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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 158938565975.png - (104.97KB , 856x389 , JQCover.png )
966467 No. 966467 ID: ed041d

Everyone out in the galaxy is in it for themselves, to make it anywhere you gotta make it big, and in this case, bounty work seems like it'd be worth the time.

With everything else from diplomacy, to warfare, to politics, having your own brand of freedom out in the Galaxy is a hell of a thing.
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No. 966473 ID: ed041d
File 158938674781.png - (57.06KB , 336x268 , JQC1P1.png )

Your name is Sivon Boan, you are a Coboa from Reptus IV, like many members of your culture, when you were old enough you consented to surgical operations that have since Cybernetically augmented your body. Gotta keep a edge out there somehow.

And if anyone tells you snakes are not supposed to have legs, you can ask them what the hell they mean as everyone in the Reptus cluster of stars has legs.

You are joined by your trusty AI, Apex, who is incredibly smart and has the power to run starships, a shame because all you currently have is your fighter the Jumpstar, which can't travel to other Star Systems in a expedient manner.

You chose Bounty Hunting as you felt you would be good at it and it would afford you more freedom than other jobs.

:Vendorbot:: Please choose your selection.

:Apexneutral:: Sivon hurry up already, the sooner we get through these jobs the sooner we get paid, and the sooner I get out of your spine.

:Smile:: Don't worry so much Apex, I'm just picking a good job.

:Apexneutral:: Just be smart about it, I can't exactly do anything if you end up dying in the process.

:Smile:: I'm a cybernetic super soldier badass we'll be fine.

:Apexneutral:: No you're not, I know this because I'm looking at your Cybernetics Card now.

:Embarrased:: Hey keep out of my files, those are private!

:Apexsmile:: Ah the folly of meat, get me a ship to run and you won't have to worry about me reading this stuff anymore.
No. 966474 ID: ed041d
File 158938685218.png - (89.12KB , 1228x1079 , JQCYBER-1.png )

> As Stated you are cybernetically augmented. Please Choose 3 Starting Cybernetic Augments to outfit Sivon with.

> AR Scanner - Scan enemies
> Targeting sensors - HUD
> Codec Package - Implanted communication

> SPDR Grip - Wall Walking
> VNM - Implanted laser blaster
> JNSN - Implanted Arm Blade

> MK6 Bion - speed enhancement
> Stonewall Stabilizers - Can’t be knocked down
> Sole Enhancers - Noise reduction

> Implanted Rebreather - Ignore gas and vacuum issues
> Adrenaline Regulator - Remain calm in a fight
> BANE Enhancer - Strength Enhancement
> Subdermal Armor - Extra Protection
No. 966475 ID: e7c7d3

I'd like one Codec Package, VNM for the left arm, and some Subdermal Armor
No. 966476 ID: 4f51b2

AR Scanner, VNM and BANE enchancer.
No. 966477 ID: 11f77a

Hunting bounties eh? I'll take one AR Scanner, MK6 Bion, and Adrenaline Regulator please
No. 966478 ID: 7c9cfa

Stonewall Stabilizers, BANE Enhancer, and the Adrenaline Regulator.
No. 966480 ID: d63ea8

I'd say AR scanner, Targeting sensors, and Sole Enhancers.
No. 966481 ID: dce46f

Lets go with: Codec, VNM, and BANE enhancer.
No. 966484 ID: ce39da

Silent Assassin Build; AR Scanner, JNSN (left arm), Sole Enhancers.

I'd have loved to have the Adrenalin Regulator to keep our heart-rate and stress down, but the options I picked are essential for one-shiv, one-kill jobs.
No. 966486 ID: e9fdc8

Seconding this.
No. 966503 ID: 977456

Maximum assassin build looks good. Observe, prepare, and execute. Weapons and restraints can be acquired as equipment, and switched out as needed.
No. 966524 ID: d63ea8

This already has two of my selections, so I'm willing to go with it as well.
No. 966526 ID: 0fae41

Sneakers, Bane and rebreather. They'll never hear you coming - they won't even hear you breathe.
No. 966537 ID: 4f51b2

I change my previous recommendations >>966484 to go for the Assasin built >>966484.
No. 966603 ID: 33056f

Sounds good. At least we won’t look crazy talking to an invisible floating monkey head.
No. 966709 ID: 9c48ac

... Does getting an implant in both legs count as two implants?

SPDR grip, Implanted Rebreather, Sole Enhancers. We crawl up the outside of spaceships to reach our targets - no one ever sees it coming.
No. 966712 ID: 094652

Targeting Sensors
Subdermal Armor
No. 966722 ID: ed041d
File 158955648030.png - (89.96KB , 1228x1079 , JQCYBER-2.png )

> Sivon is outfitted with the AR Scanner, the BANE Enhancer, and the Sole Enhancers
No. 966723 ID: ed041d
File 158955652467.png - (11.02KB , 208x147 , AR Scanner.png )

The AR Scanner are optical implants that allow the user to pick out weakpoints or structural issues in a target, allowing Sivon to find weakpoints in his enemy or structural faults to break through
No. 966724 ID: ed041d
File 158955660856.png - (27.47KB , 163x267 , Bane Enhancer.png )

The BANE Enhancer is a implant system that uses advanced nanowiring to feed into Sivon's natural and synthetic musculature to grant him super strength and durability. With this if he found a structurally weak point he could probably punch through a bulkhead if needed.
No. 966725 ID: ed041d
File 158955745030.png - (26.67KB , 346x321 , JQC1P2.png )

The soul enhancers are just dampeners to soften the sounds Sivon's body makes, especially in leg movement.

Sivon finally observes the bounty board, he has maybe 50 ZUNI on hand, and not much else.

:Apexconfused:: We're broke

:Angry:: We're not broke. We just spent a lot of money on fixing the Jumpstar.

:Apexneutral:: And on food, and on ammo for that pistol of yours, also on maintenance of your cybernetics...

:Frown:: Okay fine we're broke. But we can handle this, look!

The machine displays 3 bounties available.

:Smile:: See, options!

:Apexneutral:: Ah yes, jobs that will likely get us killed. Here I am, brain the size of a planet and my core is hooked up to this creature of base instincts.

:Smile:: I could just disconnect you and toss you in the trash.

:Apexsmile:: Then you'd have nobody to run automatic functions on any ships you had.

:Frown:: Let's just pick one out okay?

The current options are.

> Jet Long, Iguana from Reptus II, wanted for murder of the politician Darius Triton from Felino III, held responsible for the civil war that followed. Wanted Alive. Difficulty - Easy

> Jackson Fist, Gorilla from colony world Apen, Wanted for terrorism against the Allied Worlds, close to 200 people dead due to his actions, wanted Dead or Alive. Difficulty - Medium

> Alpha, Cyborg rabbit from Lagon, Wanted for 1300 dead at his hands, heavily armored cybernetic killing machine, wanted Dead. Medium - Hard

:Smile:: I got some good feelings about this.

:Apexconfused:: Quite the options here.

:Smile:: Well Jet is out, he doesn't pay a lot and he's considered a easy mark, probably why nobody grabbed him. He'd be no trouble, he's got no notable cybernetic augments. I say we go for Alpha!

:Apexconfused:: Sivon that is a incredibly bad idea, Alpha would kill us, with 1300 dead he's far too difficult for us to handle!

:Frown:: Oh and what would you suggest oh brilliant supercomputer?

:Apexsmile:: Jackson seems reasonable, he's more challenging, as a gorilla man he'd be equivalent to your strength, we don't have to concern ourselves with keeping him alive or killing him, and the money would let you buy a ship from one of the used lot downstairs.

:Frown:: Oh yeah like that's a lot of fun. Let's be sensible. "Let's just not make a name for ourselves by taking in the killing machine".

:Apexneutral:: Sivon be reasonable, we have no money, a singular fighter with no missiles just the blaster cannons, these guys are in system so we don't need to worry about hyperjump, and used ships are good because they at least work.

:Frown:: I still don't like this.

> Which shall you choose, think carefully and discuss your options before deciding.
No. 966726 ID: e9fdc8

I'm assuming this also means we have a reinforced skeleton, since if we didn't we would shatter our bones if we try to use that super strength. I ask because this would also mean a bulletproof skull, and no broken bones. (ofc bruising and other non-bone injuries would still be a factor)


Jackson Fist is probably the best choice. They seem to still be organic enough for us to sneak up on. Alpha seems to have replaced most of their head with machinery. They probably have omnidirectional sensing abilities in not only regular and night vision, but also infrared and radio. They most likely have highly sensitive ears as well, able to enhance minute noises and simultaneously dampen potentially loud ones. Probably the same situation with bright lights, meaning flashbangs and similar tactics probably won't work. They may even have a trajectory hut that would boost their accuracy while also showing where incoming bullets will hit. Lastly, they probably will have some sort of jammer to clog all of our systems, and who knows what their body looks like.

Suffice to say that they are bad news. At least as we are.

Fist on the other hand seems to be closer to our level and probably relies mostly on skill. Most of their kill count can probably be attributed to bombings and other acts with similar effects: mass casualties from one action. I doubt they fought all of those people. Given their augmented eye however, they are probably a good shot, so we should try to force a fight in close quarters and avoid open areas.
No. 966727 ID: d63ea8

Jackson seems like a good pick. The pay is good and we won't get dinged if we end up killing him on accident.

Ideally this job should get us used to the new implants we installed.
No. 966728 ID: ce39da

Is there additional info about these guys? Like, where do they frequent? If people have only spotted them piloting a ship, they're out - we don't have the right loadout for dogfighting. Jet Long seems like a decent milk-run to cut our teeth on, and 20,000 doesn't seem like an amount to sneeze at if we don't plan to buy a starship and skedaddle from this system after one job. However, if you're worried that Jackson Fist will get snatched up if you go for Jet, go ahead and take him on first - it seems like Jet will always be there if we need that milk run. Going to go with the computer's advice on Alpha; that is, don't.
No. 966729 ID: e7c7d3

Jackson Fist has too powerful a name to let live. On a practical scale, getting enough money for an upgrade sounds like a plus. Sounds like Jet Long won't give us enough cash for this. If Alpha is as powerful as advertised, then the extra cash won't be worth it.

On the other hand, if we want to go full renegade, we could hunt down Jet Long and recruit him to help you take down Alpha by hanging the bounty over his head.
No. 966732 ID: 4f51b2

Let’s go for Jackson. Where should our search for him begin? A shady seedy bar?
No. 966733 ID: 2aa5f0

Jackson. He seems like a good pick to both get our feet wet and gives us a good payout to get whatever upgrades we think we might need... like a decent ship.

Jet I would say save until you get a new toy that makes it easier to take people alive or if we can somehow get more then just a check for bringing him in. Like if that politician had friends who would be able to open some doors for us for bring their friend's killer to justice.

As for Alpha, probably best to prep a bit more before going after the big fish. Worse case, you're as good as you say and still have all that cool shit you bought to use later, worse case, you will need all the prep just to get out alive never mind finishing the job. Still better then just dying though.

So yeah, start with the monkey and we can decide where to go from there.
No. 966803 ID: 9c48ac

Can we just, like, pick up Jet on the way back from Jackson? Or at some other time is fine - just watch for a time when we're headed near his neck of the woods anyway, to make it worth the time.

But yeah, there's no compelling reason to not go for Jackson.
No. 966904 ID: ed041d
File 158972693202.png - (34.49KB , 261x225 , JQC1P3.png )

> The vote is for Jackson

:Apexneutral:: I'm glad you listened to reason.

:Frown:: Let's just go get the gorilla and get paid. I want a ship already so I can stop having to rent space here.

:Apexsmile:: A ship of our own would help that.
No. 966905 ID: ed041d
File 158972697132.png - (129.90KB , 633x638 , JQC1P4.png )

> Sivon gets into the Jumpstar and rockets off to Jackson's location, a factory station at the edge of the Solar System.
No. 966907 ID: ed041d
File 158972736031.png - (57.57KB , 501x285 , JQC1P5.png )

:Frown:: So what can we expect from Jackson?

:Apexneutral:: Jackson is a terrorist with anarchist leanings, his recent spree that got him his bounty had close to 200 dead in bombing, however he's noted to be incredibly strong and a crack shot, especially with that cybernetic eye he has implanted. He'll avoid explosives inside the station as it doesn't have any structural shielding and he won't want to expose himself to the void. He weighs close to 500 pounds and can make use of that quite well.

