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File 157988313467.png - (205.92KB , 900x675 , 1.png )
954301 No. 954301 ID: 931978

You’re sleeping and it’s sunny outside. Seems like someone is calling out your name in the distance, you’re not sure, you can’t quite make it out.
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No. 954303 ID: 931978
File 157988316587.png - (251.04KB , 900x675 , 2.png )

No. 954304 ID: 931978
File 157988321066.png - (260.95KB , 900x675 , 3.png )

You hear it again, loud and clear this time.

No. 954305 ID: e7c7d3

Salmon. It's a dumb name and you don't even like the fish.
No. 954312 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 954314 ID: 0eaed4

No. 954317 ID: 931978

No. 954318 ID: b23117

No. 954321 ID: e51896


Braidrickette Salmon
(all of the above
No. 954323 ID: 404f0f

It's... difficult having to choose a name without knowing the gender.

If female:

If male:
No. 954329 ID: 6e6f32


No. 954333 ID: 094652

How about Salmon Butter from subsistence hunters who actually believe butter comes from salmon?
No. 954334 ID: 528d9b

No. 954339 ID: 015bf2

Gold. This.
No. 954351 ID: 2155be

Sure, Salmon
No. 954440 ID: 4ee783
File 157999167376.png - (136.09KB , 900x675 , tra 3 e 4 salvataggio.png )

>It's... difficult having to choose a name without knowing the gender.
Last time you checked you were a girl and, to your knowledge, that didn’t change much, although sometimes you do wish not to be, albeit just because not having to squat when peeing seems a lot more comfortable (and fun).

Hearing the faint sound of steps outside you decide it’d be better to hop off the bed; someone is rushing closer.
No. 954442 ID: 4ee783
File 157999180351.png - (261.00KB , 900x675 , 4.png )

> Salmon. It's a dumb name and you don't even like the fish.
Salmon! Calls the voice, louder and much closer. It’s not fishing season, so you’re pretty sure someone is looking for you. You hate the name just as much as you hate its fishy muse.

Sally dear, says your dad as he peeks inside the tent. You’re late, he continues, and you’re not ready yet! Get your clothes, pick your gear, meet us at the hawk totem and SMILE, today you become a WOMAN!
No. 954443 ID: 4ee783
File 157999184557.gif - (408.99KB , 900x675 , 5.gif )

Woopdy doo.
No. 954444 ID: 4ee783
File 157999197254.png - (241.48KB , 900x675 , 6.png )

With that out of the way he vanishes as fast as he appeared. It’s not fishing day alright, today is Trial day. Girls and boys magically turn into women if they manage through a test set-up by the tribe elders, earning their own tents and the right to go hunting and harvesting for the tribe independently if need be. The day previous to The Trial is spent gearing up, the night is the first alone in what might become their new home.

What joy. You wish you could have slept past it. You’re not too fond of The Trial and you really don’t see the point. Most kids are thrilled, but to you it’s utterly useless. You need no one’s permission to go inside the forest, you’ve been doing so for over 4 years in various expeditions, accompanied by your mom and dad alternatively, you know you’re ready for the task without anyone’s validation.

The Trial is pointless and it doesn’t the deserve capitals. But… Time to gear up, probably…

No. 954445 ID: b1b4f3

Acquire clothing, inspect hunting gear.
No. 954446 ID: 59083c

So, hol up. Everyone just turns into women? So everyone is women? Why even differentiate gender at all if everyone will eventually be the same, or (and much more disturbing) why tf are children the only ones that have sexes?
No. 954447 ID: 9876c4

I think it's pretty clear her dad is a guy. It's coming of age time.
No. 954448 ID: 094652

>Gear Up
A pouch of bait, some merchant-bought knives, bow and arrows, and your best leather armor.

And some candied herbs, because today's the last day you get to use your kid pass to eat fistfuls of candy.
No. 954449 ID: 404f0f

Bow, spear, rope, flint, torch.

And a spellbook. Or totems, if you're into that.

How long does the trial last?
No. 954452 ID: e7c7d3

Perhaps they have progressive views on gender. The boys can become woman if they want to! Hmm, then maybe we could aim to become a man? Wouldn't solve having to squat to pee though.

