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File 163519765057.png - (137.30KB , 406x700 , 14-1.png )
1013588 No. 1013588 ID: de852d

Chapter 14
+18 Adult content

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/990619.html#990619
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No. 1045104 ID: 83fb9f

Nemo, I hope you realize how much of a solution to a logistical problem, you are. Relish in that, but focus on the task at hand.
No. 1045151 ID: 4120ac


Man, Del's taking it like a champ!

Casey and Clio should get in on the fun as well. They could suckle on Del's nipples or play around with the boys while Del handles them.
No. 1045398 ID: 9272af
File 166484359843.png - (212.96KB , 700x500 , 14--206.png )

“Fuckin lichfire…” Gabe says under his breath, watching the lizard slip inside Delilah, “Now that’s an idea. I wonder if I could handle that…” 

“You’re pretty stretchy, I bet you could.” Kol smirks at him, “You might want to loosen up a bit. Maybe Cecil has something in his collection that could help.”

The mouse blushes as Del turns to go down on him, prompting a squeak.

Nemo bites his lip, his eyes focused on the flexing ring of muscle. He pushes steadily forward, feeling the resistance give way, slowly making progress into her tight passage. He groans as the tightness squeezes his shafts together, like pattern steel being forged. After what feels like ages, his hips bump gently against her ass-cheeks and the chameleon sighs, grinding in place. “Oh, F-F-Fates…” he mutters.

Between the three partners, Delilah moans happily. She splits her attention between the two mice, keeping them both squeaking and eager, carefully bucking into her mouth as she pleasures them in turn. The satisfying double-girth under her tail slides in and out with an aching slowness, the heads of both shafts dragging against her inner walls. The healer’s tail thump-thump-thump’s against the towel excitedly, as she feels herself craving more. 

Delilah takes a breather, her tongue lolling as she pants. “Fuck that’s good. Ah- keep going…” She moans in encouragement. “Which one of you boys wants to give him a hand down there?” Beneath her bangs, she eyes each of the mice with a grin. 

No. 1045419 ID: 83fb9f

That's your que, Gabe. Assume the position.
No. 1045584 ID: 9272af
File 166502518303.png - (260.78KB , 500x700 , 14-207.png )

“Go for it, Gabe…” Kol nods. The Medium is happy where he is: knowing that if anyone knows the best way to satisfy Delilah, its Gabe.

The mouse shimmies away, crawling next to Nemo. “Hello again. Having fun?”

The lizard speaks in shallow gasps, his throat tight, “Nnh- so good…”

“I know, right? Here, make room…”

Delilah rolls onto her side, prompting Nemo to move over, and spreads her legs for Gabe. The mouse wiggles into position, his cock bumping against Nemo’s shafts briefly before slipping inside her pussy.

The pair moan, their shafts pushing past one another between thrusts, separated by a thin wall of muscle as they take turns fucking her. The heat and pressure clings to them with each thrust, taking its toll on their stamina as they buck and grind in a complicated tangle of lovemaking.

Lying against her bathhouse floor while stuffed and stretched by cocks, Delilah gives a muffled giggle. It feels like a dream: being surrounded by hot, moaning guys, hard at work and giving her all of their attention. She closes her eyes and lets her other senses take in the pleasure: the familiar high-pitched, panting squeak of Gabe, Nemo’s strange fingers gripping her flanks as his cocks tug at her walls, the familiar scent of bathhouse soap as Kol’s hips bump gently against her nose. Its a moment of wonderful satisfaction, her only need arising in her mind: “harder”.

No. 1045587 ID: db478f

Squeeze them closer, they might get the message
No. 1045783 ID: 9272af
File 166519747112.png - (228.41KB , 576x700 , 14-208.png )

Delilah’s hand reaches down and gives Gabe a squeeze on the backside. The mouse pauses as she pulls him up into her, hard, before getting the idea. He grins, his face flushed with exertion already, and nods to Nemo. “Hey, you ready? Come on, lets give it to her.”

