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File 157810740075.png - (257.37KB , 550x500 , adq_000.png )
952647 No. 952647 ID: 11f77a

Wiki & Terminology: https://questden.org/wiki/Arthocob_Date_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106192.html
First Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/902109.html
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No. 991964 ID: 11f77a
File 161611407735.png - (333.94KB , 550x500 , adq_118.png )

Augus: Today the persecution of the Ndepthtites is barely glossed over in our schools. The Book itself has even changed little by little without notice for the past three generations!

Augus: ...

Augus: Where’s the uproar in all this? If you removed so much as a word spreading the doctrine of Bhothogoshol or Nibblith or Ygog there would be turmoil!

Augus: They hear us cry, but no one listens.

Augus: ...

Augus: What have we been reduced to?

The crowd murmurs--

Augus: You won’t have to answer that. You all feel shame; I know it because I feel it too.

He pauses. The feeling sinks into the audience. It was almost fitting as thunder rolls in the distance. The wind blows in bursts. Rain drizzles on our costumes.

He calmly resumes.

Augus: Let this be the lowest we will ever feel again. A final embrace of humiliation before... releasing and watching it drift away like leaves on rippled water...
No. 991965 ID: 11f77a
File 161611415697.png - (224.33KB , 550x500 , adq_119.png )

Augus: Our mission will remind all of Ralligoraugh that we will be broken no longer! It is They who are flawed! Flawed because They promise something They cannot provide.

Augus: It’s hard to believe Bhothogoshol promising paradise--it’s a contradiction! Paradise is infinity, yet nothing can be infinite: Ndepthteph ensures the end to all things. It’s Bhothogoshol who has given the gullible an idea that ‘the end’ is something you can avoid! That’s how She keeps Her hold on Her admirers: through fear and false promise. She rebels against the very balance of nature!

Augus: Her children follow suit. Ygog, Mul Qug, Tartars, Nibblith... all pin Ndepthteph as the villain. They think they can avoid the cold-death of the universe with an eternal fire. Avoid the deterioration of a sword with an impenetrable sheen. Avoid the fall of an empire with an amber-golden army!

Augus: Death and the end to all things are crucial! Thank the detritivores and the tiniest spore to shape a new land over the remains of old. The Voxxus cannot be a straight line with no conclusion! It’s cyclical--No, a spiral! It spirals down until the last mote of energy is extinguished.
No. 991971 ID: 11f77a
File 161611508128.png - (227.53KB , 550x500 , adq_120.png )

Augus: Ndepthteph! God of decay! God of the shifting of plates, lightning in the desert sky! Forager of veins for our mother Ralligoraugh! Firstborn of Relik, the eyes of the night! And will be the last to die...

Augus: I recite from the Voxxus Neb, Neil 4:19! So sayeth His personification, “I am anti-life, the beast of judgement. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds... of everything.

Augus: So... as for those lost scriptures--I declare they end too!

A gasp among the audience. Whispers and uncertainty. Yet he resumes confidently.

Augus: Let the old scriptures fade! If those heretics wanted it dead, then we can grant them their wish!

Augus: All we've done is hold by a thread! If you trust me then you will let go without hesitation!

Augus: Because like saplings of the zwaragg tree left behind a wildfire--we’ll grow new traditions in His name from the ground up! Starting here in Corbon! A new purpose to be a disciple of Ndepthteph!

Augus: And through Him I will grant you the power to fight back! Help me spread a new reformed message across the continents!

The longer he preaches, the more the villagers rally.
No. 991974 ID: cdabe3

Your only real option is to try and slink through the crowd and find somewhere without guards, so you can sneak away.
No. 991977 ID: 3ed3c3

"...This was his epiphany? To abandon scripture?! We waited for this?!"

If we can start something with the crowd, we might create a way to escape.
No. 991979 ID: b1b4f3

Huh. He's... reforming the worship of Ndepthteph? This new direction could be anything. It could be positive, even. An acceptance of the end, without ushering it forwards or fighting those who deny it. Worship of the inevitable. All things pass, even conflict.

