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File 161590246829.jpg - (618.14KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_tittle.jpg )
991586 No. 991586 ID: 164e20

(So begins the final chapter of these lyluks journey, you have successfully helped them escape the extermination camp, now it is time to watch them enjoy their freedom)
(For as long as it lasts)
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No. 991591 ID: 164e20
File 161590433847.jpg - (303.60KB , 1200x901 , lhomars_house.jpg )

:shittylhomar: "What do you mean girls? It's the same chef as always!"
:pillukicon: "No, you definitely changed something..."
"Isn't your hat puffier than it was when we left?"
:shittylhomar: "Noooooooo, well maybe but anyways this here is my house. You can come and go as you please just don't break anything. What do you girls want to do now that you're all out of that awful camp?"
No. 991592 ID: 094652

"It rhymes with feeding."
No. 991597 ID: 46a721

Beach partying!
No. 991598 ID: f54221

:pillukicon: "Probably sleep if i'm being honest. I don't know about you girls, but escaping certain doom sure tires ME out."
No. 991599 ID: 164e20

:pillukwowicon: "I want to break into a DRUGSTORE!"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk wants to be a FAMOUS ARTIST)
:fishluk: "I want to finally return to the SEA"
:beaconluk: "mlem" (I wanna go to the CANDY SHOP)
:migeluk: "I want to finish my STORY! You bastards interrupted me and are now going to do something else! RUDE!"
:nexluk: "I want to go to a BOG"
:dddluk: "I'm gonna catch the first ship back to my HOMELAND"
:voyluk: "I want to be a CAMWHORE"
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (I wish to find gainful employment and change the perception of lyluks through HARD WORK and DETERMINATION)

(Whose personal quest do you pursue first?)
No. 991600 ID: 164e20

(You can vote on these too or add more if you can think of any)
No. 991601 ID: f54221

Oh no, your shittification aura has extended even to the chef now. I suppose that's the hazard of being exposed to shitty lyluks for too long.
No. 991602 ID: 46a721

Let us finish that crazy story and the persue the bettering of these folks image through hard work and all that.
No. 991605 ID: 19da02

return to the sea
No. 991610 ID: 164e20
File 161591741857.jpg - (257.97KB , 1200x901 , migeluk.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "too-" (I'm glad you agree on-)
:pillukicon: "Feel better yet?"
:migeluk_crie: "You girls are the worst. No one even liked my story..."
:dddluk: "You're not the best story teller ever."
:pillukicon: "What? Thats not how that works, we have to combine our auras like last time. We didn't shitify the chef."
:fishluk: "Please, we're right on the shore, just put me in the water and let me go back home."
No. 991611 ID: 46a721

Toss the fish as far as you can into the water and cry while saying farewell.
No. 991617 ID: 164e20
File 161591943691.gif - (362.95KB , 1200x901 , beach_fishluk_farewell.gif )

:bitlukcry: (Bitluk goes down to the BEACH and throws fishluk towards the rolling waves. Since lyluks have 0 STRENGTH she doesn't reach the water)
:fishluk: "Oof, thanks for throwing me on the sand, well I guess this gives me time to say my goodbyes."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk apologizes for calling her gross and that over her journey she's come to appreciate fishluk as a friend)
:fishluk: "Oh don't worry about that, I'm just happy you got me out of that stinky sewer, thanks for saving me bitluk"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk feels something twist inside her as a wave picks up fishluk and carries her out to SEA)
:alltogehter: "Goodbye fishluk! We'll miss you!"
:fishluk: "ᵂᵉ'ˡˡ ᵐᵉᵉᵗ ᵃᵍᵃᵃᵃᵃᶦᶦᶦⁿ..."
Bitluk has gained 50 sadness!
No. 991620 ID: 19da02

OK BITLUK ARTISTS need a lot of sadness to do a good job, so channel that fifty sadness you just gained into your next work, which should be a graffito on a nearby building. Draw fishluk and how you feel about fishluk
No. 991624 ID: 164e20
File 161592041721.gif - (268.65KB , 1200x901 , beach_yungluk.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (With that out of the way let us figure out what avenues of employment are open to us. We must change the perception of our race if we do not want a terrible fate to befall us)
:voyluk: "Well I know what job I can do but if you girls want to waste your time on this stupid idea then I'll hang around to tell you I told you so."
:dddluk: "I'm not the type for honest work, y'know?"
:pillukicon: "We all have 0 strength, what work can we do?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk will channel her sadness into a career as a GRAFFITI ARTIST)
(What kind of jobs should the other lyluks try to get?)
No. 991627 ID: 19da02

You can still do data entry or call center shit with 0 strength, although it can be awful and soul crushing.