Get the ropes, get the pokey things, get the food that doesn't taste good but doesn't go bad.
No. 954480 ID: 7ebbf9

Well grab your weapon and is that a flute in the front box?

Waterskin, a little food, map and compass if you have one, fishing gear, basic first aid, things for hunting. Are you expecting to stay out overnight?
No. 954490 ID: baec18

A wilderness survival test?
You'll want a bag of some variety, bow, spear etc..., waterskin (preferably filled but if thats not allowed whatever).
Warm clothes or a bedroll (unless your fur's enough).
Grab that flute there as well, might be useful.
Ultimately if you've spent 4 years heading to the forest you should be able to survive one night with just your bare hands.
No. 954491 ID: a0dfd2


How do you lift your head, with so much hair?
No. 954505 ID: b24d69

This seems like a strong plan, that I can support
No. 954622 ID: f2320a

I am confused how are more kids even made then?
No. 954628 ID: c33e1f
File 158017495511.png - (271.71KB , 900x675 , Author note 1.png )


No, no. I just made a mistake. What I meant to write was:

"Girls and boys magically turn into *WOMEN AND MEN if they manage through a test set-up by the tribe elders."

The "magically" part was meant to be ironic and not to be taken seriously at all.

It's just a coming of age test, sorry for the mistake.
No. 954648 ID: a80696

The fact OP had to make a post spelling out the fact we are a girl makes me laugh and cry for the state of our species. how fucked in the head do you have to be, to come up with gender-swapping magic?
No. 954650 ID: a80696

he even gave us a subtle clue about how this (fox/wolf?) species works. the Dad is blue which means males are blue, now given the fact we are red-ish must mean we are the opposite sex. the pièce de résistance, OP even said: "Last time you checked you were a girl and..." come on people we are better than this as a species!
No. 954651 ID: e7c7d3

I mean, It's a pretty common anime trope. Ranma 1/2 comes to mind, and that's been out for a long while. Plus, what i was suggesting was more transgenderism and not straight up sex-swapping.

I will agree that the OP having to clarify things is kinda funny.

Different colours meaning different sexes is a bit of a leap though, considering we're dealing with furries.
No. 954652 ID: a80696

I can see your point about fur patterns meaning different sexes being a bit of a stretch, but with the limited data set we have, I would argue that it's a valid conclusion to make until shown otherwise.

As for your point on transgenderism, I seriously doubt that what at a glance looks like a hunter-gather society has even developed the concept of gender identity disorder

But yeah it's pretty funny/sad OP had to Clarify that yes we are in fact a girl.
No. 954667 ID: d2de35

Alright, that's enough of that. If you want to continue ranting about gender please do it in the questdis thread or make one for the quest if there's no thread for this yet. Don't rant in this quest thread about gender. It was a simple typo and there have been stranger things established in quest settings before, asking for clarification is fine, questions were answered, move on.
No. 956078 ID: 3e540c
File 158153155077.png - (171.82KB , 900x675 , 7.png )

>How do you lift your head, with so much hair?
No. 956079 ID: 3e540c
File 158153156745.png - (166.72KB , 900x675 , 8.png )

No. 956080 ID: 3e540c
File 158153157433.png - (172.57KB , 900x675 , 9.png )

No. 956081 ID: 3e540c
File 158153158377.png - (184.13KB , 900x675 , 10.png )

No. 956082 ID: 3e540c
File 158153160596.png - (127.36KB , 900x675 , 11.png )

No. 956083 ID: 3e540c
File 158153162693.png - (195.55KB , 900x675 , 12.png )

You usually don’t.
No. 956084 ID: 3e540c
File 158153167236.png - (273.10KB , 900x675 , 13.png )

>Acquire clothing
You observe the clothes resting on your stool. You don’t even need to unfold them to know your mother made them.
No. 956085 ID: 3e540c
File 158153170175.png - (166.04KB , 900x675 , 14.png )

No. 956086 ID: 3e540c
File 158153172859.png - (271.62KB , 900x675 , 15.png )

Feels motherly!
No. 956087 ID: 3e540c
File 158153211399.png - (254.08KB , 900x675 , 16.png )

>inspect hunting gear.
There is no hunting gear in sight, but it’s bound to be somewhere. You check the box to the far left.