Wait and see. If this is a positive change, it would benefit you to know about it.
No. 991980 ID: 525fc0

...So, where's the closest outhouse?
No. 991996 ID: 041c52

His massage sounds more radical he said he will grant them “the power to fight back”. Better see how the rest of the loonies here react, don’t attract any attention.
No. 992011 ID: e51896

Maybe stand behind a cult member between you and Augus so that he doesn't see you. He might recognize the robe you stole from him.
No. 992042 ID: 4734c9

We really shouldn't leave until everyone else does - we'll be spotted instantly.
No. 992047 ID: 42c06f


Step forward from the crowd an proclaim "I am hope".
Just wait for the rallying to build up. They'll probably be less likely to notice you scurrying off after they've been whipped into a frenzy.
No. 993327 ID: 11f77a
File 161686016770.png - (315.85KB , 550x500 , adq_121.png )

>His message sounds more radical [...]
>This new direction could be anything [...] Wait and see.
I suppose it aint all bad... so far. That begs the question what they were about to do with me back at the tavern. I’m not about to try and tip-toe away this second--I could still be spotted instantly. Augus resumes.

Augus: You will undertake a dangerous but important mission!

Augus: So speak truthfully, Corbon: are you ready to die for Ndepthteph? To serve as his pupil to maintain equilibrium in the Voxxus?

The villagers have an almost unanimous response of hearty and hesitant ‘yays’.

Augus: Hmmhmm. Then you are ready to kill in his name?

The response is tentative. But the relicynth smiles contentedly.

Augus: Ah~

Augus: A trick question... or... perhaps not quite~ You know the price if you cannot follow far.

Augus: Do you expect me to believe you’ll simply jump onto your destroyer’s spears for them?

Augus: The coming world will have no place for weak Ndepthtites! We will not be walked over! The enemy won’t hesitate to suppress you by whatever means.

Augus: I understand... the conditioning your kind has developed. You were the only survivors branched from the ravages of prehistory that the Old left behind.

Augus: But an apostle of Him mustn’t be restrained by such super-ego! Not anymore! You must know when to enact necessary force to stand ground. Deep inside is a power waiting to guide you! Entangled. You may not remember how to activate it, but your body will!
No. 993328 ID: 11f77a
File 161686023212.png - (306.66KB , 550x500 , adq_122.png )

Augus: Otherwise, destruction on Ralligoraugh if you do not follow me--if you cannot maintain the balance of nature! I have been appointed for the defense of the Death Worm’s doctrine and will lead this sect to maintain order in the Voxxus!

Augus: Either we push through and establish our reformed faith--
No. 993329 ID: 11f77a
File 161686032048.png - (325.40KB , 550x500 , adq_123.png )

Augus: --Or destroy ourselves and fail the reign of The Death Worm once and for all! Thus ensuring the collapse of the Voxxus!

Augus: Will you follow me, Corbon?

The village shouts a confirmation.


They cheer, louder.

Augus: We shall embrace the new creed at once!
No. 993330 ID: 11f77a
File 161686045539.png - (350.32KB , 550x500 , adq_124.png )

Augus: My Vorens! Bring out the blasphemers!

Two zephers drag a couple of arthocobs from the dark grotto and onto the stage; the victims have their wrists bound. Their restraints are hung upon a hook by planks. If they didn’t have a small stool to keep on their toes they’d suspend in air.

Blasphemer 1: Hey, let us go! You can’t do this! You can’t do this to us!

The crowd hisses and chirp louder.

Blasphemer 2: W-What’s gonna happen? Oh Gods, please have mercy!

They look a little older than me, yet not by much. Could any of them be the missing courier? I don’t think they match his description. The zephers gag their mandibles.

Augus: These individuals have been found guilty for the crime of blasphemy and theft! They stole from our Church of Ndepthteph and trespassed on forbidden property.

Augus: Their debt will be to serve under Ndepthteph until the Great Worm himself sees fit.

Augus: As new creed I have offered them to recant and join our family--but they refused...

Augus: All but one.
No. 993331 ID: 11f77a
File 161686083880.png - (195.21KB , 550x500 , adq_125.png )

He turns to the grotto.

