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File 157810740075.png - (257.37KB , 550x500 , adq_000.png )
952647 No. 952647 ID: 11f77a

Wiki & Terminology: https://questden.org/wiki/Arthocob_Date_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106192.html
First Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/902109.html
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No. 952648 ID: 11f77a
File 157810744293.png - (220.19KB , 550x500 , adq_001.png )

Ganymede: What can eff—

Ganymede: What can I do…

Ganymede: Save her… Bhothogoshol what can eh--

???: It’s time to wake up, child…

Ganymede: —too late, but I can help…

???: There’s work to be done…
No. 952649 ID: 11f77a
File 157810748048.png - (297.53KB , 550x500 , adq_002.png )

Janitor: Can ya hear me? What are you doing out here?

Janitor: What’s goin’ on with you, ya hopscotch?

Janitor: I don’t know what you’re ramblin’ about but just ‘cause you live here don’t mean you sleep wherever you like! Y’all have yer cocoons and whatnot!

Janitor: Unlike you I have a job to fulfill!
No. 952650 ID: 11f77a
File 157810751946.png - (257.89KB , 550x500 , adq_003.png )

Janitor: It’s hard enough to wipe the gunk the lot of you carry into the hallways.

Janitor: What’s you got there? A letter opener? Come on! Git up an’ attem. I need this place tidied up before everyone wakes!
No. 952652 ID: e7c7d3

Gasp! Gany! You're naked! Cover your shame and get some clothes
No. 952653 ID: bef60d

Get up, retrieve your dagger, and find out where you are. if possible, acquire a new cloak.
No. 952655 ID: b1b4f3

That's some powerful sleepwalking.
Okay, things to do today:
1, check on the other major players in the dream, find out if they had the same dream you did.
2, tell your preacher about the dream/vision.
3, hand over the dagger to the police
4, consider whether you're really going to go take that job or not.

Did you scratch the wall in your sleep?
No. 952659 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, we can honestly say that was the worst trip you've ever had. Where are you? And why are you naked?
No. 952697 ID: a9af05

Do this. Let's start with checking on Eudora.
No. 952828 ID: ce39da

"Did... Did I sleepwalk here?" Make it clear that you are not in this state by your own volition.
No. 952877 ID: 11f77a
File 157835189466.png - (268.12KB , 550x500 , adq_004.png )

Ganymede: I—uh, am not in this state by my own volition!

>That’s some powerful sleepwalking
>Get up, retrieve your dagger, and find out where you are.
>Where are you? And why are you naked?
I quickly swipe the dagger and just sprint off! I seem to be in the atrium where the mural was and there’s no one else around. The hallways are so quiet—it must be pretty early in the morning. The janitor only mutters something and resumes his duty.

Being naked is fine for an Arthocob, I guess. I hear some aliens are, like, embarrassed or something when there’s nothing to wear? Anyway—I must’ve left my room without a robe if I was sleepwalking. I’ve never done that before quite honestly.

Yeesh, what was that all about anyway?
No. 952878 ID: 11f77a
File 157835203347.png - (216.97KB , 550x500 , adq_005.png )

>Let’s start with checking on Eudora.
>Things to do today: Check on the other major players in the dream, find out if they had the same dream you did.
I’ll visit Eudora first since she’s next door. I hope she’s already out of bed--but this could be urgent! I quickly knock on her door as to not wake the neighbors.

Ganymede: Eudora? Are you awake?

knock knock

Ganymede: Eudoraaaaa

knock knock knock knock knock knock

Ganymede: Eudora I need to ask you something important!

Ganymede: I just wanna see if you’re okay!

There’s a shuffling inside. I think she’s coming to open the door!
No. 952879 ID: 11f77a
File 157835214028.png - (278.26KB , 550x500 , adq_006.png )

Eudora: What.
No. 952880 ID: e7c7d3

Okay, you may want to punch me in the face right now (Alright, definitely want to punch me in the face right now.) But some serious shit just went down for me and I needed to make sure you weren't actually swallowed whole, even if that means I look crazy and have you angry at me.

Could I ask for a five second head start to run away?
No. 952881 ID: 0fae41

"Did we do anything weird last night involving a religious apocalypse and a giant mouth? No? That was just me then. Good."
No. 952882 ID: bef60d

Hey, did you have a horrible nightmare too?
No. 952883 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you had a horrible vision about everyone getting turned into weird zombies from their own trauma and negativity or depression then getting eaten by Ndepthteph. She was there and you were both trying to escape, but... it happened to her too. She was covered in wounds and bandages... You're the only one that got out. Did she have the same vision?
...wait does she still have some bandages on her?
No. 952884 ID: d63ea8

This. But maybe also add that you feel like dream is going to play out somehow. (Probably not literally, but in the same vein)
No. 952885 ID: dee4cb

“I had a horrible nightmare that everyone here turned into horrible monsters and were consumed by [whichever god that was]! I was worried you were... I was afraid that...”
No. 952887 ID: 2aa5f0

ask if she's ok

if she ask you why you're asking tell her, "have you ever had a dream so real that when you wake up you're not sure if it was actually just a dream or not? I just had a dream where the whole school was attacked and I just wanted to make sure it was just a dream."

give more details if asked for them
No. 952914 ID: a9af05

Both of these.
No. 952945 ID: 4f51b2

She looks like a mess, like something eat her and not in the lewd way. Ask her is she is okey.
No. 952954 ID: 91ee5f

Explain what happened.

That’s because she just woke up and crawled out of her cocoon. Since Arthocobs sleep in cocoons, it’s only natural that they’d look a little wet when they climb out of bed.
No. 952959 ID: b1b4f3

...what if the knife is laced with a drug that causes hallucinations or vivid dreams? That would explain the original owner's odd behavior as well; maybe he was given it by someone else.
No. 955153 ID: 11f77a
File 158053045060.png - (295.42KB , 550x500 , adq_007.png )

Ganymede: I had a horrible nightmare—or vision! I don’t know how to best explain it!

Ganymede: It was this orphanage, Eudora! Everyone became a zombie from their own despair and trauma. One by one they were entering the gates of Ndepthteph in the atrium. You were there with me as we tried to leave, but you turned as well. Bruised, wounded, bandages and all!

Ganymede: But I saw an escape—and I was the only one who left that terrible world. Unable to save you.

Ganymede: It was surreal. And I…

Ganymede: I want to know if you’re okay; and whether you dreamt the same…

Ganymede: --thing.
No. 955158 ID: 11f77a
File 158053062688.png - (210.70KB , 550x500 , adq_008.png )

She stares at me the entire time. Maybe too tired to be angry. She rubs one eye at a time until it’s her turn to speak.