Voyluk can be a camwhore if she wants to. She's got the hottest legs so I think she can make a mint by flashing those gams.

Nexluk should probably just go live in a bog.

Also any of you could be like, a personal assitant or a basic-ass-bitch office worker or whatever. You don't need to read, you just need to be able to suck up to your boss and evade taxes.
No. 991629 ID: f65f71

consider doing crimes
No. 991631 ID: f54221

Voyluk obviously gotta start up an onlyfans account and start streaming while wearing skimpy clothing, she'll be a natural and will be raking in the cash from simps world over for the chance she'll say their name.
She'll be able to fund the entire campaign on the scraps from the wealth she'll accrue.

DDDluk could obviously steal an office for your use, or run as a politician as that's kinda like stealing at this point.
She could also cheat your taxes.
No. 991641 ID: b1b4f3

Telemarketing! Janitor work! Food service prep!
No. 991650 ID: 164e20
File 161592870802.jpg - (285.22KB , 1200x901 , beach_yungluk_oration.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "toot toot" (The theme of these ideas is clear to me, lyluks are known to be of various deficiencies and this greatly limits our opportunities but with modern technology we can compensate for these disabilities and become useful members of society. Camwhores, telemarketers, office assistants, tax dodging? What do all these things need? Why a computer of course! If we can acquire a computer then all our dreams will come true!)
:pillukwowicon: "Wow! Thats a great idea yungluk! You're so smart!"
:nexluk: "Yeah! We'll be rich in no time!"
:voyluk: "But where are we going to get a computer?"
No. 991651 ID: 12b116

Go look in the dumpsters of office buildings. They throw all kinds of things away.
No. 991652 ID: b1b4f3

Pretty good idea.
Could also just look in a junkyard.
No. 991656 ID: 92f8ea

The peach washes ashore
No. 991658 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, does Chef have a computer?
No. 991659 ID: f54221

The chef might have a computer you could borrow, as in use while at his home, not take it with you.
alternatively, use a public computer at the library.
just don't do anything lewd on it.
No. 992141 ID: 164e20
File 161625150548.gif - (2.07MB , 1200x901 , beach_peach.gif )

No. 992144 ID: 164e20
File 161625351005.jpg - (275.04KB , 1200x901 , lhomars_living_room_migeluk.jpg )

:migeluk: "Hey chef! Do you have a computer we can use?"
:shittylhomar: "Nope, what does a chef need a computer for? Creating delicious food requires you to be in top shape, not only physically but mentally. I have no need for the compensating mental power of a computer."
:migeluk_crie: "Okay well you could've just said no instead of rubbing it in."
:shittylhomar: "Uh... Sorry?"
No. 992145 ID: e51896

Quick! to the LIBARBY! that place should have computers!
No. 992150 ID: 164e20
File 161625580379.jpg - (324.09KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_house.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Here we begin our search, it seems humans throw away computers as if they are nothing, they do not value such things but their waste is our gain, let us begin our raise with this trash can)
:dddluk: "Guys isn't anywhere close to an... oh whatever knock yourselves out."
No. 992152 ID: 164e20
File 161625628275.jpg - (326.34KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_house_trash.jpg )

:migeluk: "Okay, so we knocked it over, now does anyone know what a computer looks like?"
:voyluk: "Nope, I lived in a barrel my whole life."
:pillukicon: "I think we saw one in the camp, it's kinda like a TV but with buttons on it."
:nexluk: "But Tv's normally have buttons on them?"
:pillukicon: "No, like, seperate from the TV, I'll point it out if I see one."
(Do the lyluks find anything useful in the trash? If so what?)
No. 992154 ID: f54221

They find a shitty tablet, the swallowing kind.
They also find a shitty tablet, the pc kind.

luckily there's a [version before newest] mobile phone in the trash, with a working camera! Such wasteful consumerism. They didn't even bother unplugging the charging cable before throwing it out.

boy, these guys must be rich, there's even a laptop in here! ...although missing it's batteries.
and the screen....
No wait, there they are. They'd just fallen off.