Inside you find a bone knife, a flute, a hollowed out log with sand inside (it makes a soothing noise when turned gently) and a stuffed digby.

You know these all too well, alongside some basic equipment for The Test to come it is tradition to put some of the examinee’s most cherished belongings in (hopefully) their new house, as a wish for good luck. The bone knife and flute you have a special attachment towards as the former was made for you by your dad and your mother taught you how to play the latter.

Recently you haven’t been feeling all that good about the blade though.
No. 956088 ID: 3e540c
File 158153224643.png - (270.20KB , 900x675 , 17.png )

Surely you wouldn’t be taking the digby doll with you even if it turned out to be the last useful object in the entire village. Adults love them but neither you nor the rest of the kids does, yet they seem to force the awful things down your throats whenever possible.

Even now.
No. 956091 ID: 3e540c
File 158153285626.png - (269.41KB , 900x675 , 18.png )

You check the box to the right: that’s where you find the hunting gear!

>You'll want a bag of some variety, bow, spear etc..., waterskin (preferably filled but if thats not allowed whatever). Warm clothes or a bedroll (unless your fur's enough).
Inside you find a rather large bag, there’s a bow, a whetstone, a flint rock, a small sack with bait, a heavy coat, an empty waterskin and a rope.
No. 956092 ID: 3e540c
File 158153301188.png - (158.83KB , 900x675 , 19.png )

You pull the bag over your shoulder and stuff everything inside of it, nothing is useless, even if at its worst you’re not going to spend more than a night out.

>Grab that flute there as well, might be useful.
You take the flute too, you might want to chill to some tunes when you complete the test so early you’ll have plenty of time to spend doing nothing because you’re so good and this whole thing is a joke haha.

>get the pokey things
Although reluctant, you realize the bone knife will definitely prove itself useful during the trial, if you found space for the flute you will find it for that as well.
No. 956093 ID: 3e540c
File 158153314133.png - (221.87KB , 900x675 , 20.png )

>And some candied herbs, because today's the last day you get to use your kid pass to eat fistfuls of candy.

You have no candied herbs on you, however you managed to sneak some zipjuice… Zips are local berries, they’re a little hard to find but they’re lovely to look at, tasty and, most importantly, SWEET!

You’re not allowed around them because they give you quite the sugar rush and last time you ate a few you got to the point where you stuffed your feet in a pot and started claiming to be a plant out loud in the middle of the village, you were so determined your parents had to bring you back to your tent with the whole vase.

If you drink just a little bit later it won’t be a problem, you guess, in small doses it merely charges you up. But even going so as far as a sip now would be enough for mom to notice.

You put it in the bag.
No. 956094 ID: 3e540c
File 158153317134.png - (168.95KB , 900x675 , 21.png )

With your blessing.
No. 956095 ID: 3e540c
File 158153329160.png - (238.29KB , 900x675 , 22.png )

You look around. It seems you stripped the tent of every useful item. You’re good to go.
No. 956096 ID: 3e540c
File 158153331819.png - (213.46KB , 900x675 , 23.png )

You near the exit and peek outside.
No. 956097 ID: 3e540c
File 158153335349.png - (371.43KB , 900x675 , 24.png )

You can see the Hawk statue: at its base other three kids, their parents, your mom and dad and The Eldest Elder. The other children will be going in different directions as yours and face similar tests adjusted on their personal skills.
No. 956098 ID: 3e540c
File 158153345708.png - (304.86KB , 900x675 , 25.png )

That girl’s name is Needle. If it’s not your mother’s stitch-work you’re wearing it’s usually her parent’s, they dress most of the village. Other than that you don’t know much of her; she tends not to play with other kids much.

