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File 164108745506.png - (229.18KB , 1000x1000 , 56.png )
1019132 No. 1019132 ID: 629f2e

A mystery/horror quest about children uncovering the horrifying mysteries surrounding their small town.

THREAD 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1010078.html
WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity


Sunday, Two Days Ago

It had seemed just like any other day. There was no way of knowing what was to come...
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No. 1032214 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, agreed, definitely don't bring up her mother. She might bring it up herself if she's comfortable with it, but lets not be the one to do that for emotional reasons, we don't want her to feel uncomfortable.

But it is something to keep in mind as a possibility as to why she might think everyone thinks she isn't smart and that Albert making her feel that way with his comments isn't just the only reason that is making her believe people think she isn't smart (though Albert was most likely that major final straw for her after those comments he made to her earlier in the day. Really, she needed him to be a friend to believe in her when most others wouldn't).
No. 1032791 ID: 629f2e
File 165294050104.png - (923.30KB , 1000x1000 , 120.png )

Albert: “...Do you remember our tutoring sessions.”
Albert: “You asked me to help you prepare for your math final. I assumed at the time that you didn’t quite get some of the things we had recently covered.”
Albert: “When we finally met up however... You were just so far Behind. I was explaining things we’d covered months ago, and you took so long to make any progress...”
Albert: “And after a full Week’s worth of meetings, you treated getting a ‘D’ like acing the whole thing.”
Albert: “It felt like I had thrown my freetime into a black hole, and nothing had come out of it.”
Albert: “If I had to pinpoint a starting point for this, that would be it.”
Lillian: “...”

Despite your fears, you walk closer into the room as you talk. Your legs were getting tired from standing, and her cushiony bed was just too alluring to pass up. She sits back up as you take a seat beside her.

Lillian: “...I was Proud of that ‘D’. I hadn’t expected to do so well, I was just hoping it would be a high ‘F’. Getting more than half the questions right was pretty cool.”
Lillian: “And I thought you’d be happy to see that I didn’t fail, since you helped make that happen.”
Albert: “...”

...Perhaps your perspective had been biased. You couldn’t deny that grades meant a significant bit more in your household than most others.

Lillian: “...Y’know... Mom really got on Phillip’s case about him getting ‘C’s in most subjects last time our report cards came in. You remember him whining about it?”
Albert: “Yes, he complained often, arguing that it was a passing grade and was therefore acceptable.”
Albert: “...I suspect that is why he graduated early. He fits the Jonah example perfectly.”

She huffs, but doesn’t insist on Phillip being an exception to the graduation pattern as she had before. She doesn’t even deny your theory this time.

...She suspected it from the start, didn’t she?

Lillian: “Yeah? Well I didn’t even come Close to ‘C’s in most subjects. ‘F’s, ‘D’s, and yeah, obviously an ‘A’ in gym, but that’s not really school. I had bad grades almost everywhere.”
Lillian: “...But she never brought it up. Not one time.”
Albert: “That seems... very inconsistent. Why wouldn’t-”
Lillian: “I don’t know! Mom would always tell Phillip that he could do better if he tried, and that he wasn’t putting his all in if he was getting ‘C’s.”
Lillian: “But she just... never talked to me about grades or classes. Never told me I could do better, or that I just needed to study more.”
Lillian: “It’s like... she treated me being Dumb as this unshakeable fact. And I just... Do I just give off that vibe or something?”
Lillian: “It’s not like Phillip was blindingly smart or something. So why can he do better, but I’m stuck with what I’ve got?”
Albert: “I-I’m not... I don’t know.”
Lillian: “I’m not Incapable of learning. I got a ‘D’ on the math test! I improved! I studied, and it made a difference.”
Lillian: “I’m not dumb! So...”
Lillian: “...Why does everybody think that I am?”
Albert: “...”
No. 1032792 ID: 629f2e
File 165294052353.png - (728.28KB , 1000x1000 , 121.png )

No. 1032793 ID: 629f2e
File 165294053323.png - (795.12KB , 1000x1000 , 122.png )

No. 1032796 ID: 629f2e
File 165294089321.png - (592.32KB , 1000x1000 , 123.png )

No. 1032799 ID: 629f2e
File 165294108858.png - (442.14KB , 1000x1000 , 124.png )

Albert: “...I’m sorry, Lillian.”

You can’t remember the last time you genuinely apologized to someone, but the words come naturally to you. The pride you had been holding onto fades into the background, as a drop of Humility enters your mind for the first time in a while.

Albert: “My troubled relationship with intelligence has inescapably altered my perception of it. Even so, I should have been giving you more credit.”
Albert: “...You aren’t an idiot.”

The words take a moment to set in. She finally meets your gaze, disbelief clearly written on her face. A few seconds pass before she finally seems to accept it.

Lillian: “...Thanks.”
Lillian: “I don’t need you to tell me that, but... it’s nice to hear it.”

She wraps an arm around you, and pulls you close. It’s a mighty hug, as you’d expect from her. There’s a hint of care to it however, as she’s careful not to powderize your bones within her grip.

Lillian: “Wow. This... is the worst hug ever.”
Lillian: “You’re too skinny dude! I can feel your bones stabbing into me!”

She lets go of you and ruffles your hair (your hair is thankfully immune to becoming a mess, as it always is). The mood change is a bit forced, but you go along with it. You’re already physically vulnerable due to your health, so emotional vulnerability is an extra serving that you truly hate. Besides, you’d said what you needed to.

There’s a lull, as it becomes clear that the previous topic had run its course. You consider leaving, but know that you have more time before you need to. Now would be a good time to talk to her about other matters.

What will you change the topic to? (Pick two)

1: Tell her about the investigation, and see if she knows anything
-You suspect that Lillian won’t have many insights into what you and Franklin discovered that you haven’t already heard
-There is a chance that she may have unique insight into your findings

2: Talk a bit more candidly about yourself
-She told you about herself, so it’s only fair
-Deepen the bond between you both
-Lillian will pity you

3: Tell her about the fortunes, and see what she thinks
-Practice that humility you just learned and admit that you’re considering something you heard in a dream
-Lillian thinks very differently to you, and has a very different base of information to go off of. She will offer a different perspective

4: Talk about Franklin
-Lillian is a lot closer to Franklin than you are. She may be able to tell you more about the boy you’ll be spending the night with
-You have a hard time believing you would learn nothing about him by asking her

5: Just chat for a bit
-Have a light conversation about nothing specific
-Gives you a chance to cool down from your previous chat
-Will result in minor Fear recovery

6: Talk about something or someone else
-What will it be?