The lizard pants, his body aching for release as his shafts are squeezed. “Wha? Hah- I don’t know if I can go any- hah- harder.”

“Ah- come on, man! Don't hold back!” Gabe insists, gearing himself up with a slap against Delilah’s thighs.

Nemo groans as his muscles strain to keep up. Pushing up off the floor, he drives himself into her with a grunt, followed by another and another. Soon the tiles ring with two separate rhythms as the pair piston into Delilah with a frenzy.

A hand reaches up under Kol, the mouse squeaking as he’s lifted up. The Medium ends up straddling Delilah, his cock bumping against her nose.

“Fuck me, Kol. I want it rough.” She peeks at him through a gap in her bangs, her tongue flicking out at the base of his tip.

“Are you sure?” The mouse shudders as the tongue curls around a drop of clear pre-cum. “I don’t want to… you know?”

Delilah adjusts the towel bundled behind her head and gives him a thumbs up, “All good here. I’ll give you a tap if I need to stop.”

No. 1045784 ID: 9272af
File 166519748238.png - (231.62KB , 700x424 , 16-209.png )

The mouse bites his lip and leans forward, his cock angling down into Delilah’s waiting mouth. Kol dips his hips into an experimental thrust, sliding in part-way. He finds the right range of movement and starts humping into her. His cock slips in and out, bumping against the softness of her tongue, and driving against the back of her throat. Beneath him, Delilah gives a satisfied moan, sucking at his length, her breath hot as its driven out of her again and again.
No. 1045798 ID: f43935

I wonder what Casey and Clio are up to, other than being jealous of Delilah, perhaps playing with each other as they enjoy the show
No. 1045832 ID: 83fb9f

Hold onto your butts! It's gonna be a rough one! Everyone better put their loads in deep!
Hope Casey and Clio are enjoying the show.
No. 1045845 ID: b991a3

Delilah is an absolute monarch.
No. 1045846 ID: 21f2a4

Maybe just wait their turn to get all three at once. And swap holes. Cleo hasn't had Gabe up her ass and Kol in her pussy yet. And it will be fun to see her trying to suck two dicks at once (tho maybe one at a time might be a better idea)
No. 1045945 ID: 4120ac


That sounds like a good idea!
No. 1046008 ID: 9272af
File 166537456066.png - (295.13KB , 700x732 , 16-210.png )

Two pairs of eyes watch from the edge of the water, taking in the frantic fucking with glee. 

“Who d’ya think is gonna finish first?” Clio titters. 

After a moment of consideration Casey answers, “Kol, then Nemo.” 

“Really? I would have thought Nemo first. Twice the dicks, twice the stimulation-aH!” The cat gasps as a hand trails up the curve of her ass and a finger wedges under her tail. After a moment of pressure, it slips inside and begins circling gently, earning a purr out of Clio. 

“Nah, once Kol sees we’re watching, he’ll lose it.” She chuckles, staring intently at the panting mouse and waiting for him to notice. “Gabe’ll hang on till he thinks she’s ready for him.” 

No. 1046038 ID: a67004

Maybe give the other group a show and start grinding each other's pussys together??
No. 1046262 ID: 9272af
File 166554485295.png - (196.79KB , 700x500 , 14-211.png )

Kol’s eyes twitch sideways, catching Casey’s gaze. His blush spreads across his muzzle and his rhythm falters, a warning moan rising up unbidden. The Medium curls into an arch, his hips locked against Delilah’s lips as his twitching balls unload into her waiting throat. The healer’s tongue curls up against the pulsing shaft, bathing in cum as the salty liquid pools in her mouth. 

A few moments later Nemo squawks as his body finally surrenders. The twin shafts swell in her tight passage before firing their double load of chameleon cum. The coating rapidly fills the limited space, before leaking through the imperfect seal around his dicks. Nemo’s legs shiver as pearlecent cum drips from the tight crack of her ass, his scales flickering between shades as pleasure wracks his body. 