Augus: Come forth, child. And join me on the stage~

A lone arthocob steps out from the darkness. He passes the accused as if they weren’t there. Their desperate pleas are shunned. He approaches Augus’ extended arm like a child returning to his father.

Augus: I would like to introduce our new brother: Jupis. He yearns to join our community and leave the Church of Nibblith behind! He admits the mistreatment of the Ndepthtites and understands our cause!

Augus: He'll be the first of many on a journey to spread our faith. He will visit other sects of Ndepthteph and convince them to adopt our ideals!

Augus: We couldn’t be prouder to have him with us.
No. 993333 ID: 11f77a
File 161686085720.png - (263.80KB , 550x500 , adq_126.png )

Jupis? He’s one of them? Nah... something isn’t right. He looks lost. Those eyes stare into nothingness.
No. 993334 ID: 11f77a
File 161686095964.png - (224.92KB , 550x500 , adq_127.png )

Augus: Now is the time, my children! Take out your ichor! Ingest His essence together! Let the Worm’s ichor seethe in your blood! Follow me on this journey and you will reach enlightenment!

Everyone around me reaches into their pockets and eats something small. That scent is familiar. Like from Augus’ shed! It’s savory, even I can’t help but start to salivate.

For now I'm standing around awkwardly. I don’t quite know what to do--I look like the odd man out and I’m afraid someone’s gonna say--

Villager: Hey. Hey buddy...
No. 993335 ID: 11f77a
File 161686104290.png - (329.81KB , 550x500 , adq_128.png )

Villager: Tsst! Hey. You missin’ yours? Ah, don’t you worry--I can share some of mine.

Villager: I won’t let a brother miss out on this beautiful journey ahead. Augus be praised.

A) Uhm, no thank you! Uh, I’m good. Yeah. Pass.
B) I... should eat the ichor and follow along.
C) A tiny, tiny nibble. And that’s it!
D) No way am I eating this. I’ll just take it and pretend.
E) >___
No. 993336 ID: b1b4f3

You'll get your chance to escape in a moment. Bring the ichor back with you, show the authorities. Giving a proper warning is the best you can do.
No. 993338 ID: 041c52

D)Just pretend, whatever it is it can't be good. "Thanks brother, Augus and Ndepthteph be praised".
No. 993340 ID: e7c7d3

D seems the most prudent
No. 993348 ID: e51896

E: give it back and tell him you already ate yours immediatly after he told you all to "Take out your ichor! Ingest His essence together!" ask if you were supposed to wait a tiny bit longer to eat it at the same time. If so, apologize for being too eager. You were looking around because you thought people would get mad for not waiting a few seconds longer after seeing everyone waiting to eat at the same time.

Most people's eyes were on him this entire time, so it could use that excuse that you ate it seconds earlier than everyone else.

If we choose D and pretend to eat it, the only way we would do that is if we put it inside our robe through the hood.

But the problem is: it is glowing. People will be able to see that glow through your robe.
No. 993378 ID: 3ed3c3

Put it in your mouth, but DO NOT SWALLOW.
No. 993460 ID: cdabe3

No. 993487 ID: 894419

D is by far the best option
No. 993495 ID: 36784c

That could’ve been you if you had been caught! Or if you actually found Augus at his home when you tried to find him for help! It’s also a good thing you didn’t take his offer to stay with him!


I’m pretty sure putting it in his mouth is just as bad as swallowing it!
No. 993568 ID: 4734c9

Put it in your mouth but do not swallow
No. 994373 ID: 11f77a
File 161734423337.png - (267.85KB , 550x500 , adq_129.png )

>That could’ve been you if you had been caught!
I notice the empty plank on the stage. It’s frightening to imagine another timeline where I would see the crowd from above. The stranger waits for my answer as he has broken a piece and ingests the strange ‘ichor’ with the other hand. Steadily, I take it--

Ganymede: Thanks brother, Augus and Ndepthteph be praised.

>Put it in your mouth but do not swallow
>I’m pretty sure putting it in his mouth is just as bad--
It’s a tough decision in a split second--instead I simply motion it. Seems like everyone is facing the front and I can hide the drug in a pocket.

