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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 157988313467.png - (205.92KB , 900x675 , 1.png )
954301 No. 954301 ID: 931978

You’re sleeping and it’s sunny outside. Seems like someone is calling out your name in the distance, you’re not sure, you can’t quite make it out.
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No. 958276 ID: 906caf

Grab the normal spear before it's gone. Even though it's not as specialized as the other two, being in the same class and lacking specialization is actually a form of value and efficiency.
No. 958306 ID: 49e4d4

Spitting in the wind, but I'm going for the axe for all the reasons >>958217 said. It's a reasonable hunting weapon, but it serves a purpose that can't be easily imitated- cutting down trees for lumber. You can craft a reasonable spear from wood if needs must, but a spear can't chop down a tree.
No. 958308 ID: e51896

I like mace

but spear is also good.
No. 958309 ID: 4033f7

Was gonna say spear, but this is a really good point. Why get a spear when we can get both an axe and (albeit later) a spear?
No. 958316 ID: 49e4d4

Exactly. Honestly, it's the axe that's the multitool. With an axe and some luck, you can make:

-Bow / Crude Arrows
-Basically anything simple and requiring wood in a certain shape.

It's immensely helpful.
No. 958336 ID: f2320a

well if we dont have a fishing rod or really anything like it, we will need a streamlined sprear to sprear the fsh
No. 958344 ID: 765049

I’d say AXE, but middle spear would be my second choice. The axe is good for woodworking, but the spear looks better for fishing.
No. 958349 ID: 6c227a

Guys, she's planning to be outside in the woods for maybe a day, not bootstrap her own minecraft village. We don't need a versatile multitool capable of manufacturing other tools. We need something we can use effectively right now.

In the absence of real combat training, the easiest and most effective weapon you can pick up is the pointy stick. It is also an effective fishing tool, so if there is anything here Salmon IS familiar with, it's probably also the pointy stick.
No. 958355 ID: cc31a8

Greetings from hyw BunnyLoop!

We're a family of fishers? I thought going by all the mentions of hunting we were going to be hunters. Or does our family do both?

It's quests man. Everyone wants to get the omnitool.

Voting for the three-pronged spear. If we're from a family of pescadors, we likely have experience using it since multi-pronged spears are commonly used for fishing as it helps avoid missing the fish due to light refracting your stab. Choosing it also shows we're comfortable taking on our family's trade which should win us points during this whole coming of age ceremony.
No. 958356 ID: ce39da

He's terrified that you'll catch him looking in your general direction, obviously. If that annoys you, you ought to realize it's your own damn fault for drilling that lesson into him.

The spear on the right has more points and is, therefore, better for spearfishing.
No. 958357 ID: cc31a8

Bingo. I wouldn't be surprised if picking the spear is actually part of the test.
No. 958429 ID: e51896

Changing my vote to axe
No. 958477 ID: 9876c4

I'm not sure it's an individual exercise.

We might be teaming up, and Pan would make far better use of an axe.
No. 958482 ID: b24d69

Spear it is a good weapon
No. 958596 ID: cc31a8

Team-ups or no team-ups, we're a huntress (even if fish is like a pretty lame prey). Pescadora forever! The spear is like our soul animal. If we need tools we can improvise.
No. 958606 ID: 6e6f32

Hunting or Fishing Spear.
Massive Reach.
Handy Utility.
Brutal Effectiveness.

The falchion requires massive upper body strength to fully utilize, the mace requires the wielder to have a lot of mass in order to control it, and the axe is a side arm, we already have a knife. The shark spear is liable to get stuck in whatever you stab. You might not have enough weight to keep control of it.
No. 958787 ID: 9ae66c
File 158383941217.png - (118.98KB , 900x675 , 50.png )

Hunting spear:


Shark spear:

Septum spear:



No. 958832 ID: a80696

Oh shit, I didn't even realize we had different spear to pick from.
No. 958857 ID: 9876c4

Second best outcome. I can live with that.
No. 959462 ID: d3c469
File 158488199491.png - (284.06KB , 900x675 , 51.png )