Eudora: Ganymede.

Eudora: It’s like, four in the morning or something. I don’t remember dreaming anything.

Ganymede: You sure? Nothing about a religious apocalypse and a giant mouth?

Eudora: No. You probably ate some bad food. Stop bothering me.

Ganymede: But it felt important! Real! Like it’ll play out somehow!

Eudora: That’s enough, idiot. You’re sounding like the zealot the other day.

Eudora: Go back to sleep already.

She closes her door. I guess I’ll have to talk another time for anything else. I’ve noticed her bandage from yesterday is loose.

I had some earlier thoughts as I was reaching Eudora’s dorm.
A) I must know more! I’m back to knocking on her door.
B) Maybe checking up on the others wouldn’t hurt. But I’d be waking them all up.
C) I should dress and be ready for the delivery job. Earn yuggoths for her gift.
D) In fact, I should dress and forget the job; find something else to do today.
No. 955162 ID: b1b4f3

>sounding like the zealot
The dagger is the common thread here. You should get it turned over to the authorities asap and warn them it might give terrible visions to whoever handles it or sleeps near it.

I want to do the delivery job, but will it really take the whole day?
No. 955165 ID: e7c7d3

C) work will help take your mind off of things
No. 955166 ID: 3ed3c3

Okay, fuck it. Let's do C.
We know absolutely nothing about this dagger except that it gives its wielder bad trips, so it's all a whole bunch of whatever. Fork it over to the authorities when you can and free yourself of it.
Meanwhile, get ready for your job. That's a known factor and in your comfort zone, so focus on that.
No. 955167 ID: bef60d

No. 955186 ID: 9aa12d

C) It’s time to think and doing your job gives you that time.
No. 955187 ID: 4f51b2

c) We can see the others later.
No. 955214 ID: 1ed92d


Also maybe search for the Zealot and tell them about your vision during your job.

Seriously, if the Zealot is having nightmares like this, no WONDER they've become a Doomsayer. They might need help if they've been consistently having visions.
No. 955226 ID: 11f77a
File 158059087225.png - (253.84KB , 550x500 , adq_009.png )

>Work will help you take your mind off things.
>It’s time to think and doing your job gives you that time.
>I want to do the delivery job, but will it really take the whole day?
>Meanwhile, get ready for your job. That’s a known factor and in your comfort zone, so focus on that.
Sigh. I suppose if nothing changed overnight then I shouldn’t worry about the others. It’s a long journey to the village on foot and I could use the time to think over some things. The merchant says I could reach Village Corbon by late afternoon without a Baolith. It’ll be a nice walk at least; I love watching the countryside go by.

I thus resign to my room to change.

>You should get [the dagger] turned over to the authorities asap and warn them.
>Fork it over to the authorities when you can and free yourself of it.
Yeah, maybe I should. I’ll dress up first, then once I arrive in the market I’ll find a town guard and hand it over. That weapon has been nothing but trouble it seems. I wonder if the zealot has been experiencing nightmares too—but he seemed adamant in the way he spoke of his vision.

…lost spirits from the husks of treacherous creatures…

No. 955228 ID: 11f77a
File 158059107008.png - (211.96KB , 550x500 , adq_010.png )

Well I ought to throw together some traveling clothes suitable for the road ahead. This is quite exciting to be away from my home--if only for a day!
No. 955233 ID: ea81d3
File 158059608342.png - (189.78KB , 550x500 , Gany Travel w back.png )

Short cape for everyone!
No. 955237 ID: 0efe8e
File 158060167895.png - (189.86KB , 550x500 , I'm sorry.png )

I had to do it
No. 955238 ID: 404f0f
File 158060246805.png - (202.98KB , 550x550 , RiskOfRain.png )

No. 955253 ID: 9aa12d

Yes please
No. 955256 ID: 015bf2

No. 955257 ID: d63ea8

No. 955259 ID: e7c7d3
File 158062111925.png - (201.62KB , 550x500 , gany1.png )

Remember, the most important part of an outfit is the jaunty hat.
No. 955280 ID: e51896

Hmm... I kind of want to see this outfit: >>955233
with the jaunty hat: >>955259
No. 955509 ID: f2320a

No. 955510 ID: f2320a

I HAD A OVER REACTION the sacred tradition has been done by this fine fellow saving us all from being a heretic
No. 955600 ID: 11f77a
File 158101883694.png - (293.45KB , 550x500 , adq_011.png )

Ya know what? This outfit looks pretty swell! I never knew I owned a cape or this jaunty hat. I’m ready to start this new chapter in my life on the right foot! I exit the orphanage and head down the trail to the market. Everyone’s busy setting up shop and there’s nary a villager on the streets yet.

As for the situation with the dagger, I already see a town guard beginning their route. Gotta make sure I don’t look like I’m coming at them with a weapon.

Well, here it goes.
No. 955601 ID: 11f77a
File 158101906219.png - (339.57KB , 550x500 , adq_012.png )

As soon as I caught their attention I see it’s Nennekee’s sister. I’m at ease to talk to someone I recognize. She’s pleased to see me too.

Shana: Oh hey, dude!

Shana: Whoa, is that really you, Ganymede? I almost didn’t recognize ya without your robe. Cool hat.

Shana: In fact you’re up pretty early—the market doesn’t even open for another two hours! What. Did Umbari give you livestock duty?

There’s a bunch of stuff I could bring up…
A) About turning in the dagger…
>1) Lie about how I found it. It was on the ground and… I came across it! I didn’t want anyone to step on it.
>2) Tell the truth or exclude some minor details. I wanted to know what it was. But it’s been messing with my conscience and it gives me nightmares.
>3) I can make a different explanation. >___

(and if I want to express one other concern…)
B) Talk a bit about her sister. Some things I need to address
>1) Nennekee misses you a lot. You should visit her some time.
>2) So is it true? Is she… an arsonist?
>3) >___
C) I want to know a bit more on somebody. (Who?)
D) Whatever happened to that crazy zealot yesterday?
E) What do you know about Village Corbon?
F) So, uh, how’s the town guard business?
G) >___
No. 955602 ID: e7c7d3

A-2) It looked interesting and had that bit of mystery that we wanted to solve.