:Smile:: So he's got ranged and melee options for fighting, good, I like a challenge.

:Apexneutral:: If you want, we could use the blaster cannons of the Fighter to tear open the station and expose him to the void.

:Smile:: That's no fun, I prefer to get things done, it's also not fair as he doesn't have a ship.

:Apexconfused:: Alright if you insist. The station layout shows several control centers, when we land I can lead you to them if you want, that way we can take command of this factory and use it against Jackson, perhaps even use it to take him in alive.

:Smile:: Could be, we could also engage him in a fistfight, I can punch through bulkheads, one squishy gorilla should be enough.

:Apexneutral:: Yes that is a possibility, I'd rather we just shoot him if we engage in fighting. I'll leave the plan to you however.

> You have a few options before you dock on the station, feel free to sort out a plan or try to play it by ear, the station layout will become available once docked so you can plan out ahead of time.
No. 966917 ID: d63ea8

I'd say that we try to scope out Jackson's possible hangouts, we're kitted out so that our first attack could be devastating, we should try to ambush him if we can.
No. 966919 ID: a9af05

>If you want, we could use the blaster cannons of the Fighter to tear open the station and expose him to the void.
We need a body to prove that we've killed him. If he gets sucked out into space, then we won't able to find his body, which would mean that we won't get paid for killing him.

>What do?
Let's head for a control center and plan from there.
No. 966921 ID: 2aa5f0

So if we take control of the station could we do anything with it? Like sell it for scrap or something? Because if so I'd say the control centers become even more important since if we can take the station intact we could get an even higher payout which means more or better gear. Probably best to take advantage of our stealth mod to move between the control centers as quickly as we can without alerting the station as to not spook our target before we can take control of the station incase he tries to run. So basically try to stealth our way in, take control of the station, and then take down the monkey.

If we don't get anything for taking the station intact then I suggest using out fighter to blow up any escape pods or hangers with ships that could be used to escape just to make sure our target won't get away before landing as close as we can by him and B lining it towards him.

...Also probably should have asked this sooner but besides our fighter and mods what do we have for gear. I mean I'm not really seeing a gun on you.
No. 966923 ID: 4f51b2

Let's try the contol centers first.
No. 966966 ID: d186fc

Lets try to go in all sneaky beaky and try to get a few shots off at him before he can respond. If he is still up, force a close range (outside melee range) fight while staying mobile and unpredictable. That eye probably has aiming cues and zoom (among other things) but that won't really help at close range.


Probably should have asked this earlier, but what kind of gun or guns do we have at our disposal? We need to know if we are going to come up with a plan.
No. 966971 ID: 9876c4

It's lowtech, but for 500lbs of aggression I'd want some 10ga penetrator slugs with the best targeting scope we could salvage.

From there, we get to luxury trimmings like Photon flash grenades, or electroshock batons.

I'm guessing don't have all that handy.
No. 967128 ID: ce39da

"Wait, the whole station? No one else is going to object to me doing this? ... Is Jackson literally the only one here? Even if he is, does someone else still own the station? I need info on this place; what should I be expecting when I walk in?"
No. 967133 ID: ed041d
File 158990028435.png - (14.18KB , 369x266 , JQ-Pistol.png )

Sivon has a Hades Series MK IV Gauss Pistol. A magazine stack has 12 shots.

It is quite capable of punching through armor if needed, but against bulkheads it comes short, should be enough to handle Jackson.
No. 967134 ID: ed041d
File 158990051369.png - (68.17KB , 739x374 , JQC1P6.png )

Sivon lands in the hangar bay on the right section of the factory.

You should not get any more money for the station as it has been long abandoned as no longer a worthwhile venture, probably why Jackson is using it.

Sivon pulls his collapsible helmet on and exits his craft.

:Smile:: Here we are, I'm ready to get started, control center here we come!

:Apexneutral:: Hold up, see that ship.

:Frown:: Yeah?

:Apexsmile:: That's got to be Jackson's ship, we could inspect it for stuff, maybe find something to level the playing field.

:Angry:: Or find a trap waiting for any bounty hunters.

:Apexconfused:: That is also a possibility. I would still suggest checking it out.

The ship is a old Freighter, it might be outfitted with a small stature Jump drive to get from system to system.
No. 967137 ID: 2aa5f0

probably a good idea to check it out if only to make sure he can't slip by you and run away in it.
No. 967138 ID: d63ea8

Agreed. Try to avoid any external cameras you might see.
No. 967140 ID: 36784c

You could at least attempt to sabotage Jackson's ship to make sure he doesn’t get away.

But make sure he can’t do the same to your ship if he manages to slip past you!
No. 967142 ID: 1854af

Yeah, avoid detection. Anything you can do to prevent him from using his ship to escape? And also prevent yours from being hijacked? Preferably anything that won’t have you entering his ship.
No. 967145 ID: 9876c4

I want to enter his ship, that's where he keeps all his stuff.
No. 967153 ID: 4f51b2

Inspect the ship, do you know a way to make it explode in case he tries to escape?
No. 967157 ID: ce39da

Ignore his ship. Even if it doesn't have any damaging traps, messing with it could send an alert to him, and that's the last thing we want - the element of surprise is the most valuable "something" we can use to level the playing field.
No. 967200 ID: b1b4f3

May as well scope it out.
No. 967488 ID: ed041d
File 159015982535.png - (17.01KB , 520x265 , Jackson's Freighter.png )

> You decide Sivon should inspect the Freighter

Looking at it, it seems to be a modified J-Series Freighter, probably a 2000 model. These things are meant to carry small loads around Solar Systems, such as meat and goods.

Jackson's appears to be modified with twin buster guns on the underside from the cockpit, and what appears to be a old model Hyperdrive attached to the back, juding by the emitter.

:Smile:: Think we could take this Hyperdrive for ourselves?

:Apexneutral:: Negative, it's a incompatible model and it's far too large for our ship.

:Frown:: Ain't that the way. Can you get in?

:Apexsmile:: It's a simple lock system on a old ship. Quite frankly I'm surprised that you're even asking that. I can easily break in.
No. 967489 ID: ed041d
File 159016002781.png - (19.77KB , 269x177 , JQC1P7.png )

Inside the freighter, what storage space is left has been transformed into a living space. You see a bed, some cupboards, and what looks to be a fabber.

:Smile:: Ohoho, looks like we found out how he makes his bombs.

:Apexneutral:: Presumably he has stocks of material not used up by his poorly placed bed, or the Hyperdrive.

There also seems to be a magazine and a tablet on the bed.

:Smile:: I just got a idea. Let's use the fabber to break this place, he probably didn't expect anyone to follow him so quickly.

:Apexconfused:: This implies he's a bit desperate and on the run, which probably means he's going to be dangerous when we find him in the station.

:Smile:: I know, it's exciting!
No. 967495 ID: ce39da

Honestly, he could come back in the time it takes for us to figure this out if that magazine's opened position is any indicator. Also, even if the ship itself isn't alarmed, the fabber almost certainly is. Unless our AI is confident he can jailbreak the jailbreak on this thing without alerting Mr. Fist, we should just leave it be and get a move on with the mission. Just keep a mental note of this as a useful free toy for the new ship we're getting after this mission.

Do check the tablet, though, but only if, again, Apex is up for some top-tier hacking.
No. 967500 ID: 4f51b2

I think we should be more cautious, we can take the fabber after we are done with him. We should search if he has a personal computer, it may have some clues to know if there is any trap ready.
No. 967505 ID: d63ea8

Agreed. We lose a lot of our edge if Jackson finds out that someone is in his ship.
Be mindful of cameras that he might have linked to his eye implant.
No. 967555 ID: 2aa5f0

hmm, that could be tempting. Build a bomb, then plant it on the ship and have it wired to blow should someone start the ship. That way if he makes a run for it and tries to flee on his ship we can make sure we can at least collect the DEAD part of the bounty.
No. 967556 ID: 0e0a3c

Is it possible, assuming the fabricator isn’t trapped, to fabricate a ton of wireless speakers? Maybe on a simple sci fi version of a point-to-point system for simplicities sake. Speakers aren’t exactly complex either. just spook him out with threats of bombs in a ironic twist.

Also maybe rig the place with fabricated bombs for good measure if you have the resources. Maybe only in life support and to blow some holes in some walls. Be prepared to open a few windows if he doesn't comply.
No. 967557 ID: 0e0a3c

Wow the timing, wish I saw this. Yeah, scratch my bomb plan, this is way more efficient. Maybe combine it with the speaker plan to coax him out. Also steal fabricator and record the bombing for proof.
No. 967559 ID: 9876c4

I support this act of probable martyrdom.
No. 967560 ID: ce39da

Yeah, blowing stuff up was dishonorable when we were outside the ship. Inside the ship, and that becomes suicidal.
No. 967563 ID: 36784c

With Apex’s help, he can tell us how to make a bomb with a controlled explosion. Big enough to disable the target’s ship, but also small enough to not risk putting a hole in the space station we’re in.
No. 967566 ID: 2aa5f0

depends how big the yield is. I'm thinking more along the lines of a car bomb that is meant just to vaporize everything inside the ship, not take out a chunk of the station. Hell we could just make something with the distractive force of a hand grenade and just toss it under the driver's seat. You don't need to make a bomb large enough to take out a city block if that's not what you're going for.
No. 967632 ID: 9c09d9

Can Apex make a bomb? Also let's see the magazine, maybe is porn.
No. 967637 ID: a9af05

Yes, a controlled explosion is what we need here.

Apex can't make bombs, but the fabrication machine in the room can make bombs.
No. 967845 ID: ed041d
File 159043447621.png - (28.78KB , 160x237 , JQ-Magazine.png )

Sivon inspects the magazine. Yeah it's what you think it is.

:Smile:: Hey I got this copy!

:Apexneutral:: Oh joy.

:Smile:: Look, them cat people are attractive. Wide hips are good.

:Apexneutral:: They're also not biologically compatible with you.

:Frown:: Look aliens are hot okay?
No. 967846 ID: ed041d
File 159043460145.png - (18.63KB , 217x204 , JQC1P8.png )

Inspecting the fabber, Sivon makes a discovery.

:Frown:: Ah damn it, it's manual only.

:Apexsmile:: Just give me control of your arms and I can input the commands.

:Angry:: No.

:Apexneutral:: Well we'll have to tug this ship later when we capture Jackson then, we can tear the fabber and anything else and add it to our ship, we could get some salvage cash out of this.

:Smile:: Yep.

:Apexneutral:: And the tablet is dead, so I think we're done here.

:Smile:: Alright, time to move on.
No. 967847 ID: ed041d
File 159043463721.png - (28.79KB , 710x409 , Factory Map Advance 1.png )

Sivon advances to the control center of the Factory station.

What should he look for, or attempt to do?
No. 967851 ID: d63ea8

There has to be a customs office for the station.

Let's survey it from a distance, get a read on the station's atmosphere. Jackson might have friends here, so we'll have to be tight-lipped about the 'bounty hunting' job.
No. 967854 ID: 4f51b2

>Not biologically compatible
“Life finds a way”
Let’s go to the computer center.
No. 967855 ID: ce39da

Our top priority is quietness and subtlety. Just because we can't see Jackson, doesn't mean he can't hear us, so walk softly, and round every corner like someone could be around it. Avoid obvious cameras if you can. If it's quieter to avoid operating the doors and mechanisms by climbing the elevator shafts manually via a maintenance entrance, do that. Before you complain about the difficulty of that, remember that you've bought yourself more than enough upper body strength for the task.

Do keep your eyes open for any traps he may have set - just because explosives are foolhardy, that doesn't exclude him from being a fool... or from using less stupid, non-explosive traps.

It's been mentioned that this place is abandoned, I think.
No. 967926 ID: 9876c4

If I were a terrorist? I'd be tampering with the power supply grid.
No. 967937 ID: 2aa5f0

hm, going straight to the office sounds too easy. I say head left to the power area and then move up from there.
No. 968274 ID: ed041d
File 159067877646.png - (16.70KB , 299x268 , JQC1P9.png )

Sivon enters the office and looks about the environment, it is actually pretty small and has a old security console.

:Smile:: Think you can use this?

:Apexconfused:: Who do you think you are asking?
No. 968275 ID: ed041d
File 159067886184.png - (20.97KB , 434x379 , JQC1P10.png )

Apex runs a ping to detect other lifeforms in the factory half of the station.

The Power Plant reads empty.

:Smile:: I guess if he wants to use this place as a hideout, blowing it up isn't a good idea.

