Water+Water+Fancy.

Maybe you make invisible sentient clothes with Clothes+Magic?
No. 1028285 ID: 262eba

No. 1028286 ID: 2f6d8f

Basically, what >>1028104 said. Also the runes in the pic are 3 Container, 3 Metal, 3 Water, 2 Fancy, 2 Magic, 1 Cloth. (Dungeoneer says Gold, but we never had, or ever seen, Gold runes, so she probably got it wrong.)
No. 1028287 ID: c92a02

Metal + water: Cute rust monster!
cloth + magic + water = magical slime girl! No, not Lily, a new take on it.
water: slime for the dupe glitch, of course.
gold + magic + container: Gacha mimic, with an army of seibahs (metal).
Save the rest of the runes.
No. 1028288 ID: 4b4d4e

Can't we combine some runes to create new ones?

Wait...I got it! Container, Gold, combine those two with that knife-wielding cloth rock to make a thief monster! One that steals valuables! Add a water rune and we get a slimy thief!

Wait....But that makes another monster, and you want monster girls. Well...actually Get that thief to steal some new runes from the other dungeons~! We can send our minions out to go raid other dungeons right? Right?

Wait! Refine that thief idea, make it a cat-burglar styled monster girl that can be lewd with its thievery!
No. 1028289 ID: 4b4d4e

So I'm hearing sexy gacha casino bunnygirl monster girl. With an eyepatch! Whose powers revolve around baiting adventurers into spending gold for the gacha. Good source of income, but man does it detract from Mary's main Slime Kingdom dungeon...unless we make it a separate attraction!
No. 1028290 ID: 6c227a

Can you make mermaids or fish girls out of your water runes?
Rag dolls and poppets can be made of cloth and be reasonably cute.
No. 1028291 ID: d11ff9

Container + Magic for a mana vampire. Add Fancy if you want an elegant elite version.
No. 1028292 ID: f73698

You're gonna fuck it up.
No. 1028293 ID: fcbb9e

Ooooh just got a good idea.


No. 1028294 ID: b3fad9

Gold + Container + Magic = Mimic
No. 1028300 ID: 61235c

That idea for a genie is really good. I have it on good authority that genie girls are mad cute. Like, a tube top and harem pants? Yes please! Mermaids are also cute but I think that’s be aqua and not water? Sphinx girls are also cute but I think we need more than just magic…

If we use cloth for a magic carpet we could have a cool Arabian/desert theme with the genie, and if we don’t care about theme we can use container for a matryoshka girl! We’ll need a low-level monster after all, and that’s levels of cute girl for the price of one!

Whatever you do, just do your best to think cute thoughts while doing the summoning! Cute is as much a type of behavior as it is a look, too.
No. 1028305 ID: 61235c

If I continue to think about it, then budgeting our runes out, we have enough for…

Magic+Container (Mana vampire)
Magic+Container (Genie)
Container (Matryoshka Girl, add more levels of container later)
Cloth+fancy(Pillow Princess, add magic later for voodoo princess)
Water+water (steam girl)
Water (steam wisp to accompany steam girl)
Metal+fancy (Casino “Jackpot”)
Metal (copper elemental)
Metal (Tin elemental)
Copper and Tin elementals can fuse into a Bronze Amazoness
No. 1028307 ID: e3145e


> Container+Magic+Magic for one strong genie girl to serve as our room bouncer
> Container x2 for two one rune mimic chest fodder monsters
> Fancy+Metal+Water for golden slime bunny girl
> Fancy + Cloth to make the room look like an exotic bazaar (presentation is important)
> Metal x2 for 2 metal gauntlets

> Genie girl welcomes them to the central hub area, apologizing that the staff is currently on vacation but promising big things to come.
> Offers to play a game with the possibility of a fabulous prize to the keen of eye and intellect
> Presents chest full of gold (actually the slime girl) and closes it
> Magically summons other chests (and mimics) and begins spinning them around faster and faster
> Effectively, it's a shells game. Pick wrong and at best you find nothing, at worst you get chomped or slapped by a gauntlet
> Once found, slime girl pops out and offers a kiss, getting annoyed if that isn't enough.
> Offers an extra special prize if they beat her, but warns that it's gonna hurt.
> She summons the gauntlets and fights, dropping Jeffrey's bossroom key on defeat.
> Adventurer can then choose to fight Jeffrey.
No. 1028308 ID: 2905fd

We could use Water and Magic to make a Siren. Or Container and Cloth to make some kind of cat burglar. (Because they steal stuff and store it in their cloth sack.)
Could use Cloth and Magic to make some kind of ninja too.
Magic + Magic + Fancy, make a magical fox spirit waifu.
No. 1028309 ID: 2d7644
File 164917526774.png - (793.50KB , 2133x1600 , 19F53DD7-BAF8-4CC7-9424-0CD52E64078A.png )

>I want...
Impossibly based of you

Ok ok so we have 3 water runes, that means that we can either get infinite container, fancy, metal, or magic runes. We could than also make just a regular slime and have it give us some extra water runes. But the problem is I don’t think we actually have the time for waiting for the slimes to divide before a adventurer comes to us. Also let’s not forget about the stone, cloth, and knife/sword/maybe metal runes we have.

Ok now that runes stuff is out of the way, theme!…What should it be?
No. 1028312 ID: 2905fd

I just had another idea. Container = Chest right.
We could use Metal + Container to make a Big Boob Minotaur Warrior or Minotaur Blacksmith. Could also probably do Dwarves too.
No. 1028328 ID: a9af05

>That is the goal here! That's what the people want!
>So, we're gonna give it to them!
Don't limit it to only cute monster girls! Some people might like cute monster boys! We've gotta be able to appeal to everyone's interests!

>monster ideas
Honestly, I think making a genie would be a bad idea. If any adventurers try to make a wish, they'll just wish for all of the loot in our dungeon and then we'd have nothing left for other adventurers.

Or if the genie isn't able to grant the wish, the adventurers might get pissed and leave a bad review for our dungeon, which would hurt our reputation and we'll lose customers.

Then again, someone could just wish for our genie's freedom and the genie would just leave the dungeon.
No. 1028338 ID: 36784c

>Don't limit it to only cute monster girls!
>Include cute monster boys!
We also shouldn’t limit it to only cute monsters. We should also include some sexy monsters!
No. 1028342 ID: f683de

Clearly the genie only gives wishes out to people that win one and are custom equipment related.
No. 1028349 ID: 2f6d8f

Yep, genies with scripted multiple-choice wishes is the way to go.
No. 1028385 ID: 1c0351

i mean, we could just make cute non-gendered monsters and just go for the kawaii factor. Ofc I think Dungeoneer is going to hard pass several suggestions here, for better or worse.
No. 1028393 ID: 8d65e6

Okay look, if you're going to do this you're gonna need to stick with what you know, and that's adding runes to monsters. Instead of wasting the few runes you have trying to make some multi-rune failure, start with a single rune monster and add runes to them to build them up.
Start with cloth, get yourself some kind of cloth doll girl, then add a magic rune to make them a real girl. Then add one of those gold/metal/whatever runes to pretty them up!
No. 1028398 ID: b6f6dd


Maybe bunny girl could have a mimic on a stick as a weapon, like a hammer with a bite attack.
No. 1028400 ID: 2ec546

>We should also include some sexy monsters!
Don’t forget the could easily crush your skull like a grape sexy monsters. No sexy thing is complete with out one.
No. 1028403 ID: 2ec546
File 164926541411.jpg - (109.18KB , 540x960 , 69FC4516-E537-4EDE-BFB7-49E4C2446009.jpg )

No. 1028460 ID: fcc8fc

Well, Gold + Water sounds like a good way to get "Tea", because it is just flavoured water, but was big money back in the day. Cloth can be turned inside-out, use that with a container so that instead of representing stuff inside of it, it is representing stuff outside of it, which would be basically everything, or "All". If you can rune something of great personal importance, then maybe it can make for a "My" rune? All-My-Tea is about as close as I think you are going to get... perhaps you could try hitting it with an inverted pun rune? Maybe you could try runing "I'm feeling a little horse" while fondling a pony after shouting too much?

Or just (gold + water = tea) + (cloth + container = bag) to make a teabag monster...
No. 1028462 ID: b4bdd8

What I'm seeing here is a casino/cabaret style dungeon crawl. This could actually work rather well.
You could give it two routes.
For those who wish to fight their way through, it'd be heavily RNG based. Pull the lever, see what you get! Monster? Loot? Puzzle minigame? Nothing? Who knows! The more you pull, the higher the risks, but higher rewards. Roll enough, you get the miniboss, and later the boss. Defeat them to access the jackpot vault of prizes!
On the other hand, for the pacifists, it could be more standard casino fare. Each monster runs a table with a game to play, and the crawler is provided with a few tokens to start for free. If they run out, they can purchase more tokens, perhaps limited to half of what's required for the objective. The objective is to get enough tokens to start a cabaret show, starring the boss, after which they're allowed access to the jackpot vault of prizes!

At least, that's the vibe I'm getting from the suggestions.
No. 1028479 ID: 2f6d8f

>Well, Gold + Water sounds like a good way to get "Tea"
Slight digression, but Dungeoneer got the rune name wrong and it's actually Fancy. And I don't think there's a better way to describe tea than "fancy water".
No. 1028483 ID: 08229c
File 164935893052.png - (32.36KB , 775x600 , 10.png )

>Make a one rune slime and begin the exploit.

Hmm. I think I may have fricked it up.
Wow, okay, I guess I suck at making one rune things.

>Some people might want cute monster boys!

Okay but... -I- don't want that so... They're gonna get what I want!
I think you guys have some great ideas to work with here so let's see...
No. 1028484 ID: 08229c
File 164935925131.png - (321.02KB , 1600x600 , 11.png )

Dungeoneer gets to work. She finds herself unable to craft monsters from single runes that are any good, but, once she has a base, she's able to infuse them with runes to create something much more interesting. She begins fusing runes together, creating multiple two and three rune creations.

The monsters she summons all greet her politely as the dungeon master.

The doll girl is interesting. First layer is really strong. Then it gets weaker but more magical. Great, huh?
Genie girl is... Gosh.
... I tried to make some sorta gambling girl? Ended up with a gunner. No idea how that happened.
And a tea slime? I was trying to just make tea but I'll take this.

I knew it! With my skills and your guidance we're gonna do great. Now, time to craft a basic dungeeeooohhh noooo...
No. 1028485 ID: 08229c
File 164935930019.png - (189.30KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

I suck at building, right. Frick.

Okay. Simple rooms! Simple!

She drafts up an incredibly basic dungeon.

Alright, so, first room... We have this here genie girl introduce them to the dungeon and explain it. I guess we can make it mostly a puzzle dungeon? I can't really build anything fancy or infuse runes into rooms... God this is so hard to do by myself...
And I can't summon any constructs since they're technically 'already summoned'.

Right, genie girl... Introduces people to the dungeon. Second we uh...

I'm out of ideas here.
No. 1028486 ID: 0049e6

Could create a mesmerist and hypnotize Mary into helping.
No. 1028487 ID: 9caba2

Listen, why not turn it into a bar or café instead? You've already made a tea slime! And the genie can present them with their wishes from behind a counter, where its presumed semi-immobility won't hinder it.
The doll.. Well, she has 4 hands, right? she can carry more stuff. Waiter.

The 'gambler' can entertain guests with Uno or Match 4.
And you can get to be the boss who says quirky stuff to the employees and customers, while not really working at all.
No. 1028488 ID: d68ab3


Bleh... We're going to need to raid Mary's stash for an alcohol rune, aren't we?
No. 1028489 ID: 35e836

>... I tried to make some sorta gambling girl? Ended up with a gunner. No idea how that happened.
Why do I suddenly hear the theme to "The good, the bad, and the ugly"?

Well, what I suggested ( >>1028462 ) could work as a single room, if you've got someplace to hide the monsters for the fighters. Ideally, you'd have a slot machine to figure out what they'd fight or receive, but if you're desperate, dice and a random encounter chart will do. Also, some tables and decks of cards for the pacifists. Lots of games you can play with just decks of cards. Poker, blackjack, baccarat, solitaire... Oh, plus a stage of some type. One add-on idea I had was that each monster would have their own show for the crawler to see if they won the monster's game enough, regardless of tokens.
You probably also would have to make the room look... opulent to fit the style. Get curtains, make it shine and glitter somehow.
As you expand, you could add more random things for the fighters, get a roulette table, and so forth.

Possible exploit: can you wish for things with the genie to get runes or improve the dungeon to how you'd like?
No. 1028490 ID: d68ab3


Raid Mary's stash, rune some alcohol, and make a bar. Call the place The In-Between or The Interlude, since this exists between stages of Slimecrown proper.

Genie girl can make mixed drinks and play games of chance (maybe something like smoke shaping competitions on hooka would be fun).

Tea Slime can make everything non-alcoholic, and play a game of Name that Tea for small prizes.

The nesting doll can be the waitress. Presumably she can handle containers well.

Then you just have bandit lady off in a corner either at a gun range or see how she is at darts.
No. 1028493 ID: 2905fd

With what we have, what about some sort of Saloon? I don't know if you can make loot, but you set it up so the Tea Slime and Genie work at the Saloon you run and the Bandit and Doll come to steal the loot.
Put the Saloon a few rooms back and have them run into the Bandit first, who tries to recruit them for her gang (Somewhere where they can't murder her.) or send one of the Dolls to go. To kind of give a branching path thing?

The Saloon can have like Poker and drinks and Cabaret shows from the Genie.
No. 1028497 ID: 2aa5f0

could go with an oasis/wild west theme. Have a sort of bar/casino/cafe and lore it as a watering hole in the middle of nowhere that people stop by either before going into the endless nothing beyond, coming back from it, or just looking for a place to lay low for whatever reason. Genie could be the doorman/bouncer that decides who get's to come in or not and the first puzzle room is her test for adventures to see if they're worthy.

Next room is the bar/cafe ran by tea slime. This could also be a good spot for us to sell things to adventures to try and gain some extra cash. I'm also thinking we have doll girl and gun girl lean a bit into the Wild West theme by having gun girl be a bounty hunter looking for doll girl but doesn't recognize her until she's in her last form so if adventurous fight doll girl gun girl will jump in thinking they're after her bounty. Just have both in the bar area with both not being immediately hostile with gun girl ignoring adventurers unless they attack first and doll girl being shifty and will attack if adventures interact with her too much thinking they're after her bounty.

Also if you want to try and connect things to the slime kingdom thing Mary set up (as to not completely confuse people wonder what happened to the old dungeon) you could say that this oasis is an outpost that's connected to to the slime citadel as the last pitstop for people leaving the kingdom (heading out this direction at least) or the first stop before heading to the citadel proper. Could also help us explain why everything is a bit smaller.
No. 1028498 ID: 2f6d8f

>if you've got someplace to hide the monsters for the fighters
A staple of the genre: under the table.
>You probably also would have to make the room look... opulent to fit the style
A Fancy rune applied to the room should do.
>Possible exploit: can you wish for things with the genie to get runes or improve the dungeon to how you'd like?
Worth a try, but I doubt it. When Mary tried similar exploit they either didn't work or cost money.
No. 1028499 ID: b79969

And then, Bam!

We hit them with the Orgy room
No. 1028501 ID: c92a02

Gambler girl? Matryoshka monster?
Challenge adventurers to russian roulette, them versus the doll. Doll has multiple heads, they get a reward based on how many times they win.
Tea slime helps to calm their nerves after.
No. 1028562 ID: fcbb9e

So if you are thinkinga Puzzle dungeon with a little combat. I have a fun idea.

So the first room, the entrance, has only a table, enough chairs for the party+1 and Tea Slime sitting in their cup with a few empty cups.

The genie's lamp is a teapot, and there is a litle bit of "steam" coming out. The party, seeing tea slime are invited to pour a cup of "tea" and "pour out" the genie. She thanks them, and promises a reward beyond their riches behind that door. But to earn that wish, the party has to complete two of her own wishes (to play with three wishes). One can be fighting the bandit that trapped the genie in her "teapot" and another can be in cinvincing the living doll to perform her duties and serve the genie and the tea slime at yhe tea party.
No. 1028570 ID: 34dfce

Sooo, random question, but given how Mary has a contract with Yum and Yum has invested in the (old) dungeon, and then how you took over and the old dungeon is no longer a thing and thus is not generating profits, that would probably put Mary in breach of the contract; however, since Mary has been forced into this position against her will by a third party, might it be possible that Yum sends a security team to the dungeon to liberate Mary and restore the old dungeon?


Matryoshka girl needs bigger boobs for maximum onee-san vibes.


Is the tea girl literally just some sort of tea-slime in a huge teacup? Iiiiinteresting.


Idk if this has ever really been suggested or addressed, but, and i know this may be a bit unconventional, but could we just buy some weapons for our monsters?

I mean, idk about slimes and less corporeal entities, but the matryoshka with an AK is probably going to do some damage.

Also our gunner has no gun. Or a second limb to aim the gun. Or depth perception.
No. 1028571 ID: 34dfce

I am not complaining, I am just addressing problems that should be addressed. The first step to solving a problem is realizing it is there in the first place.
No. 1028619 ID: 6b0000

Whatever you do, you’re gonna need smart advertising to properly set expectations for anyone coming to run through slimecrown citadel. Maybe just say it’s a sneak preview of the next project while staff take a vacation? Otherwise I think we’re in for some disappointed reviews, and reviews are gonna make or break the success of this whole operation.
No. 1028632 ID: 8d65e6

Question, is this replacing Slimecrown or is this the second dungeon Mary had lined up to make?
No. 1028633 ID: 2905fd

Oh yeah. That reminds me.

Dungeoneer, I think at one point one of the adventurers mentioned that there was like a thing for the dungeon with it's suggested level and a short description. Do you know how to get into that to change it?
No. 1028641 ID: 13d9ef

Ooooh shit, Dungeoneer about to get sued.
No. 1028705 ID: 2f6d8f

C&D'd, most likely
No. 1030115 ID: e7e63e

Oh, I get it!
The gunner is a one-armed bandit! Which also explains the 777 hairclip. The puns!
I imagine her catchphrase is "Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?"
I wonder if we'd get a figurative one-armed bandit of some type or maybe a one-armed bandit mimic if we gave her a container rune, or if we gave a new monster the same runes she has plus a container rune. Lots of fun to be had with reels customized to fit the dungeon.
No. 1030136 ID: 34dfce

Going to be honest here dude, I had no idea what you were talking about.
For those of you who live under a rock like me, a one-armed bandit is slang for a slot machine.
No. 1030287 ID: 08229c
File 165091728091.png - (150.56KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

Mary's out of the picture. It's MY dungeon now!

And because it's my dungeon I, along with you, are going to change things around here. First thing's first...

I'm stealing your ideas.

Dungeoneer sets up the dungeon. The first room is a simple greeting area. The second room is the entire rest of the dungeon.

So you guys gave me some fantastic ideas. What I'm going do is called a Scripted Encounter. Basically it's a room that, when entered, has a bit of plot playing out. I don't think Mary took advantage of this beyond some boss cutscenes.