Seeing his other partners finish, Gabe pants and puts himself into a final sprint. The skinny mouse jackhammer’s Delilah’s pussy in a frantic push to give her the satisfaction she needs. His hand slips between her legs and shivers against her clit as he gasps “Come on! Hah! Cum for me!” 

Vaginal muscles shiver and tense like steel around his cock, Deiliah’s thighs squeezing involuntarily. The mouse grins as his girlfriend climaxes at his touch, his cock dripping, leaking, flowing as he continues to pump in and out. Cum coats the both of them as Gabe slaps wetly against her pussy. 

No. 1046263 ID: 9272af
File 166554486031.png - (249.31KB , 448x700 , 14-212.png )

Before their orgasms can truly taper off, Delilah’s partners are surrounded by a glow. Mana flows into them through every inch touching the healer, renewing them as fast as they can expend themselves. 

Delilah moans happily, her eyes closed as she feels herself being over-filled; spilling out as three bodies twitch and cling to her. Lost in the bliss, the healer swallows greedily, tasting Kol’s cum jet down her throat again and again as he grinds against her lips. Gabe and Nemo form a stream that drips down her legs and under her tail, making a mess of the towel and tile. 

No. 1046311 ID: 83fb9f

The queen's fill. Excellent play!
No. 1046490 ID: 9272af
File 166571653622.png - (226.31KB , 500x700 , 14-213.png )

As the extended orgasms taper off, Delilah rolls over, leaving the three boys gasping wordlessly like beached fish. She stands up and stretches as they reach out with shaky hands, blindly grasping out of exhausted instinct.

She strides over to Casey and Clio, cum still dripping from her thighs. She sits down on the edge of the pool and sighs happily, saying, “Haven’t done that in a while. Who wants to help clean me up?”

No. 1046491 ID: a67004

Alright girls, get to scrubbing/rubbing/licking.
No. 1046518 ID: 69cb75

Don't feel bad boys, she was always going to take gold.
No. 1046597 ID: 9272af
File 166580242182.png - (258.25KB , 500x700 , 14-214.png )

Clio blushes, eyeing the dripping mess between Delilah’s thighs with heavy, excited breaths. She slips between her legs, her eyes tracing the healer’s powerful form. The cat leans in until she’s muzzle deep and gets to work; her rough tongue mopping up spent cum and teasing her folds.

At Del’s insistence, Casey climbs out of the pool and straddles her leg. She’s pulled up into a kiss with the healer, quickly coating her tongue with the familiar taste of Kol.

She gasps silently as a hand slips under her and a thick finger curls up inside her. The mouse’s squeaks are muffled by the make-out as she’s bounced lightly on Delilah’s knee.

No. 1046616 ID: a67004

Girls in one group, guys in another. Simple.
No. 1046628 ID: 83fb9f

Full service, ladies!
No. 1046906 ID: 9272af
File 166614608468.png - (190.16KB , 700x493 , 14-215.png )

Clio closes her eyes, lapping dutifully at the mess until it drips from her whiskers. With one hand, she spreads open the cream-filled passage and darts her tongue inside, letting Gabe’s cum coat her chin and run down her chest.

The former thief “mmph”s as she dives deeper, pulling herself as close as possible. A massive hand closes around the back of her neck, scruffing her like a naughty kitten. Clio mewls happily, her lips ground gently into the tight space between the healer’s legs.