:Apexneutral:: I did detect one lifeform in Factory Floor 2, that's the section used for manufacturing external functions for ships.

:Frown:: Like what?

:Apexsmile:: Weapons.
No. 968277 ID: ce39da

"Any entrances other than the one I see on this map? Like a vent or a raised overseer's office? A vent into a raised overseer's office? I doubt the front door is very stealthy."

"Also, what can we do to him from here? Subtly, that is?"
No. 968278 ID: 4f51b2

Weapons for ships? I let’s go there undetected (it’s good that we have the sole enchanters) after dealing with Jackson we have to loot the weapons.
No. 968477 ID: ed041d
File 159085408271.png - (13.62KB , 190x163 , JQC1P11.png )

Sivon decides to use the security system to observe the situation.

:Smile:: What can we do from here?

:Apexneutral:: Let me get the security cameras turned on, maybe we can observe Jackson.
No. 968478 ID: ed041d
File 159085433357.png - (7.43KB , 214x205 , JQC1P12.png )


:Frown:: That's not Jackson.

:Apexconfused:: That's a Felinoid.

:Smile:: Another bounty hunter perhaps?

:Apexneutral:: Sivon... no.

:Embarrased:: Heeey stay out of my thoughts.

:Apexneutral:: Still hooked up to your spine.

:Smile:: But Apex, hips!

:Apexconfused:: We're looking for Jackson! Focus!

Continue to use the security system to see why Jackson wasn't picked up, plan around this cat, see if Apex can get more working, many options, what will you do?
No. 968479 ID: 9876c4

seems like we'd want to know where Jackson actually is before interrogating the cat.
No. 968480 ID: e96198

Keep doing a search, anything else on this console Apex can get working? The cat may complicate things, you can live the romantic bounty hunter life of flirting with enemies and rivals later Sivon. Remember, your ship needs hyperjump capabilities to expand the bounties you can take. You also need some more augments before we can take on higher risk bounties and become more badass.
No. 968489 ID: 4f51b2

Found Jackson first, then observe the cat lady and found out if she is an ally of Jackson or another bounty hunter..
No. 968503 ID: ce39da

Click through all the security cameras, and if you still can't find Jackson... remember that authorities only confirmed that Jackson's ship was heading here. Either "Jackson Fist" is an invented alias (and I mean, good lord, that name), or this cat jacked his ship, and he's actually stuck where it last departed.

Also, assuming you can't find Jackson: "Hey Apex, let's see if we can lock her in the factory bay, then lock her out of the fabber controls. There should also be a PA system, right?" (Might want to subtly lock her in even if you do find Jackson because we don't want her walking in on us while we gank him.)
No. 968544 ID: a9af05

Find your target first!
No. 968657 ID: d186fc

That or Jackson has somehow switched to a new body. It could be possible. If they got too much heat before and needed to start over. Problem though is that they still have the old ship, unless that is why they are here...

Regardless, lets try to lock them in so we can interrogate them, either now or after we check elsewhere.
No. 968681 ID: 36784c

That could be a henchman or a rival bounty hunter. Either way, they aren’t your target, so focus on the mission!
No. 968692 ID: ed041d
File 159102137411.png - (11.04KB , 132x122 , JQC1P13.png )

Sivon grumbles, he'll have to flirt with space cat later.

:Frown:: Aliens are attractive okay?
No. 968694 ID: ed041d
File 159102145399.png - (20.55KB , 446x409 , JQC1P14.png )

Since pinging inside didn't work, Sivon decides to ping the outside.

:Apexneutral:: Space walking is a thing, this should work.

Something appears on the outside hull.
No. 968696 ID: ed041d
File 159102213752.png - (72.68KB , 510x523 , JQC1P15.png )

Apex switches the camera over to a external camera. Displayed on the security monitor is a large bipedal form, hefting a big gun, staring at what looks to be a K-Series Heavy Pod fighter.

:Smile:: Developed by Scratch Industries at Felin-II. I think I know where our cat came from. Which means that the big guy there is Jackson, looking for her.

:Apexneutral:: Which means she's a rival bounty hunter. Sivon, this means we have to get Jackson ourselves very soon!

:Frown:: You're right. Do you have control over the station?

:Apexneutral:: Just cameras and security ping, this place is so old that the doors are stuck on automatic, if I had a few hours and something more powerful than your brain I could shut this place down.

:Frown:: The Jumpstar?

:Apexconfused:: What? No, that's a fighter ship, it's computer isn't anywhere near powerful enough for me!

:Frown:: So you're effectively useless right now.

:Apexneutral:: Just think of something, you got a collapsible helmet and a gauss pistol, you could probably rush out there.

What will you do?
No. 968698 ID: ce39da

... Is Jackson holding the cat's spaceship hostage? Is that why she's overseeing the creation of weapons instead of trying to hunt him down?

It appears like she might be in a bind, then. Apex, how difficult is it to be stealthily approaching Jackson in space like this? Will he be able to tell if an airlock opens near him or something, or is he wide-open if we sneak up behind and ventilate his suit? We'll have to pull the trigger up close so we can make sure his body doesn't just float away.

We'll have to be extra careful not to alert him, as he can potentially jump to the ship out there and fire the rocket at the station... Plus, we never technically found proof that we didn't get the ships' owners backward.
No. 968700 ID: 4f51b2

Time to pay Jackson a visit, we could probably shoot his helmet and he would suffocate. Is he even aware the cat is in his ship?
No. 968701 ID: a9af05

True, but all you noticed were a pair of hips. That cat might not even be the right gender for you! Unless you swing both ways, then you win no matter what the cat's gender is.

>What do?
Luckily, space doesn't carry sound, so sneaking up on him should be easy. And your leg mods should silence any vibrations your boots would make when walking across the hull, so that'll also prevent him from feeling you coming.

I say you should head out there and get him!
No. 968709 ID: b1b4f3

Go spacewalk and bust a cap in his ass.
No. 968712 ID: 9876c4

Let the cat do what she's doing. Make an entrance after shit goes down. Less bullets to find you, all around.
No. 968727 ID: d186fc

While it is true that space has no sound, it is quite likely that space suits at this point will have a system that can simulate sound for the wearer through some combination of electromagnetic sensors and vibration.

The suit may also have some sort of projectile warning system, but this is less likely.

Can Ape scan for any forms of radiation coming off of either them or objects nearby? Anything that would be indicative of a proximity sensor, radar, or other sorts detection equipment.

Lastly, while they probably won't mine the area they are in with explosives (so they dont hit themselves with shrapnel) they probably put tripwires or other sorts of fuses connected to some sort of flare so they know if someone is sneaking up on them.
No. 968920 ID: ed041d
File 159127784999.png - (29.46KB , 710x409 , JQC1P16.png )

The vote is for Sivon to just go get Jackson.

Sivon advances through the factory's internals to the outdoor hatch from the computer core.
No. 968921 ID: ed041d
File 159127795915.png - (23.45KB , 314x153 , JQC1P17.png )

Popping out the side, you see Jackson taking aim at something with that big rifle of his.

:Smile:: Alright, here we-

:Apexneutral:: Remember, we have to follow standard procedure. Alert him first and cite the bounty writ.

:Frown:: Fine, can I at least say a cool one liner as I pop that rifle of his with my Hades?

:Apexsmile:: If you can come up with one. Sure.

What shall Sivon say before engaging?
No. 968926 ID: ce39da

"That ain't no way to treat a lady, sir."

Pop his gun before he has time to react, of course, but in the meantime, are you close enough to get a readout on the AR scanners?
No. 968927 ID: 9876c4

You're the Gorilla my dreams, and I've just come a-courting!
No. 968931 ID: d63ea8

Ack, I'm terrible at one-liners.

Just make sure that you have your gun ready in case he points that rifle in our direction.
No. 968932 ID: 4f51b2

Hey! You’ll shoot your eye out.
No. 968933 ID: 36784c

>Jackson taking aim at something with that big rifle of his.
He’s going to shoot the cat’s ship. That rifle must be pretty powerful if he’s going to use it to disable a ship!

>cool one liner
“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”
No. 968941 ID: d186fc

Idk, if it can shoot a round that can go through the shield uncontested (i.e. round behaves as if shield is not there) or if the shields are powered down (safe assumption if the ship is powered off), they just have to hit the right spot to disable it.


"Say goodbye to Fisting, cuz you are about to get Boaned.
No. 969214 ID: ed041d
File 159163602668.png - (26.57KB , 228x204 , JQC1P18.png )

Sivon thinks of a one liner, and climbs out, standing on the hull of the station. His standard Magnet soles in his cyberlegs kick in.

:Smile:: Am I connected?

:Apexneutral:: Yes you are good to go.

:Smile:: Jackson Fist, Dead or Alive you're coming with me.
No. 969215 ID: ed041d
File 159163605747.png - (11.62KB , 189x102 , JQC1P19.png )

Sivon pulls the trigger, and other than a burst of electrical discharge as the gauss round flies, there is no noise.
No. 969216 ID: ed041d
File 159163619096.png - (21.16KB , 218x215 , JQC1P20.png )

Jackson's rifle explodes in his hand as the magazine is struck, his suit tanks the hit rather easily, his left eye can be seen glowing through the helmet visor.

:GeneriBountyRed:: My rifle!
No. 969217 ID: ed041d
File 159163632488.png - (26.06KB , 400x253 , JQC1P21.png )

Jackson turns to face the Coboa, angered.

:GeneriBountyRed:: You made a big mistake, that stupid cat has been after me and I nearly had her stranded! When I get over there I'm pulling you apart.

:Smile:: By the standard of the Bounty Act, you are to lay down your arms and surrender or be met with force. Jackson Fist you are wanted for crimes against the League of Allied Worlds, come quietly and you won't be harmed.

:GeneriBountyRed:: Fuck you!

Well he's not responding, wanna say anything else or how should Sivon respond to the 500 pound gorilla?
No. 969218 ID: ce39da

What's AR reading out on him? If he's about to charge, prepare to sidestep (and duck, in case he's going to try to clothesline you), then fire into a flexible (and thus less protected) armpit. If he's trying to go for a secondary weapon or doesn't seem to do anything, just start blasting before he can return fire; even if he does pull it out, we'll have him on the defensive. Apex, is there any cover nearby if he does have another gun?
No. 969219 ID: d63ea8

Agreed, keep you distance, you have the advantage right now.
No. 969227 ID: 9876c4

"fuck you" is not surrender language. Better try to take out one of his knees.
No. 969231 ID: b1b4f3

Open fire.
No. 969238 ID: 4f51b2

I suppose we bring him dead, shoot!
No. 969240 ID: a9af05

Shoot him.

If he gets close, then your tiny size can be used to your advantage. He won't be expecting you to have mods that allow you to punch through a bulkhead!
No. 969463 ID: ed041d
File 159188711701.png - (27.09KB , 428x407 , JQC1P22.png )

Sivon's AR Scanner gives a once over on Jackson.

:Smile:: Seems his leg is hurt.

:Apexneutral:: Pulled muscles and scar tissue, might have damaged it while escaping the law to cause this bounty.
No. 969465 ID: ed041d
File 159188726122.png - (33.52KB , 297x258 , JQC1P23.png )

With another pull of the trigger, Sivon's pistol discharges another round, right through Jackson's leg, halting him before he can move.

:GeneriBountyRed:: GACK!

:Smile:: I told you to stand down, I am authorized to use force, come with me and you'll face a clean trial and be put away. Fight me and I can shoot you right here.

The suit's auto seals kick in and webbing appears over the damaged spot, preventing blood loss and decompression. Jackson however won't be standing any more.

Should Sivon move in to arrest, ask questions, demand further, what will you do?
No. 969468 ID: ab12d6

Give him one more chance, he comes quietly or he comes in a body bag. Let him know most bounty hunters would just straight up kill him since the bounty on his head doesn’t say he needs to be alive.
No. 969475 ID: d63ea8

Agreed, though be cautious too. He may try to use his surrender to try and grapple you.
No. 969492 ID: 9876c4

Get on the ground, now! I'll be applying restraints.
No. 969496 ID: d186fc

Keep the gun pointed between their eyes. Slowly approach them and ask them to surrender. I am assuming that the scan we did on them would have picked up any bombs they may have rigged on themselves to avoid being captured.