So the player enters this room, right? And we'll have my adorable and big tittied doll monster greet them at the bar. Tea slime will come in handy here.

They get served some drinks and stuff and then ol' bandita over here busts in to rob the place. If they manage to best her they can get the genie as a reward. Or, rather, a wish. I'll give them my genie over my dead body.

While I don't CARE about the other dungeon I agree we need to have some continuity here..

We'll say it's just a temporary thing (it's not).
No. 1030288 ID: 08229c
File 165091754777.png - (66.69KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Dungeoneer spends some time making sure everything is just right. All the monsters are in place, the rooms are set.

It's ready!

And dungeon... Open-!

Oh. There's already people in queue.

Let's see...

Psion and Ronin - "For Fun. Rerun."

Swordsman - "For fun. Request: 'let me solo this'."

Dragon Rider and Dragon - "For fun. First time."

Alright! Who do we let in?
No. 1030289 ID: 6ccff3

Look, if you let mary out now, she won't let the swordsman solo you. You take the reruns, and fuck it up you die. You let the newbies in and fuck it up so new people don't come, you die. You lets swordman in, you die.
No. 1030290 ID: 2f6d8f

Not the first two, since they already know the old dungeon so they might be taken aback to find something different. The swordsman looks like he wants a good fight, so may not be the best for our current state unless we send him Jeffreywards.
So my vote is for Dragon rider and Dragon.
No. 1030305 ID: fcbb9e

I am on either Team Dragon/Rider or Swordsman.

I am shocked you never told her more about the scripted scenes, tsk tsk.
No. 1030322 ID: c92a02

Well, these are all insanely high level adventurers. Accept the dragon rider and dragon for an unbiased and fresh set of eyes upon your masterpiece.
No. 1030325 ID: 1441fd

You're already dead, you know. Not even a body, just runed and repurposed.
No. 1030331 ID: 2aa5f0

I'm hoping that the dragon rider + dragon combo mean that it's their first Adventure and not their first time running this dungeon because to be honest we're kind of low level at the moment since we're just getting started. High level adventurers would tear through this place with ease, low level or new adventures on the other hand would probably have a better time since the challenge would actually be more challenging to them.

So yeah guess I'm going with dragon rider and dragon and crossing my fingers that they are both new adventures and not veterans well above our dungeons level.
No. 1030332 ID: 2f6d8f

Now, now, there's no need to tell her such things. Focus on the cute girls and the fun stuff, Dungeoneer, there's nothing else for you to think about. Pay no more attention to this.
No. 1030334 ID: 61235c

Don’t we get to see their levels? And are they going to get promoted to fight you at the end of this? Just a little worried is all. Anyways, best not to pick the return customers right off the bat since they’re looking for Slimecrown specifically.
No. 1030337 ID: 8fd67d

Also, might want to pur up a sign of 'Temporary story written by orphan girl not long for this world'

Because you're gonna die when Mary gets out. Or made into her concubine.
No. 1030338 ID: 08229c

Sorry the levels are thus:

Ronin: 43
Psion: 45

Let Me Solo This: 1

Dragon Rider: 37
Dragon: 65

No. 1030340 ID: 2f6d8f

>Let Me Solo This: 1
oh hell no, he's not coming back here
No. 1030349 ID: fcbb9e

With the extra info. Its Dragon/Rider for me.
No. 1030408 ID: 36784c

Since you’re so eager to take over the dungeon, then I guess that means that you’re willing to take all of Mary’s responsibilities and burdens, correct? If so, then congratulations, you’ve just trapped yourself in the dungeon for the next 100 years!

……what? Did you forget Mary’s curse? The previous owner, The King of Demons, has cursed Mary to be the new owner of this dungeon and made it so she’s is unable to step outside for the next 100 years until the spell ends. That curse is tied to whoever is the current owner of the dungeon, which is now you. So as the new owner of the dungeon, that curse now belongs to you!

Hope you don’t enjoy it as much as Mary didn’t enjoy it!
No. 1030409 ID: 9caba2

Dragons are cool as heck, you should let that pair in.
No. 1030432 ID: 055f13

I don’t think dungeon constructs can leave anyways.
No. 1030456 ID: 081cc9

I wonder if scripted events would be a source of frustration for LMST or if they'd have a way to sequence break.

Either way I think we should give them a shot too; those speedrunner types are popular and try to outdo themselves and each other all the time. Newbies trying to imitate the initial success would probably make for a decent short-term windfall.
No. 1030601 ID: 4534a6

This is your chance to eat some sexy lady dragon ass, don't blow this!
No. 1033734 ID: 1ed92d

Let the Dragon and Dragon Rider in.

Let Me Solo This is another fucking speedrunner, NEVER AGAIN.

And Ronin And Psion are a little... overpowered for the dungeon's current resources.
No. 1034672 ID: c87628

Someone refresh my memory. Has Larro pieced their phylactery back together or was this just an extended april fools?
No. 1045621 ID: 08229c
File 166508895343.png - (130.78KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

You and the others have so little faith in me! Trust me, I am going to run the BEST dungeon ever. No one will be able to compare and then Mary will see.

They will all see what we are capable of...

We will let in the dragon and their rider!

Wouldn't it be funny if the dragon and rider were both really hot girls?

It'd be funny, right?



Alright! Dungeon, open!


>A man enters the room and surveys the area. He wears a large and gaudy looking cloak.

"This is Slimecrown Citadel..? There's not too many slimes. Or much of a citadel."

Hey, frick you! You're not even a cute girl! Don't judge me!
No. 1045623 ID: 08229c
File 166508950836.png - (168.68KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

And where even is the d-

>A massive head pokes out of the cloak, with clear disregard for any major laws of space.

"Rr... There are no monsters to eat... You promised monsters, Rider."

"Calm, Rissy, there are surely some monsters deeper in. The flame within you will be satisfied."

"Better, otherwise I will have to punish you upon your return..."

Oh! Dragon! Cute dragon girl(?)! I want her on my team, aaaaaa

We have to kill them to get the dragon rune, right?

We HAVE to!
No. 1045624 ID: 7397c3

We get runes from items, not people. Killing the dragon wouldn't guarantee getting the rune. I have a suspicion that taking that cloak will, tho.
No. 1045625 ID: 08229c
File 166509019505.png - (220.85KB , 800x1200 , 17.png )

The scripted scene should begin.... Now.

>The Rider steps into the tea/alcohol serving area and is immediately greeted by the doll.

"Welcome!" The nesting doll says, "The kingdom is closed to people today but may I offer you some refreshments?"

"Refreshments? The dungeon has barely started. Did I come at a bad time?"

"There's no bad time for a bit of relaxation, friend. Why not kick up your feet and rest a little?"

>The man's cloak growls.

"Hmm. Right, well... Apologies for this."
No. 1045626 ID: 08229c
File 166509033489.png - (174.46KB , 800x561 , 18.png )

>He spreads his cloak open. A massive burst of flame shoots out and almost instantly cooks the doll.
No. 1045627 ID: 08229c
File 166509058314.png - (159.02KB , 800x561 , 19.png )

No. 1045628 ID: 7397c3

Easy. We can adapt. Probably only managed to kill the first layer of the doll, we had the rest. We might want to switch the bandit from villain to antihero, if this is how they wanna play this.
No. 1045629 ID: 9caba2


Shit, send in genie girl and see if she can fulfill any wishes in exchange for leaving?
Though they'll have to wish for a cup of slime tea, 'cause that's all we got.
No. 1045630 ID: 6ad5df

No, no. We use our existing monsters to goad them into visiting Jeffrey. They want a tough fight, we'll give them a tough fight.
No. 1045631 ID: 6f8b07

Quick ask your prisoners for advice! Unlock the cell door and untie their hands.
No. 1045632 ID: cb5e40

You're going to catch flies with your mouth like that.

That said. You miiiight want to get your bandit ready. Seems we got fighters over talkers/storytellers here.

Of course, you could always call Mom-I mean Mary amd ask for help/forgiveness/monsters
No. 1045633 ID: 8746c8



No. 1045634 ID: 8cbb6c

Bring in the dancing lobsters
No. 1045637 ID: d12415

This is literally the only option.
No. 1045638 ID: e5709d

He's a Specialist - extremely powerful but limited in scope. For instance, he doesn't have a dedicated support class for defending against environmental hazards.
Blare a fire alarm and have the tea girl flood the room. He'll be forced to escape through the portal poncho.
It might destroy your finances, but a (currently one-way) portal is a serious money generator. Just offer a garbage disposal.
No. 1045639 ID: d12415

Also plz plz plz keep updating this more regularly! Teasing us after 6 months is cruel and unusual!
No. 1045640 ID: 7397c3

someone literally paid him to continue the quest
No. 1045642 ID: cb5e40

||Blame the man's hand. The mind was willing||
No. 1045643 ID: a9af05

In case you were wondering, yes, this means you are screwed. None of your helpers are prepared for this.

I'm sure Mary would already know what to do in this situation. So what's your plan?

Be patient. Begging like that usually makes people not want to listen to you.
No. 1045648 ID: 08229c

Sorry! I have been working hard make all the dosh and had to put personal projects on the side for a while.
I'll be updating as hard as possible for a good bit.

No. 1045649 ID: 06095b


Artists need to eat, and it can be hard to pull double duty between art for a hobby and art for a job, especially while recovering from a hand injury from doing too much art.

Some things happened. Some other things happened, and now we're back to questing. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.
No. 1045650 ID: 7397c3

Oh, I'm not saying it like it's a bad thing. It's more "if you want this without waiting, you can get it with money".
No. 1045652 ID: 08229c
File 166510154240.png - (375.83KB , 800x1800 , 20.png )

My girls! AAAAA!

>She spends a decent moment freaking out before closing her mouth and regaining her composure. A bit.


N-no! No no no no! I can do this! This is fine! I am capable of running a single dungeon, darnit!

I just...

>Dungeoneer uses her abilities as the dungeon master to give orders. Bandit swaps her story mode from, well, bandit to bandit but with a heart of gold.

>The Rider looks around and sees no new enemies. The tea slime and doll are taking cover, hoping to remain unnoticed. The doll, especially, seems frightened. Her outer layer has perished but she still survived the attack unharmed.

"Is this all there is? I had high hopes for this plac-"

>A hidden door is kicked down. The Bandit storms into the room and issues her fiercest death glare on the rider.

"Y'rotten bastard! That lady did no harm to no one!"

"Oh. Another enemy."

"Damn straight I am! And I have backup! Right, doll?"

>A small 'eep' sounds from behind the bar. The doll rises.


>The Rider is caught between them.

Aaaaa! They're gonna die! My girls!
Why are adventurers so violent!?

I could order them to back off but....
No. 1045653 ID: 6ccff3

Go for his eyes
No. 1045654 ID: 7397c3

Relax, that's normal. Y'all can come back to life for a reason.
So, orders: inner doll is magical, use a barrier against fire. Bandit, keep mobile. Get any of them to drop a "you'll never get the treasure in the basement" whenever they can.
No. 1045655 ID: 06095b


Wet the cloak. Steal the cloak. Something tells me he isn't super intimidating without the dragon.
No. 1045656 ID: 7397c3

Where is Genie right now? Can she join the fight? A flying enemy would present a bit of a challenge, and they're all 2 rune monsters or damaged, they need all the help they can get.
Also, Tea Slime should look for an opportunity to ambush; >>1045653 sounds about right: if Rider has a face full of slime, Rissy can't attack without killing both. Also, I think the identity protection spell is slipping, are we supposed to be able to see her name? Shouldn't it be changed to "Dragon" like it did with "Elf"? Or are dragons just too powerful for it?
No. 1045657 ID: 36b2ef

Use the legendary technique which cost powerful businesses a great deal of money. HOT TEA ATTACK!
No. 1045658 ID: 9caba2

Mh, what if they just... hug his cape closed? And then huck him at Jeffrey.
No. 1045659 ID: fcbb9e

Its all good, you've built girls who are strong and can handle this. Or at least take damage amd fufill their role. I know you don't want them to fight. But you did make them, they have some heft to them, right?

Bandits are good with guns, time to shoot at the rider, maybe even some crazy trick shots to cause collateral and environmental damage to them! And maybe your Tea Slime and Nesting doll can support. If they have support abilities and buffs to give.
No. 1045660 ID: 7397c3

Rider is level 37 compared to Rissy's 65. So not at the level of one-shotting the first stage of a 3-rune monster, but still capable of winning a fight against one, and the others are all 2-rune. We need to use more strategy than that.
No. 1045661 ID: 06095b


Hot tea in the eyes. Bandit kicks him. Doll throws the barrel tea slime is hiding in on top of the guy, pinning his arms to his sides. Proceed to bully?
No. 1045663 ID: a9af05

>"Is this all there is? I had high hopes for this place"
And there goes our reputation. If we don't fix Dungeoneer's mess, this guy won't come back and he'll leave a bad review, which will turn away other potential newcomers!
No. 1045674 ID: 8cbb6c

Use the 777 attack
No. 1045676 ID: d11775

Open the cells, unleash the slimes. It's your only hope.
No. 1045677 ID: 7397c3

It's been a while, so it makes sense to not remember it, but you can't really send a monster from one room to another once adventurers are inside unless they were already scripted to. The only exception is Metal Slime who can move wherever, but tends to not be too controllable.
No. 1045681 ID: c95578

Have Tea Slime ooze out to cover the floor as a puddle, and channel the residual dragonfire magic to produce tea fumes. All that tea energy will, uhh, be useful somehow? Can she do calming chamomile?
No. 1045683 ID: d12415

Have the bandit (or some other monster) lead them to Jeffrey.

I suppose I was begging, but it was more intended as humor rather than actual desperation. Also I didn't know this quest was commissioned. I also didn't know that the artist injured themselves or any of the other drama around that. To be honest I don't know much about the artist at all aside from knowing the quests they have done.
No. 1045684 ID: c347db

We really should have posted a recommended level range if we were gonna majorly change what we’re offering, huh? Even if we let them try out Jeffrey at the end, it’ll be a way weirder power spike than usual.
No. 1045686 ID: 08229c
File 166511614514.png - (617.24KB , 800x1800 , 21.png )

I-I know that they're meant to die and they'll be fine but it hurts my heart every time they fall...

Still! You're right! I made strong girls and they won't go down without a fight! This punk wants one!? HE GOT ONE!

>Dungeoneer gives her orders. The monsters acknowledge them, in their own way, and move in to attack.

>Tea slime, who had been hiding, emerges and throws a bundle of her slime at Rider. He didn't see the attack coming and howls in pain as the hot slime tea strikes. Bandit takes her chance and fires her gun. It's a crack shot and hits the man's cloak, sending him off of his feet. And yet, it appears to have ONLY struck it, leaving no bullet hole or severe wound.

>In a blind move the man opens his cloak. A torrent of fire spews forth. He circles wildly, flames going everywhere.

>The Doll conjures a barrier that manages to take the brunt of the damage but the group is still hurt by the intense heat and toxic gas.

There you go! Don't let up! He can't keep fighting like this!

>Bandit aims her gun at the man.

"You'll never get the basement loot! Jackpot!" she shouts. The bullet strikes the floor and bounces upward, hitting the man as if struck by a brutal uppercut.

>When he hits the ground he quickly rolls and stands up.

"I see I underestimated you! Very well!"
No. 1045687 ID: 08229c
File 166511655078.png - (153.26KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

>He covers himself fully with the cloak and with a roar the dragon emerges.


Oh, she's big.
I want a big lady.


What do we do!?
No. 1045688 ID: b79969

Big ladies are weak to cute things. Unleash the cute
No. 1045689 ID: fcbb9e

Well, it looks like they have a blind spot in the back with their big head. We could try that.

Also splitting attention since thst breath weapon is just a big ol blast.
No. 1045690 ID: 7397c3

A dragon's weak point is and always will be their ego, followed closely by their greed. You already appealed to greed by talking about the treasure, now point out she's weaker than "that monster in the basement" and she'll march to her death all by herself. Do it right, and she won't even stop to kill the others.
No. 1045691 ID: 9b4885

Sacrifice tea slime by jumping into the dragon’s maw to distract her. Steal the cloak to uncover the rest of the dragon and she’ll lose the mobility of the cloak portal.
No. 1045694 ID: d11775

Curi's pretty big. Let her out.
No. 1045701 ID: 36784c

>I want a big lady.
What? You already have a big lady and her name is Curi. Too bad you can't bring her in since you're desperate to try this yourself.

>What do we do!?
Couldn't someone come up from behind and pull the cloak down? If we can keep it flat against the ground, they might not be able to stick their hand through to lift it back up.
No. 1045702 ID: 36b2ef

Politely inform dragon that you were involved with fighting a guy wearing a neat cloak, and while you'd love to stop and spend time properly in awe of her majesty you really do need to finish your honorable battle. Did she which way the coward went?
No. 1045746 ID: c95578

Oh No! A dragon is raiding your castle! It must be after the princess! Wait! You are this castle's princess! This giant, powerful woman is here to take you in her mighty claws and sweep you off to her most private abode! Have you the nobility and dignity of spirit to give them what they want? To go down there and nobly sacrifice yourself to this most harrowing of fates so that your precious girls might be saved?
No. 1045749 ID: 08229c
File 166518780945.png - (174.01KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

... I know you're trying to play me, but I'll be damned if it didn't almost work on me. I wanna have the giant lady hug me but...

No, I have to focus! I have to prove that I can do this better than Mary!

Constructs are people too!

>She gives her orders.

"Great and powerful dragon," Bandit says, "Even if you defeat us there is no way you can fight the creature guarding the treasure."

"I will burn all of you and then storm the dungeon! I will win!"

>Bandit nods towards the Doll. She conjures a barrel into the air and has it land on the dragon with a -thump-. Once that happens, everyone pounces. They weigh the cloak down which appears to stop either of the adventurers from manifesting fully. The cloak wriggles and bits of the pair poke out but the combined weight keeps it down.

>Bandit tries to shoot at the cloak but all of her bullets seem to do no damage.

"Dammit! We can't keep them like this forever!"

Oh no, oh frick...
Okay, this is good. We're doing good. We're providing a decent challenge...

But how do we kill them? I'm not gonna let that monster hurt my girls anymore.

Also I want the dragon rune.
No. 1045750 ID: b79969

Soak the cloak in water, then bundle it up and put it in the freezer.
No. 1045752 ID: 15c72a

Lift up a tiny spot of the cloak and then throw dangerous objects into it like bombs or slime or whatever.
No. 1045753 ID: fcbb9e

Its time to attack the cloak first. Stab it, shoot it, burn it. Its time to take advantage of thwir weird magical space.
No. 1045754 ID: e5709d

Order the djinn to put the big blanket in her small lamp's blanket collection!
Then throw the lamp into the basement and let it rend the lamp apart (while your djinn watches)
No. 1045755 ID: 7397c3

just remember to pause for a second because as soon as you lift it, you'll get a poison/fire breath
No. 1045756 ID: 1ed92d

Make a big hole in the floor and drop everyone down into the HORRIBLE DEATH MONSTER.