I so very much want to ask b-2, just to see if it truly was just a nightmare or a vision. But I feel like that's a reeeeeally personal question if true, and a potential attack on her character if it's false.
No. 955608 ID: d63ea8


Maybe rather than b-2, we can just ask if she is doing all right in general. If she wants to open up, it should be her choice.
No. 955612 ID: b1b4f3

A2, B2 because that fact was from your vision, which you should confirm somehow despite being out all day. But also B1, we know that's true even outside of the vision.
If it turns out your vision had truth to it, you need to tell Shana about it.
No. 955659 ID: 4f51b2

A)2 and B)1. We shouldn't be too direct with the arsonist stuff, not yet.
No. 955664 ID: e51896

You sunk my battleship
No. 955704 ID: ce39da

A-2, then B-3: "I heard that your sister's been feeling guilty about something she did some time ago. Do you know what that's about?" Go for the cold-read approach; then, regardless of the answer, shift to B-1: "Maybe you should talk to her?"
No. 955791 ID: 5b93d3

A-2/3) "Remember that zealot yesterday? I found this dagger he dropped before he was dragged off. I took it to the Father in case it was religious, but he said it was a normal dagger and to turn it in to you"
No. 957158 ID: 891b91

Seconding this -- B3->B1 seems like a good way to both confirm whether the dream had any truth to it, and potentially help Nennekee with her problems.
No. 958020 ID: 5b0071

A-2 , that whackjob basically threatened your entire town.
No. 959363 ID: 11f77a
File 158475049023.png - (257.26KB , 550x500 , adq_013.png )

Ganymede: I’m actually up early for a different reason—but I wanted to find a town guard to hand this over, first.

Slowly, I reveal the dagger. Shana gently takes the handle to examine it herself. The sign of Ndepthteph shimmers in the amber-plated grip.

Ganymede: There was a man rambling about the Death Worm yesterday. That wackjob basically threatened the entire town. He left this dagger in the ground but I couldn’t help but take it back inside the orphanage. I was curious about it; like some mystery surrounds it.

Ganymede: It’s been messing with my conscience and I’ve had a nightmare. Call me a lunatic, but I was thinking it was a vision like the zealot had.

Shana: Fromthis thing?

Shana: Eh, I’d call it a mere coincidence if it happened to me. I’ll take it out of your hands, no problem. Thanks, lunatic~

She gives an assuring smile.

Shana: I’ll see if you passed the nightmares onto me. Will that be all, citizen?
No. 959364 ID: 11f77a
File 158475062647.png - (290.06KB , 550x500 , adq_014.png )

>Cold-read approach
>We shouldn’t be too direct with the arsonist stuff
Ganymede: Well, it also leads me to ask you something… personal. Something about you and Nennekee.

Shana: Is that so? Is she okay?

Ganymede: I think so. She was fine when we were painting in the atrium. She talks about you a lot! She says you two have less time together and she’s just trying to get by without her other half.

The guard clasps a hand to her head with a faint sigh.

Shana: Aye. I’ve been so busy—I’ve been meaning to visit more. But I’m glad to know. She just has to hang in there. I’m trying to save enough for a house but it’s a long road ahead. I know she’ll understand.

Ganymede: Well, this is kind of a stretch so…

Ganymede: Uh…

Ganymede: You know how you got here, what happened long ago with your… home…

She takes a moment before realizing the path of this conversation.

Shana: Oh, I see…

Shana: I’m used to talking about it. It’s something I’ve learned to move on with. Everyone knows what happened anyway. Same goes for a lot of our friends in there. All the orphans know what everyone is in for.

Ganymede: Well, your sister has been feeling guilty about something.

Shana: Really? What would that be?

Ganymede: I was hoping you would know.

Shana: Heh, well I can’t know everything that goes through her head.

Shana: …

Shana: Oh, you think it has to do with that day, huh?

Shana: Hmm.

Shana: I should visit her sooner than later, then. Thanks for letting me know.

Does she not know the rumor about Nennekee being an arsonist? Well, it’s not really a rumor—if it was from a dream. And not like Nennekee ever started a fire during her stay at the orphanage. Shana might not know what I mean entirely. But at least she promises to see her.
No. 959365 ID: e7c7d3

That probably went as good as we could hope. Best not to dwell on it.

Welp, time to go do your job! To think that a simple errand was going to be the most interesting thing that was going to happen this week
No. 959366 ID: b1b4f3

She says she's comfortable talking about it. May as well spill the beans and say that during your nightmare or maybe while you were sleepwalking, someone accused her sister of being an arsonist. Did her house burn down?

If the vision gave you ANY valid information that you did not have before, then it could be considered a warning.
No. 959370 ID: d63ea8

Support. Best not to pry too much.
No. 959378 ID: 91ee5f

Do this.
No. 959382 ID: 3b0d5e

Let's leave it at that. Were we to say anything more, it'd likely be weird and/or give away the fact we're going off of crazy Dead Space dreams.
No. 959578 ID: 11f77a
File 158502403570.png - (305.61KB , 550x500 , adq_015.png )

>That probably went as good as we could hope. Best not to dwell on it.
Ganymede: Well… I’ve just about said all I’ve needed to share with you then. Glad you could take that dagger away from me.

She nods, waves me on my way.

Shana: Mmhmm, stay out of trouble now. Let me know if there’s anything else going on with my sis, okay? I know she has a strong heart.

I take my leave, waving her s’dhaquacama.

>If the vision gave you ANY valid information that you did not have before, then it could be considered a warning.
It’s possible to interpret the dream as a foreboding future—Nennekee or the others could start trouble based on their past. I just need to be absolutely sure my dreams speak truthfully.

I-I’ll have to think about this later.
No. 959580 ID: 11f77a
File 158502406759.png - (301.88KB , 550x500 , adq_016.png )

I’ve arrived at the vendor just as the owner sets up shop. I announce my presence with a slight cough. He sharply curls his neck around--and recognizes me quickly.

Menz: Ah! So you came, huh? Good!

Menz: I was thinking you wouldn’t really show up. And you’re bright and early too!

Menz: How enthusiastic…

Ganymede: Uh-yep! All dressed and ready for the road ahead—Sir! What’s the mission?

Menz: Give me a moment! Give a moment… where’d I put that--there!

Menz: You’ll be delivering… this!
No. 959581 ID: 11f77a
File 158502419076.png - (304.92KB , 550x500 , adq_017.png )

On the counter displays a long, silver and ridged pair of daggers across a blanket of silk. The Zephcynth slowly wraps it with grace as he explains the job in his guttural Paligrijan accent.

Menz: A collector… of sorts… has made a special order for these Relicynth daggers. It took forever to get a pair of these in stock! Some nerd by the name of Augus Kroen paid a lot of yuggoths in advance, so handle with care!!