Certainly now your adventure will continue unimpeded and fully on it's way towards- OH MY GOD IS THAT A HAMBURGER??! JACKPOT!
No. 992165 ID: e51896

They find a racoon. new pet!
No. 992174 ID: 164e20
File 161626360009.jpg - (340.55KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_house_racoon.jpg )

:pillukwowicon: "Holy shit is that even more LYLUK PILLS! Ah it really is like back to the old days of getting into the garbage and passing out in peoples yards."
:voyluk: "I've seen how these PHONES work, you can video yourself with them, but I don't know how to turn it on."
:nexluk: "I can't figure out what this blank TABLET is and the COMPUTER is busted. Maybe we can get it fixed somewhere?"
:migeluk: "Oh look, a BURGER!"
:pillukicon: "We should give that to bitluk, she hasn't stopped crying since fishluk left."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is ecstatic at this scrumptious gift, she has temporarily lost 20 sadness!)
:dddluk: "And look at this, we're not the only one going through this treasure trove, C'here little guy, psst psst."
:racoon: (The raccoon seems to feel an affinity with the dddluk and approaches like a dog)
:dddluk: "See, he's friendly! What should we name him guys?"
No. 992175 ID: e51896

Mr. Foams

on account of all the shaving cream around its snout!
No. 992176 ID: e51896

also stick it in your inventory
No. 992180 ID: 0d6409

Rocket. Or hey maybe Rosarch, like rorschach but shitty
No. 992183 ID: 12b116

name him re-starch
No. 992188 ID: f54221

A raccon thief-friend! There's only one name that can befit such a rascally companion: Slyluk Racooner!

...Names are hard, ok
No. 992189 ID: f54221

>Owners of the house: Investigate all the commotion and angrily chase away the pests, and the raccoon, going through your garbage upon discovering them
No. 992192 ID: 164e20
File 161626810201.png - (465.00KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_annoyed.png )

:dddluk: "Mr. Foams rocket re-starch Slyluk racooner! Thanks pervert spirits! Now to stuff this guy safely in my inventory where..."
:alphonse: "Hey! What are you doing in my garbage! Get out of here! Before I call the exterminators on you!"
:pillukicon: "Oh no! What do we do?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk feels bad about knocking over an innocent persons garbage and also being threatened with death. Her sadness has increased by 30!)
No. 992196 ID: e51896

Well he is giving us the chance to leave at least. Lets get on outta there.
No. 992201 ID: 12b116

Wait why did the raccoon get hella thicc all of a sudden? Throw it at the man!
No. 992202 ID: 46a721

Let us explain our motivations!

If we tell the guy we are looking for a computer to spread good publicity about us, he might even simpatize.

Also, compliment his clear romantic prowess.
No. 992225 ID: 164e20
File 161627491062.gif - (397.92KB , 1200x901 , alphonse_broom.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Too-" (Well you see good sir we are simp-)
:alphonse: "Ewww, Don't fart in my face you filthy animal! Get out of here! Git!"
:nexluk: "What he's trying to say is we're just looking for-"
:alphonse: "What do I care what you're looking for? Do it by messing up someone elses trash. Leave!"
(He gets the broom)
:pillukicon: "Oh no, it's not working!"
:voyluk: "Time for my secret weapon... Ahem! Hey handsome~ Why don't we get to know each other better, maybe somewhere more private~"
:alphonse: "I never want to heard you ask me that ever again."
(Diplomacy has failed)
No. 992227 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, you should leave now.
No. 992240 ID: f54221

>nexluk: attempt to run away swiftly, only to slip in place until you generate enough motion and paradoxically catapult yourself in the opposite direction in a compromising position right at the poor man's face
>nexluk's legs: you don't know what's happening only that there was no ground and now there's something between you to clamp onto so instinctively leg-lock that bitch and never let go
>Alphonses face: be very perturbed
>nexluk: be very embarrassed about all of this but without knowing how to make it stop
No. 992243 ID: c893c0

I think bitluk's sadness would be reaching pretty high levels by now
I think she may start powerfully crying from all this
No. 992246 ID: e51896

Bitluk: use your tears to water his plants as an apology
No. 993315 ID: 164e20
File 161685428563.gif - (711.65KB , 1200x901 , party_retreat.gif )

:pillukicon: "RUN AWAY!!!!!!"
:mysterynigga: "TOOT" (Retreat!)
:alphonse: "Yeah, thats right, never- wait why are you staying?"
:nexluk: "Ewwww, you know I can hear what you're saying right, I'm not your perverse puppet!"
:voyluk: "Says the one who likes getting her butt licked."
:nexluk: "Shut up, don't encourage them."
No. 993317 ID: 164e20
File 161685479762.gif - (561.71KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_gardener.gif )