No. 1032802 ID: e51896

no matter what, one of the choices should be 2. She deserves to know about what you've been through, and help give her insight as to why you've been thinking and acting the way you have.

As for the second topic, either 5 or 3 with a lean towards 5. Talk about 5 to calm your nerves before talking about 2 though.

as for what to talk about if 5 is chosen, talk about her character Nipha during game nights and how focused she gets during those sessions which has lead you all to success before (plus it's a way to get to see what their game sessions is like.

After we're done, here is an idea: ask Franklin and Lilian if Lilian could join for tonights sleepover at Franklin's place, will help Lilian feel better. Best to ask her mom's permission first too.
No. 1032804 ID: 96c896

2, 3. When you have a prophecy it's very important to get more than one interpretation of it.
No. 1032812 ID: 798908

this gets my vote, 2 and 3.
No. 1032857 ID: ce39da

2: "I know I've already apologized, both for my words earlier and for my lack of credit toward your intelligence. But I still feel like I owe you an explanation for my behavior, at the very least. Events over the last day have painfully highlighted how my own relationship with Intelligence has Poisoned the way I view and interact with people..."

Then either 1 or 3; Lillian needs to be clued in on something you discovered. Even if you don't go with 1, at least warn her that you discovered something Huge on your end and that you should all meet somewhere private to discuss it later. We don't want to get the whole "when were you planning on telling me this" spiel when someone drops that bombshell on her.
No. 1032923 ID: 8483cf

2. I'm not a big fan of 3, since I don't know how she'll feel about fortunes, but I'm not voting AGAINST it, if that makes any sense.
No. 1032992 ID: 0838d6


You're already going deep, and maybe she'll take 3 as a joke, give her opinion and it'll crack the ice leading to a cooldown before you leave.

Though I really want 2/5 but there's not enough votes for it.
No. 1033197 ID: 629f2e
File 165319631217.png - (753.07KB , 1000x1000 , 125.png )

Albert: “...”
Lillian: “...Ugh. I can tell by your face that you're about to drop some heavy stuff on me, aren’t you?”
Albert: “...I was considering it, yes. However... it isn’t something I like to talk about.”
Lillian: “You can keep it to yourself then. I won’t force you to spill anything that makes you feel gross or whatever.”

How does assuring you that you don’t need to say anything somehow add more pressure on you to talk?

Albert: “No, no. This is something I feel that I need to say, so I will. I’m not sure where to begin though. I don’t think I’ve ever outright told this to anyone...”
Lillian: “Why don’t you start at the Worst parts of it? Then it’ll get less awkward the more you go on.”
Albert: “That sounds like a terrible idea.”
Lillian: “Probably, but it’ll get you started, right?”
Albert: “...”
Albert: “...My father beats me.”

Lillian’s mouth clamps shut in an instant. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea. The look of immediate regret on her face certainly encouraged you to go on. Envisioning this as Teasing Lillian makes it easier than seeing it as being Vulnerable with her.

Debatably healthy mindset? Certainly, but it’s fine so long as it gets you talking.

Albert: “Yes, it was quite awful. Would you like to see the scars?”

You were already dragging your sleeve down, revealing the nasty memory of a wound on your shoulder.

Lillian: “Whoa! What-”
Albert: “Beer bottle. It broke when he smashed it into me, and the glass ripped into my skin.”
Lillian: “This is serious? Your dad really...”
Albert: “Yes.”
Lillian: “...Alright yeah, gonna need a second to process this.”
Albert: “Take your time.”

She runs her hands down her face, before standing up and pacing back and forth a couple of times. You watch curiously, as her expression shifts between disgust and confusion. Finally, she stops.

Lillian: “You didn’t put him in the hospital, did you?”
Lillian: “I mean- I’ve got your back if you did, the jerk had it coming, I’m just asking-”
Albert: “I Wish I had done it, but unfortunately, no. I have a few suspects I need to look into, but I don’t know the culprit behind his attack at this time.”
Lillian: “Okay. That’s good. I think.”
Albert: “It means we don’t have to worry about concealing my deeds while also hiding our investigation. It’s a positive overall.”
Lillian: “Good. Sorry that happened at all though. It sucks.”
Albert: “...Yes. It does.”

She sits back down, eyeing you with concerned interest.

Lillian: “Is that it?”
Albert: “That isn’t even half of the story.”
Lillian: “Fine, but if it somehow gets worse than that, I’m gonna shove you off this bed for not telling me sooner.”

You walk her through the full story, or as much as you felt comfortable saying at least. Each point goes by as quickly as you can force it to end, as this was a conversation you had wanted to be finished since it had started.

As you get into your family’s minimal income and your malnutrition, you have to brace yourself. You don’t want to be Pitied, it makes you feel like a victim. There are so many things that can define you, but you never want the things your parents put you through to be what people think of when they look at you. You’re more than that.

You’re the top student in class. You’re the wizard in your tabletop game’s party. You’re-

Lillian: “You’re an idiot.”

...an Idiot apparently.

Lillian: “Dude. Between me, Roger, and Franklin alone, we have So Much food! And you’re starving!?
Lillian: “I mean, yeah, if you reached a hand onto my plate you’d lose it, but I’d bring extra for you if you asked! Or Phillip would have if he were still here, he’d probably consider your allergies better than I would.”
Lillian: “Seriously, get over yourself dude and just Ask when you get hungry, and we’ll toss some snacks your way.”
Albert: “...Okay?”

That... had not been how you pictured this going. She had skipped straight past the unwanted sympathy into getting annoyed with you. Frankly though, you weren’t complaining! You would let her smack you in frustration if it meant there was going to be zero pity involved in this conversation.