Needle steps up before anyone else stating that, since everyone is taking so long, she’s going first.
No. 959463 ID: d3c469
File 158488205025.png - (194.68KB , 900x675 , 52.png )

She goes for the spetum.
No. 959465 ID: d3c469
File 158488217824.png - (161.06KB , 900x675 , 53.png )

Pan follows, grabbing the axe.
No. 959466 ID: 094652

Try not to be last.
No. 959467 ID: d3c469
File 158488224449.png - (180.88KB , 900x675 , 54.png )

Then Lance grabs the spear in the middle.
No. 959468 ID: d3c469
File 158488231309.png - (144.97KB , 900x675 , 55.png )

And finally you make up your mind...
No. 959470 ID: d3c469
File 158488244077.png - (148.95KB , 900x675 , 56.png )

>The glintsy SPEAR calls for you.
>if there is anything here Salmon IS familiar with, it's probably also the pointy stick.
You get the spear, undoubtedly the best choice. You’ve been accustomed to its use daily while fishing for your mom and dad. They purposely made sure you’d know how to operate it on fishes and any other land animal, you’re well aware of its weaknesses and its strengths. With it you can kill a trout just as well as a quillerboar if the need arises.
No. 959471 ID: d3c469
File 158488355202.png - (417.37KB , 900x675 , 57.png )

Now that everyone is fully equipped and armed, The Elder continues, you will be given a few moments each to spare a few words and carry out your Act of Wisdom...

Right! You completely forgot about that... The Act of Wisdom is, quite literally, an act of maturity kids carries out before heading into the forest. It’ supposed to represent their passage into adulthood.

It’s not mandatory, but it’s held dear by many children to the point where they often begin thinking about it months ahead and, so far, no one has pulled back from it.

Now you did have one planned, it was so perfect you barely had to put any thought into it and you kind of ended up giving it for granted. With all the emotional turbulence you dealt with last week, however, you ended up not caring about the trial anymore and now that you're about to go? ... You can't remember!

Surely you don’t want to be the first because you didn’t think it through… Especially with Lance there, which still is a major anxiety for some reason. If you could recall it'd be perfect! You're pretty sure it had something to do with a recurring argument you had with your mother and something tells you it shouldn't be THIS hard to recollect... But if you can't manage to get the thought back, you might need to improvise.

You were able to cook a believable excuse rather quickly earlier, you know you can come up with something on the spot.

It doesn’t need to be needlessly articulated, maybe powerful though… Someone torn to shreds their favorite toys, others admitted a few major lies they told their parents, there’s even someone who cut a fresh wound on their hands so it would heal into a scar to remind them of that day… The latter didn't turn out well for those who failed.

What do YOU do?

No. 959473 ID: bb78f2

There is ONLY ONE option
No. 959475 ID: bb78f2

OH and ask Pan to drop you a beat
A true friend always drops a beat anyway once a breakdance is underway, so you might not need to ask him
It simply will be known.
No. 959477 ID: 2aa5f0

Take bone knife
Use bone knife to cut off all hair
You shall no longer be weighed down by the pass but move freely into the future!

But for real maybe use the knife to cut off a lock of your hair as a memento of the day you stopped being a child. It's like that guy who cut himself for a scar but far less dumb and doesn't look as stupid should you fail. Plus seeing how you have as much hair on your head as the entire village does combined I doubt anyone would be able to say that it wasn't a big decision for you to do this since you obviously care for you hair a lot and as far as I can tell haven't ever cut it once.
No. 959481 ID: b07f1c

Since we don't have the digby doll to sacrifice for our passage into adulthood, we'll have to get a bit creative.

Play a short song on your flute, then say, "Just like this flute can play a song and the spear cannot, we too must use our own and each other's strengths if we want to accomplish great things.".
No. 959482 ID: dbd72b

Cut your hair until you're happier with it. Let your parents know you love them, but you have to be free.
No. 959483 ID: ce39da

I approve of the hair-cutting option. Don't try to get too fancy with it, though, or the resulting 'do will look stupid; self-styling never goes well without a mirror.
No. 959490 ID: 094652

>Cut hair

>Act of maturity
Walk forward to your mission, ignoring the prideful calls of those who seek to 'prove' their maturity with fancy shows and ass-licking.
No. 959492 ID: 1ed92d

I got one!