The villagers speak to one another, recite verses, or praise Augus as he continues speaking. A typical ovation of a holy speech. But some kind of terror creeps into my gut. The applause seems off the more it drags on. I can’t quite place my finger on it.

Augus: Can you feel it, Corbon?

Augus: Coursing through the veins~

Augus: There’s a warrior inside you. They are waking up...

Augus: Celebrate, my Ndepthtites--there will be no leisure after this night onwards!
No. 994374 ID: 11f77a
File 161734430753.png - (298.96KB , 550x500 , adq_130.png )

Everyone is hootin’ and hollerin’. Giggling and whistling. I can tell when the ichor kicks in. Happy tears turn into wailing. The tougher Arthocobs get pumped up and aggressive. Others are in awe of what they see in front of them as if witnessing a divine herald.

Yesss! Yes!

Oh god. Oh God I understand at last! I was so wrong. So, so wrong. I am saved! Thank you!

I seeeeee!

Praise! Praise you, me, and the worm!

Oh what is this... what is this feeling?

It’s... beeeeautiful...


I think this is my chance. I’m heading in the opposite direction now. There’s a clearing that if I’m quick enough--I may avoid the eyes of the guards.
No. 994375 ID: 11f77a
File 161734439594.png - (309.96KB , 550x500 , adq_131.png )

Augus hands Jupis a dagger; it’s jagged and decorated in jewels.

Augus: Jupis, my child~ I gift you a tool to purge your terror. Make me proud and fulfill your purpose. Become more. You will no longer be ordered by your demons. Let your inner instinct guide the blade in your hands~!

Jupis slowly turns to the blasphemers--who beg him to stop. His hand is shaking, but he’s allured by something to continue his mission.

A) No! This isn’t right. I need Jupis to snap out of it! “JUPIS! NO!”
B) I can’t bear to look! I need to sneak out of this place while everyone’s distracted! There’s nothing I can do for them.
C) >___
No. 994380 ID: e51896

Mainly B, don't be a hero...

or if we want to be a hero:

C) Pretend to be hyped up and aggressive like the others, and call to offer to kill them yourself (with your hood covering your face as much as you can) Claiming Jupis looks too cowardly and should be shown how it is done first with a demonstration by you... but then stab Augus instead and free those guys.

Calling out to Jupis won't work, if those two prisoners are already begging him to stop and he is hypnotized, your words are not going to effect him either.
No. 994387 ID: 894419

The "I want to be a hero" part of this. There is 90% chance you'll be horribly disemboweled but will you ever sleep again if you know you left them to die?
No. 994414 ID: e7c7d3

Yeah, let's try this C. Even if just an excuse to get closer for a different plan
No. 994423 ID: 3ed3c3

For fuck's sake! Let's just be pertinent for once and do what we've been trying to do: get the flying fuck out if this fucking town!
No. 994428 ID: 041c52

B) I think there’s nothing we can do, escape to your town and tell the authorities about this.
No. 994429 ID: 36784c


Get out of there!
No. 994436 ID: a9af05

B! You can't do anything for them and you can't let yourself get captured! You need to go escape so you can warn someone!
No. 994807 ID: 11f77a
File 161756641898.png - (284.63KB , 550x500 , adq_132.png )

>Let’s just be pertinent for once [..] get the flying fuck out of this fucking town!
>You can’t do anything for them and you can’t let yourself be captured! You need to go escape so you can warn someone!
I... I can’t bear to watch any longer! I wish I could do something but... I know my efforts will be fruitless! Watching Jupis slowly creep towards the blasphemers force me to turn away.

I make a break for it. There are delusional arthocobs in my way--yelling. Some of them stumble but they either don’t acknowledge me or try to vent aggression on the closest person. It’s an all-too-familiar experience...

"No. No. No! NO! NO!! Raaaaaaaugh!"

"Oh! You've arrived! Please sit down, my love... sit... down~"

"Boo-hoo hoo... *sniff* hnnnnnn... heh. Heh, ha HA!"

The guards try to round up the villagers as chaos ensues; they make sure they don’t become too troublesome. Once I reach the border of the forest that's when I hear someone holler.