Lillian: “You should probably tell Roger and Franklin this stuff too y’know.”
Albert: “Perhaps, but then I would be having this conversation again. Once is already more than enough I feel.”
Lillian: “Fair.”
Lillian: “Just the stuff about food then.”
Albert: “...Later.”
Lillian: “...Actually, just Roger. I think Franklin already knows.”
Albert: “What!? H-How!?”
Lillian: “Dunno. Just thinking about some of the things we talked about earlier. Kind of Obvious what he was saying in retrospect, but I was too peeved to catch it.”

...Perhaps Lillian isn’t the only person you’ve been failing to give enough credit. You never realized Franklin could be so Observant. Mainly, because all other evidence pointed to that not being true. His focus is atrocious, but perhaps when he’s able to pay attention he catches more than you would expect.

Well, you’ll have plenty of time later tonight to figure that out.

Your mind drifts back to your earlier dream. The ending was vaguely terrifying, but everything before had felt so Real...

Lillian: “Got anything less horrible we could talk about? Think I’m tapped out on deep conversations for today.”
Albert: “...How would you feel about trying to decode fortunes from Temmie?”
Lillian: “Bored, which is a step up from feeling sad or annoyed.”

You repeat both of them to her, word for word so as not to leave out anything. She rubs her head in thought.

Lillian: “Lemmy is the King of Fools, right? Who else could it even be?”
Albert: “I concur.”
Lillian: “And you’ll meet him where all journeys meet their end? Wouldn’t that be like... All people die, so the Morgue?
Albert: “I was thinking of the graveyard specifically, but yes. That general area seems like the most likely place to find him.”
Lillian: “If you and I just reached the same answer, then Temmie made that one too easy.”

You both chuckle. That riddle had certainly been an easy one to crack, but that still left the far more complex fortune to unravel.

Lillian: “Honestly, I don’t know what scornful even means. What do you think about that one?”

This meeting is certain, but some opportunities are mere probabilities. If you are to meet with a scornful one locked out of their cell, it may be your final chance to prevent a tragedy. When clouds weep, the chill of night will overwhelm lost souls. Though your tongue often lashes out, hold thy barbs lest they pierce too deep to be removed.

Albert: “Scornful means... Well, you can think of it as someone filled with Hatred.
Lillian: “Oh. That’s not me, right? I’m chill now.”
Albert: “Yes, you have been rather chill ever since I arrived, so I doubt it is.”
Lillian: “So who else can it be? JoJo? She hates everyone.”
Albert: “...Perhaps. But I’m not sure what to make of the rest.”
Albert: “A tragedy may take place on a drizzly evening is the best I have come up with.”
Lillian: “Pretty hard to do anything about if you can’t guess what the ‘tragedy’ even is.”
Albert: “Exactly.”
Lillian: “How about that other part then? A scornful one locked out of their cell. What’s that mean?”
Albert: “Hmm, what could constitute a cell in this fortune...? It doesn’t have to be literal.”

You both pause to collect your thoughts. Cell... Cell...

Lillian: “School feels like a prison.”
Albert: “Yes, but why would she be locked out?”
Lillian: “...Because it’s locked after hours?”
Albert: “Which doesn’t matter if she has no reason to go at those times.”
Lillian: “Okay... Where else does she usually go that she could be locked out of?”
Albert: “Well... There’s her Home. I would describe my apartment as a cell, and I imagine it’s... the same for her......”

Your door comes up first. She hangs back and waits, not walking past you to her own yet. You know why, but don’t feel like poking the bear further by bringing it up.

And just like that, it clicks in your mind.

Albert: “It Is about Jolene! She’s the prisoner who gets locked out!”
Lillian: “Neat! How?”
Albert: “Because Jolene gets locked out of her apartment constantly.
Albert: “Do you know how many times I’ve seen her hanging around outside the apartment block because her parents locked her out? I don’t know if it’s negligence or a form of punishment, but it’s very common.”
Albert: “This fortune Definitely refers to Jolene.”

Those were two mysteries down. You had a better picture of the situation you were dealing with.

A tragedy may take place on a drizzly evening, but may be prevented by talking to Jolene while she’s locked out.

The next time you encounter her in such a state, you’ll make a point to speak with her. It wouldn’t be wise to ignore this. Of course, that brings up the question of whether you should seek her out or wait for the opportunity to happen...

It’s getting late. There’s more you could talk about, but Curfew will be coming up soon. You need to leave. Lillian seems fine now, and you’ve said all that you felt was necessary. You don’t doubt that things will be okay between you if you leave her here.

That said, you could invite her to come over (assuming Franklin approves). It would be nice to spend time together, especially since you didn’t have the chance yesterday. You’d also have more time to discuss your investigations before school tomorrow.

Alternatively however... You know that you need to speak with Jolene at some point to prevent a Tragedy. You could leave to do that now, before it gets much later.

The issue is, you can’t go out Alone. You’ve already been injured to the point of being unable to walk by yourself earlier today, and that risk is still present due to your leg (which will be heightened if you put yourself in the immediate proximity of The Bully). You would either need to take Franklin, who will need to go home to inform his parents of the unplanned sleepover, or Lillian. Given that Lillian’s been in a bad mood since earlier, and wasn’t doing anything when you came up here, you have a suspicion...

Albert: “This may seem random, but do you still have Chores to do tonight?”
Lillian: “...Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder, mom would nag my ear off if I forgot.”


You aren’t going out on your own. If you invite Lillian, then she’ll need to take care of her chores before she can head out with you, at which point it’ll be too close to curfew to go anywhere besides the Morgue. If you don’t, you can take her with you, and she can worry about those tasks when she returns. Which will it be?

What will you do?

1: Invite Lillian to the Sleepover
-You will go straight to the Morgue, arriving just before curfew
-You’ll have a fun evening with your friends
-The three of you will lose more Fear tonight due to comfort
-If Lemmy is at the Morgue, you will be present when he’s found

2: Look for Jolene
-You won’t invite Lillian
-You will make one attempt to find the Jolene, before going to the Morgue with Franklin
-There is an unknown chance that you are unable to find her, that the tragedy you wish to prevent has already happened, or that the conditions for the meeting won’t be right at this time
-If Lemmy is at the Morgue, you may not be present when he’s found

No. 1033198 ID: 8483cf

As much as Albert and Lillian both DESPERATELY need a fun evening, I have to vote for 2: Look for Jolene.