Tell Lance no hard feelings.

Then you won't be burdened growing up!
No. 959493 ID: 015bf2

The hair is a useful cushion for your back if you take a tumble. You can even use it as a pillow or, heck, probably a hair throne soon. Never cut it. (this may be a bad take)

>Act of Wisdom
You already did yours by taking that step forward, having that sense of adult realization, admitting to the Elder that you were scared of coming and seeing that most of your fears were complete bogus.

Anything else you do will mostly be for show in front of your friends and their parents.

Which is fine if that's what you want to do. You can use this opportunity to give everyone - or someone specific - an impression of the adult you that you want to be.

Or you could apologize to Lance for kicking him in the shin all those times and tell him he's allowed to look at you again (within limits) because hoo boy maybe you've been similarly misunderstanding a few things about that chat your dad had with you about you know what.
No. 959495 ID: b1b4f3

Ask your mom about the argument, to jog your memory.
Coming up with something on the spot is NOT mature or wise.
No. 959499 ID: 9876c4

Cut hair and then breakdance.
No. 959518 ID: 2aa5f0

>The hair is a useful cushion for your back if you take a tumble. You can even use it as a pillow or, heck, probably a hair throne soon. Never cut it. (this may be a bad take)

If you're talking about my original suggestion, the cut off ALL hair part was a joke.

The second part which was the serious part where I just meant cut off a small lock about the length and width of a finger.
No. 959519 ID: e7c7d3

Show that you're a grown up by apologizing to Lance. Takes maturity to realize you're doing something hurtful, and even more so to admit to it.

(Even if he totally deserves it.)
No. 959527 ID: 6e6f32

Cut your hair with the bone knife, like 95% of that needs to go.
No. 959640 ID: cc31a8

Don't cut hair. It's important to our parents so there's probably a good reason we have it so long. Besides, it looks good on us.

Apologize to Lance.
No. 959648 ID: d186fc

Tbh, with that much hair, if we cut it short, we could probably use it for making fabric or something.
No. 959652 ID: 91ee5f

A passage into adulthood means that you can finally cut your hair and your mom can’t do anything to stop you! Go ahead and get a haircut!

Also, your hair is just going to get in the way. And with that much hair, it could easily get snagged on something.

>Ask your mom about the argument, to jog your memory.
The argument is mentioned here: >>956749 . Salmon has been arguing with her mother about her hair, because for some unknown reason, her mother won’t let her cut it!
No. 959658 ID: b24d69

No. 959682 ID: f2320a

I do want to keep the hair and it would be more a wisdom thing if we talked with lance or just admited we where a little scared to even come here
No. 959754 ID: e51896

haircut sounds good
No. 961916 ID: bee8af
File 158687582349.png - (99.63KB , 900x675 , soon.png )

OOC: hello, it's been a while, for the few who are following, don't worry I will resume posting soon, there have been just a few minor set-backs due to THETHINGTHATSHALLNOTBENAMED problems.

In the meantime, you can always follow me on Twitter and other media, I'll start by posting new art in my galleries because they have been a little too "sleepy" as well. There'll be things related to the quest too, of course, as well as some general fun.

As for the rest, thanks for the support so far, I'm aware we might not be many, but I'm really counting on keeping up with this one and I hope you'll stay with me for as long as the ride lasts. There'll also be a discussion thread up somewhere down the road for some quest related advice, questions and silliness.

Get cozy, guys, take care and wash your hands <3

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBunnyLoop
DA: https://www.deviantart.com/bunny-loop
FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bunnyloop/
Tumblr (although it's dead): https://www.tumblr.com/blog/thebunnyloop
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bunnyloopdoodles/
Newgrounds: https://bunnyloop.newgrounds.com/

No. 961921 ID: 015bf2

Narcolepsy strikes again.
No. 961964 ID: 2aa5f0

hey, feel free to take all the time you need.
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