Before I forget, once we settle this, we should grab his gun. It probably is inoperable due to our shot, but guns are modular and it shouldn't be too difficult to get a new undamaged piece. If he was planning on taking down a ship with it, we could totally find a good use for it. Plus longarms are more accurate in atmosphere. Ape should be able to track the trajectory of the gun if it has drifted too far away.
No. 969497 ID: d186fc

Just reread prior posts and it said the rifle exploded in their hands. Be that as it may, there is a good chance that the majority of the gun is still intact, even if the lower receiver, grip, and magazine are slag. It is worth checking out if nothing else.
No. 969538 ID: 4f51b2

He may still have another gun so be cautious. Say that wether you bring him alive or death you are gonna get paid, so he better don’t do anything stupid.
No. 969743 ID: ed041d
File 159223171469.png - (7.35KB , 105x86 , JQC1P24.png )

Sivon gets Jackson to lie down and remove the thruster part of his life support unit. Putting the magna-clamps on.


:smile:: Seems he understood being shot. Let's go get paid!

:Apexconfused:: Sivon, we have a problem.

:Frown:: What?
No. 969744 ID: ed041d
File 159223175439.png - (7.53KB , 254x107 , JQC1P25.png )

:Apexneutral:: Your Fighter doesn't have enough space for a 500 pound gorilla.

:Frown:: Oh... Well there has to be a answer there.
No. 969747 ID: ce39da

Easy; tow your fighter with Jackson's ship. Strap him into your pilot's seat with all your controls locked, and everything powered down - transfer the fuel and power out of it if it's practical to do so. (Make sure to scan him for hacking gear anyway.) Make sure Apex gets deep into his ship's software - the fabber's, too - before you take off, though; we don't want any surprise "security measures" blowing us sky-f***ing-high.

(Of course, if there's not enough room for him even without you in the pilot's seat, just do the reverse. Lock him in his ship's bathroom or some other small compartment, hack and siphon it all into temporary inoperability, tow it with your fighter.)

Also, just in case, maybe leave a note for the cat at her ship. Yeah, we might be long-gone by the time she exits the factory, but we don't want to risk her mistaking us for Jackson and opening fire.
No. 969751 ID: a9af05

Note to self: Get a bigger ship. Can't bring in bounties if you can't get them into your ship!

Also, you won't always be lucky enough to have your target's ship conveniently nearby to use in these situations.
No. 969753 ID: d186fc

Why the flying fuck did Apex not bring this up before we even got the damn contract?

Options I see:
1. strap him to the outside and bring him in dead.
2. strike a deal with cat chick and probably make considerably less money
3. take fist's ship and have Apex remotely pilot yours to follow.

3. seems like the best option, however idk what possible legal ramifications there may be for what is technically stealing a perp's ship.

Also grab those gun parts, goddamn it! Those things are valuable!
No. 969756 ID: b1b4f3

You could strap him to the side of the ship? Pilot his ship remotely? Ugh... make a deal with the other merc?
No. 969757 ID: a9af05

>have Apex remotely pilot yours to follow.
Apex has mentioned that he's too complex and would overload our ship if we tried to hook him up to it.
No. 969783 ID: 4f51b2

Maybe we should talk to the cat lady.
No. 969792 ID: 36784c

>Why the flying fuck did Apex not bring this up before we even got the damn contract?
It wouldn’t have mattered, since we didn’t have enough money to afford a bigger ship to fix that issue.
No. 969806 ID: 9876c4

We can't kill him, we gave our word.

Better talk to the cat and see what her angle is.
No. 969811 ID: 36784c

What are the rules of bounty hunting? Is there a risk that the cat is going to attempt to steal the bounty from us by taking Jackson and claiming she caught him? Or is there some kind of rule that prevents her from doing that? (The same way there’s a rule that we have to announce ourselves instead of being allowed to sneak attack someone.)

Jackson already told us that the cat has been after him, so she’s probably a bounty hunter.
No. 969817 ID: d186fc

It would have definitely mattered. We could have made arrangements for someone to pick them up when we were done. We could have added some sort of pod to our fighter. We could have rented a fucking U-haul.

Point is, if we can't transport perps, then this is not a viable way to make money.
No. 969822 ID: 36784c

If it was something we had any control over, we would’ve been given the option to change it and avoided this problem in the first place. Since we weren’t given the option to change anything, that means we most likely couldn’t have changed it.

On top of that, it was stated here: >>966725 that we only had 50 ZUNI on hand and not much else. I’m pretty sure 50 ZUNI isn’t anywhere near enough money to afford anything that would’ve made a difference in our current situation.
No. 969831 ID: ed041d

:Frown:: Apex, what the fuck went wrong?

:Apexneutral:: You leapt into a situation expecting to take your target in dead, like the old lawmen of the desertlands. It was what could've happened certainly, but we got lucky and he's still alive.

:Frown:: Think it's bad form to kill him now?

:Apexconfused:: YES! YES ON MANY LEVELS!

:Angry:: OW! Okay stop yellign you're echoing in my skull!

:GeneriBountyRed:: The fuck you talking about?

:Frown:: I've got an AI hooked into my spine, shut up.

:Apexneutral:: The Jumpstar's cargo bay was where we were expecting to toss him into.

:Frown:: Can't we still do that?

:Apexneutral:: Not unless you want a Gorilla Pizza, the Cargo hold could fit him easily but it doesn't have Inertics, unlike the cockpit. I wasn't expecting you to take him in alive.

:Frown:: What do we do then?

:Apexneutral:: Well the current options are contacting that Cat Bounty Hunter, split the bounty 50/50, standard guild rules could apply as we're after the same target and there are rules against attacking fellow bounty hunters. The Freighter has a Hyperdrive which means its computer suite is far more complex than the Jumpstar's, we could likely use it to tow our way back or you could try inserting me into the ship and I could fly back myself. Or the last option, you cap Jackson here and toss him into the cargo hold and strap him down, G-Forces won't matter at that point. Alternatively you could sort out other options yourself, though I highly doubt it.

:Angry:: HEY!

:Apexneutral:: You're impulsive and don't think things through very well, it's something you need to work on.

:Frown:: Hrm.

:Apexsmile:: Think it over, politicians would love to get their hands on a terrorist, who knows, maybe there's something more if we bring him in alive. We can take him in dead and we still get payed, 60k more than covers quite a few ships in the USED bay.

Hope this clears things up, that was on me for not making some things more clear.
No. 969835 ID: 4f51b2

Maybe we could convince the cat with a 75/25? And maybe we can get an ally.
No. 969843 ID: d186fc

So there is a ship in Star Citizen called the Anvil Hawk. It is a single seater bounty hunting fighter. To get around the issue of lacking passenger space that fighters usually have, it has a stinger in the back that folds down into a cryo-containment cell. Could we get one of these for our ship rather than get a whole new ship? The containment would probably be pricey, but not as much as a whole used ship would be.

Best option would be to use the freighter. Make sure to keep Fist unconscious and secured for the duration of the flight.
No. 969844 ID: d186fc

Also, to rely on guild rules, we would have to assume she is part of the guild and that she is not a less-legal headhunter which may not be the case. Fist has probably made enemies on both sides of the law.
No. 969845 ID: d186fc

Oh my fucking god. Apex actually already addressed our lack of cargo space back in this update. The "have to tug this ship later" line.
No. 969847 ID: b1b4f3

Let's see if Apex can drive the freighter.
No. 970057 ID: ed041d
File 159257783629.png - (29.20KB , 710x409 , JQC1P26.png )

:Frown:: Guess we'll just see if you can run it.

:Apexsmile:: I can.

Sivon drags Jackson back through the station and over to his ship, tossing him into the back and clamping him to some pipes. Sivon inserts Apex's control chip into the cockpit controls of the ship.
No. 970058 ID: ed041d
File 159257796965.png - (115.53KB , 676x335 , JQC1P27.png )

Apex is able to control it no problem.

:Apexsmile:: What did I tell you?

:Smile:: Well that's good, hey does this mean we can claim this freighter as salvage?

:Apexneutral:: Legally yes, it's technically "seizing of illegal property", so the Bounty Network will have to cover its bases first. But we should be able to claim it.

:Smile:: Bitchin! What do we send to the Cat?

:Apexneutral:: We're still within comms range, I can broadcast a message, what do you want to say to her?
No. 970059 ID: d186fc

Send a message. Other than that, we owe her nothing.
No. 970060 ID: 4f51b2

“Hey sweetheart, I just captured Jackson and his ship so don’t shoot us. He was about to shoot your ship with a very potent rifle but luckily I destroyed before he could do anything. I’m going to deliver Jackson, you are free to join if you are interested in some business propositions”.
No. 970061 ID: d63ea8

No. 970069 ID: 0ce575

Do this, flirt a little.
No. 970070 ID: 9876c4

"report to the ship, we'll bang ok?"
No. 970071 ID: a9af05

This. Make sure we also leave our name and Bounty Hunter ID number (or whatever we use as a way to identify ourselves), so that she can look us up to see that we're an actual bounty hunter and not someone trying to help Jackson.
No. 970191 ID: d186fc

some future business propositions. This one is our bounty. But we could offer to team up for future jobs.
No. 970280 ID: ed041d
File 159283417188.png - (16.55KB , 245x184 , JQC1P28.png )

Sivon chooses to transmit to the station.

Over a intercom his message says.

:Smile:: Hey sweetheart, I just captured Jackson and his ship so don’t shoot us. He was about to shoot your ship with a very potent rifle but luckily I destroyed before he could do anything. I’m going to deliver Jackson, you are free to join if you are interested in some future business propositions.

The Felinoid blinks and looks over.

:Fifiangry: The hell?
No. 970281 ID: ed041d
File 159283469277.png - (53.53KB , 457x559 , JQC1P29.png )

Sivon arrives back at the station and hands Jackson over for processing, he loses the Freighter as it needs to be processed for shipping for the time being.

:Smile:: Okay, to the shipyard!

:Apexneutral:: A wise choice.

There are 3 options currently here, all sitting at Z45,000 in price. Sivon now has Z60,050.

:Smile:: We got options!

The major difference is in what the ships are meant to do

Option A) is the Reptus B-Series Light Frigate, it has 4 torpedo tubes and two fixed forward twin blaster cannons, it also boasts 4 PD laser turrets, it is meant to hold up to 30 troops and the hangar can easily hold 4 jumpstars.

Option B) is the Talon Claw-Series Hauler, converted into a carrier ship of sorts, it boasts solid armor and durability, but little to no weaponry or defense, but these ships have a history of being used as makeship warships for colonial uprisings.

Option C) is the Canid Fed-Series explorer, boasting two forward fixed blaster cannons, it's hyperdrive is capable of massive hyperjumps, though it has the lightest armor but makes up for that with an excellent shield.

:Smile:: Call it planetary pride but I'm leaning towards the Frigate.

:Apexneutral:: I'd recommend the Explorer honestly, good hyperdrive and shield, as well as light armor for speed means we'd get around pretty easily.

:Frown:: And the Hauler?

:Apexsmile:: Also a good choice as we could easily convert it into a prison ship. All of them have hangars to store your beloved Fighter but we have to think ahead.

:Smile:: Well we'll figure this out, I still think the Frigate as we're in a dangerous job and the point defense means a lot of our concerns over missiles and torpedos is out.
No. 970282 ID: dce46f

"A" seems best for us as a solo act at least, lets go with that unless we plan on bringing along help.
No. 970283 ID: 4f51b2

Having more space for prisoners or hiper jump sounds good, but we really need a ship with good weapons, A).
No. 970324 ID: 9876c4

The Frigate is also RED, and therefore capable of higher speed.
I feel like barracks> Cells would be a relatively easy refit job.

This would be an awesome ship to own, and being a bounty hunter we now have an excuse.
No. 970345 ID: e7c7d3

The frigate seems good all around. Though good shields would be nice...

I"m going to go with C)
No. 970365 ID: d186fc

Voting A
Frigate would be the best option. Even if in its current state it does not have the best shields and weaponry, it is still a military grade platform which should mean it can accommodate better equipment than retrofitted civilian ships. If we need more containment space, we could just fill the hangar with some cryopods (we could also use the extra space to store cargo). We should probably get a forklift. We should also probably look into installing some medium anti-ship (i.e. corvettes, frigates, destroyers, etc. stuff the PD would be too light to damage) turrets since unless we are hunting whales, the fixed front turrets won't really do much.

While Apex can probably handle working as a crew, all of these ships seem like they are designed as a multicrew vessel.
No. 970400 ID: e96198

How big are these ships compared to the jumpstar? Just need a visual comparison.