Albert is too logical, and Franklin too emotional, to not try and prevent a Tragedy with all their effort. They'd both regret it later.
No. 1033200 ID: e51896

uhhh, I really really want 1 so bad as I want Lilian to join the sleep over, but I think it's best to go 2. Might change my mind since this is a hard choice, but my reasoning for my choice is this:

Lilian has chores to focus on, so it's best to just let her work without getting distracted.

>If Lemmy is at the Morgue, you may not be present when he’s found

and yet Temmie said our meeting with him is certain. I don't think we will need to worry about that. Whether he will be present or not when he's found won't matter as we will still encounter him and be given a choice. We might just lose some context on what is happening, and might make our choices harder, but we got a tragedy to fix.
No. 1033202 ID: 96c896

>the chill of night will overwhelm lost souls
Ah, I see. I think JoJo's going to get locked out and die of exposure. That is easy to prevent, so long as someone can find her and warn her that she needs to find shelter. Maybe even offer it to her? Hmm, disrespecting her at that point would probably result in her refusing help, too, so that's what the warning about holding your tongue is about.

That said I can't decide between A or B.
...is it possible for Albert to help Lilian with her chores to save time and combine the benefits of both choices?
No. 1033212 ID: 1c6255

Look for Jolene (with Franklin), before heading to the morgue.
No. 1033233 ID: afe7de

I'm sorry y'all but I think we should do 1 solely because Albert WILL get fucked over if he has to walk there and to the morgue tonight. Please dont kill albert or have him get more injured, I have a bad vibe about 2 :c
No. 1033237 ID: ce39da

… Check the weather. If it’s going to rain tonight, 2. If not, 1.
No. 1033808 ID: 629f2e
File 165371655411.png - (1.61MB , 1000x1000 , 126.png )

Finding Jolene takes top priority. If you have the option to prevent a tragedy, choosing to do anything else would be nonsensical.

Albert: “Could I ask a favor, Lillian?”
Lillian: “Depends what it is.”
Albert: “I would like to find Jolene, since she seems to be the subject of this fortune. Would you mind escorting me? I may need help returning if our discussion goes...”
Albert: “...Well, anything like our conversation earlier today.”
Lillian: “Oh yeah, no problem. As long as we don’t go too far. It’s pretty late.”
Albert: “We’ll just be stopping by the Apartment Complex. If she isn’t there, I’ll try to speak with her at school tomorrow.”

...Assuming she’s there. Given the recent track record, and the fortune drawing you to her, that wasn’t something you can take for granted at the moment.

The two of you head downstairs, and have a very brief meetup with Franklin. It’s obvious how pleased he is to see you both interacting amicably again, even if he doesn’t outright say it. You both send him home to let his parents know what to expect, and head out yourself.

Lillian: “Oh yeah, Franklin mentioned your Sleepover tonight. What brought that on?”
Albert: “Nothing noteworthy. My mother recommended I not be home tonight.”
Lillian: “Any reason you chose to stay at the creepy place with dead people?”
Albert: “Franklin seemed unlikely to question my sudden desire to spend time with him.”
Albert: “An assumption which was entirely mistaken. He found my request peculiar.”
Lillian: “Well it’s not like he hosts sleepovers often. He comes over a lot more than kids go to him. Y’know, his place being the morgue and all.”
Lillian: “A lot of kids are actually really big babies about sleeping with the dead.”
Albert: “Perhaps they’re intimidated. After all, the dead are Professionals when it comes to slumber. They’ve mastered the craft to the point of never waking up.”

That earns you a laugh. The rest of your conversation is pleasantly mundane, as you casually discuss whatever comes to either of your heads. It feels relaxing to put aside the mysteries and difficult conversations you’ve dealt with all day, and instead just spend quality time with a companion.

It’s a shame that it has to end so soon, but duty before pleasure as they say. The apartments come into view. As they do...

A Raindrop lands right on your nose. An early signal of tonight’s weather.

Albert: “...I’m going to look around upstairs. Check the back of the building to see if she’s loitering on that side.”
Lillian: “Okay.”

With a shared nod, you split up to search.


Your investigation comes up empty. When you and Lillian meet back up, neither of you can claim to have seen her.

You had even knocked on her apartment door, just in case she had already made it inside. Neither her nor her parents answered. It's too late to look anywhere else, and you have exhausted this location. Your search has hit a Dead End.

Albert: “...Where do you think she could be?”
Lillian: “No clue. I don’t hang around JoJo, she’s a pain in the butt.”
Albert: “Truthfully, I don’t spend much time with her either. Whenever I extend my hand to her, she lashes out.”
Lillian: “...Why are we looking for her again? It seems like whatever tragedy would happen would just affect her, right?”
Albert: “The fortune didn’t specify, but that does seem the most likely.”
Lillian: “Then it’s most likely not a big deal. I mean, I don’t Want anything bad to happen to her, but if it does... It’s JoJo.
Lillian: “I could live with knowing I let her down.”

She did raise a good point. Jolene made it hard to feel sympathetic for her, given her reputation as The Bully. She was the type of girl who would taunt others, break their things, and get violent when pushed. Honestly, you had already invested more effort into helping her than she likely deserved. You could easily call it a day right here and feel secure knowing that you had done as much as anyone could expect of you. Frankly, you could have done that much back at Lillian’s home, and saved yourself the trip back here.

So why were you going out of your way to try and help her?

Albert: “...Solidarity I suppose.”
Lillian: “Huh?”
Albert: “Sorry. What I mean is that Jolene is by no means a nice girl. However, she is who she is because of the way she was raised.”
Albert: “Similarly... I don’t think it would be right to describe myself as a particularly nice boy, nor would you I imagine, and much of that comes from how I was raised.”
Albert: “In that sense, I suppose I feel a Connection with her.”
Lillian: “Hey, you’re not... Ehhhh...”
Lillian: “Well, you aren’t that bad.”
Albert: “How touching.”

She opens her mouth to say something, but stops.