Guard: Hey! Hey--where do you think you’re going, kid?

Guard: Get back here!

Don't look back, just keep running! I have a good head start! I can make it! It’ll get darker the further I go in the wood. The guard has to push some villagers away first but he’s unable to even reach me.

Guard: We're losing one of them!
No. 994808 ID: bef60d

No. 994809 ID: e6a906

Just because you mannaged to lose them doesn't mean you are safe. There could be dangerous animals out in the forest at night. Be wary of your surroundings.

Obscure yourself behind trees as you run
No. 994811 ID: 3ed3c3

No. 994816 ID: 041c52

Run, Gany, run.
No. 994856 ID: 36784c

Good news: They think you’re one of the villagers and don’t know that you’re the guy that managed to escape from them.

Bad news: They’re chasing after you!

Run as fast as you can!
No. 994892 ID: 894419

Run until you break line of sight, then either hide if there's a good spot nearby, or just run even harder!
No. 998930 ID: 11f77a
File 162018614065.png - (383.54KB , 550x500 , adq_133.png )

hiff... I’ve never run—huff hoof... so fast!

The rain pelts my face like needles as thunder rolls in. The relicynths give chase and run on all fours, swerving around trees and swing on low branches.

There’s a loud crack in the sky. Lightning crashes in the clouds.

I hope darkness will be my ally--while I find it difficult to see where I’m going, there’s flashes of lightning and everything can be seen for a split second before I choose a route.
No. 998931 ID: 11f77a
File 162018638618.png - (306.01KB , 550x500 , adq_134.png )

Guard: Don’t worry boys, I’ve got ‘em!

One lunges and swipes a claw just as I slide under a fallen log. He topples over and I drop down a slope--still he manages to nick my costume but I'm moving forward. He gets stuck with an arm whipping around, scratching at the ground.

Guard: Gkee meimmen gallagkska! GALLAGKSKAAA!

The rain is getting heavier. It dampens the noise I make beneath my feet. The relics are hootin’ and hollerin’ like war boys in the trees.
No. 998932 ID: e7c7d3

Can you quickly ditch the robe? It'll only give your pursuers more grabbing spots
No. 998940 ID: 841ff7

Yeah, maybe we shold ditch it. Keep running man.
No. 998943 ID: 3ed3c3

Trying to hide at this point would be difficult as you're too close to the town and they're out in force. Keeping on the move is essential, but if you leave the forest, you'll lose a lot of cover and potential hiding places. You can't fight them off, so don't even think about engaging them. You need to shake them off your trail and get away, and the best way to do that would be to put some distance between you and the pursuers, double-back, then sneak your way out of the forest and make a break for home.
No. 999176 ID: 11f77a
File 162034528766.png - (367.20KB , 550x500 , adq_135.png )

>Can you quickly ditch the robe? It’ll only give your pursuers more grabbing spots.
You’re right about that. I should ditch the costume--it would only get snagged by thorn bushes or the relicynths’ long reach.

I throw the robe behind; it was soaking and heavy with mud anyway.

>Trying to hide at this point would be difficult [...] Keeping on the move is essential.
After throwing the robe I think about dashing in a different direction. That way, it wouldn’t be so obvious to pick up my trail.

Needless to say I have no orientation in which direction I’m going--not knowing if I’m heading for the trail or farmlands or even back to the village on accident.

It’s a good thing those relics are so rowdy, too. I can hear how far behind they are. Still, I figure it’s best to keep on running. I can only sprint so far before losing my breath.
A) Keep your legs movin’ bug! No stopping until you drop from exhaustion.
B) Only a bit more and I should hide and wait for the noise to disappear, or them to pass.
No. 999178 ID: b1b4f3

No. 999184 ID: e7c7d3

A) Run like the wind!
No. 999214 ID: 841ff7

Keep running until you see a good hidding spot, that way you can reorientate too.
No. 999250 ID: 9aaeef

This seems like a good option.
No. 999253 ID: 9aaeef

I meant to quote >>999214
No. 999256 ID: e51896


If we do B, make sure you're not leaving footprints (though the rain might cover that up)
No. 999664 ID: 11f77a
File 162068544717.png - (252.79KB , 550x500 , adq_136.png )

>Keep running until you see a good hiding spot
Sometimes I feel like I hear footsteps behind me. Or there’s this crazy notion that if I look back, I’d jinx myself. The rain and thunder continue to muffle the search party that after a good minute of traversing through thicker trees and bushes, I start to take just the slightest moment to catch my breath.