What’s with these daggers ending up in my hands? This better not curse me with a neckbeard or something.

Menz: Now you do know the way to Corbon, right? Of course you do! Just take the East road, walk through the wood, and it’s the first village you run into.

Menz: And don’t think about tossing the merchandise in a ditch and report back a finished delivery! You need to return with the client’s stamp on the form! Deliver it. Grab your money. Get back here. Easy. You got questions? Need to know the way out of this tent? Come on, I’m busy!
No. 959582 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if you could ask him about the weird dagger? He's a weapon merchant after all.
No. 959584 ID: e7c7d3

Seems pretty straight forward. Does he have a package or some wrappings for the daggers.
No. 959588 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, what does the customer look like? Is there an address we're delivering the daggers to?
No. 959590 ID: 9aa12d

Maybe it’s a sign from the heavens that you should start wielding daggers.

Gonna need more info on the client rather than just simply going into a city.
No. 959604 ID: d63ea8

This is the most pertinent question we can ask.
No. 959605 ID: 91ee5f

Ask what Augus Kroen looks like? Ask if he knows the address to Augus Kroen‘s home?

We probably could’ve done that if we didn’t already give the dagger to Shana. I think it might be too late to ask him about it now.
No. 959611 ID: a9af05

No. 959645 ID: 5b0071

"How's the weather supposed to be?"
No. 960590 ID: 11f77a
File 158587839784.png - (244.26KB , 550x500 , adq_018.png )

>Ask what Augus Kroen looks like?
>Is there an address we’re delivering the daggers to?
Ganymede: Alright, uh, is there an address? Or a picture of him at least?

The zeph wraps the merchandise and binds it tightly around so they wouldn’t jumble. He removes a travel bag from beneath his counter and packs the daggers inside.

Menz: The order wasn’t given in person; it was made through a letter. And I don’t even make these antique weapons! It’s made somewhere else and handed to my shop for delivery.

Menz: This is an expensive order—and I wouldn’t be surprised if he used a friend’s name to avoid his parents from finding out. Village Corbon is a small settlement anyway. I’m sure you can use your brain to ask around where he lives.

Menz: Find an inn, or something! You’re likely staying the night there anyway. Which reminds me…
No. 960591 ID: 11f77a
File 158587843435.png - (290.20KB , 550x500 , adq_019.png )

Menz: Before you go, you need to wear the proper gear and emblem to be a traveling courier. Let’s see…

Menz: Say, that’s quite the jaunty hat you’ve got there!

Ganymede: Oh thanks! I just threw—houch!!

Menz: Now that’s the hat of a delivery boy! This tells everyone that you’re busy and have no time for squabbling! Any chit-chat on the road is a second taken away from my customer!
No. 960592 ID: 11f77a
File 158587856007.png - (291.87KB , 550x500 , adq_020.png )

He drops a small pouch in my hands, and documents needing a customer’s stamp and one slip to grant swift passage through checkpoints.

Menz: You should have everything you need here. This money is for food and room only! Provided by me to be sure you don’t sleep outside and eat the sap off twigs (and I’m forced to provide by law).

Menz: By-the-way, if you happen to see the other courier I’ve sent that way, give him a good thrashing, will ya?!

Menz: He thinks he can steal from me--I always knew he was a sketchy fellow. He’s an Arthocob like you. Kinda… scrawny and pathetic. Safari colors I guess with the orange and yellows. I think his name was Jupis… Those thief-types just take the extra coin and run.

Menz: Now shoo! I have to finish opening up.
No. 960601 ID: 4f51b2

Do you remember any guy with that name? Say yes and go on our way.
No. 960608 ID: b1b4f3

Get moving.
No. 960642 ID: e7c7d3

This guy is a poor judge of character if he thinks you can give someone a good thrashing. (No offense.)

Maybe grab a light snack on your way out that you can chew on while on the dusty road.
No. 960752 ID: 11f77a
File 158603661041.png - (370.31KB , 550x500 , adq_021.png )

Hmm, I don’t remember anyone with a name like that in the village—small as this community is. I take my leave from the shop and—well—guess I’ll head to the edge of town. Nothing left to do here.

I’ve been on this road a couple times; I have nothing to be worried of! All I need is to remember why I’m doing this. A pair of nifty brass knuckles for the love of my life! If that aint devotion then I don’t know what is. Though I think it’ll take more than venturing out of my own home to win her over--but it’s a good first step!

Walking can help me reflect on things too—like the dream last night. Or Kyzil’s weird obsession with me. I haven’t given myself enough time to really process all that, I pretty much rushed straight to work! As I begin this trip I wonder if there’s anything on my mind I should really analyze.
No. 960754 ID: bef60d

Probably That Horrifying Eldrich Nightmare.
No. 960763 ID: d63ea8

And maybe why you weren't affected like the others.
No. 960766 ID: b1b4f3

Kyzil seems to be at the center of everything.
What do we do? Try to save her? Try to stop her?
No. 960767 ID: cdabe3

Analyze the best way to date every girl and obtain a harem ending.
No. 960776 ID: ce39da

Regardless if it was prophetic, or just your subconscious going wild, that dream was likely trying to tell you about various people in the abbey. It's certainly possible that your persistent rejection of Kyzil has been dealing a more significant blow to her ego than you had initially considered. This may go beyond pettiness and into the realm of self-consciousness; she sees someone who places her below Eudora in desirability. Considering that what you love about Eudora has almost nothing to do with aesthetic appearances, it's easy to see how such a notion would be deeply offensive, but to this much of a degree...? If her entire sense of self-worth is how she's ranked above and below others by literally everyone... One might wonder if she has her own damage, like Nennekee.

Maybe ponder some passages of scripture that address this kind of root issue; they may be more effective than merely trying to spout stuff related to the immediate problem.
No. 961728 ID: 11f77a
File 158674227838.png - (467.72KB , 550x500 , adq_022.png )

>Probably that horrifying eldritch nightmare
>Kyzil seems to be at the center of everything.
Huh, I wonder why Kyzil though—
But she did seem like a catalyst for bringing out the worst in Nennekee. Or was it my fault when I punched her face? Naerro seemed to have turned by something without Kyzil’s help, too.

>It’s certainly possible that your persistent rejection of Kyzil has been dealing a more significant blow to her ego […] One might wonder if she has her own damage, like Nennekee.
I wonder what Kyzil’s grief is, exactly. I think we assumed everyone has their own baggage, something in their past that drags them down even to the depths of Ndepthteph. As for me? I dunno how I was immune or unaffected. But I mentioned before that I don't really have any baggage. My life seems to be just dandy, living every day in the present. Maybe Bhothogoshol watches over me 'cause it certainly felt like I was saved by Her in the end.

