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File 158938565975.png - (104.97KB , 856x389 , JQCover.png )
966467 No. 966467 ID: ed041d

Everyone out in the galaxy is in it for themselves, to make it anywhere you gotta make it big, and in this case, bounty work seems like it'd be worth the time.

With everything else from diplomacy, to warfare, to politics, having your own brand of freedom out in the Galaxy is a hell of a thing.
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No. 975057 ID: 21bd50

Lets rig all of the drydock arms with explosives. We could talk to the law enforcement beforehand about our plan and offer to pay for repairs. We would have each drydock rigged to a separate trigger so we only blow up the one with our target. One of us would wait at each station and monitor that station's drydocks.


Last thought before we put a plan into action: could this guy be flying the ship remptely from somewhere? It seems somewhat suspect that he never leaves the ship.
No. 975108 ID: ed041d
File 159844443112.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P19.png )

The Miyamoto conventions state that sabotage of enemy vessels is cleared as it falls under actions of espionage.

:Smile:: We'll head to refueling station 18B an-

:Frown:: Apex did you stick googly eyes on the map?

:Apexsmile:: I can neither confirm nor deny.

:Frown:: We'll head to Station 18B, dock, and inquire about Jax.

:Fifismile:: And I'll check into the docks and see about the costs of replacing the manipulator arms. If it's too expensive one of us could act as a distraction to Jax as the other gets close and plants a det pack.

:Apexsmile:: And det packs are cheap, thankfully this genius here actually bought some.

:Smile:: It's for archeology should I ever get bored of being a bounty hunter, I figure exploring dangerous ruins filled with traps go faster when you can just blow things up.
No. 975110 ID: d51503

If Jax becomes aware that a bounty is looking for him we could use that to our advantage would he started a dog fight you or Fifi could make a surprise attack.
No. 975200 ID: ce39da

Sounds like a plan; let's do it.
No. 975218 ID: df76b1

Yep, we're halfway there. Now we just need a little luck.
No. 975825 ID: ed041d
File 159948280656.png - (13.38KB , 281x315 , JQC2P20.png )

The Pulsestar docks at Refueling station 18B. There are hotel rooms, food courts, and a few shopping centers here.

If the plan is to wait for Jax to stop by for a refuel and catch him unawares, you have some time.
No. 975826 ID: ed041d
File 159948290035.png - (14.04KB , 178x221 , JQC2P21.png )

Sivon enters the station and is greeted by a guard.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Welcome to station 18-B, do you have your identification.

:Smile:: What like a passport?

:RabbitGuardJC:: Something like that.

Sivon trades his identification.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Very good, welcome, anything you need or want to know?
No. 975829 ID: 9aaeef

Ask if an enchanted fox has stayed here recently.
No. 975832 ID: 322eaa

We should hide that we are bounty hunters or interested in jax. They may be friendly with the people in refuel stations and get alerted to us hunting them. Not to mention the security may already get suspicious now that they have your ID and unassumingly can find out that you are bounty hunters. Just be friendly and ask if they have any recommendations to on which places have good food then have the AI check out the dry docks security system.
No. 975862 ID: 4f51b2

Better not direct any attention to us, go to a bar and maybe you may hear something interesting.
No. 975863 ID: df76b1

I'm new to this system, what's the refueling protocol on big vs small ships?

(Knowing where the target vessel will dock is key to placing the detpacks accuractely. )
No. 976329 ID: ed041d
File 160008919166.png - (21.30KB , 320x186 , JQC2P22.png )

Sivon asks where the Refueling Bay is.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Out back connected to the main hangar, it has numerous repair arms for fixing up ships as well. It isn't exactly cheap but it does its job.

Sivon then inquires about shops for supplies.

:RabbitGuardJC:: We have numerous stores on deck 12 of the Habitation block, you seem to be a cyborg, you might be interested in a nutrient solution that can be fed intravenously, quite a few cyborg pilots make use of it, sustains them for weeks if not months.

:Frown:: So that's how he's avoiding food.

:RabbitGuardJC:: What was that?

:Smile:: Nothing, thank you sir.

The Rabbit Guard walks away.

:Fifismile:: So we got an idea?

:Smile:: Oh yeah, do we wanna get onto rigging up the plan or shall we wait a bit first?

Sivon 5000 Zuni from previous jobs, Fifi has 3500 Zuni as well. Shall they engage in some shopping and light banter first or shall we continue the mission?
No. 976330 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s go shopping, maybe we can find something helpful.
No. 976374 ID: b1b4f3

Shopping and light flirting.
No. 976386 ID: df76b1

I would prefer to skip to the dangerous part, just this once.
No. 976546 ID: 4f51b2

Time to know Fifi a little more, let’s go shopping.
No. 976558 ID: 193418

Lets keep it professional for the time being.
No. 976595 ID: ed041d
File 160043041022.png - (119.21KB , 762x770 , JQC2P23.png )

Fifi and Sivon enter the Shopping district and find an area with a few options.