Near her, The Eldest Elder. As the name suggests he’s the eldest of the tribe, he’s in charge of most of the tribe's activities, alongside The Elder Council.
No. 956099 ID: 3e540c
File 158153349755.png - (346.31KB , 900x675 , 26.png )

That’s Pan. His mom and dad are the village cooks. He’s a nice fella, if a little insecure every now and then. There has never been a time where he hasn’t shared one of his snacks with you. A true friend!
No. 956100 ID: 3e540c
File 158153351535.png - (234.32KB , 900x675 , 27.png )

Mom and dad are there too, obviously.
No. 956101 ID: 3e540c
File 158153352931.png - (310.89KB , 900x675 , 28.png )

And that’s…
No. 956102 ID: 3e540c
File 158153354308.png - (298.63KB , 900x675 , 29.png )

No. 956103 ID: 3e540c
File 158153356311.png - (516.81KB , 900x675 , 30.png )

No. 956104 ID: 3e540c
File 158153367393.png - (218.51KB , 900x675 , 31.png )

Okay you can’t just go outside if he’s there! You don’t want him to ever see you, the guy’s a pain!

It’d be easier to just walk there if you weren’t late, but you are and you know for certain all the attention will be directed towards you! What if The Eldest scolds you because you were late?! IN FRONT OF HIM!?

That’d be the worst possible scenario! Ok… You have to come up with a great excuse, one that doesn’t sound too convoluted, one that isn’t too short either, the simple answer to answer all questions, something that doesn’t put you in the position to admit you tried to sleep past THE Trial and apologize in front of him!

No. 956105 ID: 015bf2

Bad hair day. Took you an age to get it straightened out.

Dare them to call you on it.

Just dare them.
No. 956107 ID: 540c20

You suddenly fell and died. Or drink the whole bottle of zipjuice and run into the forest.

Or, just suck it up and handle it like an adult. Ignore him and no-sell anything he does. Call any antagonism out on its immaturity and don't even give him the satisfaction of getting to respond before giving someone else your attention.
No. 956111 ID: 3ed3c3

Sudden, inexplicable back pain. Like, wow! Just out of nowhere a sudden, hot pain in your back like nothing you've ever felt before demanded your immediate, undivided attention.
No. 956112 ID: e7c7d3

You were just sooooooo excited for today that you didn't fall asleep in time and ended waking up late.

Also: DAMN! That is a ton of images! I'm super jelly that you were able to make so much for an update.
No. 956120 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, bad hair day.
No. 956121 ID: 9b97e0

Do you have a crush on Lance?

Excuse: You had that time of the month, and you were having cramps all night, bleeding, etc, basically keep giving them details until they stop you.
No. 956125 ID: 094652

Quick go into the woods and capture a baby duckling or something

Say you found it on the ground and now you're its mommy
No. 956134 ID: 2aa5f0

sneak there and say you where there the whole time and nobody noticed. Why didn't anyone notice you?
No. 956135 ID: 13059a

>the guy’s a pain!
No. 956136 ID: a9af05

Bad hair day.
No. 956139 ID: 91ee5f

Bad hair day.

It’s the most believable story considering how much hair you have.
No. 956143 ID: 9876c4

Attend, but hide behind something large, like PAN.
No. 956163 ID: 9b97e0

If the guy is a pain because he likes to make fun of you in every which way, then wouldn't the excuse of a bad hair day make it worse since then he'd make fun of your hair for the rest of your life?
No. 956165 ID: 864e49

Snooty fucks.

He is definitely friend shaped.

Someone has a cruuuush.

You accidentally forgot your face!
You had to waste time informing the voices in your head that the trial does not involve gender swapping magic!
You had to restrengthen the magic wards that keep the ancient and horrible deamon from escaping the prison that is your hair!
You totally overslept because this whole trial thing is stupid and you really couldn't be arsed.
You had a wet dream and needed to clean up!
No. 956183 ID: e7c7d3

Also, what's wrong about the knife? Did something happen between you and your dad?
No. 956306 ID: baec18

You know what's the best excuse?
Nearly missing an event this socioculturally important (while very protagonistic) isn't the best look.
Head it off at the path!
Hit them with a sincere "my bad" and you'll be gucci.
Also what an insane size for an update given the the quality of the images. Super sick, but be careful not to burn yourself out.
No. 956749 ID: c6e5bf
File 158212788934.png - (431.55KB , 900x675 , 32.png )

>the guy’s a pain: elaborate.
Well, there was that time where you were walking back home from the river with your parents and he was looking RIGHT at you, the creep! You kicked him in the shin for good measure!
Not to talk about that time where you where chilling under a tree and suddenly he was looking at you. You just HAD to kick him in the shin.
Then that other time when he was taking a bath in the river all naked? You just had to show him so you kicked him in the shin!