>Ponder some passages of scripture that address this kind of root issue
I should’ve brought a copy of the Voxxus Neb and see what it has to say about it. I remember class about our world of Heck. Arthocobs deprived of all hope to the Amber City are known as Husks. They just… shamble around in some limbo. They take what they can, they eat but are never satiated, they push others away--kind of like Mi-Yok who resemble the Old Arthocobs.* And thus easily influenced to corruption. Some deserve it like murderers and frauds.

But Eudora said she—or the orphans—were destined to the Death Worm. Why? What has she done? Maybe it has to do with how private she is. But then again a lot of children are secretive of their past.

>Analyze the best way to date every girl and obtain a harem ending.
O-Ooh, oh my.

* Old Arthocobs: primitive ancestor of the current race of Arthocobs with a mentality of locusts; scouring the land of its fruits and resources
No. 961729 ID: 11f77a
File 158674234693.png - (948.43KB , 550x1500 , adq_023.png )

How long has time passed? Ten minutes? Man, this is going to take forever. I wish I owned a baolith. I should look up baolith-riding when I return home, that’d sound like loads of fun. I’ve passed a few travelers as well and they seem friendly enough to return a wave. ‘S’dhaquacama’ and whatnot.

The road is pretty straight-forward. I look far down into it and the parallel lines converge. As far as memory goes, I could take a few detours to reach Corbon instead.

A) A shortcut through the countryside farm fields could be fun! Open space and lots of friendly gorms to watch!
B) I should stay on the main road. I can take a break at a small trading post up ahead.
C) I remember an ancient trail with neat ruins of an old hamlet. My class had a camping trip there once! It’d be nice to visit after so long.
No. 961730 ID: e7c7d3


A shortcut and soul cleansing? yes please
No. 961732 ID: cdabe3

Hmmm, all the paths have potential risks and benefits...

A might actually be the best choice, because their might be bandits on the road and monsters in the ruins. The worst you’ll have deal with in the fields is an angry slug-creature.
No. 961733 ID: bef60d

A sounds fun AND safe! do that!
No. 961739 ID: d63ea8


As stated above it is likely the safest choice as you'll have a decent chance of seeing anyone who would want to sneak up on you.
The worst thing you might have to deal with is an irate farmer.
No. 961740 ID: 91ee5f

No. 961758 ID: 4f51b2

A) sounds the safest.
No. 962928 ID: 7fafab

While I want to say C, A is probably the best combination of safety and efficiency.
No. 963473 ID: 891b91

I am protest voting for C because C means ancient temples which means encounters with things of age-old myths and prophecies
No. 965553 ID: 11f77a
File 158883297415.png - (349.50KB , 550x500 , adq_024.png )

Age-old myths and prophecies are fun and all—but I think time will fly a lot faster if I take the open fields! I don’t hear many stories of bandits or monsters on the road—but you never know who or what could sneak along a trail full of dense rocks and trees. Especially if it’s just lonely ol’ me with a backpack full of maybe-expensive stuff.

Gorms are one of the most docile creatures on the planet though—and I’ve worked around such fantastic beasts before! If they see me coming they may just trot out of my way. As much as I’d like to pet them I shouldn’t take the chance of upsetting any.

I’ll try to keep away from the barns too so no farmer tries to shoot me off his property.
No. 965554 ID: 11f77a
File 158883301544.png - (299.26KB , 550x500 , adq_025.png )

Gorms are Ralligoraugh’s—uh—you call them ‘cattle’ right? But imagine mollusks and snails with huge feet. Kind of like that.

There aren’t many pure mammals here, and when there are—it’s mainly a fusion of that and an insect. But I hear there are many other different and intelligent life forms besides our own running the galaxy. Several centuries ago I think some featherless bird-looking people discovered us? And then we learned about another habitable planet in our solar system—which is where all the Zephcynths, Relicynths, and Icynths come from. I hear their planet is a desert all around. We call their home Daatuteph, but they call it Paligrij.
No. 965555 ID: 11f77a
File 158883328227.png - (450.46KB , 550x500 , adq_026.png )

Anyhoo, we’ve been trading back and forth because Paligrijans really could use our help in their world. The desert planet is closer to our star, so it gets pretty hot. I hear a lot of bad stuff from there though—it’s kind of a free-for-all hence a lot more refugees move here when they can. Ralligoraugh is far enough away to have a nicer climate. But I heard rumors that people can be kidnapped here and sold as slaves there!

A bunch of us orphans asked Mother Umbari time to time about Paligrij but she never tells us anything and makes us go back to cleaning the orphanage hallways. I never thought of bringing it up to Father Aephis though.

I wonder if I’ll ever visit another planet… Probably not Daatuteph--someplace nicer.
No. 965556 ID: b1b4f3

Other shadows or disturbances in the grass. Are you being followed by small animals or birds?
No. 965576 ID: e7c7d3

You want to reach for the stars, eh? What kind of planet would you like to visit?

Also yeah, you may have company
No. 965602 ID: 4f51b2

Yeah, maybe someday we could visit another planet, even better with a pretty lady as our companion. Don’t you suddenly feel that there is something behind us?
No. 965626 ID: a9af05

You're being followed!
No. 965627 ID: e443b0

Pick up your pace a little, check behind you Ganymede. Are those shadows or is something in the grass?
No. 965717 ID: 11f77a
File 158891180209.png - (362.30KB , 550x500 , adq_027.png )

Hmm, dunno what kind of planet I’d visit! I think the naked-bird-people have a neat planet with giant plants and flowers. I wonder how their nectar tastes.

It takes me a moment to hear the rustling of grass behind me. Even as I pick up the pace I can hear them speed up and slow down! I dunno what it could be, maybe an angry Ankhnux? A Dunj? Can’t be anything that dangerous. I mean, gotta be careful of critters defending their nests or holes.

I look back and I don’t see anything visible as the tall grass really obscures the ground. They must be very low to the dirt--
No. 965718 ID: 11f77a
File 158891193597.png - (373.83KB , 550x500 , adq_028.png )

Oh! What— huh.

What in Bhothogoshol's grace is that thing?
No. 965719 ID: cdabe3

D’aww, it looks adorable! It’s also probably incredibly dangerous, so I think it’s time to see how well you’ve been keeping up with your cardio exercises.

No. 965720 ID: bef60d

No. 965721 ID: 91ee5f

Just because it looks adorable, that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous! In fact, you’re most likely being surrounded right now!