Despite how great it sounds to take a cargo transporter and fit it to be a fortified prison, we're too vulnerable. No defenses means any of our marks who have friends can easily attack the ship with little to no risk of harm.

Choosing A. The Frigate seems like a secure option. We have a means to fight back and a little modification to the barracks could be done to house prisoners. Those PD turrets really seal the deal.

And if we change our mind down the line I suppose we can sell the frigate back. Assuming we have some bounty money to make up for selling the ship at a fraction of the cost.
No. 970410 ID: 9876c4

F Explorer, M Frigate, K Hauler
No. 970476 ID: ce39da

My vote's going to C: The Canid Fed-Series Explorer. Excellent maneuverability can be just as good as decent point defenses, and we can get better point defenses installed later; light-weight agility, not so much. Plus, that hyperdrive can cut down on a lot of wild goose-chase headaches, and I fear that picking one of the others will cause some of our marks to be outright too elusive for us.
No. 970480 ID: d186fc

Keep in mind we would still have our fighter to actually do the chasing. That being said, if we are chasing a ship with a hyperdrive, we would already be screwed since we would have no way of knowing where they went. Better option, regardless of which ship we pick, would be to try and use an emp on their hyperdrive-equipped ship.
No. 970482 ID: ce39da

Not having the hyperdrive runs the risk of only getting to their last reported location after they've already moved on.

... But yeah, this can be mitigated somewhat with some good detective-work and a smattering of luck. Not switching my vote, though; I don't want to waste too much time with that if I can help it.
No. 970484 ID: 422cea

I like the frigate option cuz it got the pew pew and boom boom.
No. 970570 ID: ed041d
File 159301039353.png - (28.06KB , 457x283 , JQC1P30.png )

The overwhelming vote is for the Frigate.

:smile:: I'm calling it the Pulsestar!

:Apexneutral:: You would.

Sivon now has Z15,050
No. 970571 ID: ed041d
File 159301059936.png - (23.02KB , 971x389 , JQC1P31.png )

The hangar itself is about this large, the doors on the side of the hangar being complex airlock mechanisms, the hangar itself can even depressurize for EVA activity.

:Smile:: So I got some cash left. Should I save it? OH what if I go to the Cyberdoc and get a new implant, this should be more than enough for one.

:Apexconfused:: Or alternatively, you could use that money to buy some ammunition for our ships. Torpedos and missiles would be very useful on HK missions where we have to take out an enemy fighter.

:Frown: Eeeeeeeeeeeeennnnh...

What should Sivon do with his remaining 15k?
No. 970574 ID: ce39da

Better to have and not need than need and not have. Ammo up now so you don't feel stupid later. Also, grab a concealable garrot wire (or just a knife if that's not available); we only have a noisy pistol, and we need a more silent option for kills (even if we have to announce ourselves before going in, apparently).
No. 970577 ID: 36784c

Get some ammo for your ships.
No. 970579 ID: 9876c4

Let's get a moderate ammo load.
A decent knife is not a bad idea, but I don't think we'll use it too much.
A stun baton with absolutely disgusting voltage would be even better.
Save whatever's left, and we can load up on implants next time.
No. 970580 ID: d186fc

price out some sort of either integrated holding cell, or a pylon mounted holding cell for our fighter. It would greatly enhance its usefulness especially since we would otherwise need to purchase a shuttle to act as a paddywagon to ferry perps to the large frigate (unless you want to walk there).

Also see what types of ammo are available and their costs. If we have ballistic weapons, we may want to see what trading them in for some laser beam weapons would cost, since those wouldn't need ammo (may need a heftier powerplant though).


For the hangar, could we equip a shield to keep the air in while letting ships fly in and out?

Also, does fuel cost us anything?
No. 970584 ID: 4f51b2

Listen to Apex, buy missiles and ammo.
No. 970725 ID: ed041d
File 159317961387.png - (10.50KB , 248x96 , JQC1P32.png )

:Frown:: Fine we'll buy ammo.

:Apexsmile:: Good, it may wipe out the last of our funds but we'll make it back no problem.

Sivon buys as much ammunition as possible for his fighter and ship to hold and for him to spend.

> Pulsestar Gained 4 Class-IV Torpedos

> Jumpstar gained 12 Class-III Missiles

> Current funds are Z2050

:Frown:: That's enough to cover basic costs for now. But no implants.

:Apexneutral:: Some other time then.
No. 970726 ID: ed041d
File 159317983263.png - (30.59KB , 253x218 , JQC1P33.png )

:Smile:: Still, we got a ship now and you're out of my spine!

:Apexsmile:: Sivon my friend, let's get to work, I can already feel my great intelligence returning!

:Smile:: So, what's our defensive rating?

:Apexsmile:: Bringing up tac display now.

> This B-2000 Frigate has a shield rating class of 3, armor rating of 5, Hyperdrive class of 3, and speed rating of 2.

:Frown:: And the others?

> The Hauler had a armor rating of 7, Hyperdrive class of 2, speed rating of 2.

> Explorer had an armor rating of 2, Hyperdrive class of 5, speed rating of 3, and shield rating of 7.

:Smile:: So we got a pretty good deal then.

:Apexsmile:: Mhm. Now, let's go get hunting!

> End Chapter 1.
No. 970730 ID: d186fc

For idiots like me who didn't read this right at first:

Conclusion: Frigate is the best all-rounder but does not excel in any one area. If possible, we may want to consider getting upgrades for the systems and armor down the line.
No. 971575 ID: ed041d
File 159404011881.png - (30.94KB , 349x224 , JQC1P34.png )

It has been a week or so and Sivon has had a few odd jobs flying around. He's currently relaxing behind the controls, as Apex directs the ship.

:apexneutral:: Sivon we're down in funds.

:Smile:: That's not a big deal, we'll find some jobs.

:apexneutral:: Sivon you also spent a bit of funds on a new implant I see.

:Frown:: Hey you know how us Reptus folk are. Cybernetic augments my friend.

:apexconfused:: Well whatever the case, there is a big job. There has been a call to the Olympus Supercarrier of the L.A.W, apparently they want bounty hunters!

:Smile:: Bitchin!

Before Sivon goes rocketing off. What is his new augment?

> Targeting sensors - HUD
> Codec Package - Implanted communication

> SPDR Grip - Wall Walking
> VNM - Implanted laser blaster
> JNSN - Implanted Arm Blade

> MK6 Bion - speed enhancement
> Stonewall Stabilizers - Can’t be knocked down

> Implanted Rebreather - Ignore gas and vacuum issues
> Adrenaline Regulator - Remain calm in a fight
> Subdermal Armor - Extra Protection
No. 971577 ID: 9876c4

Subdermal Armor, can't knock the classics.
No. 971578 ID: 4f51b2

Arm blade.
No. 971579 ID: 8fab7a

Nothin' beats watchin' people thinkin' they shot you dead see you get back up.
No. 971582 ID: dce46f


I concur
No. 971593 ID: 44b1b5

This; it's silent, if not exactly clean. Even if we didn't get it, we at least have some silent option for kills, right? A silenced pistol? A garrot wire? Chloroform? Even just a combat knife? Anything?
No. 971595 ID: a9af05

Arm blade
No. 971617 ID: ae9bd9

Arm blade
No. 971619 ID: b1b4f3

We can snap necks. He's got augmented strength already.

Yeah, armor.
No. 971638 ID: 36784c

Get the armor!
No. 971747 ID: ed041d
File 159421883993.png - (90.90KB , 1228x1079 , JQCYBER-3.png )

> The Vote is for the Subdermal Armor
No. 971749 ID: ed041d
File 159421893147.png - (8.28KB , 124x109 , Subdermal Armor.png )

With the armor installed, Sivon is far more durable.

:Apexsmile:: You could tank a missile now.

:Frown:: For some reason I don't want to try.
No. 971750 ID: ed041d
File 159421901891.png - (107.18KB , 737x406 , JQC2P2.png )

Sivon approaches the Olympus Supercarrier.

:Smile:: Why do you think we're here Apex?

:Apexneutral:: Could be anything, I am presuming a big job because of the call for bounty hunters. the League of Allied Worlds has never had much need for us beyond grabbing runners.

:Smile:: Well whatever the case, we're badasses!
No. 971751 ID: ae9bd9

Seriously. Even if the armor will keep us alive, it will still cause dermal injuries and external bleeding. Getting your skin torn or burned off will still hurt like hell and be a bitch to heal.
No. 971764 ID: 44b1b5

It sure is. Make sure to hail the L.A.W. on your frequency and get some proper docking instructions; we want to show off at least the bare minimum of professional decency. Other than that, simply proceed.
No. 971773 ID: 4f51b2

Teamwork? We can make some contacts or even partners or maybe we can find ourselvs a pretty lady.
No. 971878 ID: ed041d
File 159438529625.png - (7.14KB , 133x84 , JQC2P3.png )

Sivon transmits docking codes and enters the Supercarrier.

:Smile:: Alright, time to walk in like a professional.
No. 971879 ID: ed041d
File 159438539041.png - (11.07KB , 151x93 , JQC2P4.png )

:RabbitGuardJC:: With me sir.

Sivon follows the guard into a large auditorium like room, filled with what appears to be over a hundred bounty hunters.

:Apexneutral:: Seems we've got quite the crowd.

:Smile:: This is big!

Sivon pauses, something has caught his eye.

:Smile:: And look who is back, miss cat hips!

:Apexneutral:: Sivon no!

What shall Sivon do?
No. 971880 ID: 9876c4

Obviously we flirt, but like, not overwhelmingly.

One quick finger gun and a "Hey, kitty" should suffice.
No. 971881 ID: 4f51b2

"Hey there kitty, what a pleasant surprise".
No. 971883 ID: 44b1b5

Cool it with the cat-calling; we're almost certainly "that asshole from that one time" to her. If you do insist on approaching her, take a placating stance, and ask that there are no hard feelings.
No. 971884 ID: b1b4f3

Go introduce yourself properly.
No. 971910 ID: ae9bd9

Face the consequences. I mean, you don't have a subvocal comms system and you aren't that far away. She totally heard you say that.
No. 972089 ID: ed041d
File 159464491624.png - (13.02KB , 193x98 , JQC2P5.png )

Sivon steps over.

:Smile:: Hello there, fancy seeing you here.

:FifiSmile:: Do I know you?

:Smile:: That little bounty for Jackson Fist a few weeks ago.

:FifiSmile:: Ooooh that was you.

:Smile:: Yeah, just got to it faster, also took him out before he shot down your ship with a big rifle.

:FifiSmile:: Ammunition exploded?

:Smile:: Yep, bomber type terrorist so probably explosive rounds.

:FifiSmile:: Figures.

Seems this is going well.

:FifiSmile:: Well whatever the case, I'm certain I'll get the next big payout.

:Smile:: Whatever you say, what's your name?

:FifiSmile:: Fifi. Yours?

:Smile:: The name is Sivon.

:Fifismile:: And I see you've been probably staring at my ass.

:Embarrased:: Uhm.

:Fifismile:: Got ya. Not helping is the tight red voidglove I'm wearing huh?

:Embarrased:: I uh.... shit.

How shall Sivon try to direct this conversation?
No. 972090 ID: b6c5d5

Uh... well, best keep it professional for now.

This many bounty hunters, the L.A.W.'s thinking it's important - so the score's bound to be big. Maybe even big enough for a split. Since you nabbed Jackson on her, you might be persuaded to make the reward lean a bit harder in her favor than yours if she's up for a bit of co-op and the contract deets are good for it. Jackson said she'd hounded him pretty hard and if she hadn't been there you wouldn't have gotten the drop on him so well.

Anyway, sometimes an extra body - or brain - is what'll get someone a leg up on the competition.

And there seems to be quite a lot of it this time 'round.
No. 972091 ID: 4f51b2

Now now, don't blush like a teenager, you have experience. Mmm, oh! Sorry, I have to say is quite distracting but I'd lie if I told ya that you don't look good in it.
No. 972093 ID: 9876c4

It's a pretty nice ass, and you're a pretty capable gal. Fist wasn't small potatoes, and he was almost yours.

If they brought us all here, it's something big. We should keep each other in mind if we need backup. I already like you more than half these yobs.
No. 972098 ID: 44b1b5

"I mean, bold of you to assume there's only one target, with this many people called in. If we're going after a group, we could all be winners, assuming things go well. Say, what were you doing with that fabricator that you decided that searching for Jackson was less important? You forget to pack any heat?"
No. 972101 ID: ae9bd9

She is being a bit too casual about your gawking at her and it is coming across as fake. Something is up.