:bitlukcry: (Bitluks sadness is now so high that her tears production can sustain a healthy garden!)
(Unfortunately this man doesn't seem to have one so bitluk instead waters his lawn in the hopes this act of charity will lead to forgiveness)
:alphonse: "What are you doing? Uh... Look I didn't mean to panic you or anything, I wasn't actually going to call the exterminator on you, I just wanted you to get away from my garbage. So just go on back to your friends and don't cause any trouble."
No. 993319 ID: 164e20
File 161685796229.gif - (259.05KB , 1200x901 , party_gathering.gif )

:pillukicon: "So what- Oh there you are bitluk. Anyways what are we going to do with this junk?"
:dddluk: "Shut up, Mr.Foams isn't junk!"
:pillukicon: "Gosh, who would've thought the assassin would be so sensitive. Pervert spirits! You can read and stuff, help us out with modern technology, how fix computer?"
No. 993320 ID: c32d98

>"Ewwww, you know I can hear what you're saying right, I'm not your perverse puppet!"

Hey we're pervert spirits, remember. Not our fault we died horny, never to be fulfilled
Also, that's big talk from someone so sexy they literally defy physics with their slippery smoothness :smirkyfaacethatyoureimaginingrightnow:
No. 993322 ID: c32d98

hol on, let me try our magic-shmagic spirit powers

>Computer: Work
>also Computer: Be filled with terabytes upon terabytes porn with all of the content featuring smug, married, and in lingerie lizards, minotaurs, and bunny wives neatly categorized in their own folders with one particularly large folder being dedicated entirely to sexy lyluks making seductive honks, which are also smug, married, and in lingerie like the rest
No. 993332 ID: 12b116

You're going to need at least one (1) electricity so you can plug the computer in to see what's wrong/if it works. So you need a place to go with electrical outlets.
No. 993351 ID: 164e20
File 161686765354.gif - (336.88KB , 1200x901 , party_computer.gif )

:nexluk: "Ugh, pilluk why did you have to introduce me to these guys?"
:pillukicon: "Beggars can't be choosers."
:migeluk: "Okay, I'm pressing buttons and nothings happening! WHY IS NOTHING HAPPENING? WHERES THE MAGIC GUYS??????"
No. 993353 ID: 164e20
File 161686777802.gif - (370.58KB , 1200x901 , party_computer_boot.gif )

:migeluk: "Oh, there we go, thanks nexluk."
"Hmmmm, Damn I wish I could read, or understood how to work a computer, anyone here have any experience with these things?"
No. 993356 ID: b1b4f3

I need to get a closer look at the screen though.
Or you can just read to me what it says?
No. 993357 ID: af57da

Looking in trash helped us before finding a computer. Maybe it may help us again! Click the icon that looks like a trash bin.
No. 993360 ID: 164e20
File 161686832897.jpg - (168.78KB , 1200x901 , computer_screen.jpg )

:migeluk: "Okay, does this work? I don't really understand how changing your view works but just let me know if you can see it."
:voyluk: "There ain't no trash can I see in there. Just all dark and words."
No. 993364 ID: 12b116

so, jesus christ this plan is not going to work. I do not think a computer this old can even connect to the internet. I doubt you're going to find a DOS boot disk anywhere either.
No. 993365 ID: c32d98

It's asking for a boot disk. DDDluk might have something like that stashed away.
No. 993367 ID: af57da

Put cookie in disk slot
No. 993371 ID: 164e20
File 161687133924.gif - (471.94KB , 1200x901 , party_computer_loading_os.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Come now friends, don't lose hope on us yet, we are close to achieving our goal!)
:migeluk: "Hey dddluk, you got... one of those things they said?"
:dddluk: "Well the only thing I got that'll fit into the slot is one of those cookies."
:voyluk: "Well what are you waiting for? Hand it over! I can't wait to finally start my dream job."
:dddluk: "Okay okay, here, I hope this works."
:migeluk: "Alright, so theres a cookie in the box, what do we do next?"
No. 993374 ID: b1b4f3

how did that work

Ok wait for it to finish loading, then... does this thing have a mouse? If it's keyboard only you can hit tab to select icons.
No. 993377 ID: c32d98

Hold something lewd in your trunk and we can guide on on which buttons to press. This is how it works, really. Would a pervert spirit lie to you?
Creep on? Perhaps. But *lie?* Please, there's nothing more honest than a pervert.