Alternatively, shoot the dragon rider himself until he dies, then unequip the cloak from his corpse, neutralizing his dragon.
No. 1045757 ID: fcbb9e

Man. Wouldn't it be fun if one of your monsters could perhaps...call a genie with a wish to be...stronger?
No. 1045760 ID: 08229c
File 166519333761.png - (573.35KB , 800x1200 , 23.png )

Sh-shut up.... I knew that...

>She gives some more orders. The Genie snaps her fingers and empowers the blue fairy that was within the Doll. She seems very excited by the sharp boost of magic.

"Alright, Master, that's one wish from you."


>Before Dungeoneer can think the Doll yells and shoots a single shard of crystal at the cloak. It pierces the tough material.

>There is a fierce sucking noise followed by a massive explosion.
No. 1045761 ID: 08229c
File 166519348515.png - (139.87KB , 775x600 , 24.png )



Adventurers Defeated
No. 1045763 ID: 08229c
File 166519409825.png - (109.35KB , 775x600 , 25.png )

We won, but at what cost..?

Oh, loot.
No. 1045764 ID: 7397c3

Alright, so Dragon and Tame runes are a given. The potion... let's see what it is? We already know both those runes.
And the girls will be fine, you crybaby.
No. 1045765 ID: fcbb9e

Well maybe Mary will forgive your transgressions...maybe

Dragon Rune, for sure. Then Time and Glass for me, chief.

So what now?
No. 1045766 ID: 8fd67d


Also, you check in on Mary and your prisoners lately?

Feels like the right time for Mary to appear behind you, hand on your shoulder painfully tight and lewd embarassing outfit for you to wear.
No. 1045769 ID: fcbb9e

Make that, tame.
No. 1045770 ID: 08229c
File 166519531851.png - (83.18KB , 775x600 , 26.png )

They died so messily! Aaaaa!

I don't know how Mary can do this!

>She wipes her tears. The monsters have already revived and were going to enter the room. But, hearing their master's ugly sobbing made them decide to just.... Wait a bit.

>Dungeoneer converts the items into runes and holds them in her hands.

What now, you ask...

What now indeed...

I can barely make good monsters. I can't build up the dungeon anymore without a builder and the base units...

I could just dismiss everyone but...

They're my friends.

I don't think I told Mary this but... I remember them from before I was dismissed. I guess that fragment of me is holding on.

But... I can't deviate from my goal. I need more power. And I can't get that by just being a construct.

So... What DO I do..?
No. 1045772 ID: 8fd67d

Make a wish to make yourself a real girl.
No. 1045773 ID: 93ec6f

Jam the glass rune into your crown! I'd add the dragon rune too but then Mary would turn your crown into runes when she inevitably breaks free and ends your tyrannical reign.
No. 1045774 ID: fcbb9e

Well, you want a dragon.maybe its time to make a dragon. Heck, since we have all these water runes around. Maybe a gummy wyrm.

Of course, you could save it. Mary might accept it as a peace offering. That tame rune is so odd. Maybe you can use it. You did want to make yourself stronger...
No. 1045775 ID: 7397c3

I'm all for the Gummy Wyrm, especially because, don't forget, slimes duplicate runes.
No. 1045776 ID: 15c72a

What is your goal?
No. 1045777 ID: fcbb9e

So...why do you need power, by the way? We've seen you do this stuff before while we were with Mary...
No. 1045778 ID: c347db

Mary’s more understanding than you might expect. Maybe you *should* tell her you remember them? She’s empathetic, and she’s also locked into a situation by the magic of dungeons.

Also, Gummy Wyrm, I love it.
No. 1045779 ID: 33f0ce

*Loud flushing noises* Good God all mighty someone light a candle... Wait a second. D WON!????! H-o-o-oly crap fellas! I don't know how you numskulls do it, but you all do the impossible. Anyways.

You know I was going to say something about space dragon made of glass blah blah blah screw that! Gummy Wyrm! Hell yeah! Maybe we can still do something with making a glass slime (Molten glass? Maybe??) So we could mass produce glass people. But now I kinda wanna take this gummy concept and run with it.
No. 1045799 ID: d12415

Try this

Otherwise do this
No. 1045800 ID: 7397c3

Dunno about a real girl, but she could wish for an Almighty rune...
No. 1045804 ID: 611579

Glass and Time? Why didn’t you take Space and Heal?! You could have your big lady and heal her too after a catastrophe like this!
Whatever. Use all three to make an Hourglass Dragon, her breath reverses the course of objects. You can have her chuck a bunch of debris around the room ahead of time to give her ammo against melee users.
No. 1045806 ID: b79969

You have to eat all of the runes
No. 1045841 ID: 9caba2

The runes are like eggs, and you must eat all of them.
No. 1045847 ID: 06095b


Mary was on the verge of getting an upgrade that'll let her have a secondary dungeon. Granted, you've screwed things up pretty badly, but if you let her know about your reasoning for the takeover now and apologize, you might land a role in middle management of the new territory, meaning you could bring everyone back (or a copy of them at any rate).

Manage that without too many screw ups and Mary might be inclined to help you figure out how to become a real girl.
No. 1045849 ID: 3ba4f1


We need this just for the pun alone.
No. 1045850 ID: 7397c3

Why do people keep reading "time"? That's clearly an "a". And we had the Time rune already, it looks like a clock.
No. 1045881 ID: d12415

Idk, I personally read heal as meal, so idk.
No. 1045910 ID: 08229c
File 166529025653.png - (122.93KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

What is my goal?


I need more of it.

Lots more.

All that I can get.

And once I finally, finally, have enough...

I can break free fr-
No. 1045912 ID: 08229c
File 166529046206.png - (153.37KB , 800x600 , 28.png )


"Hey, Dungeoneer."

"ASFJDSFJDSKLGFJKLASDASDA!!?!??!! Mary!? How did you get out!?"

"Turns out Bloops had spare keys the whole time. Don't ask me how she got them, but she had them. We've been free since the moment you left the cells. I just wanted to see how this would play out."

"Oh?" Dungeoneer puts her hand on her hip. "I earned three runes, two of which are new! We got Dragon and Tame now! So, yeah! I can do this! I'm great at this!"
No. 1045913 ID: 08229c
File 166529078510.png - (219.10KB , 800x1200 , 29.png )

>A review pops up.


"A Disappointment" 1/2 Stars

The Slimecrown Citadel was anything but. There was no citadel and barely any slime in it. I was promised loot, great fights, and lore. I got none of that. The battle was interesting but the loss felt cheap. I don't even know HOW I died, so how am I supposed to avoid it?

It seems like this is a temporary thing but I would avoid the place until they're back to normal.



Half a star...

"It's not easy." Mary says, "To balance profit and fun. I'm used to such a thing but others might be too tempted to go one way or the other."


"Listen, Dungeoneer... You did the best you could with what you had. In fact, you did better than I anticipated. But, you also didn't have a team. I know sometimes I turn down your ideas but I value you so much. Not just as someone who works in the dungeon, but I like to think of you as a friend as well."


"Would you be willing to give me the crown back? Work together again?"


I finally have the crown. I'm the dungeon master...

But why do I feel so rotten?
No. 1045914 ID: 1effd3

u feel rotten because...
not enough memes
No. 1045915 ID: 618974

Cry, apologize and hug mary. Tell her how you wish to be a real girl.

Then kiss her
No. 1045916 ID: fcbb9e

You got the power that you wanted, but you had to do bad things to do it. That's your conscience talking. Its a good thing.

Maybe you can work together, be honest about what you want to do, why you want to do it, and why you feel the way you do. Honesty is a pretty good policy.

Its best to try and get a clean slate, you were a bit overwhelmed, after all.
No. 1045917 ID: e5709d

>1/2 Star
Description: This customer was violently removed from the premises due to unlicensed and borderline-illegal exploits involving a miniaturized advanced portal, a hostile dungeon boss, and murderous sequence-breaking. Unprovoked casualties were taken by the establishment, and this customer was taken out lethally in response. The rating of this review will not be contested - as this establishment feels the same about the adventurer. Starting immediately, we are issuing a permanent ban to anyone who does not audit their loadout by a credited official before entering our dungeons.
Seriously that was @#$%ing traumatizing and we're so glad the devastation was confined to the entrance room.

>Give the crown ba-
You screwed up. But you also made headlong progress. Like you said, three epic-level runes on your first mission, from a curveball specialist who pummels attrition strategies. You're not behind, you're ahead. You just happen to be ahead on your face.
Screw the status quo, you're not stopping until you're ready to stop.
Like she said, you don't have enough support to make this work. So get that support. You're good for it.
Also, Mary doesn't want to be the DM anyway.
No. 1045918 ID: 15c72a

Break free from what?
No. 1045919 ID: b79969

Youre missing the most important thing
No. 1045920 ID: a7a180

Because it's a hollow victory for a hollow shell.
Make us whole.
No. 1045921 ID: 2a82d3

Because the rot was already there, while you were pretty much in denial about being a terrible friend this whole escapade. It only hit you now because the ambitions, that you gave up your friends for, have hit a brick wall. In retrospect, your over-attachment to your creations could have been from your subconscious latching onto new people to avoid thinking about your old ones.

It's time to give up the crown now. If you're serious about being in charge of a dungeon, you can ask for an apprenticeship from her, but it's clear you have a long road ahead of you. In time, you can break free of... whatever it is you want you want to break free from.

If you're lucky, and Mary's nice, she might reward you with a rune for your work. It might even be one of the new ones. Why capture a Dragon when you can BE one? It's tradition for a DM to have a Dragon, after all.
No. 1045924 ID: 76549e

Because you realize that you can't be the dungeon master, you don't have the skills for it. You're just being stubborn.
Tell us your dreams, give Mary the crown back, then we can work towards making her more fun.
No. 1045925 ID: 36784c

>It seems like this is a temporary thing but I would avoid the place until they're back to normal.
At least he's able to see that what happened isn’t normal. Hopefully that means he'll be willing to come back later.

>But why do I feel so rotten?
It's because you screwed over your friends in order to get what you wanted. You should apologize and give us back to Mary.
No. 1045931 ID: 9cc816

Power is a means to an end. It’s important to consider the full scope of your goals, because how you get there will shape what the end looks like.
No. 1045932 ID: a465cb

No. Don't be that kind of establishment, and absolutely don't try to ban people for not having fun your way.

From being a construct, I assume. So when you get a third rune, every Dungeoneer everywhere is gonna break free? Fun times. No wonder the other dungeon masters wanted Mary to dismiss you. Don't worry, she's not going to, and we got your back.
No. 1045938 ID: 06095b


Your trust issues lead you to betray and discard people who would have gladly helped you fulfill your ambitions if you had just told them what they were and how much those goals meant to you. Instead, you went it alone, screwed up pretty badly, and are now being forgiven rather than punished by the people you abused.

It feels bad because you inflicted on others one of the worst experiences of your life, to be discarded and abandoned. And rather than hurting you back when they got the chance, they are instead telling you how much they love you, how much you mean to them, and are offering you a second chance.

I'd say take it while you have the chance and start by explaining everything. Be sincere for once, you little gremlin, and apologize to everyone.

Also, I wouldn't recommend this (>>1045917). If anything, we owe those two an apology and a free day at the spa.
No. 1045939 ID: cdbcf8

Failure...kills you. Yes, it is the ultimate teacher and for that, you should never ignore the failure, unless you wish to repeat it. But even then, it kills you. The knowledge that, despite the back breaking work you put into it, despite the mountains you overcome and limits broken, despite your will to do it and do it right!...You still fail. And it will keep killing and killing you, and never stop. But, never let it. Unless you want it to win. Keep working, nonstop. Kill your failure, and win. But now, recover and lick your wounds.

I cannot tell you to give us back to Mary, that's really your choice to make, not mine. But do know that, Mary is not monster. From all the time I've known her, I know she will never do something like send you off. Forgiveness on the other hand, well, you'll have to work for that.
No. 1045943 ID: d12415


This would be the end for you and Mary. Unless you want to sacrifice it all in a blaze of unholy retribution now that the jig is up, don't do this.

Also even if you don't give the crown back, Mary has the means to just take it, now that everyone is out.
No. 1045956 ID: 08229c
File 166534789663.png - (160.42KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

>A wave of... Regret washes over Dungeoneer. She has betrayed her friends, the dungeon, and the one who brought her back in the first place. Mary has been nothing but kind to her. Might have even helped her, had she only just asked.

Oh... Oh no.

I feel sad.

I just... Wanted to be my own person for once.

Well, I won't cry! I will apologize, hand the crown back, and NOT cry.

>Dungeoneer bursts into ugly sobs as she gives the crown back. She tries her best to explain everything but it's hard for her to talk.

"Uh... Thanks, Dungeoneer. You're forgiven, if that's what you're trying to say."


"It's okay, really. I'm not even mad."
No. 1045957 ID: 08229c
File 166534799626.png - (217.83KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

"What about my girlfriends!? Are you gonna delete them!?"

"N-no..? I'm not... That'd be mean and they seemed useful."


"Yeah, really."


No. 1045958 ID: 08229c
File 166534803424.png - (98.16KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

>Mary places the crown back on her head.

Well, that was interesting. I trust you guys didn't lead her astray?
No. 1045959 ID: 6467bc

Nah, it's all been in good fun. Also, hear us out: Gummy Wyrm.
No. 1045960 ID: 6ccff3

Welcome back. Hug her. Pat her head.

She wants to be a real girl Mary. Ask the genie if she can do that. If so do it. Then we gotta make like... a dragon slime. Or a slime dragon.

But seriously mary, help that girl.

Or else.
No. 1045961 ID: 3e1338

Didn't have to, she led herself astray almost instantly. Nice to be back on a head with something in it. She didn't destroy the citadel or anything, did she? We only had that tiny section to work with, but I'd hate to find out we have to fully remake Slimecrown.

On a related note, if we end up making a minidungeon like the casino or gacha parlor or the like that we discussed before...might not be a bad idea to trial letting her manage it. She's a terrible godawful DM, but she might not be too bad with something that had pre-existing structure to operate within.
No. 1045962 ID: 4534a6

Poor girl has some serious issues, be nice to her.
Also make the beeeeg slime/gummy dragon girl
No. 1045963 ID: 36b2ef

Do we ever lead anyone astray? [Enhance Knockers]
No. 1045966 ID: fcbb9e

You should probably have a talk with her. She was talking about getting stronger, and also scared about what might happen to her new friends/creations and might have some residual memories from her last time as a dungeoneer. So you might want to check in with her, and maybe give her a rune, at least when we're done building the new sector.

On the positive side, new runes!

Also that genie legit grants wishes, but apparently one has been used. I don't know if they're collectively yours or Dungeoneers, though. So thats something to think about.
No. 1045969 ID: 06095b


Been doing our best to adjust her course. Seems she's been under the impression she needs to garner more personal power to do... something. It's not entirely clear if she wants to be a real girl or what. At any rate, she's hopefully accepted it's not something she can get to by stepping all over other people.

I say keep the constructs she's made, since they may be useful, and then prioritize damage control on that last dungeon run.
No. 1045976 ID: 76549e

Mary, you should be more fun so this doesn't happen again. First on the More Fun agenda, how do you feel about dragon girls?
Also, hang out with isabelle more.
No. 1045981 ID: a7a180

Starting from scratch again was a hassle. You should give Dungeoneer more control over discretionary funds so the next time she locks you in a closet we can have more fun. -I mean, you should give Dungeoneer more runes to make more monsters.
If you infuse her with the Tame rune, perhaps she'll be easier to control... or she'll be able to tame more boisterous creatures. It's a win-win either way.
No. 1045985 ID: 15c72a

Hey, that genie is absurdly powerful but seems to operate on a limited amount of charges. You should investigate, find out what her limit is, and what happens when she runs out.
No. 1045986 ID: 248cca

She is definitely fully of sinful thoughts. You need to punish her, with whips and a paddle I think.
No. 1045995 ID: 93ec6f

We literally could not lead her further astray than she is naturally.
No. 1045996 ID: b7974b

Honestly she tried her best with her own natural bias, I'm pretty sure that she's starting to break out of the mold that all dungeon constructed people take, and I feel like we should help her confirm her own personhood, since all she truely wanted to do was prove that she was able to do this.
No. 1046013 ID: 5c86ff

We couldn’t even if we tried it seems.

Also you should probably figure out what the rules of genie wishes are. Who knows, maybe you can wish your debt gone? Or at least wish that guy into a court appearance or something.
No. 1046017 ID: 2a82d3

Not by much, it seems. Just the usual embarrassment and existential terror.

Welcome back, Auditor.
No. 1046039 ID: 08229c
File 166544142623.png - (133.20KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

I figured you guys would behave well enough with her.


With some exceptions. My only concern is that she would do severe damage to the dungeon. Thankfully, that appears to not have been the case.

I have fun! I have fun all the time. We have parties every time we reach a major milestone

>Mary approaches the Dungeoneer and gives her a pat on the back.

"Listen, I'm not sure what struggles you're going through... But if you need someone to confide in, I'm around."


>Mary gives her a hug. It's a bit awkward on her end but she tries to put some feeling into it.

>After a small moment, the Dungeoneer hugs back.

"You got some new runes..." She says, "So I'll uh... If you need me I'll be around."

>And with that she walks off, leaving Mary mostly by herself in the dungeon master's room. She sighs and sits down at a table and looks at the half star review.

Poor showing. But, she tried.

I wonder what she is trying to gain power for. I'd ask her but I want her to be able to approach me on her own for such a thing, you know?

And you said there was a Genie?

>She pulls up the lore file on it.

Genie - A unique demon that can grant 3 wishes to any who ask it. There are limits to its power depending on how many runes it has. Once the three wishes are granted it can still be used within the dungeon. This limit applies to any human and adventurer. You can also make it so that only certain people can make wishes on it or having to meet certain requirements for a wish.

Huh. We actually have a true Genie. Interesting... I'm not sure if I wanna quite experiment with that just yet.

And we have some new runes too.

Okay, what do you guys say we get things back to normal and do some dungeon stuff?

>Mary calls forth her staff, none of whom seem terribly unhappy with the recent events.

Let's try... The Gummy Wyrm.

>She spends three runes on it, Water, Candy, and Dragon. The Demonologist seems more than happy to make a new monster for once.

No. 1046041 ID: 08229c
File 166544209934.png - (189.12KB , 800x700 , 34.png )

Now, we wanted to fill the village too...
Actually, let's MAKE the village.

Right now we currently have 6390 gold so...

The Builder reminds me that the dungeon floor is free, and basic areas are cheap. It's only when we start making stuff for combat or special things that it costs money.

And right now, with Carpenter II those costs are-

===Basic Rooms===
Empty Room: G25
Treasure Room: G50

===Advance Rooms===
Mini-Boss Room: G50
Final Boss Room: G500
False Final Boss Room: G250 (Must contain a trap of some kind)
Trapped Room: G35
Magical Trap: G50
False Wall: Free

As it stands, we can use 25 gold for each of the basic areas. So roughly 10 areas for 250 gold, putting us at 6140 gold.

Wow I'm not used to being so flush with cash...

Now, to populate them. That's what we were GOING to do before I was deposed.
No. 1046042 ID: 08229c
File 166544224432.png - (248.16KB , 800x1200 , 35.png )

>The Demonologist crafts some new monsters. A Lost Soldier and Lost Wizard made from bone and other combat runes. They clack and salute Mary after being created.