>Bad hair day. It’s the most believable story considering how much hair you have.
Yes! Bad hair day is perfect. Simple and believable, not even mom will be able to argue. After all, she’s the one insisting you keep them growing. You never cut them since you were born and you’ve been arguing a lot with her about it recently, after all they are a chore to maintain and are also a literal burden when you have to hunt (and every other moment of your life).
You have no idea why she has this weird fixation with your hairs, what you know for certain is that she seems to love them way more than you do.
No. 956750 ID: c6e5bf
File 158212793284.png - (119.90KB , 900x675 , 33.png )

With the perfect excuse ready you walk out the tent, chest puffed proudly, you’re sure nothing can go wrong.
No. 956751 ID: c6e5bf
File 158212797964.png - (151.52KB , 900x675 , 34 2.png )

>If the guy is a pain because he likes to make fun of you in every which way, then wouldn't the excuse of a bad hair day make it worse since then he'd make fun of your hair for the rest of your life?
No. 956752 ID: c6e5bf
File 158212800667.png - (150.55KB , 900x675 , 35 2.png )

No. 956754 ID: c6e5bf
File 158212840784.png - (188.23KB , 900x675 , 36.png )

You didn’t take that into consideration not even for a second, but now the thought emerged from your subconscious and it’s sticking to your mind like a mussel to a cliff! You can feel their eyes on you as you get closer, especially HIS.

>Also, what's wrong about the knife? Did something happen between you and your dad?
But why? Why are you so scared? Why do you suddenly care so much? You didn’t just up to a few moments ago! In fact, you stopped caring ever since dad had… That talk… With you. Yet, here you are: heart racing, sweat rolling down your forehead… What’s happening?

Are you up for it? Are you ready? You couldn’t even wake up in time, are you REALLY mature enough to be considered a woman? As all these doubts resound confusedly in your mind, one makes its way to your conscious loud and clear: run.

>>Vote: https://twitter.com/TheBunnyLoop/status/1230151758187552770 >>

Author note: had to edit the first and second picture of this last update, I reuploded the whole thing. Sorry for the confusion and thanks everyone for your support and advice!
No. 956755 ID: b07f1c


And if they ask you why you're late, instead of giving them an excuse, just look cute and give them "the eyes".
No. 956756 ID: 608140

Just go to Lance and kick him.
No. 956760 ID: e7c7d3

Face your fears! Face your parents and tell them you're ready! Face your friend and tell him good luck! Face lance and kiss kick him in the shin!
No. 956765 ID: 6c227a

I don't have a twitter and I'm not making one just to vote, but stay and do the thing. Nobody is ever ready to do anything until long after they have already started doing it.
No. 956774 ID: ce39da

If you kick him in the shins just for looking at you, maybe consider that it is you who is the pain in this relationship, not him. (I mean jeez, you were the one who walked in on his bath; he should have been the one kicking you in that situation.)
No. 956775 ID: 91ee5f

That sounds more like he thinks you’re cute and is just bad at talking to you, so he ends up looking like a creep.

>Then that other time when he was taking a bath in the river all naked? You just had to show him so you kicked him in the shin!
Except for that. He was minding his own business when you came up to him and kicked him for no reason. You were the creep in that situation.

Today you grow up, stay and face your fears!
No. 956776 ID: a9af05

Stay! Don't run away.
No. 956780 ID: 801ba1

>I don't have a twitter and I'm not making one just to vote, but stay and do the thing.
No. 956812 ID: c8b64e

It's your best bet! If you can't face your fears run off! Do the trial on your own!
No. 957301 ID: c6e5bf
File 158264077874.png - (82.77KB , 900x675 , 37.png )

The new update is coming soon!

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