>pervet spirits: type HELP on computer through the lewdness held in the lyluk's trunk (or just the lyluks trunk, they ARE pretty lewd after all, what with the shape, and how it moves and all...)
No. 993382 ID: 164e20
File 161687361415.jpg - (174.68KB , 1200x901 , computer__disclaimer_screen.jpg )

:migeluk: "Even if I knew where the tab key was, theres only this thing on screen, what does it mean? How do mice control this thing? Is there mice running it like in cartoons?"
:nexluk: "Pervert spirits, we don't own anything lewd."
:migeluk: "But that idea about using the lewdest of us to physically manifest their will in the world, could that really work? Who would even have enough lewd power to do such a thing?"
No. 993384 ID: c32d98

wait, hold on a moment.... my luk-lore might be a bit rusty, but... that's... that's not beaconluk's *trunk* at all, is it?

(ew) regardless, that might work as a receptacle of the pervert spirits power
No. 993385 ID: ca2950

Play Cookie Clicker to make the computer a perpetual motion machine
No. 993386 ID: 12b116

Voyluk is clearly the lewdest, and on top of that, she has some idea of what a camwhore is, so her internet knowledge might be sufficient to manifest her will in the world in a manner that's actually, I don't want to say 'useful,' but furthering your goals.
No. 993388 ID: b1b4f3

Just poke the screen.
No. 993390 ID: 164e20
File 161687690638.jpg - (204.85KB , 1200x901 , computer_screen_desktop.jpg )

:voyluk: "Hear that? I'm the chosen to work this anc-"
:beaconluk: "mlem"
:voyluk: "What? No, didn't you hear them? I am the chosen one, not you, shove off!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem? Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem."
:voyluk: "No, stop touching it! It's for me! ME!"
(Beaconluk and voyluk fight over the keyboard until the screen changes)
:voyluk: "Oh no! Look what you did now, you broke it!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem?"
:migeluk: "Uh, could you tell us how to play cookie clicker, I've only ever played hop scotch."
No. 993391 ID: c32d98

oh no! i meant yungluk, i'm sorry beaconluk!
*guilt-ridden sob-prelude*
curse my tiny dead lyluk brain, there's too many lyluk names to keep track of now for me like this!
abloobloobloobloo.......................................................................................................................................................................................*quiet sob*
No. 993392 ID: b1b4f3

push buttons one by one until something changes.
No. 993394 ID: c32d98

Gals! there's a lyluk! there's a lyluk trapped in there! You gotta get her out!!
No. 993395 ID: 12b116

No. 994155 ID: 164e20
File 161728987057.gif - (5.09MB , 1200x901 , BOOM.gif )

:migeluk: "I'll just start hitting buttons and see what happens"
:pillukicon: "Wow! You certainly did something. I wonder whats going to happen when-"
(The lyluks are dead. Thank you for playing shitty lyluk quest)
No. 994160 ID: 19da02


(still my favorite quest)
No. 994167 ID: 164e20
File 161729306417.gif - (4.38MB , 1200x901 , revert.gif )

:burningluk: "Dammit, well thats one of these gone."
:pillukicon: "-the letters stop appearing. Oh it just restarted the computer, that was anti-climatic."
:nexluk: "I feel as though we narrowly avoided disaster right there, we should leave all this dangerous technology up to the spirits, they know what they are doing."
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (I agree with nexluk, it turned out fine this time but who knows what could happen if we fiddle willy nilly with such advanced unknowable artifacts)
:voyluk: "You're right, you're exactly right, pervert spirits! Guide my trunk!"
No. 994168 ID: 12b116

No. 994171 ID: 164e20
File Game.webm - (4.10MB )

:voyluk: "Okay, so to save pixeluk we have to complete this game right? I've never played a game before so you're gonna have to explain how to do it."
:pillukicon: "Doesn't seem like theres much you can do, you just move pixeluk on a background. How do you win pervert spirits?"
No. 994176 ID: b1b4f3

Try hitting the big flat button, called the spacebar, when the characters appear.
No. 994177 ID: 19da02

try to find the button that lets you kick Shyni in the head.
No. 994190 ID: 3a728b

The key is probably that strange sign you can see near the second character. I'm sure there is a way to grab it...
No. 994214 ID: 164e20
File 161730135139.jpg - (325.94KB , 1200x901 , lhomar_snacks.jpg )