No. 1046907 ID: 9272af
File 166614609603.png - (216.49KB , 500x700 , 14-216.png )

There’s a thin glow of purple light and Casey’s eyes go wide. A mild healing spell courses into her from the finger plugged into her pussy, and she writhes in place warmth radiates into her. She grips Del’s arm instinctively, holding on as her hips jump and twitch uncontrollably. Its not enough to send her into climax on its own but the ecstasy is unbearable; and she feels her thighs dripping as she struggles to hang on.
No. 1046939 ID: 83fb9f

Oh dang, she's got the quick charge plugin. Does Del have the authority to call others a good girl when she's one herself?
No. 1047064 ID: 9272af
File 166632037285.png - (138.17KB , 500x700 , 14-217.png )

Del’s finger curls inward, brushing the mouse’s g-spot and pinpoints its healing magic like an electrical jolt. Bliss spreads through Casey and arcs up her spine until her eyes roll back in her head. The Binder’s legs shiver and clench around Delilah’s thigh, her wetness spilling down the healer’s fur. Any words she has are lost in the haze of endorphins as she cums herself into oblivion.

No. 1047065 ID: 9272af
File 166632038920.png - (257.10KB , 700x700 , 14-218.png )

Del breaks the healing spell and Casey immediately sags backwards in her arms, her skinny chest heaving. 

“Heh, I never tried that on another woman. You alright there?” 

Casey droops like a broken marionette, managing to say “F-fates… fuckin wh- gooood g-irl…” 

Wagging enthusiastically, Del turns to Clio; who looks up with her chin dripping with a mixture of spent semen. “How about it kitty? Want a taste of healing magic?” 

No. 1047080 ID: 83fb9f

Wonder if overstimulated Clio gets claws-y.. Del, pluck that cat out out of the water and give her the business. After you let Casey back down, of course.
No. 1047101 ID: 4120ac


Given how much Clio loves anal, maybe use that magic touch on both of her holes?
No. 1047105 ID: add2e1

Could you use this spell with a kiss? Any form of kiss?
As stated above, Clio is into anal, I'd love to see the interesting results of this spell applied to a rimming.
No. 1047274 ID: 9272af
File 166649989146.png - (176.56KB , 500x700 , 14-219.png )

“Y-” Clio stutters with wide eyed excitement, “Yeah, but I’m not done down here.” She blushes and licks the mess from the side of her lips.

“Ah, I got’cha. Come here.” The big dog puts Casey aside gently before wrapping her hands around Clio’s waist and lifting her out of the water.

No. 1047275 ID: 9272af
File 166649989974.png - (188.84KB , 500x700 , 14-220.png )

The cat is spun around like a doll, her arms reaching out instinctively to hold onto Delilah’s thighs. Hung upside down, Clio is clamped against the healer’s chest with a well-toned arm, her muzzle within easy reach of Delilah’s dripping folds. She gasps as an enthusiastic tongue runs along the inside of her thigh before diving into the cat’s pussy.

Clio goes back to work lapping between Del’s thighs from the new, strange angle. Her face flushes as blood rushes to head, trying to concentrate on servicing the healer while coating her tongue with warm saltiness.

Delilah’s palm reaches up to cradle her butt, squeezing and rubbing the base of Clio’s tail. The cat purrs in appreciation and then yowls as a thick finger curls slips inside her already well-fucked ass.

No. 1047293 ID: 83fb9f

Oh she is locked in. Don't clench Clio, you're about to see stars!
No. 1047294 ID: a3c5a9

And possibly a supernova.
No. 1047662 ID: 9272af
File 166692554354.png - (199.54KB , 500x700 , 14-221.png )

Clio’s muscles tense as mana glows within her, the soreness around her well-used tail-hole fading as warmth bathes her backside. Nerves rendered numb and tired from the recent pounding come flaring back to life; full of sensation and roaring with pleasure. The Sender has to pause her cunnilingus to gasp for air, moaning from the sinful tug at her backdoor and wet tongue digging between her labia. Clio’s claws rake twin rows of scratch-marks along Delilah’s ass, which vanish as quickly as they form.

The cat laps frantically at Delilah’s clit: her rough tongue racing against the clock to satiate the healer before her own climax. The arm pinning her in place shifts, letting Del grip her head and push it into the tight space between her thighs.

“Mmh- Yeh, don’t stop. Come on- hah…” Delilah’s voice is a low growl: an animal sound full of hunger that raises the tips of Clio’s fur.