Lillian: “...Hey, did you hear that?”
Albert: “Hear wh-”
Lillian: “Look. Someone’s coming.”
No. 1033809 ID: 629f2e
File 165371660498.png - (1.45MB , 1000x1000 , 127.png )

You turn to look, observing a figure approaching from a distance. They’re coming from the townhouses, and are clearly walking towards the apartments you’ve yet to leave. It’s obviously not Jolene, as they’re too tall. As they get near enough to make out their appearance, you recognize them.

Albert: “Reb- no- ‘Bec!

She pauses, before visibly groaning and walking up to you both.

Rebecca: “Look, I dropped your junk off with Clive already, so if you want-”
Albert: “No, that isn’t it. I just wanted to ask if you had seen Jolene recently?”

Without missing a beat she extends her palm to you.

Rebecca: “You already know information isn’t free. But I’ll tell you for just a dime.”
Albert: “I’m not requesting gossip, I’m just asking a question. Have you seen her?”
Rebecca: “Coin in hand, then you get your answer.”

You’re broke of course. Before you can start arguing about it however, a dime lands between her fingers.

Lillian: “You’re lucky these are actually Phillip’s shorts. He always leaves change in them.”
Albert: “...Why are you wearing Phillip’s pants?”
Lillian: “Because laundry is a drag, and he isn’t here to complain.”
Rebecca: “Thanks for the fee. Sorry, but I haven’t seen her around.”

It was very fortunate that Lillian paid that herself, because you would battle Rebecca to the death if she had scammed you out of ten cents with a useless answer like that.

Albert: “Can you keep an eye out for her?”
Rebecca: “Not without a good reason. Why are you looking for that rascal anyways?”

A straight answer would make her dwindling interest flicker out, unless she’s the type to believe in Temmie’s gifts. Best to leave some mystery to it.

Albert: “We have a reason to believe she might be in Danger.

There’s a shift in her demeanor. Her posture stiffens, and her rueful grin fades into a tight frown.

Rebecca: “...What kind’a danger?”
Albert: “*tch tch* Sorry, but that information is currently on a need to know basis. Unless you’re willing to pay a fee.”

You hold your own palm out to her, only for her to shove it away.

Rebecca: “Cheeky piece of- ...whatever.”
Rebecca: “I know her usual haunts. I’ll get some answers out of her instead.”

The joke was on her of course, because she was effectively saying she’d perform a wellness check on Jolene, which is exactly what you want. You say nothing more as she goes into one of the apartment doors and closes it behind her, not wanting to change her mind on the subject.

Lillian: “...Is that it?”
Albert: “Yes... I think that will suffice.”

And so, you both walk away.

Lillian: “...Man, this Sucks.
Albert: “What specifically?”
Lillian: “You’re getting to spend the night with Franklin, and I’m gonna be stuck at home doing chores.”
Albert “...Sorry. If we hadn’t come here, you would have been able to join us.”
Lillian: “Oh? So you don’t mind me being there?”
Albert: “No, of course not.”

She grins.

Lillian: “Great! I’ll catch up with you there then!”
Albert: “I thought you were going to be busy with chores?”
Lillian: “Well yeah, but those won’t take long.”
Albert: “It will take you at least until curfew. I don’t see your mother letting you out after nine.”

A devious chuckle rises from her.

Lillian: “Sure, not alone. But I bet I could get her to walk me over herself if I ask enough times. No rules broken if I have parental supervision!”

In your experience, excessive whining would get you slapped, not rewarded. The fact that normal parents respond differently is not at all shocking.

Albert: “You could play up how Lonely you’ve been without Phillip around. That would open the floor for the argument that a sleepover would be therapeutic.”
Lillian: “Yeah, not much playing up needed there.”
Lillian: “Like, I never realized how Quiet it gets at night without someone else being there...”
Lillian: “...We gotta get to the bottom of this graduation stuff soon.”

You silently nod in agreement.
No. 1033810 ID: 629f2e
File 165371665364.png - (670.36KB , 1000x1000 , 128.png )

You part ways at her house, as she heads in to finish her duties and butter her mother up. The rest of the walk to the morgue is uneventful, although the rain starts to pick up as you go on.

As you reach the gates leading into the property, you stare up the hill. The property carries an ambience fitting of a horror film. It would be no shock at all if the dead rose from their graves in a place like this.

The thought is just that however, and nothing more. It’s childish to expect something so unrealistic. It’s simply a fiction woven by terrified youth letting their imaginations go wild.

This is nothing more than a place where the dead lay, and where the family of their caretaker resides. If anything, it was the Living residents of this building that were a true curiosity.

The gate is unlocked, so you let yourself in. The sooner you’re out of this rain the better.

As you approach the front door, you start to hear something.

???: “...-here, aren’t you?”

...That voice sounded young, but... It wasn’t Franklin’s.

...Could it be-


Something hits the floor inside. You barely have time to question what it is before you hear the voice again.

???: “H-Hey! Come on, that’s not funny. Get up!”

A cold sweat joins the raindrops dripping down your forehead, as you grab the front door’s knob and throw it open.
No. 1033815 ID: 629f2e
File 165371697241.png - (1.14MB , 1000x1000 , 129.png )

The first thing you see as you stare into the room is Lemmy. It’s... not very surprising. The fact that he was here at least, it was admittedly mildly shocking that you didn’t have to seek him out at all. He’s frozen stiff in front of an ajar door, staring at you in a panic.

Lemmy: “A-Albert!?”

By his feet... lay Franklin.

Your heart leaps into your throat as you stare at the boy, eyes shut and body unmoving.

Albert: “What... is-”
Lemmy: “H-Hey, I know how this looks b-but I didn’t- just so we’re clear-”
Albert: “Franklin!”

You drop your cane in haste, dashing across the room to be at his side. Adrenaline fills your veins, as your own pain doesn’t even register in your mind. As you’re leaning over him, examining for any trace of life, you see it.

His chest rises and falls. He’s Breathing.

You let out a long breath of relief. He’s okay. Thank goodness.

After a few seconds to get your bearings, you gather yourself and move on to step two: Questions.

Albert: “Lemmy.”
Lemmy: “I didn’t touch him. I mean it, I never lie. In fact, I even sleep sitting up.”
Albert: “Lemmy.