I think this is a good spot to hide. This patch of forest is a bit downhill, so I can dip behind a ledge. There’s a tree hollow, in fact, facing away from the search party. I can crouch down and huddle up.

This gives me ample time to think ahead. Reevaluate what the Hell I’m even doing here. All this for a pair of brass knuckles? For someone who probably won’t even care... I lost all my money and stuff in the village. It’s cold. I’m wet. And I just might die anyway.

This really sucks.

For a brief moment I’m thinking of Kyzil. Not like, endearingly; just her words the day before. They kind of left a mark. That in hindsight I only blew my chance to feel any sort of intimacy for being smitten around Eudora.

I dunno. Enough bad thoughts. I need some positive things to think about. Or opportunities from this... experience.
No. 999665 ID: 11f77a
File 162068547995.gif - (6.22MB , 550x500 , adq_137.gif )

When I return home, there needs to be some changes.
No. 999677 ID: 841ff7

Yeah, need near death experiences put things in perspective, after this little adventure you can more assertive and manly, do some exercie. And regarless to girls, well people will be talking about you. How you expose a town of crazy Ndepthteph worshipers and almost die! Women love that. But for now try to take a pick.
No. 999678 ID: e7c7d3

Might as well stay there until the rain lets up. How do your cocoons work? Can you make one for the night? Or is it more manufactured?
No. 999684 ID: 36784c

Someone has just dropped out of the tree behind you! Keep quiet and hope they don't notice you!
No. 999717 ID: 6c85e8

Stand still, stay silent.
No. 999736 ID: 53560f

Be ready to tackle and run.
No. 999769 ID: e22e69

You see any pointy sticks nearby you could use to defend yourself?

'cause something just jumped down from a nearby tree
No. 999829 ID: 11f77a
File 162079970898.png - (287.50KB , 550x500 , adq_138.png )

I can hear... careful footsteps. Wet grass and mud squelch beneath someone’s feet--and creeps closer. I almost didn’t notice I was tightening a grip around a rock in case... well...

I hold my breath.
No. 999830 ID: 11f77a
File 162079973063.png - (254.37KB , 550x500 , adq_139.png )

No. 999831 ID: 11f77a
File 162079992823.png - (284.70KB , 550x500 , adq_140.png )

Sounds like his distant friends have found something. They must be going down a false trail, or picked up my robe. In time, my pursuer picks up speed and leaves the area.

Nothing but wind and rain again.
No. 999833 ID: b320b1

Maybe... just sleep here. It's probably too dangerous to be traveling in the forest at night. We'll leave in the morning.
No. 999841 ID: b1b4f3

Get some more distance. They won't stop searching for a while, so you need to get out of the area they're willing to search in.
No. 999856 ID: e51896

Wow, Augus must really want Ganymede if he is here personally searching for him, and not still running the ceremony.

Move forward
No. 999861 ID: 841ff7

It ccould be dangerous but way easier for them to search for us, the rainwill help us with the rath-fleeches if there is any. Wait a little before you continue running.
No. 999924 ID: 6c85e8

It sucks but wait a bit then run again. Catch some of your breath. Then go.
No. 1000014 ID: 4734c9

Since they're lost us for now, and rain will hide our smell and footsteps, it's best to stay here and catch our breath.
No. 1000045 ID: 4734c9

And I do just mean enough time to catch your breath - you should get moving after awhile. No time to sleep.
No. 1000050 ID: 11f77a
File 162094376417.png - (232.24KB , 550x500 , adq_141.png )

>Move forward
>Wait a little before you continue running
>Get some distance [...] you need to get out of the area they’re willing to search in.
I only wait until I’m absolutely sure I’m in the clear. I’m able to jog, no problem, but my legs are beginning to ache after all that adrenaline wears off (now that I've made a brief rest). I’m heading in the opposite direction--aimless. And this goes on for several minutes.