Run for an area that doesn’t have tall grass! Try to get back on the road!
No. 965722 ID: 4f51b2

Quick, search an area where it can't hide. We got daggers, remember. Use them if you have to.
No. 965723 ID: 181745

Trouble, that's what. Turn whichever way isn't towards this caterpillar thing but closest to either the road or short grass and make a run for it. And whatever you do, DO NOT LOOK BACK. 'Cause if you do, then a rock or branch will immediately jump out in your path to trip you. (AKA Rincewind's Law.)
No. 965778 ID: b1b4f3

Don't panic. If it wanted to attack you it could've done so without poking its head out of the grass. I would say this is a curious animal, but it also looks big enough to do damage to you. Don't make any sudden movements to frighten it.
No. 965834 ID: f2320a

Looks centipedal but it does not have the toxic fang front legs atleast not that big that its noticable we noted atleast 3 shadows and they keep to deep grass so a predator
No. 965957 ID: 5b0071

Try saying "hello"?
No. 966008 ID: fefaf7

Make yourself appear larger so it will think twice about attacking, but be careful not to do anything flashy otherwise it might become affectionate
No. 966077 ID: 11f77a
File 158908135360.png - (354.42KB , 550x500 , adq_029.png )

>D’aww, it looks adorable. It’s also probably incredibly dangerous.
>Don’t panic. If it wanted to attack you it could’ve done so without poking its head out of the grass. […] Don’t make any sudden movements to frighten it.
It does look friendly, but I shouldn’t mess with it as you’ve said. If it was gentle (like a prey animal) I wonder why it hadn’t run off from the noise.

>In fact, you’re most likely being surrounded right now!
Ah! That’s why! More of them jump out from the meadow! One nearly grazed my arm when I dodged in time! Their pincers jut out from their maws and their eyes no longer shine. A second too late and this date would’ve been over quickly!

>Run for an area that doesn’t have tall grass! Try to get back on the road!
>I think it’s time to see how well you’ve been keeping up with your cardio exercises.
>Turn whichever was isn’t towards this caterpillar thing […] to either the road or short grass
Ah pest! I immediately sprint out of there—I don’t think I should run into the woods where it may be congested with more obstacles: trees, branches, bushes; the road isn’t an option right now!

I exit the tall grass and they give chase! Three of 'em! They’re about the size of... eh who am I kidding if you would know the animal name..! They’re up to my thigh if you don’t count their long necks snapping at my midriff! They have three pairs of limbs and their feet scatter to catch up with me. Where do these guys come from?!
No. 966079 ID: cdabe3

Uh well


When a momma bug and a daddy bug love each other very much...
No. 966080 ID: 4f51b2

Use the daggers.
No. 966081 ID: d63ea8

Get ready to jump, the one on your left is about to swipe at your leg.
No. 966082 ID: 015bf2

Cut/dodge to your right-hand side! That'll make two of them get in each other's way.
No. 966083 ID: b1b4f3

Give one a swift kick.
No. 966092 ID: 4f51b2

Wait. Do we have any food? Maybe that could distract them.
No. 966102 ID: 891b91

Seconding this.

Also yell "perkele" at them! It works on large mammalian creatures, maybe it'll work on large insectoid creatures too!
No. 966170 ID: bef60d

use the secret technique of your family:
No. 966173 ID: f07f0b

If anyone else lives under a rock like me and didn't understand this, Perkele means Devil in Finnish and apparently it is semi-famous. No direct connection to the tozol quest as far as I can tell.
No. 966814 ID: 7fafab

Step 0

Step 1
Find tree
Step 2
Climb tree
Step 3
Go out on branch
Step 4
Kick at them when they try to follow

If possible, break off/pick up a branch to whack them with.
Don't use the weapon you've been hired to deliver; these things could have corrosive blood, for all you know!
No. 966878 ID: 11f77a
File 158969153654.png - (315.98KB , 550x500 , adq_030.png )

>When a momma bug and a dad—
Oh, shut up! I’ve seen Nil and Neb! Most of it… [>>/questdis/130971]

>Get ready to jump, the one on your left is about to swipe at your leg.
>Cut/dodge to your right-hand side! That’ll make two of them get in each other’s way.
I make a hard right—I hear them tumble against one another with a wretched croak and I dare not look back. Out of the tall grass it’s much easier to put some distance behind me. Even the gorms are starting to bay and canter in groups when they find these crawlies galloping along after me.
No. 966880 ID: 11f77a
File 158969161072.png - (268.41KB , 550x500 , adq_031.png )

>Use the daggers
I’d hate to ruin these. But if I must then I must! I dunno if their blood can burn through steel but my life has got to be worth more than that!

What the- but how do I even use these? Where’s the handle? It’s not even, like, a long blade to swipe around. It’s more of a stabby-thing than a swipey-thing. It’s flimsy too like a scorpion’s tail as it curls a bit.

>Step 1: Find tree
>Step 2: Climb tree
I don’t see a lot of trees around, t-there’s a boulder over there. Uh… the woods are in the opposite direction and I dunno how long I can run to find a tree before they catch up. There’s a barn but that’s a bit of a home stretch—but I think I can make it if I really haul ass!
No. 966881 ID: 0fae41

Go for the boulder! If you try and attack with a ceremonial dagger and break it, you'll be even worse off. There should be better things in your pack you could throw at them.
No. 966887 ID: 26e160

Put the blades back. Instead, try quickly weaving through those rocks to your right.
No. 966890 ID: b1b4f3

Don't risk your cargo. Head to the barn.
No. 966892 ID: 4f51b2

Go to the barn as fast as you can, as if Eudora was offering you a kiss.
No. 966899 ID: 36784c

Do not break the thing you’re supposed to be delivering! You won’t get paid if you break it!

>What do?
If the farm animals are starting to make noises, then the farmers should be coming out to investigate. They should hopefully have a way to drive off these creatures!

Head for the barn!
No. 966918 ID: d63ea8

Go for the barn, there should be a ladder to the hayloft, and these creatures shouldn't be able to climb it.
No. 966920 ID: a9af05

Do this.

Screaming and shouting for help is preferable, since that will get the farmer's attention faster.
No. 966927 ID: 4f51b2

Wait, could this things be guardian mascots or something?
No. 966933 ID: 11f77a
File 158975281315.png - (297.90KB , 550x500 , adq_032.png )

>Don’t risk your cargo. Head to the barn.
>Do not break the thing you’re supposed to be delivering!
>If you try and attack with a ceremonial dagger and break it, you’ll be even worse off.
I’m sprinting to the barn as fast as my legs can allow. Arthocobs can make quite a fair distance—least when it comes to jumping to high places. I know I’m stalling a bit in my stride as I fumble with returning the dagger in the pack.