He withers under your glare, finally shutting up.

Albert: “What actually happened?”
Lemmy: “That’s a great question, phenomenal question, number three on a list of the top ten questions ever asked.”
Lemmy: “I dunno.”
Albert: “...”
Lemmy: “C’mon, I’m serious! I really don’t know. I fell asleep in this closet, woke up a minute ago, stepped out to see if anyone was here, and ended up making first contact with The Alien.”
Lemmy: “So I start making excuses, but he wasn’t even listening. He was just quaking in his boots like a cowboy entering a duel with a water pistol.”
Lemmy: “And then just like that, his eyes roll back and he’s on the floor.”
Albert: “He Fainted?
Lemmy: “Yeah! Crazy right?”

So Franklin passed out upon seeing Lemmy? That seems odd. You hadn’t brought up the fortune to Franklin, so admittedly finding Lemmy here was likely very surprising, but enough to cause the boy to pass out?

There’s just something missing. Some Context you missed out on. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting any answers until Franklin wakes it seems.
No. 1033816 ID: 629f2e
File 165371700748.png - (1.12MB , 1000x1000 , 130.png )

The moment that thought crosses your mind, another enters right afterwards. It’s a thought that seems to make the entire world come to a halt.

Franklin is Asleep.

When you and Clive spoke with him earlier, he lied to you. He kept his neck covered to hide something, and you had no choice but to accept those facts and move on. Whatever his reasons were, you had no avenue to dig deeper.

Right now... Well it was as simple as tugging down the collar of his turtleneck.


You want to know. You really do. But you also know that you would be breaching his trust if you look.

Franklin might never know, there would be no way for him to discover as long as you ensure Lemmy’s silence. However, you would. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle once it’s out. Once you know, you know Forever.

...Is it worth it?

Whether you choose to peek or not, you might regret that choice for a very long time. You’ll either kick yourself over the missed opportunity, or become overwhelmed with guilt for finding out this way.

Either way... No matter what you choose...

Your decision shall carry a deep Consequence.

1: Look
2: Do Not

No. 1033818 ID: afe7de

2, because you respect your friends autonomy, because you're learning to be humble, because if he found out you did that it'd be a huge breach of respect and ruin the progress you were making, and because Lemmy is there and you need to interrogate the fluff out of him for falling asleep in a closet in a house that isnt his and for being here, and for the fortune, for so many reasons he's more important to dissect-er interrogate.
No. 1033819 ID: e51896

2. Respect his privacy. If he wants to show you, he'll do so at his own time. Because he's your friend.
No. 1033820 ID: 7af43f

2, obviously. We've learned a lot about what's important to us today, and respecting friends' boundaries is a big one. Just because we think we know better doesn't make it so.
No. 1033821 ID: 96c896

2. Also, look in the closet. Lemmy opened the door, which means Franklin saw what's in there. Perhaps what scared him is in there...
No. 1033824 ID: 798908

2, we LITERALLY just learned this lesson an hour ago
No. 1033834 ID: 1c6255

2. Let's be worthy of his trust and leave the creep behavior to people like Jhonen.
No. 1033994 ID: 2de4fd

2. You can pressure him into telling you later. This is clearly important to him. If you find out in any way that doesn't involve getting Franklin to give a massive amount of trust to you, you won't be able to do anything good with that information anyway. Even if he is a clone or whatnot, confirmation won't do anything but satisfy yourself. Your own satisfaction will be short lived, and not protect the ones you love.
No. 1034031 ID: 629f2e
File 165395018292.png - (1.73MB , 1000x1000 , 131.png )

...This isn’t right.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to know. Franklin isn’t ready to tell you. Maybe he will be someday, but right now, he Isn’t.

You hate talking about the issues that you deal with at home. You know it’s Irrational, and that you would be better off if you talked to your friends about them, and yet you still refrain. While you don’t know why Franklin hides his neck, who are you to ignore his boundaries while maintaining your own? As someone who appreciates privacy, denying your friend his own would be the height of hypocrisy.

...Although in fairness, Franklin did try to tell Lillian earlier about your home life, which you don’t like others knowing about. You will cautiously offer him a pass there however, as you never expressed to him displeasure in others knowing about it (mainly because you hadn’t realized he was even aware).

There’s no such ambiguity here. You know how Franklin feels, and you have to respect it.

Albert: “...We should move him to the couch.”
Lemmy: “Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Should I take his legs, or-”
Albert: “Yes, do that. I’ll take- GNG!”

As you bend over to try and lift your friend, all of the Pain you’d ignored rushes back to you in full force. You end up collapsing beside him, panting for air as your leg throbs with agony.

Lemmy: “H-Hey! Don’t you go sleeping on me too now. I know this is a slumber party but this is ridiculous!”
Albert: “Cane-! Give me my cane!”

You thrust your pointer finger at the doorway, causing Lemmy to rush over and pick up your dropped walking aid. He brings it over, shoves it in your hands, and helps you to your feet. The tool gives just enough support for you to hobble your way over to a reclining chair and fall into it.

Albert: “Thank you...”
Lemmy: “Jeez, I get that this is a morgue, but don’t just die on me like that.”
Albert: “Can you lift Franklin yourself? I’m going to need a few minutes.”
Lemmy: “Totally, it should be a cinch. After all, the dude’s an airhead, so he’ll probably just float if I get him started.”

You don’t respond to the pun, but take pleasure in watching him struggle to drag the unconscious boy over to the sofa. He’s panting from exertion by the time Franklin is lying comfortably on it.

Lemmy: “S-See... *huff* easy peasy.”
Albert: “Good. Now then, I believe it’s time to ask the obvious.”
Lemmy: “Alright, what are we asking it?”

He laughs at his own joke, while you simply wait for him to finish.

Albert: “...Lemmy. What are you Doing here?”
Lemmy: “Talkin’ to you.”
Albert: “...”
Lemmy: “...”

He chuckles nervously.

Lemmy: “Man, this whole situation’s a joke ain’t it? Dead audience at the morgue. The gags write themselves!”
Lemmy: “Though I could do that if these were landing too. Killer jokes slay the audience!”