Either she is building up to the big reveal that she is actually a he (and is banking on you being straight), or (more likely) she is trying to play you. Watch yourself.
No. 972545 ID: ed041d
File 159499530338.png - (17.22KB , 309x137 , JQC2P6.png )

:Frown:: You're mocking me aren't you.

:Fifismile:: A little, you kinda deserve it.

:Frown:: Well it does look nice.

:Fifismile:: Maybe try something a little less direct lizard brain.

:Smile:: To redirect, what were you doing on that factory floor.

:Fifiangry:: I was looking for Jackson, I figured a terrorist like him might have made a spoof device to throw off trackers, so I entered the place that he would be most likely to go.

:Smile:: Factory floor where he could make himself more weapons and bombs, smart.

:Fifismile:: Thank you, as for this big gathering. Must be quite the payout.

:Smile:: I think the L.A.W General just entered.
No. 972547 ID: ed041d
File 159499583403.png - (10.90KB , 186x171 , JQC2P7.png )

Standing on the auditorium stage is General Thacker.

:general:: Thank you all for gathering, I know this is unusual considering the L.A.W's relationship with bounty hunting networks, but this is a time of crisis.

:Apexneutral:: It's always a time of crisis.

:Frown:: Shush.

:General:: The Kotyak is an enemy nation that has declared open war on our worlds for refusing to submit our territories to their expanding borders, we have enter wartime everyone. The L.A.W will have its work cut out for itself, however you all will be assisting the war effort in different ways!

:GeneriBountyBlue:: Oi! We getting paid for this?

:RabbitGuardJC:: QUIET.

:GeneriBountyBlue:: Make me ya piece of shit red shirt!

The Bounty Hunter seems ready to fight, but is quickly zapped by the Soldier's stun gun

:GeneriBountyBlue:: AAH!

:General:: Kotyak has numerous ace pilots and big names among their ranks, harboring former war criminals and so on in exchange for their services, your job is to collect them, each bounty will confer a double payout. There will also be jobs for evacuating planets and stations under attack by the Kotyak armies, we need every available hand and we know how you all feel about wartime.

:Frown:: It is bad for business.

:General:: This is a situation none of us wants, the situation is still currently cold thankfully, but could go hot at any moment. Any questions?
No. 972549 ID: f56a2b

What are our salvage and hostage rights for captured Kotyak materiel and personnel, on these operations?
No. 972551 ID: 4f51b2

What's the standard prosedure in war times? Do we choose our targets?
No. 972555 ID: 9876c4

By interstellar law is this strictly legal? I fully expect soldiers to defend themselves with force, but we can't afford lawsuits or system blacklists after the fact.
No. 972562 ID: 44b1b5

"Will you update the "Dead vs. Alive" statuses on these guys accordingly, or have hunting protocol loosened somehow? With an entire country interested in protecting these guys, I imagine having to announce ourselves before the capture or kill is about to get a whole lot more dangerous."
No. 972607 ID: ae9bd9

Will we have to deal with/work around spec ops spooks intermingling with targets or pmc fucks committing warcrimes so you don't have to?
No. 972815 ID: ed041d
File 159525076721.png - (10.47KB , 142x162 , JQC2P8.png )

:Smile:: What's the salvage rights on this job?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: If you take a bounty in, standard salvage procedures apply and it will be up to you to decide if you want the Bounty's salvage.

:FifiSmile:: What's the SOP? Do we choose our targets or are we assigned them?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Bountys will be handed out at Bounty Boards as per usual.

:GeneriBountyRed:: Will you update the Dead Or Alive Procedures? I imagine with an entire interstellar state protecting these guys declaring ourselves will be harder.

:JumpQuestGeneral:: We are placing a moratorium for this for the time being, if you can do so, fantastic, if not, we cannot expect so.

:GeneriBountyYellow:: Is this all legal? I don't think we can arrest enemy soldiers without getting lawsuits or being arrested.

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Good thing you are not arresting enemy soldiers, you are arresting War Criminals that were under our jurisdiction who sought sanctuary. By all standards and practices this is legal, it is in the official terms of war with the Kotyak as well.

:GeneriBountyGreen:: Will we have to work with spec ops spooks and your own Mercs committing war crimes?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: You will be only recovering bounties that escaped our jurisdiction, anyone on our side found breaking the rules and terms will be assigned a Bounty to be Captured. The L.A.W is a organization dedicated to a common good, protecting its people, our worlds have agreed to work together. Anyone who decides to ignore the Miyamoto Conventions is not someone we want working for us.

:Smile:: What if we want to take part in the war effort more directly?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Apply for a Mercenary License, any further questions?
No. 972816 ID: df76b1

I'm informed. We look forward to assisting the defense of the system.
No. 972817 ID: 4f51b2

We are in.
No. 972819 ID: 25d308

Alright, time to earn our keep.
No. 972828 ID: ce39da

No further questions. Let's see those bounties! Ah- Maybe we should try cooperating with the others to A) Make sure there aren't any targets left unmolested, and B) That those who are doubling up can either work together or at least be aware of what competition they have.

(Also, try not to fist-pump too much at the moratorium announcement, considering we're built to snap necks and walk away with the bodies before anyone notices something amiss.)
No. 973066 ID: ed041d
File 159559421960.png - (15.94KB , 265x113 , JQC2P9.png )

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Alright, everyone dismissed!

The bounty hunters shuffle out, Sivon takes a moment to talk to Fifi.

:Smile:: Hey there, care to team up?

:Fifismile:: Really now? What do you have to offer for us working together?
No. 973068 ID: 5995c8

You make a fine meat-shield (tap chest).

And you’ll take the split 45/55 for the first three bounties or until the 50/split on the bounty you nabbed from her has been paid in, whichever comes first. Whatever she might think you’re not a (complete) asshat. You did save her ship a ding and if you weren’t a bit hard up for cash you’d have been more tempted to split the take back then.

If she doesn’t want to give it a shot, fair ‘nuff.
No. 973070 ID: ce39da

"Not just you. I was thinking more of a cooperation between a bunch of us - nothing beyond telling each other who we're going after to minimize stepping on each other's toes as much as we could be. It would be kinda embarrassing if we all went after like two dudes in a giant clusterfuck and left everyone else unmolested, right? Security's only going to go up after each mission, so we wanna hit as many of them during the opening moves as possible.

"Oh, but if you're interested in something more between us, I should tell you that I specialize in stealth takedowns - you probably saw me do a little fist-pump at the announcement moratorium. I should mention that I'm not in as deep of a shit-pile as most stealth operatives if I get caught, and I can be pretty mean in melee whether they see me coming or not. Finally, my ship has some serious firepower, though I've been hoping to improve its speed and maneuvering to what I'd like it at with my next payday. Oh, and Apex here's got mad hacking and navigation skills - it's how we were able to find you and Jackson with neither of you being the wiser. You?"
No. 973073 ID: 4f51b2

"60/40 deal in your favor for the first mission, then 50/50, as a team we could deal with the objectives with a bigger bounty more easily, you would have acces to a Reptus B-Series Light Frigate too.
No. 973076 ID: d186fc

lets not brag about our ship until we are sure they don't have something better.
No. 973084 ID: df76b1

Let's brag about our ship until it's conclusively proven we shouldn't!
Also mutual survivability and enhanced earning potential or something.
No. 973318 ID: ed041d
File 159585911212.png - (14.10KB , 267x174 , JQC2P10.png )

Sivon brings up his ship.

:Smile:: I have a Reptus B-Series Light Frigate on hand, you and I team up, maybe grab some others, and we can catch a lot of these guys a lot easier, add in the bigger payout and it's no skin off our back.

:FifiSmile:: Sounds useful, you sure it's that and not the obvious attraction?

:Smile:: I'm certain.

:FifiSmile:: Well, anything else you wanna offer? I'm gonna need more than just a ship, my pod fighter has a hyperdrive after all so.
No. 973321 ID: 4f51b2

Tell her you have a pretty good A.I and that’s the reason you got Jackson before her.
No. 973396 ID: 5dbf48

Don't tell them about the AI, that's your secret advantage. Instead challenge them to a contest to convince them, or at least prove your capabilities. Take similar bounties and see who can deliver them first.

If they need a wager. The winner gets the a 'triple' payment as the loser has to give up on the 'double' part of their payout.
No. 973397 ID: f9512f

"Asides from my ship? Well, besides my obvious modifications I have AR Scanner, BANE Enhance, Sole Enhancers and Subdermal Armor to help us in any kind of situation, you have my back and I got yours. Oh! I also have a very capable A.I."
No. 973433 ID: df76b1

You already know I'm a pro, and get jobs done. That's because I'm smart, and don't skimp on equipment.

Why should we let some amateur, or worse, some PMC, take money out of our pockets because we're shorthanded?
No. 973437 ID: 8fab7a

Repeat above.
No. 973585 ID: ed041d
File 159620400685.png - (16.89KB , 244x118 , JQC2P11.png )

Sivon smirks.

:Smile:: I make a fine meatshield, I'm loaded up with advanced cybernetics, as well as I have a excellent AI system.

Apex's hologram appears

:apexneutral: Hello.

:Fifismile:: Oh that's fancy.

:Smile:: This is how I caught Jackson before you did, Apex and I make quite the team.

:Fifiangry:: What?

:Smile:: What do you say? I'm willing to split 45/55 if you want.

Fifi looks deep in thought.

:Fifismile:: I'll have to admit, having a cybernetically enhanced meat shield sounds good, an a AI system that can run an entire ship is good. I'm in.
No. 973587 ID: 4f51b2

Glad you accept! I suggest to see the Bounty Boards and choose our objective.
No. 973589 ID: d186fc

Don't assume you are friends. She is just using you for her personal gain at the moment. While she definitely isn't hostile, your relationship is probably just ever so slightly better than neutral. You will have to work hard to make her a true friend and thus a dependable ally.
No. 973599 ID: e09282

Better find out what Fifi and her ship can actually do, no? She's a pretty good investigator, it's a heavy pod fighter, what else?
No. 973625 ID: 8fab7a

Sounds good. Want the agreement formalized and in writing? Apex can run us up a decent coop-contract and you can read it over for loopholes. One bounty or set of bounties at a time. If this works out, maybe look into something longer-term. If not, split the take, then just split.

Off to the BB!

What's her preference in targets? Obviously with two of you the range of people you can capture has gone up a bit, but if she's got strengths to ply we might as well hear of them.
No. 973870 ID: ed041d
File 159663559762.png - (10.92KB , 279x248 , JQC2P12.png )

To the Bounty Board.

:Smile:: What is your preference on bounties, what can you do?

:Fifismile:: I'm a sneaky sort, I can squeeze in and out of spaces and generally keep quiet. My Pod fighter though is a heavy weapons design and can take a beating.

:Smile:: That's good, that's useful.

:Fifiangry:: Seems we only got one bounty today, apparently this is our starting bounty.

:Frown:: Alright let's see it.
No. 973872 ID: ed041d
File 159663589651.png - (21.27KB , 460x198 , JQC2P13.png )

> Bounty: Jax Modal
> Payout: 100k

> Jax is a cybernetically enhanced Fox from Vulpis III, a pirate, and Ace Pilot space fighter. Jax's last reported location is 2 jumps away from current Galactic Positioning.

> Cybernetic Enhancements include Implanted Rebreather, Adrenaline Regulator, AR Scanner, and the SLICK Series enhanced servomuscles.

:Frown:: So we got an ace fighter with mechanically enhanced reflexes.

:Apexneutral:: This should be fun.
No. 973877 ID: 4f51b2

Is there any extra information? Like if he works alone or if he is in a frighter. Regardless, this is probably going to be a combat between ships, good we have Fifi as a partner
No. 973878 ID: 67a81f

I would see if we can get them when they aren't in their ship. Getting into a dogfight with an ace is pretty dangerous. See if apex can get some usefull info on what they've been doing and their general habits.
No. 973879 ID: ce39da

It doesn't seem to state his Dead/Alive/Or status. Did we miss it? Also, is the 100k bounty before or after doubling up? (We'd like to know whether this guy is "Jackson" or "Alpha" levels of scary; there's a big difference, I think.)