I skip the boulder, the barn should have some places where the creatures have no chance to climb. If I scream and flail I could catch the attention of the farmer. I’ll just need an excuse to why I’m on their property.

Ganymede: Eh-He-Hel-Heeeeelp!!

I hop over the fence and my momentum comes to a halt! One of them sunk their pincers into the bag and jerked me backwards!
No. 966936 ID: 3ed3c3

Apply elbow to eye cluster.
No. 966937 ID: 0fae41

You have to punch a bug to make it let go!
No. 966945 ID: e96198

Yeah, ram your elbow into the little rascal.
No. 966946 ID: ed763f

Yank one of those antennae off, that'll hurt it.
No. 966950 ID: 4f51b2

Pull it's antennaes so it stops bitting.
No. 966964 ID: d186fc

Guess you'll die, cuz you are NOT losing that cargo!
No. 966982 ID: 5b0071

shake your bag off so you can turn around and deal with it.

you better not have that pack cinched tight.
No. 966984 ID: a9af05

Do not lose that bag!
No. 967038 ID: 11f77a
File 158985218378.png - (293.17KB , 550x500 , adq_033.png )

>Apply elbow to eye cluster.
>You have to punch a bug to make it let go.
>Do not lose that bag!
I immediately jab my elbow into its cluster of eyes. And if that didn’t work—repeated jabs were made. It wriggles its neck around violently to try and unhinge its pincers and release me. The rest of its buddies manage to catch up and I almost had to rip the bag apart. This is my first job and I’m not going to fail!

Even as I tuck the bag against my chest the other vile creatures swoop over and under and between the fences and tackle me! I’m thrown to the dirt road screaming.
No. 967039 ID: 11f77a
File 158985230760.png - (322.29KB , 550x500 , adq_034.png )

>Guess you’ll die, cuz you’re NOT losing that cargo
Crap crap crap crap! They pile on top of me and I push against their necks to keep their jaws away. They squeal and clack their teeth. Their pincers try to bite into my chest but instead they keep chomping the bag guarding my body.

I don’t wanna die! Oh Bhothogoshol why? Why’re you doing this to me? I’m not ready to go! I have so much to live for! I haven’t kissed a girl yet! Save me from these hell-beasts and I promise to become a monk and isolate myself from the world!
No. 967042 ID: 11f77a
File 158985236667.png - (313.21KB , 550x500 , adq_035.png )

No. 967044 ID: cdabe3

close your eyes! don't get blood in them! punch the other bug!
No. 967045 ID: b1b4f3

Uh oh, looks like you're gonna have to become a monk and isolate yourself from the world.
Keep your head down and the bag secure until the bug-hounds are dead or gone.
No. 967046 ID: e7c7d3

Note to self: look into monk openings.

Toss dead one at living one
No. 967048 ID: 0fae41

Lie very, very still until the exploder of heads says you can get up.
No. 967050 ID: 4f51b2

Forget the Monk promise, it was the heat of the moment. Roll To get away from the other creature.
No. 967056 ID: 36784c

Looks like someone with really good aim has shot the creature that’s attacking you! You know what’ll help them with their aim? Not moving until they say it’s safe for you to move! Because the last thing you need is to get accidentally shot when your savior is trying to shoot the other bugs!
No. 967073 ID: e96198

Stay down, other bug will either run away or get shot, even then don’t get up yet. Check who just saved you from a horrible demise.
No. 967082 ID: d63ea8

First, this. You don't want blood in your eyes/mouth.

And then try to roll away from the other creature staying low to the ground. You don't want to get shot on accident.
No. 967223 ID: 11f77a
File 158995521153.png - (340.37KB , 550x500 , adq_036.png )

The creatures hesitate at first but are eventually scared off—running. I remain still and hold on to my bag for dear life as thunderous gunshots whipcrack through the air. I cover my face and wipe off any blood that may have splattered on me.

There were only three shots.

I reconsider my proposal to become a monk. Bhothogoshol will understand.

It’s quiet. It’s just the wind and my breath.

And my heart.
No. 967225 ID: 0fae41

Say hi, and thanks, but at the same time so it comes out "hanks".
No. 967226 ID: 11f77a
File 158995578805.png - (202.79KB , 550x500 , adq_037.png )

A whole minute and I hear soft footsteps through grass—getting closer and closer behind me—or above my head where I lie. Hovering upside-down over me is the silhouette of a long, triangular head. It tilts its head like a bird, eyes pulsing cyan and turquoise. And then comes this kind of… eldritch warble. It takes me a moment to realize it’s how it speaks.

It points a rifle at me.

That warble doesn’t sound pleasant.
No. 967228 ID: 4f51b2

Raise your hands slowly to make him/her? sure you are not a threat.
No. 967229 ID: b1b4f3

Um, hello?
No. 967230 ID: cdabe3

No. 967232 ID: 16d082

You know what they say: Around Huntoons, expect trouble soon.

But he’s probably displeased with your presence on his land and the potential endangerment of his livestock. He’ll probably understand after an explanation.
No. 967235 ID: 9aa12d

Give ‘em a howdy
No. 967236 ID: 2aa5f0

give a timid thank you
No. 967237 ID: e96198

Raise hands slowly. Say, “Don’t shoot, I made a wrong turn.”
No. 967238 ID: 094652

"I want my something-repeat-last-syllable-y."
No. 967246 ID: 5b0071

Well, thank them.
No. 967363 ID: 7fafab

Raise your hands in the universal gesture of "please don't hurt me"

"...um, hello."
No. 969948 ID: 11f77a
File 159243060459.png - (256.01KB , 550x500 , adq_038.png )

>He’ll probably understand after an explanation
So this is a Huntoon, huh? Their faces are really thin when they look straight at you. Knife-thin. It's uncanny and unsettling to me.

I turn and raise my hands slowly. This guy looks… I think displeased of my presence. He keeps tracing the barrel around me and I cringe up hoping he doesn’t pull the trigger on accident. He bellows another synthetic garble.

Ganymede: Uh, t-thanks—uh. Howdy. Uhm…

Ganymede: I didn’t mean to…

Ganymede: I don’t know what those things were… I took a wrong turn.

Ganymede: Don’t shoot me.