...This conversation will be... Trying. Lemmy is deflecting rather intensely at the moment, so getting a straight answer out of him will take some time. You’re tempted to wave it off and simply have Lillian threaten the truth out of him when she eventually arrives.

You don’t however. You’re going to Persevere, and pursue this line of questioning until the Truth comes out. Lemmy may be annoying, but compared to everything else you’ve been through today? Interrogating him would be a cakewalk.

Albert: “Let’s try this again, shall we?”
No. 1034033 ID: 629f2e
File 165395031627.png - (1.85MB , 1000x1000 , 132.png )


Hello again.

It feels nice checking in with you once more. I hope you don’t mind that I’m drinking while we talk.

Do you like tea? Most kids don’t, and I’m no different. This is actually chocolate milk. Still, it wouldn’t be a “tea party” if we didn’t call it tea, right? They’re both brown drinks, so I don’t think anyone will mind the difference.

I never stopped listening. While you guided Albert along, I heard every word of advice you gave. You did very well.

Mostly. You did almost have Albert beat himself with his own cane.

I’m glad you didn’t, as that would have been a very wrong choice. I get the temptation though. Kids want to do silly things all the time, and sometimes it’s hard to ignore the desire. Just look at me. I knew that I would be speaking to you now, but I really wanted to have my tea party. My wants won out, and now here I am drinking chocolate milk when I’m meant to be helping you.

Speaking of, it’s time to move on to that, isn’t it?

To the voices of things that were, that are, and that will be, I will use my talents to help you once more.

By granting the gift of Hearing, I will allow your influence to reach those you can’t yet guide. And as before, my gifts will come with a Toll. For each soul we strengthen, we must cripple another. The threads of fate are intertwined. To act on one end, you must inflict an opposite reaction on the other.

You will choose one to empower, and one to cut down.

...As have I.

Sorry. I know that I’m just supposed to stay a spectator, but I couldn’t help myself this time. It was a Desire I just couldn’t ignore. I hope you’ll forgive me. I am still young, and at times I cannot help but follow my impulses.

Along with your selections, I have chosen to give my gift to the boy lost within his own mind. When the fiction breaks, and all that remains is the Truth, he will need your help facing the new reality he finds himself in.

As for the fee, let me worry about the cost. It was my choice after all.

No. 1034034 ID: 629f2e
File 165395037161.png - (1.00MB , 1000x1000 , 133.png )

That brings us to your selections then. Along with The Alien, you may follow one other. This time, I’ll let you choose between three.

Will it be the Cursed Child who never learned to smile? Alongside The Alien, you would be following the two children Least Understood by their companions. You would have a chance to see the world from their perspectives, and thus gain an understanding of them.

Or will you choose the young Miracle still mourning a painful loss? This would make for an interesting pair, as I’m not sure how Compatible my gifts will be with them. There is a striking difference about both of them that may result in very... Unique results.

And I don’t think we should forget the Lonely Twin underestimated by all. I suspect that she may be the dark horse choice of this group, but she and The Alien both share the trait of being Undervalued. Compared to The Anti-Socialite and The Miracle, I believe that you would have an Easier time guiding The Athlete.

Those are your options. Who will you choose to follow?

No. 1034035 ID: 629f2e
File 165395045083.png - (864.04KB , 1000x1000 , 134.png )

As for the price... I’m sorry, but it will be rather Steep today. Something is happening that you cannot prevent. You can only decide who will receive the misfortune.

Of the children who recently graduated, you must pick one of two.

One, an Enthusiast whose interests were not what they were meant to be.

Another, a Seeker of Truth who learned too much while trying to help his friend.

I won’t tell you who to choose. I don’t know if I could pick one myself if I had to...

I will follow the will of the majority. Make your decisions now.

Who should be the POV character of Perpetuity Thread 3 (Alongside The Alien, Franklin)?
A: The Anti-Socialite, Clive
B: The Homeschooler, Enid
C: The Athlete, Lillian

Which of these characters do you choose to receive VERY BAD THINGS?
1: The Nerd, Phillip
2: The Freak, Jhonen

No. 1034036 ID: 8483cf

I vote 1: The Anti-Socialite, Clive. Clive has total and complete freedom to be a wild card. Enid is smart and capable, but she has limits. Clive has no limits.

Let's wait to have Lillian be POV. We need her to be the one bravely taking action once we have clear path. But until Clive and Enid dig up more dirt, she's not likely to be able to put her drive to good use.

As for BAD THINGS...

I'd prefer neither. Lillian doesn't deserve it. Jhonen is, from what we've seen, a force of nature all by himself, and anything bad happening to him would be a terrible loss for Catternom.

Ultimately, I know that Jhonen might, just might, have a warm, fuzzy blanket to help him through it.

Sorry, Jhonen, but I choose you.
No. 1034038 ID: 8b82ee

I vote for Nerd, Phillip to get a VERY BAD THING. I hope it lives up to its description, I mean we aren't talking here about MEDIUM BAD THING.
No. 1034045 ID: afe7de

B1, please no hurt Jhonen

I want Enid now because she's fresh and recovered, we can then go with Clive or Lillian next thread depending on what happens. Clive will have a ton of utility given that he's basically off the radar. Lillian will be stronk and useful for anything wild we might need to do as well.

Basically we're using next thread to prep then the 2 after to go buck-wild!
No. 1034048 ID: ce39da

A: Clive. He has all the answers regarding the Murder incident, and while he prefers to stay away from social interaction, he has far fewer limits on what he can do in those shadows.

As for the second... I wasn't sure. On one hand, Lillian cares a great deal about Phillip... at least outwardly. However, if we just discount Franklin's feelings about Jhonen, I think we're going to end up immediately regretting it.

And at the end of the day, Jhonen possesses knowledge of important secrets. I have no idea if it'll become relevant, considering the places we'd have to go and the information we'd need to learn just to reach him, but with the scales of personal bonds not being as out of balance as one might assume...

1: Phillip.

... We'll get to speak again, right Temmie?
No. 1034049 ID: e51896

Clive makes people suspicious of anyone who is near him. It's probably a bad idea to have Franklin, "the alien" near him at this time.

so either B or C for me (Enid, or Lilian). Leaning towards Lilian, so that we might be able to get some closure on the cliffhanger... if her mom will allow her over.