:shittylhomar: "Hey, did you girls hear an explosion? Everyone alright?"
:pillukicon: "An explosion? Nope, didn't hear anything like that, must've been in your head."
:nexluk: "Oooooh, what you got there chef?"
:shittylhomar: "I thought you girls would be hungry after nearly being killed in an extermination camp, so I made you some irish nachos!"
:alltogether: "Thanks chef!"
:shittylhomar: "Hey, no problem, it's what I do, having fun on your computer?"
:voyluk: "Yes chef, we're playing a game."
:shittylhomar: "Okay, well I'm always around if you need anything, don't be a stranger."
No. 994215 ID: 164e20
File 161730148328.gif - (1.27MB , 1200x901 , Game.gif )

:voyluk: "Oh hey, it worked!"
:pillukicon: "Then why do I feel like we just did something wrong?"
(Bitluks sadness increased by 5!)
No. 994217 ID: b1b4f3

It's ok bitluk it's just a game! But if you like we can try uh... cookie browser?
No. 994218 ID: 19da02

This is the most right think you've ever done, Bitluk. (tbh Shyni isn't actually bad but, you know.)
No. 994225 ID: e51896

hold shift, might make him run faster
No. 994229 ID: 164e20
File 161730466610.gif - (843.28KB , 1200x901 , game_crash.gif )

:voyluk: "Okay, that did something..."
:pillukicon: "Look at all the lyluks on screen! This was definitely the right call, I think we successfully freed pixeluk!"
:alltogether: "Hooray!"
:migeluk: "... Okay but what now?"
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is unsure about playing cookie clicker now that it's a lyluk game, she doesn't want more lyluks to be trapped in the computer!)
:bitlukcry: (Pervert spirit praise improves her mood slightly, bitluk lost 5 sadness!)
No. 994230 ID: 19da02

try lyluk/cookie browser to see if we can set up an onlyfans or do nigerian email scams or something.
No. 994240 ID: e51896

pixeluk went into the recycle bin. Follow her by opening the recycle bin, and then push ESC, that might help her escape the computer!
No. 994262 ID: bda675

Why, i'm quite out of ideas
Maybe click on each of the icons and see what they are?
No. 994284 ID: 164e20
File 161730895384.gif - (171.27KB , 1200x901 , cookie_browser.gif )

:voyluk: "You must guide my trunk to that, cause I can't read... Oh it worked! It changed! It must have so much info on this screen!"
:nexluk: "It's a good thing we have these nachos or else I'd be really jealous of those pixeluks eating the cookies."
:voyluk: "So, what now? Pick the path before us..."
No. 994285 ID: 19da02

Click the fourth thing down on the left side of the screen. With the little lock picture next to it.
No. 994295 ID: 164e20
File 161731126696.jpg - (178.80KB , 1200x901 , acess_denied.jpg )

:voyluk: "Gee, I sure wish I could read, maybe then all this would make sense."
:beaconluk: "Mlem"
:voyluk: "Don't lick me."
:nexluk: "Sooooooo... I forgot how this thing was supposed to help us, can someone please explain?"
No. 994296 ID: 19da02

Try second down from the top.

It'll help by posting pictures of voyluk's gams from what I understand.
No. 994297 ID: b1b4f3

Well, without being able to read it's going to be real hard to use the thing. Maybe you should try learning. For instance, the choices on the left are:

The notification says "ACCESS DENIED. For archival purposes only. Must be in place as a world leader or permission from such to view." And the button says "ok"
No. 994298 ID: bda675

Hmm, well let's see.
On the left from top to bottom we have:

then on the right, from top to bottom we have:

(some kinda map)
And finally in the middle we have:

For archival purpouses only. Must be in place as a world leader or permission from such to view.
And that's all the text on screen here.
No. 995179 ID: 164e20
File 161781046250.gif - (179.23KB , 1200x901 , cookie_history.gif )

:pillukicon: "Boy that sure is a lot of text we can't read, do you guys actually know what you're doing? Cause I don't see how this leads to voyluk posting her gams."
:voyluk: "Yeah, I wanna be making money already! Figure out how to make that happen! NOW!"
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Please calm down, they are trying their best)
:pillukicon: "Hey you two, transcribe this too will you? I want to learn about cookie history."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk is very excited to be learning the history of delicious cookies!)
(Sadness decreased by 5)
No. 995181 ID: 19da02

I'll give you the abridged version:

Since 1935 a cartel of cookie bakers secretly rule the world from the shadows.