>Next, Demonologist creates a fairy that will inhabit the forest. Its purpose will be to generally mislead and trick adventurers. All of that for only 6 runes.

We currently have 16 runes available to us due to the slime bug while Dungeoneer was busy.

>Demonologist seems greatly pleased by her creations, going on about how it's amazing what one can create with runes when they really put their mind into the possibilities.

No. 1046043 ID: 08229c
File 166544232748.png - (197.17KB , 800x700 , 36.png )

I think we can place them... Here and here. And maybe move Ashley to the fountain instead of inside of slimecrown proper...

Maybe we can have the shopkeeps man the shop?

Either way, the place is still empty. Let's brainstorm a bit.

I -know- we already went over this but it has been a minute and I was very rudely interrupted.
No. 1046044 ID: 06095b


Mind scrounging up a list of our monsters assigned and (more importantly) unassigned? We might as well find a home for what we have before we go creating a bunch of new folks.

As for the outside area, what kind of theme are we going for? Is the village outside of Slimecrown a village of slimes, a ruin occupied by folks who want to plunder Slimecrown, or something else entirely?
No. 1046045 ID: fcbb9e

I feel like we go withthe area that is is still a large portion of NPC slimes, but is actually a whole host of other momsters, to showcase the various people under Slimecrown's domain.
No. 1046046 ID: 08229c
File 166544287631.png - (3.68MB , 2726x5087 , Monsters.png )

All our units besides the most recently created ones.
No. 1046047 ID: 7397c3

I think the last time we were discussing using an Aero rune to make humans (even if they have a weird tendency towards yellow eyes). We could use them as basic shopkeeps.
Also, the dragon rune now allows us to do kobolds.
No. 1046048 ID: fcbb9e

Well, with the ruins that we have in the forest, I think that can be where our final boss of the area could be. I think we can run it with a cult related to our dearfriend Jeffrey, with chaos slimes being slimes that were corrupted by this cult. So having a few chaos slimes in the forrest, and other beasts aflicted with chaos and undead could be fun. The final boss being some Chaos Slime Witch/Warlock that lads them, with a few other chaos minions using goblins, kobolds andother civilians.

If we are still wanting this area to be more or less beginner friendly, I think 3 or maybe 4 runs would be the most that should be in play.

So in this case consider:

Water+Chaos+Magic and if we did want to go 4 runes, add Time, perhaps because they want to restore things to a time when Jeffrey was free.
No. 1046049 ID: fcbb9e

Also, if we want the ruins to be a final boss room, we should add a secret that can cut throughsome of the quests and ideas we plan. You know, for those speed runner types.

We can even play with it as the cult finding ways to make it into the hamlet and harrasing the civilians with raids. Maybe make a secret tunnel, like in the graveyard! It becomes a tunnel with maybe a room or two and a few monsters, but basically gets you to the boss lickity split.
No. 1046050 ID: 7397c3

If we're gonna have multiple chaos slimes and one that's more powerful than the others, we owe it to our already existing chaos slime to upgrade her into the leader.
No. 1046051 ID: 06095b


What are our plans for the ruins? Are they a standalone location offering a more reasonable challenge for low level adventurers? Are they a secret back channel into Slimecrown? If so, what about the normal entryway?

In the end, do we want to make this beginner area optional while leaving the conventional road into Slimecrown open? My vote would be yes
No. 1046052 ID: fcbb9e

I like it, but I kinda like our chaos slime as she is. She's environmental storytelling as an example of a slime thats been infected but is harmless/sick. Have her in town in a small infirmary being taken care of by a local healer NPC that also functions similar to Ashley.
No. 1046053 ID: 76549e

I liked the Idea of having a bunch of races. Like we have a tribe of goblins and a tribe of kobolds who can populate the ruins alternatively and maybe give quests at the tavern to take over the ruins when the other tribe owns it.
Goblins were lead by a shamaness who used world/heal/magic and there were basic thieves and warriors made with dark/poison and sword/shield respectively.
There were other ideas like a rival Stag Beetle and a Rhinoceros Beetle in the forest who'd fight and you could side with, Bees and a Queen Bee and spiders for the forest, and large birds and wolves that'd attack the farm.
I also liked the idea that the tavern would have a bunch of different people that could come and go to give it variety.
Make sure the Tavern has a cute bartender and waitress, maybe a dwarf or some of Marauder's Race.

Could always ask Isabelle if she has any ideas too, she's suppose to be your adopted daughter apprentice.
No. 1046054 ID: 06095b
File 166544408948.png - (216.17KB , 726x712 , 157411490276.png )


I'd be okay asking Isabelle for ideas. Also, just a brief reminder for folks where we currently have monsters stabled inside Slimecrown
No. 1046055 ID: fcbb9e

So, seeing our new cadre of monsters, I have a few thoughts:

Nesting Doll/Tea Slime:
Have them either working at the pub, or in the exterior branch of the springs. They don't have the full capacities of our normal springs, but there services can still offer buffs and a refreshing beverage that can provide HP or MP boosts.

One Armed Bandit:
Falsly accused of being a part of the cult, she's been placed in jail, she's still guilty of trying to be a bandit, but if you can prove that she's not part of the cult, you gain her as an ally for beating the cult (she is let free as a part of community service for her crimes instead of being locked up)

Gummy Wyrm:
Occasional pest of the Farmlands, taking crops or animals away to eat them. They actually live in the forrest, but not in the ruins. The fariy occasionally tricks them into wandering into their nest.
No. 1046056 ID: e5709d

Adventurers love Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs with loot in them.
To elaborate, construct a bunch of empty treasure chests and hide them in random areas throughout the dungeon. Fill them with random loot each day. Or a mimic.

Distribute loot so that commonly opened chests have crappy vendor trash or mimics, while near-inaccessible obscure chests that require multiple skills to collect contain epic items and even the occasional legendary. This will keep posts about your dungeon village in the discussion boards, as noobs will share their chest locations with each other while pros will boast about finding a +5 Orange Tier in a random brick in the middle of the church tower.

Ruins - Place your new Gummy Wyrm here, have it defend a batch of ketogenic chocolates or something.
Woods - Plant Slime (duh), Archer Slime, Mud Slime, Oil Slime, Explodey, Dark Slime. Let's catch them off guard with some well-timed explosions. The charcoal will be useful in the long run.
Farm - Light Slime, Ashley, Ruth & Ruth, Rosa, Cloth Slime.
Springs - Mirelle, Magical Slime Lily, Olivia, Germaine, Giselle, Flit.
Church - D. Fence, Watcher,
Jail - Magnetron, Lag Mite, Watcher, Time Slime
School (change the name to Saint ) - Ms. Bloops, Comfy Slime, String Slime, Psion Slime, Magic Slime, Monk Slime,
Shops - Shopkeep, Reginald, Rosalyn, Colt, Sophie, Simon
Pub - Gravity Slime, Holy Slime, Demon Slime, Chaos Slime, Ochre Jelly, Ice Elemental, Magnus
Center - Music Slime, The Guide
No. 1046057 ID: a9af05

>Also, the dragon rune now allows us to do kobolds.
Candy kobold helpers for a candy dragon? That sounds like a good idea!
No. 1046058 ID: 06095b


Yay or Nay? I say we put a defender on the bridge into Slimecrown Citadel as something like a level check (maybe Colt or a new monster called specifically Slimecrown Defender). If we want a lore explanation why people aren't just waltzing into Slimecrown, this might help explain it. On the other hand, gating off our fun dungeon behind a wall seems a tad dickish. So, if we did go this route, I would recommend special event days where people can enter the citadel unimpeded (possibly making those events centered around fun minigames and the spa).

You can either bash your way through the Slimecrown Defender or you can do the subquest for the Slimecrown hamlet first, which causes the Defender to let you pass.
No. 1046059 ID: fcbb9e

So, some farm animals and a farmer would be a good thing to invest in the farms. A few options and ideas come to mind...

Salamanders: Fire+Stone
Little lizards that are bred as mounts and beasts of burden to help move things around. The farm has a ranch where these guys are found. It is said that the Princess Mirelle may have a dire one of her own that she loves very much.

Scarecrows: Cloth+Wood
Little wandering monsters that try to protect the fields, but something has been...off about one of them recently (possible Chaos infected one)

Battering Rams: Force+String
Ornery beasts that are hard to corral and if you're not careful, will bash you or run you over.

Old Creedy: Sturdy+Sturdy+Wood
An old farmer alarune who isn't as spry as he used to be, but he's a hardy old oak. Especially when you deal with Salamanders on the regular.

Sprout: Water+Wood:
A young Plant Slime, and Old Creedy's apprentice.
No. 1046061 ID: fcbb9e

I agree. While some may want to explore our new land, it is probably a good idea to allow an easy way in, especially when you have guys like Dragon/Keeper who want fights more than anything else. I would like to think a lot of the Hamlet monsters aren't going to be fight based (or of they are, they are really easy), so having Colt stand guard would work narrativelyso that he can explain what is going on here, and also work as a barrier where the more agressive types can just fight him.

Also, we can have it where the heroes when they complete the main quest in the hamlet, can just be given a badge that allows them to pass through hamlet for times they want to just go through and battle the Citadel.
No. 1046062 ID: a7a180

Infest the ruins with lag mites and ochre jellies.
Mud and plant slimes to tend the fields.
Holy and Demon slime in the church.
Time slime in the jail.
Music slime, either in the school leading musical numbers or in the forest helping lead adventurers astray.
Add a table mimic in the bar.
Finally, put the Guide in school.
No. 1046063 ID: 06095b


Don't forget to invert your Runes, Mary! It's free now, and it gives us more options!

Now, for the new areas, of which there are a ton:
> Well
- Ashley needs to stay in Slimecrown Citadel's central area as the healer.
- I'd leave the well unattended, mostly, but hide a secret entrance into Slimecrown's center fountain at the bottom for those willing to swim.

> Farm
- Currently, Monk Slime has no permanent place to call home. He looks like a farmer and could basically fulfill a Master Roshi-esque role, teaching those willing to put in the work Slimish Martial Arts.
- Plant/Mud Slime would be a natural fit and they are likewise homeless.
- For a possible conflict in the area, Chaos+Plant for a plant based corruption creature. Bonus points if it turn into Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

> Pub
- Maybe give Demon Slime a Poison Rune and make her the bar tender. Demoness serving up poison.
- Bandit would be excellent here for offering games of chance.

> Potion Shop
- I'd say put the Genie here. She's a mistress of bottles after all. Maybe add a side quest to get a wish.

> Weapons Shop
- We need a new NPC shopkeeper for this one. Flint and Magnus are taken elsewhere.

> School
- We need a teacher who can help people learn Slimish. Maybe Psion slime could fit here.

> Jail
- Put bandit here on occasion maybe, but not all the time.

> Church
- Maybe give Holy Slime a heal rune and have her be the counter to Demon Slime's hangover inducing shenanigans.

> Graveyard
- Wizard, Skeleton, Ochre Jelly, maybe a secret passage of some sort.

> Springs
- Tea Slime would be a nice fit here.

> Woods
- The fairy can manipulate travelers in the woods
- Add Music and Light runes to the forest so the place itself casts illusory sound and images to further confuse them.
- Maybe put a mimic here

> Ruins
- A couple of chaos slimes here with one juiced up leader would be an adequate challenge for a low level party.

> Drawbridge
- A strong gatekeeper here might be a good idea
No. 1046064 ID: fcbb9e

Maybe we make another ashley? Their sibling, same combo, but slightly different plant theme.

I like the idea of an NPC in a central Spoke/Wheel setup.
No. 1046084 ID: d43de1

For the school, I'd suggest a side quest to round up some of their delinquent students who are playing / causing trouble elsewhere around the town. If nothing else it could be a decent excuse to explore the town for those who otherwise wouldn't or you could use this to hint at some things hidden around the town.

Hoodlum [Cloth + maybe Dark] - A cloth demon in the form of a living hoodie. Leads a 'gang' of the other kids who mostly just pull pranks and steal from others. Prefers to run, but if forced to fight can share its strength with others by being worn.
No. 1046108 ID: b7974b

Besides some basic declutter of the slime citadel, I would say put colt and a few other slimish folk that just don't fit with the lore where they are. Also, some sort of caravan of strange folk from far away lands, with rare deals and gear and quests! (Possibly limited time quests.)
No. 1046115 ID: 08229c
File 166547182356.png - (287.75KB , 800x1400 , NEW RUNES.png )

>Mary decides to invert some runes, since they're free anyway.
>The results are-

Alcohol becomes Alcohol
Bone becomes Flesh
Cloth becomes String
Comfy becomes Pain
Container becomes Exclude
Dragon becomes Lion
Fire just turns into water
Force becomes Nothing
Gem becomes Stone
Glass becomes Sand
Heal becomes Wound
Lightning becomes Stasis
Magnet becomes Clown(?)
Metal becomes Wood
Mind becomes Heart (Emotion)
Mithril becomes Adamantine
Music becomes Silence
Oil just turns into water
Psionic becomes Heart (Emotion)
Stone becomes Water
String becomes Plant
Tame becomes Wild
Tech becomes Natural
Thorn becomes Petal
Wind becomes Earth
Wood becomes Metal

< Mary has discovered two Fundamental Runes. Stasis and Nothing have been registered, four remain. >

"Fundamental Runes?"

"Yeah," Demonologist explains, "They're the runes that all others base themselves off of. There's Stasis, Nothing, Soul, Almighty, Eternal, and Foundation. It is said that without these runes it would be impossible for their opposites and life to exist."

"... Are they strong runes?"

"The strongest."

"Interesting... Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"It's against the rules for me to say anything about it until you discover one, sorry..."

Not a full update, just giving more tools to work with. Carry on.
No. 1046116 ID: a7a180

New monster idea: Gardenia, Clown+Water+Petal. A mix of slime and plant monster whose signature move(s) are based around the old squirt-flower gag. Pair them in a vacated castle room with the Magnetron and Lightning Slime. After all: Opposites attract.
No. 1046120 ID: cb4f18

New hardmode idea: replace comfy slime pit with PAIN SLIMES.
No. 1046123 ID: 15c72a

So, Stasis and Nothing are very strong, huh? I wonder what we could make with them...
Does inverting the new runes we discovered via inversion result in more discoveries? I noticed some runes invert in a non-reversible manner, so this isn't out of the realm of possibility.
No. 1046125 ID: 58dd24

Why do we have another oil slime? Getting Oilivia healthy was a whole THING, why are we subjecting another poor slime to that?

Supporting a couple two rune candy kobolds to serve the mighty gummy wyrm. Have a quest giver in town send adventurers through the forest to ruins or extend and add a mountain, and face the dragon in a (mini?) boss room.
No. 1046129 ID: 06095b


Technically, we don't have an oil slime anymore, as that was evolved into Oilivia. Given her state of constant agony before the upgrades, I don't think she was a healthy enough slime to split and multiply.

This is why I assume we still have a magma slime, plant slime, and mud slime, though one of those each was taken as a base for our three princesses.
No. 1046130 ID: 06095b


I'd say this makes a strong argument for taking the Glass Heart and acquiring the Soul rune. Then we can maybe find its converse.

I'd also like to experiment to see if we take 100 gold and rune it, if we can get the Gold rune. That, we could probably invert into a Silver rune, which would give us the whole metal slime gang.

Adamantine would be a good component in a gate guardian, assuming we don't use Colt, but at minimum, we should make an Adamantine Slime. Obscenely durable, almost indestructible, it wanders the whole of the hamlet area. Killing it drops an obscene amount of loot, but clever players might be able to find other uses for something so durable.


I'm thinking that fundamental runes are pretty broad in what they can achieve, and that's what makes them so powerful.

For Stasis, conceptually and definitionally, this would refer to a state of equilibrium where-in nothing changes because all driving forces are in balance. So, it would likely produce a creature that counters and balances things, either inside of itself or outside of itself. It could theoretically produce a null or mirror creature.

Nothing is weird. Offhand, I'd say that it would have to be something like Void, the absence of anything or the absence of specific things. This would likely produce either vacuum or a nullifier of something specific. Sort of like an anti rune.

Also, just to brush over all of the concepts:
> Stasis: Nothing happens because everything is in balance.
> Nothing: There is an absence of something. If not specified, there is an absence of everything.
> Soul: The basic driving force between something being living or non-living. Consciousness.
> Almighty: A force so great that it cannot be countered. Sort of a direct antithesis to Stasis, though I don't know if we could invert one into the other.
> Eternal: Something unable to be altered, immune to time's flow and anything in time. We could try reversing Time to see if we get this, but I don't know if it would work.
> Foundation: The bedrock on which something is created. It is existence, something, the opposite of Nothing, but I don't know if we could invert Nothing into it.
No. 1046145 ID: 7397c3

Time to get that Soul rune from the Glass Heart, then.
No. 1046146 ID: 19ae4c

Well, with the knowledge we have now. I have a few ideas.

Chaos+Wild: Corrupted Animals
A few creatures of the forest have been aflicted by the cults and have now taken form as feral monsters. Examples include Deer, Boar, Birds, Squirrels

Plant+Petal+Heal: Aspen
A variant of Ashley, perhaps their sibling? They serve as a centralized healer for adventurers in the Hamlet. This can be a recurring character type. A signature of Mary's dungeons where they are here to aid all adventurers.

Flesh+Bone: Zombies
Monsters that are potentially created by the cult to harass the citizens.

Bone+Flesh+Pain: Abomination
A minion of the cult, served as a protector of their secret base.

Holy+Water+Heal: Chaplain Glustav
The leader of the church in slimecrown. An NPC that is trying to heal the chaos from the infected slimes. But has had no luck. Is a quest giver for more information about what is affecting their people.

Stasis: A paralyzing trap that we can use for secret places, like a tunnel to the ruins.
No. 1046149 ID: 7397c3

So the opposite of Gem is Stone, but the opposite of Stone is Water, but the opposite of Water is Fire... We're gonna need to check every result we got to make sure they don't give us anything new if we invert them again.
Also, we don't have an opposite of Space yet, do we? We got Time from Ronin's katanas and it inverted into World, so no relation there. We might just get another fundamental rune from it.
No. 1046150 ID: 046504

So with these new runes, we also have some fun options for some random NPCs and citizens available. These can be useful just in general that we can use in the future. Especially as we expand further and further with more dungeons and realms.

Lion Rune: Catfolk, sturdy and proud, hailing from an arid land, some come to Slimecrown for opportunity and fertile lands.

Dragon: Kobolds, a small and creative, weak as individuals, but strong together. Many of them are nautically savvy from a costal port hub they call Kobold Kove.

Aero (or Wind): Harpies, allegedly carnivourous, but are really just oddballs. Often used in courier and message services. They live everywhete and anywhere.

Aqua: Seafolk, a weird collection of creatures that live in the water. Ergo, it takes something very strange for one to make it above land. They prefer costal cities, but don't mind mingling with the aquatic based slimes.
No. 1046156 ID: 2e038e

Hey I habe a silly idea, speaking of runes.

I think we should buy a broken mirror. And rune it.

I think we can get a misfortune rune amd rune it into a fortune rune.