For the very bad thing,

2. Jhonen. I'm sorry, but I think Lilian will be devastated the most if something terrible happened to her brother, her own close family member in comparison to Franklin's relationship with Jhonen. Plus, it's clear that he'll have enough KARMA points to remember this past life in CATALYST, so I feel he'll do something very important in this world regardless of how bad he might have it...
No. 1034050 ID: b4ab25

I heard voting was happening, and I have no idea what is happening outside of >>1034034 and >>1034035, but I vote A (and abstain from the second vote)
No. 1034079 ID: 84cd4c

I feel like I'm better off not giving input, seeing as I don't really think my "Guidance" would be any good, but from binging the last several posts, the conclusion I've come to is...

B: Enid - Judging from the fantastic turnaround we've been able to grant Albert, I would say that she's more in need of the opportunities we can grant. Clive can hold on without us (I hope) and I feel like Lillian is something of a trump card we need to save for later.

As for the second choice, I don't feel qualified to choose... but if I had to say, it would probably be Jhonen.
No. 1034098 ID: c0bd54

>Compared to The Anti-Socialite and The Miracle, I believe that you would have an Easier time guiding The Athlete.
B (failing that, A).
We're not here to guide who is easiest, but who needs it the most.

If the two are of equal status, we must consider whom they're linked to. Misfortune to Philip would affect both him and Lillian, so I'm throwing Jhonen under the bus.
No. 1034146 ID: 344f1d

Let's go with Clive,
and >>1034098 has a very good point; Jhonen's gotta take the hit.
No. 1034673 ID: a70a13

I'm gonna go ahead and say A. Clive for the POV character. I think it'll be important to see what happened with him and his family beforehand, it might be a really good idea. I worry about the psychological effect Enid will recieve from us poking around, and I trust we can get to Lillian later.

As for the very bad things? I genuinely don't know....

Is there a way we can leave it to a coin flip? I feel like that's fair. We're dealing with kids, guys.
No. 1034695 ID: 629f2e
File 165483868071.png - (1.34MB , 1000x1000 , 135.png )

...How interesting. You seemed to have very split opinions this time around. I remember you being more firm in your decision before. Ultimately, the majority of your voices have decided on Clive to follow, and Jhonen to receive the misfortune. This is your will.

...To be honest, while I’m normally unsure of what choice is best, I think perhaps this was the Right decision. Following Clive that is. He’s had it hard for a while now, and things seem to keep getting worse for him. More than anyone else, I think he could use a helping hand.

Please take good care of him. He is in a fragile state at the moment, separated from the one he lives to nurture. Appearances can be deceiving, and behind the irremovable mask of apathy and ire lies a tormented soul, plagued by Fear and Guilt so intense that they threaten to consume him.

May fortune shine upon him for once, and may your influence allow his wounded heart to finally start healing.

And then... there is Jhonen.


I understand why you made the choice that you did. You are not wrong.

To harm Phillip would be to harm others as well. His friends, his sister, the pain you inflict on him would echo across so many hearts. In contrast, Jhonen’s relationships are fewer, and far less close than Phillip’s. Save for one...

It isn’t fair. Nor would it be had you chosen Phillip. It is simply, and sadly, the Inevitable. The sole promise that comes with life.


To the investigator who never received the respect he yearned for.

To a clever boy who found the truths that others tried to keep hidden.

To a lonely child who tried to help his one true friend understand himself.


I’m sorry. You never deserved this fate.

No. 1034696 ID: 629f2e
File 165483871453.png - (461.61KB , 1000x1000 , 136.png )

[VERY BAD THINGS have happened to Jhonen]


To the cursed child of Cattenom, I give to you ears that can Hear their voices. May their guidance lead you closer towards your goals.

And to The Alien, I shall Try to offer you the same. I know not what this will do to you, as you’re very different from the rest of us. But I shall try anyway.

May we change the past, the present, and our futures with these gifts.

No. 1034698 ID: 629f2e
File 165483889231.png - (1.40MB , 1000x1000 , 137.png )




It’s Cold. The wind blows really hard up here. Mittens shivers in my lap.

I don’t really like climbing trees. Heights are scary, and I always get stuck because climbing back down is just too hard. Apparently Mittens is the same, because she was meowing for help up here when I came out to play.

Poor sweet baby. I stroke her fur, earning a small purr of approval.

I thought that I could just climb up a little bit, and then she’d jump into my arms. But she wouldn’t budge, no matter how much I promised that I’d catch her.

So I climbed higher. And then higher... And then even higherer......

I guess that was a bad idea. By the time I reached her branch, I was holding onto the trunk of the tree for dear life. The ground is so far down, I’m sure that I’ll die if I hit it from this height. My head will crack open, my brain will spill out, and then Judy will steal my corpse and use my blood for her Rituals.

That last part isn’t so bad actually. If I die, I hope it’s for a good cause. Like summoning a demon! A nice demon that cooks kids eggs for breakfast and can get cats out of trees without getting stuck in them itself.

Himself? Herself? I dunno, depends on if it’s a mommy or daddy demon I guess.

...That’s right, mom and dad should be home soon. They Promised they’d be home tonight, so that we could finally have a Family Game Night! They’ll come home, see me up here, dad will get me down with that big ladder he likes to use, and then we’ll stay up all night playing board games! Or at least until my bedtime, I’ll probably be too tired to play then.

I just have to wait. They’ll be here, any minute now.

Just have to keep Waiting...


Perpetuity Thread 2: END
No. 1034700 ID: e51896

Good night Temmie.
Hope your tea party won't keep you up past your bedtime.
Though I have a feeling it'll probably end much sooner than you think...
That said, I hope your fortune telling is helpful for your next client ;)
No. 1034707 ID: e5709d

>[VERY BAD THINGS have happened to Jhonen]
... Did you have to snip the doll's head off?
I mean, are you predicting the future, or did you just select a method of death for your little play-pal that is degradating and traumatizing to anyone who sees the headless plushie? I mean, you're at the very least going to lose your scissor priv-

>Clive will now hear headvoices
What was I talking about again?
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