"Guy sounds like a beast in open space. Even with our combined ship-to-ship firepower, I'd prefer if we approached him on land first. If he's being sheltered in hostile territory, no sweat; we're both kitted for stealth, among other things. His reaction time might pose a problem for stealth take-downs, though. If it turns into a street-fight, leave it to me - even with his lightning-fast moves and the ability to scan my strengths, he won't be able to do much against superhuman power and endurance. Just gotta hit him once. I won't stop you from trying to blast him in the back of the head while he's focused on me, of course."
No. 973909 ID: df76b1

Seems like we track him from a safe distance, strike when he's getting the ship or himself serviced.

Gas is out of the question, and electric current is unreliable with all those enhancements. It may be time to revisit my plan of overwhelming blunt force trauma. Maybe Fifi should go in first and disable his ship.
No. 973934 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah it would be safest to strike when he's getting maintenance done on his cybernetics, but that may take too long. The faster we do the bounties, the faster we can take another one and get paid again.

That said, some information gathering is a good idea regardless. Can't just charge in guns blazing. Find out what his habits are, the places he frequents, what his ship can do and how it compares to ours, that sort of thing.
No. 973940 ID: d186fc

Bring EMPs for if we end up in a dogfight. That should stop his ship. Alternatively, we should try to get some anti-materiel railguns and snipe him. Both of you shooting from hidden locations that are perpendicular from each other. Dodging one hypersonic bullet is one thing, but dodging two with vastly different directions is virtually impossible.
No. 973941 ID: d186fc

Just make sure to time your shots so you shoot simultaneously.
No. 974081 ID: ed041d
File 159680968779.png - (21.23KB , 327x278 , JQC2P14.png )

Sivon boots up a info terminal, seems this guy has more info.

He pilots a XX-25 series Fighter, stripped of excess armor and modified with a artillery gun and a larger booster thruster. The XX-25 has autocannon blasters and the Artillery cannon, no directed projectiles.

:Frown:: Okay so he's speedy and likes to hit hard.

The Dead Or Alive status has been cleared out and just marked, "Dead", inspecting the bounty it seems he's worth 50k but is currently doubled due to the Kotyak bounties situation.

As for fighting him on the ground, seems he's a spacer and refuses to ever land on planets, preferring to always stick to his fighter.

:apexneutral:: So we're gonna have to fight him in open space combat.

:Smile:: Well the Jumpstar is a hell of a fighter, we can work around this.
No. 974082 ID: df76b1

So we either hit him while he's refueling, or in a fight with somebody else. Anything else, and we're at a real disadvantage.

What do Fifi and Apex think about how to take it on?
No. 974083 ID: ce39da

"Wait, so does he just live out of his ship? Shouldn't he at least have to stop to refuel somewhere? Groceries? Man, I was really hoping this wouldn't be a dogfight... even if we do have a similar advantage to him."
No. 974084 ID: d186fc

Use lots of missiles. Your fighters can hold a few, but our frigate could sit beyond this guy's engagement range and launch torpedos that would split into a dozen or so missiles when they get close enough to lock. Terminal guidance could be achieved through one of our fighters.
No. 974087 ID: eac2c2

We should try to predict their movement so we can sabotage their next refueling (either the fuel or the ship's software or similar) and get them when there ship shuts down and they become standed.
No. 974088 ID: 4f51b2

We could follow him and wait for him to refuld, you could ask Apex of Fifi if they thought of something.
No. 974364 ID: ed041d
File 159723890730.png - (12.99KB , 281x315 , Refueling Station.png )

> The Vote is to go search for the nearest refueling station and strike Jax there, correct?
No. 974365 ID: 4f51b2

I guess so, let's catch him while he fueling his tank.
No. 974384 ID: df76b1

It is at least a plan.
No. 974628 ID: ed041d
File 159767051091.png - (34.84KB , 262x180 , JQC2P15.png )

With the plan underway, you engage in the Hyperjump. It takes the Pulsestar 1 standard day to make the two jumps to the last reported location of Jax, Praxis.
No. 974629 ID: ed041d
File 159767056724.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P16.png )

The Pulsestar enters Praxis, a largely mining system with very little planetary activity and a singular observation rotating the Star.

:Smile:: Alright, 3 last known locations of Jax, and 2 Refueling stations. Where shall we go first?
No. 974631 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s go to Ref-19k and ask if they have seen cybernetic enchanted fox in a XX-25 fighter.
No. 974646 ID: 8fab7a

Weirdly even spacing on those observations. Is there a time log to 'em? Is he doing some sort of hidout circuit? Is this bogus to get people out in the asteroid fields where he has both a maneuverability and a cover advantage?

Hrm. Way I see it we've got two options.

We try to find whatever hidey-hole(s) he has in the asteroid field, which is a bit like searching for a needle in the haystack. Maybe we find it or him, but he'll probably see us coming and we'll have to fight it out on his home turf and he can make runner after runner. Both your ships can take a bit of a beating, but he's got a weapon that hands those out on the regular. I don't like them odds.

Or we go to the observation post, snag more intel on his movements through the systems and/or then picket the refueling stations for however long it might take for him to run out of his regular go-juice, forcing him to be careful with his one primary advantage - speed. If he tries to come at us, he'll have to do so while running out of fuel.

Of course, it does mean we're splitting up to guard each our fuel point and there's no telling how long it'll take for him to do a supply run. Grabbing observation point intel might give us an indicator on his regular movements and how long it'd take for him to run out of fuel / how regularly he makes runs - and to which point, allowing us a better chance at a focused ambush with both of us if we want to risk it.
No. 974647 ID: ce39da

"Apex, what order are those sightings in, and can you project where both refueling stations would have been at in their orbit during each?"

He's either sticking close to one station or going back and forth between them as he makes laps around the system. If they haven't significantly orbited, then it's definitely the latter.
No. 974844 ID: ed041d
File 159801335885.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P17.png )

:Smile:: Apex, see if we can get records on those last observed points, and can we dock with the Observation Satellite orbiting the star?

The screen lights up and shows the repeating pattern of Jax.

:Apexneutral:: Seems he likes to make laps.

:Fifismile:: Probably a patrol of sorts, get good sensors and just following that triangular pattern he should be able to find himself a lot of targets.

:Smile:: And the satellite?

:Apexneutral:: Just a satellite, we can't dock. The Refueling Stations are in a geosynchronous orbit with the asteroid belt, evenly spaced and are at the point where it's possible to make the Hyperjump, useful.
No. 974848 ID: 9aaeef

So we wait until he goes to one of the stations? Do we have anything to prevent him to hyperjumping if he tries so?
No. 974853 ID: 8fab7a

Hrm. We want him at a disadvantage and secure that he can't easily run away with his fast ship.

Two ideas.

Plan: Asteroid Pincer

Hide out in the asteroid field, hiding behind regular ol' asteroids (if you can find ones large enough) along the predicted patrol trajectory. Just straight up ambush as he passes and hope you manage to land enough hits that he can't just get away.

One upside/downside is that he's got to be pretty cocky, what with being built for fighter piloting and living in a long-range hit-and-runner, so he might just try to be in it to win it unless we deal hefty damage in the initial ambush.

Second plan:

Feint Ambush + Escape Ambush

One of us stays along his patrol route pulling the above plan - but do so nearer to one of the refueling stations / jump points than the other. We get up close where he doesn't want us to be and (hopefully) get a few dings in, enough to drive him off and try to escape.

We chase him to the closest jump point... where we've got a second ambush waiting to bushwhack him before he can refuel and/or flee. If he retreats again, he'll have to turn around and make a run all the way to the second point AND get past his initial pursuit.

If he manages that, we just have to hope he runs out of fuel before getting there.

Who's got the ship he's least likely to want to square off against alone and can defend themselves against long range strikes best?
No. 974864 ID: ce39da

“These fueling stations, are they walk-about or plug-‘n’-go? If it’s possible to catch him on leave, however brief it is, we gotta take it - 18B, assuming that’s where his route started... Wait, how many laps - real numbers, not necessarily integers - could a fighter make here on one tank of gas?”
No. 974865 ID: 8bd73c

Before we entertain any sort of picketing or sifting through asteroids, how much traffic is there in this system, and how many other non-refueling stations are there? Are there any known mining operations in the asteroid belt? What are the chances there are unknown operations we may end up stumbling on? How about other sorts of facilities built into the asteroids? Basically, if we picket, how many ships do we have to sift through and what are the chances of false positives, and if we search for the needle in the asteroid field, how many other needles are there?
No. 974994 ID: ed041d
File 159827298644.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P18.png )

:Frown:: We still don't have enough information.

:Apexneutral:: Not my fault you don't ask me to provide more.

:Frown:: You're perfectly capable of doing so.

:Apexsmile:: Yes but safety protocols in my programming prevent me from performing all actions on my own, squishy meat bag. Alright, let me update the scan.

The solar system map updates one last time.

:Apexsmile:: There are 5 mining stations floating around the Asteroid Belt, the refueling stations are used for ships leaving the system, which may be an advantage should they be far enough out from belt security.

:Fifismile:: Based on the fact that Jax's fighter is heavily modified, with a thruster of that size he probably completes 5 laps around the solar system in 2 days.

:Smile:: Which means we can catch him.

:Apexsmile:: There you go. The stations themselves have walkabout sections but you can easily enter a drydock and just get refueled there, so unless he's running low on food, or since he's got a bunch of cybernetics, probably IV, he'll most likely hit a dry dock.

:Fifismile:: We can use that to our advantage, dry dock can clamp ships down should security get incentive, place our ship out near one of them and just wait.

:Smile:: That's an idea, we need to be certain of a plan, and then we get him.
No. 974998 ID: 9aaeef

We should ask in the staitions if he has been there, maybe he uses just one or he follows a pattern.
No. 975000 ID: df76b1

Remember that our MO is to attack from behind so he can't fire those cannons. So we should approach from behind while he's doing the refuel.

I think the south station looks promising.
No. 975019 ID: ce39da

We do NOT shoot his ship while it's dry-docked. Exploding a vehicle while it's hooked up to a fuel line is asking for millions of credits in collateral damage plus manslaughter charges. foom!

Let's try to do this cleanly - ship-to-ship docking.
No. 975030 ID: c5322d

Perhaps a remote charge? Rig it out of spare ammo if we have to?
Attach it to his fighter, blow it up after he leaves the drydock. Have our ships complete the job if the fighter is still able to limp away.
No. 975038 ID: df76b1

What do the Miyamoto Conventions say about detonating fuel reserves? Or spiking his tank with some kind of tar?

I don't mind getting creative, as long as we avoid a stand up fight that we're hugely disadvantaged for.
No. 975057 ID: 21bd50

Lets rig all of the drydock arms with explosives. We could talk to the law enforcement beforehand about our plan and offer to pay for repairs. We would have each drydock rigged to a separate trigger so we only blow up the one with our target. One of us would wait at each station and monitor that station's drydocks.


Last thought before we put a plan into action: could this guy be flying the ship remptely from somewhere? It seems somewhat suspect that he never leaves the ship.
No. 975108 ID: ed041d
File 159844443112.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P19.png )

The Miyamoto conventions state that sabotage of enemy vessels is cleared as it falls under actions of espionage.

:Smile:: We'll head to refueling station 18B an-

:Frown:: Apex did you stick googly eyes on the map?

:Apexsmile:: I can neither confirm nor deny.

:Frown:: We'll head to Station 18B, dock, and inquire about Jax.

:Fifismile:: And I'll check into the docks and see about the costs of replacing the manipulator arms. If it's too expensive one of us could act as a distraction to Jax as the other gets close and plants a det pack.

:Apexsmile:: And det packs are cheap, thankfully this genius here actually bought some.

:Smile:: It's for archeology should I ever get bored of being a bounty hunter, I figure exploring dangerous ruins filled with traps go faster when you can just blow things up.
No. 975110 ID: d51503

If Jax becomes aware that a bounty is looking for him we could use that to our advantage would he started a dog fight you or Fifi could make a surprise attack.
No. 975200 ID: ce39da

Sounds like a plan; let's do it.
No. 975218 ID: df76b1

Yep, we're halfway there. Now we just need a little luck.
No. 975825 ID: ed041d
File 159948280656.png - (13.38KB , 281x315 , JQC2P20.png )

The Pulsestar docks at Refueling station 18B. There are hotel rooms, food courts, and a few shopping centers here.

If the plan is to wait for Jax to stop by for a refuel and catch him unawares, you have some time.
No. 975826 ID: ed041d
File 159948290035.png - (14.04KB , 178x221 , JQC2P21.png )

Sivon enters the station and is greeted by a guard.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Welcome to station 18-B, do you have your identification.