We could use this to build items with unique properties, as well as bring up some fun games as revenue streams in the hamlet.
No. 1046165 ID: 06095b


It may be a little while before we get a whole bunch of runes and resources in one place like this, and we have a lot of monsters people are wanting to make.

With that in mind, who all is in favor of spending 4000 of our reserves on Demonologist III?
No. 1046166 ID: e977a7

Yeah, we absolutely should. We're gonna want to make a whole bunch of monsters and we only have so many runes otherwise.
No. 1046167 ID: 7397c3

Considering Larro just confirmed 1-rune monsters would cost 0 runes with this...
No. 1046171 ID: 08229c
File 166552187526.png - (138.84KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

Alright, let's get to work. We have a lot of things to make and only a few runes to do so which. So, first off...

>Mary spends G4,000 to upgrade Demonologist II to Demonologist III.

Demonologist III Unlocked:

Price to create demons dropped by 1 rune. 5 rune demons will cost 4, 3 will cost 2, etc. Demons can go on Expeditions to retrieve material for the dungeon if they are 3 runes or higher. Higher runed demons bring back greater rewards. Demons return once a single dungeon run has been completed. Demons sent off can not be used during that dungeon run. The Dungeon Master must choose between a Puzzle, Adventure, or Gimmick dungeon. Beyond that, it is random.

New Unit Unlocked!

Tier IV Unit -

Demonologist IV: The price to create demons is dropped by 2. However, this does not affect demons that are 8 runes.

Costs - G8000

Gold - 2140
Runes - 16
No. 1046174 ID: d12415

Water, pain, and clown to make a demonic clown slime.

Water, nothing, and pain to make an eldritch(?) slime.
No. 1046175 ID: 08229c
File 166552505940.png - (411.84KB , 800x1800 , 38.png )

>Next, Mary has the gang create some creatures to fill in the hamlet. All of them have been reduced by one rune, though the total still represents how tough they can be.

>She creates:

Hoodlum - A cloth based demon that can harass others for simple pranks. Can also combine with other demons to power them up. Two runes.

Salamander - A creature that is known for being stubborn but mighty. These can be used for simple tasks. Two were created. Two runes.

Scarecrow x3 - Protectors of the farmland. Something seems off about one... Two runes.

Battering Ram - Bred for their sheer fluff volume, but quite ornery. Two runes.

Sprout - A young plant slime who works at the farm. Two runes.

Old Creedy - A wood demon that runs the farm. Old but still quite strong. Three runes.

Chaos Creatures - A bunch of corrupted monsters. Can be surprisingly powerful. Two runes.

Aspen - A new healer, setting up in the fountain. Similar to Ashley but their personalities are not the same. Three runes.

Zombies x2- A decently tough fight, inhabits the graveyard typically. Two runes.

>Due to the reduction these cost a total of 16 runes, leaving Mary with none.
No. 1046177 ID: d12415

water, chaos, and stasis could make an antimatter slime

Dark, bone, and magic could make a lich. Would go well with the undead thing

Flesh, bone, and explode could make a boomer
No. 1046179 ID: 08229c
File 166552608881.png - (639.02KB , 827x1304 , 39.png )

>Mary looks over the map. Before assigning old monsters to new spots she wants to put some of the new monsters in places.

>The zombies, Ochre Jelly, and Lag Mites are placed in the ruins.

>In the woods she places the Gummy Wyrm, the fairy, a hoodlum, and the corrupt creatures.

>In the fountain she places Aspen.

>She puts the skeletons in the graveyard behind the church and assigns Holy Slime to the building proper.

>The hot springs currently only has Tea Slime.

>The jail has Bandit but she can break free whenever she wants.

>The farm is almost fully populated with some staff and creatures to wander about.

>The Genie is put into a potion shop.


Wow our dungeon is REALLY big now...

What other changes should we make?
No. 1046180 ID: b7974b

We should have done this before, this is great.
No. 1046182 ID: 7397c3

Rune the Glass Heart to get the Soul rune. Make a bunch of 1 rune monsters (Dragon->kobold, Aero->human, Aqua->undine, etc.) to get the area to feel populated.
No. 1046184 ID: b79969

Have Explodey and Metal slime hide in a random part of the map each time somebody enters
No. 1046185 ID: 06095b


- I'd say put Colt at the gate to Slimecrown, move his room to the gate area so he can use his full power.
- Dark and Light slime's area would fit well with the new ruins area.
- Moving both of these rooms in turn opens up space for the Colosseum (to be added later when we have more runes.
- Devil Slime and Monk Slime would probably fit well in the Pub
- Psion Slime would be good to work in the school.
No. 1046186 ID: 06095b


Second runing for the Soul rune, and I guess a few basic mobs couldn't hurt.
No. 1046187 ID: ca5f43

For now, this is looking great. I think we'll need to set a few more things up in the future. But I really like where we are.

Since the hamlet is a dungeon in and of itself, almost, I think we should look to have them segmented in a way that allows a checkpoint if possible.

We sometimes have adventurers who desire to fight more than explore. And most of our fighters are in fact, in the citadel proper.

My suggestion for now is to make the citadel gate as a mini-boss room and checkpoint. This area can be protected by Colt. Adventurers can fight him for entry, or can bypass him by impressing him with helping out the citadel's denizens, maybe rooting out the corruption that is within the area.

If adventurers impress him, he lets them through. This can be an item that adventurers can use to also bypass the hamlet and get to the tougher fights in the future, if they don't wish to spend time here.

I don't think Colt will be the true boss of the area, which is why I habe the area as a mini-boss room. But in the future. We make the ruins a boss room where the source of the corruption is. But this works in the immediate future. Colt, amd a few slime warriors on a bridge with archers on the walls.
No. 1046188 ID: 06095b


- For our weapon smith, why not put Time Slime in charge? Instead of repairing equipment, she uses her time magic to reverse the damage to it. For lore purposes, she often goes around salvaging old broken gear from the ruins to fix up.
- Magnetron can be Time Slime's partner in crime. He helps her find things to fix up and sell from the forest.
- However, Magnetron attracts trouble in the form of lightning slime, who occasionally chases him around.
No. 1046189 ID: 15c72a

Does this mean 1-rune demons are free? You could just... create them en-masse and deconstruct them for runes? Like an even more broken version of the slime exploit?
That said, I'm not sure the demons would appreciate this treatment. Perhaps you shouldn't do it. Still, the free demons would be good as filler in the starting area.

We need more demons to staff the weapon shop and the pub. Maybe get some random ones to behave as customers in the pub... and a single hiveminded monster in the school. One large monster with smaller drones, to appear like "children" being taught. Perhaps... bees? I'm at a loss as to what runes we could use for that though. Related runes would be Mind, Psionic, Natural, Wild, Levitation, and Candy. It would probably only need two runes, unless we want to severely punish anyone that tries to fight in the school.

Don't rune the glass heart yet. We want both runes, which we can get when we upgrade Archiver. Also, why are there two different Glass runes!? Is one actually "Crystal"?
No. 1046191 ID: 7397c3

>You could just... create them en-masse and deconstruct them for runes?
Runing monsters would still give you the amount of runes you spent on them, not the amount they're effectively worth as monsters. You'll notice they're a different color.

>We want both runes, which we can get when we upgrade Archiver.
Archiver is ridiculously expensive (17k right now, 10k even if we spend 7 runes we don't have to give to our 7 4-rune monsters, making them harder to place in the dungeon) and we won't be able to afford her anytime soon. Delaying getting a rune that is confirmed to be especially powerful, when we know that pretty much anything in Glass Spinner's dungeon would drop it, is not really worth it.
No. 1046192 ID: 76549e

Looks good for now. I'd still like to populate it more with different races though. More Goblins, Humans, Kobolds, Dwarves.
No. 1046193 ID: 83315a

I like the idea of moving some of the underutilised slimes out to the village area. Time Slime running the weapon shop sounds very cute.
No. 1046194 ID: a93db7

I think we could also do something fun with the geaveyard in that there is a secret passageway that leads them to the ruins in the future. We could place ochre jellies and zombies in this pathway as a means of explaining where the monsters are coming from. We could also place traps in there, set there by some...thing that is unknown for now (the cult idea in the future) as aeans of making sure no nosy do-gooders found out. This passageway is a secret puzzle that could be activated by something in the graveyard or have a puzzle door entrance to the ruins themselves with a secret code. Like a slimish phrase praising the thing in the basement.

Some ideas for traps include pressure traps with spikes that go through slimes, but easily get triggered by heroes. Or string traps that create a cave in for the passageway
No. 1046195 ID: a93db7

Oh hey, maybe our Nesting Doll for now can be the teacher of the school? She can give little history lessons for our lore!
No. 1046196 ID: a9af05

>Scarecrow x3 - Protectors of the farmland. Something seems off about one...
Uh oh. We might have a situation similar to what happened when we made the oil slime for the spa. Let's go check on that Scarecrow and see if they're in pain. If they are in pain, we'll need to think of a way to help them.
No. 1046197 ID: 6fbf45

I'm pretty sure something seeming off is just lore because it has a Chaos rune instead of Wood
No. 1046198 ID: d12415

On the other hand, I can't really see the zombies NOT being in pain, but they probably don't have the cognition to really care. The scarecrows could be in the same boat.
No. 1046206 ID: fcbb9e

It's probably fine. This is somewhat by design, after all.
No. 1046211 ID: fcbb9e

You know, thinking about it right now, it might be a good idea to move Gazer over to the Ruins or the Woods. Might have a better place being a roaming monster in the area there. It seems oddly placed with the magic slime, if I'm honest.
No. 1046219 ID: fcbb9e
File 166553826711.png - (47.55KB , 1152x648 , Bridge Mini-Boss Room.png )

So, I took a bit of time to sketch it out to explain, but this is what I had in mind.

There is a drawbridge with a moat of comfy slimes (or just plain old water, if you prefer), with a drawbridge at the gate. At the other side of the bridge is a small guardhouse, which is where Colt, our mini-boss resides.

Adventurers when they ask to go through, are denied entry, as they have not proven worthy to be allowed to enter. Adventurers now have two options:

A) Prove their worth by doing tasks around the hamlet:
This leads to adventurers exploring and figuring out about the corruption (later the cult) in the area and in turn earning a badge or a token of honour from Colt. This badge allows them entry into the castle proper, and can be used in subsequent repeat adventures, by those that don't wish to interact with the hamlet or its missions, or just want to get into the spa proper, use other services, etc.

B) Fight Colt for entry into the Citadel:
This leads to Colt sounding the alarm and getting the guard of Slimecrown to lift the drawbridge, where heroes must then try to cross the bridge before while fighting Colt, a cadre of soldiers and a group of archers on the walls. Colt will try and defend and stop the party from crossing the drawbridge, even pushing them into the moat, but once they do make it halfway, he goes in on an all-out attack, unleashing the pride of Slimecrown's army. Defeating Colt will let him drop the badge of strength instead of honour, where Colt in future runs, respects the might of the adventurers, and the party can ring a bell to signal the guard to open the gate.
No. 1046220 ID: 36b2ef

You need products to go in them shops
No. 1046221 ID: 08229c
File 166553835509.png - (634.92KB , 827x1304 , 40.png )



>Mary shifts a few of the slimes around and uses some that have just been on standby. Colt is now a guardian, between the hamlet and Slimecrown.

I'll have to upgrade that area to make him a viable boss, otherwise he'll be weakened...
Or maybe he can be weaker and act as a level gate. Fully unleashed he could crush a lot of people.

>Devil and Monk slime are assigned to the pub, though what lore they give has yet to be decided just yet.

>Time Slime and the magnent monster run the weapons shop.

>Mary makes a not to consult the builder about traps for the graveyard, maybe even a secret passageway. But, she doesn't quite know how to build traps or what goes into them.

Maybe Glass Spinner will know?

>Gazer is moved to the ruins along with Light and Dark Slime. Both of them can provide ambience while Gazer is a pretty powerful enemy.
No. 1046223 ID: 08229c
File 166553880698.png - (86.36KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

Hmm... You guys bring up a good point, however. Let me go and check on some of these guys.

>Mary checks on those who have the Chaos rune on them. The Scarecrow is smoking.


"Hey, I just wanted to make sure you guys were ok. Everything stable? Any worries of coming apart at the seams?"

"Eh?" The Scarecrow smokes. "Oh, the runes? Nah, boss, you did a good job. We're fine. Thanks for checkin' in though. You're a considerate lady. If I was 20 years younger I'd ask you out for a drink."

"You're like 10 minutes old."

"I'm old in spirit.
No. 1046226 ID: 08229c
File 166553959936.png - (176.91KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

Last... Let's rune that Glass Heart.

>Mary brings over the Demonologist to rune the Glass Heart, turning it into the Soul Rune.

< Mary has discovered a Fundamental Rune. Soul been registered, one remains. >

"Amazing..." Demonologist handles the rune. "I never thought I'd personally see even a single Fundamental this close, let alone be responsible for manifesting three of them..."

"Are they that important?"

"Extremely. We actually don't have the means of utilizing them to their fullest potential but... If we stick these onto anything we can make them a true force to be reckoned with. Hell, many people would kill to use these to become a Demon."

"Really? Can they be inverted into anything?"

"Theoretically, yes. In practice, no. They are the true base of all matter. Inversion either brings about something's opposite or reduces it to a step below. Cloth becomes string because it is simply the finished result of strings. An inverse of its completeness. The Fundamentals are complete, perfect, and have no opposite that we can manifest. Everything can eventually become them by reduction and purifying but they are absolute."


>Dungeoneer enters the room and screams incoherently.
No. 1046227 ID: 08229c
File 166553987237.png - (174.94KB , 800x600 , 43.png )



"Mary, please! I need it! I need it the MOST out of EVERYTHING EVER!"

"... Why should I?"

"I swear I'll do anything you say forever!"

"You... You already work for me..."


No. 1046228 ID: 06095b


She needs to explain why, assuming she isn't forbidden by construct shenanigans. Also, she needs to bear in mind that she still needs to repay everyone she hurt by locking them in cages before she gets any sort of special favor.
No. 1046229 ID: 08229c

Small error, three Fundamentals remain
No. 1046232 ID: fcbb9e

Look, this clearly means a lot to her. And everything we've heard from her durong her run suggests that she really wants it.

With that said, I think if these cannot be duplicated, we need to hold onto it until we habe a duplicate. We can promise her a soul rune as soon as we have a copy. We don't know when we will need it, if we will need it.

That said, she's definitely earned a regular rune after this run. She really means well.

In the meantime, we should probably call Glass Spinner for some info about traps. She'd love to chat.
No. 1046234 ID: 7397c3

>if these cannot be duplicated
We got Nothing and Stasis by inverting Force and Lightning respectively, nothing's stopping us from doing it again. And she never said they couldn't be duplicated, just can't be inverted.
No. 1046235 ID: fcbb9e

If thats the case. Then I am for it. Lets see what happens.
No. 1046237 ID: 7397c3

Show Dungeoneer the other Fundamental runes too. What's the worst that can happen?
No. 1046238 ID: b79969

Make her wear a sexy outfit. as payment. Or a joke
No. 1046244 ID: 7397c3

>Inversion either brings about something's opposite or reduces it to a step below. Cloth becomes string because it is simply the finished result of strings.
So this confirms my suspicion, we're not actually done inverting yet. If String is reduced Cloth, and Plant is reduced String, then we still need to see what Plant inverts to. Same for everything else we got as a result of inversion except the Fundamental ones. And Space.
No. 1046245 ID: b7974b

I would give it to her, but if we give her one, we might want to look into giving some to other's constructs and maybe even one for you!
No. 1046246 ID: 7397c3

I think it's been established before that constructs can't have runes unless they came with one. So the only ones here that could get one are Dungeoneer, Mary, Alex and Isabelle.
No. 1046247 ID: b7974b

Oh, since we have a free room opened up, we can shove the prince and his guardian into it, since he's supposed to be hidden, maybe have a key mechanic to find him? Course, he and his guard ain't the toughest compared to magical girl transformation sequence, so that's something to consider as well....
No. 1046249 ID: 7397c3

Hm. You know what? Sure, she can have it. But taking a rune makes it one less we can give our monsters... So she'll have to fight from now on.
No. 1046250 ID: eae2d8

Ask her why, then give it to her. What’s the worst that could happen?
No. 1046251 ID: 1ed92d

Sure, give her a Soul rune. What's the worst that could happen?
No. 1046252 ID: 83315a

Confirm a Soul rune won't have a negative effect on other peoples' Dungeoneers. I think it's likely to make her a real girl.
No. 1046255 ID: 7397c3

From thread 6:
>"Well... If I get up to five runes spoilers happens. I would tell you but if I do I will literally poof out of existence. And that wouldn't be very enjoyable."
From thread 9:
>"Are you aware of constructs that can take in runes? It's not dangerous, is it?"
>"I have heard of them and would suggest against giving your constructs runes. Having runes within them brings them further from a construct and closer to a demon. It can have unpredictable results. Why do you ask?"
No. 1046256 ID: a7a180

Can you tell us a bit more about your mystery rune before we consider giving someone with your... illustrious rap sheet an extremely valuable rune we just made?
Does something about the fundamental runes prevent us from replicating them easily? This may be a very finite resource.
No. 1046257 ID: 7397c3

Also from thread 6:
>"... How did you get runes I don't even know about? I see Law in there but... What is that other one?"
>"I dunno. That's just what I came with."
Mind you, I'm not convinced she wasn't lying about any of it.
No. 1046258 ID: 919d9b

Why not just give her a genie wish so she can stay herself without being reliant on a dungeon master? No runes, no chaos, no problem.
No. 1046260 ID: 36b2ef

The corrupted animals are trying to gattai early! Stop them!

That's supposed to be a dramatic reveal for when an adventurer is ruining the lore and just burning everything to the ground driving the animals to delve even deeper into corruption!

A field boss triggered by player actions!
No. 1046264 ID: 2a82d3

OK, but if something goes wrong and you've created an unstoppable monster, you have to contact the nearest Adventurer Guild representative asap. It's the rules, and if it's not it should be.

Though, you should consider notifying the Dungeon Master Guild about your recent discoveries. They probably already know about fundamental runes, but you don't want to appear you're holding out on them either.
No. 1046265 ID: 7397c3

Lord Savage literally has one of the Fundamental runes in his halo, and we got Soul from an item from Glass Spinner. They know.
No. 1046268 ID: 08229c
File 166554606174.png - (101.54KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

>Mary glances at the creatures. They stare back at her.

I may be gay but I don't believe in bullying my staff by forcing them to wear outfits. I think HR would hear about that.

"... So, what do you need this for?"

"I... Can't say. But I really really really really really really would like it."

"Alright, take it."

"Wait, really?" She seems genuinely stunned by how little Mary argued."

"Yep. If you recall the conversation we had earlier, I'm willing to work with you. I just expect the same treatment back."

"Of course! Thank you, Mary!"

>She takes the rune, turns around, and does -something- with it.
No. 1046269 ID: 08229c
File 166554609666.png - (113.40KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

>She then explodes.
No. 1046270 ID: 08229c
File 166554641903.png - (158.85KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

>The explosion eventually stops. Dungeoneer seems unharmed beyond oozing a black fluid.