The forest is thinning. An open field stretches under darkness. It’s clearly farmland. I’ll... try to avoid tall grass this time around.

There’s a farmhouse and a barn in the distance. It’s not the same as the Huntoon dude earlier. But I don't want to face a gun-toting curmudgeon.

A) Anything is better than this situation, honestly. I'll knock on the door.
B) I could sneak in the barn and just rest in a pile of hay.
No. 1000054 ID: 841ff7

Could they be with the looneys of the village? Trt to hude in the pile of hay and get some rest.
No. 1000058 ID: e7c7d3

A) Less likely to get shot
No. 1000121 ID: 5b0071

A. You are no vagrant.
No. 1000134 ID: 4734c9

If you're gonna approach their house, might as well have them on your side.
No. 1000150 ID: e51896

They could either be one of them since they live nearby, or someone who thinks you are a part of the cult and would want nothing to do with you.
No. 1000168 ID: 53560f

B) we have no idea how far the cult controls.
If we insist on knocking then peek into their windows first to see if they have anything that would mark them as friend or foe.
No. 1000232 ID: 894419

A, but be prepared incase they are also fringe cultists. They do live nearby.
No. 1000832 ID: 11f77a
File 162137636392.png - (196.95KB , 550x500 , adq_142.png )

>A, but be prepared in case they are also fringe cultists
I consider the chance that they could be with the looneys of the village. But I don’t want to make any bad impressions if I decide to secretly sleep in their barn.

Not knowing the exact time of night, I hope it’s not too bad if I wake them up. I knock on the door several times. In a way I hoped no one was home--not that I’d break in.

I was about to turn away until the door began to click. It opens slowly with an ichorynth peeking through the sliver. She’s quite exhausted.

Ichor: Hello?

Ichor: It’s mighty late out to be knocking on doors, you know...

Ichor: Who's there?

A) Tell her everything. I need a place to stay, btw.
B) Don’t tell her everything. I got lost in the storm! Uhh... my baolith was spooked and ran away.
C) I dunno, I’ll make something on the spot. >___
No. 1000847 ID: 44c38c


B. And stare at her chest the whole time.
No. 1000851 ID: 841ff7

B) Wow, she is cute, wait, does she only has one eye?
No. 1000862 ID: c29395

I'd say if she was one of the cultists, it would be really weird she's here and not at that important ceremony.

Lets be honest, if we lie and those cultists make up a story about you if they search this house, there may be trouble.

Best to be honest. A
No. 1000877 ID: 6c85e8

A but... really, try to not sound insane about it. No way she has like, a phone or something you could use right

do phones exist
No. 1000878 ID: 4734c9

Say you're fine with staying in the barn to make it seem like she hasn't associated with you, so the cultists don't get suspicious of her if they do find you.
No. 1000893 ID: 2c3f6d

Give her the summarized tale. You're lost, bad people are after you. It's less crazy that way. Maybe add that they killed two people, that should help.

Save the details for after you've secured aid.
No. 1000951 ID: 36784c

No. 1001375 ID: 11f77a
File 162170765547.png - (203.10KB , 550x500 , adq_143.png )

>Does she only have one eye?
She has both. She was only rubbing the other.

>Give her the summarized tale.
>[...]but really, try not to sound insane about it.
>I’d say if she was one of the cultists, it would be really weird she’s here and not at that important ceremony.
Man, where to begin? I suppose I oughta just share the important bits. Acting as calmly as I can even when I’m shivering cold and wet.

Ganymede: Sorry, miss, I haven’t been able to check the time. It’s a bit of a strange story but I hope you can help--

Ganymede: I... ran into a group of cultists--and they chased me through the forest. I’m lucky to escape with my life.

Ichor: Cultists? Are you sure?

Ganymede: Trust me, I’m positive I would know what was chasing me. I managed to lose them; no one followed me.

Ganymede: I’m only asking for a place to stay for the night. I’ll even sleep in the barn if you’d let me.