I don't think there's a webcam on this, so I'm not sure how to get the gams onto the machine, personally.
No. 995191 ID: 44b878

*Reads the text out loud.*

Ooh! We could join the cookie cartel to rule the world through cookies!
No. 995200 ID: b1b4f3

"The history of cookies dates back far into ancient history, shortly after the invention of sugar cookies became the go-to snack for traveling merchants. Those who controlled cookie production controlled the merchant, those who controlled the merchants controlled trade, those who controlled trade controlled the world. Thus our forebears egged on kings to start wars for the cookie bakers benefit, to squash competition and lock up new markets. This disunity among cookie bakers continued until the industrial revolution, where mechanization allowed more cookies to be produced faster and cheaper than ever before, allowing a small group of well connected bakers to dominate the world market. A dream was then hatched, to realize the true potential of cookie control. In 1935 the cookie cartel was formlized, putting all cookies into one basket. Now if world leaders wanted their cookies they'd need to answer to the cartel. After a few apointments and bloodless coups world cookie domination was achieved in 1972 and the cookie bakers sublime guidance has persisted ever since."

I'm not sure what to make of this. Is this just backstory for the cookie clicker game, not the browser? Did you click on the top left icon or the one closer to the middle of the screen?
No. 995322 ID: 164e20
File 161789624982.jpg - (260.38KB , 1200x901 , decisions_decisions.jpg )

:voyluk: "What!? So this thing won't even do the one thing we got it for? You spirits are useless!"
:migeluk: "I think it's just missing a part, we'll have to go find it."
:voyluk: "Well then what are we waiting for? Lets go get it!"
:dddluk: "The cookie cartel eh? Sounds absolutely devious. Stealing from the entire world without having to lift a finger? Give me a piece of that cookie!"
:bitlukcry: (The prospect of all the cookies in the world has gotten bitluk very excited. She loses 30 sadness)
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk appreciates you going through the trouble of typing all that out. Bitluk loses 5 sadness)

:dddluk: "Guys, we have to get into this cartel thing, it's our ticket to the high life we deserve!"
:voyluk: "What? No, we need my webcam, all this has been leading up to my debut, we can't just change course like this."
:dddluk: "Oh please, why camwhore when you're a part of the ruling elite? Then you'll be paying the camwhores, not being one!"
:voyluk: "But I want to BE one!"
(Should the lyluks try to find a webcam or try to join the cookie cartel?)
No. 995325 ID: 89ae78

Why not both?
Being part of the cookie cartel is probably very lucrative, which would let you buy the BEST webcams, microphones, computers, accessories, etc, etc, for your webcam career!
You could even buy your own home with a whole room specifically designated for webcam whoring and *nothing else*!

You'll be raking in the cash and fans AND living the high-life in secret all at once, i see no way for this to fail.
No. 995326 ID: 862219

buy maid costume.
No. 995332 ID: 19da02

This seems perfectly reasonable tbh.

Also definitely also buy a maid outfit.
No. 995333 ID: 164e20
File 161790329391.jpg - (159.56KB , 1200x901 , computer_map.jpg )

:voyluk: "But I want to achieve my dreams now! I don't wanna join an evil cabal before I can do what I am destined for!"
:dddluk: "You heard what the spirits said, we'll get rich and powerful first then we can do whatever we want."
:pillukicon: "Yeah, c'mon voyluk, we'll do your thing right after this."
:voyluk: "Ugh, but this'll take forever!"
:nexluk: "How about this, we'll get a maid costume while we're out? You'll look attractive in that, you'll get fans before you know it."
:voyluk: "... Alright fine but I'm not happy about this!"
:pillukicon: "Now, where exactly would we have to go if we wanted to join the cookie cartel? Maybe theres clues on this compu- oops my trunk accidently pressed something, I hope I didn't mess anything up."
No. 995335 ID: 19da02

No that was a correct trunk press. You are where the blue upside down cry is, and you have to go where the red upside down cry is. That is where you should go to join the cookie cabal

Also Voyluk I'll be your first fan. I admire all of your feminine charms and beauty.
No. 995337 ID: 7608e0

You should try to steal a car to get there fast
No. 995341 ID: 164e20
File 161790914808.gif - (685.75KB , 1200x901 , lhomar_van_drive.gif )