No. 1047663 ID: 9272af
File 166692564708.png - (218.89KB , 500x700 , 14-222.png )

Working with what breath she can steal, Clio sucks at the burning bundle of nerves. Her eyes snap open, pupils narrowed into parallel lines as another blunt finger pushes into her ass and fills her with blazing purple light. The cat screams as orgasm hits her body like a thunderbolt: her whole body spasming and convulsing in Delilah’s grip. Clio feels herself cumming rivulets of salty wetness, running through her fur, down the curve of her stomach and in between her breasts.

The healer’s own orgasm comes moments after, her thighs clamping around Clio’s head and soaking her whiskers as more cum spills out of her. The cat clutches at Delilah’s legs with tiny pinpricks, her claws digging into her steely thighs as the two climaxes drench her.

No. 1047694 ID: 83fb9f

That's a powerful feedback loop there. Excellent work!
No. 1047703 ID: 4120ac

I understand Clio's exhausted, but if Del's magic touch invigorates her, it would be a good opportunity for Gabe to have one more go at her. After all, as another poster commented, despite their close friendship and both being Senders, Gabe's the only person in the room who has yet to take the cat anally in any way, and I think the situation should be rectified.
No. 1047790 ID: add2e1

Someone sneak behind Delilah and make use of that lifted tail.
No. 1048193 ID: 9272af
File 166736138920.png - (272.18KB , 700x700 , 14-223.png )

Her body tingling with over-stimulation and still sputtering for breath, Clio’s world is spun back upright. The cat hangs in the air from the scruff of her neck, supported by a large gentle hand. She purrs with a semi-conscious bliss, her eyes half-lidded with happiness as little orgasmic aftershocks raise her fur. “Ah- F-Fates, so goood.” She drawls.

Delilah chuckles, giving her a kiss on the cheek and setting her down carefully. “You did pretty good, yourself, kitten. Drop by to see me sometime: I’ll give you a full workout.”

No. 1048194 ID: 9272af
File 166736139809.png - (195.10KB , 700x600 , 14-224.png )

The healer turns and surveys the aftermath of her erotic conquest. Her partners lay sprawled across the tile, panting like beached fish and moaning as their bodies recover from consecutive orgasms. Delilah wags happily, her own senses foggy with the aftermath of a good fucking.
No. 1048195 ID: e5709d

Is this where she pulls her face off and reveals she's a succubus?
No. 1048201 ID: a2d88b

Time to get cleaned up for good now!
No. 1048211 ID: b499ad

if everyone's fucked-out, then to clean up and sleep for the next adventure
No. 1048213 ID: ceca70

The champion remains undefeated!!
No. 1048241 ID: 83fb9f

Hail to the queen.
No. 1048418 ID: 9272af
File 166752998981.png - (274.37KB , 582x700 , 14-225.png )

The last one standing once again, Delilah drapes a couple of towels over the tired group. For a moment she considers waking Gabe up for one last round, but decides to let him rest and see if he’s interested in a little one-on-one time later.

Del sinks back into the pool and scrubs off the last of the dripping cum. She lays back in the water, enjoying the radiant glow of a good workout: her healing magic working to repair exerted muscles and over-stimulated nerves.

No. 1048419 ID: 9272af
File 166753000704.png - (105.05KB , 371x700 , 14-226.png )

She chuckles to herself, knowing her reputation as impossible to satisfy. Her body tells a different story, having been more than satisfied by everyone’s effort: just recovering much faster. The healer thanks the Fates for having found partners willing to work so hard for her; smiling at Gabe’s upturned butt as he lays facedown on the tile.

After a cleansing soak and feeling refreshed, Del stands up; water cascading off of her like a titan emerging from the sea. With one last look at the orgy participants, she heads for the locker room to get dressed. The healer hums tunelessly, happy to have shared in the fun and eagerly anticipating their next visit.

End of chapter 14

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