:Smile:: What like a passport?

:RabbitGuardJC:: Something like that.

Sivon trades his identification.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Very good, welcome, anything you need or want to know?
No. 975829 ID: 9aaeef

Ask if an enchanted fox has stayed here recently.
No. 975832 ID: 322eaa

We should hide that we are bounty hunters or interested in jax. They may be friendly with the people in refuel stations and get alerted to us hunting them. Not to mention the security may already get suspicious now that they have your ID and unassumingly can find out that you are bounty hunters. Just be friendly and ask if they have any recommendations to on which places have good food then have the AI check out the dry docks security system.
No. 975862 ID: 4f51b2

Better not direct any attention to us, go to a bar and maybe you may hear something interesting.
No. 975863 ID: df76b1

I'm new to this system, what's the refueling protocol on big vs small ships?

(Knowing where the target vessel will dock is key to placing the detpacks accuractely. )
No. 976329 ID: ed041d
File 160008919166.png - (21.30KB , 320x186 , JQC2P22.png )

Sivon asks where the Refueling Bay is.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Out back connected to the main hangar, it has numerous repair arms for fixing up ships as well. It isn't exactly cheap but it does its job.

Sivon then inquires about shops for supplies.

:RabbitGuardJC:: We have numerous stores on deck 12 of the Habitation block, you seem to be a cyborg, you might be interested in a nutrient solution that can be fed intravenously, quite a few cyborg pilots make use of it, sustains them for weeks if not months.

:Frown:: So that's how he's avoiding food.

:RabbitGuardJC:: What was that?

:Smile:: Nothing, thank you sir.

The Rabbit Guard walks away.

:Fifismile:: So we got an idea?

:Smile:: Oh yeah, do we wanna get onto rigging up the plan or shall we wait a bit first?

Sivon 5000 Zuni from previous jobs, Fifi has 3500 Zuni as well. Shall they engage in some shopping and light banter first or shall we continue the mission?
No. 976330 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s go shopping, maybe we can find something helpful.
No. 976374 ID: b1b4f3

Shopping and light flirting.
No. 976386 ID: df76b1

I would prefer to skip to the dangerous part, just this once.
No. 976546 ID: 4f51b2

Time to know Fifi a little more, let’s go shopping.
No. 976558 ID: 193418

Lets keep it professional for the time being.
No. 976595 ID: ed041d
File 160043041022.png - (119.21KB , 762x770 , JQC2P23.png )

Fifi and Sivon enter the Shopping district and find an area with a few options.

:Smile:: Oh hey a Bionics shop, I think that's Olympus Arms, they do great work!

:Fifismile:: Oh hey East Armaments, if you want a quality gun go there!

It seems there are options, as well as the food court.

:Smile:: Apex update us when Jax's fighter is approaching.

:Apexsmile:: That I can do.

Where shall Sivon and Fifi go first?
No. 976598 ID: df76b1

I think we need to take a peek in the gun store... then maybe some lunch if there's time.
No. 976599 ID: 9aaeef

Gun shop
No. 976892 ID: ed041d
File 160069317063.png - (12.09KB , 223x195 , JQC2P24.png )

Sivon and Fifi enter East Armaments.

They are greeted by a Vendorbot with a holodisplay next to it.

:Vendorbot:: Hello, valued customer. How can we, be of service, today?

:Smile:: So I've got a gauss pistol.

:Fifismile:: I've got a blaster pistol.

:Smile:: So I guess we just need to find something else.

:Vendorbot:: We have, a wide range, of armaments, under the classifications of: Shotgun, Smg, Pistol, Rifle, Sniper, Heavy. Which would you like to see?
No. 976894 ID: d63ea8

Look at the rifles, we need to have some mid to long range options when it comes to encounters.
No. 976899 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s see if there’s a sniper that can damage a ship like Jackson’s
No. 976912 ID: df76b1

I feel like shotguns and smgs are going to do the best to justify their cost. Portability is a nice plus.

Long range options require a lot of training, which is time we don't have.
No. 976914 ID: e8cafe

Rifles + snipers.
No. 976917 ID: a9af05

No. 976948 ID: e40670

Check out heavy even if we don't get anything. Heavy would be the only ones that would actually damage ships (with the notable exception of very high-powered anti-materiel rifles, although since ships have shields and armor, you would probably need a railgun of some sort along with a very specific type of ammo to do any noticeable damage).

Since space is a vacuum, we could try using a tactical nuclear warhead. Nukes are only devastating when they are in an atmosphere, so in space, it means it will only vaporize the areas in a ship with life support (radiation would be hazardous, but a space suit already needs to shield from so much radiation that it would be like shooting a submarine with a water gun).

For general purpose weaponry, I would get something modular (like the modern day AR-15 platform). I would get a weapon with a bulkier caseless (less moving parts) rifle cartridge with a ~30 round magazine and select fire. Get a short barrel and a long barrel for it along with a folding marksman's stock (bulkier, has a cheek rest) and a variable zoom scope with backup sights. A scope with a hud or broad spectrum electromagnetic detection would be good, but it shouldn't be something that is useless if it gets fried, meaning backup manual adjustment knobs and a painted on crosshair and mildots. A bipod and a foregrip would be good to have as well.
Energy weapons and railguns are good, but they are vulnerable to emps. On that note, it may be a good idea to have some conventional sidearms as well.

Another thing to check out would be magnetic-assist packages for conventional guns. Basically a railgun that can still work as a conventional gun if the power dies.
No. 977105 ID: df76b1

I am rethinking this a little, and i'd kinda like to see how heavy Heavy is. Something to engage a battlemech or large alien might be important at some point.
No. 977112 ID: d4d69a

Unless we are fighting off the first strike of an invasion, battlemechs would be a horrible decision tactically. I doubt we will be fighting anyone stupid enough to use one. That being said, tanks and ships are definitely a possibility. I would think some sort of shoulder-launched missile or railgun would be a good idea, although they are usually slow to load. One possibility would be a disposable launcher since they are usually incredibly compact (relatively speaking) due to their one-use nature.
No. 977114 ID: df76b1

Even the spacer equivalent of a Lahti or Lynx would provide some interesting possibilities.
No. 980832 ID: ed041d

The vote is for Rifles

:Vendorbot: We have a few rifles currently in stock.

Picard Arms Energy Rifle - 2000Z
Ammo - A
Damage - C
Reliability - B

Sariff Weapons Combat Rifle - 3400Z
Ammo - C
Damage - A
Reliability - B

Zach Series PDW - 4000Z
Ammo - B
Damage - B
Reliability - A

Reyes Series Platform Rifle - 1500
Ammo - B
Damage - B
Reliability - B

:Smile:: So it's all a question of which one do we want of use versus cost.

:Fifismile:: So many choices, so little time.
No. 980833 ID: df76b1

That Reyes looks like a solid performer.

Seems a bit like an FN FAL.
No. 980834 ID: c3b783

Question: it says the Reyes is a Platform Rifle. Does that mean it is a rifle built from the Reyes series platform sort of like how an M4 is built off of the AR-15 platform? If so, that is by far the best choice since it would be modular. Modular weapons are always the best choice imo.
No. 980862 ID: 6d81f4

Reyes seems versatile, yet cheap.
No. 980868 ID: 4f51b2

rReyes seems like the more balanced and cheap.
No. 981481 ID: ed041d

> Vote is for the Reyes Platform Rifle
> Sivon has 3500 Zuni left.

:fifismile:: Not a bad choice all together, it is cheap sure, but it is pretty rounded.

:Smile:: And modifiable. You want anything?

:fifismile:: I've got stuff in my pod fighter, I'll be fine.

What shall Fifi and Sivon do next?

> Buy more weapons
> Go to the food court
> Search for other shops
> Go to Olympus Arms for bionic upgrades
> Other (Suggestion)
No. 981482 ID: 5d32e7

Olympus. I'd like to see prices, but especially, a rebreather would be good for survivability.
Also, a codec. Good comms are always key to success.
No. 981483 ID: 9aaeef

Olympus, then let’s go eat something.
No. 981486 ID: 8fab7a

Go to the food court, snag food, drink and maybe a knowledgeable local to interrogate/bribe about the comings and goings of our bounty.
No. 981488 ID: ff1738

I would like to browse the heavy weapons just to see what is available. It shouldn't take too long. After that lets check out the bionics selection.
No. 981490 ID: df76b1

Let's keep this date moving. Off to the food court for brunch and banter.
No. 982067 ID: ed041d

The vote is to go to Olympus next.

:Smile:: I could always use more cybernetic implants.

:FifiAngry:: This is an entire thing with your kind isn't it?

:Apexsmile:: Yes, yes it is.

Olympus has these implants in stock, with the current pooled Funds of 7000 Zuni, Sivon may be able to buy two implants, the shop will become unavailable for awhile as Sivon will need to adjust to his new augments before he can buy another.

> Targeting sensors - HUD
> Codec Package - Implanted communication
> JONNY - An AR implant that will allow Apex direct communication and the ability to interact with artificial environments with Sivon as a network node

> SPDR Grip - Wall Walking
> VNM - Implanted laser blaster
> JNSN - Implanted Arm Blade
> THMPER - Implanted Grenade Launcher
> BRRT - Internally mounted gatling cannon

> MK6 Bion - speed enhancement
> Stonewall Stabilizers - Can’t be knocked down
> X-Dash - Boost enhancement system that allows Sivon to jump higher

> Implanted Rebreather - Ignore gas and vacuum issues
> Adrenaline Regulator - Remain calm in a fight
> REIN-Reviver - A Defib module that will revive Sivon in case he falls in battle
> ZR0 - Internal Gyroscopic stabilizers allow Sivon to maintain balance and even jump off of walls.
No. 982069 ID: 8fab7a

>Pooled funds of 7000.
Didn't we only have 3500 Zuni left after the rifle purchase?

Keep some money on hand, at the very least.

Choice 1 - Codec Package now that we have a buddy to work with sounds pretty good, actually.

Choice 2 - JONNY, cuz' heckin' yeah to hackin', yeah?
No. 982070 ID: df76b1

Rebreather, Targeting sensors
No. 982072 ID: 9aaeef

The REIN reviver sounds like a priority.
No. 982094 ID: 037eaa

Gotta go with rebreather.
Adds survivability, plus we'd be able to hit foes with gas without issues ourselves.
#2 is tough, there's a lot of good choices, but I gotta go with codec for TEAMWORK!
No. 982098 ID: 36784c

Buy the Codec Package and the Implanted Rebreather.
No. 982149 ID: 864e49

Targeting sensors
I'm confused about some things, we need to have some kind of communicator in order to talk with people long range but couldn't Apex act as a go between if we get JONNY? And what does artificial environments mean; like digital, holographic or just man-made like station or ships and can we hack with it?

If yes then JONNY else Implanted Rebreather.
No. 982151 ID: a30253

JONNY sounds like a great way to get Apex in more. I think I'll back the rebreather too, it's handy.
No. 982157 ID: 350379

Got some questions. So Rebreather is supposed to help with breathing in toxic atmospheres and vacuums. Does this only help with breathing, or does this also let us survive depressurization or over pressurization? It would be no good if it gives us the ability to breathe, but the moment we step out of the airlock our blood ends up boiling.
No. 982396 ID: a9af05

Codec and ZR0 seem like they would be useful.
No. 982745 ID: ed041d
File 160709098274.png - (92.17KB , 1228x1079 , JQCYBER-4.png )

> The Vote is for Rebreather and Codec

Fifi waits outside the surgery station and shortly after, Sivon steps out.

:Fifismile:: So now you're even further augged up?

:Smile:: Yep! I'm a cybernetic super soldier, it is pretty common to find us from the Reptus Star Cluster.

:Fifismile:: Supersoldiers?

:Apexneutral:: Cybernetics junkies.

Sivon frowns at that comment and sighs

:Frown:: You have to really bust my balls like that?

:Fifismile:: More to the point, I'm hungry. Let's grab lunch. We got enough for a meal before Jax shows up.

What kind of lunch shall Sivon and Fifi grab? Cheap, Romantic (Expensive), Spacer, etc.
No. 982746 ID: df76b1

We're working. So probably the equivalent of burgers and fries.
If we don't totally blow it, maybe we can go somewhere nicer onworld later.
No. 982751 ID: 1f5380

Ask her if she wants to go to a fast food place, you can promise her to go to a more expensive (and romantic) dinner after the haunt is over.

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