:Smile:: Oh hey a Bionics shop, I think that's Olympus Arms, they do great work!

:Fifismile:: Oh hey East Armaments, if you want a quality gun go there!

It seems there are options, as well as the food court.

:Smile:: Apex update us when Jax's fighter is approaching.

:Apexsmile:: That I can do.

Where shall Sivon and Fifi go first?
No. 976598 ID: df76b1

I think we need to take a peek in the gun store... then maybe some lunch if there's time.
No. 976599 ID: 9aaeef

Gun shop
No. 976892 ID: ed041d
File 160069317063.png - (12.09KB , 223x195 , JQC2P24.png )

Sivon and Fifi enter East Armaments.

They are greeted by a Vendorbot with a holodisplay next to it.

:Vendorbot:: Hello, valued customer. How can we, be of service, today?

:Smile:: So I've got a gauss pistol.

:Fifismile:: I've got a blaster pistol.

:Smile:: So I guess we just need to find something else.

:Vendorbot:: We have, a wide range, of armaments, under the classifications of: Shotgun, Smg, Pistol, Rifle, Sniper, Heavy. Which would you like to see?
No. 976894 ID: d63ea8

Look at the rifles, we need to have some mid to long range options when it comes to encounters.
No. 976899 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s see if there’s a sniper that can damage a ship like Jackson’s
No. 976912 ID: df76b1

I feel like shotguns and smgs are going to do the best to justify their cost. Portability is a nice plus.

Long range options require a lot of training, which is time we don't have.
No. 976914 ID: e8cafe

Rifles + snipers.
No. 976917 ID: a9af05

No. 976948 ID: e40670

Check out heavy even if we don't get anything. Heavy would be the only ones that would actually damage ships (with the notable exception of very high-powered anti-materiel rifles, although since ships have shields and armor, you would probably need a railgun of some sort along with a very specific type of ammo to do any noticeable damage).

Since space is a vacuum, we could try using a tactical nuclear warhead. Nukes are only devastating when they are in an atmosphere, so in space, it means it will only vaporize the areas in a ship with life support (radiation would be hazardous, but a space suit already needs to shield from so much radiation that it would be like shooting a submarine with a water gun).

For general purpose weaponry, I would get something modular (like the modern day AR-15 platform). I would get a weapon with a bulkier caseless (less moving parts) rifle cartridge with a ~30 round magazine and select fire. Get a short barrel and a long barrel for it along with a folding marksman's stock (bulkier, has a cheek rest) and a variable zoom scope with backup sights. A scope with a hud or broad spectrum electromagnetic detection would be good, but it shouldn't be something that is useless if it gets fried, meaning backup manual adjustment knobs and a painted on crosshair and mildots. A bipod and a foregrip would be good to have as well.
Energy weapons and railguns are good, but they are vulnerable to emps. On that note, it may be a good idea to have some conventional sidearms as well.

Another thing to check out would be magnetic-assist packages for conventional guns. Basically a railgun that can still work as a conventional gun if the power dies.
No. 977105 ID: df76b1

I am rethinking this a little, and i'd kinda like to see how heavy Heavy is. Something to engage a battlemech or large alien might be important at some point.
No. 977112 ID: d4d69a

Unless we are fighting off the first strike of an invasion, battlemechs would be a horrible decision tactically. I doubt we will be fighting anyone stupid enough to use one. That being said, tanks and ships are definitely a possibility. I would think some sort of shoulder-launched missile or railgun would be a good idea, although they are usually slow to load. One possibility would be a disposable launcher since they are usually incredibly compact (relatively speaking) due to their one-use nature.
No. 977114 ID: df76b1

Even the spacer equivalent of a Lahti or Lynx would provide some interesting possibilities.
No. 980832 ID: ed041d

The vote is for Rifles

:Vendorbot: We have a few rifles currently in stock.

Picard Arms Energy Rifle - 2000Z
Ammo - A
Damage - C
Reliability - B

Sariff Weapons Combat Rifle - 3400Z
Ammo - C
Damage - A
Reliability - B

Zach Series PDW - 4000Z
Ammo - B
Damage - B
Reliability - A

Reyes Series Platform Rifle - 1500
Ammo - B
Damage - B
Reliability - B

:Smile:: So it's all a question of which one do we want of use versus cost.