The gunbarrel taps against my forehead—pushing the hat back a little. He warbles again, although I don’t know if it’s a question or a demand.
No. 969950 ID: b1b4f3

The hat designates you as a delivery boy. Tell him where you're headed, he'll point you in the right direction.
Also tell him you can't understand what he's saying.
No. 969953 ID: 5b0071

Say the company/trader you're working for. You aren't that far from town yet, and even with a language barrier he'll probably recognize the name of a local merchant?
No. 969954 ID: 4f51b2

Tell him you are delivering a package and take this route without knowing it was private property.
No. 969956 ID: 7fafab

"I am just a delivery boy. I did not know I was on private property. I apologize."
No. 972283 ID: 11f77a
File 159478437609.png - (254.61KB , 550x500 , adq_039.png )

Ganymede: I, uh—I’m just a delivery boy. I work for Menz down in Hab-Zoraat. I dunno if you know anyone there but I got papers. I can show you!

I gently point in the direction of my village as the Huntoon eases the gun off my head. He’s listening but I think he understood the insignia of my hat already. I still wave a document around. I don’t even know if it’s the right one.

Ganymede: I was taking a shortcut; I didn’t know this was private property. I won’t do it again. I was on my way to Corbon. That’s all.
No. 972285 ID: 11f77a
File 159478442994.png - (257.18KB , 550x500 , adq_040.png )

He sounds like he’s blowing bubbles in a drink—but the noise is electric in the air. He sways his rifle in a direction down the dirt road almost calmingly shooing me away.

Ganymede: Thanks. Uhm, thanks for not shooting me. Sorry again.

Ganymede: I’ll go now. It won’t happen again, sir.

Huntoon: warble warp

I pass the three dead buggers, each one with a bullet clean through the noggin. This guy has really good aim. I reckon these types of critters raid his farm quite frequently if he could shoot far away.
No. 972286 ID: 11f77a
File 159478450935.png - (309.44KB , 550x500 , adq_041.png )

I return to the road. I feel like it would be rude to look back to see if the Huntoon is still watching me. Like if I do, I would jinx it or put a curse on myself. Maybe he’s watching out for me--aiming his gun in case another creature follows. I imagine that, actually: a crosshair teetering side to side over my body the further I go. Something about his beady eyes that could see far into me—and even among the thin trees he may still aim true. It was only over a minute on the main route when I believed I was out of sight.

I don’t know how I feel now that there’s more cover for predators to jump out and attack. Yet as I look around and keep an eye on my back, nothing showed up for the next couple of hours. I could feel my legs starting to give up, but I was certain Village Corbon couldn’t be far.

It was when I reach their border have I noticed the sun was no longer in the highest point in the sky. I stand before the gates sweating and I can feel a pulse in my legs for stopping. Well, I’ve made it. And it looks like a modest village surrounded by forest. Hab-Zoraat is in a large open space and is significantly bigger.

While a few villagers roam the street, no one’s out working. I ponder what to do first.
No. 972288 ID: b1b4f3

Ask a passerby if they know where Augus Kroen is.
No. 972289 ID: 4f51b2

Let's see if there is some place to rest and eat, once we get there we ask for Augus Kroen (the boss said it may not be his real name but it has to be usefold in some way). And maybe we can find the other courier if we pay enough attention.
No. 972349 ID: 6eda24

Before going to an inn, lets check out the town a little to see if there is something interesting, let's see how the girls on this town are.
No. 972401 ID: 75acda

Do this (preferably a girl). Also ask why there are so few people outside, it feels empty.
No. 972800 ID: 11f77a
File 159521932335.png - (302.48KB , 550x500 , adq_042.png )

I look around town for a passerby, preferably a girl, I guess. Only a minute into town and I can see a lone woman walking down the street. Instead of surprising her I make myself heard and gently tap her shoulder.

Ganymede: Uh, excuse me miss? I was wondering if you can help me with something.

She turns around and gives me a once over—immediately followed by a stern frown and backs one step away. A bit defensive all of a sudden if you ask me.

Villager: I--I’m busy! What is it you want?

Ganymede: Sorry for taking your time. I’m looking for the residence of someone named Augus. Augus Kroen? I just have something to deliver for him.

With an assuring smile I point at the hat so she knows I’m a merchant. Her frown doesn’t change. She grumbles, almost hesitant to answer and turns away again.

Villager: I don’t know anyone by that name! I can’t help you--sorry. Bother someone else.
No. 972801 ID: 11f77a
File 159521960487.png - (241.50KB , 550x500 , adq_043.png )

Before she leaves the zone of conversation entirely I hop forward to ask one more question.

Ganymede: Wait a minute! Can you tell me why this town feels so... empty? There’s only a few people outside.

Ganymede: I don’t remember it being so quiet when I visited a few years back.

She faces me again without changing her expression.

Villager: I don’t know what you mean. Everyone’s inside their homes after work. Can't you see it's close to the evening?

Villager: Now I told you I’m busy! Find someone else to bother so I can go home!

She storms away to a trot...
No. 972802 ID: b1b4f3

Oh well go bother a shopkeeper or something.
No. 972805 ID: e7c7d3

Surely there's a bar or a diner that people relax at. Go check one out and see if anyone is more talkative there
No. 972807 ID: 4f51b2

Let’s go to eat something and ask some questions. Hope they aren’t as rude.
No. 972810 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, if it's this late, we're going to have to stay overnight... should inquire at the inn.
No. 973043 ID: 11f77a
File 159555980722.png - (308.43KB , 550x500 , adq_044.png )

>We’re going to have to stay overnight
Oh Bhothogoshol, I haven’t noticed how late it was getting! I hope the innkeeper is friendlier than that woman—because I need a place to stay and I still don’t know where Augus lives. I don’t think I’ve eaten a meal at all during the trip either.

Looks like there’s a tavern just at the town’s entrance. I can hear some tunes and loud bargoers before I even reach the door. I feel like this place aint going to be so bad after all.
No. 973044 ID: 11f77a
File 159555985045.png - (192.11KB , 550x500 , adq_045.png )

No. 973045 ID: 11f77a
File 159555997148.png - (326.74KB , 550x500 , adq_046.png )

No. 973048 ID: e7c7d3

Wave awkwardly at everyone. Head to the bar and ask an employee if They know Kroen
No. 973049 ID: 4f51b2

Say good evening and raise your hat, then go straight to the bar area and ask for the menu.
No. 973064 ID: 2aa5f0

just keep walking until you hit the bar, then ask whoever is behind the bar how much is food and a room for the night.
No. 973078 ID: d186fc

Also ask for a pepsi free or ice water.
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