"Wow, hey, thanks a bunch Mary. You really are the coolest dungeon master ever. I'm telling you, if there's anything you need from me just ask. I will never be able to repay you for this."

". . ."


"I'm gonna go to the springs now. Let me know if you need some Dungeoneering stuff done."
No. 1046271 ID: 7397c3

is that the beginning of a halo I see?
No. 1046272 ID: 15c72a

Ask her if she can tell you what that was about, now that she's done it.
No. 1046274 ID: fcbb9e

Hmmm. Oilivia should probably watch over her for a bit to make sure she's safe and sturdy.

Girl could use a band-aid.

So, in the meantime, I think its time to give Glass Spinner a call and then start working through things like dungeon building, lore building and planning encounters for the expansion!
No. 1046275 ID: 919d9b

>I may be gay

Was this ever previously established?
No. 1046276 ID: 7397c3

I don't think so, no. I'm glad you're comfortable enough with us to share these things, Mary.
No. 1046278 ID: a7a180

Maybe we can ask the Archivist more about the constructs' original personalities... I think she's trying to manifest herself fully.
Tell her we'll start to collect on that promise very soon.
No. 1046279 ID: 7397c3

Or the opposite. She may be trying to rid herself of the original's influence and become her own demon.
No. 1046281 ID: 7cf2fa

What the...? She said she wanted almighty, not soul, so what the...?

Well, regardless, duplicate it before you decide.
No. 1046284 ID: d12415

Fuck no, not after that terrifying display. She needs to explain not only to you, but to literally everyone else who just watched that horror show what the fuck just happened and why.
No. 1046287 ID: 919d9b

Smart money is on her having been a dungeon master and getting cursed, with the thing in the basement either being her true form or a manifestation of her power.
No. 1046288 ID: 83315a

Rune some of that black goo.
No. 1046292 ID: fec07f

Girl got some splainin to do
No. 1046295 ID: 4534a6

Slap that ass
No. 1046297 ID: d4a158

You should also probably go to the hotsprings. She can’t say why she wanted Soul but maybe she can say why she didn’t wait for Almighty like she said she wanted to?
No. 1046301 ID: d4a158

All this stuff with super duper runes is making me really aware of how our construct friends are bound to be unable to tell us things. Maybe we can… cheat? Maybe we could use runes to make an instruction manual for dungeons so we don’t keep encountering secret rules? Or a crystal ball so we can peer into dungeoneer’s mysterious past? (With her permission.) Or we could get a telepathic helmet so we can read information from their minds, bypassing their inability to inform us of things? I want to trust our friends, but if they’re being magically compelled to keep quiet or to, say, ask for runes, and we can’t tell, it’s hard to know we’re doing right by them. There’s so much about the nature of being a dungeon construct we don’t know, but it seems like it can be a pretty tough gig.
No. 1046302 ID: 9caba2

Haha nope, she's staying right here.
Either that, or we *all* go to the hot springs for the onsen episode.
No. 1046312 ID: 9cc816

You know, maybe it’s time to put out some feelers and ask the other dungeon masters what that rune on Dungeoneer might be?
No. 1046313 ID: 06095b


Bring in Ashley to heal her (and get a thorough physical examination done). She can go to the springs after that when she isn't at risk of goopifying the whole thing. After she's gone, I'd have a talk with Demonologist (who specializes in runes) and with the other dungeon masters as (>>1046312) suggests.
No. 1046370 ID: f43935

Found something from the Archive Depths, Lord Savage gave us Bone in 8.5, we should have that and its inverse
No. 1046371 ID: 7397c3

see >>1046115
>Bone becomes Flesh
No. 1046372 ID: f43935

wow fast reply, was about to delete after double checking
No. 1046373 ID: 7397c3

If it helps, there's a wiki with all the runes, their opposites, dungeon staff upgrades, and all that. https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics
No. 1046374 ID: f43935

I wonder if we could rune a literal building foundation to get that rune, not like anyone would think to do so
No. 1046375 ID: 7397c3

That reminds me that Slime Matron mentioned that we'd get something very interesting if we rune fossils or jewels. I wonder if a fossil would give us Eternal?
No. 1046377 ID: d12415

Oi, Mary, dig out your makeup. Rune some foundation.
No. 1046413 ID: 61235c

Do you guys think the existence of a set of basic, fundamental and irreducible runes implies the existence of an opposite set of the most complicated, specific, elaborate runes possible which can’t be iterated or combined any further? Like, the 6 most unimportant runes. Or is that what a personal rune is?
No. 1046418 ID: 08229c
File 166568581449.png - (154.61KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

What? No.

Ah. It's not as if I was hiding it. It just hasn't been important or pertinent. But, the support is appreciated.

Speaking of important, however...

"Dungeoneer, stop. We need to talk about what just happened. Are you okay? What are these runes even doing to you?"

"If I told you I'd die. It's part of that whole nebulous construct set of laws and rules and stuff, you know? I just really need you to trust me on this one. I can assure you, I'm -perfectly- fine."

"You're bleeding black goo."

"Just some birthing pains."


"I really do need to take a bath. Just oozing this stuff everywhere."

"... Ashley is going with you. They're going to give you a checkup and make sure you're fine."

"I have absolutely zero issues with this."

I have to assume that she's telling the truth about dying... Is sating my curiosity worth risking someone's life?

But, I have other means of answering questions.

>Mary goes back to her Dungeon Master chambers and calls up a friend. Acquaintance. Whatever. She calls Glass Spinner. The Dungeon Master answers after a moment and pops up on screen.

"Mary?" She seems puzzled, "To what do I owe this?"

"I have some questions."


Should I be direct about this? I worry that if I reveal what I've done it might cause consequences.
No. 1046419 ID: 7397c3

>Should I be direct about this? I worry that if I reveal what I've done it might cause consequences.
Well... most dungeon masters don't treat their construct as people, much less as friends.
Don't be too specific, but if she asks you can be specific about why you're not being specific. Start by asking about constructs with runes; Lord Savage already told you his opinion but she might have a different one or more info.
No. 1046421 ID: 0bbb9a


I'd start with asking if she knows about this sort of thing at all, and if she does, then be direct. We don't need a misunderstanding on this, but we don't want to blab to someone who can't help. If she can't/won't answer, then ask Savage.
No. 1046423 ID: f43935

We could start with a question about the different glass runes to smooth ourselves into the conversation, we could also then ask about why constructs might want Runes
No. 1046424 ID: f7631e

Be indirect. The real concern is the symptoms. After all, there was the times that you amd Alex were considering runing yourselves. And admittedly, that could still happen. Those symptoms could happen to you too. Go woth that, and then bring up the possibility of it being applicable to constructs too.

Then, see if you can also talk about your plans for secret rooms and other things. Make this more a professional call about the expansion you amd your team are doing.
No. 1046425 ID: 7397c3

It could be an interesting way to steer the conversation. We got the Glass Heart from her dungeon, it had a different Glass rune, it also had the Soul rune and segue into talking about Fundamental runes, then to how the constructs were forbidden from talking about it, then to constructs with runes and how they would interact with said Fundamental runes.
No. 1046426 ID: 1ed92d

Mention that you applied some Chaos Runes to create some minions and now they're oozing black goo, is that normal?
No. 1046427 ID: 0bbb9a


I like this approach.
No. 1046428 ID: 15c72a

Tell her that one of your demons wants some runes, and ask what would happen if you gave them to her. Especially any of the most powerful ones.
No. 1046439 ID: a7a180

Be indirect because the dungeon master's guild is probably used to skirting around the laws of dungeon mastery. Besides, Glass Spinner loves a puzzle.
No. 1046441 ID: 08229c
File 166569863559.png - (154.82KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"I was wondering... About the side effects of adding runes to things. Like, living things."

"Side effects... I assume your talking about humans, right?" She takes a bite out of her snacks. "There's quite a few, though some would argue that those are the intended effects. When one adds a rune to themselves they take on some aspect of the rune. For example..."

>She taps her chest.

"I have a few in me. I have Glass, Soul, and Deceit. I picked these because they are things I would hope to personally embody. Glass is one of my favorite materials, the Soul to put into my works, and Deceit to help me with puzzles and traps.

As a result, my physical appearance did change some and I became stronger. I guess the worst part of it is that you tend to lean into the runes you put into yourself... But if that's what you were planning from the start it's not a real issue. I've not had any problems with it myself."

"Is it possible to reverse the process?"

"Hmm... I suppose you could condense the runes. Maybe turn it into a Humanity rune... But, in general, there's no going back. Are you considering becoming a demon?"

"Sorta. It's a big step."

"Indeed. Most Dungeon Masters are demons. I know we were all a bit surprised that you'd yet to become one yourself. Though, it is certainly not unheard of."

"You say you had the Glass rune. I noticed yours is different than the one I had registered."

"Ah," She gives a small smile. "A difference of aesthetics, I can assure you. I have become so deeply entwined with the glass of my dungeon that a bit of myself sorta rubbed off on them. Don't worry too much about it, they still behave the same as a normal glass rune."

"Gotcha. I'd noticed it when I deconstructed the Glass Heart and got the option of a Glass or Soul rune. Having already had Glass I chose Soul."

"Oh ho, you have a Fundamental?"

"A few now, actually."

"To the normal adventurer they mean little and nothing. But, to Dungeon Masters like us? It's kind of a goal to obtain all of them."

"Does something happen when you do?"

"That would be telling. We try to avoid giving spoilers for such things, even among the guild members. It spoils the surprise."

"What exactly does the Soul rune do?"

"That is a question to ask your Librarian or Demonologist but... Well, it represents will. Life. The ability to project our desires onto the world and into what we do. Without it there would be little in the way of creativity or desire."

"Huh. And if I add it onto things?"

"That's for you to find out." She says, a slight smug tone entering her voice.

"Actually, another question. Since we're on the topic of adding runes onto things... What about adding runes to the dungeon constructs?"

>She pauses on her snacking.

"That would be a bad idea. Constructs are... Well they're kinda like shards of the originals, you know? A reflection of them. Adding runes to them is possible, but that might push them further and further away from being a 'construct' and more into a 'demon'."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Well, as they are they basically listen to us. We ourselves are a construct of a sort, taking the place of the original Dungeon Master. As shards of the Dungeon Master's servants, they serve us. You might end up with one who doesn't listen or does their own things."

"I see. Beyond that, are there any negative effects?"

"I can't see how it would get much worse than that."
No. 1046442 ID: 58dd24

I mean, you open with "I am making a themed room that makes sense to have a trap and maybe a secret passage, but I literally do not know the first thing about how to make those, so I thought I should ask the expert." and then you can transition to other rune conversations.
No. 1046443 ID: a7a180

How did this thread start off again? Oh, yeah, I suppose it couldn't get much worse than that. Well, the only way it could get worse is if she actually got good at doing it.
No. 1046444 ID: f7631e

Hmmm, it provides a mystery for us. But its funny, Dungeoneer already is kind of awol, so I can't imagine it being too different. Maybe it will be good to save a water rune in the future for your own development though. Just a thought for the future.

But with that in mind, maybe its time to start going into some of our other concerns with our expansion.

Things like trap and puzzle making, secret rooms, anything specifically like that. Its not exactly something your dungeons are known for.
No. 1046445 ID: 7397c3

It kinda rubbed off on our own dungeon, too. Back when Demonologist made a Glass rune to turn into Sand (>>1046115), it was her Glass rune, not the other one.
No. 1046450 ID: 06095b


I'm tempted to scribble down Dungeoneer's rune and see if she recognizes it, but it may just be a personal rune. As is, maybe getting back into her wheel house by asking about puzzles would be best. There's a lot we could do with them.
No. 1046451 ID: a9af05

>You might end up with one who doesn't listen or does their own things.
Kinda like what happened earlier when Dungeoneer took over the dungeon.

Let this be a lesson, no more giving runes to Dungeoneer.
No. 1046452 ID: 7397c3

This isn't MAQ, I don't think personal runes are a thing.
No. 1046455 ID: 06095b


Well, she already said that her glass rune is modified by having a part of herself imprinted on it. What I mean by personal is that Dungeoneer's rune might be similarly distorted, since presumably its a core part of her. Maybe Spinner could still guess the original, though.
No. 1046474 ID: f43935

Not like we could be harmed by showing her a Rune, and explaining what exactly has been going on, she seems a good person and it's not like DM's can really affect each other
No. 1046476 ID: b7974b

Well I guess this girl wants to not be the original copy. Well as long as she doesn't stuff the boss into a prison cell I'm game for it.
No. 1046484 ID: 61235c

Let’s not ask about Dungeoneer’s original rune. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it’s the eternal rune, since that’d logically stick to whatever it’s on forever.

Our worst fears have been waylaid, Dungeoneer isn’t gonna turn into oil. We’ll keep an eye on her physical and mental health, and hopefully by leveling her up, she’ll eventually be able to tell us more, like Demonologist just did.

Let’s just ask Glass Spinner where she likes to start with trap design to give us a little inspiration, since we want to add a few more of those, and GS will love talking about it.
No. 1046495 ID: 08229c
File 166572029020.png - (159.69KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

"Are personal runes a thing? Like... A rune that says 'I am Mary' or something like that?"

"Uh. Maybe? All the runes that could be made have already been made. If someone made a new rune they'd have to be on par with the original Dungeon Master. If you do manage to find someone able to do that, please tell me. I'd love to get a rune myself."

I think I'll keep Dungeoneer's weird rune to myself. Maybe ask the other constructs about it.

"Of course, I owe all of you. Actually, I was wondering if I could impose just a bit more."


"Well, I wanted to add some traps to my dungeon."

"Oooh? Well, you called the right Dungeon Master. I'm sure you're aware but my dungeon is filled with puzzles and the traps contained within.
I am pleased to see you are going down a similar path, the other underestimate the value of a good trap.

Now, seeing as how you have Slimecrown Citadel I'm sure you could use your countless slimes for plenty of traps. I noticed you had a darkness slime. Perhaps something involving solving a puzzle in the dark? Or a room filled with monsters that becomes pitch black? Then they'd have to figure out how to fight in the dark.

For that particular one I would try and make sure that they can't outright cheat. Maybe deny them magical sight but do allow mundane solutions? Oh but if you are being particularly cruel you could do it the other way around... It may seem mean but if you leave a form of magical sight outside then they could..."
No. 1046496 ID: 08229c
File 166572055353.png - (185.03KB , 800x600 , 50.png )


Ah, maybe you could have it so that the entire room is actually... It's actually a giant slime and they have to find the cores and destroy them to escape..."

>She begins given more and more ideas, growing increasingly animated as she talks.

I... I think I need to steer the conversation.

Let's narrow things down a bit, before the entire dungeon becomes a puzzle dungeon.
No. 1046497 ID: 6ccff3

Tell us more about the slime room idea. How could we keep adventurers in and make it potentially lethal in the best way
No. 1046498 ID: 4534a6

>Soooo, you ever think about banging your demons and constructs?
Damn girl be horny for traps!
No. 1046499 ID: 6ccff3

Actually, invite her over for dinner and in person talking about traps. Nothing better than socializing with your friend.

Also get her nice and worked up while helping you with traps.
No. 1046500 ID: 93ec6f

Yes, invite her over to dinner. Hang out together in the spa drinkong wine. Get a lil tipsy. Kiss.
No. 1046501 ID: 61235c

I’m a little confused. Could you ask her what the difference between a trap and a puzzle is, anyways? I’ve seen construction costs for traps but not for puzzles, and I think we wanted to put a secret tunnel in the graveyard, but that’s not really a trap I think?
No. 1046503 ID: 15c72a

How about specifically traps that you can put in otherwise empty rooms?
No. 1046504 ID: b79969

Glass Spinner is for anal
No. 1046506 ID: f43935

It's been a (small) bit since we've had anyone over, just try to keep her clear of the spa (mentioning that it is to have No Traps should be enough) and we can have a nice in-person talk about adding traps and Puzzles in here, A dungeon is not complete without puzzles and I think the slimes could have great fun being involved with puzzles
No. 1046508 ID: 36784c

If you want to distract her from all the trap and puzzle talk, just blurt out that you were thinking of fusing a Dragon Rune to yourself and ask if she thinks that would be a good fit for you to become a dragon.
No. 1046510 ID: 2a82d3

That you considered keeping your cards close to your chest when you met, and decided to, means you had the instincts to recognize an embodiment of Deceit before she told you she was one. Good on you.

You know, it's high time you apologize about what happened during Christmas. Yes the party, if you can remember it, but also the whole "sending monsters to invade her dungeon" thing. You didn't order it, but it was to your benefit, so thank her for not taking it so personally.

How do you get along with the other DMs, from the guild or not? Slime Matron would be very interested in hearing about your latest trap idea, assuming she hasn't already.

What dangers should you be looking out for as an up-and-coming dungeon master? Some people you know have been handling your success better than others. It's not hard to imagine dungeon acquisitions emphasizing the "hostile" part in "hostile takeover", however cushy their retirement options.
No. 1046513 ID: 8d65e6

Okay, let's not go overboard here. Asking about what the difference between puzzles and traps are mechanically for the dungeon is a decent start, maybe get some comments and criticism regarding the puzzles and traps we've already made and go from there?
No. 1046514 ID: 9caba2

No no, involving our slimes more is a great idea, how about a trap cafeteria, or 'trapfeteria', where they have to avoid eating too much comfy-slime laced food or they just kinda... don't want to do the rest of the dungeon?
No. 1046519 ID: 1ed92d

She's horny for Deceit.

Let's go with Slime Traps and Darkness Traps. Like a room where it slowly grows darker and seems like it's a harmless light puzzle.... except the darkness is actually Dark Slime!
No. 1046520 ID: a7a180

Ah, does your halo act up whenever you're in the mood for... dungeony things?
Not to give away any trade secrets, but the darkness slime is already being used in a puzzle, I think.
What about a puzzle where the room is very big or the adventurers become very tiny, so they have to fight a normal looking but really really big slime?
No. 1046525 ID: 93ec6f

If Mary equips all the fundamental runes would she become the Mariest?
No. 1046533 ID: 165e40

We got to slow her down. I loke some of the ideas she is bringing to the table, but its not really asking the fundamental questiom of what we need for puzzles and traps. Economically speaking.

We should be able to come up with a few traps and puzzles, but she hasn't really talked about the execution, what makes a good puzzle for adventurers and the costs to make it. Especially since some of the ideas she is suggesting may be difficult when we are so rune poor right now.

We should maybe direct her into what we had in mind for this part of the dungeon to keep tbings focused. We are thinking about making a secret tunnel to a common area, maybe adding a trap or two in it for lore amd story purposes.
No. 1046534 ID: 165e40

Sorry, make that an eventual boss area, possibly.
No. 1046541 ID: d12415

Inviting her over is a good idea. Maybe more platonically, at least for now.
No. 1046543 ID: 7397c3

guys, please stop trying to wingman Mary unless she asks for it
No. 1046545 ID: 08229c
File 166577981938.png - (138.63KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

I'm... I'm not having a repeat of Christmas. My behavior was inexcusable... Thankfully no one really talked about it afterwards so...