:Fifismile:: So many choices, so little time.
No. 980833 ID: df76b1

That Reyes looks like a solid performer.

Seems a bit like an FN FAL.
No. 980834 ID: c3b783

Question: it says the Reyes is a Platform Rifle. Does that mean it is a rifle built from the Reyes series platform sort of like how an M4 is built off of the AR-15 platform? If so, that is by far the best choice since it would be modular. Modular weapons are always the best choice imo.
No. 980862 ID: 6d81f4

Reyes seems versatile, yet cheap.
No. 980868 ID: 4f51b2

rReyes seems like the more balanced and cheap.
No. 981481 ID: ed041d

> Vote is for the Reyes Platform Rifle
> Sivon has 3500 Zuni left.

:fifismile:: Not a bad choice all together, it is cheap sure, but it is pretty rounded.

:Smile:: And modifiable. You want anything?

:fifismile:: I've got stuff in my pod fighter, I'll be fine.

What shall Fifi and Sivon do next?

> Buy more weapons
> Go to the food court
> Search for other shops
> Go to Olympus Arms for bionic upgrades
> Other (Suggestion)
No. 981482 ID: 5d32e7

Olympus. I'd like to see prices, but especially, a rebreather would be good for survivability.
Also, a codec. Good comms are always key to success.
No. 981483 ID: 9aaeef

Olympus, then let’s go eat something.
No. 981486 ID: 8fab7a

Go to the food court, snag food, drink and maybe a knowledgeable local to interrogate/bribe about the comings and goings of our bounty.
No. 981488 ID: ff1738

I would like to browse the heavy weapons just to see what is available. It shouldn't take too long. After that lets check out the bionics selection.
No. 981490 ID: df76b1

Let's keep this date moving. Off to the food court for brunch and banter.
No. 982067 ID: ed041d

The vote is to go to Olympus next.

:Smile:: I could always use more cybernetic implants.

:FifiAngry:: This is an entire thing with your kind isn't it?

:Apexsmile:: Yes, yes it is.

Olympus has these implants in stock, with the current pooled Funds of 7000 Zuni, Sivon may be able to buy two implants, the shop will become unavailable for awhile as Sivon will need to adjust to his new augments before he can buy another.

> Targeting sensors - HUD
> Codec Package - Implanted communication
> JONNY - An AR implant that will allow Apex direct communication and the ability to interact with artificial environments with Sivon as a network node

> SPDR Grip - Wall Walking
> VNM - Implanted laser blaster
> JNSN - Implanted Arm Blade
> THMPER - Implanted Grenade Launcher
> BRRT - Internally mounted gatling cannon

> MK6 Bion - speed enhancement
> Stonewall Stabilizers - Can’t be knocked down
> X-Dash - Boost enhancement system that allows Sivon to jump higher

> Implanted Rebreather - Ignore gas and vacuum issues
> Adrenaline Regulator - Remain calm in a fight
> REIN-Reviver - A Defib module that will revive Sivon in case he falls in battle
> ZR0 - Internal Gyroscopic stabilizers allow Sivon to maintain balance and even jump off of walls.
No. 982069 ID: 8fab7a

>Pooled funds of 7000.
Didn't we only have 3500 Zuni left after the rifle purchase?

Keep some money on hand, at the very least.

Choice 1 - Codec Package now that we have a buddy to work with sounds pretty good, actually.

Choice 2 - JONNY, cuz' heckin' yeah to hackin', yeah?
No. 982070 ID: df76b1

Rebreather, Targeting sensors
No. 982072 ID: 9aaeef

The REIN reviver sounds like a priority.
No. 982094 ID: 037eaa

Gotta go with rebreather.
Adds survivability, plus we'd be able to hit foes with gas without issues ourselves.
#2 is tough, there's a lot of good choices, but I gotta go with codec for TEAMWORK!
No. 982098 ID: 36784c

Buy the Codec Package and the Implanted Rebreather.
No. 982149 ID: 864e49

Targeting sensors
I'm confused about some things, we need to have some kind of communicator in order to talk with people long range but couldn't Apex act as a go between if we get JONNY? And what does artificial environments mean; like digital, holographic or just man-made like station or ships and can we hack with it?

If yes then JONNY else Implanted Rebreather.
No. 982151 ID: a30253

JONNY sounds like a great way to get Apex in more. I think I'll back the rebreather too, it's handy.
No. 982157 ID: 350379

Got some questions. So Rebreather is supposed to help with breathing in toxic atmospheres and vacuums. Does this only help with breathing, or does this also let us survive depressurization or over pressurization? It would be no good if it gives us the ability to breathe, but the moment we step out of the airlock our blood ends up boiling.
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