:voyluk: "Sorry, but its just not the same if you're incorporeal."
:dddluk: "Alright you heard the spirits girls, load yourselves on in, world conquest ain't gonna wait."
:nexluk: "Hey, we can't just steal the chefs truck!"
:dddluk: "Is that so? Well just watch me from the side of the road then!"
:nexluk: "No I mean like morally, he helped us in our time of need."
:pillukicon: "Oh don't worry nexluk, he won't mind if we take it down the road a little bit."
:dddluk: "Yeah, he won't even notice it's gone."
:nexluk: "... I don't like this."
:bitlukcry: (Bitluk is very guilty about doing the chef like this. She has gained 30 sadness!)
:dddluk: "Well, hop on in girls and enjoy the ride"
:migeluk: "Can you even drive this thing?"
:dddluk: "Of course don't worry, It's all in my lyluk instincts"
No. 995342 ID: b1b4f3

You could have asked him...
No. 995343 ID: 7608e0

Make sure to park away from the cookie shop, who knows if they are hostile!
No. 995345 ID: 164e20
File 161791209057.gif - (6.71MB , 1200x825 , mall_crash.gif )

:dddluk: "I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure I heard 'steal' and not 'ask the chef kindly'"
:dddluk: "Okay park away from the cookies, yes this looks like a fine parking spot."
No. 995346 ID: 7608e0

Oh that's a lot of witnesses, and they got you on camera, you must act quickly or they might call the military on you
No. 995347 ID: b1b4f3


It's been nice knowing you.
No. 995348 ID: 3a728b

Now load up the truck, set fire to the facility and quickly drive off before they give *the call*
No. 995349 ID: 12b116

Just abandon the truck and immediately run away.
No. 995350 ID: 164e20
File 161791408515.jpg - (198.79KB , 1200x901 , party_mall.jpg )

:dddluk: "Oh calm down you babies, we'll be fine. I've done this sort of thing loads of times before."
:dddluk: "Alright you heard the ghost, start loading her up! Bitluk you're on w-"
:pillukicon: "Hey! Woah woah woah WOAH! We're here to join the cookie cabal, not rob the place!"
:bitlukcry: "Bitluk is very scared of the consequences of what just happened. Bitluk gains 50 more sadness!)
:voyluk: "How am I gonna get my webcam now!"
:dddluk: "Girls! Calm down! Just follow my lead and we'll all make it out of this richer than when we came in! Trust me on this, we'll have our cookies and eat them too!"
(Do you follow dddluks lead or do you try to salvage the situation?)
No. 995351 ID: 12b116

We need to salvage the situation. Making enemies out of the cookie cabal is literally the exact opposite of what we want to accomplish!
No. 995352 ID: 3a728b

On one hand, you can make easy cash by outright stealing everything and bolting out while burning the evidence.
On the other, you can stay and still get caught by the cookie cartel because you barged into their headquarters uninvited and destroyed valuable cookies. And who knows what kind of helmets the Cookie Cartel henchmen are wearing?
I think the right choice is pretty clear.
No. 995354 ID: 7608e0

I sure hope that truck has enough gasoline to take you out of here later
No. 995374 ID: b1b4f3

I'm having trouble coming up with any useful advice. You just completely wrecked the building, and there are definitely security cameras so you're not going to get away with it.
This is really depressing. All that effort to get you out of prison and try to get you on a path to self-sufficiency and you've ruined it on your first day of freedom. You're not just an annoyance, DDDLuk, you're a menace. On top of that, Lhomar's going to get pulled into it, because you used his truck.

For those of you who don't want to dive headfirst into a life of crime without any of the skills necessary for it, I suggest offering yourselves up into indentured servitude to the cookie cabal or whoever runs this place, doing jobs nobody else wants to do.
No. 995385 ID: 6ddec4

Yell "Salutations! We are here to bring the greatness of the cookie empire to the lyluk demographic! With lyluks under the sway of cookies, you will be unstopable!
Also, give me some vanilla chips, I have some cash here."
No. 995408 ID: 89ae78

wait hold on, dddkluk, you did this exact thing 3 years go and got thrown into lyluk-jail for it! I saw it, i was one of the people you ran over!

That's it, now that i remember i'll have my revenge! Take this! *uses forbidden pervert-spirit powers to make you lewd*
No. 995414 ID: 89ae78

Some of these pervert spirits seems to be dumber than lyluks, or they ARE lyluks...
I mean stealing a car and crashing into a store? these things are too overt, a secret cookie cabal is gonna want to be SECRET, announcing your presence and intention straight out is just gonna get you silenced.
You gotta do this discreetly, not crash-into-a-mall-tly.

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