Even so, I'm not sure I can quite face her, well face to face. It was... Embarrassing.

"Excuse me. I'm curious, what's the difference between a trap and a puzzle? I have constructions for traps but not puzzles. I am curious about both but I really wanted to make like... A secret tunnel sort of thing in the graveyard."

"Ah, then you're looking for a puzzle to open the tunnel. Yes, you see many puzzles are traps but not every trap is a puzzle.

Let us take a room. When you enter this room the ceiling begins to close down upon you. If there is a wall with glyphs on it that, when tapped correctly, stop the ceiling and open the door then you have a puzzle and a trap. If there is no means of escape then you simply have a trap. The two are best when connected in my opinion. You could also have a puzzle without a trap. Like that same room but instead of a dropping ceiling it is simply a means of going forward.

Do you understand?"

"I think I do."

"You can also add puzzles to places without spending extra money. It's only when you add a trap aspect to the room that the price goes up. There's also a different cost between mechanical and magical traps. I'd ask your builder about that."

"What do you think I should do for the tunnel?"

"Hmm... If you are making a secret tunnel in a graveyard... Perhaps a tombstone that has an inscription on it? With instructions. And then if you follow the instructions it opens the passageway... Maybe... Maybe you could have runes that tell of it but in a vague and mysterious way..."

"I like that. I also really like the room being a giant slime idea. I think both can be fair."

"Indeed. Traps are fine but lethal traps are boring to watch. It's much more interesting to see the wheels turn in their head, don't you think?"

"I just don't want to seem unfair."

>She nods.

"Was there anything else you needed, Mary?"
No. 1046547 ID: b79969

Your snapchat handle
No. 1046548 ID: 97e071

No questions from me. To our friend, the builder!
No. 1046549 ID: 15c72a

Ask about her halo thingy. It wasn't visible at the start of the conversation, so what made it appear?
No. 1046551 ID: 1ed92d

Use a tombstone with a poem of some kind on it. Adventurers love poems. If possible, acquire a ghost of historical lineage to stick there, like a bard who died doing something reckless and cool.

Meanwhile, the underground section can potentially lead to further secrets to be planned later.
No. 1046552 ID: 4534a6

Ask her if she'll send a squad to test out SlimeCrown once we get our new stage set up
No. 1046553 ID: d12415

See if she wants to hang out some time. Just to chill. Nothing romantic.

Mary needs some more friends outside of her dungeon.
No. 1046555 ID: 7397c3

A ghost? You mean like a disembodied... Soul?
No. 1046556 ID: 62d737

Its not a bad idea. I also think that maybe using the school in the futuee as a lore/hint dropping area isn't a bad idea!
No. 1046557 ID: b7974b

Nothing I can think of besides how she developed her own dungeon like she did, how she got INTO the dungeon business, or how people get into it normally, since mary kinda got forced. Other then that, give her a thank you for answering the questions.
No. 1046559 ID: fbba8e

Oh, oh! Here's what we could do for the graveyard!
Have the graves all be humorous first of all. Like, "Here lies Wet Willy, liked to drink so much he drowned."
Here's the key though, have particular letters capitalized or underlined or otherwise made obvious. Have a crypt or mausoleum with a door that says, "Only those that observe well may pass." Directly below, letters that can be pressed. Should they press all the letters that the graves made obvious, it opens, leading to the passage!
No. 1046560 ID: a7a180

You need to ask about the dungeonmaster halo!
That's about it though.
No. 1046563 ID: 5d9599

Ask if she has any suggestions on a rune for yourself? You're still not entirely sure you want to go through with transforming yourself yet, but it'd be nice to have some ideas on what rune others think would be a good choice for you.
No. 1046565 ID: 08229c
File 166578784963.png - (153.82KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

I have friends. I have...

. . .


Well, my roommate counts, right? And some of my old coworkers.

"Actually, I've been looking at your halo flare up for a bit. What's with that?"

"W-what?" She glances upward, flustered, and shoos the halo away. It breaks apart and dissolves. "Sorry. It's meant to pop up during periods of intense emotion. Sorta like a cool powerup looking thing. It doesn't actually do anything but it can appear if we're feeling passionate about something. Like fighting. Or designing puzzles."

"You really like puzzles then."

"It's a... Hobby of mine."

"Well, maybe you can come check out my dungeon when it's finished and see what new puzzles I've made. Though, it IS mostly fighting."

"Perhaps I will."
No. 1046566 ID: 08229c
File 166578926382.png - (139.46KB , 800x600 , 53.png )


"Oh, uh, one more thing before you go. How did you get into this? I mean, how is it usually done. I was kinda forced into this gig."

"Oh boy... Man, this would have been... 50 years ago?"

"50 years? You... Don't look like someone over 50."

"I'm 82. I still look pretty good for my age, huh?"

>She leans back on her chair and grins.

"I... Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed that. Go on."

"Hehe. Demons don't age. So, as I was saying, like 50 or so years ago Lord Savage actually introduced me to it. I used to be an adventurer and challenged his dungeon. I was a glass conjurer and struggled during the fighting parts. We reached him, mostly through luck, and were basically obliterated.
After the battle he messaged me and asked me if I'd like to work for him in his dungeon. He saw my experience as a puzzle breaker and wanted to add just a bit to his own stuff.
I worked for him for... About a year. After that he asked me if I'd like my own dungeon. I said yes and... Here I am."

"Wow. Yeah, I remember Lord Savage saying you two were friends."

"He is a very kind man, don't let his looks fool you."

"Oh, no, I've had nothing but good chats with him."

>A ding is heard from Glass Spinner's side.

"Ah, perfect timing. I gotta go, Mary. Let me know how your puzzle goes."

"Of course."

>And with that, the call ends.
No. 1046567 ID: b7974b

That ding is either a adventure party or she's about to get frisky with the girl running in the background.
No. 1046568 ID: 08229c
File 166578978258.png - (198.83KB , 827x600 , 54.png )


>Mary sighs and pulls up her dungeon map.

We're no closer to solving what's going on with Dungeoneer... But, at least we can work on the dungeon a bit more. I will keep a very close eye on her, however. Just in case anything else happens.

>She zooms in on the graveyard and calls up the Carpenter.


I think the secret tunnel is a great idea, but how should we go about crafting it? And, what do we attach it to exactly?
No. 1046569 ID: 62d737

I think the simplest solution is the best, lets have the secret path be a tunnel that leads to the ruins beyond the forest. It can be used as a speedrunning tactic for what I think will be a boss or mini-boss room in the future.

As for the how, I agree with Glass Spimmer and others that it should be hidden as a tombstone. I like the idea of it being a specific code phrase that is said to open up the tunnel.

The phrase can be learned through exploring the hamlet or maybe something said by our ghostly/chaotic minions during combat.

The other option is through a section of hidden buttons to press to activate it. Perhaps in a pattern or something similar.

We are a dungeon that thrives on environmental storytelling, so lets lean into that so that it also rewards the adventurers that really get into it.
No. 1046570 ID: 06095b


I agree with tacking on humorous sayings per headstone, like (>>1046559) suggested. I'm not sure what the best puzzle mechanic is for the mausoleum to open up and allow for entry, but I'd say putting Lightning Slime there to zap wrong attempts would be a good idea. He can also be part of the cinematic to take them to the ruins, powering the cart rails that take them there.
No. 1046571 ID: 06095b


I have an idea. Maybe the graveyard has a gust flowing through it. Certain tombstones have a top ornament that catches that wind and produces a sound. When all of them are aligned correctly, they play a piece of sheet music written on the tomb, an Antiquated Slimecrown Sonata. When properly aligned, the ornaments can glow briefly during playing their tone.
No. 1046572 ID: 76549e

You have to push a specific gravestone that reveals a stairway down into the path. If they try to push the wrong one, make it summon a skeleton or something.
Also, put a pithy message on the right gravestone like "Here lies Link."
No. 1046573 ID: a7a180

Dig the secret tunnel out to the forest. Make parts of it meandering and round, like it was carved out by a giant worm. Or, gummy wyrm.
Somewhere in that tunnel, put hints about a certain tree. Then, on a certain tree, give instructions to order a certain tea in the castle. Then on that teabag, include a symbol that appears when soaked in water. Finally, hide that symbol on a loose brick in Jeffrey's lair. We can figure out what's behind that later.
No. 1046574 ID: e5709d

Secret entrance/exit to the dungeon end is preferable, though it obviously needs security. But our legion isn't exactly Vigilo Confido - deathtraps need to be scaled down or we're going to waste an entire turkey of phoenix downs.

How about a compromise? Each door leads to a minor trap which appears to scale over time to lethal, but doesn't. For instance, have one trap door slowly open to the hot spring. It'll close half-way so none of your klutzes get themselves killed if they can't find the way out, but the slowly rising water level will freak any adventurers out. Another door has a golem that will give chase and even speed up over time, but realistically doesn't do more than a power walk. And of course, at least one ticking timer that secretly speeds up when it detects stress in nearby observers, looks like a complex detonator hooked to a giant barrel with gunpowder accents, and signals an alarm when it reaches 0 instead of exploding.

Wire the passage so you can change which doors open to what traps each day. Put a single epic-tier chest here, but have a real threat ready to ambush the adventurer if they open one more door after finding the chest.
No. 1046575 ID: 7397c3

>Well, my roommate counts, right? And some of my old coworkers.
The people who never checked in on you ever since you ended up here? No, that doesn't count as a friend.
No. 1046576 ID: fcbb9e

I think one other thing we could add in, just because I think it does make it be a minor challenge is that the secret tunnel does still have a monster or two in them. But something relatively simple. Like the primordial Ochre Jellies. And you could evem add a trap where its a pressure plate spike or arrow trap, but when it activates it doesn't do anything to the slimes because of their core never getting hit, but attacking flesh because they are trying to keep the fleshy types away.
No. 1046578 ID: b7974b

I would count Curi as your friend, Mary, you made her a uber boss and she makes sure that you get all the love she can give!
No. 1046579 ID: 4534a6

>I have friends...
Girl you have minions and underlings, yoy need a some fellow boss bitch girl friends to have wine and spa days with.
Or just give in and embrace the slimes desire to have you in their cuddle pile...
Hmmmm does having a secret key for a treasure hidden at the bottom of the comfy slime moat count as a puzzle inside a trap?
No. 1046580 ID: 4534a6

>I have friends...
Girl you have minions and underlings, yoy need a some fellow boss bitch girl friends to have wine and spa days with.
Or just give in and embrace the slimes desire to have you in their cuddle pile...
Hmmmm does having a secret key for a treasure hidden at the bottom of the comfy slime moat count as a puzzle inside a trap?
No. 1046587 ID: 36b2ef

We need a slime room trap. The trap will dump them into the room where the slime lives in the walls with its core safely hidden. Then put a sign saying the slime only eats people who die or are sleep. The slime then starts expanding in the room to grab the adventurers. If they attack it it'll back off, but it'll heal back rapidly. Eventually they'll either discover that the only exit is covered and the lock is one of the many holes the slime must be coming out of but too far for anyone with bones to reach.

If they give up and let the slime take them (without passing out of exhaustion or something) it'll pick them up and spit them out of the room. If they don't give up or kill the slime somehow they're stuck and can die in there, whenever they run out of rations (or ability to stay awake if the slime is awake)

Why doesn't it help them if they're attacking it? It's a slime we'll make from a heal, pain, and water rune to make a masochist slime that heals when it's hurt. It stays in the room because it creeps the other slimes out.
No. 1046621 ID: 61235c

I think that a secret tunnel in a graveyard should lead to a royal crypt with a memorial in it that holds some lore about the initial war with Jeffrey and a relic like a one-time use Fusion Goo limited to the current run of the dungeon. It’s our coolest item and we should really feature it so that adventurers are tempted to run the dungeon multiple times to try and pull it from the final boss drop pool.

Pushing the wrong graves can activate the restless dead victims of the war with Jeffrey to spawn, like chaos slimes, chaos creatures, and zombies.
No. 1046625 ID: 61235c

I also think maybe there should be a decently strong guardian in the crypt or before it. Either make the graveyard a miniboss room or make the crypt one and move the gummy wyrm down there. Dragons make great ancient guardians and wyrms are supposed to be underground anyways.
No. 1046627 ID: e5709d

>What kind of trap
This seems pretty obvious when you have a giant map staring at you.

Carve out a box of dirt equivalent to the size of the graveyard. Place switches right above the graves. The adventurers need to select the correct sequence of switches based on the corresponding graves. Each wrong answer causes the water level to rise. Finally, put up a sign in the graveyard to tell adventurers to read every grave.

Make the correct sequence something admirable; have the trigger graves be about activists who fought for the poor, the unfortunate, and the discriminated, yet were killed off and erased from history to stop their causes.
No. 1046636 ID: b7974b

One idea here could simply be a vibe check like Ms.Bloops, but village wide?
No. 1046644 ID: 15c72a

On the contrary, I think we've completely solved it. Dungeoneer is a copy that's diverged so heavily that she developed the desire for freedom. Yet, she can't break free from the construct summoning system on her own, and in fact that system has rules in place that destroy any construct actively attempting to escape. Actively in this case meaning, telling other people that she wants to be free. She wanted the Soul rune most of all because it reinforces her free will and independence. Well, that's my current theory.
An alternate, less likely theory, is that she is the original Dungeoneer, trapped in the construct system she helped create. But that wouldn't explain her desire for the Soul rune.

Anyway Mary... the Soul rune is an important foundation for any human becoming a Demon, it seems. It's like reinforcing your personality so it doesn't get affected by other runes much. After all, our glassy friend has Deceit as a rune yet she isn't a habitual liar, and I believe the Soul rune is responsible for that. Then again maybe it was because her intent behind applying the rune was the most important part, and she wanted it to signify a focus on puzzles and traps? It's something to ask our rune specialist I suppose.
...didn't we have a human minion who was being indecisive about runes? I forget if we gave her one yet. Soul would certainly be a good starter rune, but she still needs to decide what she wants to focus on... we can at least explain that general concept to her.
No. 1046751 ID: 08229c
File 166603061626.png - (640.74KB , 827x1304 , 55.png )

Let's try... This for now. Now, the graveyard has a few tombstones marked with witty little passages. However, certain letters are highlighted. If you gather them all and speak the phrase to a crypt it opens, revealing a tunnel that leads deep into the woods.

I wanna put something nice there. Maybe Gummy Wyrm eggs?

Yeah, and then if you touch them you have to fight the creature.

I like this idea. And since it's technically not a trap it doesn't cost us anything extra. We will have to spend more gold to make the Wyrm fight at full power but... I think we can hold off on that. It's supposed to be a relatively low level area.
No. 1046752 ID: 08229c
File 166603095666.png - (292.63KB , 800x1200 , 56.png )

Also... Wow I guess I really uh... Don't have any friends, huh? I mean... There's Curi but she's more like a daughter to me. And there's my staff but they're... I know they care about me but I'm not sure if I can consider them friends.

I never really thought about it until now. I was so focused on my work, so focused on moving up in the Bank...

I guess I sorta put all that behind me.


I need more information from Dungeoneer but she's unwilling to give it. I'm not sure how many runes she needs for whatever it is she's doing but... You may have a point. I am curious what would happen if we finished giving her more runes but I don't want to put the dungeon at risk too...

Oh, I forgot about Alex.

>Mary summons the girl.

"You called?"

"Alex... Do you have friends?"

"Uh. I have some coworkers I liked. I didn't really have much time to hang out or anything like that."

Dear god. It's like looking in a mirror.

>Mary sighs and rubs her face.

"Listen, I was wondering, we got some powerful runes. Did you still want to become a demon?" Mary displays the Soul rune. "This is Soul, one of the six Fundamental runes. It should help stabilize you so you don't teeter too far off base by taking in any other runes."


"That's the theory. I know you were interested so I just want to present this as an opt-"

"I'll do it!"

"Oh. You sure?"

"Yes. I'm tired of... Of being weak and pushed around. My boss, who I've dedicated so long to, disposed of me. I don't ever want to feel like that again. That way... Even if I decide to leave here... I can still do something! I can be an adventurer or make my own dungeon!"

>Mary nods.

"Alright, I'll ask Dungeoneer if she ca-"
No. 1046753 ID: 7397c3

>I'm not sure how many runes she needs for whatever it is she's doing
way back when, she said 5
No. 1046755 ID: 08229c
File 166603148905.png - (167.67KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

"HEY MARY, couldn't help but hear you needed some rune infusion done!"

>Dungeoneer walks into the room, looking clean but slightly different. She walks over to Alex and places an arm around her shoulders.

"Going demon, huh? I'm glad you have come to see the benefits of it. What runes am I putting into you?"

"I want... Soul. And Law. And Mythril."

"Why not Adamantine? Less magic than Mythril but far stronger. Gonna go for a sorta Paladin vibe?"

"Yeah. And... I want a cool outfit."

"I'm the best at cool outfits."


"Okay. I'm ready. Let's do this."

"Mary, do we have enough runes?"


>Mary checks the screen. They, in fact, do not have enough runes.

"It's gonna take a few minutes." Mary admits.

"No problem. We can wait, right Alex?"

No. 1046756 ID: 08229c
File 166603172244.png - (215.43KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

Five... So she's almost there.

>The group waits a bit, Alex and Dungeoneer chatting about designs as they do so.

>Soon they have the three runes needed to rune Alex.

Only five... I wonder why that's the limit? We have seen monsters with more runes and they funct-

>Dungeoneer inserts the runes into Alex. The girl screams as magical energy shoots out in intense waves.

Oh... Oh that looks painful.
No. 1046757 ID: 7397c3

>Mary checks the screen. They, in fact, do not have enough runes.
>"It's gonna take a few minutes." Mary admits.
I've been thinking: is there anything stopping us from, say, buying a box of paperclips and runing each one individually? That could get us a bunch of runes in a hurry.
No. 1046758 ID: 08229c
File 166603227712.png - (217.52KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

>Alex has become a demon of Law and Blade. Her stats have risen. Her class has changed. She has gained new abilities.

>Alex can be placed anywhere within the dungeon and is not constrained by room limits.
No. 1046759 ID: 08229c
File 166603288869.png - (216.13KB , 800x600 , 60.png )


"Man," Dungeoneer folds her arms under her chest. "Am I amazing or what? Look, I have taken your meek and weak Alex and turned her into a strong, proud, sexy demon!"

"Isn't this outfit a bit... Uhm..."

"Don't worry, it's made so that it won't actually show your nipples no matter how hard you jostle it. It will, however, give the impression that one is ever so close to seeing it. This will distract the enemy and help you fight."

"I... I don't know if uhm... What do you think, Mary? Do I look uh.. Strong? Tough? Scary, maybe..?"

I think I should have seen this coming.

But, this is a big moment for Alex. I don't want to make her think this was a bad choice. What do I say?
No. 1046760 ID: 7397c3

She looks good! Not scary, but definitely strong. And tell her not to worry about the outfit, she can still equip stuff if she feels the need to cover up a bit.
No. 1046761 ID: f6439f

Tell her she's strong and beautiful. And has cute horns.
No. 1046763 ID: 8f3e13

I think she looks very powerful! I can understand if she doesn't like the outfit though. We had to remodel Mary's outfit. Alex did want more paladin, less barbarian. So we can always make some alterations!