I can tell she’s hesitant after my story.

Ichor: Oh? Well that’s quite... a bad situation, no doubt.

Ichor: Uhm. Where are you coming from?

Ganymede: Uhh... Corbon. I was delivering a package there. I just need to get back to Hab Zoraat.

Ganymede: I wouldn’t want to bother you any more than that. I’ll leave first thing in the morning.

Ichor: Hab Zoraat is quite a walk.

Ichor: I suppose... you could sleep in the barn. Uhm. Let me put on a coat.
No. 1001376 ID: 11f77a
File 162170780049.png - (202.24KB , 550x500 , adq_144.png )

I follow her to the barn. There’s an easy latch on the door; opening it, I see it’s pretty cozy inside for a stable, albeit dark. There aren’t many animals in here, in fact. There’s a sole baolith in the back trilling at my presence. The ichorynth’s voice is gentle and soothes the adolescent creature.

Ichor: I’m sorry, hun. It’s just me.

Ichor: That’s Cookie. She’s not ready to work yet, and the others tend to pick on her. Most are in a different stable anyway.

Cookie nickers when her owner approaches. Her hand is stretched out to find its way to the creature’s forehead.

Ichor: This is a baolith farm. We also raise goki and sevgoki on occasion.

Ichor: I dunno if you want a baolith blanket or anything. There are a few stacks of hay you can lie on in the corner.

Ichor: I’ll see if I can give a ride back to Hab Zoraat. I may as well purchase some things while I’m there.
A) There’s my bed. There’s my blanket. Well thanks. Night. Bye.
B) I know it’s late, but I could use some small talk with her after tonight’s events. >___
C) >___
No. 1001378 ID: e51896

A. She's tired, your tired. We'll talk in the morning.

No. 1001387 ID: e7c7d3

A) Good night
No. 1001390 ID: 969abc

A, but less brusque.
This girl just helped you out a lot. Seriously, show some gratitude.
No. 1001400 ID: 841ff7

A) Just thank her, you may talk to her tomorrow.
No. 1001682 ID: 11f77a
File 162192417492.png - (224.98KB , 550x500 , adq_145.png )

I’ve worked around the farm in Hab Zoraat, I know a thing or two about baolith and gorms. I look at Cookie and watch the owner stroke her head.

I shuffle around the pile of hay; and find a spot where most is bundled up in a square. As much as I’d like to make a small conversation--more to put her at ease despite my sudden visit--my body begins to ache again and I feel it’s best to call it a night.

Ganymede: Well, this’ll do just fine. I’ve slept in a barn before, so I’ll manage.

Ganymede: Thank you for this. I just needed a place out of the rain. I’ll try not to disturb Cookie.

Ichor: I’m sure she’ll appreciate that.

She yawns.

Ichor: Well I ought to... head back to the house.

Ichor: No trouble now. I’ll see if you’re still here tomorrow morning, then.
No. 1001683 ID: 11f77a
File 162192448499.png - (229.81KB , 550x500 , adq_146.png )

She exits. The heavy door closes behind her without the click of the latch. My eyes adjust to the darkness and I lie in the patch of hay. The only sound is the rain pelting softly on the wooden roof. Relaxing.

What a day it’s been. At least I have time to reflect on what just happened. But I ought to ignore everything until my head is clear in the morning, no need to keep myself awake.

Hopefully Augus will keep the cultists in the village. I’ve heard of stories involving weird cults and they don’t last very long--I think. It’s all cafeteria chatter and has never been an issue for Hab Zoraat.

His sermon, however...

Now that hindsight is catching up, I can only wish that I’ve done something to help those blasphemers--or snap Jupis out of his strange hypnotic state.

‘I dunno, Ganymede. You would’ve been disemboweled I guess.’ I would murmur. I’d hate to think it was either them or me... or maybe such an attempt would be fruitless anyway. I must warn people of this--their deaths won't be without vain. I'll promise that much.
No. 1001685 ID: 11f77a
File 162192486203.png - (51.00KB , 550x500 , adq_147.png )

Tomorrow will be different, I feel.

I can sure hope.

End of Chapter 2
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