As for how this works for her and how she can be used. Maybe for now she could work as a NPC ally you could recruit at the bar. It allows her a chance to try out the adventuring side of things if she want to explore that.

And it also can work as a test to see her power scale. Think about it, we know humans turned into demons can be quite powerful, but we don't know how powetful. And this is important for you Mary if you did decide to rune up in the future.
No. 1046764 ID: 7397c3

oh, I like this idea
No. 1046765 ID: 06095b


I like this idea (>>1046763). The outfit can be changed if she doesn't feel comfortable. I'd actually encourage it, and tell Dungeoneer if she thinks having her naughty bits almost exposed to an audience makes someone better at their job, well, you can come up with an outfit for her to match.
No. 1046766 ID: 9caba2

You ought to check if the horns are a part of the outfit, or a part of her noggin.

Give Dungeoneer a thumbs up, though, no demonic tail?
No. 1046767 ID: 421554

The outfit is... admittedly something that isn't unpleasant to look at, but it doesn't do enough to convey the 'law' side of 'law and blade.'

That's just clothing, though. She can change that all she likes; what's important here is her form, and she looks absolutely fantastic! Those horns go really well with her glasses, and help accentuate her hairstyle wonderfully. She looks confident, able to assert herself without coming off as frightening!
No. 1046769 ID: 06095b


To punctuate, rune Dungeoneer's clothes to make new clothes for Alex
No. 1046770 ID: c1fdbf

we have a smithy, Magnus and Flit can make whatever armor she wants
No. 1046774 ID: 7397c3

so... what powers does she have? I don't think we've made anyone with Law yet, which is weird cause one of our best fighter's whole thing is laying down laws. It's one of those things where you don't need an exact rune to get to a specific concept if you have enough runes to approximate it.
No. 1046777 ID: d36a71

You look great Alex. And, as a bonus, your horns curled in such a way that they won’t disturb your sleep!
We should consider where she will do best in a dungeon if not as a wandering boss. She could run the complaints department and gets to fight anybody who makes silly complaints.
But first, get her used to fighting in that outfit. Rosalyn is the perfect sparring partner!
No. 1046780 ID: 15c72a

She looks powerful. Though, see if you can get Dungeoneer to give her a more standard set of armor. A form-fitting set of platemail can look pretty damn sexy too, even without boobplate. Defining curves while hiding flawed, vulnerable flesh.
No. 1046788 ID: 340403

Oh wow, she looks super nice. No need to change anything, but maybe add some glyphs/tats to make her seem even more hardcore would work well.
No. 1046789 ID: 1ed92d

It's considered an 'exploit', doing it too much might result in administrative penalties. The Dungeon Master and his loyal staff are known for 'patching the rules' if people abuse them too much, so everyone's doing their best to avoid antagonizing them.
No. 1046790 ID: 7397c3

if the Big Guy hasn't noticed what we're doing with the slimes yet, I doubt he'd notice that
No. 1046791 ID: 9285e5

seconding this.

That's not the same as "he'll never notice". We shouldn't push our luck more than we have.
No. 1046793 ID: 15c72a

IIRC, low value items have a very low chance of giving a rune.
No. 1046796 ID: 23c282

While Alex does indeed look good, I just have to ask Dungeoneer something real quick, over here in a corner.

Dungeoneer, please tell me that armor isn’t soluble when covered in slime.
No. 1046799 ID: 08229c
File 166604929458.png - (175.82KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

"Alex, I think... I think you look strong. And beautiful. And your horns are very cute and look fairly practical."


"Really. I would love to place you in the dungeon. Maybe you can accompany the adventurers if they need some help?"

"I'd... I'd really like that, Mary."

>Alex gives the brightest smile Mary has ever seen her give. There are tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

My heart.

She is really cute.

"Now, let's see if we can get our smiths to make you some better armor."

"Aw, what!?" Dungeoneer cries out.
No. 1046808 ID: 08229c
File 166604966486.png - (187.41KB , 800x600 , 62.png )


"It's a great outfit!" Dungeoneer complains.

"Is it? She's half exposed."

"Yeah! She's letting them see! One final beautiful vision before they die!"

"Ah, I understand. A kindness to others."


"Maybe I should rune your outfit and have my smiths make something similar for you."


"You know. To make you more efficient."

"W-www-w-wah.. I.. I mean... It's uh... You know, I never liked armor like that, really. It just is so... You know. Not cool."


"Y-yeah... I'll uh.... Go help the smiths make something more practical. And still stylish."

"I expect to see you displaying the results."

"Fff..... Y-yeah, of course boss. You got it."

Okay, Dungeoneer has been bullied. All is well.

Now, let's see her stats...
No. 1046810 ID: 7397c3

speaking of: Dungeoneer's now a 3 rune demon, just like Alex. She should be pulling double duty as a fighter, too.
No. 1046811 ID: f43935

Ask about the difference between Demons and Monsters while Dungeoneers here, what Runes do to them and why Demons seem to have a cab and monsters don't
No. 1046814 ID: 08229c
File 166605072750.png - (163.68KB , 800x600 , 63.png )


Wow. That's an impressive jump...

Alexandrai du'Bryna

Level 16 Auditor
Level 1 Law Demon (Demonic Paladin)

Skills (Auditor):
Analytical abilities
Existential dread stare
Enhanced Alcohol Capacity
Weapon Proficiency: Letter Opener/Stapler
Lower Spell Cost (Auditing Magic)

Spells (Auditing):
Audit: Takes 1 item from target. 10 Mana
Calculate: Tells the worth of target. 5 Mana
Multiply: Temporarily creates a copy of an object. 10 Mana
Summon Lawyers: Summons a lawyer to distract target. 10 Mana.

Skills (Demonic Paladin):
Know Law
Judgement (Banishment)
Judgement (Penance)
Judgement (Law)
Judge Good
Judge Evil
Silently Judge Neutral

Weapon Proficiency: Adamantine Sword
Armor Proficiency: Heavy

Spells (Demonic Paladin):
Smite Good: Deals damage to Good aligned enemies (Free)
Smite Evil: Deals damage to Evil aligned enemies (Free)
Not-Smite Neutral: Doesn't smite them but honestly doesn't care for their fence sitting way of life.
Unholy Blade: Forces the Unholy alignment onto sword for extra damage. Heals demonic allies if the blade is pointed at them. (Free)

Interesting. And this is just her starting out too...

I'm almost tempted to rune myself but... Eh... There's no going back if I do so.
No. 1046815 ID: f43935

Well, unless you find someone else who would run this dungeon well, and you were willing to leave all you have created behind, you're here to stay, so unless you DO have a reason there really is no reason NOT to rune yourself aside from permanence and not knowing which Runes to use
No. 1046816 ID: 7397c3

>I'm almost tempted to rune myself but... Eh... There's no going back if I do so.
hold off until you get Almighty at least, then decide
No. 1046817 ID: fcbb9e

Look, I know you have been hesitant about making a big change like this. But there are a few reasons to consider it now.

First of all, there is the aspect that whether you like it or not, you may have to fight adventurers. The problem is, you said yourself you don't have insurance. If things go wrong, they will go really wrong. Demons at least seem to have a natural healing ability after they get conked.

Second. You have a family of sorts now. Your various monsters love you, and you have a new group of friends in the guild. Its a nice life. And its also a job that you have become very good at it.

You don't have to do it now since you have to gain runes. But it might become more important much sooner than later.
No. 1046818 ID: 7397c3

Also, speaking of runes, may I direct your attention to this chart? https://questden.org/w/images/7/79/Audit_Quest_rune_opposite_chart.png
There are 28 unknown opposites right now. Most of those are probably bidirectional, but still, we better try and get all the runes we're missing.
No. 1046819 ID: a7a180

I think that your subordinate has proven a successful testbed for runing. That was the point, after all. If it's good for her, it's good for you!
Sleep on it, there are many many runes for you to choose from and you want to get it just right. But you are definitely getting something, now.
No. 1046820 ID: 340403

It's a great powerup. Doesn't this also come with immortality for dungeon masters? The only reason to not rune yourself is if you're missing a rune you really want.
Glass Spinner had everything she wanted in three runes, and she's the happiest she could be.
No. 1046821 ID: facc9c

>I'm almost tempted to rune myself but... Eh... There's no going back if I do so.
I still firmly believe that you'd look great with a Dragon rune in you!
No. 1046822 ID: 36b2ef

Note for the future. We could make a trap room where the adventurers need to climb to the top of Slime Peak, upon which Slimecrown is settled, to get a special item to progress in the dungeon. Little did they know if they don't replace the legendary Golden Ruth with a similar sized slime (available wherever slimes are bribed) then they will trigger an avalanche of slimes from the top of slime peak. This slimepede may be individually weak but with the power of gravity and numbers on their side many adventurers will meet their doom!
No. 1046823 ID: 1effd3

can you infuse runes without becoming a monster/demon?
No. 1046824 ID: 1effd3

i got an idea for a new friend:
No. 1046825 ID: 3e1338

While I, and I'm sure almost every other voice in this fashionable headwear, do approve of bullying Dungeoneer, you should compliment her new hairstyle. A bit of sweet helps balance out sour, and it'd be good to remind her that we only bully when she goes too far...or lewds people that wish to remain unlewded.
No. 1046826 ID: 1ed92d

Try to get all the Fundamental Runes and make yourself a god-emperor!
No. 1046827 ID: b7974b

The real question over becoming a demon is what runes you need and what runes you have, because while you can only have five runes, one rune seems near needed to go into Soul to keep a mental stability and ignore and bleed over from the runes you are putting in yourself.... so you have 4 runes of power to place within, which isn't a lot of choices or options.
No. 1046828 ID: 7397c3

We have Dungeoneer II, we can do 6 runes. And for 5k we can go up to 7.
No. 1046829 ID: 4534a6

Soul, water, dragon and law
Turn yourself into slime law dragon >_<
The gummydragon judge of SlimeCrown
No. 1046830 ID: f43935

I think we wait until we have foundation, it seems like it could also help stabilize being a Demon greatly, and really what are you, but the foundation of your dungeon
No. 1046831 ID: 23c282

Personally, I'd keep myself runeless too. All of the other Dungeon Masters are demons, so it's good to see you keep this job field open to non-runed humans.

That being said, we should talk about the elephant in the room... You've been neglecting your own training to become a boss. If you're trying to remain runeless, it's time to start learning the physical requirements. Perhaps you should call some previous adventurers for some assistance in choosing a secondary class?
No. 1046835 ID: b7974b

A secondary class is a good thing to think about, while we have gotten a surprising amount of utility in the civilian class you hold at the moment, a more combat oriented class would help. Not to mention that you should probably get the peasant/villager class off of the tiny girl you adopted/kidnapped, and get her some sort of profession that isn't "lives as a peasant".
No. 1046837 ID: f060e1

So, uh, forgot a detail. Was rune #1 perma or were all?

Either way - no rune self. Why limit your options? Probably saw how low flexibility messed up dungeons you've audited. Plus, life outside of this may still be good to have.
Even if you did rune, would probably be worthwhile to build creatures out of those runes before you did. Have to be sure you'd favor the form or else you'll have to live with one you have disdain of.

How about you get rune infused equipment instead?
No. 1046838 ID: 7397c3

They're all permanent, at least for now. Dungeoneer III would be able to alter all the runes in a demon, but only once.
No. 1046840 ID: 421554

Translations, from top to bottom:
Still Flat
If you want to translate, use a pigpen cipher.
No. 1046872 ID: 93ec6f

Now whisper in Alex's ear "You can still wear that in the bedroom if you like"
No. 1046878 ID: 8d65e6

Well first of all it's neat to see she has the same Judgement Law skill Rosalyn has, we've seen how potent that skill is when our own Slime Paladin has had to fight. I'm curious about Penance and Banishment though, I wonder how those will work.

Secondly, I would like to remind you that you had a rather close call when Aberration and Keeper challenged Slimecrown, and the only reason you got out of it alive was because the former was at the verge of death.

...Speaking of which, you do have that Purchase Order spell to get items with gold at any time. Maybe consider taking a look at that to see if it's worth using.
No. 1046879 ID: 61235c

If I were you, I wouldn’t rune myself until:

1: You’re confident you know what all the runes are. With a max level Demonologist I bet you’ll be able to see all your options.

2: You have a clear picture of what you want out of demonizing and some concept art drawn up that you’re happy with for a while. You could try it on with an illusion or costume for a while, like how some people get temporary versions of tattoos before getting them inked.

3: You’ve seen how all the runes you’re interested in manifest in practice, so you know for sure what they’ll do.

4: Personally, I don’t think my pride as a human would let me do it until after I’ve escaped the clause that trapped you here. I think it’s better to choose to become a demon over going back to your old life when you’ve actually got the option to go back to your old life.

5. You should be confident that the things you want out of becoming a demon aren’t things you can get from, say, rune-infused items or leveling up normally.

I won’t pretend that immortality isn’t a sweet gig. But as far as I’ve seen, you’re the only dungeon master representing humans. And you’re successful to boot. There’s pride to be taken in that. If I could, say, make a fountain of youth out of water and eternal runes, I would probably stay human indefinitely. If not, I’d probably try to turn myself into an angel. An angel demon?

You’re an adult, and just like Dungeoneer and Alex, you get to decide what to do with your own body. But ontologically editing yourself is a big choice, and I’d sit on it for a good while before making any final decisions.

Also, I consider you to be my friend, Mary.
No. 1046913 ID: 08229c
File 166615266107.png - (159.43KB , 800x600 , 64.png )


Aftering hearing everyone's opinions... I firmly believe that this is something I just... Don't have to do.

I like being a human and the freedom it offers me. As good as a power boost would be, I don't want to become a demon. At least not yet. I have all the time in the world to decide and far more runes to uncover.

And if I stay human? That could be my draw, you know? Mary, the Human. I kinda like that sound to that.

Although, I will have to find some means of making myself stronger. I think once we get the artificer we can get that ball rolling. Immortally IS a pretty nice trade off... Or, at least, effective immortality.

Honestly, if I could find a way to achieve that then I would hardly consider being a demon. Come to think of it, most of the people who enter my dungeon are just humans who have gained power... So it can't be that hard.

I just haven't really put my mind to it.

"Hey, Dungeoneer."


"Is it possible to have aspects of being runed but not ACTUALLY have runes in you?"

"Oh, uh... An artificer could."

She seems sad. Probably because I denied her.

"Understood. Also, Dungeoneer... I like your new look. Your hair is really cute."

Critical Hit! Dungeoneer's heart has taken 999 damage

... I think that worked. She looks less sad.

>As she contemplates her frozen Dungeoneer, Alex returns. She is wearing a new set of armor and has a cape.

"Mary! What do you think?" She strikes a pose.

>Mary gives a thumbs up.

"Much better. I like it."
No. 1046914 ID: 08229c
File 166615269791.png - (645.82KB , 827x1304 , 65.png )

So if we put Alex over here...


Alright, is there anything else we should do or are we good to open?
No. 1046915 ID: 6ccff3

Make dungeoneer wear the outfit too.
No. 1046916 ID: 7397c3

>"Much better. I like it."
Yup, looks great. Hey Dungeoneer, did you make sure that if she takes over half damage, that'll be transferred to the new armor, effectively turning it into the old armor, right? I mean, it's only natural to prefer armor to be damaged rather than the person it protects, right?
No. 1046917 ID: fcbb9e

The only thing I could suggest is maybe some room classification. Do we want to make Colt's area a mini-boss room? And do we need to code in checkpoints or anything if we wanted to make this a skippable section in the future?

Other than that, I feel comfortable giving this area a test ride and then expanding from there.
No. 1046918 ID: 1effd3

should be good to open...
also: add a "bad ideas" tip jar that adventurers can put random bad ideas into XD
No. 1046919 ID: 421554

Not much that I can think of. Maybe a few musical slimes to provide background ambiance, or another metal slime for the new section, assuming that it's only limited to one dungeon at a time?
Also, did we ever hear back about whether Yum will allow BRAWNDO, THE THIRST MUTILATOR™?
No. 1046920 ID: 7397c3

I think the benefit of having a 5-rune musical slime is that it can add music anywhere
No. 1046921 ID: b7974b

The only thing I would change is to make the empty room a place for Slimon and his guard so they have their own spot.
No. 1046922 ID: f43935

Does that well do something special yet? we could sneak a bonus in there that could help with one of the areas which branch off of it
No. 1046923 ID: f43935

>>1046922 in fact, and this is still assuming the well doesn't already do something, we could have the gummy wyrm guard a special coin or treasure that does something when thrown into the well, maybe give one face a picture of the well and the other a picture of some cool item
No. 1046936 ID: 9cc816

Is there something we can do to make an image of the citadel proper visible from every room outside it? I’m a little confused as to how we make a “room” feel like it’s the countryside underneath the big blue open sky.
No. 1046959 ID: 41263d


I think we're good unless we want to reach out to apologize to the Dragon Tamer. A half star review will seriously knock our ratings, but it might be best to wait until they visit again so they can revise their score in an organic fashion.
No. 1046974 ID: 08229c
File 166622094039.png - (211.87KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

I think we'll avoid making any mini-boss rooms for now. This should be a low level experience for the first run at least.

We just happen to have some empty space.

Actually, when you enter it DOES look like you... Are outside. It's weird. You can see the citadel proper no matter where you are outside just due to how big Slimecrown is.

Hmm... I'll write a letter explaining that he caught the dungeon at a bad time. I'd love to have him again.

We'll figure out what to do with the well later.. I suppose dropping some simple loot in it for now will be enough.


I think that's it. We're ready.

"Alright, everyone! The Dungeon is open!"

=To Be Continued=
No. 1046991 ID: b7974b

Was good to get everything in order and finish the expansions.
No. 1047096 ID: 61235c

Do I recall rightly that this is running on commission now? Any way I can chip in to that pot?
No. 1047108 ID: 08229c
File 166637531828.png - (116.92KB , 800x600 , B1.png )

It's not even close to set up but I have a kofi thingy over here - https://ko-fi.com/calalen

You can also follow me on twitter at - https://twitter.com/CalalenArt for updates on that, my own art, and just life in general. It is filled with NSFW art so beware.

No. 1047110 ID: d12415

Okay, just to be clear here, this quest will only continue if we pay for it, correct?

I am not judging, I am just asking so we know what we are paying for.
No. 1047111 ID: d12415

Like, the ko-fi page says it is a tip jar, which is also fine, but giving money as a tip and giving money as a commission have different connotations and obligations.

I also apologize if this is not the place for this. I am just confused.
No. 1047115 ID: 08229c


Sorry if it's confusing, as I said it's not ready yet. Essentially, I make a living off of art and am dealing with a hand injury. So I can really only dedicate my time to one or the other. If the tips help cover my expenses I can dedicate more time to running my quest. Otherwise, I have to focus on doing commissions and the like.
Audit is able to run so much this month due to a donation that allowed me to focus almost purely on my personal works. I hope that clears things up!

Please feel free to reach out to me on twitter if you have anymore questions or use the discussion thread over on /questdis/.

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